Newspaper of True American, March 26, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated March 26, 1839 Page 3
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i..1 I or 41F W 9i l 14bS LI | ii init t p td vs enronrotijon slil oft t 'pltl-l a l, ty, notice yij t inr1 lbctlon for. Alderiec of. the. *y, w*UI ale plnee on Molelep pt April 9p'cOik A. M. utnrill u o elook p. .at the n ie r the .priltent ce of the ereo. attd to wif :- o i Uhinh Hote'l. InDpecto l John S eeW to MaKeln.. Clek John.Bain * tLt. thei[tillpol hell t utfti*e Thomas Yebv'il4Wtlln:oW'roit,. L:'l'l°B radl. Vad 7aikl olMbAle'.yi .igpcttiri. William a.d Jltoe W.Iahee. Clerk .W.ourdy. Nett atns, 19th Mach 189. i t " O c•1 9 Mayor. tý ST l iu t n vort u d'llek rb 'l 'rc h do Ia. Mlito lipt No deco, aviiee o diontl& .46l I'bletnli dee Aldermen de Ia dil nloilialith. dr! lieul Lndi, ler A'ril pro. ehaldepule neufheltleldt l matln jueq'tit inq hboree doe l'erpb ,ildlidie l iK.c at et Is d irhootidon does ,pati.. e.. r e d.|, ,t.t ti, ....irat , I#illrl , t'Eu l ht;rel lec , ohn Heierte ad Wll m M ean., Orefer Jrhn Brain. ai 'd.i i, toi r .thtin muneippale. 'lepeeitero TliiletfIOhll William Frer*t. tefler teojamin " dietri,, oek. Dinial MAot,.. Ine ,etous.r W7 . Hrpp and Jaiec W. Belta (orelmor George • uhtlody. S La lovelle Orl aot 19 Maro 1839 me:1 C.oE NOI, Moire. l - - V YOK' d OFFt(CD , - Second MuaiclpalAty'. ., r IERS otfeemtract for the repairo of St Mary. Mrkol will he received at this olffice until the 27th iod'larch, 1833.. Thorepairoare a followso: oIrt. To ik*p-and oorer in 125 eqsuare of terrace roOfing, in a ocnplete manner, as to etop all the leale; hl weork tOi he guaranteed for three years. d. To 'rlp up aMlI repair all the hoble and craEck in -..l partl of the plutering oil parts connected tlherc with. 34d. To repainlt in oil codor, of a lilht greyr ll the .ceiligl and archlitrnve, gltter and pipe; mnd to paint in blIack .polor tie iron wiock. 4 dth..To whltewah'withoare ill the walls inside cod !h6! o haut in ceocolate color all thw p"llars, in the cmntro alley. , thb. 'to re adpet the cornicei and whitn them. SAll ihe r.pai.p uiet be finiehed at the lateet by the "3015 of April Ment. The contractor iust gir neerrithy in the noum ofrth100 -for the fulfilhient of all the work rolthin- the dieec tioe. JH. PILli,. mar 18 . ouroeyor" tke Seownd Moniciptlty. BUREAU DU.VOYER, lie I.& Seonde Musnicilmlit6. D ES PRIOPOSITIO.S pour rparer 1'hdiie L. d arcl tSmte Mario, aeroal rcaco i ce bureau jue.u'u as 27 daoe mael (purs). Lee principalec repe istions a f aire ciodstetron:5 , ler. a elevcr t sposert viron 125 carr6e de cou. venutrede terras Ine muaitore " trancher complete. meat lee gouttl.ree, ot g raulir te truvail pndant 2de a boucher lea trousefeates et antre parties d6 grcsd6es ea d elditr. 3meo Itpeind de.n gi clauicif 'Tiuile, d.uo fcrtei couehels toao lea aoluords, aclaitlava. dntieer, t uuylst. tde deleen, el peindre em Moir I'huil les ferrements. dIme pour blinebir avoe soiu tone lee laurt, tat our eIs oasf ifhtl'reree queaterieures . d , ta.. imrlnilr eani leur ceoel.t l part des pilclrs qaihordeslnt l'alle dun milies. a . Bl.n, d6-ejubter les corncheilaC eo ella nir. Tuoses ee rtpar tlione devrant tilre terinson, pour le pilus ted, le 30 Avril proclrai. L'etompreteur fournira coucinunerent on lI somme doe 61080 poor uesurer 1'eand ce do i' culteprise dons eIs delui su e m nrmli'sne.oh JIt PILIE, Yoer dIs-e Sacoue Muaicipnliti mar 19 INECONI) MUNICIPALITY NEw Ol.Eaas, March r1,18e39. 3OTI(E is hereby given that Joli Pries is no long iar ina my empl v. acd acy recilIs given by said Pice, from the date nt my name will not he valid. S H TURNER, tlu 21 Collector on merchanle , Retailers &e.. New Orleas March 11I, 1829. NOTICE--During the races the carawill leave Poy drau streol, for Cuarrlton, every half hour, cam soneingat 9o'!ack A Md until? o'cltmk P M, return neg erery,half hour, tommencias at eu'clock A M atil 4 o'tniek P M, and that regularly. . N B The train otacar that hoaul leave New Or leons at I .'clock P M, will leave t half pst twelve, htr duis, and ontlem accoumpayiag them, so n to ,e time for ste mC. mal . J IIA MPON chief eghineer. TU stT received at the Louisiana Fturitu Ware J Rlutosm,3 llleille street,u00 Mapleand CIerry M.·'sed'; a l sae am ticle. Al so t ooed .ort ...c of llople7 Wulusl, and Painted la.rsan lle, alrl ba scld ror heb lowest ca dry p ncA pmls Jo r 5:1 d i.smnile street FAoSIIiNiAI.RPyells; M41.l.INElLY VI llE euaoilr tir ei the hatlr df ioftrmin the :a Sdies, tlatc he heu reoiivud per uhbi. lcfh.yetro SaIs M elnedi. a supply f tainl asi wiater Mnillnerty, on the lsot aneed riche material n o Paris, ei h ires. tMItetle epecl to to hae. opneat endnresdy i ai exam ihatioli a ne tuay t rud 'roday toct. i) Y iANI.AN, he1v3 25 Chertes t 'ý1 :HA Vii I:-Ua i-Je fua ;1t1h1 due ilto liest April f lr cr ale byFIK uLAVANA C. Itti*.-70 htos Lee sere cllbe I lading this I olutog from the Iteig (iCrlelo lion tla.miu trtal, by I' l.AI)i.AW, anl 66 Caump at SNIJAN'S Pe.....c. .mc'.s la...w thosr , -il a 1 isue asolttIent c peianut weIltiia. R.Prired lately and fur sale by l BONNAURLI., ji arr Nalchete & Tebapitoulc Mso PARIKER')0 ROCK(Y NOUN'rAINS. ! . OURNAI. of an Exploring Tour beyjnd the Reeky Mtountias, under the dirsction of the A I C.F M, peo'rltued in the years 1835, '36 and 3; eontaiming dheseriptiac of the geography, ga. +lggt, cliaUt and prodmetiomt, and tie numhea, mam and eSeas lof the nativer; with a Map SOteOegam tesrleey, by Rev. Samuel Parker, A M. lThe Rierrad "hae Doeelt; or Redalletiona of the R.hsn lnd tit.. .harttteue; by Miss Patdoe, mathor ofthe Cityof a.', 8a'tn, C c. ill vol. Tim Robber, a Tale, ct;l;e athlorof Rteholieu, The 'NpeJ, Attila; in t.t.' Th'iwo PFlirtn pr Ad. in a Country d osdther Tlea, by Lady Blosuington. E L Bulwar MreNottun, Barry Cornwall, Mrs Gore, Captaiun Iedwin, and others in Q vole. The Life cni Adventures of Nicolum Niokleby, ediad by Doe, with Iiluusrttles by Phit, No. I. Jou. reteivod cnd for ele by IBENJ MAMBLE CHIMNBV PIECE Wosaamn, SCustomhouce stieet, opposite the pst-offine. The absoribonr are now receivig from their fee. torla is New lork, and will lamp enuannatly on lacad a geneorl csortment .if Marble Mantle Pieces folaptrisr workmuuehip, and of the iateetpuerans mode o th beat Egyptian, Italian, erith and American marble. Also, Monumnent Tomb. and Grave Stones, moulded and plain sills and lic.el1, marble icinge, lhearthsu and bouudary atone, piaster efParis, Rmaun & Hydraulie Cement and Plaster. ang Hfir, together with splendid usertmlnent I brims monnten and plain Grates and Rtusua Iron rsee oft th ewet and smst ;pproved patteram "pelternlg done inthe neateut mnner and at the - -dale isottie. They hlave first rate workmen to set thehlboe work. ai OAMEgS RAIN & RTROUD CITY BANK. , New Orleans, 15 March 1839 7 1111G. Bank will .purbase echa'ge oit En.and. a1 - R J PALFREY, (.seIet .lYr BANK. I New Orilean, 135 .rch 1839. h n ,j¶1898 lf ulaino will purchae bihll of exchange s. ete ortl. alE R J PALFliEY, Cashier W UgSB--.S daa d'- of oupf ir old Sherry sond Port SWines,bottled innait Enaland and imported . er this country in 1836. For sale at low prices bplosa the nomigeasant Iv oe. t 19 HOLMN S & MILLS, Bank Place. IROAN UE.iESTSt- t renroeiad at the Loutejono W em.oomer.5J3 llienville street, 12 superior sin. ile and doaide Ira proof iron chesls, from the factory ofJ L Browan, New York,. or sale hby loll. , M R CARNES. M ACKERIL, &-15 bbls No I mackerel,'42 blI No 2do 73 bl No 3do ; 4hilfbhle No do - 218 keg Notdo; 168 kids No I do i ar.Tga Togos eoundl- 156 hiis Potatoes Ib hlo anmers' ()l, landing rom ship Robthl Mot itorsJ alel by . J P WHITNEY, start9 73 Camp st T H Bench and the Bar, by the suthi r nof eslom. 1 Recllectione of the Lords lind Communa;" SThe Great Me(r.poli'" &c iu 2volo. Nal Mslon eanl other Taleon Irel.and, ly W H arleotal, tather of 'traits and Btorire of the Irish s.oosar'," i 2 vola, iat recived and for sate Iby wunr Il Wet McKF.AN.corCampfCtoamonils r N 1A Ecd-=4 1 bolxla e sperm Candles, /to ueited brund, for atle by e a.sI I BIDGiE I Co 134 Magaziner t T ALOW CANDLBA--Il0 boxes mould tallow Candles. f.r aale by I BRID .E & Co; u n 1 134 Magazine et -OAP--1h01 om eNo I extra, Ni I and imi-suonNo S·IBoap, oatida of Janes Gould, JsackLon & Tromw. ido,sl'ndm J A Norton, frPale lbyi marsl I BlRIDGE & Co, 131 Mgain:e st FJIRBIMAAO INSURANCE OFFICEOF N. O. 715E5 StaehholJeors are herebv notified that the 71k J.-lshilrrl on hbeir tiack is due Tsad paveale on lt* plC tb April, at lie Ole of the Cnompay., 9 Osmp u ele. Imor 18 E L TRACY, trecry. BIJIhr.AU I'IN fiat'CuK i"& 1POMlhiBb ie s Nouvelle rMusls. A VIM er donok s ,es..oeripteuom qua lei me imsl. Snatso lear e.saiptiniu,.doitetre pea6 .eonrvi -"e, abouan dl Is al.iageI 21 smps t. 18 - E L TINACY Seertaire. :.,A$--J Uot ladinr fiqm Pitilurs, nas asortemnt oJ. Jar, Viola, awl Widoaw (tlans, at wholsqle .J H ItONNABEI. nsrtl Cur ofNarlcheandTchapilt ula ea UiB'ON RU --l18u bhrels Ioston Ru., la--. . fes.ahlp uolombinu, and for sale by " UelC " o JIY WHIITNE'R Y, `tTrHITIlNED" COTTON t'jZ tY.-Theu. that his edtabllehmtletl aw a i ull operelotae aJ that he b poduceing'altaric uatr theim tyle ed do.iua lion of Whltney' ngr doteos. :ThOe wialu to p"ocheue eatperior rtel6 for pleatnt at t u 11will please call and eamine for thenuslved at Meatr/ ..Itat SNoith; agentm 13 Chartro teir at the estabtllshment of the souecriber 457.T chosiptoulr st. .BENJAMIN WHITNEY, .felt New Otlenas, February 7,89 TO RENTT That. desirable dwelling house, also the " ore underneath now in eomplete order nn Poueeiomn given immnediately. Terms Mra littra deslrable ennt, asplr, on the premiss or to (I W PRITCHARDt PAGERT, Jr mt corner Poydras & Maganine istt I' ERM CANDLES-50l boxes, K Durfrey's brand, t landing f om ship Vickehumg for sale by mar9 BHALL& BROWN,96 Magazine at fOSHEN BUTTER-1 firkine landing Irae ship VICKSBURt.,aad for sale by - mar 9 SHALI. & BROWN,96 Magazine at H ATS-10 caeshblk silk plush Hat, for sale by mar 9 SHALL & IIROWN, 96 Maraine a M ANILLA t(OKDAUI -A complete asort..ent oftManilla Cordage und Huwmers, for sale by mar 8 & J I WHITNEY,73 Campat A Revised CODE OF PRACTICE, new edition of the state of Louisiana, oent iaing rules of Pro. cedunre in Civil Actions, , ,tor sale b WM McKEAN, febl6 corner of Camp and Common NEW ORLEANS 8oesa and Patent Biscuit Bakery-Watere and HIillman. No. 9. Morns (near the Pontebsrtrain Rail Raod.) Pilot and Neavy read, Soda and Wine RiLcuit, Sngar, Butter, Midford and Water Crackers. All the above articles are warranted to be of the rnst qutlity, and to keep in any climate, being completely kiln dried. Aleo,-Kiln dried corn meal. Orders left at G. W. Pritchard and Tegat, Jr. corner Magazine and Poydru streets, will reesoive prompt attention. Small kegs put up expresely for fan ly use. 1Snov P A-ORORNAMEN'IS - are sInt beautiluJ L curiositie, for sale only by Rees k D'lmnge, and at Plough's Museum. All these ornamens consiet of the most splens did specimens of orthinslogy roan Europe, Aain, Africa, and our own country. Approved notes at 60 days will he taken ol 1SCOTTS' COMPLETE WORKS in 8, vole. Lon ' don edition. Wsrd's Menlo., second edition, enlarged, with an se count of the .ining Companies, end of the Political Events in that Repuebli to the preeunt day; in two volumnes Stewrrt's Stable Economy : a Treatise on the man ogement of Iorseu, in relation to the stabling, groom in Feeding, Watering, cad workitg, serod tLondon e ni,,n. Ntewrt's lBogotn, in 1836.7, or an expedit:on to New Granada. Hall's Rambles in Erope, or a Tour through France, Italy, Switzerlandl, GreatBliaini, and Ireland, it 1836, inS vols. Far sale by WM. Mt.KEAN, mar 6 :or Camp and Common as oIIOBACCO--Is0 boso mnanufactured tobacco, va-. riounes bratds l.foeale Iby wa13 I BtllDGa. & Co. 131 Magazine st iARD--800 kegs Legt Lsrd, in store for naleby Sm13 (I. DIREY. 44 New Levee FLOUJR--IO bbls flour, alutat for sale by m13 G I)ORSEY,44 New.eve' F LOUl--509 brl choice brands in store for sale by ml6 tI DORSEY, 41 New Levee H IIISKEY-30 brl recad, in store for sale by m16 t D)ORSKEY, 44 New Levee LADIES' GENTLEMEN'S GOLD CHAINS W L.1.AM BELL has tiae day reerived a good aso nortmetM, wltich will be offered remarkably cheap. No 18 Caarnies ae hN B Old gold and ellver taken in exchange. mar DEPOT OF CELEBRATED WINES. CONSTANTLY on hand and regularly stapplied with the mont celebrated Wines, warranted pure and ioported, Cordials, Looddo Beer. &c. aIIENISH WINES. Oldest Leisten and Stein Wine; Steinberger Our laty's Milk; Johamnisterge , Rudenheimer Spoakling Hckr; Dao Ilock, of 1825 Hoekkein 7; Marcobrunner; Gr, (i enberger h;ereaeteus miOn.' ,a wine glasses IIsoA AUX WINES. Chateu Maugans and Chateau Lalltte; Larome Leovittci Palmer Margacn SNaerior St Julieo end SOt Emoilita St Esfeips sand St Jalere, escellet lrble cisat A few alf bogbeads of St Julien Medoc WIIITE WINES. Hermitage, Sauterne, Barosa and Graves I)DSERT WINES. Genuine Lunel nltd Frontignac Muscat CHIAMI'AIGNE WINES. Whicat. d Red. Sillrv and Oeil de l'erdrin ItIURGUDV WINES. Romnane, Ca ad tinm. Clean da Vougeot Nuite, Sporklinc I ergundy mdtr 18 GGS--4 lrs lanlalg from steambnoa St aI.uir, 'or E sale by ABItAHAM TRIER, mar 18 34 Gravier st L 'tHE Sulscriltrs oe r at whloles le the follewing goods. HATS-I-100 asens moleakF silks, a sorted since noa brimes. Ito) dt beotNNt dot do 110 do do N A do o 100 eases besat Nao 3, asor t,' izen and frim. J0 'do aieaver, a superior llnile; M d Fine Nutrio; al de Ettra do 201 do Blonck anal Wthi.e Ruosa; 50 tdn Extra Black litsaia; 100 ldo Muskratl r Coney lur broad and lnrrow bnttt, for Levee and country trade; do All ranks ofmilitary & navll Chopraus; " do Cildrens silk aend Iuaia lits, all sizes. Caps--F.r Oaer, fur Seal, .oira, Mnstrat, and haur Seal, in tioe dors .ases. Sealette. Chloh Cape-Pickwick, Polish Avrils lhat sripe, sol top, Ftret, Forage, Military undtee, d, ILeathir (naging. hildren'a Fanecy l1 ureas Plaid and Valvet Cap, Pre.. ach patterns. Stoks-Satn Silk ad Iombasine, of the eatestest styles. Umbrellas-silk and enomna. Militory Plunms, oiled silk. Silk Haadkeocldett-Poagae ead Spi.lieldso Bandboxes for hatters, oodcases, double f dry goods. The above gtodo onmprise a larg stock, and all af the latst pattemr, and will be soll at a small ad. nuce, wilh cost nd dharges on New York trices. 'The subcribers will lake orders for soudther weastern and Texaa inarket, ia" the houle of A H Gdoeip & Co., Hat Maufacturers, New York, and at the shortest posalble otice. German and Fiench Plushe bught. GOSSIP CO., Naval, Military, and Pashionable Hatters, Exchange Hotel, nvl4 St IClharles a ýUILLS, QUILLS--Just recelver a.llarge supply F of very sop.ri.r DLutch aid clarifiesd Quill, of all 1 sizes, iom I toga. Alsoswo,w:ld goose &Rus sia, wholesale and ret il, by DAVID F.LT & Co, mar 19 N Y Staioner' Hall,24Chartres at SHIP RECEIPTS-Just received a few dosen ship SReceipt Book. printed on od pon per, with duh. cae anuobern frot. I to 288: a e a n rticle for sale by DAVID FELT & Co, mar 18 N V Stationer.' Hall24 Chartreset SULSTAI.D--xinogto, Kentucky, Mustard, in lb 11 and qr Ih ceaniters, for sale by mnart W I'RITCHARD 4 JO TAGGERT, Jr 3 ANTAS &c--50 bales 4.4 Anpleton sheetlilg 15 caen bleached ditto, landig from ship Caro lina for sale by ml5 I BRIDGE & Co. 134 Magazine st CLOTVIH ING-4I casen see.onable clothing, landing from ship Carolina, for salea by m15 I BRIDGE t - Co, 134 Magazine st ILOUR & CRACKEIIIS--I0 bbls flour, now land hb ' ing, also 2 do of crackers. for sale by ms5 S G BI.ANCHARD tOTICE-lrays no.159t--1479-192-732 are I queated to return their receiptE inmnditely to the -ubaeriber LEVI H GALE, m'5 93 Common at SXCHANGE-E On New Yore and Philadelphia, j .1mia ADAMS & WHITALL, 67 Gravier at TARCH-0l half baoxes, landing from ship Char. lemagne, and for Male by mar ~ 0 SHALL & BROWN, 96 Magna nr at ° OAF SUGAR-various quali:ie, oneatantlv in Sstore and fir saleby SHALL4.BROWNE, mar tag 96 Magazine sat 1ATCHES-A large inxoide jlst received and for bey SIIALL&IBROWN) mar 20. 96 Magasine at UM S MER CLOTHING 9 caro. eooprising a Cn A plte asIMrtmeat, landing from ship Columbiana lotlote by I BRIDvE & Co m ar 23 134 Magazinel at R C D IHARDSON'tI New English Dictionary, com p by plete in four parts, for sale at subscription prce Sby. WM MKeBAN, tear 23 cerol Camp andComman sate at IME JUICE-Sbris and 30 demijohn s of this arni p ie,1 pure and eoncentrated, Ila beren lately im. Sported by the suberiber, who will dilpae ofa it on ua , nodain terms. H aJNNArEL., t mar . cot Natchezr ad.Tcbaptoulau elt o HOUSE 10 RENT. o 153 ,GOnvier at, having 4 rooms, ctab. S -iete and a gallery, with kitchen, wash room sin mad servants reom, conmplete, a good yard p with brick, hoeing in it 2 cisteremns and a hydrant. ol a on iven on or before Ist April. Apply on the i prmmae, or to dLOANE & Co. mp r th Louisa st i E CHAGIf O BOf TO-for mle by a I mari 1 D l4, 18d U Mhegaul e at n jOF S will be receieod by ehegbelnm shrIr CarpIM ai a rt or t lw bnei 1amped S«e nhe MLal .at the t ce, dl .O & Rail -_ l:ead, m el, whenem p t apesielia . e, I * h .n I arey iy om If" nelnlaokb. util o'aolnc pt. m .r JIOIN HAMPSON, lt narJ - L tifYeas.NOUr CRR s- ,ai , eaWo, The ship ROBERT BRUCE, Capt Hark. nesa having part of her cor o cagsifl, will meet wish denpaleh. For bIonce o' fheight or passagle .mlg L H GAI.E, 93 Commcn at FOR LIVERPOOL SThe A 1 end ver tant sailing ship ELI ZABETH,Capt. I'haye, ean take 120 holer of notton, end wI eil on Saturday neet. or bart of p nau ge for two [ __ir p sashen frs apply to m13 L H OALE; 93 (ommn lst FOR LIVERPOOL The new and very fast sailing British harque EI.FEANOE, Cant Mcl'harnoa, has hall ire cargo on board, nd requires only aJouiit 150 bales toin fill up, and will have immediate din. paltch. For freight, of which, or pauage, havlngrery superior cabins, apply on oard, or to mar 19 HOLMES & MILLS, Bank Place. FOR MARSEILLE8. The well known and very fast railing ship ELEANOR, Capt Pemberton, having the greater part of her cargo ehanged will. meet with disptch. Forbalance of Freight or passage apply on board, orie L fl GAL E,, mar 19 93 Common at , Ioam~l~lse. - FOR NEW YORK. New York and New Orleans Line. The elegant new packet slhip TARO. LINTA, Capt Swmith, will hegi tinking in her cargo on Monday, and have irnndisle de spatcl. For freight orpassage, apply on board, oppo site the Vegetable market, or to mar 28 PETER LAIDIAW, 6, (Camp st FuR NEW YORK. The new and very fast railing rig HIS Sl'ORIAN, Cnpt Tinker, con take thebulk of 50h barrels, Ihving the greater part of her cargo on aord. Fr or e., or passage, apply to oar.3 I. H GAl. E, 9 t'o - FOR NE YORK. S Tlme noew and soperior hri CAUCASII. ON, Captain Vose, will receove immediate l dispatch. For pannssage only, hzvinl hndou aoconnndastmao, apply to L HO ALE, mar 22. 9 omlon L t FOR NEW YORK. Pockrg of tie 20t New York end New Orleans Line eoi Packets. Thes A I ship NORNA, Captain Barton, havning nearly all her caro engaged, will sail n above. For freig il- hale cottlon on panosg, having elegant f ndldsh accommodations,ap ply to i GRONINGs & Coor to mar2 PE'TER LAIDLAW, tma6 Cmnp st FOIR NEW YORK. T Poe'tiee e rDay after to Morrow. Holmei l.ine of a'cketsa. The elegant packet chip VICKSBURO, lunker tnalter, will positively sail tile day lfter to morrow. For freight of 151 bales eoton or passage, apply on hoald opposite the Vegeta. ble Market, urto A C(IIEN, anr 25 90 Common ct. FOR NEW YORK. Regoior Packetfor Monday th It April. Holmes Line of Pnrket.. The very las Inailing regular packet ship ORLEANS, Sears master. will prwmptly sail a ..ove. For freight or passage, havng el. egnnt aceomnlodaions, oppplv to tle captain on board one lter elow the Vegetabi Mlarket, or t ciar22 A COHEN 9lCiommnani FOR PHILADELIiHI , S 'The fast sailing copper fastened brig ALDRICH.D Norgraee, master, will have despatch. For freigntpnsage apply t nmarl 1 d J AP WH 'NEY 73 Camp st REGULAR PAtKETT FOR NEW YORK. Lsnidiaai and New York Line of Packets. . The superior A I packet ship YAZOO, pCapt Trask, ill ceolmeoc to take iti her - c;-argo, in a day ortwo, and will meet with ima mtediate dispatch. For freght or passage, having elegant accommonoda tions, apply t the master on hoard, opposite thie Voeg table Market, or to JAMES B iHULLIN, 74 Camp st I The irse clans ship Miseissippi will succeed tili ToYwi, sailitg isn a week allerward,; and this line has been increnedl so asto afford the like facilily to ship pers tlhrought tihe year. marl21 FOR NEW YORK. SThe A I ond frst soiling ohip I.EVANT, iept. Ilnrtlet, will receive immediati did. path', lhaving the greater part of her freight eogage. For balance of freight o. IosO agre, apply to hi L H GALE, 98 (Cnmamonst FOR BOSTON. The first class ship F(IRUM, Copt Cold well, will le ready Ito recive freight in n few -y., and will Inet with diptch. Apply to Captl Uaildwell, r In STE'PI'SON & AVERY, oar 21 88 GOravirr At FOR NEW YORK. S THIE inn nod very gist1 sailing harqoe DUC DtOIOLEANS, (.apt W It Roodless, lIaving the greaer part ofl her carg engaged, will ba dealarcied immecdioately. For halacc of freight or psotage, lapply oa hoard oplposite the Mint or to ilt8 I. 1i tiAL,: 9Ji Cmmlno n st 1VANTED. SA brig, capable ofearrving 400 Il)(r8 sugar, to o.adt+r n a nothero irt. Apply to cel3 L 1 GALE, 93 Common at Foaz 10 stOy. - . lThe fost sailing brig MIAJESTIC, Cnpt Aniis wil liave imnoadiate despatch. For balance nf freight o€ Panoe, apply to imar 19 S & J p WII'NEY, 3Catp l CO.LT' PATENT REPEATING FIRE ARMS.( rFl E Plwie re reapectfully informed that the anbove .artcles sCani be seen and are for sale at GOSSIP P Co. Exckange Hotel, St Clmrlee at. mar 5 If g OAP-200 bxeladingg from chip Choii qgne anal for le by HALmL & BROWN, mar 0 96 Magazie st tICHOLAS NICKLEIIBY-.No. 7, u and 9; also . the firstaix nosa in one part: with a variety of very interesting books,just received- for rale by ml1 A TOWAR,I 49 Caimp t g 10 C(FFEE-I hgs Riocoffee heinlg the car Rl go olthe brigOld Colony, for le by mr8 TEETS'ON & AVFRY,88 Grarier 1l rl HE SILK RAISER'S MANUAL-Or the art of Sraising ad fediomg silkworms and of cultivating Ihe mulbery tree, by M Morin, member of aereral learn ed erceiesl, Iranalated from the French. Just received by forarle by A TOWAR, I*ml6 i49 Campst ,9... .mp at POWDER-Iavoices at Ink Powder, received am for sale by SHALL & IROWN vet mar 19 96 Magzins e st PINE APPLE CHEESE and Voohen Btter i - store and for sale by READ & RARSTOW, mar 20 7 Bank Place BUTTER 50 kegs superior Western Reserve But- or er, fr Bale by O. DO~RSEY , mar 18 44 New Levee pI PARASOL--32 aese, embracing n genera l ase t. vi ment of Parasol, anding fm p Panther,t r r sale by ISAAC BRIDGE - Co. dl . . 8 131 Magazie at go SPR NDLEBI-200ý,o~e i s Aeceived ndh ur-le by SAMUEL E BLLANCHAR D, mar 18 33 Grovier at * tAR-50 brIe Rosin reeeivltg Itm ship Cisurte' JI manse, a md fir sale by mar 19 SHALL & BROWN, 96 Magzine at C ORN-70o eto, .eein s toroe or salse bhv l3 BHAMPLIN & CO .,paR, StS 79 &l 82 Julia st XCHANGE ON NE," YO KKAn w t wnd Brntlhm. 50 Camp et, are dawing on New' York c a , 5,10 & 30 days 3t m1 s 'PITCHi heerel Pitch, laeding from ship Chnr- .l' I.mage, and. norase by gl mar 20 SHALL & BROWN, 96 Magazine at S l t~lPo' rlJRPEN-l-NE-Q hbbls spe lTttrpourottoe andig ruom ship ship hsrtrlietamgne, and foroe Ia by . HALL & BROWN, mar20 96 Magi ine la ýACN JIDE. 1W-IO0 Casks, in siore.lor sale I mroll G )OREY, 44 New Leee. bv A E BLACR G OL 2 caSes Dhooop'ishadise Sblacidg, landing ho.l ship Orleana, tor sale by nm1B - I BRIDGE &Cts 131M ripe et L ALE ROPE-tI cols ale rope of stparioe qo° Slily foe sale byy , BA crNK Cat m13 i BRIDGE & Cu, 134 Magaiee at 150mrets, Amires' lDoe mill letter paper, fine S.50 do do upesrfines 151 do blue commeteial pout 10 de white do 150 do grees post 75 do water lied past do 150 do reperhiuse a writing 90 do fie royal do it t 20 do m'edm do 60 po bank.hfiipost p Allof wich am of a very speriorqulity, and will be sold low, to closs a conignmrentl by mA5 AOWAR, 49Csamp st received e addtitional supply of the sborvy tost popular srelool ooks, by A TOWAR," r5 49Camp b AISI --.300 boxes NRE Raitsins, Loriag's brand, in stor and for sale be tn 2 CHAIPL.IN & COOPER, 82 Julals st AR--225 bbls north Carotlinu tar, In tote for m1'i CIIAMIPLIN d& COOPER, 79 Juliast j OLASSES BARREI,9--300 amply barrist In 11 superi o rder, for sale by L H AE, S mar18 Iaw 9:1 Common st SH AY--300 obales nortl r ha, in store, ursale by CHAMIILIN & COUOPER. le 'IS 7l «l Jlulmn It UGAR atr MOLASSES---IS hoshenads, sugar i and i, gallons molasses, on plautlti.m above the city-also B0 hogsheads sugar on pklnlatlot below te it city. for sale by mil J0t ADAMSL & WHITALL, Is UEW MUSICby Manoovric " Haste, Bosaros, L1Hs Haste,"areertlgeworde h9w Miss Estello, dedi. Scsted to Beacy rena, Req. ompoerd bye, P. .Ma ; ueovrlecof New Orleans, roesiwad with the greatest ep. d das alit the New Yort concerts, oil m14 careier At Che rlý'Common'set at a r (OFFEE.72Lags Mianinle jst iaeela. v trom New1 ab York, per ohip Orlae.. for ele by el 4 lHALL& drBOWN, 96 Magadnils FOR NEW YORK. . eMsa e ,cac Orleans iAte. A NRW LINE'npaketsa has-been estiblihed to run bhtweea nP Orleans and New York, to. conea tolre first rate ihips, vir. Ship St. lrv, R W VFoster, master, Republiciut J O Russell " A" ubrn, H P DLurfehy, - wbuildmg, Thr.eships ware builtin New aork eaprasely fr this tradi art o a lipht draught of water, and wil not ba labjeet todetenlmn at thI Bar. Their at.comnudaltioas farpasengura comaprise all that may be required' for omfori t cs eonvrennce; and their commanders are tete of eaptrienee. Untl the ships now buildiog are completed, two frst class ,hips will supply ta:eir ple a . Tt gra:tet punctuality will be obterved in the tio of sailing, and every raeeonable accommodultion x at aded to shippers end passengers. or further particulars apply to M-asre. Johnsn s I., wde, No. 86 Wall street, New York, or to jas PETER I.AIDI.AW , 6 Camp s FOR NEW YORK. [Louisiana and New York Line of Packets.] To sail regularly as adedrtised from each Port. fT HE line is at this moment comlosed of the follow ing ships, but 6 more new vessels will be puton at an early day, making the numwer twelve in all, a hich will alloa ofons being diapatched fromn this port every week during the year, thes affotding prompt faeilities for transportation and at tis lowest rates offreaight. Ship Yasoo, Captain 'Trask. " Miseilsipi, " teebe. " l.euisri, a, Allen. " Satoga, Hathaway. " Huntsville, " Eldridge SShakespeare, Palmer TIe above shipe are all of tihe Sss class, coppered and ropper fastened, of a lilght draught of water, and built in York expressly for the trade, with elegant accommodations for paneongrs and comlmended by able and experibneed nasters. Tis price of passage is fixaed at 190, witlhout wine. or liquors, ample stores in ever other particular will be provided. and every atsenths given to promote the eonfort ofthbore pega r to aInd fro in the lire. The ships will at all tames be towed up and down the river, and the greatest punctuality observed as to their day of sailing Neither the ownvrs or captains of these vessels will be responsible for jewelry, bullion, precious stones, ail ver o plated ware, breakage of glass, hollow were, tnarble,or granite, co.perage on tia, rust of iron or steel, or for any lettere, parcel or packages .eat by or put on board of them, unless regtlar bills of lading nre taken for the same, and the va.Ie thereofexprcued. Foafreight or pasaage, apply to mar 21 JAMES B IIUI.LIN,74Camp pt FOR NEW YORK. HOLMES' LINE OF PACKETS. fO sail punctully every Monday from each purt. iThis Lin elv Packets hleve lt.e inereamed to nlew. en first class Ships, eonaisting of Ship Naleesll. (Captaan Wood. Arkamne, Captain E S Ieanis, Alabamnu, Captain CC Berry, Orleans, Captain .S teare, Viketbsrg, Captain Je unker, lalea, Captain Ashlery. N.rehille, Ca tlain Wood. I.uiean , Captein Troman. Oc.nee, Captain Lyons. Ocosnigee. Captain Leavitt. Newa Ship - Captain Woodhouee. New sYhtp - Captain Nichols. The above ships are all of thle acrt clas, coppered, and copper fastened, and were built in New York ex premely for this trade-they are of light draught of wa. ta'r, end almost invariably croes the bar without delte. tion. Theas packets eare commanded by Captains well ex perene in tihe trode,and will always eoxert themselves to accommodate. They will ale ays be towed up and down the river, and will promptly nail as advertised. They have handsomely furnished accommtodetionoe,orl stotes of the first quality will always he furnishad, atd every attention paid to the comfort and satisfaction of passengera The price of the cabin is fioed at s$80, without wine or liquor. For further particulars aplly to A COHEN, mrt2 90 Common street l]7The lhips am not accountalle for breakage of glass, hollow ware, marble or granite, cooperage. of tin or rust of iton or steel: nor responsible for any package or parcel put on hboard, unless a regular bill ofltdiug be signed thereora at the effice of the agente. aIgneu menlr, arIns emce or ne agents. b'or the Interior. - FOR ALEXANDRIA, CAMPTE, SHRIEVEPORT AND FULTON. The new andl rplendid passenger steamer CAMP'I'E, W B Carroll, master, will leave for the above port on en ayVIh imt, eal 1 o'cloeck, A M. For freight or passnge, ap ply on board, or to b mar el _TlI'S B LEE & Co,8 and 29 New Levee FOR BAYOU SAIRA Regular Packet. The splendid trasesgeresttamboat BRILI.IANT, Jesse Hart ntastee, will leave New Orleans every Wed needay at Il 'celoek A. M. for Balyou SaBa &every Saturday at I o,'clrckoA. M taking tan , aat down on p Sundoy, FP.r hight or passage apply to Capt. eDart - on board or to feb25 ADAMS & WHITALL A LLA ILL DEEN MAHOMED'L 'Tlnrkish Dye, lorchaaginggrey er red hair on the IIed, or whikers, orreoe brows, by a aingle applleation, le a Iermanent brown, varying toea complete blacnk, with. out staling either tile hand, or Itmen, jost received at the Bazaar, corner St. Charle & Common streets, BUSH & ALLAN, feb Exchlange Hotel C HINESE. TRUNK4--Jst, emeived a nasert. - ment of the above article, preventatives agoinst moth, with peculiar braas lacks, well odapted for Ia- c dies dresses or for holding papers ce, hbing extremely light and hanenoaume, for sa at GiOSSIP & Cuo, fel6 Exchange hotel St Chorles at L S. PARMLY, Deineia, respectfully girve no a tics, that he ay be consulted annually in New Orleans, during the motlhs of FebuWAry, March and April. His nusoiate in the practice, Dr Lyon, whose professional ,kill and experience, both in the sorgical and mechanical deparimente, is unsurpassed In this country, will remaitn hiermahnetly. tsel Olfice,59 ('anal street, ICHOLAS NICKLEBY-Nne7, 8 end9 aln othe first six numbers in one tract, with a variety of very interesting book, just raecived and for sale by A m12 A TOWAR, 49 Camp t CARD TO THE LADIES. W ILLIAM BEL., No.10 Chartresn treet, contin, tueae, purchase old broken Jewelry, old gold or silver in any form whatever, ani pay the highest price in Orltan s. Ladies tho may have old fihionedllold jewe yr, via: ear ornaments, chains, neeklaces, bucklest per rings, or in laet any articles of the line, whLicia is lying die and ofno use to them, can exchange the ame to good advantage, by calling as above. N iB--Watches, Jewelry and llcltaclesf repaired in the be samanner-charges mnderate. j'all, t9D- jail BAZAAR. Caresr of St. Chlrics 4. Cemmoan treet, Exc"ANaE HOT EL. l USH1 & ALLAN wanld reepretfully call theat tention of citiens aend stranger toa their ompnlte assotlmetnt ot Gentlemen'a linen -hirts, do cambric, with liln iaonts. fashionable linen fronts linen eVl- . lare: silk, cotton and marino under shire and drawert cambrle and silk hnadkerchiefsl black and fancy eas vats in great variety: stocks of every deseriptionl gai elastic and cotton suspendersA silk, cotton and thread gloves: ents hoskin gloveal umnbrellas and canes gold nlount. Als,-.Splendid asrtntent of landies and gents wri tingdesks, dressing cases, prt folios, perfumere, cut. lery, and rich fancy gooda. M ARIAiE PHYSIOLOGICAI.LY IDISCUS. MED. Trenslatedfrom the Frencllh of Jean Du bois, M. i. by William Greenfield. Part itt. On the ne'eemitv of Marriege ! Part Id. Ihattactican in courting, with a cure for Love! Part 3 e. a " c Part 4th. e N n a v Marriage Physinlgleslly UiDeaseed is the most useful, and deidedly the nontl interesting wo thtat we aever read, It willbmarek u more rakeis aid spinsters, and make monre ime mwred ndn an women thatl IIay publiaation that hancvereh noi nctined by thie cuunrt of Hymen-La Maoaatere. This is great book, and will be productive of much goodinthe cmmunlnity, It is true it contains much stnange language, but then the subject in itst ecuse, nadf am Pope bad written on it, he could not have treated it more delicately. We especially recommend its " Instrnution in Courtingt" to the attention of all young aIndies and gentlemen that may be in quest of partnere.-L-pei CoeerierDe Dames., For sale at no 65 Piydras st between Magnzine and Camp street. Price $l. #0 REWARD. ; ILL e paidfor the delivery of a small box of r bookp, feu Mobile pa steamer Giraffe, sbount Isat Mach, addreased to A romr New t)rleans, said box is saupposed to have been taoken from thle rail road cars by mistaket A TOWAR, 1l 49 Camp at UST Becelved an elegant sa, rmentof silver fdated Jdoor plers, which will be engraved to orcd r in the meaost fashionable style by J V CHILI)S, fe27 3 Canmp et UEPPiR--310 bags a superlur anicle, lor rati by nI til SHALL &BROWN.96 Mgainen st L INSEED OIL--O1 easka linseed (il in storen i 10 casks h ieilian Linsened Oil, landing front brig Willingley, froam Palermo, for sale h i y JARVIS i .NDREWIS, mat 18 Cer Comtnit and Telapitoulas ste -A Ed--10 oai, just receirad per shlip Orlaans t and fur ael by S m14l SHALI. & BROWN 96 Magsdnns at rTE-EL-li tort blistered nrel, justl reaired per shlp Orleans, for sal by m14i SHAIL & BROWN, 96 Magainae st n, EM ENT-Roman sad Hydraulic jurt recesived ad I. Cfor tae by a- m12il READ & BAIRSTOW,7 Bank place P. - MALAGA WINE--lS q, asia Ma0,,ag wins, - tY w I" AD U ALt TOW,y Bank plsse pr stip Ou laen Ir N, iy - nil • `SHALL & IROWN , 96 Magnzine st BUSINESS CAFS,. JOB PRINTING. UP EVERY DECRtPTtION, irEDILYE , IAND$OMMELY AND CHEAPLY Exit:UT)ED AT THr orr0Om OP THE Trwe. Jmser>icau, ST. CHARLES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS; m23 CHAMPLIN & COOPER, GROCERS AND DEAIERS IN PROVISIONS AND FEEP, No. 79 and 8" Jolla street, New Orleans. r'ShiIp and Family stores put up. _ nar 5 LOUISIANA PURNITURE WAREROOMS No. 53, Bienvtllq street. W7Ll.lIAM lR. UAItNER, wnuld resprlctfully in Sfrm his friaml and the putbic that he is con stantly receiving from New Yorkland Hoslat a good asor tnent of Furniture, such ar toahograo Cirsr tsofas, I.edteads, maple alnl painted chairs, teple and cherry bedsteads, mahogany and cheerry tables oftal descriptions, bureaus, toilets, sectelarve, . writing desks, wardrolero of mahogany and cherry, wastl enn,lts, tooking glasses, feathers, bedding, Re. &e. NB. Furntture packed tfor trunsportlatioan witrh rrat care. ,t,evi3 FRED WILKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENcPAL Cr tLUISIANA, O FFERS his services to the pohlic i . the depart nmnts of Surveying and Civil Engineering, both in town and country. From onsiderable experience it his profession. and by prmptnesot anti fidelit itt tis eecation tof business entrusted to him, he hopes, to merit and receive a sharea ofpuhlic petronage. Ile ail' also measure and coalculate tie aonfrnts of walit antl excavations. O!tipe No h tah:rtresnstreet,secund stoty bark. j.t BAZAAR. SBUS & A.ALLEN, NO. I, EXCHANGE litTEL, C'orer of St. ('h rlea oult Common tll,. NEW ORI.FANS. MPORTERS and Doelers in French aid English U Perfumry; Deeosing.Cn.S s and Portable itt ett. I Cutiev, IHniery, Gloves Shrite, Slocks, Utmhrtllas, Canes,and Fancy Artieles. d5 Factors & General Commission iMerclaants, MOBILE. References in New Kirkman, Abernathy & Ilanna, ) Caldweell A& licky, 'epe, PoPerrs & Co. JOHN STEWART, No. 5, Platt Street, New York, COMMISSION MERCHANT, I MPORTER and dealer n Hatters Plushes anti trimnutings. Ample storage mnny be ad on mid erate terms, andevery attention paid to goods forward. ed to hit care. Ieferences: Messrs. Larue & Provost, N O. nol22 183 -l y tJo _sip .Co. A CARD. CHRISTIE & SINNOTT, YWholesale Grocers and Commissmon iterrants, No. 27 Coin,.,on Street. ' )' Orleans. [-'Paerticltrattention paid to tit tutting ntp of Stuam boat and Ship stores. nov2 BANK NOTE ENGRAVING, RAWDON WRIGHT HATOH & EDSON AVE opened an office in New Orlenas. posseesing equal advantages with their hnose in New York, for the purpoee of engraving and printing Bank Notts, Bonds, Bills of'Exchange, Certificates of IDeposite, Checks and other important paper, requitring secritv against Forgeries; and havt e de ample ptnvision for the safe keeping of all plates and imnpressionw entrust ed to their care; their specsi, nsa embrace the notes of over fivehundred Iankinin iotiultions, and all ordsrs wilL be .exeuted with promptitude, and on thie usual terms. 'Office, corder of oyal &+ Canal street. jtoi--tf SAMUEL TOBY, !.Merchandise Broker 4j Commission JMerchant, d13 Otfiee, 36, Camp st.-For the present. O. H. BLISS. SHIPBROKER & COMMISSION MERCHANT, No. 6, Po)dras Street, NEW-ORLEANS. J. P. FREEMAN & CO., W eleesle ClIthing ReS.hlishsmeot; No.3, Magazine street,. i AVE constantly on hand a large sapply of Cloth 1 ing, cnlculated for the country trade. Their as. sortanent being large, merchants from the country call be supplied at the shortest notice. PASH IONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HA1DEN. No. 14 Chartre. 8sreet IIAVE aeonastnntsup ry f every narticle pe.taining y togentlelltat's dress, o tihe latest style, at New York Stpriert tle tt, I.3. Ross SURGEON DENTIST A No. 33, Royal street. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING ESTABLISltMENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Baniks' Arcade. WILLI.AJl GREENE, PIROPRIETOR nrl J H3. PARKER Commnisalon and Forwarding Merchant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, aP STAISr.. New Or:erne, Febl. 2. JARVIS & ANDREWS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIl. DrtALERS IN MEDIOINES, PAINTS OILS DYE STUFFS .IND WVINDOW GL.ASS, Corner of Common and Tohoupitoules streets, NEW ORLEANS NATHAN JARVIS. JOHN W. ANDREW.. A large apply o Garden Seeds, warranted the growth T1f837, DOYL E 8 iAT, IDEALERS IN AMERICAN & ENGLIhII CROWN GLASS, Noa 3 CARONDeLET STREET. il FIREMEN'S Ott INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEW ORLEANS. This Comtpany are now prenared to take RIISES AGAINST PIRE. uFFICE, or No.24 Miueson'a Building, Canal .eer. t. E L TRACY, e New Orleans, Mayl 13.1138. Secretary. ROBERt'' CANI.' , -ti HOUSE AND SIGtN PAINTER No. 12 Coallp street, Wholesale Dealer in Paints, Oil, Varnishes, Brushes, ct nim3t Window and Pieture Glnss &c. &c. T. ItN' OLLI Iý A.T'ORNE JO AS L SOR .4T LA.4 . NOW pracrtising it the State and City Courts, Cli ents will fiad hitm at tim Clerk's ofice,U S Circuita Court, in the Custom House building. je8 FASHIONABLE CLOTHING, p GOOD IItA, P, [N.. 8S, Chortres Utreetlt UOe b oor below Blenville, HAVE constlatly o hand every article appertain ing to gentletmen's dros, made i tihe. best man. I rer and most fashionable style, vahich they offer iot cashl, at rdne d prices. de4--1838 t ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC OFFIGCE No. 53 Magazine trreet, opposite aItks' Arcade, ti I-'STABLISHED for the execution of maps, plnua t and drawings, merchants' circulars,business and address cards of arc y description, funeral circulars on deep mouri4 I psper, apothecary and drtggists'l their; Ibak cheeks, dray receipts, &.prittad anid eecutt d lot achreapandt 'editilts style, bl~ the proprietor. WJI.I.IAM1 OBEENE NB Ban Notes ,aatlv executed m24 A Card. If ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC ESTABLISH d ME T, 53 MAGAZINE STREE T, OrtPOSTU BANOK'S A4tAr,E. - - GREENe. rettrns his sincere thanks to his r frie ids and the puolic of New Orlea, folr the I tntronee btestowed on him or th Ielast t.o years, and Legs leave to assure tthln that all orders commnitted to d his charge shall be pttuntually attended to; he will as utuol, knep the olfce open durintg thie utmslner, and shall is always ready to strike tff uertant's eiru tars, btuiness und adedrss cards funeral notiees, maprs, t plats, antd drawiogst every description, at Ithl he shortest notice, and on the most reasonable terms. Being assisted .,- artitst sttperior to any other establish enmt in the ciiy, an d from tev elperietce ill the SliLtraphic line, he leals confident ofC'giring entire' satisfaction. - N I Apothecaries and druggists' labels executted In a g ood style as copperplant engraving, and at one 1g tltird of the eapese.a jy.4 t ' W ILl. atleti Ie , and thoe District V V Court:, I. t s of the adjacent ouuoties-,)th.'e ,t no. Cr Ilaims o til g.' :for Dounty Lead or maestt willt I .t'.' . ' -, I praotptly attelded tO eitho r For no,, nai ntao " ..dronis of rexas. Addrer.o frot the liUtted Statre--City tof Hotelto td tIs ova of S. Wicker, jr. ('lexas ust Ofi ce Ageu New Orleans. 3m mar 2 AN S-ott bbt' landing traowm staitl .t Louis 1 s or alt by ABRIAHAI TRIER, mar 18 134 Maenaitb at 't ' 'E Ou CAlt).NAL CHiEVEttUSl, Archbishop A a(llrdeanu, by the liRe. J Ilnes Ituabour.. ez SrOfklrt of tthelngv , translted from the t tnch iy Roebrt 1 Walsh. Just receivonl sntfor srle by at6 A TOWAVR,43 (Caola t AILS-18 kegJandiong' from Chip Chslcke r.r.l and for ale by SHALL BROWN, mar '20 96 Mealze hte 7 USSIA MHEET'INGS-20 bales, ofauprrpr qual Al it7, landing from shoi Forumr for sale by u 18 ISAAC BRIDGE .c , 134 st I.OTHIING-- cases S.tmoer. Cldlltinsg, empri .sing a good aaortmelo , landing from slhip Forum, or els by I BIIDGE & Cu, SIn_." 134 Magasine ot BROGANS AND BOOTS--3d enses contalining Mhi'p adt Boys IsI quaolity kip Brogano old fine kilp ld calf Buots, sliding rtonl ship Forumt, Ir aler by mar 8 I. BRIDGE & Co, 134 Moagazieoft T'I--------." OLr+ ILIV SLL whoure suffering from URETIIRAI. DISEASES' Such as GONOKI.I|'EA, OI°EEl' TS SP'RICTU IES IIII1'TAI ,ItN OP TIlE KIDNEYS, I.ADDEII, URETH RA, PROSTRATE GIAND, and oil DISEASES of the U RINARY PASSAI;ES, PAINS IN TilE LOINS, GIRAVEL. ulltbago, or fromGeneral Weaknesa, or Lcal Deoliy, are assured thatththis valuable meliolle at all time o.ureasIld perfectly eradicates the above diseases, much oto..r than any other, and.iuvoriaoly improves the constitution ad general health, and restores to vior tohose par that have been injur ed Ibydiseao or tImproper treatment. In folt, nctmedlellne cal be eonlpredt to it, and it h, positively cured mieny thous and indvi ls alfter nll other medicines base failed, andij daly tlytperprrdig tlre use of tho-e injormnls ed:lauuteuus nlediel.o-,-Copoiv,Turpleotine, Chbebs. mlercury. er. In adIitiilol to the ilUllerou- teIstllllnlals rooPteod 'from all plmt. of the world,including lihe East ond Weot i,,die-,Aeer ito. c, sld tedltral men of the hlghe t .[tndilg in the pro. faslron, allbearing teatlslrmoy toil.surpriing success: live Iluldred pounds reowald ha.l been everl tile offered cltl.ey tlte wocan plrodure ony remedy edmUl to Yoland's Spelcifo Soluoil,,. After this no further commeltt tan he necersary hut adding a few of th certiflcates. "I have prescribcd Yoiand'. Spc.le Solution to several p. Limits hlaoring tinder Urethral Di.thargra, and to mlly astOllish. Illnt, they ere all cllred ill tch shorter tilme thl hadl ever Ihefro winessed, and thoirgensral healtll was oconlu hlnprov ed. . H. LEY, MT. D "Lecturer on Midwifery, at Bartholomew'. IlHopital." Dr Clarike hn prescribed Yoland's Speefit Solution, to ma oy patiellcts hburtllg uder Urethral Dichorges, stil iuasria bty touod they cre cured in mUcllllss time than he had Ipre itously oserved, a hen usiOng preparatiot0 of Copoiva, asd is of oplnion it i a relnedy unqtualloid, and one that he intends. in future to prescribe for his patieuts. Loomoe, Demrchtero, 1113. DIr Green hlereby certifies Yoland' Sileciflc Socution il a mo st oelf.ceinos remedy, and one that remove. Urethral Dis se.e.° thoano y prepoation ofCopalva he ha. rer pre scribed. The above call be hobtaied only'at No. 96 COustom house st, in New Orireao. MEDICAL CARD. AND IMPORTANT TO THE AFFLI.TED WITII bld EASES. A TREATISE oil Vcerae Dineme, Gonorrhtea, Geoslc and Stricture, including jraticil oservathoni on Seminal W'eakese, arising frot early abuhes, so tht all parsonu can cotnilc oi omlohelate cure, with case secrecy and safely. I is nloelancholy fact, llat thouonds foil victims to the Ve Ilereal Dtiasre, owing to tile unckilflears of tiliterate men, wilo by thloe ute of that deadly poiolt, dlereury. rain the cul, otitnOill, clod cause ulerat ion, wIt:,l bloteIes on the trealld, face mid body, dimnes ill tile ight, noioe io till ears, deafless, ob esttats gleeto, and nodeos o . shItn.ones, tal o length gel oral dhit ecy idc of the hico otiot u enues. and a d en iancholy death puts a perild to itheir dre.dlful .uffcrrigs, I'ERRY'S PURIFYING IPECIFIC PILLS, A certain, sort, ld the Inort sp.edy reledy ever discovered for tile perlauent ld efl'ectuall cnrel v slerol diseas.., go. Orrlwho, gleetso, stltcure, emnintl wcuklocsapobt in tie rons, afeclions oftihe kldneyo,grvel, lumbilgo ocaldebhility, irri trot,, of the iladdcr orurethra, adll otherdioemoeof heuri. nary pasaoges,freulnlt y elllrl'ornJlatpotfel cure o tlesholi slitce of thrle dayo, by one small pill for a idoe, with case c cresy lanid clry. ' he certaintly with whch they areo th ilu. ally admlilliterod, caln oi ttested by any thousandc . Tile cpeciOi pllliroot out every prtiitle of lliilioui tcoico. purl. fyillgio their progrosc tilo wholll, ss of e lhld,. Threy at u iy rloaos thle odjco, but reov0.le by their actilo the differ. ast functions of the body, exoellhg the grosser humors, odd their lllnner- so milI and impercnptihle as to colvince tihe ntostseptICalc of theirlstonishinlglnld noi, ulpowel.. They eithercsnltal mercury nor ally other mieroal, r nfllany hb takenwlitlout the tlilltt't Ust picilt, or dirscovery. IThey re qlinre no retralnt of diet, iot of time, or hiindracce of busi tnesos, but effect a complete cure, without the least etposureto tle patient. At lay peritd when tile sligitet ssicioe n ay exist, it will hie well to tave reconrse to the SpeilfcPdls, for when token before the disease hias molde ito aplopearae, It ace as acertain preventive by removing the cmoplaolt effoctuaily and secretly. Messrs IPsrry, Surgeons, continue to direct their studies to those dreadful idebilitiec arising from tihe too free o,,d iedio clioinate indulgence of the passions, which not only ocme siotn a numerous train of nervos affections, atd entailon its v otarhes all the etervaling intbecilities of old age, but weaken and destroy all the bodily senses, occasioning lots of imugino tiotn, judguent and memory, intdifferet and aversion Ibr ll pleasures. 'iThe idea of their ow ulnhappiueo and delpolr, which arises frotm conidering themselves as the authttors of their own mlisery, and tire necessity ofrenolltcing the flicities of marriage, cre the fluettutilg ideas of those wlo have giv. c way to this delusive alnd dettuctlvo habit. I lihtt di. iresatg toote of debility r deficiency, whetler tihe cons.e queuc of such baneful practises, excstive drinking, or any otlhr cause, by which the powors ol the eonstitutiio hbecome enleeblod, they offer a trml otef and speoedy restoluratio to sound atni vigorous hebtih, Petrye Vegethblec Pillanre well known for thle ertain and effctnal lemedyof secondaty oycptpms, venereal eruptionc, pains toin tile boes, ulcerated ore tlhroat, diseased ncoe,ehro. iae rheumactsmt , toroi , scrooftl htrbutic ad glandular affetions, local and general debility, nocturlnal palnl itn the head end limbs, depreseion of spirits, cnid all disaseo arising from an imoUl estate of tihe blood. ''lhase Pils are worthy e place itt the cabhinet of masters and cnptaintof ihips, the ,,ot so, Os they will keep good in ai elitlatels uny lenlth of time. To be Ilad etty at No. 96 Custom house street, New Orleans. DROPESSOR SWEDOUR'S IIYGEIAN HERB PILLS, L for itu otffctul rtoexrption of every epeeler , t and yp tom of tihe Syphilitic disease, and the manly disorders prising from the impropertleatnent. \,Vth eaeh has is given a treatise on wenerenl and syphilil c diseases, witll observations oe tctl.inal wcekness, ,4. &o., soo tcaining littt wortlh kuuwllt g bIy thiose who are or hive beoen suffe, ers to this dreadful ndo d tatluting malady, Dr Daviesou eontlnues to direct ili attantion, to those dis-. ordors ar sing fiomn tite oo free and Indicriminatte indul gellce ePthe ptssiona, iltich not only Oeeaslot t a numerous train of ncervolla ffeetious, but alenstails ot its vol.rics all he enervating inlhoiiltise of old age. In that tliitressingt state I ebilily and deficincy, whether the colsequence of tand. Clt !I d!:o roeeo.tcslric'oing, or any othereause bh which the p.wetr oo the eOlltilttion beetome enfeeBed, I offersa firmo, efeactd speedy restoroatlon to sound and vigorons health. It ItaCnelaC holy fact, that thousands fall victimsoo the e. lereal disease, owing to tihe untkilfuluers of illiterate men, Slt, hy the use of that deadly poison, menoruty, rul the eon. stltution;i and when the streal Doctlor SWedur bocame Pro fespr at Leyden University, he conferred an invaluable bene fit upon mankind by the disecoveryuof hi. grtnd Panacea for ilte cure of this deplorable complaint. Ntever did a discovery excite a oreater ensatloll; it was sought aftr with avidity, sod used with undeviatiug success in the most minnute ad tnt lea t cases of the delicate compnlaint, for tto cure of whlich they havebeen so long celebrattrd. The fame of tileat Pills thro' outtiornlcly, caused their sreedy introdoution ilto alhost ev ery counlry. The certainty withl which they were ocontitually dmllloiatere,d, cln be attested by many thouosacds in fact, dur lig the long cotitlltatlie war they were the itseparahle son, tanion and safeguard lt tile soldier, tI all eases where tihre sliglltest suspicion o tinfotcion was cntertained, Vhct modi Ci I can Ie iore ptotprlteth than thlt which Itoo glvenruch general saalffationl The Ilygelao Iterb Pills root out every partitle of lisldious poison, plrlfying in their progress tire whole mass of fluido; they not tonly romovtothe disiases, bt rullovate by their actiols, the different fllnct,,n oftilo body expelling tile grooer huitors, slid it a manner so nltld and itlpercoptible alto .otomentlthe ott scepticail of their aston iahoitg aniedtttertotliod powers; they loithercoiralu mereurvtto any other mineral, and may le taketn withot tesligiohn t tocul-s pieioo of diocovery--thesy reqnito no reetraot tfdict iotof time or bindrneo of buinoem, but ffect a completo cure witho out tihe least exposure to the p .ltient. At any period when tlhe slightest suspilton tny exis.t, it will Ie well to have .ecoues to tihe Iltygeian IlorbPills, tor whe taken eefore the disease Its.i made itpits apearsce, it atls a certninlprevntive, roam vig the cenoplalit effecttual y and tecretly. The deploralle state ill which many persons havo been, when Viaiti thie pro. prietor, from tile se of Mesrcury, renders it iperatively ue cossnry Ito caution the public againtt that dnogerouo miueral whoen injdlciouly adminilsteetl. l'those pills thould fari a portion of alt nledecine ci1le by sea and land, and ouglt never to Ie omitted by aty person go "ig u lng voyage or journey; their properties are sach, that noltor beat nor cold wcllinjure theit quality, or prevent their due effects on thie tousltitution, Sold at No. 96 Custom Ilouse at, NeW Orleans, THE MOST IMPORTANt HUMdAN DISco) Il V E RY. ACLERGYMAN{ loli oflhs Coolbridfr ttoirvorly. hbo jngdisooooed a me, hod of curinogl houell' of a Nervous or Mettal Complaint, of lfoutee. yo~trs' duraion, and n foue year. hlavio hod lo.pu 13,100 potiento, Ill of bhom, he ai cur ol who followed his odllot, except toolvo,o ers from beoo evo. I.ane rather than gobn, teeee olthe,. leo eel.rit, emtaltldo blelity and elxloajto, eltleroli otie, of blood Io the heed, var. tigo, gtrouedlo..fool, filure of eotry, ieeeopooity fer hloel. ease ·lddy cec, restlessness, Irresolution, wrntel ldd ass, iude. eOOdelusio., is elo .oo, Ioie,,leo of sale *untty, Are. are curable hy thoi dmpurtaut diooeey, Mloot ret cover ill Fix weeks. Apply tolo No Cotom Ihouoe t, New Orleane, HEALTH AND IIEAUTYI STf0IACH PI.LS -An eminent tedical triler has rem.ak. A7 ed, and experienec haserovol thee fat, et tth ol.e who are attendee toke'ping the stomach anld owels in proper order, treso to health, prevent distooe. a0,1 Ventlly attaio robuht, cleerful aed hleeltlhy old gel for thal desirable eoopoer these pills are edopted,htio. prepared to., the sulphate tof uinine, e..t"at of ooeomile foler., moed the moo. choioestomachbic tt operlott drupo of the Notto,, Medies. They hote ijoll oades, proved.superior to every other medicineitt the clure of .tdmech a~~ll livercomplaints, ios of oppetite, lndigstiolo, eltvaion of tullo.. ated oppel..ion Ifer ottole, elotletoo of e breeolth, and ano e llent retloraliveafoteano y excesa ble, as theyo gonolypurge otd clea.oothe boeels, strengthen the etouoh, ated inbTgoete e onstitttiote, Females hoe value good hea~lth shouldl never he without them, an lheqq pw, fy he blood, remeovs obostruetions, sod giv the skin ho ioauli., healthy oted bloomeoheg appearan. Potooe nof. pleltheric hlbit, wleo eolebje't to holoaelhe, giddjo,.o, din eoonof oight, drowsineeo, or haoe too great a fow of e bleed to the tead,.eould take thee fhequeolty. Childrent nd perdot. of alltoge. eay take them at any time, a. they tde not oooteo aytmercuryLor aLy ingtedient that requies onfienementor restricltio of diet. Theey goutoold ket illn every faetily an a temedoy in caoes of sldden illnentoor, by their eromopto toeint ilotetioo, cholera morbuh. cramps, opemot, fovers and other a. )armiteg Lomplainte eony be epeodily curoe or preventeld Sold al No. hel CCustom hNo.s It, Nso Orleant. SARSAPARlLA PILL OF HEALTH; OR. BLOOD PILL. j 11115o exellet t famiy pIll i. a medicite of long tried if. Seary for torru.li5 all tdiodere. of th eto cb and bow els, thecom mute symptom. of which are custsrella , drtuleu- t cy. spasms, loss of appetite. siea headache, guldiCess soELU of f full,.. after mteal, djoaiuoo of the eyel , drotototo.. and tool,, in theetom toh and bowel,, digstion prodocing a for lid state of thie liver, tnd a ons.qoent inoctivtly of the bow e .ug. dit.ogoee setioo of eoesrOy functlon of the boot., wilin thls mastexcelenttnta t l.bP .lttle sw - *tcb ~ws ot oogi ole A o +Ioa .U oop oqi t' el a" .. fell lyi~~sr g~i~oreoutjo tobodto glb dr gc ooo oobo s; b w.. oes.l all. wogeto Sflow of blood to tleeload, btold oeverbewtihooo theoo, a oooy daogeous .oyeptomoewll be entirelyooearnd OLby thatI oommediate ue For femalsthes oto p ateomoetoo Otrly exellt, remootietg all oboootbooeom, tbe diotreaoitg beo~dnceltan ver pfto~ltot t ithsbttiono; do trooolootof opirit.,dullness; of uigW* eoorooo afoliootOO. blotobo., pimpl.. and ..tleowo...of thoeko., ood .lebalb oojoeoteiletelooooo tobeoooe~aoptob To o r .y orfide tly re rom dd oduA I edicoine sotcoo be tabet during pregaoooy';oad Bar i~d~s. of all oge. thfiy are tooeoegnlttd-Anpesnat n peioo. they -.tth t doll,.n of tomild opoeoehe.. with tb. boot aoooieosft etibt, teed tequire o 00teoatmter~ doot o. tooiomw.oe dorig tlirw e. By ,ogolotilog th dotr aoooodiogtoothooagoood at wogob of otit reo~loootheyrooostoeolloho throooojoooo, Oeokeot Lextoet cnMrqie:ldfreldorty people obey toP M foood tq boe tthe. olotoOeofLntobt .odtooe hl dty pee~oro.el I,,I o UAFERS--Reeoobwda p elrlid oatoeotaot ostall S sizeamndobo the vowr first qoodity, fro solet. atkot 64l10et otoail bo R FELT.' ,Co. toI3 - N Y St io: hea helleolI,21C:rloes t EfH& public; n ret 'ft . .1i Mkhiipt .tPenlie male pnn d feias le r d, gstnvi l rihe eilo t nslatguoge tai e l e -.talt..t lob psetiontfor bop l P05W 53 Ihing and iter da, Ndih.a ttee The sy ppll.'IsI ."tie UhaW *1Vi4 e1 p Stten iv male an.d f.petts Tmsands 't Private rmeont may e inteld irv rst nr d na I. Ite ~ lure per do, inoltidinn.ate tante, ats 'eDr. Ro the or. ner y we ad, too .iesill pr a . aRonvs also two dtllara. Small POn in en eal"ail SgNErdo, f Ire dollo rsn All capital asurgiotl l ea Agents. dre le recilht piveaetisle iautis i da th.lelt.r,tdll t opplieatiosa fr fatinidlyo. floet be onadear an llS. Luedtrn leg, No I? Iiansp.rt rtret. W lF* NEW MEPJCINK. Dr. a. R. Prtel 's Co.eas d TOMATO PILLA a l.4ar neond insalunaobe Mei t for:l ..e W ie s a eahaiilule for ('/eltase, as iEemetMlde ia ,flsV and oll IuhNotea' oln r Mnytr A IIE rt populr I tiltheantgoll ad N .a. unlt Iriab tearengetila of ahli anste Disd ih dsaw.*lle d lerada. iOyedltdae. aeeRIv as iteladtsfn, team i atld e-o Cotoc, hi, Nervous diceaee, Arid naornahq Gnstar awato flora ola'l ht. iurdey dslTre, Catb. Iedadail to. Ase Aontiotlert.o Cesnloe tiMnot ep.remj n ulntto Pro AgoR, al. t.roadi naro rad en uly ha, haeilsrte, an ia t .irhioso oaplertala tol ahm verall s ros aheins biesst iatea. o r ortidarey Fdt lPhyic, tePyaoearas treep proved nl the sino.' e or aoffered The pa altar virtuesr of tha Tnmutd Plait, haee ter salon timor e bttluoaed ls attentlllth teedle proa.tls i. "di poblo, and gteat iaereathas been the llrtied velo ement of ita medirleal quaolties, whth nite pemtraleter, i hapt nll beonl now aie to reaifr-end preisnt it pilletttn the pbtlic, with tbe Iu I eaofidetea of their haag time *401' arrs ad voItronLt RtDeasr e sFls aoAr.nlps. NIasn a cretificotes nf eLro, faotn boes ahe hovettsebatithtt'aad tleoa ltoy orveaotl pblrateitaawhe haojrneleeiedtl nai oooeur to covrtolorate thia opinion. The' rapldlry ea tlmnad for, sand the approbatte faeg ups sem, s n addltional aevhioeon *t obtehe lob ~ -i ea. till preaeltiat Ihis article to Ihebyspbl, th'pr.pltLm wq e itluoonced by thie hope thIot a maednltOptel t ,ltit.ilmp ncare, aed with a etriet regard to the. tl.Q.traocaleaWtg tie propertie of -e eaverol lngredtenl.e.thtsait -anem - of the arreaporelbtie tedicnes of thitaya with wia the coUltryeabe doln-anotfaon the fator elrtedy tetlowed upas it by pbyascala and othera, lie freels jstifed la es'eattgl tlie For a fuol arcvoat cf thia iotereeting dincoveay, teatim I alac, mode of opitaonllo, Ie. re parnhitbdditt ehol y Ia had gratis of all who pel therae pillth. oor are esrouinewihout the eigntetet ol O. i. PIiELPI l. D, oultpeproietur, Haratthrd, Coon. FOR MA.L BY, E A Iollanrlle, Gonerlt Apget, FNo. l:t Exchat .eotaPtrsesee ibfaotOfltoe. Alto, by A A Peychahu, Itelsit tI s Ralyt J. .kr" & Ca, No 77 New Levee. Dr, A Marohall, Corner ft Jatme and 'l' beitplolas sit. J. RoSt, LLfajeote City.. G N ittorrisan.No .l, Caol ttreoa. G Jones, eornerTivoliCirclo s anol Tliton Walk, U' 'hoce lthot wsla to set oe Agelrta, addrs E A FOt LANPBE, wholesale Ageu. w,. 4 ti 1-I LLIAI -IAt-LS & CHIECKS.H,-.. tel reeirvedta U large aMonvmeut of lilliurd aBels and blreke. IUiSH & ALLEN, n ort Fxchlangr [intel, car It Charlest & Counmon at FURNITURE! FURNITURtE!i J UST received at the I.duiaiona Furniture Waere bottue, s largo supply fbrom New York and foe ton. I'ersons i. t:oe want of firnitvre wotld do well to otll, and eloct holeir articles from one of the beast and largest now in t:e city. W R CAkNE., N B-Particeular attention paid to packing tat ship ing Furniture, freep ofeopense. d6--w NCO'oC L. Mr. GEOIRGE fILRRICK havmig reslgeed l.iof. floe ofclief Engineer of the New Orlen ans isd Caroll ton Rail Road, Mr, John Ilampsorp has bes appoint ed in his place, to wh3m all persons havitg busiancs with, or wishebing inbrmation regarding said Rail Read will aptpldy attihe Rail Rand Office, Poydrsn stree/ By older of the Boalrd. n signdll) JOHN NICIIOLSON, noool-'i Cahiler L ONDIN PORI'BR, CJPPEiR 4,. S50l cake London portr, 7 dozen eo. 3 It sheets, brazieras copper MnlI piecra Kentucky bagging 211i coila do Iale rope 1511 do Roia inrope 100 do northern do fill boskets tlaiodsiok ehaltpngne Foe vale by CIIARLES INCHES,. mel0 'Iw .G (raier it VAL1UABL ENGLiSoH WoRKWO 1 EMOIRS of Count Grmntnett, by A Hamilton, translated froun the Franch, with notes aind lhls trhtiuns In 3tlumnes. Memoirs of Philip De utntlmines to catitting thee hir tory of Louis the 11th, nnd Cherlet the 0th ofI Prititestend of Chif vles the Hold, Dukd of Bur gund, to which Prieves he was secretarey as also the history ofEdo ard the 4th, and Henry 7th of Englond,in 2 vole, Mcotoire of Lady Hamilton, with illustrathions nec dotes oft many of her moust parlicnlnr friends and ditilnguiohedo colenmporanie, embe!lished with a fine potrnil after Rtmltety. The IDeoememon, or tlen day entertainment, of Boeeacio, including the nl]tpreesed novels tr eslated from the Italian, to pi.h are .prefixed rteiorks on the on the life and writings otf lccaccio. in vols. Forsale by W McKEAN, corCamp & Commona ts - ml2 F .lUtR--Itt83 rls tanding from steamrhot Mteni. Ihit, Jrfir saletby - DORSEY, mar 20 44 New Levee W[ IIISKEY--l50 hbls rectified, lnditae frmm eteeal. r er :ttemrthie, for aler by DOHRSEY, m20 . 44 New L.swe. B ACON SII)ES-50casks e'incinnat cured, land. in. friom steomer blemphi,, f'tir sale by mear 20 U DOIISEYO,44 New Levee, ( IL & KERSFY -80.1lhts Tantere' Oil 3, 0 casks sperm Oil 25 bales Negro Cloth suitable fBr the eaoon, -• LEVI H-OAILE, ater t8 9w 93 Common at IlttUMS 'T'o It.T. " T IE stbd rilber would reepectfully Inform'tile gee . ilemie of thilt city and the pullie in genera that she ihas tlree fine airy tit well furnishted rooms to rent a very reasonable telms, e t Noi 30'oE hpitoulaS street. She ealso inforhs hen that' o few gentlemen con heoeoommiudaoed with board by the day, eek or month, An her Ihosn is situated in the reotre of-the -business onJ very cinveniett ti all the steam boat lend. ings, sheis indtued to believe that it will oert wkitlt an . equal share of the pntblie petrlna. Inor terms, whicho will c reaonaasble,please apply as above. - matr li " JANE WILLOAMS. LONDON TAT'PIONARV &FANCY ARTICLES Jtolt received per Washington, from Lmndon. PA PERt'-Englsh Drwlngtofall f ites c b.r Arithiteets . upeoriorblhe laid, blue and yellow wove Letter Copviig ptperi largo end extra latl.'d 40 and supter siti Ic gtillt edged note & mIolt palter, entrnsed& gold dr alver bmrdred El.c oppr t whiter, tinted, tgnclapsd, embossed godm end silver I rd oiRtd Manifold rt0ere o i Wcedgewood antd AIkerman'e I(bhid uicantd ietie Carbonic Books L.Lmdon mde foli o etying macines .otdon pocket bookr an n wiletlt feal Rnetra EcbCaeed and seal head turtle shell Penrholder i td llui orocco envohpe c e - I.unldo prepared Ivories, for miniatfrea l.onolll waler eolo~i' in Imleennd hy its" e:egleeake Oxford arndhor licllaneolds drawing oksft Ackerma n's dawi g pencils, in caes f al.t Steel Penn : Perry'sextra flne fine, medlum broad and London bridge London portableI.pens, in bore of`5 each inks Ackerman's liquid earntaine, Etepheude writin fluid, Perry's fluid, torrisoele and -Terry's copyine ink, percanent blto a,[gyred fuecy colored flt ide Elefant inkstands aitl 'scritoiree - I.tndon saotig wax and wafern, on.isi oter arti elet, suitable tor oifices and countiug.reomo, all of first qnality. E JOHNS k Co. tarI18 3w Cor ofdt Charlerandoimsn onts NEW ORLEANS & CARROL.LTON RAILROAD .. . COMPANY.. ARRAaoneltc FOR THEtt- WEOK VT"l . Peron, Cerrlttton. I.noaNew gleeaos. Hoe Cr ate C 4'lonlnr, AC. IHore Car 4t 1 o't-tk AA. [comotiset " - 1LH'o**ollve S , I " 3 " 9 ' " "', i " • 9 After 10 o'elemk a Car cn be obtained by SpayIst0 do tore fir tthc Trip. THE JAeKI'ON-AND LACOUSJRE STRIXCTANS t I.eaeCotl stllet .ee e oJeoek, A. M. and rLanadep. At enlfpostt o'elohk-this oar will commonce raetonit svery IItt hour,;nd cootious throughout the.daty otit e el 'a lP. . thom the heod ofJetk'oan ate.. . Pemo going by the Loefmoettte at . . wlth Tickets,,as ino wooly tait benns tby Ople New Orl.ans ad Coletiui 8611' toydma street. - JOHN [LLITI RATEilMiet of Jsnnren the {I# Mathewe, itt ..o.reeivendttpei; and for eale by mar 21 AlX 'OWD AR,W 4 aeaneti rade. I WoGRENE tnkes plaetie it annop .gu I*s friends and the ehitikene.of NIw Orlea.m.5 W onI lecgthhmtuht Litiigrai on a per . pri.oting, ad f.ot the pace' lee th aFr . - plaie engttit i, he calt exe *l | him, at o halfTl e ..p mm uf . 11a oeh,.oD h a n.m . h ce .i •yhiiuch to tmttdaa, 40 a 11 531 (MlaStble riet einl.ta ,r heec ., DAVI D+ macl18

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