Newspaper of True American, March 27, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated March 27, 1839 Page 1
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Tin f1 th ae P..fNwOlan_ _ cl J~ t t ~ 1 PRICE 12; CENT. NEW ORLEANS WEDNESDAY MORNING, MARCH 27 1839 Vol..-V1 Nil terma o Ik e tslor atso Pre Ns NeweOrl or --.._- o `--- - "-- --ý - -IN I N'I I9OILS, ULA1Y`, 3LUS &c.-, Iaamiaaullvagroes catrn I jiou n o y I AM I- OMDARýcCO B on mod New Ordean mat raotaamtm.aº.inuwm. 1 u . .. i. _ NA , IiiCURi!INY , & _._ eran ef he ..Nsopaper Press of NSe Orlean enanhniosl agree to at an adjourned meeting or the Ptopietors held on the Ith of March, 187. Susuoatrrnos.-fwelve'Dullara for thedaily pa earadt ina, payable seei.-aunoally in advance: tooen a tost the r l..weekty country paper,,peyahle one year ins advence, wherea no okitv eferences given. No m tbcription will be diaoontlneed until arremrges are eIMded. In cane of dio'conlauance, ones week's notice is .riatrb munt o. invariably gives, previous to th aupits f sssanuipiioa. Arsvnatwsaoe.-Ondollar per square for the first utslae, cad ehalf that prwe fn each subeequect one: i. smaterial altenation trams the original alvertisement wi be charged a a new one. arALTS AaDvawlssaas.--Merchaent and Tra lers, orty dellars fa ghglish aland itslt for both lan. gaa es; Baeky luaimnee logeeaud other Almhar pbIa di. ie, filty- doll.ein .lish only, and lll N tl t fbah gasng Ship sad :seataa P ac. Ieta Cormlolnoi mrhants msity dellioe in English eighty letI. both liguage. ansoteaol, OuIrlat N ote•s, and artloes eall lai the steai" fnthe pblie to sales e. penty eediar o pase.gets, beneltfde. eis. will he ehrrgej es dollar per equare tor tis heienentis n eoeh la- . al ntite, when admissible, shall be enoaed dhobl al h aO A dedeatlna of twestyv.e pertesetr. will e made. t Ae ,,letrbse i Smerfi, agalenas oe Wlsd Muhiale e elsntee ealselss sAn. be L thAlagEage, I sNSpa cert.ia do", lffipteest.eqsais ( tl r .pt out. o the dlrt lisean ntseia· s df r s.mut. ab a s al t par i.,end mlaina M it ae, rnsaay aladve, May ala, isA. he. will heialed for sepa.atly, and at the ordinary rate. nlT's not spelfed an to time, will be Uphlilbed one mehth .and ehared accordingly i advesleentaofe tatnkrutce.e wHill be publed a any Cte, anles paid flit previous to insertionv or payment g anteed by a responeible person in tow.n, Tlheatres ad other places of at nnemnat, adverting daily rthis ason, to be eharged $100 fo r ltnglish lole, and t150 in both Inguogese All mnouacehents of catl an s for political offices will be eharged double the price at other advertise. Owing to the immense lons sustained by newspaper prorpietor, the hae corns to the conclonina that the sanses of persons whose accocnts have net been paid within one month after preseatation, shall be mode knowa (so far as preticable to each other-they obli ting themselcvs not o advertise or print for such I delinquents, uonl in case of dhenilo payments. (.ylmd) JI . C. D r ST. ROMES o. BAYON, r P. p. REA, J. C. PRENDEGCAST, JOHN GIiBSON, LUMSDEN. WreeoY Prnes.-We. th undersigned, gree nto abide a by tie ahove cmdiiuns, as lfr as they are applicable to w ,io n )so krA. B. LAWRENCE, A .ruseuscriptions are tke s fr le.n than 6 months. leramlos ll ase., he poest paid. ST i -iiN-Plt4s Noe. 1,2.3 4 peas Daniel Webster ;pn, Feh's large bvrel pen Congress large do Perry' fJlat osprng do do small do do 3 slit do , Wlndel'e ladies do do ldoeble patent do imperial tiaoble paltet do Gillots bahrrel do do Natiional do And elllot's Cumrnerial, for sale at DAVID FEL' & Co, 21 Chartren at, f~e N Yi Sationers Hall I UGAR & MO l.A nd1o---150 hida.s ugs, S10.00 gall Molahuese-- plalation e i thn ae l ciay for sale i ny ADAMS dy WHIrAI.T, feti-2w 67 Graviert t h G LASS--100 boes in i stwe for gste by vi H e HALI. It BROWN,6Magazine lst 710 REN fP-A office ri tai second floor, t cupied . y Meanos. Kelly, Harris & Co. Possession giv ef on the lest Feterty--,apply tn G W riLITCIAtitD 8 JO TAC.PItT JR, j 6 coa Poydlrua+ i Meazine't [AY'8 LINIMENT.-No Fiction.-This cx trboordiary cThemical composition, the rcsult of rcience, and the invention ac a celobrsto d nteoi cal nane, tie inlradut , n of which to tile public wan invonted with the soelemIlty iof deathbd bequest, Iasn ince gained a reputation unparalleled, fully suoataning the correctones of the lamented d Dr (iridley's hlt confession, that " lie dared aot din without living to posterity tie beunefit of hies knowledge on thisn sabjoct," and Ie therefore bqoethedl to his fiaend nd attendant, Solomon V Cnayo, the nearea of him discovery. It is now uned in the principal Ioepials, and the private practice in our country, first and moat eertainly for the aur of tihe Piles, and no exton efsit and effetuallyn to bole credulity, unlese whae itn elfects are witnened Externally in the lollowing eomplainte: For Dropsy-Creating estraordinary absorption at once. e All Swellings-Reducinlg them in a few Itours Rhaunaties--Acuto or Chronic, giving quicki eae. P Sure Tlhroat-By Cansrer, Ulcers or Colics. Croup and Whooping Cough--E-ternally, nnd a enr tihe Cient.r All Bruises, Sprains, and Burns-Curing in a few hours. Sores and Ulcers--Whethor fresh or long standing, snd lver so0es. Its operations upon adults and children in redue Ing rhoumatic swellings, and loosening coughls nnd tightness of the ohestby iolaxation of the parts, Iha been surprising beyond conception. The I coittons remark of those who have used it in the Piles, is It acts like a charm." THE PIL ES-The price, $1 is refunded to any person who will use a bottle of Hay's Liniment for tie Piles, and return the empty bottle without beig eured. Thane are the positive orders of the proprietor to the Agents; and out of many thou. sande sold, not one han been uannceseful. Wa might insert certiflcates Io any length, but prefer that those who sell the atiele, should eno nibit the original to prohasers. CAUTION--Nne can o be genuine without a splendid engraved wrapper, on whieh is my name, and also that of the Agoats. BOLOMON HAYS. Sold wholesale and retail, by COMSTOCK & Co, New York, and by one Druogglt in every town in the Union. Ro sle by the Wholesale Agents, oorneo of Coemmen d Tebhopitoulas street, and by the Aothcatries gener ally. e30 NO CURE NO PA D .I.JOIINSON, Oliee 140 lienville street, con L e. ans practice to the treatment of Venereal Disease im ahl ha different fCiml. Dr. sansw, Gorm a renimence of many years in Hoe pitaln in gErope, devoted to the treatment of Venereal iYiaeoe1 and from his present eatensive prnctice in that particular uremc of thie profeseon, guaranteen a nafe, speedy and elfeetnal cre to ouch persons as are eoublod with any of tie fellowiag dlisnlne, via: Gonorrheda, Gle ni. Maicmres, Chnrea , Rubeo, Semisal Weaknes, Afa oocons e(he u Lddr, Kidneys, Loino. Urethra, Proitate lnd. Swelled 'etisles, Eruptions e the Skin, Sore Shrotr, Paine it time Joint And the noenurous ympltoms kich generally follow his dlireane. ecnt cases cured in two r three day without the aee ofMercorv, interraption Iron lusi.eslo, r almer. iane inthe moodl of liing. . SA medicine to prevent Venereal Disease ce.s oh ailoed of Dr.Joholon. It in from the recipe of the irun Larry, a celebrated Frenc.h Surgeon, and was a.ed by him durlngtheerrsnl coampaicn is whichu It served au Surgeon m.ooera in the French Army. Sold by Dr. Johuhao, at his ofice. 'thoe paeruse baroing y aet of Veneteal Diseoed, and rbmr t taeitg ean voyages. or removing to the country, would do well-hy giving Dr. Jehnsoo a call, as proper medi. cinos, ltu thew cure in the sltortet tit cAmit be put up with written directions foM their usn. Olcf, opean rei 7 in the moning until 10o'clock at night. ABERNTIY'S DYbPPrIC I.IXdt. Dr. bernethy, the greatest of english ae reonc wa opinion that inebteaths of the dineanes tti affect monkind originate in the Itomach. Thie Elixir was smie by him with thes maos unprecedented sucmes it %io private and publi prncticle for upwards of forty seoar, for the removal of the following diseasea: Lons ufoppetite, Flatuleney, Distentionu of the Stom arh,Pain in thesido, eavinetaof the Head and incli am:inm ti, sleep, Irregularity of the Bowelm, and ins il ases where Ltdigreiun or a costive habit is found to exist. This medlcin muatnot be nmaheted among the hsat ofrmUok nstruma nosbefore tihe publib, am it is the sole invention of the ablest and most sisntific surgeon Europe ever produced, and the secret of preparig wau purobse d by the gent for a very large sum. It i agreeosea and plesamnt to the tautt, at as aa mild aper ieot.always keeps the bowels free, imparts vigor and atrenset to the system, and cheerfulneas to the mn and a few botrtles removes the most conlirmed cases Dyapepsia r Indligestion, and preventoa return as any a !urn eioa. Nacw Yoat l17th Angoat, 1838. 35 Mndisotim.treet. eat-In enamtequuoceof leading a sedentary life, I havben tmrouble, more or leon, with Ldigestioun for ten years On the lant three years my ufferinge have keeaiauppartabte. I bave tried several plmyLciinm , amnd a aum``erof tuacnk eedirines, without deriving any benofrt. I despaPrei of ever obtulining ay peromauent relief, and resigned mnyself to thle m st hopeless despair I was persuaded by mrsay fritlend to try Abernelty'o I)ysieptic Elixir. 1 have now atnislmed the fourtlh bo te. aind know not how to express nmv I niratiom of its wonderful virtlen and the minracle it'Ot performed in reotoring me to that hoealth which I: a ught lost for ever. oeamd nme Imif a doen Ibottles a a amd except mn thluank fur tne hleainge you haoe a mm eredhy re storiog mo to perlct health. I remain yours, JCOII MONROE. tie agent has ae his posseseion nave hundred te.. ti umoinlo similar to the slovs, of the oxtrsurdinery vir tues of this medicine. Sold by appuitaometm, at'Dr. ehuaneu'. 140 Bisienle atrer. utov.5 P, tuom -es a & PENSACOLA MANSION HOUSE NEW CITY, PENSACOLA. THiE sebscriber having purchased the learn and for .- niture of this well known asteblisheenr, from Mr STaylor, the late pro rietr, will be reedy to reeeive vi ht by the let f April net. S and ly.pvemente wit be fouid t . aragemeue or the Maleson House. New and morne ommodeti s bathil. hbeies will be buAt, and ..wartm bathe will be provided at all hobe. A stable will be attached to the heoUe, with good aeommeda. tioes for honrs and carriages. Fi:st rato horse and carriages will also be kept fo hie rata e price· sod sail and row aetse, with perseaos to manage them for the nie otuviuteus. Billiards and other amusements souaiy eound at watering paces, will als be urnished, and so condueted am not to interre with the stcomfert and qoietoftlahe boarders. The winesand liquoet will be of the beat quality, and to ensure a anil sapply of ice, a carga has already heeserdered, which will asrive eaout the lat oa May. Mr Fraderick .denreor who ftrmerly kept in popular a hotel at Wa3stlj gto ayv, will eondart this ho el for the pepreeore, bwhot with auch aid,eonflaectly eoures T.l.e lnea| advcantages of thr houe are too well sc Agea - teawelt howntIos seed a lkeg.'eerd daecriptios he. The beau tIarPensaecela is the largest naval statisn of the Ov.mrners, the general reedeavous ao the 9culf quled. ran; the saiLoity of its climate eftaubtdd'f* asatly de. #31 reR ýy aara e ic WELoa.t e c't, ams with which the wasers ibound; nd it praximy ety to the bdest iSutern marketca, ie Pensacola the pre. ferese otver all other phlces ia thems latitudes, as a r healthy and delihtful sumoer rtreat. i eFirst rate bhats will ru n beweea Pana and Mo bile, wil atI all ctimes e abl to take the passengers from the New O orleoe toats. Ne a Pensseola,Feb. t.ahil, 18:t. SGen(atlemen wiuhing to engog reooms efor their ua lie,, can addrles the proprietor, at Pensacola, or AMr Newell T Taylor, the ferenr proprietor, at NIev Or e Referenaes. T Senford, Faq, MurC Callu , MtcAlpin, Emll., Lt. Kibby, in Mobile; 8 T Taylor, P P Rea, Esq, is Net. Orleans. P SNA letter be , to receive eommunaleaions for persrars at t he above hotel, is placed at Go Whitman's alftce, 51 St Charles Exchange. FLORIDA ROUTE FOR NEW YORK. I . 'TraMvellem desiru e of withokn the Florida uinte, a via l'ensecala,to toe North, are inalrmed that first rute boats will consansaly rin froo. Mobile to Pensacola, lelavin Mtbile and Pensacola every ether day after the let of ay. ea cc and stages will always he provided y lse to ubscriero he in readin se nt tuke pacuengefiron The tealmboet Champion leaves Mobile for Penre cola twe a weekic fi l el 8 I N IoR-IS & Cu, No. 38 Chrartres st ear, taremr ceiving daily from their house in Philadlphies, an eAiegnt anrd ceoplete assortment eof ubeanntisl aend fushatnabla clothing. They ian te the saten tin of the publie, as they arr warrnted in saying that strangers eand citizens can not furnish them. selves more adsvantageously in any city in the Union. N, B. A few dazen elegant ivory handle nam beelel, ftrom 32 to 36 inches. Alnso, a large lot white pine packirg boxes, various sizesl, very low TiO THE LAlDlE.-Atkinson'a Itepillatoryfii"r- evingeaperfluons hair from the face, neck ard as, with erqualsafety and certainty, leaving the skhin finer end whbier thin bebre the epplieation. A fresha .iplty jot rrceired at the oae.zr. act ltIIUj & ALLEN, I, lExchonge Hotel, ear St Cherler & Commone at ij I.Er ANT Ill)t ioacuull 4- 14lin fi ef, S Cobrr treer t., haor this dtay received a illneori ormetr olltrge amonetled and mosaic breastyint, cet uap i toih era style. j Ai CY Mt 'I'CI; l "tl -h%- tilt henailat rol oltoga, l" dling from ship Alextander from Bremein, for I ele by A TRIEIr h 1:2 - - 3-I 31aegezite at GaU Lilgh IokiaIt,'tg . sip , J.ary 30, 18i9. HI" St,,k of Coke being meuh reduced this .oa. Spangy will furireh Pittsburg Coalt, in emall quan. tore, to tbeir ellv.l)ln re. Orders receaved .t the Gs Oti0ce. Bank Alley. jalt F. W WELLEK. Sec'y, B URNHAM'S Dl(OPS.-flrit medicin e wos discovered by he proprietor and has been sub jeceed an his careful observcarien for isny yenrt io every vrrery of penotiec, and all the diserse, of Ito diveaified Ameriran eliutiie nd r t is nti given to the publinic with thle utmot.a rcofidee anod believe thato if i, as mstn clearly set forth in te Ataupllotl acceuipinying the star, the best nedi. eae ever thriewn within the reach of nll classes if Ss,citry. It is with tie ereutest pro triety civen in all the maaladies which afflict tIe humanr ee, from I rthe cstublishod feet, that, when taken into the uto iach in acts urcaoading to the staoe of the atom' ach and lie nature of the disease, either as an rtoitic, diuretic, sudorific, epectrarna, or erperier atedicine. That it is really what it parports to be, r coda only a trial to snaisly rite nest incredrlonu. The fact is daily coaning to the knowledge of the propritltrs of its beneficial and saving elfcte in cases of the ague and fever, billions, typhus, ner. vous and scarlet fevers, ithloueea, violent colds, dysenterry or flux, dyspepsia or measles, satitly hrem that they are not only warranted in warmly recommending it, but they are called upon frtm a sense ofduty which they owe to the human family to say to nll, try it, and you will beer ample as'i eny to all we have said on the subject. The cholers itself, the worst scourge which he erervisited our couhary, has been successfuly con quered the proprietor in thirteen cases wiah ahe use of thiar medicine only, without tule loo of a single BURNHAM Is DAVIS, Sr. Louis Missouri; snd is pst up in phials each accompanied with s plain and distinct direction, and containing about sixty drses to be had for seventy five cents, which makes it much the cheapest medicine ever oufered to the public. The above medicine is sold wholesale and retail by our A~ents, Henry Bannabel, DOsggist and Apothecary Tchoupitous.s street. New Orleans. - r." i "l'7. unt upreivae drree. new urleb l. d 9W MUC. ,Native Music' 'Te Convent B at eL vo I'm a ting, win; Ilade; Never Depair b outyoa remeamlr the beattiful glade in the mlenol Rotmace; 'Fle White Horse of the Pep per T'hou cmit e and) Love hou art near me, tung by eite S • ri'ia the ramol lomantil Oper Amild ; Good lNg I he omeetlg anl parting; Ia cr Sot for apring on e ackle winglgy II Rusell; dCome, come, thou art in eoo row; A Life on the Ocean wave, by H Itussell; She watched for him; ino me let fall a tear; Cotme to me at mrniatganO'er the wates bv oonlight; There's no totmi Slike my ow, amrragled or th ar by T L . mRoyal alnes, by A Fleche; Queen Victria'a Court ,Qudrilles. Just received and fOr .ale by THROOGH IN FIVE AB ALO DAylS rrom Mobile (Alabama) to Augusta (OeoJ T EAV.S Mobile every other day, ilmmeu.lately ale t he arurival of the mail from New Orleans, per the ustambot EAusts, to Illakely, eahes to Peonnae ambt.(per Pen ola ly St Roa sounad nad Cite. a tam ti, Ricer and Iray) to Cedar mIlD, coaches theal via Marimma, Che )ttheo , (fIormerly Mount Vtea Snon,) Hainbrieldg, Plkaton; Hmawklnle anl Lea. t vine, to Auegua. A ptaangeer tlkie bie bt at th Mn. d bile ia iao dany of being thwn out O ,lomngi.hi I elerenee bya thro iai etingiatoreo nthe tPL I p D LINE is butmneoncern, and nderonte aoetre throuoghoua, aod any rely wrT ecrHArrlt upon his it arrivalat Agusl in time aecifSet, through all wethul er ne at any moco, unless some most unafeerl eata. ttlopie llo ld Oeaur. The Great New Orleann Mai is esrried by this ote. The Agent for aammmo l tilMI, Temae Coclhesld ad veria are not soepnr1ed tht th e l tmla centry. . The smooth, hard, natural roads, the air mat inter na ais water avigatioo, the time and oeomm.radatln, Y al`ori etravelertSel.e, .ceitnt,, and a plea lg varliety; coneatedl ii were with the Rail Road a" Chavla ton, S. C. mid the Steaum paeket to lew Yark i traveklers an rea~t New York from New Orlman Loura HAN It oaas'--W.ahis.ton alty in 19. Fo rom CiltabLoothee, Plonrd, we have a Bras. saLi via q.iuny and Talbhamee, to St Mrks. her Speat analies, also two Brahes from Hawkinsville Sone to Milledleville, ad oe to Macon, ligh two heors t oaehe. 8TOCK'.'O.S U so. i AssertA, 90th Jan. ILS. r Offeeat Mainion Houe Mobile e 'Dist , New Orleans to Motile, 5I0 mile d Mobile to Auguasta 540 11 Augusta to Charleotun, .3l y Charletomn toNewYork, 9810- 180 Time, New Orlan to Mobile, 8 hoors Mobile to Augusta, 1t9 " AAuguata to LChaletn, 18 " M Charleston to New York. 86-. 958 Maki~ng 68 miles per day. or7 miles per hour, inet aive of all ntopdageo, nov !0 N.. I beg leave to inform the public that tie Y bridgeo over the Coualteooekeaswamp iad Hard Loboe cweek hove just bees completed Ily the geoneral govern. ,ment, (the obstacles o..rating aganstthie sfe an, ecaledyroutco; aro thunhepply removed; aad i love tha ldesuare ofleaolatg from trvellera thl the coacLhes,or. in ts, drivers and ro.d are ol the firt ordel'; nd and to the . water route from PeLsmoola to Cedar Biuff, it is admit. st ted by all who have mated tl.rogl it to he unossapomt. . i novelties. beauly and suafety. Tie brigesl througl Georgia have also beenreltmlred. J. M C AKEIt AR6AYS & CART.S-5 Philadelphia drays, 4 do L carte, 4 pro o0 wh-eelel Irua a, 18 dirt and wrwood harrows, in stoe, for ale by r miS6 t HAMPLIN &COOPER.L79 &8Jul t I'1E TF.E, furnished Apsrtments to rent at the e.r" _ pier of Julia as.l Craondelet at. mar 18 [OMBARUD & CO'S Boston and Now Orleans )L Line of Packet Ships.-This new line of ships has been expressly built to run between the above pots, and will be found of suitable draft of water: accommodations for passengers, and every effort will be made to give eneral. satisfaction, The Ir line is composed of the o:ilowing shipn: Cherokee, 415 tons Capt. J Harding, Carolina, 400 do 8 Lenist, d Charleston, 374 do D Eldridge, d Columbiana, 625 de G Barker, Seaman, 940 do J Howes, Bombay, 625 do D Humphrey. The above ships are all new, of the firet lan, copper fastened and coppered, commanded by men o a gret experience, have large accommodations, I, th separate ladies cabin; every attention will be paid to parsengers, and the vary test of stores pro II Tided for them. if The packets will be towed up and down the MIs a iseippi, and the strictest punctuality observed in the time of iling, and should the regular vessels be da.rned in arvin, other ehips equally as good will In all cases be ubetituloed. A share of patron. I age is solicited, and the agents pledge themselves to Saeoemmodate as much as practicable, to receive and forward goods by said line at the most moder. ate chargee, and to advance all expenses on goods shipped, if required. Swill leave dth fat and 16th of every i . A t r a I tothe r. N. I. Advae.sal altd" eooaigotne,.t. a to Meenre. A. C. Lombard & Co. t TATE OF LUtIIIIANA-First Judicial District C ourtthe state of Labuneiuan, to a whom dthese pieseetan hall come, geeitlin: Wlherens--amuel C. Ogden, George B. Ogden, and Edward e orke, having turchlued at a sale tnnde by the lyndic o the creditor of Egerton & Wibray, tim proper ty hereinlafter described,ilh applied to the clerk of thi rcourt, ir a monition or adverisement in conformity to San act of the egilature of the ate of Louieane, enti tled "An act for the further ansurunce of titles to pur chasers at judicial sales;" approved the 11th day of March, 183 Now, therefore, know ye, and all person interested herein, ore hereby cited and edtnenshed in the name of the state of Louisiana, and of the first judicial district court, who call set noy right, title or claim in and to the Sprperty lhereinafter de-cribed, in eoneqluenee of any infiormulalty in the order, decree or judgment of the court under which the sale was Iade, or any irregularity or illegality in theim allrisements and adverlisemlets, iu tite ornlnner of sale, or ftr any ,thelr defect whatno. everi to l now cause w thin thirty doays front the day this Monition is first inserted in the public pnapers, why the sale so made should not be confirmed ad homt 'he oslidl propertynv was sild by the Syndie afresrid en the 24th day of January, A. Ii. 1839,by virtue ofan onlrder oflthis court, renilered on the tectt. day of Febru nry, A. D. 1838, no the mattler of John E8gertuti and Jtnes L. Wibray vs their creditors and the ereditri oft Egertoun anil Wibray-No. 11396 of tie docket of this court, et whiclh sale said Smnuel C. Ogden, George 1, Ogden, and Ediward Yorke became the purlchasers ifor the price hereinafter mnentioed. ' Description of the property as given in dte judicial comveyanoce. vie: Lot no. I. Iotofground in fubourg Saniet in the square houoded by Clie, Plytanie. Caliipe, and Ncyades streets, as Per pln drawn by J Calhlun, dated 24th January, 1839, and delsilted in Ieh olflee of Joseplh B. Marks. Esq. notary public for referr,eca, measuring 29 feet 4 inehes front on Proltawe street, by 120 feet in decth, and front oen Clio street. In Snamuel C. Ogden,George B. Ogden, and Edcard Yorke, $3,700. Lot no. 2, in the same square, measuring 29 feet front on Prylanee treelt, by 120 feet deep, adjoltnig no. i to the amne purchasers. $3,000 Lot noi. 3, in thle same sqrare ndjoining no. 2, heavin the soeM front and depth, to the same purchacere $3,091. Lot no. 4, in tihr same tsquare djiieing no. 3, anil havirg lthe asomne frollt ld depth, to the saome pii tclhasers, 3 03, .it no.5 5, in the same square adljining no.4, aii having the come frlot and depth, to lie .sae pur ,,lonere, $315 Lit no. 6,in the same sqci re e ljoiicine no. 5, and haviig the same Iriut a.dl dlepth, to Ilthe ne pur chasers, $3,411. Lot ito. 7, in the same squaore ndjiiniling no.t, and Ihavig the tame friut and depth, to the same Ir Lolt ci. 8, in the im sncqiiare adjoiinig no. !, nd lhaving the soene front anl depth, to lthe auli pur chaser', $3,990. Lot tie. 9, in the same square adjolining no 8. ind bnhavig tile somte front and deplh, to the soame pl.. chamers. 53,9111. s Ltlo. 10, in the ame equlare adjinnig no, 9, and teling the Caine front and depth, to tlie utme paur tchasers, $1,300. Lot no. I, in thie oloer eqlenre adjoinilng no. II, loe. uncrilg 29 feet 4 iches on I'ryllta ee street, by 121) fet ill depth and Irmt iotl Calliope street, to the same prs Schasers, 011 lThese eleven lots are nold nith the exclusive privi-. lege of an alley 15 bet wide i thle rear, ac it i atlid diwOW ill the plato referred to. 'fernlts---181tiou each lot celt, inlonnie at 6, 12, 18 and 24 mon0tl credit, for ippreved eldorsed notes willi imortgage n tiltl anl tpayme.t. S wlhreof,l hoe lereunto set my L .S. haid aid naflfel the ceal of raid cou0t, this 5ih tiny of ltorch, A. D. 18:9. all 3t in30d .t)iIN L. I.EWIS, E ATAT DE LA LOUISIANE-Cour du prem. ior district judiciaire. L'etat do Is Louisiano, a toas ceux quoe co presentes concernent, salut : Attendu que Samuel C. Ogden. George B. Ogden, and Ed,. ard Yorke nyant achetd a une vente faite par Is Syndic des crdanciers do Egerton &. Wibray. Ia propridtd ci.aprbs decrite, se sont adreseds au Greffo do cetta cour, pour an avis conformdmont aun acts de la Legislature de l'etat do la Louisiane, intituld "Actes pour confirmer leo titres des ac. qureur aux ventes judiclaireo ;" approuv6 le 10 Mars 1834. Qu'il soil connu, et toutes personnos int6resedes sent par oes presentos somm6s au nom do l'etat de la Louisiana et do Ia cour du premier district judiciare, qua pourraient avoir droith la propridt6 ci-apres deo rite, en consequence d'un dd. fant de forms dons l'ordre, le decret ou lo jugement de lacour, en ver.u duquel la vents a di6 faite, on do touts irregularit ou illigalitd dans I'estimntion, l'avis on I. tempset l mode do la vente, ou pour use antre cause quelconqno, do foire voir, dans I trents jour dater de hI publication do cette avis, Spourquoi Ia vents aini finto no serait pasoe conirnde at homologuds. La dite propridtd fat vendue par Io Syndic susdit Ie 24mejour de Janvier, de I'annde 1839, on vertu d'un ddcret de cete Cour, rendu le dixibeme jour de Fdvriar de Pannds 1838, dana l'offaire do John Egerlto and James L. Wibray vs. leour erbancinrs Sat les erdanciers de Eger on and Wibray-No. 14396 du docket de cotte Cour, a Inquolle vents lea di a Samuel C. Ogden, George B. Ogden, and Edward Yorke as sent rendua aqudreaurs pour le pori de ci.apres mentioned. Description do Ia proprid.t d'aprds I0 transfer judicirire, savoir : No. 1. Un lot do terre situde doan le faubourg Saulet, our la place bornd par lee rues Cllo, Pry. tande, Calliop-, et Nayades, our un plan fait par J Calhoun. date 24 Janvier, 1839, et d6posd ou I bureau do Joseph Bellack, Esq. notaire public, md. i surant 29 pieds 4 pouce de face dana Ia rue de Prytands our 120 plads de profondeur ol de face our In rue de Clio, adjuud b Satmuel C. Ogden, George B. Ogden, and Edward Yorke, pour le prix do 63,700 No. 2. Un blt do terre alltude doan Is meme place, miesurant 29 pied. Ia run de Prytan6 our 120 de profoadeur, ot h cotE de no. l, saox memos acquoreure, $3,000 No. 3. Un lot do terre situde dan Ia mama place, & cold de n. 2, sat ayant los memss proper. tions, sau dit acqudrer, . 3.000 No. 4. Un lot do terr asitude dans l menme place, a cod do no. 3, el ayant les mdmes proper tiono, sux dit aequdumrure, 3.05, No. 5. Un lot do terre situde dans la me me p!ae, h cotde no. 4, Ct ayant les mamei propor a iaus i acitacqudreuro,. 3,150 No. 6. Un lot do terre situde dans la memo plce, lot e d o no. 6, ot yant leens mees p~bportion. au din aqu6rnsmures, a e3.400 No. 7. Un lot do lterm aituloe done la mems place, & cola do no. 6, et ayant ls meamos propor. tios, eas amems acqudreurs, $3,350 No. 8. Un lot do tirr silude dane Ia memo place, ncoid de no. 7, ert yant lee mIes proper tions, aux dit acqudreure, r3,900 No. 9. Un lot de tore aiude dana Ia mems placs, ootd do no. 8, et ayaut lns mnems propor tione, aux dit acquieurs, $3,900 No. 10. Un lot de terra itude doner ia memo place, a coe do no. 9, sot ayant lre memo s prohpr. tions, aun dit acqdareurs. 64,300 No. 11. Un lot do terre situde dane Is mom. place, eotd de no. 10 mesurant 29 piods] quatra pouceedana Is rue do Prytande par 129 do profon deuretde face tur In rue Calliope, suo dit Joqud. reuam. 5,300 Les onze lots sent vendus aves In privilege uerlu. sifd'uno alldo ayant 15 pieds do largeur our lo der riare' ealon is plan ci-meotionnd. Conditions-- h1800 sur cheque lot, argent oomp. Cant, at Is balane a 6, 12, 18, et 24 ir.oi, on ore. dit pour lee billets endosse t e approuvds anes hypo. thilique juqus ledernior paiment. L S. En temoin de quo, J 'a si gn, otLJ'y I ai append Is Ksacu du dit Cour, ac jour 5 Mars, A. D. 1839. m12 21 in 301 JOHN L LEWIS C OAL--76 tons of the bent English coal, well suited Sor steam boat usoe, on boardbaique Abeoe, froum New canstle, for nale by H)I.M IS &. MILL . jaIN Boot l'love BALDNESS. A BEAUTIFUL head ofhair in the grandest orns sent helonging to the human frame. How strange " tih oss Of t B changes tea eounrtaance, and proms tmly Ldngp on the appearance of old age, whirl et, Ise many to recoil at eng uincovered, and anetime even to hoo sc.iety to avoid the tets and osters of lair oeeairrt nae: the remainder of their lives ar con equenly nt in relitment. In short. not even the onsOftlprertrv fills the generous thinking yauth with that aeavy sinking gltam as dues the loonss of his hir. To avert till these unpleaant cirrom tsonee,OltdrCl' Rltn o'f Cltmhia steop the hair from falling ofPn the Irt application, and s fw bottle, restorto it a1ts. It likeswtss prnduee evhrows and whiske;rn pr ents the. uairlram turning grey, makes it erl iutifuliy, and Imen it from te. Nomeroine ceertileasten t the rent mt.0etahility in support of the virtuae of Oldridgs. a a F rom t he pr l r n Robert nos,. or o ladelph hs cetia.~ as may he ost he own othahtgh charm terof 'he" flnowin 1gentlemen. The underigned do hereby eertife that wehove used the inm of Columhbia discovered by J.Oldridge. and have found it ighly serviceable nor oly as a preventive against the falling offal hair, but also. certain restor tive. WILLIAM THATCHER, Senior, Methodist Minister in tht George eohrer. No 86 North Fifth at. JOHN P INfLIR,321 Atch street. JOHN D THOMAS, M D 1fiR Raeeat JOHN S FIRF.Y,I0! Spruce street. HUGH McCURDY.243 louth 2d et. JOHN GARD, Jr, 123 Arch street. It is kbuow that three of the above rigre mort. than 50 years aof oge and the others not less than 30. [From the Mayor.] Commonowealth of Penltylunet, y City of Phildelphtin. b, Robert Wharton. Mayr of void city of Phila . tphtia do hereby certify that i m well acquainted with Mesan J P Inglis, John Farer, and Hugh M'rCurdyo whose hamms areoigned to the ahove ecrteietetlat they am gentlemen of character and rehpectability, and as snch aull eredil should Is given to tim said certificate. In witnets whereof I have hreunto net my hand and caued the seal of the city to be Iffled, this 6th day of Dscemher, &e. [L. S.1 ROBERT WHARTON, Mayor. OHSERVE that each lottle of the Gienuine Balm lahe a splendid ngraotvedwrpper, on which is repreaenrtef the Fall .fNiagarsr, wc Soha .holeale and retai by the solt agnnts for Ante ric. o 2 Fletcher street, near Maiden Lane, one donl bet * Pearl sreet,and b~etnet druggistsand perfumar t' ough he country. JARVIN & ANI)REWS, sm9 Wholesale Agents, New Orleans. N ORRIS & Co. Nn. 38 Chalraes street, ate now receiving and openig the most splendid, sn rtantial and fashionable stotck of Clothing they have ever exhibited in this market, consisting r. part of the following articles: blue, nlue black, jet hlsek, london brown, citron, olive, london amoky and golden olive frock and dress coats bheave~r tanbl end harrinnton frock coats, elegantly firnis. ed; fancy and plain black eassimere and cloth panrtloons: english and french fancy and plain sills and sain vents; real new market eomfortsn english and french fancy and plain scarfs and hdkfs; chamois, silks.weh and sus.t pAnders; chamois, merino. oTlab's wool,cwelsh fan. nel, silk and cotton net sheres and drawers; fine linin rad acotton shirts, with linin bosoms, plain and ruffled; ivory pearl and plain handle silk um. hrellas a; "rrometa premiumn Glore,-lsne, a beautiful article sf white kid, for weddings, balls, &A.; Sl.rittlclield silk and ransina hdklsf; plain,

fiured and etmblroidered Camhrie do.; silk, lash wLela, Inmrino, ermnlnown, and Irown and white ctttat, half hose; all of which they oifer low for cash,ot to pundual customers as usual. Nov. I W AGNERS LIQUID ODENTIA.-lHao been luon used. Iath here and in the north with uniform sut-ccss. for cleanding end whitening the teth, and preventing the too hs ache; preserving the gumso purityin tht. breath, and relveng msost diaeseo to which the moulh is liable in either the adrlt or infant -One tea npoonlul, mined is a wine glassful of pure water, and si alluped to tile te it il usual manoneo with a brush, will ed fetertolly pre vent scurvy, and ward off that exerutiating pain, the tooth ache. Prepared oly by T. F. Wanger, Surgeon Den. tist to Jeefferson College, and sold wholesale and retail by CARLEON & Co. 31 Canal ars. fb n aie saents for Wanger's Odeatiea SADDLERY WARE.--T'he subscribers, mana. facturers asd,wholesale dealers in esaddlery goods, are now receiving by late arrivals from the north, il additit to their foraner sttek, on exten sive asnortmentl of articles in their line, amnong which are sthe ftailowing, viz: Ladies and misses plain and quilted .addies, .; etntlemen's do Spanies do do do Mexican do 'ds do Creole do O do do Amer. tio do do English do Youth's do Spanish dt . do do Creole do Anmer. and Eng. brdles and. bridle mountings, do do martingales, Plated, bennt and japanned coach harness,, do do do gig and sulkeodo ' do do do Barouceit do Dray, cart and wagon do Saddle bags, double andsingle; sltias; medical saddle begs, Brussels carpet bags; best iron framne leather folio ,runks, brass nailed; leather boot top do, assorted sizes and various styles; holsters nnd pistol belts; coach, gig, sulkey, twig and planters crop whips! wool, worsted, cotton sad leather girlhs and sursingles; stirrup leathers; trnunk straps and worsted rein web; chain and hook homes; blind bridles and lines; Scotch collarsi snd horse and mule eollaers,:of all qualities; mo. roceo, hbuek,beor.heep and buffulo skins; plsaed bras and steel bridle bits of evnry description, plated, brass and steel spurs of every description; plated, brass attd steel stirrups of every descripw lion' Togetqer with a complete assortment of every article in tleirlineof business-all of which they offer for sale on accommotntdating termns. They will also continue to re.ceive through the year, by packets front New York, fresh supplies to beep tbtr stock snarple and comnplete. KOUFtk, DAVIDSON & co, Is15 Canal t. | . ESlH GARDEN SEED.-The, s.ubscriber i r begs to epress his grateful thanks tb the pub. I ic, for the liberal support he has received since:he I .e commenced business is this city. Being sale pro DO prietorof the seed store, 17, Common street, he i. not and never was agent cr any northern seed s vender; neither is he conneeted with any house in x this epuntryi-but he assures-ile public that his connectionsin every department of the seed busli m ness, in the different countries of Europe are equal . to that of any house in the United States. He int. • tgpts aseeds, plants, &c. from the most extensjve ito respectable nurseries and seedamen in Franee, SlHoiland, England, Scotland, and the nothemr | states-and it will at all times be his inrerret, as it is his study, to receive, in addition to ha present te stock, large arrivals of every description, really the | growth el 1838; also, engrafted fruit trees, of all kinds. The public may rely on finding a full as e" sortment of every article in the seed line,of genoe n. ie quality, and imported direct by S n Wm. DINN. .r- EDUCATIN--FRENCH and ENGLISH. O Mr James, recenlty artived to this city, begs leave so to inhlrm the citizens of New Orleans that he will -r. open an academy on Monday, 14, January, at No. JO 19 Toulouse street, for tte instruelton of youth of I/ both sexes, in French and English, in which he r- will be ably assisted by Mrs. James and Mrs. 10 Membher, who speak both those languages with t5 great fluency and purity, and who will tale charge r. of the department of the young ladies. )0 Mr. James will give his whole attention to the so various branches ofteducation, and flatters himself re thathe will give entire satislaction to those who i. may honor him with their onfidence. now I DO NOTICE.-The co.partnership formed on the 28th July last, between John Y. B ryliso, Joseph A. u. Beard and Charles B. Bioren, to be conducted un - der the stile and title of Bayliss, Beard & Btoren, is hereby dissolved : and this dissolution is to P. take effect as from the Ist of December last. 'e The undersigned will promptly discharge all the "i obligations of the late firm, and in future continue in their own names, and for their own ahcount, 'y the saume business, as Factors and GOeneral Com ur mission merchants, under the style and title of Beard & Bioren, and solicit a shitars of the patron age of their Iriends and the public. JOSEPH A. BEARD, led nov I ClI RLES B. BlIoREN. aL UNDS-Miedssippi Funds taken at 7, Front Le ace . re, for trocerhm. PAIN'rSOILS ULASS, BRUSHUES, dec.-.u S landing ram shipConstitution, and for sale-va 16.00 feet of glas, boat quality, from 8XIOi t 23X28 3001egs white lead, pure; 350 do green paint, in 25 libr. kegs 24 do Spand tdins for signa;60h) lbs lithrags 26 don splendid 0000 ground brushes, also of0000 aO i 000 do; cases crome green in powder, msperior article do do In eans; a large asortment of ash tools of every aine and quality; sable pencils for artitse; fat marking. brushes Ier mnerehants; artist's colors in oil ready pre. preed,in hoi x res, hoed :"p with all nece ry brushes; artist's teals, itc. Flake and. irmnitv white, 60 rcksa gold leaf; white atd yellow wa; gum arabic; and a large attd choies as ortment of rants, dry colortn oil, turpentine, varnish, 9e., for sale, whulesale and retail, at the lowest prices by N d ONDELLI, Iy ate fi8 Camp at. iUokE.E'I'Ub. .V NEW EDITION OF THE CIVIL CODE OP if LOUISIA. . ?T has been for Msoe time made known to the public 1 that the suboeribes an engaged in preparing for the press a nw edition of the Losuisiana Civd C toe. Thev were. lrom tim first, aware of the great diflcaulty and veepastoluilitv attending the publication of the work, and it woas j t without great henitation that they aon t sensed to ihe undertoakbg. Bus the present edition, " amauntin In shout ttree thousand sopien, and which had cast the State moe than thirty thousand dollar, was eatirlty i t of print. For morn tian two v ran t Pe wlt| prioe of tthe .wo )e.hss fln.s thirty nu crdtio staotnce unitde, hi rented ribe l or emney ,d which governs Sother ,aus, that-unl,re aslamos. ny othertreatise upon law-it isL much the naet-book and ansual of the marel.ot and theuplanter, as it is of the private gentle man and the profesrional advoeeut. . he lawyers oftlmhe adoniri states, and in fact of al those states upmt the iohm and Misissippi riers which ad a mart for their produce in Louisiana, have a fre quet necessity of reference to the eode, and make it an indispensable reqaisite to their libraries, anl in ite city of New Orleans tile hook is as sure to h. found in the merchant's counting room, as uopn the desk of site judge, or tlh table of the attorney. It is not surprising therefore that the fire edition ofihe work was so quick. Sly disposed orf; and although a mere reprint of it woula ia some ateusressupply the public neacesity, yet it would hbe imperect and unsatisfactory unless annotated with references to the Reports and Statute, in order to emrace the numerous amnendments whlicl have base made by the L.gilnature, and the impertant decisions and constructions which have been given upon many o its articles by timhe Sprete Court. The publishers have secured, for ti general snper intendhece and editorial department of the work, the professional survices of Wheelock S Upton, Esq. a nme.berof the Now Orleans blar. Tie Hen. Judge Bullard, Judec Ilermudes, and Hon George Eustis, asve each kindly assisted Mr Upton with'th valuabhle notes which they Iave collected in the counre of their studies and practie; and to ir N R Jenniare, the part ner of Mr Upton, who is also encuged in the work, Geo Strhwbrilge, Esq. has presented the great mass of ref-. renarc ontained in hit olfice copy of the cods, and hlich nave been made by int during the whole period at his distinguished prlfeaiolnal labor. Tihe publish er0 may thereofre wel truster that theaneotationo of the learning and experience, can perform. In putting forth titis prs pectus, nd soliciting rene el saubscriera to the work, to publihears take pride in the fact that the Legislature of Louisiana has autharized the Governor to order one thousand copies of it for ile future use of the State. The readiness with which this number was takea by the Assembly, evinced their tust oenre of the value of te work.;ad tley thc.reby exeend ed that eonfidece in the ability of the publishers and editors which it is holed is not wholly undeserved. The work will he printed in Fregh and English, upo good paper ad with clear type; nor will any se penseoreare enspared to make the whole mechtniceal Senecution of it correspond with its great imnportance. It will probably be ready for delivery in trie month o September next; and the price will be, to snlscribers, fifteen dollars-lif dollars to be paid at the time of sub scribing. The subscription lists once closed, thse store price willt e twenty dollars per copy. up 6i E JO)H3NS & CO. Publishers. ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, FIHR FEVER AND AGUE. STEN years have not yet elapsod since it was first regularly submitted to tihe public; but it has attained tilhe Ihighest reputation; and has sup. planted every otler medicine for the Ague, wiacrev. or it Itas been known and appreciated. Already lhas it been carried in every direction tlhroughout the United States, and still renlizes more than could have been atatieipated by its most sanguine friends. Tlhousands of persons lave not only been relieved, I bhut restored t- health and vigor through its agesn. ey; and tlsy now clheerfully testify, at every op portntaity, to its dohided and supreme effloecy. It is composed of such medicinal principles as are calculated to renew the laealtlly action oftahe stom aclh, liver, and other important digestive organs, the loss of which, harmony is the immediate cause of the disease. It is apparent also, that it produ.: eso an entire change in the condition of the system, Sand certainly destroys the native liability to relap ses of the affection. When the Ague is attended with any other complaint, the employment of the Tonic Mixture will not interfere with the treat. meat of the other disease, but will even afford a. isastnce by furnishing strength and vigor to the body during the course of treatment. These who make use of this medicine may be assured that tlthere is no Arsenic, Barks, Mercury. or any otllhear article in its comaposition unfriendly to the Ihnan constitution; being entirely a segeinble extract; and they may have additional confidence in the use thereof, when they perceive that it Ihna tile ef fect ofa gentle laxative about the time half a bhot. tic full has been, taken--in consequence of which, there is no part of the medicine left to linger in the bowals to cause obstructions, and other evils, arising from the use of many of the remedies now offered for the cure of this affection. It has been used alo as a preventive, by many who wers sub. jest to a periodieal recurrence of the Chills, and it has invariably warded off the apprehended attack. Obseree Tihe Proprietor, fully satisfied with the unparalleled aid universal aucess which has con. stantly attended a punctual and relgular use of the TonicS Mixture, in all ease of Fever and Ague, ials warranted in engaging to refund the price to all those who have token the medicine in strict as. eordane with the prescribed directions, without having been perfeStly and lastingly cured. The subscrihere are the wholesale agents for the South Western Staten, and have now on hand six ty cases of this medicine, which is warranted freat and genuine. For sale at the manufetured prices 'JARVIS & ANIItEWS, Wholesale Drnggiets, nov27 ceo Common hi 'l'ehoupitoulas street. ORDERS RECEIVED FOR JONES' P4 TENTCOTTO. OGIN, BTte PPatentee, No. 53 1lgaine treet, New Orleans TOSE MANUOFAOITURED IN NEW YORKBY ROBERT HOE & CO. SC4LE OF PRICES-Doaubl Gins. For a double Gin of 50 saws or mole o5 0aeh yliller, making 160 saws in the stand, with feeder, bands, &e. at $6 perw, or $90A 00 For Ioulde Gin of O a es n a ocylisnde, or 190 maws in ath stamnd, eeders, o-i . $6 permaw, or 790 00 Fordo. of 40 aws on do. or 8 saws in a stand, at $6.4 5per sow, or 50 000 For do. oft Il nwsondo.or 40 saws ij stsand, at$6).50er saw, or U0 00 SINGLE GIN '. Fora si o mli, of Um wsa or more, wit One net 4feeders, bids, &k. at $6 per saws, wh eleders, t&er at $6 r po w er •o, ' 390 00 For do. uof 0 saw, with freedr, &o. 75 persw, "30000 For do. of 50 saws, withfeeders,& &. at S O0 per saw, 115000 Extrateeth where desired, fo.rfelers, stpplied a 0 cents euih; the numberoft gh being about equal olthenumberofsaws. Oe t et of feeders, itiscoa sidered however, will wear out two or three sets of sows. Extra sws supplied at st cents each. The Gins etrired, will be delivered to the agents of platers in any of the sea port towns of the cotton plan - tino States, tthe abcoe wires, thesgents paying the lr dinht o the imefra New York, anl becoirollgre sp..sible brtlr mountof the Gin. A Gini wright willbe sent with the Gins to put them up where de sired; the charges for whose services will be extra, but moderate. Iron running gearean alsoe ordered where desired, on reasonable terms, but will be charged etra. Home power, ofany description, can be furnished on like terms. Small steam engines can also be orderd if de sired. It isdesiMble, when planters give orders for Gins. they should aseompany them with their views in tega.dl to thenarsngement saws, bruests , brushe de. It is frond they diffteri opinion. S .isdesire we od Ilsger diameter than others. The moot etmasn site is 9or 10 inches; b, .some wish them 19 inches. Some wish 5 or 6 rows.I brushes on an axle, while others do not want more than at most. Some wish saws with 8 orteeth to tine inch, while others wantl or IIt. W uch dliscrepsey,.owe prefer they should, at the time Ofgiving ortrwfuriish n statement of their wishesand the mnulmstuorss san fulfil them in evetT 'irti ular. Where it is left toordiscretion, we shall mke them on the most modern anod auroved plan. An order can he nxeouted, from thetime it is received, in the spaeeofeight or nineweeks, and the Gin in that time plar din the hands of the factor. To be in time for the next crop, all orders ought to be in the hndls of the imanufactumely the first or middle of Mayst oneptl o planttions wlarethey amrlate in ommeoning to l. or gin cottaI. N.B. The Patent Right, for any oneof the eetton SwSinc-Sg Sttes, willbe sold on reasonauble terns. i t 3 6m 1IdA U\TIONED BY H FAULrI'Y OF MED CINE. iHORN'S Compound Extrant ofCopaiba and narim SpriNa -A certain, sele, and ment effectual reone y ever discovered for the cure of Gonorrhea, Gleet., Slrictures, Whites, Pains in the back and oins, seminal weakuesn, afuections kidnies, gravel, sorbtile eruptian, &c. in the intreduation ad amedicine posaeaing the adifu and natire virtue of the ne now tffered to the publie, tie proprietor has but to refer to the numerous reaom mendslatons reeived from the most eminent of the me dical faiulty in Euope, helieving that it will he dlly tpriited when it Imerits are more fully kowa. TIe aItmm of polib, soaetensively used, has lost much of its redlist 1om thse dslike which patisnta lornerly expesa d regarding its disagreabe tate, dltebuaace producead in the bowels and atomnnach, and its heoforeta ine.ficenv when used in the inflammatory stage. The proprietor has made an nalysis of the Balsam, eoneeir sg that the more aetiveqrauiitiesl would thereby be much s eaonrentrated and more usefully administered than Sin the wnt Srte. IThe above maediineeombine in rldienta whish ure in the higheat replte amono the moat scientifle and learned in the prfesiosn. ch drlg in cthe emon ion of this preparation Inrea.esthe e liel.y of 'tlle other, prodlaing an opentio traty aste uhhing, end sUrpiiltng the most andgine e l.iatio s t poas lnugat the same le the dvant ge of its nheig administerad with prfeet male in the differsnt saties . of the uaove dliaase. The moal eminenta pll ieilnnand I uaoeuns of the presalt day e, es l d ir da.ided up ote nreanely with dthe elebrited Dr Abernethy in al venereal dfas ioan, ad in obtuatle amlueonslulintpti, urisinlgfroma imnlerlm ed Sate fthadisgestivefuriuitiu. Saving been submicted to the test and expeience of the most aelrbtntel among the failty, they have expressed their atisaeteon of its extraordinary efficacy in every ease under their aulle, by adopting it both in their uI blic uni privateprentee. Their oi ervationa will he Inserted hereafter. Prepared by J B Thorn, Chemiot I Linion. Price $1 5il per pot. STESTIMIONIALS. From A H Salmon, Esq. R 5, Surseon to the HSt 'l'heaa Hospital, anld t.Lre .. on Anatomy. The trial which I lhae rnace of your prepltihon in a variety Oarn es, bath malerantd feme, in its result hlive prves ao highly. ouavtmrable, that I do t heaitate in pruontlting it mae of the meat valuable and effcllaeioul remelies ever onfretlo ohe puilic, anl one in wlhich, from expelriea~e, I ma tllaee every relianue, whilst it tdoes notliulrito the mame unplulaat elfeatnsually en ltrieieil from nopaiha. From H Haywarl, M R C S, Physician to the St Merylehime Disune n Iry. on- e I take great pleUre in adding my tetimony to the valuable Irop-iies of your prepratioli, witing you the sacces ya son fully ideserve, in a tample rewrll faIr the labaraud expense hlounred in brinling it to aseh non plats peirenation. From L C0 u per, F I S, Surgeon to Guy's Ins pital WThe uitfonr neaess which hals atended the ndminis teriog your metdlicie among mry patients afflicted wilh theeLabove diinae, has fully satisfied me thalt it has olly to be kuown to be truly apprelcited. May thle sucess you ae well delve, amply and speedily repay you for your valuable prelnration. From Sir A Cooer, FR S P RCS, e. &. Having been ifduced to try your Extract in seiveal easeaot violent Goontrrha, whlich had hitherto balffled every preseription administerei by me, having fotund tare and apeedy cures effected by it, in a few ldayl I feel myself in duty bound to state that I now in my lrae tire both publie and private recommelid and uea nlo other. From G W Blair, M D, Physician to Guy's Ito pitlt. The strict tent which I lhve given your medicine among my patientn, and its invariable seccm thus far, will indlue me to ersevere in its use, and t deem it butna ant ofjuntice ani of iuty to add my feeble telti monial in commendation of its virtues. FIroo L C Thomlson, M D F It S L. Ireturn you my sincere thinks for t' e valuable pre sent of your Extrlat for the cure of Gonorrhoea, bce. I eel grateful tlhat you hIave at last IiuI-bht a medlieii into use whlich will prove a deslelratonm im soaugt tbr in the medlial world-a sutore, slpedy and effeetual mire in eases if the above class. It atibrds me grratjpleasure il publishi.g to the world the valuable qualitiesofyour Extract. Were it necessary, the prolprietor could here furnish many more testimonials equally as commendatory as the I above; but tlusta that itngreat sucesshitherto the eare & expense at which it has been prepared, will proveits greutest recommendation among a diseemrnig public. Onei rcommendation this preparation enjoys above all others is its neat, poitao e lorm-put up in pots-th mode in whlieh it may be taken, behig both easy awul plnealt--its tastely intare,wilth no restrintion in diet or enfitement from buainesn. Traveller, enpenialle I would find this medicine highly useful, and ought neve to bh untirovidedl witlh a prelaration puosseuing the ad veitng.a wlhich the present oue ouibui Aceomplnying the Medicine isa pamphlet explan tory ol'the dlilferet stages of the disease, without any elharge, elotaiiii full end amile directions. For sale by SILKLES CO. mr l1J3wJm 40 Canal istreet. 'TIlE TREE RICHES OF LIFE IS HEALTH." labor, constitutes the wealth of the great mass of the peop'e in this, as in most other coun. tries. To preserve, therefore, that health by natu. ral mean. is a grand, moral and p-litical scheme, to 3 fulfil which, requires our utmost attention. The unprecedente l popularity and uniyersal ap. approbation which this medicine his achieved throughout the United States, the CanadaS, Texas, Mexico, and the West Indies, fully justify Dr. Peters' in warmly and coase.entiously recommdn. ding them to the special notice of the afBicted. Peters' Vegetable Piilsare the safest, meet egon. tual and economical remedy for diseases of the human constitution, that has ever been discovered. Dr. Peters, the inventor of this invaluable medi. cine, from his knowledge of the human system, derived from a long and extensive practice, ha. arrived to this conclusion, that the great and pri. mary causes of most diseases is a derangement in the functions of the liver, or in other words an in. creased or diminished secretion of the bile. So well is this understood, that it is common for persons to say when they feel unwell, that they are iout, meaning that they have too much bile on the stomach, On the other hand, when the fow of bile is diminished, the process of dieealion is imperfectly performed, the patient beomes weak and emanlated, banaunse surihment containedin the food taken intotbhe stmach is not properly xa . tracted, and the food is ejected in a crude state. Dr. Peters is confident that the famous Hygean Theory, so called; that, " impurity of tim blood is the cause of all diseases," is a ggjat absurdity. Every one wae reflects on the subjlt a mgliat, will perceivethat impurity of the blood is a eaon. da y not a primary complaint-the effect and not the cause of disease. When the funetionqof the liver are deranged, aml the flow of bile increased, it is often taken up by the absorbent vessels and carried into the circulation, and becomes ming'ed wi h the blood, as in jaundceo, when the patient shows it in his countenance. Now this impurity 0 of blood is caused by an increased flow of bile, and to remedy it, you must correct the seietions of the live-, and restore it to a healthy state. Dr. Peters lieh spent much lm in experiment oing with different vegetah'e mediions, for dileuea of the liver; and now offers his Vegetable Pills, 0 as the best, most convenient, and cheapeat medi. sine that can be prepared for gersla use. Dr. Patere flatters himselfthat hie long exaeri. menting with vegetable medicines has enabled him to discover the true and only substitute answering 0 all the iurposea ef mercurias without any of their attendent evils. One great quelity'qhis vegeteble Spills is that they have the Ilteraive prineciplr noem. bined with their cathartic, or operative qualties, so that they not only eloanse the stomach and bowels by purging, but they regulate the lier, change the morbid secretions, strengthens the digestive organs, purify the blood, invigorate the circulation, and give tone and energy to the nor.. onus system. They aie mild and pleasant in their operation, and c nvey almost iummediate conviction of their utility from the first dose. They can be taken with safety by persons of any age ; and the feeble, the infirm, the nervous, and the delicate, are strengthened by their operation, because they clear tthe system of bad humours, quiet nerveras irrita bility, and invariably produce sound health. I, The Vegetable Pills are a sure remedy for jun. dice, sick and nervous headacho, dyspeplsa, cstive. enes, sickness of the stomach, heartburn, all bilious copplaints, fevers of all kinds, and if taken at the coinmencement will invariably cheek their pro. grens, and save the patient from a protracted ant dangerous sickness. They are invaluable in ner. vous and hypooondrical aftections, lon of apte. tile, and a l complaints to which females alne mare subject. They operate as a mild and speedy purge, o and ere a safe and certain remedy for worms in Sohidren. I. Since 1 have introduced my Vegetable Pills to t the public, I have received numerous certifioates r of their euporior efficacy in curing disease, a so, many letters Irom respeotable physicians, who have used them in their practice with the boaut I might publish a small volume of certficates, w but consider it unnesessary, as the medicine cill of recommend itselfto all who wi I snake trial of it. tl The above pills are in boxes, containg 0 &r 40 an pills each. Price, 9. & 50 ecnte per box, n Druggists and country merehlnts can be sup plied, at wholesa'e or reail, at Dr. Petotp' pieot. ip I "Iie, no. 65 Povdran street, be etw .ia lCnaml at. New Orteat - "M York d& Baltaore .lacets 'JACKETS FOR NEW YORK.-New Lina. I -To l puaettally eve, eop Meaday during the ason, all or not full, Ship Orleans, 599 toes W Seas. Ship Alabama, 474o . : C$O ; ery Ship Arkansas, 697 do a Densna Ship Saruoga, 544 do . W Hef T, Ship Nashville, 540 do B Jaeake, Ship Kentueky, 69 do J keab, The ahove ships are of the4 leeM, Seploe and copper fastened, and havin i bal i Nay. York expressly for this trade, ame of draft of water and almot area th without any detention. are mi a of great experience, snod ehIp.tWll alweyabe towed up and down the pun i 4J astahbeat. aThey have handsome Ltare acenaadSl and stores of the beat description w11 alwayo be furnished. The cabin passage. ia .w wlboi wine or liquor, and there ip liquor Iblresidhd to the offere or crew. For t lit pam1 oe appl" on board, or to HiC"WIMEB,-4 CaM e -l The shipsare not seoo l b, lfor .j glass, hollow ware, srpble or grite, cepse ti, or rust of iron ort, norresponsi w a I package or parcel, adtss a reglbsli Le-adig is executed therefor at the ou i of the nt*, nov97 NEW ORLEANS A Ln BAL 0E LINE sfe PACKET This line will consist of the following vesse, which have been built or purased xpessly fee the trade, "via: Ship Seaman, Capt. Minor, Bark Mary, Nik~ekonu SIrad Ferry, new " Stvens, SSolomon >altus, ' Lathm, Brig Architect, 5 GEay. Theme vesels are of tIe first ease he, b .han some furnished eecomimodationsa, ad are nf light draft of water, so as to admit of their-reesving ade discharging their cargoes in ISal lpreatthseeity, Freight will be taken for ports on the Chesapeahe or James' River, and forwarded'by ti agents, Messr. CLA,RKE & KELLIIGG, at expenses on goods shipped will bhe advaned wh.e required. The price of panssge is fied at *S ample stores of the b st quality will be provided. Steam up and down the Mississippi will be taken on all oeeaslons. For freight or passage, epply4o GEO. BEDFORD, nov27 22 Bienvil.eas, FOR NEW YORK. [Louisiana and New York Line of Paekets ] Tfl;" Ships composln this line will ifroes New Orleans and New York on every iether Men day-commencing on the 90th November-end to insure the punctuality in the time of ailing, the line will hereafter consist offi,e ships, vim Ship Yazoo, Captain Trask, to leave on the 90th November. Ship Louisville, Captain Palmer, to leave en the 4th Deoember. Ship Huntsville, Captain Eldridge, to heave en thL 18th December, Ship Vicksburg, Captain Woodhouse, toU san the let January. - Ship Misissippi. Captain Davis, to leave en the 15th of January. The above are all new, of the first class, copper da and copper fastened, and upwards of 500J ts hurthen, are of light draught of water, being bhilt in New York expressly for the trade. The pries of passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their eabine ar fitted up in the most improved and convenisat plan, and finished in a neat and elegapt style. Ample stores of the first quality will be provided, and every regard paid to the comfort and entiar eatisfactian of passengers, who will please take no. tice that no berth en be secured until paid for at tile ollee of the eonsignees. These vesel.are commanded by captains well experienced in the trade, who will gaive every at. tention and exert themsel es to acotmodate. The will at all times be towed up and down the Mi]ssi. sippi by steamboats, and tim atriplat pun.tality observed in tle time of asiling. The owners of these ships will noet be ble for any letter, parcel or package, sent y put on board of them, unless a regular hill of lading be signod therefor, at the counting house of the agent or owners. For further particolars apply to J D BEIN & A COHEN, nov27 90 Common as NEW ORLEANS & CHARLESTON PACKETS: This line consists of lourvoselse,al of the first class, coppered nd copper fao, reed, and of about 900 tons bhrihen, with handsome acconmmodatioins for passengers. These vessels are commanded by capseina wel experienced in the trade, who will give every at toelion, and exert themselves to necommodate the shipper. They will b,h towed up and down the, Mississippi, and leave New Orleans on os behfic the 10th and libh of every mounth. The Iollowing vessels coepoe the linee, vi : Brig Arabien, Clnrl:ea G rdon, master. Brig Cnpmsn,J, I. Tlhumpon, maste. Brig Almenes, J. Doisne, nlaster. lBark Rtgre Williams.iJ. Alliber, maseer. For Ireight or paesage, anplv ao J. A. BARIRJ & C.,, 6&l Common at. New O0leasa, sc M. . M,ordecai,Ohieeloneu, eat I ,HE underigned having reeomasanend'bsires II as Drugi.t and ApMhecary, in the moue owned by Mr. i..ob Ott0, ast the oese of. Tieoli cirrle and Trittn Walk, respeetfully eolieil dsharo of the public patrtedge ends renewal of the fa.uc of his former customers. The entir.e .jsak a Drugs, medicinesand fone, articles is*RiLe an carelfully selected. The following only s per ticulerised, viz : Pre Sode, Seidlitz and Saratng Powdeur. Yeast Puwders, being a wholesome mwa elegeea rukatilute roryeast, in breed, bekwhbeet ceeaei,&cr · Butles', Efrervescent Magneslasn Appealeat-l plearno and gente purgetivein dyspepaia or fadi. estion, nserveus debiliry, giddinere, headach, ecdity ul the stomach, babitual costiveness, oslo. neueo eruptions, &o. Carpeater'u Fluid Extract of aepearilla f putif)lny the bl oud, s dodl and eubebeh e,k Swuintod Panaser and Vermirfuee I rile iherlem rile, Opodcldocr. d&c. Refined Lqttorice. jujube end allmnne. pastle Tooth brusehoa, N S Prentior's cebonic desl.i, fice, oblnrinetooth wash, powder pufsh and bener, Prentice's carbnmeo dentritfee, chinrise as h wae. powder puffs and bales, Peenticors seented plain toilet powder, pomstum creane do orasfe flower, rose, lavender and '.lorid wep of the be.t qulitie, Rowland's MI eaerl., Nid. ride't balnt of.olumnbisa, hbeeo eil. vr.rey il lucifer and other mrtehes, indelible markhlg Itk superior black ink,. e. Sperm and rened whalel oil. Hay'es Lianimnt. A fresh assortmeat of Thorburn'eGarde Beeods pet 4 GEORGE J11ES,. INE-150 boxes Claret and Sausetse in mW sore anI fortrele. jv js8o CHA MPSUN RCOOt ,. Jsli HALE ROPE- co. ll Bt Rope, eo oor quality, feu asle b fe12 ISAA BRIIDGE k Co, 1.4 Mqgesi.e IR) l -5 0 o bnl mosin Iadiag te etipYl rls I, mgne, and for sale by tmar 19 SHALL bi BROWN, 96 Magesiae a NEV GOODnS-B.a, a A.a jj.a ,eeed N rplendid asortnment of lite Fancy Gds, s.lte. Ide for Pttsfatt, oumprisnig ladiee' wrizsi delta, dresinga cass, work boo. tusieal ba., puerltle,. needle books Uo perl, ,he.l sod y, leard Ceae sad souveuirs inlalid wth artl adoldI poeket ailku;pt. e operdagil ulrlasses d end fsiver Pbw A -- o a d, caller ,, o, at TRE BHA7A.". d29 nor t es Cha Cle ommon at., Echnge TO THE LADIES. ATKINdSON DEPILLATOET, fsneMota whiter than before the applbie. . dia juIa received at No I Eclhlage Hotel, crner St Cnosllu sa-,d FALL * *corM J P. FREEMAN'I CO., Sare rernbniee lg eMr Clothiag, sod will eiallew. to larly throughtlot the daaon. lf Flte larsge will nab. theawfi }ph cne y, at the a Ike . Moeuen, .Sprig Divi.emdal Ivory ~u;ai- a .y Cha