Newspaper of True American, April 4, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated April 4, 1839 Page 1
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NI \V ORLEANS tIIUISDA.Y 1IORNING, APIL 4, 1,. I8,;9. Vor h .V.- - - .. •-. . " n Terms of flin eewsnaper Press of Nero Orlean unl:nintrasl v agree to at an adjourned mneettig of tshe Proprrieltorrthld ,on tho 13t1h of March, 1837. pUntolrstrios.s.-I'walv I)Dollars for the dilvy pia plr annnlln i, payblel in odvancce ton dolhars for ttsh i-weokly couairy pnper, payable one year in advene, whrere no city re rence is given. No r blcrilpthin will bo diacontimoed until orreargoes nre settlod. Ill case of di contianance, one week's notieo o snrrilsng inl.t on given, previous to it xpirotion of salbscritinion. SAvenllrtstoa.--Otn dollar per square for Ill first lllrsions anod hIrtlf thtprlie:o for eilch se lln(o l lner il(.: Rin inotlriol alteration roan llt origsnal ndvrtiod ellciiet will he elarged as a new one. YatLar AssniF.RTSnsrno,- l erecltnoe and 'rra'rs, aety dollarirs fil tl;ogisl alone, and sixty for alth ln- ' ealla. Ilanks, Insarso or illlecs, and oilier silnac ilr ' ;nuhblio nrstittiosltlr fifty dldlari in Englis ,on ily, anal Sighty for bith langltnasge Shi nd ttleo lanig,it Ine S r or CnOinso la rela antloe sixty dollarI ill InIglieil tielo, leighty lorbotht i r l sll eS. ' Mlrnntstnes, OotrUoae NOTIcrS, and arllirele rail Ilog thn attention of rtln pIlllli to sonale in lirollniery l Ctrls of pnossengers, lseoollfre, hee. will le ehilsoeg I i lne dollar per aoar foe tIne fist iosertinlh in enach lien enrlotelnlsc s or Ate i rdvertinmn tt, of ony leer ,u= ols itaitu, whae loe n isseil, ashall lie clnargol d ill, I audl in advance. iA A deduction oif rtwatel.fe prercnt. will lire ind ilo i Anthsonnetor, Scrlsori I. l gilsirsoif IVill, Mol a nrshlnlls-r olll sle of rel aostute, potlilshed in both lanallilgore k wnil ItU per eolt. in Il.tgllrh olonnel: n peor cet. n. soll:, i osf othi-.r propnerty. ti Aulteosor.tsoenrs ont of rIse direct lion of lbnitinte r of theo nlvertiser, .ihos anr teg le nctio, andti oln ti loe s nales, rutioaav rlave, sttrl uniim.le, &c. &e.mwill bse olargod for .relAntoly, and nit the ordinary rates. -la_ anill eeit'r not saecifield a to time, will lo i ru!ntlisllteilnoe nntilh, andl nlnored rtnecordnlly Nso isnverierioenle of lisihkrllp(.ies will hllnmlilniishl torment gooronreenht Inyl lno r iysille pco'on in rirnon. 'sIrtaomss lld other nlices of onnsOeaiinn lilnvenisf In dilly sr threesonlto b lislargell hl) fsr Igl n- I lonel iani ch'l inbotln logininges. All tIIoanIn nnteil hof nllniliolPrio for cpoli'cal fl ine will Ie clhrged indoblu thn rie ict o llitCr ulvisl ()wing to the, ierinre in.e llanoe liuionl Ie irele.dlr N plnrltirelnr, they have nconic o the nclohinilim 1nthlt dli ar rinfs p e t personi whol ll nnr a s i nIn linoiit i d aii willo n ineo mnth inalfr tprpsriitalnil tni llr he ii ! kItminowl ( far so irirtisinhleii, ini rh lher-thely ilnl nlatstl eiiscreirninnnt to ininvertie or pririi lio sunh dulitnqns o,nn less in ctie o lilnllir npalstaelilo. a In (Signed) J. C. I)): Sr. ItOlES J. IrAVON, ! i" I'. r r . RIniA, J. C. I'iENFI)lCAS'lr, JOIIN illItSON, I,t;MrSI)IN. nilr:rny Presc.-Wer. tnlle .i. onilecd,rerli. toi nl. y thre nic cnilntilllnn, as ue i rls they ire tplil e I n t io wn nal o atpers.Il (llginl) A. CI. .AWll n N CE, S I'Ith;l. a' rNt-f rnl's \:o. I 111,",t & I lo, )roinl an Veher onI , h.'eh' 1 l.,i ietrllyI an (.fngecn ar l.s h errv' tlat Ir: i lnin.l'i's iIl-ns I, It ...... ii lh, I , I iteC ,'i.,l .. had linrlhh i nh.g in , ra I iir an l Sl lillle i I1- .11 l ni1l-.n i ot . l cel Itnn nyl. ax li Iln oi ., rth hcitor bente by AIui .\in ,I & \Vyo )IIcTin 1l.l, Al 1I I. s--It c11etn i ni Ie i fir .d It. hr. Jl" Ili ,' 1 II lI ." 1111\') N,!1 ; Iaplln rhl • t lll'1 It:NL --of ie I flat n , o l ir rlide, l .i ,n '.u Irov nll w ir Kealla oy, ti L & Il.ll' l Inlt I i Ta In t I ".hr . -i-adi l o.I i,,ilol W 1 i t i r clii Iii t i y I n rllt I i n, -i . tnl i \ I \' lcl' inCs lr inmi ln ti n lor trill rt mlrce wI ll tep nirtion, the rll e of scionce, and tle invention mel neh aliralodr oinei rl cal msit tihe introdult n of whie to the npldhe was investoed wnith ltg sCnlenn ityo a doaithled (elniest, Its aeince ganerd orepttoin aiunioralle lid, fnlly nsustlinig th nr oo o th e Amen . mO' N iAelni I)r Grhiley's last coneasIoion, thate " no dared not slie without givinl to lioslrily thIe Ioelit OC f I&i, knhovlnlag os this nilijirl,' and lie h r-i'terief , Iosqieoohned to liil finill nd arttllidnts, 'a in lIrII olays, the ecret of hi' discovery. It is ow iused in tnhe lrilciptl hIotritlho, t-il I theIs trivant,, preli.n in orllr eonillnity, l f lt and iis eerto n ln lir leo c rn Ih of l ' I 'lnc nts, nit r s tll ll arcly nml t ol.lct ally Ieis to elliafe crirlln iisil ' i-! whore its oitits are witloIneosd l.tlrnaill-.y iii the Aollotini couisnllla rit: For I)rcury-Csratilig ooilrme-Liiacy anhioryle.ri at on, All Sowelliigo-R-lldsrlhI oitlim i linfw lie)nr Itlnelnmanitono--A acute or ('hrltaN, giving ic i 'rn 1 So, r' nrolrt-liy tlni'-rso, Itcnro o in . Cli i Ceriup and Vlnainopini g ttanghs--,xtccri lnly, eaid over Ithe C(.hit. All Bruises, Sitroits, and Ihirns--Cnriog hi. a ,oiron iolld Ulcells-l'hellter resI or lbol tolalding,gad siv.Ir smr eme. It oprllmn iainsleni dil ilts oni child ren in rei iue ilsg rlnosmirrie, sa'lling.o and Ioosie Rin, cnigiano -.-ill] tiglhitness of the cheat liy ieolhatron of nlln pares, Ian bien surprrsing beyend ~roirpti ihe. Th- 1' conosrt remark of thinse oln. hlnvee msd it in the I'iloar os " It ets like a enornin " 'fIlE PILE S-Th- , prne , l 1 ii rernt'add to niey person who will iroe a bitlle of llay's Iiiiihin.i fIr thn Piles, enll retntin e chll iii nly bottle a'iil i haling conred. 'ln'ose.a re the ositivce orders of thi piroprintor to the Agennls; aind nt ef noinny thoiu. Sonds sonI, not aon inas b, rn uimnn cessn'al. ,It mnight insert ecetllclltearoayteegthihthl, --n prefer that tose who sell the snridle, sinuunld Ie Intlit thn otrigi.nol tin rnicorsa. CAUTION-Ne-n- c-i-Inn geminon withont a spslendid asngravdril eoniii.'r, oan whih is tiny niune, and alto tihat of thIe Agents. SOLOMON HAAYe. SiCo, New York, and by oeo limrngisl in every town in thie UinniOin. For asio by t!:r hiol.nole Agcontl, corner of Coosmon & 'lmmimiiet'iuielons, and by tihe Aptotlio.aries rimicc je3 1) .'ollteeurlea glyltlilIlt. t_____'_ i RlJOUNSON, ri:,: 111 Il iInvill; st , co fines h- pilraeltie , tIo e treatl.ent of V'orenl r ieoseat, te tll its ,ll;tl.r.nt fl,,a. Dr. Jloh.,st, fi')ll a rils ICao of 't a n:y years i laoi - pilis iln EarlW, ,idevoted to the treattln ft V " V ea ri I tisente and from his pret-nt extensive prmlice in hnt pjirticolar tlraclIh af tile proletasia, guar lltee a safl, spiedy and 9lfeeinal cure to euch persons its a are tla tiled withl any of the flloawing diseases, vi:- Giuoarrllcn, a il hts, St;tuirtes Chancres, Rluhbe, Seminal \Veaknens, Allt;ctios oflhet Ilhahler, Ididueyh a, lallJs, Urelhtra, ratlirate (1lanl, SIelltd li.tlelelci llrptioada t the Skin, Satr Throat, P'ain i ha the Jaints; Ald the numerona symptatus ahich generally filliw Itecent caseaas arcl in tiwo or ialent days 'it tt tlei F use of Mereury, interralptiinll roni Il'ailiia, ome ahtera- e - aion in the tada aflitiag. A madieine tt praent Venetreal ttisease civilbe oil tailcd ot Itr.iJhaan. It ia tree: thie recipe of te'k Itarta Larry, a clhbriatit 1Frcnch Sargeg ,and, %%-its ta nerved as Sirgat iGeatll t iin IIe F'elnh Arlny. Vl Sold by Dr. Johason, at hii ollice. Tlaho. persons r Ihaving any aldtinat of Venareal tisiase, and abllt I takig . sta tytages, ar relmvilnlg t l The eicitat la aal I do weltlIty gieaing Or. Johnsaeato at1l, aot pa proper ni- Ite ines for their cure i the slhortest tcie ctarl be pat ti it with written directiois fa their use. SOficeopen frol 7 ill tiLe rlarning Lntil lt'eltIci k atI : night. AlI 'NT.II .'.I I)YiPPI'Il I I I l is Or lirpel y IIIt th Ilill gn-h 'lll lst oLl1 tile ph i'en: es tIllI ll:" ct !t t , kindloriginatein tat st am.c . T'i.h Elixir tanst IseldlInv Ilm with the IeIost IIluprecl;deltP.d skRl'et. ill rIs private and public prllrnae.tii tr iup rlds of i:tr yeiar, tlr tih re.mllvl of he tfll willn dsenses: i " Ilas .fapclit., etlr ICll:V I)i-chlllilt ofthi atti - Sta : s.l, Iainil hil side, tIteavioas-iof the :lead and incli- a nn inn t' slee p,Irrehla ity of the Newels, and in allt ,:;es llwh re Lndigestio or a itastive habit is fhoua to .'this medincina mlstrot be nulmbeed ailon tihe Ihost of tiack lostrulln Iow Ibefoe thll public, a it is tilue s l ye invetion of Ihe ablest and moist e"'ntilic unlreel S"1 )113',1'8 evel r pIr .l-ee t, a nd thell h ec ret 1 |" p r e ill neil l " it was 1.pll:hllre l| I tia ite1aent Itar a vlrty large allil. lI io S"erleale In I pleasnllt to thet In't, acts us a llild uper ail. itiacya keeap. the ti ta Ilie, ilpartra vigor ald tarlgil l it t t ell syst tlr, a l a Ind eirlila a ta the Illillll, alll it ftw bltlnnT rilmove the I st. Ill illct casel s ao tlaslllapia ir ludigestion, illld preveInta returnll at any lture ri NFm Ya.o ,Tth Agust, 1838. 35 iluLlison- street. Star-. lr.mtilat nceofilealtillg it saeleatary itfe, I ( ie lbenll trtliel, I Illre lr o Ilea, with LldigeSatilii f, r telne; for tic' lent tiartan years itiy aiufTriiga tawsic tet isptmrtabl!e. I have tiried several pthysalciats, aCI a nmlttri ief roFttak ,odieieu, withut tllerviin any tie le it. I despaired of evert obhtoinilg a v Isa ern tn tal relief, anl resianled myself h ttlle a tst hoapelea despair Itva pertlal:ld by t:ittly frieltld ,t trY Aber Ceth'i I)ylatptie Elixir. I have atw finished tlet ftttlth lt- s ti. anti knlow nlot hlow to iasrtls lav.l sliritiitll of its s wnnderfII virnlea and |te e. inlltlle it 'tI piertitit:t in retorirl I.n it, that htalth which L. t ught Io t ftl'r ever. Send me half a dozen buttlen nia and exteaept emy thanks fti r teblessings yon halive ao o erredhy re storing mt:e to per It henll ONt. JCfl. I tfONROE. rhet egleilr h in hit p.esesaiin .aeve ,llndrled int Oilae saimtilar it the abiI er of tie etratrdilltllry vir tea. i'lthis meditie. Stldt by puplaintt.tol, 'tlit. jithtttiat's. 1#1t Iiet;edtlht ttert. uov.a5 IPENS:NACOrLA MAN3SION I)OUSLE NIEW CIT, PII; .\ACl )I.\. / lr;:I E l|} rlhe1rhtluv1g purcbhuse Ih l ,ua o • Il r lf ill"I r I,' e I 8 ll ikniown ' llu , Ihih l ll 1 'Tayhor, . hrt lat e ht ropretor will Ie r d I ri , ,I - tr I by tih Ist .I' April nxt, N lutr l,a , r t h, i'l, . , lt I i, t h hI e 1 1 illI th|e Ilnrrangtul? lett of Ih, if:lll llll JIIoI ;l,!. \.w I tll I ; ( nO;Ili lmliol ) blrhintl II wln ill hr, II , I. marls hatti will bt , I)'Ci ' atl " r llh r.n \ u nI' ,kill e,. annchM I. li : IIoalov, will! .r) ,.I nrcntn il - I .s I" r l+: o 'e I I arri , ii .n. It . lllt I II l ,:llm'l"J "+ will also, 1,h! k, opi Irwi hirl. at a rra o • , ..... itll |Hail aund low int, with )lsous t a I liner Ih ,for tit , lI:t] al r lttcrn. Iilli;nl, unrll s Ililr ' i'u iiln1'n u ,, I itlnni lllr lll :tr +vlrY gll fi I \'' n~r ,l n, ' 11" lruirhri, Wilt T l r dll It C 1, :3.. ilit I io lerl'lfl {' . tmll {} I llse , r| [;,. I tId qh ilto 'th I oardtr.. will ,,;nll s l 1 ! It nlr.t i lr dv ,:u oI'..t € w 1 il "War'h T a III II It It iv. . in h ,te t i( hlll llt \l) (I l 'ti Iilv , ill t al'+ llld;'I(,l Tllhis 10 I lur ti rl r, r +n, r l( , ,!o ,ill, H lo h n i,IIuI II ,'m Il , + .'n, Ihli,,i, l nrn n iv' nl e I" I.r.+' ln h t I l liul ; ml r llllI th r,, elxlnlrt to gi lw .,,"a ri l : ll h i l-ll .i it. Ti '1 local nllvnnll; - ;1 n fll " t wo "I ,llu n (m,. If ,"I kn I to l'll d I I l -il l.l ,it I Ta In(l:t ,a lIt l ' .tlS),.l i.+ the. nl·rz.. m'll lv l nfnll hlllo of th. { 'rilaeull Iill , In.' ,, I all renY l +,, , ,, (a i ',yi _ ro ;1,:ill hl l te ' llu hy'ofit ,, !iil doll-i talg IIIe ntlll r alll l Ilh 111 the coo,,h' I r(.t..,' Ir.l rh.. (;till. Ilh,,. h,.ltll tv ,I' 1or 16 ti y tl l , 1t.he lwi l, I I - IanilllN BI, ' 1 lo ~ t Il IIt ' .; I l .AIn ', ll I r h ln I 4ll,: IIIh u' III ' il' I /O rh'n n hasas. N i IA Nri).II A eir ne~IIv.l a yl+ , Ihn I[' ,e llll, r a Illi ti ) ' 'I [ ;11 tit,:lllfon l l (·'l~ hill ,. t(,Illl li Ale.1 \l;,1 l 0 l In lr , iti. s ll, .il,1: Cill Idh , 1E t , 8 . lnet, , 1 l i :i. Sn t 11 ~t ,: t 1: I.llh. 'mIi " i r ( ll I t 't lII N I1SI::t t theb ,i hl. h,-'I 'iT h N t, nnnlu+o',In" , hr Iia t l , III-- n I n I In, It l .l r a "l I n i iil lt l l .1 i irnittl ' nlt,,uer thewa Mmii; n r ; iIS e , :I wl u IndI r J . i111'1, 1 h . I ,lIhr -11 11 9 m h Ir . l Ia ii hl:ll r 1 1 , lil1 I 1 I¢ n_ I .'ll V (ll ruIll~11,i 1,i; li., o t l i er. I IlI -lll, r, ` Il h . ,\ ý . ,, _ i "i , , . : ;:, . ,. ,, i, ,n , I,,: . i, l ," l. , ,I I, ,1 11 1: ~ .- k I . , :y ,' 1 i n f:;," ý- 1 1 '- l, :" T Ill, 1, I , 6 .' . 11%.." l i i, mL I, amI till 1 (ý, tilth e l,: lh - +,f m , . .i B l , ii II ,,,,,. I J A1,, fi e:r nl "1 II rL 'I t· Ill 1 4. 111'," , - , III , (I I '-, l . 11, .11 . . ll "ly 11 , 1 ..... ' .. .. : c . . . III . . . ., . . . ,' i .. ..... I. I n'. C' .,'i ' I.t. z. ', " r, (' h .. . I : .. ','n l :: m - , \',,, :, ll li\. 1 i,2:( AN I' rtl,' , u 1 / 11 , ,,, ,i'. h ,. I !1 , i t~' I. ,' I. \ I d1 ,, e. ~ _-- '1 - . , . I h l; -h ., 1i1, i,-1 nI1 1111 t',1 ?' 11· i t P'i[,I ,l ld 1,,t . ll la i ii yet 1i, I, .Il : i let . 1 1 +xll i'tI'i, hi i11ihll .\ Hvhi!11 I.m,1: 1.- adLl i ag l -t liima,:hitl l111 t, ] r , 6 1l r 1 1 1 t;,, '. I1 l.:t; \N I' l+[tl I i n'li l I ll. i| ,;.'+,,,, /I' , ill 1 q " ( tlr . .t.. h ,, 1 1~ ,1i,,, i' ,,,h1,'"v. . - +,: r, I ,, - , 1 .i 1,, o ,i I + . . . ~,,i, t i, I 'IIII 1 h," .lll la- ,.1+ l, t ll- ,,I iit) h1 t +Ira; a1 I. . I m all-h C. I , :u -II' ; ir I ~ar I .\II . \, ' V M \'1+ 111 , - JillltI hl I 'Il ++l ' " I I" I(: d1'J II c:.\s!·:y, 'YR,.II:Rtlll 'rtti<, n IN i;.': N 'D A IIAI. .,AY i, Fromn .ltllilo (AlltIlttiti) to tlli- lits (oPesoJa slteittIt ots(loer I eSt:.elo: llyu.St II+a1t,i ,dI mi to +. ltlltcllie Ille' anl Ilslax) to b lttL' Illhil;, r ci ahies tlene via arl.i.amn, Chattheuhee, (le+lrtlv -Mount \".r. noml,) lhi nhthl ie, iadertun- I nkin s+ lie urld . iLol-' sille, to A' AIInI: IA iseungeert ittohis sent at: 1i, il is itn lt dalger of !)e[. Ihrl'tsl·o +,+Et Io g t. l ,.i irtteltei ' hlit ,aheo t lr o t.nRti i intl='''' :*L e " It Jl . 1T. LIN EI is ,,:t OItt r d)u 1. ) L',t r : l t 1. : th' uu gh.'O lllts, end ll I N m l Itrl %l'l l' :ll I"i'A i',' y i , I , ti , ohtesthoull occur. 'l h (;reat Newl ()t'.Uts lai is ear liedl v this romLe. Tih A'-ens Nitr elult . i ) +'t s:l, I hhesl ll),lrivers arI e unt sur1 o) ,,.',1 At i 11tl.e ottll iit The smooth, h:at l, i Eetil tioa!s, the :d nd inle. iilng saoirt; cSl etri+t tts it ~ e.o withth ei 1:1 . 11 :et lharh:e.,Ln, S. 1, ,md t:e m,,ll l II, p rts I . ew Ycrl l" '. tl'wlers c:m, r w:l ,"a ! t \, ' N I'l'w fro ".t S ', Orkl' s LESS. THAN 11 tI s"--\\ll hlllýlll ci ill 1 . rol' :(l Cllta bctllhll l o' I''lr ih, h'tr e I, e lla Prant tnii ll e :mI TI'l, ei h sl e to St lin e ,t I Lor i t eI oat sil ' ) a!:,, i I.cll hets. frint t Ilukinsl ills onL t .\Iil.edgl',ille, ti Ont e to i ' t.oi , t iuht twi hior 0che. STOCK. I'l\5 U ) i. f)ice it Mansitn Ilonw Mobile t'1ist .w, New o ean o \ll. ile, 150Ihilt Mobile ltoi, "isit h Auista tt lt harl +, .lestx +l C(h. ul+NoIln It New lurk, Ut0- 180 Time, N.0w Orlean itit i ltil. 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I'I Evi ry one wl a r¢l - ets ,n j sil. j,' :it Ilwlll' le t, will tcr ivtbt at rllll lrito o lr o,,, i< a ll oll . dal V rot Ia prin:l:ry comll[hinlt---+hle ( ,iket an1d ilolt pts '1 Ioth*"eem ofl' se. Wasi thet rlctiotsr fte: '.liver ar e (,rtHn ,,d, ;and the 1 w f,) hl" ie increase.d, 1l iiir it is (lofttn'l rta Ipi! byi) | lr th b lr t 'essels alnds , i 'atJl tile tl \ ItIaro Irllti,4 C tiaI lt'tl': e i illltd iii h ~' '' t th e I ttl, ,l, its in j It lltr c,, " Qit s r rly i 'r ih e Ir'L rt -il ror tr1- )l l'l irrl j0'' . O it tthi llu (il | ,I Ibhi d iP 'rI:.t by i r , r l it :e,.,"d lt w i ll , bI r , I 1 |fil illll il L"1)i " tlhe st'cretions P t 'the, live, it | i' ora It . Ito it Ietttrthy I 'tate. r ' |r. tor its '.-pc' t 'uthl i tel iln ex ermet ti-t hn g w :th <ill 'rent v ,' t ;Ot1 e altl h i S, ,t tr dti eas s J' S ilt hvl re ; t ll' - L'to lll I" )' r illr i t'i eti t itlt,r it- ,,,t i l t ll ltl t i tovelt lin llt, and cli lt llt it tbr ue r rotse rltotil, 1 Iltoy ille tit:rten, o Ptao to't 'lrt [):toPS 1t1ir ti .rs 1lll l titthi h Ol l'x ,r ti toty tu e. ' ro t tat, ri tthretrtty r tl3Sttt thtt, I.l he lht ]er ,c i nlt t lrt Ir it ut ior t , tr' ny'io titSi ite itot tot gesiv rtas poiirit o attoheat0 atd coetiflorte, (h oI otIros I+ o' o i th eemey h Ito Cilioo) rol ' itt l) rt \ It I othoo 1ut llto o Ie Ito o ilOa rotil i 1 & 411 ) L u tt I &ll , t l il+t oh r.e lth l ti taes, ohtj Iler-ao i-at ,'ttr, a thei ru ladh L aao e tp I 'ic· phd ut-I- rCl.5nci~ti. etr Petta Iitt ,I ~ (:h Erif1o t llO d Ih C·Otl s+rl 'lT l llm, .rel ldll:ll$ O I h( ) rll - istriett oar2l , thI'it oIh tioot, iot'iacatr toe tilr 'ilty, t~.i() ra ii I sinrc1 wiuld heal th . Thne Ve, t le Pilht a r. e l alca ren in ed t]he r jprain, lnce, ic an hltleto u i lhell dach, hat e')l li costll i et ul ino s ', )lkn et ooIt) I~ t',,,.,, Twlthu n a~lll b12 llt us w th c ;plis,ty b lver - of al v kind ,'; ta)d If t hen ai tbhe on st I grel hnd~ I3" ther op nt-, tl a protiled ea - bd.tnyants sitkness ,hey mr~ne snvalt sh a to h. ll us a t. kl:. p ondt ict l e e111 t- i ons J lort sU i) a n cl . u coml plhai, ,, nt, s +' l to ds hic l ife tales o atrte suilljec¢t. 'rhev: operate us .t ,ild and sped," lurge, , n a 11|:re a ..tle ;and cert. In It21mety fori wormlls ii1 J Sttct" I have introduce ! my Veg,'table Palls to l .0tie putile |It have rececived Inumlerou, curtificates r f't..,ir cuperior eft'reary in curing c~secae., at so, nmany letter'. lrolm rt,. pcta.le plhysician.% wvho ha~ve used them in their tpr'nticet with the best tuccight publish a small volum)e of cortificattts ptThe above p~ills arto in boxet% containg 20 &, 41. topl xiPrice,, 23 & 53 coatspI r b+ox, >n )ruggi te .nd coun~try ii1 rchant1111 canLI be. upi. plPd, at whtoh, s t e or retail, at Dr, Pet,'rr' print'+. p ] no ce; ;no. I;5 P..vdr,. stracl, betweetn .1Ing,, inc ..:L :+,, t l ,w O(L' ...;. un6 OR1 York di Baltimfe 1a.kl, ;. eaCKETS FORE NEW Y --lw : 1 -'Io sail punctually every oend Morday, , during thei season, tfll or not full. Ship Orleans, 599 toni Capt. S. fyanrs, Ship Alahb ma, 474 do C. . ¢ri. Ship Arkansan, 627 do E SBtnuilr Ship S ,rtoga. 542 do W liatlhwas, Ship Nashrtlle, 540 do 1) Jdbkiin , Ship Kentucky, 629 do .1 Btikert Thei aIovws rhips are of the first elnei, coppers and roIpper fastened, and hav'ing been built in N :' York ex, resaly for this trade, they are, of !it, drr.It o"f water and almost invariably crou the ri rwithout anly rdetention. The commandeirs are men it great experience, and the -hipe will always be towed up end down the Missiossippi by steambeates 1They have handsnon furnilhed accummrltia~l - and stores of the best description will aiistky* -" furnrishh t. Thu cabin passago is $90. withdt tt el or rhtor, and there is not liquor furniakhetl4, " tihe rfieer.r or crew. For freight or pa0eage ppli* rd,orto I C AMES, 48 Gatpit,'$t. 'I'The arlp are not accoontublen for breakage of ia-s, hollow ware, marble or granlte., cooperage A0 I t, or ruas of iron or steel, nor responsible t'r a Iaack.rge or pItrcal, unless a regular bill of Indi.." ": Sia i.exrcued Ilherelbr at the otlibc of tise out NEW ORLEI.ANS AN BAtL'IMIORE LINE OF PACKE'I'S. I Tlhi line will consist Of tihe ." . w 1irh have beena built oe ' 1 , the trade, viz: Ship Seamann, , JO.or ,rk lMary., . :un, d Irad lerry, new - tevens, " Solunoon Saltus, " Latham, IBrig Architect, '* G(ray. '',fis varosutls are of the first class, have hand. sooiae furnihted. ecoulllnn :tinns, and pre ofa light ; ralt of water, so as to admit oft.heir receiving-andd dia.charging their cargoes in Baltimore, at the city. Frei-ihot will be taken for ports on the Chesapeake or James' River, and litrwarded by the. agents, .lesrsA&.CLARKE & IiELOI)GG, at Baltimore; ex pensesin ars goods shapped will be advanced when required. Tl'e !pricei of passage is fixed at $60, ample stores of thl b st qnalhty will be provided. " Sinarn irp and down tihe Misissiippi will btutakl - on all occasions. Iuor fro ight or passage, apply to CEO. BEDFORD, n ov27 22 Bienville at. FOR NEW YORK. [Louisiana and New York Line of Packets.) Till Olr Ships composing this line will sail from New Orleans and Now York on every other Mon day--comnmncing on the 20th November-and to in-uro the punctuality in the time ofariling, the line will hereafter consist offve shipe, viz: Ship Yazoo, Captain Trask, to leave on thoe 0thl~ Novembnlr. Ship Louisviwle, Captain Palmer, to leave on the lilt lDecember. Sh Ilp Huntsville, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the 18th December. Ship Vicksburg, Caplnin Woodhouse, to leave on the Ist January. Ship Mississippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th of Jannuary. The :tbovr are all new, of the first class, copper d ! and copper fastened, anrd uopwards of 500 touns burthen, are of light dranught of water, being built in New York expressly tinr the trade. The price of parssage is fixed at 100 dollars: tlheir cabin are fitted up in the most inproved and convenient lan, land finished in a neat and elegant style Ample stores of the firat quality will be provided, and every regard paid to the comfort and entire satisfaction of passengers, who will please take no. tice that no berth can be secured until paid for at the oi'ce of thei consignees. These vessels are ommanded by enptains well experienced in the tritdo, lwho will give every at. temion and e:xert themselves to aeomnodate. They will at all ntones I towed up and down the Missisa siippi by steamboats, and the strictest punctuality observoed in the timle of sailing. The owners of these shli;s will not be responui. bl for any letter, parrcl or package. sent by or put on board of thrnn, unlcss a regular bill of lading be signed therefor, at the counting house of.the agent or owners. For firtihr particulars apply ti J D BEIN & A COHEN, nov27 90 Common at NEW ORLEANS &CThAR1LESTON PACKETS 'FTis lioe consists of four vessels, all of the first class, operperrd and -pper faet. ened, and of ait al 0,00 tone urthere,, witi handsome arccommodations for passengers. - hese vessels are commln anded by captains we. rexperweed in the trade, who will give every at . tllloll, and exert themselves to artcommodate thela. h!lipprirs. 'the will h w lrunairupd up aodwn the lIas- lrlpi,0 anod t-vne New Orleans no or before " thle Iitth slid 15th of every ,moalth. The following vessels . ral ) li 1111 , viz : in-r A rbiran,Chrtles (t rdon, master. - (i _C apl.rl.n,. li. liompsone master. Irig A oena, .1 l),ane, mentoer. l -r to ger \1 illtar ts, .. Allibers, m ester. i-r ihit or -rsa, narplv in J. A. BARELLt C C.1, r I1 C.,aorn os. Newr Oleans, Or M. U hrririraa ChaIrailston . aoct I ..... . ...~~- "r---- ---- 11il l1 uaohrsgned havein reoaro -tented bhaineau as a ' iDr ut_.i. and Apotllecary, in the store - Ind by M'. J3.cob Olt, at ile cornerof Tivoli circle and Triton \Valk, respeentully solicitrs a shao, Sf' the :.l i i)trlntoudge ald a renewal of the favors ofi his fiormer cust,iers. The entire steao es )Drfls, imldiciel and luner articles is fresh an o Icar,tl st elcted. Th'e lollowing only are par rI'e SoaI i, Srilli'z and Saratona Powders. Y ast b' , to rig a whulesomne and elegant su',astitut fort yeasr, ill raising bread, buckhete cakee &e,. Rlutil'-, Effervesent a0u-nesian Apperient-a 1,e isi:,l and g-nte' tprio ,ie in dyspepsia or iodi. -cr l,,ot, I'rrvrrv (e , llrb:l , rdrillr.e-s, headache. ;a ,h ) , (t:!:,: eFl. tl'l ,{l h:blollr al Costiveness, cuta. 01 011€ l'lm ns, 1 0e. ',,pe set's FPhiI ,rfrriet of esreaparilla f pulrlh ie Ir teblt, ti &c dorla nd cllbells, d&e. ý, t' lsm P'anaclt' i nl I t' nitr t gi.; llritisia as 11h rh.- .il-. ()tpolrio.I, k.e. L-'qar.i juirrube and Gouaoauve posts - Tooth b.hos N .'S I'rtnti,','s narbrnie dentrat ier,, r'b!."nnr tootlh \ash, lao der pluffs bhesea, 'r,,,, c' ar.a n i ,h ni l,'tire, e tioth waosl - l.,,lter Ii'Ui' and I sts, I'rentica acenosted and ,t t,,reit powder, urrrhtntr ernate de Per"e, toran.c fl iwr. rosr, aven oer anod Florida waters, Sin a est quI' icis, l0a tlat:d's lMaersasrOil, O!g. rdl ha h r ol'Cr:morbia, bear' oiil, a variety of I Iter ari oltoer imatiches, tadelible markingaink , r Iack ink,&e. '- + i(t 0 an=d relitel whrilrle ,il. Hpay'e Ein5s tsci A i -h a ssarnlein t Ul 'Thurrimn'sGrrdnn Sfed. (;ORGE JoNES. - . ý "~~ u.-inV L'ý d. l114" ,1 - trrl, 1 . lw.n. t e Somroe Wine.ois sn adtn a by j:'; 'll .N N&CIOPER,S34Jlia BA It,) WT-1i10 coil Ble.k Rope, of omttetad.,': SI-.I hC fll' t UGE & Ce, 134 aogoaine Y " `!A-0 f~rl r-in ll lnditt6 tiuuar abiypa our 19 llIALL IlftROWN, 9G Mogazame 'TFi 'iJOIlS- Book l ,leKn have jog re'meejd C *l"o a tI 1, dlU ·to tlt ) Faocy oiaadso 1 hoc Ifr rrtfctS, cu'w) arisieg ladieo' rriting del., i lllivi 1·: -az· pokl boxesdmuscal p oro peoarlioi. n,"cclb" ~nuk+ ml'pierl, shell nd ivo(ry, erd catase, ttt}: sumtruin, iu lnid Wl )\ill. (rani aIld gOhli lxtekrcr boa par-qi rfs, oli,.a elnrsees gold and Silver ýpeesils, ýptw it III homd-, .,l oot 'IE IAZAAII. lo,6',E..og TO THE LADES. TKINSON'S DEP'ILl:ATO)ILI, for rettwringa g V pertluuus hair frorn the fhee, Hock tool anon, wipI, u c ..,t r ea etv od etol-ir.t, learing she skin timer S"4 nitior t bloow tie .jtpploatteo. A fr(vesl. sofsp jutr receivedl 1t GVIon'W, No I EIohorge Iloel, cornet St Comales ati Commqlg ' FALL. & WINTER CLOTHING. r. FREES! kN & t0, No. 3, Mar .1oke ar Sn cwrroi their oupplite of Falr w . Vil ClIhiri olad cilli rotitoo to reoaive Philooaq. Italy throplotout rte oeaso. Thei 'otoctb Io,1;e witl enobLs ttem to boptolyq ooooutoe tikenootr. 1v at ,tpshortest uoma" ftor salt oratoail0 oil urCrmo attg telert. - ' cr19 V',o. Mooenno, roo+* mp Stitt g. 'u 0C'n *nt lroZglln~g· CIor 5wy> * ý' ", ^. Manakin s 1t,$ c , .. ", . ·

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