Newspaper of True American, April 4, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated April 4, 1839 Page 3
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4LLIGATOR LINE.. l td Auusta, via' Florida. lbibee Mobile Tuesdays, Tiurs. days,, and Saturdays, per the s plendid steamer Champion, (ex. l osse of itorrms ,) to Poesacola ; thence per fik Ls'aoy to Li Urange, and thence four o h poet coachee Via Mariana, Bainbridge, Pin. iton, Berrien, Outlaw's, and Perry, to Macon, Oh'. thence via Milledgeville, and Spa:ta, to War. thg on, thenoeper rail road cars. to Augusta. .' Chimpion il ise pleedid ordb,: witll new o.aIper bollrt , eoppered and a ppyr. fastened. T.rh.l Roj" lIas beens thoroughly repaired, her aeeimmodations ars as. andsomen as any boet. .The beanu iful Santa Roos Sound, and Clnceta. wanahie ley presmitl the most interesting steam na. i.tion s the South-oeing it tle sametame .. ttr land looked. The 'eoims are diotaurpassed on-any route in the o natry I the drlyerts to a men, careful and atten Thi bldgea heretofore dangerous have been nvly b llt, so that high waters do not interfere. STh iaholaiss hmave been mostly changed, -ad e.e.le its nood as ,n any road in the Sonth. ' h g.esrally'known that the excellonce and a.. .elthi roads enable the teams ut all sea .make greit apuod. Tllheir amoothnpes se the traveller from the ordinary lftigue of tretelling.' he L .is now carrying its pasnsongers from Augusta to Mobilo in four days. ard Lwelve Shibriij, Cr to New Orleans in four days and twenty *ilsp. Going to Augusta, the line is six days aid svmen hours. The time 'actually employed in .*n.Vlling is the same as in the other direction, but te diference of time on the route, is caused by a -- being loot In Pensacola, which, however, is ell repaid by the opportunity it gives ofseeing S~6avy Ytrd, the old Spanish Forts, etc. The •aaeller also bleeps at Macon, and again at War. leto.n This arrangement will continue till the eval turns northward, when the line will be the sesie from Mobile to Augusta, as it is ne w in the tlbr'direthion. Advertisement contains a plain stat ment • -fibCt, the accuracy of which tite proprietors g ntaetouealh passenger in the penalty of lin '.. ..Yap of the Line may be seen at the Ex Iange -.okIl, New Orleans, and at tmhe Mansion House, M ,obile. 'Fate through from Mobilo to Augusta, $47 50 The line extends, by abranch to Tallahassee. at Chattahooche, the line connects with the steamboat carrying the mail to Apa'achicola and SM. Joseph's. O ~lee at the Mansion IHouse, Mobile. tahl 0 BOSTWICK, Agent, Mobile. " ..Y.l Oill--+I caske winter and ouummr ained ,Bp emr Oil, for sale by I BRIDG; & Co, a. - . 134 Magazine at sale by IStAC ItRIUGIIE & Co, apr2ril 2 J__ 34 Mnlgazine t "-ACON--15 cadeskams nel sidee, fi.r sale by J aptl0 I ImlllmIUE, 131 Magazeie at A-i CON .IDES-150 casks Cimneienati cured in 3 More, tew sale by I; lImiSEY, -ir1 2 44 New l.eve: AV- il ales Northern, Iladilng siee eae - n1 )on,, fe.e sale by HALi. & ILOtWN, april 2 _ lft Leinesr ,treetsr N IN R tIb -5La iminle in A niere aild for, I LAb 3y SilALL. & lBROWN, apnI 2 96 1lgmagxew at SA M--I0ti lales No 1,a I, Kutacis, iudida Iea s.aibp G s0tlon and i,r sale byI april 2 . . I 11.1. & IIflOWN. 9i; algia iie it New Orlelis, 15i MArlch Il.'9 NHIS flnk will .purehse es:hla .ge a I.agnanl . I mi I6 IPA I I IAI. IY. C:laeib New Orienal, I lIarch 11139. .-1 l Itstilttaons will purichais bill of ei ltnigei . on the north. rolIe I. I'AIF!IEY, Cahir al Wirts, blttled ilild in Fneniiid andl impored i alo tils country in 1I8.1i. For sale at low pri-es ba close the cri.igo lllell IV mar 19 IIOI.MI.S & 5111,1.., akht. IRON CIHP.'IIT-JIci re-.eived at tlh. I. liviill Ware R.Io)IIIs,.3 IIIville streiet. IT glh and docile firo ro runt c hesle, le ii lte Fo, or, I .fJ L lirear, New ' iik, ior .ale lby feltl 11 R CARNIS.F . CKERK 1., &i:-15 bbis No I mackeirel, 1 bll 73 I his Nd 3do ; 46 hlf lbls No I do 318 kegs No I do; 15 kids No I do 4:.L ureg. Tongues SOundl |$dldda ( lhlttltll I, Il ble o ln a glint shiip oltonut Mar ri, fr sale iy 1 &J 1' WII ITNIl Y, asr9 73Campeic TIE Iellch and the Iaro r tne. t aUih r ofir" Iintlo hRc ileetiol of the Iard narn Coulmmuli ;"- "The Greatl Mers ..ple, No N ue 'loe Neal Malone nod other 'l'aler , Ireland, iv bW Carleton, nlllsor of " 'Itits and Slori"anfh Ilrish I'easMtnrv! , in i vole, iljt received lad fir iole by marInll 1W JIcKE.IA N, or (amlp& C. n (.,iII'it .- EAI.)LOW CANDIES--in loxes Enlold allow SCnldle is .rsaleliy I IlSf) .I &LCo mar 21 14 Mngnaise st FYIftMAi$ IhNSURANc:E OFFII'E. tl,"V. 1). FT llE Stleckhsldern are hereby iotiifi, i oai iie 71h I• IAsmdlts t l tIir eiahk cIIilell n pavullt nil the lth otf April,u t cltthe ffie of liir ('ioIIIpIIi , 'iii 1 1c+li atrere. Inar I I F I, 'l'l 'rY, See'ry. lUlFti LS IX'tUe5l;A\f III Es IElil Os, I., i Nolucliei trle i .. A va set denl (o nexd s ll.riltelll s qi x Iii . e i.nlell , acu bureau de Inl compagnie..l. Caiip et. ml8 I I. TitlACV Secrilie ;re. ti LASS-Janit lootlingiflro, SIilciiclru, aan Iciiuuiiuln ao'Jars, Vials, clid WiVlllw (lasc., ii l whiletaldi and retaul,at II II(iNNAIII., mar 91 Car of Natchez nid l'chapit )una ati LUCINA CORDIAL. C CORDIAL DE IUCINE OIJ L'ELlilIt DEE 'AMOUR.--'he United States Agent for the Luoina Cordial or El: ir hf I.ove, return. his grateful aknaowledementst for ine tliterilg patronage which he has alIreadv rceivedicilud aiii fir the many toeati monaials whiit[ have beeni sent him touihing the hle al mSntmiraccluns elt(caey of thlis inestimable medicine. Th well founded mrpuatien of the Lncina Cordial warrants the agent in withdrawing his long advertise iments; bUtt for tihe benefitr f hose persons who itay .e yetbe unaware of its lih would explicitly atele that it is Dr. llagnin's celebratedc discovery, which hksereated such a seanltion in France.-Tlat it sseedily restores Itk vi.ile powers, where they haIrve exhausted by disease or otherwise, and hubsian • "illy renovates the procreant funotonsl Ihat it is an adltual cure for tih 9fur albis; and ahote l tnlat it t~the only remedy ever discovered for the removal of tens in males and barrenness in femlalee. Owing go I. easily invigorating qualitiee, it is also highly use' fal ls glisn, obstructed, diflutcut or painful menstrlal tlon, incontinence ofnhe urine, or involucary discharge theeaof chrnic eruptions ofthe skin, drepsical naleec tioas of the aged &c. S n Masde that all classes. of society may receive the JOIIM WINTERS HOLDERWELL, M. D. United States Proprleolr. S The aL ve medicine is for sale at wholesale and retail Sht Nlag. 11 Poydeas street, between Mlaazine and Camp alONew AdWINTS m2. A.RfRL -4U Molnases barrels in store and tor Sun.l by L 11 GALE, apl styw 91 Conmon st orSa NS--o.-k- axes in store, for wale Ii a april2 ABRAHAM 'IIIEtE,34 Gravier at OAP--Bolnn No I,-2tr boxe. in retm, for sole by ABRAIIAM TtRIER, - 4 ,IIS.~iiE IIA.IIJKERU:IIIFS-L- doe of beacti (cl worklbmanhip, slelot a tr.l to lthis laorket, for sale by ABRAII M T'RI ' t, April " 34 Gravier at W(PeE--I5 coils for oale by I a ril2 - ATRIER,:,4 Gravierst LA PIEST PUBLICAT'IONS - . TACK ADAMB, the, by Cops Chiotaer I Bubbles of Caonad, by thebs utlar of dStucel S lick; Nicholas Niekl.hy, Np Il (Womot of England, their social duties and domestic battlse, by Ellis SThe Hu uenots by Jares ew s pplies (ipsisKyd h .lngnlham, pp Mutt'iPoeticl Works it, I vol 8e, tbs otlvcom SplnesAmeriean edihio--Cary's editioa--odt other ,novretie. E JOHINS Con spril 2 cor St Charle and Common st ORTUNE T. LLEk'd OWN BHOK .41 pmlt Grammanr-Lestlie' cookely Rolmtr' kse toy Teleomque Porne'n Frntlh csllin lee ook Engliseh Readui, LIll bound WArantrlioebr~ French (Grinomr l'Oem'o Wlshington atd M riun FEwttll'ts etdical esopactidactt libhtll' urithmetia-a ll on the. nerves Lady.a medical pocklet Iok (mentletuan'e mdlical porke t bonkl •Masoq't farrir--C kblurt'o rutg bomk Hale'a Unitel SBrots. A sea useL Irce ,:ppl. of abthe abo6 works justnre-, S .'. .- . 1 "u, wite ,li-( * oft tons ,Iti. ery leri arn Ikrltur Ptrs. efor alIq biie upnl B ItAVLI.iPT, 1 4" ', lrl are t e El. T i. l,.ht ,lt c nl 'omniforn v.le b. " n urT '. )EADs &BARSTlOW,?llcsk Pl.e. iHITNEY'S COTTQN iFACTORY-le'he snAib nttrittr would inaoml' norcelunt. and. planteraf Ihat his eoltblilhmetot is'now in lull oeltoa ntoii a ti I le is piboduein a fnuric anderlbhe tyle tnil deitoitian-" Iion ofl Whittey's negre cottons. Those wihlng in leIlioE a euperior article for plantalion use, l iia pliase eall and exnamiie fir themirelves sit leasra Pe.n & North, ngnlts 13 Clhartres st or ut tilhe estbllihmeoit of'lhe su,accriber 457 l'Ti:lhonpitonlat t. BENJAMIN WHITNEY. feh97 • New Orliun., Febronry 7,1089 That desairable dwelling ,house, also thei Sstore underneath now in completec ortder Iwjs't-ciu givcn itomedliaiely. 'rereite rlt, litral irn aitdsirna le ioalt, npptly on tile prerilas or to (i W IRITCI IIl) , I'p AGEl'r, Jr in___ c__ ore lltrPoydcas & Monlarittt tSa 71-~OB (0 PIt liaot tlitntclutcrd telbucct, vu rious braltnld, fro tr sale hv )13 " I IltRII)K F C&.(1a 1 Margzineo ci ARI)---O0i ka a Iitpll cltr, in ctore ftr atlticy IIl:I Ii I)l)llnIY. ,ll NEwY I·O.'ee tnI. I bORitl ..It Nc'e'. ·tra IOU I--500 brils chlie tidt it sItre u r t le by oll t; i)OI)EI'[, ,l I New I.ewta .tUIliSNIS bY--3o brlt rttclilitd, in storer fc satle Ity V sti6 t I)tIVI,;Y, 441 New IeveC cI tI.I.1A I uIe lltr ridsi dy rclitrd ti gtlod usi, LAlIER' &(4ENTL'EMEN'N GullD UIAINN .ortlllt, which will be oiertld recittrkablti cieap. No 18 Clartsca rt N II Oit gtil anat ilier tokn in exichante. titr 8 I)EPOT OF' C(ELEBRLlATED. WINES. ONS'I'ANT'I'Y iiion hand Id rtogularly ttPtliedl wilh 1Ih Il c1lerb1rated \\'i ee, warramned pnc C ll )ortsdm Cordlils. Ilaqlon liter, &c. tilla:NuIeI WINeS. Oldes't L.eiatenntl Stein Wine; Steithtlrgcr Oor I.a ilyt lili Jttlittticl rgr; I ladei tncer Ytarkliittlltr ik; Dum Ilock, aflO 8"i Htiklteircr, 18b7; lnrccbrtlouner; ;r;aefentercer Nlrrenltdtei..,r; Riw~nish~ wine elnsses Io)DEAIUX WVINES. Chnteno srg auxnd Charaloaflitte; I.nrose Lecrato; Pthltcr nlaifatlitx Nt trticr St Julitt itIttl S Etilittn Si ESnleiititi attl Ni JtllliI O Iti i abeic cltrl t A few altliflhog adicll -f Sni Julite ledue Ilrmitage S, rlaternc, Ilarcai na.i Graves I)gdI*E T \YINI,:8. Genuine Lnnel tlld Iroitgnn Mascot CIllIA+ttl(il' WINES. Whoie and lied, 'titacn 1 Perdrix BIURGUNDY \V INES. RomtntlCe, Ctlltnlnrtin, Cilcs dec Vutlgeot Nuir*, Njitrkliitg itnar 18l (GGS--4 bids landitg tImn rleamtltiit St ILui, for iealre by AIIItAIIAM 1TIIIEII, 'i'l I,; alli.r at w hoic.'aTll I ll ie followinI goo , I IATS--li c.a.e...l haskl cilkt, o. rL ted size, nnd Ibri1<. 1i(ldol best N I d, do 1_- 1i1( do tin No 8 do do, 100 cttmes hest No 3; nlIsrtr.ed siaes Slit brimsn. 0 do ilave n totenrior trtcit le; 5(1 do iexNtr dia .00 :1o Bhick snd W.hi~o. Rtusaln; 50 oht Extra Iuck IrtIuIsmI; ItH) rlo Muskrnt t 'I Inv furIrnlo and nlirrow Illllta , Ior cI tive llll tltltlltrY ttt lrdtt it di) Au retitita t ltitultiluarO ilttat]( tti l tl8 " ilo Citilrcns silk auid it ustl ilal tis,ttl sizet's. Cap--F,-ar. Oter, fur .Veal, N~utra, Mhtsorlt, andi hair Setl, in tre doLzer| cUes. Nealette. Chlhr Coa --I'ickwick, I'olislh Avril's hat t i alW. yI Lti oln l C nili ftr y i t aoire+h 4Ik /Ishther et,,,,i ran. tiL.ll'n eianlcy 'lturllltru, I'Iatil lild Vtlvrdl CrItt,. FI La itittertic. SIt al ella--t l eii nt- l .l.ela . ''1k hlt adken'aliect---'eong't c ca•l RNd iltitl~l.. rh titci ,ti eel a , e I ttit Ia ri ot l ti tii , llt i ll tllt f tihe hltest 's e l, ari d neerill t e t ll t a a ,t llt t d. vu wll(' l' with ('o+I uqntl.d harge.; Inol NewV Yllrk ,rices. Th ' lhttiori t'trs aill tak, orders Gr t orthcrlt t wtt'tern RnIl 'l' usrker , lr thise houm.e + t II t;..c+ip & t.Co., lInt llllllt.tti itllrer. ew Ya rk, t abt.l nt tita o rittll t jlttst ibt 0it e, I rl·llltll l ?rti el | I ttla nd F e c it s lle fl JIIt L (tIt'SIP & CO, Navt l. Militaryc. nlll I tllaitinttal e IlIteins, vi S Carll ttIaxl Si Maite iAlT'CI ibo-A lutarge i tlx htitg fitt itjlti Cll hr. ,-1l I'rtlil.' lle nldlll f I lurs ltM 1Iv e *~ ll(11111 1111 nar :20" 1,.Il, I IIO 0N 11g azi.eath l itcr A1 ( - io ulitli, ita l lt t j ptl lt i fur, saleh :.ctttIt ItI a ai I h ito Ii r te Jotl ftt r l o sit 'l 18 1 i th Mlflltiils nI t I1AIc, IIare large itctitd, tet ret,,t ivntldy ittr ,jrIi) bItll allly riN r, Ne wi lli l l. l nt t i N, I O' ll0 I ll" i( ua No M : l C r.O i[N ) ..I, I ,lt ·I ring on , a (.9 in liet' 11n1 'Ita 'totl, ithMces ahm oI'. aloth rilt·ikg Vlln in it liR i |rt inN Il llt .I l09-< l hion l g i'e on r Lb'foretlhN l t tieotilht it l; 1l thie. Io, "tV'lt'a it i te i It I .lAi, t i , _" m *, r to _ . YL, O ( A~tp,_N_. <t , I+ llutr .'All ON lON''th tjN-c -lu. c - I I I) t l l 1 l() IttI, . :N 1 tI'. et yPIE:RMi CAN)IS-l.58 boxes 2q. llity p rnl CaiI les, leniIling from ship I(il1ine11,ltll for iile mar23 134 Mtlagziine at ý :ATICS'T I')NOVELTIES-Memoir ofCbtles lat. ..A thiews, the COmltedieln, by Mrs Maluttlewslin vol.. The book of'lle PaIsions, by Jamnes, will sp n li d lollouno engiruvhlg. Ieech nudl ar, yv the iathlllrr ofrelleenmt< of thle hoIue of cl' lmn, ill 2 vols. C pttin Kid, he rWizrn of thie sea. ba rofeassor In grihanl. And otber noveltiis, I: JOltI"N & Co, mn':7 ___ in, St (Chhile nId (2.onIce l10 i l OI.0N1-:Y-- ehk pa)riiild honl., loaldillng froln Cu , for llolesale nlll retail by I m27 II IONNA llEl, .elloupitolnia at I ACON SII)IES--iil)Cn.nlii superior cu. redi. ill store Ianln Iol Slile bv (. D11)lSIY, mar 27 41 New Levee L ONSION Bnrown Snoutnd Porter, f direti imiportn. ation, nbr.ale by mar 27 REAl) & BIARSTOW, 7 Bank PI)lce NEW ORLEANS AND NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD COMPANY. NEW ARRANGEMENT. ?r IH Locomotive will leave the Depot lt th fiot of Canal street,avery day at 8 A. M. and return at 4 P. IM. except Suaday', when ste ill De) at Retnrn 8A. M,. P . 5. 4l! A Car Pre private parties, pro.hided tie nmbere suliienut, will be sent down thle road on one days' evious notice. j12, 1839 JAS H CAI.DWELL, Presidenr. COLT'S PATENT' FIRE ARMS-Just received S per ship Missisippi, front New Ynrk, h large as sntotlernt of Patent Rifles and bell PI. .elen foer sale at maer 28 GOSSIP & Co. St Chaorles lntel RUGS--Jt laediig i from Messina, a supply of 1 almnnds, bitter and sweet lilaorice root, liom juice, esseine ofllergamnl, essenca ite I hlen juice, hemp and cnaery seeds, iln ann, lake, and n all, enatharides, brimstone, oranae Blow' aalgr &c, for wholesale and retail in store of \ II ONNABEIL., m29 tnr NatcIez& Tchonpltoulas st NEW LArW 1 OCIKS-Ndea'a Chancery aepirt e, 1 A 2 vonllalas in one, aln on additilnal tnepl ofil Clhitiyiariiaiiinl law--Stephen's on tleading, tlniek enlornughl's reports--Jast received and tar sale by mi29 A 'IOWA I, 49 Camntp Ft il )T INi 4S-A tnland lr eauply inedilne inpultiiied tiliea nbnscriber frei Europe atifn the Nortl, lonstantnly on anda ,and for sale to country dealere and planle-s on thoa lowesl teris. JARVIS & ANDIREWS, ni29 cli Coln;tile & TtllailliitUaenl Bt I)ICE--!I0 ask. lilrinleCaroia a rice, andinlg from I.i r sloininer illuck HIuwk art Tir sale aby RIa17 J'I'HAIVEI.I & Co, GTU NNY IAAGS-t-l2,itit (linll, t Ilinh , 221.2 oslid i bushet sines, itm bales anl bundlen, for sale by ntar'i2 I BIDIiE & Coi, 131 aMagszine s 'I1E\NCH liviag Cerds--Jual rotanail trim Naw iYohrk, ei flln grate ot eryi suprrio" diuble iead Cards, f iierait( by dozan irI grIue by I)AVID) EI.'I' & C, N V' Stloneraa' I all, april 3 4 Chartresa st T'ALIAN Sewing Silk-OUtei small bale rea India ewini g Silk, forsale by PE'I'ITR LAIIILAeW, alpil I g6 Ctalp st |, O 7TR] ..- i"Lle superfilln; 501Idu lile, ir store U for sale by G IDOKSIE, april 3 14 New Levee BUTi l1--i40 kega superior Westr an Resee l-ii " tr. air sale by (;. DO!tSEY, april 3- 1I4 Sew Levee GUNNY IJA©S-35llll3tmalts se al aid by l aprl 3 G !)()I.SE Y, 4I New Levee S HIRTING--15 l bles oft' Jaenan or Itnlian Head .inlrtiigs,lar saleby STE'I'ON & AVERY, uinil 3 88d Greanvier st D IO and Havapa COPF.EE-3011 baea Rin Coffee, nrl orilne nalutlit. "Also 0n0 bags 1-lavunaoa tio r sale on livtnlnble trntls ill "ton lit ti buyers,. Apply StoT I'E'SON'& AVEAY, opril3 . 88 ;ravier st W l aK8]° l- jhb1 t Iala g truiat atrata eant • tlnroiiea,frt/-ale by il, "A "TRIEII',3 Gmaajl'f* M OUHLD aAIºI.ES lif hI ,x as-ania. ainan r. aý ratl lras Boston per ahidt~ Lalatabiena aid' fnr ial y by " S-" • HALL & BROWN, It "ýai 916 tlaazine Sit - bHIPPING. rfor 3urope _ - EI;tli ll. iV~RIOOL- ~ .~ Tlh hlipi R01111,1Il IILCE i Ccli 1ad1. neonheoeing Iairt Il er largo enea gadeiaal aijil t with denllah liF F lr'caie aif height of pssag applly to j16 '1. , IIG(I,9:i3 Cll llcn S, lullt LlvIVEPOOL. The AlI and very flint aliling ahhiý l 7,Zh lKT3'lII,Caat. 'I waet, can take 121 llca of cottlon, andtll dil onC Saturdaa y ext. Far teiw of passnaagrfcr two idea io daentero apply to m13 I. I (GALE, 91.1 (CmeanI at TheIwell known an d ley fiat eiiling alhip III ANORl, Capt Jielbcrtia,, liaving tlrr r tlcrcetfhler cargo, wa·ged, will inert with lid itch.II For balance of freight or ((r~inug aply l il bat ha, a to La L AII , tier 19 93C Comcn it it IIAV tl":. 'I'll, A 1 an t lust roiling sllip NESTORl, Spt Alle ., will reateica itaatnadtia elateli. Fo____ II aneb elt igi atl g lht asaaglaly oli upril I. 11 I-A1.1, 9; taa -- til IIAVIEE. - - Ited ft ailinig clip AI.lIIANCI, (.donna holly, iill aeceive iteteadia, doe' trI. Iarfreighof 2l10lbalerof coatlo, of paaV""e, apply to I. A GALE, ill it ` _ --° 173 Co ot, n,,at l--OL ClIlilK. Th hp CRESCiEN'I', Ciplain lItalc, loigegod eaaitnmdnclatea, npn FRI.IVEII'i liii. he A ew feat ia~iin ahip CII( IIES,, Ceni,tll,"iaiaill meetiitejh itcedictie ier tut Iic . Fr frieght ofl l(ll llet coltta, or april 313 Comoneatet Coastwise. ", FORl NEW YVOIK. I'nrket Glth 'Proxino . I.iuisiana anl 'nem York Line of Pankets. iihe A I leet anilill,paicket lhip MISIS. lie SIPPI.Ccptnin le·elie, will ail al ohove, and will be sently to take In cargo in 2 or all dave. Fur freight oi llsllge, Ihving sperior n ccone m-a modltioia,mlplv to thie nilenr oin loard, opposlite the.e VegerF able llnrkrt, r to VI+8 ,lJ I3 MILI.AN, 7+4 Camp at b The'I packet Xlli L..iville.i(l'pt. A Ilpenl le'eed will the Mississillpi, on the ,calnrdny exlt filliuwnlg. ii Si- FOR NEW 1.R- K. . h-k- Tlrnellltv Iw ld veY [.l.| t ili.. Ierig IIIS- .' W . TO IlAN, (+alp'l'hlker, iont inke thebhlk of :d(0)llarrels, Ihaving the greater pl rt of her rgi oril board. For lerllsl, or ipoIange, pIlyV I fn F1OI.t TW\V YO(R. tK. . . Tih nelw und superior bri CAUCASI. c l ON, Cainin Voe, will receive ilnllledillte ,e isp etlch Forpassage only,h anghndshodnme n me nnoelldntiuui's l V to'n l 1. II i;A1"1, l ' f The I antil ilig Sopper fa ed rig e:AI. pIR. Irl1, will lcie a i dster 'illc havei The AI l n iaest euti'i shiIp IiEVAif t:l ll t . urtles, will' receive inhlU ii A diia c f tch, lriv g ithe grent er part of her l'lrighl lO Ift NW)S''ON. tfuiiiThe firnt clay' hi FI II , Cupt Cold-kt S Ic'l+l .. ll will o el with ' di i tl ei . Adpl to ci 'C e t ieC ,llbciw tl e and o a'' comI'T ON dte a uly V S r bi e early N u (licatio e t Fl O l 'cIs L nll.A o )I.iPk I A. 1'h l ilg bri AI.ilC fe , J It enj sure lllul n nl bir t gtrll ee tellr platr i her cItorgo ell ug_- e, do,, will bet with bal nl ellnte deslp lch. 1.A rI.wlr l f freight e pcr sag, Nply i or Tn l'I,.Iiu cg & c J Wil 'rNEY, ''ht Aldtrich cl haodsom ely accilamm odte" a uplly FORI NEi\ YOIl. or c Tair o ll , the tsid inst. , pcket chip IPA N III i , 'Ashl.ii stii, wi ill or sail i is above i o ir reigh or lipolai Lan g otrc t J i' hI & 11 11' ' lIW i' tullerior I~u O lll ,dathc ii iple to ii h Captainoe, wioard wo tiers below the Vegeitablhe l Arkel, or to c t R"- 1 I A COII N, N. 91 (lOl, IIII t) S Parke .AVE , r 3tr inst New York dlltt New ) rle.+s Lbine. lie lueiu ci ii :q ' k iiv'" iil IImusard i 00 h teleglt w hii ll 'IIIOI.INTA, . sts *inpinti, hatvig ab tun.herah/ pllr of . r-i. lllr gll tioin l. wlill aie 'l p liucttaly. For Ifrel t .r. I n" ealle t AniE. nE, r Ivi Iol l r l i, Rllz l ,a II , ll/ ' iamp "t" ship' RoNer I ,woe" Chris. TIanG tield , . te0r n, mill re.ive freigeht m ilr Itew 1 oprk, and net tt ith ll,-atch.b, Forat term l 0S d.,tot'h," u iu o I'EADItt & A tARSTOtE ;.p. !1ull I_ 7 It ,,k PIa. dl du nileni n-lll tlerlO otl, the 4h1 ilnst I l.ouni n ( l er cyolmk Iine rl /nkes. 1P e " l'r :, will lerav te l,, I.u e tll-morrow aflteri 1450 1, d 5 ' clct slle pi sse gers wil do Iehe hoard. Poor fioia l o1 I.,ab of i i'ii iici fbi o pi c ttlldonr itho hll llerlr f or fuor pal, ty, ndw.llt o tbe lltnster On bou r,Jl (j11sila for Veretl hal)'c orkvl,',r to JAMES 11 llrll'.LAN, m li (ici St ccce - r <PI outne t ipril 3 74 CaIe pi e st I li 'h packet illip Mi.iA p i. m Cat lieebe, Phc wil Idl ow ItllAsYii o with. - uic:k e FOel i FISIAICllIT I lliAI 11 . 1 'I'I & c. i rlta or /lnre . Awrik , o C t Seob bonrd it Post 7, i e M u or or l (t r i E i Cc. tiEiuccgc IiIe l U ci: 1 iunelec cI Ciie oi if A11 e e "''lA ieitiuhLn strlet le, tfei ir fsalue I , .: b l) ir It r catle ,r oil Grilous F lrLech IahtliRO. ·s aIgIn 4 - 11 Ecsks¢ slnrlla lot; :lif bo'xes Enlish mu r 1u d , 1r I 4l h lcs gncuh eI; 5/I c hbh t " t., i h g l1011 dc.a e ipntl e preie e lgcss wo n :S0l bbls alts Its urpontine; 511 blsla ne,'r' n il 210 l diiks re spnt orloili; S - mii e tcp in ini eed ]i ,51 enr ,.. h o il ofvitirol w ,ich thes,'v ti fr • satle o e most reas.onable terms. s "tr iii lm .)A IA.aOI.. -3 t easeed ie tle a tcel eral assrt' ment of Parsii ls, heckig froE ship nlla ha i t 1fe. stole by ISAAC II RIItDGl 1:, C. 1 envl lcir ef. ............c 13n qclty uzte -t h COId'S" P.le.ccN n EPIEATING IcgEcRMIS. c TI[K Public ar A respetAfully 49ormtat tltcC I Ibove lll h e l Cll be seern in arefra Hale ate| )», Ie i ", ICo. ilelhchngl hotel, _St Ceh.reds ti ill . Eellill fe e 151 reae , Anec ie' l, D e mill letter n ioptr , 1ne. '-25/')0 do) do superfine 151 (cdo balur col e'ialern pscrc e 150 d" green pret m 75 do wter llined p iEt do 9 150 do 'uii lerile f cd ap writling 100 do fine cap do 'ui ei 10 o 1ne royal do c n ill po anIlc k flei lio po 'lict la IcAll ofwkich ere of a veryiior anteriulidy, aned will be od low, to iinaii e n consigmen ; by Haste'" bareoroll et-words I t iny ss iln stelle, dedai. Unpd to Iie tiry Brr el El q. comiposed hby Gt 1'. ig niouvrer of iNew Oraean, received with the greatest sop. plane atlhe New York e onterit., peleel Ie. Ae mn , e et rrier St Ciharle ti t i ilciln'c lie s COFFEE-7n lic g haMonilla jcsidt received from New Yorki per ehip Orlecnpy far stle e i ecl4 ' IIAI.I. & BROWtNiie,9neMignine tg th rey ilt flaSil lit Miu liet erisingn aoml fletel ihlnitm in, die hemoarig J Palmer, Ior sale by ISAAC neRed)(ed k.e, Ce. ut ,,,---' _hgea 34 n ,eadein_ Eat JST etUiied. Ollt i 'ce wdir'i 1n ktore ,0 Catp1d ev .l t sLi C;plO 'f the follow al, oka:--clni.eel'a. 51 dern Eurocla! IIla ah Moore's WVoks; Ceable'i Eect. fisce Ileonynes, alad il A natom i; C+nnbi'i Pa hi e. ellgy; Mcltgomery's Lectures; teven's Trave s, Egypt,~Ar'abia, aeprea and the II 3dv tund, Gii aee, Turf Ikey, Ru. as;I Poland, Keith & n the Propl eieV; ht w ird list, Totl Jane-l; (,ittlhs, The Yo ng Duke; Anaittsioi; Ile Vera; ,iarya pie I'htaicieat; Mercheot's IN I ICHA ebDIONew Dhictionary a t('f'ue e enuaenk. e g' h ain n' alhe ngs of a iii , ite well as itie y through successive 'es down to ihi1 present lite. Ait FOR NEW YOfLK. ' .N'rtn.)orr a 9'w crrrarni /sine. ANEW LINI.E of llllcere .hq been ealabrli~hea to d .runl IlettrlrnNew Orleanls anld New York, to CUIIsillol'five first rate ship,, VIM " Shp St Nor, K Foster, mlaster, I Iepubllicuo , J G Rua-ell Au II1ITIru, II P urfey, " new building, Three a! Ylil)J well built to New Y r)Tk:PXr)I1·.C V rtltisi trade; ar, of i t light Ilrlnlqlt of water, and w ill not) br "abject tedt'Irlttinn alll til lI1 Ilor. 'Thole nt. ceu llllllalclttilnl for to -wagers co·, Iri~c till tha inty e rquied ir 111(!1 of IxI) Bence.B Unt1111 il the "ttiti ow htildill" are ', I gr a~l Ilt lll:cll llitl will hrP oIIServd in f~le tin''l of saliling:, and e velry rcllslllnl hll: acclllllllu aliuu I ex r 'titled to shippers anIlld P:IR*BIIg(·T e .1 Lowden, 86 WaVlll street, Now York, or to FO(R NEI W YORK.. i [Loeisianos and :Sew Yolrk Linec of P~ackets.] t lug shim, but 1; more ,ndetr vse.0rlo will Inc otonti onl rutlty toy. making oh, ,,ma iler twelveU~IY in all, whichlli will I of one bring dispat(liallll·IIt fromI this port every~ Week tulrin I th rrllr, thIII aIllolriil j oint opt f (ililitie·s fo~r lr..nsporlntioo a nld at thelo lwest rates lf'fiight. t [ Ship Yazoon, Capltuitl Trask. Luaisi~lr Allen.. Saratogan Illl1l1riway, '' untsIIR lleI Eldridge Shlakespereyl, 1'llliner The Mooroe ships1 are ell 'of Ihl ft. "i classP, COpperedl and rapper fisteurd, o('(( If a lirlll draught otf water, andl neconanlndnailnlill· for lr llgena ern and IoIII1IIIudI( by able The p Irice of pR**ueL is fixed titl $911, withoutl winr, or liquor:', tlplu stores in lorry other p articulalr will curator[ of those, passing to end froI( (`T in the line. Thell shia ill tit all times hn tow ' III"d tip and11 downl theC river, and the greautest pone not i y obserrlrved as to their buy of soiling Neitherr fill- nwmnrr or enitnins of themrr vessels will be respons~ible for jewelry, lllllio01, p1TF(iu0l* "tunes, oil' vet nor plated waresr, breakage (it' glass, hollowsl war(,, Inarblas or granitel, cullllrmgn on Into, rust ofT iron or "Oral, or forrnay letter", parcel Ilr packages - eatl Ir-v or tailken fo~r the snore, unit the* value t hbreoforcpresred. For lfreight or pinIage, apply to· II1HrZI JAMlES It HUI.I.IN,74Cn: III, t FOR NF;W YORK. IIOI.MElS' LINE1 OF PACKETS.I'~ I' O snit punctualul y every Monday front curb port.I11I 'PhI'lis Lin. e l, I'u:Lktts have orris increased~ to +lez - tI Alnl~r wrtr Captain C C R nerlv, Orleans, Captain lS :,teoro l'irkxhnr/R, Captainil J Canker,~r Louisaio. Cnpr~in ·I·1rn1II1In. O)ronre, Captain il I·IoIII'. I~err .whip -- C (iptuitll iIichIIIOIS. 'Tileaurar his norIt f to tro clot,, eoppet' : and topper listened, haPII1 ll were but~lilt inl Newv York ex tran luns ivriablyv cross the bar withoutdoc~l deen iuul 'filles, packetsr are commandelrl d by~ Captanins well ex ylerenree l inl Ilse trude, und wuill tllullva exert tllrrllselves1 t oacoahn dnell n. r 't'llt i el wi ill at"aYe Ibe towed u p l int dow,\n thle river, and wll plllllptllV sai l a advertised.· They have ha Ilndsomlely furnished Ilcuomlllnndn illnR~lnd stores of Iht" f irst quality wr ill always h le furnilihhd, amt ' t every attention palid toI late comfortI· and utiafructiull tit Th'le prier of the cabinl is fixed at $80, withoutl winee or liquor. Fo~r furtlher particulars applyl to A COIIEN, IIJ 7'hr ships a lre nlot ncellllltialle folr hrerokngn of 0 Clll hollolllw ware, marblle or gratinp, coloperage. olf tin or rus~t ofI iroln or steel: oner responsiblel~ folr sayv package Sor panrcel pu~t o~n board, u~nless it regular b ill oflodillg bee signed l Ilrrrfilr, at the o (lm(:( of tor, agents.P For the Interior. FOIL IBAYOI JAIRA Regular Packet. A l The sphndid II rassena. r steamboatinn f w i ---.o e IlR,I.IANy'', Jinen liart mtoer - n r will dorve Niew Orleoanm every Wed oIslal- ill II r'chik A. 1.ilr ilt In, Sr ll rnee.verv nturdayin at It, onehk A. i naking tine. down Nedto b 1uoav xIhor rtigt r posage applyt Unpt. Ilan oll lll'rd or tIo __,I_5 AIIAMS & \ WIIITA.I. A I.A IlL Ii:N, IiN AIt, , l1FSli0 I. rkiah ive, tra (Iaingh.hnll nPVor or reir on Ilr eI ndi r lohigskrrs, Ir llev II ol bly sriengle a, Ioican to io1 a lernanent brown, varyiue Ion cmu rpele blck with.i out rlai llilg iithler Ir handi l or linen, jllst nreeived t Ihe Illzar rorller il. Charles t& tllllllln sreets R ilUsll & AIE LAN, n 1.. .. ...... E, gel Ilnotl i c . ;I( II.r.m De vrist, aep'celnlly ivges no L tdli e, Ihal, Iin . lllhavt Col nshiolted llllllllllly ilL ew ()lall a, rllrillng- the mions of Febrl, , uck alrcl finld rinpil. Iliac n.soiav, inll oi the Ird linc, wr i on, whslne ,rvi's hnnul skill lnd i eiiPeiP, Inlth in thle siL.rgie l coumlr," will remain radvm ctcls ep.aird fer'i fJile59 'annol o lstreet. SICl0 iAS N foKlEilY-Nos 7,8 r nid 9y also the t N irst sr nllllllrn ill le Iract, with i varoniriv l very itn restiun books, just run.:ived sind for snle io nlk A 'TIOWAI: I, 49 lllp ats CARD 'I'O TIlE LADIES. I'ILIAM IIIdI. No. I0 Ci:artre tr een . entiin vV le It pltachse old hroken Jerselry old gild lt silver ill antv Iorn waeverok, nli loy tile higiest price in Orlean's. ILdies s . o may ian old iulionIed gold je~elro, vil: ear ornlllnlie , oenlils, nckla nes uckles, filler rinlg, or in otac ally articles of el I line, whict is lying de andon in use i r e Idg ion n.lgntlesrnl t goid I ldVnallllr , by iallng li Ianiloe. N l-- lclniieh'etJrelr ianio Souicll, repaireo in Ilae bet i3ldlll.r--llargs mL*oderaL . Jart ., B A: - A n IIAZAAR. Corner of St. C(hares & Conmmon street, EXCIIANute InOTFL E . iUSi! & lAN woul reensctllnlly call thle tiour Fi len tiol Ofei izcnand sragi ll heh r cirve o mlcte assortlmlnl I1 (o eatleilels'. liml,.n .hirls, do calmbric witi linen lllls. laihonable lintue iroils linen cml loos: silk, riotlll ntld inerilno iIr shirls and drawerst Cenloric nd silk ihandkoerchi': ll blak i d falney ni vats in great vari.ety: stors iln evr o ihescri iio: gnnu ellatic io d n llnll r .s. ienders: silk, cotlon nid ltrenld gloves: goets ihoskin glote.ns: iiiirllos and canes gold Iounlted. Also,--Splenid assnortnment of ladle andt gents ri-n till desksa dlesilng n lses, pori Iblio. pelfuonll), cut lery, end rich fancy goods. noel I M AttR1A; . Plt'SIOLOGICAI.LY IDISCUS ESi). T'I'slateid frll the Frencha of Jean Do boir, tl. I). by oVillitam GIrenlfield. Part wlt. LOn the nelessilv of Marriage i Part fdh lectluntions itll ooring, with oa clre for Love! Part 3d. " 0 0 Part 4,th o. n..O Marrisge Pivsiologicarlly I)isenssed is the iostpit useful, alld dec.ielly tile illst inlltereneti work Ilhant w ever rend, It willlreak i nllre rt elon Kluad slistrbl and take mcinore ore nriend non nnl no thI allu ny pobliectilh tIhaion ns eerheeio annetiild iy tIe ourl of Hvnelnr.-FLa iMo:noneurr. 'Ails is a great b)tk tnin will be produllltive of mnh good il tie lllnlllUity, It is tr it onti ins mich t:range hlliguage, hll ten iter slujelt ii its Cuseto eid Ifthe Polo alld written l f i, lie could not iiav t.nsld it mlltre 'ile l Cntel e especially Wooci ron lllii ith" Instruttioo. InC urliig," Itt to tienition ol all soung lidieo nld etillletten tlhal ninly e in queslt lof trltners. Le petil CouNrir' DrIs Dames. For ranle t all 6 I.slPora st Ielwoen MohIrgaine and Conilte street. PI'inc I1. _ U .. TiLL T'llE LADIES. DR ULL'S UTI'ERO ABDOIMINAL SUI'POR'I'TE 7[HIS now iostrttmioot for thi radical cureo of Pro. T lpses Ulteri, or Fnlhing of the Womb, by ex. tcrnal application, supeording thlo e of tile oh.b jectionable prcsoary, is confidently recommended to itho a licted as illte mens ofne prfoect rtnr,,tion to health, it never hlaving ft.ilnd of perforning a "'loo, even under the most aggravoted ciritonostan. cee. It hans recoived thie decided approbation of Sir Astloy Cooper of London I Sir Bllenjamin C Brodic ; Sir Jnames Clark, Pysiiini to the Qtoeen; Dr Ashwlaoll. Lctou or on midwifery to Cloy's ls. pital ; Dr Rtghy, lecturer to St Bartholomews; Dr GriffiLth, lecturer to Voestminotor Hlopital; Dr Ramsbothanl, lecturer to London hospital ; Robert Ferguson,lccturnr to Westminsteor hlonpit. al ; Dr Sweontnon, lecturer to Middlesex liosplitaol, Sand sentor accounheur to Queen Charlotte's lyinig.; also by Henry Davies, Conquest; Blundell, Lee, Merrlniman, surgeon Kenos, &n. by Dr Morreau, president oi the Aeadetnie Ronyalo do Medicine, Paris, and Aecouclher to tile Duchess D'Orlens; professors Velpeaus Marjolin, Paul Dubois, Sarson and others-and in New York by professor J W Francis, G S Bedlford, M D pronas. sor of midwifery in the university of thie eif of New York, prol's. Dolfierll, end Francin, U John. ston, president County MBod Sioiety, Laurens [lul president mod society Slate ofN York, profs Jas McNnugbton of Albany, prOfs March, Cyrus Per. kinh, Dooane-Drs Tho Boyd, Gilbert Smith, Hosnck, Stelorns, Ludlow, Kissann, Vuech, Power, Grayson, Vat Retsslaoer, ond many othler distin. guisahcd physicians inths U States. A G Ilull, Officc 4 Vesasey at, Actor House N Ygrk, 1t I nA ontolt supply ofl the above instrunents, 4 witlh Dr Hull's improved Trussen for liernio, will tbe-kept by SICKLES & Co, N Orloeans, tA G Carpoenter, Natchel; Stone & Mlarlsh, Wood. villcl Booth and Mallory, Memphis; WV D Wilkin. 't son, Somervillot lll allnd Washington, Nashville; SMcNairnaylid Hamilton dl R L Bliss, F'reoneti, AlI; J. C, AtLeon; Irby and Matin, Huneville Du Bose and Roff,.Mobile. apl I Jum BUSINESS CARDS. JOB PRINTING. ott EVERY DECRIPTION, SPEEIII., IIANDSOMELY AND CHEAPLY EXECUITED AT THE OFPPIO OF THD . True Smerican, T''. CIIAILES STREET, NEAR IPOYDRAS. C HATN PV COOPE H, (IROCERS AND DEIAI.ERS IN iPROViSI(iNS ANI FEED), No. 79 and 32i Jlia eieer, New Orleons. [] Shilp ad ! ,'F ily stores pu) t u111p. lr .5 LOUIIlIANA FURNITURE WAREROOMS No,. 53, Ijenville strr et. WI II,,IAM It. CAlItNS, would respectfully in f rln klAs frioudt and Ile pblie thaIt he is con stantly receiving from1 New York ant 11llrlan at goodl 1s 'rtment of Furnlilo l'tr, . m lt as IIm|IIYt ell:airs, oflto, led.ttOdly, Uple a:.I.lI Inil1ed ,lbnirn, Iiaplo lnl d cherry bedstead,, nmohognny and cherr) tables of all des~ riopti. n, bureaus, tailets, w .erjetar1s, 0i0i0g dskso, w0rdrol en of I:nllo.ngy and cherry, walh 'and.ol, lo(oktg glinso ,ter, , bedding, &. &c. Nril. Fllrllture packled r Iran po.rlntion with grear care.. S Iovl FRED WILKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENcPAL Ur tUUISIANA, 1 'I"F I S is ni ser. es t(1 0 lh- It h lic in:; 1 f d ppart .lenooi o oSulrveinlg and lCivIl ..ngileri~, both ill town and lcounlllltry. rm unsiderlhe experience in his pro fer iou. ald by proalnlplies and fdlelit ill lie X.i oiol Of business, entl ste1 d to Ilill, he ho als to llellit lld Il:eceive it sharet l of p lic p UtroIlll e. l wil lsu llelsure and ealcunto o the t olteittI ofI wnh .anl xlnvaltilons. Oditice Nu 8 'hartrlles treet,seconldstooly BAIZAA1. BUSH & ALLEN, NO. I, EXfEEAN(CE IIOTEI., 'ornrrr o SoJ. 'IA rloese ol Com(no l as,. NEW OIlII:ANS. MI'OIt'I'ERS and DIeder, in ,earnlh t ,d Englfih f erfnm-~rv I|)kxsitli Ca-ems nod Pwlrltle IDtsks. Cutlery, IhI.ioro, (Gloves hirts, Stockl, ULmrellas, Conle,.',t A Fnltovo Artoicle. d. McCOLLUI & I.OSNIY, Factlors & Ge.eral Comm.nossioo 31iercbhants, Referenceso in New Kirkouo, Aberothy & lHanna, ) ChIhrell ,x Iliriky, IPope, Poers & C'o. (13--1hn JOHN STEl WART, N.o. 5, P/tll Street, .Atw York, COMM)IISSION NMEIRCIIANIT, 11PORlTER and dealer n Ilatter0 PInlhes al Irinllling.t . Ample tlonage. I l e had )oo lldo crate terms, anod cver att'*ropaid io goods lIorwardt Ateleren e:. l1users. L.nrtu, &1 Provost, N O. no22 3- l ossip `. C4o. A CARD. CIRISTIE & SINNOT'T, If/holesle tircCrs rand 1,onlnissron, ioerthants, No. 27 .l'ou.lono Street.N t. Orleans. SIOrri o elao rattention paid to tih atting up of Stun bot oandIip tores. BANK NOTE ENGRAVING. -" RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON tr L AVE openerd aft nirie its Note rlrnn. jeteeeitg II eqrralcdveontgen clt their iants int der Yolk, Veb for tile pur re eie'engrnviag and printing Blek Note.ko Rlnds, Biills or Exchaenge, Cerlifieates d I)oeprite, vat Cheeks and other important papers, requaring security ,m against lorgeries; anld hlavre Imle ample prlvisiol for t il the. srti keeping of all plates andrl impressions entrust- plr ed to their care; their specie ens embracelhe mues of tfe over five htundred banllrkl in ill tirtuOlln, and all ordersn will be eeurrted with rilllll titude, tl on thl e rsual terims. Olfee, trrer cC itoyel & Crrl etre;_. r Ire SAIiUEL TOBY, e:l1 !Alnerchnndiee Broker 4' Commission tleerrluert, dli3 Oliice, 3ti. Camp at.- Fr theprent. O. II . I SL Si. SJIJP BROKER & :CO.)IMISSIOJ "u MERCHANT, a. No. G3, Poydras Street, .. J;I'P. FREEMAN & C).. IPelefsale Clolthing EIt.blsh.ene; No.3, SMagazine street, IlAVE constantlyol hand la l iarge raipIlv of Cloth I.L ing, calctlated or the country trtde. 'tleir It s. e ornteiit being large, inlrelialtsl rom the ounlltrVy cai fr be iurplied at lthe shortest notice. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADDEN, No. 14 Chartres Itres te l IAVE na ContilltRainaiuply f ever anllle rtallin ito geetleeten'S dress, of the latest style, at New Yeork priie rhe lii Ce J. B. Ross SURGEON DENTIST SNe.:J, Royal .streetr. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING Ir ESTAliIIII3IN I r' T, No. 53, Magazine Street, e Opplosite rliks' Areade. IVLLI.t.I GRIEENAE, PROPRIETOR J H. PARKER Commaission anlld Feorwardin g Merchant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, Necf O:lere, Fel. Cr -r .TARVIS & ANDREWS, WIIO)LESALE ANtD Rltt'AIIL. Ilti.t IER IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS 1YE S'TIUFFS .'IND IIiNDO GL SS,, teurner l of ComrLtne aeld il.tthupitoulas strleets, NLW' ORLEASNS. NATIIAN JARVIS. tIliN %'. 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CHIILDS, 7 AnrORNEY AT LAW, . i 11.1. attend thle Saupreme Court. and tihe Districtil f "1 Courts, of Hurrisburg,atrd stie of the adjacentl . counties--t)flice at the City of H elnstoln. 1 Claims nil Ihegovernmen, eitlher Ita Bonnty Land or money, will be. undertaken an I prompntly attended to eiher fr nol reseidenllsa or residens iiof 'exas. r- Address ftrom the Ulritell States-City ofl Huaetoe. . to the carn of S. Ricker, jr. (Texac PoY ilOlfice Ageen ' r, New Orieana. 3m mar 2 E AN--II bblas luding nrom tcva'en edt Lonis ) eor ale by " AIIRALAei'ITRIER, mr 18 . 131 Mnenazine r I, iit' CARDINAL CIEVERLIS,. Arerhinhlop i of lhrdeaax, by tie -Itbv. J linuen I)oubourn, es p rfauar ofi tiheiliogi; translated from Ihn Fench lly Reone tl Walsth. 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Al p.1113 b the . lnIurts .u-pltc(, o ll;.V'cvC t , • It w ih ,I w to l ailtnha "e r~elu p Ino'thPIh'.olal lerbl':Il., for \, h,' !kyn bforte th dlm.euc Ii1. llla+l. l" s apl e nm re;ltl* , It ncl, :I+ ,a n+rta n lrrcvr ut ',r. -.. rttng tom c.,,mluallt rlifflctl.u y n,.I +P,:.P11Iy. TI~-1 dep orable stat, i let.+hic manly plr"nu.I.]ulv+h ,r . wh1"n l, iug the pr prletur, fromll |+thn iifi ql ie' . +, rc r , r,*nIrrs it iiii }e utively 11 . ;u,- t o) ca u .tionl the )1 + t,: tl+.Ilill l hait datlgbruuou r l lltlpt whetl i ld WlOU~ly niht lllli,Irred,. 'rl'ieu pill. eh1 ,,td lirlll n ot...lLIl of all urdI~tiillp chests by sea nold Itllll, .,,it| ntlcht III, ,r |)I ,b omititedl by tuuy pcrsoll go 11g ; lolng voyaip or ju rolrty; tllt, r ploplrtic. ;~ar le s t- h at icllhcr Lent nlOr uuld iIhlluyur, "iclrl yuahty, or pre-etit their dluo l't]'ct'c Ol the 'ii tutl1tt , Sotld at No. 96 C~tl~tuii house st, .N.+w Orlomali TIIE MOST' IMPORTANT IIlUMAN DISCO VEIRY. A CLE:RGY1AN, htt of tfit Cilnhrh Irniver,-t IIn a lyh N di.ovPre , II IDd II,, f , I:I lrlL, I o a e ll l rl ", oR I o . ,',.u. Or iJentat l (Join hlil tl I1l fi~lrle'I li 'p(·llr,* 1!t1.111 lit IO 1 11 ii )lur yen rs hav lll I h ild Iah ll , : )!,W I u;el-, ll U:II h.fbu selil h a. ur e*l x ill I'o lowe! b.11 ltI ,,'P. eelytitel y,. l I 'rs lu I."t¢vo I ieSll ALeAr PllI thn1111. tl ."lI n,-. O .F, II A lrlTI. ORehltl d. ht dlwlltland .'l .11.. 1 11. , h..plll. .,, ,u'h.1 thII. toH hol. I l,., r tiff,), gr.lllllitndll IV-.:, flhlre ll ..rv iollf yi l yll)' i r Irle i I1 &*. c·IIIIV,. ,'.T r",l*Mh}..Lh-, it rr."'tlhttl i, Wn",rl'lv . lies,, ilde-. .li, . hl. l .anc ', plalehal., l iI. i ' haea a, l' l' daa trt'uinn Ina al.tllt, . n .. tre etr..b y' Ilg oil .t Itll'll a llt d c .os? t rt. t qvern in .i . ..,ek. . Apply t . aloIII I;A ju ,an lollcl A. Nwc ralea a.lai IIEAITI AND IIEAU'I'Y; I ly\_.14II 1'l"IIIS --.4. PtIIIt Ptlt Iot m tedM x riter has renrurk )- e. a.I axl,rl ltla Iaila ar Pcasda rlyh a',aa ht tll.da da h bao u a'te'ntci t- kaep iia'g the t,lac ia. anbII a etlll ,c a II )rophllr cdter, prrs.r n I ,, pt runtI6l httll, e ie t", alnd gFI rlllrlrll? V alll rtl llstn.r , rhPer ll ag a lthy aI.d aglb Ihdr .urlPlop tll ee pllht are Ldn, tdI.. ,hrtnxl ,re'ur d "itlln till dlate ICu of l llilnre eatiae' Li.laOalllanlla. e.wr ll, blt lt y rr,:ialche .tUlllrarhi caseia p e-. aipen to ,ver Maal r ,na •ioie a I ahIb:, + .a stomch si i.cccacoaanlctaain,ac aclaa.aaf l.aMrca daaigmhlo.i~ llatsll Of fttlhala n clllla ha. op d.~ raO afbter Ia .ad sghortllat ofa breath, al7 o at a r axeellelt rcub.ti e after ana. iaesaat. tile ,c Blea e~allqaeav ltly , lur alld aclrpls tile hbowcl, trallgthdr the ,lulliln I., n~lelle mvigorlla e tl' ellltlllnti tlll . ,,mulelsa whllo, value goad hllealth .1,td never Ibr \x itht the, :ns thley urllri fv tl a. bhIud, rellCoe I t.alaUCaamba .anb gaioe tile r kll . 4I&uti Wl clahISealV-1O al,,~ll Ig app.Jia t MnmeP r.O Nbta, plerlc hit, mlu++ir bi'l t to II "he, . AIda' dllla nets ~~~~~o.-lhdr+mn. , o ae toe, greaut u Ilou to" bilod Ito the heado.hould therm ireently. ('Children and per. ) + ,f aill gloe, lnav take ttemll) it yII*' tinett , nt the)y Id and l.ltutlll ally ithlrlrur v or a.,y PI1gledleti l thul telhir e. (·i ni ejo for resl'ictltUl of diet. ""ll'hryv .hlldt] ,Ie kept ill every fillnilt- . a+ rpllelr l y ill r'iasesl t° Hhhlell lof lld e r3 ldlnrs liehby their I.rttln t 1 i'ri istrntitllll, cllhro lllltr tta er1 ii . lllrrnm ps , lp 1.", li'+ver,+ aml no tiher n J$rllailng mlmlllllihlt., ltoy h speed CII yII' cure., car ])revel te , ,Id alt1. N. (jli;Cll-tUII; IIhoU, e o , New Ollts. SARSAPAIILl.A PIIL OF llEALTII; OR, BICOD PILL. ills FItrllrnt fra vily pall is a nlaedicine fr loae tr Ied er raey ly r y ll i ret lilall d llordero ll till rtolnaI Itand ll)W lel, the colllltl(ll a Vt)eLi~ s tl-n of which are eutVeller +, flatulen t-y, slasmt.. lo.- of' 8 llnleite, ri(:& hlnrdn-h, glddtllnesax elm.e ol ful li.r nl'or illea , dietiners of the eyes, drew ioeo, and pain, ill the rtomnchll td Ihowele. )ldi lt'tiot prtlodUCing a tr Idoll ilo of the liver, anld a conlspquent tnl utitily of thle how l1, I,!in,-lln odi-or.tiaation ot" covery funlctnioin of the fillsce will ru this m~tt excellettt preparuia"" a Io n t|llle perrever Ionce, hO ottewtuatlly remoyed. Twor tIt Iree uses will tonl lece the filmleld fl" ie .sllllearv Tho atonlnldl will uoeodlly rl.glill , strenllgllth, It b.lthv utile al'the liver, bow elrelad kidlnry rill rap Jdly take iaur; and instead of listles, hleat, lain and jntllo d 't pearanc ,2 b ,rength, a.tlvity IIIl renewed health w ill le the quick restlt of tnlilg thisnme dteille, ncttcrdnllg u tloe dtre.toins aceolll .auly'itg each box. hlellc.O pdllsare partlculariy tmeuciolt. for stomach cougkel cold., ague1,,s £irtner s o' breath, and AI olbstrltctllos Ill the urlnary passage,; olneI if takell tlter ,.ere o ,t itdulgetce at table, they quickly restore the aysten| to Its natural shpt, of rer.o°r f a full hait.l whn are ulujeet to headache, giddi ness, drowvin.rsalld stgill gh, ttthe oars, arlihlg from toogroUt a flow of blood Ie Ilio heed, slituld never lie wlthotut theta, a many dpltgoroau ryluploms w"U be euurely carrietd opby their nimmediate usn. For femaleathesr pill, are mleet truly excellent. removing all olatrucliour ahe irtrraoitg heoaldahe oo very prntl.nllt with the sex; de,.r·esiuo of spirits, dullhtos of sight, nerotous affoctiolm, blotches, plmples sad sallowneseu of thslkn, nd give. healthy ald juve'nile tltmln to thecumplexion. Tu mothers they are Lofno0ntly recommeuded u "Je beet medicine thaten t ha takea during pregtyueyanyd forlblldren of all iirs they are unalualled. .1· " plnasxnu ante, seay apellantt they Ulit0 te rOttleman dalcon of a mild openlion with the mtst oureeem4ul lf et awl. re uirr ao retreiltt t det.n:- enfiaewent during Their ue By i,,ula titwthe hre neeordmltg to the age sand bonllot6 oftle alienllt they boloye £uitable fur every crse, in eltlher samtlktt eau Im reqgared; nnd 6.r elderly pple th hey- w nube found to he ih'. moeteom brtalde modicite hitherto pre,"seld. Sold|.t No. DII CelsliO htlus to, New Orlouna. ,o2_ `(/ HISKCY.1--IO lhl, lardig frm stei er}ge " ltooafor -air b G. IIt)HM EY, 111 4)1 New le* 1 RAr' imt i eIeastdmhl T HE publici re repectf(tlly snhrn.'m ht.ft i. " 1 tutn ir ereted on le Is.nlF iaqplnved plprIuI imt an lry-anlti nomt almlimirieamit lloeiac te tllatitsr " F'runkltmin,ppp the rain)t jme tcm uoe r e'l nmttfa. 1 ime bmmmtmtag is larg;e fllmmnmuemmn ecmmtelhmplt dl l t rtl, , it fie kcimpmtr epaalae dlfelDl Ctl ;e ald d.calferenrdmienet. ace r " IThie imnstdelun is eappli ml with tmr oft k l m-- , .tl.lntive mtAle mtia clpe mc eoht.all thmiL ee mimrmm mOeiot langoageoe. -' . . _ - ,Private or.nm, ,mmay bt bd l et e .atls ;iSl "a ; 'I'ernra~ in the m or iary we dlfl( I laves als tc o o ollure. mmelt Pc i ' N ardm, fire dotilae. Alt cllMthatl orItgenel gptnatinmna t cIa t .a, Tl: rem.imient p.ym.itmam'ie ilr WemVmlmmtt,6*'mmmin Jpplacmion foir adtiasmeon muat be mli. ftlo ytI AL: `A LmeMibermg, No 17i Racmepart eetm "If.Mlp NEW MBEDI.J.-,. r " Dt. .o. R. P/rt/pms Conmrpoand TOMA l TO ,Pl eM. Slmt It tely Veb.ctablad: A nire asnd ima lamble MediCirfemt all i~fl eeeYr a.d a sbleti//e for Cnlomele, ata Vanpi at11r.e . rmmnmtAi.itttm, altttemn ommmim.4 't ea s M rmn meml.ll Alkalhe ratllc., maextaedmUg trt(l'cn Ie PFI ol; witlr tllhervegreln aleef uterea Oaieh la lti a l'-- -; o i. dilly &emml ,em ir. eJFe .hn, a h eelaevel het llpleUt Sell idhundh al, told lcesslully trsd, nd havn e reseiv-ed i .llll+r·.ll cd rspp-"fimlr fhr ,erofu'oa yspepsi. Ja.loIdk&, N Iliolas rllrnris, (:ravel It, llllnlinim, COtghf" Colds, Blusles. C'et ,r,hI, Norvola dliense,· Acid etarnwhsOlll, GlaBIlu .walem, a An An htdotet l u Conll!tginae ead Epidenmicl(ileaml t npee. viet th, forlrtislh if aio0o .teiad live r a i laarr 't t aer and SApe.', Sc. ill the,, Woolrtsmlde re ht ciliea led. Iy low sod iholer hocallt r. 'enm.. awdl Bud Illthem e iillhhlhl reatdy for this S,'urtv. "id uo l Tr i ller5 the. hll l medjcin l t .elFa I-." tI ctrrl tim r!milger olf Olr e,m i utastreeyell mm.emtlm. ?F.rtornmrm my Pam lro ilsmm thAi are euchcllcilvr artp. lrtent u.t hellm n t.t n E ro irnd, - m - 'd I '1' mm pis *ilium omee o llhtmat am PlFlm, Inhe .me.laol itime i.Utiractrd the ItFlleli l of the mdi.tln mtmm ace lsldm' , pol,nll, old greet i nllure t htpo dltecmte tmt icb rehlt,,;wnl ¢ll f nlits medltil dn lligilltiOe, IIwin stJI e pe4iepolte ' i,.hlalpy ilnheill gllnw ablehi.tgratify=-ald pteeolelt.his pill. to i Pile il·, owh tie tll c lltlidnllmee of lhatr Mlbn thMib weys nStmF. mll n L m . lvmn PlacmLtae. Numlerem ,,.rrriatmle t mmf rer m th, elll lthote who haelimkl theam; mad m tm otllnd ommetermmll m Itemo 'lltwle m anm pmereeted teled tmllmmall {tllr t.. lor+hor~mm t nlnm tpieimem. ''hisrameidmy Inmreasing ml'mllhlmId mf m, mild Il nIVm.mirami atprnbatmon Iemmled spam 'thr n,.s. a at:edlit Attul mmidmtm.e mof theiremstd add ame i t hl fres;l;l :ill s mar micle to ithe phlle, tile proptmlter wae inztlhuP+red by |ie hope+ the( a tl dhl . ot' ilo, ie twred whll./ etn ,arce, alwl wlth a strict regald tlo Ilme ilmlm.tlea lld Thctupe imm: mmrm( m mlrm ofm lem . eve p-l ming rm.mmhald Itmketle plae Iof tie irrmlnsmlemibme medieillem or tie dn, awimith *b the con.try uln..nde-ll yed fr'nl ,t favor ar nd+ I le*atued telpel i t Implmimmeimmmmd Mmi ia, me m fcryimjndtiled m expecmtmmg mhim r Fom n fall nrc.ent cf mlt;s Itaereftlmn dicememr. lentid - e l, mlloml!me om morlliomm. Ad. mre manltllm'lmle ,"team maI.y Lhad tmr ti. of elle Wiethre e m mip ,lls, h Noll fo I tI.. ul wit h.... !Ito glnlnll(Ulld of . It. PIIE .I'aI Al. It , s cu prl lrtem e i lmlm mI lrd; m t Cmn.l is . iFollnlmc-h, ti;nlnrmi AIm-llm m .m . I.1 mxehmnagrP ime tm'omm mmmce, Ai.m, my A A 1',mlmmaum No mttilmc timmyal J: lakrt & COt No 77 New"I. m eem, IDr. A eMarsiall, Car.nter- ,m tmtr d Tm helpictlllal Icm," J, Ros, iLifayitte ('ity. C N lterisom.Nlto n i Cltllm mmm eml.I c Jeones, corner 'l'ltli Cimrim: n I 'lritoh i illk. Tr'tihnoe thlt wim i tom act ms AgenCl addressIs WA Pq ANSBiF, wlloiesale AmImm ace d Ip FURNITURIE! FtRJNI-tUIIE!t JTt l c received at tl e I oueiinn 'Frnmitue-.Ware. OI i(lsPm, n large gtmppie ftlen New )'imk atnd Bos tenm. I'ersonm itl thei wentml Ill rhmltlre mmlmllil do cell I argesl t- turtks Ow in the city, V It CUARlSl,. N II--Ptutticulet atteolltionpsii to Itaeklig nd ship ing FurlLiture, freep o'teilxpeiu in dt-m-cw h Mr. (EClutiE MiIletlltlCI( iAl'mg tmmeig.I t(te eu. fine minichief iEngineer of Ime New ()rleman and C(rrollc lon J{Ril loodl, Mt. Joh.n frmpento Irs Inel plalatL .ed in his place, to whinim all persmona 1mvbg lamie~pa It Swimh, or wishing informmtioin regarding maid Liall Iload will nmppl at Ihe Pail Road Olnce, ltPmyurte tleeet, l-y omier of thie Jmnerd. i"sigmgtd) JOHN NICIolNmONI i ovl--tr Cashier L N(IDON ORI16R, CIOPPFR Jo fllo etoko I.odon porter, 7idozen rarl, i III liltels,oraoierl copper :,q0 otiece ibnlucky bogging 2102sisi 111 Cu dOitle rte 1iii) 1111 d o tllothen dl 50 I ,bett Ileideickehampattt For Eale Ill CHARI.El IN'rlltt, VALUAIILE ENGl. SI W'U]EiJ7S MIrll~i 10, 'ili1 ehtllttrlIatotlgb rl EliOI it of (Crawl (irnllflllltl Try A Otto fitnh, 1 .l tran 11s 111t N tile 1111Ilcll, with flutes thalt oll f 1llur II 01t lt)o iltl~lotd.-lt).,itio ot l ltvin ll tl'0 110lip1De CItroev 1 Intn Ia aoreat' I IFrhrlsl and ufrlllarlln the Boeld, Mksk of tine'·· Cllndlv, tlt which Prinres liIe Was aeeretar\ as 1101 ihtril ,11011 o Jldoort the 4th, and flirts) 7th01 tof~nluttrlln 2 vale, 5lenolrs of Ladylri Hntnilton, with illustratieoa, a,.rr do 1 l 111 1,n ol e tlr lu t p)ltrtieolor ftiendl att dis1in 1011 0lrllletullploelee, emobetlllahed with i l tportail aloffr Ftiononv. 110e l0leltrln, lor tell dny tterieintnent, of Docc.rcie, tltltllldilgthe 1UP1teeIt d ottaels trtlnaltotd fetom tlhe Italin, to wlltO litllt oretprefxedi remaltlrk ohlttle ie lth liot!l a lnd ieegeofIteetocoio. inttatl. 11100le by W Mcl(EAN, eroCraal & Cotaoteo ata 1111`2 F tlOtRttll31hrlt landtng front atetnebuat Meta. p. 111, jr f0r sale by o 1)ORNEY, _Illnr 44 New Levee tl1SKEY-50 h1bin reclifiet, latoliit fr,,m steral ` r 0lelo1,iph, for sale by a DORSEY, I nunh44 New Leval 1 lION SIlES, i-eosbns Cineihnantluadw land. Li lll frol,. Oteolelrr 3leellt.tis. flr sale byt, 11ar0 10i h1)OulSEY 44Ne leau.s, ()IL & K) RSEYS-211 hhlb'fonnnat ' OiL 01.k0 C 1sk 11erm Oii 25 boles Noro1Cloth, anltabte for tle t00.lll, LEVI H GALE, mar In2. gaomtaen at IIONN' S SO\ IA'l IONARY .FANCY ARTI CLR1S. .tllot rece0ivrt per 1itrltitgtno, Othe Lrndna. p A 'I 16-Engl Drtii w il ,of tall izes fab Arehitegte 1- Superior ime aIIid, i11e and vyelow- wrtteLett Clpillg plalper, iage lnd ektrxtlalga EIIIIhoI-d 4i) allotd ullpper satn ,Il, gilt oedged aate& moitlup apler rlnclmsed& gold ti rilver bn, cal irellllpeo: 1tilte, tioted, enltaeed, eabaosad Fold ennld silver hanrden d 21111116,1, Writers. We VdgWoad hod tAtkerkge'a t1'a.horde andtellic Carbonic ]]inbks 1.lllldon olleifliotlb ttie iltatt:h-tb t Lonldon pocket honkslk andu wnllrte, neat (tryst Ehchaeed andlnl soul hepad mllls rllell Penho~ldersl ]I natiOeei od 1ro 11101 1 elittl ae0 vl t l OIIIlunn e I prpae iorie 1,1110 iniltttree - 1,111111 Ilwater o ers o1ii I,. e [l .- Voe drtwig 10 tltglPceake Arikst. i 00.l1'.en i pr I.ei e, inteoeer of t nirlt lee .os: Cr, -c ill,, ines, fioet Iltddbln, boaod 1 1101it 11 lbio L l 0 p "ns, It., lo aie of 25 ee 1rll 11 .0,keoitnov liit tti enrhl. i te, 'ttO etr' wC iting e'";)it 0 dlob, .eetttooettt blue ctitd red Iatecv NEOV~ ORLIE:ANS & CA BROI LTON RAIL RO~AD toorsol-.tla rOt ro WEEK Onna. P.lot, P,,,',ltot,, Fnalnd No eOatna 11,111,' C,,,,,. looi,,ork, .. 0ll.lltoovCao.a1 tttt,,lek, A. l adorioe 0i -- tstilletieo n Dnltr EJ1N t. ('. ar11 Cr . : a n 0 " ~ tt I( tt Anreollo teth t Coeoo Ito ohaklaud hy poptg l 1. d -t-ltp IAIKON' AN nl.ACTOIRE W TEEf CAHIe elo.,ai .11,l etO .JoIIok, .0 Ii. ned one kIOttfy. At .-llt, 11C15 aotik 1 u, Ae. .1 loeatatoCar rltealt' aeok Alf I ." iler li e lllh ot t lnalit . ee ev gOillp by tale I.ttmvne.OaO peovdn~hea ,ino..0t ,. J~a1I~q~ I'. atrr x Inale il nsillL k Ea~ a l-0i Chtofb·agN.2OII ftC-R.P 1IIYSTIIAEeiibttt ofJotitoo bef ale. EeplettdIIitot,.oioea. Ale nor1i of bokrlea catttew o Cnnvmaedyaa, by 10. d Ilatlleeo ,. 2l onrla. just errbivrel antIn or ale by 1ar10s 1 ALEX trUWel, 4 C'apat (blLtII 0NO';'IfHOG bAPH IC PIIINTINOiW - P FlHE JA Magazine N treet, oppoata Maha' Ar 2V (IRIPEINE tktbat eloalttee l A ait onad itun hay hA Iriellllf 1s.- tite eilfekhi of Non- Oriovalseca1 e hever at lf hletltb lcttgIt lithttrapo ghoet a ayr with r2ppetopPae. Ifotliom, ott. feout thnilita tIte art aa Caare? naelr Pittt., g no l tpe prnit eltdg. 9Ierehaet ' ote, l.Inn C irceIeee veal 0e 1 1k ehy i t am i t IltlOnl wottitigp( eaa bevy. anyqarnatl at a ýkt hynaa 11111er0 tINer O rill Iv naoedCarrel for theta R Ip oalteao Ptytr, sool nt beentofore givean aataefeeetceeeeJOA I tonIttLiS Inlet reapeotabl eln towtnevon teaaeaa Ia ib1.. liy. (roflleChar leaisMatlY haew, Viablaine Mren. (o.rnly llotsbvtl 11, btiteat eeeaaeeae,weII dowo't, ealtitag at 2w voPb. n,,d aed eacdit.sae. mebr 18A11 N B-dlaob notMa gaiteal teeptat, analt BacleqAr fritnd;tratho.e boo' nate.b a WLL18PA'.IcAO A h.W 'aUi~tiMfeesbob lerthbrugt Lthgrph at apa wth arplw b.Ylg fj[e l & Ilities th art haWry FOH IRAD-I iel aid teenraing e In exet aldrtat aea a ,topma n tayp rwla bt y Plc IL.ArL morfl s e wig ha a g e notice; ~ ~ ~ - orte il--xctdfrta'l ruia styl, sch a ha hawofae gien nner aaicfatip ,,

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