Newspaper of True American, March 21, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated March 21, 1839 Page 4
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-C 1)' in a"Y '·;PFamhieoarr, London r 4c11 - Ra AND ala.lIANIC 'ie tlrtl I'regolde CO.entr ' he -is' fo th t Woks 2 vI . and, ''e~i tkiifB~ifo o[ Walter Scott, 2 ol, lln a* : nd G eek r18 *iI e . C8I nrlee ri nd, Ctmhe T d t o ary n a and C o ireta n atr. Fort and "yI i 8 care e w relleoTw id ib t a I r earot I te ordinaryc tonle of treatin tie noRu -e, Itn the fire blrst acen a Vene with ~r , ee con v lnaeket, withthhe b~ri rnseta f tysn' hiith6ndLeruisant, otr aged Invalid It prfe S dret f hes o hse g e Men ratly thIe caa nir. ls ' re gI lrr It noante, toli adactivity. It estal r Si - W . permnseent appetite, by inigorating im arpee nelinri tenseda rlitoh to tthenjeny tsnc k birc. tat the I n vin purative quality, it retaint i t o dhe " I a lern inesase thinm disorder, al to create etler, dieases, b o thrghl cleanses the l evelal ae C gwnh of disor- On, and till benefits the system S'ib all , other aets it nma be pprt ed. W a adn,4. after fime ann aftl Tat t le Mxtare, ltne helit eypsad ca ali the n anl rars f the dieasea, ht . I onea c .r.ped in as'ytohs of reatr whlreabs by tl s a enaion remocle there is always erea. ed n eiaseed libility to n rerrener Ther daner t8 m felantpi rItste Agut,, is arv he. dc gr ted "o stem .ill-ti btherome h too meach e to t S abo *ere with men c, and speedily rifall a viCa-t treamenah icseannt violentce. he l'ao , ?olirtun is e t lies ac at en I rernnmblo srlienrrr, pl es it ui, hin v ae rsaeh f ver . n-sot tatllthe p,,r andI le crilte Se'he+by urnished with assstane u wilaat tolicig t ,id'ald n allr.... w ichae iW d(..'.only denived to t-i or elak. el reirctantly benstiowed for sae ieItbl amr resltctly c¶ntioned agnist ltth sp hi mttth1~fitafl a ot . .edcitte, that are daily offered It i prepared dnly by Dr. John R. Rownd, at his Latrtor Iarketstrint Pbiladelphls. Thi-+ 6uers ibet rar the wholemele agaits for the th . tthle Sitaer, aid will sell by the rouep, at r sthe P.iaellia price.s e T be lb d ati retail ate, at A meel tise Apothecariee in the city. SJARVIS & ANDREWS, b navill Wlholesale tlrggiste, eie Co.mmon & Telnpitoula a lu Miaealalppi a ad Louisiana Hotel, I R.RS MARY KIRILAND respeetfully an. nounnes to her friends and the publihgne. ge ally that she is prepared to accommodate them at b lie above' establishment, and hopes from her aertionseto render visitors comfortable, to receive S.continaanoe of former favors. She feels cono. dent that persons visiting Covingtrn during theh -mmer months, cnnot find better accommeodations than she can afford them, on more liberal terms. Her houon is pleoaslantly situated, and well supplied In with eaery convnenience; the bar is furnished with 1 the most ehoice liquors, &c. in slhort, she promises hr F'at nothing shall be wanting on her part togveth , itire satisfaction to all who may patrani ho Mssissippi and Louisiana HIotel. je3 i !--- t-. n - raigned. having studied under Dr. Sci~nidt of C.larleston, Bolth Caralina, and for some years his assistant in the practice ofmddicine and surgery, has the honor to offer his Ipofessional services in thlis city. t. He-assures tie ladies and gentlemen tlhat the most prompt attention will be paid to thle calls which ,.may be made; ad also -offers his services to the holdeis ofloven, being well acquainted with tile disasue ommon to them, having attended them in sIt the mlgar Iouse in Charleaton,. The fanlous antibilions pills al ter the composition e t Professor Stmollette, with directions, can be had of thebindersigned. -Tih effect whlich they Ilave pranioduced in this and other cities, has been attended -willh tlhe greatest success, to which the best of i references can be given. Apply at No. 166 Maga. Rr sine street. JNO. M'LORING. ci, IRONS, &c. kr THE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY No.a S938 Water, near Beekman street, Now York, eh have reieived the past emason, and are constantly tot receiving large and extensive additions to the stock br ef thi"i .oe,, goods, which now consists of tllte ellbwing aortment, suitable for the southern and by western marklets. Hollow ware of superior quality, consisting of arout 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 72 different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, at Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallonts, ra Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, bui Sakepans or Ovens, 7 different sizes, , Tea Kettles, 6 do are Sklillets, . 5. do Fiat Spiders . 6 do OPP Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddles, . . 4 do Fire Dogs, t do UP Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. we: Wood Screws, 0,000 groas, iron and brass, from Ilt :8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior ly r quality and finisli, and iens than Jttie's imported anl priaes. part Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 Ibs for a retailing. vir Tailor's and hattor's Irons, assorted. F Sush weighlts, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to tall O01ie. and Bells for Plantatiots, steamnboatos, churches, &c. bar -nade to order, toa Also steambeoats and other maclhinery made toqu The above assortnment of goods is particalarly e recommended to Ott attention lI Southrnt andr yl Vestrn nlmnrclhaLlts, and are offered for sale at low prices, and upon timb mot liberal terms ; it is be. scd "ed to be tile largest and best assortment ever aed ~iecd for sale by any one etabhlislhmcnt in tile a United States. iar Meyilteaut, by lorwsrdiog a request by mail, can erre hai~ £ piilgred iecular, with description of goads, eel, priessand terms, from which no deviation im ever ohg eadee fornislhed by ieturn of mail. lore All orders will reneive inmmediate attention. liar SNew York, 1838. jle3 N I Io MUIPROWt rNO ooparV4 New Orleans, o.14vJi8:l17. A IDQU? so months ago I Ilad the Iifortune to gel la scrie diseuse, for which I have applied to sere. rl deetorn for a cure, and they did not cure ue. so now on the above date 1 put myself under tihc care of Doctor Urit, aud I eoct imot to cure nlo. ilce hlilnt till.e t.diaeonegot worns, to as to break out in large uliers lieumbel of six or sight'on en. h leg, and all over my faes, and sure throat, and not able to work at Ir prement tion o0 aceount of the diea~o; large nicer on thenriýt side of the throat. Iae aio w putt ing myuelf eorl/aently under the care of Dr. Ituet, of Purisl to be perfectly cred JOHN DEAN. 1eb 14 l, 1" O'BRTIFY h that theolbove roet;red diseese ist q u. it qrui.t. rteed to roy orw satirectin, far rwhid Ic tic te. 'iut; and moreover l assure that tie redi-. CiuI have taken Irakns tire at, anl did aot ijure rmy net.htL all; therefore I advise ry f Ilow autrrsra tor loase t tite lrd apply to I)Dr A. HIret, 124 Canal stree, beteqen Darprlrn aned ilourbon streets. D)r. 1Iote atc litearr fror 9 t'clock, A M, until 4 P M. T Py fin d a true doctor for thie comalaint. JOHN DEAN,40 Grcvier street. Iflaoy one wanter to see mte, call at No. 40 (iGraviel .... ... . JOHN DEAN. Fo bI, 1838. feb 14 ly nditj aBalenm of Liverw.rt and Hoa-. prlut upton btd tlthe low price of 51r hto~taiadu g the strerit of tlthree ounces of __ slea the o r oe mIay other romtsa nd q nmon$j tM Intdiane as efieaciou, in curti,. e urivhlekd arcruee. which Ireo attended the .te of ineouanable Baln.eto weoveer it has beer intui d~d. .edJus elrgrsnpd thbe eoteinuee nod recomnmenda "pe .,.c.eeeelt.ehtl)tayietns, for the eure of corghs, de tle de, want rf root, epitting of blood, Tow it tiny ttcarnte. tb W orCarl"fy tint ea. rectiIer0uth p red rul. S tan. Iil =rewr arrj 8oul d, wit we ecu thrrefeoean sh otttihe kerw ledge of the llerclea it in mdeJ hntd observatron -o--axperientce treemea d n sereopr'pnruti., Dr-ll --S;ur e ert. A tNE!#LIr whorh it i re •mea = '. ALVIRN A,18 i M . D. of th" e Ba. t . uo Medrtcal AeacieatiO. O. ot. 8. -mouth,. O E4,S Sietce ofp 'etrc eip eceived,ead Iie tttair peaapeette t Wr m Aadlemieo iwt+tterfg.,la deoIt.l-d foe privnte leareeru mnd es e td epruoun offal are. trdr.I ctlteeoeeo :nari catd tooall and exaomine iene str t.vee. jInt ggirve, at each houses e'cmay suit tie ofall, and to classes formend in any pet preah it can receive Ieaonpu t teieown ref .H paiaw r t tr of lo"nI ref deiroed .sleSl - KtO t.R. D lPgdin; s ShotDmBelta; Powder D a ;Bottlss and Drlnki Cups; ro ~ L, I , HNir,'oonth. tN a ri. d Cloe Tooth Washd h P llet and Shrving Soaps,in great . nts' gg Hair BraIds, Ringlets and Frizette; Pearl ail 'let Powder Emery Bags; Ivory Tub Cushions Patent Slde or Gartern Gaum Elasatic sspendess; PwOder Poffi and Boxes; ilt Chnais , SEals and Keys; Eardrop; WYist Buckles; Bracelets; Bead Necklaces od Chains; Gilt and Silvered Beads; Indian Beds, Hells and Plumes; Shell Twist; Side ad Dressier Cohnb~;wlich,io addition to their former atoek ns hand, makes their assortment very complete, and will be sold ow and an liberal terms, at the sign of the Golden. Cotnh. 70 Chartrea street. L . S. Btecher, Sheffield, Encland, have just oeeadea very e otensire set of mo'.ors, consistin ofc Tableand Dessert Knives of e"' d esriptipn, en, Pocket, Dirk, and Spear point Knives; Razors, Scis sor, Edge' 'ools, &&e. &c. &e. which they are prepared o ehitbi to the trade lrorlers. Ternms and coatldtions will se m lde known at the time. ol6 J. It) BEIN & A COHEN.9A Common st. IIMMO"S, HARTT& CO.-Are now reselving ship Plonntville Eaglerfu m ry k.-Arw, lliehd. nde', Frenh and German double heold tlvingeanln: ster, and pocket pstols; plain, ribel and split esloutn epa; rap thstlers; seina.c, Razors, teh. yes; Gillott's commerianl and tlter steel pens; Viol as; Violin trings; shell, ivory and horn eomnh; wafers; k, brad and leather pirses; hair br;id, front and nh ringlets; negro tl; Gennm n an, FMeich cologFe water, Rowlands maessaner, oil, imitation do; notique i bearsnoil; portable desks and drjluwing ases: past blocking; stataand toilet glases; convex mln'ors; op. l gbloses aml view.; Ialian euals, bells and pantves; soorleon; whitr, twine; toilet and shaving so0,ps toilet wdter, ensmetie wash balls; scented lstin cPrelons; pool eatnds; screw eudiona; fancy head cains and necklaces; billilard all; pocket books and mulletta; Germ,n hones; razMor straps; fine and tommon gurm. elastic mspe.Lera, gartersdo; ells lucifer matChes; oil. S s; Creyona, &e. &dc. The above it addition to our former stsck of fancy articles, makes oar asmrtment very onmpl;ete. Por sale wtmolemle or retaill as the sign of the Golden Comb, 70, ChrtreRe street. tolg. NOTICE--The partnership of Kelley, Maso d &Co od Harris, Kelley dCo., of Rodney, owas disslved oil Ktfllt of May last, by the death ol'Sanusl A Mason, ne of tho pariners el thlle fir's. The undersigned, surviving lprtncr.s, will be charged nitlh the saettling and closing said husinesi as fdllowe: LeviC Harrlis will attend tothe settling of tie business of Montn, Harrisde Co.. it Niitelez; nnd Harris, Kel' h' & Co.,at Rodnevf ntd Henry ielley will attesd to lie settling of the busmess of Kelley, Mason &i Co., at New Orleans. T'he names of ihe several firmas will he urdI in liqiidstisiooly. l'nrse iderlbted to said firms are earnestly reqcwstrd ncsmr forwarid idImake early settlements; and th1 e avilug claimse will please pnreset tiben witout delhy. LEVI C HARRIS, HENRY KELLEY. New Orleans, Juno 27,1837. EiAN MARIE FARINA'S COLOGNE WATEi 2leanes more of this superior Cologne water, just received and for sale by the dozen or single bouttle. Also Amterican and French toilet Iowiders, powder puffs and bcxes, sbavring old toilet soaps, osmete twah halls, tiilk of rases, Cosmetic cold crean, eXtror o mnsk, keplhala, Ward's vegetable hair oil, pomatim, re'me do perse, Florida,lavendar, rose and bay waters, Preste,'s salts, Murseilles perfmttery io trunkh, vegeta bile e Id liquid rouge, Chlorine and'Orris tooth wash, clotlbhnir, tooth, nail and flesh brushes; together with an illnddition;l nipply of fashionable heori and shell combs and jewelry,fir sale low at wholesale or retail by SIMMONS, IHIARTTP &CO, ju!y 6 70 Chartres street. COAL--'The subscribera have constantly on hand a large supply of Cannel and Liverposl coal, in bulk, of superior quality, which they offer for sale in lots to suit purcltsers. Also expected by the first arrivals from Eng land and tile North, Cannsl, Lehigh and Peach Mountain Coal, broken and screened, put up in hogsheads expressly for famnily usee-all of which they will dispose of oil tlhe most moderate terms. Orders left at their office, No. 53 Bionville at. up stairs, will be promptly attended Io. oct 3 B. & A SOULIE. Cologne Water, Perfumery, &c.-A spieudlo article of cologne, put up expressly for the retail trade; also the purest French Perfumery, embra cing every variety for the toilet, for sale by oct2 REES & D'LANG. 'To Country Merchants and Planters. Negro cloths, blankets, flannele, lnseys, lowell shirtiagr, checks, linens, calicoes, hatdlkerehiefs, &e &cereceived and for sale low by tle subscri, beta. ROTTA & Co. ect, corner' Caonal and Chartres st L IV Glenn's Perfumeries. Indian Dye, for coloring the Ifair ; Dear's Oil, Russians bear's ,reese, pomatunm, Michbw'o Fret cie Wash, superior pearl powder, lip white, cream If roars, vegetable rouge, otto of rose, lip salve, krsosote tooth wash, carbonic dentrifice, orange flower water, powder puffs and boxes, Amterican charcoal, neatly put up in four ounce vials, Pres. ton salts, eologne, kreosote toitht ache drops, hair brushes, English dressing comibs, Iidian hair oil, wvitl a variety of other perfumerles, &e. For saleI by C. J. TRINCHARD, oct 3 corner of Canal and Bourbon sas IRON IROOFS-The subscribers have procured at a great expense, the right of pitting on iron roofs in this city. They are adapted to public buildings, warehouses, and private dwellings, and combine at once cheapness and durability, and are perftctly fire and waterproof. Terms may I be known, and a model seen at our establishment, epposite St. Mary's naorke, Tchapitoulss st. oct_ E B COGSWELL&Co UPHOLSTERY & PAPER HANGING STORE. Hlenry Siebrecht, (formerly J. C. Wicks & Co.) would meat respectfully in.orm hilo friends and om the public in general, that he has and is constant, io ly receiving a general assortment of upholstery S and paper hanging. The following comprices a part of his stock, which he offers foraale at whole, for sal or retail on the accor.modatinO cter.., French velvet and satin paper, latest style ;do to rall comnmon and common, Philadelplhia glated and unglazed do do, French landscapes, fiee boards, blinds, &c. do velvet aid worsted do da, tnoreanze do colors, silk fringe anlD gallaons of al to qualities, rpatters and prices, worsted fringes aS sorted pattcrn. plain ard colored. Swissmuslin, latest style plain nudl colouaoel, cottn drapery l uslins lail rd twilled, ass-rted cu.ra, new d tyleol needle wrerk fir safa cushions, foeostooal i cover, &c nae style ol bIll pullers, raised figurena and plain, gilt witlldow ornaslenrs of all Patterns I r and sizes, gilt eagles hbasl and spears, fetierta, I &c, glasrs knobs, casters, hair cloth , figere nd and plsin, la Inre assortrment of toys f.rcnhilJrenr. in ler.e silk erd and tassels, worsted cord and tasd I, eels, a gcneral assaortntent.of upllstero rld palter hr Iubgitie, constantly on hand and fEr sale at tie d lowest prces at Nos 41 Royal ad 64 Cursto,,, II "l-use ate. 0 N lliersnons in tIes city or frte tie country, are respeclfullv invited to sall aed exartnoe or a lthmselves. Carpets aid curtains tiade in tie p latest morderrn stle, rooms prepared at thoe sart. ci eat notice, ard all kinds of upholdetery work a done witt, neatness and despatch. oct3 L S SEGOUR, No 54 Conde strait, between r Dumain oand St Plhilip, keeps constatily on hand - an rxtensire assoreraant ofboots sad brogans, Ard a sloer, oNew York IsnufscTure, for met, Wooren f and children of sll anee, witeh he will dispose of at very eoderate prices. ce Farnoilies ofhis atiquintsne on sendingan order ar will Ihave, their wishes attended to L S SEGOUR c S n I EAFNES3i. N EW a rtc e f. , .. rl.. trouhlell with deafieas , r I. ( cailed thits r'r rumper) has just bave received, wl by thIe t*ui olf hieh, tilt slightest artlclulatio of the lua inlar voice is dis'ntincty orav'yrd to tle ear. Arvnric gal wruou ha ever ae oebiigea to converse with verea de tersan, nntalee ruliy sensible of tire diliticlty aod eo,. ta ba .....rr.i.. eferien:red both by tihem.relves ard tate in- i dilviduala so rlanrturate vatricted y tie use of l ea Ear Trrmpet.thlsi obhjection ia errntirely obvi aeI. he r most ociltierlhuvs always al saluunedlheir doubts afterer havinag osed ala Trumpetr. For sale at 1i S1'F GUION'S, tot Fancy store. ruoner ef Cemnmon ard St Ckarles streets a rerelia Echalru H .otel. H feb13 SI'EIfM OIt.--1510 galins pure winter it ll N 'Spern Oil, in eaaks"ud bbls~for sale by d SARVIS & ANDREW., , f Wtllerala Drugg at, correr o irmann and l'ciap i lan streets mr I:1 ht, S Ikeg a, rr cI t Hold loot plan ngli d -5 1bts 4Slicr - ,t lI0|fl'aint Brtaeuo arto a sizand : Bo1 "tr,,eca doli,.t ra lte'. o.ld low. col Al do. ag ileer do; plarel , tiatr oosle for sale by A W SUA1ES No 46 Caoual etreet. . N A. Alabama notes taken at p r. srrd Missiesippi t 0z notes will be reeived at 10 per censt discount for goods E.n or in payment ofdeotL. je I w met * ILF UR--OO30 anding f u, steamer ladepend- pd. ae ale ;i DORSEY. dbn d 44 Nowvlree. boi Emers.n..'s Rnr, stros--Th.ree cases of the nsa `enuine article, just received by ele Soct 3. REESE D'LANG, 18 Camp at ccd Miesirart oppr-"OO ceall Assuuro hal, rape, I mande all rfhenlp, in strit, aid for sale by L e 3 BOOERT & HAWTHORN, 63 trtavier at BOOK BINDERY. S T eshePioayune. iOfce, 72 Camp at. EMA& HOWSON beg leave to inftorm their cuetomers and the public generally, that t ht ave removed their establishment to N.72 n Ca mp street, ininediately under the office of the vder Picayune--where they are prepared to execut6 all spa; orders in theirline. - oth I ing received from the North a supply ofpa. tv per and materials of a superior quality. for the 'arl nanufacture of Blank Books, they offer their ser vices to merchants and other*, who may wish Hers; work of that kind ; and having the advagtage of eys; several yerne's experience in that line, they are cea confidentof giving satisfaction to those who may ads, favor them with their custom. inr For notaries, architects and others, maps and ana, plans will be pasted on linen. varnished and snl mounted in the neatost manner, & at the shortest Mes, no'ice. Plain and fancy binding, in all its varieties. nl. jet CHINA GLASS & EART'IHEN WAltE..TultOi 36 Cherres street, New Orleans. en, HM. SERGEANT & Co. importers of French trt. W a nd Engliah China and Earthen were. are lred now opening new and rich patterns of breakfast, dining and ten services, toilet sets, pitchers, ten and coff.e cups, teapots, sugars, creanms, bowles, plater, dishes, tureens, wash basins and ewers, S font baths, etc. etc. Rich cut and plain French and Ameriean glass. writs: are-rgoblets, crhampaignes, lemonades, jellies, split Carers, nines, cordials, centre bowles, docanters, h.. t umblerse,preserve dishes, eeleries, pitchers,lamps, Via- lamp shade and glasses, candle shadoes, salt cel fo crs, etc. aild Stiver plated, bronzed and britnni awnres-ecas ntRe tore, liquor stands, cake baskets, candletickse, iqu branclles, pouns, ladies, coffee and teapots, sugars, pat- creams. lamps, japanned trays, astral stands, and oP hanging lamps, fine cutlery, German silver spoea for faomtly use. Merclsants, planters, hotels, and anea steanboats, furnished wir goods at tile rnost reen e son able prices, and packed so as to be convayed Swroth safety tio any part of the counry. tail. Also. nponrhecnaries' glassware. n 2 acry THE FI.ORIDA LINE le Fr, Mobile to Augusta, Gee. te a leaves Mobile every day at three l po 'ou loke , p mi per U S mail boat mie for llall'a LIandeg, above lalkely,.thence four he; prst coaches to Pensacola-.theleo steamboats to ut wnr Lgrnge, where the land route is resumed-thence .on, vira Maniana ston Brnwoasville, F t. Bainbridge, Pirdertown, [Lrwkirnsvillc. Saundersville & Louis. rge ville t o Agusta, Ga, connecting regularly with r the roilrond cars to Clarleeton, nd the steam Spackets I to NoUw York, Norfolk, Poh iladolphia, etc. d to he steamrboats are rte best for tile service, rnd r. ri tle navigstior presetsa more advantages than can ihe foud upou any ilsteamboat route iny tie south. ern region. nstelThe great improvements in the roente have been ittse produced by tile crrnsrtrueion of fifty miles of new cIny. ronad, by the proprietor, viz : frorri laGrange oni LF'navette Banu, an arm of Santr Rosa Bay, to Bryanit's Ferrny, on the Chlarre oonlhea river, ten E- miles above the Coword, or 14 above Cedar Bluff, iwhereby the navigation of tie river, and the con iaequent deteltions, and more recently the incon ver eniaent crossing at ithe CowYfrd,' are entirely 'at avoided, and a ftine road from larianna direct e to Binbridge, instead at tie roundabout ro:rd via trrrr, Chattahoochec, lessening tlecdistaneo about forty rers, miles, and increasing tire facilities more than retr- once a day. wa l AlPo, brlanch line of two horse stages every te other day frlom llawkinsville, via Perry to Mucone, etail Ga. connecaing witlh tie ins to Savanonahr and Darien, Geo. t mail steamboat lies regularly beiween Bainbridge and Apalachicola. Travellers wishieg to reach any point on Chtta iooehe or Apalaeihi !eel cola, can take steomhroat at Brownsville. for Mobile to Pensacol--Lnd Roue--During tihe time occupied by tile repairs of boats, t e proprie. tors of the Florida arno will run a line of four ah orse poet coaches every other day betrween Mo i bile and Pensacola. rch Passengers will leaveMobhile at 3 o'clock, p t, n iti te U S tail boat, ad proceed to H ll's Loand. at. ing, where a four horse eoach will ie i wraiting to convey them to the exellent hIouse of Alr. Cihares Hall, I 1 4 mile distant, where they will fneod dir pleasant sccommodntions for the night--lcavin tail next morning, they will errive in Perisaeola early ra- in the evening, thus aveoiding discomfort of night travellinog. Olilee at the Mansion MIouse, MAoile, and Col. lins' lotel, Pensacola, where seals imust be secs red. ST'OCKTON & Co. nov I veil - efts Pians !Forte rlatrrrtcion. cri William Smith tenders his services to the citi zeus of New Orleans as a tenchler of tie piano at forte. MrS having been employed severnl years I so a teacher of music in privateodamilies in Boston, and also at several of the female seminaries in its )il vieinitvy, cannot but hope to merit their confideroeo rc He is permnitted to refer to Rev Dr Cirpp, Meears tn Stetson & Avery, lHenderson & Gaines. vc, For tertmi, &c please apply at the bookstore of ge AlcxanderTtwer, 49 Camp st tct 2 es. LDrug and ,tledriner. air J B Prevost has ocated hinself in this city or a ail, the purpose of transacting a aeneral Wholesale Ita ale Urug business. He is now reeivi ng a full sn~pplyy of fresh and genuine articles, which lie will sell i on liberal erms To city druggiste, and those of the interior, to physicians, mercrants and planters ed he will offer inducemenets such as have never be, fore been offered in this city. Ilis intention is tr lie dos strictly legiimnate business. Ilis stock will nd soon be coomplcte, end in a few weeks will be roa. d dyfr business. All orders from tireceountry,enn d i front merchiants of tl.s ciy, receiving such orders iswill be promptly attended to. oct 2 No 39 Camp st PROSPECTUS. THE subseriber p-opsos to publish, in tihe be. a ginning of tir en acing winter, a Condensation of yr t.) thotwenty volunes of the Old and New Series of it d Martin. Louisiana Reports, to be comprised in four i volunmes, b., according to tire model of Peters' a aCondensed Reports. e This work is now in preparation by J. Burton SHarrison, Esq, f this ity assisted by William F. ci Brand, Esq. The Editor is also permitted hy a h lo distinguished retired Judge of the Suprame Court, ic d and by one of the silting Judges, te expect from Ir *e their personal supervisionall the advantage which I may naturally be reaped from their experience. t SSuch a work is becoming every day more noe. e ceseary, as the original is voluminous, expensive, lar and scarce. An increasing curiosity too is mani- cs, fet, in tile other States of the Union, in reference "t vto tie peclliarjurisprudence of Louisiana; and the ttn circumnstance of the numerous principles hIere de. aided in tire radjustment of conflicts of laws, makes the knowledge of our adjudged cases of irimne uti. lity to thejuristsof the whole Union. Moreover, ci tire rising republic of Texas has adopted our codes, ale and thus thIere isa groat demand for the Louisiana Al decisions from a fresh quarter. to Convenient notes, indicating tire parallel ncase tD decided in Louiasiana, and occasionally those in tire i rore autlhoritative eoruns of tIre other States, mill cat se added to each case. rat The work will forrr four volumes, royyaloctavo. ie eand will he delivered, hound, to subseaheras at B6 per vol.; in case it should be found practicable to comopress it into three volumes, the price to sub. sic Eribera will he 77 per vol. ao P ubseriptions received Ity sao WM MeKEAN, wvt ea5 corCamp and Common eta. cl Id HII1OLESALE AND RETAILCOIB AND VA n I RIE'T' STORE-at tie sign of the golden of comb, Mo. 'I Chtartres steet. The subscriberhnave re ceived, in a blifion to theirprevious stock on hand, a full r iand coanplete nssortlent efarticles in their line; viz: combshn, perfuse.., Jewellry, brushes, lneking glnhat, fun( f- yyyartcle,.i.a....nisting part as follows: Ill)l S--troii ae ahell, wreoplti and plain tuck,twist, gailled back, Ionu round, dressing, sid . p ul, curl ani ,| tielk, Brazilia "oio ot eery leserilitoin amongat d, whi ion rc some Mexican palters, Ivory tnahs of every 0 . dascriplion, lhorn, dressing and pocket, togenler with .i igeneral n.ssortnent ofFrenlh and Americni. SP hERFUMERY-Cologne, Lavereder, Fiorido, Ihoney, ' hay, rseand orance fl wher wafers of eery size and den n- cptniion camphlorted Cologle, extre:t of IJ.rH1raint i laney soaps nl'all kiles, lshlving do inaeukes a i pots t..rennmn ouliln,, W.rd's vegetal,le ihai oeil, I.ea..ld el,.l o tiqedo. I restoni's smelling saults, ,lain anid nerfained toiletpowder,perl pIowder, pooderpfE. sand oxies po nntnlm in pots and rolls, orrn alnd chlonrine toot |and owderas, with a general assortment of SJEWEL.1Y.I LY--.n0 nfthe latest niid tonet finsliona. ble setts, consisting of whlite and red corneli w, tolnr a. jot eardrops, set in filagree, hreest .pin of a great -aie ty ofpaterns, watelch tr ilmmigs, gilt and nile nble,, adver thlmnllr,, silever aul goll pe toils and guonal I.haein ISIIUSHES-C...loth, liir, lautiac,erum,l lrtnli, floor ihat, les, tothi, plate, cimb, Nail, shaving,o soie and whitewash brushes. 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Iloin and elaxtic, uai'roO boards, dice, optical oieooea,jenotlnnrp, lnIsa,. ncithl soand drihino cups, witlhmo great vaniety oli}ner eti clOs, all ofwlhu.h will he sold for cash or eity aoe.itm ceg on 12 months credit. 1' I SIMN.'IONS, A o. dl 70 Chaetreset. [OUl S' Medical B,,,ih-L.uiea u III Pltluhiais; lde. no L blaodlettiag, a non sollmlp recdl ho fat AlTOWAft, 9 Cain TIE iNIiIAN'S PANAIUtA. *U ORthemltaref tmatioo efuaorhlngsevll,gent,. c .iL ti. a or hip ýot. inirient eanm's, slt eenum,i tm1 aplicie.s"l ernea isease, parti.larly nuler and sal Ip- l no. bnathe bones, ulertedthecatae no. 2 is, -dcuof.e pcipiom, fever aors,aml internal Ihe' |a*sse, latnis,, maid head, scmury, blles, ehro. ll nemaraeeye, crylpelisblotlhes, and every vlrietyofe. .aciuls affetion, chronie Catarrh, had' sache proeed-. aa, cg fromt"yaerid humor, pain inthe stomach and dye the s.g.foea rmdinvfmriation, affectionsofhe liver, sr eI e infammation of the kidneys, and general debili Sty casld by a torpid aetion of the veels af thekin. It is ah gnlrlyelaneiousin renovatin thole onstittions O .f w hio hav been broken ,down by lAnudioul tratment, are juvenileirreý latities. in general terms, it is reaom. lay mended sail thaediaeas whieharis from imlpsritioa of the blood, or initiation of the humars, of whatever ad namneor kind. and Some of the ahove complalntmay require sone tri t Ringl.asstantapplioaions, which thecireumatlmes of the ase will dict.; but for a eora arurinfeaor 1 t removetheease, the INDIAN'S P1INACEA will generally be fam nd tafileS. E TO .'TIHi PUBLIc. tonw tr.e it is, that momlern Physiciansi , so their am. oh bition to exc in their rfenion explore the vans fields arc otcienooc by the aid ofehemistr, and seek out new re. , medial agelts; in shot, to arrive at perfection in the te pPractie by mean of art alone,--antirely overlook and Snglect, an be.eaththosrnotice, tlherih and hmeateous stores of medicine, whilh the Almightly Ioas caused to + aspringoutoftheearst ineveryelime! Andhowmueh more true isit that while the American Physician looks t to foreign countries for manay of his most common atd ceC, necesery artiele, perpetually eharngig as the are at etr. the dietates offashilm orfolly, he is sruendod in his pa, own coontrywithan emnle..profusio of n.edial plants ml- fftcient to anawerany indiceation in disease or to cure any curable disordor; andl yet he is ignorant of their vir. as tues, anti they si. afferedto 'wastetheirhealing on the ks, desert air.' rr, Theehffet of vegetable me.liainea pon the system are tad rotary-thoe minerals luting. The tformer ex. er their ffects and e i nsa ou--the latter, mereury in par leetitular, act chemcally upon the solids, decomposlng l the baies amtl unlermining the eenstitutlui by a slow id lsutre tdeltrutioon. en Thlecoogeniallity,efflcieny anid SAPETY ofvegeta ed hle remediesever mlneral, may beestimated byyootrast. ingthe anielent iraetice witll the moler i; or, to bring it more immediately under our ow oobservation, the Indi. an praoetlico with thatoft the whitea. Who, in Ameria, nat not knownorheard of retleated Instanoln wherein er. some decrepid, nplretelndlingfemaleIndian, by means o roe hier impleremedlieaaloe, ha saffeeted the moat rapil ot andamstolishin eure, after the Mateire Media of the our "mmon practice, directed in the most skilful manner, I Ias ftoiled? Andwho has not been srpried at the enom. Icerat'iese antslfaeility with which die Indian freeshim. self from an" dlisease, and at the almoat tota aistinenoe gro, ofroolic disease among them? Who hasin ever heard i- ot anl Indian with a mlstitttlio biroken al riined by ii illtreatmentt! A:ld can a ldohtexist that this hapiy ex m enitioml of the savage from most of the ills wlich the to. flesh ofman is heirto, is elhiefly owil to mnore genie ond nd afle remedies which lie emnploysf T'hil astonish. ;an ingdiffe een seeess, is a falirexeilieation of tile i. infinite supeliority of the simple lld sanFe meants of cure which God has created for the benefit of his cliidlren, en overthosewlilh theprite and theart of man Iato in. vvented. iFrom a longresidence among a portion ofthe ahorigin. nl iLhabitantsof tliscollotry, andan eltimate acqnain. tlen ne with the methods of cure of solnie of tlleir rmost e successful praltitioners, the proprietor ol l'The tndian's l Panacea,'aoquired a knowledge of some of the moat o powerful and favorite remedies. Frmntheseheselected 'n- such as were most efecaiousand approprmatean an f ater ely various experiments to teat their priciples and strength, e lie haseombinedt diem in the form here piresented, as the via most Iperlfeit anil beneficial tr the Ipurpose IBr which it ely isrecommended. nn lThe proprietor ofersithis Iprelmration to the public, with the contsciousness that lie is placing withintlheir sea, ry aemedy capable ofielievilng many of his afflicted fel Slow beings, who are sufering ulaner the vaious lchronic ,landobstinate conmplaintsto whill it is applicable. To allh it will prove of incalculable valle, as the means, and in many cases, the only means ofrelievlgtheir t - len rings atlld restorilng them mlice miore to health and hap. g piness. This is notoffered ans a common remedy, that -may per chance e eqlually good with many others now in use, but as one which is capable of saring life in many ie extreme eans whlich all tie ulusual Iremedlt esftai. 'This it i. Ihastdone repeatedly; andtil tis is the reputatiol ithasob tar tainedwheever it has been itlirducetl. o. Itit ildy about three years since this pirepantation was presented to the public: but ill that short space of timne, I , some hundreds of tlesons mnlight be fotund, who would I d. solemnly declare that they believed that tlheir lives were o saved by it, atll in most asesaloer tley had tried nlalny lea snd perhaps all the conlmon remedies in valt. WVher IIever it is known it israplltly comiig into use, atid thish Saffmodstheimost substantlaal ant covincing proof of it gImerits. Tly Ithe valtetofthePanacean i most eonslicluousin thoseI of long standingg and syphitic iieamt srofillous aflfctions n whl. h have defied all other renedies, and pIrtieiularly ol. in those cases where mercury has been so Iniayl !y usedt 'u as to causel distresailng palins i tile bones, nodes, ttereuc rial ulcers, deralgeenteet ofthe digestive ilrgns, h..e. - These it completely rnl eves, nl inII all atles it entire. ly eladicates the ldiseaaes atlt cl.cts oftleiwnly, reto. Iii votesthe constitutinn, asul leavetsllhe patient s8ounmda d no well. -It t'ieimatismn atil il uotelateil anto ttroat, its Ir l e liy ellicts are not les IapLarenIlt, giviug almOat initc. d, tlilterelifct: Tas 'hken in proper doses, theloldian's PaIaeea olerate, e as nlt alterntivian eil detergeIt; a ilinaphretie, tiiuetiie, Ire 901 laxatives, ani anti-spaislllelic and atmloy e; an in 'l proper eases, Msaatonmohic and eosnlllle ug ue. (teller. of ally expressed, it irol tesites al tile streltillons an11 ex eretiola, gives tulleto the atlniiot, alll excitlasitiali in tile glands ill a particnbn0nmamll e" • 'm a these prinein 1 pies itsopeatlions Il lie Il unIersltood. 'his medicliine Ias been froint Itlily uoefu llinmanyf or amllhigltaotliseases not Ilere slpecilfed, al),, it las hCII le usel witllellwonderfl slccess as at Sprinhpg anlai Fall 'u-al Ilirifier, by those awho are abucty to compillstS of tihe cheat, anto whose cOlntitutioinsrtntwjire lew vigor. Suelh per-. fsoils will do well to use to Or threae bottles ill small do see. tVltelenere a diet dlilk is conlsilered ntecetat7, P tiithis Panaceai, taken in small dose; will lanswer all its rIII roses, ill nlth less tine, at less expense, ani in a c t'l more agreable lnnnler thall tile common diet drink. b ThI'le followilng certiiclt.s, vut of Iiuidrel sa silar, pa '- which might he procured, ate given to show Ie effect ol si d tie Inianl's Panacea, in the etrltits cOnplditSt ineiein I s menitioned;soid alsoto exhibit in the most satlifactory f manner its snperiority over thie syrop in tomotou use. CASES OF IIFEUMA'1'tSM. u CItanRLxwro', Nov. 15, 1832. lDuring IthIe last witer aid spring, was afficted witllh I a very severe ad dlisressing lrhcumlatlisnl, occasioned lby m f exiosure in badl weather. now takegireat ipleasure iti tf statilg, that six hbottles of the Indlian'a Painaiea, restored 51 r tle to perfect health, aud I confidently reoommend it to 1, all similarly afflicted. il JOHN FERGUSON, Kings t. th SCacLErTOn , Malch 2'-7,1839. Swas seizned bout three years sine, with a dlstresaing al rleunitiitsm, caused by taking a severe cold, while uin dera Cla lneiteef ierury, and which hails itatbledl ., from business nearly ever siltlee. ilnting this period have been a patientIn the Marine ilospital, ill this cit supwarda ol four months, andi near'ly the same length, m time in the Ialtimnre Hosptita, and tried almolt ever' dr remedy, with little benefit. Ohi the lath of Fehroa last, atthat time seaniely abileto moveabout open corch.' es, I comienced tile nse of [liian's Paiacea. Il oi . month I foiui myselteniilrely. fieid fuon n pain, alia Pat OW happy to stat~ C thatColser I o Iityself' perfectly well. WatVM. 'UCKEIR, 1I3 Mirkiet st. Il CASES i)l' SCROFULOUS ULCERS. an N.w Yoan, Sept. Ill 18.o . sit 'I'This may certify that ill the fall ofl 1825, I was seize wi with a swelling in my neck nall Ilce, wllicl lirerwad W ulcerateldald a became large lghastly ltters I , y ec.uik. ed After trying everal ltysiiilas to to advallntage, I wen' p to Ph'liladlelphina, and ihtedl mysealf utnller bluee ca i thts. Ph) nc and Beoach, w hen, ofter lrpeated i ivatiaet rio wards Itoonk twenty hottles ol'Swim'l tillace anl eigrl haales of Potler's Citlioloon, withi io matel'tl htnefit lIespairig of lile, whticht had low Itcnenie a hltithie of 01e, I reatnoel to my iarelta ini New York, ini 1Og.', alls 0 ,-ve myselFu In t a inl-erilng d'loth, hlearing of ith grant She cean uf The Inain's l'antittle, hiowece'., ii tan*. ulmilar to ny owl, I was ~lersnasdedl ta ro it, ass last s. saot. To ciy great xn'iisie, as well as satiactiml,, seoonlbllid ntyhelfrapilly recoverieovel and n takin" oc ....n bottder,.,e n'..r, ,o,,,e,,anld I, ...... I,.lpret la well in the coarse of two months, aid have remalne~tso ter oveo aince. I nikethits statemeoi aild wtlhit iablisheo (l for the beefit ofthioa whtonre usuering iniler similar col serfulous o'o avphilitic afliw(tiollts,tha, tthey sItay kboo ' wlhtaIh h uredoClle who hstiu sull'eted every thing hut ha death, aod who considers hin life saveil by the above y. . W.M. IlINIIA) was anictee', lore years witlhll n tise in tie egc. casi(smlly acomlnpanienl with or sipelatotns itnflnmati snd excessive Liin it the leg and anele joint. Sevtnal eminent physiCins exeited thleir skill upot it, but with out ptIlnialtlntbnnefit. In lthis cls five bottle Indian's I'unaeea made ol perfect care. MAIGAIl'l A WEST' , 1-21 Market Feor sale by HENRh Y IIONNABEL, dni ggist, age for tte proprietorl, °l''bouitolas tret 16 NEW ORLEANS &NASHIVILLE RAIL ROAD COMII'ANV. I(E stockholders of this roponvare ohereby nio tifted that by a resolutiwn of tib" Iboord of lir c-. tioo passed otI the 19th insoat. the call oade on lhen on thle 13th Febrnarv lost, for tile paovneont of five dollars io shre, was rescindtldnod tll th nid stockholdero are forthler notified that WIlt'REAS, by a resnoltion of this hoard pasted ol the 1lth loat.a ceill Ins lbeen tmtdo o I tlhe stockholders of tihe New Orleans and Nashville Roil Road Coinpao y for the followingpaynwnts oil tihe lthe stock Ihld respnc. tive!." by tilu ........ wo doijl .... l .... I ... mvbl eon tile tirst dny of Septelmbernext; two uollars ier share oI ttnnobl nOt tie firat .tloy of I)eclnder next: nld-t-or ..illursper tor p.nIe ie oih tilte .oie t dIy ,tf.Morcj Oext. Nowtherefore ho it resolved, ihnt the secretary of tlhis conlpany shall notify tln slhare tolders therein, through thle ptblic prilts of the city, that in ontlnrmnity witlh ilh sixth section of the charter, thevare per.ittfnd to Iostpone any paynment called in on thle stock ofsaid enlpany for the term of sixty dnys, from atd olier tlhe av oi which it is nlede payalble, witll tile elptes con dition however, that if not regularly paid within the nid prolonention of sixty dnays, froml d ofte the day i n Which it sthoul oave bee paid, Ihaet then the sn.d .. whlic:t said payments shoullldlhave Ien madreisaand lato-ts forfeited to the ncompny, lb el arter o iltht It ttint hiling itpeilntive. In conformnity therefore, to said Ill, l sltock of the stockholders i said contpuny, as II ilik proper to pat off the payments non their stlock toi ie end of the additional sixty days, wllilch the' lchartier IlOws them, are notified tlhat thler payment of two dtl. It rs per shalnre callad for,and duon in the of Sep- b, rtnler next, may be postponed under tile sixth section sald clharter, until the-3Mt day of October next, thatf pnoe".t ! two e dollars per bshar called for, and fe tenti of two doln.tTf llDemb"r nextl, may I post- .n firstday of larchbnet, tilibnluarv nex, and tIle pay b av of tApril next. - ntdi on tih e Entracns of tite mitnutes of tle board. 7 e jstine A I tl MNAlR,'Sec'y. IlI IY7tiL1 lb'l'·J, iu cases-29NI doe whie Woo pt lai,b . al.. .. N IH AIAM.. plp16 17 H[ E 0 ri'ial Veetabl e Hoseim Universal Med Sc by W Mrsktn, Esq. Memner of t flRees lege of all a, etLintiatc of Apothe. , ca.$'Comp.nyO., Fellorw hi t Court Society, Surgeon . s the Royal Union Pension Asociatiom, Lancast.r Place, Vatrloao Bridge, and Perpetual Pupil of Guy' . and St.Thomus'sl Hospitals, London. This valshble medicine, the result of twenty years' e . erienee sand unpanlloleil mecca in the extensive o oand highly reapetanle praice of the propriety, pntro It sed by the faulty ai nd nobility, nd i isnsowintrodueed to the notice of the American ptblie, at the earnest so thelt.ioa ef a number of gentlemen of lomngnl Iitih standingi the rofe*on. Itis hoped, as a prelim nary tep, to cheek the evils and fatal onsequanees Srising from the use of the numerous ani deleterious nostruosioisted upon the public by the aid of fabricated - proofsofmiraulous cures, and other frauds, hby set of e meoenarey, . s u incipled pretenders so totatlly ignorant .i ot mnelol sienue, that it impossible the monstrous S delusion eans ay longer go down with the intelligent pieople ofthi country. These pills, mihl and agroeable in their onture, hold be kept s every family in cass of aiden illness, for, by their prospt almitlitration, is holerst, cramps, sposms, fevers, and other alarming complaints, which ton often prove fatal, may lie speedi ly ourel er prevented. in ft, ll those who valuegood d health, should never be without them. Tlhey are sla In jekets at SO cents,$ sitan $2 each, by every reper 0 table druggst boitseller, and venierof medieine in tlr h United Statesi al: be Canahas, with copious dibeotioos, Stoigetl. r witht estnaonials of professional ability from W the following eminen t gentlemen: Sir Astley Cooier, A Abernetl, James Blundell, A. D., W. Back, M]. D., is J. Aston Key, A. FPraltonl, M. D., anil niumerous a, othen. The originals may e sen nossession of the General Aget, by whom tie medicine io importedl into this country, and o whom alt appliceations oragencies e must be made. JNO. HOLBEIN, 1m 2 VWsverly Phlae, N. Yelt, e Sole General Agent for the United States, Eca. For rle y lppointment of the rriginil I Oprietor. SSiWln t BnOarls, Druggists, NO Ie CanIr street, g ene Agentfor Statthee of Louisiana. jl v8 N I EMIRY It LEE Pd co, No 8 Magazine stlreet, are i1 row receiving from ships Nashville, Louisville, T- eouicky, Eagle, esl other late arrivals trom :el it .t"liern cities, a large nd new seleted ssortnlenta i- Hista, nooes, Shoes and Brogan s, i sonsisting of gentlemin's fine calf and Morocco hoots n do 24 qouality do buff'd, and stout wax pegged r oots o if erionsaqoiitia; men's fine calf seal aid Moroore d ehlr, pumps anl brogans, bucksknl shoes, brogns ani a sppeot sen'otine calf and kipped pegged ahoesand I oaist; o boots; do stout kip andi wax pegged shoes da brognsat gentlemen's best iquality caltfswed llshoes, " hieans andl Jack Downii s; do calf oln Morocco Ie lskles oesr and brogansi do call, seal and Moroccas d idan oct s ohl s and liplars, do calf, buff ai seal wilgs, y asewarticle; tio fine call, sel. and moroceo Pla.ine rotsi boys',o misses'and ctildren's pe ed sid s.ewedl ebtogian sani shoes ofevery qualityl end uld. Ais a general assortment o01 men's stolut wax and mict anl shoes, togetller witk I10,000 pails L gro Iat luality, russett brogans, nailed ini tb e Inks, made expressly for planattioo se; na good as. ,t 'rtmenl of nenus ite and stout kip t'usaett Inii lol+ a t w article, i t a urge quantitiy of an inferior lqualit rl aoset i wax blrogns.. Ladies' fine calf, seal, mnorocco ndil grni wells, andi Spumpl sole oeslio lio ti iFrencht Morocco aend kill rol ticaid lippersi do roan shoes, with and witlout heels; b calf, eal anld stout leather bootees; do 'Proella shocs s fall kinds nd qualities; do lasting broganis; do gaitelr s land foxed bootees. Missa' lastig spring sl oesanxl r Maigans. Chiliren's colored Morcoeo and lasting bro gril anid boots, &e. 0tentlemenla'slinefllsionable black silk hats I do blakeL t in Idrab beaver ito of a superior quality; do imlitatioi ItI ram do; biroad and narrow brim men's finue drab and iitCek Rssia shlort naptped hats, a new artiole. Youths' lasre size Itts of difterent qualities; do childlren's, Minot'sand boy's blaekanil drab wool hats of various dopes, with general aulstoler t of boys' and men's 0 ial caps. this assortment will be replenislid iyt ti arrival of eahr packetshrom the aoone eamed cities, all of which ni llbe ioldsen acommlating term,. aug I-if MONTAIGUE'S S BALX FOR THE TEETH. T º HE eathlisbed reputation and cnesta llytllrea;i demand for tis effla tnl rclledy of pail, allll pre servolie ofte toe teeth, has nduced the soelriber otffer it to tile Anlericai public. Arrallgemlcntsll h been inade to suppl y agents in aol the prinllcipal citie and towns ill the UGited States, no la Ito pllCe it ithi l tlereac othlwosesulTfrillg anl likely to luffer this f1e0 Illradeislg of all ch1er, l'ootllh-ilo. WVheu applied acordingi to directions giveu en bottle, it has never faiileI to alfrit illllmelldllit end lrlUile relil. It alao Irrest tile deca In Ildaoreli" teetll,ad relieves tllhat soreelless icl'el frtllenil renders a slrllng tootti IlIeless. The1 llllicin lll1 rclnem dy are sinmple, illnoctent, ln' not tr)Iraisnt l; a ill tile large ilnumlbelr ofperlson ill IllIlOl"t s tliolls If Itll COlllltry,i tat have alraIldy ex erentillce sulclh i ell,,i alldonltlitre eflaflc00rom 1 he1 fi e of I ll 1111, me ready rivalled q,nldlitml. It o l i llian reed ohnie tile civilized world is thle mast volt'able dishovery red lln of tile wodllois. P'ice $1 per bottle. Sld, lv JAlIflIS & ANRIEI'WSV, otar 5 roTr CCllllllnll ll| rI. hpihllllllo isd. rumors ol tlie unlersiglned having sold out, or diseonalinued his old and lnd g onlalllillud GARDEN SEED STORE, Hlaving bcii m0ost idustrilously rcul tied by self. interested parties, tile osubscriber begs to ainsure lilis friends generally, and the public at arge, hat hle still ontiuollo' witlhin two d0rs of his late, or former standlll, to he furnialsed witl a full 0nd ex. tensivo supply of all the staodard kiidl s of kitchol or vegctabli [srden ,rdids, of tie growthl and ilt port of the present season, 1837. Since thle early part of Seplember, lie lhas re. ceivod anlpl slupplies, by tihe packet chip1 Vickt. burg, Kentucky, iald Arkana, leill arrived ini abort pasosages, direct fromt New York. B tihe ilissis. sippi and anothler packet, lie is in dily axpecla. tloll of a supply of Fruit Trees and Aspnla~au Roots, laving already received ivoieea tllercolf by mail. The subscriber begs furtlier to suroau the publia at large, that lie is at present as well enabled to meet and exe0ute orders for all the kinds of Garden Seeds, either wholesale or retail, as he ever was since his first oestablishmet in January, 1822. Country Dealers and Market Girdonora' orders filled at the lowest and most reasonable rates, by the pound weight, and gallon or bulshel nasuare. Catalogues, itllsr in Fronellc or English, miia always be obtained oi personal application as usual, to WM. SMITI, Garden Seed Store, 85 Customltoua streset. NOTE.--A constant aupply of Bird Seed, either I mined or plain; pulverized soup loeris, and Shakers' dried Iterbs,--withl a supply of peas and beans. Fancy Pocket Bonks-Uurder this lead will be found a spleldid variety of ladies' and gentlmaln's pocket hooks, note, card, needle anid thread cases. Fianny "torks, Siupeiderr, Ae.-Of tie latest - pattern and of superior quality, consistillg oplain and figured satin, bonmb.l linc, velvet and clothl sitock, lineini tomos. pin, . fo.,.y ith rnd ,d witanat ruffles, sirt eollars, suapeiicder called Wsiliaglgtosel sspeders, also, gl. ..elastic worst. i ed and cttonotl do, wvith and without rollers, pantaloon straps with wire sprilng; and a great va. rioty of gentlollen'l wear, ' iide expressly for ile retail trade, by A. L. Vanllorn and ion of Phila. Coulbs--A goeoral nil coliplele asortlocni ofeoalba froiul their mcaaflietory.Atlo Enl, Elisa znd Freoncl dresoin ,,enlll.t . RUSIITON & ASPINALL'S. Iv COMPOUND TONIC AMIX'T'IlRE.A speedy S and certari euro for the Fever and Ague, i reamoittent and ilteroitteont Ibver; pI'repared frr m i 1stl tire original recipe. Used with elminea and uni. so vernta succesas i 1832, by persons of tihe highest bed respectability in thin City, as stated in tihe unnexed tar certificates. ow This medicine is highly recoumnended, and lhas 'Y' such distinguishead success, tlat tihe proprietor of tile recipe his been induced to offer it to the pub. lie in its present form, in thie hope that it may be .ethe meansa of reCeving many of tthorse who are m osuffering undar thie scourge of our sountry. It isj rul a medicine plassesasing great virtue, and wlhen usert Ct according to tihe directions hias never failed of affeacting a cure, even in tile met obstirnate stage of the disorder. It is not at all disagreeaoble, and tpersons of tite weakest stnomacl, and childreli rs " takeit wit imtpunity. It strengthens tile digestive _ organs, createsn an appetite, and seldomn reqrluires D) tmore than one, or in obstinate cases, two hottles to effect a earc. There. is neitler mnercury nor O arsenic in tre nedicine, nor any Cithing ijurious Sto the tuntan constitution The proprietors are so well convinced of its efie.acy, that Ihey agree re to refund the price of every bottle which has been taken in aceordance with tihe directions anod has oit not effected a a perfect cure of the fever & agueo. rs A. OLIVER, sole agent for New Orleans, at Shis awholesalse and retail drug and medicine slors, corner of Bienville and Chartres streets. S For District Agencies apply to Sje5 T.'W. MITI48 Conti nt. [I - --- OW A. ..+lg-l ' It HI:; O GTI/· M ger couty, Alabama. fU THREE DAYS J'OURNEY FROMV NEIV ,' V ORLEANS. TIIlE proprietor of this establishment has the ple . *rfsofaourrring to this friends and t!le pnhiIe i, greeral, tat lie will ie int readilrteesby the first day ot n -lay to receive visitera. Ile will also soate for tieb- ha ISert of those at a diitance, that theare have been large I ipovemenlslt nmade, and others now gaing on and in o3 trapid progress for, rcompletion, which will enhlabt the a oubscrlbr to ancconmlodate a much larger nmnber thlan h at iteretofoe, and att r ate time much berer. at Finilie ran be nvcorrodaled lith goodroamlr or F tloere who prer ean hae large cabinsa etaehed froee at tirhe mauit ilding. It is deemead runecesaor.ry re say anything in parlell. er tnr af tie charaeer al tihese waters, for it is geerariiy e believed that they are not inferior to tnin i the Southi ern S.ates. All tile ar.semertn that are ger. ally se found at Wanening Pilace, will be fouud a t.fits. the an hest music tha this part of the country nlards;Lan ahu been engaged, and will be innonotrat attentdane at the ahi prigr du ringthe whole eason. a ,,,t...e ne will avail bimself of this eoprtlity iltie oucqueaotdatirran, t ttri""'1'týf 'Cllttel piaenet neason. Jneettn, IdW ,.. ter. i, _+ ÷ ,, j JUSTPUBLISHEDFROMSTERiOTrrPE PLJTES, The FiVlt Editionof ROWI.ETT'S TABLES OdF IN'i'REST: FT O which is now addled an Average Time Calelta . tor, or easy methods faor nding Cite avenge time on slorage, notes of tead or bills of goods, when nor .ohased at different dates, an different credits, ard" for vayios amoaitts; bettles a useful anti complete aankiog Time 'Ttile, tile best lhat can be contrived. or tlat fi gures can produce within the sane condesend compass, andi slne oftype. Ain adrvetisement in the book is in nearly the follow in" words:. The igh cistinction this work has reelive tihrongh the ten legislative acts prefixed to the title page, is are ominmecndatiotin itsell; so ne ommon,, ie so eonclu sie, it anthing is ncessary more than by wayof ad veris.meent, to give a condensed view of some o its pee c iite:, t instne, the Interest has been omn a f esl from,atnd ompared with, what is equivalent to for s teen setsifeailulatione, examiuetl ito the press thirty five times, and printed rom stereatype plates teated sthircyty-one times, from all which it mnet be evident seven to the sketie (especilly on ti pl ite.o of the de Stail of preofin the piefae) that ti e werk must le arith ietirally infallible, nlld in eonfilrmaton oflltis eliefa premiN m of two hldred and fifty dcollars, in now offer ed for the detoetiont el an error oft eent in the present Sor fifth edition, as exporeed in the preface, naking fine large pren.ilos aiered for the same error sincethe first pnhlieaion iathe year .18 * One of the most eon o features of the tables in inthe arrangement of rthe Time stid Amonnts, which for expoditions, roference ondperspieuity, with the help oflthe ide and index, cannot be exelead all d the salio ty and ease with which thie In:teral oal be found tothe extent of general hosintes, wilhent doubling surofms is besides a onvenienee so essential, that in tn e tlmu - leon of sone oi the most competent aid prctieal busi ness men and pIblic ofiliern who have maonigreat use of tliework, it has been distinio ished by tio honosable appellation efofa tmwester pines". And considering the infallibility of the method originally aloptedl in Scomposing the work, and the extraoitdiry naumher ranl variety ofthe examiantions, and tests of every edition it his passed in the press, eotwithstandting the whole islin stereolype, eoltsiderlmtg, in si6t, thle positive seenraey selared by the unpcreednnotei tteans employai, til vo lme ohas been heldni, anl eml"hticaly styled "the most wondeerfi book i n the woak;" most ertainl no man eas nameo ligore work ofthet sane extent, w ich ince cite beginning ol creation, Iaa bad the same num ber atnd variety of tests in the same numner of editors; no, nor one halifthei number, as is learly shown in the preILee. Besiden, astest and standard, it has breen tried andi |iroed in nearly all tce bank and pablie oMfiles in tihe ni States, c.t Iby the puttlie go ternlly, during the long periodl o ftirtc-five tears, yet on error of ihe enl otaitiots has ever bhcee ftotin it rint, ahthoogh emctititt ally challenged by the oflr of very large ie tr orem. ebll theb°k.i isl fi.t exlresltiy adoplted by ol the ourts oflaw rnevatol l.ofthe States tis the " rte of cnlculatbon fornsitute interest," as also Iy law for bank interest, ccorlintithgs the boak is used, and as Mtay ie seen in part, by o eattles of thle sotlistihers, and a few of the anhsequent liretatcl s, illthe list at the cit of tia book, isin losaession efeverty loss ofceitizects in every quar to of tliHe Unit ed States. it is inoreovor well kntown hant, by its realnri cheek, it lssn so tltu detetctetlhago errors, Iang tler they were made, evet I thie most eoaietIt and mornt conmpetent e'ithntetielans, '=tt its lseftless,t anti the aOhsltte nie cessity foro its us', itac been txtenasiely inslsted uapon so evtdtelt, inecnd, lava been its aallinages, ant its savings, ti(s, seterri yearsogo, whilst the first edition was s'aree, nold eat of print, a great thtmber of secondl land copies were sought for, same to a gtre:t distance. and Ipremased ot various prices, as they couid ocasIion. ally io picked op at fion 10 oto $25 per copy, and some persons bave declaret, and instances could be qctoted litat they would pay $50, $1t00, and $500 for a enpy, If otto hIe ihat fat less, anti n intlividual i thie latter instance particvluarly, Itallng at the same ilme rlxhibied satlshiohtry poal; to several persons pre sent that tohlim it was relly worth that mnoney dll more tIltuIgh the saving of Ilis very vanohie tinme, ie being a very tich itt stdll in opiice ofie. itis likewise worthy of notice, tnl iticdlee proper to tmanless, tlht sath is tile tnatur aof figue work generally anlt aspeciolly whe of the extent cad tmportn.e ol these ttli,ls, tiatIadI this hook or its like beton praet, - ed ill the usual tltntIle t rnltt, bythe test cotmIetent oalceuaorin the worldl,anti Ialet.trtsl Inrteilt nImost Caoltioly under hiis ow lct eorretion of proof shleets, it wold, almhost to a certainty, have baen nesafe for re ferttc,niiti dearat aiy p.itrt as tile irloflee dlliiea Ia1rp extlains. lit sio perfect and vnittale have the stereotyla ptntes of lt is w orhklheen tlade, tht t t seo e thtc,, 'ithlteir merutts andtl eXttraolrdinary exala lints, ngoist fitea, for tlt gneirl entfit, tl;hey are (by drelertiseinelle) clnttattttly kept ill a t lace (c f speea tafIt), exet llh ilc uell wi ta llitIa Ampleditretioli s to e ll .)io atttttittttd tatite inter ftit as ialthe twt uti eedin g tlelt h itt, ii - ferl " ' a t i e ,onc rnoge, the Iwo lllflc IlllUS iof elitpol illg alatern , t I tee ltttl s pt g lt;ee, lie. It t'l.nllinllS only| to rmlliark that, IhitW n inig this tn nliiolotily costly work, lthitth was ttlit Jl I bIt efll e illtcerst ttles wl..ln, ittt.lllel. , is doltatis :tat cet.vs bt ye al a 7nl 'tttlnoeo her,, so nt vt.n' a.d ie iiglhe tllvy pillitlled, i lthastiltli'et so oocb-us palidat iotvms" . t all t i iall . '. i I otill tlt nat i. ds ll ih e ltli tio l n tTlit.f ktilv lati"i I/tn Latf itt Stlalt lIIIl ait thltllCm ll t l : lit : ltohin. .ivr, to s. Ithnllg h an i fitc \li nitt1 littea ,"I r Illr ri s .I' t tha.e Tle l)tttitIi \Vifril,'0to, ii itititail a tntral rolt JIlnI Iercir. l na1rd ftr t lity '1.31'SI.,AN, - V i &.tIi.AFFIFoS Ctatttpa-' o , , totlti Es triaCt af S garoalrllai, tor tile eprb for tleointei ptiolis of tile itil; pillltles or tnistles of tie ; bil. wlicel nrit, lont allt lllluare dtale oftlso od; eItly ern;tioltt; ltlat ill, til, hltea; ehroeaie luntatiiltotl totttr; terofia or kaletoa ev ; whiteb owelliutg; syllililie diseasoes, aid oiall iliaorders arisitg Ironati it tO ture toto of tile Itlooal, by a onttge! residottnc in a lin eliliale, or tile illjadicius us00 of mercnty. f'ont P. oeelntve: W ite Itoti h tu a oliro l o.alw eraliL Atratg elicel are0 the following:-lndian )ye, for doltriung tlie Inir; tear's Oil; [Rnleine cear's orente; Ponatotttri ; ehltawo' Feelalk o Wviash: no. periar l'oorl I'owdlr; Lily White; C.ealnl i lodes; Vgetable Rouge; Ottle of itaoso; Lip Salve; Kre.o oAite Tooth Wasl CaL&rbon e D trifes; Oralngoeg Flowar Water; Powder Fuais anti Boa i; Acaori. an Cbaercoal, neatly put up in nour tion vitan; raeon Soals; Cologne; Kreosoto -Pootl.aehe Drops; lir irs heslei; Englist DOnre tg (:attib. Ba Idio.n Plair Oil;-titl h a vatriety of tber Feerf lerieste. ie or cole by L W GLENN'S PEFUIIM RIES. J C TI'INC .tARD , Corner of Canal and Bourbon slreetl 1in IIOTI : k MAY, Iistea, Sign, siot lltn Inrgls lot j I*lilliert, 'i.ti CUn'taliele st'ire., woi dloors irm ,and lrtlstree't. ]e Imitations of tie oilltnioig womls e nd mu''blcs,ex ,rut. W l" ed in a lma sl rll) mnl terll. . era, M~1011 I*RLEa. ll ghg , uj'ltinll ltiack In aI gokI I f)ak. (,ial a antI Anti:o. t l I'olllra io Oricntall nr vrrdt alltlUe, SCarled no , ,lasiner,,' (Jtlrled Nlaplc, Illtnd oart', on Birdsl F:lyvtDbe (, t by lntllic, nit Satint n lsotollnric, 7 llair Wool, t Dkote on bllrlello, Yew hide, ltalsaill White. (;orontxdle or lllFak Sianta sl Brcterlla, .dy lnoSe WVOd, ' Anmirican (riy, no, A VhliWhIe Okl, k, k &r. ut Cl'lrd lElln, ni- Spoeimtns in bIe setn at the shlop. l 1aint%, ails at Iglnss, epalI varnishi, &c. ol salid nd lor sale. lad t - i tO,''nLI'& HIAVY (t OOllS..lli, aore a ll td bundle inatreill aamrtei. illt oop, It oltal and oi. irot, tnail rods and ,lotlgh 06. Ccat, (erman, sleiar, blistelrel, spring, sleet and b Crowley stel lo l eoll t i orel, c enwrOugaphtllnlts andlI pikes il Zi"c, Ilk tlit mill iId grlld stoec, saIt kettlles S (:liaic iables, aicllIors, hoes (),I hl:g al'ld trace I haos, COlrn mills OF Allyils vies, Iblarlllnels amt bellows go Wire, shleet,pi;,'inl bat lea li shot nd Cai, endl cgkieg aeoves y Amels, Iltowlal'ai tol oilier Sladleasnlll slovels ve Ilook anti plate hi gesl,door a;nd w indow hooks vs Cnllins, lnts, Stint p, liti otlier xies en l'r'i"d atn Manilta cordage, lines ant twine n nor Bt aid sleiathitngn copier; N:lv stores n aliPtsyt linseeld m. slll nt)il Ir A fll asso11.1lcot or Ilnl, wre sill slhip ehnllllery nS way hsond,|Ili wlicl are off el lfora le at whele l sile .a. retail, on tle lnost favornile termns, by s m4+ LAYTI'ON & CUo. 53 Oild Levee. SE.V. GOOD)--Silnntono Hartt & co are now re it vcuing from o brtaird shlps Yazoo, ail Sarutogl I, I"nlbrig Concordin ' f'am New York, n reoat variety e garls in their liie a whieh together with tlei•r tireot tlock on hlit d tile their iiaIotrentvOrye I pleate. Th'be iollowinig iol se a port, viz: ,i o.l eitwst, .ri,r4kle, tlock iand lressi granit, iirtin oi fall descriptioaii In dlian ribber, silk ad worsted elasltie garttrs, comnaun & line elastic istpeniierr, leco noeo nud Lucifer manteles, Seillitz powderb, powderpits and hoxea,toilet irowdsr packet Ibooks ald walletn, needle books, shnIr, pearl, ivory sntl loroeo caerde traio, Iead orncments,pliinco ral Ieads, necklaces lol negligees, bead ebah-ns, head aneeklaeee, cit glass andi plain,oeed,silver ana gilt beads, Indisn beads, bellsa ai plumes; pistol and large pow er flrasks, olot belts, horse, belt. pocket and dateling lisiols; doluble andsingle barrelled guns, Bowie knives, and dirks. scissort, Sainrc,pocke kniven, gnned bainis, oil and rilbbons waist bucklos,elnth, hair, tooth, nailaritbh, Pa B, eruab. shoe, pilate, frloor and duling bushes, Collgne, d Florida, lavender, rose and bay waterr,assored essencea, and extrac, lacacan r, hear, aniqie, and Wedar vo-e getable hair oils, llaving alld toilet oaps of ti d ts. eriptions, Ilathier' .tl getlem s' lck .. ni dreaain a cases, hair rilretr, frizatltes ani brai aplain, Itllcy an mlsical work boxes, I plaltn a t -giltlurn, coat un S vest utttiou, pearl anl ivor slirtId, shirt1slodd,a nld tic sad silver tencil case , too tansadd gweezenlp lCd and gilt Iloketl, n'itiiature ds, niver, irase, ind steet bhinbles, mooke anid eyes, bai pins, imitation fvlt, ,lk anl -ratlilnk,slha blatiking, violins sid gcittrs, ribtecl end plain pereass.ael c p, linaec twine, .eeated enlih trie, it: l cand aoi la r as d tfringfe, b.ter paper, 'atune leare v u,ij'k cuei :pay In cads, hue a eo n, . ..,, . _ , ' ,, s.f . ,. . ., - f b a wh ol s a le V r lrt il uay , u m st , Stu n N 11 Shelliowab s 5pel] MAIL ARIILANUGEIMENT Northern Mail, Due Every Ity . DI Ne Al. TWoolen IMaSl, a fCloss Edery day at 10 A. 11 tio- Duo every Sunduay, Wednesday me Weofk Mail r Friday, by n P. M.olea or. by tray of Its' Cloes every Monday, Wedotin~d for Coiasl and SaMordly, by P. M. N hi k I lOe every Taodnt, Thursday, a lw f erck vair Saturda, yP T P. r M. oetr Closes et . y Monday, Wednesday TIMES OF ARRIVAL DE1 RTUIE. DISTANCE ugh e &e. Aofthe Exprss aoil, hosesaW Manila and wam rc York-leaving Mobile daily at P. M. Noehmar0 eta- New York dily at 5 P.TM raalLward. sd- Arrives ` Arrive Ia N Noelbtwal Stanee. Ti' rns antgomery, Ala. i. l', 20I 1tIaS Pt Coliurh, Ga. 11 81 9 3 Sa.m s CoiumliottS.C. 71 . ti13 171(i. len Warrenton, Va. 12 aa. 55 RA II PeIoanl% pn. II mil Smri il tichmond, Va. ant. 21 3 6p Re- Whingtoncity, 2pio. 61 01 nt Baltimorea, 6 38 4 0 e Philadelphia, 6 am. 1o0 11 : i New York, 2 pm. 90 8i es s 1305 14 ah. or o5dm ic Northward. Cong Sothward, the tim is si Iho els leass; being5 days and 17 hours. slay TEN II.LAfi iREWARiD. the R ANAWAY from 169 OCrondelet rorner of Hayr. ems 'i~' strerts,on she lght of 301th of Augusa, asod wae am- men else neos morning in Pa drag Street, a negro boy ati- named CiHAR.lI, aboas 7 yearn of aen sal S fee une r thereaeaoutas ltoilgtvaee blaok, and o a an imua e ri by r reent uri lit Iled on wauhee we ntae a , ia ni un lien sirnd hited cron anlbn. SMern el and m oa art eauined a Ido t insr reeiving orhrboring said negro, as mel noan sin oehforeesons,als Ilhaost rigeur of te low will be enforced inhem. i abve reward will he a l oay fordrlivering hiil int, any of the Jails of eitsler sf e a Os- municipatlies or at 169 Cnrdole, corner of HeRsi the aleoct. i : tinderhefirm aof &ri& e hasi boa diolved. T sucribr wll liuie th nf, ir o tihe rite reronerin tolin ruy, old requires all petoans sintob - Ite seaoke pymt him ly, and allt brioehvio6 nest clai ,to ppriesecehtt m faroassllososts. Aato hlaO leT AItRiN TONV she W.W.SWAIN. No.- No. IICaaol &reel NAm Ormuis]a oa- A-AS aroan ounhand constsantly & roeceivittg Bra n I s thDe itentr cales,ad leaori of tolg imtle,, are arIa ellowozi fol lly . 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SPAIN IEVISITE'),&r Ac 14 PAIN ItEVISI'TE D risA, by ue aislor o A year ?Tarts t fIodisersbssear, ioa generasrot applirabt Is the A itirira Aerita, i Tuer evnleibya Tle Political Grammar, of toe Unserd State., or r lple view ofstttt Ithe eryorv aon5 iritice if the gonarea a ores s T issIier uttie, mits ite eeittionat Ibetwen slum -edi~ tt idolisedl sditp ted t ttie eu ti utefofsthe UnitCed Sistale, Ivby IE D Mittofeis, Esq. Sitseotio lltinJo'Tt-a losistureperIecl wnittl mnrist istic "ritotdotsdcsai·ojr ad toing iofisportinig meain cludiog eioit-e of tIte priipual crachk rideroof England with aiytyci'nl ct entus, uni grneest inldex of nsssst,2 aasortttieoa of frects drIsge, asS INNOCK'S ROME dR E ])INNOCK,8 IMPROVED EDITION OF DR ! -Ghsmt' br'dgmesnt of the History of Rome· to which is prefixed an IntnhuM:laon ttoeie Study e on Roman Historyn a great variety of valuable infer ] mutton addedl throughout tm war],.on time Manner Institutions and An quhities of tile Romans; with nu, mmerons biogrephieol and historieal Notln; and qnee tios foar examiamltion at the end of each nection. II. lusatercd with thinrtyengrvngs on wood, by Atherton |I"o.nCp's Itroed Ein of I)r Goldfie th'w History of Eglamd, fro nthe Invaniom of Julius Caesar to the death of George hd, with a contimtfat-ol to the yea 1832. With question- for exanmiation t tile enid each eectiou. Boeils'a variety of tblua innma tiou ludedl thro ugheo t te workt. Cdmiisting of table of outeuatn , raov Sovereign, and eminent persoma Copious explanatory notes. Remnarksa on the polli tiem, moannero and literattre of tile age An outline heoati Con itution, d&e. &e. ilusratem d by many engt i Ilngs, Gvvs' EI.EMEyT$ Or ARTROnouc, and an Aoceilltnemm of Keiti's New Treatise e tlh Use of Globes Ne! American enlition, with i dditiolns ad iar Gaeennt ond at expiation of the mootmmomh jtart of the Au tican Alumana. part the A Jaus received and for sale by WM M'KEAN inny 24 coner ot Camp and Common sIte HARPER'S CLASSICAL LIBRARY . _1ORACm , translatad by Phillip Franis D D, with all appendix, contasuing translations of various odes, &'..hy Ben Jonson, Cowley, Miltoln Drvdos Pope Addison, Swift Chattertou, G Wakofsld, Porso· Bryan, -&.nd som othe moreemniment poet of tin day-and .THfIEDRUS, with the appendx nlf udin. trane ed hbv Chllritoper Surttm, i t aOL fonniug elumesl and 19 ofUHurler's Clasieal Library Time Expedition of HIU1PIIl.(Ey CI.INKERR, by Smoallett1), 11with a mttnm mnuir of leAuthor, Tim. ts Rihosaoe sq, new edition, with illustrations, by Go THE 'PSlh;aTahcm bvtymrtutlt mror "Rionetmem. Mary ou ! •rgutdy," &c.,m tw editioa, 2 vrle mLmmpi PAUL LIF'POtRD; by the aulothlor Op Pel,. Timo irU ,~," &e, bemam volueacmmIVmofi uwa in oL'"l amers Conople. V'.kne. Jnit.rm-iwl. sale. WMI MoKK:A l - con .e if tiES-36D eteo k" Cinienatir , noo m,&r c IlA W m

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