Newspaper of True American, March 22, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated March 22, 1839 Page 3
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IWit "e leas lad (arrwallom uadh . Nevw Orlea a., roch 11, 18N. OL'll.i--Dring lthe raese tile care will leave Poy. dam atreet, for Carrolton, every harlf hour, roon hig at.9 o''oek A M until 7 o'clocek P M, return half hor, comcnencin at o'cick M A cItil r P i, a ndfttar regularly. 'Tih tralin f care th.t hoald leave New Or .tI o'cluck P M, will leave at half past twelve, for ofd fCeanlemn uac' mpanying them, so as to be eat IIAMIPSON, chief cegi ner. teaiveod .at thse Loluatia 'aruitare Ware , 53 lilenvillo etreet,000 Maple and Cherry Sa firs rate article. Alao, a good a-sort At tiee Walnoet, wand Pinled ,air, whieh 'old or tits loweot cati priesAN. 53 Bianville street H UABLE PA StLd Y. bocrihltr ios the hsoniv of inhiraing the Ia Sthat he hs roecetreil per aehiP Latfyette g, a slupply of fal asd winter Millinery, o Est anl riicett materials in Paris, whdih Mrs. i.ul eoptects to have ipened a'd ready for examl. IitkI$t Ott Muday and 'Turnday nexAt. SD psPsANI.AN, 25 Chnrte st SLt iFLAl FANCY TATFIrtNArY, t& bt NG frorm ship Wathingtoln ron. Lono.n, . d fir ante by the ulbscriber, lit case, 5 casks ltatinllar', to wit SMreaes tlick laid Post, hot pressed do yellow wove, ho pressedl d. extra supier onltint, aed 8e 'do s mbltohs poi, Ito whit w d's do d tinted Widguvweou[ and Ackertmttu Itt arlMtad Writers do Carbonie honks for d .i do eopying do Drawine Paper of all colors Water torl, aitsoUrted, in coke w oakw ani Meilt suitable for catdemies ltred mainiature Ivories; faney Pe ahoidere n Pets, extsra fe, fintietttoum, &c flc tw Pencils ; Ackerman's and Brntkman's do leather e'aes,aerted ine ttild quartn putent onlpyilg machines t eolying, fld, pera taent blue and red . Ilto ai ariety ofotl e tic:les in tie ta tihary Sli. • . JOHNS 4' Co. sl. tatioaerI' Hall ALE-Fourteten Itnalset aoreas of andtlying d.tie pariah of Iherville., tt ho.t ides of lleyoa jtt indbilmgnthe tlaitttittem lately e.thabli.ted tyr Joi nuna and Ir lultry--atl, Nloithunereu acres Iyilg in the parish Tof Paiate iapse, oa tihe west Bids of ibyou Fordoche, adjaent tO theral teiftlie Atecfiiay's rail road, aud adjoining 1e,ý Rls owned lty Govn. Jhnsoiwil. c Ttt i, ndsuesternd, titn the bayou on w tich they Etuthbaah to the dtepth dt' acres. . They amecovred with *lld case, at d tte growth o frarest tree is umply atlciept to lirnrnihl nil the timacr nesedted for a platla. -a i isa noti ltciaiently heavy t o requlre much ihoir to get.lhts ready fwr ulitva inn. Experience upon lands li 'lay ituated, in the asre le,aighloursahood, has • it .hat a lody oe firolc, Pi'ste nany portion oa' theio able to cleirland ela ugt to pt lit a crp the ir yorofcatrn ad attOnIl Ilr'er ttan they can ga hr. It l.ndyhe fely aO.ertcI thatitu lae nd in the Stlat' nfiere greater islitreenla. to tile eottall ileanter. Person tdeusimsof parllaeisa, mny osare tImem eli the ofequity and character of th.e lands, by edbtieto thlae- )laa. llenrv Jattnsat. W 'r Williams, narveyor gencneral of the U. S. for IAuisianl, an. T I Couleryof Ptit Coupeoe,s IDrJ Ilntey,tfl errelemtan. Apply to myelf in his city, or to ess Lomllh aad Thempsai Notahatch t New trlaa.. New Orleas's, 9th Msurcl, 139, ellt II'ltltt AX. A 'ON UiS-g trmIIw leara. . . . Cfi I olumbus, for bale lbNirry c 4 Nev co m14 (,. lOItSEY,44 New4 4 .. I19K EY-11l!hhbli landing from steambonr ds WV mion, for sale by I. W)rLie Y, W bug aad0001 lor sale b.~" V ......__ min (, i , ew Love W E1)S'rElt'a spelling books, copy booko and I L e tlea and for sale y by out4 ) FN IT &c C io, 24 Chrtrestr mISIIn Y-M1 ble, laudiog f h ron onea boat di S a Murlnniu,lfr sale by - 1A ANA tiC lo 1.& Ifbugs laodinog lrua brig 1brig Olronto. flr oalle . ro 14 TRIER, 34 Grieor sat EntW Mn : 11 by ,r luu..j r\. & t M e, i tutoaine, c 1 Iast,'" Ibnrcrnlleh--words by Miss Estnlh" .dci- E, ratld lt IImrv' Ionrrnl, lonq cem'poerl by td. I. Ma r mouvreor of Now t rlh'as, received wilth te greeatest p 1.v.aa atthe New 'ortk concerts, og K JOHNS d€ Co, mil i aOrrer Sit Chtre (i&Cotoan b_ dt 01 o-n' og Mr~ a.illal juot r.-iceived from New - York, Irr cllip t)rlnoo. forsl,$7I s(y by aoN I IIAI. & IIIlt)\V N ,g Molga tinc. e t - t -: 5 1 bae- slorot caireloer jsot eatooed r d i an d,r s., I," h7v m 0l lo .\I. t. o&. .ILt\'N 9 l og o ioolloe o t r)b1lIo Ids 0. jeloO rlotool pre t oleoejo rbi i ll t 'i Al. & Ileltlr(e N, 9OV 50 o gi n ,ee'n r );9IKNl'--R, aunt I lylllirelc t .....ved and" J fur sal hy At i..(lo to WINEIo--Ilo qr dlisks Malangar t.ioleI 12tl' I{'FAI) & 11. 1 it '(W,7 !rk plac e oim, at on i h ll tle elqa of nllgraving an0 d nearly as h ne ll I'ItANuI--A frw loarrel of old own tloo " ilid i tiAi) & il it 1 o I lo'i -,7 I.t ,tI plao- e l F ihE, 5: mo |trsipzecoe street, opposite ihks' Ar- his alli tthoice d see pecies. W BEEank ntakes plearlyoeo utd and cig ulo, hi rioeds and the cltalront of Nowt Orlenils, thot le ols at -esgthbh.o ght l. ito ogC ro ibi) on a par a.iih copper lalte iu' ti a, dfrom tlh I:loilitie s the. ort has over cop1er elate edIgsaving. I Can caecun e ell ordere entori+toin to lo n, at none haltllhe o x lsin of elgr hallg and nerly as clarap as t[Vile filtilag. Merehan.wjigllo as oo rulgr'iOi ono otl io olir own brad wrhitiog, cu hove any oun a ttv la a few loour otic, or they will be eected fr them in a LLa style, such as bar hoeretoofore gives general satisfaction toall the most respnectabll. roolloioilorU houses in this ciRAy. Deutlemn dCsirous of ohav ing Vitog or lieui treso Cardsofooiroled i, tle lbest manner, will do well by alling lat ti tlc1o sand see spneciinsr. - n1 id, 183 y n, ine1t FN B--ob0ak notes neatly erecoted, and circulars, limld IaAt noDe toer' _ _,__nioc _o _ W AFEitl-lteIo ed a ilooa.did asa sttIOoontl oall Saloes and tIe very first quality, lor sale whole sale or retail by O FELT & Co, Om13 N Y St ation-r ball, 24 Chartres at ml(AR & MOLASiSES- 15 ogsheads, sugar aad lO, gallons nMoolases on plataati on above Ihe - city--also 00 hogsheads oougar on plantation Ibelow the oily. for sale by 13a r10t ADAMSO & WItITALL, BRANDY CIIERIIItS--2 . boxes in store atod for Jao i eby SII.lI. & IIROWN, 11o13 96 Msgazine at U-CKWIIEV rAS-hIn (ir and eighits bbla, it store and for sale ty mll SHIIAL.L & BROWN, 96 Mtgzo'ne rt B) leaed, utl for saato by rloI SHIALIl & IlRl)VN, Mogazineet iUNNY UIAGS--Smal, taedrlum, and large i es, G in baleoaond hlonllos, for sale by mI3 ISAAC IIt.IDG E & Co, 134 laghrittil "ii1. li-Fr lntl-F n luo lItarbaw, froa Bitoluo, 11 one hole dotnletic, marked F I Cincineati, say one havrig received tile same will confer a f.vor ly aeking II blown to ti13 STEI'TI'SON in AVERY, 8i Grvier et 7) ROGANS, 11O(''S, &c--ldl cases bulst, shoes J brogaut, slippos, &c, for sale by ml3 I IIRII)(IE A& co. 134 Dlagusine .l LONDON BOOKS. M MOIRS of Clnorles natlhws, the Couedian,2 v isl; Shakespere, lijed by ('auplell, I vols Ree Johnson,edited Iby C.ornwll, I vol rBeymonr'e ketabee, clri :uture p lates Sir Wm (;ell's Popcijuna, i vols 8 to, a most aplendld work Roce'es Wa'les with IBron and Walter Scot illu'lrcetl * --did llustrmtio, s to tle \averly Novels I plates Syri8tl0e IlHoly Laud & Asia Minuor A few copies of th I.onmon Annuals, tor 1839 with saperb steel oeeravings The BLk 1 2L)ality ; tle Diadem G'eas of Bi.itly ; Buds aind 1llo.somo Trinden''a Taledux; Ileath's Book of .enuty, and otber valuable works of Art, acick.e and literature K JOHNS & Co mar 18 3v Cor of St Charles and Co.olon at R USSIA B.H El.'rINGS-20 bales, of superiuor qual it ecnding from ship Forumt, lfo sale by mar 18 ISAAC BRKII)1 & ce, 138 Magazine at C-LOTH.NGu --au Clothing, compri sinr g toods asortmenttt lading from ai lit Forsunt, o sale oty I BITIDGE & Co, ml8 131 Magazine at ROGANS AND BOOTS--30 eases eotnaiunig Meas and Bovs Ist quality kilp Brogans and fine hip and calf Bootsandlinu liunt ship Forut, for sale by mar 18 1. BRI DI(IF &Co, 134 Msgazinmst rp E--100 coils in tore, for sale Iy O mar 18 ABRAHAM FRIER, 34 Grcier a PORT WIN. OLD sod Genuine-BotIled in Oporto (hoics Reerse and London particular, in half tad quarter casks (;hates( old Reserve, Sercotl atd london particu' lua in casks, direct importatlion, warrantbd u plus ultra. Bordeaux Brandy Fruits CORDIALS, Maresehino di Zart, genoice Siperfite cuorted Bordeaux Liqomurs (eanuine Martiuiquc Caurdlial of Amphous Stper cr white nad r.l Ilordeaux Aniealtt (rd Ratafiade Grienoble lKirehwaeser and Swiss Alaycthe Vinegar: lBordeaux While Wine Beer: London Portereand Ale Cieese : Cheshire Chbeease, in tin oes E JtiHNS & Cs, marl9 3w Ctoner St Charles and Cluq6 lt NAIL3--18 kega landing from aip ~ and for r le by SHALL & mar 20mm SOM--4) bble meahoime P. iw by" •i 6WlVl 44 '' LASS-Specie, tincture and ail mouth Jare, round aid bqua e whte bottles of every ine, vi aIs fran i-2drnchut, to 8 on., for wholsale end retail, by H BO.oNABEL, ' acorner Ntchen LINSEED OIL-24berrelsof raw and boiled Lin seed Oil, just receiving direct frnm England and for sale hy R. CI.ANNON, ar 4 12 Camp et or SCHOOL BOOKS. - OOlDBRIpGE'S Geography and Allia Smiley'if ialogrephy and Atlas Cobb' I(enders, ne I & 2; Porter's Rhetorical do Andrawa' and Stopdard's Latin Grammar Andrewa' Latin Leasons: just received a new sup. Fa ply of the above valobahla school Boobk, at 49 Camp at. where a large and choice assortment of School Ltak - may always be had on asgood ternn an in tim Soathern country. mar 4 AEI.F:X. TOWAR. ARL'HIT'ECT'UItAL WORKS. N ICHOLSON'd Architec ural Dictionary, 2 large p L\quarto vole. with numerous plates, a ver) valuae work. Nieholon's Principles of Architecture, 3 role oc tavo. numerous platen. Heakin's Priciples of.Architeeture. ttewart's Architectural Dictionary, 3 vol.n vo. l.oItdn'a Cyclopedia of cottage, farm, and village Archilecture. Glorery ofArchitecture.t vol. Nicltoleon' fine orders in Architecture. lrittoa's liiatory of Arehitectura. T'Phe unedlited Antiquitiea of Attia's. T'he nhove armenll Eaglsk Weksanadecl aspenrir. Alo Benjamin'a Arcmilectlue. cbaw's Architoc Niholeon's Carpenter's Guide; Lefnero's Modern Arehitecture. Letleroe o staol ways, &c. for sale by ne ar ALEX. TOWAR, 49 Camp a rll''NIY'S CO1 ION FACTORY--Thesub It would inform merchamts and planters thlat his e'tablishlmeot is now in lull operation and tthat r he is producing a fabric under the style and deleotina. - ion of Whitney's negro eottoa.. 'Those wihing to terchase a ruperlor article for plantation one, will please call and exlanee for theteelves at Mlensrs Peet & North, agents 13 Chartres at or at the eatablishment of the salt oriber 457 TclloitulN HITNE. BENJAMIN WH1rNEY. f7 New Orleaoe, February 7,1889 TO RENT. That desirable dwelling hous, also the ii store underneath now in complete order =l Posseesion given immediately. Terms o.ra liberal or a desiralte tenant, appl, ott the premisers or to (I W PRI'I'CIAI)d& J rAIGElT, Jr t -ml corner Poydras & Magazine at l'ERM CANI)LES--MI boxes, It Durfry's brand, landing f ot ship Vickabeg, for .lo by m ar 9 SHATI. & IROWN,96 Magazine at SOlu e BUTT'ER--15 irkin landting front ship ] \ a" VICKItBURG(.,and for Ba by mar 9 SIAI.I. & BROWN,96 Magazine st iATS.-i coeeeblk silk plrsh Hate, for Itae by t u mar 9 B r iALI, & In OWN, 9 Mneoiane s SANILLtA C1ORDAGE-A complate assortment .V of Manilla Cordegl. oanl tawsers, foir sale by tur 8 S&J.l' WHI'NEY, 73Camp at b A Revised COD)E OF PRACTICE,Iw edirtilon of the state of I.ouisiane, Cat iaing rules of Pro cedure in Civil Actiont, A n ,tor ale b ME n WM MeKEAN, febl eoroner of Camp aod :ommone NEW ORLEANS Sterm lad Patent GBrsuit Bkery-Wnaers and Hitinm. . No. e 9, Moreua (lner the Poltchartrain Rail Road.) Pilot and Navy Broad, Sods and Wine Riscuit, Sugar, Butter, Midford nd Water Crackers. - All the above articles are warranted to he of the firs, uality, and ao keep in any climate, being completely kiln dried. b Al0o,-Kiln dried 'corn meal. L , Orders left at G. W. Prichord and Tagat, Jr. corner Magain and Poydra satreets, will receive prompt attention. Smoll kegs put up expreasely for family use. 15nov D AItLORORNAM ENlI'S--Larte a. beautti ul curiosities, ftr sale only by Rees & D'Isnge, and nt Plougl'sa Museum. All these ornaments consist of the most splene - did specimens of orthinology from Europe, Asia, Africa, and our own country. Approved notees at 60 doys will be taken al (COTTS' COIMPLETE WORKSio 83 rols. Loa Sdeon edition. Vard's Msieco, second edition, enlarged, witll an ae- - count of tile Minirg (Companie, and of tihe Political Evenats in that lepublic to the present lay; in two vrlumes Stewort's Stable Economy: a Treatise on tile men ogemen of Hlores, in relation to the stabling, gronom inag, Feeding, Watering, and working, second Londo - tdiu n. ttewnr's Bogola, in 1836.7, or an expedition to New airosda. litle's lambleeln Europe, or s Tour thrtSlg Frone, hoaly,$witericnd, C(reat It3 itet, and Irelantd, in 1836, i2 veils. For uale by WM. 96l.KEAN, maar 6 r Cutttp and ttCantee ate ri a cn bumlrl. ior sale h uv t Inl:l I lltliitI P & Co.131 Magazine st IAtI-I-8llIl kag. Le.l lard, in store Ot r sale lm1 li IOIIIIEY, 44 New I.vee Fi -.e)UKL--I1UU bihos ftour, allaat hor ale by m1l3 G I)RDMr EY,41 New'.evyn Sl)Ult--I'J blrsn c.hice Irands in stare for sale by ailli 4 IIIt)ISEY, 441 New I.evre C I II.sKlY--:lUO brls rei:lifiud, in aloe, tar saler by nIIi ' I)(.).llt'Y, 44 New Leve Co. LADIEISj' d& GENTLEMEN'S GOLD) CIIAINS e LI ,I.I.. I A I+1:I.I. ies this day received a goil as.o I alrtlllCll, t hichl will be oi'rel remarkably cheap. No 18 Clharttea at N II O01 gold and silver taken in exchange. miar 8 DEl'SPOT OF CELEBRATED WINES. ONTI'AN'TLY in hand and regularly uapplied a witlrh tl inn1 celebraled Wines, warranted pure id tlapoarted, Cordliale, Lonnon Beer, &c. ILIIFNISII WINES. OldIst Leistenand Slein Wine; Seilnberger Our I.a iy'a Milk; Juhannialerger, Rudeheimr Sparkli.g IlHock; Dora Iloekb, of 11125 Ilrbkheinmer, 182; Marcobrunner; Graefalberger the Nlerensateinr Rhenish wine glasses ed BORlDEAUX WINES, Chateau Mlargaux and Chareau Lafitte; Larose Leovitle, Palier Margaux SprioerLSt .Jlien and St Emilion St tsleiphe ad St Julie, exerellmnlt table claret wit A few halflbogshlado oflt Jullen Medoc tioe WVIIITE WINES. lHermitage, Saulerne, Bare end Graves Pa DE4SERT WINES. Otu Genuine Lunar l Fronligae Mauscat mei CHAMPAIGNE WINES. rio White and lied, Sile:r and iell de Perdrix MI BURGUNDY WINES. lon Romanee, Chamberlin, Clo. de Vougeolt Nuite, Sparkling Burgundy mar ll E GG-4 bble landing from ateanaboat 8t Louis, for S d ale by ABRAHAM TRIER, nar 18 34 Grarier at TIITE Saubcrieber offer at wholesrcu the followring goods. HATS-1t00 ease molesakF ailks, as sorted sixes and brims. ll0 do best No I do do I10 do do No: do do 1010 enaes best No 3, asaorted siles and brints. 20'do Hearer, a llupriur artleei; 50 do Fine Nutria; 50 de Extra do oal 20110 do Black an Whi:e Russia; S50 do Extra Black Rll.mea; 100 do Muakrat & Coney ltr broad and narrow band s, fur Levee and country trade;a do All ranaks ofmilitnry & naIval Clhapeaus; o de Childemns ilk and Russia llal, ll ases. Cap-Fe. , er, far eeal, Nortrn, asurat, dad ;ajr Sea[, intro dzen cases. y Sealello. ( y Cloth Caa--Pickwick, Polish Avril's ha rhois, aeft ltp. ,sFret,lt Forage, Military uodreso, ,it Leather I'iaeging. hildren's Fallncy lurban, Plaid and Velvet Cap, at " Freleh pa.steri. lStocke-San, Silk and omthasiae, of the nealest 2 Unbarells--silk and cotton. Military Plunmes, oiled silk. Silk Handkerehielas-P'onge andd Spitalfield. Bandlhoxes for hatters, wood cases,double fordr goods. by S lthe above gnoda comprse a large latok, and all af the laotest pattne, and will be tald alt aiaall ad vance, with cost and charges on New York piricee. The lbeecrllbersa will ltake orders for oalthern, weotrn and Teas miarkets, bar the laoUse aofA H Gossip & Co., Mat Manfadctulers. New York, andl at ll alshortest possible inotice. Gernntaoand Freach Plusle nlalght. GOSSIP & CO.,' Naval, Military, and Fashionable Hatters, d Exchange Hotel, luOV14 .1 hC1orlees C-UILLS, QUILLS--Just receivedi a..Iare supply Oaff very alperior Dutch oand elarified QaIlle, of all Ssies, fioutl Ito8 . Also swan,wild gose Rous sia,a+holealeand retail,by DAVID FELT &Co, at mur lI N Y Sationer' Hall, 24Chartrea at iS HIP RECEIPI'S-Just received a few dozen ship S Receipt Book. prinled on good paper, with dupl oats nullmlbers froit I Ito 2U : a fine article for sale by DAVID FELT & Co, mar 18 N Y Stationers' Hall,24 Chartrese at n USTAIID-lI.eington, Kentucky, Mustard, i lb A i and qr icanio tes, rcolae by mtar7 G W PRn'CIIARD *JOTAGGERT, Jr M AN'I'AS &c--50 bale 4-.4 Aipleton sheeinags 1 ,15 eases bleached dtto, landlag from ship Caro lina, for sale by mi15 I BRIDGE & Co. 34 Magazine at C LOTH NG--It ases seaonable clothing, landing lf from ship Carolina, for sale by ml5 I BRIDGE & Co, 134 Magazine at u·' LOUR & CRACKEIRS--I50 bbls four, now lan di no .1 ing,aloh 25 doof crackers. for sale br mt5 S G BI.ANCHARD NOTICE-Irays no.1591-1479-192-732 ae ern II eluteud to return their receits medimalll thl .ubei.rlbtre LEV.I .IAt a m15 -IOr a L XHA SIE-On llw Tors mI~omE~PuI bHIPPING*. !or _arope. _ - . FOaR-IVERPOOL. The ship ROIJEIRT BRUCE, CaptHark neas having partof her carg( engaged, will m,'net with deapatch. For hal neof freight cc or pasage apply to mol. L H GA.E, 93 Common at FOR LIVERPOOL. The A 1 and very fast ailing ship ELI ZAkETIt,Cnpt. I haye, can take 120 balee . ofeltton, and will sail on Saturday next. t or t prs of pasage for two eabian psseneera apply to at m13 L H GALE, 93 Laonaon at b FOIl LIVERPOOL. m The A I fast saillg ship MARY HOW- cn LAND, We.nir eaiter, requires o011 hales p cotton to comnplete her cargo. For freight or passage apply toi l to ADAMS & WIIITALL *r FOR HAVRE. . The A I anl regular packet ship PLA- a 'TINA, Capt Wm H Duncan, will sail an above, and can take 150blaleacnton. Applyto - ar L H GALE, 93 Cmnmowt FOR LIVERPOOL. A'he new and very fast sailing British barque E.LEANOIR. Capt Mel'heraon, has hall Iher cargo on boheard, and requirea only alout 2 I lalesa to fill up, and will have immediate did. patch. For freight,ol which, or passage, having very superior cabins,apply on hoard, or to l mar 19 IOLMES & MILLS, Bank Place. FOIR MARSHEII..ES. The well known and very fast sailingw aship ELEANOR, Capt Pembrton, hlaning wf timhe greater part of her cargo engaged, will dispatch. For balance of freight or passage apply on boirtl, or to L H I.ALE, Illar 19 93 Common at mesotwase. PACKET SUI1P ST. MARY, FOR NEW YORK, Will sail This Evening, and has a convieient accommodations for a few steer. h age pnssengersa if immediate application is a made to Capt Foster, ippsiate Urseliee street. or to a nrI21 P'EI'ER l.AIDLAW, 66 Camp st FOR PHII.ADELPollA. S The fast sailing copper fastened brig ALDRICH.)D Norgrave, master, will have *despatch. For freightr r passage, apply to nmar 2t S&J P WHI'TNEY, 7.Lea sta a REGUIAR PAc KET FOR NEW YORK. Louianaisn ad New York Line of Packets. The superior A I packet ship YAZO(", Capt Trask, will commence to take in her i .carg,, in a day ortwo, and will meet with im o.iedlate For froeigt or pasage. eaving elegant acconmmoda lions, apply the master on MhErd. opposite thi Vege blile Market, or to JAMES II HIULLIN, 74 Camp at L7 The first class schip Mississippi will succeed the Yaeon, sailing in a week afterwards ; and this line has Sbeen inereanmd o sa to afford the like facility to ship. per throughbt the year. mar21 FOR NEW YORK. To sacceed the Rt. Mary. New York nnd New Orleans Line of Packets. The A I shitt NORNA, Captain Barton, lividg nearly all her cargo engaged, will ail in a few day.. For freight or paasge,having - Selegant turnished aeommondation, apply on board, op. ptoito the Vegetable Market, or to R IGRONINO & Coor to PETER LAIDLAW, mar 19 66 Camp at FOR NEW YORK. The A I and fast sailing ship LEVANT, h 'apet. Btlret, will receive immediate dis pelpatI, taving ihe greater part of hler freightI e For blance of freight i paassagn, apply to IhbL H GALE, 98 Commonnat FOR BOSTON. The first class ship FORUM, Capt Cold well, will he ready to receive freight ton a few daye, snld will nmeet with diapntcl. Apply to Calit anldwell, or to STE'TSON & AVERY inar l 83 Gravier et FOR NEW YORK. a TIlE fine and very feast eoiigigobarque DUC D'ORLEANS, Capt W it Floadass, having the griater part of hier cargoengaged, will ecpated immeditely. For balreofleiglt - or passage, apply on board opplosite the Mnt on to m18 I. H iALE, 9i Common st FOR PHII.ADELPHIA. 'The fact tailing brio SYREN, Cnptnin Nichlonin, having half let cargo engagedI will mhv despatch For balance of height or pascigeapply to S & J P WIIITNEY, mar 7 43 Camp st WANTED. A brig, capable of carrying 400 hilds sugar, to lod lir a northerni eirt. Apply ito o1 L LII GALE,I 93 Common st FOR IOSTON. The fast tailing brig IAJ ESTIC, ('apt Amna will latce imonedial despalchi. For ialtnc of freight oCi ptasage, apply to ncr 19 S a J P WIII'II.Yh, t3 Catp st FOIL TI'AHllAY'. - Thim packet slip Allt, Capt PhIilbrook, aising r rgo ngagd, w h acarg eigaged, il ve despatch. FPr freight nrpaseagui apply to itr S & J P VWlll I'NEY, 7J CniIp at COLT'S PATENT REFPEATING FIRE ARM11S. IHE Public are relectlfully inC l.oredl tIoat thie aloave T- rticle,, Ie lterolt aeir sale at GOSSIP 4, Co. Exchange Ilotel, St .(.lrles t. mar 5 if SIAP--nT boxes lanudin e., llici Cnorlem, Batt nnol fcr asle by SHAl.L & IBROWN, at lUSr 20 936 Mnaazile ot IUIItOLAS i\ICKI.EIY--Nos. 7, bnd 9: . lso - the ir str l nos ill ole pert: ilh ua variety of very illterestio books,just received;ro rolae Iby It17 A TOWAl|, 49 Camp at no )10 COIFFE--3410 bags Rio, being the car. di go ol tie brig Old Colony, for sale by I mnr8 STET'SON & AVg RY,8 Gravrier at P11lE SILK RAISER'S MANUAL--Or theartf I 1 raisig and feeding rilkworms anid of eulhivating the mulbery tree,by M Morin, ember of everal learn. (b ad ociettien, translated from the Frenel. Just received Al d for slne by A TOWAR, pr ml5 49 Comp la as NA'O M ICAL PLAT S-yatelaloi.l Anmalty 0a A or Iluman Organograply, an iytmptlal tables, with nuearous plate:, for the u f Utiverities, focal. ties and sehools of atediine and surerv racademies of paintingand aculpluraud the royalmomieges, medieal students, &e. Ily the Chelier J Sarlntdiere D M, member of the Royal Acade d, and various other sooi rties. Translated front the French by WV C Robert, M D, member of the nedieal o ciety of lhe city and couuly of New York. Received andfor soale1 star 18 ALEX TOWAR, 49Camp at U3OWDER-Invoiea ol Ink Powder, jiust received nd fur sale by S HALL & BROWN, mar 19 96 Magazine a a SEMIENT'-Hydrnolie and roHman for sale by SsEtar 2 10 EAD& BAReTOW, 7onBk Place DINE APPLE CHEESE and Goshen Butter in tere and for sale by REA & BARS'TOW, u mar 20 '7 Rank Place UTTE l 50 kegs superior Western Reserve Rut Ster. ,for sale by (I. IH)RSEY, I mar 1 44 New aLeee PAILAA.S)L,-32 cases, embtaeing a general ossort. taInt of Parasols, landing fronIt sllp PaItllba, ier mle by ISAAC BRIDGE Ir Co. -mar 182 131 Magazite sat Pl'ERM CANI-LEST-IT fl j--- '-ts-reeived sd and S for sale by SAIUEL K BLANCIIARID, mar 18 33 Gravier st IAR,--4 brle Roasin receirvig front sip Charl. s Is m. gne, and far tale by c mar 19 SHALL & BROWN, 96 IMagazine st " "---'1ý busolml eoro, in store, for sle by - CHA'PLIN 6c CO"PLR, t15 7 9 o 82 S u lfa ts st SxCHANGe ON NEW YORK-Andrews aid Ii Brothers, 50 ('amp at, aa drawing on New York Ic atl 1, 5,11, & 30 days 3t ol) ITCH-25 barrels Pitch. landing frost ship Choa E leataae, and for sale by mar 20 SHALL & BROWN, 96 Magazine st P lRITSTURPENTINE--30 bblsapto Toe amine Slanding from shLip ship lhmrlemagne, and or sale L by SHALL & BIROWN, mar 20 96 Magazine at _ACI-N S.lDES-lnO ecask, in store tor syle b mInt . 0IORsEV, 4I New Levey A 'E BLACKING -Ii 2 1ilp'a paute Sblackigladillg Ifrot ship Orleans, for n le by it I BfHIUOGL& C, 134gnioe 1t H ALFE ROPE-I50 coils inal rape of superior qua q .J lily for sale by .13 IRRIDIB : Co 134 Magaine L a TO STATIONERS, COUNTING ROOMS, 150 reant, Amiea' Dove mill letter paper, afine 2I 0 da do auperfinte 150 do blur comnmelcial polst 50 d. white do 150 do green post 75 do water laied post ifo 150 do superfiine cap writing I 100 do film cap do 90 to fine royal to it 20 do atediutn do 6(0 po banka fiio post All of wich ore of a very superior quality, and will hbe sold low, to elose a contsignment by ml) A 1IVAR, 49Camp st PARLEY'S let& 2aid Books of History, Just reeeirednn adlitioual supply of thabose very popular shool books, by A TOWAR, feT 49 Camps DAISI -AS-30 0 boom NR Ra.lina, - Loeiug'aTbrdi , .Uia store and for sale by m12 CIIAMPLIN & COOPER, 82 Julia at fAR--2-- bbls nortl Carmlia tar, in store for m12 CHAMPLIR & CNOOPER,.79 J i" at QTORGE,-40 blwill be taken on atysege ni 1 r-W '' LL a assallibaitsof b".ie astsor 9lrt a, abou anb, 4 O rail miad door phi., ob" P Lh url be d date lbs d fs mhanoablo style by V CHn1MU fL . 3 Camp st -i eL-~·~ ai- stiariur arnile, for sale by "r mil SHALL & BR WN,9l6 lsauine st FOR NEW YORK. .ese or.k' q Ker Orleans Line. A 'NEW LINE psakete hba been established ton e run between New Orleans sand New York, to consoetofve first rate slrps, via: Ship St. Mary, K W Foster, master, SRepublilcan, J O Russell ° Auburel H P' D)urfey, new building, These ships were built in New arkbenpraesly for tbis trade; arc oaa libht draught of water,and will not be subject todetenman at tMc liar. Their a.commamnlations for pasnengera comprise all that may be required for comfort and convenience; and their commnn ders are sen ofepeurienee. Until the shilps ntew buildiog are comp.lest, to tral ship will supplly teir Ti greatest pmctu.tlity will be observed in tihe timl of sailing, and every reasonable accnommodlntiou St nided to shippers and passengers. or further iarticulare apply to Messrs. Jhnlson at SJ Lwden, No. 86 Well street, New York, orto jn2 l'IER1'E I.AIDLAW, fii Camnp st FOR NEW YORK. d [Louisiana and New York Line of Packets.]J , To sail regularly as oulertiued from each Port. T HE line is at this moment composed of the follow. inbg ships, but 6 nmore new vessels will e pnulon at an early day, making the number twelve in all, lhibeh i will nllow of one being dispatbhed frotm this Itrt every h week during the year, titus affording prmnpt facilitiese for tranaportetion sad at the lowest rules offieigti. n Ship Yazon, Captual Trouk. SMiuisusilpi, Beebre. ° Louisvie, " Allen. SSuarutoga, I atlawny. - " Ilntsville, Eldridge - Shakespueare, a Palner ThIe above ships are all of th*e Abst clae , eoppered I and eaper fastetied, of a iultt draught t f water, nid built in New York expressly for the trade, witlh elegant aeetommodations for passengers andr commanded by able and ecxperileed masters. Thepie prce passage is ed at t90, withoit wine orliquorsn, ample stores in every other partnicular win be provided, and everyattention given et promote the entnirt of those pssing to and fro in the line. The sllips will at all tilnes be towed up andil down tims river, n and timhe greatest punctuality observed as to their day of sailing j Neither the owners or cantains of these vessels will be responsible for jewelry, .ullion, precions stones, sil. rer or plated ware, breakage of glass, hollow ware, nurble, or granite, cooperage on iti, rust of iron or rteel,forrany letterso, parcel or paekages rent by or pot on board of tleln, unless regnlsr bills oe lading are taken for the same, anil the value ithereofexpreesed. For freight or passage, apply to r ar21 JAMiESB IIUI.LLIN,74Campet For the Interior. FOR ALEXANDRIA, CAMPT'E, SII11IEVEI'ORT AND FULTON. The new asal splendid pnsneoger stnaner CAMPI'rE, W B Curroll, m stor, will leave fur tile above Iport on e nui .y,t t41 it, oat IU o'clock, A M. For fieigit or passange, apply nn bnard, or to nor u l 1I'HOl I LEE & Co, 28 and 29 New Levee FOR LOUI VII.LE AND CINCINNATI. Tint fast runeting and sldendid islainer PERSIAN, LapI Joal tir ee, bemhaving gwn) pnrtiont ef her cargo tengaged. wcl poseitively leave tie port on Snturday morning next at 10 o'clock. For freight or passage, having goad acconmmodation, equal tI any beat on tlt Swestern waters, apply on boardat Pdydra teet whaof, oe to STETSON & AVERY S mar 20 88 Gravler - FOil BAYOU SARA Regnlar Packet. b The splendid passenger steamboat HIBRILLIANT, Jesse Hart nastier, S- will lave New Orleans every Wed ties dmy at It o'elmtnk A. M. Ibr Bayou Sara &every I Saturday at Itl o'clock A. M taking tlm coast down ont . Suiday, For freight or passage apply to Capt. Hart on board or to feb28 ADAMS & WIITALL -IXCHANGE READING ROOM. will T HE roprietor has re-fitted his Reading Room, in e the St. Charles Exchange, Corner of Grafier and St. Charles street, n the neatest manner. Besides all tle erinaipal Iapers of the United States, of every city and state. the Canads'l'esas and Mexi co and tavannnu, tia room is regular.v and extensiven Iv supplied with the latest Euttpean papers Loyd's lists. and Price's Price Current. Also with nearly all the Literary Periodicals of tbe day, and has the re publications of the London, Edinburg, Westminster Metropmlitan heviews and Blackwoods Magazine. The North Amaurican Review; tie Southern Liter.v,ilKnie bockerlTheAmericasn Journal nf Seiencer and Arts, Calinrt Mincnlltny tDemocratic Hrevew, (ioetletnetn' a gazine, American monthly,lIentlv's Miscellhny, tine Mexico Chirurgical eriew, and a variety .e u.lners. All these works reregularly snocrioednt r and reset1.I ed. The room is also supplied wntlt a irea vaniety of mops sad atlases, Niles Register, Levy's Price Cur. o rent from its coammencenment, aas, sand a variety be of works ofrefreference. Tihe mot active & intelligent news collectors are enm - plnayed, to give tine rearliest arrivals, nod no pains nlr sa tense will be spared, to render this IReuding Rounn the first the United States. ubecriptunsu re respectfully receisel. nto1 A LI.A ILL EIEN MAtIHO ltlII)'d) Turkidh Dye, pI S orbchnurginggrey or red hair on the rld, or - whiskers, or eye brows, by a single application, to I lerlanent brnlwn, varying ton elll oplete llacok, wlls oat stasiing eitber tihe hands or elienjust received at tile Basaar, corner St. Charles & Comnon etreets. - BUSI &, ALLAN, 01 feB Exchange IHotel S( IIIINESE I'RUNK--Just received an assort s tent of tile above article, preventatives aainnst mnotis, with peculiar brass locks, well adapted lfir la dies dreses or for lotlding papers &e, hIning extremely light and hanoasume, for sale at GOSSIP & Ca, fe26 Exchange hotel St Clarles st FL S. PARMLY, Dentist, respectfully gives no C L lice, that lie say be econsnlted atnually illt Now Orleans, during the months of Februnry, March and SApril. His asleiite in the practice, Dr Lyon, whose profesiotual skill and experience, both in the st.rgicil and mechanical departments, is unsurpassed i thins country, will remainl permaneotly. reIu Otmice,59 ('anal street. I ICHOLAS NICKLEBY-Nos 7, 8 and 9, also the I first six numbers in one tract, with a variety of very interesting books, just recived alnd for sale by m12t A TOWAR. 49 Camp st UINE APPLE CHEESE and Goshen butter, in I astoNe and for sale by m12 READ & BARSTOW, 7 Bank Place A CARD TO THE LADIES. I I ILLIAM BELL, No.10 Chartres street, contin. - nseto purehase old htoken Jewelry, old gold or silver in any form whatever, and pay the highest price in Orleans. Ladies who may have old fashioned gold jewelry, ia: ear ornaments, chains, necklaees, buckles, finger rings,or in feet any articles of the line, whic tis lying die and of no use to them, can exchange tine same to good advantage, by calling as absove. N Bl-Watches, Jewelry and Spectacles repaired in the beatmanner-clharges moderate. S ji.8, 18209 BAZAAR. Corner of St. Charles ¢ Commien street, iEXCHAINGE HOTEL. B USH & ALLAN would respectfully call the at . tention ofcitizens and strangers totheircomplete assortment of Gentlemenu's linen ahirts, dn combrie, t with ihm:n triit. fashionable linen fronts: linen col lars: silk, cotton and imerin under slirns and drawerst eambric and silk handkerchiefs: black and fancy cra vats in great variety: soks ofl' toray description: gaui elastie sad coeetton suspenders: silk, cottuon ad thread glo: eUnts ohooskin gloves: umbrellas and canes gold iantedt. AlsoSplendid assortment of ladies and gents wri lingdesks, dressing cases, port folios, perfumlery, cut- C lery, and richl fancy goods. nov14 M ARIRIAGE PHYSIOLOGICALLY DISCUS SMED. Translated from the French of Jean IDu boit I,. D. by William Greenfield. Part Pd. Instructions in courting, with a cure for SLove Part 3d. cm s m n t Part 4th. t n e n b Marriage Physiologically Diess ed is the mrost yseful, ad deidedly ti m n wo t hat innein st w le ver read. It will break lup nsir rakes and spinsters, and make r iiore married le an women thni anlly publication that hn everbeaeni d'aqited by inte tonr e of Hymen.-La Mensaere. - " Ths is a great book, and wIll bp prodnetive ofr eh a good in the o mu,n srity, It is true it contains much d strange language, bat the the subject is its. excuse, ay tltf heTopel ed writtren on it, le cold not have treated it more delicately. We especially renmmend its Instructione in Cnourting," to the attention of aIl N youngladies d gentlemelem tat may be i qunest of - iartners.--L petit Cnnrier Des Danes. Far aesalet o t65 Poydras st hetween Magazine and C Canip street. Price o1. SOAF JUGAR-Virious qualities loaf ungcr itI store and for sale by Ilrt SIIALI. & BROWN,9 Magazinle ast BUREAU DU VOYER, Ito l.a Secotle Muonicipalin. h EI- PROPO1I.'I~ pnur rparer It(difice D du Mar S b Ste Marie, seront recuor l ce breaum el js aqu' on n7deea mois (mars). Lee priucipales repo. I rations t faire consisterelt :- ler. i enlever el reposer environ 125 cnrcs doe con. verturede ternsser de inanire A lrnncher entplete. F a ent lee goottibes, at giranitr n tsravail pendant n Strots ans. Ii Ids i boneher lea trou,,fenten at autres parties d- i grajIns dt etndtits. 3; Sta Repoindre en gri elal Ilrilec, denx fortes a ocolhes, tones I.plonfords, are.hitrSves. dalle, et tuyalt Ix de deoeente, es pelodre en noir i I'huile los ferretnents, 4dsme peur blanehir veoe soi tons lea aunrs, tant oaur Il~ta inttrieurems un'oternores. etibauer. r enuouleur ehecolat Ia part des piliers qt b I'.sL59 du milieu. S.sjn-auster 5let blanchir. ToOmsens ,Apausties.navront srel tertinliea, peour a polns tad IAsIO Avrit prohaito L'entapre r foumlnra ean'ionaemesnt an Ia sansme. de $1000 pn.w ,,t'a rton de t4nterpriee dsns t o r Mkal sus oM.mnak J J r PILIE, Voyer de la Seconds Mtnieipalitl ad mar 19 1 OGI)iN mrawn tet and Porter, reenivea by ship I L Washingtolun for sle mar s AEAII EIoARSTOW, 7 sank Place o tLLUSTRATEDi ,.Jsm-a on the Pasnione 16 Asplendid En rniaoa. t iMnaoir of Cherlceslathsw, Commrdian, by Mrs. by atbws, in nvola. just ecelvd and for sae b i S mar 91 ALEX TOWAIR, 49 Camp at I BUSINESS CARDS. S JOB PRINTING. i or EVERY DESCRIPTIC. O gPEEDILY,IIAND+)MEL-I.Y AND CIIEAPLY EXE(CUTED £T THU OFFIPE OF THU coo TrlMe .fmerricau, °e ST. CHAItLES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. eIs mo2S CHAMPLIN & COOPER, her GROCEI.S AND DIEALERSI IN PRIOVISIONS tho AND FEED, co. No. 79 and 8i Julia street;New Orleans. OI.hipl and Ftnily stores put up. oatr LOUISIANAill PURNITURE WAREROOMS tio No. 53, Bienville street. ev ILI.IAM It. CARNES, would rspectfoully in- ti fVrm Isi fri.ods and IL pulblic that le is oC- tco stantly receiving from New York and IIstoin a gouc lod aaaortnent nof Fornilnr, such aomt nltoaglly chc:rs. sofns, Led.tocls, Oaplein d painted chllairs, ai)e and O cherry bedsteads, mahogany nod cherry talcs ofall ors deacrilptlia., borenuo, milers, secretory , wrilionp 8 deks, wardroresr of maholgany ond cherry, wash sands, looking glassea, feaother, bedding,&c. &c. Eg NB. Furnatutre packed for trnilslnrtation with great co care. IV the FPRD WILXINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENcPAL Cr LOUISIANA, cot hFFERS hi servicesa to n he public in tie de art meats of Surve)ing aid Civil Engineeriog, both 010 in twn ana etoultry. Fromi olsidera|ea experience il tI hiam profresslon. and by proptnes and lidelit illo he JI execution of bLsiness entrusted tol Ililml lie hes to I. mertt end receve an harr of puIolie tarouace. lie wil' 29 also itc aure ndll calculuatr thle Gontellt of Wal otll lde excavations. Otice No S Chrtrtesa treet,secondI toty bak.h je7 Y BAZAAR. WVWB & AI~ELEN, 'f NO. 1, EXCHANGE HOTEL, tie 'orner of St. (h .rles and Comeoan lt,. NEW UIORL.EANS. h~ IMP TTERS and Deadoer il French old Engli.h cll Perfrtomry; Dresasig Can=et ndI' Portablen Itosk. Cutlery, Ilteery,. Gloves Shirtne, tooks; Uihlrelln, h, Calestand Artictes. d5 i McCOLLUM & DOSSY, Factors & Geseral Commission l1erlchants, ci IMOBIILE. ho References in New clh Kitennoa, AbernUaty & llasna, f haldwell/ &. Mitky, Pope, Powers & Co. (t ' JOHN STEWART, ci No. 5, Platt Street, Noew York, ho COMMISSION MERCIIANT. cll IMPORTER anti dealer n Hatters Plushes ande trimnmings. Ample storage may eI had on alod- Oil erate terns, andevery attention paid to goods forward. i e Ito his care. cl ltelferences: it nessrs. Larot & Provost, N O. Il Gossil & Coi. nov22 1838- ly A CARD. CHRISTIE & SINNOTT, Wholesale Grocers and Commissron Ierhants, No. 27 Cuonloll StreetNe Orleans. 2'UPaorticularattention paid to Il outting up of Stn builm t and Ship stores. BANK NOTE ENGRAVING, RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON oH AVE opened an office in Nowi Orleant, tosee ain I equal ndvantages with their ot it New Ytk, for tile piriosn ofengravingatd printillg tink Nte, In SBond, Bills of Exchange, Certifioteno l r depooi r, G Checks and other imporrant papers, requ ring security r agouittet lorgorien; atel kayo mtole aumtplte pittotitiou for ic lthe. afe keepintg ut'plah tes cld imlpresslons lltrust- qi ill tto thtir carel their tleeoans eltrace lthe notes of over floe hudrel bankling insititutions, and all orders in will be executed with protiptitude, aund oil tle usual d ternn. Office, corner of Royal & Canal stre.*;. i j;-tl di SAMUEL TOBY, fa f.Merchandise Broker - Conmissioo .Mlerchant, de 113 Ofli:e, 3116, Catp at.--For the present. O. I. BLISS. la SHIPBROKER & COMMISSION or MERCHANT, tre No. 63, Poydroa Street, po NEW-OI.F.NS atS. J. P. FREEMAN & CO., l hlfecrae CIIoIag EteltlkFaest;l ' No. 3, Magazine street, F I AVEconstantlyon hland a lare eslupply ot Cloltb 11A ile calet llyed or he eontry trade. h'l'lir as. sorltnent teing large, merchmsat from the country can 1o be supplied at the shortest Intice. oltl FASHIONABLE CLOTHING pt TAYLOR & HADDEN, NO. 14 Chartre. t oreets Ju iAVE neontantsunl ily t f every arcltie perrtaleell:n to gestlelllme'n dresis, of the latest style, at Niew lork" priers, slei 211 In J.D. Ros h SURGEON DENTIST No. 33, Royal street. pi ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING la ESTABLISIIMENT, B No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Banks' Arcade. il IVILLIAM GREE.NE, PROPRIETOR su mr I r IJ . PARKER Commission and Forwarding Merchant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, tP STAIrC. pl New Orlirnta,Feb.2. t21 JARVIS & ANDREWS, p WHIIOLESALE AND RETAI. DIr.A.ES IN ti EIpOINrUS, PAINTS OILS DYE. STUFF'S .ND WINDOW GLASS, h Corner of Common and Tchoupitoulas streets. at NEW ORLEANS. NATIIAN JARVIS. pl JOHN W. AN)IIIEWS. Ii A large apply o Garden Seeds, warranted thie growth of1837. YE E MN ti I)EALEIS IN AMERICAN & ENGLISH CROWN GLASS, P No. 3 CARONnrLET STREET. Of FIRE 1EN'S INSURAN:)E COMPANY : OF NEW ORLEANS. This Comiipan a0r now preinaoed to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. d No.24 Musson'a Building, Canal st.eer. E L TRACY, New Orleans, May 15.1838. Secretlry. ROBIERT CIANNON. NOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. I2 Camp street, d Wholesale Dealer in Paints, Oil, Varnishes, IrushesI tl m,30 Window and Pielure Glass me. &c. SATTORNEY & Or' ASE OR .4 T 1-1 IV N OWV practising in the State and City Citrts. Cli ents otill find hinl t thle Clerk's offiee, US Circuit Court, in the Custom Hlionse building, js8 4 FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. ROBI.'VSO../ "OOD IA, ?MN. 65, Charlres trsr, L Otoe Dot bhelow Bienville, rL AVE constantly on hand every article nplertlin II ing to geotlenien'a dress, msade in the best mlan ner anod mot fashionable style, hilhl they offer for cash, atredneed prices. t ,ler4-138 ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC OFFICE . º No. 53 Magazine a treet, opposite Itanks' Arcande, SSTABIISHED fier the execution of m i s, il planl .ianddrawings, tlterelnts' eireollars, busilness and address cards of every description, funeral circular on I rdeep ootin g oper, potlheeary and druggiots'lobela; bttk cheoke, dray receiptn, &e. printed cud exeeit d il n cheap and, '"editions style, lI the proprietr. 4 W.I.IoAM U tEENE II N B Ban Notes lastlv executed im24 A Card. d ORLEANS LIT'HOGRAPIIIC ESTABLISII ME T, 5:3 MAGAZINE S7'REET, OPPOSITE ANK ds ACeainE. W GREEN. rmtuai rn his sit lerel tle ik to his - fri ids tend the public of New turleaiie. b r tie ptrettonre bestowed on hip for tile liot two years, adll begslatt latosure ltitm tlat all orders cnointiteil to his charge slhall be punctually attended to; lie will as e iuual, keep the eofice open dlrilg the sulllmer, lll It shalli be nlwsats rerady to strike off inerlhant's ercu o, Iars btllil.ei and address cards fnetill noticesr, maps, plian, and drawinlgs, every derecriptio, at the I. shortest otice, and on the most resonable tenrs. e. Being assisted ty nartitn Slperior to any oither etahlih t ment in thle cit., and frtl on exlperiencer in the litllmrebii line, Ieo eeln confident of giving entire N B Apothecaries and drugaists' labels -xe.ttchtbo s ao good style as copperplate elgratllg. iandi at one third of tia espense. jy24 or GEORC.E C. CHILDS, or ILL sttfr d d. a haps A L .wD. e ounnee-. al tlesl I ap , IstL, at-saodod Clstinmco dL agvemter, either be Se Laslt e oremoey, will b e.oe d rlcr promtly astnadd e to eitilier fo nos -ilisot4r - is fl· "'oles. Address from the Udlid u Stales-City ot Huoter. Sto the ea ofltS. RtSer, Jr. ('reae Post Oofice Agna ' New Orleans. 3mn maore 2 P .EANS-I1 bbile landiong om atenmhoelt t Loui fAtI sale by ABRAHA'I TRIER. mar 18 134 Mgauiae rt 1 FE 01F CARI)NAL CHEVKtlUSAsrhbishop n o uftirdeau, by the Rev. 30 Hoen nllohnei - nofeste of ,hultlr. tanoo "t*' W ' Q'TAT'E OF LUUISIANA-First Judicial District I1 Court,the statle of Louisiaoa, to atl whotn there I pleeeute shall come, greeting: Whterea--$nam.rl C. Ogden, George B. Ogden, and I Edward Yorke, lhiaig purc:hased at oala tarode by the I Syndic ol rthe reditor, of Egertca& Wibray,the proper ty tflreinafor teecriied,bes applied to the bilerk c l tis court, tora monlilio or adlva.lisement in conformity to I an act of the I.egiature of thell state of +Louieans, enti- a tled "An act for the assuralce of tiles to pur chasere at judicial salesa;" approved thile Ith day of e March, I34. Now, treriorur, know ye, and all persot interested here n, are hrereia cited ad dmhson ibed in tie name of I the state of Louisiana, aol of the first judicial district court, who can set any right, title or claim in and to the E property hereinaoter de-eribed, in consequence of any infoirlnalty in tile ordner, dcreer or judgoisrt of te coault under wlcl tera snle wr macde, or any irregularity or illetlilty in dlla a Yplraisneents etan advertisecments, ill time tr ianeer of sele, or fir any other defect wllaato ever ;to eklsw roauCse w thiln thirt dats fro tile day this Monitihon in first iia.raarl tithe uidjl paparo, o by tIe sale so made dllld notf be oeufirlled and huono 'The ad property woas se,hl by tile Sydic, altresaid on thIe 24th day of Jaeuorv, A. It. 8I39, by virtuo ofian order ofthis Corart, rem...redl oaan telre eit R. daof Febru ary, A. I). 1838, in the sutter of Jel Ecgerton arnd Janst I.. Wniray v rtleir .redimrc rard tiae creditrrE of Egertor notd Vibranv-No. I 13qii a' the docket of this cUOont1, it tll wit Ia 2 nuetl aaroare IC. Ogdaec, George tI, Ogden, rlaad Edward Yolrke beecame Iae aurdlonser lifr the pIrie lereeionferes itienrd. l)eereipitn. of the property as fiveo in ileo judie:al euoveyanere. viz: Lot no. . toroig udeno in fiLubmlrg Sanlet il lhe S(Lre aIulded fIy tlio, I'rytanie. aolialie, nnd Nryande streets, its ae plan draowll y J CehIaua, dated C lrb Jall.lrv 18:l, and deprami'. in rlle ditfce of Jot lar II. etrks IEsq. notary public fir reelbre.ct, ,meauring 29 fret 4 inthe follotl toataaeouire street, by 1:.0 feet in dejatir, and front aol ('lir street. ro uSamuel C. Ogden, GCorge B. Ogdenr and Edward York', $3, ii. a t.,t no. hr, ill the sar e Fqre, lmeaeorin..29 fenet frot on Pr) tol-utaee.rirr, ly Ii ifeet deep, adjaininga. I. to. tilene s e p.rhsc n erso. - h 3,IHH) ILot as,. 3, in the sn," sqtare Idjouiin¢in no. 8, Indittl thir tle s ir(llt fo nd de ldt to tho selll purchaeers, he$3,000. Lot no. 4, i t sm eer npre adjoiniog no. r, and lasirg tie saure fr ut nd deprl to, the bsum par ml. 5, in tile arne square adjolinir no. 4, ani Shaing the saro e frallt aopd depth, to the same por " a.neaa, $3.15 Lort au. i, in tLe someo rqore adjoinire ono. 5, and tavirg ire sane fraolt or.d doirtla, to Ihn sarre pu clslers, t$3,40). aot a 1,7, in the seoae sqlnore adjc)iining no. i and hnvialg tlh alie lltll lnd dt, tO the .Il.ell lr ll-ere, $:t,50. Lot nat. 8l il ieu salnee laare adjorling no. i,sald hrvillg tihe arine forut atnd repth, t tile sule ptr. clhltser $3,91)0. I.otno. r9, ill tile sralle rllre adijoinig no 8, Hod Ilnhvillg hIla oahae frelt elud depthr to tile sane par chnrere. , $3,910t). llt ai. If), il tle Iaera all llnre ar jaidr)ila ll o. 9, ard havilg tile ortale fr llt lld dlfpt'il, to tie llle pur chasers, $ 1,.)11. oIt ni. It ill thei ie i roterqare drirrinilv no. Ill, rea urilg 9ierat .I itches ,n rI rvlunee otreet, by 12i feet ill d e" erh and tront ,rr Colliol estreet to tile sai e pur ch...·r, $ 5,3i11 Tahere cleven Irt are 4or l O ilrt tire exclusive rivi lare ra nn alley I.i liet wide i thie rearuar it i laid downt illr sela, leferrald to. ·lTermsa-$-lIU Ii rca II hat v:a b, IRTnlTre Atf,, 12, 18 and 24 montieredlit, far approved eadureed iltes with lOr.tgae Ulltlit riaol pialyllrle. " Ins ros I heref, It:lare bereantr set my t..s. han .ndrad nafixcrd the seal if saideu.i, lhin Sib tiny of Marrh, A. . ti39. roil 3t ira30d SflitN L. i.Ii tS, TAT DE L \ LOUlSIANE-Cour du prom. ier district judiciaire. L'ctat de Is Louisiane, a 3 tous ceux que ces presentes concernent, salut : Attendu quo Samuel C. Ogden. George B. Ogden, E and Edo ard Yorke nyant achetto une vento faite 1 par io Syndic des crdanciers de Egerton &. Wibray. I proplridtd ci.apres decrite, se sont adress's au_ Greffo de cette cour, pour un avis conform6ment bun acts do In Legislature do I'etat de la Iouisiane, intituld "Acts pour eonfirmer loe titres des ac. quereur ux veotes judiciaire ;" approuvd le10 0 o Mars 1834. Qu'il soit connu, et toutes personnes to intreosdes sont par cos presentes sommos au nom lar de i'etat de ia Louisians et de Is cour du premier district judiciare, quo pourraient avoir droith la propridtd cl.apros de rite, on consequence d'un dd- i!2 raut do ferme dens l'ordro, Is decret ou le jugement de hl cour, sn vertu duqual Is ventO a dtd faite, ou de touts irrogularitd on illdgalit dens l'estimation, Cl arvis ou lo tempset lo mode ti las vento, ou pour Ble unone antre cause quelconqno, do faire voir, dans trento jour It dater do la publication do cotto avis, pourquoi la vente ainsi fhito ne serail pas confirmide st homologudo. fici La. dite propridid fut vondue par lo Syndic s'sdit lot Is 24snejour de Janvier, do I'an.d6 18:19, on vertu d'un d.clet do cotte Colr, roedu ei dixibme jour de ed Fvrier do i'unn.o 1838, dans Paiffaire do John 0i Egerton and James L. Wibray vs. leur crsanci rs wi et lou crdanciers do Eger on and Wibray-No. 14396 du docket re ctelt Cour, it laquello vents lea di s Samuel C. Ogden, George B. Ogden, and Edward Yorke so sent renduas a qureurs pour lo prix de ci.aprbs mentionnd. Description d laI d',prds le transfer judiciairo, savoir : No. 1. Un lot do terre situe d ans le faubourg Saulet, su la place bolsed par los rues Clho, Pry. lands, Calliop , et N.syadus, our un plan fait par J Callloutn datd 24 Janvier, 1839, at d6pos6 ou bureau do Joseph Bollark, Esq. notaire public, nsi. mn surant 29 piods 4 pouccs do face dans la rue de tri l'rytando sor 120 pieds de profondeur ot do face sur to la rue de Clio, .dju's 6 Sa nlteol C. Ogden, George to 11. Ogden, and Edward Yorko, pour to prix de $3,700 op No. 2. Un It do terre situd dans la msome th place, mocsurant 29 poids dans la rue do Prytandoe sur 120 do profondeur, ut a cuto do no. 1, aux mntnea acqureurs, $3,000 di No. 3. Un lot do terra situdo dan la momo place, it cold do no. 2. oet ayant los imsa propor. to tions, aux dit acqudroirs, $3.000 No. 4. Un lot do terre situde dans la mome place, ihotd de no. 3, et ayant lea mmes propor tions, aux dit acqudurours, $3,050 No. 5. Uu lot do terro situod dans la mmne 0a p!a'e, , cold de no. 4, et ayoant le moses propor- m lions, aux dit acqudreurs, $3,150 oh N. 6. Un it do terra situde dans Is lamemo place, o itcold do no. 5, t ayant leas memoes pioportions, aux dit acqudrours, i3,400 P No. 7. tin lot do terre situde dans la memo bi place, itcold do no. 6, et ayant les mea propr. th tions, anx momoes ocqudreurs, $3,350 of No. 8. Un lot do trre situode dons sl memo place, i. cold do no. 7, ot ayant les memes propor. a tions, aux dit acqudreurs, $3,900 th No. 9. Un lot do to re situdoe dans Ia memo tr place, cotld do no. 8, et ayaat les memes propor- D tions, aux dit acqud eurs, $3,900 No. 10. Un lot do terre situdo ians Ia memomei place, t cot6 do no.9, et lyant les memos propOr- E tions, aux dit acqndreurs, $4,300 7 No. 11. Un lot do terro situde dans Ia mnse d place, o colddo no. 10 snesurant 29 pieods)quatre (I pouce doans la rue do Prytando par 120 do prouln- li deur ct de face sur la run Calliop , aux dit nequd. reurs, $5,300 e Les on0o lots sent vcndus avec le privilege xelu. sif d'une all'd ayant 15 piedo de largour our le dor- 'I ribre' solon le plan esl--aentiouned. o0 Conditions-81800 sur chlque lot, argent comp- a taut, et le bal nee hG, 12, 18, et 241 inois, on cre. 0 dit pour lea billets endossds et approuvdn ovec hypo. thequoe jusque to dernier paimlentt. En temoin de qooi, Jo I'ai signo, et J'y o' L.B. ni aappoed le scanudu dit Couur, co jour a . 5 Mars, A. D 1839. Ci m12 :t in 304 JOIIN L LEWIS NFh' ORLEANS & CAIRRtI n.L'TON RAIL IKOAD) CO.MPANY. AnRRANEOMINT FaT THE WEK iSdAeYS. Frome Crr,otltca. I Faist New Orleans. 1 lens Car at 4 o'clwk, A.. Hore Car at 5 o'clock, A. b Locoootlire 6 I.,loco.,notie . " 10 I P.M. M, . 3 d S . . . • . .. d 6 7 " o Aferl0o'h.os:k a Carsisa be ot,,nned by paying 10 do lurs ior lte Trit. T1IE JACKSON AND I.ACO NRSE STRET CARS l.o.svs Caoal tra.It li oiJelock, A. M. nndl r'a horly. Al sll paet r o'clocki bli iear will COIoIIeoICo ruoinlllg every ball hoe, a.d co,aisiie thruolhoii itIe day Iulits 8 oeco P. . nonl lioe head oflJck-on d 0,ot. Peroi.onitlg Isy t oe Locomotsv asust provide themselves a with Ticktsl. as Io ioisey wll htkls ,yll Ihe co, lolt,.r a O xfs New Orlsanw isn Carrueoltn lalt oand Compank', b Poydr street.n JoHN IIAMI'oON, iov,.t ChiefEg. NO. NO C. R.R ltN ON STAIIONAlIt' & FANCY ARTICILES. Jisti received pelr oVaslhigtsn, from ILndoln. L 1P plis--Esngliss Drawiosg,of ll oizes tir Arcliterlts 1 !S serior blue laid, lues and c fllow wove Letters 'lC.ipinsg Ipapr, lIarge ed exnra Ilaoe 6 EsIo-ed 41 noll super ostis seo gill edged note & d ltlo pIoper.,eciasedi gold 6o silver borl,rderedl Enoelplpe.: white, tiltedr, enelhosed, embossed, goild a silver Is biorled lnihtiid W1rite'c: \V'lwedgewol sod Atl kerln's r. I 'abohic: al Seoic Caotlbonic Bl,oks I osloon ide fLolido e,'ps is snehibnes I.o.sdon pocket books Issd wallehs, rneal Rosirl Eleshald and sals head iutle shell 'Penholders Inllaoiluted nooreio'snveloplm eaesr I oldon prepaled ivorires, fon miniatures . London water coloer in bomes and hv yrie single cake xfofrd aal mireellaiteos dlrawig 'looks Ackermna's d awi g reile, in eases 6 anlO 8d SStreel Peoseo : Ierry'sexotrs 8ou, fise, medium, beoad and odso bridge b Londo h pmable preno, ill boess ou3 ech l Ink: Arkeroaoas I ,ioileannioetinphen's wrRing Iluid, Perrs's daid,. MIlorisst'u and Taerry's ceppving ink, permanent blue slid red Isany CesIerd ihlas Elaraat inkstands and reritnoimss SLesio sealing wax and wafen, and all ar 0 e i. eles, suilable fnr ofdes and cousi. moren, aloUI f rest qIality. E JOHNS I Co. I sr le si Cor s.fsChsklemadCsin.pst as APTAIN KICO--CopsoDin Kid, lbs WL k ' BnSaa new Wed muck adna he el~fd , b nj mar 9 8w c ne sClsGrlaes ad YS'o8 & CAI Po-- dnlph* Jnos ,wod humrol w iasisa, foreelsb8- B i "t meld- ?PANXLIM I fl U'Mtf- ' StIiE publicare vr.tep htf l inonlnblle'that tars i1Wt L tutim is r.clte btn tihe mstl imprOveda plus, ott Is an e1s and aoeml aell lirabie afnslioah,in the 1W dl5ttr Frauksltupdytit Mllo .,d, aoee Jail fru ht,lae ,liSii The btilding is larige:'- ia moeteontmodilltnlw divided ints, apartaueul. for k4t;a a elt*at nllareatt claserr , and dfferedt dlinse. . . . r The insaltutlion i'iuppli .l withtne nrost ai nttentive male and female anu. and aslakitogtlis O rials mouern loagages. : - Privoate roqps anay be had by genlntt ve dt love per day, ncluaJiu, aivla+ducaeo, &ea ''erms in tie or hnary wirds,slo dtilos per day. Slaves Iseo two dollars. Small Ptex il. ordlnary earde, five doller.. ' All capital urgial eoeratinns extrta. '91 Ihe re-ilenat phla lcia I in Dr Wetllcaenrto whnom applicutiln fir altinitsaal must be leds.ll.rt Dr o C A L.uszealerg, No 1i Ilnlpart street. 9 IS*AD, Ac-al lie Illaln PliU lp i n Shad :30 hIalfblrls pilkled 'Toagte., far vole lby mar 7 G W Pa|l'ICHFIAtLD& JI ''AGt;iFRT,Jr. ENGLISH Letter aod Note Pspsr.--Just received a small invoice f Englihteue, white, tinted, gilt eaged,, plauin letter and anto plper'; emurailao et r raald illter. do, far sale by IAVID PELT k&al. mar 9 N Y Stnttle'r, Hall, 24 Chailrtrens at NEW MEDL-INE. Dr. G. R. Phelps Compouad TO'CMATO PILLS, [Entirly A eere and inenl..ble edicirae faor all D.oeases, o.. a subslilule for t'nlomel, asea eant.ttic ia Fevers nd alnil illihas A.dcl ioas. TIIEE popular Piall. Ileing ercomblatin of n newly dis covarod Aallhliac setbslare, extraled fronm the IT'onato Plat; itll oather vegeltalle rslcbtltPa aaich have been fend t1a anllily&dadifause itellt'ets, i e Ieleyed toethe brtAllter tile alllal Cathartic M ieillie evere dtLcovered. They hals Ian alUe dntdl saad succesnsfll taInd, sad have received ant aareal aparobstlon far Scrofsla, Dyapeplih, sJaaJice, 1l lioua discase, Giravel, tleaumatimla, Cougllls,Cold, tInaen.os, Cst,arvaI, Nearvous diveasle, Acid atomacla, Glandular sIwl lieg of ngofilkihdn, COlivellsr, Colic. H ead .e. SAnidoIte to Contiioas ned Epidmii. lcttotpre. ealla tile farmution of ,ilioua adl liver ll Fc.vs attld Ague, &n. in those Wle raeside an lt climates, aoral low and marslly claUtilite, anld tle last eatlaartic that con leaalfd fr those locclt es. e enen e will find tilem an Inlfalble rentdy flr tile Seurty: alld TrvelIenrs thetnat taediaialtey can as to callae.racl tile dallgerl Uf expaure in unhealthly th. saclee. Fr ordinary FaanlllyPlaysia, thearea uuivaratllyap. aroved an the best ever oatfrnd. The peraliar virues of tile T.mntn Plant, lase for aIpoe time atirnted the atteltrion o tile tmedical profeioe and the pulle., and grestiltereeths beea directedlo to tle fularede velpemaat of its medlicial quallties, whieh the prisnteor is hapay in beil now ahle to rtif.--nd peromct hisp ill to tile pulblia, with tle full ealllafidele, of their beiglll the neon aratsand VAa.IAl. r.MceDV eVER DcOaa nLIr. Nualeroun ertfnicates llf curev, fothoe le o have taken thetla, andll testimony ofareveral lalaeciuna whlo have lrescribed them,all clnur Io corrobnrate thisa opinien. Tile rapidly lecreasng demanad for, anda the alaiverral epprloatlial ealtteell Upots thel as an uddit,ell eviidlence of their melits iad eme. fulnasa. In aresentilng this article n tle publiec, the proprietor wus iallaulreed by tile hope lthat tea cin c pnlptared wmlln.scak cre, aId willth a strict rt.eard to the Chelnvle nnadTllherapeu tic iropertes of ,t everl illngredlinate, Lhouhl takethe datce Sof tile irrepalnlele lnedieione f otle daey, willl whic dil nauntry nbhcnde-ndlflro lihr favtlr lrlady I.stowalaupol it ty ahllyaciaaa sad others, lt fels ojurtifled in sapgeting this Fr a full atounat of this inteaecti.e disroveip, t ttimnei ale, mode of oaeratioll, &k. see ialaplets, khiel may be hadL gsatis afall whlta sell tlare pills. Nanll are elluine wiahlhaaa the aignntllre of G. t. PIIELPI, t. D, sale proarletur, Ilarltard, Cona. FOR SAL.E tIY, E A Fnllalllae, Gelleral Agent, Nn. ett Exchmge Plare. near thell l'osatOtnce. Also, by A A Peyctllnu, No I:J Rne IRoyal J. ltaker & Coe, No 7 New Levee. Dr. A Pbrellall, Corner St James and Tehaepiteaulas t. J. Ross, Lafsyette City. SN Morriaon.No II, Canal street. G Jonesc, eorler Tivoli Circle and Taiton Walk. 3 Thonse that wish to act as Agents, address E A WOL+ S LANSBE, lwholeale Agraaj mar4. ty JJII.LtARIR BAL.LS .f iECK?,-Juatreceived a large assortment ofaBilliard Balls and Cheeks. ac USHI & AtLLEN, Snar_ Exchange Ihotel, o tr PtClarles &Caeammon a FURNITURE! FURNITURE!! UST received at tire Louisiena Furniture Ware house, a large supply flom New York and Bos ton. Persons in tie want of furnituore woutld do nell to call, and select their anicles from n onef tite best and loargedt stocks now in the city. W K CARNES, d6i53 Bienvilles N B-Particular attention paid to pachking nd ship ing Furniturefreep ofexpense. d6-2w M tl.ItERRY & Silk Wormns--A Treatise on the llMulberry nod Silk Worms, translnted from the Chinese, 1 vol, 8vo, just received and ftr sala at the llorkstore of A TOW.R, let 49 t' NOi'ICL. Mrr. GEORGE Mb.RIRICK having resigndl the of. fice ofchief Engineer of the New Orleans and Carroll. ton Rail Road, Alr. Jolur Hooampon has been ,ppoint ed in his place, to whom all persons having business with, or wishing inlormation regarding said Rail Road will aplv at the Rail Road Office, Poydras street, ly order of eie Board. (signrd) JOHN NICHOLSON, novel7-tf Cashier " T1"ET--RU ERICHtS FtlE t-FE IS HEA LTII."I WVE KNOW that health and the ability to labor, constitutes the wealth of tihe great mass ol' the peop!o in this, as in most other coon. tries. To preserve, therefore, that health bycnatu. ralmeans is a graned, moral and political scheme, to fulfil which, requires our utmost attention. The unprecedente:l popularity and universal ap. approbation which this medicine has achieved throughout the United States, the Canadas, Texas, Mexico, and the West Indies, fully justify Dr. Peters' in warmly and conscentiously reeommen. tO ding them to the special notice of the allicted. Peters' Vegetable Pills are the safest, most effee. tual and economical remedy tur diseases of the human constitut.on, that has ever been discovered. Dr. Peters, the inventor of this invaluable medi. cine, from his knowledge of the Leman system, derived from a long and extensive practice, has arrived to tilis conclusion, that the great and pri. mary causes of most diseases is a derangement in the functions of the liver, or in other words an in creased or diminished secretion of the bile. So well is this understood, that it is common for persons to say when they feel unwell, that they are bilhou, meaning that they have too much bile on the stomach. On the other hand, when the flow of bile is diminished, the process of digestion ia imperfectly performld, the patient becomes weak and emaciated, because nqurishment contained in the food taken intothe at. macsh is not properly ex. tracted, and the food is ejected in a crude state. a Dr. Peters is confident that the famous Hygean iT'heory, so called, that, - impurity of the blood is the cause of all diseases," is a great absurdity. Every one who reflects on the subject a moment, will perceivethat impurity of the blood is a ecol.. dary not a primary complaint-the effect and not the cause of disease. Wihen the functions of t6 liver are derianged, and the flow of bile increased, it is ol\en taken up by the absorlont vessels and carried into the circulation, and becomes mingled wi Il the blood, as in jauunrdce, whre the patient shows it in his countenarea. Noe this impurity ot blood is caused by an increased flew of hale, and to remedly it, you must correct the secretions of the live , and restore it to a ealthry state. Dr. Peters has spont much inmeto in experiment ing with difforent vegetab e medscies, Ibit diseases of tihe liver; and now offers his Vegetable Pill., as tihe beet, most convenient, and cheapest msedi. cine that can be prepared for general use. Dr. Peters flatters hIimselfthat Iis long gaxeri. mentirng with vegetable medicines has enabled him to discover the true and only substitute answering all the purposes oi mereuria a.without any of their attendant evils. One great quality ofhis vegetable pills is that they hlave tile alteratise principle com bined with their catkartic, or operative qual.ties, so that they not only cleanse the stomach and bowels by purging, but they regulate the liver, change tire morbad secretions, stronothens the digestrve organs, purify the blood, invigorate thb circulation, an., hive tune and energy to the ner.. vous system. They see mild and pleasant in their operatio,. anrd c nvey almost immediate conviction of their utility lfrom the first doee. They can `t takea with safety by persons of any age ; and the feeble5 the infirm, the nervous, aud the delicate, are strengthened by their operation, because they clear the system of pad humonrs, quiet nervs irrita bility, and invariably produce sound hea,,i . The Vegetable Palls are a sure remedn dice, sick and riervonPnadache, dys, erm ness, sickness of tli ostomach, heartbursiall complaints, fevers of all kinds, and iftake.4 commencement will invariably check their pg6. gross, and save the patient from a protracted -( dangerous sickness. They arcinvaluable in n vous andhypocordrical alleetions, loss of apse. tile, and a I complaints to which futmales le arnew subject. They rate eas a mild and speedy pur~d and are a safib .at rtau npmedy for worms ta,, cbire -. - mens 1 haventitedueed my Vegetable Prlne 14 the paulhe, I'have received nuaperous eetifsatae oftheir euperior eficacy in curing diaeases, a so, many letters from respectable phpl.cipae, who have used them in their practice with the best I might publish a small volusme of eeaigsjie, but consider it unnesasry, as the sIaill recommend itse to all who wi 1I o.i t. The above pills are ir~e xe 6. 4u pills each. Price, hL . 6 50 ,a , .,.rbe Druggist sect sceuat . scebslale . plied. at whobalpinqer rep- - a~t l.b .est p ofice noPsr estabIbtW t Camp ass. New ,rlesai s S.EPP[ 3 "as a. eaa, tIsesl i s ba. g ' id eiegy - sl ato for islekhy » tHlnLL. a.BRt S .I STUrT-Potae I a n l a 9 R &

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