Newspaper of True American, March 19, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated March 19, 1839 Page 4
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4 .t i f 5` MA~rSTýºAD t-it' 15lynr ih'rnjrl 1 Zt, l. (8 Vi. 3 C Atr til,'u tfir, ton i '- . :1.ýr_.,, ~ ~ : Til Lotdoii~da Shae I·'I mtiil CºRal'v'ýaio. ki B~cg~hurl,,y Tub aiyi11 Che~ni~try P -14111 Igaiiii, AND Aoi rrrfii i . 1, ·illrls:~lloi Anti aso~inrý. till ln0 111'' h :.·.rr ul' nl Lp( utidnrry, lllluy ' L Ielo r . J - tui 'A a11 I. iitioI 1>' 1 i . 'v R E i i3;i ri ti; o I - ikkh tý J f-d t rilter Arehitictll, l.ondii dD` reh d_. tch"llll, 3 v ol., Lnndadn r u."E A; uhitechtrelln 'l'realold s Carpenltr.. Get nl ?hnia1 Filois, Lnui.. d::e Ill)Whalnotioi Txllrs t MiaCF.Lt.AV nn,'a P e Aroe'ncn Bingral,ý,y, 9 tolq e douie Iiu~tia0l~ hiiela. fri'iitie oi ladba Extteinr, iuid fiE and ii . c I ii Ih lernari tCal o-i es oil Lite ur ll I3ittg Pittl iti- f uico teri liiir, iiii ri ii ii i 111.1 in t iuo l l "8hkde rt a nd plnn, Iln. by I'rerpri ,tt. ,tots fi lialp ere,'eptlhl rlid edtion i vulll, Rl~ln ýullaeediscisi 1, h iirtu.i,,f Il.,, ec c gun of dilciloi n a 13L ,;,No ')iefojlltr rer, (luilt ,r Engli si nnl , 'Crsnnsll, Latin and Greek, rc "OI\ Charles andl Cam,,, nn t-. RG1A\r TO.\Ir .\i1\''L'[II;, For Lnrilrdii and cirelo. ii r ii rri r n .iiiioof ET will rui nil o iiii u vereiiu¶ Iti riui a ttu e 'I'if it il-u x lure in Po prin, In th, urr li fe,,'o rr tr eatin g the rofrr and ui the first iluluort bii~ u Veiui table xtutctr iind f iree iroiiiii a iri Ii. I ty evenirhi tor, tendeir Iuu rn or nerd il;\ litl. It e,. n; I fiof e noon rug inii ts ".uaile d turl anal netiuitl. Ituuuiiu liahll a aounl and Ipnru nanrn ofu; -elite, r v inci matins the n laah,aed aivrs t, relisll to the Ienj! I tents of il-tc. Being g pu t ituliar i ai ng u liii ltv II q iu i t u i ninl 0 rotiut Ile b o flJi i wed o. liii ii other disr ., but riurno141y r l uan n ithe l (orI ganv of diesti ii,, n DI JIui Inr l enei ts I'ui ui o, ii Loiit t whatever el r llr tioh.e opprI ibidd.i Individuals, anre,00 ih HIP ii s I it foh r ai heen e 00.ed 't h a ll the ii c iair I iicnse and have erillcnl Lll S'y sy lllllS ll181 1 . 11: rrll·I.n . whern b the usetauf ctile A eth eoot ,ic t . -, tare" , nlwny. cm teaR an in'renIPWd liability to . of frequent relaps'es of the CP i ~l. ·~il.n, n hie nvslten will snow h,.,.,,, Inn n,,,,. pena l, arlile to) be ab~le to renct i wi rdvnr n ýr,^iy il c tiro tosch i h I 'ii i i i Offerle at such a ro ('isoooo billiiiiier l lpii hlit the reach ,,f evlau I. one'- u It i,, p..., anal d.": titnrc are hereby furnihe d w\ith nasisln;lu ilrr,',ii l El liritinfi the aid'and atlctnlo lrr which ,s llr li-gq I·11? dciied to them,. or ralso very ref ,etnt~lv isn J l'lle publlic rt .nrr t r an n..,Iagr lt arep rinua ~l~itnittiuns f hs ( eii,,, lii aedalyotee Laboratory, f nlrrll strrrel Ph ilallllrhin.l l T~he slnllacnle,,,, , th olsln C,,ta fr a Slothi \Ventrrn state., nnl Waill sell by the res, at. l the P'hiladlelphia prirces. '',b ulnt rti ,sa .nnstofth~e Apothecaries in tit: city· 1100 \I,,, r ,le )rurEi~ts eart rl Camara,, l& 'I·Iel1)/ atnllns laalN~;;ln;i nr,.l r ...~--. -- lT- -. nov'O ear Conlln S Ten:::nnn ilas Missssaippi and I.t sinns lotel, envtItRTN. LA RS. MARY KIRI(LAND respectfally an. nounces to her friends and the public gene. ally that she is prepared to accommodate them at hen'bov establishmenct, and hopes fron her exertions to render visitors comfortable, to receive 4 continuance of fortmer favors. She feels confi. dent that persons visiting Covitgton during the ummer months, cannot find better accomnlloddationll than she can afford them, on eore liberal terms. Her house is pleasantly situated, and well supplied with every convenience; the bar is firnished with the most choice liquors, &c. il short, sie promises ieat nothing shall be wanting on her paort to give "a utirs satisfaetion to all whto imay patronize the Tliaiasippi and Louisiana Hlotel. je3 C I-O'SHtlE-iP LIC.-- tiz undnrsi,,ncd, tavig 1studied under )Dr. Scl.inidt of Chanrleston, South Carolina, and bor some years his assistant in the practice of medicine and surgery, has tue honor to offer his professional services in this city. Ho assures the ladies and gentlemen that the most prompt attention will be paid to the calls which may be made; and also offers his services to the holders of slaves, being well acquainted with tihe dliseases coinmon to then, having attended them in -'lhe sugar house in Chalrlston. The famous anti.bilious pills fter the composition of Professor Smollette, nith directions, can be had ot the undersigned. The effect which they have produced in this and other cities, has been attended with the greatest success, to which the best of references can be given. Apply at No. 166 lsgao. nine street. JNO. M'LORING. SjiLOW WARE, WlOD SCIREWS, S:il) IRONS, &c. 1THE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near lookmani street, New York, have received the past season, and are constantly rdceiving large and cxtensive additions to the stock of the above goods, which now consists of the *llowing assortment, suitable for the southern and westerl markets. Hollbw ware of superior quality, consisting of about 151)0 tots, viz, Pots of 22 different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, fro'n 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sieds, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, • Bakepans or Ovens, 7 different sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 . do Skillets, . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spidors, 2 do Oriddles, . . 4 do .Fire Dogs, 6 do Wag.onboxes from 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screwis, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from ":8 inch, Ne. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality and finish, .and less titan Janme's imported Sprices. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for retailing. Tailor's and hattor's Irons, assorted. Sash weights, 100 tons; assorted from 1 4-4 to M0lbs. Bells for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &e. mande to order, Alss 'teambeats and otherz-machinery made to 'order. The aloves assortment of goods is particularly recommended to the attention of Southern and Western merchlants, and are o'offered for sale at low prices, and upon the. most liberal termns; it is be. lieved to be the largest and best assortment ever tifered for sale by anyi one establishment in the Umted States. Merchants, by forwarding a request by mail, can harp a pritn'ed circular, with description of eoods. prices andternms, -oen tinch no doviatnoin is ever made, furnished by return of mail. All orders will rnecive immediate atttention. New York, 1838. Iy3 NO MEUrUUr NOR PAIVA . . ew ru( l i ifs.lI, No .1. 1. 17, A BOIL'T six umllfth ago t I e 1hl .ro et 1a stcret di-ease, fr.t hic I have alplid ito s eel dctors for t cure, ,ntl tl e, didi lint ieneI' innne 'nn o on tle above date I put yi.-elf mt irti: .rcit ltn I)o(!'nnint lHut, and I expees him to tIreai ine. eiite iat time the diseae got worse, sot as ito brh k ot ill larn n I ce rs uo eui nuimber oif pix or eight on ea It len, nn all over sylace, aend sure thrunt, annd Ila intnhitI wor.k at Ie I., preveI ilnt o nin account dl' tie disea; In large ,ler nn 'the right side ofi tie tiroate I antl .n . ruttlng tlnystlfi eonfidently undertlh care of Dr. 1r, r"f e rtiri, to be perfectly dured Jl1IN DEASN. fet14 I . DO0 C.RTIFY ithat thel abilve mnet lnlttinn In]sense it 1 quite well cunrd to liy Owni satifantlint, for wthib I I titank Ilr. llunt; and mnorever I assere that tl me. i cite I have taken nmankes ie lit, ant lid nuit ininre tnt , nealth at all; therefore I advise it)r f Innw ro 1 oseno timeaund apply' to ier A. Ilnct, 1i1 Canal strees, between Dt)ltllunte'and Ilourboin streets. lir. Hute is at hinus rlenoi 9 n'loteh,n A l, itoil 4 i'.l, l" They will find a true doctor ifor this complaint . JOHIN I)EAN,0ii (triue stic tree If any one wants toaee te, call at N,. III (ltuevit ' JOIIN 10AN, n New Orleans. Feb I,18rsB. Jo In Is ' kIno mosnine sdanilanstc ui t'ieninttnn curin .lhound, is put nt ihibotties at the low ipriee oe' 5 ionts strength of thlre onlltlns o,, Lieivwnrt, hesi eths tle irtes ft iserl ohlern olhtr ond i .Jshsherb known o'smhglthelJnditnsa lCliefinaciious ltn trng oulmonarl com l elaints. 'has u rivalled success whichl has natcnlended thee ,of this inertnabhle Hiltllle wherever i hias btur iintloi filned has nbhtaied the oonfidllce and eolnilnaidn slona eflespectahle plivyicians for the core of rogwhs, elmlb pain in the side; want of rest, sIiinir itio blood, livrermnplaim;ntie. To wknm it iiy concern. 'Th'lis is ton certi tht we aes In u rpaetise freqentlyl prescribl M'rs uard s .r's ldtliiosBalsnm f.iverwnrt a d Ihrhnnrltnd, witl a.dtidiit gi effect': we call thierefhre, fioelt tlhe know lelge of lsle manieriala it is male front, ad r-I hselr, to andLe slrltlCsee, rcenltetsnd it as a Seullllerii- preparation rlllithoDle talioitns of thle Illugs lre whitch it is re nsiwpd. s . AI.IWRl' Wii.LI A IS, :1. D. . CAIVIN EI.IS ei. uiD. "-" nbea oflhn BIstolln Medical Association. Aesea., Oriet 45. sushdeb J.RVIS & ANlnDREWS,'. " i i I 19 , (;u u in- tl I I'hliteitila ste OLD.AiL''Science ofI'onnanaehip received,and rr¶ U for 4aIOct their prnonno t Vrirtm AraIntniiee No8 'S Ctreaa srieet, Nrn Orloans, 1 Itva Braidway Nw York, IDa.phlne et., Mrihir, t it particularlydo.aiaE~wd flr private Ipaiers. and Schoacls, and ia-eaJrttnted f.r perwtts onII are. Ladien no4 enr ainn, are inr;ted trall and examine the ymleen it theroselv-l lerernee 'lre "i.rrn-et n "ch l',,ter, ool rayovnit thr e,,eouietee tal, anhd iv clatiee frmed iii toy part of'ttw siiyr· lr d 7 utte pro or ircan rocair 'eaonsfit thrir own re o ottern.lý ,' t '. v rp '.r t 'F. a, a TAX BROT11sa rlr li. • trf a .lj w ' ic l , 1.iss :* esl. vtm-t-ei; i" Jetry ArrdeeaeEe rio s lIi, lne ted Bullj, 9stan, td ti, s ddhhtwwllesirtsaos bLehher sihdo'dher trrollhsi Uessl· Re's :'slstS Ponker, Boraesion'o.; oud.Dirrlling Pi.tde;i 4ulde arl C sinole hrrelird oan( Game Blidga; Shot Helt.; Powdetr and Pistol flasks: .)ean Bottle and Drlnkinh Cu(ps Pemru eaonCaip and Cap I-Itoldehi CltIh, Flair, fret.; and faiil BHeaolms Orris and Chloride Tooth Wasih P'asith Powder;-Toilet and. Shaving Soota, in grant vit seer Inopb Hbar Betide, Rliglets and lI'elozetres'enre sod tinier Poderede Rnowe' Btagt;h'loae Tub Cuol teat Patent " otea or GarterS; Gum Rlatie :Stts redersi Powder Plutet'ntd blnoxts; Gilt Chains, Setll andt ICKes: Ear-drops,; W\ it Bur klat; Rraeelnt't; liead Neckla'ces aod Chains; Git and Siivtered Belds;r Inrlian Iest, ds Bells andil Plnttsoi Sh al Tawit: Side antl T)resitin Cnt s; t he h.inl lladitiote to ttelirtr r e tnek' it r ion and make tlheir n nortlnr at very enltplettt, aitl wll lhe selt i er c ol en liberal terms, 'et ~t t ini, ci. of the (ol letn I omb -, i2m -ti 70 Chartres sttrl't. rit 1er s 'trtieri rs, Acents ft.r t rtt 'tive hnt e o V . .ri rtah.lic et torl, Eftelttont, have jls r ieeelve It very exrn rt.e e net of er ot. l s lst n or .ae Tab le n ed les ;rt K itve of s " o -'" doclri etin l C om n, I Pocket, l)ilk, nd Slpear point neives; o It neL , A .to tor, E P"r' onl , .eg &c. w k tehrey l lhey llr prettent a o rixhl It n i e t r Ite Ot i rder. ttrtumlFlnl Cdt on.litme per ship ll tn vsilne, Eag ,le, M aen, Atnd. e , h -nder, Frenn'cnhd , -rmes f h the leerl pin : iln, card: S itu h.l l tlelai 't ll k t p tleie ; int rill .o t.ale sla ucIe caps O ttt leaute0r7, coilt.entr ea, te..t atd . c tl'e ntit's tmt I itret ;d ne tilenr ti te at. ie t ;l. nc; Violin ( str in ; shell, ivory' ds horc' n ,h~b w~1 x'ti.s ak head a.I e'.mhcr in ' nt e Ma ir hrait , frn, s:d gel' ringlets; I .egl'l p i (;a 1lllt l t lllll a imt ac ch a olnglle w, te., xlahds ntlrele te..ial a! i imilna t ri d i e at aebl ears t il;a lrti:lllr desk, an d i'es. lO elses; i l t :b lit tit tekr; st it. Ihiu a lt i st acr klcn-; I 'tcfn lmrr ; Ipc - "a gl ses a.d vie 3s ltdan hti tilse 1 el i l e et ps t ctX.l"lt'ot n; whit'., e'in('; toilet anI shining snaps t. ilet towder, eNsinttie wash hall.; sel ,s' id Cal e.oSint;' SI lAL stand; retew lhiotsa. ; I,'e • i s a i ,na ,e ncek res; a illhr wd u :all,; of - I;Ckr l and dwallet .'e l i C.cel lllhil n |tellt..i rlZ, l ; ll)L - ill, RII r aps; fn`, 11 Idn a g mi at tst t s it He.11d ' ar rS to l llsh ItttllttCea ts;sil at let. pnc ils;I a l tts,', Sc. Ir.e i The hk ove iaelditio to oul r ormer stt ek ot f raer Is artile s, nlakes ollr :telllnellt t v eu pur ,lctn t 1 ,or s:le whAlolcwde or retail; as the signt of he (ivlds Clomb, 7., ta- Ctnattit ' CS l trer e,5.. 1 , of "w (titinut- laa..c I-t r'tia&tt., tft lI e hOars , Kelhe &x r n.o. f ittly , wu t d-,l 0 ed tIl tot ith listc ol e l' e t the t h t otSa l t et ' Mta s 1n o 'thr letriners 00 ilie , Nivs . aThle neri t ler, "iri.i l arteriitt will h, i'rtd citt e It vri ty .tdloi sh i xoles, i0r 1 3a my, I evC l rtt lik, itlll aiitend althe th t iti r li a ei. o 3 o.tlt , tlarri& a lcan.:it Naa e nde lnrri- el Ae i ers cl.haira . Ia Iteos tit s e te feaa. l a l t Ie oiltline l'the nk ilii^t nt 'Kt lle , c a - null ,a t 'o. il Io t= , )rlte n. TI e n.nms of thl e r ell, t i e il llri s wI c i g ilvllh tlili hll Aioi lli-el ed Lr! i f Glovelit dinsad irs Orrl n/tuer ily 1e 1u.111d I 'lt o tt e t inthta eat .ied r , l 't er enr ll w i, ttirehlom Its Ill a. I t rli cll I ar ea, e le i tre , plt. ilve, h carvil litr t it l lt asIe r ell o t rife ll w olrll r ilall ,'I "1 t' II \RIIIl , I eatlowr lnren, &7ie,7 1: I37 N Iti I a .tl'l lta' i il .lii'. " e : w vrll Io Ic h 'eiert, rllirc oI t it lt, ('oelil ilse, iatt'r . at brrh tia l Et sa rod lia - i re It, csolal lndiee bhl l i., i I Alnn .ole lul and Ut"t' "I let I}w'l'A i ntiel n it , ilk a it ey e tr lrt arei • ol hi cr cl r sl' n out ] , k hat h oy Lrte's eet tta , h an ir il a ao lt S lres3 " il sl ts, h 31 rnrille< ten[' lie r ' .ce ,it aI hl 0 sel li ti r tit', Chllo rie '... I" r, ( i o t , < nte, l t i , tit olh, ai l and a lt sh !art i het : -thei r i illt p. nn L hlitioel .pplty o. sittahirnahhit horntmid s lr:. •I ot i nsll d jp el. e br .a Ii.ra Iot lli N lhstn'ntlo .- re t il at by "' t1t\IO tS, II.s i lI'T &l ol i COAL-'reI .u " e,, L ctu l,,,, ,;-c. ,- ;,+i-,,,.+' o 'nI bulk. ofIur , uperiorl ui'tn ic, which Ihey offere for IS sale in lots in stilt pturchasi"rs d land and the Norllh, Cannlel, Lehigh and Tench ,oll tlin CI)[I] i roken and ncreIele put 1 in ve they will dhspo se nf ot the Imot imoderate IermIIls. taOrd( rs left Iat their oluire, No. 53,' 13ienv ille it tip stairs, will be prompl )lly .lllltthc.d to. f eeI 3 " Ii.o &, & A .II" U l',. I ( f OIII lU IColn 1 teen, elll ueyllnltrI L,--A. s ,hnlllli ( nrticle of eoh,.gne,, put u ) expressly for ]it) rtll, ri ng every variety for the mlol,, f~r sd. f t ad I oc. corner Cnnnl lnl, Chnrtrrc ,t SBower water, powder pul li and bh t=, k', A h,~it If RIIN ot i)FS-Th e suhlsecer s l ave p rocuared is, at a great exai nie tile right oft Itutni, on routs In Iles citly They are adopied to p bl'he bu'ltaltge, ttarrelrtoutsee, and privat e de t ellar 'trar combline at o ce cheapnress and dlura[)lltll , i ll are perhtc:tl) lire and water prouf. 'Tre s irler I e kiirnlt n,tl mt I odel seen at ta1 t' establlshmentei 'pposite Sr. lary'sa m erkt,' rT llapitonlas st . act2 E It C(()i1\\ Eil & Co UPiiOLST''EIRY &I'APEIRt IIANGINi' S'ToIRI. Ilenry t ebrecht, (htrinerlyr J. C. i\\'cki s & C,.) wi ould nlest leSpe trtr llrt Itltettn l his irtendt and tm e ip ta llr Ir t .r c eral, that he has and is conlstnrllt. or ly feelvill a rr eli trsOllrne t or Ilspholstery ad rt at r hltteIIt. " be fll Il llr c llolrlnp c s I'artt ills stolk, which lie of*ers fur sale at wt*hnll or sale or retainSl'n ithe at ol acoE mmln ud lti lelnlF. Frencr h velvet and satin paper, latesr style; do to haill eioltco and common, Piladelphia glahzed and unglazed do do, t French landscapes, lire boards, linde, &c. do velvet and worsted do do, I qualities, palltrti and prictrs, wonreted rntrg s a's fo srted pattern. plain d a olorrd. S. aitt i.a usltn, latest style plain and eolouaedl, roton dlac-r: S Inulllllnsp!ain and willeds a cs- rc a r , d i styleol needle work for sofa ehallit ls, ~ootsioul covers, e itew stttleot bell pullers, ra:si liiures and dalum, gilt WlndlwV cu l n ,ments 1 all pa11erni r and izes, gilt eagles batal nodsl spaoars , I 0 ls, oe, gla'ss nullbs, ' asiersl hair (al. r 1 , li I llell all [lina, n larue assortment of iced f r -he Jrlllen; luret sIl! cold and Itnss s, worst) d corl ai d tua. s ' , t general I . rt llll lit of ir lltl l el l l I1 Iper r hahl~ltU s, onsL.taillyV mnl I I fI le at the' lowtst practs at Nans 41 Royal anud ta4 Cu-toet N --pierson in I ciSty oI r fIo1a the eCllOllltr 'I a re repecl lli invllved o nlll errid 'ex Inte for eriselven. (':erpes and clarrains made il Ihe I la Ir l fst m rn le s'viel, ratma Iprepanredi nt Illu s ar ast loity. n.ed all hinlds o uplluldentery etrrk tdonle with ieatess iandl t :iespattch. art L. `EScot I,, .Na 3 Co. de st .r t, i ,elen Di uanlilll d a t Philhp, t keer s t onsC u tlr lllr v ol h ld till , ten-ive e.nsrten t oa l at aia d rll o lln( h , ", Ihoe, a"f NewY Yrk nrntactctlllurle rie lllen. w tlll aill c tlldrel ill till rnles, wl ih lie will dI sposu iu aiit lery r,lodi er'a e r~llr I Fanlhes ti his t, q iuatance on sendily an order will havt, ' rher nwilshes attended to o CLS E(;()IIt ltltAil ESe -- m,: I ) .'x15 N z S. N. I E ntitle frcIc lsons Irflca loe t Icr i nrc sst by the te l of . ih, th r s htfal, r i ienu tin ' tiar' Ear 'T'runl pt this .hletion is ltirelt . v ,viated. TlI Lavingl used i, '&l',,li p t. F rt, il, l,. . . 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LalitaI i.,aif , in nh.rin r r rIenerr saile n by * 3 COc ";.I' s HA'A Tell SN, i; ftlvieY, 5, O.K.:.. BINIfERV. . 17c ratio. d ndPiuoviinOffe? Caeire. BtliONESFA? & flOWSON beg Iese. to intfrm I i ncl the puilc geneT.ill~,tenl I ,Py have retmveei their estaitlehtncc to u Nt.. 1° onlp street, iullnediarely under the office of'the r iroavone--where thley are prepared. io execute all or ,,rs in theire lr,. Ilttinttt reteived Frt i the Nlorth a.seuply oef p. per nnd mtleria's of t supenri qualihty, fir the lmanulacttre of lltltk lio'ksn, tlu'y offer ltheir ser vices .i merehants and oitei%, ilte maty wish work rl ofLnl thtind; nd h;,viu thte tdvangtte of se tveral a ulrs's epxp rtene It tihat lille they I re oi c nlldentl of sat.iSfcItill i tohose who Ulm y fver thn wht h thuir et tla . .or i tollrles, nrchitects tnd 'ithers, umaps and Iphuln wsill be past.,d onIl hnltn. Vatrlli-hed and u Illlled iI tIlle o tIol os illintrt , Sl at thoe .htrtes l II Io'iCo. Plain andt fanc y hindlin, in all i, varieties o.. l' ClHI 1 tal & E lllill'N wat\libIouluIE lit ( tiatrres st reet, New eirleaot. I IT.\. SII'G''ANT & Ct. tetirtiers ot French noll, I Enl:sh China aind larthen wtre'. aree Io opellin illnw nad rich I atterns of I reaklfaset, ,I ring and i{'a serviie2: til:t sc2:, penchems, ten ni c l e c'lp o s s sp U.s . L ur s t:H? cr IIIs, b)o 'll.+.a, I latei , dit , tttre. l ol.s ,asl bi1 11 't I o L t t it' tie to hi I te'.luie. Ic 1R. e l cu, nd i hlan IFre'ln ch allnd Al rruela u g.hl+.* / wailll lr,-2+leF I1(ls, trlattpll nvs nr·I iilltcltl':, Irdlt..s 1 l i e is t 'tires e tlreat e \ i l, Ie ilta h l . . tllp shade anld , mInlll e $sh) :or, sal~tL null, Ie. 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Merha~i ts, pilt , l e .th ]ii , ] rnit s , m. b nI I 'I , ul rni shed w1,;11 ( dl ris at te mIo;st lea ti'tttttt Ilac it on blh, iri es al i i llue as as to be e Illt-o S will sa l ty t I l pirl ol tie Iun ry.i l l = .- s,. nothe,,.:rie ,L~,s.' .'s .are. no\2 T l' L.I I "IOt)RIIDA LINTI .' . u rn i ;I! ~lock pi UI.I: I~llr C perU i~lni* l),ll forlet e l'e tt ndlnl , lboie lOa l --it ti cti fotilr litp t tla hel t i,'io P t a I-- lt llll l I ,' Logr ineI %hero the la It tn lle isr'e steltn l -tha e tiee nvia Mula'tuna and Brw'nslsvlth, ]"h,. II.unb~ridge, rel villl .tI o ugu mlRi~ (.PIt 'il dnle l rel2ul!ntlly w\ Il h iet r,,.l r e't ear' lte Ph s u tin d the etot i ; l et e's rle Ntin YoIkti Nerflu i ketle, e t I ~ t .li, t et. ' e unv t i titi[ lre Len ts he raru e sen tha ca Vile I t l i-. IIt Pi li'l 111 1 rI 'gtilae. .' i o'ii'eetlllten te Ion tlllupon l nt sti ln l iiubu t rii l ln ii ll t ith. ern regim,. ' iro uted by ti e osi trI c tit e oti I f ilv ll l. (lil , a tv , e aI ' u, an att a I ~ ' , il e I i "U U n liigm's eler on th,+ Chat , !. rhs uwvttt',Vror, or 14l abovuCedll~r I~ltff S ittit s . tu e eti t li,, e t.ti rll , rr,, v I.; lh, inu, o venlenlt cros\ slenlz ati Ile i cll ' t it t a u ir ' i l t avtolie id, t u ltd l lle ro lice troim 1 tlal ain 1 "11 t t n ii rtl ti, i nstlt'd or thle rnlll lb3 lut I rt d vI i l itta1 he,t, lesselittt t t hedtc lilt ci i II ll I , r u, milsl, a .ld l n ret.aIng t1he fal lthtes anure, thla;I 0 i o tI A ta. I t l.,r n h I L I *i otl r a , vx ... 1 ,%' l ........ l] ~.. .a) r;',, 1...,, i a. e onnc Iitig olth tie i lll t iro eavan lh t l l d Darien ' l te'. I tb l l sttiantlta e i' hes regularly elwci e BaIhbrilr ni d Apalachi'O n, Tray ,hI r+. \wishig . rn i r ei iv eal t o an I elahll ch er I Ir A lall, c ater bii e at Ptleitsa c h l - l 1itll Il'ou ' e--l I)urling t he Ilet a~ 11 c littel iii'L hub Ilii C Ot t Illitllt i tt III III1 1 thi e occupied bt itle ru i r lf i- I be ,' ho trt r . nt, s o, th, I ari h ida hate '.', l run a hl.e'Inc o .f,, 'h oI+r.e p,,st ecoaches every mlher day betwect u 10 in e''tet e tt b i tl t 11111 11 it i ' iii Li bteadP linte lltheit ii ss enulit ii le:,vi ,·iti at 3 ],c , l it II 1 i " h tllt l ] ' i i' jtes' i tttllt] I[' L lll'' min , whein e R t hr re liach wi lll ill tlll i to Si m ta t e eiil e e mar (e iir. ' I ~l~rt lla, 1 nml o dtiaIronsltt re tovr Illf in ,) v~ ulslrlll:*' [. :lee o rlll illg t4)l er l 1119 11t-- lt, l' l itrs i lt IorlliI thetyv t ill t reitd tin ,c rl Ii "he i .l.l r he s Viic r e d ila ci t tIll lll r o li ( Oin lr n tor ilhe Mallison liuse, 31 )leile, and Col. e rlin. llrtl ahcl'-eiehn'llll SI leneililleeetel l"lto to. or- a W, [ \Villiau 1 l ISan ti l te derl his+ ser'i'le 1tothe dI , i- zes a t ot N ;e Ocitleae:s is r 1L itnllea i) I a h cptlee, haiti cc I1.3 efil)CRituett t'ITiclioytt lip Flllitti'. T Iore. Mrt bl inu bte n 'mpelan d s,",'erti ;ear' I s a n t eacher oll l siLcl privatle nlll pe e i ll fc asn - d alout .,vera ol ulthe female Sceln l It e nilo rfI'llll ut l ttl rein i ui tlr 'll t lt 'Itie 'l tet l'ie cleel e ti m tinlly c eareape LeTnt lib t t le oelei is neii lled t en l et' c la t a ..v I ( , hlts, ee trier 3 A . h e 'y , e lp uers n i . (n n e F.or lteri1, Ae plese neaei l at t'i e btiii .sor, e in Alexander Twer, .1e (3 nllh]leei lt :.= D,.gs ad .1lrd,'rme,-. i l| J I" Piti va t lttlltneh tttl il lo it-t1 ii eth i lilee ir ;Ihel li .. tit o u io t lr ctli t n ic'tecil \ e'h tlese CllpI·ru. IR'll's i l ieI ~ wXleltl) RITl lulllrP I IB ) l .lll lll . ,)eteledi ttltu tiljttctitee fllh, \hltih' hllceitl Itet iii chro tl ltehtert'le~u te iiiiteljttt'oeetyldua,_. iii' Pehdt,)e tilt hue tc t ni l, u "rlit if l tItorle iv , d, t uIlp uai ei e cii. n 'i rec(t lle l r r ",iv tttiti Ih teen i t...... tteya i..... n dto di ded . eiur incn( -ieaciu al,. n es. - . . i Tn str !). erihe -llm ee lSt bus tne s h. 11. sth I+ ! itr llor t in si e ns. l£ r V lh J |+ l( tl l lUirrv "n t iter httlletunlohli s of t n io i end r iller Sal.e ill " tiet on atleeld a lendtd to r THvolmnb+ rvber accord s to thubodlh of Ptherbe 'Ienun toftle etsiI ta ineareu ea onen. tnynlecee tutwnco vitmeittt I tie emit ad lien mit u SLariton Laeiftloi coelred lip croisdinf " C ~ ll{o,,,t.ed Relprts. n This work is now int preparation byv J. Bur'ton IHarrison, Es:sl, of this city, assisted by" \illua~n F:. ]}rant!, Esq. The Editor is also permitted !,y a di..tinguished retired Judge ,Jf the Supre~me Caurt, and by one of the fitting Judges to txi et from e thle r p~ersonall sulpervisiou RlI ti a' vau taV; g~te whlich mnay natutrally be reape frm ton theoir expe'ience. Suchl a wo+rk is becomlinlg every day mlotl+ nie. cessary, as tihe origina~l i'< votlu linouts, expeun.ive, and scaruc. An incer+asing curiosity too is neani fbst, in the other States of tho Union, in reteroece to the p+'enhar jurisprudence o" L~ouisiana; and the c ire ~tatnce o]' the nm lllerouls prltcletst+ herr+ des acided in thu adjusl merit of conflicts of hla s, makes the knowledge ofl our adjudged eases of" primo uti. lity to the jurists of th~e whole+ Union. .Mlreover,, thle rising trlublhhco|" Trexas hatl adopinI outr (.itodb ,'Ilt] thut. tlhere is a roa dam uht1 l-l for thel Loultianil decisio~ns frorm a f're-shl ruarter, rCOnlveui{eut llotC., iniheating the )arall]],, a eisu Sdecided in Loulisiana, and oc'easionally thoase IIn the illore aultloritaltive |tormuts of the ohlar NStates, W+I. ne added to each ease. The work vwill |t)rml fotr voltlmte<, ryal <ortvo. a :nd will ho dluhvered, hound, to subscr.h,,rs at ,.6 per vul.; ill caise it tshotl l hle. |found prlm c belt;!J tt c onmpress it ittto ihree v'olumesl. the p'io+ to a 1o Icr'm xrhe. will he ,'+7 per eel. S.usripthons received Iby W1V1 '.1 K I,',A N, i i,, car Campl|, and C.onllltma atS. ,11: }' I ire - t h a 0 l (lratvd, .: ;iil ihm F o th ir , ,'au Io t,,,k m ho ,l olll and compeIa t I, a.(oroalm t of rl'atl I, i a h I i' ,ad"; ii I co bs, lperfcl'n, ry, J aewe tl ll 1 aushes, Iarla agla -s,, (l 1)a a la-l-tort,,aaaaalola rl,, aa I a allaaf I""' . t alaal l'rla a tallaa laa ,aaa ,ra-i', ra il, aaoaad , "a t 11na l nr kI Ilt.,zihar ,'oaths of - r,] de{' l i tionl lltll t r'ltt'slj l wIhIch (:]ill r le ,,, puters loo)Ti",s a ,'rIyrlllrl Il l ti ' IS Ol \" " .r d . catrio n, i1na 1 o tdlo . 1l41 r) enud '"l',h e n-l.r : t , laa t a o'l I -a rtlanatla ol' ra Ia l;aI .NAl I a .'', a . t:ri lln . Ctllll ith nittl t 'l'ell:i p .f Iu nr l lf - , Ae Ulanv soau.s o n cJ 11-1h2 i Mo h so Is do ,l l l", , 11 I totlrl e Icre nl so ,o, \:.\i'a 's~ "~e l l li I" ( aa s l" w 's a it( a --'-(aa pa aiaaaa;+ hndlle t Aih'rr,ic , n r p lue , r, p lle ih n itor fm- l . ,), p boxnt in pots anl rol korins, chlorie tooth wa sh Intll e[PJks,, ee lilltlh it graci- tln lillrl ns Irltie I of JeIo l'- some oI tha it i tl ,t l ili o i tI,loia - ia t h Id i lle, ' ilterh laa lllla ll illa . al a t'il nia t ; a la d a 'l'o Bl t'r fi illi -ll h a~i rlnl -',ht l lu lI. -n hdari hi. htr,'l, tel looh i lat' t hntNlllll il, aan a v '-, a a loe ain ;-hitnwa lh ifit · ,rI.J i a Ia .)aa \ala lIal .Alal a;laa (ernina a tlal ia a nd toil ' do, h ia varaaniiilla othaa kin) nt euuiiaa1k a uaa e.k cli AN 'Y tll. A ) V.\ il ,T .\ll: T llt'I' l:S--l'tin,.h aa lOl ale ela, aa ilaa a it'a l rlaa ala ollaa +1lniassi'd wl hdnll' n t hoi laalaa i,, sin-,,l aaa, Aaa l datlc ,and aeii.atila, |lnainad i t'liall and - lall ,l a-lli clan, eni act'aailaa a aileld ' aaaal l aaa a,'aala r a 'aa anr aa"aaa a crayols,,nl lstle. hc IM ,a11,w1s 1 dpitl; wih aiini a 1 ,il n r l p s, r . ip .lri.el+,-, clup lli, ll ' t i l aluiin ilo lad antr-a kid h lliaa J a ia . I'iif a la llaaa iaa-man k aiaa'aap, a-strs wild, sr isaa I, : , loxes, prnts o" varitIl k ind l), ra' dl , ,v'+ lI . I +)'S ,,,1I ', Io i r 1~~~,d ' fi IN1uIAWS VPANAI M.1'A' - OR iheaure ofl-hcurh~tlemilsina rftworkig evilng ol ti," - adiaticaor hip gout, pei plent eancers, soh tthe'mn, tpitilitite and merlcnrial diseases, poi'ticularly ntoeres andl paitulnffeet.ionso ofthe bones, olcerated thrlnale a s tos trils,ulaeraslever" dscraptiion, fever sores, and'internal abnease, fistuol, piles, seilld head, sourvy, biles, lhro nicaslloeeyes, cnaipelis,blothea, and evelry ttrietvoe'clt tatieous afftetion, chrmtli Cutati'l,h, head a:ahe oeeed-n a Ing from any aidid humor, epain in tle atomudl a:tl dyIs pepsia proceedintg frmt'nvariation, atictiontsof the lite, chronic inllammationof the kilevs, adll genetral tdebili tv eaused hr a torpid action of the vessels ot'the skill, It is sitnglar"ly efficlcious in renovating those enslitutions t which have been brhokoll dk olt bt i inludicious o eatmlntl',llt juvenile irroeularitieso. I general terms, it ig tlI vom-a mended t all thnoseiseeses wthicharise lifrm impt lies ' of the blood, or initiatlon of the humlors, of .hn teoer name or kind. Somn of the aonve complaints may Irequire some tri- I llitgosistalt o:pplieations, o hich tlhei irculncest n of the e.ase' will di ntt; but for general remedy orl'o rilieatoroo to remove thleeause, the IND)IAN'S PIANACEA will generally be founld sufliciettt. TO TIll'I'. PURIC.1 lfow true it is, tlhat Itod trn Physicians, Ilto their m- O bition totexcel i their prolssionl;explorthe tlastlehis t oloseience hr the aid ochl'lenlistry, and seek out new r- e medial agends; ill shortI , tI o arrive t perlliction ill tile I practice by mt'eans of art alone,--ll tirely oe1rlnok o :ndI neglect, as enthill pt l ' t e not, ce, the rich ' ~l hounteous storles ofmedi~oine hichr, tiet Illt \mighltly hasesnlest to spring out of the r1llto in eo t ryv seir! And iho t ulltht to rcign ecollu.o1ies for many eI hi= ~loft conmmo and t rtessary atrticles, perpetuatlly ch:t'lng so s they tet e l:ts .the dictates ofl'tshon. or'llyh he is surranhuel in his own countre with nll endlessprftission of medilel plhn'ts, stllie,:t' to lls'el als io ientio o ioll odis se or to core ally curableldisorder;lull tet lhe is ignorant of their tlr Itos, .t h eytaret sutllreto 'waasetheirheldlig on the Theoet1tctsof vegetable medicioes upon the sv0s1tt are teemlorarv-those of miinerals lasting. The lformern ex tleilloilB , llt chemillt upon die silid, deompollillng. i tile ones an l unt' Il inig thle COnsttulltion by slo aii s relle dt' "nllll i( ul, + T''heconge'niallityelriiev anc S Fit'Tr'Y"oftegeta bl t' tr elme ies over literal, ttaty lte etstimatetd byoeonirst- I ingthel cient pt.rtice woiththeo moder ot tt ringt il I tmote illllllPmdi: tel o t tIl ot Otl o to o tibs'v t ito)ll , I t"I It ant practicte with that of the whites. t ho, it n o meritt, nas inot klown orllhelnlt of Irllepeltedl ilnstances hereinll esonmdel crpid, uclrub tel li fe II:de1 h11lln, hv In:IIuso l hler Stilllr re "dies i + llh rln has's l llvltwd lIlt, l)most Illlp id nu t 0ll i s n clili ules, a0 t the torira M ,dica of tle r emonlot pinctice, directed ill the most skilfil ho :lluel 1l has otiledtth ' A.lll who hs nlit ht'een surprilooseod Iot theocoiot arllcivt laisle anll d l irlily l ith r ih lltl he |h lia{ lllllesl hiut sellin in distiseo., ntaj nt theo ahtso t t t ot abstinence ofcironie dise rte o:uno them? WhoV has ctI h ealrd ofau hlIdin wih it thtio and ruined bI) tale lo t ooillo tretmn t'oo a dott t texislt that this lappo ex- enmthion of the suage Iroit most of the ills whieh thei t''ll l of o nto is heir Ito, is o heit kl illIt t r Iol'tllore golai tand o ris t ltviht'leot'to t ehi lt t !llo s lSt h i st lillt tit dit t Xllli h sit lllt l est is tlo ir ex'ei lif.ieat ol of o lthe inlit'et sut .o rhtt 'ho f lothe s tple a I ttd ' na e,0s It tll' core overthosewI hic theprisd te uand let' oto 'oom toae ion Frot m a ltt og relot ec:lo' po' g ptortion rtht , aborigo - ilinhabiltl llsll tis nt1ry, ilanll i l: . ae I - t l ta tittnte i i lth t. ttob s~ l o lllore oi t ill o ot t hrllli st S tsuccelssful practitio rs, the o l i t iof 'The lia's I Panllaet'l,'ac'Ilhtal a wledge Id ' s o fl lill ) It 1I l'a llil. I dlil( t' Ies l: li '( l ilo . l lolll go f lon . I hI eI' sthe ' IImo such as erell \l e l i i Ill:i s a no:od :Ip rop ht.., dII Ifti [ , vaious e'xp rit me is to It.t Ihther p'icples :aod 1i ..glu, It hs l:l i nll .I dll l themll iIll thle i o ' h tere llpreseltl.lled, Is ti het ast ileel'fm 1 'U tial ll-r the Ulrnpose lo". \which it is '(r e ollllllelldied. ' 'The proprietortI i et his prepar ti'n' Ito ' ' pubitliIcI w the the o tnscitt ss that he is ipltttingt itoth it 'o ea, a r eii.wdy calltable of t 'otl t nil u m va t of his i ltlict l d It .I low beings, wli sill.ri.g unle. ,, + e. i' t chroimc l iand obsti Hate cominl t uih) .t (it is applicable. To s su1ch i wILll n,·\le of ihcalulc hlsh , ink ul' i. tilt llll'lllS ' lku l h ililit c:l es, the on', ly ilo .i.,tlllllo tllt ,ilingtheitrslf-. leri o 'gs aid estorin'I ltte once holt it' h al h llh ul h p- t piut ss. 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'h '1 i thIse t v.Iso h tII' 1e. llrl (tr) II h I, h lll so I I dl , '.lI os l t' te'a , t:ll l rt i l III ll i ll 's, d, S l '' i v ia llert:-Ijl i l i ,Arrn,, ow'' 1 (;I' the 1·..sli,, r, lll::u _ i whic 0 0i1h 0 le pra u l, are ttl t 'lin 0000 s I to1l. ll i I to tI 'lll oL i ,, l '0 o o o o ,<,o It l -eooo it ' To k in o t he Pant, it tIt , ott Iiiiiii aelli e uIiln l Io del . Iin : i • h llnt, l ttuIa aIn d Ila la i l, . ill a lll- Elil. l, , htl ,el h oll ,,lll d ill c tthI i, , ',, o o , l. ';iore . u ,oeot I Too is ' O dhitot e tt 'oo ,' ,'to t'' ! ,,u1 hhi li . 'ul i 1:lir t' 00lls 00"lhh o h'rh0 sot i, t :I p ,t t ,Od otIO f ll sofa ~i! ýI l l l tli fill.,' tool'oth ll thoto c.t o Sh lth. ' gi o'llovttoV! a... ii I ... Itt o ttooo, 0ltoot h.0 nto t ig h t hi. ' o lt o rl 0 , at t t i','' ll t s hot t Io't eJ - tt to' lOttti lthLo t i l 0. it thtoiott t '''' lt ' i."o O 'O t' it to. tn tll otn i ' t .oot o t ootl t t oo t r tlho st t Alp s t t' ito use , CAih'oS lII' 1t111'U'\t I'llTI . I tx p eS ll | ill h a d O . It h too.r . t' no ~ oieo I gi e . t , s . "e ;ill sill h t I o oltlhcl ' to. to Ii 'oo l 0018 1 t1 l ,I i Nlll Illy Xllt lII~II. II(:I· I iI I· i tll C ILoII I Hli115Io Clolol( - H I,,o e' d 1;1111. HI IIll ,I,:1: S 110 ire, "id, :, , II 'I I' lellr .l i 1 l'l'''ll h, I liý:l se, rr 11 1, \ i ll l ln 1,} I 11,1 :l'loI101 iiIl 00ll·( I :I ll'l 1(( iJII I)I1 .I C It III, I rf l l fIclhlltlal t,:ldlrll, I r, ( ll :1 aw clllt I II!· ll ath I Illinlll)I ll lnk Ies pe io tune in I lse l kdlnnnrc 11optld, amt 'Inl etll 1)1··. I'I\ rt :II little CI, \LIIIIt . Oil the 1f111 of IIShll\·brnlnrl test, :t Illl time seI1! eel) :d ul'S. Inure Ilonl aut: II I (·iLh mnhI:i .4: t ti 1. ptin, a Ioa '' 1 ' ll ltlo1 s. 'l oll' l can 1 0 I' c,\'", IF ll 11,0 ll'' nll. \I \I.tA1ilt'A Itloil, I. 2tH it1 ICSoFtto,'t llHS 1'Li;Et s. Ni' Vt1 tLw(iILF I lo· NA"II'Ii i pEP lIt Slti) Th((fverll lit inItefl ftt_,1 :s~r uilh a s clll-iiag l s ~l·Iil ~ )' H el: and fce, n h 11 t \Filll rtllr I'e' "'"'1 I( Il large. }ba il) i ner, ~ nu ot e1r toll I'I~c· Itdel pl mc , and lncfl myself nn, Ire the 'n .. Dr.'. Ph, me a...I Ilel lcll, ,Il erlli :du r llllep Iat ' l s ··)va lmlI to wi e rl Ill i I lY ii I('Fl lnlli~l m c, if meet Hill"'. .\h, I.l(· IIonl, ' o te s aIl· n t 111 11 011 1 110 III I o plll al'rlnH d i ia1t i ate, I retf~ll H lll llll';00Ill1lur :l \e 1 Il ,l 1100'l IS llI If rapi dlI ( l Iv- 10 l111101ll,'10l 11,11, I II 'O tllo' t iI ''I ii,''' I I'rll l and I herxii, '', l'f wellll. l in the t/lill sc Iftno ll ol I nti limlo e1,1 , · 11111111 11 111/I1( 1 I l ollI~ . 11111111 0'lt i Illll~~lli) Il II11 Ilh '''',l Il~llIll' tool 11 llll l, I ll' III?(· llllli( o iIl '2 0 , 'III t'!ll ll i l I 'lI llllll'klo ll ((t'o III 011 (.II('ll I·:I -Ivii I t Inee ' 111,1 u( al( tisoo 1il' 011 ,' t loll, 11 111111 I 111n111 11111' III 0100' 1 I I?-11' J lllll'lII oo t'III a11 1' Imlw o lrtt hr cured sue Xl r hAs ullit l N ·tNAi tlill5 h . lot fot nto litIINC ] III N1,1 tilust (atHE 10 l' y1ears O-t'1tt PIlo1 o In the Ic~ oc Neil oxcesstt eUerie in the ley In tl llilV joint. Sevur I / m," lit lltlysicial(llJ1 a I?'ll IIII III Ii e Ch id npoli it L l? wit (I it permanent Lencht· In his case Iit ebotld Itl Il Ile ntliI's ! :m cn: tlat lc a pet list clue :;Frsde ) l i\I ' L!)\\ Ii El r r; gis, ae In h, hmprcor, chopionasstee i II Wll Faburtulrv Jt fr Ir In Ilen fliedll ars~ itltr, ai re 'm rFl Ii, it'e il ic h ld r r zoyal College t"of Pai llis,' L4.nbuloui T .l:i a& Iloal Vegetable JIogelnll Ulivseta .ll !1i- i.le. prtpatitl -by., V ltakin,.Estl.o1 Alttmo a;' t.i lRtoal College"of Str goont, iorenttale of :Aptlbh ca'y' aLomplas.ay tellow of Bolot Court Soiietyi Suageoto to tlhe itoydl .',ion1 P'eoslol Asooatlioti, Place, Waterloo Bridge, 'md 'Perpetual Pupil of' Guy' and lSt. l'homas's Iltspitls, Loontdo. 'This flualile medicinlle, thel result of.twoenlty yes' clperiece nlltl tlityllltlele t sluccess-hi tih extenlsive Hnt higlll" reseeitaboe practlee of the propriety, ale l0sedl iy ithe ltulttt lrd nobilitt, 01'1 is tow tiottlot'e tothle noiiec of the American llblic, at tie eurnest so licit:tion .f i: number ofgentlelnen of long antl high sl!itdig in tle tolfessiot. It is hopled, as tplelio' nary s1lp, to check the evils adl fal.a consetlllueices arisiig tlidml the use 1 of tlle lil letot ls t :41 dt elel l riil. s 1nostru 1s iste IllIOll the public Iv tile aid of ftlbticlttel ieooi 's of m il ull l l $ tllloIre , atld 0 el li t o03ts, )by II set otf illel tllly, llll1principled pretenders so totally ign lll ol medical science, that it implossible the ulllonstrous delusion can any longer go down "ith Ihe ihlhlligent people ofthis coutlllrtl. T)hoest- ills, mIild anld agreea:ble i their nlllaltlllre, should be kept in every flnnil'y i ca:se, ol'sudden illness, for, by their prno l.Tt administontio, choleral, a nlps, spasms, fIevle, tiul oIother llhulullg compllaints, hich tloll illln prove I i l, may be speeci Iv curled or Irevelteld Ill ft, 11l Ihose who vanllle goodl ilellth, shoull neT r hr. ,it hnlit thnem. Tlhet are stold in packets :t 511 ceeit, }I 1 u,1 44 ea:h, hy e'velry respec United Sial1es 1 1 1(::atIII C sn l'tllh millli011us dieedtioUs, togell, r with esttin i ias of prol issilu:l ability tfrom the I+llo, On el lineII l g(Ientlm ln: Silr Astllh . ConiPer, J Ahernetl ,,hu ll s Bllu.IIl, 1 . 1)., '. Il. ,k, 11. 1)., o rs. 1The origi, ls im b1111 seen tn piOsslssion ol the ( aerelll IAget, by" wvliIo tlle Im licine is illllportl e into this cu,t l: m1 t 1 ti holl 111 :I, applications lll, lage.ncie must be made. JNl). Illt)l.ttlIN, lit 1\uelrhl Place, N. York, Sole (:llre:!l a~lgnt . ll tie iuited Stales, &c. For x.l1 i, appllillnll 11 the irilg l I·l .oprietor. hy S.wa. +. & in'rlltonir, Ih')ig its, No It ;anani street, itoeler, Age llll io Stkul~ Ie I.ouisiall. .iul t lI'.sY It aI.l co, No 1 \Iglzitlr str'eet, rl Icolls :,, recelll g lim ships Nashlville, I.nltsl e,0 oentl ky, Eagle, o11 l other 1lia arrivals I'roi :;hi :-.I ernl cities a large id new selhcted assortment IIBe i louts, N0ho1 t and IIroglllto, eonsisihug oT l nifclollt 's ftloe calf and , l0oroco bols Ilo ke0 I ll dillo bu1lld, and stollt ~aII x pIelgged boots I lariov usquali i 1' li t lll0 ' lne 11r III, sel 1 ml 1 or11n te sloslo o IIs Illnadbr mlll, b1u1 r 11 lfi shoes,11 brogalos to plpel lp s: i ileo'sline c1 alf rmI kil,,ed ,pegged 1 shoes1 1 4d I ogan;1 o11 boots; 11o1 anIlt lkip uil t 11 r pegge.d s hos uI 0 l Li l br 1 1 h11(s; 1 lite1 e '0 b esl iln l 1ty ca l lse 'e,;i sh Ies Il'ogils mo look 1)owniigs; 1o 1:calf and 'M1orvce 'i ll t, i lllo hll' lll. 011li St·] ill 'lt1111 11101 I 01t11shoes 11111 111brogs; o 1111 alt, seal tlldI1il 1oroco: ! I li tn shouts nid slippl's, d10 ealf, bulT lo seal wigfs, a , l0w Inlricl,;i 1111 fine call, s11 l l nIrIo.1 'o. si nlll l'rt ,cs; Iboys', misess;ul eld ldren's pegged illl soil1eeI bt og:as, and shoes ofai try qilality ion kind. Also ge eril l it assort lent of Ili'li. sollo t wis llll 1 l,: l bI llll g llS :0' .1,,lll "i< , togeIICI er' ih 110 l 11 0l pm 'r l t' ll rss t broga1ns, 1l i t h, ak Iis, h 1 pressly foel plman:ion uas; a good :s tlle l of nt 'sli ne ti. l0 l stout kip rIssett brgill ln s,: w 11 rtl!,' ar1 l : nIII I 'sk lill, of k1nlit h ll ' t11 1 j1 ,lobies' linle .ll., sent , oIII t' and gll rall n l tlll s, : t.11m 1p0 Isol llIshoes; I ,ll r 51t 0 l.lh 111\1111 11111 ki ll run S 1I1+ill 111i 1pers; 111 rta,, i:l , whh lod 011 h h1 1;1 10 1 0111 !. 10il1 tllllll ill h1':hir bolol tii l i I, I Iho : llIS . I 1all kihd nIaI t llltlli s; 1 Ims .lllo rgl : ;. 1 r. :i' mI I i1 l ti' 11bl. 0ls. M i1s1es' I., n ;.sprho sl,.la 11. or gun. . (hih'biro's holoural .lolcocoatid Iasting. ;Io ntleI 1ni'0tbiletheihih able hlk silk hat.; Io black I i 'll 11b111. terdo 11 t s p1111111 il l I l' in l tl•i i I iIb rat d11 11111 m:n11o arr11111 r1 men's lin111. , d, 1 t\ lak hiussli'' tcl ,p, ,v, lull,, a 1,rw seti'her. 10 !hb l l:u;. size lat: of 1 1t1111rt,01 I'lual' ; i c ; il d ll 'hh . .11111'sld ilb )'s hllmk:, 11 I hllld : l.afbol. h11pes, wlIt g ti l rl i ll i t tol I bl s' 11.d Il lc '. s a.! laps. '1341+ 1 hi ~ nl . 1sr t l mil-l hie r II llsh,> '1 11 11111the r 00II Ill II ck lsh I i e mll o s e l cli lllo 1l hidh x ;; it I lbe 01h1 10 mcru.+1,1 t N h01,1 Itll s. 01) 1---I1i 1 11 11 . 11 I l ' 11 t ; T 1'/ S./1 /..11 1 /%l I 1) ", 1 7 11, 1 11 % ' /;7;'I . t ( H 1 , .Ili,, 1' 11,lh l , l , ', -1-a f1 , hlne, 1-;] 1deriiI fir tIIII l'l1:", lt" I i1., ,hll .1 p:111, 0,l3 oh" ,, Ir'lti, 1i 1, 11, 0 l 110 - til,'0 , , I 01.0.1 .1. 11{10 (111110 i 11h 1 ih ' .1 0oli, pl h'.0111 1 0:l 1 ' 111 II1 Iii, 1,1 11_1' I11, di I1, r 1 ((1liII., 111I,'1111 al '1. 111 O ) 1t t .1l,41 l , i .11 .11 ' lt ih 111111, uII ill' IllI , ll0ll I!,1,"" .011; 1,1. 00111!., "1 10+11 h.rho --'''~ -fa'.ill i,'h1 -,'I' lo T , Ii.,t :,' . 11 ,- a h u 1, ,olil: l,, ,u , ,. . i 1 ot le', ih ,I, , I 1'r , ',i d l ,' 11a ,it ,. ,;,1,t n 1 t,",1 i(M, t, . It aI l l ' -, _I' II, , i 0 0 i, I :I1','i 11,111, 01li1 10- Milt.b111, 11,1" it r lila" 10.1122 l o1,0 Dea11000, 1:rs II p It 111 ,l1 11:I ith onirt1 SA -110:1111 1l u1. ib1111111010 111'1~11 : 11 01 , ,I ' 1, :ati ,lo n , 1t, .r i 11 l r1ý1. tll i 0'0lll 011l 1111 h aden Seed Sore, b, Ch,.t,,b tu,, , , NOT1il.- A O1l'.1 11111ly oiI. li 0ll "11 e.r n O alt'00l1 'O ".I \Oloo to l. - alllnI;ll\'f, ,oI, .1 b , 1 '11, , I' . , ,, . ,, n . d 1 I.a,1,, , , ,. -,-_ rl'It'l+: 'I't) '11 1": 'll,'+'l .l'---l +t,,,, ,h 1 - rl-oltlallll ,1 1'1 1,1it ' .Ip!, l, [ il. 0 lli a 4 1 1% ,a o rI. 1'r di -,, 11 11 ,111 x 0 I 1,_in 1>.1 ,l 41 i b si,' h 110 , 0 11i , ah - : ,', le," t,~1 ', 0 I' " h oI, "ir ,"t l 1t , '111 h1 ll .hlll i,. la , f b, "I ag b, I, . H Lrne , :I o. , ;,eI . it 1, -I ,i '1 111 ; l {I.I . ,,1" II. t,, , bill1d :,t 1 1: il ' 1110'1t 113 i*. ,L i 1,, l Jrl in'1 ] a es t1Ill'I'txN & AoOI'INA\[I,'S Q' lo ltt. ilt- 'I ON ?IX'UII,-A jo ee (J and cur, lor to F,.vcr aId Agi,' remittent anrd .ent tev,:ers; lptr ar.d front th11 original rec pe. Usw' wnth t-mi net anl uni veisal suto 'ess Ia 183:2, by persons of the highest resptt llthtey itl this city, as staled in tIe ;annexed T'lhits ttedicine is highly remourmenloded, and las been PxteuLively used in thl t above disonasPs with Ssuch dlstilniguished success, thaIll:t thle p prie oi r of the reliple i ht ee illlllnd cd o to offr it to theu pt. he inl its present frm nll tile hope that it Ismy be Lthe m a sU of relieoving tmany of tilsle ho are iut.ilring undttier the scourge of out tountry. It is a IItlite ine l pillsse g t .grtatt itt ovit(, . ll( t used (coidinlg to the dirctitnns hts 1 nev.r dilned ofi tfl.eoting a cure, eve in the most ohstitn;tt stage of the doelhrder. It is not at ill d.aI ilrreale, and Ipersons of' tile weake.t stomach, arnd chtldl n m mav lakte it nwith Ir.punil t. I hlre(otltel ens the dioent.ive orglamt, createt aln appelte, i and sclnlu rolires molre thItan o r, or ill obh.lit:l:e cases, 'two balttles to tiboet a cutre. 'Ithei is 01, ither ITercury ior arsenic ill the medicine, t r alny thing injurious to the human elnstituition. The proprictors are sot ell convinctltd of its eflhicy, thi.t Ihy agree t) relinal the, price of every Iottle vhiclh hIts been t.l{akn in a',cordanL e+ witll tite directions tand ha not tl,:etoI a it ilprfIclt care of tile fver & agoue A. OLIVEI'a lsole agent for New Orleaos, at )!is n lollesale awl retail drug and mt o I clue store, corner el' Ilielnille and Chartres streets. For DUlitrt Agencies apply) to jt.5 T .W. ,\IITI'Il, 48 Conli st. IIARROWGATE SPRINGS 7 ' l, llDt(.11.\ 1J '' i I, 1 FI - . / Iltll -I ) l 1.1:. I.\ S. F Ti F proprietor of Ii rsi , bli lhanent has the pl)e - "Itr pi, ilt l tlllll)i Ullt to O i i.tcl . ; Itil .ll li in geul eltlt tlttt he Will tbo il ri'o dii 0tlt,-s l ow eIht 0 1011 .110h t0o iteiot toor-. itw lolg" o oslio t h o, - ielit ofllold t lit it t li-laonoe, I tI hel'e oelll ee t i' l htldlenttrl ieg o lt e lllletiotl ,wie till II00l00 the iS )r her t oioe i ti e i t i lla h rgt'er I u l mbi r thot ll tilone lin talto" I tt ,|o lo l godnt ro tes ll. llllw tin tmllnll s t i+ it r a(lP illet'h holu( d at \W aleri t I'i a es, will he fo und at is. "'he hest m u~ ic Ihat tills p lt r 'o t' th + eou ttrY .ftlrl h+, htso li1rioa' durilg the whole seaon.: - 'I ihsubclioer will avail hilmlselfur oftis opt nr. r .. i )n re lu d i n g hi u nlfl g ned thul ll k + fir I h e' ve 'r ¢ libera l ai.+s tillt ilave brrlt mlad., ill and ) '-eg l mllgl ' E S.lie dtnomtlot ltilll+, to mllttlit it ibet:tal llllo(,lll.(,' tilth nl 1a0.a , . J.NU ltIt\l. 11tt .flGTitRlBLI$11EDF4Wh1 ofloiCVP PLJA'jOTF . he' AUi '.d6 n . ' - 'ibwt .EWrliS TAif.ES OP 1'i..iLtEr S: 0 niHli h is ncw dli el alm Averalge 't'ihe (aletilln .- tor, reas methodsm fin- idllit.lheiivraLge inei on aoagte, notess of haid or hills of goints; walien jnl. halsed at different dotes, .i diffrenet credits, lind' CLzr arious amounts;.besidens a seful anld complete lannkig Time lotle, the besl that eln be eonirivei d orli thltfi giires cl produce within the same condeared dOl0mpas, " nel sie of type. . An a velrisement in thehook is in nearly the follow. ing wiwms:• hllel high distlnintion thlis work has received throgl eilmeie Igislhtive aels lilrefioledtote t the l page, is a Iv. 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Iirst Pollli.alio in the Vrea i, oin2llto. in e olloin Os11 wr'f l thlot ano s ll oas h e n w Ilk;t ot e talllll i bl s is fo c ailltle f mte de Oa n ih . url l work o tllla ll be I sx e elh lle ndtll e saIy "t lalll ellse ill II hiclIi the inm er, I s el ly h.on le Ill in th is efoe l ll" i tll o eli ihiioeslt. to iliho t Illlo lilln I t iImo1111 J ,ill ,liis to, oo ,l l , 100il 0 0 i o n s ollil 1 ; ilt in t Ch i es.tih ! ell ll ill i:il the I (oI' uino tioi ll- inod r.ctc 1hs11 ioli -iS nill l i l i nllii eitiri s ioho i ltll e eail iila" ie e ofE th m l(itr hhis been li llni alis h cll hIa II oi hi e i It e inii l l i l il i of the Ii bo rl i go'' oI. oil O cf n ioll ii oinll sioll 11 e kII i i ni o11,the eLi rn o II llOev oi he k nIllh:i)+ o l)the Irx Ial imliln. lia d ill "It1 t .'vtullo eloili it I i isllo I Ihth e pl i ln l eotwi haol:ndh illing ihe iv h li s it I1 siellliiei cill ..ilioiii l in , ill olll Il, lie 1posihive 1 el 001 "c l e t Inal fat t illhe imlpretal Ilirt' ill( ll lall, l . ihll rod, the a i, lliil- hisl "hbeen li. o i nlt ll l:eS all s1 1 le I I w te ,n100 110+ ci ''li ,l Ioiii1io in lh iii ill boo-,(? i' i i % Ii 'i I osl . .III f I bokimII ll i o'k olil l .s.eince the be ini n I ll o Il ere € 1 tia ll, In hs 1hal, rll nllthe lln - lc 10 a lid I lo hi t l ll , t ilnl Inlol . ll' illjoi toi , lo l i I oi ilol i lt l r1ne I i lI ttt Illiololll n l i n dI h t iihan an iltd. t iioil n o il l c11'l 11h 1 1 b "lanilt l l- oii t llIll l c ilJic oio lll , di ng th ",Ill. 1i o, ,ld -i n It ihiri l looto. i n'rs, tl i u i lli ati cl ll ,S l l I I.Io n ll ll hl llloll iul uo r il lnhll,+n .h i lon.t li 1 I liht. wal lil y, I l tl r' 1 i ar al t h ein sIm ,I aliea th. i ela r ncl," s a s o s hin nade Ii11' hil nk iiropr t, aethOdillg t the ho nk iiis t, il , s Ik IV hie .ir a ir 1 loot, b) + ,lu illllll It h ll" 1h. ,llh1liv ,h r s, l++ 71 and I l l' o" Iho Icoill u ll n . I I m ttlolu '111 t111 .t11111 e 111 l ' Il It I ll ho - t' ol I ,,e "nl rIiioI li. h I ilaoool ', o i ,Io,,tu' ,I e:, rrr.s, i 'oo :',. t tl'' r. l . :II i t 'll tic 'llks i:l l .,t its nlklfil l'Ss :anall illhr ll l i.nb r' ,ar At y il t 1111 t 1111 - h: \ i 111o , 'l sin i.rlani i, I . , Io eoll t-llll o il i(1 il, lc Ii ' ito , o ,lol :t., , "s', q o no llll it ",:1a ii t Ii, h tl i rl l l ll : I 'o': 11 io IIi rll - ' il ' ii S 11·1 110e lt i V lnt h ion a itl i i 00ii l :I11 111 id at III r ,1,, 1 i haii· \iitrlll % w hie, ) II 6 1' -i;ii,-in , ,h n ,e , , ao loog , ,h.l a i o I lhi ilolo h"t on s l ;ic, ,a)- lil t lh. bru ll I li l' oh i , 01op 11 10(00,G C I~ o i'oo 'i ls 111 1hlo hloho.no1l ha 11 111 ll 'l 'i) ., ý; · i i 't- 1 0'0r 11 "a Is , I Ioll i 1h all Il l il Io 'I l, i Ihiiol . ',loll ioin .ho lillllioi ool Ilol , ill ,Ir.1l olh .p p - htrt ll k.l!1 10 hl l IIl o Io ollo 11 I I-1i 1 ,llI' 11, I Ii's1 ' hi . h ,l h, l,I, ,oo, t Ill. 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'".1'! ..·t FII N.,, \ ill~ Ili C :L.u .., I~i uIrled do , ,t:,s pur 1; 311.1 i.lin Muir 1\ 11 no ll . 11 0 i 1o \ I'rr r, II\ I«I+ .«II1 I \- ' 1 Il er (:t 'o IIIIII Il rl~r-lll" n 'Ian . . land I .a ti atll t'ia and mmln,rh\ b ins k g,, 'ti.c. ta nt nit tasgaid and ndelalm n. sIpea ridng tant III he see~ at Iltt .asthea,~ llti aa . l.a gins, pi..Iados a t, \c. id gl ! ::weIa I ' Sl..itsils 'lti'!l·l· t -itIa taatbawj4 t t'.ttait','fni.' I t\. :".II Pltci 111a:11t r I nui~lP IIIII ll,' iron, - ;1 u".n, w,!. IlnoI., ',nul, ~ilil and rod ir onI1II, naili rod., and plon~ll~l~l) /)) I ol..,.tue, ,I a dttro donil s :tol'(tlll sltiks,'l· C I Zhu-illl, Itlork nn, ml n n ,l grind sllP14 · ( s, st ill kith..,il). ('h::i~ I r.,rIhl"II e , Jjsirl111· I,,: l 1)S, ,(1( 11g, and dace r pains, corn .i.tills hr Pl~l-~ LIII Inrll,, il1~:1*116~ tIIrIalllll ntts1 1rll lfI (;ý+ tl, and eookt ' stott"S IeRolld nn l its, ýr h p , anti "tei' Ilctr :,ses , "IIII A Iitl ,,sn,'lnf r~tof Itl, t:ter and silt hnnt erl. Ict i of IC(re ~i l, on the ,Jost I l VII.11o ~ llllllll" l i I:: stok o I l F, ull,'., hitn-or,.Vtt rc. ", ltr MAot lt AflAN LIM 3 SVesa ru Matil -r.i , W leeday n. ly emy Ltk gSaturd ay 5 Veda . id New f ork daily atit sP+ o1 thoi warif '. '. : " • Coe a ¶v 3i n d G a.o 133 WedosM.1 d a. , 'r - rre "..: " l " 'iyarrae "i Norelwtal, Ditbt t;-Tsmey, Iedti'dar ' . at alt roan Malli, laat or, Motile cin ii No Yh oilI t-tl A romile, 1djll C at 3 o pM Nortiiwa" acow trck daily at 5 IP a c, uia nt Arriver'. Ar ' alr e r on thwatlt Driota r o, t'1e0 itetlta 'g llon gonti'ro Ala. 2110 p,. .198 tet 2lt 120nn, vllclioi25- NI 22 1 1 l- ' lnnmnl+t Vii. I11 I n er 3i l 9a. ni o. o i- Son-nl 7' n111p 81 ' ICT R. " r1, crsinmo ity',• 2 n 6.tn8 , y i.i. ' mr fIt ll. 64 : il I' ti , it s it l fi nm I ' Iam. 1 1't N w Yo1rk. 2 pm. 90. . . . i i 1i05 143i h at 10 23 iTIN 111O Al i,'i Iti'WAIlIi). " ..... l .\ ro Ii ! (oril o lot corner of IlP, . , ` ultl nxlit oI iIrniltng in I'oyr ,t+ reat, a egro bo tt o cll o . llll:.l . I o llI,'e otfA t ofa ,11col 5fee ac i+ o he'('ln hlo ,m lls ll It+ lI, iv ;Il aC llltt and t o IAe oi ed hl n , hea llh S lpleeh, ,' ofit Ii o lui s01"i i Isw ootoc tlioeL a nl , tr u'Ill ' f la h l i ll+ o si when laWest omiwio, a w i. i n l ll i of linen hi' ei cn w ill ct ttto liitilot.a.. d oi altl acs f i rE lell oli c clll cc b o ots i ora . e .lanli P l i n al t'li ' il" n o h b i A a d I r dne tro , w lw, i, a ll lotlih ll s, Its li ll llllll tn i lc, 1Rooo I tle ill lbei o b in ill i aib il III.illtI .ioll " o til ll lliprs . rlh'li ' : 'inr e hlint i y s l ' ciM ie .l l foll s, unui· lmhllts, or tlic t l lli C oon nr c n, oa iero o'fletic . h o istf, iioo llt r ) rl'l<'i,:--'1 ioulo'iw i " footui.+.r i etoii . rc exising al 1 u \ c hai. Itlol' lln l If )II m {lll(l 'r elso , llc bIeel. di fsoh~vd. Th inp rie, i r will lluidne the nnll;iro. I " Ir I , c ll tllll nl I ' )1m lnllll / r. ei a ll ,n l UI l v (htl l _ _ I+I.l: t Oi(,1,t'S03 , W.SWn. ,SAN I' llc I I, o ioiolt iol, n O As oligol. i .nh y, r u or e dn, A'gots, rtlld, Iltl' t h Oi', ('odtI, Al Inl, d. . po drrc,!, lh'azi lltleile + too l ,l c- u1da A, baille, Srieni , ol o lotn, l IQirmolh, f`ccocl l. I " l'a ico, . • 1%' rI lll" .i· ldig (,Itigu l, I r Io Stlilt llt «!o ,rNwoioio do lioco, .'t u+ .l ,IIto, I Il I l. iS.l . iI LotAllllt ,i - u cam l, if do do c n , NicmI'( Jt ii 1 {Iuil o rlo ; , s Anhtci% ' do Cor olll d, tin l efit I ido t hi t le. SIo l'ci lnt,, lilI Et lol n i llt In do iot , , III, I (;A IoS . I tI d nif kl.1, Aci , itle'Ot ms, I llAt a' EIi'.llr lI toft ._ o ,llif if lll ll h i) o lilt, if. rec. o.u c sirol _ ( - i .t i ot ilt i\foM :,, I.' th lh, o{, * ii I alt o If f I, ltii cit Illll, z ., , ii, Is. p, , l'p een, h., \Ill grotl lll ll \ i' \1\ \I li;,+, TI4 1' NE'W Nt)VEI. " tcc:, , ... i, . . . .. ,,II... . .. . 1i,, .e Si',i llr, i . -II l".l, I, ·',,i n l d iti al, ItIynl Navy, F. L ,. / ,,.,1 1,'ý,', r,/ n I.,n:H. n,",". rv A ll n (an ntllnilt+ ll v IL it. a .,lt ,I/, I I l " ;I \ Ill [ I ni h llll, t, inll: vi ia. I ('Gro, ;' lr,.,,t II t.h.rll / ihlly, translnte, from Ihe _ ' I I i 1' 11 ll, IItA 1 \';,tlinad tirecne, illl vo1. for \',I-V'. :ti . "I ,I i th, , . "-d,, h. uln il.,rem edition . ,' ,; . 1l'll -+'l,·,l I/".l r, / i' l tr . 1I ... S . .\ h '.e- +1'f (' t Chei s I lrenology (:lh+t 'ý- h,,l n i , tutht' alb I( -,J,lapanel papers, weig t it ,ilt ,e, il rc i, a II Io.,',ju by i .l BENJ. LEVY. . 1 I I :I),t.,,by tie a tor o Ayear T 1 l 'llN lilIc II r,¼of Ih IItId St es, or r,! ' nn l' l ..s· , il 'll~ 1) h, my "ll r ctll ce o t+ti llflhegeaPrl ;ll ,t .I... 1 IIIII'... ll. ilh Ill tli ons hei. eu0 n 1 111'm1 - , H,,h l Ton,. ,l ti t 1 oed with characteir t.+'./,,-,/": ltit' ('it,,'+.o '/'t,,t,.. ,e , elt eerl wigh cb1t erorer , l,,,littt , "t.u f lh t. .itcitel cr.,'k ,dk t ri t o Ingl tntd l, islh l , tuct,'t cr, and general index of ttntee,2 'It TltE tre:te O ,-rftla oI Ki:_'. il, ('hrMni Rheaunatism, ('t'it (' alt, is " , )i..- Pains ili the. Bone., by free t I l te Ilse of Mercury thle I lnh .l ill M ie' il ,ili x o, on y e - A ! TiffliP l .v eI H'lllu trstL ,'ril , is I.elp reld h tht t .r'.tn .Ic I rll~ t ,l lnciph" ,.I. Sut'rt+•rlT l ill. 1 mast EOncerI ~ lh,1 do:'r,, l' tai " illl tl tirtvegetal llbl oubLtanUce t e lilt lfoinei t otheiogh 'I'h,.. 5',rnt dl ,l , sit.atnm ~..ils ,Ilsrit.tit ll be ine ati torh ellt ilt n l.l_," 'lli it o rplnrl i !ll+ i al 1,111+ ` dn.-,, 1+L= h,","], Hlhtlnntel in thts ttrt trtti .-tlhey, bei Ig ll,' I' 1 I n t x \ ll Omlltls, r" nfleaty dmitntiter I t c i "I l)a e by 1ra'KtAN 't' ,' . 1 ':II pcr tlt. eol,! tholy It SVAIN. S tI '. '1 I r,' sh' It , N . I ]a ntl stree wh IjNNfltyd c I't.S I ,'I. I')TION OF DR ,not ,h n)i, Awih~' ,h l.:ennt of the Hiutory of Rou tl ~ kllicll IS hhxe all In ileto d on toill t t l e a tn ly 0o itottltln ]lislarv, ;Hill e ,at vav "ety of vluable infet mL)tint l dll mhh',l "trnL'Jghlt I th,, wor k, oo thle +Manners Ill'l titllltiit l at llit tet ' i It us; with l I l il WOile I, ly Athertolnl |'Ivxu '. 1 n11i "mI' Etiti It ' f t (.Ols nit 1'o History fE I:fl;tlld, I al b t h I llttsiel Of J hli 1 C esltr to the riy of 0 t'. ! ;n !d,' ~.i, e h h ortioit,Ila 'to tih yea Ii:{.. Wllll ,f l ls its I 'i )ex l ttil tn Lttheotlto aIclh . 'tJlh l"'r hI3i de s 1itt aitlltli of e aluable itfoino iO a ddll d ttetllttlctt, tile work. ('eI siting oII table i" (tientt''ttpttt Sietrcrige, end eminetit pýeerso I[ 'i qxtllltthoetv Iot 's. Jtenmirkj on tie pol l "t((L acs , n lld,[itO'a Lrelt of tlh WLite An olttlinle tIe oetlihuti,,e &. &c. tllustrated by Imany o elge Il'I:'IRE.. . it.' O' A'tr ..ty,...d Rn Aeridgtree fiKith'h sNtlt 'lireiaet Iittle Use of GlChbes. Noe Sl eri chnl "liltoall, witll otilitillo ned imlprovemnou t a11 ;Ii : +xplhuiti . ii tihle+ astrlonomlliicl| part t" 'ile A tt ttelll A 1111111111A Jst rac.ii.r l d fltre ale by WM1 M'KEAN ov .- . crllclr ol' Ctulap tnpd Common ot. 1141lllI:· C.LASSICAL LIIIIBARY. i 5 Jolt -'l.,4 emsl,.tid by Phillip Frnteis, I) ), with S1 t cllell e.lh-II t tll:lill in nltlllltllotn of 1aroeus idt', &'. hi I t a, e '.h ,o, Cewtey, Milth t, Drytioe lI'I. .\M i;,tlc Swift Cllcltttlto, tt\Vakefield, I'orsoa Si ,, l c.iIlln nllmllle otf thl tIore emitlellt ioeUIt of lth i11(10 Ill11+. wilh the epptelix at iotdi tr. l1 ted bv C:lru'islii 'rr ,.+,11111 ill " viats ".r i 1 voluwas, Thv E~xpthtuli of Il.II'Iti'YV ('LIi FKR, by it nll|,tt, .1 I), with a mIeltlotir of tilt eAttlur, y Then It I. .,'coe, I.s.|., ie e.hti b ll, with ill 'ittatlu Oel by as lTilet' eteca ile, b&Cl tethItr of "ltitet Iito n th lif I t I° . l , . c lt w le lti , I ol toe so L phl ui Ol •e. iA1t' L .i I tt'tt letD y tile ttn tOtr e.. °Pio. sltt,) W\ ,dcKii " -_- At,'(IN itIn, ;t ks : ti4o., ; ; I1 . t0 'I' l& 1M II'w 1

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