Newspaper of True American, April 1, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated April 1, 1839 Page 1
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/i~ C~2 ET . f··;~'i)' 4 i ' 4'" CF ' 122 ,n; . r (Dde,,,, NI -E OR LEI A N S M O N D) A Y NIORNI\(., A PRIL 1. 839 - Te run , d /' 4 (.-h n .Jn-r P r efr N * N e r -rlm w [ O II R &Ar a a 0j iD uuijldhi )nal V dreO $ L.'IVR L 11 jnll ·rl I mtnp I cogR I NI)O RI1QCt( ) na C (wiS rll)BL II I ; 1 I II,., I ()Tr RII* i ,. tr,-.u Tern', .of tf'e .m.e.,t.t P,.i, fr ll' N .ne O)r/e,m un iilmnolll V l d .d rn'.I i',iL t lourml Lntl r m lIti-ri i, tle'Proprietore, Ii ld otl ihn L3th of March, 1837. sledet.'Lr tJ a ts.-'w mLi I) lllar for tihed lily jin p anll w, i alVn'rle n.m mli- lti'. tlly in lv .ne: -tell d l;Iimr~rt fl r . i.wt'ycily countrV paper, ptRvuhle oit pem;lr in ,lv.tlce, Wlhre iln eitv Coleronell isogiven. Nio Imlmneeiptim;n will fie imecmtinoedl until nrrlnragos ir nlleod., In case of di cnltinailtnce, one week's oic d i slt'il.4a tenet I)t im vurimhy given, preeiiio.lisn toi xpirtloni of bcril to. Am,viw ,- )l doII.ilr per for the' firsM wol ln h'lf tRmt price for each r onluteqliirt one: a ii altleration ro.n ti,.. originall dverti-.cnent wi I arged its a new tine. Y.e . uti6r Anv:wnrimoes.-ýMerchmatni nd Trnm 'err, arty dilllats f , Rnigiih aIlone, itld sixty for both Inll. gm.ta'ia' lamimlk, Imiurnure, Olli,r nol olther iinir pl.o tl,;·itmitione, fifty dolila. in g itlin only, onIl iglhty for botll~ ,; Slil alld c teinnllllhnl ltee Nr, or UonInti. ionn tlr olts at xty dilltty dll t Egliosh ne, rnlaigltm lot batll, tlagog un. olflr.otll O s, OtevT n7a¥ NOTtcs, ai. m nrtielen roll. inlg the rttoentlo of 5lmg puItlic tn balo; io pemperlt, •cordl of panogenorn '.hencfit,, &te. & w. rill Iem elnrgo I one domllar per uaritoe .r lime hit lllser tiol ini tich loull C(linYl;.alm iO.Ys, or Anvertioenmm cnyof p.n .prlon. al ntttrO, when od,.i.sible, shiill bI e:hr.rl dilmblm, nlt ill'*I vanon. A dleolyut.iln of twenty -ivhe .er cent. will lae tno I- In Auctienmaer. ltlioi, Ieogiamr of Willt,n. l lharmlialo " .mlmtlieaf.rorl estaileo, pmtoliletod in Ioth langmIng'mag, It m.l f pCent. in anglms altne t 1i pter cen. on solos o" otyr; im lfirtey. ALivriTrt* ollt sf llte uirP t line oe IUSilrmet or, tlm dvconiere, se h na le gel, nllltlCmtil alldl IIt in sasle, rnaalny tlaen, stray lUliminu, &t. Su:. will h ehllged for e in.tmtel, indat ltme ordillnry rates. ".JllsllIStOI.EItm Imll ni eeified as to tlimie, will Ie Inu lilsith ono motlh, lid elmCrged mecorlirIs ly No ndvertliseietllt if hll'nkrnmteioie will ie ilmblishedl o tany Coem, llloil pmail lmr pIrevhmmt tmo nisertion, or ia.nent .mrhniteeti1 Ity n reolllmilmle person i, ItowI. l'ieantmre nall otFmer places of tmlloa.eimllIt, ndvoretilli doily rthlle seonll., to bi climrgned fli0 liar lEnglieh m l ote, timid f1,50 In lnth lnngnaimet. m'Altl t nOmlm im t m it mf mac:lltlilmit'l, fir ptlit;cnl omilie will te clmtrged ldohlle lhn price if oilier adverti.e -loing tt lio h ntmemmenie Ins; otetuimdbIIy nmwsympapi prOrlttetore, they lirrcmmll mt it tlme rIhei.COlcl llmtm litI tie mum. et lof pre.rllm A wlllmmre, tl:C llltmnll hm.e mlt l lteroll I dlltm williin m ile Imonit llmter )rtemlotaionl i lm, ll le Itoo ade kellmol (o ftor tos irmmticiilml to emllih otlllr-e-llley mhli limisig llomlioveIO not ti odeertiue or prinl fr fech dlilUmmyluttr, ilunlen ill icase of nadvamc Prapomemtlo. (signed) J. C. Ito ItOlES J. RAYON8, aP. P. lIItA, )Vr)e N P , lh, ersmt llmitlrigiel, etit;grem to nhidle bty thm! imttomlitillm, n lotr li llthey tre allplicall tio (ibigneli) A. B. tI.AWihENCI o N' uhmcripliont are tnken fur lemis thutu 6 imimmi Ii. tIr I, l etN -elit ,e . t,"!.i ptien. lDniel Vmdmttr pIrim, tIt'e orge karrel pen Colire.o lrge oimt Peerry'n fmi .ptm img do o sol m)lllii dlio 3$I li Io Widel'o lad(ien l 11o h domhl, mmleni , to impt iail lhlllli mhi'e tt mIo (;illu i s tirrel ito li N itiml I A ,it (illllt't (:mllltlumnmrl, ,fr mule mm ltU.\Vtbr FEIT.'T & Ci,. 2I Clmitrer .m, fO N 1 lltll IjtIAI{ & Ml.AdrJ';--150 hhl.<ug, ,,gr f10.1t110 gnills ,llmluitltion niliovn .mle city fur a le by ADAMSi & WIt'T I.I., fell--w 47 (rvier st -GL&AS ,-t- I ltmonc< in il-tar rr stle hv tf Silt itlI. . IIIti)\WN, .ii itmageiner t . imy lesoero. Kellh, Ihine is & C. Plussm'ssln n gtv ml on tie litt Ft'hrlntlV--eplv tlyi m G W I'iZtl'rflA.IAI mt. & "rA-1'G.IT JR. I ja21 c1r I'uydrae.It iim,=_oiie et IH l to l1il)ID8. .. .... . t f,,,L-t 7 RII. i _----- I T~...... . [JAY'S LINIMENT.-No Fietion.-- This ex traorinry chlliemicl coin ,oeition, the resolt of science, and the inventioln ior a clubratedl medi cal ntl, Ltho introduct , n of whlichi to the pubhler was invested witl the saolmnity of a deathbed heqest, has sinoe gained a reputation unparalleled I fully satºa tint lte . atnues of the lamtented Dir ridleyt ,,:, if l on, that he dared not die witl\ott tge i ostnroty tie u bout of line knowledge on nds/. atject," and hie horeforu hb:tuathod :.l hi .,ead rutl attsldaut, Solomon it.y tith naortot, hils aflrrvory. It tn ne,, adri t. rll prtlelptl hospitals, asln Ihe privan,. .r; .i ill ot . anttv. first and most cortrant ', ', of to P l-. ad so oiten I and fh-lctut!y : ., ;.illt: i-odllty: unlte* wtre eictan ite I Externally in lan Fur r)rarylay-c.r t L- rdll. ry absorption at once. - n All .5wollingi--l-,tdi a,,f t h i a few hourw Rltheimnatiouta-.r-A a: or tihrtia... ling tapau't ease. Sore Tiront--By Can,:-rr. I':ers ,r .rLotts. Crotupl adl Whlooping Caitg-- ;xt,-raally, and over the Chent. All Bruises, Sprains, and Blurns--Cuin g it a few hours. Sorus aind Ulrors-Whether fresh or long statding, and fever sorns. Its operations upon adults and children in redue ing rheumnatic swellings, and tonosniig eoughs and tightness of the cleoct by telaxation of tI!e parts, has boon surprising beynnd conception. The enOmon remark of those who u ave usnd it in tile Pilue, is Ilt nets lilts a hllarm." THE PIL E S-'Tha price, .1 is rorllnded to any person who will use a bottlo of liuy's Linimelnt for the Piles, and return the empty bottle without boeing cared. T'roso are tihe poLstlive orders of the proprietor to tile Agents; and out of many thou sands sold, not one Iras beenll unsuccessfiIl. W mIligtt insert certificatesu to ally llengthl, but prefer that those who sell thet article, sthould ox Ihbit the original to purchasers. CAUTION-Notie can be genuine without a splendid slgraved wrapper, on whlich is my name, and also that of the Agents. hOLOMON HIAYS. Sold wlholceale and retail, by COMISTOCK & Co, New York, and by one Druggist in every town in ttlo Unionl. For salo by the Whnolesale Agents, corner of un& T'ctoupitouilas treet, and by the Apothloaries generally - i30 tO r I;r,, 7lm I'A D: iR.JOIINSON, t)ict f 110 |lii. ville stntet, cll l fines hlil- plranctie Il o the itratnllltl of Venereal litr'e., in all ils dlf rnmr frirms. ilr. Joilaonu, ahml t re<idennc of naany years in IHin. pildsa ill Lurnll llllted to the treallleni of VeinerIal i eanse , atI t intI hii s pIllr llt xtellnsit e in tic ill thlll prlticlar olrlchl ofT the pro ilaeiOun, gallrallrtle a sIIe, sev anlllld efectual are i sullch personl as are tllnbled with tet of tie titlotuing diseases, v z: (itnorrtieitot. itieute, titeitltres, (Cttnnereo, Ilutin,, Srr,,irutll \Vctlklhtttu Ift t't.lions ofItIhe Ittidder, Kidhyv, Lotint, Urethra, Prostrate ttlaid, Swelled I entic les, Eruptlons nl r the Skin, Sor Thllrutt, Pails in the Jointi AIl the Inoiterou syrlia oat s wllichl generally follow -is dia, e. IRecent cases cllrll in woe or hllcs days witholllt tile lsn of dlhe llrc r intllrr lltion tro.ll hlillcness, or aloera ,iO illutht'tIiou of lit ing. A Iletliheiro tt prcteirl Venereal Diseasce cnn In oil nuaerof Ilr.Johnallltan. It il froit the recipe eln il tI lrteu Lnrry, ua cllbrated rrech urgeon, andll was •d bhvtt. dturing t'eteteral n paiots iu which tihe ocd'us iurgeon (aoe rt n il lit Firentl Arilk,. ,l Iy lt. Johi,rnui, at his oufie. 'ltho.,e plronsl g lny fllhantiunl oif Vent ruo l Disease, atlld tbmout stnkl. olay voyage., t or loariag II to ite coltr, wa do wellyi widt ot u g Dr, Jo a call, nt prucer e in. ci.s liotlElltr cure n i tihe raitiet iteu ca. Le I it I with i wril ittn directiono f ,, tl tir ina. i1o lnupe from 7 iln tle ournoltg aulil 0 o'eluck at nigiht. h lAl.IIIN'rll¥'d lY.'P P IC I.ISI ;" I)r. .urctIhy, it grem test if hn.aiiar l jrgel su wIt Olpinioln haol aia,'-letlth1 oI" 1lll discoas tlhtl alicel uned by hi witll tilemo le ollprecodntlild stccess ill ris prlvatJi unoi piudllie practltt fr lrulrdsa oef fort n yelars, ftir lite relittitl of lie f*llttwict disonCeen: Los tu afupl, titc, Flotulencv, Disteninti of itit Slto l auch,Pain in tisairnc, lietvitadossf t e leato d uou , i - li av hill I sleep, Irlregllarity of thle Ilweh, andl int allr caws ltdigeatiut uI tt . u.ti, habltit in found t n 'llit illedicine llritt ilont bh nttull taend illlln llllitost ofursuck rtrurts ow Itefre tre ia p ubici, ao it is the n .uen iUaonttOll Uf liI of tehet ini most scientific uargtii Eurtlo ever produe:d, anld the secret of ieplrarig it wnas Ieur unha ld by thie agent fir a trey large suri. It is agreeonle at I aile~rant to. l tiem ta-tet acus am si ihr air iend.rlwnys keps tlhe bowrs flee, imparts vigor iad surealgla t nillrt sy siteI, nlld cleerliltllltess to the illil, lntit a few b e·rueut irelltter Ite llllstn l cirled cases of Ilelsepiu ia r ldigeslmia, ianid preveols a relurnu t atly future period. NEWt Yone,l tll Aignilt, 1838. :35 atudisu.ntr-ett. 9ra:-rIncotuunno itefliertldiltg neateietary life, I ravt hboea troubile, itr ee or leas, with l.tlituatiro fir tea years; ilir tioe nt three yeonis aniy sruferings iare keeairtsupportuble. I Ihave tried sreveraul phYiayitres, arll a uimbersf lnck aedlitcinas, wilphout derivlng illy bennfit. I ilodplred of rvnr obtaiaing ally prl.lanlut relief. ua resig ,tel luyelf ito tile In tst Ihtopeles despair I wan perusuaded by h iy frieeds tI try tAberlAethy's IDys eptie Elixir. I havre now flioished lhe fUtrlll hIUtl ti,. and LkwV IIIInt how tIo eltireed ImyVI u tirulini of iln onandrfui uirtte ant th lhalraelerr t ietrt, perforoted in rteorillg iit Ir tllla t Ilt lith which I. t sllrgltl I t for over. .eill ine Iiallf o dozuou bottles It t e. and exceail ulr Ibairbo fir mnt ilosaiings you have a . erred hy re. satorilg nt: to purtct hreoltrh. I rmallln vyouar* JCOtI tONILOE. I'le aUret lan ill id loSsessoetrill aece hlllndred let ti narials lim iailr t e Ih:ll o .eof tle exnlarnlint: v vir t1.,e4 tf hin rdlb:ica. Sohl lhy, appimutet, at D)r. Juliolhnou's. t11 BirielltJl strerlt nov.;5 PEINSACDiL.. MANSION IIOUSE NIW C(I''Y PENd.ACoIl.A. SII[.[ ;ilierilterhlvioi nihrc d thie t l.e 'tnd flr S tIilnurv'li thlii well knowi astabli.htlneit, Ilnn Alir tlor, I lte Ipenlrietor, will be readyv to rereve vi. Ila I t 8l'A Iril next. . In'rols and costly rovelnements will ie found in t.'irriubl'tollet of tie Aletnti a[ll |llse. Neow tell s oaire cnlnndii Illliiag lounes will le hbuilt, warm I), l.l will lbe proviled at nll A ioll t will he altnrthed ti1 til Inl .oe. wilth good ncmtmnnllnda .tio or norlios nuld carritgito. Firte ratie tlt,] icurori will nlsn be kipt for lire at inmerate iricie anelnduitand fow blunto, tith )ersons to annoge' []n.em for thi use ofr iltter. llilliardil an tthe, i attIeImll ts iSnally fiuns[, at Wilt ring planrel,will nlneo I;flrn .! ed allll ii roillnctl d a0 not to ititertirn will thte cllllflrt and qnitortho e boeihrdirc. 'T'1 wines owd liquors will be of the bet qnnlitv mad to elsoro a oil uipjplv ol h.o, n cargon hias alrecdy ben ordhered, whiCh wll arrive ,linealt ile I (it May. Aleh IPrederlck IBarnarl, w to formerly kept so popular ti httetl t WuVhillogmi Itv, wii ondjetll el tish t o t, r tle proprietor, who, with .otil.h nail, iaoftleiltl, oassirrs sthe, riPinrre of last year and his friends , Igenerally, th tleyi will nreiive every Iiniilie ttllioal; nl 0 firbly ex/ .eets a give gerlll ru +tilaclion. Tlie inod inavntages of thii ilt oRnare too wotI known to nteed n letgt. cod denerip it,.i Ih t. ' e fuets li ti PelonOiltI is the elrrtoet novel station of ilie Iuvernlnent. lthe general rendeztiaii of 11e (i.lltdqinol rno; the stduatiriy o'itn Clionte reeclheil eoansitii dlt - tillgtigilhe nlnler IIoIn illit by le clleo.t I reee.,l'riotln the GnIP lite,, h.ntlV of ate Ibav aln Ifle neigllbunlriu iolnnul aid riveres; tile uhulllonii e and iilietOv oI' tilhe i.ll witl whl thleti adt- waters cli t,; ood ios txiltnitt ts the best ditolthern miilrkets, give l'eneneota lie Ilr lerene over nil otber places ib thlles leathitule, as 0 hlenlllty anll deliglilitl oumlncerrettlit. irit rote bunto will rn Iilletwenl Pieniouul u olld MIo lile, and willl at Itieto Ia"I to take tle po1iiinggr frinn Ill, New OrlenoIo bouits. N It AI.NOLI,. Pitenilnoh, Fleb. Iflhl, I.l:[. fL (7lIPiileoll wi+ltinS to rogei. rooi fori Ihlir rllniies, rlan adllrm , Ile I lrll)rapri,+t. r, I'er l.+ uldl l ,+r ir "eteill 'r Taylir, lie priprietor, at Necv Or, 'enlls. RIifitrences. T Sfofrdei, lqc Air C Cullu, i ti MIAl .i, Esq., It. Khuh, i M ile; ' Taylo I' I' Icon, I":., in Ne, Orll.Irnd. ' s ., ° I' --A letter Ibag ton reelive ei 'uniii tiioiuic folr p'eioC' i lhitn nltoer Intel, is laced at (eo \Ve WlilliUl'e voice, 31 illt Ciley I+xtlllige. FI. LfhIDA RO'iPI.: F1(R NEW' VIOI1, lI TprrIellers cleoiri.i orf tlkilu lII l:h 'it iiiiiie, vin PeIlncolntllnIt Nurtilne, atl'ru, I hllt Bi l rate b ntse willol.inl-uuill t n "Ioie n . mie itli.tot iem cii l , uvin Mo ll no ll i lel ll'n eOs l e v tlilk et er, ,v l+Ier Ilil, let of Ala,. (weI iill uhluynte lepro;ided the olllrinertltti ble in rtidil.ue to tilt eng.eri"ul Mobile, ill case of lhe fillhre ofthle IbLlo N It AINfil.D. Tile steanlholit Chollnlj Icavte . lu.bile Ilr lPlle c),la ltwire n week F_ f~el:I Iv NmiRRiSt & Co, Ni,, 3l ICnrtr Jt, jar" re ieiviii doily frotu their holuse in Philalellhiin, an eletn ot l in " inn lpl lt oass itnllliit IiI subltnnltial a~nd f+thlaonltla cloihin-. 'ihere iviie the aiten tin ol the pulibc, s ihPy or. wirrentrttd in tnyinci l lt strangers nod citizens cnnnlt Iurnii llihea. Ieves iurne ndvulttiegeuunly ill illy cily ill ihe iLnt A few d zrn el nnt ivory hnnlle lm hrellis,lr,nin 32 i ,36 inclhes. 4loI i,. aItrii lIot whilm pine tpanlJ ILii bixllus, ..iio to e size.c very lew ?iU\l tI'lrt AliIEei-.okuueu"oi u ljttie re,fii ii mtiilVillg iull)nelrlllllB Ilnir fuIo the lPe, lek Iant niihi iii l uiIot ni nl l iaitf An t.l i I v iv h sk llr llaand whtll( r lh Itlbel "bolr thel nppl ivuiro. A r.ko supplyl justl l'lccliced fa ib Iral'lllor. fa-l 1.IlthIl & AII, ____ r ltuumlluuuiee Iit er St ('banes &Ciiiiiiiiiii4 l ,r I V"l hlll il t, '+rl Clll ':S -l i 1111 /fellll .% .ln ll _ • tee I tl., I. thlis lt il Illrreeiwd a I tlii n lu/f tH* I t I lunar I .IIuu ieIu nll l nl ic I ,ri l l lltlllu , t nCt p iie t ll the Icrll ntvh'. IN .Nc\ " nl.I+%'l'( lll'. --'tV' I, ",1'" nl " i t -- " OA( Itl l . ... il it'lloil luou|nioc, Ir 11 Rk (e " dike bmtin2 mcilt reducel I iC.ljo I IN; S ic~*k of Coke loin it~1 reduced this Uqmh poty will'ftinria PittT nrlocl nl in minlll qu a tl,.tl tholr enolca. AL, . rOidrO receied a.l the Got O . o l i Ai vAlen. : . dir cve id ihy'v rhi praprfl ,ar asrl Ir'I, e e. lecd t~ his cartehl tl rl., r in r il eV, rye v trie { 'il lf t' lllr'f r p l, ll Ol r l'l .. . Ir Ihu I llvlwr-li d . m alllrl'-ln 'll ir t, r Ill n I . t.,t uiven ir ih I ,i I l' tl i,.t so lid , tItean belcl vt thl h - a , ,,+ t,,, titlryi st fortlh as ithe on ei II 0l 'rlic ' su dortli ''' eI ra a I r I, rrr a'' Ir i h a' I'e ", nti s fy rtihe mll.sth i hcre loul., cases oIf hlle P glr f andl Ifver,billlitns, lyp(lbus, ner| v alla ailnd R raIl, Tert il ir en' lla , v iren Cr(a l, l tll, o trral , il , t o ut. i~'x , t k, dy r il ,rlel, rllsr , a l al' Ihed the nture nt ollly wardts,,ed in , ar l ai c ollmmendll nhrlle, bult lie, -r corlled upon frml a ei If 'l . 1 fllatc thera owe wly hat irlrt ;arl flrs l Ile 'any J allra cr ialve li salyl the st iJcrt. l iThe lacr idarly comine t, t ir.ka wlege f ict he avrrviaited our cafulara,1a'a Iaren r ueissrle lerir prol rrs it is beneficial ac ld saving edeelsa in cirses, to le gad anor severnlbilitc, typcsll ner VrIs ant a llet lr'rvers, rtilrrrr'trcrrl r v rent clhr , Ine iterr tr ' h cdyspepsia r mditle evr l:ertd ihe hao Iediinare in soldy a llrrllante d riallll 'arcamendarlr rtI balt tiey a-' raiied upon Irearl a .'lre air dllty awrtieCh oirey owe to tihe uirtarrr I'IIII| I ,t say ra aell, tary retd you will ibe .u ample it str Wny' ) allSICw-O, Nativll si e s ov, t. ! lhe teia lert itselfty, Ill riene hich eire ever visited oll r lllll lgl t (uce, asbeen)' rlcet+nI tl % e, Lrter'd t ilhe prilrretor i rl tirtern eaere arla ithe ule I tills n leri ll Ol olyc ' ithout ti (i ll ll r ,l " nt Vs t le lpal int. Thire I dlt eltalll r allr inv la l and Lo urs iUllNhlAi & )AVIS l.t, Sr. luars .Isar; and inr a i ul in i hiali . aci a . a... .. p ir',i, ll i a i . dirae, tac be lrlad lr seoventy ike Ce s whch mckea it mreh the ehalpoesr mIedicie evr r ocere td rto te public. t rblr t 'lrhe ive tmedicine is socl k ,leswle and rtrtal ry aour V.eatl, elnry Ile nabelar, Juatirt andR Apotherary 'l'tchuu ulaa ar cirarl. Nrw O rlr'eacs. 'l NPW MlrsiC-O, Naitiv lh cisice hrr thr onellrrr I 'mnl'r a raCr.+i, rae Il.a i'; Nevar Der.lira alah drraltyl a i'rtarerne ih Icr ti r lehI glicre ilea ti l lrrr I lt'rtirart'e.; lThe Wallrh tllr.ere or Ia:.r lt parsr 'r e 'a coeIlI n- -)lllol. ve (lllnk art ,nell' i ath e ,Jr ing I r IV ; S c, ril in aiegcrain, lrriurerlrei.era tI e ci rrri al ,I "I'rame'tlraa an,l pariirgr I eae; ntI 'l srig l n i fickle win.irb Ia I utar .ll; t'rorlr. ro tire, r iru art i so trow;A Liie cOtl re eelleialln wiver' It f t tiaeel; Shar iwtced ' ' brtrareit lu'llr i iteae Ilraca e I rit' at l rnirilig;r t r'erir cIa ter br oIotire llr t 'I' rle' Iotlli likre tla laIr, arirrr rni for i.e harp Iv 'I' .ae rree. IRyal Wrltzrs, by A l"'iBer'; ltrretr Victori'.s CIter ltrualriltee. Junit tceivedaed lI tre hatb d19'-' __ B CASIY,'I9 Camp eit Prom Mlobile (Alaltbama) to Augusta (siLee 1' EAVES Niebile evet y other ricat, acro ,atety eftel ltire alrrival tf the mail from New lrleans, pRer trlr aatemboiat alsealL.e, to tllakehl, ocllhesa Ia Perrlareo sraaamboas (mltr rersrceolr lary, St Itala sou nl and t ha. rtahetia Rcer adr Bay) to Cdanr Llla tl ercirches taerro vic Mairlatrana, Chttteriootllee, (t.rmerly Mot Veta naa,), Palrtt'erar; llawkir nille ard c ouiaa . ile, to Acguslta. Ar pssegeetaki hn,; his seatatr Sir. cile is in no dangrr of beitg thrown out or esira h praeteerenee by other etnflieting iaterests, ar tae FlUt'i. )1. LI\NE is balr o concern, and roirer lne c rao throughouit, cand ilay rely w'ITII caITAlaTcr ,pra lilt arrivalat Augusta itr titme sneeified, ttreghr all wet - e and raat e lmacysact, aless solme arst rlt. ''eseetcaaea triope hmd omerre. Tt, liteet Naew Orleals Mai is cotiaclt ry this route' . 'tle Agetts for arecmo tilca, a'L'mr, leCoahres and Dri veres ale Imtlr .isne thIe slathern contray. 'he mooth, hard, atte al ruoad,, the safe and t nter -stilg water aviacatlr, ldre time atrnd accommoa o, miflra the traveler speed, eertainrr y orirort, cnd ap ela arg varietyt Ic elted tas st were ith tle raitl Jti ad Caarleston, S.c. cand the atean M rea .%,p ; to Nate Yark travelerans rall tea New' Yorelk erat Nt.l.eanlao LES TITAN QI aAycs'--'ashtintson eitrll}' 11 - From attahoochee, Florida, have a, v - post crlahes, am twla a lnsto'aehem lhoawkinsvills one to Nila gaildleaIe and one to Macers, light two rllsr ocshees. S'l'tCK'I'ONS L1 anc. ArouaerA, arlah Jan. 1835. Olteeat Mra slon liouse Mobihl 'lismlrcee, aew Orleans to )tcia,, 150 mile. bleabt to Aurgasta, 541t .i+ Aragrasth to Caharleston, 1t3i trhaelscsta to New York, 9880- 180 T'ime, NSaw Ueleac| to Mobile, '28 hotor . Mtobile to Augutsra, ,3S (gttChl'arleastoe to New York, Sfi- 253 aMaking 168 miles paer day. or 7 miles per Ihnrr, ielo sire or all sto ttaes. ca len to N. 1I. I beg leave to ilra'otm the plbli that Ita bridges over ta Chila llrlahooeswa lp r ia ,rat Erto ac'rek haaejrast beear completed 1iy the general govern. meat, (tlae anly obtaelea ola.siating aginst this sofe act' speedy route I ata tshY hramrprly reaovedl ann'i have Ihe taltasare ofles-'i g from tranvellers that the coathes,ho. as, rleasrti coads are rt the riast oaleate caltl as tu Ilra water trate tealm itcuaclla to Cedar llTit' itis admi.t ted by all who hecaa passed tIrough it to ae nasitlale , irrrnovetlies beally and satety. The belldges ttroogI Gaeorgia laceasobbeeltuepair'cri. J Al C lIAKltI wool barrows, in abore, for sale by tl6 t:Il.) tPLIN &'. COOIPER. y79 & 12ic t FG NtrEE:i0. furrish-etd .4atraaectn to r.aI alto r ,ercf Jalie awla Carr'rrdelet at, icear It, S OMBAltI) & CO'S hIotoII oiol Ne-w- OrfeaRs Li e of Packet Hl'ips.-Th'le no line of ships has been expressly built to run between theb above pIorts, adl will e founlld io Saitable draft of wateir: uacoillmllodatil for passcngers, and every oelirt will be nnull to give general satisfaction, T'lhe itne is composed of tihe fi lowing ships: Cherokee, 415 tlon J Hlarding, Carolina, 400 do S [rnlist, Charleston, 374 do I) Il.ldridge, C..lncrrb .an., 625 dlo Gi Barker, leaoman, 240 do J llower, Hlomibave. 623 do 1) llnp)hrIry. Tile above sihi rs are all now, oel te first lass, colp"er fastened and eoppered, eoimmanded by tnen of greet experieotce, havie largeo nccomtniodiirne, with a separate cabin; every attentio, will he paid to I.a seegrc, and thle vry test or stores pro vided for tIheel. The packets will L. towed up and down the Mis riasippf, and time etricteet punctali'y o!,iservedl in thile time of aailing, and ashould thie regl.lar vessels be detained in arriving, other ships equally as good w;ll i all cases be substituted. A share of patron age is solicited, and tire agerei pledge themselves to aeeorrnmod;te ano muer as practicable, to receive and foCrward goods bIy line at ithe mot moder. i'eto charges, aInd to advancet all cxpInres on goods shipped, ilf required. lTie ships will leave the lst and 16th of every month. For freight or passage, apply to the agents. J A M ElltlTT, 82 Cnommon at. N. B. Adv,aleentlets nllde un conlsignme.:ts to Messrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. nov27 SIllllArT F t1 l SIAl -.irlllll i t nici nl1isntll tll - " trrcir e lc atc of Loulcsiicc, whom these ,rn .llt s shall elt ,gleePlrng: I llllenuos-..Falli C. ()dl(eorge I. Olclliec, oIlli ly lrei llll r lierthiner I r c g rliccr b lc tlied o i l. nicl'irk tio e ry l arti ofl the Leigi cll le of . lth te 1i " Irc lllo i:llltCr lldll tled Ia it r hLit- tiur f rlI I o lll lltell is ll IicihI o i plr Illrc satle fl;i ,cc, c Itr c f the r lcf j lioiel Ii-lrit t llllrli, who i Scll eill lil , liell: Ilr -elllllln il d ll the crciiii-i- r i t r l itc irer eic- i irh "cilcrryerir cope l ic e cro iii asgicvcc lin b illl-.rlnI cln, i nll t Iorll 'II ll. i1jlllllld t lh Ic c ,111 tIIInde whlicll II(, sa:lle : 1~ lt l b de or IenvI. iII'IgIlu I ar y I1' iil. a rl h i cell IIil ic -ci . cl. Clll· I II Iclici,;l • icPtil ilc , ill ciun Il 11111111. to1(1r tIr11-1c, l ri clr Il II i ci% oth Ieli.ct hicItrao - rvl r citl hll y N'I t- I rlll.c l ind.cciiifowhl chrl nilV thi,"1 ,-l9 tilon i, hrst i;11, ,I in 2 t Ile ulic,, , pI ver wIh hl, ll I I , 111i' dl , e lllll d titr 1 e ,llii ll l IIII cIiIcici r ritc he re h ir y i 3Jit.ulr7, A. I'c. cei:icfcc e vircce 1c c cill cluy u :t. c ).Ic 11. c Icc ulhl llm i e Io .e . ce1 |. nI'I I-ol Jc ccirc - . \y 1 Ii teII- l V e e lllr irlitllo- Ii11 le ilil, ,II I gelin tl c \ ni crcy-No. I 3o16 I lhhe uilet 1' I[hie Ici n.lllll It Ill' hi, Isle. ihl ,.'ll lInI I IC. .elen,, thell r e 13, ctnllell o iil I':idward Yorke l rOIcllle Ihle i ilac clhkc lrs lio Ihe iprite hIlreillnaft r Ilr llli lllllil J ;tcn rlietiml 11 Ilhe pro pri y ac gcsiv ill Ihe jllfli.cilll IVIyIuoIy l o'l i. VIZ: 1,Lot Ilh . 1. Ill ofI) rollnl in fiblllullr· oi lfllet inl theI i uaIre r c1hd h c ctc(:li , I c' l -ui. li,,, a- d N 'n. ,.,- l r2lretc , ai Ilir Icus drawn l,v J Cchi1c- hc-,,e t- l do1, -hI 111 clenrulrc, iia!, nod Ite iic1t00 i lli,'o of Jerciec. I I. OaiksIc . I. i p bic o rl. irr -ec cc "' rii li ,!i 1;'t't .1 II( e fl(llll ' III 1'rll er sol ,"tl b l l 11 211 | fl't ilt det hh 0 iiid ollll nt Clio srlre clc. i'1t ti-icr,1 !eC r ctciii n ii I . iP Md." ) r o r ie O i :11n.''l I. it I cn . u,ll ttI! l -lpllle. r, c cll t-llclr g e re;.l :11~1l Ion I'rvllxlee bl iry irtl t j-ieae ccjll hiii, I Ii. 1 I 11 iniigI rlce icricc i cc1111 cci i c. ii,11ril l0 ILci cc-. cin I,- hclli nII redjll niliiin IIn. n, llviIl, Ithe l mill t frIlll* n lll thl h llh IIlh +tlll uItl' nlllr I 1} 1' In1 t I l !c.d I nniri 1cf IIn I islc l Iqu re 1,lll-ill. I i c i-'s $ 11511 IIIIciI'g tit" sale1 " I[ , 111 ( iiad 10 1l,' Io it h P: .01 irt" "her.1, - $.t' I· i Io- ino.. r, il lihe. , mee i .1 .i7 i a ,I . ei-ii . "i ,ni h lvill.g the 1lll1 ItemI Ullll ih0|lo 1,lll!l l sIh. "t l i rlll ' O 'l 'l c ~I i ric, I] e ii lc - ' c uc 1,-i ll-icc-cc llvt 0 , -ow ' I t. , *l + lll" Ilu ll l ,01th 1 (l~' s.i.., t i lt 1. i , c1 1 i 1c1111 di rt ·111 I. "i lill, i -,i11 i,; ,' ,t. I I iý, i.s I ii Iu rý 1nn: 1" l tllll l , ll [I-- ' t l l .I .I , 1' i : ,' , ,i .o , 1', tI" . '' 11 : 1,1t'001, t.h1 1 h p, "iliii. ] l ri a 11 ultr , ll3ll S'jl'TAT DE L\ LOCUIIANE-Cour du prrnt dier district judciaire L'etat de la Louisiano, a tons crux quo ces preaenLs coocernolt, saint : Att.endu quer Snlauel C. Ogdrn. Goo.rgoe I. Ogden, and Edo ard Yorko oyant ncl I t ,w wvnto r'itil par nl Syndic des ereanciers Ide Egerton & \Vibray. I la proprb'rd ci.apreb decrlte, so routadres.d au (;iLto.d. ':tteo colur, p)our Itn eis ecnl)nrorm.uconl t It nll ctl la Legislatro ro i'etat do l ,onooant, inltt(od "Al:t pour collfirlr leo litres des ac. quereurs aex rvotes judiciaire ;" approuvn It 10 Hlars 1834. Q,'tl soil conou, et toutes personeus ooot par ces presontes so nlllllods all na de Iet do ta Loiiann et de Curo ou prernior distrrct judiciare, quo plurraient avoir drot t In pro prdtod oi.apren ido rlt, to consequenoce d'ul d6. lout do tornto daus 'olrdre, io decret ou nl jugentoent do lacour, on vortu duquol In ventVo a 1d Itate, on doe toute irrogu:aritd onu tllgaliit6 dns I'cstimation, l'avis on to temllpsct oe todo dt in vclts, on pour ono altre cause queicnnoqne, de fairo voir, duan trento jour a dat:rr de in publication do oette avins, pourquoi In vcnte Ainsi thito ne seratt pas confirtrnd ot holnoto gll;o,. I.t dite ipropridlt fut vondue per 10 Syndic sundit le 24me jour do Janvior, do I'an,:6u 18,l9, one vcrtu d'un ddoeet do cette Coor, rondu to dnxielne jour do Fdvrier do l'anudo O183.,d',l s I'otlLire do John Egerton and Jatr's I,. \Vibrly vs. lour cratoni. re trt Ils crd..nciers do Eger eo -and IVdiray-No. 14.,96 d ddocket o c ett (nCourn tptlgnorlio vencte les dt r Samuel C. Ogdotn, George Ii. )Ogden, and I:dwo.rd YorI se o solnt rerndus a qudrcur pour I prix de ct.aptls nerntionru,. Deocriplt.uo do la propridtd d'..prds lu tronsier judiciaire, savoir : No. 1. Uu lot do terra situde :ana lo faubour, Saulet, ni- la place ho n6 par les rues Chio, Pry. ttiudr, Calliop , et Nayudes, sor un plan fait par J Callhoun, dald 24 J.nvier, 1833, et ddpord ou bureanl do Joseph liollark, Eoq. notaire public, mrd. surant 29 pIieds 4L pouce do jaco datns is ruoe d. Pryta.,rd our 12i plods do profondeur et do fireo sur In rue oc Clio, adju.6d a S oel C. .Ogden, GUiorge II. Ogden, and Edward Yorke, pour lo prix de $3,700 No. 2. Un it t do terre situdo dans la iutn|e place, eo.oturant 29 pieds dans la rue do Prytando sur it0 do profundeur, ct & cuot do no. 1, nux ui6me, acqudreurs, $3,000 No. 3. Un lot do terre situede dan la o.6me place, a cold do no. o. ot ayaut les n6udns prnpTr. "tiots, nux dLt acquire ITr, $3010 No. 4. Un lot do terre situdo dans la mrdoto place, or cold do no. 3, et ayant les motes propor tions, oaux tit acqudurours, $3.050 No. 5. 'I lot do terro situd, dans d lant nl p'a e, a cold duLo. 4, et ayaut 'os rmdms propor tions, aux dit acqudrcurso, $3,150 N. G. Uniit do terro situdo dles la tenmo place, aeot6 do no. 5, et ayant lea Incilles p.oportions, aux dit acqudreurs, 38.400 No. 7. [in lot deo arro oito.du dans In t lleo place, a cord do no. 6, et uya.t lea lottlces p npor. tions, ax inooles nequ6reurs, ,0 No. S. Un lot do terre situodu lnns la memo place, 8 cotd do no. 7, et ayant lea rir.nres proper. tions, auodit oacqudrcure, $3,9oo No. 9. Ch lot do to to situde dans luarae place, a cot6 do lo. 8, ct ayont la |uomtes prop0(0 tions, nux dit acqu6.doe, 0sr:1,00 No. 10. U.n lot de te.oe situde dans la inose place', I cotu do no. 9, et aant. leas ienlles propor. tions, aux dit acq .6reure, 84,300 No. 11. Un lot do trero situdo dtia la mrmo place, aecotldo no. 10 resuranot 29 pteifl1quatre poucosdans la rue do Prytande par 12.1 do prorn deuretdo face sur la rue Calliope, aux dit nacld. rours, $2..00 Les ooze lots sont vcndus navec I privilege rtx:hi sif d'uuo aiide y;ant 15 pieds de largeur cur let r ribre' salo In I plan ci-meutionnd. Conditions-$1801) snr c;aquo lot, argent./rp. tent, etle bolance a G, 12, 18, ct 21 n;orI n ere. dit pour lea billets endonssa o t approuv.o c hypo. thequ0 jusque to I deriar paimtert. En temoin do quoi, Jo I'aisn, ot J'y L.S. a ppos6 l scanu du dit C r, co jour 5 liars, A. D. 1839. nml2 :t in 30d JOIN L LEWIS • t eOAL--7rrt ton rthe r bort English ln..i, well suited Now 'ta:tle, ur onle by 11 tI I. S 10 II.1. n j4g: Lbank Place /A IHEI TIF IL bend n hnir ]q v ~ . ' rnndIbsl rt I, I mlent Iblonin. ..1 thle I nan :.nllm . |Howr ,tranl-r l) the l sl of it hlllln fl i the c, lnt lnl n A.. nt( lr . n ' t tITll I. I n iinfs t ,nh a ipear.ln f h.l nr' . ll, l I tiar .lnn t rPq i i nn e tin' a aIahit.fvr,. ,I' cni. .(i).' 9 1r inn l ati. , aunt i nf t h liris ren'nrnnies it iinn"I tlhir neq nfrl.inn ne:'th renn niinir f tk .ir ilv" nee i on Aeit frn. l sa t n tf. L e na t. n o.ti rtIr nit n' iral Inn rep ta.f il fit l rin h tenimr t f r ln ninta a if Ol. h i h Slnt nellvv rrinkhl lnm an d the r nr f fis en r. imn fhn to shlr m iety nt thlov tist f. i niln.! - f firt n hlrrnt rton , n tEq rfem Ihtle np i it arnhi l t lain r''n llir ntln in n nn I.nti Ini hi ft, n t ve nh is i f oertlie fills iInny'he i eeniaon, t thiI. nigh c ihr halu hn, inr -ly,'e,,.,n Iv h l no n ns prpritreni va R nIr.n.1f rIf!tn.l i E. .li t a 1 i n vi' . r liv I. ( lilR 'Ii , h s ,,ert3fi, 11' I.1.1.331v h I.- .e ITelo.v rr ,t ha . 1 0Sio cr, fir l enthie ilinitrw n as r8! n i ti . I l~,h.e fr lh r win iii it c l I ln , I ns .IiiiiNI 'iIi Tl'.i", 13 , Arc htr1 fre it kon i sann Nirlinit tr., ir i.f tf tire, Is . uln' It i fr y one: l', anP II viiteI " otl n l,.h st re e. , nIi()I ,'i l "I'*a V 3 i t a nn.. E I " iar 'illan i '.. 'l:lI i al fdP lI.. Robert Wha IlOi, l la Mil a.1 ollT "ri'In, o r3 GIre tiVe tht rne h hote inf.t nrI] Tl, ei mnlre. d il e1lr, In ir" ih lilt e nr'euted v ii, .ni,'. 'IrP *.ii lll'a i i ni tll't :lltiii'., ' ,i'ii gnh lllt i hInn. r' 3f3iindih l a sre"llllr..r e . o. l ni. ,ra s p.rtil v ini N iin. ho Fla'retlh n.h t,. hl ir, [iI n i urt r nltanl in dte. . rlll ugh 1III 1 rrIII· Shecinry J DNW, na wi he. lelss l wh ml'l m t I n h t (elr nt erl E mr hle nlit.h Id I I , oN t l . l ' C, tri.e. .'. )1,.I " ) n'' T' 11) , \G3nAr. rcI.I In~, tn a lI,. nnI finl m .ptule na rhn a e nhle ,kii r I 'iin l ir n n t 'i rich. An hteh ol i, l o ,Ir ' , lnAnh s mte ot I 'S ' Is known'. lin 'i . a ill(' - inhn v Pi I '. rIplainor nt' i·n , o i nd ll'l s 'oe a , SRnVl hl earr an. '. al nior ', I..of ,w r,'tf 'irn.ii T()I(l ..r:c ('y . tin,. 3bCl' ntroen l s tinr e nli lth .analoi.n.ii ra'lis l n, i fa ti 'ne'h and Ii i C riiy' vilk anho mrnm'n verint real newr matrklinn r lllrnt c for; nare i ht!cn l fr n, h rmin le nr i ,ndi.h.: hlu s rf d I n. Pendes:, "mo i the send rn Iltmb' wiltyto flitted blnio nn i, rillk ln O'l |ria nat. a h rrls I .In hIers: &i 1 i.l. ' n ill 'i tnr r I 'i nirli h ,iri" ell'. .le n ll nl tIe! lli : Ir y p ril i S in ,rile kIi . h\lr; G "eh irnn. illn ' 10,, i ila rlh -lm T It ss-JId n n, ii l an lro I t .n Ol . mrl t I d nthe tr: e liv ~ e ,ve l .-it vt n rr, in th i .nr ,h o :s Lini bh la i, In il ( Pbeo ., " rp r I, nll Il ( l v,.dn· , s tI rind 11 . L-,1-1n n c. unod 1k dresh in et,;hear Idll "llh l rlnirlrir, rIo" n kionf f,r mc ed lc n, l fi in' &- n tl. s r nLhti wI r n,,d french fancy h ds plain silk and l si , n ve ssr ; rdeha, newru o. m r ket le fl !-. nr " .ndr . n u.rd.,,f and phr'tlain -i. and, fist I , t lrI n 1 nll " pr , iId su l w l hes-ale, nd rhatiby 'AR'l TO N tl Co.3d i nll als . SIlertlrs + I, ,".. . r e ols, are no r, , b e r,,, , / 1r,1,, la n lh t, ii i , ,, ir I,,, . ýii .. . ,, 1 n.:, vIad r h.d an.d phlum Ind quilted snddls, all iit' s i d S pni lisl du do do Mexican do :o do A Cleo. do cie do 'm li.h If, Youth's do ýpun,sh do cIl do Creole do AIer.nlld Eng. brdlles an b lidle modnlltnllgs, do' do rll :,n ~ tin alee , Plated. ibrass, and j, pauailed eoeh hlrner., •do t, n do gagnn sl tfkendo d i d do lItaroute li d Dira', calr and wagon do Saddle bics, double andls'nele; valices; tiiedicl sadlllle tri leg , rls e nllrpelr Jl eg ; besn t ronl Iraie lenlher folio truniks brass I Iiled; leather hoot top dol naoried sizes and varoues stylesr hcls'ers and pistol bells: coach, gie, sulkle , twig and pliilllers crop %vhips: woIl, wltorst d, cottcn anid learlller rlhs iand sursilglels; stlrrup leathers. trnuk stra, s alll worslo I rein well: ch in and hook I llnes; blinld bridles alnd lines; eotlech eollars, ind lurse nld Ilun lCecollars, I rlll qotiE s; Inlt.; rcco, bllc l,, p eelp and bul.lo skilln ; pil ed brnes anil icreil hidle b ts of ev ry desr lllllll plated, brats and rSeel spurs ill every desc ,p li l;l plaied, brass aSnd steel stirrups of every diescallip. artile in hetir line f b sli ,ness-all iof e hiu ilih yi tiller fir sille n ,.ccolllllltdai terms. They will elso rIlllin llle Ito c elve Ilirotlgh the vyea, Ii) I Cli keis fr Nelll Yrik, fresh sluppluls to IC p their stoclk an plllI' lind I pllll letlp . li~ KUIS, D.\AIDSON & c,,, Il Ii Cainal st. 1.11'011 (AIRDA'DEN SE I)-l'he subscrii ber , ll' to express hl. graltlul thIIanks to the pube I e, for the liberal support he haos ee.ived since aie a inineni c IelI billilloes I.In tils city. Iellcu sole Jiro prietlrol the seed stllre I7 Ctci non Mrt ,"I.r . he i" not and never wats e t llr ailly noIIth'.riln e..d velller; ni llher is lie coollulced till V an house in this i'iiL.iitry- liut lie icasse rru lhe public cliin lls col llecro sc in I'ory dep l rlirllcet of i he seed bIlus ness, in the dcilllbretl eollnil es ' I Eulroipe are e('ili 10 thallt f any ill u e in the llll eld bLrtes. 11e Iii. prts seeds, plllllanYsc. Froi the most t extensve and riepectl,l le n ub e Ied err i0011n iini ,l8alce, lllilo lld, EIiglallnl , hrn lllland l, In l i1u n tliero states- anlld it wiill at a ll uiles be I s inrercestr l ii is is si!tlud , toI receive, in ,icdilhn tc o h0 present i crck I rgie r ivan s of every delsarpicrs , realli ice o.r w h ni" 1 113t; ialso( engrIII tld ll frluit lree st all kllrdo.. TI'lhe pll rern ras rely 1,i cclidIng a tull iasc sortment ll every Ilrll le in thie aseiJ hilt, f .te il ino quuqal),h nd impollred cirect by Ii \In. IiiNN. II)U'\CAT'luN-1111:NtC _'ll and EbidliNiS. rlr .:ll, st leC:e try aUrllVe'd i l 1un li cliy, ihe s leuve to tieh rill the cvi"lres uif New Onleanls i ihs hie will open an eadery oel Monldayl, 14,c, err;. ., No. 19 loelrIuse s:r.e , Ifor tie io nrtlLruc eCI c tiIn l l of , botih sexes, in French alld English, in .lhc n, will he ably assisted by l1r . Jire.ll~ n n lllrs. 1 echaer, whol speak boilltha o tIirr s w t Irt lel 'cy antid p riilyi and who it .ý' ciar o t t h e ,l e p a r l ln t t o f lt 't 0 ,u l- l o ' l : 7e ilr.Js i rt I lll0 ll . 1v ( 1 .. w,,, the various branihes oifeducatcon, 1c r Lan ch Ihll nihr will s , entire a ,'i 11(t 0 LI NO I'lCE -'Tirh co a , • r ,, I ~10 t he ard ai rlrti C rc li , 1.,clc e i , , uri i d cried u l-i deth ul rsle tcridced nie ltli . ia lheroby dislved . mo, ' is toI take eifect as irol ni lil t i 1 1) , e~111 cr ill t. The undersigned w.! t o.t, s.:rg all theo olintritlst oa thitelt Irtci l ' irttureonilu III hir owi inamte?, and hfor Ir it wI it accounl , the same tusianie, as nraceors ', , enl uIn airiol mercha nils, noder tie style aln ide of Beard & lioiren, andc sliiet i share ut IhI haltrU ageu o their Irleed and the pulllle. JOSEPHF A. IEAPiD cr t I II IRLEN i. lItltillte:N. 14 U;JDis- li-i iii Fulc taken ut 7, Frean I. . Y" , for i oo. elle.r i , I , t.AS', fltUsll lj , 774-i fI al.(1aa001a.,i , =hipbattl T tInnou 8d ta San " nOell sl n h re a, a aanslt aOaaten t1a t he 2diX I.ente do;" , . ,,me greer ta w !er i e ttlend rt "tIt a o+.t iae a al- i , nal: all. t inn a nlI lt sie .... a';nrr dll ·t ,ll; ,pars:I , l a . i , I i aot a n ' tw a .1itt, al': i raai:.. a al " le .n .. " &,w y i .,,, + , I.n:, ,,. - , ,,rtrear in y "I , lweta "r h rr'a rwr t ±y1' th en IJ I, I i :,'; ',+,7 i' a,' , I t.' a1,n a t-a Ia., ',a 'a ( ODE OF . t. r that lah alab' aernb'a , ,i , k:...% tlathe p bla.c tile.peina nlew.edt l u l • • , ' a Il'r"P 'arng Iat T lhPv w e.r,, In s lll firs t " ',x.r ,, , i" t' " t'·e1 l lode - lrespon iiiitv i dallliCalav and it wnd not withoullltt erc.t"'":I;~,,, t Cite work, reatea d ta, tIhe a ullderita' . ::,,: "; : :,t they rloll imand linl to lout three h ,',,,' o- It eaa itionl IdIllcost rthe Stalie inret,,, .l ele- t n whbi wans entirla v a nt of prlilt. J' .a 'ta ll a taal dollha., Illst, tle uslu l p, ice of te t .I m r R itan le i ear Sfif dllar. s bau f ir Itw it systelil o r n ,rite rules I oa alatro laaaaaat nn i aon every i l avidu all i 'a I an' i aaaiaalal lathaer t aa a'an n ai n t a aaalaa aoan " ie tp illteiers l ld o ai aaer stat -a th at- al ken niaaaasa n , I Illlfll l maanlnd tilla e polfea ioa lll t a voa aen aa'Val geala ato r f i l awier is o f lh e a ad a is n i t i d ja s t ne . . ininl ul dutlr o teir +rnodhl."e in l.uo b 'i. I" river- . I q n eceslltn-esity off rfirelece thl eatlm.n, , Icribi eng. ble lre ai;site to their Ibrt rite a l Na . a )r li e i ill 'en tth b taae tall' aollatig a n t utctat r Ii jtn ' nald tle alll e olf)lh e ll tti ; nlll . I ' at Il erye t thert edii e tfor Il t A u , w` "'"v di.plosd '1'Ianl a dIII aa' a1 I t el m A Sill e taesa lllre . s. I il' :ali ,lla . , ma c its article.n a t I P .n itln o ie Ii-a. Thsle lUblishers nhve -iam, *ll ly berren rel ierve, . \rutll restoredi~·l* to h ala'ia'a . a'aatt"" ilatendena e taa na rliaoal l ,l < t of tt e r or,"Ii. Ipiofessl'p l ofI .eLas i mell" h, \\ I.l fi I nn ii. to meInl n e n a' theN ew l a hia r. The fm. lla . a I s altlll,( l a rd i antinlaal to .1- N II 'ennin' ath e aataaa - IIa'eralif r.i !jillltllhwIIa i 111a ) l''s e 'n al i tl a W r a llf;ll ri, es. I o:- . Ims i pre etei the ei l r ll :llt , - c .. r~et =" t IliJ.'llhll i n l a his elli l ' ' . l- of yme.' .n , l wJIaCb Itclh . b£l nav e Lora inerl brid e the whr < IIr f his diaa ui.aa llaatd prialaa't'ia aa iLorma. 'l'haa a llhlila ers lanv atheirvf;i, wII , trl fat ia t n alann ttla af Ihe w rk w'ill be tll that iullustrv :P ill abour I ats++i-ted hy eruhita tn' ex aaaaiiane, a arform. aaIn attttatine alar lll th'is ' I aa)r1pa'a. IIIIlI Iv i ttlin t subscriberm Iotbe work, n tit li aers l 'ak rae it the ftt thiait1 the Legisnlilre oi I.ollsimt h auIllt t i otrll zd . Giverliisr to nldvr olia i. lAl rqories of It fo" [he f ennl an 'tiaa' Stiate. h a'r aa iaana aaiola t a h iaa nlllla WIat taka':l b ly tirle A-nsP nlyl, e l e ' r- r st anal'e af tllh e a''atlaan f heawirk a la d cllnaYlt iercP v eXaana' l e threotll enla'iae ll the a illlll it a of tl e l ta i li la'. rla t nal edtora wtih i iit ho, ,x d iv lot the ate u adt lervt/. Tile Work will ten pirtein c eiuaa l" ane Iaia csh, ipaa gaiOl ltpeli a ndil withlla leiir aip; in wl t a In I x-' iliredlle r care h e s oe tho natke wI h I hoe ll e nch il lllll exe ltoll ' it porev ntl, wyhL iolaren t illwh o w ,ee It will lp larloala e renall. lir detl Irf the a'' ia ala it Thesuh.erp! i P iotl r orsslle atise, tllhe stl-e priI. ·II ae twenntl dallar.n' l ro p .an. ip t!i C I t' , II)KIiNS i & (CO. t'hliaia h . RO1V1AND'S TONIC a 'ltX'MI'XTlE, PIIEN years havl nioe yet lapsed stl ncic it wca t irst reatngularyd a ualainted Ito tl t pub li but it ias alnaatta an e gd i renla atini aun d halls sniat. a .. t "veary other aaedila e for thI Aian ue in Wnralaa. ~ I., a b,,e known it and nppra'cinatnd. Already or, it ,,the i.d in e .ry d irection , througolut Sad " aacr .. b till nrealaizes 'araa thllanti oald ',t .en aatera ipoate.a an ''mot sntn wngann a frianldn. a 11'l' u an1ldc 'alaaaat ,a.a ' ,ly been relihvel, oui, trcle o tlo I ., ,Ici: , a .ior a ' r, nI w a itn n at a a .e eVn tand they o ,al :i n n 'aan n a't vry apI,. p, ttnnity, t "" , oaa, aaa da' I supreme efl i .-t' " a,. ias c napon , a l o n laaa !. ie., Iai lr;,'ii, n I',- a,. calc ila. a'', - In' ."th, I",a ' a atam of L . ,, an , :(Ilat aaliver, ,il a, a'a r .,a RVIa a Aar at iltiv , or;. , thatl a olawa l aa , a' t-aan ',a a ,i rtt t ,ii. of lll d ''i lnaa. It is a ,, .i., II t ''al :adua ' cos -| Ill an eer illlellr o Ula the Cl , ,ll, ,.nn nal ,la n1 t , in' iortiblly desroy+ thei n til gaI, nat "ng n o n retlp ,, "0I1 -,i, ,,, ita bel llr "Foilnannt. l 'lao n a,, la ,t: i,, ' " 'ai a , .n l't'nI talar n with tihe ita a naan an ," la a ,-rab ., a it wi'n eVenll alo rd as. nnnala.n nl, , inn lln iyola-"'l oi" tt'oatmn tnn. 'lltosn wht al, ,i,' ro ia b ;on o IIlnin IIIunln..l n ny b asfured tlaiaL rlalcn s nan pitatc 0'l an! .aaa..diin'll i b I tot llt n h atei n onstitution; being entlirely a rlegetalbe ea'tlan.V; arnd thely Imay nhave additronal o onlideno ill the b unn tllherof, wl they I)erceivey tlhat It nhas tle l .int o a gent!n laxativeo n about tiln tim llalfa bl. it tie full al;ali bnnll taken--i'n cousrprenana of awhich, lheoro is n Ia part of tnn Ina dicinr o lulft to lin ger il lne owals to cause lbntrunoltiond, gnd oLnltr Uvila, 'risin iiinm tile at n s olf mnlly on thnle rne lndis now tllrled for thr curi of this atentiolo. It ans been I osed also nas a preventive, by nlanly who wern snlnn. nert to a pwriodital retcurrenne nlf thi (Cnlills, aud ia hll llinvrilbly walrded n ilty'a I e aplpren nded n ttlCK. OMaseroma Thno Proprietor, ully sanislied anith thl nilparalloled auld universatl nucceis which hals uun. tantly nIattldcd a punatual anld rei.ular use o 'tnl Tunic. Mixtulro, ill all :Laes nf Fevor aillld Agun, tio!s warranted in eniglgagig to refund th1e ]pl'iCe to all those who have tukenu lit medicine it strict ett. •ordancn with the prescribed directions, withidut having beue perfectly and lastingly cured. The subscribers are the w'trt:ns.lo agents for the South WVestnrln States, alnd hilvn now oil hlalnd six ty cases of this inedichln, which ii warranted fresh nd genuilno. For sal l at tie llanulnlactured rices J.A '1.s & ANIII..\s, , \Vh'llaala',:la'e lr'a.giSlo , nn'27 onelar Comaoa aaan &'l'nlaolaitalhaaa aaI'nt. ORDERS RECEI\IED FOR .IZO.ES'P. T1VT(0TTO.YG;Y, Il'the Patelntee, No. 5:i Magazilo slltreet, New ()rllel 'i'T) 1] I.INI FAC'I'UI431 1 It.NEI,\W Youli 1IV1' RODERILT lluE. dCO. SCILE OF I'I(ICGES-DJ,,dc Glms. For a double (;in of al st a s or more ol elch c) linder, making 1.60 saws in the stand, owillt L.efri"i, oildsl, oc. at $1 oil.'saw, oIr $9;6 li b For a Itoiule (.ino of t10 B10 vs 0, a c li0dlr or. 1O saws in tih stland, leders, .c. a $6 peor saw, or 7011 i For dtol. o SItsond o. or 8 saws ina stall, at $4.5 per saw, or ,51i 0 For do. of 20 saws ooi do. or 40 saws il a sldIt, o.Efi.50 per saw, or 0261 (lI SINt; [1 GI NS. For a single gin of 3l saws oir mlorl, with one set of leedels, bondl., &c. 1t $6 .owr ewI $ilhl I!O lolrdi.( of to sos,. with lledersr, & Il $ti W0 per sow, 31ll toi For do. iof 4l saws, with leerert, &c. $G 75 per 1w0, 3l 1O FVor do. ofiws, witlllfedo,,rs, &C. lt $7 51 per1" 1511 lw N) , l itoher desired, for 'leders, sol liti0 :a is ctnts eal.h; Ithe nuLbur olfleelh bel.ingl thunt equal it Iie nullllir of awsl. OI sLet of leede,, it is can sidered however, will weer out tw¥o or tll" ru b a's of sows. Extra:l ws salluplid lit o 00cltlll eachl. The CGins orderedt , w ill be deliver il to the Igrllill lanlllers iln anyl of the sea prltI town( oi , cillotloi ph si.l';illhe charges for wiillole sories will be U '-ll:, but nllUelUle. Iron running ageart also he orireost wlhelr desiltd, oI r ashable termlll, o t will be crgil:e:l h exLh . I r hrsI lpower, ofaoly description, call be furnished ol like Irilos. Smlall steam elgilnes cEo aso bo ordeoell if ie It i ,desirble, lwhen tllttrs give orders lir G(ins, llac s.lholllll aelllan ill'hem with theirviews ill regllll, lothleallrlangemenlt't saws, . rlnsti, brlusiies, . It is frmll they oopinion. Some desire sao s of iarger dihmter thull others. 'rhle most common siz is Y or 10 ilnches; Ii . somle ish the 1ti illnhes. Sm: wish 5 or rtowsrl hrIslles on ain axle, w.hile oitler do noIlt lwant ore Il. 4 lllt most. Somel wish saws stitll i or'l teoth to the inch, while otihers.wantl10or II. W I'lh discrepncyatoI we oi'lfr thlrt olhlltllll, at! dte lime of giving o'lel, frlis at statellet I il thei i wishes, and the lis illlitoersl car n 0llil th.l ir n evel 'eulalor. Where it is left to our discretiion, we shllt athem on the mrort modlern and :approtet {plan. lo r call bexeoltiied, ronm the tioe it is tvreaves, in ttd ospoce feol'gltor nooine weok.i, tiot tht (tini in Itha timt It.dlotli il htl. Itsl of iti fooe t I'. o Ic ' io nl f' ilit tilh next ctrop, all orders olgllltll lie ill the ltnils of 1i m1 i.alollocttloCrshlB-' the flest or iot'illc of loit ;ex0lptl or llllli oti s wloer' ly are late in communoit g to Idlok ol rill lt.idtlo. N. It. ltle 'alteot Ighit, 'or anl oeIls fe el0oof l t i w ,,g tStales, }ill e h l oo .l rtuoiooolo aerios. li To itON 'tP iel lIK PAUL.h )1 AIME (CIN I'. . IfOll ' CompoIlt ExLtract oflColopidi rt Sarum telllaA crit, ola., id otltl thctooi itle 11Y ever diseritcretf I tho totle of Gon.torrheo, Clots, SSilrilllls, \Iil(itis, lolln in the Ihtk andl oiolt semial rt; kne(s, l ffetioliS kidlier, graviel, scobthtie t., ,tlintl o tlameiicine possesing thile luse S , , , ow oitret tooite public, .- - , i t.. It f ttr thoe numerous recom S ",, tio o tiol, i.e I it e-inen f te e ooiltteisoo hei ton 'sed e ho CittnL o r. slteoge. TuIte o'toprietor hls nalll.t Ianalysis of the, conceiv lig thto tle mlore etive iqlliiies wonlil thie.lrlIi initclh nmore 'oliceltrat-11 maill mor'e uiully admhinisterdI than in the 'present sllate. Thie aborve lmeil cine conhintIsin gtIlilts 1which are i the highest llrepute ullliottl he most scientific and learned in the protession. Each drug in lthie composii tion of this i epaation i'toases the ellecy of ie l t otherl, lprodhcing Iii operlaion truly aslto ishill, gi Siurpassing ti he most sguine extpeitations ossesrsil.ll thfe samle tinle tile availltage its beilng allllilnitr.ed with e'otlto success illn the itrenlll sIale of thlle .above iseoi i . The most eminenlt phy)siciaslltl silll.elln of the ilpresent dayl express l ti Jeir' decided ap Ile Io, tlll tlill colltiloes, lelrt extensive, It was a illt riet rllemedy w ill the eerlebated Dv Abernethi in all tvenrtel afections, anIt in obstinttt.tttyltoetoevrttt til'istilg lpifom ei iolelhloed state ol'thedig sti e tii leu tiols. l avinlg b.een slbnill'd to thIi test and expetrience of thi i(sl el-r:llld 1.among tie 11culty, I 1 hIi e eoxpresstidt their sllisl:tin llllf its extrtorlinlry ctiiacye in ever)l ens'nde llrl their uliuhare, by adoplltilng it boIth ill tIherh ,,nblic a,,I pivate palstic'. "Their rh elrvalio s w ill bt hrrd h ret.Ler. Perepalel bI J 11 Th'ln, Chemisl I'cE'I1 NIt . INALS. .'o A ill SIamon, Esr,. I it, SIIgeon to tth I': tlha s I Iosp ituol, (nl l t.' i ., on Anatlom-. The tri:1 which I ibatie mnoi,. of your prti.loi itn i vi'riety ot. eL!le , Ioti IImlo andi (mle, in ilts I-R IIIS hale tplove; I so highly I nllmllo hll., that I oit. it.ll hesitate il a' t it on' of IIh" msl talublhe stil eft--enius tt tttt otire) t; e public, tud tle in )hich, I'uIe rxperirnce,. I alll peltr ce every reliar, wils t it poes l hletpll c the s:lul tlplel umllut ell."ts usdUll)' ex i tI F II tiw id, \i t G , PS.iosi:Cia to the Sit o e Illei s l ur\. Se 'ItItil JO .t :fl i .o olollt it Ntiltltl a ' to thoo I lr .e exlla" llnl l eI in bringing i to such on I.ln, \t' tt Cooper', P It , Su.rgeon oCt 0 's IIs iThe oItlooAi oo-lullOl llllilillche I lls It1,d de. lw \inis ottonolotot'otteito.',Io..g'mtio at to IentIs iohflifcldwn, thle abote" e'i ;ea si r In'c.,'. foilyalat lietl Ine tlil it llh as 0n', to be otIlI Itol be trn .'l.i:rtolod. o i.Ml:l the success you so well diesa ve, mlly I),d Ptsi lly reto y you Ilo I Polii tllll ll Lp rle lp\i-r o l. i tn S l tr A oolettlol , t Io S IIt C otooti. ttco. lHaviillg b enp lllllstl n ilo t' Exi vetlat it oti casesof violent (C-onlrrho:a, whih d hitherto baltted every oescriptio il ottoinistered by iooe, having lodo I itollre speedy rllles etlicled blt ittt hin fe~w deot"s I lei otVll't nel ino ty bound tol sttle 'hat I toil iolly illtc tile both public ald private re.onieid alit use noin otter. l'om 0 llNl V Illair, 1I I), Physicia.n to Guy's Iio liit:tl. Trhle strictl test which I hte given youllr meildiciine among lnll. patieit, adII its iniaitrlable successl thus lllly, w11 ill ' i lluc oe lt persevere in its iloIse, and dleesl I11 it tnl e ill ul" sli anl i l l'a id ty to : d illl II'lif t n - lolial inco;mmll llllla Iillon i 0 t" niullles. From ,lCllill TIl'hol p., .11 1) ' It S I.. - Iretu'rn you ime sticeri tlhn.ks I,,1 t lu valuablei pre snit of oul r II xti.nt for'll the cure of i"onorr'hla, kle. I 1i90l g.fitl that Jlo ii tle it Ilst brolght a medicine iito use whih prowl a debidiltuin iOng soliglll toui hi the medlical Wil hel-a suir'e, speedo, ol cIeltnutal cue hn east' .f the abort- class. I ot h itds tit ge.loit pltiesture i, p blishing to the worhl Ilhe vailuable eaualitiesolyfour \1'er it necessary, the prpl. iot-or coubl here f.rirish In: il more testimlonials etlall as eolnlmltldatory' as the abotti; betl trusts IIat its great tuccesslitherto the eanre & expense at which it has been p eipaned, t ill prows its greatest r icomiilittlllion aiong to diserning public. Onesewit I' mnwonn, n this pllrpardti.. enjoys above ni.ile in whicl it iay be t+-ain,, being both easy ali1 Alen :'nlt-its Wartl'l'natllUe, with nl restriction in diet 1r oilieninent fliom Imliness. ''Tr-vellera especially woudl lino this medicine Ilighll!" usefui, and ought neve" to be Ulil li.ileidel with iat pr-:lation possesi.; "!, t ..lg. "s tt I.;ch tit, pre le t our t"." ccolnlpa i ylil-i ·· t1e . .... t ti . St~ud l.u e , nt healthc- and thne ability to I unstitutes the wealth of tie great massot 1 ..t peop'e in this, as in Im t other coun. Irais. To preserve, therefore, that health by natu. ra omeans is a grand, moral and p litical scheme, to fulfil which, requires our utmost attention. The unprecedente I popularity and universal ap. atiprobatrin which this meticine has achieved throogtrhojt the Ulnited States, the Canadas, Texas, Mexico, WW the West Indies, fully justify Dr. Peters' in war.rily and conse entiously recomnten. ding tlem to tie ..eacial Notice of the afflicted. Peters' Vegetable Pi Is are te e safest, toolt eft.e. tueal and economllical rtealo'y diseases of tihe htunat n constitut on, that h.ia ever inc.. discovered. Dr. Peters, the inventor of this invaluable modi. cine, from his knowledge of the human syspte-r, derive:l from a long and extensive practice, Ias arrived to tie conclusion, tiat tle great and pri. mary causes of most diseases is a derangement in the functions of tihe liver, or in other words an itn. creased or dialrtislhed secretion of the bile. So well is tilts understood, that it is common for persons to say wheno they fol unwell, that they are bil;ou, meaninag they lave too much bile on the stomach. 0 the otilher hand, when the flow of bile is diminished, the process of diaeenion is imperfectly perfarmr d, tile patient bloames weak and emaciated, because nourishlnent contained itn the food taken into the at naelh is not properly ex. traeted, and the food is ejected in a crude state. Dr. Peters is eontident tlhat the fai.ous ilygean Theory, c o called, that, iimpurity of the blood is tile cause elf all diseaes," is a groat uheurtdity. ;very onlle w r8 l:els oni tie sobject a oIorne t, wll peretivethat ill)itrily ofthe blood is a scon. da y lnot a proiary comllllaint-the tfhect and not tile eauso o'disuse. W\\'hen the funtions of the liver tre tratgetd, and tlle flow of bile increased, iit is olten taken up by tie absorbent vessels and Sarrit iton tihe irculatlts, and becomes ting ed wi I tihe blood, as in jtmdilce, when the patient ashows it inll ,is enultetanc. Now this itmpurity ot b!oalt is caused by an increased flow of bL.e, and to relm y it, you Illet correct thile secretions of the liv. , anrd restore it to a healthy state. D)r. Pcter Ilan spent lucltn liltt ill experiment int with IddltroUt vegitatl a oeditinesl, iir diseases olat tli hver; land nlow oftt'rs his Vegetable Plle, as the best, most collvenientl and cheauiest Imedi. cllut tha:lt can .e prepared for general use. Dr. Peters flItters hitselflthat Iris long ex sri. meroiting wth l v'getable toedictines has enabled himt to discover tile trIe and only substitute oanswerig dl the ptrpoit s rlt mercuriti s without any of their ttle denlt evils. One great quality of his vegetobl[ I tit t that thely have true alterattve princtplt cotn bined with their catia.rtic, or operative qual ties, so thit they ot only cleanse the stoinuachtt and bowels by purging, buit they regulate the lier, chanlge tile rllrbld secretions, strOithens the dierrstve oroans, purify tlhe blood, invigorato tihe circulation, .lntl give tou and energy to the aer.. vous systenim. They ate mild and pleasant in their operation, and c nvey almoat iammediate eonviction of their utility fromt the tist dose. They can i e taken witll safety by persons of any bge ; and the feeble, the infirm, the stervoos, and tihl delicate, are strengthelnel by their operation, becausa tlhey clear tthe system of tIad humonrs, quiet nerv us irrita hllly, and iiivariably produce sound lrealth. The Vegetble Pills are a sure remedy for jaun. dice, sick and nervous headaclh, dys opsia, osuatie. I ess, sickness of the stomach, heartburn, all bitlius curomplaints, firvers of all kinds, and if taken at'he comnmencemient wall invariably check their pro. gross, and save the patient from a protracted an i angreous sickness. 'Thley are invaluable inl ner. vo.andio Ihypocotdrical afloctinns, luos of aple. titre, land atl oemplaintils to whiich females al.on are sulbject. T'hey operate as a mild and speedy purge, and are a saue and cert in lteedy fur wornms in chi dren. Since I have introdluce my Vegetable Plls to I tie pulthe, I have received numeroua certificates of teir uperior etlicat'y in earing diseases, a so, ltany letters lholr respectable physicians, who tnave used them in their practice with the beat I titit ht publish a .small volume of eettificytm, but consider it unnecessary, as the medicine will reesontneind itself to all who wi I make trial of it. 'Pilet above pills ate in boxes, containg 20 & 40 pill ealch. - Price, . & 50 selts p r bohx, Druggists and cunutry smt roheant, can be sup plied, at whlolree ea or retail, at I)r. Peters' prinui. p I atllice, to. 65 Pt'rydtas street, between Mlgazinsl. t( tap ts e. 4w t0l.;o a url6, OA York di Saltimolre la AC oETS FOR NEW YOIRK-New` o ..-To siol punetually every euecnd Molznjfd ' during the srea. . full or not ful. fu .hip Orleans, 9 toils Capt. $S.Senr, * Ship Alabrma, 474 da ' 840 Br~ Ship Arkansas, 627 de V.'? Ship S ,rtoga, 542 .o10 W Hal Ship Nashville, 540 do D Ja S!hip Kentuckyh 549 do J Bunb The above ohipr are of the firt elass, aoppere and coplper '.,steied, and having been built in NW "Yoirk exrresely for this trade, they are of light draft of wautr and almost invariably crdon the bar without ally dctetion. ''he commanders are men of great experience, and the ships will always be towed up and down the Mississippi by steaamb They have haodsome fiurnished e mo.datl o see and stores of the heot doesriptiun'iiill nlwaya.e furnish, d. The eabih passage is $90. withbl r. wine or liquor, and there is no liquor furniseied t the officeres or crew. For fright or pasage ipr on hoardl, or to II P AIDES, 48 Com Tie ehips are not acoountabhlii r broakak-'g glass, hollow ware, marble or granite, coopet g tin, or rust of iron or steel, nor responsible forasa package or parcel, unleua a regular bill of lading is executed therel'ir at the oliru of thie a. n -: nov27 NEW ORLEANS Do e BALTIMORE LINE OF PACKETS. This line will consist of tile following veesoel, whicll have been built or plurchased expressly foa the trade, vie: Ship Seaman, Capt. Miner, Bark Mary, " Nickerson, tr Irad Ferry, new ,, Stevens, ,, Solomon utausl, t Latham, Brig Archltect, i' Gray. These versels are of th first class, have hanud. some furnished. ccoomodations, and are of a light draft of water, so as to admit of their receiving and discharging their cargoes inl Baltimore, at the c'ty_ Freight will be taken for ports on the Clenlapeake or James' River, and forwarded by the agents, Mesrs. CLARKE & KELLO UfG, at Baltimore; expenses on goods sllipped will be advaneiod whore required. The irice of passage i fixed at $10, ample stores of the Ii st qualiy will be provided. Ste.ui up and down the Missisipipi will be taken oil all occasions. For fruight or passage, apply to GEO. BEDFORD, no?27 22 Bienvillest. FOR NEW YORIK. 'Louisinna and New York Lioe of Packetse. TIll: Ships conipouing this line will lail front Now Orleans and New York on every othler Mon day-comtieneing on the 20th November--and to inoure the punctualiy in the lime ofsailing, the line will llereafter conIsit of five ships, via: Ship Yuzoo, Captain Trask, to leave on the 20th November. Ship Looisville, Captain Palmer, to leave on the 4th Deceomber. Ship 1~lutsville, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the 18th December. Shlip Viekshurg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on the lot January. Ship Mississippi, Caltain Davis, to leave on the 15th of January. The above are all new, of the first class, oopper d ll nd copper fu.toened, aud upwards of &J0 tones lurthen, are of light draught of Water, bheing built in New York expressly fir the trade. The price of passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their eabin are fitted up in tie mint intproved and conveni ent plan, anod finished in a neat and elegant style Ample stores of the first quality will be provided. ardl evewry regard paid to the umtsfolrt and eltira eatutifacion ol piassengers, whvlo'ill please take nr tire that no berth can be secured-until paid for at tile oific of tile colsigneea. These vessels are commanded by captains w."' experienced in the trade, %lwho will give - tention and exert themselves' .u r will at all tmues he , *sippi hy ' - :; i9.0, :C ,;mI mn. ., ou. i rd 'e. .,, -it 'a: .rO On iyta 90 Cousoan ato \i .c ORLEANS & UHARI..STON PACKETS 'lThis line consslt of Iour vessel.,all of slht lirst elas., enppered and ropper fastll. aned, and of abount 200 tans hurthen. with handsome eccommodatious flr passengers. T'lhere vessels are cormmandd d by captains wul experienced inle e rade, who will give every at ension. and exert themslelves to acco mmodalt llt. shipper.. lTheo aill ha . taw ed lp and dwon the Miassisippi, and New Orleans nol or before the 10th and 15th cf evev ,routhl. T'he fulluwiaw vesseals oalplOe ftile,viz : i Itrig, Arabian,Cl.llrles (G r:lns, master. Brit C.,apntan,J. U. Thoulllpson, master. Bring Alenao, J. Douane., master. Bark Rger Wllhnms, 1. Allibers, master. Far freight or pasneme, nlply In. J. A, BARE-LI & C.,, 61 ,tnlmntin st. New Olaana, or Ml. * Mordicat, Chadlrston. oct i 1 T HE'indlrsigned havm rt+.o t . .encet bnstn ,csa as a I)rugl tieand Apoithttrn,., it, Ite ?Iluo ow ned by M r. J c ,b O t, at the c ,'g. l r of T v l, circle antd Trit,on Walk, respectlully sali :;ts a share of the i. btlic pntrtodge and a renewal ofe i,_. .! at lt. of his former customears. 'lThe entire ,;', = Drllts, medicines alld tlauc articles is c:s: ;ina car.lully selected. rThe lulluwing aouy ;,.e pe ticnlariazed, viza : Pre Soda, Seltli'z and Saratotr P)wdea: Ytoat Powders, bring a whulesallle annd t!vrat, t asurottela faoryeast, it raioiag bread, bue tiot. cakes, &c Bultie'e Effervescent lMagnesinn Apperient-a I tlean, t till gl enel t itttrgtie in iyspelpat or indi. ncsu,,n. tnervt, ul debjitry, tidtlle+t., headachtt, acuditsv thie at htln ach, habit cal cattvrtlleae, atla. Iteous eruptions, ke. Carpeteta's Filid Extrcet of sarsaparills I purihft nL tle blot.I , &c t doI and caubeh.l &Oe. "1li'la Palranet nld Vcertltuger t riish as |larlem nil., Opadeld.,e. &e. IRetlid Ltqraerlct, jujube and Guattauve past.l '1 .oth br.++hts, N S: Prnlicl.'" earbonie dentri, frce, cllorinstooluuth wash, aowder puffs and boxes, Prentice'a carbonic dentlrfire, chlorine tloth wash powder Ipulf and haxes, Prenlice's scented and phl tllet pouwder, pnlaltum creme dte,.lgrp , orange fl -wer, rea,, lavencear and f lorida .eters, at tie best qtliiesl. Ilwrlaad'r Macasar Oil, Old. ridte' htalt o' Ci.llbia, beaett ii, a variety of Inciler and other matchcs, indelible marki nlg sk aupcrtor black itk, &c. Sperm and refined whtle oil. Hlay's Liniment. A ir. sh uasrtmcnt tl Thl'urutrn'Gardelen Seeds oc GEORGE JONES. N I1E-I.1) tlnxea Claret and Sauterne Wite. is a.tle altl hor alle. by jai-i CIHAIllL.N & COOPEI,8J Julia SAL It OPE--150 cuil Bale Itole, of superia fat2 i.AAU HItDGrE & Co, 1I1 l'gaIainer i) rr.'--W . rlt. trin h-TtleJh lium tio p ta .1ci.-'-I V Itrlle.and ft r rsale by mar 19 SHALL & BltOWNV 96 Magatiea as EWr V ('OOfiS-BIdak & alkt avte Jual' r.ea:L 1 tt.caplmdid aa.Jll.een of title IFancy la(ilotoal.ew I e for l'tarevHTs, coml riSting adica' a.ting iJsti: drea.inr cases, work boxes, ioarsall h.yne, F lt p needle buoos tlpe arl, shell and ivory, air d aoh h sotverir inlail willnt pearl and gorld; phe Itatl.tMih. aes, mera glasnes, told sad asilver 1rh}} la.ei , .mey at all kinds, t ttlerv, .e.,at TlE BAZA , Sr99 ar S-o C(harile & m rat ssmon ot:, Eotr an TO THE I.ADIES. A TINSON'S DEPILLATOIY, tfr reat.siAg eInv _L perfluous hair fmsn tis face. neck and ant , wi v0,1ai 01afely cad certainly, leaving thia akin- fi ,,il Waltatr ltan before ao applicatita. A frlesh supply jlst eoceivet at .UION.-, No I Exhaltge Hotel, corne St Carnner. id CoUllOa -tm I. - . .ll . lALL & WIN'TER CLOTING. J '. FREEMAN & CO., Nta S S are rreei ing their suppli iesl, Clrthing, anr will ctatinsta tlo .g s u I larty thrtugtout the seacon. TnI ,e - large will enabhe them os auplytmomil . t'e canntty. at lto ethatt no1Isi " -+.*.C & retail, on ahOaataaaeis er tle Lt " , ralel Ih 'IcraSl per tsh.ta " r's

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