Newspaper of True American, March 21, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated March 21, 1839 Page 2
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I i.ES . D,,Y, ,12i P -reh .1839. i;'h'ncit met rinouaant e, adjoprnmqat, In .Ho. JIosnlua Baldwi,. Rco der; .A der kn, bdwell, Hall, LnQeqitt, IMnx, Nixonn, Eo 6a I1 WVnitnebymTn orko. 1of tith preceding meeting having * pploved. foan tie Mayor was recoivr d, reftur,. liA, a resolutioit passed at the ig the Co,nptreller and Trea. certain notes, lhe on ol motion it Coutinil do persist notwith ufrl e69 pn ttons ot the Mayor in its resolu Sibatithet thf inst, nuthorising the Treasurer and'Coiptrille, to sign aonI the Chairman of the SiuieCd"rC6nmmittee to , oultersian notes given to banko for the loan of money &a. T ie weekly statement of the ''reasurer was sbnmltted showing the balance at last rep rt to have been $1295,55, receipts 8112,53,38, City lijnk $8,963, 76, expended $15 S39,94, deposited i*delty bltanks $1,668,01, ,lotes to redeem $7,123, 14, balance tls dlate $~,881.61. An invitation was recetvud from Bltifildt and Lanot to'visit tile Paiuorata of Paris, which on ihotion'wa aceplted. 'F wReoorder laid beftore t' e C,ntoril a copy of ajedioent in the suit of Munscipality No 2 vs J amea Irwin, .elred to the Attorney. A-petition rom U I ligginbotluhim, one from Blits Miller, one ;rot J 1 Blcnohe, and another from Pilater were read, antd relerrod t, the Commit tee-on stroets and landings. A petition was read from Joname Armour, when oil mot on the rules being dispensed withll it w s Resolv d, Tlhat it be and is heroby permnitted James Armour to allow to remain tle trees in fr aItt of the residonce at tie corner of Magnzino an I Or ange ea ets, provided hte lhve a .ston curb placed aeneml each tree at his own expense, so that they prove not i, jurious to tiha sido walks. A .etitior front C J P Do Fonterman was re ferred lo the Police Cooltlittoe. Mr Peters ah Chairman of the Fin tnee Commit-1 the reported the following.fluri rco utions, which, the rulc being dispensed withl, were taken tp and adopted. Resolved that the sum of two hundred and fifty dellars be and is. [ereby appropriated to tie con tingent fund, subject to the orders of' te Rlcordlr. atesolved, That the Treasurer p y to L RIdgers on the warrant of the M1ayer, the suno of thirty dollars, for ril gfg the alerm bell during the six inethae eading oo alto 13i. ittst. hResolved, That theo Trearurer pay to iPP IRlio od lhe warrant of tio l-Mayor, tle sun, of two haniled dollars for lios bill of printittg. Resolved, ''lhat thle sun of twio hundred alnd .72 dollars and 50 cunts be paid to Varntllu Sthl doe-on ,he'warraint of lth Mayor, being t.,o a. mboat of hid bill of lumber for wharves. On motion the speciI Cattom Ltce appointed to -. take into consideration the petition of 11 Sylvoestcr and others, was dislhargod from I he ftrtther coni. - deratien of the subject. ORDER OF TIlE DAY. 'The resolution in'roduced by Mr Nixon, at a previous meeting, requiring tire oflicera oflthe Mu nicipality to furnish copies of all papers required, dra., was taken up and on mltion rejected, tie yearand nays being callod -for produced the follow. I mng resul, ,yes Messrs. Ilall, Lockeit, Mux, Pet. er, Sewell, hiinoey and Yorke; nays, Messrs. Caldwell and Nixon. On motion of Mr Whitney, the rules being dis peined with it was Resolved, That the spaces at theo landings in the third ward opposite Nuns, Celeste, and St. .Jates streets, as well as the spaces oppos to to or at the end of two wharve, situated between Celeste and Nuns streets, be and the sanme are hereby exclu. . sively appropriated for the unloading of bouts or. riving from the western co-ntry. Resolhed, That anty ordinances or reso'utions contrary to the provis e nt of this resolutlon be and the Lsame are Ihereby repealed. A petition was read from Owen Moran and re. ferred to the Poliee'Commnittcc. On motihon of Mr Hall, the rleas being dispon. sed with itwas Resolved, That the Committee of streets and landings be and they are hereby instructed Ito re. pog to this Council as early as practicable, oil tIh propriety of cxtending thle ship landing allog tIe front of the -third ward as far as the Cityv.of La fayette, and that suitable wharves be cornstructed for the aceommodation of shipplng above La. course ntree , Oil motion the Council adjourned to Tuesday next thie 26th M Irc at 5 o' lock P M. Jl)OIN GIBSON, SSecretary. a ssst fc l.aa + m _ COMMERCIAL. CharlsL n, Mr.,'. ... 6 . s.... Hew ,York, dn .:............I 'ulai l ~ ,.... PhflsdlphL, Mir........:: I I.::,....33.. 391 .1.1 i Rsltisnos Nor............. 1 349:. I.ou::, ilhl.......... 1: B.rso.rnshMn....:.... ... 32?.2 I..rpuol'. 8 .......... 7 11W55toM ('I3:...) 39r.. ..: 8 ari( .I.................. I1 Bo.t... Mar......N......... 9 I. ::,diPl . 4 N..hviI: 93,,.........3.,, Is, ". d2....... ;~-.11, FOrur 01 NEWV OIILEANS. CL L - 3 EARANCE. March 29, 1639. B'q.ue Joha.nna George., 1l3I:,so, 8:,reoel J'I' 1-lea 4 co. B.ruu, Digo..3,, II .nil3ou, for PI~Iad.lphia, A.lhbridhi 4. 340k,0H4 h'hr Liberny, McDrmott, 8:r I'h38:3del'8,a. J If arlclla &b co ARRIVAL. 36.:3, :9, 1839. TowIhunt Row:2L::.:bl,., iromI SiV p:as, hnrL,:. 9.: edto stem barque. Wrlarme r,, an lhitlllonn brig. ' 'g, ,,,,sort1 Mory Elizabeth, nlld rrllrl rumnnelhe and l Ellrllllr returned to l a city will, barges ,tliotho and aeresper.. lrfn thee bar uxh inn. Reprort. nolhilL; n sight otr the bar, So V0 ,1 5.hoo30939n 391 38: .:Lrque A33:k:.Tkod,3, 37day: from No, York, t: l::k 39 , Schr Alletieng·er, Jnequoac, 781, 0.t, from Giilv,' loo, , itllilL Ior. S,35 Di.drm. :, :rom:: Grand Co,ll, ,..t M r. S,5'. H's:'.s8, Ryn. from. A3ch9.l.I.y., to 940,1er Schr Mary Ellenl, Ellite, fromn Penancnln, to 91a.,,, . 5Stea:r Se::pIhore. l lorkn:. _:8:K,, , It:3:: Steamer Krinla Itohoinms. Clilibnrlu, from N o lrrr~porl , Stasmer CGoo 3Vn.:83,.sw,,, Qu8:rice, 3 ,rOvl I e. Steamelr Johln Dllprca. Gordon. from~ Opoll,.~n,. Ftaanlsr hnrhrille, Blanlch old, front IitnlUrlh,'. P(Ml~nar I's pill, Cam~el, from Flrllar', Plrliljv. Euleaao''rrhhe, prwwn 6 ,0 alulchtnrl, El. 0s.:,n. JohnshI dtII: .:IhII).d f N:3, 35,::: .8.:' EXI.OSTS.r B)REMEN.. Por barge. Jolll.rIo tr (iOTrr··(-alC( I neon p 1"1'. ' :4ne.. I3tl t,. , 3. gZIIIUII . :. ,lr( :.,: b., ICII c I an~d 2 parckill·r bllU11I PIIILADEI.PHIII.. Par blarges il IIoolll l , Crlrr 4' hds to',m:- 1 839, 1011,p.ig. 35.,2 9313, 3,86l.e . I I1.1 b p ,:k ..... ......... Pnru-hr 1,1,'., ty.(:nr·.,. 711 hl~li laoua,, 0,7 1,1, :Hk t35 b. 394 134 Leg ..39 NEW YO13 F... ,rr b 483:: Al9arb .. :.:gn, a.,..h'd ....,4'd - d1.e. GAI.VEr'lTON..Fcr ach, M 51cag11gp Cargo,. 3d1 hlllc· ,nor.r der GRAND CAILIOIw. .3r e3,: Ii,:3:,,'.S,,,.:.. .75 l3d, Ilnr. 50 ulrcet and :NI blr , ,ola.,e-, Iallillcl 4 A ECIiAFALAYA F, s.ho 8e,:,:,,:,,. .S.g.,, 3o9 33 8:,.: her; VLAI,:3 .3:,, FENBLCOLA. Fr,' shr MI.,y 733n:. C.,.4., 3:1,,311, 1.01: 1um,.hr. CiNCINNAT I..:er ..e Nut 3.o..t, 484 3,3: pork CLCEIPFFS OF 3'RIU(33CE I.emssdil'o.. P::st::.,.mnr ,. W h,,:8 .,..C,:_.:, 3533 63:, Ioby::, I.s.:.3::99 .t '1I.:.:mu.3::.....593.I . 3 ).t. II .,11,, I ;" eo, 6 Ao. ordo,.5aIlok~·f e·ttlur ssl 31,s+ ilr n.haolllll., 0 I 4Jshlsey 4, 2o,9 27Jb : be..., J L W:'e:., IU33.033 , 1- hoard. Opetou..e..Per l.·lrlr Jet,,, Iinlon..110,0,,, 100 balec rot to·. L TI..·dano, ry dn, J it I',,3uchin;:,, .I. JlC:,'. 39 DI .139J hi 10.13 8r.., 503.3. 333l 4. 33,'i,, 37 do, a,,d 9) ,l frsshnr, 791.1'. H.II:ll:: D:1.lur. :11 ro3ll, 1..:3,., C L'1.- I dano, K keg. nod I'box of .pack, to the Dunk of the .ltat of Loui~ima Ld..rrhh..Fer s lr'.1s. NS..1,.,9:. .Carg, ý1 hds rl?;r. Wis s.:sers5. D.3srce l,33.:'as L9~'orlh 3- .3.1: ,,,,3 49 Nsla 53::.a,IsBs.ed r,',':,. 3c",, I.: WCg,, '1 o,,. nr &A',,lms:s, A Mbd,.F , 4 ,oi.39 0 b..:- 4iL:i.. 31.,I : H:kr Nltchitnecee... fr steomrr 77 bobs ,neon , ~alE ~nln* J It Piouoh~ie. & co. 13 do, 1'01,00x. Alrcullrl, 15 dol, I,·rfllho &e Afmant, 15 do. Follailjl. Ilelllrrl 0, Resale., :'K) d,., YorkLL Brolb3h'.sYHd Kir:5 s,, Ab'.'.:y 1 H3:3na. I no, IV 33... mas:, igihide., snd,3. dr 0611, A i:::',..::a., 3,333 ssgksW.. '.d'.4d, In or.der 73*.'.': PF'kte.,3'cr . 9ss::,' . 146 I338 :3 DL'.:..-T Lee ..d,.,h d i, n(41,9 'Fsle,.,39 , cu. H:37 du, 41,1,,,. ders'leR.::.& Wrigs3. :40do, Soul, 9,...rhul,, 1:15 ,do TIYytoPrd.'r '& ro,. 5, do. .'d3.ll ,& Ili3.8:9 5 2:n, 18 *wI fl , 29 do,. N AJ n188, 60 do, A L'..3,,&.. o, : u, . A aurou & c u. N'.I.IUUce.13..P'r.:s.s:,o,'. l .I..3.34 ..'.:33. 3.:, :3.i.ak .3'.'.34. .4 If3,-., Loll,,, I levenns 1 cF'..r Ieqf :20: t, & L'', 22b': pTb..HsnrtH :.H p FI::r, Chmpbell ,, 99a, I: N tot,.,,, sd 1 elrkes(Tee, Enli.h & Sylr.Aor, 14I bolas cllull A &Jlsko I ro..u : A H,,rd.e ,:p'0.0l1 do, A iy'ux.d:r .ln.14 c6.41 do, Boanott 4 Ferriday, 12 du, I'reserll, Jones &,,slsi.s do. TS.s333.tA, S0 eko. R PloucH:k'&. coi9 du, N & Dick, d8 do, La~d'ed, T boumpron. 71ldu, A Loden. &a so, 7 do. York. tire a, 6 do, rmauur Armour. 37 do r l'lllr dano,. 135 do, Kiirkma A9.oiothy & H~anna, 5 do. II. 8 Fat - nande..B do. W bil,` A Stake, 5dd, Iturkrs. Watt ro, 15 Alls 'rreoull, 45 do; Prke Johnson, 25 do, Patient, DeUllocql -4r Dcgole. Usi ta t3q:5. Misl AfLr~xd's. she.s Hsmr.,F'.r similsr Hssmspi:'..Cs'..: 32 h:3'.. '..s3. F'.'.s.t. Jo'.s.&t s, iS do, IH L:..i..'.:p. 33 La:ri'.i.Bthesrs. 1'.s.l A IM.douA.:.eo .21 P'd'.'.s59J4: 0.- Lcs.3do.3ls8l' 5& l.Wdy.3'.du.:.TI'yor. .iirduss 45% 421ikw13&HkH'.:,44:CH.4:II. 8 bb.Is ,:3eI. 0..'r di., * Ds.snsti. sundry blsLU'. 8::', r o ..U',wunk.H lo-: ", gSs.Aleors.'.43.t...s IdA Bri4A1 roisb . C1sgo, 84 2:l.o c.R a., A Ituardie & eo 44 do. Al·lll At Tremulel, 68 do, r fsjnt. T.rpTs'.'ki. Ws rc.. do, 535.3.13 Fs'ridasy & :::, 74 du, heald 4 eiornnyr~do, f it '4g nt" 1 do. T Li4 bp co. 43 do, :.nitfrBH, IflJ.IA 4I do. N #s.. i I2. 344L16, : B VM.'.h39# o, 6d:. A LidouH si ¢ . 7 do, OJ Aicitq MEMORANAA bA. oswi.2 w'.or qnsroUld njf.:43'.3-rS5 F .Cyground at No. 49. st..1. . -- -.w ~ m~ j '.ZIt3IIY: -81 hbs1. F:,8:r.:' 032 / ly aa lirid Oil; zZLrlnd Negro, C1.111, sdtituble 8)3 Em:,::.oa :3 fe. 1:' 1 1.LE, s'spfliwas1ic, i,. .63e ly . I. It .481K, w e: 0 ,tu . ',k 'TRUE AM RICN. rfdaPruru.AD OD LD. NLiEW OR.LEANS: THURSD)AY MARCH 21, 1839. THIn f ICtatrcttR of Louisiana adjourned this morntI ing, after one i'clock, sine die. The absence of mnem- t bets aline prevented the pansage of the Exchange Ban. li and Nashvlile Rail Rood Bill. The Clnton and Polt o lludson Hill was passei over the veto. ritsE Exettti.c ticcN 1tn1 Nuilet.Le RAIL. ROAD ltILt..-.Thil iilmportii t ii eaisiiIe, (doubtless the most v impmotunt hich the Legislature has passed at its pire sent ,essiol) we regret t say fail -, in consequence of • the i.uapprobation f (Gov. Romani . We cannot imagine t what hallucination hlas seized upon the mind of .r ex- t eclutive thlat he should feel it incumbent on him to op- t pose his veto to the expressed will of such a large ma- o jirity of ti, Iegislature as sustainled Ihi and otherhills n where that owler has been interposed. At any time, i the uae of the veit privilege should be employ,'ed withl great cautiot, alll so gLturdedIly n not to be degraded I int a' iuse. A judiciois limitation of that braceh of d excitrive parogative, has bli en it lealing pliuciplel inl the Whig recdt. Its constant employment by General i Jacksonl to thwart tile popular will ail check legislalive inetion, not olly mierited libut received the unlivrsal con Illlta!ilntl of the opIpoition andl of the honest portion of hi oiwnlt pIarty. By ,ome strange futlity, Gov. Ro iIila heella to fhcy Ihe example, lland at the heel of the session, when it is ioo Into to gather together tile sut lured ilembers f tile General Assembly, hll ihnterposes his vetoes without stint, although were the I.egislature fill, a constitutional mlajority would he found to sustain tile imeasures nowilhstrnding, and of those present, ifour-fifthlis and imore are iigauinst hin. Of Ihese, we look upon tile Nuahville IRall Road Bill as thie imot illtirtant. This he has ha ill in hd neve ral daylo, n11d oly reloed ni the very eve of aldjourtIn tllcllt. lie must have had ample oplortunity while tile hill war pending, to make npl his mind oii the subiect ai lea t so to lrhve exmulind it,ins to be prepalted to naillt or lissent without Iie delay which did occur. We are marlified and chagrined that io bettor rensons c,uld be furnished for this unexpreted exercise ilI power,--w say unexpected, because it was one of tlle ist advant.ageous ime=lres to ihe Slll ate, Which lha ci er ibe l prloposed. lBy Ithe veto, the Plati leea tihe' 'urtoal itunt of $1iu'00 wlhich was required ' s a blints from t he lt Ixchangel Ilulk--lhe Ril Roadl Com Iplny's erelht is imnatri.lly lnjilred-their great under talkciug rest idle, anld their Ioss of iunterest veeii niulate, whilt they receive no eqlival til-tihe coniulll iity is deprived of fil00,0( , amd more of active vapi taI wh!ch would have greatly rlievdl the ptessute now existing-lhe Exchange Bank is clippled in its energies, when it would have heen pleased to have placed ites in a po.itie to id, li I a vuau ce tile intcr , i"tr of t e co unlllllllllity Tle Govcrnr lilts taken a narrow anld partial view ofthe sulhjiect;lll has l eXhllleinelld it itth the enllltg td ald thorough understanlllding of a statsman. We shall take occasion to dil into this meissage and show thie shallownessof Gov Roman's rcasoninug. Tlhere is butonesbulcdoe of real cnue frll objection to be found in the Imessage, and that is tile filet namlllied, that the Im Ipr'ovelent BIlanlk had hought ill its OWn stock, thereby reducing the capital one flif , ill violation of its charter. We cannot lie the apologist of any inslitution Ihat has acted in vi liation of its charier, blt it seems to iu s thfet this ohjecticn of Gov Roman is ilOt ofllcll Ibree, whe it is cosllidred that allost every banllk ill thie State stands affecite ill the te way--that is, has infringied thle plovisiois of ts charter. W e .lh ll resle tllis subject. N trt'in.l. CONVENe-ueO.--lt will Ie seile fIron tile pro.ceedinlgs of a ieeti-ig of the Whip mllelirs of bot ttouses of the Lnoiinnc t legisiaure, which we p-lll lish to-:li, that I)tlegate havet iichi tappointed to re iprre olll atis Slai.r ill thte Nulionlll ('o Iventioll, which will asolllh il I)eccItnhr ilelx, to crcleet cllitithble Whig candithiI for the PIres)idecv and lice-Presi deIlcly; andlll that lllENlt'f CI.\Y is aied as the first choice of l,iui.iana fir that station. A mare hotora!lu and intelliigcnt delegation coulbl bern sile redl. They will faitlhflly repreisert thle feel ings of Iheir Sti e ill the iConvetion. Louisiatn is oIsti dectildly friendly to Mr. Clay. She is proud of hirmi as nl American citizeni and i great Statesmano - one whon unlerstndls thle ilntereals of the whole Uiiooir, lld \h)e public servict have been uchll ai to c(vllv neand nliverCcl respect aiIJ the odillitioll illl rati tudei of the lovers of their .ountry. But while it hai beein nonihi i.tly resolved to give fIr. Clar the undIviled suppoit of this State, tl e e neer ing declired it to II Ithe iesolutioul of the Wlligs of' iOi tlltll·, toJ tllilte ill tile Sol])i)lt 0|"of any candidate who iIuy lie d.ignated by tle National Conventioa. We do not look foriward t.i another selection. Every iir 'llme [llna Ihat hiis iecentlly tlan spired, shclinw Mr. Claoy's pop itlat ity to be iln the ascenidant, towering ahoe litl nit an other Whig. We should feel hound by oar pric ileles to .supilert ithe ca ei , cl e, thei tundi at hllo e aIl.I ht wIe could nil, and iwe fuel aislurel, t:h'at tlle `otth is wihith 1 go illto the canvasl Wii l tlhe whole Brait anlld tlhe confidence of success, we shouldi experience lndTer the hiland ald proud pennono uflleury Clay. irr jrl-rl: JII.I.Es--\V'e wer. in eLr.r aveslrdlv in tatini zIII itI e onoitins of flessrP n .rbi.riy anoi (;iarl i hl ii h een ientianed. 'IThe getlemannl to w.hol n weri' iiiiirbtii ri fir ihfinifor ,tioiii iad ieelh'd intor erlllr r. ll. D biFii y, ill onllsetl In . of his il:eligi- I bilihi, Iii haviig lbo on e oi O thi flrh li rn of tie i]w in eresin. thll nd~wn.r inf Jilignae, declinrd the IpoinI iii ,. 'lole S.nate hdi not iit drk ilat evellinR d' ll usin: upon A1r Guland. no.mifnaiion. a ii not known whelherh will rcepl. Hlowevar mnllh he is calcu rite l Itodo CredSto li " tuh it)i ll, ll oi o llhe ill Ie n-Ii ninii if ilonnire.o, il i']oi ehinlg" imo' congenial, l ,ii d IiIore l o lth, turns lp. Ilie imlly g, expecp at io(iihig ('FL...r i,.---\ hLi can he Iore exquisite thant ( *,'le '.. rIIII hiII iii' i ' ihE lllilgu II hpila rui rk aIf l 'a llt l I iyt, ie arethl esture, ivir iril fi' ad expresshie,ii thepo. fi or, neeminlyl3 so unlstudied aunrl ristuen, liand I el d so periuil, givei her ulh power over Ii r nudieite airttwod .rri .Iol wa ii ng tr icllrerOi e it I 'I ell. Tiel, slmih, o)f pleaslure hearhn so sweetly iu her flce. tIhe Irlok af Itlllllfl bll ie in ilh ll O blatdk Idepl ir is llta re g / rivialy rrlletettllll t Ibe m tt glolwitng oetry e ubtl notapu .ptlhemn mores.,migndknuly. \r ewer. llresu nllt ii ll Iit-lnr e·p ll naiiti i Ii a .l illlrl -tinL lrI;il t he other ct llilll, "i l ii l hIi hi ofg lhe duIIeI , ii whinii i ( el. 's. petlliar iowir i ire iilt rImirably dirIIirhi'd. Tint hopeC'reIIIns of his It!nich- i menllt, ullal yet it. s con lnnIIT Iey, Ith nlelaltn oly f hllis siltlL ulion, t"e ·al relmm;brance of the only rri..d hI. eHarly i •erm )t,,d knownl, hi; lost Ol tlher, tlhl IHirrowing ac nlt of." tle -li wrvck, nn d thi e pIililllll pi(:lllre I drew ; scr ping n ace in Ihe sand and lelposiling he rli rellltti n , hii lo ly aInd fiIors stuII llllion, i ere all nil, i Is ippareni ii hiir .l.uri,'e as tihugh le hlur been tiii ed by the bnllnrlllg wv,'rds of poetry. 'There i no strain ing aliTr tr.l lt ill Cel01est11 Ž illlloll illl A e- it tll e reil, Iintualrt- thl, lil. There iiii nii mia otfoiirgr n uth 1" the hii ni , ii hI I llllilg (i f I he h ll[ ino glallo:,, it he eyltt inli i i llhl uoiinrt lelrfe l kerpillg It is ilt i ~oll dii'trful Ihell Ihti i shoi ni s11oi r ia (itnorite. \'er llll. '1 tal)llli' t we Ih k tc, hIlpr her ,l"pleak ollf I Ia1p·.ano. '[']iaan. i n iiin i.clh Ire lln se-lllill in iii}·1·1· r i'l Ihbe *iher lnllll of tier iolilir ijI Slr l r1ai rlll'. r w r - n l and enln ellin he a he i1 it er-, . IlhI Ihe ,;ccentulthli'l s ,o of ler oIwI. Mile iiver wiear~ie;., iu!lrr ev lr ai 111. I hi I'llllellllt..n r new ill stllll. rr hi lr audie'w e. Sh,' is new.r idle., lle. b -play isext sisitc. .YourIii iiyc iIiriII'rtl - I)il o h,:r. r ,r e Iio ver witil. ruwJi.a ol s plllll h riviets he rapt Iu.iraltir I trill her brlief uri is irsr, rlard e IIIke hn r exit lkrikEta vqlitniig on Jleauiring vi a ro r M~iIT1IN(G O1, THll, ..IW ORILI.ANS BAIl. Ioorn Mlllhd ala, tle IErll illst. i nIal 1"elr ee·t nlllrg tf rhr u rii filb r l r i on u1 r I e I f I hl c ( r hly O 1 n· in w O r le la s wam Io Ilehll ill lh. Su irvlrlll; I'lrllrl iro,lllll. On a otiaollni: o \izuroni, 'lI, \ltor-ey (;if llooi l of t aorlrote, wias canloleh ai ini (olyiln , anl J. J. iRuollnll, '1c lsh ilnn ra," nd ia l lort bLut imp n'S.ive leehl l expllained the obljc ta of tile m etling, to be in rxlllllillatl~,ll of eerlll n e iorges untlerslolnl t Il I&e I.:en rec*'.t'.v Cllhillited in time Jelatee of lr~luidillll YC f~eting tile· i'.ref'srimlaul cllaraeter of WIII. W. IIow111n, E1.1., it nlplulLer of tile liar of' this Stllte, end recenltlyi ill inouliratioll Ibr a Judge of the Jl1prenle (o urt. On arotion of (aaarie, 31i. Conrad, Es l, it was tlenoled, That when cllargnad eulcti in a a serinou ianllnler, tll reltlalion of a illelnber o llu, it was eOllper Iallt Ilia (rolessionllal Ilrethreln sIhuld eXalllille Illfu 1lgIn,11 ill ilnlre" Ihbll if' IIP tllel (TIIIPT irllI Cps IllJ~hl( Le Illkell Iiir exprl~nio.l; anil if rJu~oo~dcd hl l.,t rlra(',. racter of tile actuiJed allyr a bi rescued ifrlllll IIIIleriti d aisprnaion. Alo rhntiou if A. Hennlen, at g., seolterd by i.. Peirce, E~ul,t e llll~llitt~e was ippi ll~led, enllllloSrtl of cleo,. Slratwl.rilg , A. rd. orden, Sr. rourligr, In. lronta r. Henlen, P. SMooN an l .. B. Harri.on, to which, ou mlotion, Ihe Ch.irmlan was added ; wilt instlrucliown to procure a copy of the.evidence before tlhe .~.eate in rel,0tion to suid chauroes, alld rnporl thebcnll to this meet iln.,. with tlleir conelusionr, ?.t7 o'clock, '. Af. At the appoinlted huur, a full meeainbg o the nar again Iook pdla.e. Alter ths (3lluromo. rrnllned hie .arl RI1d ec~ll~d hil Inl~etirng t order, (ieo. <tmrawbrigr. Esq;. frulnu I1. Cun(.iltuua ulipainnd far Tha llU a Irrl,., read nod anub rulotri the I iiilliraa rrlljlr l-- . " Coulliritee oppointetby tire New Orletnr Bar, I' tlaetni-r• eOrlai-chsrrges p'efryred in the eriete by Thomas ft. Lewl; Esq., og'ihstoWe. W. BD'rero, Eo.]. efacitig lhe profesolOltol charlacer notd personal Ioollr I of tho lettor, Imoo hod tile rol-ne torderl rnlotnutiell, with the eviidetnce whirl jwo rid belbr thn YcSntt int sultpport of the said chargr, ned respectfuily submit the lollwoin'g Report: "We find the charge to be. thart Wrn. W. owen, in a certain suit ol Segur, utor vr. Sorel and wir, decided I tlhe slprelme Court at Opeloulsas ill SeptemnLer, 1837, reeeied fibes on both eidea. 'fhie slit to roneb of finrtition, belrteen the Trtor ofr oo Idiot tlinor, and his sister,·hl hweret thlie sole Ileris of a large ostat Itfh toi them byl their parents (tte Firedelick P'ollerin und wie) 'Filbe vieiee es atisfef ei, tlout lir. Iiuwve oenver en a tilr rrelrlltyedyuei eleer inte rere ;'-ti5, ectendcter Sthe C un ce s o tlle (altlhlfr hiell ie seit 'o';-- hn Ii in tIo o'll ite (ll eec ei iti tl or tire l rie(.lie i i ,h, ol lehu err"d orle e!Il'tle 'll)· tII of·11151 lilt+ iall(( il· 1( i5 1 W dO'.' Cl s (ik tllb d telereeetratlir hle"ie rlerltierlta 1J. l.ewir'+ee on 'ie il ~I .lttetr - m'l nlll~lv d, ..11 +.e hin tt eelu tro ltl, tioleerdhiree l it e roeco e rr c ++.irct~e t~lf err ire otte ceicen e tee tree leel iret leo can+' teu wih, wich e as ter.Lo I sl himel.if onyo,llet"iel-i winrdlm pid him oult o]" a l_ (re cit"ee ~tlell e, iteh was r IIow ed Iilll b lilllly Ineel lill g. W\e 1roe1 entiet'ly retitirill LIt t nl frtlreI r aorereV wtrIe illle'lldell lp ex +eetlld tllnn tile arl~lllell·I1 Of tlm't I11eP. eirn r ehi:n tr 'le frdell by ile t llrrel'e .t e e le art d tlhat aIrt. Ilwen hrItd 11o riletteerer (Olution wtil tr e callee, uletil lee, wus srrbseqeeeetlt emIrlnlvele yI otte of Ir. et rties.i. 'IThe error lrinrg rre'tn eele'e llrtler n ilrlitiote of rtilre, ulrll to esettle the vur-ioeue ctlete'e ttlietllle s wr lieh Illifhit lliac Ioetweer tlie partier , 5lr. l u'ell, wer Ibr n enllbi'tglag us tlre c e(' llllt i orl rst t Sorlel, tllell rilr ole tire useinoer, teen it tire teteree eel rte' renttt'estatererw ic , ellrds arcse, IiereiiPsete ereet° c; rrrtlc I mteirri ' roIted Ilirrrrs 0~I1 Ibo alllowt: o' o a ('e olf rihrt It.otur.d In blleen this tie rtrtreiree thitkr that Mr. Stowen clulllr lt be taid Ito have illtlrr ed ity I'tllllrer . 'o Ihlalt Ililm wollhl 1eo lt lhllre intir e l glo's lrrU ; fr i there a It distillctl ill whlicth eetero be neeeesurity lIe driwu betwelenrnte aetion tIr a pltitie , tdt t rtiti tion itel i. rere tire notlie l fi r partitie n ie e r ie t inllyrre nud lirneoeeiorhlv lciled ipeon Iv Iheljuldgn lt of Iie euprerlllm Crrtre . It teoul Idot ill clly nltllller e re-I 'ive e tr agintlelR de Inorr Iclbro r etly tribeunal ef tie cIllllev . etlllhillr retll ti ted I be I do t ile r eI ir ,elr Ld to tihe'partien, which ic rrtrhef l'. provhtiee trie t ary tl blic thritollf a" . al teIIrIIy tit Ilaw. Tie nlun(nr (; icting it lllht pnrhtloo s le e the lource of ' onoc dieti r''eri'llrr t t)rt tie Irerlelll cr e Ier l le ' c iorrc ll'ref erlltlr e lr Ie cultie c or contes11,nll et weenl111 I s patic;S h l".ndelleIlii, i.'o f ties atrose--a1esnothIn p s thatt Mr. i)wen wll Xla bounllld Ito u tll till i l t te pllrl'lIP1 ni=lll (f Ihi' tr thtat purly- 1ie. certatinly w~as tit libeorty lIo |l,.lltn tile prettelleinnls o eiltherl. The Comnitteet ill gofurther; they will ay that ill ltakill~ dtltel l, if it m1u1 be so called, iof tll itrerre'r of tere. oli't ele h ile.toI e toller hitc'erie'ito with lleillg nil ili,,t by ilnllurr , i~i illllt t + nnlit llr l Ill'it irl or t so nterets o her inor roth r e lec-eir fetle litf hie ehacre e rite'e .ritetr''e lll f t illetir Ieeelor t lerd efl rite10 r ; for Ino IiInaT ill hir ncerv ca , Ct'P 11 llenterlai an11y, Iholpte that the rhihl will ever rec-tver tr be capal e~h iofe'rci+,in,.. any t~.lmr e+,u tl.t wlll* :Iir- +,11,1. Iis++t)+ el-rzllllltt t\+ i'. hint 'h theerelrnreti1ct Iee tn his te .tecrr i r to hee r i l' h l, if (what is I l 'ot verr r cr'bl,h lle ri t V el er It is not perhIt pa nlnullims t n l lblev , t]1a1 Ii i.. ii.ol w Iry emvy I con t iceiveC how te 11(Ili . t.1 I h- ill" 1· I llill+ .l l leer onle ted to te't e'ooittrc tt vt uiir e't'o tc lI r11"I111 ir r llle rIlrt'otll h n neal hi,'l , cte t hit e ~l 'lla ll to ii i it1(.llr t'tw 111es. it +. (1+ lal l hOlll thllt 111 hi+ wast o hv all etree it th c oi t r ri t r ' i [ ractr It) Ilpi1t. (,illO/)tlf l~li II'b·fIlt 11l1~(id l 'hi I1hall'"i~ll te *· : e-i. n of1( 111 Ih, Ir I UII(IPl \\ lc Iljl '1.1ll l+Illarll e "s lIP er ieThe (elr'i 'teto I rlllleill thel e f"r ireyctee l ltcih t teter eh:uge lll-t 1r. r B ' i e I lllerl',ell ,d t o' tllod elce'ierc'eerror t e reqt[, it'h oelhter eret ir rlu ti til 'rt it A. . OGDESIN. |{t' l ttlr l hl· lltill ," i h ehII) I l ltc r 1 tlltl :. 1111· I) rltldin. wi c~la M~r. Ih~tnIH~lllres ht1IretoforeI cljwI sIt member ef the |.)11i811]111 . I++ar, rl 1ll'l I il }Ir (ljI ,I l~ ll ill~il~ll llil'e tl, l I Iet,h'tl"" c, tiler (:)h,'lll. .o.l'lldy tl'PIntqlllt iil t'tytl' tesell ·IotH0eil lge (II I h.I I:-l· \+' II lld KIhOI 1lT wP have lh(lll pl1. Col-hod ~ill I~lt~ll htplglllt f Iin of Ihe Git l itt f rot ther pllfl i ,.1 "11 V B icie Iit I I1 i t C+. 1lOS1::.1US. R, IIINT. A. EII .NN EN. P. NSt L'IE. ,I. I II .II ( II.11irlllS ON, F+. MAZIo IE.11r. ThP torloerrire g iereeii t c 11eec ite' teeter' eeyie'g r rcsllettoe' were i tri ellllt lro ly Ide leeI11 rt I ]1 tlllr .lllr let s e. (ri1 m11e1r etillit w tl r titler i eeellv . te iet111 er h thit rlitr hite'' cit'l ll .nlil'tt' I lt l lle i elttrlll ecll r cree"l' - rite' ettl eretec re ti e ccli t ee,' err' er, i+P teeter • P. o T oll rl,. t'n y o'er' eoor111 3 cc C c i it I titilllir lltIi l re, ip o" tee e i ete Ie g, t IIII hisC . cih. publi. hd in th Jl ext vshlnle f llutil).iana Re >arts. ( l l n'il'c it wt r tir' her re't olv'le' l tilel llleI I lr llt to;v e ttfrnt r otoh o ii'tte ee orc oLftittle Oregoodlllill 11 )III\ O ('l' IV'lll'-ltlel~·L· 'F' l)C Thc imelil hn adjIlurnedi 1igne 0 I I Li J. J. IhNwAN, Netretary. A Ia IineIii of the \\Whis llmllll berlt t both House \i of ( )F Ciii:i, rl, .+Ialll 't' il II·'h l a l~rt the~ ..tlte Jlllle, ill the (itvll "'IIll10 IC1) Illlljl~? III·I1 (I1·ilDll l I~" ro\,+rd ()lrioilt'+, ~111I thl+ 191h dav of ,\lurch, l'lt139, I1r. Wa11r1.11111 Ell Ilu A ll iltna -it d 1r th Chair, and le . Thonas i. P th i and .11he II0, le'e 1p pointe'd cl'e'tarie'%. It, iheoj et. of the ,\leting: hav t 1o diit an et re it Ihie' t ere t w llc t Resol ed, 'T'hat te c elot 11ei1t' i thetttrc e to tittetr ofn the Wi g~eig -\ of I -~l o i io 11, ill an hll 111ee inI W uillt do eRes rh tr'd e Th t tel e' tt er' ert'ireth piu'erit i r eel (tireiiie cerrei e f tie Uce tree .rreielte- e'eat rrI rtI 'rl:.lll eiree't'l. itrl etlh rt R es olr+'d,1 ~ a fI l' llt ' '[' 11: p1,1 Ih \ h " t in n l e - Iit r e.rll ci 1ce ne 1I ,te nllld 0 .1r ll'yc e of t e ilrerie litti, tl et ILlr il, tea ~ ·l It l lth l i( II. lllll il 1lltl[ 111 ill4 11111(1 \\ ~ ] 1i. ('+t lh (!ute; Ir tll. 'll·;hh',lc <,11\.11" Ihe [:,,ifet| Slate.. -· Ics roed, I' rherell t, c ete ilh a .ey llit l the ele hcIrlt'oteerilS rco g lie'~lee o lnle i ill' S1h1 trh ref i tirieteI:11 FLTit5IAi/i fILI. CHiN, ivlr IretlV ref(ll lllc' il "lic E 't l'e e iti . r Nt'retrIerh, Thce li e el'I S tee hr i hA Ale thire1re ihtr'r'.tec Eietdeerie lothe, cod r I .r. I. I tc i c I e ti, e • '1IIOl 1.1.1)I'I.ANn, 0 'I 'Iid, '.\' eet ''e. (i' ier' ,leo lut ieee ieee irtereser itriereh lee tire' Oliretecren iatuda ow Jeeceellc c nesel tccoeeee''efeoee leeuidt tet to rq atds u f Ithee t ectierec iotr' teeeie de tectes F.e t ,\I *ei .' f 'i , tle C r ItteeecI', Ta, It er Wi llite , ee ri e er rite Wi eeie i rc (pAI . eo ir ee , n Ire e it r derT ieol"d , it.ertt...'e, leet n ric I " lr'r cc . h e e etreetc'ee etcl+l' ii eec li ce' cl.. t:% llltdllilb~ ' Jfrel ect.ll litre' , eeeec1" clh r'lthcele' rice]. h ti e r \Vll re. t t IP 'eo rc. le'i Je'rri'e VAer Ier F~ liltter rio icll"''ret' Cherr n 'I' I I. IS.leArr rt'lrlL , ALII~tT lh, , ...-t ~el ,11"11 er. l.luI.l t 1 .'! I'I'{', C ut -t ic I lll.l.' i l. Il- n l(|ll|. t gi I , tec lntl,llbll o hi- n. w Si' llll-.n lr-emly i l Irs one ilws paIll r, ' he I ee. h , a ill . ll ll ll illlh I Ithe h 1t,, byl,' olii litIll l \V. V ''hllt , I tt q. To ail iIrl' 1r1p oilllL I'll t I t1 att tltl iti,' ill t lIerihi , et ii I l lr debted flr Iht+h> n - IIa1lfr Sil--l ull in iI' i . h id o io.vl nn a. l J I to vist Ii• ll 'l lalr ppo Pai-hl , I \+ d woubt qlllust d th libel r ll l rll i llh ,L i'iii ;.iiiiI iI" I l'l lllhl ll , ll ll l h II ''olbrr ' h nl"llll hg tIa i. c ll)rlll t ill t hthiiI 1t i above t11a111hi t 1 gltl h * l olpr ltr e I lnlll 'h Iliho 'lll' i llti'l 'llUt 'lllit I ll tills he l hll l lit Ih il- ll Il dl , wiithe i t rllll ll ..L ' llitlU l III h11111 1I ,1111', tll".l inll U I'l F I ''lh Ih illl~hl, it' ll ittll 't tt I l+ l.. lt .rtt1..lll Itl' tllt. lt - tilmt l 1tlh IltII t 11 1 f lilr lit'.l'i gll I Ittl ' lll i l l ii.,,', I it' it t.. "·llllr ` ,I* lll),, l. l ". l,,,lle\1/1'h thII\I1 .('he~ill to II . I IIIC illlv 11l11. (,Pl-ifl 1ot 1· r, III1~· hl '.llll ll - I(Y II tl i l~ll l l., l j rB I. II.+XlIl] IId t hi· lIl or ll lll).B It r I n tflw ll l l ev h lt h , F i ';11 t1 l 1111i11 )p ll )L t, n ~i t:l it I l * 11,(` ":"il, l."il . lll.)e+tl l i1l I llt. bIt oI (l-lel hi it n lletI strengtIP h, #IIIII1 I bP .('{ II tlh'. III, ·· } i i \Il(' t l l V I, i' cll ii llr;ll I' IIICI \ +id + ll'rW ti ar ti h l i rI lld riltlii S U ht It itllg hl l oilt itql ,rlll.. lhi,.- {l 'ill ]tlil~ll. 1 111' 1ii+4"I I lI~ ltI ll( l[ l. i ,'tt il /'tl illel' III t lelall a ih t pll U l llr it lt"I 1 I ll 1'v dr~lv-( 1I". 81 1llli · ll c·r 111 l ll~r ( i ti,. l +1 III. r ll kle:hll 'It r e l~i lt I . th t th.' Si et at.': U f U h a lhrlL Fllt'l(lllll IIC·';II~ tll:"l hm·( ,idl,-lvlC'. (I hiu'h llr i|.I I'lglli ii'n ill ttlccc etltc bn iUrl, ul l. e ttnl. t b ti lt. t ab e I lit iti'.tattCt Illl~httt ll caltt l ll l tt th tthat' whtt t i ge (hL~ll of.ll Ill I·II~ l n UU SOIl e l f l,',,lhl..I 1 YS8 l k t Illd l +( )iI.;r; IIvllt[,lI lll'll . ,r' i t I·CI ~I].P ~ 1() Ivl·'t~~l llh, Alnd he , het : han l h n lb . Ii , r tr.l hell lh tl II il+.l ..hll. t. lrr 't ii /1 L ri hltlll I ~ ~lh{+I P(ilW lllXlr S " ili e hi,. li ep a r.. l tl v te, t e n hi v kelgh ut e o lf lheav ( lY l of I {ig e nl, it ud (lto h millts vi C Lll T I, lit,' lll,.h l'llll. c.llt~ll , Jil Itl~dlh 1IIl~rC ·LFlh, I dee o wlp +r I IIP dIr wnl, ]lllrle{ rll{ 8 lhv ae, r of rhe twu ,;I'hie row hbnthu tsn whichedt in the ." The tinl, f \1 hone negh lirl, 15nyou P+J ere, c iIa , to I .lllt'{' i){" a; I hrll avbih ll n. IJlilrIu{ard rilil cllTll lilltrlclllbTr il' ,ll I~ll jlhl, l· i .l,.,lil t,1'11I1 l~ll+hl,. ;llt~- (I ol lilt): ~lltk 1Ilcdly h setll4+s(' hdlllt ' u lu Ifrlait , e ll pr .e hll t Ilnrl Pr i l hl+.l bPl Il l)l l th rl d.y- 1 11. re; i. " e.ry. nr s>l' to beli eve I ; IU t a tl arll e W Ilnl,:r Il..,'d b++ I ,ill lh ll , T l TIhllu lnlellr rI, .faity .ll of teOpll+lll hnt sttle ltlr ofl ,l braLn nIl' tllIlr exteni·il ll.( ' tlr il(.t flll i l ull) .li + Wiiver;men lupon Sprillliell aitv1 l Ilrnaretl llll l murt ll liglbl e soint for tih di+, le I t,,n , 1 I th nlllelnl'fll . wodlU'e I ln recIII oIn o itppnlllid- glh arlnt eeI to thei oll' ,t ll all lridlly ll lal l provell ent a, d e cllell llmlllle l et i. n vl bel yonllllld thle ex litc rl"'t~ ll, i Itll lrn e I n ha e l 6l'll itd rlhlq It) l+.le 4+'Olilvrl ofl i rlcolursl ii h whib e lne ro I t g to it pre-llll 1l llnh t , Ing1I tll lerl' wit lll th ilo+ e ane llt inve lsld froml th sale o r allll nil l d tr)h nIuIm er of buli lltl lrg Ino g 'lirl up gie. llVer Im r nne I'P- I olfll + ihl lpelt y lh l ph la+ tinl nd ll - lhl1 p lroslhrnllr fnwn. l i ll the t Stare:ina fre week s l l)rge mllrrthlll ho ush l will be er t ablislhd the re haln thPe lve , uh+ l o trae Ill(,r vnl I- ; ih i.: ,l tbit i d upn The Ictl~lti rl trl'hlit ll fil- ii llllpllta 1,1 rllll~).l( l lll l C ( rltl fa ed, whioch w'mih:in toe baruins , Irtintl:,tha efAril lw , ve lhr lh-lll i 'r, there will be w otl< frle thre 1 nllh t n l hed les; l n nof c o teenU toIh1 ert wll. allalr rat lion , tion nod auspices under whichi tl.e town of Sprinlield llus been reated; tlilongh thle lovely beoery, the toagho lin redolent withi rih perfume;t, the symetrical form of Ie lhanm of gilead ead the inviting shade of the ever greoen by, witth whicl thte acite of the town i ilter lleroctl, would affortd anmple scope for the ethbelli*h :oent of fancy; yet, I Ihave deemed it just and only re lnisite to give an unvarnished detail of simple facts, leaing to others awho may visit the town, as unantici L.ted and nltaooed indulgence, in tthot fresh and de ighlitlful emotions which tle ehbrm of inatual beauty ever wakens ill the humatn mind. A FRIEND TO ENTERPRISE. CthAiN DE UnALnE-TtieM term, desig nates a beaitifut valle ill tile Colitnanche contiry, sitnated neorthwes of Btltxr, ndtll bout sixty mailes liatont from that city. Fronm is peculiar situation, eloboeonled arnog high and prceiliitloulills, ani withhl tile hbnting grouldo of savages, it has been, until within a few tmnonths, almost entirely inknt 1wn0 to our citioten. Recently, several Iprties ofthe citilles of Bexar and other places have visited it, and have furnished such glowing dlesriptions of tie beauty of its seenery nd the sorpassing fertility ofits soil, tlhat we are itndced to believe it rivals ill belnty and seclusion the ftancied "happy valley" of Amtttra. It is abott twenty miles leng, and vorane in width from two to five miles,-its greatest length being nron north to soutlh. iTheuill on every sde, rise ntp boldly and nlruptly front tile bottom of the valler, end fresentt ill many plaes, perpendi ular wails of roek, leveranl hulidred feet Iipgh. At the feet of these hills tnllrreos springs, inutg, form rills which usnit in tihe middle ofth th valley e i a bea tticnl rivulet, that after me a.tdering througholt nearly its whole extert, at lenytlh lows through a deep gorrep at its sotlhe ro etremltv. A onrow c alt ofwfooldsextedn alotg thie ourtgin oftliis streanm ad tmall islets of tinmber are seatnrec at itter :ies Ovr te surface of the valley, aorling a plenineig coltrast rsith tle open grassy plains of the prairie and the grey ruttged precipices of the surrounding hills. ''b.t illy pasraoe fionl tile valley townardls tie north, in a narrow cleft in the reeks, hbout ei ght f hei wi lwinl ihnd throghl cliffs three or fonr hundread feet high. iTh p wth itthroh lis cleft era tially ascends ontil at ile distance ofrboet three miles from the valley, it peone uonot thE ete niv table lnds norttwerdly abovte, and which re nplrrently illimitable in exteat. This oar ron litSS naftld tie only colvenilet path within the dia lautra, of letly alltils,by wlhliel tle Comnlnoheas cn des cend wit th tleir horses to tile outry bordering ti sea :arlt. A tradition is eloorelt at Beonr, tlat lny vouears ince a Ipllty OfoSpnish soldiers who lhad defflted a ILt0)llplVy ttf Connltlo,ches, lttcredt tllem thbroogh llts CaTnl de Ubolde oiearly to the rlildle of this pas', shenl tL:ev Ind E IllMs R.aoe clllopletely hItruetled 1, the cireoase! of fivc deatd horsei, which tl ese ln li t h .I kille(d, 1nd ill thllis tniancU r prIevented tile tlrthlcr Ilrngres ofothir )nrsuers. 'hi. vlleyv is ihe crest tiorooghfnre of tile Indians. ('oll. Karnnsa ls informed us, tlht partles of Indians nol-ly In e in it 0l.nest oonstantly ascendilng or des rl'ending. The outlet at" this valley towards 1he mooth in a larrot 'ore betwl. on tile hills, lid is lbut thrce unnre wide, l.mfording a nnstage for tie riva, h1t1 whil' 1 low1 , into the Ria trio. An otptiini prevails ill Ilrx, tlt Iltlern is arichl vein of native silver in one iof Ill,+ titt or olges olpoenitg into this vall-y, an', it is said, lau ýnlith billtaintileldt large pniece of this silver Irolll tile vnil ll Inch was snliwn to hinl by an Itnldia WF1en itll in wllllHdl in tle proirie, and whose aflelliolls lie iOlt It, kind Irlantntll. tIhis, however, in alrtgelher hullrohable, as tile geoleleol fatllre- of tle cotnlIn do ntIi lltl 1110ia 11 te prsence of1 native silver. lThe retke I f thlit iegiot Ibelong to tle secondary for ti tioit, .tttltn tll y.u St cIIly iir grey lilnestone, arreltgedl ia horizntal[ hlts. his vrlley iwill fotrm one il the he-t tinlmt)lonn for ti tlitluti,.r fore. Col. inarlle hIle inttrilled nis, thtt fiiFy hrInv,: mlen could esnily delend v;lrriors (df thle wlhos Cnlnlalllmla e tlrtie. If a s,.ll'. filrl cln reeled ait thisi place, the valley wool sees be setllltd by elntlerpriling and industrious planters ao d tnthat hasb11 'eIl froo, timhe inltollnltrit l n betatliful odeert, wouhl soou h tiransformed to a loderl Edol. The " Slte Cullllnilttree" of tlie f'ieods of t.arrison nll Webster haveII islled e call Ior a Strte -Convention, to letn t t llarisblllg, on th L0'2d My I" or tile er pose of umlnalilrng a ticket of electors to bIe votei for by the people of t'ennsylvanoia at tihe Presidential eec tien o tf 184, and pledged, if elected, to support ile call tdldtes tuI Presildelt and Vice President of the United toeltes, settled I o tli Demncmralic Atltilesolnic Nation al Cenveirtioen, wvhich was held in Phiiladelplia ill No. vemiber, I1t38."--Xl I rcl" PEihcornYnoIA ItrPtovErvenrs.--lt tile Oenate of I'trnsvlrania," on te l5th inst. a bill was reported by tile CLmrnlittee on Canals and Roads, whiclh contaiIl the fdollnotile appropriations, slaking a total of nearly $41,000,000: hlie Exteesionl, $900,010 Norlnt Bralnch, 5i,11)110 Wi.eon iso, 46110181 hintemlhonilg I toxtensionh LIt),0011 i 'nion Conld, 310,001 Ili tt,;hnrghll sd Beaver, P5h,, 10 I{nil Rouad l'illlpbgh to Greensburg, '10iO01) Rail tond It, ]liday itburg to t ingdon, :ll)titllt) Srene h C.reek, :10,11111t Avoid Coil nl Iclied Plane, 0,11011 AFlFAIRES DU CONSEIL. SECONDI( MUNICIPALITE. MAIRDI, 26 Idericr 1839. Pdanee du 26i Fdvrier 1839. RdIt-olu iue co Conseil persisto, nonoh'tant tles objectiaon du Malire, dans son ordi,ance payd A,. la 6 lnce du 19 de ce mnoie, sppropriant uine cer tainlu somme d'argent pour lee conmpagnies habilld i du lcmu Regiment Signd JOS1 HUIA BIAL)DWIN, IlRelcrdelcr. Riisola que Ia Compagies do la Banque diu che. min eouhiEnes de in Nouvelle Ordluti-s et de Car roltoln, eat l demneure ,utorisda i so servir teunt q,.'il plair a nee Conseil, coninme d'un atelier do tbrge, de l'edifice atuoellement drig6 i ct eel fet, l'conoiinure des rues do Nayades at Fdlicitd Signd JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Rdeolu qu li'ordonnance adopldjanvior 10 1837, autoiris nt I Comnptroleur a adjuger aux plus bas enchdrisseur In rdpuratiil des runes, aides baquetten le long des rues pandes soil ainsi amendd quo cc qui suitsera une section additionnelle a In dite or donnance, suivant immddiatsmest In premiere .ect n. II e.t de plus ordond qut' outrn les banquettes ci-dessus mentionndes, le contractant tiendra en ben etal teouea lea baquettes en hriques entour6 s des pierrces pltes, de support pavds, partoul on die ltesle banquettes so trouveront dans le limitce in. cori erdai do cotto Muninipalitd. Les dites rdparations consisteront reasoner a leur alignement et niveau primitifs toutes parties des dites rues et banquettes qui so trouvnraient en Inmauvaisitat et l, s dites i parations seront exd. cult6cs de nlanioro a procurer en tout tlnips unne colmmnunisation ais6e et convenablo. Sigi 6 JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. FOR NEW YORK. [Louisianua and New York Line of Packets.) To sail regularly as advertised from each Port. T 1lE line is at ttlea momlnt composed of the follow 1 i. bships, bll t lmore IlewV vessels will be pulonat aii early day, making tl, nimober twelw in all, whi,: will allow of ine being dispoatclhed frlo this pirt 'very wek durine the year, thils afflording piromlt fiacilities fri transportation and at the loweit rates offieight. Ship Yazoo, Captain Trask. " Mississippi, " Ieebe. I" llist ili, " Allen. " Sara.togan. llalthaway. Iluntsville. ' Eldridlge " hakespeare, l" Palmer Th'l iie hr shipe are all ,if tlt Ilt class, roppertdl iliiod r c)pr ftieSthed, of a liclht drugSht of wicer, and Iuilh in Ni w York exlireenly fr li trade, wiith elegantl iiclonlnIiiilll mlien for pussengpra and coiunlladed by ablo Iad lce)eli'cedcl )iasters. The price of Ipasnage is fixed at $90, without wine, or liliurs, ample stores in every other particular will hII piroidlel, sliad ev,.:r attention given IotI pllOe the cOIllfoll Illl)oe. Ihnasing to and fro in hbh line. Tile shlieR willst all timeo be towedl ap nti dowc the river, iidlc the greatest lipuctulity observed as to theirday of sailing Neither the ownIrs or caltlnins of these veasels will he reespolnible for jewelry, 1Iullioln, peci,, s satnes, til' ver or plated ware, breakage of glnss, hull.w ware, marble, or ganliite, cooperage oi tin, ruse of iroen or steil, or r any lettllers, parcel or pakages -ent by or it ion board of thel , unless regular bills 01 Indiiig are aikin itr thie saime, aldl the valne thereofexpresced. Fe rleighiE or lis-age, apily to mar 9 JAMES IIB UI.I.IN,71 Camp t llit;ELAtL I'AtKET FOR NEVl YORtK. .Louisia, and Nero York Line of Packets. - The superior A I packet ship YAZOC, Calpt Trask, will conunence i to lake in her cargno, in a day ortwo, and will meet with iim-.. mediite dispatchic . FIer freight or passage. hlaving elegant aecomlnoda iiolls, uiply II tie laster on board, oppoiiile the Vege table Mlarket, or to JAMES B HULLIN, 74 Camp at I)l' 'The first classJ ship Missicippi will succeed ilhe Ya'zioi, suiliig in a week afterwnards and tiisn line has been increasedr so as to afford the like facility mt ship pers throaeghtl the year. mar2l PACKET SI!IP' ST. MARY, Ft(l NEW YORIK, A Will sil Tlo-morrow Evening, and has convenient accoemmodaitions for a few steer ge plnassengers, if immedliate aoplieutioi is lade iii Capt Folter, oppnsite Urnelioe street. or to miar . P'IER L.AII)LAW, 66 Calnp st FOR PIIILADELPHII A, f'.ie fast sailing copper faslened brig AI.)DRICI. I) NNorgrve, oaoster, will have l.dspatch. Fur rfignti.r passane, a;pily to Iltr t S & J IP W I rNEY, 7. Culup at ITi 'he Packet slip IAIROLINTA, from New York, is disllarging at the lower end ofthlie Vegetable Mark er. Coi .ig ees of i uncl will iplease attet (oll ihe .ever) to eiecipt. PF.'EI LAIII.AW, nar2 -il Camip ll FeOll ALEXANDRIA, CAIMP'I'E, SII.ITEVEPUIIT AND FUL'I'ON. 'ile nwe atnd til eriii/iaselien er elnie CA1MPT'I', I Crroll, istier, will leavure lot ili alive plrl os ,u nduyei4di ia, at le o'clock, A I1. For fei.ght ir pnssage, apilv on board, or to oarll Ilge iaH BEE & n C, -'ll and 21 New Lcves I .1.USTlRAlTElI ediliunof Jasllnwi l thdie Passionei, 1f splendlid Ee rnvinas. Memnirs of.Charles Mathews, Commeulian, by Mrs. lnlhelw , in 2 Iule. just rceiv*d and flr salt by mitI ':! ALEX" TOWAR, I4 Callp at S'SECOND 'MUNIC1PAL1'2W7· Notw OaLEAneo March 21, 1839. • NNOTICE is hereby given that Johu Price is no lag .e! in my 'enlilov, and any receipts given 'Iry saidl Price, from tlot date in my name, will net he valid. 8 SH TURNER, nar 21 Colleetor na merehante,'Retailers. &. S NoT/"'Rf'l tA~l-,coon.V hang 'claiec against the iflnt of Christie & Sinnott or Joltn Clhristie, are requsted tta present the eate at the office of It'll Smaitll, Eoq attorney at law, No. 14, Exhandge Plce, writhut dall n nr l21 A1ITAIRE JOCKEY Lt.UB. A AlEETING of the Iletaire Jockey Clab will b held at the Exnhnangee Ilotel, on eSaturdy, 23.1 est. at 7 n'elock,'p n. Mermbers baleeen will Ie ready for dalivery. I'E't'El CENAS, See're. car 21 5LAS.aSS-Jetn landina tram Pittsnrg, r aen tesartnlt " of Jara, Vialk, and Winow W'ClllRS, aIt whoteale and retail, at II liONNA IEI., mar 21 Cor of Narlrtez lid To e apit uala eta LATE PUBLICATIOINS. ''. T IlE Bench and the liar, by the autllor of" Randlim RecollectiAons fi the Ilaes and C aonlt l ;l - " The Great lletroptis," &e il 2 vols. Neal Malone and ethler 'Itale rrf Ireland, by & W It Carleton, nauhor of 'Traits end Stries of the trial Peasantry," in 2 vnlsr, ist received anl for nte hv muar 21 VM IcKEAN, cur Camp &1 Comamon ses )Drawing of tihe Grand State Lottery Class h - 53 27 22 3 06 30 50 30 32 10 34 56 t8,0001 Capital PrizeI Tiekelsonly l2 00 GRANI) STATE LOTTERY. C LI.ASS No. 30. Authlrised by tihe Ilo rilnture of r Stie Stnte. 'I'o err draer alrci 21, Itt!,t,n i u':.rirek P'. It. at Bislhop's a i otel. r S DAVIS &CO, nnaergers. f 75 Drawn nlrmire--12 Drrawn Ilalltsr. r Splenrdid Srlcanre. 27,14 Pricee, ar ounting to $9:;,050 Tickets $2 00--a1alves I O00--Qaers 50 etrl s. Packages of 25 Tickets for t$50 o0 warrraned to rw J at least $2.: IaekaSgore e o 1f 5 Iaitf Ticketars r5 .0, warranteld to draw at tearo $12 01t Ir'akr ea e ' rr 5 (anrter TIickets $12 50 wanrrated tIu draw at ltslt $6 0o0. For packages rof sirgl traiekt, npl ntr the F tANAERA:l1S' O1rFIr.', If Chartrea end t and at thae orhnr aft Lris nd (:tr-o res eAt. n 1.1N rT.l `ti '1"1tM t:ANI)i.ES--45r boxes arrt,-rr Camle.., aasser'ted braoart, frrr sale bv riar 21 I ItRIIItO & 'o 1e.i1 Tga ziae is Fr ALLOW CANIIIIES-t0or bonen nllrnhlrA nldttarr I (3iidlea, ti.r anle y I I1 IttiItDt .1" & o nlor 21 1i OIia zhre ee ma 3AtAi'--r'tA- 0 hxes o I l earnl, NoaI t Iir hilaitam No S Aý I -Sop, rbt raldts at Jin Iea Iriotlild ea i To a brige, ulad J A Naorlol. It enle Iy ilamr2| 11333Itl ilto W & C'rr, 1:l31i l lZ'llit t Iala el r'ne tehr ir ar,'k itr rIte i l the l I Stpril, tllt ho l l ri cal' e t r' illus Irioi t* iA0 sart et._ i ne r..ta r . a . Ir TALYt , rSrr BUREll U II'A 1iJ i)NUIINI', I t 11 tilt l 'I r iS, lANIOINr bi e N kit N N(lialenns. akt I eels doT ne, ni l seao eri rprer r I- 7iarer ir T iaeit sr at ie r r n.err irlion, r ai lh .it ; I :'.c ei narvril t t, ani baroeaul Is l con the nir me l 2 Imil) At. ANOrrIIAMA Oae r IS ITS IrNVIeIre'ap SThe etallish tent I s Ihu , lr -sal e thl e SI., t, Clarles theatre, nd wi 1 be oll vt ry dIIy until I night fill. In S Prile u et p nlralie, 1 , n 1 ihilron ulle Ihel y rs o. sl ze 11 d R vn, hull . " priictart N P01.O 'l .i.' e Itt llner I' ef thre a lhlI1lle ul u I 1 Artist' e Far,till 5oli tal" to r eeivt ) sple ein A. -. Alexntc . Phillitpsee s A. Holmes YJ. 1le (7lllorl vi P. r.i Pi Rnaa uvrir, rit ecelarv. nl:t 10 1'ITY IANto tK. lNPW eOrtleon , 15 an'rch 1t :l0 . rJ T itl S Ban t will purcillese trelirnlrr onI errlalri. / Mir It .1 IPALF'IIEI rl, 'iisriie IT S l \I k . - w S.C S ' 'I.K. m i New OrllinA. 15 1 Inrth 1(139. 0 i tr'r rr" I .r .r"t... rr I saints," I I r rll l lia ,r itr on wi l ll Ti bills of etrxchange. r orir rtirle nirt a'ah. rra i 1ni l J-tr l I'.II .Fr, ''1 , ('nIrat ``'v -.] , ) l,'' r i,'r il N iTi,',. r ,,'' - -1 /.7 I lgliht - iRa'd; 77" kgs Rir i r ll Ah, "'I n;th ,. no d .o,$ Oa.--1'2 eights dua a ; 9;3 kegs d,,, hoding Iaron, bltore t ll o lu islve nd llr oe t hle by t Iniar 19 S & .I P WHITNE,-, 73 ('mnp At ,,J INI:5-5 1 dhuz of ill" Si pri\ r bi, S er.ry nod lii I ri • 'nI· II iiit. I lli £ l h lo Illl E lthalil d n1 illmpanerl. fi -t It, r on i 6. For s.,to low tt prie.' (I i Cl H i Kt Il'it , I ti, Ite ri, R lt, Itil.v ilrh rte'I . I . r.erit hr lin .l i1I.rdrrr g he fi:pr ol ,br sin, "u Ihe actor:. lto f tzi1 , Itrr h t '. IN S I V , II l I I hil l III e , r ier kilt \ ir irand of'the Sd e ,o II ra ale e'll· I ,"y l ,' I " f "' I sre b th r ' er ,"i . e III e Ii, iil" 't n 1th , h" .c in l nld Ins, r,. arni tfi itt 1St Ib - ar 11l1 t Nt rt mar!1 ititN 0or t',t . 1 ,l ll Iaa ertoa a--- ( '1 )1''1' I' I? - Ili, ] h ,_s i lll v:rlll el I( ;I n 11 u i l r I ulhillL ii an VS irCy.uu it-ri . I, rat . '\ 11,; it mar 19 t 73 ('llllp C I lt .OUIR-- t11i bll, I i."l hl l. - Iij ijitg iorder(i, tit IIIP, 1 lrl tlie g pr lt o , fr . r by inir r alrrtrr'i) rir. lla rri ttiraae I . AV-n IIw1 ,IlU i,'.I--:il;l I c.-, lint", V.I. en huJL - c t e it ii tro i ':i'g Bosth lilo, for ant, hv n1sr Ill .B4 B 1 RAz l 'II '111 :i7, 3ll, :11 ;wavier at 7, OIot" N'tS' rA-irritanEr, aer'uI i o r,,reh, t oa(;r ta . eerici , the , 00uth0er t" " 1a ' I lOlthiat Ou an 110 IIJkl Eruv," te & t I in S VOlA. Illut ltt ird rdi or ilril r ofOlivr 'w e, Ol l in , ',elre, rr 0 I' it. re ri I •- lloa, 1n 0.11, of I 'hol v. ;iIi n j 1c l ll~lj l rieeived and tirree ir . Il ,. f ' rinriirrr arr'"\r. M K 'A lN, t mar '7 rrr Pr-mp ,",Ie el'r iowlil DIV' IIVEHUNDRED DOLARSEWAR.1II+BI l l]l l lllD. - 'u r At r.rlt\, ita i..i k es ]tiok Cor a oio Le i . er of i he city tIvi Ira f'll e rfg to therrra' ,ll , ' .r. . 0. lO lllt, riotl of lt Re r llllc It, it ' io l III iulls it oll nll , It' t rtahe a, t o io, Oner', 2eillah l-ra t. frl' IhePerl River Blln k, lti tr'rblllrfjli 'five dal ih rre l ta ilre cV,. Iell e0'in tt-tr rir n rItil a It llk, Voudvilnl'l l O1 ltie prl.ei a' -dents a . i2 li0 IIa ,rise a l ririra'' h origiae l of a le ,l' iraw b flte I rrissi raiepp 'D'iret Bonk i' frif,.acr, "1 I reerir r .e, .r ir Ilr,"da '.rc lrh", 1, ire Ala''h o."'ie".of" I.hec ira by the -'-aeri .r r onr fhe n n l - .hratr' (' ank i-. ' ir or ' r f Ja cot.- h ,, New I irl'rkr.r' for tirr v 'lh l ' er-on,. oilir than th, owner.. 'l'h par bu b.'ek t,omairr l r ,lr t drv other pi op,,et.rir " I" v'l er rl arlly atertti thte tiwnerli.o'a Ilt l cAllllIo lhiir mike,'-lit. thous ,li sloe h I t acerr It lmar 18 5t ;! 1.. . .. . ' .! .2Common'si,,. Ill'r of .IIIil and (tlll lllll ell' r L· 1 mar 18 (sle ar4ilr F r a r::,I ngmea n, O lr I o Ie b ear h8 _'1 ( ee olltrrr at IIAEUI) hiL-I0 &ak lir e NI , irnrne sine J i, i. rbr \1ilin'glebl froI -Ill r::rknir :.II: l mel 18 Colr CunmlllY and TI·I.II piml~llll t1 I. tlelnen of this city nod 1111 publlic il em',(al thatn the bus IShle: flueirv anr l wall iurnidl ee brigs t rellt on very rlaiueblr (e'lm, at Ni '31) 1F'r'aiti.las sreret. ira' ifr (::et l):t:::er7:: ewII geueiee: ran henecol~i 0518' IS m II Iw y the day, week r mT .A I1tIS r hous ire shoat r ir III, venfre f hle bul~inesrs I1I very TV u11enim11i to 111 1 the 1C *1.1111 hoer7 lund-l ings, ally, is inllfllC( d ,, belicyr that1 it ill nmrl with an Il il l shorrer:' ll.. publIC P2 : :,' r oI 2 (rei.r , whcI w0ll Ise· re anon Isle, pinic ap 1y as iablrt.: mar 9I J 1, \r' I: :2:.:r MS. lie I err I nrci ,nldrn motIhel r rilr:'le Lous.rl aq:rla rLre::rie, r~i preeas en 1,,xra, .o 8: Tir IrlerNl2 :II:.'2rIr:::rrI! nen Ii:.: Lrrrin-O I (I (rrr InN:: II Ir, bee 18:1:1: 71 71 :1:11 :21 51 58 '711:1 II 78 12 II 'I'll') INYll, I Ai (::luck,4·(:o Cloalll2 :l PEize. Tk brera only $ 1. LI) Il SLANA LOTTERYl.. AIutiaoried by Act ro Leginlrlatre. Chrap:ter XI liI, earned .Nat reelr 21. 1329,Sle Srt o15, rra, frr 1:39 0 ube dr iw~k ta Tlr Em u, March 21st, 1839,a at 6 o'clock, 1' FcrI'lrcrrerelor ,inlrrrr',elv rlrbl' 11. or the Excaniref lI::telSt.CIrle rit. 1. S. GItIeIO:tY & Ce. Successorr to 1ITE.S tiIeIN7'YRIi d Co. 27,814 Prirer, ar8:ntia5la In $189,070 IbIrkl I4 $-leulear $300-Il errler-es $1. * aa Porbe. rf YSr tiketrs 'irr $11'0, rerranted ta drra ra b $18. l'rebkrgr orf 2222 IrISalrlrbtr $220 00 war vr t t.o drlrwataea Iro$2.1 00. Parrrkrgesl123 (!rrrltr 'Ibis t err $i2 IS, wrarruatI tordrawa a1 lanat $ For Paekaged tr dirglre 'irbero arspev at Thre Matanegere Ollie, mr9II IS Caenal rotreet, 8.0: tr Cauntr 214AIJEIIA WI.NE-rn,,il Mad~reira in, 'Ta i pi r~ea. urlh~rl::rnbska redacnrsrr, brands o: log I.. ZroI'. r r, rnd Crll,, for sale by mra3 I 11111I6E: k Cr,, 134 Margaziner at FtOýUR,[-I103bl blanIrding fro:: sterrreboatr Mtrrr. lInpEis, jrf Ore sole ley (: DOIEY, rrrnrv220 .44Ne L~eveer W ~ tIISKEY-520 Ihbin rerlifirrl,Iorrrirg fromre~rrarra V , yremprrrhlis, firle ,ale by GI 00 IReEY. 111,10 . 4.1 New 'Ml'l wpkP Iec I)ACI)N SBl)l2S-2llrksra3rrrroinatrcovert, rurrd W..c flroseamlere r Merphi. frrsale by m retIS U (IOQSSEY, 44 Nary Levee. ' or arilfl. REAt) & tlAtRS'MO,7 Bankh Place 1 O.%l)IN Blien lotll anPorl etre, aeacrvr..hy shlp Wiralhrrgtorr afrreate by t 'mraov0 REAI)& ilrIRvI'roW, 7)Bark Plare Camp Si. Theatre. 'Tils-. EVENING, MARCII! 21,1836, 'Will be presentea Ihe Colnedy.of the ENGLISHMAN IN INDIA. Sir atllhew Scraggs. Mr Johnron Col Osnwald. Fredericks SMisi Sally Seraggs. ". Mrs 6 Barrett After which thei ilay of GULLIVER IN LILLIPUT: Captain GOlliver, Mr P.orler Lord Flimnap, Miaj Stevens Lady Flimnap, Min $ttor To conclude with thel petite eoredy of TIlE EXILES IN THiE WEST. Il.orl Mlngo, Mlifor S.evens Natlun Sionll, Mr Porter "lady Man o, Mis Sutor METARIE JOCKEY CLUB RACES. T IE Spring Meetio,, for 1839, over the Mlaer Coerse, will (eoaaameaaCe h last o Tuesdaly, 2t lanl h, ann cnotllnue six dlolv. First day, sweepstakes for 3 years old'a, two mile hants: entrance SI00; for. Sail, $251), nine auhaeribear : I. oMounlifert Well na.mes h el Itenswing, by Levi i. ta C S Farrar. 3. 1) Steplhenon, G C D)ublin, by I.eviathlat, dnam by Jerry. t A Taylor. i5. Mtinoar K ennar,,g c (lr.lydoa, ha Meder, damt Gray , 'eilla , be ritarancad. . Ira Stnitll, lMaria Duke, by Meduc; damn Ctherry ElIli a by Sullllhtar. l. J byS Gurriin, ca Altaar, by Fylde, dama by Vir. 0. Wiea R ilrrnwl, Ih f li'iclvlne, by aledoc. 9. Joaes bh, ac f Curculie, by hiedoe, date by s dly, ii imahltllll weenI the noted trotting horses tlird a:ld l:unfllclle, two mile he.,ts in h:,roess fur ercoid Diay-Jotkey l ('b Purle, $801, twol mile re Se li --S wp.takes for eartleman ridera, ttwo mile lleats, ilatruea"ar TI, Ithe Iprorieluri Ito add at 1ilver at tird liat y-Jckey b Clul rse $121100, hree mi!e ItheFurt ia Iley -akec lub, llpurse $201110, faatr ltile i tiah ltny-Jck-ey CIl purset $6,.0, mile hes, iest SSalll, dllv--Swe~rarakels for a vgears old, mile heat:a, entrer ceOal) e, airtia $l111, tseven .chelaailar-: lllltllltel \\llie, WV .1 linora I- A I. alintat,te, Minor Ii nlr ,t C CS Furrnr, W\ It Bea rrowa . ISixthl -Iatarate Ie --rpi rse', $ll100, lthre ileo hents. . Snllae Day-A imatch l etwlrenc tle celebrated trol I tg horaes Popei and Rotlla, hest :1 in 5, i hAi ness Itt $lll0. I. CENAtS, mI ar 8 Secretary. It T H ' A t IST A 11ISr AND VtANCVY iPAINTIII. IST receivedl hI thle latest n;rirals from Iltvre, a - splendid colletionu of Artist's Ilrushee, paints. pal els ; pahl Iknl.e.le i.t is aind pusiaits; water colors and wlater enlors Ipariileta with honey andl varnih fir do: ad stumpsl of very desclription, splendid mahongany anl ihwalnut l nisel%, lbr portrarit pintern; pastel crayons of every color, prnils of I'vyr 1'e-ize; varnicls hrnlchls, fl at k ianl rolld, Iy r lrr siTe c.llvas. already areparled colrs, brlsllhs, elegantly fared lp, &tc &ec. Spllendid .\AlaunIs, supeiably bound and gilt; oltours, nf every desrllplio by caket; rign and ornaemenral I-olal d Io encils; Iand n gr'at q1anahty of arylticles a tl t wh .ich llr l lto naaeaio s to detail. Thlue Irilie il, ol'A cna·liu sTlenchers of llrevning alnll )laihlnltin , will do0 well to cull t it t elor , o tlhe suibcilttr " whlclt will iconulllldule lhre amtlars anodI No 5la enleap stall D enihr in Iinti, Otil, Varnisha e a nd F"na ) Artil fotr lill, re, whollle isnd Il il.. ian r 7 I rlI. gr i al t airod strl, lone lot frl lll inron pil\pl t<.i- ill , ItII & I I, .% a t ore: 7 No :I (',irl a e~ lel at I .1( ta-t VIt . aaa IIa ! I, a ,t.ala SN.:b. , (,m ,'1. r,iti I., i ralat a .ala IcIa i l loa r dlh Iear, a Ialat Iate . alll wl r ,'l " rhl i ,', l lsDi ( llle of i 1g , lipllollltu , I,'Ir( llll lil l iland \iei:l+ m a sod+. nitltrn I, co sulalr ,nd r.I.. tlllin; house Seals, foor sl:a', ailver w a aI, aa. -tI haind,an aull rttlllll o1f llver plaind and hots door Ti rs Ie rnted loar pelrats atlrally , egreTIId. re NEWV ()RIANS ANl NIIIII.LE' 1A4l, RO.).D NF.\\' ARIRI \NGIEMI` NT. at ill all: I lilr a at, will lnve tae Itlpot alt the fou, o I 'a al Sr ACet, Iver i i l t 8 .1. 11. u Ian retlri I 1'. 31. exiept Sund.l l's, wluiin he w ill Rt' \ Car fo,r fprivate partiie*., plnvided the ilulbellr ut tlivient,' 'ill be seni downiI the roaid on on e tla e ii , 18:in JAS II ('AI.I)\VEI.IE , Prehsidhr. Oil REWARD. A ltI.l' Mllorc,o Plcket Book, with steel clisp, wnys lost vl. tcrdy, elntnling a drail of the Ieall IFistte Iltok of the i ti If ovArkansas, in livotr ofI'hall,. nliphyi, o the N. Aeicn Tl rusit and Bankhing ('oum ii Ny, ew York, ihr Iheo ul l o One hundred nid one ll'; nd, l iux lhlndred andii t . iiy .xdi olln.r,($1OI l,i l"'.) due 11 hi .\ irpl, Ito llput'.tlii to Ithe nrder of 'I'Ih. S. hilhliliw-uon, PrI's, On, (i ther draft, name bank, on the N. A. T. & It. (Colmptny, for tilty lIhs*.1nnl dollars, I (iivnOivU. , hi"i ii'ii to ihe orler o1" i i'. T. ii Vila nI , Irs. .\la on n'umlber of note anld 'other i hilbaiioi u , -ash. Tlhile raslh and one hondred dollars wdl be Il, bl far the return al the pocket hook nud paloera o tarn of fir of T"hon. II. Lee & Co. or Ifr allny ill)rnlltion byt which rhe owner may reginl po-nession of I1, e-t pers, &c. mar , iM.h'ilfl 'IVOF'Y OF NIEW OlK.lEANS - SA GKII":ARI.Y t.o Iw, l and i viritu of i rl.solion '1. of lle CouIneil ol' ilhe Seond Municipality, llalil isi oeul tdiit an electiijiolbl. AlIderpin' n ti"rlhe nell,'xt, Tr !ele'el..k A.. l1. ,l, il1,l o'cl ock 1'. M. nl tIhe pi 'ces,nd, ir(, 1r uthe ue rinP 'eneice of the person" hereinafter desi-nteud, I wit : tst wrld, t tlhe Exclhan, llotl. Inspectors John Ileaaltht ail \Willialm IMcKen. Clerk John Bunin ge1 uarI, at the Mnicipul Iotlt. ]..speevorn Thomas i liv ind \\ili' o : l. rel . ( "lerk I. Kenllli . :Ld.war, at Daniel h'tiulhlt's.l Inspectoru oi illi m T. llepp utd JAmes W. Biaen. Clerk t1, W. Ilndy.' New Oirlino, 13 ih Mcrivh 9: . "I! i ,,t C'. (OK\4.oIS, v la,,. (O1ONI'OI(\IfItFN'l ' iA lall,elrn verlu n' eri - s.olution do Cou-eoil de li Muniti alitib No Ide x, . vi.. .!.l dInn6. quto Il'1eetiun dIe A\ldllmm n de In dihi. ,Iouiiii ll, naro lieI Il nli, lter AI vril pro 'hnin, idepui l nenlheure. du amtiu jusq.A sing houres de TI'arps ini(di, dans es lieux et sois Ila dir.ciiuI des Iersonllioed i-nlatlt dii, igniCE, snvoir:- e ele div Irict, a I' 'llllltb l otel. I irier e tlrs, .lohnI I lewlett nd Willii.. M.cKeui. (ireter Jouhn Brain elli. 1 1 1V.'. L. llp alad James W. ilehnu. reniter (George 11'. Iudv, SI.i Novelle Orle.ans, I. .'\lrw I8:.t rml5 C. GENOIS, air. ; it.' ll anid lor alel by Ilh gross err ic,| iin or ill Sgl, ly A TOWAIl, Inmr 9 49L Cu1111 ati ar V it! I IIlLIIDtE .. ao. 131 Mlagazilne et SURg1s itiiti' OF1I'I?:i', Setleold Ml u nieipulii i,. 41 IEi. S of loulrnelt i ,e reIiri of t Mar . Sul.akel widl le received at it ofi ice unlil thoe 7tlh of \1hn. I, 18:1i. The I repNairs are asi l :ilows: Isl. Tl h mlk v o ili cvlir in 125 squarer of terrace ioillii;g, l llii n'lphl toe Im nu er, s to sto o illl Icthe l ks; thIe " work In I., guamrnteed in three years. Id. 'T.rI dl pandI repair alll the lCSr nl d cracks in ntI parts of to plastering and parts connected there id. I' o rei palillt i i oil :llrl, of a light grey all thi eilintg and ril it ilreni gulter and pinpe; oand to paint ill llok color lii iron work. lilt. To wllitewash with care all the walls inside ad eros;ide. ,Sthi. To paint in choeolate color all the pillars, in h vi'elenre alley. 6th. 'To re-adljio the cornices ilnd whiten thlelm. All ihe ropuirj ill be lie nibbed at the latesit by Ithe illt if April t xit. The 'cnitruicor i lust giie securitiy in the lsum of $1000 lir li fulillnent of alnil the work withil tile i i ,itlvn e. JII. i'11.1:, mllr 18 Surveyor of lhe Second Municipaliit. BUREAIJ DU VOVER, lie Le Sreconlel Municipaliti. D1 ES PROPOSITIONS pour r6parer I'ditico L du March. Ste Marie, serolll rec.ts A cA bnleau jusqu' nl 27 dnce mois (mluri). Les principales rept rations ia ftire consisteroat : ler. A enlever et reposer environ 125 rlrre. de cal. verturede terrassaede lliniAne ai tranchcr :coiplete. inent les gontutierea, et giratir ce travail plendal tris ans. lda h boelcr lios trous,fentes et aitre pIarties de graullit s Il aB el hlits. 3Smle llepeindre en gris aluir A 'lillii, delix fortes couhtouesi oa l lIca ilof llve,e llilotres, dlailevt Ituyllx do deseenll, et leidilrle en noir I I'lluilc les iPrretna Ptn. 4,ile pour bllochir avec soin touls lea lirs, tuII sr vIs filces illlntieorev qn'exlerieore*. .ibtue pilintdr env,:oulurl cloeolut I part des pillers qui luldent I'allblciu Illitie". ..mll ri-njuster lIes corniches et les blaochir. TarUln cos rlviprtions dvvronlt vlth Ireihihe pllor le pnus tarl, le :1l) Avr;i prohniht L'llntreprenn.r fournira caluiounemrnt en la somme Ie $11100 pur .srourer I'exrcut;on de I'lnterprive dons p l del1i nIs tlnoatonnie. J H PI'ILIE, de Ii Econde ,Sluuicipolit l namr 19 St. Cartles Theatre. This Evening, March 21, Will be presented tie Grnnd"Nonticnl drama ofithe WIZZARD SKIFF. Count Borgeroff, Ma IHarrison Alnt,, a Greek Lady,.) Alegin, n Pirate B:y, . - CELESTE. Again, a Zingoro, , Mnidll'e Celeste will DaUnce ' GREEK ROMAIKA DANCE. To conclude wi!t (by general desiv) with the.dratu of ROBERT MACAIRE. Robert Macaire, Mr J 8 Browne Jacqueas trop, Crsowll Marie, Mrs Fnema Clementino, Pltsoer MAYORALT OF NEW OII.ANI tE price t Irsh flonor to-day is $7 perbarel I accordintg to tohe ort1, tihe Iakera shall give n u. ilg lthe ntotning weak (fomv Motdat 11th intt.) 39 aitt 0ea olfbrond for a it. read ol' tihe second quality io required to weigh 95 per cent. more, viz: 411) ounces. nuerl(f C GUNOIt,Mon.r. OGWOOD-30 tons Camn eltchy Logwood, loId lig fromn brig Anio, flr sale Iv ta, 8 8 & J P WIIITNEY, 73Camop t. 1i,,iPLUT7JION OF CorA ARIT'NERSHII'-Tlte 1 Colartnerslip heretofore existintt between the oubacri~rbs, in the style of Francis K: Voce & Co ia disaulved by mutual eonsent. F I Vase alonoe will li quidate tlhe affairs of the late concern. FRANCIS E V'uSE. mtar 9 .W P IIIEItIIY. *WANTED Front 500 to 1000 Shares Storl. in Citizrens lntk. Ht)HOS witihing 'to sell, will do well to call anal t leave their ,aman and nunlantt fttok, itlc Iltate lrO olf Engliali & Silvestcr. nppoaito tale Artolto. Ctlttry stock alone is deirnd. S EI CA nnI. Inr 9 Iow WAIShiN G TON BALL ROOF" Dress & Ilansquerade Ball St. Philip lreelt, Iettren IlRoyal & oorlhtltt. rrlt 1 Mnnager o(f lhe above nmted P ll Iomt,grnte . Il o Illt'is frie tls and tIhe pblic fo l tie 5 n, nral eenll oetnlled for the lomlll.rlment of viitllor, anld u iergonhc inCIteO olyios . The ltn. balr will lIe vurtltltrd by nme in quaitv lolia quor.andll o tile Ibtnirto'. ill Ibo keptI Iy l ,tle t lest t hlnllltllnt llrt i It la .oliltou .tltn .. T,,' ro, ol S atlrfInya oavnotlg, 3rd of No ttlitter etoo, Ito a GRANI) DRiESS & MASQUERIAIDE 1At1.1.. and wa-ill taIke tllalo an sntal rtOelvery Monday,il'el ~e diy llv i d o lltlrIhV iVt ellilln l I nai g the Iruson,vllhich wili tlod on h f lott 1tt tf Mac, 1t 1.. N I. 't. ''h." treate ot nitention will h. paid to keep. ing fl.rfi. t odel r throulghuut the etlllblihllnm nt, as ual NEW ORl.EIANS, . Fhrnttarv 25, 111t:!. ( trllt 'ttoti s r tli'tre,id MvnlncilnlilVt. INTotI't'i: to ne,,t ,f it tickae drtnys, k .-- 'l'e Ril l I lotewittg orlilnotor ttili be stic'tly erfu d: tReo lvet, that whe averlll' SIv shall giot t li cn Ie I htr l r;l ' Ila ci other I aro:'.ogrt, lnil licenit ' shoruld hb ilWlledth ly wn olled nn the back by treh larnr nwio hi rIctIipt, an ovary i.trson nPgllctingi to bllin ai rll n~Idmo t t at iln d re c IPt l i I lack of Ilit licence l shalr tnoy a tl ' ot i cetie. l aone hb ttlldI " l lart, half for b cll Ie, nnd the atar hall lor the in fdrnrar. Apre l I ,nved ailee ler ° 1. ,li 1. Alto Itt lill 'twiotg ordilcetttco of Iht Cot ncil I f the S c a tltlnd tiollniiltlllll ot ill thl t fot o titig words towltt: tIte idt ordalil'll, d l(rlll r m n h l th d l ar son who ohl l rl l 11 h I ll' k, lldnv, nr earl, tt ilhnl I : o Ucollld mImaii I l l llv witho ti pll illvillll- lob tined' a i I ti.,elre ftrlt tic' Mayor o tiis city, I atlln ]l c a e uI i ins i of notI , It n itt a tllnetl liry-ioe ier[newrt fnre e jiO. r ql l , sIttntll dIo nrS to lh e c I o Prvideld tIht1 aIn Iak, lrt r cat (t d rin witlhoult i Treatce i r fn si rd htll hc t b;tIb l t to tle .izd hy the r'ollh'flllr of It.,xe ,in |hnr0., inii1s. lears, ,ºc.;- ill b I lly I-fliCe r ilo" Iolil.eI nllll, Ian ll ild l nll 1II u tl lthe inll n esalurlid s ll p It t, Io. t at teU Iotic iyr It e il t .in , S ign t I! I lII, W I"N., Re order. Wt II Yt'lltt uTl I h'tttto r ofr IIhc , .lra )s IllX I Ito .1AI DEc c'lcl.ll.:"l'l':lU , I a I ttllslt l t iioI lllle li' orit, l l.n e lea m N our, an Itic o olr ' e' , lurcr i, 11139. VI111 cIIIIn Iprllop ri· ln·l " des. IIIII' . rb (i IIV i ,ll . ICEsohl--or l, mr, I b",ll o I , lbln ad (.lll alP e r t. nse ca erli pe l:l wll o I 'h niti ll n t .lll , i.,' till l ico f e a rdeurt - ritt ' r'dat toroping I n t lt Char let Oll. l tot r ll r " , Po i l, 1 t ,t i.pC'lt a enlo l rcet,' l VI1'o e ir ' t 'I. 'lllll 'h'r ,1i th t e t rl ll i t or II t lh liCelll lwl le Ir f 't i l-l. t o1111. i1.l ui e 1110 p 11'i - , i(n ilii" poor hi , lt',, , t Parrie1, ii n(l'lll o I iilei dl"lI.Qelr.--Ap - A 2. III ,'oobka,P11. 'i 1I ,i 0l lol I ll,,' I. o:lll i. c s 1. (to IIil I - , i lloo rlll .t 1 o l " Ir IIIcal 11 Ill IIP prt* I o .'Rll lllllrl· Ilk}Il l 1n 1: It lit I lilt etl , tV ll ry t It't l t,.( I i " t"rill IrtIr . llll t n ml , itl: tip 1 llcr, rt't ' h to r~toa / a "iII i ' tIt 1 111itIN qo .11,t't't'a ", i ,to i iA,. qo a't Ieoo iem of h n Larot Ieee lllt'drIIt t. t c I noI tio. l I t'l acrlc h ot. i hSI Cu lllto t alell ,btl o ll to I t'.1 o .nll e t l,' f m itt l ie.t t io - E. tlr .it J t pgo eit m oi o11"1 11 ['~ i'l(I\'1'1:1 rl f , rl) Upti, ' i i, aie'N , i tht'lt 'a ih',r.Iat oft in I-itck or (,dloeed Ia, of Eg n.plt led, 00h,'. c I oatnk,, o , t'l tt'ly rl d" ct cotttrt, t tnnyI Ao Ifriicrseery rCc, oirl a 'hllll'. Acaot'IICAN O1 tIo'11;,: ca er rt ',, rltll. en rt. Charlls c.t. l ,.,rernl Now'o..l,'fnlifoi loumnls nf r .h. TyPE .e "i jus.I I.'e. uId Aro n la ,s lathe hlishmcuh (, lOfice ctPer ro nr,) l '1lo)r, & St. ( llra, I,"n streets. (- fit No. :.3I .tlll ylll f erTn t, aeal" .%' !i*'e .,trg'h. IAhW Ir R ti E l llfl l'l: Sl r · r lflllii rll}(lli Inc L ublic that In feblt-tl CO'I'ON C1UECIJ'LR KM 8C1 PIII! rINTEDoilth the (rro1e1 Ex.rpediion, and in a slyle ,,0nr0rj,,,td mad Nrw.w (010:I.EA;, or Clen () i/fatn. 1, fl Cal In·rl ii Ri. na toioS. CTharlle Ei chance ((wis,, o (:rai r .it. )at of'I' R U F.F 1 e cornrr ofI I'ovdrne anlld St Charier Slletti, r~ill be poaanjlii all, odd toin *)cc. I-il. JJ(1WE'RI. ('(l)°I'()N$-4tI bltnl 7.811 d4. a ad 14'Twilird toorli (ottlia, frato by ;rt e ISAACl 1111 lE[&',o1:4 Mogcidneat S. is cutstoldat15:1 iliron dilr iheat, 'Pron t Plunt 1'rrn lulanes, suplerior t o any evrca tlikrd in this city. le II \W II CARNES. TO MIERCEIANTS. QTrtEitClAN7I'1'S on,, oear n IicAltru.. Cicor. on strunrk off tnlfonr hourn NoTcE, y .aili;ng at the Conti,, llBoom, of 'IRUJE AMEIIIICIIAN I'clntINc; (Ortotr, St. Cltatrlea Enrhnn're adjaooo, the Iot:A, r t: Rast at (.'or,,rr of GroTiernnrt, ,;r at the Fint 07g Office, ruCaerr f I',ydrloa and SI. (IhndIeo streets. jjo.A77:rIRo-By chip Aulnrn an, riegant nno nett11 of rliili·rclt ca d pl aliera, rcivcd and Cor sale iby l roSll' C,, Eaolmnge thotel, 1i!3 St Charlies at STEAM BOAT BILLS. )WNLIri', A(.EN'rd, or CAPTAINS cJEITEAft 0 O. til can h,01e ther, Dlilts slrork off, in one or 0ore (C,,lored Iksn, on Plain, or Cooroel I'aper, with rnrpatr~h. and on favorable Tnwn, by lraning the an Ocjtc n ,,I'aI'ntE AMEIIICAN OFFICE, corner ot PInba ru (( nu(d .1. (:leoli,( streeit. Nocl9-if vALUiufAs1.: ENGLishl WVORKa. IoEIO lb1 (4 C(,(,CL Oirl,,,,,,,,,nt, Ib A HaRmilton. CT I. lrtanerl lo,,t 1ise Fronch, wit ,,ulna and ills lenoir ofi Philinp Do (Onumnes: contlamoing the his Cory oo Louia the lIlt,, and I ihtrlrs 11h0 8h1l OF Fner, noid olt'I·Ccale, tiro 1Hold, Iltko Io Bnr gonnlt, towhich l'rla:en bre was oo creturvy on also tlheihotory olf Ida,,,, tie iii, and' Henry 7th of Englond, inS vilsc Mleoooirsof Lidy H onilc,,, nill, ilht~trnlilol, ane dotel's of' Inv oifr onost porlicoos i-fienld antI disoiigaiisr1 ( conltmpornaric, embelliihecd wvith i line soortrai anfer honrnev 'lTe Imeco onron, or tent day entnncannient, ci Boncacio, innioding Oth esapresorel triot tr.:nslnted frot the Whatll~luh, to wl ne preflnrdl remitrkootn the lo'ihe uif, andltoritit:gn olf ocaioo, ini vola. Faranic by (V Men;iEANcoorCoanp & Coononot 1ta [l2ACKINGI-50 grooa I o.iouns paste tblking B 1 1o1r iiy SHALL & BROWN, m2 96 Mognoio at IEAs- 65 sucks J iinraty pone,; it, store far twin ml2I1. 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