Newspaper of True American, April 2, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated April 2, 1839 Page 2
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* COMMERCIAL AneCs. Ic hartcn. Nc, Ir...... ......14 Wc shiusl,, Mar.... ....2:1 SYk .d............ 41I C i,Mar,.,.....22 Fs Ydai.'hc Mar ,...2..,3 Liiille. M. .. 20 I',Ithcin M.,... ..... 3, 8I. " i., ar....8..... i2 Pnc,,,,h.MN. ........ ...4 i.i2Lvrpool, Mr.S ........8 luln(lsc.B,,M ..tji..s.d. Itoaslna'( l exas) ur... .. ^5 Pnalil .................. 9 .".tots. Msr ........ .....'FJ 1 uJ. ~~~~nt, 8 ? shi .27 ................ FOl'C OV NEW OJILEANS. CLEAILANCESB. April 2, 53'". Ship Stheclrr, Owen,, far Niichcc, ftlter MhIg RRcldlc, Ro'r"., f'r Lurcc & Pp.,,., Drift Padovan. Farwell, far IIlvoila, R Droning & Coa Iltig Will, Dyer, for Plli'rae P~hi.. J II Ashhriidl. Fehr Diadem. Darling for Grandl Calllou, Ma terr ehr Mayy. Fis.v. Marta..kcci,.. N..,, Sloop HIarriet, Iliad,, (a, Galrlutoll, Mast.,r ARRIVALI. April 1. 8639. Ftram P. eki~iflllumbi.n. Wend].. franc C,1vcltnn, To1.s,,s Psrpsi,., Dci'., from Ithe Pns,.c. hIring c'k.c her toc to .,,. ral,,c.dl slch i.cq.,c Nau.5,. an.d.i ,. U'., Is. Reportcc..ihine n TOM boat I.,,,,. Riddic. iSs, th, N. .P,.. 5,ciner lowcd to ass ships Columbllmn andl Flluldi t, allrllol to town with chip Elizchabh. 8,PFliti. andi Farri".-, 1i.l t,'.r .n, the 31, nctcil9 A 0 .cplI.a nothIing in sigh.I I.a the ol2f.g, nssthing ne h in thi'ie. Tawi ot Phenix, Ann'e"I, f .m the5N EI.c,. h,,i.,nstcwd to sealhip A)...r~d*r, T.. n-,.nth, Lanon, endnl~ Empemrrarre cIrnna to town with chi8p3I 'cp,..hin.esh,,fnd11rig Dwnlou, lef the bar :lain alt. at 9 PA ri p rort. nothing law. Ship 0an W..hingtcn, MLarburgc, f oi Tamp Bay, to m... ter ic hn5,1c. Ship Elizehrth Frith, 111 18 lB Ily, from Purlstnauth. Ship FCrmoes Ccc.5,,,l frin Hn,,,. Berrien Nnaehrz Malrtell. 20 ndlv fontI Boston.· Bri3DemoC. Thorn oton. trn N,. York. Fehr Drllrv, WFI~nll. fros Rllllin.,nnl. Rehr Elizabeth, Fnrrylll. frnm Peret..1a. *hprUtrllc. Dciv., IS,,., 31,1,',. Bts,,mar Clnnslpllnliill. P~vn.. Aunt Nashville. StCimmer Sulc,, 'Pand. ft, it,.siLtliI,. 5teamar J.1,,, Lintonn Kimba.ll, fromr Narrhilorhez 1:'C'Ccc Ellen Douglac, \ViCnr.ll. frons Vlsiburg. IMIPORTS NOW YilR..P53 Bi, 13se.c ..Cce 33 tonC P St55is, 11','1308I2l,c.crsv. th1, Ra11 c3il3r i. i.t,,n. 21: LN0TON. .P. .,Ii W,.ts,,. .,Cnc. 15b hblrs cs.t.l , 1 & Tbnrr6· psou, Sl, \V Oehy & co, andd 1 Jnl 1 0,3ningk , co. EXPOIT0. AprII I,183? r 'ILADELIIIi I. P.. hIbr 3i'iII..Cac's,. 6531,Ic pCork. .5111. It"n., 12111 tc.Is 1.,.d.! ll "D l.I,..l, ,RAND CAi.L3O..Pr.' hr 11i~drm.,.'rgp,5 brl3 pork andl i110 took.. to Jl.-ter. iAI..VESTY. .Psr ch' 3,11ry..C Ce,, eItCIIl los cas P T O il. whi, ,,,. rlml. 5i,,e.. 50 11 m lispr. ..........P.. 8I.iph,'.t8..3 f) 1cc n ,I1l,20 1, ,I .nrrr,^I Jar. 8 bu.,ilen harp Iran. AOSTON..P"' I'..rnu NP.0eri.' CIrgo, Dry god,., bound P,. Nnli'.!I MORItLE..Ph..Wr 38 Pirl l ..Cor;n 90ti hslf doz. rice, toB.y LierrI (IF P201111 553n I1IisIn* 3n ,lpar ..........Per .hip, Fnrmlr,·i. rare', 5n h."kkrl lhan pcnr. h.,',SS mdU, to J.A .S.n.hard, PI Vei4, an,, II nRnn~*hel. 1AVAN..P1.trig Pa.1..ssO P.Car,., 16 Bale loss, to R. von, Um· l Ke11v. Mesrr. It M&.I~. Joe Dye,.3 It ýcnll. S Ilmn~l Tfnrll, ll Hllc. W M Phli lill·,s \Vd. Jsta sllII W BoyCd. ,J Porter, au olhirtocn ou O dvcE' . HLFCI'.irPA or1 PRODU)ICE uutotn and 4 hid, 1,,hntco. I, t o 11 (Sell t 31 Ilnlla Cotton A, I s,;W'.,S, n &I 4 3 ii.IIrs. 1,19, to Ns. J I. ck & , Co 2.2b5otIolAi.I'.' Maddox. PuS ,,.Ild.SS. 3 hl,,IJsr... Alc'I Il Ashelr Wee; 41Ilh 11 111Lnblr.l 5 do Il: C(II had I(!UI his I (10111 hh Is tobnca o, For,, 11 4·(.inllu irk hit ,I. I fl~hllCr· A I'-..;~ 2 bird. bur..ol. 1V Urn, ; 47 hrb1. Bnllr7latl & Illlpkliln ; 33 do Iltva S (,von, " Nulls Iron.., 1) l i Shell; 91I tons, "slingsl AV ,ll S.,wnr; t: 11, Il.Alloun Prclsn; aIh; 12 60.rl Egg. and 300 JdA,- ~ s 1;!".1? Kerr. 1,".-1 I~...1 Fr IIC.III1r EIIttRla . ·VorrF. 19 lhddr Inl~r n, A Prior ; 5:1 do t 5 1; A~lln.. Y rn ; 14 d, , R.-.ra L & Gry: 12,1 do A 1. Ad(· 11111n A r.', 1 7 do \\-llnrll sod 3. ,11 ;I~I II 511 his pork. 15 d. I..d. 6' III keg, h, and i I(p)L·C·· bron,, 6',,. man h 1,M,,tlm, ; :05 Ilj bllC , · II 15 b lh1. ,,,II,, 0\11111 o boardl, 318 If 1-1.d.CICII o n e . _. - _. ._ - -- --._ -_-. SPIFNDII) LONDON B,'OKS. Sllith Souperb Steel Eoerornogs. ljII.TON's Paratdisoe Lot, illustrated by John Views of tile Hiilnlonn Mountailos, i India. selo:l illrtl.raltd l'ol'1,ncrnplly of l.ondoln. Ilomannce of ilatre-Flora's Gemo Tile book of llnltv--l.1s does, di Byron Andrew's IPeIssn in flower painier. SByron iGallery-The I )aelom by Miss inSI:rlan Cynlopaedlih of popular srono 'Ihe book ifr'adda or o'rcle I o nefll arls. And a variety of splendid nolina nlu am nod works ol oart and liteiture. E J(111N5 A C",, m 9 car St harlen s land Cnno.on lst M UULD tl:\,.llES--17 b,,xes a-oleoI sizes re rceived fronl ioston p'er shlil Cohllllbi.n and for sale by ShIAL. & BRO\VN, m15 9.3 5haionie Ft INS.I':D tl .--3 e nlo rneo ..,ins fronl New York pership lMi-io sii . nol t Iý,r sole hy m i5 SIIALI.. lR1)WN,91i lMagazine at w E:iEiiilii iv I. n, -foro.,lie º. nnar07 IREAI) & It:\l t1'l'),7 Bank Place "?..,\ Iiti ANl)--0I obarrels oldtpenl horoiy, N IC'HLA.S MICKI.ElY-Nos. 7, b and 9: also Sthe first six non inll ne part: with it variety of very imlerestihlg hooks,just reei,,ed; Rfr ule by ml7 A 'I' AR., 49 Cnoo.p at P ')WIl'i- -lvoices ol Ino owder, just rrc,'ived . Ir ineoile by SliAL L & BROWN, n:ar 19 O6 Magazine at PINIG APPI'IE C'I ESE nnd o(;nhen Buttelr in Salr, andl Inbr oale by REAI) & IA RS'I'OW, nmr 20 7 Banlk Ilace UI 'PTEIi 50 kegs superioTr Wyste.rn Reserve But eter. .or sale by G. D(lt nSEY, mar 18 4 New Levee S PERMUCANlLEoOtol.0 lo,,oen joor troonined nod Sfor als by SAMUEL E BLANCHARI), mar18 .O Girnvbrr et ma.1 AR-- hrla Rltosin frnioln sip larlc " nngne, ud dtiffr so'e by maor 19' SHAHlI. & BROVN, 96 .Magazine st CORN-li0 houshels corn, in stors,, for .tle. by CIIAMPi'i.IN & Cf'oPER, ml5 79 & 1;2 Jolia ot I_ tNO" BIll(.-l glynl00 bog.s, loanding Ier sbhip mcn;tar, flor sn!e I,v m.9. S & JP I' WIT'NE'Y.73 Camp at EW PUIIICIATIONS-The wo< en of Eninland, ltheir social duties, andi domestric Iolitsr, nby ire Ellis, antbor of thln Poe'rv of I.ifi, P'icures of pri vnr. lifb, Preltesino &c. in 2 vols. Jack Adanoe, tile tineniner, hy Captain Cli.hnier, Ii. N. author oftl.o Life of a sailor boy, Bell Brace i n in The Bubbles orfCnnoda, by t1,l author of Snam Slick, the nlcknaer, r, &c Fc, also No. 10 of Nichollas Ni; kl'bv. nit receive;d.anl rnr aolc bv m29 \ McIiKEAN, re ,of 'eamp & Comnmnl sis AVA io . aR-7 loon. Hoeo antwhitesugar, 1. 40 do do brown dlo,g. for oale byI mn9 S & J P \VHIi'NEY, 7.1 crl,.up na JARVIS & ANDREI\S, W HOI.ESALE DRUnGGISTS, orner Common nnd'ehnritonolna slreetsr, offer for sal- '25 hl,1 number I rustor oil 600 ouncea Irench ulphlate quinine ii' raoSks nIInImIoe; ll5 boxes English musItrd IIl bils alcohol; 51) hIls whiling 200 cares apothecuries plas are 30 bbla stlrsturpantine; 50 Il tanners or l il 20 casks n ure seprnr oil; , raks Dlteh lirnseed oil (llo earonoril vririol, wlichl they t ffi'r hor sele no he Imosnt reasonahle ternm.n. 00r 18 Im COTTOI CII{CULAiC$S IJ' PRINTED Irilh the GreatesI Exlpedition, and in a style unsurpassed in Now f)ILnorANS, Or else where. ORDanR left at Con:rronNo Roo.t in S,. Charles Ex change. (Corner of Graoioer St.) or te T R U E AMIERICAN PRIN'TIN(: OFFICE, corner of Pdrsls and St Charles Sitets, trill be promnnply ntendod to. Dec. l-ri J L.. Bn.OW'Ne.l'.ettl P.n'lot., l,, e, / --;ir• • Celde ctll ll l 1, Ili3 enviilo n l p. t, e I elln lt Pinto frn RBelances, oomsuopeiroroyr nio i nrl this r city. ltll W\ 1l CAItNI.S. C AoA idiil-olals lnonllooooooolVoy1. V.,olo Iooolioe ret, brig l.ooeono , opposnte bi0 t I I.11 11 ooo'cipnlinn, fbo sale hyo S S J 3' WI'I NEY, aprill 73 (-'am p ot ANDREW VMITII & CO., rospeltfully inolrm A thir friends and thne Iluli in :enoral, that they occupy tile new brick shop, 219 Teloupitoolas street, where tlhey keep constantly on handl Copper, Tin andl Sheet Iron Ware, of every description, each as copper stills, kettles, and p..llps, till bath. ing It: s, and oil of all sorts and nozes, and all othltr brass oaslinon on at honrtest notice. Grito bars of every do cription, nsucl as steamn. :boat eliarups, bog chainos, screw bolls, and other kind ofbleoaboat work, uclh as chimneys, breeeh. or, stamrn pipes. They will also do all kinds of out-door work, such an sinc, copper and tin roofing and guttering, d &e. They above oand all other kinds of work in thefr line of business, they will execute at the shortest notice. dee27 Ind.y .Jonlague'a Compdund Chinese Soap re oommended by the. load'es f Mad*id and Charles ion, indeed ruioalry, ro' ility, the press, and the gigantic balan es of all thines. pnhlc op inion has eulogiaed it andplaedl the effllceney of Ludy L. Monilsgus's compound Chinese ,salo beyond sus. t forre sr or lin wnrm, inmples on the fare, sen,'tan, erprtion, prllckly heIa, and sffecn tinsagf ithe skin, the healina qunilin s ,f this soap will smawseradioaoe. It is renonorleded as .si ennlliet hininr seo..p or 0m0pooued fot gr0t0. men, for heballyring ilo e r,,inplexiono, removingo freehlle, sand imparting freslhnses suI delicacy to the complexion., The crirs, erotic doictietion of soft and white hand, is y'i h many to object of casrdesiblesnlterres. E.nb sure, f rwarm rlhnla the lialek fse and hondods oer.tlen tonned or hard .ned, and she invrelslnon mod llr cll eoo nl slr hasve been rendereJ Oslarnes r l.t ol ,rnll1.) 01) the nenes. nary evert day sr' ot lilf, hut erven to its luxurite ,and eleganciea. Soid wholesale anstr r, lai' at N:. 15 Conoenl,. housesl. Pricea 1. of TRUE AMERICAN OFFICE. i M'O,-L( a efaxwwxSwe ln conneetion with this Oiiee is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE FIt TIE pRINTING OF t Pamphlets Blank Checks Catalogues Bills of Lading abels, Dray Receipts,. Legal Notices Auction .ills, Bill Forms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circulars And every descriptiol ofJob Work that anay be required. TIlE 'TRUE A ERIC N. . I..... , ti JtBw-: ,l. N. FAITRFUL AND BOLD. f.i W O)R II EAN'_S: TUESDAY APRIL 2, 1,39. - MUNICIPAL ELECTION. 'I lhe election ir Aldermen of the three ulicilpulities of this cily, took place yesterday. We give below the reaultr in the different wards, as far on heard from, be. Iore our paper wetll to, press. In tie Second Mluici pulity, the old Board was eearl all re-elected. The changes appear for the better. We are gratified at the e'ectiml of our ticket throughout, and believe that the enterprising and patriotic Council of this ,Municipality, will continue it illprovemente of this section of the city on the scale it has heretolore adopted, until it reaches its destined grandeur. ttee RESULT.-rThe peopie of the Second Mntlicipa nlity lale done their duty. They have done ju-tice to d a meririorious Council. The Tfier memlbers who Illl exerted themselves to be ueeflul, and who have been ie. live in forwarding the prosperity of the Municipality, k, have been re-elected. We ae Ihappy that we lltri buted or llllble means ill procll re this de irable result, rk The 'l'ru Anlelican generally finds its ticket slcoies fill. The following is a statmentl of the balluta: 0 20 FIRST WARD, 7t J. II. CA.I)\VEI.L, lJ--elected S J.\MESll P. FIrEILET, 159-elected l J. RODiil RtS, 143--lected SI'ENCER. GL(OYD, 14".-elected T. O. MEUX, ll J S. AleFAII.ANE, 55 A. W. SCATFS, 41 iiI Jll NIXON, 39 SEt'CONI) WA Rl). S. J. P'E'l1'RS, Elected. r EDWARID YORIIKE, elected. IIENRY I'LOCKT'I', elec:ed. THIRI) ARi)., B. \VIIITNEY, 16%1, elecil. I'. IIA , 150, elected. n E. W. SEW'.L, 143, elected. ILOUl lOOUt.WEOIS iI, FELIX CO\NOI.LY. II. FIRST . ;.\CIPALITY. In the first +Munieipulity, the ftilIowing Aldertmn' wes evlected. Il.t Vard-J AR3EI'AGlE. , tC. A. 1I'ZENt;Elt. ,i P.I1 L.FONT.A. e A. P. ('Ri)SSi.\N. JOHN D)UNCAN. 1 E. )UI'LES.IS. C. LESSEPS. C. FORSTAI.. F. DUPATY. J. GUILLOT. 3d \ nrd-J. DIUIRFL. Al. CRUZAT. F I.AMBEIIT. F. LEFEBVRIIE. SC. FOISTALL. N. VIGNE. 4tll Ward--A. DURIEI.L. d G(;. PIEVAIL. C. IELI.RY. 5th Wurd-F. BI'ISSION. rk N. COLS)N. A. D. I)ORIOCOIRT. TlIRD MUJN ICIPALITY. The following Aldermen were elrcled. S Ist Wrd--h. BEAUIIEGARID. eid ,'i d W e l i299"tih le i. t)1 G. Y. BRIGIIT. 3d \V,'rd--\'m. I)UHIUtV,. JOIIN KII.SIIAW. tl4th Ward-ILOI'IS I)UVIANAUD. St At Iheir Municipal election in Mobile, they wtre ex tIremel belligerent. 31en were shlt, and otilers wer ill tIleted. We are ire die orerly here. \We Si earried on oureleeri.s withllot nly fis, aL d we have " every reasoln to congratulate Iourselves on timhe result, o UN! Cor STATES COURT.-We learn from the Cou ridr of lst eveuing, that cases will be called, on Tues t day Apid:1d, at 10lo'clock, A. 31. and every esucceeding S tturday,'until ill those on the docket are diseposcd ui t r FrEE IUNKING.-It giveo Us pleasure to know. Ilia our labor las not beI n vainly spent, in endlavourill tt hive a fret banking law passed in !.ouisianli. We hay ib'ierved that som ailf the leorfadinlg papers of Ken. r tucky viw the fiuject in Ithe sroe light, toud it is to be presumelld from the irt tone that not Ill year will clapse, ltlbore that dehideralnmr will be in active operation in the clhivabus and enterprising State o f Kntucky. Had tihe esaue pains been inkio there, which have been used here, to inculcate tile proper doi.trines, that State would at this momrnut have been enjoeying the bene'ir ailu general hanking law. PAovirs.--'lhe Asphaltlum Pave.lent in Itourbon street, bidesairofdccess. If it turns out to be diura'.ler nothing will ie better fior paving the streets of this tin Sicipality. It is smooth and elastic, clean and healthy. All tile ingredients of which the Asphaltuml is composed are found in Louisianu, and can be procured at a very cheap rate. I)n. Cour.ltra.--Tlhis gentlemrnn it seems is not out ficieutly of the tinu blue to suit the ideas of tie War. densof Ier Preshytelian Church. The Orthodox think Phfrnology leads to materialism; the Infidels think thIat th organs of Hope, Charity, Faith, and Reverence sunaekb too much of Religion. The new science has a hard time ol it bIuween these two opponents. iMR. BUCKINGHIAM. We regrel to stite that DMr. tBukingllant still suficra so much from illune' as to be confined to his Iba, and that another week mInet elapse befure he will be able to contlinue hiia lectures. Mf ETrIRlE Cooibs.-Propriemor's Purse, $1000, Three Mile lea.--'l'he Race. yesterday, was one of great interert. The odds were in favor of Knvenanaii, hat Itichard had bucker, aht Is (ippus was knlowln Ito have bolttUl al soumelPlillmes rrllll "the tli.Id" wai; loken aga nat th. llvorit,. We dlo not llinlk tlat we are called utploU-.ndved we ialdly belie ve it i, r necessabry lor ts to3 describe thei pi slrlnn of lt hoistas at lthel vatriois stages of the race. tittblrd letl, aod it i as a ditolienlth hing t lhead him.- I"equleh.tly, K.nrenoauh Im|;tale ]lasse,, hlut they werf p. g.-and after brusies berween the hiindmost e I, in which both itasioaugh and Cippis tried to contend with itichard;--Ie result was as fIllows:- 1.-1). F. Kenner's b. h. Richard of York, by Star, dtm by Ihylork, 5 years old, 11 Ilbl . I 1 2,-J. F. I iller's e. c. Kavenaugh, by Bertrand, bdan by Director, 4 years old, 100 Ite. i :i.-J. S. (;nrrison'a b. b. t'ippue, dam by Marc Anllony, Pi years old, 1 l bs. 3 3 'trtust:-5-m. 50s.; 5mn. 5se. 'ItE Iorlui.a'. THIsEATsE, New York, when cont p'lted. will noteconeudate 5AoJiJ spectatore.-PAiladel plin Ledger. I)urinlg Celeste's engagemlent, our St. Charles accouo mnlaoted lore thtan that nulllber, andI on at least oli dozen out of her It o dozen niglht. The St. Charles will ohld near, if not Fire Thousand persons. Amoi IKesndal will not revive the Express Mail ie. tweetl Louisiville and Nsais ille. It is sid that N. P. Willis's "Coisair" It nut. We have not yet seen the pir.leaul econcern. Nat is a prett? cute chalp-he is in our honest, candid opinion, the moat foppish, and pretty, and elegant, and delightful writer in our courtry. He is Iot as correct as Washdligton Irving, but he has more ipoelry and smore valiely. lie o.truer falls into ridiculoosa extrimlie, but sometiimes rises [o a height that Irving has not atltained. Bt send ,s your Corsair, Willi:,--uve wry bad title, we think, for Sliterary--and w hel we Iaoe an overstock of idle UtoI we'll tell what wi . think of you. 'I lie lissouri ii.'gi.btrue have pa-oed a resllltion ,o cnauree upon Col. Taylor, of tie Ltnild Selate Arm.y, ) oJ as.ctnol of hi h spolt of thie ioanrdly conduct ot] the ,Miiesotri Vitlanseera. Cal. rayl~ ic tlem of teIm lmot gallant gentlemen in our arimy, and as generous and worthy as ie is manly and clhivalrons. Gov. F.elEy. oftihe Misiosiippi Colony on tie coast ofdAfica,was robbted and mrdeed abnout tle 1Othi of Septelrbaer lnst. The death of tle Governor led to Ihos itities between tihe settlers of Basie Cove, nad the na tives. Several of tle latter lhave been killed. NAvIrn-rioN orn THE IilaDSO.-Tihe latest acCounots fromt New York, stnte that tile Navigati.n of the Hud. aonl. hhas been rsulled,cand thlat steam boats rna ragi larly to Coeymasr. two miles below AlhInr, hat that thie solidity of tie icee ab ee that plitce is slcl as to pre dlurde the bope ofgettilag higher utp, it being jammned into a solid maas, antd actually restiang on the bottom of of the river. The Courier says: "The hbstrurtions thuis f'rmed, is so impregnable, that it lhan chlangad the entire clmatnel of the rirer whlich now runs thioughconae fieldd ott the east o its lorter Ied." i)a. Vi.a WYCK tile flrt surgeon of the Meditlterrs ie an Squadron fell ont thie dck iof the Ohio. in a fit of Ipoplexy, on the 24th Dec. one lday's sail from Gibrul terrbut had recovered asufleently to otter a monos l Ilalble. Mnvare, AND NO cI.eTrK..--The LOaiSVille Jourmal of tie 13d, says: "WVe onderstalld. that .oaie oCf tle hndsl of the ateam baonst iMoravian, killed thi keeper of a tavern, two orr hree dyd non, tietween Iiawasvillo cnd Highland Crcek. Oil sile Ohio river. We hlave besrd a etnes ite es of sonlac of the circllmalsatrce, Ilt we do not deel it necessarny to state tleem, Nile of tile firetlec of tile boat, ale itniw ill custody at lthe placet wheree iht deed was conlntilted. PaRcrTY eCrH OF A BLOWi UP.--lletlt'd coal pit, Slaut 19 miles froam Kihmo.nd, Va., ill the Cnanty of Chesterield, took a notion, the othier day, tlat it wans t time flor it to rise in tie wrld. The lttest acotlunts ist:to that between 30 andi 40 negroes were employed, ""four of them aid Iclledlltit ott, awho lmihet recover--ie ntwo lthrrs were sreen diead, aid cries and groans were Sdisticitly heard froln stne iho had not been reached." The Ohio River was rising ni thie 21 tp. rthe Ciinin . nali Paost saysOH it waS ip\tards of foIlUrteei lie llbUve low NEa IlAMPSetIiae.--\Ve de1 niIt k-eow that we can give any thing of interest ftrom Itlatit itil's state, ll as faitluill tlhronichlr, nwe reel Itotnd tet recordl thle re- sullt of tlc ltite ehictiton. Jatlliist PaCIge, lioco-L('e·' hii been eli''tedc (o.erllnor, and T'isitai Mhalv, ICltarles Gi. Atlerron, Ednnt Iturke Ira A. Eastlne, and Jared WV. Willihlm, have been eietertdl o C'ongres;--:iIed we sa lic they are all the worst kiilc f lcu-fOco.tis ? The New York Jur'hiequinted i T'owns-cnd, who acasc rrested and tried , Ite c'lrgc .f thro.,ine vitr'ia in' Ihe flaite,' of 3I. J. Reese, and hIoribly m minilatinmg him. Very little dntuit of his guilt was entertcri.Jt, but it all rested o1 Cilhcu-ctu nal' i evtidenee, anil the Jury were unwilliug t1 cllh Iiii Ililll. vthll lnt oiii'r directt proof. AII.t:.--Tlhe uo1'rpiilani'ei lnt of tthl floatoui / tlIIt, gimes a stary which titesel ineonshhrnbhe excit, Inlet nmeng lier 3lujaty's le"i scllbjicts. It runs after tile tfolletie i fititshi in: "1.\ Fe·w ol" one oll' tielt rulnOItal:llesl ol riferen, till one oecanitynli IIo Olr the rinii llS Ihialtre hi wked l oill n ll coltiltr y l< t~ ortr tilti f (iuetti Viclrii as a ''rin ill tlh ir l.xperinl tlllal hllMino . As sr mn ns the Ir'tn actio. clll lle toi th-' know si,,,.e lio f it ell rl IIndedon lie repla ullll ded the individ .lis cour rweltt 1 r*, elr f r tie . 'CI, qhe allfl r l ee l alll , I it 1 iiln Nelw B*r llrqnswclk, IIal il e f ,Cilll ',arYCI t),I nts1I .Ili fl It I h . h,,nilj Ilnt i rIr CatI i ll t- lltle 'tt i ' " f i l' I' ut ill i it.t-il ire situ iglt.s , hla Ier l rnc I vt llr lllt f hlis i lllt-ie ofi Poat Maeter tof Attlunehly, mthi re htil ' itThfully alltiled ed tnhii i'7eare bIy vr the r.Hnlea bitc ,Ao,." a entul dears rect pedrt-rereius Lemealfc. Amoen Rnasceetnialt ail thlllat lllick. ':nlAREaEaT OFaTrnt-E-t IE Cr - LL.-'t e 1i1iscaed enlar.igmeta tef t:e rie Canael, and tie . onsrctht of the BloLak Sliver ntlld (ienneVseale Valler cit, ta, s tei m ecd to Clost $lh,00,t00-ierctid otl cf the eti.tllge tllat is llntOIactel fIr ti-ll, and the trIlactc u lr that oll portino exced. $t17,00l,tll0f! SbaIneo.iN --We iunderlstand that thie Vi'ck-Iurg and Conllltiecilal ltank Ia not only retuIIel IIIt pay spe.i for Iher tUre noiitesi, lt halns declilled to redeem evell her $5' att $1O'e. We riiher thick shbe is in i bad way. I LAsrEST Fol FlolllDA.--ia Ve eally rejoace to ctere ilextrd late intellleliglence from the neC or acionl. I-tie mahttctmet'tit-effttht lh rilryret e reranali i-'rt adCu Wsinectt-n'hiaetiSt' ''11rn hecr Sir--Itie inrma If IlAjn er to-l de d aI i'rovd n I int It I is nlit-e tnal nettig t (.II (nPit. Taiiciht)r 11 till'-r'i' p'ip'e( Itire -tiidh Cii. inllen-a i titr 't e hii' r In ' n Ci r miii divet ." ee t Ilreti ducaiut diltediu) datcit IFut Iieihui-.I, MarCh , I "- It'i.!t eiii c)lni iti Of a lth i-ti itrtillerv tir t. he relie - tlticieiaren~~, ~·~:~, ~ 6·in etict-rit~.~ ~ unit (,,ter. ,It. ti' 'nll rtitl teoi' it tl(ehll nl l retiek l Ie tie 7tihtit I oatftArd+ 1 lithk tint tite'ii -flh ,thh Artillere will ite Ilnla ill illu Ilin:llinll. 'rho.Tih1 |llfttlntrV Ire d. iv i'xpec edl at ttlllllptlntd G'nlirtlt TvlUrn wilr Iron tie' rrip e a s prerei thuin evrllinn." Sir i .tssll.--lThe iPchla of Egypt. the 31e et lleot Ali, one of the ieost rerunkable nlen f thenge, a nol the not only abhorred, but feared rival of the con. inetlder of thei Fiilltful and the lorte,w. drowned,to ge alher with i t a mber of his ch'b fI rniles, Iv the niupr a ling of it iron seuntbuit in the Nile. Well, one of the liIghs ofri tl erneJl h c nrI, nut. litrilg tle engargement of31r. Forresrt, SlakEIIpceire' moIst ipopular pieeq i w;ll he prodlceld witlh powerful c Castc. Titrle lllngelenlt have nat.ced to that eleilt, hits IDut M1 Iltrrtet, John Ii tcott and Jcs S Browne, who tteg,"ther .ilth 31r Barton, Pearseon nnd tlhe cloek elllllmpany will reulre the uleellls ol prodtlu ing anly play n in the iliost tlcliste nl ell ent. In Iltl N w c (')liletllt c Ilclle.lin of tl . .il in(, we no "iler It loNe article in ell icl thie Irdit, -ll t lt i Joi t i exllnrelhs lich dullsllii~.fwlntr on itt citltcIt4 of (iure Ie titrkt relative to lhe lrrtttle.'twven tht c'liut(rtye II ieex pcpubli ied ill thie 'elegr lt oi tii 20th tilt. 'lire eurei ainlt ill-directed charges of the editor if the Iulltitn, evinle tlhat It., Its: given tIt our article but u lhaty pe rnllnllRd cnsequelllly has Itniulllerlstold oullr intenl lion. Our remalllrks were nut inltendel, llts he eems to imaile, to brand tile Iueicharrrtis of'New Orleans as il libertl, or to intillltle rlllr li there clnil.nihll uny corltiiii inllnn .hl, to l ldrecciate lile. vlllre ofT'.lerllr pclpr iuerehtlnlti of ttioert o er e alretutd enterirg the ir s te cirpetircsl fit i tllehi nrar I£ii in tlli, we u Iv remirkedl tillil if lhercerelnllts ol ielv crielclleashll pircertete Iilede oureirizens a libernll pulicy, nird cinl sustniring tie curreneev of thnk countr, they may in a great measlure monopolize the trade of"l'exac, A lllllcn reeive splecie insted lof bills oferedit. \ie desireri by tllese remnllrk.e to wkn t tien o n rc nae ofrte e ir true ilrrteret.,and to induce lllem to irlert t a ,generous pi. ecy, which by increringe thie obligations wicbi our c -i z erUs already t ile to them, would i l unie ti e trade be tIeenl thalit eery nD tll 'xll, hlalt te conllo o titol'0 ab v, ntIIll'l I wot uldh le IIImle1b + Io all.;"[ h t c'ibe j'.rv +of Ne Orl ierice. ''exate oie.. I, t ic (No rirnr I ii II Id t gl.rillll llto , " whluh . -ý ni.h Ito..,-< r,., I..1. ll , II~ a t~I our irnleterneit Iti she gelerlv extended to i her itr Olllilte c bi nI , ni it l'ord-ell Ill on llt dlthtleri tc ( ir ill c l iid w hdw itt urlltllr t, c altlre. cI w ii ire lour of I'red .ei r'ii- gelurtc 'iin ii sIelf inherrr t. IhI cc le lie i "r laltcshe ill reciplenite our eli dence, and lila(l e it forite they will turt to obther c.urnels-/ioutko' TO 'TIIE PUil.ICt OF NEWV ORLEANS.'i I here exoerrate myself tio those wholl would Ihave Ib ntoree, ie cilh their prcsl lln+ rt IIe I reisy:orlelll Cl Ittt:l, t it +ih rrl. rlcveevnl.r c Ie cttfA .il. iHavilig receiverid all cficitl Inltice (Ior late to nl P nel fla-tl i iollemlneti') thbt Plrenohlgt i wie w inctn I.tlilec with cite tersbici of tii ccirchb thereiore wae Peerorlliriy is i tie ue s of it, after ite y brUini g ob i 'TIle ,iricilnillll pllea advancled, was thai i the hllrje't leI to mater anlmetii l wits at v rinl e wlc ill' the prilri lies lcf religiont. This lil breiw, ia tuniblinc bliriu Ill eil tife .lielI..Cs which hIve Iadorned and civilized mankiild. -Mark! the e'iee.n- Ie' of ii Lroi ' ry, the Newtonian and It: cnicin pltilciso-l'hy, 'iet"mistre, grlaier'Y, &c. (Olillo W s'le ld icy itie ilclltiinr ilnluiiiiicct ru tie sec ifI 711, flr etlOllalfai'in IIg the Mtlh of the+ Copl'erni( an Plilosophy--lle n,:dll fry of the .hurch (iot the truly rel;gillo) have p.errcecutelr d Il e advucatls of g lrogy, ihelluse of iln i llpllo tsi c ntrarlietinrl to s Icl cltrle duogma. In 'ict, itie spioiiitio. ctlil lgce Ig d liwtln ore tihe ignorulll) rrle lllwilcyt ready Ill tlllitl the ltre dtne Iuil willr iii ir lioi tlc rclru ei-l' d r ' I -irrc'i . eeied notions-ilbereltre, whly shoild i'hreonlohgists be .IIrLsePd at the efforts mlade to undervlul and decry 'tire snabtcrher bas obciineid clueiis of all dlenonii nalilln i all parts of tile Union-but in New iriletnna hie ilinds that there is no ovenrilnwitg oif ierupulisitg ulni Iool di.,usnttess i fll h., . lparl ulnlr. Ag.,iol ye'terday bi rI fie cIlirateP d iirn ii ca I if Aln'il, (ellilu i tls' d ) Irse lhnvinl the rueii. ." tit clrel Ic , I .ctIIil-e wert ife-r trltiued to ily oil' a joke, ut Ile epeln e f Ihe e iub-r I ut thie Public's bledient Servnt. It. I. COLI.hEI', M%. D. iF I n'ly Ihe consulieeld at lie Ex cliageii Ultl ImII cI, rar a few days ,*n y. * rl -cl' it'l('- -I : Icc' A t nll'tiicn tlllll't llllcrn - ire t: l Ilrie cI Sti lit ctt uP, diiIIeri it ibe )iexic n uliliket. iir .-riirinle ii cii elihlitll e, rcl aiple b aiiI 1 ItIIIliE & i 'i,, i31 ..agazieu -et FOIL HAVRE. The A 1 and fast sailing ship NESTOR, Capt Moses, will receive immnediate depalch. Fri or balance of ieight or alssge, aply to apeild 1. H 1 ; A IE, I) (I omuos st fe FOI HAVE. --- l • - The A 1 nad fast sailing ship ALLIANCE, I:ttltain flulaev, will receive immediate dgs S lintels. For freight of 20110 bales of cotton, of ° puassge, apply to L A GALE, aptil 2 93 Colnaon t '1!C IS N rloll o B Iar )e o d'Orleaus I lbbs Irtandv, irked I St I cosk matrkEd G, or J Gregg, Santa Fe I keg marked O Goodwin,Ciniciminati I marked J &. G supposed It have been delive - ed by mtlsake-- Any irfolnation respecting th e tbore will ber.I thluktlly received. 1, II GALE, uapril 2 93 COlmmon ft METAIRIE J. C. RACES. • LAST DAY. Jockey Club IPl rste $flt)fO---Fllr Mile Heats. 1. J S Garrtison's c \Wug'ler, by Sir Charles, da by I '2. Th t.a W ll's ..c lite Pt .e. , l v LIevillthn, years old;, lot tt. I_'+-Tim ePon.y is lame. 1"oRICI ll) ADAMS, JAMES S GARRISON, NI\V BOOKS. E LVIRA, or ithe Nboh's Wife; by Mrs Monkland, Jack Sheppld, No I. tol W II Ainsworth, to be eolm +l e in 8 pirts : o illt l'.lts. ilouIv Prs imi or N fi t tll't e ind Art: An iltel'resting aIld val blo vohlul e wih t llllltt ollIu Ctlst Jls t reeiv I edby AII\: TOWAIR, april 49 Camp et tli of the terms, pl:r.stes and sulject , n c lon, ted wilh thc tort+,raal +rlllor. sernlilelmle , worship.: anlld ustt l l o I o trsta, t F:,pi-Cr l C[thunch, +, itlh till .,At". ini relrnrte to file church iii flm p lotited Stotes, by the ev Vc Statotillll.ll J sllt rcti,l'ln anld ftr sale tby u ,_il I A I._X '__, WA It, , 4:1 Cam,, psi. I,AW 111,l- 8dot. I ")lOTIIERl on Obliga-liols; Stip ' els on Pleading O oliver on C.tvtVnnece; T.i" ler on Executions (sow nli l'arltnoer t l illp ; :ttblotte on Eqllity Chlu cev's ,Marri+.g, liight.; oubl's PlMending A tew supply of the abot : I f:day ree t ed, byel april [1 E N'S INSt 1NCE COMPANYI, 1 8 OF NEW OtI-IEANS. 11r : Proiulent and Dilc, tlors of this Cotm al't y nav 1 this day declared it, divlend of l0 per cent on the 1 a a ial paid i f, I t"tftlt o t tile stolckholders or their l l rpue eualiv'ie, on or ifoter t ih the 8t- f itmtul old .. . . .. TI. RACY, Scr-etry-v. BUREAU DE I.\ CO8IPAGNI2 D'INSU 1RANCI; DES POIMPIERS. D o la Nouvelle Orldans, F E resido nt et Directeors doe cotte Institution, ont docludc o ee jour, tun dividoendo d(t dix siur cont dc ca-pital d(Ijci seqnsril. Payable aux Sous scripteurs on lour Reprosoclttuls, slr oil aprOs Is huit courant. Avril I, 1839. a3 C, L. TRAI:Y, Secrftaire,. 1,.PE 11 11l,- 30 c.ikn , i r I i slai d L t. rm Oil, fbr sale fc I f t ItG(" & t I , :t l:t1 ,Ia nzitt e st Irti hy l:':A.\o ' IS.1.1 ' II tbIIE ": :,, V I il . Itl 1 Iie . tlhe st I I I I ;1 11il :,;: N I . i ,n st L )tU .,-- 0 hnr l:, ili Iinfe shipingll ordr, obr I Nt rle I by G. IfY ilnfc , c el "I 41 NeI w l .eve0 . ( rut ile l,1 0. cIdI t I SIY, fill 2 .14 New Leven oie, r byv cd i i ft iof, Stcri2 o44 I10 New Loette ( A l.Y - 10 li bi 1t s l rtlhein, l olu dinli l -t i hll li-t l -s _ fil f n, lifor flec by 11.11.1. &. BROWN, lplin :l 6Magazine rtrret IlKU\----l l Ilel. No IR s lita, hlll h I ont IL shin (J O, fill fr sale hvyT lo sollft h 11 I I.E tp I 3w lt Cceli+ c I I I f I M u0 i i st f-I) - S -cit iiolo es t Ic rl- Ir sole l - IrI l rilt 2 Il .[I tI 11. I t 11 : l' catllll' 1 (Cr r sti i1. '- I.lI. i Ni L- IIo 1 I,,xe in o ore, for a1 ie ." 1i y AlIA AM IR llll R IIll april2 :II ra iert fur sale Iby .11 llAl \31 ''l ll.Itt, L l 1 T IR Ii d (:enviernt r it l " l li _ Ebl. atuI l ,'-- I ti tnui s t....r.. 1 t i- ...i. .r l Ic '.Ir .uito pc ur r' [r , .tf r (rles cr n xTAT n11 2 1 .1+ I .1\ Il' 1 1 \ +:- r nII s mfi illil• ri t Ii-irttf hdcccc iare--.,c idc I.1 t c "o ,cct t -N 17. i-116- t l'hlfli lh . o. I Eh1Ih81 , IF l-ir 0,1 h iof de lion ! rll ! l A l'nl E i .n t ll i it l ,d dtui1et. ,lic Tlu'tll III 8810il' ft, i' drc p lo i ,r l t . nl rcIm u tllt , Amerci tli e Htinc-, t r It , i dot cIorti n'an t s t6 e ublhic s. t'loltelt ,ux 1oi,. it ,s oJ N ( ie Dr: tillq n i'h Iote ird lll i t te ll t ,trnln-m i s d3 coaI - rrailre 10 el 5h 3"lr r i, 10i Sn i 13 i(xt c o, O tlo.d tlin, ot r hrtt re leT lltf o 1.s tn is t3 l iII t oor leequllo e s It dit ihilli li3 p roli.rn ia fli 1C" i ct e f att . I i c i , Pi fllet A ri d , lt i . at l i. r inlllk ble, actu+lrle' nl co oas, et dI rst ,'e phi.+ irdllo l 7,8t 1 Iinwles, a mo.l ntilln bto 11pr ~ler s c:ers ihsetlrt, .Xkl it -Hles i1 50-t rtlers 750 i lil--8st t . \V I,' E\VIS, flr fim3 r -----\('. l ' t 'U}\\ tt l .M C t' 'Io ae S -- "1 I i dlircr ; Nioke as18 7ick5 arr'onl d o draw al.Nal FWor peackaes oreinglo t lirlectol u ip anf dICe. The, Ih.rtrest, an t the r of sJ. Loi an d Ci e i I AORTUNE T TLLES OWN fOOK-Y c I' s lolri, (i ,r llu ill I t w, lh loo henely Po' e Aull Pris . l renhinllin o k l --ad ther nolvelis ir lf d f ll b) o C.. o Dila ' t co St Chrll es atnt 1 Ct o n r e t GIANtl S' I' Tlict 1LOT(eRt o - Pccofcogon 01 03 I ior cltr Ifto$7 Off wecotkc Ct"LId No. d' r Atul ori, byI tt he L'gislotn re of Ci the Sltc e. $18 l ro a A dr ,n- Apr I t, .!, dltl no 'leotk 1. 1 . a iliop' IlCe Ib- ondtS teo oAVISO L 1 lna-ers " ...... ..........-12 Dr n . . llot. P - 1 27,311 Prizes, am ant ctia l to $,15,93 T'O MIEEICIIANTS. OI 1.11111 9k r cn Cchave IaEBEATIceU. CruCU LA It slruck oQ'iTaift Lai r O NOTICe., by . allzeql Ste t ompting Room11 of '1 RU: A lEI(I(ICAN I'tllnTlao: Oret cc, St. Cherlin hinge, - rdjctttitg thie REAt ccO Itjcit at Crnerofu liecvier stttet, ornl tIhe I'tint iitg (Ofie, curaerr f I' tdrIc and St. CIatrle streets. ('I E-M LN '- I1I vd: illlic and 11 1(0) tier yule by - - l J 2 d It E;:1) 11.1itARSIOW1, 711tth Plh,i E. M.U .- I I I t(:.\C:11 &E S I' A NI . I AC14% D. M Y Nu. II ST. tItIti.Et STREET tit's first a aril n Ii lt , or sooner sACCnttii he )m bur allurinlg ble an1 illdlllomentII Mri. Itbic i1la, ti, o ii.iito icki elvtige of thisto inrttueut, ic e gout) pructto I bookkeeper. tinisetn taught in soltme It olr minral eat there cities with iucceit c, [ tropess to give Fetiaflclrll hire.r -('hose who ll 111 lull b e, ulllicientl y IdI FIII·cI in otillt Atidemry. $10 per moutlh, or $31 fur i coc plete course. Hollaa- -Irma 7 to 4 ,',-lack mchf' i It ) IliIf I't V' I'rcc1ctip. '151 I.E'f' __ 'I'______ "cr p'cart. tlt llittng hiats, Ilicteina e o s at the corner of Cana lll~lel and (Brad streets 11 l'.xcccicnci m} ide ly. tip. 's 119 `hiA JAIIAN IFttcm 500 tn 100)0 Shattes 'ack ttn C ititea tn Iok. 'rI 'tliSi~tctcingI 'Io .etlil dcr itc roll Si)lt of & iijlicciic. oppociia the Ac-til. (tcctcly stuckcalone is tie itcd. SECA AMP' Of ASSES 9 ARlEl-3-31: R empty blll. ist, tl. apSerio (I-f(l r. I 't le I. It CIAI ii ma1 eItiSicrb.i-tIh I. V t tAoI.E ý' CAMP STREET THEATRE. tIt. FREI.iIfiHACKS behg lanve to ilfitri the pub il lie thna hit Illeelt will take place ,n Weecetsluv next, April3d, when will he acted rll, thie first tle il i tlil city, a noa Ie by Ih ], BuEwlr, EIl rE.q w erlr ifr h n witlt disitiogailled tae ts. i I.nni ol, culled the I)chena De La Valliere. 1'e coeIclUde witlh tie Liiy itlRn; Hec ilow open. aliril MAY 3 iALtiY OF' NEWOR LEA0n -r IIE p'ice no lrsh lfltrT t-dnv is t7 0o per bnrel aecorilag to thte crillI thi Iokere she ll glee dot.l riwg tile sning wec a(frvtal Monday tst inir.) 39 0rar0 cer tf bread fin a lott. Dread of thre .seeed quElity i rI rcqtlired to reigih b per crlt .ore viz: clot 1-i' ca-tee. april i Ct ENIIMiuytontr. ... -:wvi,'iitY AT-W-iII)LEMALE. rI. EIE L, No 16, CharVres ti, Ieas t ls ay rt reielldo lllonossetellleni cCf entltche, Jeowlr, Speonap, SYrEcaels ntdl (;leet Ware, they will lie tIlir edtl i ite hwsl n lnlarket rhrice. I c NOTICE--Tie CIiaroti11ctip Xlititlg itienl it e anohocriere, onder tile litnl oI Yorf Ibe IIUrI7tiC wt r dit solve dll t Iie llt ll i Ittthetlni ,nt ,tinV le 7111l,le rl ervy I818. lIte KllYte nitlln rllw be co0d Ily Eldvned Yohrke, in hule ition of tie aLftirt. ii ii Wluil 1K IL, -I'-'CL1iMt' I'e;ntttt.leti Prtre-e-a--A.i,. .f titin i erry nupcri-r Letter Preces, hfc rnole by april 1 I[)AVItD E 1l', '11 i'tlratit at s prledi tri ole Of Iilliord Itoh 1 cul rI'h-ck . II1U i 1 & A lI.EN, _aprlExehaoilgrt!lolyl, eit i t (:or l trle ri .a fueclteec I I) i1ne cish urn e i. Ili cetrdiori tr . . . r T i Lt lJlY A N ,,11 i -r . Judiie il I):oto icn I-.ltrl--'lhuIIRtnd-t tice 8Rlh doe of ltarcli, 1831I- No l?,3il.-Proelt a tth hllnorclite A cin lint, in ll Joiltcc.--()il t ,llion of itntidoall I] cll i s, . c ll" i ull.ise fur tte iretithier, tid it appee-itg i t fit i o riter terlling at Ioletigil . s I inf t lith era creditro, ill tob ,tu i-rt et -l fhdl iiitnitantt, thote bretI "tfcreiiy itlibc1le in t r d, nred Itlnt r ile crtn i te s re f ti d i paf idtetitii e, tc nlifitt ,t n t beond alrppear a otcs·alrtna onSee tti-, do-i ti 't7c iI April t xt te I ntla o'rlot k, a iti tio taltet eco if'et 'C hey, e)hv saild II'litlller shlmhlll notilell theF! 111 le - t M ait 's h o l rii i ci th '~fit oflhitt cii,- ctci C lie f ll rail fef ittaci Ic-tt Icb tire prinectal cus knel s and h r,r hor ordered IolfIt F r ttttine onci~ tiodatti mtiatltcro amicelhminiiiMltlttt S toitni , I an.n" etpillt l to rti rprsne tt hie illrltnst iof iea illsent cr editnort otfl petit oi tr ii tie Irc iiists. 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Cc, N lI)rculte, XI (;--trpcnler, Nachcea; Strucl.i-.80Mcarbi, Vcco. vi lhci c; i -te dl lll Malicey, At~ni-et htic; SV I) \V'ilki,. . toe, Scotrncrtic elilal anti Wenitiuiloni, Ncnhitciie; it e~apra cod I tooiit~oo d-uI It I hilco. FbIrcnre, AMe J C Slot-tonnd, Althens hcbp uted Stu-itiii, tlontan cl; DiBue Iote ad Ifutift' Moeiii. uilei lieu [5Thi Nh.f-Ut Flhi)ff.iii;c,-i{,r,,.o citi-ce-:. ,f,7-7 r A R D -4. - k r g s L e d L a d ir , nT o f e- . LI - a . D(tI{SIY;.y Inlet of P easose, la ting; fr, hp i l'tatt,, f,r tale by ISAAC II,ltl,: ,E . Sr nnr l 131 ,agaz.ile st COT S' COIMPLEE WOIKS in 83 vols. Lon 4 don edition. Ward's terxico, second edition,, enleged, w n aj - contL of thO .liting CmpanSieand of the Po iatical Events in that Iepullic t ta he pRt ent day; in two Slewnrt's Stlale Econotmy : a 'i'rertie on the nlan lgooment o Iorsest, in relation t ro otabling, grotm in, Feeding, \Vntaetinn, and working, seel.d London I edt 1. hh tewrt Bogota, in 1836-7, or an expodition to New GrenadR. Hall' Rambles in Etlrope, ar Tolor thoanCel Francer, Italy, Switzerlndl (iGreat ittani. ald Irlllad, in 1836, ini'volls. For sale Iy WA. ELKESAN, matr t a cr Camp and Commoi n sts P AILOIlORNAMIENTS -.Rare sad bIeati"U lturaiastieta fr nsale only by Res & D'loan, and at Plngh'os tusoeuam. All thraerlrnlarnase clnsil f "the mt st splent dii tI *rtlttn.le y l or t u 'Anrt, Aoia, Afroca, nald ,r ,on At.tntra)y. App oeed atesr an 0 cldays ill re raken at ano 9 lttAttI. &I tlitto\ NSd l A"Czi., .)S rlF11 iTl'Etli-- 5 tir lian Iln, ,ilog ilt ..hi TN," VICI(S1 L'IL,, l. nd Io orlI eI b maonr StItAt. & ItiOlVN, tl Age oitt-_o 80 hotg.tort... -tgrt . n plnt tttt Ieinbo t Scity, Nor sae b t 7IThe Alii it ti'iARItOl.Y NOVEIt:rtIS i L notit t at t d,l ttriard t of Ilo .cr, by prfnsaor I Gun.l y mried. r sPt(lql to Gilhert Gurney, ht tlhe anthr of aayintgs aol dditg.: 1 vol--Soutteillt pasagent ul 'itohires, byt Sims (ivetr ',istt, totlnletn in 1 vol nvo illustrated t. do part i, Ialo.-. 3, 6i sn 7 Nichol.t Nic-klebn, na 9 annd t0 a . atll t' itrttnain 18:16 tlnd 1:7,d vool t:llin.ltt' 'a ratl in Auslria, aussai ant l'tlrke, vols Aiki's llrttsI lPote; Fe rot's dsequel to Aikit ., S n\ i llt va:ri tyv of"recc:lll sarll dluttl I t itiitano U few ti tt'l tti ton.do11 Amntal.--The I.sdlett-Book t f lInltlttv andl ollteto F J)IIS & A('., n1" ow crottr St itharles & CmAmt, is CORDiA L.S. utareeetlliar dtli Zna,, gentuire 'ppotitt oln /tad inateaat I. gitte.n.r ttetnttinoe 3!nttitniqtue Ctotliola I· \'ate Amttp Sp-ittitr t.,ite erl itoreauo.oadiae.e OIld Iltalia dae i;ronthlo I'ir8achasser nod Snwi-sn hsaP tllte Vingar: BItrdeaux \Whlitre WVine Ileir: IIoindiio [ Iiiiler lllll Ale Cheeseo: Chieshioe 'hLeene, inll till Ilxes F Ji-NS i C1, It, Cntaor St Charles and Cotltooen st '(Y, will Idearr a~teeld to the reccipt of CO t as it in all oil ItheLave. A COIIEN, Agelt, Stoilt ! I_ NOJ0Comnlon no .Ij l'h I;rlariot li It IAnT'ON, is now diselharging h t ttrle tipos i ite lile Vreetotlle Ilarkt. uonsiglnees will tlltend to toltt r'ceip.ft"ltlro-t goodl. pI .\ A COENS Agt, 9JCollllon : l L .3Lammon atamu~ iI ST. CHARLES THEA'lT RE. [L The upllic aro resp-ictfoly informed that ihe dis tirguished T'lrl gedurgd llr F OII E,'T is engaged for fif l iiils.. lld williu make his econd slpp urnce This Evroitng. First night of Mrs 1DUFF, andtl of Mr J R SCOTT. bThis EveinK, April 9, Will he presented Slhakslure's Tramgedy of MIACBETII. Mcetlih, Mr Forrest lti ;qou., IHlrrisoi Moodnfi, Scott I.ady Macbetlh, Mrs Duff Orcrtore, by Orchstra To concldt wil thel popslar Farce of M, Y YOUING WIFE AND) OLD) UMIBREILLA. r(i.gory Untrl, ir J S Irow no Angllstt i 'I'ullllbill , De o ar S Dirndl, Mrs PIlnoer j METARIE JOCKEY CLUB rtACIS. SPRIINtG MI'I'I'TING, 1839. N onllu.o u olr e ot' tho inlelnevii of o ltle weathel r iid lotenditoun tre oh Ircl, Ill iltihiostg raoos over r lle ¶elruiric Cooretr will lbk, drcon fa l tliohw : Jockey Club Purse, $'Ul0 , ftiur mile rhelts on Trteso doy. Id y order oft Ihr Exertlive Ilo iltree, lapril I P CEINAS, Sc'ry. 0 PER I r GfIl IDLt-llll looxs vosriovuo boodo itn stlore,oud for urlt by oIlALI & lliIWN,o tllI I96T fiaf inee st 'q21 " for sale I,5 SI I.,& BIIVN april 96 Magazine at 0 13 -- 71 Irillsl lahdhi g funt eal ar Em..ress, hlir tll,,o by( jOtr otl o pril I 3i 4 Neaw Levoe l D l" tlEtl--Itl lh,;:en Il khL Igill t~oll oroir Eotprroo,1111 aprl I( t n - I I I ttilttitIt,131, ioes t uP slll't-l br ta o l ors 5ir loln ov& "ilr tlItiS-:ib hA00 l~i a i t 21 I Io ilrlGIu (to 1314 Manzine st i r'lslobscurib r ~o erotltros al too Ioor l "o hut Ir; lm • 5 hbl, 11lliskUiy; 50 Casks 1lIneOll Mides; 5| casks , nlllo t Shloulhlers; 1{ ('ltsks a(nlllltll.' s1 Hallsus. alo n1, 1 'l'll<IS B1 III I.IEN+, T l C roup 1t I 01I'tISINI 31oranl Plh~hualo p V, l)elineations of"+ , C(haln t+r, Pailyti bsC l~tfouonr n d Ith; Pasls oibo- Il rl·VPIa IlllllldrP(I *.kIhJlll+lh+ tll I11[ IIIILCL·II:III(.I'EIillr ie'+ l iy It l h.-l iolr , lo ralisit , taiumni , tO oi al d theII Th% N pirit r ttI'l IIIt At 0, t1 r i o Jprlno ,f iituiot ototopt. i l 'll tl oto1ibrr' 1" u oitliotM , Siol suoutri,,lllli It J Ollr Illtf 'I) L t, mrt,,t I ti:t- Justot,.( I vll tstitl IIII Jit 3ah+ h t" n Ilprill rI ~ ?AIEX. '1'1 iV t I I,. (41 illlttir S 'I'lL[IN F ,4Ji 1't,.fIto l hlot l lir II A.1 . 11 ,\. 11. 11 II1 II; Ill I I. 1. I P. 31.'nge lifty cel11n, which will enttilo olllh potolg'rt to two liCkets, one to go, the lother too rettt I [-120 o o'oo ten oo i l. l or i l o 1. ooolati-, 1ite lllr chl (p r e tiakllcke;by wh 111 III e11, i LOlllt ulP il ll 1owl i ill eal'ted tothe olllectour. J II '.11I \IV , TO iCLN'TIiY I1810('IiAN '0. S(iGOOD norllllllt lf Schol oolo lll l lllr' lll o f, lul: , ph..o Su plly of Ion1 k I'1ooo. , wrili I lt Itl' 'rl,o (tllo Is. Ino, to c trll-oollliV hat Il[ Sl'Jr a,,h+ on go dl terms., h~y '\I. ')'1' \\".\01, roar Iti 11('hot 0 I Dlltt .If TION OF I 0N R III . " ltlh lor I t l:lllf lOl in ..oll.,.ilo , of Ilh. l., nrd. o( n11 1. I t ' rll i \re liC 'tropoIt, illn _ I, N('i ll \1.. ,i lluod Ill, r t * I ri J ,laol h \VI' II (:)11t.1 1't1 1 IH1tl+) I (- I llunit. uIld :tllll ,' 1tt1 ' T, i-i- I IiI1 ' 11,i . t pI e "l. Jl+h I I l' onl !.ii "l I ' ht - 1 . l to't'tOoN 0t Co .P AIo T N I(S I III'. 1 U.i: ' I:w''. I'I- \" o S\\' I' tol.:o!l 1000 ;rr " uod 'Itý,' Illlllntl' l * I ,.t e ,rn ".+ ,l ý i' I.ll) r. f r ,11'h ita . Oll i Al l ri eo i " N Io .. 1 N 1 ., I til t irn i rll),I `"+ \1. ".\ ' y- IS 1\ l -- l II-I I I. :io ,loo I, ,, lfv / ,llll "'23 ti Ill )'<.<I'. , I \11 , I.\, ' .t 1 'I ) h a lf h ,,N H , r'", ' 0 1 .; I... 11 I + - ( ' 5l I11o I.1.,\ I til( l,\'\, 'O o \llltl o -t Cl)II'.NY. At I a o ,l cial eeling h f oh ' IIh o)ir'to of tll ' ('Ioil pulny,hell ,l the :thl dny of o lai th, I ',u te fih, wi,: Resoluiont were doplted: les olv'd,otht Cooo i ot Ol i tt'r oololo t of o b p ,il,i r der to ohtain tho cIon.olt of tbiii 'i .u0'.lIl 0 s to lh' distrhllllll ul ofl 'l r stoo o(: ' ,Ia llalnll o)il' hlll!',* hllanr s -- w l llrl, on i,t lt l i. l .lt illll tillel . 1\f. lltl'u1 an oil odl (olloolllito I . Ieoil,el, I that the fl llowing 11r lof d)lllnenl t Ih uadopted by thIIe ('omllllillle, to b'O presentedi tll l. ll lholderl' for th'r -ignllllur'. WC, the tuoderoigued ownoliors, of ok nl the ', ()tironst and Nashvtille Rolil 1o if d ComaIny. 'xict di 100 share., do hereby ulhorize whl emlpower hr. Pr c silent falnid C'omllm , to Iransolr for its, alo it llur lnmes, all stoock over aond :above't l) (0 hales standitong i0n r olllrllleSi, al that th1 e mlloll t l lpaid ) u tIlher'Oll of tlie dollar per shire, be added Iia it payment on inh stock.r so w,lindl by 't. Resolved, that the act 1 if inhl0o1 or:.lion of the New Orleans and Nalhville Rail Boad ('ompanyo-the invita tion thereill held outl to our sister S..late ti blcome palr ties to the undertaking, the lsuboeription of Gul;f million by thisocity, and the loan to an 0 equal mount by this State, are so many pledges for the plrosecutllion of tllhl work, and thallt the abandonlllllltt thereof olllll I e It mortitfyinlg acknlowlgemonllt of lthe want of eoergy alnd resources in lth: State and its inohbita:nts. Resolved. thlt the unoitd aid of our fellow cititzens by a subol ription to the stock of the Company, and a pay ment thereofooftivo dollars per share woul insure the comlpletion of the road to the banks of the T'Iagil.on, ill1 11thus 0secure an io1mmediate return on the outoity. IResoolved, tlha 111 i presnllt b ttle ol'the Company,, call for all lhe energies of the President and Directors there of, and fhnt lthey deoem it thtirdutty Io motke an ituppaul to their follhow itizons generally, to p1event by their I id tIoany chck Io thole Inpid proog;e= of lle work. Resotedll thatl broot C(lmmiIteei , be opp (inttlld, to 'onoist ,of litre' m botllheros of theo hoarl lld 10 'h, one fior eaCh of'the lohrte Moo uni.ipott li.tis' for lhe' pIutrpIs' o of oil tyi.g i oolll oi tl the dIllrio uion of thIII stoi : as co nI tlde0, ltIed Iy the It u.rod-.nud llthalt 'rl id 41 o f t' t T, i00 empowerel to rllphlo. turb us-is.tance as fhier nlly deem adviable to olo''eo oaid ol.jet'l-when the Presi dllnt aplpl'pn:lle the iollllowting goenlomen to n.t is s.ilid Cooomootoo'os: First .llooniro:poholo - It. AUGUST'IN, I'sq. II. i)UFII.IO, Esq. 'ccolt .la ooiopalil y C. \VO:)1) ROOFF. J. IEIIRI. G. A. Wt.(GG.MAN. W. CIIItlS'i'Y. Third .lunieipaolily J II. CALDtWEIL. IM \V. IIFFIAN. W. F. (C. DUPLE.SSIS. Reslvebslvel,tlll t ( l, lilttee of four e appointed to draft an Address anood O .(: ofitof 1o sittiootion of llet Complanyto Iobe submlllilled to the public tod thto satlid ·omllllmittee euse Ithe a ioo1. to be iprintleld id distribullted. ,herefo~o n, o he. o roIoo lent o'opointrd 'C. t'otoiroo..t II. Auogttin. W. ('Christy, and G. .. W\\ggoaul, Eoirs. on said Comlllmliller. IUO\11.:S'TIU' --:N bales 4-.4 Iid'Illsrx otnoo Nolrih I. bon ro brown sha.ein, lailg ,ll lllll tlllluor rsalo by ISAAC lIlDlGE;. t.(o, 134 laugozino e t -w UNNY IIAGS-3Hltoolt s it, oo ro fo r sale by itA 1: a liIl/lS',I ) 1 N, w Iveo s Ioushe's oeaehfor saleoty LEtVI IiI .\ilI', iii011 I ,| mIt. illl t Ipli. .1 9 ( reli tIllllnlllI I I o- l cl y .IIR \IIA eI 'IRIKni I. t lorl I :31 Enaw r,'' , ý_ A ',\ I. .,t - 51 h i: d it tr' Camp SI. Theatre.. TIlls EVLNIN(I, APRIL ., 183I6, Will beI, r er,ented tie C lomedy of S'IEED TI''11 IP'I,)UGIH. iob Hllnsdl, Air G lisrrell Abel llsud y 'Jlh nison 11er"5y, Flellrick Miss Blundfilord, 'its 1 lalrestl Lady Ilundy. Anderson AfTer whi:ch 'I1' Cm'Ioll lt it ll II the of '1T 31 NOI)liY'S hI,+ll,:';1. TIoln N.ddy, All Joilsslo Orolld, I(i lUurret Gabriell, Mrs G liarelt 'T) TIlE AWl IS I' AND IANi.Y PAINTER. JlUST reciveld Ib lt Ih hlltl f lnr Isnvre, a els; pilei kluiv., r oull s aInd l osLiiIe ; wllt r conlonr and wUllter 1n!ors pielllrld Nih h rllYl aLII vll lirh for do: wilhl ul, l br poril O riti niler.s; pinstll llll( lll s ( f everly color, pencils ofl viry suiz, ; varni.. l la'.Is, flat anlllll r 5il 5l ll v Inrvg Siz.Sciu 5 ..1 nllulS lrnI tred Ildio l 11,s , rlsm. li, uIfrboxa. 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'ITED, i1'.'.I l .Vl.:.i, I..')'i,l ]lII .Al rl2( I..'IteriuRu - I I I a, hna . f, bi:1 l k, I' hl SI} . a l the it. .... id+, l, ....I2 . 1 tl (I I t1 .,,u ... ,,r , nt .. . , .Ei 1(I71 $CIilnd + it. band<, .n tl-,+orltmnl ol :,ile pllutid ni bn .lt yd ool I" i' (rcir h p ir nr11 frolllll IpU0 O t rI lllrlytl .grg t litl ill i (uh ilhhnl, I li, r t a $t, i t Slin.. .e " .!i I' 3III'I'NEIV.73 u aln p w lu i .ulkltn ald t .ir :il110 I h~.m ,1i I FFlli'0' ',, (hl tIIu I ' , re t Iu. L _ I "l'll :IE11 1 Gravieret t Lull 21 I.11.I. C. Illt) SN. 91i Malgazine at Sl,:uhI, Inlld per'yi'Lsdouhh 1.o pllltrotl te a I lenat fur sale yv I) 1\ I1) I"1.T & u, n1i5 N Y ltaililmlll1rs Ithill _1 ChI tresfI: at 40 1,2 5 : 25 71 2t; 3 l(i1 74 l2 TY D.IT i'. I1(10 I 0 l! 0l(, l,,-l, Pr z,,. III Prioz, $llf l$l(ll ai s 1, ]0,00(0 F ,()ITI SI S [.\ NA. LOTTETt I{.

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