Newspaper of True American, 8 Nisan 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated 8 Nisan 1839 Page 4
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ltUWANlr'd TU.YI ·IXit/tt b Fr. t t n cure o thSe Fever and Ague. I r Tw l t slily disc~novered rhit,tb Mli u Ist supe iio to lils or liary iteoi ofr Itring Ser and Alu*.. In tile first plt.e, he rg nVege Oh Lehdts)MIt a f*e rohb i an delet'rious and peteos Iwe Iholif utal it *ay I, alken with the atmmuest afe oen hr the tleier lafut o, aged hitelid. It pie " nlvapM t1h. dissr, com.allleqllu V the eonnlttu titu sta . llit s ghili ted I qan td aet.vity. It esab-. I ~~tnIl and purmane apletite, bv invienrntlng tlolahd gives a re ih tIO tIrenjlnenris of trte. Ptir i nlar is ivmin g •n. Ittrgatte quality,il remains net eIhowels Isn in ease this lioceder, or to create ethardiseas., but thlrcaugly dleannes Ihe reveral or gn of dilioion nd ths u benefts Ihe system with wlmtever other afletio it may be oppre.ul. tttlidual, afier the neI ofthe Tonk Iimitre, have Oee epoel to all the usmual eaue. of thle lisease, ItI any ellplOllN ofreturtlls whereas by tettstUfltteoCmnoon aemelie, thereo ij t1aawyo cera r*en itq r'es eliability to re'urreoce. ''hey dnnger he rqmt relatles tflle Ague, is very eviltnr, for t i b 1 lm will Hn o become too mueli pme"ttle to the ale tryst willh ,ledlcier, and rlmediy fail a vic o.taeh itcentsIt violeltie t The'Loic Mixture is at urch a re.aonalte price, as to Itlac it aitihie steach ofevery one!--o that til ptar ndl destitule te Itry fumisly d with without solicitig the iol'eld a•telLdnc which is flrrgqlrtlv delied to cheain. o 01" eveuretantly tbeeowed. The mtlices arel.ctlv etutonnerd tginmt the tlll ses imitations eofthis medicinse, that are daily offTred fo sale. It Is prepared eann by Dr. John R. Row:otd, at hio Sbo tiorytuas l~. ,I , Phila ole thi. I Thre stttlaoacits fg the wholesale ol :its for l hei -sIth \West leeitsto., ntd will soll by tllhe trl, at tbe Philadelphi• pries. T't hIe iad .i retail nlc, at totltitlbe Apothecarie in tili city. JARVIS & ANDREwV., Wlholesale Itrlluisls , mI0 cOt Comrlon C Tchtoiilllnm iliesslesppl and Louisiana 0tel, .eVttIruoe. r.. a I. MARY KIIKLAND respectullly an. soences to her friends and the public gone. tlythat she is Prepared to accommodate them at I he ioave establishment, and hopes from her sertilnseto render visitors comfortablc, to receive a continuance of former favors. She feels coni. dent that persons visiting Covi:gton during the s c ammer mehtls,s nnot find better acommodattions. i than she ean alford them, on more liberal termse. Her house ia pleasantly situated, and well supplied with every convenience; the bar is furnished withi the most choice liqnors, &c. in sthort,slhe promises thsat nothing shall be wanting on her part to give * tire satiefoction to all who may patronize rtne :diHasippi and Lrrsiana Hotel. jc3 studied under Dr. Sol.rnidt of Clharlston, I Snath Carolina, and for some years his assistant in she practies of medicine and surgery, has the htnor ta effIr his professional services in this city. e assures tihe ladies and gentlemen that thie mort prompt attention will bp paid to tile calls whichl masy sb made; and also offers his services to the holdereof slaves, being well acquainted with the d.seaaascommon to them, having attended tlhem in the sugar imuse in Charleston. The fanous anti-bilious pills after the composition eo Profasesr Smollette, with directions, can be had el the undersigned. The eflcet which they have prnduoed in this and other cities, Ias been attended with the greatest success, to which the best of references can be given. Apply at Nn. 16 Maga. tine street. JNO. M'LORING. hTLLOW iViR iWOfil cakgw, SAD IRONS. &e. hII IIOWELL WOIIRKS COMPANY, No. I E38 Water, near Buckman street, New York, have received tihe past season, antd are corstantly receting large and extensive additions to tile stock of the above goods, wich now consists of the allowing assortment, suitable for the southern and western markets. Hollow ware of superior quality, consisting of sheet 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 24 different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, laisies, froor 3:8 to 18 gallons, Bakepans or Ovens, 7 different sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddles, . . 4 do Fire Dogs, 6 de Wagon boxes from 1 1-4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Sprows, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from :9 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality and finishl, and less thau Jarme's imported I prices. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for retailing. Tailor's and hattor's Irons, assorted. Sash weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to 0hlbs. Bells for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &c. made to order, Also steambeats and other machinery made to order. SThe above assortment of goods is particularly recommended to the attention of Southern andt r Western merchants, and are offered for sale at low prices, and upon the most liberal terms; it is be. Iooed to be the largest and best assortment ever flered forcsale by arty one establishment in the Unlted States. Merchants, by forwarding a request by mail, can have a printed circular, with description of goods, pricsand terms, front which no deviation is ever made, furnished by return of ma;il. All orders will receive immediate attention. New York, 1838. 1r3 New trleatns, Nov. 14, t837. A BOLT six months ago I had the linsfurtne to got Sa steret disease, fir which I have appliud to sere. I nl doctors for a cutre, and then did not cure ie, Iow en the above date 1 Iut mleelsf undler thIa care of r)oct Hset, ald I expect Imtn to cure me. Since that timer shediseasse gt worse, so as to break out in lergh ulcers to the number of six or eight on ea h leg, aln all over my face, and sure throat, and not able to work at he .esent tirne on ateount of the ditase; large ileer oil ihe right side of tire throat; I m nto oe )irtting mybcll oenidently under the care of Dr. ii net, r,f Paris, to he perfetly cured JOiHN DEAN. fe14 Iy I DO CERTIFY tat thie above nternttoed disease il Squite well curerd t inv own, satisfalction, irt whic I thank I)r. Iluet; and morteover I a.sre tllhat tile aledir rine I hulve taken mtues me ftt, and dlid not injure rmy sealth et all; therelore I advisnltry f Ilow suferers to lose no time andl apply to Dr A. Huer, 124 Cnonl seetr, between Dauplino alld Iourbol strreets. Ir. lluet is at haome rlr 9r o'clock, A 31, urtil 4' P 1. They will find a true dctror for this clllaint. JOHN I)EANI.Il ilrrvier street. If any one wants to see me, call at No. 410 ranvic JOHN I)EAN. New Orleans. Feb 1, 1838. fell I-I Iv FrHE Gilenuine latdran lialsamtot' Liverwrnartril lrre Ihoned, is put urp in bottles at tire low prrice of Sr cents each, contailing time strength of three ounces o' Livewort, hesi lea the virters ot many other roots and herbs known among tihe Inlians s elicacious in curing pulmonary omlrlaints. The unrivalled success which eas attended the rde of Ltis inestimable Balsamn wherever it his been intro duced, has obtained the eonfidene and recom.tre.d tinus ofrespectable physicians, for the cure of corgins, coids, pain ln the side, want of rest, spitting of blood, liver complaint, & c. To whom it may cnneern. This is to certify thte we have in our practice frerqlently prescribed lrs (Gard. ner's Indian Italsnln a of Lverworv rr d lnllerhnlld, with -aldcielded god effect: uwe can tlreflre, fromr th klrow Inedluge of the materials it is tmade farot, atnd t haeuvatln ad taperience, recorUttrenrr itas a stperia preparati rel tkace nalectirr o .r tire ,irite ire r elich ir In attnonde1. . Itl' V1 1.1. 1431, 1 . D. l.tVIN EI.I.IS lI. I). Menlltes oft bn, Ioston Medical .tssociation. Iesten, Olcfsber 25. salbiy JI RtVIS & ANlDREWS tl, t19_ t. r . u i t Ito:lantitlurir s eta UOLIEAIntS Seinier e Pcl;emalip receivred e,aa. fetr arle at their icarmane, rlt Wu at ll ior r lllliuea lo 8& Chatrce e'revt,S\ew I)rleaio, I11 ar, f dwi " Ie Now .alk, Datllphiae et., Mabil,.. IIp uti rlydesAiged lst priate Ica rerJ . tnd holatls, and is calculated icr lr-olls l'all .cre. Ladies 4an gentlemen are inv;ted t call and illl$ . thae mytaem btr theiea'l t. e.. Leanes are given at aetch hoeutee as taRy llt 11h i aidaenes. i f rono. c60 ell b sthev antwi S b IOk aor 'IOT r e. f it 40 ke r s, 10,0 com r, Anglish I---.- 1-4 bbl. tIr f 1 The sbrint, o vari viu n sire hr r I ess Vern ,iilnli d ; h5 bll Cepal Varninh 2 Jtpatt P ` Cor.cll s.h packs Gold Leaf; 50 do Silver dn; m deo oh Duthei b etal. WINDOW GL.Are, Amelrican. P lis and Preucah 1000 boxes, various sizes asld qualitran. Bosann .arown doa.--s11 boxe, tonsignmear t, will bh oild low. Alir, a general assortalent of artists' rtenlrs an rnaobl ntes sale by A WV SCA' Era, Na I1t6ltaal street.' IrB. Alt na nltees atalk at p r, aed Mississippi eteowilPbe reaeived at et per cest diacount fe r glaodt, r i. paymen of debts. jae I t &BLE CHIrMNEs PIECE Wrsanausr, SCusltomhouae dreet, oppasite the poet.clce. . le aulrriera are now Ireciviig from their fee toriea i- Nmw York, and will keep constantly on ladna, gneral assortment tiMarble Mantle Piecea I ofmperira wrtkmannnhip, and of the latent ptaernm, made of Ike beat Egyptian, Italian, Irish and Americae marle. Alec, Monuments, Tombs atd I Guave stoes, moglded and plain silla and lintel, marble facing hearths aend boundary atone, planter Sof Parie, Rotan & Hydranlie Conmnt and Plaster. ing Hair, together with a splendid easortment atol brkeam manted end plain Grates and Ruania Iron Grates of the newest anId mostl approeved patternL. Leatering done in the neatest manner and at the mertsn t notice. l'lmy have flnt rate workmen to "te th above work. je, 'AME. KAIN: & STROUD 8. "RI ork 3 Baltimore Pickets JACKETS FOR NEW YORK.-New lin. 1 , - ,r nail punctually every second Monday during the season, lull or not full. Ship Orleans, 509 tons Capt. S. Sears, Ship Alabama, 474 do C. C. Berry I Ship Arkansas, 627 do E S Dennis ShipS ratuga, 542 do W Hathaway, Ship Nashville, 540 do " D Jackson, Ship Kentucky, 629 do J Banker Thie above rhips are of the first clone, coppern and copper fastened, and hiving been built in New York exlroesly for this trade, they are of light draft of water and alnuost invariably cross the bar without any detention. The commanders are nie of great experience, and the ships will always be towed up end down the.Mississippi by ste unbihoats They have handsome fitrnished accommodations. and stores of the best description will always be fornished. Tihe cabin passage in $90. without wine or liquor, and there is no liquor fulrnished to the Uoflcera or crew. For freight or passage app'y ol hoard, or to II C AMES, 48 Camp st. The ships are not accountable for breakage of glass, hollow ware, marble or granite, cooperage of tin, or rust of iron or steel, nor responsible for any d package or parcel, unless a regular bill of lading a is executed tllerefor at the office of tho el:ts. nlov27 NEW ORLEANS ann IIAL'TIIORE LINE OF PACKETS. This line will consist of ith fallowing vessels, which have been built or purchased expressly for tle trade, viz: Ship Seaman, Capt. Minor, Bi.rk Mary, Nickerson, " Irad ferry, new S, Stevens, SSolomon Saltua, a Lalthm, Ilrig Arclntect, . Gray. These vessels are of the first class, have hanid. somne furnished accommodations, and are of a light draft of water, so as to admit of their receiving and diacharging their cargoes in Baltilmor, at the city. Freight will be taken for ports on the Chesapeake or Janimes' River, and forwarded by thi agents, Messrs. CLARKE & K ELLO 'GG, at Baltonore: 'expenses on goods shipped will be advanied when required. The price of pssnage is fixed at $60,. aomple stares of the b st quality will he provided. Steamn uv and down tile Mississippi will be taken Son all occasions. For freight or passage, apply to * GEO. BEI)FORt)D, nonv7 22 liienvil'o st. F:OR NEW YORK. [Ltuisinna and New York Line of Packets ] I'1N Ships colposing this line will sail froma New Orleans and Now York on every other Mon day--corem nceing onl the Novualber--and to iuoura the punnctuality in th.e tie orsailing, the line will lherealier consit of five sllip, viz: Ship Yzooo, Captain'' Trlsk, to leave on tie 20thlI Novenber. Ship I.ouisville, Captain Palmier, to clave on the 4th Decembnler. Ship Illintaville, C(ltain Eldrilge, Itoleave il the 18ili IDa.eaticla. Ship Vekhbnurg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on the tst Jallilry. Ship l ississippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th of January. The above are all now, of the first class, copper Id and copper faltened, and npwards of 500 tons urtllhen, are of light draught of water, being built in New York expressly for the trade. The price of passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabins are fitted up in the most improved and convenient plan, and finished in a neat and elegant style - Ample stores of the first quality will be provided, and every regard paid to the comfort and entire satisfuction of passengers, who will please take no. ticoe tht no hoerth can be secured until paid for at tile ofFco of the consignees. These vessels are commnanded by captains well experienced in the trade, who will give every at tetion and exert themselves to ncomnnodate. They will at all tiles be towed up and down the Missin sippi by steaonboats, and tlm strictest punctuality i observed in tile tirme of soiling. The owners of these ships will not be responsi. blo for allny letter, parcel or package, sent by or put on honrd of theml, unless a regular bill of lading be signed therefor, at the counting house of the agent or owners. For further particulars apply to J D BEIN & A COIIEN, nov27 90 Common st 1 .\E ORLEANS &CIIARIESTON PACKETS This line consais of Iurrve.seli, all of the .lirot claose, coppered and rcopper ast. riale, and of hoarut 200 teons burthen, with handsone accrommodations for passengera. IThre vessels nire eoialnanded by clpilpins eel aexperlienced ill lhe trade, who will give every at toatimoi, and exert themnselves to neclummldait: the r shippers. Thev will e tiowed lip and dawn ilhe l Missillippi, and leave New Orleans on or before the 10th and 1511 "1" every imontli. The folluowing vessels conllpo-e the ilne, viz : tIrig Arabian,Clharles G. rdon, master. B Irig Cllio pn,J. B. 'ltomilpllon, mnster. Brig Alniienn, J Doane, master. Bark Roger il'llianls J. Allibere, mnster. For (right orpa-sae,n ap!v to J. A. BAREI'hLT1 & Ci, flt C stiann st. New Olleans, or Mt. C Mrleeni. Ch,,ilsai.. a SU.ttiAl(. ) & : UCO loston and New Orlease I Lir e of Packet Ships.-This now line of ships has beeoon expressly built to run between tire above ports, and will be found or suitable draft of water: naeeoermodations for passengers, and every effort will be made to give general satisfactiona, The line is composed ofthole flowing ships: Cherokee, 415 tons Capt. J Harding, Carolina, 400 do S Lemist, Charleston, 374 do D Eldridge, Columbiana, 625 de G Barker, Seamaen, 240 do J BIowes, iBombay, 625 do D Humphrey. The above ships are all new, of the first ,lass, copper fastened and soppered, commanded by men of great experience, have large accommodations, with a separate ladies cabin; every attention will be paid to pa'ansgers, and the very est of stores pro nided for theon-. Thile packets will be Lowed up and down the Mis sissippt, and the strictest punctuslily ol served in tihe time of sailing, and should the regular vessels be detained in arriving, other ships equally as good will in all cases be substituted. A share of patron age is solicited, and the agents pledge themeolves to acceolmuiodate as much as practicable, to receive and forward goods by said line at the most nmoder. ato charges, and to advance all expenses on goods shipped, if required. The ships will leave the 1st and 16th of every me rlh. For freight or passage, apply to the agents. J A MERRITT, 82 Common at. N. B. Advaneements made on consignments to Messrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. nov27 lae Oln Utsi HAR'Is' & co ),n ae iw recinlegirozo Son board ship Orleans. Eagle, Iliglllemier, n'okhr lerry Andrew, French lad German viay cnrds; Back genmon Boards; Choessmen, 1-4 andl 2 3-8 inch lil snrl Blle; 8,, 10 and 1i2 inch blalle owii l ive:i I.relor anit other trcenoIi rressingii CeosR; Belt. Pocket, ior.inm i.e anooi itilliao l'iitils;,hoble ant single barrelled (lGuns; Game 1ag-; Shot Ilelt.; Powder Ind Pistol Fluaks; Drarm Bottles anld Drinking Cups; erc.i,.-Sinn Caps andil Cap Ildllers; Cloth, elair, Tooth; sold Nodl lnitas; Orris ndl Ch'lorie Tooth vlahl. looth Powder; Toilet and Shaving Soapa, in great va. riet, loig Hatir Braid, ltiaetlc rs and Frizette; PIlar; and 'Ploler P.,dIPer; Emery Bags; h'nrv 'vru Cuahikn' Patent Sllesr e -nartere; Onoi E!latie Sospemlers; 'owderr Pai ei lod Boxes; (;ilt Cllainsr, Se:le anl Klcv; Ear-drops; Waist Bueklrs; Bracelets; Beadl Neckiaces and Chnis; t(ill and Siievered Rendl; lndian lhedis, Iellbs aln Pluiies; Shell 'itvit: ; ide and Dressou I Ctvllk:e;lwhicel i .,ition to their fornner s:iek haol, their assolrtlnent very .mlellte, nd wirll he olll Sow aned ean liberal termse, tt thIe cilo of tile Gioldlen mnhb,. i23-if 70 Chartres street. 3rltR f.ih S cri!er, cAgenls fi r tile extensive house of \\'. & S. Iotcher. SheIcld, En-land, lave. just eceived ia very extensive iee of in- Ir i.e, ciloristing of laleto nerl Id)essrt Kuies if e-" "' d-licrilitieo, Pen, Pocket, ilk, and Spear point tlivers; Razors, Scis sors. Edie Tools, &e. &e. &c. which they are prepared u exhibit to the trade trorrders.. l'erms and conditions will be ilrad: known at l tie li. ln J. I. BEIN & A COIIEN..9 Commoa sti. NEWk GtOIDS. lI.e1O.\S, IIARTT d& CO.-Are now rrelivilg . per ish li illaootille, Eagle, Merry Aiindrew, IHigh -ler, Frenchl anlld erman dorlhe rleadt plavyinz cards: siter, oid pocket pistols; ulain, ribled and slit r csio li capso p olidlers; ecissa"s, Bevzirs, lien. ves; (;ilott's commercial ndl other steelypens;'Vin as; V'iolii stringis; shlell, ivosnd ol horn eonlih; lwafri'lr k, hied and leather tprses; Iair liaids, firo.t aIl ck Iringlets; negro puifb; (German and French ellgnel water, Itow!arndl mamecsser oil, imitatil dlo; altliue tol hears oil; portable desks and dresslng isses: past blecking; statlialuoi toilet glosses; convex nmiTors; op cal glasses and views; IndiaIn ieads, bells and pnlmes; cenrdeon; whit-twine; toilet and sdaving sorps; toilet owdere h smletie washll balls; seented satin enslionls; pool stamls; screw cshbiosl; fancyB ead chains andi neckllaes; hilliard balls pocket books and walletls; German hones; razor astrap; fine, an i common gum otuatic elpendlers, gartersdo; Bells lucifer matchbes; il remer peneils; UCrlyOIs, toa. &a. The sbovein addliton to our formar steck of fancy arninles, makeaaor anartmetot very ,.umldets. o'e sale wrolseale or retuil; as tle sign of ith Golden Comb, 7 I Chartre street. meR..0, A NEW article for ersonus trorblel with dearness, (called e l For r nlrulpet) has jost beas received, Ib tlre ilS itf wihicl, the alighteost artlelation of the lra uian voice is dianietly conivered to tire war. Any otln wiIho las ever ,een obllgea to rOiverse with a very den -lIllollt inso be fultly sea .ible oa thie lrtteulhy t Id end - tinrmssolllltexpeniearledl btih v titemelhea and tile ill dividuals so unirtuualtelv afliaiaed. By the sae lf tit Ear Truoopet thir oie,'iion is entirely .rviated. The mosln eceptienicl hva sloras a sedUeed ethaeir dllhte aliel bavion used tlma rIrumpet. For sale at Pr F G'ION'r. i eenry .tore.ce:raer ofn'oeon an-I ;St Cerles tnerit. ekr tcits tl.a:hi;a iHotel. hib 13 BOOK BINiERY. Under the Picayune Oilee, 72 Cricp st. BRONSEIItA '& HOWSON ben leave tn itfrm qI tleir ecstmers and tile publlic generally., In'. p tiey have renlnved ltheir estabihsltileont to N. 72 tel Cimnp shots i nimedintely under the office of the ab Picarvd -l-where they are prepared to execute all nil riersl.idtitheir line. t II icing received from lthe North ra nsupply of "a. ner and anneriins of a superior qua'ity. for the e mannufacture of Blank ouoka, they offer their ser vices in merchanta and other'., who nmay wish work of that kind ; aned havini thie adva.lnag of several yants's exp erience in tht lille, they are Ju confident of niving satisfaction to those who rll:y no flvlr them with their customn of For nolaries, architects nlld Oihere, maps and cn plnns aill he pasted on linen. varnished and mounted in the neatuat manner, & at the shrltest Ill ntice, Ce Plain and fancy hinling, in nil its varietien nt. to CIII?,A AfIOAS& hI EdIllIEN WAIKE hi 01114 36 Ciharree atreet, New Orleans. W M. SERGEANT & Co. importers of French bi and ngnlish China and E'.nrthen ware. are lot now openini new anti rich patterns of breakfast, I diniiln and ten services, toilet sets, pitchers, tea P and coffee raps, teapots, sugars, creamsn, iwle, e i Ilnlee, disher, tureens, wash basins and ewers, 0 font hallhs, etc. etc. at Rieh cut and plain Frenclh and Avericlan glans war--tbletsi , chantpaignes, Ieolunades, jellies, a Clarec', ccwiter, cordialsl,centre bowles, docatters. tumblers, preserve dishes, celeries, pitchers, lamps, icmp shade and glasses, candle shador, salt cel- * le., etc. at Silver plated, mronzed and britania wrnre---cn no tire, liquor stands, cake huBskese, c.:ndhh sticksI ibraniches, satleone, lalles, coffeanotid tel .,1da ugars, creams. lanpe, japannled trays, nstrritie" and tc hanging lamtpsn,tinea cullery, Germnatrot ,i"".mcns ansd torlt.,togethe. with a greant va r efarricles ti lce family use. elrchnantnr, plLnetrs l, ecti le, and siennlboats, furnished wilt goude dt the most tea sonaihle prices, and ncked nso as to be conveyed with salety it any part of the corn ry. Aleo,. t,.thieinri nee inleIwore. nni 2 THE FLORIDA LINE Friom obilo ic Agiucst, Go . a leaves Mobile every day at three h So'clock. p m per U 3 mail hoet a for linll's Lindin, abhove Blakely.-tlhencel foor post coaches to Pensanola-thl en teamlnhoatsa to h ,nce, t here tlhe land roule is resumed-hence P via Marianna i nd illrwnsville, Fin. Bninbtiige, inmrerlow n, Iliwkinsville. Soundereville &i LL.ui. o ville to Augustn,a, connecting regularly withl .Ihe rcil road ears to Charleston, andi Ihe steam r'nlkets it Niw York, Norfolk, P.,iladelphin, ete. The alemn i lnt are the hest for the service, and the nnvignntlon preseni more advantages than can in be found upon anly sleamboat route in the south. ern regiolr, 'The great improvements in lil, route have been produceed by tlhe construciin ol fifty, mil.s of new road, hy the proprietors, viz : frmn .LaGrange on I,alFaoevre lavoe,.nn arm of Snatn Rosa Hly, to a Ilylnlll's Fecey, o1 the Chatrnlntoclhe liverl, en c mill. snbove tlhe Ctwvlnrd, or 14abohve doar lnllT a wherey tlhe navigamn,n of the river, and the cone I nqluent dleteniltios, nd nmoire recently the incll c venient crlssict at the Cotwford, ere entirely avoidl, and a illte road from Mariannn direect t : Itainbriddge, istlaild o tihe rounlldihlout rod via t.Chattahoocheelt, les.sening theriie nnce nbount forty milen, and increJasitg lihe facilities more than once a day. Aleo, a branch line of two horse stages every a other day finl Itlwkinsville, via Prry to Macon, I Ga. connecting with the line to Savennah and a Darien, Geo. A inal steamboat elies regularly behween a a ainbridge and Apnlnchieola. Travellers wishing a to reach any point on Chatenhoochee or Apalachl- I cola, can take steonbholt at Brownsville. Mobile to Pensacola-Land Itou'e-During the time occupied by the repairs of boa!s, the proprie. tors of the Florida line will run a line of four horse post coaches every other day between Mo hile and Pensrcll. Passengers will leave Mobile at 3 o'clock, p m, in the U S mail boat, and proceed to Ictll's Land. ing, where a lour horse conch will Io in waiting to convey them to the excellent heoue of Mr. Charles alni, I 1 4 mile distant, where they will find t pleasant aoeconinuodntns for the night-leaving next motrning, they will arrive in Petnsaclan early in ihe eveningc , thus avoiding the discomfort of - night trIvelling. Office at he Mansion lHouse, Mobile, nid Ciol. lins' Hotel, ielnsarnola, where seeas mlust be seeu red. S'l'OCKTON & Co. fnov I Pinto Forte Instrutelon. IWilliam Smnih tenders his services to the eii, zens of New Orleans as a teacher of the piano Iorte. Mr S having been employed several years asa leacher of lmusic in private families in Bston, ndalsoat several ofthe female seminairies in its viciitty, cannot but hope to nmerit their confidence. Hu is permitted to refer to Rev Or CIypp, Meesra Sterson &. Avery, Hendersuon & Gailes. SFor lerms, &. pIlease apply at tile bookstore of Alexander Tower, 49 C nlp at oC S Drugs anid .Jledirines. J II Prevost has localed himself in thin city tor the purpose of iransacting a general Wholesale Drug business. He is now receiving a full supply lt Iresh nn d genuine articles, which lie will sell on lihernl ternl To city druggists, and ehose of 1the interior, to physiciann, mlerclhants and planters, he will ofirf induceents such as have never be. frre been tffered in this city. Ilis intention is to do a strictly legitimate business. Iis stock will soon be eomplete, and in a few weeks will be rea. dy for business. All orders roin the eountry, and fonm mlerchants of ti i ecity, receiving such orders will he prompily attended to. a not 2No 39 Camp at rttHOLESALE AND) RETAII.COMIl AND VA RIE'Y STORE-at the sign of the golden coelh, Mn '1 Chartres steert. The suhecribers have re ceived, in a .lition to their previous stock on hand, a full and couplet. assortment of articles in their line; viz: combs, perClitn.ry, Jewellrv, brusheslr, locking glasses, inner articlee, ,r.rcomsiotion in part as follows: COIMI S-tortoise lshell, wrought and lain touck,twiest, qIuilled llnek, log round,dressing, aide puff, corl and neck, Brazilian combs of every description amongst which are sote Mexican ptter, Ivory comnhbs of every daserition, heIr, dressing and pnecket, together with a general asortment ofFrenuh atd Ameriecan. PEInIFUMERY--Colgne, .aveerr, Florido, honey, hay, ro., and orange lower wafers of every size and des cription, camphorated Cologne, extract of lergatmot, lance salps of all kilnds, shaving do in ckes and pots, eren soap do, Ward's vegetalle hair nil, hears andan tiuedo. Preston's smenlling salts, plain and perfmned toilet powder, cearl powder, pon, derpoufs and bnxe po mtatuntin pots andl rolls,orris and chltlorine tooth wash and nowdleas, with a general assortment of JEWELLRY-some ofthe latest nd tenost fashionn oble setts, consisting of white and red cornelinu, topea & jet eardrops, set in filagree, breast pius of a grena -me tV of patterns, watch trinmmings, gelt and silr, .ockles, silver thimbles, silver and goolPlpn Iils and guard eltine BRUSltES-Cloth, Ihair, dusti og,,crurh,hearth,floer hat, flesh, tooth, plate, comb, Nail, shaving, shoe and whitewash hruelies. LOOKING GLASSES-German statia and toilet Inssn, tagnifying aend French dressing glasseas, ocme o, with a varnieiv of otlher kinds not enumierated. IFANCY AND VARIE'TY ARTICLES-French and American portable desks and dressing cases, some very rich and finely feinshed ladies work hxes anod dres sile cases with and without mtsic, mtticll boxes, Ac cordions o tvarious kinds, violins and nsitars, silver and plnted Iwneil ood lead,nwood pencils tor carpetert andt ernyolsai nol, ctleeln c ,gnns tled pistols witlh nd without eaes, operceussioo cutlltS, pcrcdaanln cup chargers, nipple ncrewediver, shot behrlte,oganne Iags, losete hlacking, toy ten ectts, Indiat hatls of every kindl, hells and plules, f6neanld cole non knives, rezors and scissors, thimblles, aeedles, tilns ilver plted, steel ani eomnmotn Stecta-. eles ocolekt eIcok anttl wullet. tl various kidsl, visiting euardtund card cases, playing cardts of French, Goerman enil Attmrientan nlnutneture, till, inittios fruit,atnn ioxem, tprett of varioute kild, Saundeldrs' t'ollervy't, EI.oetrsmtct Idlmtan's ontl illwkie'e retzor treaops and t oetoallic honte*,lirhs, tetcltcv Btld neciklaces, do with r.r deole, to neatches, oeirl I;tttlm,lonlwder lass, oul.and plunt, seelld beads, gilt and silver de, guu elatic sueten t ters, ald gFttetl, tain and sword canes, hoackgatmnon buards.le le, optical vieutee,jenshltrps, Ionfocoe nntel ened dlrinking cuops, with a great variey el other arti cles, all ofwhi hIt will Ie sold for cash or city accepton ce.o st 12 onintlh credit. B Ii ISIMG.NS, & co. It4 70hl Clrterost. i 01;Is' lteditul/lkes-l,lin onl llh,hisis; do. onll iJ hlooidlettig, a euew nttppiy, rec'd by eI ,A TO\t AtL, 49 Camn PI'EIMl Olt --lt51( gulctts pture winter d Se S roee Oil, in carsks nd hllos. for sale hb JAItVIS & ANDIWF.WS. Whote alt+ Orugg ate, corner C nl Uno nd aetlhap Ins IIre 4 n s. "n.-" 17n Cohitn e t.,l Ptl , krloulety, &c.--A etleoldld l ortlene of colonte, pot up exprtsslv to the retail toade; alo the porcat F cach Perfutnery, emnhera eing evern variety for lthe toile, foer mle be ,ec a REES & D'LANC. '1't Country m er lrchantand Planters. Negro cloths, blankets, flonnele, Inseyse, lowell shirtinets checeks, linens, cliruer, haendtlkerchief, & &l errceived and tor sale low by the subseri. bese. IIOTloTA & Cwo. oct. corner Canal and Chartres st LS ltt)lIt, Ni, ,54 Conde -treet, between Dumilin and St Philp, kneps constaently on hoad an extensive arsnrtmlent of boots nid Ibrogans, and iotee, of New York manufacture, foramen. women sead children of a ll age-, whtleh he will dispone of at very moderate priere. Famtlies of his an qeinelner on sending an erder will have their wishes attended to L S SEGOUR J EAN SIAItII FARINA'. COI.OGNE WATER 2 eases mtre of this superior Cologne water, just rceeived e ad for sale hy the dozen or single bottle. Also Anmerican eend French toilet powders, powder ottls andoe I,xcchhign and toilet soeps,oenanmeltec wallh bulls, milk if, cosmetic cold cream, entr e o musk, kephaha, WVurd' vegetable hair oil, plnatunt, rwllee de perse, Plorida, lavendnr, rue and bay waters, PrleatnI'e saltn, 3leteilles perlemery ill trunks. ve ert hle r sd liquid rumeee, (:hlorine anld Orris tooth rwash, clottl,hair, teooth, nail and flosh .trshel ; together with an addlitional supply of fashionable icore and shell c -tnb and jewrrlrvtfuramme low at wholesale or re tail by SIMMONS, HARTT &CO, ju!y 6 70 (hartree street. ITHE INI)IAN'u PANACEA. - Iutthe cureofrheumntismwtrnfdulorkingaevll,gout, seiatica or hip put, inei.iente ncers, saltrhenip, uphilitic anl merurial diseases, particularly ulcers and paifl'ulaffeetions ofthe bones, ulcerated throat ore! mos- trils, ulcers of every descrption, lever sores, and iternal lseases, fistulas, piles, sue l head, scurvy, biles, hro- t oli are yes, cryspeliablothea, and every varietyofcts uonosl affection, chronic C(tarrh, head ache profetl ing feom any acrid humor, lain is the Itomaeh soml dyr pepsia ptroeedintgfromvaraticon, affectionsof the liver, chrmic inflammation of the kidneys, ando genre debili ty coet cy a torpid action of the vesAel of the skin. It is singlttlly effieacious in renovatin; those eonstitution nilich have been broken lown by injudicious treatment, juvecile irregularities. In general terms, it is reanm metoleo m cllt those diseases which aris from imlsumrtieo ofthe blood, or initiation of the hlumor, of whatever name or kinl. Son of the alcove complatsamay requcire some tri rling asiatant applioatinn, whieh theeireumstanea of the ease will dtiotu:i but fora general remedy or Puriocatnor toremovetheeanen, thle.INlIAN'S PANACEA will generally be founcc suffioient. T"O THE P'UBLIC. llow true it in, tlhat molern Physicians, o their am bition to ecel in thceir profession; ealore tie vast fields ofseieoce by the aid ofchemictry, and seek not new re medial agccnt in short, to arrive at in frection foi the practice liy'tsllan of art alone,--eltirely overlook and neglect, s Ieoeath thetr etice, tlaerielt andi bounteous stores olf edicine, which the Almightly bs econed to spring out of the ealh in every clime! Aid how much more true isit thati while the American Phvsicia looks to fureilgp eouotries for many of his most omomon and oeceseery articles, perpetonlly changing as they are at the dictates ofashrion orfolly, lie is turcnaedctc in his own tolntry with an entless profusion of medclieal pklnt suimcimot to alswer any iodicatioan idisease or ton itre aly curable disorder; and yet he is ignrorat of their vir tiles, ond they are soufered to 'wratetheir healing on the deelt air.' ''ihe eletshofvegetacle medicinesrupon the system ore temlonmry--those of mioerls tam ing. The Ibrnner ex ert theireects and c iass oflt'-the latter, mertury in parc tieoler, net chemically Ulle l the solids, deeomlosing the bones and uilcrmioingg tie toastitotin by a slow ani sture desltretol nho . it'he eongeniaity, efficiency mict SAFETY of vegeta ble remedies over mineral, imao n estimcated iy eontre ingthe anieclt practice vaith the modern; or, to iling it more immediately onder our own observtiono, th- ioldi an practice with that of the whites. Who, in America, nas notkoowe nrhearrd of re eated lontanoes whereit some decrepid, n oreteding female Irmliao, by mealneof her simple remedlies alne, has affectedl tie neost rapid I claltonishing cures, alter the Mlateira Mledice of the r -nmmml pactioe, directed in tile most skilfc manuer, lhas foiledmt Aind who its not beeo ur prilsed at the com parativecase and einfility with which the oleiao firees him self from any disease, ollld at the almost otta abstilecne ofchroie disease amnhng tremc! 'loho has ever heard olaI Indlian with a constitutioo broke and ruinedl by illtheatmeonto Aond cot a tloulhtexist that this happy ex emption of the savage fiomn most of te ills whlich the litch oFma is iheir tat, is chiefly owing to more genic anId saf remednes whichl he empltoys.! 'ils astonlish tog differece in success, is a fair exemplieiatioo of the in rtcte superiority of lte simple aol safe means of cure which God has ereated for the iheefit of his chialh en, Sover those which tht pritie ctid the artofs mat havce io venlted. From a long reidencee amntg a portion of theaborigin al in chilants of thieonllry, and al Ittimate aelootain lance wit lthe, metihls of ecre rf anle of tlleir most suceessfcl lreetitiollers, the proprietor t l'he clTiaall's I'Pallccc.l,'alcedi a knowledge of some of thi most pOWerfuloald favorileremedies. Fromtheueheselleted such as were most efficacioa s ancd :iroprliatea :alo alfter cattitoltsre'imecncto tec ticlir priticitls and strecgth, lre has combied tlterm ill tie foutn hte Ilresented, as the most Ipt' e et nd beoeficiaal tr the purpose for hlcti it n is ronlmeltlded. The proprietor ol'erithis pIelyration to ithe public, with the eonstioosttss tbhat lie i placeing nwihiotlleir sea, a remedy caloble of relieving many of his afflicted fel low beilgs, who ar. suffering under the various chronic land oistiate comldaints to whiiich is a tpplicable. l'o such it will prove of incalculable value, as tile means, and in many eases, the only means ofrelievin g their uf elrings and erestorig them once more to health and hap piness. This is otolfre'ed asa common remedy, tiat may per chance be equally good with many others now ino use, t as ons which is capable of savintg life inmany extreme eases whleh all the usumal r'emedies fail. *'iirs [ hadoo e repeatedly; and this is the re utation it hasob talned wherever it lss been i itredameel. It is only arbot three years siece this preparation was preseted o atile onobic: butin that short space of time, ,some Indirels o uetirsons might be foand, who woaul solemnly declare that tbey believed thiat their lives were Ssaved by it, ald i mostneasesaller they ad tried manoy a and perhaps all the eommon remedies in nvaci. Wther Sever it is koown it i ly coming ito us, ad thil SIffolls thbemost substacntcaland convireing proof of it ll melitS. tI 'Te value fll te o anacea i most t comspicuoos io those long standing and syphilitic ied seofilous afc lieionu Swllch have dtltied all other recdlies and partieclarly Sill those e:lses ihere Olrclry hals been o lavisr l y nsedr as Pt cause dlstrevsing ps:lin tilcl e bolls, andes, c lett , rial ulecrs, derangeclent of tile digestie ogans, a dcc. lThaese it comea letel rlemnloer, ctd itil cl ases it enire ly e olicates ihe cdiseases and fiect of nmer.ecly, relnl dote tihe coastitutiror :and leave te patieoi t s(Ind andi Swell. In rhtlttn atin m ancll in Itlet'lred Sotle tilrttat its hapl)y elftiec arc ant less apptnent, givingi almost titltne i'acke ill ttuweor closes, the utcinl' Placcmcan opeuates Oascic allernativentlll tdeteargelnt a tiaphotrt.iac, dhiuttrtic, propter ases, ac asalnl aaetlli ald ellgelOagugct. tllela i ailytntlrenssnl, it illereasesall tile selrrtalOslls adllll en acriellc, gives ltone to tle 3ttelach, aaltl excites acitit in

tie glanls ilc a p:ttiatiltr tanelOr. Fro c thea princi. ples itsotelctialls nlay Ile nlllrleStoodi. TIr 'iis cmedicinle has beoen folcd highlly useful in m:tty lcambiguoi. diseases not lalie spcifLed, alid it hlas bcte v seld itOlll w lerf ll CCcsacs as a Sli'illg atllll a Fall ' rI ifler, by tlose whlo suiject to camplaiticts of tlha cl est, mcnd whose ConstitutioslllilCie lleW rigor. Such .lr sonn will dio owell to use tat or tlhree Ibatles in smil tio ,sea. WhVlenever a diet driok is cosidered ecesstua., e tlcis ' Paaeea, taktc. in ca small dose; wilt answer all its to purposes, in muh less time, at less expense, and tn i ill faroeore agreable iacllner than tlle cotmncteoc liel drink. a 'lhe follnwlog certiicates, oll of huondredsa sinlilar, id chieb might Ie irocuredl, are given to show thel elff'ect o cs the Ictlact l'tlltaea, in thlevarious complaihtct nerebo meotioaecd;atd alsuotoexhibit io thie moast sctisfactory mstanler its sul.criority over tIle sroaU in collmo oll cse. manner its sulperrrnty over ote syt. s jIn otmmon Ose. CASES OF IIHEUSMATISM. CHtARLoSTo, Nov. 15, 1832. During thelast winter :'d spring, I was afllice.l with a very severe alld dl tressig Irt', tualtism, occasioned by exposure in had westher. I now tlke great dleasure in stating, that six bottles of the Indian's Panacea, restored me to perfect health, and I confidently recommend it to all similarly afllicted. JOHN FERGUSON, King at. CeA.LoSTONro, March 27, 1832. I was setzed about dthree years since, ith a distressing rheumatism, caused by taklng a severe cold, while under theinfluecee of mereury, and whichl has disabled re from bnsinesrls nearly eversinee. auring this period have betn a patient in the Marine Hospital, in tlls it upwards of ltur months, and noearly the same length. time in the llaltimore Hospital, and tried almost ever, remell, with little benefit. On the llth of Februar1 last, atthat time scartely alleto move about upon crutch es, I commenced thle se of Indlian's Panacea. I11 onl month I fiund myself entirel? freed from pain, and an now halplpy to state that eonslller myself perfectly well. WM. TUCKER, 1S Market sat. CASES OF SCROFULOUS ULCERS" Naw YORn, Sept. It), 1830. This may certify that in the fall of 1825, 1 was seize with a swellingin my neekxstd face, which afterward ulcerated and eeame large ghastly ulcers in my neck. Afterlryingsveral jlphysioianstono advantage, I went to Philadellta, ansd placed myself under tie care Dr.. Physic and Beach, when, after repeated salivatlols o tl effect, I was pronounced utterly incurable. Alier. wards ltook twenty boltlesofSwaimf's Panacea and eight bottles ofPotter's Catholicon, with no material benefit Despn'itrgoflite, which had now become a Iburthern tr me, I returnedt to my patents in New TYork, in 1829, an gave mneysfalll to a liering deathl. Htearing of the great sttess of The lndiau's Paaneesl,, in cas similar to my own, I was persuaded totry it, as a last nl. sort. To my great se'srise, as well as satislaetion,v soon foll nlyselflrapidy recove'ruig, and upon taking seven bottles, tie ultters heled stall I became perfectl well in thle corse oftwo monlths, and have remainedl so ever since. Imake this statel and wlashit published for th. Ielefit ofthosae whonte sulflering urnder similar seetttillous or sytphilitie affections, that they may know what le etred onle who has suflet'd every thing hbut deathr, .tIIl ul.o considers his life saved my tile above av. WM. IllNIA)t ClasLtLro. IJuly 19, 1831. I was nfllitled, four years with an ulcer la the leg, rc. casionally accompannied with er"sipelatous iullamatitn and excessive trai inl tlhe leg astl uancle joint. Several eminleri phlysicians exertell theirskill ulpon it, but with out ilrmalnent benefit. Ill tis case five bottle Inian's I'aoneea made a ierfect elure. MAIIGAlIE'T A WVE'ST', 121 Market .,For sale Iy HIENRY IIONNAIIBIL, drugglist, ages for tl prIoprielors, l'ehoupitoulas street 16 N OTICE---The partnership of Kellev, Mason &Co of New Orlenn ; Mason, Harris &Co., of Natehez; nd lHarris, Kelley &Co., of Rodlne, wls dissolved nu hiel2st of .lsa larst, by the deltlh of Samruel A Mason, e of the nartners ot the firms. The underrigned, survivilg partners, will be charged with tie rttlling aind clinng o aid busineral as follows: Levi C Hnrria will attend to the eettlian of tle business of MIlsol, llarris& Co.. tt Natehez; and Ilarria, Kel ey & Co.,at lRodnev; and Ilerv Kelley will tttend to lie settling of the buh'inoes ofRKelley, Mlsoa & Co., at New Orlreans. ''ho nuties of thle aeveral firms willbe used in liqaidationonly. 'I'laue itdrebted to said frms are earnestly raquested ocome forward and make early settlements; and those having elairns will please ree-ent them without delay. 1LEVI C HARRIS, HENRY KELLEY. New Orlteans, June 27, 18"37. FHESHI GARDEN SEED.-The subscriber .' breg to 'express his grateful thanks to thle pubs lie, for the liberal support lie has aecrived since he commenced burinesa in this eity. BIintg siole pro priater of the seed store, 17 CUIommon str'ell he i. not and never was agenlt tot any northern seed vender; neilher is he connected with any htoue in this country--but he osaurera 'te public Ihat his eonnecteions in every departlment of lhn seed busel iess, in tie dllfferent clunltries of Curope are equal to that of any house in the United dtates. lie int. plrts raeds, pllants, &c. from tile most erxlelsive and respecebhle nurseries and see.lsmen in IFrane, tluland, Eigland, Srodeand, and tile no ther states-and it will at all limelll be his inrrrest, as it is his study, Itt receive, it additilnl to Is plresell stock, large arrivals of every daecriptionl, really tire grow lit of 13118 ; also, eltyrfterd fruit trre. , ol all kindt. 'IThe public may rely oin Iding a lii ll lsl. sortllne of every artlcl III Itre reed Ilnr, tgrenu mne quality, and imported direct 'by n Wmin. D)INN. Royal College of Physieans, London.ttt iHE orignal Vegetable Hygeisn Univernfa Medi eine, primpred by W Miskin, Esq. Memoer of r i Reval College of Surgeons, Lieentiate of Apothe eary'sUompany, Fellow of Holt Cotrt Society, Surgeoo of me the Royal oUnion Pension Asooiatien, Locanrat of Place, Waterloo Bridge, and Perpetual Pupil of Guy' b1 and St. lomas's lopitals, London. oo. This valuable medicine, thim resuit of twenty years' g experfenee aml ounmralleled suocess in the extensive a md highly reslpstablepraclice of the propriety, patro nised by the fculty and obility, anld is row ittrotte i to the notice of the Amerlean public, at the earnest so licitatioa of a number ofgentlemen of long and high t standing in te profession, t is fboped, as a preliml nary step, to check the evils ntol fatal cosequences arising from the use of the numerous and deleterioos nostrums foisted upon the public by the aid of fabricatecd proofs of miraeulous cures, and other frauds, by a set of mercenary, snprintipled pretender. so totally igonorant ol mediral selence, that it impossible the monstrous f dluslon can any longer go down with tile intelligent t peotle ofltis country. fherse pills, mih aIl tfagroeoble in their aoture, should be kept in every famtily in rases ofsuedden illeese, for, by their promtit admioistration, cholera, eramps, spasms, f'ersa ant other alarming complaints, which too often prove tftal, may be speedi ly cured or prevented. In fact, all those who value goodl health, should never be without them. They are solt' 1 in packets at S cents, $ and $ enc, by every respe table druggist, bmokseller, end venoorof medicine in tit United States of b'e Canadas, with copious dtections, I togethler with: estulsonials of professional ability from the folleo ing eminent gentlemen: Sir Astley UCoopter, J AbhreelThyJames Blhdell, NI. U., V. Hack, NI. iI., J. Aston Key, A. Frampton, M. D., andt numerouos others. The originals maybe seen aaposession of the General Agent, by whom the medlicie is imported into this country, and to whom all applications foragencit ee must be made. JNO. IIOLBEIN, 129 Waverly Place, N. York, Sole General Agent for the Unite. States, &c. For sale by appointment of the original proprietor. by Swaits L BaOTtEItt, IUeggists, No II Catll street, Lettnet Agent slor Statthte of LouisIans. jot v8 ENl ICY It LEE ` co, No Mlhagazoie stretl,are r.ow teceiving from ships Nashville, fLouisville, Kenltekly, Eagle, and other late arrivals Irom Ih, :toern cicties, t large anit new selected assortment H:ois, Boots, shoes and Broganls, eonsisting of'gentlemoen's fine calf anlt Morocco boots ldo 2d qmulity; do bou'll, and stoot wax pegged Ieols o cnrioosqu alities; men's fino calf senl oid Mlorotct shaer poops anti bhrogans, buhockskin shoes, broons antI sllppei s: men's fine calf ancd kipptd ipeggoed thoes and Iroegis; td boots; tdo stout khip sol wax pegged sIhoes e l brogans; gentleloen's best quality calf sewed sloes, Itoegenes acnd Jack I)ownings; do call and .t orove i ickle shoes nd brlognls; do calf, seal and 3leoremoI I tdlian shoes and sltipl s,l do calf, hbIl asen sac wntgs, stew article; dlo fine calt set.l and morocco loanlter -ts; Ioys', misses'aod chiloren's peggted attd sewedt e lLogans, nd dsnes otf every quality" nd kitd. Also a genernl assortmoent of mell's steal warvony td r:tsr Ibrogans and shoes, together with tIO,0t) ipirl gre hutit quality, russett Iobeg:ns, nailed in tht It mks, mameexpressly forpotntcation nsel a good us. t onletl of men's flle asld stout kip russett l r Il.g:Is, i w maticle ad on a ft:ge quantity of tn intlfrior qouliti r ssct ald Vwax bro.gans. Ladies' fine calf, seatl, morocco and grain welts, anl p-ump sole shoes; tdn line Frelch Morocco nold kid run N'ttIl slippers; ldo roan shoes, with an4 withl, Ileelst tI, calf, steal and stollt le:tther bootees; do I(rn'lht shoe. t I tdlI kinds ond qualities; do lastintg brogns; lto gaite +'and oIbxed booters. Mlisses' tstilgsprtillog hohLoSoln t o gans. Children's colored lorelo teoati lasting lro flt u tt dboots, &e. Stentleten'stnitluse ahionn hle Eh silk tilk ha; Io l:t ton I dr.tub hearer dto lo a stuperior quality; do iutitt It ramnl do; iba;l:1 :Il Irllrow brim illelln'S line dlirab Ial1 tl tk Russia short ntppedel lhats, a new article. \'othst I:ute size hats of different qualities; do chilhren's. Sln'iisuod b('s blackanl drb wool lats of varlious sie peis, with general assotlnmtelt of boya' antl mleln's o tsl caps. ' hlls assotltlent will be replenish.d hyi the nrrivt- of ehll packetllromo the aoove named cities, all of which Sillboe sol o ilo aeeommodating teroms. alnl I-If t tolIt TAtt Ut n's BALJIM FOR TilE TEITII. 7 l I Eeototlioted repotsttol ott cnstlo toly Inerotaooo'c demoand for this ee ot tottil rellit orlpn' lt nd t rt seratlive of thel teeth, has induced thoe ultt criber onler it to the Almerican public. Arralgenlels lav his be nolde to oull dv iaollts in nil the principal Itiie aind townlls ill the I.United State,. ao as no plahe it ithi tile reach l those safroing tnll likely to s.ultler this Itle t ltel ohtingg of all chels Tlloth-athe, .y When appliel according to directions given on . bole, it lhas never t'ailed to allfrd imnlnediate t'.t is nulneot relief. It also arret tile Ideca in Ilefecltiv t etllol,all relieves that o reness wthich ll'o froltitntlt rendlers a Irolg tooth ouseless The nI liltion anlll Sr'tllelly are sioltle, inollloenot, tn not unplasLt; id is titrge nt mber of tpr s il olloloeoiloloot odcttiolll h iolf th colltry, thnt hlove ircady exlperiencedl ich delic.htfl in l salutary ellbent Irl tihe use oo tle o h, t re ralldy too hear (i:r the ipulic good) Ith ir testnllilllo V o itlls nI rivalled qualities. It is an I llndian r IInthl, otl ined:. the cii. li.cdl aworld i the :Cost vhlaul.c diac,)rurv Sredlllll of t he w.n 1ds. S lice $1 lter boltle. STool hy is JAIthIs So ANIItl.tV ,S tir e (tor C.ntolllllll tohoo ohoot s .11 I es i.:/tI IIA'I'S, in cases-25 d .ven " tlA ,' V lnat.r sale JOHN II (;ILAIIAM. I ItO lli'UN , Avl'INALL' x I O POUUND) TONIC allXTUIt j.-A p.oc dy in J and cetalin curo for the Fever and Aulle, :i- remittent and intermittent fitvrrs; prepared fromt the original recipe. Used wtlh teonoo ot and uni :p versal sueess ot l83, by persons of thoe ighestl " respectabiltvy i this city, as statedl in the annexted SCertilicales. st' This medicine is highly recottmetned, and ihas beoen extensively used in the above diseases wilth suchl diotinguished success, that the proprietor of' Sthe recipe has linen Induced to offer it to the pub. a lic in its present form, in the hope that it may be k. the means of relheving many of those who are t, suftfering under the scourgo of our country. It is of a medicine possessing great virtue, antd lwhen used en accotding to the directions has never f'iled of y effeetilng a culre, even in the most olhtinato stage of the disorder. It is not at ill disagreeable, and persons of the weakoest stomaoch, andl children may itI lakc it with impunity. It strengthens the digestive ty organs, creates all appetite, and Celdoto requires in more than one, or ill obstinate cases, two bttles od to effect a cure. There is neither mercury nor to arseonic in the medicine, nor any thing injurious to the human consttitution. The proprietors are so well convinced of its oficacy, tlhtt they agree to refund the price of every bottle which has teen 'I taken in accordance with the direetions and has be not effected a a perfect cure of the fever & ague. ' A. OLIVER, sole agent for Noew Orleans, at his wholesale and retail drug and medicine store, corner of Bienville and Chlartres streets. r, For District Agencies apply to ie5 T'. W. SMITH, 48 Conti at. PENSACOLA MANSION HOUSE NEW CI1'Y, PENSACOLA. 1 IfE subscriber hving purchased thle lease and fu r nitureof this well known nstablislnent, froe Mr Taylor, the late proprietor, will be ready to rereive via. ters by the let hf Arril next. Numerous and costly improvementn will be found in the arrangements of the MnsiontEl House. New and more conmmodious bnlhin4 houses will be built, and warm btllh will be provided at all hours. A stable will be attached to lth hocue, with igodnl uccoonloda tually liulml at lnteringplaces, h ill lasonbe furnihed, tend sitonltelll reciv nor t o iblerl ret willl te ellllill't and yuieto'tlhe boardler.s. Thu wine, nnl liquors wlill te ft the bent qlllil anlld (ni edo onse i r nallsIp ll ice, a cargo Phas lre.dl beun ordered, wi nitl till tiee abot ltle Istnt olMay. Mr Frederick Uerlnlrd, l ho formnerly kept so opulrir a hotel at lWnsbititon city, will eondotltct his o e fio the proprietor, neho, with oell aid, confidcntly assures tile isiters of last venr, uod hin fienids geecnlly, thall they will receive s .ry podcihle ctention; ond tnlereby extecls to geie genortl nstlilaclion. The local dvalnltges oft th a Inuste are too well known to need a Ittngt. ewd deceriplion iare. Ttll factsn toit ensacola i thle Irettsnatl alstattion of tlte (Govtrennelle; tie g ren of tile (iulfr squd. ron; tie alubritI o iits climate refrnleed ceeolllntly di ting thie umlller no lllths b e the co treei.s iol rite (ioll; the benouV of tien bllV and the neighlalutriu island anod river; the halnodlnee and dethliccy of the fbsh whit t wleh tlhe waters abolund; aln ilo proximity to tlnc best Soutllere markets, give l'eencola tile ire feremer oer alt other places ill these lotuitdes, as o thealthy aedl deligyl lti sumterrtrentlo. Fhrst rate boatt will ru iIetween Peomorulu ind Mo bile, and will at allltimaes ie able to tuke tie passenngdrl front tlu New Orleans boats. N I ARNOLD. Pensacol , Felt. 1 ltn, 1838. oe restlenent widshieg to enogo roeoms for thnei fatilie, arnl oddress ithe prdprit*tor, at Plenoaeola, .r blr ewell T l'oylor, rite irltner pnrprietor, nt Ne.v Ot, Reeferences. T SnanfErl, Enq, MrC Cullnnnmn, IB MtAltio, Erg., L, Kihbbe, illn lobie; S t Taylot, P I' eoa, deq, io Nr, Orletina. l' S--A letter bag, to receive cnmmenioatioes for persone at tine hope hotel, in ploced at gieu Witintoan' elfflee, 51 St Charles Exchangc. FLORIDA ROUTE IlFtR NEW YORK. I.r. Travellers desirous of inking tile Florida rote, via Penseolo,t, tIhe Nortll, tree in.r.ned tlht iltdl rate boats will connanlnv run fIron. Mobile to coln , leaving Mobile aod nPenatecli evPrv Ithenr ay ofer tnlle tot of Mlay. (lend stales will ulwvavs be iltoviretl ,, the subaer'hcr to be in readiness ts tube ipsseugePrs 1,ie hMobile, in case of the fatilure of tile boate N II AioNOl)t). The steamboat Champion leaves Mobile for Pease cln twiee a week f.- hIA iv A NDREiW kMIT'i & CO., respectfully imfrmt A their friends and the public in reneral, that they occupy the new brick shop, 219 Tehoulpilonlais street, where they keep constantly on Ihnd Copper, T'in and Sheet Iron Ware, of every descriptlon, much as copper stills, kettles, and pltmps, tilnt b.tlth. iug tuo s, and oil cans, of all sorts andnl sizee, and all other brass oasting done at shortest notice. Grate itars of every dOescritlion, enemh ts soela boat stirrups, hog chains, screw bollt., nnt olhnen kind ofelsteanboat work, such as chlimneys, breech. or, atoeam pipes. They will also do all kinds Pf ant door work. schm as zine, copper and tin roofintg and glltletring, &e. They above and all other kinds ol work in their line of buhmness, they will excute t t tihe shortest notice. dec27 JUST PUBLOSIIEDFROM STEREOTYPE PL.ITES, 1ire b'iVh Edilioatfn RtOWLETT' TABLES OF INiEREST: N ? )O which is nsw dled lan Avege 'Tinme Catellsd A tor, or easy methods for finding the average time on storage, notes of hand or bills of goods, when mt r b ehnsend at difftrent dates, on different credits, and inr foatrious ammlllnt besidesauseaful ald eompletelbansking Time Ta'le, the Inetll tat can he eontrived. or that fi gares can prtlutae within the same omnlesend compass, shd size oft) e., Ain aadvertisement in the book is in nearly the follow ingwords: 'lhe high distinction this work has received through tile te legislative acts prefixed to the title page, is a re commenslation in itself, so uncommon,, and o eonclu sive, th I nothing is neeessary more than by way of ad vertisement, to give a condensed view of sone of its pe culiarities: nsfer instanee, the Ilterest hias lieen EonlpDJ ed firon,andl conmpred with, what is equivalentto tour teen selsefealeulatione, examinued in the pressthirty- ( five times, and rilnted Irom atereotype pnlntes tested thirtyty-one times, f'om all wsicl i nnst he evident eves to the skeptis (especially on thelt pe.sonl ofthe de- I tail of aoof in the prefaee) tlat the week most e neith- I metietally infallible, astll in eolfirmation of this lh:lifa I premimn of two hundred and fifty dollars, is now offer ed for the detection of an error df a cent in the presente or fillh edition, as exratessed in the preface, making five large premiots alfered for the same crror since the first plnlieation in tile year tSO2. One of tho most conspietous features of the tables is in the aerangement of the Time and Amounts, whichl for expeditit.ns, reference otdplerspeit, witlil tilae llelp of thlle sidle nd illrex, ealnot be excelled s andt the salty ty ant ease with which the il:reasl call Ie foundf tothe extent of general bllsiess, withont doubling of sums is besides a conlvenience a essential, that in the estima tion of somie oi the most competent and practical busi aess men and publie olii er who Ilhave enate great se of tile work, i his Ibeei distiguilhed ay tho Itonolable appellation efufa "''aster plice'. AntI ontsitleriilg the infalllilbility of the method orliginally alloptedl ill eonltosilg the work, and the extranrdslary uUlnher ad vatiey oftle exatiminationsa, anll tests of everyedition it aIrs passed in the press eotwithbstanding tllhe wlhole is ill stereotype, entsiderlig,. in shfirt,. ihe positive accuracy seotretl by tile t.itteelateted mIeadns etplo) od, thle vs - lunmeieas leentlherltlp and enplatieatlly styled "' the most wonderl'iul book itn the waslk;" most certainly n,i man can inmen figllre work of the .ame extent, which since the begildning ole reatilo, has had the same tnam her and variety ofi test in tie samet number of editors; no, nl.looe hilf the number, as is clearly dshown in the pelrete. Beasiles, n test and standarld, it has been triedl an proesei in n:rlvy all tie bhak ati pnlliae ffices in the United Slates, and hvb the public gonerlally, during the long period of tlirty-five 'rear, yet no error of tih ral cllations lhes ever been t'ound in print, although continu lly elihllenged by the ofier of very large preminums. Th'le iln tct exprressly adopled by all tleoonurts oflaw cl seattld ofthe Stales 'ns Itie "rate o Calculatloln forstatute itlitrest," asalso by law fti blank interest, aecnrdlitg as the bhIk is used, anm as mapy hle steen in partI, y , tinlles of the stllu lribels, nlld a few of lhe sullbsielltet plrellasers, ill the iht t t tie cde ol the hook, isin In.assin rcl very class olf citizUlls ill ever) luar-o te of llthe Uvlit ell States. It is nmorl'eovlr well known tihat, h) its rearly cheek, it has so ol'ti'nldetetteed larlge errors, hing after thbe were ,adc, even by tie llet n cal'e'l atl not competlellnt arilhlnetlici:ulw, Tll its usefLllless, ndl thILe absolute lie cessilvy ir its usi, lave been extemtitel iy nsisted Ip on, soa e tlelat, inttell, hlave beentll itt. t t nallilLeI al its t sail , that, siterrie ura'sago, whilst tle first le diti w:las.s .le, n .n not of prilt,a grat .. ihellllllr of secondl Iad cIopies were soit ll hr', somelll to grle t distanlle. alrly ti picksed IIp at froum $II0 toII $25 per coI , andi some Illrsolls have rcenl..IIy dlelllrell, aid ilnstaell.i itime rxhibited aatisinctory prood, to seralan ttalasons pre sentI that to him it was reallny wd'orlth that imoney anld mre tnllnigh tihe sa.ting of lii very valsable time, he ibeing Ii rrv lich mnn anid in public oeliae. t is likeiwise wortlhy of notice, tnd indeed proper to, thllat such is the nature of ligue work generally alI aspecially wilen of' the extellnt alld impolanee ol theIse l lo.s, lht ha:ll this book or its like beon prepar ed in thle lusutll nllllller viole, by the m1ost comllpletenlt calculator in the world, nlt aftierwairds pritelid tost catillll unlllder hisown creection of plroof sheets, it would, almost tn it eerttllinvt, hanve beeln insaf i lr rr lfrelc,and dear atl any price, as the pIrefae iienicll eIIlp ex| laills. ]1ti so perfct will . rnmabillae have thle sterleltyple plates io this wolrklllien ulmai, that to wcenre them, w'ithtllheir nullmlerulls llll exlrulrdinarv exlninl tiois, agninst fire, for thel general benlfit, uliey are (by al(erltiselntll) .oltantslaly kept i a place iof special esl ilth useful noted follow the pr!efr, which, in this filllth as i lthe t.N 1'preceding '(diliol, contain mu11I1ch in er'ia:liin iiolineniig Ile two lawhl mullells r conpli iug a ntellll. , tt' 1 I.I. s Lof gt afl, ie. II rt nlll;t s olll to llremarlk lhlt, i wll. it: llllin lhi ilncon1ionly costly work,.l c which ul:tllli.h l belflre iltlrslti tables wit .l ilntroiii) ,. ie s a1tn w 'l lniits I.e= yeldanalmunl ., hills bl een .. extensivele :µI smlliberally Iatronilisl , it ha t t.o t c so l1 1h as liil will itt,'ltestbl, ta Ilea)(rn Ies II ' uf:i 1uily ftl thls d 111115 dolllallrl , Iesidles tsix ) e rs ofti t1rol tnl t, 1805 1 , s usti ttl s tel t first edilion of 7i ) sp; ies, "rising clhi'l1 f ilr e its pllblicn- i I till' a " that " slil i i tlnl l er pl' ricet ) to slt Hnlthig oI Sc m pelllll s mti'll i p. llllli r llllst 1 llb-lillf- d·t ll" , toil, anid sacrilice. \\ hlrtoilre i hiae aullahnr still "elihs o0 111" lisetnl'lI l'll illgellnir ,ity of the hli dl.p 1 ic the I i conti l: ance of preferencr :1l pantr"rgC. I'+o sale b th, I ' tl lia'lokse'rs in h. I mhledlt.l Sot,.S 1. I.I I11.1.'t,, NEW W. RK,\ c.-The American i I: ,landr , vby the uti orol t f . 11 t'i I niu 'pai in, Nolt I)erelsof 'Womlan, in .. . ald. The 'un11111 g i 'if li' nk, i n111 al i i11l reli .1-t r oivl< o dt I sr ule by V11. 01'KFI.N, I U .hfl tI N MA1, Ilomsi, Oiga, anti rna " Painters, No 3 C.arnmhcle nineet, two doors tiom C(.ana risee*. Imitations of 'he following woods and maribles,ae ecuted il a mastern) inaOner, w ll li a M Ua a. Mahotgtmy, yl:Egyt ia black antI gold, SOak, ;ilta:tolud Antieo, B Pollard do, Orienta:l or verld nmtique, ii urledll l, , Jasper, (Curled Maple, Mlood Stone,. Ilirds ye, I)arby (l nite, ISatil o\'o d, tPo mnutC, Slair Wood, Iolc orll Ilrdello, Yew Tree, Itia Whiitea Clloromalln or Black Siam,: ond Ilroctells, Itls Wool, Ametialn Gre(cy, Ash 'lhblite Onk, ke,. k , ke. l Specimens to be seen at Illt sihopi. Paints. oils, gltass, copal vrnoish, &e, o hanld lli lor sale. mi itliNe;'11,'I':l:1. & HiiEAVY Gi(tiiii --lhit, sqaare Sandl bundle iron, well anorlted. HIatp, sr'roll and rod iron, nail rodlle lad ploaugh motllds C.stn, G;erman, shear, blisterdll, spring, shleet and Crowley stecl inot n'a, ,t ana wroanlht dntltald a llaikeg dZii, block tn lill anl gr.lnl sonoes, soal kettles Or, log urd trace chails, corn mills Antils, vices, IlItnmelra Iand llows r Wire, sheert,pig andl bar lead; shot Coal, and cooking stores WAnmes, Itowlhnl's and other spades and shovels SHook and plate hinges, door and window hooks Collins, lunts, Shalp, and other axes I'ar'd and Manilla coraLge, lines and twine ]loh and hlheatl.iog copper; Naval stores e :fints, linseed ni tll s nerm oil A fllll assortment clo Ihalware and ship lsndllery, alwna sonl hand, anld which are allred llfr alilat wihnle sale tor retail, o0n the amost Ifoorable terlms, lay n t4 L.AY'LON k Co. 5301l Ievrce. J1 EjWV (GO)DS-inaousll Ihrtt & co are now 're 11 t I ceivinlg from on booard hipsl Y azoo, and duratog.l Sand bri ('lncordinli flrom New York, a tgreat variety o Sgols lit their linle, qwhich together with their formnel stock on il oI, Imakes their aLSsrloTrllttverv: plite. Tr Inteollwing roitpooc a p, iz: I ell twit .,,r+', or ktuck and dlreoltlng ool, honn. lo of all descrilptionl In a "i rlia rtler, nilk nnd woraect eaiaehlrl t catoera tlamon at tlot r' asti aneplljalledr, loco faore and Lubirr iattChesl y tSeidliz pa.lders, twder iplls annd blxesr, loilat lowder, Iorket aolks and allets, ncedlb lntbk, sherll, pearl, ia Irolnll ldloltrcc l cl llrae ies, heak Olam lntser, plain co. ars rill "hatd, necklaeeslal nat pgltear, I rathl cains, brIad tr ne rklalce, rall caca an plaia,ol..ilin eaadrl guilttarIlro, I linian heads, I aelltlI plum i es; ,iSttl anad tlIre pw-. I- lalrla.lksshalt berlts, tatrsn, blt. pocket and duelling in .ic;ral dolble and tinglae barrelled gans. Itowie knineoa a atl ad litho. wiaetra, larora pataackt iell, guard chailit, S alnld riblon, olist buckles, cloth, htair, tltha nuilcolnb, Ip aruth. shoe, aloite, floor and latting brushes, Cologne, F- loritsdta,, rose attlI bay wtaterasorted essences, and extraletllt.aaensaanrr,tcara llatiqne, anat Ward'ol ve getable hair oils, sharing atln toilet napst of all des a cri ptions, Ildie:' and gentlemns' lesk: and ai dressing ea cae, hair rieaglet,frizetas anuld brwit , plalin, fancy onr usical wrka boxes, plain andl gilt, figured, coat nod vcast bulttaas, pearl andl ivory shirt do, shli sttudds, gnol and silver lentil casesa toothpaks anod intweers platesr it Ilnid ilt locketi, airinaotre do, silver, brass nal steel titimbler , hatoks ntad eyes, hair pine, ilnitation freit, blk Sand redink lllolae blacking, violins and gaiters rihbed altll liaieaellionll Citsan, linen twite, celtrll e talsl lela, geoll nod silter lace and frilge, latter paper, gane bag ,'iding whips, walking ennrea,pluatmangeatlJs, fins godl, irlnto ind ingilt jew hllry iE. 'lI he above, together with a great variety of other arti ats eare offered at whnoleaorre il narotin a acodt dating Stlernos. NII Sell o onto.larepaired UARROWGATE SPRINGS II atatateatatera eattataty, Altabama.aa, TIHREE DI I'S JOURNEY FRO0M NE IV , ORLEANS. rlliE parorietoar of tli.c establishment hans lt plea.n - ore Ic lital tat Ini Iietld Ini tadile putbl I in gearaal, hie twill ae eendie.nhby the first day of late toareceive e eoottrr. lie will also state fnr loe it oetit of.tioe at a di.tane, that there hao iteen Inage imtpoenmeatarssade, and others now goingnot and to ratlid rtgress foar cmtlletion, which will enabo tshe slltrrtrcter ato aeOallllalnlte an aanah larger nlenber than Ieretofore, and at tile saone time unach better. t n eoilie cn Ine acoannnodatedd a ith goad roonms or ttllnpe ra1t praler ain hve large eailla it atochaed Gul ten edii building. It is ileemaedl aaeaeeaLrt le say inythinga in pnticoa lur of the chrarlt'r el there wllmlt, flo it is gelerally I belirvrd thllat rtle are not inferior tao ant in thle Sattall. erln Sutate. All tile nausellrntse that lire gencrally |e d llll nt W alIlttrillng 'liares, will tIa faiUllll at allia. 'I' he'st Inll. c th~at tllii ,art f Ill" cotattr l; r .,p., / heel rngalgd, aInt will bea in t.tota nlaten aneld r hI lDaia ai- d iain a t Ibt wh~h, let sraaoat. ' I ce lalet .litta l r l avlil a lilill of atlli II I nrl niirY in tttlatil;a]e Mtea datiad thnks f atr lbl elre libersc stln .rt .2Vel lIlIll !n- :rPtontildl I tlll p eli. ale tbll -Ib ,rr tiae tcoo'allllt dsila.ta . to LIKt .t a ltbba l tlrratlsn,, he pnsratle. .eaol. J, . c'l.1I.j MAI, Al RA N( :O :NT Northern il, Ie Evarv i t 1 M. A 'Nul i Clears Every day aut Ij A. M Western Mail f evr .ver` undy, Wredcadsy b ern e! oime Friday, ty , 1'. M. y r e Cles every Monday Wednrestd Coast, lr ardi Santryav7 y 9, ', .l. C line every Iertiothy, 'lhtrdarly, n TkeiLaeMa il1 atrd ,iy 5 P.5 1 tr via Closes every Monday, Wedncesday EXIPR SS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL, DEPARTURE DIBITANCE &re. of the Express Mail, betwsr. l Mosil aslid New Yoek--leaeing lMolile dily at 3 P. M. Norathwr New York daily at 5 P.M Southward. Arrives Arrive Northward. Distance, Ti'met, Ieturn'g Montgomery,Ala. 21m. 198 n's 23 12m. Colum .11 81 3a.m Milled eville. Ca. am2 11:1 14 21 Coiumbi. S.C. 71em. 11.9 17 lit RItaleigh,N C. 54 215 22 I Warrenron, Va. 12 m. 55 fit 6 PetersburgV. 10 pm. 83 10 9a. m Ricrhmoan , Va. 1 am. 21 3 61 a Frederickaobrp, 8 67 7 li p m. Washington city, 2 pm. 61 a iDaltimoare 61 38 4 01 Philaldelplia, ar. 100 1I 2 New York; 2 Ilo. 90 E1 13005-- 1 l.h or 5d 23 Northward. Comring outhwardl , the tilne is sixs ouf less; being days sad 17 hours. 'IEN IOLL.ARS REWARD. e IANAWAY from 169 Caraondelt corner of Hevls t aitreetsrnn tlhe night of 30hl of Agttest, and wad areen thie next monning i Pnydrans street, a negro boa named CHAII.EIS, abore 17 yeara of age, anl 'eS Ior thereabouts in heigifeerv blaock, and lhastn petlrfe intent in hris speeltrrln of hiis legs is sore, oeeasied Sby o receit hurt; Ie iId on rvwhe he weat away a whit% cotton or linren shtrt nrd white erttOrl tnOtinottl. I Masters of vessels and steam boats are eautioned i Sgainslt reeeiving orl haroring saidl negrn as well as ail other pereons, as the tmost rigour of tlhe law will lie enforcedl againlst them. The sabove rewrdl will be pale Sflrdeliverilag him into any of the jalils tIf either o lltu municipalitles, or at 16G"Carondelet, corner of Heviw steerl. sIpt l)'IC --''he eu'oaprers'lip Ileretofirre exisling alunder to tlirl of Ilubois & iarretaon, ans bee dissolved. Th'le subscriber will liquidate the aflsirso the rconcerts i this cily, tand reqriree all personlls indeb - ed to make payment to lhit oIy, and all tinsebhaving cloimsr, toresent thel forsetlleo'lt. ag 8--t II IiARAIET'sON. CAPTAIN iMARIl'ATT'S NEW NO)VELS Rnttlin the Reefer, Iy the author of Peter Simple, &e in 2 vols. Cttmmigis, or a Winter at Schlss Ilnailirebl in L.owe Styrt, hby Crtaptain Basil Hall, Rloyal Navy, F.I. S., in 1 vel. Lord Rltrda, a romnrv ee, rv Allan (:Cuninghal, I vo lreppardl Lee, written Iby ilnsaelf, in 2 vein. A ('orimpedirtr !liasterno foley, trlated froa tire origltnl itllaan,ihv NrNathaniel Greene, in I voll. for tiig No. 79 of tlirpe1r'n EIanlily Library. Vola. i3 4 oflhenew ecomplete and uniforal edition of 'Washington lrrinrre's Iorks. Roger's Frearh and English I vol, 3ti N'grett's IFrench and Enrlish Dictionary/. feiw more copeesof Coulae's Phlrenology "ritzir "I.atrg,.; Surveyor's r amrrnoeaser l' lreror quai itr, tilti ehnisr , filldiar I lsoii t' -I ain' d 'O 2 1-2It inrriteu (iillrtt's ilttproved nletilic 'ens,jnpuned pplers,weightl &t'. Ar. rc. Just received, a.ld f:,r sahi, by 1:3I BENJ. I.F:V'Y. itINNlH K'S lICtti1, Ac. I INNOC'K'S ISiPROViEI EDITION OF DRI Goldsnith's Abridgment of tia Ilistory of Rome to ntith is prithd d ann t IrtRdu:tion to e lldriy e I totn Ilidstor, and a great variety of vulnbte infro, notion added "throghout the work, 'on the Manuarod ilnltitutuio s lind ,lltl+ cities of tile lImIlmena with ull netrors biogrnphira ol andi hlistlirai Notes; and IqneJ io fr examintion atio bthr afll reach section. II. lustraterl with thirtyen.rmvirga on wa .l, iry Aiherton I'IatvO('S Ihtiroverd dirititn of Itr Gioilratitt's Ilistory of England. frott the Ionvaer'rn of Julius Caesar to the death of lr'rge Oid, with a c'mltinulation, to the yea 11832. WVilil qruestills Ir aexrrllllllrtidu lt Ithe curtl i rch section. Iridleee a,-ty of valtuabl, intibrtne tioll addedl Inhroughi tnhe worka . C(osistling otf tallo of collttelpulrlav Sovereigna nndll ralit' elearson Copious exa rmlaiatory notes. TRlllalk tireo tie polf ritr, rrrarnlers ord lirer a,. rOf tie age. As ,rretlh ir tile Cnalstitutio,&. e .&. lltOstratet bI n ly GOula'' EraI.EMEara r AooaITOn, tind nll Aerindgme of Ketitya hNew l'rttitle ,h Itle Iae of ilonbea. Now Atrrritantt, t adltl i a wth ri itttin r rnnd iUaroveltentt ma all ex' ltirtrttu fl i t r h aUar tittl part of tire As JrIIt rreeied nd f ror slalel, hv W31 'liEhAN 1re1v .1' cor8ner oi(rI lllp anlll oo1n tth ll St I tlow 1 1':fts anltAd by 'hillpiir Fontis 1c) n, with l itn pedix, ' rolltl Olinig ta rnn me od varieou air'',,A. bvy Iole, Jrota,,m howlev ri rryaron - ape AIhlrr., oSwil Ct3rieytrr, io Wan oltrtd, l'rrrsntr I Blrylll, tA . inttl ullle ofr tt IIIIrte r eltIrII l pia ti. oa ti SIlln tlrt l.'4 ith Ier" Itrtrtiti C i it i1 +:ri lby rr ltl r Slm rl, ill r Vulei mo ; volume,,li oIannd 194 rI'"Ilhrrer'n ('iaaetirt -Iihrarv , 'I'll Ill'lts'; nrti, it,' tlryrmlr r er. "Ririelnes I Mary off' urguudy," ,It., remw dio,ra", " eote u.npl e l. I .r1 I y r mll ll. t oIDity ritin tar Is Polite. t 'lir s rtrd," r-, Iaill veol,.. Ii' ia. n,.,v di I uo i'el l acr'a pl etiol ei Wo.ks. .llt r.t e'riedl saole ) 3M -W itr. SE.AtS MAItN IIF:S-IIi Itak.a I~ootiannt ..arll B -'IIIII ,:I T & IIAr I' a /111: rier-rilarid hivingt rmerl -tr:elled hustinees I e as a I)rnroi t nlli Aiol hter-r ,, Un the store tstwned l hy M r.'J "It (rir, tt tii co .tter f 'l'ioi r lrelP anni 'Trinton \a'lk1, resptcthlll}, s, c,('.tS a shonrn lr. thle ltbite pltr,tetg and . retewal ol the favors O t Itrs trmtr CUotolters. iThe elllire srlerk ol Lrags, medicinease adlo er, articles Is rest aind carerilly satit red. 'iThe following oly are pr." tnculatrl+ed, viz: Pre Sida, Sedl'z tad lll .nrartt l'Pwders. ylost Prow-eri t, ig. a tlll wll.srlll and elegant suhlSlltite for yeast, ill rtltir1o bread, buckwheabs rcake. &rt tiullr'i E:ffervtecerrt Mlagnesian Apperienrt- SIne.tsat oand getlre iparg:tive an Iyaspepasa or indi. gesttin, oervollo dehtitry, gtldtne- ir headache. aedilty 1t tille atat ichr, iarbltlll coatllvtcllt, 1 cuts. Is, ncoua ertuprrOna &r. Carpenltrrt' Flttid :xtrlrelt of eassrsnparll f purif) mg the. Moot, &c ti ddo mnll cebehs, &c. ren S.WalI's Patacro nrd 'rrlrlllg,, ; llrtllish ae Itarleri, ontI., Oiradcldoec, Are. g t litrinrd Lqtrurrcr, jojuoib narid (;aarauve poale 'Touh blrshoae, N S Prentlec's caerbonic dentrie al firee, chlrine rtolh waseh, Irrowder pull's and beoes, Prelllre's rarbolle deltrllieer chlrirorie ooth wash powder putlsl and b raes, Prenlic'a scenlted and lait llilet puwater. paltllall eratnle de Peres, orante iorwlr, rrose, lirtVelllor ald I'lrida waterer of the hiotel quaitles, lo-wland's lacasaor Oil, Old. ridge's bolr of Coluttbia, beat's oil, a vatiety of luciferr an other mntahes, indelibie marking snk: suprrior blaok nk, &re. Sperm and refined whale oil. Ilay's Liniment. A irresh assortlntool ol' hurltrn'stiartlea Seeds ocr 2 (;EOI;ll.; JONES. ROWAND'S TONIC" MIXTURE, Fitn FEVER .tD AGUE. 7IýI:N ye:ar hllve not yet elapeod sinces it was. first regularly ubmniltedl to tho public; but it lan attained the highest reputantion; and has sup. planted every other medicine for the Ague, wherev. or it has been known and appreciated. Already has it boan carried in every direction throughout the United States, and still realizes more than could have been anticipated by its most sanguine friends. Trhonusands of persona have not only been relieved, but restored t-, health antd vigor through its agen. cy; and they now cheerfully testify, at every op portunity, to its doeided and supreme efficacy. It is composed of such medicinal principles as are calculated to renew the healthy action of the stom ach, liver, and other il mportant digestive organs, the loss of which harmony is the immediate cause of the disease. It is apparent also, that it produ. con an entire change in tihe condition of the system. and certainly destroys the native liability to relap ses of the afflction. When the Ague is attended with any other complainit, the employment of the Tonic Mixturo will not interfere with the treat. ment of the other di'ease, but will eveni afford as. isetance by lurnishing strength and vigor to thes body during the course of treatment. These who smaku e s of this medicine mnay be assured that there is nio Areatse, Barks, Mercury, dr any other article in its composition unfriendly to the humant crndstitution; beintg etirely a ergelable extract; and they imy havo additruoal confidence is the use tIhereof, whePaey pierceive tta it t oa the ef fect of a gentlf laxative about the time half a bot tie full lhas beon taken--in consequence of which, there is nio part of the medicine lft to linger it the bowels to causo obstructions, and other evils, arising fromo the use of imaniy of the renmedies now offeared for the cure of this affection. It has been used also as a prevouetivo, by any who were sub ject to periodical recurrence of the Chills, and it has invariably warded off the apprehended attack. Obrcrree! The Proprietor, fully satisfied with the unparalleled tsld universal success whichl Iha con. stantla attended a pu etual and regular use o the Tonin Mixture, in ats eases of Fever and Ague. reels warranted in engaging to refund tlite price to all thosie who have tokets tihe medicine in strict cc. eordanco withi the prescribed directions, without iaving been perfectly and lastingly cured. The subscribers are the whIolesale agents for the South Western States, and Itave now on hand six ty cases of this medicine, which is warranted fresh and genuine. For sale at the manufactured prices JARIt\S & ANeIREWS, \bolesale I)r1.g;ets, nov.7 car Comntltoa l 'llmunitihoulast lnet. I L.OUlt--?t metding tfe .s t'llt'er Independ . cce, sid l tiittl'Y, ,11'x'if New Levee.'a Rt..r iltro,.s.-T'hit cs a of ithe genuine arithle, 1,,.1 rnceriv,,,! hy ,.h- t.,,,, l toar .-- li €-,,Hs .ull.., , h lilealo lero ,m.e .l ,,I ~ h I .. tp, it ii .1 , ai.d ir n-,I bh t 3 lOGEi.lTf & IIAt lI'rtr RN, tml iraoler at