Newspaper of True American, March 27, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated March 27, 1839 Page 3
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S. 'N NE W ORLEANS. A GREEA*LY to law, and in virtue of.a resolnlon nf the Council of the Second Municipality, notice is given. tinat an election for Aldermlru of the _mid Muniipallty, will take Ipaee on Monday let April nex, from 9 o'clock A. M. ulnil 5 o'clock P. M. at the placeland tnd r the tlrperintetr-eace of the persons eilenalber rdesignatned, to wit: le ward, at the Exchange Hotel. Inspectors Jhtt Hewlett and Wifliatlal McKean. Clerk John eatin ard. 2' ward, et.-4hM(unicipal hall. I .:eeetore Thomas -uby arnd Willtam Frrrer. Clerk B Ka udig. 3 ard ,al Daniel MeAAuley'e. Insl pecttr W illiam T. Hqgy end Jnmee W. unset. Clerk . WV. Hurdy. New Orleanr, 12th March 1839. [al " C. OGEvt9, Mayor. i ~ E L.A NaiUIO Li- &Itl*.ANI. .ONFO LMEMENT In loi, ten vretu d'ue r6 Ssoluton do Corseil de la Municipalith No deux, eavi eat done6 qua I'1leelion dec Aldermen de Ia dito Mhnlicilithe, amrn lien Lundi, ler Avril pro chain, depuia lueufherei du tmatin juaqll'A inl Iheures de I'rpan mdi, da es a lieusa et aoola Ia lirtctioa den peronnoen ei-apre d6esine, ervo dir ter dlstrit, a I'aechange hotel. anppeetest., Joh.n Hewlett and Willi t McKean. Orefier Jdan Brain. 2d district, i Ia naion municirple. Inapecteann TheIom Tobit an/i WilliaLm rent. Ghfricer lBenjamin Kendig. 3e dietrict, clee Daniel MeAuley. Inlepectonrr, W.'T. ilepp end James W. Olctan. Grcffier George W. Hudv. La NovelletOrlrants, I Mars 1839 mes C. GENOIl, Moire. r U l VEYidlo OFy'Cl c t, :etond Municipality. , O-bRlle S ofun r ntraet fur tih repairs of St Marye Market will he roceired at tilia ohce until tim 2?th of March, 1833. The repairs ore as follow e: let. To Inke up and cover in 125 square of terrace roodg, ins a complete anuner, an to stop ell tihe leaks; the work to I he three years. n. Op'lOp rtlrp and relair all the lholes nd cracks ill Sterte• of the ploasterieg ahd pert cotnnected thlrer 3d. To' repaint in oil color, oF e light grey all the ceiling and architraves, gutter and Ibip; nad to paint in hlaek color the linet w.rk. 4th. To whitowaeh with care all tihe walls inside and ouetsle. 5th. To paint in ehtoolate color all the pillarr, in the cerre alley. 61th. Tot readjust the cornites and whRiten lthem. All thle repairs must be ftnished at the latest by the 3-th rf hpril mtt. 'Pitne cltraeitor meLu give encttritv in the sum of $llO for the flflluest of all the work witn tire rieoe,ie. JH. rIUIE, mar In sr-eyoroef the Sec.nd Muoicipality. IIUREAIJ L)U VOYER, Ire I.a Neollrte Municiprlith. .Eh . ItOPO8TIO.V. pour crparer I'di6ce de Maerch teMariP ,oleat reeuse i ce bureau juequ' a 9de2 dei main (m rs). priaripatl1 repla retione A faire ctsiteront:- Ilr. ealevrere reporeretnviron 15 barres de e.or. certurede terraeem e I ttaotre t 6raechcr oltllrlllrte. meat le gonttaSret, et g r.rtir cc travaoil iidant teis ans. 2de & beucher lee tronetllles et autre parties d& grdico nese enauite. Utne Releindre en gris clair A I'l,tile. dera Forte. ouchhee, tuo lea plofunorde arelritrars. dlllse, et tuymara de desceate, et peindlro et uoir A lhuile Iei ferreorentt. dime pour lachlir nve soli tous lee nours, tact eur let fetel intrirurer qt'exterieurree. Stmre p.indro en ouler clloeoolnt Ia part dee pilers qui bordent Pl'alli d millien. 8AlLt r6-ajoeter le rirnichee et leeo blaenelir. Touter crs rrparations devront ttre terlnioees, poor Is plu tard, le 30 Avril proehaiu Leatrepreneur fournira eauliannement en Is sommo de $1M10 pour oosurer I'elcut;on de '.o 'uterprire dona Is dalai sun mentirnt. J H PILIE, Voyer de la Secoude Municipalith" mar19 SECONI) MUNICIPALITY I New OLtreS,. March 21,1839. NOTICE it Iereby given that John Price is no lon- N.. r n my employ, and any reeinpts given hby said Price, from th1 date itt my name will not i valitl. S It TUItNEIi, nmr I21 Collector on merehant. IRetoiler.s, &c. Carrellton Hail Mend New Orleans March 11, 1829. NkOTICE--During the races tIhe car, will leave Ptoy .l dran street, For Carrollonr every Ialf Ihor,,ucm emnceingat 9 tlock A M rnaliL7 o'clock P M, return nlog eeryhlf hour. eomrUtencins at 3o'clocrk A I rllntil 6o'kcltkP M, and that regularly. N B TIe rain tro farf that should leave New Or leans at I o'clotk I' M, will leave at halft, pnrt twelve, lor edtr, and gentlemen aceom;oanying tmirrr, o ans to be timte for the race. malt J IIAMPSON, chierf eogineer. f 9 rec.ivedat thle Louisriarra Fl toro Wore SRoomr, ,53 Bier ville treet,00 Maple and Cherry I lteol; a firrt rate erticle. Alt,, a good itrsrt mat of Maple, Waolatt, ad Pairted Chaire, which will be seohl for the lowest cash pri;ttes. Ivc 5.1 tlio._.ltc Street FASHiONABI.E I'AltM nII.t.INEILY. HE aubr.raer has the, honor of infrunnng the 12. T die,lhat lie L r:.ivl per all. i afAr.yene aOU Mqtrne, a sup ply ofII Toud wider Millinery. Kt thle lian led rir rol utenal ill Panl, hAhI Mimrs. l.ali eltci Ito hurve: oes.ilo'o ri. e fogllr etiotn ate eR a ulany ane l'rrll:.uev yle P. I P m.tNIAN, nov3 .25 i'|lrr(.. t Te x o -irTate-. i:d-r .l vle l -for .I.I Achlie Ith h'AVlehAA C ,r a r linr A ilue gree Coin at 1 htndhg tlils ntoruing rOlll the. brig Ca:lrleO lUuli llaranA, fo n ahr al I ' L eI.AInI).AW, e mt (FIt aCt y , a 3lo)ALN' P ol'nu .e, d wipin I t. iuege"rahy gwdo. I large atsrmecnt of Iptteot ldiciles. IL~erived tteluy rad f nr sale bn It )NNAIIEuI., 's cnr s Nalched sos i n captithu as ia PARBKE.;S OCKY M IUN'I'AINS, 8- :. OUReNAL of an Eploring Tour beyond the f. R oky Mewr tain, urder tre direction of the A ri C , performed in the years 1835, 'w6 and h cntand daesription of thle geography go. olgy, climate aend productions, and the aumbel, Amaers and comIte. ao thMe natives; with a Map ." Oregon Territory, by Rev. Samuel Iarker, A M. Thbe River and he Dasert; or Recollectionp of the Rhone and thd phartreuae; by Miss Purdoe, ather of the City of . " o a ter, &ve. in 2 vols. The Rlobrk, a oTale, '; the author nof Rchelieu, The Gypsy, Attilar in O' r The Two Flirts: or Ad. .-ure in a Country House, and other Twles by Lady Bloesington, E L I Bulwer, Mrs Norton, parry Cornwall, Mrs Gore, Captain Mdwin, and otlhers; in 2 veol. The Life ant Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, .dited by Bos, with lltuatrations by Phis, No. I. Just received and for rale by BENJ M ARBLE CHIMNEY PIECE Wanmerelb Customhouse street, opposite the pont.olee. The suberibore are now receiving from their fac. tories in New York, ard will keep constantly on bend a general assortment .f Marble Mantle Pieces e'lsuperior workmanship, and of the latest patterns, edes of the boet Egyptian, Italian, Irish and American marble. Aso, Monuments, Tombs and Grave Staes, moulded and plain sills and lintels, mlrbie feeinp. heartho and boundary stone, plaster qfrParis, Rortfl &, Hydraulic Cemunrt and Plaster. lag airi, together witL n splendid assortment oi briss mounted sad plain Grates and R.ussia Iron Grates of the newest and Irost approved patterns. Lettering done in the neatest mannser and at the eshortest notice. They Irave first rate workmen to sat the aboe work. le5 lAMES KAIN & STROUD CITrY BANK. I New Orleans, 15 March 1839 Tl HIS Bank ill .purchrse rexcharge on England. I e16 R J PALFREY, Caesier CITY BANK. New Orleans, 15 March 1i39. l 18 i Institution will prrehare bilhs of excrhang Sn athe north. m16 RI J PALFSEY, Cashlier W INES--50l don of superior old Sherryv and Port Wines, bottled in brord in England and imported inleto tie country in 1136. For aale at low prices to cloaus the conlfnterpt by msr 19 HOLMIs & MILL.S, Bank Place. IRON CHEISTS--Jlt received at the Louisiana Were itoum, ,53 ilienville street, 12 olperhr lin ýte sod double eire ronflren clests, from the fattory .'JI. rews, New Yorkor sr ale by RN M ACKEREL, &c--t5 bblt No I mackerel, 42I bls 73 bla No 3do ; 46 half bbls No 1 do 318 kegs No I do; 158 kids No I do IOr ge TosTngUes Sourd, 156 bbls Potatoes Ii ibis Panner.' Oil, iandirg lrot ship Rhtt i Moo ridýrsaeh by S & J P WHITNEY, mar 73 Camp s t .A'l PPtIBLIA'I'TtNS. IT E LBek Ic nd the Bar, by he aul rof" Randomnl SRecollections of the Lord .and Columuns;"'- The Great Metre pliha," &e ij wol. Neal Malone and otler 'ralea of Ieland, by W II Carletoa, aluhor of "''raits and SIoMiea of the Irish Peasantry," in 2aola iulot received anld for ale by mar c1l WM MccKEAN,aor (Camp & Commnn ats P1 5 A-NM tL.S-4-eU boxed opeoLr Uuldies, nnerted branda, fur lale b7 lar td I BIIIDGE & ('o 134 Magazine at SALLOW" CANDLES--Ifln hbes moald tallow . Cndlea, farale by I BRID ;E & Co, mar 91 134 Magazine at OAP--600 boxes No I estran, No I and imiiataoa No SI Saap, brads of Janmes Gould,Jaeknoo & r Tow brihdgaadJ A Norton. for Pale by mar91 I BRIDE & Co, 131 Magazne at FIREMAN'S INSURANCE OFFICE, OF N. O. . Stockholders ar hereby notaified that te 7a A 1 Iblwest on Iheir alock is due and payable on the 6th of April, at the Offiche ofthe mpaitv, 21 Camp stret. mar 18 E L TRACY, c,'ery. IIUREAU I'INSURANCE ltES POMPI.tS, De la Nouvelle I)rleelas. AVIS eat donn6 anion llariptletaa qua leme inetal A mntaitr lour aouscripptiloit .rer pa36 an avril 6, a burgtu de Is cawtaga" e Ia m ast. nm8 E l. TI AVY Sceet.ire. d4A ~l S---a ladling fmlea Pittalure. an ae,.atlalla el nfJr,., Viala, saud Wi damw Glass, at wholeonle H isf3NNAIEI,, ilar ! C(',r of Natelez and Tchapit .ulas et TON RU 1--I-c barrels Bolaon Rum, landing J ltip Columbiana, and for mal. by alaU S & J P WHITNEY,73 Camp at WTHIlTNEY'S COTTON F'A TORY--Thesub s:rihr would nfBrm memheants and planters that his establishment is now in full opertino and that he is pIroducing abfaric under the style end denomitna tion of Whitney's negro cottons. Those wishlUg to Ipurchase a superior article for plantation use, will please call and examine for themselves at Meners Pent &t North, agents 13 Chartres at r at the establishment of the st )scriber 457 ThOBUpdMulas Ht. BENJAMIN WHITNEY. _ _-7 New Orleans, February 7,1889 That desirable dwelling house, also the s  store underneath now in eomplete order liltI Possessaaion given immediately. Terms wtra litral r a desirable tenant, apply on the premises or to (G W PRITCHARD& J FAGEKT, Jr tat corner Poydras & Magazine ats PERM CANDLES-- I boxes, K Durfry's brand, Slading f om ship Vicksbm, for sale b mar9 SHALL& BROWN,96 Magazine at SfOSHEN BUTTER-15 firkins landing from ship SVICKSBUf(.,nnd for sale by mar9 SIIALI. & BROWN,96 Magazine at H ATS-I eases blk silk plush Halts, for sale by mar 9 SHALL & IIROWN,96 Maneazine INILLA UCOHDAGE-A complete easorunent Y of Manilta Cordage and Hawsaers, for sale by mar 8 S & JI' WHITNEY, 73 Camp at A Revised CODE OF PRACTICE, new edition of the state of L.ouibiana, cent i' ing rules of Pro cedure in Civil Actions A.ctor sale Ey WM McKEAN, febl6 corner of Camp and Common NEW ORLEANS Steam and Patent Biscuit Bakery-Waters and Hillman. No. 99, Moean (scar the Pontcharraia Rail Road.) Pilot and Navy Broad, Buda and Wine Riecuit, Sugar, Butter, Midford and Water Crackers. All the above articles are warranted to be of the frsa quality, end to keep in any climate, being completely kiln dried. Also,-Kiln dried corn meal. Orders left at G. W. Pritchard and Tagart, Jr. corner Magazine and Poydras treets, will receive prompt attention. Small kegs put up exprenely for family usea. ISnov P ARLORORNAMENTS --Karea sn beauntiul curiosities, for sale only by Rees & D'lange, and at Paough's Museum. All these ornaments consist of the most splens did specimens of orthinology from Europe, Asia, Africa, and our own country. Approved notes nt 60 days will he taken oi Q COTTS' COMPLETE WORKS in 88 vole. Lon b don edition. Woard's Mexico, second edition, enlarged, with an a eount of the )liing Cnompanies, nd of the Political Events in that Republic to tim present day; in two volumes Stewart'a Stable Economy : a Treatise on tile man ogement nf Hirese, in relation to the atabling, groom ing, Feeding, Watering, and working, saecond London od-tion. Stewart's Bogota, in 1836-7, or an rnpedition to New Granada. Iali' Rambles in Europe, or a Tour through France, Italy, Switzerlcl, Great IBrlitain, and Irsland, in 1836, in2 vola. For sale ly WM. MIKEAN, mar 6 :or Camp and Common ste 5 YOBACrt'O--15 boxaes manufactured tobacco, va Srious brahds, fdr noole bv tol3 I HItIl)(G &Co. 134 Magazine at AARD-800L kags Leel Lard, in store for ale by Sm1- i DO)RSEY. 44 Now laeve OUR-800 bble flour, afloat for sale by m13 G DORSEY,44 Newl.eree F LOUR--50 brls choice brands in store for sale by ml6 G DORSEY, 41 New Levee H SKEY-350 brls rectifed, in atore for sale by itm16 j D)ORSEY, 44 New Levee LAD.ES' & GENTLEMEN'S GOLD CHAINS W II.LItAM BELL ha this day received a goad an ortment, whlich will be offered remarkably cheap. No 18 Chartles at N B Old gold and silver taken in exchange. mar 8 DEPOT OF CELEBRATED WINES. CONS'ANTLY on hand and regularly supplied with wt mos celebrated Wines, warranted pure and imported, Cordials, London eer, &ac. aHENItH WINEO. Oldest Leisten and Stein Wine; Steinlerger Our Laity's Milk; Johnnninhorger, Rudeaheimer Sparkling Iocek; Dom Hock, of 1825 tlrkakeinmer, 1827; Marcobrunner, Grefeanberger Nterensteiner; Rhenish wine glasses iBORDEAUX WINEn. Chateau Margaux and Chateau Lafitte; Larose Leoviltt; Palmner Margau Sneoritr St Julien and St Emilion St Esteiphe sd St Julient, excellent table claret A few half ag.heads of St Julien Medoa WHITE WINES. Hermtitage, Sauterne, Barsac and Graves IDESERT WINES. Genuine L.nol anld Frontignao Muscat CIIAMI'AIGNE WINES. Whilte ad Iled, Sill,,rv and (toil de Perdriz IWItLiGUNDY WINEo Romance, Chamhertin, Clos de Vougeot Nuite, SparklinA Iturguntdy . ttar 18 E ((;.-4 bble landing from ateambt St Lauit, for nle bry ABIIAHAM TRIER, mlar l8 364 t;rnviar Pt 'l'E SuIscrlerI uttlr at *loeseare CO the following goods. HAT'I--100 catec moleskF silks, as torctd sie, aenm brimn. Ill do best No I do do 11 1 do do No 2 do do 1)0 caaea best No 3, apsorted t inea and brimns. ve l0 'do Ieaver, a superior article; 54 d. Fout Nutria; att do Extra do 200 do Ilack and Whi:e Russia; 50 do Extra Black usanma; 100 do Muskrat & oney fur broad and narrow brins, for Levee and country trade; Sdo All ranks oftmilitary & na... Chapeaus; tin de Cbildrens silk and Reuain Ists, all sizes. d Caps-Far. tter, rar Seal, Netrn MaosArt, and hair eaI, in tao doze easoes. Sealette. Clodt Caps-Pickwick, Polish Avril's hnt P.h,l. loan op, F.relnt, Forage, Military undress,. doit Leather fiuging. hildren's Fancy ' urtbans, Plaid and Vnlvet Caps, French patterns. lsack -Snnt, Silk and Bombaiane, of the neatest styles. tlmbrellas-silk and cotton, Military PlunteP, oiled silk. Silk Hendkerchliels-Pongee nd Spitalfiold. Bandlboxes for batters, wood ases, double for dry goods. Pal The above goods comprise a large stock, and all af the latest pattele, anti will be sold at a small ad vance, with cost and charges on New York prices. The A subscribers will take orders for southern, western and Texas markets, for the bhouse of A H Gosip & Co., Ht Manufacturers, New York, and at the shorres possiable notice. (irrman and French Pluahes Iunght., GOSSIP & CO., Naval, Military, and Fashionable Hiters, Exchange 14otel, nol4 St Charles s QIUILLS, QUILLS-Just receinvt a lnrge supply tf eery superior Dutch aid clarified Quills, of alla siceef,tom lo toSa. Alsoswan,w ld gtote & Rus. sia,whotlealeand retail, by DAVID FELT &Co, I mar 19 N Y Stationers' Hall,4Clhartres at HIP RECEIP'PS-Just received a few dosen ship SReceipt Books printed on good paper, with duplt sate uutldern froni I to 288: a fine article for sale by DAVID FELT &+ Co, bj mar 18 N Y Stationers' Hall,24 Chartres t USTA ID-L-exington, Kentucky, Mustard, in lb and qr lb canisters, for sale by mar7 ti W PRITICHARD 4. JO TAGGERT, Jr M ANTAS &c--50 hales 4-4 Anpleton sheeting 15 ases blched ditto, landiag from ship Caro lione, for sale by mIS I BRIDGE d Co. 134 Magaine at LOTHI NO--4 cases seasonablea lothing, landing from ship Carolina, for sale hy nl5 I BRIDGE & Co, 134 Magazinees LOUR & CRACKERS--1 bbls our, now lan d Fing, aso 2 do of crackersec. for sale hy m15 G BI.ANCHARD, NOTICE--Drays no. .91--1479-192-732 ame re u qncsted to return their receipts immediasely to the -ubsariber LEVI H1 GALE, m 5 t 93 Comton e t E[XCHAING--On New Yort and Philadelphia, for sale by ml5 ADAMS & WIHITALL, 67 Graverr at 'ARCH-100 half bous, landing from ship Char. lemngne, and for sale by mar20 SHI ALL&BROWN, Magannest p SOAF SUGAR--verious qalitles, constatntly in L ctornandfur sale by 8HALL 84 .R .WNE, mar 89 96 Mag.aine at ATCHES-A large insxoica jat mreived and for enle by SHALL 1iROWN, smar 20 98 Maganzine a UIMMER CLOTHING 9 cases, comprising a noser S plate assortment, landing from ship Colunmbiana lormet by I BRIDE & Co - ar 23 134 Magazine at I ICHARDSON'S New English I)ictisuary, coma !Lplate in four parts, for sale at nbsEcrlptina price by WM MKEAN. mar 23 car of Camp and Common a ts t IMB JUICE-bris and 31 demijohnsof this arti tie, pure and concentrated, hive haen lately isa prted by the subscriber, who will diepsse of it on a. , madating terms. BUNNABEL, mar cur Natchbea and Tchnpitoulas eta HittUJSE 10 KENT. No 153 Grarier st, having 4 rooms, 2 cabs t inets and a gallery, with kitchen, wash room and servnta rooms, complete, a good yard paed ilth brick, hoaving it it2 cisterns and hydrnnt. p ineseion given on or lbfore let April. Apply on the n pemise, er to SLOANE & Co. p r ac 23 Louisa at E XCHANGE ON BOSTON--for sale by mar23 I BRIDGE, IýI Mygazne.! I- PERM CANDLES-58 boxas 2d quality sperm i Candes, landing from ship Colunmbn, for sale bvy I RIIGE o. Co, mar 23 134 Magazine at le )ROPOSAL" will be received by the subscriber for P the Brick and Carpenter work, of worekhop Iad cta enrhoue in I enrecaed at Careoltoa, until 12 o'clock ion the 291h March, at ithif Ead b. NO & l. Ri - Had, Poydras street, whrn pltan and au lMhsh, egcan be seren cvery day from lI o'teab. I t e'let p mt. JOHN hAMWSON, at meIa23 ChiefEng.NO&CRR WHIPPING. !er Europe. The ship ROBERT BRUCE, Cspt Hark. neass having parlof her cargo enagll, will . with despatch. For Iaannee of freight .r patage apply to m g6 L H GALE, 93 Conlnen at FOR LIVERPOOL. A r The A I and very fast sailing ship ELI Z BETH,Capt. rl'hyet, can take 120 bales of ctnon, and will sail on Saturday next. trmlof passage for two cabin passengers apply to m13 I H GAI.E, 93 tommon st FOR LIVERPOOL. A The new and very fat sailing British barque EI.EANJR, CapS Mcl'herson, hat halt lier cargo on hoard, std requires only alenet 2 bales to fill up, and will haoe immnediate disn patch. For freight, of which, or passage, having very superior cabinsa, apply on hoard, or to mar 19 HOLMES & MILLS, Bank Place. FORL MARSEILLES. S The well known and very faet ailing ship E.EANOR, Calpt Pemberton, having the greater pnrt of her cargo engaged, will meet with dipatch. Foar balann of freight or passage apply on hoard, or to L H GALE, mar 19 93 Common st oaStWiose. FOR NEW YORK. New York and New Orleans Line. it'hea elegant new pRacket ship TARO" LINTA, Capt Smith, wll begin taking in lher cargo on Monday, and have immediate de spatch. For freight orpassage, apply on board, oppo site the Vegetable market, or to mar 28 PETER LAIDL.AW, 66 f(amp et FOR NEW YORK. o' The new and very fast sailing brig HIS T'ORIAN, Capt Tinker,ecan take the Ibulk of 5a0M barrels, having tie greater part of her eargo on board. For terms, or pasenge, apply to mar 3 1. H GAL E, :' c'ra FOR NEW YORK. ' The new and superior hrir CAUCASI, S ON, Captain Vase, will receive immediate diapatche. Foe paesageroly, having etnelaome mar 22 93 Cominon at FOR NEW YORl. i. S Packet of Me 12 New York and New Orleans Line of Packets. The A I shiet NORILNA, Captain llnriona, havring nearly all her cargo engaged, wilsail e ableove. Far freight loe bales cattoln or passage, having elegant Iturnished naccmmodations, ap ply to R (iRONINtG & Co or to PETER LAIDLAIV, mar25 26 i'amp at FOR NEW YORK. T Posiliely ete Day after to Morrow. Ilolmens Line of tPackets. The elegant packet ship VICKSBURG, Iunker rnaster, will positively sail the day after to morrow. For freight of 150 bales coaton or passage, apply on keanJd opposite the Vegeta bla Market, orto A COHEN, mar 25 9n Cmnmon st. FOI NEW YORK. Regular Packetfor Mondeay the Irt April. IHolnes Line of Packets. I The very fast sailing regular packet ship SOI.EAN. , Selrs master. will prompitly sail an above. For feight or pnasage, hgevng el egant accomnmodations, nppplv to the ceaptai on board one tier below the Vegetable Market, or tot mar2"l A COHEN,S 9Conmon at FOR PHILADELIPHIA. l The fast sailing copper fastened brig ALDRICH. D Norgravre, master, aill have despatch. For freight i.r passage, apply to mar2t S & J P WHT'rNEY, 7.l1Caenmp st FOR NEW YORK. SThe A 1 and fast sailing ship I.EVANT, Iapt. Hartlet, will receive immediREe diA. pa h, hving the greater part of her freight engaged. For balance of freigh or passage, apply to nl6 L H GALE, 98 Cmmone st FOR BOSTON. The first class ship FORUM, Capt Cold well, will be ready to receive freight in a few days, nd will meet witI dis atch, Apprly to Capt Caldwell, or to STETSON & AVERY, mar20 8 Gravier st FOR NEW YORK. THIE fins andl ery fast sailieog barqe DUC D'ORLEANS, Capt W K Ifoodlles. having the greater part of her cargo encnaged. will eepitched inmnediately. For balance of freiglt or passage, apply on board opposite the Mint or to ml8 L H (IAILE,95 Commoin at WANTED. S A brig, capable of carrying 400 hhds snegar, in to Inad tbr a northern port. Apply to 31:1 L H GALE, 93 Conmmnon st FORIL BOSTON. S The fast sciling brig MAJESTIC, Capt Amens will have iammediate despaeclh. For balance of freigb t or poasage, apply to ar 8 & J P WIIITNaEY, 3 Cnmpt.t COIT'S PATENIT REPEATING FIRE ARMS.I T H E Public are respectfully informed that the above . rtlclescah bearsee nnd are for sale at Gli)S.IP 4. Co. Exchange Hotel, St Clharles t. mar 5 if ` OAP--2I0 boxes landing from ehip Ciirlemagneii A anid for sale by ISHAIL & tIrOWN, nmar _1 96 Malazie st N lItlltLAS NICKLEIIY-Nee. 7, 8 and 9: oaso L t first rnti noe in one part: withl a variety ofI very interesting boouks,Just reeived; for cnle hy ml7 A TOWAH, 49Camp st IO CGFFEE--3400 bags Rio coffee, laing the caro lgo oI the brig Old Colony, for sale by mer 8 STETSON & AVFRY,88 Gravier sl ons Intl AVr.5Ix, at iararier "t I iHE SlLK RAISER'S MANUAL--Or the art of k raising aad feeding silkworms and of cultivating the tulbery tree, by M Morin, member otseerrl learn. od eojeities, translated from the French. Just received at forsaleby A 1'OWAR, - ml6 49 Campt 4 TOWDER-Invoices ot Ink Powder, just received I fdtar sale by SHALL & BROWN, mar 19 96 Magazine at P INE APPLE CHEESE and Goshen Butter in store and for sale by READ) & ARSTOW, mar 20 7 Bank Plaee 1 B ATeTERoa okeg eupir tr Rer But RD ter. for sale by 4'. DMtLeEY, A mar 18 44 New Levee P ARASOS.S-32 cater, embracing a geoerrl assort. a mestsofParasola, landing foro ship Pusthes, for ci sale by ISAAC BIRIDGE SrCo. oar 18 131 Magazine at SPERM CANDLES-200A lEoox juat receivedand for sale by SAMUEL E BLANCHIARD, mar 18 33 Graier at STAR-0 brie Rosin receivmng fromt ship Charls Imanas, and for sale by mar 19 SHALI. & BROWN, 96 Mogazineiat 0 CORN-700 buasels corn, in store, for tale ho CHAMPLIN & CO PlR, ml5 79 & 82 Julist a EXCHANGE ON NEW YORK-Andrews and v BaBto5sher, 0 Camp at,are drawing on New York r atl1, 5, lit, & 30 days 3t m15 PITCH-25 barrels Pitoh, leadiog from ship Chsr K lemagne, and forasnle by mar 20 SHALL& BROWNOf6Magazineat SPIRITS 'rUKPEN'lINF lhblsopto Tourpatane - landing from ship ahip Ccnrltetasgse, tad lor sale by SHALL & BROWN, mar 20 96 Macazine at Am SIN SIDES-lOl cke, in store or ole b B rill G DOROKY,41 New l.rveey lASTE BLACKINGi[2 eaes Dunlop' paste I blacking, landing liomsbip Orlas,tor aleby mIS I SlO . & Co, 131 Magazisesot r AI.K ROPE-I coils ka;le rope of superior qua U ,ily for sale by m13 I BRIDGE & Ca, 134 Macsins rs SUJ STATIONERS, COUNTING ROOMS, I BANKS, &5o 150 reamsar, Amies' Dove mill letter paper, ine 250 do do supetcine 150 do blue commercinl post 50 do white do 150 do grees post 75 do waterlined pat do 130 doanrtine can wptting 100 do lSf cap do 20 do fine rayal l4 20 do miedium .. o 60 po banhfoliopmRo Allefwchsrr ofdoero saperior qulityarill he Aold low, to cloes a eonaatamer ho m15 A- O AR,49 uampst aA t & 2nd Beoks' of Histuys, Jsta received s dditimal uply sf the ah at 0t populat selool lsobk, by A TOWAR, l3 9 CAmp A R AISIAS-3141 boxes NR Raisins. Lotlg's brand, in so a sand for sales r ,m12 CHAIIAP II & COOPER, 82 Julin at rTlAK-2 2 bhls north Carlinu tar, in store for pt 1 oale by m12 CHAMPI.N & COOPER,79 Julin t SM BOLASSES BARRELS-300 ampy barrelh, is superior order, for sl by L H GiAE, t ar 1t 2w 9t Commas at It AY- lsa nortlern h ba, in r tore, for tale by 1ih CIIAMane IN St& COOPsER. m15 79 & 82 Juliunt Q G R MOLASSES-426 kg has, asger pity-alg mtott belsw he i'city, for sa by . 1 101 ADAMS & WHIITALL, 1~E MOC byaaouvraer "Haste, ortassn, Is .IHoots," baroroello-words by Mics Estrllu, dedi-. cated to Henry urel, Eq. coposed by . P. Ma ourrier of New Orleans, reeived with he geatap. it p lase at the New York concertl, mE JOHNS 4 Co, rd .14 carner St Charlei & Commas ass 'I. COFFEE-72 hogs anilla just tceited fron New to YJ York, per shipOrleaa, foraleby m14 SHALL & BROWN,96 Magasine In T U M IRhLLAS-32 eases ItiiundGinghamUs. broIls.. comprising scompleearasortmsatlIsdiac e fromlsigi Palmer, forsale lay [SAAC BRII4E &C, - mt82 134 Magatine at. U IJT oreesved at Towat's Bookshtote, 40 Camp at.. 5 sasupplyof the lallowing baras:-Rusall's M. dadr Europe; Iannah Plosrea Works; Crahhe'a Eng. lish Synnnyteso; Blsdiis. Anatomy; Cemhe Phice el stagy; Mstgoanory's Lactosarr St:ae's Travele in ad Egyps1rs4A to sad ahoiltoly LsodGrrer,Tar.r aM ke M 1f i ~Nýp n a J all of mes' ery p e alar easea by the Rsat or stisgls work. u_ FOR NEW YORK. New Jor q Kew Orelcan Line. NEW LINE of packets ha been established to runt between New Orleans and New York, to couastooffive first rate slips, viza: Ship St. Mary, ii W Foster, master, Rerpublican, JO Russell " Auburn, |I P Durfey, - r building, Three shinps wet built in New ork'expresly for tis trade; r:ofa lilht draught uof aler, and will not ba subject todetention at tie liar. Their aeoomndlations fourpasenager coi prise all that mllay be required for comfort and eonrelence; and their commanders are "men of ep.rience. Until the ships now building are com:pleted, two first class ships will supply ts:eir placi . P'' :greatest punctuality will be observed in the timr of sailing, and every reasonable acommodatiuon ex nided to shippers and passengers. or further particulars apply to M-aara. Johnsorr SJ I..owden, No. 86 Wall street, New York or to jl PElER I.AIDLaW, i'O Camp ut FOR NEW YORK. [Louisiana and New York Line of Packets.] To sail regularly as advertised from each Port. T HE lilne is at this moment composed of the follow Sine ships, but 6 more new vessels will be puton at an early day. making the onhmber twelve in all, wuhie will allow fone being dispateltedfrou this tort every week during th. year, tums ffourdia.g prompt faeilities fIr transportation and at the lowest rulaes ,offreight. ship Yozol, Captain 'l'ruk. " iMoissippi, ltrebe. SL.otrivi.le, a Allen. " ratoga, Ilathawny. Iuntsville, Eldridge SShakespeare, Palumer The above ships nre all of the filrt class, eoppered andl eCloper litteied, of a liclit draugtl ,f water, andil built in N, w York expressly fur the trade, with elegant aeeommloations for paseengers aml eommanadd by ible sat egperlercrd ilastere. The price of paessage il fixed lt't90, without wine, or liquors, ample stores in every oilter partieular will e., roided, and es.ry atlettitm eR n o ,pornote tIh otrt l Iho p ing to and fro t he ire. Te ships will at all times r e towed p qdil down th I riet and tih greatest punclually observed as to their jsy ti siling. Neither the owners or cantsilof these vessels will be responsible for jewelry, I;llioa, precious stones, sil. ver or plated warp, breakage if glass, hollow ware, marble, or granite, cooue rage on tlin, rust of irn or put on board of them,, unless regiuar hillt o! Indig are For freight or Iecsoage, auIli tpo mar 21 pJAE n td I UL1N,74rCainpslt FOR NEW YORK. HIOLMES' LINE OF IPACKETS. TrO sail punctually every Motlday from eacht prt. his Line of i acketsn have tIer iacerohsedl to ilev eln firet elass FIhips, eioticoing of iShit, Nul eille. Captaln Wood. Arkansas, Captahin E i IDenis, Alabomra. Cdptloin C C Berry, Orleaes,.Captain S tear., Vicksburg, Captain J Eunker, Iantea, Captain Ashley. Nauerille, Ca laiin Woodl. I.uisa, Truman.u. Ocune, Capita I. Lyons. onmul/;ee. Captain Leahitt. New Ship - Claptain Woodhouse. Nero hip -- Captain Nicholls. The oboce ships are all of te fleirrst class, coppered, and copper fastenedl, and were built in New York ex pressly for this trade--tlhey are of lielht draught of wa t,,r, aind almost invarioblv cross the bar without deten lion. 'rThese packets ore commadced by Captains wall ex. perneneed in the trade, and will always exert themselves to aecommodte. Tile) will alaavs be towed upr and dlown the river, and will plomplly sail os aldvertised. They have handsomely furnished occomrolodetioos,and stroes ef tie first quality will always lie furnished, ond every attentiot paid to thle comnfort and satisfaction ef passengere Tbe price of the cabill is fixed at s80, withoutt wine or liquor. For further particulars appld to A COHEN, inaci2 90 Colliion street lIJ"l'be ships are not accointaleit for birekage of glass, hollow ware, manrble or granite, cooperace. of tin or rust ,f iron or steel: nor responsible for any package or parcel put ln boardl, inless a regulor bill of luditng be sined therefor, rI the office ofltle atents. For the Interior. FOR AL.EXANDILIA, CAMPTE, SIHIIlEVEPORT AND FULTON. "Pile nrw ail clendid pitsengser Astemr CMP'I'F., W Carroll,n lhnasler, will leave for tile above port on,li , at It0 o'clock, A M. Fur fireiglht ar pausile, apply ti llrd, or to b ,iar21 1'ti" S It I.EF & Coi, 28 and 9 New IC.vee FOIL IRA'tlOU AKA Regubtr Packet. h1'j he splenlid passenger sltamitnt II..wIkILLIANT, Jerssi Hlart master, will I.ave New Orleins every Wed nesdrn at ti o'elnek A.rM .far cnyolte lareacr er t .tirdtay a Ii i cleck A. 11 taineg ta.. ri I doas it ll StidIty. FIr, fcigllt or passage aply to Clapt. Hart on hoaerl pr to 1,25 ADAMS &. WHITAI.I. A LI,.A I1. I)EN MAHtOFFI)' 'I' Turkish DyeI,. isor cha.egiggrey or red hair oni teIbei , oxrel hiakers, or eae Iro,,,l by ni single alplication, to a erlllanent brown, varying tona cltiplete black, withl out taininlg eitlier the Imaneda or linen, just received at the Baaar, cornrer St. Ch7arles & Cnumln streets. IBUSH & AI.IAN, fe Exclanage Hotel C HINESE 'IT UNK -- Jst rcei e an srt meat of tie above artiele, preventatives against moths, with peculiar brass locks, well adnpled fir In. dies dresses or for holling papers &e, Iuine extremely light and hanasumen, abre ale at tiOSSIP & Cu, fe26 Exchange hotel St Charles st L S. PARMLY, Denatist, reopectfully gives no + tice, that hle may be consulted annually in New Orleans, during the months of February, Marclh acl April. His assoaiato in tim practice, Dr Lyon, whose professional skill and experience, both in tile sLrgical sand mechanical departments, is tnsurpassed in this countra will remain permaneratly. felU "Ofice,59 ('anal street. iICHOLAS NICKLEBY-Noa 7,8 ami 9,a lso the I first six numbera i onile tract, withl a variety of very itteresting books,just received aid for sale by -m12 A TOWAR. 49 Camp st CARD 1TOPIIE LADIES. WILLIAM BELt., No. 10 Chartres street. eontin uess to parchhse old broken aaaelrv, oli gold or silver in any form wlatever, and pay the higheat price in Orleans. Ladies who nmay have old fitshioned gold jcwsl, ' vie: ear ornaments, clainas, necklaeas, huckles, ibger rings, or it fact any articles of tlhe line, whle, is lyng die and ofno use to Ithel, can eclhasge tile sanea to good advantage, by calling as above. N B--Watches, Jewelry and Spectacles repaired in the best manner-charges moderate. ja28. 1839 BAZAAR. CorWner of St. Charles J Cnimmna street, E+XCHAbNO E HOTEL. (US! & ALLAN wonuuhl respectfully call thle at temtiou of eitienosa il strangers to tleir emsplete Asonslllent o (aentlelselt's linen -irts, do calllbric, with Ima o irsnts. fashionable ineie froilta lisen col lars: silk, cottln and mlerino under sllire and drawers: cambric and ilk hlandkercbiefs: black and fancy eta vaets in great variety: tctaks of every deucription: gum elastic and cotton suspenders: silk, cotton and thread gloves: gents lmskin gloves: umbrellas and canes gold tounted. Also,-Splendid assortment of ladies and gents wri tirtg deask, dressing caes, part folios, perfumery, cut. lery and rich fancy goods. novl4 M ARRIAGE PHYSIOI.OGICAI.LY IISCUS. SEll. Translated fet the French of Jeaa Du bois, I. D. by William Greenfield. Paurt lt. On thlne cessity of Marriage ! Part 2d. Ilstauctions in courting, with a cure for Love! Part 3d. * ' Part 4th. * * * Marriage Pbysiologieally Discussed is the smut useful, and de;idedly the imost interesling work that we evero read, It will break' up onre rakes andspnalslrse, i a.d miake tlre Inumire marned iaean t women than aly y publieatiom that hasever ee sanetionaed by the court of Hymen.--La Moanltee. S This is a great book, and will be productive of much goodinathe c.minuity, It is true it contii ns much strange language, but then the subject is its, exsse, and if lthe Pope had written on it, lie could not Iaive treated it more delicately. We especially secommend r its" Instructions in Courting," to the attention oa as young ladies atid gentlemet that may he in quest ol pamoarea.-Lepetit Courier Des Dames. For saleat no 6i5 Poydras at between Magazine and Camp street. Price $1. at 55 REW ARD. - ILL he paid for the delivery of a small box of y W Mbooks,frm lMobile iper steamer Giraffe, aboat 1st March, addressed to A lowar New Orleans, said box is suppased to have been taken from the rail road is ears by eistake, A TOWAR, t m12 49 Campstp as UST Received an elegant asaoraenlslnilaerplamld door pleten, whieh will he engraved to ord, r i the most fashainable style by J V CHILIIS. S fe27 3 Amp st EPP+.R--301 0 itgo a superior article, for sale by c ill SDIIAI..L&BRtSWN.9f a i Marine l I INSEED OIL-10 casks linred Oil in staore A1 10 casks Sicilian Linseed Oil, landing from brig Willingley, from Palermo, for saleitv JARVIS 4 ANDRIIEWS, met 18 Cur Common atli Tchapitoulas sts XES--Il doz, just receivei per ship Orleans ml4 SHAL.& IIROWN96 Magazinest 1'' EEL-II tonis blistered steel, just received per s A ip Orleans, for sale by S mi SHAI.L & BROWN, 96 Mgazinest SEMENT-Roman and Hydraulicju.t received and G for sale by ms l12 RbEAD & BARSTOW,7 Bank place t ALAG& WINE-100 qr casks Malaga wine, Is lY tot sale be s- mIdl READ) & BARbIOW,7 Bank place t1% NIlE. 5 I bones - gm apsdlee. jistescue i ed the per s hip )rleans . ter ale Dv 2 ml4 IIlAI..L & BROWN, 96 Magazine i BUSINESS CARDS. JOB PRINTING. OF EVERY DEECRIPTION, -PEEDII.Y, HANDMI)ELY AND CHEAPLY F.XECUTED AT TU OPPreCo OP THE True aeherd4em, ST. CIIAILES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. m23 CHAMPLIN & COOPER, GROCERS AND DEALERS IN PROVISIONS AND FEED, No. 79 and 82 Julia street, New Orleans. (tiShip and Family stores put up. mar 5 LOUhISIANA "URNITURE WAREROOS No. 53, Bienville street. ILI.IAM t. CARNES, would respectfully in ,rin his friotds and the pbtic that hess con stantly receiving from New York and Boston a good astoritent of Fumiture, such a mahoglany chairs, stfas, n.edtesd, maple and painted chairs, maple and cherry bedsteads, mahogany and cherry tatles of all description., bureaus, sailets, aecretaryr, writing deks, wordlratae of mahogany and cherry, wath aands, Imoking glastae,feathra, beIdding, c. Ac. NB. Furniture packed for trnsponltation with great care. rancvl3 RPUD WILZINSON. DEPUTY URVEYOR GENCPAL Ur LUUISIANA, " 0FFERSII his servicesa to the public in the depart O, mean ot Sarveying and Civil Engineering, both in town and country. From .aiderahle experience in his profession. and by promptness and fidelit, in Irhe enecatioa ot busineas entrusted to hita, he imopea to merit and receive a ther of pullic patronagce. IHe il' also measure and calculate the t.ontents of walil anid excavations. Oilice No & Chartresotreet,secondatoaty ack. re7 BAZAAR. QSYB it ALLEN. NO. I, EXCHANGE IIOTEL, 'ornee of St. C. A tles and CoRoins its,. SNEW ORLEANS. FP ORTERiS and Denture in French atid EngliLt 1. Perfumery; Dretssitg Casea sttld Partalle tIea, Cutlery, Honiey, Glovres Shirts, litock, Umbrellna, Canesannd Fancy.Articlest t5 'Z McCOLLII1M & POUSY, .Factlp & General omnrnisiion Ilerchants, M.. OBILE. 'A"Rferenees in New Kirknman, Abernatok & Ilannna, Caldwettll & licky, P'ope, Powers & Co. JOHN STEWARTI', No. 5, Platt Street, New York, COMMISSION MERCIHANT, IMP ORTER and dealer n Hatters Plushes and trimmnings. Ample stotage may be had ton mud erate terms, andevery attention paid to goods forward. ed to his care. Reterence.e:- f leesrs. I.arue & Provot, N O. noo22 t 3R- ly A CARD. CHRISTIE & SINNOTT, Wlf7esale Grocers and Commission t rahants, No. 27 Cum.nto Street. '" Orleans. ~E7Particularattention, paid to It tiitting up to Stvoa bhant and Ship stores. noel BANK NOTE ENGRAVING, RAWDOM WRIGHT HATOH & aDSON L AVE opetd ant office in New Orleans posesaeing equal adrantages n ith their hoSe in New York, for the purpose ofengravitg and printing Bank Notss, Boends, Bills of Exchange, Certificates of I)eposite, Checks and other important plpers, requiring security against Forgeries; and have made ample piovision for the safe keeping of all plates and imtpressions entrust ed to their care; their opeein.ens embrace lte notes of over fiAe handreld banking institutions, and all orders will be executed with promptitude, and on the usual terms. Office, corner of Itoyal & COnal atreP;. ;o--tf SAMUEL TOBY, .Merchandise Broker 4 Commission .Merchant, d13 Office, 36. Camp st.-For the tressnt. O. H. BLISS. SHIPBROKER & COMMISSION MERCHANT, No. 63, Poydras Street, NEW-ORLEANS. J. I'. FREEMAN & CO., UPhaeesale cI.tktia BIeamutsahmemt No.3, Magaozine street, I AVE constantly on hand a large supply of Cloth 11 ing, calcunlated for tihe country trade. T'heir as. sortment being large, merchants from the country can be supplied at the shortest notice. oct4 IASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADDEN, No. 14 Chartres strees HIAVE a conttutatsnpply i f eery article peo'tatinh to getltemen's dress, of the latest style, at New York prirs dele 20 J.B.Reos SURGEON DENTIST º No.33, Royal street. ORLEANS LITOGRAP IC PRINTITNG re ESTABLISHMENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Banks' Arcade. WtILLIA.4I GREE:E, PROPRIETOR i 5 H. PARUER Commisaion and Forwarding Mercbant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, vIP STAIRS. New Od:eane, Feb. "2t . JARVIS & ANDREWS, WIIOLESAIE AND RETAII. DEALERS IN is aRDIoCINRS, PAIINTS O. DYE STUFFS ,AND WINDOW GLASS, p Corner of Couunon and Tehoupitouls streets, t NATHAN JARVIS. JOHN W. ANDREWS. h A large apply u Garden Seeds, warranted the growth of 1837. DEAI.ERS IN AMERICAN & ENGLISH CROWN GLASS, No. 3 CARONDELET STREET. oI FIREMKEN'S d INSURANPE COMPANY OF NEW ORLEANS. This Comlany are now prepared to take -UIES AGAINST IPER. OFFICE, No.24 Musson's Building,Canal st,.ert. E L 'ItACY, New Orleans, May Ib. 18311. Secretary. ROBERTI' CLANNON, ROUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 12 Camp street. Wholesale Dealer in Paints, Oil, Varnishes, Brushes, u130 Window and Picture Glaes &n. &e. ATT1ORNEY COUNSI LL ORATLA P. NOW prarctising inshe State ard City Courts. Cli Sents ill find him at thlnClerk'.uofice, U S Circ:uit Court, in the Customu Hosse building. jei FASHIONABLE' CLOTHING. RosDLa8Vse./ QOOD mrIV, fIf. as,''h.rfres 51w4, tJIae Door below Bienville, HAVE constatlly on hand every nrtIcle appertain eI ing to gentlemte's de.s, nmade iq the best rsan rer and moat fashionable style, whiph they offer for cash, at reduced prices. den4--1138 ORLEANS LITHUOGRAPHCO E1" 1 No. 53 Ma.seine's tret, opposite Banks' Arcade, LISTABLISHEDl.,a the execution nf maps, plans E4 and drawings, terchants' eire slars,business and address cards of arerv description, funeral circulars on deep mourning Inier, apothecary and druggintr'lsbeln; bank cheks, dray receiptsi &e. pritrrd and eacurt d ib , , cheap and, "editiouua tyle y theproprietor. I N B Ban Notes ,ntativ executed mr4 A Card. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC ESTABLISH ME T, 53 MAGAZINE STREE T, OPPOSITE nANKs AC.,I E. • W GREENtn retlrras his ainere thanks to htis W ir e ids and the public of New Orleans. ftr the t atrona., bestowed on hint for the lato two years, and egs leave to assure themn that all orders commnitted to his charge shall be punctually attended to; he will as a·sal, keep the office open during the summl:, and shall be always ready to strike off merehknt's circu tars, business and address cards funeral notices, maps, plans, and drawings, o every description, at the shrtest notice, a on the ost reasonable terms. Being ansisted by artists superior to any other establish nMrnt in the city, and fromn long experience in the lithoLraphic line, he feels confident of giving entire ratislacton. N UI Apothecaries and druggists' labels executed in as good style as copperllate engraving, and at ane g ird of trt expense. jy24 GEORGE C. CHILDS, Arrolanr AT LAw, t " IL. attend the Supreme Court, and the District Courts, of Harrisburg.and some of the adjacent coun1ies-Office at the City of Honaton. r Claims on the government, either for Bounaty Land, or money, will he underaken and promptly attended to eithar for sne resident or rcaidemtas of lexas. SAddres from the United States-City of Houston to the cars of S. Ricker, jr. ( rexas Post Office Agesn New Orleans. 3m mr - EANS-II bis landing tRmA teambat St Loui a . taor ss by AIBRAHAM TRIER. moar 18 134 Melazine at I iN ) F cAR*IWNAL CIIEVERUS, Arehbirhnr ;d eittotndaaiuz, bh the Rev. J Horaen Inbonure. e ,rnfaeunr , f theolog, translated from the t rench h, stbert M Walsh. Just recere,v and for rsle by ml6 A TOWA\V R,4 Camp ast S ' - NAILS-- I kegs lending fmoa shlip Chile ms gt and for tale by ISHALL & BROWN, mar '20 96 Magaz.ine st SUSS IA H EETI NGS--20 balea, of suprior quilt. i iy, landing Ifroll ship Forutm, for tale by gnar 18 ISAAC BRIDGE & co, 134 Magazine at C IO'I'IIINU -6U caues Sultier Clolainp, co.mpri aing a good assormenl landing front ship Forumnt, -r sole by I BIIIDGE & Co, _im8 134 Magazine at B.ROGANS ANDI BOO'TS-3 :ases contanining SMen's and Boy Isla qualiy kip Brogns anid fine kip and calf Boots, landing lfront ship Forum, for ole by mar 18 1. BRIDiE d Ci,, 134 SPECIFI; SOLUTILi. A LL whotre suffering from URETIIRAL DISEASES' • . ch Is GONORIRIOEA, GLEETS, "STRICTURES ILRITATIAN OF THE KIDNEYS, BI.ADDER, URETH ;A, PROSTRATE G(lAND, arid all DISEASES of the U RINARY PASSAGES, PAINS IN TIHE LOINS, GRAVEL, LIunblga, or from (:enera I Weahtness, or Locaal Debility, are aoured that this vnalu.ble medicine at all timar ,.urea and perfectlyeradicatesthe ablove disueases, much thanay ather, aud invariably improves the eollantitntion and general health,alnd restores to vigor tohe parts that have baee injur d by diean.e or Improper treatment. In fact. no medicine an bhe compared to it, and it has positively cured many thuus anJ indlidllUals after all other luedicinet have failead, andis daily superseding the use of tlhose injurmao ell anluaeoual ,ldiainal.-'opniva,Turpeani te, Cuhaba. Merurty. he. Il additiol to the numerous testmioiiials received from all iart. of the world,including the East aid West Indiea,Ame. co, "e-, ndl medical men of the highest randing in the proa loind, a alldbearing testamony togls surprisingsuecess: five Hundred pounds reward he been several tiles offered teeally lne whaeaan produce any remllidy equal to Yland's Rpecihn Sogltion. After this no further comnlent .nla be ecet ary' buat addilg a few of the cerlifihates. "I ihave precribed Yoland'a Spciflc Saolution to aeveral pa. ientlu laboring nller Urethral Discharges, and to ally ltonilh. meen, they were all cnrid in muchabetter timge tha I llad ever Ifeore Wlluead, anid their general heallh wasi much illlprov ad. II. LEY, M. D. "Lecturer on Midwifery, at Sarlholomew's IlHgpital." Dr Clarke ha s prescribed Yoland's SpecIc Saolullon, toma ny giaatiea labarlllg under Uretbral Diachrge•. lald Illvanrln lily Iound they were cured ina much lleas ime thaIn he bad pre ionusly observed, wheali uring preparations o Cnpaiva and it af opliion it is sa remedy ulnequallod, and one that be intends n future to prescribel for his patients. I.oLaoaa, Dteenberl7. 1837. IrGreen heraey certifies Yulaslld'. Secim Solution is a most emacaious remedy, and oine that remura Urethral Dis easal saoner tha .aay preptat tien of Copaiva e has ever iret. etlbhad. Th above can be obtoined only at No. 9 Cutou house it, in New Orleaaa. MEDICAl, CARD. AND IMPORTANT TO TIlE AFFLICTED WITH DIS EASES. A TREATISE on Veneral Diaea, (Gonorrhea, Gleets tal Sgtriture, including practical observatiaon on Seminal Weakneo, arising from early abusea , t that all persloa can etalan an Immediate cure, with t ave.secrey and safety It is a nlelanshly fact, that thousauds fall victims to the Ve ntereal Disease, owing to thie unkiliftessa of illiterate melt, wbo hy the use of that deaildly poison, Mercury, ruin the ton atitotlon, nd cause ulceration, with blotclles on the iead, face and blody, dimness in the sigiht, oise an ti ears, deaftless ob atinate glaets, ald nodes ao th i shiiiines, till at engths gen. rtl debtlily and decay of the ollstitlltlio ensies, an a mnn lanahulydeath puts a pertid to their dreadfulsuflferings. PERRY'8 PURIFYING SPECIFIC P11.18, A certain, safe, and tle tnlat speedy remedy ever discovered for the permanet and effectual cureol veleal tttldisease, aoll. orrhtea, iglen, lttturttes, seminal weaknella. pains io te loia, asTectiuns ofthe klduey,, gravol, inhusge localdebility, irri o-tlOn of the bladder aor urethra, and aothr diseasea of the urni tary pglaao genfrantoly perotlrmiulg apel ft l cure In the shott pace of thre days, ly one slna l pill flra ldoae. with eaue e-. ,rely ald tafety. I he ertaillly with wnhit they are coitiiu ally adnitnioitered, can Ie attested by tnsly thaiusald. The pIectife pill root nut every palticle of insidioous jigol p rn fyig ill titeirtprogress the wholetloseoffluid.. They not 11 ly remove the dim ,se, but retnovte by their actioln tile differ atll I.tctions of the body, expelling the groster humors, And thlr Illnoaet ano mild oland illlpercepllible aos to cllinilnce tilet atl taseptleal oftbeirtastonlisilln niuannequll lowels. They eithbeeonlattn mercury nIor any other mnineral, and may I take wilthout tile aliglhtest suspicion ar discovery. They re luitre no restraint of diet. loss of tihe, or hindrance of bust. ness, but effect a complete cure, itbout ta e least expulure to the paltienL At any period whet, tie slightestantsplion i.ay xist, it will e well to liave reeursU to tie SpecifciPIIIls, fur, bten taken before the diseaseh Iialade itas ietrllce, it acts as i certain preventlve by removing te complaint efelrtually and secretly. lesarn Perry,. Surgeons, continue todirect tlleir tudies to those dretadful dlebilities arisalg from tle too free aid india. crilninate indulgence of tle passiolnsl, wiicl not only oe. aio a numeroua train of nervous affections, anod entailon its vatlries all the enervating inlmbeilities of old age, Iht weaken ad destroy all the bodily senses, occasionig loss of imntgia lioo, judgment ad lmemory, indifference and aversion for all pleasures. The idea of their own ullhappiness anid despair, which arisea front considering themselvea as the authors of thleir own misery, and tile iecessity ofrenlltl neiig the felicities of marriage, are the fluctualtig idoas of those who have giv a way to this delusive aid destructive habit. It that dl treaing state of debility or deficiency, whether the toite. queneoaof such baeful practicea, excessive drinking, or any other eause, lly which the powers ol the contitution become enleebled, they offer a f air, afe and speedy restoration to aonld and viaornuo he:llth. Petry's Vegetable Pillare well known, for the tertain and elfeetual emedy ofnecouldaly symptims, venereal eruptiots, painillt tle bones, ulcerated toire throat, diseased nose, clro-, nic rheuuallsm, scroful a, sorbutlc and glandular affections, local slid general debiliy, nloturnal pulll in thle head and linmbs, ldepressioll of sairlit, und all disases ariing fruim a imputre ttae of thei blood. These Plls are worthly a place in ihe cabillet of masters and captains aill hipl, the Inre so, a0 they wil kebep good in al cliiilues ally iengltl of tilme. To be bhad only at No. 96 Custoln lhouse street, New Orleans. PROFESSOI SWEDOUR'S HYGEIAN IIERB PILLS,. for til effectual extlrpatbill of every species nnd aylp tomn of the Syphilitic ditease, and tile many disorders arlsillg from the impoperto eatnlent. With each box is given ll treatise on emnereal and syphilitie diseases, with observations on seminal weaktess, hlie ce., cou. taiillg hitstwortlb knowing by those who are or b in been uffe, eral to tbi dreadful and devaotatig maloady. Dr DaviesOnlcoltlmue to direct Ilis attention to those dis orders arasing froan th ttoo free aid illdiscriiinate indul geone iiPlhe passions, wbich not only occasions a numerous train of ervou affectionsa, but also entails o its votaries all the ennrvntlng imbecililiet of oldage. In that distressing satoe i ehilily andl deficiency. whether the consetquence of bhan. fal liet, eacesalveedrinkling, or any othercause hy whichb the Igwer of the eonetlil.tiott heolme enfeebled, e offersa firm, aeonll gpeedy restoration to sound tid vigorous health. II Is anlelancholy fact, that tlhosanida fall victims to the ve nereal disease, aowing to tile unakilfulueas of illiterate meno, who, bytheuseofthatdeadly poiao, nlereu ly, uintheon. tltution; and when the great Duetr awedour i beate Pra. fessor at Leyden Ulliversity, be collnferredl an invaluable belle ft opont mankind iby the discuveryuf his grand Pallaeo hfir the cure of this deplorable complaint. Never did a discovery excite a greater ensation; it was ouglht alter with avidity, and used with uudeviating aucces In I he mlost minnute ad intl icu t cases of bhe delicate complaint, for the cure of which Ihey lavebeeu so long celebrated. The fame of these Pills ihrtlo' outtiermaniy, caused their speedy introduction into almost ev aryaouotry. The certainty wltll whiclthey were contillually almlnistered, eanll be attested by many tltoutands in fact dour tIng ihe long continentnlwtr they were the insaprable eonl-. panieeond safeguard ol te soldier, in all cases where the sligbtest suspioein o 01 nfectiun was entertained. What medi in i can be teore apliIroprltoe tiani that wlich has given auch gaeneral allaiifatioeil The Ilygiiin Herb Pills roant lut every prltirla of insidious poison, purtifying in their progress the whole mass of iuids; they not oinly remove the disease, hut renuovate by their actions, the different functions of the body txpelling the groaser lulllOrs, lla in a manner ao mild and imperceptible ato coaviue thie iloat septictal of their aslon ishlUg atnd unequalled powers; they naeitbereonaaain mercury or any other mineral.,and tmay tie itahen without thesalgbtest ua pgiinn of diceovery--they relqire no rettraint of diet, losl of time or hindrance of busitness, but effect nacompleteure with out the least exposure to tihe pienl. At any period when te slightest suspieion may exist, it will lie well to have reeouree to dth Hygolan IlerbPill. foar wlhen taken before the diseue has made its appearance, it acts a a eertaiolpreventtiv, reulo ting the complatllit efactual y end secretly. The deplorabll satte in which many persona have beea, when visiting the pan prietor, from th use of Mercury, renoders it imperatively no. neuary io caution the public against that dangerouas mineral when injudleiounly administered. Theba pills ahould form a portion of all medicine lhesta by sea and land, and ought Iever tII e omitted by any perlon I.g In a long voyage or journey; thelr propertie are aich, that neitherheat nor cold willinjurea their quality, or prevent their due effects ou he ionnstittiuon, Sold at No. C96 Custom house st, New Orleans, TIlE MOST IMPORTANT IlIUMAN DISCO VERY. A CLERIGYMAN, late of the Camblridge University, hae A ngdisaovered a method of curing himself of a Nervous or Mental Complainl, of fourteen years' duration, and n four yeara ioernlg had alove 2,iI0 paitients, all of whbl he ha eur-t ad who fillowed hei advice, ecelt twelve, offerl frote benevon. lenut rilithr Ihan taill u. cure otlherl aIow slelriti, nlenlal de bllity and enhbuotiain, dlettalniil Itiail of blood to the head, vet IigO, groundless fear, failure o€ ullellnry, JiucaPaEitY for buti. nent, saudy, .c., retllsaanea., irrtelutien, nraeehednaa, ird: titiot, deluoioll, oelancholy, tIloughts i f aelf deatruetiiu, lin IantIy,4t.. are curable by this iUllgtot tnln discovery. MNet re cover In six weeks°t Apply toNo t Cututae house •1, New Orleans. IHEALTHi AND BEAUTY, S TOMACII Pll.LS -An eminent medical writer hu emah-k ed, and exprienee hea proved thle flct. that thosewho are ttentice to kecplng the stlomach and bowels in proper order, preserve health, preent dit*ee. nndl en.erlly tttain robust, chelerful aid he.lthy old age; for tha Desirhble purpose tholee ills are adpted,betinl prepared whin the sulphate of quinine, extccct of camomile owers, aend the moet choiceetomachic ndl aperient drugs of the Materla ;edicea. They havs in nll c•es, proved superior to every other medicine in the cure of tlomaceh aid liver eomanatl.ia. loss of appetite, Indigestlt, "nottion of fullut. aid oppeilaion after meal., shortnse of breath, and an excellent restorative iftraeny exeeu at the It. hite. they gently purge and elealee the bwee., strengthen Lhecttmcell, and invigorate tIl econetitution. Pemalet who value good health should never the itheut them, u they puri fy tie lood, remove obstructions, cad give the ckin t beauti ul,, healthy cni blooming appearance. Persona of c plet.hcie habit, whoaret uhjeet to hteadlche, giddtnen, di.. esll of sight, drowiuee, or have too great a floe of bled to thIe head,shuldtake them freqtently. Children and persons tf atl agce may take them at any time, es they do not ecltain any mercury or any ingredient that requires eoelnemeat or retriction of diet. They should 'M kept iu every family -a remedy icll ecases of sudden illnes. for, by their prompt adlmtn. ittration, cholera erbu, cramp. sctpasms, epe rsc and c ther a larming complaints, may he .eedlily cured or preventedl. Beld at No. 96 Custom house st, New Orleans. SARSAPARILI.A PILL OF HEALTH; OR, BLOOD PILL. r1 8 ellellellt family pill ist mediicine of long triedl fit. Srccy for correecting all disordler of the stlomaci nd ow- ell, tle comtncc symptoms of which ar ectttvelleue, litulen cy, spume ksf of Ipetite, ie Ithlache, gtlddinels, cnee ol fullnesc ftter cteal, dscicesse of the eye, drolwsiness and aicus iu the ttomach and Itwels, indigestion prolutcig etaor id slate of the liver, and a consequent Inactivity of tie hew el., causing adisoreganiction of every function of the frame, will in this m3tt excellent preparation, byy litctle perever antee,lbt effetually removed. Two or thrcee diee will con vinci the afflicted Cof its salutary Ifct.. The stotach will i.eedl y reglin it. atrength a healthy action of the liver, hcw ti etnd kidneys will rap'dly take placel and instead of litleu nel., heat, pain aend jaundiced appearac, ccretgth, Eactivity and reewed health will be the quick result of takingthic me dicine, accordilg to thedireclon accmcpacnying eah box. Thee. pill.are particulaerly etlceions for stomach ccught, cold., gnes, shortness o hreeath, and all obstructions In the erinary peacgec; and if tchen fter tocfree an iudullgeie at table, they quickly restore the system to its natural tslate of Veersn.t of e ftll halit, wh cresubjcect to hediche, giddi ness, di roweinea and singling ill the ear., arising from too gret a lee of blood to the head, should never he wlhout thei, cI many dangerou. symptomc will be entirely c.rried oeby their imemediate use. For fematlecthse. plls tre mot truly excellent, remevitg cli obetructio. the distrlsing heclche ec ery prcvtlnnt with the sex; decrettsle of spiritsc dullncs of cight, cervoe affections. bletches, plmple and sc owll euoef theek.t , ced glive healthy and juvenile hloom to the etomtpleim. To mothers they are contdently cnmeered at uthe heel medicine thcetcn be taken duing prcgcancy;ccd fo i3tildrec of 11 alepc they are eequalled. A. a pleasant, afec, ay apeelnt, they unite the rcmmee daricn of . mild operntict with tOhe mt cccueel fu , ect and requie no relttmtof dict o, cealaemutdcduclag t'ticr te. By regultlng the dIee accordling to the age cad se ,gth cfta. rt lent. they become uitablef trevety cas, it ecttlcrceee. c.n he reqirel; cad fur elderly Ipeople ebey . lhehue.d to he the mc4ltcmfrtabel mgedic.e hiOlcro perre el. Sold tc cUs Ca helu e. as. Meetfllcc, . Y-Sc Yj AFBS-eBg-e ed a cIpudid eemtmcmet of all cccs sue l the cvrv firnt qu tdtt, for eal whlhe~ ele er rcetill by T FI.ET Co.,e. 11117 N Y'Slc i~cct. itll. 21C'crlfecci in an airy and moat adtiilabla mstnesjak . tes lllt Frankliit, upoh the railrtnd, me mite Hon the MIII npa ebuilding it large. a.l moel a eel dib ditided into apartment, for eeping separate dnlieat lheme, and diktrent dieasr., The instttution is suppl*l with te meet sthIl aNd attentive male and female asuns,andepeaking then rims moanern languages. Private rooms may be had by at Le dal: lare per day, includinc attedance, t&c. Terms in the urninary wards.two dolata per dia. Slaves also two dollars BSmall Pfe is the aedlea wards, five dollars. All capital surgical opealatl e tcam. 'Thre resident physhict it I. Weddeeu, to when application for admisinn mus be made.tto Dr C AI I.zemberg, No 17 Rampart treaL apl1 i NEW MEDICINE. Dr. G. R. Phelps' Compound TOMA TO PlUtYIe (Entirys Vegetabhe I A new sad imnlenah e edidaef eo all DOrses, ,l a sebhtil/efor Ce/soir, sea cathartlc id Peeve and aoil U/llio A /deg ate. rHESE popular Pills helag aeSomiutei of aewI daes . Scoeresd Akaline sabsln ee, eCratrnd fasmt the Tmate Plant ; with other vegetablaeotaeoes watlh havsesboa fed ;. to modifydifuseeitste afref orsa etieva dtole theo boAest live aen Cathartic Medieiae ever disonvered, Ty ae `1 obeen abunadaly and saeesesfuly tried, and rhavrsndi universal spproubtion Sfor arofla, Dypacpsle, Jneedl II e ( lians digrosege, reel, Iheumnism, Coaeghs,Csde lgm tsnl Catarrh, Nervous llaase, AcIed itomalrhe, Illuhata sad liegs of ail kined, Costivenes, Colic. h eadaorlsae An Aidote tola Conetiniooad Epidmle dllshaei t os vent the forlution of Ilious a liver eiretloeer teotr milt Ague, Ac. in those woo reside ti hot elinma s mad law d msrsrhy countries, and the ieat cathartic that ian aesedk thosae ioetla.e. Senane will Ii d then a iO l ihse erll , for the ururvy: tad Travetlar ths hert mediohhlis am se to counteras t the dao.,rs of exposern h InI ratee. Porordinary Family phyesic, theyme eN ohmee proved the besat errofferd. - The pe ulisr virtues of the Tomato Plunt, hate . time attracted the attention of the medieal prafesio . a public, and great itnrert hae been directed to the fsmegda velyr mecnt of its medirinal gasltiee, whhlh tibs paprim is happy io being now aids to gratify send prlet ish i pite 1in the public, with the fil anedence of thei r otaginba an a oes and v.rAIoL man av atrot lO rrovaU . NInmeman certiicateg if care,, fromtboa wh o harve t llhla them, i testimony of several phvsalrins who have peraeer.ed tah em correr tO eorroborete this opinion. Lhe rsoplit..mY demand for, and the universte appoNlat f. sNpa them, as ar additional evidence of ike n ~ se . fulnala In presenting this article to ths pabln Itdl e(I sl isnr eod by tire hope that Ia irina I .p male . cure, esd with a rtrici regad to the 1 nat4 e rdlseal m tic properties of tr eveoral ingredient., hesid theb l as , of the irrespoasible medicines of the day, wIth whLies kt roaintry almuod-.and from the favor adready heawadape tl by physicians sad Mthers, he hole gjtifd ih eespeetilglt For n full account of this Leolestin dlirt y, tentil I alr, modse of operation. Ae. eee may ap6e gratle of all who sell these pills. None are genuinre withoui the aigatere of O.. r. PJ . D, rule proprintor, tlautrfrd, Coan. FOR SAE BY E E A Follanlre. Geleral Aient, N . 1tnCnsheds* ae tlie FciOlfice. Also, by A A Pte' Ihf. eN! JR Rleyln J. Raker e Co, No 77 New Lace. Dr. A Marshell, Corner St Jmses aedfThpI tataase. i. Ross, La.fayette City. C N Morrion.No II, Canasl tret, C Junes, corner Tivoli Circle sand Tike Wat. 7J Those that wlbh to act as Agenta, dlnas S * OL LANaBE, wholesale Aaie.: , se 4 Tp " ILI.IARI BAILS & dr t:Ht .(Ka-Jiil a LI large assorameot of Billiard nalls and Chlkhe. BUSH & ALLEN, . i or o Exclhanga Ilotel, oar St Charles (' Comma s . FURNITURE! FURNITURE!! i UST received at the Louieione Furniture Wafe t house, a large supply feia New York and es tou. Persons in the ant of lfurniture warold do woll to call,and aelect 'heir articles from one of the bent and - largest st.los iow in the city. W R CARNES, d6 53 Brneilt a N B-Particular attention paid to pakilngoandesop ing Ftrniture, frep foexpenre. dS--w t NO'i ItL. Mr. GEORGE MLRRICK having mrl. S dW tic ofehief Engineer of the New Orhem a dr ton Rail Road, Mr. Joho Hemp,.m ha beenw ed in his place, to whom all persons hbertng U with, or wilshing information regarding said RIl will opply at the Rail Road Office, Poyr ateraat, By older of the Board. (Slignl) JOHN NICOLSON noel7--€ " G. L ONIDON P/R lER, CUPPER Ai-r . .1 carks l.ondon porter, 7 dozen eac 3i1 sheets, razicers copper 500 pieces Kentucky bagging 4I1O coils do Icle rope 1511 do Rrssiarope I00 do northern do 111 baskets Heidrick champagne For rale by CHARLES INCHEI, m16 lt 59 (lravil mr1 VALUABLE E GLISH-WO-.KS M HMOlltt of Corit Ge mmont, iy A Ha nM· t e translated from the French, with ien elel adeu trnliuna, ill 3 vodlumes. Memoirs of Philip De Cammines: roothrig the hit. tor of Louis the Ilth andChearlts thehad France, atid of Charles the Rold, Duke of IMps gonody, to which Princes he was secretary: :e also the history of Edward the 4th, and Hean 7th of England, in voles. Memoirs of Latdy Hamilton, with illustrations, ars dotes of many of her most particolar ftrids asd dislinguished contemporaries, embellleshed With a fine portrait after Romney. -The Decameron, or teat day eteonainmelt, of Beeeselo, incicding the suppressed novels transleted fraom tco italian, to which are prefiAed remarks on the on the life anit writings of Boccaccio, in rolt. Forsnle by W McKEAN,corCtmp & Comma ae m12l LUUR-- I83hrlt landing from ugahmhea es, Ithis, jr for sale by DORSIEY, mar '20 44 New LaNe IIISKEY--50 blI r.ctified, landing from ita er Memphis, for sle by G DI)RET. mn2i 4[4 Niewt ea B ACON SlI)ES--50carks Cn:inontla urt, lad. irne from atemner Memphis. foir ale by mar20 U DORSEY, 44 New Lro, IOIL &S KERSEYS-80 Mile TanUers' Oil 30 cal ks sperm Oil; 25 bhles Nartt Cloth, otit" for the season, LEVI H GALE, mar 18 w 9Calncmmm al RtOOMl T I."T. f 1 HE tbsceriber would repectfullr inlfor the gem J. tlemenoftilcs city and the tptla"I.IS, that site Ihas three fine airy eud well faein d rooms to rent on very reasonable terme, at lo. r'rels o"Tpitt e street. She also informa them that f -* Lltlm can haeoonsdoated sith hoeard by thedapwa u month. An her house is situaed ia the oneea.f business and very convenient to all the eoiaesatle I lngs, she is induced to believe that It will msal waift equal share of the public patrunage. For teetue i will be reasonable, please apply as srve. mar 19 JANE WILLIANUC LONDON STATIONARY ,f iANY AKTICL U Just received per Washing , fin m Luidea. PA PER-English Drawing, o all aisseuArAehitaeg SSuperior blue laid, blue and y.llew w Copying paper, laruge ndea tlIm motto paper,enehauedd gold silmir beedeied Enoeloppee: whit, tinted enehaed, embeeaed goldd d silver brderrr d Manifold Writers: Wedgewondand Ackeman's 'Carbonic and Selnic Carbonic Books London made folio copying machilune l.ondon pocket books and wallets, nrel Rntil Enthuaed and meal herad turtle shell Peanholde Illuninaaed moroccoenveliopereae I.undon prepred ivoris, for minilature London eater colors in boxes and bly ohtlgla cabe Oxford aed mirellaneous drawi ng bet, Aekermun'e d.swi gpeoeilt, in caes of ead Steel Pen: Perry'aeerc Ba I, fne. medi m, bead and Londnn bridge London porlable pens, in boaLs of 25 sec Ink: Aekerman's liquid armine, tephea wrilting fluid, Perrr's fluid, Moraris'i and Tiejy' copying ink, permanaaen bital nd red sey co ,red fluids Elegant inkstandas ad ,msrtitrea Luadoea ealn" was en d wafers, and all ether o ud les, suitable fkr aofce and counting rouma, all d fral quality. E JOHNS S Ce. Inmar 18 3w Corofbit Cabelsead(.J e ui a NEW ORLEANS & CARROI.LTON RAILROAD CO PANY. Fram Currolltos. Fm Nee Dam O s itrte Caratl 4 o'lok, A.M.iaime Caut 5 e'ke.t. A. Locomotive a Loaomotie - a" "I , S 10 " " Afler0o d, laockaCarean be ablaled byLpaylmg I0 de lar. for the Trip. THE JACKtON ANDLACOURPE STRII.TCAU I.eaveCaull streetateuojeloek, A.M. alnd rilaborly. A eslipanti o'clock thi. ear wilt eonsunle e ueom r 0 bhoua, and ontinue throuIout the day tttil acue . e . from tahe hed odfJmck-o htrea. Preaonea eaju by the Leaaaaaeee o"t mplde ittbhTiketaUsa no oey will betakue by eleauadnMi. Oteie New Orluaa and Cuerollton Rall Rau.d ei Poydra street. JOHN HAMJe nove9 Chimir Eu N.O 4C., I LLIUSTRATED ndilion of Jameaon the Pmaalumi Splemlid Eet raviues. Memoiri of Chnarles Mathew, Commaediea, by L MLathews. in 2 vul. juat received cad or eel. by mr 21 ALEX TIOWA. *m SORLEANS' .ITrHOGRAPHIC PiLNTINIt V ICE, 53 Magazine nim et, upp.opsle Dueba W OREF.NE takes ploueae ie maneaemi lm e rient* snd tahe ctiiae of Newr Olema tel ale.AM lergthbrought Lithorapu h ona am ealt helme prating, and from the fecitietii tie cs t be 0.v . plate engaving,. lie ea aterate all lter him, at one halfthe eaplme esfegrce llu l cheap a type prietl. - band wrimiag, cen bee e py kUe e noticer; or they eillb.eoaen.nd Gr a t yte,. math clm. lneaefaape e uall aa maat aepeatable i eue W ie ealliaeepl N 5-uBs S atritedat one barebeds. mprlkM

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