Newspaper of True American, March 27, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated March 27, 1839 Page 4
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TA LUA VLE AND STANDARD! £1111itAN SCARCE. dl=I '- " ', PWouM, iar , vole San ' .. lOfton Il 0n, witk e.ipe dornrd plnt s ubhih, ihoaoph in Ih Natur ) . lue CIle, Pars 1791 scarce t'ellsdieO du Jonl sat Ethecs S N* MEDICAL WO.FS 'ewes o0 Fsv'r- e.5th1,j ii firidR.d l.5' a' u MHdicall. J.ritJOtLueSOc an onsaMity Hdes nn P e r--Pat anl d Art In.natty Midwiser. Ill -'-.. 'aa surgery Ure'n DIC#t , popalirt Jadicitdiine * .hernzrtory MRUCRIAL AND NAUTICAL. 'mR ta.. .an. d epository, for i.39 .'+ - o. Ia, colmDeri al ictonary, London a Aletannoc fr 183.1 e tciO' a NaviRgtilon ' . .ennsretx r msms h ACRICTURR AND ECH9ANtCS. dt ) Anl.rlnr. f Archllitlcture, Loldur 2v. I -11_ ,"l ,1.teA hMitturo, 3 vole. London 'hlta'm .:':.nanic'. EncycolovedieaLoudun )iotbr1101amnerlota l I'T tebds v old. .l-ka Amt e + . SCC.LI.OEOUS. ..'.'._,"i' Miscellainel.romlthe t *. _,in, Janfrove anld f. Constaon I ,.ra' Worka; 2 vol. Iondn S; ' _c.,rioo.tie or Literature,L, -,sek ..,-., S y R.yn , by do Vethake F . Li.. of ca:nher Scott, 2 vole '8.. U -d Isabella, t PreseeCOtt 3 rsa ...J... j ened edition, 7 vulN rtho 'It an - otrtment orLaw, Medical Scien'ific e,.. , lrlnn ons ka, Nov rie , Grammar, English and -,iiran, LatiSdead Greek. v48E JOHNS & co. o.. .. Charles and Cnotmmo st. It W 'S,' TONIC ;1118 PUREjir~ F.. tv4.+.r~entmd Core of t~e Feeer aad Ape. 1T will , ledily discovered herein the TýNi . Mih. -as Riu ln. IWrio to tIe ordlinary Incds of tteating abis Etct R.. d i'u. In the first ploe, helg a Vele. tabl.e Etract, , and rees fron anry deleterious and poisono u s.n.bedilbsn, it mo ire akben with tie uttora aafe y -Iw byt te theener ilant or aged invalid. It pee vents re/pa of the dileaae.onomlequeolly the eonsit't. flan str5 regaina its wonted tone anod Ctivity. it omab. .. a .ni and . aprnltnent appetite, by inviotraling Sa atolnachand girves a relish to the enjonmenl of tate SBeing peenuair in higaprgatvequalitykitremains R .tin ..t. howellt t.inras this disorder, or o leate olter daenne., but thorongtlgy eleanses tle several nr .asl of digestoo, and thua benelfits he sytem ' 1 whatCever other ·afecliOlm it may ie oppt resed. Individualn, fi ehe n of Taotiu Mixtre, have bean bne eled to all the ulsal eauses of the disease, iaf nave eeaped any ymlltlelth of ratlr: whereas by td toR uite s el remmno renediels, thsre is always er-I aed rn snarensd liability to re.norrence. The danger "f frequent relapsesa lflte Agie, is very evdelnt, for asy Ltel will mtn become too mucb proatlate toIn be ale to raeacst with medicine, and oeledily fall a vic tiota rucI isnceb st vilensce Tte Trnde Mlitura is olnfar at .si a ressonaf l pricee as I .i o pae it tire ile rnealtoeverd oei-y -so that 1e p uoe and at estitute Lh Iereby rl.ished t ith ast i eilII ewill ..... Islicitig r. ai ur atleb aee whlliech is frequeillyc denied to th.t. or. es very reluc .ontl.v be., . d.y aaotrU ft tan.ii. of slil ,eo dicit .. It t "edaily offetdt It is prreped oly by Dr Joh itoR. Rowand, at his Labioratl oryarkelstr or.Phri ral e 'll . LThnae a cribers are thle t oleeml u aa+.n s rr the Sout.. WesternC ....te, ..d will sell hv ti..e ..., at .hme.-.tilte phisa priees. l'o be hdll at reatil also,ut OIIst Uortle Apothecaries inl th city. JAatVIS & ANDREWS, novl0 \\Wholesale Druggists, • ....I0 ea~ur Common &a '1'hopitoulaes a car Common & ''clmopitomoex --iaslasippi and Louisiana Motel, RS. MARY KIRKLAND respectfully an. Ivlounces to her friends and the public gene. ally that she is prepared to accommodate them at ih above establishment, and hopes from her aertlion to render visitors comfortable, to receive a continuance of former favors. She feels confi. dent that persons visiting Covington during the ummer months, cannot find better accommodations than she can afford them, on more liberal terms. Her house is pleasantly situated, and well supplied with every convenience; the bar is furnished with the most choice liquors, &c. in abort, she promises c'at nothing shall be wanting on her part to give Atire salisfaction to all who may patronize the is'isae ippi and Louisiana Hotel. oje 'iO--'iiE- B LITO, It--. ur n dernigned. having - studied under Dr. Sct.midt of Charleston, South Carolina, and for some years his assistant in the practice of medicine and surgery, has the honor to offer his professional services in thise city. He assures the ladies and gentlemen that thie most prompt attention will be paid to the calla which may be made; and also offers lis services to the holders of clove, being well acquainted with the diseases comzmon to them, having attended them in tie sugar house in Charleston. The fantous anti.bilious pills aiter the composition t Proefesor Smollette, with directions, can he had of the undersigned. The effect which they have produced in this and other cities, has been attended with the greatest success, to which the best of references can be given. Apply at No. 166 Maga. sine street. JNO. M'LORING. H-TLo--w WARE, WOOD'SCRE-WS-, SAD IRONS, &Dc. THE IIOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. S n38 Water, near Beekman street, New York, have received the past season, and are constantly receiving large and extensive additions to the stock of thi above goods, wbieh now consists of thie allowing assortment, suitable for the southern and western nmarkets. Hollow ware of suparier quality, consisting of about 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 22 different sioe, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 ises, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, Bakepans or Ovens, 7 different sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddles, . 4 do Fire Dogs, 6 de Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, m0,000 gross, iron and brass, fro :a inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior qsalilty and finish, and less than Jare's imported prices. Sad Irons, assorted, in cuas of about 500 lbs for retailing. Tailor's and hatter's Irons, assorted. Nash weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to Olbe. oells for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &c. made to order, Also steamboats and other macshinery made to order. The above assortment of goods is particularly recommended to time attention of Southern and Western merchants, and are offered for sale at low prices, and upon the most liberal terms ;it is be. lieved to be time largest and best assortment ever offered for sale by any one esetablishmnent in tim United Stetes. Merchants. by forwarding a request by mail, can have a printnd circular, with decriptin of'goods, prices and terms, f-om which no deviation is ever imade, furnished by return ofmail. All orders will receive immesdiate attention, New York, 1838, jv3 jon Aew u.'leans, Nov. 14, 18'11. A5O1'T ia moon hn ago I had the misfortune to get Sa rert dinenase, for whiclh I have applied to seve. ad dnetor for a cue, and they did not cure mie, so now on the above date I mrt myself under the earebf Doctur Htet, and I eupe.t him to cure me. Since that time the disene got worse, so a to break out in large ulcers to tine numeber of six or eight on e• h leg, and all over .y face, and uore tlroat, and not able to work at Iby preemnt time on acoount of tie dieeaoe; large Mlcer on the right side of the tllroat. I st nov putting myscil conidently eider the camre of Dr. Huot, mrN ParoisdD ebe perftetly cured JOIIN DEAN. f*4 14 Iv IF O CERT'IFY that the above mente4oed dicemse is Squits well cured Itn amy own aatitaction, for wliicb I thank Dr. Iuet; end moreover I astnre that the meodi. to lel have taken moakeos me fat, and did not injure toy Melth at all; therefore I advise moy f Ilow suferera to kle no time and apply to Dr A. Hoet, 124 Canal atret, between Dauphmine and Bourbon streets. Dr. Huet is at home frontm 9 o'clock, A M, until ( P 21. They will finud a trite doctor for thin complaint. JOHN D)EAN.40 Gravier street. If aty one wants to ne moe, ctll at No. 40 Graviel JOHN DEAN. New Orleans. Feb!, 1838. tel, 14 y THE tenutine Indmn BaliSmofl.iverwort e d Hore JL hound, is put up in bottles at the low price of 51I cents stcuh, contaiing the strength of three ounces of Livelwort, kel lee the virtues om many olther roots end berb know neotumg the Indian as eflficacious in curiug pulmontuay coumplaiats. The u .lirodl uccems whicih bms attended the tle of hliI i•netmab-le Balsame wherever it hbae been ioltu dnced. ihat obtained the coneidece and reeommedua. tipw Cf r.eseetble plhyesiCie, lbr the cure of coughits, ead., ptin m the side, wept of rest, epititng of blood, r whom it Imty cooncern. Thsl is to certify tlht we b1 e "e inirpente f.equenoly preecribed Mra (iard. ie'e Iedian lEin of tLmowort a•d Hmorhound, with a.deed good aet: we ean therefore, from the kltw ledge of the materials it ie made froom, and cbservoon perlene, recommend it ea supere- prvttmrtion alt tmoese efectioens of the luus f.,r which it is re mnoneded. Ai.BEl.R WII.LIAM.8, M. D. CALVIN ELLIS A. D. Mlembe.e of nti Boetoe Medical Asoociation. Katon, October 25. maleby JARVIS & ANDREWs, Itll 9 m Cittottll d l'tlld itnmles ate F"OLBEAR'S Science of Penmanship received, and JL for aleaat their permanent Writing Aamltemie $o 8 ChItr. s tireet, New Oreaoa, 1819 lRindway r. York, at., Mobile. Ja.prht I ularlydeagned for private learners. and rpa tmd is calcutlated for persons of all as. l t ea are ilnvitd toe all an laeamine S feeth to Itemeelves. "r oare glrVo at .cii houses s. amay snuit the oevenieuoe ofaitl~d to closea formnned in any part pel lm itea rc-.eis 'enerat theown ref. e i u rto zz:a a denirda ou aeROTHelIL. rT h i an MV n8 ARTT & CO, a som new eenivmg iron Sn bhoaerd ship Orleans Eagle,lglhlnnder, eoker eory Andrew, Prnch end German play cards; Back. muton Boards; Chessmen, 21-4 and 2 3.8 inlc Bil ard Balls; 8,9,10 and 12 Inch blade Bowie Knives; Leather and other travelling Dressing Case Belt, l Pocket, Horseman's, and Duelling Pistol,; double and C single barrelled Guns; Game Bags; Shot Belts; Powder I' and Pistol Flalks; Dran Bottles and Drinking CopeL; al Pectseio n Capn and Cap Holders; Cloth, Hair, 'Pooth; and Nail Brushes Orris and Chlorine Tooth Watlr oth Powder Toilet and Shaving Soaps, in great a rietr long Hair Braide, Ringlets and Frinettes Pearl M and oilet Powder, Emery Bags; ivory Tub Cushinns: cl Patent Slides or Garters; Gum Elastic Suspendere; " Powder Pai's and Boxes; Gilt Chains, Seals and Keys; |, Ear-drops; Waist Buckles;: Bmeeleta; Bead Necklaces ce and Chains; Gilt and Silvered Beads; Indian Beads, fi hells and Plumeso Shell Twist; Side and Dressina CMunbs;which,in addition to tleirformer stock on hand, pi makes their assortment very complete, nnd will he sohic ow and on liberal terms, at the sign of the Golden Coman. i25r.f 70 Chartres street. H stshriher, Agents fer the extensive house of WL & S. Butcher, Sheffield, Enrland, have just C eeived n very extensive set of pa" e, r.e, nsitin of Table and Dessert Knives of e- - descrilption, Pen, Paocket, Dirk, and Spear pint hnlies; Razors, Scis sors.dyer Toole,&c. &c. &e. which they are prepared o sehibit to Ite trade saronlers. Terms and conditions d will be made known at the time. l6 J.. I.BEIN & A COHEN.0 Comnmon st. SIMMONSR. HARTT & CO.--Are now Reeving ,pe ship Hmltsvillo, Eagle, Merry Atltew, High. ende-, French aod Germ "n doulle head plavingeardls: siterhrlt ant p itket pol. plain, rilbbed anel split tnssio eapst eip holders; sis'ns, HRazors, ptn. vest Gilloto'eommeridnl and ilter steel pant Vio vs; Violin saringsl shell, ivoryand horn eoms; wa'fers iI k, bead and leasher pursei; hair baids, frmos aml ak ringlet s negro lr ; German stl French colog m wate, Rowlands mraccaer oil, imitation bo;, antiqne hd hesnoil, portable desk. and dremaing ease: prsti bloking; statiane toilet lase; convex mirror; op- h al glasses sad views; etiian heads, bells anl inmesl o eeorteon; wlito twine; toilet and shaving maps; toilet owder, cosmetie wash balls; evted ratin alionsien pa stanls.s; srew assioshs; fancy head chains anet nec.lnees billiard eball; paket books and wallettsi German hones; razor straps; fine anl common gsm.. Olastic suspendler, grers do; Blls nloifr matches; all. &pe.,;crcsc, &c.E Te above in additione o our former stok of fancy nricles, makesour assotaent very complete. Fl r sale Swholesale or retail; s the sign of de Golden Comh, 70, Chornre street. Im 0OTICE--.The partnerehi of Kelley, lMlneon &Cn . nfNo ew Ortean-; Mlinn, Harris &C.Lo., of Natchez; IF nd Harris, Kelley &Co. of Rodney, wasi disolte on I vhe2lst of Mev lat, by the death of Samuel A Mason, 3ne of the partnere of the firna. The umdersigned, surviving partners, will he charged withthe settsling and closing said husine as e falows: SLeviC Harrio will attend tolthe settling of the bueiness of Mason, Harris& Nantchez; and Harri., Kel- I ev & Co.,at Rodnevl and Henry Kelley wilt attend to hnesettling of the busminess ofKeley,Mason & Co., at New Orleans. 'The names of he several firms wille used in liqaidatiotonly. Those Indchted to said firms are earnestly rqunested ocome forward and ltlke early settlement' and those having claimss will pileuose resent them without delay. d I.EVIC HARRIS, HENRY KELLEY. is NewOrleans, Jane 27,1837. EAN MARIE FARINA'S COLOGNE WATER Ia 2 easen mvre of this otIpirior Cologne water. just it received anil for sale by the dozen or sintle bottle. at Also American and .becCh toilet powloers, powder uffo and boxes, shaving and totilet soaps, eosmtiec wash balls, milk of roses, cosmetic cold cream, extr a o musk, kepllala, Ward's vegetable hair oil, pomatum, eretne de perse, Florida.lavender, rose and bay waters, Prersn'e salts, Marseilles perfumery it trunks. ve reeto ble c d liquid rouce, Chlorine and Orris tooth wash, elott,khair, tooth,nail and flesh brushes; together with on additional supply of fashionable horn anid shiell t combsand jrwelry,foresale low at wholesale or retail it by SIMMONS, lARTT &CO, r julyi 6 70 Chartres street. S COAL-'The sbseerlsher have eonstsntly on hand a large supply of Cannel and Liverposl coal, 1 in hulk. of eupnrior qsality, which they offer for Ssale in Iota to suit purchasers. S Also expected by the first erivale from Eng Id land and the North, Cannel, Lehigh and Peach .h Mountain Coal, broken sand screened, put up in t hogshends expressly for family use-all of which 0 they will dispose of on the most moderate terms. in Orders left at their office, No. 53 Bienville st. up stairs, will be promptly attended to. g oct 3 B. & A SOULIE. S Cologne Water, Ptrtuaery, &c.-A splaidit, article of cologne, pat up expressly for ihe retail trade; also the purest Fench Perfamerry, rabro c cing every variety for the toilets,, for sale by rect 2 REES & D'LANC. S To Countlry Merthan.s n ad Planters. 0 Negro cloths, blankets, flannele, lineys, lowell a ehirtiags, checks, linens, calieoe,, handkerchiefs, &c &ereceived atd ior sale low by the suhbscri. ' be:n. ROTTA & Co. oct. corner Canal and Chsartres et d L I Glenn's Perfwunerie. if Indian Dye, for coloring tile ilair ; Bear's Oil. . Russians beat's ereese, pOillnata, Michan'a Free tie Wash, superior pearl ipowder, hip white, cream of roses, vegetable rouge, otto of rose lip salve, kreonaote tooth wash, carbonic densrifier, orange ilower water, powder puffs and boxer, American charcoal, neatly put np in four ounce v als, Pres. toe salts, cologne, kreoaote tooth ache drtps, hair brushes, Eitdlish dressing combs, Indian haer oit Ssith a variety of other perhsmeries, &e. For saleI d y C.J. TRINCHARD, oct 3 corner of Canal and Bourbon its if - --~------- t IRON ROOFS--The sabscribehres have procureld at s a great expense, the right of pultting on iron roofs in this city. They are aleapted to public buildings, warehouses, and private dwellinits, htad oiinine at onee cheapneso and dirasilis), lind are perfcitly fire and water prof. Terms may lo i.e knlwn, and a model seen at our eslthishmneni, opipoite St. IMary'al erkirt, Tthapiintln set. et.2 E B COGSWEI.L& Co UPHOLSTERY & PAPER HANG-ING STORE. Henry Siebrecht, (formerly J. C. Wicks & Co.) would meet respectfully inlorm his friends and on the public in general, that he has and is cunesant, ior ly receiving a general assortment of upholstery ad nd paper hanging. The following cunolprices part of his slock, which he offers forsale at whole, for ale or retail on the most accommodatin8 tetne, French velvet and satin paper, latest style ; d to half oommon and common, Pniladelphia glazed and rnglazed do do, French landscapes, fire b choards, blinds, &c. do velvet and worsted do do, noreanna do colors, silk fringe and galloons of all Squanlities, patterns and prices, worsted "rinps as surted pattern, plain and colored. Swiss muslin, latest style plain and colouaed, cotton, drapery l muslin plain end twilled, as-orted colors inew style of needle work for sofa cushions, fotsrtool w covere, &c new style of bell pullers, raised filures be. and plain, gilt windtw ornaments of all patterns eand sizes gilt eagles batal and spears, feathers, &c, glaes knobs tcasters, hair cloth, figured and planin, a large assortment of toys f'r chiliren; arge silk ctrd and tassels, worsted cord atd nas. eels, a general assortmrnt of upholetoro ard paper r ahginge, constantly on handl and fto eele at ithe lowest prices at Nos 41 Royal nud 64 Cttot I"nuse eta. SB--Persons int the city or from the country, are respectfully invited to sail and exanmtne Ior themselves. Carpets and curtains reade in the st latest modern style, rooms prepared at the sqnort . eat notice, and all kinds of upholdestery wok W done with neatsess and despatch. oct 3 i. S EJUnUR, No 54 Cosds street, between r Dutnain and St Philip, keetls onsrauntl on hand an txtoeneiva assortment of hoots aud brogans, and in slte,, of New York manufactore, for men. women If and henildren of all agec. which hbe will dispose of at very moderate prices. Fsnaliesof hie acqointanee on sending an order will hlove their wishaes attended to L S SEGOUR DEAFNESS. 2 NEW article forp.rse s troubled with deatteas, S(ualted the Ear rumpet,) has just been received, Y by the e of which, the sligitest oar xlstion of tIe hu. Sttan voice is diatrltlv coinveyrd to the ear. Ally vita t who iuo ever been obligeo to converee with a very den 'eraon, ioat tlm fully sentible of tihe difficulty atud io-. "bsrrastenent rexperienrced both y tiemselveu and tie in dividuals so no lrtunatel allicted. By tie use of tbe Trumpet. tlhis objection is entirely oinviaed. Tihe most sceptical have alu aya ai andoue.dleirdoubt, after having used th Tnrumpet. For sale at T F GUION'S, Pancy store, corner of Camton and St Charles streets u lr thie I Exch..igo Hotel. felt 13 I PERM5t OIL-1501 0 galion pure winter d f3 Spterat Oil, in casks and Ihlte, fur sale by JAItVIS & ANDIIEWS, f. Wholesalet Dragg ate, carer ." namon and Tl'chap len streets. mr 13 W HITS. LEAD-4hhlo, I Ibs each; S 40kegel00 209 do 25 " 0 English do--i25 1-4 bbls. 4110 t - 111 Paint Brushes, various sires; I ea.e Vermillion; 5 bhls Copal Varnish; 2 Japan " S" Coach " c 20 packs Gold Leaf; p 50 do Silver do; 100 do Dutch Metal. ci WINDOW GL.ASS, American, Erplish taodFreuruh C 1000 boxes, varinoua sinzes and qualittes. t Boston urown do.-SO boxes, connsigmnent, will be 1 sold low. i Also, a general assorttuent of artists' coilotrs ard ci tools, for sale by A W SCAi Ed, ci No 46 Caatl street. at N B. Alabama notes take, at pt r, and Mississippi N notes will be received at 10 per cent discount for goods, E or in paynmnt of debts. ja I Iw m SLOUR-300 auding f so teamer Independ. p1 once, vIe A DORSEY. de "r 44 Now I.,e,. ho Etnlers,,t's Rtnor Strrpl--Three euasesad9u t ea genuine article, jtll received by oct 3. REESE & D'LANG, 18 Camp ato M.seouri RoefR Oj codr Missuri file rope. U a ad- all of hemp, in stem, and for nlse by *3 BOGERT & HAWTHORN, S3 nravi st a BOOK BINDERY. Under the Picayune Office, 72 Camp at. S RONSEMAA'& HOWSON beg leave to inform D their eustomers and the poblie generativ, thv p It' hey have removed their establishment to NO,. '72 id Cimp street, immediately auder the offier of the yr Picayune-where they are prepared to execute all ; in theirline. t h; Iving received from the North a supily of p-. per and materials of a superior qua'lty, for the manuflacture of Blank Books, they offer their ser Vices In merchants and other*, who may wish te work of that kind ; aod having the advagtage of ,several eautr's experience in that line, they are o confident of giving satisfaction to those who may Is, fevcr them with their custom. Ir For .oteriee, architects and others, maps and , plans will be pasted on linen. varnished and id mounted in the neatost manner, & at tire shortest n notlice. Plain and fancy binding. in all its varieties nl. st CHINA GL%\S.d EaRL'tHEN WAKREIiuKl of 36 Chacrrea street, New Orleans. n, TM. SERGEANT & Co. importers of Freneh I I1 and English China and Earthen ware. are ad now opening new and rich patterns of breakfast, ' dining and tea services, toilet sets, pitchers, tea and eoffee cupe, teapots, sugars, creams, bowles, - plates dithes, tureens, wash basin. and ewetr, fton bathe, etc. etc. Rich cut and plain French and American glass. Is: were-gohlets, champaignes, lmonades, jellies, lit clare's, wines, cordials, cenltre howlee, docauters. . tumblere, preserve dtehes, celeries, pitchers, lamps, n. lamp shade and glasses, candle shados, salt cel res lers, etc. ml Silver plated, bronzed and britania wares-cats ne tore, liquor stands, cake hasketas, eandlasticks, ae branches, s.otona, ladles, coffeeand teapotesugars, se creams. lamps, japanned trays, astral atands,and In hanging lamps, fine cutlery, German silver spoons and forks, together with a great variety f asrticles for atlrttly use. Merchants, planter, haot ls, and Ssreambots, furtnished wih goods attlie tloes rea. tai sonable prices, and packed so as to be conveyed m. with salety ti any part of the country. Ai. Al alnttthecariea' glnssw're. no THE FLORIDA LINE ,l Frnt Mobile In Auguet, Ge-. ro. leaves Mobile every day at three Co for Hall's Landing, above Blakely,-thlenee four et; poet coaches t? Pensacola-thence steamboats In on LUgrence, where the land roeite is resumed-thence an, via Marianna and BroIwnville, Fla. Bainbridge Pindertow n, H Iwkineville. Saundersville & Lotais. e ille t, Augusta, Ga, conecting renularly with eV: the roil road cars to Charletonste nd the ateom vpackets to Now York, Norfolk, P.iladelphia, etc. t The steambonotare tle hbest for the service, and at the navigation presents more advantages than can bl he found upoll any steamboat route in the south. ern region. ted i The great improvements in the route have been use produced by the construction ot fifty ttiles of new ay. road, by the proprietors, via : fromn LaGrane on LaFavette llnayou, an arm of Santa Rosa B.ty, to Bryant's Ferry, on the Chat'nhoocere river, ten - r ilts above the Cowlherd, or 14 above Cedar Bluff, EI whereby the navigaltion o the river, and the con ns(tquent detenltins, and msre recently the incon der venient crossing at the Cowfurd, are entirely abh uvoided, and a fine road from Marianne direct c o ti Bainbridge, instead ot the roundabout red via am, Chattahoochee, lessening the distance about forty ers, miles, and increasing the facilities more than sta- once a day. tab, Alo, a branch line of two horse stages every other day fltan Hawkinsville via Perry to Macon. tail Gs. connecting with the line to Savannah and Darien, Geo. t A mail steamnboat lies regularly beween Bainbtidge and Apalaehieola. 'I ravellers wiehitg e to reach any point on Chattahoochee or Apalaeht on cola, can take steamboat at Brownsville. for Mobile to Pensacolan-Land Romet-During the time oceupted hy the repairs of buat., the proprie. tsttrs of the Florida line will run a line ol four h trse post conches every other day between Mo. in bile and Pensacola. ch Passengers will leave Mobtile at 3 o'clock, p m, ms. in the U S mail boat, and proceed to lill's Land 01in,, where a four horse coach will Io in waiting to convey them to the excllent house of Mr. Charles Hall, I I4 mile distant, where they will find W pleasant accommodations for the night-leaving tail next morning, they will arrive in Pensacola early r- in the evening, thus avoiding the discomfort ul night travelling. Ollice at the Mansion ltHuse, Mobile, nnd Col. line' Hotel, Pensancln, where teas mnust be seou red. STOCKTON & Co. no v 'ell SPanto Forte Instruction. Williamn Smith tendCer hise rvices to the citi. zens of New Orleans as a teacher of the piano o forte. Mr S havintg been employed several years as n teacher of music in private families in B saton, and also at several of the female seminaries in its vi, cinity, cannot but iope to merit Ihei reonfidncce. te llI is permitted to refer to Rev Dr CIl.pp, Mtioses am Stetson & Avery, Hlenderson & Guaites. e Fr tearn,,i &c please apply at the bookstore of ge AlxanderTt werIt ,49 tmpnpst eoct 2 ,an - - es. Drugs and Jledicines. air J B Prevost has located himself in this city tor til, the purpose of Iransacting a general Wholesale De Drug business. He is now receiving a full supply of fresh and genuine articles, which he will sell on liberal terms To city druggists, and those of the interior, tt, physicinns, merchants and planters ell he will iffer ittducements such as have never be. fore been offered in tliis city. His intention is to le dos strictly legitimate business. Itos stock will td soon be complete, and int a few weeks will be rea. nd dy for business. All orders Irom he countlry, and from merchants of tt is city, receiving such orders , will be promptly attended to. oct 2 No 39Campst PROSPECTUS. THE subscriber p-oposos to publish, in the be. ginning of the onsaing winter, a Condensation ti' ') the twenty volumes of the Old and New Series of Martin's Louisiana Reports, to be comprised an four r volumes, bvo., according to the model of Peters' try Conuoseod Reports. This work ie now in preparation by J. Burton Harrison, Eq, of this oity, assisted by William F. Brand, Esq. The Editor is also permitted by a do distinguished retired Judge of the Supreme Court, ed and by one of the sitting Judges, to expect from ire their personal supervision all the advantage which t, may naturally be reaped from their experience. SSucha work is becoming every day more no. i cesuery, uas the original is voluminous, expensive, and scares. An increasing curiosity too is mani. ' fest, in the other States of the Union, in reference Sto the peculiarjurisprudence of Louisiana; and the circumstance of the numerous principles here de. as cided in the adjustment of conflicts of laws, makes the knowledge of our adjudged eases of prime uti rs lity to thlejurists of the whole Union. Moroovee, id the rising republicof Texas has adopted our codes, ; sand thus there is a great demand for the Louisiana e. decisions from a fresh quarter. er Convenient notes, indicating the parallel case o, decided in Louisiana, and occasionally those in the more authoritative forums of the other States, will oe added to each case. y The work will form four volumes, royal octavo, r and will be delivered, bound, to eubecr.bers at 86 ne per vol.; in case it should be found practicable to epI ress it into three volumes, tim price to nutb. k lcribers will be 97 per vol. ° aubscriptions received by WM McKEAN, t n -le or Camp and Common ate. d d WHOLESALE AND RETAILCOMB AND VA W HLEERIETY STORE--at the sign of the golden Scom.b,Me. ClCartres stee*t. The subscribers have re. ceived, ina lition to theirprevious saUck on hand, a full and conplet.. assortment of articles in their line; via: combs, perfuM ry, Jwellry, brushes, locking glamee, fanyartsiclee,,e.eoasisting in part as follows: COMhltl--t rloise eshell, wrouplht and plain tuck,twist, quilled back, Ion:. round, dressing, side pul, curla nd seek kBranilian coumba of every description amongst which aro, en Mexican patters, Ivory comshof every daescriptio,, hem, dressing and packet! together with a Sgenerel assortment ofFm nah and American. PERFUMERY-Cologne, Lavender, Florido, honey, bay, ruose, and orange flower wafers of every sine end de. cription, enmphorated Cologne, extract of Bsrgarnsos, ancy soaps of all kinds, shaving do in cakes and pots, cream eonpdo, Ward's vegetable hair oil, bears and an' r tiquedo. Preston's smelling salts, plain and- perfumed toildetpowder,pearl powder, por nor pufb and hoses pa mature in pots and rolls,orra and ehlorine tooth wash and powders with a general assartmaent of JEWELLkY--some ofthe latest nnd most fashiona. II hibe sits, consisting of white and red cornelis, toper A. jet eardrops, set in filagree, breast pines or a gree* It ty ofpatterns, watch trimmnig, gtilt and siles .ckles, silver thimblee, silverand uol p. . ells and guard clhins itl BRltUHES-Cloth, hair, dult.t g,erumb,lihearth,flor ul hat, flesh, tooth, plute, comb, Nail, shaving, shoe oadi whitewash brushes. i LOOKING GLASSES-Gerioan seatia and toilet ti 5lals ,.magnifying and French dresing glaska, bahoe d U r arlttl n varv sictier kinUs not enumerated. FFANCY ANID VAIETY AR .ICLE --French and Anerican portable desks and dressing eases some o ery rich and finely anished ladies work boesarul dres th sin cases with and without music, musical boxes, Ac- w cornoas a ivarious kinds, violins and guitars, silver and to plated pencils and leads,woad pencils for earpenters and C erayons, mantle clocks,gunsand pistols with and without dI eases, prerussion cape, percusion cap chargers, siptle dt screwdrivers, shot belts,gams ligs, paste blackin, toy a ten setts, Indian beads of every kind, bells und pliue, 0n fineand coninon knives, razors aid scissors, thimbles, 00 needles, pins, silver plated, steel and lcootimun peeta- re cles, pocket ooks and wollet, of various kinds, visiting Pa cardsoand ceard earses, playing coards of Frec,, Gorman CO and American manuefacture, dells, imitation fruitsou thi baxes, prints of various kinds, Satglarar ' Pomner.y'e thi Enmerson's, Hillman's and Hewti 'razor straps and lI metallic nones,dirks, fay bhead e6klaces, do with 'us dropetoy wattoes, pearl buttons, powder flasks, out and to pl,,, nd,,bea ,de, .,.,nd ,ilyer , o, gum elastic pon dereoad garters, plain antd sword canes, bacgaminon i hitys, drice, optical vienues, jewsharps, lociiucs satch do, esadlrissink eups e witllh a great variety of otherara p0 em, all ofwh i uilt he sold fr cas or city accepta m a- on 12 me cedit. B 1f $MDIO.YS, &c. r d4 .i..sre delnro mOU tS' .edic-l Bl,,ks.-^jl HL P lbs; d;. o L bluollettilg, lma stewa kR, aC.d by let ,'- cWAR, IllCa" THE INLIAN'S PANA.KA. m Rthee frmtinla,sernfidalorkingsevil,gout, iatieca or ,l l str., illciitrt scancers, salt rheum, m aphiltie and merourtal disases, Imlicularly olers and 1 paofmnlflfeetionsofthe bones, niceratedtl oatrnt e Hos 2 trils,ulersof every des~igloe, fever sores, ndI internal ie abseses istulas, piles, "L40 h.e, acurvv, hiles, chro II nltcar eyes, erystpmalis a atnd every varietofen..c taneoau allt'ection, hraha U head achne pIrocered ing from any acrid humer, ia the stomach and dys pep mm e dtkngfroaw , alfeetionsofthe liver, chronia inflalnmnaionofthe kidney, and general dehili. th csed by orpid action of the vessels of the skin. It Of f .isngd.lrly meaeis inu renoovtln those constitudons whic hahve been broken down by injudicious treatment, ee jovenile irregularitiels. In general term, it is resom. mY mended in nl tho diiseases which lrise from impinritios of the blood, or initiation of the ,humors, of wloatever Ad nime orkind. ,d Some of the above eomplnlotsnmay require some tri. s flingasistant applicationn, which tleorumitnees of the ease will dictey.; hl t for Iagenerl remdy or Purifieator . to remve heeaose, the INDIAN'S PANACEA will generally be found soffolent. LE TO THE PUBLIC. How true it i, that mlodern Phylcimns, in their ms ell bitten toencel n their profemesontexplore the vastfields e scien by he aid orchemistry, d seek olt new . Smedial amgets; in aiho, to arrive at perfection in the r l petice by means of art alone,-antirely overlook mnd t, seglecet, as meneath th ir unotie, the rich amd hounteous m esta s ofmnedieie, which the Almight y has caused to ''s ng mrigoftheearsh ineveryclime! Andhow much more true islt hat while the American Physmcian looks ". to foreign conntriesfor many of his most commos mid t neeeamy article, perpetumlly changiing as they are at Sthe dictates offn hion or folly, he it mrraned in hi pa, own country with an ndleuprofusion of medical plnt, s- sumficientm to iswerany indicatou in dinease or to cure any cirable dismoders ; nd yet he is ignorant oftheir vine ai cous, aid they ame anferedtor theiw urie r hwlhig on the a, deserht air.' , Theefccaibof vegetable medisnlesal pon the ystdem are nd aten anp.--hoaseof mimernllsi lastg. The nrmer ex. Seratheirenesetaond ta m off-the latter, mereary in lart I tieulr, set eliemially upon the solid, decompouing as the bones ntd udersmiaing the cematitution by slow omitml sore destroetion. to The om "gen. ity,caiteaseiny and S.APFETY oftrvegea 'rd b remedesever mineal, mnay be estimated byeoantra inmgthe asc ep tie with themolem; or, tobring ii t morelmmedmately snberourown ohservrtion, thi Imli. as practice with tmat of the whites. oVIo, io America, cas ot ksownorlseard of repeated Instances wherein Somle decrepid, unpretending female ndian, by meanmsof ree her imple remedi alone, haaffeted the most rapid oat andstonidhing cures , afterthe Mateira Me lieti of tim nor emmon omatie. dreinted in the most skilflm manner, ohas foiled(And who has not been imrprised at the com. t parativecaae andfimcility with which the Ilndian five hLim se lffr.m ansdiusese, anomat the ahmest totn Ihstienice , of ehonie disese among them! Who has erer heard 1o. eln Indian withe counstituion broken r l and inal by ibh ill tratment! Ad ca t dolbtd e is that tm this happy ex om lon mtlr of th e isavge from most of the ills which the . flesh ofmn is heirto, it cliely owi n to mow ge eia ind mt afe remedtes whic he employs. Thlm s atonish. an ingdifference ins soeess, is fairexemplifiealion of the th. lfinthte superfority of tie simple and safe means of oure which God has crertedl for the benefit of hiis elildren, t over those which thleprie Ind the art of man have inll. ra vented. SFrm along resilfence amonga po ion ofthe boriglsn Satliahabitantsof thiceonntry, anodon Itimate ncquain. O lanee withthe metheds of eure ol some of their most steeessln'ul practitioner*, tme proprietor of 'ilIe lmeiin's Uff, 'aoea,'aemmimel a knowledtge of some of the most On- powerfulund favoriteremedies. lromtheseheselehted n i melm as were most efllceious and apipropriates, nmd after ely various experiments to test tmeir preieiples and strength, ect he in combined them i the form here presented, a t via most ierl.ct and beneficial or thle Iurpase Ier wlhic it ety isrecommended. n T'he proprietor offersthis preparation to the public, wit! the co ensiou snes that lie ispleiog withintheir sea, r aremedy capable ofrelieving manty of his siflicted fel low beings, who are uffering under the various chronlie and obstinace omplaidts to whicht iis pplicable. To ith it will prove of incalculable vamie, as the meanc, nd ain many cases, the only means of relieving their suf. ferings and restoring thlem olne more to healtlh anml hap. t pine. Thisis notoffered si common remedy, that hi- may per chance be equally good with many others no in use, bt as one which is caPable of saving life in many the eatreme easeswhich all tleunumaonlaemedlieafail. Thisit ve. hal done repeatedly and this is the reputatioi ithasoa. nor tainedwherever atha been intredueed. le. It i onlyabout three years siace tlis Ipreparation was presented tothe public: butin that short space of time, some hnndrels of ipersons iiglt be fould, who woill mid- solemnly declare that they believed that their lives were to saved byi it, ad int monsesalter they lad tried mnaty tee and lperhaps all the nimon remedies in vain. W etr ever it is known it isranlodly comiig into tioe, nld this Smerit. ely T'le value of tme Panacea i most consiiiomo s ini tIose tl iong standinig andl sylilitie ail serofuloti t elnetis which have defied all other reancdies, atii partirulaiily . in tlose cases whuert mererrtty lns beni, sio latvisl !y tseI u aIs to cause tliatressillg pitins it thie bons, toales, nmelot I ril ulcers, dermlngemett ofthe digestive onigant, ie. l'- Thelse it comlletely removes, ad in ainl cases it entire ly eradicates tile tiseises ,ilt eftiicts of morirIy, rieo. iii, votestbe cmlstilntion, nodI leartesthe |silesia so Ind ;id inc well. In rlt'stmatisrt iII IIi nlceraterti sore throatt its are IIhapply effects are Sot lets ainlret, itc ving almost immor on, diute reltef. it 'Taken in prop.e doses, thelmnlinm'. Panaceai operates Ue, as la alternatlve am dletergentl; a diaphourctic, diuretic, anei laxantives, tit anlti-al-atsmnlite ntt :tiotlyte; aOus it ImI''ei;sasla, asateomaenlic al emnmettgogtlte. Icntt't f ally exnpressed, it inereases all the S.reitarititi nllc en Sclatlinlis, gives tone to thie stomach, anit exieits ea tie in the aglmmlsilltn lalrtlolarlUtaltmer.. Firo h tese pritoi. pieso itsotl:.tioits may lie nnlerstooid. IThitmedieie thas ben ttollnd Itighly nseftd in many tor omhigtmes dliseases not iere speieilf, attd it ilas beern ale usled withl wmleriul sucee as a Sprinig stid a Fall Pt ply rifelt, by tlese wto arie slteni io emnllttltie of taitile czest, ell and whose cooatittiont requmire new vigor. Such per ete sons will do well to use t vo or thIree bottles in small dio e sea. Wilentever a diet ditnk is consitdered neceasty, be, this Paiaeea,takmi in a small tose; will answer all its oitnpompses, in much les time at leas expense, nti in a il more agreeable manmer than the common diet drink. mT'lTe following certificates, out of hundre lls ilmilar, ea. which migit be proenred, are given to show the effect of ad the lIndlm'a Pammace.n in lthev varinous eomlaeillttstnerel.l ocmentiondl;niand also to exhibit in thie most catitfactory manner its superiority over the syrups in commont use. CASES OF RHEUMATISM. -CHtILntTON, Nov. 15, 18i2. During the last winter and spring,I was afflicted with be. nvery severe and ditiressiaig ihtnmatism, occasioned iby r'i elxposeo in baid weatlher. .inow tokegreat pileasure itI of istating, that sia bottles of the Indian's Panaoeea, restored tar me to I.eirfeet health, and I monfidently reeommend it to te' itl imilarly atflicted. JOHN FERGUSON, King it. on CHAntLESTO, Murth 27, 132. F. I was seized ahout threeyears since, with a distressnig rrhatmnatism, caunsed by takings severe cold, while undler theinflnenceef mercnry, anl which has dtisatltd "r e, fionu businesslne arly ever since. i ming this period nn lave beon a patient in the lMarine Hospital, in this cir eh upwards ol four months, and nearly theim ame lengtht time in the Ialtimorae Hospital, and tried almost ever s iremedy, with little benefit. Ott the l6th of re, last at that time scamely ableto move about upn crotch. Sea, commeneed the use of Indian's Panace. In ona e month I found myselfmotlrelj freed from pain, anl an he now happy to stat, that I cosloer myselfperfectly well, I.WM. TUCKEIt, 13 Market at. i CASES OF SCIROFULOUS ULCEIS. NaW YoaK, Sept 10, 130. i Thi may certify that in tmhe fall ol 18.s5, was aeise i, with a swellingin my neck aid lace, which .Iftierwai. ta, ulcerated and became large ghastly ulcers i. my neck. a Allertryingrveralt phyhianos to no aldvanlage, I wen' to Ihilmieht, tamlnd pled myself undelr ti care, em lDt. IPyiat and Beaoh, wheon, sler repented mlivattlo ti o oetect. I was prounoiem.i u tt.erl. incnroble. After. ill wards ItoeItwenty bottleso Sw.nim'Pmieea tnd eighi bmttles oflPotter'. Cithoelicen, with mo moterial beonel keatolringoflie, wlich hal now becomes nertheim h "' metreturnedlto myparentm in New York, in 181J, an gave mysellfup to a lingerin dcatdi. Hesring of the is gre.t asuee. of The tioain'apanamai, howevee, in ea" - iimilnrtomy own,l wasseselnaded tur it,asilest . srt. To imygrenttarsrtse, ma wells satisfactiouc ,on, feulc nmyelfrpi d ranerlii, and uspas akin sea bon.ttleithe u.eersleland [ betamo porfec well ilt che moure oftwo montha, and have pemalned so evor sitme. I make diia miatemen and wsh it publislmNd h forths belltefitafo oso whone e sufering under aimibe arfnulmfoumamayphlilile Itifeetbanm, that they may know whathe euredone who has mifered every thing bet dticath, tad who conmiderahii life saved by thesbove .v. a, WM. HINllHA CcItrumae. July to 11 31. . I watlaflielat'. fr..yosr~a wi.n ulac er nlathe leg, oo. ocasanlly aecompumietl with or~sillelatouo innlaniatitan i and. excemsive nein in the leg tmi utanle joint. Several 7 emmett pumyaeismi enleerd thieimrsklill upon it, hnt with out imrrmlientbebneit In Ilciaease live bottle Indian's tIsnaeeacnde a pfect core. f, MAiGAltET A W~I T, 11t Market S~.or asle by HENRY BJONNABEL, druggist, apes* It n;s the itropritr.a* TehOUtlitoulhstoaec 1 - NEW ORLEANS & NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD d COMPANY. THE atockholdera of tilis company are hereby no - .tiied that by a relolution of the board of dire. tisn passed on the 19th inst. the call made on them on thie 13th February last, for the payment of five dollars a share, was rescinded, and the said stockholders are further notified that WHs.REAS, by a resolution ofthis board paoeed on the 19t inest . a cll hlas been .,ads on the stockholderea of the New Orleans and Nashville Rail Road Company for the followingpaymnteus on the the stock held resp.. tively bytlthn, vtn.s-two doiiara lier share, payable on the hert day of Sepltember next; two dollars per share payable on the first day of December next; and two dullarsper share payable on the fist day of March next. Now therefore be it resolved, that the secretary of this company shall notify the share holdars thereiu, through the public prints of the city,that in cofolrmitay witt thte sixt section of the charter, thevare pernlmtted to w stpone sany payment celled in en lse stoch nfaaid cemepaty for ,the term of sity days, frem said ster the dly on which it is m oade payable, mitt the eloress can. dition however, tbst if not regtulsrly pid withitin the aid proloneation of sixty dove, from andc ater the day on whtich it tlhouldl have betoi paist, that th,, ttha atwub on wlloiws , aid piaymenlt shtuld have been maoe, is and reas p or: arted to Site eompany, tte chartr om, that point teing ioperative. In catauetnity therefore, to said callallatck ofa the stocneolders in said tcompany, a tlinkb proper to st dff tlls praymsettson tleirdrtac to lthe ondof the dditional iotlyd aye, which tbe charter allows hem, are notified that the paymant of two a Iolt_ mrt ptr share called far,nnd dtue on the urs t a p tedmberua ahext, m ay e poi oted under to e siSth aeetion of said chartr, until the . lot dry of Ocer nes, that the payttant o: two diollara per sahare culled foe, anad due so the fiaSt doy af December eaet, may use poet. itoned untlil tte 30th day of Jouuary toe;. and the patv meat of two dotlars ler share called far and due on Ite firstday of MareS neat, tnay be Itasponed sntil thIe 111th daaof April oeit. Extraets of thme minutes of the board. Jsel 21 " A R McNAIR, sec'ry. IIatZrii-tfl its r~ enit 8jo V N ,fWrsas t ule JOIHN H lGRAllA . sp 16 Royal College of Physieans, London. HEl1 original Vegetable Hgeian Universl Medi a.le, prepared by W Mislkin, Esl. Memuer of ,'he Royal College of Sntrgeno, Lieentiate of Apotie I cary'saomptny, Fellow oa Bolt Court Society, Surgeon to the Ioyal Union Pension Asoiation, Laneeasor Place, Waterloo Bridge, Ialm Perpetual Pupil of Guy' Sanl St. Thomas's Hospilals, London. This valuable medicine, the result of twenty years' exterience and unparalleled success in the extensive auIl highly respectable practice of the propriety, Intro t isel by the faculty and noilit, and is now introdueed Stoie notice of the American publio, at the carnest so licitation of a number of gentlemen of long antll higl standing in the profession. It is hoped, as a plolimi nary step, to eheck the evils and fatal toosel uences a rising fr'om the use of the numerous and deleterioas nostrums loisted upon the public by the aid of fabricated I. proofsof miraculous sres, and other frautl, by a set of S oercena y, unprincipled pretendert. so totally igonrant So meadial scienae, that it impossimble the monstrous II delsion can any longer go down with the intelligent people ofthim oontry. These pills, mild and grueal. in their nature, should be kept in every family in eases I. of sudden illness, for, by their promnpt adtministration, Is .cholera, smpl, spasmm, fevers, and ather alarming Scomlplaints, which too often prove fatal, may be peedi e ly ch or prevnted. In fact, all those who vaite geod d bald,, sheold never he withoet them. They are suit s in poketa at SO Lent, $1 amll $2 each, by every to tabednggistlbe.ealler, and vendor of medetine ui ti i United Stalien i" hl e Canedas, with copious lsrectiua, s aegetl.r with. estnonials of prof)ssiaunl ability from Sthe following eminent gentlemen: Sir Astley (looper, J SAbernethy, Jaes Blandell, M. D., W. Blsc, a M. D., is J. Aston Key, A. Frampton, M. D., and nuerous s, ot The im originals may be san poueasl on ofthe a Geneorl Ageat, by whom the medi se is imorted into a. this eonstry, and ao whom all applieations Iborgeniesr e mut be made. JNO. HOLBEIN, lug WaerlyPlsace, N. York, e Sole Getnaal Agent for the United States, Us. n Forl sle by appointment of the origimal protrietor. In b7 Swasa Ui Brmontn, Duggaists No It e nal astreet SEnllMRY H LIE I& en, No r Mlgaane street, are r- row receivig from shlips Nshville, Louisville, I- Keantle g, Ele, ate other late arrivals trom :Ihr Ie .saern citia, a large land new s uletel assortment Ri Hsi.s, Boot% shoesa ad Brogans, 5n rnosistig aofgeleene' fine calf and Moroeco eoots Sd 2d qtality; do held. a stout wan peged boats o f Hvarinl qualitimes menCs fine calf seal and Morueai Id eritP ptopati snd brogans b brkskin shoes, brogans an Sarippen sl men's lne calf aid kipped peggled shoesami r, I roas; lo bootsa do stoat kip aad was Ileggead sles at Lans e ua l gentlemno's best qality calf sewew sithes, ar- e geanl Jank Dlowoings; do calf al MIlorocco . btckale dlnea and brogans; n lf, seal anid iMoroneo dI dip slans and a ilppea do ealf, buol anu seat wgpto, .y ,ow article; do fine calf, sea.l and morco qurtller ots; boys', miuses'al nd clhildren's pead and awed ae brogns, awl slions of every quality and inml. Aim a gseneral asretmelta of men's stout was and t pt ll brogab niol shots, ogether with 10,000 patir s ao Itst g mdality, russett hrogans, lailel in thi e dank eitleex ressly for plantatinn oset a goal as. S ntmet of ments fine anti stout kip rnsett brngansa. ' w article andu a urge quantity of an inerior qualit) rl ssL.t taed wax broganls. ' Lalien' fine calf, seal, moroco and grain welts, anl Spmp sole shoes; cdo fila Prench Moreon and kitd ran t n.wnd dippers; do roan shoes, with. asd withoat heeln Sh calf, ndal stnol l eather booeest do Prqoella shoe -I f call kinls oanl qaalities; tIn lstil. brygitna i.i gaiter. d e'and toxedl biltee. Misses' lastingapriags tanShaeso s e -erns. Childl.h's colored Mo.neeo and lastlng bno II nlatalvJ boots, le. ie aentleame'sfa asioesblonable lack silk hots; do black it n ldrab beaver do oft a a superior quality; do ilmitotion It* ram do; bland and narrow brim men's fine drab and ti bliank RIlsia slhort amspiea Ibats, a new article. Yonths' e In e size Iats ot aliferent qualities; do cliltlren't. .''sa and boy's blak aod drab wool hats of variona t slpes, with general assomrtent of boys' and men's e ae caps. t S 'iallts assottment will be replenisted by tlte arrival of e rIlt paEketslrom the loave anted cities, all of whleh Stil be ido on neeottnmlating terms. ang I--f MONTAGUE'S ty fALM FOR THE TEETIH. S rHElestblshed reparation ad eonstltsd ly Iecreo,;ng i. demand for this efi.tual remedy of pain, andi pro oervative of the teeth, has induced tho snbocriber as uffer it to the Anlericun pablic. Arrangements Ioav e, been made to snppIlv agents in ail the princilal citie Ind l towan in tie UJllted Sttes, so aso tat Iinae it itli re to reach al tahose ialutering and likrly t talfer this masa ty ihartcsing of all acheb, 'I'aoth-arie. r- 'When applied aneording to direetlons iiven on di blttle, it I never lilred Itn fflTord ilnmetlilte andl itacal'at relif. It also iarrests tile decary I ilefcetiv teethl, and relieves Ihlat sOlrenesas v llat iehe freqllentll roanders a elrang loolth iistileas 'The npplitiaial nl irclele|v ore silti:le, illnorent.c not ulta leasaint and ly the labge cIi tieior of iersons in different ceiolt s aif It a cOllltry, thlat lIace hlr ady experien(ced iiiu cidit i iid crallciary iu;atl It't ilthe ua oe cfic Icc1 1, IC rea. tV to iea ir Ibr the tpublie good) tlheir teotilllooV t il II at. rivalled qu.lities, It is at India renedy dbtained e- tinloltUy ati ctexlpectedily, ad cia lie varlt, Ir v ' he ci ifizil adlrd als oie IIoa valaable dis.ollr " ad oe'liia of thlte wotain. I'P.c $11 er licile. Sold tby JAIVIS & ANItREWS, nor .i (jr C 'tllle l t nl'OI evi'lr'shanlllns .It, n rultore oat tle undersignedl having sold out, i.. or discolictitnid Iia old and tnog olnolllicled GARDEN SEED STORE, in ,e llb tClsCtmn heave Saront, :i. Having bnen most industriously cleul tied by sell. intervcaed parties, the subscriber begs to assure his ty frionlds generally, and the pablic at large, that he Sstill continues within two doors of lhis late, or Iloroter otand, to hbe furnishoed witlh a fill and ex. tnative supply f' all tioe stanliard bindo if kitchen -or vegetable oarden Sereds, of tile growlt ia i l. port of tile present oeason, 1837. S Since tihe early part ol Septemoler, Ito lan r.. coalved anraplo supplies, by the packet ltips Vricks. . burg, Kentlucky, and Arkansas, all arrived in shlort r, psssages, direct front New York. By the Mlissis. at sippi and another packet, Ithe is in daily oexlocta. i tion of a supply of iruit Trees and Asparagus 7 Roots, having already roceived invoices tlhereof by mail. Tihe subscriber begs fartlher to assure tln plublie l at large, that he is at present ns well rnabled to ooeet and execute orders for all the kinds of Garden SScaeds, either wlholcsale or retail, as lie ever was Ssince hii float etabliahament in January, 1822. S uCntry Dealers aod Market Gardencra' ordern filled at toe lowest and most reasounabl rates. by lthe pouad woiiht, and gallon or bushel measnure. CatIaloguos, eilthr in Frenclh or Euglishl, mav I alwaya be obtained on peronal application an usual, to WM. SMIlTH, Garden Seed Store, 85 Custolmhouse atreot. NOTE.--A tormtant supply of Bird Seed, sitlier mired or plain; pulverized soup; herbs, and Shakers' drid iherbha,--witl a supply of peas and beans. er ,crux, an a supply or peas and beano. S Fancy Pockoet looks--Under this ihead will be found a splendid variety of ladies' and gentlemen's a pocket books, note, card, needle and thread cases. el Fancy Stocks, Suspenders, &.--Of the latest pattern and of superior quality, consisting of plain and figured satin, bonaborne, velvet and cloth stocks, linen bosoms, plain, and fancy with and t without ruffles, shirt collars, suspenders called ad Washington suspenders, also, guns elastic worst. r. ed and cottonett do, with and without rollers, en pantaloon straps with wire springs;and a groat vs. rircy otf entlemen'e wear, made , epressly for the Sretailptrao, by A. L. Vanhrun and Son of Phila. Or. delphia. D m Combs-A- general and complete wssortmen of combs from their manufactory.Also, English a snd French dressing oenlb, etc. dec97 RUSHTON & ASPINALL'S r COMPOUND TONIC MIXTURE.-A speedy and certain euro for the Fever and Ague, remittent and intermittent fovrerv prepared From the original recipe. Used with eminent and uni. so vernal succes in 1832, by persons of thie highest ed respectability in this city, as stated in the annexed ea certificates. 3W This medicine is highly recommended, and has ot been extenaively used in the above diseases with . such distinguished n uess, that the proprietor of the reoi.e s been induced to offer it to the pub. lie in its prerent form in the hope that it maybe Ikthe means of retraving many of those who are , suffering under tlie scourge of our country. It is os a medicine plresing groat virtue, and when used I according to the directions has never failed of effecting a cure, even in the most obstinate stage of the disorder. It is not at all disagreeasble, and persons of the weakest stomach, and children may Stake it with impunity. ta strangtlhoens the digestive organs, reates an appetite, and seldom rerqoirs D more tlhan one, or irn obstinate coea, two bottles to effect a cure. Thiers is neilther mercury nor arsenic in the medicine, nor any tiing injurious Sto the human constitution. Tie proprietors are so well convinced of its efficacy, that they agree reto refund the price of every bottle which has been taken in acordanc, with the directions and has an not effected a a perfect cure of the fever & sgue. rA. OLIVER, sle agent for New Orleans, at Y hIia wholesale and retail drug aid medicine store, acorner of Dienville and Chartres streets. For District Agencies apply to je5 T. W. M'IT|, i48 Conti st. THREE DAYS JOURNEY FROM NEW SORLEANS. rsHE proprietor of this establishment lis the plea. in.-fe.U surolalnni.!tu tsr his friends end th'e public in geneual, that he will ie ir readineseby the first day of a lva to receive visitsers. He will also elate fir the hbe- I neflt of trloe at a diotance, thio there ihae Iee larre Simllrivemeats lrde, ted eidbera row going olr endl i repid progress fLr iuorpletiou, which will enabse tr I subscrbler to, al:llilile a mile uclrger iutmlbr Ilta ihrreetofore, olid at tie slnre time Imuch bertter. i I'somilie i cell Ie accomaoedared ithl good mrooms, or F thwre who, prefer can have large cabinsi eabched from a Ithe male building. It is deeied usnnceserry tc say anylliisg in prrcie i lar of tile charseer of teses waters e, fu' it is generally believed that they are not inferior tI, any iu tile Soulh. era Stares. All the amuaemenra that are enerallye oiid dat Watering Places, will be found at siis. Tie ai beast music that this part of ti-r cooslrv affords, has r bees elgigel, and will be incoastent ateridnceat tthe 'i Springs during the whole neason. at b he subreiber will avail hirselrfof this aplirluniteitv is reeruing Ilis ueliigned Ilhanks al r the very liberal lei suprport gives hi t l season, and hobepes by the eaer- I be tions that lave hee. made in impingin ameted Ig the acommstldiuns, to alenit libem-Pl tnalser Ie psenelt seasoni. J.oO it'R M. UItS I. e JUSTPUBLISHEDuFROM STREOTTYP PLJTE9, The Fith Editionof ROWLETT' TABLES OF lNi'TEREST: I O10 whh i new asided Ian Average 'ime Catuala tor, or easy methods Ifo finlldtng the average time on storage, notes of haId or bills of goods, when sirn o er chased t different dates, en liffert ent credits, andt fr cao rilmnmomlnts; hesides utfil aln eomplelte tiallkinllg lTime Ta'le, the best that ann be ontrived. or tiat - gra Esan a preuce within thimesame eondesend compass, nd sie ot ripe. I An lnvertisement in the book is in nearly the follow. it ing wores: TnThe hnig dinction thin work hls receivedn thrm gh tine ten leglstlative acts prefited to the title page, is a re Scommendation in itself, so onommon,, and so conlu c nsine, th t nothing is neesary more Ihan by way of sdd Svertisemeat, to give a condensed view of some of its te Seolisritiesn: a fer instanec, the interest tes been eoopas of hI from, and compred with, what is equivalent to foir nt teen se tefeealulatinhe, examined in the ares thirty as five time;, oand printed tron tereotype plates testell at thin y-one times, fiom all whio h it mans be evident to even to the sketii (espeeilly on ths pe.sonsl of the de Sta of prof in the prefce) that the work must a e arilh n, meatioaly infallible, snnd in confirmation of thi belet g l preminm of two hualred and lifty dollars, is now offer. r for the ldetetion of an error ofa ent in the present l or fifth edition, an exprsesed in tie preaoe, makinog five it'orge premlas afferet for the same error sitrethe first pnhlieoun in thear io 130. a One of ths most osonspieunoas rfeatre of the tables is i, inthe arrangenent of tio Time pnmd Amoants, which Sfor expetditibn,, rioference oMtprl e enty, with thehelp J oftheinde and nd index, annot e eelled; and the sifty Sy ant enase with which the intrest can be fount tothe as extent of gnent hbusiness, wilhont doublinn eln Rme Sis besides a lceonvienc ee esentinl, that in the etlnm Stionof same oi the most eomptent anl peeaotl buai S men oarl publil offiers who hae de gretat use of thework, it has been dlitinonihal bly the imMotule ipptdllstion efafa manster ploe". AnsI coamidering the ina!litliy of the nethial originally adhptedi In r. onomposling te work, sail the etraorediary uuomber an Svarsiety ofL te enamiontiot, to tets of every editlon it haspeunted il the prs5, eowithatantling the whole is in - tereotype, olnsiderlg, in tifrI, the positiive aurasey re senured by the bnpreeedentel eaons emloynl, the ao , lumehas een heldup and em nhtieally styled " the a most wonderfin hook ts the waiki" most nertainl yar manean names figure work of the sone eateat, a)tiets slime the hbeginningot ereation, imas ad the same nut shrer ans variety df tests il the same nsamber of editors; no, norone t Ill the number, as is nlearly shown in the iirefee. S Besides, as test and r samurd it ho been triedand S anhed in neatrly all the hank anl puhli ou ices in tlne SUllted States, nnH I by tnhe pbnlic gnDerally, dnring the s, long period ofldlirtv-fie rears yet nocrror of ho eal n nnlatiots has ever Im.en fmlon in peint, altheongh omtinu. Sal cenge o r tle ofr of very large premiums. I'he ,t eatrealy adplter hy al1 Ihesmrts oflnw el sevoal ofthe Stoles as the "rate of lnulstlm d for statute interest," as also by law for baok interest, aeeordingas tile book is sied, sad as ray le seeon in ml part, by .,, nauens of ite suobsrihern, atnd fe w of he r snbseqanellt puoehlnaosers, inl the list at ine eill of the book, isiin iossrmLna1 efevery elolla of ailimeas in every quar s.te of the Unit ed Stales. SIt is moraorr well known tnhat, by its ready tehk, I) it lsn so allen detected large emirs, lonig after theIy were nlae, even by tlen ost elotfaul and mat comn tent i .aprilhlmeltieinns, trat its sefntlnesl, on11l the abohilue ne nn cossit" linr itus u. have been eratlensiyely insisted upon, n so eovleos, innecnd, liave been its nlannteges, anti its - savigs, that, severnl yransago, whilst the firs edition I'wn- ocanore d al nut of printt, a great .umber of seeolld hand conpies were soughlt finr, some to a gee t distllanee. a- nll urcasernl :t vrlons prices, as they eonld wenasiml-. ailly bo tiaked upa t fnom l$1t . 1.S per copy, and tI some rertons have recetn.y diletlret, snlln intslneen in aonlot equoled lnat thney would pay$Sl, $100, ontl g0Sm il for o e1pyt, lnat o be haid I'cr less, nlan indilvidal s in the latter intslance partievlrly, tnsving at the mane ilme rlxhibited atisloatory piroaf, to several personspe s senlt that to himn it wans really worl th tt Ioney ild 's more thlolughl the savig of his very valiable lime, lie being a very rieh mnialld in pulio offiee. of in s likewise worlhy of notice, nnl indleed proper to h imnl e ;., thalliasuch is the natre of ligoe worek generally eant aslneeially nwhennof the oxtelt dnail imlrlnanee ol these lto Is, that had this book or ita like bean prCper. li tin te suil anmanner vlone, by tim tlost competlent ealculntor in ihe wnrlld, and afterwartls prinllted most Sainlllinoly under his own eonrretion of proof sheets, it alhl r, ahlmst to a cerninly, Iane ben nnsafe for re frenrae,annt deatr at any price, as ihe prefaen dariieo barlp elhalians. But a perfelt lond vianable have tine ttere~yl'e e platoes oflhis woni k leoll innalJ, that In snecre Iheol, w.ilnln11ir Inllmerolns anll eatrnaorlinanv eamilla tiens, nagaist firen fr tbei generl benrfit, they a'e (hy ndverltlinscnn.n) tInsainily kerpt inn a place of sILpeeia satiin, ernc/t o bile nset I in pritting. Aonpled.inrrtirns io finnd lbin anllks and saintie iter. et eatiltli uslefnl otes follow Ili incfacen whichi, i tihii s it fint ts inn nine tWo pineedlmnnnliniedt s, eontiininnch imn Il'~ll fornatii eOllcncleilning i ei t wo l. tIn nlttnoes ofcolinnll in nid ll inlter as nte l s nnlf gli ce, k e. " i Ilrtiln;:sollnnsntv tito 'Itinol k ithal, tln nitinLntnl iI glthis tib IlllCitoln)llln In work nc -inti WaS i,,blihe In el're II- itlctaln nt :t ltl.s Wtrrl: llinulitl in dllnla e atnl Cellants I - Iil ylrnlanlnnlmnr , h:lseleel tsn extn- lnivnlo t an solic.c s ly l atronised, it bas inn yet so raintcIn ,in lin idhh inert, nic heal-n,, Ios i t.i.:t-Iy int+, r ii lhina dnl i/h r, hesidenn i sixn tarsnltnmnr iIronni 17tim 1ti15S aninttnti'inl Onl ta-ft"si edlllionli ii i: ~l0 a ltPies,iaris g chctI il il illns i blica itinntlat tht tlillmttI : te nlten snnr price," Si i) na lhinhig of 'coelln'tition o lrninlrt ltr Ialmost I lin-time of et irr, toil, d tiId sacirific. \t liret'nl) .Ce Inn m- tn - stil relies a nl/n tLi, l el.itlt lll an ll u nti'l) tvi of tiltn it lltnic tor rtnoli.n ;alnte l" Irl~eleiw.£1 e d pil a Il:LIr'o ;gc i 'lll : sle'l" hi) ira! IPrio uclil Iit,,-k.tllt, in Mhe Unlced Slates. l Intf.l: I NI.V iui\5' t(I n ir.&f._ A oteninun i f lginland, biy nI e nlaihoron"A Year ia Spainio" in 1 , |s111111rA. a Ninh-, lined Iof \i' enlli, inll+. c The Yolne Wife's Itin, n itmnnual o mural reli to Junt receivrlt mul lilranle by W.'i. M'KEAN, tract of Sareoaparilla, Ior tihe cure ofotatinate ptiona of the skin; piamples or plnatulos of tie a; biloe wlhi,-I arise Ire, anln impure state f tihe t o d; scaly eruntions; p is an lohe bones; chronic b- hournatis; toe t r; scrofula, or kinioas evil; whit non flling; syphilitic dicoese, oad iall disorders 0 arising Iron an impure stte of tlie bloodl, by a long y residleno in a hot clinmate, or tbe injudicious use of nmercury. S Also,--Cave & Schab r's Worm Syrup, or In. S/mnt lPresoervative: tile best preplaration now extant. S Among whrieca oao I le f/llownng:--Indiaa Dye, ua for enCOlrillng tio hair; Boar's Oil; llossian Bear's Grease; Ponatan ichw'o Freckle Wash: iu. 's perior Pearl Powder; Lily White; Cream of Roses; y Vegetibel Rougo; Otte of Rote; Lip Salve; Kre. anita Tooth Walh; Carnonia Dentrlfice; Orange SFlower Water; Powder Puffs and Bon n; Amer. nan Charcoal, neatly put up in four ,-ce vials; Ptesto Sailtls; Cologne; Krensoto Tooth.aehe U Drops; Hair Brushes; Englials Dre nOg Combs. I Intlan ilair Oil;-with a variety of nthor Perfta Smeriee, &o. For sale by L WV GLENN'S PERFUM RIES. SJ C TRINC.ARD, Corner of Canal and Bourbon stroeta etI ---------- in lOYLE s MAY, House, Sign, and Ornaments it Painters, No 3 Carendele street, two doors frem se anal street. d mitations of the following woods and marbles,s couted is sa asterly maaooer. SMalogpny, *.tian naelk and o, Oa k, ol Gtllnasl Anttict, o illardol os IOriental or verd antique, . Corled do, Jasper, Cmled Maple. Blod Stone, Birds ye e, Iry Grite Satin Wood, Potomac, Hair Wood, or rdeo, Yew Tree, Italian White, Coonlandle or Black Sianna andl lBctella y Rose Wood, Amerium n Grey, , Als WhiteOak, iso. k ko S Curled Elm, 1 i ptpeinots to be seen at the shop Paint, eil, It glo l, topl varnish, so. o hassd nde tor ale. d il T IttON.STEEL& HEAVY ;O.OtD--Hat, qaslre and oundle iron, well assorted. h Hoop, .oll and rod iron, tail rods and plough df ttorldss Cast, German, shear, bllterod, spring, sheet anol S Crswley steel Hollow ware, cut and wro.g.t nails iad spikes Zinc, block tis, tmill anl grla stontes, lt kettles Chain cables, anclors, hoes Ox, log aod trace chains, corn mills A mtils,vices, Hammrs ad bdellows yWire, sheet, pig and har leads shot d Cal, tc, and nkg slove S-Ames, ttowland's and other spdles and shovels nHook ad Iplate hinges, door awl window hooks S Collins, Hats, Sliut p,. nsd other aes ra'r'd asd Msailla ntlage, lines and twine Iolt stul sheathing colpper; Naval stores Pais, linseed nssd spenrs oil A full assrtsentt of Ihardware and ship chandlery, alwatyos ot hand, and wlhich are offered fir ale at whele. ale or retail, on the most favorable terms, by m4 LAYTON & Co. 53 Od Levee. EW GOODS-Simmons Hartt &. co are now 're lIroiviag from on benrdsehips Yazoo, omi doratngs.* nnd brig Conoerdia, farn New York, a rreat varicty e goods in their line, which together with their formes stockotniht.nd, makes their aassnrsoenlverye plaete. The following compose a par, viz: t ell twist, st.,rs,.de, tul:k and dresaig combas, bons do ofall descriptiono, In. din rubber, silk and worsted elastic garters, common & ine elastic suspenders, loco foeo and Lucifer matchles, .eidlitz powders, powder poffs and boxes, toslet powder, pobket Iooks ando wullets, needle books, shell, pearl, tvornd ead enl cases, head orna ents, a lineo rat heads, necklaes anl negligee, bead chains, bead necklaces, cut glass and plainseeSd,ailverand gilt tads, Indian beads, hells and plumes; pistol and large iw. ter flosk, shlot belts, lhose, belt. pocket asdl ducaing .istols; dooble andosingle barrelled gniS, Bowie kldves, andi dirks. stissors, shnears, pocket koives, guard chains, and ribbons, waist buckles, cloth, hsir, tooth, nail,cobt, rtets, srhoe, ilate, floor and dusting brushes, Colougne, Florida, lavender, rose sand bay water,asaorted, and extracts, Maccaaanr, bear, antique, and Ward's vo. getable hair oils, shaving and toilet soaps of all dleo eription, Indin:' and geatleteolls' deskos nd dressingm eases, hair rieglett,frizottes and Ibrtis, plain, fancy ana musical work boxes, plain and gilt, figored, coat and vest Iuttos, pearl and ivory shirt lU slhirt studdo, goldI and silver petril cases, tothispcks and tweezers,plaled nd dgilt lockets, tsiniature do, oilher, Iraas and steel. t'nimblea, hooks nid eyes, hair Ipins, imsitation fruit, Ilk and rediok,shse blnekitg, violils and gsitaro,riibbed cnd plain percussion caps, lis.en twine, scented rash. ens, gold ad siler lace and fnnige, latter ltpaer, guis hafseilng w'sdpt walkhng rnea,playageands, finsn gold, plrt'I ailt j~wellry de. lea are Ioered at wlhdIe on oaoes autodtatnog N Ii t.ell cuabs r.lnr rd - MAIL ARURANM6MWT Ne.f..r Mail, $ Due Every Day at O M. . . ' Clones Every day at i0j A. Mt .Western M , Due every mLnday, Wedoesday The lake .itail[ Deon every Tae'layl, Thursday, a e 4Siratlaj, by 5 P. M. va Closes every Monday, W ledneral " -- - - E I ITHae lA1 TIMES OF ARRIVAL DEPARTURE DISTANCE A&. of the Expree Mail, bhetwa Moedl. and New York-leaving Mobile daily at 3 P. M.. Norlhwatr New York daily at 5 P. M Southward. Arrives Arrive Narhwared. Dietare. Trie. Imra'g Montgonmery, Ala ro. 1a8m'. D9 m 13sh i m. Colmbue, (ia. 1 4 81 i .a M Nilledgeville. . 133 14 1 p - Coiuoelia S.C. 7Iaem. 163 17 IS SnRaleigh,N C. S 15 2 12 SWarrenron. Va. 12 a. 55 tI a Pelerrbnu'.Va. 10 pm. 83 10 9 bn ltichmond, Va. I am. 21 3 m Washington oly, 2 pm. It Baltimore. 8 318 Philadelphia, 6 am. IS II n SNew York, 2 pa. N 8i 1305 143 k. o 5d 2 h Northwerd. CoeaingSothwald, the t imran 1dMar P t; benng5 days and 17 hours. iEN IOLLArB REWARD. e ANAWAY from 169 Carmndell eorner of MeviM a etreele,ona te aighl of 3g0h of Atnus, and wee seen the teat morning in Poydrn sarmi, a aegra hbo n.a sdCtARI.EJ, about 17 yeas of age, ai fe or theraebo hteighl,, m bltac, anid haan roped r iment i hisn eehL, t p a p his lo s i o hre, ,eeeioge by a rseant hurt be i nee o h whe le went away a whim a olon or linen a uirl ad while otta paaimld a. dMasera of vessels and elea boats ae enaioned a gdt reeeving or haetbotg said egro, well as ll it other psona, as ite altlal rigour of the law will beha enforced agintl them. The abne reward will be pai I fordeteri ha; ki , any of tre L of eithj of the mun iplities, or aI)l6 Canedel, cnaer oef iHerbe neeet. SNOTICE-The comrtcewNhilp eraeol aaeisting I a nder.. firm of i.)uet. & Garretos,, hte bees - di.asoved. The sbascriber will liluhtte the dh no i the enern in thi city, .rtd. requiren anlpturoi ncshb. dC to make paytnelit to b ., ony, d atie.a.heiag, lab rstn reop eoat tlrelO forsjtleiliet. d tne 8-71t H orGARRETd ON, ow.w. S I .m , No. 11Cm'ta Street .New Orleana .-AS always on hand cenaely Ih rereiving Dne I Dyes, Cemicalea, aud P·' airmtieg tlet are ollownia. J.UGS. DYESi Antimny, ermie, Aarg, r.el, do regUnli, Annaso, Spia Arseic, crllde, Alum, do oimw nader, Brzille a wa s, Ilarnc nolnr, .eahimeal, Urimrlone, erate, Futien, Tmrepler, dt roll, do Ciha, do flower, do Maiie, irnath, Precbh lerries, .aEsoroil, Itlig, Bengpl Creaem atarh, do Manillh, -Coltbaridrt, do thrreaa (lnma loes, do Ittrea. , do Atobie, Logwanod, Camlmehy do aasfletilda, eto at lomneia a do amoniaa, de Jase n ad do benzoin, tamwoed, doo c , lrogh, , Madder, mb hI do do nli r , NiowarIra, B°rel. io do S Arneerie-, do Cora, d to acm phor, eriea at Mabaneib Sd o rrlef.o do lashe. do 1 aornam, CIHEMIOALS. tdo ino, Aeal, nitrousa ldo mansi do mariatie, do opiuim, do A lyharie, ,do ahellac, Mitre itn S i. senegal, elonal, pp. ndo redran. Corrotive en imaeai I ld tragoeant Uhloaridcef liar, Garmboge, Epsom ahi, - Juoiper berries, AmetitaLuoar cuntii, do do Foreign, Red precipiate, m Magnesia, Eiglilh, LRohelle akl, ilo Americmr lIed bchromite Iptietl aui.a flake, Sul) carp S 1 tto sorts,' Sulp intam, Liqiovin balt, Sugar lean, - i icloves, Snip zic., a , enain, Soit, quinine. io l.l.lgmet, Toartir emeic, lo Inane. I'AIN'It Blt.s, Ipolpirmii., Bioe, oil ;eFiiaa, Chromic allow, dry, io sheenc. ,l deio inl oil i, .rail., do treen, dry, -t liqluoice, tIn do in oil, do thluoart , ii m, tarelhik hEngtihk, Io strit. lito Ieinllaontoan it rit virg,. Lilmorge, tngl.dl, do . r'.t tliltonin'a, 'to Anmercl.n Ie do TIITamiiito, ltris white Knglist, rt tini sit o Amrrienal ti onti, lied letit, nitelr.. dio cntnottm, l o (t$ilnaokere, utahr Iroco, S lrn.y, tgliets . fcl kdolh . o dito Arited, 'tto torttgitok do grt.e l id oil 1Si ""t'tt om, Yee. red Elnglisht dq, fito fite Medil, do Almerioar . iSttt,, Spinri, et it , l, Nitr., eree, Vi nmillion, Chiese, Sittih lr:ove, Abar, to g.nm.di.r., io do Iinia, do ii rltrled Sotp, Slimlsor, Igliati, 11 bite citl, thy' Amet iS i do Anoriic, tie F.glish. I1o Castile, ,tlo grounin Qehksilier, 'Amr werramerd rure. d2t--Cot i'ttr:\s nltARnlYAry'S NEW NOVELS Ra/in tIe Reefejr, Iby iia antlllor o IPeler Simtple, 8u SCutmiany, or a Wintoer at Schlos Hiairlil in Lena Styria, by Captain Boaii Hall, Royal Navy, F. L toird lfolho, a rmtnacr, toy Allun Cunningham,i re sh.rpprd Lee. writtren by tiiluclf, in 2 yks. A Co.peodioaa Ilisety ofj:lny, Iransalted from tim original Italtn, Iby Nthaniel Greene, i I vol. fo mieng No. 79 of Harper's Eanmily Library. ole. 3 &, 4 of I[e ew eomplene and t iokm edilia g of I~eioa Irvine's Wvnks. Rogue's ,r d Rglish Dielioz; y _ .in I al eae Ntgen'o Ftreeil ad RaNic Dietioery. At.s--A few momr e pcpi C Coaohta Phrenmlogy Rie.zi.' Large ueyor' a we ql & &eSpilot i enoiemf Peens,jamd papen, weigt Jusl received, for ai by mn3l DENJ. LEVY. SPAIN REVISITE%.', s. --+ " SPAIN REVISITED, &c,by the maho,. Aye., in Spain in 2 vols. Traitr eflndaa ewrnaehr,asgeneraly - iable to - the Aboriginie. of Noenh Amerina, Jy( T set, Enq 2 vole. o The Pd eal Grammar, of the UaiVed Ness, ne complete view oftthe theory and praetice of tlhe g d and state gavemnarats, with the relationa Ittwen then -dedicated and alapted to the yeung me da UhwiaU-d States, by E DI Mnafield, Eoq. Ni.a'rod' Hetlid Tow-n intrpered wih ehearnate istic anecdotes, saytngs and doing, ofsnei s. clnding notices of the principal erack ndens o1"ngl with analycal contents, and general inde: of namea,1 Corn rat cone or volumes. ellgOI SErofula or King's Evil, Cbronie Rheumatlta, Chronic Cutancous Dis- Pain, in the Banl,y frm eases, ate aofitvcey the blood being in vitiated state. This very concentrated Syrup i pepred with tm greatest Phamrateegld n u nd accorany,amn eo-taia the nactive pnnciple of Snrtaparilla in ihtoo!! canc tented degree, eombinaed with other vegelanh eeaw.r of known efficacy. The great desidertum with physicians in being abl to exhibit a large ganot ty of Srana.,rill- in a m dosm, iso neen obtained Il thi pepraepatr i - y, baei fully coavinced of its merits, coademly aw ianir the course oftheir practice. Price f)1 50 par botde. Sold only at SWAI. IROTHER'S drug ;tore, No. I ]Canal stee, whe tmay be had, fres an geine, dirac tfroem the P.rrntl torn, Swaim'a Panmace and Vertifuge, Potter's con, Carpenter's Peparatonts, and a large and genera assortmentl of freshlt drugs, 4 PIN'IYCK'S RObE, &e. ]INNOCK'S IMPROVED) EDITION OF DR Goldsmith'e Abridgment of the History of mRo, to which is prelixed an Introdnetion to the 8lady o Roman i aiatory, ana great variety of valuable info, nation added threlho.ut dxe wok, on thie Manner lualtitution elld AnAquitisn of tihe Roenrh with an, eroaus hiographicol end historical Notes; and qoens tiros for exnlmntion at the end of each section. II. lustrnted willsth thirty en.aving on wood, by Atherton --..oxcn's Improve Editi n of Dr Goldsila's lHistory of Englond, iron the Itvnusin of Julius Casa to the death of 'George 2d, witb a comtinuation to the yea 1133. WitlqUestiona for exnateanjia at the end u each ection. lBides a variety of valuable infonnan iot added througon the workl. Consristing of table of cotteuttprensy Sovereigttq and eminent ecsn Copious explanatory noes. lemarhks a tise po. i, moanners and literatur of th age. An outlline3 the Conotittio.n, &d . c e. tllustraId by may rt (oa' Et.E .IrT, or A.Trano.n, and an Aoridgmen of Keith's New Treatise en the if, of Gl(bho . Nap Amcrican elitio, with additina and improomaean ant an expiation of tin atcoomial pan ofthli A. rican Almanac. Jut received and for sale by WM M'KEAN na 24 comenr of Camp and Coanaoa at HARPER'S CLASSICAL LIBRARY. I ORACE,tnr luted by Phillip Francis, D D, with lL appendix, c l taini. traanitae of variout odes, &c. by Ben Jonson, Cowley,. Milt'aa DrYdo. Pope Addison, Swift Cllattlerton, G WVakofiehl, Porno. Bryan, &e. and some of te in ore emintent poets of th day-and, IPH(.DRUS, with the aplpendix oi ."tdin traunai led by Christopher Smart, in volae irtitg vuluatsl and Iflof"Naricr's Clasdical Iilattrv ° The1,ihenev ntl'llS ESftdiun of iU.Nt'rC Ya CLINKER, by llett, M ,.i. t h a .ae:,uir ofthe Autior, by Tlru, .tloecva, liq., nsaw aelitiolt, with illustrations, by Go ITHE -IPSY; T'le, by tlheaoutlor of "Riahaliea Mary oil urgtttdy," Rn., taw adifsan, 2vae tnmpli ni one. IAUIJL ;LIFFOltI; ,yl the t "ta nor 'tl'olhew 'hit I),,, ~ tt" &o,'4, hIeuu4 volumen IV otttae tnewe no UT""L Vltka. Junu recelivd le .) Wi MoaKLNd - --------;---- ACON SIlDWES- cask Cinelenati 4to114 launding ful o i.tcteaubtat F,.to, atmi tar Iaajd' -- . e;H'I '.k.UlA....,.,.+..

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