Newspaper of True American, March 26, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated March 26, 1839 Page 1
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6I- - - . r-'" .... i T ........ "i'- .. .... IL'_ll .....4-* 4O .. ...- lc. CENT. E. W ORLEANS TUESDAY ORNINNG, MARC:I 26 1839 o,. t. m' . .-~~~~S-E,----------.- .. .. .... =.... ..... " _ ____~~~ _ _ _ .....__ .-="--,---.--. -::"-.~~_ ". .I_ n. _.t_= _ _ _~V~~~l! 'ere n f the .Neescper Pres erf Noe Orleon uuunslu st tii agried t atu it andinure td maeting el' the Proplrleturv, bld on tld 131h otf March. 1837. usMolaurrt(.Ja.-- I'wlva DoIlar for tih dAily pa per saoist n payable se ni-.tunually in advance: ten dullrav.for tila s.wee!kly contryv paper, payhle one year in alvane, where i citvy rifroerence is given. No th esrilption will be .discontinuet until arraroges are attled. In case of di-mlntiunnce, one week's notice in artMng mu.t o invariub.y given, previous to tit apiration of subseription. Ao naavImS u..-D-lut dollar per rluare for the first naertian, and half thsit price for each aueseqsrvt nine: anss mterialr teration frn n the original adverticement will be charged as a new one. Yg* L.I AD vvTInssn.-Merchaeits and 'frraIcr, arty dollars fio English alone, and sixty for botill lan gas se asnks, olusurboce Olresr, and oilier sinsiar pnhfle ifntituatione, ifty dtllnra in uEnclioh only, alnd tigllt for llth lnnguageos Ship and Stealnbot oac* ori or Culnsioaion mirelhata sixty dollarin t Eglill a ne,.and ighty for bstl langtl. s. a MaRRItataS, Ousrslt.nR NOTICS, and articles eall ing lt attletion of tls pubolic to sales ni property, i Ecrds of paeengerC , bensfite, &c. e. .will be erlsarg I sen dtllar per square fur the first isertion in ech lasn. in pg. II * .mnnilttorlons, nr Adverliacm.ntc, of any person- t al natera, whts ad adible, shall be charged double, and in advrtane. A deductio of twensty.five per cent. will be tnode to Anctioesre, fhiertrf, IRgisflnr of Willn, and Marshals o ant sole of real lestate, punlished in bulbit Inguages, aid A5) per cet i English alnlone lt 0per cot.on salesn of other pteverty. . . A.l.ytTatMtkaaTn onut of the direct line of businen s af e o vertr, snob s legal, action, ani plants a r on sales, runaway slaves, stray aininals, &re. e. will it ha shaignd for snpe.ntoly, and rt inn ordinsry rntes.n AsDVYElrTsinaS nt specified an to tinme, will be r iublished one month, nid charged accordingly n No asdvertiente t of batnkruptcies will heb published i a any ease, sileso paid for previots to insertion, or .payment guaranteed by a rrepcnslble person in town.l Pheats and other places of alnsemnt, nl ndverliinig daily or the mason, to be charged $100 foT r Iglish L a l oas, and $15y In both languneis. All annouuncnmnts of ecandliate coar politinal offices will be charged double the price of lther advertiseo Owing ts tl.s los . t.....tilnd by n..cspnap. pr rpietora, the ave onle to in tela crlusi n t thea the sane of if lstae wh one soemnnats havl act been ipid *itist one tsnth after prestutaiion, shal lie male rkn, lt (so far as practicablsi to eaels other--they obli getils wtheetsaslvs not to advertise or print fir ouch s dSlinqusnre, unless in case of dennee pnymcntsle. (Iigned) J. C. DI) ST. IlOMES J. RIAYON, p P. t E. tWA, J. O. PltENI)ERGAST, JOIIN GIBSON, I.UMSI)EN. IVe r/ily Press.--We e t undersigned, agree to ellde by tile alove eotitiionl, os fr as tisey are napplicable to weaIv papiers. (sigsned. A. . L.AWRENCE, ~ is Nisubsrititson are itnkenfor le than fi moe ths. l estirs ls i rill i al casre, be nest wtid. A ODanitel Vchnter on Feh' rnigrgo urrlpent Congress largo dO Paery'ls at pr:n g di snailll dn do slit do WVindel'n ladie do do doutble patent its impsrial Isonble ptlnlt do olit's ae striie d s do .nstiurnl do And Gilhrt's CossWmhercnal fer sale o D \VID FEIL' Cn C artireas t fell N SStaliones Ilall -slil(n & wsilA ier',4 - 150 hihd sn . noa Sl0.tie gaiis PMtlulanorsusn plntiio aiybovle lih city for sole by ADAIS be nVfeTstfl.t. felmi-Sw 67 i cvaior s inss stelfoau fell Ali lt. J; I1lI()WN, I1a 3gssine t F t15l f) IEN l'-An strijio isis eeossi Otisr, , copied . is Moser,. Kelly,s serin & Co. Piosresion gir s on tie lot FebrnOI . r-a Hy to rC r (i ' Vlitl'CflA tli & JO 'I'A( 'I'.IT JR, iCaUi eOtr P'oydrsite Maine.esineet IAY'S LINIMENT.--No Fictisnn--Thisa o Straordinary elhemical coAnpeinilion, the result of seinne, asid thie invention oet a celobratd intedi caol Ians, the introdultt. n T whiclIL to ithe polstie wass invested witl thise soleuIsntly o a dsathbods bequest, ias sione gained a repotation Ant paralleleod, f(lly ustaining tuse correctnaes of tile ilamntoed I)r Gridley's ent confuseion, that " lie dared not rie without givint to posterity til buenefit nf Iis knowlonie on this subject," anst lie tIhraforn iqanollthe tln his friend adi attondanl, Solosnon fTlys, tse cneret or ial la.icn asu . It Is now isesd in the prieipIl hiosplitals, and tha prievts prisclicls itsll elr colntry, fialt and nlasl cirtsilllv for ise s tlro of' tlt Pihs, nonl so enxtn nievoly and ifrseltlly a ts t, btfllo crltulilty, nilee wher" its clils r tessetdilisrcaal Jt:xeornisly its tlis ,,llst"inl 0t lltii attc: I lFor Ur epyy-('roetinig xl raslriuary ibsorpti,,t at incr. All Sweclliing,-R odsss lt tesis in n fiew hioors tilitsinatitiu--Asssste or sChrelic, giving quic'o Slre Thriset-iy Csne-rs, UIcers sr CoClls. (:roul, not \VVhuIIoptig Cough-lExternally, iand over tleu ClsIIt. All Bruises, Sprains, ancl Burls--Curing it a few hoare. Sorc anid Ulcers-Whlether fresh or loog standing, aulll liever sores. Itsn opar;tioss upn0 adults and lchildren ins redic ilg rloussnttic swerllinge. ant loosening coughs and lightness of tie clist ty nilaxntion of tile parts, tls boeen surprising beyonld coneption. Tihe eotnnson rennark ofl tisotse o lavs e used it in the Plies, is s [t nets li i a chlars." THE PILElS-'lhe price, $1 is refsiddcl to alny person who will un a bottleo of' lay's Linimenl for tlie Ptls, and retlumrn the emply bottle withoul beihg cored. 'hosoe are tho positive orders of the propliieor to the Agents; ond lout of stany thou sands sncl, nat on5e Lau been unsscccosful. W' might insert eervlelsats i. ally Iongi', but prefer that th.e who asell the article, sIhold en Illt tlie erigintal to pnrchnsers. CAU'ION--None can be genuine without a splendlid nngraved wrnplcr, on which is ity name, and als that of' tile Agents. Sld wholenole and retail, by COMSTOCK & Co, Now York, usnl by one Druggist in every town in the Union. For sale by tUso Wholesale Agents, corner of (Cos.nan & "'cltoupitoulas Strect, and by lthe Aotearies utIOnertillv. _is0 OOCU(IE M)JA' I R JOIINSON, Oflie I 110 Llitleille rtret,t con f linen htill ipcrte to tiho tlllll'it tl l' Veneitreol ti I lli e., i all its dd 'rent froo. r. Johnu oe, from n reidelolo if nltnv ye'rnis lia-r piolne intlrlnt, duvotl io hIetreil tnt fJVenoereal ri I iirea 1 frtm itains.ll Fro r Io ii nt, xtlliw t prctLitco illIi tlht partiecllr tLrnnt'IIt o lI IIt roloLoniOn, guora.tee. i ainti, n tii nd idtli'e'tuiil oure toinmllb ler'one It roro t tiolbled wil tih ay if tlh itollowing rlinCel..en, viz,:- tiooirrhbllcu. \VnllO*·I I, eittricuu a, t lti Run, luln I.lIlliies rillbtlik Meloitol lWeoubtto, At".tioo ofh lth hbldder, Kidneys, uk I.nilo. Urelthrl , l Itrtltle ( dllll n Swelled I oaicln, Ile IJrtilnllS t ho tto Skin, IUoro lIhroot, Pains i thllei And Lhe niolltrous lptl.titn o.n l which generally foliw his dlieeor Ieenet enaes c lrol iI two or tlic days without the F ls of Mlerury, itertropltieoo rout Iuioeni , or Ulera lion in iot nillto lfliviw. A niltolioilne to proilit Ve.rcul l)ioearn con be nil t Ininull ofl r.Jl sanO. It is lion the recipe of tie sit iBaron Larry, oitrtled iOroltol Srgeor ll, nlllld wo t:d L oel by hum lduin g trnI .rvleil tla~lllllli-. ill which Ire i Sirved a S iurgellllotitr.i in l t roole br:ch Airmt.t Sold by DIo. JIllt.itt, ut hi+ oalice. 'L bose . r.ons vi Iluiag any ulfr.tiOtll tf ul'Venreail O)iaenlap, Slul plOat id ,litill n nol.n vnigO. or reroviIi alt Ille onlltrv , would i do well by givnlg lr. Jnhulnon i au!l, no proep'r mndli enito lotr Itoir eore io the lla'neot tmillle ca tl pt lip willt writte i irections flirltheir ri.d )fficeoiil IIpromt 7 itt the torniOg untIil I0 o'clock at at oughit. - I lr S AIIIIINTiIY'A IY +I';' 1 17 I, SI''. it I)r. beo "Itt!, , tit, a groltOI ofi IlIng!i r lh irgo tllo wo ti opinion It i it ,loltoth of ilto diseases tliot affoct I ito kitd originate it, th.e to ,o l, e ih . 'I'b ii E lixir an s seedll by him with tie mililt iiiprtc*edented stuccess ill tis rivt i aind piullic pletctic tir iwardnlt of fortyl yerlt, for lte remolaill tll, ofllbtoub dilsemses: l.ohflltlllttit', lloeltletY, I)itonltitn of tIe S lotn elli Pain in the lnilp, .I-ivinasof Ithe f ilnd tnell - ,n ion vi nleep,lrrelilnritf el the ownllt, aad iit all caoes where Indigesltin orI a Istivo Ilhabit io found to nxiot. 'Tlil mediciteo lml. nott b nmbeired montg the boot ortliok notrulon now before the public, ait in the I sole innvntio ofl tl'he iletll nld most soiientific ltrgern EtluropO ever produced, and tho secret of plepotligt it w*o Irbllcnhed by tih aleant for a ovey lardc win. I is agroolole on. Iloesanll to tite titte, 0lts is a mild poer iejt.olways koeeis Ito bowels ril, impniarts vigor and streilglt l t lio .system, and eltoeerloilnel to tie Ininid, lnld W afrwbtl..os rIIowVn Itle IInet enfilrmed canes lof oir Indigesiinl, nd preventut relurn at anlly futitre 1eiodio. NoN j,'utliittllh Angutlt, 1838. :3 dllnilin, street. itto:--lit mt1:eOqncieofleiirling a erlenutry life, I linov been trilihlalt, ninro or leas, with Ildigootlio for teIn yours; Ilr the lost three .orn nyp o Sufferings Ihmve Ih.enitlaapportblte. I btae tried aseveral p.tyiciu. 0i10 n nttoioifii nuk ,lir oe iiedllns, titlout lderilvnitg any bfot ilit. I disllnired of ever obtolaint ally .rltanentll i tli f, aiid lesitll Itllyelf o tilie lunt loltle* despilair I wno perloutldle be itollt friendlo to trv Aberlelly'o Iyoslpetic Ilixir. llaveo now finihlell the foutltb Inl tI'. u11 kitiw nit lw ito xltres lily'I I litrallon of ito woltderfn vitlt et lind ia' illollce itt",t pterfonoctll in reloriu Inm IIt tiat Ilhltht which i. t ogli loot for S Pr. rlnl nlme hof a d llozen lboltles i t a td r . rclu uto tlnonk+ ior tipt bletmoings yuel huveI o erredbly re sIltring Ill. to I lrrlla oltih. !remnin couret l(Olf MInIIOci. rite u-.-tl Ill , il Iihi pnte.sinn sot bolllllllrel t" ti iit n'li i .il II.o th' itlnlb , hf Iti1` tntllldillnry tir t oi . f t , .l mI ,ih i i , - . $Io , b y n l. i i n.l 'l , it ' D r . JliaO.1''" ". 1 1 I ln'ir .v Ie. shr, t. elev. 5 PENSACOLA MANSION HOUSE NEW CITY, PENSACOLA. oIIE aubcriberhaying purch ased the lasend far nilureof thin well known astablisanont, fro a I Taylor, trI late prtprietor, will be ready to reuoiv n vi tore by the |st cf April neyt. Numerousa and enatly improvetnente will be ound in tile arrangaculent o tihe Mansauna ol[oru. New and morn e omlldiol. bathling heusnc will be bailt, ani warm blthe will be provided at all iours. A stable will he attached to tile houseo with good aceornmoda tiona fur h]rnse and carriagas. Fiat rate horcas 'nd carrinages will also be kept for hire at moderate rices, and mail nd row bants, with to meneage themn for th e of t. illirds an d r n lar ot atlnera n te usntally found at watering places, will alao be fnrnised, and so conduetel anf not to ilterfre with tile eoam.rt and quietof the beordera. Thi wine end liqteors will be of tie boat quhlily, and to etlnre a aille op pII oa ice, a cargo has alreadyv len ordered, which, will hrrive aoaut tine tlolt nMay. Mr Frederick lBarnard, wlho formerly kept so popular a hotel at Washllnton city, will coT dcit lite to el for tihe pr trielor, ,ho, with such aid ,onfidretly assures the raiterae oflast year, n nd hies frieada generalhy, hat they will receive every possible at enti nl atid thirby eCpeta to give ent:.rnt rutietaclio. 'ho locaal advantages of Ie a lose alre too well knowi to need a legt.eaned dleasriplicn a:re. Tile facts tiat Pfraclat ini the largest arol station of the Govlerlnent- the general rendezvaiu of tie G fe louad ron; the saletriey of iet climnte refresnld eonstantly dn ting tine summter mothsa by the coolest I reckar fron rile Gnlt, tie bhauty of tie bay and the neiglbouring islandi and rivers; ihe albundnce and lelicacey of til, fils with which the waters hboued; nid is proxility to the beat Southern tmarkets, give Pensacola ie pre ference over all otler places in these laitudes, as a healthy atd delilghtful summerretrent. Fret rate boats will r i bletween Peniosln anid Mlo bile, and will at nll tinms he able to take tih pascingers from th. New Orleans boats. N B ARNOLD. Paenacoln, Fe. lth, l18h8. 17P (ieatlelten wisling to enage rooans for t!heir familien, can addrens tihe pIrpriolotnr, at iPensacola, ir Mr SewollT Taylor, the formter proprictor, at Ne.v Or. !cans. RetferenllcrcS. T Sanftlrdnl, eq, IrC CIllnIm, 11 ti-Alpin, Esq., i.t Kibby in Mobl:Ie; S I Taylor, P l Re, Esq, ill Net,. Orleans. P S-A letter bhag, to receive nlmnneliriatiil afor pnrseoi at tile itbone hltel, ii placedl it iGa WhlitaIuiin', alice, 51 St llnharlen xeslicge. FI.ORIDA ROUTE FOR NEW YORK. i(' T'revellers desirous o taking tlhe Florida cntte, via Penaicul,to Ilie Nlrth, lirea iofrned tlhat riil ratte runs will cnetanlh rue frunit. Mlobile ti tiennacnln, leaving Mlobile aeld IPensecolacvery ,lcr day after tile let of May. Good stagnes will aliasV be preivided uci the subacrriberto lie in reneiuien to tIt, pnasseangersetro lMobile, in uase of lie failure of tle boalts N 1 AINOlI.D. Thie teamlmnt Chanmpion eIsnvca Mobile Ior Penes cols twice a week feb h. I v NURRIS & Ci,, Ne. 311 khcritrs steeil, arc re eeivint daily from their Ihoune in Pliilnadelpliia, an elegant niid cinlilait nsnirllllent of substnnnrial and fnahiioabln clothing. They invite the ten tion of tile plhlic, as hellly arc wnrrnlted in raying hint strangers anid ciiir zenrlnnit ftlrlinsh thlll aerles mwre advanuitageeuly in any city in the N. II. A few d elerant ivory handle mn breoll., frail 32 to 310 inches. Also, a large lot whire pinte lpakeiig boxes, vriuus sizes, very low pnlovietg tulterfluoua hair frnin thei face, ineck and antls, with eiuinl eafL.tY nilnd ertaintr , lavieg rile skin fin'r and whiter I ihn bieiac the aplijiiuilo. A IreshI iuplly just received il ,be lBaznur. I, Excenlnne linteDl, er it Chiarlesr & C.neumoati Sres ot., les thlls dIytv recivcd it sallt sr1nIIIor ti ollfarge enitlllll ed antcl iiesaniIl brestil, mi et u in teie era styli'. s ANCY iMATc'll' I iiE-ihitli 'tilul Ipnitilngs, i lcndiig from chip Ahexniler frtran Bremien, ftra liby A TiIEI, { lae i. k :3n.1 ,.lentti e st a Gas I.igtl inlain i e (sipE'y. Jn itirg :ii0, I i.9. lrEli Suintk of Colke beixng mlih ro, rellld!ed this Cull Spadny will funriah lIittaburg (:oul insictdl guar )rdrsa received tl the Gas aimen, Runk Alley. Ja3l E WV W E.l.ol,' .'. ,,cv. B1t !,t% Zii I); . i' ,--L' rIS l ;ns lr ii ceretd t his icarfl obstaratrin for many r enre cht to every v rn c'I y ofI Ip ncrier, antd all ith disc ', ;tlrlt of rho deiveriilil d Al, rr ean clirio at'; nli-d It isi t dep given to the pub li' tl w lth r , nt u oll)I IYn.l. f iP llld clno believe that it is, ns mi st r early l et forth in the 'l pi.llphr l ace , c io pl. rving trhe sa. 'e, Ihe at ,,ed,. It et ever lthrown athn i lrth) ret'c .f .1 clsles f dore nsociey. I is with lhe greatert p'oprieey 'iven i t all the iaoltdies which lliait t the hunl r. cc, flrom the eslllblished Icrt, that, %hlell itk in II 1 t11Illt utI much it actsa.ericoil ro the tate of ithe sinl aih laid Ihra nature of the d,.seare, ilhr no an traItr, diurelie, sudearlAlt, .ralectorurllr, ,r crpteret I medicine. That it isn reayml what it purports to bIe, reeds only atrir to satisty the most incredul nun. Tihe Inct isldaly corllin Io the knowlerdlee of the e propri.anruel its benelicial and saving tllects in ht cases of the nrige and fever,blllioes, )yphus, ner. At vous and starlet lIvers, Iltfluelo, violenl coldl, and dysenererly or nlux, dystpepiia r irlueslere, stalll themn that Ihey are not only, warranted in wvaraly r O ,eercommendin i, built they a e called upon from r in aensao urfdut wcirar tiley oiwe eo Ite huntain filnalyvI 'o say to all, try ,it and you will h-i r ample trarll, n nv tio all we have s id ten the suehjrecr. 'The cholera itself, Ithe wirst scour.:e which he ri over vsited our cuhltrry,naas reen elacersfuliy c NI que1red the Jry'prie ror in thirle cr ases with the lue itn i ihls menldrl e oily, erilrhout ther a6 r of a single do ,nrlent. The er , dwlce is pier nar d rloly by deoectos dia IIURNIiAMI k DAVIS, SI. Louis ,llass!uri; and is pr put op in phrlals caL Ia ICLecmp)I ltedti wrlth Ia play ItL alld lisrtillct directloll, anld contlllllllillg illUt sirxt,) th sec, to be lhad Ifr seventy live cents, which de malc it muchel the chlealupes rle dicine ever offtred 't) The ahove icediine is srl wh'l soale and rattil tr by our A tears, lcnry itlnnatel!, D ugis-t and pt Apoiheiany 'I'ehollllupltullr stlre. Ne'w Orleans. at SLV MUSIC-0, ative Istrlu ' Ta Convenlt B at I'm a rnotindo, rny Ilh,101; ',ever Dslrspu, a It ihii yoi ret emiahr thl bieriitril glritu in lrrriarai d Kllonucnae The Whie I lrrae of thrl PIep plrs;y lholl FI corens and) aoerlhou art near itae, -ar by h isa. a E riin lhegrand IolllianticIOpeta A.rmilir; iamld NigI et. 'Ihr s eeliig aart r oavig;eI Ibr rnle iprig -i e fickle win, by Il l uimcall; Coare, Carce, ath, art in seroi row i A Iila oin lt cenu wave, by II Il osetll; le , wutchreld llr l himiF'o in !tit ill a tre;a Cmre to me at Illrlr illg lO'er the r watersibY illl)Ollight; 'S'll'rr, n- tit hin elll like my iown ai a ed for tlhom Narp lv T Lrbarret. Iltyenl Wulstzas, by A Flaehe; (leuc Victori'as Courtl j (taiolreilles. JusI harveied tod lilr C ole by dI9 . C:tIBtY,'5, Citamp st S TIIROUulH IN FIVE AND A IIAL DAYS, to iFream Mobile (Alabama) to Aigansta (Ueo) J IT EAVES Mobile ever y ather tlo immuoiately alte b' trlhe at'ruld oactce Tihl hront New Orleans, per sr at iecrrishit a t.hist o Iltelakely, acl.ies to Penosacola tistaamlTets (per Iensaeola ltay St Iosa soulrt al Cahoe tI tahoellse IRiter andl Ierv) to Cedar oclua, coaches theci via sMiterisa , hardtl.ldetoae, (formeelv llooant Ver. sion,) Blalebsrhlge, viriertont ilawkinaville andl Ltoai'. t vilae, to Augtra. A I)aseeetItertakinny his seat at Mi. d ile is in no danger of hetiagln throws oaut oer losing It n- rereeache by other conitieelg interests, i tlie FLORI t I) LIres is aot o ea oneern, and Iulaer Ole e re thmughout, alll may rely WITH CEiTAINT! upoe hit i arrival a Augsta in tlime specified, thronigh all weatrh er and at aey sleaoel urless uomne laaest uolle ea atwes.a t ophe lmuhl oetur. The Great New Orleans Mai is carrierl ty this route. IThe Agents for aeeaommrel tioTe, Teams, Coalem ald Dlrivers are eot asUriassel i the tolthern eolUrtly. s The smooth l har, natural roalds, lthe sale and ainter tsatng water navigatlontse tie nd ailesomodartion, y al l't v traveler speed, certainly, comfort, and a Ileas ,lg vnariety; steenseted as it were withl he lail LHean t CUleoleatml, S.C. arl Ithre steamn arkeles to New York travelers ean rteah New York from New Orleans tall LES 1-wo IS n.Sa'-Vashisgtoo City in 1S. Frot m Chnatluahoohcee, Florida, we hnave a lrans Lina via Quincy andi Tallhassee, to St oMe'lrl, 4 hor ht post coalhesl. ls two Ilranches froms Hawkinsville aole to Miolledgeville, an d onea to eMai , light two lors it oches. S'l'OCKiTONS U. o. i AUelsrTh, Pih Jan. s1e3. (Offl.e at Maalsen lourIose JMile 5 nld Dhistalca, New Orleans ito Moaile, IS mila i, tobile to August, Sti o a Augusta to (Chlrlestou, 1S f t ay Churlt'eason to New York, 980-- 180 liame, Naw Orlean to Mobile, 's hloors Mobile to Augusta, i32 Auegata to htli lestml I "12 S Charlestoen to New York, a fi- .8 ft Making 1(68 miles per day. or 1 miles per Ihotur, inlet i sive of all stnlwisges. nlov O NI. II. 1beg leave to Isform the Iublic that rth Y brlCgesover the hsltahoekhswam rl and ard Labo' erees have just been cimpletedl Iy sire general govern y m aseint, (Ih renly obstalcles olperatlig ogaslat this safe al' ltspeely raouter ae thus halpisly relnovedi nodl have tir its ldeastre olle-sn'.g ferot Isnvollerschs the ooaehes,lor.. I in s's, ilriver and eods atre ol the first oseer; cl as Io thL ur. water mrute fiom lierseola to Cellar IlaUff, it is admit. is tal hy all whol have IpasMl llmrogl it to he Uslsur.lsse re- iu sovelies. beatiy send safety. ' rislges thrauglt teorgia have alc o l eereepairedl. J i C I BAKERI D I LAYS; & 7Al'rTS-5 Phiadeelptli drays, 4 do crtea, pre cx whlels, 10 truera, 18 dirt and t| wood harrowas, i. i e , for sale byh vir- 11116 UIAIA 9lLIiN & Ct)OIPEP. 79 & L, Juli t j lrNnTEeL ftlliahaed tatmnr asels tl rent oa she cir lA'aer nfJstlia anl Csaridrlei es. rerr Ie OMBARD & CO'S Boston and Neo Orleans J Li e of Packet Ships.-ThIs new line of ships lhai been expressly built to run betwooen the shorn ports, and will be found of suitable draft of water: aceommodatione for passengers, and every effort will be made to give general satisraoion, The lino is composed of tho fo'lowing ships: Cherokee. 415 tons Capt. J Harding, Carolina, 4001 do S Lemist, Charleston, 374 do D Eldridge, Colulbiana, 625 do G Barker, Seaman, 240 do J Ilowee, lnomnbay, 6(i5 do D Hlumphrey. The above shipsare all now, of the first ,lass, copper fastened and aoppered, commanded by man of groat experience, have large accommodations, with a separate ladies cabin; every attention will be paid to pia-sengors, and the very nest of stores pro videdl for them. TIle packets will be towed up and down the Mis sissippi, and the strictest punctualily observed in the time of sailing, and should the regular vessels be detained in arriving, other ships equally as good will in all cases be aubstituled. A share of patron. agn is solicited, ain tile sgnnts pledge themselves to acncommodate as much as practicable, to receive and forward goods Ily s id line at tile most inoder. ate charnes, and to advance all usponu.e on goods shipped, if required. The slips will leave the tIt and Gthll of every month. For freight or pasange, apply to the agents. J A MIFRRITT, 89 Common at. N. B. Advaneemonts amide on consigtlnme..t to Mlessra. A. C. Lombard & Co. nov27 -TPAfl'-t F LIlIISIANA-First Judicial )istlrict ourt,lllthe slate of Louisiano, to all whom these ptesnts slhall clien greetinc: \rllerenrs-...ala.l C. Ogden, negege I. Oflden, n.ll d Ed.vanrd 1 arke, having plurhaned at Itoale nitde ly tli Syndic ot tie credilorn ol Egertnk lVWibray, tIe llri p ell ty hereinafter descrilad,hns alplied to tini clerk flltib clors, o r ra mIontion or advadtiealenlt in eonfitority to an act if the I.egi.liture of the state of Loui.sln, elni lied "An act flr tile nsunrance of titles io par claera at juldicial sales;l' anprtved tie IUlh day of Ilarcb, 18:14. Now, tllerefre, know re, end all permalos interestled hlerelare hereby cited vdl aillclmslhed in the aniane of tie state of LouiSiana, anil of the first judicial district court, who lln acset ally rielht, lile or elninl in and to the propertiiy hlrniaere le decribed, ill un.equnliene of ally inftrmlnaly in tlIe order, dcecree or jdguImet of lilthecuut under which the sale mwas irlde, or any irregularily or illegality inl the )rairneetel e nlld adverltinaments, inl tme r llntnir of ante, Ae frer any lerit deft whotner-. evrr; to show cause w thin oli itit does frotm Ihe dtiy tit l Mtii li in first iaio rted in tie p blipalpers, why lte tale a ll lnds slould nolt be culnirmed snld in tl irie snitd 1. opert wase sld by thie Syndict ofresnid on tilhe l41h day ofJanuarv, A. 1I. 1839, bv virtue of an ord,.r oftIeb coltrr, renderel oi tile tentlh dav of Febru any, A. I). 18i38, nl tile omatter of John Egertonl apd James 1,. WVbrcv en their creditors and thie eroditrvr of Egertoh an0il d'ibriay-Nu. 139ft of Ite docket of ithi culttlat whimu al 'n.nil Salnore 'l . Ogden, Gieurge B. SOgdenlv, id E rd Yorke came tYe pren iilurcnhasers fn r thie Inrie lereilnufernelltitned. 1 Dlenrilitie ti' til Ilrolertly as given in the judicial conveyance. viz: Lot no. I. Iot of rronud in fauburgg Snalet in tile qnanre It.tonded by Clio, Prylnnie., nd Nsyaden sleals, as per 1un drawn bIv J CtlhaIIn, dated 24th Junha.rvn, Ixt, t ned depnmitin in ilie lofice of Josepuh II. Nlakr. esq. nonary public fer refere.Ces, itneurinog Jlfiet nal4 ilch fint all I'reolee street, by 121 feet il I lelithl, and front o il Cliv street. I.t no. t, ill the nlsnme eqare, mlearoinineg 9 fee frean In utPrytellee stret, by I2tt fel deepm, djtnitintg ait. ito tle eliten purclase rosn $t3,11110 Lot .. 9, iot n Ihe sUinan sq arren djoiinig no. 7, living tilh ne m no n frollt and d I, t t o ae l in purchaerhl $3,0 11. SIot no. 4. ill the slne aqtnnre djoiing no. ti, nd having Ihe fronit 1ui delnh, ito the same par chnsers $:1 5i), I ,t no. , ill tile seillO square tdjtlin .t e t e and lati nieg liae sn lte frn t alld depth; , to iln arle itt r.m e:rlaase, a$,15 I lit tnu., ina tmle seine iqttrnt ndj tih. inn. 5, atnd Lot Iio. 7 in imt e la tmn,.re t djn;tll lill no. i, anlld .vl gm ll s, lh o tifnt end delrth, to t.e slmi dua l.ot no. !; ill the sane orlnrd ndjiiAL n. 8. ini d Ilsvi,,g tlhe Salllme flonri nlnd dep ll, Io the satn pIir. tlirrrt, I,3,9 li tI l, tll i ll I e l i rll ti ,,I e i edti'm tIt n. ti ind Inle1,,g cliat i r s .me tit o ut li, t ,', I lllt t'a tt t d,."plh lnd frost on (J lltl.; arreel, I o the" soLUC 1alt•Ir c i t ' 3,:11111 I lim eleve hlute ear soldhl iti tl;e vcliie privi de tis f in nlh.n p It. . et .I ide. i. , rio rear, a it i ii laid T n ente-$188110 ti. en(h It It cash, .Ii itne tiii, 1:', III if B .d iinllnlttit credit, for aIpro, v'd eudeiaesd tlttlO wlilth t~nti vnl v uatiii l paltill n t. In enitnles.wteirn.[lhveltt'ic 't ntvito 1. S. hand and ailixid the cel of said i ot, .Is ' Iy oiavrcli, A. D. 18i39. mItt1 3t. din 3. 1 ,luIlN I.. III.:,I'm I, TAT DE L\ LOUISIAN E-Cour du prom.n ier district judiciuira. L'etat do Ia Louiainno , o t iB tous ceux qua ces proaoenes concernent, salut : [Lt Atteondu qu Samuel C. Ogden. George B. Ogdenl , lIa and Ed, ard Yorko nyantacht.e I ltuto vente faite par to Syndic des crdanciers do Egerton &. Wibray. i1 proprid6t6 ci.npreu decrite, so sontadrcss6sau Grefla do cllto coor, pour on avi conformdlllenoot a 0n acte do la Legislature do P'etat deo la oulsiane, yu intituld "Ante pour confirmor los titrea does ae. quoerur naux voetou judiciniro ;" approuvd to 10 Ar Mars 1834. Q 'il sait connu, et touten personnos d intdreooes font par cos preselntes sommlda.oa nom Plo do Pctat do la Louisiano et de la cour du premier district judiciare, que pourraient avoir droitl Isa propridtd ci.aprbs dog rite, en consequence d'un d6. Dri faut do torme dons I'ordro, le decret ou le juglement do lucour, on verto duquel la vonte a di6 ltate, on0 on do toute irregularil onu illdgalil6 dons l'estimation, leo I'avis on lo temps ot to mode dr to volte, ou pour do, nlo antro cause quelconqne, do faire voir, dans pie trento jour 0 dater de la publication do cotte avis, or pourquoi la ounte ainsi thito no serait pas confirmndo gs at houoaologuod. La dite proprit6d fut vonduo par to Syndic susdit str ole 4moejour de Janvior, do I'anoodo 1839, en vertu no d'un dd6cet do cotto Couo, rendu le dixibmo jour do on Fdvrier do Panido 1838, dans I'aufiro do John nri Egerton and Jnames L. WVibroy vs. lour or8anciers br 0 ot. loo cr6ancirs do Egor on and Wibray-No. ph 14306 du docket 1e croto Cour, a liquello vento Ph los di s Samuel C. Ogden, George 1B. Ogdao, alid tie Edwa rd Yorle so enot rondos a. quorcuro pour 1o prix do ci.aprbs nmention.a6. Descript.on d ato propridtu d'..pros to trensr erel a judiciaire, savoir : No. 1. Un lot do teorro silutdo 'ans le faubourg Y' Saulot, su lato place hond par h:s rues Clao, Pry. k tanode, Calliop , et Nayndus, sur uo plan fait par J Calhoun, dal 624 Janvier, 1833, et ddpoad on bureau di Joseph Bollark, Esq. notairo public, md. l urant 29 pleds 4 poueces do tanee das oa run do SPrytaoao nour 10 pieods do profondour et do faeo sur c Ila rue do Clio, adju I 6 a S ,iael C. Ogden, George Ii B. Ogden, and Edward Yorke, pour lo prix do eo a$3.700 a No. 2. Ua lit deo tcre situdo dans la mmaoa place, mesurait 29 piuds dons la rue do Prytando v s:ur it0 do profondeur, et t cld do no. l, nux m, nmesaequ6reurs, $3,000 No. 3. Uo lot do terre situod dant lta mimo 0. place, i cold do no. 2, at oyant lea itudaos propor. is.t Lains, aux., alit aequdro.lrs, $3000 t" No. 4. Un lot do terre situdo dans la mItmo I Is place, It old do no. 3, ot ayant les miomes propor tions, aux dit acqudoureurs, $3,050 No. 5. U lot do terro siltudo dns tol memo , 0r p!ate, 0 cold do no. 4, at ayaut tOe m0lmes propor as, lions, aux dit acqudreurs, $3,150 as N. G. Un lot de terra situdo dans la memor place, acot do no. 5, et ayant lee inemes p.oportious, aux dit acqudrours, $3,400 No. 7. Iln lot do terra situdo dtans tl memo Splace, a cold do no. 6, et oyant les momos p opor. r ions, ani mom0 s acqudreurs, $3,350 tI. No. 8. Un lot do terrao itudo dns tola memo re place, i cot6 do no. 7, eo ayant los momies proper. a tions, ano dit acqudreurs, 83,9u0 No. 9. Un lot de to re siltud daons a memone place, I cold do no.8, et aynat loos 0I0nee propaer tions, aux dit acqusiwurs, $3,900 No. 10. Un lot do terro situdo dans la omemo place, I colt do no. 9, Ot ayant lcs momes pro;or. tions, aux dit cqidreours, $4,300 No. 11. Uu lot do terre situdo dans la memo place, I coltde no. 10 mIesurant 29 piods] qaltro S poucosduns la rue de Prytande par 120 do profon :I dour et do fce sur tola rue Calliope, aux dit aequd. 0 rears, $5,300 th Lea onsze lots sent vendus avoc lt priviloge exclu. Iab si d'uoo all6a ayaot 15 plods do largollt sur In der rna riOre' solon to plan ci-montionon6. ni' Conditions -.i1890 slur chqule lot, argent comp. tla taut, et le balanc a 63, 12, I8, et 24 nois, on qre. 000. dit pour lee biltcts endosds at approuvd avoc0 hypo. it thbque jusque le derniar paoiment. ee E lnq toln do qitoi, Jo I'ai ignd, et J'y m L.S. Ii appos6 lo scaun du (lit Cour, co jour i 5 Miars, A. D. 1839. Sia m12 "t4in 30d JOHN L0 LEWIS and S1(IOA.-276 onS of athe se.t English coal, well suited ' 1 1 or otr.0 elt ts, Ooni Imar,I brque .tbeona, from arNew SIscde, It, ole 0,, II')I.r;i & M11I.1.I It 1 . "ila , IPlace I I b RATI.DNES. A IEAUTIFUI. hen of hair is it ,randenlt orp a mlent Ieloeting 1t btthe htn ea fiamtr alon st.o ita Io tIl o Ins ofI it hangette ite ontt'n el ahnd prots erery itrines on tihe aIipearane oflni n. alli:whitcec u soa many to recoil at bei.. tltor mvored. itl ponltltmeP :vnn to 01111.h it's et) avobid rile tst. and sloers of their aequsi tanen the earailheer or toeir liveq are oini nequently ilqnt in retilement. In shIrit: not iven tine losn of moperte fills tile g.naerln Itlinking tnthlli wtllt tltnt neanvy einkling glm as IIdI the. Ian of :i:. hilr. I o avtert lal theste nlea.nnt cirenitnntt, a Oldilnt' fnlhu of ContlIia stpin the tiar fnrmol flitle niff in t"'i firnt ppllintion, atfa lmttlte, rornrir it atail. It si likewise produces et' nnd whi.rltea; ..evetit the lair rml rln tnine gray, antea it carl ianntifIIlly, end II Ceen it from scarf. Numer,.n certinfionte tn the firnt ' eprctnthilitv in support of,tHie virtlen of OldridgeC llma are slhown hy the proprietorti. bt Read the faollnwlng:- Rilrt Wharton, Fq. late Ma'nr of Phtilldallt' hins cettif|e' an may bo sInen belo.r, to thehiglt chartt terof 'lie fiYllnowin'r'enetleeIn. hThtl ondlreineid do here,'l ..c.tifi th1t lt nehin. ee. thi nl n th of onoumbhia tleaorerd b J. (tldridee. tnd tave finunl it highley ervienhle not noly ap ntrel'ntiv ei taninet tle falling ;if of hair, but eol uo ea antr live. it WILlIIAlt TIIATCIIER, Senitie. 6 Met odist Minitter in SIt feoniete rli'e. i No 86i North Fifth ott. .OIIN P INCltt.t.F2AI sift otreet. JOHIN I) 'rlI'tl Ai., 5Il 1). 163 Rtacent JoOIN S Fi'RlEIIl Stprtlee o re et III11 11 leCl!ll)l'.h13 nlnutld at. i JOllY GrARt, oJr, 13 Archi rtreet. It il knwn thatn tireo of thie sIIove sniners ante mA t6an 5O yearn of te, a the oth1ir not lOis thn .130. Fromn the Mavnl.r.] Cornnonwennli ;,f Penr.nvlonnin, t Cit' of I'lail neehilt. I I, nRobert WVhartnn. Mayonr of 'aid city of Ihiadil.'. ,liin her hr enrtifc tht na ni ellnnqtiqliitetd ili it (ltecrs £ P Inglisr. Sotn S Fme o, ndril HIlght NMCCurl', hose names rcinned to th shovIe c,rtiitetlt arm entOleRer of chlarnotr enn reoritctnbility, nnd n II rcnh full creIdillttld hle nieni teo tileo sid cerifienlso. t an witnersn wlreof I lave hereunto rot my hanl I anld enased tile sel ofthI' city t) be tffined thi lit 6th d.y of Deenltler, @ c. FL. S.] I ROBERIT WIIARTON, Mynr. st OltSFtVE lhat eaclh bottle of l'efl Genuine flan il a splendid en rnved wrapper, on which is repreoni t he oFell offNiag.rn, c, &. So .ollel ndreti the and retail th o ent for Aer n rice. o2 Flethain street, ner loaidel Lanehit e ,I ns her fPearl treent, ad by most druggists and perfutno e t' aogh le countryi. JARVIS & ANIDRIWS, le m9 Wholesale Age lts, New Orlonns. N ORRIS & Co. Ni'. 3P, Cha'rnn stnreet, ae now receivingf and opening ile. moat splendid, sil tl stantinl and fs hionalie stock of Clothini they ft, have ever exhliblted in tlin icnrkei, oiintalinn i1r, part of the foliwia'ig nelioles: lilteI, Ine, hinekhjt t behna, london lbro., eitlnanr nlive, london amolh f and golden olive frlek and dress cenos: Ieaver. stable and harrinttnn frock conit, eleginnily fi,.nI . nd:; fancy and ploin black ncasinmilere d eal,tih 1 plrntlonns ; renlish nnd freneh mfncsy anld pl i nilly and teain veits real eW ninnarkith comfort; cnalishr and frinch fancy nod paoin sanrfis ln l hdkfN; chamois, eilkD-weioh indl tonti.lasni: P- fitn penders: chnmnisi, merinon. Inllnis iwool, we'eh flan nil, silk and coten i ot .hrr'l and dlnwters nirle onil rufolmld; iv.ri pearl oanl ?lli'"ti.nrwe--n~ln, i brellns : inft f~O lltt, kid, toir welinse, bolla . a.'; S."rillefiprd Bilk ahd ron m.dn n hdkls; pleit, fir ur and emnebroidorted .brde doi ; sil tk, Imh walnls, anr,llli arnnnldwnJ and hrtaY.n naid whirt, ntll h ,alIf h,.sn; nlol f which they iin'Cr hIIw I' l cn ewor Io ppnly bl eaT.olaners nsuslll. Nov. e -ATANER.P 0 I.1I4412 i1) Oll+lNT'I'''A.- tl- . Sbeen lolen i.sclf. hliol lero nod in i de northl w i inifor suol nents. for chI singe lld wlientli ' t it gu s, h' [si rn g III, (t hrial t, ill eit r'l :llng" zl,.r-t di t'i'ta 'oi tbi-hh i ,he innouh, in iible in either the' an llll or infntu --" ioe ten hiiionltul, Tlico in a %lve jloIss ll ItIf ito ' wirer, ni d s, aniIeIItIlo IlitIII he l ie , i u sual m an n a, wieh in b rot ', w ii' llthllootually pre- i veni saini 1% and noard off that XclUitil-nuig poalio I Ih ntll e.I t c l' lcrit ilr only by T. . W noin.rlr, .Suitrc eo n Don. imi ti Jitll tairsvtl C.I ,no anld elil whnloenlao ilnd retnil by CAIILE'ON & Cii. 31 Canal a'. fli ntle nibl.lfo tr \nnoer'. Odenonien I ADDiERY WARElli.-Thei ibncrihers, monnr.ain iaelturers andwhnlsa.l e dealers in saddlery .s.n goods, are now rereivingr by late arrivals from the bhod north, in addition to their lormer stock, an exten- mak sive assnrtnlelt of artliles in tha eir lint', ami ong ,ther which are the ifllown..i viz: artic Ladies and mtiuness pilin and qdlted nladdles, coon i;eitolni' i ... don Spnnish do and do do .Mlexiran don ine do, di Crooa In feet !o Id Amer. In aitlc do do Englishl do tite Youtih's dI Saimisll o i do di Creoile do . arlf Amner. and Elng. hrdles and blidle amountings, : on do do nrlinnia- l ust Plited. brass, and jiaiild oncll hirnetsn. jec do do d It l' g-and situlke ldo hn do do do IiB.ronoe dn "h Dray. eari and wagon do a Saddle inge, dloubl andlantle; valices; irdi cal nai Ssandhle bags, Brus Is leaerpet bags; best iron Iraoie To leather fho trinks, hrass n l iated; leather bloot top rdo, assorted sizes and vanlus styles; holsters and tall s pistol belts; conch, gig, . olkey, twig and planters a crop whips: wool, wmolled, coitton and leather Car girlhs and sorsinglesl; sirrup leathers-: trnli Ia t traps and nworsted reiin re; caion and hink So omm;es blind bridlers andi lines; Scoclh collartor , o rtod bhorse and mule a lar-iaol a!l qunlii, sut; nauo n rocco~, bllck, her. heep n faltskins; pine'd bra s nS Ilel bridle hts f ev. ry dtiscirl tio n, S plated. r era ot nld steI l spunrs of I n. I ri dtsia ripttoln; a plated, brans nod satel stirrus oo f every descripi S ''netlrr .with i completei aess.rir ient of 0very I artilcin theirlincol hlsinoss- ildl of which hiy 1 l olter for tale on recommolllnalltn terir. They will also continue to rr eeive through the year, by packert froml New York, rsrah seppllis to keep their stuck amplen anld comlplete. Fi tKo UINS, I)AVIDSON & co, r i 15 Canal at. _r _ _-__ _.N - -- _.,- F, :.i 1I1IlI hWARDEN SEEI.-Tle lsubscriber I bt gs into xpress his grateful thanks to the pub lie, for the liberal support le has aecrived since he I de commenced tlosiess in this city. Btling ale pro O ptietr of the seed store, 17 Comlllmolln street, he i F not and never aas agent Inr any northern seed no vender; neither is he eonnorted with any house in Stltist country-but hie asures the public hlit hisl OX 0 connectitonsin eory departmi nt iiio the need bhsni F 00 ness, in the dillerent colinrs of Ellrope are eqlutl no to that of any hlu in the United Sliea. lie il- F p' i p.rts seeds, plants, &. from the most extensive 100 and respectnable narserile nod aseept in in France, F o Ilnlland, Englande, S.nland, and the no thera r- states-and it will at all titler be his interest, as it F 150 is listudy, in receive, aI addilnln to hs present n ia stock. large arrivals of every dtseriptmin,really the o- irowth II 138; also, engrafted fruit Irei-r, if all 50 kind.. The aIUtIll my rely on flinding na iIll ns c solrtmlent lo every nrticle in tit seed Ile,~,of genus sn, inequality, aud imporied direct by 100 n Wa. DINN. or. EDUCATI. N-IFRENCI anld I:NGLI51I.- 150 Nlr Jatl a, rteenlt. arlived in this lciy, begs leave tne to inlra tile io it.en of New Orleans Ihat he will or. open an neademy n lMolday, 14,Jltanry, at No. )uO I9 Toulouse streer, for fts instrtiulonl )Iyouh ol me both sexas, in Freoch and Engllslh, in whic!a he or. will be ably assisted by Mrs. Jamnes and Mrso. 100 Mel.oear, who speak hlall thlose languages with I me ere.t flency and purity, and whotl wi aul charge or. Io the detalrtlle alt oi the young ladles. 30J Mr.J tnte will give bhI whole attIntioi to the mtoe various branches of education, and fl triers hisell itro thathe will give entire satislaction to those who an- may o honao hen with btheir conlihdence. nnv 1 Ia NOT 1OICE.--TIle co.parlnrshipi formed on the 300 28th July lor, ha-etwen John Y. B tyliss, Joseph A. lu. Leard anid Charles B. Biorel, to be conducted un lor- dr tihe stle and title of Uanyiss, Beard & Blnren, is hereby dissolved : enndthis dissolution is to iiP. take effect as fro tile lta oI) December last. ro.* The undersigned will promptly discharge all the rpo- obligations oa the into irm, asid in future continue in their own nanmes, atld lo their own account, Jy the samen busines', as Facturs and General Com jour mission iierrchallts, under the style and litle t Beard & Bioren, and aoicit a share uf the pation S age ol their trierds and the publlc. JOSEPIl .A. EARD, ited nnv I CII1 RLEU B. tli IlyN. S| I14UNDS0-Mi-siesippi Flund talren ait 7, Flrtt I.e. c ie U . , for groceries. I )riN'T'0,OI.S, (iLASS, HlUejJIll,, .c.-au a I landing troal shp Conutitauttion, and tic saile-- t 16.000 fset ofgglas, beat quality, fronml XI0t I.: 3X28 3110 kegs white lead, pure; 350 do greens paint, in 25 eibr. kees; 24 doz Japaoedtin lormsigcac;ctit0 lb.. lithrag"; 2i doz splendid Oo00 gilround brhe.', dcIaof0. onO00 ancd 000 do; "cases creme green in powder; superior article do do n ea.n; a larg anssortment of sash toela of every size and qualits; sable openeil for artiste; Iatn marking brushes far merc.ants; artist's colaor in oil readv pre pared, ia hboes, ittred "i: pith all neccssury bruste.; an artist's toeols, &;. to Flake and. iacl it whie; 60 n.arks gold leaf; white a and yellow wax; gutl or.bii; net a large nod choice as-ea sortmenat ofpaint.s, dry chlors, oil, tapetiCe vntolvish al' &c., for sale, wbol'ale and reaiil,at ntie loest pricesn, i by .1UNDILLLI, of a2•8 58 Canmp t. ex l'liL 'Lue I t L . F.IW EDITIOa OF THE CIVIL CODE OF LOUISI.qv.f.i ST as beeon fr some titame mnde known ito the pinblr i ithat tte allbaeribler ire engtaed illn preparing ftor tile pr'eas a new elition of tihe Louisiana Civd Code - They wrte.llll t ile irst, awarte of the great dilliculty dt and respeonsoitiiite atl+nding the publication ft the work, e altd it was not without e.nt Iei tion that thelv con-e setlted to tihe udri'aking. the present etition, p amoutllil to bout three thos.t:td eopier, anid whih ad had cost thie Mttte mon than thirty thtoand tdo llars,n was eintirelv ltlt of pcrot. IFor itle lh',n tono a e-trs pat th lSl|iett e of the work h:i i btene litOtll ih irntn to finty dolicr.t. It is a systemt of written rules wenich sl i:nmediately operates t leupn everydv indint i1t fti th tll!e, interesteta r etchier in ae'rci lttlre r ctoerlece and which everne s tile disposition af tn Ilchl prop rt.omillg 11tu frOlln otter states, ttat llt-.-c he h allll t. a n etllbei treatine, e OIcnc Iaw-it is as much the ic.xt-boolk allcd ccanul of the 1 tereant miid tle i.nitter, ac it is of tie private gentagceto latle and thie prctLssio lil tadcoc(I tr. Slce lawyers ofthend c inii g rlsltr.r,and in f.ct oftal C. Ihone states ,pon thie IiO atl nt issippi rivers w Ilic:h Iu find a mart for their proencet in Louisiana, have a fre- c' qutnt necessity of reference to the code,any makei it :ln ItI tite of Net Orleant tile hook ,t a s t ta re tt , I.i d it l the merclha's counting room, as utn ,he desk of the . St jtdie, or ttihe ttle of tieh. altcrr e .. It is nt t llllt'ining iterefoIre thltte fistl edititon t,t ile work wclla : eectnctc- va ly indt.1ee rt andealithongh nitnmre reeprinct of it wcottd c-, iln s lllo Illeasulre slllll y thie p.elllie necescity, vyet it I" would bie iecptrtIee t amld ilnnceisftctory enloe laan;cctnatel ire cwith to the Retllrts l nd Statute-, in orler to it aem rare tilhe Illltnmerlous am tuoen ts wlhich haysl lir 1 ,ion +driet by tie la naislantrte, and tihe importeant deci.on.c nd enitrctions which ilte Ieen g\ ina upon many aeII " its articles h c tin tS..Ioe Ime., Co eel e tart. i 'The publishers have secured, tlr t'.P general euper intendenple and editorial decllroenecnt of tile work, tll" iprotesieatc n clnrvic. \ofe -ilo Soe k.ei oiltnnc ielq. ' ' ae.,eerol tile Nc, Ole(lctlns liar. e Th,, le ila. Ju. I ncl t Ilulicd, Jud=e Ilrmundee, and ioln iGeorge llulistt Ilu have each kind dia nistePd Mr i(pton with the valuble Iphi notes wlich thei, halve Collected ill tlhe coure o' their studies and practicc; and to lr NR Jtanuine.thae pmt- I'i ler eIlelrl"IhUicct, Wilec in cideo enTageid in tlce wtlrk, lion Str'awbridgei , Eg.c Iais ireeteeci ticie rectlt oeasattf oeta- ttI reneesaeontaic:d in llis nffiee tcapv'f lthe ende, and tin wihich nave been made by hli:n duril thne whtole period to of his dis:inguished prole-sional labors. The publlish- yo era may therne fireP well trust that the annoelltions ol the voc work will be all rllht industrv aold labour, asliated by learning and experiuclle, call perfolrm Iln putting forth tlli pr',iseet'l'eeaand solieitihng en.e c ial salcbnriboars to tie tci. trk, tu timciindd ers take lcride ill cte the fat tht thie .Legisilature of Iouieiana innc elethorized i ste the (;overnor to orelar ona thiounut copies of it fIl tlie e" future use of the State. The readtine.s with whic:l this tie aIn nncr was take ci the Assembly, evCinee their lslt otl sense of the vale aeltthe wnk;and they tilnrebv exteend-t. ed telt elfidnerate in thie ability of the ptblslec's and rdilNra' whih it ii io a'ed is nolt lvhlliv uetesaenred. w i The wori wneill I printed in Frentch and Enaglisi. upn gootd epaIer aond with clear thpe; norne will any .r- I i "or'ear te sparIe d .tn me ke ilet whiolen ha tical I Cit executiet of it correalp ond with its great hugnntacee. Ie' It will probablt y le read for de!ivery inn the nnecth ill o t ptu'cnitber to;" in tecihe: eprie will hei to subscribert. fifteen dollars-t-i dollarn tw be he.l atine time of.· ' te'" scriheing. . .ore priens Ice thle sclllu e'rieetic)ll ti.. "I'Yn (It e t1i owil tle . I, i t)IiNSI & CO. Peublh.iheero . in ROWANI'S TONIC MIIXTURE, 1 r.,ri rlEV.a AND A t'u[. , 1 IEs N c'ears chave uot yet ela sed sino e it wylsi' first regularly sabos thel to taihe puablie; but it r e as attained tih e ihighest reputntion; and has ap.n planted every other nmedicine for the Ague, wlmrev. i & er it has been known and appreeiatod. Already I fle Ihas it beoln carried ill ever " dlrection thrqugllonet a pieo Il tlued whtttao awd tillrL liz tre. tea 'h ve been cnticiplated by its mnstat sa F'ieonda. pie Tn usands of personas lave nut only been relieved, or aut retorned tey heilth and vigor thnrug its agen. i e eoy: and they now cheerfully testify, at every op- to iporLtnnity, to its deidet andi suprenoe otHany. I: n is composed of such medicinal pinnciplesas a rae ealclated to renew tile healthy action oratho stmn u t asell liver, and other imnportant tligestivo organs, e tihe loss of whiclt Iarmony is tne itn ediatae Calln of ti.e disease. It in apparent also, that it produa cns an Oetire caing e ia ite condition of tie nystem, and certainly destroys the native liability to relap ses of t le lffeetioi. Waout the Ague is attendt wIlth anyt other nmlpaint, tihe empnloyment oi the Tonic alixura will ot a interero with thle treat. i - ient of toa oether di ease, but wi'l even afford an. I aslte nce icy aurnisineg strengthi and vigor ta tio I tn; a body during the course of trea na tt. Teose wio tr moke use of thls nmediilne may be as.ured that b i ti eren is no Araenic, /larku , .crury. or .ly nother t article in its compositioo unairionelv to thie luman aonatitutionl being entirely a veetcnble extlroat; and tnhey may leae additional confidence in the use ntereof when they perceiae that it Ihas n i of fet rf a gentn laxative nabot the tilen hal ri bet. tie full hles been taonc--in conmsaqueae ne wlicl, di thllre is no part of tile medicine lue to linger ill I tile owelans to atcsn obtrectiona, and othier evil , arising from tie use of many of tin e reledies now oflered for tile cure of this affectiou. It lhas Imell ' usi also as a prevetiveLC, by many who were still k" jean to a periodical recurrence of tniloChill,n and it ti as Invriably wardeid o if tlhe appraehended aetaca, Obaerae! Thie Propriotaor folly satinlred with tce Snparllelcd anind universal uccess whalh lhas cun. i Sctantlv attended it pnetual and regular use o thee a' Tonic Mixture, in all cases of Fever aned Ague,e t reals warranted in engaging to refund te price to i Sall those who hlave taken tile medicieo in strict an. It eordaneo wilh tihe prescribed directions, witlloutl I having ba.lpcrfceLly and lastingly clared. I Tle subscribers are thle whoiesale agents for the k South Western States, and have now on hand six Sty ceases of this mnediciilne, which in warrantedl frelsh :and gcn uuiio. For sale at tiahe tnalnulecnred pirises e JA llet IS ' ANeItLIAt;S, n I I'tltiteaelte l)renl gicrt, taov2 rtt, Cactnt' ncleoulitoulea atel't. ORDERS itiECiV Hl) FO)) i It .ioYr"-,Z ' , E.I' GOTTCO''O.V tI.\ w fl y th e | )a l lt ee e , N o . $3 2l a gzi l ue stre e t, \ e " t I rl n i. t1' "'O 1E MA.\NI.I:'IA'UIti) IN NLE\t' 1OIK IV¢ B i UIROBERTL ' IIU & CO. SC.ILE OI"' PRI'ICS-Dmble o ilr a. For a double Gin of sO saws or mote on each c)lindr, tmaking 160osaw. in tihe stand, witih feeder1r, badso , &C. at $6 per saw, or $9'0 I"0 For a lhob (il n of 60 sa vs , a ctlindeot, to 1020 s:wa in the stalld, flrdcrs, &Lc. a $6 per row, or 720 0 Fordo. of4t saeson dlo.or I saws ina stand, at $6 d3 per saw, or 5010 00 For do. ofl'l' saws on do, or 4. saws its a stadr, i t6.50 pe sr or0 00 SINGIV E GIN S. For a single in ofliO sows or more, ih one set olt'eeders, imoda, &c. at $6 10r p For do. of 6O saws. with leeders, &r ,t $,t 5"0 per saw, 390 10 1 For to. of "tssaws, with feeders, &c. $6 I 50 per saw, l5t 0lI Et i-teeli whiter desitoeid, for ifllers, snptlliti t i0 cents cath; the Intlbe oft elth Iteinlr aboui t equlal ol the numberb c of slls. loe set of feeders, it is cllo Ssidered hIowever, will weal[ oult two or tIhree sets of a ttl.t. Eltx st'as sntletlllti 8t trtoll "0 I . TI'e Uiins ordered, will be delivered to the ogents of plullters ill an' of tile sett port lttt Loi the cotIOnII phte _ Iltg Stols, no tiorhote e r ilertoe ogell I t1o log the Iflwtlt o toil t le Ioln sew Yorlte ,, aln Irelnotilg rc-1 e spi.aler tileamlteo ntt of the (int . A lion uari tt willbe sellt withl tile (Gins to ft thien il Il where de siried; tile charges ifor whose setices will be extra. bt o1 totdeotr. tr Ollr runlling gereon toralrhe orderled lwhore desitrl. 0. o1.oteaonable tero.l, botill ll-leelioor":o esiro. IHlose it powrer, ofltly tiestoipitiot, o.aohr loe onrtishetil tt like o terms. Slall stlel enllgiel also be ordelrel If dr tc It isdesiledle, when planters give orders for Gins, I tiry should accomtpl)ny them wnilh their views in rr.eirl to itealln.nllgetlneotl aws, hrest, tsbrushes, &c. I is l. uad lthen dilii.r) . oiinioli. Somo tlesile sro ws 0 - larger diucler ti, odllor. 'e I'ost colntll size he is our I.. iniches;i . some wish tlhem ti inches. Sontll t. wil 5 or t towtt ibrsilo oil oIll axle,i while others idon onoot wllt noo" t at oiost. Some Wliolo saws willd oritret, to the incho blle others llt 10 orlOo 11t. I) WY , ill. l e ld d islensna we 1.el"e tlilly shelld, at to he line olf giing or lcrs, tonish a slntemenllt of tlheir , ishes, and lle mlanufacturers ca fuliltil them in ever) ire IlotiuoIlar. llthere it is llt in oli discretion, we shall Ur make henl olln te lot modlenl e nul alrllnovld plan. Ott An ordir Ilcan be xeoell, from tile time it is recrived, n- in the sollacofeiglo t oi"ngilne weeks, anllt te iin itha Iot tite placedon lthe t slll of Il.efactor. To be in tolne on for Tlle lnexlt crop, all orders ouglht to hie in the Ihinois of itt ialnlUtIln:turertiy tihe first or middllte of Atl at ; e~rptl orpllntationt swlerethey arelate in Ecoantutliig o to pick or gin ctltoln. N. Io. IThe Paottet Riglt, for an one of the rettlol -.t. I t t oig States, willh o. old ot rtsou:.blelternl. rA S Not S8.1 ; 'TIOlu lU HY IIt FAUL V OF MItt) CINE. ¶lI ii|ORN'S C rompmd Extl:act of Coplibl aont Sarsa n_ Iuill -A celtaid, sale, and mst eflfectual relme ily eve:r discovelrelt f. tihe cure of oUIoIrrh, GleIt., .srictures, Whites, Pains il the ba.k and oina, senllal weakees, afrectious kidsiier, graoel, scorbutic eruptions, &o.. InI the illntduction of a menleilt possessing the tusfit and active virtulleof tihe: one inow ollitred to tie public, taue proprietor has but to refitr to illhe numerous rtl muenl tlions received fiom the ust e lineut of lithe le dcal facutlty in Euroloe, believilng that it will be duly ,appreciated when ie nmerits are llolre lfilly Iknoiw1. Thel I:ilsulnl of CIopaia, osestensively used, Hs s lust much of its redith from the dislike bhic'h patietts ltoumerly express i d regdnigt its dit ireelbe itaste, disturbance Itluucoedjll the bowels atd stonlhll, and its hleretlotre iellffiieny wheln lusd in tlle inll.tniunl:tnoy stage. The proplrietor has Inmade anl anI sis of the Balaist, coaueiv ig that the mIole activeqailties would thereby he mullchl more roclleeltlratd .d morle uIsefully adllinisterled thIan in the presenlt siae. The above ielld cine cols iti e ill lgredlie lt whiech arle in tile highesl repute nlot° tile Imiost scientrific anl learned in tle protissiosso. stlch drug ill tile onl ositio of this prepluralion iureruses the eltiaey of tile other. Irollleilng n operation truly t'lo nishilsg, landl spasllsing the must u lgtulill xla:ctdLions; possassilg ait tile salme time the iadvantage of its Ieing admilistt.utd with perfect succ tess in the dli.felilt staog. of thlle above disease. The most elinlellt phvsicinsanld ur1eo11s of the present udla exI)ress their iieitile op pr'-ation in tfvor of Suriisprill, whilost its ule in titne be e, .nd still coltinue, ver exttnsit. It wits a th o'ite iremedy wt ith the celebisated Itr tAbernethy in al venlerea ll setionlls, a inll lbmlintenlltteous ellptiuns, arising iron I1 disordered state ofl hedigestivelifneions. I I lving been blllllllitted it the test and experienee elf tes e iost heler 'lItetitt l dIs t, toeoty, toile tltsie expsested theilr satisa:ectio of its ext1trodilary fiuncv in1 everyl etase rItdur theilr ehage, by adopting it L oth in tihir I tulblic l private pratice Tilei oil elratiolis ill be mIlsaed ell hrr.lfte,. | .Preparedt by J I Thorn, Chemistl 'it E' 'I tI tOtSN I.\ .lotS. II Frl A II Sulmon, F.s.o . t , S.rgeoe to the S:it Ii oni slisint ill anLt a sion Anatomyst The ", which I at e nru:e of %outr preplurdian in , variety ol'c:tscs, both male anlld fiu le, ill its iestults tlIte proited so highly i':ttiurlie, that I do not hesitate ill pr" noulno i ,ng it one of thie l iost v:lu.ble a.i l ellht lcsio, lre-ediLes e.veF lr ored to the lpubllic, ndll llne ill lliclh, from exper'ience, Isl a tlaceot every ri.lianIe, whilst it Irs lnot p'oduc the same u lnplasit ettslt usually sx periencelt otim copliba. 1tFroms G 11 iayw:ond, l It C S, Physitian to thu: St .Irvlehbnne ]Disape'ary. I take greti pleasure in 1dhl.dg ms testimsny tt the 11nable lfop ,ves of t'youl prep:ration, wishin+g you the sllues.s tii no filll leslre, in aiii ll e rew:atl lld II tlh laoran, expensl ' inll.lricll d ill bringllillng it t1 . s ucme .1 - Iplenta perf",c oon. iFrson V t CnopeLr, F I S, Srgeo11 to GuC's IIns ritai The tlilf.'m s1ccess which h:st :tlreulenlld the olnlhius cIr.iIu yOtll. IlUllieilne aIlI. l lly llienlts llialh ll dw]it the dliseases, lhas filly atlfiledl me tIlst it ihast oly to be knowtn to be trtly appreelii'utled. May the sucecess you so well dess vre, :mply saud speedily rtpity you for your vahl:uble |rep atR P.ionR Frist Sir A Cuooer, F R S P It C S, Lo. &e. tlarilng been iiluced to try your Extract in several caseso' violent G tsorrhslis, whic el sad hitherto b·thled etery preseription admiinistered by take, hawing found sure and seudy cures effecsted byvtt n t, i few days I ;eel ms self iit dllt bound to st:le that i1 low itn miy tl1ote lice lothl1 public ansd lprivate rCcommlend nod use ol other. Fromt G W lailr, IM D, Physician to Guy's Ito pit: d. The strict test which I I have given your medicine amolng 1y ptients, land its inarilable stlcss thus fils, will itlnduce lle to Dereve.l" in its use, andlll I ec..l " but f .ct ofjnsllice al of dutty nxt' oisll'l iostojiiisssti l "o l It t I.s , r',o t." ,,,e c,. , tey. , h.t'h.e fop r .o e va l uh ble it e i I ., ui tolur .e tliaeL for hl e cuall of teom en r1ita, h1 . I'wtt l tit yot list usat l otn m so ight a medrllint. Silto se w ic w ll is 'tve it iu tt s l , soug ht 101to in the n.elical wolls t a tres , stcrsdv alsd lig'itll tre I vn cases+,f the :lbove cla.s. It Aunoed,. ,n grat pleasure i.t tielstlinitg to sii oil o tihl e lvithlsle alities of our Were itttoussar), ithe Irobleiclr ouilliusl here friilsh lwtyll maore testinlllnlds ilqlutll i t.iOtlnl ltntol'y Is the explse :it which it I:.s b.e 1 epaet, ll proiei rleatest ol.otnltelltot tIIumollg t diiuerniull icsuist One rel + nlmliOýlf"lr"hity mltwy t t iuttea yo1 + IIIy s to be unut, susuttl iitiotisiuitgliiion ssig Iossshle all :Itn'ltgs Wllieh Itth 111"tlhoprst oti Ollne I ti Accn lnl lyii, ng the ledliciiel is pm pmhlet cxp 1 .au - tsryofthe di'f-irett stages o ine disease, withuout t|it ex tlha chl 'ge, tcoulaliulng fllll and amlde dilrections. For sale sy SIjll|F+S i CO. to14. itst..s, 4tl Ca.11 stlelt. ]IT E K.NOW that he'lit and the ability to V lEbor constitutaes the wealth of tho great with mass of the peop e in this, as in maost otler coon. Th tries. To preserre tllfore, that health by natu. expr' ral mean is a grind, moral and p ,litical scheme, [loic to I flfil which, requires ourn utmost attention. shipi' The uuprecedento I popularity and universal up. Miias approbati,,n which this medicine has achievedti Ite throughout the United States, the Canadas, Texas, veste Mexico, antd the t West ldies, filly justify Dr. Peters' in warmly and caous entiously recomnen- I dine them to thle special ,otice of the afflieted. I Peters' Vegetable Pi l are t:he safsat, most effee. ttal and eoconomical remedy for diseases of the F' human eonstitut ol, that I s ever beenl discovered. &. C, Dr. Peters, tlhe inveltor nlf this invaluable moedi- Mitt cine, from his knowledge of the I uman system, - derived from a long and extensive practico, has It arrived to tii, concusioan, tiat otle great and pri. T 'mary causes of lnmot diseases is a dt:rangfnoent in own thile functions of tlh liver, or in other words an int. cirl creased or diminis.ted secretion of the bile. of th So well is this underatood, that it is common for It h person: to say when they feel unwell, that they are Drnt biliouu, meaning that they have too much bile on care the stomacit. On the other handt when the flow ati of tile is diminished, the process of dines'ion is L'i 'oimperfectly performt d, tile patient becomes weak Y Sand emattciated, becnun nourishmenl nt contained in snto thle fhd taken intothe it r'e i is not proper'y ex. ca Stracted, and the lfo. is .ejected in a crude stati. Dhr. Peters is confident ltat Ihe I:,mnous tlygilan I' t. Theory, so re.llhed, thtal, " hIipuiri of thel blood i. the csiue of all diisases," is a great absurotity. .i SEvery inla w. e rifl etc on the iubject a olnmelrt, t, e will perceivelhat uturil'ty of tthe bood is a socoie. C da p not a primary com,obtiL--thei t f et and not lr the cause of ilisc:a e. tiihelt l the litnclions of the liver are dleran,td, and tilhe flow of bile increased, I it is oflen taken up by the absorbent vessels and I arried into the cir't'u;a.t ti , and becomes m inug ed wi s th]e blood, as in j undivCe, when thi patient fit shows it in !;is countenv.e:. Now this impurity 1' in i of blood is cauled by :ta increased llow of Itnl, ptit and to reme. y it, you utitiot correct tie sereteiotns of the live., and rcstore it ltn healthy state. Ott 011 Dr. Pltert ha:s sent mitlh t lme in experinr nt- of ou ing with dif.irent vlegtab'e necdilittes, for diseases rit of the lihvr; and now ottrs hiii Vegetable PI'il, t Oi as tite best, mosit eOnVllvniontl al, cheapest inedli. o Sinn that can be preptrered Ir lgnetral use. Dr. Paters fl.,tter htimselfthatt his long ex eri. mentitg with vegetable medicines has enabled himi to doltcover tIet tiue andl only substitute antsweoring 110 all the Iurpnoes o* nmreuri' s without any of their I atte.t..Iot evils. Otte great quality oft'i vegetabl, 0 ills in that tihey have tile alteratlvo principleO co. Ot biled with tIheir elat'artie, or operative qual ties, so thaLt they not onlly elaonsa thte stolmach anld eel Ihowels by purging, but thloey regulate tlte livr, cehanlge the i otrbtd secretions, strentootheIs the oal digestive oroans, purify the blood, invigor.,te tile i,n circulation, anld hive tone and onergy to the nor.. of' ttU os systeom. I They ae mildand p!.asant inl their operation, rof and c nvey alhnoot immediate conviction of their Iti e"- utility frotm lthe first dose. They can t e taken d the with safty by by persons of any he ; and theo fable, , e I the intirt, tlhe nrvotus, tand tie delicaleo, re so io strengthene"l by their operatio.n, because they clear se list the system of bad humonrs, quilt nerv us irrita- or bility, and invari"btly produce sound health. rd. 'Time Vget'able Pilo are a sure remedy for jaun. 'se dice, sick and nervous headachlo, dys epian, costive. like ness, sickness of the stomach, hoartburn, all bill. us de- complaints, fevers of all kinds, and if Laken at the eu co mmencaement will invariably check tlhir pro. w inst grons, and save the patient freel a protracted an I It " dtangerollu sickneoss. They A' oilvalun lil in ner. oi vost and Itypocond:.ical lafections, los. of upte. sl o' tite, and a I complaiints to whiche females alone are t sn!jrcet. 'lThey operate as a mild and speedy purge, do and ore o a sath ad cert m r*omedy for worotsa in it 0 lti drin. 11. S icc 1 havse introduce v my Vegetable Polls to 1, at tlhe pul.ic I have received nlumlerous certifioates t heir oft ctir ruperior efficacy in euring dleases, a so, etI tmany letters tromt respectal..o plhysecians, who Ihave used them in their practice with the best ivetl, I toigorht publish a smnall volume rTf caotiflatns, t but conotid.'r it i.nnecueeary, as tie nmedicine till Is ol rco uuend itselfto all whto wi t make tria' of it. .ept 'The above pills are it boxes, c ntaing 93 & 401 to pitl each. Price, 25 & 5) aents p r box, ruo. Druggists and countnry lmterehatta can ,be eup plied, at .holetp'@ or retal., at Dg, Ja.tcri' printuo. t P I ualice, no. >6 Ptoytdr.l.o teect, hbookiccn lagaitle & t anp , ' Oriu. . ul1 m X ork & Saltihinti WaicketS JIACKETS FOR, NEW YOE#.I-N.w Liae. -. -To sail pinetually every second b.dlt during thoe seaso, full or not full. . :hip Orleans, 599 tons Capt. r : et 5. Ship Alrabaman, 474 do " E"5.' . Ship Arkansan, 627 do '.-.,q, Ship S r .toga, 542 do Nt Hathtaway Ship Nashville, 540 do 1) JactibM Ship Kentucky, 629 do . & lgu it, The above chips are of the first elRu. copep9 and coppcr fastened, an;d having been builtit.i' York expressly for this trade, thfry ae: draft of waiter antd alnoi t invariably -i without any dotenlion. 'The coommuetsl5O . mn of great experience, anti the ships will aldwapl' towed up and down tim Missisiippi by steamb.Wlt They have ihalldsll firrl inislwhed ·oeninmodatill and shlt.s of the best desoriplimi willfalwat. l furnishl d. The cibhn passage is $90., wiithlt wine or liquor, and there is no iquor fur8sniliadd the officerc or crew. For freight .i pa sosut la. on board, or to II C AMES, 48 'mii. - Thle ships are not accountable for liraokl- . glass, hollow weroe, marhl s orrralite, coopertop Li.n, or ru.t of iron or steel, nor respoent..esfibl i ipacli;ge or pairc.l, oulenl a regular bill 5of 1 .tl i s executed therefor at the offieo of the eo-e nuv27 cNEW fA7S ALTIMiOif L! PACKEI'S. This line t'll consist of the following velp," which have been builh or purchllased ezpreos-4rr the trade, viz: t Ship :eamoan, Capt. Miner, Irk .Mary, * Niekerlson, ' r Irod Ferry, new , tteensq,, Moltomton .ialtus, .onthim, Ilrig Architeor, *' Gray. T'lhese versels are of thi first clnas, hfave hanld eolnle llrnihli.edccollnoidatio.ulls anil tire ofa light dralt of water, so as to adctit of their receiviig and dischargning their car-rrs in laltimore, ratlle city. Fr:eight w"ll he taken for ports on the Cliesupldd or Jnces' River, aned firwarded by the agents, Messrs. CI.ARIKE & KELLOGG, at Baltimore; expenses on go.ods shipped will be nadvalte'i. hhe, reqruired. 'I'leo pric of passage i fi.ed at al(, n1 lc sitoreis ofllih b li qldalily S'ifl be provided.. Sleami n ip and deowi the haisairsippi will 4eJukbla on all oc casiolns. Fur freight or passage, apply to E.O. IBEDFOIRD, nov27 22 Bienvil'o at. FOil NEW vORE. [Louisiana and New York Line of Packets) 'I'll I Ships composing this line will sail from Neo Orleans and Now York on every ether Moen day--commencing on the 20lth November-and to insure the punctuality in the time of siling,'the liar will hereaferetr consist of five ships vis: Ship Ya zon, Captain Trask, to leave on the 20th November. Ship Louisvi!le, Captain Palmer, to leave on the 4th December. Ship lluntsville, Captain Eldridge, to leave on thl. 18tlh December Shi . in"ann Woodl use, to leive on Rnihm,.'Iat Jlnuaro. SI ,' h of -Juar., Davis, . to leavel on the d sand colpper firstoneriiilfflf4gl gOiB g copper bnrthen, are of light dratight of wtrxrrr °r u ai. ;. in New York expressly fur the trade. litgrig of npassage in fixeld at 100 dsol - O..f'w,' a fitterd ip tIi. tin iii05 miproveu and cfvenliemt plan, and finished in a neat ahd elegantityle Ample stores of the first quality will be pr¢.tided, antd every regard paid to the comfort and entire olten:LatIUn of pnssengers, whol will please take no. tide that no berth call b secured uontil paid for at the once of the consignees. ¶1h r9efasnsdhnd' by.e fnll Il# cafpe' ia n f [e trade . w hof , j- j , JL. . Will at all t#idoee',ton wngl rs l .> .s- ' . sippi by steamboatsi .eand t e test punctuality observed iq the timaeof soiling. *Pi owe m-of thdeo Shliipsewill cot bi M exeln.o hlo for anr lther, narce or prckage. ti.t by rLL ' - put on boardl of themuc. unlon e a rgoklsr bilU of lsdln be siguned therefor, at tihe counting house of the agent or owners. For rtlruer pearticfr n pip J D BEIL&. A COlBl. nov27 90 'ummon at N Ely ORiLEA NS & CiIARiUESTON PACKETS This lure consists of nour vesrels,nallof the first losel copperntld red rpper fast. eindcl, end of shout Si00 tonns hurtbea, with hnlldsorFe necomnmondations flr pas.-rn1ers. 'Thlree vessels are errmlanlded y eapains esll experiencrId in llhe tradeU , rsifo o will give every at teIoli, aond exert theminvsel s nto reirlnnodsllr, Ihe .hipierr. They will h. towerd ip andl down the Mississippi, nnd levne New ()Orleans o or before the 10th anid 15th of every minth. Thee fsllowing vessels compale tie ire, viz : I:rig Amrbian,Charles G rJnn, manler. f1 ir C apman,J. J. 'lloonsilnlerni nlasler. Irig A ieorias J. Dane, master. lirn, rllger !niliramrr ,J., aster. For treir:iht or paesasre, crply t1 J. A. RARICLIr & Co, hi C, nrmr n st. New Oileans, or M. C Mrdecal,Chanrhston, olt 1 I [ ig undcr.irned having re.ent :fenced bisineoa IL t a i)rllugist nili Aprothecry, in the store onlled by :fr. J ctb 011, at the corner of Tivoli c·irle nndi 'rhrialr Valk, respectfullallysiciesa share of the punllic patro.rdge ani a renewal of Ihe favore it his frirmr customers. lThe entire sleek et Drugs, medici ehiesand fonI'o aricles is fresh an care'luly sriLeced The Ihfllwinag on:y anr par- ueuolaized, viz: Pre Sodn, Serrli'z nnd Siaralog Puowders Y. nst Pwdedrs, bi Ing a wholeesmne and elegant" r su,.itirt. for )east, in raising bread, buckwheat it i 'l IEfft' rveer Ma2l:nesrian Apperient-a .la . at .in od eniti pure ,tive in- .iy pes a or indi. d I + i llni'0v uits r, irllera , uiddine-e, headache. ne.ih: i"Ii the stlomnath, biiritu al oustioveunlles, cute. neut (ntl onllll . &a. . Cnvrpveirl's Fluid ll Evt.It of sarsaparilla f pit uri ,rc the blhuod, &e di,, o and rnbehti,&e. 0 S'+wamns Panvesa ned Ve'rtllluge l Britilsh an II,.,lm riil, OpodeldIe. &e. id Retired L, jujube snd Guaimauve pIssl.t d Tooth briuahos, N S Prenttre,'s carboni delrintL It fiee. chlnrne toolth washr, Iowder pIlff nathd bexeI4 ly f'rentice's enralnle dentir, leehlor no tooth wal powder puffs nad b hxes, Prenticr.s scenegd and plain toilet powder. pomttum creteni do Pern.e orance fl over. rotse, lin er and alurids Wiatre. of the best qulise., Rw land's lMalcesr r Oil, Old1 tridrc's hbalm of C.,lmlIiab, heaoi'l uil, a variety- nf inciler and otler matches, indelible marking s*i d:. superor htIlaek ir.k, &r. Sperm and retined whale oil. ally's Linifati. . A frtll sinorlrmrent of rIhburt, arn'ianrdenSBeind ei i ti0foRGE JNS. `/ NE-152t bexe. Charet and £nsctettn Wiaei4.. otoro and Itla e , jun0l CIIAblrl.IN & COOPERBi9Jo uli ALE. IOPE-199 c-il 1Baic Rolm, of aajeo xxxq.ality, for sale l v ' fla t 1SAAC: lldG1E & Ca, l9l t1rgaal,. a) Ot.'4-.9 tInratic I aliog twi 'achip.i'Ci. II , neendftir puole ty mar 19 SLIALL & l1R VN, 911 Mc4e r a plrndid assortment of hue Nancy tip da, ' a" Isle for Paerstars, cnmjriaiug hblwea' ·.uyct , drea~in, cnrr-,work Iooee, muduei. b tv, puN, xeedle blaikat jtc ncrl, chellt nlvst y, card. ac unpuiro t i alaidw l old a ndla Oivcraci Sntolll kiod,e'ttlerov. vcat 429 ceer St Gharlco . To't'HG . AiHFF. ' ~' 4 TEINSON'S DEI'II1ATOI *fiW s A a ltttt nir frood ithb frnac, anda i s sti I safty cud re Jeal t ._ l hue ahia w than btfore tbe- oapphetliptt AF fust eceied r. \u 1Echange Iluttl, cornet re FALl. & WINThte ,I : P. ILFRKI AN't&Q., N. SM. i Ja are rrect ittg teitr vrpplij ,IorFalr' Cltlintc, and willi motio to C Lo lncly throtgltthe r .s a i.oor. B large will anable , u th toeapltyid the catntry, nat the horimpt aatwe A u& retail, an acctamtnooeatg D(, 10 (1PA5E9, 1u..ti Isa Araorp ill Wan. n alot cu4,nattno a gctterl nictointtt, N4uU Dllcntctialc Icon Olicoi·, tltntnch np Irrelltd lMir '0j. (Catnofl tacrrna, ino Mcannncs. I'.ajt, g pB .a ý_

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