Newspaper of True American, March 18, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated March 18, 1839 Page 4
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pK IlhI. vela 81A L ý- aý.oq'ýetriihdui MENDICAL. 01315A r.LPhixid uir su.DIx Leg `vxfru G+6oti saurfiot poukar Medicit ";~ nDi~tjin~nufhernistr, y 4 Au.lytioal Cheulni iry -- rCin-t nvn · 1.1 6 mmll; 11i,ii, :tv LondoA~ rI'dNoavies dlon `ý. `,.1RCUhIECp it AD AtEllhDTCI. Ell iovi,;m. f lrhitoeutueo, I' onln' ; bAro :l volI. London ýhcor'S;h EncI'reeont.3 J~ ~IA DAI+K, N1Afri 2I SCoLLdtin.? r Milca!Binn ci, tr l Ca n j liD, A t. V o t l i lfro ru~~~aij.Ih LIi V!Gek k t ?ilVrkliv Ju hNS &t, cc.l", ;lsý"rrtii. urisiie of Literature, L., Yr~itlonl II nuy by Ilv R, to Vetllnl n *Ckhart i"4, o Wolter cot1,U~l 0 er tol and pvubrlin, by I'reecntt, 3 volg arsllllna oTI~n Iclical S i:r'iGc 1º c ·bn l imnllsartruw 107 x, i~ cUr~ltmarxr Ennfi s h aad tRleru~au Latin ~ncl Greck. 1: JOHN'S &· co. _v$8 (,r. Charter; andl (:n nn nn ) II trF S "Rtio A; . --tl , ,IfC M'rt.Ui,, :, - For trwkeote .cigd cure of Ilke Peter nd Ague . STwill be modily dis'-.ov ercd hcreir the 'rmtiiu Mix Stare i n anrio to the rrdinor odl. of tr ig the "e'-r nlld A;i . ~In the ietr lars, be rty n Ve-e tabhlo Extract, n:ld free front nv deleterioun s tealrl dn usm iogreditots, it one ati tae ok wit the oltmet safe ty even Ia the tetler hlitt. ao aa in id. It p e v'ts relnpse offlhee detlt, , s on seaW e litln Ilie cntostit islthe a astllf nnd, itn.rlnmeamt prytite. by intigerntiin 6 tmntcat hanld gives nrelish to !iae eajoyents of t,-t"i. esin peculiar in han a pre qivn lity, t reai s oct in the biowels ht eniriase thi dis rder, t. ton arte other diseass, but thlrougtihy clee.oses the ,everni ur C-na of dieitoinlo, n tlitnls h fthe ublit kt~o e '1with whatevsr "ro alrdtios a t om, oe opprssemd. Iadievideal, tlier ithe ser cfthl Tol'ni tixore, ayve and haveo enped any sf lftmler ofr tSrtt;r wlhees by itne tso tthe tnateo.n rtemetdie, there i· alwna trea teld on increast liabiitlv to reciturent. ''l dilierr -frtegent rtloies 'l.Cthtelgno, ia sira h eiattit, for timsasvtet ni stnll becomne t on uchr pres ntu to be atie to reat with niet il, "d sp tii tl n vc tim seo ucth intteant tt sotte yther 'is 31to itlur i. off-ed r t .tt . . . a me ,at.nblt rio., .s t...I.. it,, ... bill the roachi of meiar mne aldt sttt ) nh I m ,id altre he lhttiedld i l th tittl. l mosttlinI1 tim le id'und attendoltoa tliclis fraiquotly dericdl to chim, or ele i.ervre rotietttl beer c-edi. Tbhe pullo a ore.u ptlv t.,out cnted const l o sp ridueds t initao ( t this dot rciti, hat atte dily nllred for osale. o le .It ispnrepete.,nlyo bY' D)r. Joihn R. iow..nd, l hit Labort criW, n.arkt lnre ck., sI r h wYlptra. The .tlacrit hars ittlv t t hshtilahl ten:s fir thO i noo \Vrestera .estate+, slu] will sell y Ilita .i'H*, tit the Philndlelphia prieeo . ', boe had at retail lso, at msat~ltloh Apothecaries iln tir city. JARVIS & ANDREWS, o -w W'lholesale I)rugistie, s 8 - eCl, Colmono 'Ielehaitouhol t Misssaoippi stnet Louioioan Hotel, c.iVtNrl ON. a I1S. MARY KIRKLAND respectfully on. K nounces to her friends and the public gene. ally that site is prloared to aecommodalt tlem o at h above establisihment, and Iopes from hler enertionsto render visitors comfortable, to receive scontinuance of former tavor,. Site fuels coni. dent that persons visitiing Covington during the ummer monthis, cannot finl better oaceimodations than she canl afford them, on moro liberal terms. fler house is pleasantly situated, and well suppicl with every .5nvocnionc; the bar is rurnished with the m rost choico liquors, &c. in sl:ort, sit promisee t'int nothing Ishall bh wantting on liar part to give t' e sOt lislhction to all wth, llay patronizeo tlso .Laisiippi and Lotsiean IIotel. jr3 SeOT''fTi E PUflLIC. Thio utndoesn. d haltatig studied undoa Dr. Set.laidt of Cotarlestotn, Touth Carolirn, and for some years Isis assistant in Bthe praclice of medilcin atid surgery, has tIe toter to oiler his professionsl services in thuis city. Io assures the ladies and gentlemen Ithat, the ImtoSt prompt attention will be paidl to thie whic Ansay be made; and also offirs Ihis services to Ith hiolders loflaves, baeiog well iequaisted witlh th iotisasos comnmtn to tlheo, having attended tltcn itn tIe sugar house ill Charlestorn. The lintons anti bilious pill.t a tier the enm positioo ol Professr SmllettLe, with direatioos, cant be had of tls unlderigned. liteo ell'cot whitar they aove produced in thisi and ollher citie, iha been attende ithll the greatest scaoess, to wlhih the i Iest efo roforances en a be given. Apply at N,. lCii hs aga. Aino street. JNO. i'tt.ltORtNG. IRONS, &e. Hj 'lE IllOWEl L WVORIKS COMPANY, No. 238 VWater, near Beckman ctreet, New York, have receivedl the paet season, oand are cohstantly receiving large ond extensive additions to tile sttie at' tIo ahovre goods, which Ilotv ctsisals of toe ollowing oassottot, nsuitabl ltar tlheo souther and 'wetern Ilarhets. Ilollow ware of iuperiar qiuality, consistitng ol -about 1500 tons, viz, Pots of fS diffirent sizer, frotm Otd to 50 gilians, Kettles, 15 sizes, frout 3:8 to 31 gallons, Ketltea, 15 sizes, froms 3:8 to 18 gallons, Ilakep.tts or Ovens, 7 diltIrent sizes, l'oa iKettles, 6 do Skiletit, . . . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddlee, - 4 do Fire Dogs, d to Wag"on boxes frot 1 1.4 to 4 3-1.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screwa, 20,000 gross, iront anti brasce, front :8 incl, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a soterior quaulity and fitniall, and lesi thlau Jamlle's implortyd Prises. Sad irons, assorted, in easlks of about 500 lbs for retsailitg. Tailor's and hattor's Ironi, assorted. Stals weights, 100 ltous, seorted tfroat 1 4-1 to 20lbs. Bells for Plantttions, steamboats, churclhes, &e. .lodle to order. Also stetutnbats and other maelinicry made to order. Tse above essorttmest of goods is piarticularly recommcnded to t!it atteat;on oIt SoutlIern and Western mercihats, titd are ofForCd for sale at low prices, stid upun teo IllOetm lilberal terms ;it is be. dieved to be te largest anid bet asnoritinti ever offered for ta!oe bh any o:a etabialtla ati ill the Utteied States. Meorchants, biy lorwanrdiog a rqtneit by imail. cat hove alseiaul circular, ritth iltarilpttun i t'ootide, prices and terts, fiom Wih li ItO dceiatiat it ever anode, forniuhled biy retlurn of waSli.. All orders will recI:eive iitntumdiato attention, N oe w Y a c h ., 1 8 3 3 r8.= _ . . . _ . . . O IOEMROURY NOfR COPAIVA A"IIOUT aris tonos ageo I hold the nibri .e to get a r hoctetorrr iseoe, for thic I u ,l ,lid to e sl, leJtor, tt itr o+u, trI tt rweor, ilt I'll. lilt' .l) lO\ Ihuet, and I expec:t 1 c!ltre lte.. Silnce thalt lime the diseaoe gut worse, t los to break rout ill lre ulcer.; to tile ntlber of tix or ei'gh uo ht Ion h~ o ad h ll ol't my laco, an I otre thrrtl, anlld not al, to work it hI peenttitt oil uc.Oilllt ot it' o lth li.0e1 r; lari , Iucr o the right sille llf the throt . ill ilo j I lllttilg nytoll conafidently uoderthe cure o lDr. Iluet, a' aris, to be IwrlfTtly cured JOIlH DEAN. T DO C.ILTIF'Y tht the above oientu;ed isoisrr le is .l quite well cared to aliy owl tati:ltetilon, for whitch I thank i)r. lilet; n til tlorever I ;louer, It ! t tile nllli iott I oave tlke rllntl.s tosie lit, alll did t1ot it~jire lly iealtlt ul I ill tlrurtl 4 dvie lily f lho w y ulibrer io lore lewtiroe aonL tply to DIr A. liluol, itl Cuoil street, Letwert ll io o llio ls l o.llll ILtIr Lreetls, Dfr. luct is . loit oflleo 9 ot'cht :,t .t i, ulntil 4 P' M. They will eind at traue dltutor lir tllio rollhtlnint. JOlA IaI)eAN. tl ravitoe r tlreeo. II oy one wrnts to ewe iw, call at No. 401 (;l'ritotl JOtN INtAN. New Orlheat P Felt 188it. J in liI ly .Il- r.. eouine toaiate tlltolatof .iertwol t wael tie1- I huund, i pitt ulp in bottlel tt tlh low price nf .51 cnt pellt, cotiiitilttr thue rtolllgt o thr llr onlllltre i lyoetsiret, ptoi lest /lo telller tlt It lity ottIher rltlto an ti hertii kown aluong t hl ludi t as rom allcious ir retitei pu lmlnary ctompllaints. The utrirvnlled t ccesrrllc h hlih i t b lo tttlerIl e ltie 't I thtis ielstullto lla tll ll t i l'etet r io rter it t it beell iio. doped, Ihts obtitned the etltfrlldreiw wld rerolltlnllt.e - linMs ofretpeettlrtt frltewiirste. Ir the cure of eofoigs., colllt tpaiin the lt idr.;$ttult Itl" reot, eirittilug or blood liver complninl, &rc. To wtltotn'it illy eeon.ern. I'lts is lo certicy thttt tve hLve in oeur prlt fee.tlweatly lrescribed Mers tard ner'olttditltu llt.ot oif I.overwer a rl Iltrrltol,rhwotl h a dtilded gnoirl etetic: wte ttan Itlerefore, leot1 Ito kllolw edglle of the inlterinl it is nrtlos 1iuon, ttil tritelt rilrlto I ndt lwritueet , r"l.1ttltl:oIt it 0t ii ltteiOl' rli ult t roill ilptoe lonectioUtsf the Imtt1rt lrer whltirtt is t 'e - .;i,. CA IWIN EI+IS it. D)' )rij.ob et It l tt eoitett Medtloal As-oeiatioiot. ?5 olton, O riter e. r.aleby JA ld.l' ANI)REI' I -t.OL'ettttS tleioeg lot(eati, hllttr e.ivenlt eid -. --tro o a nt thrhleir . iiileat Vilil 3uadwIllles i No.. 'l,.thatit stmutt, etlow Oir'an., IUJll loadway hNew loikt Dlphitle t., t ,le"il,. It in pirtt ilrlitr de tiwrnd ir-t lrolIte lewarnet . tid slhlool, aa-litatl trnlathed Iier ltier-tll o/utll ara. ttAililjtl leli e n to invoiool and nlteaine 1peaanne a lim $v i'at s de hoeal- Da mlly suit the •tit tt looew ,ootawit. : wiiiQwljo prefer it .... m... lv'o..aon..t thelir . n r.f SPeriss pyni' ttte t tri of tl( tre ,leeirCdf SltttOlt' t , t t trito.llre wlot.l. -e " .. . trrO lt'+l.R r.--] Hi au II illi Jl 1_ IMMOIO8 HAURTT CO ,a. e ni w reeeivmglir Son'bored Chip Orleans. Eagle, Highlannor, i'oker lry Andlrew, Frenach and German lay, cards;.l Bark iganimon Boarda; Chessmoan, 21-4 and 2 3-8 inch )Sil -rilBails; 8, 9,10 and 12 inch blade Boaie Knivra; eather and other tra+,elling Draeing Cans" Delt, Pocket, Hiorsenaon's, andDallinr Pieulr; doublr rnd ain'le barrelled Gons; Game lags; Shot Ilolts; Powder and Piaol Flanks; Draw IBottles and Drinking Cops; Peretaeabn Caps anl Cap Holders; Cloth. Hair, 'l',mlh: and Nail lroubes; Orris rad Chlorilne Tooth Var.l Toothll Powdler 't'oilet and Shaving Soape, in grert va. riet,. lang Hair Braidsl, Riheleta and Friretter; lPear nal Toiliet Powdor, t:merr Ilars; Ivory Tull Cushions: Patent Sirde or Garters; (tlir Si.isiederrl ; Powder PitaT and Boxes.; Gilt Chainso, Seals arnd Inov Ear-dropst; Waist Buckl: Bracerlts; IlBedl Necklaces and Chains; (till anl Siirred Berdos; Ilndian Breads Bells and Anniow.; Shell Twisi: Sidn and I)reosiuo Cianks; whirl, i addlition to theirfornner stock on hutl, makes their aesortietnt very eIIIplete, aRl will he sold ow and anll lirnl ternns, at th" l iII t of tlhe GolidenI Uondi. iPS-i 70 Chartres street. T111E l.,rrrilers;.-g,. o fir li. t e.ltciii, bl, or if LR. &S. lButclrr. Slilefield E andi' , i ave iti secredrr a vert extnie riet 't ii rsc, earei.tii'i f Table alIltl Dtceurt Kiires ol'fr "'" ,lecrluthm P,.., Pocket, Dirk, nnd Slpear pitit klivc.,s:; z Pars, Slis-i .ora. Eide Tonl,.r,&c. &r. Irc. ciliItt icy are prolnreiol eoexhibit ti tlithe i!ir Inr irle iis. iic i tsf.ld editirni will bia mid,.h ktrni fte i te io'. mill J. It. EINi \ '& 7liN SO Cio.tinia ot. SltODlM1ON'S, IIAR'r&, CiO.--.\nre w reerivn i I ...3'lper rliDp Ihm ille, FEn,.h, elet.Pirv Alltllew I,[i3;: antde French ntl r, rtnanrllle d ln itl jrl:,} rl cnrds: steri."It ind pt)ckit iFistols; plain, rihhed and splh ve',: Gillotl's connllllil : ll mitop other stee, l pellS; N'iO ace Violit string shell,j ilr an mlh n ien, nnl,; F :;i, Is k, head n lnl leatheir r llses; Ilir bral, f.(ont nIl aek ringlets;a negro lulns: C;erman aId F'ron:h colngne water, Itowlantd inmmemaser oii, imitation doi; itique; nuld hearsoil; porltaidi dlesik and drlesIhe, 'ises: past a blacklng; sttlknamll taile, gln .s; coell srllhl.olos; op- e cal glitais l views; ilalian du , lItlls i.and plum?,s cnnlenn ll;pillt-twilne; tailet and shaving soaps; tnilctl owd(r, .osmeti. wash halls; seemeed ratih cClthil]. pool st:lllsi; screw; iancv head clnius :md n.eklnces; billiard halls; et liocket h nk and wallets;i Gelrman iotei ; r.nzr striop; i*'n common innm. I olMastic sus|:nders, tnrters do; lllls lucifr matches; sil- I -cer Ienrila; Crevonns, &c. &c. 'Th. nbnnein nalilionto nnr fornmr stock of timae Irticles, IlmltakSOi u aSsaortcllent very i 11lento,. n Ior s:ie I wholesale or retail; as tile sign of lle Golden Comh, i, Chartu'hr Zstreet. nesai. OTIC i-- h partnlrip of Kellie, in-an Ma I S•of Nnew Or en :. nale, iUnrrin &Cn~., of Natchez;' o.ii lAidLi, yi thilet itl It i So I a a SO I in, n]o of alrtilnt, pa l \Irs t; o tihe Gle r o ol Thoulnueraiened, llurvivil.~ t partrlllr sill be ctaorge, Lev°i l liarr ;, t til e n ol t h i t of n t t of the i-.ll ,,:. il of Mailon, Harrim & Co., t! Not hei; and HIrni Kel- ev & Co., at H{odne; and Ih nry Kllehy will attend to here;tling of the hbi.iness ofKollev, Ma..on & Co., at New 'im nlal. 'irh namnie of the several filans willbe used ilil I m Imily, n 'a . m'ioe i lu hlted o si;ll l'irn net :re earni- , ll reqei.ted ortmo l.r. ward nmi ake early onrtll:allllet; anl tl.' having clui "ill please Prlt Ihea willilt oatdelay. Ne. ( llt:rantl, ilt'l 7, 7 1:17. -? i i i.t\1 i t fli: IAltAiN.',i- -COL.(NE W T I .\ i EI't receiv, tool nnr sal h the dozel or l 1, tlh.I Alpoi Anlellicnlll nlld 'rench toilet powders, powder pll andbl oxcIsshll illand toilet soLs,cosmet'e wah I ballms, milk lm osPn ennLeelim cols crdimoni exltr mn o atak, kedllzlll n, \'tlI'il s vegeotn le Ih(ir Oil, p nLllaitlllll, cer me de perse, loridha-t; emiar, roe. amnd bay waters, lnn"a.-tilnal ma llar ll'illnnpnrfu inmlm'a. vnenni-i ble r Idliuil mulul:, lllooii nnd rrin tinnth wan clothhair, [wothy na+il -aid liesh brusnek together will) an additinnal supply of ftlhionable lnrn1 annd 'hall combnls and jweral, inlrn nlr Iwm awholensle or r tail t by sItIIO1NSd IIAILTI &CO, iju!y 6 711 Chrtres stlum et,. COA\L-The susnbabt~er hnavo constianily on ha)nd i a lrtae sluplIv e t' C.ltnel and I.iverposl cial, in bulk. of superior quality, which they ofler for s ml in lols to suit m purchasiers. Also expected by the first anrrivals from Enl)! land and the North, Cnnn"l, Lhii lh ndl IPach 1;\honhuin Coal, hrokn n nod scrtled, put up in lo hea+Imds exlptesly fior 'n, ly w.t-a'll of wil lct Ihey will d1tpose of on Ill: most 1`n hrt rile (Orders left at their rill e, No. 53 Cieanvlu at. up stairs' . ill be .o .ptl'y a..i.i .l ... oi ct l " . - A i S l'l I'. Cololnou 'niter, i'tmu,:iry, TL.-- spleid art i ic lf coltgne, put iU p r priil er l for then rl tail tindo; al- o ihe pauret lll each l't& lrn , rIlmbra I tig every variety for the toile,, for sa], by c, ' l: 81':d & I)'LAN. hlc ~ 'lal iruntry tecia'jra cand i'laatr. Nta ro ' t l Ith , alan-l a r ] iI aitatla', li-tPy-s', I ell hairtiau , checrk, lierii , cnalira ic , lhandkll rchcl, ts &ac &erjeeivdd and lor sa:lie Inr by Ihe ulscri. be.:s. 1TTA C. oct. ecrnrr nCanial nd (c'ltltrri e t . - V aGla t , ,r/ians-, ie. I,,dlon 1lye,'v for coler~ngr tnk Ili:r : [tent's ol,1 Iussal a I e't-t'a r le'r· , poi l atl. 'l , tilcha..,+ .r1t cie \W asih, un;perior pearl jil,,erl Illy wvhite., T'[{ ll ,+ Of .ro t5 vegettable rotnL.+, ,)ro of r+s,,, lip salve, krelasle ai, a h wa-i h, carb. i ' : d t rilice, orallar e 1 tswer tarer, powder puIf' a a a d bn xer t A r laue, harcna , a ln t eal I1, a-a' ur oIi- ce iaiai - Pres. tonl sar'e, la ar, Irei d ota ap ,th l r h- da r ps, ht a ir brushes, : IGhb tdressig , t ('Ob I dnia cl hair ,,l, tiet! a varle- ' of other plrinlrra ri,. &r'e. Ior sal by C. J. TIIINCiAARD, t 3- c iter oa Canal anfad Ili , trt on IRON IO)l' Il-Th'e sascribers have prncuro at a gru-at ea- nr e, 'Ih right t if p ttir l a o r aja ihii 'liai rrc. Thev are dajpied nt pul hr Ib*lll;i a aiaa utSia, trid privlte dwalillijunrrl moa iin at nll c a chlap- j siiar aItId dlralthli t, ili ll arrt perfctly fira and waterproaoa. T'Irmaa an Le k tatintwnlOl ;noclh seell nt our establiSeh1 t topposaite . rlIast ma rl.ei,Te'' liinprnala s. oc' ]l: CIUG..\i EL & Co UpiII,l;;TEILY &- PAPI:-R IlANGINl" c.I lRl. Ilhnry itiebrelht, (irmerrly .I. C. \Vicks & C'.) woulI Illest re pl'cthl]in inlllorm his frrllcude and tie ul tlit a i r ailleri all, that he iala i alin I orlll ir I s I lar lil a t,'liOatil e II . ccOltltmte.dar iia a t.arr 's, Fa c h velvet at d jalij paper s laa est str l ; do halLironn nol Inl t allj e aol l, nIItIlaiall iatiji azed bId 'u-- t'- I ld da,,r dre lrench j IladtalTdlei , a r'ala bo ar( 1,[ d s, &a . iar v lvea - a, d worsted do aaaa no r 'lzo' I' cl -ra, siIk fr ,uane and da looans oI all arltai' ri, da dr a ela wortted aranga eadd - sortd pa tcro. pi'lll a and colairld. Sasi IIIIIr Ir III, latest civhl pIta l aed tolou lbdi alloa, tal drnlaar an Ishla pha-iar and tenl la-d, ns-orled aohlr', a-t., s otl ietdlet wolk rc .ofta cushioni fior, tOol cover k 'el l 'ew ityler l IIb pulle-t, riatt-d liuures aid l , - rit I aInd ora llalilltia ll l I all part Ir ll i and .Ir . .r en. gi' bLalr l nlllll Pl/Patls, featllertS, l-r -itd cprai at, d n n plci;: l, 1 ;r,,, ;i. llvairl i t al;lt al Iliar -i'l Ilr il 'Ig sia iitr 01 It ratlltata hrarc st; -al, anii i sitl , worratcd col a-r a- s. a' att l rai al s- i t'tii t c ia ta -lthh ero antd pnj ir Wht c~ e tr 'lll* il la:l, I i aIlt I f ithb ,,;st prtas at Naos dl .'yal tad i4-I (autarm 3. [;-+l" rsonls tinthll. city or W.lin Ihe coulntrv,. mle re pec iully invi led 1,1 aall I I ;,r un rlithe llv.'he- . C rs'i 1 lmd ecurblll. e Ilad. i ll lIaeII t nlol, ath iraI ' s l' rtari- .lepall ' lit I d l r aat au-laa. ' ah all klitds of 'p1 - 'aid a atoitk I Ilewii 11aih nllqNllll Ja patcale. a l ae 3 Duiinr n ital td i l ket hli jlia s l ontirl:IIly I nil t ttta i lilto s ive eve l 'intrelm bll luou ,O hroagul s+ + . tl ashm'.,-,l N.-m Ytla-i aIIU IIfrIIIIIIePafr -it a oii linle c e dllhre i ilt af+s, whch e will d,+puse of at very a ae tI ' pla ce ,. F ate e . lias la i a' ain'lllaleta on 'aet-.tlL n' rl c lar lit'ill hav 1tNr wishe attend, t NF N'Valth, hefor person+s t'.ulbled whth dearnews., J~_(ar..adihe-Harcitjirii Ie. tar tar .+la-ta e l, Ittar iT' et t hii l/ti ItV 'a-a' ' teairl \ At i . ThI Inrrca pti .+11 eb +t l h' sa+e both I ed i ei rdeuvts a; t he - atinued talaata Tratalapt.[rt~ala+tl lit- ja a taa T l" G iorsIN,' I Pfncery r tracaicratrofC -,r ratid St Ciart'r chrer - a~~lrt l a ,;- a ii . lhatel. Iata/ 1l t ! Sperm Ol0 , i l caskf bills, irldh1,hr ar e by JAII,.S &" ANI)lE.ll'S. W1lhole-al' Dlug tl., corner C lumio iInd c'l'lep lea rrerp., nr 113 I.\111u"1'L L. llJ-Sbl,l+,,..,ii .tin l,; 1/TI Ctll kgl " +0 1 `0T do _, 'i uit c English T) I-4 bble. 4111 l' 1ti lI int .n|l e variise si.-a,ýv, 5 Lill ('upul Varnish; 41 pltc (I*hl Leaf; Cl dt Silver do; (IIl do linch lll; etal. N'WI (OlV (11. \a, Aieritin Er .li*lh .d F'rech I:,(); boxes, :m.ous riit and ualities., Baoit rtru. a do.-+UJ Lhesconsin.O eint,. ill [e Also, a t'reIra)l assortmllent of Itiists' colours andlll toolw, for ol0e ly A IV SC'A I ES, No tit C nal streetl. SN I. Alabama ntrle takln at p r. and Olissiosippi notes wrill l merioied at 10 per cent dicount for wod., or i plYl p lleUt of dll,a. .jal I v [1. C ed-in rd aIl ePfllllzer ltdejelulil - S-e, le i 11 01s(1Y, et 4.1 N 'w nI.v.o. Esslerein's Rtwzur Strl a--h'lee V136 ol the Cgeuine tit icle. ill rectived by oct 3. RlEBiS & I)'LA.N(, I I C4 np st li..o r ....u-.. .a .... is .\li.a. u- hale rope. uailJ.l ill it h lp it n tirt , a d llr sale by n3 I.O.; E,: '&0, I11' THltO.lN,63 lUraovi:r i BOOK BINIERY. Under the PiEnyuno Ofice, 72 Camp st. B RONSE \A '& HOWSON beia leave to inclrm their cestotleer anid the pbtlic generllte, tnt they have removed their esntablishmient to No.172 COmp strect, imedinately under the ofice of Ihe ettnvne--whre tlhey are prepared to execute all orters in theirlint. Iosintg received from the North a supply of pi. per and materials of a superior qaIty,t fior the matnufacture of Bl;tnk Brooks, they offer their eer vicels 11 merhants andol oter, who lmay wish work of that iinld ; t d having thie dvatnagt of several yara' rexperient e in t at line, they nre eI ntfident of civinro sntisfction to thros wto omay favr thenm wih their custn,. For ..otarier , :trl:litects nid ,thI rs, tancp and plans sill be pasted on linen. va;tniohed and moutted iln the tIlatcet maniner, &i at the shortest lin and fancy hindint , in all its varietiro ni. CGI IIN A tI.xoI & kEI: I'{II N \WA li. 'lUIiUk :.i; (hrres slrvet, New Orietns.. tVl,1 SI::GI.:ANT & Co. importers of French S ndl Enuhol Chitn and hIrtheo ware. are uI. opei in, new and rich u;lterlls of breakfarl , d&nlill nid tea services, tuilet as ts, Iitcltelra , tes i111 c.h'ee cups, :eopnto, sugors, oreals, hoteolee, ilates, dihber, turoculs, waslh Iosiln can ewer, I rt aths, eet . ow e. I.:cUl cut and plain French and Atnrrienn Lg!ss wa;r--,hlets, chnpatignes, lllemonades, jellies, la r os, .ine, ctrdItals, centre how ies, tocatterts, tumblers, prrCerv. dshes, ceCleries, litchers,, Ilup slhad and glassas, caodlu lia los, eolt cu! lerps, rt. 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Irate: \llble eevry Jay at tlrce ltrll.ll `Li o'lock. t pm' per IT S mail hoar for Ill'e I "l.'vde., nbiovu Bilikely,-t'..nce four it Cen chis I PIensaeola-itheeo i ail!:nli otls to .lgr ,nce, lhele til llandi elle is re(cUc-ll -!Ihence via i\a ianina nul Iir. , naville, Fla. lit cti b id e PI ,!decr"niw thIwinaville. 8nuIdilrevuil.&Luie. il!e to I . ust, (il n, c iCtInneC inC rI eiularly with the rii rad, ears to ChLI rlesII I . anl d lle e!ulnlln i arl le is to N otw Y oi rk, N or tolk, P ail idelphia, etc . " .he stea eboat. are the beat for the service nndl th, nnviathicll precpts moetti ithan cn he fouind upon any sti.cllboit. route l the south. T !,, reat iuproverne,,s i n t' rotte .ili 'ei been procueed by the.ol .tritliteiin of fiflly miles of n w' r hnd, by the 'rvpricurtt via : from" l,(iirani e onI ,'l[un r in li '',', w ,i ittin, of t"iu RLioea hl y, ro lilynv ,' I'lerry, o:i he . ti, i . etl lCe, i en .ilhsibvc lthl,j ticwhil.rd, or 14 ahbove Cetldr 1ilul, iwhelu:ebl tihe iavi;,"aion of Ihu riv,:r, lnd the olt. s qui ntl dotnlioltns i nt d illt r rir ecittl Itue incllI veniient ciosstnlg at iiihe Cowfurli, re entirely cvoided, and a fine road irolrl Mlariilanna direct to iUiinbride, instead oi the roundabout rold via Chlitaihooheite, lessveninig the distance about forty miles, aid iceraasig lthe faciltes miore than once ia day. Alvo, a branch line of two hiorsoe r.ies every other day frolni laiwkihevill., via Perry to .llcon, Ga. connecling with Ihe line to Savannlllah and Darien, Geo. A mnil steenlbtart oli s regularly between Hlainbridge and Apulacelicula. TlraveI rs wishi Ito reach aly point ou Cha tInho,+)chee or :\Apalach:- i coln, can takle teolaloat at BiTotivlr illell olubile to Pnsaccola--Luind Rouee--)urin' thice time ccupied by tihe r~p ir f i s , the pcp, o -ri'. tors of thli l"hria line will run lii il lu horse peti eoct;ecs Lvery other day lbetwe'll Mi bile and PL'unsacol. Pin sele rs e , e il leavee ,Iii, aCI 3 o', I,,ek , p tl, iu ithc' C 'S mai b nt, Fald frolc el to ',ll's 1,11d %% ' h'it ictle nhttlir hore tcoell willt i u Fit v t tc tt co O ll've r lc ii' to thie irex,,Iint lhoura l .lr. (:lharits Hall, I 1 4 mile t ,al rt , wher dthce t i l lind pleas'nt ll od-tll ld rithins for the niplt-- i g, next morning, they will atrive in l'e ,c la ear IF) lte eveningl , thus Uvolding tile dLiscomn rt v \li2hti Itfrvtlling. O;lice it che Mansion louse, Moilic , and Co,. lins' Ilutel, Pellsaeoln, where Fera's nus be eeeru o'dSTLICKT'l'ON & C'. iti Piano Ivric listruediun. - \\il li cci th tenderi s his sl i t elr s t the citi. zels 01 Ntw (Orleal:s as a ucither ,f the Wan oi e. lirS haviing been elmpli.yd si vernl )eatc :a el' act herof Imusic ite private talin he in t ,ton, .,I t Is ,at ,raln o1 Ihe ft e uale s lminarite n il 1ts c i:.11 c ..' Clnnll but holu to ill il tlIt ir cuiil I nIce He i I ermtitted to refer to I .ev L)' ClI ' ip i M sr Si-soni & Avery, Hliilc'rson . cGites. i Fcr terms, .cl please apply ac tIe ofl 'Alxaiuder 'hwer,49 . it 2 )r s and titieidirinrr. r J IPrrvue t IIh lealed hmi sell In ithis city fI r Oe pDrun) t" =ilet. rnscIn C oV 11t irs a ivn o Ii olsllell I rilt huc ines . ce e is note receivinc t [lil t supply >f treslh and genuine ttlr les, which he will s.ol tle ititer II i physicians, ellrt hIants andllll Iplant r ho willt fll r indlconlcints such as hnve never Ie. fore bien otfi red i Ihis city." hits i e tion it o toIL do :1 Istrctly Ighilirl ic bueinesi . I1tc stock will soun Ihe c~mplete, oid in n few week, wid ,. rea. dyv Ir buinuess. All orcers rolln tihe couniiry, and I' illl mlerchants of it i" cily, rectiv lg uchI urders will be promptly attended to. oct 2 No 39Canlp st PROSPECTUS. THlE subscrier p'oposes to publish. in thie be. I ginning of tihe onsaing winter, a Condensation f the twenty volumes of the Old and New Series of Sal.rtlr'. Louisianal Reports, to be comprised in four yvolhuee, .n., according to the' model of Prters' Conreoredo Reports. This work is now in preparation by J. Burton Hlarrison, esq, of this city, asoisted by William F. Brand, Esq. Tie Editor is also permitted by a distinguished retired Judge of the Supreme Court, and by one of tihe sitting Judges, to expect from their personal supervision all th'i advantage which may naturally be reaped from their experience. Such a work is becoming every day morm n-c' cesary, as tile original is voluminous, expensive, and searce. An incrassing curiosity too is mani iest, in the other States of the Union, in reference to the pectliar jurisprudence of Louisiana; and the circmlllnrttalce of thle nmlerorus prineciples here die. ciddi ill the nlejustetot of conflicts of laws, makes the liknowledge of our adjudged c:oses of prime uti. lity t thie jurists of the whoale Unio. Morerove, Srisilng republicof Texa'l'cs has adopted our codes, and ths ere is a great demand for tihe Loulisiana decisirs from a freosh qurrter. Convenient notes, indicating thei parallel casen decided in Louisiann, ond occasionally thiose I tthe maore aetheoritativo feorlns of the other States, wit, no added to each ease. l'The work will form four vohlmo s, royal octavo. I and will be delivered, bound, to subler.lers at ,ti per vol.; in ease it sholll I he found practretll to compress it into three volumes, the p-ice to sjn. neribecr will be $7 per vol. Subscriptions received by WM McKEAN, Ite cor Camp and ComatIcn oits. 1rlrl.IIt,:All.: AND RFTAIICOllt ANI) VA V ltt Y S''OtI:RE-at the sign of th,,e golden ctcodrh, 311 C 'll r lte' st-rvet. The sulcrihcrs htave re coitled, in, eii; iei n to their nrvioueo stor k r lt halld, l t fll cl Compe . r 1h r t-llet r t of altil les inl their line; iz: i cotbs Iertimrl. ry, Jrtcellrv, brushes, tlokie g glasses, q;.;lled back, lng;i round, ,lres..-ig, sidr pgi, curl and nti k, BIlrltilialt rerobs orif every description llmonltirgst wrihi e uri o lno 1exilin paitter;, Ivory tIoeett of Pevery , fla-rril.loill logo, me'ni alld Iptckel tol.Tc ter with , ergr:. cl Tlt.lltl r. let t r ottlcmh , l i llltritr:lla . I'E r At rt: doLY-Col oem, ravedrler, Florida, horet, ie:, rose, tiad .orate flower wealret of every size aln tes cription, merlphorated (Crolg,1 extract if I:rIranutt, ilarlleete); l sus(flkiltetee, rhaieg d'ler in caikes kc n ots ioertuo adorete, Ward's oe+etarlh- hair il, hears and ao toles lowder, l;¢arl lowdt, r, pe, hler pe ald boxllel ;le- poe n,, witharll 'rev asosrtmenlt of JlEVI.L.Y--somne ofthe latest ond fishliona ide setts, conuainti of white and red coraeliano tapor 4A. et edrhup. slet in filureer, breast pinis of a grea - rt tiv if patt:,rle wltch tel niogsger, i letnod oilvr lckles, ! ilver thtirhcils, oiloer old told e p. t fi-s l ed guard chains i lrrrUSItEiS-eCrftec, hair dust. grcaireofo gerthelic c, hat, lesh, Itooth, gdate, comab. Nail, shaving, slreo and LOOKIN(tG GL.ASSES--Germaneo statia and toilet elass, maguisilelg o l' renchll dressing ctcresemt, Iwmle do, wit us vcriiey of other ields not enumeraote'd. IFlANCY AND VAILIEtI'Y Alt'ICLES-l-'reehi tid t'llrAeridcan portable desks nuld dressing i ases, somse very rich aotl finely finished ladies work Imxesltuldres Siln; cases with and without mullic, rmusiceil boxes, Ac orlinsr rsteurieas kitids, vhiorli ld gailers, silver and plated peotil atrdleads,wood pencils tor earcentere and crayn aomt elni elguors and tioteli with srd witlhout eases, percussion cls, pel.rcindsion cp nchareers., lple eretrivrr, cllO bIt., nle bIni, po1tsht bltaekhltelle tt tea erller Iendin ireads ofct-.cry bld, Inells lt d n lt ir rei,. lirurel d lrterrlll kriese razos a d scissors, tllill[es Ir'eerd, pilice, siilver llated, eteIel aUrd lomtmrote slCtc.r cloh.=,incaket linektrascod wallets ol rarious kilo2e v,+ilt, cul rdsaud curd eases, p/11Villang curds ofrl l lth, C;erllllnln cend A1mercitcrn castrnitctrette, rIeils II, iaittrto rn , 0 lioxle-, erla ef valoiolle kidll, Saedllllers' 'oterey's Etlllleron's, Ililrrorn's anlld |lllWkilt' rroor straps and eletullic hone,dirke, fiutcv bead ntroklacer, do wirh o.,r drl.tstov tleirl 'tto ll, pwatchr elskp rat bdld Ilri seed beads, gilt eand silver do, gullm lelteic reslsll. doer, ,nd garters, phdotiu end sord ctile, he bckgaalllta I nlards, dice, optical vieenes, jewaIrare, lrrct.,ia matchrel es tld ldrikitng eps, with a greatn variety orathler ari cles, a1 ofwhit ilt will le sold fIr tash i r rcity aRccepts - ee el o lt nrrtelns credit. Ii1II SOlUtl'im, co. dl 7 4.(;rarsoth. L t)'IS' \rta.eQI filllllk-I~nuir nu Iý,Irisi3, d. u. ' liluurl?;lil~, 1 013'.511, 19 Can I~ 1 j r T .IE INI)IAN'S P'ANACEA*. Ol theaemoe rhelloumatism.srcrofuior kingseasilgout, c aolatica or hillp gout, inCi;.iot cancers, anitrheut n, siphilitic and mercurial disases, pIumicularly drcers and, painfulanfletiols of the bones, ulcerated thrlnat s nod t teils, uleers of every deser.ption, fever sores, an internal esses, fialtulasiles, siles, Mtldd head, scurvy, bile,, chlro nicsoreeyes, eeyastelisbluthes, and qvery oarieityotl' aneoui alfectin, elhronie Catarlrh, head aheb proceed ing from any acrid hbumor, pain'in the stomach eand dys pepsin proceedlingfromlvariation, nffectionsofthe liver, chronic inflammation of the kidneys, and general dchili ty caused by n torpid aetion of thevessels of the skin. It is sinallerly emofi ious in renovating those constitutions thich hvre been broken down iy injudicinus treatmnent, juvenile trresuleerities. In general terms, it is reeom nended in all those diseases which arise from ilmpurities of the blood, or initiation of the humors, of whatever tame or kind. Some of the above complaints may require some tri ilingsasstant applications, which thIcireumstances of the case s ill dictau; but for a generaln remedy or Puriiecator to remove the lcaue, the INI)IAN'S PANACEA will generally be found sufliiernt. TO THE 'PUIILIC. slow trte it is, that modern Physicians, mn their am bition to excel in their IlrOlfessionl; explore the vast fields of scieneo by the aid ofcllemistry, antd seek out new re medial ags~nts; in short, to arrive at perfection in the practice by means of art alole,-e-ntirely overlook and negleect, as beneath theirtlntlce, thlerich andl bounteous stores ofmedicine, which the Almightly has caused to p'ingsi ost ofthe eartl inevery teclime! And how nmuach moe true s sitthtwhile the XAmerican Physician looks to foreign countries for many of his most co emmon and ncccsausy articles, p5r .ttually chtanging as they are at the dlicttes oT:lfsltiot orfilly, he is surratnled in Ihis own conuntry with an etndless irofusion of medical phmts, asntleilist to unswer any indicition in disease or to cure anys euls lsu disbrder; and yet he is ignorulat of their vir tues, and they are suffered to 'wastestheir heatling o the desert air.' The elfects of vgetahle medicinesupon the system are temprnnuy-thosue of mintelds Ialnting. The linrmer ex clttheir effects anl passa off--the latter, mercury ill par tienslr, :ect chemienlly uponl the solids, Ilecsnmn ostig the bons and underminiig te Econstitution by a slow antl sllre desttllti.n. 'he co.genialiity, emffiiency alll SAF.TY ofnegelta hlle remedies over Illnel'al, mi.y tie estimated by contl-ast ingtthe ntcietlt ipr'aetice s ith them loderi; or, to bring it ioreinmlmediately nII er ,oul ownl obslrvatinlls, tihe Iii-. :n practice with tihatsf tlie whites. WVho, in Americ:l, nts liot known oer heard uo reeattted instalnces whereinl some tcele lill$ upro rtantdilnS f llalt I|dlian, by means of her sillltle resue-liet : otne, as atfcltedl tile amost r.spidl ast astonlshling lites, after the llatela 3lediea of the -ommon s ractice, directed inl the most skilftl mnnoer, has foiled; And who has not been surprised at the com pairt Iisecase atIt thcility witll which the Itslian freslehim sell rons tan dise:se,otI at the solost Iota ahstinence ol'crolc dlsei:se a, then Who has vr has ea rd ofl a Illdian witlh a cmnstitution lbrnketo andl rined Ily ill treatutellnt A:d canl a doubt exisilthlt this happy ex oemption of the savage from mlost of the ills which tle fieh otlssotun is heirto, is chielly ominlg to nore gensi and snf' remedses which hI e.lysy! 'I. his astonish itg ,sifl'erenct in success, is a flis csemtdilication of thle intlistte superiortc ity of tile simple sand sali means of cure which God hass crated for the blenelf of his children, over those which the ptd aid te pi art l of manol have in sitestes. iFrom . lonlg residerloe ;moutg a iljrtion oftilterlorigih- ' al [nhabitnt. o[", e ri ttrimote nrqutoil tunce with the, rtlilordsi of ctei of senlll oi theilrnlost sulccesstill pllctittioll~l t, tl e ir'lolriretor OI 'The loldiro's I l'arcee:,'oqrltuired o knl ledge of somte of the most S twerldlllll ttirorilte lnrerdios. Froletlheserhesolelectl rrtr rIs rr iiolt (otloiOieus and t lrltt lapir:ltes, Iia Iftorlir vaniotso exlrimenrts tr testthehir prioeillesand stro ngth, ire has ombiHed tthem in tihe frm hee f preesontel, as the mrost lel'li ct alI btetrciil or tie pjrpooso for 'whici it is I'e.cotll llloeo l . The prolrsetor ottrsitids preparm.tion to tho publtic, with the soottounlooss r hatt htr irhoio o wilhrirhei 'ir i ell, s a rherdy caorlrle ofrclileing nuoot of li lte I i - n low beinlgs, who noe sufl'erirg uuder the vaioois ehrolniu tnld obltinrte comollhiots to wlhitch it is aplicable. To lsct it will prove otf iclclotable eiile, as thie soerns, nllo ill Irmtoy C:oes, tile only Ieans of'elie ig tllheir suf pe'ings told restotilg them1 ol more to 0 0alth itod tntt l iness. This is notrot~eed as a cannlomol nem , that nl:iy Iet' o.llltce I e lr'tly goood witih rm.ry' other'souow Iin luse, huot as olne whil is clpble of sto ieg life ioon.o, "extreme icases t hich al tlhe usu:lremedieslil. ThisIt has done re peadlyo; and this i tht r'eputation itthosob *tilledttert'o'er it lts rueltr, iourrttercd. It is oly :boult thlrt'ee y.ealls since this prel)pnrntiot ws Ipreeted oto ltu ,ullio: hutin that shotrt sp:e oor rotie, '.omle Ihunrhe+ll .0 letrsos mighr t I l tlll, ho wouldI solemly denla re thal hat they helieved thti theih livcs were 1su leit hy it1 nel itlrlr rllr m rt 'lr'o lile th't "r had trritr d ' irrrr y anmd perlh'sa:l lhe iImmillollrtmedites hi \ahi. W\htei i ee it isl kn wn it is' rpullh c.iii ilto u11, llnd this Ilibrn l the mou:st l btantal l nI l coninii nit tr troit " o, " .tl t it Lin loe srril.~~ II ICYIXIi~ ICIB i\il! tll The v'ahte if Ithe, l'naaet: i most coins piculuS in those hl rt' sm'lioilh i tt' Slhilitic Did s oluloii uttions ilch h e dtfit, till o ther trtncli et io fo toit'r laitlt Sin those caslettl ht'in e merculry hres Ibels hlu id l y usetd r, rs t.r raurrdistrti Ithg titrsht the bortes, ,tltr st tt ierIl ril tice'rs, !rnie.lenllt of thle l igesiive i.areortte, dr . These it ConIleelyh remoe't. , altl in nil caset it eltilre I ly tlU ts l itrt lt dieriitsts :.od clltt oIf mert lil voleslt he o stit. i orlllit :tItr , ttttltt lll e l r parlit lI t 't todr well. In iholutulil ssi awl hi ul erlal eI sore thll i',la it+ ,b y ht'et are nt lss ,p aren , giinh -almo>.t homne t oi'+ t, rotif 'T'aken in pr'nlp+r do'se, thelm:llultn' : Ia:nmca oplernh.s I asmsal rnthl ntit t teC.l t a 'ttli d i'dtthl ovlI e, ditt'II. i an I taxativesl ait anticl~·:~ spstn il c i~~i ll no I m n!\ cllrt us, glN:Rivtes t llone tol the., :i(tmnm u: l l llc lte :1e , il o rt11 ' i.trttg 'St tritllr ir l I iie 1 :Ir" tt m r' l 'lIrtr Ihl-it u trus t o tils ttr ,s t h 1 tt Pilrrtetl, lr'ltiIt il'tt itL trI t irrld tlrt r cottiirtti tt tllte lit t ltt" t tr I'tr tt .' ,~ o tti a h per! s i lits w ihi'l n ell t se I o . Ior t h l b im ll I rot. Wthoooret' orlotL rlrok ts onik dncswy rte isoPances, ttaker trr 'rortmlltttot'; tn 'oror onwr ui it rr'oitsoe ., in mtll lc sti ee t less etttetsl, tl allOt l ,. "lr'hmore ' ir nle httrare thIrr ti.le corth ror tl er rl' in- hk. Tu oe t.illloillr flertiToe: tes,. o.r I rulorrell e oul Sirilrllrie, i ic rlliglt Iettltlull 'ele ae e, iv to siw t iIi tul . tilSlie in t ls Iulel ll~e i thvenro or c5 ostpl h1t sall ,le rr.enriorole;orrrl olio Ot cxhiltit it tire rom t I rir'ft' ott,' DrilllnllO lhe ls intr I Rhnd SpringI a.s willa ttorttt'liolerrssti~'e rttrthte eellln2* h l tir e seritoiti lOtttt e I'lh hrevere . h rlisties.rrierltrsrmrrftt, ohottretsi td b' 1ighu e irllr o lioe Ithl e. L I rrltlrll Lr r pl u lrei ir oiro Lt . llet i tllillet' I adillllrt. a lod Iortlitiltly roc'ullloirlhlt it to r Illulltilyle lll slmd ll te. i~lil it lOl ~t.fcu) tOilS FEiiGtUSO KitN t. I wialsl' ill s nleied ll'lo " thover the Sll'ln , .witl II Islesoing Ce U 00 r hll.ilor NI h 7'r , 5uv ItC 2I,19, Durinigece Il mel.hlreny and !.ii, wih ha. dlisa.led rit ioi .' osirsiolls nlll y i vrsl-i lloe. h. Iri l lr his pllior . I.toe Itoe1.ll tarti rti e w llh le I riio Ile osit:l, ill tlits cit hltnill· tII1t mil· rottirs, illllo t llyrreo th i lter lle Icrghllt tille intoe litltO'eht r lollstlt lllillllr ti rt . t lllllololot lo Irelmey wit little brlne't. Ott tire Ithrr ot Itelnrr'rtr Ist, tiat tiut te scatcely tlieto move thorrt rrpr rrer - es, I o mellltlltlell Ilterte ci o lll- illlo't Iin I IhC.o. I. o.ll irrtIhillilo "ntt mtyoII'ertir oi y I' ietd Iroi . ir llrde rn· I)1·j'rou I less 1 II'y ev'i'C .h1:W11 ·e. ,llur :I lig h i p ler io trl' ee oiriy io stalit' titotioerrdo'rtrtgIeoii',lticotIis etl l liICASES tIilnOlllllllel lCULtS ilU ; tlEll'lis Fnnl IU ill Iwu|llll bllml'u Ios )ha~lilll' Ivised uhllost err1i. rs w~i~lh lI/ Nnellr. YOn , So IY n tlt e1 lolt u)I 5last. 'It'n.ll Ilitlualr ctlt nllc 1o we1%.a¢ll t 3 i1|1ll ifioll.,h w t rri'll l et' Icer Il' nrtei ti of llll i llli, I tlll. i rl e h o winoith I foulldiin my ne' k re ll thllre 'L which IIIOlU i lri . cnll t allly ror slallltit l eo r letio s t f. -rf11. illty I ltert I / ato hila lps mII{ i ne d i. Illm r th e ,re i ;. hh sweilngin ll·ly lilgt ).k r~l t .Ic..' . I hhh aie' U' lt Ii i huh' ~l llhul. t:lill il u t'0 ei :InI PsClf jliulltT the . i'e I 1)rsl. IPhlsic an ll Icach, when nll i ltori rei ca~t:lel salitutulng Itlk twenty boltles of~wnlim'srans |letall nill e ul.ll, itr',oI ' I'irrtra tot I rll t tritr i t N is toe k, i tr 18'9 t o triIve mttstlellp tIo lin' ertinr il th. hoar't in of t h grest suotest of The Ihtlitut's l eai, howa.rT in cai onil.r ti i i'.' oor1 L etos 1rerlsuotto' Itrirt ita a last sy. s tor. 'o ii tl''etLt te rirste , at i wel l at t atilo t etn, rrrrrrrhrtrnrnt rnytit'r'rri"itlily ec''tto~lleettrg, tiirrt ruor ioiti tkn stttrtrlirI01estio'otuhtier'it'.haltrrulrr I itocttrltito ilmrl'ortl well ini Ihe cou ,e olwol motnlhs, auid htt rentiner so eaver siuce. I rrrtkehis statemrnt tr worhrir r blished itorth.ihetrot rrilrtrthos enorure ouatirhg- turtte' rimlhar rscrtllhnt' or sy' t hilitit altrtrrrio rs, itl:t th or:,tiuiv r llr wh rrh o rcont o o io has ouroerid elvi' tir r i irr dlellh, iaud w he consders' liis liti- a ived Isy th~e ahove sy. WVM. IIINIIA' CiRL.t se's'rot. Jult Ir, I 31. s wtot ntllrte,, fu'r v'et's with aer ulcer il the lbg, oer. ca,,iotello ,tp,,,1 t with t', srysiel tt.s nt "altt"on, and e xcess~~iv P tl i r gh ei. r rii tll t.iS" . "evreri emih tot p.hioir rs reerte li teir okill upto it, but toith rotort 1.11.r htutttto t. In this eras fivre botrlo Indli, l's I Ilanllcenl lmade il iper-let enlll.t NAIAlit,.hE 1 A WESt',itit Ilo.1 .kht flor solc by io HNIRY IIOSNNABEL, d"trggist, ares Ito' rte Itfltiet~t~otr, i'oeeoh o rpi t to i'ssro't ii NEW ORLEANS ai . NASHVILLE RAIL .%.bD COMPANY. rIIE: atnokhahlers of thli enopmny are lerejby no t titicl Illlmlty a resodulion of tIhe" lhor) doree lioa piaed on the 19th inst. the all made on then( oi the :tlh F'ebluarv !na-, litr the Ilyllilnt of live dollars a share, wans Ie-didail , end thell id stockholders are f llr tler tmlied Ilat WilII.It:AS, by a resolution of this ,oard pased oi the 19th irst . n c;ll hla been aole on tih stockholnders of tile New Otrleans nd Nahvll ille Ril Ronad Capny lilr the fllowitg paymenta on the the lock held respc tively by tltan, tvz:-.te'e oliara pet ninre, plnable on the Ifirst day of Se tmlber tlext; twon dllats per shate pliable ol tile litst d:lvy of Deemlller oext; .nio l1 dollrsplter share lpay;lie on thle It day of Mlarch lext. Now tihereflre be it resolved, Ite the secretatl of this company shatll notify tile alhLre hohlers therein, t tho he inhir lep ntf the .itytlit il cnioernitly with tihe tixlat i l ttat te ctharter, thevaare ierfiltd to postpone any laymI t lenlled iln on tie stlck lofulid clnlpnv for the terllt f txtry daye, from anlld after the day oil w.llirh it i latlde lpaylble, wilth the explenci con diilon however, that if ot regularly pidl within tile saitl Iroloncttitllllu ' sixty dlal's, frmllt d after tIt, ny in which it shouhld haive eel paid, Ihilt then lhe stol:k on wie'l t.idlpaymenlltsshllt oul have becll tllýe, is tanlld reml:% "": , ort iited to the company, the lharter n lInt a think Iro;lerto Ilt o hii' yllle tyllets o ln l h lr stock it allows thtIllare i otilled Lth, t tlhe paymet Ilo two dol lars per share calledli for,anl tie lo the list of Nep telllbernlext, Inay bIe pstpoiled undler the sixth sectio of said charter, until the 31i t day of Oetubaer Iext, that Ilte pioyatnllnt o two dolltrt per shaltre lled lib, and one ollltt trir day of Ilenemlter Ilext, Illtty Ile ItL ponel until the 3ill day' of Ja]nIorn lneat; and Iheelo a et at o "tw olliara pe iahre eu.ltt' fr aIn le tireltdv O larch tnext, may be potallpoed tuLtil the 30th tinv of.itpril next. Ixtracts of too t;inutes of the bottl. juno I 'A ll McNAII, Se'ryv. 04 iIIAAS in canee-9:i tenwhte o VlV Iltsfur st JftII9 II 6141 opW l Royal College of Physicans, London. rllE original Ve. eable Hlojsialn Universl Medli cine, prepared( byAV Mitskln, raI. .aselle' ot ilte Royal College of Snrgeono, Lieontate of Aptnllt clu'y's C RopnP y, Fellnw eolfltt Coort Soliety, Sligeono a to the Royal Union Pension Asociation, Lancaster Place, Waterloo Bridge, and Perpetual Pupil of Guy' and St. Thomas'a Hospitals, Lotldon. This valuable moedicine, the result of twenty years experioene and mnparalleletd success in the exteonsive ansi highly respectable prnctice of the prolpriety, p:tro nised cby u~ ficlty and nobility, and is now inatroducedl i ethe note of Ihe Americen pinblie, at the earnest so licitltioa of a nmtlllber oflgentlemen of long and highil alanding in the profession. It is hoped, as a prelinti nary step, to check the evils andt fatal cottsetquncac es arising from the use of the numerous and deleteriotls nostrlms toisted uIloln the public by thle aid of Ifabricatell proofsoof mineulous eilcre, tllld other frauds, hya set of Itmeraletln', lunprincapled pttetenlders, so totally ignolatlt of medictal seience, that it impossible tile monstrous delusion can any lunger go down with the inttlligett teoltle ofthis cOtlttry'. 'these ills, mild and t ngtllenl tl their natltre, should le kept in every family in cases of sallten illtness, to, Ite, by Iheir iromn t administrtsion, choler, cralmps, spnsmts, fevers, and other alaramisng eomplaints, wlhich too oiten lrove fintal, may be speedi ly cured or prevented. In faht, all those who value gaod health, should never be without them. They are solt in packet at 5i11 cents, a1 atud $2 each, by evely rspee tib letllrggist, hbnlksteller, anld velorof medicine in tist Unitell Stltes t t I . (iCnatdts, illith copious tdllrtiotns, togeller with: estimmltals of professional ability fromt tie following eminent gentltiioetn: Sir Astlev Cooper, J Abentelthy, atta teIllllandell, 31. I., W. Blak, M. Di., SJ. Aston Key, A. l'rlnpton, M. I., and lnmtetroas others. Tiheoriginals may he seen a possession of the General Agent, by whom tile medicine is imported into this aetllltry, atll to whom all appllictions forlagencies tanst ta. ltade. JNO. HOIII.IN, 199 Waverly Place, N. York, Sole Genel:d Ageit Ior the United States, ac. For sale by applointment of the origitnal proltrietor. bIy SWAasr "' ntrtna, Iruggists, No II C:l Ua street, I 'enerr Agcent tsor Stautce of LouisiLna . jul v8 -1 EIlY It LE & co, No 3 Mnagazile street, are Sr.ow receiving fromt ships Nashville, I.oisaville, - Kenitek, Eagle, atnd other late arrivals tram :te ; :thenl cities, a large land lnew selected assortmentt Il.nis, L.:.ots, Shoes atnd irogans, .onasitti.g ol'gentlenaln's ilex calf nald Morocco boots I o 2l qlulity; do bttlPtt, andti staot wal pegged boots n Svarious rnlities; lel's fille calf seal anti Mliorcct 1 rhlar,. panps all brohloaso, buckskin shoes, brogans ant tellpppes: ntenl'sline calf tand kipped pcggetd slhosanl Sregalns; do boots; do stout kip and wax pegged shoes a dll btgalns; gentleltmen's best quality e:cll seOcei slloes Itog lns ulll Jack 1)owlinigs; do e:ll' HIuId M1lOtcco Sit fckle sboes and rtltIIaIS; do eallf, seal tsll Noloraoo: lI aliaS shoes iatI slippiaL , do calf, butlf an seal wtngs, Y an new article; do lue colll, se.1 atl tnmorocco quarter etas; bhys', imtisses' antt cthilrent's pegged andl Iswe bLognlls, aiil shoes of e .. qilalito and kind. Also n geSmeltd lasslteilett oit mel's stot waxll d lst lttroogns tand sthoe, together with it,ti00 pails e SgrO hret quality, rttssett Itbrogtgs, naited in litt LIatks, slate aextassly for plat:tatiotn se; a gootl ls _ t esw l of men's tle land sttlt kl p russett Io..gans, i t w aotial, atl t oage tuneioiy (ef t inferior oo aloitc rI ssetI ill wax br.o gals. Ladies' lie call', s eal, morocco ad lgrain Ilts, Iland Spoltmp sole shoesa; tdo o If,.ial Mor.iecoondlkid run it tnl stlippers; ilto rim shbe;, with and t ithout heels; a etlf, se;tal ad stout leather hoteces; tto Iltutalla shole. it I Ill kinds lani qttalities; do lsting brogast ; a il guiter . V'ad foil'ed bnotees. Misses'lastingspring sh.oc':usai r as gots. Chilhren's colored .lortoocooo olt bsting oro 1, " i iasnd boots, e. e s lentleten' lineihslionable blaclk silk hits; do black it st i drab beaver do of ia suiperior otality; do ieittion illts rm o; brotIla :t inrrow bri mn'slt lline (drl til st lc.ak Iltssi:t short nalppcl lhats, a lnew article. Yeotlls a I:ae size hats of diittrell qualities; do chihhents. ,l-ln'sndlll bc)'s blackll a drtb wool lhats of variouls aI shlpes, wilk gealcral iassrtcaet of bos' and nel's 'a TIss tassootloent will be replenlished by the larriill of - each latkeatalrom the i one named ciaties, all of which S itllbe soldt acl oeemn olating termsl . - g 1-ll' MIONTI ; l 'S n.tILJI FOUJ TIlE TIEET'L. ?1"!IIIEsestabliihedl reinrtassii atded s':te.lys hlcrsc;nei i demanllll furu this elli't al rei uds'V oI fllilli :endl !rn ecerrtive of the teethi, has induced the su.crbr oflbr it to tih Aimericn public. Arraicntslll hav been mnade t po n hp nlll eit is all tile pr illti iclie aid ti nis i ell ithe ui d Si tate, si a to plus it I hi tel reachi ol those sufl· r iiI cud lik,:ly to -ufr this. toor \ hen 'upplied ttc ioli to oi l i nb 1 givn Iottle, it has Ilevelr failel 1 ollbird mlltl di:h- mIiII I.vtll'ir, aid rclivs thai o liiol,'-i hat chi,,hlltc 'h , fl, irr'll nl, i n i t i re i f -'ii t it h ii re-imeldy it!('iot;-:vi , slllll e l]ll· Im e ll '1 lei l i nodI lhle I.L.'P liiInooohe'r ofpelrlll ill 'lhlllt -vt c, li'll .,t th i'1) n11 1 that hiv¢e all" nih Valii,+e .l -h i dIi tihlll llhd 31tfllll l L " (,d:rl· 1i'llll the Isel 'lll: ,'! 1"'! arln e arc . toill hlIelrr (ee the' p.dldll: a ,d) t e I l, af tl-i lll,, tII it, ih l ri ailedl ,o ltta', h i i at IlIIo : rehll , , ollt:i .lll -il 'ILI.' ll l ll ( X ' ale< I lrct dl\'*, :lllll eonll, lt" 1'~i.2 r h, It,~ ti .al isit, ':1 0 l, \., l ·d ts Ito; ,11 1 i a hl lllltl l-iltt.l.. v " 1i c , 1. I. ,et :. =. l h; SOTIC(:: 'LTO Titi: I'( lillI:.--L',ni ,[endr ru1 oilft, it l tilt' uiiiid rilned ii ngil . l ll'a t, a r di s-,l,c t-i i l, oldllh and lIn_ cýlnhabdlili , l I:. \R liIE S DI) STII: , l ' ilavinl been mii t dusillrineiu i lcii leid by self. I iterh'sted pl arll e, s, lhl so ubsirll b r Il l, Ill Sllrlle lls I frilids gln-mils' , a d lthe pu'tic l,. iiir c, thel !.t. stilll slll,;ll withia two dam r o -i t I r_ I ,, ,r trlllmer st.q nd, lto Ie G rnli- cd Slth it Itoil mlll el x. tnenivn supply of all us smalto s oadird kinds of kithe Sor vegetablr .ird ,-e' , of thelie grotllh al il I port of the pryeorn season, 18l7. Since the early part .o Selptembenr, ha li re. ceived ampllh Upplhes, lby the packet ships Vr inks. Iburg, iutl cyllliy, and Arlis, all arrcv.din shlrt passagrs, dirclt frotl New York. Ile tha Musis. ,ippi sld a inother packet, lie is ian dlily expech. tlo osf a sullpily of "Fruit Trees and lsparaiguin iiiooti, having already rece ived ioleeers therut blly The subscriber begs further to asenre ste plhlic at large, that ho is at presenlt as well enabled to meet and xecuite orders for all tlse kinds of Garden Seeds, either wholesale or rtLail, as hle ever wa since his first establi shient ir Janlary, 18212. Country Dealers and Market Gard:nserr' orders illed at lhei lowest and most reasonable rates. by the pound weight, ul galulo or bushel miealure. Csitalogues, either in Freinch or ingllCish, imay always be obtained oni persoitl applicationL a ursual, to WM. SMI'lI, Garden Seed Store, 85 Customhouse stroel. NOTE'.-A constant supply of Blird Seed, citler mixed or plasi; pulverized soup; herbs, and Shakers' dried herbs,-with a supplyf pf seas and bealnl. Fancy Pocket Biooks-Under thea head will be foulnd a splendid variety of ladies' and gentlemen's pocket books, lote, s urd, needle and thread lases. Fancy Sltocks, uspenders, &c.-Of the latest pattern and of superior quality, consisting ofplain and figured satin, hmlnbaz:ne, velvet and cloth stocks, linen bosomsl,plaiu, and fiitcy with and sw:thiit rutllec, shirt c rllars, s pellliders called \liaselingtion uspenders, als,, glue cl tie worst. ed and ctcltorett do, wiih aud without rollers, pantaloon straps with wire springts; ud a great va. ruaty of gentlemen's we inr, simade expressly for ebo retail trade, by A. L. Vanhorn and Sna of Phila. dulphia. iCoeliu -A general and complehte aislortlnen ofcsobs fromi their inantsifatory.Aiso, English asd French dressiceing combs, cle. doe(i 27 IRUsiiT'1'ON & ASPINALL'S MIO" "I' UN I I TONIC MIiIXTl UE.'-A speedy Sand t erin cure fr lite Fever and Ague, remittent and intermittent ivers; preparel frons the original recipe. Used w:alh onnes t and unlli. verseal success In 1832, by pirsons of thse higest rcspsctability in this city, oa stated in the anuexed cer tiiate s. This msedicins is highly reoinellcndod, and has been extenivrely used in the above diseases with such distinguished success, that thie proprietor of theil recipe has been induced io olfer it to thel pub lic in its present fiorm, i the hope thait it may be the means of reieving many of those who are Isufering under the scourge of our country. It is a mediceine possessing great virtue, and wheon used aIccording to the directions haisu never thileds of eflfeting a cure, even inl th esost nbstinate stage of thue disorder. It is not at nil disagreeable, and persons of thse weakest stomach, and children lilay taken it with impunity. Itstrengthens the digestive organs, createan n appetite, and srldom requires smore than one, or in obstinate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. There is neither msercury nor arsenic in the medicine, nor any thing iIjurious. to the human constitution. The proprietors are ts well convinced of its elfleacy, thr.t I hey agree to refind the price of every bottle which has been taken in accurdaneds with the directions and has not effrcted a a perfect cure of the fever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent for New Orleans, at his wholesale and retail drug and medicine store, corner of lleonville and Chartres stremets. For District Agencies apply to je5 T. V. SMITII, 48 Conti at. IHAUROWGATE SPRINGS .ollssgomeri cosuaty, nt I'alun. THREE DA I'S -ifOURNEY FJRO.Il NE It' ORLEANS. ..II prorietor of Ihis establishment has the plea Lsure iis a ttnucis g to his friends naId ite 1ibic is genesal,tlrt he will lbe in readinessby tile first day of aev ito receive viisters. He will also etle !r the bi nelit of those at a di. iauee, that there have been I'lrge nyird srseress fir ceinlelio]l, which will l-sbllleishc subsecrder to soreelOsslrille itsnsslslaelgee ninsmber thlans h nrito ssi, siid at tue saue lithe sisise beller, 'Fauiliu - ca le ie silaccommsdised e ith good rioms, or thoe Im prefer can have large cabins 'etched from it is deemed ssecoof.ry itsi' llnyslsiis s pertrliuei. oarof'Iho el rleteus hI lese wtiers, f'o ist iu geesially besiived toat tbey are not interior te san iu the Southe Pro Iarures. All 5e tilsiestm enii ha ti ere geneaell Ihistd st Wsteripg 'laseet will bo fsssd at this. t'le beles essgsged, and will be in eonatert attesdaneon liothn 'he;ibOwiibe'l willl hiaieOlftf this eispersnrity e in ratersi g Id utaeisgned siasoks for tie very lioerll sucepport riven him lase toason. and hosws sireee is" iro l-tiishsst hisvei been misade it iiseropreieos rat' elVeilitgsi 'ise sselrsrsdatioissi, to mierit a liberal Iiterrlansse rhie present serone!. JNO C(.I1M. ira JUSTPIUBLISHIEDFRQ) T STiREOTIPME PLaTES, The Fih Edilionar ROW.LET'rs TABLES OF IN'EItEST: .O which is now added an Average Time Caleula tor, or easy methods tli flndllng the average time on torage, notes of head or bills of goods, when onu. clssed at dliffrent dotes, en different credits, anti for various numottts; besidesoattseful and completelianking T'ime a'lde, the best ht hatn be conltrived. or that ft gures cmu pr sduce within the same condesend compass, and size of't ipe. An ansvertisement in thebook is in nearly the follow ing words: The high distinction this work has received through the ten legislntive acts prefixed to the title page, is a re mnlll(dtinll nll itself, so uonllco llon,, and so concle sire, It t nothing is necessary more shlln by wny of ad vertisement, to give a condensed view of some of its pe elliarities:as fur instance, the Interest has been compas ed friom,and compared will, wlht is equivalentio fiour teen setsf efealculatione, examined in tile press thirty five times, and prilled from itereotype plates tested thirtyty-one times,firom all which it onst tIo evident een the skeptic (iesryecallv ol thu c.sconal lofthe de atil t" proof in the preface) thirt the weok mact Ih nrilh mnetitlly itdnialltle, aod in confirmatntion of this beltiefa premila ofl two hunledred d lffty dollars, is now ofle"r efo I'r the detection of an error ofn cent in the plesent or fifth edition, na ex ressed inl tile prelfae, making five large oprmiols altered for the same error sincethe first pnhliention in thie yesr 1802. One of tihe most consnpiuoo s featlres of the tables is inthe srltanemect of the Time and Amnounts, whsich for exetlitiotns, rolerence ondplertspiettity, with the help ofthe side .lt ilndex, cEannot be excelled; and the sal.'y ty asil ease with which the in:eresl ean he founlldlto tile extentof general business, willumt deoulings ofl'sls is eIesidtlls a e veOIiellee rso settial, that in the esllma tioll of some Ii tie Ilot comlpetent and plautienl busi Sslea men alll i slltll till vrs who Iltoe smade great use of the work, it heos beli distuguisilted by sth Ihnsotale aipellaliln efl'ra "ot:lster piece". And consileriogI the infsllihilily v" tsie ttelcod origissally attpted in composing the cork, and the Cexteorddiuiar' u atnher and variety of tle x.lltill:attions, oall tests of evelr edition it hLsas asedllin ith press, enotwilhstanding tile whole is in stereost Ipe, eoltsidertog. in shfift, Ite positive ateeuracy sect'eti byI thie ul'p.teedtcled lloeas emplo)olo, the vtt Iliam hs t:e, hehld up andst emphatically styled '" tite Imostt wondlllll'il book Itt tile waslk;" most certainly) no iioman enn Inamesn figllre work of'the sune extent, whticsh sice tile t (i.ithttilgl o v creatitn, itltsi hall the salt e t lllltn bhlt'alltt cvi tti, l f testsill tie c.e t i ll` te. ,tlbert Of ediiolsst no, no.s one ihll tlte utlllbert', as is elea: ly sihosl ill the prelheec. Iiesidllts, ntest and'd, ilthas been tried and prtceed iin nearly alltie hank tndi puliic fices in ite UtUnited Slates, and by thte pblltic gotne'Ctlly, during the llong perio of l'thirty-t, vet no elTor ol ihe eal clull tiolls has er blren I'ollmllt in print, althol gh eotillll ;ilv cehallenged by theolltt tro ves litge premiums. 'lr t bok.i its tflet expret'ssvly ttpited by aill the l ourts oflaw cl 'sevtla.l oflhe Slate: the " I'1le of ae:lllltloll Ithr talteI ihnterest," val.;t't by Iw lI' r bank interest, neclllllillgs he boiok is used, ooand as way he seer, ill part, by o ie naltes of thie stehsriherst, nid i few of Ihe subsell lluet pulchases, illnthe list :utIthecl c iof thl book, sill I i( s v nneill l' e|rt slasslS citiztCllS i, eely lallalr te tl'ihe Ulit tti l S:' i . . It is lstml iover wtll kllown llnat, sh its eearly check, it l ts ) l l Ildt't(t .t'Le ll 'g errors,' I llf ler ts" they iwere Hsallt tll M I. the llOst :ll'eful matn Im(ot collmpllletent nl ittlilll V. : lll. ":t its !st'htlll ess, til thi e : (llll lle e cessity Ilr its use, have been etxlicsivel inlsistedl .1n, hnlld collies were soglt tr, somle to a gre.t ilistce. aI d ll treltrastl tt t vrstiolls pricest , s they co ld doce.siio) ally Ie picked up at Isons $1s to $15 per copy, and s mel persots iave recen.iy detclard, and instalees coosll bIe qiotedl that ithy wontllll y $5511, 4I , m1tdi, ~5sHI for a cope , si lnlloteto Ie ha foir less, no' an indidutal in the lathesr ilnstance particularly, h'tving :,t the same . iime 'rxthiit-d stt isthctory prod, to several pe'.ons pre 5. sent that t(o hil it was retlI worth that 1aneny nad '55mr0e tl5'lr h i the sa illng ol' his very valaable time, he beiiSg t v t ricth manll ill poblic ott'ice. I It isliskeisre worthy o nIltie,l' indeed paoprl tot ilpll'nre: , tiLat t tLch is t1e ItIttUrt'e o fitgue Vok geInrdlly am alspl.cially wh(,l , 1 tilhe ext(enlt alnd illlatolice of t'I sta os, ihet had this book r itts like beon prepar *in the usual Im:innec s tslone, hi tile mnst ntilllletlll ealculllalor ill the wvll-hl, :m l al'lerw\.ads prinil d mu(tt t ; c:utioslly i sst I " I soV O c rell'tisn osf tI rols)l slt'ets, it worldi, .h.nt Ito It certainty, hate peen unsat` Ior re ft nl een. : l. llde l .l' t noiy 1'rice, as tle Ipreah e dul:riitll larllr tplahins. Illt so poul'ct ant va iahle hal, e the stet**, 111: oge :la(es of this .orkllbc.t'n IinIatl:. that [ o li 11clll. SI]t ,1111 n l!eii11r I. llllio .reuls anld vx(l anedll'al)1'dll· t i..anlllill:l 1i . lll[IIit tit, d I , sh," generasls ll iben i it, ti e.) :te (l y t li~sll) t sia s kept in 1 t fI t s f special n;al',., tvlc t w. hlo t Iet. i, p, ilin ha b " I tt a k iig t alti ea v ly tfink e, iit Sitet ienetnitat si 1 I--s humalylo r xtoian isit - \oiq-Zt',hrtril- n i IIIIIh h', d.. :.HI s':mlt,, iltlll I't i ih I .--lt| Li,- II(h 1ih, I f illal, . s ( il1t JItl n iilt -ti -- I It it-t -I-i -- Illil Illll:lll Iole i'l bl - -lll i I llll llllI I ' R m II i( fulC -1 .' . u ! II:I. II I, III" .1.) II .L. t 1"½ l ;t'. ·1''t \Iil"~~l- :·I. IIIll hItll . I1 I1 tri rtll. i, I i thII l h hti i ri .1- ; 1· ID I1·:I\lIl·h s IIh t'l*"!t. '.%(lI 1"11 11*:11,11 IlllshII~hH I .-h.i-~ I111I L.[l:; l 'l'q %1 ; :11 I '1 ill l( ldlll' .1 :: Ii ,hdI , ',,' ,, ,,tl . hl! i:l plin~s of he sin; p a tin bwr ' --itub afth e; bl h wtl lb :t ? I . . 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Comig Oi tlonluardthl l thate in six hour Irs.; being. days aya 17 hlurs. * ANAWAY fromi 169 C.rondolet cieirr of Illnio .I,"nrertc, on he night of 301h of Augnlt, anld wan seen:llne Il0 nloniog ill 'odros ioe, teet n Iogro boy nn03,l CItARItEN., Olloot 17 yonen of age, ntil] fee or therelbollotsin Ileiit, verv black, nod ioatn in ped Mlanter, of 0esoelo anod omn boats renetcutioned a by o , reeell Ilort;i hllt il0 whten he wootl nonv wllilde othegr PI'I oo 3 iolt c IlIoaooot inOI Of Ileo Itw will bh eelirnod iigotnt, . TnIo o'heoabovot 'it . ill r e • pnot fordolirc:ing him tinu coy of tie mils of 'itbor oI"). allldeitities or at 169 Crooodelet, courner of lleet steoct. Iolpt ontoIIPr lirm, no,, I)o & (ilrreen, hias nlonr dissolved. CTie lnhscriblr will liquidate the aflhirso Ithe enl'rllet iln this cite- nm t ! reqllir o all p.t"eon inl eb. ril to 00l'rI' ci'oilIIII tol iill'otr oqlu, ainill I otiohntebn clla-lh, to prleo t he Ii ftor teltl tlt. t'l,1. - ..... . .. . t AltitE H( ON, . V. W. S WALN. A'o. IltC(anal ikreet Aro.', Orlnrsn lA o avcnon handocontontly rt. i ,,l'uys, tnhoinl, nod I'ins,mong the, are.' F IlUGB. I)YES,. Anlimn.ony, cruld, Argots, red, tio re.olut, Aoatio,Ul Sa .Sp .A.crsei, crole, Alumll T podere, llrzilc.tte woot, Itol. rou, .Colll lelns, Amerincn, ilmato nlle, cr, Flllti, l'nmpio, do roll. lto Ciini, , do flower, In laine, Ilirm.lth, Fr.nlcl I.errlies, Caser oil, Indigo, Bengal, a r do ilaoillr. 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J1-t ireived, a.1d for salu by . mil1i RENJ. LEVY. I'.\IN ISTIT , iauthor. . ye T its I /olnlhi n cbnrilrsrtro gneralr y nappilrnle t,. tle \herilitis of Nerlli Amnerleu, by (r Tomner, Eq, 7T'e Polhii/ feOGramnmr, of the U'niter Stlate, or lht e " inc nl. audngrle. ftee i ue;,.'m tnnil f*l i hoydarn SIah .er ,wlitli the r,.htious he,.n lll+ty tniiteel totie )nilg ien iti •IeLtlcle i,,ol's Il'einL, lilui. hter. rsptr with l chaacter Mir ea,,rý ub',, la, iiyil and inginolnnetiin oooll -. in u-llhJilff / IOin, eq flhrrs I'l'r r.iupal eruk rh[.rs ofIl'lllanl ] :i.,l unltelts, nmi egeeral iInd e of names,l ,rrf!il i.r Kig'sr Evil, Chromniec Ithesmntien, Clhroni c ( amitmitol, t lD)i.- Pains it* thin a .es*hny f.le the l tlrl heinig inll vilate sta n rcll. 'l'his very cuonc.ntrated Syrutp is plrepared with th crlem,/ tpurinwenticulll .retnfu l t neurnIl.ey,and eoutlaiL Ihe utivc pril, or Sarsparllra in thle" moa tonce . 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P)INNOC' 's I[I'ItOVED EDITION OF DR +(;hlllldih's Abrl'lgll cnt of the 1 t y of Ituoue to whieh is i-.etiXedI an Introduction t theo I Sthlu a Iollon Ilite llv tilli great vtietly ofl y talo le. inRn onlation ldlt lronitointtlhn work, on ti Mnuarlrltn Iln~tittii~tlll.Uls d Atilt( inite of tieo lutwilo tmhtic ; and te Jusltr v a slll hitm'a] Notes" nW n tPlEAN filn- exm alionllltiollie end of mclc a ocli'tmi. II. Insruted O .it thllirlyeurgrait~i on wani, by Atlernwi ItINoCi.'s II.rIoveId i l Edition o l r Golsnith' Iiso try of 1Ei ld liontiln tie laon n of Julius Camnr to thle deol ll't I;o ig id, witlh I Contiftmtionl to tile yeT 12:'1. \V'il Wh lletion lihr eXlltrl ation tt Ite etl id e leh s Yctiolh I siles a varitty of va lllable infirnS toi, added tlltriulttit tlhe work. Consisling of table of oullrilpnras" S.overeigln owld eminent n xerusle Sel'i-tos explnaoitry yomlies. Itotark. o the poll tics, illltltier-s a literutire of itle ogei. A. ontlite tlt . t'm.itotilli, o. &c. . llustrited by many engrl (muon EsPiFrs l F r At'r.RUIOMtmrlatI an Apridlgme' otf liKt-it' New lTreatise oil tle IlDse of Gilobes. NeU Aeiii'iuan ,iiiitil,, wiith additiions IaIIiliprovolteqtl ant utll exltflltlolfltheo ,IttrotoulIcal part uf tte AI rican tllllllmlce, i tlt received aull for otle by WVM M'KEKAN 0o0 2' corer ul Camnp andl Comlnon st IIAIIPEICS CI.ASSICAL LIBRARY. i L OltACLE, triranla tod Iy Phillip Prancis, ) D, witl . .J all1 apiiendix, coUlllltnitg trauslatiotIs of vTrioel oids, &c. by ltlo Joton, (Courwey, Milih,, Drvdtu IPope Adisoull, Sw'ilt Uthittetoll, i WVllkotieid, inr.tua rylln, &. 1auii d SOlmit i of 1ti0 wotI olliei tpoets of lit led t1)1rst2w, ih,.v t ,,tt illpit 2 V a Il 2rrn di t v tliumul; nd I"J ,d'-illrplt's htsuiiO ui litl r.rv Tl'h, I Pl : hetltitl of. IIU,IIIlIIY CL.INKER, by SiUIIttt Il I)ul, with , mmoir ofltIhi Auttr,,, Iby i'rhmL ,l, Ilticoe, Esq. Iiw edIitiont, witlm iluolrtlollos, by Gie '1'111: .IPiY; 'Plieby tilunnlttithor of L.Riblenr I lMary oil! urguui,i," &o., taw editiut.,. 2 uulie .mnpl di u ont'. P'AU. LIlFORI);vy thua nltmr of "IP|ltif ,. t'l.:ie. ti rd," ' o, hOceit vollille IV iII te ltwid' en i IIOIt':I I'.e.SCoiplua1" 'oeku. JuaOro.i.ed of sole , WMI iKLKIo4 3 1 iACON SLUES--36 eakn Ciinnnri my `n . Llaoli,lil, fruim 1'Ic -t uluulot Erln., slu Imn t ll..i. iJoYGEUT , IIAlwr

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