Newspaper of True American, April 1, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated April 1, 1839 Page 4
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ril~nttt 1 t,'ls Tond ol Ov rI; & MHIIA 'UCi~ U-v r ' o sr i II.o h 114 A dgrlz0in'fn Io 1a, 110 1 S0t l~ )tj:r Fnphgh ~land, I EI 'tr Co.t 41 . onn IN W-- rt; o . (~nI~o. Con n t jj r'c Po~, 1 I lJ('rr~tre ,I,,d ^ ý r.8bliJ eiiOn, vol~ll Ti ebtnnto .arr, rW U,lieJ Svian'ilic _`,k., b r~r, nXlisL n d 1i: J0T1113 R" co.. ý ýý' ' 01". G'hrls. and G0,. O I* .tý SC. lthrle anmid Cotnigun $tc. -."x ¶lsiL TO ocrn ri ;lo~c. " w. l ".i r re bqf I/e Fre'er a id . ra - S rv,+e ~tIn the ordina irey of r .enting h an ' _- the fi- rst Iae~n , he ng a VeC. Ld.l i'ee l i o, vn . illi tlirrmnsn .- ee,'.t pi rlle dikeasi coase ltrently ile ennristitu l , itga" ii wanted Iont atid iictvitv. It IestI t "sehe ieon l. nd pr . a Pnt. iteliin ia lo Im l ti re .l...ii . .if -lteo .i rolgpiolntseenolvinrunlsini-ii "' ,e a elne 1.t in erense tlis di i"llo! or to treiat 0. ot thur.:alyhl.v cl e.' several or --imill C ron, thls benefits the snsteli ihil lwedo o .oll.'P afle os it imny hI nppreierd. Imlhidu Is, Aler r ittfitc Tnl i lnill u, p vlie ndi evtekrýsp contnine etnm b ufn s ll rt lhede Ih teil, noi teh"cl li.,v to r.r.urn sCo.rThe drgllnr " . {rei d trelpsesfilieAgue, is vey e"il, nt, or li e tlr eai~ h b"tdoi ac tnto lne ceb proetle i to 1. tw e. ,I I le oii le l a elitel ahvm i.. '"dth erind vTiolene ''hecr Iw i. Oictey ih Set'fulti ureih o- -aonable pcli;e, r s tIo ilice it i{ith tln," _each_ ,.verv one.--so nht Illa. .,l oei a L Ptilllle Ar Idu re in thufnisled with cssistnuce, ithlUl b olenitin . " tid' tereian ate e °i whic to fr'qicitlh denied to efrene rets an re.prlve cAutpla aga ns 1t_ e .11sao : v ,rir le.i rednf r.s edin, tha. are daily ofllerld . ft i bo'pleid onlv b> Dr. Joh n Rno . Rownid, stof t La liebrter, tlorketotree PhilutdehiRia. -lo in.,iortmrts u~e td. hilesrle souits for ahe l ,is eo.te. nto-,r aidl will sell by flie Cires, it O .I hi.pit ,r,.ies..ic I', be l lad at retail aIs, III S % , hotleer iins in tIa, city. T -, d b -. ncot Cinom a & 'r:8 oeI0ti lton s ii:te s in d toma sioo toUj llonel, <-,, .- ,,elt'ron, t~l '. R -"8 M I R'Y KIRKLAND reepectfil7y ani -o*isi;es t1 o her friends and thle public gene. '"r.'tlytiat-she i porepareod to aceortmodate tltoi let "1*"< bo1."-S... establiohmtent, anti hopes frsm hre s nertUonhs toender visitors comfurtablc, to reccivc' of former favors. She feels confi. Sdelt ,that persons visiting Covington during the 4 .8ltnlsrmonthl , ennot find better neencinouodatioio thai she ean afford them, on more liberal tu-rms. ler houseo s pleasantly situateLd, and well sopplicerd with e.very convenionce; the bar is funerl1h.ed witl the moost chis liquors, &c. in shiort,hs pro7tniecn t.t ""otlinog shall be wanting on her part to givr, :'uritf| 'Oatii faelitn to all who miay'potronizo oii -li issi{nepPiannd Lonioiana Hotel. ja3 studied under Dr. Scl.Imidt of COlharlesto,. omalith anolins, and for sone years his assistant in thaepresatle of modidino end surgery, Ias the lunor to offer his presosuionol services in this city. HiS imsures the ladioes nd gentlemcn that the moast prompt ,atteitior'will be laid to the calls which may be mndeal and also offers limi services to the holders otslnves,.being oell acquainted with the diseasme conmoni to tem, having attended themn in nlle nga r. loiso in CIarleston. The fent u e nti.bilioas pills aeter tile oemposition o f Profeniurtnitolletto, tith directiois, can be hlad f ofthesunderaignod. The effect which t ley hve Sprooducend in this and otlur cities, las been attended with the -greatest success, to which the best oft roferenoes can be given. Apply at No. niG .Iluagi. lime street. JNO, M'LORING. 1iCiiL01v ýuýWTq;; ýV(jD (I3 VS, SAD IRONS, &c. Tl.lE IJQWELL WORKS COMIPANY, No. A 238 Wa ter, near Bookini street, New York, have received the past season, ail ore constantly rceivingo large and extensive additions to the stock of tim above goods, wlieif now consists of the lIloninl atsortment, suitable for tili southern and weeatirn mnrkets. SIlollorw ware of pert ionr quality, consisting of about 16810 tons, viz, Po.s oaf" dielbront sices, from 2:8 toS50 gallons, Kettlesi, lfa izes, from 3:8 to 30 gallonis, Kettlas, 15 sties, troi.' 3:8 to 18 gallons, :% --- I.n or Ovens, 7 diiterent pines, T.. ettles, 6 alp I.- in Spiderns . t . do 4Vrcerd 'Spiders, 9 do " sdld. . 4 do ,Fire Dog, , . 6 de Wt gonit boxes from i 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches. S" art, dot , to 7 hnelos. - .Wood Screwo, 20.000 gross, ro. t and brase from .i.' inclh, No. 3 te '3:9 inch, No, 21 of a nuperior qilality and iisl, and lees tllhan Jaine's importedi Bd.lrons, assorted, in casks of about 500 Ibs for retailing. " "'ailo,res snd hattor's lrol.i assorted l - SasLi wi.t.,n 100 totty s1 aso-r.t.l 'iib-t-r'44 to S lills for It n a ens, stesmmboats, churches, &c. o,' le to torie , AlsOiead. beiats and ether'iaehlinery itade to order. 'I'on ao'l i assortnlent of goods is particularly rocoou ndrud-to ilhe attentioti of SouUthrn aind Westeren itircllante, and are offered for sale at low prices, a0'1 nptntthe most liberal termls i it is be. listed to hetlt~ir rgeest and best assortmlent ever offrtred foriobiaelby any atoe estahblishnlet in the Uiiltad Stleti. . , h!seroitlert,y lf1orwurding a reqimint by Itilil eo I have airiniov iculuslr, with deecriptioil ol' tleds, m wlieh io deviation is ever mamda, faetIheilsd l i rot re iUr of timil. All orlors'.will reneivo immediate atteiion. New Yn., 1a:8. -- .,3,p . l.ew V)rieott, Niv. 14, 1:o7. . 1 "BUO oi. lismmt'h ago.[ hid lie iiliuirinutue ii i. gol . #'-aer~ttet4 -stt!%A, fr %Ilieb I aI1ve alplljd, Ito sere. 4 i ll1l.trfte fadsmare, and thIey did Inlt cure tIle, so nowI i Hleit, lild I eOieutt in Il Io c Ins mIs. Siltee IthLilll ie t got IwInse,s I totui break ru inlli lrigreileers 40, ietIeau er..if six or eiglt on ea ti leg, ui all oler I1 by lacis sutr tllroat,l.ld oit able ii work itL IIt. prselleti tIms ot acoutlt of h die sease; hirge Ilcer oitt lfe rntlf silebof tls tbnrol. l out Ione pnllUllucni ilyell ennilnieav aderise care 0f Ur. Ilelh , if lPris,; lo t ibe lrledtly cure! JUlN DEAN. li. 411 Y r DDO CER'IFY thut thie hove tiuvutlneil dliseaoe is i q wii well erittil tley swil itiflnetilul, for whiti:l I titn l rt'< ,llu .ii;. id umeur vver I :*s ire iittith' I'etd. - ' atkbfIipYe tmke in.iLItes lii fitl, ald li lnolt itre joy i i, nidl at tdll; thirefilre I advise rtt f llow sntflerers int I 'I _i an titlien ll a lpply io lIt A. lllel , I11 Ciiial i f:Alttl.bqistw llue iillitui." anid Ilouorbn srtnset. i)r. "s"lSloat homie frti 9 iielllek, A M%,uilmil 4 I ill. In i Uid a tnl dioctor forn i coliplui. di JOIIN DEAN.O0 Gravier streerl. If ac.oyoowasii in, see ien, call siN. 41 Utoavi,. ;, JOHN I)IAN. h San i1;1838: - . Feb It Iv a tentao} et Balsaoif Ijcrrw·nsaid IDoe- Fi j . pet boutlot at the low (lrice of 511 sdetita aop(,4i a tLrsntgiii of three uotiees dii' - L'w g .le itutn o aitsw oithite roieit iCi;i heia [Idieo a lhioaeiiuueas in citilah Th'" i . lhich Lhas nlateulled the :iue of bIsin wherlver I lions been hitlrl, Stim cnaideilce und reennutendl. I '1WOaUagnreeoepitoCnio on blUod, nesisoan btteoriieThisio trcernti'v Ibiet we t ily lpreoriued ifre Dartd lest lasois osoer a d tlourhbuoad, with b u i tlltcrofrifnion thle klsm.r O l Lnl eIiaO eedebei.nP...pIme a naltilo received, soi l ;d Wnj18t9Aoigim uiru amY prevbe e aea ers, I t *rsoI nirtet ahees. a I! 1.0-id, wl~nro48itoa" esosons at tieeirow. ef t trs, a l I i0 . nrllnle n.uarclrtd.oirl, ! - PF I l n.. .rnltol , at thOen asl ee..inlr tr '4 *ac&b44orir'ncEhgh ll rlantser e .'nbdr .9, 0 r i igtil Id itmh blade Brwae Kl iai'n Lea6eh~el nrdl othtrrtrvelltind Dreathug .Csn.rg Bealt, .cve.d it rsr y tdl)tollirn Pintir: d,iaubl in an ndit rl ann; sr rns Ilnee hlglhoi n l t tilel; Plwnler la Pistll nio.krI lnlr trlanks :arnI DrilkingI Onps; Per.ttn Caps and Cnlt Iolderln; Clll, flnir, PTo, llo: alid .nerl Bruades. Omra nll Chloerin "'trntll Wlihne Tolhh Powder, Tanilet andt Shnving lornp., itn rant vn. Piety; lIng Ha'it Blrnil, Risnlets n.ild lriettrn; eanr; andi Tller Powdner;- iery lhnos; Ivory Tllh Csb ithlnll Parent Slides ar Garter. Gatll E.atlirce SisRlnnrdern; I'owder Ptiff sid l nxet lielt llrainr SIrhls nod Ir(er; Flar.dropl; Waist Blrn:kljo: Itrenlors; Boel Noekl&nen nl] Chrilis; Gilt andl Silvrerl IceadsI; llidan Blolidls, Bells airl Plllmens; shell Twit: Si n.rl In)lreetillr Calrib; which in addnition ol hir ifoer rnetck ar harndal, makes their as.enrinrllr very enllpleme, n llrill wie s old ow nId a.n lilnerl ler, It the nion rf trle Galhlen Co-t.b. r - lla or70 Chartrer street. FFiE Salrrari!,er.e. Agents rr trke erstlrnve I,,e attaf I WV. & S. BIltcler, Sheetlhelll, Ennlnl, havanl ijn ceived n ery extrrs nirve set n" io' lh t ey, oeirai;Ik frf Table anId DlIerltrl I nlvet oer e r r -. drerrivlin, l'ornr Pocker, Iirtk, n(ad lSpr poill h, niwl ein lrc aore Sia Iors.tldyre Tool:reo sl.c. &ie. wlrirt Ien ae nl fpr Ied 0 exhibi to reetile tradeo olllsi. , Terlo and inulntioi nsa will he imalle known nIt ilre iner. m16 J.. EI).lN & A COhIII:Ns .90 ratlrtn at. NEW- 6OD11S1.-- . Q I.iMI!.NvS. IIART'Tr r Ct.-Aee on' reerivrig T". per slirll ntrlillte, w ;a.le, Merony Adrlre, )lira-. eander, Frsrlrc nrl Oead ne-m "arrrlat]h heiaId plr-inshaertn: nlaeroe, ,ll ar I linket i istolsllt I n iller ari nl spli9 cusins, cnas: r Ltrlr lhs , leins 'r , rein r , pn. vea s (ill; l's enomm rrcial rrd rllwr siree l pi cs; Vhr . nr Violhil stri,.rl srhell, ivn eysal tire :l c oo's w fi ,s ,r heal nIan leare' ire nr r:, hInlr lrail, f'otllrt andr aek irelte; anegri plarfs; (odermao a:rnl anlagrrae water. owlnlsll marranlee oil, imitalirilr dn; antirlrie lwrl alrs oil; Ioble de liskas and dresrul i AeR: l:aIst hlnlek hlg. ;atin anlll toilet glat sas ; ellovex rilr ' m ol cai glall s a r l lrew t Ita in I lro I he lls and lirlnies Irn eian ; l itthll net.r r toilet rillr aharirg nlps,; toilei owder, aEna alie wdrhsill; sIclued satin e alin le Io rall lanal, cr nrw elitinctr ac fan Icart chnins nll neecklcaa: l Iliarlll Irlli lpoinkirt borokls as wlllrl oelmltn Ionet Irnaer stiln.; fine and conano g ita RlalNe RtSiene-s, rarte.-lrsir ellts rnlre nirrlihea; sil ier prenrils; Crevolo, Se. SeL. T|le iill'eeiill ddiliOllll OurI i formes stck of fsiltcY sliules, akcsnloll. lsnrhllwll lllen vervy eqnllltlel l. 1.'e l.i:i t wholele or retail; as athe sign e ofele Gldrinei om. 70, lrnltr, e nstree. m2. N [OTI'ICe..:Ikce pnrnwrrti lr olfKell-, iranona S1r Ct '.e of tts a: amInner l ofl e lErllnl. Tlrle tr .nor rl e, rtr, u iiiin, Tlr iin. u a rll h .llrtrar:l l)eiC Ilarris will ttIIerd IrhrPrrretrlill.r atlreP brrinPirroa f ,alllen l arris& o., O- Nait Nliei ; nl L Ilt r l, . I ea SC Cn.,taR tiilrey al IAenrrv KeliNr.yr t ill atend ioI Il. e ae:rlilrr e oaf hie iiinlia iffltor-le, Il-oit & i o,, an i New Orleans. Tile rales of lhe acrcnl irns will ha ased iI Iahli eIdt on irrr o mt. I'Thoiren iill-ebt I l sat i irlnirmPn Ire elatSer ly reqtleost r ocomnieirsrtr nl nirnkee lrlroeltltrre r nir d lltlloe Ilavinlg cluiiis Kill I lei. 1tresoilt Ihrm wIltWillll lielue. New rngiln, Jnilo 27, l1 :1.7. b oard s, llnd , & c- i o .vt' I 1veL t Id ' ! ; v I ' 'I' .R S2 ral es npe'rnlsf lis ris ..,er i, " rr, Iri- . I-;t re ived mll~ .l,,plin an - - le o u.jrn l ,,orrr a- -r , tli .'l e i., an l , t ,ll h toil t, "i,,- i,,,bt er , eir . i" e.c r .+r. d Pie - e,1r- , -' ro , ,inli 'li . .;. o g rw nt whlolnt s le I r r, til h I t:rni-ilr'd' t1iy ilh tI nllaa oird gwidely s.0 'lowerp I-rwut t5 a, . Nl a. .ni tIt . l n d w 4hU, t -l i hIYy i.-IIlONS, IlAR'1T1'g t:: 71 Clhlartro - rine I. N - r s ubsn thr city la mv the ·et ntry ' . i, , su ipply of Ca ann l and L i wrna,-I Poer l ' s Pinrrll r iquality, which thri ey ol,r fre . . nj oill pur .. .s.l l ' . . ht' tile first arrivnls tfrm tar , t' nri'oa, r Nlkth, dana-Il, Lehigh sari a l: eneh .)"""a.t IJU t broken allnd screenead, tr1 usI ill i ".: 'l- a n iresslv for rIllmily Use--' l of whaic a ' ~^` , r i.y o of I Ihe moist molor ale g te rlmls. Il aI I ta eiri fice, Nto. 53 Bienville at 'i; C , - irll be prol rtlly a ttenldel io. B . & A S O I ,II . nr[lean roloag pt, iiir.tlpl i'r -- for tlL reti I[ade; nIls, tie apur' , 't ,, I" . r;! ' .. r oibrar i leinrg very va rielty Ior hit ,'e ',, ,r o I !'v ,,e 2 l , Lf 'r ,i ,. T'I C' o utlli r y 21l u i t.le l.r a 'il r ' +i Ii . nitro elths hIlairetn, | irimia-In I - - II sh ir tiv e s c h eec k , lin e n s c ell e +<, ia i Ik L &e &e.creceived and lor sale ht o i bl I'll <t:;,o be:as. OT I. ('.,. nct. eorner Canal ale, (' i;irtr. 1 I . IV (;lPrro's Ile fhrrie-is. Irdinan Dye, hor cnlurngr lie r lair ; Ilcr's (i', Ruasinnshlen:l'vtren s:, prai ::::111:: Irtll rrlas ll irI cei Wash, silrrior pei arl Iplowder, Sli Wlile, 'resin if rro ta etIlhlttllt ruge, o r i roseI, Inpi Sllve klrenltlr tohoilll wneh, carllli llr: dlrllrllialr, rill llawer wn-ar, powdr puIr's and aIIoxr , A I.riaIrn chlarceoal, nIially pu1t IuI 9 in luar tllounce vols, fI|res, ton italls, eolone, kreos,,l.f oalarr oakle drops, lnair brllshes, E:lglis tlrenti-e eo thl, s, il ndall oii I rt r, wiat a varielay oif ilutr pr, toiarise, 5-C. Far tri by C. J. 'I'RINCIIAII), oe 3 eorllur i Coalalland BurOllar stn IllRON Rl()OFS--Ten snlhscriaers hlve ime i it greai exirence, Ihe rig nliri,c olrrirntr irrnr rnmls in Iris aiiry. 'Iey are alapre to ptn I-! lrllldinlgn, warlhouserr , ted lrivate drvellilns,u l ol rrllleile at nce eltPnlir os and laralllrli-, attn ore pefrarin- fite antid waaer proalf. 'Fer-as star i.e known, nlid a monildln seen aIi iU e.ntslblishaei, '.alrosite S,. larnyr illltrtlrei, Tehtirrlirnlon r. orr° E IB COGISWELL& Ci UI'tlOIlSEIY & I'APE:RI IIANiINtd9( S'l'(t1I. Hlenry Sieireehlr, (htrmnrly J. C. Witcka & U,,.) ourldl Im t rterslleetllll illllrnform s I'rlefiels nnrr tihe tsiiii ill lgr itrg 1,ta lith: lie s nod is t r1i1rsI co Iy rr. eiviitig grnerll a1¢.'.IIm(2le iof 11pholstery al,nl lpaier Ilangilnl . Th',l , i i ,llf l ) ll c rlelr s I patrt l his slot{li Ire ofaenrs fro tnle t whon.,k sole or rellw.a u.i tihe 1t1ot1 I Oclllllln d i llli: Itemlll viz : ' -Frnrh velvet and satin paper, lamesl stylh ;• hailt ecllr nr l ann d t eoilllr, Pltilalellthia lno zcs d illl nangIlnzed Ilt de, IFrenhI lnandscphCe, lire bkatrds, bladrI &c. tIn v Ivet andl %arneld dt de, Inourenz dorc-lore, sill, fionge and gello-ns (atIlf jlitlitire, snar Iaind prient worsrled Icr .tgs as smrteli pattern. plin anid ehlor, d. Swi'slltislirn, Itartsl style ilain und iurlan.i-ri, otarl t raperv n ,usli S p lin nd Itvil hed, as-'tnied c hlors, new " tyla oi neeile llle wrnt Iftr , toa elintulnsnlln iitar levrrn , ,&n le alnet)le l It II llti lcls, r, l.ted mialres intII phlnilt, ill w 11td,,w l rllaa en tstI ( i ll atlal rnt a tllll .'i:l! l ,. Ill e i' n bat.,l -oid nyears, fuaohrkr, Iel, ' ass tt ill t:, n l Olil ric r alr i h t , h rn, II,'d Iatd Ip rnl oatr. ita trIas lrt:ln r :loi t ry-n t" e r ill Irln ; Idr_,t sillr cd a d na s,l In r~nr-d a rei ant,,i ,tan. rn, a llealr-nl anl-rrlin Ii IIa ,hi l.ym Inaltro It l torpor l irot irtn, e-ntrntotIP t ln ly lly t Irt i n 1o . ile 1 tim rrr it, I.+,vt'i nllrl ot Na il i toll l ad 04. art-arl N' lJ--Iat'rlt, nb r nn C- d r tlln thr eiiny ntnla eteitl rilliI- I, I.IIrariotrtallin (io rlilnttsh e rrtrrsl slllel rs ry-lell" tll rr1111 rrii llrl lrsnr+rllr k- a Iran ti I rra rrtlrrtrarra nsn er - il ji 1 )'\ R SAI' i lllljlll B1lllll: , A . .. llil'ril NE1a1t1:1.) 1p:r'ojs tn lhle ll with IIPn'il, ) dIavI cei i iiiNllluri , ahi, iiA.: ,d lil i ,, wr A n a who has ever I111: nlli slugsil~l 1n ciw "ll u errs den,,I: II 11 o, ntsthe.fale au'il,,ni he il~iairult% i- oltr I rlrnl.sllntelll PaI~lrlllet both b)' sel~rS and theIU i( F ar Tr pet is objtioii i. ., i el e d Most alscet l haive olavIbs. ondooed ilwirdoult. tidt haviig used pt l 'I'rull ii. Ioir sa I FaWacyI se,aiU rrrl f iii (1 cnn' l11 C 1.:llet R I nd.:r It : an .n !I ul, IlutI .il S 1'ER-11 011- 1--500) Fulloou pureUT winter d Slurum Uil,ln souks nod hilt,, folr sole byv W 'l'lthV id 0 1", E A bli'hti't iai a I ni",fnt iayt' a a, 1ntc 0 afda I YS E InIsh n al5gr a aa.4aiaa badhd,.. a _ Xu,11' do Silver 1:0 ; lrlzt l~anr~rs ull' 1 a101 Loxes, variou a ie Ri r , qualifies. I Ill..rPn C. ru les drul -tIU l Il di s~llntLig.I**lt, Milb Ils, '''nit general I ia ia oi narit la t" ' , N 16 maul tree. ." N It.'Altl·llma notes taken at p r. sad Mississippi ItII .ko.ei ll aji b i 'aeie '.r ia . r go, errs, I R I & ., IW'r.It'ON - tpa riy, hl, art Rl oI11.--iiU Pu~lls N....... Inl 1))I. n3 9oUI:KR''k I f.\:\T.NV'tvr~ tiflj'r rivier "I p Ol'rtrhe Pioayun dOfice, 7°2 Cirp at. 7)RONSENIA"& flOYSON beg hidve t idormarr S! their elne oiher ,ndnt the pu ' .lib goener.dte ,, t-tO' hley have re entved their gmtnhlipbm lln t to N .-. 72 .mrp street, i.nmediotely ol.der tille olf~i of the I'itavtsne-w-here they are prepared to execute all ordnrs in their line. II ,aing received' fromn the N.nrh a supply of p+. p iert t d mat erinls of na .peri-r qua'i y,. foer the mantntneture of Blank looks, they loffer ii ir ser vices to mIerchlnnts and other%, whoi may wish work of lthi kiid ; and having the dvntlage of severan l ya. ts's expelrieinte int thaI line, they' ire cnltlidlent of tiving a tis ilfallton to those who naly fvtr thenm with their custtom. For aontries, nrchileets and ithers, mnaps nnd planos ill he pasted o, linen. vatnihedl and motnated in the le.tlost manner, & at the shortestr Plainnnd fance hindin', in nil its vcrilei. s fti. CHINAt Ltt. ah .j Eati tt ,,, .: e,ae; 3i (t!.irres streiet, New Orleans. W 11. SEiRGEiANT & Go. importers of French andi En i'sh Chinn ond E.rilet wanre. atre noI' openintl new a:d rich patterts of trceakiast , idnin.. and ten services, tillel sets, pitchllel, t ea ,n c~ffee uaps, tenpois,, cre.t t s, oll.t l es, latei, di-tlhes, tureesl, wVash basint anl enere, foot hnhs, etre. etc. / Rich cu, and plain French anit Atjtrican glas. wnr,-- nhlets, cli mtitaitne.s, lanet latdes, j.llies, ,elartes, il crdiail, tcnrcl, C t hoeini) s, ti doctotI e tumblers, prererve dshies, celceres, iitc ler,, Inam s, I tup shade and glasses, candle sa ilu, salt cel letrs, t. S.t teplntcid, hrinzed nad lh.t tita wnre,-r-a+t -r-, ilia? r standls, cale tlank s, eandl,,w cks, tranllehss nil, I n dles,coellfcaid tlanltIes,suars, tcreoa . l , lmps jllpa)ll trays, nstrti s ,t r n ind ha _,Ling lamps, tine cutlery, ( - rian sliver spouns and fOls, rtlllgethe:r with a rea variety , f rlticles Ite fialtl I ce. I lecehantr, I ilnters, ht, Is, nn d etlllnltllll furnistihed wt h d o.ils at enlat set saln tble priers, and Ilaked Il na to he conveyed with safety tnny part aI the 1 un ry. Atncc, nitientritic i llis ant '2n TIHE F.0 tDA LINE hpn.._ lol.h Ivery d liy t flree for Hall',s Lndle,, 11. h lV lth Ileh -- ec e oI r pot conches I Peansr -thlnc steamid a to Lgrnoeewhereshelon tlllre isresuineed-thence via 3latiitttin and 1 ithe t ills, Fla. Bainhtidge, Ptti oriaot. i, II , tittns lle. .oidersville & Lt l is. the rail ril ti clrs to (Ctharhtl tlt,. antl tel Ii rl, Snekei s to, Now York V N,,rleks P ,illlt phin, etc. ''he l i a tnt cb a Nts l ilr e bear lfor the sevicei t td tlthe unvigation p arese, is me advantates than call be foand upmtl a stlullllbtbat route il th.e outh. Trn region. i I Ihe gren inproicnts inll heI rot hnre heren Sproduret db lheconstruelion o liftitile ofn'ew S roadl, by thie, pr. prieta rs, ai : fromi liGranta e on L.avIa·rtte I a n arm on f 8atla irn tRos I,3y to Ilryatil 'a lFtry, on the Chatnoil uctnle liver, ten I tisa.lls bve lti(; wlnrdl . r i4abo!veCedhar l ulol w:ta le ebyl th mvirgattio el the river, and the orl r v letrit cE " at the 'Coafct, *a"re catire'y av,.taied' road from Ma rinnnn direct t. elct4-tn ' ot the raundabout raed via Chettahou . aaa 'g the distance about firty tmilen, nd t 11t facilities more than once a day. Al: o,a bran... ao horse slaies every oth ar dtiny froat II ti kti.svcttniin P, tryh t aaIno., lt a. elacon ecting tithi the lie. to Satvannt.t; and )tarien, Geo. A mnil steamlont ulies rrgalarl hbe w.eet l tirihtidge and Apaelachi: oltl. 'lravellt rs ewir ig I o rtachl any ioinllt on (it latlahonclhel or Apaia:1; aoela, can take stou.loal at lit Hnnsville. I Mobile to Pensacola-Lanid Rl ec--l)uring the timte iceupiea Iby tihe repairs nfa Ihales, the prttpre. I tars of the i hntlrida tl tta ll tI n a t i ne of a t r h arse post coslces every other day betwec nt Mu b ileand Pentsaceola. Passengers will leave hIlaile at 3 o'clck., p in, in thie US malil bari, and proceed to lhall' land. ill, where a lour lhtrse coach twill Ic in wailiag g o convey thel toin the exaellent house of 0Irn. Charles lal, I1 II 4 mile distant, where they will find pleasant acole lllltnode nll fr the eight-le ingt next imorning, tlhey w aill arrive i l'ttensall early I in the cvecnian, thus avoiding the disceolafort ou nirhlt travclliný. Ollice at rhit Mallsiun, ItMobile, and Col. lin' hlotel, L'ensacll, iwhere siats mus118 t h cii AL. ST'l'O "['liN & (,,. ,tv I . Panu I,bre t /itslr.r..'lion. ; illitam t ilTi tedh ers his acrve ces to the citi, l.- t New (Irlcans i s a teacher oft Il ian i t r, hvi yt ll o L been emplllI,y, d several tilnrt tc . taa,"'tlr lica inti I private linllie inll B lon, S reveralof the fa : le sei ith aries in ili s (I ailltrti ia mio)l U Illt hop It lic Ie it Cl r en licIne. He is permAted I racr to Ilva'I )a I , Ist s S.lcs, n;, & Aver'v, H1'll =rsI-,t &. LGaes. l ietr te IS ..c i a a t ., c boukhstre nic Ale:txander Ttwere 4lI , mit, .i ta ct Drlug and .i JiJ II Prevost ha Ileal ed !, -' . . i ,r the purlpose i transactite ai ' , h' sur, lttru2 business. lie is not rece: ni , , , ll I I supp ot tresh and genuine i rr t : ý :i,.ch II, " ill sell 'in liheral teru. Toci ri n.d beoe ,I the interimr, to pbh sicioll. ,e ,r, l. is pla t, r. , lie will flffbr ihndlceneel ,r u*hI, nevItr e. fire bten 'flurIed in thisit1y. 11 s . mItn ,- I n dos strictly ie>iilitlte I do n si clr y le i rln ate , incss. [I s stack t ll rsoon be camn ,lte, ond i --hes will be r,:i dlyi hr lbusinlless. All orle u tr ,,,, I'from mnerchants ol tl i- ci ceiv-ng such ,rl;: will be prompily iitl .. out 2 ,r No 39 Cans, st PROSPEC'T'US. 'TEE subscriber p-opnose to publish. in tch,. Ie. ginning of the cnsalng winter, it Condensalti, n, f t e wenllty volumeos of the Old and Naw Secrt if Martn'o. Louisiana Reports, to be coimprised :I tler volunmCe, Svm., according to the mllodel of Peters' Y Contiesed Reports. This work is now in preparation by J. Burton Ilarrison, Esq , of this city, asnsiscted by Williamn F. Brand, Esq. The Editor is also permitted by a distingulished retired Judge of the Sulpreime Court, and by one of the sitting Judges, to expect from their personal supervision all the advantago which stmay naturally be reaped from their experience. Such a wourk is becomoilg every day Inre no. ceosary, as the original is volulminous, expensive, and scarce. An icer.asing curionily too is tnnni lest, in tile other SLt;to of ithe Union, in reference to the peculiarjurisprudooee of Louisiana; and the circumstaetlce of the numlllerous principles here do. cidod in the atdjustment of conflicts of lnns, nmakes the knowledge of our adjudgeid cases of prime uti. lily to the jurists of the whole Union. Moreovee, the rising republic of T'lexs has adoptld tur codes, and thus there is a greet demua:ti for the Louisiana decisions fromt a fresh f qctrter. Convenient inotes, inldicatitg the parallel cases decided in Louisinna, aid occasionally those in cte ,nore authoritative forulma of the other States, wil. no added to celh case. IThe wIork will formi fur volunela s, ryal ocltavo. .nd will be delivrcn tI,ieh el, to sohcl hers at $6 per vol.; in case it should be found practicable to comlpress i iilltl three vol intes, the ipica to suu. srilber will be '$7 per vol. lubscriptions received Iby W11 MiKEAN, e5 cor Ct Camp and Conimin sts. Ittil..\ytill: A tND Irhit .\Il o IIi ANDi VA YV li,i E'V ,u'lltre lE-at ir Snof i the geolden enm rllo ' lh;rtr,. r s i, The nitubs riberlt aive re-i cived, itll4 .ti,ll o Ihlo in prs il, s.a1nck onI olda fuill ti clll t ap.t ,.I II crustell {r" 1 ll esli( IL< Oi IIIPi r lille viz: Irolllhis, l'nls , rI J.wlellr, i l.lki Ilakinsth gs ane, eth ).lie-tetls,,irS the bcllcru a nd i inektw .t, q h illed rbta r l, au- ro rn,.t.- , ir pl, ; ck, et and r alt k, Brlzililu i l llll,. r i e' r,-r el.s - tiu ai nienst which e rani tiom iXci ar itt es , le. c vlv cncls tn i. everye tlheri, ilnl, htiii l dlr.illtgt n ice llitll p IIcket cctettr wilhi S tlleln lltll eitreitefIl'lrenlla aiII lA l t.iri ltllh board, rth., ail oriclnl Ilh, w,"r wa 1r o," eeclre si aend d o. l rip"llilll. [II lluoph tratd l.olog rll extrt :" f lae.'gat I, Ilely snip soI',II kinl,, svig1.1 dh il nukes i i ld, Iil(uedo. resil'Sr soeling lio ltt!l, in il prfiuead Iollet puwder, pearl pliwell pate lr pll:, usad Itora ao ciurai!! in uls andl rnllr. orrl* Ind ch orhl 13Itloh wash ltid llllllewd , with II ig'llti.iil ilaFllhitCII tof .1FLL.1.l\l' --soue ll l'ih I tcst alid slil oalt ithltnia. tyife Sells, nsill fahst itcowhe an d red cdrlelita, [athlr jet eardrops, U. ill e lilr hillaloe b ill eastiSt l F'al gr." lI. I l iy f lll ,rnlle, lalltch trllllm.(lil l t.% uilI llld si wv" l.l i.k s, lll USlllES--:l.iih, Ihair, ilitt el'lllrotIi iheirti,fltr, hlt, .lehi,'tlotih, iatet ullll, Nail, hating, sihi . e sold whii I teaiih kIrue.t. iil..i :ýi1e-tG ernan stntin and tile t ion ouIl li'mlIh dlire.tig glaseNes il aei lVff otlli.r kils linlt eluimren'ld. INEI) " ARIET V "llE'I'Y 1II"I 'dIClL UI"I r h . ii . .rle d Is cud tllll rem g I t eoe , m xloillt r `-W. tumiid finely niaett endira work hie.sat n Ires-t i tilol Cases witLh anl wiluOct ensice, minnIal alnxes, A iluted setnils.aaed leads,winad pen'cdils hor ear OO ice " od icerioninatill.llteetlleinedn.iott p tl wnith aid titelntllt a wl"wricrr. .shot4 r hbeh tlliha .. l . it. blackhre, ttys Ira leit:,; Idi. bendl. ferv ,;tots b., s and pht.II ,;, i imtatsie e.eoi iiiisiiP,,t lllild i-or.,tiat o l kiva t.y dnr hd l hlS , tn , siter d, ttd ie.l andIh tithtIt I II esipc alles, icetl alilol noLId Welle, i vatrienl kitId, vi'-Ix ,ntii A merican nuie ,ui i lt,' . , ,i llt.i i oie ,ttc rtctt, sOiui d Enunx reu. i srllll. nf nar udIi l . U llld,t | illlel.V 'l., hJIIe ,i nev lltie, mli.lii lliticn ila Illmetielr itclh dr ,tiln helm d Ieads git i out sil igi out et '-ti,: Sitt alt e lattl ,rieiuhrie I .t, s.tilki, terett triety tiI otler 1 it le. '.ii l ifwbi, iwihmatl it. calir tca t ric city nit ephit urn it I: !iitallhe e;ri',It. 13 II SiIIC.,. &S , ,t. h, d I _ 711 {.-l rv tLtw.etdlotsuis r u,. seteYic, ti t. . .\ ils hV.ilu, lta ca -4 . -'til INIJIAN'b IANACEA. Oýbtheeureofriseur.oniisio,serfulna rkiengtlevllut, Es isettien or hip pout, toei.!:e oncets, aslt rhcbtu, sphilselo and neteoure dliseses, portio.ulrtv otlers IutI psiif'ulsffectious of the ones, usleretetduto.iats -n. s-s. t tril, uleers of every dtsuription, rer sores, hod internal e choesses, fistulas, piles, seulrl heal, scurvy, bles, rlro oie.1aeeyes, crysipels,hlthts, se( eve ocitytts 1aeyof. tanorus affeetion, chronic (:alt,'h, head ache orroceet ing front any acrl Id humor, pain in the stomach anal dys pepsia proceeding froso vol ieinon, offectinni of the liver, nroec intflammation of the kidneys, and general debili ty eaused by a torpid action of the vesselsof the sk it. It Ssioga llarly el.lcacious In renovating those oe.1:ti1ti,, which have been ibrken oween by iojtUdieinls juvenile irregularities. In gen!.dl tr,".,, i, mended it oll thoediseaoes whleictl:ll of the bloodt, or initiation of the hIo name or kind. Some of the albove complaintsmayv n, le vemte tri- 1 flingasistant aptlicatieons, which theteircumestances olthie ease will diect-; but for a general remedy or Purificatem i to remnvethecause, the INDIAN'S PANACEA will generally he found solticient. ] TO THE l'PULIC. Ilow true it is, that modern Physicians, mo their am itiml to excel in their prolession;explnore the vast fiehls ofscieoce by the aid ofehemistry, ned seek out new re medtial agents; in short, to arrive at perfeetion in tihe practicee by means of art alone,--'ntirelj overlook al I neglect, as benelth thesir notice, the riel and bouelteous stores of edicinee, whlich the Almightly has caused to spring out of ithe earth in every clime! And how much i more tree isitlthlt while the American Physician looks I to Ibreigu emeltriesfor mal) of his most common and ecesntllay arttlesr, perpetually ehanglng as they mae at the dictates offaslion or folly, he in surrotnded in lis own country with an edless profusion of medieal paints, souticinlt to answer ally indication il dlisease or to cure aely clablo disorder; and yet he is ignorant of their vie toes, and they are lsufferelto 'wastetheirhealing on the tesert nir.' Thle effectsofvegetabole medicines upon the system are temlems'ary-tlose of ssiserls lasting. T'he forler ex ert therl effects sni pass off-the latter, oeremry in par tinular, aet elsemicatlly epoll the solids, deeomposing the bones and umlermioing tle constitution by a slow andl sore dsoltroctios., 'The congetiallity, efflciency and SAFETY of vegeta lile remedies ever ncelsnri, In.y be estimated bveonntst ingthe ancient pranetice with the modernl; or, to briiig it more immediately onll:eror or own observaooton, th' Iiii an practice with that of the whites. 1Who, in America, ins int knownollorlhed of re eiated nstlances wherein some deerelpid, unprctemlldi femaleldian, by mealsof her simlple resmeies alone, Ies otffeted the most rapid and astonishing ceres, after the 3lciteira Sledica. of the -I mmona raetice. directed in the most skilfil masmer,1 has foiled? And who has not been sol'p'ised at ihe com tlrntveease mnid ftiliity with wllit h the Indian fitlrestiem self i'rm any disease, anod at the alomst tota abstinence ofcltmniie desease among them? Who hlts rsel hlear ol an tilian with a con(iitimttiiM broken and ruined by illitea.Imoet? Anid tan a doulbtexist that this hap y ex enloltion of tte savage friom Inost of the ills which the Ilesi efeman is leir to, is ehiefly owing n lsiore genie otnt sofe renedles which i enllloys? 'l'ltis oalouislo - 0n iliffereIlce in success, is a ltir exem111ilieiatioo of the infintie suteriority of the sitnple and safe merns of cure which Cod bos ereotest fnr the hetiet of his if hilren, ovel those which the p-ile eand the art of man have ill vented. FrIm a long residence among a portion ofthe aborigin alinhnhitantsof thliscontry, acdao intimate aeqlualin. Iance with the mettlds of cure of some of their most'oll pracetitioner's, the proprlietor ol 'The le iao's taltucca,'netquired it klnowledge of some of the most rower"-li antd tfavorite remedies. Froal tlres he selected such as were nlost efliteiouls and pllpro'iates, anI after various exprinlelnts to test their priniciples and strength, Ihe has combined them in the form here prIesented, as the most lper et alnd beneficial for the purpoee for which it is r.commelded. The proprietor offers this plrepmation to the publie, witl the contseinosi ss that he isplacing wilhlitheir sea, a remedy capable of'relievieg many of his afflicted fel low beilga, who an'st;ltlinriig under the various chronic aidl obsttlinaleteomnnilits to whill il iis aptlicable. 'To such it will prove of incalculable valhe, as the means, and in many cases, the only means ofrelievinigtteirsro feritgs and restorting them once more to health as d eap plness. Thisis not oll'red as a commnon remedy, that mnty per chanee be eqlally good with many others now in use, butls one which is capable of saving life inmany extreme eases ohieih all tlie unusual retediesifail. 'Thisit has donee reTpeatcdl; and this is the re mtatioi it hasob tar inee werever ilt has een ientodltceii. It Is oniyatbtoutitiree years sieie tlis iprpariltion was presented ioltllhe public: but in ihat short spat e of tie, some htinidre'ls o persons might libe Olslo, wi( would solemnlt deleote that they believedl thte thehr lives were saved by ilt, anold in .at ii aosalt they ld tried sliany and perha s all the common remedies in vain. VWher Sever it is known it is:tlrllty cotiug into oe', ani this aff'datbe most stbsalatal and eonvi|cneg Iproolf of it Fmerits. 'The vanlue fthte PPete:n i most con1uie sa in 11tose I higstaniing aeln'svphilitie anll loh ss otieis ;let.-a:lio S tith have defied aill other remedies, and particularly in those cases where mercolry has been so lavistl !y used as te cause distressing pains in the lones, nvoils, oteren iial ulcers, der lgenment oflthe digestive olr0a0, l, e. 'LThese it complteleh" riemov'eso, ulc t inall etrsc it entire ly ealienteIs the disoises oni ie.I.ts ofgul mercurys reolo !votes the coinsiltiin, :ldI Itltlie patliet sualtd and well. In rhIllnalSIN :u11 itn uletritledi solret thIroa, its I tapy eillctsore not e-.s apler:ent, g hs aIns gimst inne 'akI enakti prop- des,, n Il e.-s ihtll ' l ae o oea'eli s as n :lelel suti tand doiterigdel rt; ,inplel .r ., 'ioretie , 'ln l ,xatives i:ntll a tin- a. i e tl id n ; t od t l e ,Iip Cl.Csea, sas~ilieuhitclaml iith ga ..I Ge t tier. aIll expresse, d it iacaeses a:l thie aecietl:iillmes ex i. ai gll> ReeanIIe tIo the wstoinrae, sou ieitolteti in i t hik l siita lir tloo l ilo. t olltlil I. . alen I strtitoi eltL, ial.r .n I cf idontli'riiimh it'' ol~ ' lt ,i, il I, i, lil . ,"y,, ",,:j 0 f I inl t Ini,_ , I.t i i 1~i Ih, t c' . - ael i,)... , ",= nil ..<i ,ii t --e -o. it-i"i 1 I,, : fil~ a I,.. 1 . I wI ..I, i , uii. i, t III ti ie si e, to: . a :i tinttal :i.l ¶ in i ittt ttul " ,"k',ri l n ,ti , etisstos ls sus u: w1114s I -is l o oi'i ot n. etiiihi l ength s ," 1ns w il il2,1. ,w."l",t Lill l, iotd, o'oittbnhatlt an as '.e hbl toen Io1sreo tudc ion . iutc, uI. o t +n U rIIil , IIei 'le syl''l t io contlitudi.l I. C ASES OF ISIIIFU AI'USIS.X g. ,CituelCl ltLE . lo 'k t 15,1 83r. 1 s eiitie. i heh ist h irarn siinse cAob, etsi . weia ;fBi t alv i.vee baI edc(liS'eII i-i l. u tist, iciiio tsllo y s i tl hm he wl is cltin alowl `ker eat ioesuer ell ti:ltili. t llnttlix blealt ns ofrIl le ,iilia ' sli olltitie il . irighll' I'ra t1"lo w 'y ao n, I wt ;. ah oo o try it, Is aInst n . theil Ili·EL j'iimin'lloordto,,irei gl tlem it obese of Cl!itLo s oot, Narnc'7 I, 18v'2. III was' ielas edlittle:etyeas lsi hee, t i sllhcellij hetiI tiratisl. e h li sve II I e Bo iy ,thile ont iilt Ihenlhlt iiicii Ielllsr'iiii. I . lihlh IIs l:+iui Ulolr froon tulsless toneall, oteteoisiNe. Ioriyetf irhIfo t elnt. has setie saitWint th. 'tCarhe InIe, Isl h i.neth et. o twailso| fulllr nmolnths, atill iiearl thle stane length.' time in the lallimonre Ilslhaitl,' and It'ed almost ever remedly, with little belle ieitN the is16th tof Pebru l mast, al tuit time scrcely abile to itove about uson s 1utchi esI eotllelce s ti I se of Indint's loia. It coaea. Il msonh I f'ount d mtt o elfentiltelstr, d fecromttti pahie antd tnow hanlliy to stai t ohal conosiderl rselflihietl- well, on'.l1 t TUotK Ii, 13.larket o l.b it \tCASES O)I" SCIIOFUII)US UICEIIS.l od ' w YOIIk n Sept. 1t, 1830. Tlhs't may eertity tlhat in Ilthe uil l 8o5, I was seiz 0 illdeel-tld Iaud became lalge ghastly ulcers ih nay lIeCL. Alite-ttil'ylgo elns l Ihysioioiti. Iotno ahaniegcr I well io Iitiilorto ll', olislosired riatseltol r Illllet. Ihoe clts. Dst. 'tol sii alnlgilnathoellicitI liisoi, rusllatd sntirt' i o Waelo Ionodlk twscltfsy hIillreofvewaiilg, naeilpeelnl eoignl rnoles nf iis, leler caslsoleit nisilhtl ino nlericltel hellt, I)eslrit of t iee which hall hiowIso hovne Irectisted 1t mre, I I mlkelliel I tsilittretlso oli N iw Yool, it 1stuis ato fier myselfiiuit e tlitiocliii oto ttlfot-ig uitieug of til simoilar· Io isy uosle was celroutlet trcit it, as a last ioo s inlclitosl niyoidl' rapidmy rebovefllrIe ttoc r Iry thking sell in th, e elrse oftwo os ollhS eo d have Ielslaflced so rilp. . W/M. IIINIIA? tCinltu:stlty . July 12, 1131. , 1 was afilictyll ftrlet rs with l uluer Ilo the leg,I r, alnd excessivc It:hiu in the leg ill| unieI joint. Sevclil ' enlinent phyhsicians exertel l theirskill upon it, billut with out n pl uanllll le leefit. In thlis tse live bottle Indli:'ls anllnec made iu t Fetett cIre. MAIItAI.ETI A 'ES'I', 121 Market F por sale by IIlNIIY IIONNAIIAL, dtgiktll, agen to+ tftprnprienrrs, Tchlpitonlallsrvet NEW ORLEANS & NAtIlVILLE RAIL ROAD C031PA N Y. rP1llE stockholora of this con any uore Ihereeiv no Iiiillt lil a llty t retulutio of the hourluofdirec. Il i inused on Ihe 19th l lt. th colll u dl i o thmo ihe [Jilt lbruiary lint, i i ei the ipuyn.t o f live doilars o slut e, was relidded, and the said stockhiulders are tintller tcutiIeed Iht,i, lhil iceclsuteon of thin board ptassed o the [)th lOut. t culIltas ien .ilado ult the etuckhtoldere uf ill the V N Orhellls and Nashville Rail tolud Conlmiauy Iirb the tlh iowhig jll atsl Oi the tile h+ekJtrld a retllc. lively by ftltII ":) i L:% o tW O iiar o p r share, p svaole Ohl the lerst day of Stll utbcrnext; two dollars per haore I lble Oil thoie I lut e i v l il i t ii d two d4lhrsl er slllare,.e il le on the il tday of Marc eh tlttrotfle th nhtte m ti oshcitypo ntl t e cout1re i wituuh thues toue Uii r uthiuIic e'tal e ot .re eu lllllltl l O .ihF e it alt, ii after the hloc w rli ·ll it i ilma lde Ipr" l lllli u tt1 't itI tv C on dnitillin owcvi r, thati i in.",n thir"il . it ttrl ,-thi it h on. w"lichth i iShould"ti petu ha i lt.y, of sblllo, tteutl , tti s re lll..: tn·k nl(Ill. ` i . iit oj tile t e tte toUli th:eiirl, t t ot.I b.i, It , . ih lll, . ..itiofl j ty ti} tsl,ltl-n llo cllalter itlt by" , e t ite t ititt th h il llllo Allltit tll inu· il el l-+ltin ihucttitiilito tar. p htut to r h sadtitt i c tll lhe t irst oftt uete ittr l'I, l " .. ln n ll e l secti. foirs 1it i l Idf elenlmbr nextl may lie ptony. It p" li'r 'i , till lltth daly f Jallnua ry n anlaltll le |is!t met1,1t t do _.dlllars ia~r s.hore called fur nnd .ie nn the flr' d'ay of M;rcl' next, uy be po.atpo.... unl'til t,,e 311t, , I0 r allytt ltit it nlul c, of tile tliard. t t ) jlln. .f u It liN 111c. t. 4 ' , I i F ., - U SPl 'R'a le J t llN Ii lil IIA M , . I il 1 Thnii 6telie ofi Phl sicans, toudon . r S ie nrd by V Mikld lEtl. Mmio er l ;Ii f, utoblAerIigelnpublictte earnsal sod itirek numbe r of SurgeOtnsLstlem tnfe of Alnothte cry's Uompnty, Fellow o l Itvsoee ly, Su lgongr to tite lloyl UOhien tcooaion Atociotot, Loosuencsr ploee, Wnterloo Bridge, nod Perltuol lPudil of t ty' owil St. 'ltllllss'stltos lptlsl, latloo. e Ttlis v.hllde medicine, ti reslult of tweoty years' ofl d lillne snl uuorellelel suyeess ism tile exeitr(ioe :lerI , ' rcspea tee tle rnetiee si the prolnietv, plro lUeulty otd- noltilits, soh icl ow ittnlodlCetr Al ' the Amerisen ooblic , at thie earneot sro anoottlter of geotlemon of toe15 fiiaod - tA e ,rofession. It is nopdIi, asn munerousi osn eek the evils and fatal Couon.quecese J tile use of tttI numeotus tel l tl celeterious lll~lllilS toistetl oponlt thie public iy the sifl of fotbriottteot vtroof of mirmtulous elonts, otl oilter flattlb. sotl Sol of selrenor-, ttneriueiplelt pretender , so totllit Igeollclt ot mlehehl sleice, theit it impossible the ilnosllrllos hlsloiss etn any longer go tuown, with tlN e istlligent, peoldle ofthlllDulil-y. Th'Ihesettills, nmihl Ot itgltetlllie in their emtne!shol! be kept in every fondiyih e sen ofsllltler illness, for, by thehir Lsislopt nllnlllirstalio, chtoleras esps, s aloalSt, fvetro, told other dle. cittg colollaintsY whicEh too ifteo Irove Ltal, nlay e sltecordi ly etelor ireceevlld. In fraet, all tlNos who valse goodl sesltlh, shoul nevner be with het tletecth. 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Ily tole lltei tillp sittd onolber paleke, Ito i 'ied .ily v ,crlea. htrt, of c supply of Fettie te',n , tltd Aepa;rtli'yos ..Iloote, toeinglr ,,eady receivcd ittetiet t lteres.fIty tor it.+ lIi , , + , , $ //,, i h 1, ., i l+J Inail. - .... .. : lToe subtioscriber begs furtller to aoslre till, puilic i at lart, tllat he is at prerent as wecll tni.hbti tr meet anod xteul orders for all thy kiblrs ttfr G; Seeds, clithr wilolcttle or retail, as le ever was Ssinco iis firast stablithtnolnt ill Jiotuary, 1822. o Country Dealers oand ,larkitt Garde.errr' ordcra failed at tie lowest ant d tmost reasollolo e rates bly tile pound weight, rod gaollo or t bushc ICllellart. C:ltaloguns, Eithtr In Freonll or EItglish, mgy g always be Uobtaited on personal nllliC:Ltion aji 2 usual, to tWM. SMIT, G Irden Seed Store, 85 C'ustothouse strc.. i NOTE.-A constant suppln y of Bird Seot, eiti er mined or plain; pulverlzet d sourp; lerbs,, and Siak rs' drited herbs,-witl t buplty of pers and Irlnl:. Forcy Pocket lBooks-Under t l heload wil be fouawd a rplendid variety ofl' ludies' rnd gentoleen'-o potkt t books, note, ard, netdle and Ihreaod caes, Fotcy flocks, nstspend. rs, Ac.-Of the latestt pattern rnd of superior tquality, colnsisting lofplttaiin and fitrerd snoit, btotlb;, velvet ard clotrt stocs, lineth bonsos. pliand or.Itf llCy rwitttod; witinol ruflen r, rsirt cottra, ectltdero cotidi Wlloltillgto o snlotelth:rs, riot,, olte, 'stic wnroal. el rndt cottollrlt do, riittiand reireot rin Arr, vteraloollr suctrps wh wtire rsrr onts oit t rgrnt hl. riely of goellotlgonortis wor, tilaU otxeIntisy tre r n i roteil toade, iy A. L. Vaniorrn oald nor ol' llta. dtt+phtia. Cottebs--A general ard cod lete o spt orane n oft osrll Ifool thttiri nanulcfotory.A:.o Egritsll aold LrtciIII drresnindg COedito, o e rl. toen7? ItUSIIION & ASPINAIL'S inOMPOUN D TIONIC 3 IXtI'LIotL,-- A opoeyed h and o rein cror fbr tile Foyer antd wAg.., roioittont nod inotrnliltett Ibvfrs; trottarod irriotl tile origloul recripe. Used ar Ihi e io eo ntryd ai vncrsa latinca In e 83', byipnrmols of tite tigsttat roapctobiity io i this city, as stated inr tte ontolexd , certificates. I 'r'is oedicine s to Iltwlgly rootnlnendod, anil tle o tbi rtn ex melsivclty use t in tile abova tiasasc es witi crnll dititguielltd suan aess, titt, the proprietor tf 1 tile rocipe Ilan o onr incetnd to offer it to tc Io t-i lie in its pacrett fooro e i. tts totro ltot it n tile nlot ns of relieving tlltry of thtoso ile are Suffring under tro et r of tut oltry. It "i a tllodiciltt tirUenling groat virtrio, cnd +witot usert aenording to tile directions hti s atnver faltd tI nlF'eetiieg a etre, oven in tleo itoot tttioa;lrto ta!r. of tie tiaorder. It is ot lit all tdis.Oretgooh i .,, prsoa of tile t at troak ol dallr and ciilre o ,, take it witttlt~iltpunty. It etrengttlens lilt+tn,.t organ, ereatB s l an ppctite, ild reitrell T.lll nore tiae onto, or ill obstiatoe cst H, o lf, to o _fLt a cure. Tl'lrn is nltl o r itPrY,.rr , ararilllt in tie Illtdicinr, tntro iy th;.,.z I-".I.·o to tile huorlan colstitutioll. 'w'icht na,rlpr, t ie o so well convirleed ot its eloitrar:v, thee . lh,.y :n:+-,,; ,I to refulld thtt ptriee efevery !,ttlc wltri h tri e . h: taka n ill cnordance witn tile t ire ,lo~d r ansi or nut efeotetd a a prFo.fJ/our os eli h ,.lr l nit. . f . A. OLIVER, aoet agent for t.'. Orl,+u,. 0 , tsin wftsttruaton tnit dra g rod yts do. noornnoof Ilioceftit and fottnrtrr~ro t ~lre For Dicttaet Agencies ltrnr t.t: je5 ..... T. W. iAIt'lTI. :.I'.riyr. RIARLROWG2TE SPRINGS - -:I ii lt o lltttcPrV r I.I rt ,z tnin li' t.. 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JUIST PUBLISHEDFRO55 sTERgOTf PE PLJTES, 1The 'FiLh dic ionf IOWI..FTT'S TABLES OP IN'i'Pll-ST: 1"O n0 hich itl w slet d ne l Average Time Cnleula L tnr, oe enoy .'sgds Isi. tindtisg the avereige imne on stolt'e, notesttf l1. bills of guoodas,' lhesl tsns. rloeed at dlctflent ,s IAe, en tlililr'et seesits, ald ti' varnislmot anistsl Itesirn ouseil an co splete iRneiing Time 'Ta' Ic, the I'i'tlhaet cn be contrlived. ,r" tilt fi e nin rie sitnee witl te uame conmleaentd comnptsst aid tine ol in pe. 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La. sw llig'ig; yilihhtic drieases, a d all disorders gos arising trorm a imrpure stte of ther blood, by a long by rI re.o inll ho: climate, or tire iljudicious use of meI Ircury. ic rAls,--Cave & Schaff' i's Worlmr Syrp, or In. to fAlt Preservative: the hrst prep ration r row extant. .re Among which are the fo',llowing:-Indian I)ye, aor fir no ring the hair; lioar's Oil; Rnasianr Boar's :reseli; Potilllll; ichw s Frocle Wash: su. rIs p-rior lParl Powder; Lily WIlte; Croa of Rollrs; bY Vegrtaulr Rouge; Otto of Rose; Lip Salvy; Kre. osito Tooth Wash; (;Carbolnic )Denlrttice; Orango r lov I'ola.'r Wa\V r; )Powder Putlt: anu I rIux ; Arnor,. a ca:n Chaurco, neortlly put lr in fur ncee vial:; SI',tn ; Colrogne ; K.erouste ooth.ache rD 1 rope.; [Lir lfrushe.; Enghsh Itro og Ier otoran lair Oil;-with a variety of thor Porfu o irwtnes, &c. For sale by L, \V GLENN'S PERFUMI RIES. be J C TIlIN(. ARD, Corner of Canal and Bourbon streets calt - i tll O1110I,' S MAY, llhlr, Sigo, ornd Orn:omonlo a t IlJ I'li No.3s, SNUrrrrOrlICr rirue nr, two doorutirom ,,:dcaal stn.CC-. e t i In IIof folowh wg wood s IId 1arblesels of ire rtnter r t lt.itt %lrihlgur), Egp tio:n lock orid gold, . 1 'ik, I..i t rr arD l A ntlico, ll a'd do, Orilental or lrdl anliiue, t. (:,lt t d', .;Is ' C le MapleI Ilr lorl lone, .I : o 'olorlltlll t or ll:lt1k .tannaH ll Ir0(0ctclla, l tv tso Wfoodr Arkt. 'ao (rey, , Ash \iOak, c. k.c. I Sp cit.lvolus tro be seerl ut the shloP. tinfs, eils, ' hglass, cpl] o t iurish, ke. oi, h:ko d . illt oo r sr t .o . i LNS''EitElS IIIEAVY (iO)-ltlaLt, sqoare I_ llunt bundle iron, aw ill asset t' d. ti lIl.p, srroll and rod iron, rnil' plough of erIrfo ib. i (;C rlrlll)r ishearl , lisr erlll , .spring, siheet asill h Clrllwto, stetl Ihlo;w ,are, et nsils and s likes l\' rl.rlluelri r i inar leadl; alrot "t "4, aIrd ctkir.g torres - n'os, lrow lllll's ntlllotllher spI es ndt shovels i o ,,,:tlll lal o hinges, door llll window hooks fli A td a oilt ',rordngo, liwes an twe ,I ltlh :nd s nlt' iiiror' co.p rrer ,N a iir ostoresr " t, ro I lll. rll oil tilt r t , or.'l t r olrrrorrlf of hairdwao\re |lirtr) rlshiplhlely, ,",; , handl, s1ll w~chi' ott'r'. fi toL Ittr e e t whrle . ni , t" ir hl, ,, t ti tr ost roirhto teroms, by LAYI"T'ON &I Co. 53Oh11 Ievee. T'\\ Oli),01--Siollnos Ilartt &r c eare now're ir ro " r frnomu idsprsliois Io.o'oall SarotogI . , n nrdia, foi'ou N w l York, igt'r a v' ri|r t y ol , r.ilheirli,', which trretr tr rith tlr heiromes It. r hf .lr irkrbo their rssortr rr t very: * plnte. I' , kllw hig nlinlcu e o rl'li tIell i isto.r.,r.iudro, Illll'.'l il ilrtl'lo rrrgrrrlli,,, r hori ro orfttll riesoriptionl , In fli rlorirer, silk b nrr rnrrrrtr lrhlastic corrrte, r'rrr I &rrrll r i fini nI,:t ric .or frrlrrrtr lo t i frrr(r coo tilrr i tefr Irarotcfee, eril'irtz ror drr =, low dhr rr llir nlu h.) xes' tilr t powtdelr, pr'ker hbiooks oird rollet io,toerrle rooks, shell, iron e 'betnds, Ile klnr i :mi r I igreo, L'orIr irto n, t it d1o trrckilfoe.-, 't I.ll 0ttooo IloarihtCeldoildrliferl gillboot, Il hnianr trl.t' , Lllt , aidi r rrnller' pirtol stin large eOW tt'r Ilokorsh.rt Iolts, hors', blt. Illcket and dIellilg "li+itfli; double tlln +CsinL'e brli nerrl'l, Bowie knlvce, trnit rirk.k sc.i-sorse, shl-rrr,llnkr'et knive.d coord iarirs, anld ril r rns, W tir l c ntrloes, clloh , hlir, tooth, nailor i, . oru ', rorrIte, (torr1'"r rr ltroirrg trlreoo, Cohlogte, l"lorir, lavelldc r, or e :r1'1d t lny water,ui, e.rseroel, adtclll xrlrll,,' o rr, l l re,,' i, r 1..r ,1 1 Wo r d r i'r eo r llello l hanir olils, shuicig nutII tllirle .ort0tpo of all les ClriiliOls, Iiidilc,;' fsill| e lllclnl,.lls' iesksland dress I n slaos, hall ir riv llets,t frizctt'll. nIdI 1.errirr +' , fti11o 1 tt ri ,RrolltooFr I ,orkrLo, pllllrirrrti gillt, I figurreld ot sarl vlal1 b111st1,I 01, StUlll | iv ry shirt iioi, .hirt il l .. 1 i . d ri11 siveP r |ltIlll il cilaPss, Itlllu lllk, ( alll ltweezler ,labl ".1d gilt lrroketo; rnr'fl rr t, ilter tns ai, re, ir'l iinrr soeele i,iriolco, hook rlr..f a, r, hair t rr, rmitoatio frtit, blk andrmadlink, shton hh.t'r', i. ih,,0 And guitars, rribld ind l'loin lorlrel r ilrF' calll Ii llhl I,, twne1 wIrIr1 CeIsle r1engttttrrrr Iil e dairor ppeer ,all I tgs,,line o"rifr, walkint . ra'orrrrori,'l ,gru .'l, tfint ' rTh rrove, t etllrrr wiith rr ,rea'err trirth ether ot ,o 1i. Northern Mail,ai rl ly Ify slt . O Western af°il, ly o / 1 l es every M oeld . W ed .Etls a : ..n.;, tand Salrtrdy, byl, 9.o, I',. line 'caec t r dna l ar The lake Mail a )tr.l v.i P. . via Closes tvery Mtonadny, EXPREIILSS MAil. TIMES OF ARRIVAL., DEAR'I'URIPV/nDI.ýNCI &c. of the Eppmrs Mail, blelw eto r C0le ott New York-leavirg lMobile ,aily " 3P A[ .:`t.l h¶1 New York daily at 5 P1`- M .uthwurd; .. ." ." Ar,"i Mlor.o 7miry, Ala. ltt. 199m'lls 2i ,, 'p; CoIobI,, (:o. 114 81 91 I m illg e'ille. Ga. 2 133 j4 41 :j·a,,hieS.C. fltem. 163 t Ir"ron, V.a. 12 m. 55 0a l'rtbr,olrVe. 111 pm. 83 l1 in s. 'iFrderieksberg, 8 67 7 lp m. hnshiegton city, 2 pum. 61 64 . 'ahlitloree -f 6 38 4 .. S we lork. 2 pe. 90 BI 1s35 '1131t, sE 23 ilNothwrdl. Coming Senlthwertl, te timan it aa Iien Iis; hialo5dlays ans I hosurs. 1 NAWAes from 169 Carntinelet enrr of Hevibe N Y. lroee.,inthe nilght of 0 A's Off ris. e·i ad sln ;he nextn motrning in Pttylne lett a negr, iy nnamed CIHARI.ES, 1ort )7 ge of ir eteto, a t y Ar tenltelctt It ielut, veri blnck, pah . l i it 91lIek ieent in his epeeoeh, Ott I of ies llesntcl t siotn by a recent hurt; le hadl os whin e wentl tnny d Whits cttons or lineeln hiret and white cotton tiastalorn s. Mlacters of vessels ne stiame lle i c talte oitttli a gninst reoeiving or hrleritlg snid negro, asiwell ia s n. otther pereone, es the talttt rin.r oi tie lw will be enforced egainst them. ThI aitoe rewsl'd will nlpwia lrdlive:ing him iner, sMy of te jnile of eeither ofthb emtieiltlities, or at 169 Csrondelni, corner ofsHeels. dleLe'o enpo , crne~pt te araib JTTCr.-Tho o.alt,'nrrsltit ltemtftt` ealsling .tltttder tlt firm of i lltlboi t & Oaretdihl hulohese litasolved. rte subeloeeior will liltlalio the giklireo the tnctat.r in this city, stel requires all el'sOt lideb. aed to make Itytmetc to him only, and q11 thtolh als.h claims, to r, re leasl ' l t rse tle ent , " ' . - ae ao-.-Ttl HUARIIiPS$ON No. Il1Cenal Hree Atrc A Orloeks ITAS always on ltnd etie tilttly In reei.'la Drln. lI Dyes, Lhemclslsaad l'atum:s,atogh tthet. int ullowni.s: bY. s . I uos. B\YES; AnllI.toy, etde, Aegol.s, nie, Io reguls, Asdtot, Siare -, Arsentil, ctitte, Alutm, to tltowelr, Ir'zeillctte wools, lal etall ualria. .ouesi leal, Ilosn, crudle, .eiopptcrs, Amerisen, dlo trlilnedt, UClibclt, ltrimstone, elrle, nI'lsltie, l'amples, do roll, eota Ute, do flower, .le Mite, liimltet, It'rettt lfeius, Costeoroil, ltliga, Ulotgal, cCrea e tartar, doi alttlla, I eantltreides, ite riseeosl, n Hsttlt sloes, dli (n ttanlesn , ioe A abie, Logwlad, (ampenshy do assufsamtil, die St Doming. t o nllslninl, aO Jamalia, dIo hetzenis, C(nmwoold, do coal, rough, Mmldel. ombio, do do seraltd, Nicnragea, HIlotr, do do S Amerie'., do Cor,. IIo amphor, erlits die nlirAoli to do rrAils do Haoli, O . ior ...C IIHIE IC A LS . I itt , Actl, hitrons, ~ mastt tIo tulllilic, .o ..hI, llhle vitriol, i... sii.gol, r. ,.nm.., ,,i' ,o ntonlltlelr.t orosive slldimailsl t o Ilt.ottlltkItth Ctlloride of little, Casnboge, Thson slits hotlilter hrrel, AtletieehoLo.or causrlic, tItttl Follteign, lied llrecileitste, MNigocsta, E.lglist, Ilelhllle Ialt, ido Alletricato Ioted ehnn(upltailt(t Mlane lHake. Swlt oe.rIt Se ", il loelteb Sul, n, to htergaotot '!'rttr eotetie, In lemot, PAINTI llae. ti ttrllt ilelir , Ila , tol teotai., Clittt't }ellow, r 'oT. ,jnlal, do lrttn, dr,, liqt ice, do oil rhllnr, I I, lrh.hek tE thihs it lo'rlt 9 t nI ts, l.ibllle, r ot, , i s . 'l '. , , I' l lit I,.l l I . h, SIn . ie do .' .In l .InI d. ' i" 11".tl-. .hh . ,t 1 i p, ......... ... 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FOR TIHE COlE Ot Serofltln or King's Evil, Chrlneic Rheaultatism, Chtronic Cutaneous lDin- Pians in tile lBuei, by fte* eares, u se oftMercury the blolod being in vitiate state. 'This very eonuententald ysrup is prepared with the greltestl llunnaceultit cI re" eo dtslt racy, ottl eotlnain tlhesctive pniociplse sf S.lrsaprtlIlra in the isisnt cialeL trated degree, cmulbitld willh olhervegetable 'Uetiil)ec ofa known efliaCev. Thie rawt desitleorostio wslth phtss,,,'in ing anbl to exhiblit t large (qtnetity o Saln-p.: , .l 'nal dlios, haa een obtained ill thins lrpeis. run-ni-thev, i in fitly onnvincsled of it irites scoslisis usl u siisioter the course of their practice. Price $i 50t por l-ottl.. ,Sld oalv :It SWhINl - HBRO''lIEIIt'S dreg. stare, No."1 l;iusnnl 'estel, al.o. liY hla, d fresti and geonuine, diii . j.... tur, Swai:'s Paonaceao and Vheraiftl,, lt Uer'e C, ti tli cots, Carls nter's Preparationst, and a large anid genera nssortlletlt of frelsh drugs, nl4 PINNOCK'S ROME,:, .. DI NNOCK' IlMPROVED) EIITION OF DR .. ( stitith's Arri~lgineent of the- ilitury of Rtane toIn Itl iell is prefixed ao lntrodtlcin to the liady I IRonln listori, onl n great variety of valuabie inhoa insiona added tllrolphollt tlhe work, on tne Mann.-. In.titt lit ,.-l nAtiutlieo of thie Rotonr, with ,n e tseros s biugarltlhieul lld Ihoisoricl Nteh; asd qllnl lions ilfr exultllltion at tsl. esld of each eetitu. I1. Isiriilted wittllh thliriyengvings on wood, by Athirnlc Plx.OlllcK's htulrOvesl E.lti of Ier GtOlsliitli'hn Hiteoy o1'E iiglain. hots Ie Ie Ivns.iotl of Jllitt Cisar o Ith ldeath of leeorge 2Id, with l o ousiinlotiol to the yea 1132. With qlsesisonos fIr exntlllnllsti ls t tIhe amd i aell seetiolt. Ilsides iworioty of valtnubl ioausea ias ualded throolghoui tlir work. Cotaistirun of table of contetsprosv Svenreiglgtn od elnnid o ipa ta Copiouas explutanatery nolt,. Resanrks o I Un poir lieu, manacrs anl litoroati, sf tlhe wge. Ai outlinas !lIe Constilttiun, &re.&'. dlnstrstedby natty nnlg. tugs. Guys' oF AR'rRosO nst ani anrislgnmep of Keith's New Treatise oII tlhe Use of Globesn . Ne Attearienl edlition, wit additilolns ad int.roo.ernej sits o explstis osftlt .aatessosof part of tlre A& rican Ahsltnne. Just received aud for soloe by Wil M'KEAN tnov 24 conter ol Camp nd Cotnamo d a HAIRI'ER'S CLA.SSICAIL LIBRARY. 1iORACE,tranalated by Phlillip PFrancl, I) B, with IK an aplmix, eostttsinng tnosluottns of vnriuat alodes, &. by Ben Jonson, Cowley, Milt,i, Dredan Pupe Addisost, Swill Ciiatertosl, G Vakofield, pornl,. Bryan, &e. and-soste of the inor eillleint posts of thn i'IIfEDRUS, withl tIhe pleldix .o ;;uJllts t.ensl led bh Chrltesollser Smlllre ill o vsde foeailt' vuluinesl anId 19 uof"Ilularer's Clasneasl I.ibrv ''lt ExLpedition of lIU.IO ItsW CI.INK.:R, by Sutulletl, l I), with a ueunistr o uths .stit tr, by 'rihor. no Rosoe, ELsq., new editioii, with illsltratotuln, by (Ie Crikelmunk THE tlP..'; a Tale, hy tlituthltitr of "Uicthlialn Mary sl, arteullds," doL., Iow oslitisn, 2 elas ..npt n one. , - ,,al PAUL ;LIFFIORl);h Itlh nutaor or "Palile Tlhie Ili,, . id,;" e., hu.if COlulai Iit nlit lIa lt nltsfL'l slEn.rus csjplls, Inl. dlsal ranired salesy \\'.H *ltss.Kp"sa aiil i )%\'ll +\ill~l.l~ll l IW)ioN SIIIES--3i ca k., s 'iniuia 'ituohis; fuass. "tieiss,,llllh.'ill Im.. us.. sf or la 0il iUUttEIIlT Ilub1'1'

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