Newspaper of True American, March 21, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated March 21, 1839 Page 1
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PicEti 12 CENTS. NEW ORLEANS TIIURSI)AY MIORNING, MAnT:ll 21 1R:9. VoL.-VI 2o 1809. Von.-VI no ti 2'era. eof the XYceopaper Press of Ncw Orlcoo uaaroilttOUliv aerecd to at uln oloorond moetling cf tlhe Proerictucroc Ileld 0ote itl Itel of Merch, flu?. SUaicRle rlons.--'l*weltye I)ellrs tr the daily pa pet annolltttt puynble leei-unnulllly ill advnctlee: tel deollar for tile wi-weekly coantry paper, payable one waea in velvaclle, whreit no eitY reftOnco io givoen. No t Ibscripttion will be disvcvoinctlod until errecragea cre etlet. In cuose of di'contiuantce, oe week's eotice in sreritng must o0 intearlhty given, previousoi tih xpiralo,t of subtcri ttca. AovRTIrINethc.-)no doller plpe soatrn for tle first neretion, end tlftlet p rico r eaeric snl.uct(ctetc to.: a} mteitrictl ltoroion ferne tho originacl adveri:iemeent wi a be charged Its a niew oll. Ye.otLr AIeVERToSuRa.-3,ecicocctr RoIted Teraeer, Drty dtottre fio Eong;ish atloue, nol sixtv foer othcte ton dai ecnks, tlceoercec O li,:cec, nne( othecor .inliar tahlaeltuticcneo, fifty dtollors ie Encgiell only, nncd eiglty for Iitol Inngneoges; nhip adci ie ted abocc Fuec CreC e ommnlistion nlmecrllnts oixty doITlars ill English e, aced Oightey torbth Ic latlangecgc. McoRotacOe, OcITeyIl¥ No'ell:e.,~eee$t olrtieleeo colt ing tie ottmtion oIf tihe pcclltlie to .soia cls property, eordo of psengersee, lceolitt,& c. &v. will bie 'ariocgl One dcolelr per tcIaroe for tie vltirlCstoecrl inc einel cinn go edo. Coo.llnotvclccar e, er Adverti'olncnlo, of ally lvreonc I Ilturoe, welec adcchilei, tshall t ie e lcrnrgod docllccl , .id ice addonce. A docluutnoiocf tcvllcy·fce perceot. will ii mad cce to Aucttoereoeo, Shecrli, tegicvcc.l'eof \Vilt, c.t Mttcrhaoli -;noatles of reel nstleto, Tclcciheoicl in coilt Illnecgcciy'cc, .lta 5 peer eclat. ill Enngloh celoce: eo lier ploelvcc 0 luc fel lottcv piocerty. AWveleiek e ooct f ei cdlirece linec Of hUoiceC y ihe ath vertiser, c:de a lognl, necctliltle, aeo plicdanell ioel salte, rcvnacvly Mcays, trii Ilnlicccll() Te. &Tv0e will Ie clharged for scivetnetly, anod ct e thlcl ortinery reos. Aetteorsacl ciEte . cT no ct Ipeciled o lice, will ie g Cu' ishec olre c gcnll c icd c hlrgcd 'cot lciicccly Neo dvdertiocce cute cf icctcnckruptjccie will In llbislwd Gclle y c. se,c tlss paillifr pev' uc to inrctio ion, ceo poyccerot gvcrllvticccrld Icy cc recpccnccildlo p'Ceron ille town. nil aotellrs cn, otIher [cinco cfecc d eccccnl, cr clclvlictio ic doily urtli~e .aontoe tclceictrgcc l.100fcirtccniilic a Ait l I c eliecci codcliIdtfiR cir aiic'cnl ocTiLicc will bIe ehlccrgcd clouhhiic lch price ,cf oticer nverlise eccvwcisCtI tl illlEcccc cccorlccitvcvcicccc~l cvccccIcicc'cll~ I tvc'cceicic""- cc,) h ic' ........ c'ccc ....... l ie , cdccc cc,',, ... " d.. .. pF1 * ir ll, d r , rSt l.V nvl (:o111e [o 1( Ill! (.,int'l·III t l hl lt t)I ffI' icc' ccf iccrlcccce wcit)c! u.:(.c iiiic s c iic vn li'c t o Ic flccc lid c W i | c ccccc i c ) cfinter c)rc'e'lltlccicccn, v l c it Inllde tcccvcwn (ccc fcc ccoiccrcctic'cc e lc cc 'c iav cccicr-iichy ccici g clncc ticellltccc:lv'c ItI c| in ncvrli.i e I R illc f lclr , delicccctlcncc,cccc~siccc ticcc e', cit ciidetvnc'c' 1eq~ev/ccc'cc. (iyj nll(: ) J, (:. I)L, ,.'u'. Il()..ll';,' J. IIAYON, I.t; McttIlIN. IV'eictp Pc'ess --\ e it ,c' ccccieroigccc'ci, ccc.'vc'c bi de h v cile chov e cccelliIivccc , i li t tc tlc'icy Ilccc av clll ivc cblc to reeuly~ pape~rs. .t. N nio n l critns. t~knfcr le?* thttn 6 IllltllthA.· Lcttersccccytoilet citllcl'vc'o. lic 1,1 . ITeItI. I'Y.N,--I's cii Nec. l, t.." 'II IIao, ..... 11(1 hi11d0 ir~ ].;ii .\'indel's ndlies do, hIII dlilbl l'c c tc dc i cccicviec c ilth'ctc ic iUlollcc'c iccccc rcl Idc c lv, cc ccllcccc Aced tcicc'o t Itccicc l Iccrccc , ccioccrc' cP · tt)AVIt FIt IT .i. I, 1cc ate l fevi N c. cccccccccci Ilc ll tIlII Ii0gc , MciicceIs--ci n tIcvoevvvIcv ; citcf vr sale icy ADAMi . \VIll i-t"1 LA,'.tc0 hc, illccrc c Iclr c ;','c c ,v .1!o IIi,;N I.--.1I. olllvl: i·Illrl! s,., ollld Ihl,,rI ,}, cPit'jd I, icy Mc'vcoo. i.ciiv, ltccrcr&l cc.l,.ssio ~ el mthe 1.' I'lilt'( IiAIIIV--ctc liir I htll l I AY'S IINIM EN T.-No Flction.-This ex l traordinary chelical compositirn, the renit of science, and tle inveltion or a celehrated medlt cal nlht, the ilntroduiit, n of which to the publrle was invented ,rilt the l olulllre nty of a deathbed hequtest, has ince gained it ripuittion ilnaralleled, flrlly nutninirg leo correrctnles of the lanented I)r Gridley'J last 'contnin lon, that. he drted not die withort givilng to Ipostrity the hercilt of hi knowledge on this sulject," and he therefore Itqueatihed to his friend aId attendlnt, Sol, omon , F Ilays, the seoret of Ilin diicove)ry It is now used tol theo principl hltpitale, and the private praclit ill oir cnIttry, first anld most certainly fuir the cure of thle l'ls, atnd e eextrn tively and ofeheclnally a to I:blil errieulity, runles where its ellrnlbti are witines.l EIxtirnally in Ith 1,llcn'hl compll antpt ll:j: ior Jinrepsy---Crettng extraordinary aborptin' I it oTnce. All Swelling-IItrdutiii tei iin a few hour, Rlhtrnlttisrll--Aelu e or Ch('llroml, giving, quick I ease. Sore Throant-Ily (inters, Utrers or CldI.. Croup and Whooping Cougi-E-xtern.,lly, and over the Chest. All Briases, Sprains, nild Ihorns-('using it a few hotrs. Soros and lllcers-Whether freos or long standing, and fever sorce. Its operations upon adults and children in redue ing rhounlllaie, swellings, and loosening coughs altndI tightness of the chest by icIaation of the Iparts, has been surprising heyond conception. Thei eotanon renmark of thote whllo hl\e used it inl the Piles, is " It acts nke a cllurit." TIIR PILRI,:S-The price, .1 is relioaded to any person who will use a hottle of Ilay's Linientl t for lthe Piles, antl return the emptly Iottle without Ilring cured. 'lthose are lthe oitive irdelrs of the prolpritor to the Agents; and out of mllny thou. sands sold, not onet has bleen unsuccessll. W1 might insert certitleatel iII any lengthr, hbut prefer thLat those wlIo sell the articlde, should ex itbrit the original to prchlasers. CAUT'ION-None can Ile genuineo without a splendid egraved wraplper, on which is nly name, aid also that of the Agents. StiL.iiMON IIAYS. Sold wholesale arnd retail, by CIIMS'I'OCK & fLo, New York, and by oneo Drggist itn every town in the Union. For sale by the Wholesale Agents, corner of COIIIoneo & 'eitolupitoulas street, and by the Apotllhecaries gencrally. jeiO_ y llt.Jr pll u; S t Iit r I l I: eli llt i te n "' t ,e on I. I. Jrlil, It IN V 1, (lthllete. I 1i1 1i it'tt U finer los prat tie to thie litttnit t t it Vert'al leise'eo ire ll it, si tl1trltit ion' . I). eJonsio , fiite Ii ii'ee of imany vearsin Ilhs ilntsl ill Elrorlirn , devoted to thIIe ltelllelli iof Vlner: rni-tase ,t i rnid front his til' t \t llete i re Iru i i le ill tllt particular t lrll h t it the pri ,i(lll e llll illll s a nt ls, pirlley itnd llllllinll l arseuc et 1h pireelrnl iall are tlllllel with ni t ef IhI h l e llo.inl diseases, vitt:- (onllorrlla, iltrrs, 1S ier s, h rit rs, ellllltr,, Itolub ,i .lille, rftll'iihr ,, Pr:s ne W a ,Sw llld hl l j:l . :rulll tionll in the. Skin, llo re Thro' l, It aii in lth Joints Awd the numIeroussymptV ons which generally follow useI of alrrnry, inte rnirt Ion treru huriess, or altera tion ill the Itl ofh illn e. A Iterltilum Illt ireiellt Venereal DiseasCe anl he rah tllinledll Ir.JuIisot . It is nlll l the recipe I of the flarxtg aInyo uelltivon. f tVernrel leleoIreI, el l nrol l roking sea voynge", or Irremviig to tlie ciout, would do Itl hy giving I)r. Jonlitteon a cull, ts ploiper inedi ,'ins for Ileir tcire in the sholrtest time can be pult airl ilth wvriltten directions fio their nite. tI liice open fromr i' the tmreinog until 1 ou'cleck nt night, AliIItINTI'll S IY, Ir 'P 'll; IXIt. lir. hirnethyr , ti l greatest of lEnliih1 ,ir. .l. wa opinion that ninu.-lenths of thre iarli nses thlat ailect mankind originate in tihe stomatrh. 'ithit F0lixir was irsed by lrhinr with the most tlunre ceidente sucrIe ill tip o priae e filon jbnitlopraetice tir upwards of flirr y yearst, fir Ihe remoIIval of the firllrinillrg tioese:t Lose ifrnpiite, F'ltlrleNV, Distenlliorn of Ith Sotri ach,l'ait in Ithe sile, Ileeviroesor r Ielt Ilead nrid intli rna ion ,ir shetep, Irregulaericty the lowels, nd in aill Lases where lrndiget'liur or a cosetiver hloit is ferio1 tol 'lihis medicine oirstnt lre o inlnmeil lOlnlree tiher Ihostll of qlleuk nIostrin r .riiot'v or' lthe pnhiic, asii i it tihe it ilveion of rhe ablelst and mtll scientific surgeontll llropo ever prodcir e', I ti tlersne:ret of r1' erigtllry it ayi ilrchasetnd Iy Ithe Igent fIor iti vecyI . rl1eert. It in ;l;r le ul ll lea t1llll |11 Inite illmIt, a tIII 11 i llll tiller irc.lltlrys kIeepis tIre tilrrwls free, imparts viigor and strengll to the systlIm, nd cheerulness to the minid, nid t fw boettlei ienovels the tusl conirtmed criltes of Ilyspepsii orlt itndigesliol, ntd piViti t ret'r turn at any future p .;.N " YORK,171h Angot, 1838. 3f Madistrstreel. StIn:--lteoniqotenerorfieadnlg it sedenaery life, I lave hene tirirllrld, imrire fir less, with ludigestirn for te years; or thile ilst three years iy nuItllerings have breniPiilsii orhl[Ih. I rave tried mevcitl irhyoiieirro, eo.d it ilhen r ftuathk ledi ilele, weittlet derivoing oily hrnefit. I d"epuired of ever obltieioin ny permoalent I (eo persuede'd ib ocray friens Io trv :trberleery'e )vslteplie Elixir. i h,rve now finished Itbe fnrth hot I,, fi,| kniw nort tloiw ti1 express lly ir' niratiott of ito ronderluful virltes eiild the riiirele itll it perfr.rmed in :.err. Senld me half a dlrozert bohtle. i r t . nd x-relrl iit ihar.ot.r ien r .lessin1. yotr harvee c erred rby re ntoulag ll.o 1ic r he otht. Jeif eunil Voetrs, JCtOl MOIli IOE. tiroinlv ,l.nillr ,1 ,e itar,.'on, f rhe ex'rnr!orrlinero tie i ie of flns nedhiin. Sirl bty i pippoirtieltl, er 'ir. ieirhnot's. 110 t Ihrnvl!h' etir t. in v.' PEINSACOLA MANSION HOUSE NEW CITY, PENSACOLA. SIIE subscriber havlig purchlased the lacer end Efr niti ofrr tllis well known estab ishiime, firel Ais Tayle', Ihe late proe rietr, will be ready o reseive vi. teri by the Ist of nest. Nierell andt costly illllroVlertcRt wilir be friund ia ie-t aurreullg .enta el tie Mllnslll Ileusae New aLd more cOlillnioits batlii IOLueORs will I eilt,anl war bthre will Ibe provded uat all Iour. A stalrle will . ItItacieid to II ll iouse witlh gd II caulllnluda rinnae foir Iorse8 ald cnrriags. S'itet rute Ilorres andi cllrrages will alts bIe hcpt fir i ir e t rices rntll sail Ulld romw bsut,e witlll lelrson toiltrlge Ie for lh. lle ol' visitre llillirds and o11ter Ulhe altle nt.-t hnllely liruan at wnuring places, will a so Ie inisillhed 4uclat (o irrltreIed acc not to inrllllrerlewin ith heInf rt rld iPt iofte rt rbolrder. irhe wins an liqorsc will be ul' trl'e.atfritllrrilY lelltout1rat a u t.aI tlpplr of ee it carge o lie upcidv been oardered, wict will arri e. tboui ihe Is it rlMay. MrIt .'rirehrik llar , ite filirrrerly khpt so pop nre a hc telat s lYee inrlr rle.t t, will d ctrder r tr i l e )n fi tile .rolrirettor ml, c witllh erucht aii,rrlidettly rs err e tih( tieiterc of ilast yeear, ad hia fErires ge neily, tihu tIhry will rertd evnrv trlmt ile, Ittenloion; atrl thnere l y eteespet1 ir toive g.ururrltiaurilrrrs. T ie hcl advaare tg":d ofr c irr t IOIHre are In ell knolwll i) neted it Iall l del:cricteijr n hrrIr . Tlhie fact ,ts lialltelller il ie tie Inrgeat allUr llr l station of ite GovPrlllnrll; the igelleral rendlevere atof tile (iElfsaqtrr-. rton; tile sablll)l+ty el'ill cliUmate releilt rd cir t .il ily tld. lang site strnntter rIrtnl by tire eoolest I recrees frornl rhe (Gulli lhe bitltel of tile bry nd ttI e eigl rirrirrg ielannd+ nlld rivers; the ahuiurntlrcre rfnd licacy r i f tle fi5ll with wlur thn waIters ..bound; !Iud its proximity to rIh.bse Sl mltllr iel lerr tarirt , S ivc iPenStt'trol Ihe ire lirpnr(t ove. arr trlilter irlaree ill tlirre lititdles, usa ihurltlty and dieligtlltfi mrllnlllr retreat. F.rst rate boit rrs ill rii bltretweern SsPraueernir and Mlo bille, and w ill at all t iol het able to alkes tireirepr engerr firont tirs Nrll aOrleans boits. N 11 AIRNOI). l' ctrt t ltr , tt lS . I tlI, 18:38. Ej" I'-inth(lnen wciiling So en.g, g reenl for tIleir otllliie , un :lta ddresns t ire lsttie l.r at I'eir r lt l,r aIr Air Sewll TI' 'lIu'ri e E1rl feer ilruprietlur, us N..ev (e. tlerans. Sf+reenccp. 'I' Sairy d, I'rr q, Mr it crie I I:( l M cAle inl .,i, N t, Or leas. I' S--A letter tre, lo receive e ,'lirni fir er:sonl a I r .." Love ll'tr l, ir plr certrst e ltru \' lli1trrr'r eilerr r 51 Siat I ;ilu irlen l cal tge. Is'c.slslA IROliS'l-'-I- SFO NII:W Vt)IIK. l1 ¥' Trvehirt;tllerNdrtir of 1king thedi oi, tcr utr. t i n e l ll l l l a, I l, N Jl h , url l l l ll, r l m i n fI e d I l in Y f i r s r al lt h nal will trt.ttttllt llri rrr . Mrr ilr i tr ,e trrP nsac ai leVilrrc' MIorile rllrr l'trcruarrirrarvery rtiher idy rtfter the ltt or ilia r.etrr etrrute.tcrlrl rrrva ie trrvrded try tile lis rierrtI b,+ ill r ttel, Io tattr e lls e rn4rtrre rg t .Slnlic , it catte of itie fiilure of the Ilblate N II AiKNlI). Sire Rlrtalllrlilt (:rlet iner hcaes Mobile lfr eilce l r tllll twIilr r wE. 3l.lrrki hi 8i I Nc Ilcr IS n Ct, No,. 3 Crllnr-trre slti-rearc rie - ertiv rrar daile ftrlei their Ietoute in s 'ltiladul lri e, an Illle a lla d co11plete assorlllltlen of lnn.'tan llal and fsrlehrrahrr c.irlouthilTr. lThey ivile tie utter. ion l Irhi pulic, ts thery are arulrllttr l III rayinrg li r trn e,.r rrers and etrcne cannot f.rrr irr s thci't servlves mnor dvallguour slg , I llany city In tire N. I. A lhw dirern irganrt ivory handle urnr irelras, Iroen 2i tor3i nchis. Altr, n largo lot w;hit/'lline packelr Intgrexs, relruels sices, very low F 'l t)' I,'11:5A1Il--.\ Iklrtcrn's e lpilllury, I.rev i rll rr e111- o irrlll rlrr h elr iron the eilt e arr ll n ( ,11111.+ withll equa II/l IIt.'+am irll il il y', ,ets l, , he ski,, t Illi·rn i ,,h'r'f t .halhs IIi "h. h e Iii' rlrlrlli r.nti re A frrsh *"t lly Jn-t i, ,/1'. tl irrll ith Ih it rll tr. 2114'iIIts & AI.I.EN, 5, 1h(:rllrL hhr llrtrIrl r r 4 'lhoI irt & tl.rc nlra I I. , ,t Irlrt rl IlnlI e rt .l hl, tI I h.rt l I i.lldhlio; I...... . Alll ·lsr ttltllt l,"r rl llr llllll , o ir / I III I": S ,it.ý I 'i.,of o lh,.i"en I n~h( "lI A .Iis I , '. - 1 "ll' ~ ill fitilii.h flill+11ht1.; 1"'. l1, ill . intuit iiui i 'I'; 1 1 "1 Iir l' , lý-.. 't , f rI , l I llo r. ie wrerr   Iý " e \'rr ,d I n . 'h , I prlutpn u o r n ln ,l h a s b e' e ,n l p ill I t4 s Ihs t c rt *ilt bsrvair nIt * ot T r. In ell -IV '·"" '\ I l 1nncl"ve, and Ill [I r' ell Fr ore, of lte dIlverir . A rI, etrll, r r.l I..lafr ; rlfd It Is not lr'ver I, th fe With Ih+ tulttowtnt w lli'e An id thl ite I 'It II 1;, as s t IDearly set fIrti ill tIIh pallllI e.rr tl r , ll-, Inc irllrt or e I , tile lst . lledi tlllC ever Iare i I ll e rlh 4:bc l s o 1 all Ila -es .il fIh and ilTilhe na ute IIl the dm ta cto ,ith."r asfll rir ,r dlrrll Intl s rtehri rtI r, n rrfan,rror rp iret medicine. That it Ic 1entll' tvIs, t itrrty IiOt rr'' i neeu ds rt, lly trial IIIo atI l y f1ie tll, ,ll incrednll i (. The Tact is duly conin1 io tilte knlowlvdgt of the prmprs u t altl rl Its benclicial and nvitllg eflfets in c Ir gals rIb aruend lever,billros, typhus, r voius and starlet Ivvers, l liuiten , viol.ent culls, dyseIturry or flux, dyIspepsi or tneousllce, atsily trl l rtIynrorrrrt only wsarrantrd wars lii rorn trredwnm rglll it, b tihey arel called iupon from a sen rr of duly which they yowe e the hirnanrt family to ay ro all, try it, rrtr yri l wni bear a tiln testi env to all w r have srid onr rle surjertl. 'lhr cholera itself, the worst scourge which he evur vtslled our colhtrv, r has been successflly coll quered the prpreltor in tnrterf n casess ath tihe use of hs Itedicine only, without th loss if a s ingle ti r-rr. The rrtedicrire is rtri, tred orly fiy doctors I liiRNII.M t I. IAV b, Si. Louis ; itrs uri; and is put up fit phials eachl accompanied with a plain anrd distinct drection, nlid caollaillltg aibout sixty d(hses, to be haid for seventy live centts, which rrsaksa it tmuch the cheapest medicine ever offered to the publhe. IThe above redin:ne is sold wholesale and retail by our Actnts, ilenry ifrotbel, and .\holth, c.lry 'chtilpitull i ll s tret. New - irleans. T' 1i t r tll it. _ , Nirr: 'I Iir-; C11 nt; Itlorr.rIt It r. -reltt; lihe I\hll rrr ul'ti l llep rrr; tIire rhr-kitl-srrlslglr tille tirr ret l- +I rr tr19 r r lirstr n'Im meetngS fu ll panto; I itt ", trr t fir e springroil liklr r ying, elt I I( ll ( omi, eC trIeh e ats i coio row; +% Lill, u lira I h.urmt wae by 11 Iuncy Gl. s h•ie wirtr+i lotsr .l it I 1 l i ll ir i r'r; (r Itle to ron t at lllllielein;(} th, r IrI ly up llp liatio.;'llt ..T " uupl like r i er w.l trrntse orte t rrltnhale by T a-mre r a lt 'y Ao n lacc ll+''hAti ; (llrlm .ictiU t Ui rt (llN: hrilles. r J lr i etviv .i a n r & lie r lt by d1' IIS(.\CSIEY," I) Caplll st pard x trit\stt rr sir . Ietrt rrey jI rec v n es d ti lrrtlr aasII odt oi ll ie tint ic 'lro ly l, , alita l ,le for Il C1I Il's, rt(lllll)i+ll l d .' wrilg d , 1 i_,e21ing I)OIIK!Ilk Ittl mu ioisies, ai JtOura t ir . ll. l tk llUt s selrle Ibuks earl, shlard sltl srs jrdsrs-i- rert trast - +unvceuirs inllaid willt liarl aid co.l polcketl ba.ks, par ,ea,. asern ghlaIec, geid an ier e il. IeItP.ank Per, "all kind, t+ Ithies \"r, Ait Tll-G " II k .t5As et" di) ear St (· a & , (Ctiloon st., Ixl~ix·!I +,. thr Ta1 til-," 1i I .I .... &i 1tKINSON'Si ii;iIioisAIrti, r rs i-" -i Itsrltutts ha ir Iroll ts e furi , trek attl rr .s, it + tllil satlnl llld cornin +, bayvilng the. skill filter rd tI wlitaer hat Iefitre ite apttIi atirthu. A irlsi snit lpilyt olst receiveRd it r 11]11 IN'r r I iEtxcllnl, ge Ilrterl, ornit StCllris h im d CIUr stir.-" nets ut . FAI,% I, &, I NTER I Cll 'lC t t it .... I I Ri IS :M1N & CO. tt N . I, ra gazine ltsee, 'la on fr tr ilnt ttg sltir .stplies fl FInllrau \Vinltr S lrtllsnrtnl a wtillt t l ll ,sts 1s ) rr o rtrs rr hinerrr s strI'et lariy iat) hrmghOllr t tIhe seLUont. ithir asstortmenl beitlg lnrge will enllle eem h+ supptlly IvImrrchanulS frlmtt th i cuner- , it te.t sih rt-st ontiti lr tIwsale ht s als R". rmse l , lo coti .Illlll hl.. g lerllm, ------- --.1-7. i. .,-- 7--------. TI-I. i-dSIIh ()sS, i II i- rttttlssribers take lyeav- tit siirsrl sheir trsrtt I n ti l rt Ihllelic otsll,r th :u htll a hel are noi prt li. , t. Uharll rle- st -OAl-A11 utsiratsits stroia.isu-ik,.'snt isriorik.e.t-. sere.t in lots t so sit surcoesr, srdstrs left atf the riull vudrl, i aLt'nllll street, r to ioau IIst.MhI-' stry Mit.tS-, Bak i'inea i 'liii do,.23I 1; oit:des~ r II b ry j.tTreeivd, ist ;ir sale by fk, ll ('A i .I5N0, I I 'hllshitotins it i tlllier's Ct0 la lilli I,trob srst: keks r ,t st e lers, strawllt nd ttlli d r clttttrs, i ,r evesV other vriItrly tr anrtling a lUldl gIIhU teooi graiti, torass It gosderli -ttds; busk tor tgrlniro ttts oregesan nt ofnttrIks fruit tllu | olrnnimetlll rtrts lllr pilt ilrsst. U Irn tltlencntllita ing alnitire, pic and idecrription oenebch article for sa le Iiriltishrd by tle balbscribers or lby 1hall & Browln, ho ares aplorintetl agarlrt st.slr Ir sit.libshmnt . I(iBEIRl'T SINCLAIIR Jr &Co.. t9 - cd.llln illd a ltlllansfntllrsrsa uailieore S )AItt1n-7bos I .dl extrla:IlI brtadt- Jast U luhI, Juckson ,'l'rowbridge, George Roubbin and J H II rtnn; Inr sale by jatli IS.t\(: lRIllGE & &n, I:t11 naeiniast fINI)I(I.. & 1IRO'U.., iti ('a111 -asts-t aIh :\--- lt itdl B rd . a.r o s plsairs lis n , fis r tsss bsy IIttIt.t MI ENI. Iitth(IVN & Co, tell 9 Coiti s LOMBARD & CO'S Iostono and New Orleans Line of Packet Ships.-Tilus new line of shbips has been expressly built to run between the above ports, and will be found of suitable draft of water: accommodations for passengeors, and every effort will be mado to give general satisfaction, The line is cormposed of tlhe f'olowing ships: Cherokee, 415 tons Capt. .1 Harding, Carolina, 40110 do 'S Lelrist, Charleston, 374 do 1)D ldridge, Coolumbn, 625 do G Barker, Seaman, 240 di J lowee, Bombay, 6(25 do D Ilumphrey. The above shtips are all now, of tie first , lass, copper fastened and oeppered, commanded by mUn of groeat experience, have largo accommodations, with a separate ladies cabin; every attention will be paid to passengers, andl tihe very of stores pro vided for themr. The packets will Ire towed tip and down the Mlis sissippc, and the strictest punctuality obsorved in theeine of sailing, and should the regular vessels be detained ie arriving, other ships equally as good will in all cases be substituted. A share of patron ago is solicited, and the agemts pledge themselves to I accommodata as ilmuch as practicable, to reecive and forward goods by said line at thl most rmoder. ate clarges, and to advance all caprneos oit goods shipped, rifregnired. T'he shlips will leave tie 1st and 16Gh of every month. For lifreight or passago, apply to the agent.. J A ME"lRITIT, 82 Commron sat. N. B. Advalncemenletts Iul oil 0 onsigllallts to Messrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. nov27 S'A'I: OF Li" stillSlA.A--"ir+I Judicinl Distelct Coult,th state t of L.oisine,, to all whol these coeuemrtsball a loitie, git..'iing: \Wherlrns-nntmitrl C. (Mgn, ieorge t ()gdco, nend Ed c..ard Yorkle, hnilt Itg te hnh!d at It .ide nidh by thel ynit: 0of =hec cldilTr., f I,:grctins ihra1,n t ic Ick pdoer ty Iir'Actt :t* drs cib dhsI ritt l.' ed to Il' cilk I ln. llir lco rl, lir a o illll 1t 1 IIdV(¶ li].ellPIll i1 e IJonI lily to all act lf tLr I.' gi,. lu ltele nf t nihe s ia of L uinlll ti tied "Ani ac.t lr t lthe l. ith . surnte o l ti ittle to p lr chasers at jmliciul slo " appvlt ed the il ll day ofI Merch, 17;31. Nosw, thtrclr, knew vt, and all preons intertedt,] ler.edl, ate het b" cited gi aeld lests shA 't in the l l I lo' tIn ten off.oi inua, and of 'he fird, judicial diSdi.r Ollt ,l lwho cIr set ily lilg t, titll or claimll il ald to th pnlptlrt y blltiillllli( d;ll -r +- rih,'d, ill (·( I1 . f'l lll'lll(t' 1)1" IIIl Ill| l|h n d i l ty i t r n Ih order, dihwree or IJlld ,.ll Int'lIht1" lL lel IIr Ililh lhtt. sa:ll- l lmade, oIll' Iil irrtL"' larily f'i illegality in ir, uppraiellhntl l :tl,11 erti+,lm"n nt'. in Jnilllr Ill i:tm lllr o cl'e. c ', , ir i et n n tlcPr d,'hect 'i lit mna - ee cr; to thoW u111e w.ithin tiln l h tiIlt I flr 't Ihie dIn Ibr? nilill lrt i nti t i : I t tI i lll l . o pt de pl p" , H.cih Otden, S nd(. HO Bard snril ke'ill becam confiume hasell rm lhgnehd. T'lhe c id 1 roperli way old by it i n .dic aftre .aid ll tht i'.l d e oaJht rll unllv , . I"c. lici!,-b h virtu . of nci odtrlet, as p'elrt r hrIn rlrn v J the heth a(iy In"o I' I bu-' Jarc, Ar. I1),3. , fin il the maril :l Iof J uhn I nlo llioll L' Jdesth L,. Wihiay vS their credilor. nod the (redieor of Ilg t'nt:1 nt a,. W n ,o r1i i t.a N nit it , d I l dh;+ coulrt, sit whlri, PIIes i I lC ]tJ G l e l tle(' l : (ing. 1 (ll It, t s) llI I IId I l ·ld ' are all' h li tl, e nlIt' h ilr Lt c, I. I.o of-rot-nd ii ft i mg Sunlit ii lhe ZI bllart! y II le ll r le lill inli .t il t', ml N t ilolts, a ll n ii iit llwll t Ie J (1 ill .IllL t, t lt I la th Jalls ill, n :1, i and Ie IPl id. 1+ in fll stice+ of I ,.n,.d l'' 1 1;.,t 1, in ll'a ro trll lollt 1'lll l ii O1+ lll, Ily 1'11 f*.t't ill deplth, t e l smid I t l, t t'i Sc ree :,r 1'o 't) n l ClII . 1).· l i 1 'Ill'g+e II. 1)Odil n,1nd Edward Y* rk ,, $:i,701I l ll'r' ll t evI t, b li'et dillr , t1jmi fig mlt. 1 t Sn 3,IIn0 L.. 11n . ;, illn [ tee u lllm" .,L re ad oilninin g I no, vin, Ilhe is m e f itmi1 d depth, I o the a n' o , aicrlsl I.lo In,). :1 i tl, in Ijo i `a t.x III( n illl .3llil , I1, 1 d o Ii lavilln g th xi ll l n' fl( ll d d l epl lh, Io t[h o :am cper11 3 -c11 , - r-1 flla. :, in t, c n r . . ' u dj in m . b I,,+1 the mR le front wlh 1 depth, t I telllill , III II r -' t.Lrn 1n. 86, i h l e1 , n: It I ll l1 e llI, ail n r Ii1n I.n nl ; 11 'ir illligl the c l- ie c 'ire 11 d (1 h1 to Ili,: cm 1 Jllr. I., IIii. , i thl l' Ji, l - t1111' - rt. n dllj.,illi l ll ; n . i ll I i t inlllI Ih Silt ' Irnnllln l s e n i, h .Ltllt. ]lllr i. ., Ill Ih (l P llh I IIII lj t 111. Ini. II iint e s d aI nll itll"ll ,I, a 'l 1i 1n 1 1.h 'lll , Ito the Ihe n11 IIii1 thi. F l, a't lllooI. ' ll e .10,in Ju m.. l !: 1HI, . rollI .t ti 31),1 d ,~ IN I,. I,.1:\tVIS, DE t )t t. \ I. t'IsIANI .l-- oear da pram.i ter district judiciaire. I:'ctat de la Iouisianv, a tolls eCux lille ces preantes coceronent, sa lut , Attendu qpl Saomlt, ('. Ogdona. George II. Ogden, and E:lu ar Yorkeo yantachet I a utu vento Ifite par la Syndic dea crdalncirs Id Egerton &. Wibray. la proalridlad ci.apras decrito, so ont adres.6s aul Gretth do cetto tour, pour uao avia confolbrmdalent auaacto d, la L.rgiolature de l'etat do Ia l.uuisiaanc, intituld' Acts pour confirmer lan titres des ac qtuercura nax vontes judiciaire ;" approuvrd le 10 Mars 1831. Qa'ill sail connu, at toutes parsonneos intireas'es aOlat par can presentos sollllids au nol I de 'oetat do la Louisiano at do la cour du premier district judiciarc, qua pour.aient avoir droita la propriidta ci.apres dalrite, en consequence d'un dd. faut do forma dana I'ordre, to dccret on lI jugeulent do la tour, on verlu duquol la vento a dt6 anite, ou do toute irregularilt on illdgalit dans I'cstimation, I l'avis ou le temps et lo mode do la vents, on pour I un tr antr cause uoloulqen, do faird voir, dans trento jour It dater do in publication do i:atote avis, pourquoi la vente ninsi hait o o serait pas confirmole mt hoolohgaale. La dite prolpri,'a fit voendIe par to Syndie susdt a le '2tre jour do Janvier, de I'am:ai l: ., a rorlau d'olll dclet do retto Col:, rondo la daXolll jour ali Egerlto and .lames I. Wibray vs. leur cr'anai- r I et Ire erdalariers do Eger on and W bray--No. 1.139tIa do alcket to catto ('oar, I laatatle lrotc lta diis aalnol C. Ogden, GeorgeIn . It. atIallean, oad Eadward Yorke sosoat re allus naqudreoan r ]o prix do ci.apras Iaaentionnld. Doscriptoun do la propridtd d',aprds to translfer judlciairo, savrlr No.. U. n lot do tlrre situa o 'aons lc tluboura Saulot, siur o plaace bornot par lar rules Clio, P'ry. tlano, Calliaas,e at Nayados, our un palnt fait par J Cantoun, datl ."I Janvicr, 183t , at d,.1aos oIU bureau da Joseph Billark, Esq. notaire public, ai. surant il pieds 1L pouces do face dans la rue de Prytanr:o ustr 120 pieds do protoondcur a do faco sur lao ru de Clio, adjund I S insael C. Ogden, George B. Ogden, and Edward Yorke, pour lo prix dl No. 2. Un . ;t do torre silude dana la 3,.700 place, mesurant 29 pieds dan larue do Prytanco sur, .L0O do profondcur, at a cutd do no. L, aux manmes acquercurs, $3,000 No. 3. Un lot do ctrro siturlo d'n lat mtmo place, ta cotd de no. 2, at lyant cl Inllalo propr. tions, aux dat, $3 0o0 No. .. Un lot do terro situeoo Idaa la mtano place, co t doe no. 3, t ayant los mlmes proper rions, aua dit auaudarauro, $3,050 No. 5. Ira lot da torro situt dlans ht Iulla te plato, a do to.14, at nyant ler lanmtlsaa propor tions, aux lit acquareaur, $3,150 N. 6. Un lot do terrae itude dans la nelllo place, u cotd do no. 5, et ayant leos ealnes proportions, aux dit acqudrurns, t,.W100 No. 7. Irn lot do terra sitde dans la Illelne place, it cold do lno. 6, at ayant ICt mtames proper. tions, anx mamas acqludrcurs, ..:1,350 No. 8. Un lot do tcrro situde doans la mIteaa place, a eotd do no. 7, ct ayant toe ICOnames roper. lions, anx lit acqoercurs, 8.I,9110 No. U. Itn lot do to re situa:o dons la oname place, at cold do no. 8, et ayant le menrucs propor tions, aux dit acqrd.curs, 'm3,900 No 10. 10. n lot do tarre situlo dans .,t 'nace place, i cold do no. 9, ot ayant es moraues propir. lions, aux dit acqadreura, 8 1,300 No. 11. Un lot do terro ailtu dals la lcnme place, a cotl: tdo o. 10., nesurant 29 pleas] quatro poulcesdans la rue do Prytanat par 1ta) do profon deuretde idohe rur la rue Calliopei, aux dil acqiad. renrs, :$.5,.100 las otze lots sont vrndtts avoc to privilege r xclu. sif d'una allie ayant 15 pieds do I,lrgour rur lo der riere' Oslon to plan cl-illaentionlnad. Conditions- 1800 stir chaque lot, argent comp. tant, at le balance i 6, 12, 18, oat 21 n;os, an cro. dit pour lsa billets andonu.Sa at approuvda avrc hypo. th.equ jusque to derniar paiment. Enl temoin do quoi, Jo Pat signtaa, et J'y SL.S- ai apposd I scanu du dit Cour, co jour S 5 loars, A. D. 1839. aml2 :t in 30d JOIIN L LEWIS .t . L\.--'07, tons mof I ae b-t Eangliah coal, well auited -t ` a- aro o atrrt o.a-n =,, ,t bsard I,,ltaq lnhasl, tflo NL"I'n:- I, for . ta le l. l lla tlot .t t & 1tI.I 8B s jit29 i hlk fl'ce Pl q I· cr AL)N1SS. A i .A U rT IF I , he::I ni i nir i - Ih , e no. resl onr l'l beilon ll :g 9l th bIae h l ellllln r. "I w stranr:e1 ly thle Io , of. it il' nges t19 o ust , aialn' d pr amna lrely I.rills oi l the llpperuo re of oil; n', wh. i tc·l r see I. tny o recoill c t hr 11· iniI'lr1,ol'' Il qotlld inles! ev II to p ik c io t to n wIl, tl the resta 111 sliverin' of traeiir i a fil'.rllll tl : i. rm nel r of il Ii'f tvre er1n re "p tlyi slots in l reortl t. Ih lln l-t. 11vn t eVlnl IP, i mas ,f planperts III he tp ror rllts Illilkiole v, tw11 ll, Rt nellt aR%'h ,in . Esq n t 3ir h II)ot lm l :s o :lhl . To m-t ill O ese: (': ld iirett lren9t t.':I , t held h ic'.:r iR lm : f ('.:l99 bii t.itni' the hair f'' t fr9ll' iif I' Ihr hrvetn p lb t1n it h ol uf' vi b eottle reonrs it r-.lill. It like'y i he prf, ingfs ev, h a.dI w it ska r's; c revetsin hr hnir iroml f nll ln gll ra ,1I) tma les ,it ea l ll til'll,' ', andl lf~o i~ W I fro .lll . .l'f. '.,ll rll.r l T EiilRl', Senio r,' repli 'cts ii Vly iln I support o til e I·(lllil'.! If Oldridge{ l., nlit :irilira . lill : b r t llr' 9 .ro rietlr r o 1r. Je'Th I ' : IN the fll ol ing:l- R er \ I Ihto . t 1: A1 ,.e o" l i), 1Wil .l"it has errtiliýJ, as Gm l iv h, . r.e l |I ", to Ihe clotrl ter iof the fni,l hl . l trfll . ie Intenl nla. The un r1e2rsiefner, i ei'eb cltfl',i' ht t l.9pn' e 10e Ihe hllnl of iollllulbi;a di-¢,overd hyv .1. Oldh'hlle. lld haIve flllll if h I t ii:t: F'..'i t,11y1 ., Il ei l t llil. I O hiO fillilng fn'uf Itlrvr blu nlsiu cerait restuilr li:e. Ello thoiat el bliuistr i lO G Seo in e I anr he, Noi ln l Noi rh F'ifth ,1. . OIIj 1' IEr I.1I' ,: 1 id AINi thi:y('t. c I JI NIl lll1) 1161 '.1III & d2 c9.1.. "I). e i' ,. N J IN F I{ '1 liORR IS ,N n e Fsir enr I1 ;id,1 91ll : iro(''lg al dO:'t':ll'tih'd ..: Jd i )rn n ii A.i )l,.Jr, 1"k:1 ri: rCh .tir t.l It l er i anO . it thiiree i Ii, vhl:e:, cl li i.r ior ln , tlklha .:1 v o r.lio.: n , nI I th 1 9:9t i's noi, ln n :1.tori edn;li~i: 'incy I on e: lhner' iro ireoait : chotd (iniv of I'h'ilahlld' hi , I, l l lloer . all h aitii nr i f, nid city (1' if Ihil.hil p i.l, : i' Inn l c.ti1 11 1"'.i t·1r 1 'ml we' tl cmhnoi I wtl S.lis h.1 ' 'irti 111 , 'inil d io lUn h 1o .il: ond, n .nohes,o r`'ilond io- ite a .' tilliril,'h in liiov 1ren enl rllle i of rllm 'Ira libt, ' ,.,·ri'i ", I II'.(iti an" I nlo, n nilll cnredit holl hli venr tll ii' olld o 1ier igpo:e. I i a nid ll onr it , wt. h ..ho t h ei n l` , Ilai anti 11' lle ir iold O eal f. 3te ( l.yan h e ,r iln Il)n (I,. ,ll. " IIUlllll'.l{'1' \ IIl,\ lr oll h I/IMN Yi>r. n1i1l r\' thlet l i a , w ite klllt, fl l" , ld inel n n h, u t s dpl ndid bobleur d w appe r, ol dwh isrepo.; s l , ated n s, maiy non l gerllm` n wr ill u ll hrohn aln rlwll (] tih":niln bii'.'si ll fo ihr.,i th t Noa rr,9 A:,, ric1. `. t lby Cher sr Il 'lIv ,ilN 3 . T Io.ill'l ni ' .lll l' .tiogl hn'o tllllrv. a .I ,ow \Ih VI, h .m ou ANAltllYr i n eit 1nt 111 r in 'hitl' - lC e tn n ll, %ini, Ni lw l i lrn . in u Co.(NIII ' 3tlli bru (. strelI lelll ltI u r, aire renel Vii l o, andll lprlllll a e111 m11 s tiplnlihl , sail s.hntioil nd fci..l irll l io of l h I hl ! e rpart of nlte lilow lT . F.n- aricles: W bhlue, h llre 1n jr.t c,·est lo Jl)ttlir U n b rlow , 'i ion, m hvi, wlol l slllO t and o.n d . l ive frlock an drll I dr(`ssl collsa bra'lve`r, stable nlldlil tll(ir \l 1lr II.frock com,' I II elcganlly firlis:1 odil; fancy and| plain bil'l'ek e sis..h all n alld cloth plalnlll oon ; nll) li r shl andl: |realeh la Iy and pinr lei, .st l ad solo on net O llll .a andini i lll er ; Iie I uuil l rr wh irllle· o while kiI, for w. t , bale. Sl) ,l t ri'r llO+ frl)llll i%%'llrn lw a nldll bro 1lllt t i a ' Ill' eottlno b ll helr,; tll lf" which they ofr how li. ".\;I N I'.I lt ,lt lIll) (llll.;. 'rlt a.-ll.l s Its- so le l hint f \'Uiec,'d l)delitic Sl c UlIJst1 w:,m.:.--T he subscri.ers,'n can. lacturers and thol·esale dealers in saddlery goods, are now rercteving by late arrivals fromt the i no 'iini III ld lri to their laintrer stuk, an cxtei slv.e IIssortlIenII t Iof articles in their lin , nllllOll t I which are the , wllowing, vz: I.adies and misses plain tnd quilted saddles,I c tntci etilt's da ýpani du do dIo lexicanh do do do Creole do i dOF i t A rnIer. do do do I:iglishi do Youthl's do Pparish do do do Crcole doF Amecr. and lIg. hrdles anlldl bridle IOuntings, a do do fnit nItn alsos5 Plated, bracee and japanned coach hnrlles, o d lto I g anld sulken do J do do dt lirlalll l doe o l)ray, cart and wagon do Saddle ber, double andsIgle; valices; miedical saddle bangs Ijrnoss, Is carpet batgs; best Iron frame leather Itlo trunlts, brass nailed ; Iather boot top do, assorted sires anld varini styles; holsters andll i pistol belts: coach, gig, sulkeyi twig acnd planters crop whip.t woF ol, worcrd, cottolln d leaher c girlhs and sursitglcsi stirrup leathers; trnnk lt straps and wlorstel rlin wcb; 'halo and hook l oitlotes; blind briees and Ihnr s; Scotc'h collars, t and hour a.n d rund ielt~l l e llar l a lalil tis; i: a . a rocco, buck, Ibrar.shep land b luffalo s 11Itns; pitlied abrlas and tleel bridleh bets I1' evtry d'scriptlion I plated, brass and srecl spurs of everv desrtipnllnl pltied, brass an d retcl stirrups oi every tdescrip' i'TIgtlt r wielh a eolnplete asso ttmnlllltt eof every' arItitc ill therlrllri I llltllb i c--:II ll of whilC[ Ithey I I oiler for sale o .ectrtllllloda cting terill They will also co'int atie io receivC ttltrotgllht the year, by ipackets fronl New 'York, fresh supplllies to keep their stock nmIpe UI(nd eIomplete. KtUl'l1, 1)A\ieJoN &i ck , 13 I5 (:anal st. -- - - '. .'" ---. . tI,'tE'SlI IAllii.N il lti.--'i'te nsbscnr er begs to express I hs rraltelul thankir to liltte pub he , for the liberal suppolrtel he uisieiveil since he commenced btsienee it this ri' . It ing sole pro prietr of the seed storee 17 CoL;moii n slrei I, hie it inot and lnever wails agenllt for anlly nolrtherlln seed venlder neithe' r is le tctnlleele t witlh atll housei in this country--blt he assures the pnbl tr int his oinInectlO Illosn every department Iof the seed hbllI eeSs, in the count rlesof l:Eu. le are equal to that oI any house in the tilt ed Stales. lie isn. perts seeds, plantll S&c. rlom tie mioIt extensive' and respectacle nulrseries ait d SeetsCrcelttiIn Il"trance, l tolland, I'England, t:eotland, anld the nt o thie r states- and it will at all times be his iltrrcr'sr , as it is his study, to receive, in addition to ht Ipresent stock, largl arrivls of every descriptln, really tile growth iof i te it; al'so, c eFgr rrted fruit Ires, oFi all kindsl, The pold(: may rely on lilnding a Iull as, sortnlellt tI .evty lttll I. In till I-e.d ine, oi l genus ini quality, and inptorted direct' by tWe,. tlINN. I':Il'CA.'TItN-I"ill'NC'II and I'i NIt 't 1tI. ier. Jaullts, rteel inli ari\ ed inn this l.y, bIgs leave to tinors the ci'ocens ui New tlltea itrhat lie will open anl acade myli on .1llllldty, l,i tlllnuar,- at Nol. 19 "'oulouse street, Ir tae listieiruc tul t mo dllll both ser e s, in French t dillt Initt gh'ht Il , r witI II t i: will be ably assllcted by 1rc. J.lmes and1 lrs. IlettIller, who plleak b ti h tiose lillltg agl is waiti great Ileiocy and puttnrlia rtlw"1 Io wkit r llCL. I arge of tl.e idep tit t cit I tlci young Ilties. 91r. Jai les will ivO hFits whle r, atic In Ill Ite various branche.s o education, and 1ttiters hlun1ell t thatlie will 'l Ive tile I tritsi tton to these who may ihoinor h ,, with their enli .nce. nov I NOr'ICE.-Th-'hb e co. ci-partnershc Ip rmed on the '28th Jiuly, between John r l '. It ls, .ooleeph A. l ctard and C oatles i. Fto ren, to i e conhcted i lr l tn. der th stielet anld title I. hts, hard & lt. 'ren, is hereby dissolvedt : aond iht d tsolutiol is to take effect as 1te1io trle sl oF Dicembrer tat. Tie undersicgned wet. promptv dischargte all tIhe obligatons of the laie rli l, and in future ca nti ne in their own names, and for their own alctunt, the 8same businceF as i actors and General Con r mission merch ntms, t inder the style ;tad tlile of Beard & Bioien, anttd ' hiit a share of the ptrn ge of ithei Irtiende and the ptubei. .10SiEil'l .\. 1IEAt;D, e no+ 1 F l \lll ' 1. lillltt.tN. I . .-.siet Ai; ,I 'ttl, tabken at 7, 'ro t . e F ,ee, |ut (loelt-, J I Rhn l'' .,i111 S , Gl A ,"+ . , 11AH S ,1 lfJ ,", il:l. -. +ItI S landinhll frttml s11p) C lnstInittilln, :ntId ;hI !:le- vlz litl0th(1ialt ofg;ao+, best qualith, irulm NI. I1 123X.X2t8 31111 kg wh ile led, pure l; ll do nreen a i t, itn tit sliltr keS; " ,cI d lu nned ill. hr ignll.U;lnlt b. h>thra.,. SLuz splndid Ilo-lltl oun.I~ld Inl'nlsile-, also. uf'gUUU oUd l1 I do; 2lascs cr l mine ren in powder; n lperior article do 'd Ill calln; I Itnr- n assort1llnt of n sttn h lntn olf ecry sine lnd ,ylalt: ,able penciBi- t.- arlime; Ilnt marking brushes himr lnrnch- t-; artis's conlos il oil trully pre pre.i, ;db: I s,f tlted :'p with all eccssL.rv brtlhc; nllat's tmou. i c. o filake nt1 d, ellmit, whiten; . I iaks nIl letF; wlhit+ n anl yellow wax; K oI onhic; an lg ud olg i dlche ais so,)llalwlnll fpfll .ill-, eoIt l' s, ,ida, turelrllnlltilnIe, varnllr llh &c., ft.r aeIC, whnh.++t he .1ol rel.til, at the latest pricsc, by lO.\It)EL.I, .1'EIE11 EI)17TIU OF Jill,, CIVIII CODE 01 L 01 .11 1XV 1, IT aIse Ieen fr sonme time ilade knownIII tO the public 1 that th+ sulbcrlbers tale ennainld in t rn'np:rillng o t thle in's, i IIdvprir¢es a new edui of the loulrirnlt C ivll (,ode.-I Tlhey were. Ir n int li lirst, Iwnllrn ofIn the grac t di LicH ltny and rlpunslhiilty .ttnulhig the p btbh all ol'the work, lnl it was nlln t without ;ni e n t ni.itflll)ll t I - ntit ti e lt - sentd to thle!r . int the pre ent editionll , tlltlllnllilln to "hlolll thrllee l m in (ntn es, alln n wi ichi hlad ue t tit! tll , Stow u t h Il l tll' LIl(tlIttild-m dodh.',., was tnir y ut nn" prin. Ii'r tn, ltttuina twi t oears, till, , nal pi. of tinn wnnrn ,t-i Intn t fre] lnt hirt to inty doniri.. It is a systl.ll l of writtnll rules vnihl ., inouinediftely ilnt:" uIl11 every itllividnl ol f the .tle, illnterestedl lil r ill ni, lll llllre .r mmtnererI ; lnd w thich gol erntil thll disposititun of sio rmunch proplel-t, Illnillg | tio us frolll ethr tnles, that--tlhke nalt.n , a i v othnln t illrllise upon law-it is as mucI h tnhe tiext-book and liltal nof the nllele hlll lll tl e rl linerl, a it it of tthe piittte g tin e mllan andl Ihe prol:lls Itld advocu;re. n hlloseStatie :lon thie hio and ,li.i;nipn i rivert s I which illn a lrt for their prodnllll in ll l ini. nii, nhve ta r quelt nl;ecssity of rlbrf llce to the lnidc, 1and mtake- it an i ndis l nnnblr r leisite I lilnl: i,,; a.(l ill ile , -it, ) I rlOh:. thelliL h ihe hu Ik ll{' Il. l as s t III I rthellll e llllltl's :OLtin rttion, .as upnLll tIhe dek of l th trrel, I n no tllht nnr.l editinn n ell.l e nollikwn inllnn q icn k-n Iv di, psed ot; ndtil although a in ie ..nprinnt tit it world i nllslltlelnent re isuply the i ubll lic, yet i WIoldd be illlP n :ell n td i llnllnlti nl h l llll) ll, a ill l.,hll witll tt lLrltl(lttn nI n I I i nl-e h -o S nll e I n ill e tro' I enllrae the numelrous unnmlth which itvi beenI iaudi by tt ln n iin sltlr., tnld thie n ipI I nl decisos nThe luhli ]hnrn have n-itnned, ,i r the tenernl super nilennlll(e and editial :Idearlent oi the wotrk, hll profh' iul nal su n.icc+ in \\ Ih nt gni . S I.' hI nI, Enq. ti nrl.h1"r ol tihe Nvw ."lt-t1 tnlant. Ithe Ihtin . Junin e ItlhlId., Juh-k rlln r hes, i nd Ilt ;,r11 .e n1 ustis, nhave each kiindly nnin t,,l Mr pton t ih the vilubhle notie- wthich the inttu nolle.led in II it 1 inore oi their stll lies andi prltuiu.e; and to MIr N I lN. .jlllennin- the p rllt ner n 1itr IU n it hu i, also in rcedt in " work, Gen ranwbrid.e, Esq. Ian; preselnted the reat n ussl.otf it ti 're.w ontined ill his u!lic cnivpy of the codei , and of his dis:Ii'nltshid prois-iohmal lalbos. The publish ern may Ii t !ferefore well ll l trust1111 tI t ni t f tte work "ill b.e all tht inlustr and lalboutr, assisted by tIroning anld ,xp lri cI'., r lnl p rlilbir . Il l ptltlt I, f llrlth thils pro llr ] tler ll l n o licitih figene- + tl l ll tl' tIn theI l l1 lll'k, t1 it+ ,ul I nll * i id s ll n ll thIe fact th t I Lnei slatiII l of Lo i.iianni a iin al thorizel. ttll I flthel Mll hte. The rn I n ui s .n i itllls t it thins ed tlnt nnnin iil' alnniliny onf the phlis,.rs nand elitors ni hlnh it is ho; -d is not n nhollyv lm, n ir.,d. The work will he, printed iii tnechl anl l,:nglinth, Ipi n o . , nLpr land with lh.ire I )p.; lnor will anv ex 'I ll lrubseliptli on linits i' e i closed, the store price1 lwill bi e tenty dollars per n n inn in . IP Ul TrlEN years have tnot yet elapselinen it wtn Snirstn regulallrly lstfaintted tl. tnhe nubiin;nr iit lhas attained tile highest reputation; and has suj plantted nviry other Itnedicine r the Agne, wherev. cr it Ihans beenl kltnnwn and iappreciiated. Already ilns it bnrn carried in every daientint troiughout the Unitedl Stlate, a still realizn tIort tli tan could have beein anticipatedhy its nislsuainguin friennds. i Thousands of persons Ilavet nIot onlly bieen relieved, but rettored to health and viigor throughn its agen. cy; and they now cheerutilly testily, at every opn [ portunity, to its decided and suprelme eflicnay. It s compo.sed of such medicinal principles tas are calculated to renen the hIealthy acton of the stotn icll, liver, and other imnportant digestive organs, thl loss of which harmony is the inuntediat e ause of the disease. It is apparcntt also, that it produ ees an e onlire cihang in the condition of the .ystern, and certainly destroys the native liabihty to relap ses of thei affection. When tih Ague is attended with any other complaint, the employment of the Tunic Mixture will not innterfere with the treat. Imnet of then other dit-case, but will even atford as. i-tstance by furnishing strength and vigor to tine body during thl course nof treatmeont. Thoso who ake use of this Iuedtcineu may be assured that I ' theretn is no Arnsenic,, IItrks, Mert'or, (or any other I article in its comnposition uonf'riendly to thie thumanuio constittion; being entirely a vecneable extract; I anttd they tny have addlitional contidence in tilo use thereof, when they peretivo that it has tite ef fiect of a gentat laxative about the tin e halnlf a lhot. tie full has been taken---in cono queae of which, there is no part of thie medicine llft to linger inn the bowils to cautse obstructions, and other evils, arising from the use of many of the remedies now ofitbredi fnr the cure of this alfection. It has been used also as a preovetive, bLy llany who were sub. ject to a periodical recurrence of tie Chills, and it has invariably warded off the apprehended attack. Observe" The Proprietor, fully satislied witlh the n:paralloled and universal maccess which has com Stanntly attended a punctual and regular use of the Tonic Mixture, in all cases of Fever and Ague, iti.els warrantod in engaging to refuntd the price to all those who hav takon the mned~eini in strict ac cordanc with the prescribed directions, without having been perfectly anid lastingly cured. Thoe ubscribers are tlhe wholesale agents for tilto SouIthi \estert States, an havllie Inow i hand six ty cases oft this medicine, which is warrantedi fresh i a.ld genuine. Fur sale at theo lanfilactured pIrices Jlll\ IS &n AINItilI-0'VS, Whotlesale i)trngierts, nIo nrt (co'itmottn km 'lehouilpintltlls sitreet. JL'LC.S:". I.'. 'r'Iu.v'i' T'rrox ( il tI l'I,'tenite, No.. 5.3 M\iagszite street, New' ()lsieans ''u) iE 1.1NI FA:' TT :II) IN NIEW YORK Ill' SC.'1,F: OF' I'l Tl:(('N--olublc (Jaas. For a double ine If J sa's orI mIrtol eiI ta SBh' ,te,', mlal ki...Iltil.aJ) tt'tai I',te st,, nd, a , itll lederr, h.rnms, &a. :it $6 persaw, i' $9't(. ti Por .a Iho rlh titi " of Iti .s vs t, o as t liier, or I.I saws inll ' t tt, sala,lroldes. &c. a $6 per saw, or 710 i)i For do. of 40 sasaonll ll. or 8 a:ws in a S iM ats '(1 .i poer s$a, so 0) i., i For do. of it sas a an do. nr 4' saws il a, et ftislo50 er saw, or 260 iO SIN :l 1, GINS, Folr a ingle gill of Slo or m•re', with onv set of ti'edrs, bhaood, &e. at f6 per Fal-,h,. (of 60 saws, withll Icedel. &C at Ut l I'll sIAw5 390l (4) Ilor do. of 411 saws, witlh leeders, &s. s(; 7i5 per saw, u3)5 01 lFordo. "'IIsaws, witlti'sedel'i'a,&s. at $7 ,.liittll': ll w.liei.t deIlesire'l, for ll, . eri.s, s.llplitl o i It ceots caah; the ,ihberoil' teerth Itilg :boltbot e unl in L thie ll1bet' of sa. One set of leelrs,' it is coat sildereld howevler, will wan' o11t two Ior three sCets of s sI iows. Eixta Isawsiesppliud at i e Iots,,t, ',li. 'Ite Gins ordeired, will I: deli'te'ed io the agents oft i t lilallh 1 tti., poirtllo.wn. s o the ..cotts p slsiblelbte s iamountofie (ii,. A i ri'sent tilt t Ii Bis tof the mi Ipi .air de-l silved t ItI. t hllarLs ItI,' wiisto ,Iseit will hbe e tI1T , b I llil. l lIlt. . . on i o ing glar i '.,an also -or'lr.d wihare.', desird, on reasonable aero , but w ill be i edc s ra. Iii I frse power, ofnll dlit tscrll.pti, cn hle hr,.nish'd o,.lik lo5tri:t :, sOt irnt ot saws, ibrtsts, brashet, &c. It is I illl l ite' ditli a , opinion. Smt desire saw of i,largsr di:ut''r tht otht'a. 'The mos,,t annt, ont size is ,ro 1t10 iCllt s o .tllt wish tih sa , it i lo hes. h o m le i .l, r r'1w1r, bralllsesl on an aill e, t hile others do ' nit at mnoi, tIh.,alI .tat ,ost. glmse wish saw.. with or tetlh to the itnr, ssrhol|ilithiTo rs.antl otr it. \V, . tlh dlls''epa' t, wt pr*fe tIYt sMhould, at wihes, Ulm lht' anolhlietulrol can lulf ifl in evera partiaular. 1hollre it is left to ont" disce.lion, we shlil make them oa. the moat modeni l and ulpnlvet l1(2n). An oilier can be eventled, Irom the tine it is rleceived, in the spe. ofeiclht or nine weeksandhe Glin in that time laceil in the haniul of the" th.ito. To be in time far the next clop, alI orders ought to he in the hands of ihl. in:lnultetumrrsb y the first or middle of I1" , ; ex-plt rplanalnl:intlb wherelthey atelate in ct'mlllllentcinlg to pick ort .il c lo. N. it. Tih. l,'..e t bi ,hlt,or an' oir l" thle rettio [ IW ln t. "les, will i ni.Jl on leasuuable ttrmns. tiA Nltit)NEni BY irE FAULi OF Irl) CINE. TI IK0 ', Coom pou.I Extract of CIIrhL a :nf d Sxrsa j p rilla -A ertanil, ante, in most t-ti'+Cll rellle y. ever discoverellt Ior the rI u of ltonI lhel' , (;le(tS, SIrict es, ',tililtes, Pt iln, it thet back anid ons, seI lai weaklless, aftectilos klulnie, garaecl, scotlbutic eruptions, . e Il tihe inru o otion of a medicillu possessing tli(- usefu and aclpile virtllet of tie one oiltw Ollirell t thilte til tile ItJ l it-ptor thas bt Ill I et, e.e t thell illrm· e outs ec ll lnelati- s reell i td tlrol the I, st mliintlln n of the LIIL ( tculty in rowe, ) belitsiag that it wdl tbe duly appreciated twhen, its no rits:ic .r.e. I,,nh k1 n on. 'iha lIIl . n of uplt .ibia, to \tetsisetl l .y lsed,lllas lost Innh of its ctedl t hl tils e dislike whith palients t) r ertlll I tIxr, tafa ttttlittitsi-tt-,iiilitttitlat', dist i-lrAtttl polldl'Ol ll.oll th Ibwlllel and (slomacll , mud' its her.+rlololre illtaI'lItncy wielll use in the inll mtor stlllo tgie. The proprietor has mad:l, an alyvsis of the !alatbn, conceiv ing that the more :a.titui ti litics wold thier hbe uch miote 'oncntrted at d more usetlAlly blAuIistered himi in tlhe prleselnt state. The lle to llmedil:ne combinesll in tgredllicls wlicili l Ue i t llhe higllhest repute ul>ll(.o the liost scientifict' Ilerned Ill tinh protfession. ui::l idrugi il the .co .os otio f ,1thli1 p-let lali't i li i lreslelh.s the ellm'y of the other, proiing atll opertinll truly t tto nsahiln, and sti passing the mnst I sangui ll' ' t x )('ctatin1s. is.ssi',:ttthe s.e ia the K ultittrge of ilts bein administernd with perit suI'c.e S il .the dl i 1ere(nl Stage of the albove diseae. Tlh: mosll t entllent physiaus andi Itgol f' llli" presenl t iday iexpress thein decided ap-t: Iirincipl hospitels :nod pubtlic nm diel ilslitltiomis has Ile iI lia still COllIIEtillI, vlry UXll.llU.lll was+ xf1x - IA rll lt ll with lth- lclebt.etiI Ilr Al'ritlllhlly l tl. lllarising fro it a dit i dered stae llt lito tfhetigesl iwltl lactin lll s. Illnsingsi senllll tl llted to th; telst ond expelrlite nc of tihe mosllllt celeb "lte mlln th It t hlllly, tey aits e expres(ed their satistalctlio of it.s extraordi'l ltly eflicaely" ill es 1es case unhdr their cl 'g>, hv axtpti o it Ibo is II ,ir) public a ulpri lllteplc tit . Their oi .1:atiol S.w ill I. inserted her-ftler. Pripared by J II I ho0n, .: hem|s. Lmonton. PIice $1 50) per pot. TESTI11NIAiLS. From A 11 Salmon, Es1 . I+ S, Swg.eon to thle t i'htno as Ilosplit;t, I land eI " .1-, II A0 lutllllll i. The trilho wh llllh I he It n +e t fl. II'r preparation iln al vaitety olleases, hotlh imat led lm(atle' in i ts resltstlla. proved xso highly Iirn.ur'be, Ihat I do niot hesitate in i pmlnoulcilg it one of the most aluaule and elttiactihnls lcmdies esct ol\ to Ihe public, ao dt inll hich, Iron experience, I ant plce every re lin ce, whilst it ies I o rlot prold et 'th .e smull g uIIIllleasiI t ellet u t su :l l) ex perie.cled frut'om copi:dha. lFrllll G II hinytbl, \I 1t C 8, PhS, ioiu to the St Maltr ill lle Sl lll eispe srt. I I take greI pitlsrlle in alddling mI testilllmly to the I blellie prope a Iiof, ll our llprep.r lltin, willshing you the siccess yor so folly delsers.e, il, an :mple nrew ,rd forh the ndhor:mld expense inlurel d i hringingll it to 10ll Clln pi+tety per llt, 4.l. (I. .pl' \'ill r c *ooperll , F 1, S, ISurgeon to (i)'s llIs pittd. SThe unlitl"n Succss ".hich has iten.ll et e adll. inill - 1 h eul..:, diseastels, has toIe ll' '"Al lied nI. letit h Iresv to Le know. to he truly appreel\latld. I I I11I-1 thle successI youSo well de c te, ant ply and spoeedily repal ),ou 1o0 ou" A tlable ii.rlel .l]i l. I'rotSir A Ctper, , It S P It 1` S, /r. .c, ilavilg ien inlth ell to Itr' oul" E.xtrct in s eta'lal caseso, violent Gonl.rrHea, w. ich lutm hitherto hItll:d ilever' pres t"lipti ll thj is tolred Iv mell, hailltllng fin snur and speedy cores h tli|'tetl hb 11, in a lifw >I0" I feel mysll .-ell i dully InllllI tL oile thatllll I now it llSy prac tic' both public amt private reconunenl md use ton Suther,. From G W lilair, M 1), !Physician to C-u 's Iio The strict teat which I -.iUen your medicioe. ill Iit i Ie u eto s( t rsvlearr in its iisn., 1 I d I deem il t a1 set ottn llustic:enod of dut% to aiiid 1) fIeblet testi i 1nial in coi nnlatll tiln of ilStairtues. From I. T' lhtmnpson, -1 D i It S L. Ir'turl you liy sinlere thanks fotr tto valuable pre sent ofS oul Extract tor the cure of ilontrrihoea, toe. I Icel glrt-hl that you ll.e it lilt brought a medicin. into use wthich will pruse a desideratum long sought lom in the umedic.. w ,'htd-a 't'o, speedy ha. cltiollel cure in casetlthe :.bovt drlu ]. It ulibrcll lile great pleasure ill Inliisshinlg to ttha word thi e t:. lu.blh ualiticsot') o ' Were it neressary, the propliitor could here lliarnish IIIny more tslinmonids e.pully its ou11.11d"tory ais lIhe hot e; but trusts that it.great snh.essiitheruo t1e care & expelse at which it has been p epa'.ed, w ill prove its greatest remon. eodaltion11nong a dil.'eruig public. 'One recomu td.l.l ion this prepl' aliol 21j1ys above all others is its neat, portal' c torn-put up in pots-1th mnde in which it nay he ta.ken, heing hoh rus' niel piet:alt-its trstely iltatur, with no restriction in dit i" enltinement from business. Travellers especially woohl lied this mtlediine highly useflh, and ought neve to be unprovided with it preparation possessing the ad SvatCtages whichio , e prcselt one co(imb Accompanying the Medicine is a pamphlet explana tory oflthe diffrerent stages of the disease, without alnl x1 a.rlutr:l hl , contaiing tfull and andle dircecions. mi lt-iaw.Jm 4i Canal street. "rllnOUG t IN lIVE ANI A HALFt, DAIYS From Mobile (Alabana) to Augusta (Gee) L EAVES Mobile etery other lday, imletiately .ften the arrival of the mail fromt New Orleans, per tho sltelalboat EM.ELI I, to IIllkely, eachles to Pets:aeol steamboats (per Pensacola lia, St Iosul souted tll l Chot. I talbaehic :lnol lIly) to C(oedrt ltlut; coehels tIoenc via Mi:tiaelts, Chatho.toteUCher, (fotoert"ly .Mount Ver non,) ainbrhlge, Piloerton; Ilnwkinsvillle l Inoui. ville, to Aegust. A :passengeertakinh; his seat at Mi bile is in no dtlger of Ieitg tlt'owe out or Iosing hi pr'elrenet by other conflieting interests, t s the FLOlI. DA LINE is but oltn o ncernt , ill under one contra thlroughoult, and may rely WI't'Tl 'Et.T'ArNT't pooe lult arrito.lot Augusta io time specified, tIlought all tet'th er l' at any seaso01, tles o IIIoIo tot nlIt.Hseet eatLtS trophe should occur. Th'e ( reat New Orte ales M1i is carrile by this Irote. 'ITle Agenlts for lIecoltllloda tion, Teams, Coochesantl Divelrs are no surpassed tile southlern clounttrt. The smooth, had, naturlal r1.0ads, the soli' and inter I esting water navigation, the lime anll aceonlllodltioll dort the traveler speedll, cetlainlt o, comfort, lnd a pleas ing v'ariety; conneeted a: s it were with llthe ail Rod Charleston, S. C. andl tilel sltel packets to New York, travelersl can reaoh New York lfotU New Orlenls LESS THIA I oIAvs'-\'aslaingtllo city in 1t. I'romlll Chattahoochee, Florida, we hlme a lraoll Line via Quincy and Il!lahusseo, to St Marks, 4 o 'r post cotaches, also two Ittlallelhe friont IHlakillstille one to Milledgerille, and one to .Maeon liglht two hIr oches. S'I'OCI('I'INS fC co. AttTA, 1.O .:tth . tt1835. I)llicealt Malnsin Ihlllu, \ ileil I)istlanll, New )OrlevIs ItO 1o'.ile, 15) llmil Mobilte to A.gsa, Agllesta to Charlesto, I.ft " h o'lllIston ito ew or\ k, 0.I- ISO Thac, !%ow I)Ioinno to I,0',irt, 'Ln hoursl Mohile uto l.gst S 3 Aooosta to Ctbolebton, 1t'S C(b:lestnn to New York, 0I- 025S Makineg 1I6,8 iles per to . or t 7 t lt Iecr housr, inclu Isi ll t " of al stlIno l +pg s. o I 1i ll N. ItI I bottg leave It itnform tilt puhblic that tllt bri dges nter the (lettlaHotuohtnp l ellon Ihld ' bol Icreek htve t lt el t o u p letl o t hI Ilt. "otteral gove.r mi enti, (ihe lli b e les o per ll ntsg Isl l s safe l- lm Ssprel ierlnte are Ilthusl ppily remove; ld I hoie the Stople:surte oe torung from travelles It't the boaches,htr. ss, ll rierlsantd tot'dse al.e the ft tooderl tlt t s tt tot Ilte waer" route rl(in ectatnob to CIedar Itluitlf, it is admit. Led by :ill Whoive patiedl throulglh be paUttr.set , ill vcll btilus. beaty ulll sali't . The h dlges Il ulm gl (logita tve lotalsobeeorelpairod.I .1 1 C IIAKIElt I tARBIl, t'III.NElY II.:1'E WAR. IiUeos, t Cubstomthouse street, oppositeo the post-ollice. Thie ubscribor are Inow receitling fromll their ithe tortes in New Yorl, and will keeot constantly on hantd a general assortmotentt'o Marble Mantle Pteces oe'superior workmanship, and of the latest patterns, ltade of the obest ilgypltiatt, Italian, Irish and American marble. Also, lMoUotoits, Toethbs and (Grave Stones, mouldtedndll plaIn sills andt lintelh, marble theiigs, Inharths and boundary stone, plaster oflParis, Roman & Ilydraulie (.iletout and Plaster. ing Hlair, together with a splendid nssortment of 1 brass mounted and pllain Grates and Russia Iron (irates ofthe newest and most approved pattorns. Lettering lone in the neatest manler and at tile shortest ntotice. 'They have first rate workmen to r set the above work. je5 tAMES KAIN & STROUD i'PlARKEIR'S ROCKY MOUIINTAINS, &e. S IIOURNAI. of an Explorillg Tour beyond tile Rocky Moultains, under the dtraction of the A II C F \1, perfiorlted il the yeart 1835, '36 and il3; containing it desCrilption of Ltie gelography, ge., cI:lllt anlld prodnutlons, and the nllumler, n. ltleers and tnustot s of tie natives; withll a Mapt eof Oregont Territory, by Itv. Stool' Parker, A M11 ThLe River and hIt Iesrtl or lRecollectollus o ,the Ithone and tih "hartreuse; by ollos Pardoe, I iutIor of thle litty tnl .' SIttall, &r. ill e rule. The Rubber, a ITle, 't, the authlor ol Richolieu, Tile (=ypey, Attia; toU . : 'The Two Flirts; or Ad.-~tr re in a Coulntry Ilouoee, and otller Tales, by Lady llessl:loltonu, E 1. Itulwer, Mrs Norton, lHarry (Cornwall, Mrs (;ore, Caoptain Medwin, and other,; in l vols. 'rThe Lifo ani Adventures o' Nicholas Nicklebty, j edited by Boz, with illustrations by Phiz, No. 1. , Just roceived and for sale by ii IIENJ / (1OMPAt'SES, TIEI1.MIET':I, MIC(tohS l 1OtP'E., A. -.hust received ntll oeor isttale by t \YVm. McKean, o rewro of Clllp lut (t.toottUn street,, Sa guneral assomulmenlt of urveyor .r Coumpa-ee, I Malel ilntical inalrulmetlis, |ir lwinr g a. .. t Spring Dividdsl, lrg Bu,'v 'ens, Itory Pro El,:rv S.ales, Gunter's Scales, Glass ''riangles, P trallel Reules, Al icr-t'opes, ThemonltUeo s, .leral.t~llhsllas,tinlrvre i t"tnllll, Mcoaeur" o Tap:s., tie'! d1" ". York & Baltimore Packets IACKEETS FOR NEW YORK.l-NN w Line. ' --To sail putually every second Monday during the scason, fill or not full. lhip Orleans, 599 tons Capt. 8. Sears, Ship Alabahma, 474 do C. C. Bcrry' Ship Arkansois, 627 do E S Denn.i Slop Saratoga, 542 do W Hathaway. hipl Nashville, 540 do D Jackson, Ship Kentucky, 629 do J Bunker, l'iTe abov,h ships are of the first class, eoppero and copper fastened, and having been built in New York expressly ber this tr.u!e, they are of light draft of water and almost invariably cross the bar without ally detlltton. The eoummandors are men ot great experrence, and the Fhipi will alwayboe towed up and down the hMississippi by steamboate They have handsome lfrnished acceeommodations. and stores of the best description will always he filrnihe, d. l'hl cabin peasage is O90 without wine or liquor, and there is no liquor furnishled to the oficear or crew. For frelight or passage apply on board, or to H C AMES, 48 Camp st. The ships are not accountable Ibr breakage of glass, hollow ware, marble or granite, cooperage of tin, or rut. of iron or steel, nor responsible for any package or paocel, ouloos a regular bill of lading is exncuted therefor at the oftice of the elIs. nov27 N EW ORLEANS A.n IBALTIMORE LINE (IF PACKETS. This line will consist of tihe following vessels, which have been built or purchased expressly for the trade, viz: Ship 'esulnn, Capt. Miner, li.rk Mary, ,, Nickerson, " had Ferry, new ', Stevens, Solomnon Sallus,, r J thallm, Brig Arcliteot, ' (fray. These vic.cls are ofthe first class, hbve hand. sore furonished ccommodullins, and are f a light draft of water, so as to adnol of their receiving and disch'argiing their cargoe. i 11altiimiole, at the city. Freight wcll be taken obr ports on thel Citcsoupako or Jamres' River, and firwarded by the agents, Slessrs. CLARKiE' & KELI).I. GG, at Baltimore; expenses on goods shipped will beo advatiaod when required. The price of passagoe s fixed at g(i0, ample stores of the b st quality will be provided. Stcaan up and down the Mississippi will he taken on all loccasions. For freight or poasage, apply to CGE. BEDFORD, nov27 212 Ilienvile et. FOR NEW YORK. (L[uisiana and New York Line of Packets ] I lIE Ships comtposmg this line will sail from New Orleans and New York o eovery other Mon doy--o-ouoesute.-aoheith November-and to insure the punctuality in the limeto ofsailing, the line will hereafter conusist of flive ships, viz: Ship Yazoo, Captain'l'rask, to leave on the 20th Nioventbor. Ship Louisville, Captain Palmer, to leave an the 4th DIecembcer. Ship lluutsville, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the leth December. Ship Vickl ,rg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on the ist January. Ship Mlissis~ippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15lth of January. The above are all new, of the first class, copper d: and copper foltened, and upwards of 500 tons lurthen, are of light draught of water, bring built in New York expressly fir the trade. The price of passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabins are fitted up in the most itlproved and convenient plan, and finished in a neat and elegant style - Ample stores of the first quality will be provided, and every regard paid to the comfort and entire satisfaction of rpassengers, cwho will please take no. tice that no berth ecan be secured until paid for at the oflfce of the consignees. 'T'hese vessels ar commanded by captains well exp'erienced in the trado, who will give every at. tention and :exert themselves to acotmoodate. They will at all tImes be towed tup and down the Misaii. sippi by steatiboats, and the strictest punctuality observed in the time of sailing. The owntere of these ships will not be responsi. blu for any letter, parcel or package, sent by or put on board of theot, unless a regular bill of lading Ite signed therelor, at olie counting house of the agent or owners. For further particulars apply to J D REIN & A COHEN. nov27 90 Common at FOR NEW YORK. (l.ouisiana and New York Linle of Packets.] rirl t ships uoltnpoina this Liom will sl IreN w Ou, leas sad Nw .c ork IaI eve, other e ondav ,nlllrllciflg onta vid01tltvaaotber,eaod to iutnnirs'th aricetest ptancrtuality inl tile r time of snailing, the line will hereafter cllnist of fivre Ships vie Ship Yazoo, Captain ' lraclk tao leave ao the th nov. Ship Lioiseille, Captain 'aihner, to leave on the 4th l)eeenalr. Skip dloatveille. Captain Eldrilgear to leave on the Illl I) ecenl, I. Ship Viekabtrg, Captaia W'oodhonse, to leave on the Ist Jannjarv. Slhip lisv..eppi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th Ti-' T'rle above ships are all new, of the hlrt cless : ! "' Ied1 nu o I)aPr lintvered;,ad npwards of1 Sl0 tops urlel, ire of light dranutl of water, binsg built inl New l'erk exprlessly fo tle trade. T'lhe pice of Wi Tse s besi? at ete hQpdred dollars. 'lheir eahinse or fitted upIlo tile mostn improved nd convolltienot plan end fillisld iri a oet ad elegant tyola, Amlnte etera of tre first quality hill be provided, inl revry reglrd hall to bie eaaonerteand ectilr salislaelionao ilarsengere wts will pIease take nLtie lthat ln bert eat be esecured uis li paid for ait thie oatie of tile eoansigneea. 'These packets are eomimanded by Captoins well ex perienled in the Irlde, who will give every atlention ald exert tillerlnelves to accollodac. 'lIhey will at all Ihis Ibe towed ipt ei tedown the Muisaissipid e at.Itl,'siivLi, n, d ithe sericiest pornctuality onoerecd i r Ih t ithn e of sailin e. rThe ieee of Ilhesar hips waill net be eesponsibl lfor avey Iei e-, 1arcel or Itslst~l nl by ot r pat e booerd d !hem, anle. iAt relar hiol at lvg tmigned trhreiare it the o!lltil tn r ta ifami tile ugetlla r manters. For I rlh'r ·pLtreigtulat s, ap'1IlI to I1 IIEIN & A COHlEN; lne 1I m'il (onlellOn at. N 11 O(l 'l: A'.N"t &Cfl A ILI-:STON PACKETS This line consists of Iaur vesele,al of the firstl clasn, rcoervr nand copper fast. Pi e; s anrd at itre n rt 200 tonen hltheno \illt andi llllee io-itrllldotioni for passengere. hFrse vrrscls atre vonlandedii by eaptains well rxp.rrie Iird in the trdle, wlrt will give every at ictite and x'airi titslkelves to aeonloditsade the shtppefse. l her will d e atowed ae p and down the Dilsispi, and lenve New Orleans in or before tire Ililh anid lth of every tolltoin. 'l'iae fallrwing veaetila tompe trie linev Vi Brig Arobin,tnlzanhac G, rdnn nloaster. lbriit a nt ya nir tJ. It. 'llin mpaetll, inoater. Brig Ahnen,l J IoiPane, vatcter. lrtiIv. I-gr \illiains, 1.. Anliaern, master. I lt lreight iir passele, nply to J. 4. BARELLI S. ,tr, (A Crn on ot. Ne' Oilean a, or M. InlunrdcaiC il, nieste. eact I Ij TllE lundersiglled laVillng rcon tlinead bullines I Ino ltie.'t oa d Apo thecary, in t he store r iawnedbvhvtr. Jakhb Ott, etlne eorner of Tinoli circle aa'l'riten \a'lk, resperrlully stliritaa share of te It brc pltroldrtge and a renewl of s he faviras t Isi fmrlner elstoa ers. 'Thea entire astek ca Drugr, medicire ailnd fatter articles is fresh an Rerinrull setlected. The lulolwing only are par ticulanrized, viz : Pre Soda, Serillitz nind Ssratnge Powders. Yi alt 'owdcerl, b o.iitg m wmcllerome and elelgae oasuttitate for yeros, ill rainaog bread, buckwhlla ,ak e&e,,kr dli'tlcl'a EfferveCenotjmlabgnesia n Apperient--f pleasaot and gentie ipratlive il dyapepsia or indi d gestion,t nervoeu detlhriy, giddilecs headacshe. edirty el the stomcnr, liablit ual coativeesf eut ls. ncous re liptlonl, &c. I Crpeater'a ruid Extract of aarsapsrill t itiit filte ,lloor a &c do n i nd nubebn,&e. vln,.l ll P llanace a n iid V erlllllf'U e' B ritish an Ilaielleni tile, Opodcldoi, &c. Rtllllted Llqierice, jujube and Gasanave pstlea 'Iootrh blrbhoe, N S Prentice' carbonie dentrii lire, achhlriae tooth wansh, powder ptllf and bsese, SPrrentice', carhnite dsntrifier, ehlvrine lootls wlak powder paeff and b.ore, "Prentine'a scented'lad platoi tailet powder, pomtantm crene de Paroe, orlnge flower, rase, lavender alid iloride wsltera of the bent quliviea. Rowlnd's MeCssIsr Oll, Old. ridge'a hbal of Columbia, boeat'l oi, a variety of lueartr and other tatoches, indrlible inalrking ink superior black ilnk, &.a. Spiernm and refined whale oil. Ilay's Lililtinlt. A fIesh assortmnent of Thornrs'rnrsrdea Seeds oct 2 GEORGE JIlNlS S. - ,\ INK--1 taoes Cnlaret und Sanuere Wins. i,, - f toase and Inr sale. by jet8 CHA M1I.f N& OOOPER;l.- ra 1ý ALE ROlE-lW roil ltCRepe, sof Uperes B q,taliy,. fir el Iny Idll IaAAC ilIDGE & Co, 1134 1ilqltses

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