Newspaper of True American, March 23, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated March 23, 1839 Page 4
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+*W I.±LWR IiU u.' h ir Pery AL W~OEARE)CINS r ~h . . .. Aslrrd aitM ee Lendo 2v.: ,t , jt ý. ý `n klla 1079~l , - ~ L 4j~E~'1 vl. oodndl at It .ti ". IA ilt vn .R nlrrt tl ; " a ud. iit'výfin181 `. _K v'. VMcI8All~yiD. rmm doa u o + my atdICo tn kj tir of I mhi on thI rneI 1211(1 ct lah l'ciov tt 2nd a IrAi gddt O tIJ 7 volC. aoatr i` sFnRV. F01,andicnl Srian ilro (ireak. E1 N &' vo. an. Clboraic- aaI ('omh lol, et utR J, H. Co . tai : T. h re end a ire e o P er n rnd A i.e. : na din r icered alrr reiutlae to 'l . lit Ilit is hdherier. Io te wolr inarynele of tr til.g ni t nodu.ce. In the . frendslan tIe~g u Vene. *sb alrta.dn foe trom no delearcoml odaol poiom. ..,tt ;llpmdientse, it ilmv Ir!tslakel wvith d tlln lln~t ellf." 7 oSen Itatllo tender illail, or ofe rnvoalid. It re .nt-s inrpsaneof oh m diseorntasreo enllv . the contftiti -. .t. . glatrso,.ts visotei nd c..n. ne:vitv, r h.eob. *uId1rnermoanth otaltnnotrndbtiter~., fcomodt i -ith v~ e ·rain.v eicd pln-.nthe bparlisr; by invirdwrith). tlls|ti*oeiiawe hee srli te oleineel hanFlt ofl. an pmI e llalior ait . n h ro ....x:, t. 1 .+ Ii. renttvr? lll t~v; i trt oems isrtln b iro tis l ion;r, lerr to create .:.¢,~tLaosele., b thoroe~phi v elr~nns., tit'e everal or ? inin ip and L ouitiosa, nh. s a h relis Ht e e v.je3 Wis tWOl.tevn other obctiL,as it nltav ei oppnd ed. ispidfiead; nat r f e r. e of tlC Toit ol eXtrPe IVon. ..heny otesn n Lonar tmicI el lnll0uR nf Ii thdie hase a'nszhnvo4saop~q'0l totyln,tl,OAofrcetiirnt wiel'enot, prompth. tet ien wU nl bie . Po to c lle s wit i oi shy a lhe moae rtn aw th lllin oe l ,is ca "is to .he holerr iusfsav, f being well n qllualllte with th tint , -tich iaoeepant cioleico 'blhe t'ld.'i ariata. h sasesl m.mjotne i.tro tehapritei at In phe im ind oI( a.srehtly reveryh"t e oth O la P.,,t's ,il ohittioae fee agarknue inCha ttaton.o lthIanrepeiatibii o uspioc.liisateriothcmoititln f'th Inndery n;sil shed hagsislsneer T ilhe , l t wc lihyhillav ietcid aintatl.'an loe e whrhcihis b.nnltl, dei d t ih+tiOrem +vwnery relactnlll3. slue~loV+C• +<+lTe plllhlie ercrc.,Jre.,ilv ,c'.. n led ngnio+=t IlllO s lll .iiite ratietao., lcties aiillee Iit er aily tefr Ieo .Irpr;e tLn ncs c D ge. ..hih Rp R, Wtno , 166 t M iag sin sree.NOMLRIG I.mlry," R OerNS, lkine.ll ooth Westrn WORtSad Oil MPell y Ilcae, oat -! t aiadelrhi phrier ' to k mld at retsil waYo, at a ecite d tthe Ap atseearioa hn thI city. .","' JARVIs &. ANDREWw,, •ol " " W oessln I)rty~ggisl, tov10 "Cnt'O,cntntln io 'Jrehopitie.tes ihl ibaigp ald Loliaitn iobteloc, S oovdwhinho. o n o EM[S. MARY KIRIKLAND) reopiacliilly no. Stounaoes to lter friends and tihe pulhic gne. aly that e lie in prepared to accomomodam lte at bove aes otablishmeat, an alItopes onfrit liner sertions to rendier viasitorn romrtablc, to receive Saontinonange or formn r F.atvors. Sie feels confi. dent that persons vliiting Covington during tal umoerd months, noanot find bettrr accoamodation than alte cnn afford them, on tniri lihtaral toritin. - otr houta ie pIloasantly situated, ndi well ropplird with every neovonience; thie bar is furnishlad witlh tho mest choice liqgors, &c. id shortshe promisea tWat notling shall be wanting on her part to give a atin daisfietion to all 7 hh may patrouize thin Jiriaippi and Latnisiana lolotl. jr3 Sa Iroldied under Dr. n clkofuidt of0 Charlefo,, Ioah Carolina, and for sonae years his assistant in thes pranotico of amedic;ato and seargory, aus tice iotor tae or "hi. profeesional services in this city. H alrms tie ladies and goer;tlmnen that. the enSt prompt attention will be paid to the calls wlicla emay be madeaand aalso offers lis oervicsto ta le h- draofslanv~o, being oell neqaairted with tile divanto eolnot a to tlan, lanuvitg attended thet in lae afgar |Insae in Claarly ton. Ml'nhfaonasa'nai.bilious pills a ler nthe eomlcaition -1 Pfemor ScOollettea, with direcriotn, con be iad r'*the andersigneil. Tihe tm at which they ihave prodticed in hitieand oathrr cities, las beeln ttieeo ndeld mith tnhe d greatest rsocn. a to.wlielh ta best of lfnrancs l can be given. Aaply at No. 166 Mago lino street., No. M3LORING. "+i+ILL- W-- II;- W-OfDe5R .J's, SAD . .IRONS, &c. "r - lhI IIOWELL WOthRKS COMPANY, No. ;- -230. Water, near Blecklan street, Niw Yortf, h=.. ratceioad the past season, andl nre constantly lenal|iiag targeand etelnsoive additions to tai ottic ufMod goods, whinh now consists of tlto * o-lowinL aasaenttnt, nsuitablte for tie sntllthrn anai wnatern markets. H''Hollow ware tif otapcrior quanlity, consisting al ·A.aat:1500 tons, vis, aPtG= ofs22 different siaes, froita 2:8 to 50 gallons, fettles, 15 siaes, frot 3:8 to 31 gallons, Kellela, 15 alaes, froil 3:8 to 18 galloansi diaepans or Ovcns, 7 ditfercnt sizesa 'i'eaKcttles, 6 do 1kiHllole, . . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 alo Covered Sptiders. 2 do Oriddlos, . . 4 do te.- Firs Dngs, . 6 do Wagon bL~eoo froto 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 itiehtes. Cart do. 5 to 7 intcaaes. Wood Screws, 20,000 gross, irnt and brass, front :8 inch, No. 3 I- 3:9 inch, No, i1ol a nciperiOe qoelity and fiaish,. ataid leas tiiata Jaiomo'a istliorted peican. S ad-Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 Ibs for rne.Miaiag.' +Tailor' annd hlttnr' Iroee, nasortod. aaliawnightah, 100 toae, assorted front 1 4.4 to .Olfiu. - lls for Plantations, steamboats, chiurelias, &e. Cade to order, Also ateaibesata and ollatr antaclhinery aaade to _--r. 1'Tio above assorttitat of goods i pnarliculerly 'ooommonodnd to thnattentiona at' Southern atid Wtenral monclanola, and are offered for sale at low =ripieest end panlt tile most liheral tertst;it is bo. lreval to Ian tile largest noad beft aorslartniecti vnr .fiered for solo Iiy any oto eatahbirliattoat it. tile Unitod States. Merchlmnts, fly eloVrardlitg a reqteat lIc itohil, ca' have a (ariniiad ciraelilr, witl deIcril~atetuiao ,etil., ·prinea nd airltns, f-oet e lchrf ilo claioll in ever .aaade, fnrsinlshdl Ity rltarlr of raaail. AI! orders rill lrecive iloultdinte attention. S:Nunv York, 1838. ' 3 ~.naoi sssaon~imsnra > 170 1 MEUOC1JkYNOR i3tjti'zA ' the tsrle~urs, Nov.11 77 A BOUT ohx nlta lt ago I hart the o tialitd lao cot uodr hnseir o cure, and the,' did olot curer qasthe .bove date lut my. tlf Otuler tillln chi of tboA, hllst, asnldI expottjll to cure loo. trilce Ilrnl tints tW dieeose got-worse,to a ot1obrt'h t l 1out in mss ulcer to the tonber of Fi oreight oil en i Icc, alj oi oact li fes,slsldsorettooont,mai trot ablet to 011rk1 atIt +'t+at uti omneoo accouot at the disesc;ar I ulcer on the rigi5 side of thre Itroot. I aotno v putaio l 011.011 colrftlently under we a ura of D~r. I I net, . .fir coebs Iterihcty cused JUiIN JLAN. T Do CERTIFY at tho uolve eoteothinod iltcoa is iq its welltt crd to tr ny co lioathta).on, Oiol"whi ! soaank Ir. flneet cd tereover 1 00111rre that On1 ottdIt riste Lssoc take,, toal ea to e t. tolt an did t ilnjurl 1111 nsotlisstall I thertlorel advioe tot f to' ollltlI'lr. to bosttsoetitees ujltoty 00 r iA. fiiow, 121 Coot!l aaeeybdtweselDoepDtite sod iourbtoostrreoet. Itr. Posits as 'at utttttlot9 to'loh, A i, until 4 Y 31. 7'hgy will feud sunsoso d ctr her this cootmiplit. JUHN IEAN., .ill Gtrocr 11111t. If stions wssts to oce se.coll at No. 411 Grovio, S - JOHN ItEAN. Ke XOrtnaea. Fobe',lt83S. feI, 14 LY iii9Gsuiite Intlutl ualsutuor Iivrnr··vtand Ilote 5. ssdsit put sp istattlsea at tie, low price of 511 psnei oel sa:tlt adsg sith stengtit of tree couces of -Lt wtt noata lee tihe rifttntO it 1503 Otlher roottO u11 p kntowna steooghe tis lisLaa saeti taliioes iaocllu.rlng 'TIo tsjritrsled sasoewiawith boo otooded Itoe t ` tk itneelou ble , Beowmhcrerer it tots btan iuttttt do4.lsqssjsjosed t nfldottee solteerto rttcado. 5siq5t5a~ csbkplit8P otth s for the ture or roughs, dtitoasideWisttt reat,oritthtl oa biood, .'ttd te . t ' c~ (~t~m ,rs!lprrrterlt'O titot at.~ iX tpy cotcent 'Chi is Aprirs that d. njtfhgverglrrta torttsrotttd,oidti t+ la' _ tb &5bl!frlitsfty t thettknto0 ottsshaoorssohc, 5stit l detO5%ttl DilttO te d wbiethors 1.L I;)t ::7a!"ir~a'ýFu".rn learntimt. u -. ° - d C Bý D. U IIfoiergbtt t eI ta Men ý Ar3aitioiotu 1Ki, o iteF ,°, titr''e tu Temi A e ma. ,ý e: tct neq 4. p 1st Aeeop a~s vt es leiseeo ;st e50tdl tstslt aod ealaitot a wio laoiitss a' stacg ti, sthe *lI, e d is slne of It;ool I dsisired S`"tat is tret iae0ti wtsth b foaerd hip Dreean s fla r I lanrew FrMnihand pv a Ifsf' a , . d Duelling Ptola; doable and i' tf mrelled Gans; Game Bags; Shot Bells; Pltwder tbd Pist0l Fluasks Dram Bottiep and Drinking Caps; Petraaoln Caps and Cap Holders; Cloth, Hair, ''ooth; aed Nail' hraushe Orris mad tCilorine Tooth Wansh: Tooth Powder;, .ilet and Shaving S.oaps, in great va" riet. long lair Braids, Rillgletslndl Frizaeltes; Pearl lnd 'railet Pmvrder; Emery Bags; Ivory 'Tb Cuhlions: Patent Slldes or Gnrters; amnt Elastic , lrspenders; Powder Pauf and Boxer; Gilt Chains, Seals ana Keys; Earderop,; HWist Bueklis: Braceleta; Bead Necklaces and Clhain; Gilt and Silveredl Beade; Itdimr IBnada Bells and Plnter: Shell Twist: Side anl D)ressinae Cadlr;w'hich, il additioa tn theirlirrmer stock a hani, makes th.elir nsrtalent very enoplete, nlt will le sold ow and en liberal terms, at the aign of the Goldle SeOllnb. i25.lf 70 Chartres street. Ji lE reN Aenta lir tihe eaxtensive bom a t L W. &S. .llteheor Shemelh, Eneland, Ihanve, jalst eeeived na very extenllsve errf Ieal.' r.c0 rt tsietinL of Table and lI)esseit Knives no' e"" --. decriplion, Per, Packet, Dik, rilnd Spear pointl a liver; Razors, Sei. lor., Ere Tol'ole,&r . & e. &e. whicl tlrnv are prepared Sexhribit to the trade lororders. Terms and couallliioan will le ,nadr known at tie tile. mt16 J. I). BEN & A COIIKN.90 Comnmon t. . . .... 7VF11 +.+0 11S_. . . S1'lMONS, ls; eARo CO.-Are no rcecloivng .ern Ilutoe ll, EEglh, Melcrry Anlhtew,.lfigb ncoden, irettell and German hatble nead plsvingcarlds: der, ohlt nel pocket pistols; latn, riblted nl d split ieritSi ct.s; eul hltollels; i..tisswl, Itnzocrs, ten. es; (illnol's commercial mtol otmher sted Ins; Vie ns; Violit strings; shell, ivrTy ano bel hot tl.'; ntaldrs: k, tLtd r id Ithller pwcses; thir Isbril front Iand ick ringlets; negr, lptlis; Geronm ancol a r lelth eotoolc water, RolalomIls maceasser oi!, imitsation do; t oll; e cot heorsil ennrlable ldeskcs al resLtLig esess: asot tlstckig;o stis noti toilet; clvex r omlrrot op eao gllsses ao l views; Ilntican hIos. slells Roof plotmr; eooeno; whoit.W inie; toilet aind shaving soats; tiletc owder, e,,smetie wash balls; as:ented sin ctlo aualliolns; pool stands: screwe toshiols; Fancy' Iboed oshlo :r ll neoklaeos; lilliard ball.; pocket Imloks as wallettsa iGernll ho ues; rslr utrpnlfitne -fcl e ecm oonoge. "lsstiae iolomctrlec, . pgarersdo; Bellrs fecr mttches; oil Svet pencils; C(rev:l , &c. &c. The abhove i ldlitiol to our former stock of faocy ertieles, makeso isPose ntotln vtery ont opeto. Inc sdle rlholesale orc retll; a the sigll ftaie (:oldent Comli. tO. otrtrL re seet. mO R. + T-.IC .-'T'he-partnerslip of Keller taono &Co cIl noNewOrlean-; Miosr l etferri &Cc., of Notchee; ld lnrris, Kel e &nCo., of Rotitey, wro tdioslrede oi Itelst of nv Iost, bIy the edRtI of SauItoe A Mason, mne of tle ritners ot the firlen. 'he undersigedrc sll n irv lartners, wll I n e arell hilt rrsI, .selingn snl clo..i sld lositn n r Cflows rI 'Lvli r CIl orri will v ttenl to flle ettliong o tlhe Isisill of Alaeon tllorrts& Co., at Notrhrz; oat Ilrlo, Kel ect. na IIRodney; uo Ileorrv Kelleywill w ttndtr It lerettliing of the Iornlosns oFKellev, R lnomot & Ca., at INew Orlrans. The no o ef tio menvenr t f's will used ill lia sidln t h rsl oonn v. l'lthose ltohtlt-tt (ld to llid eroi ore ronreetly reqttllrestrl n ct,!no irwnrd til tIoke erly octlerItp ; Inil ,tolcsC having clais will p ren. etsent theoe wilhoot dola v. 1 l i , C I I A It lR I S , " IIF:NILY KELLEY. NcNew Or hnler , Jtnot 7, 1 n037. tresivel:all f ,r soleo Cy tiIe don, .or iangC .attl .- itAl Amerit, an nllo, 'renchr toilet iwdelor, powler n.lhi nndhboxcs, s tlving onile tai leo, .rsmnets: wash tb lls, tliltk - ' roses, c lcttit cold c tllla, exlre t , ouskt, k.phal, cWard's vogeatole hnir oil ponsiu I!oNe Id pcrse Flridn, liavnlsr, rose and troy wvafers, reocsnl's sellts, Mlrsille.s Trerlferv it treunk,o ve.rgtt ie r ttl liqid, C orinte nd lOrris tooth wooh, Iotlmhir lohIathel tl lai brunhe' togethter with nu ndditiaunl spdplv of ihshrionable Ir,,oa wed sltrll rotbs atd jrcelrytlr eil low Itc .c.lletle oIIr r tIlil t by SIMMONS, 11.11tn1' &boO, r j!v fi 7t (Clltrtrer rtrreet. CitAL-iTho siherlllerl Ihlre t onsllotltly Ioc Ihnd a large, supply of Ctonrl ant Liverposl coal, i°in thlk. of snprrior qunlity, whlich Ithey offelTr Cour sale ill ot In to suit purchsers. Als expectled by tle tirsn arrivals from Int. laoi d tnd he North, Cannel, Lelhigh and Pooach Nlttonltin Coal, broken and ecreeeedt, put tp in l itho'gsllr.ratexpresly fur fetily usr--'lll of which I It al y will is ot o qI ret milt ost llolerale lerns. aOr.ers left at tleir oelire, No. 53 u lieoville st. opl ttirst. will Ie promptly aitendr d to. r rt3 II. & A SOUtIFIC. C(logn. tlletr, oterlllllsery, &c.-A tarltuott., crlicle tf cohlgne,, Ittt tp extt rIes'ly for Ife retail tade; also o ttrhsl Itestcncl' 'l P'rfllnerv, rlbra clog every varicety for the tile, fur stle by t ,e 2 ItLtit. & D'L.ANG. 'To Ctl'ontry .Ulelchilo and l 'lantertl. Negru octlths, blankoets, fl noelsr, Ilnory, elorwell thairtiugns, checkhs, linens, caheaer,, oc &cbreceived and tir aale lowt by the suhscri. e:s. ROT'l"T'A & Co. 1 ct. corner Canas asti Cllltres 01 I It' GIlent's I'erfonte; ,i, ld1' In n Dye, fr coloring litu ltir ; llear's Oil, licestlant boa'c reesr, polloalull, .llcllaoo's It ale Wash, stperior pearl towder, h1l1 wlilts, ronit , rf roto, vwgetnble reage, c1ato of roar, lil, scle,, krr,tclle Itolth wt sh, c lclltli: . Itlrtllliliolt. , erattr Ifwer waler, Iowdul r pllOuf in lod lxes A.I , rirci chalr colll . utclloV tLt nt r in lullt nrllllo vial, l're s. tllo lt osrolotller, kreostetC Itotlh acheo drops, Ihair brushes, ki]ltsh tlressite 'otbI, hIdian hit ot i 'wilth a varielt of other lrlttotriee, &.. Fo'nr sal by C C. ,1, "I'RINCIIARD) er 3 eorlelr of Claal and lullrboo sis IR(IN hIOl'S--'llTrh suolscriters have Itocured at s greut rexpenie, Ithe rightl tf Ipllttinlg iot rltt trous in tis city,. They ore adalpted to pIrulle Iuiltlultg , warlott-t toe, oi vL I tile d cellintto ,not ramlLile.i t uoce eltrapess antd Idurability, andl are Iprfrctlly lire antl tater proof. l'erles lay Ihe ktowoo, Itd o otodelseco na our establishloent, Oltposlte St. Alur,'a ottrkelt 'ers le lotls so. BE Ii CO(I;S\WIELL & Co LPI'HiOLSTERIY & I'APIEi IIANGIINAG S.'llRlE Henry Sebrechr, (formnerly J. C. Wicks & C&o. wouhtl most rcslectlliv inllorrn his friends anl t(Ill publlihc ill . n ral, IIh t hlie hais atid is constan t or ly' rcelilU it 'general iassortmenl t ai upholser) rd n1aI rapear Imairirr. 'iThe fllawinia calll.r est ['irt I limri klewhcl h Ilae offs forrsaile nat wllel. or sle or reta e l n the mo it acco:llrn dailli Lelll Frenlrh velvet anld arils paper, itest style ; ti lhall conllaon and common, Pniladclllhia glazed and unglazed it do, rench lilandscapes, lire boardsi, .lbllnds, &. do velvet sand woaerted du d(, Caro Ireanze do tlorsr, ilk fringe and galloons '(fll qulaJitie, palterns nnd prier s, worsted fringes as o rrerrd intcrn.r plain and coleor d. SwissllIrisliiln laistl strle pllin and atii((l edt cotton draperr y S rrmurslns 'n ill a nd t wielll t, lts-orled ci.lors, new aryli ol needlI e work a'r slofa cushioni, Itliool 'cverskeC IIn w sle of 1 . I b ll llnhere, raised figures IrlrIr.icllrr, Pilt illti ' ld w nrllatlnentl: i ii all Ielrtra s r and , rzln , s,11 r L itgles ba l and ispi. rs, Ceti!i is, S&c, glt Irr.rritrr, tasesrs, hair tcal h, Iigustd iand plami, al lars't ai ,, ne nt If ll i nl s f r chtl irenll aIr a lAk clll i sidlnlsl ls, rit aLr teetd cord and i rs. rtes,.ias stiral ftatit oraiihorlero and paper ahu sis elerg, l n antly tn h d rs I satr sailc itt Ih' Ilwtl pri ts a t Nr s 41 li ll ia Iu l liiC to l N It- 'sersatlls illn ihi ilry or falltl el cou e ntrllls nia reit ectillal y inllir ll l l d r a iiind i llc lse ,I hI lleiselves. Calrpelts llllll entia1 .s llllde ill l(: cl .ito e. anl d all kinds of up hohldio ttry wnl dlne i th l utse ras and i iearlllll . c plais iO sa i . l Etll .l n lli I, No Sli+t Conde slr Il tl, b Illwe n It)arint and r s r Ithkrer a c tna arllyso alnd atn a Stari arnt 5sort5en5 aools atra broga is, and a iere, at New 'lrs masufacsureiertmn, .omen anld a l.idreid i t, all sier,5 wliclirtrc saill disllue ul at tray mdlater ipricts "I'nl,;h o hs I i, q untance on lsendmn an order w ,ill ,ave ltheir 'ishea attended I o I. S Silli.( lilU A (c ller Ia, lei" a'r l irTer e i,) h lnasa l htr.i Ioal.nic .'r byiUe i ta e of Itlrill rl i ml tullat Il t ali e ta c i an o'ir-t r a is riui ncly il ,;:i r ala" rii fis liye m r ala ao ntT, 1,111t b ie fily aeoable of the difficallo i ,. mlost sceptical Lava lh s a . ialllldledtalwir dsubts. alier rhaviag useld th. ltuselllllr. For salie II 'I FT GJION's, l'i a al tarI l l, i ltinr l. lit Ib I iPEIRlM (lIiI--:,i15 ptreii prarli irirarrar d JAIlVli & AiNa llEWS, Wholnl t ug al a, corner p ' er maa and Iaals iln iI'.eins . ii . , [ a il' "1i;ti I el' T a.55li - I'r l abl.. a. a *l'ii s h t' IIIa h raiiirlul 5155 11111 fI tta Itn e, Aalas arious , e sizsntar i'aI ' I Vr' uitlr Sbhl"is ipsl iarnisla; ili parcks riold eaf, u50- do Silver do HI do do aDoth lMetal. " WINiriWV (ALAI$S, Atranrsi,i .s glitli and iesrlll ilat0 iloxe, variou tI ir ae anind quaalities r . 1 tta .rown d .---50. 0 boxesco l.ignlmot, will be UAlt, a sleail asoltment ofa artistsl' r Isla and itols, Ifr bete ry A W :IA'I lE', ' BIi'iJ abama Ite take nt I r and M"iisiaair mirens will ie rrceived at l0 per reua dlstcnlt frr gilds, Pratt inparr'raqtr rf debts. " ju I Iw FILPM4R-1X1 araiaasg Is- at sijamntel hlrieperid "i t lllestR's Fsiarlr-enra S Jr ad let, i--'Tbhte ao..s of lire gaeninr arrile. jator ra eisved by Stl $.- RIEdr. & D'AI. nf,',18 Cn,ap cs '; 3 -souri Ropr..-iOlJ codls Altsasatr4l4ile rottp, ijail ai alt hsntp, i rtrar, natl ndr aIl Iey Ia OJOGERT7& IIAI, TtHORN, 63 Gravies cr SUider ti helic teiyune OiOce, ?tCamp sr . { & fIOWSONbee leaveto inorrriai I'trlietr eatsline arr r tin'the public Liteertlly, hin I fley Ihae removed their elnihiifthmenl ti N . 7;' I C rmp streoot, inmediately under the oflice of the Picayune-where they are prepared to r'xeepte all orldrs inll lherine. Ilv-iag received from ilhe North a .supply ofplr. per and materials of a . eriorte quainty, for the mIanuacture of Blank lBooks, they offer thIlir serr vices tio merchnnts and otrers, who rmy wish "work of that kind ; and -havinr the nedvag..rn of several yelrs's erxprerioere in that linu, they nre enfiidert.uf eiving satislaecion to ithose who may fover thetr with their eactor. For nlotaries, archioects and ithers, mna antd planns will he ponted on linen. varnished and morniited in tile ileacost manner, &. at the shoriest Pinieand fancy hindind , in all iet varietiesn e. CllNNA1 flAN»s Eo Fht lEN VWAE: ;i tUIL 316 Chnrrea slrele, New Orleans. W M,. SIRGIANT & Co. importers of French nnd Ia:nlishe China and Earthen ware. are mli, optlin new nod rich patternls of breakfast, din ring nd oea services, toilet sets, plilerlie , teI illl. cftic cups, :cllrpot , lsugars,i creatls, Ilowlec, plates, diihes, iurereis, wash bhsins an eeios, foot bahllls, e . etc. Rich cut and pInin Frrench and Airrican glanss. ware-ctflers, utompaignis, Irlemitandes, jellies, clare's, tioes, ecordials, celltr hll owles, donallner.s tunlllers, preserve dlsl es, eeleries, it cllcrt, Ill ps, rtrip shade and glnsses, candle shllaoe, salt cel lers, tie. Silver plated, fronzed and br;rinia warel--lns tare, liiqrl r stands, cake hsakels, anndlrslieks, braneches, spoons, ladles co t elllrd apliresugars, creamll. laps, japtinnred trets, ntrafl erands, nd ha :,in_ cetlery, German silver spoons and flrks, Iogelrer with q rcern variety ,farticles tir :f itlly iae. licrehainte, planter.s, bhi 1s, and Slelnllhlltl , lurnis hed will geoodR at Ihe mIost rea solnlble prices, and loacked so no toI be e.nveyrd with satity t I ny piart Iof le coun'ry. AICm,. nplltlh rire' chns.crare. nc 2 TILE FL(lRII)A LINFG r Frien 'l bile Ia Anqnsia, (c ". )0I hices ,lobile every dy tit hree s ta ý ic, "lockb pi i per c S oil I lhotl fo, frlall's .Leidi'e, above llrakely.-a-'ilc e foer z; p sit coaches to Plnsarola-tlheiie, si.aihl nlass to oi Lagrianr, lwheret hlaendellao is rellld-lthence ni, via Marianna and Ilrfwinisill, FlaI. V Ie. li.lnbir I'iindertoia i, I iwlinsville. Salunder.ville & Loulii cl villelto Au gustna , (ao; eilecing rcuilarly wilh hs: iae rcil roenid cars to Clhmalrto, and ' Iae s!e:lm I nekels to Now Yorki, N',rallk, P.,ildelphlia, etc. a ' aT sisealllloaleiaa the bist for n ath Ile service,, nd at Ihe inaviatioll presentcllls ilore advanallllges tihan canll he he found upoli aiI)y ,elicaibout route iln Iie siih. ern relion. tel The greit ilm llprovelnts in the rOtle have been e piroduced by Ithe ontrilctionl ol fitiy mliles Io' wi romarlI, by the p.rpriieorsa, vi : iron LIliranage on IfeFv,'ie layou,an uriln efSac linac It.), ao Ilrynnai's Ferry, in hilie Cllattnhlouchel iiver, en il I e theiS l I CItowlerd, or 14 ailovI Ceodlr IlI nl w:he ichy the inlviaiisto of hue liver. and the ca i. as .Aent detenlis, sanid ' a recently ile iincrs Icr venient crossing at le Cuwforfd, are entircely ,ne avoided, and a line road from Mlariannn direct a a Blinibridge, instead of the roulndablou road via in, Chaliahoiochee, lessening ihedisiance abolut forly rs, nile;, and inrelasing Iha facilities imore thaln fi- once a day. , Alr'o, a braech line of two Itlnrsetaes every l oilier day fl',IIII liwak ililh', via P trry In laolne , l (l. conecillng with the line to SavannahiiiI and Darien, (ie". A canil sionial riles rPgfllarley lie .'rn ebaiilrijlec aud Ainilathieoln. 'f'raeellers wite ing Ir to reah itny point oil C(haui unooclce or A,,alachli el, cola, ll takeil' ecoli.hoau at Itrowne vil!e. f br lobile to 'iinsacia-Lunaid lieou:c--Dl)uring the tiane iicuiied by IIt repairs and bu's, the luroeri. Slilt oll I lle l lorila eIlie will la, Ial l ll r l llorse post coalches every oilier day between Mo is bileantd l'cnsacoa. c f Passengers wil leave nluile at 3 o'clock, p l, I in the U S aniil boa, and proceed Ito hll's Land. t. ina, where a lour hlorse coach will ia. In waitinlg to convey a elr tI o he eaxelleniit louCae f Mr. Charles halll, II 4 miile distant, wlhere tlhey. will inid I h'pleasa t accoitllllldlli iii ns for tlie nui t- leavingllc i enext a morning, they will alrive in 'Pensacoula erl a- in Ihe aveainF, tihus avoidiilg the disculmfort Ol enilht Ir.velling. O;lice at Ihee Mansion lousea, Mobile, nnd Col. iasll' Iiotel, ensaiol:, where sel's nmust be seu re. ' Sl'oC'(K'TI'N & C(o. nIv 1 S P. iin. l utric al' ltna'lo ni. ri- W illiam Siti h tenders a li services Io thlie citi, zees of New O(rlians ias a teacher of Ihie piano torte. Mlr j laving been employedl several yals is a Ieacher of music in private fIundhies inl ' toi l, and also at several oil tilefela selailnariees ill its vi',inity, cannoi but hope to merit I their c nifidnla ce, lie is eipermiilted ito refer to Rlev Dir CI pp, l.ess ite Sison & Avery, lioudcrsi&, ntini'es. Fluir teruns, &e plase iapply at lihe bookstore of er Alexaniielrd ,4cr ae (I pIi ia ct s. rltgs and .,llelicrines. ir J l PIrvost has lIocated himsell in his cil' Ior ith perpose of Iattlllanlig n genleral WholesaleL l ru I)rllli -ines s. Ile is now racecltvielc a Ill sullply o lieFsh land geuIiaii r e sirlile, which hle \ill sell on libcral Iri 'f'uiTeily draun iia.i , antil thosl ihe interior, i phlysi icians, nllachiti and planlt ra Iet will o.'er inducements such as have never hc, flore he ellf;recd in his ily. lhs inteintion is toi do a sItriely le.iilillmate Iusiness. IlI a slock will soiaon lie comp1rlete, Oll inl a few weelts will be reta I dv Ir husiicas. All orders Iran tie count 1 ry,nill Irlnnl atrerhanl lll tli i city, receiving such urlders will he pro mply ai tendeLd to. oe:t 2 No 30Camp st PROSPECTUS. T'HIE subscriber l-oposes to publish, in the be. giinaithg of the nsutng winter, a Condensation t f t) twenty volunhi s of tlhe Old and New Series of Id M.irti'a i'.Louisiala Report:, to hoe co riiesed in four ' voltllnle, br.o., according to l't mIOdei10l of lters' ")' Cone.o nd Reports. This work is now in preparatieon by J. Burton Harrison, Eq , of this city, aissisted by \Villiamai F. Sicrand, E Lq. ''lee Editor is ailso perlitted by a distinguished retired J.udge of the Supremlle Court, cand by onII of tl sittiag Judges, to rexpect fro. ltheir personal supervision all tit advantage which a may natullraly be reaped from their expiricnci. S Such as work is becoming ivery day more no-a cossary, as the original is voluminouas, expenlsive,.I alnd scarce. An increasi.g curiosity too is tanli feet, in the other Statos of the Un ion, in roeferece ' to the perllliar jurisprudetcei of Louisiana; andl Ih circumstance of tile numelrous pritncilelus her ,ds, cidnd i thoe nadjustnmnt of coeflirts of laws, tikesl the klinowledge of nor adjildled clseu of priae Sti. lity to the juaristl of the whole Union. Mlorevet, the rising republicof 'Texas has lldoptl)ld oiar cIdaes, .ind Ilus lihere isn greal decnu-al for the Louisiaiina decisions fron a fri.:d Ilquarter. r C('lvenient lnotes, indicaling ile parallhl efser I dlecideid inl Louiiiinn, andl ol'cansonally those nii tl 'i ilaore alathioriative loruins of the other SLates, wi. l no nadded to each case. 'lio work will frl firour vlllnumes, royal octavn. anld will be delivered, bontudl, to suscr.bhors it ýt j lper vol.; in case it shaould Io t'nad practicali to cotlmplreass it into three voliiiis, the p-ico to so u.etc ,icrl!eares will bh.t7 per vol. tubscriptios received by ma IPr5 ncar and Coliln l aems. ' ! . 11tslil!.,ll A ND II1 \h F:'i'AIa't.ll AND VA Ii lit F 1. 11' STO(E--il ih ii I n f Il.- T. Idl ii iomb,ll, lui (l9 Ch ilrs steer,. Thel subscribers hilt e'rP - 'ivvl,l in lil'lI un to their p viohi s sto.i k on hla ,a full and ,''om ple. atssortmltioi tt'ati les in their line; vi: Iombs, peral i' n, Jel etlt , hrushrs, A:u ;laise, f'ni'c v ii le 'a .roII ai ioi.ini i pll ir t itu I I'(fIIbI'-t-r. ise shell, wrouIht a ld p hiIl Il'ktwist, p; ,iled IaInl., l ioi, roil, dr e .,iiln , lr iid: p ll' rl Lcr ei er,-ek, Iaia, l ,lia fs'lllet c'iiul" 'l d ,,,.·ipliu I.. . whiclh me so lt a fxitan ptall,l' IviTr:liin s if'lcl iani y e ti. iiPall f nIlh iltiL d-lt'lc, anir a i rkl I hi erwrIhaie . I . eriiniinf, f.mphli ,r i ai,' 'Cit , i xii' otita I' vr'au i , if, IlliW¥ ill T 3W ll - I ll il, 1nsed e Fll r;l.,A .... bnaly roenpv ranll h 1" rw ofauke.iandifies, icream su' p oii, Ward'a veariuhhle hair nil, bem'a ru N Ih llm lls, 1'I1iesill iit'r .imelli II s elt l,. a lll aiin l td I le loie Iowdielr., iii'l ictiti ta I ' t lplw , iill it u ttllfbxh iie. o Hotfoon(iil, a.ind iollo, r'.aiilt "dti 'herhmy,,' i wf fs I.tld low ldJI.a, wiLh a gleuitltl aas: c r llttrll if ll '. l:i' Afl it ll- oarlle ie I ll'at t ul di sl. fs''a -, hit 'ha Iy llllI lhris, . fenll h ll hlt I honn sri gsill .ld ilve' .o l:tlkh,., s+iler illlohler, sgi ver luld Jd t I tilved rrod Culp r , llfll gn rl haius llIUSEliS--('l lhhaithtt dIllt u e.rhln.b Iw dr, to or bat. leh, houli dplate, comb, Ntil, shaving, shoc and IO010IN I; (LAEul l-( n statlll I a ll and toiletll ,whh a o a; riih .of lher .il. i ilm i i'i tiu i l :r, i e. ,A anIl Americarin uaTlle der.ks atilltl dreshlg rs, sdat i le l ery ric ilnt- ll libeh'i hildIeic', work esiehilasi'nulde Ac-, altieic c i allllllllttaaI witti lluliit iii iatie |ile'l, t l - or niat I 'an nuaiio i khiI, iaiutis and i lerst, aciitr itl to iliatted n'I'il niad illudewui1 IUcenilu iir iwit a i "cihr' fild c tcraft=.t |.i rla>..i~ ~ll~l s l rl i tslrr . IS gi s uiloate" auinael,wdriIrtCe iplsil b+'h..,eauti icil tifr e a, iIi uca t ,n Ieic et'criitealI eldiuaane fssli, liineihsatd., eek oita'tetiatttr lie eansiin tli'tieliillls friti El areatd l tllswth'ne o l i Ili hover I r 'aell-riia or luu th, alinc; , ii c ar rsn'a ali ttaiiaters , Ifflfnll 'c cain' fUf ilswi n r zniack aa a lf ilael[ 'ad, gi ru a \irc'u * I, ' INt IANs.I'ANACE&A. " "11"..11,ecur r'rl estrmlolimamro ftliallerkingnevl I ou s sieiEca or hti god, illeipient canrers, salt rheum, saldilitiead mereurial diseases, patietularly ulters atd iiofid albctios of thio bones, ulenetned thliat pm s leos trils, ole rs ofevel'ydeescrsptlio, fever sores, i., internal lhsessoe, fAstllas, iles, se.ld licad, scervy, blles ehl'i tileo sore eye, erytsivlishlothes, mald every vi'iotyolfel tanceos afl'veion, elrotnie Ce.ton , lieilhll cihe proceed ing from coy tD'id hutmor, pai i tile stopinch and dy s. pelsia proeeedillg firmnariatien, alteetions of the liver, elrsLtt iellammlmnion of the kiliays, eeil general dlcili ty enud a torpid action of the vesrsels of thle skilo. It Sis siglayl, eficeious in tienovstilg tlhose eosllitlltions whiesllrhave Iteln ,loken dwllhy isijicii s isiittrintmosnl, jtonsoile irregulsstiis. to gerllte|ssnmr, it is ietome mesnded Iwnell lnseodisses owvhieltoori: from itellp'ities if elthe bloodl, or inilation of thle Ilmors, of woltrer tame or kild. Solme of the above complailetsmay require some tri flilg osistant al.plicatis, hsihithel ll circllomsoioes rc the soae will sliett.-i;bul lfoI a 'genetrl remedly o It'urilielor to remove thecause, the INt)IAN'S P'ANAC~ A will gtoenslly be foulld soflicient. T''O THE I'PU1LIC. Ilow stl'l it is, lthat modero P'hyslelas, In their am hition to excel in tleir lootefssili; explorv te loo tasI fiells o'seiee by tile aid ol'dcelmivsty, i sam seek oit lew re inLdial ogelsis; in short, to strive cIC iperfectiin ill tllhe praetice by meolls of art alone,--lltirely overlook culd neglet, as leveaethh tle ntlotire, the rith oilnd bouteotls stores ofmedicine, lwhiolh the Almsightly has esoned to spring out of the enrlh in every cliome! Allld hlow mucl more ntoe isit tlat while the Alsericao Phisysician looks to freigln countrieslfr many of hlis most commoo and; ioeees.o-yartioles, ptlvtetoally chollogbg otlsItey nre at the slitatos ol'tlshioni rotblly, lie is slsssrsisslcvs ill Isis owll couonty witlh ai enllesslprosl~Stl of medistl il$nos, - suffiieint to aswerany imlicltios ill disease or to ctre any coulable disorderaoulyet Ie is ignomrallt of their lvir tues, nod tley are sulftd lto 'waste tehr hsealing on tihe desert ir.' " STheefifctseof veUle medicinesu n thesrst'em are temp~oral--thlole of minerals laatillg. T'he Ibrnler ex-I er~t timier olffets nml pass off--the laltter,. metlcul. iol par= licollar, acst chemically uiioi thec solids, deloomposig thie bones oi d s nllldemiiiillig the ci estilutiiiois Isy is eund stre desl'uctionh. 'Tihecongeni:lity, tcl.eir y mld SAFEITY lvegeia ible r'eloedies eelr miniernl, uses be estimtld bvil conllsv ist-i ingtlhe aciellt phraetiee wih tlthemloerioelri, tohirilig it more immlediaely iss :-te s our oiwl oebservtiolo, tih I- ullI un iletico witllh this o ithe whlites. l'lho, in Amserian, nas lot killownorlheard ol'rvlf eates iilstalces whlril sollte tleelelils, unprevtelinvg itmale hlsian, by asie:visof ehil sinde remedies s nlolle, shas sfeeetels tthe i losl v Ils ulllt] astonishing Curtlll, lite'or thle .lattilra Medica of tile oemnoo pIatcetice, diretel in thle most skilfil meooer, has o'oilehd .Ail who htls Iot Ileeln sul.isl 'li: the icomv Insrtive yea uslidh leility w ith which lhe ldian lrses him self Iiollllliy disivse, i:lil ait the iliiios tots blstinenoe ofolesodo iiedt:ivse ios llo g thelllm? \Whol llas seir hIv tlt OIl n iltdia wilt:s eonstiiiiutiion lellss lrokelld r'lillei yi ilttreatinit? Asi ene i doslbtoeist thai this hapit "p ex= I cl tiol of thlsae vasis fl'o U ol l'Ithe ills whicli the Isli oflvisi hin , ii C he, is e llyeoi.g Cini e g.i log slihfiev reies whivech h0 eo liisv'rosliliv'hs cimdh isgdifl.r.-e c ip i ucces, is C el ir etemili.catin of tie ilivlste siupeioitv of the shsle i nlol sviicti m.Cslts si" esllle wvhieh G~od has cr~eated for the hoefa[' ofl his childlreo, over those li ichl thiile lpride al Le art of man have ill vented. Fromel a lon,.tes. ide olvmo iertioo eti ie th origin alinhab:litntltsof lthiscoullny, tnllda n intimaite n ea~lnl ill allce with lthe, melltds if crse lif soille of hecir lies!ot sucCssifI paLceitiolnerls, the ,ro.prietor ol 'The Iiidinn's Peasuceu,'aevoired a knwtledii e of e soee of lhe most -ow tslsfviIiid lthiorilere.ledies. 0vomtheseihiuioelcleied iielil os wsV 1(ist elleliieseioiius : ln I Iiitpri siles, :u afer Svariouts exlcrimentsl totitst stheir riecildes and sreogth, lhe has conliiiillid tiiet intle e t'um here presetled, as tile most pterl' etmll| bcvicial lor the irpoos Ibfor whlich it isrllcommellndedl. The roprietor otilerslhis preparatiloln t tlw puble, with the consciourness tllhat hI is plcing wilhinltleir se a remedy clpable ofeclievilg ilalv of his aflieled fel low beings, lwho ae soellisilng un~ir the various chrosie nnd obstinate co01mlails to which it is isplitavle. To suoh it will Iprove oI" ic:iieuilble vlsle, lv s tle Inelacs, alus i e Isny coves, the vily ieCaisdo'liivingitheiristlf Icrills anld lretiolrilln thlle l ollce mllrle to health anIl| hnp piiess. ''hisis iuotolerd ns:l coommon roemedy, thla - miy per ch'icile ie eqledly good with manoy lothlers tow ionuse, butseoneiu ichisca pableo vf sauig till ii ieny Sextreme ases ivell tilleuullllsu:s l elllislleslil. 'Thlisit Shas done r~ epeaedh ; anti this is the reputatioin it iulso| asllee Wliwe level i iths beenll inlrodll-ed. It is ollylluotlsthreev ye:o'ssincethis lrela'atioe n was 'esented to1he pbliic: bt ill Ilh:t i shovtel sIace oI tlmIIeIe soln hlldrtis of Ireisons mighl t he lio I, who wouli solelnl deiclae that theyl beelievld thIt thelill lives ri cier sa edbl it, ilai iiv loiost vollesvr ielvt lne II Ies m:sey a lllI .etohaps all t, he co11illl011on lremnllies ill jttll. 1\i'he ever it is knoluil isrupu Bllh omin intote ist., II thlis afotrlidstheiostl ubstantiilaosdr col ieilgc Inlo of it The vahleof o theIaclllel i most cnllsplellollsill llse I long srtllnlillg ulnt sl pl ilitic ,d scofoillous :fnLelions hieh haIve lckieLd e ll ohiii rsvi dies at.llvieI i u ii ally -ionthos ecases w:hen~t [u..] 'llThts beenl so Ilatistly I sc: s to e:lluse d isiersitll Is iiie tSle esio v(('s Ivg eS level ri`l lt iv, lsl 1 ' suiiv, . siL, lll i evlie iestilie ogIS s s i ce. 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Seld b, of tIiii grott'llt llll unit t. I orl or the preIeut .a ·I*un, ]:187. N tc-r I s th easrluy nartl ,l eflitellllr, lele lt ro.i ceiei'd amplte supled., by the p,.:let .hips Vicks.. burg, h'ietcky, anud Arlantllas, ll arrcived in ini tle ,Ipasages, di Oct fromn New York. IIv the s oippi and aekher packet, hl is in daily exd ctil. tlltid otc a ulldly of FInrit 'efIaes and Ag.tlaratui' IRuil:, Ilinhig aolread; received ivuolcel thereol bv ,luail. Thile subscriter bes fiertiler to asnure th, punlic ueeis, cithuir ihnelies; ale or rtail, as hie efur was sinec his lrst estalblishoentl ini Januaryt 1822. (:ountry) Doakicrs and Malir]ket Ga:rd.!nOra ' ordIerl lilled at ti le l n tie t nli tllsl r tl'so ll utbl rate i, by ltin iouild wtligiht, llald gal'on or b mll:ll Iti siU ire. 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'ncy I'oeket liI ook*--Uler th. l cead wiIl Age iulld nt sellelllidl variety of ltdites' lnd gelticluen's Ilockect I 1ookl, 3toI3, yrd, luteIlte iiii Ithrell tiets.a Fanilcy iitotki, rlMs eanders d ic.-Of the hltesld iAttin and ot te perin r iuahl tyee eonsistIg of tainu al tigured satn , boimbt:ot;, vilvtL inil cloth Itintti, rllca tlrllclSitt iirtc Iell iu ali tlli rtt villa Cotn llftrll lernl aninnd ycom11 it lmen nite ace elcII ndone I ite selel eIleII utr c I Eini l-y.At aah tn c 'ceLit \rninh to' ts, t: i.* t 1 e.teg ndreal n aei d cciiun .i curth r tie itahrn aiivt sti l c flir, i rettnittyent adccci i tttermiie t beac uulntiintt strig ef orite l ricticlr. Itin d sie t at eli 1n tlcy ie versarl rluccess IIo 1893 M.~ by erso of thle highestra rale etbillit i ttip citiy. 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Arrives Arrive Nortlwanl. Distace. Time. Itneturn' Montgomery, Ain. 2liop. ol m's O1 I 12, m. Cullllltsue, CIa. 11I 01 9t ""a.ui Milledgeville. OGa. 18l1 11 2 p.o t r Raleigh, N C. 5 SI 215 . ,,2 Warrenson, Va. 12 m. 55 a5 i. Petersburg. V. 10 pm. 3 10 -0a.m ichtoar , Va. 1 am. 21 3 e6 "rederieksbur,, 0 07 7 11 p nsa Wulsieglon cty, "2 pm. 01 61 t hil.delplia, 6 am. 10 I New York, 2 pus. 90 Ci 1 t ' t ',,ot 5d23 Northwardl. Comaing Sontliwvard, lihe lite t six hour lens; heing5 ays mast 117 Iours. less; beings dayo ano] 17 hours. R ANAWAY from 161 Crondllst reornoa of Ileri I rcel,on Ile night of 3lbtL lif AOgusl, sod wea seen tie next morning hi l'otren street, a negro ieay nolliel CIIARLI.ES, Onlouit ].soar olf Ne, and 5 fee or tlhernlmoutnl il height, vern bllek, nod Ilos nn impel imcnt in his opoech, one of tin lag laticure, oconslonel by a recent hurt; ie liead on wln Ile woent away a whiwi cotion or line, hirt niot whi (ti ant1 Ilntalomn. Noalors of vcesels 0,s nn1a0 I remtu ore ealloinold a gninolt receivng orn hnrlltnlgi snid negro, on well asn o otheor persnns, o thme ieltlot rigour of the law will b enforerrd aguinerlt hem. Tnd alove wardl will Ihe min frdleliening him hhllio noy of the of eiltheor ol h ; tIlelrcipoliiets,or ot 161J Carnodel e corner of Ilevi I.leve. • iel:. 1VUTI E'1'c cumrturndp rretuloire wish~ing /Iudlller hllle n, mO l i& (&trnrtmron, hx bole disnolved. 't'len mubsoribur wi ll qltinlte Ih ollffi ran tih clrlloenl ii 'this city, nod roqilireo all pec.ronl imdeb. lll iuimikr lnylmift to -hhim b),tly, iaud'ull tlimsnohniog clai, o lierillhet tihenm furootleaetld. rie fl-l i H (1AIIIoI'eI'$.lNj . ..... vr- .T,'-.i. i--T ..... W.V, - AIN..... No. I1IConal N.reet Arm Ortious ý_TIA9 nlwiyy on hand,era1 mulmtly k rvcci .ý. Msrl.. lI Ilye., Glmeliol i l i d ['ulnsal tll IP ig Iltet. ar,, lltw UGa. 1)YIKS AntIIIwony, erlle, Argols, reit, Io rcglus, Auinoto, Sipp. lin powliered, l r zilelte woos, 1lIsnlsie, teoloVia. oeltincol do relit ,l. Cop lilir, h'illsitole, crlde, Futlie, Tampico, do roill, do Cuba do flower, ito laine, Ilh'mlh, freocli er''iesa Uoamon'il, hdil |idal., Croim Ieliou, id. Ielal io, C:olliltoid, ilo a.( wcails, (;inkI 'nell, dli (ulwl nlIn|o, do Alhie. Louwuod, Cinlairsmhy dio ssraliblia, do S Domi.go dIo benzxi,, lramwml, do coal, rmlgh, Mltdder, omlo, d|o nlo scraped. , Nicurttgtm, Jbnllre, ito do A A rterio, dtlo Coro, toU R iIphor er,'iet tdo Mllnieib tIn tlo refii. . ds n lolohe. I, Cuio.. lnC IIKMIICALS. dlo iot Acid, Illrous, ido im.etm, do mariatie, il opi ..... . ,,uri,, o tshillho, Ileu vitriol, i.. senegal, Valomel, p pp lo ouiidroe, jlorroselve sulim tlis] arlo Inrgconllth, Chlorileot' lime, (fhlonge, Epso)i mtts, Juniper heeries, Ame dtioaeebunacanatie, l esia, d Po 'rig n, il1r1eciipitte, Minni flakme, i iet carp smhN €lO f 01r1u1s Ptll loll9 M ll a ,lo sorn,, SuIIn pt,. aI.i.l iee c tin., hrllp r legu, Il looes, Sulozin, do esssla, S ol q intine i o iergiowlt teri '1wr ne, .o leTmm ic l'AierSI Mlh,ce Iwo Ir'Irep iiit, Illuc, Itd gEntiall, JEtl'ntis yrllo.,, dry, do i c d d (i ii oil' Sjala dA rgr,, ir), "lo ii .* I Ir ii ig u oil, do .rlearh , 1': r, l o l tlohot, .iilte h, ito ltr.ri lowtl , bsIIo CHsl i, An nRgra , t* n lgis , d - T, mico, wa1"risi blite pii gi sh., emd oic, .lo American do am ed iiad Potld it,, '. ( a . (P:~e ;; r~ o rni r . d o ( :I' i s h da~ r q o i: l er, Spa, hro d 'i Ctii l li," id ii A.iiii A., "it Fi giia hi. - 1 - -0 'II . .. . . . . . I lllin IthLe Ael jer, t' ltllu uitlour uo l'tecr .inllple, &s tu.m in-s, or oWinter Set thles Ilniifield in LowI . Sttvrln, h t ('ai BIsil IlHall, Rovol Navy, F. L ,1;. in I .ol , I.lrd Il,dhet, a roanlllllet h Allan C(iill.ghniln,l Io helyrrd Lee. written by flitself, in 2 nl,. A 'oe. ellin* Ilislorepof IleIp/y, ir tsoed (foin thI ori_.l if Ihlt t btteh N l ihnnel (.rereltil, I rot. ftr uting No. 7 of i.f/rper's ":nittly Librarr. tl]. :|Ih l 7'l lIllr w IIji lllylio n} ll .itir llo elilior ." l1 Il .. r& I h in c 11 d iuif I or erk ditio, ye l "o'r' 1'5"coal; 001 l* I)i'tionnrj. ii I oul, 3:ra A'-.eeol's I,'rronh 011 Noii.'/olh Diclionary. A is--A few Imore cotl'ieslof C(7oIttm'e Phrenology "Illt.i."': Sullrvelor's 'ei ot!apes re lpet or qua it,, % '-hails, w ilard H.h t ot 21.4l'- tend 2 1-2 inhe i(;ill'otsp oill)ved ilelalic 'ens,japaned plpers,t weighl &e. &,,. &,. Jlit rec'ived, a.lI for sale by it -:I BENJ. LEVY. S-PAIN I.7VISI'E'),& e. &c. SPAIN ILVIHITEI; &, by the aIutbro Ayear itII Spl'al,' i,2 vols. Y'roile ifl hoiu rhnrneler, nas generllt nptliceblel I Ithe Aerihiies ofl Northll Am eric, by (1 ol'uir, Eaq The Political Grnmmnr, of thei United States, or ('t)lll ieow 1oft" i theoiry eit Irtictlee of thi gone rr. lII otml -ti ' erftln ltl.t willt ti eii r lat oni n eoo ecl Illl -dedial-lllly anlapelllldll to ihea yeang Ilien of tih. UlleaI S1olo1.-, ht i': I) -Malelsiellf, Esq. AI,,irodr'o Ilnoelli. 'Totnrs intrspeperll with claracter ilii tni'dh,its, atyigs ted tildoiigs ofsjtltorl'ti Imen, in "llltilnll Itiet't of'tllle prit.ita l erick roliri d'Englant l withltltnly) Lical iotlltitoe, llittl generl indlh of nnresi InR -file CURE OF r·elfnl. or King's Evil, (Chllronic RthemLtlnlnlism, C( utiin uttlneous Dlis- Pains i.n th IIones, by free he ing in i Mercury 'This very coceillltrtrteet lyrei o prepared with the grnill.l phlilrnlar.lnllfll aren Ililllalcuray,a nld eonin rIh 'ttlive tlooit'4l0 h ofi turotlil nr thre halt eotiten ble'd lh'i,'n , Itallllllltt ! W'ill thu Vegetalrllto H itboIo1ee 'The '.at desilhraitii. with ptveslrdians in keing abil it icxliitt Iti- lIr Iltlllity if dltrmtllttrlla in a !o a eh, rla, Iu n .Itiaed in this witrtralief I-ey, bcaien Ihely reeiVed inf iii'trd, cnliVhleMtly administer lne0 1ceilrsr of tC'heir ira -tioen. 1Lt(lI'lt :It'.t dralil tol, Niot . id. lll titre.t, wolth liliy be and, frsensh oi e . mlii , remc it frol t oe liro0rin teur, t lllIliltl' Itlliil lli Ulied VelltilltIge, C ' rolrNRr l btlol cutellI Ciipr )niler'o Prelmrllilulls, lulnld laltlll and genera I'INNOCK'e I OtiME, &i. P INNOCIK'S IMPIROVtEI) II TIOrloN O Le (olllhItiltlle lAihdtoti of ti Ile nistory Te Io.n-e t oclli0elks pr efiwed ains illhnsllulslrtl io htnyd a I..naa Iistory, nlll n great variely of vallule inff" ]Itlioialll dhh'll"lln7holll I the! w)rk, o tho Alann cr hllliuolln end AntiquIIities of tile Ionmilns; ith noi leierllll liogr'lJlitihol ned hinwleriea Notes; nod qloeI for exlt ilnititioo ilt the end of each section. 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Juet ronived and for usanle by IVl Al'KIEAN nio 21 corlier of Colnp ald Co.OlllOn e IIAtl'EIS'S CLASICAI, LIIIRAILY. 11 OILAIUE, trlilnliloll Iby 'Phillip Francis, I) D, with iIt tlliplltleli,I eo'ttitlg tllrallllioiie of YorioUS ales, &c. by Ilet Jmltslll, (Jnowloy, Miltlii, Drldoi l'tie0 Adidison, Sn.'i Ulttelotoi, .i i kb.eotul Plra.le tryalt, &o. .od aolltte of illo alt ire wtirlet [Iort of tLIi ayv--and 'lI(tEDRl1S, with the It Optotdlox i? Gdius roainsL tod Iy Clilrstophicr ltitnrt, ill . ellk Iruming volullels lid ufltflHlar 0r's Claouihtal I.ibrarv T'lhir IE:lptedition of tHUIPII.tEY C.INKIE.R, by Aitlollott, ilt Lin ith a tllitot'ir of II1th A Itherly rbyhi- ul RaoCoe, Eatt, Iuw etitiul, will, llustratioois, by Ge Tl'Ht: 3i!'.'; aT'lh.,by tllieilllhir iof "~licbliet* ilary oll' ulrgundl," ., Iol tw tdiliA.l, 2 role toiipl. PAUl. LIItI"OfLl;bhy Iilu 'tlliter o '"'tllite. h'Itio It.,t I .tt1" .'V, blelt vltillro IV oh tn llo iwa tof"l.i Himr sa l'oipln. iV Irks. 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