Newspaper of True American, April 3, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated April 3, 1839 Page 4
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otydplotom UlDid t. *lbK ellh a J net o d tot the hty ~~~001~O~o ~ ~t'ntttr,r I.~dcil IJ h oI ~ plr do nvtthhotco r-PtW cRIA- laloA P v r ls.. n it Ehe f~ ISoh~loh $ttgol. t" Aso,7lt , .n cl t aur ý IFr~am tha o tu O o lt. g por llo t o udcls Aihwtt-ýadjj! flpllitorý,fm 1939 . 'flitoDic o'otygliob Lnd aGMr1v Oeek, Eo.CnrsF JOHNS &r .~n Cmon . Y ' wANI' TO, IC5 MIXTU. E, , uar liw goj nd cure ofhle Fever and At e. I tijllie nntorily dimovered t herloe T'roic Mix 1 tore in suparii to the ordinary ncde of tretliag th'Peoer and Ag'. In the first l;lae, hbeng a Vege lable Extttao.and free fhroi any deleterious and poiron or ingmedlehts, it nvin lie taken. with the atiott rafe ry ren h the bpnder l ifant, or a Red inralid. It pre VmearsMrid Hill diseaae,cnsqunllpdy the enonntil ,o!( oon reali i"t wonted ton and aciivitv. It elahb inatI'teilebo ald tW.increooe this diontrelor to create dther daiessa bt tlorotughly elmonsns the several or *gap of digestia, .ntil thus laeoefis the system ith * liatever olher affietlos it nny he oppresniel. tidividuals, afler thle toe of tie Tomin loixlture, have I-an inua to all the fuual aurses o the disease, Sad tb.h ped ally synptlin of return; whereas by ahen up(thecnmnmono metdie., there is always crea ted ln iilryaednliabilitv to ra.ierreucr. The danger Ofmr neiUntgelnlmesafilieAgtie is vervevirnta for ti. i Mrste will soon' breone too mualr prartnate it ha elte fe reat with imeli-Cine, and spmedily fall a vic Stim -t-uh incepmant vinoler e 'Th ITo il: MixtoIre is . 't sliuctl a reosonable prieear a to plIce t in Ih prflehoer oferyone--no thaut .l. par and iestitule are hatey frihed awith assistuane, witllhout oliciting teai'tad atiendtaance whichis freqenlltly denied to l rbles , vetry relucantlly bestowend. . aS .mttla am ttreopeceti chautioned against the spit *ltoli ofao s ollna imedmicine, that are daily offered for.lek' , , - si prenpared onlyr h Dr. Jolhn R. Rowanil, at his =.bniertaor,-larkel'stre., ;Philadelphlia. t. thel ,l'orilbers ar the wholesale areps for the Soulhl W, ster , anti will sell by dller se, at tilie Pailadelphin peria.e. a' he had at retail alns,iat seoitoftlh Apolthecari s in th. ctiv. - H - JAlaRYIS & ANDRIEWS, ' Whoa.lesale I)ruggist, -eV3 W oernor nommonk&n trlahoitnalaten s i r.sinianjtipp andt LujsiHana lluotel, -1 RS MARY KIRKLAND rnspeetfully an. S toilnnaco to ler friends and tie public genc. I ,lfy that asie in prepared to acconmmodate tlrhe at he nbovn establishmentc, and hopes frhrn her itertions to render visitors coanfortiable, to recivn Scontinuance of fqrminr favur. Site feels coni den!t that persons visiting (Coving3n during tle .mmer monthn, cannot findl better acconnmmodationrs 'lan site ca afford themt , on tmor liberal terlns. . Hethouso n pliasantly situated, and well supplied with eerry conveniPnre; tihe bar is furnisles d with tlle maot choice liquors, &c. il short, ali promisesi '*at nuthing shall ba d wanting on her part to give tiire aitisaction to all who may patronize tlhe .dsriMippi and Louisiana Hotel. je3 TF ^TlIr iieDlorua 6 dre hSng . t idied under Dr. Scl.mnidt of Charleston, oaith Carolina, and for sme years Ilis assistant in Ie praot ie of mdicino and surgery, las the honor to aflhr his protessional services in this city. He assures the ladies and gentlemen that the most prompt attention will be Ipid to the calls whiclh may be made; and also offers his services to the holders of laves, being well acquainted with titl diseases common to themn, having attended tlhem in Ine anigar house in Charleston. The anious anti-bilious pills alter thecomposition I la Professor Smollette, with directions, cien be had i ot the undersignel. Tla effect which they have I prodced in tl is and other cities, has been attended I with the greatestd success, to which the best ao' leferences can be given. Apply at No. 166 Maga. line street. JNO. M'LORING. IOLLOW WARE, WOOD , SCEWS, SAD IRONS, &e. T HE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 3 238 Water, near Beukmau street, Now York, have received tho past season, and are constantly enceiving, large and extensive additions to the stock of the above gpods, which now consists of the allowing assortment, suitable for the southern and Western markets. . Hollow ware of superior quality, consisting of bheit 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 02 different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15.sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 iaes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, Bakcpans or Ovens, 7 difurent sizes, Toa Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Onddles,. . 4 do Fire.Dogs, - 6 do Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 43.4 inches. -Cart do. 5 to 7 inelies. Wood Screws, 20.000 gross, iron and brass, from o8 inch, Ne. 3 to 3:9 iach, No, 24 of a superior quality and finish, and less thatn Jamte's imported prices. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 Ibs faor retailing. Tailor's and hattor'a Irene, assorted. Sash weiglhts, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4-4 to 20lbe. Bells for Plhntations, steamboats, churches, &c. made to order, Also steambeats and other machinery made to order. The above assortment of goods is particularly rocommelded to thle attention of' Southern and Westirstmorchants, and are offered for sale at low prices, and upon the most liberal torms ; it is be. lieved to be tHe largest and best assortment ever atered for sale by any one eotablishment in the Jnitcd States. Merchants, by forwarding a request by mail, can have a printed circular, with description of goods, pricesand terms, ftom which no deviation is ever made, furaished by return of mail. All orders will receive immediate attention. New York, 1838. . Je3 , ' -- es .,,asram ........ _.. .__e3 - new Urleans, Nov. 14,1837. A IOL'T six months ago4 liad tle misfortune to get A a a -cre disas, for which I have applied to saee al doctors fr a cur, and ey did not cure me, o now sn the above date I put myself under tho cae of Doctor iakit, me l eapoe rtbim to cure me. Since tnit timt the worto to break out in large ulcer to the humber of alzr eight on ea h leg, atid all over mny ace, anll o throre ,at, and not able to work at he peseo-t-linioaqpu ntit of the disease; large olcer os thibe right 'dot.i throat. I am now putting myself ..renete tlynterm the care ol Dr. luet, rof aris, s bl~-p.trtely curd. JOHN DEAN. liK CITdlfFY that the abuve mesntioned ditease is .=. q lue twfcrtd to rity own aalilliictioll,, for which I .tltMk tir.ltirlt; antl moreuver I till ther tImli. .ciidi I havajukni inmtk ione fidt, anld did not injure my aolth. at aU; therore I advicn it, f Illw sitt ernrs to loe notimoe anj) apply to Dr A. Iluat, 124 Canal s -treo 4tweeAn UDtifltin nnd lltrlion streets. Dr. Htllli tat botia from 9 o'clock, A ., u.til 4 P M1. w"Iley wlt fnd-a trur dctor for this comtploilm. SJOlN I)M AN,.I Gravier street. . Iny one wants toi te me, call at N.. 40i Gravie JOHN 1)»1AN. New Orl b 1.1838. V M e 1f 1 1y 4r1:1HE Genuine Indiall lilanm ou tivPrw,-rt and hitre S, houldnn, i ptll up in botlta at tilhe low price of 51) oenota Scl, contailting tim rtr.gtil of tlrtee ostttr ti*' LiveItwoUrt, l i Ic tlihb irt- * It iomri oiltr ruioti and "re known aent x ilir Inditono as 'ficac ouu in cur in -dlmoIW y complaints. The u irA.lled sttcce»s which its attended ttle lee of Ihil s ut4"able. Balsmn wherever it has been * i-t a' tc .d it.lstned the confidnce and recommends oO etnltaile phyAcleansi for tle cure of rougiia, c iti thei side, wnlt of resa, sittting or blood, "iite in oaptir Ica fre-quenly presribed Mra Gard. Seeri-iao tl r of Liv.erwort ad Inoarliound, with iItlcdgoietfct: we can threforp, fromn the ktinw l o lo t ol materidia It is made fruin, ond cbttetltmon ctfg.ii.ylt eefreM« onien__. at it an ipei trtparntioi. pril iboae . wtion oftlhe liuns ,,r wlhich it ia re ,umi»»*. -.Aj. R- Wv r .W , M ,w Dx . . . .. CALIVIN 4l.S M. D. _ Ms ebe. h of the BotoMdictldAslaoelation. JlmtftYt, cl&,tfrlL. " ,..l»y J. R.\fRyi/& Ari4SjEW8, All,) 9' Cin.oulauil rPhtnitilan4 st O~lBEQ It'.at cieeo of Pe.u n.a.hip rbcsivel,anld uAr aale at th#ir petrmtnent WcuTg Acedontieo No. fm s'B» Orlesao, vt iltroidway I go ', I $M desgde frot private learnner. an.d W.pLlbated fbr paferwss ofall oea. i l lein are invited tooanll and examinr at sech houes san may sait the iJ to clasu frormed, .any panrt _ n >ife.ivee em.Ums. at thairowrt . . e' I tree ofl..onoTse Jouired r. - * " . -eLI asthN wish. ?* sVAS .. s aOT1F.s.e. ' 1-1MOz8 HARI~' & .aof nnw receling rom aO ba sap ( atBas..Eg|e, Ilighlander,e .cke lary AndrAew,2 T eh Buul ;ean play earde; Back. .mnn Boardq; CliedaMnsi, 1-4 and 23-8 incl Bil ardBla; a t'% O an0i 12 ih blade Bowie Kniree: Itbther nn.otlrIrael Drading Casaeis Blt, Poket, Horim. ;ndD.iU jinC Pistols; double and single bedflliedl',ue; Game nags; Shot Belts; Powder »nd Pitol FlAkbr, Dram Bottles and Drinking Cope; Pereuuion Caps and Cap Holderse Cloth, Hair, Tooth; mnl Nlail Driuhm: Orrits nd Chlorine Tooth Wlash Tooth Powder; Toilet and Shaying Soaps, in great va riet,; long Hair Braids, Ringletn and FrizeHte; Pearl ndr Toilet Powder; Emery Bags; Ivory Tub Cushionas: Patent Slides er Garers; Gum lastic Snapeinders; Powder Piflt and Boxes; Gilt Chains, ie:al and Keys; Ear-dropp; Waist Buckles; Braceelnt; Bead Necklates and Chains; Gilt and Silvered Beads; Indian Beads, Bells and Plumes Shell Twist; Side and Dresine (Coabs; whlicl,in addition to their former stoc on hanid, make* their assortment very complete, and will be sold ow and en liberal terms, at the sein of tlhe Golden Coaab. i25-tf 70 Chartres street. rTIHE Subscribers, Agents for the extensive oue e of r W. & S. Butcher, Sheffield, Enrland, liave jnst eeved a very extraensive set ofap,' rall., aconsislil of Table anti Desaert Knives ofl'o -( daeArilption, Pen, Pocket, Iirk, and Spear point klnivec; Razor, Sjis sore, Edge Tools, &e. &c. &c. which tihey are pnred o exhibit to the ralor ordero . Tertns tnd oanal tions will he mnade known at the titne. m16 J. I). EIN& A COH EN.90 Common st. NEW (GO01DS. " NIMMOXS, IIARTT& CO.-Are now receivilg l ler shliip inllalville, Eagle, Merry Andletw, Hiigh * ander, French anid Germ ain onlle lhend p ol;vincanld: c aterr, anl tuiket piols; plain, rihbed and split o cauina escap eo holdlers; cissn's, Razors, va,. :rea lillott's eoanmercial aluld otler ateel pcllens Vio n;Violii ltringt shell, ivo. falnd liaor comohs; waftrst k, ties! Flnd leatther prurse; hiRir Ilaaials, fronat Hadi oak iingletli negro puf.'a; German anal Felnch colognle SIater, Rowlulnds macassaewr oil, imitation do; antiqllte ail hearnoil lportahle desks and dircsilng cases: piast blacking; Atatia lol toile( glnses; convex min l a-; op €- eI eeghiilesal iew.; Irlndiln head%, hells aud pllumnes; Seeordeon, whil- twile; toilet and haviag soapsa toilet . owder, c:smetie wash halls; seentiedl atitn eoushiaol; u pool waaols; Orcla elalioeas; faIacy lhad chillns ullt _ necklones; billiaral balla pocket I;ooks andl wallettls; . German lhones razor strlapsi fine anal eomaon gium i. olastic uicnlenders, aglertail; Bells linciftr matches; sil Svc le encils; Creyono, &e. &c. . Ti above in addition to ora former -stock of fancy i artieles, makesour naortnietit very lll ialdaeto. ForaSHle ie wholesale or retail; as the sign ofthc Go;llcde Coml, 70, r- Cluartet e streetm . UI UTICE--T'l partnrn.lhip of Kellev, Aumrn &CII of New Orlenn ; Mlaso, Hurris &Co., of Natchez; nd Harrim, Kelley &Co., of Rodnle, was diis.idedl on ho2lst of Mny last, by the death o( Samuel A Mason, tne'oftlhI partners or tiel firle. 'The'ba udersigned, urviving pnrtaerp, will be lir.ed witho tile cling oid closing soad business as fldlows: Levi C Ilarris will attend to the nettling of ti business of' alnson, Hirris& Co.. at Natchez; and Hlorrin, Kel er & Co.,rt Rodnev; and Henry Kelley will attend to hieltling of the hluhiine ofKelley, MalsoI & Co., at New Orleans. T1he tonies of the several firmis will be used in lil hidationuniv. T'lose i'debted to said firms are earnestly requetted ocoie forward and lmake early settlement; and those having claims will please ir.-r~rent ther without delay. H ENRY KELLEY. NewOrleann, June 27,1837. J KAN 3IAIRIE FAR IINA'S COLOGNiE WATER S2 cnrases mre of this ollperior Cologne wrater. just received ni fIir sl IIt tllle dozen or 1 iA"Ile iott i. Also American and i,'ench toilet jlwders, powder rutlnf a ,l hoxe shrinfi "nd toilet omIps, oosilnerie wash Inias, lmijlk of roses, Comneli ('0oll1 reaG,f, extr le a iellkc, klphllll Wlorl's vegetable hltir oil, p)anatumn, noeie de ierse, Floridn. ivenidar, rose nnd bay waiters, Prepilon malts i 7'0eile, perl" Oriy iln tr linkg. veetn de # id liquid rou e', Chlorine anldOlric tooth wash, elotI.hnir, eteothinil and flesh i,;iuhesl totgelher witl C -Tue, subscribes l'ave tonrti n odshelll an addiional r isupply of fitChionible Iren sllll t o ullllla nd jewelri-, .6r.efe low at whnlolrele or nr tfil by "' IIIONS, IIAIIT &CO, Ihnd n halrzPeP F-ppflv t" Canelf and Livrrrl col, in hnilk of nfrior qnalily, Aich ito y olfer 1.y sl' iin ,I's in snit porcph rs. Aleso experied by thie first arrivals frOw Tnt Ilnd andl tle Nrldh, Cnin I. Lehigh and lPeochr IMonlltain Cal . f li Id screned, pI I i h-olOhead.l expro nly for faliily ust-ill if wh'c! they will drepme-,,f uni-,oin'eost mo:leraite ierms. Orders lelt at their office, Ni. 53 Bienville at up stairs, will be proinptly attended to. net 3 I. & A SOULT E. Cologat., S., rur , et riumery, tc.--A splrol,,.r rticle of cologne, put up expreesly for tile retail trade; also the purest Fench Perforerr. srmbra cing every variety for tile toilo, for slie by ,ct 1 REES & D'LANGO. To Country Mletchaeis and Planters. Negro cloths, .lankets, Ilennels, linseys, lowell shirtioiig, checke, linens, enlicoes, handkerchiefs, &C &eQreceived and for sale low by tile subscri. he:s. ROTTA & Co. oct. corner CaInal and Chartres st L If Glena's Ierfitncriers. Indian Dye. for coloring the Ilair; fienr's Oil, Russianshear's ereese, poaiurnni, Mtchabn's Fret cle Wash, superior pearl powder, hlp whire, cream of roses, vegetable rouge, otto of rose, lip salve, kreosote tooth wash, carbonic dentrilice, orange flower water, powder puffs and boxcr, A rnrirran charconl, neatly put up in four ounce vials, Pres. ton salts, cologne, kreros.le tooth ache drops, hair brushes, English dressing combs, Indian halr oil, witll a variety of other perioumeries, &e. For s.le by C. J. TR'I'INCHARID, bct 3 corner of Canal and Bourbon ase IRON ROOFS-The seulscrihers have procured it a greoit exprnse, tile right of pulling on iron roofs in this city. They are adapted to pubire buildings, warehouses, and private dwellinys, und tombine at once chenpness and dorability, and are perfectly fire and water proof, T' rirs may be known,and a model seen at our estahlishnment, opposite St. Maryl's marer, Tehappinlnss t. octS2 E B COGS".EIL & Co UPIIOLSTERY & PAPER IIANGING( STORE. Henry Siebreclht, (formerly J. C. WVideks &. C,,.) would mest respectflll v inlorm his friends and the public in gtenerasl, that lie has andis constant. ry receiviii a gpneral assortment of upholslery nrwl paper hanging. 'lThe fr'llowing comprices a part of stock, which lie offers for snlel at wholle, sale or re"ail on the olust accomoneodalinl ternis, viz : French velvet and eatin paper, lrqest style ; do bullcoiimmon and common,, PnilIdclyphia glazed .a d unogzod do do, French landscapes, fire boards, blindr, &c. do velvet and worsted do dr, ntoreanze do colorr, silk fringe and galleons ofull qualiies, patterns anid pricts, worsted Iringrs as sorted pa;ttern. plain and colorid. Swiiaustulin, latest tryle plain and colouied, cotton drapery mushlis plain anti twilled, au-oried coloree, new styleof needle work fir sofa cushions, fotatool covere,&e new st)le of bell pullers, raised figures and plain, gilt window ornaments of all patterns and sizes, gilt eagles batal and spears, feathers, &e, glass knobs, castere, hair cloth, figured and plain, a large assortment of toys fer children; large silk cord and toasals, worsted cord and las. sela, a general assortment of upholatcro and paper lhalhgings, constantly on hand atnd fon sale at the lowest prices at Nos 41 Rofyal and 64 C.tritotn flouse sts. N B--Persona in the city or from tile country, are respectfully invited to sal and examine for themselves. I Carpets and curtains made in the latest modern style, rooms prepared at the sqorte eat notice, and all kinds of upholdestcry work done with neatsess and despatch. oct 3 L S SEGOULR, Nu 54 Conde street, between Dunain and St Philip, kee p constantly on hand arn extensive aseortment of boots slid brogans. and hlor,eeofNew York manufacture, tor nen, wolnen and children of all ases, which he will dispose of at very moderale pricee. Fatmilies otfhis atquinolance on sedine an order will have their wishes attended to L 8 SEGOUIJR IDEAFNER 6. SNEW article tbr persons trubled w ith deafhe-s, i Ar (ulled the Ear tTrutinp,) las jalt bel n rectlved , hm the iat ott PjieIh, th, salightest artirulatiun of tile nt it, n o.ue is OistNncllv c o the ra. Al' l'i, i wie l',t ever tmen Otle g l g eltonuerSm, it ia er dlca te et,nlee be flliv e seltitle i(,f lte difitultv V l; R l ll blrmrsal lltu. xerie, ned bollt ti tiameheson and te ia di.iduls eo ll lrllltlt elv tlleid. 11 y ile uet If tIte Ear l'ruatt ietl this obje:liu n is nclirely ilvialed. I I I ttst a ' eptital oave alavs . a, tductted thiirdoubts alier I' F tUION'S,, Fancy ,liore.crner oI- C.lllln.l and t Cl.trlC s lcreets +.'t bit ECoIal Valltel. ish; 1i I'.50 do Silver dgline e winter dt Ipern oil, iG cLASS, Aen , flErpli ane by Fre JARItl.I 0 ANDRE;V., Wllole oxisr rutgg aisi, rier Calnd qu n. lcllit teW r1: HIEton II r do.-50Ul boblx I eiLc ignn. t wl be no will e receied 41 pkegr , d1con f 2t(l dh e , i., or in payent ofdebt.t d J II iEnrlish tdn- nt5 1I4 bbls. 4 Ilt n ilt Paint- lr ies; rarI Sizes I eare Vermeillei)nv; 5 bdl Cotpal Vareish; 2 i Jtlt _e _1 Co1 {.each " *20 pk. s Giold .ea& Op 50 do Silver do; 1I0 do Iuteh Metal. WiI)NDOW (GLASS, Amneriean, Er'lieh and French IlO0 Iltxee, ,nouas a ies aolnd qualities. I lstotn .rwua do.--S.O boxen, consignment, will be olhl low. Alas. a general alsontutent of artisto' cnllitrs altd tool", for rsle ry A W orl' E, b SII. Ala3 ma nBOGE taken atitO r, aid nllriaviepi notes will ble reeeived at 1f per e.ll discontn for ngdo, e or ill paytnr t endebtst ee I Iw FlJUR--?U3 tatling bfe ,-,etettsolalmer en d I, ,.e3 4J5 .e-v I -v. I, e.slsreaeren' R a r Serr,--'l'he cca,. eil lhr gentlne artihlo, jnet rertiveet by · 3. • I.[:rsef" & D'LAN:, flUn, Ca'p R? "Mi:'Ori lH st--Atit Polla Mir.e,mI- hale r,,pe. mad- all rhe.ep. ietcr.,, and t1,r re i by a 3 BOGE.RT 4 FIAA TIIOMN, C:l Gravier , BOOK BINDERY. Under the Picayune Office, 72 Camp mr. 1BRONSEMA ', HOWSON beg leave . t inform Stheir cusoainrti andl the pui'lic generllv, n"' ,lhey have removed their estqiblishoent tIoNn. 72 Cimp street, iimediately under lie olies of ihe r Pirayune-where they are prepared to execute all orders in their line. H ving received from the Norhl n nipply of pn. per and materials of a superior quia'lly, ftr the manulacture of Blank Books, ihey ulfer tlir ser vices to merchants and other', who may wish work of that kind ; and hna:er the advapline of several yaors'@ experience in that line, hliy are r confident of giving n: tisfaction to those who may I, fvr them with their custem. For notnries, architects and others, maps and plans %ill be pasted on linen. vrtnished anmd moul ted in the ne.tost manner, & at thie shortens Plain and i. i in all i Plain and incy bindin,, in all its viriptiait tA. . . . J CHINAiladzn&Earltilts eA&iBAR1acai It 36 Chnirres street, New Orleans. W M, SKRGEIANT & Co. importers of French and Enlish China and Earthern ware. tre no orPrniln new nid rich untternls of brekfast, dining and tea services, hwilet eels, pitchers, lea ninl effee cups, teapnts, sug'lra, creamsr bowleel plI er, di.hef, turee:s, wash basins ard ewe e, 1,)-t batdh , etc. etc.' Rich cut and plain French and American glas-. war--johleis, champaignes., lemonaldes, jllief, ejaresa, inee, eirdials, center hiowlPs, docanters. tumblers, preservedses, celeries, pitchers.amli, I %rp shade and glasses, candle shalloe, alit eel lerts, etrc. Silverr pised, hronzled and bhr;ltain wanr.--as tre,, liquer stands, cake iuskets, incdllasitcks, branches, sa;ons, l.idies, ,reof and tirplr.s, .sarge, crearns. lamp, jp.ranned trav, astral srands, and Ihaening lnps, ifinu cutlery, verman r s ew1rn i and forkt Inea ettler with a great variety , flrtle!e. lor fitmly use. Plnrchanir , pnlrfrrere. Iii, ,and steamboatrl s, furllnislled rl w grods rt [if rIIItl t tea soulible prices, and paeked so ai toh be corniveyed with safley t, any prt ofllihe coun ry. A'n, ertherneiceS ulrrnere. nr 2 THE FLORIDA LINIE From Mobile to Atlrr.t.n, G . leaves Mobile everv day at three I'clck. p in per U S mail bfoat for IslVl'a Landltrn , nbove Blakely,-thence rolir oD t coaches oll Penasnola--ltlerevslnlastalours ho Lagr ,,e, wll here tle laid iU',e isresumed-hilence vi Marac nt rini Br,,.svrnville, Fla. ltailbridge prrlertor n, [Ilwkinsville. Snundersvic le.& Luis. vitle IttAgusa, Gal, etcnnecring regularly wvitl Ihe riil roiad care to Charleston. and the stearm nkeirs Now York, Norlolk, Prriladelphin, etc. The steualboalrs are the best for ihe service, and ithe tnvigrrlion proseeirs more advantagea Ian canll ihe founld Ulon arty stai iaoll reIli rut ar i l the s)uth. ern regio.,, 'I'he reent improvenments in the route have been produced by thell c lr tion ofi a if ltv miles ulo new ronl, by the pr.,prietorrs, viz : fromt lalranre on LFavertre lllayou, nirllrn of Soalna Rosn l yIto lllarnt's Ferry, on til Char llhoochee liver, 1en m;ia, s abvtle Cowlerd, or 14 above Cedl r Ilitt, wnereby lie navigtiln lr thile river, and than con a.'itnentr deterlriois, and m ire recently ithe incon venient crossin at the CofolrIr llr.e enirely avoided, and a filne rend froam Alriania dLree to [Liabrite,, instra.l or the rle nndabllt rod viao Chaittaihoir e , lesseninr r lredlisinnr e abulln r f'rlt miAlel , al d in reall ing the facilities morr than I one ait da'iy. Alir, a rin ir, nFi two hnre a t ir a e every ot r day fn inr I- kisvr i e, rinia P rry t,. .c (GI. coel lering, ilh the litle to Savannah slid D:rierr, tGeo. A mail s. atm' oat t li,'s regolarlv e "wr, en Diiiihiindie an.1 A:,tl;, lw ic+olm. Trayv II. rs n ishi g Itol, rca h e lyl ll , )-, n( ,,l t hlll Ochlill - ol r A it ch:-. co ia liol 'ke atn i.. t i-i rir I l iii ; obl, ile It 'lP,,ls~sc-la -l-Ia l R u. . e- 1-),=r;n ,:. the ! rirHPe 'l'Cicup, IV e l h r, fairs c ,f hr a , ta e pr'ittat iort tof hlie F -ri,la hnie "ill lun a line li Iior l htrte pesl rnelet. very oliher dly bhtwtn 'I1 'll'nind PenllSalco,. Passieners will leave Mibilh, at 3 o':hlck. p a m, y in (rie U' minll boat, nold proceled t.I Ill.s Land ine, where a flour horse coaclh ill it ina wailing goI convey lihei to tlile exceilert htiuse of t 1r . Charles Hall, I 14 m rile distant, where tile) will fi4ad plensant accoermtodaiians for the night--leaving next morning, they will arrive in Pensacole early in i r0 evcening, Iiaus avoiding the discomfort ol nieiht travelling. Oflee at ieia Mansion lirluse, Maolile, and Co!. lins' llotcl, Pensaecola, wherr senals Inmust be seeu red. I'Oi'ION & C. v I Piano Ibete Instrutelion. W illiam S th i ItenI ers his services tthe ciii, zens of New Orleanis as a teacher of hlie piann forte. lir S hulvira been employed several years as lteacher of music in private families iri B.slon, tanld ils at several thlle fernale sermiltaris in its vicinity, cannot bl ho ipe to merit their ornfidence. In, is perinitted to rafer to Rev Dr Clepp. .,less3ts Stetson & Avery, lHenderson & Gaites. For rermns, &. please apply at ien bookstore of AlexanderTl.wer,49 Calmp st t D,'ugs and .Medirines. J B Prevost Ian henlried hmasell in Itris cily lir thie purpose n of Ilransacting a ieneral hoVhrlesa;l I)ru rbusinies. Ile is rectivini a ifull suppily of Iresh nnd genuitie ai ricles, wrichi t ht ta ill sell cn liberal ternis To ciry drugngist, and rhin se I ithe interior, it physicians, mer hants and plinli r', he twill viflrr induce e nts suchI as hI ve never lie, fiur been aflrerd in this eity. Ilis intination is to dol astrrictly leiriiin te usiness. i Is stoer k till soin re enrmplete, rind i a few weeltks will Ie rea. dv for business. All orders from the country, anad irl merchallnts of t i cit)y, receivinlg such orders will be promuptlyattended to. oct 2 " No 39Caamp st PROSPECTUS. THE subscriberp poos to publish, in the be. ginning of tihe onshing winter, a Codeonsation (f thetwenty volumes of the Old and New Series of d Martint' Louisiana Reports, to be comorised in finar voluinmes, vn., according to th' model of Peters' Y Connoesad Reports. This work is now in preparation by J. Burton Harrison, Esq, of this city, assisted by William F. SBrand, Esq. The Editor is also permitted by a distinguished retired Judge of tie Supreme Court, d and by oeo of the sitting Judges, to expect ferom their personal supervision all tit, advantage which may naturally be reaped froml their experience. i uch a work is becoming overy day moro noa cessary, as the original is voluminous, expensive, and scarce. An increasing curiosity too is mani Sest, in the other States of the Union, in reference to the p-cu liarjurisprudenoc of Loumsiana; and the Scirclumstance of the nulmerous principles here deo cided in tite adjustment of conflicts of laws, makes t the knowledge of our adjudged eases of primeno uti. , lity to thejnrists of the whole Union. Morcovet, d the rising republic of Texas has adoptod our codes, and thus there is a great demaad for the Louisiana decisions from a fresh quarter. S Couveniont notes, indicating tihe parallel cases decided in LouisTiana, and occasionally those in the more authoritative forums of the other States, wis. oe added to each ease. The work will form four volumes, royal octavo. r and 3vill be delivered, bound, to subscr.bers at $6 per vol.; in case it should be found practicable to compress it into three volumes, the p-ice to suon. k leribers will be $7 per vol. S lubscriptions received by WM MeKEAN, je5 cor Camp and Common ats. d - d . ITHOLESALE AND RETAIL.COMB AND VA n RII'PTY STORE--at the sign of the golden conhb, lo 'I Chartres steeOt. The subscribers have re ceived, in a ilition to their previous stt:k on hand, a full and otriplet.: nssortmelit of articles in their lie; viz: eclotors, terflllrv, Jswellrv, b trushes, Iloking glasses, ti ftbrticlst , ia.cpesistits ia part nas follows: I)Mi BS-tIrte,,ie schell, twriigtt atd slatin tucktwist, Iqilled Iuck, lon: runid. dr.,sing, idr putIr, cturl and neck, l|razilian combs of every lscriptioi totingsi , which are soie Mexican tters, Ivory combs of very d Iidsesriptin, hIore, dressing tnol ipacket, tigllclcr with ' , generatl tt.tiestttetsofFrenihsttlland Ameieia. IPERIFUMILIt.Y--Cologne, Lavenltier, Florido, honey, - Ityv,,and orangeC flower waters of everysizeand des - eriptioa, camporitaed Colgeoel, extract of Bergaef ot, a ntiev sitps if all kifds, shntving ti in cakltes asndiots a creerl sop, do, Ward's vezetbhtit hair oil, bears and an t ti.erlcdo. PIrston' stelling sanret Ilinil o anI pernfumledt tRlctl pwdCr, pearl iowder, pi, t Ieruflln ated botxeo p I ntuoletn oiots Ind rollsErris and chlorine ootil we as aI aoid els, with a gewrtolt ussirrllmelt of I JE\VELLt.ti '-ttiogle oflthe lateslnt lurnl olit fiAsidoit. tts. aettrl, concisting oflTitc and red cirnelian, tls o- 4. I jet eardr,,ps,,met inlilagree, breasltJies ofu growr ýnp iv of p mt, wetchi trinie, tiees gil ilid silvr .ticklea, 1 1iluer pllilllllhle, silver endg ulhi I,c Ieils ud gulard chainll 1ilUSILES-- Coth, hteir, dtsat. ,crtstsi,iearthflsoor, Sinst, qesh, tioth, plate, collb, Nil, sllaving, shoe end I OOKING G(eLASSES-Gcrenltan staoln and toilet --lass, ilgoi6ting ani d FrenchO dresqillR g glasses, hOiO e I do, with in vaontel ofother kitis not eltilernaltd. 'FANCY 'AiND VAIRIETY ARITCI..S--l'renchf and Anerican portable ideks aLund drtssing ae, olle C very.risch nd finely linsihnd lildies work I"tsu dl'- er t ti Icses with "itd vithlol ntost , m iusical boxes, .c torlais oo Ivearils kinds, vioelis antd giitars, silver nd I plated penieils aed lends,wood pent-ils ior Icpn:el rs aoid e eruyous, ltanole clucin,glins unitt isiols wih antd witllout it eaes,ge rcussion cal l1, ptrcuitsioll cap cll:h'gersnipple d d sew driterw , tiett ,belt.r,gtllie tags, is Itcta[igtty trisett,, ihtlitntit liciit ofenery kinti, let Und pitietllee, liieand clilltimo kives, raziers and rscissors, tlhibles, n needles, pins, silver pIhltclI, steerl add e:oluit specrta- Ir eles, pocket books ard wilett oft vuaitis kinds, nlsititi- ft eardstand cardcases, i)iltviitgCurds ofl,'rench, GIerinluol el Ild Anlericau ilaenufnlittiH l in, iis itnitnatil fruit, stoI if boxer, prllles tf, varilltts kiis, So alIlers' Polettrnn'i I Erenersuns'6, llithaeii' attl lliitwi's razor straps andi o itetallic hlones,dirks, fitin:y it-ad necklanees, do wit -oru dienipsty watclts, parnrl iuttiot,i powdIer flaksni, ailand |e plain mieeid ireads, git .ld silver do, eutlt elitlic rusont.- lf derti...t gaerteer, pl:ili and i.m',l ta.n.l . ICut ckt.e int, s h boards, lire, op ivieno ines,jetshatrps, lofolo i.ttnisr i1it esand drinting coups, oilth i great variett otl itite ardi j I1 ele, all ofivii, h will be 6old bir call or citv aet:slen- i ni ces on 112nlltrtlts credit. f I11 StIMGCiS, & "o. fir l Ot1ilt' ,sll.dl S-.,-l.olini e Phhiia; du. d it o Shlbootllettilg, a eem iiy, re'd b fet I + %r o wAi , 19 C a athesurebCfrheoiatlia .rwnfulaatorkingsevli,g'mt, 1 ailtica or hip gout, itci'itnl canncelrs, saltrheont, philitic and mercurial diseases, pa'ticnsilrly ulcers and ainRflaffretions oC'the bones, ulcerated tIhroat P '. nos rils,uloersof levery description,.fever sores, and internal alses.s, flstisla, iiles, sai l henda, scuryv, biles, clhr le isreyes, cryail'eli,l)lolrhes, atil every variet) oft'en anemus afiaction, cironoic (Catrrh, head nache proceeld ig from any acid humor, pain in-the stomncl and dys .psia proceeding from variation, aftfetioon of the liver, ronpic intiammation ofthie kidneys, and generda dchili ,p cuseda hy a torpid action of tile vesselsofthe skin. It is singlarly efficcious in ronovating those constitutions which have been broken down by iynjndicious treatment, juvenile irregularities. In general terms, it is refom nlended n all thosae diseases whiclharisefroim inlapulilies f the blood, or initiation of the humors, of whatever name or kind. Some of the above complaintsmay require some tri. ing asistant applications, which thecireumtances of the e se will dicta:;t but for a general remedy or Purinfiator o remove tecause, the INI)IAN'S PANACEA will generally be found sufticient. TO THE PUBLIC. Iow trueit is, that modern Physicians, In their am bition to excel in their professlion; explore tie vast fieCts ofscience by the aid ofchemlistry, and seek out new re medial agents; in sahos, to arrive at lierf ction in tile iractice by means of art alone,-o-ntirelv overlook and ieglect, as Ieneath their ntlcte, tiherich 'and botteouss stores ofanedicine, which the Almightly, hots caused to saring oit oftlhe earlh in evrV calime! Andt how mnuchl nore true isit that while the Anmericain Physician looks to lforeign countries for nIRty of his nost Cemiann tor lecessuar artieles, perpetually changing as they are at she ilictatesolfashiaon or flillh, hie is surru.hdd in his own conlt * witanc endlesspro'fusion of tmedtical ants, ffieintat to ttsawer anya itoalic:tlin in disease or to core say c.ur l...idlisorderotnin vet lie is ignforant oftheilr air toes, nall they air sull'ered to 'wastetieir ihealiag oni tile :lesert nir. T'le efects of vei,-tthle medlicines upon thle sytem are temponty--thoste of Ianierals lasting. 'The fi;.limer ex eraia tleil'efleets ant pass loff-the latter, melretry in u ticulair, ct chetmicaily iupon the solids, decompntsiang the ionesal undermining the constituti'am by ta slowa and svre destruction. aThe ongeipiallity, effliency and S. I'aTY nfveetla ble remedies over nineral, rm;ay le estiamated haeconttast inagte alnient areetiice waith tle modernl; l', tt tilrig ii nsrce immelditely l alllert i oea, tlie oisirtvo:latial, Itli an praetice with itat of the whites. Who, iJ Ameriei, as not knoll orhe:lard eofl rlcatel illstances whetreiil some decrepid, m,unpretedin, f-male Ilindo, by ml ansof her simple remedietalone. hasulffiicted the most sapid atld astoaishing cures, aftar the .laiteira Mledica of tlle -ammon plasetice. directed in the most skilfail mnnaer, has failed? And who iats nol been surprised at the cnm iprativeenseaeiheilily withi wha i thei IlianI ecs him self iiom any disease, :ail llt the almost tloa abstlinlee lfe'hrloiclseseee amnog thema? Who halr n hlard I all Indian with a consittietion brokitn tbat d rtiiaed iay ill treatmenlt An:d can a dloilt exist that this bhaupy ex emoation oflthe avtlage ftom most of'the ills whichi tile flesh of man in heirto, is chiclly owing to more getia nll saf remedies which lie ei.iJlnys? his astollishl ingdilffe'rece in success, is ia hir exemiflncatlionI of Ihe "halilt'e snperiority of tile simple a1 d safi means oel' ure iwhiach God has creanted for tile heteliA of his childrel, over thos wllieh tht pride and the art of Ina have ill vented. From a long resilence among a portion oftheoalrigin. alinhabiantisof thiaconnrya , anla' n intinate aact iain lance with the metlntis of' efatre of some of their most saccessutil Ipraettitionr-s, the propriltor ofl TheI ltlian's Panoaeon,'aellquiredl a knlowledge of somne of tile inost ipowerftit'al favorite l ramedt ies. Fronathese Ieselected snea as were most eflieaeionts ill liproprliaates, anll aller variols.experiinielts to tett their prilleils anld srellllgth, he Ilas eotlillntl thenl ien tile olrm here pr'esenlted, as tile imost perl, clt and .elficial fur the lurl.ose or which Eit is recmnlnclled.ll The Iloiet Itclshlis prepqratioll n to lle publie, with tie collsousillss thdat hle ais paill.g withinlhei• sea, , remdv cata1l4 .frTlitvitg tany to his aftli cta , It low beil;ngs, who am tuli.rij u11144r 1tie varI iouns chronic atlll atieasl. inl to h ,licl it is appliac:Ile. ITo slch it wi oll l aLe of t i ll. .'I I . , l i s it l le 11, it nacty olatteats, atte Only y wanst oftll ta ing tar t irtsill teltilng s alll atarsloing tl h l 11 Once m1e l c to health t :all hap: : pIneiss. This isnotoa l I a l s a elllllnl . ll'lil n "a that may par claance hee yaetardlv tood a illo na.t Olhae s now iln -e, bui on'! ,160a Ofs m equble u i,ýg life it ill 15 exti-nme casvs mhichil 4,!l div iuonutt Cluem lietil.11. IIljiYjj ailtd.e ripeatetll t t totan t' tit , ais is the l ,. tia ithasb It is oluh about till'ec e.'l'S SilasiC lthis prellllalnllion was prlee sle to the public: bullt ill toot t spallll'Sce (or tmllle, colelllld t crtelae thau Ilhv belicr d lhat their lives t.atl saved iby it, iand ill mllOstses:liter lhel: h:l tried n:ly andl perhisalps ill the colomml remudies'tlla a ioal. ol \her ever it is kllown it isrlalu.l elomliug inuto ulse, OnI lthis affordstliem..ost substantil ...... convin,,ig lproof of it wrils. The vlvoe if the Panaces i most conspicuouslI those tI sltanling and syvphilitic mid scroifulous al.ections tll h e il tCli ( etd ill other t I't-i edie s, l articlrl I those cases n le smlly bus heell so luivisl !y usell ato e;luse dlistressillg painlls ill the holIes, lllnodes, IllretI il ulcers, tleralltgtllellt oifllle digestive orlp:l, de. 'loese it com pletciv removes, .lt in all cal5 it entire 11eldi cates tille ti;esc ;sIild t1fel ts of lllel ,lll- . riei o. oles tile econstituli, illl,alls. lea theill patiel t smlnld ;adll ell. in I hI mat ill i, and iL lloepCI rt'led soi . t ,hro:q, i ts lay ets are lot lems atpparll.. giving ollab1st ihse litre tiel. 'I'aklell ill propi TI omes, th e ndin' ll Pal ll a ()pera I: i n altl i atiettI l lt ,et'ergel ; t aode : Ip llllltet, di'i'll't"i In laxatoif es, an li atomi-spasoidlll 1li u ;l' afn wll 1i onper eases, s.sasitomacic ad eml , nelagogu t.. ti". ily ex 'esel, t ilt eltlases !l tile seetltaei t , tit llt o.x "0sti s v s tlo i ihe Itoll oelh, tlld t ci les vtillo i to lands it, s to Jim le, ti 1l r. Frv l . tiev e priv li. les itsoperatlol s nol;l le d l el ti. Ti s 'e ic i ,;e ahtttt li'hea le s tiio, hih: ,it I IIti iits 1 lobiguo s dist easli' tool here spl eil'tt e tl, i has ; se fll V. II t Wolldt fll SIoCc ss aI ia spl. g and :i Fall I't I ufic, hi thuse Ihlot are l rti subject Iev oI, ll:ilvt, ol o 1 i t Iv id llose consItittilllS'I reu. ti ew i igt r. S:llh pL- o l wll ldo wi'll to vse t vo or11re il 111tt Io smAl 'i a. .Whlllener a diet llinlk is emonidl'Cd IeUcssr:y, :is llea, ltkln ill a small c oitlse; will Ilsw l all is ju-loloses, iJ nlmucl less tinle, at less ex elnse,, And ill a i mole agrleele altif il tvii tile comoll n I ielt drhik. TIile iolliowiing ctittijcttes, ut of iitthu ireds similar, tichl might be procuredl are given to sihow ilot, eiivcet of lte llndian's Plaese:, in thevariouls t comlilinetatitl. ere;I leltioned;ad iasollioexhibit inl tie most satll sathetol) ialln er its sii l llit i yolt ovei tile s.iIo t e iin nOiiliiOt Ioti se GJIIAMLEasION, NOV. 15, 1931. Durting the inst intier and sprting, I tis tilted ith govery c evere I1d 'listLes itllgtI iv U'Icatism, ocICi(oned t)% losit lei Ill l LtthIle .s ot I ow tlike.lnll t leasure ill sota't.l tIl ti l go evi ss o i'11es l vs d -al i' s aPanm eti 'o iitt,ll le to l't I ai l ril d I confidently re nlllllenl it to till similarly afflicted. JOHIN IFERIIGUSON, King .st. CHARLESTON. Mlarl, P.7, 183i. [ WHS seized sahout three )ieri s sinlle, i ihlls a istrlesshig heilolntismi, Cealsell I Ilakllg tl sveli.'r cold, slhile unllllltr itillllhlelnce o` lllerlc., andI which has dlsailed r' ieo 1 e osill.cs nIt iel tii.nir iilce. o)lllttll ollivhs plriod faitte betaift a tatie cetl ithoie Marine liespitlv, in this eat ipwardsol fIn tOlsthi, anld iearly tile sa:llle lelgtlh, time ithe thiiliimore lhspltal, uali triell alnost etitr eh teey, will little hvithcsll. O the Ilthl o hf i brutm . ast, althat tioe seetely ableto move le aihout ht O crotch'. es, I co enlllell the ulle of Illlalilln's Ptillae ea. I on il iO tlllh I lunlllld nyIs 1'`elftielo lV'eet l I'nOIl piallo, llllal ir ow hapIpy to sta that I a l r Anlsl'1S ilc ell. CASES OF SCROIFULOUS ULUIERS. Nw .LI YolILK, Sell-t. 10,18 )l0. t This may cerltify t tt ilhelidl l of 1825, I was seize with a swellig ii my neck and thee, which alierwar( Ilierated altll became largo g1hastly ulcers in iiy nleck. e 1)r. Pllk st And -leach, whenell ter ,epealtld i a livatirloe , Sno el ffect, I was Ir.ononcICeld utterly Afer. o vardls Itook twenty bolldesot'Swaiinl's Pallaceealand eigh ottles of tOter's Calltholicon, withl no materk'l.l bellefil espairhing of lile, which ladl now becomlle a itvin:hen Ito u ve, I returned to Imy parents inll ew York, i11 18110, atll mviyselfl u to a litillirtlll deatho ll lartig liof th, eat succcss of The lliniall's l llacea, Io I el,, ill ase oimilar to my ownll, I was Ipersuadled to tr it, us a last r. sort. To my greatt lurlprse, s well as satisl'cctioan, OOllnfounld lnySel|'lli.lly recveringllll llld upon taki Ir sevein bottles. ulcen'heJdel andJM I bIccame per'iei) tl vell in tile course oftwo molths, and have oremainel l so ver since. I m0ake tlhis st.atemen and waisit ublished rt orthll benef.t ofthiose iwhotlre suffering uttider similar cti EsarllOUSOIr syolliitic afiictions, that thle o mI:y kiow what lie cured one iwho has suffered ev ry lting bill r leath, und who considers his life savedl hy tile above av .up. 01 tVtM. IIIfIIA- i Cuntl-roN. July 12,14131. l 4 was afflictell , e l'tMf ears with aill ller it tile leg, oi0 a llly acotll:lle with crjsilclatous tilniiv lamthl in u i l excessive will.t i ln the t le iv Il u lle j ioi ot. se ral o mil.t nt phyiciatis exerted their skill upon it, but wihlls t uilit .ermitahetlt I enefit. ]In this case ti. buttle of MAltGAtl. if A voo'T, 121 Muarket pr jFor sleby HESNlIY BONNA I L,, druggiste , o ge to o." tb-v iimllprictors, 'T'ohou1pitulax; stret 16 , or qEA OR LE ANtSF & NA _VLELE RAI ROAtD I t, COMPANY. to TI fI-, sto ekhlh!ers o1 f tll co allny are heirellby no- ar tili.l that by It resoh111i Of tile Ihoard of dih'e- to p++ u plsr ed on tile Path inst. tile call loadIle lif thb1Ll toll to hre l felh FJtiruary :at, i"fr file lllIult of live doll[nrs. t a lhur, wnt I re" uidd, the suiJ slot ulder are t illrhertuttfied ihconttea \W1.1{1R.Ad bv a rlftllJi boarld lpaqled on i 1l he LJ9t ilst , au c il Ihashoel i', tide of th l stockholdels f file Newv Orleans idal N:s hvile Rail lIo: d Comin,:ly bi r the l fowiwhg Yyro-vllrs oll tilhe ie N1ock held rtes pc ively toy tIli,;lIIviz:-two rwUiiarL' perl" slolro payiUhle. o11 ji first day of ' tielitelolimr neexr; two dollll's i.,r shure lovablle oll thle fitl d y of Ilcemlber nlexl; allndl two oloarsper share para i le on the fl st *,y of' Mlarchll oxt. owthelrefol r be it resolvedl, that the secrealry t' this colmpn shall notify the share hohlet, thereih, Irough he, oblic pr nt ol lhe cityl, that in :onlormity i ith this 'ixtu s,'tihl of the eharte', file are lernaitl+d r I p lostpole Jpaylllit cilled ill ni tlle l ock l 1 m-npany flr rise terlll l itxty days, frosl anld after the is ,y oi i! hliell if is lande pa.yislh. with file. ex ite.- coal. .11, to!: howc iver t flnt it' aot re..if ll yi l:id withi e Ie e i I prol ,o.lzion of sixty (h-.-, daylllrl a1itl·r lh- av i I w fllIh it ,hould little bect; paid, that fleI tlie to,.k I whiic:l pl+ynlelle Rsllhould have hbe·a Iilaen i. 1 a Ii ma- -: !orfilted to tile comlpnil, the |harter on tfit Is, oint being imperlltive. In colif&rnllify therefore, to said I I, allsltek of tile stoekhlioldrs ide said ceulian, us ill ink 1pro ,er to plt Off' also |ivlrl? ·tsnllt-lltle r ltuj ac t lows th-Imhl,iro notifiledtllt )h'pylllent of two d( lt. "s Iwer ahurc called fo,roold (file oil tfie first o1' sell. ,I a ierrnext, Iiinly be lptoillued tinder 1W. rilltl Fsethii said charter, llluntil tlo :llst d:v of October next, tal o iat Ilpavment o: tw. dollars pelr shlare called for, alld Bollhes first tliny of Deeeltub6r next, assy be poet. .IJ il lIl t'1 0thi tdy of Jalm,•i next and /fle p !y lit of two hoI!lars per shur ea llld fhr uod Ife oo theli iday 1 lolcb Inext, may ble pstpomd ullit file :;oIh is 'xtracls of Ihle minutes o(f th. |loa:d. .ti iuns 2 A Il M16e. IR Sec'ry. t O-C H J'S, ini eas.--1$ in.s whie . ,r V Hitn,for oirl JM)lIN II Rt AIIAM. %p 16 Royal College of Physicans, London. TIHE oriliul Vey table lH eian Univers:d Mcdi 1 cine, pre'tared ly W ils ski, EN1. lMemuer of ,le ltoval College of Sitrreens, Licenilate of Alothe cary'stompany, Fellow o lolt Court Society, Surgeon to the Royal Union Pension Asociation, Lancaster Plice, Waterloo Bridgc, and Perpetual Pupil of Guy' aid St. Thomas's Hospitals, Lodlon. . Thlia valuable melicine, the. result of twenty years' experience and unlirialleled success in tile eitelnive andl higlly rettectable practice of thle ipropriety, Ian-ro nised by the Itcalty and nobility, andt is now inttlodluec to the notice of tle American piblie, at tile earnest so licitation of a number of gentlemen of long and high sttidling in the profession. It is hope(l, as a preliii tlnry step, to chelock the evils and fatal enusequences arising from the use of tile numerous and deleterioms nos ams floislted upon the public by the nid of fabricnted plroos of milaculous icures, and otlherl fruds, Ity a smt of saercenary, tutttriciptaal irttender. so totally igtaotillt ol mtdi*cl scienee, lthat it imlimasible the lonstrtous delusion can any longer go down with the intilligewt people ofthiscnoutrv. l'iesr pills, mild antlagrieamle in their naltre, shoild be kecpt in evcry family in cases ofstlion illeess, f, for,hy hleir Iplrotnit ndlmilistiation, choletw, cramps,, fevers, and other nalarmillg colmplaiitit, whiche too olten prove fatal, may be aseedi ly curel or prevented. Ili act, all those whoia vluegcod I;ealth, should never be withoett them. They :are suitoh' ill packets nat 5a cent, $1 lnud $2 eacib, ly evry r Irttc . t(:Ie tdruggist, booksller, nt d ottt o.llhitof tltedicileN i ilti United States `I It e Caunnlas, with copioOtlS dhieeftiols, with; estlnolials of' prolessionial ability firo the folnat ing eti.etil gentlemen: Sitr Astlec Coolpelr, J Alberncetllhy,.aes IIlndell, 31. )D., V. ll, M., . It., .1. Aston Key, A. ltFrampton, MI. L., antl itlinuroUs ithers. Tholigillls may he seetl iI p1ssess;ali tlihe Genertoml Agent, ywho theit: mtliciie is imliported inito this e.auntr, and to whom all alplictiolls Ibtrageucies must hle madle. JNO. IIOt).IIlN, 129 Waerly Place, N. York, Sale (oiteral Agent lih te Untll tel Stles, Uc. For iae S / illlt oin rmenl ofl rl"e oi.silgimil inl 'irel.r sby SWAIN S Illoanntc, lttiirggi-tl, INt) I I CaI* lll t11t i.;etitr Agea tli for Stailthee tit Loouis;na. J4l a 8 "liENItY It LE & co, Nc 3i \ltgziEi streel, ar S s w receivilg fromll shilps Ntashsille, I Jrlisville, I!, Itotss, Slhoes awsd IIarogatus, eeisttittngoentlgetmee's lite calf and tMorocct te.ols I lilF , a'latyle nll'l , ted stiut waIex gged Iootllls eenet, 1ttlittes; mett's fleo calf' seael awl .ol i .- 11-9p'1mps ltn brgs, I.ckskit slhoes, blrgtulllnes s men% .ine a ll' killlpel lgell d shnestilld I I .ogan ; do hl ol; 110| i ti kill n LII WiX lIl- gý'hki-nll hO led p l lbroglans gentlemen's Il esa lslitl call sahlr shoes, IF.ganll alI Jack I)lll; I) 6 I' . llPill 3 llorole I olian shoul sn lilp s, do calf Ibill 11tc sXcAl %%IIIst a l, w articlel do fine call,. se.I Sin a l ll loll-Olto iil..e icts; l.o)-s', missce'itld chllhlen's peggetd lad sewed fi glllIIsand shloesofee l' yql u l'"ali 1n41u klnll. Also i geelt.Sl dasst Int ta iten's stuIII wiasL n r .tl brogus allid stinks, lIogether wilh 10(910 pair lutaI ttitl t, trussett brotgans, un iled in t, Li s esly for p1tl ust ; a gtod as. I.:i:ks, llill. .xpI " Sol lll iio ll Imaid a ex il fi S elllelll of inrln S filne lUll lstout kill rusaset hrglUs, ; , w lirtile, Eilnd a lge (lnlltity of an tilleior qualit r. sset faltl waxli bglus. Ladies' fine calfl, setul, tlrocao sal graiii welts, a piLp sole shoes; dr fine lFreieh E lul'e) dlll kidl tin rt.lll slippliersl do iroai sioes, with ani witlholllt heelll I e:lf, seal il sloutlll leather hoolteis; iio Imrullhl sOllwe I all kinds ind qualities; It, ltasting brogtuns; t aiti an td Ioxetl blooitces. ltses' lstigpringeii: h , o1 guns( . Clhirenll'sColoreld .lorecoao iid lasting Iro i ldlllel boots, ke. .I nlltl cliinsfalinclbshionalih. bl:ack 4ilk hltls; do bl:cl, in Idrlih bcaic-t do o1 :j sisperiorq liuil) ;i iniii1,1ion It r nla do; brllll md 111 I Io I'ill 's in·1 dlillt :II I Wl1-.k tIasshi t ,ort ti;tpel hats, a wa .-t icht . YIt 0." ila e size ha;ts lt illtlllCt :l ; it s; Iu lihl:l Ml olnl I. m L.:'1hs blck1 m d r l haA.. f r; ill'ill liCes, wiult gtu'ltal assol.t: cw t of bo1D an llUnn's i ihit :lSnlllllll e :tt I,( il nistl , hl itht a :,ihle os1t r hp igs"liltlno. ul nm oe IaeIw itI, ill II w hicI ItH, hisold n . . . llllll .llllltli iing terms. - i 1 j I PT.A T1 . I l'Hl+: E St tWLis ,,I 1l I'll t lnlle t'tHI./I II llyi '¢q -ll l e q In l ui l I or 11 li ; e ll! lt tlaý iell. d*v ,1' Intiol, .i[plll ro Irru i ie of Pit, t ItRh, h itlhc; t ,e 'it. o N I not. ldiw upII Iit tiiiite,!d i 5e sub Ilr it to tihe Ale rican publll lic. IArr illlments a ellltlti n ulll' . i . III1, llts in ill ti e t )It il ll. in o tinIs i fi tll , u ill t le I rigtd lli..101 t uo i t iti itilhi la eli.eltf h i lllose llllllg lanl d li, ly ht l sull'or thi. olll ofnIrt.- il nI' lw, Tllh r -lchit. Ihhon applie ite.Iording directions given o lllrt` il hai .lm'er ll tld 'II D In Iollmd Il'l dimil e andi it lllll Iete i so t e d)a il -t the o ..ii deIctt iv ,td hu n relieves iiat soreness c hich'so liequntll' ellk ld i " Ia 1 lupe ll, lll ll 011 u 1· na lo u l''lea'at l; nl;l I lrt"lllll· l'tr a I uionlll it. nil nt i ulr i fu tiM11 I o1llUtrN, that lhavel r ady expel i(ltcewd nlýn delith? f S1 auihtaIrv villClesI Jfro Ir lt.e of ishe lnho, are rtndl i h ar (tl lit l r (i the pub]lic enl l) i hwir li ll 141 l- 1 in ill i ,li It it l n lll t Indr lrtIll.dI 'ht llm inl au i '11 11v i I ii m xIe'te'dlyI, anl d : ie ligallr i llb 0 .i wi i, I old w ts t ie mon t va'nbln , ýe.ilnkwl' oV iit,5 , of. 1t1cu 1 oIIr l I i. 1 '( I t I t )i o'". \II\'I I I TO &"f Ito o 6lI:.\j. lanor oo n iý 'd C n e i; in c hi a lr di -tA m lwd Li, oi l, l l on "a11 l'll4 ;llllF GARIDEIN S:ED 1TORE, Hiving bIl,.n m.%l hus riott-!y cdirciittd by rwellf lltor-t ld pl rlitis, t E ill. Id,joii r it- to s Ie ; im hi, . o 1 , . tli ,'ual l tI u iit at h rg.,I Itim t,, , hugloitu hw%%it iln k r, I ulorm r -tii d, to l i e 'tlri. h,, w it sl l. l ilyr i X. totnic suopply of' ;dl U;t ualaird kiids htd"ru itu] ce·ued 1tt1ie stupptlts by thu ie pa. t suhills Vii cs. passagtes, direct from New York. llly thei ut i.u .ippi acid another alitcket, he is in daily exlweta Ioll ofi a supply of Frnit Tre andll A ;sparagurl u Rooii having already recelil ived o i; voi thereof b mail. The subscriber be gs frther to asstzure lv. l bili at nr.,oe, that fie is at presefit as well 4 nabled to cet. anod execult. orders for all the kinds of Gatrde Sleds, either wholesale or retail, as hli ever wIsa iiuet his uilrsit esl t t ii Jolttoi linuaryi, 182l2. Country Dnaiers and Maktllet GalrdiIlir' ordiers filhnd ait thie lowet and most reasonablo raltes. by thI it pouid "nightll, dill glIon or buLshel illas rtIL. C(atalgues, cith:-r in French or ln!ghsh, may G rden ISeed Store, 85 CtIIilinouse struo. NOTiE'l--A cotistant supplly of llird Sued, citl or oised or plaii; plverized soulp; hurbs, and Sh.ul k rs' driod herbs.-with a supply of ImaAn and ben:i. Fiancy Packet Books-Ulder thl s head will bhe found oa plendid variety of ladies' and gonulnlest ' po kt books, inott, I lird, onedllo and th.reld s. Fancy 'touks. iuspend ts, A c.-Of thlo latest pattern and of suptriir quality, cotoistillg opllin aun l tigurod satlhi, , velvet nlld cloth stoks, liinent bostims, pli., and ttncy with andi without rufileP, shIrL cellars, .slisthlers called Washington isupendlvrs, also, guml telstit worsi I ed ai d ctl tonetlt do, will nd without rollers, puntallln straps with wiri sprig u lllad great va. rillty of' g.ntllen'll s wair, madil exprpesrly fr the retail trade, by A. L. Vaulior and ,.on oso " Phiiln. dolphia. Lothbs-A general and completeo oaortmsn ofucorilb troi theiri oanufractory.Also, and French dressing combs, rtc. tdeu27 RUSIITON & ASPINALL'S [oOMPOUND TONIC MIXTUIRE.-A speedy ) uand ct. Ill cure for the Fover alld Ague, remittent anid intermittent fevers; prolsard from ile original recipo. Used wlth einl nt and uni versal success in 1832, by perekni of thi highest respectability i' this city, as stated in the annexed ertificatles. This medicinn is highly reoortinowdod, and htis )ron exteotiivloy usedi iir tl above diaseases willh :otuh distinguished suciiss, that the proprietor ofl ho reilpt has been induced to otricr it to the pulbli i ii its prerit form t the ho is Ihat it may Io ihe miians iof rel.eving imtony on thtoo wio aire oufl.ring under the scourge of nour country. It is L I ledicuil poIsessing grea.t viiotle, ad wholl ll ued ocording to the directions .iai i ever Iiild (If lbrficting a care, even in sthol oist obstinato stagle if thIe diorder. It is not at all tdiusagreea:bl, anod tcrnsous of the weakoot stolmach, nd chilodlel reitno oke it with impunity. It strergthens tfie digestliove organs, creates an appetite, and soldom requir.a osoro lthan o ne, or iii obstinate csIs, two bottles o eficot a cure. Tl'here is necilther iercury nior orens in thio medicine, nor any thiig hijutrious Stltoh luinan coustilution. The proprictors are at well convinced of itseffieacy,thrt thty agree refund uthoe price ofsevery bottleo which has beei tkan in accordancu with ithe directions and lhas ot offitted a a perfect curoe of Itho fver & agoo.i A. OLIVER, sole agenit for Now Orlcats, ait is wholesale and retail drug and meudicine slore, urnor of Ilieuvill o and Chartres otreots. For Distriut Agoencies appln y to je5 T. W. 81 IT', 48 Conti ct. UARROWGATE SPRINGS Mun'eeteerv c mov, AI~hia THREE D.1 IS JO URNE Y FRZOJI N, ORNLEIA'.,; llro jre' ietr r ;hif bisesblishinput ha the pies rrlsureit anaouncingll: w his Criieod- iil Olle pobllliv ,neettclul tite lie ,ill hie ill re adiueeiy [lie Iirsetttia(if *11,v "I, qrivc vi-iters. lie will also state ther thele .,,f, OfthtIUmc it[ a ilirtnww that Ithere hlutve behnenrz, i ;!1rovvujvnts nindetand othersttnowteitiq oil a(I !ii rý: id t imeres,; for cmupletion, "Ineh "ill tt.,q ttt tt ljiitt, i I to eec uutttuue lat d -ilar gter number lba tlitorme, ijtpetectiet "'ntee luege eohuttl e),twlw the It ik let rine unccesea to te ,, it- sav any ill egttt:iCaI lar "I' theR charapwr of flic.-e$ wuicný 'I liu, it is generallyl? titt.itatt' All Itthte utwititfeetiftht reith rettut11 attut eW'aterint Plttt, wteill be itued at t iis. iTn li-~:t mui;ic thut i kis pa31rt of tit- country a~lTlrord Ims~i( beell F'r all.]will bejtt in coasut, alit tetitllteettlit Sjtdttet dtriite the whole Reeeot 'h(slitt-,litelthr willeavail hitttelofuthis eoputantettt ' i'tteeittetratihis ittufittedtlte , tks Cir tlt veeue lil.e i ti ýijojjort givet hiin lan eeasoo. slidr I-lic-4 II\v ilic Pcir- t h tiotý that hetvtere tttmade iln itejteeing d exttdecutte r. the ueetmtimmti.ltente, to merijta liberta pittttttogt II., epeeent eetetn. P0t) %I. t113 JUSTPUBLISHEDROX6NSaTEREOTI'PE PLJTE8, The F'ilA ditin of RIOWLETV'S TABLES OF IN'TIIEstT: No T O hich is new atded Average Time Caleul. lor, or easy methods forfinding tlhe average lime W. on Itorage, notes of hadl or bills of goods, whlen natr. | iasecd at different lates, an dliferent crelits, aln' lor varinntlamoittll besidesaustful Hanl completeolanking 7,x Time T'a'le, the best that can be omnitrivedl.or that fi gres can rinluce within the Mnoe conolesend compass, andl size oftI )I. Ain a:vertisemnent in thebook is in nearly the follow ing wordsia: ' The ligh diatinction this work has received througlh lie ten Ilegislative acts prefixed to the title page, is a re cnmmendtion io iitself, so ncommon,, and so eoancl tive, Ih t notling is necessary more than by way of adl vertisement, to given conodensetd vicwof some of its \pe- ( culiarities:tne eri ostlance, tie Interest Ihas been econpas" CV Cld from, and coin cared with, whltt is equlvnlent to four- li lern se :lleaulcatione, ecxamined icn the press thitrl- r( five till,e; ltd pri'nteld fron tirentype plates es tested it I Ihttvlv-ne limes, fio all whlich it mrcst be evildenti ih rvelrt tt I Ielirctiet(crteinally on ilo Ilc.sonal oftlhe de- IPe 1 orlll rittr fil Ile lr.e#lee) thlat tice we.k llst ie orith- Ilii cIertie:lclI ilufcllible, mid in eonnfirmation oftthis helit'l, Fr 1remlilm ofe rwo hunlred and fifty dollars, is nlow oflr- iV ell Pclc'lhe dctchteectilon of anl rror ofll rent ill the Iresent i or iftillh edition, a'i CreX ssed in tie Iprefice, moaking five huoo l',r. irlolens *i;)frld for tIhe salnle cior sinrc he first No llttdic:tion ill cile Ie:mr Itlo,2. One of tinhe most rcnscieccons featllres oflie tables is i in the : runoigenent cc f" the lTime an i Almounts, which No Pem expedlhictcls., rotflrcnee ooitperspcciecitv, with the help of the sile :ll inx, cannt llcite elxcell; 7c111d ititc saltly ty andll ase wcith hich tilhe i:eresl enll l found to ctce f sexlent ciof gcneoAl blsinless, willlnot dinluling onsllllstn iheridcts ca convenience s cnelltinlt, that ic til eslcii- eto tioll oen'.le oi oth mnl compllc nt and p.nietealt busi. a liets nleot :lll i) citi ofi cil, iswh tce madv e g'itil lis . stpellrtim, t,fo "llnstri .tcec". Ai oocsiiloriig ciy the infallihliltc ice t hie cloltcl cigilcotl i elsuio ei ct tic m . can numen -(re lork of t Rh annie exnt, lilt R collicose ti olhe itikal, cllllihe ntilrto cccolt ollriliel all gill Volrie l t I e V .ly o :.h Icinlht Is c ne t t vae t cert eli iIit Ir cl III's IM~sed in 0'tIeo" 9", ect'ilhnsilcct/clite o;% lile is in nl st ciiccct., V dlcltcIn 'cl in stit . lie tosittaiccurellrec fi.c et'hl'. It%-" the1+ lln I''l' I e C1se111 110 *In ol li, t 0t)- tool Inlllll S l l ictcjl c op :ci tli ecllc/ht , ct Il/ t st led l "i'le te iccitl ccccctch rtl cl h ok t Illct co,,slk'" ..'ticI Cer'.Iitih cc t h e it t i cr. itv i it" tc ouch i ct li clt same ne llcler tit elicit , I Il). n1ll cille haltl the lllllniulbel, a:I is cleaill showniIn i til e pci re .. . . ; . . cl. irlele in war'lv 111 Ihe Ial.k nmd p hii , -i.. r es i the Ui'h'1t Sht s, h 1 : l hv the ptihlic glirally, hli ri Imthe Inn- pelriod ,fi tirtl-lfive rc'le, ' Vt 'no.e.ror. of ih f .al e+.-I imns hl as Vl ir Ieell folllunl il pwhll, Ialthr o h conti nlu udy a'lllulp"ld by tllhe oilcr of vilV lairge Il' mi l , Tihe t iinptex. "sy aild . h ;lliheil Io ts 'lliaw cl sevrrlil oftlh SIlile :is hllet rIile )eIlcMlltlioll flor :hltl ilte hrest," u lIsA Iby h]:lw fitir Iank illlLnterest, Iet"alirdilng ls the Io.k is used, wlud as wlll .y he s Tel it. partl, h ii. .esl of ltle su llc s tri, in ri n Id n few lof he sub isepl ' pirll cI'hiser.,lS i the list I cill Iof thle book, isn I;;:, e ir c al lss citiz us il ever) qua - t. if L Udit ed Stalk. It isi rcellll rvt l-, ill kinillom th :l, hI its rearly check, it hls so nilt it drtl eted lilarge ll ors, h lnIk1g I' elr i Ihey were rilA ,, eicli I-V the oostl elll an11mlild mosI t on lielel t irnillinlticl .n 1 tl" iti iisulnlless, nid thi ahsohltoe ie cssit, rl1 its i ts,+, Ih ve bo l txc sy il Iiinse ilIIp n, so in ililll Ihave I l. i.i Ii s iln ot il atil tll . svill .Ig , that, n.iuitl N iln pgl:c hi t, l ilt illrst Litioll 1ll:ll - i wvere soll-lilht I t, fimn to a rvl e I dis ce.illl i fill ul ,re rd r'ion s prie i , :ws thi. .e h c illd -canil - ly i i lic l o ii kedt it froi n $I1I t, $2 15 i' r cinpy, I:n. solle lI rs.ns ltnt vll len.y d1 uce11. t, l i n tI oallllC:llt' emld lt in i t itc ntlli (,:i( I ,- " p ll ol $. l f 'o r a c l p, ', i f w i t >t o e , h a d ft u rh ;.l . + 1 1ie . I ) it i 1i) 1ia, 1 l ill thIe l'.cu i iw a lw i..thirlv , h hi .t Ihi I, .t sent t hat tI Ili.. it ,,;i.s ll :dl (v, h '0 11 t ai"o an1d I;:ore thi n h h sitill - i II I ' ns r Iu d lbe t m e hmie Ihlg n lla r ic iniiLI iII eu . lii ht is likl-e w ,e hil " 'dy w ,l i. ed prop lI T tll i]lnrt. I. l ilhlll ( tue wk genet r ,ll alll s e ii, , O o r. t. ·ln 1 11 t lll, l F i I'ls g IL 11th.i n1 I " . ih, I, il (.6i b1 or its~tli ht lll ll lor l Ilt , t It w:1 i : pell: lll"i'p l, ' I . .. I " lt, l o , v tn' lcl'twl talcll.tIr ipn l t i w us c-i}i I i a i it d most aulin:iutll, n ilh. .is n ltl ul ' tihil lit i t i)l ets, it Woultd, illloIsl to a col 1:6i1,v, havl h It t hrll l ldf [or m i.'l lawanllll d t :ii Ir Ias '11t i tlt Ile lil' a sl n a .i xpNI'lai iii. ilut il l, I cl t 11 l ai h l li lle tihe ttel, I;+ i ts if this woiic lietl lil-e, th t t sculre iO nt, w illabew our ne11111rW-us wd extraol dinaryI v exanmion tiolills. liillt fir I.r ll . ihl ge t lll bell, f Ihty Iii (i cont lantly ke it in it Ilcte of spe ailI 1d0l1,i exrellt whileae I il lpitlhinj. A n i- l cd irh c tioh s to tfi rl ho ih k n ak, :a d bllllsta te in te r et ill, li \l'tl - of lH"cl, fnlloOw Ih II fithlil" Ihhl, hill li I ith :Is i n llt il ' i p . dig i lilins c h in fetl iii: il clnc, erndl.iii tw ! : t fil l lLII ld s of c. i l t -1 - It 1 rt.i i s ii ly I r rllll | :tIt i iM i ll m tvic tilhllihl ii ; neltl iv TIoly wolirk, lil w bII lii ed [ l i 1 ut'l 1t .s 'r ilr.icur. I in dill s ici cenit llI y',I·,-In li il. ,ll<. t'n c +xtensi)ih <r i- O : b.i tll I Np li ii, I. i iti,, h Ia i f " Ii l i l ll llid , . &ili, .. I 1 76 1 i -. , I. ia: I huunll c fi , its - tk :1 i tl1 tl Ili t lll .b; 1 11 ........ i.e , lo ,1 s In ' hh, ,d+ old l .vil;co i 1al 1ccr l'O,,h' i llh il ,l aI ti (il liI tI , ,l', ,,, ,, ;,q1 ". ,.'.,,.i., 1.lit , II h l -' f w i' m .i(, i ad; -lc 4 i [ - ! I'i r I ld, IcIa !,% Il il, tI, t t linhuilctl - c I l lill I.till, io l l a tlaill t,311i:l t t cdc lllluaau I"it J - n i' I amndIi .- !0, by \V.\. m 'Ii1,% N, trc i t' - r p l , fpr the core &om+l t, p ii ,, f 1. ,, !ill; ..ri·, e i lt f lhi I c; nIl t. whi i from' t ii l ir Atte 01 cth oid; caly eroi l ,ti c; is iNS ellc l tnc; chromic ct ahlumni cIel r t r u uiia, or kiic 's evil; whtl s- Iling; syphililic, dii la , , d all dasn rtlnra rtisring lrl all imp restate ol t Ihe blo) , )3 a long rl.ld t ill a th o clin te, or the injudicious u.sct ofl Aiko.-Carn & Seluff r', Worm1 Syr,1, or Iig. lnllt Pre rvativ: t il b itlllt pr latioln now extant. Ao( g which lre tie. fllwig:-Indian D)ye, l''r old ru thta hair; Ilear's (I; u i.ssianl flear'.i JGrale; ll i.all ; t it init I allir e lIo Wi asrl: sitl pi ir Pearl P-.vdt;3 Lily ht Ireiiam of It ... ; Vogetabl ll. lll e; O lttoa of lts, ; Lil Salv ; Kre. R I ii T'loith Wal . airbtonic D ,trilice; Orlangieo Flaoxur W\,er; Powder Pul aril ll ,; Hij A meiri. Iropl ; ltir glhe tigsh l co Co i bs I1wri um H iir Oi,;-with It variCly of jt.ter Periu L W GLENN'S PERFUM RIES. IJ C TRIN t ARnD, Corcr of CiIl l anll a 1d i lurbul streets O l. 1 IE k %I %Y Ilosil t, Sigc, I :oi'l Orianllrnial Si nainar, tr N 3~u ada.le srell, tctwo dioorsiro en ( snnstreC.. iiltati s of t' lhllowing wooeds and n'ilbles,ll "' ecutdil i t 1 olloi ste :l.y n nlalc r.t MNihogwty, P,-ylst'nn hhick uolnd g ldi c.k, cialli c liiil Ainlico, cgI APotll ld o, rietal or verd antique wi Culed Maple, I Itonel Bltird s . te sonh IIb shlt. l' aitil s, ils, Yglc l Tree, k til.altl While. ;l e ornidlcL a i-llick tiIuiloll till II(nc telalt fIo Wdl , A llt'i :nc ll G ret ye Ash %% hhte Oak, ke. k i k. the ullt iiniciin lie seen lul a ht e isho. .ainit , i il, liass , C larnis, kic. oni [ alh stons sait ktle. in it v I .s, . l'A il t In " ihiVY coi ills -Iht, iq l. A thil n he i , -t t1 lls ol .e, di. . 11, li ls crtll aiid rcc ilc tl r od r ciil a ' hlilhih C l , c G t l, t litit urlubl s ei m ei til Iloinc ii tlAtiu i l w i gin c Ii ll" iet a acx, I"." a, ( Irt llmtniioi niiI iamlls /il ,, l ic-, I, , loWili IInnmk w ititia hinais, di. or illld e:alow hooks *:t'd iild c1: ilki -c ,,q'i . , lilt s it lld i ti "i t ie oil4 I. Yi"L Sob Cn. (oli, l nooln. ! j O1'W (7 S- Sit mjon frtt & cor tire. now N."ew ivin" oil Ictdttships Yltttt, and Saratog -',,I bigt ( - 'uerit, from~l New Vth., ;I ai Ii tuUlrt goods it, thir', lie hich U itoet. 6it11 tll irbltt. fitittolitainiil, mi U iW ill. týorenveyjn ltilict, iThe fl i ontrt, Iliija ptim, lvz: I ellCi I Idot, Illoi U do lri II Ukttictiptu, In dia rubbller, silý aid Onsrcr d latic amlilrrs, en1onIIoll &g title litid~ticslIttlIdrs nuioiinvoan lvii'itdlictatell Svideim Um~l.t, p--tt tin? ý iuinuil,.ilntoi~le powtider, poecl;e hooklis aund l idtj, tic tle l books, aIIt, pletar ral he~lds, nec~klactle ti gliled 'tintd c(hains, linjsc neckcl nues, cut tdiwls cund piilvnfiseed,4ilver told giltbeticN, Infllimn beads, 1 llieIk andputii iktlk jant d latrd I let- flaský, tilkot belt" holise, [left. 1 ;ueke annld ,my,,ohw,, I lttittl.; dlulbtle I it lbnyniitailed giurns, BowiIetivet, Itnod dicktns. sei-si t sar, tpocket knives, guardcnianills, I an lildioos, waiet butcUt i, eloth i, ctU lotht, nail, (lko ermol,, idjoe(IP, pire, floor told du~ing Irtuhloi. CoruitIi llo, I ftor lfr ~ncnr~l ealor, IllltjqllC, ILI". wltrd's L.. -ittij lt tlicitU its, tut U- ikurin mvU jii~ig c-cptllsnP Indliv.' and I;;iicelo.-lis I v, d rell sIririli llasits, haiir riegletsl,1i'rim-tie s and Imd: I , pluiin, flllnev illf vust bott iuvl pearl -Ii !.ttuivorj ljitld s and c,, es1,;5ulllre, Italir pills, imit~l~l~lrclili l ruitt rod~iinkilshlle, blui-kiog., vifflinjls and tr uitar,,ribbeo ndlit'ain lieteu*ion ealls, lin,,t, to-inv, , seented %sh-l, i lelw, -rold lind ij-r lie.. %r irna·lid htwr 1, I~t l, q ttle till F, 1.1c? a'oi l , _dtlkillo eno-, ·,jl 'v% In ra"Ji" Altos ý 111Atldgltii%ýRv&,. . 1;e .I : a rali i iiAML .A UMAHAU CI iAAT' . . . o . o < • D u e E v ar y . D ay a t l I M1 . Northern Mai, aes Every day -t I A. M . * Duo erery ,Sunday, Wedli!»dsy Western Mail, Fi , bey od, P. M. rday ThylaktCMail of t rd lr 5 P. I rrly P M. oy aty Closes every Monday, Wednesda EKXP-.-RESS MAIL. - . TIMES OF ARRIVAL .DIPAIlTUIltF DISTANCg Arrives Arrive Nonlrthwardnnl. Distance. l'iner. Itoura'l lontgomeryAla. 21pm1. 198 m's 2311 lm. Columlluse, t. 1 1 9II i 3 a.m Milledgoville. Ga. d 13 13 1 . p.m Cuimidia. S.C. 7Jam,. 163 17j .aleriga, N C. 5T 2 eI 22 1I Warreomon,Va. 12 in. 55 i2 Peter$burl. Va. In pm. 83 Itl 9s. p Itlchiolnnl , Va. nni. 21 3 64 IFredarickahlur, 8 67 7 IIp t. Wiingtont cvty, 2 pmin. 61 4 O nlitImor, 61 ;38 4 01 Phi'ldelpliin, 1 amm. 1)00 I ' New York. 2 pin. 90 Ci 1305 143 h. or 5d 23 Northward. Comning SnRomthward, lle tliime is six lhour leia; g,'g5 dayx , Fld 17 shtur. TIEN lttl,I,AltS ItFL\VAIII. , R ANAWAY frain 1(19 Cnrildelet erornr of lFevil reetsta t tie night Of 311i h of A :guslt, and was een tile olt IlloriJe ill IIloydrasa otreet, u igro hiay Ilallled (ClIAItI. S atllllot 17 years or a'l", oanl I -lee ilr therelihoutt i hleitlll, very lilack and Isn l imped itirnt in his xsaevk, assr Of hlil IaLgs is e)ra, ue asiQner L hle a ratell{stil h eltaaieIdl ,,i jhan Ile weit t aosay a wv ie) . tolto oV linen tilirt nail lwhie ct tton ianialounts. Slastiers f vesseas and olell o )llsa are cv alioantild a gainst rtceiving or hlaraoirig slid negrII. Is w ll as all Othier iersxnio , te ilte al llst rgtit i1' lhe lawt will lib enaivreed agnilitt illha. Ills nlavo rea'-adl will ioe pail 1 indr illh ion ul ll nboi &. (i arrreton, I l. Iee tlisaOlhed. Thita stalicrier will liitlidlate theIIt ititi o lh ecoe( rin th,0 sil l', FinY. d reellires ll IwI lsi'ons inifel. c tallo" i it, o I st .-irr. artors t olle.le ioo. e aiti hsa tikiiviiiatittt titici leV inratill thttseloainf if "l-_t __ It IiAImlIITSON \V. . . \VA IN. No. 1I-Canna ,.o reet A-r. Orlbti,, I.TAS ailway3 .ii n:tntl, . k rcf.:', Dr. I ) esa, Clt'emicalsa |ald l'USt ,sOIIsI I"9 a lis t.z iflow l . I V SI IllI Ucis.., i 'S Atiii . oem, tuil, Argmle, aed, Alscaoil, elCr ile, Aluntm, ilo o l roll l , llzllet.e , Wor, I an o n eA c pla l i n , C 'lew h i a l , lp . li ollt iitilai, Col, ilte s, Aomeriean. Io refilledl Callp'beCr, tlilllstollle, cr.l ylllle Cl , Tam ipers. ilo ioll, do Cili.a ido flose r, 'oI MSilt Crl.-jlll ltirllit, il l M lll.ttil ( " m llkige, I alit slti-ii-al, GIon-i aloe, l i Win ., t IenllIn, ido , Is 'lliettils olt St ilatltig a1 i , C lAkli i dho I dlie l tII:ill . n. o., a l io. l 0 i A: ..ali, do l le Clll r sob galll rl t, it ~, r llll tl lic . Is it hl l. i i li.l ,h s ,lll .lloI II ' It ,A t11o i ol:L , toiall, ll.,r l -0 , t,, -s.ain lio ata I i tst otll o, l tatit l I t a ttit , aiga, Itetl laa TtllO rlll.Tacll tl lilo llli . Ellte liie ( l l l l o l e , "% i l t l l i sil t s , -WmIltlll flke, Supl eClap S.1v' dlo Aotse ll s Si limt l a Ikrtm-ice IHll, S: o. least, Oil cils, SreII Sis ibe1.111rai , ha I, Si -e rillniPA N1l i iu'ol til "Ill tAlIe rt, ]t late II eli itt oil ... aj ii , to 'I Si· """"l, ..rla i., 4. b .. . ,<, n . h.,1 ..stovs I dotI ite IIiLi .:',ll lilt hiil it ail it11 l i a t/ii, a " I hi ll, ' .... ......e"lulc 1 h .1'. ' :% n( , .a Ih I t i I. , t , Q , ow 6 I ,,I' t tI l .I.ll ii, ..l... ,a . -til. i .I5, - -i ttao, ' i ejo'! , it), th- l tit lio (If'.P1i"" S ld p ', S f oinini,. or Wni t1ovtocI Sitiui hip Ivi-ficrtl in Iroweir Sto vro.,I'b (O ,in tll-Ill, Io Eyal Nav, F., Lord Ilit, a romli e,, lv Alln Iaullonioghamnl V Tilspitr..l. I iene , iv b imprihn Al nyolto . I toorniii IrencitI in EIlish a rlinlty, tin in ol, i th ,Imll by I n, hi N ihmiel Glte. , io I vol. Coit i lri No. 79 f olapIeIe i vuli n l.ilI U , t.nca^. itii-. :1 & .It' I ca edttmi A. )'-A i Iore 'lpicof I "orrhe's Ihrenolnt gy ( »illo Is imp oviedic o nv lie I us,i pa 'ed pac'pelnl iglits JUit lecei~ej, i id for sale by asrlt ENI. LsEVY. PAIN II':VISITI':Ii,&e. &c PIN IlSI11il). &, lby the author a A ye i ,. in,' i V-2 vols. "'Trails of ItoLn hatlorl ,a. genera-llr nyplicable to the Alouriaites ofI North America, by oi Turner, Esq 'he Ponilical Rirammir,n of Ihl I nited Stalte, or olll'ilete view of ttl tlhtorv and iprnltice olf he geeo Ar tlld ;sollt, -. ernmPrlelntsl w ith tile re at on.4 hehlvv ;n Iigm IdtliauclB uatid, miudle To tilea fitutig yon ofi te United IlEllls, I) I' ra te i y). a sll rehl, i withE. intai'od's Iu otiai 'it our interspersed wlth chiaraeler fsic Iklneltl, MICm , vi.* l kiliniig i Of surtning Oen, int chlllig nootioeaf Ihe pricial ernok roidern a faglglaoI wilRi nolytict contellt, o and gelmrua ione o f lukeinMel FOR TEIl CI:ORE O Sleroatln or Khingoa Evil, Chnroic Rhlorntatislln Chronic Cutanoous Dis- Pais in itia tBooes, by tre enser, utie of Mercury the blotod being it vitinteof state. This very coicentrated Syrup is preptin d with the ti8n . i l Wit!outionotii i'ii ti maoinor in ltntne enld greatest olnrno oiulll cre n ande mynd conta erin tho0 nlIito oplnci a iiin Sar risalkl ion the ' oita s In con tratl o d igreei, eulbinod witah inoler vgetable i ubtlc la of" kitntown eslinca. , v. T e'l .riat dedertmn with pdhysitians in tein abt ta exlhiit ain larIn otity ef asirniai pal in a lll o-,i l. b ,e an obo ilofe 'ill t t Phirei rat i h ehiot 1Ilhv convinced oo of t Is miiilg," c oOla in1 nltiot ol Rnite hitatoulr i of ithe ttir pra eice i Price $1 tl50 iar bottle. Soli only it S'niAI'. o tiny ilt, iiiitt t f lteh i aie t giinill, irei t roln thie mofrrio e S vlll a i"" .l.. i ill tit..tla ,l llliltI 1 Iottier's ..o.i1 o1 S ill "rle' ter's prellarr i lr S, Wnil u l'oe, land Agerlers tloit LIit llr l f i h fr eshr druvg, ial, SiIN'NO(;K'S I0'ItOVEII, Vi')DuITION OF DR i lhich is pretixed anituirdutl' tiin ti tile rtaty o iRULI o OIitVI lolod it oriit ioritiey ofo otioI tO hlnye IlllltilulI added "t[Irnllmllout th, ll- jr W o'il t he tauters Ilcatiteos nuld r till lics of tilt e Ilof: ots; with fu Ios lllls iogrnpbiol nd Notes; anti tlko tiollS frI exiii llll:llll :IL the e di of' eathI setein. IIe luotrocllt with tllirtv elll-Vi.ns on wood, no Alaerton oPJ eitt ' is tilimo c a' iou ti* Drn urGoldsafil' h Iisor iof potl:dlnlldiiiitrl IIth l 'ailion of Juliaus Cesar to til I death of George 2d, wiltl a coUtimnatiu.l to tile yea 1nt32. W'ith t ue.tions for examiation at the tod st each section. Ilevotod a variota of vaIlabt e infertIt lion addledi o li tghoo t Ile wonrk. Consistiog of tabIe of eOlAu itnarastt Sliveryig tl and emincllteI prsoult Copiwill eilxplintlry uml{.te. |Itemntvks on t le poli ties, oullmtis iiad litarit.o ofi tile el. Ai ontlioeta tile , &c . tylIon oia a h tstr ted by imtny etgml e Gevs' _Eiagrn i OF AIirO dyOIo La a iond a A glea lof leith'a New l'reati ti on llto UIe of IGlobes. Ne Americam edilion, with additions and improvement aal at ixpll V ooh0II Ofthl, tStrOOnMiCal part of the As ri-an Altllaac. J u1t reo01wd and for saleoy Wm NitKEAN nolv ,ti. eorer Of C nclp ati iCollnllon a#i IIARtPE' L A-I.ASSICAL LIBRARMY. --1ORA(H', franslatud hy Phillip lrancis, 1) 1), with iti ll apnld)Elliex COlltatllhlng trnslati, of variout test h& Ilan Jnlotll, Cowley, Milto, Drvden Pople AddisI Swift itliltacatoln, t Wakaoield, h'ortoa IBryao, &e. and since of thie mioro laiiient poets of ti( tI-Ittit.U), with ihia .appendix f ,' traisla tedl by Christopher 'lna,.t, i'l 1 wo..Iifot.ý vblllnesl TVv Expatiitio\ If , '.. ii ititt; a CLoINots, oo Sunllett, MI It, willt i tk . uianr e n th .\.of hl , hv 'Pt'to Ilia l i 'rote, ',b,, e i-t" Il, iiti tl,t rotroon obyo 'THE I II'3Y; 'l'di,.v i,,IIi:hnvr, "t tRir, Mallry of. I ir,.,llh"l l , x- I w.. edm, t. 'll I vole te -It, Nlpl I'AU I. 1liW-'T'!1 D) hv ! if * .4a, 1r of "Pelh1.· 1')t 1D)il .l" i, ýV , 'r!,I, .-ltlie ill t oif1-i 1¢; .l i ,f-o s ilA l K . i., .,II11· ·1U·I~Cll~l(( JP1) (·)~·l-

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