Newspaper of True American, March 25, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated March 25, 1839 Page 1
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PRIICE 12. CENTS. NEW ORLEANS MONDAY MORNING, MARCHI 25 1839. VOL.-VI No ilil --------------,-_._.__.I. ~..__~ ~.__..~_~._..,...~- ------·---- -~~--.~.~~ .'- --I-~~~~~ ~- ~`--- i ,l- ---- -- Terms of the Xe repope rress of New Orlenn uoannnai .l s agreed lt at all naljollrrnl mmnltng (ic Iho Proprietor, hal hl n tie 131h of Mach,. 1837. Sunsoctrlurtns.--'walve Dllarsa for the laily ia oper anolIlt , alynle 5e tli-tratllly in advnnce: ten d llhre farr tlh viwe isiy courntry paper, panyable one y ear in advance, whore no city referenve is given. No Sdlte.riplian will be dihsontinued until arrenrager are Settlied. In case of di continuance, one week's notice in wrlting oast oe invarrab.y given, previoua to th .pitritiun or subscription. Arl larrlSi.,-ona dollar per aquare for the first nraertion, and ihalf tlhat price for eaeh sainolrervt one: ant materil altllration from the original advertir.ement will b e charged as a new one. Y.*AtaLr At vcarTscal.--Merchlaatn and 'rI(ters, arty dolalnra r IuErglish alvne, and sixty for ioth lan gRlas hian llasi, Iurlinceia Oir ter, alnld voitOer simianr Inblie irstiltlins, fifty dollars in Englirh only, olr tig;li;y fr both lancng eae; Sbrip nid tieamllhnt ae Irs or Colaisniion lrcallnllt slity dollare ill English cie, and igilty Ior bothI lanlnages. MAI IIIrsAOE OITBA. r NOTICrOr aind artiles asnll i tile t abtel liuo of tihe apulic to alen at property, oeards pf rlrsregcer, rentvacl, &c. &e. will re elergel Cro d0uller pror 8 rqnara for tio hrat insertion in each Ian CaIvllIrvlCA rFroa, nr Advertiselnnts, aof any peraon at natlaru. wATli admlissilrle, shall re holurgod diuble, alil in ad(onnce, A Lductiilo of twenlly-file perceot. will Ihe itrad to Auctioeers, Sirerife, It[gieers of Willea, nnd larshols Oll Baealsof reannl estate. Intlished in both Ianganges, Wad 5O per cent. i Eogllhrlth lone: ill por eUt. on alte 's other prorroety. Auveaitrsvi nTrs rrt of the direr t line ef rusninle of the advertiser, uheit ns legal, raueihm, nail planta ion snaleos, runanway laves, stray uhilinlan ie. &c. will ibn elarnrel for aeaulolteIv, anil at ite ordiiary rates. AnvnaRrlsernarn t.iit lpeifled its Io time, will be lnablisrhe one nonethr, aid clarned acorllingly lNo allvertisemlnir orf lankruallies will bre rlllislred n any caLe, Iloea paid liar prevvioua to insertion, or rymenat graranleeid y it roponsible pereon in trlwn. llteatres nnd othlr tlaes of mnnuemenot, ndverlisiatl dilly ortlie senuoli to lie hllnrgel t$101 for L"tgllsh a All annou elnoits Il elil isteiites for politeil nofices willI be ohanrged t.isela the price af oiler advertise lSwing to tire ilnosrete isna sirtalned Ihy rvewspnaprr pcorlrirt rs, thev rave cllle to the onclhllm thai Ilir atnes nf porsns wIn te PaCOrvle t hvv ot tI an, lll mnd withrin te rontl after prelurnrtatison, sill ie min rllrw.r (sn fnrsa irnacticalblle) to Paich olher-they ovli :r ilseing ihriinlvrr nat rI advertise or lrinlt for amelh arillnnllrtS, ilnlest ins ase of rdlane pssr nalerts. (Sigred) .C. lIr ST. ItOMlIES J. IIAYON, P. P. REA, J. C. PRIENI)ERAST, JOIIlN rcltISON, LI.I;lSl)EiN. WVecekly PreIe.-\VCe, thr rnrlllloesired, agree to sllbde by lrh shove outintisiiton, la ir as they are applotable to w igoe!1l(r A. B. LAWV RENCE, At Na iUtacreltlons arctirknh tfor ics than ftl norttll. It.eetra ll eases. be cont naid. ir EI. , T IrN--Fell's .A l, Le. ,2,- 3r 4. en C runaiel VWebster pen, Poell's largex t arrel pan C Ionlgres Ialgi ti 'e, ry', flat ,siring Vi din small dit dIt 3 silit ido Windel'e ladih do oi double l atent do hnpbria[ l ol tlte panteut tir (iill.o' barrel do do Nationnl do And tirlhlt's tnlrclereinl, fLrc sale at LAVII Fur il' & C.. I Chartres et, fan N L Stntiners flail WtrigAlt & Mnr. cri-icS t-I O s yla clngs th, u 1r 1 grail othstlosee- te strtsrilshoiiid rise city for tle ry ADAMS & WprchAaI, (6C LASS-loll Ine.e in slore for eals, liy -i fro wIIrIaIp, I IIcUhN, 96 M name t V l'lit N 1t.- n ofi ice ,is i tie i , .lss l loira, Y.rli s l y ile.riae Kelly, Ilrreil & Co. giv (i WV 'LI'tICfIAltlt JO& 0 TAI.IIIT JR, .ihl i i car v oyirllvc L inIecliate -t II AY'S LINLMIMINT.-No Fietion.--''lhiu ex c tNrrdlulry lhetlnieal conlmposilionl, tile reellt of scieone, ond tile invenli:n o a eo clecratl iredi cal ioi , ithe inlrodnst ,o n of wlhis to the publie was invoteld witll le soletlnlty os a donlllbed heqnst, hIan since ganirnd a repluatioa unparalleled, rally nrtaini.n tile orretlloess of Itie lallneltel i1r Gridlley'a lastl olevivtn, thlal '" li dared nt I li witllhout givilno lto ipn rity Lile benlla l of lipI k.nowledtol Illo tcis rolleit," nlir he tllerefor Ir Ibleinsatleld Lto Isli fli asd loll atlthllda5ll, v.aOlIano I Ilays, tihe sc'!t ofi Ilsi di.,oVsl, sy. It is torw uarid irs tihe ihorpitelo, and ihe irivate iractiev ill sios CtIsi ry, first UI s nos: vvrtaiilv for tle s rtu Ul "il,, l'drm, ilsld so exta i eivvlyanl etuavll;,tlly tv'S-s Initll` crn.l-lity,,l werl c its i r-i cll; t re wi!sel.sbd EL:xtlrnally ill lt- i 1udlowin . reonihihls:it. lFor I)rojs,ay -Crl:atilg csrselrmvdiery absltorli."s Al1 Switilisigs--R,'sl-ssh.slhsscn incn fiew hours, Itlllslnestsisni-- ctel or illsrtmnil, givilg qilict ,lro Tihralt--Bly C.lnc-rs, Uliers or C-,ls. Crsuts ansi Whoopincg, arsd over tltc C.1tat. All Ilruisa, Slrains, anild Biurlln--Curing it a few Isourc. sNres alid Ulcevr--\Vleliher fres~c or long stt!iiing, nol l'tvscr avres. Its vlter rtictts upr1 duilIts and clihlreno in redue illg rhloulmatio wullirg., atlid loosrnisg enllcogls and iiglhlaes of the clelstl ty elaisxaaiol of thie lnrts, sha been surlrising beyond conception. The clnlcon reolrark of tbose \tio hlave nused it in tlhe Plls, is " It anes hlbe a lchrll." TIlE P1iL F'S-'Thio priee, J1 is reFunded to any piercon who will ace a bLtllo of lhay' Linirsrcnl lir lice Piles, and retarn thle etllpty bottle willtout beinig cured. 'l'hoc are Lthe onitive orders of lhe rlllroietor to ihe Agentsl alld out of sltay tllhou. B.and sold, stl Oin Ilbs b sen unslleecs'ul. W' mtigbt insertertificatls thi any Ioglltl, but priter tha tlitruo who osrl lo the article, lshould 08 ihbit tille eritihal to plrchasars. ('AUTION-No-ol cral be genuino asitlsout a splendid ngraved wratlppir, on which is imy o lne, and also thait oitie Agenlts. SOLOMON IHAYS. Saold whilesale and retail, by COMSTOCK & ('o, New York, and by als Druggiot in every town ic tihe Usnion. LFonr sale by tle Wholesale Agents, eoroer of (Colnnon & 'Tchoulitoulans street, aud by thO Apothlliearien generally. - . je3D taO curt; to tAu Zli1.JOlHNOO. tD )i t c 111I lienvill+. res!, cru S hl~ee t I practice ll the ltr tlit t Vleleoal 1 ),tl.*.lrttnItllt )N .I arrtt tl tIartrtratlrt, ar - /)r. Jtkat.rt, rorl ata reaidenleo f nlinny yeartas lira pitn t in tEralt+a devoted Ill ther treatrranut of Venereal ,-rs , ar r i t [rl frr ra is oa u ea t, iv pactioe in altttrlti rlIltra lrlntria Ua lhr iraalrtrrlrir, guatateas at snifte trtY and al|'thna l cura n otuc pl-sona as are t nlhled wlth nially ohie fallowing ditseatasR, vr: (iGlarrsea. .;elta, Slr;rtures, Chlalllcrr , BiRalba, Sn reiah \Vrlitakeaaa, l.titrrr l'tha Illadler, Kidneys, .,ilria, Urethra. Pralrtraal G;llntIu, Swelhad I r-aticlra, lEruptiona on the Skin, S.or Throat, Panla in fhle An te nume I rouaa nymptols i ,which generhilty fallow I s dissa-c. tlcet ,iates curedl in two or Illtce days without the se ofAl rcary, intertlrupltin afrom bluines, or ualera tineitn ilat radie afliving. A itdicire pro ellt Venlereal DI)iease cn Ie oi mlaed' )f tr.Jnhtahso. It is Flrai thile rC f)I' flira Ilrltnlrtrry a ry cleItarated [larata SniUlgeoll, and Iaw i u.eld y titin dllrnig tletnnvetr catanpriifn iin wtich lie --.rwl "ads Surrgten renert.i ir llt i:renctlr Anty. Sold by l)r. Jrrasoai, at his office. '1Itane per onts h.vinlg ally aTffn.tion of Disease, mall abullt ta1 kin g sOe VU)ogea, eL+ relllmoving tllo tIlt tOUIIuI'V Wotlhd ar wli ry giVirr. ltr. Jsi trrrr a call, its tartpr inedi r.;ill r frr tittlr care itllhlaitre rtett tim can:l be ut int t with writtenr directirts f iheir tt e. a oflice openu irollr 7 ill tilt mornintg until it o'clock at i niglt. ABEtrINTIY', I)DYVPPI'I 11.1XtI't. l)r. bren thay, alt' gre attat a f .rC gi'.l tro wi tpinion thattnl l . tenth.a.a it" a tiraneaa thilt arttlale lat aakind originate ill tile Ia stotCart. 'hint ilixir Lat lused by him witl the most ulltnrelt'cedenltetd successa ill tlis priat anlld pubili traclicU frr Iupwarids of frray yeaars, for til. remuvarl ft n e tallnillrng dlstGinane: I.rtg rafairrtit. , lhluitencry, I)itentlir Oat ofthe Stoal- I at ha, ittara tla e t itrr, Ilenravhiatt'l tttle t a d tttrlt ialii aiat t nleiep, lrratllltlrity t tthe Rtolwel.,and in all case; whe:re ludigeatisi otlr a itc tive habit is I>undl to e 'llias tediciant n ntUat re l numbeed among tta hostt of tl"ack a'rLani'naI a t aort Int a t bic , " ta it ia att rltle ilalartiOI rit tlalenarest arirt allltraiartll ifig suargeoln E.trort pnver lproduced, lftl te. a ecret of plrepalri it r., an irhllnnId ty tile lagent f a rvely large nnll. It in area slale aIl 1 Ipllanaitllll tittl t lllasta ne ItsR a altild aLtrCr iert.always kereps the bowels frete, impiarts vigor and mtrea gtl rt ta nlym las a at ntcllenrderfhltnsa tol tle liitd !tll it few Illlltl, +. rom re s it 1 8 Ill ll l st c Illlnrlilnll cases oi' Iylapept;in lrt iadligestino, at pr 1ventsIt return at arly 'ulture period. i8\YI'o Ytlitllth August, 1338. I5 ,t\lallisonistreet. SIn:-i-n coaenqutencera ieladi;,g i edeintary life, I have been troubled, in ,re or anless, witih tlitaestion fear nn veyrs; for tlne lat hree yearin my sallrrinlgs have lrarlliltlsui ortabe. I have tried saveral phayaicans, a id ta nnaerraf quacik rneliciries, with:ut deriving any ,anafit. I dl..palnired of ever lhtaiuni anv' y lertlallelln relief, anld rasigaell atynelf t atha: t nst hlopalas daespair I wsrn perauadedI by many frirntla n tary Abeletltty'a Ilvsapeltltic Elittir. I tare Inowa ianied thean fumnath bt tl(." . It kll knw not how t, expressa naaa : aiatirln of its wa nt idalrln irta tesl l ta it a la' nar cle it "'ait perfora ed in rr+ttaitg ill rlaa :tat ata.tah whrhhta t I raeght lost ftia e er. Se:iad mile ailf a dt hiL Bdtles , e nod except etin t Inll t 'lo p"zlet tata uit. y r J remUant t turor JCO It f)' IOE. lr .f Iltis ti' ,irt.i'. M.oil by, at -Dr. Julatn.i.'.. 1.I biar e, stre t. tanv. 5 PENSACOLA MIANSION HiOUSE NEW CITY PENSAC)IA. ir3HE buberilwrhsiug puarhtsed tire leose sod Air 1.ilitureof this well nauwit aetablisliteto, front Mr 'Tgylur, theilae prietori will hbe ready to receive vi tars by the let If Apcril next. Numerous oanl cossly iloprovoments will be found in the arreongosonit of tile hlnaanl House. Now end snore eolllon, ao atlio n "ti houles will lie so ls, nd w Iar tl . nut will li protoidud at all hoirs. A itable will e atta ned to tiulleoo, with good aceo lnmud ions for hlorses and carringesn. Li st ruse Illrses clud carriugei will olrsi be kept ai ile irnt meran (ra prioe un sail od row boats with porons ton moogo thIoi ficr 1tib, oo noril.tncr. illirded std noil1 sauinoene osoh ioaally miuol at wsaterirag lae,.o, will uallofie i uniadlo, adtl u eoaduoolea li not ato iielerfere wiibtlbonm eflsrt unodq uietofthe bohrdere. Tlami winsa nod liquors will be of the besl qculiy, nod to enran.i Ill eoyply of ioocalas n lreslv beeou omerret w-bil wil aoeriy about thle INst ol lay. hr Fredrick Ilarenard, who fruerly kept o pol nr a hlotelnt Wartninwgto ito, will undaie this Ion el tbr tile pnropritor, ,bih, with eChl i o, voalidoaitlv nssoret the sisiterr oflast yeur, es d bie friolslo go:nlly, stht they will reaoive evroy muOmiiei IteinoI; onwl tiInrisly exaots to goive gensn ll soutilacsion. lTha loal advantaugs of Illr s Ilosen are too well knawn to weed a Imsogtvoeaed de-eriptiCo hbre. Tile foots tIat Pnoeolua is te larest onvll totiIn of tile Govrawmenr thi e geakrol rendzvous onf i 3e Giulfsluod. oRn; tile saluirimy ofite climnte refrosod constantly da ting tile usolner Inoolrl lby tuse vooleat Iresl In rite fulI tile oblcitv of tile Iaiuy end iltr ieigllouring ilands and livers; i allshodn c an nod Ilelicasy of tler soll whit which lie waters oulmiedn anol is aisity to I,,I bsot Simutllorn iltrkbete, uivo lPrseneola Ilie mI fvrenma over all oilier places ill threPe Intitildes, 0s 0 Nlosltlvy Alid dieliglnfill suelir rectreoat. bretIrater Io te willtr ilsnceos Aleso anla end elo ile, mnd will at iloes I, sble to tak sie paloiwssengr frosts tsit New Orleooa boats. N B ARNOLD. Preonscol, Ferl. 15th, 18:18. 1 (itlrsoerl wiilsbirg to ongugo moilns .or tek ir fanilies, Ire oddrss thIeC plriletoin Hs e/ut IProleo, or hIr .t+,erll 1''faylort ilse forlner licolmrirtor= at Necv hir leans. RI.feenrres. 'P Su,,fmslrd, Ecs r(,Ale C Caillus s fI Alelllum, foi., I.t Jilmlmn, ia Molhic; S T Tesihr, I' s' e na, MI1, ino Nret IO ro--A -ltt ba.+ to rcrneee elllnnlllsss llsslsomi fir I'rn at Ilile aboe el, in plnced aiu t;C Ilinthe 11NCY MATC ES sith tint .CCliiiisntins' eofe 51e S It IUlrire ooliiXChssl. 1LORID.C ROtlf', It-ill NEA lIOR. DJ Travellor, slevirusn of Inking, Ibe .ri, l rAlle via Pol'0eoculu tllsh NoeIhI.r illEfI ed tht litrl rle' biaalswillvesmnoiinosrrllssfriia.AlMobilea t, 'elsvsomsoI leoviiig Mobile nsid P~osmncolvt rovrv mlsscr lpv mfers tise lot of Any. (ln.rd stnagos will nlrFI-v0 hr I)niviluld ,,y tieslsr+e t ie i orldiasseno ist~ issnssmoesgeeol lervis Mobile, in oase of Ihe fuilnre oftlsv boits N I ARNOlD. The steeohinat Clhampion lones Clobilo bor Ienoa eels twice a week fIs'eLu Iv NsillllIaiS&css, Ne. 34 Cli nus es~e5 ace ;,ro-e rcivioig doily fron their bsoise in Plhiilnelplhii, en vlegant and eisotmilete asicrtirent of smbstanntial ond fastmionalih, vlnilsint. 'Tlsey invite tihe olrn limn of the public, vt iley yri warrented in eoyinp lhnt sarongors nold civizcis ecnvoii fllrnilis thIns. selves motre oadvantsogouoly in any oiiy in tile Union N. II. A few dezen elegnto ivory eilndle unt brellas, (rein 3Di to 36 iaebos. Also, a Iarge lot whie'pino 00akigy boxes, vnrious cizore vrry hiiw I) Till, I.AIC) I-Atkilmss'u De ,ilr Fl r - rllO~, illgeln Fa )L'lll rllllS haIrir rlllv tilt tiltP ll.(, : k slid filler nil+1 ,1.] erT its11 "or brillvo utenu Ath l rose mslulllyjust r:C(,i datlhf iltll vm -m;hso.bslsr. i v i t'l I 51),ll & I.IIN, i I enIsybe tlrlrllnrllle lhlr Isnicr l llll 1I ] lII'IiP CvtIItN 1," aI'ionsiA IjlvisIi;--lIl·C roe I5 l Ius'is ltr+ = I tiess t, bsisthimo i.nlssvr-i slllI ilseiiisms i r A lsoilrIt s-vi.e lImo veil5O oil.'t' liusl Isilii 1s ii,,l me i hy m . Assh, TII, III, G, s Iiek IItul'i#.. ?a CC' .05ta' III I-- so-s-v _ dl.cove rd d elih ,lhllrrl o r anti In I r:I .lh.i ' Ilil ascieItn tisa t, rIIi tlli'rIllit I. a h h o tst lblish-d Il, 1 ml lth t il. pIts ''I r lt r th sl. t 0 , 1, of tld u t s aclt tnd rlte It llur at l l ti, l ar. it[,rb i tie.1 , dtc rrlhrt[ r w Itltit ie,a ~e,, : , L Itt p i sedci ely. IariS sr lh _rl",! r,, r p ,rp t s I Itlaed toty ri arl to Atly Ite l ia s iUratar nled j trt est rablished i , It I h . s l h 'ilt i l It, r IItal sh ts t n aill lind lle It l tu ul tll , iti t slItt , tihltle it er1 vtos and sitll-i. itva rs, i iieraz i, vItoalet tolde, A dslncteillr.ry 'r till tlsDii ysbe la tr Illu ler s tisl a, i mthatd o hl y are ot atisfy (e t an ted inrt aan lyo rtc-mallteltltln iI, ri-t e iattlya alled upon trt Ceela tier3 oldu t ,ic l ltt o r ln o tl oir ue a Irtllt r t C to say to all, re y 1I I od l ii t trillt| U--ar un ple [ l.-is in tnil taall t - la- l at d oni It lic rthJecIt. n Tis e o ler hel f te d 'here v er, etlho ets typhusi e~ lt vrowstt v ired( l IIrtLllltv ri il.letII et vIoleILt coltd , ltter-d rhe Cr ttrierr iI the cen ca wih thhe u-e the' m fl at lh'i re n lll , O i. alrlll t III td its i wan roll ' rlc mll 1en llTdihl ,ll I theI Lh onlllil ylledu on frnLbv di od lay toi all, try it, ae il y e altlra r am rple t ite'r aet, to all we butI ti sit t ea t r e t ct u tI I. Tihe chltelra t.iir t-i tie ,i alt h alesr which ad eti t Ivlr evsr A ontI, tielry, hlne a bel, Ducrsult con-i - crd le Lr,,rI-lhNar ill Mi aic; Ir t II wit h t he ut it dtt tustntitt 88ly Ia iltrutd tie s -i a- si at Io n lhl e: Tll e WIil e i. we oll I ii |,isp tlr+ Then i oIi Slvi|I. 'f'h+il co, (|i l lll v , ell t(lr olly r bI) d tile) l l I; iRN e .\ 1Ro & AVI S, - . ". L, , is 1 1iu ,,ti ; no d i I i ln Oltill; 'etr li t r t-Iil- -- -I , il i it'l .; t·h r i t h n lh tlear, l chln i r o l No rt, Orll lieyrve thellls wc Il iistalo I a ulrh sh to I:nkly, o:csdit evser olr I 'f h irdie o b iu,c l cactl 'i)n is td whol ,lle and rlt-il h h n iller, to Au t11. A ,ngi rttakel, i dis seu t alst M. : prdre,-cehy '1'c:'o.,h . vietio gnr' s,.t N , w Orhla s,. I '1A ' L II.s--( b , on, oncr;ni. l - ci h, an o ll',e :trull ]i ' througho tll s1i l relylv H t eli a lrAh T ] on l FoIas cml i.ue; T ' I llis lotllle. 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Ju tie, r. t n lld to CIo-r l isr t v tri hy - O1 ic9 t11 C.anIsi," 19 Cmo Stie T tistnlle, Nea Orlla n No A ]IAe l DAYS,15 ri From Mlobile (,hlabttll) to Augurta -(eca J rA t ilr vcl v Nth ew Yirk, u - iatv I il tahe et-iti , o lt mte l fro bilm NA t iratt l e r hrl i aobile tloAuagstsa r9e ti a . gnti . tikely, ahlesto n 1 ltaikin o tats ( r Ple lti elr ay St miles piir i u aI1 , in'lu tlve ie unlI stollge s. lv to (cd ' lC; co he t ct via Mheittg atete , Chigte.tabchc, (for'Ie tr a l aa tla ri.a eon,)lglsd-l-e hia eaeilcrLmta .,It httkitsvi'Llellitieloi'. N. II.e to stg lSa . A ia~siagerm the pt his scat :t Mh. crecek hei Othrt oean n lletie i Ic. sthe ta 'he lll er Ie)ta (LhI Ily i st aole, ocerni.a. and all ll e Te ni, throleelhoute, an m hl l ally WIrII T 'rmove; N IIIoI Ive tiI iar ivalsure oegu i.img lom c ellierc, th tgh, lthr. t ri, hrive sioul o leurs re oT ihe ( ir. t Na. e; Hrd ais Mtite s. w.ter role ltiom eiac. The a tlCar IIflot it i c lllla~wlt ed by all w psl g it to be rp T. ia moveltie h, b l ln t ad al roaes. T he sabi Es lstrl ilr is oein i iacera Nvi O atintr hel lm d tlatte mlahitel fllhils the trav N peea , -lit-ic a forts ei c , tarm a tli as Ig VaY ity Connected as ia wClr with a h is as l i lt il S LiOt, S. C. at-losir tra steam pN ckets a o New YIori F arm , ·I thooc a e, Florhloal , 2w 8 ha rt a tuc ot Line ial~u ti itv at ae Tllahasse, u St 32rks, -' h o Oue to Mill Ae-arillela t o to i cia, light two hn aoachea. STOa K I'e."sek - co. Office-ia t i lodeie, ll -sv Mobile istatIS, New 1 8r5lcul n to Pee 'ile, tre t ntilal : MNl obie le to Air gura , lit H i.iti Is 1 te A utIset tO Chatlt l esho, ift a a Chts lty stio t o s ew York, Siti - 180 e a Titei at w Orat am Io Moalte , i 8 t LitrI. Mobile to Aitcgttlstaio t 'e'LiastatI Attic lat , to t.a rlestIti, t1 t ii Mlkin 18 mil ile pier day. or T miles per hoe , inae ltssa trsive oli eel s tn sage r. i ote es Itc N.nIi. I1e ala leae ito iaforim . he pJubli IAhat K Ih rh r AYes &,cdril-e s Pitia tiths irlet andl isar 4ld.a ret s, ( a i o astacles ole tg -ert-t 1 rhliet arid speedty rootte ai ate hus happcily a 't mot'ed; t oll Iehve il water E'ticl tien lNe ola & o Cte dr I llutt it is b nit'l Ged ly all E Thl hoaetasilsel Ithrough it to he u ritasee fiat tur !la ant'ajlantrtlaete.s. tar it j OMBARD & CO'S Boston and Now Orleans J_ Li. o of Packet Slhips.--ThI new line of ships has been expressly built to run betwaen the abofvo ports, and will ba found of suitable draft of water: accommrodations for passengers, and ovary effort will be made to give general satisfaction, The line is composed ofthe fo lowing ships: Cherokee. 415 tons Capt. J Ilarding, Carolina, 400 do S Lomist, Charleston, 374 do D IEldridgo, Columbiana, 6t5 do G Barker, Seaman, 240 do J fHowes, Dombay, 625 do D Iumphrey. The above ships tare all now, of the first lass, copper fastened aold aeoppred, commanded by men of groat experience, have largo Cerommnodations, with a separate ladses cabit; every attention will be paid to passengers, and the very i eat of stores pro vided for thornem. The packets will be towed up and down the Mts sisaippl, and the strictest punctuality o!scrvod in tho timna of sailing, and should the regular vessels be detained in arriving, other ships equally as good w;ll in all cases be substituted. A share of patron ago is solicited, and the agents pledge themselves to neaommluodata as tuchl as practicable, to receive and forward goods by s ,id line at the most moder. eto charges, and to advance all expoties on goods shipped, if required. Tile ships will leave the 1st and 6Ith of every month. For freight or passaoe, apply to the agentr. J A 1['ERltltT,' 82 Cuoaton st. N. R. Advanceoments matde on consignmao.:t to Messrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. aov27 i '1L'AT'1": tt" LUtll.INaA--iairat Judicial Disirict f Cimrt,the state of Louisiana, to all whom thlse aaesevatasulall aoaae, geacetiag:a VWlaheas-.+amlaoC. O)adena, iGeorg I. , Ogden, aod dl.saral t orke, havig prcha.led alt n sIalelmde Ily thea S~yadic of tlle eredliar.fl If:gertaa la Wiblra, tile rolperl ty her:'inafter tdeaeihaad,hns aplid a ,l Ia ia s clerk a ,llts woIrt, fibra el l itjion or adl veni.'.nIent i eo rnlaiata ly hta a ln at olf i a I.lgidntilll f I e laltl le of llli lllo, enti atled "An a.t tr the f'urater a.tuair a ll f' le tial's I llp r Sl34ur d alJulicial sale;"' atlrtoved the a diV o llarcll, 18314. Now, ti refire, k oa ye, iand a l ll lerlls interr"ated hesell, alre hereby cited a'andai no iLed i ll t l InRIIe o Ie stalte olf l lisi lla , a Ind lof the firl jmliaadiial lltrict runtly, who canll st anloy aightl, litle or clill in lluai to the alaranau . llV in tlae order, atlhl l a I aaa l aIj l lalaIa"ta a le lao ll undller whicr h lthelle Nllln made, or ilay irregulllri lr illegalatt n h iaa h alas i lialll d llll d ' l,+ i1. 'tl i lllorlllallll r fl as, l iar l al ' other flle.ll t wl l h l ever- to dhow mana i thin lhiy dans flaoan alt dlay tlhi lo. itanol isa tairsit inmatelin lit;, ' pn lit paes, a.h' tale lasleta a sld'e doultl not be cotllirlased alid h(l; ['httie l sia pprty wats ealt tat tha' Syn aaic t'frewatid t 1 lt tile llt daly t ofJl tltitrllV, A. i. 1I7;: l), by l iiu l 1'111 r.ul r of l .ii court, relere onl thell t thll day of l'lvbrll ary, A. I). 11:U3, In llthe atller aof John l:gertonl an Jlsorl L. t1lll'ary vs ltheir creditors alnd tl credliloris of ligertona l and 'ilbrayy-No. I13tliIa ofI the ,aiuket of this emullrt, whihl le said Sallllml C1. (Odta't, (iGeorge II, O(.lenll, anld (JEdwallrd Ylorkie bl.amella the ipurlleausels litr tlhe prlice lr'eill'vr t'allle'tllaalld. etscl rlliht tf ilte lprolerly a:= given ill Ilthe judlicial ollellyance. V i: l.t Io ll l. a i (s1 at'rall tta in flntt llra S valllri' ll ltt 1IlgnarL+ hIo)Illoed 1..r till , l'ry tnni,', "llli,)lo e, nml Noyndl es JanuarylllllllY , 1:,and Ldepositel in the ie lli ,0 "Jo)selh II. .Marks. Esaq. notary public lear rslabra'.cs, 'naasuraig :iul bt 4 inctels frot on Promais'ee stelt, by 1l21 feel in dr'l,tll llld Ifrliontao Clio tIreIet. T staamlutl C. Ogden, George I. ()gdn, nid I,:lward Yorke, $:3,71,1. .lt ino. i,i l the same sllu ture, ta lltalll'illn 9 feel rlllu t ton ralrn c I 'e atret, hy 12I li''t dteep, adjoihig ano. It. Ithe ssllla front and la epi, to a lh r inn prnrhlllllrta ot aIII. t , ill the s.aI e sllt aret P t lldil in , w:ll Ilvill the miieI front utolll ll i .' , to the u. ll lll r . -,,~,$1 11111. 1 Lot foti. 'I, ia ri lat' u t.a. ~.' r t as U·lnlilnl no. , toI 'atll . sa,1 a i s -t a' , dlptt t t I m n lllli LotI lat t7,rt in int a tlu l hnre al djioinin n . t , and lll int e ill li. tat illl i dii 'pttlll , it litlo tl l , tailollr t'ttil li -,' i',"l l : I. l.ltr I,. , inl the m I lle l tare aldjoi ning no..1. . , la havit the a me frt or and tatpt , sa tha un' u h iit nill. the wio t ti l' t at u aiiii itl, , ta t ll ,, lr Iila . rrr, I, I HIl. I.ot 1.o. t his, ihr, s,+ m• re i tni. mi,) ,.inL so, 3. and nvil thie l saml e frol talnl depth, ti' , e a ptll lll. ,Lo no. t, in ith' -anol pmrelll i r ii ili id i g Iso io.i t thf li ts fr a l''at. 'l o 'd ad l, to t ],c c: pI' t at h a-.e ll , ,t a$ l wIs . IIIa s 'sI1"atllaaa n Iaa I ,It I, '-a Ia 1't IIIl.a i1 h , hII anlld I1i' iiii i l li le lr I t L IIii t, ll, ii, I - hI , L othrlte,. ot= h , n. l a ri'l atIi Nh e. , u ivt i I,, .t alle ii i , h + ' w lt .ll, Lt . i lli i l id 11111 :11 51 :U~l; L. '.l~tVIS, ................ i?~ ITA'l' E L, LOUISIANE-Cour du iprem. l oier distrlt judicinir. L'etat do la Louisinane, " it tonls coux quc ces prantIesI cIncerneIt. salut : Attendu que Slanmuul C.OgloIn. George I. Ogden, I ald Edlar Y.torkeo nyantlltcht t iute vente aitea Ipar In Syndie dIs ridtanier. s dt Egerton Sr. Wibray. la prop'ridt6d ci-aprb decrite, so sontadres6s d ila Grafl' dot cetlc cour, pour tn arin confitrmdmelntti h uun acre de na Logishlture do 'etat det la louiiane, v intituln *' Acto pour con.firer isn titres des anc. quercurs aux ventes judiciniro;" approuvd iI 10 A Mioars 1831. Q I'il son counu, et toutes personnes intcres.des niant par cesa prescntos solnlm.t6s nu nom p de I'etat do la Louisiant e at do la cour du premier district judiciaro, qua pournraient avoir droith In propritid ci.apri s do, rlatn, n con:equeilce d'un dd. C lout do form+, dlns l'ordre, ho decret nu le jugcment do lacour, en verln duqui l la vente a d1 laiot, ou s ie (In utit irregularitd u in il6dgaliti dins I'catimation, It I'aVis on 1o temps i.t le inode d lia venlte, ou pour a unC antra causse qellconqlue, do tfire voir, dans p trentn jour i datur do il publication do actlI avis, pourquai la ac:te ainsi thite tin seait pas coenfitrie et iluntnloiglito. la dite propridt6 fut vendue par ito Syndic suidit le t1nejijr dti Javiier, tin 'ant 6,1 i 189, cu vrl In ttu dd let d coltte C.outr, rendu tle dlxtnca jour d a fEdnrier ildo l'antda 1838, dans In'atiire dI John a Egron a lln Jtins L. W\ibrly vs. laur crinlici rs b u Itcs crt"tciers do Eger on an:l Wibray-No. I 14li911i d docket in cutie ('our, ist iqu.llo vente Ice di s Samuel C. Ogden, Geoorge 11. Ogden, anid E;dward Ynrciisl. so ollt rtlndu t anqutirIicl. pour ln prix to ci.aprbs mentionad. D)escript on dt, la propridtt d' prds Ic transfer judiciaire, sanvir : No. 1. Un lot do terre situdo sanus In .aubourn . Saultn, li n l aca tio ad par Ils ruoa (Clho, Pry. tan:6e, Calliop , Ntayades, star utin plan ft hit par J C:aloun, dal6 iJ4 Jtnvier, 1833, st Jditoad ou bureau (dt Joseph ill.llark, Enq. notaire public, iid. suraut 29D piids 4 poiucn s do linca dicns ia rue d!c s.ur 1,20 pilds do prIofondour et de ifaco sur nla Ic t!e cill, alljn.6 it S lunel C. Ogdoen, Gorgu 11. Ogden, and Edward Yorke, pour ln prix do I $3,700' No. 2. Un 1 t tido t:re situd dans ia 1n118ic place, Ilesurant 29 pieds dans la rae de l'rytn1en lsur 120 ide prolondur, et i could de In. 1, isuX mtnes acqutirours, $3.000 No. 3. IUtl lot do terrc silutd dau lat ins ttr place, ai cold do noi. 2. oat yant la:s miins Ipropo. tions, sux tht acqudre re, $I 30,10 No. 4. Un lot do tcrre siltud dins Inla na c place, i cold dni no. 3, e utayant le InmsOui propor Lionr, aux dit acqudurcurs, 63,050 No. 5. Un lot dol terre itouda dans tI Imlln p'a n, it cold do na. 4, tL ayant 'les nullol propor tions, inx dit acqud6rears, $3,150 N. G. Un lot do terra situdo dans la n meno place, iacold do no. 5, et ayat les meanes paoportions, aux dit acqudrcurs, $3,400 No. 7. tin lot do terre situdo dant s la nome place, a cold -to uo. G, et ayant las iannies p apor. tions, nnx mnltnes nC(udrCurs, $3,350 .No. 8. Un lot do tcaer situdi dans la inllne place, i coidl do no. 7, at ayant Ios inistes propor. tions, aux flit acqudreurs, $3,O90 No. 9. Un lot do to re situdo dansa lun lcmo plano, ih cotl do no. 8, et yaant les neaines propor tions, aux dit acqutd curP, ,$3,900 No. 10. Un lot to terro situdo dans la mine place, Ih cold do no. 9, et uyant les moInIa Iprn,O6r tions, aux dit acqu:,rcurs, $4,300 No. 11. Un lot do tcrro situda dans nla mnom place, it colddo no. 10 tcansurant Si pindsa quatro poucesdaun la rue ido Prytando liar 120 do protlin dcuret de face sur la rue Calliope, aux dit acqud. rurse $85,300 Les onae lots sont vendus avct Ieo privilege axclu cil'd'uue al:ta nyant 15 piltds do largour sua la der ribre' salon to plan ci-unlctionnd. Conditions-a 1800 slr chaqau lot, argent comp tant, et lt bal.ncoe 0, 12, 18, ct 24 anois, on cro. dit pour len billets cltdoisss at approuvsa avc Ihypu. thbquc jusqua to dorniar paiment. L.. a En taonain do quoi, Jo i'ai signd, ct J'y ai appOad in scanau du dit COaa, CO jOUn 5 \turs, A. D. 1839. , il2 :'t in 303 JOIN L LEWIS ' (iAIL.--76 toina fltc llesl it ngsClislconl,well nuitid ja a l .n t ba ant bslnhe Abconn, lrona tir n aI'iad, fio -alel, it ll).316iS Ns S1iLI., j aei iLauk ltaua BALD'NESS 4 IREA UTI IFi1. lead rf harir ie Ih rn0e0llr ornn ement Ielon.ainl t, tire hll rn torm. ieow stre ln ly the lo ore it cllnneree elh . nnetren, , anod pormr t rely bringy on the apperonce of oll e of. whilrl 0 .n tea tmnny to recoil rft lri e ny eernorrid. rne . -rtime PVPII l0 H111 II' oci(ety to aIvorl 11 f le t-e ss , p.ll ara of thlir aorretll lrre: hr the romnirh 1O rir irveo nere ra lose reftrpr1t fills the geo rorle tlinkin t-|re with tlint nea vV singl. rtte l ao done thie l-r of a:ie reni. To er IIIn ll there eleerl r en-nt airermlrrrntnne. rlriýre Inlm of ('lemlr.I .tpa rfi heir from felllren oflivn Ifr firet prilietill, ltrl a few le n bottler retr tv I+ ilthl . It likewrse .ronioee eeerowt era whiker; prerettr tile neirelront trnv .rn-. nakRt it irrel ArCll tifelle, Rnl freet it fr-omrowrf. nrots rrorer tli.eter's o tre fire: tanletahilitv in nt )ertl of the. tirllulof Oil riih gel Bhnlt nore thrn ),v Ile piroprietprt. j Riend the fillhling:- lRobert Wharton. Eq. Iatr Man tr of Philir ,lelIp h uas eertiwliri t reem Irve e reoir to tleltih hIntr.d tr orf dIe fonllr)einre eantlelmen. 'rme lr.rr-irree ol olrelv eleretife rhIt re-lnve olsrel illr+ Il.llne f ttir ll llli -eev e ,dii by . lri() idge. nnd haroe ftllltll itl hr ily r.brip. ller i onl , ils I prrVlnlltiVP irr.aislt' ho fllirng rtr'fr riirrrt rlr, e . so . ert n hr sl WI.I, 11 'Alt ,IAr'F(IEIR, Seniror, Mlletherodit lieieteir in St (Le(Ire remroo. No An; North Fifllr et. .ObuN P It0IIS,ltcl Arch trret. JitiN I) ''lll) hA.+.. 11 I), in Inaerts JOIiN S I:I'REYin , iNm Splrn strelt. JOltt (:nARI,.tr. tn 13 Arn illh At e. It ip kheroVlwn lr three of tile allove. b.lrs ne mfre o than I0 years Ilfr o, anre n le I tee l. rt l less te Inr . [Fror tire Mateore.] Cemointoaclrlh f Ir'rlnnir,.loanl i Citev rf I'rhi'arlelrlrin . l Robert Wharton. Mli yr ef enid 'ity of I'lid i1.i thin, do hnrehcv el'ri l Inet l nm well neqgllinted! with J I' l.rlis, Jrlirn I FIrr'P n oelI iChI, I 'CorII;. lrhorseernmro rr rrrr-ejre tr tirlt l vr r etrtifirnlr,tllrt llhrv ne', oitlt ln of 0'b 0rn-ohr and rend+'ctnhil:ty, lnd u' spelt faIll credit should give· i n t ih said ee'rlitifiah.. rli wilt nets wh hrrnf 1t II her llnl et nitV hallndi aonl rlle rd tr tparnl n city r l oily t ixe, thi fith dlrly of I)oenlhlrerr, &r. [II.S.] Ill itl'lllP WI IAlNit. cMvnr. OItSI 0't E rlltater ih hot)tle oI fhe (wellllilln hne bl ;n s rnlli n edidraved wr -per, on whilh is rltrcnlltlel, tIle Fall IrflSi.ii.ereor, &e, Soblt .ilolrtole eill] retaril Ivtle oler nentl for Anler rice. n Fleror aealrt, nnerr e lnirur al e, Nor tte beo) ,€ earl trrl' ronll rt r ty mio rgt hdrel irtr rll rleflrlr re t' tghl lee rrountrlr. JAIIVIS & ANI)I'IlWS, el9 ,h'llestle Agent., New Orlehnn. N ORRi & Co. N-. :13 CIharrnr street, r n hien th reehuinlg i p uopre lnrve t0e r rnot splend sei, lalhn nnd fnshinnal le ieerk of Chorhin Iriey have rtev r exlihitrl in Ihls illnrlet, eo,.istin in l tet fl Ifl i f ll err r n ririel e iti : bl.rr 1l.ltr, Iheb'lr: er -relnrrl hrr dre brocwi ni lritern, tivce I-rcrmtd ltr enid rlden olive frck nfoid -her ve trrits; pnetvlor. sd I rll nd harrinhl t frolv I'noi Fi, ,r e aanoll firlr ', rd fanc ai d ilain bhl-ck cas il ntree ll elri ll eaellon R;s: rnelish nenl frrnrh ane', nnd er i, ,;lit nnd snain vest; real mw Innrklet c i tlllohlrt: ei mlistilan I hr nlnc tllrl, d , l:rti n r i C:l'rfllr l d rrltlllrit crh it i nli bll orrl i hi orii ll, ' ;.,l we'- b 1. ilr.e ilre an- roitll ar t 0hrrtrlc and drf:lcLr ; fIIne ilIrrrc nlird l tltir rnf btrl wir t Irr in I,.-,ftrrtlllenie i d rrttledI irt oryt p.rll fnd - lain -e rtr iclb i lr Ion. brll'n1Il I li trrlie' . lellrrllhilii ( o r -oo.-- l . eev.; t ritrll ir-,cn - i-it ci rr nitr-i t h lt n ; p'nin n, fi_,.rtltlrand dml , ,ilrt o . am! i lk, hame, !: l lit h"ll li,,. l :AI oi t w lth ilia- ,,er I,'w for o T.\f i+"I:trot l.n11t11, b () i:.N'ITI "A.--I1Lp. S Iven III, 11os both etotr ii ilr 10 ln rill with unirtllr .er +lrr .. e n f rc rll ilntill ll \hilelinen tire bratt n lcrd j. r- lr,-t rtrtc-e le l..tlt j r-r et lr 'se r v c-c-r - , m, h ,l , i, hr... . ah ,, i, ,, -, cr-t- - r n , .-, -rl h or ih :ll t .--( ).,r. -ta , .l0+11",', (1h '.' inrI I tf0 iP n i ll rrccn i ter wit- h a t itrl cb, te'il l i..i.lttei llr p'ee 0., i st,111'l', lltl ter- i el' thar i xclr ttll. pain, Ivthr onretj1.tee et li. Piniee rjn )llcr "Ite. "1-'.\ nrcilllrrt t ie'htci Ieo), il . ii io J}r, fit"rs lt'll . , aniltt .ld so llwh l snTe and i(.,al l (h.i . 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Srttccr l eIr iia :lr..ahl op nanI b fllll ok .kin'; p'in'ed s braIs nal i -tiel btrille .t- If ev r d!' llllli'l la rteI, br'ts and stea I spa rs p r ', rv di scica: r pllated, brast s and tcel stiritu s r of very dsctip ' rll.ft| 'r with n non: ap let nssnriament oif every t a·tiiat n.teit arlinej f n luia n ss- ,ill t t I which ht ry I r althr for sill l on accoUa tna r atlerllyF I They will ll t ntlllilllln I r ceive IIrough .t1 t years, tby packets Ifrloi New York, it a, supplits to keep thir r stock nlllll a' t1111 nllltlte''e. t Kt<iLI1·., I).\X'IDS.oN & co, 18 15 OiCanal st. Fr Ear"-a ti a;A tRDIa N iSEt ) --The suabseer',n r ii gs to cxprss a his grantrhlul thaIlns to the pubt S I c, fr tllhe lieral iupport be has tcCivi d sin ce ihe ''ra c t ltenea d bt sin sall a tI this ct. i. t ItIng sa le pro 1 priet srof the seed store, 1 I Counl ln ,irr 1, l.l e i. da not and inever i ,ati ag1enl htr aniy norllelln s. ledl e vender: neither Is he collnr e'ed w it aI: Ill e ill this o.l 'nlt .y- lint h le asnIs a tllhe public tl h, I sll conneeliensin leiry dep.ritllnt of the s 'd |t usin c i Hess ia tile d ailt'ie t c aunt tra of [ct iaI ai re t t' n to that of any' h)ste in tNie Ui red States,, II il. ,prts seeds, iplanl, & . fr.ln the I IIa t ext ensive Sholland, nglantg y n, a anlt, and the la thearn states-and it wilal a, till Nthas he his in era s', as it isis s p llsdv, Ito ret ivt, ill ahli, on to hs present to stot , larne ar,ivals of every description, rally thell tarie Ili i ) 1 at3 ; niso, engrnfted fruit ire, an f all Skind!. lTheu i amy Irely On finding a liun na Ssrtllnell of every inrcle in taru ld haiol genull as gre quality, and impolned direct by n \Vm. DiNN. r- ID)UCA'I'IT.;N--FI:'ENCII and I,1GLIStl. i0 r Jama s, recenty dnived In this citya hegs leave a to in rarm the cintznis of Netw t laanas that hle will r. Open an academy on ondaytt 14, J anuary, at No. -O ' Toualotuse aslreel, hr i tn itllslrueolll III routh of to buth sexes, in French and English, in whiih ibe .r- will bIe ably assisted by Mars. Jimes and alls. 10 male.ier, wato trpeak bioth t',se Ila'pia',eJs witha e greal fluency and purity, and who wi I ta..e charge Ir oi te tdlepantnl ait 'a t: VLe yodung laies. 0 M tr.J nltes will alva Ii. wllt e late enltion to the so varinus branches Il etducalln, and fl tiers hil selln Ire at le will gir v etnlltar saitsll a tion o hoe who I Nd 'ICE[an--'l' n in'rshi;, ilrmarnet sa th 0 2ith July Ial. ,hrtween John Y. I yh:sr, Jioseph A. u tBeard and Charleis l . Biore l, to be ctntr l u. Ie t un - der he style and ttle of Iaiyliss, Iard & It)lllt r is herreby dissoalvead : nd IhiIs hssolutin is Io P lake affect Is Irom the Iit II DIcenlher last. c. The undersignled will primt.plr' dlsa.hiargt all Ihe 'u obligatiolnsl o i le li efirlll, alad in Illllruo contlllinU IIn Iltheir own n.llntllleS, iIId for their IIown aecou t, Sthe Ftllle businc.s, as "aors and (.lGeneral Cotl ir mission erchlll i Tlltr , under I!lu style and titlle Il lBeard & .ithlon, and soicit it share el ite psonll ag, ol llheir Irnenlld and the pubhh. JO.rEPHi A. IHI:ARD, 'd nov I C- .Ra ES 11. 1,t1t:N. ' IUN!Dl) ---,Ili-civippi 1· undt lake., a' 7, I rent 1.e Auc e , lur lot-l.fries. I )cIN'l'S,tl.IS, "LASS, IIJUSIII'.,t, &C.--.u nllndingIt fril hop Conslthiti, and fritale-viz 16.000I fet ol'lass, besl qariuality, fliron l 1 3t W.3lX28 3100 kegs wnite lend, pnre r; 3i dr green eaint, in :: libr. hert; 2. dir .llilp ed g ti lr t sis tIc ;iec ll0 Ii h.: lithrhcee 6ti dora s ihpmlhl II( l11001 .groua(I brichres, ulsu 111'00011 tisd i00 do; 2 'uses I:roe green inll powde n superior article do d ill el c.s; lrge u.orltlllnll of sah to(il of l'eYve size and quality; sable pencils for artiste; lal nmarking brushes for merehints; artir'i colors in nil rendi pre pare:i,iIboxes, fited :': with all necess.ry brtal.j l ; altiit's, &c. I'lutie and. ir.ity white;' liO racks goldl lon(t; whi, t and yellow wax; gum a'rabilt; aMl a Ir e ,n.I choi.. as sorel nenll orfainlt, diry colorse il, tIirnllljllr, waril, &c., for salen, wh.lesile anl rntail, at tlie boitn priri by lflON I11: .1,l e28 58Cunip PI. r'E' EDITI'O.V OF' TEII CIVIL. CODE OF LOUISIANV1.. IT han heen fir some timne Inuie known ht the pnlhic ethai tie sublsrilber arc engaged in :re larin1 lo the prenn r hmw r'dillon if' the Enoirielne tivd Coo, -I Tlhen cere. irollil ile firt? , wanee f tihe cie? lll diliiellltt a nll rl t lnli,.iih nili . n illd gil ei pIllblia'liol -i .,the. work, tnd it wa- n llt wi uI r.iu roIt lhesitaltlin thlt they (con sened it n the undlrtukigr. Jllt tile pri eni t i c itil. amoanting to hotut three thln.-and mopies, and whiclh ld c' rt ithe State more thian thirty triceit t d hll,s wa. entirely ant of print. IFor more than two t oa pute, rtie rnal ofi the ework has been frio Thirtyl t ilt, riot tare. It ii a sysrtemll of written ratles wnir.h so itneedrliatel olruates upon every inhvidtull of" the stnlte; ilterastai ltheri ull l e.i'CIura ti ooilrlllele rnd wthicht goverll i diaposiiol i rf s r muclh property .:minili to 'i fromn irt'er state, that-ur1 ke nlatso. a ,nv other trenit.r ,lpon law--it is as IIliuch the tecxtrhlk nlld mllanl iu tn ih elierchaun al tie platnr, a it ii of thle pIIatO gentle mlla l a1nd the prlroli hltspin advoc: leo. _ The lawyers of the adjoining stitie, and in fact of sl lhoseste I s alpo rt ll thii (ljo and llis iipp i rivers whieh fl1n it luIrt IIr their produl' Ce in lo1 tisi:n , lllllave a frt. Sinellllnt e.tlll. t f i rolf e lln e tol thell lode, anI i t i i Int idire, sIronn-hi irri l ir e tIiI cih ir librariei l ai n nl in itr 'ill' I. 1+%, o r hN , thrll h 11[h hon t+is is Ior to 1. . IInd in tIle nlllla'nhllll S ( lli rll , l e n rlell desk l of" I( iudr.lrrrt, lrr' iri t re' tl er l t IIr y. It i th r ie1, ishc g /lrcfI: ,r thiat I le+ lirl ediitini of Ihe work wit to q ck ly dispoeld ot; and Ithough it mre reprint ef it n r n toe i s mllll ea re lii til pulic r n eenl ty I t rWl e iN r rne i llei t dlli e ., ilrt h ife'te' c le e lt .r tlllr e ll wilith el'ricnl erel rl ll ti Ig lilrlp IeTilrll r fiat llrrt I e I r iti r h i r' r.e ' t le tnl rie rr u rrtlrih m t which ir e bi..rr nl lmle by the i.e |lltt I itrlrr, illln the imp dt rcI lillln ldli oli-trtiIrlr;s whih lt llve l een gi'el u lponill Iy ita t ae c ile b ly ic ii llce r y1 1 e ( rt l' t ie e S el tt. ter whlihiers hatrvee cieured, or the genral s cper orl e ol flit. alld editorial ah'llort'rnt of the wlrrk, t llo l'ft+irnl rutI tllll.ts ofr \h lecII l Hk Sr Upton ,tm Iq it rell l1eol t il l Ne t il h rI ,llic Bi py. he ~l h Jtlle I111illr I .ler ii I riielc cti', ItIa .reIIn I l;rlr Htetrrlo . i tir I hwav. S llgh k ilnlv a<.ilted l Mt . I'iU tor wl l llr,, vnlniote by notes whitcll r rthe lil rt' irire l hrt eiii 't e t fi lni" Slelding and epnrti',;nt o Ir N It po hrt nimS the pas'. tier of .1r .lptn iwhois 111 w e( neIO d in the work, Ceo S fr et -Itr thbe +. . ] rlat t ) ' e t r l fii Tra as ot)l f· rli e I' trle. a"onlltaied iiin h fici e ii 'olitt hif ch e Pb i ll. e a hic+h ravie elf iade |y hima dhrig the .halne eriol ol Ih s rip t i. o n ,h i irc shliss n i horse. t he itlre lit re elrliia t l erun i.i l l ir n le.t 'i . l lirti. sf tieir ' wolrk will hie u ll thiu inl hitrv nllahbotir, u.-i'toll by SErn I ears wo ''eiolttd , cuiii t rcri. i ce it i r pual t i g r Iei ct i'is m imtd .i .r i p lllli irle t ih wllh oen, et that Ie. gilaturi . nil' ,lN illll eriii ic brt $iiiii hilh littl'lioe thl hrl'l ] oigIh s r otplllltin; i fnd Ita u.r l 1 f'llal lll tivery other ei. cii re Idr le with wh rh tlv Sr ilerar brit n gc norwnnd iilrrnciat. Already B Illbve Ir e taktl e icileb the A.its sen sl, eillr e lfrtietr lds. Teiiiiros the val pritns levwoke n'la oily Ilrbnv rxli-vl)d br I iroitic I ll l h a lt l 1 tlher t llollllr its ilian. 'Thm wo'k will uh, pirhitd in French p id Ipilasr, clae ollnrellp t, pared tr aerlilty hchioen ofthll ltls e.tulllirr it it otIr l i)he l with it girea e iivto rlh ani, I % will1 ronbly bI1 e re'adyl , o f+ hvlrv in hri ni onth b.i. Stl l of wlh r il l Il Illr,- 'e'i l he i rl l . h .ilt trle s lio r eirt ase. ec i iliilerii' t ni r , thlri t it protdu. si I,' ollirt chl ndl e ill tme lld it witn tir are es l Lll "'ise of I "rit nircn. l it orn r e Ahiteil is ptite llc I rnler" ' l rilt ' 'tie rccyii t tie will i lWllitllr d Ilelh nos i r o per r w. il t tr,. v ri_ np !l _ " + tl.]+7 ti(lNS c CO. 1'nlirlih r. ROIWANI'S 'I'ONIC MIXTURIh TI N years lae ohierI. t yet heli psed ince itd wn has tlitnieed the highiest ret taitier; aird has the .ilkei uevry o thi mclediicinoe r te A e, ureed taer 1. Ior its no rs niic, alrli, llrrc.iuryt orl. An ohldy licle jtn ts carieosd itin iery dirlectil thlo tie rigit tcil initt io tatei , c nd e till rely a eet'. ble et l ra citi l aob tod alieiiliatili by its Iiiertcrgtiinrir ti', fr iends. and thleaniy leronr ha ven nitiion oly |l.nlcen ie led, it rcellre f, n lthliiey ereoivig thrlitgh is iteg cly: :arrl irh' now c ere .ci ,'ii' Lesci,'. it evecry cl- It cllrnity, to n ils tleivedd adnu tlrin Ilf a bol'c. I tre is llno ipor of tIh medicinie lrle. to lipi r in t.l.e boliv, to caud er initrlutioin, nigti oler evils, tli iorisi irot which haeof liny isof he luemediai cansoe of the; disea,. IL is itepiilitiru alio, that it pr hi ll(lce lr tir ciiuri e ilof tins atiinction. it ilhs be.tlet uld ertalo hsla prOestL/s the Iay lm' iahi!lty to relhp-b nes cin tre bliat rdcdi. ofill It r le Aitlcd isnr attenla wiih env otliim'er ic lLiuit it h te eilruiyn'lcl o| theii Osrri i 'lirte i ro prile r, till, r li with elic tredle. Tlulli oflixthue ia, cuites of I evenr aInllrd au, ,tcis nlr furntshing streingth arind vigre toie th crdy nrwitin tile presrcribrd lir~clioell. Toe withou I nb d d ig . the u Ir f tcely n diie h ln m aily he aul red that . there is no Arse icarel'c t l Melurye nr anyts for , nirriseitlttioie; lbeinrg entirely a vegetable extrcl; ,ct n South 'sterin y rhae, andlitiilOal eiiow on iean i th ite tlihrecf, twhei they irecoive tihe it has Lih ted I tir full hn s beein e le lin tlOlllli Ilill ll lt o r 'hinh, t arisin from t cel' no any ott the renredies ircew ottlireil flr the carce 'of tLin sfclioel.e It has boht uedie aic a a proev. tive yi iy eny h 'o wcen eb.n jele to a periodieal ceeitericee of tele Chiill, end it has invlreibly warded elf'the ap|trrhonel|ed aLitea. O(lser'e! 'lTre l'roprii'tir, fully satiseierd i ith the letitt illelei wiid niviieeilslisicSdess which liat s re i'.I "ceit iMlixltue, in all cases ci' Fever and Agne, ticl.i';rrenlted in eeg.,ging to rerfcd thlre gire t all hisen who haive thkee tire tiredicinre in strireLir corilanrce with the prceecrihed dircions, wtriirhotl hav in etben perl'Lt ' ally d lru tingly 'i d.ilr 'lire suhecribers are, nlrcew i olsalp 'gents for thl I Southli WVestern States, acd hare ni' eln hand six i" c etes ol'thir, Irliriitlc, whiicth is w" riraii'ii t'resh lh itIii, lc' iic Ii \ i I n) e7 ,, C',l.uooou i 'l'u'lnpito lah l+ IitJ.t I11vth Patentee, No. 53 Agav.ine sltreet., New ()rl-n, 'Il E .1ANI5FA.'.3(Uli6l) IN .N\V YOR1311131 1[11111E1T' 313> & CO. SC.iE OF PilhCKS--Dd;! C.. t ts. For ll d llelGill fl' s sn3ws or irile 3 on 3 aclh c ,) oi o klg 1 l:0,% s i, the .3 wih l feder C:lsl, I, 3 ae. t $6 prl w, or .1.0 u For; a I iou e l ih , of it( sal vs ,no: a i i . ' or 1.0l saws in ih,. standll Icl, rs,l &. a $6 1per saw, or 7420 Fordio. of 40 salws on do. or 8I saws inll a stad, Iat ;ll _5 p13 or slaw, or 5)00 IU For do1. of 3 3 saws on da.. or 40 saws ill a Sitnl., 3 fi$l.530 per saw, or "61 o33 ,31 per saw, J0 1 N lll For ido. of d0 saws, w3ill, l:eers, &c. $6 Iloln . o f'-1l sawstl 3 with li3 l.0rs, &c. at $7 lsi.rol . llt, l hercdeslired, fc r ,'ele'rs, sul0lppij3 :1 i0ll cents lll; the mlllleltl" olftel th heil about cill n.ll o the mmllbr of salt's. 0onei, set of leeders, it is con. sidllerlld however, will wlar ol t two or tlrtel sets of The Dins (r-,,derrd, twill be tistli 'rcrd to lhe a.gnlts ,i planters ito i l ay 'the sea port'ols ofll til cotton pll h ' l,, l 3 3*3te's , 10i (I 3, 3l,11 ho 31,113,101 3333130 333 33 ol I3 hlt 3 th ll3330 3:3lllll iromNll3N3w fork , 333, 1e,0,1 ir s-...1si1ic fr the amora of the ( ino. A (in o i0ghl 1ired1; 1h c3r3 ges t33 r w13 ose seltices n ill 3 e extra, bun Iron lllninggearcan al i lsohe ordetll whlere dcsiredll o0rl;n l 11ble terms, bll3 wi lle e ,char i itraol IIlI33r Ipowel,o'ny desr3 33 ilitn, ca3133 be iho13n3ish31 lnlon like 3ltln3. Sm1l33ll ste .nigilies can also be ordered3 if de It isdosilthih, when3 planters give orders for (in.s, tl:30 should a1co1l3a33y them wil, th1eir views in retr.'d1 to33 t33ar3 3u33ent3l $saws, bre3asts, brush1es, c3 . It ia f3 lind tll3\' difl3 i . opi3lion. Soie desire saws at I 3:eer di,.l3ter tha,r-3l3ters. 'Thie most comnmotl size is 3 or 10 inchus; b.. some wish them 133 inches. Soml e wis33 5 or li rows.3 b.h3rushes o 3n an axle, while others do not wal tlore lh 4 tit mlat. Somue wish s.,ws with l o' J teeth to t3he inch, while others w[ant 10 or I I. . fishtesl a the llanae.lture's can hitlil heml1 in car'. p33rti33laII. 1V'her1 it is left to ou3 3i33screti3n, 3we shllai make3 thm,' on the most modern3 3333 a3nd ap3pro3ved plan. 333 o3rd3r 3 3.e3 xe intl, fro3 m the tim3 it iis 3 ree3ived, in3he space 3 f33 igh333 orh nit'weeks, and t3 he 3 in i 3 that time place) in the hands of the lheto. TO Le il, line tar the next crop, all orders quight to be ill the of rho l ulthe'altlurrs l," tlhy lhes[ str nliddlle of .Slav; cx. 'lt orpldntrtuluhll erlllhl'elilet.arelate in cmlmuncing iv N. 13. T3e 3'.,,e,3 lli33ht, 13'.33y oilerof the ec0o3 , 0t 1in:33 3 :0s, .!3!., c3hd13u r13 ter"1. .. 'till cSA u 'I'r)SIu)'t' Bl it tAULT' O F Mla'i .I~ rlOllN.N' p Comtpo1t1 IExtnnct oafCo.i a antd SaarS: i el'itehlt -A etrtain sane itnid el t efflcetual reme , ly ever lis[:nlereld l'n the cte ueof in.illlthes , (;lelas, Strictures, Whites, Tlus i thie balck and its, seminalt weaknless, atdcticious kidlie, geaeel, scorbutic erulption.s, USc. InI the inlltrductlionll of medicine possessing tie usefi niau ,ctive. slltle of tli: one now oll'ereil to the public, tle pIr rielll ha:s bllt tlo relr l o lthe .lrous rle elm mInellollr I' re •ivd from l to tilemost einl t of the ale ]heal ihculty in tmoe, iti' bl ic thti itt will be dul Ipreeiated u hen h merit a re tore full known. T'I 1i-ds:n of t;,.slibhy s. '\tensively 'st, halls lost much ,o' ts credit tIrmn thle dislike whlittc patielnts lorocerly neIt'ts t t Iteo '{ltlg its iisttrteetcbl'e tatlte, liatttcllntac tl'llclllcI' ll I llthe to.tI lid i toomtllt , tod itt |eCetoelitrt ilfeficiett.c when used ill Ithe itlltllllllitlOry stage. iThe pI.rlieltorhl.s mlde all aanalysis of the, colci~v i," l:g that te moe lcti cquatlisi t woldlo thelreby e much tre oCllclntr:led and more IC seIfulllly ainisttered than ill the present slat'te. The hove meed io.e o(ombinet in 't'tdintts ohich 'are in the highest rieputi amo10 thit' otst sceiicho ' Ic leal'ed in the Iprcelsio. ]":ah i"d-rat ill thIe compnosition of this p'rep(atiott i.icreasets the' eIltic:ly of the otherl', rolgintt ll opettlion tluly aslo 1hillg, :glld smll .caing the iol)st sllngoint extcg lo tlltla; |losc ill.g at fIllre saine little tihe ll lllu ntae of it beill S dmil).listered wilh pertei.l success ill the dlill:"ellt stage,, of tile .lovle disea.tse. -l'he mostl eminent Ilphysicinsllas l rtll'-tilons of til: p)lcn' ll l.y express tIlheir dticidtedl al: po:'mt i iintro of a"..steittla, .hilst its use in the pllincip:J hOp ialds sud public medicad inslitutions hIts bu t, tioil still eolltiitet, w ytetl t etnsive. It w sito . 'v i tll lt. reltdy ith h cieilrbtllt 1)ti Abecllle'tlYl in ail vetlelrn l iM"tinlls, lllan ill obstittae cu tlllaee rllti itlllllo.s ll'isigl fa l a disl'(dered state of tllr digel. ema llltillns. I rvilngi been submittledl to tie est andl explerience f the most etlelbti:lt:ed lt mll g tIle lilclty, they lhave expressed their s: tis toilllf its extrorll il try e:llieurey i ln every [c:141" u dllle' thl'ilr shay(, by ld lpting it both in their. olhli l:un plr'1ivnle p'aetl e. 'Thb i' U ' t'tioe s wstill It Inu-red heren.fttr. Prepa:"red b) J II Thorn, C(hemia I coa.h Pricet l ' IIi pe 'Iot. '1 ' TI..O.1 I.S. FIr tt II Shooon, I';c,. It :i, SI.igeon to the t Tl l:l. I . .tcl, 7111 7 Ic. ., ni 1 naoiIIII y.IIt . The trial tt iclh I hatve mllke o'ol preparationt itn e variety of sasses, both linte nl female, in its results have Iprovel so hiIght l(inlllelll , that l I1 dJ o1l l. he.siltte illn iproIlnonclilig it one ofl the otllsl t icdti e and elltatious Ir ttmedieser otti-red tc the p tolic, nd one in uhich, I'lllo exper Iri',E , I 1 , ll p eL eorwy, hildst il Ildoes RoIl t lloe the t same utpleast' ei:cIl osullt: ex Finct t c i ituard, i 11 It C S, e'osician to the St It:. tt' tthotne t tisipenstrt. t I ink .IE I[)l oeb; Ire ill ldlin I1m teltimnllv to tile :almlh.b prop .riles of your pr"pl'ratiun, wishing you the stcct;s oi so fillole d esel.ot, ill an ampli rewarlld t the Iill'r and! ex pease inirll-led in, bringing iI to such colll Iolt \V' t o Acopor, l' 1 S, S)ugeon. to Gy's ll.s "'hLch tnlifCInll sters "L hich |is ll 'tndel the alllllilli, [l.hl Vour mllledii e among. lmy pictintc'l lt ]iced will the:si;oe diselas, . ha:s fully sItislted te hllait it lIlhs rolly to lbe knowno to le trully orIIIIIIIe . ioMlay thle success you s) wllt( de clcc,L io tly al. speedily repay you for Fro)ml Sir A ('lpOi)rn F1 It P t) (:S, ae. kc. lIIting been i . i cd tII ,o tl"y vOIIt e I:C t inll sevel caseso'f vio.lent Go(;nllorha, wlich ihad hitherto hadled el"ry prIescrip tion admlllliisterdlll by me, ha1ving foulld sure I.111 spl.hdy cIures elJi·led by it, ill a few dll)'s I ice I . al ll'i lll "u1t JIIIh liio s:In tel tlh t 1 110 ' ill lsY I)l(-c Lice both public :aul lliev:tae rLec IImmeml and use non other. Fronm . \V Illair, \1 I), Phy)-sicianll to Guy's elo lital.h The strict test which I hve ivel ytour medllicine l miy patients, a. . its ivariA, l e . .nces. thus i11, will i ntce Il: Itlo'elevelr ' in its Iise, and I deei it SI lll:in ac ot'j ilstice ul of duty to1) illl ill)d l feeble testli i I toltil i 'col.lm ndatlioul i of ilosaoirlues. Fro"i l, ' Ipson, \T 1) F I SI L. sI e t lr El'tiract f ot the ittto of (ilolc'rllnol, ke. I feel grittltl thatl in lime at last blrought at ntedicini ilto Ilse wtl ill r 'ove Cii td il:llltlli ong soughtIII I'or it tli medics' : old-tn cre, stetlte andt ell'ctietual cure i ill ,iccttctottlltiicclii hi .th he g 'loc uable t llulitll ot your \'11 ilt iinePrssor', tIC oIllpl) tor co111 l herie flmnish .' y ' lllle)ll l li n ll'ists iequ l as cll ellndatory ilas the bla'e; but 1llc.ts IthIt it l.gret sulccesshitlhelltc the eltc re & expense lt which it hI:as be.enp Iared, ill Cp'oeits gretllet r·IcnllllllIUI II ' Cioal orllill.g lllpubli'e ()n rll. i.icon u1illllllntio this preplrt.lnl i enjoys abo, t plc:] ant-its tastcsl nature, wieh no rellriction it. diet o)r ,clilelolment fromoI hliilness. 'Il'T llerllelrs eseriallh o-, lll nlll at1 ias IlliediCine hilghlv lsetl, a'nd onii h1 ll (ve o:llle ,, wl hich IId with r.el: (tll: COlt r lipl hll hm.ta ishic t |e ilitoit segens ofi" the disease, without nyt '1 J.'.l' by SICLL.ES k CO. ll' I.iaw3jml 40 Camnal str'eet. ýEý KNOW that health and the ability to 'labor, constitutes rite nwralth of the great wi mnas: of the peop'e in thi, as in other coun. tris. 'T'o preserve, therefore, that health by natu. ex ral mlean' is a grild, moral and p ,litical scheme, re to l fil which, requires our utmost attention. si The unprecedente I popularity and universal up. -1 npprobatien which this medicine has achieved fhi throughout the United States, tie Cnadan, Texas, ve Mexico, and the West 1l'dins, fully justify Dr. PeLaer' in warlll and lrncoe entiously reeoritlnsn. dine them to theo specieal notice of tile afflicted. Peters' Vegetable 1 te are the eafst, morst effee tual and economical remedy fhie diseases of the ellnlmn conslitut on, that tI.s over beehn discovered. & DI)r. Peters, the inventor of tlis invaluable medi. i l nine, from his knowledge of the I.unlan system, - I derived from a loneg and extensive practice, has arrived to t ies conclusion, that the great and pri. IIlaur causes lof mrt diseases is a deraongement inll the lianctions ti the liver, or in otlher words an in- ci ereased or diminished secretion of the bile. of So well is this understood, that it is oenmon for of persona to say when they feel unwell, that they are D hillu,, meaning thatl they have too Imch bile 0 en ithre stomach. Oi tlhe other hand, when the flow tir of biln is diminishlend the process rof dies'ion is imnpcrfetly perform it, the patient hccnuens weak antd remaeiatid, berause uo,lnari-lnentcontained inll s the Rud taken intoa he :t to tll is not proper'y ex. n Irt,,e d, :,rd t.e fn.d is uj eted in a crude stat'e. Ir, lo talors is oltl i l in ale r ' the 1I mosrllra Ivr eaa n 'l heoIr, no cI ll: d, tlltr , i.impuritr of tihe l riood a i theo cautse of all '!is,'aie.r " is a great ahb r,litny. U l :vry one ist o ra'lrels on the suhj:'ect a molmentt, will perceivne hat, Ipurity of the b:ood is a seooni. di y not a primary cmeplaaint--the rt l et and niot t the e.muse of discear . \Ve ni the liirnotionslof il., liver are dtralg,,e, anrd Ihe fllt, of bile increaedt, 11 it is oli,n tr llitp by the absorient vessels asndi sarriet into the eireulatioa, and ,baacmas mih:g ed wi " h thi blItu:r , as ill j. rlalldie, when te patient i s cr;ws it in his mtn Illt.all . Now this impurity P oi o blood is auelid by an increasod flow of bibe, p and to roote y it, you must correct the secretions Sof rte lioe , and riestore it to a halthy state. Dr. Peters has spent much a ime in experiment ing with deirent vile ngllr a mdilnto, for diseases r of the liver; anid rllw . t oitners his Vegetablne Pil', i ais the best, most convenieot, and cheapest orleds. cinn that can be prepared for general use. Dr. Peters fl atters hiintseli'that hiis long ex eri. nlnig witih vegetahble medicines has enabled him to dinsover thne t and onlrly suslltitutu answeringo all the purpoois of mearclri a s without any of their alto: dant evilsc. One great qu ality of his vegietailI, Sb ills is t iha thety havn tae ailt'raie iprinciple coiln. bined with their rat'arliec, or operauivo qual.Lies, so that they not oily holec the a tollaeh and lbowels by prlging, bilut they rengulate the Itur, change the morbid secretions, streanthes l he Sdiiestive oranes, purify the blood, invigorate the irculeation, an I hive tone and cnlerlgy to the nler.. Svols system r. They ian mild anlid pleasant inl their operation, and e niry ablomI t inalimnediate conviction of their utility fronil the first dose. They calrl e taken with safety by persllons orally itge ; and the fnuble, the inirin, the .ervous, and the delicate, ore strengthenll by their operation, becase they clear e the sylstem of e ad huours, quiet inore us irrita- , bility, and invariably produce sound al,ell.h. ' The Vegetable Pills are a sure remnedy fl r j iun. Sfdice, sick -ad nervous headache, dys epsia, costive. Sness, sickness ofltho stnarl.uh, heartburn, all bilius eomplaints, levers of tall kinds, aid if taken at the a couimIololment. will invariably cheek their pro. s, grens, lnd iv' the patient frol a protracted an i lange.rou sickness.' 'ihiy ate invaluiabe in ner. vt us arnd hypoeouddical ilectiaon, lisna ol ape. a tite, aind atn ioplaini. o w'hieh feminals anlte are asul jrct. 'rhey operate as a iihld arid speed, purge, In and are a lfuand caertoln tenmtly for woras ins chi dren. I. Sci 1 ihav,'e introilduce' illy Vegetable Pilla to Sthie pul he, I have riece.sveld nsmierous iertifiseate n oft sir CUperior r'lc,acy in caring disnnses, a to, fiaoy letters troe respieect 1o physicians, who Ii have used thean in their iprtactice with' the best I ni,,iiht publish a stiall volune t eotalificates, bl it euc n ider it nlllecnu.'o r, an tih asedinin e nitI rec rmrnend iseilfci to all who wi inakoe tria' ofsit. t Tihe rbove pills aret in bnxes, containg 25 & 40 in plilh each. Price, 23 & 50 ncot per box, r)t:uggis t an'i etomtry mersoanta can be cup. phld, at whIoh'sa nor retail, at Dr. Petbas' prilei. pI .rec. no. 65 I'ydras street, between Magazine & iaip a ntso. New' Ottenl.n iltl IJACKETS FOR NEW YORK.-New Lene. L -To sail punctually' every second Monday during the season, full or not full. :hip Orleans, 599 too. Capt. S. Sears, Ship Alabama, 474 do C. C. Berry Ship Arkansas, 627 do E 8 Dennis Ship S ratega, 542 do W Hathaway. whip Nas;ville, 540 do D, Ship Kentucky. 629 do J Bunker, Tile above ships are of the firs.l lass, eoppecm and copper fastened, and having hben built in New York cx0.resaly for this trade, they are of light draft of wa;lcr and almost invariably crona the bar without any detention. The commanders are nden of groat experience, and the hlips will always be towed up and down thie Mississippi by steamboats. They have handsome furnished anccomodationse and riorce of Iho best descripion, will always be furnisl, d. 'The catbn possago is $90 withoat waine or liquor, and there is no liquor furnished to the offieors or crew. For freight or passage apply on board, or to H C AMES, 48 Camnp at. Threships are not occountable for breakage of glans, hollow ware, marble or granite, ei'rage of tin, or rust ofiron or steel, nor reespoaliblo fr any package or parcel, unlesr a regular bill of lading is executed therefor at tile offie, of the e tia. nov27 NEW ORLEANS anD IT.1IMORE LINE OF PACKETS. This line will consist of the following vemol%, whIich have been built or purchased exlresoly for the trade, viz: Ship seaman, Copt. Miner, hark Mary, " Nickerson, SIlrad Ferry, new ,I Stevens, , Slolomon o altus, ," Latham, Ihig Arelhitect, ' Gray. Tllese vrrsels are of the first class, have hand. rome turnirhed seconmmolo linons, and are of a light draft of water, so as to admit lf their receiving and dscllharging their carglrs in IBaltilmote, at the city. Freight will be taken for ports on the Cllsanpeake or Jalles' River, amid lilrwardedl by the agents, Mearse. CLARKIE & KELLI(OGG, at Baltimore; expenses on goods shipped will be advansed when required. Tile price oft passage is fixed at $60(,' lnlp! stores of thell, at qItlly will le provided. Steaml ul and downa thie tMlsissippi wall be taken on all occasions. For freight or passage, apply to GEO. BEDFORD, non27 22 Bienville at. FOR NEW YORK. [Louisinna and Now York Line of Packets] 'I'll 1 Ships composing this line will suil from New Orleans and New York on every other Mlon day-conllnncing on ithe 20th November-and to insure the punctuality in the time of sailing, the line will herenlter consist offive shiips, viz: Ship Yazoo, Captain Trask, to leave on thie 20th November. Ship Louisville, Captain Palmer, to leave an the 4th December. Ship Huntsville, Captain Eldridge, to loave on the ]8th D)ecembeor. Ship Vicksburg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on the 1st January. Ship Mississippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th of January. Tile above are all new, of thle first class, copper do and copper fastened, and upwards of 590 tones burthlen, are of light draught of water, brim built in New York expressly for the trade. The price of passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabins are fitted tIp in the most iimproved and convenient plan, and finished in a neat a1nd elegant style - Ample stores of the first quality will be provided, and every regard paid to the cmnnfort and entire satisfaction of passengers, who will please take no. tice that n1 berth call he secured until paid for at the oil'ce of the consignees. These vessels are commanded by captaine well experienced in the trade, who will give every at. teltion and aexrt themselves to acoonnodate. They will at all tiues be towed up and down the MiiEs ipp1i ly steamboats, ond the strictest punctuality observed in thu tillme of oailing. The owners of these sli; a will not be responsi. blo fir any letter, parcel or package, sent by or put on board of them, unless a regular bill of lading be signed therefor, at the counting house of the agent or owners. For farther partneulars apply to J D BEIN & A COHEN, nov27 90 Common at NE\V ORLEANS & CIIARLESTON PACKETS This liat ronsists of Iour velseleall of thle first chase, oprPed r oe d Icopper fast. ened, and of alonlmt 210o lons burthen, wilh handsome accolmmodatills fhr passengers. These vessels nre or(.Uinalnh.d hy cap)oain, well experienced in the Irade, w will t girve every at etli)n., nl exer ol Ihmellves to ase.,llrndatn the shippere. 'They 11vii I ,, rowed iup andl dawn lhe* 7lasessi.;.pi 0an1 nleave New Orleani s an or before the 10lh and 15th of every mon,,h1. The following vesseLls cllln -p hehe loll., vii : tIrio Arahian,Charl.s G r Ian, mllaster. Wl0i C apmlan... B. 'lllllllm n, lllaser. lorir Ahneala, J D.,anIl, mastlr. lBrk R,.rer W\Vill ,', J. A!lHlers, master. Far Ir .clh e or I.s:_le, Ilhpl to J. A. IIARELLI & C. , G (Cammln et. New Oalenns, or M. O llardo'ea , Chaill. an. on I T if undcresigned hIving rectm tencced busines nsa I)lnaiil|e al, Aptlhcary, in the store tr wned by M.r J cih Ott, at Ite corner of Tivoli cireIh and 'l riton WValk, rispectiully solicits a share of the ylic paiotndge and a renewal of the favors of his f IIrmeIr custtomerst. Thie entire stacok at Drugs, medicinlea and ionae arlicles is fresh an careiully salected. Th'e flulwing only ate par ticulu ized, viz: IPre Sdin, SIeidli z and Sar.ntgn Pwders Y nast Ptders,. a wholesomle nnd elegant su'- itute lIr) eUtat, it raising biead, buckwheat oI3, :t ' I r:1.. rve.sent .1:nesiao Aipperient-e .I c l hl 't anl . ciTnIe p lur2 've il dympeplsa or indi. esntil, ·eryv uno (debilily, gilleinre-', headachae at hty l H htploralllth,hbstua l l cUS tIleness, cat,. llels ent:plon), &e. Capeier's. F;]id EIxtrict if enranpnrilla f ipu ti n dtl e hl ' , i dothe(ia ld tllubehe, &a. t o ut. n' Prlalln ',n aild . u'llllibn g ; Dritish am l neallm1 ,,In . O,,.ndcdi . i &. Refined Lq tlnret, ji 'e andItl Glai::anove paste T'i'ur i lllohl)s, N ½ PrI itII Lc'arlnbitir denlrlr ii.c, chlrno tiltll witahI, llon der p:l'; oaid beres, Prenirt'h ( e'na' r d: n l irbfil iitl'i r a"" tlalh wash pwdter pui'i and c xls, n 'reenticte's aeeifed and pllin ti.i lti powh. 1, plmatum crerre die Perse, ornilci I nit, rlln, u .evn 'er and i'loida waters, .I the iteet quli'icc, Ri,-laud's lacessar Oilj, Old. r l cc's bnle oif C lulctnhin, bea.'s ,il, a variety of ,lider cnadl lothe r imatches, indelible misking ink .u lltinr Iacrl, I.k, t r. Sperm and retincd whiale oil. IIay's Liniment. A litesh lasrtiet of l'i'hurhrn' sGarlden Seeds lam ' GEORGE JONES. Nl I E--II ioxes Claret and Sauterne Wine, is r j, : CtlAM'l.IN& COOPER, 82 Julia .1 fOP.-151i oil Itde Ritope, of sauerie Il * lily, for side by l'Ii 1i.tAC t llll)GI: & Co, 134 Magazlne t,, '1. , aud .tie l . ar 19 SIIAI.L & tBROWN, 9aiingzee'n at I IM\\ Oio)lk--Bosh & Allean htve juo received i splhrdi, ahssortmllcnt of lyle Fukcy Gnods, puits. hIe fr P rs:S. e~s, Comprisin( ladlies' wnntig dcluh , gint prlus, wnrel hones, taeicnl blones, portm,llo, uIe.edlc hon*i i Iotieal, shell ande itvor, ard easo esnd .o,.venirs iuhid willt pearl and e+.ldipnEket rooks pur, r e, nictlnte glusret, stl anl ilver i'ecil' p.nllfpeey uI all kind, c lrv -c, tt 'IHE IAZAI..I SI19 nIr St .hIl,:e s ,e &" eonhon o., Esehtas -e 't- r'I'i LADIES. .t rTIN ON'c I)ITLI.ATIOItY, fet r.envring ss4 SoPrlunus ihair lthe oface, Twtk asd arms, witb anlnn safoty and certainly, leaving tll skin Oer eand whiter tltan before tlo apnlication. A fresh snpply jst receiveds at GUION'. s No I Exchange Ilotel, corne St Canrties end Canomss site s. snr FALL. & WIN'TER CLOTHING. v i P. FERIMAN & CO., No. 3. htgahe staeel, • sareresitigtlhtir supplies ofl' :llpj Wiss Clothian, and will centinus Is recewive shipleetn .n. Inrly hronglhout tlhe seasonr. TIleir ssnortnene Ibing large will etalti thema te supply eercisns lIems the cointry, it titHe chorlet sotice; for eaie wholsu & rctail, on uceiIrotentltn*etetrms. (.-.Od -ASX. -,i 'UrISI ROAETEIt, '(RtMCi.(. St iCOPES, g&t--J1 rceiCved PJj far eas by \Vm hilcleKean, ortr'r 'Cnle, anti Commen lre La, a geeacsl eaanutansestsefOtnnirtn tinL· aa i Atlathsnsnntial Tnestsmss, Draswieng Splitg Divhrilent, arg S&a n Pl to .! '" Camnera l91 p'ly.(tdo ew+ rllild+l' ,. Meus" eur, 'a· " .pj· ..

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