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March 22, 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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LU .B Aý17 4ý1ýA ' <= aasa>R a I LiAD..d I.C¶ .h a .1 a', t. )))*I~ NEB lar. AND NAUTICL. 1__ ` IIiT £1. teplnli tory A. 1 I4h IRIIh hlamrL.Pi l~ftl -ac 1.r 18,Ll -C "Cflfl~NI0fL AND NAUICAIUC. ·lll~NCULLANBC, * lnS 'r r. mNV I/i y, Ia.C don ¶ . V Nl.N; 1831 '!9n UN K AND ME1ANICS. It ', in it. hathCilkce t ' 1 vole. London )· V. XW AA Londo t or'aher I4Ualopd, LoUI * UaiejUNI . ilc <:* .2 AJ IN a& tANnt UNI. C~ir. e anil Cegn ,Ir. tn inllanro+ farm the t. "ý.T~t IIi J siv ad -II. Conelno -1 In"a'iýQ ( tr~r u' a l' 11 tarn 3 vei ·PggIt iltinn.*,,, earml~ul~ Mlical Slien ifn: uo-~ar r. Charles awl Common nntr. r1N IT'>m~-,i~ TO.ýI, IX'U I !~ crad care ef *he Freer and Agtwe. StI will re adily di,:overrd whereain ti'l'Inie Mix th ,re is superior Io the ordinary mcd, onl treating fil.r ad Aeu " In. le tfinst Id.ue, I n Vege table .Extraet, and free ilre ,,Ry deteterinus aril p.iOun d-i ieredientn,'it may Ie taken willth the ttr Sr tafe. Oy ven Ih Shd tlender itfnnt, or aged invalid. It pre 'reats rrelhepeof the tea rOtoeeqtty the ennatilta. fir so rains its wonted don ard nallevitl. It enlnb. lihas a noun I and Iprranntl apetiteh by inaieoratiag e tt,.chira. , r .,' n relish ao teeajo.tymeelttsof .o .ha thehiret' I tl.aUlgs lanreat.equality, it evttitt .o.tira th nls d h raeae tis disorder, or o create other diseasr, but thtrongtly deacnn tie oevernl or . e tottr'l f ny tt aylia. usl n ss e f the diwereas, "- tad __ .lnn nedeln, tttere i atwayn eore -tad am iaeteleed liabilityl c~lrl~r''s dnn .tfrf a. elie itit trerrtrrenrce. 'rite dnnger thei-.nt rUtls of tlhe Agar, is verv evirknl, for S.hurnwill no, Hr, ler ,e to no m,,eh prmet,, to slie M a dtaeri wib e,ltine, and oIerdily fall a vic tre t tiUct ll lreat viole 'l'e The T hni Mixntre is : eret it snell a reasonable price, as to plece it will~iu the reach ofevr l... S aci tver -a that the p iw and detitule Omerelry farmis.isd with ialnSiae:e, witbolrt eolieitiog mad md e atiend.areo whicb is freluotatl detied to 'tt.. or else .er re.lcnl.tly betowed. d .'thr illnllou: atpre tty ertv iwd aga " inist teR ,,1 ; ofur t.• ia nlmediuin, that are laily offered It ispreptnted nly b) Dr. Jolhn R. Rowand, at hin t'I, nisty, riltarem nie, Philadelprli. aob+suanhberes ere the wholesale agetai for tihe onellt Western tlltt, nand willtsellby Ibe groar, ,tt the lthiadelphia pricea. 'I'J he had at rtail also,u at g"'nMttf tllt AitonhemApi ee it. lt cityv. JAR/1S & ANDREWS, ,ravhe' Wholesale I~reggisle, tar Coi ronnl doe ;hritouln; a Minssaippi nod Dnnisiana Hotel, r'VlNr.TON. t~s M.S, '"MARY KIRKLAND respectfully an. unnees to herfriends and the publie gene Saly that'she in prepared to accommodate them at Se ahoy.,- eaainbishment, and hopes fram her xertioam tn render vinitors emfortable, to receive a continuance of formnr faorin. She feels codfi. dent. tlytt persones visiting Covirglon during tihe Oasummonaths, cannot find better accommodations thaw nse can afford them, on more liberal termns. Her hbonae is ploansntly situateod, and well supplied with every coaienienoe; the bar in furnished with tin most choice liquors, &c. in, short, ste promises .n'tat nothling shall be wanting ot her part to give t tira ratisfaetion to all who may patronize the liiasiaippi and Louisiana tHotel. je3 ot..O i- Li-O a.LIC uThe ndersigned. having S tudied under Dr. So.rLidt of Charleston, eouth Carolina, ana for some years his assistant in the preotiee.of medicine and surgery, has thire houor .t aohe his professional services in this city. He anstreo the ladies and gentlemen that the moat prompt attention will be paid to tire calls which may be made; nd also offers his services to the Sholders of slaves, being well acquainted with the daseuem common to them, having attended them in telm aug Irmusa in Charleston. The fanmousn anti.bilionus pills alter tie composition - PrefeorSurrtolotte, withl direetions, can b he aod "f the undorsigned. Tire srleet which they have Sprmlodaeed in thin and other eities, has been attended with the greatest naeese, to which the besot of eatferenaes can he given. Appty at No. 166 Maga. hine street. JNO. M'LORING. IIHOLLUWWARE, VOb lS(i°REWs, SAD IRONS, &c. iiHE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. + 238 Water, near Beookman street, New York, have reaeived the past season, and are corstantly reCobving large and exlensive additions to the stock of Lite above goods, which now consaists of the allwing esasortmnnt, suitable for the southern and westerin niarkets. iollow were of superior quality, consisting of about !500 tons, viz, Pots-af 22 dirent sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, froe 3:8 to 18 gallons, Bakepans or Ovens, 7 different sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do SSkillets, .. "5 do Flat Spiders 6 do' Covered Spiders, 2. do Orlddles, . . 4 do Fie Dogs,- . Ii do Wagon boxes from 1 1-4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cast do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from :8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality and finish, and less tlan Jamie'a imported pl.ees. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lIbs for retailing. Tailor's and lattor'a Irons, assorted. S sh weights, 100 tons, assorted, from 1 4-4 to Bellf for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &e. asade to order, Also stoamabeate and other machinery made to ader. The above assortment of goods is particularly eomimellnded to thle attenltion lof' outhlern and Westeonlmrclhauts, and are ofered li,r sale at low prices, and upon the nmuost liberal terms ;i its be. lieved to be the largest and beat assortment ever -teored for sale by any oels establisshment in time United Stllates. Merchants, by lorwarding a request by mail, can have a prio'ed circular, with deacripti.n, of gioKds, preessand terms, from which no devmation is ever made, falreished by returnll f mail. All orders will receive inamediate attention. New York, 1838. i'3 ieO NMROrsY Nos CoAtIVA ,ew .rlerne, Nov. 14, 18. I: ADOQ'T asir itela ago i Iladf tile meisforttie aIt get a onecret diteeas, fbr whliclh I blae ulltlied ta sre-cl .-l dotorsn fur a itre, and they did iot iatre now alim above date I liUt myself tiuder tdl cete of tltctor HueT, eud I exlmet hlitl to cure ais. Silice Ihat tinle e.d aels got worse, so as lU breaok ,tat in large ulcers e sa "mlber of sim Ur eighlatU ea h leg, ati all vrr D lmy lie, sd sure triast, uad mit alal to work at lhe at a-rens tiimeallaelrcaalt (Cmie diaseac; large 'llcer oil i ilm riglt slde of lmle thrlat. I am no ae ulnig ysell sa esmmlly Mildertc caro ll' )Lr. falu't,,[ I'll., a o hei'leetly e uy are JOlN DfEAN. I lO CERTIFY tiat thle abttve macileedl disease is a. p well lurrd to lmy owa satialheitn, fer which I laksllh r. loue; atf itUoreover I rs, l that itIe muci.di isle I ale tikll Illa lmkei t flit, ald didll miiit i lntur iaiy I wealtl a ell; ltherefuore I sldvial tit f Ihlw tutlereras tail laessnolimead ailly to Ifr A. Hioel, 12 Canulal i sireelthstween Dauplme sd eoarlaien slrelts. IDr. Hsm is it hLmue fron 9mclueck, A M, utltil 4 I' Oh. T IV.aill fd a true doctor Ier thin colmplaiut. i JO)HN lDEAN. 40 (Gravies strelt. E ,..1y onse wants to see tiecull at Ni. 40 (iranuic a .+ , JOHN DEAN, Ica " Orne_.ns.~ Ft, 1,18il.38. fell, 4 I T HE G(eamils Ian dlalsuu of I.iverw.rt aimd luce. F . holund,ia isut up in histss at tme low pries of 5i it ' ? t smithiconiaiucil thg e stronglh of thlne ounces if - wilsart, eia lea thle virlca d iiav omm er raoltol ad hebsa know sm o ssls ie Imslt lndit s melaucious in euritgS poslest, ietsolilllai . Ths. Imrivslmld suceemm which blasuspnded the tsie of ais iwisasslsdo Baltem wleretesr'ibas ibeen iltrn jaýeo.eidrtt eand rercttett . d . lrsda eeib aieytlii , baihe cure of 'ouers, sealdss'psaba. mer, ast int l restag'itinig sr blood, Ta whit asy i snlern. Tlhil is t certiry thlat we hoes .o. memt sit . o t ylsaif precribed rs M .ard ntes'l nlil to o l i·verworl a d ilorhld, with a,, .id4gam we exn i eas.f.. e. aus,. the kmmw. aIs. 0 ma.- it l.tial *r055, amd liservlcOIs tl llrlsrcalii, r.t'ltsm ..aoi.u nls.o a lunh s -wihilch it is re smm•iiid a, *ILiN'.1 WIl.LsMD, Al. D. CALMItLI.IS I. 1). _-ib . JaRVlI-IlS NIiRaWst , soIb S,..11. At - Ce '.onm I 'l '3ti mite tlea sla : Ym~lb Oae5phems·t,,Aobiln. or S pIRi1iof tdigdfisLm periates flaliees, sad I nal.spd flcolatdwperse atjf ag, oltemtlal i ars ievite l toa all sud asauil ee U , S M al.n a teb hses -as - s stilt th of ot. -l, c la a fseraruami is nay .u . •1 .. wls iT , roses owsrssas rat,__ fIr--sas palviht _e , itam, oflssoes Mre esjred _ 4. I ,is :.."., e " ell aihev w,h. - ma s- - -. r * . ei3 O Bh I lh" i. - :$h-ltAJIIRTT&Ch; ·'Inr' . ls`bb, ship O.J a ni i l or letry Andn , Frnaeh and.n i ý Bae- gmnown :i ChesImen,21 `1 3-a ierih B1i ed Bali;,' r to d2 Jack h B i.S ," Bwl Kaiv, Leather andl other trvelling Darling Caaes; Belt, Pocketio -n, airsme's, id Disallng Pistols;, doubsle and C ei IsBmielled Guns; Game Bug;s Shot Belts; Powder Ii tad Pluorl Flanks; Dram Bottle andl Drinking Cups; or Perecusinu p Caps ad Cap Holders; Cloth, Hair, Tootlh; and Nail Brushes Orris and Chlorine Tooth WaaI, p Tooth Powder, Toilet and Shaving Soap, in great via. rint,' Iog Hair Braids, Ringlets and Frizetien; Pearl aid 'odlet Powder; Emery Bugs; Ivory 'rub Cushions: ' Patent Sldes or Garters; Gulm Elastic Suspenders; Powlder Putt and Boxee; Gilt Clains, Denls and Kevs; Ear.-dlrops; Waist Bueklon; Bravelets; Beal Necklaiesoe aod Chains; Gilt ond Silvered Beads; lIndins Deads, f Bells and 'Plumes; Shell Twit: Side antd Dressilu Conb; whicli,in addition to theirformer stiok in hand, p1 wakeh their assonrmeot very complete, and will bIe sold ow l and on liberal terms, at thIe sign of the Golden tohm. i25-tf 70 Chartres street. n THE rntlecvns, Agents far the rotensive meuee of e Wr & So Btcher, Sheffield, Enrland, have just C eceived a vry extensive net of Iut .r.e, ronsi.tin of Table and IDessoert Kives of e*" .. dneriptiii, Pen, Pocket, Dirk, nod Spear point nives; Razore, Seil Srs,Eldge Tools,&e r. &c. &e. which they are preparedl a exhibit to the tradue lrorioero. T'erm andl eonditiois will hbe nad, known at the timee. mI 6 J.I. I.BEIN & A COHEN.90 Colnomn t. QIMMONS, HARTT& CO--Are now tweriving s ir alip Iaititill, IEagle, Mercy Atlhew, Iligh rne tl, Frtt.ild Gennnl dolble lhealplayin earls: ater,helt rdl itcket pistols; plain, rib.e iand sitst 'enrio. i aps: cap Imldera; eisma,rs, IHuzorsi, pet. yen; (ilina's somasereial anw oilier oteelDpesi; Vie Ue; Violin stil.g.; shell, ivory and beonenlbs; wafers; kIt, heald an a leraher trses; hair Iralds, front asll nak ringlets; negro puIfs; Gemancm atll Freneh colognei water, Rowltands maeawer oil, imitation do; antique I adl bersoil; portabhle dek, aml dilneonig eases: tUt, blsekilg; stoll toilet glates; swivessx mhilr; oli sal galsses el views; Imlian l nls, bells anll tidmee; e cw.leon; wbit- wine; toilet mid woaving saps; toilet F owder, enrmetie wash bealls; sceeld oatit cushions; pomol screw esoldioas; faney bead ehains ai l tnetklaea; Iilliardl hllo; Ioeket books minl walletls; Germaln I ones; razo straps; fine still comnee gpln olastine miSlwel., garterlesdo; Bells lucifor natchles; sil r ._peneila; Crryr o, &c. &.e. Tr e above i lddiion to our former stack of fancy mobeu maskesor aslrtmeiit ve.y eimlletu. Par sale wholewle or retail; as the sign ofthe (:olleU Comib, 70, hlortrse seet. ,.28R. iOTI -Te pMnnership of Kelley, Mlson ut &, Sof New Orleon; Masn,lHerin &Ci., iof Natchez; ad Harris, Kelley&Co., of Rnlndev was dli.soivel ei I liellst of Mayv last, by the death of Saiiioel A Maseo, ene of thl partueroe oI the it-o. The o;dersigned, surviving portners, will be charged wilh the settliig and closing enild eitness e s fillows: Levi C Harris will ottell to the settling of the business of Mnson, Harri& Co~iit Natclhez; aid Harrire, Kel er & Co.,at Roduev aid Henry Kelley will uttenl Ito ieoeitlliog of the bIiilteiess of Kellecy, MaoII & Co., at SNew Orleans. TIeminees of he everal fins willn I used in liaidationionly. 'Lo. indebted n sanid lfirms are earnestly requosted ncome forwardI nm make early settleuenits; and thse having cluims will wlees preen, tIlem withot dJelay. i ..EVI C HARRIS, I HENRY KELLEY. NewOrleons, June 27,1837. SEAN MARIE FARINA'S COLOGNE WATER cases m'reof this superior Cologne water, just 5 received aid for sale by the dozen or single blottle. d Also American and Freech toilet powders, powder puffs andboxes, shaving aud toile soaps, cosmete wash balls, toilk of rosee, cosmetic eohll ra ete musk, kepalels.Ward'os vegetable lair oil, pomatuim, cremle do"peree, Florido.lavenda, rose and bay waters, I Presto's silts, Marseilles perfuotery ii trinkse. vegeta Ile s Id Iqtid rouge, Chlorine and Orris tooth wash, eloth, hair, tooth, nail aod flesh brushes; together with ate additional supply of fashionable hiorn and shlell coAbse and jewelry, flbrsale low et wholesale or retail Sby SIMMONS, HARTT &CO, r lyi v 701 Chartre street. . . . . - - COAL-The subsecribera have ernstantly on hand a large supply of Cannel and Liverposl coal, in hulk, of superior quality, which riley offer for sale in lota to suit purchasers. Also expected by the first arrivals from Eng land and the North, Cnnnr, Lehigh and Peach Mountain Coal, broken and screenedl, put up in hogsheada expressly for family use-all of which they will dispose of on tIe mtost moderate terns. Orders left at their office, No. 53 Bienville st. up stairs, will be promptly attended to. net 3 R. & A SOUiIE. Cologne Water, Perlumery, &c.--A sitltr.ld article of cologne, put up expressly for the retail tlade; alats the purest Flench Perfitmert, rmbra cing every variety for the loiler, for a le by rct 2 REES & D'LANG. To Country Merchanis and Planters. Negro clothIs, blankets, flnnels, lnseays, lowell slirtiuge, checks, linens, cnlicoes, Ilandkerchielfs, &e &c,received and for sale low by the suhscri. be:s. ROTTA & Co. oct. corner Canal and Chartres st L. WI Glen's Perfumeries. Indian Dye, for coloring tile lair ; Bear's Oil, Russarnsnbear'sgreese, pormaturn, Michelw's Fret cle Wash, superior pearl powder, IIIp white, creamn ot rosre, vegelaile rouge, otlo of rosa, lip salve, kreusute loothl wash, carbonic deritrillee, oranoe flower water, powder puffs and boxer, A',rricnri charcoal, neatly put up in four ouonee vials, Pres. ton salts, enlogne, kreusure ctolth ache drops, hair brushes, Eilrhsh dressin combso, Inrlian hair nil, with a variely of orler perfumrries, &c. For sale by C. J. I'RINCfIARD, ort 3 corner ot Canal and Bourbon sis 51 - ~~--- - ________----- IRON ROOFS-The salscribers have procured at a great exp.nse, the right of putting on iron ro Is in this city. They are adapted to puhhe Itouldings, warehouses, and privante dwellins, nd conihine at anee cheapness and durability, and are perfectly fire and water proof. 'T'errnts nin ue known, and a model seen at our establlishmenii, opposite St. Mary's mnrket, Tehlpitoulas at. <tw' E B COGSWELL&Co UPHOLSTERY & PAPER HANGING STORE. Henry Siebrecht, (formerly J. C. Wicks & CU,.) would meat respectfully inlornm his friends and n the publie in general, liat lie has andl is eonstant ply rerivianr a gerneral snsortment of uphonlsery and paper Ihanging. The fllowing conpricees a part of Ilia sock, which he offers for sale at whole, sale or retail on the moat accomtmudarinU telris, French velvet and s atin paper, latest style; do hall o tlttelon and eolnnlol, Pnladlelllli gloazed and unglaued ido do, French Illndscapes, lire boards, bltndr, &e. do velvet and worsted do do, mnoreanze do colors, silk fringe and galloons of all qualities, patterns and pricer, aorsted fringes as Sasnortetd ptlcrn plain and eolord. Swiaes uslin, latest yle plain and coloused, cOntin drapery tlmallnsplain anid twlled, ars-orred cdlor, new ltyleof needle work fhr ienla cushllis, h,o ftale eovrr;,&c new tlstle of ill plersr, r d fi. res and plain, gilt windw ornanlmenits oI all ualstrnr and sites, giltl agles batal and spears, fetthirs, &c, glIns knobl , teasierr, hair cl ,h, ligured land, n larte nsasortmaent iof toys f r ehtlJren; laure slk cord ad iassels, w.orated ordl and tas. ales, a general saoirttlllttt of ulphlllstero tad paper lashgings, constantly on halnd and lio sale at tlie loweat prices at Nos 41 Ryal aud 64 Cuntoml flause et. AN -paersaons in the city or fomn Ilse country, are respeelully inviledil mu asll and examllne lur thIemeslves. Carpets and curtains made io tle latest mlodern style, roons prepared al tie altort• eat Iotwe, and all kinds ol uphiaildesltery a,., k dunets with nealtsses ansd desparch. act L S -Et fiuulR, No 64 Condes stree, Ieiteeni Duntain and SI Philip, keela cosltanltly on hand al nai ve rt of ansrrt_-n rhfboos ln rsIog lans, and sthio ai New Yrk iasnufacture, Intr cn, Wi I ai aild ehildrei of all ager, which he will dispose si at very oloderale priee. Fan Iliea of his alquintance ons endine on order will have their wishes attended to , S SEGOUR DIEAFNESSi. A NEW arnicle furjeraous troubled wilh deaflsea, . (calafled ft Ear lromlpeit) hat jtst bet receivedi, fby itle ite of iw hiie, ithe s!il ht..rt arteulatioa of tho e its wtin voie is adilUviClilv cieoyrd to ie car. Any one Whll blsle eer te iigobliged ruollvers witlh a very dl.a wrEulty, itul e fully seuible af the ditlicultv and emn mrraseolatt experieaed both by tiremselves and tie in dlvidrials so uasidtanatelvaflicted. By lhe use Uf tih Ear T'rmnpet. Iltis objection is eulirelc naviated. 'The mant sceptifal have alays ai asdouredtlheir eouhts alter saviru used thd Trenper . Fr ale at 1' GUION'S, Fancy ator.eunSer uf C.,mlon aid St ClUarel streeta fler o Elcll lutga Itl. leb l - PERAI O01l.--1U0t gulialls ptre winter 4 S3 . ral Oil, is casks and ibls, for nale by JWI VIa & ANDILEWs. Wbrlel hgg alln. cuaer C ItIaiUut atd I schap Ina westres. nr ts 4ll kegs.,U - , 911 da 250 Engliail dJo--'5 1.4 bIa. 41f1tf i 41) Puist Bruslas, vrioua sizes; I res Vereilli nqmi 6h tlsdtopal Varnish; i " Japoan T " ..aeh " 20 peeka Gold Leaf; 50 do Silver do; Ill1 do Dutch Metal. tWINDOW GLAdSS, AieMritan, Erelisl and FensMh IWIi0 boe, vaions sizes and qualities. a.fa Lrtwul du.'c 5 oaoxsscllnaigllltlse, will be I sold low. Alme, a general assorlnatet of artalts' cltlofas ra d t-ale, fr sale by A Wt SC.At ES, S No al (.ael streer: NI R. Alaamam tees taken at pr saind. Miasifpi sites will e rlieseid at 10 per ceat discatnt for goods, or ia paynent osf tiKle. ,6 I Iw S-LOUR--1 usiading fer as tews ar ldepeind. eae, "I -A DO4 EY, F- er- ae .. -isr iStrUa-'Tl'hree cUts COII-at. g o anninr Srrillý, Ijdi recrivwdhy- " "-e'r. "• "INH.E81': D'L& NG, 18 Casp e! I-Mra.r. R,,t-SI, sotl ,hi.a,,ut sle rspt-.. madi all -f knhs, in stars and far sel byIc a 3 UO:-ER1' & . I14 THORN, 63 cGravicr s SBOOK BINDERY. Under the Picayune Ocilld, 72 C i'p at. BRON.E A '& IIOWSON bee leave to inform s their customers and the pahlic gbnertllv, thateij they have removed their establishlment to No. 72 t C mp street, inmmediately under the office of the all I'irayune-where they are prepared to execute all nl or.pre in their line. t llvoing received from the North a supply of pi. " per and materials of a superior quality. for the p maonnaeture of Blank Bntks, they offer their ser vices to, mterchants and ether', who many wish work of that kild'; and having the edvogiage of several yaars's experience in that lint, they are confident of eiving satisfaction to those who may a fever them with their cusatm. o For n,oaries, architeets and lthers, maps and n plans ill he pasted on linen. arnisalted and the lneatest manner, & at thae shortest B notice. Plain and fancy binding, in all its verieties cil. CEIINA (;ltS & F. LR I'HEN WAlti.UUREF 36 Chrmres street, New Orleans. TM. SERGRANT & Co. inporters of French L V and Enbolsh China and Earthen ware. are vlow, openin new aid rich patterns of breakfalt, diniig and lea services, toilet sets, pitchers, tea I ,in I ctffee cups, !espies, sugars, ereamne, bowles, Il.te,. diahesi tureetns, wash basins aln ewes,a foot bhialhes, etc. etc. Rich cut and plain French and American glass. wor,--sohlete, ehamlpaignes. lemionades, jellies, e Ilaret,, w.ies corlllinls. centre howles, dicaItera. t tumblers, preserve dishes, celeries, pitchers, Ian ps, i.iinip shade and glasses, candle shadeos, salt cel ere, etc. . Silver plated, hronzed and britaonia wares--ca. ir., liqlor stands, cake hiskets, candleastieks, branches, spuna'n ladle, cffe.e asnd teapots, segare, erearmis. lamps, jpananed trays, astral stands,and hlnncine Iamps, fine cutlery, German silver spine and forks, together with a great variety if rtricles lee fi.iily ore. Merchants, planterc, hottIs, anti steamllboats, fllrnished wil goods at trie most rea sotnable prices, and packed so Its to be cinveyed I with safety t imny part of the coutnry. Alii. ni)tlleenriet. ' atlcsani tt, nnr 2 THiE FIORIDA LINEI From Moiile to Augusla, Ge.'.i leaves Mobile every day at three I uto'lock.p In per U S nmail hoot for lall's LlRdmnp , above Blakely,-thehes four Spiest coaches to Pensacola-thence siaemboate to Lag ngrtace, where tlie land rore is resumed-thence I via Marianina and Briwnaville, Fin. Bainbidge, Pnodertow nI Ilawkiiasville. Santdersville & L[,uir. ville to Augusta, Ga, connecting regularly with i the rai rroad cars to Charleston, and the steam packets iI, Now York, Norelik, P,iiladelphia, etc. s The slerat boa are tine best for tlie service, and a tihe iuvigation presents ioore advantages than can i lie ufound upon anly steamboat route in the auth. i ern regio.. ' The great improvements in the route hlave been prodiced by the cslatruction of fifty milen of new ronad, by the prpriertors, viz : front LadGrane on LavFayete Ilayou, an -arm of Santa Rosa B y, to I.yati's Ferry, on the Chattahoochee river, ten Mliles above the Ciwlrd, or 14 above Cedar Bluff, whereby the navigation of the river, and the con. Sseqen detentions, and more re recently the inon r venient crossing at the Cowford, ore entirely i avoided, and a fine road from Marianna direct I a to Bainbridge, instead of the roundabout road via , Chattahoochee, lessening the distance about forty s, miles, and increasing the facilities more than once a day. Also, a branch line of two horse stages every other day fitm lmlwkinaville, via Perry to Macon, ii Ga. connecting with the line to Savannah and Daricn, Gev. A mail steamboat plies regularly between Bainbridge and Apalnehicola. TIraveller wishing n to reach any point on Chattahooehee or Apalachl coln, cant take steotuboat at Brownsville. Mobile to Pensacola-Land Roue-D-luring the time ,iccupicd by the repairs of bhourts, the proprie. tore of the Florida line will run a line at foir I orse poet coaches every other day between Me' Ibile nnd Pensacola. I Passengers will leave Mobile at 3 o'celock, p m, in the U S mail boat, and proceed to Ilall's Land. ing, where a four horse coach will I-u in waiting to convey thenl to the excellent house of Mr. Charles Hall, I I 4 mile distant, where they will find pleasant nccomnlodniions for the night-leaving it next morning, they will arrive in Penlsacola early ill the evening, thus avoiding the discomfort of icillt trae lling. Olfice at the Mansion lHouse, Mobile, and Col. i filn' Ibotel, PensacolO, where seans mst be secu cri. STOCKTON & Co. nov I Piano Mrte Instruction. ' William Smllh lenders his services It tie citi, Szeis of New Orleans as s reacher of lihe piano forle. Mr S having been employed silvernl yearr as a teachier of music in private fantilies in B atle,) ned also at several of tile female seminaries in Its vicinity, cannot but hope tomerit theirconfidence. lie is lpermitted to refer to Rev Dr Clpp, Messre eStetson & Avery, Henderson & Gaines. Fuir terms, Le please apply at the bookstore of Alexander Tower, 49 Camnp st ci 2 Drugs and .Medicines. r J B Prevost has bleated hilself In this city l.or I, e purpose of Iransacing a general Wholesale e Drug business. le is now receiving a full supply ol Iresh and genuine rrtilles, which he will sell on liberal lerms To city druggists, and those of the interior, to physiciaons, mer hlants and planters, he will oRffr induemeents sueh as have never be. fore been oftered in his city. Ills intention is to do a strictly legitiimate business. Ils stock will sooi be comlplete, nrd in a few weeks will be ret. dy for business. All orders irom the country, and from merchants ol it i. city, receiving such orders will he promptlysltended to. oct 2 No 39Campat PROSPECTUS. TIlE subseriber p-opuses to publish, in tile be. ginning of tihe onsuing winter, a Condensation s-f the twenty volumes of the Old and New Series of Martin'. Louisiana Reports, to be comprised an four volunena, evo., iccording to tims model of Peters' SConcenisod Reports. This work is now is preparation by J. Burton Ilarrison, Esq, of this city, assisted by William F. Brand, Esq. The Editor is also permitted by a distinguished retired Judge of the Supreme Court, and by onle of the sitting Judges, to expect from their personal supervision all tih advantage which may naturally be reaped from tiheir experience. Such a work is becoming every day more no cessary, as the original is voluminous, expensive, and scarce. An increasing curiosity too is mani Ibst. in thie other States of the Union, in reference to the peculiar jurisprudence of Louisiana; and theim ciercumstance of the numerous principles here de. tided in tie adjustmeunt of conflicts of laws, makes the knowledge of our adjudged cases of prime uti-. lity to thejuristsof time whole Union. Moroovel, the rising republic of Texas has adoptol our codes, Imind thus there is a great demand for the Louisiana decisions from a fresh quarter. Convenient notes, indicating the parallel cases decided in Louisiana, and occasionally those mn the miore authoritative forums of the other Status, wit, oe added to each case. The work will form flour volumes, royal octavo. and will be delivered, mound, to subser.hers at 86 per vol.; in case it nlloul, be found practicable to compress it into three volumes, the p-ice to sub. scrihera will be $7 per vol. oubscriptions received by WM McKEAN, lea car Camp and Commonllll sts. Wfllr)t.ESAI.K AND RIE'AIICOMItA AND VA SITI'Y STO'R--at tdle sign of mlhi golden coihb, .la i Chartres steen[. The ubsacribers have re ceived, isl i.liion to their previous stimck m hand, a full and comepleti nrssortment of articles in their line; viz: combs, _perfuolar, Jewellry, brushes, Ilokiilg glasses, fancv arth.ilee,re..emslsting ill part as follows: COMBS--lnortloiseshelrl, weoglt ond plain tuektwist, qtilled back, Ie.n rounmd,dressing, side puff, curl and neck, Brnmiliau mi'omlbs of every deseription amongst which are s Mls Mexican patters, Ivoryvenbs of every description, hem, dressing lid piacket, togeller with a general assortnlent ofFrenuli lt Alnerican. PERFUMrER--Cologne, Lavemler, Florido, honey, ilay, rose, and oranae flower wafers orevery size and des erption, camphorated Cologne, extract of Bergaamot, lIney soaps of all kinds, slaving do in cakes atd tots, cream eosp do, Ward's vegetable hair oil, beas and an tiqiuedo. Preston's smelling sales, plain ani perfumned tolet powder, pearl powder, pomearpuesff and eixes pa nmtnlu in pots adt rolls,orems and ctarine tooth wash alnl vowders, witll a geieral assirtmsen of JEWELLRY--some of the latest nad imost fashiona ble serns, consisatig of while and red eorneliam, toper & ietalnp, set in filasree, breast pins ofa gre. - .s ty of platliterns, watch tritinings, gil nd silvc .tcklee, silver thiublem, silver sand gol p, meils and guaunl chains IIRUSHES-Cloth, hair, dumt geerunbmhberth floor, hIlat, lesh, teooth, plate, eemnb, Nail, lshaving, shoe and whitewash bruslnws. LOOKING GLASSES-Germman slatia and toilet htlmss, nliagifving and French dreosiug glases, Ihome da, with a varieiv of other kinds not enumernted. CFANtY ANt) VAItIETY ARTICLES--French and Ammericai piortable deskh imnil dressing cases, somen very rich and mlwly finished nladies work boaeaaud drens inig eases with and without music, mutsieal boxes, Ae a-s-ian o lvarious kinds, violins ind guitars, silver and plated pencils and leads,wood plneils for carpenters uad erayoeni, mlmmite leockunsga nid pmistol witim asid wi tiout eases, pereasslon caps, pcreuuslon ep chbargse, nipple screwdrlversr sht elts ,galue bags, paste blaekiug, toy tea setts, Indian beads of every kind, hells and dlmes, fineand comnmn knives, mzra ien ail s:issors, thimbles, needles, pinte, silver platred, steel and eommunua specta les, poudcet looks and walleta of various khisb, vmitig I cmrdsad ead caes, plyimg cards a fresmnh, tGerma amd Amierieas manitfacture, dells, imitatinn fruit, sh loxes, prnnts of various kinds, Saunmdesa' Pmmery'a. Emmneront's, Ilillmmssm'a ad Hawkim's rasor straps ammsi letallie nnnes,dorks, fancy head neeklaees, do with r-.r dropstol watheles, pearl buttons, powder flasks, out lad al 4ad, 6il ailver gin, gu elesmie saspen - .mdriaedgarten., plain il sword, bhkcgaeh mo 5 aardam dice, lptiialtlvienmesjewsnharpa, Icofoes Isatsls d rawul drinking cops, with a grat variety am other arti P elem, all ofwhirhi wil be sold fw eamdt or city aceplta.; cesoIlon 12 msoths credit. B H I.IY ,l , & 4- - 70difianeeaot. ml ltI ' tiedival i-ik --latimain Plmbisis; do. on Idoudltting, a miee ulapldred l 4 by a UI'El A::T'`OWAl, 49 Cu T... E INDIANS. PANACEA. OR theuem oFrheumntisan,serthla or kingsevll,gout, s iatica or hip gput, inci, lent cancers, salt rheum, p.ilitie asi mercurial diseases, nparioularly ulc)rs and puatnlalellctons of the bones, oleerated throat .. nso,. trils,leers of every descrsption, fever sores, and iiternal absemes, fsltulas, iles, scald head, scurvy, blles, chro ntosoreeyes, cmyspelis,blothen, aol every vnrietyofcl. I saneous alfeetion, chironic Ceatarrh, head ache proceed ingfrom any amid humor, pain in the stomach and dys papai proeeeding from variation, affectionsof the liver, chrnic inlammation of the kidneys, nod general debili tycaused by torpid action of the vesselsof the skin. It is i.nliarly eflicacious in renovating those constitutions .whiolbhve heen broken ddwnl by ijudicious treatment, juvenile irn'egularitie. In general terms, it is reom meledl m all luse diseas which aris from imlrwitiaos of the blood, or initiation of the humonrs, of whlatever name or kindl. Some of the above complasntsmy require some tri. Sfling aesmant applieations, whieh the cirecumNstanees of the ease will dietat; but for a general remedy or Purificator to remove the cause, the INDIAN'S PANACEA will generally be round suffioent. TO THE PUBLIC. Ilow tre it is, that modern Physicians, in their am kition to excel in their plrofession;exlore tie vnst fields of science by the aid ofchemistry, and seek out new re medial agents; in short, to arrive at perfection in the practice by means of art allne,--untirely overlook and neglect, as beneaththeir t er, tilmerich anod boheuteous stres of medlicine, which the Amtaightly has caused to spri out of the earth in every clime! Aml how muah more true isitthat while the American Physician looks to foreign comitriesfor many of his most common ahd neessmry article, perpetually chanmgng i as athey are at I. the dictates offaho or folly, he is surm.naml in his own country with an emllenu profsion of medical plants, sllifcient to answerany indication in disease or to cure any cuably disorder; and yet he is ignerant of their vir tues, and they ar sauffered to 'waste their healing mon the desert air.' The effectsofvlgetable medleinesnpon the oatyem are tempmanwry-those of mnnerls lasting. The fnnmer ex art their effets anmu of-the latter, memory in imr ticulor, act ehemieally upon the solids, deconposing the banes and umlermining the constitution by a slow aml sure destruction. The c.geniallity, efficiency and SAFETY of v egeta viible remedies over miieral, may be estimated by cnotrasl ingthe ancient pactice with the lmoernl or, ti hiring ii nore immimliately une;lr our own observation, th- Illli all inacticeo with that of the whites. Whlo, in America, nast tnoknowor heard of releatedl instances wherein some dcremphl, ulnpretendini female ldlian, by meansof tier simple remediesalone, ihas affected the mosndat apild and astomishing cures, after the inlaterin Medlica of tile -emmon peaotice. directed in the most skilful mnmner, has foilel. Andl whle has not Imee surlirsel at tie com lurativeease aml fanility with which the Imlianlileeahim self from any disease, anld at the alnost into ab stillnenlce ofelvomic disease among them. Whio has evel iheard olan Indian utha comlstittltion brokm anld ruinedl by i ill treatmentl A,:a call a doubt exist that this happy ex emal~lm of the savage from most of the ills which the flcsh dflla is heirm, is chiefly owing to mols genla I atl safe remedies which he rmpltoys? 'hlis asl, ish ting difference in succes, is a fairexem lieation of the iolinile superiority of the sinmle a1al safe meais of eure which Goi has ereated for the benefi of his children, over dlase which tile pride and the art of mail lsve il velnted. From a long residence among a portion of theaborigin alinhabitantsof thisconmly, nmlau intimnate oequain lamc witll the methls of cure of some of thheir most neausfll pirmntitiomera, the IOroprieto oh 'The Ildian's Pnesam'acnmsire I a koowledge of come of tihe most ' pOwerf uland faoriteresmaties. From these heseleted sch, as were most efliaeioos andl appropriates, and after yvariousexperiments to test their principlesaud strength, t he haseombised them in the form here presented, as the a most perfeet andi beneficial for the purpose for which it y arecomnmenmel. a 'he Iproprietor olfersthis lprelmrain to th puiblic, with the consrimitess that he ismplaing withithleir sea, a remedy capable of relieving many of his afflicted fel. Slow beings, who aro suffering mlmder time various chronic Sanil ostinate omplaintis to which it is aplplicable. TI such it will prove of inaliculable vailie, as the means, anti in many cases, the only means of relieving their st ferings andi restoring them onee more to healthl atd hiap F piness. This is notoffrred as n common remedy, that may per chance be equally good with others now in use, but as one which isapable of msavinglilfe iimany extreme cases which ail the mllmus aremellies fil. 'this, tias mone reematedly; al th is is the relntmtion it hasob m talned wherever ith as been introiucet. It is only hout three )yerssitce tlhis preipartis was preseted to the public: hut in Itlt sholt slace of tome, sore handlreds of piersonsnlitht behlleuld, who would solemnly declare that tlhey believed Ithat thleir lives weron saved by it, alll in most.asesai'ter they had trieid many dl Iperhaps all the common renrediCes in vain. W.ier. ever it is ksown it isleleIly colllig into nse, asdl Is aflonslstilenosi substaalalalnd onvincritg proof oa it Smterits. 'Th'le vaie of the Panacea i mnest eonslicotloUs ill those t loun sltaoiltg aid sphlilit icllll n rtIltatnds 'felitoloas Iwhch have tdefied all other re.tedies, anti particularly ill those cases whltere ercury tlhs lbeen so lotvisl !y uslt as to cause distresisg pains in tie bonles, ll)t es, Io nt rial ulcers, deN'gement of the digestive or a sa, car. 'hoese it comniletely retmtves, ad in all casesr it ectito ly reldieates tihe dIiseses ltd Illcts of lltercuryc , rcso ivotes the constitution, and leavesthle t;tient solnl alnd well. It rtleumatisl muld inl ullerterd sale tlirat, its Shappy eftests are tnot less appsreat, giving almost ilnnne: diato relief. 'I'alen ill proper loses, thel ndi;n's IPanaea operatt e as gi ahernatliveItd sletelrgellt; a dliapl*'rtio, ilu 'tic and llaxatives, an tllai-tsa lllasloli antolSlynte;t al ill properea sasastonlacicanld cmeulnsgltse. (;oen rc a llfy emlpressel, it itlreass all tile s.elratt.l ellt iatl ex renibc t, givesltote Itt tic atomaeh, atl excittsim-fn in the glanslc ita tlartItiar alulser. I"ro : these lprlillei. pies itsolertions tmay Ia uaalersltol. itssmedieioe has been fiutdl highly ttsettl it m:ety lntthbiguot.s diseases nIot here specificl, agild it has tbiti

used with wonderful success as a Spring ntt a FIll PIt y rifler, bythose who are sulllet oeoi tplaits ofl tb chest, and whose eoit tituotiossrteiluhie Iew vigor. Sut Ipe. soIs will t well to use t to lr threc bottles ill slllll lu se. Whenever a diet dlink is cotsidred r ecessa.e, this Panacea, taken in a snmali dose; will alnswr allg it ilpeposes, in mutnh less time, at loss lexenpse, andi ill a fir ma1re agreeable lltltnelr thlatt thle i tt olllO lie dlritnlk. 'The following certirfates, out of ithst slrs St la which migtl be procured, are given to sltow tli elliset i the ndl anul's paniacea, in tie vaiout s ri nphtlai httn sere in mstentionedl;tand alsotoexllibit ill the ltotst tisfictotry annlllter its Sulprioriy oer te s iyrlls inu noIlllO Use. CASES OF RHEUMIA'I'ISIM. UCaAIILoSTOa, Nov. 15, 183lS. )During thelast winter alal aprig, I was aillieted witll a very seve.e anlgl ddisrssing rhotntullisne, occasioedl bty exposure in bael weatherl. now takegrot Itplasure int Ssltating, that six bollttes ofie I alidat's'atll:etra, restredr r e to ealt lt, tlld I confidently ret.smuitendl it to ttli siretlarly afilietod. JOHN FERGUSON, King st. CanlLostToc, Marell '27, 1832. I was seized about three years since, w ith a dist ressig rheumnatism, caused by taknllg a severe cold, while tund theinfltelueeef mereury, andl which has Isabhicl vr frml business tearl. ever since. I)uring tliis periodi lave been a patient Ill tlhe Marine lospit:d, in this cit upwar"tsol funr months, aial inearl tile samle leontgth, time in tse tIaltimore Hospttal, oa;' iriedl amostoeve remedly, with little behefit. On tihe 16th of Pebltrsj last, atthat time osarcely able to love about upon sertcl. ea, I commenced the use of Indli;n's Panacea. itn on. moth I liiuae l mnyslf entirel ifreel from Itain, alnl a now happy to tatda that n Ionetdersr clf Ipet.fectly well. n1. "'U( KI:Ri, 1,3 3,arket at. CASES OF SCIHtOFUI.OUS UI. IitIS Ne:w stlKt, Seplt. it, 18.6. Tl'bis may cerlltif that in tite tIll ol 1825, I was seize loeerled and eeea Irb rge ghastly ulcels in aty Ieel. Alirlrtryings veracrrl IIiysliols too aiva tag I w, ' to i'hilal llltills, lid tiacedel m)seltf Ilder, tile calet Ihs'. PtI'os ullnd Beall, wlhen, after reptatetl slivaleint to no oeffeetl I Was lnloullee d tllterly itllable. After. wallds Itook twenly hocllestfSwaitt's PanI iea artl eightl ottdles of Pioler's Ciltholitcll, wiitl Iot Iatltelial beellfit Iesipairilgoflile, wthich adl tow beoome ta o lrtilcl to ile, I returnoed ton Iy lahuents it New York, in i1825", au gave mysolfcup to a lintgerng dealth. fIe illr of thi Igleant steLss ilnsThe It lianl's aslluoent, hiowert ills cs slltiilar to ty ownt, was plersuatled to I it, as last t I. sort. i'o l y gr'eat .allrilse, :r s well as sbouitcttnrllu soo foud iorysllorfsttidly reooeroig,;i u apos takol r seveu bottles, thie ultershe led attl I be.tlee l Tfreld, well in tile course oftwo nOltot allttll I:tve rtlttailtl so ever silee. I stake this statenuen and walslt i lllisllt fli tls leenefit 'thoes wi alre aulrllig Ilernd ar sila sorfloaus or o eiydilitic afietitas, that tiey n a tly ktnow wllhat olswitone whlo has suelic l evrey Ibing hut seath, tod who considerlis life isaved by tie above a.v rup. WMI. IIINIIA) CHAnsssro. ,hnly 12,1 ,31. owas, fot r years wilh an tllaer lo the oeg, to casinsally a.companied wilh ersis elatou s ilaat natim aml exesoive aitt in the leg asid antj joint. Sevalti emilnent pytisicins exertedl tieir skill utpoi it,l ut witll out ptesntaent benefit. In this case five hottli ltoian'i i'aioeea made a perfect eure. MIAIRGAIRI' A WVS't', 121 Maoket 3For sale by HEINRY iONN AI.EL, druggist, agen so.' tite prtpirieors, I'chouplitouls street 16 NEW OIRLEANS * NASHIVILLE RAL JLOAD) COMPANY. tlE stockhoslders of lis counpoany are Iherlhe no t tifled shltt Iy a resolution of Ibo htrtl of lirte lion pnssed on Ite 19th ist. Ile call mItatd Oil s h leu ttI the 13th February last, far sIe paylntot of flve dollrs a shlare, was reeminded, and tIle oid sltockhUldero arc ftLrther notified lihat - WHIFREAS, by a resolution ufhi, iotartL.paseed on ithe 19th inslot .o a call la aeen :ade on the soekloldlers of the New Orleans anud Nashville Rail Road Cttttpany for the followingspetomnts ot sile I le tock Ist ld eedrept tlively bythms, vlsn:-two dollaro per share, payable ot ths birst day of S.pteisbernexo; two dotllrs per shlore paoable on the first day of IDeeelber text; and to dullraper eslre paynble ot tha fiat day of Murchl Itet. Nowtherefore be it resolved, Ithat the seeretlry of Ilsis compony shall notify the slrare htlders tlerein, lthrougl Ihe public prints of thle eily,thati in etfonitrit itil, thse sixlth seteion of tlhe ellerse, tllevare peetnitlod io postpone any iaUymenlt called in os te elsock ,efoid ewolpesy for Ile tenuof sixty days, from ud aflter the day ou which i is lllde payable with tte palteas et' dition howeer, that if tlt regularly paid within ite said tproloualcn of sixty days, rllUlt ad after Ithe de en which it sloul have hee paidt thtu the e ehsbtok on wlsc:l said piymtents elould have eeon madeJ is and relis ssr: Sorfiited so the collpasy, ilste ellurter ol Iltot point being imperative. In cofonsiy Ihorefolbre, o soidl caliallstuclk of the sleckhoiders in eaid cotmpany, as IhiaLk pmroer to pot off lhe paymenst on Itheir stsok to the snd of he additinal ixty lays, wllih ibe chaenrler .llow lshtis, sr notifledtlhat the payment of Iwo dluo Iqrs per niare called for,sud due ot Ilte firset of ep lelnler next, may he postponed under the sixth soelintn of etid chartere, unlil the.lst day of Oetuter texa, sltt "is p=ylnent o: two Ihllxas per share called for, end due oat ite a lit day of December next, may hlie iMat. ponsd unln the 30Bih day of January next; td bthe pov ,enat of two dollara per slhaeseclled for oad dlue oi Isi firtsdey of Mooch ness, mnay hbe poslnt:d tintil lshe 30h day of April next. kinolsts of tile minueas of thIe bard. junell R MeoNAIR. Sec'ry. SOO., ilATSe iii oaosr- 25tlttrtlis l& W Hta~ fcalnaah JilIN II 5JR4IIAM. as1G Royal College of Physilpns1 Loudon. o [ 711K Criglinal Vegetble H jisn Uciverl Medi el ine, rei rei by W Mslkin, Eqt. Memoer of the R l Collegeof Surgeoon, Licentiate of Alothle- ] car's Cnomnany Fellow of Bolt Court Society Sulrgeon on to the Royal Uonion Pension A4oeiation, Licuaster ch Place, Waterloo Bridge, and Perpetual Pupil of Guy' oR asd.St. Thomas's Hospitals, London. • This valuable medicine, the result of twenty years' g xperience andl unporalleled success in tile extensive an aml highly respectable plactice of the prolniely, pilro nised hbyi the fulty and nobility, and is now introdue in to the notice of die American public, it tile earnest so lieitotios of I number of gentlemen of long and higlh stalnling in theim rofession. It is hoped as prelimi nary atep, to cheok the evils Hand atil eotssequenes s armising from the uoelbf theonumeroos and tleleterious y noctrums n oisted upon the public by the aid of fabricated c proofs of miraeulous cures, and other frauds, by a set of e oterceetry, unpriocipled pretendersn. n totally ignosant t of mediical sciene, that it impossible the manstrous fi delusion can any longer go down with the intelligent It people ofthiseountry. These iltls, mild and agrleable e in their natnre, shnold e kept in every famil in eaes 6 cleri, crtump, Ipaams, fevers, nml ether alarming p compltints, whit h too often prove fatal, ony he speedi- a ly eured or prevented. In fact, all those who value goold Nealth, shoold never be withoult them. l'7 are sold is in packetsat 50 ceents, $t adcl $2 each, by every resqlec p jtable a lrggist, bohkseller, and vendorof medlicine in tin SUlSted Scates, Id - e LantAtas, with copiol tal tioes, i. t ogether with: estnnaonials of profesoal ability fron f i te following eminent gentlemen: Sir Astley Cooper, J Abenlethy, James Blondell, M. D., W. Bank, M. I)., ti J. Aloen Key, A. Frampton, M. D., Iad numerous n othern. The originls many he seen n eoesslnd'or the it (Geeral Agent, by whom the medielne is inported into i athis eountry, iud to whom all applications foragenieu must be made. JNO. n IIt)LIElN, d12 Waverly FPlae, N. York, Sole General Agents for the United States, &oe. t For sale by appointment of the original proritor. c by LSras ~ oronaa, I)drltgicns, No JI unand rtlueet, ; onelv Agent rfoir Stalithee of Lnoisiana. jot vll i f..nwIY It LEE SI en, No s Magazle. ltree, stee now reeeiving from ships Nashville, Louisvillr, Ic llekk, Eagle, sal other late errivnall tros le I ' theyr ctities, la large ad new selected anitolett t Itonis, Boots, Shoea anlld ieogtns, ai emnsisting ofgenentllt's fime calf nme Morocco hoots b to iod qnality; do baitnl, slid stnowanx pegged boonts o Sariolt lqulitie; menls fic calf snn l ani aI lor onal l I rl.a-, cSits atnd brogans, bloekskil, shlloe; brganoos ao laplpn s meln's fie calo ad t tkipped i-.oggoed an oeti a, I roglnn; do boots; do satoll kip aiat wan l-gget slules Sat lnrgalis; gentlenan's best qeslkty lf sonwe d ls, I Ir.ntols aid Jack I)ownilgs; dlo call' atl Mloaon ci ikle ltles and broganl; tdo calf, seal and Morocco, al tI mlill shocs olod slilwp .s, ldo calf, bullt llo sea, wings, Y cew aliole; do fine alm1 se.I mad sorocol qatice ots; Ilys', cinmise'and ebildren's peged cIl mowee ft bnogal, nIol sloesofevery qnliit nde klnd. V Also a genenrl assortment of mlen s stout warxvoal o S ecct Ic-kgans irno shboe, ogebthel with 1l,0lo ptilc i ilr beot isuality, r ulset cbgano, clailed ict tt it Ilanks, lmten epressly for pltaitil useo a notll t aO. it 1 rtmenl of melnl'S line anti stot kip russl.t lbrl.,, a - I w rtile, aotl a age quanticy or lO inifrior tualilt it r ssent Iad wx brogaons. Ladies' fine call;f, seal, moroneeo all grain wells, and a pnp o bsnhle loes; do tlite lFrenctl Moroco andl kitd ulru Sn'ýlnldslippers; do roail shoes, withl aod willthut heels 'i caif, saI cal stout leather lotse;i do llnlolla slc. to it fall kits lamltl qalities; do tlaing brogals; tik goiter aenad fexed bootees. TMisess' kalhlgspriog sdlo nolln Il o a ogaoa. Children's olored Moorco and ltaistig bro. a gria tdl boots, kle. tlentlemen'hainefnasbionnble black silk tets; do MLck , ao I drab beaver do of a superior quality; do icniation c lit ramdo; brold aind nlarrow brim men's fline dunk :odl ft ',hbak limaisi art ols ,orteld cats, a new article. Yontlts it alr-;e size hats of lifferent dualities; do chilrellt's. ii Man's'nsld oy's blank and dlab wool bats of va-ioeos Nslpens, witc geoneal assorelment of boys' id lmell's cc Isel eaps. 'l'tIs asoitncenL will be reldknisl.lolt yLe arrivot of e- Ih paclkeai-non die onsee natmed cities, tll of' itllt it Silh be sold o. - eotmmod ning tes. auit i-t' ic oW MONTAGUE'S 'a B./1LJI FOR THE TEETH. it il Eoestallisled repntatiotl and conanr:lly hlneraao;n' tIc demand for thils efbt tuol remedy ol'pain, snd ir servative of the teeth, has induced tle sub.erliber hre ts reach Il litae tffring nmul likely to suffer this into iy tlltnlssig of all aite ep.iToip-cle. or- Wtoen applied ticordting o direliteliti gyiven toe is )ltle, it los lneve faiil ecll c tO al ll illljllltlllte ail it Lateottl rili.f It allbe) re-lstt Itll clteav Io deef:viv cetll,alel rieves lttlla srcelless eellele o'rrpltmtt) se relers it .trin tcodt ulleltss The aplictlliOn am) remedy are i olt:le, anln cettl, lln n t o unplen I ll I l, tlleh l tege lnU ber of ter lUl S ilc diflo erlnl t It 11 ll el II , tlmhn tlil iet allllletd exprri nc all,,uc dclip hit I ;1 t rid llll ln'y el'1,4el0. h toll e IoIIeo i ' 1/ ll nI re rl* v Ic to lar (lil the Ip blie good) tl l ir testlI I V to its ll riv l led qaliies. It is anl Indih mn r ,dovy, , lien d ,,er 5 C,,t Cnlauot cc 'I',lnttwnntoos sa. 'FAIlEO T UIA &U 1 UnfounEled i rur of ne hle urw* eigedl ihaving sold out, r-. or discoltinued hl is eld iant longa ltabllis.ed l A, I., (Irlooun /.,r n SSr,1, i- ilvinrg IMen mot ilndustrionly circlll ted by sell. interested parlies, the subscriler bkeg to aIslre r is y friendsl generally, and Ihle public at largF, tilua he still conti:ceos within two doers of Iis late, or Iloreor stand, to be flurnihed with a full and ex. tetnsive supply of all the standlrd kinds lof itehe,, or vegetable (lordcn S~rds, of the growth aol imt. SIport of the present scason, 1837. it Since the early part of Septenlx r, be ihas re. Seoived ample supplhes, by tihe packet ships Vicks. h. burg, Kotlucky, and Arkansas, all arrived inl ollrt o, passages, direct front New York. iy the Miseis. Ssiplli and another packet, he is in daily exlpeeta. it (ttoni of a suIpply of Fruit Trees and Asparagus ' It oota, Iaving already received invoices thereof by The subscriber begs further to assure tlh. public Sat largo, that lie is at present as well enabled to ioteet atlnd execute orders for all the kinds of Gardedn in Seeds, either wholesale or retail, as he ever was el since llis first establislmenet in January, 1822. to Country Dealers and Market Gardaners' orders lilled at tile lowest and lmosl reasonable rates. by tile pound weight, and gallon or bushel Imeasure. Catalogues, either in French or English, tmtav ig always be obtained on personal alpplication as O usual, to WM. SMITII, Garden Seed Store, 85 Customnhouse streot. NOTF,.--A constant snupply of lird Seed, mined or plain; pulverized soutp; herbs, and Shakers' dried Ierbs,-with a suepply of peas and beann. Fancy Pocket Books--Under this head will be found a riplendid variety of ladies' and gcntlemeno's piorket books, note, tard, needle and thread cases. Fancy Storks, Suspenders, e.--Of thle latest lattern acd of sut rior quality consisting of plait ant figured coilt,, borll.oire, veveet and cloth stocks, lilie beinlte .plaie, aeid iley wilb nlud witllornl rutllle, Ulirt collars, siShmidenr called WVasllington s lpelldere, lsoe, p ut elostie wierst. I. etl lnd tenottIelt do, witllh ad witllot rollers, Spantaloo strapl will wire iellris tI iand a great va rilety of gentleone's wevr, lltdc expressly for Ile ih retail trade, by A. L. Vanor tn and not of Phtila. h delpllia. Cnmibs--A generall nat eo plcto tasortlien olcoiinbs front tleir nitantftolry.Also, Englishlt and Frenelh dressing combs, etc. . dec27 IIIJSIITON & ASPINALL'S N 'OML'OUNI) TONIC MIXTUIIE.-A slpeedy and cuit, in cure for tile Fever anid AgI, ronitttent nmd intlermittent revers; i;repared reouti I tile original recipe. Uied with oneio lt and uni t versnal success in t832, by portas of tie highoet ad reletabilit ill tlia city, as stated int the anniveed ir certitficates. o lis ic ediciot isn higllly roeomtnn elded, and Ihas at town elxtesivoly used ill tile above diseases with asuh dietieguinlted succes, that thle proprietor of tie recipe lans Iwn indned to offer it to tile pub. lie in its present forle in tie hope Ithat it eny be tite moans of relieving many of those who are , suffering under the scorge of our ehouhtry. It is Sa imedicine pssessinag great virtue, and when nseed according to the directios Ihas never failed of efoltiltug a cure, even in the most obstinate stage of the disorder. It in not at all dialgreeable, and persons of the weaket st omach, aml children may take it with impunp ity. It lstregthens tihe digestive organs, creates an appetite, and vSldotm requirre U re than onte, or it obstinate eases, two bottles to effect a cure. There is neither mercury nor arsenie in the medicine, nor any tlling injuriou tou Ith t.atan econtitution. The proprietors are I no nell convinced of its effiacy, tb t I ey agree a to refund the price ofevery bottle whiicih as been taken in accordance with the directions and has not effccted a a perfect eauren a tIe fever &.. g e. S A. OLIVER, sole agent for New Orleans, at P hin wholesale and retail drug and inmdiinne store, [ corner of iienevdle and Chartres streets. g, For District Agencies apply to s, je5 T'. IV. SM'ITli 48 C oati et. HARROWGAT SPRJINGS di iMolituleery elUlly , c nAlntlnla. fit 'THREE D.4A' JOURNEY FROM NEll S ORLEANS. I rlI - proprietorof Itis establislmetnt as the ploB . L sure of anouncitig Itc his fiieads ad tie public en ingenetal, ltan lie will Ie in reatline.sly ice first cday on -.i May toa receive visiters. lie will also slate filh ttele,. it eelit oflll tiuse at a liatre, tlla tahere hte Ineen large It inpro..llentis Iade, nd oltbers now gainl) on and iI J racpid progress faor eompletilln, ahiel will itlabllie tltae auaserteer to aeaomleaudte a lulc n arger uber thon at t Ileretolufore, ntell at tile ante limne nlull hotter. . or Ialliiie- can ice neeaCCoUImodnled ith good roamaw or Fl tllioe who prelarcan have large cabins t eiched froml It anl ithe caict building. ge It in deemted lalaeeesscry it say anythilg ibn particl, ec lare of lie cliaraolter el Iesu waters, fi'in is genlially et hellered than they are not inferiort attn it til e Soatib- 'IM ern Staten. All the amuaemennts ha tire generally re Inund at Watering Places, will he fouand at ihin. 1T1e an Ibest music that this part of th aounatrv affordsi, has a n be en nagged,and will be inonstlent attieidaweno l tle ri' Springs during the wllole season. e' a 'L[o suehenibet will avail hiinselfof nIis ltnrloc in v in en in retanlig his acdnigned luanhks ifr the very liberil en sanporl givect bini last enesoi. anti htpea lby tie arer- ibe ol Illc ltast ave in iliprovitg atd eltetciag g. nie acronnlcwlatiunl , u atnerit a lrieral pinrcoeg tIhe pee.rrttasau. o J.u CRAtM. I.i niS t er JUST PUBLISHEDFROM STEREO0.TYP· PL.TES, "Fiellt n'Edition nf ROWI.ETT 'l'TABLESOF IN'RitFT: oITO which is ow otiled an Average T'lim Caleulo J tor, or easy methods liar filating the average time8 n storage, lotes of hand or bills of goods, when our. ' esed at dlifferent dates, en dlifetent credits, and for vnrious llmolutsl llidles a usefill atod coltplete lilnitg Time Ta';le, the beat ihat ean be contrived. or that fi vgues mia pr tldoe withit the same somlesend compass, and sike o t) pe. An avertisement in the book is in nearly the follow. ' ihehkgh distinction thiis work.hao received thronglt the ten legislative acts refixed to tile title iatl is a e nommeettati, ian itell.s an unommon,, andl so eonelu, sive, it tI nuhig is neesseat moe n than hby wa nd Svertistemen, to give a onlensel view of ame ai its e tcclorities: anarintance, the In lterest Iha been com se i. f ed fiom,and eompared with, what is equivaleat to foati I teen setraeealeultiote, exnminet in tihe presi thirty a five times, alt inlted Ireom seeeotype pilates teste. Sthirtyty-one tiaes, froot al which it nast he evident even to the skepti (espreially onul hto peoal of the tie Sfail tf roof in the prefahe) thnt the werk must he nrith t met tdly itfallible, lad in confirmatiot of this helilf' p Pemium of two tumdedl atd ltftl dollars, is now olt'r d for the deteetion of an neor ofa cent inl the prel.ent iaor fifth edition, alt ts e, ell il tle preface, aklutngfive 'nlage tpemims aefferedl for the samoe ror sictle first itiot pImhlieation in tie year ti gt. OUe a f the molt colt ieou laoo feastres of the tables is in the arrmngemeot of the 'l'ime ld Amountst, whichl Sfor eaxpetiitt, itfel.eaeentd perspietlity, with theihelp s of the sidet ad itdex, eatot hu b excoelledl ad the sal'ty ty aml ease with which the inneentl ean e e found to the Sextetorf genreld lauiness, withont doublic o'sums is lheside a e nveielre o esstial, that in tio edtlma tion of ome oi the most competent anti ptne tieo l busi. tois men alosdt lie a , era who have H e nmde r tl se of the work, it Ihast bee tlittiisiell byit Ilan hotable aptellatiam efoft "masier plaee". Atl coasidering the infallibility of the metoml origiltlly atdopted it comnoilng the waot, and the extraonliuary numher iun lvariety olfthe examitlstions and tests o every edition it Ihas pssed it the I rtes eotwihsttlllting the whole it it stereotype, cl.satl lllg, in sltfirt, lte positive accuracy secnnel by thee nptredeated mettns emllo) omi, the vo lule ihas 'et i.ld ato aml em llatically styledl t the most woudnerful hook a the waosi;" most ceHeluiiy no man eat lames figure work of the same extett, wlieh sin.e the eginnig oi creation, ha n had thi me uiasn - ber saalva.iey of tests in the same lomber of editors; eo, nor aole ialflthe number, as is clearly aow in i tihe Itreiteoe. ttesides, astest anl stlard nlt, itkhas heen tried:d iened in nearly aIto rea nk anti pithll i.iees in thi tUnie l talcs, aal by the paublie goneally, during .lte long peiod of tihievr-6I rears, yet taoeroe of ithe cal etalatiotts has ever hmea iounles in lcriet, althouith toltth, ally clmlleigeal by .n olffer of very IXl.te unminms. T'he itt (te exltreenly toiptetl by aill e sonrts of law Et tveral oftle rStltes as the "tutle of ealculatlon iforstatute interest," asilso by law for baok interest, secorling s the lor k is used, anIt s tay lie seln e it I d rllt, by te nUllotnS of il l stlbiheien, oed itiw of Ioho ohbstenqeslt orhLaseers, in tle litt atitheetl of illl book, tisin llasesljt el'eety class ofcl'ciiz.i in elelry ltr to of ithe Sttted Slates. a It is moreover well known tltt, hy its rearly chelek, it has se oftendueteetel large erlars, ollg oflee they elre madle, even by the mast omt'oEl oad aont ompeltell 1 aithlteliciInta lstal its aseftlllttes, all tle bIsolute lie I eslilt Ifor its uso Iave leen extellsiyely insisted atiI, so evnleIt, inceadi, have been its aolvantagtt, o ll its savilnllg, that, leoell .)earsigti, whilst the first elillo, was eaoee, and out al tprint,a geett unaher of seootd hand colpie were sotght for, stlte to a gre I dlistane. anl proerased at ovarious ioaics, as tIhey coaull 1ocasioo ally he picked up at frot $10 to $25 per coply, and S ome lteros t have renen.iy declhaedl, anot inlstances neold hellequotledl tlht thy woull laty$50i $i10), atil $5011 Sfor a eopy, Iflnoltno be hald fo lea, oa ooi aolltniviual in tile tatter innstalce prtiovlarly, Ihvilg lit tile same iame rallibitcl aoitilaetloy proof, to sevralI Itrsnlre sett hait to hinlit was reaTlly worth tat tonoey and morn thlangh the saviog of hlls very viaaotle titlc, lie beine a very rich mnaunid in Ipllbli office. I It slikewisewoltlly. of noticellt illeedll ioler tlo It imlhee, that such is tile nature of fige work geterally antl aSlcially wheo of the oxteot td imoltwtone ol tliles ta ls, thatleol tlis btlk on its like bIon prlate. el in the usal tanlner vlonehy tlte moat cotntlettl calulal t, ili the world, aidi atfterwtarts lri.leid anslt olultionly lnlder his own corllecltio of lonnf hLets, it wonlhl, aloost to a celltaily, Inty l b rtn ttnsllks fior ie kfreele, anlid dear at slty pliocs as tile Iretlie dlaiioll lirl, enlllillts. Ilul a peifretc aind vnaitoiilt have the steroelyto ilales of this ao'klbetti t ra,.', that to seclre Iltl i, wiltltteir toemerlls and eatraotldinarv exlina tintt, tgahist fire, for tlhel eteral belltfi, itey are (ly eerlttiscttl.nt ) eonstatty kep it a placs of sapeial salot), exoept whlilem ol in rhiltthlIg. Amptlllie'lcti(tlts tt oilnld both blltkSeil t Ioelnlttt intel eat witlttnvlitl nltltes ftill Ihth .ptlaitti, wlicl., ill tis j liti os int tite swa prtetetliog etfiliiwa, etitita 1t'th - I kllllllPiers llluai IIt' Itwo tawel, mod s o(f cuoIpql lug ilter .ta, tI'e tyn s:lafgle, :st. i lax rites III.s rt om I lllO l l lt..t IXI , i(ti[ltll 1 tll it:tI illrt ettilelt if ' ttellalic, teinisin gl chlirlly ilit t i hi:ll - 5atet at It.a limn, at all wtit ttice, e to a:11 otlltntllf ill Eon tli I'u-iltile I r - t . ti, , ti uti lli rfieed. XI lu'lflt ti , i ll e t llllhtil i oriiI' I lIli ilr. an ovaellttrl etavI a'-ligtoril vy ofteppll, liec ' 'A eotiylllt S'tio,) ul Io/e/tlh ,'eio I/ Ii I treied ,.ale,. s) hlll;i'S NI':\V W7 itK1 Orr Ji'lh 'mrric :IIl: h , hmlY Ih auitrol ",! Yrlr i. i," ist he NbI b.llDorlrf W , vol.e or 'lle o elue Wile'l I. k. ar c smcrll lcor,,i rc-li .Jrl t ec- , iv.ed a l Irr l.n: by MIVI. '1 I-.l N, I"- V I & SCtIAlcFFlili' CoiIpo.lo i 'luid F:o traci h,.ISar'. aurllra, for the oure 1of' otliocte Or. plions of Ithe skin; pllipl.e or pulules olf thu S i bileers whict h arie Irul i o an IIIIpore state of the et od; sclyruo ,crionc.; pins inc ihbonesC; chronice e Irmnatllilo tetal r; scroftin, or kile'o evil; white r- sw.eIliIg; sypiilitic diseascs, ad all disorders Or arising Irolll an iolpure slteh of the blood, by u Itlng by rteidUltc in a hot climate, or tile ilijcdieous tse of mercury. lic Also,-Caoe &, nloalfr's Worm Syrup, or lit. to font Preservative: tie best prlc tiroetnir ce extant. ell Aong which ar. the followcng:--udllean Ily, as for col ring tlhe hair; Ihcsr'o Oil; HRssian Bear's Grease; 'omatumr , ichaw'L Freuckl Wash: sl. era periUr Pearl Powder; Lily White; Urearm of Roses; Icy Vegetable Rouge; Otto ofitose; LAp Soile; Kro. orite Tooth Woali; Carbonic Dnentrillee; (Orango 0v Flawer Water; PIlwder 1PuLts andlI Box .; Alliern. as arun Chalrcoal, Ioatly put til ill fur .Ilel vials; Preston Saluts; Cologne ; Kireousteo 'ooth-acho 31. l)rops; Hlair lrushlc; English I)re ig C(ombh or Indian uair Oil;-with a variety oft t!ler FIuu rs' nries, &c. For sale by L W GLENN'S PI'IFUM ILRS. bh J C TRIN( ..ARD, ' Corner of Canal atld Bourbonl strects o fln 1)1.1: k .IAY, hlicse, Sigbi, oid Ol'll oii tl IcaicctrtlrNc 3 Coccoarolt- c-, to.. tio doeli-cIrs c ld lal sit.e! d ginrctiocsc of 'tlle tlilollwig wcoods tland mbles, es t. eute.l int masterly IIaoncr. wooles MaIINeI.R;· M'hogan', 0thgyi o Mack tu gold, Pollard io~ )rirtal . or rertl entique, CurIled Maplc, Illod Stone, S irtls aye iatl,. - - lhalcby (Ueitite, Sortin \VWoodl oo , Mhir Wool, i Dorv Ilordtcllno, YLew TorIe, , Iaulioic Whilte. Cnrolnlllunle or Itlack Sita st Id rtelil, ly Iose IWood,l Arecicro Grey, . * Asll White Oak, kc. k ., ke. SCorledl Elin, S eilllmens to be ' seen at the :shop. lseillts, (ils, tat glas, lrlaal t sltoisa , ke. ol haod - tifor sile. Id ml It )N, STi'l:I E& E IIAVY iOOl)IS-llct, c suare is fdlll haellle iron, well assortel. Iloop, Eroll and rod ironl, nll rodls clad lough of - otlls - S Caost, (emne, lshelar, blistered, lpring, sheet and o Crotley steel Ir ollow wlle tint aned roulblll.ails ,llt spikes 'Zihl, block ill, mill llail grut stole, ut ktllles is Clhiln sables. Ichloes, lihies I Ox, leg tll tlrace chais, eornl mills - Atvilt, ices, Ilclnlersalll bellows 0 Wilrle, llItIug atll hbar elitt ullot .d O*all eatl clking Onves -y -Als, ltowllund l'sa l o rlera aesu ln slhovels rlook I nthidte hinges, droor sl winldow hooks c l'ar'c atl Msolill cordangl, lines antcl twine Ilol Htl oid shetltlng olpllter Naval stores Is Paints, linseeld anl spPrnm oil S A till assolmlellnt o Il tlaware and shilp chadle'y, always oii LhIil, ant41 whichIIre olihiel 'Ira caise tal whslie' tsle or retail, oil ithe Iost itcoranle terms, Iby n m4 LAYTON k Co. 53 Old Levee. L NEW GOODS-Sihmnaon Ilartl & co are now ' e it o eilving freo onl bt anrd slips Yaoo, HItl Siete it i .idhlrigC Coloollrdia, front Nerw Y'ork, i greot v•ecry gtchlo in thcir tlic, reirt tccgetthicr wtith theh ri lictce stock t ll atnd, , makes tlheir assenrtrenlvery c Iplote. mllc k allcldreesitcncllc olit hrntcllt ofl c tllc c-rittitcc l-. din robber, silk adlll worsted lneloth artPrs, 010000l0 & ine elastic tstcetclders, locrio i ecvlLc Lcilirbr olt:chce ceidlitz npolwdlc ,detowdrrlllffo and tol xrshia s c lowlcer pocket look alo d c alllet., nieedlll Ibloks, shlc, earl, -rory and Ioroeo ecnl coases, Ihea ornaclllels, pIilinCo ral r bendsl, tltckonoes oail negligeeC , bead chclits, loeaud f -necklrees, rtl glcs cl lnt liu,eled,e ilver anil gilt hlelds, Indilan llcclo, cello cc119 Inluliho; pisto cl I lltrge pow. -lerlikktlhoct trlts, Ionre, tell. locket land hlcilig tiduols; douthaalcl udingle baurrelled guns, Bowie knives, .ardl tirks.. neisonrc, shears, pocket knivec, goard clc.i.. aandcibhO,IIt wlclalt Iclrklelo, cltoth , hit ilc olnlb, ruaib, ltte, Ilote, Iluo and dcsting brushrl, Colonre, r 'Florida, lavencder, rose ald bay water,anrtll es!reslll ald extraets, areuassnr, beaur, antlll tle, Rndc Wrld'a v0. geahlal tlcir oils, lhavinig arl toilet lpt oplaall dllr. ernptinns, ladie. ' Sill getlhemes' c teslks ntl dreruing eseer, Itoir riegletlfrie .ttollo orl tenil, plain, force and mnusicil work loxes, plai and gilt llireoil, rloel lid y est lcullrlc , pearl tsd ivory irt it, si, t sliilct, ul and stilver ianril eunso, otltllhck anod tweezers, tlnatl ,and gi1 cahoketo, Ininirture to, cilver, hrous ado steel reno , Iroe cl c--cr, Icuir pint, ioittlout frccir, -aa rdinokihtsa hturkihig, ioclicco octd pcciltcrrrithbed tndll pldin prapmnnior caupr, linac tuine, ogeuttccl cult. - sern ,gohld atl siler toree onl fr.ste, ltter paper. gatcte T lirni eotococree rtctlecetr I', ctalon oroucutlcj MAIL ARRANOGMMiNT1' Northera Mailf ue Every Day at I2 M. ....... Us Closes.very day at .101 A. At Western Mail, Due every Sundy, WWedraelay by tay of te , by.yP.M. ,p C lans every.,MonIay, Wednesda Gaul, 8la Ratuanay by 9,'P. M. The ake ai " "fle evervTureday ,Tliurlday,, a "t'oc ke~rlsa. tlSaturda} by. 5 P. M- , SCloes every Monday, Wednesdlay T E OF R1 MAL. - TIESOF ARRIVAL DEPARTURI' DISTANCE &e. of the Express Mail, Moile andl New York--leavia Mobile daill at 3 P. M. Nortllhwr New York dily at 5 P. M Aouthward. Arrives Arrive Northwanr. Distance. lime. Returo'g Mondtgomery, Ala. 2 h la. 198mt's h20 h' 12nat. SColihus, Gna. 11 81 91 31 a. n Milleveille. i t 133 14 2+ i CAnihno,ia9e, C. 71 ani. 163 17 i I l aleigh, ,NC. 5i 215 'i2 P2 t Warrentoa, Va 2 m. 55 el 0 Peteraburg, Va. 10 pm. 83 10 !"i. In Ri-chmond, V. ant. I21 3 161 Frederickbitrpl, 8 67 7 1111 inn. Wirltington city, 2 pm. 61 61 II titreonri, S6 38 4 01 t'Philrdelphia, 6 am.. 1.0 J I it NeW York. pitt. 90 8 is 1Nm 05 143 I. or 21 23 IatNorthward. Comitiý Sothward, the lime is six lhour tless; being5 daya ansl7 hturs, . l. N ' l.bii H Iih- kWAiib. . .--I . d RANAWAY trom 169 C eronlelet corner of Ilevia s treoets, on the lghl rf 30l1h of August, mill was seen :le next morning in Poidras treet, a nlegro .iy naned CHARIIES, aolat 17 yIears of age, Boie 5le or therearouha itt height, very black, nind.·ltuali imlled Siment in lila spech;n orn ohi loh g Ia sore, ,aioieS d biy a recent hurtrhe al d a When e went away a Atltit eact or a inn shirt hile cI t lm enllo, s. DMestere of vessels an sneanm bhalosre cauti,aell ai gamint receiving or ht oig aiM negro, as well as oh it oler persona r the illainl! rigoa r of the law will ha enforced against them. Theah.ufo reward will lie tini 7 rordeliverlol him inaftldy of the jails of either at Ith munieipolitles, or at 101 (:aiodelrtot corner of Ilevi. stroet. 1m1op1 JiIIF",l-er e COiinpA eraerrala t nartlte e.isting il unmer l ih firm of Ilheti & errleton, Iaoel nb dissolved. Tle saubscriber .ill lquklelate tilea offra o 1 the elonertllin this city, and r S ire. all peno.s tilldeb . edIro to ouke payment to him a ltly, and all thloase lvil Claili, toalrrsentillnam foraettleitat,. 1u -7 H liAlRl E'PrsoN W. W. N WAI.. .. No. 11ICaa.l -reet Arme Orlria, STTAN alwayb on ltanld taannlly it r-el., injl Itt IIL i)yer, Clieaicaalratd PaltnsalllUlialag Iri , MlUGS. - VES, Antianany, ernler , ArI)e, red, do regalns, Attolt, Sl. . Araenia, eronIe, Alum, do powletred, Iraallletle woos, Ialsalm oaie, CoalliNeal,ie Ilollactlde, Coplmiras, Aine.icn, tlo reftiled, L aleri a -, Hitoialoe, le , er, Fre, eic, r nmlpico . Ilo rolll, Colin,h, t flower, ao Mtli e, liinlhtt, Frenclh belriesl C(stoi'oil Indig,, Cream trtare, Ilo Manilla, aCnthlarides, do a le raecua, (;um eloas, d O (altamahl, do Aahbic Loagwod, Uamapelcn y tc aaamlamilal, ao St IDotlitilgo a do a1Uaonae, la Jlaiaota, Ido benzeili Cntlwooll, I dlo cotl, rOsga! Mladler, ombio, Sdo a asepoa I Nleasuragto, Ilooenlr., do do S Aneria-, do lo, tio eaonltphor er-la1e do MIiaoeai' Ile al da Ilooleh. ado iHilalmn, UIIEICAL.S, D I It kf na A alil , nitrous, do inastlc, do marilite, . i e opium, tdo sudllitrir. do shellac, inle vitriol, it atnregal, Calomal,t p, l i4 naolrlal . Jarrosiali aiiliiintis] it bio tIratitlItr Chlorilc of little ( lialoge, IPsism altaI Jliiiilptr herrit a, AltierilLunaer ltlastie, dlo al Foreign, lied preeipiatee, Mlagnesia, anglis, llloefelleali, lio AIlluOerieI led ehromote p0gash MsnnIa ilake, Sola earpl Sn a do Sor ts Sit l.e L'ioie bill,, Stigorleao. Oi cloves, Snp aile, SIh) ('iseiS, Sulp gi ifli. i" tiergoa1:a , l.l'till enlrtir, iloia ten, I'AIN'I'M l Ibia 01 . a,. ', r iha ,a i i 'lilrllnie, 'em do i e , dihi IUll 'II i 1 Ielllh t t i i i,..L Id sel Ci to nrge fl ~l "ilh y1do o rinscll in ghlh eisi, O.e Ame, ,l. ,i iu1a:iiivihTl r 9plt in h, . I,, l , .! h IIi, li llmelra , .l o " i ll , 211,1,e, al.a Agu·.llri ,.il I ninei¶*1, c:li. 2 V. red 1iaraCvliahe qhl fil , Iil l, doing il, o h Intiaa, a troiedled S :l, Iq ll'l, ' Im 11·iglish, M ite tal, lry A ire, is tricksiller, Aei 0llrrsml 'd IIIl., Ito-- %... -t:APl'llN MSI l'AYA 'll NEW NOVEI., "/t/lin. v he lieder, by tili antheru of ibe. Sitqph, &r "anoY, or p a Wialer l yt r at h Srla llq aaiPelle ire I.,. ,. Stlay , Ib, Caaia Vasil Hall, lIoal Navy, F.I. S., in) I .;.1. Jid Ralht., a rnnacr, lby Alha, (:Ca7iagl sm I v. Sr'pl#ord Ler, wrrille ly lis'lali,S h .n mals. , Cal.*rIAuai, ali.Sjl, ptasl, halmlaated rum, Il o'rs')al hltanlR, bv Natihanle (ireeane, il aol. i,, laaing No. 79 fll Ilarper's Eamily Librasy. Vols.: & I,& l lle ,Inw caamplete an) nairfsao eylitiony I t|II n l"t i slais lrr 'I"'s Wels. ?oa''rega' 'a l' ch aad l ag/ish Dietionla . in I al, i, Natse'tas a I. airai and nRa#li/a Dis'Sassy. a--A |w I.aae esl'uysa (1s Coadls Phrenolngy Rilnzi." I.rarg, SOrvoya' flll saqaa.aasr'as apes',ltaa tIa frwit, ialh lh, , IlilliUad lallasfTIl-4 and 2 1-2 it-lbs' t(ttllhtl's improve nealelI'e Pejatned papelrs, wailhts &t". &,.. &(.. J :usbl roarise, aid for asa by _____1 __ ENJ. I.1E"Y. Sl'AIN IIEVYISITE':),Ie. iA. 441A IN LIVISI1' E), &c, by the aulla au, A yesl in Spaln;,' in 2 vols. 7'Trails s'lndlds, rharactr,g as .eeelsm y U appd lldtla, It lia Atarigianie of Narhl AlAeraey (by Tiirll eyr, :aI T'ha l'o/i/irtl/ Gratllmarof II Ila faal'sl SIllaII,,ir totlli ,hhw alIr le, t (iie 5a ll and p., airI.sf illg,.a,. , un:tt u ue",wt b eain owci, --derlicalrtd .,to adapted to the youn te" u l'the;U ute Suth:, by I I: is t' l ,i , ol,'q. a A'iarol'a lluaina' T'Jars ias alrralasithhls nlaattp ,r ixtdc alleddto1e s iayaings and dolinga a 'apali ria ta s, a it, elnliag nl ies of atlae prilsipl craek riders ajl'EsCbrl ailla a . . lysaicnl otaesanti, ans gresl isdex,, al asa,. FOR T1E cIsIIaK oa Scr'afula or King's Evril, Clmaic Rhlealalaisln , Cllaronai Clltlaeoaa Di)a- Pain's i tlhe Ilas, by fris eases, esae olMescury the llab~lod leini in vitined atae. Tllia very olnenltlralo ll Syrlal ia prplansala} withi hla greatest lharyn.eaaa i:ilt careaaIIo oltllaarney,aa,, Ii, aiae active principle of S trsaparllan lih most ,.ete oar ratld degree, calnbiaad with oilier veogeabll aIbstlilratn-e of kllnw elllicaev. 'ila geatl dlsadernall.n wilth physicriansa ian ina n'll ao exhib t large qanilty of arltsaarailrlaI ia I in , h , obtained in this pr a i ralaaaOi-,.y Iahal tluly convilnaedl ofits ilenrita, cafidently udminik lthe carseo uf tlleir practice. Price $1 50 laar alttle. Sold only at SIVAIN BR.OTtJIIIEI'S dlnag stllr, Na,. I (JUtaal stleet, wli" liaty be haall fresh and genuine, direc tfrolls ie lr,.r tia tara, Swahi'ia Panaceaa and Venarifag, Psatter's l(t.I .al con, Carlenter's Preparations, and a large and genera utsaartaenat of freshl drlu g, ul PINNOCK'S ROME, &e. DINNOCK'S I.III'ROVE) EDlTION OF D)ll J 'Golda nithl's Aiarldgaent of a Ia Haistury s f Iola lt whiah is pirexedl an inlrldullclioIn to lte Stlldlv I Ilniaaa Iltsaary ad a great variety of alii i isi'f ittalion addtlda ara i aaaaatalltha waark, on tila Maaaars liaslittioians allid Atquaiies. of hae Ifaallaas; will In Ilaerolla bhlgraphicol anld liaslaaiaal Notes; and Illtles biolla iar exaaainaatian at ilh en l of each arlei!an. II. hlwiiilled with lhirlyOAagairiAga waod, ly AaliariiON 'liaoc.SI laalarared Ealiaia of lyr (tlodlsalal'a Ilias tory efEIglallad, li'ral tlae Ilvnsaia of Julius .eaasr to ta-a hlet a lll'" Gearge 11, willth a caaianuatioa to I l yens 1t3'2. Wiah qluslioaialta aor stexallllaaain a a lth e lati ' alch seaiall. Beilea a iara.yf of s alaslta ialiarati iatll uell d laraugla ,a tlhe work. (Coasislig of labil aof coaaaaeatlsnasy Sverreignla afa snaialelss at"r'aet aolliouas exllli lltry y Ilnaer . I.saaarks aa aIaat aal i ics lanallllersu ll liieaturase of tal agle. All aldlilnea theI Caaaliautioa, &e.&a. llu.aslraled by snlny eligrl tags. Curs' E.sMnsTS sor AR'raltoas ny adl an Aaridalge, lof Keidl's New Treatise as til e .sle of Globes. Nea. Amcricaas editian, withl additiols and illaprovematal ani ant explatioua fthe datlroaouicaal part lf thel A. ricaa Alamaaac. Juast recaeived ad afor sale bly WM M'KEAN Ilalov canter o2 Caspaaipp uasdCnlaallaa st IIARPEII' CIIASSICAL LIBRARY. l OlRACE,iranslaed by Philliip Francis, I) 1), with 11 an appedlix, oatainLng tranlasltn of vlrisll ala, &ac. ly Boa Janasn Cowley, Miltaa, lirvalat Popa Adlli l, Swift jlsasertoai, G WVak.lield, .l,ra,-a Bryan, Au. aald somaa oftlls sanreOlllilaela puactal al ai day-and PItI(E DRUS, witlh ilse sppeapdix I ia ,lius tinaisl led bIv Clshriatlollacr S.tlarl, ill -t a l. iIbrnill voliliis anld 19 of"ltlayar'a Cluesical Librasry 'ThI' Expeditia of'E Y CI.INKItI, Iby Mnallaaatt4 I), wilh a taittsiar aS alh Ailhor, by.'s'an tat iosaoa, EaiS., now ellitisll, with illaasaranaataa, by tie Cralikshalak 'LTE ilPSY; a lalr, abIv's aaatleanaar of "ltia.scna lnlary oil' trgudly,aa &aLt.a sw editiaio, 2 rto· s.aUa aim I'AUL 'Elll" laD;V lia ailasssr o' aoPallsl' 'l'hl Ili, r," ,.¢, lr,bi/i vclh a IV olfiw i.,ar lOif"ELl Iatlr.aC t.laaa aiLa tatil. atlsr,-at a nsale.) WiS Mle .aC 1]ACUI) N SIDES-.a6 ea.k, Citacilaati taaaa -!aelul; b,' £. ,I,' .lellll botd |'o"l' tollU -e It4l _-_ ,w . . _ _.yi'"' . .. w.ib ;,

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