Newspaper of True American, 6 Nisan 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated 6 Nisan 1839 Page 4
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1t1ne ta the s9stem t .se k nay be oppreod. ala ceuau, of the disease, .. c u 'ttg; whereas by t llt urnrce. TWdanger te Agcu, is very evident, for on too mach Dprotlato In w itate, and sejediy falt a vic oeenet Th'te 'rh 1To i iture ia . t prices as to place it itbhit a e1 s that tl t.paor and deotitute 4ith assistance, witltt e.oliciting ac whis jesfreqatly denied to to-iy tiutioned against tin mediciae, ths t are daity offered by Dr. latin R. Rowond, at his l.. ,,Plilad eltphia . a time wholesnle aeints for the at ai nd willslll by the grosst, at ! o , prt had = at retail ooo, ati , hieearl in thity. iy r.oh.rR.Jnvsb ANDRE o iS, Wholesale etirmggiie , -n ad crCmmoonk Teb rritoaln, a "mmINlGTON. LA YKIRKLAND respectfully an. .WEJ! upees to hgr friends and the public gene. .ithat irbe is prepared to accommodate them at . ha-a.bove qatblishment, and hopes fr'm her -1ton to rer visitors comfortable, to receive i s ·atnee fformer favors. She feels confi. so at 'persomn visiting Covington during the dra tlA onths, cannot find better accommodations dial thri-shie cann afford them, on ndre liberal termsn. F,, .Pa$ith$s iis'g swiently .ituated. ,nd well supplied or Sl,.t.I.e.reoyn ivenienee; the bar is furnished with Me 1.,th*esost cJoloe liquors, &c. in short, she promises exl ..'atot*oUlg shall bhe wanting on her part to give req (tila e fisfcstion to all who may patronize the am ": lppi md uLobuisiana Hotel; je3 I le- 'IDYftC -'T-I -unders igned. having on c studied under Dr. Selmidt of Charleston, I losth Carolina, and. for some years his assistant in . '- se practlce of medicine and surgery, has the honor . .kfer his professionsal services in this city. - iieures the-ladies and gentlemen that thelnoat p at attein will be paid to the calls which -a im alseO -offers is services to the hieaves, being well acquainted with the disns common to them, having attended them in .I ~ar house in Charleston. N Thefasmous asnti.bilious pills alter the composition de of.Profemsor-Smlllette. with directions, can be had e.tth· underrgned. The effect which they have ii' preeduced in this and other cities, has been attended l with the greatest success, to which the best of " ,ferences can be given. Apply at No. 166 Mag. no street. JNO. M'LORING. SLLOw WARE, woOl) SCREWS, SAD SI IRONS, &c. HE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. SI S 8. Water, near Beekman street, New York, have 'dslilved the past season, and are constantly Si rceiiniu arge and extensive additions to the stock of tlis'heisve goods, which now consists of the ellowingasnortment, suitable for the southern and d, t- It Hollow ware of superior quality, consisting of inll aboueet 1500tons, via, nf Pots of 2S different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, ftl Kettles,- 15 sizes, fromll 3:8 to 30 gallons, pl Kettles,.15sizes, froma 3:8 to 18 gallons, A Bakepans or Ovens, 7 different sizes, ai Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . - 5 do Ii Flat Spiders . 6 do ll Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddles, . . 4 do ct Fire Dogs, . 6 de to Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 incites. w Cart do. 5 to 7 incles, si Wood Screws, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, front ol 94 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 2I of a suplerior qtulity and finish, and teob than Jamo's imported bl Sad Irons, assortad, in casks of about 500 lbs for bt : lF igiers and hattor's Iron.., assorted. a iash weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to *Olbe - I ells. for Plalstetions, steamboats, churches, &c. " made to order, - Also steambeats and other machinery made to J 'rder. SThebibove assortment of goods is particularly recommended to the attention of Southern and I Western merchants, and are offered for sale at low, andtuponthe most liberal terms ; it is be. lieed to bethe largest and best assortmenet ever s! ..llered for sale by any one establishment in tihe United States. Merohiyn(, by forwarding a request by snail, can v ha:n a.prhesed circular, with description of goods, - ,priesqand terass, from whilch no deviation is ever rsade, furnished by return of mail. S:. -,til orders will receive immediate attention. e , ..Nw York, 1838. " le3 pi- h N UR-IOQ Y1UR T NoR CoUat1AV SNew t), Nov, 14, h:l7. ,BO IT, six months ago I had the inisfirtune to gti -a s5-rvt disease, for .iihl I have aplli:ed to si c .i'. rtl dcetorsfr t care, nlid they did not clure me, nslowv It Swe whe else.ilve date I ptit meysel innlertlhe care of l)cttr . , atl enxpet liin to cure me. Since that time i ise iasaugot worse, so as to break out ill large ulcers " to the nnmher of six or eight ei ea Ih leg, and allor It m" " leaectl amti'Bore throat, end iontl able to work at lie ps.:.s.mitiluot oil acouiit of tile disease; large Mleer oil h:'*e .t:gtit wide of tir throat. I sin Ii y iutiiig m:yself `e ' fi.dl.itlysi.derthr cure oof r. Illter,ifl' ari, to be pierlretly cored JUIIN IDEAN. fem14 lv - - ISO CERTIFY that the above meinitmned disease is -qritte swell ccred to nIy own satisfactito, tir whicht I H b tta 1h r Irlitt; and moreover I assure ,hat tile iedi - cmeI have -taken: miaks tse fiat, onid didl not injure ily sa+ eh. lht-all; btherefore I lvisme myi f Ihlw stillerers to S oseel aliu.end l applly to )r A: Ilunel, 124 Caoal o+ slresbetweeu tanllhni'" smid Bonrbonl tre-et. lie. luens is at I.,lte from 9 o'cloek, A ll, nail 4 1' 41. "They wjl) find a trim domlmtr for this corh:lt.ii0. JOiIN I)EAN,4-I (iravier street. I If. any.ep wants to one mIl, call at Nn. 41 liruvii. New Orle , 138. 1 1EAN. "--New Orlenimlseli I, 138. flt 14 Iv -igll tndea1uine Ipdtaon It la ul' enfl.tnverwn l 'atd lIIee Slu u pd,ie plt up in buttlls at tl low price Iof t - h," ei h, Clnilting the strenlhll of lhree ounces ',f " :vmwoit, Wii InC the virtues it mIany nthe1r ro,)ts +tnd +h.ol known atnon tha. Inditans as etlicacious in curing • pmlnpn. .Tmlplamlnt, he'ha intilled success whicb lat attended the tee of i l walttle.iat.ilble Balwtal wherever it hns been intro i hs' uinhiued tle confidence and reomn'neodn nTa.l n iy nlnipaublenphyeiaiuu, for tile cure of cunghs, o e iu d, pai in mthe ide, want of relst, spitting of blood, iirr comaplniut,d&c. e. . Tn whun intmay concern. This is to certify that we hale b iqour pWactie fr-eqt.ntly prescribed Mrs Gard 'anlr'diaBln It of l.verwort and Tlnaritnoad, with Seect: we can therefore, from the known 1i~ luaeril it is made frnt, and c bservutaon -. .eiaae, reeomnaend it as a nperi preparatn tion L araEl adeteetioan of thie lunge ir which it is re Sromanaded. AIB:ERTT W.Lt AMn, dsI. D. S CALVIN ELLIS M. D. a Membe,· of the Boston Medical Associntion. tr' i ...9 GOona anod chniteulna sisn EOLBE .. ...incenf .entanaihip receivedand I LR s for an 'T. teir+ permntanent Writing Academies 19w. 8 Chbtefe.nln+nt New Orleansna, 189 lrudiwanny aw, OT .Jqaninbjn .Mit, Mobiln. Jtl.. llphiI 41.e0deaiqd fnr privnte learnera, and ,' id-la i d for personsaof ill aess. d atndgeloenmenreenvited tocal and exaumite ti..s.olmn for tlemselves. a, e ge n at a tch haboues as may suit the uieneFofellZ rand it claisea formed in tny part in+ 1binlwapret itls t reeive lesions at thiir own ref A s" atil r " I e urne oflesonsoanre desired 4pLgwm"L "ilw .P Jwell au they winh. i- _ +. . L3 BROTlHER. :lJUT iAdatlier ul. M S'^ . 0 an rmill tu as eL 5" . :0 "iiiiver di i * . W ,Aan, Ecgldlh and French dqnt.t l bnxes, noansigatnan, will be Sa* n .A ar. tlaetn' inlours and Sat p r, ud ll issisippi U«j.tas t e - diseount for oods, Yi.r" emm , P1MCIom theiua fic 4dl14JCnnn-ad. A,.gmJ., 1 <+aeia.W4',lt8m pa·mln at y ýae~d 7RnnsialIon - U00bt m p and at the S'famaiag fawagkmaan t °} IAMYES MAIN & STROUD I' 'O1 R NEW YORK.-New Line. --To aIl oinootally sery second Monday tithaorseson, faIll or not full. th hip Orleaad, 599 toes Capt. S. Sears, C Ship Alabama, 474 do 0C. Berry I Ship. Arkansas, 627 do E S Dennis 01 Ship S crtoea, 542 do W Hathaway, Ship Nashville, 540 do D Jackson, P Ship Kentucky, 629 do J Bunker SThe above ships are of the first class, coppere and copper fastened, and having been built in New York expressly for this trade, they are of light draft of water and almnost invariably cross the bar , without any detention. The commandors are men Y of great experience, and the ships will always be towed up and down the Mississippi by steamboats P Theny tove handsome furnished accommodations, and stores of the best description will always be furnished. The cabin passage is $90, without a wine or liquor, and there is no liquor furnished to a the officers or crew. For freight or passage apply e on board, or to H C AMES, 48 Camp st. 1 The ships are not accountable for breakage ol 0 glass, hollow ware, marble or granite, cooperage of tin, or rust ofiron or steel, nor responsible fbr any package or parcel, unless a regular bill of lading a is executed therefor at the office of the ents. is nov27 NEW ORLEANS AND BALTIMORE LINE OF PACKETS. This line will consist of the following vessels, which have been built or purchased expressly fobr the trade, viz: Ship Seaman, Capt. Miner, n- Bark Mary, Nickerson, e "I . Irad Ferry, new * Stevens, at Solomon Saltus, " Latham, or Brig Architect, ', Gray. re These vessels are of the first class, have hand. fi. some furnished cecommodations, and are of a light Ie draft of water, so as to admit of their receiving and n disclharging their cargoes in Baltimore, at the city. Iu Freight will be taken for ports on the Chesapeake ed or James' River, and forwarded by the agents, it Messrs. CLARKE & KELLOGG, at Baltimore; Oa expenses on goods shipped will be advanced when Srequired. Tle price of passage is fixed at $hiQ, he ample stores of the b st quality will be provided. Steam up and down the Mississippi will be taken og on all occasions. ,, For freight or passage, apply to in GEO. BEDFORD, lor nov27 22 Iienville st. (t----Iack h e b FOR NEW YORK. ern [louisiana and New York Line of Packets ] 't 'ITHE Ships composing this line will sail from i prod New Orleans and Now York on every other Mon- I road day--ecoomencing osthe 20th November-and to LaF insure the punctuality in the time ofsailing, the Broy line will hereafter consist of five ships, viz: Init Ship Yazoo, Captain Trask, to leave on the 20th whe November. seqc Ship Louisville, Captain Palmer, to leave en the veni 4th December. avoj Ship Hluntsvillo, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the to I 18th December. Chl Ship Vicksburg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on mili the 1st January. one Ship Mississippi, Caopdin Davis, to leave on the A 15th of January. otll The above are all new, of the first class, copper Ga. do and copper fastened, and upwards of 500 tons Dar burlhen, are of light drought of water, being built iin Now York expressly for the trade. The price R'li of passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabins are to r fitted up in the most iuproved and convenient colt plin, and finished in a neat and elegant style- 3 Ample stores of the first quality will be provided, taln and every regard paid to the comtfort and entire to'r satisihctiun of passengers, who will please take tno. hr tice that no berth can be secured until paid for at ' the offce of the consignees. i These vessels are commanded by captains well ut experienced in the trade, whlo will give every at tit tention and exert themselves to aco.nntodate. ...e. eo ' will at all times be towed up and down the Mitsis-. 1ti sippi by steamboats, and the strictest punitualhty Pi observed in Ltie tittle of sailing. The owners of these shoa will not be respntsi-. ble for any letter, parcel or package., sent Iy or put on board of them, unless n regular bill of lading be signed therelor, at the counting house of thelI in agent or owners. For farther particulars apply to red J D BEIN & A COHEN, nov27 90 Cotommo st .,.ilW cIbL"EANIS &l CilA Rt.Il:ST''N PAK ETS zee This line consists oft urveel, all t l o the first clans, copperelI and cop lper last. rned, and eof ilaut 10 itions l Iurthen, n with ancdsomlle necOtoln latiol for ptsilgers. vit 'lThee vess' Is or,! commandIIeII d i y oIptaiis wel I experienced in tile trade, who will give every at te ntlio, and exert themslelves t)e nccI mmllllo dat t '. t'i shippers. They will h. towed uIp ntdll down the A I 5tisets.iti, and New Orleans ont or before the 10th and 15lth l rIi ro it mIIthI. lIThe follwtit vessels corltpa I r the ln 1 l, via : Brig ArabianChlins 1; rton, ma.ter. th' rigf C lapman. J. Hi. TheompsO, roaster. I)r Brig Almeni , J Doane, master. ii liar;i Rloger l.'tllhatS,.l. Allihers, tni rer. on For freight or pa:su",e, ntlly I. J. A. IlARF ,:l.LI do & C. UIl Common et 't. NLw itlente, r N II . C be . OIMBAtI) & CO'S Boston . ..d New Orlean 'ila IJ Li e of Packet Ships.-Thtis new line of hips1/ O" has been expressly built to run between ti et above 'I ports, and will be found of suitable lraft of water: I tr. accommodations for passengers, and every oeflhrt will be tnade to give general satistnetiotn, 'l h hue is composed of thlo it lowing shitps: Chteroktee. 415 tons Capt. J lardling, - Carolina, 4001 do S Lemiist, P Charleston, 374 do 1) Elridge, ei Colubtibanat, 625 de ( Barker, 01 Seanltin, 24)i di J Ilowes, t ., lotlHbay. 06.5 do D Iluntphrey. lThe above ships are all now, of the tirtt ,tlass, oo copper fh.atened and lop p..ered, commttanded by tmu I i', of great experience, have larg. aoeeotntidtionl , wi with a separate ladles cabil; every attentiot will e tll Ilaid to passeotgers, and the very est of stores pro videdl for thetml. 'Ihe packets will be tiowc. up and down the liis siseippi, and the elstriet.t punetnutli y ' served in to the timeII of eiling, and shoulid the regutlar vessels c be detained in arriving, other shtips equally as good ti w;ill i all cases be substituted. A share of patron age is nolicited, and tile agents pledge themselves to acconmmodate as much as practicable, to-receive fbrward goods by said line at the most moder. Ii ate charges, and to advance all expenses on goods ij: shipped, if required. Tihe ships will leave the let and 16th of every ol moe ith. For freight or passage, apply to the agents. J A MERRITT'"P, 82 Common st. It N. B. Advancements made on consignmentsa to Messrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. nov27 O tniOt tO.i HARTTI'" & CO, are now receiving ron on board ship Orleans. Eagle, Llighilaier, i'oker letry Andrew, French and Gerlnar play ernds Ilaek- v Pammor o Ioards; Chessmen, 21-lotadt 2:- i n oilt Ilie si ard Balls; , 9,'10 andl IP inclh Malde Bowie Knives; c0 Leather anti other travelling I)ressing CIaseC Bolt, i, Pocket, liorsemaon, and ltolling Pistols;decable andotit single barrelled Gunc" Game Iiiagqi; Shot Ielts; Powdler e and Pistol Flanks; Dlral Bottles and Drinking CIps;o Percusmion Cap and Cap lIolders; Cloth, llair, 'root t and Nail Irellirase Orris lind Chllourite Tlotl Wasil 't Tooth Powder; Toilet ntd Shaving Soaps, in 0 ret va. i rietw; long lI ir Braid, Ringlets and Frizettes; R Pearl c .onrl'filet Powder, Emery Bags; Ivory Tub Cwushions cn Patent StleOS er G Carters"; Glu Elastic: Sopendlers;v t Powder Putfs and tBoxes; tilt Chanis, Mdels ani evy; ill Ear-irops; e\ait Buckles; Brncelets; head Necklhaers ean Cbaeis; Gilt ancd Silvered Belds; Indian Blleda, b dells arnd Ploumes Shell Twist; Side add d I)ressiep d Cmtnb; whichein afditioo to their fonner stock ( hand, 1 e mlakes their anssortolnt very comlplete, and will Ir sold ow and en liberal terns, at the sign of the Golden iv Cowmb. i25-tf 70 Clhartres street. e 1 H. H Subscribers, Agentforlr the extensive (domu of C of W. &. . torher, Sheffield, Enrolad, have just eeeived a very extensive sot of om: Pies., c.onsisting of d Table aottd Dessert K niives of a i descriptiion, Pen, d Pocket, irk, anti Spear poittl nilves; Razors, IS'i ors. Ed e Tiools de&ic. &c. e. wtheltthey are prepared o exhibit to the trade tr norles. Terms and coit nlio - will be moade known at thei timtie. iti6 J. I). REIN & A COiENN.I90 Commo str. I N1(tOO1 tS. Q I.MMONS, HART'!' & CO.--Are now receeivig K' per slhlip Huttsille, Eagle, Merey Andhew, 11gh ander, FrPtnhtlt itGer n adouble hetd rp laving arls: sterbot tand Iplcket pistols; plain, ribbed tlil split ouseine cmsu; eap heleels; settssles, Itiottes, ten. vest (Gillott's commeteial at oiler steel mene Vioe no; Violin strings; dwell, ivory sid horn eombs; wattirs; k, beadt andti leather porses; aitr bralls, fiont and a ck ringlets; negro puffs; Germs an la Frenc cologne water, Rowilands maeeassee oil, imitation do; antiyue he sed berseoil; portable desks and dresstlng eases: lste blacktilgi Mtt etind toilet glases; convex minron; op nsl glwtses nd views; Ilian beadls, bells and plumes;c eilrdeo.; wci ttwine; toilet ad shavitg soaps; toilet orwder, esmelie wash balls; seentelt latin cushions; pi pool stands; srew cushiobs; fancy bead chains and necklaees; billiard balls; ociket books and| walletts; German bones; racor straps; fine andt common gtun to, dueti suspenders, garterdo; Bellslucifer matcles; st we te pencils; Creymi, &e. the. IC Ie above in addition lb our former stock of fn.y n srticles, makesnler aossoment voely collete. Four ttae whuoleol or reail; as the sign of the Goltden Cemn, 7 Chorrt eetreet. m4O.0, DI -_ l!AFN'sEtM d NEW artele foresons troubled with deaftens, teby Ithe oe of which, the siightest crieulatton ofthe lhu Snesn voice is distinctly conveyed to tie .ar. Any OtDu or- who ho ever beanes obligea o ronversr with a rery des of smos, mtusthe altly seonible ot. the diflfculty iand tl on eomuxtitponereed both by tiiiietloeo and the it, **itiados s ucfi-tesinoilely ctietel. tty the use of thu Ear Truooju. this otjettioe is ettiitlv b, ssneoptiteslhev vssways ecnduedltuir dotubtu efter TFGUION'.t, Fusey itore.oritr ofCctsnmn cnd St4Lcrtes streets iacer the *rccbtauZO llutle. 'feb 13 jiOk BINIDERY. Under the Pteavyne, fl Ctnp at. BRONSIEMA '& HOWSON beg leave to infrm aljti D their customeresand the public generally, tit"n tti they have removed their establislihment to No.72 trte Cstnp sareet, inmediately under the office of the abta they are prepared to execute all n orders in their line. Hl ving received front tle North n sapply of pa. ing per and materinla of a superior quaolty; for the e manuofactre of Blank Books, they ofier their rert vices to merchants and other', who may wish work of that kind ; and havinte te advagitte of whi several yaarse' experience in that line, they nare ju ctnfident of giving satisfoction to thoso who may met ftvor them with t',eireusntm. oft For notaries, architects antd thers, maps and nan plans will he pasted on linen. varnished and S mounted in the netnost tanner, & at the shortest tlin Plain and fancy hindine, in nil its varieties nt. tot Cl1iNA (:LASS & E:\ I'lIEN WAIt; a'l`OILE S 36ii Charres street, New Orleans. I W M. SERGEANT & Co. importers of French bit attd English China and Earthen ware, are oft rnow opening new and rich patterns of breakfast, m"e S diinig and tea services, toilet sets, pitcllers, tea I' and coffee cups, teapots, sugars, creams, lowles, nel plates, dishes, tureens, wash basins an. ewcse, stn foot baths, et. tc. et.. Rich cut and plain French and Anmerican glass- lt ware-gohlets, chanmpaigner, lemonadtes, jellies, n. 'clarcis, rines, cordials, centre ,howler, docauters, the i tumblers, preserve dishcs,celeries, pitchers, lampst , o lamp shade and glasses, candle ishados, salt cel- stti lers, etc. an S Slver plated, hrtnzed and britania ware--easr tut t tore, liquor stands, cake baskets, ctnnlleslicks, do branclhes, spoons, ladles, coffeeand tea ,itesugars, creams, Inmps, japanned trays, astral stands, and tet hanging lamps, tin cutlery, German silver spoons ec and forks, together with a great variety tfarticles tle tor Fllitly use. lMerchantse, pllaners, hotels, anti ,. steamboatsa, furnished wih goo.d at thle mst i ea- a. e soenable prices, and packed so as to be conveyed III t with safety titany part of thle coun ry. in l Aleso no.uhecarie.s' l.newnre. nn ot2 n It. i or---- a S THlE FL(ORIDA LINIE n a, From Moblile to Augusta, GOe . Is __.. __ tleaves Mobile every day at three it So'clock. p n pter US mail boat at , for Hall's Lindtng, above Blakely.--thence four it post coaches to Pensacola-tlhence atenamboats to I in Lngr tit'e, where the land route is resurned-thence I" via Mariannt and Iirwnsvoille, Fli. Ilhitbhidge, st Pindertown, Ilawkinsville. Saundersville & Lnuis. o0 ville toAogusta, Go, connecting regularly with o at. the rail road ears to Clharleston, alnd tho steam ipackets to Now York, Norfolk, P.iladelplhin, etc. IThe seteamboals are tle best for tile service, iand the navigation presents more advantages than can i, he found upon anty stcomboat route in the south- i ern region. I The great improvements in the route have been oI on produced by iheeconstruceion of lifty milesof new vi t- road, by the proprietors, viz : frontm LaGrane on to Lalavette Bayou, an arm of Santa Rosa By, to al ie HBryant's Ferry, on the Chattahoochee river, ten t iles abohve the Cowlord, or 14 above Cedar Ilt'lf, lh whereby the navigation ol the river, and the cOn- I sequent detenttilns, and more recently the incon. P hr vellient croesing at the Cowbord, are entirely avoided, and a line road from lMarianna direct h .le to Bainbridge, istread of the roundabout rold via C niChItlO .Ici" , lesreii to ll dilit ice Ih tiut forty • on miles, and illcrtaillg lie facilities niore than once a day. ie Alto, 'a branch line of two horse stages every i other day from It twkincviler, via Prry to .l[act,, er Ga. connecting with the line to Savaoinahl and tea Darien, Geo. ailt A manl stenambont plies regularlv be ween ceo BRinbridge slid Apalaclhi:uola. 'liranvllrs wishi' g ro to reach any point oIl Chalml ihol chee or Apalaeit cit cola, can take stou:.boat at IBroowsVl ilic. I.Mobile to tetnsicuula-Luand iilotuni -During tihe d, time occopicd by the rlepairs of boyas, the proprie. ire tors of Iht Floridla hime "il full a liute i , tu o. h.rsey post cocheis every otlher day betweten lu. aIt alennd rPenancol. l'assten ,eers will Icave: M11 ile an 3 '- ulocki .p m, cll in tile U S lut l bant, itrd Iproceed t li;ll'a i..nd inl_ where a hllr horse eacll wull cctI waiting iO t convey Ihee Ito Ihse oexcecllut house Iof 1lr. (Charlers i llal 1 14 mile dietai t, whelire they i.i lild pleasanut accoltmoittloll lls fo r tice night-- iavI : next noirniog, tiev will arrive in 'eistcola etrl sis. Ir e venli ,-, tllhu avoiUlIt telie dilscuItIir ol li ns' oltel, li'eosa ln, Iwhere Ieis .on i be vo th red. TI'OC KTlIiN & . I lIbi .. rsc Instrsrlrs. W illia, Si ti sh itenders iis ssrricr.s to the c i,, xnons of N sw iren s ' ,a tacher of r he i anrr oire. Air S hav. .. been .eply,, d . ..i s s rr l c. , as teacher a f in 'irn in private a'nllies to ii stun, dn and I.II l a ll sev rtal ,it oho( t' lel slolllinarie. s ii I's is s sl Ile is ,per, nt, d I, Ir to lrv Ilr Ci .pp, ,lLs' i5s Rlettisn & Avert, 11 "detrson &\. Ual- es. , F r terms.- I,please apply at ti buuulkstre ois nlfh Asexnlderrr' esc'. 'il Cm.rl t oIt cIC fDrrts rrrl .ledicinrir s. pl . Ii l'rev st ha;s Ic:lrlted himsll In this eiItyfor i the purpose of' g . ,eneral ' \ h,,lesahi te u)ru birsiness. lie is newv receiving a hill suppl ' ie 11 nll d llllnuie nri is les which It, will hi ll ',tE liberal ter ;ll ''u c l ty tlrtug istr , and ,hoe t Sl ti,' lltrllr, it r phYs trianlls, o n rr hItlsll mllr p alt, r as lie w'ill 'fl' r iodulet, Ca1ts sunch als ihaile nI r l beP I firl b, iieii isllitred II) this cil\e S b. i s ir s to h i don Saintl Iat, nllati e het lulus lhs stuck will tae soon he complete, id a ifew wtleks will bE r,a. dI for bu iness. All orders I.,n r the cons tryand wl f r o ' i m e r' h a n i o f i i - r i l y , rit' i v nli rs u c h rrdrr s d i will i i. prompi ly altui deu t ii' i.Cii t nt 'rct i Err" 3Csir~i n st rrrri nHT Ca ll EAl I' E 1;ND IIETAll.Clt l1 ANI-TV. 10 ITI,:1'Y STORE--at the sign of 1110 lolen 'ir ,,I ir Chai(U' rll e Cs tlet. TherrIr ' llultl, i as ln er Il ' .t ceivl'wid i, .lionh ft Iheirn previn)m , stirtk I hand, it falln n d k l n t rl eilt o f a rtr, r , in th eir 'i' r ; i ie:'sii I'iiih er llll rI' J.wI llr v hI eslrrr rr , hllrkinl glhasses, s f:' e l ktnr. d hsst s in s'r r ns sndlhws: s al t'i BllSS--loth ,ire hlrll, 'uroulhaetplldrdain lml arhloIrt, tlir, trll r I k, s r, I rtlllllt drire si g ris''' t rll,; c'irri and Irtr k, ii t ri'nn s l" , r.rr''i r disrr rtit rin tnol it Stises. rl~ sirll axiai s t'tlrrsi, I vory cuhs Oifr everys - sretii bnu rn, drriesin, rror and rsacki isstogter with i s liQIIInd s.Csri.l a' frenihtand Aiss srrircair.r I J'I l, L: ItI'ir--Clrrine, .veshhr ir,Fl rhio, heIIitey s blb rrs,'s, ld orange thwr wntiraslr f evePr sieands dris bldritiler t c tnrgtrili Caoslne, extsr ct a'i l rgamoli inys ofp r ir l kinlr s i shlvi ltn do il rke lil d pirst i ere:tin soiIE-l Ci da lisr llrsetal hasir oil, ears r1ilIisi- r Wtiq l. Prestau's smelling sails plai n andl prfimd I tlile piwder, pearl ,powderr, osderr pulsi llhr i po- s nltrtll ill puts nlll roI pulrt anld ehhlorieo tooth washari LO (owdeOI ls, wilth a general cuss rtenlmt o ir JE\VIElLLY--smome r fythv e latest oind Iost fa'iAonG gie ssetts corsisting of wrhite and rili Corntligu, itrparlisi jet eardropis setini in lre, brst pi ofa great -.r e tv of plterills watchII trilrlllilgs , gilt Ilid silrCe 'ltikles , ilver thimbles silver andle rcatl ils and ingtgrd chains BINrUSHI.S-Cloth, hair, lustr "ncrunl ,hlearthflowri hirt, liesh, tooth, plate, colinl, Nails, slaving, shoer nd witerwash brrstless. .OOKING (i.ASSES-Gern an stntia and toilet lasis ssnltagnifilg ilie French dresn ssistg gnlssai, harte o s, w eth a'i's ofther kminds not tue rmenrasted. (FANCY ANII VARIETY1 ¥ A t+I ICLlES--French and Alllerican olirtalle esks ald le rk res sSillg cases, s oine very rich and finely finished ladiesi work bii xeirsl des rlsrg sen wi h and witholtss Insiisr Iltlsriuicl boxes, Ae eordians Ivalrious ki nds, vis linS ad sgllitars, silver and plate Ie incilr a cn Iads,wood )eneils for carlenters and 6 IcrtalyOllSmAlltle cloks,gus anl pist with aitnl without eases, Ser Urslo n CiIRips, pereu.sios cap rs lPirigrs, ippl s l:rew lriivers i shgt belt:iI, gae hags, raste Ilacking, toyir tec setts, Idial beads of evesry kin, r ells and mDtlllS, fineanld oullllmmn knies, laziws and scissors th le, oder Needles, pilla, ilver plated, steel slroa colsnmlit spetas Iles, picker t b oks al wallet or vairious ki lldr r vlsitillg etrdsand iard eiases playing :dls l f Fisrenslch, (]ertIlu and Aleirieian m lllinustlatu slit , ieitatrf ir frtll tS' l .E.lllPernln's Itihltll's anlld ilawkh'a razor and Ntalli hllues, dirks, eancy isal necklaes, i, e w lth ir drttps,twv wtltehet+, marl bultons, powder fasks, eut and aplat s.ldl flund. , gittand silver dao, alllt rl:t-ti, sull.llce I Sres, dnd garters, pai Cand sword .ttltea, Ifotkganlluo n S*snllS, diice, ptieal vienlep, jewsharlsi, laiike liatclhs end drinking cups, with o great is riety ol uther aitrri nle, all ofwhnah will Ih aohld for cash or city acceptlan Shes on 1' &ont credit. B l S, & co. Ld4 N0 iChrtresst. , OLt"' Medical llo,k-ll ouies shi Phhisisa de, on Sibloudletti ng, a ew supslvr rec'dl by I fllI A" I'OWAIl, 49 Cam , ERi I 011.--1h500 galious puere winter d Sperm Oil, in casks, and bills, ifor sale by JAILVLS & ANDLREWVS, Wl ,olerala r .rugg a.......ler C ..............d 1lClapII s Coi,.sne \klss er, 'erlumery, &c.--A splendidrl it rtieleof eohiesnr,put op expressly for he retail lo trade; hlso the puresl [' Feach Perfumery, enmbra cising every variety ior tile eilo,, lor sill, by tct `S REIS &. D'LANG. ae 'Pm Country, Mlerchals and Plantrs. le Negro cslllsots blankets, llannel, lnseys, lowell t shirtisns, cheeks, linens calicoes, lhandkerehirefs, I&c &sesreceived and ior sale low bsy the suhscri et beC:. ROTT"I'A & Cu. tar. ai LS j.aet'IL, Ne 54 wonde stree t, bet lu.. " Duomain and So Philip, keeps cons antlly on hand shoes, ,f New York mannfeelcre, for nlen, wollen bylnd children of all ser, whieh IE will dlspoCe ol at fvery mlodernte eric,.s Faot liesofhis n, qtainlanee on sendlin nno ,reher 0, will hnve theirwishes attended to I, S SEL. OUR e cases more of thin superior Cologme water, just i received and fur sale hiv the donee or sntq le botth.- Also Amerieau and E·tene(h toilet pnwtlera, ptowdler n ufft a ndboxca, having aud loller saps, ueoet le m + ash lails, nmilknof ruse, cOuanletic cold orental, extr nt o 1' musk, kephalla, Word'as vegetable hair oil, plrttnllllll, creaoe de perse, Florida, Invendar, rope mand hany waters, Ire Preslo,'e salts, Marseilles perlifnwry in franks. veebta hile to )d liquid, (Chlorneo and Orrin tooth wahh :e cloth, hnirtooth, hnial ualn tesh %rushels; together with all addilionnl sapply of fashLonable hocan and shell to combs amd jewelry,forrmle low at wholesald" or rt tail by ISI.MMOI1i, IIAU'IT &CO, ju!y G. 70 Charleestrec i. * T H 1 INDIAN'S lPANAUb A. Ottthe. tireofrleunmatisa.,serfultaoitlngsevillU ugo r auenties or hip p~ ~i~s oiioenrlsn erms, alt rheum, s ite ine anld mernrl diseases, picarticulrly ulersl a n1 a pniiftllaffeltioan of the bones, uleratedthrot sga no tril ulers of ever desoritomn, fever soreus, ame inter a I hobesnes, fistnlas, dlies, scald head, teurvy, blleo o the nies oie eyes, Meryspelils,htnhes, edl every variety ofe~n ! naerons atfectioan, chronic I : mrnh, head ache procod. nf ieg from any acrid humor, pain in the stomach and dys pepsit prooeeditg from variation, aslertiln of the liver, chronic ihflammetion of the kidneys, ntd general debili ty reau y a torpil ation of the vesels of the skin. I to isons tsearlyeiettaeiousin enovating those constitutions wehiohhave oeen broken down by injudiious treatment, juvenilr irregularities. Il general termts, it is renm- st metled in all those diseases whieh ariun from impurities nary of the blood, or inlitiation of the humors, of whatever rosi Smme or kinrtd. oe S Somna ofthe atiove complaintsmay require some tri- proof fillg asinstat aprplictiens, which tiheelireumstanees of the mse ease will idietai-; but for a general remeiy or Pnri lletor to remove the eaose, thie INDIAN'S PANACEA will s loa i generally be beund slfieiet. n n I'O THE PUBLIC. Ilow tiue it is, tlo t modero Pllysici.s, in their m- of s hi bilion to exetl in their prolesine u; explore tie vast fields eo le ofscience by tle aid of cliestry, and eek out ew re- eom Sedial agents; in short, to arrive at perfection in the lyt spraetice ly menls of art enloae,--ontlirely overlook aldi neglelct, as beneath th elr notice, therich and bouenteus stores ofmcdlieine, whrich the Atmiightly has eaursed to spring at of the earlh in every eionet! And how muc Ueni a s the dictates offlsion or folly, he is mairtandedl in his J A 'own country with an endlesstrofusioo of mlesdical pokts, eltes stlfiiellt to answer sey illieation inldisease or to cnee Geit any eurablo disorder; and yet he is igirant of theirv- ti Stoes, andi they are asuferelto 'weste theirhenllg on the b oni sl desert Itr.' i, The effe ts of vegesale medicines upon the system are n nd temprtry--those of minerals lasting. The frmner ex oet tleir effects eo paiss off--the latter, merteury in Iar en icl.e*r, act cthemically ieto the solids, deomposing athe bcesl and h ictldernliisig the eonstitoutlo bhy n slow aand sue destruetioni. The ongeeniallity, efficiency and SAFEITY ofvegeta ed ile remedies ever mtieral, may be estimated bveontraot imgsthe ancient pactiee with the modere; os, tobrhilg it more immediately :ler our owt observeatio l, t th Illi an practice with tht of the whites. WVhoe it Aterlnea, co' naos at knows or healr of reeated insitnces whereisn so Ssome deerepid, unprnteuding femaletndianl, by meaesof ure e er simple remediers lolne, as affected the most rtpid elsU at ali astonishing culaes, afterthe blteira Medics of the 1111 ur nmmon practice, directed in the most skilflt manler, Ito to ans foiledst And who ihas not beeo sarprised et tie eom eo aratlvecase ami facility with whieth the Incdino frees him selfl' rmn anyst disease, aid at the almost tota asticlene e s e. ofchasroie disease among theni! Who has rver leanl tl l i ie osl e Isndiae with a eollstittiems brokes n ld rllined iy illtreatment? A:n l cal a doubt exist that thias hiapphyr ex- N em oina of the iivage fromn most of the ills whoichl the lesh oflan istheir to, is hiefly owinr to most gensi A ald ast na t remeses which lie emploiys. Thl' astonish- kC 0 I ilg diiffertnce is sacess, is a Fair exemplification of thie Ot th- isfitite nuperiority of the in ple and safe means of eure which CGl has created for the iienfit of his ctihlr'n,l en overthose which there prall then itart of nan have hi cw vellteslo lu on Firom a long resience among portion of thenalmrtgin- i to atlihahtatsof thiseonenry, awelas intimate aesnain- lin ii seee with the mrthois of eureof some of their most "0-n 1 oscessltul praetitinuers, t tepropretorlr ol ol'Te niot'si: ' I o 'l'asncea,'cqsuired thknowledge of sonme of the most IIi pa wCerfahtl l. d tanriste remnedies. From thse heselerete l t s'eh as were most emcaeiious anle appropleia:tes, ant after n 'I k varios ellsin prnll st tles the principles pand saenitrgth, u"r a lie has conleild thmn i Ibe oinlll here Iprseoted, as tile i most i er'et al eil itniseflort thile perpose I'r which it Storiseeonsn.l stl esdt. ii l h 'Ille sill. rietor eille stls plrep:.ation to thse pibCli c, Iutls tire consciousniss a tin:t le is tlaeiieg illliltiheir sera, ry nreslleity c:lhtle ofrclinvirrg aniy of If s la 'itthieteil- "1"" n h, low rinigs, who s: si-ntvish.t slaler tie vansious helroeic slit ilad andt obsEliae consiltst s to hich it is anplialle. To s esnch it will p1st tc in lculahble valte, as the iteasls, ren ant iii s av car5:,, tile oily mrnliks of eliervillrtheilsuaf btillngs Iit'oeloarig lltle onin slile more to ihealth taltl p- it i2 p insirs. 'lists isnsstiset ass ssni reserys, tint silless. si 'hersisss- ts eitil'atill :yn a iristi istills siel sollvt silet 'in i use as which ids i cantihe of sntiln life i rnnal.n r e. tIrn le Hilsenn ilinh tilltlt siisisssts- nsdll r estdis "I'll. i ' Itit i tns a re ca r tedly; n ud is, is the ireplttio s ithasosit- eno ulr txihled wherever it has buell ilttrllced. lli " Its InstesOlllasuitthrn e iserssitehis ireplaitOll washeri resctiedl il t ile ublincE:'h lit shoIt saimse of itme,o ' i, tnent i tlusni Iosif ssv:iisgihr e isi tIr nil, wh old ni itih ie- i s lcemly deie l ire th taisflee Iiiteiiil Itsil the5 r lives wire bI io Mlved i sd is ol ii s eit-iier:isi tiikeyi ils t tried innyi ls i: p.iti" i thll t' i oll r(le l tlll lnldi's I ail . n %llN el'- r fi, d eVtelr it is Illr l it isl lrlallye collll intll - is.lld st lid I:es t I1" allfrl sblst' lllul Ot bt!lastleltldllllt u l lBtllu l c nvic g proof of it i,' , -'.- Ists-tiitss it:i l I "| he tvlo .:', the. alwsth- i tost ictslramenS ii thse ro' is' l liirsIllt ll i(i . s t I hili c : UL slllolflo isll i s .'illS l t - i-- thi-s ave e ie :ill oiher i e,,l ess ,ld articularly sI" I It 5 ... a i iss t'sss.i"-i Is 5 1s i ti . Iii'II i it!is, iti es, ull.l5 •t ,IThl- it corn ss aIu.. suit is, Csin-sr- visin sit estsir- 5I0 I n Im c " l. atslit : tl,- :l I l . e lh lel·. -111,1 ii( I I e s tn w sel l . ih s, r h u u isal i s s. a n d l s l e - -is: - nc i s sts, s im , s i, es ol'l? kt oi l i ll , i" o.. . , Ilia Iria i;, J r itat', (·*P iCSole , r alll i e r (,c. ear too 1111 ill : titlt..11 dtell.l.;l .11 o, dIa:p11 t,1ic, , i111.tltei ,propr s, aslobmal· l Col e o"u :)IM1 oi 1111 e Id11t ll ll 11. I I S 1'i sti s x-prss-rntvs ti-s i esins , -it ts r sinus it * 1 ii l. l.(l t i ' itll t ott'lo t l· II , Itile, 1r, a tii ·p/ l liR t~1:ii is 1 i --11 i irr . " I i ,i b... are.:,. l.· ,I h er .. . Ch o lil . p, t c-e lu t Ihs-, s ilt .. isssill I. i hll t Io' -. it o Ili r iie , ..... i.. .t11 o- i, " ,t', E -issk i l,,t ' i n ll ris s wi sir ill is.s t h t s I crllli --illpes ai Hti sunl' l h ll s leaNxSe Iili o itl. a1 It sllpII ri1Isn-e i"Sl' sss siu.ilnir d ssIh s I he i.isnson slstieIit.s Isnk , - t:1 i sr lsu1| is c11isiici-tns, Wssist of l sredti s si issis s mu1 d u Iltsi i.ssi l l bL is-- ill s iiir, ie rll l i tL I srI oii it.i.lllin i'- t it l i nellio-eis-1, is slst i l. ii exhihh iu iihe n os siinctor i SniSimsr il 'uiiri' r ihi rli s thin sis INol sinslrsllllUss. 'o i ,iis itsi-s i:'ts l, ihlst siot(l ilil'ils s I tiilIlitiilsetil wist ai t['lV ' iy ooh Ilisiresiug irh, ouii nrs, cnaioliisi isy ' - r.s : stoilili Il stl sil I rsll eslof O lle lssssniiklli gi-s itn i n iestoi ed ii t`eN+ tisL Is piriit healih, ass I eotusiiis ly rseimmcus d ir to a JthOHtN FII l1GUSON, King st. CtAtuLEsToN, larcih 27,1832. Ito I was szcedl albout three years since,w ilth a dlis.ressig t rI.lecniactisnlc, caused by taking a severe cold, while dnh es r the inllteece f mercnury, and which has disabled re lfron bnsiuss nearly ever sicce. During tiis Ireliod have betln t patient ie thle Mal'ie losplital, inlltis eitc upwardsot llur months, anid nearl the salme length*. c timte i te Itimoe alti elleospital, ani triet d almost ever

remedy, with little benefit. Ont the 161i of' Februayi last, atlthaat time scarcely able to moveabout uplln crultch. es, L[conlellceld the use of Itlldian's l'anatlca. In onll nlondl I iullt myself eutirel I'red frliom pain, and anr note hlppy to state that I onsltidCr mislf perrety well. W\M. TUCKIEI, 13 Market st. CASES OF SCROFULOUS ULUEIIS, New YORuK, Sept. 10i, 1830. This may certify that in the idll of 1825, I was seize with a swellingin may neck and thee, which afterward ulcerated and became large ghastly ulcers is my neck. Alt.r Hyiig srs ecel lphysiCiuns to cn Iclcvatage, I wen' t to l'hiladlelphla, altd placedl myself uailder the are t ilrs. PLysic and Beach, when, after repeated salivatsonl to ioef.ect, I was pronounced utterly inculrable. After. wards I took twenty bottles ofSwinm's PaI'nace aned eight iottles of Potter's Catholicon, with no Iateriatl benefit Despairi.g of lite, which had nl w become a burthen s Ire, I teturned to Ily parents in New Ylotk, ill 1829, al gave myselftup to a lingerinig death. le:aring lof ti great success of The Inldiat's Pnatlltet, hIowever, inll aste simlilar to yy OWn, I was persuaded to try it, atsa last ri l sort. To tly grect surprise, as well as satisfaction, soonfound yseIfl ftpidlycc recovernlg, anld upol takin seven bottles, the ulcers healed and 1 became perfeetli well in tile course of two months, and have remlnandd o ever sinee. I natketlhis statemet and wishitpublished fIrttlIbe tenelitofthose who lre suffering under similar sc cciulous or syphilitic aflictions, that they may know what lh cared one who has suffered every thing but dleat, tcnd who considers his life saved by iteabove sy. uWM. IIINHA Cnatlte:sroaeJuly 12, I 531. I was afllictect, fenr years witlh an nicer la the leg, tKc casioially a:coulla.liedl wiith er'ipelactous intlamatiLt andl excessive tcalt it the leg anld uele joint. Sevtral eminent physicialts exerted theirskill upon it, but with out permlent bcllefit. In thiseuse five bottle Inldian's Ilaceae t made naperlfet cure. MAIIGAILEt A WEST, 121 Market tFor sale by HENRY BONNABiEL, druggist, ages fto tie proprietors, l'clloupitoulas street 16 LT OITTICE---Tllte partnership of Kelley, lMason &Co of iNewo Orlebn-; Mascn, ltcrric &CcI., of Natchez; ad Harris, Kelley &Co., of Rodney, was tissolve'l on hte2lst of )lay lut, by tile death of Samuel A Mason, one of the puriners of the lirina. 'inleudeirsignei, .iurviving partnere, will lie clerged witb tle setllling cit closing b aid Isinessi as follows: LevilC Harris will aten to tile settlingc e of thle husiness of Masonl, llrrisc Co.. ot Natchez; and c lrris, Kel ey & Co.,at ilodnel and IlenreeKelley will attend to he settling oftboe Ibneines of Kellev, Mason & Co., at New Orleans. The names of the several firms willbe ueed in lijuidation only. 'Icose ide'bted to said firms are earnestly requested ocomse itrward alnd iake early settlementce and those having claimsc will please irCtsenl IIhm withutf delay. LEVI C IIAltIIS, IHENIRY KELLEY. New Orleans, June 27, 137. FIRESII GIAIDEN SEED.-The subscriber begs o express hii grateful thanks to thle pubs lie, for the liberal support e has eceived sines he commencred business in this city. Being sole iro prietlrof tile seed auore, 17 Commnoun street, he is not and never was ageent lor aly northern seed vender; neihaer is he connected with any house in this conutry--but he assures the public that his R connections in every departmenl lf tie seed buais n iesa, in thle different countries of Europe are equal - that of any house in the United States. lie ia pn prs aa eds, plants, &e.. fronl the mnost exlensive Ic and respeethble nurseries and seeJmnen ill France, Halland, England, Seoliand, and the no thera states-und it will at all itimes he hli inreresa, as i I is hi satudy,.li receive, addi.nt to hi , cp.l,,a I stock. large ar ivals Ef every description, r.,il) tIhe grets , i l.18138; also, elgorirlld irI,,t lie , ,ot all kiI ds. The public n.v . iy ao.t hal g ai Iull ui, it rtlmentti o, every areticlc stt t tdsit , ll ol gane ins quality, and uilpucttd 'Intel t.y - i Wni. PINN. 6llege of Phyple aos, LOdogn. VFllf onigiebVsz Ue H.pio, Univoersl Medi Stne, pRe em by W Mllukio, Ealq. Member of the R.ral College of urgeons, centiae of Amole- (3 ary'sO omplnay, Fellow of Bolt (ourt Society, Surgeon on sit to the Royal Union Pension Asaoistiou, Lan.cster lchse Place, Waterloo Bridge, anl Perpetual Pupil of Guy' varios and St. Thomns'nHonpilaln, London. Time This valuable medicine, the result of twentyyears' gores exleientce and una.ralleled suooess in the extensive and and highly respeltable practice of the propriety, pmr A nised by the feculty and nobility, and in now intro eed in to the notice of the American public, at the earnlet so. TI licitation of a number of gentlemen of long and high the n tanlding in the profeiono. It il ho td, as a preli- co nary step, to check the evils and fatal consequences sive, arising from the use of the numerous and deleterious verti nostrums toisted upon the publieby tile all of fabricated cult proofs of miraculou cures, and other frauds, by a set of ed it merecnary, nnprinmipled pretenders, so totally igroran teen ot medicatl asienree, that it impossible the monstrous fire ldelusion can any lotger go down with tile intelligent ttirt people of'thisconttry. Tlese pills, mild andl agreeble ver in their nature, thmldl bekekept n every family in eases tail of smulen illness, for, by their prompt tlmiisttnution, met ettolera, enompa, srlaOls, Feo'cr0 n other ohmlhrntg i eompiaintt, whrret no often prove fatal, may be usleldi ly cured or irevented. Ill fact, all those who valuegont orfl toealth, sholld never be wltholt then. l'They are soltt lot' iln pckets at 50 cents, $t1 al $c2 ech, by every ' est p o tabte druggitll brt.ksllJeir, and vendornf medlicile iu t ( United Stanes ld. l e C uanadas, with copious diroetions, intl together with;: esttnonials of professional ability itam for. d the following emiaent gentlelen: Sir Astley . otier, J ofd Aberllethy, James Blulrdell, M. D.., W. l.ek, M,. 1)., tyt J, Astoo Key, A. Frampton, M. I., ond numerous exr others. Thle ortigills may be seen it posessinit of'the is General Agent, by whom the melcine s iamported intlo liot this cunlltry, amd to whom all applications Iftragenie neas tmust be malde. oft JNO. IIOLBEIN, t29 Wavertly Place, N. York, p F Sole General Agentfor thie Ulited States, c. SFor sale by appointment of tile original proprietor. uon by SWAIN & loauTHRc, DLruggirt, No It Callal street, vai g enew Agent slfor Statthee of Louisiana. jul v8 has Ef ltI Y it LEE & co, No a Magazine street,are ,a e ro w receiving from ships Nashvi lle, Loinville, le reuickity, Eagle, and other late arrivals troron "le S "thern cities, large and new selested assortment mI HcIlcss Boots, Shoes and Brogans, sin consisting of gentleen's finle calf and Morocco boots bet rdo d 14 quality; do bufPr', and stout wax pegged boots o of variousq lhdties; men's finle calf seal and Morooct id totr, plimq)s and brogans, buckskin shoes, broans ano he sIIIpe a: men's fille calf rill ktpped peggedl sitoetlalal I roegals do boots; do stoUt kip ald wax pegged shoes n_ odbrogans; gentlemen's best quality calf sewed sttes, lra l!m'ogana adl Jack D)ownings; do calf and Morocco cel icc kle shoes and brogans; do call, seal and Morocco: nil' rdI adian shoes and slilitos, do calf, buffo an seat Wlllgs a, ew article; do fine calf, sel.l antd morcco qaltlet afr ,ots; hoys', misses' and children's pegged and sowed for Ire bhogans, alti slats ofevery qualirty and kiund. a s Also a general assortnoet of len's stolat wax arll - "sit hrogans and shoes, togetter with 10,tloo pairr l Ire gro twst quality, russett brogans, nailed in th i leraks, mle expressly for plantation use; a gndl its. t a rtment of men's fine anl stout kip russett Ibrlganlt,t a w article, and a urge quantity of an inferiorqudily it, rC sset and wax brogans. Ladiesr fine ealft seal, morocco and grain welts, and r n- pimp sole shoes; do fine lFrelh Morocco uan kid rlun el ot slippers; do roan shoes, with and without heels; s to calf, seal andt stout leather bootees; do Prunilela shloen as fall kinds and qualities; do lasting Irogan's; ido giter ed o'atI foxed bootees. Misses' lastilgspinirg sanl o wit or at guos. Children's colored Morcooandl lastingblr- 't i b, u6a:ml boots, ke. re ;enttitlen'stin fe lshiolnale Iblack silk hats; do Ilack li n drabt beaver do it a superior quality; do imlitatio Itl ram do; bonall ad ll:urow brilll men' line dtral anillol iil: k litssian short a1 tpel hats, a rew 'article. Y otloS H I:llre size hats oft iliflrentll qualities; do chihre:'. i el- .1ln'bs an b)l's bilack and dralb wool hIts of t loritII ic slit pes, with general assortllet of bo. s' d n'tie l oU's I'o s a I raps. "ll s '1 Ils assontmlelo will he replenishld tll the :ilivai l lor f:.t t tlpacketsllttlll tile tanoore Inaltmedl cities, 'lI of which . nil llth sold on accomlllllt oig termlns. Satrg 1-I-I tot lt NTAt l1' thl S II.L L. FORI TIll': TEt71' etI FN r I It'T esttlbished re ottlinI torI elltri in lit hrt ertro o-;l i tlllllld forI this liv lli.. l I.Ul 'd oIV Ill h, allilll irnIEc s- ervrative of the teroth, has iodt:,'d te tub-rritr : ullsr it to the Alrt'ri'a purblic. Arrnll lehents hvl V wsl II'II l ImIII ( ) mo )de t II IIS tl Iri l t II lr ll I ilt: i l Itt, a11111 tio s ill the I lilll ttIIII. ýit llto IM t s lin.r i i t illli ld th. reacllllh (II d )osel stlltillg a dlllllikely Io .lllter thll os Ii ty Wl'hn apprlidl 'n ctrmbit tio r irctionr rgl/m out it il totI tr1nliverl [li.'tr iitttrti ttilehiil'lrtlrltitii ottot e ' 'h l, it r lh llt r ,.; I' ian nll l, ilt e i dlllll f e ll ll r tl lic d) rhe. Te i t. illl ri;ll*,ld iI[l ll.. It i+ ton llllielllt n htt l le l , iitit t it 1 • il ,l:,ilk no t I x :'. ,ll , anii II I. I. i'," ;o h ,r b i ire- Il ll r .ia c l t her ('iii i ii [ iiii Tal ,,i'" IIII'I"-' I-. |. t:s'' i I'ItII...I , -t . JlIIN II (1lt1alO.l - - ashIllN r. .OI'IN'lNAlal.' ( 1O1L't)UIN I TIN5 ill1XI'LTltI:.-.X.p!+, v J and ce, cur-, ftr tie, F.ver amt An 4 , rel\ ittent allnd inlerll itileut tf,.vr.; prp redl 'from, IheI orignlll recile. Itsasd I\,' - i' t aind Ili v-rs.,l .lce-s Ill 1832, iy reIr.,.o I in the highi rEt.Ipe:hlilitv iI tll (scly, a. stated 1 tihLie annx t id vertilicales. c clye 'I.i "I, tin' "Ic' ''.i... n ib This mdicinlle is . nhly rol'oinl,lltr1 alt ha.s he.d lxtellvll+vy Iaal,' aill tle abvitlve, d:rlll'l llt suit lsuch dlltllg ashd 1i tlenc siolls, last priitr ierl tof the recip- ha hbent, ill r i tlla he pubIl. a gl lc I llits prsorent lIis, not the nbll Idial it may be a theirls of tile a rlkesrvn manyllac anof thsil wre rea stlfcring under the scourge of our country. It is S ledcne pcreatess aing great virtue, and when usedL lecoliing to the directions has never failed of olIheting a cure, eveor in the iost obstinate sttlge of the disorder. It is not at nil disagreeable, and persons of the weakest stomach, and children may take it with impunity. It strengthens the digestive organs, creates an appetite, and seldom requires more than one, or in obstinate cases, two bottles to etrlct a cure. There is neither mercury nor arsenic in tie medicine, nor any thing injurious to tile human constitution. The proprietors are so well convinced of its effiacy, tllat they agree to refund the price of every bottle which has been taken in aceordanca with the directions and las 3 not effected a a perfect cure of the fever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent for New Orleanst, at his wholesale and retail drag and mnedicine slore, corner of Bienvlle and Chartres streets. For District Agencies apply to je5 T. W. SMIITil, 48 Conti st. PENSACOLA .MANSION HOUSE NEW CITY, PENSACOILA. T IE snllsribrler ving inrchaoeld bhe lease and fir Sitnreof this well known ustablits ellt, ifrom t l ir Taylor, lla late proprietor, will lie ready to receive vio ters bly the Ist ost' April next. Numlerous andll coly inplrovenments will be foulnd in tile arrangements of the Mansion Hllouse. New and more eolmolllilllr loaltiiang houses will sl Iith.tand swarml bathls will be provided at all helrs. A stable will be atlached to the house, with good acconnlllod t tions fr orses andl carriages. 'irst rate horses and carriages will also be kept tinr hire at mlloderatii prices, and sail and row bats, withll persons to manage thlem for illh use of viiltera. tilliards and other nmlllSelents a usually found at watering planes, will also Ie furnished, alld la conducted a not to interfere with tile cmllrfrt lnid jiuietol'llie boarders. Thle wines nd liquors will Ie eb tile best qilUitv, and to elsilre a oil s1ipply al s ice a etalurg hat nlrli beo u o urdered, whlic will airv ln about tie Ist r May." Mr Fredericlk Barnard, wrlo formerly kept so pllnplar :d hotel at iWaslingtan city, will condact ti isi el c for tie proprietor, nho, width such aid eCllidenly enssartes ithe viaiiers of last year, and his friends generally, that i they will re:cive aery possible attention; and triermby expects to give general satislaction. 'lse local adeniltages of th's ionuse are too well known to need a lengt.'ened decrlptlicn hsre. T'lle facts tl't Pensaeola is the largest inaal station of tie Governlnent' tihe general rendezvous of the Guolfohad. rano the sealla'ly af its climate r frrcesed eonsointly da Sting thile sunler minstotls by the coolest treei.ea item al e e(ilf; the belNty of the hay and the neighbolrilg islandla ld river; tile rundyalnl e nld delieacy of tihe with b te waters abound; and its prnxinilty to the stea Ssutllern narketsi, Eive PensacoI l hIe Ir ferelen over all oilier places ia these latilules, as a ihealthy and delightful sulnlller retreat. Farst rate boats will lllllonwetan Pelisala lod elo bile, alid will at all tilne t able to anke the pasinl.ger from Ilia New Orleans boats. I N B ARNOLD. ; Pensacola, Feb. 15t11,1838. n n to s tlealen wisbing to engage rooms for their n, tlilie, anll address tile Jaropriptor, at Pensac la, or Mr Sewell T', 'aylor, the former proprietor, at Nec Or, Referenees. s T' Snnfoerd, Esq, Mr C Carllh , II MeAlpin, Eeq., Lt. I- Kibby, ill Mobile; S T1 Taylor, 1'P P ea, Eal, in Neis ta Orlealll. nt P S-A letter bag, to receive aonlunitenlions fl eperiono as t . above hotel, is placed at CGeo Whitolin's office, 51 St Charles Exehange. s0 FLORIDA ROUTE FOR NEW YORK. y. c' Travellers desirous of taking the Florida rense, via Penlacola, tlohe North, are inotraed atla flrsl rate boats will ecostanilv ran front. Mobile li Pensacoela, leaving Mobile and enaneola every other day nafter the - t of May. Good stages will always be provided cy er the subaeriberto be in readiaess to take passengersfroni be Mhlobile, in case of the failure of the boats N IB ALNOI.D. S The steamlnoat Champion leaves Mobile tor Peno I obla twice a week feb ha I v NDRd A EiW SMITH & CO., respectfully inibrnti in their friends and the public in cncrsl, that is they occupy the new brick shop, 219 Tchloupitonlas , street, where they keep constantly on hand (:opper, nl T'in and Sheet Iron Wsre, of every dacsriptioll, osulh as eopper stills, kettles, and p.ullpe, till iati. li,,ng t s, and oil canS, of all sorts alnd size, ad all eother braes casting done at lhortest niolice. r Orate harn of every do criplimi,,'tlclt as tlenm. Sboult stirrups, bog cbsais, ceow bols,, ants ethel hkind of toaosmbtt work, ooh s. ehimtinoys, brelach.. e, 4satoam pipes. ' T 'ley nwll also sa all kinds or nut donr work, ,jnot f iia ite, oloper and tilt rimfiilg silt guttering, i. &e. Thely 4bore and all olther khds ot work in their line ,f businoes, they will cxenuts al the ishotesll natism. . d;ec7 JUST FITBLISHa~all REF PLT ROitthL;Fl~ TABILELIflP l~k~" t9T Need rI o hiebsl sI ded ds' .an t aTimeCsea tor, or easyh metods fafinding the .age time e Soateg notes ni hnf d or bills of goadls whensoar- Ag r Ian st different dates, on different eredita, aem fer arios smonti; besddeseaeful and enpletelanking The l'ime Taie, the best that eaon be eontrlved, or that fi g ares an prelmese within the same condeand amlpas,, tn sad sne Otype., An advertisement in thebook is in nearly Uthe follow Singwords: Ti S The high l distinetion tis work has reseived thronugh Sthe ten legislative nets prefixed to the title Imge, is a re Scommendtion ia itself, so onlcmmon,, mad so eonelu- N ±sine, tit nothing is necessrey more than bry way ofad Svertisement, to give a endienaed view of siome of its pe- Mal t cliaritiels: as for instance, the Interem haa be en comos. Col of ed from,sand eompared with, what is equivalent to .or- Mill it teen etsefealenilatione, examiued in the presthirty- Cra os lice times, aml pinted irom stereotype plates tested tal It tirtyty-one times, from all whichit mast be evident Wa yen to the akeptia (epeetiallyon the pe.sonsl efime sie- Pe ev tail ef toofinthe srepmioe) that the verk mustl e arith- Rio n, meticaly infallible, and iIn eonfirmation ofthis belitefa Fre Ig premiumn f two hudred andi fifty dollars, is now olfr- W li- d for thedetection of an erra ofa cent ia the rseset Bal or orfifl edition, ns eldt'ssetl in the, making five i mI lalie lemintoits ltered for the sane error sincethe first Ne panIliention in the year 18002. in One of tie most consplicuonas featres of the tables is l, inthe arrongement of tie Time Iand Amomts, wlhich No iu for expeditians, roferenee onmlperspierity, witiithte help o i of tle side a index, eannot be excelled; andi thie salty i.* ty and ease with whiv L tie iterclal ca ibe fummotl tIe m0 extent of genefal bkinsness, witehot dtblilng of lsms he isheslides a convenience so essential, thIat in l the estmn- e lto tion of mome oi tie most comleltt anid practicaEl busi- na te as men sml pnbtic ofit.ear who hbve mide grento u oc tilework, it ans been sistinguisthiet by tilt homnolkbli iss appellation fa ff "matster plner". And onasiderig y theinfollimlitiy mf the ismethotl oiginolly aosnsite i sin or. comlmsig the work, andi thie eatircriuary anober ans Et, varniey oftlme examinations, andi tests of everyedition it I hnspassemlii tlse re.ssa, eotwithstanding the wiole is is en steremylpe, eonnsidermsg, in shtimt, the positive meeuracy eo I sec tres by h nl.eeedented meinsremtdovod, the ve- at hulneltas esteldp anti emtttlmtely stylned " telm most wonIerful Ieook n the walk;" nlost certainl' no - mtlleans snmea figure work of the sanme extent, w tiot si since lie heginningot creatios, has had the same nau- i beee nai variety of tests in tihe same number of editors; c no,s rolr o if haltiee lumber, as is olearly shobwn in the d pikelisee. Itesildes, aslest asnd sItaniard, ithas been tried ani c proeei i nsearly all the ebatk anti ptilic offees in tle - Uited States, sad my tihel blic gonerally, during the along period al tlrtisv-fisme moars, yet oserror of ihe ral- R eo clations iats ever Iaen flenend in ieint, althongh colntitUs in a"t oll' cktltehmt'r~e ity time outer ofvyry lar'epriiemsa. C 's limle kaokmit itt fot rexttesaly msioletl bmy mud timescsta ofs law cl Se'oral oFtlme States as tlie "m mmte ol calculatios teI forsistatte interest," as also hy law for ,ank interest, L st ccordillmgesm tlme botk is uMdn , ald as uay Ire seen i S Ionrt, by .,,e names of tie subserihers, nd n few of the ti seubse(met surcrasers, iin tle list attieoenl of tisa book, isell inotseossion of eoer closs of citizcens in ever) qaar- V " te of Ile U~lilt e States. I It is lmoreovcer well known that, iy its rearly cieek, R l it lhas o ofteunl detected large errot's, Iong after they wer N watle, even byI the mot eclefltd ant most conlmietent marittimeteticas, ttat its cseftllnese, aols thie absoltte Ile cessity Ibr its uis, Itave mtei extensiylt y islisteid anps, it so oevilesti,n leesi, hve best its cadvatlntels, al its (U o savinlgs, that, serlrel velat'scgo, whilst tli firsl etliiont was searce, alid nut osF Ill'rillt, greot In.tmllllber of seaollt e Iunl cpnlies were lght1 tlll, smetle Illt a ol i tlioItalce. r ll a lllllucrlrselll ait variouslls rices, 11s they coulil lccas~illn irck dly tIt picked mpiet femtm $tttto $25 pe coitt,05ail m sle llersonlls have it'ecle.Vy dtcilmesI'i, cld intsmicea mitt's mlie ctlhltlsOll thtstev wtlihl tam $53, bllt, amml $5.t Ithr a c tm Ifnoltto Isham t'o'os ls, o.d ,sa io'lividual ill the nt'lelr ilnsta e 'ticlrlitll , hlimilg et tie otle miott e rxlthibiltsmo ntistctmsy imresef Itoo 'ootral tersenxsomiie Senll a t tlhla to il il wms rellt ll v rlt s tlllh llt stOlItey aoist Iire thonq tim he samimotg cfi is tery Vml'statlttmtstlmc, me lmmimmminss ve'rs iich nmm ntaml in pm.hIc mimlice. hIt is likcc .io ' wto .ht oF ti tce, smd isuleed propet Io inplllre ls, tllll slach e isllt I tal lle lf l.tite or sk genclmlll v itt" crmimiii llytmme sins mftmcm emmetellsst ptm mportmises, it iint ml ssCmI:titt WIl5, cIt e"ttmIe mxist'i Illll iltllsltlttmmIIe tt ttes to l , I t has t mi:tl ttoi Io k Ill its like toa t r'epl, ellst ill tlte USn:It m Ie lltl' VilltIo hv ie Ilst c.llllltlmell n cl ulh atlorl in tihe wol l, m 1 alfltel ilis tlriltl tl (iim r ' C tlmmitly Iltll t hi w IIm Ii m t rrtlkm tlll ;m poll " t iL " 5 ne5t il r moublI, MihlllJI all a ic lrll:illlt (Ilty t IIh'i l m i sitims'mi sr ime ftrcl.lllC dealll llltIr :at ally IIpri I ias IIt' IeprI·f:Lte airll n.iClt Im i . f t .pl m ins5 S Ihi si m etls 't anm u anin, le hitve th" Ml e telI v 4It' s ti t hi. w'm tihl'm et t e ltht' ll hi tilc erilll ohml w illhal ir 5 iiIitrstll S lllti (eiLlt'rtmtm iLnry EiXm llllill:l Iv l~lln..,nillt frl' , tHrl' I' sim l himI m Im , t ai.t (ml y d e't tils.'ns.i ) m 1hlt, tm l, kt ,pt ii a pt t:.,, " special mm's'stxv'p + i , *'i'tsm m" t'i sm I.+i i, t lits i sll Illlillllll lill hllll Ith lwh in l . , I wh ih ill tlil lh . il th' ~·w(mt llillt Icllililllns , clllltill nltldm l ill 'cstl'tmi lltm l rllill mm he. twoi hiwf, wi s 0I mmuts' ild I Is issm ut s islml m 11 mn ' I Irlmlmmt , i ,tmim lh :lllls iln Ihi hi1l- mItsl'mtlemicc L fssll 'sl . '" )i· ) mmm hl' t''inim it' ' l mm'mmmm sit s ' hinl n bwr,ttmttimittht 'mitst bih bfr mmm11 i ill l tl h I;mllj i c e 'l mir illll mlmlll 1l i lllt: ,s . 11111 i+1151t i.- I y1+ l un0:alenanl h , h:I beens's l-t ,inm t. istlll. i'' l.lii ht-imill I t m)l . I ilm i IIi 1 lll l l'l l:lil Itilh illll'ls 'I . ( [ I 1.*I 1.)l\ lars I1l" II.'It'l I I',111 IIiIIII e~ll ll 1.ll·'. 11'.i t', six ers:lp Iul nle lll fro 174Jllll .18ll , .lu el'd iIi l t11 fist' I trllilil~lll Id i'rli~ .Illi~i l*. . tl,l~l~llI.. t-Iiii I)! h ,11 h.II i\Jllili :( caitisn Trmmmi lts,'* ni'tct Usss ul'l m mm'' es " ! illll ll lth tll it Ieis 'l , at V I Ite p I it :\ II lot ll tI lll suenllltr ie. ll' | lrl lle I" . l lllr·l Ii l lt - 11-+11 i s ani iii (111~·11)·)1 .tr1~ . \.11 CIl~l~ql~rll·i\. ]hi. II(llllh ll, C )iI· ' Ill: Iiilli Ihl. eh n mTIIetlall l ll elnle sitll" ot 111 hlil i ( . r ltllll ! 1. 1tll :11t. ill' llt til''lC nl/:lll IIlill ..l' I".· l" : I ,.II;ll ll S'·II : I' l~ .ll.Pil.I.'.' .N.I, V 11 .ItlK,A '.--T h,' l\min ,,r i I I+ h alsllllt, b\ the aut hoIII rol'I)t A+ .1 •. III"Ieill IrI II1 i lIIIC ltl':, IIII(- I· Illl( .xedI T he . u111te_ \\' fIlin sl, u ii s II;111l I i orll roll-ll IP i h..1 .l -.r ,+ +.,, ;.. h ch. y 1 \ 1 '1. 10Kl\N, loitations tof ,,e woodl. and mrTblesel ectted il a mnasterl mllantlner. I wotlns of lMahlogay, Efvptia, black and. gold, I Oak, . alln and Antico, I) Pollard io, Oretatl or verd antlque, ct Ctll *l~l do, ,laster, Corltl Maple. ltbh.d fttoe, irds, Eytve go, lb. by (Graunite, Satitn Wood, P'oloonc, lair WVood, love or to Irdtlllllo, Yew Tree, Italian WhIitst. Coromadle or Black Mi:nlllall It lItetllta, Iose VWoed, Ameri sl (;rey, I Asih bVlite Oak, kc. k kc. I Cuorleld llt, I Specilmen, to ble seen at the shop. Pailts, eils, n glson, copal sultisl,, kc. on bhad ndtor sale. ltt)N,'.M''EI. & IIIAVVY (tOOtli-llat, 1 aod boolle iro, welll assorted. Iloop, slroll ad elrl irn inlatl reo.s and pllough Cast, (German, shear, blhotervd, spring, sheet tnod Crowley steel IHoloow ware, cut nld wrontlht niil mailt spiker Zilo., block tin, mill nod grtitd stonies, sah kettles Chainl cable, atlchors, hoes Ox, log lard trace chains, corn mills Anvils, vices, Ilolamersan.llhtllowsi Wire, sheet,pi and bar lead; Lshot r Cel, anI cookllg stores AIPAes, Itowland's andl othler spadles aand shovels t Hook and pllal hinges, dloor and wilndow IooLks Collins, Hunts, Shlm pi, and olller axes l'ur'd land HMI illa cordage, lines aud (wine I oll and sheathingcopperl; Naval stores Pai'its, linseed a.d stlernm oil A full assolrtment of hlardware and ship chandlery, always on hIod, and which are oiltred for sale at whole sale or retail, oni thie most tivoitlk termlls, by m-4 LAYTON k Co. 53 01l Levee. ;NTIV GOO)S-SiSmmoaus llat & co are now 're .1ý erivin. frmm on bcrd ship YaYoo o, .id 1 aratog.[ ,Ifod lrig Cocordia, from New York, a great variety ol Sgoolds in their line, whilch togeter with their fitraer stock on In.nd, llake their astortrellt very aJ plete. ilThe lolltowing compttoae part, viz: I ell twlol, c,..ede, turbk tlld dreeniltg Colll.a, horn do to ll desertilptions, I liatt rtbber, silk luld worsted elatti: garters, cotonoot & it ine elastic suspllnllers, loci foott)naid Lucifer lnlatches, y Seidlitz powders,powdderpaoi p ad ItX( !Letoilet powder, pocket books and wallets, needle bneks, shelr,lPanrl, Ivory ontoti eIorteo curd letos, thead oraiulenoots,lhtinoo Srolmb bcads, neklates falo negligees, bel chru a , bh ead tineekltces, utl lirs and pluino,eed,silver nnd Ilt eada, SIndiao beads, bells and platmes, pistol anld l srge pnw ter fltks, stiot belts, horse, btelt. pocket atnd duciling uiatolo; dloubleo aln sintgle barrelletd gin, Bowie ktnives, g unlt dibrks. noiaose, shears, pocket knives, gard lchains, o and rilbbons, waist buckles, cloth, Ihair, ltothl, noilothb, y orultl, oboe, Iplate, floor tnd dasting brnshes, Cologne, i Florida, lhvender, rose oand bay water,nasorted aesselns, Sand rextet Mneao snr, bo , oarinttno, and Ward'lva getable hiir oils, sltuving and toilet sops of all des t. eritions, ladieer' onld gcotlenaons' desks antl dressing rt eases, hair rieglets,frizettes and berids, llin, fancy and musial work Ioxres, twihl and gilt, figaed, coat and vest butttos, pearl and ivory,sltirt do, shirt ottlldda, gol and silver lencil caea, toothlpireks tidl tnwezers,plated rold gilt loHketo, ttinilture dIl sither, brass and tlcel t thitmbleo, Ihooks and eyes, Ihoir pies, itmitation fruit, blk r and reitlok,hoao Iuckinog, vilins ri ad goiturs, ribbed and laitit liercoussio calls, lintr twine, sctted rl osh leos,gol liod isiler lase and fringe, latter paper, gtele Ieat, oridintg w'tips, walking oaoets, plylgenatd, fine gold, Ilotad mntd gilt jhwellry &o:. The above, together with a great variety ofotller arti r lea ar offred at wholesale or retail ou ucoooltt odtiog' Shell combo repnireod HARROWGATI SPRINGS l, olllgoulery county, Aleal,nla. to TIREE DAYS JOURNEY FROM NE I a, ORLEANS. : re rHE proltrielor of hisa establishmen hat ahe plea Il re oot'atnouncilrg toht lii lieCods and the lohlic in gesal,tle ill e ill in readine.l by thte first tny of lov toi receive visiters. He will also state Itor tle h. seot ofltllone t a dislanrte, tha thiere lvo I!booti lrge is lnrovelieto ande, sidloticrt now goit g ol n i ud a1 ruliid prgress 'lir eouilletde lli illrh will cidalle tIe. tulosriber to aelallallrlllIte a nluch larger laorlllltr then i 1tier.letrnil. a i i the atltle tiet s tlch etI hti lr. t-altilioe all he a(C loulhlead .ilhl rtIoo meLo, or oIt.e loaltl eeler cual ittlav large cablit. Blaced lotrot t ettic btgild In o o og. It i.., dl ll Ied lllllLee o:. ry t- slU$ nvlhillng ill parliclle lar of tile gharlel.'r Illese waiters, loa it it .eerully SI:;lilncd that the.o ara nle inerior lte elnv, ia the Sothlli ere Stati. All tilu tl,+s olll pn', Lhat oire. generlthv iouelmd l \nintltlt.iois, ltt eo will a ltoe al fo hdtato 1gI.. T best tllllliiC lhlll lhlis futail ii h vollllllr'v Iti u e clrs, hI's 1 ngi'llnIn'dI(. aII \lill lie ¢ t"it lllle dil llllrnre n1 ! ,iiolariuooa duringllJte whtle season. " -Il. 'I j e.slbeilY tt aill avao il hi-u,4N f this *oItrl' .II i n r e l u ro i ig h is e ulb a o n ed Ir h a i k s l io r I I l,- V e r - l i l le rl ; I linlls thot uhlve" I,'el -iuult ill ialproviog and exlellding e Ilw aee'oninodnllitasi tio uLcu a Iiberal Illtlllln~. I he pieln tt sow r " J.V0 CR., l'aid ++ MAIL ARKANOGkMMEN' NarthexJr aUn Due ,ery Day at 12 Al. Nv Clones Every day at 10 A. M W... .. MaI, Due every Sunday, Wedresoday bg.e a., e Fridaty, by o, jP. I. Sy I i Closes every Monta0J Wednesdl Ci C and Saturday, by 9 P. 8. The Lake Mail Dae e yven T5 Pa ThuPrday, a Saturd , ly 5 P.11? via Closes every Monday, Wednesday EXPRESS8 MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL DEPARTURE DISTANCE &e. of the Express Mail, betwbmn Meaile and New York-leaving Mobile dmil at 3 P. M. NMothwar New York daily at 5 P. M Southwar. Arrives Arrive Northward. Distance. Tine. Resm'g Montgomery, Ala. i pm. 19 m's 23 I 12 m. Calumrhue,G. 114 81 91 3 iam Milledgeville. Ga. 133 14 2p.m Colorlde. S.C. 74 am. 163 17 Raleigh, N C. 5 215 2 12 t Wnrreon,Va. 12 m.i 55 Ait 8 lPetereburg, Vs. 10 pm, 83 10 Onam - Richaond, V. I am. 21 3 16 Fredericlksburg, 67 7 p . aWnhington city, 2 pm. 61 I p m.6 Bt Ialtimore, 6 38 4 04 Iew'hiltdelphia, iG| am. l00 !I OI pt NewYork, 2 pr. 90 8J s 1305 143 h. or id 23 Northward. Coming Southward, the time is six hour tles; being5 days and 17 hours. -. TEN DlOiI.ARS REWARD. ANAWAY from 169 Carondeler corner of Hev10 s 1 a sRreets, on the night of 30th of August, and was seea the next morning ir Poyrtrat street, a negro bey namedt CHAIRt.RL ESatt 17 years of age, sort A fee Sor Ithereaboants ill lheirlt, very black, and lies a imped le irent in hris speelh, one of his logs is sore, oceasionr Sby a recent hurtl h h hd on he away white notton or linen shirt and white cotton pantaloons. Ml Masters of vessels and steam boats are cautioned a it gaint receiving or arbnoring said negro, as well as al other persro, as he utmornt rigour of the law will hb Senforced against them. 1The above reward will bea pasi Sfor delivering him into any of the jails of eitlrer of Ihe nmunicipalities, or at 169 Carondelet, corner of lHevi OT'ICE--The codpartnership heretofore exising tal der the firln of lnlies & Garetalen, ht hbee dissolved. rThe subscriber wilt liquidtne the aslfirso thie coeron in this city, and reqrires oall persons indeb - edt to ioake rytrent to him onrly, and all thosehavhol clainits,t rnesaent them forettlemoant. allg 8--7 1 ARRtETfON. lie CAPTAIN MARIOYATT'S NEW NOVELS it. IRttlin the Reefer, by the author of Peter Simple, &Ie - in- vols. CtmsriNso, or a Winter ot Schloss Haiofierld in Laws is Styria, by Captain Iasil linll, Royal Navy, F,.L S., h, I ol. t, Lrd RoIldn, n romancer by Allan Canninghl m,I ve i Volrepsard lee. written ty himself, in ir vo0. te A Compenrlinus IHisoryofla!y, translated from time , original ltlahanr, y Nittltniel Greene, in I vol. foe alitllNo. 79 of Harper's Eorily Library. Volr. :t & 4 of tIe new comlplete and toiform editda rf Irnshingta Jrirn'os W'orks. k Roger's Franeh an d Englsh Dietionary. in I vol, 3Ve 0r Nraent ' French and English Dictionary. at ALtso-A few more cupnicof Colmbe's PIhrnoloagy "Rienzai." I.orce Surveyor's Comnrasses nfaperiorq . Ir ilr, witlh chtitns, Billirrd llnllOrIsl`14 aod 2 1.2 inchge its (iillrtl' improvedmetalic Ilens,japaned ptnlwrsS,waeih a t & e. & &e. an1 Just rereivrt n..d for sale by Ic. r":t.l .ENJ. I.EVY. I'INN(OK'S ItOMcE, &er. SINNOCK' 1II'IIIOVEI EIIITION OF DR (GohlUni ls lAhridm.ent of the History of Rome to which is prelixed' an lIntrolctien to ihe Slludy o IRtu,.n Ilishot.'v nned a greet vrieity of ai'hiable itfor Iction adclh,' "t ,-( l'llle l wtlh ork, t tlce Mlnnten Institetinile aln An ulltiioe of itle Itmaa ns; witlh ne nerat iiogriplhitcd anld NoCtes; antges I tibul rfet't'aoc ntiotli othe' enld of tlltch ,ecette. II. llra ied with tlhirlyerattleoi t on wal, iyf Alhbrton I'tairoaa'c I preed E~li:d.m of fDr Gd(llacif'e Hcislory of Enghtld. from Ithe l.vaeiet of Julius Cwar ,o to Ih l'atb of tieorge t'd, with a ic:tllinnllatl to the ye. I:. ih qu stinl lir llllllllnlill te enia l t eIle(hCll liori+ lti.tles a variety Ol' volua bll ililnrmn tinl ddlleld hronlhoe thell rk. lrk. llCostiinl o tale (o clclitlll aXllhlrlljlcctctocetie. iolralllltr" rks the poli tie., meaniere aid ti'llralhre f tIe, nGe. AnII Outlie r Ihe' ICtnsliltio.e.&c.ll e. .tllnetrted by many etger i Gt.o' t':.Yrt'vers ~t e'tntimtottv,mslan Aerildgme. of Kith'ct New .' Ta'relis e o cf Use ,if ihldes. New Ae'ricnr citeo , " aiwti .ith cacta nod itlrlovementt n. u1e iepht tl .....te atroa.mical part of the Ai J.ti r"er'ived and for sale Iy WM l'KEAN Sl .'1 rlcorner d'(Caml and Common sat r'IIll'll't a C ilASSCt IcIItillitARt'e. I I Vli IIt Ptat h ic ('illip Friacis, I) I), wiet ioe.+h " . Ion . e.. dy , fo o ol s i,, i illuil llrvlon I' pe .hdlish on, Svift I hlll tlerlo , l i WI \ elieke lchi , I rll e l roi,, & , ani sc l e I ie u li iea lctit e Il ii t t f I ldt I'I'll It "I, waitih Ie i poll dit ci ,ludiis i trl e led av thricttaatr it,', io i v.cieir.,cr; velh,ne.., aiI II1 Cl , " ilar trr's I' ilUs it:'l I.ihr'llr I iv Thi IExlitin of 11util 'R,1' I'I. V tRll, hy Mluin is, I\ Iwitllh , ne .,w ftir ,l' lll Itcelir, IT l.i e Itc.eic, lc., t w" htin, will llusilrttion t by Go I'lE hI S'Y; n Iul"ho,by Ile nlllr of "Ilh ensl.. Mcry otfl uruldy,' .&.., l.sw ceditci, viote .u cple eolt"li:t ,arr ,cocetpia to ks. JtI rt'ceincd sale (I WM Mc1KI.(A _UACtN StIti.--:itt take li i cineati t Ilo iala.,h.,c feoa t,'I, .e.tceaictlci I':'ccc, ali Itor i'et, IltItft'l & IIAW I' ni rpillE unlersignlced hvin retc',rll :elnced btoinrse i1 s a lirler-,, t and AIpothecry, in thIe store Swnaed hby 11r. J cub (Itt, ati tle corner of TIvotk irc llll ndTriltoU Walk, respecafully solicits Iishare f ithe Iuleic ipal!rldgl nt a renewal of the favors II has tfrlner eulrtmers. The entire stcok olt I)rugs, melllcilnet nd lone teliecles is fresh and earefully sel.cted. The flllcwing only are p. r ticularizdil, viZ : Pre SdnurSedliz i nild' R.e treagt Powders. Yast I'aPowders, einig a wholesome and eleganl susic.Stuc for yenacel, It lasig bread, buckwhlea cake re'&er Ihlcdi's Effeirvscent M.,lgensien Apperient-a iieae.l and get pll urg .lLve int dyspepa or indi. gesilmn, erlv,.e i dehtlhly, giddlte'. , headache. acdliy ol the statncleh, habit uat costivlleue, auta. s, leou eruptions, &e. Carpenlc a, Fluid Extlract of sarsaparilla f puarilyi ng te ibloid,& c dId c and cubehs, &e. ie Swail.c's I'narcea tlod Vcrnltlltae B rilialb an Ilceile It'i i, O1ccdeld c, &cI gc IRetiltcd Ltqicrice.,juabe and ataunauve paotl 'I'oalh bruatos, N S Pteiic'a carbonil dentri', sld til:e, chlirline iuttll wash, lowder pilFs and bese, I'reliece's carbonic dentrllice, chlorle tooth wash powder tulfs andi baxes, Preeliceu' scented and plainl llle powder, polllatlo m etele de Pirlse oranllge flower, rtlse, hIven ier and I aurida waters, of the best qulilies, Reowland's Mhaesssar Oil, Old. ridge's balm of Culunbia, beai's oil, a variety of luciler tad oilier matches, indclible marking Inki aupteritr black ink, &e. Spoermn and relined whale oil. Ilay's Liniment. A iresh assourtment of Thurblrn' sGarden Seeds sec 2 GEORGE J()NES. ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, ry, FOR FEVER AND AGUE. le- TEN years have not yet elapsed since it was T first regularly submitted to the public; but it has attained the highest reputation; and has sup. planted every other medicine for the Ague, wherev. er it itas been known and appreciated. Already .lae it been carried in every direction throughout. ter the United States, and still realises more tllan could het. have been anticipated by its most sanguine friends . ide, Thousands of persons have not only been relieved, In- but restored to, hiealth and vigor through its ages. & cy; and they now cheerfully testify, at overy op. tes, portinity, to Its decided and supreme efficacy. It i, is composed of such medicinal principless aer. cr': calculated to renew the healthy action ofthe stom e hd aelt, liver, and other important digestive organs, tde, tioe loss of which harmony is the immediate cause ow- of the disease. It is apparent also, that it prede. ling cos an entire change in the condition of the system, aes, and certainly destroys the native liability to relap. toe, see of the affection. When the Ague is attended cb, with any other complaint, the employment of the ne Tonic Mixture will not interfere with to the treat. ve. ment of the other disease, hbut will eve0n afford as. des. isitanee by furnishing strength and vigor to the sin body durintg the course of treatment. These who ani make use of this medicine may be assured that ad there is no Arsenic, Bark, iercury, or any other held article in its composition unfriendly to the human e constitution; being entirely a elable exhr'et; and they may Ihave additional confiodece in Uth obed e tllereef, when they perceive that it has the eof til. fectofa' gentle laxative about the tih e Ihalfa hot. tice tie full Ihas been taken-in coausoqlenee of which. tine there is ts part of the medicine loRft to linger in the tiowels to cause obstructions, and other evils, aing arising from the use of many of the remedies now tt offered for the cure of this affection. It baa been used also as a preventive, by many who were sub - ject to a periodical recurrence of the Chills, and it has invariably warded off the apprel!eonded attack. Obserce! The Proprietor, fully satisfied with the V inparalloled ald universal suceess which has can. stantly attended a punctual and regular use aofli a- Tounic Mixture, in all cases of Fever and Ague bit feels warranted in eng'tgingto refund he prs t be' all those who have toicken tule medicine in strict c. r4 cordanco with the prescribed directions, without I a having been perfectly and lastingly cured. i thie The subacribeors are the wholesale agents ean.t Icat South Western States, alnd have now on hand six ty cases of this medicine, which is warranted fresh er and genuine. For sale at the imanufactured price S JA.ltVlI & ANI)REW.S, SWlhmlealel Ire.ggies, Ity v7" car C tllllll 'Is Teltpitoullla slreedt tI- PLOUIt--00 adliug it'n i eleamrll I lalecnd. by a-. In i DORtlKY, ml:t 41 New l.vve.. Elcc'roc'a1 s It acr Srt, at-'Th'tca cOas of the' genuiner auiilel, j i-ireriv.ed by tO act 3. iREFlt "` & I)'LAV; i III Canp st nlit o ir. Altcscl itc ,'.'--lhl r',ue t llttal I hale rope InaId3 All of h nll, i ', r 'l, l a id f ir a in by s .n 3 'OGEIRT 0 IIA TItHilN, tiJ Utavies at