Newspaper of True American, March 29, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated March 29, 1839 Page 4
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a^'nt týý ,` ; «eon, Iwtar, awa ,: wi pflr.H(ddw' uitt r 1 81 P oln AMOr OOECIINItO· y o.l. londrc niteal ,nadl,, v. p 'eo"toI nard' ld v nj. i oadu o ~mt minat ice, Tables1dS f hojC ti 11111 ir,., vols h ai eelluic. flun the t JellR1·nyand i. Censteu n,-,t Aanl l c o ole, 1rnl, '1Iati at of ho, elicot 1citoa'ii t *t 4:fn`y4yd ehk :· In I, by1rrctl vl ,°,1. JOHN. Fr Co. Ch-brie and Common 01 .. Y" ;ý RII TiiXR ri... S ýl t o, t.rtnth n and Cotmrmnn st. -y itfr' e ?f t Fener nnd Ague. 1 aitt u ,ekrrd wetrein the Tain. Miix. An the ordinerv loed. of Irenting e P Ar laI the firt tlaey being a!ee. ` t t r e mfront eny deleterios an poison ` ta'it niniv lie tkien with tile tlltml safe S` uf b iunt, or ned intalid. It p;e 0 .i...e, .onseq.ently th. e.. titI. mu wonted ten aud aclvity. It estnh. S' sOlRI 9Isd porrnunpnt t·p)etitlP by invi oratin_ II ' anmdi gairt na relish to th!e einjlymets ofo-te. elig 0 putrottalrrquolll ruii be t ho owt yiroeo ~ 7Pn Int~itwea oretlted uailn,le oreerrl or. Stt or '"e igs t nrease this diponler or to create ly creat ns e i h ntioen b ottheai d Iottgor clh eoe tt the ee rera l or and thus benefits the system alettio.t it nity be opporesed. . vittafi4no aefterlthe n 'oftte Toulo Mixture, hnve expoled o all pthe usual csrseo of the disease, i or h rttee e synllylton t oft rtn; whereae by d the Qte heoemm mmadie, i ther is always creo tad "a'-iac e t liablivty to recurrence. The danger ipe of thl .4e is very evtt no, for tbe aon become too much pmtstlato to tt·n Mre et with dalcin, end spe.edily Fitu a vic t~ilom St ineetoct o e l u eo o prer T0tite Wixtnit io mc tell a rauRoll4bl e price, le In pl cel t viilhluc re e vmey one--Mse that tlop ou r and desltitte Sherebwy fromisd th "aitncewillt,,t slicitillng :the :Idiael tedane a heh isoo frqueltly denied to The veryo ininreltuctntly besltowned. rdga m its ere terpetlv eltiotled oguinst the spt f . ii iior il that are daily offered It i s.ree y ty D"r. iJlt R. Rowatl, at lie pits ttn-- rr.-!l lrs ithe wlteldelet OIlent fitr the ·It eIet'hrilR!nCIM -_ and will sllhIe. the Eross, atr the P.n; fp. k-T.Tp , ,'a be had oi retail oloo,at .I"eo f elth: +l ieheearic in 1b1 city. ' ,-- JARVISt; i. ANDREWS, rtWholeeule llruggi.ts, • in/J4 " nors Cotonet. & ",etotitmo,,. iosooippi on l Louisin ana hotel, • J:. MARY eetneny ON. LI ARYKIIIKLAND respectfllly an s. o tqep , 4 her friends and tle public gene. aIy t týtne.hpreplred to accommodate them at he - N+ I blahooent, and hopes from her i 1'ghio 4t9 render visitors comfortable, to receive Ian ot te+ihe of former favor,. Site feels confi. dent tliaL.pefrnons visiting Covington during the i mnetr mnonths, cannot fino d hbetter accommodations : than.she nen afford them, on more liberal terms. I Her.' hooae is plesantly situated, and well supplied '*ith ever Conveniene-e; the bar is furnjltod with tSthioxt.'alnoice liquors, &c. in short,eslhe promises I ¶i nat ltll tl -hall beu wanting an her part to give "t aire matomfa1tion to all who may patronize the mlimnisppit od I[otuisiana Hotel. je3 ,, studied under Dr. ScLtoidt of Charleston, Storth Carolina, and for some years Ilis assistant itn eIbepretce ofmediente and surgery, has tile b tor to efft his professional services in o the city. inOhio nity. ie immires the liadies and gettlomen that tte oto prompt attention will be patid to tihe clls whlichl nay be made; and also offers his mervices to the holders of elave, being well aequainted with tile • imes emotomon to them, hlaving attended them in Sltimougar hlouse in Clharleston. S The famous nnti.hbliop pills flter tle composition b eml Profesuor 8Soltleis, with di"'tons, can be [led ef the underniged. Them' effltehcioll they have ?aroduced in this and other Ceitleiqs been attended ,with tihe greatest unoneos, to tigo the best of . sefmrencms can be given. Apply at No. 166-Mag. nine itroet. JNO. M'LORING. IRONS, &c. THE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. S238 Water, near Beckman street, New York, have received the past beason, and are costantly rceiving large and extensive additions to the stock of the above goods, whilch now consists of the S llowingobsotrnent, suitablo I.m the southron ad western markets. Ytoliow Warn of seuperior quality, consisting of about 1500 tone, viz, Pots of 22 different sizos, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, fromr 3:8 to 18 gallons, ltakepano or Ovens, 7 diftureat sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do HSkilletp, . 5 do -FTletpidcrs . 6 do Coveted Spidere, 2 do SOuddie, . 4 do Fire Dogs, 6 do Wagon boxes front 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 incites, -Cirt do. 5 to ? inches. Wood Screwos, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, froot 8 nabh, Ne. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality and finish, and less than Jamre's imported priese. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 Ibs for retailing. Tailor's and battor's Iron,, assorted. -Sash wights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to Bells for Plantations, stoeamboats, churches, &e. made'to order, Also steambeatl and other machinery made to Order. Tlteabove nasortment of goods is particularly recommeaded to the attentiol of Southern and Wastinrn moerlants, and are offered for sale at low prices and upon tlhp nmot liberal terms ; it t i he. livoed bln t)he largesou nd best assorltmeont err of'erns for salo by any one establisrhment in the larelaadtsa by forwarding a rcquest by mail. can, h• o pn.nocdeirclar, with duorriptio n ofgoode, .iccpsraAd ttr..efr.-om wherl no deviation it ever, erirndhed lby return of tnnil. All ordes will receive immediate aotention. SNow Yorrk,1838. .13 ++, . •.', .1t,3--_~_1= " i~ - ow orlli'ss. Nllv.lJ4l 13:7. men itn I Itiittar ad Itck tnv otapliad tn ttre ntCUre ttle. sotto rtt our ,*ad theyv did l cr le Io ;; h w o I owt myelfttd ler the 9 care of I)tctor II sli p ttIn ta tu t tit ir e ti ttte. tijte lItnt tiae els ore,, no as to brek 011( in largeI ulcers -M 411p ' i or eight itt ea It leg, atl til ovrt p" f qa ,epro itlta'oialt ttl outl atbi tt work ttt he e.,l oaccount of tht ditease; lorle tlcearro t, le..frhetroat. I mill no ,v putting Inyrell b y under gir. cae of Dr. " Hurt, Pris · be orslehly norte JUO N DEAN. tit ab t te ubtttoo~ l tnttue diseast is cqtit w a toy ewrsattitjtiouitt, far thlictjt jtm* lHi. lIcutajts ilmorrever I atture thatto thle ai. mi*1ut, labs Xaktkes uae. fti. atid did oall in'jnretly R e~la ii rtI ; theroofaro I Advisety flltwot anlererr i rssad pply. to Ir A.. dluet. 124 Cuatl ,, i Uttplune pad Houril r. treets. Ilr. l itr froom 9'clc'k,atA Mtuatil 4 P 11. od m dottit for Ihin tcipluint. SIJOHl IEAN.40 ~ranvierstert. tII py"l i~ Want to 48 ot, call at Nt. 4U Diravan W Mc ttr JOiN DA. i ýý'tih lpdlit55 titoaf Iverw"trlanod Huote 1p h tip in alt ci loo price at 51t crtiltlltg uth atrentilt of throe oaultex oit ý ýirol le l to's o meuUj ogtcr mate andll k'unru/ywn, udeo aareaeiau in curing oe8. I tititrirv i. Titica ho as rf ethatJe of 1Mgp iaeatuia·e 8isaht, wherever t bell been intro. ·I>lute fldeet e rotoiaatJ recof aredu epic t't~tjrolut aid f r lc ure of cougls, , n aceam IjtevocI(ittin lit blottd, Iaiie o aThigihs to cerifparoitt wt Iltaiueatl Precribed Air Cuorti. c f bpi ltiftirowhh.h hii bon-wz, on tllereran , min th kk ow. ,etCilati maef n, and c fixer aclo u Itasa Ulalrio rrepartior. - .is M, M D. Mediget Asaotiotati. .r c ANDREWS, Utiyneej rittliýtiuttaiaa ito ` hYlp I~eet ,a Nte o igioti lecpra. and }.ca eti iurthta __ marst tint Peous' !o M`q leloce tile ilirp red 1111r 118 . ihui, no ti I7'}CbR. I~l oilbtird BARTT . Col ipaý NIF tglly i lery Andrew, French emd.'2oit.a ptat carsl; Brki ansalen flBardrg Cblrsonsn, 214 and 2 3-fl lree nil ld Balls, al,,0Land 12 iell blade Bowit Knives: Leather ail orient travelline Dressing Coans- Belt. Peckdtek a nisa's, and Duelling Pistols; doable and singtearia led Guns; Game Bags; Belts; Powder a Po Flas.a; Ilr's Bottieranad Drinking Caps; Pfo'ol aelnanpa and Cap ieldealj:Ckrtlr Hair, Tosth: and NeilB.srusbts; i.Qrsi and Cltlaii Tooth \WVlh STob Powdes; Tilj and Shavinga Snaps, in great ve rinet; long Hlair Braids', Ringllets ad IrizeCtes; Pearl and T, ilei Powder, Eanery Bagl, Ivory Tub Caushions Patent. Sines or Garter, Guom Rlastic Snapenders; p.l.. 'Pnffas anl Boxe; (lilt Chains, Promal and Ke.e; relidthope; \Vaist Buckles; Braelets; Hend Nekliarer and Choirn; -Gilt and Bildteresd neadrs: Indies IlBnrld, Bells and Plrames; Slher Twist;: Side and Dressingr Crnaob; wrich,in addition Io their former ssask an hand, makes their asnsortman very comrplete, ad will be sold ow and en liberal tsrms, at thae sign af tre Golden a. Colnb. i25-sf 70 Chartres treet. ºtlllE rbrajei is, Agetsrr frrr she extensive hnase rf % W.& 8l hstchler, Sheffield, Erelnau, hrve juee etcived a very extersive set of pa' .ers, rannistin of Table andrl) Dessert Klives of e.'. dt i..;lrsioe, Pean, Pockes, I)irk, and Spear prar Innalves-a& Recoi, Be. sora Edgd 'e'olsn, &r. &e. & &e. whic they arsre prepared Sexhibit to tihe strads taor ldrs. Tertms ani eonditions will Ile miade known at the tine. 1l6 J. II). REIN &A ChtEN.9lCrlnoemnn st. 1 I'Sa IO5 s, IIARTT & CO.-Are now reeeirilg -pesr skip lllrtsvillgle, Eg, Merry Andrew, High as-des-, Ps-s-trat rre a itermm na le adnr irlavine creels: i er, blt and prket ISatolSr; Iplain, ribbed ands pli cuianrs caps; cap imhket's; saisrlra, Irr.Zrs, ser. yes; (;illlott's commercial and olter steel pens; Vio 55; Violin stringas; shetl, ivory nsld bol rn en.r s; watIras; it, been and leather purses; lair ir-ids, freolt al ack riilgterI; negro sputtr; ,erman esod FPrackh eaoltsg, wster, Rowlands maccasner oil, imitraieo de; attlhlr eadl hbers oil; portable dtaks asrd drealrig raes: trast a- dklabig; Maria mnd toiler glanses; coves nrrri'r'rs; o Enal glosaeassl viewrrw; lldan lads, bIells antd plumes; :eonrmleou; whit'lwane; toilet aod shlvlng sosps; toilet ,n- ewder, arnmetie wadi balls; seerred rte in ainIuhions; le- pool stalsas screw cusrlions; fancy' beal clri.lis la e- neeklacas; Iilliardl balla; pocket boorks and walletta; ir- ermnl Iloes; razosr traps; fine and commin ginm h- Matic sllperle l, garlltieralo; Bells lucifer rmatches; ail t, vernmcils; Creyons, du:. &u. I. ThOe r bv ti:r;adii-. to or folrmea stcek of faney ,to ostints- akera r:bns-ass-rlerert tres eranrlet. Pr sa'le ire nholcale or retail; as the sbig oftihe Golden Comrr 70 - Chartre s'eart. m -l id 1V O PICF -'I'r poracsaeeai t oa Knlelle, tlnern &Co J. • of New Orlean.; Mason, H|,rris &Co., of Nat;ch. [ i nad Harris Kelley &Co. of Rodney, wasn disoIvedl o; Sho21st oflav ldst, by tie deatir alf Sanmuel A Masa-, ate of shi pariters ot the lreas. Tke undersrigel, ,urvivin partnerd, ill be rchirrgred o with tlhe etiliag and closing said I nain*ss as follows: LeviC lHarrils vil atteRd lto the rettlingl oftes Illbtaess of M rason, larris&. Co., at Natbez-n; and lnrris, Rnl e & Ca.,at IIodnev; and Ilenrv Ktslle will atted toI areseltling of bthe Ibsriness ofKe'llev Maton -& C., at I Nliiew Orleans. TIhe na. es oftiro asca ral irena will be tg used in liqaidatio onl, T lnhse indefbtedd tedniacfiral, are earnestl rstlis-sel ocomte firwnrd nIld makeearly settle taenits and1 thlose , laving cluiuio will lleasepreselt themn Withdnlalehw. :ti i.:VI C IARIIIS. IIENRIY KEILIY. is NewOrla llea , .lni 2i, 1.37. JT P:7 3EiN-F t- iN.'ll.f - OC6I.Co NnE wY.r'l't to C2ases mrore of tis sior C rl Colog-r- waterl ijst atreceived and for sole byv the doealn or e iv, le .,t "ott - at Alto American alsd Fl'c . toilet ptwdcrs, po wer puffs an broxes shavigl and toilei R tap rlscser ise r wal bklls, milk of rosesc, cersetic reolI ecerrim, estr e o nlrsk, keplbhnl, Ward'a vegetablre iar oil, pomatnl, n'Creled pcersr, Flo'ida, lavedarsn rose lrlay av wasers, SI';esa;i'n salsr, Sersrilles perfllneery isl srrrkr. vkerctl hle r td liquid r: e, Chl.horine and Orris too th wash Cloth, heir, tooth, nail and fleshl brushes, togethl r witl an nddliilal s Puppv of allshionable ln . . nid(] hhllR Sronllil ....d je'elry,for sale lo. at wlholesdale (.r t..,ill at Ir SIMMONS, 1lARIT' &tCO, i -- .i--l 70 ( nrhrartres ste . ,e CIAL-'lhe sibsrcrib ers hve cnnatani ly an t' Inod a larae supply of and Liverpmsel con. is in slk. f saperisnr qualiy, hlieh itecy offer for s ale ia llo!s to ullt purchasers. AAlso expected by thie irsa errsevals Crs-ni EsIF iand and lrrhe Norh,Cann elig.e slrl t'eslcla h SIs-nlili Coal, broken and sc reenel, pue up in a hullshenal exrpresaly for Ill-iiy usa--rll iof which eihv will ofrl on Ite ilmst IO,,llerr terms. S Orders left aI thleir office, Nn. 53 rietville st UpI stairs, will Ire prontlply illsended io. g oct 3 I. & A S(,'hLIE. t|olsrglre Waterts, Vrlclrters, rCec.-A s-,- Clll rl rlicleof rolgner put up res-prrnsy lr ti lhe reall tLade; ales slid Iuresl Iserch ltr.rfllues-rll rnbr- Id I ia'g every variety for tire toies-, for slo I-v ot 2 REF & I'IAsi. T1o Country rc- icrtrtra artd: I'lanir Negro clIltia, blnkr .!lelets firss is- re). loru ll sliriigI heck, lia, lteltec, Iaiia CI kerchiiers I & &Sc.rtceivsd and l salle eIs i- Illry t ll as ri bets. lROTlTA & Cr,. z net, corner Canal anll.i C'liartrst i L IV ('/t.'s ldvrI'..eries. I n, HIndian Dye. r ctr lorin, iia heair ; lear l, v, Rus-innsbea-'tureap, 2 Z ostnit: ;n1i' Pr II cie Wash, rrprrior pearl i;pswder, lI whii e, rem SI Cf rue,, vegeltabnle rouges, sit, of rosc , lip salve kreusote tluolhI wash, Cal'o c dl.lllrilior. uregr' A hlswrwaler, s-rsedc r pulfl's ad bIl xir , A k ris ra cllarcoal, uanly IrLs ii; in hur ullll.o vsills, Irres. tIru sals, ierolone, krensol,s tonth aclle (sr-p teir brlshles, ESlirsh tlrrrsste as -mllbl s Iand nt hir iiii trl a 'tieteal rif rihr, &.. Isor e.s It li C. J. TRINC1AIIRD , rIl sart 3 corner o- Cl aua and ldurbolrsras si IRON (IOUlS--The snhe ribers have procured ts, at a grat extpense, the riglht of puating on iron ns i s cy. They are alapted a pula:I hudltrt.r, warehalosee, nnd private dweltljsan ta cunt lire ant once ehep.iacss and rier hlitr, ilrnd are perict'- fire and waier proof. T',rna r an ,.e keownr and a iodel seen na our establishtmett' ;ppaosile Sr. MlarOy' mlllaete, Tehnpitntla, ea'. nett2 E B COGSWEI.L & Co UPIIOLSI'Elty & PAP;ER HANGING S'ORE. Ileary Siebrecht, (lormerly J. C. Wicks & C..) would meat restectfullv inlorar Itis friendsa dal na the publc in general, tIhtl e has and is conlalnt , orly receivlnut a renerl orra aorl let a alhlolstery ad no rpaper hanarinlg. 'rite f.llo ing clspr re a prt of hlt slot ka whliclh he offera fg r avle so whotile far aleor rstall rtan tle mosl aceummod,,ind8 terme, Frenllla velvet and ntali pprer, latet stle lr de l haleof emmonl anrd common, Pniladel, dia elnzed anld unglnzed td, dr,, Frelnch landt naie.. lire ~ artln , ilinda , d c. (it velvent ant worlted doae, ti mureanoze dot calrs, silk fringe and gallo,ns efall to qualitie, Iarrerns and priere, watorated iri ags as sateed pateeral plain anld aolhrld. Swisstnantiuli latest astlr rlain and ariruaet, enltrht drsapry I Seslll rtina ,rinia and ttril al, anorted ,ur ar, ne t stylcot trcdle work lhr s-fia cushirns, faot ratrl lcover-', &e tee style ot t ll prlars, reatar.rl iure t . end ptlati, git w ivnd .ao'r5ts tatta ,of all "artit"ree ant n.lizer, g;Ir. rag¼.os battal ard eranr, feattrell, Ii • gc, ,rl;, ctsvtrn. ren, tir e:,,th, figred a lln , i a lron as t)rlllllll of tr)rs f raclll.lrt.e a Shihatgte, c,tntaatiy aa inoa ant et at the dt Io.wesal Prall'l, at N.,s 41 R,, aud {JW| Cu1 ttl~lr Iltuse eta. N L'--Parsn in thte iy)' or fi'Ia tlr e Olntr)y, nerepe rectlullt iyvited ,, a'alland exnranot tur ar ralemselvne. Carpets and eurllllns Itade ill tlih latest ttdt en sail., rlolma prepared at tile stlorlt o est lntice. aod all kied on uphtoldeetery wiak t dJullae wilth neattsea andadtspoteh. vt 3 1,6 IStuU'lt, Nu 64 Conda elreevt, tet rean Duoearr and St Philip, rke. eonsranei an Ihad - *all, tenlve naes,' r iyTruet atatn tao ntst.a aali. V hotes, of New Yuok maonuracure tir 1ee, we t,a aIel Sand childraen of all tier, lwhich hel I will depiaa uot ca an very I:odalrae pllete. eel i'aitl1ana rof lia ir atatintance on endin nnrnrderam will have . aei at a trn . . tenided to L S E :l. t fuI l ID-AFNSS. .. $ ( A1 NEW arati,'le tar prsons troubhld iwith de.a q la the it0 t r .t ,ait., I, at. .. '-Ka teot art oti'nttl o th'e ih wht ...manaaytd no the 'ar. Any oe Is llll Ile ev,"l lo," i, .Ltatoeatveusa it atlery dan g aeat,e att , e fal, ir a',-.,',le of hah difficulty adee n. ha aertannaaeat',rtala. hall Iay themselvea and th n. c-l dividunlittttn rarairettrttm ntluinel. y tty le toe of the o' Ear IvTratma tI y thi hjeatlin ais ai rely onvinlaed. iTh eo toat seejaticalall ear la ans ni'..e., ," - hviot useiag d lat'rutitptit peur le ruuutafter aar 'I' F' (itltOxeS tait Fanny atnreon orer ol'Y.atunand Soa arl" C al ''sa tat ta i t.lo I, de o.l t ara lintel. fet I: I 31 id ' l'EEiI 1)11 -I(S) nlinllu Pure winterr 1g A7 op'rw (fOil, cin ankn nod lb, fornk.d by d .I4UiVIS & A INI)REIV. of WI IVenI..olr Dcgg sts, aurora C to tnt and 'I'c u- _lae rrerl*Ir up t, trr 1' 11IIU 1 Vi ··~hl a~ W arII I LAIL T " 40 kern, IUV lt Enrlieb do-25~Z I-4 bbl,. 41X) ' " 'r 16 Pointl Brog1. · lie, var 6id niter I. I ) Inputii, , Is 5bblsropal Varnish; r Jupan t. I Coclt.-. 20 pocks Gold Leof; nil in Silver, tdn 100 do u M&'r WVINOWv GLAtel ,A.,b-.a, ErcI1, ood Frtnoh AW~bo xe itlr 0S, g 01 "donrit,ir.' n trol or A W SCApES, No Ill Canal street. s N . baona ntites token at p r, ond Mielnijooppi DotonWillJ h))iceiotId a I5 jeroenot discoun, for ood, or io Irnmeot of debts. I o #1 (ý1~'.O[1t.-.31p0 aidling fry on teoto,, Sodoeoted. p I:nr ut' to, 1neilo,,, coal I itr t I tg' J i )ORSERY, Ms~· sznr l Strr ,YIlw-'T'hree cns."s of II e' gonioint oartict, jitn rtrri.,iv by . ot 3. RE7 S,-' ., III ottt1 ap Of oted all efI op, no .Inrt, a.ld ttr raoty' n 3_ Iit)cI::T k HAN THORN, 63 GtolaVie2t S undtter It*#4*etaare Offlice, ¶ Camp at. IdRONEZlMi a&." IOWSON ben leave it inform .i their customers end the public generally, ont it theiy have removed their establishment to Nno.72 t id Cniap street, ingjediately under the oeire of the a or Pityne--where they are prepared to execute till 1 , or'isrs i. rtheir line. H Uving received from the Nl,rrh a supply of p1. h per and materialos of a superior qua.niy, for the ri nianoineture of Blank Hooks, they offer thiir ser vices to merchants and othr l , who rmay wish to; wnrk of that kind ; anld hnviic the edvaortee of r; aeveral y.irs'., experience in that line, they are, or conldent of aivinv satisfaction to thuse who mtloy ' Is, fvr thenm with their sineS .oj 00 For anteries, architects l ottlhers, maps and n id, plans will he pasted on linen. varniehed and in mounted in the neatoest mnnner, & at thue ohateat an notice. ,+ c (f Plints i. prcit- l hisIt". in cil its vorietice nt. tat C1lii. cr;tor brusoling in tlittElto 4 AL(e. arc VUIo. of rent, tunrniunt up ont, New Orleans. n t locked Josh. andti Co. importero of French l to ed toe abott a foot ala and Earthen ware. are o n .ot Interest stood ot erich patterns of breakfast, tin to r. c u ot, teoiler saets, pitchers, tea i P lOa.r , sugars, creams. howle., - a the b.,e, wash basin an. ewe e, h Rch .l kih in French and American glass. i I: ware-oheta, itlinmpnigner, lemonades, jollies, n tie clnre's, wites, cordials, cetlre hIowles, docenllere. i 1. umblere, reserve dsles, celeries, pitchers, laps, o D tp shade and glasses, candle shadlop, salt cel- I ." er, etc. i Silver plted, bronzed and britnoin ware-,s.- it tie tor, Ilqnrr stand, cake bhakert, candllsticks, d e ralnrlire, spotul, Inedle, coflieenad terpotes, sgar, tcreams. lanmp, j.aetaned trvas, nslral l n ds,and t I'- hentiln gleln aiine ratlervt O;er an silver spoos. of i alrd Iorkr, t lgether wltl n ge.eae vriely t f iricler ti ot for finlalty te. Merrelch s, planters, Ih tris, and at tterhllll dll, arnihed wilt goods at Ithe itnost ea Smsotel le prices, and poaked so as ton be conveyed I Swrai selcty t any port of Iho eounery. i 1 ,_ct,. tillecvriespgl oIsware. no ,ri TIHE FLORIDA LINI ) jc Front Mlobile to Augusto, Gn ".at x, leaves Mobdle every day at thire Ic fior IHll' li.ndln, nbtove ilal.cly,-thetce. fror .; l,,t coaches to Pe:orraoln--thence steamboats to I I Lo'gr oee, where tile land route is resuled-thence na, on Mariannt and i rwnsville, Fil. laiibidhIge, i' dlertownI, lii 'kinsvil e. iltundersville& LLottie r eiltle okAngitint, (,:l+,, lr oinictcoc regularr y wiih it s Ii rhil roi .I crsr tol) ('lh rlerl .to. tor. I rit te erert an o.. .eos Ot N iow York, Norlolk, P'iladelphi, et, .e. IT e beteslboaoi lre tilt besl for the servihe, cnd at t Itle navigation prev Citil more udvanlltae.s tiha cmn in e he fo unld upo) ally st ll lllboat route iIn tle snout. ih e rll re ol(l l .. T I ie reat imlprolverlrments in Ith rnote have en prop luredt by the contrureion ofl fifty milis of new Vt Sroad by the. prprietore, viz : from, UGranoe on iI[nantlne ltuovu, no ar:n of Sana Rosa .t, as ill y'lll': Petry, on flea Chlltl oh lch e liver, , tol ,I oil a i.oabve the Clowirdl. r 14 albveCedlar liluil; lit It w le peby !the navientio1 ot lthe river, and thiii clln s i -r l cti t o le lli.ltl. todln( ie re re ord r ' rtlhe ll-, e n cr veteent erin t e Cowrd", fre enlirelyci i ccovilded, ccii a line riad rrom ihilariaIna direct hi Sto Dtli brilre, instead of the rotnedabout road via n i, Chittahtelle, leeinciii ri odisaitn o about ferty is 'r, miles, nld increoasing Ithe facilitiesc nlor thln on- ice n day. Ao Alroh, tlionrce line C of wo borso e.tannes cevery 1 tit oter tiny firti 11 , kieotiles , via Perry to Maec, to i ( . elnloll ecing with Ilte lile to Savao lna and ac i) irie , Get. si A miol Ioeambolltr iles regularly be ween Bainbridge and Alpanchicola. ''ravells rswisnog to reach an)y oinci on Claitt.n. iouchoe or Apalach:- m cola, enl takt stoor,hou t at drownsville. S laobile to Pnsaccula-Lund Roue-Dl)uring the e time oeeupiedI lip tie repairs of boats, the proprie. te Sotos if thie FIrda tri o Iu will run ta liine of bur tat Sh e os coches ever other day between Mo i ; hllcond Ptensacnl. r PIosycuers will leav e llile at 3 o'cloiok, p m in the U S mnil ioot, ;nd proceed to l cI "s endnod-. "cing,here a lor lihrse cnach will , Io wailing to convey rhem to tihe excellcnl Ihousef aIr. Charles ai t1all, I 1 4 mil disiant whcre they ill lind 1ev pleaslat lceeomidlllotl; olllis fonr he niglt--lca ing next, they w'ill arive in P'e ..... lnI e aly n _ m ine eoenOrtt thus avoidiig the discoitfort of tot niuhtp traveelen'. l OTioe at ite P./ransion Ilhose, M'loile, rnddCol. inw liei' ilu:el, ItEsIcet'lI, where i eai s nl urs be t eu ac s re'd. rOci'Ox & C Or I. . S Piano r,r resilrecrion, scri. ilrliantrl hi b eoders hims servires tth cei i, tellrs of Ne rlei8 ans ai i eelier ofl lte piv e rst o irt ne. ir S havill e b well e ino.d severnl uvels8 is a teacher ri misic in private frinlo ies IS -l aun, aid also fi several Ithu e a lrnile s mic laries il its io'ini , lit r, lc n rin b T hi e ito merit their conidelo e. IrIl is permitted to ice er t r D Ita dr pp. .esrs Srte S ollo ir t 1 r. iAy, lHenderson & (;naivleb. Iv Fr leresc &e ploleae npply at irle b eukstnr nf Ale lcxnirder 'lwevier 19 CItpt, rgres. a tnd .'Idirrcins vir J B Prevoee o l a vircled eiiIell sllin iils ciy lr o i, te i.rposrre lf trrniaeetilr a esnerae \VWlllrrlesl e irune businessv. lit is row recerviiru a full supply iII Ireshli d cntirre niriltlnes, whici b i m li sell n rilriberal er f 'e'ry city druriisits and tioste e ihe intelrri, 1t pRyslicirns, ler anes id plant rs, rd e will iltier irdrcecn:enic such as have never be. Pforr bien iei it rcrl ie Ithis cit y. lls ilnentior is II n d r th s reilirn ratvice business. ois stnek will Inrr sun be enririlee, rndrr cv a iew weeks will be rtce d ly ihr bnsilless. All orders crnIn the coliry,ncd idfro i mireni I o Ir ic ciivy receiving such orders r' ill be proin ptly attended to. oct 2 Nro 39Cacp st PROSPEC''Us. THE subscriber piopeces to publish, in the be. ginning of the onsaolg w ite, a Condensatiion f in.) tie twenty volumes of the Old and New Series of 1 bs Mcrlli'. Ltuisiona Reports, to be sonnrised In four ci, volumn., cvo., eceordtirg to tl, mcnodel of Peters' :cy Conoiused Repcrls. This worn k is now in preparation by J. Birton SHarrison. Eq, of thlis city. nssisted by William F. Brald, Ecsq. 'Pbe Editor is also permitted by a do distinguished retired Judge of the Supreme Court, ed and by one of the sitting Judges, to expect frotm their persoial supervision all tih advantage wbich i ~ maye naturally be reaped from their experiencs, . i Such a work is becoming every day more en Sceesary, as the original is voluminous, expensive, Sand scarce. An incrleasing curiosity toon in scani Plest, in the othler States of Lbs Union, in reference e to thie peeiliarjurisprudenco of Louisiana; and tle " eirucstnanc of Ihc lllnoerous principles hlere de. Seldod in tihe ldjustnlott of conflicts of laes, makes sthe knowledge of our adjudged cOass of prinme uti slily to tllhejurietsof tihr whvole Usion. Moroove, Idte rlising repollic of Tsexas has adopted our codes, II anti thus thlere isa greatc docmad for tib Louisiana A decisions fromi afresh Iqarorier, Convenient notes, indieating thie parallel cases II decided in Louisiaari, andi oecasionally those cc tihe Ic more althoritativo ioruoms of tile othler Status, Wic.H as added to each cas. IN The work will form foulr volumoes, reyaloctavo.1 Scand will be delivered, bound, to lubocr.sers at $6 Sper vol.; in ease it shoull be found praceticnable to comipress it ilto three volumos, tie prie to sun. scribers will be $7 per vol. subscriptios receivced by WM McRKEAN, se jell er Camp and (os iln,.rie. or 50 --1 A' nU rk"," , A-ricer ý A :n ',se comb,.lto 1!Chartres"Te i sriber le hlnr- i.e ceived, ac o litioi to their", i silrk 0u eiand, a Pall e lea elld s ler plct. assorlitment fel aeti.,'e" Ir!'t lir2. viz: sap "cobs, perfeia-ry, Jrwellry, bteo lire, lurking glssee, uey arlielces, .e, osietiigiipartei as llbws: COc--tortoise shelli, wroiught andi plain ilekltwistl wliliedhck, lots r5und, Ircsaing, sediolics; c and e Weeak, UBrztilian elba of every dencriptslua angs t antg dhichipir asone exiilOn pilttero, lerIer combs of every on: Iacript on horml, dressinim nll piackei , t gclcler witl Ia on PEIRUMH ER'--Colognr , Ie.uveicier, Florilo, hbinsy, iaYev ..ue.d o..e. d.wer. wafere of des irilitlci, enscpiceollra Coligne, estroet of Bsrgals or laney soaps ,,Prll kinds, shaving hi in cokes and pots, rcecl soapi d, Woenl'c veCeteble hair oil, beers and e Ii- N; tirlnedo. IPreston's smellinpg afdtn plain mnd perefumed toilet powdeur, pearl iowder pie rir uiros and boxes pc- FI lanlilloc plotsn u[s ioll s,orri Itnu ahlorinle tootie wash nJld owde.lce, with a gencerIl issRcrtellcst ,f tiac JEWEltIty--seonsl oftbe latestlied Irolat felciona. lIce ,[e Sells, eon+istlng "f white and red eonleliun, topas A. l sl leteleetrdmP, set in lilagree I'ells ,piis of. greaitn l, ferl Iv ofpatieos, waelh "rimiaries, gilt culd silver .ackles, silver thilblcs, silser aoni ghori pe ccil. asd guard ehains tle IIe SIIESi-Cloth, ha, lidust. oiC,vrcullhceartiufloor, of I latne, icish tooth, I se, cob, Neil, .slaving, alto and aiv, I.OOKING . vaias an. rloles the ý la(ss ,lasol d, withP Aic tl'r l'x h CLES. enw ie 5 t5Ud'iieila iulmbea sadA.,esomcgsecmsr oft very 4: 4rc inall irdvil udies ork bixesartddes. thb ni inl, rei wiltollul mIusiii muesir al boxes, Ae- e ill pl.osd ipencils and lediadswowd pentil s Ior carpeseCa cad esa cryons',cl;llreilieliekllelSc iirilnlstos with land withoet liy eases, percussioe cops=,prre.fil ca char'gers np; adi screwdrivers, shot blclth.galu bags, paIste ,|.nckiu , toy said tea sell ,ldiirbieila of levery kiund, elis nd Ipluiies, £nl fineand cnnllnmuo kbivdes, rz.' nd seissor, lill e on needhels pins, esilver p;.ec, steel aed eomcmon pci tac- r cles, pocket books soil w ealctlet various kinds, visiinpee i crds and card eoases, playing cards of Fronell, Gert oil, and Aslerbean nloufactjre, dlells iritatnon fruit, snou tin boxes, prnls of various kindsi, Saundrero' IPccersy's thes Esanerars, Hilllian's and Hawk in's razor straps aneor ali netallic hooees,dirks, fancy bead necklaces do with b r Iars drops, tov watebes, Iearl buttons, powder Hooks, out end u t em pllan ceerd beds, gift nad silver do, gun elasticuspe ofpe s derr, and garters, plain and sword canes backgammon the p hoards, dice, iptical viescri jewsltarps lcenuobe moels duccc e and.drinkii c upso wilh a gmsnt variety o sother aei pos ler, all efcwiie L will Ie old flcr sch or ecity apeesptan. mes ccr on 1 Imouiths credit. l4" SlAIMNM & eo imi 4 ....C.r..0 ;ses, days ..itnlehmi-. a rel suelIve me'd by .I ' 'TOWAR, 9 ,a'o THE INDIAN% PANACEA. OR . hecureofrheua .tism,emfrila orking evil,gout, Miatiea or hip rguo. lolcylos cancers, sl.rheun, I ui litio anti mercurialdisuass, pasrtic ly er, and i ainfulantfletiona ofthe bones itierated hrontts t. nos 2 trila, ulenrsofevey decrnption, fever sores, ani inItr,.c obe bses, fistulas, pile;, scald head, scurnvy, oIttI t 1"te lotsoeeves, orysipolilblothes, and every :.r , ta.eons attfociou, chronic C(atrrhl, hle'! :,..l1 ing from aoy acrid humor, plin ivl the ,i replat procedliog irom varmlatin, al.le chromaic i tllmmetion oftbe kihuevs, a, - m tyc auedly aatorpidactionofthe veastplrttlhe skin. It ofi sing-.l"ly si'ehaous in renovating thas e onuitations of wic have bee broken dowss by hludieious treatmenlt, ro juvenihe irregtlarites. In general terins, it is recom 'y melteld in all thosdiseaseas whieharisa from imnpurities of the blood, or initiation of the hunmors, of whatever ad omeor, kind. d Some of the absove oanplainamomy Ireqnire some tel. tl fiang asitant applicatons, which thcireuomtanes of the ease will dicta.-; lut for a general remedy or Periflcatnr to remonvetheco use,tle INDIAN'S PANACEA will generally be found emficient. .TO 'T'iEf PUBLIC. Ilow true it is, that mordoe Physieians, no their am bit lo toexoel io their i'rofesaioorexplote the vt field, re ol'soince bh the oid of hemistry, and seek out new re medial ageats; in sluat to arrive at perfection in the Satpratliec by means of art tlmae,--otirely overlook ald negleet, as Ibeneah thelr notice thericlh anil bounteous stores ofmnedicine, which the Almightly has ausedt to linog out of the earth i every elime! And how mneh more true isitthat while the American Physician looks to foreign aeootlrie for wnoly of his most collmon and neeers-alrtiicles, perpetually changing as they are at a. the dictates ofifalion orfolly, lie is snme aleld it hins a, own country with ast edles.'oftiruioo of metlieol pklnt0 I- suffieicit to answer ay imlliation int disease or to core any disolders; and yet Ihe is ign0atant of their vir tues, and they ar e sctired towat he etbeailng on the s, desert nil-.' T'laolt'ects ofvegetable nmelicines pon the systenm are d I teaporary--those of minerals lasting. The frmoer ex Sertll eilrhftleesaim pans off-the latter, meresy in par Steieul.r, net ohenicall apoen the solids, teeomolming ithe lboas atod attderminaig tile eonstitution by a slow .ald sure destruttion. "'la eocaagelliallity, effiieoey standl SAPFE.Y ofvegeta 'd bie remedies over mineral, imay bte estimatedl hcontrenat. ingtheatuieot ptaotiee with tilemmotllero; o, to lritlg i moreimmedilately vl:terouar own observationa, th- .Imli an prastice with that of tde whites. Who, in America, ms ant knowa or hearal of rel atedl Iailcces wherein a Ssome ldecrepid, uo ireteading femoleltiailln, lay meaisof n ther aimple remelies aloie, listaf lfetrel til Iaost rapil tanidostooidslio cores, lifer the lateiro Mlies of the mmotoa proctice. directed lin the most akilfil manmer, lms foiledml Ael who lhas not been l 'prised at the com Ir ativeease andafililty with which the Indian freeshim-. I ally disease, :ni at the ,hoost tots abstioenee ofvlemlioeliteaseomoalg them? WIho has oev heard I of an IlaianI wtacostiho tltatiion broketn anl rtaited by I illo tralnetl? And caa a dloblt exist that this happy ea Seilttioeu of the asavage from most of thle ills wlich the tlesh ofmlau is lleirto, is chiefly owilog to mie genie d lanl aLe reLmediesi which lIe emplt ys.I '.o|lio S astostitll. Sing difcerene in sucacessa, is a fairlexempllfieatioo of the i.finite lsperiority of tdie simple a;lll safe mlei of cure vlaiieh oatl las created bfor the benefit of Is hildren, over ihoe whlichl thle prile and the art of nita lhaoe in velted.l atF om a long re.ldence r nmlg a IMolloto of theahorigin. oa c i tltvttlltsof thiscootiry, andlaa iltilate equaval-. tlaentc iltilthe, methlds of eltreof some of theiromost sttoeessoivl itr.ctitioners, toe protartetor ol 'The aIilitao's laceera,aSoquired tlalkc h.Ilge of soo oo f the most oIWcrfulvatl favoritlenlretllics. Frottlthelaseheseleeted uc as neat most tffiaaivlUo aln aIvroplriates, and after a Svvarious Cxiavoinlltnt testtir piclevar l stitren-th, alie Ihs eonabioed them in the form here laesemted, as the most petieset atll beoeficial tor the orp ose tfr whieh it y isareemornelded. S 'lThe proprietor offelIs tlai pretaation to the puilic, b with te eotseioaslllas th:lt he is ilaelg wnildaivtlleir.sea, a reiredy eallable ofrelieving oaany of hlis afflietedl fel . y low beilgs, who alr. sulting uovder thle varionas hronin adtill obstinate eolTlllaitts to whiEla t is atplicable. To asuch it will prove of iaealeulable valte, as tile means, sand in many eases, the olnly meansofreliecvigtheirsuf le'rio:.g and restoring Ihcm once more to healthi and hop SIplness. Tl'hsis notroffered 5 a eommon remedy, that - may Per chaae be eqoally good with many others vow in use, but oas one whlich iscapalble ol"aving life in many extreme easelawhiechla all lthe ooiotralenmetlies fail. 't'his it has done repeatedly; aol thlis is tile reoautation iltlasob taiahd whedever it has bees ilntrouecrd. It is olaly aloat three vearsasice alit tprepration was presented to the iarbltc:'lut ill tthat aht aslce of time, b -ame hotavdreta s t f leliaeoas might tbe nattl, wolho wold a -solemnlydeniersi that ttley believed thalt their lives were saved tl it, iaid ill IoostaCasesiterf tthey had trietd many It isad ierhaps all the colmon re.ledie.o iii vait. \Whlew i ever it is kaown it isarapidly cotiug into use, andl this b afforls tihe most asubstatial ad eonviacilg proof of it Smerits. SThle value of tle Panacea i most eospic . OlS iln those Iflong stanlidlg and syp" hilitic opt srofiuIou s .fi•e ons whnieh W ove defied all ther ae. t-tdies, ead ta ircti arly ill those wllere mercury has hbeen so lvsid.!y utscel as to catle tlistreossillg plills it th bottate,o ntles, itereat i[i. ulcers, dleratgeoetlt olthe digestlive orgav., c,:te. lThese it comloettclv removes, t in iall e sevi t entire ly etdtieates the dieasaeos atli elh.cts of merotry, eno- i votes the eotstitltiol, oand leate.tlte Itpeat sftc aindo a waell. Ill rlhulllalislm ovit l leel-tt ael sore tiltoat, its Ilealtaye eetlsare lot oleast olrareltu vitg alacta itanoe Sli.te relieS: ; an loos ," l e is, ..o,.: a tes, i. ti:,,', l'ai:eeen Ope raes ',lice. asn llie'sasiivesni deleige it a sliap1iireii, liteltie, le.ti and laxiii antine en iiii.lxli-Sla n edit lld anoiniee nuai in IrOpel• ciiSc as lllUtlllchieieanlll Ii tntciiilajiaie.i g lele' ire no lly exlllresseld it ilncrlCealSe all lve secl'rtalin. ant I ex - , cteti*ll, givcs l e iolelhls m lc l mai l t i clioe ill ; lhuraslhlllhl~li Ill l-lm •aer. Fro : lhle prlld. p lllatlll asllhi IIll V e ,lell l. Thinlisniicice Ins Seen loun hi~lily usehl i a miny Sliii asor hmbignn. liseaeis tiers here Sreiliie , siol il has bon Psne insel witlh wollerliul saiieess as i Sp.igl a.i lit iFall PIi. lipll- rifler, hi cllintse wllllre sllllnrl ineoillllllaiiss Ii tlehrlces, sell tudl whoseaennslitlll.sellnire wi.gor. Suchl pes Ist, o sons will Io well to Use t i or thiee boles slmdl ii o firm sexs. Wlleneveicr a il- ink is cmIIsillp.reldIeesa-siy, ,r be' ihis I'laeea, taken in a smnallh sse; w-ill axswer all Its i Is I nurposes, ill mtlch less niic, lit less expense, emi in a ,I l tnarilne agreeable teanner lln thie Eicnmol dielt iirink he frn lowi eltiieatcs aout of IeUndreIs sniltla -d wtich I gnln t be lanculaed, are given to show bie effect l a .nd the Iali 's1 Paenaeea i the vanns compnlaiintl nernc; rders Imentine dmlaindl ilslioi exhiit in tile mosn saiisfactory nnlanel its sllllerierily over thle Irlls In eOil lnoln ,ste. st CASES OF IRIHEUiMATISM. aCHu.nLEgt TO, Nov. I5, 183"Z. During Ihclast winter anlld sxlriag.Iwa-n s snlietel nwilu o be. avery severe alsll istresainld rus xsa issn, oeeasioned y in I 5 exlasurel ii hl weather. I nw tnkegieat ideaslre in an of stating, that six bottles oflthe Ixliia's Panacea, reatored four me to perfect health, and I confidently reeoininelnd it to tiors' all sinmilarly afflicted. JOHN FERGUSON, King st. 'Lon CsHLs-Tr., M Larlch 27183'2. a F. I was seinzel she tllsreeyear slince, witllh alisl-essig by a rheumnatism, caused bh) saknga severs elI, alhile Ilsisle l€ Iheinfluenaeof meercury, an s which has lslihled rr luet, i uolnsa hiness nearly evera since. l)urilg this Iseriod feta hsve bet in a Iltiteltai tile Mlarine Hospital, in this nit" limh uptwardlsnol founir ntlhs, ail nearly se sante lenigtsll. time in the Ilaltimnre Holpital, na, triedl alsnst ever soi rnemedy, with little benefit. Ox tIhe 1iths of Fehinalr sive, lsist, atatthat time scarcely aidle to move alout upon ertlchl. axi- es, I eommeneed the nse of Italian's IPmat.ea. In on ene month I foundl mnyselfltiitily freed from pain, andl or Sthe now happy1 to stata that I conslder yself isl-Leetly well. tdo WM. aTUKEI, 13 hlMarket at. led. CASES OF SCIIOFULOUS ULCEIRS I. pNe Yow fn, Sept. In, 1830. ti This ma- certify that in le fall of 1825, 1 was seiz vet, i with a sweliingi my neckanil lce, hiele ICIterward hos, uleerated adhllbie.ime large ghastly ulcers i Iny Ileel. I ann Aflie iryig. w',en-sal ihvsiianistoino anl valantage, I wen' ton P'hiilaelpliIa, als ;laeedl m.self ier lither caren asns eir. I'lvhysle all Beatli, whea, alier suepeatel dival osr the i to ino efrECt, I sas IrtIainei uttlerly iscuirahle. Alier. mil anas I lk teistv boitleroftSwie m'i Plcauaceaasad ei rlis IsMtles of 'nmler's Csthotlicoss, awith io nmaterhil bemlefil en. Inlsaliiig' of lile, uwhieh hail now become a burtshen a No me,lIretnurnedtn nmy-mntlal isll iNew IYrk in 1829, as gove mywl.n- s t, a lingerisig sd. sh. Il tearit oa tibs t . geat asccess oTie Imin i's 'anacea, Ilowver, in cat ca. similar rto ny own, I was iersuated Ilotrr it,asa last t 4 soar. TI o iy great surprise, as well as satialiaiona,e soonn iid iiyselfrapsdly reaovernn, anl npon takin r sevmn blattles, the ulceersealenl asd I hbe.ame perfeclnI well iln tiae is'aseefnWO aontsiss, aid have Ienanled so v _ evl. hiace. I nlecietlils s, ca e I snillih ii.J - 8 t" icillu tsel .ilit ol tihne wclnoaIe sullia nalnder imilar c sv lCtl'uloluor Ivphilitie, aIfeciolns, lthat Ithey- ny know c. wha tlt cil'eelonae aii. les I silf Ie everyt Ilg ban u ll uraih, imnd iho consiel eis hi life lmved by tialabove tv z: i'np. _ st eWM. IIINIIA' - Cahnasre.Tn. July 12, 1i tC t, I was allliete,', forsye irs with an uler in the lg, oe. - aod easimally aeolnlallsieai with erysilprlatous Illnlla.aionl ati gt anl excessive Iaiu ie thie legi aal ecle joilt. Seesl a. ry hineat lhysicians exelledl tlleirskill llpo n it, but wit I Isa out lertiallll benefitL. ls iliss case flea bottle oa dihn'n Panea mian aalalealtl l cure. oe AIAIGAIIEl A WE'I', Il2 Maiket SsFor alle Iy HENIRY IIONNAIE, diaggist, ages , to,. ilieiirnsirsel ors, 'Isnllltlilollla street It its, 1\:t ORLEANS C i NASHVI LSf ]iii-j i ed COIMPANY. Io- TV IEnIEtoll:hhlora of tilia conpais y are herehlv no h tiled that by iI resoIntin of tihe lrd of direr. a lion pannssed on tile l19i init. tle rai l ue a theIm oil a liahe I3li February !u.t, sher Ile Ineiinvul of live dollars o A a ahre, swns rescinded, anal thei sid atnelskldera are in ae-ifurtheritfed that tal , Wi.REAS, hby a resolution oft hi bioard issed on sn bsthe 19h ioast. a call has been 'i-ade in shes eeltklinlslere of the INew Orleans lnd lNashville muil IRoud uConin y his ad tar thelfolloisugjlan ts su fi e isock beld resp"s. o sieelt by Imumn, t:-o-lwn dliiars pe shalre, Iayalle isi a the st day nla Selloleiernext; two inllars per slimre se pawabl on tile trst dalyv of eellhemir exl; and two dollurspi r share pyaav6e on the filas day of' lrch Ih nlon. NOWItherefore e it resolved, tlt tile senretary seof this compe alsall anotifv tisa slhare hollurs therein, through lhe pubic prinis oa the cisy, that in eisumfaril willhthe sixth aectioln of the chrtal vaterha re periilltd idto any Ilyment called in on thle stock nfsaid d conlpany fr he lern onf .ixty clnvs, from and after ith g a ily a wlhich it is ue payable, wits tile exnleas con.e e is inhowever, la int fan) regnlarly paid within the se aid pprolonlation of sixty Inays, front ,a d aftPr the daly ilnl fi whielh it shotld have beenI paid, thla then the stm:k o wi.i'l said pyments should have been smade, is aod remi ^"' irnhiited to the conmpany, the chartesr o tlat u is point seing inperative. i counformitniy thereor, soi sahlt Scall, allaseBuk oa Ihe saockhalders in said aonipnny, as tin think proper to pait onI the pvment on the s sasai r te , to I me the. nd of she additional slxasydnyn, whiclsn eherIe allows sthns, are notified thnt tsite paysoet ofthe c ltn ar lam pur abme cailled for,and duea nn he first of ell. e temalernent, maybe poatpr ed under the sixth seatiohn hei of sad charter, until lthe 3atl day of October next, thaer iin the payment oa two sldollare per share culled for, anl due on he first day of lleeealer neyt, ay i puns a a poased until ithe 30th day of January neat;ed llt pay y i smest of two dsllars per AnaLe. anlilel fnor nd du n ,idle findoy Af lI neax t, may be postpuond uutdnl thi 3sthe day of April next. in e EItrnacts of lis minuaes af tle honard; as juue 91 AR IiNAIR. S, -y tin `ýiO-OL -i.4-rs,-i,; cone"-. d-;;en-wllte -Wu ý VH et Usr sal • JOIIN II ;I(II'lAp. Ill Is n Royal C6lleg of Physlenno, Loutiwn. a' T HE original Vegetable lytgeian Universal Medli a I cioe, prepmred by W i iskin, Esq. Memner of Ti. IR :,l :College of lrgeons, Lioeo(iate of Apotlle S imay, Fellow of Bolt Court Soeiety, Surgeon t Union Pension Asoeiatien, Lanecastr tloo Bridge, and Perpetual Pupil of Guy' nas's llositaln, London. tdle medicine, the result of twenty yetas' and nparalleled ucceeens in the extensive ait ihighly respectable practice of tile lopriety, parn it aiiedl by the focelty atl nobility, nol is now ittroleooct o to the notice of lhe Ameriean pulitc, at tihe earnesnt so t, tieaitation of a number ofgentlemen of lotng and ai . standing the profession. It is ho tetl, as a Ioelimi-. os nary step, to nheck tioe evils and fatal nounsealaceeas e aristig from tihe use of the namermnos nd deleteriots nostrums foisted upon the poublic by thie aid of lalbicetetd ti- lnofsof miraeulous eures, ndl other frauds, bya set of he mercenary, nprincipleld pretenders, so totally ignoeant or o medical science, that it Impossible the monstrots il delusion can any longer go down with the intelligent eoaade ofttisiouetry. Tllee epills, mild aid aglreealil in tleirnatare, should be kept an every family in cases . ofsddenll illness, for, by their prompt atlministration, di cholera, cramps, saita, feveras, still other alarmeig c- complaint wiech too often prove fatal, may he speeti h ly ctredt or lreveoted. In fact, all theoe who atlite good . Nt healtH, shoal never, be wiithot them. They are solat on in pekets at 5t eote, $1 anl $Q each, by every resee to tatle drungist, Gonkseller, and vendoroft medtlieine i tin rh United Stltes iI t e Cnolada, w ditl eotaouo latciotns, s (lthero with: estlnolantl of professional ability fram d the followingo emnlent gentletlen: Sir Asnlec Cmper, J at Aberethy, James Iloal.ll, M. D., W. iuake, M. i., SJ. Aston Key, A. Fsrampton, M. i)., antl amerous others. Tile orginals may he seen n ito1eosiSo0 oltile re Celael Agent, by wom the maedeitoe in iimlnorled ili bthis e .oai try s Ld to wihom all applicatioas Iforage oio ee s du ote mote.i JNO. HOLBEIN, i. Wa.terly Place, N. York, re Sole General Agent for thle Utited States, L'e. I For sale nt appo met of tale nmigiieil tproi lor, by Swoa, !. lnaoTanaa, irt.ggiets, No II oeal sareet, tg Ceoa m oAgento fr Statohtee of tioiisitts. jol si IuENIOY It LEE U co, No nMagazine slleet, are a- row receiviog from ships Nashville, l.oisville, t- enteiks, JEagle, aal other late arrivals trin :ha i :`thetr cities, a large and new seletedl asmtllltellt - L.ais, Boots, huoe.s and Broganus I, onsiting ofgenilemoots fine calf anti MorOceo boots in ti qd aliy; do bufo'd, and stout wax teggedt toots Ot fariots qtmhities; maen's fine calit seal andI Moroc I rhpor ,mps and brogatns, bbekskin shoes, brogans amn e ,tppet ts men's iteI calf antd kipped peggel slaencsanl r e I iRs; do hoots; do Mtott kill aid wax pegged shoes a n HI begnst geotlemen's best quolity calf ewed slhoes, heotin amil Jack )owniagcs; tdo etlf ied u Moroceo e iwiekle lhoes and brogans; To calf, seal aotl Mraoetia. d I adiat shoes anilslipo>-s, do calf, brhi onit seat WiItga, I aotew artile; do line calf, sl callI moerocti qio-qter : tots; I(rys', misses' le chlildren's pegg"ed a d scwe le iog als, an shoes eo'evelt qtaliq ' anti io lllil. Also generl asnsortment oat men's stoit wnst nid - lan IhrogLntlls and shoes, together with I0, k airs a 0 gl'O test itaality, rosseti blwit lllh t Iitledl ill lii Sliik naoade exprespsly "or plantationt uIeg a giold. I at anletn of mna's line uldt stoot kip rtssaett i'ig:ois,:i Sw article, andt a rgeg quatlitiy of aoi inlerior Illalitm r, sset tnd wao brogans. tLadies' fIloe calt, secl, morocco sltld grainl welts, illi plonpl sole shoes; , it ine Faen oolccMroo kl itt III , T.t.ila sliippers; do roan shoes, with lloil Withotll beIetI, ; It calnh seal adl asot letlhIrer ioottes; Ilo I'Pu ella shoe it I ll kilnds nd qualities; Ittc listinrg brogas.; alt gaiter. ad n lbxed bootees. .MisAes' lastiag abiit0 sioes:iallI Mt Iatls. CbiltlrI's colored MAoieoo sl 1tastitig lIto h4 iati[anl boots, bce. ict;ttlesen'afiliihio ionabile black silk hats; ito blaick a st o I drbth hetver o F a olperior quality; do inmittion I It ram do; broad cad narrow brim men's fine drib stull tt.ak Rassia shlort sliped hats, a new it'ticle. Yooths' Itlaro size lots ol dilferent qualities; do cLildren's, ii l.un'and boey's btlack al drab wool hats of various slopel, with general asseome t ol f boys' o aid oen's sot ceaps. b 'tlts asseottent will he replenislh by-tlhe arrival of - ru It ttieketslrno tte noase name citiesa all of whlilc it s i l he .ii _ on eeomomlaotig tems, . og . l-i af now OIt)NTAGUE'S 00075 BABLAJ F0111 TIIE TEETII. hit I IIlesnabnliserdre'tpnati andeonnstnl.tlnv en r 0;n" ob Illmed for I dis ene,.tiuai rene ly olioi, ald trne servative of the cteth, has induced tle eubncriber was offer it to Ithe Ameriian publi. ArnrageneoIhnte ime, been made In n uppl sgens ill nial the nrio'ip l cili could and towns in the Utited Stalen, so as to pince it i were threach of those suffering ano I kely to sunier thin mno Iatny a tnaing ofatll netil, 'othurhle. \t' Vln applied nonerdiag to directinne goien I Ibcis bottle, it n s ever fnilnt ter rltnrd iltnedialn inal t it lainet relief. t AIn u tarre tie tlin cl t Iv t lfntiv rreth undl relieve++ 111(1 tlemt rIu whie 'lch'sn I"rtpmenl thseresender tiensrng tooth ntenaser Tie aply to a nr I reollrey aore simple, 00i1n0e000, o 1 ot enllnineiu l aon tlaey n rtinge n lle r ane tof r ioun inl ll r if i e•t lOlln tht ill contniry,ithin hn dir. al enx nrirncln nund dl i htl u el and onalotail erlnain el ni tioe uor s ofnte innlun ller~ r.(td e t to oresr (ton tine l mic he r l i togood) it i udie tl .e rivalnled qlnnliut'. It i i t ludijiun n'' lll, llilln, d ero lgnnie nldan ni.ex.l dl andd anut hne reginti. byi So r tenirilized world aas t (i Illnai a valuableodituverv " l oid relt a olm " tile Wine nt l t, i l r'ice t1 fer l rtntle. Sold hin ' an1in- JAitIe & ANIIItRES, imr 1 ( .1i llllollt ll rec i ll v d in mllvti 'ts 0l l mit inn unrie o theo utnderoigad having sonnl out, ted snr discortinned his old and long etanrlinlhcd R AItJIEN SEEI S'I'OitIE, Slii n(:ont' .sn ho/10( S1 trctl, inin ilaving hoet i mast idsrin msly eircyl ttrd by .lt.I. intertdl.ed Inrthin, tlei slerllmr bnhoa to oaenlre Itn fto urimtre generalr, and rthe public at llrge, that he t otill cotiuies n'ithl in two doren of ins tble, or P imit nnrrt~nihold, to oe f iundnhn n with a f'ull 011dex. lc, tonite ontpnldy on all tle nlloird kinds of kitetiena mti or vegi'tbhl .,'rdcn tnedo, fi Jho growth anl port of tim pretent esoenar, 1837. Since tile early part of Seniember, ie inns re. in a coived anipleo silhs, by thi packlet nlipr Vieks. ink burg, Kentuclty, and Arkannna, aill arrived i Islnrt ilar, passagas, direct frone Now York. By the Missis. t o sippi anld anothoer packet, tb is in daily expectn. re toll of a suply of Fruit 'Tros and Asparngas SItoota, having already received icnvoies thereof by 'er mail. 'rilne subscriber begn further to asinur tiin puolio t ato ltore, theat lin is at pirenot as well rotblr d to SImoneet and execncut orders for all the kinds of( Gardle l Seeds, ither wlholeonale or retail, s lie ever wian str s cois firnt eatblitsment in January, 1822. it to Country Dealers and Market Gnrdaoera' orders lillnd at tie lowest and mnIIat reasonable rates, by t. [o pound eightll, and gallon or busotel ieoasure. Cmtalmogues , either in Freneh or English, nma sring airayo be obtainled on peronail pptioauiio and tt usal, to WM. SMITi'1, e Gardell Seed Store, 85 Cstonmhin oae struno!. NOTE.-A constant supply of Bird Seed, either i mniedt or plain; pulverized soul; herbs, anti Slhnakrs' ;r dried hIerbs,-n-ith a stpply of peas and r eans. it Faney I'ocket Books--Under thin head will be fr ound a aplendid variety of ladies' and gentlencin's epol.ket books, note, iard, needle and thread easeS. ell. }'aucy Stocks, Suspendere, &c.--Of tile latest pattern and of sutperior quality, cOusistiug of plain and figured satin, botibazne, velvet and cloth m. stocks, lines bosnos. plait, and tfancy with and teiwithollt ruffles, shirt collars, suspenders ctlled Id N alhinlgton susplenders, also, gtllm ellstic wiorat. ci. ed and cottonutt do, willt aid witlout rnlerr, en' paitaloou straps With wire sprigilS;and a great va. riomy of gentleoenta' wer, mlaae exlpressly fur itie j at retnil trade, by A. L.. Vanntore and San of i'lhila. e delpthin. Cmllibs--A general naul complete as'orlmon h ofeoonbe from their nanufnanlory.A:.o, English ,i, and Fench drensing ctlltba, etc. lee7 u RUSIITON & ASPINALL'S . . COMPOUND 'IONIc MIX'LtURE.--A etedv and cetaint curo obr tihe Fever and Aga, oremnittent and intermittet feveras; pirepared fronm t1 the original recipe. Used wnbtl smitnnt and ia0i s vernal success in 1832, by praonns of tne higlest ed respatsbihi-i in thins city, p staredits tin e a.n.ed tar certifates.t ] 1w Tiis tnedicino is highly rero.nmended, and tiast at been extensivetoly used in tho above diseases with isuch distinguished success, that tile proprietor of tlne recipe has been inducednt t offer it to tile pua. lie ill its presoent form, in the hope that it may be tIne mneans of releving tnany of those wino se sufflring under thIe scourge of oar couantry. It is ,a naedicine pieno.sing great virtue, and whnn used I secordinig to this directions has never failed of efftcting a care, oven in tile inont oltttinate stage of tile disorder. it is not at all dinnigreoable, and peraote of tie weakest stomttach, and children ltay iake it with impunity. it strengthens the digrative orgals, creatnes anl appetite, and sldtOlll relquirs tnore tllan onlo, or ill ohbstinate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. Ther is ncither nmercury nor 'arseanc in tie mnedicine, nor any thing injuriousa to tile btanlt constitution. Tile prolprietlrs are 0n well convinceed of its effieaey, that tiney agreea to refund ohe price ofevery bottle which nas beesn taken in ecordance with tih directions trnd lan not effected a a perfect cure of tbe feer & agl. e. A. OIVR.', sole agent fOr New Orleoans, It khis whnolesale and retail drug auld mnedichio stare, 'ini corner of Bienvtle and Chartres streets. got For District Agencies applly to tin j5 T. W. SM'ITil, 48 Conti en. '1t HIARROWGATE SPRINGS , uto 'llle v Cllllllly AIfloalll. fin STHREE ho1t'BOURNKF FROM. NI IV ORI.EANg. .oe TIlulE prolrietor of Ihtio establishment has tihe plea- tram sure of " anntciog (I1(.' , ielda~ndnie te pubelie rIn linv ta receive visinern. IBe will also state 1tr te'a.l- Ind seti! oftllse ato a dituanee, Iltat there auve bern large lee imprlnvrinema nlnmde, ind olllers itw goiwnig inlll int tit ripid ptnmnres fir umntpletliot which will t oau t lithe 0lit sunnbirler to aelllnttnodate n mnieb larger nolebr tellm tin tertufinre,nn, iteet tihe rlu i time (mueh better. .rru nlUlniie cnl lie reenlalnlndul hit ge l 0 sr Flat |lltpe Welh tisn•er ean ha. e Inrge eabinln m tacbed frau tand It is daered enneree0ry le aunt nnyltbingin portionl- ipn Inr of tile nlrnerter o tese waers, for it is gentrlntllv ore kelanrd than Ihey are not inferiorto any in the Soiat- ai ern Sttten. All tie usitietns that see gescretta rest faund at Wateriig Plncee, will be fnaol at tli. Thle ..rtl nest touaic that Ibis tron tof lni rnmtrv nsitnle, ino it been eug:ge.l, ndwd.fbelts in eortsnt atletalllce att I lhim Sprinen dr I wholenseaon. I and 'I ltea0 Ilq will avail himselfof chic osipjnarlinl and iretur l I anufeigrd thasks fr tin. very libnral s, c .i ,yetA*lhbui s eason. and Ihopes by the exer- o ia bLie a ma, i i tirvhlg antd xtertlig giul l w maondatioas.o umvril a liberal palronaEr te i T s.alt neaaou. Jb 'R.t M. le •m urli JUSTPUBLISHENDFROM STEREOTiP'L PLJTES, STire P1h1, Ktilionof S I ROWLETT'S TABLES OP'IN'iEREST: I O whiet is new salded an Average Time Calteula Stor, or easy methods for iotting the average time on on storage, notes of htal or bills of goods, when one'. ner chased at dilterent dates, on tlit'eent creditas, tlut tOr y' inratios alolunts; besideslce a otfll and complete lanking Time Tasle, the best that can he eontrived. or that fi g' res lle pr itluce within the same conldesend eomlss, taelt siae olt i. pe. An a s,.eiirisement in the book is in nearly the follow naa ingworas: sa- The high distinetion this wolk Itin reeeioeil through igll te len legislative selts tifixCed to the title sase, is a .n - commendlttionl i itslf, so uncommon, and , conclto ees sine, th I nuthing i naeessary more slan y s7y of lad nn veetisemene, to given cntlenaed view of same of its lie aea clilatilies: Ias tfarilstnee, the Interest lait been eornlisa. toiled feom,ml comparedl with, what is eqivnalenlto Fnr. ntat eens etleaelclnilatione, examice in the pressthirlty us five times, and prictedl tmm atereotype plates tested ;ra lirlayty-one limes, fhain l which it mast hbe evident lae eve to the skeptic (otperitally on thelleosnantl oflhe de ar sil o roof in the prehnte) tintt tite work m st le nrilh ion, metislly infallible, nalt Ii ronfimetion of this belief. alg pareminm of two iluaa ed aend fifty dcollarn, iS now oIn li- d fr the aoeetien of ans error enl cent ii tle ireS et tod or fifth edlitioi, an rplrvssenl in the preface, nskltgfie ol lar I eploremiona sofl'erel for the maae etor tim eelhaloal 00 kihliention is the yeao 180o2. tin rne f the most eonsticinus featares of the Iables in sin he ihmsmen ent ofoll tho'ite anld Amoooti, which ais for ecltediils, relference ona persieoiy, with ste help S of the stile anit inex, 0ola ot e excelledt and the ally L, ty ni me ne with which the i:be eosl lie fouislltothen 05s extent of gt.nrli bsiness, wilhnnt itollia ofllums thle istieitan eolnvenile'ie so esaenltil taint in the Ostlla toe lion of aome a stre mosr iOmltloe.l nIra inelieal hlsi lies ns men and llablic oam, eri who have made great ul e of the nwork, it laos teeI dslingilishasi a vtt l o I loiolnbl nplacllnlion ef ofa "mister jpoee". 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'ln onu " tt'rcrasr :,, rarloio srlllirctes, tin ith , coastl ccliSiam-. oly Ian pickned l at fron $tlli to $25 per claop, nal ck ometo persons have eeon.,' decati'et, ant lsllnst s nl cldl e qlotetl that tileatyr woIlIl piay $et, $.10, all $StNt at for aeol, tfl'naotto ie anltatier Iess, aHoda iailividill i' itl tlltI'er itnstauce laIrtlinvlirly, hatving it t t ome ll Inoe rxhibdlilrII Isllill:htOl,' I.olyI to e,'r,'II l perno s ore as selitlnlll tio lie it was netllv wilh thait olney al nd Is Dore th ittgla thme anitrng nf tis ren' vnlnble tialnc, le belg l very rich k aetllolad inll lllie oltiece. of It is likteis wiralll' of olite, aInd italecd ropep Ito iIlllllare. t thi nIEclt is ti e aiutaatie of ig te work ge.nIcrally anli aiteei:llly whet o" the txiellt all I I saeIt eCe Of nthese ia 1st, th bdts ook Oa it, like blenlt eallI ed in the ulsal, ve on, vl e no sm comlpetent ahtllttor in ime wtlrl, ,ata atle'lrls a.. ipatnl most e! 40'stonly sIlluel. lisownl eOnt'reol Or ioof asoets, it C a woala, ahnaost t a et..tinty, Iimnc bItet atacfe faor e' Seernatre, and do.ia otiy nipico, als t ae 'irle dtaieics LI ettI ?tits. llaatnal it tttertfecl nie ta viltlel Ilare lte n'r'' ittles tat'tais narhellet natt.'e, alm ta nsettie 11 etha, wilhtirr heh'1unrcuts amd exlloltoor, lhl exnlohn - Iiota,,.noninta fir!, lia'r lh ,'' t' 'lt tafit, lh'ey are (lay Tlvermtieennll(t) ;ltcitlltaly ketll ih a ilace I f slceialn A ul r ll iled t r r ' t in, , s l fI n d [ I t h l lh l t o t k i i : lll u le i l nl e '- I Sfi lt ts iti attn autt e rlio att in a tai ts, i at at attait h a n 1' al ter'' tttillla t ,talcerilg t .ta tw ' it liei l ntlats al" eong tll itt Itelet ohi, iii' tint s ;ee, kr. a It ltlrlal;tll'anla' to rectat k tlhI , nall 'iwitastlaa tlaag ttic lnnncantartlnll wo'rk, aklai w tshd bi e it ,, . +t tui t lles Wrlrc tnlluvtdnertllcui I i .ll' o ln l a elltS llie t'li i arl ailnCiitu e Ih(leql)ensO Itesn li olaala11'i'a'lt)i. v netali lll It hits 1("t set a t nte luiltan ita poili wIitlh hitrs. , tee hteal;n I+.+ el+ o ,i.rlv 1(11,r thou1td dIlltars, hesi nlea sir li rt5 li ittltao t]ttli ntan1tit.5, a tn a t thrla''cuti eo nta t tllilntl" l)' ..l it.1 r a n sig lili.a-lt niillo 1( i';0i a.iilta di:tloll e i nic tl lhl'' llml',ie 0~1t ats' st il ttl tali tnll s ' ' (ma°l i 't'll l lir : rll ' ll +t i a t rlo( t e hi e tftta atta n t, , aIie ll n o'taaatn "t tt llt d It iit''it rre. t Iatt ,i' le ) lbite it Ia'aatritlrl lnnha, l(t', ia/ate 'at11aa t , S ttle, I I,: nt, by Ioi nhrol I"A Yar iMl Spii," he Noible Ih ed i.f Woien, in vois. r Te 1 u l 0 ti ek, a tl'nu fi mfl rNli, ) .r nIls nutll d hWio f i J t s l d llla y r - in Just reeivle uasd lilrs!le by W 1. 31'.I,+E.tN, °" -, - -E & SCHIAFF"ER'.. (U-mpoan, fi.ui El tract f Sarisnparilhl, for oio cure of oItinate e" ptions of the skin; pimples or puotuleo of tlhe 0" t; biles whi< l oriso from an oipure otate of the t oil; oe.dy ernu,tions; pii in he bones; chronic ". hloroatioio; to tTr; scrofila, or king's evil; w'iito '. swtlling; syphilitic diseases, a.d all disorders 1s arisiig troman impure stntr of thi bloodl, by a long Sresideoc, i a hot oclimate, or tile injudicious use of mercury. i0 Also,-Cavo & Schafl r's Worm Syrup, or Io. o rC:nt Presorvative: tihe best proirat iion now extant. 'n Among which are the fillowulg:- Ind ani Dye, s for eot ring tie !lair; Boear's Oil; Rllssian Boar'o Greoas; Pomatum; ichow's Frec'il Wash: sou. ra perior Pearl Powder; Lily White; Creaon of Roses; ' Vogothale Rouge; Otto of (toor; Lip Sailv; Kro. i ouite 'Tooth WVas; Carbonic DeLlltrflico; Orangeo v Flaaor Water; Powder 1'uli u alnl Boi ; Atmern. can CIharroal, neatly put up in four neso vials; Proeton Soils; Coilognc; Krooontno l'ooth.aiich L" Droupe; liser Irobsheo; Englisi flro ng Combso l oiorn (lair Oil;--with a variety of othor Perf. I o' teries, &c. For ooal by L WV GLENN'S I'ERFUM IRIES. J C T'INC( .ARD, Corner of Canal and Bourbon streets n ý ,I. -& hIAM, floose, sign, uit Or... oo... 1t Iniotesrc, No 3 (aoismlele slleat, two doors tiom j(anal sutre. Int:ltions of l. ftollowihg woo00s and moarbles, e ro ecutvd inl oa Slllrv; llllll(.r. d Maig.o, l ti.; I i:ilk ond gold, (bik, •iSlia nio A ntic,, Pllhrd do. Orient t or vetrd anmiue Cr.ved flMaple. llhmd ftone Bils E3o0l0, Ic hlb (.;laile, Solfi \Vool Ilontlae. , air ootli, n- · i lordello, Yt'w"i'llne, I·lianft .Vhhe. Cforomidile or Illhek Si:wunl and Il rctella, lose Wood, I Aone "nall (;ry Ash 1Vlile Oak, en. to ke. mrlcud lKiltn, Sptroil,.ls to he shen at the shop. osinls, oils, glass, copal vsrnish, oe. o hand mit orsale. IItS'E booic Irt AVY OO)S--lflu, equine nod buadle iron, well ,assetd. , lHoolp, roll anld ot iron, nail rodo nd plough 1 Caol, G(;irno, shearl, blistered, spring, sheet and rootley steel lolow ar ome cout and rrouoIt lins and Slike Zilc, block tin, mill uttl grind tuloes, salt kettles Cfli,i cables, anclors, liloe OA, log Urdln xe Uc(hains conl m nills An ilt, v ices, l lammers m'd hellows Vnile, sh'eel,lti iluil bar loail; si lot fenlo, lllll cilolkg stoves o 'Alnms, tloahllsllslsd oll o 'd o Itesr , sh1ovels look ood oae h inges, door snd wi0 dw Iekns ACollits, I luts, Shl oroio, 0l. olhe l nhes Idtc nal s healhin colper; hNavl alw es Pait., llasrrd and spnerm oil A olor ll30nio lt l haw wa fore oal sri t oan leryt sale or retail, ol tie imost avolahle teros, by NiB LAY'I'ON k Co. 53 Ohl Levee. NEW oo00(D,-Si,,,ioiopo Hortot, & ore t oo ,re Ieeiving from oi icord olhipo Yoeoo, aoid Surlorl, -ondhrli C..Cnordin frons New Yo'rk, a great variorrof gTHolo in theirlino, whvell together witl thlei lbrlbei 0tok on hl.nd, ioakes their lseor,, eont verv, ptlete. 'lie following o Itrt, vie: s ell tu'it, l.,r,'-;le, tu,:k end dmilresogrioo ,lh, loon il, ofti doerri ptioo, IIn. tih rliobber, slk ni worsted elonstic g=ortor, coll0nae & file rlastic aoipIndira, hro loeomoli Looioer ie sllr , be Seillils illwlllder,owder pullo aovd hboses, toilet Iowdler, ockrte bnoks anod alltr* needle bnooko, shell, pearl, bory sma Idoroeuo ard i0sn e, hioea or amren, pltain eo. rl boedlo, oeeklores an ot negligees, braid rbahnl, hIead Icbkloce, cout etoo anil tplaineei ilvoer ood gilthaodo, otdi,, beaoo, bellt oid plumes; patol lu itri e t orgow. for flohko, shit bello, horse, belt. pocket a c tloejing litol,; dotbf,t, ' ,vd oingle barrelled g,,s Bowice konives, otd dirks,. srioelrro, hnrn,porkel kioveo, gou rdcn cans, p sndt ribbons, mwist bookles, cloth, Lair, Isb, 1nilnacomb, p riilib, atihe, liate, floor and inlfost brio S hrilotn, .o fe Flordblalavender, roe and bay warter,aonnrl eCselogo, do aid exlrato, Mtaceosaor, c iu, n ,e, noUll .\Ward'! vs. rtiohle hair oils, olhavi ang d tilt soops of'all tieo :ioptdoil, ladiem' 0nti gentlelns' desks ntl dressiena oose, hair riegleto, frioateo anil boraid, plain, fancy ana o.eical wcrk lono.i, plo. . a.Ind gilt, figured, 7 and 8s 'ot botnr, tpear l l ivoery olinl do, hit audd, and joid ilcer penioi cases, toothpi.ks and tni otwee d stoollad ilml a ell doets, Ir pils, iOilatioa fruit, bl k nd redink,ohles flackleg, violino and guitars ritbe db ild ,lain pyareat cal pe1 iiotla twine, :eeted cush- b ia,,gold and siler Isre 'std frnge, latter paper, gate T gs, rilin. soipfo wlking rolleplovsieased, Osc s ln , Id, plasI suit giiltd rllrv &'e. . TIt boe, xtneeshor•hr.h Iareal grlnritafyeaf O rart an'ti C, ore flbet Iat oI lrohle or retail Oesaceoaamdaohiwjj N b B Lllr conieos raus L 01 Nor hern Manil , utr , hy e 9$, P f h r Lake Mail i yT dj, ' - v aa Closes every Monday, r- EXPRESS UAEAh' TIMES OF ARRIVAl DEPARUFtEr D1 h &e. of the Express Mil, betweoo Mooile t York-tleaving Mobile daily ot 8 P. M. New York daily at 5 P. M Southward. dArrives Northward. Diatat, '· - Mlontgomer, Ala. pm. 198 m's 23 li S(:olumhan, Go. 114 8t #4 £ o.Oo r- Slilledgeville. G. 2 133 144 .Mn r.Coiu.inoi, .C. 7 am. 10i' 175 italeigh, N C. 54 21 2 I2 nt Warreiton, Vs. 12 m. 55 it iehndooVs. Ioam. 21 3 onio, e irederlckbur 8 o t \Vnehiogt don y, 2pm. a bos . ly nltimnre, i4. 3A R w .A .ew York f o2 pot. d 8o o in1305 143 h. pr l .3 SNorthwardn. Coining fnnthwamhe il th i nb1our leeI; belngSud y and.17 mouroa. oe R ANAWAY from 1u 9 CMnandelet omlor oi . n le.,: ns streets, on lle night of 0th of Auguls, tld noi seen the iext morning ith I'oydts street, o nigre bho oaned CHARI.ES, about 7 years of age nroil fe~a mr e rietatlets i I eoiitht, very blook, ano hibt imnpel le iltnt in his n.eerh, one of hti loe s sore, diopiolnie, by a receot harth beb It on whon tie wenl wa ao whli cotton le shirt whie coooa ipotlfdhtl.t h dMalsters of vessaels tnod eteoso boest ls tetltl dl ta gpinet receiving or l nrbrinlg taind r-t'i, no VbR q it lier pernons, tIte itinati.t rignt r oit' Ili kw t ] It enforced oginist thiia.. T'l alrov remard wmi e IaNt. ' fiordTliveiog tigm i anit. sof Ite jaile of eholiter oftti tin onieilpolitie, or itt 19 Cnaritellri, corner of levia n terret. I -. 1'C E--'l'hc .,llnl.,io.lrl, r hretre sxitisti I~l nder tic firnm of' I)tloj & arr ntnn, ha. Inee dissolved. 'ITe subocribor wilt liquidate tie taffairmo i . tclmenero in this city, smt rrqtirs ll t! 00 isns inieb . rd to make ioylhoent in bitm olt, and ll thIoseraving rlatea, toiireroenlthem forreittleteuti. ltolllo 0-,t -__ H ('ARRETSON. W. w. SWAIN. Aro. ltICuenl N,reet Aerre (,rlr*.s 1'tAS ulways on hal cen.tattly & ren:erit( lit, 1 Uyes, bLhmieelat,nud I'nut ,ne n nnluo tle '* a," o llowni.: fEOro Is YES. Anlimony, orie, Argols, roil, to rglos, Aimtoi, ilere - eArnii, erndiie, Alun, it t itnderrtc , litltlettie ..o, nttso,crndet, Coptiera, Americoao ito refitlcd, (Coltear . ltinilllitollr, lite, .tliec, i'tttticoa do roll, Jo CnhI, do oflwer, to Manio, Itirolnltbh, F'rrtnch Lenrrei, ('oIs carit to MIiniht, UnItharidc;s, ds ('srr.tceas, (:in aloes, tlo ' ltomalto, tio Acd . ic, t.niw'mt, .amnpiaehy to asnalsutita, to St flonsigo islo alnoiat, tll Jlmnlics, do bellzoie, Celnweott, do copalt, rough, Mladder, olmblio, ito do siroel,.e Nioeuragnoi, ttnia.', dio lo S Amerio.i, to Coto, to caipolohr, cr.'ie, it Maroneai6 Ito do efi o Ieh. dio goitciim, CIIF CtI('A.S. to kino, Aetld, iliromin, itn mstice, do nlnriolie, tlo Olpium, tin rullplllhllu to shelltc, Itlue vitriol, . srenegal, Altomsl, p, lo taite. -tnrrnsivi nttlimttin .llo trnncanttlk, ihloritleo lilo , (shogatnge, tlaom sIlts, oIntilor kcrriet, Amerieantdlinor elaste, tlh tln Foreig, Rled pr-ecipita e, togiesia, Eiglisni, tIhrtlrllc ilt, to Ancerticant Itelchtronmate ttlao 5tlatt laoke, Sl , crp Si.,r itlot tni Snip it1, toiniee hall, Silipn, ie c) i r tor r s S to l zii i , inlovesoo, S t'AN t oinr , istt, eli ct, 'tt'lll" tie, t Ionmno, I*AIN'I' In Blas It, ginthit, Cthrnli yllow, try, do ilea:Ge, dn do in oil lojala, it green, dry, litmtt i Isi do iu oil, t 'In eIjta, it., n...ittti, S8,+1"x1,1 l nm l'rll, t o Alnrel'iea t i tlarIn IaIttL t 'I-t di et i tnS. a.iruh, Spa. hn n, ry, I na A ,s n I h-I. no funiilttaa i, litt., Multir, I to A mbrir" ithie-, c lirth, t', ll CkitAtali "tlic l ...t.. gA-rt 4 l",,nn,I i 5, t In t ht.tle ,in kihlel dolto Ii ,.ih, ' .t tm.rt 'll r l is to iti A,,tii..n, S Rngiiah, n Cisiiile, ni grtni t il Q1lll hralt\v ", \rrledn~nlrvI plale. - t'21t--(111 it CI"':INI(Ri:YA1T'l' NEW NO-VEjS^ re Ion/jio tire AItrrjr, by r) i uhorllrof tter rimrple, to. . (ful +ivmjror Winrer at 8c1lto, Ilaifielr in Le.n of IStvlli y ('rnitoia IBalltll, Rloyol Nay, I'.L ý ., il '1 vaol • , o'.v , 'Lord Itonrlsba, r rolrnler. iv AllaI Cootaingioo y e nt. thepparrd Lee. wriorr bC I;ih elf, ir n i vels. 4, d uonovodiomra Ililetr of holay hIantrited from tlhe ' ilr nnl ltlll ll l, l e N althlalniel ( reene, in I vol. fur S isongN. 79oflfll r' E llily Library !" olu. :1 &II of ihiP .iiiw coli t, naih l St ni n1 edilion 's; I of tl'nihin too irrino', IVork,. '.Rogrer'e Frr'ch and lugliah DidioMtry. in I yol, lro go iNVuentfa I'rerroh aod A"olish Dietioaory. r. Also--A few more corpirr of ( ounl's I'llrenlogy I|,ie lur' r I.nrefSuir'v rvr i'lloronnoeevfoperlor gq l it witrh chirso Iillio+ I nlvlolr.r1.4 and 2 1.1 inches 'rr i ollrt' rr r teal nlli cl'er,Japaornedppeel ,weighi, do. &A. &r. Jn ...rrtecir,' a Itd trh..... Iao by m:1 BENJ. LEVY. SSlI'tIN IIEVISITE:l), e.&c. WI'AIN I['jVI 3I'I'EI) & ely tIe uth oro Ayes, Spn iu, + in,, vole. 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