Newspaper of True American, April 8, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated April 8, 1839 Page 3
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J D Finannel vs. hiacreditor.+. I.A . oF LF UISIANA-- i Judicial D)istilet St'ibii'ra-'f-Thuredll the, 281h day of March, 1839- II No 17459.--Pr~eent the honorblde AM BI a I uinniiI,. Judge.-- n motlioin oft Kandall Hlunt, IEsq. if I.ouseli t fir the etietiioner,aol it eplirrinti tlist ih'. order culling a mitetogf tfoi I llili ner'o creditors, in olme ollrt an p the4th iintant, has been mfIorally published, it is or- 6 dared that the creditors of said petltioner, he noliyed to be and appear in open Lourt on tlltlrday, lIhi 27lh of April next, at ten o'elock, oit , to) shew caluse, it aly they can, hy said Ietlitioner shtuldhnol llot btle buen elt tf the lawi mode for th reli follf insolviet debtors In actual eustply ; anod it in further ordered hiut EIK Know[l, Esq. ie lllppoiulled to represenl lthe inlerist of the aheent creditors of soul petliioner in tle prumises. i (Extrlteat rom the minuits) 'april t-t 1 G tV LEWiS, Clerk. J. El.tmaoUelo Vs. see oUrio(ciero. TAT'P D IA I.OUISIANt-K-Crour d Premier S DistrictJudlcinre-Jeaudi .s mare. 1T39-No. 17, l59--Present I'honornble A. M. IlucIhanms, juIle-ISur tur mantino die ItiAlndll Aint, ovoca du pll itiloullaire; l commesn it pornit qe I'ordrei our I'ansemlblfedle cire atolers du filli an pleine our le I4 dlu couranltl' e'R pox 6t6 public eonforlloment nllx lois, il at ordnlooh ine lee dits cr6anciers du dit frilli soientnmeo mlS e coIn r eraltre en iplene courot, le Smdli 27 d'avril lroe alist Sdix Ieurs du mtatin, iour dtdlire le raisonsol, s'ilb eli ott pour leequelles le dit frilli ie iroftlril Irls u Ie L allce dee loin toliitee, n faveur des dfoic le lier iiesolva bleaaetuellemeot id.tenus, et I rIst de plis ordlononi qeo E Rawlesoit nomin6 pour rlpr6senter les crlnn ierln aabsents. Extrait des minntEtre. aI-" Gi. W. L.EWIS, fGrlr!r. STATEI O1" ILOUISIANA--Ptrishl Court for the -I Parish ald City of New Orlenus. Present tile lion. Charles MIarin, Judge. A ril 3d, 181:9. No. 11t31. George M. tlostwick vshlle Creditors. The cession of property by the I'elitioner is iicepted hy the coort for the benefit ofhis credilors. It is nnlrr ad, Thot said creditors do mteel il Ii., office of Wlliam Chria.y, Esq. Not. Put. on 'L'oradiy tile Ithli diyI of April, 1839, then and there to dteliberate on tie nftllirs at said insolvent; and in the imendtlire sil proceedings againll his person nod property are stayed. "By order of tile Court. lerk'sa Oice, New Grleane, April 3,,1839. _prl 4 3t J Ott.IE,Clerk. FIREIiEN'E INt lItANCE C tJMI'ANY OF NIE\W ORLUANS. TlHE President and Diret)inors of this Compoany hove . thidsday dclaeel eit dividel of il0 perr celt on thei c.spital paid in, poa ile to the stockholders or their gl replesentatives, on or alter ti rthe 8h instollnt. opt _ C. t.. TRACY, Sc retirv. 'BUREAU DE Lu COMiPAGIE7b D'INSU RANCE DES POMPIERS. De In Nouvelle Orldans, LT President et Direcore its ecotte Institution, - ontdoelardo ee jour, un dividendos to dix our cent du capital duji. aouserit. Payable aux Sous. soripteurs ou leur Reproaontans, our oi apres Ie tEit courant. Avril 1, 1839. a3 E, L. TRACY, Seerdtnire,. W IIISKIEY-IImX bbis landing rrm strnnoerlln S nion, for anle by Gi. Iti)ItSI V, n14 ii Neiw I.evee lUNrY IiAGtS--40 hIles ill ture r le Iy - mar 23 t. IOS1lA, .I I Nuew teove FURNITURE! FURNITURE!! US'I' received at thle Louisiona Filrniiture \VWate hanie, a large supply fiona New York ad IIloa ion. Persons in the want of fimittui wolld do II 'll o call, anti select ltheir articles frouln e of thI, lhllt and largest stocks now in tiae city. W It CA INItE. N B-Particular attention paid to packing iId .si1p ing FPrniture, freep ofeal poe. llf2-o TO COUNTRY MIIRHIlIIAN 1's. A i.001) a.srtment of e l an nislln A. i,oksr. Allo elpliy ofl Illank oobks, wlriting and lotter Paper, luills, Ink, &c ionsluoiiil on l1a11d1 and for stale U good turinle,by ALEX 't(iIVAIl, "mar 18 419 Clmup at .IE1 IE NCII & BARI OF ENGI.AND-t-y the J author of Random recollections of the Lords and Co.mons,n d tile (reit Metr.iplit, in o2 vols. SNenl Malole nod othller tilles of iullnd by W II Carleton, onllhor of trits and tllris ol th Irish pen santrv,invuol. Just reeiived l for siila Ihi m25 A TIi)\VAII, .I (iolllp st DISSOI.JUTION OF CO.PAIITNEllISIII'. THE FIRM l of WVillotio Perry & Co, lits oo issolvod on the frst instant, by iher utnual conlsent of the partners; Williaml Pery ling i!tnwn frol Ith IW. t'lEItlt .mtl 4w tMarchl , 18i9. E W PelIY continuel to carry Iln tile grate lad istve mio lthtiltring businessllll, l nd oITers .tr sile a splendid aruortlmelt of ground and onl' iron grates, to wldich tle ottlltion of the public areu iulvitd. ni 4w 1: WV PERIL'. ( 1111('1 II. ('I':-bo11 bolt Ilx'n. oro'oeioo too 000 ((no I ton ltw nBsp (Colombia i od o'(l e blylo 11125 obiIALi . & itloWN, 6 iIIngonooo' ot C ANItI.KOO- 5ii bajoe'oSp ooooo'll .. jotoy recooo'ot InoN hbiA ILI & 0160 OSYN. 96 Moogoo~in ooo / ý riFtotS''t:ot'o ryo~lliolg h ookso, ro'py looka tnl shires and Ior sale by Io 11114 )F"11 o,2 'a o i Bý-'PFItt l l.-3ocokooy winooer ood soooor aoooo'in Ii Sporn, Nd for sanleoy I Itltlll(& , april tal(. t i AF twtkl"-1211 c~Io sucfoo loo'i, loo t ol sale,, by1 oo Aboiil a1):1-rl :11~ ·il·ll~t ·I~I l hAY- 111 looooo llooo oobo oooo ob10 on1:~ april `" liMtoo'oolo -toot JVstare, fa (isllo -y l l )lloooool april . I Net. tb AttU-I (III t oobe, 8 0 00 I, Iaodo0 00 n l t(n. 1 ton, for I sot,0by i IIAr.BotO0 ll) IIt apritl 2 -is I & 010 oNo by r ItAALI.& RON p, Nn'c (lrlnooo. IN 1, 1 Rooobo ingl on apri1S lootibotoon o toL Ito \'lN, Odlo 0 0io oiotgo T. 1I on tiil north. . l rri1 R L'AI.I:::I F:1 Csrllilt - - --NE O -Y ( . . I:-Newb d oF nooe'o ioyotob O blorr o L': 0 ,1 1 o r IN1'-N511(oooo o f suol ritr oldo sheorryoo d tr bolo Wines, Lulttledl in )hondj ii EnIL'IIIId and; iwplpnlted Into ihis nootoolo into 0l. loor oale aRt low prices go to, cnose tlio c'onooogntoooot boy mar 19 HIiOL.511ito & MILI.S, Bank I looe. IRON C1EISTS-Juot receeO d ,,i fio Lo0 0 iana Waooro Raonoo, I5 Itijolly street, 1: superior .son go and donle iru nnttoo rotiioooooobooao, from t fb'ctory a i Lttrnon, Noow y'o'b, for ntom bto fell ll ill It. CA INE8. M ACKI6REL0, &o'-15 bobla No I mnookoere, 12 bIn 1 73 bhi Noo dobI ; 461 olllstbb No I In 318 kerga No I do; Io8 killo No I doo 62 kogo 'Ionogooo Sounoooo j 1511 b Potatoe I7 bide a onnern (Oit, toooodiog fromnohip hobO thor rialnofonto toy S & J 1P OtlNEY, mnr9 73Cooonp t ( ý" 1:1''E PUllil.1I;#TlO74. TH O lE Blench and tte Bnr, ay ooe uooo 1r of" Rndntootoo 'Raootbncetioons ot thbe Iards nooo Couoooooo"-o Tuhe Greut Mtolnropodliono"c &oo 0 osn. Neal Mloone and oothoer 'Ioolyo .1 trlooooo, op IWtl Carleton, aootooor of " T'rait, and Storiesof t oo Irish a1peaanntry,,o io 2 voe, jnustyroiveod nodotboor oole boy mar 2L WVI MloKEANt6A r (yo illo ooo& tooooo, oln '+ .I\AlttoV CA lt.Ely-4I11 Luooos I'o oo talloo w Canotle,Poroninby 1 1R1M161&1Co1 mar 21 1.4 11ttngozoooo ot *FIHIi~SAN'oIN iUII(ANCETO)FlF 't'II00 N. N . o HiE `Stockoloooder booe heooeboo ooooflol( thtoli 7o1h tab 6th of Ajoritoo thie ((tSton'o'oo toof Ile Cooopoo,_1 Iooolp astrnt. 000r IS3 E I. lit. IUIIEAU Io'INoUI(A,\Ct2 lilntý t'()tII' 4, Ile In Nouvelle, l riemisllb A VIs lot doho nonx ooonoo'ril01o'u oo ?"le in.tnl no. meat oar tour nooooooi o(ioo blobtLire boon too' oovri 6,antonureau do loa oooooooo e oo- Ct apoooo . n oltt E 0. 'tIRACY ertie tLASS-tJuot lanoiog frnoooPillllr_ nPi Oo 0000 nl GAoroJaro, Viols, no (1i'oidoonw Gla, t it wholtsale andretail, at H BONNAtttt. nouroL2 Coor ootototoon ooooot'I 01d'ootooO..ootoo 0 oAIntotEI s-3030 Molasse btor el in store m1 itl, JLP stil be . I :1E * april2 '3w it-- ooooCmmoooO I)AI IN>t-.400toonoeen 00oloro, toosle l L ooprit 2 AtotAttAl9tI_ ,5 1 tOnooor l1. COAL'-Iunloo Nn 1,-:100 tooooootoo sum, for o0 le porit2 3I (: ooooor it (2 0 INI SFt61 K ll EiRtlt(0111C ttI:JS-td looooo t~oooloi Sfoot workoooonshlip set oootsnto hlt to tlhos oooooo bo, foonalbo toy ABRAHAM 'I I tt sprit 2 " .; (4orier it l april2 A TRIER, :4 Gruvierst LA'TEST PUBLI.CA'TI'iNS J ACK ADAMS, the Mltiteer,hy Capt Cllamier Ihubbles of Cal o ln, hy lita anthor of Silntel Slick; Nicholas Nicklchy, No Ill Womnen of England, their social du ias sad domestic habits, by Ellis The t Hugeo, , n new supplies Scut'saol' \\'orks ill I vol 2 vo, tlhe olycom plete A nericcan edition-Cary's edlition--n ather novelties. E JOHIINS & Co april2 co r t Charles and Common st F ORwIU.,'E ',l, LLgltCJ ()WN BOUK- .'Comtly's Gramtmar--belie's cookely " lltolhtr's kely to'Trelottqlte Porinv' French sI)ellin 'took English Readers, halfC ad full boulnd Waunstrocht's Frentch (ranmmar V'eela's Vs ashilgtonll an1d M1 riun Ewell'a lellieal CtOttlllptllo tlaholl's aritlhetic--Bell n the nerves lrly', med":al p"c"ket book Gellntnle r-rellicl p gocket b ccnk MasllI's Ilrrier-t'rocketl's rupg book •Ilhde' Unitied Slllts. A new and la.rge su pply of th. ahove works jast re Acivetl anl 13llcnttl for tt tle olc glood tlrlllr tly 11n29 A 'I ownv, a49 Cagra t sta RlI.'~l1'' I'n t 1 terler Prestes-A few oft tlahose vecryouperier Iclttelr ress., for salt hv april I I'AII I, ' FEI, 2 h Clartre at i E\I I': '--llvr+,;lit an ,l Iltma tir +e Li. mar 27 RAID II2ARS'I'\V,P7tBank Place ) )'I'N).Yi' COTTON FACT'ORY--Thesu I P(:liillr woulld illcnrin 111rerlnntl. and1 planers'T that his es(blblilmaent ie now inull I opermlillll and thatI iciiito irgiiinrj at lonri lertiican t\l," ulit diiiei ill tiii, lf ii 'hiti'yesnec ii ccctaa. -I'Phase i-hing e o pplnrrhusu it superior O Il elilClr filr pjirltlllilll III, will eaie e ll andc icjinc fir tllelenselcsiiI!eisn ls Iiel A. Ncrl.iiagents C11Ciartrest crian IT,, eillishntei if ibe cin iceriber 45i7 Telinupitiiciiic'. IIRNJ iclIN fitIII"'NEY fL:7 - I - T New Or1 ', Februliry, i1889 _ TO RENT. hat'1 desI rainnblc dlnelling Ihuse, lso thle ea slam ? Indernrrah no11w in connplelce order~ .ijj Pnml',ececic giveiniinaedliiiil. 'IT e ics v t liberal torl a desirabl; tenniit, ipply on l l'i preaninesiI vi (1 . IW P'IOTCIIflit)& I'AGIRIfIT Jr ti innrlrer ll'ydlcni &. Miel in' ctn runs Lambs, f ir scil elv Ill3 I IIRII)i!It & C,,. 131 Mncnsine it A(id-8110 kecg Lcul I.ncl, in store fccr aic by O l:1 i i me m lct'Y in Nei eIiy e -l1Ult-U:IU blabs flour, al. I1t tact ' sa l. f? ly _al'3 G0 IIIIRStY,4 I New'.,cer iiia0 (I I1IIIISRY, I New Levee jJ ll'lfl.I 11 - ill i reetifiii, int citc fimr miae Iy SYl(i lv 1(11EV, I 1! New Icevei AI)ir A Wi' UIGNf;EMEN'S G01D1) CHAINS 111.1 Anil 11 1.1m. baslctlis day rceiiv'dl n giiirlia murunent, which will be offlierld renccknlly cNll No I; 'Inictc N I! Old gitl.icnd nilver takinn i flfclhane. !ilnr i - OtPOT OF (E.RIIRR I) ED WI NpNs. 1!)ý NSlANTLlY on and aiii vIInlacly ciipplIIid ^: iflt tlll? mo.:1 cllrhnnle ed Wines, warrulllcd pulre in piicid, Cordlials. Iaudonn lier, &c. Oldes! l ieianleiiiiiiinii!! Wine; Sniuimbegec Our l.nuiy'! M!Uk ilk Joinlltiseri'c Rc dIt'heiicec SpnrkliinllBik; ii ll len Inc, of1!5 Ilicaklicier, 111!7; Mi!,ccerilcer;cec, I fcncergvc Nieciccnseiiici, RIecinimb wine gaCieen Icc ctn1.tIux \WINEn. Clntean Mrlgncauxe ndl Clairenc leflimte; Iarosn Lccaitli; L'clinecr Mliargunx Siuereicr St Julien mineIS!tiiiniliiiln St Eniiipli nl St Jufir Jm excm enllent tIII: ll A fcew miii) linglielnlld in f JSiclli, P\IlueiC Ilecicitnc, S rll ors.IE taINIt. rove liSfLlBl Wi INES. r Genuin Lunrla nld Jrllllic'OII : MIISLI t fInIAW'AIiNI: WININE. \!.Ilitl: and l I led, Sill hiv Wtt, t)6i 1 tiC 1'rrdri fII TI(UINl)Y WINES.. Rnccne, ('nl eriierlerii Climl dc Viiiiici Nuiii-, Sl"".li hiline lllllly icc, It Fi(In dI-Illcsiiidiii' maun IInIiiiliii't tIiui,,!' fo r J c mle by A IR ilAl~)l 'I'IIIER, 8III iche in! a- - '1'111:' Sall,,'lua'u otter at wn Y 1ul1(:~lll the f,,llowing gaos. IIATS-liii) cc m tolecimkl ilke, as luii sii le,!Ni, t II, iir 11i11 Iii lIIi, NI) Nollum Riide Ic 11 111 1111, to.l, L do Ni*i-u' inh c i i di All d IoFin ciiii mlii CIIIIlulc~kcic n~(.IIbcIiilll1iciiilluieniiilnicin. 50 do Extra cl It, r. l,~l·, llry Lll ('cqmc-I·'iii vlcee, feer See,. N'I,n, Mnrckeel, end$ (nie ,,,)i~r, iir lee dcccii ecam. Sec1:lelik. (lcd0 Imtin-icknib, Pelinil Aecli li eleimic, ciii)nip. blii s icy L rnlci'ya, at dia, All rnniii, ilim u,,, r &i anvii liel np ,,e, it I Chlden sik in Iis"iu Itsollsies ii t "larLF SRI ()Her, ja r .deal, .Wileyzin, 01 Iul ae, and SrIuliilill-nllk an) e eiie n. I (i lilie thy (p iwi ckc, Piiil cliik . Silk ltlakry l~ielc- I'i~iiiei'c undl resiinltislil I I~ill iinellcx~lr IIIii'uc'. c(.III,,)IcmcL(i~lmiilili~ fcnulrpgnnuhc. d hildren's Fancy 'In nrbnu Pilac I i ee vet ciili, m1ill -eieicilFII.(Ii(imiciiil c~lulinicci'F· mu Niii~ iml lre(I~in.·* ·I.II 'Iin Stu.-nIi , ilid mmiv Intl Ia li iiiji neatest .llliiiiU: riieir iiiii Nece \.lii, ciii)( iii11:il clinic micciii~I d Ilolllitr 7P n cl,,ll nilid ci ii. Sil llndkrciief-PngerLin Nptnli! Iccle [IA)dbxr fin) batiif ndcaes hciii rigod tl'eanr od opiv e a111 ,fi~ Illuilfind a. 11141(he tes I '"-4t Ic i, a ind imiil t irild O T n smal iii - JYL IIBI'(II ly I 'IIII UI di .0 Iucuicill take orders fir m a' ieii 'I'ex )ts aark is, f cr IlteI,,,,1w ofA 1 1 in -ip &.Co., I ILOT ,1ln atu icce n Ne Y k, ail t tn lCnr'"s ;,,sn ill nunc (vanan rnh lse baet nr*rr~ llr~ z I~e l ~l~li.GOSSIP 1\1 C0.1l III1 ~l I 1`7 l alIt ssutineIt, ilhulading frm shl 'l l 1 i r an i r :1I I:ii 1 t inn' .ii st a i pl ,i .it i folu ir p iits,, f 'lir balc it' . ,iI II II cI I ii lJIt Ifw - ,h mw a lX:111d 'hn: <&th ,i i Ic crib , O h li t w - t I - n -i i h c i , I : gt ll v, miti kcit cwo st sh ri orb t ti l I r •i a r I - a ,mr n ple(dnt al (·( lllllll l l ! .,r I tt, , i:ith Krickl, ir ,ll ,l I I Illtt!i, t 11era :an It '. h . ruI n I 1 h h1 h Ii l -131 , t-ziinei il- h AI t'.'i. ' ll Ni O II. 'Iti i S- Ii r IoI IraI r i l "t tIN l (ri . an ll h llte INA ll'f 1 loll l ll b Carleton. ( lrech snd I Bar, by fter uI . r of reconl cedons of th, - iti Il i l f the I . proessor n gr u. ll lAn d other n iv II it i ii I r'. h.lll t !i7lll c r, Sl r hnlllit oiltl Il . u lllfll cia t t'tll t lll t it H ";INI' 1' -:i c1ru k i pr ift e ailey -,la nding, fnlw o 1'11" h " XIn II7 11 HI ONN.· I BL- ,Tr-IN I el upitu.l.. h st shl 1_i l t I'l ,lll7 HI Igl a i choup ilto lA Ist C(I L ONO ow, 'Sit ot A, er4, . o re TI -ma It, 7 i r t I & IIIAtRST i, 7 tt n.t k Place NEW AIVRR&NGAiENT.9 it it7 J if!" iI ·:nTcit wll i ll he ige it & fato G e Uh NI t 0i 'rlo-iitvi iii i iry t ity 1 hcA... ia rtiir ai ' i h t 'b t'r tic,- I t'a e p i' iJll 'tltll . tih' s mtt ld i l, n.i t ill bt e t andy ,t e n t he ' eilt l i" I iy r r .' VII 1ie. & N i l. It j i a, 1 llt J45 1I CAit llDWif .I., Piresidel l r. )h ' 1 1 ( " P'OlOlI"S P , I REI A'E tMS-Just receive. t L ctip . Ail iliter tla t.s 1'bl T , Iifrl 9. til tlT S li tor I &ttR(i-Just Iuhna I' t ilra l i, a supply oI I almond, h itter and sweet iurice oo, lime at _m_ tacr Nbych ST T & AXho pitoul tst ale W L.w\V O ii>Ks- t de'R Chancery reo rts, fro cit7? c titautit in II n Il ttN tEI. t lhll aitln li tIt It, li I A Itll 'II; I l'lil llAtN & C pst A I C N ll NI- fill ca d Ir eisrupply ' ni' edicina s t t rimported by the suhl r iber & Ientllt lXpe o dI theI,' ma 9 car Common & T lhopitun e selt it, onr ,,, st ,,allt . . 'IrI t & Co, Rain ! lr- iIjnl a ·lt/Tn, 1l ...... . 11111) 1 !":III.TOIV l & 3 lin el a C e w rit ORIt lllA Phin. 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FiREMA" C o I P'holesale Groer.I ald Con i.r EI.m erhInt s No. , 7 laCo inie slret,p , Crlns. n l ann rti eoin lar ntnin paid to Iro ,tth c uttngtl of tenl olit uad chi ., score,.o o FASHIONK NOABLE CLOTHING TA A VLOfRI/11 & HATCV)END I AVIE ope nuted nu oilc in New rlelupe.rm,"in - mel It s :rentn .L, th lthter R ,1uil l N ;I Yolk, Ntr t , l 'e ,r· n al I ' ihiol' g .. k M ot,' i Ihmd+, (ills / o l Io' ;ch:t'o , (o erlioih.t. lf Ihr p./ite, it"irs _ - d ,, '-If 3. , Ross I t:i SURGEON DENTIST Ih' ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING AI F;S'I'A Il;.i i ll NI , INI, No. 53, Magazile Street, O(ppositc IhS;»Vks' Ar,,oado . oI' ILJLIAMI GBRE EN, Il'iOI'RItI1TOR J H. PARKER Conmmlission anld Forwarding Meerchllant, No, 6, FRONT LEVEE, N r sTAVrw uni r i New tO. oloa , Feb.. "13 A hi. JARVIS & ANI)ItIiVS, - W lLIES \ILE . INI) REil'.\ I ll , I)Et itRS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS C Dj '': STNIL bS .IVI) II'l.1VDOI'V G .I.SS, tCorner ofl Cooion oood 'I'. Iliououlo s stieto, A large uipploy o Gorden Stedsl owarraoled tile growth 1 ii of jI137. )t.l :IiEIIM IN AMERICAN & ENL;IISII CROWN GLASS, lo No,: 3 CAn.ovte.r SrarT. o cr - F it.Ei .EN l INSURAN 'E C(:O PANY ry UF NEtV IOII,EANS. a This Comtlpan iiare l prelred to' take l Ik RISKS AGAINST FIRE. ap No.241 usso.'s ti diiitigC nnl .o. . eill 1. i. 'I'IIAt', N-ew Ol)eans, lat 15. 1132. Seert-.rY to RI II, I' CL \NNioN, I1 HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER "" No. 12 (':ll iiL s elet xr Wholesale Ilenler in aiints, Oil, iVarnislhel rushes, w ot|) \WViol .w Ila l l 'ielul e (l:-s . c. o. SFASIHIONABILE CLOTHING. SROBD0 L OS.@ G OOD IL')1..V, ENO. 0%1, Ch ir its Strei, oh St ie o. O r bI low Ilienville, X1 A\N, eonoltllv oiln i0l0 IeverY' arhic al'i"'" ,~ i,; • In, tb" gelltllll.ll 'r Jrer+;, i ll inl rite l b i-lt /ll o ter 01l owt foshomnble style, w, lhich they oit 'ee' t 0l Ir cash, lat re-lahi d Irict. )r I ec -- 1. . . rt ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC OFFICE b. 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ME T', 53 .1IGAZIVE STRIT, LI, iNip T ( nR-?i\ o o rlllrllr lit siI(:iie tIn-i ka to his r fiie I oo tln llld to he p oblic .e )l llles,. fo r it Nr. -itoo ree 0- .towi Ieili oIiiort(he loast ioo i'ilr. anlll I, Si'Ies leave to a1lcre t. 1 I", rllI talo ltl eCx'mo Ited toI or, clls ' trge s -all Ilhllletll% IIIh'c~ li Idrl tO; h wluill is in- o ii. o llll kee e oln ' o plt' ol I r' hlli. l ulllo l , atI it S .hill )e oad strike oiol' n t I-o s- i oi 1 ilt 0 I lll0 0lll0ltl .Til'l.l , tllllr It N lotI 'll -l< i r 1118, lr a l ) t'ld,b crlecl noicesl, clay , il pl laa ar d t .I t iIR tll o e, errlil " Il t 'ld lr l)ll : oill ,-e It' tl] ,s, l, Ei)II: E C. C IL ,I ii ATTORNEY AT LAW, ýi III. nitrio ,Ih SOl iolop o l,'ouoI, iinIl thle lsltir.I s.1' ' 1' 'in. lf" 1larri'b o ,adll rute: of the nll~l eelll c! llr In t, s-I s 'li t the 'iC nlf I lo unl.lll h S I o0 P aint , h Ith. 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I bate II11arr r.ll) l :ad )I ".I reý1 x11101 (1r· 11. rain, Il1l1l l laI I'It .I 1.'a I It II.Tl r r d e .1·d- t (ar ta ilnll ) ),urn, L \II IIII· x b. lllagIul h ar.,a h 1 1r r .1 \·1. 1. 11 b l :: I'l t b 1: .) 11 1 l n . a. ~ 1 l a n e d a n d t e /' 1.. ld i l t9 I :IIn~ d I t 'lil IIIII Ll~ilill·· l U ~ nr1I19 111.".:-r IIL ll( (·I)1(1 Illllr "". \1 liu. Ir a t, pr..tlll loner II Il-r I'i)·. l.I1. 111 111 . to,- 1\1 ,11. iur,. t (:aria \·111. 111· l·)11 .n),-I I-e llrlll.iill e d all lay .killill and Iu-LJ~· hr~ I ruil, u l 1h1·(: .u l· 1(1 u :di" nlul .u .(.l )(?·(·: u. Dr lriYa)(J ad Inr". .:tux r P. Lahti l<i. )'11Li ar I (:UI.,11 ·? l1I1 u .n). hr, I1· to 1 Ill~. intr a.... la i I" i, rd .I, t 11ýn. 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O ead~u' t I)v C-A l.l 5+ r, N I N I I l i.'....rt st ir.t.. pl' ItIV Mr. iiOiOr'E I'illII,(' lihrvimg reitgnadl IIieof fi'e oflhief I':ncirner of the New 1}rlne eand'(Unrrrllt o1 Iail Hlia!t, N .i.Ila Il irapso hta bliea -pprtint ed in hi+ pilnu , fiwr mIi nll portions Ihmvig hs'eines4 wi hI, or wihina inairanatiin rearcding saild Iultl Rtod will ipply i t ii i 11, inad ()lite., l'iyiray r etrret, Pry o it,,,i' of the 1Snilfl. S g" ,) JOHN NWIIOLOtON, nat7-t' Cahier I)N i 'N I' fl- ll{ ' .I '+ lJ i -~o ,"1-I. I. Iori rh ? ip r en e ich nii s ir<, blaziei' , oppr fots jI al I~NIde I "f1 INOlitc :I I ill 1.1 I Gll$ Ii i fi i, ia ,ll i h rii li ,io Ia.k. .f .. p'r h:i i I I hi' Il k o fael rl"a, :...ic , b I .l. I ci ti. , . . r i iii a lw,, 1,''r =t y l A Italic irf. I i.aiiaat Iam; 11r 'i t iCravier at - i VA [ t X N -l7si i -n tial- aaar-, ith E. "]1111{+'+ lt ' I+ ('ill t (i-illnn o iil¢ be A Iln,r liton, thl h-;li++-hm l from rhi rrnr., 1 t ithrlef es remar illus tI ' it,, hi i i hlii. . i aicii,,i ta AI1' +r -- l I'hih ,, lt.. I nirintiih+'+ rent-i, ing| flei llisý I...v ~f1 Lo11i- I, tPi lih ind e hrlP, t'h++la 1e.ih of 11Ir"i aI',nld tof ('hvllrl, Ih,' I',oid, l)nlke of Bllr Io i lh ili-t ,l ,1 Itle 4m t lind Henlst Ithig of l as Inul. in g 1111 t ,.d em 44 Nea' Lives I I ii | ( f 'I4Ii o Iii' - ii , i, nall aticard, sand i dh I",1 ou ItnI r it'ie Ilet par ti, lar f. ic l 1n iIiIIIIIIM-3hha unera. 4N O i rir t lr(1 in ,t e rom.h, l;,f c" ; e . N , l.lir"hd with In fi" i" g n3it;omm I. ' ; i ; ient ifINlON "IkTPION RY &IFANC¶ ARTiCLES l ill'in, 1 iealhrii 'i flr , n el- e i Leentatlifri m .1J bihe iat'lll . h 11" tl dl I I: in.lent , of i oarrneia n r'Wltil ea aerman 1 1 h nnhldil : i n -l rbsnic Ir nok I" lllitt fein 1.t t ilI I h 'h 11i, iiieJ a Iiiir .r i lY IIIiI. -, Londo ma r l o e lied turbine fonse m Il wiat i -or I,. cadeop lvi, ragack r I ml cur , cio i hriie r i ai'dtire Y, I (, i I_ hi i 'I: e.1\ , lii l oi .iiiinl c urpied' ilaid iiiilrciifair xI nhi m i c irl, h a i'o dr Ii i, b y wn r "1144i n oN w i ver, Il &l l l 8 pe{r manen b lu.'n re' Oilrd fac hll I i.-n O C th rl ailarlil ln m obs l a 'ciI, a 'do Cm~e ixcf-itha .nleiaici othac rcartfl in-h 0i1 r INn A a l Ia iA mi hi , alElo At i c itil ach S h r A M tiiit rc i ccan lla' iniA. ito O" 'L: .N.w CoT mon Ot I)a<(I I II i ii'' '-a a dciaci~>t 'ila'rill erl hTRETC ttS LONDO i r a., i lr+Y i C i L S tr r'. n ciii tu i n i . all Sa iv Let.te • . . i,, KI pr';L ;,'I- Inrr ahld rletnnry ba i r a1 t 4'n ~ a,, anl l. p.e r - inh !Iaeglt dgcoc k, oha .a iii lt, if. r c i fdf. Nii' Kitd s e bO r ,lll ei r ~neI < 1..r l he , fothl Silt l i aft lii',ll icaat1ca alaa l ierl'e A 'wrl -' tn l n ran flio c obl i ner. n b all yilt 1 d e Tic ci , 1 ic , icitita Eta a in rcT aaelyeRs <_Al let 1 X 'iaJrhAl Iu 4- Cacr .(llondo lllpli mtl t onr hilit h lv ILo,lhm .i. 11 itwtIlk .(ii-int wloetlandi+ i',y 1,inle cake..i " LI,, ,ST ', ,IH17 1' ei ia n1 oI JImn rae s P anl oh6 nrs 11h`ree 'l I'r ,' P r, '-o exstl ia,,,I, ,P t nal e dite lo 1.+m, ;i1 i nl i l t h 1', eii+ i n l,.been lif.I Car' l )8,l]lC!kl 1111::i Aekrndnlirr'elhtlie lid rdrlw .itm,.; trp cnu riin 11 I Vei ll, lre n ' - Voii i hltine, C nm diand T rry' i ' l p y iln t r l11j, t ril:..lll" n t el in d re d fv a n c yt Fir-an'O t tid1-I.11dn alnd ,"'11,11111'tre L. en, nolnlbl sl| n l~a! e.+it ~111,xno rits. and oi othe1 ofarti ,lrlltlV |': .h'IINS ti C'+. in, tl :I'.w C,',.,nf:'It('hllrlem fnd (:ulnlll iii I NEW:\ ORLE!+A.NS .& (A:.\ 1t) lOI R.I(I AIL. ROAD (;O~i l. L\ 1-\. .4R]I N'r\X.].?INTS FOII "'tI H1: EER DlAYS. 1l'ron Carrlltr ltonl. p an Nl ewl t"i' )rIlllll. fl11ogs ('aLrn 41 ,€c:Lock, A%. Mf.itf,+-." C'ur lit :, o'clock, A. lo,onlotilc In .. . i],,,,.onuriru 7 " ., 32, . . I p.M :;,,,, .,;..:,l ,,, P.,,,, " ._+b. ,,ta e ypyig 1.. ., hla ,rs Ih.r tl'I"rel. ! Til,'1'11:.i s 1Xr: A.1Nl! I,,#.()I'IRSE .STRETI.: CAR.S oili ,1, . , t• n ~1 ,I .k, + A. Mi . ;en cuerll hol rty Al.. " ,il + -: ' io.", -l..l -,,1 -ri if t ol r~unnn ovar131y llif 's I~ll ,l, iho lltll tll~l io t. dh1 y t iS Ult 8u elol.' P. M1. 1- I rall ill. h. i ~i .I'., rl.t I .t c ," t. • ! ',.ron" . ,-,+l i lv th, |.'If ll,, lI', ... - mtu t prnrildr'+111+ms+Ivrel ,ll:l T, k, t-. ,, 1 , ; iiilot C:, rv11 u Ro il~l t1'fin t Cantlpllull ,l ! I1,. '--nW 111'11 .. l~ JtlilullDI Rl All t SOI N ''lllll 1' i1 1' !u. '1'1" Tt:1) e,iiin. of'.James on the l'eaiie..,ltl ll inloire o1'C (hiih.-l le,4 i hwdit (".nmneliun, bly T~io. ,%c ,inite. , in % l, k. jeer+ i,,in , 1111 Iiir sale Irv Is mat _I AI.I" X ''Ol'\i'Allt 49"Camp .t i4 FICE, 5:| 3 .ll zine street, ollpoeite Bal:ks' Ar WI GREENR E t,,ks pleninre in announcing to hils Iininds. t hd tlhe ('itlizlln oI N( (OdennsI I ih t n e has at iprll hrtlllht I.ilhrnl:lphl o na par wiih copper plate 'llhne, and front thlle iliies tlle art hias iver copper Irate eneurVinl, he cn exvecute all torderr entrusted to tidl, It line half thle exp,,ne,, of engt aling and nearly as lel i- iloa irelllrs nt out in th'ir own hl lintd ritll. : an hll hfe i.n1 IflllltYl% aot It few tIour fi i btll 1hi Illll h1lC'0r: piran .C pl'lrlito, ifnln aton ti e,o irI hi< hereilfhro givan pererol satisfaction II ill the u l, l r,'l e'1eale c imt isslIio hlouses in this il. 'IIIIPIIIn ll !.irous having I il Viiting or Buohi i,. ( C lrd llinlhel in trhe itel aInuiHarr, n ill di well by calliu alit Ie 1 Rio atn see sprcimens, N 11-l.nk notes neatly executed, anld eirulare, i:rinted at n.or hour', notice. S' H : I' 115,A(3 A IN t, Flor oude hy oS Ilitr; RIIIEAI)D & IIAtA'I'TOW,7 lank Place IJEACII IIRlANtLY-10 baorels old peach brandy, for aile by IIEAl & tHARl'(OW, 7 Irnlkp'oen [< I'1ii1 AS \l( i IIIR1- , 7, c and 9: olen Stie h It li t:. on 1 r e p:1.3: : ift it * ariety ol" vet:+ halt rre tin i on I .t .-.j:- Hr o r' d;Ih) :ale by Sl't 111 All ,49 Caip t i)t)l.i\-lI w,i eý of luf I Ln der, jult r ived arI an for le l R ki.EAL & IIttSThOW, li,,r + "7 Ianllk Place 1 ll' 1 (' NIILE .--I IiEx jult occirved nod 1ift >nlt l.v 3.5 fi'El. E ISLANCII.A1IlI, nol I3I".I3 (travier SEw ORLEANS Steamn and Patert Bicutl BakCery-Wattrso and Illln. No. ({. iolte nar tl I'uoltelartrlln Rail Road.) Pilot nand Navy tread, Sodandll Wine Risuit. n Sugar, Iutter, Mil!ord and WaVoter Crackers. All the above articles are warranted to be oftho first quality, and to keep in any climate, being completely kiln dried, . Al.o,-Kiln dried corn meal. lOrders left at G. W\. Prickhard and Tagalt. Jr. ieorner .lMagazine and 'oaydras -trects, will receive prompt attelntiun. Smnall kegs put up expreoely for mily use. lSno /I.a .a113 llagie's Connptund Chintese Sop re iLrieiPII by the l adit oldll Mdrid and Chorles toil , Indeed rlo'nlity, nr ility, tle press, and the . eiganlltc llmllle neof all thing., plblic opinion has o" ",,lo7istd t :ind pl.tled the clliiclenry of Lady L. i'l. rtllol t'. emlpounllnd Chinese soap belnod sus. l ion for ti:tier or lilng n orm, piil ples on the face, in sun lrn, tan1, irrnilon, pricklyv eat, and effe s ir ins of the skin, the lholling qunlities of this soap i lll sn, eradilcrte. II is roeomntP'nded as an e IIoll11ent sllhinr sul,..p or cuonpnyil for gentle. m ien, for ietlilvine the cotuplexion, removing lrecklc', nld it.lportingt Irslhnia nut d delicaey to sitO and lllte lind, is rih niny an object of tn contlsiderable Inlerust. Exposltrel f warm clihmtes thlie nle it Il. c nid lhanlids blcotle tnntrFd or hard C ired, and the ilnv1 llioil of mottdern ehrmietry have be llen, rendired sul sl viel.l illt merely to the neces. 0 a11 r every day ar, 'l iit but even to its luxuries dat S!d ,h le and retail at No. 95 Customn ihouuse at. Price $1. of IllsKR1Y--a balilrrels ihiikey, landing from t liner Fuoilir, l lr sole Ib ta ''E'r l & AVIRY, B8 Grarier t tear- - ---- - - - - - - - - - i ITO THEI Atltt:I'l'P ANDI FANCY PAINTER. I. he L' T recei ed I, the latest eari.nals from Havre, a ato, a splendidl culletiou'in iArtisl's lrushes, piitits l who tIet ; "ult knivtes. rI ots and paletes ; water col t .Ladai o fr wtl.r l'ors pillrp:uell milt honre and v drneibtbtdls -,lnils l e-nlr. dlcecriptieol, splendid manhogany and O a llllbt ease:ls, tf(ir inportralit pimlers ; pastel leaygn l i vren rt lor, pencrle or eerlo oie varnislh rua hi S, Lat Sin- i blr. t und,.er) Ihr-e -izeo anue ltlrtady pslmre.s i.le Indio inklltrhiie ;. tloe Iloo, frlly uutwl c o. cllobrs, brushes elegantly tli ii tll d.c c o. inx, .I ( p lloili i Alhust, ...... hly bnu.if a Il i eolours ", if .aetv dicrarili i, ojry qkieot n ra"kr nudf i)ic- W autllteh lell ~ht tetn atrriat uiaS l ;lnoilgeeia e ave laler wiil; e loo llln en 111 to n ni n f,(t paint i.toii li .r llln lla t atIr iOn at tie tt Ii '.I + t oil brer . n l nillilr +_ll.-. + • r" ;, I ,... r, ,JYi ¢impýý fur Lpainlters, .h + sbo· ·ll t' : t.nil," . I : 7 to i + + v " .ý

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