Newspaper of True American, 1 Nisan 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated 1 Nisan 1839 Page 3
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t AtG AQR.1NJ 1 . o~lt ni (fi. A a.t.q La (d.otriage, and olbhon fear Io og..heh via Mariann, Bainbridge, Pti. de thenr, OutlIvo, an:d Perry, to Moon, _, . .i a'9a ia Mlilledgeville, and Splrta, to Wr. , lie: caper roil road care thA 6ttlhta. leo. hampttin in lt splelidld odere with new "i0 copperold audo ppeit fastned. S ".l aoy huoe been tlhroc.ghly repaired, her acoinmb t l s are aO handsoime as any bb ,i. "1.L Iba iIf lta Rovs Sound, and COneta. w t.i. preatlVi.. ,eost lnterestin .ratat no. ,V , t " th , Sou th -.1 ing r . e m ot ..i peroiy lotoked, d1 Il, aurOs arl rot surpassed on any rauteo th oe ,iltry the drivers, to at an, careful an alton tiwe. Thle bIrdes lherotofore dangerous have been newly built, so that high watoer do not ihterfere. 'ltpatleg houses havea been mostly epanged, aned i0.l an good-as l. .iny road in the Santh. ~Ik1llldally known that tile oexceloa,te and hi!.ei e rtoeide enable th tteams t al sea iintniaoice groat splted. The'ir soon hn, as. detet tie taveilor from "tile ordinary Ifati of sta.. ta. lling. T hl l le s now crtling its passn era ton Auustato toMobile in four days a,, 'tw Ie bhoil', ti to Nw Orleans in four days an twov ty holrd. Going to Altgosta, the line is a dao and iohtel hours. T'11," time latually emplot4d n travellidg is the hsame as i:, the other direcitio", It the differoine of time on the roto', is causedt dl.y boina lost in Pensacola, whidh, howeve well repaid by the opportunity it gives ofsee tleNvy Yardi; tlhe old Sli:eishl Forts, etc. travelo, Oleo sloeps at Macon, and again at IV tleltoitr 'This arrangeonunt will cnttlinue till travel turtle noarthward, wvhe thr lilne will be tome.frothubMlilo to. Auglsta, as it is n ,w in t othlee dlrection: This Adverlisement. contains a plain stalt men of thets, lthb :accurcy of which the proprietor gturatlee to each pssenger il thel penalty of hi S tagl fare. ,.aps olfthe Line may Ibn veeOn It Ex. hange Hotel, Now t), ani at the Manslon House, .Mobile. Fare through from MIbile to Augusta, $47 50 The line extends, by a hrnich to Tullahassee. P(t Chattahooclo, the line connects with the steamboat narrytng tIlo tIail to .tpauachicola and 8t. Joseph's. Oflioeuat the Mlav.n IoTious, Mobile. m17 t0 IlO)SlI'\T'ICtK, Agont, Mobile. Ml ARBLE CHIMNERY lIl'XltE WthHttouse, S'Csutnmlousii striodt, opposite the post.ofRice. 'heito subseriberse'aro now receilving from their fIc. Sories itn iew York, and will keep constantly on liand i general afsortmient tf Marble Mantle Pieces -ouslierior 'wrkmn:ship, and of the latest patterns, made of the best ligyptiin, Italian, Irish and Americat marble. Aho, Monuments, Tombs and Graeve Stoies, mould il ad li, sills and lintels, marble facings, hearths antd bouIndary stone, plaster ofParis, Rtollman & Hlydraulie Cemnot and Plaster. oug Malr, together with a t plendid asseortment ol brase mounted i aild plain Girates and Russia Iron rtlles of the newest and ost apltproved pattorns. Lettering done in the e,laest tmallnner and at :heo shlortest notice. 'I'ly have first rate workmen to set the above work. . jeis5 'A VSE KAIN & STROUD C I'Y IANK. N -uw rlha S, lI, ]\larch 1l39 . IIS Btianllk will unilr t,ihoaIge tll i llhnglIUd. ,fill1 u InstitIon wi liliprrIe, billa ot exchiange . on thie i orth nuil I J .I F'.l.'l , Coshier to clonse th " l.!tlll lliht loi thor RON (l t:'-ll .1i «; . . I ,, ..'-, I t h-Lo is-na C o\td e ItktIt Ol. tlit ' ker . et i o ,ir 4 er l ia lnlld uttn h -1, 1- i ll 11,oll ill , rh ea,il tltllle, r el# f i'tlnr 73iJ l itre n, bNw \ k,, it o " I . , y re ! t\-31 It C; % I11".. 318 kegs No .tl 1; td, kil' 1 I do Il -are''o r a )e w ln , I;i ibll I'otatw', Ii lipe's tIt n lt l r hi p I dIl, Rohr NI o' IJt is, fir ateby Si i n J l' \V I'I'N eY, nm:Jr t " 73 (Camp erI 11i E tlr hri 111a d I nll. ht I1v a h reof" 1Innd1n J I i,,llIt. . ,If 1.' 1.,, 1,+- Cn "Thel;ral U. tr 1, h , l l . Comm s;" N rlil . \ ,+. ' , .J ,.II.. T *'.," - " ..' I,t'l, I |n11, ! ' i t'r ieton, , . r - ,,, i i,, 'l Irish lm llnr,," 11 ,,, ,1 II , . u , f1, -' 1, I'n tr' It r II m n \ +ri , I i 1 Hv l'rt \I .\ ii rip.l rlrlI.ini t rp 1AL.t1 li 1n1hl ltllow I! k C t :111) l & Co, m~r :'I 1:31 tagat inrrt r" 1ithiditN.,i Il itii li .- "FFI '1 OPN ). g , il Prr ,1,,l, r- 1i , . i .' , 1 i", I il le .ric l is. , uu s h ul +m+n d l ht I, -. +. Il e l. I r~ lmI" e.1 I h. hIl" iII I I ll t . rr tirr an 10 Ca I 2; .t 4 II d NatA l l e arlr l 1ti I -'1c i itf , lI, I i. III L'T i bI't l mllnf s ,IORl Alt ri,+. h. rleXIl.E a \en ,t i Ith c nll t s a tiiel .i I tII t - he has olya remedi, .rl, .a,' W-44 lf hfe rtunv emV a t ,l 1 .trits ~ivii'r In ,li hlht .i - ihi o tii(hll uii "lt wresi 1on111 I ll i. I I.r o he ah. lll l nlt4 1 ll mi ad T. e. " ,tewn l J itl. Vihr . i r,,, i lt,,: Il il l,,e nltin orl-rit fliritr g rll Ii+ tit il l Itt i \l I tii, rtrirr* troI nllnrir r rl iri <i, ..iijrrlttir#. ii [-lllil t J ll w tlarrean, t rh ri nt IN twii i I l iki - dtiii. rfe Ine th errtrit ill Itti, ie. t .1 ' h tyr r y tll r in t ie l et liore .rIII .. i.t h . ,, Iti , fllllr lllw o l. erpC tF it italee til ito i l. l. r IIin iill- li IrOe ies ritshdy ho e lIcrnal rcoi l,d t, Ii h t , I.< i I io l it . s l It-. irllrld.l. h It t, h, tri:le t i. I ilte iIrtn they o ith l" le arN Oily re t. li',ii I ' ,li" lht i [liltt htz , it iei.n act u Niw ht llI r ctit .c. rtal i 11. AIRIsONe ,PL<.. ..I OINTMrENT-o inTh te gel tini c'ir l ¢.l hl ,,i <ii thi inr u'ine te lld in. plniti, i nlth iit 1,, ir , i. Nori , I in l laint, iot seavrt the pr i tritor btl I tile r iorl uid ,it niy tirll ng in ib Elnor; ,'rr ii. urn heir irl.irlt y eollrrerd to it, int t ir ert yon. tll, l. ,,, lr i a n ti leti n t irer nied iatine r iirtoi, IP n tip ,trr.r +t't i,, rrrclr Iall to in, liwees. i ne,. ru1, sptdei t e I r itob: t biln ced o. ine. Silte o lyeld to ithlo hp nr il- Ir the rrilllr n inpo. "eon tle ' itf jrlIly rlttin d it will reprienve an inreteLele e rrd, io Itroiln t rill rl in bile in One Tdey, will a nclile y r rel.tlly 1e i uoi l. and twrel awelling, li6 t etitv lit ii.ttttrihl, ltrr'ti bitn deireydtt bny, it in l tervitiin tl Iitirl tlllto. Ii it tilte 10iri.e otretir I.ihrlior ii l hy m i liunv slrprining dicod nrrreri re tir o enf rit it dlip,, fur if applied in o thelnre n ponwr li io a nll ie tin te N er, wonderful Clint the proprietor o dce hreet , ir s pit , ainy tium po.n vent it f ori r irtrvdingl ib-en yfaw'. olt is liked to i grently neperiti ci t iny e.:rleic e 1 rrrrvefr n'es dirce. iercd.i tinre eitltd. bl rcl a bld m eirb of orse ofte. ehelal nhe i.t 1 p2 .cr- o olieree 7t, ;l or, ai c d .orae ans, c 5 Forn s is, feve r wl, h dba s, wOtl e sean Irinierg bilsl, p .ile, 1pi de a, ' , noke bite I &c. d le. T es phprirs or lisn rcei d it lewRets r lou anar ion llsotr r n, l d ltr r o the r abit e PI flin dllcl per l rte ua rni tell cl rt-p tb lo n man der iope ioe bLiel F tncly, or i he detnt rng ll . te nante oen logI 'ritnsrer ict lt fihirty insrt surp Yori . t nd for t nlent i 5t powe i iof t Ceit ritea 'n Orndernuh. .AR~qON.+ P~tII' :- OINTMENT-- .ttttte iritat onc i· III the t it) Rein d t)thsipgr, v Alltiter t it'll t itp ti)•n I ,,Ly u' t rithtis ik w le. .iltl ,pe rirltire ti l tin titl roty rihrie ot.lts , Aisi, A rlire, ael niv i i I dt eli ti. s i S I r lA rbdlEd itutlit r Li hiiiert Ii t , I w a laIer el AITNllr would ine orm.aroata Iad .pl.ia. r that hiobstabllnmlmeat is now in lull olenlioa and thad lie . i rniddeiag a bnoric under thi styleand dantouioa -lion of W.hitiey's nefrom cOtloa. Those' wlishig it .Illah a ruoeriar artlicle Ii s la iaatiln nee, will 'r please tall and ernmiae f .r .emaeloe at Aleasrsn.lcl tr & Nuorth, ugrnt 13 Clhtll t t or at ti eatahlichme0i f. 'ftbe an obiriher 4.57 "'Tlaoopitoaleo et. or erBL.NJ .MIN WHI.TNEY. r. Ne Orlean, February 7,1889 S That rab dwelling house, also the ata.l nre dernenth now in complete order .i o..tsion given immediately Terms vein i Ibr aesirabl tenan apply on lIte irmine" or aw l. W PRI'I'ClI RI).. 1 rAGEI:T, Jr co. ner Plydran & Magazine ata COrr'' COMPLE'I'E WVORKS in 88 role. Lo Idon edition. Ward's lexico, second edition, enlarged, with no a. aoullt of the lini., Companiesra, and of the Political - Events in that Replublic to the plsent dlay; in two n tewart's Stable Economy: a 'reatise on the man n nernt uf' Horses, in reloaiun to bthe slabling, grolm I, Feeding, Wntoleiag, and working, aecand London Stewanrl' Bogaota,in 1836.7, or an expedition to New -HaH lnRmbles in EtropIe, ir a Totr Ithrough France, Italy, Swilzerlt.d, Great Bitain, and Ireland, in 1836F , f inwole. For sale bly Wilt. IaKEAN, ior 6 cor Camp and Common ate f5BA0-0-1511 boxes tuaamtlactur". tobuuco, vn rious brands, far sale by m.13 1 IlIIIGt) g &Co. 131 Maga.ine et --ARI)-8-lllbgo Leas Ilrd, in oore for saley to ml: fi D4)RIEY' 44 New l.ove OU-bI-8u0 lbi flour, alnat flr al.u by n:l G DORSEY,41 New'. ,e, I ,OUl--50O brle choice brands i astore for male by 1mi6 GIi DORISEY, 41 New Levre SHISKEY--350 brleretifd, in tore for aaleby . ml6 C i DOlDE;Y, 44 New Levee LADJI' &GENTLEMEN'S GOLD CHAINS IL .I.l.1A M IIELI. hIas thisa day received a good as.. .artment, which will be..olFered renarkablv hep. No IlChartiesast N IB Old gold and silver taken in exchange. oar DEPOT OF CELEBRATED- WINES. uONS~TA.NI' Y on hand a I regalarly d upplied with he moat celebrated Wines, warranted- pre inpartal, Cordials, LLahlon Ileer, &c. d IIIaENIT H WINES. Oldst I.eisten and Siein Wines .leitbaergr Our I.aiy' Milk; Jouhnnnilberger; Ridesheimter Sparkling Ilbock; Dom liock, of 1825 Ilaikhlitnr, 18027 arenhbrnner, iraefenberger Nlerensteineon Rhenihl wine glasste B O)RDEAUX WINES. Chnlntll Mergaux andl Chateau Lofitte; I.aroase Lenbiltr; PuhIker Milrgiux at rrior St Julieti liod St Emnilio t Releiphi oid St Julien, excellent tilble clarn few hlalfllogeheandso ,f SJulio . l doc WIIITE WINES. ernitetge, Satrone, Burrabarnotd Ganvea DESERIT WINES. nuie Lunel and Fronignac Muscat CHAMPAIGINC WINIE. its and Red, Sillarv ind loleil deo Ierdrix BURiGUNDY WINES. l anee, Chaltbertin, Clas do Vougeot 1N , SLpiarhkling Buargundly liar 18 m.e s bhy AIII AIIAMI TRIER, mtr 1 :14 . rnviotet 'lltr Solar, a . r aot : (; rev.,aai he following goods. yATS-If caesa mutolebkF ailk.,.. eorted sioe anar! hrilas. 1tt0 do bestNol do do 100 idu d I No. do do IOP ,iaeal beat No 3, nasoritd siees and brims. `'2 'd ! Heaver, a sulriur article; 411 do Fine Nutria; 501 do Extra do 200 ,o Block nnI Whli:e Russia; 501 do E.tra Black l Rotle; 1010 do Muskrat & Coney larbrond and narrow brnsn, for Lsree and country trade; " do All ranke ofmilitnry & navl Chnpeaus; " do I hildress silk and Russia Iiltal.l sizes. Ce4p-Far, Oter, fur Seal, xtaro, Mmwskrat, and Satr ie., in two dozeam eaoes. Senlette. (l'ol Cntl --Pickwick, P'ulisah Avril's hat ulolpe, ol topil, M1Qllltry, do 1.eatler billren's Fanc 'loraabn, Plaid andi Vlvet Capns, Stutoeks--Saiin, Silk and Blombatioe, of the ieaoltest I !mhiellew---ihlk and cotton. .tilitary IPuIow, oiled silk. tuilk IHadlkerrhielsPlongee and Spitalfe8lda. ltnlloxesLor halterr,,,dcnel crsesa dorhle fr drylgouda '1ile above goo)d s compr:,e a Iarel en,.k, anld a11 nf fthe lIntest Inielns, otl ill ie sol it, a .small ad volliPe, wilh C(sit nnl cblrere lpt New York lrice. Tlle itlbscralia-s uill take, orders Or euIthcrn, wre'ern andl l'ex.u itlmarkets, tfr tlhe oios; A II iotiaap & Co., Ilt lai.Llfctnrer, i New York, ad at th, hiorleta posaibl Suace. (iernsa. and Frclih I'lonlars Ih lgbt. ti()SIP & CO., Naval. Mlilitary, andl Fia ionhle Ilattra, t':antlngr Ihbtel, nov14 St Cojuate.s 1111 J L, II.S, Clf.iI.S--J~am rerer, al see sul.pla .it,.".+,fnlo =i t,8ý. rAlas,,un w"e ,aa& l4-1aat -iu.~lesaland refa il, v I)AViD T.',LL.'' Ci.-d i ur 19 N Y Siatiastre' Htall, 4 Chartes srt illy R e1Lt '1,S-J cc i7.c riastr ahiji I T ( scenlet Books printed all elI paper, will dudiý I cute IlulIHrrn frotf I al 2.;1;: ia fir rirtile lre sale hy AV'llD F LI' ,4. C,, miar 18 t N V Statiorners' a ll,J4 ('hnrtlesat 1 NI I'7 L iu iosae e vrr,'al, Mustard, in a b l a d ' {r l i ln iStle a, fo r * ls I i - '- l - m 7 1 W I'RIrTCIIAIUI 4 JI) TArGGERT, Jr '1AN'I'S &c--5'! bales 4-4 Anpletol ahoe tgS . 15 ciaes hr ' aclled ditto, Iandrag fimn ship Car, liln, fir sale by Ml5 ... I BRIDGE & Ca. 134 Magazine at ( r)'III N(.--1. seas.nanble cllothing, landing lfrom alsip Carolioan, for sale l m15 1 1BRi)GE & (o, 134 Magelzina at I.OUR ýe CRACKERS--IS) bisll .,or, now Is it i nl {g, also 2, do of crerkra. Rfir saleIbv m (; IIANCH ARD NOTICE--Draya no.159t-1479-1479- 73 r re quested to returl their rreeipLt Io IIt alltacriber LEVI H GALE, am' 93 Common st SlXCIIANIGE-On New Yora and Philadelphia, ali ADIAMS & WHITALI, 67 Gravier at T.'ARCII--AL0 half boxes, landing from ship Char Inemangne,and farsal by mar 0l" SH1ALL & IBROWN, 96 Magazine at T OAF thJIAR-various qualiiaes, constantly it A erre and fire slaehy SHALL . lOWNE, mar Si) 9i4 Magaazine at ,I~ ATCIIES-- A large iNlaice jtst received and for 1 satNle by SIhALL & BROWN, yar 0 9196 Magazine ast L U EIiRa CLO'tHING 9 ets, e t eolprising a camen plate asaorkment, landing fir m ship a'olnmb'ina arlos le Ry I BR IDT E & CoPi lear 23 134 IMlaazine t V ICHARIISON'n New English I)iuiauary, eomrt Splate i fort parsi, for sale at subscription price hy - "WM MK EAN. litar 23 tr oe Canip and eommon ata SIlE JIUICE5 herle and 3011 deijohns of this arti, cle, pire and leoaentrated, Larse been latev i., ported by tlhe euAsriber, who will dispose of it a Ise, uieleda iig lermne. H BIONNAREL, irar ' cr Natcalhez and Tohapitotlaa ets IIIiUSE 10 RENT. No 153 (iravir et, having 4 ioons, 2 eabs ai etas ald a gallery, iih kithont, waash roan and servanta roomns, camplelre, a good yard paed aiill bricka, lvia g ii it 2 cisterns anil a hydrant. I',,s given on or aefurs let April. Apply on the plllisel , Cnio DLO.ANE & Co. snar a3 Louisea at 1XCIIANGE .iN BOSTI'ON-fr sale by .,anrB2; . 1 BlIitE, 131 M aznet Il'ERM (CA",lIES--58u 'uorxea 2d quality alpern h Caailer, iaudilg from shipY'lal blntna, 'for sale by I I ,J)GE Ek Co, ,oar n23 t61 Magazine at SROP O4sALS will be received by tle eubscriher for L tihe trick naid Carplaeir work, of a workhli and calltoua it Ire erected at Carrolton. Ultil 12 o'cl,*k on thie L9th Marcal, at llri office of theN ) &I (' Rail liesd, Poidraas Street, where pIlans ald apleeiflcalirns, utsll beaser.l every day front, I I o'eloch. tinli I o'clock pm. JOHN IIAMPSON, mar 3 Chief Iire. N o& C R R SA'TEIT NOVELTIES--Ml ttoiea arfCharleas Mat. L thews, tihe comedlien, by Mrs rMattlews, in a vole. The boatk if te Passions, by Jatinet, with splendid Londo, ongravinls. Nerli ealotle and other tales of I eland, by Carle on. lBeach and lAr,.ler the author of rrcollectasa of the Iliaaf ocolmnOsll. it2 voila. Capltail Kyd, lie Wizard of tie rea. y profeasaor In. graham. Alid other novelties, E JOHNVs &i(l. mrn7L cor, Stl hatles asd Commonto H ONEY--5 easks purified ihoney, lnding from.t abe, for wholesaleaad retail hy mt7 H BONNA BEL,Tehoepitoulu s I ME JUiICE-In cakhs,landin " s ci?7 II IONNABEL, lI'eheoipitoulslal t ACON SIDES-60eall akasuperiorCineinnati tu rad. io statre and for sale by O. DORSEY, ,har2 "7_ "_ . New Levee L1 ONI)UN Browa Stout anil Porter, at direct import. Satihn, forsale by marl?7 REAl& IIARSTOW,e7 Rank Place NEW ORLEANS AND NASHVILL.E RAIL ROAD COMPANY. NEW ARRANGEMENT. rlUHE Laocomotive will leave tihe Depot at the feat of Canal atreet,evear dsy mt 8 A. M. and reltur at 4 P. IM. eaept Suaday'l, wlhen shae will 8A.e ... 1s2 P. M. 3 A Car fLeu priate parsier, Iprovlre the nutihear salbrieat. "ill h asllt down the mart oeaanekdaa a' a olsa lotioe. j12, 18319 JAS H CAIDWEIL, Presidasent. OUI'...PA'TENT FIRE . aiMs-d t'lc"ied . pmr shlp Misaiailtrir lYrk, . larte s. solaruit ofPteat i Kile atied tabelt Pitsls, for tale el tOar 8 )GOSSIP & Co. St Charles Itoel ( "" NJPPIN6. or aEurope._ Thebsiip ROIIERT BRUCE, Capt Hark inesa ihaviog part,f. ihe cargo enaged.'wl mnrt w lth deslpach. Fo I" ,a'nce aof freigh or.laauge apply to ma16 L H GALE, 93 Conuncn a: FoR LIVERPOOL. I The.A 1 and vary I ta sailing ship ELI Z BET'l,Cnpt. trbaver, can take 1I'0lbe, ufentaon, and will anil on Salurday next oml rof passage fourtwo clain passengers apply tn m13 I. H .ALE, 93 Common st FOl. MAILSEIII.ES. S The well knnow and very fnaot saniling slip ELEANOR, Calpt Pemberton, laving te grrealer part olhier cargo engaged, will meet with dispatch. For balance of reighl or pssage apply on board, or to LII GALE, omar 19 97Common at aoastwlse. FOR NEW YORK. Packet 6th Proxitno. Loaisiana and New York Lne of Packets. T le A I fast sailing, packe.t ship MISSIS. SIPP.Ccptain Beehe, will tail as albove, and will he ready to take In cargo in 2 or 3 days r aage, having rperier accom dat ppl to t anster on board, opposite the n118 J B IIULI.IN, 74 Camp et The paeketship Llisvilln,:apt. Allen succeed awill the Miieiippi, on th, Satuolrday nlet followag. FOR NEW YORK. Tile new and very fast cailing brig HIS "rItIAN, Ca1,t Tinker, can take the blnk of 50E h barrels, having the greater part of her cargoon board. Forterme, orparnoge, naply to tar-3 I. I GAl. E. 9 FUR NEW YUKK. r The new and superior hrig CAUCASI ON, Capiain Voae, will receive immediate dispatch. For passange only, having handsome accommodaions, apply to L H ItALE, mar 22 93 Common a t Thel fast sailing cROlper fastened lrig ALDRICH, I) Norgrare, oaster, nill have , danpaldtc. p aFur freg rasn age, aply to mar & J P WHI I'N , 73 Cap .t FOR NEW YORK. The A I and fat onilinea sip IEVANT, S*pt. Bartlet, will receive inaediuate did. lahth, fainig the greater part of her freight engaged For balance offreigll o pansawge, apply to n6I I GALE, 48 Common t FOR BOSTON. SThe first 'las ship F( tRU11 Copt Cnl d well, will le ready to receive freighlt in few my, wnod will Cet with dipnatlh Apply to Capet al,lwhll, or io ST'IE'.ON & AVERY , .mar ill_ _ .. .... o 8 ravler t COlT'S PATENTIIREPEAlING FIRE ARSSP.*I HE Public aroreapectdl,,ly informed tlhat thle almbove . articles cac he seen an a!,oe fr sale at GOSSIIP . Co. Exclange Hotel, Stl Ciarleo at. nar .1 If S for sale by SIIAI.L & RlFIVIN, atr'20 i9ll Moaeione At lhe firsl ait now in one part: with a variety of very iniereloing hookamsat re'eined:fr,r ole by 117 A TOWAR, 49 Canp atI PIOWD. e-nvoir .° cInk Po nwder,j10 i cced a fir ale by SHALL & IROWN, 96 Mlagazine at PRINE APPLE C:,EESE .d Goaln lnner in Sstore and fcr sale by READ & IIARSToW, mar 20 7 Bank Place . ke perior Western Reserve ut.. tar. far sale by G. DO RSEY, mar 18 44 New Levee -)ARASO.S--32 caser, embracing generae l arort Smeant of Panraola, landing fi'rmn nh.p Panlbhe, br sale by ISAAC BRIDGEE 4. Co. _ar 18 131 Mlagoazine st .' for cale by SAMUEL EBLANCIIARD, omar 18 33 Greater at 'IAR--.O brla Rosin ,ecivlng from r hiow p ltoe. Snngne, and for sole Iy .sar 19 SIIA I. & IBROWN, 9G Magaline at .l5, , CLIAMIIIN & CO ..IIR, 115 ,9 & 82 Julia st -XCHANGE ON NIEW 1'IiK-Alerw cs and a rt therl , 50 t am p at, aredrawing on New bork atl, 5, Il0, & 0l( days 31 1115 PITCH- Pikeh. landing feomo ship CIT r. Slemagne, and for sale by Inarb0 SHAL.I & lBROWN, 96 Slagacinc st by landing from ship sbip I bnrlemaoe, and for sale by SHALL &.I3KlWN, mar 20 96 Mauazi.el st SA,'7 SlDE-1l1 tnsoka, in Mlore for al, b - -!l GI)OIISEY, 41 New l.evcey I STE. BL.ACKINf 2 cares liulo,'m pacte b lacking, landing from ship (trl ans, or sael be a8l I _j..JGpg I' & C,, 131 Alagazine At WitI.F. RI .--15, coils bale ralpe l suaperior qlla Slily o sale by TO d'1 A )oN 41t, C-OUIINGi IRooMi, I I l B A N K l i ' . . .. - 150 reane, Alni,e' DOre il letter papr, fine '9 20 o d ' superfine e 1510 do blb comnet eiral post .51) do c bit, i8,0 d, green plet n 75 dcl water lilid pet do IA l , Selletiie c It , tio fine cotp do II) do suR rfunt do 20 do oledium rn , o h po hank filio pot a Atll olLich arei of a very aoperiorqtalitv, nId willlie Halow w,ll close a cosiglmenet, byh tal A lirt IA R, 49 Camp at j AISI \S-300 hoses NI Raision, Loring'e trond, Lin store and for cise Lv raml2 l:HAOMPI.N & COOPERI, 82 Julia st 7 r4AR-.2 bus north Carlinu tur, in atore for I sole by nt.2 CItAMPLI.IN & COOER, 79 Julia et iOLA-ss hAI--ltEt.9-30 empy 4l, ip .IVI slperiorurer, fir sale bo I. 14H iAIE, mar 18 I2w 9:1 Commn i st H AY--300bales norhenr hun, in store, fraule by 5 CHA.I11..IN & Ct)OPERI. m15 79 &, 82 Julialo 82UGSAR &. MOLA6SSES-.t.5 holgheltds, eugar' sad 10, gallons nmolasaes, tn pluttatiJo above the city-also 80 hogsheads sugar on plantateun below the city. for sal, by ml3 Itl AI)AM)S & WHITALL, NEW MUSIC by Manouvrier " Haste, Boorman, cated to Heery Burrel, Esq. eoC'posled by G. P-. Mn nouvrier of New ()rleaels, receiredl with the greatest ap plaune at tle New York ooncerte, m JOHNS 8& Co, ml4 oenrrer St Charle & CeNotoan usa OFFEE--72 bags Manoillt jut received front New SYork, per ship Orleans. for sale by m14 SHALl. & BItOWN, i Malogazine to UMBRftLLAS--32 cares Mun.unand Ginghaton Um L rellua. comprising a cm slete nascurtlte t, lllding from lrig J Pulmer, 'or sle Ivy ISAAC BRI DIl E e Ca, S" 134 Maueazie ci. JUST receted at Townr' Biootkere, 40 Cao.p est., a supply of the lollowiett books:-Russell'u lM.o dern Europe; Flanna, Moore a Works; Crabbe's Eng. lint Synsymtne; Bladin's Anatomy; -CnIu's Phite. ology; Mcntngomery's Lectrtes; eteet' 'l Travrle in Egyjpr,,;Arabia, Petren and the Holy Land, Greece, Tor. key, llReia wod Poland; Keith on the Proplheie,; In valid's Ortcle; Lady of l.yons; Salmagtndi; Went ward Iio; To.t Junen; Gil B nlc, The Young Duke; Anrstasiur· le Vear; Diary it a I'tvsic;,.; Malrt ll's Clerk; Ci all of Jtaes' very popular enoves by the met or siegle work. hin2 NFW ORLEANS .St.Bm and Patent Biseuil Bakery-Watero and Hillman. No. R 9. Moreaa Lnear the Pontchartrain Rail Rond.) Pilot and Navy Bread, Soda anl Wine Riacuit, Sugar, Butter, Midlord and Water Crackers. All the abovea artieles are warranted to be of the firslt qulity, and to keep in any climate, being completely kiln dried. Alo,-eKiln dried corn meal. Ordea left at G. W. Priobhard and Tagaht, Jr. corner Magazino and Poydras streets, will receive prompt attention. Small kegs put up expreeely for family use. 15nov .,1J'ERM CANDLES-511 boxes, tR Drfrey's brattd, h landing f o4t shia Vicksburtg, firsele by ' nmar 9 SHALL & BROW'N,9i 9agnzio st It Ca"OSHEN ItITTyER--15 firkins landing freom eip Te VICKSRBULt., and Tfor sale by eur 9 SHAltI. & BROVWN,96 Magazine st SN RICIIARD)S8N'S Dnsionarv Ithe definite mean SBg nnd all the mteanings oeta oid, as well as its proper nppliatsion, mty It ascertained Iy tracing use tne n of qotoatiMns Irton the fathers of tile language, through caccesnire ages down to ttl preaent time. An no one in expected to saubscribe t, Rilelrd.n,'a Dic limeur till Ie an lirsat examinled it, the AgertBraves the idulgenc el teaviatg atopyat the olfees tofprik.e I atonal gentaeten afsrctaailttin, assuring than, hati ethey wtll find in it, biat elsr and full illuaslrathin o 1t lanuu:aqe so lung desired and so long needed ; the very want e which blon been tie greatest defect in Enilibh literature. Office 162 Graver st 31 6d m27 PARKER'S ROCKY MOUNTAINS , &e. OURNAL of an Exploring Tour beyd. the Rocky Mountains, under the dsraction oft B C F M, perfortled in the years 1835, '36 *ad ; containing a description of the geography,, `g. ogy, climate and praduettons, and tlte nombet, manners and UaStoms of .:he natives; with a Map of Oregon Territory, by Rev. Samuel Parker, A M. 'I he River and he Dsert; as Recelleaetions of the Rhone and th. 'hertreuse; by Miss Pardone, antbor of the City of, " S : ta,, &t. in 2 vob. The Robber, a Tale, '%. tile aulthor ol Richbe!lieu, Thb Gypsy, Attdla; itn 2 ' " The Two Flirtls; or Ad.,',tare in a Country lioue'nandother Tales, by , a'dc.t.naington, E L Bulmer, MrsNorton, Barry Corwall', Mrs Gore, naptain Mlwin, and otheral; it, 2 val. The Life an. Adventrea ofl'Niclhola Nihklnby, odiltd by Boa, with Illlaotltions by Pl.ia, No.'1. S Just r eiived nd for wale by - BENJ FOR NEW YORK. .Mom Iork 4 b ee Orleans laine. " Republican, ICJ G Russll " " Auiurnr. H P Durfey, " ,- n net b building, es Three ships weet built in New York'expreesly for ilia t" tradei'ar, of a light draught ofwater'and will not be o suject todetention at tihe lar. Their acaonmnodutions forpassengers conprise all that nav be required for colfirt nlld convenlience; and their eOmcounlers are g ien of exp. rience. Until the eljiln now Iuildiiig are i c:ýplete, two first clasne hils ill sOluply tirir ' T greatest punlctualitv ill lie observed in the nile of sailing, and every reasonable aecommtodatioan of en nded to shippers and poe.engers. or further ipartiellar apply to rstsrs. Johnson o JL.waden, No. 86 Wall istreel, New York, or to jan PE'ER LAIDLAW, t(i Camp st FOR NEW YORK. [Louisiana and New York Line of Packets.] STo sail regularly as advertised from each Port. T HE line is at this moment composed of the follow I 1 ie sips, tit f6 more new vessels will he putonat an early day, making the numbnher twelve in all, hieh will allow if one being disintheid from this cart every week during the year, tels afflrding prompt facilities fir transportation and at the lowest rates offiight. b Ship Yazoo, " Captain Treh. " Mississippi, " Heebe. Lonuisvi.le, Allen. Saratoga. Iatliaway. Huntsville, Eildridga Shakespeare, Painter Thle above ships are all of th flintst claps, eopperva anid iaplr frfstened, of a liiplt drouglt of water, anil built in New York fir the tradie, with elegant aecommodatiuns for passengers and commandedl by aile and experienced nlasters. The price of passage is fixed at $90, without wine. or liquors, amtple stores inl every other particular will be providedl. and every attention given tio proimote the cnimfiort of tihoa n IeStiiig to and fro in the line. The ships will at all times be towei up ail down tle river, ad thle greatest putcctuslity osherved as to their day of osailing Neither the owners or cantains of these vessels will he responsible for jewelry, ;ullion, preciotus stonen, l. ve or plated ware, ibreakage of glass, hollow wenre, miarble, or granite, colperage on tin, rust of ron or etese, or for say letters, parcel r packages -eat by or pnt on hoard of the,, unless rergiar hills o! landing are taken fir the same, and the value thereofexpresselt. For freight or passage, a ply to 2ar 21 JAMEcS B HUI.I.IN, 7 Camp bt FOR NEW YORK. HOLMES' LINE OF PACKETS. TO snilpunctually every Monda frtm seach pfrt. SThis I.itm el" Pckets'lave irae inreased to r ,iv en first class Ships, consicting of Shipi Nasrlille. Captain Wood. irkansao, Captain E T rtennie, Alabama. Captain C Berry, Orleans. Captain S rears, Vieksburg, Captain J Eunker, Jaicdilea, Captain Ashlely. Nnlasrile. Catoin N nod. Louisa, Captain 'Trunman. Ocone, Captain iyones. Ocmneo ee. Captain Leavitt. .ere Ship - Capitain Woodhouse. Niew Ship - CaptainNichols. The above ships are all of tine first heus, copperedl, and cmpper fastened and were built in New York ex pressly fur this trale-they are of iebht draught of wa t.r, sand almost invariably cross the bar withiout detella tion. ]'hes pockets are commandled iy Captains well ex pernoedl in ite the rade, and will aways exert themselves tio accnmoldate. They will always he towed up and down the river. and will ptmplly sail as alverNised. hey he ivesi andesomely furnished ceonodrmletion, and stares of the first quality will always lie f rnished, atin every attention paid to tile comfort and satisfaction of paserngere '"l l pIri.e of tie cabin is fixed at $80, without wine or liqllor. For further particulars apply to A COHEN, inal:' 90 Colnnmon street IT"l'h- slips are no accoutaolble far bireakige of elass, hollon ware, nmarible or grianite, cooperagc. ,f tin or rust if icln or steel: nor responsible fir any iackage or parcel put on ionrl, uinlens a regatir hill oflndiug be igned tirrefir, at ti officr of the agents. -.n" , ,~ a. a mer uoc s me agents. For the Interior. FOR BAYOU SARA R.egaLar Packet. 'fIThe spletnlid passaengr steamboat . e BRILLIANT, Jesse Hnart manter, i will heave New Orleans every Wrd nsa.av at ItI oa'lock A. . lifbr IavounSara'&everv Sslurday at Ill o'clock A. M1 inking inc ctl dtown ol icSundy For freight or passage apply to Capt. Hart fi25 AI)DAMS & WHITAI.L A LLA iLl. ImEEN MAHOiI, IT'Sd 'T'urkish Iyr, o e ar langing grey or rred hair teo tle el or wliarers, or ev brloW, by a tingle applieatn In, o a ierlunent itrwn, varying tum a tcotlete Ilack, wall. out tWaioihg eitber the Innd or linen, just receivred at tie Bazaar, corter St. Charles &.Coatlon streets. BUSH n ALL.AN, hgfr Exchange lnn tel -5 IiNESE-rIUNK' -- J t tee:'"'- MSr otametat of tte + aret r e &P"tices aa.,a ... tatalt a tltlliorttroaateta, atrll,! ·l telar o Orle.nt do.rin the nlanityt/ o ry. Miart, and Apr il. Ii asseciaote inute prelacti, w ,-nr whor promsat ra+ da skil and ex "nrir c, both ia tie l.rrgit" t uta " h .ele catilier , , rta coutrv, will retain permane eo. feta tOtfice,59 ('anal street. tClIIttLtA NICKLt 1 I--Non 7, 8 and 9, so t e first t ix nuatbers i one Iract, with a variety of very intteresting books, just rocivrted atd fur ah.i, by ime2 A TOWAAR, 49 Camnp at CARD TO" 'TIE LADIES. NILLIAM IELl., No. 0 Chartresa treet. eontin ues to pu.ehase old hbroken Jewelry, old gold or silver in any form wbatever, land pay tre higheat price in Orleans. Landies wto maty have old foathned gold jewelry, Sviz: ear ornameats, chains, nretlesra, tIuckles, finger ringa, or in fact any articles of the ler, whiet is lying die and ofno use to them, ran axchange, ttiea man to good advantage, b calling tas above. N I--Wantchtst jrelry nttd Spectacles repaired itt Sthe best clat er--chalrges moderate. Ja28. 1819 BAZAAR. Corner of Sr. Ckanrlte Common street, EXCHANGE HOTEL.. j i USI - & ALI.AN wold resprctfolly call tle at toetion f citizens ant stratngers to theirtltnptete seorltnttt tfd (Gentlemten's linen ltirts, do eamtbric with Itarn roonta. fashionable linen fronts: linen cl tarst silk, rotton and merino undar shlirts and drawers: rnmhrie and rilk handkerchiefs: black attd fancy eta Svats ingreat varietvt stocks oftevery teserittion: gttla elaaslti andtt eotton suoslenders: silk, cotto and ttread gloves: ents htoskin gloves: umtbrellas and canes giold inmunted. Also,--Splemlid .ntortment of ladirs and gents eri. ling desks, drasing easoes, port Itlioa, perfausory, cut lery, and rith tfasy goods. novl1 AltRIAtIE PHYSIOLOGICALLY IDISCUS. SSED). Trsanslatled from the Frenth ofJean Du boil, M. 0 by William Ganafield. Part tat. On the oreessity of Marriage ! Psrt 2d. nsltttr;etionsa incourling, with a etre for L.ove Part 3d1. 0 Part i4th, Marrage Physiologically D)isecussred is the oost Suseful, and d;icedly the most inleresting work flst we ever read. It wll break tup tlors rakes and opinstere, and make ttmore trort inarrwd men oal wolmet than eity ptblicalion that has everrrtee sanetioaed by tie rourt I of Hymee.--La ,loalererr. 'tits is a great book, attd will be promtetive of ouclt gooaintte ctntmm, nity, It i trite it cletaias much strangelagunage, bhtl tthen the subject is its excuso, sad ifltte tope lht writtllt t ,n it, lte coultd not have treated it more deliately. WVe etpecially recoattntren its " Instrnctionr in Cotrig," I tit, t tle attetio l o all yootngladies aldt.tetttletetn that may be in quost of prtnerrs.-Le paeti Courier Des D.taws. For satleat no ti5 Poydras at belwtee Magazine andi Camp street. Price $t. JU- ' Received an o legast asormenratotlderpltteed tldoor platet, whh will be engravedt to ord, r in tihe ntst fithtonoiable sty le by J V CHILlIS.. te?7 3 Caamp stt. E1tEl'PItltt--;h0 basa a sutpriur article, lor sale by all SHAiA LI & IRt VN.9 96 Magazine st i-INED OIL-10 easks lineed Oil in store I 10 eas Siailit' Liniee Oil, latding frott brig Willingley, from l'alernmo, ftr sale. ' JARVIS & ANI)REWS, mca 18 a:or Contottt al 'ttchlapilotlus stt XES--10 doe, just received per ship Orleans and for sfr e by m14 SHAL. & RO..VQ 9 Msagozie st 'LEL-I-ttis blistered tar tel, ittf reoeived per sthip Orleans., for sale by 1s14 SHAIL & BkowN 16 Mn' zaae at - c M ENT--Roman and 1Hyd t net ret ei at d m12i' hREA & BtAR ,7 Bank place H btig attrating ,att, brig 4-- ,-"U TRIER, 34t Gravirrt ATEST L'1T'EiAk t ---- -----'--- Kyd, t irm ,O i.i.KI.I , viola , tftt. sea, by prfofmera T h e - u , 2 r o l e - - ' ,l s t e n James ' fire pneeitmv , Gurney mai," ,,.equ'o to Gilbert urursey ' ly Sthe utmor of ltH is a _ •The Raibler in Ero.--, v,,Iz Carl Werner, 2 osia-Southen p eMans Pictures, y Sims Oliver Twist, complete in t 'UP5 illustroteod, do do part I, nos. 5, 6adt7 . * Niehole Nickbehh, sa 9 e od tO . Stswerai'r Roqotnin 136 and 1837, Elit.t's Trravels in Anotria Russia sal 'rke., 9 vula Aikin's Brttal IPoeett, Pmrt's dla qeatel to Aikina, And a variety of lreellt atalsrd ptbliatiatlo, a ten spltendid Lonrdn AnlaTlss-the tladem--Bltok tf Rothy asoti oalth E JOHNS & Coll mll 2w corner St Charles & Coat tona,.. BUSINESS CARDS. SJOB PRINTING. "O EVERY DESlRIITION. to ilPEEDILY, HANDO)MELY AND CHEAPLY FXA:trUTEIt it AT THE OFFIPE OF THII TI'ue Jmmerican, i T. CIIARLES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. I m23 lii CHAMPLIN & COOPER, ba GROCERS AND DEALERS IN PROVISIONS no ANIDA FEED, or No. 79 and 8n Juia ,leel, New Orleans. re 'ShipI aml Filtors pAtup. ov 5 Sr FURNITURE WAREROOMS he N. 53, Hienvllle rretl. in WIlI.Il.M II. CAINES, woull rrespectfl'lly ie S Crnn hIsn rlotald and tle putblie thate it it con n stantly receiving frim New York nd Bttt.on a goodl asortlnent Io' Frnilurr, suh os mnaihoganv chairs, nI onfa, led.teads, irnple and ,anhted chairs, aple and Scherry beIdsteads, nlllhogp.nv and cherry tnmlea fiall denoriptiorl, bureau.s, tilets, sece tfyS, writaig dnkk,r'warnlrolern of mahoganny and cherry, wastl 's'ands, lonking glatsesr, feather, bheddlrog, &c. A. Nit. turnloure packed for transporoation with great care. I.ov 3 FRED WILKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENcPAL Ur LUUISIANA, SiFFE:RS his services to the public iJ t Iheo art nt mels, of Surveying and Civil Enginerin, both Sinll town and country. Froml onsiderable experience in yhis profesoitn. and'by promptoeao and fidelito in he aexectlfion of business entrnted to llin, lie holtes to merit and eceive a shar of public patrota.e. lie twil also measure and calculate Ile uotents of wall.l .n. exca'ations. Oitice No 8 Clhartres street,seecond story BAZAAR. d U SV & ALIEWN, I NO. 1, EXCHANGE HIOTEL, i.orarer ofISt. Cth rles noa Common ts,. NEW ORtI.EANS. | MPORTERS nhd Dealers in French 1nd English IPrfmrev;'toynt nogCeo nctl l'ortalle IttDks. Cntlerv, Hoti;,ty l vet Shlirl, St akh, Umlbrellos, Canes;.tml Fanly A i es. d15 f IYIcCOLLI H & DO1iY, Factors & General Commission Mlerchants, MOIltE. References in New r irkman, .4bernathy & HIanna, Caldwell & flirt-, -, SPope, Potrers & Co. ) tilln-tt JOHN S' EWAR'' N0. 5, Plot St eel, h'+w YorkN COu1M IS IN MERCHANT, I MPORTER and dealer naHatters I'lushes nd trimmings. Ample storage t at had on rad- t erote terms, and every attentton paid goods forward A ltelereuces: AMesrs. I.arne & Provost N O. Goosi 1;3 p Co. / " tta... _I83 , _ 1 _______ y_ . CHRISTIE NorTT, 1 It/oleoale Grore,, ttny m Olotrm, No.27r Ilt'n a .rriar eoo ieao ,:rig up o G[ovt llIno atollnp - h BANK AVINU., RAWDON W HT HATCH & EDSON H AVE ape, a oice in N Orloooloo. to1not A etujoo tnntoget tit oi their ounose in New t ot for tile ptrpone ofoengraoig atdi printing Balk Nols,. wlds, Bills of Exclthauge, Certificates of leposite, e srl nllcn oither imlortaut pap1er, rerqlrin security n agninst E'orgeries; alno Ile iodilletlo povirsiotl ort iln safe keering of all ploates and im)pressons elotrtttl- I' ed to their care; their i,oens emnroorueetle notes of over fivel undred hnnkilo illsttiotinS an, nd til orders will be excnted with promllilitudie, all irl the uI. ll tenlrs. Ottica, cornert;of (oyal & Canul streeto. hA1Ui.IEL TOBY, .!Merchnndise Broker t4. Commitioino J.Ierchtanl, d(13 Otice, 3::1i, (Cap 6t.--For tte presenPt. ). II. HLISS. SIIIPBROItKER & f')OMMISf'IO.V MEI RCHANT, No. 63, Poydras Street, . I-. FREEIAN & "I, . I oleao e Clt.l inig EshlIaihoatll No. 3, MlagZnlle atreet, ljAVEonter.tantis on hionld a lre snpol iof CiotI I 11 lg, culculuted Sir tle coullry trude. 'T'heir as. sortlnent bing lartge, llerehts rom the conlllrt can c be supFlied at theshortost iotioe. FASHIONABLE CLOTHIIqG TAYLOR & HADD)IN, Ne. 14 Chartres "ereet HAVE ncoostautlapply of e+erv aLocle kelrtatiu, to gentle lolt's doess, if tihe iysot style, tt NeSo Y.tok priers ,lee 21 1. B.Ross SURGEON DENTIST Not,.3, Royal street. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING ES'TA IILIlSMI2 EN'r, No. 53, M[agazine Street, Opposite _It.nks' Arcade. IVILLld1.[ GRl, Ef F, PROPRIETOR ARR2R Comnmisaion aie rJnwarding Merchant, No. i, F LEVEI, CP STARW New O:Ieans, Feb. 2, JARVIS & AN1)REWS, WIIOLESAIE ANI) RETAIl. I)eALERS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DFY STUFFS ..ND II'IDOW GL.ASS, Corner of Common and T.lhoupitoulas streets, NA''IIAN JARVIS. JOHN W. ANIDREWS. A large upirly o Garden Seeds, warranted the growth of 111837. DOYIKE d& IMAY, I)EAI.EJS IN AMERICAN & ENGLISII CROWN GLASS, No, 3 CAIONIOELET .tREET. U,| IlRIItI' EN'S INSURA N: E CONIPANY OF NEW ORLEANS. This Companv are now prepared to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. OFFICE, No.24 Musson's Building, Canal etoeet. New Orleans, May 15. 1383. e rerlarv. ROUEER'T CIL4NNO( IN, ROUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 1 Campi sitre. Wlolesale D)eler in Paints, (il, Varnishes, Brushes, :3110 Window and Picture Ge e, &o. ce. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. ROBIrNSONA" GOOD N*I, I[N. 64, Chartrel Stree, tole Dtu r below Bienville, AVE constanltlyon tlanld teerv orticle appertjin iNjg It gentlnOen's dress, olo'de in t:l best aoan. terand Ilost fashionnbloe style, wlichl tley offerr ilt cush, at redcelld pric e. ldee4-I8:31 ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC OFFICE No. 5:1 linllazine o tr et, opposite I nllks' Arcade, E STABLISIIEl for thie execution of maps, plain E and drawillgsa nlerchiltlOS' circulars, busines and adldress nards of.te, descrription, funeral circularn oi beet/ mouorning papero othecary ald drugglsto'l lbels; Inn checks, dra aeoceipts, .e. printol and exeolctio d ie o acheaponld 'editionl styie, h tlle proprintr. N Il ln Notes ,lat'v executed etl2 A Card. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC ESTABLISII ME T, 53 MAGAZINE STREET, OPPOSITE BANK'S ARCAIOE. SGREENIt rturns hlia sincere tlanks to his orie Id and :ils tib Nic of New UrIeana. for tlhe Pntrontaee bestowed oie l i. o or tihe last two yearso n l tegs leave to assure thnlo that all oolrders eCoooiltdt to hbs charge shalll bte unectallty attended to; he will as Isual, keel tle officn ojlle duriltg tile sulllt.r anlld sldll ise wlwll+ relv Ito strike off lnrelhUllt's circa lars, bu>inesos and adotres cards ftl neol notices, maps, plans, alo drawings, o every description, at the ahortest notice, and on the most reasonable terms. Being asnisted by artl rior to any other estlablishl toeett itn lte cit . ndt t" ithographic line, li teo l satiacon. N li Apothecaries and druggists' Ibl as good tyltv os copperpldte n. gravia.g. n. a tiirdl of tlhe oexpseo . oo. l GEOIRGE c DS, BI7Il.ntlendn 1t Cur. , and the 1)istries . ',of Il t ,ri . rrp..and seae of tihe adjcentti counli- itOl o at tihe Cte of Ilolnton. ;lioatn! "n the goverralnlct, eithlr for ounllty Iannd li nottoyt will Ie ntjerlk tt ni I ilrottptly alttleded t.a.ilther tIbr non rosnlent or reoidents otf 'enxar. t tuut.-,-tltt tie Unitedl ltatee--tioa itf lloutltee. to the caroe O..% Ricker, jr. (I'exas PoenOltie A.-en t New Orliltlr "Itno : mar BEANS-1O r, tndlin Itit sot dloat Std Louis olr tsal b AIRAI.AHA I'tRItER. nsr 18 ._ 134 MaInzine Pt LI EI t CAILtM NA ' IFWVERIN, Archbistop Sufltrdnlcutt, bh the IRev.J Horn tltobhprr, ex profto war of iheology; translltedt f.ti thie Frrnch .3 Itoborj hl'alsh. J at lreceived OmlLArnitle lvy t1O16 . 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DISEASES' suchl os GONOItl((LOE GI,~E'or8, SPR CTUHtF-' 111'r~A't'tTIN O' T~llt: KIDNEY'S, BlADDER, iIREt'I (IA, I'ltoS'liaA'I'E (SiAND, an? all DISE,:ASES ao the U IIINAIY IAnSSA(iiES. r'AINS IN' 'I'E LOINS, GIRAVEl, trlllln hagar 'reiat(,, l lllaaalI WenTeilkmae LraLeai DehI ly, Ure perfectly orlllldl{:ntp. tIil+ lhove • ,at allltn:h n.r taa annl atlher,nad atnelaIralyiimlploneaithe,.nnat,,aepaon d geaced heallh.ana, HeatarePIt'tatO enor o ae t iri 18 hiereheten aillje ed Iy di.enae r tlltlanlpr treaalnenl. I nI ft, o ned ca,, a:ln be collllhorell to ia ala d ia ha. poeltlvcly curea neatay nyt(i, - anllld IIdi IniN aaner all o ater illdicinec hane Iniled, naldia lutr t ll peraediing tIh U.e at" t e ijcrlj llr an , .n,? amco ullld'irllne~tCo mira 'JSUUP+PIII eC C llelr s }r .ur¥. Ir aII lh~liinl~ on, to tle llulllParatit t''llnat, a1 1c, ahl roam all le t" °1" the wnrld,,,chladln ln?-e Elne[.I and Wect IldiaAn eer a, I anC i nallldnId aaIll f tice helllte- 'tandmg inlthpe pcs n'nanlalln;lll aglnrlu n lemtllllamy tlS itepllr ir lllE Uieeenr, Ilauidred plallnd? rewarda hhnnsn aevneralillel oalread aollny alac ahnllelln rdu n.e Ill a r dneieay e auu to yn(nd a S nplele S, atio,, AflSthlis tla further O, l neaat na lt. c Ileeaaery' "ulhaaallileael ad a an dannII.nar nllena eaen 'l haypre scribcd 'f(l la I+ I,, ap tiRe SoI, u (ha ion ayar a-/ '"tian, nhiaCaw.aIar hell ie ePllh rer aeai eh? n n, l aea r In'f~ror wvlleraled, and thoirge/lertl hetlth~l uminlsanch Inlprot.. li. II.I. LEY , M . I. "L.eaturer oan tidwifery, atttaethnlnlcw'c itlntpital." Dr' Clarke lita Irecrihed Yolnnd't p.meiii Solution, tomn ni patiennt, hiurlllcender U,.eltral thitcllllrnesn eaand hvurit bly h lalnd Ilhey ner, ta.d .tin amlac,.,e*I nte , he had pree vio~usly ulb~ersml, wtenan I p, I r'P~rlaaeain t of 'opaa, and i of' a11Ina1aa1 In,?y U alUall.,t, and oaa that he intnads in il'anro tL pntrcar'l'e fnr Iris ilaljeta. I,atat, Deactlllltcn2r , 1i " tir treeen here]hy e,'fietIe Yldnnl?,t' Slpenif So!alna,, in a ra-nt elniaacnu r~neaedy, aad on.lln It reamcas artlhral t isi 'l'?n tiealerulltall l p'al atoila ,,ly ntolal caII he . h .,eht re The ab~t ove mul:~: be l~bahled Il, y nt So. 90Custom house st, inl Nnew Urica,,s. MEDICAL CARD. AND IUtPOll'AN'T TO ''IIE AFFLICTED \ITJ DIS IAnES. A TREATIS: on V:enea rI'l.lnnae, Gonnrrhhea, Glels eind A Stricture, illnhldillag iraalical ohscrv,'eoni on a PInilll WlnakLema, aerinill' nianal ea, y anlnllen, nn t Jt IIorsonl ee a on, ill tII ll ll~lrlne lalc Cllre, H 1IIhs. e,. rEcreCy amII .;l ly. ti ls lllelanchl~lv laul, lhatt LI(U(··ldE -lit tIII dn t{l t ev - Ini:rl, al DI*+.IMa.. inl t u dl p f r ;.'II~,:) theu I. II·ofII th elllt P s O~lbrll)l 3leleary, anll ioccol It tatnallnanltalnfii,,,rat 1,1,. wti,,hacan,?n e allntile u, I t ceI tle'? Dlnn.a ti,',' a ,, al,,l ,,nil,,lec 'I il tcei c ~l n et,,e i1' hov, 'illn l h Inhee , den, te h still:tie g~eets, llltd .lwld h + +I t ihu r ~er , tltl I. t ute lae? arltl lhty alid daeteyni, t.e elhstflIt slat. .lll a tiatch teti a a lnria , to tlaeir trdlll eal+rinagc PEI"-lay'S PURII'FINtl a 'I.U FIL I'll LYB A ree/aillnl', lnlt'n, aa , ll-t a pal. ad rlaa d cenvered f,'entiepier~netu,,,tsl,,ideilencta,,i anetnee'tetatentdieaaaent,. . oarhce .lalnat, aaet. ell ea IeI ll, l W ,ikn, t s ill tn e ilI Inlalt atn ihe teaI.nllrp4r ? rethra, Ii ped tla deaae,,nt ole Iall uri linty pal gesl'rCPI + FCltlly i~lly ,rbrmi~lp pe 'fur. 'ur, III lhenllo + "lPuee o threae n d tIy nl ln nlna p elllIr a alos iti ease p. arenyalllcnal'y. 'llheetaanar iw nttn iw c h areeol.nla-in -lly almini~alnre " lla na,,'d 'av many tiillaa,adn. T''e rl'ecifl: pll. route, seve~ry· tpl te .f in'idioun nano ll, o ura - Iyi¶nltltheirclregrnabaallai.olr annt' nlald. TIhe nln. Iv rl'lllur ele ll Ii-;: ,I·, hnt r enlor hII II ·era iontile ~If~pr ;,lt fillnetion.. of thle blody. ex elllhff I.e pnr ++r Iu ora, d Id t .Ir h, ~m..,)mih .. h )e~rrclI b e as 10 elvie riceti Illll+. st'eltlrll Id1' Lh(';r llIII1*1IIO ,fll. g nd illueiu I wIHe . T ey ii1ltht:r e~lllM1 nlIPrtlryl IIn, al y oth'ern I ni er' , llany ),h )U re I)o r~ raltlll Of, eli, OIL ol llllli or hilldr,;nCe Of llui+ ', iln etattet a, rl~mld+,+e 'l' re anh' Illant "a .Pnt, rP atl,',l, t,,laa,, h Ia(? ha. made ,iiS'a t .an ti l ea rn "s 'ncateertlal ,rlhnl'ntlnhe c tlaint eale'auaay Slatpr, le'rr.+ atn dleerat ellar stal?,a e? tIoae dread'lau d??bllialea nriin7ll the tou "lee niid indis clllnllnte ananaul angl,?lintele p nai e th attan ·lin a nulnIIPrOus trmln oF .+eryel s .ict~elOn+itlld ehla o.I. vuII~re £lC theI +'llrva F II(T I In lceiltp~ eofJ d.e, but wnnkenn 'alla, jud1ntant anlla telllr,- ]. a a ndanecaoa fhe a tl l ila da. T the ide t i nel' atlelr o l al i l la decnair, whliah acraens naclo con,? lenlrg tl eeei th i nuti-t*aa n]ti O laeeIM~y, anml +hi.a aneetPa aV ofealnmatg dtnf I'i.ttta nleejag natain niOadlallh aa dnteas iay e her tite annla, tl*riaansntaaIthn Ieit Inuanasatll ataaana I p. nr·lo ecv 'Se i~lhear cnut.ienlh pall ne,, vPr te ,.nal'tilllaO(a iynmt al:leelledm,Slleennel, tam'. aud tpcne'?y re'ltrutiloa anllnd aal,?l Vnt erUaI a I tll h. ateplryan V'egeanle PIlll ire all Sa rn h, the ecrtnie ndnd "11.+,tullll i:Jll~dVId" . t:(}l aI * . n l ll. VeII P TR I erU Io ti)s HIIII+ II! h I~ ~lller , aIdel, l aed + .itr thir- ,lir dirrells e nore, ehro, Ilcl nlld eIlltlrl dla l lll',l I' t -t,, llal gi lnx ll ??,e Ialia nad (anht, depcettionalf atcrS.t aal alli dananel anralenataron ii lta aten at'ite dli,? ''lhee Pi? "en 'an eortlla" I e' III tIe tnnelnPt ni'aaarta and .e )ltai n.4d mill )+II thp ,1itle .o, U. Ibe¥r .ill keep) glloo ill nli '1' elr l ld lllala anth' nntlih ' (l nh e N an. 'lhe lladnalh at NaJi '.?lll tan.,l tteeei,N\ewOreleant. at o Iln uln . ·u ul saoell Inrusr street, N'ew OrleasP p OIROF~P SOIt SE)O 'SDR' IIYElAN HERBI PII.LL .-i the rtl'.,,alul exlrlorpti of iovry speirea n.ld a yd ll· to,,of thle Sylrlllc J .rrir, -la IIIe munvdisorders arlsiU. e ut+f ll thle llll rulJer Ii tntt atl. I ll ,b Ihullhl iu gialr .etl, .Lreand syphilitic di.eraus I wltll l uurruel-v ul in nlue w- . EC. c., coll Slllli iIg lt worth k .Iuh ylll hs.lll l) tllu ho re r h. v be slile, era Iu lh+ Ireldhlul lll l dlrvestutlg malanly. 1)r 1)'letoln conlnlUUO- to dlree( hls Itteont o to ++oso dis. orders. :iner Iromn thle toll free and illdiscriluiuuto idul gogE nltlO. pthu+Ol.l, which not ouly oc'IIiutio a lumhrouu rln1 of IIPP+OU+ afcrtioxa, hut alsoontails oh its voturiae oil LullllC III.I1 I giuuttCII IIuuu, SuI))uW1duhIl Irut~lv u-bc Lthe eu:rvftleg m llhPxliilul u old ugl , In tnhat ditresing stalo l++~t) lolhd leuJcilcirnlcy, whletbher the, eonalluel ce el" banel' iul Ihublris exelr drlnlkill, or alu otULIr lall.e by whin tihl powerse ofthe eolntitilrtll serulllO enfebled, he fferawfirnt, huull ll u ug l iy riatrtllll to soulld 1nd vigorous hepIllhe, It IsIt tino II)-hll holyP 1I( , t e hltlt lldf fill victims to the Va. jut" lerIt. dl'luldP, i)illt u et) thn Uly hilfulu. L of tllit Ua u x heo, h" the ule ult" thrl PI ov nlet elll lrrnull, u ,ul the cun utwuUtlull; sell whln the grert utslr Sgweder became Pro lesor it L.rylen liverdit heoli rlltfred uu invaluable euee t ul'oI) Iulp mkeld hy thn diseovery of his grnud ia lumcca tier thle orie of this deplurnhle on mpluillt. .lNeverl d i dluclery exditeL a reater fsenulutiO; it w.s mo ughtafLtr with avidity, anl 11.ed x i th UlldCa intiug' sIta,)e ltI the lOLt alulllllte and iillt ie. t Ie:lis of the, delicte Ol i l. It r thIi cure of whict they I%1¥+' )eEull so IluIgF c(" l rut.' ' te font olll f o[ these Pills thro:' uilt (Glrlaa ll), etll l their siupeedy intrd f tioLitl lute tilllO iu av ,,:rourl ry. 'het. certlliuty ith whlch they ,twere cntu o y mlnl llllnlm-er(d, Ci:ll Le uttetned by i It y i1 ithou+ dn t' c4 dut "la thle longeo ltilietltw r thecy ,,v re tin iu+.'pelruhl[ch.'ci pl):UiOl ml d a li·glU.II )In the molldier, in all cases WtIlrn the lghLeLll. susblclOd lo , el',cll was eutrrti lL lot mil dl- elon canu |e illore ,lptoi +to Irtl( han thlt wbrule .+ given such guerudl a14o.,lidcoli{ 'Tuhe1 "ly. Itl n lrh Itillot o uteveryI parth ite of mtl~liotls looiso, lortll'yillg ill their progress tho whlole muss lofl Iluid; lthely Iui o1i.y reImuove the ense lbhutI rennllr tIy littleir aelitl er, the dhfferent f Iot, fil l'.l- expcllu. tile gro+eir hillllr+. 1slld ill a tl u mnor n ild xlnd Ilrprceptitllt altO uoltl into tile IiIot eeptical of their ns un lahýll~g nod llluelltlled )rower.; tie .e lithtercouin mrcury or an Nollther i1illbrltload itolIto tLNkenll without tltl 64 1 hte1. .U picJIn of discovery--thley rel illre IIII rePtrdtt of d tl luro of tinme or blllldnlUce of hllllllres, bectIftc nht I enole Eura with ToIlte MO SxTu.ur' tn IMlAe T lielll. AU an N period when tle ibg tl.+t *usplcton m1y exist, it will be,./.l to have retourae to the lyvguUl IlHerhPlls, fur wheu take, hal+'¢e tho disease hI. ln:lllrltI. p ~p-. rl ,P it ets a a CLrtLui"prdfleu n, - the. ugbuI e...2chjLI ulll and secretl}. TeIu apui u .AtleiIll lell lwllay persl hlllI teileIL when v.llting the pr. printer, from the use u f ollerctry, rllders it mperativ/ely i.. ceL.ary h calutiuoll thle pbhiie oguin't tiat dagerouy mhtort whoa iujudlel .ldl y blulsl llI ereI ThIuose pills Lold yuform u portion l, all d eLie n c hle.Is by seln noUd land, anid ought leveor to iha omitted by any perso( gn leg ii lout voyalge or jlnllnley (lhlir properties are saeh, that neilhtbr ieLt nour Dld willn juLr their quality, ,r prt lt t[lelr dirt rllt.eLt on tiu eo.tit iLon. Solt at No. 9t Custul house dt, New Orlea.ns, THE MOST IMPORTANT IIUMlAN DISCO VERY. A CLERGYMAN, late of tbe Calnhbridge Il)invcrt hnv ilngdhenvoered n illae+ld ofcuring himself of" a Nervous or Alsulal Corn ln].1t, of fllurleell years' durltOn, and it fou r yrears hodin air hld lhl p . tie)0L i. t .Len all uwfUu ne he. cur Sdl who olloNwed hi, dviec, ex.elt welC, olfleru 'ehl ll ,ue. r lelrn milrter ohul g ,,Il+ u 1(:UIIleort. IwIu r nu.lg il de hllitr aldl P NIIa o , ,teruIllu ithll(imf" blood pto lhe hiad, t r lgn, grnuodlers fenr , d~idure of It'mLLnnry iLllelciPy for Lu, .leo' Iufdly, S.,, irr.y ktol Li wretchednes, hlls cision, deluion,u. [.Lel, ehlV. thoughts of elf destruelinnr . sllllty, ¢~.arel curable by thln ipllllmlllnt direve y. :(ut( ro t,-Pr il .ix weak,. Apply to N 96O CuItola thotlie Lst New Orleans. IIEALTII AND BEAUTY, CTOM ACII PII.I.S --An t minl medical writ r has remark eaall, nIId exp)erieue hls iruved thte fet, thut thlse wltu oro attentave to keep)lll. Ihe t oinnmel l aud howrls i proper order, preserve hnEllh, plerroltis.ase, ald genrIPrUlly attin robust, chP~rful olld hlcllthy old aige; ril tllar de.irabde purpnse these 1alls aret xllrlc,elt11ii prread w ol the slllpiite of quinilne utliul oft. lll,,. in. l elhoice ftumacn1 allidL pbytdllyohlPro L at l iit+led ea. "'hey Llate in all coarP, ported slu Jerlor Io every llthor luedillle hi thle ere of Llt.L. aud ivir cutl...,iLL.., .u.L.. Tof ..., L..IgL. wibL... rll.ulon oiL biiLrq. ed o h q .te allter mlll, tdt llorth of, hrt ant. tlad 11 eoxeUl lml restnrutia a alter anl)y excIess eI the go ( - hile, n. they) gelflytr pulge: anld eiEUlnre the IPUwels, strengthllCI htlrUlllgSI I fOl 1411+,lllr.II tl ~eily cureilli~l orpevlaeut to l voi lit 000o..ql.{tl+|luhullll et( l Now.U (I.illleU l tlCI. 8t1 P *tt0( OD, PILLLLj u e l it. n il luen reuLL nbslr irnmud ild e the .rld u tkLthi. tl,ulcar, h Oltl ro ,ti llt l l i otril teLr llltllht ig.Lrr CLI t oLw i,.aLulliIlsliLLl, ulditulaLLLre IL.headlt.he, glddine, , p.dlLo Ltm u.s. igtr llrwlls, bluto u.. IO llm tbotln ea dLLow of bld to.d Illu Ihed.usuLtnlake ll Lndi rdu. llt gm Chtillprgudrntn- eAfor of aollt, lutay hake ltLeLnlld gtth uanq t IIC'th " do not ieotaiL any mercaurs Or dlly Igrdlienlt that reery qlctll I enclue or eltitLo i blLf dlatL llL lrthlll si o, kept ilttle peoe ilEyr a ollle, |)1 y lrx Inn 1eso sudded itlnwo es r Itoey thlel prompltl uon+ rtell soi, choted uf Irlet N".Allnr, splasl.. fever tnld tither a larnlg rontp .tplal. may tal thedily curedn urpleve-r, d SoL- d at o. Li or .,oLuu Ite Lt Net u rlen., SAILSAPAIIIILLA PILL OF HEALTH;; OR, B LI n OD &ILLL hI p e +ellrt ly !, .I A diine o l ng tried thllI -+u. t.B, otere.. .g dllirt dorC U1 i +m e ch PIme m I.UW tlrs, tle m.+.}p ltl xvaulrnd if twkiuhelo tre roe.reaa, an aulren tahl, yqlr.klo ly oy rem r lealdlaah lctidneLsssens of. fullles alter mlulla h aeal.l.... of the eyet, throasillc a a..d I~anels th r<.ine. and bolweLg'l. thdiestear, pr.uroduiu Ao gta add soate of tLh tilts, and , .uonseuent bwlctivity of t lhe bI ll, cauisin ad wgll. nl y atOInh of eviry e unctio of thle frame wilr Ill thills ait Ueslisl re uaratioulny a llett. preovinr olerb. t,." o-truilmt ed `Two oer tlhree doves will oL.t wirt the e edl~i of ."lri u. Tne stomach n ill gi e a uhyall . u. -.sil I, action l t the lieeo . flo o l rsB t rp nfil·5 !dn a; ly r linosad of lit .ke n l lt bt s gt-, p ldm .l.n ,r£ tie ahe urh e unequa Chia. m. dbeo o It inlld; ora t ti . l .llml reuies nopi.&ll .i ett s `ter.HIB du~meck. loir u s. ity, uguti, hede di tlss n I d'.nltb of uri-l: i hto-ygr; tOln iftallb ste er t e.€. or I tlhe I..ty ewfy rcthore the systert praluea . v"e 'arsons~n of n full bi Ihii;. are aulject to IrradAehs, gidt°' noes, di t-into o I g(l-- In thie ears, snleog frm too great s flow of btuod it, the head, .bwa d neer be without !I tems, its ninnyI( daage.IOUT symptomsI a ill le entirely carried ,It by thewr 1'or f~·llllr (lest plls urn most tr uly Y ecElleal, rCM) ing ell obbtrutli lu, the distr.ssing boa lahe so very prarvI.V, with the sex; leclroavimr of sprits. dollaeo of sig64 ncrlou, racclltllr. blulch*·, prat files and ralinwncu of the skin, sod give ahealthy and lluvmtiln Idoom to theriuurplexion. 'Pt mothers they Ora renfsdonlly raeemteeadrd ae 'Ik best meedicine tlt*1tcaI be toke during prrgoaccyrpd In, '1414"n ofr all agoO thley :-f- unequll In~t~~nu · A. a Pkuam su e su2 apese io e `aia h,,cmmn dun I, of a mlild pr-tiloa with the Goat r-celg+ful "gtc4q-·od reqluire An rerstrainttd' diet A. rnndaeolll dniag (sale nee, By regulating the dote ·Erordlag to the agetld t,ýagll oftb· petieut, they better.. ilitahl n, erars ta o, o· e" er srxt, Lka co. he,. qutred; And fa r elderly peolple ,liry w B I i b·U Ill log the mmtcowfnruhle it I~d trine hitherto prrrared Sold e No. wicwatoor Loose e4 No. Will o.. -dal ýV 111NKEY- 'nohl"Is landing holm cttsmerl al moon, fat lel, Iv Gi. DORSEYY nail At( No* Lots, st l Epubli e fully hnformed that ta ns Sa.t ratie irectad mOn mhe mit .impmwjy Untm , d In an airy matd sadi e d lnllea ra 4t 'i. Cu al- Fr.nklin; upon ihe rail , a: r lu alJefllt dl .l/ Minie ,ippi. .. e . a taIe buildling i large an I most sommalinstlr, dilidd' inrtot lr aapiients, fir kPpl orptn eparate diltrti.t alrPE t, i andd hl'erent dltoeas; s .'rine illettudoanig auppli I wthh tnegmnt eiiII4 lad attentive male and female n hso,, and a spakl*L dchar o Lafaern langtldgem. og Private roaoms may e hliad b'v gentlremej.1.lidot ne loirn per day. neludin attentatnv , &c, tA. e by 'ers. ita ' abth e riry, v.rds, ,aln. ,tday. t Slaves also sneo dollars. Small P~e. rdiar - carda, five dollais. All eapital lrgir nl operatinnt eltri. S' 'U recsidlant ih yicia t is I)ralrediteineanto W oanr application fi,r hii , sion s atl be llt ...orito 1 Ci A Luznmberg, No Ii I feupart streeh. :- pld l.l irgN as)-- apt is NEW E-DII-.I Dr. (. R. PheRlp' Compound TOMATO PILLS , [ Entirelv Vgtselll".l ticA sets and in.ealoble Medicine for all Diseases, .ro a saili.irle/bo L'MClol, Hia a easnberlt in Flens e o , all U rlion s A. i. "ull" IIESE opurlar Pills leingat eomrlarhintl f It Rnwly oa iacoveli Alkalines ubstance, extractei frmn the T7l a rlelt; with uther vgetallie ubltaloca welsh hevivl..e.'ti. to modiifyvrtdi eitsrefflafrlta. a e IeliaerdLtotethi.' lihsAllter II tiir nll althartlle lodirie ever diacoverie. They have. iben ailielly i a d neiaeRe.iiilly aid, aod abe received umvereal pplrUeatiioanfit Srrofus'l Detpplao Jmaunlice, Ril lins l a eesna, Gravel,, Codghl, Coldlnflutenzl , ('Ctaleih, NevnaOll ,Iilnene, Acid elmno.ha, Olandatl awee, Eliar of all kild ,Co iivoiae , olic. He.dache,&e. /Ad Alllidoteto Colltapivnil F iid Elidelmi dlseaaa; Into pre volt the forllvtioi, of tlito eiol nd irer ao'eeliea., F~ar il l Agae, &c. il thoae won roedo ini fit elimnatel. nd fow'ad anlly enntriie o tialle the oirt cathartic that a .bell.ed fori Soalle'na. .,imen will ling elean iniifoble remi.nldy for ihe Scurry: lnd Trnaelrers the abet nedlee llbey.ei IPe to evnllerael tle dangers a of exprrur ill Ilnhealltv h eIt a.ltr. Fr oralinsary Fpnilv Physic, ltbeyar unirmnalfe'pi proved rs ile best evesr offered. 'Tre pe uliar viltoesof the',iemioP liot, hearfoealong tnhe attraold Wite atlellon olf the mediral proliaion and k ha pnrtic, atie g.raiiarieslhfrea hoo Iwe levelal tlo the fuiureda- Ielstiemeoit of ir iadirians quul.tioe, wlhrh lte poapsletor i r happy in leiag orIa to i gra ifr-d perilni him palle t. Ithe IIIlil, lith the hfai evanfidene of their beilg'thl alosre a r on I an r v Ieo L. tiA E nviR Da ileovan r. Nuimeroes eoiucases 'ti rcrr,,i tahlia )ie vliho Ihae taLen them, nd te timony al eveeol ptl.ricearo ho la ihve lrecribld thnneall de ird f r, te1d fli uiivervaIl applbtalthioi tlaoel 4lpa thim, as nl addillosml evidence af.their vhilis and am-. In preseetili thie erticle to iea tilil, itsin pepdrler ier ilueaned up Ilie hope iiiiu a ellvdieind pirpcvmi olilIoimeh e rtr, and wb n m as eiici regrdo t he Chemal nnd.Thcrspse lie penpnrvirm of .ivoaearul ogrtliellet, siould unhthe p laos of the irrevpnrnaihle medicine, of be day, with whirlb the rounlryL abollnds--ald friin tie fvlr alrealdy l'WeI veli upoa IEly l liysecianl aid othera, lie fols jtifiaed in expecting this For n fall arcounl c of tis i nleretin direhoety. teonitmi - ali,,mle of opeirilil, &ci. see iamlhlvets, lcil amay I o had gontis ,faoll who sell Illes pills. None are veaiilhio'iit thle vipnntore il G, II: PIIELP, Ai D, vuleliraprieor, lurtli,rd, Conn. FOP eALE BY, E, A Folasllie, Geieril Aelln. No. o liExchbnnocPlace, neare ihl'oueOffi ce, Also, Ily A A Pe liii, No Ii liun Rotyal J. laker & CIu No 7 New Loete . Dr. A dlrsllall, Corner 9t Jli,-nes clrd T hpitnols' J. Ro., Lafayette City. G N Morri.iia.No I, Cnnal nireit. (i Jiiiei, eorner Tieoi Cirlel anil T iton iWiL. 3. Tlile th111 wish In net as Agents, iddlesl E A FOL AN-lE, wllolerale Age. mar 4 tly FURNITURE! FURNITURE!!l US' received at tle I .ouivione Furniture Were TL houie, large suppl] fiaie.Neie fork and JBoa th I'erson.s ill tile nr of ftrniture e tild do cell toi call, and o elect 'hebr articles froii ones f the best and largest itucka low in the city. W I. CAIN.S. dab 53 Biriaillsa N I--Particolanr oleelian paid to paceking ind sip ing Fullritule, freep ol expense d6--w SNO'R ,CL.. Mitr. G.EOGE MIIRRICK having resignerd the of. flea ofchief Engineer of the New Orleans and (Ctroll.l ton Rail Road, Mrl John Ilampson hbas.been ppaino ed in hi place, to wh3m all persons lavilg ibusiness with, rrishing inbormalion regardiog said Rail liad willapplv at tile Roil Road Office, Poyldraos strmet, y o tier of tie lora.l (Silgled) JOIIN NICIIOLSON, ouvl7-ti' Cashier 3L h sl"' ete, Ibrz',iers c -pper 1(1 i)iereos Krilucky bagging "00 coils do bIle rolic 1511 dio Riisia rope 1110 do nortilirn do 50 ibuskel Ileideick ehanoiceoe For sale by CHARLES INCHED, ilf 6 "1 w 9 EO(ravier t VaLUAOLE ENGLiS 1WO-K s. ,I EI 1OIIi ,t' lf'nnti GrOamm i ti, lv A H eillon,. t1rn slltol from tle French, itlh lnlotee adti illia lentiolit in oiltiieo. f. Mtemoirs of Iililip De lo'nmminea t colltoiiing the h.- . torv of Louis lhe II Ith, and Chorlre lhelth- at F'l'Prnce, and ofi Charles tlhe old, lDuke of Bur gundv, lto which Princes he was neoreteri : as also ieIR hislOrv ol'Edoard the 4th, and Ileiry 7th of Englund, in 2 vols, lMemoirs of Lady Hamilton, witb illustralione, eae d ite o, f ianv ofiheir mlst partielar fiiends andt distlingaished colitelporarier, embellished liti a fine portrait after lmnesy. 'Thle Deeamlneron, or lee diay nterlipmeni, ifBoeeociu, lilnihding the suppleased nonela tr nsolted front tle ioalial, to ihicli are prefixell reoisrks ill the - a. tlle life. anld wrei s oIf BcIcaccio, i) vols. Feriale by 1V McKEAN,corCamp Ac Common ete iLOUR--I183lbrIs e landling from atielaboat lMein lpilli, -jrfir sale by (i DORSEY, mar.0 . 44"New Lavee 1t IlilKEI'--50 Iblea rectlifierd, lanlii from Rtesam. W er ielelmiphis, for sale by Gi ORSEYR ACiN Slilt--B5caskeiha ineinitacuic d, land. lie fronl ateooner eilinphi. fleti aalet'by llr20"O Ui DJII'SEV,-44 NewLeaee. O IL & KERSEYS--; hihlls l'nitirs' Oil a1 icasksiaperm'Oil;i 25 buIs NegIro Cloth, elnllbla for Ihe 0ea 0mn, "LEVI It GALE., mur 18 .w -3.Common - Ii ifi .--- --- - flS-;ooomant, LONIDON TA'IlONARY &iFANCY ARTICLES Jiest reeived pier Woeiihigtin, front Lonlon, -' i " D A PER-Eeglh I)ra loin, iofall vizes ir Al cltlohlee. Superilr bluluelai, lue unl vcellouw cov Letter Copying paper, largoe'nd extra la.ea Eitossed 40 andl super valin Bar gilt edged'bote & motto paper. enchuer d& gold &h ilemedrrde..d Enoclotppes: whiytinted, ehaarhed, embossed Mnlnilild Writers: We-dg utidani Aclkelraqn's ('arhunic and Sedic Canrbum' ok sa lde filclia -li-iag"maci . London pekeot lookil end wIIets, r'aIl Eea Enohaied and seal headl urtle shell Penholders tllundilnedl nvelope ases , • I.undon Irparl-d i'ories, foe iiniature' • Londin waler cilors.i hioes and hy ln' single cake Oxfordl and miser'llneono lmawing ho.ks "' Aekerman's d.awi g pencits, in cases of 6 and " Sleele Pena: Perrry'er exlrafle, fine, medium, bioad and London iridge Lndonn potoable poe%, in bnxi. o0f e._h Illk Ac kernon'e hiqoild cnriioy'itnlihen's wrtilan fluid, Lerre'a olid, Sllsreson aind 'Je'se's elllaino inhk. permanet billaie'n Ted filre v colored Ilaid Elsenntl inkhtotds end ,eneerhlheen. Ilinhldi s elinf waia m ie i leferee and olltllhtt sIel clee, uilabln lar ofliCr Jlldd ooUInill lillnlaa all of Seen 1iiolilr. K JOIINS k Coe Iner 38 mw Car of St Chorlrn aod. C oats an. NEW OR)LEANS & CARROLLTON RAILROADC A ARR00A' 7.NT 30 FOR, 7THE W11 DAM From Currllo on. I Fooo .0e O.3.or. lonre Ca t 4 o'lock, A. M.ioHnoran Car at 5 o'loc.k, A. 1ac01Heioe 6 " '" 1.eomotie 7 10 6 " 3 0 11 Aley 10 o'. l..ok a Couro' be obltulod by payini 10 do lure for tlie Trip.., TIM1* JAICKSON AND LACOUR'E ATREE' CARS Canal .t3 e eoltojclork. A. Al. odh ru hourly. A t sel port 7 o'.rlook this ur will ro3603e10 runnlil evore bol oor, nold continue througlrrut thea day until 80'010 .P. lL. frlom 300 h333db3633313oyn .,eat. Peroe.going by lble Lo..mtoUvo itoo provid. Lbsuw3Or witb Tichket, a00m) 03) 61l l. In fako,. by lb. oadtoAoo. O6fice New ,ban3 oano Carrollton Roil Rood Con jor. l'oydor':. 0300k JQhN JIAMPOIO, r N L.I. US T R Ar ED edi11io. of Jouo' on the Po aaioon , 16 ftl.',ito of Charlb', Mathewr, C3.omedimn, 3y Mf.r. 3331,heo.',i,, 20V111.oj.aLre.0 eivftoalnd for ale. by m 3ar 3 ALESX TOWAR, 49Coiapst ()3oL.EANS' ;.''LIIOGRAPH3C PRIINTING 1W. ,''ICE, 53 Magazine street, op ooito'33,tlis.Aro r~ude. W GIIEF.NE take. pl33ea3u in0 anournci jIn bin; lrieo.33 31.633e citizeno of New Qrleono6 tiba ha lip 't lnrgbth boogt 1.oltograph. on a n. irbOowloperIllw pouting, aod trono th3 bejigjoo.ILo art hli t j1i3.bletO oi~1 Ilf. be ooot l.00f 033 ot.3(a 00~~ij 1 ciýloo at one halt' the p. 0 .: ofeograviagand inbOly au. ell ap an tylwprinting.~ Ie-n11 to la011.3kg CirculOlrs at u033 in 31,ir o0e Iionnwrtnnsg,ono Itoe any quantlilv at a bong-hours " fl3301t or tilte will033 1300 ted for tihet in a htantiiul atryl, ouolloa Isoa ihereofore given gener ag 30.31 the r0030.e3bl0 comnlnlaton hooo inco t i Gie.ntlemen doolroon of having Visiting or lndO V bnd the becr In.onge onw4i bo j3tl 3 'ins36 u 3e oootMrs k jNrintd.oi. o*or1 LETTER . York, oiooulok ble drticl for acr mar l9 -'c tu tagdsp HAYb %\. tVUo-I't.sboiiae s A roNt bri 0.U13 bt-'2 lt 38 ll3.00 R ElRi igl;io , 0030 B ICON 1oiiJ'S- 75 ooebd london &3Uva *SOE i E'oC a (2 hRfORSPX. 41 v m.4 G.bORBE:, 41N w ~avee

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