Newspaper of True American, April 5, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated April 5, 1839 Page 4
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ihtot esCb o eqhiesitfNie ontf-ae.. stt at lcnv. l pt yretah Stfi dl rder, r to create ~ ly-ganose the several or SS " is heaeitts the system a icta'. ii may be opprssed. lthc Tonlo Mitaule, have al caseso of the disease, imeb ofretarn;t wheers by , there is always erra e ..lto recurrence. The dangr l the goe, is very vihdnr, for pareoe too omuci mosatetae t S e meon, and hpeedily fall a vie Jviolence The ''onic Mixture is lreos able pice, as to ptlce it sithit c o ethat tim prer and destitute er l with ssis.snce,wiraott soliciting Satdc twhichis frequently denied to ereltetantly bestowed. s e..petly ecutioned agniainst the spu Stis stalgomeedirine, that are daily offered I p ieupasedonly b DIr. Join It. Rwand, at his uuu.ryMckarbtesat, Philadelphia. not h'slertj ase the wholaesle rernts for tihe altioMtes, and willsell by the erose, at P1 prio '. be had a, retail slso, t %Yhiolesnle itruggisis, aer Commnn & Tcholnitmdas s ps}p adm Louisiana Hotels M RY KIRKLAND respectfully an. aSed to her friends and the public gone. S- ara prpnred to accommodate them at "tie o lishmcnit and hopes frim her '$e esoi or visitors comfortable, to receive ' atit no lforoer favors. She feels confi. d lt e at peesIs visiting Covinar tn during Cthe sm monethi cawtnot find aitter accommoidations than she can afford them, on maro liberal terms. l ft laosos aesantly situated, and well supplied mdet n nicnco; the bar is furniolsmd with ts net iame liquors, &c. in short, she promises ath notiing sall he wanting on her part to give ati tfaletion to all who may patronize tio fI ppls saL L.misiana Hotel. je3 M t uedorsigNad. IaOving stsdisd t nder D. Sal.mldt of Csharleston, oath Carolina, and for some years hi assistant in :' c .t a tioe of medicine and surgery, has thIe honor ii ..Rr his professional services in this city. 5'seres teh ladies and gentlemen that the most PPt attenstion will be paid to the callas which a.r.iiI; ran also offers his services to tel Il rs of slaves, being well acquainted with the sussasscommon to them, having attended them in aItuar housein Charleston. .i. fasmos anti.hilious pills siter the composition :+.. F e llette, with directions, can be had eChs atnod. The helct whichl they have u, u is tsand other cities, has been attended With the greatest success, to whichl the best of teferences cat be given. Apply at No. 166 Mago. Sne street. JNO. M'LORING. JaeI . M'LUItlNti. I- -LO0 -D-AR WO -D SCREWS, SAD IRONS, &e. IiE HIOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 'T , 238 Water, near Beekman street, Now.York, shave.eenived the past season, and are constantly " lenlg Jlaorge and extensive additions to the stock tf Ise above goods, whichl now consists of the "allowing assortment, suitable for the southern and western markets. Holiow ware of superior quality, consisting of abeou 1500 tots, via, Pots of . different sizae, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettlts'5 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, . 6ttlles, 5liizes, from 3:8 to 18 galloens, Blkepans or Ovens, 7 diffronent sizes, Tae Kettles, 6 do tikilleer' . . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oraddles, . - 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 de Wagon boxes froem 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches. !iCart do: 5 to 7 inchel. Wood Screws, 20.000 gross, iron and brass, from :4 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior qality and finish, and less than Jaune's imported Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs foa lrtiling. S.'ailof' and hattor's Irons, assorted. ashal weights, 100 tuons assorted from 1 4.4 to Olbe. Bells for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &e. me4*deto order, *.Aso steamboats and other machinery made Arder. TheLstove astortment of goods s particularly =-re-onesended to the atteoln el or Southern aind Westairjtmorehlats, and are offered for sale at low prisbbi and upon thle most liberal terms ; it its be. lj~sed to i tihe largest and best a.sortsment ever i fered. for sale by any one establisltment ins the 'LUneted States. r , lr haats, by forwarding a requoest by mail, ca's -hav- a peinsed circular, with description of' goods, prilesid terms, f-om which no deviation is ever maure,'farnished by return of mail. All orders will receive iotmmediate attention. No.w York, 1838. te3 NO l1iiRORUR? NOR GOoPyv a S.Noew ()rle.ns, Nov.l 14 181 7. '> o+' BOL"rTss muonte h I I load tie l isfirtln to g ot '.t wecres disease, for at hicl I Iave apflied to sere. .ran docters fuir a cure, aad tlhe did so retae e, sailt t now 's blthe lboee date 1 put tyseif udlder tbe care of I toeete tHut asiile estelt him to cure one, Since I.t time dsih':dioaesM get worse, sa :s to break out ia lorpe uolerI e5tiaels s I lnumbe.rf six or eight on ar h leg, td an ll over .:",my teyl , aa l sore throat, aol not alla to work at It. pr.e. t time an' account of the disease; large leer on lbe r aigh t sde (,f tIe fthroat. I arte) tta pthling mysell aeo-i denllv tsider lhe care of Dr. Illet, e.f I'ari., .nl be perteetl' cured JOIi. DEAN. 'jQ1Q:1 ft'LI'IFY tlit tilee above lt eetlo eld lisease is -3. que..weeoordtdteo ty ewn eatisfatitio, fhr wlic:lh I ttalsn ter., lluota; att.a orever I asaare lntt tlt te iledj cine I Ihave takea aesaLen Itme fat, and did not injure Imy . health at all; therefore I advise tey f Ilaw sufelerers 1 losene'no tiete safn sfpply to I)r A. Ilaot, 124 Cantl selns.i betwotece I)phtn":sand BoIlturelu strCs. Itr. holaee is at eletne froa 9 o'clock, A 1l, uttil 41' 3l. i" ' hey will find a trtee do:teor lr thiq complaint. JOHN I)EAN, (1 ;rnvier street. If a lyoae wattsl to see ate, call ar N.. 4tI1 tiavite New Orleans, Feb I, 183;. - i Iv F n/IllI i G cnI.e indlaus Juolasan of Liverwetoi to u '1 et , is pIa t up in botltlve at tilet low price of 511it eae"e efe. eeolUaileg the strenagth of llaes ounces of lives Wt',lhesi lee tih ,irtnesaf mInane orter rrots aslid .helrb nowl asIln I Indisue s as eficacious in curing 'hitijet@nlled success whicial bas attended thle use of sthis i! unfblfe Ialauan wherever it has been intro ' -di,, , ofhetataned ile confidence and recouaenaeda esteus of .rkectable physicians, for tlse cure of coughs, a.-lnfr.f pain e the saide, want of rest, spitting of blood, _retc.penlai.t, f&t. '-r, '.s.n it many concern. This is to certify thlat we :;u ve f our praee.te frequenlly prescribed Mrs Gard. 48 n dian Balnsam of Lverwort aad loartrhond, withl Ssldoiedc4.god effcta: woven therefore, from the know .,-gpfismaterials it is made fian, end cbsereatlot . ,derineee, recommend it as a solerie- prrepartion - d, l`Aose olagtioas of the lnts fir whicl n it is re iltpmended. ..r ,I T We\I.LI&M., n .D. o -ta, '9ALVIN ELLIS M. D) - s Member of the Boston Medical Association. IsteaneOcber 5. saleby JARVIS & ANDREWS, lb 19 Ilillo)ll Undl rhaitonIlas as S OLl.AnsefPence fPemanslnip receied,end - for sale sir permanent Writnm Academies c';=1J . 8 . New Orleans, 189 Brltadwty NRdwta trir ., Mobilc. preaf e siganed for private lear er.. and Si cuatd for peros of ages. l atds gentlemen are invited to call and examine * y:itmfortheoselves. -¶0Jih s a giPa. I t eac1h houee as saV suit the eolenjeee ofall, and 1C clasnes formed is any part S labo preOer it..Ca receive ..esso.s tthefir own ref Pa Aetree o. l.essensre desired S3.g .. . elletheywtsih. " " "9 i w 1S, S. sOTti R. b AL I bba, 1 , if, ich; - 2S0 du 25 a puck, Gold Laef; ?' : GLkS, 4.frin, Eralisla and F-iceahc0 S.. o -n boe,cosanenrt, will li ansrmPb of artit' Vrour adh; a"o 46 Canal nore,. aI n !ak at p r, and Moliasi . 4nrcent discount foro goad moalded d plain Donstanditly00 uAibS. J9i$o. emliean and Frelnba oUy andu and Pqu ait.,. wi n 6b jiscod t, a ill he aasNd lseL opa artip ' cad ours and I- e as tln a t oPga.qnd lattiseipa =. pýAt l~ t discount tor goodas o det w or oo i to i*P iAMEg ICAIZ1 & STROUD a every second Monday dauring oloieap, AIll or not full. `-,Ship OJpos, 599 tons Capt. S. Sears, Shlp Alabams, 474 do C. C. Berry Ship Arkansas, 627 do E S Dennis a Ship S ratua, 542 do W Hathaway, Shlip Nsshville, 540 do D Jackson, I Ship Kentucky, 629 do J Bunker The above ships are qf the first class, coppero and copper fastened, and having been built in New York expressly for tims trade, they are of light draft of water and almost invariably cross the bar without any detention. The commanders are men of great experience, and the ships will always be towed up and down the Mississippi by ateo.nbnats They have handsomo furlished accommodations, and stores of tie best description will always be furnished. The cabin pasnage is $90. without wino or liquor, and there is no liquor furnished to the officers or crew. For freight or passags apply on board, or to H C AMES, 48 Camp at. The ships are not accountable for breakage of glass, hollow ware, marble or granite, cooperage of tin, or rust of iron or steel, nor responsible for any package or parcel, unless a regular bill of lading is executed therefor at the office of the eats. nov27 NEW ORLEANS anr BALTIMORE LINE OF PA`KE'TS. This line will consist of tile following vessels, which have been built or purchased expressly for thu trade, via: Ship Seaman, Capt. Miner, Bark Mary, " Niekerson, " Irad Ferry, new Stevens, -m Solomon Saltus, " Latham, Brig Architect, ** Gray. These vessels are of the first class, have hand. some furnished aeommodations, and are of a light draft of water, so as to admit of their receiving and 5 diichargimg their cargoes in Baltimoie, alt she city. Freight will be taken for ports on the Chesapeake or James' River, and forwarded by the agents, Messrs. CLARKE & KELLOGG, at Baltimore: expenses onm goods shipped will be adva.ced when required. The price of passage is fixed at $60, ammple stores of the b at quality will be provided. Steam up and down the Mississippi will be taken ron all occasions. For freight or passage, apply to GEO. BEDFORDI), r nov27 22 ienvil'e st. FOR NEW YORK. [Louisiana and New York Line of Packets ] ''1HE Ships composing this line will sail from Now Orleans and Now York oni every other Mon. day--conunencing on the 20th Novembcer-and to insure the punctuality in tile limme ofsailing, tlhe line will hereafter consist offive ships, viz: Ship Yazoo, Captain Trask, to leave oil tile 20th Novemlber. Ship Louiavi!le, Captain Palmner, to leave on the 4th December. Ship Iluntsvillo, Captain Eldridge, to leave on tile ]8thi December. Ship Vicksburg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on tile 1st January. V Ship Mississippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th of January. The above are all new, of the first class, copper 1di and copiper Iastened, and upwards of 500 tons burthen, ore of light draught of water, being built in New York expressly far time trade. Th Iriceo of passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabinsuare fitted up in tile most improved and convenient plan, and finished in a neat and elegant style - Ample stores of the first quality will be provided, and every regard paid to the emdnmfort and entire satisfiction of passengers, who will please take nmo. lice that no berth can be secured until paid Ifr at tihe ofPec of tile consignees. These vessels are commmanded by captains well experienced in tile trade, who will give every at teotion and exert themselves to acommlnndat. Th ' will at all timmes be towed up and down tihe Missisa sippi by etammbmmts, end lthe strictest punctuahimlly obsemrved in ti imeim of sailing. The owners of these ships will not be responsi. blo for anym letler, parcel or package. sent by or put on board of themo, unless a regular bill of laling be sigedi tlmerefor, at the counting louse of tile aI gent or owners. For firther particulars apply to S J D BEIN & A COIIEN, nov27 90 Coimmon st .A EWV ORI.EA NS &t Ct A RLESTON PACKETS - 'hts linec eo... sof tuarveisel ,all of S the firse slos, c perld nmd nlopper last. eneel, and ofl .lhmt 1(H) tones mIlrlien, with handsome acem mmoedateoes lor pssengmer. I Three vasstls .re conlmmalll;lldd Ib canplaimns mwl experienced il Ithe trade, v:lo willal give every at lellion, an exe r thel nselve os mto m ,.c ml lal . lth SslliplerP . I''he l. 11w I moedm II anlll d\wnll the llss.iemsipjpi, and leave Ne,' Omrleansa ln or belort thie 10th and 15th ,lf ,v r wIa mm ihI. 'TIhe illowing vessels conlpc nm ie lhllls vizn : Ilrig Arahian,(',hnrle"s G. r.un, mOater. Brig C ,apmr anl.. I. R. "'hom1npson, mushyr. I B rig A inena, J D ,nae , nina st r. For Irtightm rpaslae,enply t, J. A. IARELIIi , C:, 6I (" imn am, N::: Oileame, r me . 1. M,,rdm'lamoi. mnh am l-_,._ 11 ) MAAL .k CU' Ifosto.n and Now Oricans SLi eof Packet Ships.-Thir new line of chips has been expressly built to run between the above ports, sand will be found of suitable draft of water: accommondations for passengers, and every ealbrt will be made to give general satis!action, 'I hl hII is composed of the to lowing ships: Cherokee, 415 tons Capt. J Harding, Carolina, 400 do S Lemnist, Challteston, :174 do I) Eldridge, Coalmb;aia, 625 de G Barker, Seaoman, 240 d .J llow'es, lioneny, 625 do D IHlumphtrey. The above ships are all new, of the lirot laes, copper fastened and coppered, commanded by tim of great experience, have largeo ccotnltodetions, with a separate lasles'cabin; every attention will be paid to paroleoero, and the very Lest of stores pro videed for thlen. The packets will le towed up and down the Mis issnippo, and the strictest punctuali y t' rnrved in the time of sailing, and olih Idl the regotlar vessels be detailed in arrivig, oilier lips equally as good w.11 in all cases be substituted. A share of patron age is solicited, and tue agents pledge themselves to accoltmmodlate as much as practicable, to receive and forward goods by said line at the most moder ate charges, and to advance all expenses on goods shipped, if required. The ships will leave the the t and 16th of every mo till. For freight or passage, apply to the agents. J A M ERQ'I"r, 82 Common st. N. B. Advancements m'de on consignments to Messrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. nov27 5t c: IU"ns HlART"l' & CO, are now reeivnglruak on board ship Orleans. Eagle, Ilighlander, I'oker leary Andrew, French and German play cards; Bark gammon Boards; Cbesemen, 2 1-4 and 2 3-. inch lil ard Balls; 8, 9,10 and 12 inch blade Bowie Kniive; Leather and olher travelling Dressing Cases; Belt. Pocket, loreman's, and Duelling Pistols; double and single barrelled Guns; Gaooe Bags; Shot Belts; Powder and Pistol Flasks; Dram Bottles and Drinking Cups, Percatsion Caps and Cap loldlers; Cloth, Ilair, Torott; and Nail Brush.s; Orrins and Chlorine Tooth Wash: Tooth Powder; Toilet and Shaving Soaps, in great vo riny; long dlair Braids, Ringlets and Frioettes; Pearl and Toilet Powder; Emery Bgs; Ivory Tub Cushion:ee Patent Slides or Garter:; Go.,, Elaotic Sultpenders; Powder Puf andi Boxes; Gilt Chains, Seals and Kevs; Ear-drope; W\oit Bueklere Bracelets; Bead Necklaees and Chains. Gilt and Silvered brade; Indian Beads, Btells andl P olumes; Shell Twit; Side auld Dressing Ceahs; wlhich,in addition to tleir forter stock on baid, makes their assortment very complete, and will le sold ow aend enliberal tems, at theim sit of the Golden L'olmb, i25-tf 70 Chartres street. T. IE Sulacribers, Agents for the extensive buaies of W. & S. l totcher, Sheffield, Eneland, have just eceived e very extensive set o'f c ntP sm e onsriting of Table and Dessert Kntives of " _-y deascription, Pen, Pocket, Dlirk, and Spear point lanlves; Razorsl Slcis sors, Edge Tool, &. &o. whe. bieh they are pr..1oredl o exhibit to the trade for orders. Terms and conditions will be made known at the titne. emlf J. I. BEIN & A COIIEN.9 Common t. NEW (:0tD5. .tM.lINSS, HARTT & CO.-Are now receiving . per ship Iluntsville, Eagle, Mery Aindrew, ilig.h ander, Freeich nld German doulee heald plving eardus: ster,bill acd pocket listols; plal., rihblhe eld split I cusiota csps; cap holders; scissars, haznrs, ten. res; Gillott' eotmmereial and othler steel ipens; Vi us; Violin strinegs; shell, ivory sad liert combs; watfirs; Ik, bead and leather purses; haiir blraids, front andl ack ringlets; negro lpuffls; Germs.. iandtt Fenh cologne watec, Rowlanda maceasser oil, intlation do; antique rot lers oil; pirtable desks acd dressleg eases: past. blacking; statis and toilet glasses; ornvex minoNe; op cal glosses conl iews; Inllia lnads, bells anel Iithnes; cenerleon; whit- twine; toilet cod shaving teaps; toilet owder, cvsmetie wash balls; sentaed satin oashions; -pool stndst rew eushiolts; fany bead Ihailns alntd necklaces; billiardu balla; poeket lIooks ab d walletts; Gerlnae honest razor straps; itle and eommne gum olutie suspenders, gatters do; Bells lucifer matches; ail. err pencils; Crayons, &.. &e. Tihe above in addition to our former stack of fancy article n makes rs assortment very etamplet. lnr aole wholesle or retail; as the sign of rho Golden Cavem , 7 Cfmtr.,e street. tnr2.0. A NEW article forpersones troubled with deafness, A (celled ths Ear Trumlelt,) has just been reaeived, by the use of which, thel slighliteast artculation of the hu. tan roielets diseincUtv conUreed to the rar. Aiy one ous has ever teen obliges to reoeersar with a very des pu.en , mosts he fuliy aenible of the difficulty and en te.atexperiaoed botll by themselves and the in dividasi so asfsotuaotele afllicted. By the use of the Faer Trniuapet. this objetio is emtairely obviated. The molpesalp have always at uamued ltheir doeubts after having aud the Tirtepet. For sale at T F GUION'S, Focy storee corner of Csmoun an.d St C.arles streets ndsr the xtclstnga I|otel. feb 13 .K Boi )E1ti . f (nder the Pieayuan OJit T12Ca p atr 'RONSElMA' OI.fOWSQN beg leave teolnfn rm a their euetomarn tnd the public genera.lie tha' they have removed their eetabliehmen't to No. 72 t (:tmp street, inmediately under the offiee of the Pieaynne-where they are prepared to execute all orders in their line. H iing received from tle North a supply of pa. per and materials of a superior quality, for tire I manufaeture of Blank Bnoks, they offer thlir sert vices to merrhants and others, who mlay wish work of that kind ; and haviltg the advagpane of several years's experience in that line, they are confident of eiving satisfaction to thoae who aoay ftavor them with their custom. For notaries, architects and others, maps end plans will be pasted on linen. varnished slid maounted in thle neaost manner, & at the shortest notice. Plain and fancy binding, in all its vrrieties nl. CHINA GLAddE & EAR 'lEN WARE S.URIL 36 Charree sitree, New Orleans. W M. SERGEANT & Co. importere of French and English Chinn and Earthen ware. are now opening new and rich patterns of breakfasr, dining and tea services, trilet sets, pitchers, tea and colffee cups, teapots, sugars, creams, bowlhe, plates, dishes, tureens, wash basins an. ewere, foot baths, etc. etc. Rich cut and plain French and American glans wort--.ohlete, champaignce, lemonades, jcllies, clare,, r, ecrdalinse, centlre howles, decantersl tumblers, preservedlshes, celeries, pitchers, eInIs, lamp shade and glasses, candle shladoe, salt ccl Iers, etc. Sllver plated, brnnzed and britania wares-r-,ns tors, liquor stands, cake huskets, cendltsticks, branches, spoins, lodles, colffee and teapets, sngars, creams. Inamps, japaned trays, astral stalds, and hanging lamps, fine cutlery, German sliver spoons and forks, together with a great variety oaf arliles flr fminaly use. fMerclhants, planters,'hnh ln, and steabllat, furnishedl wih goods at tile most rea sonable prices, and parcked so as to be conlveyyd wilh salety t, any part of the eoun'ry. Alpin. nlcrlrernri .E' trl r. aa-e. nna 2 THE FLORIDA LINE From Mobile to Aungste, Ge G. Iravens Mobile cvery day at three o'cleck. p in per U S mail hoat for Iol,'Fs Licndtne, above Blakely,-thence four tract conches to Penseroti-thenilll srcenlmbllats to Lrgrnce, where theleand rore isresnaced-'hence via Marianna and lIrowasville, Fic. Bainhridre, Painertown, llowkinsville. Saondersville& Louis. villet. Augusta, Go, cornnecting rreu!nrly with tile roil road cars to Charleston. nr d c he reanm parckae to Now York, Nrfoilk, P.liladulphia, etc. 'The steam boats are the best for the service, and the navigation preents molllre advinllntaesthan ran be faoold upon any attaltboat route ill the eoulth. ern region,. The great improvementsa in the mrte have ibeen produced by thecolstrrctioni of lifty miles of new rond, by tihe proplietors, viz : fro f , l.Granre oil Laolayette Itoayo, on arm of Santa Rosa lliy, to llrynnt's Ferry, on the Chilacrnhochte liver, itn rmils aboverbe Cowrelrd, or 14 above Cedar IluITP whereby the navieiniLton the river, and the car,. eirquelli dereltirlllOn, and mlore itreelly tIl inell lleent crossing at tlhe C'owlrrd, are entirely avoided, and a line road fron Marianna direct to Inibridgt', irstead or tie roundabout road via Chnltahoonclire, lesseningi. he ristanrce abni t irrty mlles, anod incrtasoitg ilia faeclities more itant once a day. Alco, a branch line of tnwo horse st.ges every other day fIriom H wkinavdle, via P, rrv to .ilaeon, iG. connlcting with the line to Savannahi and Derieh, Gen. A anll st.nlboat mioes regularly he ween D'iinbride and Apilnelaicnla. ''Travelr rs en ishi.i to reachl tny poinlt on Chatnhooh)el. or A )anach:-i coin, eaul t alike snOn'oan at il rlwnrville. Mobile to la'rsacola-l.itl lnnRe-l)Drinr the tinme 'ccllpedp tp r thP rlepairs of lar, the Irprip.rt. ars of the Flohrida .in e ill unI a line tI four hoirse pols aeoahes every other day betlw-tn tM.r tiiltenod Pensacola. Paosse!noerrs will leave M2laile at 3 o' Irkc p m, in thlle U S mail boar, ad proceed to Ill l'o I nld-. ine, where at nitr iorase coach will ti in waitinig to' convey t hen i to III ll xc';l t hoiurII-e l ,il A. Clitarle lnil, I 14 title dIeoiant, whiron tile t ll fio d pleasant a rco irrell odrl ino Ifoir the ritghrtt-I levinnrL next oll arnlllg, tt)y will ,ii trae e Iii PenLt' S I t a ll In the evettlnul , ti a ina . i ll inr g tll C discmr iforat ori nihl I rta ve lina . Olite at allt' M1iansion Ilhusne, Moble,ii andl Iitil lin ' ihotel, I'le .tole, wherel son's .nl si b.: ser:u ,. lath lKTON & Co,. ,,v I I'ianoe r rtc IialnstruIton. \ illiam sile h t i llenders hin snirvyens l h Ire iliii zees of New (Orleans as n teachner of he pion, forte. Mr S having been entlnevi.d sa, veral srats as r ea re cher of ltu i r in private -' it'lli.l 111 i it OIn and a il Ia n selveralof thl e faet c i si , .i mli I llon in i , vai, in IIIItya o I)btll hope to aI riaa t iheir i ontidre te.ti ic as 'eis eraired to rifer ton lI v I) tO.pp, lIts . stern &r AvI y, rI',L aI rtern &t. a'ie,. F'ltr ter2ts. hia.e apply at te bo tokellnre oi AlIxandEr rTi' laowe.,le-t rat 'r iI DJer'sn nad .lfcdircintee. i I e'vest fal i a locatled hituisel ina this eity for the purposer oil trannsarrctt n eenerrra Ithfl oi.,sahl ItruI businiess. He11 is now receing ii hIll Iupply l irslh lnd et rllln tir trl les+ , which h.ei ( n ll w ell on linrerll nteal. To niyi drugnist, lanld lhOet' 0I ciite l aller or, o ph)s ei ' .n s, nilert hant. ld plrd , r., he c' I l Ifn r it1ducitnrlis, su ti ban r vi e nrvr i e. foire t ll en offl red iniit. s ea' il. lls in onr nle is lht. dot srte )lly l ile imate I sol essr . Ia s stoek will ,, br com,, plete, nrid in ar fiw w.reks wi rta di ,%r bu inieaas. All orders irano the co ,llrv, a fro,, mer.'hatrtt of lt ii ~ry, recerivoinr cdt ordert. will ie promptily attended to. eel l No :19 Camp at r L lttLS.tILE ANt tlRETIAiL('tMIt ANlt) V. V lI tITY s'OlRE-at thre slign of tohe golee conb,,Mo 'I Chhrres ,e.,,t. The s.b1scrielrs hLve re reivr 'l, ina i.ttion to their previous 'stok on haml, a full and ennldct, as ortlnent ,,t artirles in their line; viz: om s, ,rerlutl ry, is, well'ry, lrnusht s, l aking gli asea , (l'<e shi ell w arl lt and prain rllik,rwist, lilled -bak longI round, dresg, iruide plt,a crnurand not k, tia'riliini comlr of every des'ription amtongst whiil ari nritea Meaoxicon patters, Ivory ecotba of every dar-i tion, hlorn, d''tersig and racket, tngehler with a a..-nrtont. of F' rena iad Anccri ca., t'hIt;lF1i E1Y-C aogoe, La vetler, Florida, honey, niy, rose, and onrane flower wafers of every size and les crieLinn, camphiorated Cologne, entrait'of Blcercmot, lanry s caps ofall kinds, shoaving dot in ckes ani ots, creea soopd , \Vn'rd's vegetable hiir nil, oears nad catl tinterdo, In o'rsi' smelling salts, plain and plerfoumed todetp pwder, pealr powder, powdoer poila ond boxes po matnin rlots and rols, orris and chlorine tooth wash and owdeas, withl a general assortmoent of JER\EL.ltR'-some ofthe latest ind amost fashiona ble setts, consisting of white and red corneliat, toper Me jet eardrops, set in filagree, breast ins of a greet -,ne ty of patterns, watch trimmituge, glt and silvr iacklec, nsilver tlhimbles, silver andl gnolrp neile and gaonrd chainsa BRUSHES-Cloth, hair, duat ag,crumh,hearth,floor, hat, flesh, tooth, plate, comb, Nail, shaving, shoe and whitewash crushes. LOOKING GLASSES--German statlia and toilet glaeos aognifyingnol Pnrach dresaing gblasesi ahot do, witbova riety ifaftherkidols not o eaneoteetd. FFANCY AND VARIETY ARTICLES-French and Aterican portalde deehksnd dreosihgexas nomne very rieh anld finely finished ladieaswork tcboesnnd de-n ac eases witha t withot mustic, mosical nboxes, Ae crayonsmantle clocks,gunand pistohl with tad without eaces, pereion cop ilo p rea in riet of other, aripl dircw riers, ocbshot bet,goa bags, praseo bitfackinc, tcp ces on l hones lcredit. fancy bdII selIONs do rah eo. d4 _ 70C(lilartreslt. U 0111I' Mlediael Books-Louis on PI .hisis, do. on .4 bloodletting, a new supply, reO'd by fe4 A TOWA R , 49 Cam ' PERM OIL--1500 gallons pure winter d SSperm Oil, in casks and bids, for eale by JARVIS & ANDi.EWS, Wholesale Drugg ats, corner C numton and Tchap his streets. ,lr It Cologtne Wuter, Pitrluleiry, &e.-A llendid article of cologne, put up expressly for the retail trade; also the purest F'ench Perfumnery., tmbra cing every variety for the toilet, for ail1 by oct 2 REES & D'LANG. To Country Merchants and Planters. Nezro clothe, blankets, fl nnels, hnseys, lowell shirtingos, checks, linens, calicuer, handkerchiefs, &c &c,recitved and for sale low by the rubscri. bes a. ROTTA & Co. oct. rorner Canal and Chartres at L S iEGOLR, No 54 Conde street, betweenu Duomain and St Philip, keeps constantly on hand an extensive assortment of boots aslid brogans, and shoes, if New York manufacture, for menl, wolnme and children of all aear, which he will dispose of at very moderate prices. FImilslieasof his ntiqintance on eendinr an order will have their wishes attended to L'S SEGOUR JEAN MIARIE FAllNA'S COLOGNE WAT-ER e cases nmre of this superior Cologno water, just received atnd fit sale hby the dozen or single tottla. Also American and French toilet ptwdere, powder ufol and boxes, slharig and toilet soaps, cnosetn wash balls, milk of rtses, cesmetic cold cream, extrac o musk, kephalte, Ward's vegetable hair oil, pomatum, roulle de pres, Florida, lavendar, rose anti bay waters, Preeota's salte, Marseillet perfumery ill trunks. vegert.l bloc d liquid ron p, Clltwine and 'Orris tooth wash, clotlu,hair, looth,t tl and flesh brushes; together withl an additional supply of fasohionable horn and shell combs e nd j welr,forsale low at ewhol e or retail by SIMMONS, IIARl'trI &CO, july6 70 Charlrctrotel,. VIl E INII'MAN P'ANAU.,E ' Ol.the ` a' eofrheu-antismscrofulM orkngsevll,gou, siltia ora hip s Ut, i..iilot cincers,. sitrheum dili and me ral diseases, pat'liculdy ulcers imo infdul affections of the boes, ulcer edthl t s tils,ullersofevery desriptlo, fever asihs, and internal Ea abhsesss, fistulas, piles, scald head, sicrvy, biles, shro nlo sor eyes, aryspelts,blohles, and every varietyon'al tmnern affetiron chronic (:atersh, head ache pxroceed ing from any ascri humor, pain il the slomnilh and dyw pepsia proceediegfromvrlsalion, affeetioslofthe liter, ehronic inflamnmation ofthe kidneys, and general debili- i Scaused by storpid action of the veseis of the skin. It nd is sinlarly efcaious in renovatn those constitutions tot which have been broken down by injodicimus treatment, lii juvenile irregulnrities. in general terms, it is reconl- sta nenlted il all those lliseases which arise from impurities as of the blood, or initiation of the humors, of whatever as name or kind. Some of the above complaints may require somse tri- P fling asistant applications, which thccircunstances of the me case will dictat.-. but for a general renmedy or Purificator of to remove the cause, the I NDIAN'S PANACEA will del generally be found suflicient. TO THE PUBLIC. tlow trueit is, that modern Physicians, in their am hitiol to excel in their rolfession; eaplore the vast fields i ofscienee by the aid ofehemistry, and seek out new re medial agellts; in shnort, to arrive at perfection in the ye practice by means of art alone,--ntirely overlook and neglect, as beneallthlleir notice, the rich and bounteous i stor- s ofmedicine, which the Almightly has caused to tat spring out of the earth in every clime! And how much more true isitthat while the Americln Plysician looks t to foreign countries for many of his most common and th necesneuy articles, peripetually changing as thty are at Al the dictates offalshion or folly, lie is mrsunasedl in hisJ own country withan. endless profusion of medical pllants, o slffitiemt to answer any indication ill disease or to cure G any curlahbl disorder; and yet he is ignorsant of their vir- thi toes, amsl they are suffere to 'wastetheir healing on the mi desert air.' The elfects of vegetable medicines upon the system are tematorory--those of minerals lasting. The former ex ert theirs efeta and pass off-the latter, mercury ilt par ciecl:,r, net eluienially spon cthe solids, deeolmpsng i the Iones and ulndermining the constitution by a slow and sue destruction. j The congeniallity, effieiency and SAFPETY ofvegeta- K ile remedies ever mineral, Inay be estimated bvcontast ingtheancient practice with the modern; or, to bring ii more immediately un.ler our own observation, thi Insli an pra~tice with that of the whites. Who, i America, ao ntnaot knownorheard of reieated instances wherein & some deerepsil, unretenllisgfemnlelIndian, by meanllsof her inilmlle semesies aione, tins lffectledl the most rapid do andstonlishling cures, aftller the ateira Medliea of Il al "emmon placti.e, directed in the most akilfk l nunner, has file? Anll who hisll l been lurllrised al the cnm - parastiveesle nid htcility with which the ilndin sriees him self ifrom any disease, and at the alimost tota abstinence orclnhrnislidsense among them? Vhllo has evel heard of aot Illndian witha eonslittiuion lbroken and rlilned by a illtreatlentt An:d can a dosbt exist that this halppy ex en stsion of the esavge from most of tile ills whichi the leshll ofllan is hoiro, is chiefly owinl to molr getlia eten safe lrmelies wichlii Its elmllloy? Thi' astniililsh ilng difference in success, is a fairenempiliction of theI ilnfinite superiority of the sillln e and safe mealls of cure which Cod Iets lreatel for the benef of hais lhilren, over those whillh the pride and the art of an ave inl vented., t 'From a long reidlence among a portion of the aborigii al iihldallitltstof this countlry, andtn intimate ae.uamn- p tance with the methods of cure of nme of their most successful practitioners, the roiprietor of '*The Islianl's Ilanacea,'acllslirel a knowledge of some of the ost I lpowcrsliiad favoriteremedies. Frolntheseheselected suech as wele most eefltious ald al ppropriLates, and after a various elxperirlntsl to tehtl Ithleir prilciples anld trelgth,h" lie has comabined them in the forml here presentle, as the most erl', e f nd beneficial flr the pnllpose tfor which it n is reconmmeded. The proprietorolfferslthis pllparlion to il psubliec,sti with the ctnsteiotaslllss that lie is lllacing withintheir sea, IU a remelldy capable ol'rlieuving ImanyI of his af llicted tell - I low beinlgs, who ala tltleritg undller tilhe various chronic ibl anld obslistiatecolaints to wkhihnt is applicable. T'o I suceh it will prove of ilnslculable vallle, as the mneans, and in naisy casnes, the only mrans of rielicvig theiir Inf. tt tierings ats ltestoring them onces iore to health luil nll haI lliness. This is iotaofl.erd as a ctonlitt remnledy, tlhat maly lnr ChanIcee etqully good with ma.ny otlhl Inow in use, butl is onle it ch is icapable of satl illgife innlltnly rl extrlle eases ir lsch all ihe t rnu meieslllth l. l'This it has done repetedly anl tlis it thle r atlllltion itllhsobh-. Isined wherever ittlts been ilntroduced. ti It is onlsy about three years silnce thlls ilretlamtion was Ie I restuled to the tibllic: biut in tlit short lsplace of lime,n sonle hmhreis of persons miglht betonl, It ho wouhll it solemnly ldeclarle thatl they believedl thlt their lives twere l aMved by it, malI in mastcases altler they had tried mauys, Undill pIurhIapIS ill th colllnol remdlllll is ill lailn. hllelr l' evcr it is known it islpiraitly cotinglt into ase, and this o sllstttatslslmontsvstanlsanttaland convincing proof of it tot Slatasl at. re L.llh valllOel thll.l Pallce i iost conspicursll ol ithose n tlos.n st ndini g ll syphilitic ,tand r.n lhiot s ,'fl.fctions i o which date defierd ofl olher rn.nrdies, wil pa:ticularly SIn ho.e els wlls l erI.lry haIls hrn so Ilsvisl !y sedr ll ril l elrs, Ietla t.t.iln l t l'lo e iligestive iorg:.Us, e rr. l'ltes it co pllll el reil es, nn\ l, ll in all ases it entlire Iv eCdlic;aes tat disatse :i asllc. i.f sn t.lcl, reolln-o 'lcsthelle n r sti lutlitlino, d :111e1 Il thlll e ptilit s1111 in d lae a-. Ii t ri.lntllisl t l at1 in uthltl s . s. Inte throS , itsll happy i l::cti ar let s atpprl.:. gitil% a .o1tt ilnte. Tiakll itn t rv w- llhes, Ih llltillltut ' P a ope atess rtipa srll s, siusst na l l lllt thic litll p!inc lt sunell. nit ll Ie all) exprsslstl, it incr tasr a , I secrelatiols ane xl rthllll lllril l ie tnle lllitlr l all llr .r , Ialni Ix c a nc i.illot i. lisse ig ati, ital n lillll it a- l anlh r tt ll : these ll l inci - Plus its opsrlla t, o utst be lstesrr-s-Is ti t ThtIi lle icine has;t In ss lillt l ihly ) ullfll lin ml) I, inblistuo.., diseasei:L Ino hfler s p'cilicti , aril it has ,II." rI ilsed ieth w lrrltlul sn .ts.t ast S .lnta.1 l n blll Ist- i rilsler, lisii tsri s sott tSalticrl ilot nip dta chestii, toll wlhose oss istill itnn tresatttr ow trilo . dIlil rtlollsnshut I st.t ls will-rhl l ih l lvt eIt t -nl t hit - ttss tl natin slllls. It t this PanaceIliol. in a sa ill hl s.-,; i ll anawtar allIr ti pnupl s, iln muich ICsh lime, :at less expelle, lull inI a h far no'e e1. molre r _er thll.m the comnmon lief drink. L! ThI'lhrillwi ci.errsicates, .ut u1 hundrlds similar, a Illlll ed;ll all; Il 0l. xhls l, xiit i h'll tile llust saishi r.i y ns ilmallr il sul r lority tore the t Vslntp il comon use. CASES OFL IIII'UM:\A'!'IS\I. Ut:llsalnTtos, Nov. 15, I.t2. Illring srt Iist v inter and-sni.wing, I as afllictlei wills :a very lseler at d(isr ii.elS rh, UUl:Itisml, occasionled iby txi.,slue inI hail wet.hlltr. I now tkeglta-tl ileaslure i 5;liillt, ih n boiX les o thle I,.11.'i Paln.ema, Ieatohe I lme t prli.l healtll, ald I colfillently recommend it to a all asimilarly afflictd. t JOHIN FEIIGUSON, Kingst. a CeIAUtsIITn, MlIarch i27, 1832. I wa senlled ahout three ysears since, with l distressin g t rhlaumatisml, caused by taksug a severe coli, while untler Ile inlhsenu e lof mercury, and which has hisabled re Ifrom lusinessicarly ever sille. Iaurilnghlis pierio d hlave het-st a paitient in the Marine Hlospilal, i this oil upwards of fo ur months, and nearly the samne lengths time in thle Baltilnore llospital, and tried almost ever remedylv, with little benlefit. Oi the 16th of Febnruar last, althat time scarcely able to move alinut upon rutclh es, I onlmm ened the use of Indiln's Panacea. In ont monthl I founld myself entirely tIreed romn pail, and an slow happy to state that eosnl ser mystelf perfectly well. WvM. 'F'UCKER(,13 Market at. CASES oF SCIROFULOUS ULCEIRS" NKw YouK, Sept. 10,1830. liis may certify that in the fall of 1825, I was seize with a swellingin my neck and faee, which afte(ward ulcerated and became large large ghastly ulcers i my neel. Afterrrying sevetal physieians to no alvantage, I wen' to Philadelphia, and pdlaeed myself under the cares Drs. Physle and Beancl, when, alter repeated salivatilols to Ilno erffect, I was prmoullnell utterly incorable. Atier. wanrs Itook twenty boattileofSwailn'a Panaceand t Iottles of Potter's Catholieon, with no material henefil Despairing of iie, which had naow beeone a burthen ta me, IretuanlelIto mypsarelntsl illh New York, ill I..t, an gavemnyelifupto a lingering deatls. tleasill of tih a mseat ses he hla T e eit s Paine, hIsowrer, in east similar to say own, I was aersuIailed to try it, sa last en siort. To my grsat sUlrprise, as well as iatisfaclion,a noanfoasl ityseratfpisly reoovernlg, essd npos takilli seven boatles the ulahs-ealesd asd 1 tecatise ipe-feeti well in the curmse oftwo mslths, and hlave remained sm eversinee. 1 sake thisestatemen asd wlsit publilhed fr the benefitofthao whoarea suffering under similar sarfllousor syphilitie afii:ctionls, that they m:sy know what h eauedo ne who has auffered every thing hut t death, sand wilo considers his life saved Iy theabove sy-. rup. W.M. IIINIIAA Canlaeso. July 12,1 31. I was otlictedt, four years withan ulcer la the leg, o.c casionally accompanied with rysipelatous inlamatiun and excessive tmin in the leg and ancle joint Several eminent physicians exerted their skill upon it, but with out permanent benefit. In this case five bottle Indian's Plnacea made a ierfect cure. MARIGARET A WEST, 1Il Market ZFor saleby LHENRY IONNAIEL, druggist, age for the proprietors, 'choupitoulas street 1t N OTt-.'rie partnershi of Kelley, Meoan &Co of New Orleani; Mason, lHarria &ion., of Natchez; nd larris, Kelley &Co., of Rndney, was diasolved on be2lst of May last, by the death of Samuel A Mason, one of the artiners nl ithe firms.' The unudersigned, snrviviug lprtoers, will be clharged with the settling and closing said business an follows: Levi C giarris will attesnd to tre settling of the business .of Masont, Hlarre& Co., at Natchez; and Ilarris, Kel eo & Co.,at tdnev and ieitrv Kelley will attend to e nettling of the buemess of Kelley, Mason & Co., at New Orleans. Tie names of the several firms willbse used in liqoidationonly. Those indebted to said frmn are earnestly requested ocome forward ad nmake early settloeents; and those having claims will please prerent them witout delay. LEVI C IIARRIS, HENRY KELLEY. New Orleans, June 27, 1837. olRESII GARDEN SEED.-The subscriber Shegs to express his grateful thanks to the puba lie, for the liberal support he has received since he commenced buseitess in this city. Being isle pro prietirof the seed store, 17 Common streete he io not and never was agent Iore any northern seed vender; neither is h econnected wilth an house in tlis. contry-hut lie assures the public that his conueetions in every departnlent of the seed hulon trness, is the diffelett countries of ELurope are equal to that of anty house inu the United States. He in. pnre seeds, plants, &c. from the mnost exlensive and respectable nurseries and see Isnien in France, Holasnd, England, Scotland, and tim to thera stutes-and it will at all titmes be his inerest, as it is his study, to receiv, tI addiioi t Itt pr. snt steelock, large artivals sl every dearriptln,,, r, ,llh tir growth tl 1638: allso, enogrard ftstt Ite e, . alI kiido. The public ltenv tl hlldlndn s lut s.e sorlmnte t of every art lle tir t , Fc ., d l ii ,.I,,t g st IU ins quollt, llid illtpiottd .itrl;t iby n ,.0. DIN a.ia n 'origcial Vexetable Hlyam-.Uuiverd Medi-, I ine prremf- by W Miskin, EnI. Memesr of ntel.ollbtut ge of Surgems, Lieenliote of .Apotte eary''Uomjnpsoy, Fellow of Holt Court Soolety, Surgeon o so the Royal Union Pension Asoeilation, Lansace oh Plaee, WaterlOo Bridge, and Perpetual Pupil of Guy' ad St. Thunoas's llospitalls, Londlon. 'i This valuable medleine, the reault of twenty years' g otrfinnae and unlurallelcd success in the extensive n sad highly reapeetable practice of the prolriety, a tro nisetl by ihe faeulty andti nobility, aln is iow ittroded in tothe notice of the American isnblie, at tshe earest so licitation «f a number ofgentlemeu of long and tigh Ih ustanding in thle gprofeuion. It is holped, u a prelimi- en nary step, to heck tihe evils and fatal onsceuence si arisieg from the use of theim numerous anl delterionls v nostrms loisted upon the poblie by the aid of fabricated proofs ofmiraculous ectes, ant other frauds,hya set of et oercenary, unprineipled Iiwetenders., o totally ignorant Ie uf nsdinal sciene, that it impoussible tile monstrous fI, doluon can any longer go down with the italligent sit peopdle ofhis emotry. 'ltesepills,mlld and agreeable e tn their nature, should be kept in every family in canes to of rsdden illsseu, for, by their protmpt administration, m elhlera, cramps, spatsm, fe' rs anit other alamh'ulg I complaint, which too often prove Ifatal, may be ly cured or prventedl. In fact, all those who valve good o health, shouhl never be without them. T'hey are sold l in packets at 51 cents, $1an a$2 eaceh, by every reape pi table druggist, bohkseller, and vemlorof medicine in flu Unitedl Slates i t l: e Catldas, with colpious dlletio. s io, together with: esssmooeials of professional ability ftals g the following eminent gentlemen: Sir Artley Couper, J oi Abernethly, James lihmcell, MI. D., \V. IBack, 3. D)., l J. Aasto Key, A. Frampton, M. Il)., and tunuerous e othetl The originals may be see n possession of te it Geenral Agent, by whom tile msdieiite is imporled into ti this country, sad to wlholu all appliecations lforagenese ,, must be nmlale. o JNO. HOLIREIN, til Wa NerlPlaee, N. Yo1'k, Sole General Agent for the United States, &a i. For sale by appointment of tile eriginal prosrietor. bIy SWat &l UInsTua , lll'ggitst, Nuo 11 UaUl street, vi L.seel. Agentslbr Statthe of' Louisiani. jot vl i ,1EIlgY It LEEg " co, No dMlagaznae salreet, aei'i row receiving front ships Nashville, Lomisvisle, eronoksy, Eagle, asd olther lates arrivals trm :e :li-ern cities, lalrge alsd iw seleated asstnlsente He.oi, Boots, Shoes and Brognns, n consisting ot'geinslelua's fine calf and Morocco boots do ild siualilts dso bulRdt, anod stout wax pegged Ilnsan o o ariounsitalities; moen's fiee c:alf seat aI Mlorctxc, luaiIpu asitd bL'ogans, buckskin l shosl brogans ant slippiss menI's feine calf and kipped pegged shoess and I rogans; do boots; do salou kip ansl wax pegged Isloes a brogansh; gelntlomen' best quality calf sewedi shoes I Is'iogans and Jack DOwsinsgs; do cEalf sal Morocco is okleshs aml brognls; calls eseal sliad MorocoI I tlian shloes sn sllipissl do calf, huff anu eas wlng; a. ew article; dto fine call sen.l amld moroou qu ter, otl; loys', mnisses' and ehilhrenn's pegged astdi sowedi Soguno anto sloes of every quality aal kind. r Also s genedal assortment of irn's goant wax nlld rast hIrogaiss asllt shoes, togetlher with 10,1)O piaite sge In eat quidity, 'tssett brogiso, tioiled ill tin i Lsmks, imde expiessly for plItation tset a good i-. t I lmenl of mes lille amnl stout kip russetl Ilgans, a t w artice, and a arge quaontity of nll ieriorsi' hint is rlusset sod wax brognls. a Ladies' file calf, seal, moroo n slld grain welts, niot punt sole shsles; ds lice Freuhb Morroco allkll hulnll a iIind slippers; stn roan dlines, with and without Ieelst; I calf, seal laid stout lecatler ootees; do Ilruaeclistln er Sfaill kiints ani qunalitiest do lausting brhguans; io gaiter-w ;'asd Iltfoxedl bItees. lisses' I'lsilig lugi t sllegsnllt In m ,gas. Clilhlren's colore d lo oicao allil lasting bits. b 'satInd liats,ule. a. 'ientlcu'lesti'slinilslhionasble blhek silk Ihats; do black in tlttab bsaver'lo it a supleriol'i ualify; sl itsittisonis lt satdo; n'tlit :ilsl'l'lWno hliin Illanoll's fine stiab andlI bIt h Rnlessia alisrt Intitietl lIs, a n0 ties,: tle. Yot ;Its" I:u ;e size htIts ol diltlcrnt iqtalities; li chlillt en's. i S.Il'sa' and Ls)'s bs:lik allol dlesa wool i:ts of Silliots il ist's, wiln gellelr l ilsso lil; lt of bioa' tla' n l iiis 0. -1 c aps. n 'l i ns assortmcnt wil be repl diinis'I h the arriival of ii esr Ifllcket'alnsa te a,.lte nl'ed csti cs, 1' i oi f n which n il lbu solar oil saceosnisnI:nitlg tsle'ils. till: I-sl Ii ISA JJII f511 1;'1/ 11l JI) A FOR THIE 'EE'TII. c , \HEeetallishbe repoantiou aaode nistnllA ltcreii.;l et dellland olr this etl tuat rmdvn of )Ilp ia anlllds r n ert'rnsics of t 1 Ract li, lioasn isttititist 'e 8is -cr ar titter it to sile Atierito linlblit'. Aerrt:itictlllci s hIcv IKell tltade to CIal a)Y lviell Js ill I h111 the rl t:iit'll cili I nllltI IoW nIs4 in the +Tcllltll States, l ol is lu t io Itcl+ it ilhi thle reach al 1shone aalt.+rrng a1d klikly to nosier is its. hltsetshiig of all acht., Totl;-ache. Wheni'tss appllied It.sosdiso it directions maven its loIttil, i has nit ver ftit itll I tlild illrlndi:le a1nd tonlatsCr re:is.' It alsUo arretsts IthC t:eci i tt del:ctivtti teteh, t rl~ 'i' i tt'shlat s'itis tlthich'lisl t equt nti s it .lt re g li . ltliit s t. ,'tiiis The lt ittii.ttt li o llst a l arc 1 ill:le, hlnlell'tllt, n ru i t ll p Ialt Ii )elsallll and l Ih, ltr.r lltl:ll')f iofrerlsPoa illi dlliI1'rnt seet'inBlts IIIall !h Io't shith s l'te it al lr 1 e ic a11t' I .t1 ll h drlishlf it t ha utar Il I-r Irma11 l it: .,,tJ) th ,'ir - e f rtl I hlll ur n Illr - so t lifefu liey lntlici,. d ittil i r is' it o t n. I ried.ll rlllllitr.. It is n iii Ill tcliil r,'l.h1, & l1tllilllt l ii rillgulnirl. a:l'I ul,'X t 'tp, 'dly, and not. he aire r 1, .I . t I, s th~e+ oili,iz,',l w odd a. the unl,it valuableh di.+,:,,v,.r. " +i ' JchllN t Ithe cola. " t allir ' t'ort'* t1un lllll l hl T I, r _11' I'11 1' . 1. I t slit)p'. I t I'S.. in s doers--25 ,1oZee t*il,' l-\nt . I., lfor .... JOIIN IH GRIAIIA$I. If \1 IPtlltl51 TliN I'c" .11l'I!Iihl..- , ' nu lln i e,t., tt citr,'fIr thtlt Ftv'r elt l .'e dAlu, Sretlliilcult ;tll IIIDlllt tlll h rll t lVr e; Il'rtfi.I]' l lllnfrom Ilin (irigina; l r,.'llps". IJf. .id wi.'i t Jl111.1t ndi llli vt, rrl emle' e i 11 4+ , by plrrnlq oit l ilt hlhict rlrlPit:L:l hlll t i I tnist coy: , .,s .tlts:d i nt lit. aiilcia h s l'llts Ills'listi lls e ., hsi llgg rlsn un ,l lllll!.,It.+]+ iils c htilr SThissc'log in , 11i deinsin son acc failead ofr. ir nll Illi .ill'l a v11c , dtIII the sn ai h o,< rli l 's I l l],it 'of tlthtio.odor .llain nosre that dlirn ge.pra-ol n and patin:n oftp- hea weakens atlnsol, andr chid e.n niayt. lae Ic iit. lrl-islll orIpil ii thrn hot lcaIt It digly hte mo, sull rilng unlld"-r e rc-.lutlr of ofl eatte,. It is II orgaisi.dcilie i n...lo gptiL vatnuo, and rhell useil Sesor ilign to IIor direstiobs Ias Iluevltr failed of ?tl'd.lillet ai curoe, ev ll i thie Mst obstinate si.age to tile disorder. t is nlot lit l disareeablo, sinlid personsll of t ie weakest itoelac, and helliren aay Staks i with inlprnlitey. wIstr s tu othe digeustiteo Ssorgatl, creates an appeteite, nd tseldoen requires Smore than oLo, E r ill obstinate caseo two bottles to effect a cure. Thiere is neither mercory nor to arsenic in tihe edicine, nor any thing iur juriout to thD Iatae coestitution. Thle proprietoru are so well convinled of its efficacy o tht thbey agree to refund the price of every bottle which has been ' tLnkan in aeeordane, with tile direct;ons and has R ot efleted a a perfect aurn of the fever & agu.E A. OLIVER, sole agIent for Now Orloas, at his wholesale and retail drug and medioeine store, corner of Bienvillo and Chanrtres wtreets. For Diotriet Agencies alyoiv to je5 T. W. SMI'I'it, 48 Conti at. ' PENSACOLA MANSION HOUSE NEW CITY, PENSACOLA. IsE subsariberlhing purchaed wihe lase aisnd fur oitureo f this wll knowni aslibli a lleho t, frs i Asr STwiaylor, tlh late prol rieor, will be ready to receive viL telet by the ast e.l"AIril next. Nufrornoes and eortly illiroving enls will be found in the arrlagesmiueltln of tilke parsiua lnitaoe. New apnd more codlndlulloan bahllon housses will be built, and sn warm bullyt will lbe pruvled ot mll iloars A stnble. unwill lie notlahed no tli ito , with e ood ideommuda. bltions fur hor~ies sald carriages. F·ilsl rat. ]l~arles and eit rrluges will ulso be kept fi." hire at modcenle pr ees, ansld sail and row boats, withl persons to umalage theml fo rr til use of viallera. Ililliarda and other amusements( Svsnlally tbuadl3 at atering· places, will also, be furnishled, end an conrducted as not to in~terfere with tbc comfort and sluietoftise boardero. 'Tlse wines and liquors will be al tile shbenquaidv, and to ellenre In "ull sllpplv of ice,oa cargo rsbo nrea'dv been Ornlerd5 whitCs will sirrice about tlilIs oa llaM. c Mr Fredericd i auisnsad who foroserly kept in popuatr 'i nelotel at Wnslnilgtso cityv will eondaet this hlu el'or the proprietor, whe, witl snenl tid eanfidenstly assare the viieers oaflans Year5 tad his fioends geIaorlly, sIhot i they will reosivose try possible atceition; ond th eby eetsto give general satlelaetion. Th 4ttlmo advant;ges of tihu house nre too watt knowni to need a long.t ened deaoripslicn hsre. 'lhe facts Isiat Psuinst ola is elim tIelor naval asstihln af file Ooveramesn' the gereral rendezvons of tile Golf quaod. ern; Ihe nduarisy afits climate refeuthed t'nstantsy du ri tige sumnomer by the coolest ireer~s Lfran Srbh Gulf she bhnotv of tshe bay and the neighbouriag Siulaoiuid olrivere; tie aaundtance oid delicoy of tire shb wits which die waters .hound; and ins prexiseiiv to tho best Southern marketso five lesnucola tile she - ferenee over all oater places is stseae latioudes, as a heolihy and delightfl aumlnserrotreor. Fsnt rate beaets willruolhrstween Penraoala aod Mo umile and will nt all times ho able to take sIte pnseurogrs from tsia Nev Orleans boats. .0 t838 N B ARNOLD. Poosioceta. Feb. 1tl~ 5i0 3 tds'ntlessen wiahisig to engage rooms for their 0, fomiiieoaeaddreas the pnsprtor, at Pensuaola, nr Mr eewell T Taylor, the Ioroer proprietor, at Nea OrG 'dleons. i nonReferenees. T9 Soi dEsq, Mr C Callasit, t McAlpin, Eaq. L. , iabbi luhbile; S T Taylor, P tinea, Eoq, in Nr,. Orleens. S P S--A letter Itao, to receive nomnsunieauion, for persoass ot tie ahoveloltel, is placed at Geo Whiltmai't 'd lSee, 51 St Charles Eatihtuge. 50 FLORIDA ROUTE FOR NEW YORK. ' 1' Travellersdesiraua of taking the Floridaroume, via Pensnaola,to the Nurl, one infuormed thau viret rate boats will cinosassly run fran. Mobile to Peniaoela, leaving Mobile and Pensaeola every ether day sfer the Ist of May. Good stauge will always be provided ay s' the subhaerberto he in readineaa so take passengers frna Me Blobile, in case of the failure of tim boaus IsN BAfNOLD). Tie steamlboat Chsampion leaver Mobil) Ior PenOa coln twiewenaeok fehtl a NnRIEWucolnToit rn ,~.,, NDEW SMITH & CO., respectfully inform Stheir friends and the public in :eneral, that they occupy the new brick shop, 219 Tchoupitoutas street, where they keep constantly on hand Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron Ware, of every descriptien, such as copper stills, kettles, and pI)ps, tin b;th.I ing tu' s, and oil cans, of all sorts and sizes, and all other brass casting done at shortest notice. Grata ha.s of every de:cription, alich as rteam. boat atirups, hog chalns, screw btllt, ai other kind work, vhab ns chimneys, brech. / er. roam p . e... do oil kinds of out door work, u ; aepper naid tin roofing and guttering, ,? i.' y tahve and all other kinds o work in Ucr tie i.. of business, they tdill rzeccte at thes j.srtest notms. dec97 no rewace '^ i". '1lrl<ip · la - tor,aoI iiet a llrllsdlsjthdsncawsa time on stomge, sotes of hatl or bib of pods, wte ntr. - r chased at-different dates, an different credits, and for tvanriousamonts; haibesnideauseful and completclanking k Time Ta'le, the best Ihat can he emntrived. or that i gures can Iroluce within the same condesend compas., and size ol t pe. An advertisement in the book is in nearly the follow d ingwords: T ''he higi dimnetion this work has received through t the ten legislative aets prefixed to the title page, is a te commeodation in itself, so uncommon,, and so eonelu Sive, th it nothing is neeesmray more than by wa of ad I vertisement, to givea condensed view of some of its r d euliaritiea: as ferinsttnre, the Intereat has been eostai. C f ed from, and compared with, what is equivalent to four ? teen setsefealculatione, examiued in the pres thirty- - ta fire times, and printed from atereotype plates tested j t thirtyty-one times, from all which it must be evident v Il even to the kepti (espreially on the pe.soenl ofthe de i tel ef proofin tile preface) that the week must te nrith- N ae metially infallible, and in confirmation of this belidef g premium lf two hundred andl lift dollars, ishow offer- 1 ed for eim detection of an error ofa cent in the present i 1 or fifth edlition, as expressed il tihe prefare, making five P It' lare premioilas offered for the same error sineetlte first pehliectiton in the year 1802. , One of tho most conspicuous features of the tables is 5, inthe a:rrngement of tie Time atnl Amountls, wlicnhl for expediti.ons, reference and erspieuitv, with the help It ofthe siide andl index, eaatnot be exeeltl; nel thle sloty Sly and ease with which the interesl can be fouadltothe as extent of genel.l business, wilhont doubling of some is Iesides a eonvenience Io essential, that in the estlma tiool of some oi the most competent and pratical busi- n lllesa men ani plllblin officers who hate made great use of the work, it has eell distinguisihed by tilt hototlebe appellation eftfs "master pinee". And eonsidering b tke infaillibility iof tie mletlhod origitally adopted int r. Eomposita tile work, and tile extraordlinary nuuner anoti tt, variety of tle examinations, and tests of every edition it has passed in the press, entwitlllhtadig tile hole leis in e stereotype, ennlideritg. in shiet. Ille positive aecuracy e enred by tile enpreeedetsl retalts etmployml, cite vo Slume has been held nikp ant emphatically styled " the most nwohdraflillook In the waslk;" most certainly no nmen can nmas figure work of the same extent, which an since hel begiening el creation, has hall the same new hber an variety of tests in the same number of edlitors;1 no, eor one halfthe number, as is elearly shown in the prefkce. S ItBesides, astest end standard, it has been tried anm rseoeed in nearly all tle bank and public offices in tile United States, ald by the Itblie gmterally, sharing the r tlong period oflhirlty-five, yet nocerror of iheral o elotiations has ever been olndl in print, althongh onetinu- it ' aly El/halleIged by theoffer of vt7 hirgeprrmiunI s. ATIi book.ii in fact e iretly hllotllttby ael atyeaourts o5 oflar nI sevral ofsthe Stites as thIe "ilte of ealculatloa al forataltte interest," caniso by litw for bank interest, ico oosl.illgas the book is used, tnd as way be sera inll prat, by eue tnales of the slabseribers, and a few of the asulnselluent purchasaers, in tlhe list at thete id ef tii book, isin assession ef evc.y clos of'citizens inl every quaar tte of ie Unit ed States. It ismomreover well known that, by its ready cheek, h it has so ofltn irdenteted large errors, limg after tiey were p Iasie, even by tile most calIelll and ma t eomleltent arithellClici:ie. t-at its nsefulless, Iand the ahsollte n- a t esasity lir its ns lanave beeil extensiyely insisted tl t i . so eValt-et, inlcee, have been its alvantagllgesl, ant its I savilgs, that, aeverrl vtealEaag,o whilst the firt edlition a wascaatte, and outIt of prita great of second hanld tollies were soughllt I1, slllle to ia ge t dlistance. and ipurlercasd alt varioiUs prices, as they couIl I:easion ialy bi picked up at fretl $1Oto $J5 per icopy, ind sa nie persona have recen.ry dacloretl, antd islltancle coutld lequated tlha thte l atr l pay e$., a$100, and $l0) . for a eopy, Iflntto tle lhad In'n. iess, an, 'n indisidual il the l I:a'i r inllsall e Iartie itarly, Ilavilng ltt tile aIttte 1s l'ot rxhi'ictd satislictory proot, to seilral persons pre will ethat to ito it was re:dliv worli thalt mltnley anld i torehlolugh tile nsitia g ofrliiva tm t anatlle timre, he be very ricllh mn al in psblic n lfice. It is likewise worthy of noieii se, nI illndeed pi per to inspre ., tha:t such is tie ntlr unIe oIl l11ne work geilcmil) and aspe.ially wsen. of the esxtent and imnpormance of these tt los, ihda bad this book or its like tlon aviepar edl inll he sal lacer %lOl I tle a most cnpee1111 rnll. liatal'ttr in the wort , and aa t erae s priantt d woulll l ilo s t tlo at clrtatin b ltll h ie ea tis i latt 1 re elll, t .Ilil tto it 1'l·t:l llly~ta, In i talt l O lt Is )r lt - v Irecelll, aln dear .t an11 pilice, is tl c pIrtiwe trI ar ep sla"i. Ilit tt a t nI i.aiolde lthtle the a stlerte.ailn i t, loIth anay ola tnc dt al. asel e tiem, iihheir ..mnere.s aI) ext'Iraord narl eXaltil iiotis, ~gaignst lire Ibll atlc I genllil bein ill, thi;i are (Ih cdvertaisntaa) corltatlt kept in a pl:ce of slpeinl S nte.ala, r txcct whtie Ittrin plinting, S A leta lit lalat lo s to filnd lI Ibe es lllld at nt.t inlll est lithm t llsethl citIeslw lth. II- pi tfith which, in ihi, fillt als is th le tIu I e.ledi i lll, Cllliill ItI CI ill tii tlealll:atiln aeerlllll i g l th . It l fadlul m als oI it)lllitl vat ila a inter ,ta, te I.t s of ilgl ,t, !le. S it l i t t it Ilrl l tre i't l n.,lc.l a it I:tllllts csl rents It a p xtl II vc , f it hlll( .I0ll 1 t's s"lll i it [],, 1 )il, i tlll e, l, I -r 1 1 six evrso ui on lflron 11 1111 " 1.9. 1.;. I r a l(·~illr t ii dili lll l l i r ( io , .. ii A.ll. 1 " t.oslil 11.. I s1, l b i . i 1 tio al that ti tea i t x s.p e h) n n t atw'demu mI -n 'il lior t ib ut lilat-tiail at al a1aE. IIai i ll : acrifite. \ hal'ita, ri e i l lltLt ha tll lie. o. t lh I disiermaul :oll·l1 I ge1: oero litr lF the plllihlic t cII.sail: t uilc teio preti wt "t't r ,. t pun.,o,, 1'n+ . 'r I.h ) lilt ,Ivl liok l . "il, ,' l l i b "' 1 `I.lli'.l.f,', .\1 11\ 'tik,. - 'Th'l..ltwir, ic i i t t a. I _II ,a l, Ih.als nia ,ra : a '.1 i '.I in ii ;,la," oit '1II, Y+o:III \.i0:.' [ ei ,. t l. hI l I .o l illmorul I'li . i T il t lul.e y W1. 31'KI AN, taII 81,11. lla' tatt l i lt', tat Ill asotriila lit I- 01 atatata s" r 'ailier., \d (:a,,mdrce slieI twit doorst-from Ia ;:(1. I Sattl hc. e Imilatills i tohe fo llowing woeds idll m''Iblels,e r .eatedl i" a el astrl mIaneer, S w\VIIIOIIS ,annaIII.ES. ald lahtganay, Eigy) ptilan black anad gold, of ()Ik, fiilil and Antico, gea ollarld ti, Oriental or verd antlique, tod aurlet ditin, dp'e'r lay CirledtMale IMe ll atald a., eve firds Eie e , ilu by lIianite, re Satin W1ood, i'tomac, a Ilair Wood, kovc or Ihrdello, Yew Trlee, IIaliai Whithe. or Ioro:ianllleor Bllck aiiat asal lletatella, A Inose WVlnl, Antcari iot Girey, sr Asli \i bileiac , to. k a. Ste. gen U-lrd IIlln, .at Sleilnvais to be seta at tihe slho. Iaintslt, eils, ao glass, co1aid tanish, kc. al ad idtll r sale. ii. t - 'IItON,TI'EEL & IIE.\VY GOO(Il -l-lt, square l uld bundle iron, well aolleted. lioop, scroll and rod iron, nail rods ind ploughl Cist, iGerman, shelar, blisterdl, spring, sheet asdi Cirowlcy steel Iollow weir, eut gud wrolhhli eils and spikes 'Line, block til, ilill aid grind stones, salt kettles Chain cables, anchors, hoes Ox, Ibg ald trace clhins, corn mills Anvils, ices, Ilans.ers and bellows Wire, sheet,b fig ind bar lead ;shot Cal, ail cookig stoves WAmes, itowland's iand other spades and shovels & Hook anl plate hinges, door andil winduw hooks Collils, liHnts, Slill pt, ani oxller axes Irar'd xli Manill cordage, liCes andil twine Bolt anli shelthing copper; Naval stores lPailnts, lioseed and spierm oil A fidl asolrtnent of hardware ostil ship chandlery. always o bhand, and which are offered for sale st whole sale or retail, on the most favorable terms, by nm4 LAYTON k Co. 53 Old Levee. NEW GOO.S-Simmons Ilartt & co are now 're -eeiving friom on bcordships Yzoo, and ulratogiij odblrig Concordia, from New York, a great variety ot goods in their lile, which together with their formner stock on, rmakes their sOertitrentvery t plete. The following compose a part, vie: , ell twiet, c(.r.,vide, tauk and dressing combs, horn do ofnll descriptions, Iui dli robber, silk ind worsted elastic garlaer, coemon & fne elastic sispenders, loci oxo anod Lucifer iatebles, Seidlitz powders, powder plfts anti boxes, toilet powder, pocket books and wallets, needle books, shell, pearl, ivory anti liroeco card enses, held orlaients, plain co rl beds, necklaceos an1t negligees, head chais, boead ne.klce, cout lnasi and paiti,seed,silverandl gilt beads, Indias bellds, bells iand pluilies- pistol ond large pow. lere flaks, shot belts, horse, belt. pocket and duelding iistols; doublc ited single barrelled guns, Bowie knives, and dlirks. scissors, shears, pocket knives, guard chains, and ribbons, waist buckes, clioth, lhair, tooth, nail,comb, orurll shoe, plate, floor and disting brrushes, Colugne, Florida, lavender, rose ind bay water,asorted essetroes, and exlracts, Maceasar, bear, antique, aild Ward'lsv getable lhair oils, shaving aid toilet soaps of all des eriptions, ladirv' and genitleuluns' desks and dresring lases, hair riecglts, friettes and braids, plain, fancy oan musical workt boxes, plain and gilt, figured, cet and vest buttons, pearl and ivory shirt do, shirt stiddo, gold snd silver penhil eaxes, toobihk lks and tweezers,plated ated gilt lockets, ninintore do, silier, brass nnd steel thimbles, hooks anti eyes, hair pins, iiitation fruit, blk and redink, shloe blacking, violins anid guitars, ribbed and plain percussion caps, linen twine, sceted cash ins, gold and siloer lace and fringe, latter paper, game bagt, riding w'cpa, walkxng canes,playingards, fins gold, plated mid gilt jiwellry &e. The ablove, togethler witllh a great variety ovf oder arti lea are offered at wholesale or retail on accomtiodating ternsa. N B Shell comlas repaired ARROWGATE SPRINGS lxnlaocgaery cOllllty Alabala. THREE DAYS IOURNEY FROM NEI' ORLEANS. lIE proprietor of this establishment has the plea sure ofaounocuing to his friends and the public in genecal, llat he will be in readitneusby Iile first day of May to receive visiteors. lie will also saate fir the toe aeli of those at a distance, lit tihere have behn large improvements imode, anilotlers tlrw goinl oa and in capid progress fur eomplletioni which will eaxlr tille. uabcrklcr to aci::xitiouldalte a Inuill larger nalcber than heretuilxe, ani at tloe sati tilme iluclah bctrr. I:axoiliu can ho acciommcildated " ith good roms,. or tlxlie whi prelar :aii hbxv large cabIin s.e:xahed frot ihe maii building. It is ilesillell nullllecrerry It sax xnytllig ic partici. lir ll" the cllslrlOr cI llesr wllters, Tuli ii gelerailly beolived ilihat tle.e art not inlferior Iiio o, ill the olull era Siatrs. All IIte arnunoounrfti Iloloh el Iýelermlly liuoudalt\Vulecirt 0l ees., will he found at Itis. 'I ' best iullll.iic tli his parti IohII eiclnontrx anilrlcuut, Iiea enggl,-d, an.l sill be iicurtl, oite a cod-noCti t Spirea daring Ile wn fle s chinn. -ii. i 'I lie ubst:lii.t wiill avail hisielfbx f c bis ilp c r IiecYl CI rlutrllilng his ,ueintli.ll el lllllk anks fare Il liber saiipnrt given imiu la-t se.a.ln. and hoes bp tnle el r ions that have ier iiurl.s iii iluplteing uludexteidicng site mcreolsaidctiusx., i, m.lit a liberal pitrgxnec Ilii pseseseaaoi. JNJ CfR.\. ate MAIL oRAllt T IVil ii i: .. . luse E very ay at L2 A1, raul . e: ,s Every day at | . M Wei. , Due every iumlay, Wndnoeday y Clses everyc M de , Wednesdg * 1 . Saitulda by 9, P.. Ste L.akeM Alot D e y isdey,; Thursday, a S Closes every -leoMlay, Wdtieeday TIMES OF ARRIVAL DEPARTUK DISi'TANCg &e. of the Espres all, betwes Mooils and Now York--leavig Mobile dAilr st 3,P. Al. Nnrtwe New York daiy at 5 P. M outhward Arrives At'r Northward. Distance. ltnei etura'g hontgomery, Ala. 2pm. 190 m's 23 h l2 m. Colunmbus. Ga. lI 81 + 9| 3 a, Millendggeville Ga. 2 133 141 9p,m Coumbia . s Ga m. 163 17 p; a Raleigh,N C. 51 215 22 I Warrenton, Va. 12 m. 55 at 6 PrteruburgVa. 10 pin. 83 10 9. in Itrhmond, Va. ain. 2 3 6p I Frederieksbure, 80 6 7 II Sasllington city, 2 pm. 61 6 s Baltimore, 1 38t 4 0 i Philodelpila, 6 ant. 100 11 New York, 2 pin. 80 ti 1305 1431 t. or 5dl Northwnrd. Comintiog ntLhwrd,che tied is six hoet less; heiag5 days and 17 hours. TEN IJULIARS -EI.-V---._ SANAWAY from 169 Csrondelet corner of lleolt Si tretos, on lie nignht of 301h, of Agusat, sid wait seen the next morning in l'oydrn street, a negro boy named CIIARIE, about 17 yearn of age sati fe or thereanbout ill height, ver bhiaok, end has anitlsped iment in his speech, one of jis Isgs is sut, udelansione by arecent urt; lbe lhld on when he went nsiy *MtIt cotton or linen shirt antd whie cotton puntoaloow Masters of vessels and slteam boats aem cautioned a gainst receiving or henrorin.g aid negro, an well as ll other persons, as the utnist rigour of the law will be enforced agsinst them. T'le aoLve reward will he paiil fordelivering him into any of the jails of either oli te municipalities, or at 169"CcrneeClet, corner of llevtii steset. s. ptt SOTICFr--'Ishe oprtnerhei hrelntofore extisting tnnder the firm of lhbous & Gnrmton, lies bse tdissolved. Tle subscriber 'vill liquidate ho aflfairso the eoncent, in this city, iand reqtires all pe.sons intets. ed to muke Iayment to him only, and all thosehovjg clnimls, totreent thetn foreettleeliltl. aug a-t i GARIIETSON. CAPTAIN MAI:YA7"rS NEW NOVELI RatUti the Reefer, by tites author of Peter eSimple, das in 2 vols. Catummiogs, or a WVinter at Schtssse lnitflelel in Lowe Styria, by Captin IBasil Illt, Roynl Navy, F.L uord Rollsn, a romane, by Altos Cunninghim,t ve Sheppard Lee. written bIy hilself, in e vels. d Compeodiens Hitory of lisly, translated from tha trigintl Italian, by Nlthnniel Greeam, in I vol. for ming No. 79 ,,f Ilrper's Enmily Lihrary. Vole. 3 & 4 otf tile new euoplete and uiflform editiou of Washiagldn lrvinac's Workls. Roger's French asd English Dictionary. in o'vol, 3ee uageut''s "'resnh and English Dictionary. few iore couliestf Comb'ts Phhmnology "tienili." l.rge strveer's Comnosse.s ol'uenprior qua ite, with chains, lilliis'd lolls, o21-4 end 2 I-2 inchee i(illoti's iinproved meirlit I'ens,jllnped pulleri, weightl &c. &c. le. Jurt r ceieiedsid tur lsnlst by o11 3BENJ. LEVY. PINNOCK'S ROME, &c. f INNOCIK'S IMlPiltOVEll EtITI(IN OF DR (;Uolinteiili's Abricdgment of them IHistory of Rome Sto.which is ,refixCd l n Introdrction to tile diStudy o A.ilion added "tilroui l.t the worsk, i, tie Manner. lilostltllt.n 1nd1 Antiluilims of the Itlttlnie; with na Inl,'omis iiographici and suit tomeris NItIes; iad qte. imis ICir exaiiinaioii am tihe cind of eich secti'n. Il Itstreted with ItiirteyenrviiiIIs o, wmld, by Athertou l't..texs's I lpr li Etio iiiiul lit (tsitsiil its I story ,i If glaid, ato,, the liitsicon of Julti Clesear to the deatit tf tiegrge 'i, with it i Oilliii atioii to the yea 1(:f2. t\'lh tl,,slinll for ex. 'solll somi st ts end a t e, ts rtolol. llt-a lr, a vrfirtiv iif rl' t alet informas Slirl u iohral tlrolughuti lhe woiil. t'onsisliog of table i eilntonoinpirt S oi',igne i oi eoienio u iersote (.io isii extlassiatrv nltes. Rtemarks on Iti poti tire, maimers.1ij1itcmrstee of tihe iig'. An ottlitei lt utlittiliOIIt, e.&S. isitns.tted by omayc eogt G1es' i,:Et):yrrs ori . nrneos'OvSnod an Aoridgnen f It('ill,'a New 'Ielesia, itt the Use of ilbcee.. New Al m,,ric, ,',itiutln, wl!t odlllitioos asd iamiproveOtis nI :a, expllilon ,f tih,; .ilie.r,iiotictii part o tile At J ul receited and f lo solE hev b IM W1'KEAN it.X.iCI lrls' r I. llit.Ilnid LtatR lnts lY. OtAl(':,IIi 1nu1 l.i,. . IY lhilil PtI'me is, l) t, with i iI I , ,elix ,,nil1 tlnr variouse i' f s ,lt..d i loa, wift'll htlerton, IIt Vi kei ehl. i ' I rlt le nn IIr .. lid somI e. oft ;llt' m re elll , •l I .IPe, st thi i i '1IIE ll IU , with tilhe, hi') l,,Id i I f ;ll Iton riss lted y alhrist. ,h,,r t "mlrt, i.'l, e h, , Jl; vo.uh.e.u V P anll, M II, titll b. , e.1 u: I fo : sititrt e , ih.ta l a. us Roascoe, En,1. Ileal" ehlll , l l , '1+1 il,ll l+,I llSuu by tie :,Itl kshlank l le ? . PAUI. .LFFlOR LD;bv tihe alnnor to "l'slh.. Ir Tlr ir 't .+1" S, hel. volu.o, 1I si, lnw I dI nof"E tur'sCotpltc. Nts... Jusire..ei.,d sale .,) IM MIlKb,.oe B ACON¢|.Sll 5-;Ili t.. frt),x ;u i nciunnli er I• e. Itrt);l:rl & IIAW r I T/ 1 u'""": o !rlle rd :lVIn : rrllll .lille ,d businless IJs. IQ n ) ill Ai pllllli'ury, in ith a tore "nod I. .lir. J col, ()it, t, it'e eariner of Tivoli ir e n ind tI' nlt i t alk, rl ep.t letIll) solicilea sha re of .the i c il u )iir)lllg.- ;aItdi renewal of the favors of hi If, rmnr cutsmiersi. 'The entire rstck el Drise medllieilcle ad Iance articles is frlesl an dt tarelilly ailhctod. 'Tlhe lIlltwintg onty are paolr ItC ltinized, , vi : Pre Stid:, slidlilz and Sanratgn Powders. Y, not PI'wdrsa, bing a wholcaome anld elegt mI' a I.'l cr lor yeast, ill raising bread, buckwieet cab r, 0r, latlllel'sa ffcrvescrent Ma.a.sian Apperient-a |,leasat unid gcent ]orgniivi in dyspepsia or indi. gei~l, ltervtrus debilihry, giddttllle,.e headache. nedlly illf the ! storincit, habitual costtvellnes, cuts ileouu erupiloll, &c. Cnarpeall's I'luid Extract of sarsaparilla f purill tt Ic hllool, &c do do and cubebs, ie. ria ai.t's l)Plari a dll Vreiiifige ; British as. Ilaerlem i oiI, Opodclilc, &c,. Icfilnrd Liqorice, jillbebo ard Giltarsase paste ''uthli brllsbas, N S Preelicc's carbonic dentrir bfce, chlorine tooth wash, powder peffs and beses, Prelllice's carbonic dentlrlfie, chilurine tooth wash powder pulas and b.xes, Prentice's scented and plain tillet powder. pitomtum crelme de Perse, oralge ,flowr, ro~r.e, lvein 'cr and loride waters,. of tie best qulilies, Ruwland's MacassarOil, Old. ridte's balmt of Culumbia, benr's oil, a variety of luciler and other matches, indelible marking Ink superior black ikli, &c. Sperm and relined whale oil. Ilha' Liniment.. A fresh assortment olf hohrlrn'sGarden Seeds act 2 GEORGE JONES. ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, FOR FEVER AND AGUE. SEN year. Inave not yet olapsed since'it was first regularly submitted to the public; but it has attained the highest reputation; and hae sop. planted every other medicine for the Ague, where,. er it has been known and appreciated. Already has it been carried in every direction throughout the United States, and still realises more than nould' have been anticipated by its most eanguine friends. Thousands of persons have not only been relieved, but restored to health and vigor through its ages. cy; and they now cheerfully testily, at every op portunity, to its deeidad and supreme effieacy. It is composed of such medicinal principles as are calculated to renew the healthy action of the atom. acti, liver, and other important digestive orgaps, tihe losa of which harmony is the inlmmediate eartel of the disease. It is apparent also, that it produ. eea n aentire change in the condition of the system. and certainly destroys the native liability to relap. ses of the affection. When the Ague is attended with any other rconpltint, the employment of the Tonic Mixture will not interfere with the treat. ment of the other disease, but will even afford as. sistance by furnishing strength and vieor to the body during the course of treatment. tea who make se of this medicine may be assured that thero is no Arsenie, Barks, Mercury, or any other article in its composition unfriendly to the inman constitution; being entirely a egeUable eaxdre; and they may have additional confidence in the am thereof, when they perceive that it lath er feetof a gentle laxative about the time Ilr a hot. tie raill ah bees taken--in elsaquenae of which, thereis tno part of the medicine left to linger is the bownal to cause obstruetionsa and otler evils, arising from the mre of many of the renmedies no offered for the care or this aflfection. It has been used also as a preventive, by many who were sub. jeet to a periodical reeurrenca of the Chills, and it has invariably warded offthe apprehended attack. Obsense! 'Ilit Proprietor, ftully satisfied with the unparalleled ald universal .uecess which has con stantlv attended a punctual and regular uas of ths Tonic Mixture, in all ecses of Fever and Aguae tnIst warranted in engagiing to reand tke price to all those who have taken tihe miedicine in strictr me. cordanco with thel prescribed direetio.s, without Iaving bteen perfectly ani lastingly eured. Thn subseribers are the swoleaale agents for the South Western States, and hlave now on hand six. ty easea orf this iedicine, which is warrlanted fresh atd genuine. For sale at ate eanufeetund priet JARuII.t & ANaDREWSi, Wholesale irb/lils.., n(]v.17 coo (,n)tmto ~k r.houpilotabl street. fu l{lR--ftO h aurlit f.r ..a mrsamer Indepeeud. 't 3 4Iel .1 Nw I, liien,.,,,a It z ,r titre i--litree ti s of'lha. gitrta' .rcitle, jcl -r rIecvI.r by I.I 3. I-ItFrl;,t & I',.l Vr;. It, Canp at toad, all 01 I t,,, -i ..r.,   ,d ,r. ; Il , e3 .LIO. iR Ii- ' I...... , I . .e.aeie at

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