Newspaper of True American, March 16, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated March 16, 1839 Page 4
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... V~t~lt*lpAL'A SOARC l 1'~~VIPtia 2va1 Ronain da'ita in~ M~Iaý Wn ýuK xtl la atur.:trac a"' :: ý k ii~l a 'P .popnhf1edl.farc y" A -'tRIr AND dqJ~Ie~ A'U1C))) -^ l.,h ''gT wnpqi fi h r++-Pttit* Iiitd "l' , I L egF 4'. ' dnlltri'Idicdnnnr, Ltae ardvtiitatdp te popW~' m4.1 4l tiJasirtfy i<'hm r 1 lt , ntaIiii'li inr,.Lugdos · ':" 'FnCfw 1871. r.+*I#Navipation ý.', " `r% 11.tThaLInanAND MECHANTt Afbl'irt t .harv f AFciteituae, LoaM' n - 2+:;Btei gitcui vote, Londn htanr.''redlnold's CanFFeentry !rI*Ami MCELLANEovS. Oehi0can BiograpI~v, 9I ole C nieyfmthet * laid i JoaffRay and i. Concegll 0008'a w orika, 2 vol., la.0J', ~ C riosities or Literatttio, I 1 OakbaaYIOr kba n b h , idoci0 40jli"ylir,, ifa 7A VScott, 2vnls *.ehitrmitld and feahella, by Prescott, 3 vol. Vakeapea, dfkadition, 7 Volt, Rmn Dnevasm ea oTf ILa, Medical Saiontifb 5,ýO Oi~rrelaaeoaa Ilooks, Nov oga~TNý.(TRamnar; Eaglish andi msaL t5 ad Greek. v e6 jE JOH1NS & en. cI oar. Charlea and Cnannn iot . l"flAv Ferieren&.aeue care of the Fedee and Adgt A. f r is hl e l il rn discovered wherein the Tonle liI S "tne isauperimr to the ordinary ,lcllo of treatin.g the Fes and Agu,. In the first l[plea, hegn a Vega eble'Etrd aad frete front any deleterines and poeaeon nusingnedieneS, it mayv e taken with the utlmot "afe ty even by the tender etfAutl or aged invalid. It pOe o vent, eelinpse very o nl soetfn nnecne vntl t ttth regains itn wonted tone a yd activitv. t t estab lishes a sounl aed por naent appetite, by ihvlgoraltng the.-tont h,an d givet s a relish to te. enejoymeals forf ate. SBei peculir in tiehing a pIurative quality, h remains nt ln the I tweln t« increase tills disorder,,r to create ether diegone, but theoroughly cleanses the several or. gen of digestiont, and tiao benoeits the eystem wilt whatever, other affecitoeso it may be pprened. SIndividual, after thie use of.te Toric leixtS re, hane e mentehlisne It, tall thenusenlecauses of the disease, a.n have escaped.any sympt n orry f elr; ett breas by withee t enmmon remedies, there is alwarnys re et n-ieased liability to rcnurrere. 'The dan ger 46gquenet relapees.ef thl Ague, is ver.y evidet, for the a ntem will anon becoille too much prshatnae to he abils tract tillt medicine, and sppedily fal a vie tit to euch nceesnnt violence. TJ'hetonic lixture is t: fereaat 'eth a eroa ble price, an ti place it hirhit thea·rtch ofdevery onea-so that t he per n siute are herely fatrnished witll aeaistalce witIllt solicilisg the aid'and anltealonee which is frerqvetly denied to thle,'or olae very reluctaetly besaowned Thi'ptbtic ar reapeetly reutioned eguievt lie apit aoei mitntictoo othis medicie, that are daily ofeiied It is prepared only by Dr. o lohn ii. Ros eod, at hlii Laboretorv, blsrkisetrrol Philadelp ) a Th 'erm hamiernts ar the tle wholesale neants far tlhe S lth ltesre ate seand will sell h tile grose, at the Philadelphia p rieas. ' pl be had at retail also, at matelr the Apothecaries i tlha city. sevW R holesale l)rggiils, aor8 Cemen & ''ehopitelae s Miastnnippi and Loisiana hlotel, nvnenerevN. J. L " lRS, MARY KIIOKLAND respectfully an. Souncea toe her friends and the public gene. ally that she ie prepared to accommodate them al he above establise ment, and hopes fr'm het *eertionsta render visitors comfortable, to rcceivn a continuance of former favors. She feels contfi dent that persona visiting Covington during the ummer months, cannot find better accomnmdationt than she can afford them, on mere liberal terms Her'house is pleasantly situated, and well suppliet with .every convenience; the bar is furnished witl Sthe mQet choice liquors, dec. in lshort, she promiseo ['tat nothing shall he wanting on her part to givw " n tira 'satlisfaction to .,l who may patronize the Miesiamippi and Louisiana Hotel. je3 iTFiEiE PUBLIC..idee un6derigned havin g - studied under Dr. Se}.lidt of Charleston loath Carolina, and for some years his assistant it the practice of medicine and surgery, has the hone to offar his professional services in this city SlHe assures'the ladiesand gentlemen that the moe prompt attention will be paid to the calls whlicl may be made; and alaso offers his services to tli holders ofa hlav.,' beitg well acquainted with tih diseases ctsmto1'to them, having attended them it the sugar Ihouse in Charleston. SThe fanmous antibilious pills alter theentompoitiet el Professor Smalletto, with direations, can be hac .f the undersigned. The effect which they habe produced in this and other cities, has been attendse with the greatest success, to whlich the best o Weforencea can be given. Apply at No. 166 Maao sine ntreet. JNO. M'LORING. Imrrx)W WARE, WOt Dh W~rR VS, AI IRONS, &c. T HE'HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No l d 38 Water, nlar-Beokman street, New York have received the past season, and are conatantlh receiving large and extensive additions to tie stoc of the above goods, wlhich now consists of the "allowing assortment, suitable for the southern ant western markets. Hollow eare of superior quality, consisting o about 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 22diffeorent sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons. Kettles, 15 sizes, fromn 3:8 to 30 gallons,. Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, Bakepann or Ovens, 7 different sizes, Toa Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . 5 do Flat Spiders ' 6 do Coveaed Spiders, 2 do Oriddlen, . . 4 do Fire Dogs, - 6 de. Wagon boxesfromn 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cart do. Sto 7 inehe.. Wood Screws, 20,000 gross, irel and brass, from :8 inch, Ne. 3 toa 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality bund'finiph, andless' than Jante's imported Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 Ibs for retailing. Tailor's and hattor's Irons, assorted. Sash weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to filbs. Dells for Platitations, steamboats, churehes, &c. made to order, Alaso'teambeata and other machlinery made 'to order. The above asaortment of goods is particularly recommended to the attention of Southern and '.Westbrn merchants, and are offered, for sale at low prices, and upon the mont liberal ternms it is be. lieved to be tlhe largest and best assortlmnt ever offered for nale by any onl eetablishment in tile United States. Merchants, by-forwarding a request by maiil, can have a princed circutlar, with dencriptioeti of goods, pricesand tertms, f-em wluch no leviation is ever made, fprnihed by return of mail. All ordera will renive inmnddiatoe attention. New York, 1838, e3 'NO M.,zCUY NOR COe.IVA S aNre w Orleane, Nov.u itl , t1r7. ABOT six monoths ago I had the misfortune to goe a a ·cret disease, for which I have applied to se,.. al dctora ur a curent, laid l diielue nt e. so I aow on the above date l.ut myself unoler'th care of l)octu Huet, and'i ottotiln to cure me. Sine lthant timic the dlaeaaeo'gtworoc, an a to break out in lurge uleere to tim numlierof six or eight on eat h leg, and all over my fu6e, and sore tloruit, end not ahl to work a t Ihe present tian on oreiiot of the disease; lirge Aleer on the right tlde of tie tlhroat. I am now putting myself' cefitently i dertie cure of Dr. Huet, ,f eParis, Iobe perfectly dured JOHN DEAN. T rO CERaTIFY that.the above Tmeitionel disercr is q ite well cured to il ewun saitii rotitin, for ilwich thank Ir. Huet; and moreover I oare that the eedi cie I have. taken makes me fat, and did nof t t h ure my amlh at.ll; herefore I advisn my f Ilow sierers lodse o tli mal apply to Ir A. Mner, 124 Canol Setreetbetaeei 'Dauplhe and ltourbiai streets. Dir. Hoet isat hoiem from o'clmlek, A M, until 4 P o1. Tiry'will limdi a true docRor cina this contlaiut. . . .JOHN D)EAI.-10 ravier street. SIm'uyr o0e wnts to see ce, call at No. 411 Gravie o " ' JOHN DEAN. NewOrlemn. Feb 1, 83F. JOH 14 l y .hEo G-uine ITndin'Balaum of Liverrwot oud Hor.. . hound, ia pet up in battles at tia law price of 5l e entseeoh,ooMn iuintigthd.etrongth oftiree ouneesir of Livetwort, iei lea the viirtnes a d many oilier routs ionl herbs hn aaioi the Inliana h. clltoaciouo in euring ptitmaary eaitialntw.. . The tluritolled success which tos tutndel the use of this iuestimabhle Batlsatm whcreer it hite iend ituo tducoda has obtained the confidence and recominenda tenm of respeetble plyeieiinso forthe cure of coughs. eid, pain i tbhe.side, want of rest;spitting or blood, lverr oomcplaint, iec. ro whimn it niay concern. Titis is to oertify that we hgrven oar practce freqtently preacrihbed Mrs (ard Sor'eladian lalelsam of Liverwoert a il Hoarloauod, with a drcided gXwd.effeot w cian therefor, from the klnow. Jodfgcal _ e a lsIt is mide from, atd'chserveihon maiUe iOa, t eai.O.idt as a sueper;- reparatio,, oret thte cc of the luce fafr whirh it is re o.mmweodtl.. " .BRT WIfLtAMs, AM . D. CALVIN ELLISI t. p. IMembcrt of. the lloatp Medical Asadciation. Deatted~etober l5. S.-' rby JAI.VNId & ANDREW., 11U,9 itaoenaoJP rla nit. niiilaes et • 1.OBEA W. Scien'ce or, Pemana . reeivr.,,,d • L fot halt attheir' perm aret Writmng Acalemies No. 8-.Cluttres. tmre, Nw, Qarleans, 189 Broadway New York, luphiae at., Moblo. . itiarlittlamrldeaitigned fl-.-prirate leaners and S.schleye, pd iecanleulated fo personso ofl al re.. Lediea.. ldgentlemen'are invitod tccall anod xaminae tbeC m fr themaelsee. . . "' Ienou ase isen a i each hiouese as may aiit the coonvaiendd gfalt, and ie classes forfed ie npy prl of the Ty o or c" . Ladi. o prefer Itcan .iceoie ljc& t tieirown re. * Prcecn pevue. v - e , ,refheson-an dird o at.ten'. . mast x ca ls they wcsrh. a- - .J.S&.. BRoTH'F.i. ero--b d th. eir ,C cE I hifiui: all ar. leey Asndrew apenph'aitder cG i ers, aore;.. m'" rim;letb ,Boards; teIs . G1mutr and' fr.nh strlat asd Balls;:.9 tOat.at1. tcith blsSadd f.,ti Ilride. atd atlrsthilt o'taher t s. lling.'Dressipg ltees: slte: Pobkctlfir 1 0 sidra':rtiOdalling Plsltold-, titb antim C inteafrn htq roeStgs ;oa Paetr 'I' "iaptiilvCptl Cap pioldora.Cleith;ttitrr Tooth; id:,-Nail. Brrsaes Orre "rtd. Chlorlhse i roTltb.Walw : p ?.orth P de. ?hrhie t'ead Shtavoitglt sh , ain gerst va riselv;. $lnHiit'-Bida, Ringets anal Frinzeltesi Pearl nd eýjlet Pwde r g Emeiy la s; Inrls y Tu Cushions: Pttent- Slidesor at rters; GIOt ilastnic Shtpepndersri Powdier.Pus ad Boxes; Gilt Chlains; Seals ani lKcs;e Ear-dropls; \Vanst tBuektl BraIelets; lleaildNehoklnces ard-Clandsn, Gilt aniln Siverede Beads; irdian Ilrteds, I Bells tad Plnleo ; Stell Twist; Side anrt Dressiri Cths; wllhcr,in addition ton leir former stock on hand; akbes their assnrtsmert very complete, and will he saol oe and a liboral termsa; at the sigl of the Golden torh. i2.5-tf 70 Chartresasreet. - lHE htb vlrbert, gent far the -etenaniee honee f S & Sl. Itehter, Sheffield, Enrlnod, ihave jlrst eeetned a very exteaclve set of pn' elr.s, ernslrstine of 1Table and Dlssert I(uves of th. -eo deriprtiib Ptmn, Pocket, Dirk, and Spear pointl nivesr; Razoras, Stin orst Edge 1Tools,i &c. &e. whici the are preparen o aexbbihit to the trade tar orders. Termls and conditian will be mlade known at the time. 16 J .D. BEIN &A COIIEN.0 Comomon st. bIMMONS; OIARTT CO.-Are how reCeiving per shkip Hoataville, Eagle, Merrny. Amhew, High andet lerrech attn German durle head plavtngehl.r: ster,helt and pnrket pistols; plain, ribierl and split oasinso capss csap tlerials; scissrs, Raznors, len. ves; (ilott's ommercial trnd other steel pens; Vie es; Violin strings sabell, ivory and horn camobs; aofersi ik, bead ad leather purses; hair briaids, front and ask ringleto; negro pulps; German andr Frenel cologne water, Rowlandsr meccsser oil, imitatioll do; antique al bhears oil;l iportable desks and dresslng cases: paste blacking; stati ast toilet Elasres convex mrirlls; op cal gl;sscs andi views; llan I.leads, hellsand plmrnes; coorleon; wlhit twinei; toilet and shaving soaps; toilet owder, sametile wash balls; scented matin etlllions; pool standsla; screw eslions; fancy head chains antil necklaces; billiardl balls; pocket books and wallens; rerman holites; razor straps; fine andt common gom olastio suspenders, garteradol; Bells leifir matches;sil. ner pencils; Creyollas, &ce. &ce. The above in addlition to our former strck of faney articles, orakesour : ssor-tme t very oxmplletd. er nile rwhblcele or retail; as the sign of tile Golde Comb, 70, Chortre astreet. mo r . -NO I'ICE.'--.'T-e partucrsbipt of Kelley, Masorn &Co of New Orlenn.; Mason, lhirris &Co. of Natchez; aid Harris, Kelley &Co., a;oi RIodney, was disoalvedt otil le2lst of Many last, by the death of Sallltli A Mason, one of thro artners n tire firas. Tile undersigo . anorricing partners, will e largel withrtie set:fing and closing sail ,nhirecs as fiollo;vs: LeviC Harris will attend to the settling of the ius.loess of Mason, Harris & Co., ot Natlbee; and HIrris, Kel er & Co.,nt ilodcv; and leorv Kelley will attead to he setrtling atflt busiaies ofKeilley, Maison & Cl., at New Orleans. Te naores of the several firml will ili used ion lleldhtion only. l'l ose indubted to spal firmo are earnestly reqrested having clalna will please present thenu withot delay. LEVI C IIARRIS, I ENRIY KEILEY. Ne sOrleans, Juone 27, 1837. JbEAN nMAiE: dPeINAssin COLOGIf NE WATERo 2 cases v lrose of thln stperior Cologne waner., just et-rece andl fir sale ly t.i lozen or siniRlu bottle. Also Amlerian anod French toilet powdirso powdeC Rpufi acd boxe,n shnvio-T and toilet sraps, cosmetic pwal alls, milk of roses, Cacoetic eoll cream, exitr a o nlmisk, ke:Itallo, card's vegetable hair oil, po annr, inne do perse, Floridr lavendar rose andi bay waters, Prestonps salts Marseilles perllerynr it tr tnks. vgertl hle s id liquid router, Cirine anti Orris tooth ashr, iloatlaiir, toorl, nail anti flesli brushes' togetlher wit Sn additional suTpply f fitnhionable r lrti and slRel Sonlbs and jewenlry,fbrsale low at wholesale or rtail t by SIMMONS, HAILRTT' &CO, r duly my 70 Clhartre r i rest. CUAL--l'le subscribers tave contantily on hand a large supply of Cannel and Liverposl coal, in bulk, of superior quality, which they offer fot sale in lots to suit purahasers. Also expected by the first arrivals from Eng l nd and the North, Canmelon, Lehigh and leach t Mloontain Coal, broken and screened, put up it iogrteada expressly far family use-all of whinl 0 they will dispose of on the inoit moderate termsr Orders left at their office, No. 53 ienvilles ast up estirs, will be promptly attended to. S reli3 nS. & A SOUI,TE. Cologne k.rt ir, I'crlumtry, &c.--A plcllull articleof eologne, orut op expressly for tile retai trade; also the purest Freonch Perfumery, embra cinn every variety fo rise toiler, for sale by h ct er IiEES & D'LpANG. S sl'z Country Mlersbatns and Planters. Negro cloths, blankets, flann els, Insys, lowel 0ahirtisao, eheksa, linens, eolicore, handkerchiefs &c &carece ved and for sale low by the subscrt Sbe:os. ROTTA & Co. d oct. corner Canal and Chartres cI d I. I' flent's Perftu emeries. f Indian Dye, for coloring the lair ; lear's Oil tussians bear's arsreee, pomatutr, e's Fre rlo Wash, soperior pearl powders, hilt lwhte, crean of roses, vegeahble rouge, otto ol rose, lip salve ireonoe tooth wash, carbnle dentrifice, ort flower water; powder puffs and boxes, Americao charceoal, neartly put u in lour ounce vials, Pres ton soals, cologne, kreoote toothi ache drops, lai brusnhes, Enrulshb dresoing comrbs, lrndiia rats on with n variety of other peolinmrries, &e. For sal, ° by C.J. TRINICIIARII) Onet 3 corner oi Canal and uornbon sts l| tN ROOFS-The subscribers hanve procure at a greoat expense, the right of puttig on Iron roosi itn rirl city. T'lrey are adapted to puatll buildings, hnrelsonses, and private devllines, 0an combine at once cheaptness and durability, ant are pcrfictly fire and water proof. ITerms nlas ire known, and a model seen oat our establishnent, opposite St. loary's niorke 'l'Ph Thpiltoulasn st. ocrI' E B COoGSiELL & Co UPIIOLS'IIItY & PAPER IIANiINGN STORKE, Ilcenry Siebreclht, (formerly J. C. WVicks & Co.) would mest respectfllov iohtrtn Is i'rlenda and the ptlublic in gneral, Ihato h has and is constant, ly receiv ut a egneral aseorollnent ,of ulolslery and paper haIoging. Thiei fe~llwini colrmpres a part f Ihis sltoik, whicll lie offers for sale at whole, sale or retail oln the nlost acco:nlnodaino leroens, viz : French velvet and satin paper, latest style ; do hall collrmon anr d eommorn, lPontladellhia glozed and unghlzred do do, Frenh landscapes, fire boards, blinds, &s. do velvet anti worsted do ld,, moreanze do clors, silk fringo aond galloons of all qurlitiese, patterns and pries~ woarsted fringes as sorted palttern, plain and olort d. Swiss roanmusli, latest atyle plain and rolsuaed, cotrt drapery mrrslinsplain and twilled, -as-orted eolors, nc. styleol needle work for sofa cushions, foolstool covers, &c new style ol bell pallers, raised fiaures and pltiti, silt window ornaments of all patterns and rines, gilt eagles basal and spears, festhers, thc, glass knobs, casterse, hair cloth, figured and plall, it large assortmnent of lays f r ctlireon; aInre silk citrd.and tosseinls, worsted curd ansd la.. ses, a general assortrntr it of apholslera and paper hahgsine, rrnstannly ,on hanll and fo s le a; the Iowest pricco at Nos 41 Royul sud t4 Ca'toni N d--Icerrlens in the city or fiom the eountry, are rrspeetiully invited to cnil and easrtac Ic,r irleolselves. Carpets and earrlllns rnlde ill ta e latest sllldto style, rooans prepared at tie stlora eat snttce, and all kinds ot upholddeatery wnl,. done with neatsess and despatch. ocr3 L S EGiLUUIt, No 54 Conde stre tt,between Dumain and St Philip, kee.s constantll on hand an l xtensive nassortment of bhols aud brogans, and shoes, of New York manulact re, flir fien, women and children of ail oaes, which he will dispose of nt very modernae pricre. Fanmilies ofbis acrqinianceon aendin an order will have their wishes attended to L S SEGOUR DEAFNESS. A NEW article forperaoas troubled witl deanPess, (nalledl tihe Ear' ''ruillpet,) ihas just been received, hv thie non of Iich. the slightest artlculation of the hIlu nan voice is dinnllotiv co:nvei ed tile oar. Anv one who lines ever ieel obiigilu mo savern e witll a very den p.ron, must he fully seeible o1 line dilficulty otid ei. Prrasnent expO LieLced both tih m e lv en t te idl eroninoliiin ca yd dhiy nelvre awl the in lividuals so unoiarluuatelv nllictedl. By thle use of the Ear Trl'umpet. this objeclio is entirely obviated. 'Ire Ilost scepticanl have aht avy a. nadonedthlwir doubts after hayavng uaed lthi Trunpnt. For sale at I' F GUION'S, Fancy slore.corner of C.ilnmotlt and t Ckarle streets tiller lth ..o' gIhlil Hotel. - feli 13 IPEtlM OI.-1-500 goliaIe pure winter d SSpprml Oil, in cnasns d blllls, for f ale by JAtVIS do ANDREWVS, Wholesalt Drugg ate, coner U nnlnon and 'l'cl ap )nnstreqt. bmr I S 40 kegs, Ik0 o,, 200 do 25 M 25e i i i n Englisb do--t5 14 bbll. 4110 " ol0 Pailtt B,rndae, various sizes; I enae'Vennilliot r 5 hhln Copal Varnitsh 2 Japau , 1 Coach 120 packs Gold Leaf, 50 1, Silver do; 10 do IDutchuMetal. WVINlOWV GL.AIS, Aterian, EnIglint, and Frenoh 1-00 bone, vanoe.s.iesanend qualites. Brotnio ronn d.--SO boxes, osnngnlmet,, will be olhl low. Also. a.general assorunent of atnisistn Iters and tools, for sale by. A W SCA'I ES, No 46 Canal street.' N B. Alabar a notes takeo at p r, and Mirt issaippi moaes will be received at I0 pee cent discount for goo.e, or 3 0 ayAuent'ofdehbt. je I Iw w I~hOUR--30 ,.twOUR 0 enatding fe ua stealer Independ. i dee lo .i DORLSEY, ____"_•_._ 44 Neaw lZone. SEmerscn's Rltz!nr Strias---Thcee cao e of the genuine article. jlst reeeivrdI by onet 3, REES:. &'1'LANG., 18Camp at SMitreni R" .,-5O , eollia Mfiiagn rt htal rope, mad.'lOll of ht .ir-e.lor, mad for sale by . 3 UOGE ERl HIA'WTHORN- 63 "Grauvie at It TaEttA eie tflOWSON aera to eIratitt alte CI. rh it.eeti, rme lately tide.plloeho l.e.$c'o oho. itjh b#vd one-whered tl be r. ppsae.d hsi n( c.eae: - brddrin`i {heir fhins: m IH i.ig .received :frnm the Nnrlth an ippl'y ofpi. iol per and naterialse of a sinperioie'ty, 'far the" mknufaisuare of ýljnik .ooks., they offe 'their set. hice. to.mnerchanti and. thllers, who m.ay :wiish. work of that kind ; and havine the 'advagiage o. several yoenr'sa experience in thlat lineTi. (hey area conlidentof giving satisfaction to thdee'Waho m iay .-t'irthem wit the thitr ecust *-"-o of For 'ataries, archlitects and ethers, maps and, as plans will he pasted on linen. varnished and mounted .in the neuaost manner, & at the shortest Si no*ice." .. Plain and fanyep hdindr, in all its varieties nl. tv CHINA (iLA, &Ai EA l'l EN \Y AII.UI(K 36 Charres stret, New Orleans. .VII. SERGEANT & Co. importers of French bi and Enihshi China and Earthen ware. are Oi no;v opening new and rich biatteri s of breakfast, n dining and tea services, toilet sets, pitches, tea P and e--ffee cups, teapots, sugars, creuanl, bowles, plates, dishes, nureenns, wash basins an' ewelrs, foot baths, etc. etc. Rich cut and plain French and American glass ware--olblets, clhampaignes, lemonades, jollies, elarels, wines, Gordials, centre bowles, docantters., tamblers, preserve disliesceleris a, pitchers te lips, , lmnp shade and glasses, candle shiados, salt eel- a lers, etc. Silverplated, bronzed end britania wares--cas t tore, liqu or stands, eako haskets, endleslicks, hbrnches, epoonns, ladles, coffee and teapnot, sugars, creams. lamps, japanned trays, astral slands, and I t hanging lamps, tine cunlery, German silver spoons and forks, together with a griea variety of arlicles i for family use. Merchanta, planners, Ih tn ls, and tescanboals, furnished wah goods at the most rea sonable prices, and packed so as to be conveyed with safety to any part of the coun ry. Also. nlnthienries' nins.narne. env 2 n THE FLORIDA LINE Flrom Mobile to Auguste, Go leaves Mobile every day at three S o'lock. p in per U'S mail boat for Hall's I/endine, above Blakely,-thence four pat ncoaches to Pensacola-thlence staanlboals to I Lngr ince, where the land route is resumed-nhencec , via Marianna and Brownsville, Fla. Ilainlbidge, Pindertown, ltnawkinsville. Snandersvelle & Louis. villetoAugusa, Goa, connoecing regularly winl the rail road cars to Charleston, and the steam ipackes to Now York, Norfolk, Pailadelphia, etc. The steamboats are thie bea for the service, and tile nnvigation presents ilmre advan.ages than canll be found upon any steamboat route in the south. ern region. 'd Tle great improvements in the rnl.te have been e produced by the construction of liftly iiles of new Y renoad, by the prolprietors, viz : from InGrnnge on alFayvtte Bavyou, nl arm of Santa Rosi a L'ay, to Bryant's Ferry, on the Chintanoocnihee river, ten i nhiles above the Conwlnrd, or 14 above Cedar lilnfl, alr whereby the nnvio atonn oa the river, and tli co o.n squenll detentions, and more reetnalov hIP ineo Si venent crossing at the Co\wlerd, are entirely aavoided, and a fine roand from Marianna direct O to Bainbridge, instead ao the roundabout road via i, isChattahoochee, lessening the dislanca about forty r, I miles, and increasing the facilities more than U- once a day. SAlo, a branch line of two horse stages every El other day from IIawkinsville, via Perry to ainco, il Ga. connecing with the line to Savannah and Darien, Getn. A mail steamnhoart lies regularle be:ween Bainbridge and Apalnchieoln. Travellers wishing nto reach any ioint on Chattahoochee or Apalach. n cola, can take steoaboat at llrownsville. r Mlobile to Pensacla-Land Rou e--D)uring ite tirae occupted by thie retpairs of loan, the proprne. tars of thne Florida line will run a line of Nnut o horse post coaches every other day between 31nu n bileand 'Pensacola. c Passsengers will leave Mulaile at 3 o'cklock .p n, s. in the US mail boat, and proceed to Hall's I and . ing, where a four horse coach watill i.c in waitlllg i convey them to the e:cellent house of IMr. Charles flall, I 14 mile distant, where they will find i pleasant accommodations for Ihe night-leaving il next morning, they winll arive In l'cnsacola earl) a In tlhe evening, thus avoiding the discomlfort of night travelling. Ollice at the Mansion Houser, \iabile, and Col. lins' Iloel, Penlsacoil, w here seats mlust be seeu red. STOCKTON & Can. nov I , Jiaono ,bore Insltruction. William Smanaih tenders his serviaces to the citi, zens of New Orleans as a teacher of the piano torlte. Mr hnving been emn planed several years as reacher of music in private filplies in 8;isnoo, and also at several of the femnale seminaries in its vicinity, cannot but hope to nerit Iheirconfidence. [Ile is permitted nto refer to Rev Dr Ciapp, 1atssrs ,an Season & Avery, Ilelderson A& (Gaie. let For terms, a- please apply at tce bookscore of e Alexanderl',Tower, 49 Calp st ,ct 2 s, Drugs and .aediCincs. a ir J P'rcvoast has Ioenaed himself an this city Iar , the purpose of transacting a general 'I Wh'hlesal ler Drng business. lev is now receiving n full sunpply of Irelsh and genuine narticles, whtc lie will sell on liberal aermi s T'o city druggists, and thons ol the interior, to physicians, nmerc- hants and plinlli rs, o hie iwill ofnlr inducements such as have never Ie. n ore been offered in h:s cilty. Hisi intention is in n do a strictly ieisimate business. His stock will soon be eonlplete, and Ina a lfew aweeks will be rcn. d dy fr business. All orders from the counry, and from merchanls of tl is city, receiving such orders will be promptly attended to. oet 2 No 39Camp sat PROSPECTUS. THE subscriber p-opases to pulblish, in the be. ginning of the onsalng winter, a Condensation ( f ) the twenty volumes of the Old and New Series of 7Martin'! Louisiana Reports, to hb comprised In four volumes, a o., according to the model of Peters' " Conecnsed Reporls. 'lThis work is now in preparation by J. Burton Harrison, Esq, of this city, assisted by William F. Brand, Esq. The Editor is also permitted by , distinguished retired Judge of the Supreme Court, and by one of the sitting Judges, to expect fronm their personal supervision all th. advantage which may naturally be reaped from their experience. Such a work is becoming every day morn no cessary, as the original is voluminous, expensive, and scarce. An increasing euriosity too is mani feet, in the other States of the Union, ir" roforence to the peculiarjjurisprudoenc of Louisiana; and thle circumstance of tile numerous principles here de. eided in tile adjustment of conflicts of laws, makes the knowledge of our adjudged cases of prime uti. lity to thejlrists of tio whole Union. Moreovwc, the rising republic of Texas has adopted our codes, and thus there is a great demand for the Louisiana decisions froml a fresh quarter. Convenient notes, indicating the parallel cases decided in Louisiana, and occasionally those int tthe more authoritative forums of the other States, wit. oe added to each case. Tie work will form four volumes, royal octavo. and will be delivered, bound, to subscr.hers at $.( per vol.; in eloutlI be found pratclicahle to colnpress it intn three volumes, the plice to sun. scribers will beI $7 per vol. Subscriptions received by WI1 McKEAN, 105i cor Camnp and C(omlmolin tes. IHI II r.EAIE AND RETI'AI. C31t ANtI VA W I.E Y TlOR.--at the sign of the goldn comlb,,Ml 'l(ChaUrtres steI.-t. IThe a.critbe'rsi ve re ceived, inot tlriio to theirprlevios stork n hal, ita fill anti eoniplet,, ttssortlueat of artI-.hIce i thi, r line; v'ii: coimbs, terflictrve Jwtrllchvn, tirsIesI th'kilg gittsci, fi tcv arttirles,,ý-i;.r..itsiti. in lar lit as follh o t: Co ll S--iortoise shlell, vrmtglt and p = lain kF twst, qailled ack, n r, lr dresing, slidt poll' curl an neck, Brzilian Otintt s I of every dscription ttnitgst hlet irhrlr, stne la.lrxic, atters Ivory co rt of evev anfcriptihn,, iln dllrst and snllkcl, t oi-er wit t genera l .s.Oni, t otrtlnnnat Atueritan. I'mEllU1 1W'- lt'-olon,.ze, Iueatelner labri o, on',v tlart romd, .e tinda fntel, iWli.ts aldof every silze and Ie sanic stlps it fat tilt mll, tenllltt u Iiti etn lks attn t pitots creami Son-tldo, wtard' v.ia crbo ir oil, Itr nr ttll ati o ti.Seudo, lonesnu 'sae, selcolig alt, pain an perf t ed toleipowder, pearl owder, puts'ler pult and boxes po etflltln i pots u1i rolls forrs slc d chlornlae toot wa ul and , wiln 2 owthe ca lleeral SStr n1It aof JEWIRL.l-Y--somte af tiLe Itasrt tnd imost ftsiinl. in selltte, Coisnsiltig of white andt reId coinelint it, tao -. jet enrdrops, set in fillgree, lislu t pinsi ofia gIee' - ty ofi ttraets, wetch ll riteiotlrintcs, illllttttd silvca . ckle, ler liv n bhiua ti silvei r aindt tillt til tild tiditi gurtsi Chtlii ltitUSHltlS-Cloth, tlair, dlu stL ig,crntinlh,letrthtgor, eate, ltes, tooth, slle, coib, Nail, solhaving, lhoe and whitewast LOOKING GLASSES--Gcrinan eratia andi toiet glaues, mgnifting nud FPrench dressintg giossntottsoe do, wiith n vari-iv of uober klds not e llullmetCd. IFANCY ANll) VARIFTi'Y ARTIClS--Frenich and Amicrican portable dehks aod dressiag cases, some very rich nitd tltely tilithtt iu ladies workubos Iniiriucs selg cases ill ud titdwdwitoutt t tlc iui, mu uiall oMxes, Ac eorlans aotvurioskis kids, iinst and lltitirs, silver and plated pencils tsid lcadsiwood iemils Eor carpellrtr arnd crayons, tioauteclieko,gnniultad pistols witi atd wiittout eases, percussion caps, lierousion cap ctargere, nipple sc drivrs, seIot beltse giame Itogs, pluti blacking, toy ten sette, Intdian oeads ofiever kild, bellrs IId liutines, illeand coni, tilkives, razotrs and scissors, tnotitmltdes, needles, tinsa, silver-plated, steel u ld cotutte spnyto. nlel, peeaat boah sit and willeta ot viriols kinlds, vistit.g ear teiid rad cases, itlaying oitrs Ofi" etrencht, lermiatl aid Anetereatirt tnatltectore, dlltls, iitation fruit, sui boxes, parnslli(f vaious kiodsll Sunders' P'o lcr y's, ""tmnnersion'e, Ititlott'ao anti Hawk tt's rizor siraps aid etallic iones, dirks, fancy obead ieklace, ; do wit ntsi-lr daops,toy elatueir peaerl. utons, powdier flasks, rt and poina seed bends, gilt aad silver tii, "gum elastic suspea-, a' gaeler, platnm ow rpl ,ti ......e . btrtds, tice, eptical vnie.aes,Je t saor, itlitofo ,Itteit es anttl drinking cups, witl u great variety ol other arts alen, all 'fwthiit will lie said lier cash oracity atcotptati cel sat 12 monttiis credit. B it atIMNiti , & eq. 0. d4 7,,0 alsiresiil. . SA bloudlettliug, a niew s4u1ltleer'd by fit A ITWVAIt, SItCam ulpilanrofeven desers ytion , fever ioo , gmali o.i to Ia s las,; piles, .pahIhel, I ervy, .balfi.ti-,-o aatjsto y tssetcytielts,ltlothe*, awl every vneivooi to Etasveoss-atleetin, oronieCtstrh; heat( sgicdjrih'P ng rgl',o.yaortl hutmoor, pain in thie-stnpm is am. dy" -x ptroodee l·ism vgrsarsatin; affesaitin Ofle iver, ehto-sid inflaammtionofthel1hlnoys, arl genieal tdebili-a y xaus by a torpid octito-of thevesel of the skl a , It of ioaigvlvrlyelfiacious.vrenovatin those eqnstitution' to whithhirile been broken dlown by iay deinus treatment. lV' uenile irregularities. In gelnal terms, it is refom tm mien4%d in all those liseases whichariwe from imnuriti.s na~ of the blnood, or initiation of the humors, of whatever a npme or kinl. - in Some of the above eomplaints may require some tri- P fling asistant applications, which thecireumvtances of the if case i ditietlt'; but for a general reecedy or Purifleator 0 to remove the cause, the INIIIAN'S PANACEA will i generilly be found sufficient. P -TO TII PUBLIC. -" flow trouet is, that modmlern Pysicians, an their am-. bition to excel in their profession;explore the vast fields e ofscience by theaid of edemistry, and seek out new re medial agelits; in short, to arrive at perfection in the I Spanetice by means of art alone,-entirely overlook and Ii negleet, as benleaththeirnotice, therichll and ounteous stores ofmedicine, which the Almightly has caused to h spring out of the earth in every clinime! Antd how mth I more true isit that while the American Physicin looks t to foreign eountries for many of his most common and t steecesmtary rticles, perpetoally changing. as they are atJ tile dictates elfishion ti'r Filly, he is snrrouledl in hlis s, own country with an endless profusion of medical plants, - sillcient to answer any indietiona in disease or to core I any curable disorIer; and yet he is ignorant of thelir vlt toues, and they are stfferedto 'wastetheir healing on the desert air.' The eftfeetsof vegetable medicinesupon the system are d temn rarty-those of minerals lasting. The former ex ert their etects and pass off--the latter, mercury in par- I titular, act chemlically tpen the solids, deeomposing t the hones and undermining the cosatitotitut by slow id an sure destroction. T- ThI congeniallity, efficiency and SAFETY ofvegets d ble remedies over mineral, may be estimated by contrast- I ingtllc ancient practice with tile modern; or, to bring il more immediately under our own observatiol, the Ildi - an practice with that of the whites. Who, in Ameriea, ons not known orheard of repeanted nstances wherein some deerepid, unpretending female lndian, by meansof te her simple remelies alone, Ins aflieted the most rapid and astonishing cures, after the Mateirs Medica of the or lemmon practice, directed in the most skilfull manner, tohas foiled? Ad who has not been surprised at the cori oIparative asennd ail tuity with which the Indian fifeshim self from any disease, and at the allimost tota abstinence ofchrolnic disease among them? Who has ever heard I 's- oan Indian with a constitution broken and ruined by II ill treatment? Alnd crn a doubtexist thatthis happy ex m enmvption ofthe savage from most of the ills whllieh the c.flesh ofnan i heirto, is chiiefly owito to nmore genis id :llnd safe t emecles which Iho emponys? This astonisL tn ing difference in success, is a fair exemplification of the It. inlinlte sullerioitv of tile simple ald safe means of cure which (God lhas ceatedl for the benefit of his children, over those wicll the pride and the art of man have in 'wventedl. on From a long residence among a portion of thleahorigin alinhuhiitantsof thiscountry, antano intimate ncquain eo taneo with the nltthols of cuore of some of their most sn lecess't{l practitioners, the ploprlietor ol 'The Ildianll's llIPanacet,'anqoired a knlowledge of some of the most "'powelfuland favoritereoledies. Fromntheselieselected i such as were most emncious and ppllrlopriates, alnd after ly variousexperiments to test their priociples an strengtll, lct he has combined them i tile form here presented, as the via most perlt.ct anl beneficial for the purpose for which it ry isreconmmended. Til the proprietor ofelrslhis preparation to the piblic, with the consciousness that he is placing wiltintelir sea, vry a remedy capable ofrclieving many of his afflicted tel i low beings, who nar suflerig undoer the various chronic Sianl obstinate compllnts to which it is applicable. To esuch it will prove of incalculable valle, as the means, eand in minaIy cases, the oely meansofrelieving their suf en lerings and restoring them once more to Iealtll and hall I i pliness. This is nototilredl as a common remedy, that -- I may per chance lie equally good with many others lon in use, bt as one whlich is capable of saoing lifoe in an h e i extreme eases ichi all the untsuld remedies fail. Thisit ine. Ihas done repeatedly; and tis ti is the epitlitiothlasob itr tailleld aterever itasilbeen introduced. d.- It is oulylabout three yearssinee this preparation was preselted to thle public: butin that short spacee of time, it, ionic tioolIe-s tf Ilers.onstl ei it tietout, who wouli od- tsolemnlniy dechtue thant ilety believed illai tlileir lites Welee 0 saved by it, salo inll ntostasesaier they had tried malny tes and lellats ll the colnlnon relmedies inl vain. \Vher l ever it is known it israpitdlvcomitg into use, and this natInds the most substalttal .lnd conlincing proof o it ing merlis. rl) The value .fe feth Panacea i most conspieuous in those of long standing and sypllhilitic luln scrofulous aIflctions which have dlfed all otIhelr re.ncdies, nild particularly el i ils those cases i; eile mercury has been so lavisl !y used acu as to cause disiressing pains inll o the bones, nodes, inerc I tial ulcers, dlerct-getiLtIent of the igiestive organs, .fe. 'lThese it cmletely relloves, nl ll iall cses it enlire ly clalldicaes the dliseases and ellbects of l'elercury, Ireno lit votesihe constitution, alid leavtislhe patient souns and ann well. In rlb nmatism and in ulceraled sore throat, its res hallppy elets are not less allup:enit, givillg obslst imme : i: -eu 'lief. i f Taken in proper iosers, thtelmtIi:olr's I' aieea opierates srs and lixatls, an anti-s asinoiic and ti nnoi dyle anti in proper casts, assltonlachictainul Ilenintcagongle. Gele ". of ar a lli pesscd, it increasse all thet seeteati ons all ex clliteiti, givtcslotirto ilhe itoln:elh :aIId txcitcesnCio r ini the glahds in a psrtiedu' mater. Fro i these prci.ei Illes itsl pe' liols IIiS ay lie unllllerstooll. a I hlis tildciie has been fount hi lilyit useful in manity. ll amlliguln,s diseasecs not here spevillcIl, ni it has Ibeeni tale id eith wondtterftl stcce'sas Springai a Full I'u I'lv rilieri, by thse w .h ttre slublect to coinpaits o" the chest, aell I a sidt losi etconstitutionieiu- meew vigor. Suchll lt Sof soes will dlo well to use t -r or tn bottles in sll:l do ; r es.s \Vleneve- ' a dliet -link is considlred necesary, this I'ntlecai, takten iin a small Ioise;i will answer till its s rla 1puse's, in Illlc ltess tie, :t less Cxpesc, nllnll il a wi lu oe tur ogr abeill etietitr thme the eoolnito i {et itth.k The fillotwilg cetifeites, out of hundreds sin l.c, O- which might bie lprocele , arce given to show the u lict ofel and tlitinotii's ItaltAcea, in tiale vriilis eoneiliutlsi nere n leInentimcd;anll lso to exhlibit ill nie In{ nmt nohtsfit¢Ory Ialler itssttlllit ri-rilo y oveyir ille t siri in coe tnnon use. g CASES IF RHIEIlUMATIlISIM. -- CIIIILESTON, NO. t5, 183.:. l)iloino tlicelt winlter !landts uing, I vas illticied wmutt be. :1 very aod distt'resihl. rlinein:lisit occsinso e I)-y r i exliosoe in ladl wltth-e.. I now etlkegoeaCt leastrc io of olating, that six sbttls oialtole muliatn's Panacea,n resltet iour oeIn pcrbct eoalltl, olol Loelfidcllloly reeoolnoend it to S oll sililatly afllictell. JOIIAN FEIIGUStIU , Iingl st. eton Ct!AiILteaTOn , Marclh 27, 1832. I I was seized aiotu threee-lo'S siloe, Witih a ilist'easitg , from bsiness eiarlTy ever sins l I) urilg this lpeinod hon liave beit i a t iptientin the Mailee lspitall, in this cit" io hlwardsoellls l P nittlol .ie, l onearly the same lctngh,' tiine i tilthe altinilloe Iositla, and tr ietd almost ever eo- Otle.y, with littlehbnoli. Io thle 1ith of Ft.eilinj vo, last, a that tic sorcely abley o move about upote erioh en- in, e conll tel llcot'ise iof hdiani's Palacea. II on, onotnh 1 rionlm nmyself el irel lifeell frn pain, asl an tie lilow ly to stol ailtic I eonsilltr - -self l erfectly well. ,\VM. TUCKEt, 1t Market St. ita CASES OF SCI(OFULIOUS ULCERS. e Naer YoiK, Sept. to, 18s30. Ii' Ttiis oay- eeltify that i thie ftill ol 18'iS, 1 was seze onl-it a swelligi iiey-eliek Sld lice, whlich aifierwac le, Ilclatele all became large ghastly ulcers ie my neck. Ina Afietcyits, everaltltihysieiis to in adciantoge, I wene to Ihhilahnetllliin, and lplaed, in) sellf utr le the eare Sl)o., ' llhslc ansil leaelihl,hlife, ier ireltelealt dinatm i ton elfe.itt I was piotnutcedl siterly ilesible. Aliei. waoo tt Isin k tcwellhy bett lesnofSwiillne s lcaimoea n etoigho llottlesaf inotoeris Colllolicon, witlhlie nIiiteloltie btelhht ion fle, I lelttell In1o1yoltch t it h.ew Yorkb, i c -.lmt, io gtin -cit etyselfepto a lilte erieg death, llmlr .g of tlm sllnilnrto sly owne,l v w rsallee htoirr it, asalast I. soet. +To Ity}' greet vim-pt!te as well as atislfcti l,5 s ine oyvfcdfeyselfcadphly recoooverigcotl opopn hkikn se,'en ll ottllcs, thle icel~sh~llen cil dI tawente ItlecltL.It wrell int tl coaeseel'two omoIIlluIanJnd hoe reneliatlltet so ever titice. t iiianhe tis svatemoen and wash lmblslae iA fPee Iltliieftit fol'ione lloln ni-c snuelring vller similar i-n soc'llllous e srly ilitilic ttuilliioeis, Ihlilt they may khiOw iat hrli tie citreltolie tine lots sullorlel every t litig hits oI eltliI hlod ietthe onsidllin hil life savelliy tLhalioar.s -let"I' VWM. IlINHA' .urtLerSTO. July 12, 11131. I was allicte', fouryears with an ulner tt the leg, no casionudly accomlamied with er'sipelatous iltlaeatitn and excssive Ilain in the leg and Incle joinlt. Several eminlt ltphysicians exerted their skill upon it, hbut with out permanent benefit. In this case five bottle Indtlian's ialtnacea made a perfect care. MIAILC.AIIE' A WE'I', 1ll2 Market • For sale by IlNlRY IIONNAIIEL, druggist, agen flo tlelprlprietors, T'Ihoupilontul street Il NEW ORLEANS &. NASHVILLE RAIL ItOAD COMPIIANY. fr IIhE stockholwers of this coopany are herely no lifid thsol by n resolution of tile hoard of direc tion passed on he-19tl inst. th call n dn on them on Ihe 13Wi February last, Ibr the Ipayent of live dollars a slre, was rescinded, oond tce said stockhoalders are flrtler r,dtified that W .REAS,by a resolutiti on of thi bard pasedon thle 19l iust , a call ato been u ade on the stockholders o' tie New Orleans uand Nashville Ralil Rosad Company Iar tIe followlogjlaytmets on tie the stock held respee. lively bty tlhant, OiG:-two doiiart per share, payable on thle trst day of Septeitber next; two dollars per shlare lvubalda on the first dtay of ILecenbher next; and two dllrýntp r sllhare payattle ot the first day of Mralrc, next. Nowthlerfure he it resolved, that the secretary of Itis companty shall notify tie slhare holders thereitin, througlh lie pnblic prints of the eity,lltna in cotltortity twill the sixth section of the cltharer, they are pernitted to postlone any iaymenl called in on the stock ofsaid c'tllltoy for ithe ter of sixty ldays, frmn snd after the lty on wlhch it is mile plyalte, with the expless can diion Ihowever, tlhat if not regularly paitl witlhin tihe sai.d proloneation of-ailxty days, from and after the day an whichl it shoulll have uoee paid, that tlhen thle stock. on whie , said payments should Ihave Lbeen made, is and rema -.. rf:itrd to the company, tle charter oil that point being imperaiive, In coufitrmity tllierefore, to sail call, all ttok of the stockhlolders ill uait ct)Ittnllty, as tlilk propelr to pat off he paymn sat ln thrirtlcek to the and ofthel additional-sixtaly days, which the lcharler allows thom, ar notified tllat the payment of two dol. lars'per share ealld for and due Ion thIe first of Sep. F temlternxt, may Ie postpoaed under tile sixth sectiot of. said clhrter, until the 3lst dty of Octoler next, that ile pnynlO t, o' two, dollars per share called for, and due at tl firltday of Decembher next, Itay le post. It Itoned until thle 30th day of Jnuuary next;and the pay toUtt of twodollar per sltoare called for andtlde ol thet firt dlay of Marchl next, may be postpaoned utltl the 0th i day of April next. Extracrts of tile mllutes of tile board. jttttl A. R McNAIR, Sec'ry. - .!t)t 416 '1'8, .n . sa." 4 .kiob l .. - :. I Wi# 1 o'uel._e bf i h t l .ons. :L entls-3y i `V oltr *Siq"t h thigh.ab' Uj' aLM~eill ; n. e l aad l, h M Uegte ni sufs.. Mlhýenaioreof Coil Scef A riduarg Lide(nlatheot Aimthkee ~ ary' stompy, FPellw oa f nolt tmirtl m ieOmySurneo In tile Royal" Vsm' :Pension Aobiaiiti& Lantinte n rsine; Wfraelomhu olfnamd thejnumeroistulnl def .Gy'sv "l ume t; 1 e Vat e el o obrldge indli'eythe ip d.l ofe ,Gaye tl.St, rto htmiraos loun.ita, Loilnd.o . I' :,':" . e Phis va lnaple."medtdle,the reauld. of'tweotly yi erm iot..iee had ine 'pralleled sonost intsihe' extensiv a id itf flhlea lerle of thime' idasy Ibtelm Ited bynthe i oatltyand lobilliy,.t.i ii fowilntrinim crmle "li the notiieemf ik Amerimin mibllei'it the earmet 'so t, ieitatios'df a oumber ft'genmtleme oflonagiid hisgh. t . .istding in tie pIofesioon. itirs' homgtl,'.nla'sprelimio nary stept , to check theeviles and fata eooaeqluenies m amising from the use of themn meroim s and. deleterioui Ohmuins Ioistedl upon the public by.the aim of fabricatedi - roofs of miraculous eures, end ther frouids, by a set of"i e mrennary, elpreciple d pretenders. to totely ignoran or ol medlcsl slence, that it impossible the monstrous Sildehlasinn can asy' longer ga down with the inteulligel peonile ofhis country. hese pills, mild atolagroeaile m totheir nature, should be kept mo every family in ases nof sudden illiesn, for, by their promopt Sdmimistmratinn, d clmolera, cramps, paniam, fevers, anmilother alrmeing - complaints, whieh ton often prove fatal, nmay he sieedi he Iv cored or prevetmted. In fact, all thse wIho valouegod SIlealth, should never be witlo it tiem. They ore sft' us in packets at Si cents,$1 antiml $2 each, by every respe to able drtggist, bowokseller, and vendorofmedlincie ain ti h eUnited States t i e Csnadls, with eopious dlmeotioos, *s togetl er wilt: emlmoriaels of professional ability frimi d tihe follewing emimemmt gentlemen: Sir Astley Cooper, J at AberneLhy, James BHnnitell, A1. D., WV. Back, Mt. i)., his J. Aston Key, A. Frampton, 'M. D., and numerous is, others. Tie origlnals may be seen n possessimn of the ire Getral'Ageet, by whom tie medicihe is imsported into It- this eountry, klit to whom all applinatioms loragenmiem he must be made. JNO. HOLBEIN, 199 Waverly Place, N. York, i Sole General Agent for the United States, Ye. e- For sale by appointment of the original proprietor. at- by SwAIN & Unotarun, Druggits, No II Canal street, Ing tonesr Agent slbr Statthee of Louisiana. jal vS ENIItY I LEE & co, No 9 Magazine street, are - receiving from ships Nashville, Louisville, lst- Entlcky, Eagle, and other late arrivals tram the ii l: thern cities, a large sad new seleated assortment Ii- ts, Boots, Shoes and Brogans, a, consisting of gentlemen's fine calf and Morocco hools ein do 2d quality; do buff'd, and stout wax pegged boots n sof various qulities; men's fine calf seal and Momoeet dill I tr,w plmips antd brogans, bicekskin shoes, brogans ant the alppe s: men'sfine calf and kipped pegged shonesand ilr I rogans; to boots; do stout kim ad wax pegged sholes in- IdbroganM ; geotlemen's best quality ealfsewedn shoes, lm- ,vogans atml Jack Downings; do calf and Morocco ce i skie shoes anidbroguans; do calf, seal and Moroccon: ran tdliian shoes and slippers, do calf, buff ani seat wngs, by aslew article; io fine calf, set.l and morocco qunarte ex- mots; hlons', misses'and hildlren's pegled alnd sewed the ogansm, and shoes of every quality ani kind, psa Also a genocdl assortment of men's stout wax and ai- rvurt ibrogrms and shoes, together with 10,000 ia r the cgro Inat qdality, russett brogans, nailed inll tt ore anIks, made expressly for pinltation use; a good es n, i rtment of menlt's fine ant ip rsset ii mbrlla, a in- w" article, anii a urge quantity of all inferior qualit rl sset aid wax i'oglels. n- Ladies' fine calf, seal, moroce and grain welts, and an- pmimp sole shoes; do fine Frenllh Morocco and kidl run lost all slippersa; do mroa shoes, wilth and withomt hmemil h al' I cmal, sel aiistout lemtber bomrte:s; do [rruis shloe iost Iall killds anld qualities; d lasting brogans; ti ill gietr c ,d 'and fomed bootees. Misses' irlastingiprlng shi eag s tero a,gaes. Children's colored Morcoco atd lt stming bro iti, rtuendilboots, h e. the entlenen's fie fashionable black silk hats; do black I it sn I drb beaver do of a superiotr qualitv; ido imitation Iit ram do; broad and narrow brim men's fine drah mind lie, aitnak Russia short napoped hats, a new article. Youths' sea, lare size litts of mlilterent qualities: do children's. Mel- mi's and bcy's black acnd drcb wool hats of various ara siacs, with general assortment of boys' and men's ens, 'his assortment will I1e rellenished by the arrival of uf- earl packetsrom tilae snore named cities, all of which a willhe sold on aeeommodating terms. ang I-tf ow MONTAiGNitI"'S 1 y A1L.l1 FOR TIlHE TEET1l. miam TullEesteblilhed resaotimon i ni cnmsiltlm Imream;nr ob- denoid ifor this efm0 tial remed m i' t painm ti eid lm iore serrative of the teeth, has ilaucedl te s ubori'er was 'crmit to tile Anmerican public. Arrangements hav loe, been made to su Ili agents ill nial the prin:ilpl citmE uld andi towns in the Unlitedl tates, so itsn to place it ithi ere tile reach of those sunflring and likely to sufelir this tUns lany ) mssing i of all aches, 'i'Tooili-are. er- WIVher applied at.ciorditg to directimns given on this ottle, it ha'nsever tiile' to oillm d inlmm ediate m nod mit mnenico relief. It also arrests tile dellc in del'tctiv teeth,and relieves i'that sor ss .hit l a fr, stinSenl mose rOuder a .tron . tooth al.tesi The applittion . nit lions rei'iedY are silllm , ilnnocet, n1 not utm leasntm : lll; lld my them large number of llr'oisin ill difrent secmions of til Scoutllltry, that hailve alrladv experienced s1mlh dilihlfun n1 dsuhl tary d u lctlbetl s I'om ' ilce ule i li lt' e ltinn, are remaIy tc tl bear (i lr the public ul d) rheir teshinoullr to its urn rivalled ,mtlics. It is an Indian relo h, ltined siegular lv au:l tnrltte;Pe:t''dly, Uaid iolli:llr rT.gnlr , .! I., 'i-thie tii ilized w rmld a4 the tllm',t mvalable tilst vr,. and rednl fll" the wod,,d. ts 'l]ice $1 letl ,ut1c. Sohl hV SJAt\IS & ANIilRI'ls, re . ('or ( 'mmnu anTlll d'lll lll l.l alrhtl a -t+. it iln mrmor of tiLo unders iglned havimng smld out, aemr or discou:tinmed his nl andi lonlg emlablshed ex GARDEN SEMI S'TO'(E, I t in \ 5 (,Cisitmm /momnme 'ttlii, lnv. itving been most industrious!y circul tIed by coni. interestedl parices, thie lbscrellmr Ibemi to assllre Ihis ay friends generally, nmd the public li t large,, tmhat he meet still contimmne within two doors o"'m s lame, or L ormer stald, to ie furnishr'(d with ma full anid ex. est, tonsivo supply or all the standard kinds of kitchen er g or vegentable C'lrdi Seelds, of the growth and ilm. port of the present seon nn, 1837. eSince the early part of Suptember, lie ha re. in a cived ample suppiles, by tie pakelt ships Vicks ink, burg, Kentuclky, and Arkansas, all arrived in short milmu", passages, direct fromm New York. Ilv the IMissis. :et l sippi and another pocket, Ihe is in daily rxpeeta. trein tlon of a supply of Fruit Trees and Asparagus doryT toota, having already received invoices thereof by se. mail. The subscriber begs further to assnre the public i at large, tlhat he is at present as well enabled to , meet and execute orders for all the kinds of Garden SSeeds, either wholesale or retail, as he ever was ed sineo his first establishment in January, 1822. it to Country Dealers and Market Gardaners' orders filled at the lowest and most reasonable rates, by t. the pound weight, and gallon or busheltmoasure. Catalogues, either in French or English, mnav t,ing always be obtained on personal application as Imm usual, to WM. SMITH, IrO Garden Seed Store, 85 Custnomhouse sires!. eir NOTE.-A constant supply of Bird Seed, i mixed or plain; pulverized coup; herbs, and Shakers' r'er dried herbs,-with a supply of peas and beane. i-3ia Fainey Pocket Books-Under this head will be tcl- found a splendid variety of ladies' and gentlemen's im pocket books, note, card, needle amnd thread cases. aell, Fancy Stoeek, Suspenders, Ac.-Of the latest t. pattern and of superior quality, consisting ofplain and figured satin, bombaznemo, velvet and cloth 0. stocks, linen bosoms, plain, and fancy with and oze without ruflles, shirt collars, suspenders called ni'i Washington suspenders, also, gum elsstic worst. echL. ed and cettonett do, witllh and without reollers, nen' pantaloon straps with wire epringstam d a great Va a riamy of gentlemen's wear made expressty for hie t retail trad, hy A. L. Vanlorn and on of Phila. .egb. deilpia. Cemteombsn-A genermtal autd copete na.ortmonn l ofonmbs fromn eiir manufectore.A;no, Engl sli an r ald Frnch dressaing cenbis, eme. dec27 'an . RUShiTON &"- ASPINAtI,'S . . CIrOoMPOUND TONIC MIXTUIE.--A opeedy ti a 'nd cettin euro for the Fever and Ague, kn remittent and intermaittena feverst prepared froan c tl1 e origmnal renipn. Used with eolinent anid uni. Il ma veroal succeas mu 1832, by persons ol tile Ihigheat shod respectebility it tilia city, as staned itu tie annee.d eilar certifieetes. " This medicino is highly rc.ommendoed, and has been extensively used in the above diseases with such distinguished success, that tie proprietor of tihe recips has been induced to offer it to tihe pub. lie in its present form, in the hope that it may be the means of relieving many of those who are suffering under the scourge of our country. It is a medicine pnsseesing great virtue, and when used according to the directions has never failed of effecting a cere, even in the most obstinate stage of the disorder. It is not at all disagreeable, and persons of the weakest stonach, and children may take it with impunity. It strengthens the digestive organs, creates an appetite, and seldom requires more than one, or in obstinate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. There is neither maercury nor arsenic in the medicine, nor any thing injurious to the human constitution. The proprietors are no well convinced of its efficacy, that they agree to refund the price of every bottle which has been taken in accordanc, with the directions and has not effected a a perfect cure of the fever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent for New Orleans, at his wholesale and retail drag atn medicine loers, corner of Bienville and Chartres streets. For District Agencies apply to je5 T. W. SMITIH, 48 Conti et. HARROWGATU SPRINGS Alnlngolllery county, Alnailena. THREE DAYS JOURNEY FROM NE V ORLEANS. T HE proptrietor of Ithi establislment has the plea nsure ol'uoeunciing to his friends stl the ptblirc in general,that he will it in reodiiensby tie lirst lay of lay to receive visitere. He will also state for tlhe b. oe of thoteun at distance,t that there hIave Ieen large improvements riade, and others now going on end m rapid progress for rompletion, which will enable tihe erbcriber tn aal:comnodate a niu larger nualber thian eretoufore, und at the same tite mlticl better, F•emilio ca be aeccommedalted sitl good rooms, or Itee who prefer can have large cabiis rtiached frain lne tonilt builditng. It is deetlned utaneesory te say nnythng in portict. tar of die chlaraueter of these waters, for it is geeridily -rlieved that they are not itferior to, any i the Souuth-. n States. All tim amusements that are generally ound at Watering Places, will bie foundl at tsie. The test music that this .part of the csostrv tfforhls, has. tees engaged, tud will bh.'nconstsat attsendane at the hprince during tbs.sbole season. "| be subed ii'wll avaii4imseltor btis eppnrtunity. nreturnig loi uafeijned thanks for the very liberal spp0s giiva' him last seaomi. andi hpesa biv the eaer ins flar liner b.en etdsl in improving and extetiding he aeemenodatioss, to' a itiborol paltroesg tie sesent seasp. JNI0 CRAM, m30 rinowind in ne ao detli An, ve ag TineCs ata n l ennnnit nln es tnitlem t efidi an tievplage etl neg r .clotted t tffl etrEthn te·Im.dbUI k ortltdh *rei i,' f:,r . ,l vejoutiamollnts: Ulitllers efiol ienclsljritfe'Gainkig' "' lime l'n'ion , the bent If, an ho e imnp t e hat Pi.o gu'res ¢tlii',;odoaee iddu tlie:lame eonodesled oinjmes , ahdi ltcte. i tey Saue hantc a om ene. An aitreitiStinent in tonihebok i in mneary oilfollow. ingwtdt:.. . - " i'.elitigh: dslatlia;tln t hinwork hals beeai.ed throlig lbth leth legislative cti prefixed to the 'itilpage, it a re comntmeedctioni itself, sincoiicmon;,, a tl eohtlu Ssite, ib it.nohing is nefeenery 'ntoe ihthn by orsy.of ed i vefrtilaemeot, to givea conldneed vl.ew if some oftitsise- p 1 e ci oitien:nifcr fnsinnee, the Interest han boed cnfpsa.. f Seml fron,and comparel with; .what'fi equivalent to toudr- . 3 teen ets efelaleulatione,. biamle.l in the press(d thi - C a ive times, and pisiled from stereotype plates tested t tirtyty-one times, from n!l which it most in evident even to the skeptic (especially on the e.aMonnl of'the e- I a toil of proof in tie preface)yAht the wcrk must he 'r-th netliotly infallible, and in gonfirmtidn' of this belfa I g premium of two hundred and fifty dollars, is now offer ad for the detection el' an error of r eet in the tweseat I d or fifth edition, as expressed in tie preface, mankin five I large tpi'em eons lffered for the slme derror sincethe fist putlieatinn in the year 1802. tne of the most conspicuous features of the tables is , in the arrangement of the Time and Amounts, which a for expedliti.ns, raferenee ondperspieuity, with the help J ofthe side and index, mannot .be excelled ; and the sally ty and ease with which the intercel can be foundltothe ia extent of general bulsiness, wilthont doubling of silnms a is besiesa o convenience so essential, that in the estimn Stion of some oi the most competent andti practical bnsi. r4 nets me and public offai eia wa have made great use of thework, it Its heen distigunischd bytho honnahle appellation efolfa "master pnece". And considering the infallibility of the method originally adopted in r. composing the work, and the extraorditnry number atal , variety of the examinations, and tests of every edition it has passed lit tIe press, eotwitllttnding Ihe whole is in stereotype, coaitlerltng, in atifri. Ihte positivenaccuracy rr seeured fy she unpreeedented means employdl, the to e, lame has een eirltltp andI emphatically styled ' the e most wonderful book vt the waslki" most cerlainly dio mal can iamen figlre work of the same enteht, which since thie beginhing oc reation, oas hall the same numn hr ber a variety of tests in the same number of editorsn no, norone hal l'the number, as is clearly shown in tile it irelee. s tBesides, ns test and standard, it has been tried and S aed in nearly all the bank and public offices in the s ited States, ail by ti public generally, oring the n, longr perid oftbh'ity-fie Prer, yet ,o eyr ro of ihe al c culatios thas ever bien found in prilnt, althongh continu o dall "lcvhlleged by ihe oibr of vecry large rmiums. s, The it. fact expressly odnptell by all the sour s r oflaw cl several of the Sliales s ithe t rote ofa elcolatlon vil for satute interest," as also by law for bank interest, ancordinges tile book is useld, allll as u:sy Ite seen it) od port, by ctlde names of the subscribers, n11 a few of Ilhe ir suhearquenlt purciaers, in the lirstalllltheel of tli book, Io is in ilosessiolt enty clels of citizell ill etely qlar i- tiof Iie ULli ell States. a It is moreover well known that, iy its rearly check, l) it llhas so onlftcdetectedl Ilrge errore, long aller they were ade, even Iby tile most clureltll and most competent al aritlmeticirnl, i at its usetlllness, adll the llllllte ne cn eesitl for its use, Ihve been extensiytely isisted upron, s; so evllett, ilnced, have been its aIlldvae tges, and its tee savingv, that, severrl ytarsago, whilst tIe filrst edition I- wasselrce, aill out of prinlt,o great hI.uPr of second I hand copies were solugtlt for, siome to a gre t distatnce. f- lllad ernseld ift alrious prirces, as they could ocenaion nily be picked up at r'onm f ic to $.5 per copfy,t. si k t some llerson Ilae recen.iv declared, anlI insiltanes on couEII le qlluoted that they wouftl ipy 5, $ 10, 4I1, and $5001 l fo a ellopy, Iinotto bie lad for less, ar anl individual in Ihe ititle'r illSoallOe pllrtiClrly, htailng il te alllne r. iime rxhibited ntillactory proafl t to pevll personslpre ts sealitthat to himtit was really worth thalllllt nony and 's more thiough the saving of his very valablle time, lie brilng i very rich manii nlitd in pI.nlle ollice. of It is likewise wortnlhy of notice, nnt indeed proper to h imlre, tlillt such is tile nature of figle work gerolndly ll rspleeially when ol' the extlet and impolrlltnee of tese tla los, tilhat had this hiaok i or its like boon prepar e ill the usual maniier vller, by thle most colnietent calculator ill the world, andl afterwards lrinlteld most c ollnly ul Ulnlder Ilhisown correction o Illnoof shrcts, it re woulld, almost to a erPlainly, have lbs.ll r nolt: o re felrelce,andl dear t any price, as the ilreltee ehoieti rflllI explains. Illt sl pelrfect and vialuable have the i tlerrotpell plles fitl this worklhleen llrce, that to Icetire thellli, wjitllltheir iM.nreus and extraordilarv iex llill lionls, agaiist ire, hr the gtlr'ral beielfi, dIrey are (by ridvertistrenel) constalily kellt in a pihee of speeial c.ltlt, exeptll wile use I ill fitinlti.. Amlple iirvcliolls to find hioth .llk ndlill silillat t1illr IIII est with illlfll notles, tfollow ibO prrt'l , wlhic, in hil tI Sfil i ais in the itwo preevledng dithiotns, cintil tnivlch il- I rlifieatino i c. tinrtinlg thie iooluiii'iiriwilo ifal'iiole lt i iu illnter its ter dtrstIif gllre, ke. fh I' reImIls onlly Ito iteialk that, this tiliy unolnoilll costly work, which iwastl,llllixciid Ihftell ln- cineres talles wlie inltrodlllc ill cIltca,,l a, llal lis e rte li iv , i a nie, It, 'el so xilvlrrti llh oie oli.trh i lly lgrI OtttlqInni II'tt' itli t ill I tili 1111 0 s ; 111 " llln'arI. ll ie lleit'ti lo's 'i*ii vail, oo Iilit Ila ll l)r. , hrlshhl. lsix f ) r:o1. t f r I a1 n il l I:!I , 'll lasl ill on t111,- t ll si thnll :I11thtcril ie . 1\ l r an Ii ih i" ii' 11 o b D, 1the1 it, di iliiol :i'lnil+ e hllol'lil o1f he pihlie for 'l't li i" ines of 10 ipnf'l rltc al r patrooe.. I" akr hhy tih / arnri, l ;,,,As" i .s" o, l,+ L.',,+1< " a l .e. .l NI:\\ \V'11 ., \..--'li , :iiri' c, r i. I l, 1.) the t ne torel ".I1 iee I Sipmnlllll I ,e Noblh Il dI-lof \\·Iolnon, ill " )is. or The llnI er l \lncti eli' h Iin. ell Jost rerl' v,,,. i l lm i r1 ,a h by 1 \V,1. I'K t:\N , V V & Ct' ILA"FFl''i iii C.U iii , II telit tract "' Sarsaparilla, for tile cure olosLiutinat S ptionlls of tile skin; pimples or Ipstulels of . the Ie- t; biles wlhi arise roml all impulllllllre stte of the rt o d; icaly eru,otiolt; p.tins In ite bones; elhronic oi. ieIlatiinIt tl r; serrfula, or king's evil; whlite ta. sIlinll; syhllilitie diseases, and alI disorders st arising I ron al in lltllre .tlt of the blood, Iby a lontg by residllen in a hot clilate, or the injudicieou use of mnercury. lic Also,-Cave & Sebhafl'r's Worll Syrup, or In. Ito lint Preservative: the best prepllaration now rxtant. le I Ationtg whlich are fhl 'tllowmeng:-Indigoi Dye, vas for coltrtg tile halr; lear's Oil; Russianc Iear's Grease; Pomato m; ' ichawla Freckle \Vash: au. era preior Pearl P'oder; Lily White; Cream of iHoee; by Vegetable Rioge; Otto of Rose; Lip Salv,; Kire. osite ''ooth Wash; Carbonic e)ul trllice; Orangeo 1av Water; Powder Put'0 avnd Boa ,; Allerl. as ci an Charcoal, neatly put up in four .nee vials; Preston Salts; Ceologne; Kreisoto Iolth.aeho it D)roeps; Hair Brushesl ; English i ro nf g Colbsa er IlllllaU Ihaiir Oil;--with a variely of )ther Perfu crs' meries, &c. For sale by L W GLENN'S PERFUM RIES. be J ( TRINC .ARD, tt's Corner of Canal and Bourbon streets aes. Ti OYLE & . MAY, I(eusc, Sign, adll Oraowo.ta . al'aiters, No 3 CaroHliele street, two doors irom .doll st5eet. Imnitatiols of the followting woods and marnbles, e. ecuted in a mase)y manosner. WOODS MAlILF.S. Mahogany, Egyptian black and gold, Oak, (iflal l and Antlleo, Poll a-l do, Orirental or verd antique, C'rled do, Jasper, Curledl Maple, llwld Stone, Birds IEe do, )arby Granite, Sltin WVood, Potomac, Ilair Vool, I)ove or Iltardello, Yew Tree, I Itslial White. Coromindle or Black SMioinn and llrectells, Hlose Wolod, Aoerilo Grey, Ash White Oak, ke. . .k e. Curled Elmt, ipeecimens to be seen at the shop. 'aints, oils, glass, copal varnish, k&. on hasd ad for sale. ml SlNTiEE IIE. & tVY GUDC-J t, square 1 una bnlnde iroe, well tsolortet r. o11001, scroll and rod irow, nail rods taotd pltogh moulds Ceot, German, shear. listeredl, spring, sheet lnd Cwrowley steel 1Iollow ware, cat anso wroitht rails owl stlikre Zine, block tin, mill ad grlndl stones, satlt kettles Clhal cables, acthors, hoes Ox, log aId trace chlins, corn mills Aetils, vices, limersatltti bellows WVite, sheet, pig andl bar lead; ahot Cal, andl cooking stovres Amens, Ilowlanl's Ian lther spoldes and shovels Ilook and plate Itiges, doo intld widow hooks C(:ollina, Htats, Shalp., ldl otl el axes lIar'd tieid Malitla ectolage, lines and twine Ibolt and, shteatting copllper; Naal stores Paints, linseed mid serll ie oil A It llassortmett ol hardware antId sIi, clandley, alwatys oit and, aitd wlticare otflertl (fr smle at whole sale or retailt o lt thle lost fvtrable terms, by Ito LAYtLON &r Co. 53 01O Levee. TEW GOODS--Simmons Iartt & eo are now ire L1 eeiviag fromt o bearld shlips Yeazoo, and Saruttgt - tndblrig Coneordlia, from New York, i great tearety .t goods to their line, which together with their afiner stock on hl.nd, omkes their assorsrertveryae plete. The following eompose ap art, viz: t ell twist, o ,,,ri, <hie, tubk andi dreesitogcnmbl, holrn do orall deeriptions, In lila rtbber, silk and worated'elsotie garters, eotoonn & titt elasti osse petders, .lo.o tloto aond Lteifer ttttlces, Seidlitz powders, powdelr poffs ati boxes, toilset owder, poeket twooks otd wallets, nieedle books, shell, perl, ivory ant Itoroeeo card C.ases, hlead oroaoletots yhtico ral lbeds, oeckhieso anl negligees, tead chalos, bead eeeklaees, ct gluets nttt plain,seed,silvert tm gilt boads, iodian beadls, bells sttld plotume; pistol attd large pow. JIr flasBks, sholt belts, horse, ewit. pocket and dteiliog Jistols; double and sitlgle bnrrelled grins, Bowie ksives, andti dirks.seiasors, shears, pocket knives; guard ehaios, and ribhons, waist butcklos, cloth, hair, tootl,, nail,eotnb, erutnb, shoe, piate, floor and dustitng brusbts, Cologne, Florilda, Ilvendeleg, rose attd hay water,asaortrd essenes, and exlracts, Maeeasssaar, hear, antiqie, and Warl's ve getable hair oils, slhaving aoiddl toilet soaps of al ides. criptions, Indlit ' and gentlettens' desks and tldessnag roses, hair rieglet, frizettes ndl Ibraids, plain, fancy and ,aosicnl work bors, plain andt gilt, figured, coat anti vest hbttons, pearl and ivory shirt do, stirt stttdda, gold sti silver lpenil esaes, toothpicks and tweez.ers,ttltted stnd gilt .ltckets, .rittiatre do,. sller, Itbaa antl steel nhimbles, books nnd eyes; hair pins, oaitati6. frait,hlk .sd redink, shoe blaeking, violitns aadtlgaitars, ribbed and plain preeussion caps, linen twine, sentedtl oeuh tots,gold.sal silver lace and fringetlatter paper, gatte r ag, riditg w'il, walkting eaneaplaymgeads, Gee ;.hi, ltatxtt ld/ f bwllry &e. The*Rie e to.gethg with a grat vsritotv ofolther trti hea are Molel at whoeisale or retail .u atcotwdoating N I- tltll sotabto rreiied " orthen . YA. . -Clr. Eer, l eay t10 A, a i : "c t e every loaliy, Wedonei ro't ' wor". Ari. Aeeiye NotthwCe !M~\ acucrd, nU . -...." t. +. ;. SColt ..tbo, Go .i ' tohl, $I" li 3 ;t SMilled evl.led . G 133 1414 r oNironrtdo y S t C. 71 ao, 163 ' 7 0 i n ialiitgo, Nil 54 .' 2 S it VarleoIn,Va. 12 . 55 r Peterebuf o a.l i po'r.. 83. i 1- i a. or t- tichmoia.' Va. 1 om. 1 "7 - 10. a Frodericksburg, 8 67" 7 p m. ' .Washington ity, c1lr "iro 61 i ot Itoltimoro, 64 - 3t 43 01 e Phildelphia, o am. 1o 0 .i 1 i0 ot New York; 2 p; 90,. C3 i - 1305 141 ,.. or d '3: 'Norlhwnrd. Coming tr'nthward,; thee time s six hour tlear; bei.5 daysve ani 17 hoors. , Ty 'IEN iOLLAiS IEWARD.Ii) he ANAWAY from 1B9 Csrondelet corner of Ilevi, as erreels,nn the night of 30th of August, ad d:was seen the itent meornin Poydroa soret, n negro boy ami to l CHARIt~S, about 17 yra of agee, orn, 5.fee or therebohuts i t hright, very btlnk, nnd i lio sn rimped re itnent in his speech, one of his logs is sore, ,,ortiloed by a recent ihurt; lie had to when hie went way 0 wlite Sicotton or liien nshit and whilte otton pantaloons. In Masters of vessels ond stetam r0ots om eotulonedr a W.l gin trecrriving or harboriag said negro, no well as toh i other ersaoos, oe tlo utmost rigour of the low will bh in enforced oagint them. The abocereward will be prai 7 .forldeliveriog him int, ony. of the jiblsr of eitrer of he o' .munieiplities, or ot 69 Cprondelet, corner of Hevi he aeslet. w_ a,t ".o TioamIlc-Th copitaership nered keiing h lI oalr tiDt firnl wrof bos & Greo, hts re ne dissolved. oThe sdmerier will liqluate tle ashir, o tihe eonerom in this eily, tsod rquirres oil peronst indeb - le d to okLe payment to hiMt only, onnd ail ttaehnving clairms, ro ra sern the f iersettleat.n , , ai " 8o A --7t I o GA I.ETSOONO hie w dw.. W -· r.----: he l . o . w WingWAIN. Ndo lletdr. ,Ih rel A.oew Oratrn . . k I. D yesn a, Cnpolmiclot ,A o th, ' nr, mini oooyeeerat. trrorivesymtit e k Blriemsoe, rroode, Aiols, r eo, io relhrrirt, Atelrato, Causr.. Ar ineti, crn , I Altri , kedec ip b dr ro rriedri , Co beo lrt, rio rollr rio UTtithr o flower, do Mrilor, Ilh'nlhllcrhirt IterroIt m) Cr'Imn tartar, do Msnillo, n Ci tlithoridet , do ierraecos, (ootsnm aloes, do (hrtamoal, ro- Atloiie, Logornnrd. Coottpealy ril ..o .isa tii 0, ro St I) rs do hemor it, rIo Jtotite, ri o r hItertz ,n C nrrwnied, ost do copoi, rough, IMadder, ombno, de o d o scrapertl Nijoeraguo, loersre, r do- do S Aoterio'or, d. o ' orto, d, o roEtmditor, cro'te do StMl reoib be do do relfi.o dt ttoeb. tie gfiitcttSr CIIESIICALS. to o kit, Acid, nitrour, lip do rotsie, do murcatia, tio opitm, do tIlhjdnur'i, io io s he)r ta, iltit vitrtol, ar k , olomgl, p p, lt do straler. ..rrosiver s lime atr ] .it 'rlo rtatr otin hlllorilde of lime t.iCamboge, 'Sotin iltse, . llllti'tr helrlies, AIIoeit ,k.rolro tetllttttr do do Foreig t, ied preilpitae, f tMg e ia, 1 glis h r, . trl.lle udt, f- do A ,.ric Red chromnate pptla 1 tin sorrs, Sotp iotas, i.iql-.miee bodll Sa.*r lean, O-Gil chovt', SUiT) zinc, doc ast1hi, S lp goiuie tec. In- Srtlritrlrt, irtarlac t ltie, do-dott PAINTS Illetoa ll pepptt rmintt tilt,,.. thi {It:ul g.thul, bttlhr)mic l eit w, ihtvi s'6 ot) It teeo, d h i roil ti, tn i:dac , 1 oit k g E,. i dr,,r ,t r c stic h. | i•]lllttl'.v, . -t ty sr, , ic (i,,,i.', .ti ll, 2.* v. , Tlnt tt : 1, I l rlio 1)n,lt e r,, icit t u t ttwcltrd , Si ,, .tab ,h, do " orti' IActni rir. ,te n l t, I rhllll II ,iJ c r So"" rde, c ' e aet, c el o 'mt g niothI , trtdo t l i Irci, '.odil, do A Ier cl:, fo S:,hKti'c, S is,, Riov'fo editio cli- tdt,'c rohicioIei e -l' c i, e .'y, mtnl I:l.zmts, .l .. l do reni tool , o t o Io ff0- ico .ttti o lo iiro. c.neIrml e ite do Atm'i'icr, de E elllslb to Castih, EN gJu IdI i fer rh3H--fir, ,nic in 1 vol..g r 'u+min s, ora n it'ieer mat St hl.s, Illhdfih in I ,n e of Sty rui, by t'nptain ltnoil ll , Roal t , ) I F. L < S., in I vol. " lu. Lord 1€,i/(li, n romanoeP. I L Alhlm Cnlulm' i hn I no ' ,at. N'h~prr.ld ILee . wrinttro ,y +im ef, in 1 -I,1 ;re Cd (.omprudirus /( Iury of Jd Iiralnrl:ai frol Ilr r"s nrell nul htulmn, hy N hniel (i'rnen i n L vo. fur on.. V ai n hfew [&4o n rotnpliUL ofd nnifrl edition, 'es, of PI'nslin.rto n brio;lr 's WII'orks. :re. Roger's I-reair and English Dirtionry, in I vol, 3ro u- Jlult received, a.ld for al e b y, nI13-.: - - - BENJ. LEVY. SPAIN REVISITED,&e. &c SPAIN EVISI Tl D, l&c, by e aotloro Ayea, S AISpain;' in 2vols 'railm s Of Iia rhardetri as ertcallner applicable to the Abirigities of Nrth Aomerica, by U 'I eaiurr. Eq vols. The Porlitcnl Gremiator;of thea lsniite State, or conlth e view of tle theory and prot ti(e of the geier. c 0nd stalte gfovernnlciis, with thei rel ltions bti iOemi thel States. iy E Il) ; d tfieil Ld, E sq. " Nitarcifo Iletin' To'oira iterspersed wilth elhaamele anyic aecdotes, eyillygs a ll andtisr ofspirting mte, in eludlilg ntlicees f lthe prlneipal rack oderos of England wihn' anakytiena ctntents, and general index of names , FPIt THI CUnRE o R Scroftln or Kilg's Evil, Chronic Rheumatlisn, Chronic Citaueoua Dii. Palie at ale Bone le y fryA ases, use orfMercary the blood being in vitiated slate. 0'his vPrv eonceenlrted Syrup is prepared wilth te dreylesl harnsomeofticul care mnd aneyn pad ontain the active pnaciple of Sa rsalparill a in the Rait caceR trailed dsegree, eoalbinett wilth other vegetal sbatbstance of kioWt ellietev. ' exto 'ibel da lrge Ilutlitiy ia Slsaianr a beine a b dos, Is been obtaine li d in this p0lareleatliot-te y, beingl bUlly convincedl of its Ierics, confidetitly adlnisater le i tourse of Iltir practice. I'rie $1 50 par bohttle. Sold only at SWVAINY BItO'lIIER'S drug stount, Noi. I ]Canal street, whl' fully he had, freshrl and gcoine, direc 'ran thep p.rril tora, Swail's Pallaeee and Verifuge, Potter's C "ltll coii, Carpeiter's Preparations, anL a large and genera assortment of fesh drugs, atud IPINNOCK'S ROME, &e. TINNOCK's IMIPROVE)D EDITION OF DR S(iolldsetitt's Abridgment of the History of Roueo to lhich is ltretiXed an lutntoluction to the Stdyl o R lloi History, anai a great vaariety ofval tuille it.if lUiatiot added tltrolphbot the work, oa lite .Matnrs Itstitotians and Antquities of tIlhe Romaans; withb at oerotts hliogratieultol atld historical Notes; ain qune tiuns fu exanuination at tme etd of ea. asettio. II. lustrated with tlirtyeafnruriags on wodl, by Atlertoan I.PtIoci's hIiproved Ehltlin of Dr Goldasithte Ilistory of Eoieluml, iuiiiI le Isension of Jualils Ctesa" to the deatll at' eorge 2d, with a camitineteioitto the yea 11832. With ustlioos for eanttrntatioo at thp end c eac section. Bliiles a voariety of valtablu infocnn tiou addedl tlhroglhoati thle work. Consistitg of table of conteltljtrcsy Sovereignt, and elninaten psrsoes Copious cxlllontiory otes. Relntarks o alto pali tics, itanlners and litecttue of the agoe An Ottlinte the Constitution, &c.&c. tllusteraled by tany engrc Guys' Ei.EMEtr af AR'rRoonOmy, naml an Aorihlgme pfKeith's New T'reatise on the" Use of Olitbea. Noe American elition, witl additioat. and iatprovement and an aexplatilo of the ,astronotIlal part of the Am ricai Almanaic. Just received and fur sale-by . WM MtKEAN rev2.4 corer o fo Cmp andpCoammon as IIARPER'S CLASSICAL LIBRARY. SOltACEtriaistelatdby Phillip Francia, D Dc wilth Il an appendix, cltatinln tcanslatlna of carcien odeas,&., hy lden Jonsgn, Cowle(r, Miltn, Drvdde Pope Addison, Swift Chatltertmot, iG WYuaefield, Prsoa Iryap, &.. and tame of the ttreemiient poat, of th Sl Mtius, withl th e appendix al' i(idtlits' irnal ted by Chrilstoplier Smart;iu t v i frnning vuluonesat and 19 uf"lrper'sa Claassical Library 'The Expeditlon of HUIPREY CLINKER, by. Smollett, 1iD, with a uemoir of the Author, by Thoe us Roscoe, Esq., nlow edition, witlh illustrtions, by Gs 'THE 3IPSY;a 'itle, by thelt athor of "Rip.ellae Mary ofl! orgalndy,"&'.,, aew eatlita, t. e ..titaplt/ n one. , 'PAUL 0LIFF0ORAl,by Ib o nutier Of "Pollhte 'I'li Diet i ad," &c, beiad volume IV altat net ae : ttof"El gere Colmpleat Vta l . Jsusreti-ed v a sale, . .WM , cKlCta IB ACON SItES-36:lt ek, Ceiuleinauai saeia l!aaetlia. fucla flit- .t.also IaUnc r e "loiEWr & liAWr - I .

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