Newspaper of True American, March 20, 1839, Page 4

March 20, 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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Si l it I ;'. )[+ ' " ,dS a( 4 tr fl i'far 1.'Ol.a is initary a ; INw iso a cares Let - Pritalnl 'ian'"sanity and s ohi 4i ? Par -to e p er. MeiIciI :t§ ;treaptltninory, fin 17,13 at rI anod S fr 183. nd ni ' iavigation Ca R& 15D MOCIIANICS. S flllri f, Lontdit 2v. il te A hite NtDl vM ea, london ot 2 ( A . 'rAgsc nd'~,arp:s n Polry Alsejesor Eneyeliedi a, Londiu a aon id r lTiAi on go l nt. Misrellam nOlelrm Ith t na _oianr, Joufon nand nI Cnntat. u til ts WdrL 81,·2 vole. Ianlodom ilhCitrioiliei of Literatnlre, I. p~oinkl l Fanll.. hy Stay, le VIetitko o of alteri o rn, - vnolr eril!r end lrerbrlli, hb Plre.l..+. : vale q gre, Csplndid edlitiot, vile,tmoo V iv ol, i eoell reaois llo ,l s,+, allv antri, Gratmmer. V.algialt and ait, Latin and Greek. E JOIINS & en. vf rar. Clarlen andl -'onmmn te.. ROWVAN TOMrfIC dj- X'i-~-- "Il Per hreawseng and Care of MeFeera Ane. aa 1Twill he rsdi rdienovred a-hereinathe Tilic Mlix 'it tIlro imbip i+ Ins She ordinary rand+, ol rtcating S slioerr andAud e. In the first lace, ihnagaVe la. rabile Extracl, mad fie fro any leaterius atilld polisotn aon iigrediesnt . it nne Ie taken with theilln lmont safe- p ':y area by the der illftitt, or aged inialid. It pre vd~es flea diaontcnsequenllv the cnntitl- G 'tins nabegs. its wonted tolr nlld nciivity. It ealeb o. tials .aaenj and pcanlaent apfelitr, by illnvigortiting alsnn 11at0a gien i reli..h io theenijotmPlY of tIrte. itvi[ng i pturgctlve quality, il remains sr atir sara Incraslis disrder,nor to create tbe daniseau , bhat thoratgllev cleasnes tile revernl or- C qn o digenioart awil thlia benefits ithe n.ystc with whatever other asfhetinlt it tarv be appreeerd. a elsl, afier Ste. eoe sttle Tnitie Mixtuere, have atcen afnprd St all the amial eaures of Ihe dinease, tahy rmpedoe of ietlltrn; rwherenn by taho sf ItMon n roemadieo, thlere in nlways cr ea nd an ianc·sr liabilityl to reerrencr . l'he danger , 'e(f" qaeg t relapaee of CtIe Agle, in very evh llt, for I . nsstnem will neor betame. toon muchll prostlnlo tn bane to tesrwith Iltedicinel nSl ,eedily fal aie- 01i a I n auch illeesalt violence. T'le Toltii Mlixtule is Iisred at acha lseonithla price, as to p cne it it hi N aehearnlch niern Oni.--ibot thin rll.our anid detitrtc a de h furrislled wit lt illtnllhllcrithllut solicitrig aloe id'ned at·tendlance which in fre1letttliy denied to the rnlae veri erlctsantly Iletstwed. hlle 4ut l rerOlirtly cltornlled agtitllst thie Ia111 n hssilltllun of thisb Inedeinr, tha1t are daily offered It i tprsepedal nlv ty Dr. Johll R. Row td, art hits "ia its'nrslera nrtr tile wlltlenht it la:lrn flier the Moueth ý\Vllrel tale , anold ill sell by lie aerone, 11 sie Pblaalelphia price'. T.t be had it retail anlso,uat tnntrtufthe Aptihecire in hthe city. JAIIVIS & ANDREWS, iM.i Wholesale i)ruggists, S.l. es COt.Colmoln & rechopitoulns lf Piosasappj and Louisiana Hotel, MRS. MARY KIRKLAND respectfully an. counces to her friends and the public gene. y that she i prepared to accommodate theo at e above establishmcnt, and hopes from her S-sertionasto render visitors comfortable, to receive . continuance of former favors. She feels confi. dent that persons visiting Covington during the ummer months, cannot find better accommodations than she eon afford them, on more liberal terms. (Ifr house is pleasantly situated, and well suaopplied with every convenience; the bar is furnished with the most choice liquors, &c. in short, she promises 'tat nothing shall be wanting on her part to give ' Itim uatisfaction to all who may patlrouizo the ldississippi and Louisiana Hotel. jc3 TUE PUBLIC.- he undersigned. loving studied under Dr. Sclmidt of Charleston, South Carolina, and for some years Iris assistant is the practice of medicine and ourgery, las the honor to fferhis professional services in this city. Re assuresn the ladies and gentlemac that the lmosat prompt attention will be paid to the calls which many be made; and also offers his services to the ioldere ofslavee, being wrell acquainted with tile diseases colmmon to themn, having attended themn in the sugar house in Charleston. The fanlou anti.bilious pills alter the composition of Profassr Smollette. with directiors, can be had efthe undersigned. The effect which they have pronduced in this and other cities, has been attended with the greatest success, to whllich the best of .ethrences can be given. Apply at No. 166 Maga. sine street. JNO. M'LORING. IIOLOO1V WARE, W b-l bGVý SD IRONS, &c. JHE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near Bookman street, New York, have received the past season, and are constantly receiving large and extensive additions to tile stock of the above goods, which now consists of the edllwig ass.rtment, suitable for the southern and western markets. Hollow ware of superior quality, consisting of about 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 22 different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, fromn 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, lakepoas or Ovens, 7 different sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 ,lo Skillet., . 5 do !Flat Spiders . 6 do 'Covered Spiders, 2 do ,Oriddles, . 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 de Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches. asrt do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20.000 gross, iron and braes, from t :8-inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality and finish, and loss than Jane's imported :prices. P Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for retailing. Tailor's and hattoer's Irone, assorted. Sash weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to Bells for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &c. anade to order, Also steambeats :and other machinery made to order. 1 The above assortment of goods is particularly recommended to the attcntion of" Southern and a Western merchants, and are otfered for sale at low -riea, and upon the most liberal terms ;it is be. a: tieved to be the largest and boest assortment ever offered for sale by any one establisiluneat in the , United States. p1 Merchants, by forwarding a request by mail, can ia hare a prin'ed circular, with dencriptt,n of gonds, a, prieesasul terms, folm which no duviatiou is ever Ih: snode, fornished by return of mail. All orders will receive imilediate attention. II eow York, 1838. ;e3 10 :MERCURY NOn CoPAIvA -r Vew ()Orte:an, N.ov. 4, 18"7. ply A DOCT sis months ago I lihad Ithe nisfortule to got lot aceretdiseass, fIr eioil I Ihve applied to sere. e eal.d.eetm fora eun, sad they did not iiure n, So sow do - s abft d/ate ! trot osaeir undler tba. care of Dnoetr Dinit 1 laax t iuia to, cure Ill. Since that timie telllmaea gut wor.e .i, ai to bireak oat in lhige Ilcers the sounlther sio cm ar eighteoea I leg, nod allover DL earltco,ol sure threat, ana, note abie ta work at Ih e all Ireen tillw osi acellaa ef tae diease; large lecer on ti, feb14 lv rIse I hove taken makes t e flit, and did not inlarc y m. heslth at ll ; therefore I advise my f low s res o a fois no Lime suod appaly to DrI A. llinet 124 Ciaal wit sIses, between'l)aupaine adourboo atredst Ir. l i luet is at Ine friom 9 o'clock, A Al, iantil 4 P 1. Ii Yhey will find au true dustor for thlli coilt Lnit, div J OIIN DlEAN. I4l r avierstlreet. I El a if say oes wants to ese iae;caIl ae No.40 Girasiee ,ie JOHN DiEAN. ts. New.Oleans. Fab I,8318. . lei 14 ly -IK tenusn lnidniut atam of Ioiverwirt arud Hore. Iound, is purf op in bottles at the low price of 5] cents ndbb, contMinnJ the streogth of threo ounces of Ul.rwort, kel le he ,irtee taT many otlher roots ald we e known in uu. t Indians as elicacious in curing petlmnary nMnplattoa. The u:irivaled succees which'has arlended rle ,se of this i*ue*et i whereer It Ihm Iaell herno oured, lx eobteinda the conideoee and recomaenda tia.',ed.or physiclan,. for he cure of cnughs, s nil.bU the a idO ne, W.t t of ret, spittilng o blood, eThin ledcab cidatln. ltiken it may onnern. T'his is-to certify thet we bhae in ee.prnaeea6.fretaletly preVcriled Mrs Gard epr's Indian Itsmo l .a iverweon a"d tHoarhotad, waitr Sdecided good effect: we oan therefore, rat h the hokw leget O'te materials iti s made trm . and chsernvaton .nd upe . rsEll, reoiiMAd it us Ba U Ierlo- tIretaration -rall those lectlone ot the ouniCs te which it re mmaaded;. Ah.IR'P Wt.LI4MIS, M.i D. S CALVIN El...I H1.D. " ofa b stonu Medial Ausoeiatiun. oaton. Octeber 85. naimb.y J.HtRVICll &ANDILEWS, SOLBEAR'S Science aof Pemanstip reeeivsed,aod U ifor m at their permsaehte Writing Acedlemiea NO. 8 Ohe'teec ireet, New Orlean., 189 nordway New Yorlk it eipLine .t., Atohil . It .septatir.nari ,eigued fil' Privat Ieseuers,. and bsihele, and id eahteotaieitr por tie ootin ti egep. Ledir ad atlettee n ane eqiited to cal and eanimiea theeeiei far tbe.nelvee. 'iaiea re gien ai stbh honies as niny etlt the tuleqianee of all, med I .dlanet frmedsol' nuy part in pretr ine racer ve'..n.s a t eiron.w rd' .peen;., -,a i iee orltsnnnr tldr irod -UI.. " " ". " to , I| ll* shev wlrih. 9., ]rJ~a 8ROTIIhf. $ klMONS HARnTT &a ; are nnk P ecismqlrIr d. on board ship Orlean: Eogle, Highlander, loknr. leIry Andrew, rench and Germa Balay carls;.ek;. glnmnas Boards, CItesmen, 2l it.4B r8 rinch r ilB art Blle; 8, 9,10 anrd 12" inch blade .,oseis Kniese; Leather and ,otler travelling Dressing Onar.s; Belt. aoeket, Horseman's and Duellnr Pistols; daonble and lngle barrelled Gune; Game Bags; Shot elts; Powder dr Piaol Flsaks; Dram Bottles and l)rinking Cnopr; Pkr.ieson Caps and Cap Hol uror; Cloth, fair, 'toot l: and Nail Brasheo, Omrse ral Cllorinc Tooth Wash:l Tooth Powder, Toilet mnd Shaving Soaps, il great vin riet; long Flair Braeid, Ingletsa and Frlzettes; Pearl sa i'r dlet Powder; Emery Btags; Iory T'b Cushions: Patent Sltdes er Garters; GHi El'stic Sospmtdlers; Powder Pnili. anll Boixe; Oilt Chains, Seals and Keys; Enr-drep; Waeist Biarklle; Brmrelets; Benl Ncrcklnr.s and Chains; Gilt and Silvered Berads; Indin lliBeds, IBlls nml Plinse; Shlell Twist; Side an I Dressnlog CoTnbs; which i,n additioni to heir former stock on hand, makes their nsorrmtent very cmpnlte, and will be sold ow and a libcral terms, at the sclta of tile Golden (Thonb. i5-if 70 Chlartres street. 11El eiai I - liherr, Agents -rr tl-i rxtensiive lose iof .&tl.& iistcher, Serffield, Eo-'laid, soavre jis P=ivei it ver i e.c enaive set rIf sn' Pioes, cosisitia' of Table anisd essenrt Knivese of oe- "l, dusoriptiono, Pi, Pocket, Diirk, tn Spear point Knives; irmasrs, Seis sors. Ed ge Tsisols,&. As. &c. slirlh they are prep-rcil n exlilit Ito the trnle tar ornslers. l'es and conditionsa will hi ilani kniown at the time. at J. I ). BEIN & A COII'N. ICO ComNa st. NEW 60011S. bIMMONS, IIARTT' CO.-Are now rereving \,pes ship Ilaitsnille, Eagle , Ms e Ailes, tg -lih *ader, A rench nrai f;enbsan dothle re:tl plrevins_ rimls: ater,l.l andl lt kek prstols; pliain, L ri.eb and sp it essmion atls; ,cap holders; anissa-is Razloes, pn. yes; illoti's Colnmmroi:ol and other steel pets; a Vin as; Violin strings; shell, ivoryiand Ilorn imib; wafers k, bIlead Ised l her purses; lhair bsilds, froit ind aeOk inglets; negro iltfs; Girnrand:lltl French cologne water, Ilowlalls taccssser oil, imitatios do; atitque nd Iearsroil; portable desks and drtesrag ls es: past' blacking; statisaan toilet glnsses; convex ntinors; op eal glasses anil views; Isnlian hlaed, bells anil Ilumes; eoolrenn; whliit-ia:we;toilet and shaving soalps; toilet older, smertie was hallsr; scented satin leushlons; pool stindsg screw csldonsi fnrcv iread chalins and neckli oes; billiaril hll.; me ket ;ooks and walletts; i Germain hones razor striap;, cfi an ti a conon glo olastic suspenlers, gantevs do; Bells Inlifer matchesbs; il nve. pencils; Crevons, &cr. &. Tbe aliove in ilhlition to str former stoek of fancy is articlesa, nakbesoar easlm ost rver vno.plet,. i"s sale Swholesale or retail; as the sign ofilie Golden Combl, 7t, r- Chalrte e stree. sign1. ".lU'- E.. -. partnership of Kelley, Jlasmt -&Cn I of New Orlcnn-; .Mab s ron&, oarris &Cf of Natl ez; `0 nil Herris, Kelley &Co ,of Rodnev, wag disshiced nn rIlhe2slt of 3oa t Is, ar tle ldeatl I i famuel A Mason, y nea ofd oeartners atodthe firms. The uhndcersignedl urvtiri ig partners, will Ibe c lreid with the settling and closing saooid bsiess as fillows: kl.eivilC Hlrris will rtesnd totie sertlins of'tie hirnoil., ot 3at' Ilarris& Co-,t NoatchezI and Ilorri, Kel ev & Co.,ot IReodit; .iasd lest Kvie (eyv wiill asti'nd to is lesettllng of the bnInmeS ofKelley, Mi-oi & Coi.. at i NeOrleans. IThe nams ofss e saeer ral firms illliu oeia trwnrd id ake lie rly settlcests anil th, haising clatiis will pleaspIresent T ePi withoult i elay, LEFVI C 1AtIIf, IIENB.OY KELLE.L C Era' Orl,."an , June 27, I7li. Itt-N .,lt c tlI F Ar.INt'sr . CtoLOGNC s WATI-ERl the s cn In 5 e nieref thit s eprsssr (lonise wateri, jin't i reeivedl and fi sel byIl thomlizenl or silhle bottlV. at also Americin tlid s 'l saIii toilet si, lers, powler rifenfs ti beltbe, s i and toilet solus cosmetic wash oalla, milk of rose, cosmetie cold crenn, extr ac o natsk, kelllimls 'al' srd vegetable hair oil ponr tn :rene tnie perse, Florida, lavendar, rose and dly ratero, Ireoste's salts, Marseilles perfulers in truoks. vegeta bIle r td licld ronrs, Chlolrine alndOr'is tooth wasol, clotl, hnir tooth, nail and ics bIrou es,; toge her wits at by - SIMMONS, IIAIoTT" &CO, r jnly I 70o Churtres street. v' COiAL-lThe subscribers lhave constantly oirs ha nd a large supply of Cannel and Liverposl csal, Sin bulk. of enperior quality, which they offer for &c sale in Intos to suit prehrs rre. l. Also expected by the first arrivols from ilng d land and the North, Cannsel, Lehigh and ePoac b Mlountain Coal, broken and screened, put tp isn os hIleshlad expreasly for fInaily uss-ill of wmiuel SIthey will tlispnae of oil the tost moderate terms. 0 Orders left at their office, No. 53 Bienvillo t. up stairs. will be promptly attended into. og oct 3 . & A SOULII . a, ·--- ------------ S Cologoe \Water, lt.rlumery, &c,--A spssuioIa article r colognoe, put p expressly for tle retail trade; also the purest French Perforuer-, rmsbra reisg every variety forth te oi,, for sale hvby t 'To Counatr aly ercanhs an d llansters. do Negro cloths, blankeli , lsannclo, lsot-,e, loweIll in hirtiags, chees, h s, alieens cle,C h indkerlhiefls, &e &c received aad for sale low by tihe lsubscri. sa here. ROTTA & Co. d ot. eorner Canal and Clhartres st sd L iv' lemt'rs Pesfoouerii-s. of Indian Dye, for solorig tilhe Ilar ; Lear'a Oil, a. Rusinlse boar's ercsso, pocnituts , IlicaIae's elste ce \VnWsho, superior piearl powlers, hi white, cra of ross-, vegetable rouuge, otto of rose, lip salve, hrersute tooth wasl, carbonie dentrifiee orne fRowenr water, powder pulffs and iboxer, A-sr ieni lcharcoal, neatly put up itn our osnico siols, I'res. uton salts, eolone, kreaaoot tootlh nchel drops, hlir Sbrusheslie, Eiglish dlressing combs, Indian han r oil, with a variety of othler porfuleriesr, &c. For sals i by C. J. TRINCIIARD, net 3 corner of Canal and laourbon sts IRON IOFS--'Tihe saubscribers Ihave procuoredl at a great expense, the rightl of sp i Ig n nia o roots in ts city. Thliey are adptedl to publlc buildings, wareliouses, and private dwrellinsatod coal-ino at once cheapneuss and durahilisy, and are perfirctly fire and water proaf. 'l'erls anav le knowns, atid a model seen at Our establishtnent, opposite St. Mlary's mnrket,' 'lhapiToilao st. oct2E E I COGSWELL & Co UPHIOLSTERY &APAPER IIANGIN(; STOIIRE. Ilenry Siaebrecht, (ormerly J. C. Wicks & Cii.) would mest respectfplll inlortrn his friends and n the publli is general, tlinhat he has and is constant, aly receivinr sia general assorlsent iof ulphlolstery d nod paper Ianging. 'lThe fllnowino curnnci-a part of his sirlk, wicih hie offers for sale at whol-, sale or retail oun tihe iost aocommodatin: teruis, viz : Frenlh velvet and satin paper, latest style ;do half cuoimon and commson, Pniladlelphia glazed and unglazed do do, lFrench landsenpoes, fire boards, bisile, &c. do velvet and worsted do di, moreanze do colors, silk fringe and galloons ofall qualities, patterns and prices, erorstled Ifringes as sorted patters. plain snd colered. Swirsa ti s lin, latest style plain and erloesed, cortoi drapery muslins plain and twilled, aserrted coloro, new Ssyleof needle work fisr sofoa cusiins, fiootstnol acvere, &e neow style of bell pullers, raised figures asd plain, gilt wtindd, ornaments ofi all pIIttrs and riizrs, gilt eagles batal aond spears, f.tth5s &c, glaoa kiolba, custersr, luir clutlh, ligure andld plain, a loarge ssorlnlent of I-os f r chilJrsn; lorge silk coin aocd tusselsl, aoIrstd cordd tr n an . oes1a a general asoortnlllst of phlssEro sand paoper lis-sot prlets at Nc l 41 slcl'alnd id4 taiosu N lI-Persnns ini the rile or fln thi e sconriry, are recpr ulaully inlvirtd o caill ucd cxantoe Isor ilhensoolvee. Carpers ctud eurtaits O ade in toe Isleas iaodrrn style, eootns prepared at ilie slqri. eat notice, aid all kinds of apl'lcesiersy ,ouk does ish neatiesas and despatch. net S . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . - - - I. S . EGUllt, Nr 54 Conde street, between Duomain and St Pltilrp,keeisconstantly ont hoand at rextenFive assortmntIr of boots and broganh. and hoe,o. cl New York Innufaci tire. n ,r itne.n, tOaen uand children of ull ayre, wliech ho will di-pose of at very moderale prices. FIn tlies of his as q' intance on rending an order. will have their wishes attended to I, S SEGOUlt D.AFI:NESi. NEWV article r irpersons troubled witr I af ne,, (called tha I ro''ruuet,) hlas just I.oeu received by the uset f nl e itte h, a t o v gltostarteolution of the lar tian voicet ia Lsulio ltco eed tho site ar. AInyV e wT.h Ilax eves" heell olblnged to conllverse wil it a# very des person, itu..l bIe fuliv sen,ible of the diitielaltfy uld i!iem. .blorrloaslllal expetiauoed outh tl titetlloeloes ll tle in dividlanl an l unrllalurnonltlhllited. Bly thie nee ofthi Ear Trullipet. this ohJeetini is entirelv obviated. The most scepticar l have dlatne ua rndoled their doubt. allel having used th ''ruapet. For sale at 1' I' GI(TION'i, Faney storecr,er c f(,.tClrron o ll St ChLorle streets tIler tih IE -t ou t t l tel. te l. 1: P ViIlIt OIl-IaLtt pvliolls pure winler d b Sperme Oil, in easks and bIl., for sile by JAltVIS & ANIDREWS r Whlesala Drugg a.t, ornter V ..u.aon land lI'c op Ins streets. Ila I:i I1IlkT LEAD.- J - s I l, i tI c .ls ; 411 kegs, 100 ,, ,, 021) do 5 do--5 1-4 b le. 400 " 100 Painst Ilru.he various sizes; 5i btlCoipalI Varnish; 20 packs Gold Leaf; 50 do Silver do; 100 do Dutch teltetl. IVIolNIOI GLASS, Atlreriea n, K rlslo antld Freuluh ]0110 heln s,: v:reee siLea antit Illtlitier . l.olton tr.own do.--50 boxes,conrigtniel,lt, will be sold low. Also, a ceneral assorotment of artists' colours and tIrao, for asle by A W SCA'I ES, No 1ii Caalll street.' N I. Alabn ao rtels akerr sit It r, and Misricsipipi eoreas will Ion received at 10 llercell diaconlnt for goods, or ir vayelt oldebits.a je I I w "Il.OUR--ltOI atdiltg fCc ait lteulaear indellen,l. SSnce, 'Ir. IiORSIY, "tiiM .1__ NiIen lvm. Elter.lIrl's Ril)r SltroSte--T-llree cosaeca uf tllre ienuine article. juit receierd by net 3. REESE & P'LAN(O, 18 Capp at Mi ,.rtan flrq,-_5J ertols Mjdrs,"ue Itrpi~ erape mad ,e all lf hen ip, in tlire, asid for sale by S3 tBOG IIER'I III% THORIIN, 63 Graviss eL - DBOOK BINDERY. Under the Picayune Oflice, 72 Camp st. lRONSEI..A '& IIOWSON hbe leave Io inform rn their customers and the pahlic generally, the, p Ihey have removed their establishment lu No. 72 tl Cimp street, i nlmedintely under the oivce of lle ah Piraytnoe--where they are prepared to execute all ] t orders in IhIirline. lv ting received from lhe Nrlth a supply of np. in per and materilal of a superior quality, for the c manutncture of Blank IBooks, they offer their err vices io merlchant and other, who nmay wishvif work of Ihit kind ; and havin tihe ndvnaeuae of I several yanrs's experienee in that line,. hey are confident of eiving satisfaetion to those wile may sa ftvir them with their custnom. o For notaries, architects and otlhers, mnaps and ni plans will be pasted on linen. v.arnished and mounted in the neatost manner, & at the shortest uti nn'ier. r Plnin and fancy hindin, in all its varietirs nl. n t CHINA G1.iASS & EAR ~ llN bv ARE .'l iUlRE f 36 ChIrres street, New Orleans. W 1TN. SERGEiANT & Co. importers of French and Enaplsh China atid Earthen ware. are nc no,, openinUg new and rich natterns of breakfast, " dhninr and tea services, toilet sets, piltchers, teae anI coffee culips, rea s, suglrs, creams, bowles, platei, dishes, tureens, washl basins aill ewaore .tl hbsthr, etc. etc. Richll cut and plain French and Alterienn glass. ware-2oblets, champaignes, nlemo nades, jellies, a ictlare'a, inese, erdinls, entvtre hotwles, Idlaiters. ti tiurlblere, preservedlshta ,celern es,pi clleres, llIIItitl lunp shade and glasses, candle shades, salt eel- s lers, etc. d Silver plated, bronzed and britania wares-eu-e it tr., liquor stands, cnke bisket-, coadledtiche, i e Ihrantlcht, spons, l.adles, coffele ad teapots, sugars I:realls, Inlps, j·lpnllned trays, astral stands, andI Sha:titg lamps,,tine cutlery, GerCman silver spon. and iorks, together with a renat variety of arl ices Ior f mily iue. Mrhaenls, planters, hot Is, andtl stIeanltbotn, furnished wihl goods at the most tea sonable prices, and packed so as I u e cli lveyted I wilth safetly ti any paurt of the colun'ry.t . o .- A anthernrirs' les.awnr. noii i2 AHE FLORI LINE to Fns 1Ilbie to A dAiy ta, (l-. =. . u'nls ck, pin t per I.r S toili n t for Inil's I. tldinl, ahuove Blakely--thence four pst coaches to Pensa:lola-thence stealmboats to ni Lgrrntoe, where the land ioute is reslmed-thencee i, va Matrianna and lBrtwnnsville, Fla. Bainhbidge Ptnldertown, I twkinsvillc. Saundereville & L.oisi d vllile to A ugusta, (ait cotiuertinp regularly with i the roil road ears to Charleston, ntif tihe steam i ,i ,.ckits to Noo York, Narlolk, Pniladelphia, etc. o 'The steanuoat are thle best for the service, and i it tile navigation presents more advantages than can I le be found ulponll allny steamllboat route ill the south. era region. nll ~e reat improveitents in the route have been too produced by the conlruction ol fifty tilesof new y road, by the proprieltors, viz :. froml In,a(rnane on L[u!lyette laonu, in nar: o n S ana sa Bay, to I vSyant's Forre, on Ihe Chatstahnche river, ten itilh s above the Cowtord, or 14 above Cedar Ilufl, It whereby tleo navigutin oui the river, and Ihe cnr. ast Slieeiln' detiention, i d lmore recentlll the illco Svenienlt crossilng I tlhe Cowfallrt, re entirely h I avtidd, and a fine road from lri annan direct Sto tBainbridpt, instead io the riroundabout ruo dl via un, Chattahoochee. lesseningp hle dislance about forty en, miles, and increasing the facilities more than i once a day Ah Alto, branch line of two horse strhzs every ell tiher day fiim Il.twkinavilln, via Perry to ilnacon, (ait . connecting with the line to Savainahl and Darien, Geo. A mail steamboat elies regularly betwren Bai bridbg and Apalachiola. 'travellers wishing 0o reach any point on Chattahoochee or Apalach: , cola, aenn take steoraboat at D]rawnsville. for Mobile to Pensacola--L.nd Roue--During the time noccupied by the repairs of boars, the proprie. l lors of the Florida hine will run a line of four Shorse ost conches every other day between M10 in Ilehaud Pensacola. olt Passengers will leave Molile at 3 o'clock, p mn i. ill the U S mail boat, and proceed to lanll's land. ing, where a lour horse coach i Ill I in Wailillg it cotlvey them to the excellent house of Mr. Charles lall, 1 I 4 mile distant, where they will find li pleasant accomnlodatiotus for the night--leaving ilnext morning, they will arrive in Pensacola earl. _ n the evening, thus avoiding ihe disomfiort ol ight tranvelling. Office at Ioe Mansion Ilouse, Mobile, and C]. lino' Iflel, IPensnanl, where seats mttst be secu red. STIOCIKTON & Ci. nv I 'a Y o in rIe Italrurlion. i. William Slilh tenders his servler s to the citi, zens of New Orleanlu s a teacher of the pilun torte. Mr S havinia been emplliyed srvural veals asn teacher of music in private latmlhes in B;ston, and also it several o the felm:le relllilart es in ins , vicinity, cannot but hop I Illt eit Iheir coni lence. SIle s permted t rfr td re o Rtev Dr Clapp. l-tasrs SSteion &i Avery, iendlledron &. Gainte. I ,r ternls, t e ilease naply at itte buoksltre nf ge Alnexander Toer.49C "limprt atel2 an -. Drugs and .lledicines. ii J I PrIvost ha. locatcd himself in this city lor the purpose of transaetilg a general Wholesale n Drug business. lie is now receiving a lull supply ol Iresh and genuine arlicles, which hei will sell on liberlem To city druggist-, and lhose f the Interior, to physicians, nerchants andt planters, ed he will ntlTr inducements such as hIave never be, i fore bo en t ffaired in this city. lais intention is to Sdon Istrictly legiimate business. Ilt vctock will 'so$on be compeleI, ald io a few weleks will be rea. dy fod r busi-es-. All orders from the colutry,and v from merchant of 1t is city, receiving such orders will be praomptly attended to. o,,t 9 NoI 39 Camp st PROSPECTUS. THE subscriber p-oposes to publish,. in the be. ginning of the onstitng winter, a Condensation tf the twenty volumes of the Old and New Series of Martin'. Louisiana Reports, to be comtnrised in four vonlume, evo., according to the model of Peters' Conoeoal ed Reports. This work is now in preparation by J. Burton Hlarrison, Esq , of tllis city, assisted by William F. Brand, Esq. The Editor is also permitted by a distinguished retired Judge of the Supremle Court, and by one of the sitting Judges, to expect from their personal supervision all the advantago which may naturally be reaped from their experience. Such a work is becoming every day more no cossary, as the original is voluminous, expensive, and scarce. An increasing curiosity too is mani ebet, in the other States of the Union, in reference to the peculiar jurisprudence of Louisiana; and tire circunmstanco of the numerous principles here doe cided in the adjustment of conflicts of laws, makes the knowledge of our adjudged cases of prime uti. lily to the jurists of the whole Union. Moreover, the rising republic of Texas has adopted our codes, and thus there isa great doentand for the Louisiana decisions from a fresh quarter. Convenient notes, indicating the parallel cases decided in Louisiann, and occasionally those in thie more authoritative fornusa of the other States, wili no aldded to enac case. The work will foirm four volumes, royal octavo, and will be delivered, bound, to subsrr.hers at $6 per vol.; in case it should be found practicable to comnpress it itto throe volulmes, the p.-ice to sue. Icribero will be .$7 per vol. Subscriptions received by 'WM McKEAN, c5. eor Camp and Common sts. ne Be IilT nI STORE--as t tie sydei of tile ugowlen c siin, rle i ' harts stcou. Tie, Isb coribers af e re-e co re ,ill a i, ior, ll ltl l t oteir eil k lr i tad, fifll hid ,roelplete , r or ltne ttl t of rtuifles in thleir lit l; vs. corndti, perfruer-, JCwellr.v, bru, ntIckitg glaseiioea fI-lllt nrti tlc i,';o it, etidting i e p diiat rias f , llow a.: COtiql| -ttrtoi. c 'wti , n treltig t c alil phlain tuckitwi Ie ti triinid lb stk, ui t; rolnl, dres iug, si pii lll oeir iandli neckO Brlzih.nul iembs 1s evCry deesription oiiiletl wa.nichd ae iYoa r txiiltlt patter.s, Ilory onlba i,f ievirv ciaoerniirmti lori, drguesin ie piitil t-geh dter withu tar gentral si i tlell h ii lla i 1etih lea Atricglr, o. r anl n'itlr.vnI eIvori-Ctulhchie, iiitetieci., Filorhii, toney la: ty son tsp of tih l c illrtl , hevilng do ill nkea a t, la Itot, f creFtAu stutdo, VArd'alveetaltle' hairlil,l blar lic t - ti ri4cdo. tiretllr ll ellitig i stlsi plai ar e prr ce al ed toilet iwdcr, earlil poiwderrli ie, irttlu oatliad b ucte. pIlautue in petilud i lodt dullc lid IeIIeuid:lortie lorth wasbd and loovdela, wit a genepral ussrtent' :if t VEL.RlY--eilue clCtle latest Clir n st ir ilen bile retti,Ceoasistilu of wlliat allc red ehil relirlt, tllipa k . net eardrops, set in filag ere e, teasts l pi l fs ota grI 't2,, -,ens Ivt of iattiri., watch triieiilitiea rgilt ioend sihi, clCriles, siiver thcmlblet , sicer and titilpe lolls ai d guaitrdl Onaine cIcoUliiieSl~ otaridheileinniearboinnte, alrtaitirtg Pi oat, Aeih, itnoof, plate, dellar. Nail, sl". 1, slt nit ii i.OOKINGerm l.AISSES--Gn nn le l stin aro dr toilet o t eeiasls, einifyilg leand 'renc drese i gghlsasasd hi, Iae dl, with a varclv ofptller kindes lnlt enllunerlaed. FFANCY AND VARIETY ARTICLFS--I'reoehr and Aalerica Iprtable deske amlIt dresrii r enasesi, elloe very rich and fietly lini.hlte ladies work Ibxelsanddrrs- r s ding eaes wihiill ind i witholt lgtUsitn Iyoiericll boxes, Ac cordiuns oi/variou. kiods,awiolis atllnd glitelrs, hilver anul , plated pencils and leads,wood pencils For cirpteatrs oilld c criyotlslmanltte clocks gtnsilnd ipistol; with and without iv . eases, ptertusaloua clls, lerculsian fclip cli:lrgers, ollle li crew ,rivers, shol beht,, clame iag.s, palate blackiug, toy s, e Petells, Indian beads of every kiud, bells and 1ptatrres e o tineolid oaoiton kcivesd rlt.or tuld scissoirs, t imles, f needles, lti, silver pllltel, steel and ellnan , peta let, iucket books and wallets ot various kindI, vinitng T urinn arid card caues, plavieg cards of F'remllc, German ca and American inrnutuctore, dolls. imitatio!n t'uit, rnuia i boxes, prllts of various kieds, Salundera' I'Polersy's, t Eltnniersonllam IlillnItl's and Hlawkin's razor straps and metallic hrmmis,dirks, fancy bead necklaces, do with It drps, toy watches, pearl butel n, powder flasks, eat and to plint seed beedse gilt arod silver do, gut elankie suapen- tit der', alnl gaurtr plaiiniind sword LInes, bsckgaa ilO n inards, dice, uptie rieners, jcwnsltars, leeetis. owtnh da e, and h'lrikitg vino, with agrI t tvarety ol other nltli P ales, all Ifwlbir 4 will Ite sold fret eailt or city aeceptan- r. u :e onl ': tltlnts credit. B H SII 1I1;NS, &,:eo., fir d4 70 (;ltartress. da - 01 l' Med'icil Ifllik--I.nit oil nPliltiiis; do. on IvhA .L '(' )WAI, 49 Camlln THE INULAN'S IANACKA. Rll thecoreofrhenmlatism,srofiut orkingsevil,gnur, S.ciatin or hip lout, incit ,enncers, snt rheum, aphilitic and mercurial diseases, particularly ulcers and painfulaffIetions of the bones, ulcet.rtedthroat ae: nsn Strils, ulcers of every description, fever sores, and internal absess, stulas, piles, senld hel ad, scurvy, biles, ellro lte sore eyes, reavspelin,lltlhes, and every otrietyoli.c tannous affection, chronic Catarrh, head ache proceed ing from any aerill humor, pain in the stomuch land dys pepsin proueealing fromvariation, afeetiolrof the liver, chronic intlammation of the kidneys, and general debili ty caused by a torpid action of the vessels of the skin. It is singalnry' erleaeioius in renovatino those corastittiots whhhave been hbroken down hvby injudicious treatelnlt, juvenile irregularities. In geo.rol terms, it is reonm y metled in all thole dIliseass which arise frot inntpatities of the hlool, or initiatiot of the IllUnors, of wilatever d name orl kil. I Some of the abhove eomplaintsmsay require some tri. fling asistanta pplicatilos,wl ieh thereirumstanees of the case will llietaon; but for a general remedy or Purileaotor to remove lIerase, the IN~I)lAN'S PANACEA will generally be foaunld stfieient. TO THilE PUBLIC. flow true it is, that modern Physiciar.s, n Itheir am hition tonexel is their tret.sson; explore the vast fields ofacieuce by the ahl oflhemistlty, and seek out new ere medial agents; in short, to arrive at perfectioa in the patniec by tmelans of art alotle,---ttirely overlook and aeglect, as Ieneath tlher noteice, tile rilh and bonteouns stores otfmelicine, which the Almightly has caused to spring out of the eath in every clime! And how msth more true isitthat while the American Pllysieinn looks to foreign countries for many of his most common and Sneeessary articles, perpetually changing as they are at t. the dictates offashio orfally, he is stltlrtunat e in hisi own country with alln endless profusion of medintl plants, sufficient to answer any indication in disease or ton eie any urablu disnnoer; lln yet he is ignrant of their vie tiles, and they are anlfere to 'wastetheir healingg on the edeselrt air' 'The ef'ects of vegetable medicines upon the system are temporary-athose of minerals lasting. T'Ie fIrmelr ex toyrt their efleets atd pass off--the latter, mercury in par ticul;r, cnt chemlicalv 1pon the solids, decomposing te oes and Unt esll ning the eonstitution by a slow '1:i stllluar dtlestrctioll. The cotgeniallity, efliciency sol SAAFETY' ofvegetn *d tle remlediesever nlinteall, lmay be estimateld by contrast ingthe ancient praetice with the amloern; or, to hring it maore immlediately nll,lert our own observation, Illt Ili an practlee with thlat of the whites. Who, in America, nas not known or heard of repeated instances wherein some decrepid, nl retending femaletIndias, by neansof ee her simple remedies alone, has ffreted tile most rapid it noailstollishino cures, after the lateira Meadien of the or emmon prioeice, directed in the most skilful manner, to has finilell Anl who loIs not b een sllrprisd at theeom Sparativecaso ant ficilitiy with which the lndiatn fa-eeshim self from any disease, tlnd at the aloost tota abstinence e, of chronic dasease among them? Who has ovet heard I olan Indian with a constitution broken and ruinedl by Ih illtreatment? Aad can a dothltexist that this ha:, py en n emn tiot of the savage from most of the ills wlhiah the . Iles of man is heir to, is chlielly owin to more genii d wll safe remedies whilh he emldays. 'This astonislh. an ing difference in success, is a fair exemrlification of the t. intinlte superiority of the sinllple and safei means of cure which God has clealtedl for the benef.t of his chilhdren en over those which the pride and the art of man av in vented. From a long residence among a iortion l'thealborigin alo habitanltsof thisceountry, antalln intimate acqulain tance with the, metlhods of cure of some of their most en successnll practitioners, the Ilroprietor of 'The Intlian's tfaaaee:rat,'tacqiaell a of somae of tile most ltaotwelf.alnuat laoreite remetlies. From tahese le selectedl nesuch as were most efficcious and o at'l.o .iates, and after yvariols experiments to test their tritciels tatit strength, ct lie has combined themn in the form here presented, as the ila most lerrfet anld lencflcial for the purposa lfr which it ty is recoanmelled. an 'The proprietor offersthis preparntion to the ipublic, with the cllsciotuseass that heI is placing withithelir seot ry n remedly enpable oafrelieving many of his afllicted fel r low beitgs, who are snultlrig nulscr ihe variouls ehro I n and obstiate conltllaints to ohirlllt is applicable. To such it will prove of incaleiclabl le valle, as the meanis, and in many cases, the onlyl means frelievinglltheir suf

ten fringsand restnoilngtthem once uote to health and hap. o" pineas. This'is notoell'red asa common remnedy, that - aly per chance lie etqually gool with many others now il use, btaas one hllil.i isaeatpble of snviaaglife in nitlny he cetreme cases hich all tdie unusual remedies fail. Thllis it S s. dlnioce repeatedly; II tlllis is tilhe repatlion ithasob alur tned iteleavr it has bell introlleedl. e It Is oly ih allut three yelro n Silce this prelpalation was lreserted n ato 1uilic: but in Iltat short aitael of tie, n somellunlllbttlsll vo ersonStligllt ie lifllla l who wollll i asolemnly thclare tha:ll they believedl tlhat tihtel lives were 1 saved by it, :d in nio.ta ateoeairr, they haIl tried iot Ity Irs ca lelrhallps dl lle conmnltn renrlmedies i aini. blheto * i. ivris tini-wnhais in aqatllh elallag ittto nse, and this dafloral the laoit aubstall talanl conlvilncingl proof oft it tiy 'rite roae al tllhePao.eea i lrost eonslieuous in lthose I i longn sandlitg ald SVllhilitic oand se'ronulous alitetioas which vltl lve ldiil all other reedlies, and particularly !. ill those eases where mltercury has beten so lavis !a usell u as to ealse dlistressil, lpiains inl the hones, ndes, mlerc rial ulcers, d.lernogeient of lthe digstive organs, doe. - These it completely relrnt es,: aI in all ce:s' it eratie i ) voesta le rOlntirleillllori itall ita-sl e tlaile t slat llnll lau l no well. hI rhm·lumatisl amd ill lltclv.altel sore throat, its eals laappy eleetsale not let vapllplll:llantl, giving a'lot ilnue i dliate relicf Tat at itllet. trottrL aitst, Itt'il. allnlla' Il:lCL..R ol a el assn ahelnataeu al e ae a dia aaaa ti-v ditreti-, s and ll naXllvas. . an t li-sSt.ltndic and aot- r t oa"; ant inl Inroper cases, uslmomnlachic alll tll;nllengl.gigll (evll"er. :if ll exlresstl, e it ia re aslt s a ll thi u ;naet ul: lla s :uda ex ile ased with vo nllleritll su.tess as a S i agvlloll .: I.'II I'p .1v rifler, Iby those WIllo ll'e sll ect to cnmpllll (" the c cst, ,fl :allnd whose t ensriellli of sons will dlo ell to us, t.vl or thr· e tlltlestin snlll dn rs, hes. VWhenevr a liet Idink is considaaired nlecesa; . tlhis anaeea, takenll ill a alsul dose; will alaselrt all its tat iprpsos, iat toneh less tilae, at less I xri.lae andl ia a tl u-ort e agreeabl llrlllnerl thh the elonmoa tll et lrink. lThe folloawia earlfinilets, out of huifhoas sitlilar, - which tiight hbe prlcueld, are given to show Ithr erllet of nlthe Ialtlaa' Panal' cea, ill thoe valriouS entploiatst ere;aa ta amentiosed;and alsoatoexhihit in the most satisfitctory manner isullperinrhy over the syrps in common uslol Le. CASES OF ItrIIEUJIAtIS1M. -CilaLtu.eTn" NOV. L 15 1O31.o Drhing the last winter illlad sltrilgi ws a ltlirtedl with t. a very evelre talnllinstiessiatg ilta-nematisnl, occasiotneal Iy rf exiosurue in iaul welaher. ntow lake g-eat aleasure inI of slattig, Ihall six botntle of he lndia'los Panalee, restored or tle to pllerfct lealtll, anlld I eoafaleatlly rcommenltenl itto rs' ll similarly afflicted. .JOHN EIIRGUSON, King st. n CPAHLESTON-, March 27, 1832. FI was seize'd shout three ears since, s ilth distressi.g rhentism, carusned by takilng a saelre cold, while Indler theinfluencefs merlnsy, anill which has dlsabled rl it, bobsusiness nearly ever since. I)luing this li.ield Ilhave beac a patiep t it the Marine Ilospital, ill this oit :I upwards o fliur months, and nearly tile same length,' time in the Ialtimore Ilospital, and tried almost ever o. remedy, with liule beneol. On the 16th of February a, last, aitoslatime carcely ale to move about pot cotchl, Ses, Icomtienced tle use of Indian's Palacea. Il on. tnlonth I found myseelf ethie'l fieed from pain, and an su now happy to state that I conlsle my self pelrfetly well. \VA M. 'IUCKrI.I,13 nMarket st. CAPES )F SCROFULOUS ULCEIIS NEw alotK, Sept. lit, 1i.83 This may certify that in tIe ill of 1825, I soc scizl with a ioellingin my neck and liltce, awhich ale.oawsd , alceratedl aid became large ghastly ulcers is Illy cel. sAlierlryilg ssesls phlvsiciaia to nio ultalogc I wen' to it'lailelphna, and placed tr a sellf uncl, the ca l, lirt. IPhvssc nad Ileach, hesn, a'ter re ahatca salient oui e l nloell.l, I was pronouloncedll uterly iihilble. Aher. wnurds Ilsmk twenty oittllsol'Swahiin'a I'Pllolceatoi eighI ollles o'lPotter's Catloliculon, wit no Isnatelrll belelil I)espairing of lile, which lllil ow bIlcome a buIten lltol Ime, Ireturned to yly arents in New York, in 18, san gass iysell'.p to baiagrig deast. Harwit of tila great success oir lThe ys lliallr's alllh:act, I ow'cel , ill cIaI Ssimilar to lly OWln, I wits warsuaded to t113 it, as a last . sort. To miiy great surprise, as well as satislho.ioul sonlilou Isnlnystlf rpiidly reaooering, ,n llpl takbij uella Ilttlhes. tile llcelhsheall-d aid l b leciie peliftl well inl lie course oftwo lmonllths, and have remahlietl so - ever silnce. liakel this staltetllen ul shsllitpltliitsel For t liiltaliet ltllhsls bta o rIh se shlli'ling nllder similar setnllous or syphilitic aollctions, that they may know what cilltred lr lloe who lhas sulltrorl veory tldig hilt Sdeath, ld l,110 a uotlit.iders his lil sailed by the above s. lip. '.I1. IIINIIA) UoAtEso'rON. July 12,ia 131. SIas nalliletelt, roar )yers with an ilter ist the Isg, o d I casiallly accompanied with rysoil.elutmd in iatiui t and excessive ralill ill tileleg an aslle joilt. Saesial Semilnent physicians exerted tleirskill, upon it, lut with a lt peinulelliltlenellit. In Illis oase fle bottle Ildi:ll's l'lutcea nmallle a rll fect llre. MAICAIIEt'L' A WVES-', 121 Mlsrkk t a For sale by II.I1' IIONNAIII,:L, dr lggist, ases i, ol tl t llroprlietors,l Tchollitoulas street 16 NEW ORLEANS -NA * l VILLEu kY. ROADI 2 rOMpPANC.l j stl bli stockhollers oftl his comlpan ly e a er v i b liid that by t resolutiona lbbad of ie o .rd lheo ruot passed ol the lit, iset. the call sa,, o the, )Ibs t Ih IlilhllFebruarv aI., for lete povmitiitl fac doullarsa n share, wits trm ilndl , and the said stic haldersa re far tern ntilied Ithat \VHI.IUr AS, lbt a reusolution of thi board passed on atIle 19th in, . a ct ill hit b,:et ilade as the sInblkhold'erI of ihe New Orlllas mr, i Na.hloileb Rail RIoadI Cmplanv our theifol lowiigjpltvnletis, lbe t s the slob hll reaslpi. lively s this tvtiz:-two udior. plier lare, Iayslable on thae lirotiy if Sepltestber next; tws dollars per sh.lre pi.vlle oi tlse firal day of Deceuler iext; ad tso bollaurper schaose piiydlsl cli the day of Marca next. Nlowtherlr'be bit rcsolvcedl, tllhat tlhe secretary of tllis company shaiiIIIII ll not thi sla Ihles thereio, thrnllhtlll alil puic pritslll r tIe city, ,la it atformity with tile sixth setlion of the charter, Ihey*taire perlnittol to postpone say pamV ent called in n ttle stock of said lallnplnv for ble cl". of sixtv days, fra tald after tIle dhy oil !licbhit is lde pia.hlo, with tile stxpesson di- ito- however, that if not regularly pai withii the asd pralolleatioll of sixty d;ives, fillalldl afleer , duay on whllichll it should havlu e Iee paidl, tllihat llen te slk nla whichu aidpayimntsla shoulI have ben nade, is atd rena 'o llroictd Ito tihe compllalln, lhi chlaer oil t1111 piilt Icing imlpraltive. Iln oalinisitty therefore, Io saiMl call, all stick of lthe itolbolders it said aotplnpy, as thnllk prller to ppnt 6 thle pyeIl a nts oiI Ileir silock to the and of the atlditiolol sixtyrdays, whch thie' llchare allows tlht, a, notified thlt the paylent of two ,oli lars per seare atlltdil for,ald doe ti tle lirst of Sep. toIleraext, mayhe pasptralped snder the sixth section of said charter, ntlil th.llast day of Otolher next, that I she paymelt oa two dlllars pe b share called for, and duI on the first lay lof leember ,nexl, nlay e ost I Ianed until the "11th day af Jimtanrv ext; and the .l Y I melt of two lsillars per share sale.d for adld due t t-le firslday of alurch next, may be paltponted uitil b1 311k bh day of April next. xtret, of tn. minutes oft lhe hoard. june 21 A R MoNAlR, Se'ry. "I ( Air 'i',-ia,i - . zt alitsSli I I lnlslfur cal JUHI} II GIIAIIA :.- sp.Il Royal College of Physicans, London. PTIIIE original Vegetable I Feian Universal Medi S ine, preparied by W Miskin, Elq. Memls r of the Roval College of Surgeonn, Lienetite of Apothle cary's Lompnny, Fellow t' Bolt Court Society, Surgeon to the Iloyal Union Peunsim Asoelation, l.anenstor Place, Waterloo Bridge, and Perpetual Pupil of Guy' anl St. Thomas's llosptals, London. This valuable mediine, the result of twenty yents' experience and utinplalleled success in the extensive nail hliglv resplectable liractice of the propriety, pltro nised bly ithe falulty und nobility, ad is now ilntrodedel to the notice of ie Animeriean a~iblie, at the eanles so liEiltaion of nunmber ol'gellilenle of long aild high stalnding in the profession. It is hoped, as a prelili nary step, to cheek the evils and fatal eotselueoees arisiig from the use of the numerous atill deleteriolus aosmuOis toisted upon the public by the alid of fabrieated proolsof miraculous cures, and other frauds, by a set of nmereentry, Inlpriteipled pretenders. so totally ignorant of medical secience, thalmt it impossible tihe mionatrous I delusion can any longer qo down with the inltelligent people ofthllis coutrv. 1 hese pills, mihl nilnagreeable In their nature, should tie kept in every family in eases of sndden illness, fo', b their prompt aldmiiistration, cholera, cramps, spassll, eversn, id oilier alarming eonlmplnlts, whichb tIoo often prove Itultal, many be speedi ly cured or prevented. In fact, all tllose who value good ihealth, should never be without them. They are soli' in laeket at 51 eet,$l and . each, by everyrespee table drlnggist, bokseller, all vendclorof medliine ia tin United States al. Ie Canadas, witll copious dslietionis, with: estanonials of profiessional ability from S(the following enminent gentlemen: Sir Astley Cooper. J Abernethy, James Blllsdeell, 1. I)., Vi. Hank, M. U., J. Aston Key, A. Frampton, M. D., and numerous others. The originals may I: seen it possesslion ol'the General Agent, by wbomn thbe mediciie is imported illto this etetryl and to whom all applications Ibrageneies must beI nladle. JNO. IHI)LIEIN, 129 Warerly Place, N. York, Sole Genelral Agent for the Ulited States, ile. For le by appolintment of the erigill proprietor. by SWAiN L Iltnoilna, l)l.rggists, No II (inal street, I-.enerl Agent sfor Stastlee of Louisinna. jul v8 n ElRllY It LEE L co, No 3 Magnzale street, are vrow receivig fromin ships Nashville, Louisville, Kenlieky, Eagle, ald oilier late arrivals trem hie S::-thern cities, a large and new seleeted assortment Boots, Shoes and Brogans, eonsitlig of 'gentlemen's fine calf and Morocco boots Ito ld quality; do bult"d, anll stout wax pegged boots o earimlsqluilities; men's fino calf seal and Moroede II slet pilnps and brogalls, buckskbi sltoes, brogans amn i llplleit; meLn'ts fie calf ail kilppled peggedi sloes a.d I rogsos; do bants; do stout kip and wan pegged l loes a I brognns; getilemen's best qtlllity calfl cwedi salies, It gns asad anck Uowniogs; do calf and Morocco i. tick(l shoes and brogans; io callf, seal and MNrocc;i h t idlai sihoes and aliplpen, do calf, biot" aln Seant wings, . new alicle;e do line elf, sei.l and nlmuol qularle iots; loys', misses'ail ichildren's pegged andl llled t ogans, alal sloesof every qiulilvt anl kind, Also a general assortment of leo's stout lwa and *erilt rogans and shoes, together with lto,(k) pair. o gr Ibest quality, rossctt brogans, nailed in tbI tIliks, nilode expressly for plinllattio eiise IaRgnoia a t tlnil of enrl,'s tiee alni stout kip iirselt bri'gaels, i w artiiind a iagl e quantity ofl an inflerior lalit) rl suet atltl waI breglllS. Ldies' tle ellf, seal, mrlnecol anll grainl welts, nlld :pmp sole shoes; do fie Frenchll Morocco and kid run t ,ilill slippers; to roinn slhoes, whth sli without hleels; b calse seal studistout bhatter bootee'; do 1'rlraella shoC. I fall kinds and qtulities; do hlsting brogans; ,in gawr Saln foxed Ielioiies. Missesra' lasiig apli'tiig snoti ico , I gnusall. Chlillln's ceolored Moreoo 1tal lastinlg Ilro ir i'La:Ila boots, ta. e Gentlemei's iine fashionable bilak silk hats; do blienk I an I drnb beaver do of a superior quality; ,o imitation I Itram do; broaid anlld narrow brim mel's line drab and blacki Ratssi shlort nellied hats, a new article. Yonths h irte size lists of different qealities; do ehilitren's. \l.'.lamd bc)'s black nld drab wool hats of i:l.ious do pes, wait general assortment of boys' anll mllell' 'Tills assotnament will be replenlished iby the arrival of e.h plliacketslrom the none lnlmed cities, il of wllic willbe sold oln eooiinlmating terms. nug I--if M(ONTAm:I!+'S B.9qL. FO 1'-11 TH T T:iTRI. it ! tlEestahlieieid repiiitliOni oni t'a.ltitillVItrtIeanll 0 de lvii d fior tis erlthi, e l u 'i r i'mt.lym i'pliin, ll pe pr servative of it11 teethl, has indmled ihe sutbcriber ma otter it to the .meieian publicm . A'rrmli.,igiii hillc been nrade ito ill h algenis in all ilae iiiriUl'i mili,. d and town. in htl. (Tatted Stu.tir, ni i to pyli it iibi the reallc it tih ce silllmeriu Iln likely Itoill- r Ilii ilms y lnrnsin l'll aiill tc, 'Iefio T minh-lii. . When applied 10cording In directions Riven on is bottle, it h llas verf I Oiled 0 hrllbd ilnliedllilate nii it illn nt reli,'f. It also arren,~t te i'riny il dIlef tiv teetl, and relieves that soreness whliech so r' en11 tll ie r' nl'ers it ii'itIon too ll l ' .essi . TI he i ptlllliliel aion Ina is remedy il are ille, innoent, ninl not ni plI ant i the large number ofersons iin lif.'itren . , I ,I ollltrv;, tirol iove nlrrtdv ea , cx)t,, ltc' r.Ii ' lig i eil llhUT I.llCl h'Iiii. ii ili il lfh I hllll llr riilh ' Ntru)lnor [uu I 11-of the unerie h miiiyl it riialvld ieill c . Ie t Is id t ri llyili d , t illyll o . S flllllrly i iee. ul ely, a nd i hii. e blI t l ri .iar, ! t it I ewti lll eit iti ud i cithii to dovra mble din t ,. tire llaive yf i mll,,v, the a dit orv rgital l armti,'I, ef the griiti ii,. pa . trage, l;diretf ll Ne York. yl h ltlfitl:l -. a i rpi nr l taciher pocket, hae in daily Cametla. i- r tdieoti i of a lu Ili ofl aFruit Tors ta,l Aiparagd t G.\Itl)FN SEEDI) ST1'(iF, i olaving baee In.t already rieduly circn ilc1 by erel iy iterestd ubriberi tieg further to ob ur toe pia ulire Sfriellrsge, tm llt e ind the p ublese t lalell ttllett I ieet atiltl llnleit arde t fir all thedard kinds kilarde lor vSid, eithep.illle r r .lfs, eretail, as ihe i;ere as apincrt his rt estnbient oine in any, 1822.. o O a suepply of Markeuit Tre ars an Asparg' ers R [toots, having already received invoices therco' 'y I mail. h'lie subscriber begs further to assure tit, pulllic In at large, that lIe is at present as well enabled to mleet and execute orders for all tile kinds of Garden Seeds, either wllolesale or retail, as lie ever wai r 0 uuntry SDealers ani Market Gardaeor>' orders filed at thile lowest and most reasonable rates. lby the pound weight, and gallon or bushel measure. Catalogues, eitlher in French or English, mlav g always be obtained on peorsonn application as r usual, to WAI. SMITII, Garden Seed Store, 85 Custailhouse streat. NOTE.-A constant supply of Ilird Seed, eithier mired or plain; pulverized soui; lherbs, and Shakers' dried herbs,-with a supply of peas and beane. S Fancy Pocket Books-Under this head will be found a splendid variety of ladils' and gentlleslon's pocket books, note, card, needle anid thread eases. Fancy Stoeks, Suspenders, &ec.-Of the latest iattern and of superior quality, consisting ofplaino atilll figured satin, boulbazinc, vrlret and cloth stoceb, lilen booiulua, plain, aild faicy with and without riftles, shirt collars, euipenders called Waliingtoii sua enders, also, giiii. letic wort Ien I c acnil elttonruet do, vwith and witlot rollers, pantaloon slrash wvitr lire springsml a grout vh. I rialy at' gealitl tia'S weir, olado expressly for Ilb retail trade, by A. L. Valltiorn and Plea or Phila. ('oalba--. geoorol ned coanldaphln ie s.lrlmtoe oafciibn Iitiolll tilieir inant'-cetry.A:io, Koglish nod 1 renele dreoniee eaUlieb. vie. .ic97 I RUSIfrON & ASPINALL'S ( .IOMPOUND T'ONIC 3MIX'I'UIt.-tA speedy J and cciltin cure for the Fever and Ague, remittent and intermittent fevers; prepared from time original recipe. Used with eminent and uni. versal success in 1832, by persons of the highest rs petability in this city, as statedin the annexed I certificates. This medicine is highly recommended, and lhas been extensively used in the above diseases with such distinguished success, that the proprietor of the recipe has been induced to offer it to the pub. lie in its present form, in the hope that it lmay be the means of relieving many of those who are suffering under the scourgo of our country. It is a medicine possessing great virtue, and when used according to the directions has never tfiled of effecting a cure, even in the most obstinlate stage of the disorder. It is not at all lluagreeable, and tersons of the weakest stomachl, and chiildren may ake it with impunity. It strengthens the digestive organs, creates anl appetite, and seldomi requires more than one, or in obtinat e ases, two bottles to effect a cure. There is neither mercury nor arsenic in the medicine, nor any thilng inurious to tie shuian constitution. The proprietors are nso well conviticed of its efficacy, that they agree to refund the price of every bottle which has been takon i aceuordane. with tihe directions and has not effected a a perfect cure of the fever & agnc. A. OLIVER, sole agent for Now Orleans, at his whilcsale and retail drug and mnedicine store, corner of Iliienville and Clhartresa trectas. For DIistrict Agencies apply to jc5 T. IV. SMITllfl, 48 Conti st. HARROWGATE SPRINGS .lIilntlilecry entity, A le latuu. THREE D IYS JOURpt;Y F)IJ VEIL' ORLEANn. 1 ElIr prolrietor jf Ihis establishmen ha thel Ir sur e f anitiuuniing wmhi ie ricitd eani the iublitie i general,iti,,t hie will lie in reaCdinctsy the firlet lV of lay t, receive viciters. lie will also Ieate litr the he etit of tlhose I t naditace, dtti there laito benCli lltre .e imp)rovementls inude, avid oh ers now" goin, onl nit v rapid pro.ress fir cuollletio, niul w ie ill etale the a esubserilbec tl ciOniiiroahdne a Imlur II irger numIleber h Ihn ihereIofrle, eltd at the lnamtle. tilille iuichi bitter Fhlutilie : call Ib aceus t odat ned a tl gn roe t. or thore whlo prefer cail have large cabins 'etcheld ifrnet site mein building. It is deemed ltlneeesuery v ivV aey llilig in tarticit ltur of the charatrer ol tieire tviee, fo it is geerailly c elicved that tlhey are nOt inferior t, milv ill tle Sotth ecrn States. All tile lmousemrnts bhat ar generally v Iund at WVactering Places, will be found at this. The a lest imsuic that this pert of tht country alornli, hao ieeengaged,afll will he inicoasinI ntt.ildime cat tlhe i prflohl during the whole season. 5. 1 he eusileitie will avair Iimoelt of this nppiurunity at in pturindog bin unseigned llanks fo tdie very liberal it plrt gvei iim elle ieusonei. nid hopes by time exer- hi Toni that hiave been tilUle in illtrevig aend ettititng gi thm asceiotnoatioens, to mterit a lihcral peirteITn thIe p.tetnea3 m. JNO 'lt'Al. o!3c JUST PUBLISHEDFROM STEREO'TITE P.LJTES, The Fith Edilion of ROWl.ETT'S TABLES OF IN'I'f.RET: 3O0 which is now added an Average Time Calenis L tor, or' easy methods for finding the average time n sorage, notes of haud or bills of gonods, heancor 6r dhased at difrent dates, en dliferent credits, all for varios ammunlts; besiesdesauetil and complete Pankling Time T'aie, the best Ihant can be contrived. or that fi gores anll pir lnee within the anme conldesend ecompnse, ardt size e tt pe. All ndverii ment in the book is in nearly the follow ipin) worls: tI'e high distinction tis work has reneived throughl tile ten legislative nets prefixed totbe title pnge, is a re - eommenlatilon ill itself, so oneommon,,rnd so elnellu s ine, shtt nothing is neeesary monre tan by wy of asd Sveltiasemen, to give n condelnsaed view o some of its pc o u nliarities:nas f:rinstance, the Interest has been compns. af ed from, amnl e(lom red with, wlat is equivalent to eftr ot teen setsh t'alelclatione, examined in the press thirty Is five times, nnal ilriieted ire stereotyple pIaes teste I ti t lrlyty-one l time, from nll whiceh it mnant evident S en to tle skbptie (especially n thoe oetle de- I es tail of roof ill the preface) tha tile weeak nast e neith- I at, tietieally inofllible, and int coonfilrmti of ritis Iaeliefa I atp n a ilt wa.'o lonmred and Ilftv dollars, is tnow offer.. cl for the deteention " ana elt olfa0 ent in the present nl or fifth edition, as expressed in Otle pefaice, n.,: toifle ei It lage premons flrne for tile unte err1or since thefirst pnhlieation ill the year 1802. 4tOne f theo most eonspicunts features of the tables is , htthe srrangement of the lime anlti Amounts, whielh Sfor nexllitticsns, referene onl tpersapieilt , with the lelp J of te side anl itdex, canot he exeellel ; anas the sally n ty anl easOe ~ ith Wich tehe interesl can be fuilti nthle s extent of grneal businens, witlioult tlolblig esanms e is besides it ceonrienr e so esnential, that in tle eistlna n tion of soene ni the moot eompetent anti l)a catinl busi enessn men nntll ipblic offieers wheo ane Ioade gelt ae of the work, it has been dcistinfiso l I, tt n ilunotrble sappellation efaof 'nmanster iele". AnitI eonsitdering thkeinlallitililt of tile nieltot originally adottert ill s. omposingh the woav- n and ithe extraordinaryl numer aet s, variety o lthe oexamithions, nl testsl ofevery edtition t hasl pssed i ilt tirSm, eotwilhatnotling the whole is inl Sstereotype, collsitdenig, in si1h, ithie siteccreny t necunrelid by e itlltlreeetanitel ienlas emplo) orn the vo e, luoneis een eldlle :ids eplotin of proy styled " the t most wontItrflnll book it, tie woslkt" most certaiily ot ma, nm nma figere work oftbe naute extet, whlich since tile btegintilg on creation, las ithd tie anee 1111m1 s her tied variety of tents i Ithe somene nmbe, of editorst eno, nor e alf the numbers, as is lenarty etosin tlhe l'preface. n iltesides, astest and standard, it has beern tIried a and eeed ill lie t htlin I ie bhank iand "I lltlic llces in the tedt Stales, atli by the ntllpttlie gaetIlnly, tuir ing the I, on perioid o'tltirtv-lite rears, yet io e 'roe of tie eal en llatiittons hlas c er bI.en found i prline thotgl cotltiit Mi itv rchallclge ) tile otfe rer f lac e pIertc. 'itlls. s, 'le ii litct expreosslv ntitlet by all h tletourts efl enw at srt!V.l r of tihe Slates nits ti the i o latl i foresttle ittcieret," Is.rsol I Itaw lhr lttll inlerest, aSco'diitgsls tile Iooik isn u acld, nt s e:sn y hoe seet ill id pall, by Ielllnai ofoihe slubscriitlh , and ita ifew of the subsequent purchle asert in thle lisat heltieelih ohe biook It siIi ilneassin rl'rvnery cllt otef ctilize s i r elt cr) iat s- urlfte Ullt eltcl Stahin. a It is itoreover well knownt ttat, by) its 'tarly cheek, Sit nhas so nof idclected large t rorin l t r ron e aef o tile we e ade, even by thle m nost ral't :1,11 1111 co x eel a itb c icia ell tat i nts lillteh I t a, :l a so I e l - n cessity for its, hId bl ir exle nsivtl insis. l Ilion, Iatso etniel i arie rd, ia tac ten crits'atlitgei aal its psavings, ht, sheekin ycpirs go, hilstta le first thinh SIIIald eopis were sought fl', ome to g li e ol listallae oy oily Io lahcke u tiotat trlnt tti th1 2 e5 clro', oat! S houlme )crslmlls hae re ec.iy declared, ko insslhie on Etldi letot'd that tthey notld p)ay $5( 1t, $1t., and $ll .S(1 Iifor a epin , Ifnollt o Ibe lhad for Ct aoo sn lioiditalt i i tie lattier initanoc particvtolay, thinjg ait the iomC Siile rxhlibiaeti Silaetory 'oaf to se.eral oerst psie tis senllt tarttohim: it was rea )ly w'orththat toI iandt 's Aore tllloIh tile saing olf Ilis vr V: tubla tn Ime, e being i very rich manlnll a in s blie W;flier. of It islikeuisneuoth" of ttotiUc, telint ilndeed p'opti •e to l plllr)les, leat such is eil lturei of lie work gtceraolhy iod aspn.lit ll whlle ofl te ittnic teut I il rtitne i v-te s lose thate hal this ook o its like a oi I n epr etllt trhe S allste ner tolneilt thlte o'tttota to lel ca ilclalr in t te Wrllwind avl rit lrds ploft d m·est il avlioul lllli er htistwt eo'l'retion of |il, of Ih,,ts, it I wOlll, allllos to it cert:lilllty hI:lt nllu nUll"l't l'll re lereoce a tl t dea ent I t hlV prinr. itstt I,, p trete t l.'iii v I lp" epdailns. lut so per fct :. Vnioahhi IIet tilt. sI'rlotvl.' I latles l' this Wllkl'lctttt, ttatt tt .t iCre thInle|, ~ilhabcir n llln eCllS sads (sa ll ttorl-inul"ll . eXalllill:l s gIel'slistmllenl) clllytall ke pI n its p idace o special merlie.), 1 he. r bileulbcyi l in iin. CI tº t tlll.l 'rillnilS t a llnd l n haluks lln shtttle illtllt eat c lllhl w ntes follow teiltl , which, io lhis it I re.mi s onh' t. lcl ll k 'tlltl , Ii l t ilhtlr} lv in' this I, ] IIotoltllH)lo C;] ell£lh "ork. w hert w ,. , i-h" I .b'.l f o i,- t Jlnes w..l ,: inll.O, IInoc· d i aloha, "1 c' .lla, . .,. 111, b , in ' t1t1o1111 I tal o a lll t, t h tltl i s io- ' tntlt'i".ll :ais tln,.t h I tll? i o d "il, ilh m.e l"dI ca so ItototI :t, ji t .,iel"s. tiU It:ta Iatott t1tl' e; 110, ia r i iao, or kLitten1-., I; anit't I 'lili a ll III eltg .a I lto r a leilln ,a ,iri if'l1t tec, i ol loat 1 iIelll ao 1;11.1 :Ina 11t1tt ItiI'ahaic el.I.r 11a tLo\ n1111H.'O en i eritri. naar aa'\lei , I!the Xiht it fr"aito~ li..' e" a: , e' 1 lh ,. :Vog 1i aiti.e1),1',,. It l . t[u. o ot l '. ain 11'e it 1 ., r Iot l;Wa , .lr i,'te ., itt ,r o I.,hi I tiot,,.g e S LV' l L ENN' S t PV II,.-F''hM .\,ti i, , T oi r tl' \ilor ofllr Cian!aiilla Oa iiI p at cin Jn,-t ( ,ci h I laod ,I Irb ,h I :: ,y l " W.1 }ear i \1. K I," \N, '', [ 'O d ;e ._ 11) i l Io O h i l ll.l al illlill olr w1t l l"lh res de. in a hlot elirs a tl, or tile icojriciOu. o u* o f 'O" AIlso,--Cfa' h Seei,;pr'm pVortn Syrql,s or Ith. t lo t Plrese rvativI: th Irsl Irelaratl ool alW extanoft. p eri r Pearl Powler; ily White; p reams i f t n llr..e; Vegetatld IsougP; )t;sc of uor,; nip Salwv; wlre o.i. t Tlootng syWashl; Caltrh. di v Dauwt rdfiee; Omlr.e' arsn Cha rcoal, neatly put upf ih at br .) als; meriecur. Forsarl hy t r a e . . . ..... . . .. . . . . . .c le as e: le i -]\'LI: be MAY, A llnnse, Sign, and Orn .vula I !hilters, No 3 Carmldcle stl'ele two dcnnls ulon d Imitations of Ihe 'itllowing woods and mrcbles,ec Secued ill niI masterl mannerl WOODS MARHl.EN, M: logi:iy, I gypltiai ih ck cli g'dd, Oak, (.iadl ncd Antic., olhlal To, Orlielnal or verdll nillCne, Curle d olil, .il Se, oirls lve ,.or ti e by lralte l, Satin +V'Itc I'mlonc, hlair Wolt, DoI or Ilnrdello, Yew Tre,, lalian hcccite.i Ash V lhite Ottk, he. b&c. Specinwns to Ie se-n at the shon. faints, oils, gt css, copal varnilsh, ke. oil ha. id i i-or sale. Ant VICi-k Ic.&I I0oN,a TIk\ & 1f I.111 ! 1 -flat, sy1nare 1 cnlll bhuncle irllnC, w ll S rteld. hop, seroll :ld t'rol iron, nail rods and phnngh C1l:I, tclrman,, c blicstrd, spring, s il t an Zinc, hlock til, mill-h and rlrtl Ito n i, sat k ics (hnc 0 cii he , anchors, i oi i Ox, Iig ci ld tme liains, crn mill Alll is, ,Is+ . 11-unntct1S. [ lllr ll el om+ S Anelihcs, I llnr it li Iersp la s i shovels (Clclo ll Ilol si dll elop;, i a i thcl. a ls I'ar'd amt Man Iill creagc, lines sdi t iie sale or rcl-tail, nil tile Icit l 'vol.llei t ulrms, bIy nci l.ALYTON & 3Co. 53 Old l.'ev-e. ENEV G001)8-Silmnis o llart &l co n rr now 're ecivlng frolll i I1 anrd ii ps Ylaz o, iad Sncratogt I ind bri Conc.corllill, fm New York, it grnl v-ariety ollck ollll iln.ld, makes t ir aisl-sortI .i vPrve' i PItei linik nil dorc cilcuckclllcgle c'r ellclc'di l c .csc c ric c ic Iv - lin'e rlilic scil e llults p i .e I. Bin II I. i ll' l lltlll iincdirz owlers, IiOwderits anc d rlxlic el g lcci c nic wder pocket iciks antud wallets, needle lcks, ihvlcl puCri tiory I ncld cIaUc tcicc lcnl rll e sa.l ic htad pcall' lc ciis n ccil - Iil lellds, neckltces unl ue_.liF est, Ieall t-lllll, iea nckclaecl, tcut g i cn itl, ,icrc audilccdu . Ier ctdkuesllplgct Ict, hlorse, belt. Icc ket :ilt hleilIng JircnlIc cinllcc tlI BI.inrle Iccrrcellce ilnc , Iowie kitvelcc ndl dirkstc. cissuors, slcurs, ilc:ket knives, gullrdir tis land rilllons, waist but.kles, chltll, hair. tooth, nailli mlllb, enrollll seP, platiccki flor lnd dhlting hrlc li lCi lcick Florida, llavenll er, r ose and lauH walter lls rtePI sasle-l, s a ian extcrlc.s, Macltcctcllr beanr, i tliclle lalcc c icrc ' ve ielllllc Ihllir oils, loving cc c llc toilet soallcc aclc does gicictiod, Inldii.' arlc ucciellcle|i ' cceski u nd duesscc r •as.e, fhair +ieglets, riizetles andlll rids, pain, fian y an d ciicilcll work ilnxlci, piclill atllId giltc f ed, cciilcn't nacnl uest Iclttls, pearl and ivory c chirtg, cir scit s, oi I and silver peril c'cc.c+, totihpcc-ks acd cweer-c , ilcc-l t ond gilt l.c kcts, ncicicture i i, cili r, Ira.c aid sit el 'ilitccles, hlooks and ciic., hair pins, cmiccicicllo frcilj, ilk saic rcdinksehe blcckicg, ctdlcts .pd nuicicirs, ribliedi and plain pletcuaio icaps, liucn utwi e, ocetucci elc-i cen,>gcc sld r.,ilr lace rinD cigelulter I 'nc er, c inic I lnge,ridiug w'tipc, walkin, nt, c splvluu gc. lin i gccclc pltcic and giltcjwcllrc c, - T'lhe lcmvoc, tIPethertc tictc U re VUi I u iv c l'ite:r Irli -is acer-reloed at Wclclllc.c 1 roccl nlcccUo.molllctni illcc N l Shcll cunba relaticil! -. MAIL ARRANUEMICNT " I" noe E:verv DaY fit 1i iAi. Northern M , Cloes Enry day at 101 A. .t eLe Mail, o)e every S'dayrt, WTuellreday A o "1, Friday, by ,, 1'. M. by ern~oy ol Closes every Mondayy, Wedneqd nonsl, Sarday, by 9,1'. 1. The .Lake Mail ( Due overt'i'uesdplnvt 'rhur,,day, a heLeAl Satorldy, tIy 5 P. Ai. via Closes every Alonday, Wednesday EXPRESS MAIL. TIMES OP ARRIVAL DEPARTUREK DITANCE &e. ofthe Express Mail, betw.en Mboile anrl New York-leaving Morile dailly at 3 '. M. Nolthlwar Nlew York daily at 5 P.M Soutlhward. Arrives Arrive Northward. Distance. Time. Retuirt'g Montgomery, Ala. 2ipm. 198 's '23 It 12n1. Colhnlr,T Gn'n. 114 81 91 34 am Milledgeville. Ga. 2 133 14 24 p, po 1'oi din S. C. 71 nus 16. 174 1 Ralrigi, N C. 54 215 22 12 W.arra..on, Va. 12 i. . 55 11t 0 iPel'rraeurg.V. In pril. o3 10 li . on rialatUont, Vs. I am. 21 It 61 Fredericksburg, 8 67 7 II p Waehi ..ton, cra , 21 pan. 61 Rallit r, tia , 64 02 4 8 Philadelpbia, P4 ati. 1681 J a New York: 2 pao. i90 6i 1305 1 I-. or sd 23 Norlhward. Coming Sautlwnrd, tIe tiame i, six hau less; beringi5 dnya ad 17 hloars. ttc 05 1OI.IAl.AIIs REWARD. -". . SANAVA1Y vros IG!) Corondelet oretor of lyevri stlrretl,o, tahe o i"t of 301i, of AUaIst, anl irs ree ahrr next aornang'in Po' lrr s lrerl. a nergrn bry tmaied CaIIARIES, alllt i7 years of age, sonll 5 fe or tretlllert rt Ii li-hrit, very bloeek, nil nis ll imperl irtent in his rspchlr, rlrir ofrlrs luas rlrer, rraseierae by a reeent h rtlrl; h t had en when'le slent awy at whlit. c atto i or liAei rhirt adl wl,ie o tton pittalu on0. Mlatlrs of valse. at ale stam latos are eatiOlir ai gains receiving or lertoring a11a negro, ns well na ll tlherpareatoni, l Iltoat rigtltr of tile arivwill bel enflreed ngagisl tlemt. ''lru llov reowa d will be patin fordetivering Litm iltt any of the jnilscrf e itr nof t tlaaicipalitie,aor at I6iCerlorindlet, corner of irel. sarege. firt _ 1 MNetI'ltjt, aolraen t trrrettip lereotoforer 110(1ti . tltnder lie firma of holis c& OIerartsan, tiart el dissolved. T'he e bsrilt tr will litiidato tire p alliira tire cor(ern in this city, anti reqlirem all peirIona inlleb ell to Inakr rarlntlert I rii oTly, il tr i all tlosto avirg alairis, trl .resnrlthtltt fors olller tnii . - -it 1I (iAItIrITSON S W. W. SWAIN. A's. 11C'(al t.rel et A'es Orl%.a.c A- AM tl'ay n heo to d ee.,atnrlry o ia.leii illrt Ir IIIllU(S. DIYES, Aelill ii, el'Ude, Argots, red, f A irrirrito, Slbo i () " reglur, Amtloati), Spap A. Arson cai, e rti, Anl ita, io powdered,, IlrAzillelle wool, alsn rerli titc blColhineal, lterax, irrrile, Ceptiarlr , A'rrerician, do refilledt trltbeAI, tlntrtrn trrtr errrlad_, Frrstia 'i'amliico, do rll, do CUIa, do flower. t n Maine, Birmrth, Frrch li,errlicus, Caester oil, Indigengal, C.ralt trty ar, tao MaRilla, Catlleolides, ao i rtaeerle, (gin halioes, lo (iar'amoln, do Al:thic, Logalel, Callprasiv dassnl'mtlh ito St lrolnilo ieo, Ca.mwnoll, eacoptI, roagh, Madderr, olblio, 0to sltcrtpir, Nicauragro, eIlonrt, Iao io S Aoerica., dl Coro, tio ca....... rphor ire.., tie M.r...oib 0 do) r( it. ' IldIchc. dro gnIeuti, ttIIIMICAIS. Ile kSno, Acid, 'itroni , d11. opium, tin ntlpull ie, ' iihe .lo Iilloe ,ilriol, Prle It.ori tllllt , Chlorie 1 lime, •,rlllilp L elrie t AIIItIl.qh I nl,,,oor etlGltie, o dao Forcign, lwvei i piatr, Niagn eiato I6rr';lisle it, atrallt holt, do Amlar cia| tled chroltattrati1.0tac Ir:nna Ilak., Srn j Ir ) eat S dlo trirl.Sl pot Lioiric -aril, S tIg:It' tiaara (il cI( 1101 . Sulp ziiw, tle iaila, lp11t ini le. it ghet'rrltrlllll ll i(, 11o I( 'llInll , l ,Pa ,' 1'. lihcll, ta lle lr, l T, 'Ie0 i tl.h,., lae ih dryii in '9 it "airrri do "hllidlnl. (- greient litIr i ar1e, 11ratrad doig 1t'i t11iter,' it0 ,-I, ' Il'rn t .1,,!Urll "ll h, 1,1"a , ;rt.t ir , rir'a r gr, la : , l il, d1( t t:aal,.l·· h lr l h r11) .+1"1t , 1 Aa IIe .41 41 e01 1:1o, n in, 4, ,, 111ii ksi~ltler Alit 'ianroe,rl~l. 111t., ;i'A .I . ti N Al .IVll y "It' NEWI. NIt vttiI,., .i lie ve iartvvrte ie ,neau r ol k ler sc i ti lle, I& Ii vt;i iih), e .,, I" ievej/,t elieei leni. Il',.i'td yI cvi(ql i,:lllllT If.l ,n tiit . .. _. II/N'S. IRIY. LI..r IIN RnI'l'|ilr'I , |t,," . hmlie h i'e'iniiii io i . cv Aya "h l e, rd Ii e , I r i' etit .t .t1in,', n 'I'titre , R 1 'm in 1 , Illi. rd Ital-o. 4 o? r . roIlle i! I t l). ll ri c ve, ',j llllahle I.atu'ri e. ige te ullt rlceivedl, a id for sal. by II1s:'l&.I RfhEN Jtll q , .ll l ir tto.EY . SI~~ I EII 171 ro A year olft," lIe I' ill' rol i, r r~nr,.r , I~cm' u , I'll sh Di lnll "tio , lry, ·il l i t) I the 1 bin Iin tittitte vttt'vjf itett Thivitgreiitt'etlte la riteiithteieeth evle,..ef in .itteI ttItettlti eieittttx etle nItrouteiionttd.o ttveteeA *.ev' Ii,', '.l o "rnelsr De"tamp arn',stE r anI.I --A I w il lr c. po U s "o r c "me p hrenoo r da "niolle i, I ll rl.l, whi sa r nllr all(* l ( tlll l lrlar of lh lth or, b r l na Jll. t eiie. , et e en ll i itt i ilt et , hy fe NIANIE IIen'efIte.tte tieR 'lev i ~ n Plie RIt ; tV TlrI'eI, t&i St'eit r i ) v rici h aite Ill S nl*P* iln, · f olrl. lt 'r vttt etilsh 1,h' b • ne e i, . tr tinv I tete ".. ethttett~r.le.' ~ ~ v u~rI blury . of thrgnd," &0., new ednic, . , ,stUm "so l ll i,.l r r t f I1 itnL tt' t el'iv t'le)l g.' iiit til tttlleitlt lr ll t I'eitt et te fetiivi It r tnt hli rIl- in: 7itettl ett etit 1· vjlr:II tii(itlR Itevt I I I . IIa I rli·l'l lelllllllrlllll.. l i* Ih rlnllllin .. iol-1l ey. : Ih.I lln -- t ~itac .m lte d hett iti,! yeug tlp nI ' W IN IItte(s'h'iI It'S timulelt , N.'h I It:s, e ti t, 'cit t'ivrod' Iie i () .- "l' it t ei '.iltte' tierr, ttctttt titv Ir treiw islicaut,..d.[~I,.s, l~l siy.z .Ia der llnga of I~ltrs~l • In. n~ INNO('iit T IEIITON OF vII Srll .iuehevtl efrIil lltttIeIye , tll fllt. h Itteein Chr de 2uh .. s Ils-Itiitttst ,ttle Itt I , hy Sitt .. lth Id teitt it Iig i' t ii et et ee ste. IlThisll llerv '1 C llllltllj:11ll11l ,".'VI'Illl -, 1 1 tlel relrll w lhlhl~ I~ailthe re lve prm .ld ,f Sal '. . -It ilqIm -ti irth teI~r e o fii, iiewitit' with te,, tuIe su./Ihtttt' I tttttl tvit e itt ttttieit. e ueI.eetv eii Iteteeve ht e ehi e ltl eh, eli Itieteehi. I iNvie- ; vtiq ir t'a I tiel e ll I tlll'e ll ~lltilltll ill Ih l r el• ln' itch ll veeiit. II. l telv etnite'ti tl' yei ccmvri'c, c vn evil he till eitte Illrthe:ltll wi~ll their eevei cti ci JiIIi lee eiii tt,1ti (I i boiev illh, . yl e of ctlt Vt I II. itti(ett II e'xI' I eI. 8 tt t tt i itee. I i, cvtma . r Itt e - vii taiey b,' l t iv llltte Ae &l.till t v eiret fr l'latl t eivlg,.n[ lursI uWllilllllT'll PIll llIII l lll VellrlI ,I'te'. +tP ~rl et',l'ttt,a exi'ln~te~ IIMP eHntttei'. en1 the it c(hhe. e illlI .,~ llrpllllalW' ])re il;rtlrl~li11 (Ilrlld li h lrg lrl l ,ll l.l.. cuteA e.ll Ite lll Setttee. lttier ey /Ii iii,, Illeet i ItptAe Iiti vett i'S RO I'.iitle.i1 (;-lrsilh's N w'r a hidgmeu nt tl a of I ll tbrv.f II . '(Flir il P 'll;i'ill '.ie h i tll etltlllh il e l vl ' ' i weh c i i 1 Alveymti aiogrttlt "hi".,, tvl vIIti.rial vet .tiep'lfl 'lit ll. 'er l llt 'illl il't'l . eion~rli' i t II' v Ien h .lin. Id lutrtvf"I "'sivthphil.'tngr ,,v.n . 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