Newspaper of True American, April 4, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated April 4, 1839 Page 4
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J$a itis. 1r;I NYI anti ht.n1,14l Land and popein' p rlledicip riot illefi t Par ,tlthR ANOt WALtnaAnte. , ptviitvfmTl Ea. titaenr Ahiotaeaea, Landotn emL 4 ta I~d~ldn 'htICV ER aa'a Pal 8yn6 cl8ed1, Le .iril Tebion Crn ntu St. AND MECPtICS. :Y' itnnc TArehitectl··d LO~ldll 2 v. Co t841lean 3 volr. aion aa t t IStPiE Anti I s. Ct 'ah '~ of lln·teeicttat Anlie ._`.,. nl :nllircllaniee hont hi I f o buri; Jrnlrn- fid lt. Coffman w "- ^le' L { r I vets, l .ndrl "+l i!· Cljopiitieeof~itoroturep1., k. attItn, by Prae.,tt.nn a' hijalndid edition, 7 voti a its,a a C 4bA aa rtn"ra ot Leew. teclditiculScicn'itl i, ~tiaa.'f.lanea It "R, ano U aar '. lant nnr, Engliash at -8Asha B isaaln Gn ck. - E JOHlN & co. if,· t.' _ . ea'. Ctarlen andt Caninan t.'. Rfl1V'A~'A~ TONIC bt\1UIE W'fiatetmeq adnd eaftkie Fraae.erntrdAgre. willt .a.,aa'a.Jidveed wherein tito 'I'ataitaix. tllrt r alrt~li' the arlietlry macdoe af tr' aint tuaaeo aaaappa' In t f hrt plurat benlg Vohan table Iaaeaaca i~a laino any deleteriun ane d and so eaan atmedieafda, at nay he taken with the ,toefat saite. w Boean Ihv the aender itfont, or agow invalid. Ic per t ~re~npsgte eengsdiaeonequent thtfe t co -.. " IA 'n d'j' wote tnn and acticrvity·. It fillh lhn t pU romappetite, ihniaannitt a an. a n ta Ie i0heentgvmente ofttl.e a F- sloar tujeavibt a Irerpratrrr quaityv, it rclllui l t aaaneeeru a-to inarook this disnnler, ar to rew a bta `thorughly eleeneea the everal or i I " 6 of dpIhiti . 1II lled h ifteto. this )R((stII " 'ýuboio00r'+ptl j. ffiletin ieneity he opprtesed. aldtlnalsa;ale aleP the tie.Ae ofthta Toti'e Atixture, have ·hea-aebllpAetSt a alt the tetati catete at the t isdP hate4aeeaujiet ay nyntptetna oaf ctnt,; wthret at elt"a'aaaefataeantawataettlja', tihten' i alway cae,' netifiat nrea duinheitity tetnrrraf 'tI'lne Tie ICpr taiifinia relopmes'aaaliaAgoei, in'very ,nledt Atttor ahlae tsaaja will saaena, tt'cnottt tooa tatibh prlatatlo 'beai'hteaeto aainnit a'itl ttile..twi , .atd tjtt' il itol tt i - ,,Fo vint'd an eeatv att trnirea Ite' pren ttt htlttttt at l thttt latnata at ttantne fti n a atl 'tnlsieje r,-, itet n s~oi..l atiat ing f -, thi q aef lI tim'nce whticetnh a is 'rllleat, Ia'd ti t' t D lprtly e(lllllel mpntl il bestowed. I Sauu iacttatio ta-etiths tuedit ea Ic it t are deity ndered taf ii A l petitaot. a Jin 'Ebe deer do tilt - 'at C'ttc :l1tr tht i~eu~V +ebko .`to.,and ill Belt by the, !rlrns=,",r t .dtr: :J. I.\'I. k ANILIREIIP opvl ,.l (1m" C o,1,, rG. & 'Ihn:I illnlllilc " ,iossn ippi nd LoutTi n hn otenl, i.IS. ,ARY KIIIILANND respeclfrlly nn. I ounces to lier friends and the public gene. A lly that she is preparedl to aceorlmmnloate theml at 194.t0 abov, estalishlinent, and hopes fr tn her t'i.rtions to reider visitors cimfortablic, to rtceiv I~ ontinuanca of former favors. She feels confi. deit that perons visiting Cnviogltn durin tlhe umnnMer ionti`t, cannot find beltlsr accoiolndations than Abe can afford them, on tlore libelral trms. lHear hok o is planantly situated, and well supplied with ,very convenientce; the bhr is furnihed withi tile hiit choice liquors, &e. in short,she promisec *'tat nothing shall be wanting on her part to give }tttre atilsfiction to all wli may pattronize Ihe .fiiasiippi anti Louisiana llotel. jp.3 ,*faO TIrE .PUBLIC.--The undrtni.d havilg i S studied under Dr. Sol.mtidlt of Ch·llstoi, otath Carolina, andl for snoe years his ti.tantl ill the practice of nmdicin and nosurgry, hlas Iihe hnr to offer his prolessiolill services in Itli ci y. He.,ssures tlhe ladites and genllem(n thiat the mst proiptl attett.ion will be paid lo the catlls which mInay-o na:ie; and also oflero his services to ltre hotlers of 'laves, being well acquainted wilth tic Sdiseasea Commllntl to lthit, havingll attended themlli ii tle suigar house in Charleston, TheIlio fa ls anti bilioqU pills a tr te Iclloitopitioln o.rPilss'lt. tr Sinallette, ttith dirreciolns, canl be haIl So thelundersiigneid. The elftct witith they hlave prodneed in tio s and otlher ei ies, nhas hee!n allttede willth tQg gretest esucecs. it whtich the Iest lt refeorncOacilrn be given. Apply at Nto. 1lii 111t; - 'ine street. JNit. I'LOIIIN(I. IiiLLO i - 1'y ARE.- w.(OD ScitLws, SAD SIRONS, &c. IrilE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, Nt. 238 Water, near Illuekilll sterLt, N:ew YI: II, have received the part leason, lnd uiare clostihltlls y ' ttOcvinilg lorgo ond exnenoive uthtLons to the ste'k eof the above goods, whicih inow conii;it.i ul thI ellowing iaSdidtiraliI, suitnllo for the lsoull lern I ,Y oLstrn llriliakcts. Hiollow ware of srperior ti Ill.y, coi.tilieu of ab4Ut 1500 tonst, viz, Pottsb o 2l differuent s:z... frollt 2:8 o0 50 gallons, I SKettles, 15 sizes, frotl 3:8 to 30 gallous, . K' eitieo,15 sizes, frotl 3:8 to 18 gallons, ' . k'Bukrpoan or Ovens, 7 iliftTro t sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillot . 5 • do 'Flat Spidere . do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddles, . . 4 ido -Fire, . 6 tI Wagontboxes from 1 1 4 to 4 3.1 inches. Crt do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Serdws, 20,000 gross, iron and brassn, fromi :8incl, No. 3 to 3:1 inch, No, 2.1 of a superiior quality and finish, and less thll Jalre's impnlorited Sad Irons, assorted, it ciasks of about 500 Is Ior retailing. Tailor's andl hattlr's iron, nssorted. Sasnh weighlt, 100 tolns, asnorted lroml 4 .1 to Olths.. Bells for Pllntations, steamboats, churches, &c. made to order, Alshio slambeat and oilier machinery imilde to OdSor;r 'l alove assortmlnent of gols is particularly I recoliisesnded to the attention of Southern and Wosternl aoreleants, and are olfored foir sale t low prices, aindupon the most liberal terms ; it is be. lievedtobl the largest and beot assortment ever eoteremfforsalo by any oneo establislmont in the .Uitaed States. Merchants, by lorwarding a request by lail, cani lhavesipritSed circular, with description of goods, pricesand teorms, f-nom which no deviation is over iadae. furnishled by returp of mail. Alla tlers.will roeoivo iimnnediata attention. Neo Yfork, 1838. 1.r3 New O N rvtllilll, HIIv.Id, 1 t7.^ l BOiT ol4iapf? ago I. hadlia the noslfor e too go .A ri .-orae di~eaaso, for which f otve apprlied to Iae walrdrorrafoo ,lore, aolnth dide h e i tne so uIl" o~iaote boveooel ppit roysolf uindeor cte of Ilocto fiabt,.hdi eaPtset 1illo cure toe. Sirce tbnt time th ditrigeogo worse, s at tr break out in large ahem qait be or'i." eighrt onr t It leo allove t10 tod hut Hbl o ;' rk t It., 301qrgtra1ifgtýJipooOof tihe drxew,; geOero d4f abororoat. iin erruting Il)eol etý etb'cr of Dr·. Illuet,(l` 'irir., i'llpbteie b)aredl J IIN iEAN. ClORTIFY ththojke abover oettr nd r isehor i, £atSa well ourrd to tofaoea Ooooioo'tlji, for ro lii Is h .J e liarrod moreoeer I oaeoro' tiror ilool di-. iti lJ:Jlae laim maes ati fine, and did not injure Ill alaqM serea rool roaotlir y Ir o r i lforrors to uTOltoil' a iro 1001)r A. lines, 1`:l Coou ut 4 ~ ltiO Oil Bourboun strerot. Itr. HFl t'iat troorg fr ,oricok, A AI, uetii 4 I' Ni. JOHN l)EAN.40 Grovier owlree. .(If ar ono w.nto to see m, ali at No. 41 Giiraiom 5,ý JOHN DEAN. 1*OrdeansW.$1l,1818. foir IVlly rw~ uu lodi s Indan Boio ro IIrcrIVet tood 1ltaro - i pot opr in bottile at the low plrie of 5o cpgttlc sanrairriang tir otreplgir of thrie orroee of h' .- rwIr Irbo lea tira irtures 'I omrny other rirts an 3orrowo ktltiroirr l ldihiLr 00 etlicearooo Jr curingr ja amla o la.- w ~Iitrd uaoriawhifilr hoo otroodther rh e rorrf ` .134oioeea weireroeir it ta boor:, itrlle MCI or trhe cure of rotgoos, yyt CIWa' of rest, apirittn or b~uwl, oe 'ftai-booon in a h r ro eorrify tiot we ggt freolaartly prooreirori rra (biri 1I ter alAarewor ant Ilooiriturord,wirir eect we coan thereforr, rmor ther knbri ' tur-iaJc n iaad rrorrr, aod FIreereorror F10raiftl aalogit a reupanl rcibratim, ~ 1e1 t: eA W M. D.rt Wgcr lId 1,.h). ýA E iaonlre ojain OhLVP5:i·IEL·fS +i. ar.u r JI.RVII ý¢ANIhRIIAI 1, Cr1°ibI9 f. ooI rtn J'1'ra~o oiit tribr tot relore aPltontasro;rip rerreield, rnd Ot lreoo1aocrrt Wcrirrot Aoaderlroi" 4~erart riwtarleansdtl rrrrd wnrary rta r uTrea fte o amii~eltucall toad exams,,' * 'PXj', taIchItaaa a~ax mnv snlit III , r nod +e c CIaYes fanned~ its nay par. ,ýtridcr ill coo recuirr eIRIIII* at theirnW rrr ,'rerf. P rrirg rr orritre e oorro orrir eirro etlto05 t to efti tiley rith. ea" .ýIý} 1tOtrlltdt.=B d Ptiolkb1 Flksramt Hottlesra nn, recoivtnkh rCu J' nh bdrtd t tbftttieat' ini1.aneibr, er sPie' A pdrew ,,~ d Gaerman 1lyn nrds; Bsk-h and oN ']Qa p s li ; Orns ane0 21-4 rind' 3-8 inch kil asi t,810 nd 1 itoh hlade Bowio Kniveb; Leather and other trVeliine Drcelseig C.oae; Belt, Pocket, trlloreee, and I)nlalling Pistals; dnuble nd ir ipngle biinreled Otr; Glr.l e; Sh. Ilen.; Plarder I and Pistol Flasks; heI a lottle artd i)rinkbing Caps; Pereieeon Caps a nd Coap Ilders; Cloth, tiaer, T'tthl iand Nail lharr i-s; O-rris ad Cldl oari 'loth \Val h: l'tith Powder; 'oil e and Shaevil Snap . ir, reeant va riets; le np Hair tlirad tiinrlets enrl Friertter Peiar: enr'rTsileitPowder; Eet ry iet rr Iv ,vr''uT b Crnhiia : Patent Sldrers or garters; (i:ilr l I:!t tic trnslrarlera IPowderl Pifli. and Box'e; Gilt Cltrrira 'e, ls and IKeVs; Ear-drop; \Vnalis Baekl e'; rlcrl'ter trri Ntecklncra Inrl Chains; Giltitrl Siirreld Beaid s; Iliti M11r lls, I ells al Pieceun; Shell Tw tirl; Side. and re sit g Crunes; whieh in a dditio Itntlheir fna rrrer tel rla hanl. itraesr tlo r lansortln et very roitlertr, itrlion ll aie sol ow End on liberal termsta , i tho sirtn or thle r:olrden Uo otlb. i2-tif 711 Chartrei g street. Trjl .rl: lds;rihr'-d Aerate r,,i thre etenier r i are oefI rrc . & S. l tsber, Shlel hl, Etrltn d, It ve ttt l rrrivcd ca .rry Ierx l atlr alset ofcJ ' erns, r nsll ie " Tnble ain lessaret ri(nices tie' -" deerihion, n, Pocket, tik, andr Sp,'ar ptiers o ll itneS R aitr. S is lors, t' 1e 'nol s, &r:. Vic. & c.whr l irtir ore pthrere c n Txhibt ocinh d ls. le Ial'ri e . 'o cr sll nl ck di thinls will li t ralri nealnt at the h ine. Hlt, ,I . 1. IB IN' .\ C(HII,:.iEN 1 'I'omm n m t. NEWti, GOODiS. Ct .tNrS, itAl'RTT"' & CiO.-Are low reera c I . per ship I tsvillet, agl hr, Meeryv Ahld w, A lirle ender, l irrtnch ndr (;trr inr dre mt la e t rr , l lrvr it rl: c -lin t ca I e; co t l.,erat.i; rai-s -rs,. tlrenes, l'n. cs; ( :illnt t' cnir- n:b rci: allr ohrie r stel el n lts; Vioe ns; Vionlln sli'ills; shell ivol ryad hm.e I id 'his I lay.r bheard autl-Itr hr purses; hair htn r l , fc tt tier clk rientlr ( e tlrnellr llllul 1 Ie r a ltih ll water, .o.elrirtr't inec'e srtt. oil, iriltatiro r l; nlltie; ne tllll Iearl oil; porte ble dit sk' anti lleal llrt ; e s : ast bhrkilng; ltttllial lldr tilet u:n:mses; CoInv'e(x rllrlr't't; . - " etlglatsses tl rierw ; Ilalian ial% I san I pe . n s; a rcortdeir ; w'hitlwine; toilret and haltieri sa -' ; toleti r- owllt , r -C rlo L pic hush alits stl n(,r lih I lrslintlr' lpool strndt ll e llhtecrtshit ns; r ltnet !liaa r hlis :tnc neeblccers; hillr'i I-a llr-i l i; ,et r l, ;onks aend Wtltlr lsi al ones; ia trae rr it filec nld eill ll r n-lllll i - l:ls tiea esendrers, garters do; BI lls lucifri n:it cs sil elr pIencils aryls, r, e. &e. :r w iolesate o retacil; as the srign l'ilre (;erltn (r.:nl 70, t I htl rtlarte street, aidl . e tllaDT rlatl':-t'--Ti, arat'rchip i f lirllet , r ,ait ar(' o re of Ni . erie:t n ;',.,lsrn, Iarls & f.i' Nathia; lrttt nrial Ihtr ri,, K ii tr ri & t ta, of ll e-,atc- tri I+ d-is it- -l -l le 1t ofl Is by lr lls of In ; .\ e, a i s of t it: retlirs r . l , br t .. r er ilhl w t h- i and r.lllil hl nd Ic; said o.dllen ' s I,]loww : tr evi Ireto wilti :nrt' ltt ll al rtt'lli l -art I i- . ie 'e' 1ar1l ta, i ' Itrrir (Oi.ial 'hilrt' r ; oII d ll 'ri, Iir - i V & t (trtr re T - It |r ) lr .lhs v ill llent tl ti is he ll g liub flhll h I'S(ilheS -ll hv fl ll ll" ( Co.; lt .' Pbird if+'ll ns. " ltll tr nlll jtll c0 '' Ifll . 'rtl lino i it l e r ai r ui iii tidaliononlt, tro I' rlh, l rt i 'lll l . nnill d e l' .ien l a e r alc'n ll , rlP.; ht riug claims will; .l,lase irc,-.'l trl'nthm wilhl cht.vy. I.I:\ 11 . II AII III: i, I?3(1 (I. 31 16 F ARINA S Ctll; I,'A I{1.\' 1 .+ W.\TEiR I itr ' Sn1i1 hIt ie trtt r e'tr r itelott.e' etr. iut-i i r 'icl lil Ind tarll'' l ilrl' i c r -d -ills fi . I -al. -. , .Ih l . e l'trt'rl 1 dI I - it'h htil'r tat.le- , a. t11', lullh hOX'..I r shl in_ · l toil'( 1T lll , h l ). i t'll l lll N n·1( 1·11 , Li IIs, ill: l +' is.I:,. i'e iV'11' '"Cll 'r, ,11ii, `.X1l Mi.+ uus : k' lltll .ll llh~ \1'.V cf' ,.'nlsh, heir nil"l- Iiir l llrr II(I-il. y llll rll, rIelll l.l l?, I i ill .nnid fn lll r fI n ul', 1 llll ,I It t -ll hira t -t ,l ,iol.', S 'hhl'nt e' ' ler e )r'it e a :a ,l w ,h. n. '.anlbl: l j' c ei,' l<iar s tlre n -iw : t twhcllrle ir n (nil at h " 1.1a 11irI, Il TTI' .'1\il'(), 'r + li i 7ll V ) ar{ Il. . h.lI i tI. 'at a-it a t;;i '; .ir ' stply tr ta tar itni, I tll tt r- cl . hI h tl ..a r t i u., v.i hi, it \~i, l e nS 11 1 A I rlil - lpc.I d I "i' ! thc li 't r rri :, (r' rrln ('t!; r "Ie I Xl ,n Ilh N'r r ,,r ". it I. Ltelidh ndI lr'nrla t aratratill s e tart ll ,r."i, i s('rartn l. i 1, a I;" inn - as h,'i tar:- lire tart'' ta r Itatat irsat - id! . ,lal la'e, ' i t- 'hey will aiie1asa,,a . oI ,re ,,,+l h , ir lie O ,il. a ltl at tht li e. N,. 5I lh ttvitIt c si 'a-tai r "'. hill t -rraar'a I l a't'thrci , IratI art. i l "- I..... I,. it'.rt e . I M i. l,, . h , I'ra t a rt''; a-! ll ri 1th ir' -, , " l : 111 i 1 r' 1 j.I il ati t i tria " ht , 7.ra 1,t hts ''a, t IIIIII tr i l" tea-' I arra , I-'llllt I-. ai & c Ii. lter , /, t a, i.,., i ha tra it :,I -n't re ' ''lar Ie. 1 11-. 1 V '1.-l ' l l-rca-a n Iet ,a - a .1". 1,i ih r ; Ileh , I, li, 1I 1 '"t Ji i i.,, i I , . l , ',Ir1. "=1. . o` ',.P .. ..r e ... . . ...ii, , . .... ....... ." IIl rI ,, w i. l I, : ,'-ll . I .l.l I , . d o l r, . 8 . ]1:1} I:; ) il11" --''1till' s:., Scr, hc! I. a h ..i...r , t a -,r,-l I xptl:-r, Ih lly t of poI ini, otl r' to,[ i IbII s I l, \. o '1'!Cie ' are a l ptell It pal L, ,p l tli ri ,.'. Ir a IIIry r Ik , l e nlh it ulan s .ot2 " l 1' CO;S%% E .1, N, CL o ', L'i'lal .bTE ] Y & IA|'EI' IIANUIN(; , l1 :. Rltely 'iethlechr , (.or iJ y .I . I. C. \l%:i -s & (',".' Itit i I 'st ItSIl t'llllV I rm- 11 m his Ii' llls n d I he I oi! hrt" il _,11 n, i;:, I[:,l he. I;;,s rl i"s t'" I :llt. V, r cl('lliI . ll . t~ n, L" I 'till -l llll I-I ,l.d lrv nl I lil r Ihln i lli. 'T'hie 1 I!..I ill_ ctmplIlcIsIt Il Mi -ll. o( Il- sili, k, which Iby olle<l. hor n.' , r, ~Ihl ' 'ollh r lre ill ltr -Ie i acii, ~co lllldt li Il F l it I , ve t :i:,,l l l ai per. .l -(tl p I t ) t ; . Shall n i-lan, l aid.,I i, ·l, I . /, I'm il h~ ih, h l,, l.d ,l ul ,.ohx, , dof. +,,, ["leInd[ lal d:h-v,.,,., lilt, loIwts i II"Ii. , nt t lrrs, sIl h lltri e iltlrp rtl "s ~ ait i nnts ,en iilR-sd -, li,+ N lll. il l l I ,n s.t t , ltI ltll .lllalrst.t Xltv l, ll nil, and X hlt[i thapfl nlor' Ili Ir"+. IIadir I 0,li, l-.n I-I. cloir-, li.ti l : lol " , l e wolnt .,1- l su -1l tl IIcllsio t, +.tsl ,1 overit c ilw" sI l l o I ll 11 lll ls, rais. d liic s ',int pla t "1ill Il n(lltll~[ fll llllstall ll ;ll wl trn I-land !Iz ,ili" i at a11a irs l.c a l ci i tlh ,re, are.,a: ,I , casul s, hair 'l ,i; , ll,.Il Irl ail phI l n l, h ,:rle ua ss ll. t nr t lof ito I r cl ,ilte SIail si l% !,d aiI d tI I tssI ' i is, wal sted C( ord std lilt. plss,a nSe1th ftill sso. tl i t ill t IiI! " ll+t C-'a it ll- r ltahb lnlltS, c,,ista ly 11n ho d n,:I i itl l 1 l [ l t'll h Itlwelst r]it'ts tit Ni o, -11 Br'-, l anlid lll (I i t ll N I -- ll rsi n s Ii Il crity lir t illll Ihe c tr.u areI relsptclii lli' Inv1 ir, l ip uallli a ind .l llurte I,,i Ilbri sel vel . CII rper l ls ,li ll[ l la e ill tiltr latest us-dernl s. ),l, morolt plepured it the Sq,,it 1st notwl., itd i tll kinds I. i uphlifriu. t C ,k doii wilh iiet+ess i-td ,Ieslait h. otnt ,a Ia I ,'- No l l olldI Strutt ttg ilI . l a tllllvlcrln lltll b· Jlh[ Il, oi + Ct, I-ll, " Is IV 1r ll -atld Ia v.ery ,,od tlet plih, . lamllht Ihl. tn ,untancc to r tdlbn_ t ori l,, wil I ti u th tl:r tsh s atte nded to l,. l. tillt S i " 1 l 'N . I ,] (. WI NII W tlll l 4'or A oIt -i,, trol I-d ' Ill[Ii l tl-l Iar - ui'rn t, this oilt lion It ent irr v ol ti i ed. I'h notil c icpt.v fin.i all iii in, ldoired . lvhirdoubi t 'fte htvinig tlc d the Tlullqutr. For sai l at S1' I" :I.IION'i, lil I '. t- I l. f ir , li Si&l--i:i,-1,......i-- .......... t ,inter... \Vh le.d. fhrugg als, corler l ' C iiil1 ainl '1'an |111p Ins+ strrl.. . I;,rI 1;n. lish do--H> 1-4 bbl'. Hti .. " ItIl l'airst i h ii arShoI i'our siz, s, 5 b'ibb i;Ctpli Vlrrlish" J. packs hold I~eled; io do deilver do; Illi do Ditch .lr.hl. WVINI)(\V (;I..ASS, ,i r:eri' , ri W1 h and il tlh I0)l0 hoxes, f , t , ,... Illl4i o t r tl r I do.-- iGuiI Lov. . , 'i n-17ir otl , t ill h Also, uagrnerl usniwtment of unri-I-' t rs :il N Ii. Alitla'li ba IIk', ,l i I r. o:i) ll i .Iliui. I 'i new s will Ieo rler iv;' l iil 1 11 .r,:lr e t disi lulllt lhr gl,,a or it pa y ._e[[ o ,f dibt_ . .j I I w .TI.A 1K- ?tiil ntudini f it , rains.- ind,-i, .. I ertre, -le 2 if0 1: : Y' I i.VmSw o' 1.i z r,' r,,, s- l -a+r: ,is a t"f ill, -', uiie arfs hi. j ,"I rete'iv.d 'y " ,lh -ruri I ,, ,.--. i. I i, i s " l-sol't tali r. *., ila I" all [ heii p, i =irre, i tor .Ill., Iip n3 I00,G",TI .11 IT:\1' N, 63 (;r. .c Under the P. as e Office, 7olCa, p at. RRONSE.MA '& HOWSON beg leave In inform tsip D their ustomners and the pno!ic generatllv, in. i pt they heae removed their etnbhllehment to Nt . 72 til C tmtp street, i-onpedintely under Ithe office of she al ri eayne--where they are prepared to execute all o il orl trs in theirline. Silting received from the North n supply of pn" g' per and materials of n superiior qualty., fir the e manufncture of Blnk Uooks, Ihey ,offer their seety vices to merrhants and other., who tiny wish is work of that kind l nd having the advnt lnge of wc yvan:t's experience in that line, they are jut confidlenit of tivin s;: tisfaction to those wiho It'ay tn fivnr tIhem wilt their custlomt. of For notnries, archiiects and thlltrs, maps and noa plans .ill he pasted on linen. varnished ntlld otihted ill tle neatest manger, & at the shorteite lhi n o 'ic ,,, .. I Plain and faney hindino, in nil its variehie it. to CIlINA I lt\oo tit E illt ,vtle..uai, Ili Chirres s reet, New Orleans. W 11 iM IGEA! BiT & Co. importers of French hi aInil itnblsh China and Eartehen wotre. tre io ino,,v o tn" , tu n uew an d rich patlterns of brenakfast:ll, " dti . rind Ica servio es, toilti seits, pit ,hers, te I n ,n I lln, c u iyps, gnpnols, sugtn rs, Cre onu , b)owl i es, l 'ilInte, di!l es, turcte's, wash Iasins aint own.s, Il I'tt hauli,, etc. etc.t In |]ich cut and plain French and Amtrican ghhu. to Swar- o itblets, chall pait etos. I e iades, jchit e, s d earese, t irve t, erdial , nr boeI llet lens, diel ters. I, mo n tlerspreserve dishs ecleriespitchershInmps, of tIImp shallde alind, lasses, candill shados, suit cel- st les, , te. S ilvtr Iplrie, tlrnenzdl nnd llbvritania wirir-ai. ps t tIrv, liquo r it nd, ctlin bdsldoets, andlt icllksi , l bra n loh s , o, I'SI de.s, tof',co and tenpolos, sugars, o ntyns. IJips, jepnTned trays, astral sounds,and to hanlrlin- Isml, s'lini, cutler y,(ermano s Iv r spolnsI c rind lrk+, thitter with n ¢real variely , f rlrtalles l enhiii ains, iurnished w:h geiool s at Ihe iten tsonilhle prieis n.t Itnt'km len so i I It b coivu) d i, with saitly t, ny part , the1 coun ryt h l mhnrh lt:'risl.' u1I's- eel n,. not2i 'i H Ic •Iy t ,i)R IDi LINE for llnil's I.lndint, shove liiJ ely.-thlence, fohur n,, I cnches to le:lsar ln- thtnol arenllthnllllt Ite ', I , th c lre t IlP !nill I n'e itresumLed-thence va n iii n a :,ido Ir-,wniisvilc, t lhe . ll tiirO, ,e, a PI'dl l'er ti n, I ,wkisvilloc. ,, ni ersville & Inn-is. C SvIle o.\ l usl n, ( C. n I lnelC I rtl ul rl i ilh t I. rii r'1 (I 1,1 (hIIii lot ini nllll tl s llte l e , " r e..e s t oii NowV Y irk, lk, P.tiladelplhic, etc. ''les: st;llbo ls are lth e best for tie service, and a t he ilc viilr: l pi t tienls :totre Idvantl ages iIIlin it In S he l tid I Iuponll all ll t li uj)i lt routeii iii sI lth. S T'he .rnct im lnpr vinlels in I routc n ht vem .een I prod' 'r ed by llt con'm i ntlt lioit Iof lift' miles o1 .n w " mriad, lhi the Ipr .Opitors, viz : Ir o lll ti(:rllle onl [,'la"t," Ile R va o1, in ur:ln of Santa lInic tllhy, to1 I i:yllcl-n I'ell. it, Oil th Ci nloelo ceeII'e river, len SI s .lh v the Cow:,rd, or 14i alo ve Cr llar I:lvil, I I ni1 '"h.cby ilte i hnvi.nlli el tIIh river, and tiehl ci.L S l t'Int dl tenll tionl , and nor: rlclc nlllly rhe i llon verl ictlt crossuI' et the C wlVlrdl, tire entir,.ly 1 Sav,,idl, :,.d a linu read from Mlarinlna drrcct tol It tll I li rIi ,, I l st, d il i I Ithe ronll lll tllllllill t ll vii r%!n tu lllhl h'sc, 'hilb · I hIU i l ' lhllw e Illbnu f,,riv 1 . e a. io iucrea-: I the facilities more ll I iIh, r day fou II, c kino.vlo. viL P ry t \'u tie,' i i conne ctin. tt i th Ihe line to Soavant'll aln A I'i'I ll' l lI or nt Ili, s re uln arl\ Ioe ,r'',, U r ll lllildn aand,' t ..; ill: 1 11 ,1" . ' l'rhv lll, r t shi p ii r c h t ne y 'a, hll' on{ 1 ha blII illlll :III or A,,ll llll h I'I I ' ',o l n IIin tet .t ,i u l .. llll t it I irlo LylJo e l+•. I A ttbile t iu'l : ll ' l -iled tiLa n ie--l)rin tbhe t iom tlt I 0l;,t the r'l:l airs of b a 9. fl l e i ' ll 'ntars , r h1 h,' rut! l1 hna , the ~rop,'ii SIn,,e p i't o. chtes ever'y olllher dy iletwtin 1 * - " uli tl iland t'ns'cottl . I'.P . ,,c,.rr will leov+, 11 ,I tle tit 3 0' , , ,p l, Sill the I' i' I ,i ati tlIt ' v i Il il l I l li , Illlt St i t ' cl l ouI' h r i..rlll~ , ti· 'lw· ll c" , 1 aIli ngllll ll (+o lv I'V t!ll 'll t 1 IIIP ,.xe Ic ll IInt leM a , | of . .11 :l rl lS n11 1- I I I m lil l 1 ~, 111]1 " Il;l \ 2l: lit 1 ii fl, [llh' , vhly " il'l .:rlv, II |llyil.+ll lll l i, i I Ii it ii.t '-' I u l I: ht I 0, .11 ' ' h " ., . in l .use i , l ( . i n,1.' IIiioi,'. J l, ll t~'', I I o r I i 't. e n utus ' I,~" ' , 1r,,' . 1'I'( I's If)N &. 1;,. n'V I i'n of F'i'IC I nt, tlr o'ln. Ilii zi·; · Ii,'i.hl l S . S 111 'ic ol i htr Silt h ' Ih t'itio'i SneaA r ,I, ' I lit]] : Ii 'I,ýIt , Ion' lai il I' , + 1 11 ~ ) ll iirI s+,.ircu 1 II, arc, . . i ii l- i hr ,,I t ItI" i' ltt Itol!, tI II: li' tI I tI + ll I Ii 1' tititt it, to lint e ed ' ii,.,,, ti this city in = ili e h - i 'i e . ' i t11( , tn I tih ir'l' llt l it r e e l , . r I e. ii' ;11,l I'u iii hal. , Ir 1, T II ,'ch he i III Cel Ioo n strictl le iitini ' h iusinIess. Is stocI k will soon le ctoitpleti, ote! in a few toe'tks will Ioe rn. from merchants of i citl, rec ivii, a iting such order. .ill Ie, priomptl y attended ito. t I nlll i i No 30 Catp at PIOSI'ECT'US. 'TII' subscriber l-opones to lablish, in the Ih,. ginnling of the enti' willer, t (Condensationl ( I the Itwnty volumes of thie Ol( and NOew oSeries of 3irlrti' Louisiana Reports, to be comprised it f.our wvolm ts, tvo., ,ncording to Llit model of loeters' .sed Reports. his work is now in preparation by J. eeurtln larrison, lEtq, of this city, onsisted by William F. I:randl, 'sq, The Elditor is also perlttled o y a distinguished retired Judge of the Supretm Ct:.rt, and by Ione of the sitting .Jldgos, to expect front their personal supervisio tall ithe advantage whlich ly natilu.tral' be r.aoued front their expnience. 1uch' 1 1 wurk is hmeomino every day mo rlno cesairy, as the original is vohllliinous, expensive, nod scarc'o. An increasing curiosity too is mani l'st, in the other Stains of the Union, in reference to tthe peciharjurisprudence of Loutsiana; and lie eirculstnllt u tof the nuittttorous principle hero der cided ill tht adjustmentct of orfllitis of Iawts, makes the lknowloleldge of our adjudged cases of prime uti lity to tlejuristsnof the wholI Union. tMoreouve, the rising trepublic ofl't'exs has adoptol our codes, atel thus there isa gleit demanitt foar ltit Louisiana de:isions ifromI a eishl quirter. C(onvelnient nottes, indicating i t o paralul cases decided in Louisiana, all occasionally thoseo i the more authoritative torums of the other States, wit ino added to tteach case. The work will form four volumes, royal octavo, and will bl delivered, bound, to subrer.bers at $(6 per vol.; in case it shoudi be found practicablc to Comlpreas it into three volumes, the p-ice to sulb. oeriter will be ,7 per vol. ulscripltions received by WM McKEAN, ICS car Camp and nCom(ollllin stc. S, lrIESA|L. A lii) TAII.CO311Oi AND VA ltl I't1'Y STOlI -at the nign of thl, ,ohlen -Oiitit I , I) i'hartr'es slict-. 't'hesulhtaeribers hiave re 'I i{'id, i ll.: tli oll 1 to their iriviosll- stotk - tL hn1ltc d, full unitd a'nntpi·llet, assOl'tlll t of ntllet . et' ill tllh ir lil.; vz: rn!n ll, , ieifum r, welwlr n, brusheis, loclkillng ghllses, fil'i , lll It+ -. t.r.'l' til . li-ll i ti -tll pll Ii ta l'·ihtu i lntt ne- I , Ilrtoi liuil iclll,'tt o lf every delril lpt ion l l ll lee hicc ph an , ome MexiruI paterss, Is torc .io t of inery dsritioTa, hrn, disting ani, ipickeit, tttiher with it i lt Et Il,'ttIlt 11I Y-- ('o le, I.avei ler, Fhlorid , onty, al ript l en, llr nllll rioh ag ,nralag l, PX i (rill t'l lll l r ll h1," soal S oil:l kisom, mheoing iat in calves 11 torn, ei m sr t, onii, llrl ti n' its t nl r oieli rai, -i p l m liu,. o rtiieSni si tnlling te ts, N ain n n anm 'uned hilt- InIder, pairl powder, in an hriti"r and hties t-t tll1tlll ,it :in l rollsorrls and chloriie tooth wesh iiiI ln.s , wilth u l wit te utl m iit uIirtm e tllt 'flt J l l,'l " .lioY--son ei, oftlie Ilalot id t tIrl fs ehi ,ntot -ti. ell, lit-,c nsis ingn 'hitei natireid ii rnetlian, l II:n r li it ,r,rl ye, set i, pitaree, hr-asl inls fIt gFr enh " n ,lt-n y o'l lii'lis we !rlih trim* l omie s it i ah 1 1 li' ti -tekle, 'ilv, .r l himble-, nil',er s lee ,- ll u it d ii l g l llt l.!lll' --Cloth, h (ullh' U . lh'll Clll 11 h 0llrlllll hila.t h e,th` "h ' lo ,th, l Iate, tomb, Nail, hai; glr. shoe ll t el nsss, utugrfill ing an,! F1.h11'.1 dr -lle -ng gilan.o, home ,h, with " rieiv ofether kinds llu l - llllllltiuuterlu lt l aeen, w -rri, l ia is loretabe de )rk t),)xs and drescicg'n'e', ,' rhII. l ' lrelSt a d fiely I sng'u with nntl withnnllT ot iit, lll"l, l ~ ·lX·Il,,, n I' 'lrnrdl·ii 1) " "i"' ki,l' ., Biil . ol i lll guita , oi %er Ind pl l, I,~d ",~nl<'illul la hn+ti Irn .'o Il:till(+il L it eurIr n miffll s,1 r ,ll ( ll'< lPi:.i l r i pl ,,r'll llll'i rate.,) t)ill opprllC I n -i,,ind i ,-iii kni-t , rat ,,I ,I s , i: )l ilcli-i- )iol, sii -er , wtold, saoeel nll ,il c ,i is. + , iL ,_. Ir n ; l a titrinitti , lefi katI.e tt i Lt, ls+, dle,) (,tl:,A t it 's, juwahur l tl) ito' t)Ie 'at It nal Iii lahukit li ti , withl h a a t ti it rti i fot l li+ .nt i 1('{ .\ 'l'- W .tll.,t 19 (,.';t'.,l TiIll IN'LIAN' I 'ANAI-A.& F Oltthecureolnfrhlcustismi.mrofulaor.kingsevltgoual , Sacitiura rM hip gout, inclaienlt oancers, .ltlrheuin, a.philitic ana meryripldiseases, partieularlyv ulcers .nd painfulaf fetimiodrhllii bones, uleerated thrat a"* no- ho trils,ulcers of eveoryl dnlctiaon, fever sores, and internal Ci abssnesn, fistulals, iles, said head, scurvy, hiles, chro nle more eyes, cryilelis,lhlotllhes, ansd every varietyolfo, tancmtns asltction, chronic (:tstnnlh, head ache proceed-A ing from any nerid humor, pain in the stomach and dys 1psia proceedingfr'om sariatinn, al'ections ofthe liter, lcolie inflatmmantion of the kidnevs, ald genetal debili-a ty amused by ntorpidactiln olthe vessclsof ie skin. It in sing:llumly eliclcious in renovating those consititutios whiclh have been roken down by injudicinus t ratment, juvenile irregularities. In general terms, it is revom mended' m nall those diseses whihal arise fIom impurities of the Iloml, or initiation of the humors, of whatever a name or kindl. Some of the shone complaints may require some trl- I fling asistant apllientionls, vh ichll theicumstnnees ol'ie a case will dlicta; but for a general remedy or Purificsa I to remove tle enusl', the IN)1IAN'S PANACEA will generally b found suflicient. TO THE PUBLIC. " Iflo true it is, that modern Physicians, their nm- I kition to excel ino their profession; asplorc the vast lirldls ol'seierlce by tile adl oellelaeistryl, lnd seek ollt new re- I medild agents; in short, to arrive at ptrfecti'ni in the spractice by means of arlt alone,-altireltl merlook mil neglect, as heneauhtherlnotlce, the rich ndll bonllltenl s stores ofnmlcliine, whlich the Anlmightly has cenaused to slpring olll of tha earth ii i every clisic! And how nictih more true isit that lwhile the Amcri'ean ahysician looks to fIb'cigs enanltricslhr imay of his most conuon ~ind inecesw.y articles, perpetually changin.l as t ailhe are at i. the dictates fl'fa.shion or ldly, hie is sirrnm.lded inl his 0owl country withilal endlessprofusiolii of muedical plants, sullicient to answerisy'i indication il diiilasse or to cure any cun:aIl: d'isrnidcr 'and yet he is igirIrant of their vir tues, nandi they are sulleredlto swaste theirlihealing on the desert tir.' The vilfects oflvegetale medicines opo: thle system are tempon'ry-those of ininelrl5s laxtillng. 'The I'}l'tler - Ix It I irttheir eaiets lad pass of-the Intter, lmrcurly in paIlr tieulalr, net chemolie llsll n the solids, deWemposing the bones aiu I'eillililliiIgi the ycnstlitutin by 1 slow Sind stnre dtestrlltio. The ongeniallity, rflcincy Intl SAFITI'Y iof vegeta- I d le remedies over I11nerall, nmty he estinatetd iv ingtlhe anlciet prlactice with tihe modern; or, to bring ii more immediately i.niderot oui wn obseirvation, thII Idli. ma praetice with thllat of the whites. Who, ill Amelic: lasnotlkowoorahcrd of repeated LIllshlnces whelrei some declrepid, n rlltending ftrmalu Illdian, hy le11ansof ic,,ah i simlie ire scras al ife, Enslttiacld tile Ilast aiscid I at m1nstllishtgl e sal'wrtt Ahlei Jhra Medics ofA ile -iommon p:'ractice, directed in the most skillfl Imailellll has fiiled? Aind who s s not Ia't'i suII'ilp'Iasd at tll at'eom " peratiienisenmlihecility ith aiah thendianl fieeshism a selfilom asly disease, : I aIt the ' almosIt ai l stillellCe i l' ochronic disense amin g themn, Who has a te has eard ol an Indlian with a rnllstitui ll brokonll a 111i rllined byi ill rltment? And can al doit xllh sti thai: this rappy ex-I i emptinn of the savage from most of the ills which the . Ilesh ol'man is helirto, is chiclhly owiing to more gellain ill 'ad sI l lremel' les which hi e a i llltlii i s? 'hlis :ast isll in ing dlilrenecm e inl succe's, i s: I'lr ex lslismlic)in of the Is. illllte sperio'l'i nr the simple wd slllll' l i' alns rof cella e ua hir Coll has ce i teIld il the eII elt of his chrildren, hIover ihose which thie pride and tihc arl't of mI1In hIva i ventel. F o a loita , residetncc amoig i pirtion oi f he -s.s ii al ihtnilmaitsof thiscontlry, iautaf ilainnsate atc s uin a Itce wihuselllih eul hIs of cure 1o somile ofl their ,rost If slcesWlill lnlltItinlners, thie propri1torl of *The Ilni:m'is nPnancea,'ncquire ,In knowledge of lsome ofI tllhe most I' ow sa!ahsla iivhro'ileremedies. Froma thlsehc selected itasuch as wete inost e 'ticitiofs :ld pprol iates, an and tiert y vri lll' xl lll'll l ri I 111 t ll" llprilciplesati l Streitlthl , t he has comhined ifi' in tihe 't m hi le presentel, :Is the. i l ost i pers l el and ,elt icia:d r thr Ili ' purpose orh which its I (is .reemmnellled. The proprietor ofllrsthis preparation to dh,: p1blic, wi sh the co.l cslilol sts's tlat heI ispi:C ig w ilhih heir sea:, '. a remedy a'ln a'eb" ofhisrt Ii vil.g miys ot f his :'Ilh .es l I'l Ilow beilIgs, w ho ai saStill tlrti l t i 'ier the :Lrilus chrioni, n, Will olstit~er nl p iltas to 'which, it is :ippli:Ible. To I I 1sc it will pI e ofr i nealci lable s: bt't. as th Imeans, lll i ll 1 a; 1 s, tl e only is otl 1 isI tL I tlies l i their stll Sfrinle gs am: l rt.+totln g hli n Ih o mrlm te l hetisl mts ll hIp Spiness. This is .nt a lln r.d as a cram,.t remedy, tht - - m:sy iper chsance he ei", gutlly 'ood iinl.v hi.el's mow i' use, ba ltl s oIil" n hlicah iseu bll l r:itf l:l ing !iilk' in m i, y ie 'exi tlen -u sesihlsich clI I l'hwt . l e ,f lithatl. Thisit i. las dlone rpt i l edI l ; :i tIS11a Is the rep' ionlll it halsob tr laiovdi ll-,ever it ha;bee It is onlly a ll ithree I v :ains ahll'ss llprI 'l:tii n xIs prese!tl l lolthe pI hl c:"but i ta) l shortI. splr (e ofl tnllle, sl, oine llllllhe' . oI persnllsnlight hIe flllt 1, \ho wai md i '1 sohltmlmly ,Ittl.el:, te h :I t the l ht l a ie th a th I eir lives oi re t satd by il, twd hn s -At hv hur ticd tm i , 'i n : pi t ti r 1I1 .i all i lt' e' llt , i ll I. .w i. iilitlo:l . Al herl ', ever it k I i is .t I .i,- o , I hi :all'llt. lll-t 1hIn t Eub ad 1 1 -t-, :d. cu m- 4 proo l" " it Thi' on diine e alas' 2 rid s. ill Th0 ,++:l.l. f'lhe. t'no:larJ.:e i moll ennapirnnns in l:fi sty' r Ion.g sm,111 hll,. r :n11i1 s) ih l , o:, ,, l l lhrl:l :lf+ :ili o IiIhts h'.at, 1elhI all . her' l' r .i r l1,1 S1 , nurI l i:,lt ahsl:sl ' it I se11 s i; lssn ' l a n,1 i l 'assa f htpli' M It:ll 1 lsedl II' s lhr I salsassia I ai'iI' a'Isa a sasaI'.iaaa'asalslhl' :I Iass ·Ilala t S slan at's sakin as nsaaalsilaisca wi-ll ns e l i I i'l' clh ,,a 'i l ' ihiI ,:l .. a ,i i llIr.a, oisn os slt, aIAil i. oo:,"s t arh e cmR Im il ll l ,s P , "..Ii."n as's I ' 5 iI:r Iics niiii t I i , cl' l. 1, r h i 'la ts'5 ' :, i i tll l ls.1' i''si a ii t 1s11::s ,1 o11 dip:}, lcl AS'. I I 1 1 1On . .reU nI .."1..,> i n . "l'falcrh ·in .. l , " . "Irr , I I , loll ' ;:l I',ý. , : . 'lr :.ýi ll ,1 t, , n, : I . . rh :III+,,(i I, nnl h ,,a nI ,irrl.llio..++.. 1i 0, Irr', llu 1. , c.... ý, 1" ':1 :",, I : ,11, S\. ll lo~ l,+,,l l:L. (;c , r.SI 11, .C 1~l ul i, i.. 13 s ,.I e. i t' I. 'i',il.,, t li nte al'i' ih . n ,l w'' ;as all i I h glae sin' ::n l lelt lle' I'ill' n: ll'a' a+l' thI... rhi . 'I 1 s lt iS' slll t ii. i l e ,I Ih llolI, hss i as's l 'ili IIIIs for :1nhigm:ý.; drl i c .th ', irJ h eI-. l,.i'itlI, :ila t h be.en , all si 11sul's ly hls n Sp, Isgla l 'F:iIIaI .l , iml 4' c s\(l l t. o:Oll niltllhl . .Clllll: I cru i loi c(". 5:,;II, pc i , "1 sSon wi ll dhl we ~ Iill Ilse I l'ci: hor Klltt f u il sni 111 d -t i ', Imu"l: llre g cl alh mllll lei 'a n ltik en" n'a hiil ainlk. The t fll:dLowhl llllI c l:t:lsl ,:111 oefr i 1 ,,i Si ll arl , si ls s I ;ll's Psio ll,' I n th e si oS alis l's ienpi a h li st ti'i' co lc nlt ilc;o n lll; els t exl ibl t i Itlhe ls s ':lllta t , so nlllll ' its S hll t-h t l rily av CIl ] eV'IIrm illsd po l tll s 'esll. SCJASES 61H Is H iL IIU IS I .C - Ci l tl clell li tl1111 , Nov.I 1, N.` ss ) ailt h a llitln' i l ru . n rli sln', asiss sllsas silll ,n a l tcry s e' " rl' l ' 'aml d I l e):h:, rs ii1n lli nl ,.tilslaacl ' I tIk I ' xl, r, ' in hs l l w Jhaliii . s i ~t a ;;e " t ss I si ai 1lst :r, i,: tof I:th il h:A, i' , Ix b tlh c efd md h ill", m':,n1e:rr , ese :.,l , r Ill" 'a t I .I'ai la i llcal:h, in' lv,' re laesi l it Io s' ell 'ilnlshul inc ti li''' nlltlatbl atd. (itils rscjle c la t t" ll . '..n r '.t ir l - aI F slwai ri: , llf , ab o lult di owe N , no i ll , ,hr "0a h inlhn',,. ',f s,, tnica, .stsl whirh Il', ahsc ll'd F. In sal.toht Ii i1 as llith n tia s olirnt e Iln ,, Yoiik, in a' 0 iJ m sil all a I lly I ln talli's'' w I-a t'' S'iil tle l,aa hlass Imtle lTh Idnliml.r t spurri.d, t n w: l trier ahlostl tier we ex, illnt 'i-ur he Iseo lwro monhs lhnn ham-a.. In sn, lo nlll 1 I " II liteh 'i'res l fs''ro an ins , anrli;' . " niun Ihebpe Ino Iathea a l ' tis .,s i ,t m, sisll n s He isall Iri s thisilili' tw it nalailsa itc lltii lofi alh i l a :I svi w Ill .Iltlh sisal ihll slicell s hlna Is n }lif satom, lay stah l i.esn' s sa 'il'" s O I ,11 "I IIts '. i iiS ii tl i c h , .tS ttON. July I2, I ,.31. I was nllirted, for wars willl tll I u cerl It he leg, oc. and excessive stain in the leg mid l ntta joint. Salaal eminIlt Iphylsiciyt lls Iaexerted tlhei skiiil u1apo it, butl witl oult permanent balll it. I this case itBe baottle 'IAiti.AltI"T A WINES'T', 121 Ma:'rket For sa byl IENIV LtONNAIIJEL, drlatggist, actt t lh:" th, propiet)ors, Telioulitoulasatreta 1i t NEW OLI,1ANS .\" NASII'ILLE RAIl ROA1) 111: sl..kholdlers of this corp}anvy are her,'hv no lifictl Ihatl hV t i.solllluio Of It I" bonlt of direa. tiln lassed olln theIl lI instI. lthe call adl e loll them lll oll tli 13tl le'brl ara y i lat, for aht ta v it iof a live dolla rs ha .I ,a s r's'ltea, alnd lhar, sid stockholders aret W1illblt 6":. , at at reso tion of thisahoa rd pia ssia oia iaa ti e Nil Iaal s .l t .ad ' ,' ili tlt li.ala C ,pa y eil,. i ay Ii a .i. :- wo da l iarap i hal'. t l. a lnha e ' s ithe rl.i t.- , ,l f I .. . Ixt, .. (.. .. . .. . l il - . .... • 11 :litre I ty iho li i t. h i tt v to a i' aai)t. l . - taxl- ' ilalt ro rdollula r tp r h l ll-lrt .i (Il itI c i m l iie ivrt o n tIld a ic next. N' v Il,.li,, ]. it a menhhd, ale's th ret'l'l..l rI" lllii<.", :' V ":rdl mo1i.\ Ilie slI hol'',.; !l lll n' , tlh llI rtel r , IIII r tll ol lht r htat ', thaI i rl lltln tll t witi a rhti atllar 'ihtX t . i o.ll: otn u 1j i ill d I ltlo p o lll , a'IV I IIIVyDIII.,! l.i.,'d il l III t lh l i ofliuli tr'll n lta of beincusntes of .ix the J t s from ad il, toer i. Jilln Illh wrlll .lrl hll l it'l ," Il'l' lllliry paildl IhnI l Ihr aidpt I" prull;lol li lllof sixit da!ly . L oI ll 1 II. t ll'r Ina ,' tl" I' y i olnl wlllir.r-ai p:llll.llts I lo I :l h. i vO b nl. lllllim l i nl maarntt l' t ti.'i ao ahe "In I. llpt Iy th lat (; ha ton illn I tprallivhll )u'r . II: lll lr llllltoI ryllmr ilatal i ttlhhk la Itt it aa I o l a a ai a a 'la' t al. ti a t. -at' to te l~l te adl "li a)nl sixty d ,'.. , t hia'h thea'ai a' ar allor . i,,r.l,.= l int rall ed t t l hr and lirat ml a'r o 'fa.a a. It pa'aHlly'arut a atw aiolla tar a a t'ar taall- i t' aate a ar, ktdaa ,oat t aita l t.ri Ma' h aat a f J ' atIrt ati; a nt pat, ttla' t aatdaa v af a l ltrahii ia'at aext iaa ba.aa'a'aa iia d u ia t he ta ata i h lav of' April aaext. [ Extracttl of ta ll maiIa:es ac f thle boaa n. i.u al, l " A lIt ,haNAIIl, ec'rw ,in f 1 Hatifts, fu a.tIl JIJliN II tIl tIIllM. sp "ii tH oyrlcihal'et.tle Hygdll Uver'edl' s eine, prepret b W illkin, s. o\emolcr ol' r the IovalCollege of Surgeons, Licentiate of Aplthet ca'n'seomlmny, Fellow of Bolt Courot Socneiy, Srg.oon t to the Iloavl Union IPelniol Asooiatiolt, Inleaostr cl Pl.nis Waterloo Bridge, and Perpetual Pupil of (Guy' t; and 'lto.hma's llospitils, London. Tits valuable medicine, the result of twenty ye:lrs' g expcri lene and unltoprlllcdlel success in the crttesive i ant lyhigly r cspeet ble lN attice of tile opriptO', ron tnised by the filtlty ltndl ncbility, nid isloopw hto eotucl'd "l to the notice of the American ipblic, at the earlest so licitation of a number ot'gentlemcln of I lllon nd hlinh 11 standia in thie profession. It is hoped, as a prelimi nIry step, to check the eils and titol Cacontse(0 i vs arntills g I'onl the use of the tOmeroust1 aonl nd oletriolllS nostrumt s Ioisted upon tlhe pblic by the nid of Italbieated proofsof nmirculous otes, od oottler fiotoo.s, by a set of t I l'l c lle y, ulprincl'l ple. li'rctetlol rIs. so tol:dl ivgonI : ll of medical science, that it itpossio le the Illl stroll lltl delusionl all :la1n linger g, down wi\11 thse in htlligetl teplte olfoisocotttry. "'lhes,''pills, milt ntol toagr,,abO Itheir I muI re, Id tlr should libe kept in t scr t m iltt h in cases of sudden illness, lo, ho thheir proooa.t :umiltistratin, icholera, cr:unpsl s 'ts e .rs,d nmtl, ote l r d llhaioitni1g I complaints, whict h too oilen prove fotalt , Iona Le 0le1 - 1c cIIIe'd.1 om prevented. 1 fa0t, all those who tite g,,o,1 1I health, shonlh l net oor he wit h emt et m. 'Ihl are sol' s itjalektct tt 511 nts,2t.$1 $l d $2 rech by t ,ry lWo, by to 'tlo th gist, , llo ot tl, an td vt tot'dor oo' o l ltllo tirt ito lii :II United St.itot l l ,i e (:nn ldust, with ct piolls dw'leitnl., togt ettl.e wth: c tnmnnials of prol'ssionai l bitittI frmbto Id thle foll tg emnttell nt t 'ttct e t't: Siro Atllht (:c per, t I Ab.ern'eth, Jmos IotdteltlI. 1)., W . 1110 It , .Al It., s .1. Astonl Key, A. FIr tapoton, .I. 1)., and nn i ) S o t hu rs. T O liloti llI s llm iI ' e s c Ll l II I) p Sb ,+ssio n l 0 II P 1 ote General, by whom tl l h t tedicio t is itltotrto d illto r this countllry, ad to whm alllll 1 ll applications loll gencis le must le ImaIlC. JNO. 1 II)i.111 tlN,1 9 \V:, rhl Pi:'e, N. Y.'k, t o ' in ; (o rt:ttlt d Agel t'III the UILnit d 4tolll L, ".t J Ft or t le y a ppoo intmo nt of the original ot t '1 Ittit'! by SwAI " lintrlnE, )ruV o i ls, No I I (t:o nal 0totto'I .g ( nr . ." Ag •ra shr Stnhee 01 Lm isaim. . 111 , I I ,:) R Y It I ,, 1 r & t c o,, No 3 M: .azi: e cl,lt i A le ,w r1c:1V e \'1mi2 1 1l.r ll ships ; Nashvll, e , l,.o issill, ' K 'onlllll ,, tl lllt othtTe llo t l altrivtlls ll rn' hl it :-,thorl citi0s: ht m"l , and noew slc:ttled as rtlotlt ol ,rit s t iol.lics; mlllO 's line cnl t . s c toll' se :at ll \.1 tl rllomer i ot a I brogat , , obuckskin sllhoes, bro.g o:111( he tihppelts: mnll 'scll linfe c01f' lltlol kipo est d ' hll.! 001 I' .o0asoI; Io) otlts;1 Io lll sloo t kilt anl w11'1o wLgt ed shots 0l iL bLoi ns; gelnltlcmw ',, best t il) ality o c 'llt' .'t'' hot. . - I'tlgn.s and .lalck l o iwning.; ll o call :nil ro0te, ie I i kle shoes 0i n0t0 l bro ol's; Ilo elf, su1l :lull 0 .l'rnc i I lllian shoes :tlm l sli ,i+,s, tdo ultf, buttl nl 1 s :il 11 1 k"S' I) a telW ar hicl; dlo tine call, 01:.1 and Inli i 't t - lts; ii oys', mnise.s' ;nl eit;l11 en'ns lpegged ;ilil 5s1w ,cll te togiollls , : lt shot 0t of et x-ry qu(ality t:nll kitlh d. in Also a gettnr ll :ssml nll t of li11111'5 stunt w-00 0 l0 ! l- r:s tt hi'ogaos ind 's lshot' tO'g tho crit'': ill 1 p1,10 !ar eI agro best illltlly, rnussmtt Ibr; n4ol nilIHd il ih, e I. ks, imllde expllesl f'oril:ltllltlillll t o (tol l a i 'i, P'li'ent of m(o 11'S lIo Ue at ll stooto kip 0 '00u00 t 0Ii :ut, w u w lrticle, andll is nrgll Ituu:liity of al inht1rin'm Iiu l\ r, s't'i olo wax hrogllo,'0 1n- b l1ies' ilte ln. il', seat,l morcco al.,l ·l grual: 5i c II ,,11 - pomp sol shloes; do line t Ioo clh lr il kll li~l st rno slilppersl; do ro. 5111., with ai n4 Willt holl Io.i t's call, 0.1 1 :l 111 stou l therhoote s; 1t e1' 111t1110o l1 ,c. -t I hll kius yind itl itt ies;i Its,,-h i i;il i:u r o i Ii I ,ltiti' ll : l d lo.ed bl o tllh . +Misses'lastill) , ilg e htI .i,l,m o'I' gllls. Ct hihrllto 's o':lloS \or''ol l . 1~ot t nl int g b1 - ito go: ,o..od p o ol bo , kt. Il' .entlite eUn'sitinelit+l shinall e blcl , wlil. k buit 5, ,l lell.k it ' rit il b bt t.ienvotor d Io t llo : rilotr tIld ' d i lll i d i I I it, rll Ido t llm w ot r 'i i iomtl' Ito'', ill,. did e , I .1 i . IIhleai b i ,I 11: 1 111e d 1"1i I I ) . i,. 1',i'III . 1' 1 size hats 111 t110 I v v t II,:111;:"; I , I ' l l s . I e lf" .1! "'oald I)'s blck:ahhd ra 1( , b( , . n it h its, 1to gol eral t ssoot o o to' dt ,} I 'a : It',ps. I IS "1 his tluSr aIliilli i, l ti e . , .0l ei ! ,, ll , nl,100 l ,ll oll I it'l th nb i o' , oo'ko'th oi o o olt 'o lll tIoo 1;t ii:,,o : ,11o 'ooi o h .h' 0l. I 111b to' t .'lt lltl ' I l l'll li ,. 'l l . o 1t I - ,I' 00 0.. . .00 1(w. OR T'.111:'1+;' l it T l 111,1.r) li: ~ 1,irlt i l t II 0 : Ii- I 1i l rll Ib I ', IlIfi l,l ,,h, It l, II1. x .110 l t m tl. he 1) ll,, i l.11 ht i . .ll11, 0:11' ::',,. , : i i 10 I i, ,'b ll 11 l0 ollpl,*l~ i \ ...... ill a Xll l., 11. Iiihll m - il ,,',lld l, m .,l, io I eIi il ,ll i"'111:,l l" it, I:. 1,-llll 11 1III' Iee 11:,' 11 :,1 ,I I I . 1i 1, 1~ ll t in:. ,l , l b: ,:, i. I,+ ,I,, I . . :lh (t ll, ;. itl ,c1 Ii, t. 1! l, ., ill (1l, i - l . , ,, .111: O ,,: ti h¶ , l' t' " nit. 1to I: 1 ',i. t t I t1 ' It. I i t ), o I lirt lo t ' I, t liit 000 _ to t I'o I.' l lt, I ,'ito Ot illt :1.otto ,.!!I 1,t s I to ito.1 o' 't1 - o I 0 11100'I o 11o ' I I ,.:'.'t "l it I 0 1 t, ' ''l 'to '' I st toI ' tot ll ioh' ': l '''''t o,' ,II tI . . . . t .... ' ' t 'i . , ill t;. .. .... Sill l r th le'. Ir , 1r l. : t r1.11., to'I I , , 1 ",10, r 11t,1:,..110 , 'k , I 1, In, '. S.Al \ l ,r Io, Ii ot rI 'ct , i lt', tlo::'t to t ,,o It tli tetr 1 . '1) fis £'Ip ain 'o t', d ' ' Ih e 'll .'in .L t t o I lIo lo io l t lt ll000.0"! 1t ',it tr ' l' t,' ..o . Il ,r i sll, 00e00b0 0l cll, 0r I o be hr, I t, 1 1t I ai tlo :. , 1l. ai tr e 'O, t thte lie l ' 't p ttr .t S 1 00 - ott a to no et o'ol00o't'. ct'' '.oo so 'Ott t ll 010 Its . n - 0!' i ni :0'ta hlt ,;o v . ' , '0 0. 1t1 tr t e tit It lt 'h llion of r a Upld r ~f "- oi t '1'r',' 1 1 ". , l r 1') t , I .:, havinig ailrieady rc0 iv000 1 100000 ' 0 I000 wi ll l tl' tr t 0u . l 0 0ri 0e e iolro t1 t Itoa -11: 1,: ; l li t 1 101 loro too 11 to 00 1 ,1 to 1,1t 000000 toot Ii o, otlo. Tit herootol',' 000 n rot on , ol . li "ti ttO lotllli- I allors ".o'I too'1 I l r r I' l!o ,.d o o t too l0001 'jotool O o ot o I+,d v 'lIo r:lh..., by I tr tuol, to 1f',1. .tA I'l il, F , •arden lil ' ltore, t .lt. ('nlt , l,1: -1r '. 1I ii\~J jr .-ait,; 1)n lit+. I" Y;''llrhs amt 1 0rid h Oerb.,-- i\ 1h t ' oo' l',ly 01 ion :1 ot Faley 'ucket t l,, .s-U- ler t lt haul till be • h i kil , ote, v ait, d hub s' u. al gtnlr icia 'a , 11"' 1:icrn'an ud ul"s Nl i'n. i llt- its , c 1.1 ( lo1111 II,! .1:n amt ligurd. s , , Lu:, b ,.;h., v'l'Let ;ug ,l c 1, 0 00i000 .s, I ir',i to ' Itii., plooit, oltoita d ltmToy wilo t lo l wa 1 h iut rllhle:,, 01,1 11 lln. si: pr: lcrr calth]i ' I6 a l i llla-bn;1oll seuspemd" d ra, :..,,, Rutml ell-tic 1,0r.t. 11. eo tol1 I.oltol'lletoloj, d lih Iam witloj ,lt rol.r.o, dll pouthloi straps with wiru .prpi1lg;aI o roat va. I of o'ooi htoo 'o tleir in'1iili to ry.Ao o, Ionglish no'! Frnch o rolOirgt coits tic.loo, RUSIITON & ASPINAFIl'S (' O1'POUNI) T'1ON I(: IXT'I' E.-A spetedy - and certain cure for the rve and uiAgr, remittent and ineII('v illeot levels; preplllll ..r tie uoigmlal recipe,. I!cd w1hi elimcr t i l oui. versal success R 1d3 , by pe. rsrcns of thu hihet resp-cthdbility in this city, as stated i n the auaexed certificates. lThis mcedicine is highly rcro:umecded, and hs bueo vxtcusively uSed in the above diseases with such distinguished slocess, that the iroprietor of the recipe has Ileen induciled It ofi, it to tie pub. lie in its present form, in tie hope that it Imay he thle cmeans of relieving lmany of those who are ul'fering under the scourge of our corntry. It is a mced:ine possessing great virtue, and whoe IIoyed according to the directions ha:s never icled of elbetilng a eore, oven in the most obstinate stage of the disorder. It is not at all disaareeable, and persons of thIe w\eaket stoteach, lnd clhldren may takio it with itiponity. It strengthens the digestive orgacns, creatles t an ppeltite, and seldom requirle olllllr than onll, or inl oblstinate cases, two bottles to eftect a cure. 'There is neither imrcury Ior arsenic in the medicine, nor any thincg injurious to the human constitution. 'I'ho prolprietors are so well convinced of its efficacy, thrt they agree to refund the price of every bottle which has been taken in nccordancl 'with tlhe directions aettl hlts not effrleted rla perf:ct cure of the & ogllr A. OLIVER, solo ngent for New Ol(),',, al his wholh' sale allll retail dIrug and I'lllll t ir, correr c of Ic invllc ,1u1! 'ehlalr li r , For ilotri.ct A:\ elels aple!v i, ja T. W. S TII Jit t(',is. iX. rR owGeT.E S'sRINuGS .: THI'711 I 1) 1jeelldiE I·'le ly 7' / l tatl:':U.11 JOU1R1 NE' "lliV Rr.i .\';:t 11' Srrlllt;.,t t hD hill be i. Iir "i-SN 1"10 1)i .. Il" , + ta e lt . .s icn e v i - i ti ,r . l b , lc c -w i c II c I b c c - illllromeltll s ll d, and oher nw , api It l a . e,. . '. . .n . r ,o lice c u c .,. •,c ,fie c le1 lle . etc. thm l , h e har ctl' ' t hllve 11 tof , 1Ii," Ill111 il tiling.c it i lod c ru loin -.a."y to ic s, iti u nll ti, ibe 1,t10 tar of thr n .i ct, f etiecu-l owkie, ce it ic o I t, h'licc ' cc IeI cl c e11" it( t II ni ic lllIc-cincr t,, b itprd at c Vil c rinc il'lc e:er , ill e .hs nd I t hi,. Tit. r u tr.t thb e whole I eason. liccclthhrtccc Pl ccl welthl Illic he act calrl .tlcllc Ii- to eril a hlc .' l It,:l. o, icnear o rte,ctlllt Ic tR 1 11. 1 i l TUSTJJ rHILz -DJRn $ R-.rr.,- PLA"TES, Iste Itl/'it lnilioq. f RO\WLETT'r TARIlEBOF IN'IERErT: . ot IO whilh is atc nltd a Average 'o ine.CatletIi tor, or east methods Il fitaing tiheaverage time W on storage, notes of Ihand or bills of goods, when olo chased at-dicffrenot dtres, en different credits, mli t fr. variHs nmounmts; Ileheindell useful and complete rsanking Tl Time 'T''lle, the Iest tIhat ca he contrived. or that - t gures can pr ,luce within the smoae eudeseud eompass, anld size o t e /pe. t An aD:v'{issement in tlehbobk is i neat/ly/the folloLr ing wllrds: TI The high distinction thlis work Ihas received Ithroulh the len legislative nets prefixed to thel title Iage, is a re I Omtlendtlitl i it/ tsell, o s Ci ieltitto I llilo so eonelll .i'e, lh I nlt himL is nces.Sry I more thin, by way of oid vertisement, to give a co ndsed view of somie of its pe- // elll iii es: ns it.r insti.nce, te itte/l st I lltas been compas-. ell fart, mld eonpnred with, wltt, is egnivnlent to fioir' (e-It1 e '1S -'e liled l!alitTo', evx:mliued in thI e pressthl rtyI- I", five limns, mid printed iront i ter/i ttpe plates leoikt/ l( ihirtly\-one stoles, lenm t ll : which it test he evidn" t h\ ev'nll2" to Ihi \kti..l (e'' cli I li tit, pe.s o i l of the die ! nllhi l l lin. l in l 'll t- e 'vI) tll'a t thIe ` eek oI St hI e nthlr - 1 It n tllilllly in liblh, nd it eton rnult ion ofithis hclitte I " /r liiut of two I hundei I ttll ii III to dollrll s, is n iw ollir id tl ir dielittilon i,' II error cof cent i tIhe i present li t or .lli el iltinll. Ilsl 'xIPI' o s l ill t ellt pr efcite, making il/ t e 1o ' ]ac'" i'll ,lli l i't'l ful' the s:,me error since thce Irst N i ~h /lle / /ll/it i ti itt / it- % btl l? One io' ltia ti/ot nicut eo .ti i s ritrtllltt Ie o/fllt thihles is inilht ll eenllit i llllitI the Time ud A oliit, which 1onn ex ltedilin , i'oli. reni, oili ie'ripieuity', wlih the help of the sil' ll d lilll t x, ca t be excellel; andll the sill t' 111n ra11se w1 ilhl. Ihic the iii . reIsle i he t ol'co clto i ti xte olil f gelltiral busines, wil tII nl doubling ofsilmls isheris: s n i lilnice s I esnenlial, Ihat in l th e slln tiolol l lllll I' hn o i l o-illl m l'lo l iIpeten l l i l' ia l' l l hlsi iiluos mtln :mlil I cll I lhl· i s whlt iinle m illide tl'tt tIItte of 'ht'wi k, it has hb,',, din islhed hill hoinomble : Ippellniml ti'o 1 'l 'ill ster p cJe". And eonsideliihg the it . tihito libil t of 1 111 it n l d t o iginally 1 ad IIpted col:llll in, tl he ' I LIte , in l t lhe lr'iall llll ll' Im ber lll ailh t I lel ofl h t ] iixi : lIl l.tiont , i. d ists i nf ei er edit ion it hon l1te' Ci hi" Ih' sc!,t. ; tlllll ;1 it i h :mdhg Ihe whole is in sl'll aSei t he;' l 1 eroo , liltt l 1ea icns he r hot/ iclit Shue, h. " h,,, ide ln lirt iatihit hei/:ll / styled " c he I J t sll hi lld 'rfll hnok in tlllhe w .lk;" m. st cerl:inh" n'O er nL mollltlli I ( l ure work l'ilu sth I n' i "l t.n, Wi heli since the g l lnhllnigI er:,tiin, .hal s hudl the same nlUI-S. l :nLIII ll l I' il t liit', in Ith,' bnl tilalhber( edit' o tf e/it IIs o i nllle lil the umber, i Is i le ly i shown I n the S/ll'liii .l t it ii proed ill ll i i y all thl, ha:k aid itt lie i.lices in it( I on.Il SIi te ' hit' b the pi l,.i ' t ic o. lly, tlt i l illg l. nt e'r . l. , s, 31 t 111), er of the cao , haini uls hI! i ' hl'il. I'.uml, fw old i n nnh, :,hhn..h Onlbil,· S 'he bI ki i" it i't t e tpre's'lv ll nop d hby al t : he t I aLIrs l llaw cl · t te il l bt d tates as Ithe' " rath' ill c:J lallmon II-Il·InLllle itl t'e(l," a: I . :" 1'by llw e hIh ank l ill i erest, ie , ' Iin i .i II hoki is t"..i e,, eel i, I I l he s I. I I paIl, hy ',,. iim ,s of'the soh~'iters, and li ',ew of the .llhhvl~bs, I 'ui tm hairch s, i i the h1 t aI lilt-. il o'f lh book, is i ..l . c O l'every dol,.,. ' riti, /ns in e y i I Ito i(f Ih Unit,' t ,'ll l. II is iiivi ,t11, wi ,ll knew ti hl, I ilts readly check, i hI , ll y I..n t' l' l'l Ie dlla; g errors, l' l ngntll er 1" 1 dt )"y werel Inl,!, ll, iol, l · IsI l i t i,] ': fll c d milost coeotl lie t I ail , 6-, I_:n iti u'- fnl iss, iln l thet alsolh e1 e - ct'ssil\ Inni. its 1 , i,at boin xhtcnsiyvcl insisted ,n e, st , i, teli h. el, be ien it, hl ntai g s, nll ils - s;, t s, ihl, , s, \ rl ,t n ur l,n. , w hilst the 1 s ei ti o I .1. :',t :l'',d tn of ; print,a kr't'i , m.ut ,'' of1 se om .i sutghl f,.r, Loneto I a gret I diismnce. I~ it : ,m : . i :,t I;I, I li iru' to ii , }!d.1.y , ul e o.ti li, ;lly I'. iiltI li,, ft''rn, In " '.i:' *!""ier elts ,an d t,'l, I Ir., 'l h,\il Its Ih., I+v lt1! 1 p:., ti,,, , itlI 111n h! h: Li l;t I~" i . n1· t.,llIt>+, h ', (1 l l| l mlll r r' . I h .i ,, tIti ht 1 m y; .i t h tiul li :I. ot t ii Illr b, , 1 .jl· ir h )ll,:,l lo ll '. hll l ,Ei I SOr. I I : i 1. , :. ;, .. lh. "- I lf: m I, ue ll iie l l. i Iu lyo I: , ~ : /ltI ",riir ii i/ti : ' I rp, ,I , I'h ll llih , Cl 'i1 n t rittlllIl "!:;nI l : Io R 0 ,s , lu" a 1 1 , .t ',i /i , , l t. Ii i, . h t ; I r ie: i ,',! h, ~ti o, u .I t,:", ,,r,', ih u,,,f, h It , l 10.1 e, urn~ .h / , , d, :d i h ur :s iii ,t l. ,i . tl <.". ,, ..r , 1 , t" o hcrt ,,l.-t I ' ioof tat r Ir, - I ;l l . ,tl 1 , ''til l'r hl i it / t . I , t It . , I I t t I 1/l , :ith l ,ih ale (/ , . , I r, , itt ', /u it/t o I. t,, . i, t..' I ,,n ,. , nl I., / \,T . IN/ 1A N, - , , iii ,. sylphdi:, :h."..,c , ., ,1 au din urelsr s ' U rn,.r t,," (anal alt. |llurbm!i-.treclsl 1 111 .\. \ \,lr5 "~, ý, ) u~l 17ti ~ nx ul r I'.: rl, \:..; 1.,r ,3 1, ::, , I I wo dam's li1 hrllll +""nns 'T ,it 11 L1.4 .1 ild i r:,I, i;:.!!3'> E:.\\~ · ;,, pim, .1:,, k mid gold, l)..k, (,i.!, d¼ Ml A "iv" (:m I, ,I I .I.., I ,:Ir , c (:m 1,, 1 ?lair!l 1·lI iIlI,, Il ll S ·il~o,:r II,11 I I 1111 ll:·1rd :.1l 11:11 Tl..u 1· Iki lt· l3 C nmitcB lcl lll 3 .. 'I'. ", lulli 1ur 33 3,115" ilul, IS ..,I9d rn lilAIll liIU ~ '"rI IlpUiN N ýlt~ciuu u ,¢ Ix sv>. :, I. Ih shorn. .1'iuls Nils MassI, ,:opa vI Eli41, &c \(1 "::1J 'orsale It ii·N, INs z IC:II4v tI2:ttlt.S n ikasll vrl r:., I Ni lo I ilil Nu, l Io Ilunlt sr roll a d: u nil 1r a P ' . (;vnI I u, s arIII , ll il:Ili jI l s in~ sIl t l IE d 5''1l '11 ari , cut a!lt rotII , - I II s aliil tllF, iiii %!m", I ,Io ( , tilt, mi ll lord ind sl u e- -I-slt ke tt le (;Hin Iu I ,!urIu (h,- , ; 1." : r illll l I-i ; (il'· II~l-iI. ~l-j~. lll !- IIII 11 ;1.11 11. · ~l~l~·III~lR * Il i ll a II.·, -!. rr i ll , 1 1, 1ion I - Itll I 111111 iillnw Ill -t Ill:ll-:tt no sh vel ,ollins1., ~ llll~i~ilttan , I, I ll-It Ul. es Nlt"',I WA \ilNt iidtutqlt L, I lime woll w I in",d ,,, I -II.II ·i , it, o~ll ill \· l. L- r··PI11 . ; r oill u,".n I 1(n., ý ,t i nl Il(il· d I.1r 1 ail shillll chard Ion., A. i i, iue li..a! a ha m. 1 'hi ri ll, ll!..,l oo, ail tjl'l( :rl:1(: .I: ar .I ,.,,l- t,""" .d el.·.,,.,, t ,, _:n ,,,,-, ,,,m, 1 & ir " .-.."a~ ~l.u~ ! , 0,..ri a n .. ( r iie l tt ll s MAIL. AIRR&ANthIMkE'N' Northern Mall, r te EveryDay t il AM Se nos every S ndav,, Wedeesd .Wetern "a . Friday, by ,, P.MA. opast, l and Ststtrtlay by 9 -P. AI The ltake i Dee every Tueldny Thursday, a via Closes a ver Monday, Wednesday TIMES OF ARRIVAL DCPAI UII DDIST ANII &o. of the .Exproess all, IitWltilMbIdi and i%* Yo, k--leavng Mobile daoil 'f 9 P. AM. No#bwllit Now York dnily at 5 P. M .,outlrtrl, Ar Arrives oAreho Northward. Distance. Time. ieteum'g Moltgwnery,Aloa. 2 . 198m n's 2 h Is al, CohttmbunGa. 111 !,1 if |.m " Milleteviglle. (ai . 2 133 14 pm Coddmbia, Se.C. 7 aml. 13 17 10 S\\arreaton, VaI. `L m. 55 1;.1 I'el'"eitur, V'u. 10 pm. 83 10 9a1:, Slirhth V.. lo o t. 31 mu 4i I Fred,'rickburg, 8 67 7 11 p - AWinltotgtoncitty, lpmt. 61 7GL 1 li a , .tialtimorue, - t 38 4 01 ei'd'hihtthlpltin, I alot. 100i II ,(fttew Yorkt t P. 9p Ca t 1305 143 Ih. or 5d 291 iNrllthwnrd. C(rning Rmullt rhllwlr e tilbOn i six hour lesr;tth.irrI 5 do ys niy 17 h artl . 1) ANAWAY frosi 19 Croudletl enornr of lHehi lle slreer,l o theo iigltt of 30: of t Auglust, sad wee I otett ihe ttt ntttorning in liovtlhos steet, a negro hay ttIIItPl (CIIAlIII.lS, oittet 17 rears of age, sad 5 fee , or lherni'n ltll ill hIigltt, v !rv lilnck, naill bles tin impetl y\ u reet lllhrtlie hdo id oi when lit wt enor oaay a whilte c touli o1r lillen h. l nlO while Clotro ttl l n tloon. MAlslttrs of iesoels and ti lelotm Ioots re enuttionod a giilest tre.eitillg or hitrhoriing snid negro, an well as alb it',,lfoi N t-ltoll tt, Ils Ih tIIltitt rigottr oftR IlIw will hl o n fllluried agaiil tl t I 'lI. The tldI ovo reowarl will lie pail f litr elive.thig hint itottit y of the atils of either oalh nIllllicipllies, or tl 1I69 Carlelet, corner of Hlyio lc l'ter . optll i lllll ttt r ti lirn of Illotois & (orreetmon, lin bees d issolved. The .tbsterier will liquidate the afahirso te It'tllrihItt II ill tii tilt', inld requires oll peLrOtsl indeb - ,tII to mllltke. tlytlltl o him olittly, aid l tllshooellaein cltints, tto o lrte ltll heim for aeltlcent t. l anu, ft-.t H tiAIltRlFTSON V. W. SWAIN. S No. 11eCanal Street Arm Orloane - . A i IllwVI s ui i im 1d1ll oe lantly k ri .'rivilln Dnr EIte, Clemlicals,nld l'nmo,alllntlng Iltlt.. are i llowin.: ITIUG;5. DYES. At.itimvy, crudte, Argols, retd, Ilo I regtlutt, A tntltt, Ses ,l Alsellni, crudellll, Alum, do lwdlred, lI illette woos, ' lnlalm cllpavin, oclhilenl, Itlril lilll, Colt.lwt, t imet iseten, lltintstllle, nstllu, Yusttic, T.mlCeo, I lo roll, do .hIn , to flower, In Milte, Ilirlt h, retlt FIre hIt loe·is , I(toastttll, Indigi., HBeonl, Cretn trltar, do Alanilla, llatlhridlles, e oerra lcns, liiiai :does, dlo ( ' nmlsa, d" anoiine, do Jamnica, do hzei%, o mwoold, do ctltil, rough, Alidd er, nmbin, l: , .. ...e.. ,, Nien...... , l itBlo. .re, d to in i Allrici , do lCorn, 1 l Il c: . pll l ior, nll €io .M aru ea ib )11 fl i o d I il . I I. lllicheo Sg,41aiine, IlCI1MICA.lS. o do kino, ArieA, nitroul, do l su :imc, do n urlntl c, ' . . I '"" t o"n ,;Sl. ,. 1',l , Stott sIttali Un ltIretlltllrl S .. lit I liti, I UNov Snle, r Y spitn t ii l ,itti do l orro, ide, l " II fII li lied ptc il oilt, i, 11' 1d1: apim;l;, t I to te,lhh lc i E l it , t; d ItIelc'l l liRed chlt l l t, tola oh "iý ,l rlh lhl , , IltI - Cllrl nl o ,h c slhdI .iAn tttt a,'t , I ,;T :,: c ..a , h<,; lin. l o r ii. .\ · l l IlI' tllll 1inc. S l~ l.:~i:l , ;ii i , illm .illc.llll Ilt,, ,t litiA to i i o i ll, nil I lll' allllp, l IE l ho 1\ i! A e e ,i ly d, d io oili, ,i . I luh:..'s, 1": Is l.,l A l:ie Enghish, lll i · t ii,', l i il e r .j rnghsiHB a- ,In svn~sr ltIwr;+,. .lo Amenll l¢ ,i· ,:;l;il di dri d ,lo gl'lll irUl l l I. hh,,,.i-.,,ar o ,aer te Il. r. l lxils I atit gtottt i L o SI r la. l tti Il a.oijaltll, ItnolalNv yro F.e t.(eI in I voI. l. 1 Slogi N.. 7 ,f II clr , ' e l:atil r I obrary. \ -I. :1 ,. n r e r m plete tll ullifrnl edition of II'.ti t Ioc riq .oe'e Il'orks. A'. I,t,'eah -rid tl, Iof ie ltiatey t ter imIro,- I Ira Ia Toero Itierrio tery.ih hrat "pi lof and tener in uootogy "Ith , llein" I.ree irvtne. r't'on un se ofs periorqo hil e, swith ,'llh . Ililird Ier 'ls p,'2- .t j Ii 1-2 inetinbt Iilll'""s imn ofed i ts I'eIs, ll.jlCTd i)tlper, wainht I& . &e. ltr. .lust; nr'ei, tad nd for al by II IIENJ. I.EVY. dt'A\IN ; lI7ITSI''El , &c, by tho auteor o Aycna "roit. of ludtn chrahtero a os groernll r nlpplhnhte to the .l't-,riarae ," North America, by (I 'I roter, Est 'Th rpl,litio0l 'oraortr, of the ['ncitLed State, or i(nolld, t. 1 ir, ithe teory oatt th er of tho geoner. Sst:.t Ct, , rllnll' l so withl the rehttain s Ibeteoen thym d,,dhRnvd iolt ntleol tol he't.oung men of tiheUnteol A'irrol', Il' aring" ' ,ours ie rrspersetd with elaracter itt lil' nllIth",s s1vhitgso tndill drnigo of sJlo rltiog net, in 'Itldiong noices o'thc irh'riital erock hrtrs oof Eglundl ,oil alytic,?t.l ..I.c.o...,.d gen.ral . lde. of,2 FOR THIE CUIE Or S'rrfula or King's Evil, (Chronic Itheunomtisn. 'hrtolie C atollolla l ias- Pans in thio Itoues, by free cures, ice of Mercury the blood bleing in viltinated state. ''l,'ti verv coccntlrotdtl Syrtlup in prepared with the grceattt |,lalroll utictoel u care atn eeorocy,tand countain ho active prtnci p oi Snrsa nportilJa ill tlao mot10t coalen Ciatelld dagr.e, cobit'd withother vegetable subtunce ol' knoo eoflictov. 'Th'le cret dei'deoratotnum with physieioons in beng nbl t exhibit it large qoantity of Sdrsaparilla ino a mae dos% Ires beenl btained in this prltretion--they, beinlg fully convincedl of its totrits, confldently aduonilter the ( torse iftthe ir practiee. I'rit.e $1 5ii pr bottle. Sold only at SWVAI.N IIltI'II'tlI''S ilcug store, No. 1 ]C.attl otreet, whae taiy o llot, froesh ad geCoiooe, dirrctlfront the PrcFrle who ;, Hwti o-' nat aol Vertifito, Potter's 1t.t.oU I'o, :,arpenter's PreparItions, alld large and genera assortment of fresh dru gs, m4 rINNOCK'S IOMIE, &c. P INNOCK'S ItPIROVEt) EDITION OF DR S t-Gohlrmith's Alrilgment of the Iliotory of Rtome to tolich io prelixed an [ntrodootion to the Study a Itolloon itistory, od ot great variety ofvnla ttlo ittfol I olltin dlded lhlronghtit the wito' on the Maonerll Ilnstotiotnlis d nAntlqulities of the Ioa"ne; witt not I orols nltd htistorioal Notn.; oand qneel t lll| fot exailllnlllltit nI alt it nd of Ceil section. II. lh otlrtleI till thrty oog..iy.:O., ,tR n tod fy Athterton I lvtxot.'tlsomtr oved EIdiion of IUr (totdsuoti't IIstory | sgllnll. ,i tllll t lthe laoil'i tll of J tlius 'esur to Ithe deatlh of Georgtt es dwilth a totit, 1o tt to tht yen I1i:12. \With ylh'cstiools lilr exallaootlti 1tt thl end ot Iach Isec(: tionI. Jhllr t d ovriet V of v'lotolno infi.rtn tien uhld lhoo"onho o the ,vorli. tCtnstitittg of tatle of ('olletll-leasa y Suvereig ll. lll elniluend person¢ Colllillu. expillllo c c1ote)os Rtt.elllltrkd tt tlte'pol' Ihs, Iilllllaiii andI litltltllre of tile lar. A llOllltlille the Coititullloo, c. S.. ilhstreted by Inuny ongr i (Uoe r' Ite.tiyr c 1 Att'rtollovot, and O Aoridgmee 1o' Keiitl's New Treatise on thle lnUse of Globs. Nev, Aolel'ieoco ltlititllt with athlitiont and itlrovetnenut u111n an exlalltiu thtlho astratouieul part oftie Am . tict.ll Allntn lle. . ut receiverd ttl f(or sale by W1M M'KEAN nov 14 cttncrat-l Camnp uad Comtmon a .te II.\1RI':K'S CIASSICAL LIBIRAI(Y. i-] Ol ACX ,tranlated by Plhillil FIrancis, I) D, with 3 lO lan ealpedltx, eonttttaing translattont of varnalu odes, &o. by lBon Jnson,, Cowley, Miltlto, Drydtlen I'. Addtisotl Swift Couttcrtoa, ii \Vtkulield, P;rsoo IIvlltl, &e. aould ottUee uflltou Ioreo otiot art iits t "of It din,--and i'Il.I'R(:>, h to lilt'oho lioct, t.ix ., iodiI truosht teal by CIhr hlr ilOl , " .l tir., i. .a ) Vaii formalii volllles and atIf'liarocr'l Chnoir-all.ibrarv Phish I' .t.lediton of IIU.lIt'ltIlV' CI.INKIt.t, by .llOollit , llot), l too 'It. cllltr l ofttt.e.tfltther v'lat t, ls I.(t.a., to]4 .. luao tbhhtltt, with iilt..tratOttt," by Ge 11 tl'"I.'i ; ',tty toeaaltlorl'r f Ritianje S,\llry' illI .'ilnlt,|., i o htotlu , 4 volt t on ltple tI.1t.:. ;1 II,'l' Itt;l hv th,: tnlmet r to "t'lhle 1'[,o 1 1 1 i ,1t , .'' Ie:, h i 'I i tl ia tt 1t ttllt e 'lciC , i e .) VM c -s lt. 0. t trrrior w)lll0.llo et fll'iit eatIO ct E1 ioi at alnling, , hiUOI";ur & Utk

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