Newspaper of True American, April 2, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated April 2, 1839 Page 3
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ALLIGAIlOR LINE. Mobile to Augusta, vie Florida. Loaves Mobile Tuesdays, 'Thurs. days, and Saturdays, per the sploendid steamer C:hanmpiuo, (ex. cept in case of storms,) to Po.sacoln ; trhence per steamer Le Roy to Ir Grange, and lhei,c lfour horse post coachles via Mariana, .Bainbridge, PI'n. derton, Berrion, Outlaw's, a..d Perry, to Macon, Ga; thence via Milledgeville, and Sparta, to War. renton, thenc per rail road cars to Augusta. The Clampion is in splendid order, with new ouper boil, r, copporod ad n pper fastened. rhe lt Roy has been thorougihly repaired, her accommodations are as handsome as any bel. The beanuiful Santa Rosa Sound, and Coyrta. watehie Bay present the most interesting steam na. wigatiolt in the South--being at tire samenotl e perfectly land locked. The Teamo s are not sarpaserd on any route in the country ; the drivers, to a man, careful and atten tive. The bridges hretolre e dangerous have been newly built, so that high waters do not interfere. The eating houses have boee mostly changed, and are now as good as on any ro ad in the Soruth. It is generally known that the eaxcr:llonso and hardnaes of' the roads enable the teamos t all sea eons to make great speed. 'T'heir srnootlhl no se. cures the travri er tront tihe ordinary fatigue of eta e travelling. The Line is now c.rrving its passengers fronlr Augusta to Mobile in four days and twelve hours, or to Now Orleans in four days and twenty hours. Going to Augusta, the line is six days andsoeven hours. 'Th' timto actually employed inl travelling is tihe saano s i I tie other direction, Iut thbe difference of time on ti he ute, is cauord by a day being lost in Pensacola, wicvh, however, is well repaid by tlre opportunity it gives ofseaeing thoNavy Yard, tie old Spanish c ltortl, etc. ''llt., travehor also sleeps at Malcon, and agoairn at \\ar. tenton. This arrangremernt will c,.ntinul till the travel turns northward, when the irre will b tlhe anae from Mobile to Augulat, as it is a rw in thelt other direction. This Advertisement contains a plain stat ,icrnt of flets, the naccuracy of which the proprietors gauratee to eachr passenger in thie penialty of hian etage fare. Maps oftlbe Line mny bo euon at tile EIx hange Hotel, New t)rloeas, and at tlrh Matcaiott Housec, Mobile. Fare through fronm Mloile to Auguta, $17 50 Tihe lirne extenrls, lby a ranch to i''aallalnhassee. at Chattahooche, tihe lineo conelcts wih the i steamboat carrying the nmail to Alta achicola and' St. Joseph's. Office at the Marsion Ilrouse, Mobile. m17 0) iOSTVIC(, AAgata, Mobile. M AR1BLS ClllMNISY PIEIIl OVInoonroouSit Cusotonrnouso sltruet, opposite te or poototlici. Tlo eubsbnribrrs are now reomolvig from thelir le. tories in New York, and will keep lostantoiy on handa geonral assortirnttt' oarblh Moantleo Pleoes ofsuperior workmanship, and of the latet patternlc, made of thie best Egyptiai , Italian, Irish and American mannrble. Also, lotllnlortlos, 'T'oollll and Grave Stores, moldr ll d idplain sills o Io n lintels, marbloa fcings, ihearths and houndary btone, plaster of Paris, RImnoru & lydr:ure (rootot and Plaster. ing lhir, togotlor with a snlfndid ossoorrent 01oi brass oIlounollllld and poii Grates aooi brouSSI Iroon, Grates of the rnweost ar( nod t ao ' oI)oroovid patnrterns., Lettorinrg l onr in , trf uro L [iani er anolr at tire slortest nrootoc. lhoy huvo first rat o workooo to net tLe abovk work. ie5 01\t f |AIN & SITOI)D N111$too wi fooo 1 ho0000o .1.. to i, ' I' l{ \ K . -i i .. . Now Or'leo oo, 1i3 \o Iioo VjjilIId looorrorooroir odor1 foil,- of coo,'hl, I... . thIs~ ~ ~Ioun trIy\ Bfl .. t o.e o nlarlw II rh'all., I:,k lll- Illl,'h 1 11 / o loo (I f oll lsi r' ... . ll i .r..r l l iL of ..hln 1a e mlB · 1IIII i I[1 JL~l(.l~ XL'I,·1·I?:!'IilY, ( ·ilhh' / lI I 1N I'fSTl S-lJi o l oio-o e11 o ilvi- at iilh o Iootoo gieorrd iooioo! Iiole n hcoo l moo, loco, ho,, riotlti ioorory 1 sol Itloorn ,l h so lolk o tree- loh l r lie niold dollhh li1€ Iproe l 1Oll t , h ; | 11 t11 iiel irP j II t . 0llll.l ol, . lrk, or in t -Il fi 111 101.o - 5 ACKl,;1il. &c--ID Ibbs .No 1 inwkeluel, .1. hIIs 73M hN 31; ,hi l'df Ih No II doll 71 klo N1 iii ; o138 kilo f I N1, I t, a ,,. l 'lll lfl l t +111 .4 .lllll . 1 .1·111 Il+Is P(.·1 'IIIIP.11 (1 ii hr 'le ' i o &i J \\0 oI1'11 , l h i ~·nrrl/ ilrIo, oo 7 Il ll . I0thooIion IIiio.o'oo \ol l. OrallH Otlol h u,,1 ,0 io, o I .0000 Nt l{ itd ,ii,,.. .... ,',, or :: t : ,,' 0.0 , , ....000 . . ' '111 . o 0 ii i" ,. . '1' 11. 11I~ll ' ,\ltll,, lt Ull, I I, lit, 1lah ,, /1·I ·,, 11 l,:,1,. . · Ili~itt '1 'alh, iiI,1I " I' i-al, h ", Hil| 1-11ln0lr+I ihtr's ,-,io- -ii ie+',oi Oft-i-totl onh N 0 In 1inan.i i t - h I i -0I ]i' i cI I EI ( 11 I-f11 o D 1 lI II 0lll I.'I MLI t T e,. 't':.l I l la ,nt I), 1 0 Lucina odli, o(r,,* .hh b lar. : 1,,, i+,,,t , ur 1 I ,hi I iga, h ii I.'A llt/ ,+,n/t. ll n lll Iii - I - I r IIC\i [ lll ., ll' III I ,i,,,,.,, .,, ,,,. ......i , ;,,m , ;,,l! , ,, I:' e,,, ... .., '..... nnlA whc taebe soooo- -u -of-hng 00000 ore 0 io '-lle ~el. \illllmH' ( (I. ; _llitl _. . ITII \,'\',ll i (1,, '.. wartrants ,-r te n d'. 00-i l \lIltr i ,: I lotllel oihtke lt of thof e lerol w m, y a l yfo be u atlfrf IIh ' o its ol ,lll- I I . Iootoooo rwolot l ,l-icily Ratat that it as DrI. lu cnina` Iceleb lalted discov\ery, boiCi o ll l l roe u ch i .o a io' o tlior i ii ll lil to.-lolto[ i ' e; t bedly r tI rno 000 I ro 0e pol r, t(oIo o hyI Ii horiy bleen exhulausd byr dicease orr otlhlrw\ibe, andII HlnbstanI n•oro 4 lio, 0 ,'.- tho h t ocooii n Ior do-rolloh-,, tI ll-llllic_ - i ilte only rel y ednor odrIov II i oT t\ r III.I O Itoota reo o inninooll llo n lrlno ire, oo lii r llo,- Il ,h0 t 00 oui sil -r oont oo c ioon i rc iioop o n ooii oro oooooi o /oo o ooi rioe or t .on 'no ofnt r Io A o-or oi o o i ) . heueoooco-oloocoofooon'oon.I tn t Ios t oso s i r' oinoooooo-o rooiioo erdne pie whc is~ne llr staon all thelr~i lfr Ipikel Ilbav ~crg the: ro'i IT ooooWro r \e o: (o AIn oooo'-ooo r I.roo-o Io\l' illo . roioooi.o:ltll lootno l,'At~~. tla· Ull.--T he I'· l h',[111 l:ulll "+ .tIl~llt~ 5,1i~lrh \t'gllli DlP/ll lll1ll1( li t ill-ll II Ib'llP t'_11.' IIhllllC(e (Ith 'i Ivll tla alnad rt't''il,,111 I ;ill| lllr~ (Ii: r IhoI1. IL fllllV le ll Tha oiabro ohico i e i ,.- s t hr u t ha t le al af Nra. e. Ill ay.,clltu tl wllr liw. u4( h3sgazi1,1 and lC (veltip alil, brw o-ir if.i.. onorfo -e nb ts t tloonol ooo'o ofi i o-o-oooolol0, 1 tl e pi ty wheoioo.hlnno rcated o00,oo Ii 0o~ ll if l ooiooo i +an.- -Ti ti Xsrorirln eonlll~~ or,00- 'ohas or rolhr co-oiotolold Hioooootor-t in-eh nd ur 0i,oor oooo botilor fola: f ulo iilO al llf I J~lOl+litt'iiila(s ii t liltt tlfoirioEni i.e Iina I. OIin4 rroc~iooooo olv ne iofo- o ntih,. -o fi, -oolloo, ioo -i1ofhl l uo nn Nor retl coorouor oocq~irn.ooorftho 000000 ,looonoroooicl ooooo. era~t'. Now th,, oo,n.+. .. "i-A alR tO _ i 8 t l ;T 01NTA1EN'T L oi great e ,'lebr'ity oL this Ulnrivalled C iin. position, espec:ially in the NorthernT StatLes, leavs thie proprietor but 1 ttle need to sty any thing iin its .'ivor; for it has been ,_mirally conceded to it, that it is beyond all compllrison tihe b st remedy for external compilaints that ltits ever been disco. ecred. Indeed t:. epeel anild certainty of its ope. rati tis have the cc of miracles ; as n'e rs, w unds, corns, fever sores, clhildblitins, white awel. lings, blIer, piles, spider aid snake bites &c. imme. diately yield to its apparently superhum in influ cuoe Thus if properlly applied it will remove ati inveterate corn, or break and heal a bijo in five days, will lltay and perfectly cure an ulcer in two weeks: and the most desperate cases of white swolling that call lie ilmalgilned, lhalve been destroyed hy it hi less thalln two ilmontlhs. li thile bites of poi. sonoto reptiles its eflicacy is truly surprising, anlld even in the bite 'a rabid dog, for if applied in tine, its powers of attraction are so wonderful that they will at once arrest the poison, and thus pre. vont it f oim erv.idiug the system. It is likewise greatly ruperior to any e(dl inel heretufure disco. tvered tr the chilt;d blcks and Ibiths of horses, for tetters, rig g worrms, cllalppld lips, and in short for every external buodlly evil tha miay all to the lot of man or boast. 'Tim propri, tor has received at least a thousand certificates and otl r documlenits, in favr of his *, 8, ecific Ointment," upwards of it I undrod of which were written by resrpectble members of the lPMedical Faculty, all breathing tihe saeno eulogy and satisthitiou Prepared at 1"9 ILiberty street, New York, nld for sale at 65 I'iydrai s stret, New Orleans. llmar21l it iliSKil'K Y--ui Ibarels Ihilkey, landing frUom itn'-l St'i1'St,.\ N AV .;1ttV,88 tGrarier at ( 1O'FEE.-15t bgs IlavarIta, hading per sellr. WVir Swick, for sale y73 a m'9 o J I' \'VttlfI Y,73 Coap st N' I lI'ITNEY'S COI"'TON 'ACTI'OR1Y--T'Ihe ub r nT ilhlr vwould illaOrlt Inerhutlll s aUld plalters : that his e-tblishllell tt i now in ull e.Ellllltr l :ald Ith hle iIs la e :uric undler the style UIll deullolill to llof Whitney's Itetrl cottals. rt Thtr se wi-htilug I( pi rchallll It ltperior article fi pinllllttlllon use, wrill plouas cll antd llex nine fi r tlhreiaeltcs at I eo ,es l'et SI Norrllt , age ln I3 ChtMtres at or a1 th,± et iblishine ntl of t ll n nllsertiber 457' 'l:loupitotuptlan t. a'l t. deiruble dweialling htoe, alo the Slore uIlndernelath in i, i ll complet order - uaol sio- i givenill illmldiattly. Termp I el. li erai lbr t Ideb illl t Lad, , llly Ao ther premlis fr t. (I (V |ITI CII \lll)& J l'Atil'r, Jr ill eorellr LPuydans &, lzlln sts I0il)uK br klll , lfr ille bv n 143 ! lt l l ')(; .. (Fi& . 134 Mlagllazie bt 1"-+lll --ljli O kig, Lue+,i Lard, in |looe Iilr sale Iby Inli:4 iG IIRIISESY, 41 New Iv. 11113 O( ItltSllY.41 Now a' !" i.. (,U t-53900 hitl c!loic Ia-i,t'a ill sltoie Ibr . la . by a ii il I)1118) EY, 41 New Levee " I litSK'i':--3,0 blari'icluhtad,ilaitr' folr sa e by LA IE K d GENTLE11EN'S GOLD (;IAINS 1ttll. A.It1 1VIl.l. baa Is day rtce-ritl ia goo.d at l tulttillii.i iI lliilh will be ill,'retI lemtiarkably eI·lll·No It: ChItI rootLe. l Nil Old giil andasilaver taken in 1xtlu hi et. Diot 1 DE'POT01 OF CELEBIIA'TiED WINE.S. ( ONS.'I'TAN 'I.V il hand a t regularly isupplied with iiilllol a 'Il ailed W ilas, waranllted pure fillt iIrL, l C rditilIathfiiiii lnIemr, Sc. (Our l a,'a tilk ; Jlittii lli i. r; 1lo ehli ler Sjiarkllb Ihg! 'bk; ;l)'ial Ilock, if 1825 Il,.lkhehnll r, 1t137; lulrclb rtllllllu ; UrefToe ber,;er 7oI rell.loll acUl; I1th ! 4i 'l l nsse, .'] ll + ]ernitt P altl int'r t' n tClatiu Mar eSJ li dl ha t1 e'i lt in St I l -ir eili ll ad lSt J 1ll, excllolt Itle ctlaret NA Ii 11 hullhtg~hi'ii l ,if St JtX ti fe ,lyd Ilerimitacl e, S utt rne, t ll t lhd (;i t eI lGenuinlle lIyur raltt a Itlliiaallil Ma usCat OIllAMI'AIt Nut' WINES. \ lltlennd lid, S illh'iv It 1, ( il do 1Plerdiix I(Nalllle,, ('yh mbrtll ihll, dli VUIy'uge Nuilt, Sptrkli',g Hn tumly aIr 18 I ~ S- bblI lauding lirlm titllll t: i rule by Alllt~lA . 'Tlilt, millr1l 1Il ;, fit re fillo)ll AT-SII 1011 , fll eill k silks. i hi d hi t No l dl d ll 11111 1 1a Ni II ! du llt)( .c tes elas No ' 3, ,tsn, .d· -iz s,, lli hsaiilr;. , I , ll l , a it .tl - r l a ia l v tlt- I lcle; 5 0 li Ixlrr do L0 I h i Illhck nnll \1'lll:+" l;I 11i ,il Xlt'ilkl ic , ll Aari l's lc ; haoctl, t t a .it· d 1 a b til (ituit f I + l aI( t ak. l ilk All rffi i k.- Ifil- litt e , ry &il i (fftf 'hlJ 'il Sa 1. l+dnS fnn is i k n ltritn Ilnls, illsi . all (i ll l".a t k, Ohiirt , tr" r 'etI , h oll r, .Iisii l trT , and l iarl ,arvrf, in t li.h. ze. fI f ll Ces. ('hlh t'p+-- Ic .,.wick, t I'ui S A' ,ril's hill h,Iat ll I 1 t tp, I, o fIt tI It~t I .i I I t rC St hht,'.ol , l dhh e llIl ' rIPlll ln sil l I Il i'itllli Id I (I slad l , i , lilhy lan ,ii, oil. d silk. llill -VIift `ilk I tlikt, :l.rl -- I'ol Iu raI i l all 2. 1 i h lJ . SI ltl ix,. w i I bllti. . f lt , c &t l ,,h Il. fr (I mroIt L. f , ll he s t It s all Nol-eril(+ wt·ill t hike urge. s r lol,, el' ol kertn, wedelll'n lulln "' I, tI Ii. rk , I llt, L ioo e I ll - ia.. I' tt IS I' ,t, I o CO., I I I . LI nge litlN Eltill, 1e -i t r ilEt, S dlbl I it .I-h al .III\ .5.Il t "3 ((.illir, il- ll. l l I S aii ' ,i r. hid' la S i, ' l l.-I) 1 I1 -T 1 .,i1i 0 7 G r er I ` I l' ,1 :1" "I-- 1 11;i I tii ii , o n i'h nl, ii 'h fo n u ll lap r l w i l) ( li I calZ+' uo .ii . r ; ,[Iou l . +\I, t fin- IJ,,- tI o w n k 1 : I..aVa Nifit,, l lraeid, f ( i, I , srI,-l I \ I IllII.l t & . ,,tCa nli,r I I h ENlI, i t,3, Ia" -tlhr, " Sll ; r \ I'll l' r 1 11r a 1 ,\". 1 i, 'I'h,\ ; ( aJi o.!- , 1131 !1'-1:. - '.. ll nl i in, t L111: JliCE ' 1-;b. hil' ;iudem 3dlolhnc or i .riý 1J t, I, utirte ainl Con v ttI otled, bite beenl lutely ill ported li the uln)Mcribecr, t,'h. trill dltrite. to' it o n tw. m ou lli giv. i or , i.ri lt AINrl. p l, y ,n the t t in o', T , ito ki.lNa, wh r t1rdanlid Sbrntilah rain9,o,, It good yard patced "'Jilt irick, lttitg in it2 ite an(l d al hydrlandt. Usse 91.11U give! ol or beiuarn lUt April. Apply on thi nor :'3 Louisa st JI'XCIIANGE ON 11OSTON-f-ir ale by S n maor93 - I BRIIGE, 131 Mngazine st lý PERM ANNIII.IES-:3 bores Ad quality sperm S. Candles, lauding from ship Cahihilfanaor sn al by HIG' "RI tlGl Co, mar 23 131 Magazine st SA'I'IT:I'T Nt)VEI.TIES--M\emirs ofChnlec Mat iA thllw , thes i otItd hen,l I 3 2Als Intth1 e s, in 2 vols. LThe blk flth llt t Pas- ,ne,' by Ju tes, with splenldid Neal 3MnTde and toher talesof [ eland, by Carleton. h ,utC - ld Bo l ar, by the auth,)r of rtc,tdllec tils of the h Il~l++ O.' ufcIII IOIIl, m i2 vlls. (Captait Kyd, fhe I izard "f the 'a, by professor In t . _-nd outher o ichs, I. JIllaNi & C, I N n7 , cr, st t.hai n i s a' n I ( 'll IIIImlan ele l b,, fior l hui-salei amn rtlnil by o in I\lE J:t1( E--In aks, I(n ling J 11. 1 1 |i)NNAII !., 'th, pionhults t !) rIe, in st tle and fur sale bv d n 1 JIs e t EY, mor'!7. 41 New Levee .OflO.IO -N l.ron Souat.l Porter, of di. et iim [ort _I noin, Ima r sodn e bI marl"t I; EA & .ARS' row, 7 nank Place NEW ORLEANS AND N ISIlVILLE RAIL., ROAD COMPANY. NEW AIIRANGUEMENT. I Ill; Loonnotive will leave the Depot at the fioot of ('anial tree, every dy a t 8 A. . and return at 4 '. 31. exrpt Sndal'+a, wraen sihe till l)epiit Return 8 A. I.12 P. l 12P A Car for private parties, providd thie numher alliciznt, 'rill rbe seat down the road on one days' ev out Ilotice. j12, 18.19 JAS 11 CAIlI)WEIlI., Presideur. ( 1.OlT'S PAT'I'ENi R FIRE ARIS--Just received I per shidl 31i siisalnii, fram !barn Ycrk, at large us sortnlent of ll allant Rife and bielt l'itol , I r s.ler utlr 28 (;o)SII' & Co. St C.hlrles HIntel D RUGS-Just ldming an.r Mlesina,, u Supply of altnonld., ithtr ln d sweet liquurit.e rot, lime juice, essence of l, ie gyaret, eseeuco to lemonz juice,, hePlll ail cnnary seeds, nIasna, lake, and small, ctllharidra, bristloe, lanllgu wsll uanteu r &,, for whorlesale anld retail in lmne of 11 IIONNABEI., na'9 orpa Natchez & l Tchonpitoutlas st 1 W LAW J(tKS-Edenu'as tncerv rert N EvFIohlutesI iu rhei, alsa ain ddiliunil s niply of Clhituy'sc ritihnl lwn--Stephen's io lrdiiii nuu , en roourgh's reports-Jost received tlld for slCae by n29, ,A TIO\VWAIR,-19 I ato It lml po te llby the subscriber frim Eropl e and tile NKrth, collaltly oI It lldnllld hri sale to crluntry t'calers nud planer- oni l oJVIsl th rm bn.= 1 I .\i 1 d.iG-al,naill u(lllayt, Ras, a l. , mld S :I bhll el F i . in hblde and hn lh,, for alc bhy ait Ad I 11111 O1" & Io. 131 lianarn a SHIPPING. For Europe. FOR LIVERPOOL. -_ The ship ) ElI 1'1T I, RUI CE, Cn,,t Hark. nest having partof her cu.rg) eng.' gd, will with despatch. FIor In' ce n 'of fa eight Fl,1l LIVERPOOL. 'The 1 and verv lltt sailinag shipi E.I Z \ BI,1'I I,Capt. 'lo'wel, can take 120 alues ilfcotol, ld wil ll t tllll t'di i nlexl, Four t'rlsof passug.e fur twit c l ain latsngers applv to m 13 I. I1 AL. E, 93 (l:OuIIIIIrn st 12Ut MIARStIEI.LES. S The. .ell klll t nll an d vdrv fll srillng lshtIp III EANO) I , h:u't eb tn taving ta,-paGreeter tai allahr cargo ntnad, wttill ":lee wl:l, di~pii.t!h. 1"lor lalte e of lieilht or pnltt ga apptly Oil bonlrd onlt I I GAIE, mar 19 91 C.tli rna lnalt Coastwlse. FO NE\V YORK. Packet 6tll Proximo. Louisiana and New York Lene n' Packets. , '-h. m I anst [ailingl , lluckn t ship OIIP.PIS .6 Ild will he lelldv to luke in clrgo in 2 or 3 udays. I lr lirei lll al llt; , having a perlI illr ae n moduti n d ap l ll Ito t) i ni IIIalstor t hOtud, opposite tihe V'egetf ible le:ll kct, or to nlny IJ II IIILIN, 74 Camip st The pI ckeltship llu; villo,l apt. AlIe·n aue,'eed will the 9inissippi,t oil llthl Saturday next filllowing.l F(lt NFW YV'OIK, n dhe ll n ini very lua t saililg hrig IllS 1" TO .IN, Cnpt l"iukr cian tLtke 'In bulk if t lbhatnal- I, Inainig Iltae lreathr palllr of e cargoon board. o iaerlt ns, .r Itsnratr, n pl to r mit t 1. II A AI, I, 1'l NI;OV I R -lt 0 - ''hllt Ine anllld. lllor Ipiia CAUCL ASI. daC~llll aun% ador l qdV i 1. Com A on I ON, Clit tin VainT, illr o . (tl_-! . ll "o . . 1 1n st F _ l, da: I a:lr r iIII'e.A l l lo tII e, a. p nly t. o r ill - - _I S &. I P W II INIY, 7 i I N E t Tl''o A I andnl ilt iaillno shipa IFVANT,i tHai. Lilt, aill recein.e i aIn t Pdile d tpl Iii I (INc 4, 9 ptith'l, hmTll l r(l IiltPi iltt p rn n r fi IlgtI ng ", Fo" h o ( reih l lt ; t lt l ue ly Io I ia "n l aItiN 9c4 o ots, -n - - "i I, a I lll:'I , I' -ll u u m~arI I!1 l ORT li9. I noI t ti'a all') ly.itit Ii iIlItI(at I attlil (010 NI 9V VIll I., tiunt' t IT i ll INE , t he'l' illn, l II it' Oat l It t o ' it fll ill ll y naildI trotlr cahhlr pa et+l., if' early appli enth ir t,. 0 o , {111 o t h N 'It.ll t ist T' e . T Trwl oNll-gllbl vilI i llVl Vl - "iliO r Itnni n./ Il nUpl lititncca I ii .tl ln I uni lilttil eat i a n ar u( I t "1 CO(( IE.ll 1 9, ' .,!(111 ni l iI at iOR NEI'\ Vi Jil- .l ( O N '/,t't r, l i/ t ll n l nit II New nitrk and Nlew i ;,i n'. Line. 7b. , A ..... ..... h i t 'l'A niit N' i't Copt%. t a ulh'lil, hatving- a cosllo~ rabin p e "t A i-"'. c'ur uo oItahrdailli- 1n ni tdnll '," F ar Sfreih"t hi Ill· l el . bllil h' oIth "rd1 II' I4o al).il I 1'": 11":ItII Il. llVl, , 611( /:aip psi i ti no sail oI heii ti- I int. I T e-.'.1 ' Il fnIsn I''lIt packet t ship OI t t. e O I, .'E N , Sears, nos,'r, owlinl g liwoIt rdsi IInl l it rg en iaged, willill l ,tins nnitce. r f e . th o , I li'tnst; ii't-l - ig tu t ) i tr tl n ao lid att i s- i r to Ihtl il a iain o oiardltrI, or tt - I P l ty A (iiII 1 (ilIEN, 9iII ni titii ttu OlR 17";,iNA. - .... . Pocket i too'ner. {. . The A I fast tailing. co er lest h e td slt: L ~tolN(I "7 liat, laflo r 1111 I'.,','i N 4u4- 4 rs '4'4llI ,h' 444'·! th 0 4hr sho I 4h h I Il 11 \ .I l l t i\00 N (' , I ' o\ . . ..-I, , ..N l .I 0 . "t .. ' I0.u IIn - I, . 1ing fi-r 1\ .-. A II - Ch 1' l, tlt h :', h 10 11 , (,rh ' r 1 !Ih.\ c w Ilar _II "II .I ""l tIX'VN, "I6 I! gN azn. t0 L'511't h 'I t l'ru 1 ' .b hiIp shi, l'h ru.IPlna)l I, 1!' lt a l e I n ir ` ! r I 5a xill st I ( \ Ill 1 a :,, in s l o r l b 4( I1() 401J. \'', 4 I 0 ew L e4 ee y A 'SI: II I IN'INt;-N2 C4U4.T4 I o pall Ia l u nkl l_ , 1111 0;Io,_ s he h)i ( _rll lt fr oml, e by 4 4,I\ I4 04' )ti,. S Co,' ill Il.l-aii :+ A I.I': II{ 1':- 13,i tcoil;+ LIlc ropliO o rio r e it) I dl,r s Iarl w i q m 1 4 I" . I );1:,,C, . , J.1 .Irit bu t It I 4NKS, & 4 o,__4--J la 511 Il'u5 , 1i t rthI ) ] mIa l l t litrl in s tor S o "l1 do CIAP ire OpR,7itiue 1511 , eo burti , cu m rlc fd r ule t y 150 . 4 4 .'tern p Jus 7 5 ,1u at or li ,d ed in l do 00 do 3filtr r, l d 1o 11l0 Id r 40i4N i d to A11 of t, hic11 areliv a of r 's r pl inm rllit, nd will ht. sold olow, tu close a c ll l o sIlur h "ut by ) IA T! ' \VA lt,__ 9C'anpl st im store u ld ifur sale hr 1,11 ('IIAMPI2 I.IN & C(OOl'Eli. (M_ Jalio st TAl`-l : bhe d bv orth Cahlillr t arr , in torbe of re TI n y44, . kcop, i,4 y.,,,,, ,.imt, l112e e CIIA IIPI.N & C40OI'E1, 79 Jntlia st 0AY-300 bales northern hnv, ik n stor, fir sale ,,r N lCIIA PI , i4N & t"OO4 PER. n,1R 79 & 42 Jttliais 1YEW M1UIC by Manolluuvrir " Huae, Coaruman llastt," barleuoll,.-word= by MHiss Estellu, de'di cated t 1. ' Il lrv I.lrrel, Esq,. coll1s'd by G. P. :.ll couvrier uf New Orhoa, received w ith the gleates+ u p lI a0se at tle New f ork coucrls, SI cy)I'I"I': f:-7! lha rc: enilhl just ros yI.,d fron i Newv f ork, pIr sli1 I tlrllnn, sae bI4 oi) 11I.\1l.l & ABItO\N, 91MNgLrinetis T It:IONI+ R S--:'lisrec Jlchurrtta er(;i ln hn-uIe .. , I, r e lh,e ,' .i4in44. arujmple h, assk,, r..tl4n4 , 4adii , nfroI:g J PlIhnr 'o.uT Dale by ISA.AC BRI )( E m C. "T US recei4·ved 4444444a 'i.rl's .il .t, ir. .l C' k ,p st., , stl.,.l ioi" the lulh4w4 1 { 4 ksi, -- se44 ',4 '. t,,lla (VIln II..! I,,dI BI ,, 4.4' 4 ,4tt li 4 ,'" I',44,I,.W4n. SliII .V;` ft~lllel; v'l." e tllrt+; St('en 's 'l'r i si n F'1iP ' tAtruhii , I'ltr-e. ,I.I lnth lh, li ,4. 144Gr," T1,iir key, Ri,,-shi s11 0,l,,l, I y ,4ll 4ih . 4i the 44 (ap etl ie4 ' h - ' vailhl'. OraileI LItdy oif I.vtns; S'.lllli itlI \West Ain ast hias 4 4le Vet44 Ithtry 1t4 444v44i4lu i el,,n ii'i (:jerk; with allhtf Jilliles' tery Ipolp)ila• aovlbe! y Ihby t set or sillc ~orkL1 NEW ORLEANS Steam and Putent Biscuit lakery--Wlater and llillman. No. "9. Mloretla (near the I'olltrhartrein Rlnl Road.) Pilot nnd Niavy lroad, Sud. anl Wine Iliscuit, 4 Sugar,. Butter, Midlbrd and WVater Crackers . All the above articles Irln warrantle: to be of thn first quality, and ,o keep ini any climate, being completely k.ilo dried. Also-,Kilo dried corn meal. Orders lelt at (. W. Prichard and Tagatt. Jr. corner Magazine u an Puydr4s streets, w'ill receiv prompt nttention. Small kegs put up expresely for family use. 15nov IN ItICIIAIISO.V0 Di4tionary t4 44 ei44 te 4 an-. ijg anu all il4 mlelll4lilags o4 e wld, uis ellu as its P4rolp4er 4 I. llc4h4au4 ll4 . illta be 4,acl,,4 lile,, , I, t,4. , 141e ,C ries ali quo4ttiul n 4Il o.l tile lalthers (f Ilhe .ilsnguige, Illl'nl4l4h 4 uccess4i ve l,4 es doWi I IIt1e ple44 glll liImeP. 4 A iio ull- Is expected to SulbtLIt. ,h tl Ricl a',ls IIIIR L!iC li4l4 ar4 lil4l fl a 4l o alil4,, 14, file.4r44l 444in it in ti 4tl lilluig nll ullte ll e-ui4lilnlaionll, 4asli4, tl,d11 Ithat Ihey will find i it, U Illatl t r lld 1ill1 illUStrnlilli o1 thle lallUOlge so long dltsilcd i1d t so11onglit eeed ; the very willn t 4 whichh Iu,4,cc.. lie g,eate, t delect ill Eehllih, I liternlure. ttiel Ijt Gra vlur , It it 6d n27 U`i`t A t & AMI..%SPES--81 I.l4i&. sugar, 12(1 b4llu . ,,,n4,o s ,,,, 4,i t l.eiee,l4 r sal- b. u12i it, AI.IJI0 S a W" IT Il..1 "I'TI':R l'RE SESL';-- A iew Itltch,¢s' l lilll t iler1, tutli.l4g pr::sts received fro4 lotion ,t4w 'tl |i4li- I 4ii t,4.4 tlhr, Ifull . I i,' ii n .., 1urkpier uoo.u. ilti sIie .4' 112,. 4) ,EL'l ' Cn,444 Ch crlres ,I 9ILt)SN'.: lI'INC1II AND IN:.UtGL.41I1 1)4 ; i 'I'rll)N.\R .-Jost rcvtlel a very tahlal-le 11ippl of the i ralkee, L, i s1oul I .dlg d nload hi rio nt ALEX. 'ITwAI4., IA C'.,l 4tt FOR NEW YORK. X, it, har 4 /Vin. 0,terrol, Lone. A NEW L .1f pcket, ha s be en el stublirihrd toI run L..I ween I1R1Le\ 0.1('1ui anld N. Y ork, t o iiII1'IIuIfvv, cour.[ f lve ore[lut shps, i, , Ship Nt. \l ~ I, It \VIutrmtr JI..p',N hli WII (Iv' It,,, sell These. Sh iips wet.' built iti New Y Irk'expr,"ail\ for this~ "raFv; or.voIf Ivvnt dn liu I I o vllre.'van will till[ L: rolhjecl (Iodeteuliol o u t .. liar '1"hehir s, O IIIIIu dllil~nl t ile.) o exp lieln., e . lli I1 ti ll. s li p; now bl ildiu:; lee "I,,,leeed, two lo'te,!b. rl'pe wdl cuplliy weir pine : . I't ,·lrtntr·( )LIIC! lit '!trill Ilo ubstl iivn tIe rite, of, soilingC, ullll ell~ I rlll.imluI~l" uccIIIIIIU LIIIIIII t ex, nded t. "',,ippers andivuvvya",,I, ur further partieulurs apply fu tU J·.)SII""ss JolmsuaDI n 1 .utt deuNo.I U6 Wall su 'er.U1t,\en Im k, l lr to [ILuui~iatln and .fe., York Line, oC f Puckers:I.] To sail regula~rly its adeertiierl .aeon eac Port. .11111i - s t bi II t:lb! teflle: 1101ll~i Il's'~ III·( NI·I ti! (.I iLK Il.L )1011 'I irl hip.,Lot f 1 l.n" u ",v t s Ie" willfr pu "" n aul eelII(llyday, waking thIýI· number twe 11VI in ll, Richli~l w nill allow . f w, IlIill:: diapnt."LeII l / .iU I t o . ; purl every. weeek (].)int h Yea, than llll* lfuI o, prompt llllI (;llitiri folr transportation t ied al t [he. luuerl ono:; 1I lieight. f [ I Iivy, ,1,yo, It.pul 'II ,, , . r 11.S lvil lvi Iv,, i''-1 ivivie 111' Suru~o~n, " Ilnlilu uyu\ · II. H ill.,, Ny:1ri d i ih ..[Iove sh'Ip nvi, ,vdl yo IL " list Ij,"ivtv' yl·I 'IP uad rulolll"r C~lleoed, oif u li! it 1lrilazil of water, alai built illll~lair l .\. w 1'01k .xpr Ll.s l) I.. ,1 file uud," wit h · Ulllr aln·I exlp·llr"Cell mall tern.a 'Iie pricvFi pat $311,, is txeI at $ iU, without wine ,ur l hrlhyynplu( )I rI v i l I'v..ty A1111 U)!IICIIIBT Nll be provided, nould ever,- ilt" ,fll lcil ·eo l,.l p/o..lptulll h c oHlinl ).l of lll u il lin .Anl to old l 111 ill I ý lit r. T he ý,, t IItnH wi( IIir.ll at all ,lore-.I,.. tow. I al tied down the rive.,l ll i t'hle i' l ilivy it v. i is vi y iIIy u ivI v i iv'vbell g ,,l' Nc~~i l IIII Ii LII!I I V (rs it- i.lllllll if fiesll C'.lll II wit[ yt l v'',v v,,1*i H ll. i veriblio, foe.ii on. v l' erroi pius(] war.. , iyiiiiiC of ,. , hu o~ v[ir i..1ll'llieur gtanite, o r lpvroq .e ll tn riro ·n o sisl, r ar nyleter, pared or packuae ern by ur perm(· ·IIII. boa tl .1I' (h :.,I II les.. sr Lill u' Ywili all, toenlitt ..s .1, ldilVal 1'orfrei Illlrl1 or p usIIII.IIJCI e ? apply t. UIIL1 it ':81 ll J.11 11th It IIC I1 i .lll .IN, 71 tllpnslnrr t 'I'I. s I ..... .f I'a,.ket.; have lotlid e~l IC n)III eIII.I.d to A -ll ea fr~ rif Il . .[ales ii? Pillplwr?·*Ila brliil l p ofl ýIII" \,t vile, apn- 1 o 1 . H'l 'aa.,ax, l';I ti ll I: 11...,.1 i .., .Ilabreroo, Captain 1' U II.....',e Vii/..- Yl .l G li r l'al cct;,it llu J I; Irll'u\(,r o ! :r, IIIIIII VIII(1 8 1.' 1 lr 'llu l(' .1.1.1 y C· Jlil For the Interior. £017 I.·IAYI· r~ ()'AIlA \·V \C "i' y '5illll. ll·1.~pl~l AII~i" I~1 & I II U1 I:1~· 111 AI.I III1 1)1 1:.i\ AI I111111'1 I'S~~liilI!. \\ll f I; (i(!· II1; 1V i ill: UIIIllll, 1)I I I~crilli~l ll ~ I. Ilrw,~ lbplp tac, lll~l ~ iri .1 IIIlsII &I~lil AIII1 )1 lli!i 11liill l- .···\,I li·L'(i ~ ~ ~~~ 11117' IIIL- II'1 1(1111' Ih'I7II I III II . 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II AND1 O).lj.LY AND (:IIIAII'LY EX: K'I' EI AT THE OFFICE OF THE Trurue Sltnericanl, .T1'. (IIil l 4 S1'TRI'F I', J NI'A11 U.. IY IltS. CHII\AIIPLIN & CIPU'IC, GRiOOEIC,,' ANI) I)EAIEI/l; IN lPROV;SION:i A'D FE l' , No. 79 undCl JuiJ eteet, New rearns. - 'Spii uodl It sto 'e . p)t . p. o op FURNITURE WAREROOMS N -. 53, dilem lle sir,.,t. 17II.I1.M 1 t. :\CAlINKS, 1." I s .,tlhly ihI ` 9F1.orulll h I.s :i,:l .. uods i I h t hv:IoIIi 1 h' l" lIi ~ - rsantl, recvivae l+OG N -' Y u, aol,; lhbl(, it t; Ud sl uruocot ll Ir u m i re1 11 /i i ti s I l llllll . ,.tll'+' l; hll IIs, t n o l. , t I e d - w ac d s l lt, llo Jl l l l l ll ll t ql l H la l s , l .l y ~ e u I I ll c h e rr Y bh +d tl , l I, tin o ln a ~ d t h e r r , tlu !,cb - fu ll N11. l.(t(llltll pal c ked oII iU lljll. l l(a lO L t witl, Wlc ut FRED WILKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENcPAL 'r LUUISIANA, I IEPU':15l S liY s servl 'es lt It* 1 ''''+Ic i9: tL, dcparl t F l n1 cuts I) Surve ing and 1'1,11 liu;.i+nerit , bult ill , n.o od I ul i tI.i . l runt , Co iJ l d rh.l', expl sill·'r oIII vhis )trol i"f iulu, nllld h, ' pr q u lll.l!l+ t* l l l lI llt i llh e xecutL Ioni ll I -lo+i u i - e s l n l;ttslt t" lin hllh i hi o s t m llI++ lttand mee e .fCt'i+ ii pulll ,,l Itbllljll+ bb ttto nlt f, llU\( il· L ''(I [I II- I aLIIIIII N d. l 1 11" i ,ll llll in. I \ll lll S \C lll lll. ,IC ~11 O I' 1i1 - 11 1-L11 t I BUSH & ALLEN, IfII 11 NO. I, 1;Xt lANtI: IIui .L, ,orner 1 ,I. ('h Iten ,a. ('.,,,ai. A it.+,. .\E I\9 lI II'..\ NS. I I'(R'ITE.S' r.I Dhr. in I'c',.n, . d EI'L I.A • Fcrfl'u irV; D 'l"r hiJ lun-, and i',1,,u:,h" l'sn . s, (utrlerv, li l e, (;IUc ly, (h . h t , c t l, drlls,. MCCODLEl 'I E & D!1 DO 1Y, fle N ,: - Tu EW T N \.. r . P tKir/. . ' ,-i t +.rh,,n 9 ,. r. , ) fk. Cah I'I I / 'NI. '.' IN . NO. A(A11:. II . I ll' 'I' . 11:' 1, I ..N I1I' Ii 1 IN I1II1 ' a I t lo !Ilr i,- U 1111 :0 " _,"1; . NI 1 I ' IIN ' 1 ii ,. I iI NII I ' a Cl. i Nll lI II.NII III.l'iN', (h Ick l J ' 'ER hil, ('-I ,n, :-S1' N NN Iul e i o I : lt and i .. .t . h , c r e d u l ,al su,, r - . ) . All i' eovd . d. Iv h inp N,', U'. rlU Chnt . t uo d utll') IIU11]+ toot I+',l u 111,-. c, lC· i II : Icuui t1/N IG l IITC I I & I lDlSO FSHION RBLE CLOTHING NoA I Ohs,'l'ie Strhr'.' tho r the I NiIu NI.Ie I IIII II f t ul'iu ' .I t g l l N , I hcks t( elld the r c eI tl' l ia l,,I 2 il'rI . ll t , I1:} ( l)1111(, , l l, s llh ill l S ,"II t l OLAS LITHOGNRLPHIC PINTING No.r 1, l v, lh arilt T rtl el d wiol hP ht New Ylollr h H J . PARKoER 1 Cmo RG.mOe ON, ir' DhNIS..",g 3,rlt.I i N. N3, AaB.E'le S rre,, , WIl L il h.1. llt) st11eet G ?T ASHEDICIONES PACLINTS OILSNG I No . 14 I. h' i i ie i WI IO A llll A I :llh 1 )I(lll lhS iate-~ 1t+ l, atN IY ' ORLIEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING --- AIrVls & ANDRW.Sr, -- A large ppldy o G rtU ( S eeIs. oarranked the grtIth t~"i:;7 . . OY.. L. &i-. ,,t £.:, AM113:3IC X.N & IX NI,3.3ll 3:113)3WN GIASS, . ,,. : C l.SR, ,:,· LP . r .:'_r:_. + o_ I1%SIRAN'"E1 CEPI'PA'NY UF ŽNE\\ t).LEANh. 'l'hi. (ot pl)any are nowl pLroIeI d itoL take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. No. 4-131uss:o'3 BUulding, Can t .al3cr,. E I. TR{ACY, New Orleans, 1May, 15.1830. Secnrtary R33(3II TI' CIANN(ON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 12' l'na p ;'tlre lt W1olesale I, aler in Pai3ts, Oil, Var.ishe-, Iru-shes IWIII \\'i,.do,, aid Piimure Gi A- , \c.c. 1FASH'I3NNAI1LE CIOA)TIIIN. 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