Newspaper of True American, March 26, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated March 26, 1839 Page 2
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Va d.* W. nnyr-e·c,.e-Cago,1 bsamr 7dIoe.11 03blrbperk; C ., i b. ham.. r 7 a!rS¢ add I C. JA du,. co, 30 hi. l~tbe~d eroý.092W.lII. Ol Lp ksoulhlale tow' tatfi r ovy J rol.khý; .h owner on "aC* Al" Iah bif o.. 4t MI JDick. : 1l.a.tiaala.;do. J VUn! Pto, M# ki*qoA Cch d; Mt.:.d. W.h., ( W C1·lhum, 4 pair bltnn. 1 l 'krrlW id I.I ha. m 314. i .UiU, S Ug li',h5. Wa.;tiop.Manr rtoll T.1. A: lltw a lw,1. d Bck ner, '# W.3kadi h a d .0 1... r L .q t5atla.I do~.hJ patll CoT. A* c J. AA3,43"C ,ao , Hyd ao I 40ga.g &~. b I33-aada. Sggu...ilPrsa, 17dp; , iS~hp'J.11.FF:.H Moore, 78 kid "CyyM'II loW .o, beb tito 31'o.i , U r ah. .Jkppa Gtar..i 572 lh t 1bIb~i ae, S Ill 1wBs.Jth Or .0 eIs 19 ho;·q. p Smth .."llQ" blk Or . .'u.lX., Atid . .1 ' ý!'t71'. : dd ,ht' Wl..,Wad an b~r-U·iit~trr~a.r C~bIYs... kc.s.. slpw..D, pck S* Ihawe,,amrwg, de . Osltw. ofU~t~t .l.D 8ait... Xmaris m inw 1," 'abbrqan uaNp.d.d. abs AN..4d . p's am hiaha..ý w. Mo tNp - e..= hia. has sadahawa 1rirs..llalj 5d ya lb.. "4lopiliA pea1r2Mi~t.. ligiqYlia d {'6 wo l., b ' aledwil w 4 .:C-ri~ri lt d{ ,ý e` wi·~w lry.,lr·' Pý; ti aldaiyý "w Iý ý 8f N· .T lPVEn AS30TENT OF TYpE a 'trit TITS PiINTING OP a -" l" d ala, I el1tlli I isrnlmn - I.tea Beat Nlis i' sarclata An. every descrlpaloa ofolab Work shas may bewselirld. ta m - A - , . I.Till'M RU. , All ~RItII N.. ' rAITwomiVL AND BOLD. I..tW OR LEANS TUESIDAY MARCH 26, '139. Tih fudlwing ienttlomen aam preaeatvd for Aldermen in Seaond M.ticipalit. let Ward-J I. Caldwell, Sp. cer Gloyd, Jan. P. , rrel, and-.'-- Rodgers. 2d Ward--Smn'i J. Peters, I. Yorke and H ltck 3d Ward-B. Whitney, J. Ifall and E. W Powell. CITIZESN-. Dr. C. A. Luzsentts is a candll rte for Alderman of tim First Ward, First Municipality. CITY ELECTION. The election Ior Aldermen of thn several wards i f this city will take place on Monday nest.+ In the Se ond Munmicipality, as well pleased habr the people -been geterally, with the admlinistration of their affairs by time pleaslt C..nccil, that I'ttle doubt is entertained but most ,of the members ntnprising the present hboard will be re-elected. To coreain of the gentlemen, we be lieve tlere is no opposition. In the second ward, o far but one ticket has beent started. In the third wand, nil attenpt has been made to oust Messrs. Sewell, Hall, mmd -Whitney, bilt tile little faction cannot sticeecl, for these geltle.lm.n have ever been attentive to their duties and careful of the intireast of their constituents, and the candidates a et tup agaimnt them da not enjoy tihe con lidence of tile people. We are sorry to see tht tlihe Bulletin publishes n ticket for time first ward, leaving off lIthe name of James II. Caldwell, one of the Aldermell 'wheborganised the mneicipal administration, and who thre trlme years thdi he has servi in tile preseant Cotncil f has diatinguished hiimself as chairman of the prinecipil anid molt imeprtnlot eotnmittiee, that ofstLrets and land. iugs. To the persevering efforts tf Iths Aldernmil are tie ciltioeln of ithe Iecond Municipality principally in dtbled ifar the many imtprovements magic,have asprltig ip around iti. Iidted, iso well acknowledged are Mr. Caldwelt's a arets, thai it will bu readily agreud by allthat he as tie head of the committee of streets and landings, snd I. J. Peters ol tIe finance, have been main pillars of our municipal adn.itistraiion. It is an injllstice to leave his name off Iheaticket, bill the people will. do him the justice, to elect himt by a 'lage majorily. Tue GoVERnt o's VETo, THOE ISOUla NaN AND TaE BEE.-We have expressed ourselves freely on the subject of tlhe Governor's veto. We thought that it was extr!ordinary and uncalled for. We could not t conceive what objections the executive could find to out weigh measures of the importance to the State, of the b bill to increase tie capital of the Exchange Bank and to expedite tile construction of time Nashville Rnil Road' r- vil null iifedtheo.nujictiaps, we considered them tli it -- Romer., and however ra.,.muah we reepeced have in hiesomrmaney annd ihtelligence, we 'roaniht be blind to the slight grounds on which hIis veto rested. "In examining the message aoelpavying the riturne, , bill, we were struck with the ineongrnity to be dir ovetred in its component part, elpeciall y when coat. Srosted with views expressed on this and other tecn Ia sionshy the Execunte. It.says: S It is o e regga eled tatacourse sn con o n calculated - f.confusior. in otr eotthl be aodonted, Lt an., - .ttrime In havinq rlationte Na". l' teraira ir hi "s tbe ..oento . ltg, wet b rea pe temied, that tf the birlhbad notl'h`e weigled, d hinr-by extlraeoas mvri oieusI, tot Ih. m nor wnoud mBa n approved .itho.ughg lpe·rhkpa reelaictatimltly." know we iannet arrve ao t tiee s.oner onclugion with the Bitee, although we mi ht have dotle eohaed we not read any imse than the irat few parAgraphs of ite mesaeger The Beg goesed n to remark: 1 "Wot air eivesatbis on ehtsio freon Inte laguaco of Sthe Openlin parngraphb nf'tan veti, "he exeoltivr is ot Impelled to act on Ihe bill as it ntands, and hl ohjec lora Io nay pCart of ilt mt i Oteasini theloans of Ihe ++bIole.. san the fnet that that portion of the meaeow+ Imving relation I tIhe Nashville railroad, is rather atll exllreaion of douht s as to thie expedieney of the men slime, halt an argumnent eoinlsl the principle o" the bill --tn ase in which, we think, the veto should a.ver he rsatlaod te .' TITm point to whiieh it brings ts, is thie, thsi tmle Gb. eteromr eoildihave vetoed thel hill, hal tile meclions in relmtito to the Internal improvarnet Bank, andi tile tiat 3 Light Bank sees separafedast it. Four fitb of ime Swihole nttoagi: are'nellcpied in endeavouring mo squlaia 'hiei position, snd to prove thlt it wovollhl mt have I'ee, e rilght to peirmjtl the bill to beeroi a Iow. Tho argo etnnnt wich he etlrntpto in very labored, And ile ob. Jeetlion very far fetched. lie was indulced to believe frmn clcmeinvsa'iglion that tine -changea Bach cousd I nttaftid toi pay tile bons, and yet he says : Of ail henkin syesteo tlim ene. orlficbh Louisinna theo Uivn the fir"t example, in her property ionkl, is id my lpirin tlI afest and Lhe neut i. nhrmsd upon ftle ral estato of the countrry, and introduce, into it, I Ioi6I cd-apitol ats leo ratse of initreoa, pa una or thin t1 i boid-vin lhat retdest, but aeeti to tiffer on usae. ol! feturl." - The Lk wlr a most importma oeruilght in the fact Thu emtt limthtn .oelurne thes epltrl of Iae Exchango BIank talo * and d te 9th -ren loe qul eM all ·tock hnldeo to diu.s t~ely so k on the wenu ter fenld eonditijon -a prtvidrd fnhe I fel.mtrOqioth Unnon uTk. Theeitck hno!dnr ortk wi Unlo u lu renebloht nilinsupr fo e ril Ioneorpi hiaind lathe hondl, of the luehi. whi'rec. roerdi go the aethlbk elaho te emlnaemt..nt, the te nt nf..k. t eo bneputd.ued tnbe opit •o I e are Done t omoeenr t. that ti overy vau e ned . .cure We itherrfrom It hrwerer tShu tueigoernor r ould have thek EshuhnlBansk. ineoerormtrl to the requsilinn made of tkeUo se.iaok. hyplthboteo in the proportion of 5 to 7, an oe0aeofTl14,wt0 mor the Vapitsl tof S,0,0,folo borreced In teit olRtthes.flu. nUI- taLoh t U Ei ank petged a, ex. sufOtlNtO alt blda I . an onhjeor to the lill tuhi her tInreu d plpital. The terath s ir.i . I Onu e which *aa h.rn b en .d. would hremaide mone t.n the diffoeeoe. The flunk nutd bsan e.ouned the s lat in the aeontl of -n-,1o00 wldlh thue t oteo ould Lhta had thoe aue of I..e, pldes o f.r ,(U0.0 wohist the -unk wouldlb+en hd bet.,UI.OO0O. Sot tutn.l theiGeoerner wu afeld that the Erchnge I-eleold n theat inn pIopesd onlgt.hnelt, pi'thonhher uao kid prve boil bydreae t he wkeould ho fully able to ~p 1 the lesIu fOm her proi'. The bill eooeerld the. E.huoe*l Buak. hioeb wt etn.dtlraed updlr the provision .terdi.ary onkIng. nLa uepPrelty honk. wchi he so rer rounnMeoehlen lf,':theean aend b5.' Therlarternwe. reteided to a moIe reten parind ahn was prenuribed wLhmt th bank wue etahlitLed. tor the boene tcofred, these ho Wilt athe b.Mr a rss wr li tola pr.r C.mL4gul bon s. Te e odlitoe sof he bus k wuas aond. Cetia w uhaowe tSo tthe Iovrnor proneeineery thing -unei.kMa nosh out et oaer hi dunits, nd the n.n munki bn logrs I noona.oues As ho te ubrtbe thai Sl rte hdm as many diecns in I at.brtproeitrp tit(.Mono tSe etbookhelet, wheroe hitglOn tthe Samo but thsaL , In the Enhesnge ernk, St aieth .on eea n le to negr . Sn loving th(eonue the ni* sonl gaseeI on t r i.u i in eqnieati. T eso Jty.otwo- cei.wcdlo .--d nuegoent uncther to sard Founk hM eete. i sd ug. an.y Woons doing on the part 41 - dlnleg. Wa do nt think the nhnold. ver uweuoup nothur of direntom Ia beoakb, amoity of h itheiuegod e nr e unlem ded.m/ It auny is.ry were ,I co1dhk ho1 puogwqe of the prepondrlatilg 4.mb et tb e Steen w dpa ovr itnivedauls--. - a Ch h~eC ! io a p id, Sher er pheSbed ot n thL -gtunttlhcr h Senltot hoo.,.,r ant o"s e e: dw nho unllo l or. ato estu nrek of liroenr ent, eosa ..ora M ( . Wit Lng sewe She attauhmten aitg aks whe t his b inki un tro elge tn Ito it tieoA gboinr U. utthmgk, * ccn ant ushmd. ~to glpMd or&edpec heoc wfoni elonupa prooeo altudt iC nlpur 4yet enthos. as Inleopnemtlng tlppumpoodip ho hihl W.Wk#.i' c4tna oneotd Shbwu set n nneen: tnegIh, 1 tokth cinuk loo ne4u ts ne du hisu k ues may ho dtuepp lsted (blot She tlneueear t shne to nnthe a nd .e have pitonatod bthe vasl .atlIata d salk nulot;l iaadispensable neoeaiaefi iatqt heilg adoptsd by oar 41 legi Iltdre. We explioled thtiwants ofli commulty Of which the psedent initutionecace l or will ot oreliev.e, and showed that such a mto.uoe was the only ione that of promised sch aoossistance as would revlve pIat peo- Ill parity rnd gliveit out o ammunity an onchrd ipulse. of No dubt some ba, e considered us visioenary, and ean. deinned the proposition without giving it it 'rlier in- ti restigation. - We did not speak unadvisedly. We bhad. examinedthegeneral banking law with close scrualiny, l iand looed fotwaril to.the eflet it would produee. We cl felt assured that it would have a tendency to res.ocilate i Sand reinvigorate energies that had been prostrated by unforuoen dilleultie, and ikr Which it seemed to be the g sole remedy. We saw the adyaniages that would ac ern foum it, and we earnotetl recommended its adoption at once, fr we did not perceive the nercesity of a delay, a tham would keep the community tied dean to their em harroasenanta nd troubles, when reliefcouldte secured, Sonly beaeuse the timid looked upon the proposition as t n an untriedl expetimeet and wished to see it yet further tested. The great state of New York is receiving tIhe enefits to be derived fronthe Iliberal and enlightened I k- policy uinder which rho adopted the gonerel banking law-without the hesitation which w;lal allow all others to stride an in the advancr bearuse it desires to see how they may be operated on. Snne idea maybe frmed o a the great benfit she hes derived, from thie following es tract of. th Courierand Enquirer, which says: S Of tile vat phblic henefits to be derived from siat law,under the adminirttooioat of such pafe and prudent f oticets as the Isin and plaoeast Ceompteolleri we have }o- never ente.ramned a doubt. Without that law, wehould nut now have hadI calla k of Caoimmrce with its five me toillios of cih capital, capable of being extended at airs itmte aliden taureata iatof rtohe y sequ re it; or led ie Northi Anertlcon 't'rirt aotl flokliiigC'ltpaalywtl I tid fivt e m illiso sentced on salet ante, end itsivre mil liont s of casho pital ns dihe plodge of stas atle mne , hao be cap the of beingo etended to 5.millionse lion thea de a Ie ma tiof n enmoulerlthe m oy ei nhd rrei. i cmt our opition, the liour compioy, by tmoans of its spl dge lofotate lvats and real estne,. sllsc . empliar , elmore tow,,rdo e outir.ittin loom thate late reveroses, fr thaneo hry e Ira mesuren which hoU been dopied.s By ile e mh s me five tillimon, of reat esrtate (worth probably four l tio ilie ouno) tnld two millione if otle siock, I ,ed whit It wer on touch dormant sd niel.s capitalt hTav ii. itet roinroht iio ctive oiperation; end its influence hs Ihoe tfst l flit tal ud Rde. Itd course thun fir hat been Mtorl l withbe reat prdence al foresighta t d we have b unreny eit, i h the rter oit ohvero and direortes, hltot it will cittinte ti be managed wilth equal ability. rho of the Bak of (o tmere, we only naed eay, lhe t uIs hi directin i it c lupowd of the oatot diotinguighed mar. olmuno nd.and italils incur ity nail tthat it ptos neeas Pil h I otl u lbhelic conlfdece a any olther inslitotlion ever oergLhized ii. thit country." are Tic celebrated luvooi e Actreeo, Miem Dvtenport, tn cteD h r first appearance bef iu a New Orleans ans nve die thii evening, in'a Theatre arrogel for her iln the ro w riiph loll mowr ol the frt. louls Exchange. Thisa d oextlraordisnry young la|y sc losrei.n charnacters fter Ma. t pctaouneo coammres hisr Orieatlf BLsvtre thus bitt evenin. Aslletarly all the tlokelte hiarlBn taktn up, thlem who wih to enjoy the coum eo would do werl to re them We LATit TI FROM MIXICU. he We ind the f lollowing i the Courier of lot eveniog: i "Thbi arrival of the sohr Woodbury fnurnlshes news farom Taompico ie i 15thist. Iefeated a nd almost m withotl fillowers, Ithe federal Gneresl, Urreu,enlered mrun jaiio a few dyo befre. rTeim army of Boultatente the wao appronthihg. and it woas sad intended to give up to Tmico lto t Ipilloted by tha soldiera. The utmost alarm previlh.d at-Tampico among the nativer end o fo iodl reictiert, without d:sainction. Geoneral Alexlawascblose. i- ly besieged it Tspan. The troops of the central go. •td vernlentl lhad made themselves aLstsrra of the bar as Sw Ins the pproaocheo h y lsnd, ond it Wo thought thate iuht Mexiacouli noi long hold tut. t -ed. ""^`ý,"ewe may he cornidered imporalnt. Tite soc toe ke thu e trulotin. e notreliots is calculated to deit lsru to irelotlon with lore.,urn b.e.ndinig than d lend l:hie rejeciton of the treaty witt-t e;r .i con. eriinly iake hes Presidental of iMexico le disposed thso ever to dojuotice to tmi roelaatil ios favor of to- Aeriiai ciltiz. Thel protection of one trade i sod , wih,.ait cuntry will require vigorts mennlures on ted '1he parl if tise govmrnmenlast of i Uoied rataes and led, ' *b e h au'ibhtwift'litken fortahwith, ,. " - A, a have toatle s ipre. S.questig P roectiel ',will Ihe mt me. ui~b.~b~tn fvt~ solalir in e ntsn Barti p Marotla u g Gax. RIPLcy.-The true n eallh of aor countiy coriists, not so much in our broad and fertile doitain, as in the 'honor and integrity, the deeds ofdnring, and the intelligence of her snna While the fire of peariotiem burns upon the altar, her destinierare onae. Satesmnen may speculate, tim ambitious may design, party spirit nay rage, and the power orfaction may for a timne place the oins of government in the ihands ufthe undeserving; but wille the virtue id those who it'dled fur and won our liberty, and whonusteined it from foreign aggreilon, and the toils end dangers, and elatemen they endured are 'eembered, the prize of thIir valor and the reward of their glorious philanthro py cannot he diseegarded. The memory of the good qndthe brave is a legacy which. must he dear tn every patriot heart, and one teer wiich we never can eonsent to roll the waters of oldivion. It if chart by which his sons are il he directed. It is a beacon light which mid tempest ail gilna , still emite its cheerful rays, and directs to ite haven the wind shattered haerk. Our comtlryv elhiou!d tmbalm the recollection of the good and great, andi the truly brave that have gone, and most assiduously cherish those who yet live and have claint to the appellation. Among those whose chivalry h become an neir-loom of theircountrymen, and whose memory will not Le for. gotten. is the subject of the follow:ng brief netmoir whihl-we copy frmn the Jackson, (La.) Republican, Whatever were his political telnet, they will easueto be rtmenlhered, whilst hisn ervices to hj cmlntry in die hour of peril, will be cherinled with irateful feel. ing. The subject oflhie noice wee horne n Hanover, New Ilnnapslire, the meat of Dnrnluth Caollege. lie was grnd-wmenof tle veermnhle Dr. Elearer Wheelork, the foniler nul mrtle paten of that iauittiuia,. Hitfather cne the Raeivytranu. Ribley, gruduuae f f the hnfir lan and ilest proe eaor o divinity in the college. Hie father having dile while he waeeryR voong, hie educautiode. volvel entirelv ponnt intelligent and picns mother. She alilrdde Itil he nitdeglec of a clneical educe tire, a hiecl he inmproved no failhfllv an to I.nlei at the aee oat I year., the first honors of the oalelge oa him hnlice plmce. having innpnletd hi. academic stuldie, he enlerel upon theetldv of law, nitd chortl) after eom emrned the preth ie ir the aounty of KenneLanlk din. teio..ef knin, State of Menechueacin. Havitg die tinmlaherd himelf wery much at the her, for a ynou a mal. he cas , ns dom an e ligible, elected a memnraher o ti I.egivlature of'ha l native State In January, Il1,2 h was elctend i<peeker of the Legi.luture of Ma nachu. a'ttn -rig gyri marely 0 yeas et age. having en. moced toi Portland, he wn, chimen a Seutor from tuum. herlanid and Oxford, nld accordingly took his neat iu the y'nalet. Soon anfter this. iltlnenaed bi that ardor tfor mililary gIory which is so distgtilgishlng a trait in tihe cultivetred vlce. telo fthe vnag imin of the U. Statec, he re.igned Ilia civil.l.spni ml received a rn. mi.ilt in the Army. During tim war which ealrtly after thia cettnened h erleen thin country and Greai Britamln, he atret in mjtnglc.inn with, thet-pumntin of our army alatinoed upon tin frontiere of New York and in the loimer pan n it tandia. At the attack upln Yorkn U. C. into April, 1R1:4, ise "lsheed tilm nmaiden saword.' After thi-i " Ili blulshing honora thihpckig fast tiln him."' lie enw eitrusled wclh everal imporgat com. miiaona, iy in csuperior oaieerv, which he reretited with prvlmptnees, vig.r al bravery. At Willamehurp aud ohiur plnerse ie acted a ecninilooen part; but it was. at thie dreadful hautle of Niagar Falls, or an it iconu.maly called, of Lrtty'n Iane, that tienUmal Apley acqoiimed his temot inperinhnle etamwn. Iu rirn Ihe plt oif IsHe seelicated Ilatle which cenurrad early in the niLght, lis tamn fouglht with a determination a nul hvre/ wortly the Amnericn name. They aut. ceedd in rouliug rte Britinh nal aining phenacaion of their artillery; bht aft r a deantdfui cenflict{ in which mnny lives were lont on hothl side, Ripley received a peremiptory irvdr fan Glan Brown to retreat, which he otrved, otwlithntondnlie tim mortilicetim he felt in giving lp an ndvantnge' whi i he had Fgi:nd el Ihies. penens tfth lie a of nmen of-hii gaant canmredke. It wee duinrhg the slogs ofFort .rie, can after the battle ,it I niucY'n, that Gen Riple received a mevere weate upa the niak pert ef I anech, which cauned him mnch poignant aubring .. if year, nd in appun. etl in lua a eonrilmted, ulin:tstele, to ietIirut. The galnlln ervisese are. Ripley, w. daly up. ptecietdalty many at liloano trymen. Tim Lapliti. lure lhew York vmed him a heatifui asward, era. ,.airli with a kiew f bin gceat halkle, a a eutamuninl tt her gratiude far Ihid|afe.aa oftoe cammon ceuntry. The .eginsature or(feergllgnvav haim a rote a thbanm, and in meAy ofthe new Stlea the eme anpirit nms imeu nlw.eed I, givighi.a amne to a wnmtw aof Imirang vuilamnd towne. After the war ha a eeontinud up !th peweem eatnhiiehbmen, and wu aNtHomnd ui butandPeslacule. Finally, having tled It area ovy tn ns frun militry lit.; 'irhich Im lIad a pau anmim ettaeheat, he pettled in New, in the I .pilu q din early pwenmiesa. Pacaving alheu qaemn i D' Tb heart o the teU,,li we.,n 1034, nleuen T.,,theau hs eeaua, awh fuam ti hu h Winber NO nICE-Th heitla Rig Ini 1ta1I anubi ttjmtdlipm.Icpnmtipuasihhaehl ulaYcr te inie, iphsicu s an the pb. iie in nJeam, that hu hn peu tut aoeuublNmeat uu.e" 21dh. h, n ."a 1 o ,liaheanudet cmgaeaia apehm'u, ancyud aah., , be bc in.diciw and ehemlc.tpcepmetafmn." nan hm a h ltan.hea -luatty thrre.e r1eh.ic.aanrnee•iperoa.ep uptprelat. tilY m'ay nea oiglhi. ear 28 U. DOtlNAN CL. hbni I, hoofteem yrers and under frwe~g d I Illt* Ihnd erfihiry sni ucqee Lft . r My sn of alli, u shoe. of a nd ltun o ene vnty' th..e u air igh ty; th ofM eighihty endualc U rAi~ ýiVend(le hdred; ha ea e Walp O ( rfo01the, dietnia e lt, hr oo d l fre .rhie persiaon iaruded epeacu h euoooreioe who oresde ' ae deedo, under the q.h o.uto en years. and thee. of Ihe e of fur teen yrea. nde .udor e-i. ea sttl diane of the age of stwety-five year adu t opwrdas h d Ihty furthaer e a dletlnt) hLb the numer of theaor e is hite pernne ind Li edeintft enonewatfun ho are dlad, ed o alan Ie tlie aidnr ofnhreoe who are uanu e or eit ditiun ..uieh n lurher a. h of t"heinee . old hidu ean ara T phil e ern. Ther g eani erodon ie s len to d;toin luuh the o ans of atl hae uolorn dpebMa and all other eolored persnhe, hound to fereine ter lirs eo torm ren to yeur, end th see n of eacLt an ans d other colored t rnuaon, ren otivrln, of euch iea Indor ten years oaf Sruuntiherdintiune asu me noiheros free wlared ane oher i colnred t aeron illdrd i t orogi ewh e durdef c hk r nnsrd o . aie unde who dnr i.ane Who e relanee or .t si public charge. Teuations an t tin n In ordern tonarry tlfatlby rd enr c wt the pro marshals of the ditricn lecrithriso eerey-ired, under he dien r alells ofte l re o oree o crnd ate id er coloredin ers la, ieoniuo ats he oihel ire, o fraeLI h said el.nionthoe .o eilher eri and othsate Icol; plier. is gleen to die mosan rha ates ppYao ere ear no. ntier t ealch ity oum ndhi cent, aers rnoat. oia vei iry ot every d tine hourt i er osacmla inuThy o t the n hfed ofrherry fasily. CIaer eno corien en this dutyh trhe dner. a.s in trntr are raoine wis toIe mae IThe enumeration cislberI.itlnloy Jo0, , iaiemI hon cosopted within threegar ih nl adre Thoe orn prorntion to plan innlikmattnnlr therue whoae Ishonsaeorl of Iwo dollete Amg every: htfridred perene aendtdios whens mseeion ia made is s puil or Vown nnre ttan shro. thiuerind penaoroe thne aIhetln d re to ey, thie stme rams ratin rha i c ihoiiyad, e ntd the rate ofe stiod a I laryforevory Ihel houndr ,psoeno oer ithreerh oraid. t tmarshals ofugee fsrm $ t5ris r $451. eedoy miheyth .m of the r eet isis pryrh llle d sho t hnitie tow slh ,icn siohi onsa ire oll g ive for rtakefn to h ire otntie acehnil or hjss-icl le r Iroo acuont, in the heal of their onowleeie, of every, person hotoogiit g id rfeh fa fery. The misrshals anud n sisolo aeore nouired It thke Sih enthren id inhe the eotu si of laithtnl iesnerceuiogpeo-. Peinlrlon to ihe lnilasuoilmtalin frrvolorito hery ori o hw ollct nod rot rs ildll ottitic pralol llceorp whenr ,I h person rerd ,oin the o ntoy; rmas h wl hle froniud, I me'non in madel in a reaition tw miae, m ticl threiel acrres, sisaulcs ecun saoil eeioot aa se tl ootiihit at lll me rato he forthree thouind, ar.d at io rate of tWo dot tare four every thre ll hundired td over three thoUeied o resdih olie autaety or town. m he odpenation of thee Btary ohe 8lh tee, idor the de it ins prov ed that ver fine priona over the age of 16 ern, whether e of feamilies or InI, ie liable noda penrlth of $I2p0 for n fUing The Iudoaou Lerglelth adl~onu Ion sthe elib sIt. A to srm on"- phs.n nhlh h'y.r"leri The manhy legl lodti aaistante. Iare reared the 13hi a h e tento othe hensa pitl of the petti e areceving pen- I ceamn ot Ihe tuniehe ttee fm I volr0 t r on thy o mil; pry eirvle ,or ating iolai'nevey o i m si oage; and lo eanodile alod oifhe interonh irofrm nhll I fstami!, uitl view of the anurl eplitidreurveduca tlion and re hLoure Johe Lil geoantry, ucoll he o dirter, was detecdent In reyfin o"verho, Uerd the diriadtin of tsd reeiad o the preare such forms, reuin atinen, and isla removed. n sell t aaepeliarynd mproper to asa repormply wih a prot viioes of the et.-4l , and fololfnAmeethe. T Haerhitl nd Naii turs adjnouhrned on the nth ult.e . rcos iatormy e7It57n". r phre whiuh r h fr the vrieer io many leiladirve seions. The dprincdl meas oure ist. a Bton nd Providea ofte rail rodpital of the rtae; an in-ht isi, rea nte , o. tekese from ntol 0 eenti51 . the $sli Sproviiont for anls nogil auvey of Iland Staile; and a of diatnt-ntod oflhe interncal improvement pystem, limit hvin overcharged the tateil road acond recei'eved the mpti o He abuchhe three e in his paper, h and8 pw. ins. ao-n and Lowell rail Woadrer roelved dlent ye6ar fom pceiege Haverhill and Nlua rl5lndlo enough to msanke the gro ]deInse. <Rm, [uf~ a .1 "oLnlla.. -. Mearch 23, 1830. Samu Greenwood, arrted for being drunk and 8 Gate.,Oareonl dr heinn druni-breaing open the door oFtnaneh nted nlioa gm feemale tiheeino. I"lmmnd to keep the paene in the sum of $3O0. I.gworth alias Cne-Teim etmn who answered ; the. womrthy nar m tl h l m inirnt, had done no on the 10th and 21s int. hefore, frolm the bho in fionit of the Recorder. dgelyearth wad. een by the watchman late I.nt niht luing tn and fen on she Live , hner the nt Mary'a Market, and wson then t cId by the niglth.uardin that it wan very late and time for all hnest nadodoler per.ona toun within dor. E. anid he lied ihard hb, N 8n, ad wouhl go on, and accodigly etaned. The watchman pusaed on hie heat, nupponing bim cInc, hut on re titing foaund him a ahortndistance remonded only. being rather quickr and more euneitric in his mo ttion when the watlhman unin requinested him to go miaone--npon which Edgsworth spoke warmly of his righis a a fremen, that the watcJmaen's d.ry wan protetion, not interference.and that for him to ayr a word arto lay his heo4 upon himt, waldceat hin his commission. Tl'he watchman h Wever flndin the naoise rather too mich fiwish hour f the night, did notwithutandinag theon prmeetaiona and threats, lay hie hand on Cish, ai woas about eon. dotting hh to the watch haous, when Calh up with hie deiner hnd andc gore Charlcy a blow that made him reel. CaUsh'a asjection ton ,ilg to the watch houne i not sul'prising. when it i consider ad that although his appareet would com enid olmt eveo thilHn,Cet eopernenoe lied taught hin thalt'itprocured nothln softer then a bnird to sleep on wiher henase lue ita ir C in was recogni

sad s FlI.eWeri front Mobile, having been liber ted only the day previou, by:pledging his word nod henor to lioe peaec.blyý.orderly and noherly in futaro. H.waeraommiltte.lf r want of ecurity to r before the rmia Cort to answer o tl ciing.p. ' l E. P. Methewo, nareted--totnd a~lteinl on the Mtirn of the Trte Americn ofnie. Dtncharged. F. Zund, P. Fnlsre, Iuanigear, F. M. C,-Arreateo for 's lling liqmor tnio lree. Bound over to criminal aourt in the urn of(l.500. MARnH 23. Jnnes fo-mnun, filore Lina, Ji omn Carlon, John Ad amne, )wes Keagec, Joseph Kell,. arreted lor bing dnmk and lying asneip in diffelrent streetr. Diacharged. Peter the Great and Peter the First, arrsaed ot t.s river in a kifrf at l IOclehk, oider noupichmue cir. curtanonare. Peter I ar lrmirt tthere rerratnames and nva he in the identical royal perset age, and fn maw .uounlmy ingiged in givernitIg his vast do mninione. Diacharged. Luke Sotdilbr, arremted am one o'elkE, fond drank end rring about. Had a large pistol. T'o be vouched for. leorge Tvbar, arreted, e d ind nick in Poydiu nteet. Discharged. John Simmonrarrmetedla nsdngameroensac(lheiraiha perwo. John ban lived asout thin city lit aoveral yean, without et, apparaent hnant occupation, and has during lhbi njunmm occsinallc been on tertaied as a gueat within the walls of the parish prnson, fronm whkht hr was lilberated in May lint by F. Truillte becoming his security tiat he would follow snme honert occupation to obtain the meann otfubhiotence. Johnhoawever not having a vary trong inclinatioLn to hmrlabo r t follow nay boaer one eupation, wasagain Airetaed and eoamitted ojail for 12 minthu, or ind 'asecarity tn leave the 8tate and remain outof it, whoh I ecnria he fur emshed in the person of hsi friend and ~an on. ponion PTFrunillo, tim prorielor ot a alaaret in Mgaiai nlret. 'Trauillo ioumclea for tiiimoeu Iy Haying that henaodu not now, ior han he evear known him to follow any honet occupation, ati;I Ihoweverlie believes Sionnons to be as honi asn any en ng. d in hie pehuliar and particulur busa ENGLISII FR.NCH do 8PANIdII ACADEMY. No. 14 MT. CAInLoes STvin T .4. W-viq. elor· T this brnnel. will he opened on A the 6nrt of next'month, or soner should the num her oflri.q be an indueetent. ' Mlr.DaenmIlMrrmv, who i ntotbehe l.xe ao thin de. .pitmeai, ja a ptnpractical lbokkerpe. I aving. taught no ne n a tour notSugpol northern eitinea witll ueceo, he han to fgive eatmitt n bear.r. 'hose who may nat be haufltiently adral.ed in arith totienwill he inxarooted in that steo. Gentlenaa will Ileae lave their nantra a the Academiy. $i0 per month, or $11 fur i conalelre'onee. Hournfrtnm 7 to ot' mn 5. 3D MURPHY, Pfiipal. Drwing of the GrOntl 41506?15 4319 $a14iON ,mpltnl Pri GRAND STAT OLf1 m No. 33. Anho by the L.,pleaito a rite te. ' r e adrn Marh SS, InJ.tmst6 o'etak P. I. at Bishop'. H" " $14 Pri".awuauntiag a . *t15,ts bnhatn3 0o0-11.1, e I I0-Qonnntera 7cm. lackagse of 95 Ttchannr e P55 0 waratnwd tadraw alrt ho a 35t Ponkage, Of 1 a ,lf Tha "t $ 3l wnerann to drow at lon ur4tS Sit Pere eof Qnare T-ohstea-t-#bwnaa aessed t.g l i 4 r na C etct, ant the nan es Lambs ad Cr-'l non ,a. . ma, !for .r- . .;aEr :IrEF1i . y., ra o r . vJi m a ,i P cr a t d ,jxl e e d. . - Witl be pa•eneatd tinma of NICK OF TFHE .WO)OS. Nathe toghter, " , derks After which theDraa eof GULLIVER IN LILLIPUT Captain Gulliver. "Mr Porter Lord Flitnnap, lajo r .vens .o cunelnde awith the • EXILES IN THE WEST. 'Nathan Small, Mr Porter Lotd Magno, Major Slevea Lady Magaoe, Mi.,utr , STo morrow. Mr .t h o i, a Riehard.' "* , VALUABLE PROPERY O FOR SALE. ON WEDNESDAY, THE Gab .lmt. SAt'I r'cibcln, W TILL BE SOLD attihe Cnity ]'Elchong, In St. S Louisl Street, the following deerulted-pre!1artv Sunder order of eiaurend sate tree the Ho t. Dietrict f Court of thelrotjudiclal dialrcI oftetate ul Louis iue,. aHd by onse, t of jiaties; and Ao be iold p-o. r tiely wIthmit leraerve: . No. I. A LOT OF GROUND, With folottory brick hobre and kitchena tlrenal, itue ated next o dthe St. Chaerl street theatre. The ele I meausore n3 feet 8 inches and 6 liMea on St. Charlen staree, by 78 feet 10 inched in depth; aid th premleea are now under leaer until November 1839. at$lItlper annum; and .4o thl dtills to the lat a o 1rvemher 1810,lS I000par anua, I payable monthly. i. TERMS. Two tlhouand dollars i casuh; 4,500 payablle on the 19thn ue 111; nd the Janee in two aml three aanr from date of . mm r No. 2,. Adoins no. I on 81 Cheren st ; saelrent and d depti, and aiee building ea no. I; ol'ujeot to a leie until the 31t Ootobet 1839, at ,t118 0 par an s notie, payable mothly. Tdars of peymoent,oalma: • m b a t o. nah l. + SNo. 3 Ne to the orner of Poydra on 1. Chrles, n e ad mnde rig 4 fot t inch on St.dCarles a i run. oe g 78 oleet in i1en mdea T One thousand dollars, payable in ah; .4SLe raT ble on the 19th JUne lt0; the bulnean.o two ad I:. r, e yeera from date cf aie. No. 4. ne the coreer of Poydait and St. Chaelles r lnving 1 fiethppon the latter, nod 78 feet n0 inches depth upon Poydrons at. Terms the aenM an a di t . . ' " SNo. 5..On Poedran arest; between Camp and. St. Charlcas retN iinig i4 fet 6 oinoldr'bh oydrat at, h i.nd 95 feet o6 iohe edee . TERMS.K .Five huMprd dollar in cuh; $4177.83 ptyable 31lth S Macel, 1R10 and'the balaonce at too pnd three o .yeca credit from date of sale. it N 6.6. Adjoinintg no..5,and mamo dimensaions. a TERMS. ,Five hundrd dollars i cash ; $3,944.50 payadle 30th o q March, 18411; the ha'anme payable in two aml tlrem C. I he notes given for purchase to be salisfeclorily mendorsed, nd to Lr muortgnge; if not puiatensily paid re at nlmaturitry, to bear inlerenLt from tnateril at tihe rate rf men ter centum, witlhout ally right ta retard playment. On Lia Nnos. i, 45, and 6, re three old honsee, as will be ann on reference t tihe plan of the property, but the It maoner in which theme lots are told, rendcra lt imlpee. no iethat aniy benefit can be derived therefrom; the is Ioaaes beein deltrored by the division of the piece of Sgroound into the lot. Nne.3. 4, 5, and 6. AT THE SAME TIME & PLACE. Wt ~ itI.L BE SOLD withot rcerrse, to clsea conm VY cern, tad by consent of artee,the tfollowing in deseribed property, aItuatled i Ihr'eqgiarn formed by SGravier,Cirne , Perdtlido, and 'hillippe streets, - par. tJIclorly deiiRneared on a plan drawn by E. H. Sprlg m, httMornh 7th, 1839, to wit: t No: I Situated on corner of Gravrier cad Citrcus t, meaeuring about 22 fret It itched front to Giraviec rtroet, and running back 100 feetdeplh on Circce street. No. N9. Adijoin no 1, acd owneursT 22 eeot I inches annd 2 ines on Granvier lt, width in rear 20 feet 3 a inches and 4 lmes, by t I0 feet in depth on line ad' S j oitinl~ t mt, I and 99 feet 6 innhae*ad $ lineon am ine adjoinina lot o 3. tThree two lots will he sold together. On the preminea i a asubstential wooden buheiling, leased at $70 per ht, month. SNo. 3. Meuurcs 22 cth11 inehes and linee frolt on "n Urnier 0t, with in rear S0feet 3inehee lid 4 lines, nO by depth of19 feel 6 inehee amid 3 liee,, on line ad o joiinine tot Mn , and 9: feoet inch and d lines on or ljini udjoining lot nto 4. 't No. 4. BMteaetr %2 lent II incllte and 2 linres front on le irr ; it on tim rtar 0 eert 3 iches and4 *le•depill or a.ct l i uch and 4 linsa, ot line e-tjoitmloin m"0aa., io -mt Pi ncheos an delllm ad Note for prctame to I given at m and two yens, he gMrge; i'aot l uta nahtaty pe a ot temttrity, to beat nit d ri t atg 6 1tit'cent per ilnuom, without any. rghl to retard plymen.v . V. m2n6 fl It-D \Ctt & CALIIoUN. to ILl. BE rO.LD on Tlhurmla March :9th 1839, e m st 4 o'cloek, I'. I. at the'lmuae .f Mr Jlhm he Bmand, cornmer of I.el ig;ou alndi Ornage etaltets, on or. oe Utnt ofdepsrtare- n A Jrge aeortment of hlouahold and kitchen furoitur. 're 10 (..MMENCE T]I.4 EVENING. an MR. BUCKINGIIAM'S .. LECTURER ON PALESTINE, {Y, l ILLcommnce THIS EVENING T'l'aedsvth a March in the Preebyterisn (Church, l.e'iette go Square, to begin at half pat meion exacetly. o Tir.ckt for te CoaLere: t Single pertn, *i il0 tamnily oe four, $8 00 Ltady and gellemn, S( 0 Family of I, ' 9 s at Funtily.ol"three, 7 00 IFamil[ orfix. 10 00 r Single 4Adamssio.-Aduits $1 11, Miners 50cenol. he Pupl fromeent s chMo2eme necl. ad Tiets may be had et the book ators of Benjamin t. Iy, corner of Chartee and BIlemvdlle atrt,sand of Ja iseas lattie,37 Camp ntreet. where full progreanmme at of the whole coette may be oblained gratie; and a no Smore .tickelm will he latmed then the buildieg wilt roe P. toraeblycontain, early applicntion will alotme rcre the Mceltinty ofa supplyieforc the Ihnitednumbcr is mx ___________- m26 METARIE JOCKEY CLUB RACES. SPRING MEEETRNG,1839. Flnrr DAl -Two RAcES. TUESDAY A R' H 26. ` WEEPSTAKES for Colts ad Fillies, 3 yeua old two mile beats: entrance Il00W;0; br.t;, $2W1, .. Mior Kenner,g e Gmrldoe, by Medoe, den Gr~ rennv, by llertrald. Ellioi, by Seumpter. 3.: J S Garrison, b Altorf, by Fylde, dam by Vire. 4. Jmes Shy, e f Cuculio, by Medoe, dm by Issmpt.r. . es .tomhlh, MStl Duke, by Medoel dam by ISmper--Forfrlt . Wm, R Barrow, h ( C Wlyejune, by Medie. Forfeih. 7. D StephIenso, C 4 7tis , Iby LevidLlan dam by Jeary.-Forfit. 8.t'1 C S Fermr..-.Fefeie. 4. HA Tayloe.-F'oreit. SECOND RACE. A m"a.h, .or ..lU between the noted rollting horses Bird and CosbiMence, two tils baits i il hrnells. Tim races to conmme alt o'elack. RIE.A SRD. ALAMIS JAMES GA RRISOI, mar 26 Proprietor , LETTER PRES E-A few Nirches pleate lest;r Scopying lr.s receivd from lodan via New York, per "uazo. and for salabv m-26 D PELT & Co, 24 Charres at R IDIN SC.HOOL.--.The u gderled, IneCsptaie Io CureeerY n the Hessian and Hanoverian e. r,.., frMa which he retird i som .yere ageo. leo t. tte in this comulry, inted, to esaeblisl in thte place a Riding Scaol,, for which; he bas preesed a well rit.. sled placee, in, between Canal !ild Commsn streasts. He will airsve lesonsn eery day ltin 7 to IfI A. M. ail from 3 te 6 P.M. His tsrnse Will be IP per eali for leemons of every day--lO per moth leso.eS 3 times e week only. lIe raefer for his es. cities and cbarecer to Captein E. Jonas, of the Losi sieas Dragsonms. to whom hl is well known, and who will reoder such mn aecount orf'him us will be .itiae tory. The eulberiher, in' rder Io secure ery his -epemtes wouli prefer ta commere his School by nbecoriplms of" such Ioetlemes wih would be willlng to bee lhl. a pupils. A lubseriptin Li I leftiN at Cmap. John's em, wbere gentlsmenso will lese toeall. tr2 TI. lEe. E. N ti--:. ; N1 . t*n*y s,: a:send . l BRIDE & (Co, 131 Magaine st i ee, is isaeod bial very alfoableb I oare r in u k l5 bindig ned in eloth MN fa ALE. .TOWAP. 49~Campht. TO COUNRY ME .nAN 1'S. A GOOD tsnortment at hool and misellasess Ismkis. Al-n aomippj en Blak Books, writing n leter Paper. Qills.,b d eennll oL birad tend f as afe . on good wee s o a a.b L law. mU ts ne PbltdfotiaMoa oflott *arni on'the easoulno o (J C" ST *"a kE'BEIREVIT C ll be repsleb j.gi1n order toard thp'jlit C i.liat* I r. dlsappoinnted of place, t Athe pp. ty wtlsl the sa. This £sfaeiag1MorscA 96, SWill he poteented.the highly popugt dliat hif h e MOO. l s1 PAG] ' I which Modan'lleCelente will,.peiCt/m a spealing w .ehiracter. Cldomir, Mr Harriey Gilbert, DeI)nnisonB It Robert, D er Ellck. D- l " Cowell ADJIIEL, the M ohrih Page, . CELESTE, o Lady Blanche.. - Mrs I'rrtn t I After which'the qlpaoish Dance LA UACHUCHA To conclude with thI Romantic and Nautical Drmtla Sof the - "i W IZARD SKIFF!! Alean; a Greek lady, f A lexic, the Pirate Loy, CELESTE Agate, a Zinagrno " Count Bemrel, " Mr Harrison Wolfo Do Bar SWaddlealorf, Cowoell Pauline, Mrs Pluroer To morrow, last night but Two of Colule THEATRE. q ('t. Louia Exehonge Ball Ream.) SFirst niglt of the celebrated .vili. DAVENPORT (eletn years of age) r ° ROM the Thretres Royal, Drury Lane and Hay '.. mirket--atl,d by the public preo, the fi Jee. aite Adreos ot the axe, whane ouccess in Europe was. anprecdenlted, and who hLa ereated a greet senation in America'; htwiag been presnoted an the occasion of ioe Irneit in New Y,.rk by Gon Morris, in the name of d he gellenen ot that city, with a aple.d/ watne, seun, de. 'The gustdians of Mia .Davenport hive the honor of anoconeing, that jno.eoaus.qcuenc e the. time which 0 Miss DUaveport hgo to ere r being fillel up at the St Chalrlte Thetre. and feeling thenlelyros hound to de cline the ,ifer nmade for the nmp street theatre, and as a. it i probable Miso Davenport will return to Europethe eaoiing sumnmer, Ihey lave tbake the eplondid ball I oom or tlhe at LItla Exchange, and are rrangin it wi h a minaictre theatre for !the reception of AMlis Dave.port, for fie niag.l only. i MRI DAVENPORT, rAn Actreas of celebrity from the London theatre, ancd I M. DAVENPORT, SLate stage manager of the New Strand theatre, will ap pear ontlis occqaion to support Mies Davenport. On Tueslay Evening, Marlch 26th, 1839,the principal h ones of' h RICItARD Ill. cRicharld 3d by h Min Davenport (As acrtedy hler in London, Edinburga Glasgow, Dlnlin, New York, Boston, P'hiladelphia. Itallimore, I th c.--in earli ofthose citesslehe has been greeted with, and in New York called befare the curtain three r nights after acting this rharactel.) 1 Opposite characters by Mr and IMrs Davenport e To.conclude with at new piece, written expressly for Miss DaIvnport, by E Lancaster, Eoq-tha " Music by Corri-called tie o MANAGER'S DAUIGHTER. . Mr Davenpolt, (Manager of the Theatre Royal Ri.d. he otad, by Mr Davenporl of Mrs Davnport by Mra Dvnaport S (Written and intended for them ,) In this piece MISS DAVENP.RPT will sleain sir characters besides her own I , Sing hree song, and dance the Highland Fling. by Doors open at 7 o'clock-performance to commence ar at hall peat lercn. g. Bax pcan will be opened on Monday,at it o'clock, where bhees can he taken. t. Adomiaanne-One Dollar. mar 13 LUCINA CORDIAL. . . u.a nilale whinh hasabareaent bin tfemittili the cine h,,, bor.,;,maa edlcnacy -f tfor -tintl . mredicielle NTM welil founded' repolution of the Lucin Cordial wnsurtnt. the agent in wthbdmwing. hi be Iig odveolite merti; but for the benefll of thfe per3on' whi tLiy as yelt be iunawue of its natt.l, hi, would explicitly state that it is Dr. 1iniglo's relebitsli diac it ry, whicl hoc d -Ilel it soneO,Iio in Frnllee.-YThasl it speedidy' entorew Ih- nir.h prpwer, where they iere been e 3altnoged by direase or otElarYie, cnd ne.uhLi. inallye relnna the Ihelrerean fnlct;onso shot it is on Afe.ituml .,ars f.r tIm flour lbun; a."d a.ove all that it is the only remeolv eer discovered fir Ite removal of imoolency in eale ancd barrnneac ia'femaleu. 0ring o ins rasily invigorating quililies, it i elan Ihighly oae fUl in glest, obstrueted, difficult or painful menotronm tlon, incontinres of'he urine, or involunary diuclhrge h tiereof, ehronie eruplion. of the hskin, drojsical 0fec tions of the aged &e. In ordler thatall ciacoes of eciety tea racice the benefit of Dr. ManLnin' discoveey, ith wmeriesn pr. et has eonsented lht.lie Cordial shall he sold inI m9l3eofeia o uea.h a the rducedl price oU s4 Uwhich ie lee. tien one half the prine eobarged f it in hetmoee. sunFrance.. SJON WINTERBH OLoERWEI.I., M D. sIa, New Orieas. m~n26 ý P-O-lRo500 Lei asuperne e. d 300 e ra. at the at lonoing for sale by IHORSEY, mar 23 44 New Levee -GUN)YYBA-O. he-- -- ble' iu ef or le by P mar .d d O D .ORSEY, 44 ew Lace A N IDES-I30oaOnkuscbupri;ormimnati red in store, for wb@ hy ( DOMRREY, mt0t 3 44 Now Levee -1FIREMEN'S INSURANCE .Cl PANY OP NEW ORLEANS. A GsNERAL Meeting o( the StMrkhosdens of thia Iaslitutiln, will be heldIon Satuedi, mA.'ISt inle. .. c o'clk, at the or the Compay, 21 Cnip s,. *hea nwill bhe I theb te them cta otntatfohll Amir or mid Cwpott.aieiw poreaae or the. renquisito oi the ChattNi, rllae o8. mr2' " . L. TRACY, Neetaery. BUREAU Dl LA (OMP(,N.--LýDINa.. RANCE,1)t8 POMPIERS,.. De Li Noua lle Ouliana. UT NE Arae blde ghIchele don aueeriptao a entle lctitatlion, aura liate ed 0 31 Mo . eLiq bor, an laCampagni. i e.. dc Camp No.II Q4antnll yararend codte dne alitoe d cotte Inlitutaioc Nlon Ia regaeiia da Ia Chlrta--ea. 8. nlat3 . L. TRACY, e iSrtilr VIMEe EN'S IN UIN3 E+ CO PANo OP NEW O ,lISboN. T RE Slachhnldero are hereby natifed, dot elbc. tint, iteThertero lictcas tesn·we (eecheenech year, will he held em MolPdu, lilr l a day of A li,. e twnee. lthe bsn oCi lena and two o'oloakcat the .eI n tim Coempeliy, 'l Camp sreet. . o3 _ LdroAf C Lt Deca mBUREAU - CiL. TdI', I 'ui. RANCOF. DE8 POMPIE'RR. De I.Ja nat-ele- Oldane. A IS. EST DONNE sea r Baaip orn -gds ., refleootion do, snips Di.ettohe, pour reotk, eauirvante, aua lie Ledi I. penmier Avail, euter dix ct deux hure'e am, eau do In, Is rue da Camp No. 1.,+ Par ordre des Direma " a,23 E, L.- TA& C. eotcie.. taR per ebi Colmnbieeatmrub a . . A large Ware Reyr 3wae in Gimd strezt, oa e tae Bareon eaI. s to DOYLE 4 SAlA, Ne 3 Curoadeletal JOHN V. CHI LDS ENGRIIAVER AN) oO .PER-PLATE PRINTER, JLLemsc'v e aodfr i er, hank notes. hailla • ." ofe'o ange, ýjlts o'Ift" dipldoms, merean tile end viarting earde. eoaaci~ con atu nd eounting hews Oaeb, dnt, Iaante, a.ilveeein a, -alwaye on d,. a elnlart.eme siler plated and brsa dooa sta Cwd.,r.d fro plae dtly eageati. NEW ORLEAN8 AND NASHVILLE RAIL ROAI) COMPANY. NNEW ARRANGEMENT. rna C Leaai awtken l lenve the Depoceat the feat of . Caaulotmeavrey day It 8 A. M. and return at 4 P. M. Suenam ay's when sae will a. 12P . M. A. A Carap t pacr .f prolided the eumie sufll.ent, will be cot dwitthe red oad "o o ,e ,da.q evheas notice. " jlt, s189 JAS H CAI.DWEI.L, Preehder, s I BRIDGE & Co. 14 M atab v- Iey.eN--iesd er uuitbeodti.u , ,n Ml.GmoIe R4r Cll .i3aaicat rilHE yNCH k IARi.OF EN nA Ce J T uuthor oF Randoi tiouro the. Coenouo, aod the Greadimoltrolrt . s Neal aolonm nad other. aa o o I Carletone,uther .ofals and til qrl a atetarint voabl, .',ived water eAlIt i P r walnut etnol0, et ptre D (l eB every cotor, pencil. of neryo U. , I olren, bruheba, eleanrtl" idtt l a Ipledid Albums, gperbly bi1 il of every deacritin I y ebn% wlj*a ·i tools and penwilr; and ua trel a.n g" 3rd of taste hieh are too num.lbto " aend Paintdng, will werll t'o cal i t ouberhler which will aecottmo .o. ad artien favorablyoi. s itr.n.ea Dialer in Parn 1 Oil, Varnhlid iieaa for ipnter, wholeale and Retili .. i lm. SOGO r t lone Cmpent oClm. k~ iai l, Iihde .l q l in, al br i s -alsr ia n , Yt s_ safe ISSr LUTON &OJP WHITTNEtRS llpr-Th SColprtlnerhllp heretofore eltslln , etqeee the Pdlalved by nutual ansaent. F E T oRU i loill Wilb. quidate the afaro or the latNe cgne er mar S' W PBERRY. IHOge wishing to tll, will do we arll cl and O leave tlir nmes add aonti n Ct fdleek atthse tr of Enaglih d. S1vestelnppotaite the Arrotde. Contry stock alone Ia delrd. g t CAMP. WASIINGTON nA L OIC30 Dress & Gauquerad H.eall a St. Philipnnree betwino Royalolanbiq. n HEMa na . ft anbrovhee named al N nbal , rIen .1 , ul to hiu frihnd, and the public fmlbuih nntl lolled patnagnfe bestowed on him I'evt ,easeso,, Srespetfully ilfoltcs them that the el.bli rleat hes been eulatged.for the emouaoet of vIall*i, ad n-. it dergone imrmeoSe rpnrin. The bar will la e1 netd by none in quality of llquor, and tha res Rel rI he kept by the ablest lneataureater in .te 'ate 5ar1sm. Tlleooln will reopea on Iatordny sennasg, 3rd of Novombhernext, by a RatAN). DRESS & MASQUERtADEK BALL. and will take piace s ue.nal every Mloadiy, w.deee da and flatonev olienig, dlnaring hae mea ,wlehb will and n theolat of Mlay, Il. h . N. T. The greatest attention will-I._ wk *o." - ling perfect order throughlut the n.abl4.'ie wl..e wat done bat senoon. oct24 EXCHANGE READING ROOM. ITlHL proprieror les reiltte4hlia Ilending Rnon,ts . 1 the Si. n haren ExheohgIt Corote td Orviwr Sand St. Cherlea street in the Owate manner. Beshles all the nrnilpal InperS of the Ueit n Ste,. rl of errvey city and ntte, the Caaad.ea,Ieo eal NMrl eo ond Iavauan, tol room Is regulery tol eneltloe Ir l altplied with the lItes European. paperst Idyda liat.. and Puci's Price Current. A lhe wIsh all the Laterary Petilionat of the day, andr.l0 te publloatinn of the London Edinburg Wontmalter SMetropolitan leeliew and Blsrkwoidn 1anaeula. te SNorth Ainerican Review; the Southern Litelw. AelaS r bnlker,The A mia JoUrnal of Sciener and, Ark, Cabinet Miocellany Demoeratic Reivlow, oennlamen' Sa gaoile, American Olontlv,Bentlv'a Misallny, thbe Mexico Chirurgscal t eiet, and a variety ef othen. All Iheee works ae.replarly eunoeroled r'e and rcei. ved. 'IThe room is alani tpplied with r n.'aea iely, ea ofmnpi and atlne, Niles Reialer,, Levy's Prir Cu. reot frolm its commenceloent, Onanterd., and a vari.l of works ofeferenee. The most active & intelligent news collectors aree, playedl, to love the earliest uriavla, and no pes nUr e *peoo will be roared to reder thde RMeding RoOtm e nrat the United Stales. aubecriptlos ar respeltfully racave.I. nell It-tf CARDS 3' PRINTED) at i shorteu Notile, is dShe mee elegan nreane,, i Black or Colored lars, eon Enamel. led, White Flake, or Plain S ikied dgne, dad Price eeary reeoeablea a TRUR AhMEtICM.W' FlUE, corner of Pydrae and St. Cherles oie. eend ee New und Beautiful Foesal of Totr hoe uet beern added bo tie EtabliUsneon . Orders receiead at Comptinl- Room, Nb. C.oine *teha.ene, e3rd door froe, Oraier at.le dalie Pritllg Oltce coine of Poydra & St. Clhrleo areSd. ttib i orlf he Union, te the livly allmimil oe nsa.a . tllhmnaaud vi.rro,lin neirrived ins tle.ey, uld i now nl beinrl ehibited ,lr n shorl time atly,ln. i 9 us,, - A ., to 9 ,'clock. P i. ly t.Atoliltanee, O0 cents; .esloe tiekL*l, . Sf.16--tf. -- COThati CIRCiLAigS- n* E PRINTED wilth u.e Gretules E.rq.el&n,ed In ea sityle unsurpass ed ian Nw (tat.oltus, or else it where. O lelft o Corrne , Ion in, SS.Chalen E e- change, (Corner of tDrrier 8i.) or ad T R U g nj AMERICAN PRINTING OFFICE, c. rcorner of Pnydrn and St Cherles BSrette wil S promptlly otended to. Dec. l-tf. L. SBRO N'S seem,5 e&Uto fort Iloarcs nhda 3 flicate -toalsest Ppl.cs Pies ftrtn nac, uroto soy tever tict fa~ll W ILRIVtYLd) TO MERCHAL"TS O7IERCHANTS en vet a flnueyavei. Lre struck eifnfourhours NotION, Ag ·(asu ot A Compptiog Room if TRUE AMERICAN Patew..g Ovesci, St. Chirles Exchange. .ajnanfop .ih Rues Iea Room. it Corner oGriru, street, 'Piti.r blee ig Office, corner of Psydret ni'd St. Chart" srridu. EATHERS-..yl; ship Auburn am elegeat savor en dife colored plume. reeelved amd fee sild bby GOScOIP & lCo, Esehat betel, 9T AM BOAT (WNERS, AGENTS, or CAPTAINS i(SFEAU BOATS ern hawr their Bills inA sj is m or word Cuolred taks, oa Pllin or Ciloeed Pater, wdth &opear&c. and a. fwatrai Tersn., ImiAgetqy Mete Dits.i.1'RUE AMERICAN OFFICE, orser of Poydres and St.Charles uleerto. NivRJ-1 ' F 1iUA Girl if ni dys.t age, m at Ivery thiig, pnr.iciiely for rhlldree. Apply at No. H* Retajaut . SWEL'rA!I ALA A VtsINora.~ FOR THE RACES EVERY DAY. . 'irsht, taQ L p will toawi -hi t th 114 S8hil P1P.M. !tsss tile eentet, which will entiteich pasgep In two tickets, o0540 go, tht. other to rettai. ID'Pusenigers .ri oertoieledy r eewnosl to put chose tickets, by whcichmuchtt bntuhsin atslod- ill kbe saed tsthoco;l cls,, J L'AI. ot,, LADIES & GtNTI.tMEN O(W N tEANM MR F11.1.PPINI givre a Mot t cel~nl~dl : s cem it his store 3451 Chtrles etreet. whio reesdeee. them will be cold at tactioe with eth., Sweeislas hi Tl nt wuwOý1 illu rnaeel A EEsrn i theht and imte ore if aes e ra n rieee to.ejl to the sate. N. Bi. TIe silo will he tseahiejy to the higheit bidder. M sell P i ~ ~ ~ s laring pr Flt, o okbyP. O l. h __________ _ W44NeweJwewe. itarbsl by G0. DOttSRY, LARD- 4nOlisp Loaf Landhee tib h l e r* laQ e , eS S b t Jm7a i ' lm end Cba~ei Josephy4d fb I tS R CI.ANbiI, gc.., p `ý-T tN SOE C euII01 a.! meimaec 7.. clhrgl liorin~ fiend hip SeeistY. oqih mssi . I lftIlH.tsAt&Caiy llMspsbar, I)ROOA N--1 f ii.o let qowls y bAl ig rsamsli taig fetoa chitp Sreeter. Warste by tathl I ItR11iDSe iCo... Iise ciesero h.I a. Cut is l ,- moare ute feaint fr ttm tssl aehlnt ecie or 1 5IDlE e't t.' r

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