Newspaper of True American, April 9, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated April 9, 1839 Page 1
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F PRICE 12, CENTS. NEW ORLEANS TUESDAY MORNING, APRIL 9, 1839. Vo.--VI No I92N erir e e, 4e NeroeP er! nPree...f Nero . lea" I TsuR dco, No. 38 Chartres steet. are re I u n I~ A d- . ...n:... ,.. , a II' i. A li llO .. . . 1 " "" . " " unenunoeal.Y eereed m ut nn I"lin ll.lA .n....,_ , iniwav ^1·~ ., ...... Tnrm of the Nerpnaper Press of Newr Oflea unllimonuslv agneet to atn adn nourned meeting of tihe roprietors, held on the 13th of March, It . SuncncenCtons.-T'welve Dollars for the daily pa per ailoen, payable nsemniatnoally In advanco; ten dollars fr the wia.wcekly country paper, pojale one /ear in advance wthere no cite reference I glen. No : thetlption will he disentlnued Until arreenrgeo are nettled, In nose of dilcoutindnae, one week's notice di wrdlog muot on ilnvariably given, previous to th apiration of subsenlripton, AUVeanetSIot,-Ool dollar per uaore for tle firstl resrtion, nod half that price for each sunbequert one: ans material alteration Irom the otriginal advenrtisement wilh e charged an a new one. YAaLt.r Auofuoetsnn.-Mechuntst and rnalern, arty dollars fort English alone, and Sixty for both lan agnhtl BaIak, Insuranen Olifcs, and other nimiar pubin mstittlion, fifty dollars in English only, and tlgilty for both languages; Ship and Stenmbot IFic ars, or Colttinaioo Inlcrllants nsity dollare in Englslh no, and eiglty for both languages. M.laRIu&o, OntIIvae NOenrIc, and articles call ing Ilti attention of the pulblic to sales of property, eards of passengers, benefits, &e. &e. will Ih elhrged mao dollar per square for toe first insertion in each lan . ~oMY tlCtTIOne, or Advertiremunt., of any person. hL natore, when adlnissible, shall be charged double, and in adeance. A deduction of tweuty-five percent. will be made to Auctioneers, SlerLfe. Ragiters of Willn, and lMarhals a salen of real estate, pllolished in both languages, and 50 per eont. in English alone: t0 per eent. oMnlsa of other property.. Aumlaartnaxsoe out of tihe direct line or business of the adverteiser, such as legal, antetion, and plants ian suaa, runaway slaves, stray anlmals, &e. &c. will h charged for sepaately, and at tlhe ordinary rates. Aov.I.fIstesraes no. .pecIfied an to time, will be tablliled one tonth, and charged accordilngly . o1'adaeeeshsieantt of baaeopto. ilwU he publhsheda n any ease, ltlest paid for previous to insertion, or parnmptguaranteed by a responsible person in town. Tileatre and other places of anemselnnt, advertising aity .. the season. to be charged $100 ftr englia a. lone, aod 4150 in both langoaCe. All announecanemts of esmlidaten for political offices will be eharged double thei price of oither advertise Owing to the immense lose ostained by newopaper prwpletorn, they have come to the conelusion that the sngns of persouns whose accounts have not hbeen paid within one month after presentstion, shall be made Imowa (so for nos practicable) to each othler-they obli gating themselves not to advertise or print for such dslinqunts ,unless in ease of adnonce payments. (Signed) J.C. t)ic ST. IOMES J. IRAYON, P. P. REA, J. C. PRENDERGAST, JOHN Gl.SON, LI;MSIDEN. IVee,.. Press.-We, the undersigned, agree to abide by tie alboars conditions, as lar as they are applicable to weelev upore. (.lgned) A. Il. I.AWRENCE, 1 No ntihocriptlions are taken for lens than 0 months. I.etters nautl .in ll case, he .est paid. HI MORRHOIDS. H AY'S LINIMENT --No Fiction.-This ex traordinary chemical composition, tihe result of science, and the invention ot a celebrated medi cal man, the introdurtsotn of which to the public was invested with the solemnity of a deathbed bequest, has since gained areputation unparalleled, fully sustaining the correctness of the lamented Dr Gridley's last confession, that ' he dared not die without giving to posterity the beuefit of his knowledge on this subject," and he therefore bequeathed to his friend and attendant, Selomon Ilays, thle secret of his discovery. It is new used in the principal hospitals, and the private practice in our country, first and most certainly for the cure of the Piles, and so elten d eively and effectually as to baffle credulity, unless where its effects are witnessed Externally in the hollowing complaints: 'I For Dropsy-Creating extraordinary absorption at once. All Swellings-Reducing them in a few hourse Rheumatism-Acute or Chronic, giving quick ease. Sore Throat-By Canceri, Ulcers or Colds. Creup and Whooping Cough-Externally, and over the Chest. All Bruises, Sprains, and Burnes-Curing in a few hours. Sorse and Ulcers-Whether fresh or long standing, and fever sores. Its operations upon adults and children in redue ing rheumatic swellings, and looseninlg coughs and tightness of the clhest ty relaxation of the parts, has been surprising beyond conception. The common remark of those who have used it in the Piles, is "It acts like aclarm.'" b THE PILES-Tie price, t is rearunded to any person who will use a bottle of lIay's Liniment for the Piles, and return the empty bottle without tI being crred. These are tile positive orders of the a proprietor to tile Agents; and out of many thou. sands sold, not one has been unerecessful. Wt might insert certificates i, any length, but prefer that those who sell the article, should ex- it rhibit tie original to purchasers. CAUTION-None canl be genuine witlhout ae splendid engraved wrapper, on which is say name, a and also that of the Agernts. SOLOMON HIAYS. t Sold wholesale and retail, by COMSTOCK & ti Co, New York, aslid by one Druggist in every town in t-.e Union. For sale by the Wholesale Agents, corner of Counmen &. Tchoupitoulaa street, and by the a Apothecaries generally. je30 NO CUE NO PA lkDR. JONSON, Oifice 110 Itienville street, con fines his practice to the Ireatment of Venereal Disease, inall its different frrmas. Dr. Jehseon, from a residence of many years in tlos pitals in Europe, devoted to the treatment of Venereal itseases, and from his present extensive practice in that Iartieular brancll of the profession, guarantees a safe, speedy and effecttal cure to such persons as are tloubled with any of the following diseases, viz: Gonorrhos. . tleotr, Stretrrltee, Chancres, oBubos, Seminal Woesknoem, Affections of the BIladder, Kidneys, Ltri.s, Urethra, Prostrate tiland, Swelled 'Teeiceles, Eruptions on tim Skin, Sore Throat, Pains in the Joins' Anti the numerous symptolms which generally folly follow dl dlisea-e.a Recent cases cured ill two or three days without the as of Mereury, interrnlation tram ibusiness, or altera- p tion in the osdoe of living. A tedicine to prevent Venereal I)iseas can be ob ained eof Dr.Jolnsaon. It is frunt tihe recipe of the Baron Larry, a celebrated Fredc Saurgeon, and was used by him during thesveral campaigns in which le served so Surgeon General in the French Army. Sold by Dr. Johuson, at his office. Those persons having any affection of Venereal Disease, anetd bout takSing sea voyages, or removing to she country, would do well by giving Dr. Jehasas a call, as proper medi nines for their cure in the shortest tilme cal be put up with written directions for their sie. Ofice opeen from, 7in the sorsinog until tl'locke at o night. ABEIINTIIY'M DYSPPI.C I.IXIRl. iDr. berneth, thIl grertost of irtcl[ir snirgeone ma opiniton that ninetenths of the leaen thar ofse c manbind originate in the stomachl. ThiS Elixir was used by him withthe merw nespecedeeted success in ris d riva and publi petiee for upwards f forry yers, fitr the remonal of Ihbeftlowing diseases: Loss asappeatin, Flatalesrcy, Distentin of tlm Stom ach, Psin ia the side, Henviness of the Head andi inrli naliot, to sleelalrregalnrity of tlhe lrwel, and in all cases wkmhere digelion or a costive habit is found to exist. 'rTi medicinemnanoet e numlbered mong thehot I ofquack nostrums now before the public, as it is rt soleievention ofthe abilet and most scientific esrgeon Europe ever prudoced, and the secret of p~aparilg it I was parelascd by the agent for a vy large soum. It is agreeaole Iand plieasaant to the ta ete aers n onihl ater ienr.alwayq keim the bowels free, imprats vigor and etrengto to the systeleo and cheerfulness to tile rine. and a few blttles removes the r'ost cnfirmred casesl IDyspepaia or Indigestion, aid prevents a return at , sy New Yoe,l17th August, 1838. :15 Mediaou treet. Sar:-treonmeqecneeofleading a sedentary life, I lhave been troubled, rmore tr lem., with tdigestiuon fer ten years; fre the loas three years my eufferings Iave eenilnsnplmrtable. I have tried several physicians, and a numberof qack rmedicinee, without deriving any beneift. I derpalred of ever obltining sty permnanent relief, ant resigned teyoelf ar the most Ilopeless despair l was persuaded by many friends nto try Abernehy's Ilysrel[tic Elixir. I have now finished the fonuth but le, and know not how to eaprers mye I nirelion of its wonderful virtues and the m cracle itl is performed in restoring me In that health which I: a night lout for ever. Send me half dunen Imttles a e, and except my thanks lfr tne blessings you have u o erre by re storing r to operlet hesalth. I remainjyoure, JCIrm OB MONROE. Phe agent Ias in hik possession seve hundred tes timoniels einrihtr to the above, of the extraordinary vie teas Of this medicine. Sold by appointament, at 'Dr. Johnson's. 140 Ilieneilla street. nov.5 STEEI PENS--Folt's Noa. , `, 3 - 4 pens S Daniel Webster Cpen Felt's large b arelpen Congees large do Perry's fat sprng do do small do do 3 slit do Windel's ladiae do do double patent do imperil IDouble patent do Gillot's barrel do do National do And Gillot's Commercial, for sale at DAVID FELT & Co 24 Chartres st, fe6 N Stationers Hall (OMPASSES, TIIEILMOMIK'TEIK, MICROS. I COPES, &c.-Just received and for sale by Wm. McKean, corner of Camp and Common streets, a general saoottmont of Survcyor's Compaoesa, Mathematical Ilnstrunents, Drawing Ptts. Spring Dividends, Sprmg Bov Pens, Ivory Pro tractors, Ivory Scanterles, GGiater's Scales, Class Triangles, Parallel Rulers, Microcopels, Thermolletors, Camara Obscumrs, Survey Chains, Mesur' K Tapes, NORRIS & Co, No. 30 Chartres staset, are re' ceiving daily from their house in Philadelphia, an elegant sld complete assortment of substonntial and fashionable clothing. They invite the satten tion of the public, as they are warranted in saying that strangers and citizens cannot furnish thetm selves more advantageously in any city in the Union. N. B. A few dozen elegant ivory handle am brellae, fromt 3-2 to 36 inches. Also, a large lot white pine packing boxes, various sizes, very low T l-E LAtIES-Atkitein's I)epilltrorv, for re moviogelperflynun hair from the faoce, eck nnd srm, with ewual t aflty and certainty, leaving the skin iner andl wlhiter tlh before the applisation. A Irent, supply just received at the Bazaar. asl , IIUSIH & AI.I.EN, , Echange IHotel, caer St Charles & CoIolt at EIEI;ANT BROOCHES- ViUiam Bell, tOChar tres at., Ioa this day received a small aortmrent at large enaalelted and mosaic bresstpins, set up in tlhe ern style. ,ANCY MATCIIES-With beotilul paintinte, landing from ship Alexanlder from Bremen, or ale by A TRIER, le b22 34 Magazine at (GAS DEPARTTMEN'IT Gas Light Baakiag Cas.p',:Janoouary 30, 1839. TrlIE S.obk of Lake being muoh reduced thin Como Spony will funrisl Pittsburg Coal, in small quan. tes, to thetr costomers. Orders received at the Guas Oier, Rank Allev. ja3e F. W WELElE, See'y, B URNIIAM'S DROPS.--This medicine was discovered by the proprietor and has been sub jeeted to his careful obhcrvsticn for many years in every variety of paacmice, and all the disease, of the diversified American climate; and it is not given to tite public with the utmost confidence and believe that it s, as most clearly set forth in ite pamphlet accompanying the esrnte, the beat medi. cine ever thrown within the reach of all classes of stcisty. It is with the greatest propriety given in alj the maladies which fmlict the human race, fromt tlie established fact, that, when taken into the ste. nach it acts accoording to the state of the storl ach and the nature of the disease, tither as an emetie, diuretic, sudorilic, expectoran, ore rperiet lmedicne. 'IThas it is really what it purports to he, needeonly a trial to satlsty tlhe most incredulous. The fact is daily rotning to the knowledge of the propri lrra ol its beneficial and saving effects in cases ol the ague and fever, billious typhus, nert vous and scarlet fevera, influenza, violent colds, dysenterry or flux, dyspepnia or mlteasles, satiefy them that they are not only warranted in warmnly recommending it, but they are ailed upon from a sense ufduty which they owe to the humnan family to ay to all, try i, and you will biar atmple tcali oty to all we have said on the subject. rite cholera itself, the worst scourge whicl he ever visited our couhtey, has been successfuly con quered the proprietor in thirteen cases with the use of this mnedtcine only, without the loss of a single patient. The medicine is prepared only by doctors BURNIIAM & DAVIS, St. Louis Missouri; and is put up in phials each accompanied with a plain and distinct direction, and containing about sixty dsaes, to be had for seventy five cents, which makes it much the cheapest medicine ever offered o the public. The shabove medicine is sold wholesale and retmail by our Aients, llenry Bonnabel, Druggist and Apothecary Tehoupitoulas street. New Orleans. NE WV MUiSIC-O, Native Mulsir; 'lhe Convent B at I'lmo a roi vin Illod; ;Neer I.epair, ab dont you relnembr the beno til glade in the Draoml] Romance; 'Ihe V White Ilor e rof the Pep persi Thou coole and ovl thou artnearme, eoug lyeiis.S riom in Ihe granl Romantic Opera A glite; iood Ni I, 'rhR Ineeing and partingero lina not filr sanripg on tickle win, hy II Roasel; Conme, canme, tie art in oan row; A Life otilhe Ocean wave, by i It.ssell; hll, watched for lhim; o me io t fall a tear; :oce to oile at lrning; O'er the wnaters blv moollightl; 'feirne'do hinoe like my own, trrutieed for the hlrp IvTl I.olnrrec. Royal Walties, by A F'leche; Quleen Victoriu' Cou rt Quadrillea. Just received one litt .aol Iy d19 11 C.ASEY, L9 Cnl at 'IsantcGOH IN FIVE ANDo HAl. IAY r l, From Mobile (Alabama) to Alugutla (Oee) I EAVES Mobile ever other dlet, isut, lately after the arrival oflthe IoMil from New Orleans, per thl salletolat Eaulta, to Ilakely. eaolhes ton I'enSaco, eamoboats ( ler P)eosarola Itay, St toosa so nd and Clhoi. tallohie lti,'er and Bay) to Cedlr Ulmt coachels theolnu via Mlariaonn, Clttslloochee, (formerly' Mltolln Vci. nona,) llaiobrlge, Pilelerton; Iloeawtlasill andl IL.uio ville, to Augulsta. A pluentgeerrtakin his ceat ast Mh. bile is in no danlger of beig thrown oot or Inolia hit relterente hy ilher enoflirtig intere.sts, s lhe 1)A WNl. is but mit concern, atll nlldler one entire throaghool, ato may rely wilTH aTrcaoT oupoe hi, arrivalat Augillta to inte allecilirll, tlhrolgh all rtoh-. is carried by this routle. l'hle AgelltS lfr aecoo huors. tioll, 'l'eals, Coachls slld Drivers. aCee not turiupasLUd the soutllernl eonntry. I'The slnoth, hard, natural roads, tie softr and iter ,ltnin water iligaltloo Ile tid e anid accoamm aionl dlffer h tiln'elirrie, O etrtailnt', comforfe, atila I pleas inG vartety; tOilleetel IS it weren with the Iail ltoad Churlletonl, S. C. sad the stealllt 'cketr to New Yerk. trivelers cao reah New York fi'roo Ncw Orleanor LUa TH0N II OAToS-W6lsthieptot city it 12. Trom Chattuhoochlee, Florila, we Ihave a iro ne Lioe via ouiney aid Tallahabee, to St Marks, 4 her poat o aches, also two Ilraoches from laswkilvillr one to Millellgeville, anld ne to Macon, light two horl oachel StTOl K'I'ONS &' ct. AoonrSTA, 0th Jan. 1835. Offetcet Ma tsilnol Ilouse Mobile *nistnlrc, aNew Orisllle to Mo'.ile, 150 ntile Mobile to Augutai, 5401 Augusta to Cliarleawstl, lif (Clonsluitoo to New York, 980- 180 l'ime, Nte Orlean to Mobile, 2t Ihours Mobile to Augusta, 132 Augusta to Charlelto, 12 Charleston to New York, 86- 258 Making 1r68 miles per day. or 7 miles per hoor, in el site of alll atolpage, nov to N. . I g leave to istform the plebli that till bridtles over thIe Chuathooseswamp ald Hart Labot creek have just been eonmpletel by the general governs. ment, (the ionly obstaoles o(eratingagiosttil his safe and speetldy route) are tihls happily removedi and I have the pleasure of learng from trvellers tht the coaches,hor. ats, drivern sld roeds are of the irnt olter; and as to the water rute from Pensacola to Cledr Illof, it i admit. ted by all wbo have pasllsel tlrugh it to he ioesorpassel ie novetie., heautly and safety. The hrltlges tirogl Georgia Ilave slo beenrepaired. J AM C BAKEIR ALLIGAI'OR LINE. Mobile to Augusta, via Florida. Leaves Mobile Tuodaya, Tturs. t days, and Saturdays, per tlre S splendid steamer Chlampion, (ex. cept in caMe of trins,) to Peisacola ; thence por steamer Le Rioy to La ;range, and thence tour hare post coaches via Mariana, Bainbridge. Pias. derten, Berrien, Outlaw's, atd Perry, to Macon, Ga ; tlhence via Milledgeville, and Sparts, to War. renton, thlrco per rail road cars to Augusta. The Champiooe is i splendid order, with new opper boil, r. coppered and ctpper fastened. Tho le Roy Iati been thoroughly repaired, her accommodationar are handseme as aly botl. The beaurifulSanta Rosa Sound, and ChIoeta. watchie Bay premont the mott interesti.g steam no. vigation in the Sonth-being at the esatcttb e perfectly land locked. T'he Teatos are not surpassed on amy route in the conntry ; thedrirvt, to a ,man, careful and atten I tive. Thi bridges iherethlore tdtlarrouo have h en newly bilt, so that hligh warlers do not itrteroro Thet eating ousles hitve een rosily chlrnged, aItd are now a goaed a on any road in the Sorath. it ii geoe..:!y knowa .hat the excellence and hstdneom o' the roads enable the teslmn ut nall ba son0 to make great speed. Theirtamnotthne an. cures the traveller fromI the ordihary fatigue of stage travelling. The Line is now carrying its passengors from SAugusta to Mobile in four days and twelve Isour., or to New Orleans in four day. and twenty i hours. Going to Augusta, the line is six days nrnd ven btours. The time actually employed in 'a travelling is tie same as i, the other direction, but the difference of timne on tihe route, is eaused by a " day being Ioet in Penacola, whrlih, however, is well repaid by the opportunity it gives ofaseinog ,t theieNavy Yard, tie old Spanish Forts, etc. Tihe traveller also sleeps at Macon, and again at War tenton. This arrangement will continue till tihe travel terns northward, when the line will bh tlh ienm from Mobile to August, as it is now in the other direction. This Advertisement contains a plain ttat.ment of facts, the accuracy of which the proprietors - gurrantee toeacl passanger in the penalty of Ilis stage fare. Mape of the Line maybe seesn at the Exchange Hotel, New O)rleaus, and at tlhe MaRllsion House, Mobile. Fare through from Mobile to Augusta, $47 50 The line extends, by a branch to Tallailtonee. it Chattahooehe, the line connects with the steamboat carrying thle mail to Apalaclhioola and St. Joseph's. Office at the Mansion IHouso, Mobile. m17 O BOSTWICK, Agllt, Mobile. IGAR-& MiOLASSES-I5Ohhdyugar, 10.00gIala NIholaasmos- 1 plantatiojn ahova the (arsule by ADAMS & W)VIITALlr, _____"2 437 Graviec ci G LASS'-100 Izees in store fer aeI byI fe SIIALL. & ROWN, 96Magazine iet BALDNESS. A BEAUTIFUL head of hair is the erandert orna sment belonging to the human Irame. How strange ly the loss of it ehanges the countenance, and proma relty Lrings on the appeanrnce of oll age, which enl sOe ttant to reenoil at being clleovererd, and mnllilne even to thua sciety to avoid the tests and sneers of their erqnirt.tance: the remainder of their lives are con acquontl spent in retitement. In hllrt, not even the losn ofpnpertv fills te generous tiinking v Oth with tihat eneavv sinking gloom tas ,dos the nloosf Ie hIair. To avert all these antlea.ant ciremstnnee,Oth.itidge' talm of Coltmhin stops the hair from feltine off en the flrst applietion, anid a fw hottles reseoret it again. It likewnie premlne evebrows and whiskers; precents the hioer Iron turning gray, makes it carl Ielntifully, and freen it from neurf. Numerous cerlifientem'of tli first respectability in support of the virtues of Oldridges Baln, anh shon by the proprietors. 1D Read the following: Rohert Wharton, Esq. late Mayor of 'hiil delh has eertilie' as may he seen below, tothnhigh chanr ter ofe ie folliowin gentlemien. The undenigned do hereby reertlifv that webave used the lalnm of o1umbah ditcoveredt by J. Oldridge. and ,ave fotnd it highly ereieenble not only es a preventive aginst the filling Offof hair, hut elan ae.ertein reator tire. Wll..iAM THrATCIIER, Senior, lethodlst IMinister itn St George eerne. No tic North Fifth at. JOhN P ,32I Aidl treet. JOHN I) "I'ItItMAS, M tI, lii tireest JOHN S FItIEV,1, l Spruce street. tllUfll lt eCURt)YD..le3South,20 d it. JOlIN GARI),Jer,1n3 Arnih street. It is known that three of the shole eigne.s are r mA than 50 years of age, and lhe others not lees than 30. [Fronm tihe Movir.] Conione,.onllth i f Penrmvlrnnin., Cite o t'lii"adetptin. I, Robert Wharton. Mini. of'oanii tiy of 'ldioiie. phin, do hereby certify thuit I nni well neaqitintel wilh lePsra J I' Inglis, Joln s Fitre r, nd IItti M tCurIrvy, hoe niames ire sigaedi to lheulv"i curtetifc"te,t tit they are gentlenwn of clharneter snod relioet.oliity, nd as isuch fill eredit shoulld he riven to te sai ci r l atr . In winllle slwhreol I t.tne hrceunoto eotl mt hnnl nod caused Ihe seal ofthe city to be auffied, this 6th day of De,-emher, &c. [,. S.1 ROIIERT WIIARTON, Maynor. OBSIIVE Illlt each battle ofthe (iGenuie e lmihn oins a splendlid egraeerd wrapper, on whilch is represelrted the Fll JtfNiagnrn, &e. Soh' .holesnle and retail bv the sole nae'nts fr Ann, rica. oL2 Fteither street, nene Maideit i.ane, tine ttuo hot er lterl Streert,andl by tat druggiatand perfiunaers Ci ougit hecounltr. JAIVItS & ANIIREWI, tol Wlholesale Agente, New Orleann. N ORRIS & Co. No. 38 Chartre steet, are now receiving and opening the most splendid, su stantial and fashionable stock of Clothing they have ever exhibited in this market, consisting it part of the foliowing articles: blue, blue block, jet black, london brown, citron, olive, london amok? and golden olive frock and dress coats:; eaver, stable and harrington frock coats, elegantly lirnish* ed; fancy and plain black cassitnmere and cloth pantaloons. english and french fancy and plain silk and satin vents; real new market comforts; english and french fancy arid plain scarfs and hdkfs; chamois, eilks-weh and putn.elastic sus penders: chamois, mcerinn, lamb's wool, welsh flaon nel, silk and cotton net shorts and drawers; fine linin and cotton shirts, with linin bosoutr, plain and ruffled; ivory pearl and plain handle silk urn. brellasi ; "(rafl'a" premtium Glovesr-alr, a beautiful article of whita kid, for weddinos, bells, &ec.; Sprittllfield silk and randana hdkfs; plain, figured and embroidered Cambric do.; silk, lanmb wools, marina, germantown, anll brown nd white coitln half hose; all of which they -tler low for cash,or to plrnltual customers as usual. Nov. I 7A(;NlER LIQUID ()DENTI 'A.--lla d been long used. britl here and in the n rth , witunh uniorm sucrees. for leanietr and whitening ji the teath, and preventing the toothache; preservi ng the gu.ns, purLifyling th breath, and reliving most discrse, to which the mlouthl is inhle in either the /adult or infant --fhe tea spoonful, mixed in a wine glussful of pure water. and so applied to the teeth e in usual manne* with a bruab, will effectually pre- I vent scurvy, and ward off that excruauting palin, I heP tooth ache. Irepared only by T. F. Woanor, Sureeon Den. ist to Jefferaon CIllrer, lnd sold wholsale and I retail by CAIRLETIO)N & Co. 31 Canal st. tl sole l.enllts for Wanncer's ()idenlic 1I SADDIlERY WARE.--The subscriber-, manu. lacturers and,whulesale dealers in saddlery Sgoods, are now receiving by late arrivals from the north, in addlllti to their former stock, an exten sive assortnent of articles ill their line, among which are tihe following, .ni: Ladies and misses latin and quilted saddles, t t.entlemten's do Spanish do J do do .lexican do I do do Creole do l a do tdo Anmer. do do to IEnglish do Youth's do Spanish do ,I do do Creole do I Amler. and lng. brdles and bridle mnountings, a do di tnartiigales, Plated, brass, and japanned coach harnessI , I do do do gg and sulkeo do do do do Barouclie do Dray, cart and wagon do Saddle bags, double andsingle; valices; medical saddle bags. Brussels carplet bags; beet Ironl frame leather folto trunks, brass nailed; leather boot top do, assorted sizes and vartous styles; holsters and pistol belts; conclh, gig, sulkey, twig and planters crop whips: wool, worsted, cotton and leather girlhs anld sursinglee; stirrup leathers; trntk straps anld worsted rein web; cllain and hook tattmes; blind bridle. and lines; Scotch collars, and hore and mule collars, oI all qual.lrrs; mt,. roeet, buck, bear.slheep and buffalo askms; plated brass and steel bridle bits of evrry description, plated, brass and steel spure of overy descriplion; platel, brass and steel stirrups el every descrips tion 'l'ogetler with a complete assortment of every article in thelrlirieol busiieas-all ul whicht they oiler for sale on aceomulnodattng terlta. They will also conlinue to re celve through the year, by p4ekets frotm New York, fresh supplies to keep their stouc amlple and euolplele. KOUES, DAVIDSON & co, Il 15 Canal st. NEW MEDICINE. Dr. G. R. iheip's timornrtd TO(MA TO PILLS, Ibntrrely Vegetable.l . sew antd ijloatuble tlcdui·,e fr all Diiiease, I a ubstiLtefor C'nlomtl, as a althti r:t irt Fevers rT[IESE popular PIIll being Ie4roinlneiou a aclhry dil c_ enred .Aikliuh. uballll.o, et-+L-d IOlII thea i'malo PItnt i wlll o etmr vegletable elalntsonce nlaan hCts betll fouotl to slud ,f: .e- &i4lasfUleelfet., na trlirtied,.'d l, ee h atAlter-. MaUe ean od' ar ekha~ he dl anre .,.-r. ''H, y have been atn.,,tn..aa' aailn os.uotU;; ' .. t .,-t .,.er, tisveroal approbation fnor Seronf!t, l)tipc, . J. uhe, e, ati ,ioum diseaes. lravn Inhtllcn.tiimn I:uagl. .,:tl-.. llduaner, atah, N-.eens titeasem, Ai ennn, rl irlar a tJe. oterlli. non . &oriNai-, ev., An A otlldOarlor ci BO e Jl-amt dlr,'( O ll lltl.s , to pe, venl the forlatiltonioufi Illii h-r, r i lt-ctious, 1' ver and AIeI Le.R i Lttne a iirrt.d ih~ daad lw tad marshy rloetll a,and ille IilN. t cntllRN thatl an be nied for Ithol Iooc.tta,e. u.n ,ll, li ., :. td iel an in .allble renlidy Tor'ha ecuarvy: slod l'ro, ll. r ibo aheal t edieiuallirey can use to counateract the duangers of exposure in unhainltly cla atert. Forordiaary Famlty hI'byaic, rtheyare uiverallyup proved as tile beat ever offered. The petuliar virtuesaof the cTomaton Fnl, have for along time attracta l the atteution of the Inedical prolf sion and the public, anid great interest has been dirteei to tile future de venlupemsllt el its mledirinal qaltatier, wetch the proprietor it h aply in being now abIle rn gratif--tnl ireents his pills nto the publie, with the f ll etulidene of their being tie MosT urz eaad VaIe'aBat I.IrEe n PEnentaeeo aT'e. NaUnnOUe eerticultea of cure, fronl ther who have tken theata, and testaimoany of evteral pivsrianim wo have prescricbed tiem,all concur to corloborate thit opinion. The rapidly tlereoasing demand for, tald the uuivertal approbntion betowued aloan them, as en eeid.ce nl tbhoie ..erut and mar In presenti this rtti aticle to the pblic, te prlopetar was influenced by the hope that a miledcin.n prepre it rllluch care, anld with a strict regard to the Chemical and Thrapeu. ic properties of atseveral ingredientl, nhould take the place of the irreeponeible medicines of Ihe day, with which the country abendl--and from the favor alreiady bemarwed upon it byphyp iciana and other., he feel juatfiad i expectl ti llut result. Foer a full aecount e f Chi interesting diseovel, testinmoni als, maoda of operltlonat, e. see pamphlets, WbrlcI may te bad gratis ofall who sell these pills. None are geauine wltboat the signature of G R. PIIELI'O, M. D, naleprurietor, iluartlerd, Conn. FOR SALE BY, E A Follanmashe, General Agent. No. I;n Exchange Pte, near the ItoetOtee. Almo, by A A eryechllu, No 100 Rute Reval J. Baker & Co, No 77 New Levee, Dr. A Marshall, Corner Bt James and Tebapitoulat tte. J. Resa, Lhfayctte City. GN Muorritoa.No Il, Coanal stret. G Jones, corner TvoliCicela ant Ttion- VLk. r' Thrme thaut wish to anet as AgentsI, iadtre,, l A FOL ANSBoi, wholetalu Aen inntar 4 y '.I'AT OF ItOISIANA-First Judicial District SCoullrl,le ltate of Louisiana, to all whom these plesellts shlal cot:e, gireeting: Wlhereas--.omul C. O(den, George it. Orden, and Ed.vard Yorke, having pr'ha.+ed at ia i.e mode by tye Syndic of ti ereditors of iEgertoll t Wihnq, the plroperj ry hereinallfer deseribed,has applied to the clerk oflhio colurt, for a monllit or ladvertisemelnt inll (nfo ity to an act of the I.egilltltre of lhe state of I.ouis.ial, enti fled "An act fir the further assurance of titles to plr chasers it judicial sales;" approved the 0ith day of Moreh, 1t34. Now, lllterefore, kllow yr, n n lll peronsl illterested herein, are hereby cited ned Inlllhniedl in tile s llae of the state orf L.oniioall, and of Ite first judicial distriet court, who can set sny right, title or claim in ando to he proplerty hereinaftier deeribed, ir coaoequeaee of aoy inlirnlilv in the order, decree or judgellnltltoftlectuurt under which the sale ar moade, or any irregularity or illegality in the appraitiseients and adverlisemtents, in time orlalnner of sale, or for tnll other defect whllato ever" to show cans. wlthin thitirv dom' from tire day this nloatitior is lirtr interted in rho tpuiclie rs, why rhe sale son made hould not be corfirnltel and hnotll lsgated. 'iThoonid difopertv was sold y tire teSyndie afItresoit tin tile 24th day oflslluonrve, A. it. 1839, byy virtte of all order ofthia corurt, rellndereti on tile teoth tion of Itebru ary, A. It. 1838, ill the maolter tf Jothn IEgertllon ald JaIes I.. WriVuoy vs their credilltor Ulld ite- ereditrs fll Egertou and l'ibrav--No. t 1391 uof tile docket of this enorl, at sole'hl IteidStoel C. Ogden, George It. Ogden, and Edward Yorkh beoentrhe the prehasers flr the price hereinanflermntioned. Iesrciptini of the property as given in the judicial eonsyeysre. otit ,ot oa. . t .orftonroulld in fnllbonrg Sanlet in the square housaled yv (lin,, ard Neyades sitrees, a per plan drawn uy J Calhouin, dated 24th Jntaerv, 1,039, and deltltitd ill Ithe lilies of Joseiii B. aln;ks. LSq. notary pullie for refereanee, me.s, ring 29 feet 4 inehes frolr on Prraarsa reert, by 18L0 feet in deptbh, and follt on Clio strent. 'io Sanluel C; Ogden, George B. Ogden, and Edward Yorke, $t3,70. i.t no. 2, ill the saese qllare, lleasritng 29 feet front on Prleones lreelt,l by IU20 feel deep, adjiig n.o. I Ino the samne purchasers. $3,1100 I.ot n. 3, in thie some Pnre adjoining no. 2, hnving tille same front anld depth, to the same purcIthase $.1,01(1. Lot no. 4, in the same oqllqre adjoiuitg no. 3, and having the same fronlt ntd detlh, to the easllr pur chlaers, : 0511, Le.t no.5, in the tomr Fqqunre idjoininrg In. 4, and having the same rt Ulld depth, to ithe s.are pur chasets, $3.15 .ot no 6, in thile ralne i.Inre, adjoinine no. 5, and havitng tilmeanle frontt 3.dl depth, to the Fall e rll cltoers, $ 1,1151, Lot nto.7, in tile Nanne squre ndjoioinig no. t, and having the oe e front and delpth, to the same r clat-er, $;3,:5ti. Lot no. 0, in the sane square adjoining no. 7, and having the eante front and depth, to the same pur ehasers. $3,9110. Lot no. 9, in the sane quare adjoiniag no 8, and having the came front and depth, to the samen pr charers, +$3,911t. Lot no.10, in the aine sqnuare adjoinnig no. 9, nd having tile saalle front alld depth, to tie sam p chasers, $1,3011. Lot no. II in th le eanorsetase adjoining no. lit, tnin. surig 29 g feet . inches on l'rytanee atrer, by 1810 feet in depthr and freaont oni Calliope street, to the same nr chireers, $m5,3Ohl 'lhese elevet lots ares seld wilth tie exclus v rivi lege of In alley 1t fret wide in tile rear, a iti a laidl down in the plan referred to. ''erns-$llhi 0 on each lot cash, halance at o, 18, 18 and 4 monthl creditr, f.r eppreved endorsed lotes with mortgage untill tillnI paymient. n In witness whereof,l hirnelnereutnro set nrv I.S. hond nd affixed tihe eseul of enid eonri, h liS ilth dn of March, A. D. 1839. roll 3t in 30 d JOHN L. I.EWIS, JTAT DE L4 LOUISIANE-Cour du prom. L ier district judiciairc. L'etat do la Louisiane, Ia tots coux qua cos presentes concernent, salut : Attendu quo Samuel C. Ogden. George i3. Ogden, and Edward Yorkeo yantachet o tune vesntie fite par le Syndic des crdunciera de Egerton &. Wibray. la propri6td ci.apren decrite, so sont adroseas au Greffo de cette cour, pour un avis conformodnent a un acto do la Legislature do l'etat do la Louisiane, intituld "Acts pour confilrmr lee titros des ac. querours aux vontes judiciairo;" approuvd le 10 Mars 1834. Qui'l soil connu, et toutes person ne intdrese6es sent par ces presente solntis au nom de letal do la Louisians et do In cour du premier district judiciaro, qua pourraient avoir droit Ila propridt6 ci.aprks deirite, en consequence d'un dd. foot do formo dans l'ordre, to decrot on le jugoment do la cour, on vertu duquel la vents a did faite, ou de toute irrogularitd iu illtgalil( dane tl'atimation, I'avim ou le temsps at le inode lie la vents, ou pour i un antra cause quelconqno, do faire voir, dans e trento jour a dater do la publication do cette avis, pourquoi la vetle ainui thite no serait pas confirin6e et homologuo. La die propri6did fut vendue par Is Syndic susdit eI 24mejour de Janvier, de I'anode 18:19, on vertu d'un ddcret do cotto Cour, rendu le diximino jour de Fidvrier do l'ann6o 1838, duns I'atfl'ire de John Egerton and James L. Wibray vs. leur creanociers vt lea cri'ancters de Egerron and Wibray--No. 14.196 du docket ce clote Cour, a laquello vento les di a Samuel C. Ogden, George B. Ogden, and SEdward Yorke so sent rendus acqudreurs pour to prix de ci.apres mtentionn6. Description do la propridlt d'iprods to transfer - judiciairo, savoir : g No. I. Un lot do terrc situa .asnso le faubourg Saulet, sur la place born6 par los rues Clio, P'ry. tanoe, Calliope, et Nayades, sur un plan fait par J Calhount, datu 24 Janvier, 1839, et ddpoed ou bureau de Joseph Bellark, Esq. notaire public, n11. surant 29 pieds 4 pouces de face dans la rue do Prytanse sur 120 pieds do profondeur at de face sur Ina rue de Clio, adjud a Simiel C. Ogden, George B. Ogden, and Edward Yorke, pour lo prix de $3,700 No. 2. Un lot do terre situde dane la mslne place, mesurant 29 pieds dans la rue de P'rytande sur. 120 do profondeur, st a cotd de no. 1, aux mmems acqu6reurs, $3,000 No. 3. Un lot do terra situoe dan la memo place, a cold do no. 2, ot cyanlt los momes propor. tions, aux dit acqudrears, $3,000 1 No. 4. Un lot do terre situdo dons sla mome P place, . col. do no. 3, et ayant les menmes propor- I tlons, aux dit acqudurours, $3,050 No. 5. Un lot do terro situdo dans la mOme sj place, a cold do no. 4, et syant lea mdmes propor tions, aux dit acqu6reurs, $3,150 N. 6. Un lot de terra situde dans la melo place, acot6 do no. 5, ot ayant lee memes proportions, d on die acquorcurs, 03,400 No. 7. ITn lot do terra situod duns la ilslmen place, a cold do no. 6, et ayant lea momes propsor lions, anx memos acquoreurs, $3,350 No. 8. Un lot lto terra situdo dans la meooii place, a cold do no. 7, et ayant les momse. proper. t lions, aux lit acqu6reurs, $3,110o No. 9. Un lot do to re situdo dans la mimoa e place, a cold do no. 8, et ayaat les mlneesnpropor tioots, aux dit acqusouro, $3,900 No. 10. Un lot de terre situoe dans la imemoe place, . cot6 do no. 9, et ayault ls molnes proper. lions, aux dit acquireurs, $4,300 No. 11. Un lot do terra situdoe das Ia monte place, b cot6 de no. 10 mesurant 29 pieds, quatre Spooces dane la rue de Prytando par 120 do profon deur et de face sur Ia rue Calliope, aux dit aequd. o rears, 5,300 Les onze lots sent vcndus avee to privilege exclu. sifd'uae all.e ayant 15 pieda do largour our lo der ribre' salon le plan ci-mentionnd. i Conditions-$-1800 str chaquo lot, argent comp. ant, elt l balane a 6, 12, 18, et 24 ioais, en ore. dit pour len billets endosseds t approuvds avec hypo thequo jusque toe derniar paillmenit. En temnoin do quoi, Jo L'ailignd, et J'y L.S. ai appos6 le seaui du ddi Cour, co jour 3 5 lMars, A. D. 1.39. d 2 I3t in 30d JOIIHN L LEWIS r 'AI.A-- 76 ios ifthe best Englilsh conl, well suited Y l) r tealos binit iuse, ml bauard Mllqe Abheot, from New Castle, lfr sale by IIt)LME3S & Mll.I.,. jaoi) ltaok Ilace I E\W O-O-).---ulsh & ..lien have jus reoeived ia splendid assorltmentl of ie Fancy (ioods, suit 1 tile for PtiaroNTs, comprising ladies' ,riting dcIks, a dressing cases work boxes, Innaical ioxes, portfilin, s needlle books oi ilearl, shell mdltO ry, cIrId C.smeo and ir souveirs inlaid wills pearle and glit; pmi'ket bucks, pur is ses, elrra glasses, i an t silver penilt , prfilaery of all kinds, citler,, V, ct TIlE BAZAAR, di 9 ear St Charles & Common st., Excthange II TO TIlE L.AI)IES. e ATKINSON'S II"PIL.LA'PItt'', for removing ui, i perllous hair froe tite face neck and aIrnls, wit Aupae alclv nd certainty, teaing the skin filer ndl whiter that bertlb e tiappliatill. A fresh sopply ;jumstreceived st LUION'S, Nol Exeharge I otel, corel St Cnarles and Consmos sr eserlli. all0 "s tNE-150 00e.0 Claret aud Sauterne Wine, iI Sstoee slid lihr sale. by sj A n CIIAM PI.bN & COOPER,82 Julia IAt ,ttF ,IE cuil Bole tliope, of aul erio .qiiiiality, for sale by fel ISAAC BIillDGE & Co, 134 M9acazine C ORN-o0 bushels cuor, in storu, for sile bv_ CIIA9II'LIN & CO'.,PI, i inl5 79 &i 82 Julia t Tl ' PENS-Just received a lew gross Illlots, Englelaad 'Perry's doubllte potent stet peas, for sale by 1).bsI) FEI.T & Co, in12 N 'Y stationers hall 4 Clhartres at I lttAYS & tAIlTS--S Phlildelpltin dran, 4 ito lJ cars, 4 prs ex wheels, I. 1 trien.s, `18 dirt and wood hrroee , In son., r tir t ,lt byCl ,16 s lIIAIll'I.IN & COOlI'tL ..71 's IGUNNY k..iS--Itltales gllo lulgs, laodiu . l' lL.J & J P \/lIIITNEY,7:il tulip t et ) lN'L',UII.S, ILAASS, IltUSHES, &e.-au o landing from ship Coulitution, and for ale-v 16.100 fePt I.fglasn, bhst quality, from 8XlO0 It .3X.28 •J 310 kegs while lead, pure; 33) d gret, poaint, in 25 llbr. kee'; 4.lo.zjuponed tine fitrny n ;6}1ft0 ]l litkrne;o nI'26 dox splrndidl 011010 ground brushe., also ofOtOS0 nod 000 do; 2 uses crron green in powder; superior artilel do d o tn ean; a large ntsortlnent of sash torls ofevery size and qmnlirt; snale orencils hr artists; fiat marking hbrushes lfr rerchanlts; artist's colors in oil realv pre f pare:iit hoome fitted :'p with all necessary brnshes; arlist's ,oel,, dcc. I Flake and st.mnitv white; 60 packs gold leaf; white f and yellow wax; gum nrbie; and a large and choice as ýttortlent ofpailts, dry eolorr, oil, hurlpeotile, valnish, &e.,l bor sale,whulesanloe ld retail, at the lhJweot priees, Yby ONI)EI.I.I, t a.28 58 Camp t. I1lDItRS REICEIVED FPOl fIo)X ' PA TI ENT COT'TONV GIN, i the Patentee, No. 53 Magpazne street, New Orltmns lTOIE MIANUFACTUIEII IN NEW YOILKIBY ROBEIRT IIOR & CO. S SC ALE OP PRICES--Dn ite Gina. For a double Gin of 80 saws or mole on teau cyliltler, nmakingl Go sawsill tie stad, witll, feeder, batl, &c. at $6 wrstw, or $950 til r Fort IDoble Gill of 60 aws o 1. a nylitdet, or 120 sl''n tle staln, tltedelrs, d. a , $6 gm .hr 720 00 IFordd,,iStq pyq raondo.or S saws ina stand, per saw, or 500 O For do. ofat IPs on do. or 40 saws in a stood, at $6.Jonper saw, or SPa WS SINGLE, GINS. Forn single gill tof saws or more, with one set oflleeders, bands, &e. at $6 11r saw, $451 00 Fordo. of fiO aws, wiltleeders,&e a k SSoer. saw, 390 00 "Pnr ,o o40 saws, with feeders, &e. $6 75 ir saw, 30000 FoFr do. otlsawns, with kredenr, a&e. at $7 50 iwr saw, ISO 00 Extra teetl where desired, for feeders, sutptlotl a iti cents cash; t oie uler ofteeth being aboutt equal o the ntmber ofn sws. ()ne st of feeders, it is cEn sidereld however, will wear outll two or three sets of sows. EIxt. sawsn applit d atl 80 elOlls each. The Ginls ordered, will be delivenredt to the agents of planters in ny of the sean portowns of the cotton plit t nF' States, at (be allmne prices, the agenls jpaying the ra -tton tlthe samo e roln tNew York, atnd leeto,liog tre s fsiblle fr the atmount of the (;i,. A G(iln wright willbu sent with tihe tins to put tllhen up wherle tIe aired; the chlarges litr nwhose servitce will be extra, bht moveate. Iron running gearean alsohe ordered where desired, on reasounable term, but will he charged extra. ornse power, ofoany description, can be furnished on like terms. Small steam engines can also be ordered if de sired. It is desirable, when planters give orders for Gins, they shouli accompany them with tleir views in regard to tlheanngementnit saws, breasts, brushes, &e. It is ftound they differi, opinion. Some desire saws of larger dio:meerthln others. The most common size is 9 or It incthes; l.o sone widsl tltm 12 ilnches. Sonte wish 5 or 6 rowsel bnrushes on an axle, while others do not want more than nat most. Some wish saws with I or9 teeth to the inch, while others want 10or It. W o nhl iscnetpncy, we prefer they shonld, at the time of gvingi orders, f.lrnis a statement of tlteir wishes, and, the manufeturers can fulfil them in every particutlar. Whelre it is left to oar discretion, we shall make them on tle most nmodern andi approved plan. An order can hle exellted, fron the tite it is received, in thle space ofeight or nine weeks, ttlld tte Gin in thatI tilne Itlacedlit the hands of tile factor. To Ibe it lime I:r thle text crop, all orders ought to be in thle hands of ti lanl.tecturers Iy the first or middle of May; exserpt orilntations where they arelate in communneing to pick or gin cottot. N. II. The Patent Right, for ally one of the cettotn g twing States, willbe sold on reasouable terms. rt.3 o LUCINA CORDIAL. j E CORDIAL I E IUCINE OU L'ELIXI[ DE UAI.'AMNIOU-lTh IUnited tett' Agent for tih I dtina Cordial or Elixir ofl love, returns his grateful ac kuowlued nenlt for tile flttetittg jtrottgte thitteht ho has aa~lrevrtuidrer'it, ndalso foor the any- tet the ; lllniads which haveil~r been sent hint tll II)LIhiI;I C the the ul most in inwiololo rlici of thisi inettinjtul, mediciut. warrantt s the agentl in withdrawing hg Iis lung adntvertise- monte; but for thIe beurit ,f thote persons who may i ft4 yet be unawure of its, he would xplicitly state thatla it is D~r. Mttglliil s rclelebratedl discovery, wlhictlthtauetutd tulc a tae atitu in Frane.-uThel atit speedilv restotestt thvitile powers, where thet y htv betn exhlusted bt y deiase or otlhrwis, e anld .bstl Sttinlly rrenuvnre the p'ttreatttfunctions- that it itjea eflfettul cat! fcr tlhetluorttlblt noldl altove llthat it s tihe utly remedly tctiuttttvered fior the removal o t tmrllulal(· i t mulesl and brnttness in fettles. Oitting taus v astly inl igorutinllS qlnlitiee, it is also highly use-c tlt in ctt, olbstlructed, difficult or ptinttit l mttatltta lin notttttece oftite teime, otr nouordicag r tlhereolf cItric eruptiont oa the ekit, drupsica ntiuc Bionn of lbe aged &l '. Itnorler tlit tll clueeas of socievttmay receive the ) benefit of1 D. Mlitlugit ditcovr' , ilt ait Aaunritt iro cotteue,, hac nsented thut the Corditl shell he eoll in botttesofsixuttnpa Puch, at the Ireduc eL pricte f $1 hichl is less tha ne half thu I pIrie crPgic d for it int t t Frace. JOHN WINTElRS HOIl.)ERWELL, 51. it. Ulniteld Stttei L'rttprietur. The abltovemedicine i for snol. at tnltule adretail Sat No. 1i5 Poyvllttl street, letwtteen Mlagazinte andi Cttltmp :atp, New Orleans. ins :am, New Orleans. mai6 SAItRIAGE PHYSIOLOGICAILY DISCUS i ). ). reslatedfrot the French of Jean I)u. biet, M. i). by William Grreenfield. Part lat. On the necessitv of aMsrrisge Part 2d. lentluctions in courting, with a cure for Love Plrt 3d. a . Part 4th " * Marriage Phvydiilegi.lly in the most useful, andil dlrilrdly tie it at intreslt.n work that w'e rever red, It w billlbreak more rakes siid spinsters, and miake maiire ioe marrrird imen at wnonrlen iau a publieatioin that has e.erla'ee sainctianed by the lelan of Hvmelc.--w4 .)Ivltenure. ' i a grelat book, and will he prohtetive of milch good lintle ciininnLiti , It id vtrue it icotain much i triarge Ilelaneg, bt t' laen tile seldjet is its excun, and ifilie Pope hall writte n u it, he coull not hlav treated it more delicatcel. We especially reiallne nd osits ' Instruction in Colrtihn," to the alitention ol all young ladie and Elentileneel that layv ie in uinsa u partnery.--L petil Courier Des Dn rcrs. For sale at no 65 Povdlras t between Magazine and Camp street. Price $l. H ARRISON'S SPECIFtI OtNTMENT e iX e great celebrity of this unrivalled Coien. position, especially in the Northern States, leaves the proprietor but little need to say any thing in its favor; for it has been Cenerally conceded to it, that it is beyond all comparison tile betll remedy for external colnplaints tbat lina ever been dieso. voaed. Indeed the speed andi certainty ef its ape. ratitna have the appearance of miracles ; asi e tr, I a nds, corns, fever sores, ehildhlnine, white swal. i tings, biles, piles, spider arnd snake bites &e. imme. diately yield to its apparently superhiesn infllt. ence Ttus if properly applied it will remlove an ivetecrato corn, or break and heal a bile in fire days, will allay etd perfectly cure an ulcer in taw weeks; and the most desperito eases of white swelling that nan be imeagined, have been destroyed by it in less than two montlhs. In the bites oapoi aonous repltiles its efficacy is truly surprising, al, even inthe bite f a rabid dog, for if applied in time, its powers of attraction are eso wonderful that they will at once arrest the poison, and thus pre. vent it eom pervading thesystemn. It is likewise greatly superior to any medicine heretofore disco. vered for the chafed backs and limbs of horses, for tatters, ring worms, chapped lips, and in short for every external bodily evil that lmay 111 to the lot of man or beast. The proprietor lhas received at least a thlouand certificates and other documaents, in fav.,r oflhis "r Specific Ointment," upwards of a hundred of which were written by respectable memnbers of the Medical Faculty, all breathing the stame eulogy and satisfaction. Prepared at 119 Liberty street, New York, and for sale at 65 Poydras street, New Orleans. mar26 tf EI)UCA'TIuN-FRFYNCII and ENGLISH. Mr. James, recenlty arrived In this ciy, begs leave to inform the ci izens of New Orleans that lie will open an academy on Mlonday, 14, January, at No. 19 Toulouse street, for tie iansruclion of youth of both sexes, in French and English, in which ihe will be ably assisted by Mrs. James and Mrs. Meather, who speak both those languages with great fluency and purity, and who will tale eharge ol the department ol the young ladies. Mr. Jamlte will give his whale attention to the various branches l,- aducatlo, n anid tl.aters khnisell thiatbe will give rit eIintir sttisihtlln to those wlio imay bhoua h1ll with:lli, itottidcule. nov I tSA I. TI'UNI. IY 1iE FAULtY OF M1El) CIN E. In ORN'S Compound Extract of'Coptiha and Sarah parilla --A ceraiin, sae, anld most eftitcnul re.lll (y ever discnvered flir the ctne a tf Gntiorrlea, (rletis, Strictures, Whites, ais inll tile back and ins, senllal weakrnesse altieions kidtler, gravel, scorbutic eruptiotts, &. In the innttlltctin ol atmeicin piosselsign gt te nisefl and active virtue of tlt Olne Iunw oi.'rettd to it Ipubli,. ite iprprietor has Ii1 ttto the Inlumrous rectn llelndatot. rceivedll nn lm tile Itmi t emlnet o, the lle aInial teulty in tanp, lelhita g Itat it will be dull' appreciatled wheni tIr Imlrita are Iorlle till) known. 'The Ialsam of ;olaiban, soextenslively sedt, hais lost mulch of its redilt lion the dislikea irlt n patieints formerly express d rerttlit its lisagreeblehi taste, Ilstlltbtallen prodnt'cel i tile bowel tnd stonmnnh,ntt it I heretofore Ineffieillte when usId in the itflathunt.nary stage. The piroprieaorsr lmannde i aalysis of the ItalaEnm connceiv tag ttn t tite oren active qutlaties would tnhereby e much mnlole rnce.tulrtt.d and more useflilyv altmtinisiteru tltan illn the reset state. Th'Ie above mel cilte comlbinlle in gerlients wlhich are in thle higheel repute anlln the most scientific and learned in the prolhnsiosn. :acll dnig ill tile colllOilion of this prepllalration inleases the ellilcey of the oilthier, iproducinlg anl operatiol truly anto nishing, and surt saing the most isanguline exlpecltiollns; possa.asintgat the same tine itheadvantage of its being alminisinelee with perflet success in tie dlifterent stages of tile above lisease. The moat emlilellt physicinans lld surgeonls of tihe preselnt lday express their decided ta Probation in. fatn of SnHr:tnaillt, whlilt its use in thi principal hospitals and public medical institutionl has e It, andl still olltinuell, very' extensive. It was a Inv nortte remedy with die celethnatled RI Abernethy in all relltreal tHaectialns, a.ti inll obstillate cutanlonsernptiOlls, arising 'rom a disordered state oftthedigestieft'lnctitns. Having been submitted ta t te test nlld experience of the mosnt celebratlel among the tlliculty, lthey he expresan:l their satisialtin of its extlraunrdinln teffitcay il every cage uander their shaste, by nadnnting it both in their Imblie aal Ilivante pwanetie. 'Tihenr ol ereatiog will bi anserte hereafter. P.repared by J I Tlorn, Chemlist L.ndona. Price $11 511 ier t It. T'ES'TI'MONI IALS. From A II Saollon, Esq. It S Sthgeon to the Str Thuns liospital, atd Iae .,: on Anatomny. The tial whllich I have mat:e oUolltr lre pallltion in a variety of auses, boti tnaile anl ntiielll e, it its resnlt hate proved so highly Intlmutltde, that I do not hesitate in Iprnolnllcng it olle ollf tihe most valu:ale alll ellicaciuls re medies eter olfferd to the ptublic, and one inl whic, Imn'l exlelience, I can ilace every relialne, Illilst it does ilotlll'ntlle tihe s:t unpleHsant elfeca tau lls ex Iperieecdt from oeniliba. FIroims (f II lint ward, J I .C S, PhyJsician to the St Aa tn'lnlmnne IDispte-sary. I take great pleaute' in adding my testimony to the vahlable pirop-rties of l'vor lreplaration, wishing you the success on so fully dieserve i n all ample reward for tile laborannl exnpense incurred in bricnglng it to such cnm plete Iperfectnon. Frota W U Cooper, F it S, Surgeon to Guy's Ilos The uniform succetss which has attendet tle adminis iericg yaou meanlleine anmong nly paitients A tfflicted wit the ahove dlieases, las filll snaticfied me tiat it has only to he knownl to be truly :u;precn.ltei. May the success you so well desenve, anply and speedily Itnpay you for your valuable ilrepllitratOll. Fromn Sir A Cooper, Ft It S1 PRC S, &U. &e. taving been induced to try your y xtraetnl sevelnl easesof violent enrrt'lrhta, wlich hand hitherto batiied every inresription administered by met haiting fntld ture Iand s'eedy cates w elanted by t, in felw days I lfe mnel m l'ill duty hound to sta tethat 1 now in my trae rice both public anld private renomnmend and use non other. From G W Blair, Mi D, Physician to Guyts tio 'The strict test which I have given your medicine amonnnng my) patientn, andl its inlvarialble success tthus far, will illlnduce ile to p erere iln its uste, unit I deem it but nallel of justice anti of dlltl to al in ny feable testi illnllial ill eol nlnll lllnti of itsnvil'ues. Froam I C Thom.pson, Ml 1) FiS I, L. Ireturnl you mly sincere thanlks ftr t e valttable pre sent of younr EI.stract for tile curlle of .tonlnlrell.t, kc. I feel gratefill that you have at last brought a medicine into use wllicll will Iproe a ,lesidlatlunt.llo sought lor ill tie medlica: world--a slur, spleldy alllll| efleelltd cure in casesn ni thle above alass. It atlfttlni ana great ltleature inl nubihlishlng to tht worldn tl vluble aai iqualities ofyour Extl-aet. Were it neceslsary, te proprietor conld here furnish lmtany innre lestimnlonialt equally as commlllendatol1ry as tihe nlarte; butll tnIsts that itagnalt successhitiherto the ncre &. expense at which it has beentp eiarenl till prove its greatest recomnnmeundation allmong a Iisiernninng public. Onle Iecomendation thlis pIlr ration nlljos above.trri tll others is its aeat, iurtann a hinnn-pultl upn in nots--il mtlce in which it mny be thaken ben Ingbnh ensv antI Rple.aant--its tastelty nntture, with no restriction inll diet aor cniillelntell from business. 't'ravellet s enieiaitll wnd find thRlisi medliiee Ililgty tnselll, nnill ngit nnIve Sto e anproviled n with a preplaation ipossessing the ad vnalllntges wiei tlle preentll onlle oltubnill Accnonmpl yin the Miedicine is a pamphlet explana tonry of the dil'eeent stages of thle disease witheut any nxtla ellcre, coetaining full anti smmple directiosr. For sale by SICKLES & iO; mr 1-awjm 40n Canaic street. " T I' l F T ' I Im.' tt s o I: R- f i i t - . t - EVE KNOW that health- and the ability to IV labor, constitutes the wealth of the great I mass of the peop'e in this, as in minst other coun. tries. To preserve, therefore, that health by natu. ral neans is a grand, moral and political scheme, to I filfil which, requires our utmost attention. P The unprecedenteo popularity and universal ap. approbation which this medicine has achieved throughout the United States, the Cnnadas, T'exas, Mexico, and the West Indies, fully justify Dr. Peters' in warmly and conseeontiously recommen. ding them to the special notice of the afilicted. Peters' Vegetable Pi,ls are the safest, Itott effic. tual and economical remedy for diseases of the human constitution, that has over been discovered. 0 Dr. Peters, the inventor of this invaluable medi. 0 ciic, from his knowledge of the human system, s derived frotm a long and extensive practice, has h arrived to this conclusion, that tile great and pri. r omary causes of most diseases is a derangement in st the funo ions o tihe liver, or in othot words an in. P creased of diminished secretion of tile bile. So well is this understood, that it is common for persons to say w'en they feel unwell, that they are hilious, meaning Itht they have too much bile on the stomach. 0 I the other hand, when the flow of bile is dimimshed, tie process of dies ion is imperfectly porformltd, the patient bee inles weak and emaciated, becaltse aourishment Centained inl the food taken into the sto,maCh is not proper:y 00. tracted, and the food is jiclted ill a crude state. . Dr. Peters is confidottt that the famoues lygean u Theory, so called, that, ' impurity of the blood ' is the cause of all diseaes," is a great absutidily, Every one wt a reflects on the subject a mloment, will perceivethat impurity ofthe blood is a seeon. ti davy not a primary complaint--the ffLect anti not tile cause f fdisease. When tile funCtions of the liver are deranged, and the flow of bile increased, c it is often taken up by tile abstorent vessels anml carried into the circulation, and becomes ming ed wi h the blood, as in jaundice, when the patient allows it in his countenance. Now this iolpurity of blood is caused by an increased flow of bile, and to remledy it, you lmust correct tile secretions of the liver, and restore it to a healthy state, Dr. Peters has spent much time in experiment- P ing with different vegotab'e meditenes, for diseases of tile lver ; and nwv offrIs his Vegetable Pi It, as the best, most esonvenient, and clthepcst Iledi. cine that can be prepared for geteral use. Dr. Peters flutters himself that his long e oeri. iuentilg with vlgetaltle miedicines hast enabled him t to discover the true ansd only substitute answering all the iurposes el morcuria a without any of their e atte,,dant evils. One great quality of his vogetabler pills is that they havll tite aleratveo principl., cola. bined with their cathartic, or operative qualities, so that they lot only cleanse thle stomachrl atd bowels by purging, but they regulate the liver, change the mlorbld secretions, strenathens Ilhe digestive organs, purify the blood, invigorate tile circulation, and give tune and eoergy to the nor.. vous systeln. They ate mildl and pleasant in their operation, sliand nvey almot immtediate convietion of their utility frotm the first dose. They can be taken with safety by persone of any hge ; and tie feeble, thie itfirm, the nervous, and tho delicate, are strengtshened by their operation, because they clear r the system of Iad huullnu rs, quiet norv us irrita bility, and inlvariably produce sound health. The Vegetable Pills are a sure remedy for jaun. dire, sick and nervous headache, dys, epsla, cstive. ness, sickness ofthe stomach, heaortburn, all bilius complaints, levers of all kinds, and if taken at the comntlsoement will invariably check their pro. gress, and save tile patient from a protracted and dangerous sickness. They are invaluable ill ner vousand hbypocondrical aflections, loss of ap0o. tite, and a I compllaints to whictl females alone are subject. They operate as a mild and speedy purge, and are a safe and certain remedy for worms in olhidrent Since 1 have introduced my Vegetable Pills to tile public, I have received nlumerous certificates of their cuperior efficacy in curing diseases, a so, many letters Iraoe respectable physicians, who have used them iun their practice with the beat succes.. t might publish a small volume of certificates, but cousider it unnecessary, as tile medicine will rccontmend itself to all who will make trial of it. Thile above pills are in boxes, containg 2O & 40 pills each. Price, 25 & 50 conts pr box, Druggists and country mlerchants can .be sup. plied, at wholesale or retail, at Dr. Peters' princi. plI odlice, no. 65 'Poydran street, between Magaisme 4tl .4. I V tlt .. t, SPaEC IFIC OUL 141.1 a A IA, *bearo suffering from URL3'I'111RAL D18EABPI each ll a (R/NIOBHHDEA, 61,E87'Y, 8'1'RI(:TUIUnBI' HER IT'ATIOP N of THE. 14DNEYS DI.ADDEI, URETH- RA, PROSTRATA1E GLANI), nest1 all IIASEASEJ p the Ui IIIN.1I&V PASSAGES,:J PAINS IN TIIE LOINS. (I~AtAViC ILalnbatto, on firma t~encrol Weakness,. or focal DebIIility, nea .so redl thart this mhblo meldicinea at all ties, ...ores sel perfectly orudkp~te the above dbiease·, mach sate-r than any~ .if'." culd iovurnrlly improves the constitution anrd geslla s health,. nodl restores to vigor lolle purts~tlmt have beau injur ed byl di~enle of1 nolpropor treatment. In fist, ao medlocha ran; be comperedrh to it, and it ke± positively cured many thous, ..I· illll uull after al l ther mredicines· have failed, oath. duilly sop-si~eling the o e of ho.-e injurious and, uauseov slsicinll* -Caepni q'lurpcinlll., Culrba. Mercary. Ae. In addition to the niar~neroux t:slm c~ll. ioonals eergd romal parts of the wo·urldl, illeludinp thle East *Ind·rVrr ndiar, Awre I ice, 4e..., and re. lie.] met of the. Inches( rtmlikl In the Di BIbrlul, all beano; llt edirmely to its surprisiing sucess:fie lluodrard pol. cowa l·Wrd $ ,. Pen n acvoral tire offered Lonnyr 4oo who eon llproduceC any remedy l rptar to Yna nd'. lpecitt uolulioul. After this nor furthe~l r counnlat can lie necessary' Lul IIIIIII s few ol' Irl certificatsr. "I hue., Ilr..ribLrd Yoland'e Sp.,1*c S i ItMnd te sotnl lp tiros blaloring under uretrallrl Discharges, a mt to my astonish bel'ura xrtuuwssad, mid11 their general health war much illlprov+ ed. 11. LEY. M. D. "I.Frturer onl Mid wifurS' at ikirlhnl.Mls*'· Hapilal." D, CiaIke {vas precribed Ynland'. SpeeiVL Souion, to ma.' a ( patient. lulwrt~ r under Urethtra* Ilisehargpu, end invrurln· blly tomtd the~y ere. cured I. Hock lens (Ito, Ihrl b had pro=ym s mlusly observed, when ,.sung per paratyioliUII of Cop)·iVY, and he of ,polo, i1it is a remedy nutulll:d; and Idre that be island iru future to prescribe. for hta pmid*ls Iaxtron, ',cemhert(, 1837: D~r tern hereby JY ertifie Yelllldl'* Yp-ilu SO:Vttll is t i nun-t efficacious remed·ly, and one thati rnmeve· Uratlbrl His· eases soonecr tharn any prepl" atimr of Ctopaive he lo aver pees scribed. 7'ha dbuveran bcubtainlod calf al Noeli Custom house Ii in New Urlee.,-l MEDICAA, CAM, AND IMPrORTANT TO THE Af' nPL cTP~b WITH bfB1 A TitEATINE oat Vennr.. Dteeua. , Rob'orthery Gints an Stricture, Illeludixa pIructiccd obvurvuttanl on He m1 i {ý'urkllesr, ;las1n6 from e rly .buses, s o that all perN.,. firlI I o,tr~ne uu Vaclllrdate cure, with ea~c. rrcrecy amt afety. It is a mlelancholyy flct. that theueaods~l fill victimts to We w nereJ i e...', owig to Zh un~kl'ulccr of illiterate neat. who I 11) the use of thatdm~~d l y 110ic11, Mercury, rubs fil e co selloffo 1, andl cues' YII,-tiuu writeI blcltl"le. nn thle Bead, face olil'] bl· p', di;rult ilun like tight, noise i tl wars, aeafbeepll rral Jrhllny and~ decay of then c lllllltioi n nnunss nd a Jite little holy li,·uth pit, to period to thellir lr.ctlrl tofrerinp·. 1'Eltllt'S PU illb'YIIi. PECIPIC t'I.LS, A vermin, enfl, and Or meat l *pl·dy rel.le~lv ever dteeorereJ for tl,., pcrllullect illd iillectu El cure of tl ei~l i lEBIgc'., c, Ile Fltkaarllcans, rtl e, petitl~ll' bl in thle betas, mifrrifll* lllhollidieyes. ravel, lumbago lei UI Yldebility1 irri, tattoo ni't tie bladder Uur celhlr, anld othier lice,,.e· of ills urd, nary p I'ilupuce~frcquecltl p' ro.e~ilgu pis fact care in the rlheet bl'uer of throe. days, bIy one small liltfora time, with oxen se, rray and cl rnlty. 'I he ccrtuintly with .loot limby are eoutiuu, aIvnllly admnietrcd, call he atrtchted by many thousand... That specific plills root out every pot ticle of insidilllo~ Imitatel, part fyinlg in their progress the whlole mesa of fluid.. l'hley cot en. ly remnove the·diacace, but renavste by their irr-blll thediffser, nelt func~tionss of the blody, expelling the humnor., And their Illnnner eoso lid t adl imperc'ptiblc us to conivince the most ecoptecnl of the~ir ostnlnishllg .tie unequal power.. They nerlherconiala mercury nor any othier niinc'rdl, and maly ba taken without til e, s lightestl suspiceion or di~coc rry. They re. quire nlo restralint of diet, less of timer, or I ' ~i r.ce of buss. take,. but cll'ect a completee cure, withoult tSP bast exposure to thle pat~ient Atnlly perrld w hen that . lightest r llslilelo asy exist, it wll be well t1Ilo ban ecourre tol thle tpelelc Path, For, slllra taken before thle disease has mad. its r uplourmce, it -is us a ueraiil reventive by removing thle ennwpn~+nt tde.."tullI and seceretly. Dies.,, Perry, Surgeons, cnniin~e to direct their studies to t11ae dreadful debelilities 4riem~g from thle lml free sald inditea ere chosen indulgencec of rim passeionsl, whiceh not only me.a .ion a numerous t rain of servolll .4f etlunl and entail on its votaries all thle cllcrrn ltilg Illll cicli u al' obi tge, but weaken anid destlroy all thle brodily ceases, Occasioningy loss of ilnilginal Linn, judgmentl~ andl mentor,,, hldifrreenc U mid aversion far aI pleasuresr. Thel idea of thedir own unhauppinesr nolld despair, whichl arises frown considecring themselves as llenothlllrrru thleir owe misery, and tile, nbcasaity ofrenlllI tieing thle fetieilie. of marriage, are the Iluctuatilll oboes of those, -*Jr.' hove giv e wily, to tiles delusive end d eerrucrie h abit: D, thee tdt. tres. ig statel of debility, or deflnrllcy, aeilcthmr tile, core. gneneec of suchl baneul ftl periien, excessive drinkinga, nr rely Odler saner, b Iy which the poweorrs ul ther cooslar hutlu brcumn cnlaebled, they, ctior a trout safe and speedyI rerlclrutiu to so road vigorous healtlh. fannry's Yuuietabio pills..,'; wll known the tike corral. and Pei.i·cUIII 111811r lT .EEOIIdIP . rymlttom. venereall eruption.,lr pron.l ill tile hoells, dlemrslsd +uee thec,,t, dis.EIIJO1 ann.,,, stir~l ins rheunlurlaa. scrolule, scorbutiic still glulndlllr alfrrtlfua*, locIIal nod geeral debdtty, noctacurnal prone1 in like h-I(1 and limb~s, depreseioll oi a lrt, uu~d ell di...... ri·I.S .nine as em pure stale of file. blood. 'l'heea Polls Hi worthy n piece inl thle cnhdntet of Illll*.rr r.u captain. ofl ships, thle into.s us tIhey will keep goo*d uu all soonerslr any leng~th of Linen.. 'I'o be le;d only at No. yUi Custom. house street, New Odes,.,r DROFESS01t SW1:DOIIL'Y IIYGE~IAN NERII ~1.18 fohr the roc .ctaal extirpationl of every species selfi' v.::..l tonl of the Syphlitic disease, slid the malty dieerden .acing, fret. tile i"IlwupllPtt CH1I1IFII1 \Y'itln C',C Irox es given a ire-teen8 on Ydheres and t j ltilili~i l diseases, wish uoicrraiollr nn seminal weaknes) , q4c. k.., call-· Lanlle Iing heeeurthl knowing bIy diesm whlo are or have leadd knife, or. to L( is d read l'un sad devastating m alady,~ it, Datciesoccoutmues to direct hi. attention to these dis orders arisingF from this too free .,,it indiscrinthenla fusel "· grace opinea passional hich net only obetsione a numecrous train of nervous( aftectionr, but also entaIls on its Yvltlrles all lie enervating intllcriltio of Old tiger. In that disitressing state t .abihlity and def~liciency, whether thle conseglueacc of bane, tut Aern, rl xcesxlve drinkingly or any othler cause by whIichl the powver. of the cora iirtlo u ecufnle enf clc J, b~le afli~rsa lion,, eeftnnd peedy rrstoratuun to sound sled vigorous health.l I t 1s a melanchol fact, tat thousa~lnds fill ictim. tlo t hr s. ".rearl diseaer, owing to thle unskilfulurnra of e ho, b~y the se of thatlr deadly poison, mercury, ruin the cm, mention;; and when th Ie prrei Dellr Swsddu. bcalun Pro. f .son at Leydlen (;InIvolsil v, lie collirrFd an invaluableJ b111,-· fit often mtekilld by tin ll) dicove), o his grand Hansenau f~r thle carrot' this dtploroble comnplaint. N,!ver did a dl~coeety 'Celle a greater t,:nratioll; it taus sough t ether with avid env re, used withl under ieltilS·IuCIcl!. in n 11 most milnnute and1 iir Irll t cusrs of the delicate complaint, fir the, cursr of whicrh thugv Ilavel,ewu so long culrllrele~. Tke fro,;v of diems Pills fir.,', out Germ~ny, caused their sPEedy introduction~ll into nil tie.. rot rrycotctry. T hecI! erlablllp wlll which they, ware ontoutllelll ad eiiaistcr,"d, ran ble ettrllcd by connly llloasa ada in fat, due.~l erg the lung ecultinrntaltl war theyV were tie Ilsr.(lnlbl. Ievo,·. Puntnn utll rareguarr l o aim cebitlr, Il all uases wlnrr: if e slighitest se rpicol, n I enf, coo, ll eh entertined, What Illuliz genenrulceisfeecltonl Thle Iiygeiill I tech Polls root oult mwrrr pnrltlclu of inalllinas peen., Iplrlyiugl ini their I'r"glci· this whlole muss of tloidl; they· itl Only tenon the flatnw. hr reuoovtto ley their actions, the. different funcllnone Dfth boll-, orlpclhoan the. grosser haulersr, andll in, a tattooer de )II( a., Inmpbrceptilblu unto coivinbe thle ,tiot rC1tpicarl of theiraxlclf l oiling null unequaIllelld powers;. tile., nntlhlbrEUUtaln Ierlfrr .· any, of lire nlluerml, ncd may h Ie taken taphoeI~ the sllLhtel ·ur= piriol of di~llcoicry.-thlcy require no rcrlnlint of diet, I.·r I·f linelr or Melroseule Of IilIIIsar ll ellecl it co npleteo ro n ill · out ther least exposure to thle p! Iioat. At arc periolid wh'.b I! it slightest aurplcion may exist, itl well bes weft to have re,-oll it to lie I~y'geiuu Itcrhpdris, for whoa take., befoere the di,,.,, he- made it, appeO~ rac~e, it eel. as ., certain preventive, ra~~ vmg fit,, complaint etrecuel'I1Uly slid socrethy. Tbh leploral ti state fitI which mIany persons have laical when lvii~ itl3( if. pro' printer, from the usae of Illercary, enders it fnlperatitely y I cekmrr to caution the, pIublic against that dungeiroals mincedl whoa ~ljudrciu udl y udllai·eredll 't'hese pills sllutl form a portlion of all medl~tnl) Christie 1 ; sea and end, en sd ought [lever Ix he, onitls by any person e mg orI Inllp voyage or journey; their propnrllc, era such, u nrit hear total nor cold w ell i ndurl their quality, or peeve, [hills due tt,,tt· no Ill., rerltauten.a Sold at No. 96 CN stn., 1 ouse st, New Orleaar, T'lE MOST IMPORt'TANT IHUMAN DISCO VERY. j tLER(;Y:'AN, Itr of the 12aml,ridp. L'niverrlt..ha io. discovered a method o" curing himself of a Nevn ,. or Mental Uompiinti , of tureeieue years' durWuet h, and en tl yeare Ilavlng had ah,.ee u,00h petieete, all tite be ha.ete. cd .whofollowed hsadviede, excelttwelver oifersfrom beneve. leIe, etleher tha. gala. c icur*eothers. Iew spirilt. n. eta de hbhtr ild elehaetee.oe, deterllelnleion h" bludl to the lIad vste ti, groulllldls flear, Itlllure'bTf Ielloryt, ileatpoetily ir `bll. iels, I'dY, 4Ec., relstsllenses irrleollliO, .retcthdln ss, inde cinl, d telus iell mlelaichl., Ihoughbt. of atif detrueetliOlleti aniet.,hc...%e curab,,le by this im..por.. dl.eerye. Me.t e. cover m six w eeks. Apply to No VI C.stou haOte l., Nouw .ireil. IIEALTII AND BIEAUTY, STOMI,ºIIl PIhLL --An eminent meedical writer hai temarh. Seli. et d exlerienee has proved tie, that thol who aet attentive to keeping tile Illllnlcll slid bowels In limper order, presert • health, rlrrcent diseae, nond eonernlly stlniu robust eheerfllt ilnd heallllty niel ag for tluat .learable purpose thewe pills are adaptde,belnl plepared quta tilelatllpdler of quinine, exteaet of ceamomile flewere, and tile moet hoice stemolahie an nerlcent dirugs of tie, Mte rlMedled. They hive ie ll came., prove.; euperlor to every other ledtlicine i, tle eeeo.f alotelluh aed liver elelmllleetii., loss of apliute, ihdigeetlM , ,enSatlle of fllllltee aend oppre..ion after meali, lemerteu of reatlh, and all excellent restoratve aftt r iny exeeu at the te. ieb. sthey gentlclurge ene cleaulne tile bowetl, treongthen tie lletemach, lldlne vignrnte t.e cnuluion. Fenh el whke value ornd helth hnlllold never he witlelollt tihem a theypuw fy tile Iod, ruemve obshtrectuns, and give the skiee bhutl. ul, clear, healthy slnd hlelenlleg .ppeeteecete. Peree. orea plttholrlc habit, eho irea subjct to heed ache, gidditemu dim Iest otf sighL dtmweiless, or htts tat great a flow of blad to ite head,ehOlhl take them frequ.ntlyy Children etd pecsan of lllages, .nay take them at any time, al Ihey do not e ontain d any Ilerelry er ally iegredient that requireue eAleMeut t or restriction of dirt. They .houltd Ie kept in every faily o a reedEy ill eset of sedden illnes; for, hy their prolnpt admia. taltlle, echolera mornts. eerlllt ies pllee, lvers t lc d other a. larlning complaintsl, mayy Ae peeediiy eltrl or revetAd. Suld at No. 9dt Cioem t.nme. et, New 0leae,. SARSAPARILLA PILL OF IIHEALTII; OR, SBLOOD PILL. Tlllls excellent f eii pill is a medicine of long tried eM. Sraey Ihr oorrecthlg all dlsordere of the .tomemceh endiw. c.ll, thecomluo .ylllptell. of whbich re cwttiveneu, fiatulee rye, spI..s loes0 uyplipetitesisC heade.eb gitdienes senie ot fullnhlt alter ailei, dizeinels of the eyes, drowdeeiss ted pains it the temach ined bolteels I eilletion ppdUCeieug a teO hid elte of tite liver, and t Cuoeequent Ilactivity of Ihe bow. lit, causing adieoegealeiot of every fUnctio of the .'lw. , will ill this most excellent preparatio, yp alttlte perevet. atc.le, lb effetaally removed,. Two let three dotes will con. Tltec the afflicted of its salutary effeet. Tee will Sesloedlly regahl it streuglhl a healthy aetien aleho IlVl, bow ele eud kidneys will rapidly take iereee; ad mete.d if ld.l.o. d el, heat, pain .nd jaundiced appeernee, strength,eettLvl and renewed health will be tilh quick reoult of takirg Lbisaq dleine, according to thledlrectllll e acompapayie each boa. T"lteee plllare itartculartly eniuatellt. for.oe sntcte "gha, ctIold, ague., shortetest of heltth, ael .II htrttreltiea in the elrinary pttstges; ant If takeo eeereefreeeei ndulgmenont table, tlley quickly reetoru the sytem toe it ttueal stae tI Perseot of l lhI abit, whbo are subjecr te headache. gi.dt neh ede.weinelt and t.nging iu the eae.crliing lreot no geent e flew of blood to the hetd, healtd never he withont the,o u many dangerous symptom. wi be eutlrely harriet odby thoir is immediate use. Feer femnielthese pillt are moet trbty etetltent, ematetil all nbetructilll, the dtlalreulntig hen Icche vtrye pleetll with the sex; decrsetion of spirite. ldalloe oa lhtiL aecnete elraections, Idotthel., pleipl. id .iallelw e lthbeial, t" g, tiveahluhhyn nd juvenileIohmmto ale umph.tala. - II To Ittetiys they aerd emnicdetlley reelt lle *llt eite medicine thtean he taken daringpndgy eena adl t he be.eId ef all ges thty are tteeonelld, A- a pleunntlce, onaey ta Iptlt they unitetlit • eta me detionofmihleoperieelre iLtmhttea uteelmtl, delt.-d eeqai ce m reitrete t d I I S dae tnigir e'.d te -" I By reglllltltlthe drid ee.'.eieet lhe and i nglh oteethe p paltiutt.they beecat. eitjnbl reeeery·ej , toee 'ter e.eethetl " taebe reeqired; llldj .pecat bh.hy w'lt lha lr t I" . te A clamfeqrtee medicbie klithlete'l, raeet. r 'B eold tt No ILt..l.tot Iloetn , Net I tjeel.. t&A-lm J

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