Newspaper of True American, March 21, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated March 21, 1839 Page 3
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New Orleaau and Canrrollton Hil 11oad New Ooleanst Maradl lI, 1829. IOTICE-During tle rces thlle cars will leave Poy S• dra street, Iar C rnlolt o, every lull' hour, (oetn nlcnicng at 11 o'lock:h A unolie 7 o'clock I' t, return ing eer yhalf hnl r, eon eeen'irol et li ,lock A 1 until, i o'che:k I' , uld.tllont regelarly. N B 'l'h. train of cars !Idnt o nh leave New Or leans at I o'elock l' M, will o lave ot hllf pelt twelve, for hdlede, and gienlllte tleconyeuntn; ying themen, as to be i n time for the. IaCc. mill. J A111MPSON, elien engineer. JU S rece.i.i e ie thoe taini la WIeurnitur- W\re eN Roonu, ;( ilicnville aIreet, _011 Maple and Cherry Bedsteads; a lirll rale rtlicle. Alllo, a glood a'slr inent of Mlu lae, WVnllt, (Iand Pointed Chairs, which will be sold lor the lowest cuahl ilAe NE. \j It CAINES jy7 53 ,lionville street ---iA siii.; i C.lIE Plei 31i l l.IiNEitiY. l liE hsubscribor hy thIe hon( r of infornliin( the iv l dio s bllot hI lete reconivi l pelar lh ll I.afnyn.e snd M arnto,. at oupiy af t lolll IIdII hilwer lllineryv, at nie liatest and ricle eellc eetoi iatin., h kilh Mrs. calnian exo ecs to hlav,! o(pened l realdy tbr exame inatioan oil Mndeay andlI utday l(aIxt. I P 'oC.INiAN, nlv3 Charies t ENGLt.iSHl FANCY Ii N RI, I )i cit olllnl llr ioln. I ANDINI fron ai ip Wasllilngl frnon L(ondon .A lland fr anlel by Ithe Subsaclilene, I0ll elen, 5 cf lks English Stati(nr t na h : 40l reals thichk lied Pieu, hill pressed 30l do ylll, wvnrl, hlr pressed 1(8 do extrll oulpe'r -lill IlltPI ltIe I i do p llll r"l Inoon ·I111 . iln ; oi dlo ile dlo tinedll Iidge oild aneo d IhkerIman'I.o a llfloll Writers do (iarlo, icl Iunks laoo dl ; do eoop nieg dl IlDmwiung Pealer of al cllo. NIOVate Coelors een.-eootndl l no 1eosh-o Sloogti ea.enl ht h modeI ,ili! for nieeonaenic 4'renarede illilliro llldle vni.; hIeYr I,'nllllll!de0r0 lerl"ile Into ll ull on ille , line I I-0l0o lll ..II ee : loniigll Penl ils ; nkellllla 's and roo k 'lllllll S do il nt lllher caees,al lrtlled Folio and lluatto paI0 Iorlolni ag h, chinleo Inkh : cee lg, Ie lidl, lellolroolllen0 Mhee' ne, red Bl eidos i vnrielty lfot eler olli:llc o ill IIte elllliOnllry terA Snllllee onrn ' Illl PItIL SALE.-I ,urle -- liuedredl ono,;.nehlidlyig 1 ' i ithe lEelbr>o l ,r illllo r ll on bo.h lllber oilll vOll larnngoi , adjollilllnug Ithe Illllntationsl I,:t, el labli Shedl ovne C ho.. t"eeleene e 11111 i .n e I, itllf---t llenrhnr, do - te t lil l seon, I' o 1 1 0 l0rll0 0 lele r lonoef il h ellte l Ilwte e t nl 1,If Inv e aii l rolll ll and doining andellnow olll llel I.on '00. J le llnsele . ''llle a lld extlllle Irlll It 1111 I11 il hw I t y ,fr llo n t a o k I Ito le il dle p th ~ llh I " , 1 1 1 . 1 11f ," eIlr CPI I 'I ,I WityI it.I gCtlh, aI I- t11 "rll h 1111(1'1 is Ilr L mes li auteineolll lIIee leo lie e l hl l 1001 it o ,11'1- i o-lhe( lilr eii e lhl l (ion, it is not = *llliil*,"ntill 'l iy tIi n ,rl'l ,lit. iiii· h o Ildl, lr Iio ge Ihelll r lv.ld , lllr llll, :\ ,o11 ,111 nl i 11 l dlll i.HllW lllrt Oa -ivll rI, te llll 'l , Iln r ml pIII 1o IInli eIII, i s Il)I (oe e lo.l .u nl I ~II tu1 :i I c 1. l' Slil yea t, on f c ', . 1111 lelleIA IhCilll : :110' o ( 0 leer. It Ile i l.ey hr ( Io n "l c S l.o I II l, 1 000 il0 0 1 1 ii I €101 .ll,"rs gnr .i i1r i6lll41, illllrllln 1llhtill. cuto Iph.llltUc rele ln gOra l r 'i IIo y l 1e l ,I I", n pl e e i Illo H e in lllly l, e qei:l l noll ' hr a n 11aya Iloo. |,.111- v J, |llotl ll for .eeuo-houn, lo.l I II ('n 0, I, 0o ' l.010i h IJ; T tl ati r ol. f ,', ,i rtbuullllll . Ne. ee ce- Mt , 10 , ( , B i. 5O N - Ile lI -.' - . lenIlin rol t r000; 13 ('olunlbllJi for tolle' by nI, 4 (i. I)IRISlre\ ', t II Net, '.,o ",',. ' hiicK!I;lb--i" !lede Ie,,li,,fee ,-,et,.oe .r Mu 'V nilhi I y I . o, lloale ene lc , 111n 4 ti I t( I.vel n -i 11-Hl 1 (O :-Wl rlelllleillg f, alt ~,,t' V bunll Inllulrll bv itil'l 4i I t- r l{,l']\", I I N1,c • ' T lql.,lt:'I'I.i: 0 ll.'llonll - beunk0' , fo)e o ll Illoll o slatle 1 1s i 1 1 be cv (Ii ` ll I00r(- - .lt o ( ii e li () n il ee,') h,1I l- 0I oe ta-uto. " Il 0(. 0 rl!l,,--ý.,rl 1,y l -s Io:-eo·1e"e, 1 e-, i tlt( o(, hi I|+llrv Illll , ,, ,.:.1 .i) l ii l- ,.o I y , (i . , I , i' - lb flhial c al Ib1,1+ .5.,11 %l n'k iuI l ... . . I:ruli J'II . I N N sill 'I I L I , -i i I \. l. XI NN l Ii' lllu n I , . XIi1. . .. . e, I ) I ' , l tn.. l I I .. I ll l fI . . I m1l 91 1111. A I1I11\1 \ 96 \ l -i i . It U W.,'. T : -- ,i. h . ' 1 11 1N 1' 1) ~ Ili 11.11 II, ) : 1111 11a · al m SJ l . 1 1 1 I , 1 I .nk pl. . ; l.1: , I N 1 ,,, 1 I I t j ýj1 1'1 1,1:\11--\ ,-1610 & XVIII I/, Al . I )IXN:IX'XiT 1::ItI iI 'iK S- ic eiiI ' I-'.'l'i'il ill I ;1111 ,. 11, wl l 1: 1 II - I II:I-W ., IllI . i d. p . "r S II 1 e(I 'I I 'Ii ill 1i.1. I ll l IlI l ll h 1 lt ll: , s,:-' ,l e in 1 111117 m ', to 114 1i,g ,rI `rilli eung avind , I t, ' lr a - rI. ol . tIi ,- ,'11111-. tc, th I h 1(,a, 1 wr1i 3 , 5n.iNI i n vIIt 11vn - n(6 3i a w hIIor i llll ti ,I l er 1 t ln.t. ( r,ii' XI r,m I i liq h i,i III Vle I- e AeIIIX'eIe A eh .e 4%[AF I Xt.-.IG c W Imild a . d s l ili-e a 11d it l t h,, Il-t iiib ih . r, wsill w'o w,"11 hb cali rC of I lr ~ I l 1 l,,i ,',, 1 1, 1 l" l+.. FebI. I, l!1:1.1 I - ]l ti Il l tt & Pt 1,.1N lyS ~ IN 111,\1, lit e nl 1'11, . 1 .rl , SIc 6'inle r l ((, iKlli - I' e N rilI I.'. ( 1N , m.111111i Hll o r'i: l -, , . . I tF·,. I, - liS , ' N 1, 71, c t1l1:1 N VBt(I" "l Ii ,'i hI dl, 71 (·l l ll(lIt+'. · _ ýý- I'(; . &'. / II } ,.1i 1 1.\. - , 1 , h131g-hr1 1 V 1:.. elr SW Ill, I, lll-5 tiiillst S , tun phun, ma1l "ll ha m . iht, no 1\,3 lo r +t |% tlllirkl b nl'lol~ K \8i1,l' 111 ' ,ihtllll: i-' ll liihoe r td Ih S in) reLih' te by+ a(1 \ 11 ll" & l III) \VNr 4ull lr u I ;i'1 1 Melzi.e .vt Ill+l\ ll' 4"S --h ,I uI ll .,g ! lms bhl , i.lI .. lldoi, 111 . Sal l A LLk & ll. , l tril| \', h; t.l il,g . ' ts,' 111: h ll l l n 11 .1 . & hl b , m ll, ; I Cl, i 1 5 t, 1 1 ' I a W , ,r laib l# A - ,t ". l i : -.n n l l.--nd 1511,. "s i, ,h +li d l' tll t! IF+ lvo1113 d W lr Iu h I llt I, l,.i ls' ll hT y IICI , ni , ie coi l oh t llle l, I Io th li on o A nnu lli, fo m III, winy m. e n, its o iv+ c l 1n 41s.1 I ii fb t' " by' lnk inh n it lli bleI l su iit too of Itin o ile v -.' ' l I'S ON .i. AVI, 'c I ,nc d Glr itretum "blr 51 I1t I&r-1,i I., - i hoe nl hrtl.'l l sl h l, lp, . ,i llll til l I b ' maI l- I AM lik)l (il; .0, (,: 134 Ai ';aziie a t I~hoit.OTH RI G ell< aed Sunnr Cloin , iNImpr 1) PEi c- 1.M 0 1 u i ('1 lhh, ore il t (o a oll l lllI ,'_ 1 r c i- ; e Mnll lke, dipilvl' , t lh l I. lh beill, vier Iu-.tlllli~t"= , t )1h \\'t' llV .\, .I Re nd ndt Warter ca ilsks ', S, ri |het h I Ilo io, [.,i, 1 , \11i ll, r plot's hfictw t i,. es i he Irv, oe ial anillln, n 111859 wit 81 perk .l , I i .l i~n cill:. 'h r llnk di rctll i | l lorl ii ouly, 1111n ne (i1, i , f !halil! v ; 11,15 anl ISIL. !-o 'l'i le.,u'+ Tuhhaulr x ; I ih'+i Ru k of Ile.,tii ,, to t ,, Kir lcl b lwosr-o An i w ll, + i .. . n id liter tl nl C' C ie I' h IINS Y Co. i11+11` Jr :,1,, C rnr ot'St Cllhlles.11iii ('1nd 1nnn st y1 io mar li 11:AA10 4ll1)ll4 . co, 131 MiagTheine It R1K(111 1 0 0 1hi s m iess t c - lo th 1n g L a P lK-1 Jei G)i| nl.O. R-SEY I,, ' I1 New ciee G LASS-Speain, tincture mad sail inutlh Jare, round ani quanre ti'te'bottles of earv siz e, via las fron l-.ddraclm, to 8 oz., for wholahl ald itrtail, by I BO).aNABEIl., atoner Natchez L INSIREI) )IL-24 anrrelo raw .and buI.lld Li 1J .d Oil, just receivihngdireet fr.naln tn;ltnd and for nil.e by 1t. CI.ANNON, nlar 4 |2 Cntnp pt 0rTOI)I tIIDGE'S Geogruphy and Atlsn -V. Smileyv's lEo.oraphy and rAtlas (:olb'bs lidets,Ns It & ; Porter' IRhetorical do Andrwns'and StopJunld' Latin Grallnmur Andrews' .Latin Leaaons: jlsI received Jt uw supn ply iof the above vanlaid schoolal Iak, at 49 C(amp ti. whore ait large and choice assorlenat of S(.holn Iaks imay ala ay be had aon a good termss ill Ihe Southern coultry. iiar 4 A IlEX. 'l( )\'IA I|. AltCIIlI'ECTiUIIAI, WORKiS. NICIol.SO N'S Archilec oral )ictionary, 2 large quartrO vols. withllllnuer l plltos, It ver) valuable wtrk. Nichols.on', Principles of ArchitecT;are, :3 ols oc tavo. Illt 'll fl',llr at n i t t lo ki' r i r r i,. p es of Architecture. Stewar'a Architectural )ictilonlul, , : volt 8 v,,. .oudon' yclopedia of cottage, ar, l, and tillage Arc i teltllre.a Giloasary af Architecturei, I w1l Niaho|la.a' fiel ordrn in Arthitelurt,. Britall's Ilislory ol'Architeclture. The unedited Anti.nuities of Altlivan. The a.ove are all IEnnlish Works and rery superior. Als Ielnjualin's Arctliltectu, . lt w' .\rchila c Nliholson's Corpenter's Guide'; Itflavre's MoldrnI I.aenre oil s'ir wanty &cA. for alls l.a A IEX. I'(OW. 1i, 49 aCitilaa S l 1 -I N I" IY'S C O Tl N I,'A1 T O.Iit Y --t i ', .a b-. .fWhitney's ner,,, ctto,s,. T'hn e wi,,ling It purlhas, a superior ,rticle ,br plantation use, will p le se ull n11 xIIIIill e tn for IIIItPem lvli at leI' I.s I'l!| &' North, ,gentllls 1: Chtl e n sl r in t- i tl.: abli Iulei of the no scriber 457 TeMIh o fV1i · I TNat. tlENJAIftN WrIit.NEY. f 7 New O}rlennl, "e.bruary 7,1119 It I It IENT'. 'ai'lt denirnble dwelling honiaa, amto the I I Bllat tinllIder llll I Oa ll w ll l h. Io u rTle rer .l t1'oss.n a. inn g1iae 1i lrtkintla. 'atirg vep lieranl for it ,.irnlr lea llll , plyt. iti 111 , premise. ortn I 1 I' ItlTI; II atl& J "I'A;It'IT Jr l (La)riLr I'ydrlln & MnIgazinll st& S'.1AlT 1 ES t.l). t-ill luxs, Int I)ntra, 's brann , N. .lndidg f gt a i \+i.kpik.Img., ar nal. hV mar 9 iIALI & ItHt N,96 A l zine st i' I t ;at1 N. llU 'I' I't:It .f--I .rn laal ing re a ch o \ U VIC ISIt I.'It(,lliltn l l yll y h S ll r b! SIIAI.Ior. neIr l4W N,9g ; +Maeaz w st . l 'r, u9t AI,|rdi. lldIW \'N, tr,; "at r.' i NI NI' OOD '- iA-S , an and I ul ant I.iannil lt, ayr.-1, l tr +,,t, by n N ar 8 ,t n r J I' t ,I 113'NI'aa an, 73 in li , t Plint ined N1Inyl <Iad, aItAC and WIC ian Itl'nato, o All the article ritel wclrrat nteiI Iun I ofl Pro p liani q t adend a knep in any climatte, being Alan,- ilndrietd corn manl. )dleurne i ln atl t. . Prtin, &. Iard nd'Tagnt, JI . cnrlear and Patent isuiydt l ery-ts, ill-ers av pnt ntlnlion. iraall kag. put n I 'xptrncy Ir Sgar, ly r, M, and Water Craoker.n cuirinisiri, aor Pnla anly by Ian-s l a'langp, All the above arties nisrt warrane toe o ofthlen ir ua leity, and rt keep in any clirm ater being comphletely kiln dried. Alan,- iln dried corn al.n I ttII F'exc II t i atllS itiln , ,, en 1rg 1 wll,. Orders left at an. W. Prichard andTagait, Jr. Scorne Magazini nd oydras Ltreets, wI reoive pro nt at tention. Sall kog put up expresly ir 1a i ly u ae. 15niv,1 iD.' ll ) 1 ItNAi l iitiE S ---il,, r .,n,, Iri . iiolu i --p curwtins a, ior Bt W only by' Icuns & D'lang , anld t Plough' b Wseul t l. All thtlr+S rlal ollll,, ( nsist of 1e most plen did sp|nl,1 llens of ortlgllll u y froln EUrlope, Asia, AlI prov'd '''ll h'n wlt fill dnys will I (e1·avn od ol I-oll tal i l. & i n rl- in lllt 1' 111 t o thet oill iN l Itv s it Ith t I llthhc I, Iha i,' eti ll d yI- , lt-wo ,"nlr(i ,ta bte a, o v : ' l alr i-n ,ll iti, ml ii.- t 11 3t)ll l' h r h lt h , h . NoIlaa l ,I nan a ,, ,, mn' - ln,-, F a.i-g ,, \Vl,.hr illn, 'i a wurki', ste',r aIal n sl! ut',i |oti,,n in 1 n1-, uI i a ,, i o ) h lw I - TnGii1t'--. h aIll', , amhht s intJ :mll , Elloni Tolr , lh*. h , ia ., [1+11+. S~ ia/,,rhana , l .l-,' t Iiiaa ta, a ll n lih oJ , i 1;;d1',, u r ( 'II 11 1 a u l t m ,, . . tO11 " ral , b r a ln ItnRAT. a I, N ine 'u 1'1 IIl l:1l |'l I I ; & 1 1'o. 11 TlIt I\ IIýIi.i " st - , p ,1 c l In ; ' I L P Sai , II Unn,- ed Iu - ¶tIl( i,-n11 . d1)1 il IIM Iu'h1 hndant d in .t- iae or aI' 1 l ,r Ililo (r Ill Ila SI.:r , ,I N'r w I tlnerg " I i h .S ...11.r . I' ........iod, im 41o.". lilt L t l,, l,y i; I i i 1', 1a N w t.a. I+AI)II:-' & I;IvN'I'II :\M N'5 (;IIII er IIAIN" Iaortninnr , C hlt,hatti l e i a i ej oI , nil liart hl nita, M r io inI I' t gltlry lan , Ist " Ixlt + l 1",II.I 1 c,'b' o ,l tI d 'II II'II\-, ;ll4 l lltlted punet It1lll<N-|N IS "NISL. (b n)d ,.I1st Ilri-tcu (:d"t I \\'lnC ; Shhl b ,rg rr Spa,,bMlm. Ih,,k ; I)om 1Ihk, it 1:;',! Nlel-,,n trllr ; ht wlt~n i r wine ll a .. l tlllll· l l.l X \ 1 :9E . ('llllen l i.\ l tlg, x and CIhtllel u llll. l iL l.; ,.1. ' .\ \ ll l - l I lu-I ribl. i S'it l Juhci \lu cdoo l1- I I'l IT I" N V I-NI:. S uits, -lpal li : lg Ilurgulndy _ IIlnir I (;GS-.-- l bblll lauding front m lrillllroat t Lullli , nl It saeb ARHM olR lull h.qot -r nuie l~ ++" ~ rilrl 'iI ! lou.1'5- 1110 1111v moll-li silks, as III Anl~llku Cllrl till o-u& 1111114 It '1II 1111 11111~·, )1 \'l: ( IS ; h sIrlet~. s11111 s IoI wt~n 11rim,1 oo ttt 1 01110 II.t Nn I I tu-q d ,llll~t'.tNell ,lo~k No : do 11 '100 ;lo I In)k mid \1'h ll Ii · IlelsllU cL jUI'I" Jll'''" ' ttl'c.'tl"t~·~" t'· t ·'lt ! 511IIIII'lt llllt' 1~-11n I'~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~lil III1 lll1lI(lll11tlI10 111 F) l flIm 441 &. ,ravl CII 11 I ' ,,,,4' 14-Illcl boutt.'en, 41 A llllus ,rlll an shlle, sCot rat, Swe It, IItIICI 5(11 III t It lOAlllea CIII o 1111nl- 1 __Il_______re __ _ Fa,: "I Urb,-, flallIan Nlrrt (ll)ap tI t Silk and I uwbaz eI t, 1 th lolue nea 11)1) ll~i ADAMS·llr &111 \111VIITI (1, 67I (bonierlil ~- i )3lmremlgn and Ike oti by ilk tln 8115CCli &s II-O' N, its $ IIt Jltlt0L O lA F SC iAI-nttiottat quaI FIlitit14, trnttlo, I, IC itt -he abovrnatttl Creotel'y StllL),,v A' Il ndel, of(eLvlpCltn n ilh lttttiii Stt & alogdtnIt 3 n e e , i t h ' c r g . tll ( N eI w o kpI hLir l r wl l e 9 6 l tl og ta aI S t Texts markts, for oh hmtre ofAI I Go--q, J Co., I IPI t III1' l: c'lture '', New fork, toad at the sh rtest p -ibl, notice. Gller man amtll 1',.,.. I'l lil('unh l·I I,,,, . ))~ lilSSII' ('1. Nava,1:)-l~l, ililit re, not F+I ln uan iIrl llelba Exchange lr IIIl Tllt Il ` f vee nnp "rur fla h ars t cln 1o ilird (bo*ll', oI llS tiuO'wiIINl--I) 1 nu re Fni lln by ( DAVID/ FEL Illl \ Co, war l9 N V SCun nttionf~, a r: Ilnl,1 y 'm~ss S 111111Il:'"Il '-51rcie ttwd znSi ; .OU'LCIII:I EI l P:O 11,1' &. canIni t and qr Ill 3 camne,, for sale byFsl I~ ntar I, V f' I.1' IIAR I \ III l'.1G tllltII , J 1ý,1 AN7'AS e-ill bales 11-1 Ao p~l~.·~~letmt 1I1 1i ag O'l'111 NG-l4 ones w \'lnun ell l olloglandinghia l.J front ship Caolina, for sale b nil5 l-10 I lelR bller, \. ('o, 31 hill. rlip C ln 1' icng, alo 2 duo rueera fo sae b 1 I OTICE-!Ir,,ymrius an.Ii.91-I.1?9-19 730 am ie 1'1qetdto return thir reveips item: ditely m th *t C Rn N1' E--On ew Turn and Philadelphiac c I ' fo snit by SHIPPING. For Europe. FOR LIVERPOOL. A H Theahip IOISII'iT hI"I;. I', (','pt lirk or p su n i' I ht'pl, I t t ontll l'e, t I. II (G .Ii, "I1IIIII4 h i, l in FOR LIVERP iOl IIIIIit. I .N"I), Ca til· ' tWe ir ru , rl alllller l NI ) (il, p ul'emltta, tld wil s l AI tls & Wl Iti'll tAxI. r t,.rlll ' p saeIll ir t o lti Ip t'' lpl 1 13 II (AV . , - --l-O ,l I,IV l:fr Pl)OO L, I1.\ I), We air nnlW tv, rvI r,,ln .lre lil :u1.. tlllila t fe h o l ich Ior s me tg , F rt+, e .. , 11S & \VIlIITAII, _ l'O l N IIAV OIlE. N lll ' Cal t W'll N II ,Iul c II I ill t 1 . "- e rllt n d e t.ablll a M, t ket Idj l.ld it ·ll. Apldl hn iu IIu I IiI lt I, I I (:':\ I I t 1 11o 11'.t 111t ( It I ilVII(ONI.L & AIIFL 'Id "J1'h1'tl liL, IeIw I ii I i ra i. i l l LI11 l111h, oque I1".1, .A \I IlI Punt toul'hriinl, i9 alalOil .5 Th11 I Alih till and In l ilinll, islh a;tli a. dI.T Cul o e I S I will rhe cl ir O I pa . F i (10)1o. wh ich o r p m,% , ,t he.r l fr ,. I ' ( It I I A ,IIE & 'I i t kll . . m etl wi lh di+p rih.l Fin l rl r mfl 1"r I'i lhnrt i , ,-u c p appl y on lo ud, bur to l I"1 l; 11 to Coastwise. ll. 7h o Succee'd i he y'l.. Y +N . u N'r w Pora aie d pply r ().h Ito II ' P H IT Ii.ncThe ait I hip N AII t\ ', ilht I il , IitI vldt near ly l I he lltmr iul,, Vl, , Id i,,wi l ina T..&lw ii .J I' l i ht mlr I, , i, tit ,"h'g~lll Ilrni he II acc FI·,t ,ld nl a, l yo ii ntild, oll S IIIII NIN'O &ll ( Poi ',o.l ot nut.[nr J{\9 I (lY ti lillt . he ....JE1 ' e A l f t a ll, fn.t liuln shlip I .F .l\'1T, A - havliq. til'! lrntr p" rt mf tw' fri t}i ell'an d, r I.rv ) l heigl~ t i, g goeraplye n t n i I . I I G .I I +.ll ,lA " (F I, ·, ,illl=l FOR ISO.3T1')N. .l'hPn r rInlglj (h 6 Sil, I. 'lII. l 'l I ' P ,tt (t'iJ '.;-I- c well, will h I,, rea ,y ' Ii '.+.h i ,, in t tI* "w { l-[ . P i h tI I o a. d " ' . v -lll l Siii 1l Ing h ~ i1m tu ;1 I. li ( , 1 1.:. I '. l1,1, tIll ·I11I1I) =t 'I l E T RU'I i I' it ( 'i . ES (Ii " L I F' E I S I I:AL''1 ci." , KiNOW that health arnd the abiihty to ' labor, constitules the weallh of the great mass of tile peop'n ill this, is in In st other court. tries. ''o preservei , thecref'onr, that i'lth ibi nai u. l i ral: rmean is a gr eil, moral a;ld p,ht. clii ihe.i' to ilfril whiclih, requires ou llllllt attentl ol. ''The iunprecedentol lpopularity and Uilverld at. alpprobatlsin 'wllich this tIlled cine hsas achirved Ithroug.hut ithe ifuit'd f$tates, thie anadas,'., lv'xas , MxlIcI,, and tuh Wes ( t dier, fully justity Ir. II Peiters' in warmlly alld o.Iscintlinly frec'mm1Uyll dini ll thi ii to tile s, eclat inslice of thei s' ul et d. lPeters ' Vegetable fsils i tl. ae ,fst, il it ci lbe tual and Iec(mmeal rUemedy f dl I cirel of 11 i - hllialn cl nstiltu i n, that hI, l.ietr hon d Ls vered. D r. Peters, tlh inventor of this' inIIVI able I IIl - c ln, from. his klnowledl' e of thI a ......... . , . . derived ('rllll a nl r l i I1xtelnive I practice, hal. l i irrivvd t to is conilii io i, tl . it t. i r ,ri t amb e i ;, ' . ary caulsr so hi Iiscllisearss is a d rliremll iig I Still. fonclio of the ( iver, or in omler worids an i. I creased or d.tlllshel scretion of lhe hlc f Sl well i st s Iundr.T Iodl, llhat iti is m nnilll U tirI plerson to say when te el nwel, thyhc n i hatt they aru h!Ou nelr-nng Ithal thlley have ou llleh Lb II oI Ie atolacis. lr tie other hland, wrhen tile bflow c if sile as diislotiised, use prsces. of diess loll is imper i e tly pierolu rie d, ithe Ipaii't belie ls ll ulk and emlaciated, because lourisllmUnt i oLtaeuld rin tie flod taken into the at miuach ii not properly ex. 1 rrcted, and tha fetd Is jecled i a crude states. I Dr. Peters as cotnidenti that tile flaous livgeanl Theory, so called, that, "impiurity f tifle blord j I s the cause of all diseases," is a great absurtly. lvery one who reflcuts o in tie si ijeit a. mornliut, will perceivothat r nipurity o'ihe blood is a seiurc. dai y not a primary compnlaint-the i tcibet and not the cause olf disoas. Wien the tinletOs llof thle ii liver are deranged, and the tlw of bile increased, I it is often Iakesn ip by ithe bson rlct vsesses and carried into the circulation, anld becomes usingled i i ih the blood, as in jaundice, when the pailrotin Ihows it in his iricunteniac. Nco this impurity oi blood is caused by an ancreased lisw of Illne and to remeLy it, you must correct t1I11 scretions ifs of the liver, and restore tit to a ihealty state. Dr. Peters has spent much i iir e in expernent ing with ddlterent vegetabse snedirr nes, for disases of the liver ; and now o'i'cra his Vegetable Pil-, ras thie best, lost colnvenient, aindl cheitst nledl cina that can be prolpared for gen'eral use. Dr. Peters flatters himself that his long ex, cri. a nlenting with vegetable medicines has enabled him I l to discover t rue ieeand only ubstitute lanswer ilng In aitll the purposeras e mercurioas without anly of their attendant evils. ( line grenat quality c'lsi' vegetable ll.s is that ftly have ills e alturaitive piruii cl iis. blueed wiuls their i, it .airlle, or opnrative o ti i i[ ti ,', so tihti the y not only ciiu lln the ftoyl llv end bowels by plurgin , but tihey regulate Isi hillr, chlanlge tie ilorbid secretions, s5lrlntltl s ell Ie dlacstive organs, Iurily the blood, invigorate ithe circulation, autid lir touIe ad energy to the lier. vous system, and c nvey almost i nliediate convictioin iof their utility from tise first idose. 'They can I T ikenil with safety by persons of any ige ; and tlhe feeble, the inflir, the liervous, and thl delicate, are strengthencJ by their operation, btcause tihey clear tihe systemll of l,ad hUonurs, quit nervy, irrita bility, and invariably ilroduce sound health. ThirleVegetable Pllls are i sure rc; inedy for j liun dice, sick anld ervous iheadaellc diys, epsla, n cstitc. tness, sickness ufthe toliach, heartliu in, alll bis uis complaints, levers of all kiids, and if taken at the coInulllcuccinent will invariably check their pro grcss, anid slave te patient frlom a protracted " gt as,. dangetolls sk ieoss. Thiey are iniahikble in nei . vous and bypocondrical allectlionss, Inss of apt e-i stite, and a I complalins to which nemalesi alriil are nd are ea sai anlld certain i.nliedy fir worms si chi'dren. Since I have introducil irly Vegetable li'lFs to tie pulihc, I have received nucI eri u s certificates of ticir euperior t llieacy in curing dhiseir se, 1g s o, many letters Iros l respec"ta lo physiians, who s have used threm in their practice with thi e bet Ssteeesc.r I might publish ai small voln orf ce tilieates, ibut consider it unneeossary, as the Iino licine wi, recommend itselfto all who ni I snake trial of t. The above pills are In boxeseoutaing 30 & 40-l i lls each. Price, Si3 & 5ii coetspis.r box, Druggists and country mlserchants can his ie sup. plied, at wholesa or retail, at Ir. Peters' prniei t pai otlice, no .65 Poyithas treet, between Magz igne S& C'amp sts. New Orlas.r illllc N ltl1OLAS \ICK(i.It'Y-INos... 7, . and Ii. Ain le first sax eo i tll illo one i art: s oit' s i iiss ;rft' i very inlerenf I honloks,jullt ie llll .l lt. Ill' i b y i - u Itgos the brig fid ('sil'li ', uis sli' by i iai" I '- I' nl.\'l'l':Tr q . ,: A 'I.zItY b',sit ;la, t"r am S raisin; L tdl Ieditg -ilkwolnns and t clu ll i nlvti the null ry Ir lv `%l Pieria, 'ns l i ir ' is ll - hii ni'i tri i ed t ciis liei , Isrisl' ted Iio11 the s l,,neh. Ji I e eived as d for sale by A 'TI' iV'Ai, A .' 5flt 'h . i .' i, S -,' itiisi. ro..e. n , ii i A or Hliman tOrgnoil phliii, i ..1opt iei s hl's wilh numeronu pi ltes, is i. iit- e (i I niveriile-, ieu'-si sies and scheole of medi'in' and -s.ier,, lenmhnll of pllnhl eed seuilipe. and 'es hll,' ol siseoy sti, ntiellsn uodentie c. s y li le Ir'sv.,lieri .I s liirad e 11 3 1, ieuiSbr of tim Reval Aademiy iosi 45rti, tlhcr ite-i , -- 1 ), mnembo r in file iv id l Anl : eiety " llf lilh and, S mar 13 ALE's\151 415 . uaai ts tPjl il"Plluilic are restc ' tllls,- iu lin htlis at r.i.... rticles l .'," iiisnls'e 'ssseiu tsip Csiy'Ysensa.e c'i-ianI for se le sfv :ic 'lAlL .,'" BIJAVN, 'Iir .0"6 ylae .ire et 01W( NOVO YOR. /1\( 0mie luuhunClly u- l.,"liced,cin . e.. hp,,ll-The .r u s, Capilllainll IEhll nis, All. buru, Caplli lan) (' ];,'rl ]rr, or/,ln, Cuptaill Sier., "i,'ksbury, LC .uptuin J kell (r, PaI thelcic Cccpctii Asl v. Til e abeda s.hp e . till it hii n l I -i' oppred, unit~ IIopper he.iU jeImed· (·, anIdII we': bu (l'hill iNew Iolk ic i l,.t ' r cc hi Irlle-tihey :r oI e.t i taiiII ght of wa Ir, ai.d aithm slt i u ariably cr"ox: h)Ite bilr wlioI t dI eleld I1 hes- Iouckelis are ,rrI Uahrhdd by I Ca ainh ~ell ex. llerl nced in hle Irade, ll d eill l tny 11,. exe'rl thenisellll ve t o n n rcl I /,Odite. Tlhel ~ill al, avm he towed up auld down the l lier, alld ' ill p olplly all a" advlllill rlised. 'T'hey Ihavl e I lid 'orn " fl ll l lr:l neeo rrll i;dtli i land stor..s, the first + ruliv ,. ill ulan .. I,+ l'ruishw no, l n Id I e+very uttlenltion l c t ci " ilia. ici ul id suii l, 'liutiu d u 'I'lle price ol Ie is ixed t i $l, wil otlt wine or lilli.c.- i r ir fullner plrt',l i plal ti ly to . (Oi E tN, J I'" II8l t om n lreet IIr Th1' shipr lr n tot ewr .... "tI.s ' lfor bllreakage o ,lass, hollow uns, ,. in ble o o +r glr t llllh'. u .operaer. ,F tin or ru-t ~f+ ] io steel:h Ifot- l ooll.ble, lir any package or lac l ut on board, l,.si ri o.uhlor hill ofilfdiig be +igicd th hirel ri, r thie olier of the algenti. FOR NI V YORK. .\Mw |ork \ .w \ Orltea e.l.rne. A 1 N : \' L IN E ,I\ e I tlu e rsI+ his; bhv l e. tnblihed to S rIll belialen New .tlea l nod \" 0v York, to dli,. t .M l te, JI , \\' Io-ItIr, Tl bte'' " li I, ll , liId - ii t S AuUII i ll i Ittll yi A _ bu" ildiig, icp', we ip, li.c.. . ilt i-,t ,, , oc .. . ill p -"ly ltici Ibad,-; ,t: o n llrtll dr1lg I t I'I I on 1, dll~l \' t b Solbj,+tt deIll lerll t llll Io · the IUra . '|'hI'lu a, ('Or lltlltidanoll l fIr l iiii 1 'I, cci' (Ii-'' iIIl that i' it b iec ired fiur .' II rl lll IId iio 'uii-i c ; ,ll tl r I IIIIF oa aol rs e dlllll -i tll l . c Until he chip.-; o+v bll ieta:ld g ore I', iP p nto t pulI nc· tuI litv ~will h-e ohservn d in1 tihe Itr ` of lwiling, L rol I t'" y" l' Hl,, I Ud, 1hk lrot lod tion ' add to shipp lr n I ii · ll ,pi cl rc. 1'1:TEl I.+\ 0.l\V,6t !il u Gtllllt)I st For the Interior. ;f i ,tlt I" VII .E ANIt ClN;IRNN.TI . The Ti.,t I.ce...iig cnc spalenhdi i xi_~, lilr Ir Pll I , lhl ditei CIct eoe glllted. ,+,11t ,o-hivtly, h a'+u tht por ol u S IITrdIy Ion in.+ good n r,,{ |,rll irrt., cl, unt t o nny r. at on til ,,-' mwafers, a 4ppi Oi hour! ! t I dl eat,ct ~phurt ' II' cOI'tIUN ., AYiI I%',i tar 11litltI Ihavir iI - F c icl Att i-tl; ".\IA . i £Re u.u, r Palcket. ii l)ah & WIllT !.. p.!-!,.7l I. 'floe p, sIl hd ita.r* g .r .mtall bout s^, , illl IR,,i, " NIv O 11. )1... d lnl itd 111 (t -loclk A. 1. ti,r stel , I, u li n .Lur, pnave tut llur ta nti I tl' ck A. 3, i ll ' h u T o r o~ (,IoIn iv u thle oS1 ('\ 11 the Lmul n, E bll ig R D I 110.1111 i p11 ia, irietr has re-ftiltted hii ed l ainu g T heiI I. the .t. I1i ii IS l ' try tH'lrhnn I1I Cornllt, f " r le niil St. I anrl ev .se ill the eates t all i ill.Ir, ic ho erh uT1 Ih, o ilr ,t 1it a l pou ' s nl cthe Ic nilnd tates, hif elctill, ic iity ad ntliaidtc (lit n l,'l'ei, 4 anil Ne i Iv soit 4 d ~ il t h In iie4 ,iir pitn .lii tiplle' Lot d'i .it, iiand liccI rhI ' l' Iuirt ent. A o i llh nielr ya t all u I.thl'trv w l ,'rk .h'a,11 of' tbe'<1tv u d Ili,, there p welllt kati o ,f hw i ndon, Al , ztnI l., Ve\tlun ineter tlr ( li·tu 1,th li v asin.' nd. ll iteckwo 1,tagll toii riei . rhe ,North A i canl'iC I tl I' ie'1 ; tIhu l9( heL n, 1 itert uI , Knick ii o ukl.,TIl i r t lli cini.ill Joutrl all' S it ce' and ArltsC 1'a itln- 31,,I-(' "niiiy Demcrni ic'tI ( litevew, (e l l teit iL' Iw ll lii h lc 1ct ,l IIct liii cc rEli ht , Ih'll '. 311 sceillh y, ile .11- l i. nht rellhrg l Revie,, o1o u gaiety or rodher'. ill tis rIIks i 'I ilt I r ic tI (i'ioledl or a ll d ev l tei. e l1 ur , clrh eriuli · i e- i(,i ,I i ac Il etl rllrlll -rn i tn r, n i' llllvn ll e!,?· l lllln E otll:llldll l t va e ly r.f \llkS ll'p fte f cl. 'h i.'. , t :l Iiv(( &· h 1lli-n Ii1 lt ril hIlctol r s tlrei m o, rd, O g th" c ir l - rivý tliad n - . i ls nor ex tll will e -Il'd t ri render thr; 1 eadnig Io. d illell the - Ci. II 1. di 1.\11 . 311i i LA I'S 'l',rk,.i, D fr h - ,th pne h. ray olr red lanr , lw ir , oeml, or it the Iluiui l rier ii I.ll ha rl,. iilcieel . eitsi . cci c ciu,1 u h i cii ge'1.1 1 , higiCi IJ t 'derv ii the luici wrtic i i, i.v, i ti jtine i g SinIlh%, h rpearlir hratl: h..k, well :ohtp ill't for Itn tl, uhý-,, o ' u ,r hhohdn' Impe \ r, I,.h . e t lmently U+,, h :m.,'e , fh vier ndi t at les repair in, u "! l+:- " lr u., h,,er t ,' 'hur h st "" .. I'.\11+\11.3, IlJ+,u i.,#, rlr" . t'i 'ull y gives lU c l cii.e that hIe ,,, i,,, h r u lb'-i nc illi lly ill NleV , t ll,, t olin rlounh , , of 'el: ruI1I) Murth nI l . Aril. I1I ; i o th rl hu, l Ir Ir L ng, whose Nll hl ii. I cli -loo ll tclllta ho . ,e' ll l t hlh it ii caiiiil cooon"ll l-'; l;l l ,-. +.? t, ,H ,ly.e u I t sIll1 A Tt ) WA fli I L. l ('amp st B A A A AR. Corner of SI . < hN'Nrrles A ComNntmo street, - Ex tH , IAN E II 1' FH 1, i bUSH &i Al.I.i N \ .? tId rNE IectfIully caII ll hei at I I I 'nNonN N f N ih n , rNt ger to t lleirNomplete nsorllllten t of tl atl, wen', lin i -heirs, do c'mbric, _ wINN Iln Nmin rnts. N INN hi ablelll linen fronts: linel col- I lars: ilk, coton l lll lllilNtfil I e shirs andIII drawers au ri, and silk Il k lkerchit.: black tand fusy c -, I' rat ari : So-ks o eve:rI dNescription: Nulu ,I,l.lil, sI- p CoIlltlll o eNI'IaIwNr a: N ilkN IN ' lllll IIII 1 thrald hletc>: eut ll-,IIo ,:oill i 1 1r: u ll s aind canues gold AlNNo,- I l'plllllN IInsolllrt t of I dle.' N dl et is wri i_, d, .k<, drn..:. f en.e , t. tfblit, , pelkiu erl ut-t I NI Alit lA I' PlHI l 'ltNl.l('AIN "NLY DISNNCNtS .TB S :1). Tran lat ed il thell FenchtIII J II IJ n u .i<, 3 1.1). by \'liati I~~ne i lI. art Islt. i )1 the Ie'l ssuits ~1i Murriage' fist ýl d. inslrlct.ous il cs lling, oith It icare tor l'al rt . .. SInttI I - I N "N . . arrllall-g" l ylsiologicnlly Diise vsemd is thle most useful, land d,'. idedlly the ml; st ine~lstclin, work that we or r- il It wil Ibreak uil onure rakes anld spinsters, awI siIke m e.: niure i, redI n n I NI s NI woIN' n thuI illy I - u1 Illll yw n.-- Ln .IlNl'carIN.I 'This it ;I ireat book, iand will be lrOdU( lite of nmucih on, ilnthe llllllllll , It i tl' it co tllllliln much At l';tlle betllslll(! bn Il e 1111. 1 I il Al'i ilAN eNcN NNI l'lhIII | iNN) l:,d u iienl h s , lill Illlnlr Iwore I(he trll'l%' \Vc\P rep ,ii. ill? relolt·II llpllll i NN . I Illrl ltoIlo ill & )lllll ill I~1 N I N1' Il Nllntionl U IIll ol-ll. li s nild c n'1 t Nln I tIhat nI II y inl quesNt Iof psartners.-L.c petir Courier D!.,. Ilames. F'or nticat no tirl IPowdral, it betweel Magazine lld (' mp street. Price $1. L El ,'Id -30 1) a S ntrlll-,ll llanldi ng tianr brig sorellmlil ,l ltwr .ale by mtl9 l I I IL,. &IROWN,&A i A giA N ne st I IIN KIN : -110 hhNI' ts .i ' 'MonongalNela whiNkIyI tI t -Itote fIor snlt I II 11 ll .. II W NII 'l N l t NIII Nzintlll I RI lli.1N .'. ' T--'nlotr u nd brown stud dlrteet fIon ,llNIN NNlNol,'' Nlle hIIN NN A'T'I":ST l1l'l'l+;i{.\ll\Y NOVELTIES- ýJ "(' a pth I\d, tio wii.rd of tile, seln, by prO fes.or PI A I NtItNNvo N- N Nalesof tNe panion, by Iirnliy married,. a st il l o i iilesiat llllne!y, by 7 i' ( r' w re ' -(art Werner, I )li t r T':mist, O llel.l t il I vol vo illustr. atd, tN IIN NNiIp I, Illlnli.N , ' li Nllh Nl(7 L N Nichol as NiklN e , nN N. and IN7N S le' art s Iouoln in 18N N Ii and 18l37,2 vols Elll: N i ls i n AstilliaI, Russia and Turkey, Aikini' Britih foelts, Frost's do sequel to Aikins, An NN it twI Isy oN ll bAtIN, inrN d IN ublN olN I IIa I ew I lN elN i d I. NNN-INNN .\AtNNlNNNNIN--[II I'iNd. 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I .nr e Car at 4 o l,,ek, A. .'ll m.'y Car at As o'hok, A. Locnu otl o I0 .. . "" i. l nrlll O l . " '+ ", I , '" .. .. . . .. " A'ter 10oarlock a Car can be ohtallned by baying -10 d° tar, fir the Trip. 1rllE JAC'KSON AND LACOUR lE STREETCtRS LeeC:t rcetl8lojelock A \. and run hury - Art eallfpast? "'t•1ock this car Wl 'Oill rlrellce runtr,fz erery hall hotut, muld COultnue throughn~t the day unIUlI 6 u', .,+ t P DI (Ixuot the fied of Jack-on altre~t Persona .om,.g by the L,,orontov, must jp~rovikd ethemselve H]h Tlcke¢, as nu mo~ev .'ll Imt lttkeut by,the conu,.tors. O)t.". New Orlen11b, rnd ('mrrolholl Raid Ruad Conlp~tl3J Frvxdra- street. JOII\ HAMIPNON , FRANKLIN INzIRmMARY. "1H' ulhiic are re " pe" ':fully nt',Frmed that orlie iflinl IT tFahto ii Butted on F I l imrroved pjutr, nod • ,rt m an tJly an~d irlllti rll al fiab~ Sllai Y Ir, In th. Ialaai ur Franklin, upon the rai) > ia, one Inti? ron aIe IlIasFb iiF+,liF.r+ go, ........ F,o,.,,......oo,Fo......,,o.loF,, .... 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J TAG'FJiERT', Jr. , d lee d , Id ra n t l, l r a n d ]nll ! , i t p r ; l rl toI , I le tei n 'a l L1)nel, d ,Ji,,ht sale b~y I)A\ e l) J"Ei,'I. & c+.. . J.[N ' , Ithl+ t hlln1J r hanlives Nt )r.C. .1. '/e/pos ('mpurend %'.31.1' TO PILLS, 11: F11. .'gr '." F ern 1 1 ~,rr n. iA F,r .hre .ledF ,,e for al// DiFeases, n. so 'F suGbilttl I, t'oren/, I s a F tnlFharliF iF fatres FFFI /t JF~ilioF,, if.IbrOio'FF Phyr ~ a/ Olv~ ,twajireuns. slyp IF Il'i'llitoF .I'F crA =o IF . '.l .lt. + rt . , ', ' - bF 'F ''F (l. r L' t rF th '" IE PS. 1, 1 + rl t,"w . . .'I,'.',' 'd h, u .tzll P .il.. 11 l hltnr b'P ri+Ol ul ld 1, I+. nl r & Cht . -r ot' l h, t, r e l ,. dto l, the la Nl Altloe tr' 1u 'ar harl l,Co r r y t i s a l.t<,+erll. T hlen' lav, +.Il :11hlol~l.,ull tIJ . ",l' a"tlly It~ , oi ll'l htour r;...t 'sud .. 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A FOE I.AdNerl'b intlrhe ,it o', wam r 4 lrt Use [\ll . a., & I'tl':o Kit,-Junn!received a -= It _a,",' ..lr11,"c,.'t lilll Mil aat, . nd ('hocks. IIL SI & ALLEN, oi art: ]-:'.+hatlfft Vll ta, ,,it `t tI'lo~rle'+ & Cmt|nlon Vt FTI'1N I'I'UIRE! FUIRNITUR{E!! UNIST rc' tI'ed t the lFoFisi m FFFurniture \ihare ,J rFF0tF, I't FFl'e si uplt'y'',F NewF York and Bo Foen. [ e r- l bthe .it I'F i iLra l ye Nol tl eo .,e to ' .lll~ d Oehcl Nhl F' al F .le ; oI'olll e. oftheobei l and Cur el t( I k.F aF F iF Fit, utF 11', FF It CA FN It. n ]--Parirlr FFl .Ftit F paid bi OfclinF iTd shl 'F i lo, farIJp fr,.tFl.FO. (of body.--u h LIoHsteF & i"r.Tl\oaj-.l i F'realie on the -It_ S1~be x \ o.,t I., tra Ilolt 't fronta to e C hines,*, Vol, :.o, just rt .clv.d Ileae hr telaly the F ",,,F.ehlo of1 A "' " ' r ' I f, e1T IIi andlaz , tot I~n o t1 ar[ po l Fon r havirlg" bs iness ill, ' i inior, atlo' reF'FFing said Rail Rlod FA brasFOFAFtin Aon 1FF r''Fteft 0oFFFF FOFe FF ,vil npnl, lit dhe Bo il troad (drti, , l'oe cras street, Bv F'FFer if Fhl r l ' i':FrFo. (g r,. JOIJU RY NICIIOLSON, olFt 'F'F' iCa tFhier in.y o \Af it i Fo'lt'.lri oll - hc , 2 TCioar een- b ofla. F F'IFFh.C ir tlai'g fromlF the brig ltrlelo oipon Iln,:aua, firaale 1,t I I.AItILt\W , t,'J ti{JGaI I, st I SioNia I ra o' a orn, of ovut'y dotor wipor, Slat-ey uashr lnr of ]lloent nmdicil'e o. Received latoly and ,or sale byv 11 Iltt).NAIBEIL, JFF cot NaATez & ThaCo o F plolnsp sill, ].+!!'C, AFi/ t tc''F ('FF00 of i rIt (./duirs, s'uap rd - olnlen]lJed hth.Ie ',adles. ,ld 1hlid and Charles ton, inde I roaht nily, the precss, and the '-re tcr iFFance o f all thld gsrpliFhi opinion ha s OuAF'ostd :t 'id Iar~'ed the crloLenoiyr, of Lady L. lI,,tlala.L,'s con~poubd C I r!(,se so~ap) )eyotd sun pIFoF fFF r letter or Olnzi WOCtI, F0i F Flyes on the face, sun hnrr+, tan., ,.ru..,+ln., ptlcl, lY I ;,at, and tll~ec', tI ice ..1 IFe sk"il" Fhe henoing FuFlFhlft' of this soap 0 ;1[ "+,-,l1 era Jlu (,. 11 is rl roolnllll ded its all .CFolF- Frt rhefiF'r. o,.po FtFFFlO ilooald iolr grillg. imenl, for beautlrtf)ll,, the+ r,,tnrpt'lt~loo, renmoving. freckles, and inparlnt;i Ireshrniss nod delicacy to the. colrlyl Fer:on, FFFhe atislF,cratiF FdlstF,,Fi,,n of i, lt n w alt ha ,nd, Fis %k 11 n 0an 0 obj ect of considerable "interest. i Axposure fFFC warm L'nItes the nrek lae, and hands btcol tanne, d Nor hard meal, , anld the Inv, '( liolls o td I i tlot rn helamlsr¥ have b+een rendttred stlbsetl . t, ot mll lerely tol tihe necet,. sore ve, dicVet13 ar's of ht,, blut e'Vel Ito its+ lux.uries anto elP~acllels Sol[d wh,,les;,le and retail at No. 95 Custom~ house st. 'race y: ..1 of -A~ f;;~~i DRE yM! ol & ... repetfu llty ,t fo-rm 2-th.eir friends and the public in ,.:oueral, that they occupy the+ new brick shop, 219 Tchoupitoulae street, where they keep constantly on hand Copper, 'l'n and Sheet Iron Ware, of+ every decsription, ,ti ch as copper stills, keattles, and pumps, tin bath ing tic' s, an~d nl cana, of all sorts and sizes, sand all othler orscass .tsling dloine at shortest nlotice. Grete bars of every desceriptiolt, arlch as+ steam. hoat athlrups, botg chains, screw bolts, and, other Ennui o|f.tealll[)Oat work, stuch as chilltlcys, breech. en'. .tevacu pi]pe:. Thbey ~Ill also do all kinds of out door work, such a- zi)'.c, coppe~r and Ii,, r(),,tilg and guttering, CI!. The~y ah,).e and all other ktnds of work in their lieuc oft butaness, they gill execute at the I, Oncto. t : oi llt. de,:27 j4 A xi: cd,,,ll I,.ii~1 fun,, $15iti due the Ili· .3 FISK I).\ L 't1 -l:uý"il-l 1 l·;a\ i:4,nl tl 11 ' tl , Ar chitects( nl-c n"" ' ICI tin 1~1d, lllle told .llllo wave Letter' I~iallu->cd dtl mad =a fine ýan1 ien gilt edeCd note U Iýcua. aI ii, Ii-l cil tocd i- chsd Icwrl cred ca i, lli citibiced anti ciý, tUh "I~l111 i (c~hi, b,,ckc·1.1 )taaaa I I, , itt,: .b' ic 111 lhic .ciklerHl ue t'a l iiin l , I Semc Carbonic, Books 1·(1111101i I, ii ci I bio, anlC eingle crku ·\i r·11 111(l l. iii ILII~i~ cccI (fU CS Ii UIII ci8 F·I-III1III a: TI : cI Ib he i e . icultull clheuc Illua ilI\uar lilll murnc,: CIIo ýnvr rrnl llln d Wrisll Iii. 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Phiiiniet.. e,' dray. 4-d 4 ee, fOX Wels icc cc ct , Ill irucks, 'lit and woodl baciroc, il l tot.; tir cule by d1ii CIIAAIIiLiN&COOPER, 79 &6 Juia n AVANA SEUARS-93 qucarer boxes principa 11itcjuc ti, A i elgaru'c breed, -laldiig tram bhip Carolinau, tier sale bv itnlii I hRIIt:IE S. Ce, 134 Magaztne at ( BORN NiN I.I.S-11 of Slaeir'a ccrutained. coranhell. lints ancclgr-indera sautatale tho plantation nse, in :lure, for ale by CIIAjI'LIN & CYOPER, tii i 29&S2Julitaat !J1\LtOI'I:--- ,41 bile rleitrititn. d 400 do See, in 1 line chiopigcr ordet, tar ca'eh tt tot ii DtISE , *~c-lcee n,4l bueuccZ1iace Rttieo~biniO 6 rab by SHALL 4.SBKOkVp, flibitN75-i5 canecs earicins patteensa Fh E Arerican prinicleet bi.ini fel^ l OI((IDGi. e tiCo, t ag3aaileat

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