Newspaper of True American, March 26, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated March 26, 1839 Page 4
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r t ° nma n -t a ' 189x' ,l d h thek n r: ix-if fill" 1"6' 91-'u i ar t mi+ ed ,he d ren ei :il h tA a, a n al iL~ntor ad In i-al, c ne nio ao t hit .Ornaii tqte app ealSF, h P r are tswh o he a thenio tiff o-a er , ilf No tiNo vna n i o at rti t rai l ainsl ' lV h is Jilonrerorto create Wnhr. Clut aen tm r .st eult r tof ItoPt, 3 e .4a t. 'ecti "l it m7 y be appresrd, ' alliVOe l'dhc, Tolth 'laii nk Mihave fr"io ea there is alwkys wc uaiLitv to rn ivuarc o. 'ht dt ner t r b pem lto.mcl protnatie tec merefith e , Filc i e ve a ) and iall vic-. I " violeenl:eo whe the T aonth: itu i alndlwnnab price, ws t, plncjiY it ciatch g 1.rnao- te ttilt o ,e r nan l her tatutei Uet lwith astlastanee, qaitli. t rulii:inlol tra" e tichn Ineartelllrv du cead to St n tV li, talellny ith he t sted. ?m pl~ltE v ifa Itltnra d nayllt ili o n pu. i tts mtdien e- thae t are T aily u fnered ouyil ttte" eoial oaum, the denn a` P in cd ynltem o fr on et Ritynid, eatthy ' a re tit tle aphnln a Tle h t ini, tinr ver O e, that lisoren o n ieitrmiae 1 t:ote., ail willcaell bv the ireiir, t *h t ( "pihactario in thi e ltt. S -i J.bliVI &t ANDRE WS, 1In Wholesle DI r eg i st. .n cotCnmnnmo 'l'tf lt irtolan ait i --- cl--- . . . . . . . s r a.p nmo nnd t 'c imm la t it e mlar *irnaasippiftnd Loulsinna Hotel, m..S MAY novrrna , tt 8". MnARY XKIRKLAND respectfully an. s eounces toLher friends and the public gene. 8l ':ntj shajtis preparoed to accommodate them at -he'above etabltilsment, and hopes from her rettni to render visitors comfortablc, to receive rteqan of former favors. She feels confi. .t .." porsons visiting Covilgton during the ,. sa lhnthe, sannot find better accommodationa tfif hcseain afford them, on mnor liberal terms. borne is pleasantly situated, and well supplied ihhfeviery convenience; the bar is furnished with t choi * ce liquors, &c. in short,she promises nt nothing shall be wanting an her part to give 1'tIre "safaction to all who may patrotize the *lolelsippi and Louisiana Hlntel. jr3 "ro 2ý17i NLiO C......ltountdersignvd. having S studied under Dr. Sel midt of Charlesto e. lh Carolina, and for somet years his anssistant in tile practice of medicine and surgeif , hae the honor to efihr lii professionnl services in this city. Re assures the ladies and gentlemen thatn the most prompt aittention will be paid to the calls which may hO made;dand also offers his services to the oldhers of laver, being well acquainted with the diseasem common to tlem, having attended themn in he sagr r house. in Charleston. *'1fhetamost antibilious pills alter theonmposition pl.Profeeaur Snollette, a ilB direction, can be had ':ofthe undersigned. The effect which they have produced In this and oher cities, has booeen attended withetlo greatest success, to which the best of references can be gi.en. Apply at No. 166 Maga. sp s trept. JNO. M'LORING. U LOwW A" ser ti n oD 8C BAD IRONS, " e. .HE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 41 38 vater, near Beekma street, New York, d the pat season, and are constantly recing ilargo and exteansive additions to the stooc - the above goods, whicl now consists of the llowing assartment, suitable for the southern and sparmarkets. - d r war of superior quality, consisting of f l99 diffrent sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, S0.sixes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, atiie u1u3 sinses, frora 3i8 to 18 gallons, SordOvns,7ditstrcnt esies, San . itNo 6 do f sp t dilli nt< a Its tn do Flat~osrs . 6 do Co ped ,piders, 2 br1aof, n ht 4 -do Fire'Ddj~a;".. 6 de vtgpisbs, fromt 1 1.4 to 43.4 inches. CarlPit p?ý{ to'7 inches. WgRa4on;lews, 20.000 gross, iron and brass, from :'ilS R Ne. o. .,3t9 inch, Nao, 24 of a superor i .gld f.nih, and less ther. Jane's imported . Aione. saesorted in casks of about 500 lbs for TailoC,'and hattdr's Irapp, assorted. tpigbts, QQ tons , assorted from I 4.4 to nPhI fPlantatiotns, steamboats, churches, &.e. beaoats andtosther machinery made to aassortment of goods is-partlcularly i to the attention of Southern and t hanto, and are etffered for sale at low upon the most liberal terms; it is be. tho largest and best assortment ever S-by y one establishment in- the l t, by erwrdng ag request by mail, can lea htd circuhlar, wlit descriptint of goode, p a drrt f'o inm tch no deviation is ever d l he .a >'eby lrn of mall. 1 will receive immediate attention. 89. o1838.3 ow . NwUas r-Y1ov.- 18OI37. ano-is ago I had the misfortune t get I so t lor clo I hayve alptlild to me.e t opae4 'itr did otl ere te e, so tew tietyai c rota uolerth. cale of Dctao Sto cut ttt.OSince that titt P wateo .es pt Se break out in, large ulces silx or atgt on es b leg, aul all ove I go.atnld not ablo to work sI ha taant ofhe dttdins; lance olcer on o _bhreatt. 1 am nua.ptteging myselfi edser he care of Dr. luet, rf Paria , y cared .JoHN DEAINi tF .iai the ebwtemotnlooned diseaso is Ieawdt~taio-y ewi *tislbttiot, for wvhicL I lepi 9 ojponovprI `nere that the modin f IIae 1V1'OOO ibtt·and 1lditiojure my at at f tfo Iodviqol tn-f Ilh olutebrers to PI to1)'A. Irtiot, 124 Cannl V4srOp- p dhio o ortti sreot. I)r. ate ly flea 9 'chick, a M, until 4 P At. 'j jtrueiO ot thi, eomplit-i4 JohN' DAN.4OGravierstreer.. au nt. 'Inn, ~c.wO call at iVa. 4U ctmviu: j ( JOHN DEAN.. !tA'e. atyaiaoof 4.ayerw..t ,,,4klmo. I I pittle at-tbb low price of 50 rt I "fti) II three aneso ý ' de+ Ifa~ the rots nd M oclcious in cuCOrin) * wi±I booatt6ndedt hit of Sht leot, berIan! itbona been inttro the Ind r@ecowtiwntda JpLy'c ass..t, Cure of ttoughsa, mc, cwat If _ 90#19 os blood, ru T rd r that we OVA llnarltound bwith rekrod.,. the bigow. p- fW)ihb tare *1.~l yg . s t r:a OiiWat( . . ib .u : dtARA-f YIC~t l~rii. U .lert7 ~t;~~~,: ea4Y and C . -, gr esOltrrai 6lcs, in great va; Rite and itte Pearl -ras r Slider Gecer. Goat Elmeatic Sespeondere; r Pifih'anol'Bxn ,titt Chaisa...eals and Keysv S V; Waist Buckles: Breeleas- Bead Neckals e fl Gilt and BS&igretd Beatn; indian Beads,t -eItc and PlamO. Shell Twst; Side .nd Direaiiue - CialthcPn"ieb,in addition to theirfarmer aoek.un hand, p ake thir aIortmnt verry clmplete, ai will he sold ow and nliberal trmes, at the siger of the Golden C homb.. l2-tf 7o Chartres street. g aubecribers, Agents for the extensive house of W. l . Butacher, Sheffeld., have just .ecived a vary extensive et of tpa' alr . counaietin of Table and Desehrt Knives iof -" r description, Pen, ockAet, Ditk, and Spear poinlt ves; ers, Si.s Iors. ndae Teols,&e. &c. &le. which they are prepared o exhibit to the trade tar ordera. Tbas and eooditionri will be made, known ot the time. tl6 J. I). BEIN & A COHEN.90 Common ot. IMM ONS, IIARTT&I CO.-Are now receiving per sllp Htluvilt. Egle, 7Merry Aondrew, Hlig. andler, ll Pro SL d Germ -r doalrhle heaId dnviu tantlo: ie ater, halt nl lre ket idtlolt; plain, rilre lnd il illt eaeminm lclis ea lilcsiers; ecissr. , Ranors, .en. ve il llitt's cmmerrlil and olther iteel pens; Vio no; Violir strInlgt shell, ivory ond h.ri eombs. wafersi ih, hltsl anl leather ilreri hair lcraild, front anti ek intlote llt n.~ ro lpttla; Gernei ot Frell rcolige water, Rowlandi oil, intilloi tdot atilque led beeas oili petoable deseks and -dresalg eselme Itasl - lckhgig talianl toilet (.la01; convex einert; 0p Scal gosel.s and vews; Indian heads, bells and plumes; Scoorileot; whit- wine; toilet md shaviag maps; toilet aowlcr,e a-setie ash l htlla srnted catin clshionsl r pool mls r Mcr clhioasi fley bind ehains carl. e necklnaees billiard bletll; pocket hiels and w lletis; S erman rtiones; razor srops.; fine and conenmnio gm h- ilsli etutpeetiers, garterido; Bells helf"e matehesi sil aer I;; Cieyonee, . &e &a. c. The aberele adltioo to our forter sitek of faiey n riioleso, mnklesletir ai rtment very c.raplete. or sole t whloale or retail ls the sign of the Golden Comh, 70.. r- Clrto a c sieet, m2a. l OTICE---1'hc psIneonhit of !(lle, ilacon &Co o I\of New Orlean ; Mason, lnrrl &Cdt., of Natchez; n -ad Harris, Kelley &Co., of Rndnev. was dihslrei on l' helli of May last, by the death ol Samuel A Musoe, ore of thi prioters et the fir-e. k The uanersignod, terviving partoer., will he chorged witllthor etlinog ndil rloesin ai b.sisines Aef eillowsa L LeviC Harris will atteod to the settling of tc e businaes i of Mtsoi, Harris& Co.. it Nnatchez; nid Horrin, Kel e vr & Ce.,st IgRdnev and Ilonry Kelley will attend to le allli a tng of tlhe bsines ofKrlley, rlnsoll & Co., at t New O rleans.IThe n e of te of he several firm will be rte Uaed in liahtuitio only. Those inclbted to said firma are enrmetly reqoelcted comeane forward d mke early nmetleaeOtir: and thnse ihaving claics will please recent them willoutrdelay. ed LEeVI C IIARIs., IcENRY KELLEY. ,is NewOrlanc, June 27,1N37. LE. aI EAN t-ARIeT FAiRNA'S COtLOoNE WAr iER ie 2 cases m-'re of this aeperior Ccolegne wrnter. jowt it received eaid filr iUle iV tlce dozen or sinlle bottli. SAlso Anerican inod El'reacl toiltet iweld,', powdler o Ills and hoxe, shaving and toilet scaps, rorcetic wralh bells, ncilk nof roses, cosmetic cold oresl, extraec o Smoak, kephalra, Wrdl's vegetable hair oil, poclatla, r ein'itele de IrsP, Florida. lavendsr, rose and bay water-,, ireee'c:its salts, Marteille, perli"mpry in trunk., ve.rgeta ble r id liquid rouc, Chcclrice aid Orris tcoth waslh, clolthl hair, tooth, nailacd flesh itrunhes togethler with Lo li cdliiocaal siupply of fashionsble Ieornl rld shelmll Ce. combo and jPwelry,for oale low at wholesale or retail at by SIitMONS, IIARTT &CO, ue i!v fl 70 (:hartres street. ye CCOAL. l-The s.hecrlheri I.Ve rlldcnnloly cen hand a large slpply c-f Cannel and Liverpocl stc., Ie in hbulk, ef superi 1r qonlily, which they offer for ti'a sle ill Io!8a to suil porchasers. n, Also expected by the first arrivals frone rng id cnil and the Ncrllt, Cnnael, I.ehigll and Peach ll Mollntsin Cln, hbroken and screrned, put ap in ten he.tehendl expressly for ltailly oar--ill of whitc, va tlley will dlspoeo of on tile ItSut moderate terms. ha Ordersn left at their Ilffier, No. 53 Bienvile st. up stairst will be promnptly attcenedl to. og act3 II. & A SOULIE. to, --- -- S Cololl W le rer, ricry, &c--A Orlilcici or article of cologne, put op lo tile retail ry. rtode; alsc the purest Feench Perflcrry, embrns tat cing every variety for thie toilea, for sa-l bh Ell ict 2 RFEdS & D'IAN(. h to Counltry Melehails alletd Plocleri. lie Nero elllh tblaonlet,, flcnnell, Ilnseys,lrowel n slehirtiee, cheke, linoens, calicoep, honlkerchief, &; &e received and Ilr sale low by lthe ubscrie n ho s. ROITA & Ci. d ot. corner Ccnal and C'lartres et veI .. ed - L IF Glea','s I'ejcirceciri,. l Ivdian Dye.-folr coeloring the Hair ; lear's Oil, a. Rcllcsr c bcenr's reese, poiitcunlc, Mincha's Fret die lesh, sup~erior pearl powder, hi1- iWhlei, creanl D . I rie,ioi vevecinble rouie, otto of osi, lic , salvee, kreeste Ioulll wsash, caiiiocn i dluirilicP, oraolge lo. hl,wer water, powder puffs and boxer, A ioricnn k, charealr noatly pit up in tour oecce vials, Pres. ty soaitz, eollnne, kreoeoa tllleth oche drops, hair dbrushes, E'dlisb drressiige colmbh, Indian blatr il, ie witlt a variety of othei perluml ries, &c. For sale ad by C. J. TRINCHAIID, aol 3 corner ol C.otal and Bourbon sat IRON ROOFS-The sthscribers have procored t, oa great exprnse, thie right of polling on iron roccs in tins cicy. 'They ore adopted to public hoildiegs, wclrclouose, rod private dwellitllee, end Iombine at once cheapoeso and dorabiliti, nnd are perfctlty fire and water proif. Terms may I.e knlowl,liad a modclseen at oucr estclblishmnoni, opposite St. lMary's mrkec, 'rchcpicoilo. sIt. oc-- - E B COGS"WELL&Co I'UPHOLSTEIY & PAPER HANGING STORE. lenry Siebreeth, (tormerly J. C. Wieks & Co,.) woauhl n.e repectlfully inform his friends and the public in genernl, that he has and is eonstant, ly receiving a reneral assortmenlt iof upholstery d anlI paper hanging. The fllnowing comprices a part ut his stuck, which he offers for sale at whole, soIe or retail on the most accoammodatinn terms, French velvet and satin paper, latest style ; do half common and commnnn, Pniladelphia glazed Sand inglazed do do, French landsenper, lire bhards, blinde, &c. do velvet and worsted do do, Inoreanze do elhres, silk fringe and galloons ofull qualitiea, Iatierns arid prices, worsted Iringes as 0 orted patrtcrn. plain and colord. Swisamualin latest style plain and eolouaed, cotton drapery I mulinsplain and twilled, as-orted colors, new styleol needle work fir ufta coshions, f,,otstiol rover,, &c new style of bell puller., ruised finures and plain, gilt window ornamenta of all parteins and lnes, gilt eagles baail and spears, feathers, .c, glare knob,, easters, hair cloth, figuled and plain, n largen asortment of toys fr clhiiJren; larte silk cord and lansrle, wrrated cord aid ota. aser, a general nsaortmentr of uithilatern and paper hliau illgie, contstn'ly on hands aid fto ale, at thei' lowest priace at Nut 41 R·,yal and 64 Cu-tom lineu eta. N L--Per.sonsn li the city or lanm the country4l ate respecllully invited ta saIl and examtnea Ir ihetmalves. Carpera and curtains made in the latest node rn style, rooms prepaared at the ltaor. eat nstier, and all kiidas of uplioldeetery weok done with neatseas and despatch,. otct 3 IL ij dUUll, No 54 Conide stret, betweeni Dumain and St Philip, keel s conalantly ion thand ain r xtennive analrttllnt of lioira aitt lbrogana, nod lhte-l-at New Yl.rk manufacture, ue r f en, woramn and eiildiren of all asee, which he will dispose of e at very i.oderaoe pliets,. lFai, lies of his a, qlintanee ronsending no trdor a will their washes attended itt S SEGOUR f DEA FNESB. q A NcaV tinle forpersona treubled with deauanta5 a S(callled tlheo .r Trumpet)alt,) has just been reived, hy tioh us u'tt ht'ich, rt alightoest artculation of u. d titan voice is dlrltetllv conveyed to the ear. Any ora waio has overree aeb altgll g rutacnversa with a very dna l"t..or, nust ha fully sea ,ile of the diOffculty and rta- I, harrusanmeurt eltcrieneneed boh aly titenorelves and the in. ni dividalset ru nfrruoately alicted. flythe use of th b I ar Tlrumpet thisjoltjectio is enirely obviated. Thre ct most sceprcal hiar al ayea a. Radomd their noubto after ti. having used tio l'runpet. For auin at to T F GUION'S, t Fany atore.corncr nof Common and St Clarlea streets a ,.l.r,,0 Eriuia...i hotet. fel 13 UI'ERPI{M OI1.--1,50 gallons pen: winter dit; A7 Sperm Oil, in casks and hlls, for sanln hby JAIIVIS g ANIItIW, til Wlti rlar srntgg Uea, corner C rtoiton aond Tche Ssterret. tae 3llr Iha a 1 a egs, 100 . I ia lira . g.ay al ,v English dale-P 1-I B. 4100 a - . l10 Paint Orushev1vfiuuu dhag, I 1ute Vermilli an fI htit Caral Vatt eYx 2 Japan R il' - I Cl.Coeh ncol 20 paiks Go|l.ioaf) ph. .50 do {ilnt4.'a• era .iu00 do D~t+t ial.. ,nt WlINj1oW l,0g6 7aniaoa, enFhialarad Froeb aetn : 1110 box'. vanuiaslzes and qualitine. tea Ilisatn.truwn du.oU bo-xesicl aioino. t wll be . .. oid low. tw oi a "-ah. a :geenraJjtttu ltaent of artials' eiloua , an4 te edd..i A " V SWUATI , C0 0 - , _N o 4 6 C It fl rel. " t ,l shamea. to.-ken at p r, and "Miarsaaiplti hot .e_-w O per entt dicount for grold, £ra .. .. e,. ju Ifa 1e • is i.. , .u m-in ,¥.com -.epow o. seaii a ". n u e t v Oee j , rby. e 1; rCe \ T N, 03 (.racitr t SlbPO~~f~ltfpfraj Jtfc ýSfld ihe'Piotyan6Oll iei , it H bee liters ti'll rm. i !heoy Ihj'ee"ri6eved trtejr, eet liihtnftl AOn6triai C imp wreet, i nmeiiotly under e I i'of cie %tbe r icaytine--here 'ltey are preparedj to execrute ll I oralers in their line. ti lviing received from the North a eupily ofep: p 6. per and maierials of a superior quality, for the manufacture of Blank Books. they offer their ter vices to merchants and other*, who mlly wiah work of that kind; and having the advattage of ti several years's experience in that line, they are jo a confident of ivling s.tifaection to those who may me f, f.ivr theni with their custom. oft r For .otaries, archliects and itliers, maps and eat plans will be pasted on liner. vatnished and I mounted in ithe neatoet ianner, d at the shortest fli 0 nniien. eat Plain and taney hinding. in all its varieties re . n. tC \NA .l adE-A rLHEN W AitKHteUltc t 36 Cliarree streett New Orleans. a, TI., SERGEANT & Co. itmporters of French hit aV end En hleh China and Earthen ware. are of nIo, opening new and rich Iatterns of breakfasl, " to dining and tea services, toilet sets, pitchers, tea lie !:nr coffee cups, teapots, sugars, creatms, bowles, Ot pleter, diuhes, tureens, wash basins an.a ewets, t foot ba hei et, a et. Rich eur and plain French and American glass. : warn -atnhlets, champaignes, lemonades, jellies, ne it claresi, miner, clrdials, centre howles, decanters. th n. thmblers, preserve d'shesleeleriespitchers,ltamp, no a. Iinp shade and glasses, candle slan:los, salt cel- st st lern, ete. an il Silver plated, hronzed and britania wnres-cgse tt re tor-, liquar stands, cake hlekels, candlelickes, dt et branches, eporen, Inldles, reffen and teapouls, sugars, Ci creams, lamps, japanned trays, anstral iannd,edand in- ha inineg fltpd,line cutlery), German. silver spoons and forks, together with a great variety at articles k t fo tr.nily use. Meerchants, plnnnere, Ihtel.s, antd Seamboanltns, furnished wth goadn at the most lea sonanble prie.s, and packed so as to be conveyed bn - wulh salety t any part of the counery. in il- Alen, nihnnerrnries' glneswarr. nov tan THE FLORIDA LINE Ia eFrom Maoilc to Auguota, (it, so . enaves ,lobdla very day at titree I - l 'clock, t inr per U S nail boat an Co for ill's Lndln., above Blekely,-tl ence our e stat etcheches ti Penaeolan-thtnce arentmbhoats t hI on Lagr inne, where the land rilie is resumed-.thenceo nt, vin Marian na lnd Brownsville, Flu. tninbli:lde, Pindernia n, llIwkinll ravle.Slnderaville& Lnnise. ved illeti Auguat, Go, ennectinf recularly wiih ill vs:the rill rOiin caris inn Charlesnonend. the I ens el- Iackels to Now York, Nortllk, Pitdellphin, etc. fit to lle trenllhlnboat are tlhe hest for tile service, and an at the navigation presents more advaninges than ean i tbe e found upon anlly Otteamlboat route in the south. iu ern region,. ted The great improvenents in the route have been O' use producedby lteconsnruction of fiftylnilesof nenlw P. road, by the prtprietors, viz : from LaGroeange Oil 1tlletivitie RavYu, ann ar:n ofStiino Rlosa Bty, to H yan i' Ferry, on the Chlrlltaholehee liver, ten .a sbottltvethe lCwlcrd. or 14 above Celdar bluff, It wnereby the navigatio,n of the river, and the con a ta tquint detentions, and tInnre recently the incon t der veiient crossing at the Cowford, ore entirely v aIt a"voided, aidd a fine road from Mnrianna direct It co to, Bainbridge, instead ol the roundabout road via a ain, Chattahoochee, lessening tie distance about forty it er, miles, and increasing tile facilities more than :ta- once s day. .t. Alno, a branil line of two honrs rtagen every ith other day ftim Hwakinsville, vin Prry to Mac n, tail c. contnectitg with the lihe to Savannah and Darien, Gen. . A mail steambnoat ilies regularly be'wean Bainbridge and Apulelichola. 1 rnve llrsa w is n g in io reach any point on Challltnoochee or Apelaoel: i'l, cola, can take steonleaoat at Brownsville. for Mobile to Pensacola-' Land Ron e--During the time oecepcid bly the repairs oif bona, tile proprie. II Stnri of tilIe Flirida lione will run a line of fouor I hlrsee pynsl ecoell every other day betweenl Mu. in blile aiid Pensacola. I tr' Passengers will leave Mubile at 3 o'cloc k.p m, tt. in Ihe U S mail boat, and proceed to Hlall'a Land. in, wheore a lour horse coacll will lte in waiting to convey the ln t le excellent house of Mr. Charles a Hall, I 14 mile disentr, where they will aid pleasant accommniodations for the night--leaving next morning, they will arrive in Pensacola early Sin the evening, thus voiding tihe discomfort of Il night trivelling. Oice at the Mansion Ilouse, hMobiile, and Col. it lits' hIotel, Pensacola, where seato must be seneu redl. Sl'TOCK't'ON & Cn. nov I i erll _ _ I-- -- -- Piano Forte Instruction. S William Smith tenders his services to the eiti, zens of New Orleanasas a teacher of the piano forte. Mr S having been empcloyed several years h is a teacher of music in private fuailies in B ason, tn and also at several of tile female selinaries in its )il, i:iinity, cannot but hope to merit their eolfidence a e li is l permitted In refer to erev Dr C(l.pp, Mlasr a ne, Stelean & Avery,. Henderson &. Gailtes. ve Fr ernmse c please apply at te buuookstore of gn Alexander .ower,. 49C.nmpst ienl et urn - ---- P en. Drugs and ..fedicines. tair B Prevost hes Ilocated himself in this city for a nil, the purpose of iransacting a general Wholesale a le Drug buhiness. He is now recmving a full supply ri ol fresh anld genuine articles, whiech hi will sell mi on liberal termts li city druggists, and those of " the interinr, to physicians, nmerhantl and ploiters, ed lie will offer inducements such as have never be, t in fore been offered in this city. Ilis intention ia to lie o a siriecly lecitimate business. Ilia stock will nd onin he complete, end in a few weeks will be rea. nd dy ihr business. All orders Irom the country, andl i from nlerclhanls of It is city, receiving such orders n aOn will be promnpily attended to. oct 2 No 39Camp at PROSPEC'I'US. TiE subecriber p-oposes to publish, in tile be. ginning of tle ensalng winter, a Condensation of the th wnuty volumes of the Old and New Series of " Martini Louisiana Reports, to be comprised in four nr,, according to theL model of Peters' try Conrce.ned Reports. 50 This work is now in preparation by J. Burton Harrison, Esq, of this eity, assisted by William F ie Brand, Esq. The Editor is also permitted by a do distinguished retired Judge of the Suprenme Court, ed and by one of the sitting Judges, to expect from ire their personal supervision all the advantage which smay naturally be reaped from their experience. all Such a work is becoming every day more ne s. cessary, as the original is voluminous, expensive, in and coerce. An increasing curiosity too is mani r feat, in the other States of the Union, in reference 'a to the peculiar jurisprudence of Louisiana; and the eo circumstane of the numerous principles here de. es cided in the adjustment of conflicts of laws, makes n the knowledge of our adjudged casones of primo uti. n, lily to tbejuristsof the whole Union. Marooves, id the rising republicnof Texas has adopted our codes, n; and thus there is a great demand for the Louisiuna I: decisions from a fresh quarter. er Convenient notes, indicating the parallel casae , decided in Louisiana, and oceasionally thlose on the as more authoritative forums of the other States, wit. no added to each case, , The work will form four volumes, royal octavo. er and will be delivered, bounad, to subsOrlhere at 86 e per vol.; in rase it should be found practicable to ncompress it into three volumes, the p-i'n to auo. Snscribero will be $7 per vol. Subscriptions received by - WM McKEAN, S ,e5 cor Camp and Common sis. d TII.LESI AE AND RETAII.COMB AND VA Wn 1I^ETY STORE-at the sign of the golden comb, Me 'I Chartres steen. The subscribers have re ceived,ia ahition to thlirpreviora sto.k nn hand, a full and oemplet.. assortment of articles in their line; via: eombs, porfnmIr'ry, Jewellry, brushes, locking glauose, foneu erticls,.ee.eonvistbing in part ns follows: CsleM BS--tortoi'e shelll, wrught andl plain tuck,twiast, qailled bck, tor; round, dressing, sid puff, cerl and rckh Broazilian Ermrb of every description amongst Swhich arc Pite Mexian pattern, Ivory combs of every .'daseiption, Ihorn, dressing and packet, togerder witlr a gnners l nusortment ofIrenh and American. I PERFUMiERY--Cnlogne, LT.vender, Florida, honey, b.y,ruse, and orange flower wafers of everynie and ds- e' 'crptinn. camphonmted Colngoe, entract of Blrgarnot, luucy seeps efoall kinldso, shaving do in cakes and rots, cream naoap rde, Ward's vegetable hair oil, bears and an Stiquedo. Preston's smelling salt,, plainm sandi perfumed railetpowder,peorl powder, pon Ierpuln and bnxea po ratumn in pots and rolls,arns and heloriwie tooth wash and powdersr*.vith a general essartment of JEW'ELL mY--'ome ofthelatent aud nmost fahtrioro. II brlen ecle oniOsting ofwhite and red corelino, tont. 5 jet eerdrnps, set in filagree, rmue1 plu ofa gres' ., ii ty of patterns, watch btrlmmsinnt, gil and ailvr .-au.lnes, silver thimbrles, sirher nidgiuld pe wcils and guarnl chaine I BRUSHES--Clolth, hair, ldust tg,erurmh,bearthtor,lr htr'flesh, tooth plate, comub, Nail, having, sIhoe andu f LOOKING GLASSES-Germea sttilu and toilet i lssas, magnifying and French drersing glasses, home p Iu, with a varey ofother hkinds not enrmerted. d 'FANCY ANI) VARIETY ATl'CLES --rncah and .5mnericn piortable derka and dressing eases, sorer very rich and finly filitled ladiev work hIIxesand drce- tb sing eases wilh and without muoic, musical hoxes, Ac cordinlm o Ivariones killuls, violins ud guiors, sihver ndt plated pecils and leads wood pencils (or eurpwaters ald nmyon,runile elocicn,gunaund pisulil with and withnut dU cases, penrntiun eulps. tp:recnuiJon clp ehlrer, ppl. a di screwdrivers, di ht beltin h gme huogs p' istia Mlrekii;, ay 00 tea orete, lIdian b sild . ofc'very kind, hells and plumes, en asnea4 eommnn iknivesr, nmes nari isseors, tdiimbleo, 0n "lpel, pies, ciiver plvte rn, steel und conleun soenci- 1 eke, bmnks lnd wallets of various kinds, visiting no urdooand crd eases, playvig eamIs ofh'reneht, Gormun co andi Americanu nmsnanetre, dells, iuitation fnrirsnu tii boxeo, prlits of varlous kiMis, Satunders' Ponetey'r h' Etmmersen'e, Iihllman's and Hawkill's razorr straps an, all netlllic ltoesnnalire, fIncy heond necklaceaa, do with "or la ilrpoy- watilne, p arl biluono powdlr flaskn, eat nd Te plns teed heads, girt sd yilver Jir, giat selslic 'iaopen- of ,l ,nd garters, p luin aed wvoni cane., beekgaotiuo the t (ifrtlee olptical vtetioe, ovvsbsnl e eows fes match it drinkigul, witha great variety other i e maa onths credit. neld ShrIMS fSeptn, fir 70(,n ert , .felth 'W.d,.dli hl, ! Pil hiador d d e'TOW RI, 19 Ca - n s. ,n h. fio . tAt(l.* .tad ntitle anit s n Al tsoe, pno in pgilnolrly uleer and opathebloffdlins o fthe sions, tocatsthoitdsbnai e nor Alloleetabf every decra ptlnts, fever races, and internl tass".i, Istulta, lles, asahl.bead, sent y, biles, lhro-. alsoeeyen Cryospelinbll hes, aid evsry varletyofn meIs aSriet , hronie Cctarru , heatL ache Inoced- /"t a fIromany eotridhamor, pain nathe stomsnc and dys-' hepaiT preaedlng friomvariiion, alieetioa. of the liver, hronic inflrsamaion of the'kidneys, and geneld debili ty aaused by storpidration of the vesel of the skin. It i sis.nlatly effiacious in rnovatin those constitutions which have been broken down by igudioinoas treatment, v tenile itoegularltie In general terms, it is reeom mal m dnse diseases whicharise from impurintias of the blood, or initiation of the humorn, 6t wrutever sam or kind. Soanme ofthe aoe eomplaintsmay reqnire some Iti. lie ng aimnt applications, which thecireomnstmne of the ame will dlictts.bht for a .'eral rmedy or nPtrifentor toremnvethetuse, the Ih'DIAN'S PANACEA will generally be found sofficient. TO THE PUBLIC. Slow true t is, that modern Physiecias, an their am bition to erse in their profession; explore the vant eld of sientae by the aid of chenlinry, and seek cat new re medial ageatsa in short, ao arrive nt perfection in the srantie bIy meoans of art alone,-ontirely overlook oal neglect, as beneath therrom e, ttherich and blonteous stores ofmelicine, which the Almightly ts anouted to slring out of the earth in every clime! Anti how meah more tren isitthet whilethe American Physicion looks to foreiga ecoutries for many of Iis moat eonimon aml neesmary articles, perpetually chenging as they are at the dietste offachion orfolly, hea ia surrlunded in his own country withas eodlers . ofulion of medlial plant; sefficient to answerany indiuction in disease or to sare any cuable aleiortcr; nd yet he is igtncram t of their vsr. tteh, anl tlsl y are sufered to 'wastrtheir Itealisg on the desert air.' Tbe efetiet or eg erale edliinaes upon the sysntem re temte ary-thsle of mieralistesing. The farmer e. et th ir ilfetor ad isa off-the latter, meas hery il pr. ticular, ant chemically tpon dnea solids, deconmmasig the beserand unaertrii9 g e the cele titotihl by a sloe sad care dcstruation. Tie songeniallity, efficiency asd mAFETY of vegeta hmle remeclienever e all, say ibe etimatel byc.trasno ingthe aciaesnt practice witl the malrMedi or, to brig it more immeditrely non:ler our own obseratiea, iltl Inli an practice with that of the whsites. Lho, ls America, gas tant knownorliena-l of repenleal iastances whereins some dnerepis, salnretmhding female Inali on, by meansof l ersimle remelirs alonc,ba alantel tie anaost ispit I nal.honaising ctes, after the aloteirna yleis of ttr -smmnn Iractie,. directed in the most skilfail masnery his foile l, Attd who hers rnot Ibeen s urrisrd at the om I.rative-re nst facility with which the tltlian flees rahim self from any disease, and at the almost aot abstinlence nfhrooilc dialeaseamong them? Who has rete heirs ol l Iadian wltha costitantion hrokae andl ralinedl by illareatnasnt And eans a dloubtexist thla this happv ex emn tines ofthe savage from most of the ills wliich the esla ofnan ins heir to, is hliefly owilg to more age ia an safe reanlres wsieh liae emlaloys? 't'is astonish iallg differnee it sueess, isn filr exelnltiiftiat of tler isfintte sUltriority of the simple adl safe means of cure wnlich God las created for tihe boeltia of Ihis childre, overl thos which the prisle and the ot of ntmal have in vented. a rotl a onsg residence amonga poortonof the borigin uner wil the, methemls of core of sonse of tlheir moat stacessfal p racatiaionte, the prnilarieto r ol all e andian's Lnancmnacalat I ur aa kaowlrdge of some ef te most lsowerlaalnsl favoriterenmleec. I'rmthelhlsesltenIted such an were mtaost elicmcious atal alalsapprolprats , anal later various eaa''rin eatso om to teat their plincilest'a ll at'eagth, lie has combined them as the feror hose presentted, as the most 1wert et nald etelncisl 5cr the polrpose for which it isrecoammenoled. T'hle prolrietor offetatlhis preparation to taie ptblic, with the onasciousnnss talat Ise in placing witbhislltlat sea, aremedy capable of elieoing manay of Iis anliacted fel low beings, wso are sfterinJ g nonler the various chroni aanl obstitntecomalniats so whielh t is salplicnhle. To much it will prove of icaalculnhle valate, as the means, cal ina mity cases, the ontly means efrelieviagIgtheirtnu leritg anot restoria'g illem once more to Itealts antat hip pintes. This'isinottoffered as a commona remedy, that may per chance Ie eqally gues with many others saow in use, hat as one whl'ic isncnapble of saving lile ia many extreme casaswlsibh all the unusuasl tetsetliesitil. This at las adate relaeaallta' and this is the rrpanutioat it lnsot tieael whereverr it lto beets itratlueea. It Is atal' ettut tlhere years since tlas preparlation was presentesl to lse laublic: hat it tfint tho't sapace of time, some hastredsla of plersons ioustt be ants,, who wolan solemnly dleclare tsat thley brlirreae tiantllhea liesi were saved by it, nall itt tsoosausesutrhetlry irads tried mosy natal perasps ill the cottamon resedtieo ina vain. Whlser ever it is known it irnsally cooieg itato use, and this affonrlstheaosot subastnantal oat convainacing proof of it mernits. T'lha value dftthe Pataoece i Qnnst conspicuousain thIor long saltanlias natial a-lhilitic atnd a'eftluouasnL'etions Ilthi have s tefied all thlser rntartlion, ast tdnp'Sicultaly in thos cases whlere mercury has hero no loviyalty astl as to ratse listreasisgpagns in the bosses, notion, atercos ridl aleors, lra'geslbitraso of stie alisttivor rag-sat, arc. 'ilear it cmpasletely r'mtvres, natal ss all estrt it attire ly craslicaes tsie sleasens natl e'fects otoet'nau'y, -ratuo voten thoe catatituaiono ati leaves the plattient sounaslttd aell. Itsst'ttastasstitandstsI in sat-eteal so'e tiar-ona, its hlsppy cllora ass tans Iens anpsrarucnt, givinag almsoat 'satae diate relief 'I'akeo is inrter dlnrses, Start slfasas IPnacea sIeotes at, allta'trnetiv-ead dltesgent;a' a slits sat-stir, dl attntic, t'eproltr'etseo,ntataomacunic nalnmsssemaeg ttgitru. Grae,. ally enlt-enael, it isereases a!l the aeretastaions asal ex eetica,,, givens lote to slte lsumach, anasl excitesactina isa theglands iuaa poarltcusasr isaer. Pro threse prissei plea itsope'aliont s assay lre utnders-tod. 'Ilinsredaiis Iiesno teu en found hlighily aseful in many amligtunttsliseaseastot here specifiote, natl it bsta trvts used wish wondler-lol success as a Spring atdsii1 atllt! Pu, rifler, by tlhose ulho at-e subjret to eotstttalsn of ttlr chlast, esllatt whose coatatitniioas'oajsia- new nigor. Sauta pera' sons willlao well to use t vo or, thtae botaatles in smuall llo ses. Wlhenever ntariettl,-in is cttacitarald nsecessrsty, lhia Panacra, taket in sanll dtosr; will ensaer aill ita spurlposs, in muca less Sinte, at less exptentse, atasd in a fart sates agreeable mansassaer tSan teir commaon siets s-inak. T'Lhe followinag cert-ifaates, tut of hlunasdared si asil-as' which might be lasocuredl, are give, to soisw hesta effect ol the lsalon's Panace, in thevariaass nomalniatsttneoa-lca aesationelsandl nlm Sto exlihit in alse moa t saticliantory miasner ilsslerioritriy over thae ayrupsa in nomson s er. CASES OF RHEUJMA'TISM. CHAnLnernO, Nov. 15, Itid. During the hasn winter anld siaring, I wns afilintld saithl avery trevese natnldisaarnsst-tarumoafsam, oooenioaetl bay atsaisg, thIst sin bottles ofalse lattlinsin' Panacea, 5rstasa'oa me to Ia-feS itehalth, and I cesallalrantly rconmmenrd it to all similna-ly anflicted. JOltN FERGUSON, Kieg gt. Patiasnw SI was sieed atou yers oiso, with adi.tressig rheumatism, cutsed hy ltki.atg:sever cold, wbilealnde theinllultcee sf mlernuryu, wlt whichllas datlthled rd I', tonlobusnem noearly enver se. I)utitg ltis Iperiod tot hoace bet. Itpatient in the Marine IHospital, in this cit ch oupwaldsot four months, and neawly the sanome length.g time in thle laltimorellospital, anltl tried alimost ever so. remedly, with little honetfe. Oo the ltlh of Folntum' nlast, atthat time scarcely ableto move about upon erutch. es, l commencedl thense of hltdian's Pitacola. In on' ce moht I fuulnd myself etirelnly firel front paiin, andl or. he 'ow happy to state thLat I consider myself perfectly well. e. WM. TUCKEr, 1.3 Mrket st. S CAStES O)F SCROFULOUS ULUEIIS eo NEw YORtt, Sept. it), 1830. It Thie mayeycertiy that in the fall of 18.5, l was seize 't with a awelliingle ny seek and tilce, wIhich nftetwac o, ulcerantedl ao becamt I tne aeghittly ulcer in mtuy neck. n Aflierntyiog so,'emtal pldysiiait to omt tttttgc, I wen' to Philadelplioa, and ildaeted smself untler tile enare, 0s Irs. Pl slec and lelch, wheln, ofter repeatedl salivitltOt e toe o fect, I was polontoned ut itlte' intesrable. Aftier. it. wards l nkI twenty bottles ofSwoiel's Pattteean otl nigh, bottles of Potter's Ciatlolicon, willt Io mlterlal benelfi loespaltringoflie, wlhiecs had sow become a hsrtltecn me, I returned to my palrelts in New York, ilt 18I9, :t gave my05lful to a li0geIs risg death,. earing of tilt Sgrlt slUecles o Thie tldians's Panaiea, Ilotelr, int aos '- sililor to sty own, I woas persuadn ito tlr it, a a last Ito, sort. To mty g'elrattttt.s, as well as stisfactiomte songolbund nmy'selfrapihly reroverrl'taHlsd uipon takini seven bottles. the uloershealcd andi I Itnt ast eiltt't tl. well it tihe cournc eftwo monthsl, tand Inee remained so ever since. 1 make this statetmeo attl wsh lit publilhed for th benefit ol toolte wltitre sufferting ttder simillr scerl'ulone or s)philitic afliectiott, lsta:t they maly know twhat si etscrenlme wio has safl'led eerasy tlitltg but tldeatll, .ndl Alte considers Ils life uaved by the above h vt : rup. , WtM. HINIIA' CnaLswiron. July 12, t ,ll. Io was aflliet, fuoryeoars with oila ulcer lls ite leg, oe Sasatonally ao mpllanicdl with crtsipelatots infltmatitlt s lt teoeUie twit itt tixoleg ott t ie joiitt. Secleal y emhient phlysyians exertetl ltheirskill upon it, hut with ou t i"tlatet benhefit. bs tllis eate five bolttle lmtiat' l'aweoea male a Iprfect cere. MAILGAItIT A VE'ST, 1'21 Market For ale iby HENIRY IONNAED.L, dnlrsggist, re. toa the llproiesoa,+ 'Tehtntpilonas street i NEW ORLEANS * NASHVILLE RAILk - d COMIPANY. THE stockholdera of this costpny are Iherebych no lifted that by a resolution of the bohrd of dlire. tien paesed on the 1thII islnt. tio roll Inatle tt tenllull on Ilhe 1Wth tFeruary !al, gir tile Ipatntoll of live dollairs Sshare, was re.itnded, adil to esid leckhuldurs uare Irlther notified Ilt It WVtIl.REAS, by a resoluttiot ofthinhotten'd possed on 0 the 19tI1 ittat .a ettll lits oIen t'adlo ott ithe stocklmltLroec of te Net Orleans dot No-slheille Rail Iolad Comllny for tite fitlloiVlltg pantnlsnts tt the slt eok held resalee. tLively bythemsn, vlz:--two doiiars per alhar., payable o n t le first day of Septebnler next two dolits per share paavble on thle first dlay of I)Dcember enoxl; olid ttso dullrspcr share pavhablo otit tile fi st ily of Maresh Iext. Nowl heefrebrbe it resolved, tllt tlie secretary of this conmpngy shIll notify dit' shtaro Iltldersn tlorein, thrnugh tie pttbliC prtlI atF thie ity, that in otlfurtnity wilth the sixth soetio, of the chalrtcr, theare peirmhtad to posttpone any pfIyment culldti in on Ilte sttlk fis tit c'*mpany for the teoneof sixty days, from anld airl e [lie day oil which it is ilnde payahle, with thle e'pI ess co n- i dittos however, fhat if not regnlariy paid withlin the a said tproloneation of sixtyy days, frmnt al after thl day t on whichl it should have beto Iupai, tlatt the tlie stto:kI r on whict Eld Iypameets slhuld have L.o'eso mde, is atd t remta.:. ,frieited to the comlmpny, the eltrter oit that In ptint besing impernative. It eotfornuity therefore, to suit I call, allstoek of the atsockhollers in Iamit eolnlpmtv, as tt think proer It pet oll the pnmeltsl on tteir tlouk to lII the an of the addlitional sixtyldays, llicht tio charter allows them, anro notifiedtht the payment of two dotl I Iars poer sate called forand due on tile first of Selt.- e tefitIeriie.i, may e ptostponed sdr thid e th h enftits oe of tsid chateri, until the 31st day of Octoer neat, that fhi the payment o: two dosllars per altare clled for, ant be due on the sleet day of Decembear next, may te post. be ooned until the 30th dayof Janutaro net; antd the pa S1 seat of two dollars per hatre ealledo for 'andlte spstlte . -ilmd y of March neat, mav be postpotd until the 30h s in day.f-~spil net. o t Struets of the minutes of theboard, an A R ScNAIR, 0q.o tie" .. . ... .. . ca ,.- ... s .tne i jT_~. pr l Y - tiatofarsos 2 1 IN IS a.S-is , .e 1. p, Hatf le JIlN i GIIIA. . p 16"" ?o1yatfts, Poensin s.l .HE ' nta~e H'ei'ed:-'Univerrd Metid;, hlune, a e Y W lt ki , ~i ,sq. . hlmteed i& ie Riirvl rof Sugee, Licehilate of Alpolie caryi(.ompjiey, Fellw aofdBolt Coute Soeiety, Surgeo on to the itoyoI Union Pecsion Asociatitm, lamnater e Plt, Waterlon Bridge, and Perpetual Pupil of Guy' Mil St. Tlson 's Hospitals, Lndlon. T' This vsltmaile medicine, the result of twenty years' g experienee and anl u clleled soneeee in the extensive ar al highly respectable practice of the propriety, lpatp nited by the faeclty and nobility, and ils now introduced in tothe notice of the American publie, at the earnest so licitation of a number oftgentlemen of long and high i Itandilg in thie profession. Itis hoped as a prelimi- a, nary step, to cheek the evils and Fatal couseque.ces oristig from the coe of tihe numerota and deleterious v. nostrums loisted upon the poblic by the aid of fabricated c -proofsof miraelous cures, and other frauds, by set of e mnrcenary, unprincipled pretenders. so totally ignorant ot modieal sloiene, that it impossible the monstrous fi deuloui can any longer tgo down with the intelligent ti peolle ofthisanotry. ti'aes pills, mild mnd agreealI e icntheir nature, should be kept In every familv icn caes ofsudden illness, for, by their prompt administrction cctbolerts, etmps, spams, fevers, and other alarming complainto, which ton often prove tItal, may be speedi-. SIvcred or prevented. lt ftot, all those wbo vaue tgoodd d italh, should never be without them. They are sol' I in pcckets at 50 cents, $1 andl $2 each, by every respeen Stable druggists benksller, and vendor of mnedicine i thin h United States t I be Caoadan, with opious drestios, :s together with: etmnmcmals of pIrofessional ability from d the following eminent gentlemen: Sir Astley Coltr, J it Abernetly, James BIcnlell, M. D., W. lBaek, M1. D., s J. Aston Key, A. Frampton, M. D., and numerous SotherN. The originals may be seen it p0ossesion of tihe telslce Ageat, by whom the madacilte is imported into tIhis counttry, mcd to whom all applications ttorgencies e must be ndtle. JNO. HOLBEIN, 109 Waoerly Place, N. York, e Sole General Agent for the United States, &e. t For ile by appointment of thie nrigicotl proprietor. by SWlaN 01 UIlaTntII, lrueggiets, No it Uluacc streett, g trerr Agent sfor Stcttbee of Louisi;na. jul v8 U ENRtY It LEE & co, No 3 Magnztne street, are a . rcow receiving from ships Nashville, Iouisville, I t- Kentck)t, Eagle,and other late arrivals trom :I r it c: thlern ciies, a large anti new selered assortmeant i- tlOis, Boots, Shoes acd Brogans, a, consisting ot'gentlemetn's fine calf amld Morocco hoots ,n o 2d q2n1itc do bulfldi, and stout wax pegged boots o I alrioansqll ties; meal's fino calf seal mni Morooci i rllhrv """ilts tnd brogans, bmckskikn shoes, bhogns nnt te tI sppet s: men's tine calf and kipped pteggedl sIcesndi 'I rogunsi to boots; do stout kip aull wail pegged sloes ra d brc ns; gentlemen's best quplity cal leweda shoes, I ltogans nacd Jack Downings; do call anid Morocco Si· cpkle slhcos and lrogans; tin calf, seal sald Msoceco. ri I tdliat shoes and slippl. , do calf, bulf nanu seat wnlge, 'y a.ew article; do line alcl, so.1I and morocco qt artet c r cots; Ihys', misses' and clildren's pegged mtid sowed ct brogans, ancd shoesof every quality anld kind,. Also a genernl assortsmet of men's stout war and I - rst IIroganils anld shoes, together with 10,000 pai.r s ctgro biut quality, irssett cbrogacns, inilidc in tbe Inikcs, aoedexpcessly for ilanteticon use; a good s. I t 'tclent o f ml mao c llne cncd stot htkip russets hlcogccs, c w rticl,, alld ar ge quantity of act inferior qualit) r stet :ni wax brogcocs . Ladies' fine calf, sead, snroceo and groain welts, ealI pa' c mllem shoes; i tinec FIlre lach Morocco ocd a lol I t k.lll slipperso; do roae shoes, with nid wlthout heels; Is mal;t, setal ait stout leatler bootees; o Prun'llea shoet ' t fall @kiuds ed qutdities do lmstcin brogalls; do ,tieh r d t. mand obxed bootees. Misees' lustingslpriug ahoesRciIsI r ol gaics. Clhildren'scolored Morteoo anid itinig bro. lservallted bos c\' r. e etctlemen's ieufashlioalble black silk Its; i do black it hn I ab beaver do it a sutperior qualityi do imitnton tt, ramadoe broad and onTrow brim mclt's fie dricab :oil d ct l: hk Rta sia short tnslpie cl ate, a niew uticle. Yoalhst ae Ica se size bats of tliferent ioalicies; do ohileren's. 'I- A.'snaiclbcy's blatck nld lI ab wool hats of vario cs 0 salr caps. 'S1,lis nssortmlent will be replreisbed Ibyle arrival of Sea It Ipeketslrom the noone canled cities, all of whicl . ille soll on acconmmodaitin toe i ang Icl-f . rFHEortcblieshed rpntaion and eongstabtly Iaedr!;l di- mind for thie s ffe'.tuul riily ol'cin , Uend prce sereative of tihe, tce iih, has inolced the snberiber s offer it to tihe A, ricant public. Arrae lcaget ts ha been nt de, to suply ageints in all tioe princilpal ci o Sand townrs ina the United S etates. o i to iplae it ithi re the reach cl those ecfi.'ring and likely to suffer this ntos Y Iy e arassing of all acbero, T'ooti-ichnre. ' i Whern appliedt aceordig to directions givcn on is bottle, it hs never failera to olrel immediccte ansi it contit relief. It also arrests the cdpcye m dcintctiv teetbu, and releve l:, dct sraeness hich'eo irre inrlt erenders a strong loe t o nsuless Thre i litieon eiint renIed are sinl:oie, iporeut, t Irt Uilll lcaulyll eotl. t the Inago numcber of persons in Tliictrest seictoioAs ccl i aeointrt, that Iinve alir uny exerien.ed iviceh dciihitrfu aThd sualutary EcilCets froin t iloCe ae' of Ieurlue are ebld r a to bear elir the e il good their ti ell non ab o t o rivalled exeusittea. It io s fn ldiau rtbo d, obtainde einguhtrlv eas:l uwaexpaetodlr, alno Ias be re wrlt s I y ilthe irilited wteld lt· ate meat vulaable disev.rv "y redmtan lo the WiOdi . its tice $ti ier bioltl c. Sold ib J.\Iic'Ich & ANDRIWS, inr d. 'tCr oc' ccc'ý,ol :ng. 'I'f," nlctollct s t.. N. - ý tO'I..- =d lt'Ui ,:i i .Ucc tcccttlt it rulnor f l un t' tcp rrrie l ld [laviIa g solhd outr or diseoC.lerued Iij. old aiiltd Iotl eslah!isencd GARDIII N SEI'I) S'I'I01, ill .\ ji (,iilo C oum r b eStreet, :i. aving bcen mlost inducstrcioly circul c ed bIy ielf. i inLtorested parties, thie subceriber bogs to iassure his iy friends generally, and the pualie at large, tihat he e' still cntli:tioes within two clocro of his late, or c lorialnur -tcid, to ice fclrnished with a fill and cx. it Lensivo suppljy i1ii ill the standard lcinds of kitechoa or voge!tlll ettrdcnl 'cYclds, of thie growth alit ill. port ol'f Ihpr otL aottsc, 1837. Since the early part oI Septcmclere Ito Iac r. oia coivn amlelO supphies, by tho paket niilce Vciko. b. curg, Knlucceky, oid ArkcInsas, all arrived in short upussages, direct from Now York. By tilo Miasia. o sippi and anotler packeto, ie is in daily xpeclta. ios n of a supply of Frlit Trees and Asparagusi ry hoot, haviniig already received i'voices theruol' by mail. 'lThe subscricer begs further to astrm ro ll, pilhlie ti at largc, that ie is at present an wll renabled to meet and execute orders for all the kinds of Gartdon SSeedo, either wholesale or retail, noas Iho evtr was cil since his first establisliment in Jcnucary, 1822. to Country Daleoiors and Market Gardanera' ortlera filoled at tile lowetst and ccot roasonable rates. Iccy thi pound wciglht, and galion or bushe Ilmasure Catalogues, citlcr in Froncih or Eiglish ,. oay o t lways be obtained on Iersoncl applicitiot asc anousual, to WI . SMI''H, 1 Gariden Sued Store, 85 Customhouseo starn:. I NOTE.--A constnct sopiply ol lirc Socec, eil ers mixcd or plaic; pulverized soup; Iherba, and Sihakers' dried hlcrbs,-owiti a nupply of peas ncd beans. I Fancy Pocket Uookse-Undor th- he-ad will be found a splendid variety of ladies' and gentlemen'a pocket booksa ote, note, urd, needle and thread cases. S Fancy btoeks, Puspenders, &c.-Of tile latest npattern and of superior quality, consisting of plain an ftigurod satin, bo:lb.izcnr, velvet and cotll, stocks, linoen bosoms,aa plain, and fancy with and trihouitn ruehie%, shirt collars, suile mdere calleo iWashinlgton satspendrse , alas, goatL cstico waorst. 1. oed a cob do, willth .n d wtithout roll:Is, pantaloon strpa witll wire epringe; ctl a groat vn. riaty of getlolicu's weoar, llle expressly for thel i retail trade, by A. L. Vanhiaor and on ofr Ph ila. Sdolphia. it Cnlbsc-A general anil coltplct ans.'ornen of eonhtea st tlheir u innfnauctory.A;so, English anid French dressing combs, etc. diec27 RUSII'I'ON & ASPINALLS t iOlIs'OUND T'ONIC MIXTItIR. i--.A peedy I and coitoin curm for the Fever anti Ague, remittlent and interniittent Ibvera; prepared lona ; the original recipe. Vlud wath imi luet and uni to veranl suniess to 1832, by lerse s of tho I ighestel Srespectability in this city, as stated i t the annrauil ir certificates. S Thist medicine is highly rceonici ded, and lhns II becn extueiivoly usedl in the above disceases wihl i such distinguishled Onccus, that the proprietor of tile recip ties iecn induclned to off'er it to tIe pib. lie in its presrent form, in the Iholo lihat it may be tile means ofr reeving. many of those who are suffering under theI scourge of our country. It in ita itemdicine possessing groat virtlle, and wlllrell used according to the directions has never failed of eflhecting a uotre, veni is the noot obstain to stage of the disorder. It is not it all diea greeable, and persons of the weakest stomaclh, and ehildten may take it with impunity. 11t strengthens the digestive organs, creatus an appetite, and s.ldomlt requires more than one, or inl obstinate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. Thero i Ineitther mlercury nor arsenic in the medicine, nor any thing injurious to tie human constitution. The proprietors are so well convinced of its efficacy, that I hey aigree to refund the price of every bottle which has beoo taken in aecordane3 with the directions and has not effcated a a perfect cure of the fever & ague. A. OLIVER, nole agent for Now Orlean, at his whlolusnl anId retail drug an'd mutihcino acore, borner of Bienvdle and Clhartres strepts. For District Agencies apply to je5 T. W. J1'1'II, 48 Conti It. IS1LOWGATE --PeINGS .OthuiigOlery couIIIty, A abloii,, ( 7iTHREE D. I'S1 JOURNEY FROM NXE I' ORLIEANS, IrH1,E proprietor of lils establishment has the pler - snre oti auouaening to his etle iieds ttiioe litblice in gelielmle Iat lie will te in reolirel sby the lfirst dsa of Alav to receive viaitere. lie will lso stalte for thel.: act e t iof di'tanr, thai thel have bIler large a imlpi le s made, ainl thsers now gii no - oi tld ino rapitl p.rteress for compiii tlon, whrieb wille abl e I a suhner lier to aleoulotnbtilt I lt iun larger nuitmber thn a Ieretoori, iand l h ste allo time i eh better. s Feumailiu cau ie leCoinodaled li it id roems, or 1. there awho Irelr cau have large cabils i canched from a Ilthe i lt l at lluildlig. g It is deenod Ulllecee.o.ry te say antllhilg in pariclt. em or of the chiracteent te se waters, ti" it in geall" ci biliecild that tieo are tiot inferior t ir ie i the eSouth'. at era States. All the amauseslteen that see getteewlli n et ftid at llotering Placesa will be found at tlit. Ti'ce at Ibest music that this part of th eotuntry Rllihls, Ias , bees etigoged, sCai will be in eoltatlnt attleatnhe ua the ik e Speiulldutirngulbe wihole sennu. al "Jwstiubhsashme will avail hiiseleof thihs pimptrinints as in ralurnieg his nulteigne d Ihaik.tlir lt-vltery liend i seapnrt Rl.e, kii l.ait seasoll, ad hipee lit, the eelr- I ti tin lthat hb.' l.eels tm iall i eiltroilng ald ellxtellig-! i the netenstnldlltiuln, ti ltei ia i iltrill IelltIu.inecs Ithe ptII. oIIINPIIIII Jl~ii ItM. I, prne anI . ' '8111 u t --·- ,~L S RO UT', T'S T ,tES OFt I .hIt T:j Trio whiilns now adled.unrAverage Time Calepln. 1. oe, oreso y methond fpsi ndig the avewgie time ant storage, ites of or hbills at gsdas, whsn no r hased at dlfferent dates, en different eieiits, and for' riouos ammamta; besldesaseful Mland omplete lankig 'ime 'I'sle, theim best Ihatean be ontrvedl. artrist fi gures can produce within the Same nuleamenld eompan., and size of type. Anacveortiaement in thebook is in nearly the follow tThe igh distinction this work has received througl ithe ten legilative asets prefixed to the title page, is a re. commeondtiom in itself, o amieomnion,, and so eonelu s nive, th t nothing is neoeary more tlan by wy of ld Ssversisement, to give enaondlened view f nome oeita pe ld liiriiees: n for nosanme, the Interest han bheesl inmen. af ed fihom, and compared with, what in equivnleatto maour ta een saei fes alultion , examited in the pres thirty Ia fve times, andi pioted Irom ,terenoype plates tested t hiryty-one timbs, from all which it mans he evident ys even to the skepti (eecuinly no the pe.ual othe de- I e til of prooin the prefnce) tleat the weva matn e arimh ta, eteally infallible, and in confirmation ofthis beliofa g premiom of two hnmlred and fifty dollarn, is now oflfer ha ed f nr the detetin of f aonerror ofa eent in the present Sor fifthl edlitiol, an exlreased in ke'prtefaMe, maktgfive ' large remiuns offered for the same error since the first pahlieatinn in the year 1p02. One of the most oanlpitanoa features of the tables is at ithe ierrangealent of tie Time and Amounta, which m for expedititan, refeoaene onmlperapilttity, with the help t of thiie anti ismdex, cannat be en elled; and the a 8ly ., tyasm an se with which time io:eresl eao be fund to the as extet ofgeceral besilne, withoat doubling otf ams o is hesidens a eoovenienoe an essentinl, tht in dithe estima to tion of omee ai tme most competent and praetical hali. a ness men alnd public oflers whoit have madegreat use of the work, it eas beenl dinstinguistd bytho henolable a lpellition rfofa "maater pince". And eonaidaring the infallibilty of the method originally adopted in r. eompoaie the week, o d thie extraoreilnary number end va-, lep aottieeaminmionsine, amltestsof everyediotion it l paslaedli the prntse, eotwitatamolingthe whole is in stereotype, cmnsideorting, in snitrt, he poitive sneauney re aecured by tile anpreeede oted means employl, the vo e luhmehas heeon hmlm ane d eno enpatiually atyled " the most woelerful book cI tie waslk;"i mos serlaitly no mane n oas es figre work of the ame an ptt, w tich since the begnnin g of creaition, tate hal the rame nem ai b tsi vrtiety of tests in the same nmber of editors; no, cnrone halfthie number, an is learly shlown in the em preltre. mm Benside, astest ant standanl, that bteen tried antd r i ee in nearly all the abank asnd tlae efce in tieu lte States, and by the ptbllie generally, n l rig the s, g perlio tid of thity-five orear, yet noeertor of ihec l co eutilmns las ever be co abnd in ilint, athongh aontinu" haelmlemgedp by tihe t.lerofveny latge preminma. r, ihe i fact expres.Sy adopmed by all thenorts em oflaw ei sUIrmal oftlme Sltates thie "mate of calculatlon cl fore.maltte ilterest," as c.Io Sy law for bank interest, e ertliogps tlie hook is uased, and as a. y Ie eeoe in r Itet, by ,,mu iumes of trle aubsribet, ond a few of the ar n osemuentl .chaolmoeSr, ill the l ast at tle edl of tile book, Sis in losenssim el el'evemy los of leiiz tll in every quam mte of tlle Um itmi Stoles. t It is nmoreover nell known that, by its rearly eheek, m; it has sm often detected large errors, Ig lifter tiey were ade, even by the most careful o ad niirt comretent sl arillttneticmnms, tam its usefulness, and tde abmolte nte i, lcessity for ts i u, have been extenalyely inslsted u lns. I; so aemllnt, ieett, tiloe boee its advantages, naml its e mismags, thate, evemrol p)crsaage, whilslt the first edtiion ranwits sarce, ad out of priltt, a gr tea cnmlbr of steont hm ied lcopies were sought for, some to n gre t distatee. a- nld lptroaed :t vlarious inpices, as they eeold occasion ally be picked mtp ti from $10 tno 5 per copy, anti b tomre lernsons have recen.,y delared, aal insoanees Serom ld be quotedl that they woull lay $0t, $100, anti $500 s for m erpy, tfmotti be hadt fr lea, aclo an i lividual I' il tlme iatter instanole ptatievlarly, iavinig at te mame imle rxhlibite s.tinaSolTy proa or prof, to srteml personapre. as sent tles tol im it was really worth tlit money nmd n Amore thm ogih Ihe srineg of is very valabsle time, he Sbeingo very rich man and in piblic ofilee. tof It llikewise wom hy of notice, nmtp inedt proper to rfimbe;, that uheb is thme nature of fige work generaly at aelpeeially whien of tile extemt anti imlatonRee ot -these to Ins, tlht hod this book or its like Son Iprel r ed i the ustnlrl tianer vlomle, i the most competent caleClaturiol the wornl-, od Pafterwards inimlted most otiaaloclv under hisowno correction of proof smleetls, it Swotul, mmon t to a certaintlty, have olaee anae for re flrellt,atl dc:r at any price, as thie prefaLe darliiu h inp explaii lua. lutc a perfect and nisable have tile Oere.;tvt pltettlis ol'this womklbeeo Inee, tlhat toeeeire Iielo, wthtlloeir illlnelcus and extraordinrnv xamline ma tolns,.toaiAt fire, for thl general bnefittity are (by ditetlliseoLot) costantlmy keipt in a place uf speeial sano.l, exeelmt while tetm lo printing. Ampledilmoetions to find both baiks anmil mtilae ioter est wilth ttsefut notes, follow the prfteann which, in this nii hll 'as imm mhe atn prmceeiimg edittims, eo.mtain moch in ~m ftn-:allmn coieCtrniig the tmo ltoufl cacmie of eaomput ith Itttgtel at,, tlee dt)i fegl ce, Ne. fu It renmmims oy t remCimIrk thalmt, notwtci tamnt ng this Ulmm tcmimittmiy etmmn ly cywork, whici wascublioietl Ibefore n- Iltlst ttbles wer:miltrom-eucd in toilar,. andl entn be Itr lmcmtcammc', it hn imot ntc SO ttueh as ,teid with interest. tee heavy loss of oaarlv r' fIntr thousnd rllr (esides six yenr. l tillhe fremt IV79 to 1SIuS, nstaito a Oll the first dltionll o .f 7 mi 'olnies aricing chieilly fitom its p .liea tiommtll mt th mtime, t am nllwer triee,) to sty nomhimtg of compInsstiol or mlir haunost a lite-time otf e r, toml, m .ll " lcrieflee. \It mclatelim the lmmthnr still reliesnot the tllttrminerim-mmt nmldl*etnermity t oflthe piulic for t•cotimou acc "it'm prlcmtmrc and latmtage. For sale Sy tile i f'rht, m ci 1tle.alit-e. int tle Unatld Patles. 'li co.o NEit\ StaInK, a .m'fc.e-I Americni cI:te l:-Eg d, ty tti atltoro"A Year in tpainm" ini Jtcoltrme+. m t- llt n ll tl+lldl'-ti: dulltil.ý , Jusat receive"l and fir sole by W11. \I'KIAN, , - V & uiEi-&1:\mgFt- ,-it,- ponn, i.t mlotm Ei I r:cL tif Sraallarilla, Sar tihe care of ballntiate ' iptiona of tlmo aki; pimples or pustulen of time m t; bilom whli It arie lifono an impure state of the itj ad; aclv erua liona; p ios in the bonets; chronie ih eactumatia; I t , r; sceroftuin, or king's evil; white t.awlilug; syphilitic diseases, a, d all diordersa s arising tram all impure stato of the blood, by a long ry crsidecc in a hoi climate, or the iojudieious use of mercury. is Also,--Cave & Schafl" r'a Worm Syrop, or In. I to fat Preservative: hie best preparation nw oextant. tAmnong wlhiech are tihe following:m-Iindln Dye, 'a fr col reig time hair; Bear's Oil; lcnsaian Bear's Sruneam, Pulnnmto; ichow'a Froemle Wash: au. perior Pearl Poamder; Lily White; Cream of Roees; SVogetable ltRouge; Otto of Rost; Lip Salem'; Kre. oitco Tooth Waih; Ciarbonoic Denttfice; Orangn SFlaI;ver VWaer; Powder PutF andI Boa i; Am:otrl. Xm can Clhareol, neatly put lip in four .nuc vials; P eatan Sahs; Cologne; Kmoosote 'oolhb.aehe ' "Dro;p; Hair icllmrimecl English Dro D ng Conbsa. o lmnmii flair Oil;-with a variety of mther Poerfu Omlerie, &.o. Foir saleI by L W GLENN'S P'ERFUM RIES. toJ C TlRIN . ARD, Corner of Canal and Bourbon streets t i - . .. . . . . . . .. . . . . . . .. . est ------ ---- - 0ill 1-Y l. k t .'. Iloose, Sign, and Ornlaornlt )ith a_ t Iuinters, No 3 Caotlele street, two doors from Id L.arnal street lul Illntalitons of tle rollnwhng woods lnd ma'obles,en St.I ecu, cd is a m ste ' ll w \ I t-gso)y, Egytleio bIlok anl gold, la, Oak ih, i ioall ad Antoleo, lIo ollr do n Orieonll or vord utlique, SCurted ,h le, lJasper. Coole Maple, I lliod tone, IlitiS l'e .!n, )terbhy (Graiite, It Stoin Vtoo, , P sotom si, hair Wood, Dove or t elluallo, Yxw' lTree, I, lian White C:orolmaadle or B]lack i:lma ilod Bi'.t 'lla, dy Iose Woodl, Almeri an (trey, s A Whl,o he Oak, ho k. & te. in CTu'led l l kl, ~i Snc mulh In be seen at the shop. Paitist oils, glt :lass, colal varoh, &tc. oi hand rid for ale. 1 ()N,fTI'IEEL& HAVY IG00)s-. atr, quare n sne bundle iron, well aslorted. Lt Iloop, esroll all rod iro a, noil rols ,l tlough aof Itouls 1 It. Cast, Germn, shear, blitlter.vd, spring, sheet and b L owley steel h lullow wo'e, o t, antl wrdorhttnals amlsl stpikes ZiZlc, block tin, mill al, grood tloees,, dt ketlies iotihat, cables, anchors, hoes Od , lg to ,l tree Llhaia, orn mills of A,,ils, ltes, Iltmllmoslod IIetllows o Wire, skeet, pig , dl br leali ullot d Ctl,tll, and ooking sloves ty -Ames,.s Itoland's roI otherspaldes ai shlovels hIiook atl plate hitlges, dooro,,l window hooks (t ollins, oots, tSlatp, 3,1 ohler axes es I'ar1'"4 and Mlanila u,;r'lage, lines anti twrins or l n e althl antleettitg oolqptt Naval stores a, Ptits. linseed tlnldsealme oil r A ftll asoltmotett of htoalwa're saUt ship ehamnllery, alwwystno httd, otlo whic atio oe ofeCI flr raleat wltele e OI'se lte iltmost fiLvoalrle tent, Iy tm 4- LAYTON &t Ce. 53 01,1 Levee. TI M E\V GOODS-Sinotto Ilartt & co are now 're eteO civing from ot ht ard sips Yazooo, and $arofog,{ ,, 'lndlri Concordia, from New York, aret varielty e goods in their line, which together witrh their forme .tock on ll.oit, noakea theoir tasoertt eat very, I plete. l'The follig tmpo art vz: elo eltwiot,.,.r:,;de, tu:k Hod dreo.sitg omlo, horn do ofull deseriptiotns, In dia otbber silk ild woroted elnstic oarters, cotloq & fine elastic tolpemders, loco foco end Lmoifer atotches Seidlilz powders, epotderputtls and, boxes,toiletLtowder, pocket bunks ancld wllets, eodlet book, stell It pear, ivor nrtl Ittolrclt:o etlr cases, lead ortltoteots,poin eo rol "btulo , necklaces atl tegligeeo, lIest[l ohin.s, bead f ee klaes,,rtt glh,.oa oa plai tseedailver a t giltbeado, I tndi tl beads, Ibell slid plumes pistol tid largo Rw. let0 floks, ,shot belhs, horse, lit. pocket and dueliIng listlo;t double ad singltoe barrellotl gtns. Bowie knives jnkI dirks. sisors, sltelrspolket knives, guard chains, 0 arI rillons, waist bucklOes, eloth, hair) toolt, calleonb' ,ruttl). shoe, plate, floor and dusting brtasls. Cologne, d tFlorido, lavender, rose atd bay watcr,aoaorted asesnores, and extraotn, tlacaaer, Ihear, antiqleo, antd WVard'a ve getol, Iohair oils, shlaving and toilet soonp of all des criltimste, ludier:' andl getlememna' desks ond dresain,, c0e03, lair ricgl'ts, frizottea ttd Iraids, plain, fancy and musicalwork boxresa, lai and iltaig d, coat nd rest h.ttoeB, pearl cad ivory shirt Io, altirt etudds, gold and silver cases, tuothlpcks and tweererap(lated .t[,l gilt hlket,, ruiature o, silver, braos and steel I 'imhwlllce hooks told - :o.. hair pins. pnitation MRuit,'blk atI rd ink, shu hl(uLking, vtoliuo ant g tilnr, riledo n ad, plain .peoftn el, C , iao inedtwin, taented ettob.h Stca tr d"tt 1t[' olt, e mtttl fr.ngelnuar )paper, gen.u ag, rlt wtips- wli al Wking ea- .esar. vt ,Irye ls,{ ls _V 3II t rl, tle, tl,,, MAIL AI6UA'N.4EMM1 iENT No.esM. ,tDue Evr'Day at 12 Ml. oteleAfnil uCl6se Evsry day at 10 Aa M Westere u ,{fil, f F e iore, tttn 3un d Vea rt, err Co , C lose avery Monday, Wednesdy - T EXPREIO M!AdL,-' '2Tý-^ TIMES Of ARRIVA2DEPARTULF DItTA C Yrk-ls eair Mobile dail D at 3P. M. NdhItelw New York d.ily at 5 P.iM ioutltlird. Arrives Ar1ivre Nartlhtward. DIstance. 'ime. P etsrp'g. pontgomeiryAla. 2pm. 98.Om's 23311 1 M. Milledgeviils. a. 6 133 14 2 ioromuiaS. C. 7 am. 163 174 1 d Raleigh,N C. 5 215 22 12 it Warreoton, Va. 12 m. 55 65 a Peterirburg, Va.0 pmt. 23 10 oa.m Itichahmoad Vs. I am. 21 =3 64 a 'rederioh oe.oy 67 7 Wepmnt. r- W ngtlon city, 2pm. 61 64 a it Baltimore, 6 38 4 04 Ty TEN O OLLIAI, S RTEWARF1D Re RAIAWAYfrom S Crdetet corner of leei seNew Yorknt mornlig i Poy.dras street, da ho' omedj CHIARLES, soot D Iance 'rahe, Isortd I e or thereabouts in height, very bbrch, and husa imped Miteslot itn his speech, oocore of hi is ore, r caby areceshont he mt odr owehe wn awetlemn cotton or linen hirt od whi.t coto pnt ita i. naserr of veelHs sand .t oots ara eotnt m't to ont receiving or hroring sid tegre, as well as am in other person , as stshu o rigorof the lartwwii1 as is enforced agraino them. Tito ahov reward will ble tt. Ba fordelieing hmim into any ifthe ils of either th hi monicipalitpis, or at 169 Curuodelrt, corner of Mosi., i me Yorge. lro. o i otLaTLCE-'1' cominlrteraltih, tretofnore exiting t rnder the firm of lubois & ofAtrre.tsnn, ot lmrear disoolved. The subsorilrr will tirnuldnta lth peairso i the eoncert in this city, od reqruire t all persoo s l ttr b. t a ad to mahe bPyment to hir oly, i n ts tig Slsims,to aprens etu Itmoe foretllete . an to. W . SWwANE.----A I. aNo. ICeaod o rl rree Aetr Orlenti .oHAS alwalnon hoad cohteaetly & rcining rtloi. lDyes, o lremicalel ,and teamotrs,utre ,eg ar nt iido i tracre, Arglrtd, ore, re, t t Arsrei e, ru es, e Aln r r, Boae, eudei, C sri oper w le i tienns hrime onrcme, c , artie, Tomnto, d tio mroll, do Cbiate do dower, tfo Mattne, o, ire . Ih, PreAel Leriteas, yis (.heteia, irnduign, yI e lto, r Cream tartr. do Miilai or 1 Cantltmide, , le r lern cs, (itm sloes, ido ti .otslti, do Abie, Lergwood, rCoeriolt ru o a car da , do so fattinir do re Anaa Sie .Ioml rsmoieruat, ilto JNtia, ito hoetdesii, Camlwoor, a ' crltugh, Mopader, embeiin, do do eraledr, Nicueeangl., limasre, do tdo SAmerto'., ,lo Cos, rd do nmpltr, olrce, td o frlasl e ,T l do do refl.J d Eo stli,. do galower, CIIo IICALS. to olimno1 Acta, anitroa, ly tlomasic. ido teitirlc, o ito opis, io rrljlutie, sdo helloc, Blte vitriol, t do mondem. Cd, orrosiv, atrliamti. it Slo rtstrag(aotr, Chlorid of olime, Gai taboge, soim oailts, u. Juntiper berries, Ateeian, Lunar casttlic, to do Forueign, lied lrerraoipte, re M ognrsi, Esglih, llooeilt, slt, a. do Americool Iler ctrotnto teplei doi esn Bake, Su)tt d .S, Sat, ; do dort, l StIp o.rdO sl.L Liqeosice ball, Soturr lean, Oi oloves, Sdr ptitle, in idoi s, 3 ttillu qlto ., tt trbegonrel, *atter emetic, do lemena, l'AINlm'S llloe i ao pcti, lttme, l Itaod getia, Chrtllor llow, i. lt , Cipecamoe ti o i n I do joiit, o Iero, dry, Jt' eo lir krite, ' lo do , e o rhrubrbr,eP , lie titblrik Erle, io sotaa tittitOs , 'In A ral eS it 1en, Ablg ral., le ine orlr , ittl trq, oh ttio. r do ca h uino ri n AI I I le i d o r oitti at i SrT tl lr I, y el lo d lrlal t i ,ee th..rtio t rri it lir iltlilc , ido d iar o S rrtto tnragr , Itt o I r .b E nitriniltI l Si recor e . lix h t ., erio tl, ll , tt itiie trlt ,l lll, - S rl, 'rlill titi i r ir, 'id r rih e Ai nlh i Nio Are, totk, orrtt mite. F.rtlt se • le-fls, tm e, Jo ll prla, do CIU tile, Ih, l, , I ii n e l ruiksilvir, Amo ( ;i rn lrJl kl'l s CAP'AIN , lIlY., ...rid NIEV N )VEI..Y re 'anili te eefer, I, tir utirtr ihi nt Sipl, duo i C imminws, or a Winter ot SYtitis lIoitfltin in lote o Sti, byr a Cortiti Bil.lia't, Roy il Navy, F. L Ihefol rllren, a rio ne, by Allrr Ctnnitigtln m, i " ht. irepip'ri lee, tritte by itoirelf, ior " 2v " . el A tstorpofiu· rlis eipjof ;/ly, trottnitted from thr oe illirl h Itaito , Iy N tlhtini i lresno, it I vol. for a ilrg No. 79 of Illarpr's Elanily 'ibhrr. 'Vol. dso r I' o the lsew emlete rte o uol onif.rr ediioa i of d Al'rrrlot Irrino,. lIorke. e.Roge·r's Frnch ad J'0g/?s Dictionaeryin leol, 3vo to Nogenrr' Frerch anrro Elnr, lh Dok lioetro " , Ai.oo-A few rrorre eooe of Crrttis Phre nology o (lieri"i.ltrgre Stevenroh ( grtarneeoeofstpriormlqua uit k sitlv r i c rla, Bili D llr l llt o t '1.*4 and 2 1.2 iichs. In .(iillltt'siniprove d taul l 'e or ,j opnnel dPeter Sleeg umtst eceiverr, o id for atl . by or31 BENJ. LEVY. SPAIN IIViS tTE,,&ciS'o. SPAIN RIEVISITrEI), &c, by the aathlor o A yea, Sin Spain,' ill2volsn. Traiti ofmlomae charalter,eo ent cnerally spplieable te the Aboriginiea of North America, by G lUrner 9q I s ols. ,ote S The Political Grammar, of the United Slates, or complete view of the Itwory and practice of the ganer & hand state gocvenlment, willth thererleetions Iotnettnl thu -dcedicated tnd nd'pted to the youing ieia of thle United Seates,b l)'o ) Mansfield, Esq. oi'mr-d'c Hntinj Tour itterIepOrsed with ll racter istie aoncdote o, saoygs manil doings of spaor n men , in eluding notices of tleo princieal eacek rulrofe o e ,gland with etnolytical contents, and general index of nnioea,2 volumes. FtiR TltE CURE Or Scrofuln or King's Evil, Chleroi IRhomnottism, Chronic Cutaneous Did- Painsa it the onoes, by ftree eases, tie of Mercury the blood being ia vitinted slate. This very concentrated Syntp is propnrod with the greaotest phurlneticot:ul er mlo la ettrooy, atld contain the active prncilple of Sarsaplarillt in tie Inmt com:en Itetd dgmea, conilthed with othter vegetable g olubtane e . of koowu efficay. Thle grnat oetlcnlttn withll Iphyslilans in heing obl to exlhiit a tInar' qouantity of Sarsnltrilln it a maa dose, hte been otne itnei 'this pre ll tlio--thely, beoil filly convinced lof its metrit, onfident a dlittitelar tile course of their practice. Price $1 50 prbottle. Sold only a SWAI. cBROi TER'S dlrug store, Nt. I ICt nnl street, who" 'l may Ihel d, fresh untn gennine, lirec t funs the png.ri torn, Swnita's Panacea and Vernifiljv, Potter's C,.ioIW COl, Corpentcr's Prceparantions, notl ea large d genera nssortmenct of fresh drugs, m4 PINNOCK'S Rt1OMtl, &e. T)INNOc K'S IPItROV'El) DIT'ION OF DR JR GolLotiteh'o Abrtc idgent of tite Iiistory of RoIie to which is relecxed'e llIntledae,:tion to tle Otiuly o ..olanl Ilistorie, an it great variety of vautable inier matuie addled "throtgtltItL Itttt work, on the Mletersl Institutions atd Atntieieitiet of tino IRoens; with mnt! eite ins bigrnphjeol acd el-isaoricnl Note"; ntl qtten uions fer exonltion at theo eed of acht sction. It ustroted withl tlirtveogravic:es on wotl, by Atherton Itt.tor'a Ihnrelaedee Edeliti of Itr Gnldaltnith'a Itintory ofEnglneel, feron the Ilttusiou of Jaliun Csar to the death of tieorge 2ld, with a contiltntiotn to ti yea Irit2. Wihl quonstlins tor exalnnttiont at the old e, aclh section. esdelos a varetiy of vallalel ifornna tion addedl throuthlntt theo work. Consisting of tatIe of contelperaseey Sovereigne and. otni.Ut ersons Copiolts expelwtory noton. Remacirks oe tie n lien, tmanners and literattre of tite age. Ano tllsier tIle Coustiution, &ec. &. thlstrated by imany on.g i togs. Guys' ELyeitoEra onr ARrnootyn and an Aorilgmtep of Keitil'n Now eTrnetiu ol the Use of Ulobes. New Amlerican oditiu,t wlith ntdditintt and implrovelneoa a et an expaltion of tihe ttrtoletiul part of lthe Al rio thltltaec. Just received uotd for sale by Wll MI'KEAN nov24 coe. r l'oCamp atd Colneotolon OIARPER'S CIASSICAL I.IBRARY, "] ORACE,tranhlutod bv P0illi Pr0ne0, I I), with It an aplpendix, coaotaiuiu translatllolit Of arolus ades,&.u, by Ben Juaaon, Cowley, Miilto,, Dryden Pope Addison, Swift Chattertual, IG nVakneld, Pttiemi Bryan, &e. and soete oftli more oaltieet po t ot th PHbEDRUS, with the appendix - ,l entIlla tratole Ced by Clirotophlter d'etrt, itt vhelt funreeie" volumnes, and 19 oft"Harpler's Cluaiotl Library The Expeditesn of IIUPII°'1,0Y CLINKn:e, by S1ollktt, o t , with it alle tir of hiilct ta. , bn'y'lC us Roscoe, Esq., aew edition, with ilhtatratiu.y' bY .... THE 3IPSY; a TPabyte e t i anthte of "Richstiu Mn y oe h' gly u c, *"-i. :.ta Ctweditill, .d. '.S oplet lilar nile 'tegettidy,"III. PAUL tl IFFORD; by tie ; etur "Peitlt The t)ih e d," te, htintt wlm ite lb' oitii. t..e * nnf"eti arer Coaiplet.. Yttik. Jaitni ltaled sole.) WeM licKk.eo IJ ctee S~ttli.- i 4t e ,tsietviienl aa -jatel,,,,; fe.te ". .,t Ee..t, or nato-e B~ki F:R & Ij.Au

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