Newspaper of True American, March 28, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated March 28, 1839 Page 3
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n*AIPM. at hit P eee l o the persons :It0l 1 tnt te i ts t tro ýJllinOt ardht. Thans T. l nt 6 ".. o .e .l l J, Torl r b rey rthy. (I 1 o'or d iti tnhi olr n d1 tihei dod A>te- oooldoe do i 5 fr o n hdi n kyeol tiqo' nio 4 .tflr ' lnbt.e lrh, John ri r' i2,t 0 lit tl o uiitnitpli, ithaprctaurp 31 n thni . I(i1 AioAnley. . nloe cloor, o ie , rarr thFIC E h i s rico it rs lon g 1 r tht 'othel Ciy o0 c I ,'. tn ,. c . in 9 vols. i The Robber, a .'Pale. , the ath of Rnn l ielluli edited b [ B I llotr'tions by PhilS, No 1. OU st r 1i id ro tioI le 'Iour beyond y h . C l oWn initioO 10l ' 1836 INJ ology,. i o tret, oppositD tae tiM It-ofie. Noti sre i1t0. . oft li ving frm th ir fMae. oft O e 3 p 1 18 ojt l of;tn t hfrnta le Pater, A htr. PAIlrri tita¶`" " .Fr h-I-l UNS, of tholu . th t llt.o .i t an, Ir`n by M ish airdto, TAmerie o, M umani Tombs nnd. herave. eiaro ani l plain sillt s and liContlr morhob, annTt otid n T hol~ t ay one, piaster eof .l.e L.lrn t dront ulie it Nin t ans d, J ting lre avoid frrtment by oOi~ct!co~lln srrtbooy, by ltrvJ tl lor, h i. tratl s o o ot,tppro. d patll rne . T uef e r, nPiteo. tinst author oh d lt thnlloeu Thote o reociviog from their fte. shortes t A, t i. o Ailrst rLooae workmen ton oetro, t no l I yL od s Il luloest p.t..,s, ,I, I8 Btnl k wilrtl 'irs eu ti l o eh To Il andG l rsl tln lstii.t .i t io 1 p hlin , ill and lintelg, •mil tnr d It J PALFI EY, plashier Te L.l MEt .Ai. s itee o eNiher d Plaoter. ed togd , t by -t, Itl llIo i'shllnn y P 0luid imo.1 intort I ~i-n h lt . Ed o f no andt low re (s t o _ .o I~o do l otot ' SE, th Rk l't e. T O Nh ileT O riosanivo the irin 1113 l. to aea ho. lr ia p tlio, ithe io, llO nl r ailnd fmelita o Jt Aloe , oo t Too C RN.d ( elLeo toetpil" n i tian 1' lltal, 1ad R lntlE. moob loeidpuqtlipoll' nod r d Alto of 000 plnslr tog , i ,r . il t a PlALFd EY a55rtnteflt cir ;l t n rl t irv a ltt on't no Fo r end a t ti nle's f -No.' tiltnt, MiRtlort ',1RN03 S. 1A(It. t"I~ &"'-15 hiol No I mnookerel, 42 SIn 731 io No ;to 4'? Ioill,bla No ItIo 318 1'. go No I too. 15 8oilo No I dlo toN krrce'1'olgros 13oodo N 151loto POOnooo 17Iflel I oooo.,a' ()ij, loiogt.oooo omhit, Rtolt Moo tis, for olo Iv S o& J 1' WHtI'NEY, In; 73 Cfamop A 1,1N 1tftttLUA'I'IONS'. - '- 111ttt 131 A nod oooe iaofir, l the antihr of" Ritnotoor i:. " ,,. , .,'. Loord!,Id 'I Comonooo ; Ho' ,ooooliot.'oootolaoo,"," tooo ioooolb. Nool Mioloooe onal oil. - t'ainoa of tolonot, ty \V I - f'llrll~rln ;Illllhu, , " f t " , , i ` alil Storire of the trill Iooo ,o0.o i..v . I.. .. .1. 1~ 1"otttlia )lil.` k('1, .t, iienlof aole War 'I j I~lflltt~i tco 1it Mug-vinoo ?J0A1oºI-t t (01 `I.IN-BI S'tO" 5Nd (Allo i'rot'Ik. OH -olo by I tiAD.EtobhoCoo, oari t'l 13! MiNt oiioo Ii to il." . o 1 ooooo ,fooroo No Ijoy i ittonN brtitot tI ot A' itt, foafooooro oli OaRt 2: 1 S7'I N i11tOANIE .(ill, 131 F au~es FIRiJtIt N'SIN jfooANiO OFFICF,,ol N. 0I. rlr)fE Sit,; hn!b-1-oh no:. n'oit n tiot that ti1,0 7 aihr loth of .11.0,1,a rhilo (00; tof oootiloopooiooo, 2t Uiooop rsecl. lion1 E I. ttli\o:V, Neo'ry. t atNooou, tol(e torlRu. "id' u i O,· oo0 no·o, oooioiiinop too1oioo jootnl 00 ut 1 or lour soooriiioptiutl.lioto Q !puii o avril 9" to rt I000 I1oooo obobooowpool.O 111 qt11ooojiit. _iults ; 1. I'ItioJY tirrilairoo . `_' L.01 -NJUt Itt.oino hiio t'iuoto~o, a00 niO.iiOa,1 I i. `Iý ooJij-,.Visooolid Woidiw·i (:1100, ot ollooootl.o ian ooo,,001;0! 11 01bOONAtttft, jou:.! oro Nteiarno'Lchoitu am -nr~ C.,, ot Nooioteooooio tooiootoiioootoo int L ot lioIA CORDIAL. E 'iit~ 1511t)41 101:.' itNt: 011 .tft,tNttt tiE acknow"l I2A:'tflst r tth io . 111,1- ioio ouso0o ot Moe Loo.oioaimplooo ot wc lh o iob oio looo 000 t 0oooioooo the u l-liiof tostmioit nloouo ,'oooo,."of ooot'looiolo iiriooooomeicieio Tihe waI ohiooio Ollooono 0looo0-oolo the 1000 inn Cordial warrants olo. t Ooeo.., 1 in ollldr'.Ooiooi0long ,IO rtiiC $ meato; bnnot forot1otooi htroofio iioooo pof i, s tono mitay as iiit Ibe toiOiOu -of o i1, 01 t0, ,i woould eooplloiliy oltae than it 0t it 0. 11.1;0 o'° ,c;oloioiil disoooeroyo, w bich bllcrecut: ·d -u,!il u s,,!:e !tinl i0 Franclle.-Th'at it speeottily 1o0ooo0 thito ,.1' i0000000 w rlel they have 0 beuen srlhnuosu"I y ii~irne Ir or ojbnwisie) uni t IuIatIIn fiolly rooo t or oo tlor itolr,0 , olloi cl io io otha t it os an effectual ,10011 Ihr the fluor 11h,1. ; nod n r,,ere all hut it igso 001 the oo~ 0a "r+uel'000- ;-:,," .000 fol 000 ooooooooot of, iollrotlouc in mooiiO ri1(od Ihiolleooeoo in oloooooton. Owinjg 100000 vaslty inviotooirtino (111)H10o.4, it is olso highly ion. * fot in gtlooi, 010,010 ciod, dilooooli1- o paiifutl oenoroooiliei tiooo,tioe,o,.ti,ioo 000100iuv~nlr ds ag th*renf, o htooiooirojotooio at i : ,kin, dropeioal oltoc 1Ilells of The aged Ac, In odioer thoiot 11 eoloooooo of snooitlv-ooo receive iho tint oof lGtr. 11i0 ,111 distoveoi , the Aaoorioooo p00. Ltriooto loneooonooiod that loe Cordiot shot llt neod in noofaosix ouncns eatsl!, ot riloi ttOduOt priceoif $4 which io lo004.tton one hell tli oprice chlargd for it in Frneooi JOHN VINTLtRS IIOt I)flR\VGI.., MI. 1). t o itd Stiaies t'roprietor. Thn ahotoo ooooodioono is for 0,0' at wooioloooo ond ritoil at No. 65 POondi ,o, siooio0,looioo Ntl o toooaztgo lo x0 Campo nta, Now (lotoarl. ool6 AL T.;o great colobrily of this unrivalled Cm-n. position, esapeiially in the Northern States, leaves - the proprietor but l.ttlo teed to say any thing in its favor; for it has boon Lcpetallyw.n ncded to it, thatit is beyond all comparison the b st remedy to for external compl 4lits that htas over been disco. vered, ndtced the opeed and cettainty of its ope S rati ne airad thle ppeara o r"of m iracles ; as u!e rs wv uaad, trand., feveorares, childblains, white uwel. h linge,,Il pePilOOrpiaet and snake Lites &c. immo. / diatolyiefola tan aft. epparety ouperum .n influ. ence, l'aus if properly apiplied it will remove an inveterate corn, or hbr.ak .onti hteal a bile in five p days, will allaylen p.rliectly r.e q.n t lcer in two e troeas; "nad the nmist dip., La o caes of white sweloing tht aedo be iuio d odi, ihave been destroyed by ihit less tie two inm ths. In the bites of poi. sonous reptiles its vlnttcOy is trtly surpriring, and seve in tha bite ,,f a rabid dog, for if applied in tinme, its powetrs of attraction eare os wonderful that they will at once trragt the poison, and thuis pro. vent it fen peryvading the system. It is likowise greatly superior to heretofore disco. vered for leplatled baucakit'ad Inhbs of horses, for totters, ri g worms, chlappi l ihps, and in short for every external buddly evil thart nlty fall to the lot ofnma or bena.. Tloe pprr a to has receivod at least a thousand certifioates and oth, r docerents, in ftavr of his i Specific Qintment," Upwardvl of a hendred of whichl were written by re.pectablte meombers ofthe Medical Faculty, arll bre.athing tile saine rulogy and satis'Iaction. p' parn e at 19 Ltohbrty atreet, New York, ond for sale at f15 Poydraa sluuet, Now Orleans. `- -U ýL lit'rH F 's cOTTON .ACTORY-~i'thesb-f V sriblr wlplld ihfarm aprehants and planters I that his e.tsblihnieeatis now in lill operation and tlat la is pinducing a iatric Unddr the style unllm deilombia tian of-Whtituey's negro cottons. Those wishing in - Irchae i a uperior article for plannation use, will please call and examine for tlhmselves at Mestlr I'ei & North,t ngllt 13 Chllerres at or at the eritallisliienl of the asu serlber 457 Teltou it uln lt. oI BENJAMIN wITrNEY, . or I fe7 " New Orlean*, February 7,1889i TO RENT. - That ldesirable dwelling house, also the store undernesath now t complete order LuL .Poserssion given inmedinately. 'rerms:na vr lioeral for a desirahle teianr, apply on rlIe premiesa Fa or to l W PRIrCItttt.D& J I'AGEItT, Jr ml - corner Poydras & MaPazine asr 1 'PEIIII CANDLES-5(t boxes, II Durfrey's bread, t_ landing f ori elhi Vicksb'uig, for sale by mar 9 SHA LL& BiROVN, 911 magazhinei R S (StN B T'g'ER-15 oirkins iingoshiP I\ VICCSBUIt( ,and for dale by I n mar 9 SIHALL & IIROWN,96 Magazine st [ ATS-I.0 ceoliblk nilk pltili Hato, for .r.oi Iby oar 9 SHALIL & IIIIOWN, 91t .lelliein .* ANIIA. t.'O)iAGE-A cotiplate uali'ltnrt:nt m o nflaailla (Cordag end g tawnrrs, ftr galc by i nmr8 ......... 8&J I H ITNEY, y: t .Ilt i1e A Itevi"tal COIIe OU' PIRACTEIC , nw elinn oip tile ielte of Inuisinaa, elat }iing rules ofa lro endlire in Civil Actions, &..,lor Pali.' by WMiI lcKEAN, febh6 corner of Camp land (Comon NEW ORLEANS Steam and Patent Biscuit Bakery--Walcrs andt Hillmnan. - No. 91, llnroao (cne ti ye I'uchartrain R nail Rendl.) Pilot and Navy Broad, Sodia and Wine Itiscait, i Sugar, Bltter, Midford and Water Crackers. All the above articles are warranted to ha of the first quality, antd to keep in any climate, being completely kiln dried. Alsn,-Kiln dried corn meal. Orders lelf at G. W. Prichard and Talegt. Jr. enorner Magazine and Poydras streets, will rrcaive - prompt attention. Small kegs put up expreetly far fatmily ure. l5nov f utrlowitirs Io r l-re nl1y by eItcs & D'Ilange, a andllll ut.l'lnh's .MusCum. All theseraintents coneist of tlihe mot splen did Ispecomnts ao ortlhinkolla y Iroll Elrlpe, Asi , A frien, aind nur own Country. f Applroved iotlena GO doys will le taken il SCO'TT'' COMPTlLElE )WORKS i 8l, vols. Lon- ic Ik don edition. Vard's lexicl,, secnd eilittin, enlnrgedl.wath til at ll cotit fili the .lliuiig Ci mpatoiettis, cnd oef tlie Polilioal Eveltsiln thlat Rl pultlll o I lthe plsenlt lilay; in IWI Stewirl's Stlobt Economv : a 'T'reatise lon the man ligement oif Hlores, in relation ti Ithe ciabling, oillln inigFeeding, lteling,iland working, seconl Lonlldon " edit, n, Sterlirt's Bogota, in 1336.7, or an expledit:on to Neow aGrenada. Hatl'sa RLmbler ill Eiro; i, or a Tour thilrllgh Franel, Italy, Switherland, Great hitin, aind Irland, in 183ii, link vols. For salo by VWM. McKIEAN, tmar G - ,r ('amp and ('ommon t ts f'i. Al:Cl-15 hoss muu a..-tered, va. P. fious branld, for sale by ml3n1 I l111lI, & Co. 131 Alngintie z l ARItI)-UUl kl s Letn- Ittrl, i. n stIm,, lir- stile y it u ml3 l lttlltel1EY. 41I New I. riee O01 l--li0ll bbas flour, atlllot lir sale hy e ml:l UD)l.RSFY,I41 New ,t v i F IL.OLUlR-5t blilt choice brannds it .tiore liorilr le byi nlii 1 IlOlIISEY, 41 New I.evre t Y IlItIli Y-- 35i) brls rctififil, in stnr, lilr oale by I i r; A t)()Ai:Y, i44 Nw It evec cheap. No l i ('ht ea t N 11 Oldl holl alid silver taken in exchangl. mlur 8 .DiEPiOT OF C(ELEIIRATEI) WI'NES. CONSTAN'TLY on hand and regularly a pphlld with tttt r o erllh, lbrntl WI ei, warranteltd lpure and iiperidle, ',ordials., ISrl lleJ ll .Ieer, &c. rt RI.ltttINt-I \WINEiS. d lleot li. iettl Id nin ttVil i iW ; -isriltlherr -l Our I.avly'e .ilk; J holl iliiei zor; Iludesl l.imer Spiiarkli.gllick' Dom lilock, it 115o Ilrokhciit'or, 1- 7; llrcnhruimer; lrinefenhergcr let.tronsteier; ttrll wish wintl. -l .aes DIIILIEAtiiX I INat. (h ,ntclll Mnrelu . iall Chateau I. afitt; lt IOSt , I t leuvitl. I'n r tMurgn oix i St l itti dt nnd St Jclio lt tt u ,lio i,l , (.,lllt, ll lr-I iA few halfikl".ltl'vitfit Jutli ,t:il do rr Hermithae, Strrv. Bers nd O.;mes Geluihe I.unri ll I¢f Mu Sant r V Whit, 'nd lhfd. Sill l n in il de P.erdrix tel L onlRm e, ('hllhlutriin, (Clhi d~ Yuuge NlisL , Sp lillk lit g lill it~nnl y ,llnor Ili :1_14' b.l y A (IIIy '.\IIA\I 'T II' lltEft th rfollowing i oud . ! [1 11 io R0u ;C |100 a hesk No ", ns., lurd b,'z and hust r. C lit ',, I at e r, i P o' pel, N i a , tor lale; a d r tA P w tot Fir l' ttttip J) ;sha o,& 1t.1, t hi l n 1 B yl P.k Plln \Vidi:' V Russia; 511 d t t E trn f., I tok I-s o, M o h t; I i lt , t i n9nus otkr ,t n ('.mv II r blh nl I II brto h s, loIr l.eve r I o ita Ic IL;ry n d - " d All r kl of mrlllt y d .atvi 'l 'tl.tls;to s - no d4 Children silk an l Itu++h nI tn, il . es. u y ('unrx-- tr, Ot'er, fur St'ea, Motin r ll.l lt ir, ittnd hintr Sel, in t to d roze eses. Clleh t niLt:--Pitd t ict,t y Plisll Avril's hat laht e s+ot?, top, h FmoIt I i1 NO itttltl lli1 A, , otr ihttltry t llodre p, t i hi U&l, m's la y ('I t ban Pl it , and Vtlvet Co I A OrteIch n ulternll.1 S ttod.- a ulll k rtilhtl .n l elia baziie, i a toe neaI est R 0 I ii ho. 'l nil ArLs- S A. WVllTALL, 07 ict n tn. tnlilittry lu ln, , toil, II s;ilko i ~ilk [ lm h.rh le l;--l l-b-'oge a ndl S r itall hllpl .. n ita tn h ill. & LROWN, a woo foittoodts.t ATCI e sll -A Lad, iot ie t' jtr'. e .olctkti andl al o1 ' P t he i Ialetll rl, fil ".I li e: ; hl a i l tltll lllal n vlllle, whll el.l u l nllll clllhioee ,I, NPe Ylrk al'iCe,. The I sa i , ' will ty Lrd 1 > SIIite iLtor& Co (iSSL i tion ., r p lNavai n tburn, i ot, tand lashit o ailt, ' I io. l Ie .novl4 Sr ion r I L LNcharlF :a Sl tUI Jlol.o, i ot' itnS-- s r nei e ht .lar ofttisi rll i an' f ' cl e, upurim Dot, h ,nd clariliae, (hill, of u. si bwhles. dret , h ill) l lrl' f d o a. ltanr I) N Y St htiloll ll ,.Tll Thl ulame= st ni. R IJ 1,&. t rL I a e IIt , re lt' . i a Io ,4w dr e r ,c nt teeitt Bo nks, gintid ol gttd ititlnat ,tt:oh J otl 1 n ate nfU i ib s from I to nni ,:: it fie Arltich. ir soht Ihv S i iIAVIn) !too ,T & (',& , In ar 1o 11 LY ,oiiu l l, ( 0haltres 1t 1'A IXCITANOF:--I.eNxilc , .av, lt,.t iN lh y his nonnitri idLi3lgonino on nn teI. I ric anl i tets, lo okr salehy " o rkhl pnd m'rt tt \V PLl "I'tooAIt I) `iJ,) 'I'Aooo t ta l ', i t. ron sit 2th ill atlilln , t oule y N C Ld lOi . &,. C.A(rKI.a I5--15r pblas alodr, tw hillun d i ing iu,, also 2, do of cruckers, for .talt by s4 1 lne S (; yI .AN IIARIR qunestt d to retuoi', tinoif r Lteipls i"ltnl iute ly to tian io 24 ib'. Ll I -I t N CAL[,, I e ii t !:] (Colitiiioli et I"" t r sale bvy e15 A 'IAMS & \VIIITAILI., ;7 (iravier st nn guln , and for sale by mar 31) ,11.\11. 1. IBRO1VN, 96 11agar, nest i stn-: and Iirs sleby SIIALI, . I(IIi\VNE, !ATCIIF.--A large inxoiee jusl received and for t e I sale by SIHALL &Blt()WN, " Hnsr "20 91i .lugnazine at i, k'. plle tislullltutl ll, ]allding filllm shilt Cl lnh+:lo na ly orenl by I BIIuil)ltI & Co . - ar '23 1:.. 1 \Il. ..inl et "e- II'IIAIIlON'S New IEnglsh llhirioniurvltcuul-. f1. / hy WM lTcIIAN, "" n l r 23', < r t Camp a d ( 'lllll(ollll nol sni nn L ale, pilre 1, i.,lll rllnlaed, have been lutaly ira, o plorted by thie subsribr, wlio will ditpllol, of it oil ae, its mar . " or Natchez alhd "rt hlll aslloll. sls ad tlOUIdE'10 It- 'F+---NT. .i- NO 153 (iralitor st, lih-vin I room, 2 coalbl id t hi,'ot lind a gallery, ,+itli kitben, wash rouii in [lLts ndl s tlLe alnlS roust:, conillele~h, it a goad yard tat P ;te witll brb'k, hvith", ia it " iistlh8ts an a bilhdrailt. L'osesasiOll givtenoll or before lot Allrll. Aplllly ln thP e. lpenises,l r to SLO+NE & Co. ise .... 1 for ' XCIIAN•E ON BOSTON--fore b y hi, l",ar,3 13 .1 l.,gas ine st the I)ROPOSAI.S will ia ...ceived byiei uscriber o Sy the Rrick alnd Carlp'lir work, iif ia workshop sad CPY blllhllleli f el cled al Carrollon, llntll I );lcllok oi Ithe 29ih Slta [. at hl"h oli, of the N O & C Rail I1d L hRand, P,,ydras lleefl. wlere plani nold sle'e ifirali.its call be"seen ervery clav lrmll II ,,''loak. until I o'elfu:k 11101r 21 1'lietl-lr. N U te. " R l bHIPPING. Foro Zlarope. FOR LIVERPOOL. The nrip 1OI1RTI' ILRUCE1, Capt IInrk n ttt hnvilg pnrtof el r rarg'r r I nn? d. wll f Inert witttotiltltnlto lt. Fatl ttabnlcte't freigit co or tttp ange apply ito 14)11 LIVEllI'OI)Ti. The A l anod very lhit sailing ship E!lI Z\BIHETII,'hnye , atakre It-aleslh Selecton, and will sail oi +a'1rilay next. te For ternsof palsslagF for twbe cln llna ssengers pll to ytl ro3 . I III 1(;lAI.1" 93 ('1111111,nt 1 A 1 1 FOR LIVERPIOOL. '-The new ottt rety C'tast dilitg BritishI Io'i tjn Elil AI)It, C tt jilt tcl'har n, als hall 1t r calrgl <1 hnnrd n l req uires nlliy P. ato f l'e5tthalm tt fill up, ttltdI ill hatce ietw+.t~d di' patch. For t feithtl,fi whlic, or'passlage, havingvery autl erior cabltn, aty y t b et. c .rd, or toI Iuarla'1 11()1,1 ES. & MILL.S, Bank PIlace. IO lMA1SKII..LES.1 > . 'I T e. well lknnw cod very fiot w:tiling sh[ip I't,!;:ANOII, (:a1 ei l h1e t too1, Ihavin0 --- t i. h nter part ol'her cnrgo enotns d, will Diem lvl lli-d atll. FIor lalnenc of t'rliit or 1,-- en It. let Iliac lt !) 11,| $,ltI Coastwi.e. 1o0 NWV YORK. i New York atu New (hrlI I.i,'. -- "I.NTA, C pn t Smith, will t(l ;I tnkitn, ic) her w caro onl Alondllv , rllll have ilrnllatlilte Ide s Iptt Sl. F o r 'rie h l o r p .l=.n g , I Iap p ly o n h ,tl l l tp p o o fl tsite t'ilet ie, llc l ll tll kttor ittittt i _ !tn r '2 ' 9 V IK,'r I,:I I .. \. V l) ,, ti_, C ',,,A st 1,l N1\W II)PRK. The ' leh w nI wry fat ýnilinp brie 1 1i$. TOMI AN, ('ptlt 'l' k,'rcan take thI Ib lk If tn ur :: 1, II (;AI: , 1'. I n ) I -nrg - itr. NIF \\r a !u i+. . . .. ip t FOR Ni Ilr 110 K.* N- ot'4 I '1. uTh n i o, .N l 'It1 ,fr brig CAICCAl.- I I 11;1r 2.! at t { lll l : l stll llt| . FOR NEW YORK.4 p Pit'eitt Htt . I·q :...l]. It) New York iend Nt'w t i ms l.i, ',kls 'prg AT b . pnII iNf ni (l'"lai n t Ir nll{ I hn a vlr .n nlar.yi all her L.algl , III ill.t I l W P [mmrlllg., but ing elrgaln i rt Irlki hed , : tlllP II .' , - Sng ell a1~ lILt .. o111n)1 . , \ rV rt l\iVr t I, tvi I I V I I llp owt FOI ' iAVA NA. lit tactrior kettt hit toner. , pTher' A uk1 f+tilt tliullg. cu l t hte r e r . ,urly '1. A 1R, 11i c' reo' oIn lt, er i n vi i / r sr it in Iis wek. lv orv i " hle n r ie .i++s., vint' l n lt I' a i' i i i' i'cnr- u s f t eng llgeslP ;t a l t: i rd a ilbln l'lb d to nllltlll ,artinlarlv to luli,.! tll { ...) ry . srv n ltf, i ta d n hls snppli,'d with "t ey lxury tile turk nlfr y h t i 4 s above. tcFiinor tn i t cct'f, i t l riccle , o " r tr n F A, tth t n ccM I TOW I t it l n aikt or to JA'OI't . 1 I.IN)11 I pTt' a 'itl.f .ttla w kltci i.titi atic h. li, I," pere titnr ongtt'tqi ie' ilntI. - n t ]Rcf"'legtc 'or J1'mnt'Iatitc .lgnttq ti" Irt cpiet. 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In. l, 1iI i' t itift l' InA.t , l nn oe- , ,. .t tn-o ti il , l tn t nonll o nl n c'n, 7 d n ze nn t nll to :' I sh , t, l 'a ' d.t<'<t ae.'r o nailt ie o.i n i,.'ltn tludD ho..Ii nI b t. il~ It n boe wo h elo nt' o n l .-oln 1:,1 nT t l nnsi ti n rope d h o n l t oll ni ro lt o n t i d do nltta' 1,t-brllienvner lit _ ll ~tIed ft' fllt, t PotnoItn, gitnllsoles and illco t rntnnttinmnln, ill n3oltnhtn .,, t I,:; . !It I ~ ,h, Itd ( In t rl| tn ill lelloi, I. Ihlt , ilton l with illuso raoiton s, o ne, t m l'+ I II -- 1:;3 brl c hurling fro1m siltu mllnat Met. l i<, jr ,r .+ale by G DORISEY, 44 I New Levee .+ er :1lrm hi., for Pir by I) )I{.EY, n'.1) 44 New Levee -I),":Ns A it s--l;.k1 i vin,'i inritl ,cured, lands 1 ine lionn steouter .\lenlphi:, fur sale hli mnarl ti IlIDlOEY, 44 New Levee. (itIl, &. II SEY'-0di l'' 1 Ta'nner' Oil Y P 310 ensk tL Oii; :. bWle, Negro Cloth, suitable fu th," |m-tL.VI IIV GALE, ar 1^ "s-w 13:i C mlnll Ic t I.ON()N ST'I'AlION.\IIiY & FANCY ARTICLES .1.,-t ,rteefxed ,er \ h4, cliigu , fliTn Lo,,nidon. - ,l, lP--I-nFuli'S. icuig,,itaull Mizr niir Architectn sl.lrlur blu, hild, blue andI yellow wove Letter .I' _ pult r )I ar}or l a:t lt I l -xtt lltT= lii h e,,in l, ,l i -I) " Sn'i l o giilIedged note & mots +i,'r,ec.haised& c,& ,ilverbordered IEl l Il hiti, tintd, enlhlsed, embonssed cerll and silvecr .rtnl.'l'ld iiMnilhl Write, ,: W,'dc.,ewonInd Ackerman's t 'allhic and li: ulll,onic Bloks IIlnminated' dimnwe . unmelope ijSes I. l) piii I[elllmt uu] K ,lllo e- ,+ ii imj iLichin iel n l) , m i lml l, r I. ,"ar,. i,[rrb ll Iir itliuul lll urel :\itkl.lllill+ dlrawn i', e c-iC, in cases Iof6 and 8 -teeI rilll: i ' tl I t'.- ' l flee, fine,n idiiti, nroatd I milmo . l-imtlrIc p mi- in ,, nifO elacih l nt.: A . ..I'. ,1 lh i idetl ini, ,-'e we litiglr ,oill- il;k. penun;et blue ald red laney 1'1t,+1£1 . 'il.-t'.ol. ant l .",+ rllnies l l.ll'.h!ll .I s-l it,, w.\ , ot. a ,s, alI all ollher ertl. Ir<. lll"d~le I'I Ollil , - mlll n i . n)llltlll m mliI all of firet y,.,ht\. i.; .101INS , C'o. C,1 I, Coof st Chaiems ant Ctomn un an NED t)RL EANS,& 0111 0'I 11LTON RAIL ROAD C()\llA \ X1Y. l u,1g , ". in i'ucluk. V.i, ,ll , cur Se (loick, A. I.uco l ........a ", . I'. l o oiu 7 II, .. .. t " . . Auer liui'. in k a Carcan be obtained by ilaying 10 de X',IilACtL.K pE STREETCARS l,.A eCt,,n +t Il, tl ,1.U ,,,k. A , +. i lnd rpnd hOlirly. At I "11; ,-' ', i," ,1k 1 m 1 ll. l I in. e.u run inc every hItle. ,Irlen: litII, hI .1 .1J,.'k,-l.. .rIr Jr e -o+. ung t '" .op by *lh. I.,c lllo . ion r lita t provide hslen aol ....l.. Th . ,.-, a. i.. . n..lU. ,I b: ill l tokell by the COlldw.tol SIlh'. Ný , c)rle ll t Hlllt :llullll toad Co pe eny, I"~,) ,lLre."t. J.iOHN HAM'SoIN, - - ling. N. 04 C .R I H.l. R ITt.I elio of Jonnes on tbe Passioen,ll 1iI,,,,. i, 'h, the , mic(' itsenllltll,lty Mrs. Mthew ,In n . jnl- r,-eid unllid er Tle v: at .I AA.LEX TI'OWAR, 49 Osi5p It S101I 1l., 51 .lau zilne strcr, op Ieiosllit Agis' Ar. N%\\ (ItEt:NE t-.cs; pleasur ia atnouncinlý:tg{ h hrie,:d- nod the .itirrnl of New Ollas, that hlt l. nit i l-ei'll h }*ght I.itll ,.er lltp oun aylr a tilt copper plate , i i'cn ' n,, ai he enu,, i exnc.ute all ordee entrupstedto t i nibte. t hai e tben of exp ngulving and nearly as hl M r-i:iun a illiua inircllurs -ent out in thcir own iiIhand wrno ll Ihave ny qlllantil nt ae a fe hbeer h,+.t:,', I ort b ev -ill le euciled fr theini in a .rainhiisl ii .te,' .l.. ih I.I. hiaI hIrtofiir given general aiflaleslOa ti0ill ,, rei li,lahle coluit sion houses in ltIli ti rPity, Orellelllen l i,,siroeus of haing Visiting or Rusl. u! ,nelIlmui liuishnd iimiimii !iet ltantlnr, iillt e' weflHy -' lli.t i t hit, ,lice ud sc e cpaci. neuis. S lN li--Lak ni-trs Iel"tly ecuted, and 'oiiulap, SI n l eIllTd a.t one hoI'Ul'. butiler. t id lu rtii l.. rlar-n n @ii iim g , te., i*tl IXI) LN 1)D L'I,'P &t * S ..ire' tm' 114:, Anutr 18 "- T I- tlte a ( IFFL: iE--I1 Havhpe Rtar (intlten'Cuaelsudt n ini: ai d aillb ei 5y S J - PWbIT''IT. n at 19 - -- -" - -" 73,'V-. ~el .2A ttN. i a tl l |fltal bb '5 ntt 3 an teby Fey I t 1 ululbue. for sale tr . - n tL G. DORSEY, 41 N.w L.vie. .I A.V ++AN' CFe-i -- . .l

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