Newspaper of True American, March 29, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated March 29, 1839 Page 1
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VNEW ORLEANS FRIDAY MORNING, MARCHl 29 1839. A . -.. . . .. lehs|I , N ! p PjA Ii ,..... . .. dT " i'aouely Fipt It nab ed lnof ,-,n ý, y I" OM AUkC SBso n NwOlasNInirruni nsB tUmdh I r I, 'IY:I ylpPAL Fm eralw·'le Mnide h lbrc. ýan ali I!eta ý L Lýý r P6..QI..rtil11110I'M1" IL ýP AI'1',01,5,GLAS, R v eroc htsn a it-atth e l yiPnl|e f.-liVne :es toen v * , oi t ooneruns.qpater, tphbe t le d lo r ql~ h. iiitiry l de t gie an. No i n npto ,hill bodiidioh s4ii t uiiI ne arages are Sease of dottidide ont week's notee T a n uy mlset in levarliy giiven, pretinou to stit t of rlnl b is rptlnn t. _ Spxl.rant .-,.e doliia per lnae, fidr the ias tit nl )d nlo r tlilv pprine for oaeli stheJnenEt orI Io: nac ine tdel altenralioe aon Ilh oarihuil ndvertelne ct wi$ eSlCer.dd ans a oea one. -' - y lr Anve Atas-. B.-[erehat and Tra, a r f .utlau . r ~ lh ýolte. and o irey for both an. insllkl eulasen Olllees, oia" other eiminr a pil oitt Unlinution ecinotEy d nr olas in Engl inish o id so, e talh eighty mItelo, t clngp. n n olnei , U oo 0 cc No'lgin, ilnd nertilel seoll- b log the attenllian f tle d pnblie to ales o propenty, irdsi of psa)nngeo, nceenlte &e. &a. will be elsoerg o h one dollar per qitare Iur the first insertiln in aeth IsA. t C *oricnrTolc e Alr ieerttommint, of eny preron. al nture, wOhen inadoisible, e a ll bo, chrged deoe t, bli, w , iWtl' wit,. t lo.e· m t will be emade tod Ahecihneers, h inlfe, gIainiteda of Wllsla;.! u naralllie k on aoles of real anettee tiubliCled nr both lIentgptai , o.n'ti l po. cent. in edglith alono: t0 lier ent. on ealre iof tehot o ri Olperty. Atitnaolsag en oSti ol tet ireet line of huslones l of ste ndietimoer, einh an legal, auetion, lod plonta tie Iletlalea, erunaway ilverr storay eninhnie, & heill rc he elged for sopa.ately, and et the onditllry rttesa: tl AlerioTISeactl nuat peeuilrie au to time, will be f Juntlylshed toe onoithieli a elargd ane orodingly to ab edverinlounlits of baikrueplicien will lite pibliohed fe o ney eanc, nnlesl pall rot previhus to insertion, or I enje'aets enenteed nio n isia#pendlilel person in town. 'iheatres anid other plaes of ataned snt, dvertisillg bi daily .ttlie hoe hoiarged $10 foer keglish a. fn i l one, and 4tira inbdirlflpdbgetoe. All nnlmlrdell teioqlqtf enltidotno ftl political oeees Will be clinged iReilnlt the prir of other edvertise. OwUing f tle inltoLne iollsa usltainel by itewpaper pcoevdemthre, they have oere tslo the conclnsion tt thet :e istion of liecllrl whose occounte heln not been paid within one Inontlh after preentatio, seall be made k.Lrwi (so far as pmenticablel to eoclt otlher--tlhey obll. i h1.ollrislltel notec to ndeertslW o er print for luch IC in santeni neaancd epverr r. Or Singi hliedtstin lets ings, ao adeate potsn ncogs. O (signed) J. C. li: By. IOMErS * "J;. BAYON, pe P P.' R1A, n J. I. PIInNd)ERGAtiT, .JOtN OGISON, S LUMSDIEN, I TVee,, PrisE,--Ve. tie, ulreenigndn agree to ablide vi by tlrse ilwlty esildtiee, as Iar ao they are applicalbie to loh I.ignidl A. B. LAWRENCE, tar fo No ieseriploain are taken forlees thante imthr . the t ll o Aees, h eont n maid. I ondgrnld lorge Perrys flat sper!sng do d itlit do dot 3 li do Wlpnider ' itltoe do d no, able patents e itlo limperlial Inolle patent do el, Gi TOt'borrel do do Nationeal do And GiIotu e i Coeielnrcial, lir soTle at DAVID FEI.T' & Co i Chartres nt, " fel N ll Stiioners Hal iii SuarG aK&MOLAS$ tS-i5oi0ihdoeignt eel i 10.100 gnllit Molnees--n tllhtlnelina naone the l city frenleby ADAMS & IVInlSALi., fidbo i . (i Gravier t eI G L, s-100 bores in tonre fer sals Iy I w t leow t S1IA4.1 o . AB. IVN, cMr. iner oft f O CoImmfle ie..& e homen eea site tee nI Idoor n hcopied F AJ on iitieen. Kelly, Hnrris & Co. Possession geiv.r e Ant the !it Fel'ruarv--1lly to mf, O V ' PRITCfIAdl & JO TAGRRT JR, .1,il6 ear Poydrea & Ma&.teteine -i H AY'S LINIMENT.-No Fiction.-Thile ex triordlnary celomical composition, the resolt of nsience, and the invention ot a celebrated medi I cal man, the introdust,,n of which to tlie public wo Invested with thle solemnity of a deatlhbod liqnest, bhas sine gained a reputation unparalleled, 1. fully 1 icetaloing the corretnes of the lanmented Io Dr (ridley' last coneeeission, that lie dared not I die without giving to posterity thi beuefit of his knowle4ge on thie subjoet,"' and lie therefore bhequethed to his friaed and attendant, Sololeon llnys the secret of his discovery. It in b!w uned in tie iprincipal hiospitals, and the zerivnte practien in iour acountry, first and most certainly for tile lile of tim Piles, and so eaten eively and effecetually as to licot credulity, unlese 1 whre its efteots are witnessed Paternally in the tallowing conmplaints:let For Dropsy-Creoting extraordileary absorption to at once. f All Swellings-Rltdoning thoju in a few Ihoerie ci Rheclnatimn--Aoule or Chronic, giviig quick be ease. pa Sere Throat-By CAne-ro, Ulcers or Colie. cif Croup and Wllooping Couegh--Extereally, and sn over the Chest. all All Bruises, Sprains, and Burns--Curing in a ti few hours. n Sores and Ulnors--Wlhettler fretsli or long oc itanding, and fever sore. rn its operations upon adult, and lchilren in reduc i Inn rlesnstio cwellinges, and loosening coughs andsd tigShtness of tihe lhest ly selasation of the parts, I ihu been esrprising beyond coeceeption. The pr eommon remark of thoe who .have used it in the en PlNe,tl 'it lac ts like aoharm." V TIlE PILES-Ti'lle rine, $1 isirfnnded to any d) pereon who will noe a bottle of Hay's Liniient I for tlIe Filest, and emtrn the empty bottle without re being clred. Thee are the positive orders of tice Sproprietor to the Agents; and out of many tlhou. 'O sands nald, not one hn been'unseuccowlful. i Wo might insert "ertiltloate It any length, hbut prefer that tlhoe who nell the article, shcold enl e tiabit t origiunal toC psrohosern.. CAUTION--NIolle can be genuine withont a I splendid ingraved wrapper, on which ie my name,,t and alo that ofthe Agents. B SOLOMON HAYS. I" Sold whnlesole and roetail, by COMSTOCK & Oi Co, New York, acld by ons Druggist in everyd town in thIe UIiion. in For sale by te Wholesale Agents, corner of Comrnee &. TnlCoupitoulase stroeet, nd by the Apothecarie gesnerello. " je30 _ So i(;UniE Mt PA -'R.JOIIVSOY, Ofida 190 II ienvilla str.ect, con I fine h i practice to the treatminnt of Venereal do IDisense, to till its diffrent foruts R rI,. J ieean, fro, l rortidanc of niiny years in Hoe- , priit iin Eunripe, duvvit!d to the ireateont uf Venerealr ieil+oneend ofron leoent extensire practice in . Ihelt plrtircular Ilrenol of thie Itroeosio, guaranteeo i afea speedy and elretetnal eur to 0inch personn as are i, ibled with any of the follOwing diseasnes, riot- (ionorrlnea. teeitO, StriltaIee, Chancree, isboc, ieuolounl Wehaknoa, A tfetip a of Ithe Ildder, Kideyy, i Ltins. Ureihra, Protralletlnannd, Siwelltd 1 eoticlee,, l Eruleioas onl tile Skit, Sore Throat, Paintl it the ~Joints, Apd the nnmerortslymllptomo which generally follow Lia ece Recent cass0 cured ii two or three dayoy hthon t the an of Mercury, iMterrption trmo Iulsineti, or altore tiso ln thue noi ofliting. Amedicine to prevent Venereal I)iscur enn tlo ohl teoled Of Ur.Johnaon. It in frothll the recipe of theo Itron Larry, a clebhrated Frem:h Surgeon, and wa t 0.ed by him durinog lltesler e ncmpatins in which Ie esrved la .urgiouon lilerl in tla Frenchl Army. S"oldl h Jic. l.Johono, at his office. 'rhoa lreotnS itaving any efr.tiol of Venereal tlttne e nd halli toking sto voyager. or renovunig tithe country, would i ho wolll Iyi giingll 1)r. Johnson a cnll, no proper medti- 6 ,inoe lo itr eruere in the slluortet tinle can lo put op l with written direotions ft. their use. th O)lltcopenletio in tIe Inurnitg Ilnil tOo'clock a at niglht. e ABEINTIIYV'S PY- PPfIC I.XI e. it I)r. Lroethliy, tt- groatont oIf Enigllh tllureolla wit ti oinli that nillte-tentlih of the dieeeoa thnt ulaffect t otnilml'origtnte int the sotonalo." 'rli Elixir was I aiuedl hy iin with the ntuot unpreocedenled aucltcea iln tin private nid" puhlat prnctice for upwanrdls of forty a yeare, for the reliovrl of ihe following dlieaora: i I.ons uflappetite, Flotuleney, Ditemllin tof tite .oltie ell, Paili in he etie, ileevinesnuf the Hean nd oIl ill ol lein I', eleep, rregularrity of the .onlmal, and ill all can.0 where Ildigeltion or a costive habit is found to exiet. I 'l lii ledicine nttit not Be nlllHbeied among the holt of ioiok llotrunrl now befoore thle plublil, ns it is the I pole inventiOn of ite ithlet alnd mat olcientitic surgeon Ellurope ever produoed, end tlte seret of prparl. it wa pulurciha.l by the itgnt for a vey letar.e su. it i groaeolae iorl ple axnto l to tie tiute, a nt i i0 a tiltd uter iut.tlwaYll eent thel bowels free, ililparte vigor mnd ieingto to the nyltetl, and chetrfnulnessn t, the ominid nd i e rw hetlvla ritilte el e m!llt coueirIetl ceuse uf iyepepliu, or idigelstion, and proleente u retirn at aity fUtiili period" . . fUitt tioi. N t.v 'oat,lth Aigult, 1838. 35 Madi.onllls reet. SiRtln, conellgeiceofleading a oredentany life, I have been trouled!, intne or le., with Indigntioun fr I ite yerns tar the last titree yearn my ullTerinlgs have Iteren ieupiotrtohle. I iave tied several physiOians, sal a titnllerof qltnck ledicinee, withutderivig any hienolit. I despired of ever obthaiing any permanent relief, nil resigned nityelf it he mit hopeleess dsar I wa peruatlel I many lond in try Ahentlethy'a lttivse eltie Elixir. 1 have m lwfinshet the foluth hol tl, anil kuow lout how to etpree mey I Iirotios of its I wonderfii virtuoe nitl ilte totaie it ith, performtl in restorillw l Inthat heallh which I. aelibt lolt fir ever. Send lte half a dozon bottlesn r a and except thy thaks fir te hlelinllge you have a o erredlty re sotring mu to perfet Ielitih. JCOrino r IIMONROE. rite agenti hni in hi' pelsesriom save hundred te0 timoninals similar to the leeve, of tie extraordilnry vir tleo of this mniliune. Blold hy petitplleinne, tite4r. Johtloone. 110 tiBentlhie street. nove5 PENSACOLA MANSION IIOUSE NEW CdIY, PENSACOI)A. Fr HE sItfblriber a ing pulhared tie lease and Afr nitureef this well known aatmblalinent, from Mr Taylor, thle lote proprmetr, will be ready to receive vi. tore by the ]st of April nest. Numnerous and eostly iiprovements will be found in tire arrangements of tie Manionit Holuere. Nenw inid more nommoduols bathinn houses will be built, and warrI bellie will be providlu at nil hInours. A etible ill be attached to th le musea with gol aeccoml ln. inna fr Ilrrcne nd carriages. Firet rate horses and earriages will also be keptl r Ihire at modlerate Ipries, and sail and row bonrs, with apersoa to manage them for e uthne of riitlers. illllard and oilier amet s ntet usually fu er wate waring places, will nlusobe furiahed, and 1er eindurted as lot to ilterfere with tile eumtfurt anttd quictothe bourder. Thu wines and liquors will be of tile best quality, and to asurre n a l suplly of lee, a verg haus already been ordered, which will acrive saout tie leIt oi M ay. Mr Frederick Blnardrl, who formnerly kept so poprlnr a hotel at Wauhiogton citty, will tendlt glia Its h l for the proprietor, whtr, witr nech hid,cnrfirlentiy assures tile risilPre oflust year, nrd his frieads gererally, that they will rneive every lrrssible attention; and thereby ecperlt: to giue ge-rnrl at ieiactlin. Tho lnea advlelltgea of thia Itse are toea wel knowr to need a leIgt.ened deoeriplicn here. T'he felsa tlnt Pensaeola is lie largest travel statin of the rcuvnn;'rentl the general rendezous of tle Gilf squadr. run; tilt Slu. 'ity ries climate refrredlled coetantly da ting tlhr surtrlllr intallt by tile craloat Ireeaes frm rIle Gula tire beatty of :rre buy and tire neigllbouring islendo and rivers; tire aolunaned rrd delicacy of tile flua withi which tie waters .Iund; 'rr': its proximity to tlhe best Southern mrarkets, give Penuaeoo tihe jPre ferene ovaer all ethrr plucee in these latittrrlee, an d healthy ard delighfuIl rurrrerretreat. Fret rate Ikaltn will rl betweea Penseolar and Mo bile, andl will at all times Ire able to take tire rirn.eovgrre fror tie New Orleansta boats. r el nmc , e h t 1 N B A R N O L D . [Ir' (Gntlemen wihiing to engage raumne for tleir families, ran eddress tire propritrrr, at 'Petaneolr, r Mr ewell T l'aylor, tie fuormer proprietuor, at Nev Or. lleferencea. "T Saluford, l;q, MrC Chlltrllrrr, ftMeA lri, ,Eqr., It. Iiblty, in Alubile; S T Tlayloir, P I' Meu, Erl, ill Ncr Orlusels. P S-A letter Ihag, tor e reeir rolrrrrnricarion fur persoes at teo arhove lotal, is Ilincel at Geu Wiritrorrr'R chice, 51 St Oitarlles Exch;tge. FLOIlDA. ROUTE F1rli NEW YOI;K. Ii 'Trovellerr dlesirrsr of trkirg ti. e F)lridn rmite, vin lIenoracoln,la tir NNrherlnr e infceed tlrat irst rtrt boats will crnrtunrnL, rrr froe. Mlbrle to l'enraeolr, leavia Mlllobile .llc Penrcola every iltr day alfter tihe lut of' Maly. (.ord aigeaw will ot'avo Ie pirvicr red tihe .olhacrrlreto te in readmlnesn to talkr pasener.s frol lMobile, in case uftie failure o l'the houte N It ARNOI.). Tire steamlrat Champion leryes Mlobile lfr IPeona cola twice a weark. fb 21 Iv N.RRIIIS 6 C,, No. 31 Churtrea se te; are re reivinin daily from itheir houae in 'lhilnalelphia, an le.reutr and ennlletlue assortlnent of eubstannctia and fashionabli clothing. Thiey invite thie arten tiro o the public, nas they re warranted itt eaying It;R efraneere nd citizens canlot frrllrllis lherl. elvrs more advaontagcously ill anry city itt the N. Ii. A few d zen elesnt ivory berndlae im brellras, fromr 32 to 36 irches. Alto, a large lot wlhre pine puckirlg boxes, varrious sizes, very low TFU T'HE I.AI)lES--AtkiLon';r iieltilltorv,fa rrv 1 movingsuperflrle hiir frrorr tire fae, nek ad r ralm, with eqtl serfety and ceIrtaintv, learin, tre ski t fitter tend whiter thitn betire the aIplisetion.e A re rtpp ly jlsr rtc elre d at tih e J a z lr. ,2t IUSH & AIIEN, I , I'xclEngre Mlotel, r.r St Ciirlies &. CrOlllrrtl)r Ft . j4 f SIres8 st.i llte thln dly r receiv rte w I.1l it, InUhrllr e ern style . -4ANCY MA'TC IIIS--Witlh lb.aoutil aintingrc, ilndirnl g fruor nsril A.l..ndrler frl.. Rrn...r . fe r sale y A 'rlI it, " " t;, rI'A.l ~Ig*TlejNT fI Grtr I.iltl Irrrlnrg' ('enp'y,Jsrrrnrr 30, 1139. t T i' Sbt,' k ft'. ia ket. ing ueol r, ae tis ('etl t o th ea.,r ruat( m er.a . e)rlers received rt mtt' Gar. Ollire. Ilcnk Alle.. j n : . .. it: "\\ l. I. F : . itr ,' , U RUlNHAhM'S titlt' I.--fTthiis mldicine wasll discovered by the proplrietor and Ila Iben stil I e leerd to his careful ob.servrl'in for mnny Ienrt chI IIt evierv varie)y l pinectie', noid all tile dlzenes., of file dniverfietd Americn . eliinat; l d anod It is not .l given to thlie publie with lhe uit tmu. coulidence nod Il believe thal it is, as most clearly set lirthi in flie pamph let i n icompane ying ithesani, ihe betr me.i. i : cine ever throw withinl thie reach oi nil classes of asoiet).. II is witl tile reaitest fro-teie riy ivII in all thie mnaadie which iietuli:t the hutamnn ri e, I'rotLL the establishled fact, that, when takn tll llll tile to. mch it et neCaeeoolrlin to tlhe stale of ifie stom ach and the ntilure of tl.e disease, ilifter as an enlmic, diuretic, sudorific, expectorant, orrperei medicine. That it is really what it purports to be, Ieeds only a trial to satisty the most inerednlous. The laet is daily eoining to the knowledge of Ilhe proprit'nrs of its beneficial and eaving effecls int aseso of the agte and fever,billious, typllus, nert. vocs and seartlt levers, infitenzn, violent colds, Al dysenierry or flux dyspepsia or toeaslee, satsfy an ihem that they are nt only warranted in warmly pa rejwmmnending it, but they are called upon from a senoe ofduty twhich they owe to the hIuman (.nmnily GI 'o say to all, try it, and you will bear ample testi- 8 iny to all we have aid on the subject. n The chitlera itself, the worst scourge whiielh le ever visited our couthry, has been successfuly con iouered the iroprtetor il thirteen enass with the use of this medicine only, witltout the liss of a single de patlent. The medicine is pre.,ared only by doctort di, BURNHA31 & DAVIS, St. Louis Missonuri; and is Pr pet ip in phials each accompanied with a plain ft and distinct directioln, and containing about sixty de dinses, to be had for seventy five cents, which de makes it much tile clheapest medicine ever offered l's to the public. ua Tihe above medicine is sold wholesale and retail tri by our Aentt, Henry Unonabel, Dlunoeist and pt Apothecary Tchoupiloulas trr-et. New -Orleans. at ENWW MU IC-O, Native Mllnsie Tile Convent II at I' man raiti.g, roving Ilade; Never Despair, lb I duot you rememtbr thla beaii[i.ll glade in the Draml d' tonlatntnee; 'Prlte Wbite Horse of the ltet pere' Theo F mint1e and ) Iovre lten arti nter ,eit s g by iysniS a E riinll thne ranl Iotnljntie Oteea A lmile; Good Nig I at Tie MIneetlig and piLtng; I eart not for nprlg oi 1 fikle wing, by II lnisell; Coitn, :tore, tout art in so e ,nw; A Life n tist Oceatn wove, Iby II lnusoell; Sh watnlellfor in t; ia'o me letl all a tear; Co e to me at IE inrllingiO'er lie waters bve inooreligt; TNhenOsrl homns p like tiy own, nrratiged for thie harp Iov T Labarre. ltoyal Waltes, bIy A Fllhe be; (itee Victori 'a Court j Qnnlrilleo. Juot receivedand Ibresale by dl9 +__ --- iCAOy,19 Camp at S TtnaOUGH IN FIVE D nA CALF DAYS, tr From Mobile (Alabama),to Angusta (Gee J tile arrival of the mail renn Kw tn.i...,.., ner thni,. te.aonboat "En. aol s to ilakely oebenhes to Penaole P steamboats (per Peotaeola Ia , St ros hsounh anl Cho- i iahaehie Rier and Hay) to tedar iluf coaches t llena via Marianan, Chattlmochee, (formerly Monet Ver. non,) lBaibriblge, Pilerton; lawkiansvlie and Inouie. ille, to Auguan . A palengeer ikinat Iis seat at Mr. bile is in no danlger of being thrown out or losing his a eotrenee by lothereon itinr g interests, a the FLn tll. itA LINEa is bnlt toneoeern, aInd unlder one eolitroe throughout, anl may rely wrIr i.orft.oln r upot llth n arrivalat Augtstan iltime alteified, threngh all wealh- P er nidat anty •easeno unless amee noantunfeeen oat-e. i trophe sauldc oener. Te Grneat New Orleatns Mai is erried by tdis romte. The Agents for aceomol0 Ih p tion, Teamn, CoaObes anid li ver• are not searpased ti inthe aouthernt onntry. The aootht hard, ntnral roads, the sale ani inter p eating water navilatlon, the tinme alid aeeommodatien, A alme tlin raveer siteed, eertailttl, t olnfeet, and a pleas inn variety; onttnemtedl a it were with the Iail IRoad eriarlenot, S.C. anid me asteaon nneket to New York travelers can reari New York ftom New Orleaon t eras 111TH I naTa--Wnashingtot Ciny in '.l. Feom Cihattahoelee, Florida, we have a lrlae I oLine via Quincy antd T ballahasee, to St Marks, 4 line t peat coaches, alsoi twa Ilranihes ront Hewkinsvilln u oe to o iiledgetile, and onte to laeolt, light two ihers it aelthe. STOCK I'ONS E9. no. a AouenYr, SllCtl Jan. 1835. Ofloen at Manstion Houo Mobile Mobile to Aagnnta, 54ut, to Augusta to Charlesto 1Li6 Y Charleston toNew Ynlrk, 980- 18f I Time, New Orlean to IlMobile, 8 holUnrs Mobile to Augurta., .32 Aoguata to Chinleatone, 2 "n Charleston to New York. 86- 258 I t Making if8 tliles per day. or 7 miles per mhour, inelu • ire of all Iotpageno . non nt ' N. B I wg leave to inform the phlil that nlt y bridges over the Chatahoohkeswanns antl Hard Labot t nere haveejustn been eanpletel y te genernal govern menat, (the onlyobstaehle operating against thi fule and speely route l are thus happlny remnoved; anti I have the to pIleasre efleaanng from travellerathat the eoacnen,ltr. a~ nL drivent.ld roads ire ol the ftlnt order; aml as to the water route from lPensacola to Cedior illuff; it is admit. t itel by all wnho Iave passedl tlthrough it to be unsurpanselt. u nnovelties. beatv anel an.etv. The bridnges threugl Georgia Lace ala, beenurenaled. J 1M C. BAKER iR.AYS & CAR'S--. I'Piladelplia drayn, 4 do D cart, 4 pro ox whe.ell, l terunk, 18 dirt aad Swoo bearrows, in toe, for rale bv IO e sal6 lHAMPI.IN & COOPE..7t79 & f2 I t ner nfJullia and (-arondelet it , IOn 18 L OMBARD & CO'S Boston and New Orleans U Lie of Packet Ships.-This new line of ships has been expressly built to run between the ports, and will be found of suitable draft of water: accomnlodations for passengers, and every effort will be atde to give general satin'etion, '('Iie line is conmposed oftle fo lowing ships: Cherokee, 415 totns Capt. J Harding, Caroline, 400 do - S Lemit, Charleston, 374 do D Eldridge, Co.hlnblana, 625 de G Barker, Seaman, 240 d J IIlowes, Bombay, 625 do D Humphrey. The above ships are all new, of tile first nlans, copper fastened and eoppered, commanded by men of great experience, have large accommoldations, with a separate ladies cabin; every attention will be paid to patsengers, and the very nest of stores pro vitled for tieont. The packets will be towed up and down the Mis simippt, and the strictest punctualiy obtserved in tihe time of sailing, and should the regular vessele be detained id arriving, ether ships equally as good will in all cases be nbstitltod. A share of patron age is solicited, nod time agents pledge themaelves to cceommodate as much as practicable, to receive and forward goods by a eid line at the most moder. ate charges, and to advance all expenses on goods shipped, if reqaired. Tihe slmips will leave the let and 1Gth of every month. For freight or passage, apply to the agents. J A MlERRITT, 82 Common at. N. B. Advansments nmade on consaignmeunt. to MeerZ . A. &Elb'.rlb / Cos. nov27 'ITA"'l til I.tLilJIANA-First Judlicial liislrict ~ oulrl,tlie state of Louisiana, to all wolme thlese pleeeltee shall come, greetiagm WVler,:e-Snamuel C. Ogden, Heorge B. Ogden, andi EtI.armh Yrkei, luncilg ptrlbased at aem male y Ima hiemr Sy ndic of tie eredliora of Egertlon& Wibrav, lie prtjpel ty ihereinalftr descilbed,ihs aqpliedl ta tlte clerk ofdmli court, for molniliml or ildverlielett llm i conforimily to on act of tile l.egilatureoflhe slate of I.eaieann, enti. tied "An, act for tmie ftrtler ullurilmte oftitles Io plr clnasers at judlicial sale;''" illproved tile Itth day of Marcih, 1834. Naw, tuereforc, knoa ye, mlld all persons intererted herel, nre hererlv cuied and adlnmnihed in tihe nlame of the state of Louimiana, and of the eirat judicial district court, who cae set any right, litic or claim int and to tlhe proaierty hmreilslier tlcribedm illlu elloealellee of any ifimrlllalhtv in tie unlder, dccrei or jldglmnllltm of tie ,suimt Il,,ler whll'll tlie sale wl l l made, or atny irreglllarity or illegali l in the app liem.aelnts alt d idlvertis lent, ill Iimae or tnllner of sale, r fr lillany other defecet whateo ever; to thow m.aiouse w.thi tllirty larve fromll Ihe day timic 9ltmititn i tiret irth ettetd iu tmim " ,mm mblie pierse why tile soi e , Illd.ld simoultd tul be cutliirlctat ulill h nlno 'lte raiId pmroperly wee tIi byh tlhe Syrlim fireesaid sl mlie 24th day fdlanuarv, A. I. 11; virtue lt ll rcler ol'ftis coulrt, rendleredl oe the temth dav i lof Febru ary, A. 1). 1838, in the matter of Juloh Egerton, aud Jamnles L. WIbrnay vs their creditor and tihe creditlrs mit Egerton and Wibray-No. 11396 of the docket of tlhis court, at whirlI sale said Samumel C. tOgdel , l(e;erge It, Ogden, aod Edward Yorke became the purcheerts ftr the trice iereinnler mentiomned. Diseniptioa of the property as givea ini the judicial camIvleyaace. vi: oI.t no. I. lot ofgrond in fitubuerg Sanlet in the qlluare bousled by Clio, Prytaeie. Calilpr, and Noyndle streets, as per plan drawn by J Catlhmu, dated 24t11 Jalmllryi, 189, and deposited ill the oilime of Joseph Ii. tearks. Esm. notary public ftr t-freremiea, meeutllrillg "!t feet 4 iles lirnt o.i Prtaanee satrot, by 1(2m feet iu delpth, a.d feotmui (t. liu street. T'o Soiamuel C. Ogdenlm, George II. Ogde., and Edwarod Yorke, $:l,.71 no. 2, in I stame eqmnre, tilleeallrin. LJ feel ftont on Pretane sicrtel bty 12U rfLeet dIep. amljuiaiug co. I i the pIrci iher. $3,101m1) L.ot n. 3 in tile slo.e rrure adjoilnin no. m, ev tile feruill aind depth, rd t im, o ale p r lcerse i 3:1,6118m. chers, 5.$3 mii, It no., in tihe amile squlare amdjumini- g I. 1, j lnd Ihaving the aume frnlt ad d.epth, to tIhe o imumr pItr-: *chseri, $,i 11511 llt no. 5, in thi me sielql are ndljl iini naI . i ,i an havinlg the ealllme frlmt anlld depth, to the tllue pu ,at no. f, in thime same qunare aidjuining Ie. m, and hbim g tihe unie Irolnt du depiith, to ihe h c mpar churer , t:1,1111" I lt no. I , in tilresme squi are a in lljiloii . i, an i IhIaing thl e sman frointi a d depllth, it IIhC v lllo r Iat m. I, ma the .ate eqIone rmjeinin . i . ar ml ln ilu Iinle dlll .le ,th, Lo tihe l. plr lst ile. 9 in lthe arue siquareot tiening u , Ic I'caiu i mhe tiaull af icno ,l depth, te the to.l ir cIh er.',i 1,:1St. I, t Ir.. InI, i llt i t enan lii cre dj~lt , iing e . a li, ,i a. curii ;I ormmt4ieet lm . ren l 'r eneIec . r,ei by mim91)mam111 m im d impth m dr Irmnlll Calliopem a t y i l the" sutmllll r hI r dcy of ae, A. I. 18: il flr u item 1.ilhee wide inlIN L. e t I IS lid ilull 3+t in :36,1 .OItlIN L. iI.EWIS, I LvTAT DE L\ LOU1SIANE-Cour du prem. E4 ier district judiciaire. L'etat de la Louiiaione, a tons coeu que ces presenLes concernent, sanlut : Attendu qua Samuel C. Ogden. George It. Ogden, I and Edward Yorlke ayantachetald une vento laite par le Syndic den crduneiers de Egerton &. Wibray. la propridtd ci.apros decrite, so aont adreneds au Greffo de cette coar, pour no avis conformdment tun acte de la Legislature de l'etat de la Ilouisiane, y intituli: "Acts pour confirmer lea titres des as. querepra nau vente judiciairo ;" approuv le 10 A Mars 1834. Qu'il soil connu, et toutea personnes intdressde rent par cos prosentes sommnbs a nom pn de 'etat do la Louisiano et de la cour du premier district judiciaro, qua pourraient avoir droith Ia propridtd ci.apres deorite, en consequence d'un dd- D faut do forme dana I'ordre, le decrat on le jugement do lacour, en verlu duquel la vente a dtd laite, ou so de toute irregularitd ou illdgalild dans l'estimation, le 'avis on le temps et le mode de Ia vents, on pour dl unone antre cause quelconqno, do faire voir, dane pi tronro jour a dater de la publication do cotte avis, ci pourquoi la vento ainsi thite no serait pea conirmde gi et homnlogude. La dice propridt6 fut voendue par to Syndic susdit It It 24mejour do Janvier, de I'ann6o 18.19, on vertu Ih d'un ddelet do cette Cour, randu le diximon jour do at Fdvrier do I'anndo 1838, duns I'affaire de John rr Egerton and Jamues L. Wibroy vs. leur cr.-ei. ra bi et lea crdancirs de Eger on and Wibray-No. pI 14396 du docket de cotte Cour, a Inquello ventes p len di a Samuel C. Ogden, George B. Ogden, and ti tEdward Yorlke so soit rondue a. quorcurs pour to prix de ci.aprbe mentionn6. at Doscription de la propridtd d',.prds le traonfer o judicia1ro, savoir : No. 1. Un lot do terre situdoan.s le fauboureg Sautet, snr la place hosed par tkl rues Clio, Pry.k tande, Calliop., et Nayadea, sur un plan fait per J Calhoun, doat 24 Janvier, 1839, et ddpoad on bureau de Josephi Ueliark. m ,octir.o .; ..o.e. oi C - bae,,i 2n plaec 4 polcee do u'aci dons la rue de PrytandO our 120 pieds do profondour aet de face our la rue de Clio, adjued a S eniael C. Ogden, George I B. Ogden, and Edward Yorke, pour lto pri do $3,700 P No. 2. Un I.t do terrae itude dens Ia memo place, mesurant 29 pieds dens In rue de Prytande sor 120 do profondeur, et a cotd do no. 1, aix mimes acqu6reure, $3,000 No. 3. Un lot do terre situde dan la meme place, a cold do no. 2, et nyant loea mnmes proper tions, aux dit acqudre.ars, $.3000 No. 4. Un lot de terro situda dans la mome I place, acot6 de no. 3, at ayant les maImes propor tions, anx dit acqudurours, $3,050 No. 5. Un lot do terra situde dens la mI6mne place, a cotd do no. 4, et ayant oes midmes propore= tiono, nux dit acqudreurs, 13,150 t N. 6. Un lot de terre situde dans la memon place, , ceold do no. 5, et ayaat ole nmenlen proportions, aux dit acqudrours, 13,400 No. 7. UIn lot do terre eitude dans la meme place, a cold do no. 6, et ayant lee memos p'opor. lions, anx momes acqudreurs, $3,350 a No. 8. Un lot de tore a itude dane lo memo a place, L cold de no. 7, eo ayant lee nlemoe propor. tions, aux dmit acqu6reurs, $3,900 I No. 9. Un lot do toe m itude dane la memo I place, aL cold de no. 8, et ayant lea meimes propr tions, aux dit acqu6oaure. $3,900 No. 10. Un lot de terre eitudo dans ta m nme place, La cold do no. 9, et ayant les mnenes propor. tions, aux dit acqeudreurs, $4,300 No. 11. Un lot de terre situde dans la mome o place, a cold de no. 10 omesurant 29 pieds] quatre o poucea dans Ia rue de Prytando par 120 de profon a deuretdo face sur la rue Calliope, nou dit aequd. roetn, $5,300 s Les one lots sont vendee avec lo privilege cxclu or sifd'uue alldo ayant 15 pied. de largeururur ne dor - ribre' smlon le plan ci-montionnd. i' Conditions-- 1800 sur ohaquo lot, argent comp. or taut, at to balance a 6, 12, 18, et 24 mroi, on cre. dit pour lee billets endoseda et approuv6s avec hypo. i thone jusque to dornier paiment. . E tomoin de quoi, Jo I'ai signd, et J'y It L.S. ai appod l eoaau du dit Cour, con jour "5 Mar, A. D. 1839. o mn12 t in 30d JOIIN L LEWIS S-OAL--76 tone of the bhei English coal,well suited a J lor srlrm IIar, on beoetn at qoi Aielnt frnnm New t'asdle, ir ine hy HaOLMnLS & SIIti.1. ja Banook l'lacr 1I *Ill I B A DN ES. A BEAUTIFUL head oflhair in th" ernodr.t orna ment helenning t,, the human tame. HIow tranre y the leons of it hannges the couneenenlee, alnd proma tlrrly Lrinzt on time appenranre of olii age, whaoahi r.a met mnny to recoil mt t in e unovred, mrtc t n a lllltilnca eea to aPlll caoiern tleanhid thl teats end sneern, o their eequeitjnnee:" the remladeer If their lites ore rn Meq.rntlyapnt in retilement. In ehorkt, not hevn the toameofprpertv fills the eneromau thinkir rcfch with tlent neuivv tihingknf ctm ar dae the loss of Iit heir. To avert all these un plne.n cirectnn rhee ,Ohldiriee' Balm of Coltmbin stope the hair frcom Prililnc olf thlte n fiet nppliention, Mn i a few Imlttlr rrastres it merie. It iikhewcp prol.crIN ePebrowe endl whiSkerle; prtVcnte ti.e nair roam turnin gray. makeo it rarl heautiflly, and freee it trm Oeurf. NYlmerEne oertfircnteerno the fist neetpetnhiity in Iipnrot of the Vrtera iof Oldridgei" Balm, are shown hat the proprietors. Qn Read the otnllnwin- laRohbrrc.Vhqrton,l Ee. itt . h npyt... 'A. P!nillchec'c at Fertflfect an may te aeaen' elOý , to tlhnhfit hanrt tr of ilme fitllnin~ ient cmnen. rihe undlersienoed tio herr by err'ifr ticnt welvre iusd tie nlledo cn eolnmhia diece 'wret y J. Oldridcy. and have fcund it highly eervieenihrle nt elly o. a preventive agntinat the felling off of heir, hat alno a certae rtetor tire. . W..lLIAM TIIATCIIF.R, Senior, MeRttlodist Minioter in St George ccnree, Na 86 North Fifth st. J.OIIN P INrI.rS,3I2 Aicll etrept. JOHN Dt 'FlI)IOMAIS, M , l1t Recent JOHIN 1 FiREY, ir Sprueet street. IIUIti MfeCURl)Y.2l3South2dl st. JoHN (lARD, Jr, 123 Arrch detreet. It is known that three of tihe aiccr pignera are mare than 5U yearn of age, and the athers not Iese thane 30. [From the MlARor.) Cammonwole h tf enritae.lrnnilee, City of I'lciladelpehia. I, Robert Whnirtnn. Mayor of.anidl city of I'cilnde. a lhai, do ltercry ePrtifrv tatI aIo well anctlinfetl wih ith neatrn J P Inglin, Jcltt S Fire e, and Hcach MlCrtlrIV. whonre nnmetrerigecLd to tle elmvererrtifctet lat ti i are grntlclnce of t.harorter nlld recfet cnlicit, neac ano crieh fiul crerldit lolIli gieven to lte anid ceertifcntet. In witccec wh'reof I hace hcereunto net my hcoci ncd e.cned tlIecr sel oftIhe city to he 'ýfxied, this 6th tiev oal)ccnerlr, &e. [I.. S.] ROIIERT WHARTON, Micyer.c OIISIERVE that earlilbottie ofther Ge( ine iln tailn . n olilencilc ellcravei wrapper il, iwhlich is repretcntetl the Fnll J.fineanre,&n, Solt' .lhIlec ncnd retail by the sole ncente for Acice 0ic2. o i Fletcher street, nieir Maiden, one ioolt Ihei .r Pearl reet,adcl by mosat druggiscnnro perfumhorse t' igh Ihe eaulltry. JAIRVIS & ANaDREWS, mt \Vlrolesale Agrnts, Ncw Orleansa. N ORRIS & Co. No. 31 Chartras street, are now the receiving and opnlng tlhe most splendid, so- the stantinl and fasnhionable stock of Clothing they lot hanve ever exhibited in this market, consisting it u part of the foliowving narliles: blue, Ibleo black, jet black, london brown, citron, nlive, london snmok° el and golden olive frock and dress coats: heaver, slablernnd harrington frock roasi, elegantly lirmsi ed; fancy and plain black cnssimcre and cloth pea pnntaloons: english and french fancy andplanin exe silk and satin vests; real new market comforts; I engtlish and fronch fancy nnd pinton scarfs andl hdkfs; chamnois. silks-web nod am -.elstic sul - fit penders; chanois, merino, lnambl's wool, we!sh l1an- ac ntl, silk and cotton net sherls and drawers; fine l il loinn and ottoan shirts, with linin hoonctm. plain 'iond rullld; ivorv pearl anid plain handle sill utn. brellasn ; (Grnfl'•" premium (;lover-nlsn, a eautifoul article ,of while kItl, for weddings, talls, &r.; Sprittlefield silk alod randann hdkfs; plnin, r fi prod and emtbroindered Camlbroe do.; ilhk, lnbr -1 wols, marino, normanlltrsn, slld brown and white a ctonl half hose; nall of which they olfol r low for pla cash, or to punttual customers oa usol. Ntov. I cr SI.TA(:NIEIl'S LIQUID IO)ENTICA.-llan thts been ltong used. both hlre and in tile notrlth with uniform Psueess. fIlr clean sing and whiteningp I:

the tealth, and preveoling tile toothanchr preserviong bu the ttums, p nrifying to!e brel th, slid relvin Illllt cy. ditceses to which the toolohs la ilable in either tie pao a irhlh ior infant --( oe teol slnontoll, mined in a awtoo i es ilnassflull p re r wan r. and s, arn plld tol tile tloerl It al in usual matine, witll a brush, will e.lletuanll, p0.- al vent strvy, and ward off thalit txruliatlng alin, the S1h tooth ache. of lPrepared ,olly bv T. iF.W\tangrr, Sorceon DIno. eon rist to JeeIlrcrson Collere, anda solt whosolesale ad nt retail by CAIIE'ION & Co. 31 Canoal a* sos S 818 asole netots for Wanger's Oltdentica wil SADDLI1RY WARE.-.-The eobscrlber, nlantt. To facturers and,wloloesalo dealers in saddlery slt goods, are now receiving by Itte arrivals from the bt north, in additirn to their former stock. an extent- ma sive assorttuent of articles in their line, among tIre which are the following, v z: art Ladies and misses plain and quilted saddles, coa tientlemen's do Spanish do do do Mlexican do do do Creole do fec do do Amer. do tle do do English do tin Youth's do Spanish dot the do do Creole do t Amer. and Eng. hrdles and bridle mountings, r o Ido do mnartingales, - as Plated. brass, and japaunled coach harness, do do do gg and sulkeo do Jee do do do Barouchle do lI Dray, ears and wagon , do L Saddle bags, double andsingle; valices; tredial an saddle bags, Brussels caropet bags; best iron Irame leather folo rrunke, brass nailed; leather boot top r do, assorred sizes and vnarous styles; holsters and ' f pistol bells; coach, gig, sulkey, twig and planters il crop whipst wool, worsted, cotton and leather co girllhs and sursingles; oslrrup leathers; trnnk llta t straps and worsted rein web; chain antd hbook So a rsmes; blind bridles and lines; Scotch collars, ty a and horse and mule collars,:ol all qualities; mo. an Srocco, huck,henr.nloep and btuflloskins; pIlated a brors and steel bridle bits of ev ry description, plated, hrass and steel spurs nl every descriptono; plated, brass and steel stirrups of every descrip. f tinn! l TogeIter with s complete assortment of every article in their lile oif bhusness--lll of which tly iy r offer for sale on occommodating termas. ' They will also continue to n eeive through the year, by packets fronm New York, Iresb supplies to keep their stock ample and complete. 1 KOUIES, DAVII)SON & ca, F f8 15 Canal at. LEgiffiil .ARfliEN SIED.-The stoseroher .. egs to express his grateful thanks to the paub Si:e, for the liberal support he hasieceived since he he Scotnmeneed business in this city. lBing sole pro 0 prietrof the seed store, 17 Common streee, he in Fo Snot and never was agent ltr any northern seed vender; neither is he connec'ed withll any house in thins eountry--but he assnrer the public that his 0 connections in every deportloenot of thle seed busot F' ness, in-the different countries of Europe are equal Ito that of any thouse in tile lUnted Slates. lie iha r ports seeds, plaonls, &c. ftrool tile most extensive and respectable nursaeries and see Ismen i Fraonce, F H Holland, England, Scotland, and tis no tIhers Sstotes--and it will at all times he iis inrcreest as it I, 0 is his study, to receive, ill addilion to hs present 05 stock, large arsivals of every deacripton, really the growth 11838; also, engrafted fruit trees, o1 all It kinds. The public say rely on lindnog a lull as as eertmtent of every article in the seed Ihre,of genuas s s ins quality, and imported direot by hy o a Vm. I)INN. r- EDUCATIUN--FaENCII anid ENGLISH.- ti i0 Mr. James, recenlry arivod in this city, begsleaves Is to inform the citizens of New Orleans that he will 1 r. open an academy on Monday, 14, January, at No. a 10 I9 Toulouse street, for tile inlstrOlon o youth ol to both sexes, in French andl Enghsh, in which he r- will be ably assisted by Mrs. James and Mrs. o i0 Metber, wiho speak both those languages withl I to great fluency and purity, and whio will tak. charge a r of the departmenut ot the young ladies. so 10 Mlr. Junae will give hbs whole attmetioto ti the ie various branches ofedueation, and flatters himself ti re thathe will give entire satrstalotton to those who il may bhonor himnt with their confidence. nov I 0. NOTI'ICE.-T;e co.partnership forrmed on the it 28th July last, between John Y. Blyllas, Joseph A. v a Heard and Charles B. Bioren, to be conducted una. r- der the stile and title of Ilayliss, Beard & Blroon,o is hereby dissolved : ond this disaolution is to P take effect as from the lat of December inst. ' The undersigned will promptly discharge all the s obligations ol the late irlnt, and in future contiuue itn their owon nstneas, and lor theor own acctIounit, y the same buonese, as aFactors and Gteneral Colli ur mission nlerrehnts, adoer tie style attd title ol t Beard & Broren, and solett a share oi tle patron I age of their triends and the pubite. - JOSEPH1 A. HEARD, tel noe I Cl \RLES B. BIOtIt'eN. LJiNI.IDH--tlinosippi Futndl taken at 7, Frout .e ace ' yes, fore iro'eries. I JAIN'iS,OILS, (iLASS, IRLUOIlL, tre.-..u landing Irum ship Constitutioa, andcs rPbr sle--v 16.000 feet f glase, bont quality, fro, 8XI0 t '23X00 3110ke ngs while lend, pure; 30 do, green pail, in .i libr. kepn' 24 dou Ju elidticn lhrnigAe;lil0Mlbl lithra-e 26i doz nplendid 0J0H0 ground ,brushehe, aleso 'Ofi00 alo O00 do; 2 caiens erolne green in powder auperior article do o n tas; a large assortulet of lsal toIIls ofeverVy size and quality: nable pencils fir artisnt; tat Inarkiug bruNlrs faIr TnmerehaRu; artist's colors in oil ready Ire tpre,ein Ibres, tltted 1"p nith all ecesscry bruatlee; artist' mtole, &e. FlTke and. tIrnuitr wlite r0 rtnkse gold ear; wnifte and yellow wax; guila rnabie; sdt a large atd choice as. sllrtlerntr ofpaits, dry, colors, oil, tllrpentinc vruaish c&., atr sale, hulenleulnt, retail, a thle lower t priees, y MIONDhEI.LI, cOO 58Camp et. l'hi( l'U; l L' . .AVEIY EDITION O TH1''ii C'117L CODE: Ol LOfUISmI A'. IT has bere for male tir e atde known to tile public .I that tie nulabhera nrs enrged in iprelcrine Ior the pressen a er editin of tie i.l sal. inn :ia Ci tte.- Tiler wer,'. IrellO tile first, naware el the great ditficultv and reersllnidi ith uttecdig lthe abliniatil ol the work, undit itatt t wa n t git reallt henitntioll that tlley eln seated il thte undertakiltg. lut tile present edition mntllltric to ollt tilmreertlanlldtlen copi es anle which tad cost the tate minrr tIan tlirl tlltlalld dlartnr, was entirl out ofprint. For tueic thal two i alrt paet, the uital price of tile work lhatn mbe from thirtl to ffty dllalra. It is u srytein f writteno rule wnh'h enni.mmenditely eopiratnes uin every individasl of .the titlhe ie, trrutea r-tlr in e .uicuhure r er commrece and wht':l, rtGvern the daiposrtren of so nllt: prpellrty conilng t is firo other fstates theat-liuke nlanoe, alca, othsertroa Ize law--it ias matlush the loxtl-1lk "alllll I nIIa of th merrhalt onrl the t lanter ais it is of the private gertlr mein li thie prohfeiLonul eadv otlr. SThile lawyers of the niiointg statFes and in falt ifal ihoene stlte l Itt t)i, aitinlod .li-iecsii, )i rivers whic] filldn llartflri their prtodue in Iicl litilln. ilhve a lie e.llt necessity of refereee to he the llee and mak it a iiudiat+trathle rtqtlisite to their libearies; aclt in tie rilt of Nrw Orleans the look ib it sllure tt, Ie fold ill the merchannt'" eloulltig rooll, ls uailn the daesk of the judge, or tfte tlile oif ttrattltrtey. It is nolt ellrpritilg Ihereflre tihal tre ri eteit in tst illtte s n rrk ian eo qiick" ly dipoed of ialnt altlholgh tl n reprllt of it wtrl. It sOlhe Illare ene llppllv thie plllllie necessity, vet it would be iiper:ect and iltatililrettryi ullel, liltttarted with tefrertlces t to the Reports and Statlte,, in lrt!r to eln 'rae tile numteroue alllendtulnlts which hel te i en maede by the I.tginllatre, tndl tlhe ilnpirtanlt ereinlllo and constrlctis wicn ih havI e bIeet givet upcni, llllty o its articles by tie Slpremle Ctulrt. The publiathers have secured, ifor the genera saup.r-. intendee aend editortial deptirltmrlt of the iiwork, tlhe profeenional nervicera of hetlelok S Upton, Eqi. it me.,hero tile Nuiw Orlelnts IBr. The 1in. Jt te Itulhllr,. .tluttte ltrmdese, adllI lil (eirge EIlstii hIIve e'h kindl tritEisted Mr UIptoiia tilh thtt Cahmthlhtl nltes which tliny have collleleted ill tie 'olrse Of thei stlluie t Iand prarItiee; ted tl Mr N IR Jetninle, tile p.rt ter o~f Ir Uptottn, whul ie also elrttagred it, tile wirk, (leo StlrawtliriFe. el. lhlts rtreelltrlt tile gteat allls lrlit ' ren.,+,.oolltllled ill in hit iffice elIp of tile :ode IIand whicih nave liter, lluluse IoV hhmll dllltltg the. wIllh" period Il is t lietillgllishltetd roile; iln l ltll)tl r.l . Illr hlisl work will ie all that illutr all lalbur, assi~tl+, by learning and extrieeill.Ie lI IaIIii)rlnl. In pulltting forlh Ithis prrIpectul.nlltlrt elicilill ePn-e. fal subtlserilerr to tile ,work, tillt llllll rllle ke pride illt tile facl tlhalt the I.eailnetlle of Iltliianlla has lllllltlrzedl I Ithe ;lloverller t orllder onlle olltollnd 'olpiels oif It fit tile i tuure ls oftlthe Slltte. 'thi reaiiines with whi I tits IlulnbNr Wlls tbkeal lit thle Asretlllv, evilled ii rir list telle ot tie valile the neork;llld ithev tlherbt i ellte ted tlint rnfitlree in tie allilily of ilhe t Ihliebvr. and ritllers which it is hlu ied is nllt whollly llle'rved. Iltne work wb i te Irinted It Freurh and I'I't shl, upoil good papler antd wiith lelr type; ilor will any 'x peslell, reai lie sparled tol ilmak.e the wlleln llll.cha'hica[ pxecltlloll tlf it loerrenpoll wtlh its t rat iillllletlulelte. It will irobably bie n.elv i la r dlnivery in file tlrth oe serilillg. Tile olleriptltilll once elletl, the store price will be .tweneh dutllro per l oie np ti I".:IIONSi & CO. Ptublisher. ROWANDSS TONIC MIIXTURE, , t"on 1 E\'I:R .INn AG;UE. ! \ M'TEN years have not yet elapsed since it was Sfirst regularly submitted to the public; but it n: has attained the highest reputation; and has sup. hle planted every other medicine for the Agile, whcrev. & er it has been known and appreciated. Already gi o has it been carried in every direction throughout tihe United States, and still realizes more than could all have been anticipated by its most sanguine friends. "" 'Th:ousands of persons have not only been relieved, p but restored to health and vigor through its egen. , re cy; and they now cheerfully testify, at every op- to portunity, to its decided and supreme efficacy. It val is composed of such medicinal principles as are calculated to renew the healthy action of the storm- tor ach, liver, and other important digestive organs, ext the loss of which harmony is the immediate cause I of the disoease. It is apparent nlso, that it produ. ces an entire change in tle condition of the systemn, - and certainly destroys the native liability to rolap ses of the alfection. When the Ague is attended Swith any other complaint, the employment of the Tonic Mixtuae will not interfere with the treat. nItpnt of the other disease, but will even afford as. sistance by furnishing strength and vigor to the body during tihe course of treatment. These who ma make use of this medicine may be assured that tri there is no Arsenic, Barks, Mercury, or any other ir article in its composition unfriendly to the hulan to constitution; being entirely a vegetable extract; T and they may have additional confidence in the ap use thereof, when they perceive that it has the ef- thi fectof a gentle laxative about the time half a bat. I M tie full I ha been taken-in consequence of which, a P there is no part of the medicine left to linger in dii the bowels to cause obstructions, and other evils, arising from the use of many of the remedies now tLU offered for the cure of this affection. It has been Itu used also as a preventive, by many who were sub. D ject to a periodical recurrence of the Chills, and it cu lhas invariably warded off the apprehended attack. de Obseree! The Proprietor, fully satisfied with the I er unparalleled and universal success which has aco- i stantly attended a punctual and regular use of the ith Tonie Mixture, in all cases of Fever and Ague, cr feels warranted in engaging to refund the price to all those who have taken the medicine in strict ac. 1 cordance with the prescribed directions, without hi having been perfectly and lastingly cured. th The subscribers are the wholesale agents for the of South Western States,'and have now on hand six- in ty cases of this medicine, which is warranted fresh at and genuine. For sale at the manufactured prices th JAR\'IS & ANDREWS, Wholesale iDruggists, ID nov?7 cOr Coillton I Th'clnipitoutlu slreet. T is .ORDERS RECEIVED)FOR E JONES' PA TE..VT COTT'O.V G;1X w Ilythe Paitentee, No. 53 Mtagzine street, New iOrlearn i TO BE M1tNUIFACTURIED IN NEW YORK SY I ti ROBERT llOE & CO. !li lit SCALE OF PRICE.S-Double Gins. !I For a double Gin of 90 saws or moe on each e)lileri, making IGOsawsin the stand, sl ..i.,tir l'irit odisavs in a cylinder, or 1'0 saws in the standt, lcders, . &e. a $6 per saw, or 720 0I For do. of 40 sawson do. or saws ina stadl, at $6.25 per saw, or 500 tn in For do. of 20 saws on do. or 40 saws in a 'standl, et ti.50 per saw, or g6iioi L a o INGL- GINS. Fora single of i saws oitteer more, with one s't ofileeders, brands, &.e. at $6 per C aw, W $480 i00 Fortic. of 60 saws, withl feeders,& at ~i 00 $ a 90 per saeW, 390 OO For do. of 40 saws, with feeders, &e. $6 75 per saw, . 5..0 0O For do. ofdsaws, withlrelders,'&e. at $7 50 per sawt, 150 00 Exarteatl where desired, for lfelers, pplied it I0 eents eahs ttie numiber ofteeth heilng liout equal d o the number of saws. One set of feederis, it ins a sidered however, will wear out two or three sets of a sows. Extra saws ntpplietl o centst each. The Gins enliered, will be delivertel to the genits of plantelrs in any of the sea port towns oa the cotton pilan ti # Stltes an the aibae r lilee, the a~nitS igI) llg lhe Sti'"-kln oa ihe same iiun New York, and breeloiullg e - sp,.oaihle ir the amount of the (hin. A Iin ~i'thl wiIllbe seit witl the lina ti pitt theni uip lhtre de-. sirellthe charges for whose services will be extm, but t moderate. e Iron running geareaR alsohe Odtered where desitrd, . on reasonable terms, but will he chari,ed emtra. Hose t it power,ofany description, can be lfulishmil m, like Stermle. Small steam engines cati elso be eordered if de sired. e It idesirable, when plulters give onters for Gils, if they sihol accolpany them with their views ill regarl ionireaomnegemeetn t saws, Ilrelats, rulshes, &e. II is frodd they iliffei m opinion. Sonlta dlesirr saws of - largeed r than others. The most comlmo, sine e is 9 or 10 inches; , . some wish thliem 1 ilchels. Solme . wish 5 or 6 rows( I Iushles on ani asl, wile others io Snot wilnt more thsn at motll. Sonic wish stws with 8 Or9 teeth to the itch, while oliter want l0 or I I. to W ill diserepsmev, we prefer they sihnld,' at ihe ' in.l ffgiving oarerS " furnish a slateirlt of their wishes, mid the sunmnlscturers cae littlil them in ever. p articular. WVbere it is left to out discrrtion, we shall e manke them on the moat mlern aod aitpproved plat. 1. An oter mca bereitednl, Irme tihe time it is recelvel, 1- in the slee eofigit or liine weeks, land tie Gin( i thas o tiane pla.el in the llnis of the factor'. To be in tune it -for the neat crmp, all orders eougl to lie i tilhe lalis o lthe lanllfactrrrershv the first or milddle of 31s l' crlpt or plantateinll where thiy arv late in commencing to pick o gin crtnell. N. It. The Piretl Right, Ior any ont of the olttitm .e- Ir ing RaSite, t11 be ald on reasou.tlt term.. - CLit fitote tISA UTI; UNKD UY ilI YAULTIY O'F ME CI\E. i ORN'S' CompDondI Extract OrCOfplibt Itiad Sarsa L rillaa -A certain, tae, and ,nest cirectual r reme dy ever dlistoeredl lirlc rit cure of ;inorrlrlies, (;leuls, Stlrictulre. Whiles, Ptilts in the back acrd lllls, semlnrl weak.lllres, affections kidoier, gravel, scorbutic 4rtleilrlcs, f.e. Inh tihe introductiom ol a medicino possessing the usefu tol active virtue of the onle now offered to the illtli:, the Ipro'pietorhas bit to refer to thlle nluerous recom mellndations rerceiver d tiro in te roostl eminllelt of tie lle tdeal faculty in Eropee, believing that it will it duly sptiracitL:u whllre its merits are .orea filly known. 'The 1lisnlof' o ;opaibs, soexterrsi velyselao Iorst mrlchi ot its eredit from the dislike whichr palietnts formerly expesst d rerlgali.g its disrgeeaerble taste, disrrranirre proullled i tile bowels Rrnt stonullllrtr enr its hIel'elrtlor inefltieierc whoen used in tihe inltammatorv stage. The roprl'ietorhts made an analy'sis of the tIrisar , conceiv ini that tie more aetiveqialiies would thereby be much move rloncentrtcr d anid errre usetllyr oae'rr lirrittioer'erid Ithan ill t.e resent staIH. 'Tile bove ledl cine comlbies ilt gtoriieors whici are in tre Ihighelt repote amot' tire rost scielltiflic andl ill lloe p'fo.sion. Fotll g ill thle eomnllosition of tllis preparation increases the efioecy of the other, producing an operation truly n-to nishingl gllll Isr'prarilrg the rnOst stgllrllille exscIt:tiollln ottseatsill. or the stmtie tioe tire elvaanlage of its breifg administered wilh pierfect stccast int tsie diirelet sslars of the stove disease. 'The most eminent irhysicisnrrad surrgenn of thie present dtay express their' cdiedl as pro'uation in .orre of iir'ataeilat, whilst its Ile it tie lprieiloil hospitartc atd t I.wclit ir ttfiassa has Ire pu..ru3 iiwtlp.won .l, Eery. extensive. It san fatv aixft. esmety wish tie seehtuterl Dr 'Altmery n alt vencr',al alfectionr, .nld ill obsttla.o rteesteirfllptios arisinag rom ia ditsorleredl state orf thedigestive funletiorns. ltavinllg been snhmitted to thee test anld experience of ther most celebrrtiotd among tire tirclty, ytlr Iraae exprseorid their atil:lction .f its extrlordinllary tlicacy in evePl' ase iler teir cmi e, b loptinig it hoth in thei plublic a ii.clll: )..e. lTheir ali eraltimos will be, itser atl Irer'l'tel. Prl trell by J II 'Tlhorn, Cheistrt lrtodon. PI'rce $1 50 er pot. '.E:s' IMONIALS. Frmn A II Salmon, Es.q It r, Sr.rgeon to ther St ''Threloa Hospital, and rrl ee." r, on Anatomy. Thte trial which I rhave matite of your pretrsiation ir n a ivarierty ofrcases, both mlale andl female, in its results Ialo Iro'ved so hIlikiiy ftrlllltlrle, that I l do ot hesitate ill SIronouncil it onet of tihe llosit valuabllle andi etiotrinr..a remedlie ever ot~ered to 1thl tlici, and loe inll whichll I tl explelince, 1I can place evelry r'elitnl'e, whilst it Ioes not prodllll thle sa:llte IIIleasut e..cts uillyl ex lrerielced from coplib. Ilrl I IU Ii ly' ardi, .I It C S, Physician to the St ..kltr'tleotne I )ipenstr r'y. I make grrt ipleasure itn aodling tyr testimonvy to the valuable prop 'rrfic otfyor preparation, wishing you the success you so lllli deselrvc, it. al tpl rewair lia r tihe labori nd eixpt iincurreda in bringing it to such nom I plebe I'le.s I 1 11. g'om \\' ti Cooperl, F 11 , SSurgeo to Guy's IlIs Thle rnif'lrnl lsuccess Ihicl hIs nlltenlt'dil t .llini.s Ic'illt t lg trtarr' r l riei r rlllllrt ll. t .r Ipt linirts aflieirrt wih the lbov,.e dlisu:lses, ha:ls fl'lyatlisficrd oe tllt it his nraor Io .e klnownto I e truhly a iire.' tdl. ,I the success yous sO we dall Ilye, ampllliy aInd tlpeedil. repay y ou lfor youL' vittllltle iprleplarntl.tiOll. 'Frcontt Sir A CoIpctr, 1F It S 1' I1 C S, &c'. lie. Ilravig been ittcllle to try your Ixtract ill everal casesof violent (;Gonllorlhlal , wfichi hiad hlitllerto Itilled i every illescription adllministered by olle, Ihvilg ifount) sure aild speedy curet etected ye it, inll a ew dlls I feel myelfin try iound to sttile tht I now inl Iy i)lc tice bo'th public and private recommeld antl lse uc ola other. From G UV Illirt, I I), IPhysician to Guy's I1o pital. The strict test whrich I hi'e givenll our medicine amotllg Iy patients, and its inllIrilble success thus Ihr, will illnduce e to l.ersevee in its luse, anti I deemI i but all act of jtstice alld of Iduty to ti dd my feeble testi nollial inl colnmelnatioll of its virtues. iro, I C 'T'hoitson, ir r ) F It S I.. Iretllln you my sincerel thlnks for' t. e valuable pre sent of 'otr oExtriet for thle curlle of (Gonorrhoela, t . I feel graettiul that lo llt le at Ilat blrought a metlicille' into use which will prove a desider.tutrn llok soulght forl' ill 1the medical wclcd-a saio , speedy and ellectual cure I in tlirese t bove clalss. It oiir'tl lltcli ege' t ltuosalr"e itl tublitinrg to ithe. ttwortd the ti.rlutitir' uattieii cyo't-' Velre it n.cessary, tie prolrietlor oult here fulrnishl many mre testimonllils equally as Clltmerintory as the iab.eI; ht tru.ts that 111its succeshithlerto the r ire & expntlse at t which it Iras been p epat'rei , will protveits it'r-estr reotnmenllttiorIn mctotng a dliscertninrg public. ()lle r'.e.tlnrotledatiol tills plrpl'ratlion cttjoys atbove all others is its nett, portat l)e torm-p-ut tlp inlllt t-t mde in which it may be taken, bheing both eas.y In~d p'lenlt-its tr stely' ture., with no restrictinl inl diet or cinltirnement frot. businlless. T'rlellers easlleciallyn woudl find thlli medicine e highly uiltetill, tand ought lneve to be iulprotidled with ia prel~w~uation polssessing Ihe a. i vantalgeswhich the present tirne combltin Acco.mlpanying the Medlicine isn i lamlhlet cllrlllan tory of the ditferellt stages of tile disease, without anll extra, clontltiing full nl. ampllr e dlirectiotls. For slle by SICKLES k CO. tor tl Canal street.< iW E KNOW that healthll and the ability to Slahbo constitutes the wealth of tlhe great wi mass of the people in this, as in mist other eoun. tries. To preserve, therefore, that health by natu. ex i ral mean' is a grind, moral and plitical schemeo, ,e to I fulfil whieh, requires our utmost attention. sh The unprecedentel popularity and universal ap. M approbation which this medicine has achieved thb throughout tile United States, the Canadas, Texas, ve Mexico, and the West Indies, fully justify Dr. Peters' in warmlly andl conscientiously recommen. Peters' Vegetable Pills are tie safest, muit effec. tual and economical remedy for diseases of tile human eonstitution, that Ilhs ever been discovered. & Dr. Peters, the inventor of this invaluable medi. A1 Sine, from his knowledge of the human system, - derived from a long and extensive practice, has arrived to this conclusion, that the great and pri. mary cansee of most diseases is a derangement in at Sthe functions of the liver, or in other words an in. cil Screased or diatanished secretion of the bile, of So well is this understood, that it is c sltman for of persons to say when they feel unwell, that they are Di hilious, meaning that they have too much bile on en the stomach. On the other hands when the flow tic of-bile is diminislhed, the process of digeosion is imperfectly perform d, the patient becomes week i and emaciated, because nourishment contained in so I the food taken into the stmaell is not properly ea. ca tracted, and tihe food is ejected in a crude state. Dr. Peters in confident that thile famous Ilvgean pl . Theory, so called, that, ,' illmpu;ty of tile bhlood e is the cause of niall dlseases," is a great abslrdity. ac Every one w, at reflects on the subject a moment, n0 will pereivethat impurity ofthe blood is a sncon. Sdla y not a primary complaint-the effect and not pt I the cause of disense. l'hen the functions of the liver are deranged, and Ile flow of bile increased, it it is often taltec up by tlhe abserlent vessels and I carried into tile circtlation, and becomncs miag ed wi Ih the blooa, as in jaundice, whetyt)he patient fi Sshows i ill n.i . u cSuel.,e~ l T, 'Iw of bile,p and to remedy it, you must correct the secretions p of the live , and restore it to a healthy state. u0 Dr. Peters has spent lmuch lime in experiment- o ing with difirent vegetab'e medirenes, for diseases rt of the Itver; and now offers his Vegetable Pills, It I as tile best, nost convenient, and cheapest Iledi. cine that can he prepared for general use. t)r. Peters flatters himselfthat Ilis long ex eri. melting with vegetable medicines has enabled him to discover the true and only substitute answering K) all the purposes e" mrceuria'a without any of their attendant evils. One great quality of his vegetabl pills is that tlly have tIe alterative principle colm. bitted with their catkrltic, or operative qual-ties, so that they not only cleamse the stomach and , bowels by purging, Ibut they regulate the heasr, , change tie morbid secretions, strengthents the at digestive organs, purify tile blood, invigorate tile I circulation, and give tone and energy to the ier.. of vous system. They ate mild and pleasant inl their operation, and e nvoy almost immediate conviction of their utility from tile first dose. They can Ieo taken d n with safety by persons ofany Bge ; and the feeble, n ll the infirm, tile nervous, and the delicate, are a strengthoete'l by their operation, because they olear a at tie system of bad Ilumurs, quiet nervous irrita- 5 btlity, and invariably produce sound health. d, Tie Vegetable Plls are a srse remnedy for jaun. Mý dice, sick and nervous headache, dys, epsia, coative. ke ness, sickness ofthe stomach, heartburn, all biliues complaints, fevers of all kinds, and if taken at time colmmencement will invariably check their pro. : gress, and save the patient from a protracted and I dangerols sicknehs. They are invaluable in ner. o vouandhypocondrlcal alfections, ltse o al pe. c tits, sni a I complaints to which females slits are Ssubject. They operate as a mild and speedy purge, in and are a safe and eert.a, remedy for worlms 1n Scehi'dren. I. Snes I have introdleel my Vegetable Pills to at tile pulhc, 1 have received nunmeron certifigates r of their euperior eflicacy in curing diseases, a no Smany letters from respentable pbhyaieias,, who hbve used them in their practice with the best Ssuceess. 1 might publish a small volume of ceretifieates, ne but consider it unnecessury, as the medicine will of recommend itself to all whol eW make trial of It.. .It The above pills are in boxes, containg 20 &. 40 to pills each. Price. .i & 5t cents p-r box, lot Druggists and colestrv mrrchlsnts ean be,nyp plied, .t uwoulern C or retirl, st Dr. Peters' princi, p ,l uri.n,,lt. f65 P'aydres street, between Mtaganao t anp sta. Nes Ut!.-ls sl6 e.h York dr Baltisore Waofket PACKETS FOR 1.4 KW YOR-New Line,. -di toail panetually ovary 4. e4u1 Mond4O during tho season, full or not fni, x A Ship Orleans, 599 tons Cate$. Ship Alabmnia, 474 do C ry Ship Arkansas, 627 doe nUli Ship Saratoga, 542 do W 1t4khha) Ship Nashville, 540 do Ship Kentucky, s20 do. J$t The above ships are of the flrst alaes, eaopp end copper fastened, and -having been built if flew York expressly for this trade, they are of light draft of water and alnost inariably eroes the bea without anay detention. The commanders ar re mn of great experience, and thl ships will always be towed up and down the Mississippi by steamhbetas They have handsome furnilshed, accomm..aiions; and stores of tihe best descriltjin will alwaya he furnished. Thie cabin passage is $90 Withou. wine or liquor, and there is no liquor furnished to the officers or crew. For freight or pasesge apply on board, or to H C AMES, 48 Camop gt Thn ships are not accountable for breakage of glass, hollow ware, marble or granite, coouperge of tin, or rust of iron or steel, nor responsible for any package or parcel, unless a regular bill of lading is executed therefor at the offico of the ests. nov27 NEW ORLEANS Ae BALTIMORE LINE OF PACKETS. This line will consist of the following vtsseoly which have been built or purchased expressly fue the trade, viz: Ship Seaman, Eapt. Menet, Bark Mary, " Niekerson, , lrad Ferry, new ,* Stevens, " Solomton Saltusa, Latham, IBrig Architect, '. Gray. These vessels are or the first class, have hand. some furnihed ecconmmodations, end are of a light draft of water, so as to admit of their receiving and dischlarging their cargoes in Baltinmore, at thIe ily, Freight will be taken for iorts on the Chosapeaks or James' River, and forwarded b ttho agentee Messrs. CLARKE & KELLitOGG, at Baltimore; expensre on goods shipped will be advanced when required. The price of passage is fixed at $.o, ample stores of the b st quality will be provided. Steam utp and down the Mississippi .ill bel,; on all occasions. For freight r passage, apply to UEO. BEDFORD, nov27 22 Bienvillesie FOR NEWV YORIK, [Louislana and New York Line of Packets.] T'llE Ships composing this line will sail fronl New Orleans and New York on every other Mon day-commencing on the 20th November-and to insure the punctuality in the time ofsailing, the line will hereafter consist offive ships, vias Ship Yazoo, Captain 'Trask, to leave on the 20th November. Ship Loniaville, Captain Palmer, to leave en tie 'lIlt l)eceriber. Ship Ihtnteville, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the 18th December. Ship Vicksburg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on toe let January, Ship Mississippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th of January, The above are all new, of the first class, copper di and copper fastened, and upwards of 500 tone hurthen, are of light draught of water, being built in New York expressly for the trade. The pricei of passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabins are fitted tip in tihe most improved and convenient plan, and fminished in a neat and elegant style. Ample stores of the first quality will be provided, and every regard paid to the comfort and entire satisfaction of passengers, who will please take no. tice that no berth can be secured until paid for at the otFce of the consignees. These vesselsaro commanded by captains well experienced in the trade, who wIll give every at. t tention and enert themselves to acommodate. They will at all times be towed up and down the MIlsis. sippi by steamboats, and tilhe strictest punetuality obiserved in tim time of nailing. Tihe owners of these ships will not be responsi. hle for any letler, - parcel or package, sent by or pat on board of themrn, unless a reular bill or lading be signed therefor, at the counting house of thi'. agent or owners. For further particulars applyto J 1) BEIN & A COHEN, nov27 90 Common at NEW ORLEANS &CCHARLESTON PACKETB This line consists of lour vessels al of "the first elassi coppered and eopper fast. roedl, and of soult 200 itns burthees with hannsome accommodations for passengers. These vessels are comman dud by captains wel experienced in the trades who will give every at tI etion, and exert Ithenseles to acommmodatre lhe shippers. They will h- towed up and down nie Mississilpi, and leave New Orleans on or before the 10th and 15Ih of every month, The followlag vessels compo"e the line, viz : Blrig ArmbianChnrles G rdon, master. Brig C. apman,J. B. Tonmpson, lmaster. IBrig Almena, J Doane, master. Bark Roger Williamos, . Allihers, master. For freight or paossae, lyply to J. A. BARELLt 1& Co, 6l Common st. NewI OIleene, pr M. 9 MourdecoiChlalarston. ct I T H~ Undersigned having recom.aeneed basiness a Druggist and Apothecary, in the store ow ned by Mr. J, cub Ott, at h:e corner or Tivoli circle and Triton \Walk, respectfully solicits share of the public patratdge and a renewal of the favors of his f.rmer customers. The entire steaook e Dru.s, medicinesiand lonld articles is fresh an carefully selected. The lollowing only are par' ticulari-ed, viz I Pre Soda, Seidlirt and Saratoga Powders Yeost Powders, being a wholeasmne and elegaet soestitute for yeast, in raising bread, buckwheat cakes, &e. Butilter Effervescent Magnesian Apperlent- pleasn.t and gente purgative in.dyspepsl.r oar indi. ,esvinn, dlebiliry, giddite's, headache. acdily of the stomneh, Ithbit ual coUaiveness, cuts. oeous eruptions, &c. Cnrpleaer's Finid Extract of sareaparilla f. c purilvt-n the blono, &c I ddo aid chbelhe &e. 'wnniH losa:.ecu tid ,'erntifuge ; British a' lit.' iem nilsv Optdilduc, &c. SRelinedl Lq'mrlee, jnitbe asid Goat.uauve pastle | Tooth brusoahs, N G Prenlice's carbolic destret Sfire, chlorine tsoth la s ,o pWr puffs and b aes, Prealice's scented end plaiti toilet powder, pomatunm crems de Perse, oranvoe fower, reset lavender and Florida waters, ol the best qulilles, Rlwland's Maeasesr Oil, Old. a ridge's balm of Columbia, bear's oil, a variety of lucifer ond other matches, indelible marking ink Ssuperitr black ink, &c. Spermt and refined whale nil. Hay's Liniment. A Irnsh assortment of Thurburnh'sGrden Seeds ocs 2 GEORGE JONES. id/ INE-l-r50 btoxe. Claret and Mauterte Wise, id v store ntll fair eas'e. by jai8 CHAMPI.IN & COOPER,8l2 Juli A.LE RikOPE-160 coil Bale Rope, of supperi ii quality. for sale by fel"; ISAAC BII )DGI k Co, 3I iteIgnair Ae E.a tngte,and fr saloby r.. inia 19 SHALL y BIROWN, at ia N, EW G(XOODS-Baa & Ala have ired S a splendid assaruneur otaoi Fc , . _: ble for P1aurarrs, comeprhrin|gs '.,. l;" ' dneesuinc aes, wor boes. m 't needtle hooka o pearl, hell an i eea i o soUveuira inlaid wh-t peald a ,dsll . ese, opera glan ne, .old sud peresf al ofil kiodscltlery, 4.ct , . A t129 roe Na Ctaaeles &h'atv _. '_to THE' LADIES. , - C ATKINSON'S DEIPUI.'rATI) Rfoh. ses ,,agast S peruouair il from.the Ueeotaekead wints, w h i as eel oafIty sail ertainty, ertega tha I h b 'I r 'ad owhiter than before to alspliRetie.. A4 fhs pply Sjus rteceived at diusns, No a Exchange Hotel, corner StLCataela a o.o oI Cs tm V. "t &. w P. FREEMAN N.& .O.. Nn.e Clotbiac, aad w i'eah mssht to ary jtgtheagheut I Farg . Iubl asahIkemts t ,,s',atr,. s.ab sh p ,, u

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