Newspaper of True American, March 27, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated March 27, 1839 Page 2
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biak cile- ) i w o nlu nnneatimith tthia Of~ite is SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE FOU TIlE PRINTINO OF SPasp '" • I mauhi kou,. nla."*i z,*: SSaSs.. Y r I 7 d iIln ieom eit " I ca.ulaarsm Ad .eery' demriptam t ofJeb Work shat may be reqired. TfllR IRUE AMFItRI.N. IWWS 8W JIU .e OIUNt me. arWrYss. .AND 301. XI ,W LR LEANls SDNES)AY MARCH 27, IF39. 'i gatmn are presented for Aldermen I a ..aldwell, Spencer Gloyd, Jas. P., End - Rodgers. 2 I - P'l. J.,Peters, E. Yorke and H Lock 3d Ward-B. WhitneyJ. I .ll and E. W Sewell. LATEST radWi T'xasa.--We annex the following ilemof interest from the iouston 'Telegraplt of the 20th : Tee lion. Wi. Brehan, who wae captured near San Patrinhci ssvrall'nmthe sines, and etbeequlently is* rkieoned in Matamrae. is raw in this city He enap.. edom MatonWa plea out aix weeks ago. At ihe tame heietil tý~i; a large hedy of Federal troop hallU in. vested that liMes , but were unable to make an attaci epmn it lott he wantof arntilerv. They were wailing for reofre tc stnsnTamtpico. Hie lltatemeet agres ia th e , epar iuises wih tim at elligence.rreviouely re Cles helae ton this siege, by way o emiew Urleans. ] Filiao hua inbtned as that mrnv emngrants are now lig in ithe wetern colntles, wlichie are now in a noleedoerishingconition than they have bert at any time sina't)he commencemenl afthe war. We an indebted to oal. I hnnell for several speci. mens of minerals from th hanks of-the Col-ando, near antre.p. Amooa them area betlUliful specimen flna tive enpper,, ol tbroun malaehite and of chryetalized gyleum. He has inforned an that nsarthe locality of thnem minerals, lie nttieed a quarry ofeacellent marble, and anxtensive ýed of iron are. -The lon. W. H. Wharton died on the 14th instant at Geecer Retreat, ofa wound received by the accident ml dianharge ofanl pistol. He was on a viit to that plne, ai t-was at the moment he received the fatal wound, just preparing to ae out on hin return ato Iis residenee at Eagle Island. While in thle act of adjet Inghitsholters, he atteipted to draw allt one of the pistols to exumine it, but nforatunately discharged it, and the balhel laning thom the thick leatler at the Iot. tom orfte holster, ctat away two of his fillger, and pen etrated his abdc en. Althmlgh the pain Iem tliese wounda was eacruciealig in the extreme, he bore it with such remarkable fortitude, that tis friende were induced toisheeve the Injury was but slight, ad that he would oon reover; on the third day, however, after the accident, svmptome of tetanus were discovered, atd all hopes of his recovery vanished. He died with a moere famnas, suneounced by several of his most inti mate friends and his sorrowing amily. We feel a par ticular emotion of poignant regret in recording this dia p tion of Prvidene. But a few weeks have elape. ed ince we had the melancloly tak of aennoncing the deathof his distinguished Lrother, Col. Johln A. Whar tea. I.tledid we then think, that they who had been a united in fretertal devotion in the great cause of freedom. in all that could tend to elevate the lmoral char acter oftlheir fellow citizens, and to augment tile ua eimnal glrywere so soon to be united indeath. When we look kbepon the past history of Texaes and note tim thousand evidenees of their acrifiere, their suiffer itge, and their naebe zeal in behalf of their nountrv, we are impressed with a full sense of the loss we have sue tained. To their bereaved friends however, themre is a eoneolction in theim riectlioo, that their names will live in Texian story, while the rememherance of our rave. lutioa endures-and like the great natnee of Hermodian and Ariastagitn, will he associated with all that in lofty in patriotism-all that is amiable in private life. Ezte.snie Abolitioan --The argus eyes of the mann amlionista, abolitionists, or Illathlropiat--or whatever may be their title, appear to have been evaded by a fellow from Georgia, who arrired hIere lately with six negroes, whom he conveyed from hebe to Ballimore, for tale: The Baltimote Sun of nSeturday says: a A few days since an individual calling hIimaelf Themas Manning, called upon a slave trader in this city and effered to sell him six slaves. They were likely looking yanths, male and female, but suspicions wereexcited wlmhether the salesman had a proper claim anthem. These ltspicions inducetd Mr IS ler, the trader, tO apply to officers far assistanee,and they soon ferrrerted out the affair. It seems that Mr Mlnning, who sometimes ecknowlendges his real name of Willie Hatcher, belongs ti Jefferson county, Georgia, whee he fell in .ith certisn negrnae, seven in number, who, he mayn, wishaed to emnligrale to a free state ; hut .f that neon., He carried them to Floridla, where he sold one of them, a girl between 13 and 14 years of age, fir f6511. From the.ce he proceeded to St Marks, with, his inter eating charge, and embarked witll, thIem on board the schooner Mltazarppa, of eBostontl, for New York, at which city telly arrivedl, and immdiately passeld on through Philadelphia to tlis city, where, as bove st-,ted, he at tempted tonell the negroes. There is preol; we under stand, that the slaves do not belong to the person wihoe winhed to sell them; and that the blacks attae, that sa, far from their having desired him to take lhea, out of the state in which they lived, he had proposed to take them to a' ien state," where they could do as they pleased. Mr Tean Manning, alias Will. Hatcher, was linally cminitted to prison. Naw IAeSA HIta ELgCyloa.-The " Democratic" Ticket for tiovernor alnd Cnnresmen hlas succeeded, by a majority of about 4,000.--Philadephia LeJger. If the British were to ask a slice of New Hatipshire, wedonotknow that we shc ld reftse them. lioweeer, they wouldhe glad enough to give up theconceded ter ritory, because, the Iranite boys will obey no ordersbut thoe of Isaace Hill, and lie would'nt care a doilt what depredations they committed, so that they yielded itom phcit faith on Iia immaculateness. The pslatlion of Sweden is represented to be 3,t112,140 souls. The lteamboat We. PARRItS, recently lauonched at Louikville, Ky., is Raid to be a beautiful specimen of steamboat arrhitecture: "Of the first elass, and better than her claess." RuOslta or THE PUatLe TREASURY.--The clerk's office, in the City Hall, at Albany, N. Y. was b-oken open and robbed of about three thousand dollaur be lenging to the county treasury. SourrmNoa .gTRAiR.-The British Whig states that a military court tf enquiby is now sittiog, for the purpose of invertigatiug Col. Prin:e's conduct respect ing the enerution of the prisoners taken at Wildsor, Upper C.anad. 1 he Philadelphia Gazette of tie 15th says: *"Two ,.f the pasaenger rae on thel, tolumlti Ra;I Road were deastryad on We nerdnvr, Cy the rone break ing while acending the inel ned plane. The Icon.e. gea escaped aerious ijury, RED RaIva PaTnRto.-We have received the first number of this paper, published at Shreveport, Caddo County,by Wm. Wallace, Esq., late of the Louisvil'e .iterary Regiater. Mr. Wallace it a poet of a very high order. He will render his very neat paper, one of great utility and excellence. He has garnered away so many bright thoughts, that we almost regret he is cornered ameay off in so raote a place as Shreveport,but doubt. as he will open a way to the sun, and hold ere long that*ad iter ad aetra? We wish tim success. By the way, Mr. Wallace wansl two Printers, and will pay their passage to Shreveport. NEW BOOK-. NIOAL lAI. ONL dad tter ales1 of Ireland, 2 rols. L. Carleta ; at E. Joa's &' Co'l Book Store. Here ar hall a dozen pleasing tales, full tf true Irish humor and feeling. Carleton has a happy hand in aetechiag the manners and language of the Green Isle. His "Trails and Stories of the Irish Peasantry," have been read with intate 5. 'The present work is equally as mausing aims ptedcressor. Itoffer the same meaus. ealdwit and variesy. Twa Reiesa k Tae BAR: 2 vole. at E. Jioux's 4 Co's BSeek tore. We always great any thing from the pan of the au. del'dMs wr w with pleear.. Ilis sketches of the eembeorsf the English Parliament are eceellent. The workheforeua will form an appropriate appendix to thde forme. It gives a vivid description, itterspered withe Itlegtphy and anecdote, of the moat distinguished ebhraes'ea ta the London Bar. Brougham, Lyndhurst, iple,Tslfourd, &c. am all taken off to.the lif. A few ·asrleeL a devoted to the style and coure of businessu ih the London Courts. The author must be a lawyer *adltleal allsqae . or CuAtm La MATHEs, Comedian, by ir,. ~ei~ a 2 vot, at E. Jolu's &. Ct's Book The liT e of a contedan is always amusing. That a Charlee Sathw.s m hoea talents were woduerful, and whoe wit we w setm oellent,ettnnoo but form a book at m see rgesat. Mathewr. liue every great actor, "'ioelld ms a seo is prchasing his book wet take a algatmnenu aud manuars in arious parts. H dbrrg.-We learn from Harrnldborgh u.itea. saod Mr Muardaugh. iodiated ¶,r tu i the thhady afrar at the Gault ety, have bees acquiittd T. e jury .. y tmrs at feur misuts. Eleveno of the fo adteheyg a verdict oat N!ot Guilt," she lteb. sbut the twelth el.jected to tlat S.Jesr. It is no easy task to make up an agreeable paper. when one is out of eortl, and the mails have failed. But it is no inoommon occurrence that editor should he no situated. We all sIare the ills to which we are ex* posed. THa CAver.--Uoth played LcAR, evening before last to a thin houeae-every body having gone to Celeste's Benest. The play was Well performned-we do not re member when we have been more pleased thean with nome of the masterly delineations of Mr. Booth. Last night, Porter, the Giant, and Stevens, the Lilliputian, took their henefit, and ofared their stock in trade, by way of wariety.' Tonight, Mr. BOOTH. CLESTrr.-Like other men, printers will make mi takes sometitnme. Theotherday, when we intended to say Celeste's la Icahucha was alone worth the price of a ticket, we were made to say her "character," .. for which we tender the amende honorable. Well, fiwall the mictake, she had a jamr-up house, t nd very many went away, disappointed in not being able to obtain even a place to look through. There are times when the St Charles hardly seemns large enough, but Celeste is the only person who can make it seem so. She con. tion esto leave no vacant corner whenever her name is up fura benefit. Miss DavsNPrRT, justly styled "the fist Juvenile Actress of the age," last evening made the most one cessft debut we have ever witnessed. Her Richard Ill. was a chef d'ouvre of acting. In her new piece of the Manalger's Daughter, the young debutante delighted her henrer--the French Minstrel Boy drew tears front all To-nirht. the Little Wonder appears in (astonish ing to state) Sir Peter Teaz'e, and repeats the Mana ger's Daughter. She cannot do better. (GRAND s.9CrTACL..-The Citncinnati Post says, that tihe grand spectacle of Napoleon Ilonsparte, recently represented at the National Theatre, is the meet gor. geous display ever got up in that city, and was per fornmed to one of the largest and most. respectable au diences ever seen in that house. We give soume theatrical gossip from the New York Star. That correspondent at Liverpool, is the greatest gossip in chrietendom. He has his nose in every hole and corner, and knows all tm secrets of" this breathing world." The Mechanics' and Citizens' Ball on the lith inet.. netted $2,300! THEATRICAL. We hlne a rumor that Charles Keen is going ti WaVl lack's Theatre, New York, at 611 a night. On this the London Observer says, quietly." We donot belieue it a.y dollars would, perhaps, he near the real rsum." At hrury rene,lnst season, Kesn had nit half tihe sum above named. Charles Mathews, it is said, will tiot publ ls lis satirical work on America. Coan this he owig to a cowhiding inltiatiotn on the part ofTo . D. fRie? (Jia Crow.) Mrs. Nitbett talks of an engagemetnt at the Park, but Madate', failure frightens her. Mrs. Nisbett romains at the !ilyretie theatre, at 401 a night, as snte holds I y her engagetaent. T'lile Olympic in fll each Mirs Fitzwilllunme is going to Amurica. Expect a round, merry, fat, plensant little mwoaan, with n ioast excellent character, no beauty, and great merit as an actreessand vocaliut. The Woods are at Manchester, drawieg immensely. 'The Haymarket closed on Tuesday, clearing '2001i in its season for Webster. On Wednedev it was open fro MrnFitewiiliam'e benefit (quit a bumiper,) and on Thursday farthatof Mrs Glacer. A new Farce by Charles Dance, called " Now or Never" was actedI at Drury Lane o Tuesday, and souc ceeded. It is full oflun. Covent Garden fills nightly ith the Tempest thrice a week, Win 'tell, Rob Roy, and the Lady of Lyons on the other nights. Rizzio, hr Htynes, will be out at Easter, and Doag. las Jerrold a new comedy immediatelv after. Strickland. the only toan near Wa 'Farren, is now at Covent Garden. Warde is i gquod, for debt. Oliver Twist draws et the Sorry and the Adelpli. At the Surrey, the other evening, a curiousn scene took place. When Toby Crocket and Sykes threaten Oli. ver, before the burglary, a sailor rose in the pit, pulled up hise jacket sleerves, swore lie would not seo poor lad ill used and wiilh difficultv was restraned fronm rushing on the stage tc his rescue. Thile adlienee cheered hi te, hut hie was restless until all was over, nd thet went oat muttering-"They deserve hanging lfo ill-using the child. Charles Kemble has been ill at Venice, but lis son John writes that he in now nearly recovered. [Corresponenee cfthe N Y Star. The qesetion that we hear asked on all ides is, "Hnow will matters end? Will there be a War?" To which we anawer, without hesiltion, that we look upon the probability of hostilities as a very remote one, and we will state why we think so. In for nee timen, when nations like individuals were ready to fight at a mn. mesn's warning, without caleulating thle cost, the clhan ers in favor of a collision between this country and Great ritain would have bee infinitively greater, but iexperience has ttenoh sane useful le aons on this heid, and Itople have learned to their sorrow that it is mueh Smore easy to declare a war tt:an t sustain the expense of one, and that it is proper to reflect well beore enter ing upon a contest, tlhat must cot mluch blood and treasure, and probably in the end leave all part es con oearned n the losing aide. At the ipresetl day, ffairs have assrned a different iaspect, an government, prefer diplomaey to hard blows. Taking it for grantet, then, that Great Britain will exercise due prudence in the premises, aid thwat she will not be s istullhardy as to go to extremities, without caletatinog the value of what she in to contend for, let us fora oment eamine what would he gained to ier, even admitting that she coultI attain all site asks. As for the territory in question, ti tilting nut of a sitele respectable souadron of wsipa will take mesre money than the land is worth. Somte persons will tell us that it is not the territory, btt the of war duringa the iuteir, between Upper sand Lower Cansad. We will grant nil this: and wlat then? Eng. land is to comnlence hlotilitie s with her bet rustomer, and,k tip all subsisting friendly relations n order to sece a n right of way betwee portions of her posses sions wllicb, instead ,f ueing of any real value to her, are sources of constant annoyance, expense and vexa tion. If we reanmeber aright, the cost of maintaining her cnollniul estahlis lments in America and the We:t Itilios is about 7,'l00,1Oi per artaum, whilst they retuttrn to her about 3.000, 0lfi--aausing an annual Inra of 4',ttn,l00l. It is then supptsetl that Great Britain will incur tihe ratexpanaes of a war, break up tle business relations between herself and the United State', and thus cat of from her manufactures the means f eorn ing tli daily subsistece tof themselves and tlt ir fatal lies, and all to keepthe key to lIossesions that bling her an:.ually in debt. We may, perhpaps, be told that na lioual tride, on the prt ofL England, will prevent her frou abandoning a nlaim, invlnving, as she thinks, the iltegrity of her dolhtions. Let us see what this sup. positiot is worth itt 1783, Great Britain entered into a treaty with the UnitedStatus in which she abandoned illclaim to a certain territory designated by cotrses and distances therein set forth. Havin done so the Britibh Gnvernmant cannon discredit its own act, hbut reeogn:zing the treaty, affects to sar that tim line called for Iby that instrument passes in a particular direction ; welelrs we say that It Intu; rle in a different one. Hlere, then, whIilst the treaty is admitsted in full force, a difference of opinion arises as to tle efficl of its requi-i tions, and a question is madta which in way Invo'ves National hoter, wiliel would alone he intlltiated by a failure to staid by a rolent apreentest formally sntered into. What Great BIritain In.icta upnt in thait tIe Uolndary li.e, if run in accordance with hie provrieillu of the treaty as sIhte undertantds it, will give wererlain lands, whilstwe,, t the otler hand, il.sist that it will not. IMtill parties adhering t th treaty, and teing willing In be governedl by it, the dispute is narmwed do,,wn to the single poilt otfwhih way tle line will run. As for a coanrenltoal line, eta long as the treaty stands, it is shier nomsense, and all that is to be done is t find tim starting point and follow te ceursesaecalled fit. In doing this, narvevors' instruments, and not munitions of war, are required-happily for I.tll nations. In turn it our artention to titse elaim of exclusive jurisdiction wlichi has been set up by tlhe Governor of New Bruns wick at:d the lBritish Minister, and whict Ias bteen so positively and emphatically denied by Maine and the National Exective, we come again to the point which has been sn long under negoctation, ad which ran alone be settled by tha Ithomne iovernment of Great Britain anl that of the United States. All that is de neaded by us is an adherancs to theim provisions of the treaty of 1783. In this it is hoped ourGovernment will ersist, regardless of et.mequentes; awl it remaini to be seen whether, with no clear a ease before tsImn, the English ministers will hazard tIeir places by demand ill any thing mte. We think tlhsy will mt--:lry, we will say dare not, persevere, Ilowecerexpedient it e na hare been deented tC let their (Governor ake the sand which he has asnmedl. It is only ieensary for the Blritilsh ra'ers ta abide by their treaty and itue sustain thie natitnal faith, to aroid all ditficulty, and we cannot believe that they will be so ian ise as to take another gronncl when by doiag so they must ruit the mannfan ttring iltererts of their country. Past ocurreneea otnly go to nhow tle necessity of a speedy settlement of ilta qurttion, and willwe doubt not not he the means of ,ifetting good by bringing the saffair to, n hope, s a amicable adjustment.-Bslt. Amer. AIFcLIeTIrG EgnrT AT WALLIGSrORD.-On Nab bath night, the 54th inst., blarcellun Aldtich, aged 14 years, andi Ihis assistant, Daniel Iretslnmingto. aged 1. years, were tlnployed in burnitng a coalpit, srituatedl awns 40 or 50 role frio the residence of the father of young Aldrich, atWallingford. The weathcrbein6 in. tensely cold, bheme had hien constructed near the pit, a small triangular cabin of logs. which was supplied with a large quantity of straw tor the sacommedatioa of the youn Inen--n chimney made of loomse atones, and the door formed on aone aide of the cabin. l'ho doorway was closed by boesnirds set up on the inside of ths cabin, and seaterd by laying a astne egainst them. Abraham Call. aged 16 years, one of their neighbors, was unfar tunately with them. At II aneloek, young Aldrich nent to the residence of his fatler, and procured some apples and potatoes, wisth which lie returned to the cabin. They covered the potatoes in the fire, and set a quantity of straw against the door, to guard against tim wind that catte Ironm that quarter. In this ituation, they all happily fell asleep. It is supposed that the wind frestesned and blew the strew they had set agninst the door, which falling into the fire, eanomsneared the flatmes to that which servedl them lora bad. 'heli the youang men awoke, their clothes, ere all on fire, the eab;nw aafillad with smoke and flames. Aldrich and iemiuglton burst off the covering from the angle tf the cabin opposite the fire place, and escaped through the nati enveloped inascolutnn cf flame. Cal', in the ssdeavor to escape by the door, slItmpted Ito re more tiat aosne that secared it, but it wia no heated thIat his hands nloakot it; and in his desperatiot he beoke the door by strtiping it with his head and brst through it islt the open air. Iloth of his hands were so bunt that the .eba slipped off frmne them whole like a glove. One.fell near the door, ad the other a few yard did. tae:. One ofthese ia nw in pooaedioo of Oh. Bx, ant wee by Iim ihown to the writer a tew hourn since. si tracted with pain,their clothes on fire, they ran withoeut Iny definite object for some miuotes,acammi.ghlagnay, and then otde theleway t the residenoa o young.At drch. Wt n they arrived, they were nearly divered of clothing; and they presented a apectcle that no pen b| npower to pourtnya. lamginthta would fail to pret sent the reading horror of that scene. Erey attention titut unwearied hunevolene, and me di.dl skill could supply, wan promptly and ttneaungly afforded to the uffererm, but without any sensible mlnl gation of their torment. -The viita powere were so faraahaueted in Aidrich and temmington, that they were, unable to respond to the most active saimulntls, and they continued to sInk until the night of the following Tuesday, when Aldrieh expired. Rs emmington breathed hs lastt on Wednesday evening. In the ca.e of Call, there was a alight rear tian; but hia life could only be prolonged till Friday Snight when he died. rilJAtn Conaa-Fdra .Day.-Yenterday quite a Seonocoure assnembled to witness the sport. We usn n derstand that the race was one of great interest. We t give tite result: IBeeswing, I I S Oreydor, 2 2 Altorf, 3 33 e Curculia, 4 4 Tla.--First heat, 3 m. 4i e. hecond heat, 3 m.h47u The great trotti1g match then cams off between Cjn Sdnee and Bemd, in which the former proved succesp. ful. 2 e Miles--Time 5 8 and 5 38. d CLaer briangsout a new piece this evenihg, Re. i meOmber uCte has but two ligts a more. Rrgder'eor C 1e SECOND M~tNI IAL'IY : it Reports of Day Police ,qd:Night Watch, Mr.. Eliea h 44n P 18S` . rsMrs&. O.E O'Neal audi; Cuseauglewerearresteden , ocharge. ofomurde made by MarttgAnn Jounes of Sabout 13yoanrof'ge,. '.6m th'eaannstiadon to-day the actuaer states that what she fernerty stated under oath waS a fabricatuin, not e word of truth in it; and ohe wse prompterdo do it4ret by the ad. it rvideof John O'llRim and olerwfan by Margaret tf rer.e, and that they tolt herin., Mnl euable ¢ toebhni money enou.lhtole tl.herhohie (i, Ald. Ml hme. This id cne of the mnut astounding ventso g of the one ithousoand and one brought to lighthe. fore Reecordes-a- little gill not more than 13 yeere old. of tolerable cate eonceptiodecatniefotward end voluntarilr made oath, and stated eireumstontially too the ptrticulere of a molt horrible murder, and alter being warned of the eonorquenee saould her sta y prove true, andyet, e'rangu as it may appear. upon the very grt and ali :hteet eramination, she 1- trhel voluntarily declaes that there is not one o word of truth in whlat she swor too. rPjur) ea rank and eo serioue in its eonmequencees, could earcely be helieved, and pattieularly ro of tne S that has numbhered no few years. Mra O'Nel and COronttgh were both diecharged, while tIeir recu. Ser woa remanded to tJail to stand her trial for per a jury. Elijah Merrelt and Mr. and M s Mllurray were severatly commtitted for wantofbail) to utand their trial be. fore the Crwmiual Cotrl, fir enticinl awe, harbor. ing and secretinga alave of M. J. 1. ounlter. SPeter Lanev, I. Illom., J.O'Neil, J. Penn)baker. Pt. Ryon "not Joe. Hannet, arrested for being drtok. discharged. t Paul Owens. Samuel Ward, and Henoy Smith, arrested a for being loutr sleepling in anold abed. Ward ond Smith were discharged. Owens retained until " vouclhd Ifor. COMMERCIAL, L[tet Bates. e Charleton. Mr ............18 t Wauhiteotn, Mar........ 1O SNew York, do..............I Cincianat, Mar....... 19 Phitsdclphla Mar........... 16 Lousville, M ...........I Battitore Mar............. S t. Louis, Mar... . 12 Satanah.bMr.......... ....tt6 Liverpool, Feb.......... I ItI on (Tea) Mar ......0 Pari ................... Bosuts. Mar ..............13 London. 4 Nashvile Mar........... 1 Ita s do ..... ...........16 FORT OF NEW ORLEANS. CLEARANCES. March 26, 183. Ship Eilibeth.Theyer, for Liverpool, I. H 01a. ShipSteiglil,. Gibson. for Boston., S 4 J P Whitney Ship Ale. Touein, Lekommoiel, for Havre, Blnechard, Emer coe Ship London, Patten, for Liverpool,-' Ricker, Hadley 4 Daeii Barque Williim, Clarke, for Liverpool, eHoles e Msill carque Maho, Aia., for Mlrseilles, A Lindfonr Brig President, Pages, for Havana, J Robe.ts & o Brig Sadi, Vielon, for SMae ,,.e, D Malaln Brig Ilarrilet Brainard. Nickeraon, for New York, (eo Bedliford Brig Pritigo Oiv, for Ilvana. R Groning 4I co Schr Ceyluni,Deano, for Ner York. T C Jenkins Pulacca CArleut, Fontanelle, for M.nt.un.c, R Groniuag o o Schr Tempreanee, Oibbo, for Cele ia , Msther AKRRIVALS. March 26, 1839. TowVboat Tleese..o, Pauldin.g, rom N E pan, having towed to sea barque Veleeo eam brig Oreciin, returned to the ctV with ship . Arethsa and Ruia.. Left the bar oo 25th i.s, at8o'clockA M. Reports nithing of tahe hr; nithing new Y the river. Tow boat Mohican, Hallon, from N E pro, haying towed to sea brigs eoredino, Ul.ysse, returned to tile ity with ship .u nior. Lt the r e2h ant, at 4 o'clock P M. Reporte s noth ie, is sight of the bar. Tow boat Tiger ebe, B rom the N E pass, havine towed to sa ship.s t Mary acd Propeonti, brl. Ann Smith and Hccl, returned to the city with .hip ocbatr and to the Powdler Houlse Irig Borodino. Left the bar 24th ist, at 4 o'. clok A M. Reports lc. hing of the bar, and nothing in the river. Tow beeoat Porpoi. Davis, from N E pa.., with brig R Gro. bline and .ehr Black Hawk. Left thebar on cith it., at eo'ock A M. Reports one hip in the ofng, and nothian nei in the river. Ship Jueior, Urquhert, 14 days from New York, to P Laid law. Ship Arehu., Kennond, 2dy. ferom Portsmouth, N H. t m aster., Srhiep ReU i, Elliot, from Liverpool, 27th January, to A 8 Bhip Rochester, Owcen, from Havre, 2ith January, t the maloer. Brig f Gronig, Lecdon, 5 days from Ilava., to R Gio Bing so. Brig eorodino, frm New York, at thie hPowder lagazilne. ehr Black ieawk, Done, 12 days from Chaerleston, to the Maeter. itesmer Tnreoro, BScscey, from Lcwrenceburg. Steimser Commerce. Rudd, from Ceneciri. Sieamer Amb.cdor, Jamcc, from Louisville. EXPORTS. LIVERPOOL,..Per ship Elinbethi..Cargo, e0i hIle. ootten, 300 bi. deor. ..............Pr ship Loedon..Cargo, 2372 hales cllton. ..............Par barque Williaim. Carlo, 15684 bales cot ton. sBOTON..Pecr hip Slegllic..Caroe, 58 hda and 1701 hi. porkc2blIf blccd25233 kbegs lard, 617 Lain HAVRE..Per ship Alen Toumni..Ccrgo, B05bles ceoen, 7 bucdlesdrygood. MARSEILLES..Per hbarque Rbh. Cargo. O, bhle cottae. IIAVANA..Per brlg Prelldect..Cages, In elle. ..............Per brig Preligo..C.rgo, in hebesi. NEW YORK. Par brig Harriet Bralnded..Crlo, 19 hd. hcIidcrs, c279 l. ckbeci n, 130 ISI doer, 3 hic perk, 17 kegs and 5 hil ilad. ..............cPr echr Ceylon..Carlgo. 300 ble perk, 13 h. hamee. 40 hides nd SO kegle lard. CULEASIEA.. ePr Ser Temp'eeea ..Cqego, edcry meal let rnee, r cnc.., gla .. uun,c whikeey, brandy, g.a, lAe. IMPORTS NEW YOKLR..Pr .hlp Jeior..Carloe, a~o merchan . dice. IIAVRE..Per hrilf Rlfoning..Cllgo. 4 hcs sule and e I1 bes eotcee. to R GrDcig A co. A Dcesini. Slteso 6 Avery. A Lfc.rJIaJ cd,, Seoid A coJ Y Lhbodie. PORTSMOUTI.. Per chip Accihccc..cegci, 5iS0 beSie ha 64a hi pwt, c i meser. LSVERPOOL..Per Ship Ro.le..Cargo, I crates E ware, 650ehlcpcati 5loacemenc. 24 icche mer. 1851 enst ir, raii., ItS kqe craberiei . 493 eIg tove.lhetdccrce and eelehcndle, to i A J hcrroll. SIe.A Hwliborn, Mcddoe Pcllccd A ce, Whiting Slrk. Lacdie & Jaeqetice. T PY he A. eo 'W Ihel. V 'Dild. S Reite iS co, Rir hecdp o, Wlertlcq c Woed, l H e-. ben " J Dei.citncu., K.n .. Irertday i co,. J Greeshcw, e5 qd 21 sIleucge pa0. CHARLESTON..Per nbc MSek O ,ewk. C o SO04 tieres ;ce,.o eJ Thbyer eo,J D D. gnce, .l d C RECEIP'TS OF PRODUCE • .thcci. Aj ' sr;C -Iit4 hh nL. bcco., A L Addimn, .SO hhda acd- tnChcitil C., . Les. AThempeon. 305cch.ome le cirn 6 4tpa l.hg c'dWCL A U D.Vche,s Mlccuicor oil. Drre.ici ,it..e" . I f' baee. te orl. S do bheMwei, BOn.cS bb wlikhidJ P Shcme , r..n, 7 bale ioton. Prescott, Joes cA . 54 do. Lewepeend Chalmer, 24 do, P M Hsdy. I do, N'A J Dik, lhdi Anstio. Lck H Wcaler, 3 do, Cc.. e. A• c. Gcldley. S de, Ac., Aehcr Itcju Lier chcurg..Pcr ctemecr Tcacronc.rg0, I30 hi. perk. IU5 hhde lhoulderscnd 194c.lba heon, * Deldle.4e blocwkthceeA jcnew.. Cinci.nli..P et emmer (Comercn..• (.c.r, I h. kwoII. I LI.nllnd.84 bli our, G Dormey918 ble i o .dei tl r. US Kei..cky..p. c ,5. lor ,ot. 108 hi. our, 300. ree . I8 hic pork. to order. 3clti boaes, 41.200 he bLet purt 4 g hcgc lard, 3llat lour., to onder. (iieinncti..Por 2latibohtc . 100bIle nc., 1I de wbsIeky. to i Dorey, andc order: Green River, hy..per oe flat beia, 1 ill tob gea., l e. er A L ynch. Coast..per drobher Coar An., 10 sng, to wder. CONSIGNEES. New York..PFr ship Junior..J p Cate, S Scwer s 00 T r.o .co. cc D ayon.e.. o A . Sacy W A, Reb.e. wc, nodin,. Smith A Voorhe., J C A W lephk,. ltW. biH t Grnet. Biew 4 WC.Sche. i.dcati A i., J A Merrctt, Rcin d Cohen. P ladldw, Coe, A co. Ldisl A e., Hyde & co, J W yc. A, ett eon, O e. mcy,JViale cOcM, nBrCh wi AD 4 IebsA. AR Crec.c Denehee. Curame 4 MUegkc, 0 rIe, ,.v.c.II crI. Ao, Conner . Gridi.,A P et teeSe ed A H ieccld. Nu.DAt, Turp(lc lA e A eIIIOe. Br _,Vlld di. A Jacgeq l, Godfr Lari. # PeI"r Mt Orm,, 004.,A dcenihge. W Begece. S Vten..Y 4i.. 5i &ll I ae. eiocip A ca J W Siie. llIqce. A'l.eeecdre EC Sloem. crVcuc 4n. ic Dabv.hd Ca 41 I hS , C Doe , G Johncston. IJ Bilpy.cad Ocdc. TIE MARKETS. CINCINNATI MARET..Mues I36. P!nur, at Caldc. Whickey, do. FPris, -,-e ,3 ,. Paeon..bSe youg. OIt- Hlana, y _._.d, .. ... ore, ,d . . "eb.. do - Pocctoes. :do A~i.. Sc . 5 "I'tEATRE. (St. L os Exchange Ball Room.) Second night of the celebrsted .Miu D4. VENPOR?' (dtetan ears of age) Who was received last night with cheers. IHIS extrnirdlnary juvenile actreoss will -n this eventng ole fppe as Sir Peter Teosle, being an .t tempt unpneadented in the annals of the sitage. On Wednesday Evening, March 27th, 1839, SCHOOL FOR SCANDAI.. Sir Peter Teatle. Miss Davenport As acted by her in the principal Theatres of Europe and America. Lady Teazle, Mrs Davenport Chiarles Surface, Mr Daenport Joseph Surface, Mr Montgomery a To conclude with, in consequence of its great success, a new Ideee, written expressly for Miss Davenport, by E Lancaster, Esq-the Music by Corr--called the MANAGER'S DAUGHTER. Mr Davenport, (Manager offthe Theatre Royal, Rich ttomnd, by Mr Davenport Mrs Davenport by Mrs Davenport Il(ntsn aad r ledb lsem j In thiao . E *ISS DAWNWPtJ will 'm h mm heamemrwteidsier awe' 81pg three songs, and danes the Highland Fling. Donrs open at 7 o'clock-performance to commence at halt put seven. Admittanee-One Dollar. mar 27 FOR HAVANA. Packed Behooner. The A 1 fast sailing. copper fastened schr. TEAZER,180tons, Grenlaw master, will sail in this week. For freight or passage, having oplendid fuIrnished accommodatins for 30 p .s sengers ; stewardes on board to attend partinularly to ladies out of servants, and tables supplied with every luxury the market affrd, applyon board, opposite the 'brick stuors near the Ferry or ti' a, . "* W-PORTER I 95 Common et REGULAR PAvrRET OF SATURDAY 3d inst. SLouis.eana ad New York Liae of PsAcets. The superior A I packet ship YAZOCf, I- CapTruak, will ail on baher regularday as it ,d eetilds, having a greater of her carge on " .go..(,md goihg on board." * o'7.right or.paeage. having elegant accoomoda Stions,apply t- the mnster on board, oppmite the Vega. .table iMarket, or to JAMES B HULLIN, 74 Camp t 0 IThe fist class ship Misuissippi will succeed the SYazoo, sailing in a week afterward ; and this line has been increased so as to afford the like facility to ship r pers throughoqt the year. mar27 r" 'NOTICE-The schonner Enwrn PELn.L, from Havana, is discharging nearly opposite Notre Dame at. Consignees will please furnish their permits and re. eeive their goode im27 W PORTER, 95 Common at d METARIE JOCKEY CLUB RACES. SPRING MEEETING,1839. SEcoaD DAY-Two RAces. WEDNEBDAY .MAR'HI 27. Jockey Club Purse, $800-Two mile heats I. John F Miller enters ec e Kavanaugh by Bertrand, a dam by Dictor, 4 years old, 1001b--dress red and red. . D Kennear,g f Jewes by Luborogh, dam by SSir Archv, 4 years old, 97lbh--dreee blue and white. 3. F Duplantier, g c Rhoderiek Dhu by Martin, Sdam by Bagdad, 4 years old, 10010eb-dres blue end 4 white. a 4. J S Garrisons,b e Pollard Brown by wild Bill, dam, by Pacola, 4 years old, 1001bs--dres red and SECOND RACE. Sweepstakes for gentlemen ridere, members of ei. ther of tie Jockey Clubs of New Orleans--t.o mile beats, ,50 entrance, the proprietors to add a piece of of the value of 30. Eleven Subescribers. rile racea to commence t I o'clock. RICHARD ADAMS, JAMES GARRISON, a mar 27 Proprietors i BUCKINGHAI'S ,econd I.ecture 1ai . a 1 lestine, will he given this evelniblC, Welnesday, at the Prebytecrian Church, opposite Lafayette fquanre. Tickets maly be had ofJ Beuttie 37 Camf. st--oJ B I evy, corner BIienille and Chartres sts and at the door. A To begin at halfpast 7 o'clock preisely. taO S XIFTY D)OLI.ARIS RE AR I-i he aboe re waridwill e paid by the subkcriher. fir sui h in formation as will lead to the discoery of the driver of a (hay nubered 129. (supposed to he a false nut.ber) Cho hauled 2 and I bale mdse A. from ship Steirlitz. L I GALE, m?7 93 'Cmmanr t O tGjtee, New Orleaae & .Naeei le Rail Rood M larch, 26, 1839. a IE.: AXI.E of .te only l.ocoatire the Compan, L tad ready to run to tie races. hevinlg hr.ken tn her second trip to the couree thia day, w ill prevwet the Train frum etartin till l'Turday nmaet, wtiei A NEW IOCOMoTIVE Just arrived frtm n Philadelphi, and noa birg put toge td her, will be sready f R HURSI)AY' RACES. Ilours of starting as already panlished. ml7 21 J H CALIhWEL, President. ICE--90ecask priweCarolina rice, lending from S 1 sehooner Black Hawk and for sale by m7 J'I'HAYER, & Co, 1N RICHARDSON'S Dictionary the definte nean i5. and all the meanings of a word, as well as its Sproper application, may be ascertained by tracing a me tiaes of quotations from the fathers of the language, u through successive ages duwntothe present time. As no one is expected to aubncribe to Riahardson's Die Stionar) till h has first examined it, the Ageert craes the indulgence of leaving a copy at the offires of profes sional gentlenmn for euamination, assuring thenm that they will find in it, that clear and full illustration al the laneutge so long desired end so long needed ; the very want ofwhioh h hbeen the greateti delect in Englinh literature. Office 1682 Gnravier t 3t 1g mn 7 ORat SALE-Twenty likely, acclimated negrees men and women, on good terms for cash or good paper thltcan be negotiated. Apply atlg9 St. Joseph street. '-O d . R TERRELL A V NDRE-Vingt negres, hommea et femmes, i Ibn miarehk pour de t'ergent oan de papierqus I'on Spent metlre I'esecompte. 8'sddresser S Ia rue St Joseph. No. 197. 7 tl27 R TERRELL eLOR SALE-Two cisterns that will hold 10114 gal. Slons each, at the corner of Prytanee &.Thalia sot in the yard ola house belonging to Mr Perrolk, said cisterns are warranted, and aol din default of prameat. Sm2_ _t J LAMIBIR"1', oes, ' a AmrstIU l IDrawing of dh Grand Statle ILottery Cilse 34 30 64 5.3 26 53 6225 38 44 2 67 THIS DAY. 9R ·m apital Prise, Tiketrs only 2 50 GRAND STATE LOTTERY. LASS Io. 35. Authorieed by Ihe LgIlallttre of te Statel. To be drawn March 27, IJD,at 6 o'lo.k P. M. at Biahop' Hotel. 7 S DAVIS &CO, Managers. 75 D tawn nonhero-12 Drawn Ballots. ,Splendid Sr.heme. "27,14 Prises .amanting to $119,688 Tickets 2 .0-Halves I 25-Quarters 6icts. Packages of 25Ticket for $62 50 warranted to draw at least 630: Packages of 5 Ilalf Tickets lt I25 , warranted to draw at lesat $15 0). Packages or 25 Quarter Tickets $15 61 warranted to draw at leaat it pillages of single tlckt, ly t the MANAGERS' OFFIC, l ri. arn st, and at the corner ofdt Louis and Char re . ... rmar47 .Drawing of theLouisiana Lottery Ultasla 6. * 4258 43'37 4494631 1927 32 , TO MORROW At 6'oclock, S14,005 !1! Capital Prise. ,00!! $1,0o0!! 'S P t on $1000 each, is 165,00 !!! * Ti&eta only $4. 76 Numbers- Drawn Ballols LOUISIANA LOTTERY. Authorized b. Act of Legislature. Chapter XLIII, pased March 2IS68. Claeo 16. for 18&1to be drawn o0 Thotoday, Mac.h 27d, 1839, at 6 o'clock, P.M. at the Bohanen Hotel, St. Charles at. D. S. u .O*Y N¥ Co. Succesoors to YA TES & MeINTYRE Monagern. ,RICH SCHEME. 27,814 Prinhs, amounting to $145,934 Tiekgt $4-Halves $2-Quarteras$l. Pakaee of 26 tickets for 104, wsruted to draw t least $. Packages o(26 half titkets $s2 IO war io stod ato Ilot0w 4 $ I. Packages ot 6 Quarter ihehm for $26 00, warrantid to draw at least $12. For Packagesa or ateingle Tickets. apply at 3 The ManneerC O ice, s'2 35 Coawl stiet.n.a, to Camp at. hlr NV.LTIE.S-Memoire oflCharles Mat ta , the oedien, by Mrs MOtthew, in 2 vols. T.. kb-ook of so Peoloa, by Jame, with splendid NlaOl ! ine nd etber taleleofI oiead, by Carleton. ta? cor, StC hales anl Common eia l EY--S coks purified honey, landing from Cu. a, for wholesaieand retail by m27 H BONNABEL,Tchoupitoulast IMiE J~l :-lnaoosk, landin, M I7 HI BONNABEL, il'houpiroul.s at PINE APPLE CH EE E-For sale by m27 READ & BARSTOW,7 Bank place r WEEI'MALoA WINC tlorsle. by mbar27 REAI) & UARITOW, Bank Place ErCH BRANDY-Io barrels old peach brandy, m27 READ & BARSITOWV,7 Bak place `` UtiAR & MtoLASa $-0g bhh sugar, 120 thIble Inoho alosn Oa ith 144',otr sal. by .l3 1w AD ADAMS &- L R- bbl erfine, and .350 do fSe, at land te ding, for sale m? fl DORSEY, 44 New Levee R---0 kegs superiore western, in store and - or m ale by 27i G DORSEY 44 New Levee rAC.N SiDES-160akopeioeincinasti cau. war2i7 44 New Levee F ONDON Browan Stout ad P.oter, of di, ct impor, Lation, for sale by .5, 27 REAl) & BIARSI'OW, 7 Rank Place M.. t-l -ili0 and Roman for msale y mr 2 READ&BARSTOW 7 Bank Place HARRISON'S SPECIFIC OINTMENT { Tne great celebrity of this unrivalled Camn. a position, espeeially in the Northern States, leaves rthe proprietor but little need to may any Ihiag In its favor; for it has been generally conceded to it. that It is beyond all comparison the best remedy for external complaints that hba ever been disco. vered. Indeed the speed and certainty of its ope. rati na have the appearance of miracles; as n!e ro, . wounds, cornm, fever soces ,hildblains, white awel. It oing, bile., piles, spider and snake bites &c. imme.n diately ;ield to its apparently superhuman inlfuo. enee. Thus if properly applied it will remove an ainveterate oen, or break end heal a bile in live ap. e millallhy and perfectly cure an ulcer in two weeak; and the heat desperate cases of white ae wellinglhat can be imagined, have been destroyed by it in les than two monthe. In the bites of poi. seonous reptiles iteelicey is truly surprising, and I even inthe bite of a rabid dog, bhr if applied in time, its powers of attraction are so wonderful that they will at oane arrest the poison, and thus pre. r. vent it fom pervading the system. It is likewise IIgreatly superior to any medicine heretofore disco. '" verod for the chafendbak and limbs of horses for tettere, ring worms, chapped lips, and in abshort for every eaternal bodily evil that may fall to tihe lot e of man or bead. The proprietor hem received at le a thousand Scertificates anld ether documents, in kv.,r of his " Speeific Oielwaet,o npwardm of a handred or twhich were vwitleb re petablo menmben of the Medibel Fseulty, all bredbiug the santoe weulogy and .ttbfab.1oan P'rereed at 9I Libertyltreet, New Yerk, and for sle at 65 Pqdres street, New Orleans. muar26 tf VALUABLE PROPERTY FOR SALE. ON WEDNESDAY, THE 27hl inst. At 1 o'clock, WTILL BE SOLD attihe City Exchenge, in St. V Louis Street, Ihe following describeld pro arty t. under order ofeseiure and sale from tle Hn. Dtetrict Court of the firtjudicial district of the S1ate ol Louis lana, and by consent of parties; and to be sold posi tirely without reserve: No. I. A LOT OF GROUND, With fourstory brick house and kitchens thereon, situ ated neet t tthe St. Charles street theatre. The lot measaurea 23 feet 8 inches and 6 lines on t81. Charles street, by 78 feet 10 inches i, depth; and th" premises are now under lease until November 1839. at$15,00per annum and from that tlam to the Isat of November 1840, nt,$N)00par anuunta, payable monthly. TERMS. Two thousand dollars in cash; $4,500 payable on the 19th June 1840; stad the balance in two and three years from date of sale. No.2. Adjoins no. I on Sr Charles mt; same front and depth, and same building su no. !; subject toe lease until the 3lat Ostober 1839, at $2,000 per an num, payable monthly. Terms of payment,same as lot no. I. No. 3. Next to the corner of Poydres ot on St. Charles, end measurig 24 feet I inch on St. Charles ar; run ning 78 feet 10 inchs deep. TERMS. One thousand dollars, payable in eaeh; $4,219 payable on the 19th June 1840; the bdalance in twoand three years from date of sale. No. 4. On the corner of Poydaas at and St. Charles ; having 24 feet upon the latter, and 78 feet 10 inceli depth upon Poydras st. Terms the name as so. 3. No. 5On Poydmr street, between Camp sod tr. Charlees tn, having 24 feet 6 inches on Poydrnt at, and 95 feet 6 inches deep. TERMS. Five hundred dollars in cash; $4277.83 payable 30th1 March 1840; and the balance at tvo and three i year credit from daae of sele. No. 6. Adjoining no. 5,and same dimensions. TERMS. Five hundred dollars in cash ; $3,944-51 payable 30t11 March, 18411; the balance payable in two and three ears from date of sale. CThe notes gieCfor purchase to be satisfatorily Sendorsed, and to bear 1otgaga ; if not punecuaily paid at maturity, to bear Interest from mnaturitlv at thle rate often i'er cetentum, willaot any riglat toiretard pay IaIeni. 2 Oa Lois Nos. 3, 4.5, and 6,ora three old hoaues, as will be seen on rtference to the plan of the property, but the manner in which these lots are sold, renders t iiaos sible that aay benefit can he derived ltherefromn ; the houes being destroved by the division of the Iiece of . ground into the lots Nos.3. 4, 5, andl 6. AT TIIE SAME TIME & PLACE. p W hIILL SE SOl) withlua reetere, to ilose a ent V nera, and by coneent uf pari es, tbef filowing dencried property, nataedn iln lie qtasre forned by - Grier, Circ-a, Perdido, and i'hillipan atreero, n par. ticlarly designared on a plan daraws by E. II. Sfring beSl, Marah 7th, 11139, to wit: No. I Situated on orller oaf Granier and Circus r.e, n mensuring about 22 fet 1 incelws teonl n Giravier street, and runtnilg back 100 feel depte oil Circus Mtreel. No. 2. Adjoins no 1, and mrnnore 22 feet II in" a e and line on Gravier st, width in Year 20 feel 3 iches and 4 lines, be tI o feet in deptl m, line ad joling t no , and 99 feet 6ihes and 5 lina on tine adjoining aot ao 3. Tlrsetwo lola will be sold together. On tlm premisea is a tubntantial wooden building, leaued at $70 per month. No.. 3. Measures 22 fet 11 inches and 2 line front on (Grtner at, wit in rear 20 feet 3 inches atd 4 line, by depth of99 feet 6 inckes and 3 lines, on line ad. is joiing lot no 2, and 99 feet I inch and d linen on line adjoining lot no 4. No. 4. Measurest22 feet II inches and 2 itne fIront on SGarier na, width on the rear '20 fet 3 incies and 4 linee, by depth of99 rel I inch and 4 lines, on line is adjoitliningot no 3, and 98 feetl 8 inches and 3 lie on the other line. al No. 5. Measures 29 feet I & 3.4 inche front on Cir a cus t, and aboat 8 feet 9 inches le widlth on the rear line, by depth of t80l feet 2 inches and 5 lines b on the upper line, and 81 fteet 9 inches ou the lower line of said lot. TERMS OF AILE. Notes for purchse to be given at one and two years from date ofasle, satisfaetorly cndoased, atld toa hear mortgage; if not punctuality paid at maturity, to bear interest at 10 per cent per annum, without any right to retard payment. 2t m26 BY BACH & CALIIOUN. n I..7[LL BE SOLD on Thuredey March 28th 1839, V at 4 o'clek, P. M. at the Ihouse of Mr John Brand, corner of Rel igiou atad Orange streets, on ac count ofdeperture A large nasortment of householl and kitchen furniture. tna 3t TO (.LMMENCE THIS EVENING. MR. BUCKINGIIAM'd LECTURE8 ON PALESTIVE, WXILL commenceu THIS EVENING 'ruesdv2..h MaSlrech in the Presbyterian Church, .Lof'aete Square, to begin at half past ,even exactly. Thhetted Cme6am: Sligle person, : O001 Family of four, $8 fad f Family of three 7 00 IFamily ofix, 10 00 Bi. ,di ien.-Adlt 1 c, Minors 50ents. Pupls from school,2 cents each. Tickets may be had at the book stomes of Benjamin Levy, carner Chartres and Benvllle treetC,and ot James Beatlie, ~Camp stroet. where full programmes of the whole course may be obtained gratis; and as no more tickeHt will be inued than the hbildiag will eom alutaby contain, early application will alone aweare the eertonay f a supply, before the limitednumbcr in e1 hausted, n'26 LETTER PRESSES-A few Ritebe'a patent letter copying presses received from Lodeon via New York,per Yaaoo. and or saalebth m26 D FELT & Co, 24 Charlres at V TIONARY.- eald a very valuabla suplc oft the aova w ,l roqd biadicnga d in eloth Anra A I, I WAR, 49 Camp st. RIDl askG dOrO ir uimpoteiod, arteCdp in Sd Currsiorha d h Hdesian ad Hanoierian .er hwessar icb ba etired some year. ago. to et. .ll iai eateyq , intendn to establish in this place a Radinga School, wjla. he lhanpecured a well eitu. ated pl*ie Cnirensa mte, btween Canal and Common reets. lHe will gae lensea every day from 7 to a1, A.s. and from 3 1 6 P.M. Hin terme will be $20 peer month f lemon t eve day-$0 per th for leeusa 3 limes a week only. He refers for his caps cities and chaeracter to Captin E. Jonas, of the Loui a iana Dlragon. to whos he is well known, and lwho will render aeuh an account of him as will be satisfac tory. Tim sulcreriber, in order to aecure partly his would prefer ta commerce his School by atibaecriptions of such gentlemen wite would he willing to bconme his pupils. A bshecription List is left at I Capt. John's Store, whlere gentlemen will tlease to call. Mr22 TIt. WREEIE. UNN BAG--2,IH) Gunny Ba;s, 2212 and 3 bushl ainer, in boles sad bondles, for sale by nmar22 I BRIDGE I Cu, 134 Magaine at OICE--AII persenanus havring claima agninst the N rm ofChlistL & Sinnotl or John Christie, are equected to pte-ant the samean at the ofaie of R H Smith, Esq. attorney at law, No. I1, Exchange Place without delay. mar21 PORT WINE. LD and Genuine-Bottled in Oporto Choiceest Reatre and Ladon particular, in half and quarter casksa thelfat# old Reserve, 8ercial and London particu leels casks, direct importation, warranted no phin ultra. Bordslua Brandy Fruits Mrsrechino di Zra, genuine Superfner assorted Bordeaux Liquaunr Genuine Martinique Cordiala of Vnuve Amphone Superitr white and red Bordeaux Anisette Old Ratliade Grenoble Kirschwasmr and Swits Abeysahe Vinegar: Borldeau Whitle Wise Beer: London Porter and Ale Cheese: Cheshire Cheese in tin IoneS - JuOHNSt & Cc, mar19 w Censr St ChanLa sad Comma a. I3UCKWE TSI -Ia, qi and alm bbb, in aoren m~13 SAI.L & BUOUW S 6 nagaznie ca St. Chr/eu Theatre. This eoialag, WMhk S7, Will be preented the highly popular drama of the STAR 0O' TUE FOREST, OR A Story o Old Vhgiuia In which Celeste will prform a SpeakingChareeter. Wyanokee Mld'le Celeste Hert,.rt ltle, Mr Harrison Philip Godlmry. I)e Bar Nathan ilowbaot, Cowele Alice Howard, Mrs Pluoer To conclude with the Romantic and military Drains of the FRENCH SPY. Marshal Bourmont, Mr Burke Col de Courey, Harrison ToM d, S Cowell Mathilda de Maric, Henri St Almte, CELESTE Herman Carmanly, ) Marie, Mrs Plumer To morrow, last night but One of Celeste TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS. A GOOD aunortnent of school and miscellaneous . Btokh. Also a supply of Blank Btoks, writing and letter Paper, Quills, ink, &c eontaptly on hand and for sale on good terme , by ALEX 'OWAR, mar 18 49 Camp at FIVE DOLLARS REWARD. A BSENTED himself bout a week since the negro boy Oeorge, about 19 or 20 years af age, slim built, speaks English and French; also the Negro wo man Saloly, about 40 or 45 years i agog, speaks anglish and Frencltt-o nmarks recollected, but she in veryotn pudent when spoken to. The above reward will be aHi fir lodging either of them in jail, by npplicationto 118 Julia Is. Captains of vessels aml others are cautioned against rbdring said slaves under the severest penalties of the w. , mar 2t, ENGLISH FRENCH & SPANISH ACADEMY. No. 14 ST. CAaLrarLSTREEgT Book Keeag. AN Evening elat for this branch, will be opened on Sline fi rst of next month, or sooner should the noun her ooerin a an ioducement., Mr. Darl Murray, who i. to'take charge of this de. .partment,io, ax gd prseticat bootkteepr. iaving taught in some ef our ptri.opal norttern citis with sucees., he hlpen to give satisfaction here. TIome who may not he sumoiently advanced in arith metic, will be inarected in that also. Gentlemtten will pleasr leave their names at the Aendehy. TxRMs. $10 per month, or 030 for a comtldet course. Hours-frtrn 7 t. 9 o,'clock" m26 3t D MOIIPHY, Principal. IHE BENCH & lIAR OF ENGLAND-By the a author ofllRandom recollections of the Lords and Comltaons, and tihe Great Metropolis, in 2 vole. Neal Malote and ether tales of Ireland by W H Carleton, author of traits and stories of the Irish pea santrv,in o volt. Just received and for nale by t 25 A TOWAR, 49 Camp at ORDERq. WASHINGTON GUARDS" ARADE 'tllhis Day at half pant 3o'cloek, P M at i the t rmsery, (wito tl (trtherorders), in full nni form, to attetd thefoethal 6f your tate fellow ioldic Wm. Dunn. By order of the Cnptan, m26 S M CROOKE, talet Sergeant. DISSOLUTION OF CO.PAtTNERSHIi. HE FIRM of William Perry & Co, was dissolved on the first instant, by tihe mutual consent of the parters ; William Perry having withdrawn from the concern. E. W. PERRY W. PERRY m2 4w Marchb, 1839. E W PERRY continues to carry on the grate and stove manufactluring business, and offers flr sale a splendid aseortment of ground and ent iron grates, to whilch the attention of the public are invited. m2 4w E: W PERRY. LUCINA CORDIA L. LE CORIDIAL IlE I.UCINE tOll I.'ELIXIKI DE I.'A1MOUR.-T-'Ihe United States Agent far the I.uciua Cordial or El:air of Love, return Ihis grateful nacklnwledoaments for tne flatering patronage wich he long alreolv received, and also fr the Olvoy telti m ollnials which have been sent hlim luclilng lth the -at mestmirocloas efficncv of tis les nttnlale ,ledicioe. The well founded relautntlon of the Luneino tCotIdal warrantts tlt agent ill wthdrwillg his Ioltg dveltice toeats; lltb, for thle benet, ,,ftl Itore ersons who, IIoy ns yelte ounaware of its lnnt,.e, hte wroulld exlliritly tete that it is lDr. Olognin's ,eleb.otevd dolrc,,r rhich hoscrented -IIch al n osati,,n inl France.-'1'hnt i Sspeedilv restres tih' vir le lpowers, wlhre they nave been callnusted by ldie.,e or otherwise, snl svubstan tilllh relltlvltlles th, rnlerellnl funct .ors; Itlt it is an rffechtl cnre Gor thle fltor nlbus; nedt ahve 1ll that it is the unlty remled ever discoered for .e remonval of h .po.ency in males anid harrenneas in females. O(wing tons vastly invigorating qualities, it is also highly use ful in gloat, obstructed, difficult or painful menstrua] tion, incontinence ofhte crinm, or invo untary discharge therot, chronic eruptions of the skin, dropsical affec tions of the aged tc. loonrier that all clnoesnes of society may receive the benefit of Dlr. Maeni's discovery, the A.merican pro, prietor han consented that tile Cordial shell be aold in hottlesofsix ounceseach, at tile reduced price of$4 I which is less than one Ialf the price charged for it in I France. JOHIN WINTERS HIOLDEI WEI.I. , M. ID. United States Proplrielor. The above medicine is for sale at n holesnle tnd retail at No. 6 Poydtas street, between Magazine and Catmp, stn, New Orlonns. m2O F LOnI--1500 thrl superfine and 300lm e, at the r landing for sale by G IIORSEY, nar L3 44 New Levee IýUNNY lIAGS-40 ,nle in aRstoe for sale hy nmar 23 G DORSKYE, 44 New IAv DACON SIDES-150 easks superfnr Cincinnati cu B red in store, for sale by 0 DOKSEY, mat i3 44 New Levee FTREMEN'S INSURANCE UCOMPANY OF NEW ORLEANS. A GENERAl. Meeting of the Stockholders of this Inltitntio., will be held on Saturday, the :lIt inst. at 5 o'clorck, at the Office of ite Company, 21 Camp mt. when will be laid before them a Sltatrment of the Alairs of said Corporation, in pursuance of the requisition of ahe Charter, Setiaos 8. mr23 E. L. TRACY, Secretary. BUREAU DE LA COMPAGNIE D'INSU. RANCE DES POMPIERS, De La Nouvelle Orldans. UI NE Assombhld g6ndrale dees Soscripteun de cotte Institution, aura lieu Samed 31 Mars, a cingq heure, an bureau de la Contpagnie, Ia rue du Camp No.21 Quand ily sr.a rondu conto des affaires de coett Institution solon Ia requisition do la Charte-soc. 8. nm23 E. L. TRACY, Soerdtaire FIREM2EN'd IN JURANCE COMPANYV OF NEW ORLEANS. T HE Stockholders are hereby nolified. that an Elec. till for Thirteen Directors, to avrve for the enouing year, will he held on Mondar, the first day of April, be. tweett l, he hoaurt of ten and iwo o'clsock,at the Ofie ol the Company, 21 Camtp street. BIy order of the Board. mr23 C. L. TRACY, Secretary. Bu.REU -CO;P AGN-NilINi-U: RANCE DES POMPIERS. Doe I Nouvelle Orldana, VIS EST DONNE aux Souesripoeurs quo I'election do troaie Direoteurs, pour lPannds ouivatte, aura lieu Luudi Il premier Avril, entre dirx 0t doux heure, au bureau do Ia Compagemi Ia ,ue dl Camp No. 21. Par ordre des Direoteurs, m 23 E, L. TRACY, Seeordtair,. inHO)CLATE-; lr half bae re. iiing f iro wb . -ton per stip Culunhlmanaad for sale by m29 SHALI.& BROWN, Hi Magauine at A large Wars House, 31 feel by 61 and ot ,f in Gld street, one lot fromi e Baron t. Apply to DOYLE & MAY, tor? No 3 Crondelet at JOHN V. CHILDS, ENGRAVER AND COPPER-PLATE PRINTER, Are. 3, Csamp &8. WILLL engrcave and print to order, bink note. bills V of exchaeeg, bills tf lading, diplonas, ourcano. tile and vii:ting cards. notari.l, consular dad reon ing house .oals, door plates, asilver ware, rs. -alwayson hand, an uaortment of silver plated and brass door P 8 Cards printed from plates already engraved. nov20 NEW ORLEANS AND NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD COMPANY. NEW ARRANGEMENT. 11IHE Locomotive will leaveI tl Depot at lbe foo of Canal street,arvery dy at 8 A. M. an return at 4 P. M. except Sunday's, when she will Depart Return 8A.M. 12 P.M. 10 ,, 4j" " 113 A Car for private parties, provided tle tnumber suficien, will be stat down the ronad on one days' evioce notice. 112, 1819 JAS H CAI.DWEI.L, Presider. HI AVANA SEGAKS-98 quarter hbnes princi Sarogars, A Selgardo's brand, landing from h Carolina, for sale by m'6 I BRIDGE & Co, 134 Magazine at COtURN Ml. l.ý-l oufilate's cornbised, cort shel SIre and groders stitable for plantation ue, in atorel.for sale bIy HAMPLIN & COOPER, ml6 79 & 82 Julia st SOP-2ll0 Imnes Georg Rolti' bnal, For nal by SHALL 4 BROWNE, febg 96 Mgaasine as TRNT.-15 cases varios patterns. French ad _ AmeriLes prints, for sale Ity M fs2S5 I BhItrU & Cho,13i Mgia Camp a8. Thew". Last Night of Mr Booat THIS EVENING, MARCH '7,1836, Will be prevented the Tragedy of RICHARD THE THIRD. Richard Third, Mr hooth King Henry, Johnson Risasoand, Fiddlng 4e marc*i w ilh the farce or ihe L1'TERY TICKET. Wormwood, dohn.iw Copie Fialdlng MraCorert, Mrs Mouall To morrow, Mr Booth's Benelif. -....... S TO THE ARTIST AND .FANCY PAINTER. StUST recreved by the ateral aIrrvals fom Hovre, a epleodid collectsonof Artt's Brues, painlat. pta eta; pale knives, erayon end pastets ; wter color a water color, prepared with hronry and vaatih for Io, Sstumps of every descrplon,. splendid manogany and walnut easels, for potrait plonlter; pastel crnyone of every color, pencils of every sire vairnit hrruhe, flat and round, very large site eanvase. already preparedl India inl, oluperfsn;ar oe an re, fally mauuterl with color,, bruehes, elegptlly tted up, &e Atc. t Splendid Albums, supcrbly banml anl iltl; colour, of every description, by cake; sign and ornamental toolsand pencils; and a great qnlaaty of articles of Staste whbih are too numeree to detail. S The Trincipals of Acd-aole., Teachers of Dewing - sod Painting, will do well to call as the store ol the h suheriber which will accoml jdalte the ameaa arid t- artiets favorably. M1UNDELLI, SNo 58 Camp streer Dealer in Painlt, Oil, Varnishd and Fancy Anielel ter painter, wholesale and Retail. mar Im SOOGWOOD--3 tons Campenchy Logawod, lld. Sing from brig Aaia, ftr enle hv mer8 ~1s &J P WHITNEY, 73Camp -. pIShOLTION OF COPI PAR-T NERS. HIb. • .L Copertnernip heretofore enisting bhetwree the subeerihere, in Ihe style of Francia K Von & Co is a dl+solved by utoal coonsent. F E Vose alone will li t- quldte the tRalire of the late concern. FRANCIS E VuOME. mar 9 W r BERRY. It WANTED S From 01 to 1000 8arre Abeal in Caltle.n Balk. T H T H SEwishing to sell, will do well ou call mod leave their names and amount ofrtock, aL the atore of Englth & Silveter.nopposie the Arcade. Counary s tock alone ir desred. u E CAMP. niae 9 3w WASHINGTONI BALL 3@WF -DresH & IMasquerade Ball oI. Philil street, hetween Royal & Soderbn. lHE Manager of the above named Ball Reoom,gte 1 fl to hie frliede and ,he public for the unparl toled panlronge bestowed on him lorsevral easese respectfully idnro the,. theat the etlablishment has been eltlaged for the amusement of visitors, and uon dergose immense repairs. The her will be aarpaeeil by none in quality of liquors, andl the Reaeuret a ilIt he kept by the ablesl IReotura.iur in the Laitea dtatea. rItTh roao wlll reopon on atlurdnr evnr ng, 3rd of November Ccitt by a GRAND DRIESS & MASQUERADE BALL. and will take dplace as ueul every Maoday, Wednea day aed Satuardny vening, during the eeon, hich will and on the let of May, 111839. N. It. The gramolet attention will be paid to beep. ing perfecIt order throulghout tha oeiahblitcla, ae wad Sdoac last oeeaon. to oct24 EXCHANGE READING ROOM. HE proprietor hs re-filed his Reading Ram,i the St. Charles Exchange, Coner of Grerier and St. Charles elree~t in the neasat manner. d Besides all thr orincipal iapers of the ,sitdl Statese leof every city and stiate. the ConadaseTeu asd Meal. c, o and Ilnvanna, ue room ie regularly and easleiva ly auppliedl with the latest Europen papers Laoyd's Liom, and Prica's Price Current. Alm whit nearly - all the Literary Pcriodicala of the day, and has there publicationas of he London, Edinburrg, Weslmintnr M.ropolitan Ieviewe and Bleehwooal Magnsies. The North American Revriew; the Southen Literar., Knieck bocker,TheAmerican Journal af Sciernc.e and Arts. Cabinet Miscellany Democratie Review, (lentlemena, a galine, American Inonthbly, Bentlv'a Micellaiy, the Mexico Chirurgicat Reviaw, and a vnriety ef others. All thee works are rulnorly euoscrioed 6r and recel ved. The room is also supplied with rge rvalieoy ofmnape and nIlaUe, Nilta Register, Levy'a Price Cur rent flom its commencement, Gtateers, and a variety of works ofreferense. Tihe moet active & intelligrat news collectors s ern plovedl, to give the eerliest arrivals, and no palmn nore. pease will be spared to render this Rearding RoOm the firet the United Sleaen. Suhaeirltons are reapecrfully receirel. _. ol--if CARDS [ PRINTED at the ahoenst Nolice, in the meas elegant matner, in h RBlk or Colored lane, on Enamel Ihd, White Flake, or Plain I rfeaced CAe, and Prcea eery reasonable TTRUE AMIE.RICAN OF FItE, corner of I',ydras and St. Charles sta. Seeral New and BPattiftlI Fnwats of T'7t hae juat been added to the Establishment. Orders received at Cnmpline Roml. 1t. Charles, 3rd door from Gravier at.,or at the Printing O6ce roener ofl'oydna, & St. Charlee streets. oal-- tf (ilEAl' AT'1'ITACTI N'!! At No. 53: Magarne street, over . let'/ Auietio Room, opposite ll'al'e Areade. M R (ll.LEI respectfully infarma the phulic tha, Vlthe etlehr, ed Sltaee of CIEOPA TEA. Quen of Egypt, Which hao been exhibited in tmoe of She principal cities of the Union, tp the lively ademisleon of many thonusand vieiters,h.n arrived in Ith cit, and i now being exhibited fora nhorl lime only, from 9 o'c :on A M, to 9 o'clock. P M. i.lAdmiltnnce, 50 ceats Season ricketl, $1. febll--tf. COTTON C-IViy LA 97 PRINTED with the Greatest Klspdition, and in a style unsurp-ssed in Nzw Oat.asM, or *eln where. Oaoszae eflt Ceomrrtea Ron iss'.Cheatlleg change, (Comeer of Grrier S.) or at T RU E AMERICAN PRINTING OFFICE, corner of Poydras and St. Charles Sterets tilltbe promptly attended to. Dec. I-if. J L. BROWN'S Patent Platform Balaaees.-ar - a cear can hd at15 s3 ULaienville straeet, Paent Plat form Bnlances, superior to any er offered in thi city. ell W R CARNES. TO MEROCANTS. OEJMERCHANTS can have da Baarrwru. Cance Ltan streek of atfour hores Norlse, bp. tnt q at the Compting Roam of TRUE AMERICAN Paltatso; Oºrric, St.Charles Exchange, adjoesiag the READ Iao Room at Corner ofGrvierestreet, or-ate Point ing Offire, cer-aerf Poydrns and St. Charles aredts. F EATHERS-By sh;b Auburn an elegant saor meat of didffe t c.,red plnme. received and fo tnle by GOSSIP & Co,Ealmige howl, te.5 ct Charlel at STEAM BOAT BILLS. OWNER, AGENTS, or CAPTAINS nfSTEA - BOATS eon have their Bil e str6 4, In on. or more Colored Inks, as Plain or Coloaed Paer, wib" despatch, sad en famoreale Terms, by lagir Lide OnuaseRI'IRUE AMERICAN OFFICE, cwmer oa Poydra and St. Clharles atreets. N.r29--f H IRE-A Girl of .nr.Rn yei. I,, a .ga at every thing, paricurarly fturw rchildren. "Apply at m .NO. 126 Rauapnt fat. LADIES & GENTIEMAN OF NEW ORLEANS.. M R J FII.LIPPINI given a ebneeeat uetitu fer i Seletrated and to mtch admired Centre Tablep from Italy, on V'e,neJnay night at halfpanat 6oteleek, at his atore 34 St Chare street, when the remainder .t them will be told at auction with nthr faney articles b I))JOUX & FERNANDEZ TI astore will hbe illuminated A GOiorn, the ladies and amotenas of lne artn are requesnd to call pae iosn to the eale. N. B. The sale will be to the highet bidder. St mu FLIOUH--I6U ,nrele, in btie hipping o der at te banding, per Flate, fur sale by a. DORAEYV IliSKhV-30h bbla Recrited Whihey in glne. ier sale by O. DL.WEY, m° 44 Nnw Lora LAR11D-10 kegs Leaf Lard, it ntew. fran by mG. DORBEY, me 44 Nea Levee R INDIOW GLASS--.70 bIoxe window cag of varmous tie and l ensl, receiving per Ship Or learn and Char!ea Josephe, ad or eelo by m?5 ICLANNON, 12 Campe MM R.UtJL t' ::\~i -- caseesaantgri cummwe Sclthig, landing fremrhit Senator, forsale by m25 - I BRIDGE & C.,134 Magazine sl B-ROGANS-Il aes s qunaliy kip begao, Iamt - Ing frome hit Senator, fer ale by .m25 I BRIDGE Co, 134 Cr sine a "| OWELI. co"-I-lo hbaleT,8IA eIU , mi landing fronmlcipColr nbha, for salnby m25 I BRIDGE *,CeI M lagrnee t the Apothecnry, ar wned foerm erly by Willam Evlnn--Tchapioulu In.aappil.he Vegetabla matkel of tri 2d M nricipalityhr.eha Delered t-kbegs Iate to iTfom plhyaicins and rlam pbL in nsersl, thet h e tne put Ibthis eetabliherhtl und the d.eectioaltf " ele land moste mnpetent apolthecn.ry, nd that the hec medicine* and chemical prepirotioun ec be foretdcel atantly there. r& ,physiciannprmct ipptiom pet up clreful. aully day and ttght. mgar- 8 H. BONNAIE,. Ck N WEDNFSDAY, tIre d lday of the Joerey ele-b rnerwll will dipoee of a BrowI Stallion, 6 yams old, I hlade hIgh, ar-d of gr.nt avretry end power. -lk elnd et aeq tu.lled. ThL.nlhoariegid bv Riehanreb,wbho ia theete of mtaly diatiiutibed runnern, dam tar. Wright'n elbra.ied mar celia. Any _r.(lleman wishing en Iteha. n. i t hoaee. nilkdo well m attend Ithe ki. wik wil be naeo at 'a' lrwh, en he Itetai P. P. The A thl e, "4d dwilh bin full pdigree and enetifa.e I. - 1 & JJA5 J

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