Newspaper of True American, April 3, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated April 3, 1839 Page 1
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-.- (2 PRIC 12 CENTS. - 1 1 ... . . NEW ORLEANS WEDNESDAY MORNING, APRIL 3, 1839. o 1' Terams. of the JezVspJap r Press of Nero Orlean ,. ----- V. VOL. VI 918 Tersl of the erezespazpr Press of New Orlean S ellr:laitriualv agreed to ata djurned ll irnfin l of the FIrriyrlelra, hrld on the 13th of March, 1837. u9vscatriro.s.-- l'wvlvrie ll ars for eiced iily la psr 10111 11 iu:re llte sn li-atIu:alIly in adenne ta duillar fo.r tile ri-weakly country paper, payable one year in advance, wrhre uo city rererenee is given. Na SIbrcrriptioa will be disbconlinued until nrrenlrages nrr etteld. In case of di coeutinlance, one week's lrtice in~atritr mutl o. iviarnalby given, previous to th xliration of ribscriptilon. t.vlertlSlna.--),n n dollar per seuare for the firet urortilon, nl Irlt tbirt price fr eanclieh ritlhre .t tole: an material nlteraion Infrm tlhil origir. l adverti.enient wiR tle clrargedR n.a new one. AvErnRtsaII.s.-lMerchanete and Tra 'era, arty dollara fil English alone, and sixty for lboth lan ,Tgiaea IBtanke, [Isurulaer Ofivae, and eother sinii, pllrtic rintitutinsa, fifty doillnr ill EnllEliit only, a'il, light%' for behoi liangila; n hip nnd Stteinbuit Fac nrm, or o:eimliieio mercliratc sixty dollare iur EIglisl an nlild eighty for both lalgunpaes. MlanarliAo , Olrlrr -Y NoTlcrE, and ertiles ncll ilg tihe atteutirh nf tie plblic to Innles c' prlperry, .Ards of poliengerm, be erlrit., &c. &c. will IMe melar i one dollar per square for the irat insertior ill each luin ga qe. Cn.mIrai1lcIIrOS or Advertiieern ts, ncf any person a1 nintire. .wihei adnllid.ribli. eseall be clarged diuuble afil In advancer. I dedurtien t twrrity.five per cent. will be emadr to auctiollneer, Sheres, Itellisersrof Wills, andl 3.llrsllls ,I saltes of real estate, p1ltliheled in bolth lanuagellll , tlnd 50 per cent. in lalone: 10 per centll on sals ut other property. AUrC TISErNTS out of thir direct line or hbuiie-s "r the advertisar, serch as legal, auction, anr planti iou calse, rllUna ny slavre, stray anilatr', &e. . c will -o charged for slei.ately, and at the ordinary rates. AnviiriitcnetXnersr noit ecifledrl tit lte, will Ire Imu':isdale oe mnmnth, and charged nccor.lilnlyi No advertisel ll'lt of liankrulrcicc will lie prnbliallhol . any case, lunlest paid for previous tinertcrion, or raymenrt gulrarnteerl bIv e rpisliolsilrlo e lirsonl i ltowa. nieloitter s and other jllocis of tllasucmell natdverl niiu Sdaily ,rthel seasnlt. to hel charged l 01 fr Lnrglish nu elore, !apd 1150 in lothil Iantunean. Alt atnnouncmlnltsa of' clnrclidtitets 'r pnlh'cli cificer will Ire charged double ali. price of other advertise mants. Owing to the immenee losa silroaincd hy nerspae f:r pro'rpiretor', thre Irve crme to i t. rclclle inil tIharit it naraes ar ptersons whnlre Cecoitll hiavte net Irl, Inaid within one Inouth aler itre ri.'itaiinc shacll be illlde knuw.l (nso iar ur Irecticarlel to ncleh olirer--they nlbi -rtier trclrlrrlIves rlrt to anlveriie or rinr frtr suacr deliiqaarrltl unless in ease o edeancre payneents. ( cigaied) J. . Dr. dir. HOMES J. wIAYON, 1r. P. IlEA, J. C. PRENDERGAST, JOHN GIBSON, IUtMSDIEN. Weekly Press.-WVe, thr unldersigned, naren to nlbiden hy thie above conllitions, as far as they are raplclica lle to weratlv iluars. I (digneod) A. I. LAWRENCE, i .All iubscrip tions ar titker fir clr ti. hn li s tultllhs. i lters cill case I. lie eltr laid. g'rEut:. A.INS-Ki e , -. 4 D tianiielWehltler plea, Fell' lirgr, hltrrei'p nr Cungrreas In rg P erry nr'trc g adc 'hi s imll dorr il 3 Alit rtr W it lel 's Ildie's doil d i lo'Iltllec I' te i :h l l 'lto dII iinh l jim i d I1 'A' ttrillri r'e mm icll rirritrt Utie l A rl iiltt'n t rrl r e it A IllVID F-ITIIT & C 1 Ch lrtres t .niirO1- - 15 r.a- hi M-k lllri1rle . - ON O(la gllsa Molasle.-- n plllliati i honve he city for mlee by ADAMS & W IT . fei-2-w 67 Graiier st G I.ASS--100 box in ltore for saeR bv e IIaI S11 o 1. -i BIOWNI, 911ti lagziee st o Iy i letOra. Kelly, Ilearii &r Co. Plsessiieon i v a on tie lst Fehtruav-nl-atrly to G IV PIilTl1IAtit & JO TAGtEILT.Il, j-12fi cr hPoydra. & a a, a aun ine r t e IIM MO,1 IRIIOII)S. [IAY'S LINIMENTN -No Fielion.-Tlhis ex Straoridinry cheliciel cntl, sition, tile result of siehnce, and the illvetieli ae celebraotedl illedi cal eisle, the introtl. , n of wliiellt to te publicl was inveted wiothli snolemtnily oa a deatihbed I bequerst, Ito isince gained a repattetian Inperalleled, ftlly suetaiinilg tlii conrreeatinss of the laenieited I)r Gridley's laet confesioin, that 'l l dared not din without giviint t posteCrity tlhi boufclit of lila knnrlowdge oil tllis calijee," itad lie tlereOfio, bquetathed to Ihi.n fiend and attenldanlt, Saulione Hays, tile ceeret of his discovery. It is now uieI in the princtipal IhosIpitals, and the privatn pre:ltice iin nucntiyn fit.lrt amid nlo cnrtainly ftir the curle lof tLie Pl and so extnoe eively and Oefhetuolly an to hilll crodullity, unllek where its effects am witucesed Externally in tliu lollewing coiitlalints" For Dropsy-Cretting extraoirdiitry absorptino at olle'. All Swellings--Rcdicing thern in a few hours, ItRheunatisne--Acute or Chronic, giving qlitni ease. Sare Thront--By (inac-rs, Ulcers or Colls. Croup and Whoopingl l Cougit-Ext-rrnally, and over tile Cihet. All Bruises, Sprains, and Burins-Curing iii n few hours. Sores and Ulevrs-W-lhether frus't or long standing, and feveu slores. Its operations upon adlults and chillren in redue ing rheumatic switlingn, anld looseninei co ughs and tightness of the chest by ielaxation of the parts, has boeen surpriselig beyonld coniception. The common rlemark of thlloso ho have used it in the Piles, in - It acts like a eharnl." THE PILES--Te prie, $1 is relindoed to any person who will rt.e a blttle oe Ilay's Linimient for the Piles, and return the emipty bttle without being cured. T'rhe are the poseiive orders of the proprietor to the Agents; al d ouit of many Lpthou sands sold. not one hdas ) lte ol n uccessful. We miight insert coneIleitas lo anlly len1,tri, but prefer that those who s ll the artllo, sIllould us hlbit the eriginal ti pIrchasers. CAUTION-Noet cean be genuine without a splendid engraved l raplper, on which is miy tname, and also thait outli' Agent:e. OLOIMON IIAYS. Spld wholesale and rentil, by COMISTOCK & Co, New York, and by ona Druggist in every town in the UImion. For sale by the Whoilesale Agents, corner of Comnon & TclIhoupitoulas sleet, ansd by the Apothecaries geanrallv. ju3l lot UhIE iNO I'A R. JOIINSON,o tlce 110 Ilierville strert, cin fines hlu practice i t te itreattinnt of Venereal Disease, in all its ddlttr.nt fria. D)r. Johmnson, froni a residece of miany years in li-s. piltals in Europe, devoted to the trenatinot of Venereal Itiseasee, rntd front is iptes,!lt .etensive piactice in that particular iralnlc o thle prolessiun, guaratiees a safe, speedy anld electual cure to such persons1 as ore toaubled witll any f tile foillowilg diseases vit: Goenmrrlthet,, S'trities, Cl ncree, hlhos, Seleinatl Wreaknes; AIf.mLtiona of tilhe Ildder, Iidleys, Loils, Urethra,. Prostrate ilanll, Swelled I emielei, Eruptions on the Skin, Sore Tllreat, Pains in the Joines" AInc the numoerous ymnptolns which generally fillow his diso-ae. ttl Recent cases cure i in two or lee, days wilnlot the -s of Mrerery, interrt tion froat business, or allora-n 'i n ilthe outde oflit in". A 'tcine tu preent Venerenl Diisease can be ob tane. I)r.lJohnsn, It is IrolI the recipe of Ih .14atoI rry, a relebrated FrltAml:th Surgeoln, nd was used ihyitil dllrcg theseranl cellepaines ill ,inch lie seed as sSurgel Gineitd ihili Ftrect bhit ee. sold by lt. J.blllutlon at nla oefice. 'I hllo pr.'ons having any affation of Venllreal Diieaas, antl habout taking sea voyage. or relntaviilll ti ile colunllt, oulll do well hy givinrg Dr.Jihuson a aillt, ts propler cedli tcis m for tihllr ire inll tl sh trlest nilne ca t be iput ip with writtet direlctions ftil tleloir nee. Office open frol 7 in the mouurning until Lt o'clock at might. ABERNT;IY'd Il)YSPP'Ii3 It'I:. Ltr. hnrety,tlt g f IS : cel.riens . n opitinn thlt niri-entlltr of the hiiruleea thit affect manakid origimate in the stoanlch. Thli EIixir t ar used by him with the moslllt innrecedented succ:s i is private and publicl practice fr th wivanr f at fert yeatl, fret he i of he r f,ll Swia I.sellse: Lossf riolperite, Flatuleevy Di-tenlioi of te S tom ach,Poin n Ileit , Htetviniesisor tile Ilend inlit salimn toi sleep, Irregul.lrity of the lBowls, and int all Case where ldi tondli.s or a L.csic Il abit io Iounl to .xint. Tfills nedicine must not lie numbeted among the lost ofqlouk noslrulllns now b;for the puiblic, as it is tihes. eole invention ol' the ablest olnd mIost seienltific surgelii Europll ever eliirducred, and t.e scecret of liepl)allig it oats imrehlusml by tile agent fir a veiy lirge suot, It is agreneole inl Ipleaslnlt ti thle lote, acts I's a lild aeer itt.alwvays keesn se bhe wels firee, iniparts vigor oanl elrengtr itn tile ysteole, alld cheerfulness to tilhe linid, and a few bicles reltlven s the nist cllnfiremed cases of )Vslerpsina or lndigestion, and preventsa return at any future period. NEW YoRK,t7th August, 1838. 35 5Madisaonitroet. StR:-In-conmt:equenceeofleading a selentary life, I have been troubled, olrer or less, with t.dineeitin for teln years; Ior the last three years aty sufferings have ibeen itsupportable. I lave tried arverlt pliyeinilis, anda nuthlberofuack nedicities, withen deriving any benefit. I despaired ef ever obtahini uny phernlanenw relinef, and resigned noysef o tile omtst hopeless dep air l wac er.,eoded by aniy frieaile to sry AberOeltiy's ttyolerlic Elixirt. have nowfinished the fouuth Ihet. tle, a klnow net Ihow it xpress Irle l l liratioi of itsI wtonidarfil virtniesa t the nlraecle ilt !i perftrinad in restoril. o Iei lithai hei oltl awhlli: I ItIght lot fir. ever. Send ne Ihalf a dozen bottle a It el .anroxcei Illy tibarilk ifertne hblpCsill"S yon thve a nerredy r steorillg lun toi pr-ct lichsll. I rewnio yours, JCOII MIONRIOE. rhbe agent ins t his pnsseeino saee hundred ti.* ilotials similanr to the above, of tib extlairdintr vir lres of this nledieine. Sold by laplpoiniltut atl 'I JIhnreon'e. 140 Flienville sreet,. tnov PENSACOLA MANSION HOUSE NEW CITY, PENStACOLA. l" I itbeerhnrh g purthased the anle se and fnlr .lIldire o thlis well knowin aotablitbmntet, fron Mr T'.ylor, tie ate proprietort will be ready to reteive via - tor by tile Ist at April next. Nuininlritas and cttlyiprovemtentm will be fuand in ithe itrrllneents of tile Mansion floise. New und mnore coontllliloltl blulhint houties will bIe built, nnd warm ) trh will lie providled at all hours. A stable will ie tlitilahed th the ollle, with good accommodla tionsforltirnes nlld carriages. Fis rate llhrses ald curriayes will nalt ble kept firb hire nat moderate prices, and sail and low honts, with persons to manage them for the uie of riitt rs. Ililli irds and othei l lntellltll uenally lttull at waterinllgplanes, will qltaobe furnished, anld loculndhticted as not to i terferea wit thle elnllntr, ntil quiet orthe Iboairdelrs. The wine. tlinqd itttor will eli of to Ihe e qrililv, nald to eius: nr uill swpply of iTe, It cnreA aiaanalretdv Ihmeen rdetld, wh tii will .rriv bctlat hllo Itt Wl ntAlny. All," IPred,,riek Ihlaruard, who Formerly kept so Ipoluitr n hIltel at WVashiloll* clio will eoodact I is It) el for tile prsiprietor, whot, with nsuchl nid,c:oltfidenlltle asnsun tale hisile Of .tlnat yeir, and thin ftitit eenriiely, that tltev will eaive evOaery mtaitbl re.tPention; and theremby exlanre ti t ive ern.rl rntieilacinon. Ihe nloc advanluigas . titsl hlllsn are too Iell tll)own to leed a ltngt. alned tia-eraitt I htre. rTle fNlat tlnt Prtlnlclat is th la r:sl teenvl tatiln of a ile M (Gliwnrlllll; tie eunle :ta renleatras ofti (tjlltS titt.l Tan tile atlrt let'ttits e;iniate refrtlited ettnalllity It1d I tite; tie sumtmner monllsIr bl the comles I reea., f'tmn lhe e(;ill tlae he .ttulv f til hay rind t[e heighboliinglr hlnllbll-mi river;+; tt: te lnnluu ntetdsd .ieiacy of Ehli Tirh with wlehi the waetrs ,hnli d; antl iis proximiuty t i t la st Saoutllhfern intlrketiv tI'euunaela tn prn,. leenre t over ti ltlliern pluce. in ite m latitrudes as a hlnitity and ddirthtittl aumtterretr atr . "erst tlte oentat aill te helwtetea Pei.llln tand Ilo bile, auld ill nt nall tiltc Ito ali t to lake the paitang.ttr fnrll Ill Ne aV (mOrleans buoats N B ARNOLD. retenctt, Feb. 15t1, :180. UT (itttlelnen wi8.ittg to inamno rouoma gor their tntilie, eatll idJrlms tile Iprtlltrilr, at tetinsnenl a, ut Air dowellw T 'Taylor, the ormer pruprituer, rat Ie.v Or( I !eani. R lereeenee. Ti Sford, T, r, MrC C(tIllum, I IMctAllin, I:aq., t. it, in Mob le; S 'T Taylor, PP 11ea, teSt, it Net. I' S-,A tttr ,lle, to receive conmlllUnietiatl ta r penrno-a fit tie hote hIotel, i ilaoeel at Geno WVhitmann' aihiee, 51 At Chtarles Exlnt alfr. 'r.olul. ROUTiE FORi NrW YORlK. 9[T'' Travellers desiraous or taking lhe Florida roirte, ia PeICln caI thei Niorth,ar infaCrmed that first rate olas will consitallv ral troti . Mobile ti, IPenl acila,, iilin i llc, ilc. and CIPenl nc la ev. ry .th.r dav afaier tie it of' 1ln. (Good tni ges will lwavci be iprovded u w <n rinlher lo bt in. rainfljess toi ta.e. passengr.frln obilo , inll uai uf thi e ilure of thi e IIal. n N II Ai.N()il.. 'The I ,or-Ioila: G Chali ion ,ilaves Mobii ! ,iii r ,liI lena civin.lla, 111, i 32 tr irr C il A, It V nla , h I ngI . I io ,',. . tilt a d t , nssort ,-nt ,f s+ ub I t otial Ild 1`I nl hla" h hin<. Thv ilvile the allell ajo ol tlhe, ptubihi, a, t.ete, ir warr -ir i d il " n'`yiIt2 ,a Sm ranr-lS :,11,; lilii ) i lllt a f rni li them . elves 10o1e in aly city in tile N. 13. A few d z++n eleen-nt iv,,ry lnn de tim r tlh+, froam 32 to 36 incla hes. A '!,, n large 1ot Vil Ip I ne ni ckinie hoxe., k I P, varic - sizes, very I(.w Ti , with citilaI cal'ity aind e 'tfity, If atiyc thef kinr l movi nd wh rll ll ohi in tire flr the a e,1ack A res llp icy jutlt reeiied anilte Ilazmar. 02 I'USll & ALLEN, I, 1ExchInt e a lotel, er S t ( halel-i & ConIA in E LEGANT 1W)MAI - William i ell, I1I Una r . i res Pt., i ra.+ this day received ta small ll a1 rt Inet fll rge enniellel l and inl aic bl reat tpius, tet up in tihe 1ANCY M ATCHIII [ -E lilh h,.btiulo painltin,, lIndinu from ship Alexandthr fron Bheaon, for I .lle h'), A TI' IHit, GI Si- Iii T I lnF ni in nllJ, .l.,i, I B iiih' ll, nnnii t I. ulin, l I (ii, pa: Iltlly %iil~ II'ali'lh Iill tsim g , ibu tt a rll -11 l - )l'dfLj I I't' "l 11!J c:I:I.t the (3a lle lt, /)llrl)·lr5 , 11 1 m iand a di Ir! Iiin ciyu i 112 IIH AW SDl'. Ill) .I l is nu- i'iti "a. w, ' T ih c,,,eti d( ty tihe lr ri.,r t v .1 has I ,ef tW , pv-ott I,) his to art itil vte i r a,lwn f, r ts aný %,fe rel ,i i le oCf the l'e" Ann f rl, lm',aii ci , hl t h , i : ] eI IT ' IwI I al ltr l %v r ,r olltn1 I. lu - , l en r te1. Cilld l )tl(e e thr it i, a , mo, st 0n ! -arm l s,- t n - i i l pall ,C !n it, c tl '+ t Ilt "l" ITn i lli d pT o, lit m 8, a Ii tvi I tI l i% . il lll I I, . I ar I n - -, f S I - l,vI') . L, S I·tI " th I O i l' r iLr, r l.,',iV iiiillI all t i A ci n . n i lli- I c tlbil t in c, Ii Ti laa , 1. at, lSh l: . [1iea l. thtj[, ,.I l oaVt, l [ , lll ili . , j t ait d ;-itl lu tr neIth hlt i n, S cm, en t 1 ,Id ilt oir Il "V, ' ,i , r , I,,, , i rlln , I l j.rl j+ ri(,t dltn-icmi . I ltat itisyj. yn N u inh i ; li , a is( ic The let " r al I1,(ld thci rlet w n i w, t rh -e 0 l ti he u proprt ) ir:,t ol its bnficni d ac d savm 4 ei'ej is in eralces oI oic t t jll a' a via ms 1'e, bill u -o ,l i'sphol , tier, i v,,1tl, ali d sý all1, L j ,,ztIl'.-.s :,lOl tJ n :,; v.·I ciit -ll . id. d ist mli ily ,,r [ ntix, iry , u i..n t to ini aslus l saisnle -U-illc ll l.Ji it b i ey -e i al led oil- l by r, a -11-it dNt il 111IS L L- , tm h sNine mi; I ., st . i ct!, its- i, a l YOu v l iiar amiple 1' t. SInI , t,, o e i al i% ccll , fie uh ntslt , intit. I'ahlli, ch ch ilclra n-i. n isol, lamt, v cBi lrt l mind licl, o e iy i; ia ll Al. , l- I i lw l li i nit nlll, U iau lt 4 ii A i a i 'tat. 'I,'1. I II, lld lme .lite al, d mnly [h} dcto s I i--eIAy % cI - DiAVI , ' ,i . i uis M sn-,uri-; an .d i , iur yl l l iI Il N t mmic un, muried ai Ih n plain ,tid Tl e a nicr lll i nlca - t elP ,Ill t F i) it ssi n imu d lhiIn iori i inoe live I eller e c hi 1 lt cci ni gini Inc n Iii nc it ini on t ii lnfir fi rnac -i .ll1ti sit i clll i lnpnmi t c l edciiin ilmae evirc leriii li A 11k i i iein ci by.n t fin ln.T I A I un al; The ahliv nioctlim he ii ,cl - d i .ll ,n l tse, ' aind rttln i iv our A :r,nil, l,,stoy B wa ,rv ahel, D't ande ail US It CAi TY, 19 oanve sH nti anatio;, rN iFVh A Bia Hl; Aievar D pai- , v I rllm Mobile (Alabama) Itol Augusta (ii l lrlle liltnclll ; The \ hi i f ine lc o f.l il i ilel) lrla , li alh illaoo tlci )ollu lr M aN, i ili k lye illnlle s hiy ins on i inhi ln tIh i an i Intic a fA t lill.; to e n.Nig Ia n,i)i wnins Im, nfi nstouI. come li n I ant iL ,o) iro l, , IAite o il thOe e asi wavek, I sb Inuesa la Sllei w i iif in Fn o m inn le t f a ii a tio wbiin o n i t lsiagims ri . en r i hei wpama c r v n itini. ll ntie s lis rs no Oii ltI il LINE i wbiarrti-end onchr h i ne T Labarreom i cIlr in llanritle,. Js riied. T Agclcs f or a omdby li,9 cci, CchSil) t CnSY, 19 Caipssc eroma Mobile ( Alittbaa) to Algllstn. (Alleo A F.S lile evl other , inclel nii lihe m arrival tilte mil fromNew rlas,, 'a e n ith Saiifiiiioat Emeim i- siten, to llc.iy, oamh oim, t oi a ple as ing nta r ioitis (Il is llliit Ir os si d lalll ColA . uhaichlen s, s. i. o laf) to semur cklines coa nhe Yithen *ri i \alrintln rlll chn .Am NOYnek f'irm Ncl - Ort Iea t Le InI c II iicarn-Washingitoin ieiyin IS. t -rol,m) ai iithei , FC1tlorn lawkim ville adl Louii . olel is 11iiidanger oile neim e tl a cn i ot el losing io tire el'ece Ily otb lt- ,on lctting inte instsn I *he FLOn ll I)lfliN E iuI slt Imlon hcernand Mclirer lsle c [115 ( I.tlalcUS1a011, Ulid l"Myy Irely WVITH ITAI. TIr upohll hit !arrival W| Atgl all t- illi tte sptecifiedA1, 1 lhriugh till weath ltist h ce , l occulr. U l-ns Great Ile, IOr s Mrili s , Ll tCls rleson. I to sNa Yok, 98.o- 1,od Tines, Noai Oclanad Divel aIe rot, Sur missOd Mobile snill o Ai , 32t y. The smooth, hard, n at i nal roads, the le lai inter lakid the tamlers nped, ay. ertih is prs, iand a pleas Sing lla ; n onecteall s i w. with the l Road ' SN. II. C(. g lmaa toI iiifom b pflin t iNI tirk tcrk lave ajrst cman neal plaew l Iw Y s gfanw geralI rn mEtlSS, (T iln Il obsD-nas haingtag Cisyintis sa12 spFromt Ciretttahuolchee, Florida, we have a trone Iains via Qufliny amid traninssees tlo St onarks, 4heor -post coa snies, odso t awe Ilae fli t ondsn Ilawkinsvillo octe .ouedgli-in le acnolan to MaCe illg iti two iiol Ain inallsr n, n20th Jan. s8n35. '. b Ofic e at rMalsion l oins i lei t A D istansn, - nw o leais to Me Ilen , S1 t oifle il I'iA mile to & lAplilsta, !i=1 &0 N. I. I be, leave to hiiform the publi that th, hbridgesi over the (hatah tesi aloli atlt iHardi Lnabt iCK nr iq" Jnii it atil I Cairoald,+]q it. nmar Is L OMBARI) & CO'S oston and Now Orleans Li o of Packet Ships.-Tiis new line of ships haos been expressly built to run between the abovr, ports, and will be found of suitable draft of water: acconmmodations for passengers, and every effort will be umade to give general satisfaction, The line is composed of the fo lowing ships: Clherokee, 415 tons Capt. J larding, Carolina, 400 do S Lemist, Charleston, 374 do D Eldridge, Columb ana, 625 de G Barker, Seamaln, 240 do J Ilowc, Uoinbay, 625 do D lliuuphroy. The above ships are all new, of the first lass, copper fastened anol coppered, coummanded by meno ofgreat experience, have large accooommodations, with a separate ladlie cabin; every uttontionl will be paid to, and the very lest of stores pro vided for therm. Thi packets will be towed up and down the Mis sissippl, and the strictest punctuali y o' erved in the time of nailing, and should the rug.lar vessels be detained in arriving, other slhips equally as good will in all cases eo tubstitulod. A share of patro ago is solicited, and thie agents pledge themselves to aIccorotiodIt as Ioullc as practicable, to receive andr frwrdl goods ly nsid line at the rost rmoder. ate charges, and to advance all oxpl:ca s on goods slhippel, if required. 'Tlhe lsip will leave the Ist and 16th of every moutll. Far frreight or I,.m asgo. apply to tle agentg . J A 5 FRtUITT, 82 C;onllnun st. N. B. Advareelancemts nlade on consigno-o..ts to Messrs. A. C. Lmnbard &t Co. nov27 * TAT; iFP LlP ll iA-N A-ir.t Jludicial District SColrlt,the stale if L.oisiilla, to all wihot l thrse ,iiselrs la sh l catole, giltiing: Wl'ereas--!laniel C. Og,drn, rgceorge 1n. Ogden, and d vard i crke, having i;ir ioM d at srole lcode Iti. the yndlic of lte croiltor, of g.mcl, rl & %Vibrr. , lire pIrolr y lereioiafter descrte!l dbas i plitid to thel clirk (ifthi our; I urnto n alow o adviwtinth ient iinaforiti'thy to i acot itfir Is gi -rtuiiure iife stae of Luuiderli, cti-i lIed " ,o a rot r the firtler nasl r.l e Solirdes tll pllr Ilr oft t .i ricit el " s'aprved the It Hfit day of it artc-, IW34. liow ltrowCre, know yr end eil pet'mnls intreicFif cIP.i,c ie hor 'i re i ci ed h imon sied Ui tile atole of lre sate of Loiliult, nild of tile first jidicial distric urt, who cir st aei iicioe t cile i ot ur it aod to iiie ro l't l hereincllicrl t cribed. i conm(,i llla: of ty i.rom l it in tl if onrr. decie ort jitll.It OI lihe ic. alt tlor wich ir sale ous nlaI, or anT u ulTrity or aIl ega tu in rise l air l a el.eorgitlU .llat., ill lf, tor ulnicer io mide or Ir oinly other doIiicl , ilto liot r n.irliin i. q i s ot i. linc tiie i uc bli pil c a,e s % ihv ic ale sot iliie 0 d il t cu condralmd ii cl lu ln ' fted. idI propernt was s tAd Iev fthe ud 10feet in Stile dithl Ia I fr Jill r . On I h 1;;i. b vdilten etll ia Id ir of -ti rt ia rBiia r ,l aill., t qll e da pot F r u I oy, Ay. 1. 11838, il Itl- ller ofi .ini I mr'l oi t lll,l c ,, \\I IiI.I i Ifihir ,-ilimlP e m lilt i i i lllt.c If cirini . laiI \l'i i,- y--Ni I ijiu96 Il lin dockel of tllvi t le , a t Ii ii ul, Id rur , Co a e pi rlir c Ier y, idell], s i ll ,<il ilYorl ad ho IU LLc the urplaTnh .e li r I le price inoerehin t(er nli i r, jii. no1 , 1 a)i lll i lllll o ti o I rc I il as gi il Oi the j d icial :'I0lv1MllcC. Viz : UI." aa. I.I, a Eofgrolalnd i rlll ohl , o Sanlet in prle Suarc o. buiIid fhy t :li .l'y ie. Cllille, id Nlyeade ire is a r p! ila a IiV J Iliiiin, idalil 241h0 ll1lIIlly, ldf.I, sllcld rlisilil i inllie Iii c of Josepiii I33 S orks Iq ontary pulblc ior re l'rtoces, noasouring fi-'v 4 inchehs fronu t inloailce stuect, oby li feen it e ntlllog nd f'enxt tan Clio streer. 'o tilel . Og dPll Georgf e Bt. Ogdotn, lld Edieid orkeh, d$3,71i0. Lot no. 2, in tile same tsll re, tilieiorin t9n fei fila uin Pr tance sirlet, by IN ftet deep, oadjoiing i o. l io o saut duepitlacouers. $3,411l)( Lot ano. 3, ill tl lml sqiluare r, djoinini no. 9, having tlae nuloe roit a ld do tle, to thl e s ie purcmer Lot no. 4, ill ti' sa e sqllare u ldjoining n. 3, an h uvig lIle ltll o frIrt acddep ih, to tic sanl plar tIjaser, $ 1:1,900 ,t .:,, , il. file . s l s qo rro ado itlin cl. i. 4, nod ii illog si o frint aiid deptl, to Irhe ca!i pur i lt o. , ila ot, d n n .o.. flit, ... ... aa, l a , 1 Sticns hxi ' c uedfit i i a jre iltniit o 5, t i ianig ile cuni le ro l l. It ti lil, to iIh e PoI ll: tlr $ f f111.1 I.t lit(. 7, in I Psi Pc FquIore adjonU inng ie , anlld lii dirl atil saoi r yaont a 15c decti, to fioe tui lo itr - .t w.l l, ilf ilte n alow sq lc le 2ilj,,lllln. i.i ', i nld dil pr !c8ii bii s ri nciii s at Ei rtoi &ii fiibiyi i lavilg Ilo S.t fmout aoiicd , l to th e Co llll, e l) 'h 5 cr $A,1,31110. 9 in, iict. , iil fle isl e i .i e ,rc i jl d iei l ii e no li n li0ti . li aeiti te I .tmiet ci eit d iit i lu l t iesm a pui. I il I i e llll i i llnt i i e u irel dii o: ali . i, l hlaing tIle 1 ll. rQ l it a nlud dll etl, Iu tle Pallte pir L.t it,,. 11, i, ela -,iian,- rqo iti i _ , Iad lll iea - i1 ýUjil,g 4 i·6 .t i ch++s + It Virvi e. r, + mrlo y NN)a "etilt t rct ajwd Irut oe qCclioiue suret, ti the i acoit or ot trt, 3did r3r-c - -,'LI -. dela 3), Ln L A C do triteo doi c .Iter I' tc ici L tino e Iio. lltccru lut hlitllef C. Oit hall. ncooralo L t. Oile 1.and hard sand flid (lll llthe -eal of .10 nhl l i, fe 4etiliurth ci-o pnie dec Irit, c. oo 1). 18:cer9. ri-ifo det colti c or, conot, cii ole xcolbN m I riiotS, F iPe dEo ILN LO3gi UlSIAN E-Cl r do Iu e, n igtirconl ' Acm poor cock nitocr I clie'rs cieo or. I iS.Iercl s-l- -i'r do iccen r loctn fe a irecNcl I Sier district judiiaire. L'ta poor la oir dslioc Altendu qdi, Samuel C. Ogden. George B. Ogden, and FA ard Yorke ientraclidue a titlue vente faito lar II Syndic tes ertinnr do Egerton & Wibrsy. a rolri6ýd i.iaprol deorit, so sotaec drle tdalisau Grcffe do rcett courpcr, to alccin l c c jogornllcnt dointitoul6, "Ate pour coijlo Ifcle titre ties .eo qucruo au judieiaire ;" approuv6 11 10 Ado aoote irrogelci istld- cannolid, et toutes persoinne, .lools ct to la Louisian r ct do das clr, du poureir piroeqiip C. acllip itei uic, en corseque pl'u cotfi Itc diol Io.irl, ditn vordre, por Ic St dio uconit de go i uar - iJoep aBllal, E d dus Vostitnution, i la'vis on ol tajlpsEt le mode deo In mite on pour I tno ol use quilEanjnou,r do fJiro voir, d 189 tracf dnrl h dtr do clic Coll. rout to dcimute jeor do pourquoi lI veniU ainsi fhite ire serait pas colairzine rat honlhiedguro. Fifvrier do p'ntiodc 1838, dane I'aWesire do Johnu Egerton acd Jllreos L. Wil3bry vs. leur criaonei rs No. fo. cer6,uciers do Eter oil audll Wibry--No. 14l:96 du docket eo cclto Cour, It aoquolle rvetrl luc di e Siauiul C. Ogden, George B. Ogden, and Edwllrd Ylr o seo lont rendus a qlu6rcurs pour lo prix de ci-aprins ienlionui. Descrtpt uoi do la propridtd d',,prds lo transfer I judiciairo, savoir : No. 1. Un lot do terra siludo d.ans l c auebour Saulot, sit ol plce Ito :d patr van rues Clio, Pry taloe, Calliop ,al Niyadou, sur tn plan fiitt par J Calloltn, dl; d 14 Jtcvicr, 1833, ct dd6poa ou bureauc di, Joclepi Bollork, Rq. inoaire public, tni.0 sioralt 9 Iieds 4 pollcuces do face d;ies ih rue doe Prytacido bur li) lhiicd do profendeur ct de fate suel Ia ruu le Ctuo, adju d h S iilol C. Ogdlfn, Georgid 1l. OCgdcn, auld Ed ward Yorke, pour lo prix do B3,700 No. 2. Un lit do terre situde dunis la mI I ptlace, Ioeluralit 29 plods danl la ruo do PryltindO Larc I 0 do profoodcur, ct at cotd do nlo.l aux it ines acqud reur, $3,000 No. 3. Un lot de terre situ6d dan la inluco place, a cotd do no. 2, ct ayat ls mielles propor tions, aux dit, $30u0 No. 4. Uin lot do terra situdo daia la n mioe place, it cl dot no. 3, et ayant Ics ikimes proper tiosr, aux dit acqu6urours, $3.050 No. 5. UnI lot do terra situid dans la mdne p' oe, fi co6 dde no. 4, o aryant aeus dies proper ttoun, itox flit acquercuel, i$3, 15 N. 6. Un lot do terrc sindei dane ia n e eo place, Scotd do io.o 5, at 5ayine Ice nlclanes p;olrtions, aux dit aecqiudrcurs, $13,400 No. 7. tIn lot di eerro sitido dons lt miieme placc, t cold do no. t, ct layont lee tcales p opor. tions, fiox ienllo s ncqudreurs, $:4,350 No. 8. n lot c do terra silou6 dlls la meinme plfco, t coli do no. s , o, ilys7 yt leI nilUies proper. liois, flux dit atenqodrcur, $3,9u0 No. 9. ton ot de tuo silu6d dons sla memo place, t cotd do no. 8, rt ayant lea mceos propor Lions, a.*x dit acqstd.eurs, $3,900 No. 10. Un lot do terro situde dane la micee place, At eoti do no. 9, et Dyanct tla mciocs proepr. tions, aux dit acqidorcurs, $4,300 No. 11. Uo lot de torre situtdc deanes a inco pluce, t cordd nod . 10 ilcsuraut 29 plods] qluatro pouccsdaills ld rco do Prytando par 12t do prfben ideuret do face ur Is ruo Calliope, sux dit acqui. reurst, $5,300 Las anze lots seont vcndus avec lo privilege oxclu. si' d'uWt altdi. ayaot 15 piclds do largour sur lac der ritre' sfloe to plan ci-:nonlionnd. Condtltion--ctB1800 sur chequlo lot. orgent eomp (stt, ct le falanco s 6,f It 182 , et 24 Ir.eis, ell cro. dit pour loe billots ondosenEs t alppruerds avc0 type. tfhkqo j isqlio .o derniir paiment. Eni teitietic de quoi, Jo t'lsigned, ct J'y e "' I pi opodl eo ican du dit Couro, o jour ell I:'t ;i 30i JOIIN L LEWIS S"OA I.--76 ons ofthe e ed i oillhl tgttcc.w ll ccitill Ncew Cllcue, for -cllub h I1 iL .1': c & 01 .1. jests "uIfaIk l'lncc Wii RALDNFý.S. A 3A UTIFUL mond boo t11h V-noll-Rtlor. m tlosllof it ohnapý io i t", n noom, ood T, roma Itielo I.rinos on tihe noppoma .o"ooioi, mg--, ,oidti r 11 Res tnnnttol rm~cnil Ato Otld mio toteil. nd tollyt eflilef 'ven to allm. smiet, to fiver Il iv irP1u n.ul nverl.i -f t ihelr lien nit.t anot: itr i o rlllOi lllCT ii' o .PiT )IY re.ocon 91t1-ttfttoiop.t ,, reotitotnoot. fi t li' I. rv~t ovtt theo 1000 'C,4mtttpor flillt tim e omoeopo tlltI bhm ox..ill,,htoiyh fltat Wav yinkin' Itoon at do- tht I I(- of tO hbolt. To Avert ail tlitot tte toio tt ,,. ,Oidoiiott'. Innim ofClAitbhin Flftpo the ,boir froia filltin of~to tim Ptrett t pli nntio tid sifotw briottio rpt'oa it OOzTtt. It lboolt pr it~lla ooboobrow ofa ndwliskerso; ttoot'nts the nniii Ir.AiprIarnin't aav. i-kes it rmirl bePll iiiflllYv Andr rrpnes it froln ,,eurfr. lNltinerim.l eplpfifieatpnq r n Ali l' rci resiecttnhilt v in oilplpnrt ill tho 00virtue of Oldlidgoj. Halm,tar ae ,owa 1v itye h mpriptom It? Rend the foll-ltongt Rtobrt Whtetttt, Elq. lutt Mvort of Itila01l !In'l Itas crtiflt' a- toov b lo seen btto%, to Pthe gh ohmat ter nf Ie fitlltwintt ootttittoo. 'rhp vinderpieined do hereliv em-tirv that n'Phrive 41sedI the B IInt c Vo'ttt,,in n ibin dj ti Ito'1 J.lloldridLoe and have fmtttd it hichly torvioentbet not nnto v t a preventir p tfninlt thte Palinig ,fl oheitr, but also a certain rtuor five. WLIfTAM iiTHlATMIFRi, Sotnhr, Methtodist 1iuloiiter in Srt fooft. c'ttt-e. JOIIN P I1rIA.S,3]Ii Itoft ttoot. JOHN 1) 1i D, 6i3l tlooont J O h IN S F Il -EY , 1 61 S pruePlustre et. IIU'i it Ri t I JOTS (GAPlDJr, 123 ArctMitrre It it known Itlitt tthre of tIhe. tiovo stznpin tme not, thtan u) years ofoe. aondtihe cithors ntot los titan :10. Colininoi 'eahlil ;f Pemr.svl lvn;I;R (to,v,it1ioi~adioitMR., 1, Robert Xl'llnrtn~i. Mayorn of 6nid eity of Phlilud,!.? ititt do hpr~bOOv etirv thot I o ntl totIjnnintttd withji I ýs rrs J P fnalis, Jnkn S rnre ý, and Migh M CurdvTI1~ v rJose tinnip lroito tttttooto ttoooulinv itoi ctle,thaotIhey " ito ttotto ,, Ootod toi lito o ,If to tAwltremerittlitvt tt oetto fiil credi ti,, houltd Ott,' rv t, tile oail ccrttjfoot. In tttttttontltott!of I ilnvelo Fnto t ntt t yottt witoi tot. S.t 110t0 OBSEU:IVE thmlrrnell bottleir nCllr~m BalmllI1II1 lmal I A splendid enlmveircl wrappir i , on whlichr is rr-prc.--(ntv fileFal A1·i eam & c,,· oto.ollotol drmto oto,v t.,o -i,,ltIo nttý ,,r Am, JARtVIS & \NII(I.IWS, 10 Wholml e oo gentl , tew tOtlpot. NORRIS & C N. .31 Charna street,lare 1nw t receivilini, nol Ipr'Ung t+he most splendl , sto- t slantin and fashinalale stnock nf Clothing they y have ever exhibmitd il this mnrlet , voe sistina ir, ' part of the folinwitian La articlest blue, I, dlack, et black, lnndtan boatwn, cilon, oliv,, london smtokn . and golden olive frick nnd dress coats: heaver, !ahle and herrinvgon frock coars, elegantly firnish ed: fancy and piain black cassimnere and cloth p pantalolon. entlish and french fancy and plain silk and narin vests; real new llrarkel t comfrorts; english nn french fney and p!nlan snarfs and hdkfl ; chnmnis, silks-weh and ntum.elas!i sll penders; ulhanoisa, merino, tlinai's wool, wnelh flann nel, silk an cotlnn tlt sha rts and drawer.; fine linin annd coton shtirs, with linin hIto in, plainia 'nd ruffll;d: ivorv pearl anad ptlin hantdle silk urn. hrellas : , GOrmf'l." pe.nIsinIllt Ghlovr-nls. a hi aatitful article of hrttle kid, for weddings, hallr. &r.'.; S riittletild silk nat randana hdkls; plain. F fiLurtdald d e nhbododred Cnalli rve do ; silk, Inmb w!nr]s, rn!,lino c rlllmanr,,wo, anil rin- ni alld whlil h cont tt hIllr hlse ; all of whiach h.i y t Inf'fr atw for p c;ah, or to pulltn lll tsai ner'l is a tusnal. Nov. I 0 W AG NER S IlQUII OINTI 'A.-Hll t bhelr l I t II a I h e illland ill the oi th i with uniform nta tt sn . tl r chanti' a" a lr d 'whietail" the te hll, ad preVeting the inl)lmaehe; pireslrt iP n ie E, n , p ritati- th hr tat tah and rl, vtni t n ust din sstlah whita lltwt ho t l' h ir iinablet n tn tiler tht I ii ,.it orin lian t - h e Itra , na'li, amixl d in a %wine i ,l - ul uf fplat. e r titrr, ntld s) t hllP I to the ti-t ti ll c in lsan l runne, wilh an l bri , will a ,tliar nalla v .e- t a ve't sct rvy, and ' ,ar oftlthlat , x'ia tit Plia tla It t 1y Ieoolh +ache. i o IleP al I,% by 'I. F. WVati, er, re il Dn. list lo Jt .fl*, ls l C"l1 [, 1 ; " o ,lesale , .nd retail by CARLEtlt')N &. Ct.t31 C.nalsa . s fi$ it I,, avnti hir \Vanl er's Odenlica ADDLERY WARE.-Tha a toacaiitn facturers rlndwhohesale dealrs in saddlery i g.ods, are i'no r aceiving b a1late arrivals frmnl the b ttrt t, in additi it to thli ir former olat'k, ant even- at I sive assortment o' f articlas in their line', ettaong t vwhich are thie fila sit ,L, viz: Ltdies and misses plain andi qutille st ddles, , a ent Il tmen's tdo Sp! n:ih do do do M t xaann do dal do C tlatat do f do do Amer. ( ] do do E.glish do 0 Youth's d, Sw;nish d [ do dn Crele do Amrner.and Eieg. nbrdles and bihile t ou tnti gsn, a ddo " .]t artii s, o. Plated, brass, and j ipalined roach hariiness do do do, ga sIand snlkeod, io do do do H aroutchae do I Draay, artt and wagon do Saddle bags, ,oh ble andsl:n le; valices; ,medi cal sadt .le bags, Ballss, Is carpet bags; ber t iron fralle leaf her bIlleo trunks, brass nailed; leather boot Otp t do, assorted sizes astill vanr u st)le ; halsa ers and istul hells; coacht, git, asl ,ey, twig aad planters crit whips: woal, worltd, cottan and leather c girlhs and sarsin2les; slrtp leallher:; trull k straps and wotistoa I rtin tweb; hatin anild tboa.t ataanes; blind bridles and linles; Scoltch colla-st, and ht rse and uIle collardT ,'of alt q alitia st I. a rnleco,, backt, Iear.s heep and bul'falo skins; pIlaed brass and Steel tbridle bits taf ev, ry dtescriptlion, plated, brass and steelt spurs i1 every desa ripion; plated, brnas and steet stirrups of every destripf titan T"rnettlPr with a com plete assortment of every ar icleintheir litaeof business-all of which they onler for sale oil acconlllodating termlls. They will also, continua to r ceive through the year, by packets from New York, frsll su:pplics to keep their stock nlalt , and a l., plete. I IOUFIE, DA\VIDSON & co. 18 15 C-nal st. F !iESII GARDE)N SIED-The sbscriberr . l lU g to rxprests his gratelul thainks to the pllub I c, for the liberal support hle has juceived since ne ea l l t d basilneas it thlls city. itin_ ' s lte pro priet.,r of tIle seed store, 17f o C inonltt l trt t, el i a tat and tever was an tLt ftr any a or1htrn srtd vender; nti her is he Conuee ed 1101t 1 alyV house in this cot.r--but he assunrs the public th.ait his connectin lnsin every td platati,,lt mt hlie serad busiý lness, in the diflHtent countrica Euoatl pea alrl art eqnali to that of any hiuse in the .nated tatetra. He ila. ptarts saa eds, plat lt, r&, . f'irm the ltOSl taxaelasiv and restpenactble nllrserlti llan stUe is.lllet in Fran't, a Holland, l'angl a ,It So(ta. nd, t and thr no thler states-- ind t iwa il an aall tilll c e hs inrtrest, as it is Ilia s tdy, 1i retceive, in addilll n tip [s prtasent stock, larg'e arnivals of every dncariptontt rlally the arol i ,1 1838; nl so, engrafted frua t irec , ;i atl kindza. The publ may rely oa finding a Itnil as sortmen tt of every article inl te steed IInt,of genalu a inn qualty, and imported direct by n \Vm. DINN. EDUCA'I'IN--FREltNCII and ENGLISII. Mr Jmtns, recenaty anaivad In this city, begaleave to inlarma the ciaizet s of Newa Orleans that lie wl:1 open anacademyon Monday 4,a14 Janar", na No. t19 Toulouse street, for tne instruction of vouth of both sexes, it) French and English, in wlltich the will be ably assisted by Mrs. James and Mrs. Meihber, who speak both Ihbue languages tiall great fluency and puriy, and who will tale charge of the department of the young ladies. Mr. J lines will give h:j whole attention to thfe various branches ot education, and flatters himaell thath b will give entire satisnaction ttl those who b may honor ilnnt with their c.oln lidlence. Inv I NO'I'ICE.-The co-partnership formed on the 28th July Iht ,a b.etween Johnl Y. Btylis., J.asephl A. Hoard end Charles D. fioren, to be cndllulted lan der the style and title of Iav!i s, Biard & Blortrn, is hterchy dissolved : ond this dlssolution is to take eftect as froulrtn i Ist f D cea!Lber last. T''he unldersign ed will promtitllh discharge all the obligaons of the late tfirm, aad in filtura conatinue in their own naines, and for their own accornnt, the samel businea, as Factors anl General Cant inission merct hantl, undr the stile anat t ill it Beard &t Bioren, and solicit a share of the pltr, l .age ua their friends and thel public. JOSIEPHI A. I'l.RD, nov I f til IS It. BlitlN. i U !)S--Iliiippi Funlis t.,ken at 7, l5roat 1.1.t F "!a. hfo ( ; rw, ,-ei,> IL ndi iirnnol nisp Co(ustitutio,,i.nd for sale-viz 16.000 feet nfglan, f best qnlitv, fiom, 8XI0 t u 23X28 300 kegs white lead, punr; JXA dn &ieen paint, in Lj libr. knon; ±1 dozppaned ins IitO nq'i0001ý lithran'n 260 In ,plondid00 U10O groutnnd brusine-, ninu ofl10)0 nod 0(10 do; * -I csesnroinn green in ponmler; superior naticln no do tn cans; a large nnrinti tn ofsdh tnoos of everY size and quiin.: n slbelpeinciln for nnntini; fnationrking. brnushn tor merchants; nrtist's colors in oil rest[)pno. parejnwhox-, itied :,, nitl ail tnnecusn y brunltnn; artist's tools, ntI:-. olnkr.,and lvnutltvolnnri60 ntacksotl eIo fnn %%rite aiuýl yellu it)nn ~li; nlJlrg l~ l~ield &c .,for and l l ýIa lll elil, at (lie lo WelI~ic~ by AllUh'tLI'LI, rsl .58 Cnnapat. Irnc~ tT ol'oA110. NVEW EDITIOJN OF" THE CIVIl. CODE OF * LOUISIAN1,. T has heean for xsme timlle mIntal known to the publle t lle tse et alb- rlsed arett ' enll ed ill Ireparte Iln f tfie niess ;l new edilnln of' tfle t.ouisi alla Civil Cllde. TheyI were, ir afiln he first, awaret f thile great diflctlty ald respoIl ilit uttndi lhe publicalito of tile worLk, and it was not withIout rest hesititoi thhut they cott - sellced ct tilthe undertaking. But the present ead lin, allountitle to hout thre tllottltnd copies, and whil had east he State Ill-re thanll thirtv thoullatd dolltll, was entirely lut olfprinlt. FIr mone a ten11 two N -urs lsl, tle testnl Idice of the work aIls beenl fronl thir t, fifty dollur.m It is a avsten of wrlitten rules wnieh so imnmediately operates tt ont i ever'Y individttl It ' the state, interasted either in ag-iculture r cotrllllree and wlsicl a\ernles the dispositioni of sat llleh proi crtlplty ong to al frol aitier .atlts, -tentwll ke lahllu, a ,y Othler treaiti LIe u, %lw--it is us Intlieh tihe hte -rlok and illunllu ll" tf so mere hacnt ad tile IlantaP, ias it : of thie private gentle l al dht ellll fil pl'lafai eiOol ti e adveO at,. I'Fhe lawyers o 'theadjoiniai ; stare:,and in ha ealt ol those state uo tile t )Ohio 81td His issippi iver 16s hich find a Illrt ifr tlteir proatler itn I.otlti:atna, -eI fie qt-unt nee -,sitd o" tolereanae to Ille ede,.nll Iaket t tat tlistpt-ablle reaaasitet cat thteir litrariest and in teh Sit% of Newa )rle lt ltle ha k i ias sllre a t Le falnd ill the merchaenl's cotntlling rlomln, s up,n t e ho lesk oif tle judtt ee, r tilte eltiC Iether atterelev. It is n ct uSpllltiillg t Cer lre l cthat IIle iiet edititn ,f'ille tor!i wtas so I!llick ly dipOeused ofl; tid although a olrte re(prlin 111i it t.tutld n nlsome . seasuire su ,plyv Itllh a illllle necest ity, srt it wltl ld a itper:ect old uinsalistihei ry unlez e anlla lted with rleferlnces to tile Reportst and Staut:,n in trd,r to in ra'tce the uttumertout aeentt hnets wWha ; la h.a en made by tile L, eislalte, atl lfithe iapaiortant decianms lind clnlmtrnetiolls slhichl ilvl~e been i utplon Illenjy u its nrtlicles b I te p eCt oulr. Thle Ilubllishers have secured, t4 Lrte generaSl saper intendence anld edit arial deptralent oFllli tle work, Ith n aeter of t le Nttew 0aa rle eals 11i aT h le 1 .a. iJ- +, hrllurd,1 Jud-c |.rn ,es, nnd Ilhn K mGe r.e I ,sli aIlve e:1h kildiv a IttiStead Mr i ipton a ith tho va lini hle notes whi he i ave cola l icted illi t I tll tlllrs a thai stthdieg and ll lier;tl to i.1r N R I . ienni lsthe irll near otilr U ton, who is also e.tag, it, thle work, GeoI i ra mrlttlblte ,1 -.. I pa e.p In.- d ata l aanrea[t l.a-S taof' l -t rteneomee ataioed ain his ., opy of the co l, ten Wtt.lh alvei eel made t l him dolrLiiia I he Vhbr lerlod e hllis diin.nlishod I profte illn bors Thv p41blish er lltmay ipretlre a iel truna tha i t-iearl notntio h l l. e trk I ill le ll thl.t indutel t, a ld labou r, assisted by learnin' and ex eri te e, calln erform. eI puttings fril' i this po r ,spcins, and solivitin lllnn e. In l snlseribers to t ile wolrlk, Tioe pulit lih l rat p t 'e ,rid the fart- that te e Legislal tira.e lf nOlisiana thas nthorized thle G;overnor to ord'r onela t hotsand copies of it fltr liae fiature ture ofthe State. The rendinele. wtilste which this number wnas take I bv the Asemblv, evinced their just sensce of the valna of the wnrk;eand they thtrecv extend ed that confidence in th[e ability of the tibli.,s ad editors eeehi it is olh el ies not ditlrlv qnadlselaved. The work will be printed in Frenh and En, I;sh, upon geood paer an] toit yelear ype;a nor will nan ci pett reglcar leparedly tto aeilt tile pullic; hlt ita xes ution o e it igrrespo rt atinth its atnd lat s sltaee. It will probatlalv be rteaadv tir delivery itefltip mnlth of eplantembd every oter lld ic e t ricell te Agtu, nhsere!v fr it ale boeenl dllrs- nllars t b paid ate tietlea ofsuody nerhideg. l be twentd Stlla still rali or couly. avep ici I itNS & CO. Publisriers. ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, rl;ENya s rhaveon ae nyect olaseden rel it ea ufirstregularly shlth ted vig tlo publicts; nt i hay and taie now chighestlly teputatify, ant every op-. planted ever, nd other imertliicae for e Ague, whergv.n of the dis ee. iknwn apndac no, reciatetd Alprod. has ian bn ciaried in every drealion of hegyteutn, the Utited States, anti still realizes morn tain couel have been anlieipatedby its mest siegtinee frieindt. Thousand ii l ersonys htae native ltt illy to relieved, se; ofd they ee cheerfi ll te Astify is ledey op pariueity, tlo itdr eid:d nlit, tsupremo eplymnt o 1: t isnt op ted f sucthr nese, ial prut inciples afford s calcutated to reetw fit;he ialthy actitne aftlenstati sh, liver, nd oturniting im retant digvtiv orgatnse the of hich harmdiciny is the imassured at llo of tlher is no rsIt, parsent alsoy, tort it produt reicln aits co psitio n runrlitnc tohe syelma, and eert may t a the nativeal confliailit tence in tep use of tIhro at .etn sWhe teev th it Ag te is catedf= eetof an gtherlaive alouat, the etiymealf a bthet. oni full sixtu- been will not inoterqloee withof wthe icrat. ment of theio prt of the res., ut wdicinl even fflinord as.i sta bowe y to curnishing trenioth and vigor tev til risiy during thlseuse of treatln oet. lhose whos oend fus of thie cur edi of is ay btion. It ethats b thusedr also Arsenic, Barks, y Mercury, o er suboer rtil to in its odicl reticurr frice of t oe 0 ie huand it as tiri; beinrdg eoff tirely a ppregelabdle extact; and they may have additeonal confidence in tia a Ose thereo, hen they pier, fully that it has l ith te fLat of a gttentn laxit veuacul and tielar usalef a ibot Tc lull Mitre bee n t llcaS--i f e uene of Aguwhich, there is orr part of e nggig to lii left to liger ice to alri ting fronse h ve taf many ofe the remedi es now clered fo r ti ure pre tcrib af irfection. It wthas beeou ausd also as a erFvetly , hly atiny cwho were sd. e vauscriablrsy ared the e approhealndegnd attfor te Observouthe! The Proptaritesr, fully satisietlow on hand si the Snpases of ltd aed uliversal uie is arrahiehha .resh Etately eattanded at punctual aed rceular use eftthe 'Tonit Mixture, in all eases of Fever and Ague, els warranted in engagie atg to refactd the price to all those who have ta-hea thn eedicite ic strict tse. cordanee wile thei prescribed directions, withouta ltaveg beha perfectly and lastingly cured. The subscribers are tah wholesale agents for Cite South Western States, cnti taCt ano Oil hand six ty cases of this inealtett, which is warranted fresh and genuine. For sale at the manufactured erites JAICVIS & ANI)tIEVS, Wholesale I)rugists, nov27 cor Commol t Tlelcuapitulas street 1. ORDERS IRECEIEI) FOE JONES, P1" TE7' CO T''OV Gf,I; Bllthe "atentee, No. 53 Magazinle street, New Orleans TO BE MIANLFACTUREDI:I)N NEW YORK iUY ROBERT 1101, & CO. SCALE OF PRICES-Dou,.le (G;ts. For a dolble (in lo f 0So so n s or mole on e:lh oolihller, ronkinlg Ir)wssiln tile slanll, with lcedr-, batntls, e. al$t o pers.w, or $ 141I,' 'tForla olioubl (Gi1 of 60l sa vs oi cliinlC., or l1-0 sawst il the: stanld, lettlawe , &C. a $6 per srw, or 7i0l0 tH Fordo. ofl 4osawsolndo.or 8 saws ilia sttt $6 23 per Slt' Stw, or 50)) o For o. of 1) slws oo s o. or- 40 saws in a st$all0, 6.50 IPer saw, or 260 Ito SING( .: GINS. For a sitglt t w ginil otif St saws or Innor, Wiltl one set of leedel's,, &e. sit $o per Saw, el so o For do. of 60 saws. with teelders, &ro t s$6 90 p1'er sw\ . 390 (a For . of 4(1 saws, with feedcro , &e. $i 75 per saw,5 300 00 For do. of '0 saws, with lfeed'_rs, &C. st $7 50 per saw, 150 00t Exhtrateeto h rl ere desired, for ferders, s!ipplied a 40 cents ershll; tie numberllll ofteeth lsillo albout e'qual o tlhe Utllbrt ol'fstis. Olle st olf feetlrs, it is5fn sidered houever, will wear out two or three sets o"f sows. Extra saws sispllied at 80 cernts eactl. The Gins ordereol, will be delivered to tlhe agtnts of plantters illn illy of thie sea Port'towlln, ot tile calottol. I.0l. Oilog Stats, at soe alote Ir.ics, tlleagetllt Ilt tll, tI.N li.t lit oo th e sme l'roln New York', andl bhcos.ioo o . sp..oasible for the amount t olthe (Gio. A (GiS ri;hj willbe sWeut ithl tile Gins to puit ther tll, s Itnoe de silrel; the charges for whlse sesrvices o ill be extra, bumt moderate. Iron running gearcn alosohe orderedl where lesired, oil reasolable terlls, but will be ehhargoeJ exol. Ilorset Iower, ofany Ilescripltion, can be furooisll:d ono like terms. Snall steam engines call also be ordered if de sir'ed. It is desirable, when planters give ordtlrs for Gios, thllv should oeoompaony them with their views io n egard [to tellrrangemlentl saws, bl.tLnsls, brushes, &c. It is ftl nd theyo dlilbl, - opilionl. Soms( desi.e saws o t larger diamleter thtl othersi. 'he ,most enlloln size is 9orO 10 incheo ; t' . some wish thelo 12 inchlles. Soll wislh 5 or 6 rowsot: I brushes osl all lille, l hile otherols do not wano't mIore lthl..i4 . lomst. Somle wish saws with 8 ori toeeth to tile inch, while olthero' waut 10or I . WV lt lisOl-eplanuC , we prefer ithLy shouol, at thle time of giing order's, furnish ai statemenl t of their wishes, alld tile I uilarlll uerlles can lillil them ill evelry larltictular. Wher'C it is left to our dlisoltion, we shell illakethem looI the most modern and all pproved pll. A.s olr'd i. cano e oexe.tell, from the tile it is receiveld, inl the spaceuofeight oronineweokas, aunl sloe ( hill it hatl time llaeedi the hanllds of thel factor. To e in time forl tile lt rlo, all orders oulght to hl in tile hands o1 to! moullioootlo'll. iershy tle first o o lohhleot of May; exspt0 or' Ilantatiolnt lwhere thloty arelate in comtetlltciOt to ,isk orto gi eotton,. N. IB. Thl Pate! t ro.0li, Ctor any Ira- oof lthe cevlto S l oth o ste, willbe h old oit riouallt erSl - t .0 ill) C SA UG ,'LJ'iI) l11 il' FAiUL. Ik (iF ml ElI 1 t CINE. !8 IIORN'S Compoutndl Extrct of Copaiih mlad Santrs !3 T palilla--A*certain, saile, ,till In o st tflcctum retle. 2 y ever liseovcoered I'm, Ill. cart-e of Gr lurrl ca tilevt'a, Stietuies, " lWhites. 'dus in tioe back i.d oi.s, ell inrI I .tweakntess, oft ilioms kidnlier, gravel, scorbotit It tlhe illtruduttio o a melioie.ll. iv(ossssing tle usefit Nalnd active irtue oll tie oillt ov o il.t.tid to t.le pulhic, tue prop iietor hl, leu to refel. to thill utt .rois Ie loeD1 e mner' Irec.i d lin tile i lllil l ofoi " thile m .l i dIeM 6thclliy ill Ehio o , belie:ing Ihat it will ble dul) 1, a preciated l l Ile. i' ll l. ' Iits are tolrl Illy klnliwnl . T'l, "1 its C,'edil Iro'.tn e t dislike thlich'l pr liculzs Io.rtoel'h) eXlIu's ,I relhl-tilog its dihaglreu Jt taste, disturbbMIL , lr t ilhleed t tile b towels alli t .lach, ii. d lils he.rto rt int),,e i ~ilc .hIn.ii used iiiltile itlllan oplU oriv stagr . Till hrloprielor lhals im lL an ulaly:'3sii of'h tile Balsaml, clnc tiv i 111g that tile omr. clilteqtlll itiei wo.i11d llt. t hIIy ble Mlel mol,0 iun'. i tl d t nd i iore ti t-tilly al olio ll A, tl 11. ir t l, 'lielts wlhilt are ill tih Ilit hes.t repu'e ano i t- Illu - moslt sciellific an.l I lleaIed iil lrll '.p r il . 1it - l y drug it] the tomposition of this litocreases t t l t, tlctey of it, other, producing a: operationy truly ntl. 2, llhe ;tbo ve . L'e I mol t e lille t physicit n Hilll stulgtenlfou (i Illt p'lrelnt d:I.y tx-rcs ihetir heoide-d i i. .o :itillO ill 'att l ofl S 1.rst : l;nrill., whilst its ltse iln lht pI oi .til l holpilais ttand I olhic ill.di tI iostiittions hll! I;bI Ile I, asld sttill ti llllc vl! vxtte-ll si te. It wasi t a o the vo.trctl ttRlclitIios, andt , iS obstilne.Cutaneous elu'iolls, .aising fr'om a disordlered st:le of tlhdi,,g.esli e lWittiolls. uH 11vim been. slbilkiltud to tl, test alnd experience of iut. most tachratr d el ug 1h6 theaGllv, hl" have expreshnd tiy risti its etraordio 3. eilacy it evtrl I rse ulder tohill oshtarselc, Iby aliti it both in thell bII 'llllia privtl prll eic. oh' Thei r oil lrvti o ns wl l bti e ill ' l ir e er1" Prepred by J 1 Thorn, Chehihlll , te TESTiMOitNIALS. i From A 1 Ilimon11, tEsq. i S, S i.gelon to tile e StooTuooas , utt lttl tit on AbIoaottio . pvroe so heid ? \ghly t va0&, IlianI 1) not hesitate ill I proto ulsg it o . of lin', t , l. n-o le tand eltnin to 'ed ites' itp..1 M rcd to i l o.' ir ot ne iin 1 he, f'erom i jeii o ,- Ih ,ct , : Iu , tv h rlviane, .hilst it does lotp llr ' ce tile S:ll e unplljl asat lle.t usuahll exl Ip' I 'eri 'l v e l lm copll a. 'l',ii ll ,'I·)1II I~j ,llllRt.. i i I tAu grat t IiwI r. Into d nc testimony to itte I t t uctces ... s. .. l l r dolle, it) till ntple rewarel Tor the boraursl xpenlse in11.Curregd ill bivngiog it to suchll coll in pl a* \di Coolpe :, : liS, Sm-ge nll to31o 's Inls I iIe .ni i.llrei sil Sles ct hlth h Kls ! itnded Ith n llhi)is Iotle kno, i to 1w ral l rce ted. 3A)ll t hltl suls cet I slo . iw el desH v' ,i- M p;ly anlled sp- ily rh rlliu lol I 1 illilt A C er, F ItS P1 ItGCS, _c.e. . laiing Iwet inditeed to try your Extraet in seveilh c es"sof ',aleot Collolanor te, wl:ich had hitherto baWiled every plesription administered by ,e, hmaviog 'oulnd sullre alld sp.dY llen s e(tIeted ,y ft, il 'a few dt s I !Iee nl su olh ilNu hound to statle that I now inX my 1 pract oice btlh publi li ad lliivate recollmend l itll use non From G W Blair, NI 1), Physican to Guy's. 110 The strict test which I have givelln your medichie mI nllng y plt atients, ai4d its invaLriable sucl es, thuis iilr, wi ll itdce Ite to Dersevere in its Ise, aolnd I leem it b:ut alnact of justie, l-ad of dutv to til( ]: y feeble testi nioLlial il co;innc ellllaltio n of ils irtues. Fromill L Ci Thiompson, .1 1) F li s1 L, ] returilnnoil lll ilierl: h liinks for t e valuabl pre sc1t of % ot Extrlcll fI tle core of Golimil 'lh , ke. I fecl g"Irattlu that you lime at last broughta medician ose which will .ove 1 d tcshrinl llong soughtf.rI in the nme lie:, . , Ihl-- qurv, soee.1%y fool etlizetual Civre 1Werit necesanry, the proplictor coild here furnisha ylo Moll e UlL(tL'estim .mi:ls eilJo tl as eon imeilllatory as llthe aho'e; butL t , t1ht its great slccesshithertl the c ,re & vxpeseU at whirh, it Ims bee .n i epared, " ill prmteits ei .esll lle.lcmm.oillhiloin nmoo anm fikmd ' Iiting public. O .e reel'nilllnliti o I his mirp lira y ,, s above all ith "rs i o its l It-,i p i ,t twrin-- til ull in 1ol1-t h1 mIllU in which it man h'- takeo, behig b) ti casy ani-I pleat unt--its tastl I n'tile, willt ti r, , litin in diet or c ,litinlem nt fir . Ibuinss. T*-.,Vellers especi.ll, wouhl ]lid this mn i itcine highl' usefill, and l Iht nvtv: to be unp ohidld with a preplmat.on possessing the ad Vaoltages which tih, Iq-sent one comboi,, Accompanyvi\ thu A1edicine is pamphilet explaria tory of lLe didffn lit staes t it' the disease, without anll 1extrain r comaiiting full alld Amhlh. direetiois. myt' 14 3aw3m 40 Canal street. " Tt'tI t 0'rEl.: t.CI:S LIt: IS- HEiALT.t." S~W E KNOW that health and the altilitv to labor, cotnstilules the wealth of tile great m is of th pe ope' in this, as in m st other coun. trins. To preserve, theref'ore, that health tby natu. ra mian, is a gr indl, tmoral adll p litical seie, toIn fulfil which, requires ou* utmiost attention .l The unprecedente I popularity and universal ap. npprobation which this nedicine has achieved throughout tile Unitted States, tihe Canada., T'exar, Mexico, and the West I1diS, fully justiL.y Dr. Peters' in warmly pantd conse etiiously roeommen-TO Sdnty them to the special .:otice of the afflicted. Peters' Vegetable P'i Is ar t o safi:st, effeec tIlla and eeonBmliell remnedy tI'l diseagrs of the Ihunlnn contltut ol, thalt h .s ever beeol discovered. Dr. Peters, tihe iuventor of this iwvatluable medhi oiiee, fiono his knowtledgr of thll I umnn system, derinv'o fromn a long anld extensive 'ýractice, Iha arrived to t is conclusion, tilt the great and pri I ary causes of Ilttl diseases is a dcrangcnontI il thile fuctions ot the liver, or in othor words an ioh. iocreased or diminisihetd secretion of thie bile. So well is thils unldeortoodt, that it is coamnlon ftor personns to say when they f:el unwell, that they are . bitouuo, meaning I hait thl'y have too touch bile oni thle stolnach. ()ot thle othel hand, when the fliow of bile is diminisonhod, the process of dies ion is imperfectly perfrml d, thie pationt becoe)ls weak and emaciated, becauso e i hno luohinoti ctontained ini Ithe food taken into thle at lmach is not proper:y ex tracted, and Lto e fobd is ejlcled in a cruode state. Dr. Peters is confident that the tiamous Ihvgeaki SThe'ory, so called, that, " imlpurity of thie bho od is the cause of all diseases," is a great abtardhity. Evl'rv olne wi o rfects on thile subjaet a moment, will pcereiveihat Impurity oflthe blood is a secon. da y not a primary complaint--thto fect and not the cause of discuse. Whoren the fullntions tfthl liver are derunged, and tthe flow of bilo increased, it is often taken lip Iby the absorient vessels an"d, Sarried into ie t'0cirulat. t, and iecolmes ining cEt wi It totll bloOt, as in j tundice. when theo ptieant l howt it in !.Js toi.... Noo this impurity o t bWoct is co od bY :io inereaus'd fl,)w ot In(t., and It reto, y i, youll t uilo t corlre t the secretions of tlo live , tled re.-lore it o a v aithlly t:te. o Dr. L'cterr has spnlt I ll:!l ,ille in rexperimlent ing with lthborent vg(oah e voedii..mtes, for diseases I f th'e ohver ; and now ,ofitfors his Vegetable Pt It, as tle best, Illott 0co vellilltl and chea0 est inedi cine tho t can I preparep d for general ue,. I Di. Pt ers fl.ttOrs hitmielfthat his lono g x eri I m oen tlig w o vt, o.,,table awdicth).n 1)s to ule b!Cl Iliom to discver te t rueh t ot ooti ly O ls.titwte ao wi n i allil t purpowts at mercioSriots t lhout act y of thei r 1,tle ldant evi. GO', greal quality 4l hi. vegeltbile I Ilrs is ihcat t hoy have tneeonc e-ratte rvo ittorh eo. bined with their cat'.artic, or operatoiv qulal ties, so hoth eyt t je 1 onhly o !eoolst. thilla 'toaech and h0owe~s by pIrginur, lint they reg)!ate the iler, chaoo to the morbo l t sr thio., strL' on thel s tile digestve or_.ani,, Ipuify the btoood, invigorate tile cireoultion, an I give tone and e.crgy to the ner.. h vcois s)teon. They ane inibl and pleasant in their oporation,. ad rl c nvey ao't iolltediate conviction of their utility fromt Ihe fih.t doseo. Thiey caln or taken with alltbty by persoohs oftuny ago; and the feeoble, the infirin, tieo ;ervous, and tho delicateo, are sirengllhone'l by their olooerAtiotl, becatuso theiry clear the Rtsy rteo (itot I tlooor,lar-, quiet nerv iaO irrita hihllty, and itv tri tbly protluce sound health. The Vegetable Pil orei a suire renredy for jtun. dice, sick ittld nervous ll hadtLcho, dys epsia, costive. Ones, sickness oftt e tostomaeO , heartburn, all bill us complaints, ltOers of all kinds, and if taken at tti coel0uo.ncemo rnt ohill invariably check their pro. ress, and savY, thet patient frh:ot a protracted an I ldngerous sickhness. They are invaluahble il ner. votis and oui pocondrical atllf'ctionl)l losi oh aoPe. lito, and a I comnplaints t0o 00'hic.l females alone are .beject. They operate as a mild and speed Ipurge, anti re a icot untd cert k t loemtdy fur worma in chi dron. Since 1 Ihave introduced my Vegetable Pdilt to Sthe pul hlie. I rve received nomerous ceartificates Satn tieir euoperior eflicacy in curing dseases, a so, Smany letters Irom res(pecta-le physicians, who lorv used them in their practice with the boat I neitht publish a small volume f certificates, e but consider it runecssary, as thie medicine n'i:l : reeornmmend itself to all who wi I hmake trial of ot. I The above pills are in boxes, containg 2f0 & 40 i pills each. Price, 25 & 50 c,.ots p r box, l D)rggists and country ie rcehanots anl be soil) plitd, at whooh'a o or reoui, at Dr. Peturs' princi. p 'o n, ti5 t P u st t, betw o hn MWg:zw ' ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ t .,i ,v.,: ;) 11 X rork & Baltimore Packlets IACKETS FOR NEW YORK-New Lane. L-To sail punctually every second Monday during the season, full or not full. bhip Orloans, 599 tons Gupt. S. Sears, Ship Alabama, 474 do C. C. Berr Ship Arkansas, 627 do E S Denpie Ship S rituga, 542 do W tiithaway. Ship Naslville, 540 do 1)a.Jlkrotr. Ship Kentucky, 629 do "J Buaiker The above l.hiip, are of the first alass, coppare and collar Fafstleed, aid having been built in Now York cx, rcsly fir thll trtd., tlly aro.of light drrat of water anl alast invari;ably cross the bar wi hautany dnt.-ition. The coronajandera'are mno of greal expirience, and the -hiips wsit iklways ba towed up and down thle Misnsisippi by tleainboatts: They have hli, ndsoma flarished hcanimmnodations, iarnd lsori-s of the hest delscriptiin will always be furnihhid. Thie cbin parrage is 390 without % ile or liquor, and there is no Aiquor furnishild to Ilho flicer, or crewn. For fraig lit or passage oaply on board, or to iI U AMES, 48 Cnmp at. The shipsi are not rcc6ullltalc I (or breakage of NEW ORLEANS AND BALTIMORE LINE OF SPACKETIS. wlihich havel tbeen built or pullcr on exi.rlraly ar Sthe trade , viz: i Shi, Seaman, Mlller, Brk Mary,_ " Nickersont , Irad )'erry, new , Stetolus," SSolomol Saltus, Lothana, I rig Arclatect, ' Gray. IiThese vessels are of the first clas, haver hand. some turniroled ; ceomnodantinns, and are ofa light draft of waler, so as to adauit of their receiving and disicharging their cargois in Baltinmore,at the city. Freight will be taken for ports on lhe Chesapeake or James' River, and ilrwaorded by the agents, Mesars. CLARKE & IH EI.L(OGG, at Uultimnore; expenses on goods shipplepd will be advanced wheia requircd. Tole price ot' puastige is fixed At $60, amlple stores of lia It at qnalhty will be prcvided. Steam up and dodrwn the MAissivsippi wall be taktra on all oceasions. For freight or pasaage, apply to GEO. DIEDFORD, ntov27 22 lmeiavil' at. "()fR NEW YhOK. [Louisiana and New York Line of Packets] 'I Lli Ships componin g this line will sail from ov Orleans and New York on every other Mon ly--colnmencing on the 20th November-and to iure the punctuality in the time ofaailing, th~: no will hereafter consist offive ships, via: hip Yazoo. Cuptain Trask, to leave on the 20th November. hip Louisvi!le, Captain Palmer, to leave on the 4th Decemlber. hip lluntsville, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the 18th December. hip Vicksburg, Caplain Woodhouse, to leave on thie st January. hip Mississippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th of January. The above are all new, of lie first claos, copper and coplper faittened, alnd upwards of 590 tounas irthen, are of light draught of water, being built i New York expressly for the trado. The price f passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their enhnas are tted rip in the most i'proved and convenient lan, and finished in a neat and elegant style - mplei stores of the first quality will be provided. ,d cvery regard paid to the comfort and entire etishlctiion il passengers, who will please take no. ice that no herth can hb secured until paid for at lie oflee of tie consignees. These vesselIs aro commanded by captains.well xprrienced in the trade, who will give every at. cition and exert themselves to acoomml dato. Thae vill at all times be torwed op and down the Missis. ippi by steambnats, v;nd the etrictest punctuality bserverd in the tirne of sailing. The owners of these shiiis will not be responsi. lo for any letter, parcel or package, sent by or at on boa'rd of them, unless a regular bill orlading ae signed therelor, at the counting house of tihe Igant or ow:;era. For frirthr .partieulars applyto J D BEIN & A COHiEN, nov27 90 Common at aEl\' ORLEANS & CIIAIIR.STON PACKETS This line consists of iior vessel, all of tliefirst clasn, poppereld a ld oppr fast. enedl, and of alllot 2 i0 tons unrthien. .ilb handsonie aecommodati,ors for plasentlers. 'These vessels are corlnOlnndod hb enapeins Hi xpeirienced in he trado whi will give every at enrtion and ex erl Ithmscl,.es io ncommodaic the hlP;cr.'C. 'They will nb Itiled ip and d,,Wn the Mlissis.ippi, and levrir New Orleans ,in or before the 10th anil 15th of every mi-it. Thefollowing vessels comnpose le line, vi : Ilril Arbian lCharles G rJon,n master. lli O C .lupan,J. B. THooipson, moaster. irifi Airmeic, J Deonne, nlaeer. Bniri Rhgvr W tilliams, J. Alliters,n aster. Fr Ir, ighre l t Ior passae, a pIl v I J. A. BARELIl & .C., 61 Ciimion st. Nei O leans, or Mn. Il ,rdt cal, C leaII t lIl. ct I T [IE undernigned haviln recent -o.lnced busini so as a Iruiggist anid Aponthe ary, in lte sio ,, tned bIy Mr. JLc.)b Oia, at ite cornerof Tivli circle and Tritonl Walk, repectrfully soliciis a share of the public pntroidge laid a renewal of the favori iif his forler customers. The entire sienk n )rugs, medicines and ol oc articles is freesh an carefully selected. The lolkiwing only are par tieulariz Ad, viz : Pre Suda, Seidli'z and Sarnarge Pordlers. Yi ast Piowders, bIinig a twholluesoe andel jegan surstlitute foryeast ill raisini bread, buckwheat en (c., L t,.4 Buailc ' Effervesepnc MIlareslan Apperient-a pleasant and gente purgqiivein dyspepsin or indi. gestion, nervnus debility, giddiri:o-, hendache. acdit'y il the stomach, habir ual coativenesr, cuta. neous eruptionp , &e. Carpeater's Fluid Extrirt of sarsaparilla f panrif) in theibloool, &e do di and cubehs, & e. .nilnsi'a. Panacnr and Vermiifug,. ; British aa Ilard,,o i ,i1, Oiiidilci ,. &i. l.tintlle L. q1 uricy., ji,,lit, arr d (Itiarllative paste T ,b hIbIrohuse, N S Prenticv's erhronic dentri, tie, chllorlnootlh wah, 'ii.lder pliffs ;id bexer, Preotice's ervobnw d!ti r itire, chilr u'r Itih wash powder puffs and l, ixs, PreniCL's seerned and plain toil1,et I lowl.t i l. IIH IUtlllril crerne ite Perse, oralire fl wtcr, r(sc, Itlvl er and I louida waleri l oe the be-t qilitiesr Ialnland's Mai ssIearOil, Old. rridt's totial aColurii, blecr.'s il. -varielv of I lcierl I otherimaeesr c , indtlible matkingInkl op rior Llaee ink, &,. Sper in a,.: 'efirid ,l!ile oil. lla3'sLiniment. A ltrsh absrllnntii atl I'i.rl llrolrn PG . rdei S eds 2 G(,EORG J)ONES. oINE-15 hoxe Cilat et and iauterne Wine. is Sto e alnd lr ia e. hi jap2; CIIA lIPI aN & COOPER,51 Jflulia AJ1.I.'I lOPE-150 cl 1iale Rope, of superio ff 1I loa it-v, ire snle by li12 " IdAAC IIbIDGE & Co, 134 Ma.gazine 0-0 ir. r11-lI.itiig tili niship Chekrie. Ilgnle and IOr sule ly imar 19 I1tALL d& BROWN, 9di Magazine at -Ei'W t;OODIS-Bush & Allen have jira eeiveld a spllandld assortment of fine Fancy Gmiod.suitoa fIle for PRPSt.TS, colmrisinig ladies' ariting dleerls, lres-in eases, work boesa, musical Ioxes, portmilio, needle oeks ofl pearl, shell and i: ohr#erd case*naid ourvenirh iliail wilb pearl end e.l ;pocketridoks,put. sec, nlera, goll anti siler. pestil. rfinely .1 nil kind,, cltlerv. b, Irt i 'li I,' P AZAmH. i..2 oor St Charles & f'roriwn at., rebaH6ge T'O ITHF I.ADIES. A TKINSON'F S I)E'tIL.AfROIY, fIr removing ras (S perfluonus hir fioal lie face. neck and arms, with iloal safelty and certainty, leaving the skin finet ald asiter than before toe aplplieation. A fresh aspplyý juslo rtreived at GUIONiB, Nio Exchange Hntel, corner 81Cnarleo andnCooaop a re cai. ot, ci 1PAL;. & WINTER CLOTHING. J P. FRIEMAN & CO.. Plo. 3, Magazneai trrl, . are rvecin ig their supplies f Fol aad-Wiante Chothin-, and will eontinue to resle .lllttcams ? Inrly hbrougltit the seouia. Thr waa a4 large will enehla them to s.pply erhwaif the eoartry. at the llortnest notter, fsale Sretail, on accommeoating vtern, , ep29 (OMPASN ERS "THETRMOME-TEtRS, OlULg. "Ill. t cKratinro ,I a gt neral sniatntant 0erret..S. A all eniat li¢i d/irer.." Spring Di,;dadi awI rtu Irory ielsre, iiainor' Srlci 1aE'cla Tc~sae1ii . | t',riorllel i o ,liaierveoptre, Thermnnomca,o s Camera Oo31r,ri. Purver Chaoler, Measur' -k Tape-i-- s

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