Newspaper of True American, March 25, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated March 25, 1839 Page 4
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So t / i t0IITANIARDI ) I'eAhh&dhu ite rl SOASC oeo~tbd platen a~~lPine17 eao doJuet Flbabeep ~ O WNWPe.0,ia rnvan F~'Pa-l~ on ,end Sliad Leg ndlopl Jideo rodnoe on tonanity S~e on-I~nai.. we-P icar n Inureity ` ý derv - popat-r"1ladcit -, -ltaa. nd Rapatgiory,, 13399 >h .k Deallanery, London lmstamiO For 1811 Norigotion - Ah Mnl,,inr.' f Arrhitectare, Londot 9 r Shhw' Arahl4rhittet re t, ivnle, Iaredtn ýM ali· , OaMicaLLoaaon-O *Ilonloaf1I tha t j .19%Jt o and I.COaXon 'nWd s, evol., Londo n 4 Curdioeitiea of Literature, 1 nw' bye $ny, do Vethako 1 10 i'' of Wnitoecott, It il, land Imhtmll. hr lrcaaott. R rlie O *raoeeloaoo.idnttof a aw ýM0olie bIeoetseu la n,, Nov lolicnl SNioo'ivo (fnvermr, Enqliesi and '*6*lkn tia, tatl and Greek. r2F 11. JOIIN3 & Co. c2tn nor. Clionlon and Comlmon ole. o r edrtoieerl re otef e. Feera nsd d.ter. ''.will Iol'i.adil diti-vered I ereinthe Toiie Mix Stare ti superior to til ordinaryv nca of treating flltlp++or Irod At . In the first pllre, be ng a Veg t.le'eltract, and roeo frmi nn deleterious anti ptoiten tri.lOsredilente, it taken with the otlOstl stfo ty ven by the tender'iltflnt, or aged invalid. It pp vents re lýSpeof the ditsces, :oeseqsoanly the constitn tietlla oa hegin is iore n .to and n'ivity. It thstelb Slllasoa eotal piuttuiit apfdhitie, by invieoratig !.%I atehltd gls a re tttl tot!t enttoomenls of trote. - liar hn havin t a purcattve quality, it remnins ri lo bowe.s o inrn~deae this dismorder, b r to create ether dieasen, but thoroughly clenses tile everal or gans mgestionhr, and this benetfit the s tatoen with h ner olter afftrtiohm it mnv he oppressed. - ~l oueia l, plerste tth e ofite Tte:io a ixture, lave bsan extrosed to all the usual catses of the disease, tUd have aecoped any svmypttltt of retttrt; whcereto by the us e luft common reo.nlior, there is always reoi ted an in nreaeld iaobilitv to reltrrencte. The danger udfreqt elnt tep of lte Ague, is iery evident, for the stemle will soon leoeio ttto muchl prostraoteto hbe at;is o react wioh medicine and ,peerdily fall a vict tim to "uch incessoat viotenl se The Tot it tlicxtur it tred at suech a reasonabl, price, as tt place it ilthin the resch of every one!-so that th it,tor and destitlute re herelty fnrnioled withasll etanee o twil,t soliciting the aid'and attendanoe wtlich is frequetcl denied to hoet. rbsH o lvery reluctantly bestowed. " Thef ouic anprepctll cautioned against thm pon lous imitrtieou of this mediin, thitat are daily offered ,or "1.'. It ispreupned onlv by Dr. Jot RIt. Row:md, at his L.lmartore, hlorktetetrem,, Ilhilodellltia. The see itcriber an the wholesale agents for tite South Weatert Mate, anld will sell by the erust, at lhe Philadelphia prices. 7'ao be ld at reuil also, a nIoast t W RApotbecaries int the city. JARVIS &d ANDREWS, t Whoeleale Dtrugegists, ait'lO cot Common & Tcholpitouls a MiesataeIppi and Louisiana Hlotel, tcnvgtnTO. Li SRS. MARY KIRKLAND respectfully an. nounees to her friends and the public gone. ally that she is prepared to accommodate them at fe above establishmcnt, and hopes from her lxertions to render visitors comfortable, to receive I eobninuanee of former favors. She feels con.of eant that persona visiting Covington during the ommer montlhs, cannot find better acconmodations than she ean afford.them, on more liberal tertms. Her house is pleasantly situated, and well supplied witl every convenience; the bar is furnished with the most choice liquors, &c. in short, site promise s'ta nothing shall be wanting on her part to give t stirs eatieaction to all wiho may patronize tito Misimippi and Louisiana Hotel. jab X11:PiUBL: 1 hadu-- e-signed. having aetts ed under Dr. Selitidt of Clorleaton, South Carolina, and for 0pmo years his ass stant in tie practice of medicineo and surgery, has the honor to ~tfer his profeessional services in this city. He ssrures the ladies and gentlemen titat the most prompt attention will be paid to the calls whichl may beo tde; and also offers tis servies to the holders of slaves, being well acquasinted with the disiase common to them, having attended them in ite sugar Ihouse in Chaorlcston. The famlous anti.bilious pills a lItcr thioe composition el Professor Smollette, with dirertions, can be had of the undersigned. The efoct which tley Shave produced in this and other cities, has been attended with the greatest success, to which the best of seforetcos can be given. Apply at No. 166 Megn . sine street. JNO. M'LORING. TfSi uLiAWwxj; RO' D t11) S EWS, 2A1J IRONS, &c. r'HE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. r 238 Water, near Beekman street, Now York, have received tie Rpast season, and are corstantly recesling large and extensive additions to the stock of the above goods, which now consists of tho allowing assortment, suitable for the southern and western Ysarkets. Hollow warottf superior quality, consisting of absut 1500 tons, viz, Pot of 22 different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallonso akecpans or Ovens, 7 different sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Rkillete, . . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddlee, . . 4 do Fire Dogs, . G do Wagon boxes front 1 1.4 to 43.4 inctes. Cart do. 5 to 7 incites. Wood Screws, 20,000 gross, irot and brass, from :8 inch, Ne. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality and finish, and less than Jtae's imported prices. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbe for retailing. Tailor's and hattor's Irons, assorted. Sash weights, 10 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to 201be. Bells for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &c. made to order, Also steambaoat and other machinery made to order. The above assortment of goods is particularly recommended to tmhe attention of Southern and Westert merchalonts, and are offerod for sale at low prices, and upon thie most liberal torms ; it is be. lisved to be the largest and best assortment ever elfered for sale by aty oneo etablishmont ini tihe Un.tied Statos. a Mernhgnts, bty forwarding a request by mail, can have a princed circular, with desocripti.on of' goods, pries and terms, fotl wlhich no deviation io ever mlade, furnsilted by return of matil. All orders will reocivo imtediato attntlion. Now York, 1t38. J1.3 "INO MYROUIRY NOR OOP1fVA Pew Orleane, No,v. v , 1817. UO0T six mnnths ago I had the mnisfoartne t, get . a secret diteaso, for whilch I oave al-pliid to svo. ri doctles fIbrt'tre, and thea did not cure me, o now t themahove date I put myself under the care of Dector Hst, sd I cexpect him to cure me. Sitnce that tine she disease got worse, t, asto break nut in large ulcers to the ntmber of six or eiglht ol era Ih leg, nd all over any Iats, and sure throat, and not alle to work at he pre.-t thsne oil aeconnt of the disease; liarge tieer ,at tie right side of the titeat. I am no t putting teynelf confidentlty ntdertheo care of Dr. flter, rf Pris, to be perfectly scured JOHN DEAN. I DO CERTIFY tIhat tile abutoe ltent;ttied disease is t qukc well cured to tiy own satisfhction, ftor otlldh 1 tmank Ir. Ilrlut; anil moreover l asetre thatI the stedi cion I have takee makes ate fat, lnd did tot ijiure tmy Ioalth at all; tlerefore I advise my f low sitfterers to iae no time andl apply to t A. Ilune, 124 Canal tret, betweeonsn Daprhtin cnd Bourbn .lt'ccts. Dr. Hues isat otens front 9 'clock, A AI, until 4 P 31. They will fad a truie do.ctor tor tlhis comnlplainet. JOHN bEAN. 11 Giravier street. If an e wants to see me, call at No. 411 til'avie, lo JOHN IEAN. FN bw l. 18. fell 14 lv Geluiinet Indi talsamot Liverw-ert ard Hore- I Shoued, is pot up in bottles at tih low price of 50 so mohtb, containing ths etrotgtit of three ottnces Of Lii.wort, hees lea the ~lls It tnuy othelr rt. stid heTik . nowhoe te m aos as huaericious in curing Imasnpy. iainte. etulll success which has attended the t.e of able Balsamt wherever it hts been ittrou Jseoletttied tim confidence sad reootmertda [ etable plysnians, for the cure of couogs, S n tOhe Bide, want ef rest, sitting oa blood, - -Osthe may m ecucern. 'l'his is to certit- tlet we Idi h. ! of IUetvorf a Id Ilourheond, n itit edecdg o e enlliherst're, from the knoh - Ar . the tetts Pr .teicl .t ie re 9, ohe.e oht,_ Boston Medical Aesocimto. ialehy JARVI8 & ANI)IEW, ia te toi r:,t no. ,Oo P.hf nit5 tllh sts orPormuvmaeBipmeeeircd,aad D t'iL, + r ne: Writlin Acoafrjiog w w rleaoo, 189 Bro. way °Ye*b.Dspbhe Mob to It is pafttoadj '., ar private learnera. and acboole,4anJ i a late t fobr persots ofall ages. ILqr4~ljl Iv tad tcaaall and tirain. Von btn . ~i i de o a lu, C1nnel in any par ' icRpre a 4pcIo Ctn at tltpirowrnn C + e 'lpale naone desired ''l',º N sa wllashe7TH wab .3i & 't f1S InAnRrT &-CO, ass now reoeivl Isront ao0` Ia.ds p Orleans Eagleilghlander, t oker loey Andrew, Plnsrh and German play cards; Bank. Flammosn Boards;C n, 1-4ad 2"-incl it ard Blls; 09,10 and 12 inch blade Bowie Knivea; Leather l oster ttvelling Deeasing Cases; Belt, h Packar, Hosaema 'a, and Dualling Pistols; double and C Oinsleaarlled Gnasawnmo Bags; Shst Belts; Powder P ant PItl Flasks; Dry Bottles nlo Drinking; oc Pertseions Cap and CaHoldes; Cloth, Hair, Tooth;l and Nai lBsrleend Orrinernd Chlorine Tooth Wahal p sootl nPowder Toils t aad 8having Soaps, in gr.mat v. rieh-- long Hair Braids, Ringlets and Fristtens; Pearl end nllet Psowller Emery !ags; Ivory Tub Cushions: Patent Slides or barters" Gum Elastio lrspenders; i Powder Plts and Boxes; t ilt Chains, bedal and Keys; It Ear-draps; WaistBuckles; lRmcelets; Beod Necklaces rn and Chains; Gilt and Silered Bads; lndian Beads, f Bells and Plumesa Shell Twist; Side and Drerc sin. Conbsr;wlich,in addition to their former stock oa hand, pi makes their aesortment very complete, and will he sold ow and an liberal terms, at the eigt of the Golden Cahr. 12.5-tf 70 Chartres street. TI-HE Nc.i.her-, Agents for the extensive house of S. ;: e. Butcher Sheeeld, England, have jst C eeelved a very sextensive snet of pan' err.s, eoesistine of Table and Dessert Knives of e-" . description, Pen, rocket, Dirk, and Spear point Knives; Razors, S:is orn.Edcar Tools,&c. & .. &e.whichthevy are prepared aexhibit to the trade lor orders. Terms d condiillos d will be tade known at the time. mlt J. I). BEIN & A COHEN.0 Co.nmon at. S e NEW GOtODS. SIMMO ANS, HARTT & CO.-Are now receivirg Sper shiDp llrd ille. Eanle, Moety Anorew, High- nder, Fmenh and Germ o dlouble hrecl plsvincoeardls: ater, hlt sod packet pistols; plain, ribbed nd asplit ensaion cas; caplI helders; ocisarsa, lzol's, len. esa; Gillotl's eommostial sed other steeltpees; Vito a; Violin astinas; suell, ivory anld lhorl eero; wafers; k, Iead and lether ptrses; hlir Iaidas, fromt and abk r'iglets; negro UllRs; Germ.n ant French ccologne t water, Rowsndcs mcesnsser oil, imitation do aotiluer ocd hesrsoil; portable desks and drelNng eases: last, lacking; statiaeocd toilet glases; convex utitorta; op-c al gl:eses anti viewst; nlida hbads, bells and Idlcmnes; Strcldeo; whit- twie;toilet and shavnlg soaps; toilet owder, ansmetie wash hallbt sceO;ed suicclshilcs; pool astal; saerew elishioto; Licer head ehallcs and neeklces; Ihillanl Ihall.; pocket banooks and walletts; German hones; razor atoIc;; fine and common gtum closli slcpecclers, gartersdo; Iellsalucifr matochs; sil rcr pencils; Creyoi., &e. &e. Tie above ic addcition to our former Malck of fancy rtirlea, makeaonra :scmcclet ver c:m;,lete. For sale wholesale or retail; as the aign of lile Golden Comb, 70, Cihaitrre street. mo8. e1 TliCE---The piamerksip of ntller, ileoo &,Co 1 of New Orlean; Masot, Hrris &Co;., of Natctez;; ad Harris, Kelley &Co., of Rodtcev, was disnlved o n hbalst of Mao last, by thle death of Samac l A Munson, me of lil partners of the fir's. Tionttdersigned, curcicvng partnerc, will be charged with the settling and closing said Idosiness as fdloww: Levi C Harris will attend to tie rettling of the bucnincs Sof Meson, Harrisn Co.. ;t Notcheo ; and lineri, Kel er & Co.,ot leueor; and learv Kelley will aittend clto hre sottling of the business of Kelley, lMason t& Co., at New Orleans. The names ef the several firmas will ibe used in liqei latioconly. 'lThnose idrted to said firmcs are eornettly requestedl Socone forward and tmako early setle ents-; adcl those ohavicg claimns will please present thena withhlt delay. HENRY KELLEY. is New Orlcans, Jnne 27,1837. n. J EAN MARliF, FARINA'S COlOGNE WATER .2 eases more of this Sulerior Cologce water. just It received and f)r sale h thle dozen or single Ibottle. tAlso Amnerican and ireach toilet powders, powder Cult's and boxes, sharing and toilet soaps, cosmetic wash bails, mnilk of roses, cosmetic eohl cream, extr ae o mtak, keplnao, Ward's vegetalble hair oil, pomatet n, c:rmoe deperse, Florida, lvendcr, rose uanld bay octers, Preston's salts, Marseilles perftmerv ill trunks. veget ble a Idliquid rouse, Cihlorice andOrris tooth wash, loth, lheir, tooti, nail and flesht brushes; together with 00 an dditional supply of fashionable Icorn and shell "conmbs and jPwelry, forsale low at wholesale or retail I by SIMIMONS, IIARTT &CO, it jo!y fi 70 Chartrs street. COAL--Thle cobscrbers have ceonstantly on hand a large supply of Ctanel and Liverposl coal, in hulk, ccf superior quality, which they offer for sale in lots to sait purclhasers. Also expected by the first arrivals from Ecg d land and .e North, Cclncl, Lehligh and Peach h Mouttain Coal, broken and screened, put up in Icachends expressly for family uesr-all of which they will dispose of on the Ioost moderate termns. Orders left at their olfice, No. 53 Biccville set. u01 stairs, will be promptly attended to. S oct3 B. & A SOUIIE. in Cologne \Waler, Periumery, &c.-A splena.ou lor ariicle of colirgne, put up expressly for the retail trade; also tile purest French Perfumery, rnobra ost cing every variety for the toilor, for sale by irat 2 REES & D'LANG. 'uTo Country Merchants and Planters. the Nenro cloths, blankets, flannels, linseys, lowell in shirtiags, checks, linens, calicoes, handkerchiefs, &c &c,received and for sale low by the subscri. ion be:. ROTTA & Co. sad oct. corner Canal and Cilartres at fed . W Gleonn's Perfaeemeiee. of Indian Dye, for coloring tile lIair ; Bear's Oil, ga. Russinns bear'sgreese, porliltulo, Mirhai's E. i cle Wash, superior pearl powder, hip whirl., cream of roser, vegelable rouge, otlo dif rosr, lip solve, kresle tooth wash, earbonii drelltrifiee, o.ralnge o. flower water, powder puffs and boxes, A nrirun rk, charcoal, nenaly put up in four ounce vials, Pres. ly n sals, cologne, kreosule ootth ache drops, hair ink brushes, E4nglish dressing, cobar, Illin hair il, tho witll a variety of other perluneries, &. For sale md by C. J. TRINCIIAIRD, oel 3 corner of Canil and ouulboo ast of IRON ROOFS--The sahbcrisers have procured noat a grelt exrpense, the right of polting on iron roots ill Ils city. They are dajrled to putble buildings, warehuoses, and private dwellinilse,and icomlbins ula once cheapness and durnhility, and are perfrotly fire and water proof. Terms imay be known, and a model seen at our establishnenti , opposite St. blary's mlorl e t, Tehaipiloulas sr. ort s E B COGSI\ ELL L Co UPIIOLSTERY &PiAPER HANGING STORE. Henry Siebrecht, (formerly J. C. Wicks & Co.) would mrs: reseectfully inlorm his friends and am thre pblic in li nieraI, Ithat e hise and is colinarnl, tir ly receiving a ~eneral arssorlnent oif upholstery led nil papr halngins. The f rllowing ari orries a part oil li stock, which he offers forsale at whIlole, for sale or retail on the most accom.llodatinl8 tlels, vie : Frenrh velvet and satin paper, latest stylyh, do to lall common and commonor Pniladelphia glazed and unglazed do do, Firen-ch landscapes, lire boards, blinds, &c. do velvel and worstedl l dd, e mreanze do culors, silk fringe and glloons nfaoll to qualities, pattorns and pric.e, worsted fringes as soorted pattern. plain and colhnrd. Swis inllilin, latest style plain and soloured, eotton drapery rly miuslinalaini and twilled, as-orted colors, new nd styleof needle work for sofa cushions, .oelatool ow coverr, &c new style of hell piller, , raised figures e and plain, ailt wlndow ornallnnts ofi all nif ernal s 'er nd uirsi, gll cges l hatel anl nd spears, feathers, ho &e, glass knob,, eusiear, hair cloth. igured and plai, n laro assonrtment of toys f r chilJren; an larl silsk C-id and tassels, worsted cord and las. I, sa, a greneral asaormrnrl of uplolsteiro and paper or hlIlilnlLieCOnSettonaly lon hand and foo sale at tlh. lowest pricas at Nos 41 Royal aud 5(4 Ci toul Itluse 0ts. N Ii-Plrsons ill tlh ciry or Fomln the countr)y, age respecifully invited to a l sand erxamine ltr loemselves. Carpels anrd currsains made in the et larest modern slyle, rooms prepared at the squort - esat, aind all kinds of uplholdestery work done with neatsess and despaleh. oct 3 Lu iErIIOLll, No 54 Conde sair t, beci-lu r Diurlnsiind SI Philip, keel e conalni~,lv on Ihalid io a xt ,a lloive as-sortmentlll ofbulos aud brogane, andrf i hioee ,of New Yi.rk mnanufacture. tor mint, womeni ifand hiiildren of all nier, which he will dispose of at very unoderae' priie. Fan lies of his 00 q lisntance oil sendini an order will have their wishes attended In L S SEGOUR[ is DE.FNESS. in NEW artiie ibrjiersons tiroubled with den-ri-, itl (called tLe anrTriamper,) tas just bern received. Sbiy ith eia of nlhich, lthe !igitest artciulatiun of thle hu ea an voice is dimnctly conveyed to tile ear. Asny oni 11 who lian ever oa-en abigbe o 'oneeroe with a very leo -PIrron, hiisitl lie lollysoiblo of the dfillltily and ro srbarroa.nento experi-asoed nbuil, sy iemsielvres and tie in dlividuals s fnli,rlolraelv afflicted. By lhe use of lae Ear ''ruopet- lhis objection is entirely obviated. The eastl sesplilon have ahlya a so ndliodl'lheirguubt oficer Laving used llt' Trluopet. IFur ale at 'I' F GUION'S, lanay store., corner of Ci meon and St Ca:rles stseets al0ar lou. Eauioa-o Itiotel. feb 13 I5PREIl Ol--l.s0 galisillon pore winler d i Spern Uil, in casks and bhla, for sale by JAIRVIS & ANDREWS, lWlmoleral. Drugg sia, corner .' nnsioni and 'l'chnp eias swreels. one is \A/ HIE LE.AiJ-,bbs, ISni lbs ach; a E 40 kegs, ]f .,0 E oglalr do-dl5 1.4 lbbls. 4Ii00 " 00 lPuint Brushes variou suizes; 5 bbll Copal Varnishl 2 " Japan 0 I " Coach 0 If' packs Gold l.eal, p 511 do Silvea do; Inn1 do Dutch Metial. WINI)OWV GLASS. Anericantl Ealish sand Frensh a 1.h;0 boxes, various sizes and qualilies. 0 snton ruows do.-0S bhoses,eonsignmeni, will be i csoil low Also, a eneral assorslten of iartistn' eolonrs and c tools, fTur sale r A W SCA'I Er?, No Iii (l'aisl itreel.' N R. Alabama siaes lkei at pi r. and Mississippi b sntes will heI received at 1if per cene discouna for goodsr, or ir paymaent ofr ebIs. je I 1w I.OUR--v' nanding fr. .o asteamer Independ- p I' ete, eIs J lOItSEY. d .23. . 4.Ne.. l.. . ee. b Iinaer.oa,'s Riatzr Stra.s--Th'ee cass of lthe ennine arrlivle, rie rived y c o .- 3. RE.ES: & D'LANr, Ill Ca ,rp Ca Pal -ouri Rop-'-T coisf Missoura ti rope. I ad il &ifliP p, i I sIorlrI, ail d for al a 3 Bc}GERT & Hh'\ TlerIN, 63 Lrvier ae BOOK BINDERY. Under the Picayune Omfce, 72 C7 aip st. BRONSEIA '& HOWSON beg leave to inform a their cuatomers and the pnalie venerellt, Innt p they have removed their establtehment to No. 72 t rmp street, inmmtdiately under the mfflee of site Picayune--where they are prepared to execute all orders in theirline. H iving received from the North a senply of pn. per and materials of a superior qnaiity, for the manufacture of Blank Books, they offer their ser vicees to merchants and other%, who tiny wish work of that kind ; and having the advaptage of several yatra's experience in that line, they arev confident of giving satisfaction to those who may favr them With their custom. For notnries, architects and others, maps and . pinns will tbe pasted on lineny, vlrnichod and mounted in the neatost manner, & at the shortest '1 nneice. Plain and fancy hinilino, in all its varieties el. CHINA G[L ss & E \Ii'tltEN WAiCh |eultbi 36 Cllarres street, New Orleans. W M. SERGEANT & Co. importers of French and Enuelsh China and Earthen were. are nove opening new and rich psterns of hbreoakfst, dining and tea services, toilet sets, pitchers, ten 1 nal clffee cups, teapots, surgrs, creams, bowlesr, pitler, dishes, tureene, wash basins an. ewels, loot baths, etc. etc. Rich cut and plain French and Anltrican glass. wanrv--2oblets, cbhmpaigpce, lemonades, jellies, llare' c, tines, ctrdlals, I:entr wles, doenitiers. um blers, preserve dillee, celeries, pitlchere, ai itrs, Ilini shade and glasses, candle shados, salt eel lers, etc. Sitver plated, hernzo l and br;naia wnree-ca..a tare, liquottr stands, cake huskels, candlesticks, hranlche s, llr, Iltdlesf, c:nffe lant tPlolpts, lilgar, creams. lnmpe, ijlanned treys, nstral astnde,and hanging lantps,tin ocutcI"ry, German sivere seo,,ns and forks, toetther with a great variety if ,rticles lor flintly use. Merchnnls, planters, bht I, snil stea l boals, frlnisled w:h gode aet lite ni.ts tea soniible priers, an4 Ilaked so eas li hIte nuvtyrd with sately t nny part o tlhe enun ry. Aln,. aomtihernrin.,' ylneewnro. non 2 TriE i'.LORID.X LINE S liFrom Mlonile to Augueas, Go . Ileves XMobile t very Iay at three - o'lc:. p i per U S innil I lnt ifr lall's, llabove llakhly.--tHene, four p it coaches to Pensnacolta-t-hntc stelnhm s to Lernne, where thililand mote is resnmed-tlhence vi-l Maui..nn, .end Blr,,wnsville, Fla. Il]inbtidge plnrlerint t nI ,lwkinaville. .ntutdersville & LIutis. villetoAugusna,On, tcnnecting rengulnrly with the ril rand etars lto Charltesnon, nce lhn t etenm n ecItcns tid Ntow York, Noroilk, P ,iladelphia, etc. S The slentlboats are the heat for tile service, and i the nlavig tlion presents more advantages than can h be found upon any steamboat route in the sulth. e rnI regiut.. r i ThIe grlat improvements in the route have been i produlced by theconstruction ol liftiy ilesof n'ew v reml, by tihe propriettirs, viz : frlom LGrange on Inl'sayetle Itoat, nit narm oifSAnlt RoLes By, to I y 'ait's Ferry, oil hei Chn ti nhol.chl liver, len, iiles bltove tthcCwedr. er 14 above Cedar IlttI' w!nereby the tnnvignitan oa thd river, and the env a qulent detrnttis, ntid mrn-i r eecy thl e tine icnt vernient crossing at tile CUowilrdl, lre entirely a voided, and a line road from Marianna direct Sto Bainbrillge, instead ol the roundabout rot d via , Chattahoochee, lessening thedisonce about forty a, miles, and increasing the facilities more than s- once a day. I, Aleo, a branch line of two hnrse stages every other day flma II ntwkineville, vio PIrry to Mtcon, Ga. contceting wilth tie line to Savannah and Darien, Gen. A mail steamboat tilies regularly be wren Bainbridge and Apalaehicoln. Travellers wishing to reach any point on Cihattahoochee or Apalaclhi cola, can lake esteolmboa t lt Browneville. r Mobile to Pensacola-Land Rou e-During the titae occupied by the repairs of bhaes, tihe proprie. tore of the Florida line will trun a line of ficur Ithrse post coanches every other day between Mo. bll eand Pensacoln. S P rassengers will leave M ilel at 3 o'clIcI. p m, . in the US mail bon, and proceed to llall's Lland Sing, where a four horse coach will In In waiting it convey them to the excellent house of Mr. Charles Hall, I 14 mile distant, where they will find pleasant accont Iodtions for tihe night--leaving next morning, they will arrive in Peneacolla early in the evening, tlus avoiding the discoltfort of night travelling. Olitoe at tile ManIsion Ilouse, Mobile, and Col. line' Ilotel, Pensacola, where sear s r nlust bi sen reld. TOCI1TON & C,. nov I Pianro Firte Itastruction. William Smith tenders his services to the ciii. ens of New Orleanlls s a teacher of Ihe piano Itorte. Mr S having beren e€Iployed several yeens _ one teacher of mutsi int private aluulies in B.stion, and alsol a severl of lthe femaole seltinaries in its vicinity, cannot but hipe to merit their confidence. ,le is permitted to refer to Rev Dr Clpp., Measrs S teson & Avery, Ilenderson &. Gtailes. P,1Fr erme. &c please apply at tne buukstore of Alexander Tower, 49 Callp at act 2 Drugs and M.ledcines. sir J B Prevost has Ilcted ilimsell in this oily for it, the purpose of ransacting a general \VWholsale ie )ru biusiness. Ile is now receiving n full supply ol Iresh and genuine arnicles, which ht will sell ,n liberal lcrma To city druggists, and those of the interior, to physicians, nmerc hants and planters, tlie will offer inducements such as have never be, fure Irean ,oflred in this city. His intention is to do a strictly leeitintmat business. Ils stock will id soon be complete, nil in a few weeks will be rea. .td y bt r business. All orders from the country,nnd lifrom merchants of II i ecity, recciving such orders I n will be promptly attended to. oct 2 No 39Camp st PROSPECTUS. TIlE subscriber p-oposea to publish, in the be. Sglning of the onsaumg winter, a Condensation If th) elntwonity volumes of the Old and New Series of id Martitsa Louisiana Reports, to be comprised sn four '' volumes, bvo., according to the model of Peters' ry Uoneosuad Reports. SThis work is now in preparation by J. Burton IlHarrison, Esq, oftllis city, assisted by William F. ' Brand, Esq. The Editor is also permitted by a 0o distinguished retired Judge of the Supreme Coilrt, d and by one of the sitting Judges, to expect fron their personal supervision all the advantage which smay naturally lie reaped from their experience. Such a work is becoming every day more noe -. cossary, as the original is voluminous, expensive, and scaree. An increasing curiosity too is mani h' bst, in the other States of the Union, in reference n to the pecutliarjurisprudence of Louisiana; and the of circumstance of the numerous principles here do. s, ided il the adjustment of conflirts of laws, makes is the knowledge of our adjudged cases of prime uti. , lity to the jurista of the whole Union. Moreoven, , the rising republicof Texas has adopjtod our codes, and thus there is a great desanad for the Louisiana decisions from a fresh quarter. e Convenient notes, indicating the parallel cases decided in Louisiana, and oceasionally those in tse t more atthoritative forums of the other Stltee, wit. no added to each case. i, The work will form four volumes, r evs. and will be delivered, bound, to subeer;brse $6 per vol.; in case it shouldl he found practicablb to compress it into three volumens, the p-ico to asuo. Ik cribl:rs will be $7 per vol. Subscriptlions received by WM McKEAN, 05 coar Camp and Comlmont as. IVtlol.IrSAl.E AND RETAII.CO3tll ANID VA WY ILI'.1' 'OUlE--at tle sign of t,.e golden comb, ifeo CUlhartres stneept. 'l'ie stlbcribers have re ceived, ina t.litn ta theirprevious iatock oi lta nd,a fll elid coitnplet, assortment f articlRes ill their lie; tvi: ceotdis, ternlf sru, Jctellreb, baruoats, loeking gloascr, fotcy i.tictlt-e,,sa. .aisuianatio in sart ns follows: c(.) BS--torli De shrll, wrought and plain t ck,tw iss, quiilled hahk, Itn: routnd, dlreising, side pul, curln' o oetk, IBrtuzJinai e.ios of every descri ption tatngst whicch etlnc' l.tolxiiatn palters, Ivory celasla of every alacripitin, hIorn dresaing and ,tikelce, tIogetler witli' uL"'erl asm.ortment of Frenoh and American. 'ERFUIEIlt'-Colognoe Lavetdter, Flnrihdo, honey, by, r Yose, and oraoge flower wafers of every size and des cri tiota, cmpitaprutP Cologne, extractof Bergammot, I lancy soaps of all kitds, hlaviang do itn ckes and pts, eteoit sea, t,.oni Wsard's vegetablre holir il, bear antd an ti1uedo. I reestuau's slnbllg salts, plain nod perfunae Inet piwder, rl iat-powder, poa lerpuffa and boxes po tiatuo in Potas Iln rollsTores and elalrtise tooth wash anadl powdes, with ai geitteranl aeSrtuent of JF.IV\V;Ll.RY-isome.u oflthe lateat asand most a fisltintea hie sells, coasistiug of whlite and roe coonelioi, topo7 le ot eardn,pa, set in filagree, breast pia ofe graer' .t ty fettet'pits, wanteh trimiaeirs, gilt and silve aeklcs, aslver thlimlel, silver and goll pe scils ald gutard ehlain Illt USIIES--Cloto l hair, dult.d agecrunl heartl,flolor, hat, flebh, teth, pllte, comb, Nail, shaving, shoe and whitewash brushes. LtOOKING G(LASSES-German statia and toilet grlars, magnifying and gnreuch dlressing glsses, hole do, wvith a vnrieiv ofothar kinds not easuancrsn ted. hiAN\:Y AN) VARIETY AKTICLES--Frennl ead Amearican portable desks and dressing eases, cote very rich and fiaunelv filnishled fat:liea work boxesand dres-. sing cases with altd withost lmsie, musical boxes, Ae. ecordlion o tnarioas kinds, violins and goitars, silver and platuld penails and lends,wood pencils lor ealentaers atd eramysu,maotlee loeks,gun.nand pistol wilth and withsoult d eases, ereussion caps, pCreu.ataion cap charger, nipple d stersnw drivers, snt belte,gamse Inags, paste blacking, toy tea setts, Indian beads of every kinl, bells and lumes e fmaeand comaton aknives, razors and scissors, thimblosbe needles, pits, silver plated, steel and eootlon specta-. eles, pocket books and wallcts of varios kinds, visaitin,, P curds and eanl cases, playing cannlts of FL'roncl, Gerlae ad Ameriean manusafacture, dells. itatiatnion fruit, as U boxes, ponts m f" various kanse, Saunders' IPomery'e, tI Emierson'., Hillltan's' and Ilawkin's razor strapa and netallie Ihtnea,tlirks, fancy Iad nsecklaces, Io wisth tar lmpstr,toy watelsr, pearl lbuttons powder flasks, cut and a platn seed Iends, gilt and silver dI, gosn elastic sujpen- t ders,amd garters, plaits and sword cannes, backgaoam tn batrda, dlire, optinlI vielmtes, jtwneltaeps, IoCeOface amatlh d esnol aldrinkiag ciss, with at greet variety ot alier arti t ales, iall ofwlli Ih will Ie sold fisr cash or city aecepta-. ceo s o12 a: eostba credit. 111 S1 IIiG S, &e. fi | Olild' teiuel,, llt,,,bk-ttia, n Plhilt ia- do. oi i , hla' l.ts . atjyply, re 'd b li't A "Tto'AIt, dli Ca.ti iltH INDIAN'S PANACKEA. Othectoreofrheum tilsm,nemrfulsorkingsevil,gout, aslatilea or hipD bout, inci.iell eancners, slteheium, aiitld mni rtil dilleasse, lrtaieulerly ulcers and infutsullestinnsofthe bones, uleerottitl itrtat e-. tlns trls, ulersofevery descrlption, fever sores,anl internal abslelses, fistulus, piles, scald head, sunrvy, biles, chlro alse ome ersplils,blotles, mnd every vnriety ofec tmsaeous affetioi, chronic Catarrh, head ache uoeei iglfom any aerid humor, pain in the stomae l it lys plpia proneedingfiromvariation, afffetionsofthe liver, ehreio inflnamation ofthe kidnleys, and general dchili ty eued ba torpid aEtion of the vressels ofthe sklin. It Sognlarltyerimnsonus in renovatin tholse constitutions whiohheve been broken down by injudicinus treatment, ju'enile i1regl-rlt- et In genernl terms, it is recoin m nened m all those dineases whlih ariu from impurities of the blood, or initiation of the humors, of wslaterer nameor kind. Some of the habove complaints man require some tri. fling asistant applications, which thccirocmstances of the ease will lditetvs but for a general remedy or L'nPrfiatntr to removethecause, the INDIAN'S PANACEA will generally be found sufltient.t TO THE PUBLIC. How trune it is, thiat modern Physicians, In their am bition sn ezeel it their profession; eplor the vemfielhd of sietne Iby the aid ofetiemistry, anes seek eit new rc mnedinl agents; inshort, to rrivne at iffection in the IU'netite iy neans of net tanne,--ntirely.overlook and neglect, as heneathlthelrnttlee, therich and bounteous stores of medicine, which the Almighltly has. ePaused to spring out of the earh inevery clime! And iow maoch mtntw true isnt that whilethe AmeriOan Physician looki to foreigs countries for many of his most commnon alo leeessry articles, perpetnltly ehunging os they are at the dictates ofl'tihiml orfolly, ihe is turmndcdl in his own country withan endllesnprofusion of medical plints, smllcilest to answerany inldietiona ill disease or to omte any eunsblo dinorderndyi bet he ins ioant of their vir. tes, atIl they are sufered to *waste thcirhealisg on the deseortir.' 'lThe effects of vegetnble medilcines upon the system are temlprary-those of minerals lating. lThe Io'mer ex ert their eneets and oasn off--tle latter, mecwary ill par tieultr, act chemieally upon the selids, decons svog tile bolles alc inllermiiung the sconstittien by a slow nnd sere destrucetion. Toe congeniality, eflicileny moid SA EI'Y ofve.eta bleremediesover minerli, mo:y ce estiliattllihyeontrast-I ingthe anucient pictice wiil tile mioieri;t i , totiritlg ii lmoreoimmediatelv untlier out n\ill uhervati nll Itc dlli an prnaetlice withl that If the whites. Who, ill Amerlcia, nas lint knowtn or lerd of Ireipented Insttices whleleil somne tleereisl, co itretendinl female Illndian, by meansof her simllle iremedieu aloe, ais affected the neat tilpl and astooishinug enre, after thle .llnteilra Medicn of the -emmon Ipeotice. dlireetell in the mnost skilful mlaeeri has foiled! And who lls noe beenaursl'prlsed at nIde cm Imi'rtivecase and facility with which the Ilndilnn ceshin self from aivy disae, anid at the almost tote ahbstielnce ofehronic diseasee among thenitn Wiho has ve ilerrdt ot alltinan witha cosnstitution broken innd rillcedh by I illireatstrnt Anld call a Ildobt exist ltti this Ilappr ex eittion of the savage from most of the ills allitl the fs onlmhan is ileirto, is ehielty ovhigto nestre gClin d nsacfesr merdies whichl h eticoiys. oy lls aIishtIIiI ing diffelrence ill success, is a lthir exemlifienatio ofl the itiiiilthllie uolle t'rity of i tile csimple ani sate reas of csre cticl (itle hlstilnwited Filr e Ite elleFL cf tis eltiItren over those wlioh tlie t'icle and the art' of mac lave in ventedl. From a long rsillencemnoong a pirtion of tbhenbrigin alilnhalblialltsof tlliseonltlly, anllan intimate actuain. tace with the. methlo ds of llle rof somine of their emost nsuccslsil Itlotitioiners, tile Iro ictitor oi *Tle Iinnlial' SItacelluc,'c..uiimeld knowle of sone of the most ipowerfLiaudl tavorilermedeics. Ilroml lthese heselected sullc as were most etfflcious and npltroprliatee, ail slier yIverious eperi'inet to test theb' pillaciples nnil strength, ti se harcmbisedl them ill thiveform l)re iwsented, a tste Smost ierfleet atd beeficial br the purpose lfor which it is recommendted. l'he piroprietor offers this preopaltion to tile plhlic, with the eonsciousoess that hie is lcaciig withintheir sea, a remedy caplble ofrclieving many of his afflictoel fel low beings, who are sunitrilg under the various chronic aJ obst natlie comple iltSl to whil llt is npplicenhle. 'o such it will prove of ineodculblte value, as tile mieans, and in many eases, tile olliy omens ofrelieviogtheir suf eriings and restoring ihcm once more to lenltlth and halp Spinesr . ThisisltnotoHiered nsa common remedly, that may per' chano c be c(uaolly good with mlany otliers now in use, btlaes one which is iapneble of savinig life ill many i extree eases nwhnich all tile unousnlll Ienedies i I. Thst h. s donee reentedly; anoi this is the rel1lution it hnsb r tained wherever tllns'been introduced. It Is onlyabnout three ytearc'siC teehis p5rerlmltlio was Iresentell to tle tutlic: obuti ot tca'nt Sort ace of tlmer, nomelnlh'iie't velitsollS intellt I'tiit lnt i llo wie llll n olemtily stecltre tint they believeit nit their lives were o saved b it, t id il nostvcasesslter they had tried ltany all 'lpertals nil thie commo l relediesi ill vain. Whe'r ever it is klown it israicdly coming into ust., nnl this affL'ds the most substaetial anl convioihlg hIoof of it 'merit s. I' 'lThe vnlue lef tlle tuteei mnost nivCl tOilnsie ticel I onp staitnditig 11od sIphilit iltio l ' Clllllllons hlbetion1s which have defied :ill olther remitdiies, tillll Itrtienlarly . in those eases IwheIrl.e mlercury ltus beeln so lot isI ty usedc as to enalsedistresinilg iitls ill tile bones, Iolies, inlmE i'it tllecrs, (ICe'RIntgeiiLteit of tle digestive orgllls, ode. ThIese it comilletvrel moves, t ni d in ill ca:,, it entire iy e.alitioes ntihr licLsses cIlI tcilutLs ofi' lmtelllrtrvi relln i volesthe collstilutiinilll, ti.tIt IcaIE s iltiet soonlId lnd Swell. In rh'tumatisoltin llt in ultlCeratotl .ole Iltelltl its hato t'h y eiticts atre linot leos npllleret:. givilugl aliost itmne ciitito relict: "nTake ic t ll'cte-t,!oirvdlctolane iti a anrId l axatives, nI itlti-s alP lic :nd .a o ntvit nll d it L.l'O llt'l" tI.S US, Il~LCllrl~l~l~li ll d eilllI:t·D l l.O (lt., t .Lllel'= allexrlnesse it incrl. s al the seclretaar t lrd -x e t'etiit tii l u tr.t.o e oillti. hti et L ttll sxcite S tiI) the gittie ill a ttitu'tit'ulurt tIoiele'. F : thcime i l.ele . Iles ittOierl'ations tOot tue utnedersl'tod Tlhismedicine hash eeh i'eutd itighth useful in ninny

r animbignots dliseases lnot h'rlu sve ceiidrl ,'I it hi:s ibII lusedl vitll wolt trlll surcch ssl s a Sl lll' r il Ht 11:1 call It - i'ifier, h ly lhose wtlv trule sorwt tll o comllllal;l oi' lte tle.l nlld wiose on(IS ituti(onse/uile IInew \I.()r. SIICII ISh 1 p sons will Io wrll to use t vo ur threL.t i< 4lesilu amll. lo ses. WVlhellever a liet ri.illk is colnsillertle Icssllrl tils I'inaealitken in a small dose; wll oIlSwieiL all its prn'pase8, in mlleh less time, at less cxpellnse, llll i a ar n tore agreenhble monller thau the ennnon di clikl Ihlk The followitt ccl'ticiatcs, oui of ihundred silill., which might bte lrcnred, are givento show thI elite ol i mtsei lnlalltt I'o5eea il ilte t arios iu mlnlan n i meetotie;ul nlsuotos etibilt in the uoist stisifcnto l Iiitel' il'aculrcriity ocerlthe syrllltnii coliocoln use. CAciES 01" IIHEUMd'I'I'ItS . lobC sotlLlbwo Nov. I5, 1832. DIuring (Ie last wnlter unit sl 0f l 01 las Bflioto1* with )a. a very severe andl distesing LirC u111atismliS 1c caslnl el by - l exposur'e indl0l wethrlltloons I nOgl, 111101, Iets of stating, lhtl six bOItItS of tile I0,1in01'f loamalel 0, Oftcllf'0ll our me to00 erl l lteallll,tlnl 1 confitfft ntlly rfoonf d it to ra01 f11 siollntfly xllY ttcd. JOhIN FEIUIUSON K ll'n 01 (l ClALooiTON,'o1rW0h 27, 1812. 00011 lkfogffoooolalu 11011 0X1 d fff. FO j I was ettfflfObltf IfifOI}y elltslfiflllllfHltlfoktoflcR rI, li001 If100afsed b1y taIk11gC. sevelre colld, wile loIfoer a the intlueneeof mercury, amtc which hal~s disabled or n I ll ave Le Iofptielnlti tlie 3a101011 Iloliolpif, inf this ni cli l llb0101tall dor mlontlils, md nllrllyo t 01e sa1 lengih.' ti 1111 Iloltjltlmor Ilopifll, 001d tried f lost eve to- loloedy, with little beoli. O11n file 10th1 ofi I'Utlfi ra, last, ot LtI time laolOly able to move about upon ennclil 1i_ es, 1 commenced the lluse of1 Indian's ,'a Itlllnea. Inl on' eo11011t0 I fIfff y tisllf'll Iefront pail, a111n11 lIe noW h111111 to slate 11101t I considerll mslfyi per1c lll. \v'\1. TUCK Flit, 13 Alarket att o, BASES OF SCRbOF~ULOU S ULCEIRS em; NOW Ylllf, So1t. IIt, 1830. lit Thisi may~ certilj· that( inl thfill :.I Of 1825L, i mo seize sI. Wl jh a s11) lloooltl 11 0 I i ll'n k111111 , ff1 lie2 , licrI 11 so, idemate ndlll ffl l ieeme larglf e ghoslfilyI ulcers Ic Ilt 11v0l. no Allrltyingsl sevell tfysIoifofo n11,110 flIflflfeg1 i 110ff' to PiIlttdelphiafo, mist 100 1f pl 111 ff111t under the OfflO MIS Des. PLtysilol llcnd iaIf, oholl, 111ff re'1eaf111 fll*amofO i. to noe01' cl, I WkS 10'0LIIOIIIprOSOISI'ff Isttt'flf i flietLf Aleit. it. fwtlalrds I tt00ltlyf bflflfsofllellm'stIf 110 tacea aud b0ttles of PIotller's C: Ifffolic withllf I m lfterl b.flfIf nO' toe, I relilleed t o my persistsI in New forkli in 1829, an $6 II emystfulll .o aii'n.,f'llfg d111. Il ngflfl, g of tilt to greet sucecess or hI'le ftlillla's HIIIneea, howevert · in cast o0 simll 00 to my llt ilO, 1 wIs ltersu d It l tolt)lfl it,lls'lo lat t0. 0olt. fllof'l)f mgrealtyfsll,"IOse, its well tasIaifisfliltlOa s01o. tBo III) 011 11'110110,ly recvellng, and npou L tk sevenl battles. thle llecrslr eall d and L became perfectly w eOO lll the coC. se Ilfftwo u ,11 10 11f011 Ve renutrl so 00rl'ulo or sy'lphilitic oaioetiolfl, 1(felt tIhly s1f) know, .lrllallO h lslalteldae wh1o ha1 s 11 lftlred ltslOy tlinlgkbut 111 ldeth, and w01o Colnlidelrf his0 life sICdlI y the above sf0 z: rep. ClsIAnltro'lTIIsis 'lit, 151 31. ~3 1 tas ulitlef., roalo'yelar with1ll1 fft~l'llf ife leg, 11u. 01l aud elxessive ,,slll illnlloBllegfallffl afolojfloinllt. Seeirfl ry eme~inenlt phy~asicians exertedl tlleilssill npou~l it, but withl a lout Iul"ltoel lfotewfI. III dais1 c1t, live bottle ludlinlfll's mlacefl maflefal :lt 'fOt 01re. y, MilAINkIlEIl' A WE1'"T, 121 Marfket a- :;For sl1) Iby ENILY IONNAIIEL, dlrggist, ages A1 I" tl'P Ilrolprtofrs, 'I llOltll'a ofllan trlet It a_ NEW ORLEGANS K" NASIIVILLRIIAIL lL0i xl COMPI1ANY'. ,. T IIE stOel~llolllCrs or1 this company are. hereby un -II) 1 h J iiFd that ll y l resolionlt ol f O heafrldl fo lr 00 e ti i passedl on thle 1ft'0 inf1t l1,calllt 110110s ItI thjeOl ihe 11113th Feblrouar ll, t110 llfo pIfofl oflliof do0llars a 0 share, fs roiflll, loft dtheslljid stockhofflders are 0 Footheooottoid tlluo WVll:l1EAS, III 0 Oetulflflolf ft1llold pila00f 111 toth 15th l0st . a emit has line.01 d11off10l n F IIdO 0 lCkh Of Ithe NeIw OI leOIIs ffllNlfNafhille tIllfRtIalfflflflfdllffy I A: f or thle following pnyrllslrlJ sa thle the s taclk held riTCej.e lively by 111011, th llf-loo a loilko j11d 1 steifrI', tat'bllelO 0 1e first dfay of 2011010100 1er10 t111o s1pe shaIr pflvulll olan thle first d111 OfI)eOcemblOler nxtl; mdtn1_1 dollars0rser sroe pallralle on tie 1i 1t dfy of 20al001 II 10Xt0. N1ow t100'10k be it rlesolved, thIaIl tlhe sectalry of hllll olmpOnv hal1ll npity 11he s1ar0 holdois therein hllrogkhtlhoelolie fnallls ot t11e ciOltllytht ilt col»fuiy withl thle sixth o ection of thle chaurter, they are pelamitt~d f to to stpeany paymenl fil llcfluedion ltfsoftild 11 0 plntl forll tfhle tell alO'fl'Otlol asllllo,tOruOIO J fer thO e it t day onl whlich it is malde palyable, with the sapless c aep_ g diti0n 01owev00, tlioitt 1f1o reguloly pa1il within the1 1 said en1orlonel ofoltf silay ys, fret0,lallllfll aftertI t fdy i1 on w1ichll i lltl l 0l h 0ve 011(a1, 111f tha11then te lstofk no tovlllc itilal yments l shol d hiae 1100101mfde, is anlld reolno -,, forfeitd to t01e collilplnV, tlhe chalrltr off1 t110t 1f poinft alcing imlpeollive. In C11 1t110101V llorore, to s0i1 oollollniook of tlfe stockholders in said 0111111111, 00 III thin1k proper to p19 nir 111e 10ymen1ts1nn their tu1 k to '" Leolfle of the additional sitly dJay, 1111ick th1 01hart1r ollows thin1, 0re notileldol thathe ipaymleln oftwo 01 - If lore 11er 0h0re called tor,aod due Ian the irst o1' Se201. h tlmlolrlltnl, may he0 postponed undler 111 sixhll section o of said charter, until theo 31s day tof OlotlOh 11001, that fu, the plnymenon o: two dIollars per sltre culled fhr, and Ifl due 0on t10 first day of D1cem1ber 0000, mfavy ho 1111st- Ibe pon0d until tho 30th1 doy of JanOury 11001101 ItIhIe1 paw S1 meoot of two dollars 10r s11.0 all1d 1m lt ald lto tIl lo irst day 1ff ,l0rc0 ne00, ma0y he puhtpou'tif uld til the1 3flthl itt dlay 01April ne00t. Eolxetr1 of 1110 m1inutes of tie board. Ill 0111021 A It 2IeNAIIO, St'o.r 11I1 Illl. IIAAI'$, ill eIIe,-2i rý llta,fura s al t 1 elIIM ap t6 Royal College of Physicans, Loudon. HE original Vegetable W ielan Univer"sl Mlli T eine, prepared by W Mlskin, EaI. Menmlr of ti lis al d College of Surgeons, Lieenalire of Aplte.e cary's tnompany, Fellow of lolt Court Society, Surgeon to thle Roynl Union Pension Asoeiation, Laleaslcr Place, Waterloo Bridge, and Perpetual Pupil of Guy' awl St T'honma's Hospitals, London. This valuable medicine, the result of twent yenars' experienee and unparalleled success in the extentsive and highly respectable prctiee of the propriety, iltro nised by the fanulty and nobility, dll is now ittroducida toathe notice of the American public, at the earnest so lioitation of a number ofgentlemen of long anld high standing in thle profession. It is hoped, as a prelini nary step, to cheek the evils and fatal eousealuonees ariaing from the use of the numerous and deleterionus nostruma loisted upon the poklie by tihe aid of fabricated proofs of miraculous cures, and other frauds, by a set of mercenary, unprincipled pretenders, ao totally ignolrnt ot medical lenee, that it impossible tihe monstrous 1 delulsion on any llger go down with the intalligent people ofthis country. These pills, mdld ui agreeable mn their nature, should be kept in every family iIn anes ofouddeh illness, for, by their promplt admniiistration, a cholera, cramps, spansns, fevers, and other alarming eomplaints, which ton oteln prove fatal, may be speeti ly urerltred or vented. In ft, al those who vlue good health, should never be without them. They are sold in packets at Sb l cents, $t and s$ each, by every respee table drnggist, bokelelter anl vendorof mediclne is tio United States t i . be Canulas, with copious dilections, togetlher wilth: estamonials of professional ability linm , tihe following enmiient gentlemen: Sir Astley Coo er, J At Alrnetly, Jimes Blutlell, M. D., WV. IlBek, il. I)., s J. Aston Key, A. Frampton, M. D., and nimoernus others. The origintils may be seen n possessin of the e General Agent, by whom the m ledicte is imported into this mentlty, and to whom all applications ftragencies e must be made. JNO. HOLBIEIN, 129 Wacerly Place, N. York, Sole General Agent for the United States, Lao. For wle by aplmoimment of the original pinlrietor. by SwAIt & lluaerl:n, )lruogitt, No I l Catil streeot, g G(ener Agent ltor Statieetof Louisinu. jutl v SINILY It LEE . co, No 3 Magtzlne street, are t I o :w receivig frlim ships Nashville, Il.olisville, I- lKentllck, Engle, net other lnte arrivals t rin the it ":Itern cltles, a iglle anld new selcstecd issortlllent i- Iris, tloots, Slioes tand Blrogantls, it nonsirling olgen¶letell's line calf and Morocco btnts ii do ,d qualityt; do bufltd, and stout wax pegged baots nI if etriousqu ities; menl's fine callo seal antd c lornea Sotr! i- llni nillnd brogals, buctkskin shoes, broatins amtn te slppens: meln's ine calf and kipp pell Imeg s:I aHmsrl I, togoani lo beoots do sien r kio :hp ll waxi ic ggedb shoe SIt i g bbnnst g letitleie's i iest qlta1lily cal'seoll attisho - Iogmlns and Jclck I)lncings; edo all and 31orocen 0e i ackle shoes nit rognls; itin call; seatl lll or)occo. ii ti lial shams anltc slilpt "in, to calf, hull' uit seat Wngs, 'y a.ew articleilIo line allut sat.l land imiiri o iu llllrel iotr; bhys', misses' ind children's pegged and soUwed e btogans, altl shoes of every quality ill kind. Also in general assortment of men's stont waor anl l- t lt iogls and ashoes, tiogetIhcr with 10,0001 pair e ogro east inludity, russelt brlogmi, nailed i till e Links, mIden expressly for phlatmtioi use; a goItd ts , rtnelt of mnell's lille a1il stolt kip riusstett Irgan.s, i al, rtitle ,an a oge luantity of an inerior claliti rl aseilloll obw blogntll. Ladies' fil; cale, scal, moom en and grain wclts, andI t pitmp sole alloes; llo lile FlretchI Muorocco nti kill riu it eotill iiipers; tieotalc; slihes, witt andc willo t tielttr o I' aElf, SaLcnl iitIntiii ltaeliitheItontiits; 4lo I'imllcla shloe It i fall kinds iIan qualitiesi i o lasting bloegoi nto glitel,. td oailnd foxedo Iotees. MiLoes'nstlogspciig eshtotiaci at g:nis. Childreni's colred rllenoco:ll lasting bro S, bs lal beots, lke. e ;etintleimen's fineflothionable black silk hats; do blaek it an I drab beaver do of a soperior quality; dito imitation ii ram do; broad t nd lnarrow brim me1n's lile dIb and i bl:, k Rissia short inpoedal hats, a new article. VYolblhs It bu e size hats of tdilerent qualities; do chtilren's. i- len'sn ind bc)'a black and drdal wool hats of various lo aIhpes, with general assortellt of boys' Itl meln's o sail eaps. Thiiins assoltlnent will be replenishl d by tyle airrival of e l h packetslrmc the anore named cities, all of whlic aillb soltd o.nll ol leollllo tillg tiemlns. IIg t-Itf Wt iIN TAt U IE'S B ./ILJ! FOR TIlE TEIE'ITI). 0 T ItEesttlloiskod reputalion onl Instit Lly lncreonp o denltlld for itis o eftltltuol ltrity olfait, and o ,rto servative of thel tclth, has induced the s ubscribr as offer it to the Aler'licant public. Arrangements hai r,Ibeenu mdot too sooptlv actts inll Ii theoprilipal riliO S land towoa ill the Uite'd Statlr, so a. Ito pace it t ili re Ili rreach o those otlfbriong nd likely to sulrer this tles hy toorassiog oftli tCllt.o, '|'olott;-ho'io'. Vhen applied according to directions iven on bottlo, it has lever Iilet to alolto r inlllledlilte i IIUeIIIt Irelif. It lso arrests thile dr car In delectiv r'thlatd relieves that rsor'lrss %,lhich lsoV frefql itil li Srenders aI itrotg tootlh Iot.lluesrt ''le applitt Itn u I r mlldy Ire Fil tple, l ocll tll , n I i pll easaiot ; trlld the Lti le Iltlll r Iof persoI nS t i ll ll' t' I lttli tll l ilt Istci IlofO 'OItIIIemtg ('ith tbllt Il ,nl xe. air adv eg wri mIed ('b iffu In tru lul ar t llit cts irtll ie uvo , of 1e tobtl , tre. I re. dv t b r (tir r t nhe pul nic gotd) their teot v to iTtta s i-1 - i ravlled gtalitles, Iti it. t ll l I tl ri aln ethl l io d sigoury 1unIor E o ludro iad a: be rger I, . t, :he cit ilid wn bInh ost ie tn'strl v cluabl ted d iscoSer Price $1 genr toottl he. thl Slo ti l Iil l t.l-J--lilt I.'--1U O IIL II I U.I t to-oItotliJd S cill l S eot titotit! tl orsi tl.l oll V i ll at otllil inoor teottbl ortt, tS.rd, of ttt gltort h ad i:'1o Siaving ce e rly ost induslro Sly clrul ter, by sell: r. ceivtresled plliepl s, y tesubscriber bigs e o ssip r Vilca. k. bufr iend l gelurc , and th public, atll argerv t short o t illp ld anot llE itpcke twlo idors ilo hiy ote or 1 tloorotr stlold to tt fttrtnishtd witrt a fotl aond to. tn " io of a Rlsupply of all nc staord nid.l Asrf kilrChlu ly Roort, htaving already recivo d invoices tereof ty orThe getascriber ;rd,ogs filrt'er to o sste growthe ud i]l ti ort ofre, thae presen at prseason, 1 as 37. ll nblto ts Since lthe early part ol Septetber, h itoo ro. eoteived o p olo uprders byr a the akirtids of i ar V n. burg, Keottucoy, and Arkansas, o 1 nrr;ved io t short I opassages, direct fro t New York. Bly th olitois. oi Seeds, eianother pocket, or ret ai, lyo e evertas Sfilled at tsuply of Frui t 'lrees and Aspraotes. tI poout, having alrnady raleceived ooices tlereof toy Tnlo sgubscribe erb n Frlcrto tor teglh, th o publi lot large, thatt to ioot praevet as well enabled to eet and exeute orders for all th kironds of lcion ard Seeds, eitlor wholesale or retail. it the ever was since irn fir Seed Stoablishmet in Jaouiory, 1822. to Co try Deconalers anti arly oflirdn citr orders filled ator Iho; ulowoert d ost; erosoablo rates, by' tdried oud weiglt, and gually or tlse ld meaunnre at Faloguc , eithck r on Fr-ncr t o English, tll t always beP i obtained o il personal nld plietion aI' usual, to note, , ShMll d cs Gard. t Sedock Store, 85 Cu.tomhouse stroet. NOtE,-A constanriot srtuloy ofnsilird Seod, oil or t .etoil 0gr ed sltin, ori.ze velvetrbs, and Shakrs dried herbo, -with t supply of roe ond beans. Fancy liocket lookms-Under tho head will be found ot splendid variety of ladies' tndt geotletoot's tokhoet bools, not, crdto needle aodh thread cases. lFaocy tonks, sLuspenders , c.-Of the t teoIst. lot 00tern 0nd of superiortlqality, consisting ofpt al ant figured sottttt oootttz:to, velvet atdo cloth stocks, liten bosoms, phtln, and fatltfy with Iotd SVaolshigto] C.pllnltldo.ri ;llis, t.wlllll elastic wllrsl. ed and cutottonett do, with and without rollers, la' olaloon strapoos with wire, sloprings;lol d It great vo. orioty ofr.oget h 00leme' 0 c oot t Ii.tle torely toroltte Sretail tradoe, by A. 1. Vaoohor and' ooat of l'hila. I Sdelphia. Colllbs--A general anid complete oneortlllotl of combs from their manultototry.Aso, Entoglisht and Frtrench dressing combs, lc. dec,'27 RUSIIT'ION & ASI'INALL'S O'OMPUNU 1 TONEIC MIl1X'I11 0.E.-A sprendyv and curo for tihu Fo'uvr and At.,. rem.ittent and intermittolnt fevers; prepared-ctol' tile original recipel. Used w,:th uoeinnt anl uni versal su;ccess III 1832, by persons of Lto highest t respectability io this city, as stated i thoe onoexud occrtifcites." t This medicine is highly recnomended, and has t been extensively used ill Lte abovel diseasoes with such distinguished stucces, tlhat the proprietor of the recipo has been illnduced to offer it to tIe pub. lie in its present firmt in the hope thatt it may be 1lo nlians of reoleving many of tllos who aire sulfering undo r the scourgo of ou country. It is I medicine possessing groeatvintue, and owhoi used according to the directions has never foiled of ellecting a cure, even in the most obstinate stage of tile disorder. It is not 0 t all disagreaOble, and persons of tile weotkost stoiacth, and ellildren may ttke it with impuntity. It strengthens the digestive organs, creates aot appetite, and seldom requires enure than o0e0, or in obstinate cases, two bottlls to offect a cre. There is neither iollrcury nor arsenic in the medicine, nor any thing injurious to thte human constitution. T'he proprietors are so well convinced of its effiency, tha t Ihy agree to refund the price of every bottlo wtic ha:s been ke on in ccuoldanc3e with the direceions tand has lnot otl:eted a I perfrct cure of the fev:f r & ague. A. OLIVER, solo atgent for New Orloaons, at his wholosalo and rotail drug and mcdtint o .ore, corner of Iienrtville and Clhartres streets. For District Agoncies apply to jo5 T. W. SMITII, 48 Conti at. IARROWGATE SPRINGS o ..ol t gOllglllery clllv, AinlllllOll, fi THIIREE D1 JOURAE y F I,.11 AE IV ORLEANS. p IIle pI'ror.rietor of tlis erhdblismrnt as the Ile. tc storete oin t ntng too ots friellds 0a01 tile prblio e in genetal,t0.0t oe will be in ratllonessby eilofirst lay of r M Ot to tec.0i0e visilcrs. Ile will also state for theolt:- It nolit oftho,re al a odi. totite, that Itoere iotv beenorro 0r ilnlrovlents amitdeo ood otllhers now goioo oo too I od .n ropid progress' for o'oplloetoion, whictl rill rweult Otto t. trser herlto IItoeootolultoate a iinot c larer It oIlr lbrl r tllatut I0 Ilterlltcft, alid lit tihe stlO te oilleo iolle bt tclhr. o0 I'tolllioe cnll be aeoloOnlluloed "thl good t rootot or 0, tllose who, Irtert call have large cabins j'oatohel fro ulo It tlooeed 'tne tcc.,srry lto say nnotlhg in ptartielt - lor lOto ellotoaro :Ctr lo Iheso Wrlito", fo ito is g oot 00 teloeved that tthey are l0,0 inferior totw 00 i the Soutb- 0 ern Sttel.s, Alli too euuscOtrnt n tlat aore peto llt tt limtnd at \oti'00ri000 ['lateCs, will be found st thi.T T0,; n0 hlret music that this Iart of tIt countlrv Is, h o' bees otllggotcd,o d will be itllol. t:tnt soterillleelotoo 'br Sprins during tbe whole aeaiou. 'I hersabsebcltr t iil utoil himself of tlhs np torllll.nml ' a0 rtulrnbig hit nototi'icd iuthtks foor lt. Veore liboot tot tpOport, 0 tiveo t lo oIt.-i seao-Ullo. untdt hpes boy th" eo.,ro ho hlle, io|oll 0l000li',ll not hOll a liberal tololrllot,.o til. pteaeel sruasoe. JNU l:t I \1. ! 1I1 Ic "SJ iUs6 PBisoxDFloM artfigrrOT"Y PLiTES, lier IhY dilionof IoOWETT'O TABLES OF fN' fEtEST: rtO hiii it noa aded aon Averae ime Calenla tor, or easyn methods for fiadiog the average lime on storage, notes' of bald or Illls of goodsm, when tour. chased at diffeirent dates, en dlifferent clredits, and for varioas nmontsi bealies a tsetful and eoaopletee linokiag Time Ta' le, the best lhat can be aontrived. or that fi gores can praluae within thie same eondesenld compas, slnd sine Oa type. An alvertilenaent in the hook is in nearly the follow ingwoards: The kigh distinetion this work has rneeveil thrtgh the ten legislative acts prefilnd lto the title pge, i; are eommendsaitioni iitself, so MnEommon,, and so eMelu sive1 lit I nothing is neseenry mare than Isy way of ad v.rueement, to giveoa eolndense view of srne of lo pe eicohrities:os feroislssee, the ltterest Ihas been tompa. Sedl from,and compared with, what is equivalent to f our I teen setsefealnulatione, examiued in tlhe pressthirty five tiates, and prlsed frmm dereotype plotes tewed I thirltyty-ne times, from aol which it most be evideatt even to the skeptic (eaeclallyast tila pesanal ofthe sie tai! efllrofin the prefsoe) tlmst the weo k mast he orith metleally infallible, and il eonifirmatiloa fthis beliefs premitum of two io h rIlrsl nd l fty dollars, is now offer cd Ifor 'he detetiotl of an errorof a cent ill the present or fifhd edition, as enproseod in the peefce, mnksngfive larlge ilseotintas aftfereal fr1 the same e or anine tsle first pnbslienltns in tIhs year 1t0i2. One of thamost eonsideotos feotores of the tables is inthe arrangemeant of tile Time atd Amotnta, whlich for exnedltisns, roference ondperslenpiity, will the iselp af sh ite end index, cannot he excelled; sna the sally ty)n anl ease with which the in:terelst cnn abe fosnd to the extent of geeeral business, withlont doubling oa stms is besids a EcoveaienEe asa essetital, that in the estlma lin of .ome oi tile most competent and ol tetieal husi I ss men and plalic oli ers whto hanve eade grat uoe of the work, it laos been dlintisaniaolsasl hytuo ihonohlabe ppelltoin efoufa "master ptone". And contisleleg tkeinfotlltilty otf tle tethatl originally adolpted in -compnsi"n thie work, and the extraorsliunary unsber and v ariety o the sexaminatiens, and tests of every edition it has passedi in Ite press eotwilthatandig the whole isin stereotlype, enalsidernlg. in dl6rt, ale positive aeeuracy seevrees ty the snanpreeclatr nlae ans etlployed, the vo luae:has I"eet hlaItI nt anal emptlsotically styled "the nmost wonderfll soak ,: tIea waslk;" most certainly no irenal ilamen fignre work offthe samtne extent, which since the begieding l creaotion, las Ihad te anme ncow blcr sansi varsiety of teats ill thle samne ntaber of edlitoers to, not one half tlle number, as is clearly shown in tihe a prefoe. Ilesides, astest and standasrd, it hals been tried 0l0 Iprced ill nearly nltllhe ank and pallic kfilecs in tihe nitleal States, allnd by tihe ptnblic gnierally, ltiriltg the Ihng peritd oftlnirtt-live Ireers, yet o error rdF ihe l c otiohs has ever heet uttlad i: psiint, althoagh oontina alshy elhlleslaaI lay tile ollir otf vncry Iorge plrinitamn. ;rise its fici extresall alyleat Isp telh I theourts oflaw iel seveil oflshe States as Ilthe "-. le of calcslatloo f'orstatoute interest,s" aslsos by law for asnk interesat, naceoilislg as tile Ibook is nsed, atd as say he seen ill port, y Us.e nlL es of dthe sobscrilbers, nelld a few of Iatt sballeqoentlt pIchascrs, in thel list ttllheets tf th laook, ioin session ol ry p i clf a of hacitizellns ill every qoar -n of Ile Unitiel Stales. It is moreovrr oell known tlhal, by its rn·ly elheck, it Ias ot ofllcosaeltenetca lre erroes, haclg'filer tlhe wrre mrade, eveln by tile ntrlearlnfs nond mtst eomeltent oI ahllnetlicianr tt its sefllllress, and thle absolste ne Sceassity for its uss, have rbeen extensiyely inslistd uoyn Sso evlharnt, illceedl, lane been its advntalgers, anl its stvingo, that, severrl yatrang, whlilst tile lirst edlitiona was scalrce, ond o t po illt, a gr'atl I.umber of seeold ihand copies were sougLt for, some toI a gre t distanle. - d sat arCeod csl nariats prices s thepy coull c.nasion. ily e pboticked opat fcns $510to f'd5 per coppy, od k some 0 rsolls have drllclled, ad instances aesslah tae suoledt tlsat they woohll poy$5h50l SIl snt0 $d500) for a eop}, If nottoe blladl fcr less,oos an niolividoal ithe ile liter iastalance ptrtivlarly, havingi at tle same Inme rxhlibitrld aotisalootry arod, to nevral personsapre sellnt Slltt to lill it was really wnortl that monepy lad tmorme tsloagh tile saving of hIis very valsable time, Ihe b0isg a very rilch maans soin poblie office. It is likewise worthla of notice, cand ildeed proper to Intimlpsres , tshat stch is lthe unature of lige work generally asal aspesially wllhll of tile extent and implnlee ol tllese t los, that hlod this book or its lke b.enn elreplar cll ill the usata Ilsallller vlolle, h) tihe most colpetenl elculltor in tihe worlda, al aftersordls priltdIi most elatiooly culer hislowll correction of proof sheets, it neolsaa, tnmosato a certl:itll, Ilhase Ien nl lslfe fr ire Feartnc,aalus delatr t oary i'ine, as thle profilee dalriic lti': expllasino llat so iarfefct andl vaieaclle have the stercolyle plltes ofl this worklbeln lallrc, that toacenre lhem, itillllleir and extrlaOlllinala.v enalllina lions, gaisnt fire, for lthe gellseral benallft, laery ore (by allvellisecnlnt) cosllanlatlv kbait it Is lace lf speail salsaty, xcet while nslr in tinting. yllle dilvelitlls to ll InlII bt nlmks alld su:lellle illtor: est with uselilt notes, Iollow thl Ircltro, hlioll, ill this Ith s is tlal e awo oitb seellil l edlli aiss, atlai muclll o h i ilrlll:l. ion clOlcerning t till lwo hlwl ll mllJdel? s o1f clolmlp t- i alas sass: tasotfaal atasatncc sal I temasasce ci tacalasnef shar Per wse~rdnti a lasosnatnaaet l c astlsw::k Istlst wststoisaoaassaiasgtai I tlllra aalllaS , hsl a a lc s Ia na l aletl Si ela :11Ia lib ll - sa atassasalalt hs ostsyt s uha adwlsitr ;tttsl: aa la5s of altayla atsacr thousassnioalaaai a 's, sesilly six wars ol lll as imllly t ao 1 1 t tlal . l sl ta6llalal o(a Ih livs I salsssaas attsacia , sathail a4.asisi aily irsmts plast i lilo lu talhatass si a: aaiasa taa s) aI l l ns o ln I oImltli nll i's Ia i sllcoit s to s Clla la sl'a, S i ian n Ifice \\ Illrltfl' ll C I' I I. io t h t ill· lirel ( il'Sl lhisuer o" n no/ q u risi ,y (o thiull e l'r tils lc lit )e Illo llf lll t :p Ien l an llnlllrr l (e · *nl th l Pring a 11aku les i ass aot d ils. 55 1.11i1illll ia 11 A s.I:K MlJ. l I . a-l saill a i lias," lils 'lliS~t'l'll lll~ll \11111 .{ Il' Jl . iy I'I llt' llhli~l IIII.11 t l~ll liU .' I:,hlnd, bv the ambthoro "At 'Yor .in . "p Nals Isal)af VHanseon, inc vola. Ia I ' s s. ita " llsH k , a sac at l e .ssra l t li-l Jin1 reiv l l frala by I1,S il'KL \N, , &. 1 t & . .IAl:\FFIi'js Uilmpur Ex tract ,, Strraprilla, ifor the cure ofot tinate ptions of the skin; pimples or pustules of the t; biles whilh nrise Irom an impure state of the r d; scaly eru,tions; pisa in inte hnes; chronic a heunatisti; tote r; scrofinta, or kine's evil; white a swilling; syphilitic diseases, a.d all disorders ' arising Iroma an impaurt stlte of the bnlad, by a long Y resimlc.c il a hot: climate, or the injudicious use of merellry. it Alis,-Cave & Schalf r's Worm Syrup, or InI. ao fant Presrvative: tihe best Irerparation siow extant. Among which are tIe e following:-Indian Dye, a for t ole ring the hair; lear's Oil; Rlssian Bear's (:rnas,; Poaiatoun; ichaw's Frecloe Waslh: su. s p'rilr Pearl Powder; Lily White; Cream of Roses; 'Y Vegethlal Rouge; Otto of Rose; Lipi Salve; Kre. osie'l'Tooth Wash; C(:rlhoic Dentrltice; Orange tV Flower WaRer; Pwdr ll's it iand Box i; Amern. S iiin Charclal, neatly put up in four .nee vials; I'Pston Salts; Cologne; Kreoanto I'otlh.achll I Drops; Hair Blirushes; Ernglish I)ro ig Coibs r litman Iluir Oil;--with a variety of ithor Perfu ' ierecs, &c. For salt by L \V GLINN'S PEItFUM RIE(S. J C ''ITRINC. ARD, Corner of Canal and Bourbon streets SlO'.XE & MlXAY, loise, Signil (t Orn:a.mie I ip aitiaters, No 3 Cao.ndl]t. street, iro doors from l lt I str1eet. l ilittiio s of" tilhe i i llm i woods ;la i tnirles,ex tcaied it t ntlttri) nisl. olll itt s i IA It a I-Eq. Mahllgay, IEl pian black o, i gold, uOak, ilanla mi Antico, hPollard ,ri, Orieutal or verd mitie, Cl'rllled t, t ,o in a ltlk l., Curled .Mapeh, 110)o Stome, ildes ye , t I)th, e ranit Ce, SAtil XVood, i Iotonlm Mir Wood, Dm: c " Iton rdello, Yalw l-Tree, It lian Whiitlleltle Co+1m1niadle or lllack Sinnil and Birhciella, A l e1 oI(Ii, nn i n nell Giro y, a J tl illrt I"l at Sp lelcims to be aein at the shiop. r aitds. oils, .t o gla s, t vol lal to ith, il. o n hIean l si tior s lei . 1 IIONT.ýI'lk'i .& HEAVY e(M., j,--lint, suare s _ roi bminld iron, well iss ortid. hi)p, scroll al rod iron, unil rlods mnl plough CoaSt, l n l tl, shear, blistleredl, splring, sheet ndll ro swlehb steel hIIollow lar, cut andi wrol.ht1 aiils aiti siikrs /aZic, block tinll ill and gri id stones, Iaiketlles Cthait ctatles, ntllchirss, he (Itx, I-g air is Itrace lhaits, corn mills icl inrl, it a uIlltll tl t irt.ssd bellows AWire sh, shlt pig ad at. lerad; shot ol tiSil, ti dil cn khikla stosles 'Ams, lis . s lu l's :lid r l henlllr l aiv , : llo llsvels Ilook and lliite hinges, door itiil wiru, ll hotlks Cnllhshllimit, I los", Sli:s p , 1esnl other axes a atI sh stig coplter; .atal stores Pai, l tinlseed tld y :m ll r tl A illa tssor lmentt ol hardware and shiptt chlanditlery, lwar s on hilnd, sa ll which ari t fll.elp rWie iatet whole ,le r retail, ion the most lievoaltnie terms, by 4 LA"YTON k Co. 53 Oldi Levee. "E GOOliS-Stirlissoa ihortt & cot are tosre tI nooeii1r frm onoatatr Ips Yazoo, aesI saaatogil, atdLlri,, Concordia, from New York, a grel l variety at gatls i their line, which together with their Ibrmer stock onil hand, mstakes their assertent very: piese. cThtilitt et8eu i t ris part, vie: I ell tterit, lth: Ado, t lt nd itiriti roeitrg eOiutlirtn do tli'll detacrniptiona, ith Ilia rulbter, trilk anld d io.e.t elsaticSgrtElle.lmniritn &i ies rlii elar SlSpeliehttr. Iottto a troti nid ltitir mtelalutes, r rllilt owrllt, niwdrpl n andil r illt ioxri, toillt, iowdar, proket buektts atl rllet; needle bo ks, shrtrill, pearl ra -Lieads, necklaces unt negligees, bead ehniis, bead e oleces, t getisrnl pthintreel,tilverand giltreadto, , Indlianll hears bells and plhnee; pistol Slnd large pow jlel"lt ,iks, shot llrts, libirol, bieltl. tot.kl and~Itciisn" tils; double lnd lsingle barrelled gigos, Bowie tkniveS tand dirks. scisora , sheolrspocket keitvts, guard otrhaine, anld ribbosi wait buetlhs, oeloth, hair, tooth, ratil comb, morub, shoe, phate, fler" acdi iustintg i'ushtas, Cologne, letahlel hair oils, thaving ind tle rollsoaps ofnll es.n crittiot., ladies' alad aatnrll , i dieta eati tt'ress c ti.ts hleir rieglets, trieeirea aind trsaide, plain, foiltrs art aturiihal work toxeoa, plisn aun ails liurrei,eir"( sild asid silver peteil ucet, toorrihtrks and ttweeerse, plat o id gilt licttkets, Iui titinlre tio, silter, hrarcs itIli atcl ';|imbaes, htoks adSl r ee,t hair ptirs, taritatti frih, hilt rail! reihiktrvhae khtkig, viulias ild gtilarihre, Hel pli perave tsioo i piis, ire twinee st.l cshy Itrtae r ndhi siteer s airt'at. i fear , latter lutas, rititg wo'rip, ws lkinti ealice, . tliniupcars, tite I ,I !d, latt litta d l ilt ji:wellrl &i. Ir are abtvir oieither whi hlt grc ai Vlii t'., Ti-' MAIL ARRANGEM(I E. N'Tr Northern Mail, Duo Every p at 1 M. Closes Every day at'[l0 A. M Western Mail, ( Due ever, odd, Wednesday The Lake Mail o vlFriyby I , P. y a Cease, t and Baturday, by 9, P,-. M I. via Closes every MoolaytWednesday EXPRESS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL, DEPART'URE B S1.'iAWC L &c. of the Express Mail, betwi Maonila anhd New Yorkb-lea.ea. Mobile dailyr at 3 P. talolhitwar New York daily at 5 P. M bouthward. Arrives Arriv" Northward. Distance. Time. Resurn'of |Montgomery, Ala. 2 pm. 198 m's 'ilt 12n. Colambue, Os. 11| 1 94i n.janm Milledgeville. OG. m1 133 14 p.1 l ainutiv. S. C. 71nam. 1113 17' Italeigh, N C. j 215 22 12 Wnarrenon, Va. 12 m. 55 at a Peterbaurg Va. 10 pa. 83 1 9o, 11 Richulto, Va. 1 am. 21 3 m. Frcderickobnrg, 8 617 7 II p am. Wahingo ......, 2j pi.. 61 6j Baltimore, 6 31 4 0 Plildedlplia, O am. 101 11 New York 2 p. 190 ij 1305 143 h. or 3d 23 Northward. Coming Solatlhwar , the lite i six hour less; beings daysan1d 17 hours. TEN )OL.I.ARS iREWARD. SANAWAY from 169 (croldelet eornor of Ilevs streets, on tile night of 31ib of Augost, nod was seeateoe nexlmorning in I'oydras strenet, o negro l.y named CHARI1,ES, about 17 yoneao of ageo, al fee or thereaboauts iu heigbt, verr black, end hasoan inled iment in Iris speech, one of is legs is sore, ourosioncd by a reoset hurts o hled on Wle lie went away a white cotion or linen lhilt and white cation ltantalooee. Masters of vessels and eteo Imanto ore am nutiosed a gainst receiving or hlarborilg said negro, as well os ol other permoios, as Ibe uttmot rigour of the law will ie enforced ognlont them. The above woartl will be pali fordelivering il, into any of the jails of either olf h municipnlilies, or at 169 C(nroodelt,'coraer of Ilevri, reaet.e, s__ a e W-OTItE--'Te collaoershii herelolfre eaistiltg 1' under Ito firm of DIueois & Garretean, has M hoe dissolved. Tle subscriber will liquidante the alffairs a the concera ia this cri, and reiuires all petuolns indeb di to ainke paylelt to hitn only, aln all tlsoehav.rig cloibne, oe pjrsent tbei for eltleaeull. Iuo 8-- 1t H (IAI IIETSON, W.. W.SWAIN. No. IlCneand &reet New Or naiss TTASni avwys olahnd cso.ttnntly & raereihli Drl. It Iyee, Cbllemmicale,o d I'nli:s,atnilg Ihelt rr. ollowo Ailms. DYES, Anlitoi y, erude, Aigosl, red, do regulus, AtillM, SleL - Arseie, crudAe, Alum, do Ioidered, liraillelte woo", lals am eopvia, CoUnioeal, loraxrelole, Copilros, Amerieos, do refined, Cupulocsr ,ll'iaoulo, e lcre, Flaicist, l' nildei do roll, do Cuoa, dilo flower, nlo Maie, Juirmltb, nchl Ielrrie, e Coat.oroil, linligo, Ilengal, Cooe Iator, il Maitlla, toalolbe, Tit iIu"Imoei, do Alrobie, ogwootl, C(:lOltiehy do isl'al'tila, ai Sit Il)mllga do ionliaec, do Jamnleea, dto blletoeli, Camwool, l dlo coital, rong.s, Maldder, ombin, do 'o scolpeld, Nioeauragu, IlOtmlre, i do i SAaelioe do Core, lno canmlphor, lv Io do Irmanloib ido lo r"fl. dola laclic. do gaitnoot, CIHE aIUCALS. iio kihoa, Asitl nilltos, i ~do ansi, do nurlatie, do olin I, do oljithurisi do pfclloe, llite vitriol, d, senegal, /.Slomsl, p p, do mtldrnae. torrosive Iblimatis] tlo lilgtBoaiBk, Clblorideof me (tallhoge, l.paom alits,I Jm.iper enrries, Americltl.unor ellouti, do do IForeign, Itcli lreeipille, Mlognelia, Ei glisli, IRoelielle adl, do Amavrie4 l]ed ehrolmale prlasl Moniat flake, Soll carp Sntm io srits, Sull liOtina Ligtoiice bahl, Slgor leIa, Oil cloves, Snlp zitpe, itocaSto, Snp qlioile. Ilt, rgamot, " emetic, o ltcpmon , tiAINtid lhlneii ii peppler-mint, lihie, id gcetilo, brotic¢ pellow, ty, do ipicac, ti n o in oil it jailp, Ito OAtwre, dry, do li.ueoiice, do do in oil, ,o ItlmrII'k, I1' , ar It.laok Etiwhibk, Ssrlnmca, dIh (rrrli ot du scrpi virg, I.hlhnrgc, ringl~lsh, PtIt ttilttltil.Abal tot ito .... Ito,,..iin, .l i e I tngli . l , o.. *iyt, do /miI.-Iic' i do C t:ll ot.lll i, do gllltr lkrr, d llda rt Il ·l; , s lpio, t e lr Ipio... ....t l2l liti .hl ilt u ' ll l l \ill', cri:ic, \'t tillii:,o I;l .lioesill do Castile, nh grmo /in yuickslher, n.III wIln'l:id li Ue.C i et(|--fm _ CAI"t'AIN 9IAIIfA'AT'I"d NEAW NOVEI.s Rc atli tIhe Reefer, by tiro author ol Ieter Simcple, &e ain 2 vols. SCummings, or a Winter at Schl.ans a infield in Lown Styria, by Captain Basil Hall, Royal Navy, F.L S. ill vol. o1. Lrd clod3n, a romnncce by Alluan Cnninglhan, I mro L. Shppard LeeI. wriltn by liinelf, in 2 vol. l Ctompetlia Ilistory oj taly, transltnled from tt, ,riginl ItalHan, by Natlaniel (Green, in I vot . for mnig No.79of l' lrper's Eamioly Library. Vols. I3 4 of thce new cmplet unir i edition io f I'cashington Ineea's lt'orks. Roger's I'aroech and Englishl t)irionary. in I vol, 3vo o N.tnretna Frenh aid IEnelish Diclionary. few more copiestof Cocltr's Phrenology "lRiellei.c La.rge Puirvoeyor's (Co a snne ofaportor qua itf, with chlaisr, Ililliutrd Iln s 1821-4 notl 21-2 inlhes C illattl improved retalic I'ens,japaned papers, weights &n. &c. &e. Jlt received, for sale by c 31t BENJ. LEVY. SPAIN IttVISIT'Ed,&c. Ic.& 1PAIN RLEVISITED.D &e, by Ilte author o Ayena Sin Slpin,' in 2vols. r'arits ofHlode.s chararter, na genesally apppieable 14 She Aloriingicis of Nortlh Aierca by G nTurerA E Svols. * 'The Political tGrammar, of tiIh United Slater, or comldete nior ofthe, theory atit Inacto.i, of he gearr a initd sit gocverlnnmlltc, itli the reliutionns betoron thm --d ll l aid dIpiedto It the ynoung etcll of tIle United Shtairs, b 1i : I. ansficld, tsiq. Kim,oil'a llHutie T'oars interspersed with character isoi. anoiotee, rhylain ci and dolngs ofosjorting len, in cllldi nligcits in f o ho prie tcipl crack rclerrs olf Englnlld with ttllltlytical cuontcul nitc general index of noeilai volumles. FOR THE CnRE or irefitln orn King's Rvil, (Clrnnic Illheumntislln, Clhrolc Cutaneous tie- Paics in Ile BIoee, by free aes, iuse of Mercry the blod I e ineing in vitiated slate. Thist very concentrated Syruep is prepared with the greatlest phinrmaceutical em ar ncUl acmlrav,and contain thile ntive Irincipte of Sarelaprrlla inllthn ls l ollen tnltccl degree, combinied will othler vegetable tbialance ofh kows ellcncny. The great dceslderalmn with physileans in being nill to exlhibit it alrgýe quanti of Sarlsalarilla iin na sl dose, has been ,hltinetd intlthli preparatilon--theyt ilng fully convinced of its mcerits, cofidentyI administer tilhe coeroefltlteir tractine. P ie . 50 r bottle. Sold only at SWAIN nROTI'11:,R'S drag, storn, No. I ]'anal strme, whe" Inoy Ie ld, fresh anld genttniu, irec tfront tile ireMuin tars, Swnilv's Punnenc and VeriliFuga, b Pottery V l.tP E cot, Crpecltcr's Preparatilon, t.d a largC and geonera assortll e nent lo frsh drugs, all I'INNOCK'S iROME, &e. c I1NNOC'K'S IMPROVED EDITION OF DR iGoldlsmtit's A, trildgmotit of tile llistory of Romle Sito hi i reixed alnl Ittnlrdttrtion to ihe ttidv o Illmoun I listry anc a groatl variety of enlunable i•ner matisn added trogtalot tle work, on the Minlasens lnsiittitons and Aufi itiuties of tle Itiman; withl t lem Inerous bingraihlniccl a l istinrtnl Notes; and tjlioe lions Ir exiaminotion at the end ofl each section. II. llstrlted wcith thiyengravlngs o c wct, ic y Atherlto 'l+e-co's Ihcprmoed Editioni of l)r (;ihcl:t itia's History of England, fronal the Itsnivlcin of JllliuS Cesar to nthe deatlh of George 2d, with a eoitiaetioa to the yea 1732. Wittllt eetito Ibt r exacmictiull at tie otl i eachl section. lBesidlee a varitnv of vialablo infanta tiou added hlhnnlgllot- thle worlk. Coansisting of tbleo of colltcpcrasv Sovoneeniul and elinctll loersons Copiost explac.airy nOt~sc. Incenrks on tirhe pli tics, mnoaners atd litinnl re of the iego. An eutltine lthe Cocstitutiou, &c. &e. Illustctated by nmay eng. : Goys' ELrME.era to ArtRoixony untI an Aoridgatter ofKeitlh'o New Treatise oni theo Ute of Gilbos. New Amcrican edition, witht nlddliticsca aut ialpruvelnretl at ilt exia plcctio, cl' he .octrcciool ltpart of the An inell Alcmacnac. Just receiverd nd for solo by Wilt M]KEAN nov 24 carner ol'Campc acd Comlnlno at IIAItI'.IL'S CLAS"SICAL LIBRAty. [1 Ol.CIE, irnslilctd by Phillip Grncis, I I), with i a appenlcdix, cochici Ug ralnsanlaltine of varioul odes, &c. by Bln J,:nicccc, Cowley, -illt., Drydeln P'ope Addiison, Swift Chateertn, iG Vakhfield, Porste Blryan, c.. and maulco f lhte Ucl eioulect l~apots of th dab,--acod 'HIy DRUS, with ithe lapptladix tlI uditis Iransi. led by Ctristophlcer ..aurt, ii 2. vnlt fiTr.ccc. volucI-Ic and t13f"ctlarpCers Clcasi'aIl Icbrar a Tlie elxpceditcicc of II.ltli'lliW CI..INKiC byy SNc llot, I l I, ci iit i, . Ceir itctit. /,ticllhc l .. r '' Pintl I. Itiatc'e,. R ttn. w ca liont, wcih iileItratlceiroac, by (I 'T'III t PSalI; I T',ic, by tli authccr of "Iicanlt,. Mary a1;' lnrlcl¶-,"' &.t..isn cditc, tJ Ir'e. eoc.Uplet II uant. tltA'. 1. Ilt)t.l;hv Ic ;; -cnlclucer at "Pcllhc. '[h. Ili-t 'i +I," vc , h.:i;l·t vt:s l i],f i + 1 l lllo iie n n *,"c t"c I x . r t', $4, c. aIut rrateitoa,t WcJI icrKtrre J1) cc;i $llci-.nic, ,c-ic.:ie ciuccniatecce oc ag cJ'awhlcu ; colo 4r, atcant.,tl ECac, inni f or t', . iOGEII" &. I11 . w"