Newspaper of True American, March 28, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated March 28, 1839 Page 2
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In th 4RYJB Aº7IUrlil1t& eo . ever ara~ r & s deal 3a a- .mile lu enntnbetion with this e()ide is a On iPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE A880RTMENT OF TYPE did' RU " l PjINTlItNO Or hut nald Ster li- e r` a-i. - s, He I s how BIls 'sil ri B1E.1lr o o on. and Asl evw y deTcriptei efJolb Work that half ay be required. and - - .heat PTIs I'RUE A I[ERlIo . :P : aIII'eU BIVY JnMl e1aiSM l. and hers S AtWrVUL AND BOLD. Jew ! YFr..O R LETAN THURS t Y MARCH 28, 1P39. woe Tie T tI w s l entlemen am p.resented for Aldermn r In ieeotnl4llneilitv. as I let Ward J. H. nCald.rll, S encer Gloyd, Jas. P. the : Froet., anrT. I,. Meotx. - d Ward-S nm'l. J. Peters, E. Yorke and H Lock- are 3d Ward-B. Whilty, J. Hall and E. W Sewell. all CITIZENS. nil 1R. Revave weR understnndl, declines serving as atI ileitsman cif the Second Ward. are Mv. IUclxttroHao's.;,ectuorvs nr numerously attend in 'at by ladies ind gentlemen. IHe is an agreeable and at i. uct.etive lecturer--his manner is calm and unaffkcted; the asnd his matter aboutnds in apt illustrations. The sub- t I t is one of great interent to the christian famnrily. I DRx. CO..LyER who has an excellent repntation as a I:prle Peanologist, is in the city, andi has lodgings he at Ihe~3elinsge Hotel. His little work on Phrenology he is the best manuel of the kind yet published. it MR. K..te i is altacting some notice at Ploul h's ( museum. .nin good Ventriloqruiil. and .rr. of ihis a dialogellse a inbeonceivably amusing. We rememrlber hearing him several year ane. HORnRIBLE OcCURRENCEr.-rThe Red River Patriot at of the 15th, publisheld at Shreveport, sys that "on the to night.ofthe 13 ,n an o!d Can'dro Indian shot his brother gi in th campniear that place, and ilmediaely stabbed Ir nhiminlf. They were both buried on thI 14th. Ardent in 'spirits caned the disaster." We believe suchl things ae are not uoneiinm n in savage life. - I SUPPrroD Mtgtv DR.-The Lorisv:lle Gazette of the 20th rays; "'Tºs individuals, nniedl David Scott, James e l rnlne John Miller alias Wiliir Worlfe have been exantiied before our Police Court, on a charge boghtitg ainst in them for the mniurder of Mr. J)avid H. Stapgy,, of this city, on the Ohio River, near Flint'island, on or about the IIth inst. The evidence brought against them was entirely nircumnstanlial, but i of a character that left but little, if any, dloubt of their guilt on tile minds of all who hear.l it. The Court considered the proof presumptive of guilt so strong that it remanded them to the Circuit Court to be disposed of t according to law. Mr. Stanlry'sbody luas not yetlen ie discovered, and a reward o five hundred dollars (raised a by subeription) les been offered to it. TlE FonREs RosnE.-This last new piece brought out by Celeste, at tile St. Churies, lt night, and to be I repeated this eveoiing, is a tragedy, the scene oif which is laid in Virginia. It is a tale of love, heroisme, and malsnanilniy, and the language ellt Bishop Cliyne has put into the mourt of the ieroire (Celeste) is beautifunl ly poetic Rad characteristic of our rod bretlren. Mlisss DorAVe PRT elotinues lher ponirtlnrmar es at ilr St. Louisltall Room. Sie lhns chosein a barl endof tle town for the display of her fine acting. To-night, she plays lhylock and the Spoiled Child. MUItcIPAL ELoECTIOlr.-There was a sort of half advertisement, half rotice, in the Picayune of yr sterday that deserves a little attention. It was doullires tile . production of anoe individual, ileo would like to 'smuggle hilmself into the Council by persuading the cootmuntty that others who have performed the duties O' rneneennin mm "' u,,... .. i,, o..clr. Til l,,-n Ifot nenws itsef, nit thile enidih)lo atitacks oIl the ass1 ant indicate the source whence his Parthian arrows came. They were dipped in the gall of a splenet an imal, and envenomed with some drug supposed to lo deadly in its effects. They will fail, however, in their aim, and fall harmless from the fair escutcheon of those against whom they were directed. The article to which we allude, is headed "to the o-. ters of the second Municipality," and charges that there is a dtenrnination " to have a ticket thrust down their throats bya dictatorial and interested cliique." The wholetenor of it i low-minded, and grovelling insinun tions are riade against memr enl of tihe prsenet council, which are untrue and unsutstained by the semblance of Struolh. The allusion to lMr. Peters is wanton in spirit and base in its intention. To no ranr in the wholle city of NewOrleans is the community more indebted than to Mr. Peters. To him the Second Municipality should be peculiarly grateful. Hils enlightened wisrldom, his experienced and enlarged views, have raised her credit to an enviable standing; and his general informatiir, united irith indomlitable industry, have, it is true, given 'him a weight andl influence il tie council, ltr they have been ined for tile advancemenit and prosperity of the Municipality. Who talks of a " pliant conclave ?" Who praten about "anl overgrown pareun?'i" Some puny scribbler, whose head the fiagient of an idea never enltered,and whose bosom never swelled with a manly emotion. The present Council has been diltinguisherd for its iadependoles, aind tlle liberality of its policy. It is true there are sole who are lot brilliant nien, ibul they are firm and consistlnt, and the condition of the finan ces of the Mnlicipality, indlicates very strongly that they havre managld with skill and integrity. For our own part, we are perfectly satisfied wiihll tiri, and situch we believe to he the feeling of tlie Minicipalrly. To the igitators who would raisei a emlllllti lnll ill order to puall othern down, to elevate themselves, we say, " we want no hange, liand least of all, slch clOn as tlthey would bring us." C.aMERtclAL AtD nrAIL. ROAD BA.NK or VtILBUooG. -The Whig of the 22d, says: "Thie Commoreial and ail Road ank of tis city, fu again oteupended iperie 010meslll, nL.I lr ot'. are no lger ILdorented at her rounrter iu the pre:ioud metals. We deemedt-thrre.'numpli. ofspeie h ayments l h eor Binto preatnure; preont evrots lproe tltat our opinion was not incorrect,--theLalge foruign debt dut ftnn our eitizona rendered the resumption on belhlf of our Banks bhzardous in tlh extreme, the deomlnd for /l" or its rrpresentative wheres ith to Inay stlld ex ttingWish this drbt, and by the np c.,uniry trader hor the ames. were and inc:resin.i he times are as " out ofjoint " No tea . cqua iq tell wittl he l-n. " lditioumd rex.ureen of this Bank, cta doubt Ir a Ino Sm ith. ultnittet eoily nod her Itoneot desire t pay hr notes ehnrding to their termsn; h)ul rnecesity hlut . o law·unt.l hercnouoanolds plut he oloerel. Her po n o"rw.3t hefoe re notetl, and illngtin Ie rerelved h ry nourcitirens with confidence,t'wan foreign Iholderr ..-f 'r n mrp ' as we undoratld, thatt wet determ;ned tt it"have their pound of flesh" that superinduced this 7e Biank, we underotand, will continur to rederm it Wap.ielpr finve anoteo dollar notes, atd a m ary anthor ieed to say to the holdea olf Ir paper, tlhat no s ,riiore should be made or pcrrilted tll thettt. ,tleno the atp. page is general the Bank will non hbe il so'it etolnli Itoe as will enablel her to'resume with saliey to Itersrrf, snd at the Ian.tiam preclude the withdrawal from her va ,lthl o esery .Uar by those who will tLve found ors loeng at It taie their interest to arve suatained re Ater than deiropotd her palprn." We do noth woaltat extraordinary dlaftan may have been msdetol the hank, but if site have any proporlian r - peaen, tstohould ,ne it it thie faithrfl ditwlttorg of l -r lisbllitieo. bYrenarewed suspension, proves ineon si. ably thla shne bha Ianked oi a tatt liberal apirit, and an withe tat prtaaee which snhoutld guard avery Itt. alyed instnitutioo Irm a prostration of its credit. lanks seould not be allowed to huatrend. If an individual fsilr, be is eiry ptddenlrv aond Po. 1IIWORI.EAli JOCKEY CLUB ItACEd- Ix nSenld... odeurckl Day -Parsre $iO,-- Tdo Mile agtlilnoostno t ld}e ourne was thongdec with vi-a u raen okuu,,abd and buggi.a, birled with a' eut o and Ladino; and a small prin.kling ofhirne A e. Pe day woas ltpe, ilthe uf bright, tad a delight. io atrentloie blos. What r nay he the pressure in beityeervy ona teememd to hane n plenty of money, e dkatr-e-oT willing , Senturre it fur the take of ga n bbiF s neighbter'.. Thtebetn ranged, "Pollardsaginai .lW 1 l5d"r" Rderik against the fi.ld," and "Jrwens Sagait the field." Thre was confidence in all but KavNIeauh, and te hod hankers. Thhe by-bet were eue as, ol broken heetdoead onm ore against trhe S Bsr. Roderini woo decidedly the favorite, and next tolid ijntm. Is lJet-rrTIh hotea Wers -hrouoht op atndo sum iato., md tim wpnrds wll given borso lioduock woo dN .uadp,n.hdiey nednel agltim wore titan faery .ards. R ut bowe was no.e ttg back, mtd the little gpy hatd S golhei dealth, trusting to t light pair ofl Iels to bring bLa upin tbe two milt. Jweass taek the leul,. fl. loaed by Pollard, with Kaenanglhin.strikttg di l-tate. L In this way'they Pa. the . Grstanle, Roderick -iat o every opportunity tlosingthe wide gap, with a great t deal ofjudgment. fie had thi sympathy of every gen- res erous mind with Wi. On the back stretch of the d trs mile, Kavenangh bruched up to Pollard and passed. of lt On the 3d turn, he madie a hrush at Jewess, .but he Pay did'ntshine. She lot out a kink and left him, but on the Mal last turn the face ofthings changed a little. Roderick ingt has been very busy.. He brushea by Pollard, makes a o. dash at Kavenaugh and as they camedown the qoua- said ter .treich all in abunch, hle tries the mettle of Jewes. Hehba made up bi loast time with such Ianettecdota said rapidity, anxiety is on tip-toe, lost he imay win the hent, tern and yet the loud shout of approbation affords ample pro evidence that there will be tfe regrets if he do. But Cot Jewess is a hard hand, and she passes thie line abl,ut o knlfa neck ahead, according to the general impression Ap and ours, although prenounced by the umpires a dead tlir heat. "The mare has it," "Roderick hsna te heat." law "Hurrah! my little grey." "Go it ye Israelite,"- tore "'Three to one it's Roderick's tent," were the thousand exi and one eries,tnut they d'd not decide the heat. The the horses, according, to our judgment held this position- tro Jewess, Roderick, Karonaugh, and Pollard.--Time,3 ano m. 49 c. nol Second lieat.-WVhon it was anoonncred that the first was a dead heat, the excitement increased. Tile mi shew of game that Roderick had given. won him new bhe friends. 'The horses came up to thle stand fof tile start ns at first-KnaOenagh having the track. Jewess ra- de ther made longest tracks the few first jlmps and led do around the back stretch, Pollard fidlowing, Knvenaugh holding nloog behind hit and Roderlick looking at themn n all running before hire. On ther last turn of the first fa mile, Rtulerick brusohed past Poliard and dnahe away to at Knvenaugl, w ham he passed at the stand, nmid loud F hazzas. lit the mare is still before hime and light heels are tracking him. lie laid up prerty close to her, know int her propensity to run off. On the 3d turn he broshed la 1at her. It is a hird rnh-thel y come to the 4th : and at the last stretch is befire them. "Clan Alpine's warrior n tutou" har the Jew "on the hip." It is RIoderitk Dhn's it tIlet. Time 3mr. 48. ft Third eat.--'l'lhe friends of the little grey had now A a "aho-se in tle stuble'," and they felt no dlisposition to hedge. liut there were sle fears that tIllhe two hets 1 Y he had'nlready run were quite enough for him. Yet it was "nothing venture, nothing gel," ari they keptup a their judgments. The signal was given for the :ld trialI is and the riders were up. Pollard tiads off' fllowed vb Knvenaugh and the Jewars-Rodorick behind, but not long to remaint there. tile silu.tion being some- vhatdis agreneble. O() the 3id telen he ran eip It Ka(reonllng at and gave him a ter for tile vlntage grmunl. 'trhe Kenl Ie ulrkian is d.elelem a dtonauge-ue llr dversary, and the little r grey is opposed to his leading. 'tie mare has beenr 'd trailing hehind, bet on the t d tmile site leaves Pollard nt in the rear and rius up tir the hear. But the contest e evidentll is between Kavenaugh and Rtoderie. Outheeo last turn,tle gallant sorrel provres hit mettlr. Ile cOLtIeS down at a killing pace, and little grey Roderick is tcom le palled to see daylight as well as I.e can inslted of a Iti clear front. Pullard seeing the trouble of carrying on fe, such sport, tlhon.hl it rrl to retire hchir.d the distance pole, about the titme tl'e wo comlpetitors wtore at t c Ir. stand-Jewess contriving to part 'comllpany with him in ar time tto ave her-twe had nearly said "baconl," but theat o nwould not have been altogether ortlodox.-'Tine-3tm. ct 49s. Fourtrh Ilent.-T'he aatterest icru.secd with the result v of the last beat. Those a het had taken the ficld against U Roderick and Jewess, began to grow a little stiflflat tl the gills. Their hopes revived wondehrflily. Allthungi o Pollardl was diitanc'd, Kavenaugh lad shown himself a a ",ull team." IBut the ridelrs are up-they are ff- Pollard in the lend. On the back stretch Jewess paCases lRhlick, ao d tmakes at lusll at Kaveullegh, bllr the igi sorrel culls Ilia tail at her and Irlk et ,ens his strides as tIcIIh as to say lV "yoll Can't cotCe it," for he Iads a on to the stalll. () the thlrd tullrn, lRoderick brllushes p Jeawess, nlll a I.cses her; but ialhough lihe mliksUc a Itn run, ale ecallllt headl tlle Preuchela . l.invrlllgh cill a the ntal in gallant style. ''ime-3m. 5 !s. I. John F. Miller's ..e. Kavenangh by Berlraln, damn byh Iirector, 4 years old, 1100 Ilbs. 3 3 I 1 2. F. l)ninltiecr'a g. c. lodcril Datit, by Pler in, a dum iby llagdad,l 4 yr. Oad, l'I s 0 I1 t 2 , 3. D. Klincle'c g. f. Jeceis by ltua.boroutgh, damn by Sir Archy, 4 ya:nrs old, 97 lbs. I ' 3 3 4I. J.S. Garriecu's b. c. '.ollad Birowna, by Widl hill, dam by I'acola,4 yer. old. 1 I s. 1 i dlit. Afer the malin race, a sweepteakes lllse off for . a service of plate valued at $'30-$530 entrance. Mir. D. Kelner dntered Richard; lMr. Wl. eills entered George I Elliott, and Air. Iollandt ente, d Ben Morgan. The I icak of thleir rnew trade. The'l gleat dificulty to be whit slloultl not will the race. \\'e colllll eter into at vivid descriptioll, but oaua rl ace will lnot aldmllit of of it. Blen Morgan gave over the first heat, and his rdl, tooki the saddle for Richard, but tell fll ot' ti d ground, and lefti iGeoge Elliot to take thle race, 'l'ime--lstheat ,4'. 4s. 2d heat, solmetlhillg more than 6m11. Recordcr's C(:olrl, SECOND MUNICIPALITY. Reports of Day Police and Night Watch, iMlarch 26, 1:;39. 3. lieace, dci card Leonard, Stiltt, elia. Lu etot, Ar ca'rd ir blcing drtkllllt ilnld ctlar lerty silccawc ic d niat be,. Iies:hargat . S''ho as lhiley and Jales Ilardy, both arrested. Inc d it , a atelrs gve to the pie thalilt ithese aor t le cmastersl tthereof, during the Lerief neetitCce ide l, whsas n aow tertitedt in Orleans street s taeCn altl ie Stti, llland tat they had rathet mre neig an ownerhp ofe the et cl rpot.carr lDla. Sevictt t 'ainterr rpacid itvi.ic eitntl,' (f, tlalcend o e ti q .tory a coit o ty he atselvaldi u kcllt llltla thldalr nd ut h peus loler; . ('Celd amot ive enti-froutly account of aiemcld and I trai Ind to ltph tile Iteewe. Mt . l,~corsy. Vt W eeS.Lch, 1r. S. rlattdhwa nd 'lren Ins I arow,ll all resed, beitng fcetnd duratnk. Iles lamrgaed. N: a,'e Sii and A. (. Powel alias . . twet-a bac'itge' d witl ilcaaiglin' g awt Iodl Slall u eiatet cti)r. tc e'x hti e ristg tat ite a slate ict hie hac li on ..a I lOlSl clllied i Iw a' b \llrte -l l o. Ua abuttt tha 'v w rer-i goig io Mct'lall a tis i:'atticat c ito c Y. I-lcr carpel, h Yl cadcttleiia i6lll Mrledichle, ad enl llivi lld I, the Lnrke, fuc l M ll!lll , [ll Nin nat K, t'a lt.Lowbe r ull el to m il tnlll l ll pon eXalllinin t.e Regih'rer ,tid.Icovrel 1that there nr e, twc satr , i ipal,ed l iet I.te ,caSith, at l charllri t c i l otte of tnleat laves to a ie th a 'eles re fro y D cr iie alld the otlllr tlh plopi d o .I , b lllllee l J. ietand. T(Capt. llarer thee eonuIed r L at tat uralt it e Il.l;ri: twhe Mot tarted itorid o e e s aec ope , aind a i sad elaar lcie tad c ndh toeatd iptocee thacte 8 tor Ill milies hlr he inti o cd l.el o llti I'Pralbl of r i •lustins-. Shich, sie d ule beawns were hsid--lind Se lllahelll ll c le dandait hlt lea ao e to take otW dn--they were ione, t ld tho Catptaii Is C oile tlatnlhoat ery gelertnLnly ad Toat litely a ile( tr a r ln lia'tedriln c lllr g theulaC ,l a liettin' the oa bLoa of a ihdliegn , s ld to retslulnl II the arci v. a mith said de lh, alaira alcltlanct, wa.r gdit ld od that he alLpptLaedal, t was a gni]t. Pwl Jt ie t'lrltry i urald a' lce rae i it amaeiag b rut wag the travellint frient d oA :;lptip . Tiheira tarial at the s rmiit ale Ca or int. lcCna.lln N. t \Vel lllat llll err arnd ha rrsc 'e, ullt aiid ao or i.s imr pr raierty of aauct t. i dulye. Dae - e clallargederm a. ' .atLh. Edwrnl )o l r--eatrreelrd ls te a realh oP Ibe peace. Examlinalion poslponed. ViV tct ninl.r of ýouncitl. r SE CO D UNIN CI c L [ -iTY. 'I UESDAt , 6th M iarcth, ii39. a Tihe Council ilte purusiti to adjolrnmllent Preaent, lion. Joalc a Balsdwin, a etorder, Alder Smen Caldwell, clall, Lcketrt, M,:ux, Nixon, Petar,, f Madell ad Yorke. aT.hel Journal of the prceding meloeting havia g d been reaa and aapproved, The Recorder laid beore thile Coulncil the mopy of a judgment in the ease of Mutnicipality No. 2, Dain relatio to the opoaing of a new street froml Puydras to Girod treet, beclwoen Magazine and "rthlaaitoula wtreotd: wheroupin, ot the call of' Mr. ity lxln two letitionsa onte or, and one against paid measure, were read and frrd to tsle CoJn. mittee on Streets and Laadintgs. t r. Peters thereupon introduced the followiug Preamblo and t Resautiones, which, the ruled being dispesed writh, were tcken up and unaslaalu ly adopted : Wherea application was inad to this Council ic by Satuel Packwooid, J. Berry, Jasmea t lia I. ridge, ',I. ,.de, A ,ijh Fisk ad G. D;,sey, tM g.Iuzin- and Tclhapitoulas streets, to And whereas the Council believing the measure at expedient, passed a resolution autlhorising the reMar to make application to the first Judicial Dietriet Court of tlo Stao of Louisiana for the 10 appointment of Arss~sors relative thereto, and t wheeaol he hionorable Judge balbro whore these proceedings were had, believing that every formal. n. ity which the law presecribes should be strictly cott,. as plied with; and whereas the said Hlluorablo Judge la wass attfied that J, Berry slid G. Dorsey were not proprieto s of property a jacent to the opening of an*Jd atreet, u represented tiler in, he pronou,,ed 19thne following interlocutory decree: ,f- 'It is ordered and arijudged, th Itri t ,.pinion of the court up "n the oppoaitio a to the report of the commissionors in the premlsesr s isuspendd until Mtrdi the JMnicipality No. Two of the.Cty of New oarde Oileat. shall have had communication ofthi judg. 4 bb meet;taid shall have ihoroupon confirmed and reoi. o. erated the resolution taken by them in their sittiqg Odes ofl1th June, 1838, for the opening ot a esteot from lacsn Poydras to Gird etreoot between Tchalritoulae and noore Magazine streets, and that the cost of the proceeds Ian ings to the present date be paid by Municipality or a No. Two, without prejudice to its claims, to have ia said costs, or a portion of the same refunded to it, a on the final decision of the cause." Now, whereas in the opinion of this Council Scae said street was and is called for by the public in doi terest, as welt as by the interests of tie individual do.a, property holders on said street; and whereas this toar Council has proceeded in the premises strictly in !001, conformity with the cqulositions of the law of 3d ds 1 April, 1832, in every respect-it is co Resolved, That this Council persists in its deter, eau. umination to open said slreet conformably with said Pl' law of 3 1 April, 1832, and hereby directs the At. -ca torney of this Municipality to carry into efslet the itrr existing resolutions and ordinan'ces providing for the opening of said street. at A Communiction was received from the o('mp-. to, troller advising the Council of a loan of $55,000 trac and of the burning of $52,030 63 of Municipal i notes. p The weekly statement of the Treasurer was sub. 0iot mitted, lshiwmtg the balance at last report to have been $.2,881 61; recn ved since $3,375 10; notes dis counted in hank, $55,000; drawn from City Bank $7,337 50; xponded s.nce last report, $3,685, 76; deposited in City Bonk, $54062 22; notes ro. CO deoomed $8,226 63; ialance thif date, $3,319 60. A Petltion from II. L. Davy , praying per mission to hoit I te flag on the flag stafft in La. fayette square, on Sundays, was on motion gran ted. 0 On motion of Mr. Peters, Chairman of tile Finance Coummittle, the rules being diepeosed with, it was ( Resolved That the suml of three hundred dol I lars be irid to Johno lhson, for extra printing, tin j n'd publications mado in the True Ametrican C newttpaper. Oi motion, the Policr C:ommotit:on, to whom had boon. relbrred th1 sejeroI, was discharged from the further coosideration of the po ition of pp Arthur Thomson, A Petition .of Irad Ferry Fire Company, No. NI 12, was referred to tile Fire Committee. t Mr. Caldwell introdneod the following, a p e. p amble and resolutions in relation to tioi Now Or- eF I, lans as d Nashville iRail Road C(:mpany, and pt moved that nmeo Ite tferred to a special Conmit. tor, of hiehl the Recorder aptointed Messrs Peters, II.tll, and Nixon, Mr Nixon moved to he excused, which was I, granted, and the Recorder appointed in hrs place - T. O. leux. le Whereas, To'l Tihrea Municipalities of the city rn of New Oreleeas, are sItockholders in tile Now ri Orleans and Nashville Rail Road Co., to the V , amount of 505,000 dollars, or 500,50 shares paid o up in fil, and, Whereas,-Previous to the division of the city of tl s New Orleans into three Munecipalities, bonds to tile Samo'.rt of 500,000 dollars, and 5000 dollars in it cash were gives by the said city of New Orleans ,i for the poayment of said Five Thousandad fifity cc sharte,to the said Now Orleans and Nashvills Rail Road Co., le hconods boaring an interest of 5dol lars per cent. per annum, for Twenty five years, at thie the expirttion of which time, the princi pal is to be redeemed by said city, and, " Whereas, The Thiree Municipalitius, having an equal interest in said New Orleans and Nash. tit ville Rail Road, are equally bound thro' tile ot General Sioking Fund, acting on behalf' of the sotthr o Municipalities, it pay the interest accruing * on said ionds, amcouneatit to 25,0ud dollars per i annulm, and, Whereas, the three Munlicipalilties are owners of nearly nine.tenths of thie stock Ittul up bty said e No Nw Orleans and Nashvlle Rail lhod Company ;h and- i Whlrecas, the State of .Louisiana, did Iy an Act, ols approved March 18, 1637, loan to the said Cotm. los patty live hundred thousandn dollars in bonds oftheo to Stlate, binding tih ttompany to pay the prsncipal iosand interest on said bonds, in detl'ulit whereof iby third section of said Act, the State is authorized to seize, by petition of the Attorney Geleral, in Seither of tile District Courts of the lirst and So. Scond Judicial Districts, and cause to be sold, all tihe i, property, itunoovnales, slaves, riglhts, llmachines, lots, ailwvays, and generally the property belong iy itgo o the oaid Colupaely; and 3 Wh\ereas, tie Company are unable to carry oi ill this grat work, in which in specially bound up tihe commercial and political aggrandscllment of the Statle of Louiiana, and particularly of the City of r i New Oilonus, by having recently tai!ed in obtain. I. ng legilative aole to build tile road t somea poist ege from whit.h could be derived sullicient profits to Ihe pay the interest upon tho bonds already obtained : rd Vhereas, the City of New Orleans, is largely interested in a pecuniory clmmurc'al anld political ter point of view, in the succes of tihe New drleans t of nll Nashville Rail Road ; nd- his Whereas, it is absolutely necessary for the three the Mauli ipalities to ionterpoe. their power agaist that of tie State in the eotlergcolbny now throatetl ell, i order to prevent the sale ol' the Net O)rleans and Nashvil c iRal.way, ro tar as gliistod, as well as tihe vast qoontiy of matericis oi hand, together withl i-ty-six sloes, by which Act the Mutnicipa. lilies will lose all tlheir i r perty, and thin great workoo \ill be abandonod ; ailI-- it, heoreas, it is, under all lteo, oe 0 iiLulllst:oles, tile impratlive duty oF a he thrc Munoite.silit ac to comoe r- to tl.e reiefof lth Nw t hlean and Nashv!llis Rail no Road Companly, to ti end, that il c work moay be continued, until Iho n'ext ,oatin;it of teoo legisla. Ito lare, when there ies (ter3 rusnou to hope that the nor public voice in ftvor of the goait wonrk, ooi.l ie uo fully obeyed ; 'lnThefoire, SI solved, that a (onunitto'e of threel l'e appointed te, to confer with Comimittees of tle first anl. third pure Municipniities, and Io devise the bnlet mec:n. of car. seo rymg out the ohj et oftil foregoing, pramblt!e. lte Reso!lved, thatlhe Slcretnry shall trutam;it to the Ce- Counci s oftl lfirst and third Matnicip litics, co lpies nfthel fornsoeig ,roneamble and resolutions d- A ptition of it Te:rrell as relferred to thi Com. mintee on streets and landings. in On motion of Ar. Ha!l, the rules being dispensed wiith, it was ve. lnRosolvnd, that tile Co. uti too on scoacts and landings, are horly instructed to report to the ese- Council at their next ti onetlint, lo the oarediency nc. and propriety of paling the streets Iouelat Tivoli Cirelo, also the west.ln part or hal of of Triton nas walk from Tivoli Ciricl to the Canal of tihe N. O. Is- Canal and lianlking ('ompany. On motion of Mir. Ncuwell, the rules being dis I- pensed \ltI, it was tResol\ed that the surveyor canso to be made, as nt soon as possible, all tile ei o wlallts o ot Camp, Ctol on , liseumo, Nayade, and Apollo s:reots, up to tile mlnits ato of this lMunicipality. 1o O motion,l otnoni thLe Conil adjoI riled to Tue day sing next, 3d April, at 5 o'clock, jI. M. "es ý JOHN GIBSON, 1 COMMERCIAL, Charl:r,.to. , .lar ........... .'+ \lVIhliH9ll ql , P+l~lr· ...... 1 h cw v lrlt, lld . ........ .... 5 (l'I ['llll , 11+ rI. ......... l· IA I'llllad, lph :. Ilnr...........I(. I (.oill.ll l Pt Mur ......... Il, lalti Slnr ,ar ......... ....S I I. ll,,i.el, ......... II i II o..81 lo, l. tul .. r..... .... 6ll i l..r l, o.l. I 1.............. lalrlo lllO (II U b) [l, lT .... +.I, l,,. . ............. . .4 I r, , llll r .... . ..... .. I ):1 I ý.e1,vdle AI "r ...... ..... .-, I IV.~ ,!a ............... 1r, ()llP.Ifi I11',,.I 11T I)!,._, {!._ .. CI,ILA tIA. [:5I.'; Alht, 1.7, 1039. Shillp iab..,g, ii..n, Al R.lon. , Y J A ,. ~ gll IaN.o. llrllll, nrr l lt l lF l orele ll~lg l.'.-l , N~l.,lh, for lae A,, J A ,scrr.ts lh g A+II. u lllhwell. 1 ,'r 'I'lllzlo[ni ll. , 8 R I.«.LIey b,ig Whig, Bhlyw,n ti, f Cr Illnore. . Ala~.ter Sb lr ite, CLItTS, Ut" Ic rtilt tit.c., Schr IDuask, a.ll1y, ldrll~ge, ior I:UlIl, lIlltl. & blroy Schr Orietal,. \ or8.3tend, Ifor New dI Ul, . la t. r ithip \',cksburg, llun!er, tNew Y Crk. ARIRIVAI.S. - Taw ht1tl[ Pbout Lro, Clek.r, 'ronl , N il:, h,.- l toen shi .llip pesnl l,nnr t. lrig. lllA I, o lo I. . lt'.,i , r7,Ulll l 1 tl, lh city. SilI U.hlp lt'ml ll.tul.r, llad hr bnrrll. llllTlt.b. L34ft l.l bir on 2l6h inn,., at I llluu. lteoo I nt l nllh l; ILllate ollng. I hrlg alnd 1l, ir iii Iho rlver, hbil, \Was bdger, 'T'ripe from Liverllool, 2i7h January, to matetr. Fr brqllue Ildmana, (iey,, 200th Jan, frOl Ilorduaua, to T1 lxlnlard Juu. [4leamPler Li ill:i8:. , Snlithl, frolll 'iln illtlltl, Sit olllr "'lvooi, 'L'nrllon, l'rln ?l;lals ull. Slteamr \llVir n \dulhlo , t'onoll, fonlm A~loll &G St Lu. tiamer Cl.,iborlt+ Bartell, frOl. Ick.hlllrg. Stennl.rlr (,'iuderolla. Ip~lhlllallun, tlelll !".rt 1mlllllh. .+.tLcllllr W Ulrhrl+tnl Ilrnll , frn,lll ,n9, lllr chI I. trm.llllr Fu. ihd r+ \\. . 111 (.illl. llllit_. Steamer elllurl.+e, R..-3l:;l, f'romII Ll+llllil It CICllI'. F (J, I'ILtI)1U( Lafeurchn..l'er \aHllhlbehon. Curpo,:1, h.,lr all 20 o Il++l+. II* Ihogs.( 140t lid+ .uillr nai+l b h,.++m PlUS H'I (;lllly, ".11'thhis .nlJar. Ve,;«t'onu .\ . o. 17 dil Llear .. L aw rsur, m2 h allldl :,0U lIb'e rtlln , ..ablnll,"rt . Thll am ion , H h II lllalr, bralllur, Al'Rl",.ll, 9 \V rigit, l.l, Ills lI.I. ilt t .e, J ,laurO It~~n l ile ,Ola++er, Illr, u. , ,l:le_,g & ro,. 43 1,11 nII)II;,ecr1 A Aluur+lel .. 2l. hal,;erl,,lul. \W ,I elel, 71 ba!lo ItoA lelv.l rle I '., ., li ea, d. I'r,) on 1, Asiand & ruo. Madrle, l.. 'mr amer Ango),a..UCN,,r, I9:, bl. flour, PaId 87 do pork. 2:.- IWI. and 4011 kl Ilard, 1,0,r0 & (:lark. 131 hd. bheon. IU bd. aud 2O tl"e" ran--e. vu bane ha0s613 keg. hrI and :11 bi. pork, (;,lllClluuck, tlydu , c.. 121 kegs lard, J YVliren & c. nG7 t zo brouul., ovllnr a bhoard,3d head cattle, oWller ou board. S. l.llnn..PerStcmer Williarr \V.a!lle...CCrn. 311 his pork nllol Lbcf, l`6llJ1d. 99 kegs IUrIIl ·llld I. I. Iu lar lnJ H -'iodl a Co 1. h.l1 lprkl,7 ! n cnrl. ll.rll, 5 llo l)Oat ee, 144 hal ý o:ts, 1J0i rack. cnrol. 1 c.ka dried bllf, hxr beo,,. 1i4 pliaeoa bllk Uok. oaw er i holard. V ru·s,9 crltela ·li 4 IIe lrl.1, owlner uOll board, 145 :ueka u rn, UlTt 9 dluz ¢iCek t+,.k oo ... on 1.l02,8. keg, but.....Gudfl,), 4 I... r.., a..d ul, Vickshlrx.. Per Sl1mnr Cilsirlrua..Carln. 331 1,1 cottoua RirLek,. Hladhey, rarih 4+ o. 164 lo. Lulllbeth a T& ,mpol., lOK lurkn., Wtt . cu, 4;i du, Atllel.. .Iher . co. l1 do, WV Iolsrlt, 16 do. (Geo Harpe o1+. 69 do, Ilolhlo,, & (Boucle, 4 d,., S AV Oakey. ;t d,.. W Al IEial, 35 lo. I ,Lr;lllr, 34 do and In s;Ik e4-1,,tull :eJu, Nu. nt1. '1'urpkal { Watt, 71 ble. COtonll, Merridield. Pearona& eeo, idoN4& H.lo l do, Taylor ¢ " Gardo.r, 9 do Rey. 4t iobeahr 4 W Flowe, do, ordeo, 7 bio fouroYoatmauo Rk eo,2 . lndiaeTaylor, Mad lov, kns and I boa, All WoM. 0o .' Ciuciaotl..Peraaumar lowMrille...arp.. 400 hi. lour, Ogdao & Southoat, S 0 bI tObaco, J Thayor 4 oo, 5 casks Iacon,.A Fulton " co, I3:bhi pork and 271 khog lard, C. Bvroo,118 bihls floor, O Dorieya O i flour, and 71 do. jowl,, J Vairoo, I to, 4i(ta po.rk, Oi Iotizrdie & co, 16 coaks mann, P Shannon & bro., 21 do chhika, 6 his hi o, owua on hoard. Cilnlnnati..Por Stemner Empreos..Caruo, 14 baloes hlnk. at.. Ihoervillo k WoodlPff. 671 hi. pork, 25 kerns kegs lard, lqi40l his floor, Jo L.andiss & co, 471 bi flour, Ii Dorey,. 324 bis flour.Odden &nuothgato, 23 bi egg.., G II Stevn Stl 8 cases dry good., ThoaVoozon, Cincinnati..Persteamer Fuliiler..Cnon. 31 hil hams; 34 do ihouolder.. 16 do aides, J l'hayer & co 66 hds pork. 29l bhi. ido, andH hal"f do.l oBrid.e & co,2 ho.. J I Black, 50 i. Lit flour, Lorry & Seldan, 13 hd haoms. 5 do, shoulder.. I do. jowlas nod to l ls pork, J A Morret, 30 hds. L IH oodiu. 50 I tis whiskey, Steooll & Aeray, 149 Itie pork. 1Q1 keag lard, It l I llds hams. 12 do, shoulders, I do, aides... landis Lc, 24 bales cotton COonon Or Gridley.8 ifhales do, Lambethh & Thomp oAl,. 00 Ida filour, Adams & lHartwela, 51 hhdl hato, J H Fwad 4 cn. Rlton tIou.o-Pop atoamer Soemphore..Carlo. 112 bal.. cottl,,. Follnill; Illocq * Dalolae, I91 do. Toladaoo. 24 do, a BIorneos & Whitall,i5 do. Durrive o", II do, Caldwell & iickey, 4 do, A ledoux co, 45 hds sUgar, and 132 bI iolnoiaso, A liiordie & co, 2, owner ou hoard. Fort Somilb..Por iteamer Cinderetlla. Cargo, 37 hale coat. tont, WIltgrt, cOtdo, Re)yolds. Byrna & 0, 3 ha and s troks al0 packs poItrios, 28 packs do. I lg snake root, 36 . Ilos cotton. 18 pncks peltrios. sod I do deer skinl, owrnr on Loard,l5 b5ef hides. 6i'2 otter skins, D D Mason. 1 packs Ilitrios, and suadry othor lota ooton and p.ltrlos to SuIdry otheor nooigp.oo.1 SIMPORTS LIVERPOOL..Peo ship Wo Badgaer..Carlo ,, crockery. and adssorted orchaudih, to sunodry S consaigneoa. BORDEAUX..Per barque Indiota..Carlgo, win brandies, cortdils. &, to H & W Andrsoll., A IBrtlett Sco. I'eyroux, Arcinol co. J L L. Garnier, B Lacoote,Carrler DoreulA, co.J. Mall , Rau too.g & R.holt atd order. EXPORTS. pi BOSTON..Per .lilit Cmrolina..Cargo, 715 seakL corn. 1400 ri his pork, 1500 keg. lard, 50 bd. heoon, 90 balesa i cotton, 183.pis lead gll bale sponlge. .............Pcr ltig Elthar..Cargo, 413 bals cotton. ti ..............Per ohr Dusky Sally...Cargo, 461 hi. lour, 51 do pork and 32 hda do baon,. IIAVRE..Per ahlip laroengo..Ctro, 1415 .oles clotton. 'IIIO IAr'PON..Po r brig Aia..In bhollost. 11 BAL'PIORIIE..Pr brio Whipg..C.rpo, 491 bll park.O60 hds It baoln, 0894 bgs, 19 his and 12 hll do lard, 44 Iales cotton, hot Ilbeap skins., Il00 dhide, Ii luudolns doer akius and h1. flour, and sugar, f PENSACOLA..Por ocr l Mary Ellen..Carlgo, matl lots lugar ooll, aoloe, rice and fltur. NEW YORK..I'eP sch Oriental..Caorl.o, 855 acks corn, 131 ll flour, 2111s mlco and 9l bhi flour. MIEMIORANDA IlSteamer Clailorno towed down from Grand 0ulf, ship Porlklil, with nearlo of 1l4 bales coutton, hound to Liver" d pool. FOR NEW YORK. Packet 61th Proaimo. L.nisieat end New Pork Line of Packets. 'The A I fast sailing,, ackt ship MISIS- in SllPF. Inptainn Beeb, will sail a aibove, a aend will be ready to take cargo in 2 or 3 days a For i'reilit o passage, having superior acoln a;io loea,tppl iv to he mantel on board, opposite the Vt gletllle anrket, or toe iti22 J 1 IIIILLIN, 74 Camp at T'h pneket sltip Loeitilla,11 pt. Al~len succeed will the Mlissinsippi, ont rhe.Salurday next following. "' NOTICE-The Letiler laig of the very fast sail ing ship Franklin, Captain Burgess, will be taken away froml tie subscriber's ofice at 4 P. M. mar 28 L. H IGALE, 3 Common at [12 NOTICE.-:Menrar. J Willwieehnctt6 and J G Nilederken-Cnitsigeees of gooads per slip ZeofFl, Irem lHavre, are requestcl tIo call at lha ffice of the subscri ber nd receive the. saale. L I GALE, mar28 93 Common at K l"Dl'lhe chip Juneon, from New York, will comn. mentce diichtarging this day pposite Ursuline sIreet. Critnsilea will pleuse attend to e ieel I t of their good'lin tihe Levee. P I.AIDLAW, Iii_8 Agent. METARIE JOCKEY CLUB at RACES. SPIRING M EEETING,1839. 'l'HIRi I)n, T/1 UR15A ' .I'T 1.I RI 128. Jockey Club Purse, $12010-Trl'.re mile heats 1. J S Iarricin, e ' Iulluer, lv o lnrylhad to lilipce, dam ltrhedttt f Ii bttier lt Sir Allied, I years old, il0tlbt--d.r.e red alt raed. . I & It II Barrow, e e Jolshua IBell, Iby i,'rink, dio lhv Little Jisbunli, 4 years Ildl, 1001bs tlrae bluie all Ilue. 'Il'he races to coImnIII(eI I| I o'chock. JAMIES GA LILIt(tN, mar 2,q I'lrtprieltors ALLI(lAlt R LINE. Mobile to Aogusta, via Florida. t . I .Lonves Mobile 'ITuedays, Thurs. ^`", vt days, and Saturdays, per the S' plein(d tsteamer lthampion, (ex. cept in case of astorn,) to Poe sacolni; thence per r steamer Lo Roy to It (Grange, and thuetco four horse post coacithe via Mariana, Bainbridge, Pin derton, Blerron, Outlaw's, ia d Perry, to Macon, Gt i; thence via Milledgeville, and Sparta, to War. renton, thence per rail road cars to Augusta. 'lThe Champion is in a sledid order, with new copper boil re, eopipered and e -pper fastened. The le Roy has been thoroughly repaired, her aceonunodations are an handsomea a ally boit. The beautiful Santa Rosa So.nd, and Clhocta. nwatchiae Bay present the most interesting steam na. Svigation inl tie South--boing at the samet;me perfectly land locked. S Th'l T'eams are not sllrpassed on any routa in the d country ; the drivers, to a man, careful and atten tive. 'rThe bridges heretofore dangerous have b en I newly built, so that high waters do not interfera. ' The enting houses have been mostly changed, and are now as good as on any roald in the Southl. . It is generally known that the ecellenaoe and hartdness of the roads enable the teams ot all sea ild ss to mtake great speed. Their smioothlins so. cures the trarcinor from the ordinary fatigue of d stage travelling. to The Line is now ca.rying its passengers from y Augusta to Mobile in four days and twelve Ii hour=, or to Naw Orleans in four days and twenty n hours. Going to Augusta, the line is six days . andl seven hours. The time actually employed in tranvelling is the same as in the other direction, but Sthe difference of time on the route, is caused by a day being lost in Pensacola, which, however, is a tell repaid by the opportunity it gives ofseeing - tile Navy Yard, the old Spanish Forts, etc. The Is traveller also sleeps at Mtacon, and again at War. tenton. This arrangement will cntinus till the y travel turln northward, when the line will be the samln from Mobile to Augusta, as it is nWi in the other direction. 'This Advertisement contains a plain stat ment of Faets, thie neouracy of which the proprietors gaurantet to each passenger in the penalty of his stage fart'. Ajaps of the Line may be seen at the Ex hangs IHotel, N, w rlease, and at the Mansion House, Mlbile. lI larea through frona M.bild to Augusta, $47 50 Tha line extends, by abranha to Tallahasseo. I l it Chattahooclle, the line connects with the s uteambabat earrying the mail to Apalachicola and Ili SI. Joseph's. Sffice at ti o MIsnion IHouse, Mobile. tam17 O lOSTWICK, Agent, Mobile. InDrawintg of rite tr..ld .raSt!. 'tlterv Class 35 i1 I 'l '1(; 9 'r 10147 2'- i. .5 'rll, DAY. $8, 000! Capital Prizea, Trlkeit only $2 00 I GRAND STATE LOTTERY. 't I IIASS No. 3. Ailtharised bty tile L°gislatire no 3u tl JneStat. "it l)e lrawi MIareh 28 , l tti4.,at ailiek "Y P. S1. at Bliitop's lornel. 5r S DAVIS &CO, Mnangers. y 75 I)Drawn numbers--12 raw Bslo atrs. or Splaedid Scheme. '27,1111 Prizes, amtouaotie to $96,118 Tickets 2 --Halves I -Qearters 5cets. Pabckages of .2 'lickets fr $50 warranted to draw Cp at letst $'4: PaIckages of 25 lialf Tickets $'5, tY wviarrante lo ldraw al leas $1201. Packages of 25 Qarlter Tickets $1250 warranted to draw at least o For packages of ingle tickltps, aply t tile IAPNAI ;FRS' OFFICE., 1' If Chartres st, and at tile corn.r ofIt L.ouis and Clnr PIIII.OBOPilY OP 'TH 111N1). D lIt abve sUlhljlCe euIS.\TI31'..I)A Y ].VENINti, at Ihll pIat 7 o'clock, atlte tiro eabytcriuai CIurch, Lafn I.ldlies are prtienlnrli invited to attend. l'bie subject will be illustrated by sperirtmins nal I drawingas. mY8 22 ] 0iT':"S t-'i,:'TV ' FiR; AltilS-Just received B J per shi,, I 1ie-i' tppi, frolm Nov, Serk, u largess. "' SlnrlrelIet r Patental itilles ,1red hehl Iiiiols, l'lr a le al - S oar 28 ()SSIill' & Co. St Charles lalel A OFFICI OF '1" 11i7 FiIIEiIAN'S INS. Co. i i or,- n'ew s oer n . • o. e A N AC T" 1 ll' .: uu act to alllell d the Act inCOrporo 1 Ll-inglhlt Filltae'sa ' . ir"eatti' itto,.panv of Nitw rDe Orie.l, will be slbmitted fiir Ilei. v pp'alinin to the at, sockoldcrs at ll general lletiRuling tio hela on Sat -r Irdly the 311ht instant, lathe office of itfe C:nitpanv, No 1 Ciamp atreet. E L TIACV, Is u mar 28 Secreter'. r e 'AY )AL T'.Y OF1WO colEANS. oa rCIlF, pthlIe tr crsalt fiour to-tlnv is 6 1 75 perberel It I aceur!iae to ihe Inrith; tile where shell give dii. ., is g Ille iimiiia week (a'raln l'tlMentv Lt 1h ivlr) 40 dfln . " ANIIIFS-lhonae buaalt spenn ,dlma. jast raenshi Ii W.J tr uleip Orlean, mti nale h in. ni4 AIIbt.L S& UtlucV,96 laganhia at THEATRE. (St. Lonui Exchanae Ball Room.) Third night of the celebrated JMiss D.J VEJPOR2' (eleven years of age) Who was again received with enthusiastic Applause. On Thursday Evening, March 28th, 1839, Penn, MERCHANT OF VENICE Male, Shylock, by Miss Davenport Hemn After which THE SPOIL'D CHILD. Little Pickle, Mlis Davenport -Gen Doors open at 7 o'clock-performance to commence Davn athall past sevcn. Winj Admitannce-One Dollar. mar 28 I Saturday, MISS DAVENPORT'S BENEFIT And Last Appearance. "ILOUR--1000 bhls tuperline, and 350 do fine, at U' the landing, forsale Iv mr27 D)RSEY, 44 New Levee flsUTTER-4by kega superior western, it store and for Nale bytre n27 G DORSEY 44 New Levee ACON SIl)ES--tli6raoks superior Ciino.i - L rd. in store and for tale by O. DORSEY, mar 27 44 Now Le.rvee NN 0740N Brown Stout'aal Porter, ,Liirct itttporr alitn, faromal by mar27 READ & IIARSTOW,7 Rank Plnce A - EMEN-In..N ,lraa fnnlic anol Rotan or n-la Iv tJ ner 27 READ& BARSTOW, 7 r ank Place SN RICIIARD)SON'S Dictionary the definite mean . ing and all the meanings of a word, as well as its proper application, nav be asonertaied hy tracing a se 0 ries of qaotationo froam the fathers ef the longunae, Sthrough successive tges down to tle present time. no one is expected to ahubcribe to Riohardsonn' Die Stionar till he has frst examined it, the Agert eraves the indulgeone of lenig n copy at the offices of pmfoo sionl ýaentlenMn fur examtinatin, assnring them that they wall fiad in it, that cleor and fuoil illustratiRool the I language o lng desired and nso long needed the very want of whichl ls leon the greatest dclect in Euglich p Slitertatre. Ofme 162 Gravter at 3t 61 i m27 .ItGll ALE-'Twenty likely, ancclimated negroes t amen and womean, on good tems for cash or good ch paper that can be negotiated. bet S App ly at 199 S. Joseph ree. TEIRELL m a A' R TERRELL t V'IVNDRE-Vingt neores, htmnre et fetnes, A A .- bon narehb pour de |'argoent ft de apiicr qttle do petit MetIre I'aesaolnpte. n' adlrnsser A larue St Joseph. No. 197. ott nI'27 R "IERRELI. OR SALE--'ITwo ci.tetrn. tlt. will hold Il0t gal S I rs each, at tie corner of Prytao e & ' liha tie sts, in the yard of a house belonging to Mr Perrolk, said cisterna are rranted, and sol i dolefalnt of py oent. 3 ~ 1112 9t J IAMI3I·R'I', me - Drawing of the Louisiana Lottery (:lacs 16. na he 42584322374494631 1927 3 pa TO DAY. At 'toclock, ill 14,1100 !! Capital Prize. $s,00l0!! $2,000!! if. 15 Prints of $110H1 each, is 15,0011 ! ! ' Tickets only $4. El 75 Numbers--15 DUawnt Ballots G LOUISIANA LOTTERY. em Authorized hvby Act of Legislature. Chapteor XLIII, r- passed Match 20,1828,Claso 16, for 1839,to bedrawnl on Thursday, March 27d, 1839, at 6 o'clock, P.M. at the it Exchange Hotel, St.Charles st. mn D. S. GREGORY & Co. Successors to YATES ta et. & MIcNTYRE, Managers. ir eir RICH SCHEME. 27,814 Ptiere, amounting to $ $145,934 Tickets $4--Halves $2-- uarters $l. A Packages of 26 tickets for $1114, warraonlted to drew at least $48. Packages olf 6 half tickets $5' 00 war ranted to draw at least $24 00. Paolkages tI26 Quanrler licktets tor $26 i00, warranted to draw at least $12. For Packages or single Ticketo. apnvn at - Tile MnneoreOi Oice, r mt27 35 Canal street, next to Camtp st. IAT'lTIt ' NOVIL'TIES--Manoirs ofelIarles Mat- C Sthews, the comediea, Iy Mtrs tlnlthews in ,S vol. llThe tok of thle Passions, by Jamles, with oplondiI C London engravings. st NeLo Malone and other talns of I eland, by Carletnl. Ilench and lHr, v the author of recollectionsa of the - lhouse of comamotin 2 vol. Captain KEd, the Wizard of the ean, by professor In grhamn. As d other novelhies, E JO)IN.1 & Co, n7 cor,Stt+'hlole antd Comtntla in I' ONIY--5 casks pUlilicd honey, ladmng from Cu' b: , far nwholesale lld retail by mtL7 II lO(NNAl; I .,llchonpitoalao st 11E. JUClE,--Ian caks, hlndi t Lnlt ? 1I1 J)NNAHI'"L., Tthhutiitonhlis st L. m27 READ & Ih1.lRT$)\OW,7 Bnak lic ti by TWV 0iMALAGA \11 ,to. ,l.."by 3- mar27 .EAD) & ItAIRS'I)tJW,7 Iunk flace P l.AUH IIRANI)lY-lll Irrels old irach brandv, for ale hy n t tIOAll ,t tinleallw,7 tnti, placet h UtLiAilt & Mlil.A.tis S--8I Ihs sugar, 120 bblt . mlassesona th l ell I.vree, fr oiTl I,y inl. AIIA3IS & W111'T.I.t. ETT I PE.SIES--A feiw titch,+' patent litter r r copyiTng presssa received fromtn odtn via New ex IL.N'S FItIt;II ANID fc1t l,(clo1 I)' per 'INARY.-Just retcl;ved n 'e valuable Four suppln of the albovl wrk, ill rIb itling nd. in elothl Pitt. I AI.EX. 'l'OJ\l A, 49 (eltntp ot. con, ( IfNNI' Il,-(S1-5,0ll0l Gunny Bt.'rs, 22 2 t :an Var. :3bushel sizes, iin hIns ntd Inindle, tir sale ,by nmar22 I BRIDGE &. I.o, 131 Magazinrc t new OTI`: CE-- All parsoei havinig claies against the N firmn of Clhrisitie & Sinnott or John Christie, ter her equesled to preentht the ene ait thel, 0ilce of it II Smith, Esq. attorney at law, No. 1 I, Ixchunge , lare cla. witlout delay. nr PORT'I' WInIE.. 1.1I) und Gennune-Bllotiledl ill Oporto - MAI)EIRA wtINF:, Choicest Reserve niad London particular, in half and quarter casks ahloiceh t old Roeerve, Srcaial aLd london prticu ]ar in casks, direct imporationa, warranted rie plus ultra. Bordeaux Brandy Fruils (OlltDnALS : Mluresclino di l'/.r, gjnlilno ieperfill.e assorted urnllrsaux I.ial'lnr (Geninie Alartiniquo Cordilile of VotVe Aniphltu naleriar white aid redl ordealux lAnisette tld Ratlafia de (rilenbllale. K irechwalsor and SwiOn Allaynilba Vinegar: lorleaux W\Vhi \'ine Beor: Loolnda l'orrter an Ai, Chcese : Cheslhin Cheeser, in in oxes il JtilNS & Co, m r19rl 3w Corner St Clharles ald Can ;nl,l llt, i n and for snie hy na13 SHIIAI.I & IIRIOWN, i96 Magazine at M (OUI.l) CA'l)Il.ES-175 ieXPs isoreid sizes re ceivRd rol lon prsllar shi. Colia hiuO and for sale by .iiA L.1., & BROWN, mn25 nl. Magaine et I INSErl) OII.01 3 carks rtivilg frloLr Neh* York .4 perhip Mliaissnipi Iand for sale ly in25 SIHA.I. IRIRW.iN, 9i Malnrazim st VtIRY FOIIdERS-nust r ceived a liwen duozen supeior ivory foldere, for shale by I)AVID FELT & Co tr25 N Y stationers hntll2 ChaCrtres st S 'PEEl. 'ENS--Just receives an elo grls tiillots, i Eungle, ad Perry' doulalle sortn sitel pens, for sale hv DA ID FELT' & Co, tn'5 N Y stationers hal 4 Chllortr..s t roi h'1S I C-I--y lels 4l-4 MiddIlm-sex and North born brown sheeting landling cfron hip Senator for sale by ISAAC BRIDGE & Co, 13_4 _Aa 1 ing te St A N DREW SMITII & CO., respectfully inform k their friends and the public in Lsneral, that they occupy the new brick shop, 219 Tchoupitoulas street, where they keep constantly on hand Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron Ware, of every description, u chpa p EnP er se.! a kct.!ie-r led-pool!an, tin bath. ing tubs, and oil cans, of all soerts and sises, and all other braess oasting done at shorteet notice. o.rate bars of every deaoription, adnth an steam. boat stirroup, hlig chains, screw bolts, and other kind ofsteamboat work, such au eimncys, breech. es, steam pipim. Clloy will also do all kinds of out door work, suell as ine, copper and tin roofing and gutteriong, &n. They above and all other kinds oe wank in their line of business, they will execute at the shortest notice. dec27 Lady Mnltague's L(ompadlsd Chinese Soep rr eonintended bha he ladies of Mludtid and Chnrlee trn, indeed rrality, nobility, tila press, and the gieuantic balance of all thing,. pullc opinion has euloise d it anddplced the rllilmaeniy of Lady L. Moniague's conmpound Ciiileee snap beyand sue. picion aor letter or ning wormi, pilnple on tie face, sen burn, tan, eruption, prickly hear, and alicle ioanes if the skin, ith healing qualiiesn of" this shap rill svnero dradicate. It is rcoanamenondd is ans emollient shavin, aoap or compound fir genier. isei, for tbeulil'ing thle conmplexiomi, renovinn freckle, anid ipasrting frerslanes aud delidacy ato Ihe complexion. T'ie erisi'cryitic ditaiaasiln of a aft anad while haend, is wilh aInay io ohject of ainsidcraelt interest. Enxposure If wara rhutletrs Ihe neck aeo nand Iands beneie tianned or hlrd enedl, and the iveniallons of iioder clllmistry Ilave beell rendered ehbsnr lct. not inorely to the necrr. sary every day ara ol Ill', but even to its luxuries atll elegancies. Sold whaaIosale and retoil at No. 95 Castnlo. hiousesi. Price $1. sl JARVIS & ANDREWS, W IIOLE-ALE DRUGGISTS, coarir CnalUion losad l'Ieinpitoulllna treetr , uner fur sale- i Ill2 nuau lll r I crastor oil 6110 euncea French saUllpihate qlnine 10 casks selaratusei : ll boae Eaglish mustard II itails alcohol; 50 bhlo wliiig 2111 cases apothecaries gluas ware 30 bbla spt Ilrpentlile; 50 bhln lauuaers nil 0 casks pure sprnl oil ; 5 casks I tlcn Inroted nil 50 esrhove nil vitriol, whict thyv iffer tor male oil he inset reasonable ter,,s. Riar 18 iii GUNNY BAGS-30 balea in sloe f,,r sale by G 51l3 • O L)ORlEY, "I New l eavee. fs! amrp St. Theatre. BOOTil'8 BENEFIT, And last Appearance in New Orleanns. W THIS EVENING, MARCH' 28,1836, Will be preaented the 'Trogedy of Man THE APOSTATE. Sophi Pescoro. Mrllooth Melee, Freed ksCeles Homeyn, Fielding Florinda, Mrs G Banelt To conclude with the farce of AMATEURS AND ACTORS. Geofry Duffincap, Mr Booth David Dulcet, Hodges Wing, G arrett Inwl Mrn MarsGoneril, Mis 'Cowell Wye Missne Ilrdare, Molntym Herb Phill FOR THE RACES EVERY DAY. Noth walt A TRAIN OF CARS will leave the Depot, at the Inli Sfoot of Canal strect. col Deporta. Return AA. A A o ,.r I.M. . P. M,,. II .I 11 11 nod 121 12:1 I P. M. I P. M. 2 21 D S5 5 h Pansaoe filay entcc! which will enlitei eanlh anseenger to two ticket,, one to go, the other to retulrn. E L'Pnsstengers are prlciculorly re,ootel to pur Schase ticketo, by which mluch ~conlusoni, ot delay wll l bea ed totl collectore. J 11 C'AII)WELLI, rll, oa25 _ rcesident. Il, TO COUNTRY MEIICIIAN I'S. qu A GOXl) orltoenalt of s.obol ao mslcotlloaneuo ), Books. Alo ao lpply el Blank Ioks, writin, - dad letter Paper, Qlills, Ink, e constqnltly on hnd and for onls on golid lrlls by AlEX TO)WAlt, Innr 18 49 Camp at r t- FIVE DOI.LARS REWARD. eft t, A BSENTED himcoell n00oul a weok sineo, the noero htboy George, alout 19 or 0 yo.arn i agon, l lm Sbuilt, spasks English anl French ; lso tlhe Negro ne onn Sallv, about 411or ,1I years o Irge, speaks Roglibh - ond Frenilh--ll, me-rkc re elclted, ba llc in veryil udelnt when spohken to. The above reword will he paid for hIlging either of tllen in jail, by applicationlo 118 Julia tn. Captains of veeels and others are eCutionedl. aoginst rhorl i ni aves ullder Ilhe severest penaltie of the w_.. nlar n2 e u2 ENGLIISH FIRENCII & SPANISHI ACOADEMY. c No. 14 ST. CHAeIt,rE STHoET Book Keepiny. del A. N Evenling class for tlis lrael, wiltll be opene l o It tle first of next mollnhc, or sooner hlould tlle nIll I Sbar oflfrillng le an induclill o t.l the Mr.l Da.el Murrayw i to take carge of this de partment, is a goodpructical bookkeeper. laving taught Es in some of our prin i l northernl citice withlsuccess, be bloje to giv satlisfiction here. i se who may notn b sufficiently advanced in l rih-ll mode, will lI inostre:te in that Id lso. 34 Gentlemen will please learn tlheir names at the Academy. ow ~TRMen. ar- $10 per ionth, fir $:30 for a C:o pllirti course. r Illours-fol 7 to 'lelllllk 1116 3t I MO1P111tY, l'rinlitl!. FI iIE BENt'll & IBAR OF ENGlANI)--lly the l at' author of Iahednm re, alleeti-on of the Lords and la Collooenl, 1111 tle (lreal lrportllrplu, in 2 ll s. I. Neal MalNone 1111 llthelr cleh of Ilelalnd lv W II did Carletlo,nuthor of ltrais and storI e ofi thelhe Irish fel - I anntrv,in 2 vols. Jlost re.: i ivd all d I ol r sle p)' t n. 11.25 A TliW'A i, 411 1t1.Im ct --l D)ISSOL.TIO)N OF CO.I'AIITNEKRtII P. In- PHE FIIM11 of llWi4lliam Irrv & ( ', t1as disol'l.l N aon ltne lirst in tnlln, by Ihe ;ln dl r'unsetl t of te, I r Iartners; Wililian Perry havigll wlhlrlcon f rome tell Eoncern. \. W. PERlRY I mIn 4w ' 1Murc'o, "'rl. A SE W PEItIRY rontinallm·o i rnrr nI Thile rllte and t t st oop"ove nl tlhq'lturing bu(inel s, 'nd oltfr fir sl It, Sa splendlid na rtinllt of . Iground i11 n 11111- ir nll c Igr.I- , to w Iich I alluelation 5f0he publi;c arte injl,,.l 1n2 4w I1 \V PEILII..-c lIce t-i l bil sIu e aInll dlili in t the A ly, l i eding for sale bly (i I IFIII, '11- UNN¥fll iN', Il e.lls i ,,+ ho r tllh h I1I.y 1 I 1i; iiiii U A3 4I4 New I. N-el ..Cr . F IAtNll; I N Pltl1-11l-' Y -l - New OF \V llll.Fa.\N, A r GEN IIRAcI. leelll I i he 11e S keIIIholdrs If thi I ins lticll i. , , ill I 11e lh nl in Stroll h , tIhe . )IIt- at 5 o',lo rk, al the (0 ilic .eof Itde (Ion III ly, p I om t . Jc O of l.aI lrpfr N icnm pursulily. ofcr thde I 11uliiln of Offilon dootl 0 115; 11101. oic'l tlol? ,e)I.cil~lll. do nd tierv1 E. 1.. '1'Il1('1'. Seccdicnc. (e BUREAU I IA COMPAGNIE .D'INSIU. nRANtE DES I'OMPIElS, line la rt Nouvtlle t)rians. are U NE Asellnmbllo glrll, dus Souscrillleurs de II celic Instittion, aulr liol Sallned 31 Mars, Itnv I cinlq heure, nul btlro u, de la Colllpagnio, aIn rue du Camplll No.21 QUlild il y esra rendu conto des alfaires do cettn Institution sclon la reqlluisition do la CIarto-scc. 8. ,n23 E. I.. TRIACY, Saerdlairo FLi;0. hlFN. I-tl \N(.I,' ttIAI 'A\Y - Ot NEW OtItI,EANS. T 11 tie Stockhebul rs are tInrchy bollixed u, d ht an Elec. ti1 l ('rhl'IPlll:'e IlireclIhr+, Isltu.are, 11rtbren i uio 1' year, .ill It., held ul etl av, llh first IliY of Aplrill he. Itweell 1the hour f tell and two to'o lckli l lllnh (nlice oll Ihe CompanyISI). +9[ ('11111 mp stree.II. s. l. ordo r of the loti ,. nmry3 '4 . . 'i'l 1t'', Senet ary. BOUREA! D lI--\ I OMP 'AIlN. ; I)'INSU. RANCE DlES l t II1PIERIS. Do la Nouvrelel tlrleans, A VIS EST DONNE aou SOuuocrip uro quo - I'clection de Iieize DirectlUrs, pour I'ntllllo saivante, aura lieu tLuuli to premelcr Avid, lentrt dix et deux heures, au bureau do lol Coo'pagnie, la rue du Camp No. 21. Par .ordre des Directeurs, m23 E, I. TRACY, Secr6dtiro,. Cý IOot. I E-tt 51oihl ag lir rooeivioe ef tr lo tom o per ship Cal tatlin, t d folr side byli mo25 S I AItI. & I )W N, 96ti tllua.ilue ot JOHN V. CiILI)S, ENGRAVER ANt) tCoII'EI-PILATE IllINTER, No. 3, C(.,amp St. TII.L engravte ard pritt to ortl.r, Iork o!es., ills tile aslld vii:ing callrl., ni tllril, conellltllllll d onllti g houlse Rwlal, floor 1nhueab sailvotr wsrl, Sl. --IlwaV l haldl, ll rllortllllett of silror lplrtld l at br b cllllo dlootr p:'.tua. PS Cards pr:rnted frlon plates alroady engroved. NEW ORLEANS AND NASttlEIE IRtIl. IO,- AlO CIttMPANY. NEW ARRANGEMENT. F IHE L.ocomrotive will leave the lllepot at the f1ot of tCiolll strol,ever/y do ry it A . .. ullol retalrlit P. . rexcept Sotudaty', whaen he % ill )etarl Retlulrn 8 .AI. 1. , 1'. Ii. 2" a 41 0 Dp A (Car for private Ileatrln., provided tilhe iumber snllicieno, twill be eato downIr tile read Oil ol e doys' evlou+ nolice. Il, 1I139__ AS II C_1I.DWEII.., I'rtideor. IJAVANA SIAILS--98 quarlorter bloxes prin:ipe .I srgomr, A SIlgtrdou' braod, Ilnding trii n V hip Carolina, for oale by trIll I BIRIOGE & Co, 134 Maga.inle st OAP-200 boses Geoe Roli.s' brnd, fIr-f by S.HALL 4. IiRO\VNE, feb22 96 "lagainte st SNTII'S--15 reors various I"irenh. aond Ameriras prints, fur rale by feb25 1 IRIDGIC: e:o, 134 Maglzine st L ARD-2000 kegs (incatti,A.o, lirso by RIDING SCtilOOl..-The onlderoigned, itteCnptoain A.of Curasifer In tile HeIsias sod Ila overitn Serrices, fnro whaich te retired some years go t oset tl in tlls country, iutrelr lu estabolish in this placr a Ilidine Stllorl, for which, he has procured a well trll stol pla.e, ill Cir'all+ lleletto Iteon Caal slid olllnlllOll streels. Ha coill ioe les.itsoa e.rv tay frtlm 7 to 11 A. 5M. ant fromt 3 It 0 I'. .. llirstfers will bIe P20 per month o rft lesons of every day-t per mot h fr Iloaollt 3limes o week onlt,-. le riar furot too oroa cities aod eharateer to is tulti E. Join~t, of Ite Loti ihan a llDragoo, to whom a iswell klnown, a d wh will ra'ooer sulchll tr acontte of hlimttas will tae rntirafte tote. Th 'luio criher, ill urtler to eo rLo t tartl isro elxsorea, woull proefr t. tornotraeo tilt Srottt lib slllseriptinsrolo otf SlthIr gentle mOtt rVlo Wollold Iba willitg to b ntetc his plpilua. A Sobtrcripli. I.slt iS tell it Caupl. Johl'a Soret, where gertlllrlrll t ill tleoro hO call. ir22f "IIt. WIl. E. ROOMS TO .lET. rl11El subscriber wtould rrlotto tfolte leefom the gzeot : ollen of tlhis ciy and tlre plllieto it .oreiol tlt r ll llthllr e lfit uirv looa l wf. fto lrnrlloto l mIlr i i to re artl velry rtltr llolorie rlerml ai lln l No, :LI i'0*l tlcClnt street. Sloe tltto ilofttrlto tlhrrm that i o ew getolct icull re acoumoodboetd itl Iard t It tv le11ed, ork oe r nmnlh. As her house ic otiteoctr iii tre oeuortof oi htLilPlter rod very CtoIIIt'i tII i It LL t heott b a l ecroIoo - inteo is induced I htlieveothlt it loi Iloet r illtoon lllltl sh re of thie tohlit utt 'ottt e. ttot r lter11 e Wirr , wllit rhtenattblil, pleate alpplte 00, mar I!t JANE WILL'A AIX. :$5 REW AND, l11.1. bet paid for rte drelivery of a msll box ti YIa book, bfoo Molblie per steauocr (iiroffi, ltoo. ort Alaotot, aott-oorul to A l'oovo New tlboaitooraid hoox i. llltt.1o.d to hatve eenll tavo tar l Ilhe rrllo ro d car, t It Isr jta.e A TOW.It, IlL12 4 U armp ol St. Charklehi '1e dtre This Eenizng, Matrch 28, Will be pmrented the highly popular drama of tl CHILD OF T'IE WRECK. Maurice, Cel48 I Mr Hartman, Mr Feare " Sophie, Mrs itl Ie tli ennir o n ir ophaniche e Celesta will give Iher excerirsit lelineaatonsi . o and shipwreck ' . . To cocnlidle with the Rontprtih and populari. STAR OF THE FOREST, on A lSory of Old Viinia In which Celeste will perforica h"penkingChath.l Wyan lkee Mad'll OCl He rt ri'lo, lilt t , Philip Godirey. Nathan iwlo.r t,i Alice i wnard, Mrs Plumer Last night hot one fCeleslo . TO TlE AllrTT" AND FANCY1Al PIN rUST r.neive ri.c thil hatest onlreos na Hnl T • rlsplendild olnctr ,n of Artlst's rushesaN , paii. es; palert knia.t, craon ani past ; pter olrýan(c, witer onliters plrtredl with haney and vnrnih fl.I lurmps of ntvcrv drita'rpiirbn, splendid nahogatg ' walnut enslatc, fur portrait poilters ; poatel erpy every color, pencis ofai-etry aiae " aar.ile, nnrlround, verry nrg.n size envs.R. already ptai India ik, slitrlln ; Irne btrae, fulln y mwoot, it. nolorsr, UTItO, elegantly filled np; &e &c.r - Ilpreldid Albhalins, supebly hund and gilt of every dlesrilptiln, Iry cnha; iga nonl oolehw, toolsan and pncila and a gret retnnhtity ofi atiEleld p ntie whic arc too numerousI to detail. Thi pdrincipntas of Acrnltinhel, Teal he n L bSp and Painting, will ito well to acal aht 11s 0t1w aubcriber whirl, will aicommitnarlae the Aoaamate1 a artiats favrably. MIONDELtI,, No 5 g Camp rarewyln"' - nler in I'lrintar , lil, Varoishs and Fancy Arsolrir frt prinatrs, winolesrl aneid tetil. mar? 70. T OW(tW'tlt-i-- ton ront amtrrny Logwood, iatll i il. ft rn bhrigdAiia, fIvr raNss Iv wlatr 3 t" ,%. ] i' % ilIirN.V, 73 Catlll I "~kISrItlUTIiIN al C(il AlIlNl:lIlShlt-P I.J o(' irinership ilenrinfrttn rXiatillig lwneen lila Iuherierh, in tihe style of Fraanie E Voa &d Co ilt dirtloreld by rrtntrnl .eaornr. F 11 Voasen i na wiilli qidate the friiries of Ithe itam enoern FRANCIS E VUSE. mar 9 W P BE RRY. Frioa 50y to 10iIN Shtres Str l r is Citizensu a kr.. I lnl UShi wisting tio sell, will do wrll to nail and leve n their inawnle antd n:int lofstocke ui the teom of Englirth & SilvresitPrr tpoite uthe Arcade. Coantry torlck alone i du hod S CAMP. WAtLamNGCd11 flA1.L 1 Dress &i masqulerade llel at St. 'lhilip rnrat, bhtwerrrn Rlryatl d& ltiirbt C Fillt" Mtkanrr.r !tfil,, b.oe nmrted Bnll Rtoma tat Sftll tto irr., ttrridt l ti, Irblie for telj l.t.atl* -l lllol plrrrrvrgr Iea stt ,orrlln hnIlitrseriinel mnai r r . frily inu lrn tr e irthat the estr a li.dt htrr enrlarg rred forr rthe llltet nf visii.l i rergone irvtense rep y or,. l'irm bair will ll r it iry i an i nrt lity rrl lirtrrt sia. the lho lietaelo i ttlit hmrkapt lhy the nlaerlt tlmetlatrutrr in tire lCullttap .lfti 'l'hr r.(.urlwill re.-. ) o tuit St rrrdrav aninag.a 3rd a NovemI r Iloert, h, it (t IiANW. lillltm & 1AS(Q.I lAO BALL." Ile nirI will akL i I. lt iar rr-trurI etry Mondlay, Weithei . Prov rttl Sinttlr , aaritg, ril:air tle seasonlwhliob N. I rl..1Ir cr,,a t ratlnirrrttor will he tºld ato )tIrr I ae l t,1ti. l ort m. . rr.l.rrrrr hou, in`nrtrl r ir.nnt, a. _Ihllr orS ,1h 'llill-a ,.-Iihaellt tri Ill iagr lnl tamii t, Ir tol'tl v v lCitvalll. 11il. t, onih' h P'Ii I[IlTc es l l ld M1 ill4 n I r I hFal rlil l rillrt illlla i, r ir, no e e F a Ih' apli lil wit, the lamrl I varlta .l t {i Ltt ydtn th .IItt, readi ',lll ea' I l'ri., ('curroit. Also with nlneart ll irt rirtlrvr l'trt.ti..tar of it r litr r lmnava d h als .hai I.!,trlll'itnti o fll Iof , I' .,nI I nhi)( 1:, lub .R', W e'jmlinktier - i eitolhollhtln I1e. lreltinl ltlhckvvlod llll trezhu u ..,'TI'(1 1N lri Ainouri· a llsll i wih uh';ltrSouthrrrl.l.a a nntie lmolt Ilnt,.kt-, r nuhe A i olloIJail·l iiill .tithttlAart w.1 ani l..r (" 'el it lel Miectlhlatv lil 'll...ratel. Ihrview, eleet eui il u len'-rtllo., ellh ri,"rll rtr [t'l,,r Ir tr r i l i l itr llrea ,ta All ihti,,l . ari.t roltrtlt srort tl e'loin, irrul reica nrd.I. 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JIrII IliV 1.-31 40,s I.. 7il F gin /i rl'cdeib U DOeI Y,/1 ARLIi-,(ou e Leaf LIid, clit :rI rollf saIcley I iI'lJ 'I·l l/I Ill cit Ii (i~ou'nasoor,,l,/ ,// me __1125___ 1111110 4-. &fi ~ eve (,,, e114 Mago r c j I\DOWGLA,7.31 bos aindo glw o ho,, Ivi culse Iainlg hrn iFL "r:gp er ship Or. Joe nodJocj Charles Joehadfor sole b4 Orin. 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(1,1rg,0eornuto hu'coIhl and, k~iche lii.~i i:1'it-'cabe )iros"r I Fr ai on' I l F ill/ ea I I i" ll' dO'lrl~ 'r, 'cc-he/rve o fou iioi (111 ,oi ib red , I,,9' I/itt sa" ild tioro i hau are nu/ aeli. who,, ii '~ cams ondo, I Lulu clade A. from a1hit $l'u 41i5.Ii/H (',.% .E, u,00,.-:laei. l a a, i' tii F tiiii rie,' lauding froiq 11,, k IIlaan l ,ta~ )la k i,, I,d fo rle 1,y n0 7 .1 IIIl %'eI. l&Ce,, u/or,'f0-'cl ,Id Iy LII (III UJN & . (PR 111167) t 114i .llj0 °

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