Newspaper of True American, March 18, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated March 18, 1839 Page 1
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wls.,u1.2 CENTs. NEW ORLEANS MONDAY MORNING, MARCH 1 18.9 VOL.-VI No r -- ..--~-. -- - -. . ~- - ----- o.V o1 PiU' 12 CENTS.Cj~j~ Tersis of the Xetespaper Press of Nter Orlean unarninlouul v ngredd ttnst an ndinourned aeeting o' th I roprietore, hell on the :13th of March, 1837. Sunsua mt raos.- I'wlve IDoll trs fr the daily lpa por annh t i, :rnahlo. sa ii-aliottatly in advtnte : toll doltrs forthe tri.w.eokly country paper, pavable one rear in nalvante, where no citv reference is gven. N5h a ditt.rilttio:t will Ie discitlinued until arrearages are rettledl. In case of di continuaOnce, one week's inotice n trtiltrtg innat on invariably given, previoun to tit .pinttioln of suheription. Avctit:lntrlslntoa ) dollar per sanare far the first seartiun, aid i tll' thatl trice for each settequert oer: an) tnnterial althration lrin the original adverincenictl ,cill be cnltrgd as t new one. YtAUltt.r AivtnrtT IRos.-Merclhnts and 'lrra ors, 'atv dollars for iEngish altne, and sixty for both Inn giaa-a I Bankie, tInnronce Oflices, andt nothl e ninar 'iie instiltutions, fifty dollars in English onlly, anid tighty for lbth Inngtnages; Ship attd Htenmbnott Poe a orr Cotnminsion lterehalntls ixty dollars in Englslh ien, andoi eightv lor ant Ihangnntlges., OnIretHnr N[Ince, and artilces eall ileg tih nltentiln of ithe puolie to sales of propeorty, cards of pnaSl tars, benefits, &e. &c. will be, elharg.e, one dollar per square for the irst iansertion in echla Itt0 CetatvtrrTItTtonl, or Advertisements, of any ptersot l nolture, wheni adlnisible, shall bo charged dinhle, alnd ill ndvnnce. A dedition of twently-fie percent. will be mnale to Auctinloner, Sherie, Itginiernof Willo,and Mlarshals con :ten of roal estate, puliiell ld in otl InngtllRges, and 50 per cient. in Enghliah alone: tO per coot. hit an, s of nther Iproarety. ADVnTIsIn:MNTS ont f tlic direct line lf bustlsIse nf the advertiser, tiel. as legal, snction, and plaotnt on TntlOes, runaway slavea, stray anitmolanL &. &c. will lie tlharged for ee1linttly, and at thle ordlinary rates. AI)sKurISIeMInxT not specified as to time,t will be Ituilinhed one month, and charged neeaordiotly No nadvertismcnts of bankruptcies will lie publishedl n nty case, unleso paid for prcvioun to insertion, or Itavmcnet gtranlnteed by a reeitnsil perii ii town. 'Theatres anml othelr .iees if amnsmontO ndverlitsin daily or the season. to be chanrged tL0 for Lnglilh a lote, nld 150l in bIotlh langinoes. All niottinceiioents if cndtiitatens for political olRcin will he charged doubtle the price of othller advertie itctgll.o, the itn. e eloa . i. tar.ilncd lyynewspnper pitllteire, thlay have rottin l ttile cnclsiotllnnt Itlat t nniitle of lersolna whosen accitt, hlinyn ot Ieot plaidl withnine miionlI nfter presentation ehsall be tind knov. (n. far no practicablell to nel other--tlhey obli -1.tin Itheilnsalvea not It ilvertise or print for sunhi dcliaiuntao unless in ca+e i ot adance pnyntals. ( J.C. ti STr. itOtlES J. IIAYON, Ip. P. RfEA, J. C. PItENIDERGAST, JOIIN GIBSON, I.JIISI)EN. Wl'ieklh Press.-We, thl inidersigned, agree to nhide !iv thii slitve itiilitimst as lir as they are npplictlth to I(liynIpetl) A. B. ILAWIENCE, i~ Nt sthscriitlions are tllken for looss than ill thita . eittort moitt ill caises, tbe nst tiitl. PI1EEL Ii11GN..t- eltrn Nun. tt,2, 124 peon S )t aniel Welblter Tlt , Felt's lurge barrel pell Congress large d I 'erry's fnat epr;ig do ido slltll 3o d o 3 Alit dil WViadel'e alice do ii Ilnuble ptletent do inlperial i°uble pto te do f;lltI's arrel d, o do Nattiu.nol do Atnd Gi ( l tll s tIiintilt llrit l f ir aCe II It.VItD l.ItI" & Co 21 Clhortre it, felN Saitlnionlrs lhlu nity for .ile ty AlA.\MIS & \VIT . ., N , fei-t . 67 iGraOier t brellH SI LAS:i-l00 hletr, in ntotre for eol, r y whot hit e s StI r1i., ' ltu)WN. 9s; MCgarino i i fo tI a:N i-. t -tr.., ,- ,b eth. n , fr tee ,, -. .d oi ne I t y Ihi r. Kell, Il, rrits i & Co. IoOn+4Htilln fgiv r ~to tnll te It prfnt'tt'.-{-pdly to it1' f \t t' 'il'CttllAit i & JO TAGC'i.irit F l+1 i",:G "o l'n vdra+& lw.hne-t . [JAY'S It NINIM NT.-No Pictint.--'his ex c at ', of scitene, an n nt. n inve tion ioi n celral ,'l,,tdmeti I. cat nlMltl, tie introdllu:·t , oftp which to tie pu nbc t wr ivniteo d wit the ontluntty ot a ldeanthbed boqnesti, n liot ne ganed a reputatlon un nicarlllteidn j rhlly tiotianing tt correctntt'c of tco iattt, ted l)r Gridly' It i onts. tinn, tat Io hone dted ot t alit without givina, to ophstersty the hiounfit of ait knotleodgo ot this Auiject," and he thNref'Yoo h lxu~athed wto lie flie anall, btOlldanC , Soloon & It, litys, the tecrnet olf ht ditsconery. I.0 It s now uti e I in l t ieip h t s, cor nr o .t iteo prvate prtltitet inll otr tountry, lirt nllod tntt i eiv, y luid elletaully os to hafanll creduity, ulnt,+.' S1t Anhero its etllwts care w ca Exte: lly itll ., i ollouwtlng comlulalin ts: For l)roldityo-nrating extraorlliary absorpti-i: _at onet et. All Swellin;;s--docinel tit in a re." hotrs. Cro.p and WVhooinglln' (oughl--ELxrrltarly, ailnl over the Clieit. All llruiseht Sprains, and Thlrnst-Curing it, a Siores and Ulcerosf-Whlttef hesih or long ostandilng, and fevetr teretr. Its toprationta tItn adults and ollilrott ill reditce tag rheunnatit. nwellingt, ttd to tittg co logths and ilttitness of tihe cinest by oelaxation o tbit llartis, Iltan been enirlrising beyond conneption. The n'anllon rneark of thlose twlleot avos used it in tile Ities, is " itt acts lke a charmn." TlH PILES--'t'l.o trin., $ ris reto.unde ltony I persn wto will ita a bottle of loy's iilnetit fir the Piles, and return tile aempty bottloe without 1t toeitg cura8. 'The are thie positive orders oi the (prolrietnor to h Aget; anlld out of l any Ltou ilndn solt], not one i ho been lltlSnecest'il. I" m.iglt insert cerifloatlsa It any longti, but prefer tllat those who seoll the crticlt, shoul d eo iltitt ctle origittal to parchnslera. CAUTION--None can be genuine wiithout a splendid engravedtt wrpter, on thihel is ly noame, and also t of the Agents SOLOMON tlAYS. Sold wholeosal and retail, by COMS'I'OCK & Co, Now York, atd by one Druggist in every 1 totnt in the Ution. For sale by te Witolesallo Agents, corner of CUnlltnan & 'lotaaouilaouia street, atd by cite Apotllecaries generallY. ie30 NOCUlbIE NO IA DIL. JO II~ttNSt'N DiN 1I)h l Ilieutili street·, COlo fiOes hit iltioiro to ilte treatmentt ol ttVencrell Diie nae. ia all t it d hIt renat frats. inr., frltlllltt a reidleniet " tIof ny nts i lto pilals in Euroi.e, deotve. to ite te trecltllloli f Venereal Se tDiseane, and (rots ItiI pestt vtctltit I pttclicte itIC chat ilotiiar rlentrtth fltillte ltnicttttttto, euot btettkt't a an., spedy anl nfetitutal non' to sioal pereon as nre tlolieddwiil i y.ayf tilllowlloit lidlttiseae, aint- In llotoesiirteti. tiret:. Stiotateo, Chltacrel, |lub!sihtt Seotittld Weknes i-thtnl.tin o" ftto tlllndder, lndttnyoe , ait I.ti,4 Uretittra, Iro't llo tt lti, Swelhd 1 e.tticlet , etlrutilan oit thie Skilt, Satre 'llriltTrt, Lahil in the Jioints And titer ncllloelotlllt yttttt whythi olltl generally ftlltw i Recent cate.lcre ll int Ior tliell divy willhot the. osf ofltlerenry, iuterreptioa Irolt Itaillii.e, or uhieru-i A . n lteiine Itto preveuti Veereali Iisentte cnon be oh Iatied " ltr.Jhullsot It r Iot.n thtie tecite ofthe liar Larry, 0sit c tlcraited Icrtith S.rgeon, atd 0it0 I used hn Itilnuring tiee .era. l t tldlitn ii.lS iu which ie served. as Srgeon,,... .... in [,lie |.,,,y. .. St i by Dr. Joltulat , at 1it otli.e. 'I t iersons i havig alg y UtTllhtieI of Vearaltl liteo-etl enI hboatc takihg sola t vovslge. er rlniovil iOi tl - Ie i nttolrv notuld] ido n lt y givin t ir. Jotnuson t call, a prolter It eI It r.els ior thei.r cure illn th slhortes Ihme col be put up I with written directhions iti their etint. tsticu open fruot 7 in tihe Iluntil inlltilo o o'clock at l i ABEIINTiIY'S lYS'I'PIrit I.'i't. t Dr. erlethniy, th, grenatest of Einlgtil ,-argo:ls wa t opinion thatr niea-leuthn of tihe disea.c thaillnt aect manilnhd origilnate il the antotltaT. tI't I, lixir wa. usad by him witihiho t most linpreetlentid sol':e s it hin privenlt tnd u blic prnetict fGet pwtardo al Uotly years, for thn remloval of the followit g diseases - teOs tfoieltitcn FaIlatienov, Distenottii, l'the StIl aoll,Paill ii itt siiet, lelaviuesisof tIe ted tluld I nanitn tl sleep, trregularinty of the ltweli and in all caset where itligestilon or a Ectice Itabit is outud to euist. This mtedlinte itslnot I be d a lbeed nttong ithe itns fquack lo sitiru itt OW iefor ie ho piblin, tas it is ihe solo inwnatini uof tla ableittteItc moor niolttill a Ioret.Il olloneo cver iprodncod.ant]d the .nseccirt ln'opatili it mran Ittrenit]eed by toe agent tfor t vary large anun. Lt in 4Agree-l llo el n pleatanit to the init sel a ots a Inil apot ient.alwnyit keep ti t' bowelo free, imtparl. vigor and elrenghl to thie syatem, and hseerlnltese to tile miold, and a few botlerO rtIoiVes tIhe mnst cooaiieted eases of Dynspelia o r jodigoalinl, and preventsa return at ally ftame jor..e New yel, la17th Auguot, 1833. 35 MSndiaol'ttreet. san:ttninetcuiMlepeenofieadilnga sedelntury life, I thave bean troubled, tltrt or o1n , with lt.tigestioun ftr lel yeut; tlee the laIst thre years mny sullfferlngs have Ibeen ilsupportnble. I hlave tried several phv..i.aio, oidl a cltlnllrofquek .nedleineia, withoalt deriving any beefitc. I depiried nf aver obtaoiniig ai pemLanent eelief, and resigned myself to the lll.t hopIaless despoir t wois pe.uadedt by molty friends to try Abernetby'o llysipetin Elnir. I have now fitdshed the fuuoth bot tle. utd ktnew nlt how io oarePrss ey I p llilionti of its wonderfnl virtues nold the nlruele it it perlfurntl in resringto it. In that hbealth whieh It I sight lot for over. Seol ht l na dozef n n bntles l o, eisn"d exclpt my .banks ftr tin blehinla you have ' o erred by re itorig ll to nltcttt :t henlth. JCOll MONROE. rit ateat bri in his posesrion sece hundred t]m tl timoiirdi llsimilar ti chn nbove, f Ihe exltraordinatry vi / n lleso bir mediciac. Sold bSy alnpllintittnt, na'tU'r. s 1hton'e. Itt lioneillIe oto. not l. 'l° · O1 . " " ..". PENSACOLA MANSION HOUSE NEWV CITY, PENSACOLA. rT HE nobscriber having purelhased the lease and fur Snitluremnf this well known astablilmlnoment, from lr Taylor, the late prprpietor, will be ready to rereive vi. tek by the Islot f April ne.t. Numerous anti ostly improvements will be found in the errm"nemelnts of thile Allsiom lHouse. New and morem uommoionls botlhin htmsew will be built, anl warm b:,h; will be provlded at all biollr. A stable will be atrched to tile house, with good accommmdna tiuols for horses and carriages. I'ill rate horses and carrmges will nlso be Iept ir hire at moderate priees, and call Rod ew boats, with persono to manage theem for thI, use of ri.ttlers. Ilillinard nod Olter amunemuento oalloly btllld t watering plancer, will lan be ifurnilshed, and so ondulneteCI a noU to interfere with lth lemfort mand quietof the Imarders. Thie wines and liqtors will be of the best quality, and to ensure a lo l arpoply of ickn, nn cargo lnes already bien orderedl,iih hl wile iarive about the It oMaf ,oy" My Fredmerick Ilrnardn who f rmerll kel t so pepular Shotel at Wallngtml eity, will condtet this Ie el elrf tie peroprietor, whoi with such nail,confidently islitres the risitPrs of lnst year, and Ilis friends ge.ernlly, tat they will reeive alvery tes iable ttmentiont; and thenlby expects t give ge.-tral slttislacitmh. Tmhe local advantages ofta h B oula are too well knowm to need n lengt.enmed denerilib.n :mre. TrIe facts tint Pesncola is thle largest mal statiton of tihe G(vermnent; tile genersl ren.zonous of roie ( orlftmel. Ton; tile s:alubreliy ii Mlilmate reliremld constantly dl tin tilheAumler nonth r be tile comoletr I re.ans form rimo (iulI tie bInm.lty of Imhe imnymd tile neighibomring ialnnl ad sriver; tibe holmndaniee nled deliency of the foi wiTll wlichl thie waters lhotdln; lad its proximity to the beat nolutllern market, give iensacola tbhe rae feme o over all ot nlaer places in tilene lotitul on, an a heanlthy Mlmd dtelimlltfmll tamnler retreat. First rate bants will r aetw ll lwem Pentaouli and oe bile, oll will at all times hie able to tute tile AiouLDeogvr. from timl New Orleanes boats. N It AILNOLD. Prensenia, Felm. t5th, l.:18. S(ientliellmem wiohiig to engnge roolms for tlheir fammilie, mianmdimrese tie propritmetr, ot I'uesemolan, ir lMr Sewcll T TIavlur, thie foTrmer prllprietor, ate NO.v Ore leans. TI' Sanford, Erq, lMrie ullm l, P rncAipih, E1q., it. i Kiblh, i Mobmile; S 1' Taylor, P' I Ra, Esq, in Nem, Orhtlmm. I' S-A letter beg, to receive eommimtnlemi iamlm fr i permso.. at tile lbolve hotel, i, plinem, at (eo \VWitlllmao's l ollet, 51 St ( tllnarces l:xclmnge. F.ORIDA RiUTK Fl R NEW I.\ lhRK. ' T"raveAllers dlesir.nes om tkiS IheI Florida route, evia m Pensacola,to hie Nmrtll, mrm imfmrl.ied that mirsrl rm, Siboots will cosmlo.all ra ll frlm tMlile n I 'ensaclan lea, inn ilulmih nmId Ptenlmaanolm evmcry Other day aftner tile Ist of ilmay. .Good elutge will ialmmvy be provimded uy t. iie stmmermh.rt mIme imm reamines hmttmke pnsoemmgerslmron Mobile, il cense of thle failumre of the Ibatm N I AKNOILD. The stcamtbhoat Chamnpion Inemves Mobile for Peena eola twice a week feI '2 Iv NjRI:IS &. C& , N,. 311 ihmrusmm st.eel, are rem eivming minily front their immllme i Plliladelphin, an oleenm t annt complete asortnlenmt of mlmmbtnntcinl ,nnd fashlminablm, cloitini. l'ey invite the alien im imil tihe public, ms they arm warracmmmd in saying II I ha rangII ers lnid itizeilln i nll lt f rnlllshi Itlmtnm . I . ,em more advatageously ill ally city ill Ithe N. LI. A few dzm n elemrint ivory handle en t brellase, from 32 Iim36 inches. Also, n Iarge lot iwhilte'pinen paemiloi Ioxes, mariiu-m sizes, very ow .d VI' 'I' lI lAitlS--.ltkimnm'mmlemiltm -tnrv,fm.r en-I 1 eilOVill m n l+ ilprlmlll m hair frm tihe face, I;eck and lmsmmmmm with ellmini Iielrty manid e.lrtimim, Ineviumg l ie skie Sill'l'e ur ad whler t I II behlore timl nlil ltiim . A friesI .t suly jI<t ........rd at the II ....r. t! 'I 111'5it & AI.IEN. S. ., lyxcl,:n! . intel, roiie S_ t .hi , s &, Cti,,IIIIIIII.i t 11v'rl. o W I c1 c,(1t. ., lh l. llottrr1. .I.,1v1 . andi f nr .ale Iy 1)tll t' I'I tI O .. A ,ploeo.d a.r. l.t of o ftl rnIh i (rl Stlllg th . 1Dst vnrlus iz. s l ol ( i nt ro,. tar . les y I . I 1nL 1 11 I- 14allt jP New" Y1",k St:oo,"1,t i lt. il 'l. II:1 , h- rr S i I 1'1101'I'T':"; \ 13~ltll .-+ I . rl.. un' MI d r, o b n o n. + i (v L i' , hA .\ I ei f ro I )i I I ll " e I l ln 'So ll nll 1 '. ll0' ll (I I no llr d tr.lllll" I u llP I h lldlll f l n il h. N.' i t5l( It, ,l lev'' U;G i l 'lo n l.',ti-na , ie ......, ., ,, , en,,, "1. I ,111 ia ll Uthi t, -rhelttel ii i a& v mll ml so tn n Ia lll-ru enilI I .v dvIII mo ic inL , .e i, ic hey 11rn l h o \, Il-, I - F -ll , te nil)lle -k l . Zi , l ,heel' r1 y ef7, Ill I h I . .-WiiU; . .e e 17is iIItI h tI 6' le-ll ('ellhs, Jl n sw , lc ll, 13 :llrs ,.3 - I lll I vie ' .ttsbc r gii l( A s llque t1 th1Irs r lW. 'liett s \\ hl3h0 (h 1 ilt Iit Plll L TIplr Jlll h &i I s eulll tll' il ( rl,, i till+R"iiry l gc e..slm f (I( lilar i, gc rl, ar1 i.nform,,w t uI th.ei,.r S-liter, icl uheet l, from 1' n t , 1.'1n i, Ihv _ It tck h..e d 1 t a,l!fi l ir .mire f 1o ( 4 t0 i Ctile t tiel t ISe.rAAC It DG(.l'&Co, 31 M.azine t .t .. e. . . .... . .n.... . ..nt. im e CI...Lne. e t l* Ul;aI. l i tl lil ll is ,', th e, lilt n till i iy t II e ,\1) l, fc ; NJ7 3N11k i'liui Ii ,,!,,r-1, N..t.p(-ner, ie.dl.nlrrnauh-':.. eeieclr and ccmlnr snn lt lv , t fIeIr e. . I I st)iVN, d3t 9cin ve ih tzih e Pll6 cla es P pc ei ery Itic- sat in itore, sli fr alp d I, CI( I IEll ot, I IlvwlhntiiE-- tlllt e ,umell, e Cc iLnrod '.(I •ltro .. hials thlis day receiv li a lnll nlls l r llll Ith hire et ellis ed an t s , asle cll , brleatl tene f i ti e u lltl ... . 1:A 1K IIEP.\ 3((IT :N'inT", Gas Lit , t ', I t irp'e ,Ja uaro L t, sLen. it e re s rced ten t ture l the die. slank Alle an Seciitnew, dii urede, rdcrellti,rclers l to work and gentlemen of the lar in ge eral, aItr iforated tihe ithe d il iew dition o1 Ih t t1 ireatePf elt"at it pIs lts to Ihe, ead reedoi fiyt delial ts i tht thyle oethe i-eredleu.s. di- propriirivr of its henlicial attd and svin cs nea "all ease l of tI rae slie ttd llfen ,hlll iths, typlth , erll td with elegeand ca d e feri,hed i ugliot, aiold Frent ol, st he iltlr'rent t y , artc i oll en tl euarlllr ed in it r I, ily " lehlq.: of an a pemilix, 3: ilJl3 NS t o l, the recon blndig iers, Ntthey aile callnd Stoner fts a i_ to say t all, ry it, ,n:i yeu will bear St tlte (steel c ory t lln Si we vlnn said on the subject. by d tl e tc e 3r itself , t er. tIaIN, 911 Marlz ic he a e3ervisited mues beliryenack been+ci, nefu' mn a' bl,,y's bahck silk inta, r tr t ba l to hy ) fcl ISAAC.: 33R33DGE'; &Co.ll 131'3aga,",ine +t h" B )ICl. fl:\i1 ', )lt)loPS.--''his ,ee mldivin wa of qiserd eethe propriti tei Iirteon aneds with t subne jeerd to his careful observa iot, for many years 5 y0 of th diverr if ed only, climate; o nd It is a t s pIaivent.o tile blie e tdiie tonl t re llrnd onwyyee trd believe R alit it it as it learly set forth i an ole I pantsp in .accompanieg ice same, the best aplied. tr i.rn e v er thrown witein, tie rea t nteil i classes y eas thi snlae med icine is sllit th ealumen rae, Iroln the Aestablished fet, tent when taken intogtise aed o nis ch i 0 t (a ll lcte sha lit h the tsutr fh - a r e- 15 hvlfhhtis Vhilesldrphihbeuknhent aoal, aet Iwel sad the nQatlrll o the disa.e, dtil ther as an "y llU er ti diurelic, sudt rfs c ,i penl ran t otro do n r 'e 3, in e lllu e one. 'Khoo ai s 1real w at i lrporltSto bers 11y 1reeds ou t s a ittril o t at uls t tihe ntror ionredtleu- . oT''he fact isdaily , in, tn the knowledge of the tei- propr ll 'nr of its beneichal end sae 11g r fl'eele in +il] cases of th o nges aI d fevd r, bilit . lin a t phuss nettn tov Jus ad scarlet aved se iltenzb vi leno t coles hot t heln that they are not otly warranted in warnly the I recemmodin ite but they a:'e called upon from ai ';u. ( ens fduty hlch Ihey n to h AGEhult, Jrnly t je to s t all or Pyyds it an you i ba a Ole t u per / ony toa we have otn tle eujeet. lnd The cholera itself, lthe wvrst scourge which ht rind, seer vis ed our couhtry, has beencsceessfuly con, nly ot3hl miedlicle only, %,itlou tltlehLss f ea ngle , ' put up in phials each acompanlied with a plain utu, makes it mueh tho' cheapest medicine ever olorert alny to the public. " The above medicine is sold wholesale and stall pair by our Alente, lHenry Bumnabel, Drug.iat fnd , 5 a7J . , (er Poydron &¢ 11naeine. L OMBARD & CO'S Boston and New Orleans Lie of Packet Ships.-This new line of ships fIns been expressly built to run between the above ports, and will be found of suitable draft of water: accommodations for passengers, and overy effort will be made to give general satis'action, lihe line is composed of the fo'lnwing ships: Cherokee, 415 tons Capt. J Ilarding, Carolina, 400 do S Lemist, Charleston, 374 do D Eldridge, Colombiann, 625 do G Barker, Seaman, 240 de Iowes, Bombay, 625 do D llumphrey. The above lhips are all now, of the first ,lass, copper fastened and soppered, commanded by men of greet experience, have largo accomtnodations, with a separate ladies cabin; every attention will be paid to psosengers, and the vary test of stores pro vided for them. Tihe packets will be towed up and down the Mil rissippi, and the strictest punctualiry olserved in the time of sailing, and should the regular vessels be detained in arriving, other ships equally'as good will in all cases be substituted. A share of patron age is solicited, and the agents pledge themselves to accommodate as iuch as practicable, to receive andl forward goods by soid line at the inout modor. ate charges, and to advance all expenses on goods shlipped, ifi' required. The ships will leave the let and lIGth of every month. For freight or passage, apply to thie agents. J A MERIITT, 8' Common st. N. B. Advancements made on consignaerl.ts to Messrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. nov27 '2E I lgrI I RANDYI ,osohlel utI,u-.o 3 | borr .l American r ndy, 50 keIw Goloken Burtrooo, 55 botoxes lIrCriLt rI 51 kegs Uickwhtet mLal, 25 Illlxcr Illpq~rial to.i I) do do Eriaitlern do., +20 lodfbrr'l oe·, bh dr laLLoli l . "lo ol i Adroloduch , fQor rsola by L r i \l PILt 'rClIAILI JO & ' I N 1 11 ~lallin,( rvinulo Illode; Soolr Dopol ai, OUIt dUlw ) ' r tltl, loonl B b oAo ll gloe l ihll h o irtsI co o od l) (ot.lV I oII nl ortllar nI k ? llI: by bics Shbr. dI o, by I hto ars ll; nC o m ne o , thl trllo eao IleTKrINN'ns~su DEPILLATORYl frct removing su!Pa ro ;a f I 0l ou tIr l foi o he0an w , ncby II rIms,' llih quatl e |fit"yhind certimt]c lell in th+l I~e k inline IX nd hie hnbtredl the~a~I cu sllapll ienti on. n A resh suply OllOrollig; iler ito oiltero h .od p ,lt o 'hl o hll o. i nhllllr ikC, Io't oooll llorololloEd hrlhrt hrp ieoTiE | rllir o.-I lt.oyol bloixhte, py A ilkbrh; (.boo,, V'iolurlo'. )ortlrI oulirillts,. Ju 'icortd-idu o oile boooy d 41 it C Y II CL o i. orCan lp +i I ooph rdid oooorl tleo of lin e Fioy a lsdo , ouot . do for I, o ro t 'r, ecompoariing lhO 'urlis r deokr, dro wo L h o l', workhborer, onuohal hoh ar, nortfior, needlo boohlsh r bi e a l, helllo iorl 11y *r lilll oo eorsnlaliLd erth nlanrl Iodgu l I tlnk t boklll, 'olr or ioroglin-aso, aohl .it s lkp ni. |;¢'lo ery olo ll inollr &eyre t prn TIlE ErA es1 at IL. do r totrl crnr& tCoeoeooll Cllm JI. .... FI lC,,r__ t - _S_ (rl:O.C.... I..:. )Ini n ._t .,F; .fct.i luol l Ir lllot .ll Icdu aIl1i ~ l llt nlt [FIc; TO'i'1 L.ADIEPS. I T TEINOON'S DI'ILIATOIIY, o, r roiootog s S oi er T irs o hai r fro ootohe brdr, urtIe , nqoo m losafeoly otd ooraInvor, le lriog l lir I ia ohiter rt kn btoro the oppleootion. A frek ropplr I j t r e ilv e a i llleIJ t l I'S, ~ot I ro]lkoegP I~ott,l,oororuxe Slcooolor ood tII Oolmor i~lr+..I . lli F Is'll-&. WIN'I'ER CIlAITIIIN( T I. I~Fh LIHMN &. CO.,N'. Il, S|lugeoror street, - grIboI i ill r enp di'.oli · oo I lf 0.0 l WinLtrr ( th a l0llt]odir P itll i o ton e rll o oir . i 11 onto l -o Io ca~.wl nb+tPnl +t y Irhn. r~ht r o,, t gl,o,,ntbth rooooo~. Thci ixsrtoo le lt oo lle 'to 'icf rilv l the n e r lw ollr. &r etId, o io oIIIn0t0 0 tlll0 l0 . F.I.I. Af SIIIIN" JN PI hI' 2 Brilttros lNe P ] v e<n o rllrh " lorronr, ' r o,1; ' I' hlbr p l~i tl l o,,ohs , I.;lr ' o.. " o, r t I o 2s ;.I l.'IlL .o oh, L tl + 'sh tvtd f tr ta ,l xtrlwli, I ol, Po or 1kIfl~llo. -I.,,lollloliool h, i I Iol %ll o ioo -I,'' II irt, rhi ho ,3 I~l o,,l'' lloot'oI,,o"f o, o',i~ Place 'l Iho+ I to o Ioiino, I lotso,,lb'l'. o, ooo,. hi I o olll++ oC,ln oeq,O o, lo l ~,~ ,o,hl ti' u, +,d , or e It, I,\t-111"01 11., *ll*t'rrtp+ ý,,I l.I)'lTllN(: -3l:cases see. l. ile Cltrhing, I .ndii._ -, itajip Nslhaputna , tr s:e ale Iy tfed.I IAAt Itl . iN(t; 1 & j 131 MaIalnzie .ti S1NF It\ --) t Inl eprcctlld as very Ftie for L al( e by ; II-i l\, Siv t se. I. i t' will find it fir ll n pnetnlt_, visitin, aerds, lie.. to bu .ntpt.ritrt tonen Illk eltr irodteetd tt Ihe ulblie. jUn1ll &. ALlA'N. j al Fancy Steren, E'Ixchungv E I II duI. 511 Ibs; ,:it do.,14 Is just teceived, .ld fir sIle by le0i) MCANNON, Il lITcloitOilas t Il t upl'P IiNG I'LESESS-Just receivel 1 doz e. ) J itches' Patent Lever (Cnpviig 'res=es, tin' sale Iy UDAVII, FEIl' & Co, felt N Y Stulionert Ilall,24 Chartrea st 'jIN WARE 1lanufanlctrvy-Everv article of Tin anld heet co)er ware .nnnufatteured at the short t Inticee, andi in n superrior style by fell S LOCKE ,' Ce,8 Frunt it N IB--n hnud nt ll times a large assiortmcnt ofL Tin and copper wares. Country merchauts are parlicular ly invited td 'aol il tO. It N'lIAN tdERS-The sanbsncrerna otlr tir sale, S31,llicr'ts C(orn till.,t"ob certel. corn sheltller, Fltmrl lllu d flll e ad sl ; :rut y t lll in od'g.; .lll are sell edllrd sees; Ibooks on |pi culture nlr d managemellnt oIl'stIllnk; Iruit annnntl et r tn1Cl trees ant phlnts. (tn an'tlttlen.t cllltlltin in t hurris, ntice. annd detcriptint of tch tatiln fiefr sale fiurishcd by thl mubsribePrs or by Shall & Brown, who are apltuillted ug .llln fr llis ( tlohihlllellr t. ILOBIEITI' SINCLARI Jr ,.( o.. n9 Saeedsntet Illlnd Oltlul'E url.ttart , t li lore jul l-Ar U I BIRIGE & A,, 131 u uI:i_._ at ExlllA1u. 0 &1 IASlflk IO'N. r fellt ( a{,e s1treet I by k IIILbIUO ENI. 1111tO\ N & Cu, elt Conti st NI:w Itibleo.ury ,t hte E.u-li-.U I.nagrge, by n SCllrle Icicllclrdujono,coplln it o Vos. Also ve No. 8,o, f icloilas Nicklebyjust received, andll forale by Wt A31'KE.kN, ,, fell cor Camp anul Cmnuo.u ttrOct ne l30-.- 1:3'"1 '1L' t s. a "nd tierces, Ir ole IbY .b SPiAI.l,& IIRIOWN, t jnall 11 . lna. sillee t I an 1*) S CA WIld eo cil Hiaudkerri. of IundslueeII -) ittleru, for aslo by G(OSIP & Cu, s jolil St Charles t x.lungoa llt ot is 'j \.\lltEll~l;1'1"S TI enor. oteror. vity bleuoottl at, article - , new s le,j tot received from Europn.updl lir sle by DlAV Ir ELT & Co, ki le13 N Y Statioers Ihall, 24 Chartres st ' t.oIL--: barrels tu f- r si- by - jal7 ABRIAHAM 'lIIl E u34 'oydrlr at La OAL-e 7' todts pftole bla t ErVgl ob co rl, well suited ur rt llete bhat .ler onboardl Iae Aieul. e from I New C.atle, fur role by III)LNIES & MILIlS, bjack Boik Plaeo It f h , e l N Y ei Fhir s al d L O kegs salnon, lndithr frt sip Charleston, fr sale by b Iea S & J P VIIIlNI":Y, 73 Canmp at '~3ElIIt.ILA-3-t a ses,' 28 to 31 inc. Moore U Gingham lmbrellas tir sale Iy fei _ ISABIC BIDGt1 & Co, 131 Magoaei oe st B ACON SII)ES-50 hbld Cincinnati, cuned ia stor and forsale by STETSON . AVEIV, , j b i 8r Gravier tc 71'IOCOF l I.E llOtlýS & IIAII-T hoo aubeoriber - L hove jst reeived a largo ssortmerlt of Glos Tiemblrs, Iecanters, Sugo, r oowls anll silver puonch Ladles atrd toddy spoons. whilch fhy oflt'er for sale low juoa B IRIOWEIb & Co, 17 Caloo a SATIN Letter I'aper--ilt .ed d, a very spltendidl article.l every ,ular, quality and oiz. Alsao block edged latter tandbillet paper,'for sale by BDAVID FELT - Co, fld N Y Statiners lHull,l Ctartreas st FtllEl'bLebtI tlIlP'IgAN, or Vicissitudes-A title I by the author of the Swiss tleiress, just received and fir sale by A. t VAR, jan:bl 49 Camp ot "W Yi)RK Stotiorer's hail, 2. ':hors, sreet by DAVID FELT & CO. Evorv article n stationary readly tnde, or to order Spteptat shnrt notice. *W\Vhlc..a! or retail, en. l tr .--2~n q'.A . .- ... -fo iin BALDNEFP. A BEAT.ITIFT;L bead ofhtir io thlo" ronrt onlr cent i elnn Jn t ttle Iml t'¢afnm"o |]tue h' nee v lylth lorlo it llalltes thie eontnrlAnce, and pOram torelyv Irings on the appearance of ol age. wthtic' eu es manyl tio recooil at beiloe oncovrrl.n, sromtnltl: even to shut .ociet av to id tlebt and sneter. of their aequairtannrer the remain Ier of tihenr lives sre ron ale antly sprat ln reltrment. Ia shtort, tot rvrn tile loI of oropert. foio the, gtelemoOl thonkiol. vrntlh with that nea00 sikino elntom tr do lo the Inos o ,f.ýjr' f ir. Ton vrt a.l thonse ln esat tteirr nmtnne.r,0lr t"'· alm of (tOlnlhbin .top theOll hir fro11 f, lli ttotln II It or.1tnpplieorton, c elstew a Ilot rteeorra it lrini00. It likeoisto porodute ovpIrowv and wllikoers; oprventto tle haertfirone ttrlo S.V nokro hen itel tohetifolly, c nod reet it froll eclrf. Nlnleron ceretiofyt .O tol ive firs reoprctnhilitv in tupport of the virtlect of Oldoidlgfo, RnlI, are dl;ow0 n thy thre propretors. [h Ife".ear the followrinSg: Robert Whorton, Erq. lute Mrayor iof P'I"tilt Il h has certifid' a.0 nov Iie .ort blooIo., to th1tlol o gh r.' ter of Ihe f llonwin .enr oleoonn. rite o ieiconol to herboIt0 r yertirft non tillnve usede r the of Colomobia dli"-'cocre I , .t.Olhlhid.t. andt' have futtnd it highlv werviteahh not only as a prcventive againlt the fatling ff of hair, but nolo n ertain rcAtor m WI.I.IAM Tl TII\TfITE, STe~O;ir, h lethoodist Mlitinster in St G,,n cr.o geo'tI No Ci North Fifth at. JOHN P NGIIS,:IS-I Atcit 01h'et. JOIIN|) "'Il()\IAS, M D, 113 IUncool JOHN S Fi 'ii'.Y,lfil S prle 0lreat. HIGtI! MeIi ltllltO.tlI3,ototol `:d st. JOl)N GA1r ),. Jr, 1i:1A Ar-ch steet. It In known tat tI rec. of fIn ndrov cinrat rrs ar,. tlton 50 yfars ol aoro an d otio ot.!lora nor .ss tian o 30. [Front he Mnavro. UCmaot r ttnoltalnh oif .rer.ctvltnnin., Ci( v of Iloilalltloiln . S i, Riorct Wooeart... otlor of'oiol oity of I'hilnt,. eIaer J P Inti-. ves01+ J e F ne nd h.he , C'oLnllGre, wtorelljP Iame iore t.ini o tRIIIle thori Corr·tiiot.rnthllt IholY' 0re 0li 0 e on -to of r t oo.rnc t orC anil rE pltcInh til, t\e andl , I ,ch l r i h c l o tot e given t the lr ad (eerlilerlnte. It, ritoe s rlVh.'eof I itave I rento et mly lhan and rlenednll tioe eal oflthe city to be:lnfllxed. th th do:lv oef D hetnmber, -er. fIl. S.1 ROI:EI{'I' \VW\I1RTON, Meevr. OIUSI':InE tlht erah Iattle of thCre ; euine ilmn Ibr a splendid engraoved twrnptlor, o il whiclh is replrc istef the l:oll fNinaren, &ftc, Solot .hnasle . t nll retlil hy tll sole ..entr foer Anle ria. n9 Fletchrer streec, iie Pnirlrll Iuolo, rol lOl bet o Pearl olreret.od hy moto drUoo ggiotaond pterfnmtrs t' ongltl he tontry.l JAitVi. & ANI)I00RWS, ro9 Whloalr le Agoents, ew Orlearons. SNSORRIS R l& Co. No. 311 Chalros street, aet new reI ceiving hlnd opnm Irh( most pcnrled.ond, so have ever crlhi trd ino this onnrket, consisoia it i lprt of tllr forli winii orticlest: oi , I .n lato kt iet blnclk jntlltl Irnoow, ciroon, olivct,loarlon slnkn antl olden olive Irc nood dress cants: Ieavnr, sro hlcoand narrininn frockol ct lenganllF lirnisi ed; fancy and plain black eansimerc and clohh rýlantnhnnR; english and frrench fancy and ollrin I tlk trot soio versts; real new market coiifot rts engloi i and tfronch f y ln*c' onol illn scarfs. nd horkl s; cI aOltor t sot llos- wl h t nd o t! L lll or tooto suot cnd ers; clllllo tnoi oo rino Ilo 'S0 wool, weltsh flnoe net, stll an4d co on 0 net shorts nn ood drwe0rs; fin lhnter erlri C 00000 t- r0, win h ntot 0 bn000 t no lain ant rt lll,-t; ivrv pearl alld Iinin hono lle silts u .n r! hrellas • .1 (;ranfl* premtn u Ghwvs..rlse. a hto oa rfoll :.r1m.l otf white kill, for , al'o . 'e.; S owototo-tO n n.ilk a odll tolon totlol ; tpl' ln, i: de rl and e,, hro.;dere d C n lr"rem do.; silk, Irn b a ,-, oo',,in,. oot eno .o0ot rotv, o:l d r-oeta rlid whi,t S,'t ,n h-,ht ht ,=,; Wl ,f ;t h h they . ];,r Ir,,r ,w folr I oo.h to-t , otto"ee roll I tS to tntrs o :ts In-lni. Nov. il ¶1" . etn Ij,, T I. r. b1eh here n itoll the n,00 to otti 00-e01l, tioi t- cr' tor 000nsin0 ant i t hitr.n . ttIe ttlh. I, i rev pIt· o r the too.rta chrt'o; ros, r0 il0 o tt oig r r-.n e , t ;oic l, t h e It I l hl o o o t t to t ro in eit t h er tho 0001,0lu] 0o (00' , we 00 o:o, ood sr, toth,lt 0 t h t. et h vent s'urvy, and 0nal,! uLi" that tc 0-lotl- int toe toe th 00n000o . liPotootJ. li'e'on (.'tcoott , -T Ind I .,o wh-'r - alo ato ro-roit toy . t I t 10t) r ,Y': l£+,r's t ntoo --777- a777 S....ure..... ...l 'ewlo aes dealers i; saddlerv sl.. goods, are nowr receivIaI hb late arriv'as fronm tihe bodl north, 1 adtll, to ther ior er orer stc, san eaten- a ia- s stve assortlent of arltli es il their line, amonl;r tiler wvhich are rile Illld i .nrl g, viz: artI Ladies and misises pla.i and quilled raddles, I crt Srentlermt In's ldo a iniai dlo anid do do lextcan do Ilse do ro Creole d, - Iol do dt Amr. idi a. to A tic dl do English dio the outh's do pnnill th do do Creole do aeris Amer. and Elng, bralts and blidle mounauttll flt, do do- lee,rti ngales, ueI Pl oed. braros aid japainIedI a hnariat ea - do do doh gig ani suilkaU d,) Innt do do do BIarulche do I " Drcag rnr and wagon edo S lddtle bogs, double andoslngle ; vaices; ierdicnal sadil bags. Brussels carpet bags ; best iron frame a To leather folio trunks, brass nailed; leather boot top te do, assorted sizes and various styles; holsters and a rstul blias; eoaca, go rsulke)b twigrr gnd planters a lt rrp whips: NoeI, worsted, colton arid leather.h°t airlhs and sursingoles; stirrup lealthers; trunk straps an.l orstod rc well; ch il and hok S br ass and steel tbriuil tias la v. rv dr.i lrir(rrti, , tntaed. brass and siteI spar i I overv desrlIpton,; piatedr brass sald l stirlraps oif every drscroii to'll ettrer ,it!l a rcomplltea arssrtment of every artircl in thirliell ionf tanr--il l ,ii theyrt Ity oiltar for sale ian rllllllria nri rterllS. They will also ollltiallae t ri ereive lchrough the 'ear, by Irheaeias fron New . or rla, tesr sppltr s Ito keep their stock alll, anlld c.rll nlere. l liKOUES, Li.\'VIDt:tN cn , Ig 13 Canal st. REttildt GAtft)t-N -ttlldt.--'thhe sgoscraiber S regs to expreass his gratelul thanks it) ithe pub lic, for the liberal su pport the has reerived since he Ie' t llco elllnellr d urii lles i this ciy. ivillg so e pro prietorof tile seed store, 17 C.oomeIlt streIet, lir iba Fr n not and never was agen.t or any northern sere vender; neibher is he eonnectled ith nnv hnnouse in this countrty-but hlie iassurls tuhe plbli,: tihaa his r connectiorsl i le ry dep irtlllntellt of the( s ed lbus l F tess, in the dlca irela t ountries of Elurope are eq ,al to that iof any house in the United rat es. Ire IIe.ta parts seedsr, lanllt, &c. from the mosot rextelivr and re'pect'rt e nllsl u eries allnd s*eet.smeU in Prance, i eliolland, IEnaland, .,oland, and itan ,o a hero soates-and it will at all times he his trerest, as t p is his sludy, to receive, ill additon to bis present it stock. large arrivlsa of every deseription, really the 8 nro8wth ;i 113 rI nIso engraLed fruit trees, Uof all kinds. 'The publhe may rely on finding a full as so rtgnent of everg y "rlcle ill the seed hlre, of genu, s ins quaolty, and imported direct by s on W \Vi. DINN. ed EDUCAL'IuN-FREtNCIl and ENGLISI. itlr. Janas, rerei;ry ariived in this city, begs leave ai to infarn the cilizcns of New Orleans that he will - opean aoncadsory on Monday, 4I, January atr No. go 19 Toulouse strr.e, for rthe nstrugciolla at youth el Yt both sexes, in Frellch and English, in which he will he ably assisted by Mrs. Joes and hlrs. Metcher, whaIo speak both tose languagors wllni great rluency aind ) yotihy, a d wah wiill rta charge at at the deparit oilt orthe young lgdler. Mr. Jnartms ill gIveo hos Iwhoe attetrion to the various branches of education, and flatters hlilsell thathio will give entire aatlsiaetill to those who ,m ,y h _._on o r h _i m w ith th e ir c o n fid e n c e . n o v I is NO)TICE.-The co.partnership formed on tilhe ch 28th July last, bettween John Y. tIayliss, Joseph A. uw Board and Charles it. Uores, to be condurced eud . "to drer the stale rod title of UByliss, eaord & Iltoren, dil is hereby dissolved : and this dissolutionla is to sto take oeleet as from the ast u I)!eealber last. The undereigned rall proumptly odiscllarge all the obligatiuna ofl ile lat lira, and in fiture continue i t in heir own innes, ant1 c or ltheir owll account, Sthe saute busies, as cto s O ano d a General C unt ve l mission leruhantslll under tlhe styleo and tille Board & Bturren, ad sghbeit a share of the patron pat age of their Iriends and the puobtic. t - JOS[tIpti A. LtEAIL'O, novr I l \IAt.S It. tltif1iN. or rUNt!)i-tli-ticaatippi Fanl- talt.r at 7, IFrt Ie-g 1 tee , fi'r (t,.(r' rile:, I )AiN''SdOILO, l.AASS, znualzr.'n, -o. du Inndiog trnm shin Countilulion, asld fot onir-viz 16.000 1 ot olfgine, bent qunlity, frome BXIO) t i 22X2 310 kegs wahiteIlend, pure; 350 du green poeint, in 2 lihe. keon: 24 d1a Inpunoitino torOigno;Ilt ILh lit inoge" 123 don oplendid 1100110 ground brushten, also (40400 nod 1100 do; 2 cunto cromno grona in jottodet; en nrzrior (toido ton can; a large naaortwut of sa toonllt roo f every nize nod quab;lit: stble proc ioi fis urrisn.:; lnat rnrkine broonhon f r merhinots; ortist's rulors in oil rend . prc pared;i hoon, fiotted or with oll ,necorosry broohen; Pinko and . ott toiv nlit,: .00 pknsotid lraf; whito nod ellnoo ntno; gumn tooio;nln;io large and chOice 18 nortmttt oif'.titttn, dry colors, oil, turpentine, varnish, iu.,r (Sr sale,whl eoale noid renil, nt thei iuwet pi:ce' t by MONIIEI nPR 58PC pt .YEW EI)DITIO.Y OF T'IE CIVIL CODE 01' LOCISI.i.1V. .3 T han hoo:l fr some time ined known to thle public i .ithat the s ubstsesisr.r enagl in presrris" for gi she preass a new editis.r tshe t.ssinna Civil Cude.- l'l- v were. tnllo stse B(s, awares . o- the grSeat dificuhltV i ant "eepns.cioisn. attsntlcgsis thssisiion it rhe, work, ll it wVa IItI without girest hiitae tlOe t ti!:ev on seated to the ltdertakin. utht the pr.c.snt heditio.n, s ssountine to :hoit tliree thoutnnd tispis, and whicis si tld cost tiht. State nss srie th Iirts ts i iir d d r"stt ista entirelh out of Prhlt. For nnre thou two yearse past, the ustal ptiee of the iwork ihas bloe frolm thirty to fifty delisse. It i. a sviteln of stritten rules 'rnich so isc medintely ol.peate uti pon svery il:dividul of tile stat., intereted either in .giculture or lnullnerce .nlld which gerl th:+di position of is much property co.ih t to tit frol tt r st;es, that-t I aiois, a t.t' othsr treistse upon laW--it is us launch the taXI-hook Iutld ,iiiIInIdt oI" til I Inerchanl alid thetllallter, as it ii olf tile private geollu roan andt tie professional ldvoe ,s. I'ste lawyeprs ofttie tsiillo s t n.tree, an.i in fact orf a shoses astes "pn the Olhio and tlistieip pi rive)s which find a mIrtfihr their produceie in Louei:si-ne, lnvd a lice thllerelre tha tihe first edition otfthe work was s so quick Iv dispos.od of; ndt althotlgh a meret reprint of it woutdI inl some t "estture supplit the putie .tet-saits, eet it would be idilter:eet nud tlsissc u ieesisctyiessletst nilsstted wilh rethreeces to the Ri iort'e Uld Statute-, in nr!Cr t elll' race thIe nuImerou' amnilllllltV l w~lcl lave b,,eu nsel r i theL etetI. islatur t, and tte imporaiint decisions Iand comistrutlioes wthich itse been given upon many o ils arlicle iby the Sulpreme CIue1t. ThIe hr v seIcured, for tile eneral super iltendence sind editorial departin ent of tile work, the irofesslonal snvirer of \lhoolrc se S pnotn, S FII . s lellnrol s tihe Nesv Orleans Itise. Tile IIt11. Judie Ilullurl, Jnlsee Itertudese, nd Ilien (George Eutit,te elve eich kiadiv asisted slr Ultol withll the vtshltlls lnotes which they have conllected il the etourse or their sudies. an rtis es;ase ll ti o rls N It.lenlnins.tlthe pnrl or of wtlrU totn, who i; nstle enaed in sthes work, iGes strawbridge, Eri. li.s presroentd tie great rnas. of rcef re . so'tsc ined inl his office copy of the code, enrid w eich alve heen madeh byhlim durihg tihe whole period t his dis:iengished rolatssiontl labtrs. 'tilc publishe.t oIrs isny therefolre well trut that tile nnolttiens of tile1 wsrk eill te all hs t inustry ruhtbdur, aistsieud "i Ianr ing and e tirIoerCiescI ca o llA.lll. werv I puttigas fosh t sis pr-oipitu ecs, tsoliieting Aeni tol sub bereIrt h to the world, ill-lplli.l.ers lTake pridO in thi fa.t tsht tle Legislattre of oui.s e eriore lilns outhforisede t so Uonietr State t,(r one . thnllu cories f II For tile sture .see olss Msth te, The itlhesnsneshl wihwhieh hisi nulnhr wano tlake i b tile . osem llvy, vinced their rlIe t e sensee of te s'a l.e tsP sithe d i,;n lt tyt tetreo d ts-t-ex ecy tant cnnfidene inhe i te ilit of'e ublishers avnd editortns whic it is hel cl is notiwhonlly s u de.s rvlt. 'lcte wolek will tht' prited in Flrenc etid Eglth sIt epoll Soo[ paper land ithr clear ts ; nor will aev o x- , "se sor eoe bc spard tolllke s thie ho ecihciR, ial exehut i o e it e trrlespad witht its great ieportance. It will pobablv be ready fir delivery in thile ntllen of Sei ptmer llnext andss th. price will lie, to sllbscrilhers ift.lit daiioea--fiv dcislars tue pid at the ile time of sub scrihing. S'le sutbscripetion lisfse oce closed, ilte store pric sil behi twentv dolsY ors per copy. aiip - E JoiINS & CO. esuhliseers. ROWAND'S i'ONIC MIXTURE, FIR FEVER AND AGUE. riEN years tavo not yet olapsed since it wa5 afirst regularly emsis[sitiote to thie public; but it hast attained te iigesti reputation; ase d has soiu.c planted every other ledlcine i r tile Agiue, wherev. or it haIe oeen klwen rand appreciated. Aires y ' has it hbeen crried it every dsreetion throughout the United States, aud still realizes more th t scould stavs been antitiplated y its most sanguine friends. ''tl:osands of pce:sons ltvo not only bes relieveds, but restored t health s an vigor through its agen Oy; land they now hcel'rfi'y testily, at every .i - Iportuniy, to its desided and supnreol enfiaeey. It 'is composed of such meedicinal principles as are s i calculated to renew the healthy aelio o'f the stosts ' aset, livere. nd other ilporstant ldigetlie ore .i.e then lots Io which Iharmooy is the ills iat coll of the dliease. It is aplatcnt also, that it prodAt ens on entisre ishange ill tie scoIdition of the syetstu, ainrlserstinltg loslroys the native liability to reltp ese or tlcs affection. When tihe Agcue is attended Swlli anl other cou t Fpio itt, the emptloyment o tihe T'onit Mlixtue will not interfere with the treat. m nleot oft ie other dis eas, hut will evso aflord as. 555tance5 by furnislilg istrength antd vigor to tie holdy during tle cnulrse of treatnlent. Thloso who - make use el this intediine may hbe assured tlhat I Sthlseo is no Arsenic, Barks, llercsry, or any otellor article in its composition ulnfricstly to tim t humaI consitution; being Ostirely a regetable extract; and they may hlave additlornal confidence ill the i uso thereof when ths y peresivo it Iha the ef 'set of a getlies laxative asout the tinme haltl a hot Stie full llas been taeben-in consaquetco of which, there is so pert of the medicino les to linger is stso Iownlo to eauset obshructons, and otler evils, arising from the use of many of the remedies now' i otliret lr thoeure of this lliatTetien. It lias beenr cit' used also as a preveotive, by nlsny who were sub. Ejest to a periodical reourrelee of the Chills, and it as in.aLriably wardsded ti sts apprehended attack. Observe" The I'roprietor, fully satisfied with tihe nl tin'aralleled anll universal success wsieih laos cost Statntly attelded a punectual and rscular use. of th Tonio' Mixture, itn all ases of Fever and Ague, tis''es.s warranted in engaginsg to refunld the price to i all thssoe who have t:iken the medicino in strict ee. Scordanco withl thie prescrilbed directions, witlhout i lhaving been serfectly and lastingly cured. The hubseriers arec the wlloloesalo agent for the S South Western States, and haovo now on hand tix s! tv of thih medicine, whielh is wnrrantdl t'resll si td gCetiine. FoIr oalt at she smantfitetntred ipries\'IS &. ANtIt IE'Wt \Vt'siolt'o e lil^zteists, i tt ( 'llllmln k 'helsuultuitou t rs etlnc. ORDElR S IRIEE;IVED) FOR . NEO."1S' 1 'TEN"1', CO'TTON\" t ; \N 1 Ilht-I It:nletlotr, No. 53 hl\Iogooi0 sttt'et, New Orlas: slir ''OuliE MANL F'A(YUIREI) IN N\\ I'ORK 1Bt I)IIEIRT tlOE & CO. r SCA.LE OF PllICICS--Duble Glts. t nn For a double Gin of au saws or mote uo each sl c1linder, oaking 16(01 aws in the s"ad, s with feder-,ti boun,,, .c. at .$6i porsaw, or 96J0 (N s I Fer a Iouble (in oif GI sa vs n a c) liuter, .or 10, saws itl tli stadl:, fc:oders, Ji. a teo $i por saw, or 211 00 I"ordtl. ofal4swsarnllo.or S saws ilna stad, ait $6.23 prill slw, or 5i0) (1 ' For tIl. o ( l .i s lndo. o1l 4 saws il 00 s.lld, et$6,.5t per saw, oi r "2 tli Fora siigle gin of 30 saws or more, witll onl set of lidlers, bltlds, &c. at $6 per it Fordol. of 60 sawi , wtithleedellct, r at tG 10N For dl. rIf 4ll sws, wiith fdetr, o e. $6 I I,75 pr, - w For do.ofti saws, with tiesers,'&c. at $ 1K t0 I.-r saw, 1, 00 xtIo teetl where dtesired, for feeders, snlllli ai I i1 cents slslltllh I nltbeO oll'terth belnE aloo7 l r010 al0 n ille io..rhrofslros. ()le at of irleletrs,r is con sidelred however, will wro out two ori tlhre sets of SOWs. Ex0tri swlonlsspliol itt 80 orets eicll. TI e Gillis sllltd, will bi llielled to Lie nenlti of f ilinte"rs ill any of the sea prt ttowns of tih colton ll - tint Slo,,tt It illtoe llroleirices, ithe o llst Is) ilio tkg ' - Il-II olt tle sao li from New York, owil becoomlig o - i s15.osible for the Illnt of' thi Gill. A Cill oriltii willthe sent with, tile G(iln to plit Ihem up whre de siredl; tie charges lilr hose serirces will be extra, bLI modletate. It-onlllroin Igarcan Ilaohe orered wherlllte rdes dlr on rreaslmale teornrs, hit willIteltchatrgedort. Il lorse power of, y ersrlipiOl, otll lie fhrnished ilt like terms. S.all steal enginells cn also be ordered if de It isdlesirble, whlen plnters gice e dolers f" (Giils, I thy slhould aeconmpalln t11he0 with tIhetir iewr inl Irb gl I to 10liell01)lelollttlo Oas, Ir.,osts, bltrllr% &0. II is fltoindtin)' iytl~i~0t pioto. Somos desire awo o0f SIg lidilalter 1thao others. The most m011on0lll stet is 9 or 10 inhells; b .some wish themlL i nches. Sorme wilsh 5 or 6 rlowslt brushes on all axle, while others do0 oot wllt morol thasat most. Soote oish saws with S or Jteethl to ple o ll ll, while others to e i t s ior I. 1V 110lliOis0Oe5cy, we profor Iltry stouldi, r hn ti a olrivhllltg otles, filttist or iatltmell of t e.iret or isles, tll thile iorulothey rtll ilot 1161 the ill crlto) e articular. Where it is loft to olardiscretion, w.. 000111 Ilake 1(10(00011( most mtderlr std t ltove0t pl1n. tik or I' 0 oetet orlilhtl forwea, old the (oill o cetha 111i0e p100dlin the hlndlsof tho factor. To he it In100 01 Iv tertio l troo, all orloers mighttto loe i1, 0t Itoois of t1 no;1 tt acltltetIbt'O·itY tite first or i,,iddlst Of Sloxr 0510)1 0r tilltlntallitl wert ltoto 110 0 10e i0001on0 l11( to ptick or gill r(oo1oo. N. 11. 'the PItelt Itighl, for soy on)e of tIto r11101 0 o, ,iig ttate.s, oill soUldou re toLIuatle tr. ll-.r i13 6mn' StNGN''iONS1) Y fISV EIl YAUL4XY VutaarAI CINR. rp.IOIRN'S Compound Itstruet ofCopeihu and Suara Sparilht -A certain, safe, and mnest telectnal atme iy ever dienrteree for the cur nof Gononrasn, tlc:'as, Stritulres, Whites Painl in the bank and oina, amllnla wenllkeea, n.flctiona kidnies, ger-vl, scorbttic erulptions, c. Itthe int-,,dteionl of a rnmedlene pn the usnfu and active v nrtale o' the one lnow ublie the plrllprietor h:i. itut to -fefto ithe ntutnedus reclUa ntendatons recetived from thire nlmot oa lt of the tne irel faculty in P terttr , belivini; thbt it will lie duIl atprecinated whein is narit.a are tat'e IPll." knoe i. The Balsadt of u;oupiba. so extensivcly nnld, tia lost much of its erdlit fromt the disilike which patients tlrr:cr v ex r'es. it regaehlng it t disagr btea tasted, dilstitlnl e' ,r.odreed in the booh atd sttd omach, wil its leraetof'ore illcffcinlecv shell uscd in the inflmmamory stage. Tile |wlorrieal"r a:rs n tarlysns of the Bnanam, cuteriv cang tt t '. ot citi-reqarittnuswoultherebv henti much more 'o rrrtr'a'rtr nrd ttnetore IlaCully admi.iantlered than the t r nepr rat eaate. 'Itre above metlcia ne ombin-n it gtredicnta whceh are it the highest repute amonti the rrrrt scierntiio ani ler' in the prrfetssncm . Eth ftre, illt- the cOmpuil Cutioa of l tisr )llion e Inair esea tna e ihlia'cvr oithie utherr, pralut:illaartn opeanlion trunly rlo nishtaraauin r su" 'trit' tire roust tasrsine enr'teetattusr tns..,- . i. at Irhe aart`rimei the idvntrtage of its Irciag aril tisrerrt a wih ri rait a ct suecarss in lhu ditifrarntt etarns o r t lr . ' botva sac'it ', t i e m ost etnri nent p hylieiasr and su]rgeons ,1" tie presr day expriss thetn- deriited a pr~nt..-atinl in l.ti~tu oC " . i;.;t rills, s filt its us. in the ia r rlcuir tars, nll t lrlint-nrte'ra'a iEulllllrelni hats be n, anld till e m inns v er 'y extenlsive., It ens to fur morte remedt with t r ccc tttratd 1)r, Ar ernetth ; ir all Ieiire a liara irls ai eLotir Lte .a.ircetasc21 crttiOrcill uartr 'r-at ra. arom ct to,-'arit r ate . afthet lg e tie ttio . H vi ll l ln sb, m~;tcd ton the ta-t arnd tpetricucuf t" he mllbos. spr.untIHg,· , tIhe ftc:rath', tlev have' exprlessedl t iet.'r s rti 'uletto o e itt extl '-lnc,: , t:ttll turruc t ill ie!yry case under .i.ilr t .a.A, it a+tti'r tiir it bolh in their p d ,i n: ], -rit : tr prac ce. 'heir ,)b ervatiens , ill be ilseet- her¢ :ter¢ac. trparrvl.:l by 1J 'I ' rnt Chorlst !lu~ond.o e1'ricc: 1.- 50 per pot. ' Km 'STIMIINIALS. lrltm : It 'llhllne .Eti, F 1 t , Sf 1t..'rayi thli.' St ,Ittlooae h II l,:ntd i u ,n n ltt Alluitly. 1Te tnat, 1 t hih I hte tadnt oft pr1p1' ull n il it ariat " of Et.Rs, boll t IIan t(! !a tt'al,te ill eits irllts h ve ttOute j tttn at 1 mllt t ht h hla t I I.i inettlbnal't in prIorlo cingll' i't on •otf t le ra st v:lluatle ial calnaliels i 'remdiel sl. 'te uerel to the p~ubllie :alairoi e tllo hIIi, j hi'nki explerience, t can pllactPel. ivcr lianueet wwhilslt it dla,.- nlt iralleu th,.e Illrl: uuplcas:al~t el|icts uluall) ex- I riLienc·l t rl t'ioni +opl'ilha. Filin G1 IIlttart II tl LS ,I C SP, pllyui taotl t I t i l tluhyh ,,.ltch ,c l1 nsarv. i tL.' ,r1 pl ,I ".. . ltahittetin anlw tottmiathe valuable pLrn' 'l.. fes vo'l'y potutth wishing ,you ile uccessie.O s, nfll ltat dseIve, in ita allerewI rdl .j'r tlhe I iboi'llepeInxiillle ii~ ,+l' ed in In bliilnlli it to suchl rellll llet pejrltettloa. From O U Cuopr, I It S Saruea to Guy's al s pital The niiifoinl rllsllnc.! whlich ha:s witen'ed tlhl allniltlis terltp u lgll ,u m my pltir ll entt afhflitell wth tle hove Ilisearse, hal Lflly satt.licil Ie thllat it Ilul only to ti klonII to beLtrCuly ajjttrecatltl. May tia SIucanes you aO well desalnr, amply sad speedily rlayn oa for your atalttahle prellntioan. Fromll Sir A Coopirt, . RS P RC S, Fe. &e Ilainr v ee lle inle to Itraty your Etrtlct il etetal ca:rseso" v.iolent (;oilrrhta, w'hih al titlerto' talle'd every Ip.esciption llministlered b e, inl fIell slre lad slpeidy c'rn el." . 'ted Iby it, in a faa tJlys I feel m y art.ll in ty Ibo nl t to lilte that 1 now in MIy pile ticr both public t.ld jprivate recommendad iuse Inon other. From G I Blair, Ml D, Phlyiclhl to Cill"+ Io10 pit:d. il ]The strict test wiich I have gitnl your mllirill. amom n ttatienlt, Ant it tltnvatrhable laaesna thus ai, ill indluce me to ,erlevere iC its tle, lln I n 1 iell i i Iut alt at of jlltiae itld of dtity to add may eehlde 1teti Smoaial jil onlotmel, toni of its'vhrtues. Fronl L u Thomlpton, l 1) FIl S L. I retulr you Iny sia ere thanks fortC e aluable pre senlll of y'our Extraclt for tile cure ol l0101-tl'llhtl, ke. I frel grtltt'll tlat yo Ituave at la't boullt It nledicinlt ino use nial twill prow< a desidtratun loang sunhglt or i itht anrsuileltl,, ,th nttLL' a. Itetdadat llrloedctual Illt re in asess nl the otbve .tns. It frl'oi's lt gil!eatl plesure ill llbilllihig to till. h tIhe v-luable analiities ot olli Ext act. Were it nice... "vy, t he propieDl'ltor cOuldl here fnilikli~f Ilntylv mole tetaltlttials equall as ommnlendatory is tilel badue; bu t't ts thl t itsreatl tcelnrltilaheto tlle care & expelse at whln it hlas hbeel iI ttllcd, till t llp eits Sta'ltenst recoltelllttlt' mI retnlli n dntItarsls.t fretlite. S()an'e yaoma altiOl this p'ldlllr:rtil taetja :na!d'ove all others is its nt, l, i 'ato l, l] t--l atU in gell--t' mtuale lwhlelh it ay le tlken, hein loth, enasy :llI pleat--it s tr itely alutiat with ni restrictinIi ill diet or cnnniene nt t'll ;n Ibusiness. "'L'evelles espllecially wed rn i lthllis nledi im h ighly useful and Iitevt to bhi plllp ro~ ildel withl o llprei:latiol possessil.g tllhe ad vai[ tages vheh ll llhles, lll p lent eonabin ; , Acet t+ nyIn) teue\Sedior is a pamphllet e.plalt tonr of the different. stages of tle diiseusel withiout uny a exull tlet t; lle, cotlinlllg t,!I indSllt' lil.eelOli.. For ale hv SILK!lS k UlO. mt" I-tttnit 14 Cdanl lsteel. 'It RGItOR It tr1: A INIDAALF DAY.S, F.Oat Mobile (Alabama) to AugutaltO (CvJr) FEAVES Mobile riot Iother dot, item lo.iatelt' sOrt tie arroival oltheteill ftom NCw Orletot, tper tIe steittttltoet EitttLINtl, to lillkele. cooches to I'Petntool stoeob!toa(lper I'nclrel totOSIt tlotetootltd Ball Chto r tleehlie tli"C" aIlayl t') to Ceoldsl'ttl , tooches tlhentrt Svia Mairiana, Cehttutlhyochl ee , (t'reolrleMott t er. I tie 7th l intlllctgc, pit lemon;l I lawkeisniile and Inoi!i " cille, In AugDusta. A pnssellgrer rtlkinti Iliu scot at Nlr bile is in jo Itegferol' Ilcif Ighown out or losioighit tt'eletene by other totllietiog ioterestt, t'h." FLOIAIII 1)5 .INE is bult rot eoteertl, aetl mttiter on cultro Ithl'lltlfiluli, w lld ' y rely wlttt ttET*TAT Tt 1lohis arlitlal t Auglutta It titlle sltciliell, thItrogg It11 h I r eolll at oetet, Ollas ate some t ost tllfnlttlftetoeo tot ttophe sltolld ceetr. hIe Great NeS Ottt'leet Mai si r etaietl Ly thit Cole. The Agenltt for ccootaOtoi liole, l'eIoos, Cochs helltitd'r t Itll 0 lint 011llatSpid the sottthletltonuv Thec smoothl, hlard, natural roads, the safe s ill inter esting outentr navigatioH,,the timne sod neeonlmecdation, Solrotd tle tetoelcrtltetdtertoint r,cotttfort,otltteletr st eivariety;lcnected Os it tete toitltlthe toil IllImlt ChaCllrleston, S. C. coll th~e stool packets to New York, I tu:nelcrs o:ttelh tNew Yorrlk from New Orlrots t LESS THAN" II i cue' Wttiltttgtett city in 12. 1 Frott Chlatttollohete, Florida, te hoae it Itrnes it:Lvll lQuincy and Tll laThsstee, to St lorlks, eho tepost cotltlhes, tltlt twe IlBanchet from Httkittstillt tone to Mitlledgeville, Btd on0 to Matol, light two htrt osches. S'LOCKI'ONS & co. tiAeoesTr, 20lI len. 18:15. (MOtt01 Maliiteltn lottse Mobile ý It v )itt:t r , N tlOnto Nto.ile, lOf toilt s ll~l.Ot',t I lnRIII tl te, tjtt 11 a Mettle to Atgttttlt. Agsa to Ctharlestton, Ill Cluo(l ol to Net Yor1ttk, tIt- 1811 L Time Nor rrlea to Slo',ile, 28 hours Moblile to Aagusila, '325 tlthttg tO totCltltlltltt'tl 1.' (:llnl'lesl olt to New York, (fi- 2.5 it Liking 168 mi~lles per day!. or i miles pet" 111,r, ietclu te of Ita lll el'e. 1,1 Itt Ni It. I tg leote III i1lierm tte pluliclthtt ltl htt t10rt over the Chttttnoehe so'ottg htit -lord L tht crItitek Ihluettsitt gI nll elomplete b i t ylte Genlertl gottr. menll, (thec i my obstacles operPolllP a1 lillSI this sate any'II peI trll rtout lttttlethus It tpilyI ftctlln; rsl'irldlllttttt llt (iCplr:,! egle ltte ltttg fetroitvr'l.l tllnt Ilte M oChIIAKE water route from Pensacola to CedarOn1:, I llul -1i it ip :lniit in novelties, brainy nod solely. Th'rl~··I·)e bridgles throng) ,t0 Georgia Al so been ralu it-d- 3 it C I I AKF.I "A libtL; CtIIMN Y PIlECE \Wonr.eearor, SI Cuestonfhouse street, opposite the poht.oftie. The subscribers are now receiving from their fne. tories in New York, and will keep constantly on hand a general assortmentolf Marble Mantle Pieces of uperior w\r'ltrrlanship, and oftlhe latest patterns, made of the host Egyptian, Italian, Irish anod Anerican mirble. Also, Monuolents, Tombs and IGrave Stonts, mo!!ier adn plild l s ills aln d lintels, marble Icings, heInrths nod bonlidarv etotI. plaster of Paris, Roman & IIvdraulie Cement and Plaster. ing lair, together with a splendid assortment ol brass mounted and plnin Grates and Russia Iron Grates of the noeest and most approved patterns. Lettering done in the neatiest manonr anlfd at the shortest notice. [fhey have first rate workmen to set the above work. je5 'Ao MES KAIN & S'rROUD JPARKER'S ROCKY MOUNTAINS, &c. OURNAI, of an Exploring Tour beyond the Rocky Mountains, undi--r thle direction of the A B C M, performed in thes years 1835, '36 and S73; containing a description of the geography, go. ology, climate nod productions, and the nul0 tel. manners arid t istOlon of thle natives; with a Map of Oregon Territory, by Rev. Samuel Parker, A M. 'The River and tso Desert; or Recollections of the Rhone andl th, "^hartreuse; by Miss Pardoo, autlhor of the City of n • So tan, &c. in I vols. 'IThe Robber, a Talo, 'r, the author of Richelieu, Tie CT Gypsy, Attila; in .i hle Two Fliri: or Ad.oiture in a Country lHouse, and other Tales, by Lady Bltssington, EL aIholwor, Mrs Norton, Barry Cornwall, Mrs Gore, Captain Medwin, and others; in 2 vols. The Life ani Avoentures of Nicholas Nickleby, I edited by Boz, with Illustrations by Phiz, No. 1. Just received and fo ale by , cOpI ' E,&e,.-J st received oeri for saleto by aI WIn. MeEreanl,Bonn', r" .itCorl, a. .a1 Co.mon.. stiree., ,. | lalhenlatie lll tltt:rmen~ta, [Irawing paal'. 11 rfiling Divcrrenti, prie g le v es Ilr ene, Iery Iro to trt lr,, Ivory kcale., i;,iiter's .Stcles, (lne s'l'eroit;le, ,- Parallel tRilero, 7lierocerpr% Tlrhermoneto r , Camera)hernrbscrls,.lrve Chaui, S icantul" "'arpes, Je; d7 " iork & Zaltimore pea l ta P ACKETS FOR NEW YORK-New Lana. I -To sail punctually every second Monday during tlhe seasun, f ull or not fnill. Ship Orleans, 599 tons Capt. S. Sears, Ship Alabiona, 474 do C. C. Berrv! Ship Arkansas, 627 do E S Dennis! Ship S. rtoza, 532 do W Hathaway. Ship Nasovlle, 510 do D Jackson. Ship Kentucky, 629 do J Dunker, Th'e above hips are of the first claos, copper. and copper fastened, and having been built in New York expressly for this trade, they iens of light draft of water and almost invariably cross the bar without any detention. The conmmnders rea mess of groat experience, and the ships will always be towed up and down the Mississippi by steasmb0at" They have handeomo furnished accommodatioe.s and stores of the best description will always he furnirsh,d. The eahin passage is $90 wit5heat Sinu or liquor, and there is ino liquor furnished to the ,flfcvrs or crew. For freigfrt or passage apply on board, or to HC AMIES, 48 Gamrp st. The ships are not accountabla for breakage of glai, hollow ware, marble or granite, cooperage of tin, or ra.t of ironer steel, nor responsible for any package or parcel, unless a regular billof lading is executed thorofor at the voco of t1ae entes NEW ORLEANS oND BALTI.MORE LINE OF PACKETS. This line will consist .of the following vesselse which have been built or purchased exproessly for the trade, via: Ship reaman, Capt. Minr, Bark Mary, r" Nickerson, SIrtad Ferr, new I Stevens. S olormon Saltus, " Liatham, Brig ArchItea.t, Gray. 'rhe.s are of the first laass, have hand. comc !friherd ecconmmodations, and are ofa light draft of water, so as to admit of their receiving and dr.,clhorging their cargoes in Baltimore, at I/is city. Freight will ne taken for ports on the Chosapeake or James' River, and forwarded by the agents, Moaurs. CLARKE & KELLOGG, it Baltimore: expenes on goods shipped will hb advanced when required. The price of passage Is fixed at $60, nnmp.e stores of the b at qoality will Lm provided, Steam up and down the Misasisippi will be taken on all occasions. For freight or passage, apply to GEO. BEDFORD, nov27 22 Bienville at. FOR NEW YORK. [Louisiana and New York Line of Packets ] 'I'l E Ships composing this line will sail from Now Orleans and New York on every other Mon day-conmrencing on the 20th November-and to insure the punctuality in the time of sailing, the line w ill hereafter consist of five ships, viz: Ship Yazoo, Captain T'rask, to leave on thie 20th November. Ship Louisville, Captain Palmer, to leave on the 4th December. Ship Huntsville, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the 18th December. Ship Vicksburg, Captain Woodhoeuse, to leave on the let January. Ship Mississippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th of January. The above are all now, of the first class, copper di and copper fastened, and upwards of 500 tons hurthcn, are of light draught of water, being built in New York expressly for tile trade. The price of passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their eabins are fitted up in the most improved and convenient plan, and finished in a neat and elegant style. Anmpl stores of the first quality will be provided, and every regard paid to the cumfort and entire satisfaction of passengers, who will please take no. lice that no berth can be secured until paid for at the of eO of tile consignees. Thiese vessels are commanded by captains well experienced in the trade, who will give every at. tention and exert themselves to acommodato. They will at ail tunes be towed up and down the Missis. sippi by steamboats, and the strictest punctuality ob-ervwd in tlhe time of sailing. The owners of these ships will not be responsi. blo for any letter, parcel or package, sent by or put on board of them, unless a regular bill of lading be signed therefor, at the counting house of the agent or owners. For further particulars apply to J D BEIN &.,A COHEN. nov27 00 Common at FOR NEW YORK. [Louisiana and New York Line of Packets. lTtms. ships ceoposing tils Liou wli sail Irot iNew . O, lcansandl New York on every other Monday = ecmemcirg o thel 20th november, nd to inosre the strietest pulnctuality in the r tice of sailing, the lite i ill hereafter consist of five Slhips vi : Ship Y'azoo, CaptainTl'rask to leaveon the 2Ot nosv. Stip Loniseille, Calptain Palmnr, to leave on the 4Ith lIecveiber. Ship lluntsrille. Captain Eldrilger to leave on dhe 1th l)ecetn r. Ship t'icksburg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on the ast Janolryt. Shitp i isr.t.ippi, Cuptain Davis, to leave on the 15th Janlltry. (LU' The above ships are all new, of the first class coplered aked nopper telstno, and upwards ofSecr tone uburthen, ere of light doraught o water, being built is SNew ork expressly for ti e trade. The price of pas; sage is fixed at one undred dollars. Their cabines are fitted upIn tllte most ipreupoved ndl convenientr plan, and finished In a ntat utot elegnlt style. Amtp!e stres of tite first quality will be provided, and every regard had to tihe comlitrt anl entire seatlialaetion of paesenger, who will please take notice thIat no berth can be secured am Il ýtiit ftor at tie office of the contelgoees. 'he pakt arepe i re reottnatded by Captaint well en perienced is the trde, who will give every attentive and exert tlemselves to acomrmnodnte. lhey will o. nall times be towed ttp and ldown the Misisaippi by stenlhbonat, and tile strictest punctuality observed is the time of sailing. Thle owtere t titese ,hips will not be responnibls for o let Ier, pIarel or pnekeee sent by or irt on boerduf a.ttm, untles a rettular till ol lading be sigrned tlherefores tt tlhe ctnitingtotese of thie agets or ee oers. For urtle'r particulars, alply to n IEIN & A ConfEN; ncv 13 90 Canmen st. NEW. ORLEANS &.ClIAILESTON PACKETS This line consists of four vessels, all of the first class, enppared and copper fast. eced, and of about 200 tons burthen. with handsome necomnmodations for passenger. These vessels are commanded by captains well experienced in the trade, who will give every at feLn, aln xerl themselves to acommodato the shipper'. They will b, towed up and down the Mlisoisnippi, and leave New Orleans on or before the 10th and 15th of every month. The following vs.slns eool tloe the line, viz : Buri Arnhinn,Chnrles G rdon, master. Ilgit Co.apman.3 J. . Thompeon, tnastor. Ilrit Alneno, J. Doane, ltner er. iIon, Roger W\illamns. J. Allibers, mastr. Foer Iretght or palsage., aplv to J. A. BARELLI &. C.t, 61 (Common at. New Otlatse, or M1. Mordecai,Challeston. oct I TlIE undersigned having recomnaenced busines: on a I)ruggist and Apothecary, in the store owned by Mr. J. c.b Ott, at the corner of Tivoli circle and Triton Walk,.respectfully solicis ea share of the public patru,ldge and renewal of the favors of his former cullrtomers. The entire stlnk at Drugs, medicines and foner articles is fresh an carrully serlected. The tollowing only are par' tielatlizea, viz: Pre Soda, Seilili'z and Saratoga Powders. Ynst Powders, being a wholesome and elegalt su4stitute for yeast, in raising bread, buckwheat can re, &"t Batlete 'o Effrvescent Mgnelsian Apperient-a pleasant aned gento purgetivain dyspepsia or indi. gestion, nervous debility, giddtness, headach. nedity cf the itomnch, habitual costiveniess, outs. neoua eruptions, &t. Carpenater's Fluid Extraet of sarsaparilla f purifylng the blood. &c do do and citbehs, &. Swnimt' Panacea and Vermifuge; British as Hailetnt oils, Opodaldoc, ac. Relined Liquorice, jujube and Guamnauve plet-. Tooth bruahos, N S Prentice's carbonic dentris ilee, chlorine tooth wash, powder puffs and bxesr, prentice's carbnntc.denttrtlbe chlorinte tooth weht powder puttf and baees, Prentiee's scented aent plain toilet powder, pomatum creme de Perse, orane flower, rose, lovender and iloride waters, ,of lthe beet qulities. Rowlend's Macaseer Oil, Old. ridee's bali ofColumbtia, bear'd, il, a variley of Iecifer and other m.atches, indulible marking lk, uperiotr black itk, &c. Sperm end refined whale oil. lla]'yoLitt*it. A Irish seuurtient of Thorhnrn'e dn·aten oct '2 GEORGQE'JuN8. W INE-.15 boxes Claret and latuereuPlWip, in S store and Ifr aie. " .bvN O Sjaw CCIIAflpLLNk&COOPER.82Jui afhuoanI tue aale~bn AI.E ROIE-150 maul lisl Ropo, of superis I lqualitr, ftr Datl by .- na fel S.iAt.A BL'lDGE Co, glaos s -

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