Newspaper of True American, April 10, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated April 10, 1839 Page 4
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rftheFeder aed tpre. oined y dh*nvered . herein the Tutniu eix-. S teia to th ah e oardinay mode of tremling b e. In the first plaoe, bng nVoege S 'f4e ithm anydeleterious and poison I m, he taken with the utmmt safe S tender, or aged c otalid. It pre It iedisotpe,tisoequeoily, the euoetitu. a s its staed Itone and elnl. It esiab a~ . nth5e pptsatat, by iavitorating Fi.i. ka.1 g a Itrr1. Hhn nl teliyit rumdine - f-t tssI.a. aawan tia di·nrder, or to create b. t thttti ughly cklwnesra the reveral or a ln d thbis benefits the system - t.thest afeet-lg it may be oppressed. i-lr esa ufth Tonia Mlixtnre, have uml , ustal ca..s af the diseuse, any sympttms ofrt tratlr; whlereas bt remedie., there io alwanys erra S litg torerenurce. "he danger tMet.i the Aue, is very evident, for wnill men bascoi too much prtest Ito ,t I*flth ltedleine, and speedilv fall a ic n.ute imat riolense The 'raie tliattre is ,c pba reasonable price, as to place it n i hill f mt en, thte tti lawn ant dratitita -- e withnaeistsncew,ith,nut aoliciting ilendalnce which is frquaeitly denied to ler a eeielietantly beatowed. i thblte arIjrapectly .ealtioned against the aupl h-eathssoeihis mtediine, that are daily offered S aely eatyIDr. lolnn R. Rowatd, at his tsn fib ru tithe wholesale gevlts for the Wutern .ltaes, and will sell by the creosa, a F! .lelphia prices. T'o be had at retail alee, at t Apotleari-t i itlt city. JARVIS & ANDREWS, t. Wholesale ltriggists, sm a o CoCmmon & TecltitilR lo Mfi slei!ppl .m d Louisiana Hotel, euint-. e'ia. ,ta R8.S MARY KIRKLAND respectfully an. I nouns~. :: her friends and the public gene. irally tlat she is prpared to accommodate them at l a above establishment, and hopes from her .Ilettdsaao remder visitors comfortable, to receive • ea" [tsian oe of former favo rs. Site feels coati. .est'iat tperaoota visiting Covington during the 'smt,.n mntbahe, attnot find bettrr accommodationt Sthan Ais cah afford them, on merit liberal terms. .1 bhet m iIple anotly situated, and well itpplied lth er o -nvpentienoe; the bar is furnislled withi te. t etl ee.i.a liqdure, &c. in short, she promiseo st aeothinagshall be wanting on her part to give l tric satisfaetiotlto all who may patronizo the *I sappi and Itaisiana Hotel. jr3 ..awww, amt vr t ,na having n t. .tdied under Dr. Sct.midt of Charleston, aeth Canolina, and for some years his assistant in prsaticeoef medicine and surgery, has the honor tb or his professional services in this city. e aturmes the ladies and gentlemen that the most attention will be paid to the calls which made; ind also offors his services to the of slaves, being well aequainted with the common tothem, having attended them in segar house in Charleston. T famouas anti.biltoua pills alter thecompoaition of Profesnr Smollette, with directions, can be had f the undersigned. The eflct which they have €pcodsed in this and other cities, has been attended with the greatest success, to which the best of ferenees can be given. Apply at No. 166 Maga. ,oa street. JNO. M'LORING. S T1 WAR T - i-O--idCREWS, SAD SIRONS. &e. HE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near Beekman street, Now Yorb, have received the past season, and are cor.stantly reseiving large anti extensive additions to the stock of the above goods, which now consists of the allowing assortment, suitable for the southern and western markets. Hollow ware of superior quality, consisting of Sabeut 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 22 different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sises, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, front 3:8 to 18 gallons, . B akepans or Oyens, 7 ditfferent sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do S killets, . 5 do Flat Spiders 6 to Covered Spiders, 2 do Orlddlcs, . 4 do Fire Dogs, - G de Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from :9 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior qoality and finish, and less titan Jaote's imported S/ad rote, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for retailing. Tailor's and hattor's Irone, assorted. SBash weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to dells for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &c. I aede to order, Also steamboats and ether machinery made to tlder. The above assortment of goods is particularly ecommended to the attenotion of Southern anti Weatsrn merchants, anti are fferes for sale tt lw prieen. and upon tioe must etal terms ; it s c lieved to be the largest and best assortment ever - Ired fac salo by any one establisiltent in the hAsted States. M. erchants, by forwarding a request by mail, can have a printed circular, with description of goods, "priaesand terms, from which no deviation is ever made, furnished by return of mail. All orders will receive immediate attention. New York, 1838. .r3 Ne -ma.ERoU eNOvR COAid s New Oirleoes, Nite. 14, 10:17. A BOUT six months ago I had the misRfortunee to get , a seret disease, for which I have applied to seve Sral dectore for a cure, agd tbev did inot cure meI, so ow o e the above date I iput myself ltlder thn, care of D)octlr oIuet, and I expect him to cure mie. Since that time 'the disease got worse, so as to break out in large ulcers to the number of six or eight on ea h leg, atd all over ?n my fsee, and sore throat, and not able to work it he Spreseat lin. oi ac cout of the diease; largoe lcr oa e i the right side of the throat. I am now putting mysclf onldeitly underthe cre of Dr. luet, of Paris, to he perfectly cured JOHIN DEAN. f-: ft4 ty - BO CERTIFY that the above ment;ioed disease is . quits well cured to mty own sntishertion, for whlich I Sthank Dr. Hut; anti moreover I asscre that the tuedi elst I have taken makes me fat, and did not injure mty neslth at all therefore I adviso ny f flow sfo'erersa to lose notime aln apply to Dr A. Huet, 124 Canal s eet, tsetawee Dauhlune and Borbio streets. Ir. Sluett isat ,home from 9 o'clock, A 5i, until 4 P D. They will find a true doctor for thiu complaint. I JOHN DEAN.I0 (;ranvier street. If anty one wants to see me, call at No. 40 (;raeiol SJ8OHItN DEAN. New Orleans. F., 1,1838. fe.u 14 ly FITHE Genuine Indian Italeamof Livwart tand Hole .i hound, is pat up in bottles at the low price of .50 oents eoch, cantaiing tile strengtlt of three ounces of ivterwort, bei lea the virtues ci many other roots ond h known among the Indiana as eficacious in curing pulmonarTobmpIainte, The u drivalled success which has attended the !te of 'hisa Inestmahble Balsam wherever it hoa been intro :duaed, has obained the confidence and rec nmenda 't-ion ofrelweetable plhysicians1 for the cure of coughs, hldpain In the side, want or rest, spitting of blood, 1' I nvr compliaint,&. om Towham it may concern. 'this is to ertify that we : biae isnaur practice freqently prenscribed Mrs (;rd sn Indian Balsam of .iverworl and lioarrould, withl !idridecd good effect: we can therefore, from thci know Iqgae nftha materials it is mnade from, and cbrerva on *raperiece, recmnla end it as a superi preparation vcal thase affections of the lungs for which it is re mmnsded. AIBEE'E WILLIAMB, M. D. CALVIN ELIoS M. D. Membe,e of the Boston Medical Association. Bostone, Octuber 25. s aloeb JARVIS & ANDREWS, trb 19 Cm:non and cPael sitaolas sats SL i-f oredo'at their permanent Writig Academies No. 8' oharC"atreat, New Orleans, 189 Broadway NowL-Yark, Dauphine at., Mobile. I partlcularlydesigned for private learners. and schools and is calculated for persons ofall naes. a4des and gentlmen are invited tocall ant examine din system for themselves. J eiaou are given at seeh !lonus" c "Rlnv Fllit tibe ueosenieotee ofall, and t class founned in nny part wlaeawlho prefer it can receive lessons at their own ref Prer a jpying e tre ololes.srnaredesiredI .et al. a--: t" ' "an ele asthey wish. " hbls, 15A11 B ROTIt fi . ' W E I ,AD-6 l Ilea e- V . 40l kegs, 100 a 2010 do ,,, iglish de--95 I-4 Ibbl. 4 " NI 0Paint Brushes various sizes; I eas Verniliisot i bhls Copal Varnish; 'I" h " 01 peck. olod Leaf; 50 do Silver do; 108' do Dutch Metal. S IlDOW CGLASS, America, Ergliai and tFrench ,k t rlaes, varaus sices and qualilies. ,l t t .eew u.5Iiaboes, ncsignsent, will be . grnl'asortaametnt of artists' colours and le by, A W SCA'I ES, SNo 16 Canal treet.' l neaes ntken at p r, and Misis.sippi w ir .,nvd at 10 per cent discount for gosae, iopterth jo. lw PRILE CHIMNEY PIECE Wsano.-se a oaeamhouae street, oppoaite the poat.ofice. are now roeeiving from their fta ýuo t1rk, and will keep coantantly on astsp!ntsfMuable Mantle Piees nd.hnp, and of the latest patterns, adt Eggyptian, Italian, Irish and le. Also, Momumecte, Tombh and $teo4 . mouolded and Ju mile and lintels, u.g, hoetha amdbuoondury stone, pleater Regp dn & Hyade-.UeCoede and Planter. *iar. togetl with a splendid assortment of .ea eatd and plain Grates and Russia Iron S t4 oneweet and msot approved pitteron. kdan in theneautet manner and at the a . Tihey he"n fSnt late workmen to F4NES KAIN " BTROUD I "M Tork d& Baltimore Packets PACKETS FOR NEW YORK.-Now Line. -To nail punctually every second Monday during the season, full or not full. I h Ship Orleans, 599 tons Capt. S. Sears, C Ship Alahbama, 474 do C. C. Berry r Ship Arkansas, 627 do E 8 Dennis a Ship S ratega, 542 do W Hathaway, Ship Nashville, 540 do 1) Jackson, P Ship Kentucky, 629 do J Bunker 0 The above lhips are of the first class, coppero and copper fastened, a rd having been built in New York expressly for this trade, they are of light draft of water and almost invariably cross the bar ,without any detention. The commanders are men of great experience, and the ships will always be towed up and down the Mississippi by site unbeats P They have handsome fiurnished accommodations, 0 and stores of the best description will always be n furnished. The cabin passage is $90, without wine or liquor, and there is no liquor furnished to C a the officers or crew. For freight or passage apply on board, or to II C AMES, 48 Camp st. The ships are not accountable. for breakage ol glass, hollow ware, marble or granite, cooperage of tin, or rust of iron or steel, nor responsible for any d I package or parcel, unless a regular bill of lading a is executed therefor at the office of the eatos. e nov27 f NEW ORLEANS AND BALTIMORE LINE OF U PACKETI'S. 1 This line will consist of the following vessels, which have been built or purchased explreaely for the trade, viz: Ship Seaman, Capt. Mmer, Bark Mary, ** Nickerson, " erad Ferry, new Stevens, t Solomon Saltus, Latham, r Brig Architect, i' Gray. o These vessels are of the first class, have hand. i. some furnished oceomlniodations, and are ofa light o0 draft of water, so as to admit of their receiving and 's discharging their cargoes in Baltimoae, at the city. s. Freight will be taoken for ports on the Chesapeake d or James' River, and forwarded by the agents, h Messrs. CLARKE & KELLI IOGG, at Baltimore; s expenses on goods shipped will be advana.ed when '0 required. The price of passage is fixed at $60, 0 ample stores of the b st quality will be provided. Steamn up and down the Mississippi will be taken g on all occasions. a. For freight or passage, apply to in GEO. BEDFORD, or nov27 22 Bienville st. 11 FR1 NEW YORK. in [Louisiina and New York l.ia of .Packets] Ill K Sllhips copoing this line will sail fromn an New Orleans and New York on every other Moe ad dany-coieinniiencing on the 20thi November-and to vo insurl the punctuality in the time of sailing, the ed line, will hereafter consist of five ships, viz: of Slip Yizoo, Captain Trask, to leave on the 2011th a November. a Ship Louisville, Captain Painter, to leave on the 41 th I)cember. LD Slip lhnilsville, Captain Eldridge, to leave on tie I 18th December. ho. Ship VicksIburg, Ca1piaiin Woodhouse, to leave on rki, tie l]t J.anaary. ly Shillp Mississippi, Captain Davis, to leave oil the ick 15th of January. the The above are all naw, of tie first class, copper ndi d; and copper fastenedl, and upwards of 500 tons i urthen, are of light drunglit of water, being built of in Now York expressly fir the trade. The price of pessage is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabins are A, fitted up in the most improved aind convenient t plan, aald finished in a enrt and elegant style - Ample stores of the firit quality will lie provided, and every regard paid to the comfort and entire uatisfdcien of passengers, who will please lake no. tiea that no berth can he secured until paid for at the ofHhee of the consignees. These vessels are commanded by captains well experienced in the trade, who will give every at tenlion and exert themselves to acommndate. Th'ley will at all times be towed up and down the Missis sippi by steamboats, and the strictest punctuality am observed in the time of sailing. ior The owners of these solipe will not be responsi. ted ble for any letter, parcel or package, sent by or put on board of them, unless a regular bill of lading for be signed theretor, at the counting house of the agentoa orwners. For further particulars apply to J D BEIN & A COHEN, to nov27 90 Common ast EW ORLEAmNS &CHARLEONT PACKIEITS This line consist of fourvessel, all olf o lthe first class, coppered and copper l'ast. lned, and of aboul 21.0 tons burthen, r with handsome ncconlmodations for plassesngers."v These vessels are eonlltandid by captains wel experienced in thiterrde. who will give eery at S ientia, nin rexnrt themselves ito ceolllli-ldlr . hi shippers. They will , tiowed tp nnll dtown tlhe A Missessippi, and leave New Orleans on or before the 10th and 15ib of every month. The following vessels con lpnle the lIIne, vi : (irig Arabian, Cliarles U. rdon, malter. i Brig C iapannn,J. B. Thompson, master. it Blrig A lhinea, J. Dane, inast ,r. o Bark Roger Willians, J. Allibers, mester. i For freight or pansane, apply to J. A. BARELII i1 &io, 61 Corntton st. New Orleans, or 1.C I lcrtdPrei. Cltnitlrstei. t I -t U.iHAl.i() CtLO'S Boston antd Nmlw trrleoats Line of Packet Ships.-This new lille of ships s has been expressly built to run between the above ports, anti will be found of suitable draft of water: accommodations for passengers, and every effort will be made to give general sntiseaction, The IlOe is composed ofthlle folnwing ships: Clherokee, 415 tons Capt. J Hurding, Carolina, 400 do S Leeist, c Charlnston, 374 do D Eldridge, c Columbiana, 625 de G Barker, Seaman, 240 do J IIowes, 6 Bombay, 625 do D Humplrey. The above ships are all new, of the first lass, 4 copper fastened and coppered, commanded by men n ofgroat experience, have largo accommtodations, i with a separate ladies cabin; every attention will be i paid to patsengers, and the very best of stores pro 6 vided for tihea. The pnckets will be towed up and down the Mis sissippi, and the strictest punetuality obelserved in the time of sailing, and should the regular vesselsc be detained in arriving, other ships equally as good t will in all cases be substituled. A share of patron- It age is solicited, and the agents pledge themselvue to n aeeconmmodate as mnuch as practicable, to receive and forward goods by said line at the most moder ate charges, and to advance all expenses on goods shipped, if required. The ships will leav the let and 16th of every moath. For freight or passage, apply to the agents. J A MERRITT, 82 Common at. N. B. Advancements made on consignments to Mesers. A. C. Lombard & Co. nov27 g T IMMONS HAR'T' k& L'O, are now r reeivIntgimt on board ship Orleans. Eagle, Ilighlander, I'oker letry Andrew, French and Germno play eards; Back glioenn Bourels; Chessmen, 2 1-4 and 2 3-H ilchll Iil ard Balls; 8, , 10 anld 12 inch bllade Bowie Knives; leatler and other tranellieg l)ressing Caes; Beh, I Pncket, lloremn's, said IDullling Pistols;dulde la nd single barrelledl Guns; (date lags; Shot Belt;t Powder nld Pistol Flaeks; Dram Bottles and Drinking Cups; Percussion Caps and Cap Holders; Cloth, Hair, Tootl; and Nail BrPushes Orris and Chlorine Tooth WnstI Toeth Powder; Toilet nnd Sblvir g Soaps, in great cii rise-; long Hlir Braids, Ringlets and Frizettes; IPearl sni Toilet Powder- Emery Bage;s Ilvory Tub CuinIes: Patent Slides or earters; Gllm Elatic Stispenders; Powder Pffs anl Boxesn Gilt Chainns, Seals and Keys; Ear-idrops; Waist BoIrkie; Bnrcelets; Bead Ne-klaner anti Chains.; (tilt lla Silnerel ilenads; Itndian linodas, Itells and Plumesr Shell 'Irwtl; Side anild ressine Ctaubs; which, in aiditiot to tlheir fnrmer stock e n han, mik-s their assortlrent very coltllloo, and will he ullh ow nlld ol liberil tnio, at tIllme oi of nlae (;iold. i lCitIlli. i153-tf 71) Chlnrite ntrect. l\HE :.Sub-- riers , Agents Isii thne extnsiie hlouse of ' \ W . & . Intclir, Shenlield, Enialhnd, havel jist eceived n very extenslive l s net Io tn' es, on-ei-lie oif Talle mnil Dscasrert Knives if l' e - dsrription, 'en, Paerket. Iirk, and Sproar point knives; Rnoers, Sit sore.rEdge 'o itol,,&<. &n. &. b ehieh they arn prepnred nexhiblit to tei rade torordn . ermcs and coritcio1 will ie ,lliii i kle at lthi fillP. l fi .I. tl . I EIN & A ('tI tll l';N .5n ( ,.nmll l t.o NEW ht (;1)11IS. . l 3ll Ni, l AIblIr& CO.-%rinvice ccrci'il Sper" ship Ilhltsvnillt, Inlch, Merry Andrew, Iliih nidler, Frch nod ;, robii deti le head phfviu ; codI: ster,hi:leal pilrk t pistol s; ,lain, ribbed iil, sipli cassia. eap,; sap; sLein rs, ihzmors, ipn. vea; (illou's commcreial tand other steii pins: Vio is,; Violin tlriln-s; shell, ivolr and h neonslllll i ; w dS"i's; k. I.ll. and leatllher lurses; hair hillds, frotl mid aek ringloets; negro npuole; German andl French llter, I'lt lanlll mai.e ssla r oil, initio i o; anti l" llll hcarsni; portabairle desks and direnlg cass: past blllhlkilng stltiartnll tnilet gla:nts; colle· mirrors; op CHe gl:ses and views; Indian wands, hells and ilhnmes; cmnrdncm; white wirne; toilet and shaving snops; Iil i S wdere, ctmnelie wash balls; scented mstin u cshios; pooi l stIands; screw cushions; fancey Mhead chsins anIt necklaces; billiard balln; pocket lioks and wsallctts; German liones; razor straps; fine mand comemon gunm , elastic suqmnders, gatersldo; Bells lucifer matches; sil ster cileils; Creyosie, .&. &c. Trn above ien mhlltilo o mr former stock of liancy in rtieales, nalkesoor ssm-nienit taele'y elindefa. piet ale w ulmislesle o retdillastelesignoo f the GoldenConmi, T Clar-e sstreet_. m'. . ad ISE: AFISSt d A NEW article forpersos troubled with deatneae, (called alm Ear Tnampel) has jutaa beenll received, s, y the iofn a with ic. te slighesl arnulaion ofar he a u er n voice is ndisinetlv cotveyed to tlhe ear. Any one EI. hInst ever wtran bigeige o conveerse sitl a very nlea -ofi ges, mut llie llly ePanLible oi tibediffieCllll aed in-. a inrm.etmes eraperirao.el both ny lieinalvre . iri - lividals so nusirtunatealv aloLtel. By th.e of tbaI he Ear Trumpe. thiis lnjeenne is enlirely obvianld. Tlts msel ae.ienaial bave al ayan endivosdtilmeir doubts aster o having uaned la T'rumpet. For rasl nt 1 F GIION'E , Fancv etoens.enfa r niC-m' eta and StI Csajles. lrelta lld; Iha Elni.tsia n euel. fel, 13 BOOK BINiDERY. Under the Picayune Oftnce, 72 Camp st. BRONSEM A'& HOWSON beg leave to infirm siphi . their eustomern anol the public generally, ttn' pintd they have removed their estiblishmenl to No.72 trils, Cnmp street, inmmediately under the office of the abea 'icayune-where they are prepared to execute all nic irders in their line. team lining received from the North a supply ofpa. isgI per and material of n superior quality, for the manulacture of Blank Books, they offer their ser vices II mnerchants and other*, who may wish work of that kind : and having the advagatge of whit several yaars's experience in that line, they are jae confident if aiving satisfaction to those who lay men avor them with their custom. ofth For notaries, architects and otlhers, maps and nam plans will be pasted on linen. varnished and 5t mounted in the neatost manner, & at the shortest fling notice. oa Plein and fancy hinrlins, in all its varieties sl. tt ... .___ gen CHINA tiAS & E.R'L'HEN WAKE STI'UORE 36 Charres street, New Orleans. H W M. SERGEANT & Co. importers of French bitit and English China and Earthen ware. are ofa now opening new and rich patterns of breakfast, med dining and ten services, toilet sets, pitchers, tea p and coffee cups, teapot, sugars, creams, bowles, ql plates, dishes, tureelns, wash basins ano ewers, stat fool baths, etc. etc. spr5 Rich cut and plain French aend American glanss tm aere-goblets, champaignes, lemonades, jellies, sa clarets, aines, ctrdials, centre howles, decatlters th tumblere, preserve dislahes,eleries, pitchers,laps, ewr lamp shade and glasses, candle sltadoe, salt cel- nff lore, etc. any .llver plated, bronzed and britania wares-ares- tat tors, liquor stands, cake huskets, eandlestieks, des branslhee, sp .lons, Indies, coft eand teapots, sugars, 1 creams. lamps, japanned trays, astral stando,nod tesn hanging lamps, line cutlery, German silver spoins crt' and forks, together with a great variety if articles tie lot fimitly use. Mlerchants, planters, hotls, and the strulihoets, furnished wilt goids at hoe most rea' t sioinible prices, and plcked sit as to be eonveyed hle with safety t, nny port of the country. i Al.n, nnthrrlh riens'ti giawnt., tn.2 - THE FLORIDA LINE na Fre Mobile t Angeusto,Go. . soe leaves Mobile every day at three bet o'clocke p in per U S mail hoot ano for Ilall's I. indin, above Blakely.-therce four or pst coaches to Petlnslola-thenelteatlemhoots to hat Ingr Inee, where the lalid route is resumed-thenlce Pe via Marianna and iBrnwnsville, Fin. Itninbridge, se Pindertowo , Iliwknasville. Snandereville& L-oLis. oft villeto Augustan, Go, conneetiog regularly with ot the rail road cars it Charleston. and the steam ill uncketl to NSlw York, Norlilk, Pi,iludelphia, etc. 'The stealbontai are tlle best for the service, and neo the navigntion lreentis more advantages than can On he found uponl any stealllboat route in the south. itt ern region. wt The great improvements in the route have been on produced by the construoeion of fifty mtiles of new vet road, by the prptrietors, viz : from LaGrange on UInl'avette Ilavou, anl arm of Santa R.osn Bay, to at lirynmll's Ferry, ni the Chattahoochee river, ten toa iles above tihe Cowlrd, or 14 above Cedar Bluff, so nlwhereby the nnvigatoltn o tIhe river, and the con- Pt ,eqtieoi detnttimolis, and more recently the incon- Po velient crsaill at tile Cowfllrdl, are entirely i I lavtidedl, noil n lilne road from Marianna direct to ainbriidg, instead n f tile roundabout road vi m, Cbmtinho liher lecsei.ii lthedistonce houit trty isy miles, and iincreasinig the facilities tmore than loice day. wi Alo, ao branch line of tao horse staoges every ni 'oilt r dliayf rom Ii wkieville. via P rry ti Macon, to I Ga. connlectilg willi the ineo to Savannah and ai IlDarien, Gco. su A m;ail slte-molnnt plies regularlyv e ween nn B'iinbridc nelld Apullchicnln. Travell ers wisllinig 1 to reah ally poinlt oi Charlltnhoolcee or Aiolacah.- Pi cola, can itake stiot.onlii it i irotwnsville. Mlobile to liPensacola--I.iand RoU e-During the time ociupcn d by Ihe i repairs of ,one, tilhe propnie.f iors of I Florida ln hne will run a line of four to lhorse Ip,,e aetlchs every other day between Mo-. iL ille and Pensacollt. Ptssengers will leave Mobile at 3 o'clnck, p m, h m in the U iS mnil boat, and proceed to Ilall's Land- sr ing, where a lour horse coach will Ie in waiting to I cooney ilithe to thie excellient hIouseof Mr. Charles at ulall, I I 4 tiiil distaint, where they will lind e leasant acecommodations for tife nighlt-lcaving oI next morning, tley will arrive in Pensacola early n in ihe evening, thus avulding the discotmfort ol nilht travelling. It Offiel at the Mansion IHouse, Mobile, and Col. lis' llolel, Pensacola, where sealse mast be se.u d. STOCK''TON & Co. nt v I Pianl o Frte In.trurtlon. William Smith tenders his servalee to the citi S ens of New Orleans as a teacher of the piano Sforte. Mr S lanving been employed snveral years as a teacher of music in private families in B lton, and also at several of the female seniinarics in its vicilnity, cannot hut hope to merit their confidence. lie is permitted to refer to I ev Dr Cl.ipp, M.lesr Stelson & Avery, Hleniderson &. lGalaee. I t, i',or l.rlns, &c plieni apply at the bookstore of ie Alsexilclder To''wer,49 Cmlp st - ritt 2L S DDruCs and JTledirines. J B Prevost has located himself in this city for the purpose of trnnsacting a general Wholesale D)rug business. He is now receiving a full supply of rerash aind genuilP nrtti'les which he will sell on lineral crutn To eiiy druggists, and those ol SI tls inlterior, to physicians, merehants and planters, lie will oflfr intlucementl such as have never be. for.e bein oet red in ihis city. Ilis intention is to a do n strictly legiinti e business. Ilia stock will soon be comlllete, ond ill a few weeks will be re!a dy Ior business. All orders mfrm the country,and from merchanis ofl t is city, receiving such orders rl will be promptly attended to. i0 oat 2 No 39Coaop st I lIt LESALF: ANI RF.'I'AICO:III AIND VA IV ItlrElY STORE-at the sign of the golden conb,llo 'I ('hartres steet. The subscribers have re ceived, illnaiition to their previous stock on hand, a fll e aini iompeton assortmncat of artieles in their lile; viz: comabs, iperfrmrv, Jwellrv, brnoshes, locking glasses, floecy artidleeSc.,', e=iioictingin port as follows: (O1lll -l-torlolisc hll, wrought and plai tnack,twist, q.ailled lack hinog rmond, dressing, side paff, cnrlanod neck, lronzilian corlbs of every description amongst which are sole Mexican patters, Ivory combs of every daceriptotm, hrln, dressing Ind paekel, togetiller with a georle.rl eortooent ofFienkah rnd Anmericnn. t PERFUIM EIRYN-Cologne, l.nveliler, Florido, honey, f hab, rose,aaud orangei tower wafers of every sizeand rdes cription, amphloraled Colognle, extract of lergamnot, lollnc snllops aolfl kinda, shaving dlo ii cakes dl pots,t eream soa do, 1\'ord's veg'etallllc hair nil, bears na d aL ticiuedo. Icrestri's smerlliig nalts, plain and ttrerfmned toilet pNowder, enrl powdLer, podJerpuffs andlboxt po notno in ipots and rolls, orris and cllorine tooth wash cand iowldcas, wilh ia general asnsrtment of JEVWE.LIRY-somle nofthe latest imd most fashiona ble setls, consisting of white and red cornelian, toplr & jet eardrop, sett in filagree, breanst pins ofa great -ge tv of patterns, watch treimtings, gilt and silver ouckles, iilver thillis, silter ald goIr pt seils and guard lhainln HIlUSHES-Cloth, hair, dust ag,crumh,hearth,floor hat, flesh, tooth, plate, comb, Nail, shaving, shoe andi whitewash Ibrnslles. LOOKING GL.ASSES-German statia and toilet lossn, nagnifving ad French dressing glasses, hans o, with s varieiv iof other kinds not enumerated. IFANCY AND VARIETY ARTICLES-French and American portale desks nod dressing cases, some very rich anll finlv finished nladies workbooxesanddres sing cases with aitd without music, musical boxes, Ae corliann o Ivarions kinds, violins and guitar, silver and plated pencils anld lends,wood ipencils for carpenters and crayons, manutle clocks,gunsand pistols with and without eases percolasilo caps, pereuslont cap cbargers, nipple rew mdcivers, shot belta, gaonle bags, paste blacking,toy tea setts, lildiia eliads of every kindi, bells and plumes, fine and connllon knives, razors and scissors, thinblas, needles, int, silver plated, steel and common specta cles, pocket bIooks and walleta of various kinds, visiting cards and eard cases, playing cards of French, German anod Amliean mnnufactre, dulls, imnitation flruit,snu boxes, prmis of various kiqds, Saaterst' P1mnervy'e, EntnieIaot'o, Iillmal'nnd ld lawkin's r;tzor straops and nmetallic Ilone,dicks, finyk heitd iehklanes, do with ear drop, toV wch% griurl a lltonllsr, powder flansks, cut caud Idm aerd lbeads, gi t end siver do, gnl ela-tic nunpoen d rs, tel garteors, plainolu sworl aoe', ibackhgamolnta Ia,lirds,, oplirnl s iellest jwsalchar , Iir.onrleo elutch Se Iertinking mIiLs, o itIh great varietyoi, otlher arti el", all o,'whi It will In sohl fir aosh or city aceptan efa l Molnlli credit. It II dSI11OTlS, & co. dl o lal Gln Cartresat. I )I11' Olcdielil Illoks--l.ouii o in ihhisie; do. oil lA bhiitli , ti a 0c dO SnliplV recc biI Icl A TI'OWARt, 49 Canm n I'I'xII Oiltt-5110 gaiiohols parde ainter i SSpII (Oil, in cak a nl l hbls, for sale by JARVIS & ANDREWVS, Wholerdu." frllea'' ,t-, acnret C .lliina and 'l'chap arile l .r.ill e e, Ptr l p eexpres sly to theL reail It, also the purcsl F eoch Perfilnuery, embra ritr ccry vaietyot lot ite tioile, forn s:oe by ,el P~cl RES & D'LANG. lI'o CAlenirv Merchlants nd Planters. Nero l boths, lrlnkloati Ilunnt I, lnseye, lowell slirli0us checks, liens.l, cliclre, handkerchiefs, & &Ec el et.cived ard lor sial low by the eubscri. ' e s. R O'TlA & Co. aoc. uornor Canal and Chlartres tI I, .C . e; Il II, Ni 54 Conde .treet, between Domain and SI Ph'llip, keeps eonltantlv on hnand an ,lt'on otc ncs,rltaotenl lnhoots and brkagans, nond shoea,of New York manufactlre, far men, women r ill childrenl of all oec, which he will dispose of atnl very modernae plicer. Famnilies al his at qintneone on eending tn nrder , will have their wishesll attended to I S SEOUR J EAN AIARIF FARIINA'S.I COlOGNE WATER reasets inre of thin unperior Cologne water, just . rejeei andi ftlle sale el tile dozen or single bottl:. Also American and F'recoh toilet iovwdrn, powder ruffs and boxesr, llaving and toiilet soaper, ro omnlel wah belle, milk of, e.naleli, ecoll rsna, extrae o ntask, khlmlnha, Walrd's vegelable hair oil, pmnauanlta, crttnee ee;.ere, Florida,l lavendar, rose and bay watlem, CPresetiW'r l'tIr, laraeille puertfmery in erunko, veget hie r ulliquid ounae. Chloriie and Orris tooth wakl cloth, hair, tooth, nail and flecsh rrm lies toagether watis on additional -hgitly of fatIlionable horn and shell conlts and jenllli y,,r sale low at whnle.ale or r tail by " IMMONSO, IIAR'r'r &Cf, ju!y 6 10 Chartres street. 'l'IIt: INIDIANl I'ANAt.EA. R ORthhecueofheumatism,.surolaorkingsevllgont, R r eiatica or hip uout, inioclent cancers, sit rheum, siphilitic od mercurial disees, particularly uleer s and 1iinfultcrctions of the bones, ulcerated throat ar" nuo trils, ulcers of every description, fever soes, and internal Cy shsessee, fistulas, piles, Iscald head, scurvy, biles, eiro- to ,,it sore eyed, ertypli, hlothes, and every variety iofu salnmus allection, ehtnie Catarrh, head ache proceet, and ing from any rnd humor, ipain in the stomach mad dye. exit pepsnl psroneding fromvariation, affeetionof the liver, em chronic inflammationof the kidneys, sanl general debili- o ty cased by atorpid action of the vessaels of the skin. It nise is siaalarly effacious in renovating those constitutions lth whieh have been broken down by injudicinua treatment, liciti javenile irregtulrities. In general term, it is reom- nsoa mendaed lla tlllholediseaes whicEhariso from imptaritiis nar of the blood, or initiation of the humors, of watever arias name orkind. nosl Some of athe ove om aintsmay require some tri- Pir flinasistant applications, which thecircumtanes of the mel case will dita ; but for a general remedy or Purificator ol to remove the caus, the INDIAN'S PANACEA will generally hLe foundl uffiiet. TO THE PUBLIC. flow true it is, that modern Physicians, n their am- ofa bition to excel in their profession; eiplore te vast fields of science by the aid ofchemistry, and seek out new re- on. medial agents; in short, to rrive at perfeelion in the ly practice by means of set alonei,--entirely ovellook and,, negleot, as beneath their nonce, therich and hounteous atores ofmedicine, which the Almightly has causel to spring out of the earth ineveryclime! Andhow mula Uni more true isit that while the American Physician looks top. to foreign countriesfor many of his most common and tim necessary rticles, perpetually changing as they are at A thedictates offislhion orfolly, he is aurro.ded in lis i l own country withan endless profusion of medical pilntl, ot stfficient to answer any inldicatio ill disese or to cure Get any curable disorder; and yet he is ignorant of their vir- tli" toes, and they are aufferedto 'waste their healing on the mua desert air.' The effects ofvegetable medicines upon the system are temporary-those of minerals lasting. The former ex erttheir effects aml pass off-the latter, mereury ill pal- ity ticltlr, act chemically upon the solids, decomlposng the bones and undermiaing the eeastitution by a slow andt sure destruction. Thie congeniallity, eimeiency and SAFETY of vegela hle remedies over mineral, may te estimated by contrast ingthe ancient practice withtilemodernl; or, tobring it moreimmediately ulader our own observation, th" Ilndi ii'praetiee with that of the whites. Who, iu America, rm as not known orheard of repeated Instances where do some dlecrepid, uipretedlinlg female lndian, by mreantof her simlde remedliesalone, lias affected thle mot rapidid and astonishine cures, afterthe Mlateirl Mlleica of the l -ammon loaetlce, directed in the most skilful nanner, has foiled? And who has not been surprised at theon- om parativease and facility withl which the lndian frees him- e self frm any disease, and at the almost onta abstiuenee ofehronie dia ose among them! Who has reel heard ol an Indlin witha eolstitutionl broken and ruinedl by a-' illtr.atmentt And can a doubtexist that this happy ex emlpti of the savage from most of the ills whicha the b esh ofman is heirto, is chieflyowingto mnore gelits aal safe remelies which lie employs. l'lltis nsionish ing dilference in success, is a fairexemlificatinon of the infinite superiority of the limple an safe meals of eurei which Gal has erletll far tlhe henefit of lhis children, overthllose which the pride and the art of man have in- ' vented. Ct, From a long residence among aportion oftheaborigin- I alinhabitactsof thiscountry, andan intimate auasnll- P" tanee with tle, meldsl of cureof sonme of theirl most successful placetitiunersl, the lirprietor ol 'The Inlian's I Panlla:,'aulllred a knowledge of some of the most powerflisnud faoriltereloies. Frotllheso heSelected snle as were most efictacious and appropriates, and after variotusexlrinlertstl testlt eir ritcplel s and strength, t Ilie ilas coniiled them it the feitna here itsenited, as tle most peirft et anl bLcefieial lor the purpose Ibr which it is recontuelnlel. The proprietor oltrsthlis preparation to the public, ie h withll the consciousne,ss thlat lie is acii g withinltheir sea, ha Sremedly eapble of relieving many of his afflicted fel low eillns, wlo lel sut l.lf ttng unlter the various clhonic nui d ntdhsnitoleecnoitlaiets to whiclh it is altplieable. T'o Isulch it will prve of inelculable allle, as the means, Sandl in Iany cases, the only neans of trliecingltlheir sul.- r Iillngs and restoring thenl onle mnore to hleitll and hlp- a ptets. 'Thia is notolterelt as a common iretieedy, that mly per chance le eqlully good with many others now ill use, bIll as ionlle obhiht is ccalale of s.lvilglife illmanoy extr eamcases ec htih all tie nnulualretletiesfail. This it icts donle repeatedly; and this is the reputation ithasob- l e tailed wherever ithas been of It is only ahout three yearssince thlis preparation was fi presented to the Oublie: but in that short space of time, at Ssome huntdre lof"persontsmight beftound, who wouldcid Isolemnly declare that they believed that their lives were hi 0 saved by it, anda in mos cases after they hall tried many s and perlaps all the colmon remedies in viita. Whet- hi d ever it is knonwuit israpdly comling into use, and this It g fforldsthlelnost substaitialnd ldcoInvciclng proof of it ta y merits. n li The value of the Panacea i most conspicuous in those " long stlnding and syphilitic and scrofulous aflfetions it Swhich hlave dcletd all other re.nedies, and prlticularly ilnithose eases where mercurI hls been so lasisl!y used a a s to eallse distressing pains ill tile bones, nodles, mlere ri rial utlers, Ierlageneunt oi the digestive otigin , tc. These it completely renmoves, catin Iell cases it entire ly eradicates the disseases lt ellects of mercTry, renan votesthe eoltitustiol, anll leuvestlle Iutiret Soundl an wdll. It Ic llactia tm ellt idl teelltolionlt w thlrot, its t hltappy effects are not less aIparent, giving aialnst imnie a liaterelief. Tas I aken in prop.r doses, thelmlian's Panlera operates :e" as an alteuative and detergellt; adiaphtrli, lilll·etic, s and laxatives, an anll-5sallnllic ail tttnoltnei l aid itn proper eases, asnatomaaiicatl a mtrenroagoe. itecet of ily exptressed, it increatses all the seeretatiolls idt ex cretillna, givcs oniee to te stotllleI, all e i xtl teileaelilll ill the glanldsitnapeaticullarmllaler. Fro a these princi. ples itsoilleiitns luay lelie ullnrslllt. for l'hisedtitie has tIene f toudniiav iuefti in many ie ambignlla diseases not here speilicel, anid it has e lused with wonderful lccess as a Spring ianl : Fall IIu ell rifler, by thosewtt urewhn snocl:tl n icomplainleofthechest, ainit whose eonstitlltionsre.oirelew tiloni. Such peIi r Ssons will dio well to use t vo or three Ioules in i llull d o S ses. Whetnever a dliet lillnk is onllsilered necessaly, e. tI:is PIanaeea,taken, in a snailllmisi,; will answer all its to purposes, inll me les lctime, lit less expense, nidtl il a rill fat mlore agreelablle llaller than, the comlmonll diet drink. an The following certlieates, olt of hundreds similar, nd which might he l prcted, are given to show tlhe efict of era the Ildmat's Panacea, ill te variOlls cEompiklitlslt nerein mentione;andd alsoto exhibit in the imost stitisfattory Smanller ilssulperiuriy over tie syrllp in col1inoni use. CASES OF iIIEUMAfTISM. IA CIAaCLEcSTOn, Nov. 15, 1832. den Dlringthe last winter and spring,n I was alilited with ro- avery severe anddlistressin rehlumatista, occanioned by full exposure in hall waooller. I now take reat pleasure in il: stating, that six lattles of the Indlian's P anaee, restored sea, me to perlect health, and I confidently recommend it to all similarly aflicted. a JOHN FERGUSON, King st. nUd uAIILESTON, March 27,1832. gt I wats selzed about three years since, with a ilistressilg i ,he atlnnism, caused by takuig n severe cold, while unler theinlhielee of mercury, and which has disabled re y, from llsilness nearly ever silnce. Iluringthia pieriod lae- o et en elltla latiellt in tie iMac'ine lospitll, in hliis ci; ot, upwarlsol four months, and leatly the same length lcilte in the Ilaltimore Itospital, and triell almost ever all retedly,With little eloefit. Ot the titli of Febleari end last, atthat time scarcely ableto move about upon crunltch po es, I commenced the so of Indian's Palinaea. onll th monthl I foutl myselfnctirely faced from pain, anl aon Inow happiy to stat tiat I eonsilcle l myself llerfectly well. one . WM.. v UCKE , 13 M.I, ,arkct st. - . ..p_..e I.. .11.111111. 1111.r Ire 111.e CASES OF SCROFULOUS ULCERS* NEw YouRK, Sept. 10, 1810. Thllis may certify that in the fall of 1825, 1 was seize gith a swelli in ily neck and face, which afterward Icerated anti became large ghastly ulcers is my neek. flertryitgsveletalphysieianstono advantage, I wen' rPhiladelphia, and dlaced myself under tile eares )rs. Phivse and Beach, when, after repeated stdivationt ano efl'et, 1 was pronounced utterly incurable. After. raids I ook twenty bottles ofSwaim'a Ponaoea and eight ottles of Potter's Catholicon, with no material benefit )espairig oflife, which had now become a Imrthen tr ne, I returned to my parents in New York, ill 1829, ans snve myselfulp to a lingering death. Hearing of thi ;reat succass of The Imlian's Panacea, however, in case imilar to my own, 1 was persuaded to try it, as a last w. tort. To my great lurprise, as well as satisfattion," oonfound myself rapidly recovering, and upon takinl ven bottles, the ulnershealed and I became perfectly well in the coarse oftwo months, and have remained so ever since. I make this statemeo and wish it published lertlle benefitofthose whoare suffering under similar scerfulous or syphilitic affections, that they may know hat he curtedone who has sufl'ered every thing but death, tatd who considers his life saved by the above sy. up. WV.M. IIINHAA) C.IsnIILcsTOr. July 12,1 831. I was amiete'L, fosry. owhht.anulwt et tl i tt s, ot. easinoally accompanlied with crysipeltatolus inflamtltattlL and excessive ai in llthe leg ad anolt jolit. Several minenttt physiinset everted theirskill upon it, but with ots permanent benefit. In thiscase five bottle Inlian's I'tanaea made a perfect cure. MAIRGAIRET A WEST, 121 Market FPorl sale by HIENIY IONNABIEL, druggist, agen otr the Irolprietors, 'Iehoupitoulas street 16 N i)TlCF- l:-The partnerlhip of Kellev, Masllo &Co of New Oriean ; Masaon, Iarria &Co., of Natches ; nd lnarri, Kelley &Co., of Rodney, was dissolved on h.e 2st of May lastt by tile death of Samuel A Mason, one of the partners of tie firsti. The underignetd, surviving pnrtners, will Ie Ihargied with tile settling andl closing said business as fidlows: .evi C Harris will attend to thle settling of the hllsiles of Masono, Harris& Natchlez; and Htrris, Kel er & Co.,at Kiodney; and Henrv Kelley will attend to he settling of the httniteos of Kelley, Mason & Co., at New Orleans. ilte naites of the several firms will be aued ill liqaisltilontnl. Tthose ihldebted to saidi firms.nre ernestly raqlletetl uorte forward ndl italie early settlesentse and those aving claims will please presenl1 the without delay. I.EVI C HARRIS, IIENRY KELLEY. New Orleans, June 27, 1837. F RESII GARDEN SEED.-The eubnertber begs so express his grateful thanks to tile pube lie, for the liberal support le hasa.ceived since he commenced business is this city. Being stlde pro prietnrof the seed store, 17 Common street, he i" not and never was agent for any northern seed oendert neither is he conneesed with aIn house in this country-but he assures the public that his tonneetions in every department of the seed busis ness, in the different countries of Europe are equal to that of any housse in the United States. lie int. pgrts sered', plant, &ke. from the most exlensive and respecahile nlrseries and see atesen in France, lolland, Enlglnnd, Sntilund, and the no ttera stater-and it will at all times be his inreresa, as it is his study, tos receive, in addill;st to Is p~rtsent stock, large ar ivals of every deacription, really the growth sit 1838: also, ene,.ited tro:t lse.s, of all kinds. The public olny rely on haiding it lull as. anrtluent of every article in to.e seed line,ol genue ne qualsty, anid lttmported dltlect by W m. DINtN. Royal COllege of Physicann, London. JUs HE original Vegetable Hy iitl Universal M iedi ine,. prepluret iy w li tis , Esq. .lemnr oit t n Reval College of Srgeonat, Lienlilate of Apntte ry'sComlpany, Fellow no Bolt Court Soniety, Sorgeon o to the lRoyal Union Pension Asoiation, Lancastr cha Place, Waterloo Bridge, and i'erpetual Pupil of Guy' ali and St. Thom1ls'sHosplital, London. This valutale melicine, the result of twenty years' experilnce anti unaralleled suleess in the extenlsive amt hiohly respeentable of the 1o''riety, patro nised by tiheb fculty and noility, aod isnoow introtuedt ing tothe notice of the American poblie, at the earnest so lieitatioa of a number olfgentlemetn of long and high the stamlig in the protfesion. It is hlo let, as a nselimr- c nary stelp, to check the eills and Fatal n onsequene sit arising from the use of the numerols anid deleterious net nosatrems toiste upon the public by the aid of fabricated ci prot'sof miraenlous eures, anml other frauds, by n set of ed merenay, tnpriteipled pretemlera. an totally ignorant let al medical science, that it impossible the monstrous fin delusilm can any longer go down with the inttlligent thi ioeople ofthis ountry. These pills, miltl atagralathle en in their nature, shotdd be kept in every family in caes ti of sudden illness, for, by their prompt administration, mi choles, cramps, spasms, fe oers and oither tlarmig pr complaints, which too often proe fatal, may be specli ly nuret or prevented. In fact, all Ithose who vahe good or health, shoulld never be without them. They are htl' at in packets at 50 cents,$t tid $2 eanh. by aoe respre p0 table dltggist, bhakseller, and venitorof medicine io till United States n t I be Canados, with copious dllctionlls, i, together with: estlmonials of professional ability Ifrom I the follel ing emitent gettlemen: Sir Astley nlter, J of Abernethy, James Bltnltell, M. I., W. Itoh, St. I., ty J. Aston Key, A. Frampton, MI. )., and numerous a others. The originals may be seen o possession of the is General Agent, by whom the medicite is imported into tii this country, and to whom all applications foraggenecies n must be made. of JNO. HOI.IIFIN, 19 Waoerli Place, N. Yorkh, Sole General Agent for the United States, &e. t.. For sale by appointment of the original proprietor. c Ity SwI.s &£ Baomeon, I)ruggits, No II ICanl strert, v (eLner. Agent afor Stattllhec of Louisiaa. jul v8 Id 1E tlItY It LEI & co, No S Magatzhe street, are row receiving from ships Nasville., I.uisvilles, t etileky,. Eagle, atnd other late arrivals tran :I'nh d: t ern cities, a large and new stlested :tssoltul t lt It.ils, Boots, .hoes andl Blrogns, si aonsisting ol'geotlemet's file calf auml Morocco beoots do J quttlity1 do bfPllt, ant stout wax pegged Ioots a n weiariona lttallties; mnen's fino calf sent and Moricene rha Ip mllqps amt hbrogues, buckskin shoes, Iro..ns amn ailllll me's fi ol aoll hit kippet pegged siloeSoMl I rogas; do hoots; do slcout kip :lul wal t peggettloslts a lI brogaIs; gentlemen's best quallity cal'fsewed shoest, t ,ltogans uald Jack Itowigins; do cnlf otil Mloroccoo i' nlile dules and lbrog.ll s; on calf, se:d sllid MIRotec,: I tilan stoes anti slippt es, do calf, uff tiun" seUtit wOngsll a. ew arliele; do line call,; ei.l aud morocco quar:t' ol lotsl Ioys', misses'and children's pegged and swedl Ii br ogans, adll ates ufevery Itualitytiao khitl. to Also a general assortment o. Ilells atlout wsln HIaol rent brolty anll l shoes, toglther wilkh 1t0,(l)tt ai, ir agrto tast qualily, rnssett hroegois, nailed in tli il loaks, madle expressly for plantation use; a gaol an-. t i rement of men's fine andi stout kip russetl Ilbr.galls, a Sw artlile, and a itirge quantity of all ilferior ualil) it re assei can brognlls. Ladies' fine callf seal, morocco and grain welhs, and l pmp sole dnshoes; lin file lFrench Mlloron anno kid rtole ia'ntu slippers; do rt.i shoes, willt and without htels; It calf, seal and stout leather bt.ote:s; do 'rntella soti es t tall kilnds and qualities; do lasting lbrongms; nio g.iter l and foaxed botnotees. Mi/ses' lahtinglspritgl .hoes:lmt r ,gnus. Chiliren's colored Morcoco tid ltatling btro I ls rand bohots, Ioe. t;eotleit'osluel' fatshiounble black silk Iats; do ilackl tn Idtirab beaver do ot a superior quality; do imiitatin ILts ram o; brouad andi narrOow brim mleln's liolle dlb aif I:; lk Rtassis a horlt plllll It ats, :l Ianew ilitle. Yottthsi 1:u, e size has oi ditlerent qluallities; do clillren'.. .i M'a anol bc)'s black and drah wool hits of ,:vlios Slu pes, with genelral :unlallmet of byts' t llld mlell 'a 'I Ills asontientt will blie replenishott hy the arivl of o- It piaeketatlro the anoUe clned cities, all it whichl ,. itt I it s teol onl eo lollllll tiiii ra . - ltot I- i' it MINTl-titrli's BAW L.t FOR THE TEI, TII. T IIEtettlilltt h od repulttio ltittl n tI y nltotit t tIl irello ;ll detanl llc thlit i ell'l tbuI rellol y oi' ptinh, llnt i ire ~servative of the tceth,u hlas nl ced Ithe nsub(riberi offer it It tile American publi'. ArroIneeLite ini la (tin Ineen umth. Io .oplv ienliS i ll h pin(.teai title I tand towlt inl the Unilte Sntate, io n0 to hlace it itlli i the reach ol those suffering and likely IIo sllter lhis mlUn re haruasing ofull aebet, 'l'otiitl-tlr. ret a ltronlg tLith It leule The ii lliap lienll t IIIn . se lemedy are silenl'e ilUlllno IeIt all cuOt |el dea ll,.l; illllt Its the lti go ntl litItiirn of olr lttt in l tlili.rllt secttiuo ioll tl h ply lrVo thatliotll en tlr.eetitdyitriello'd oiih ideli'.l'f uot i tlte lni .t ellai.,t. II rooh he ii'- if tiheIl i, hii r re0 d.l? itt hi elr (li.r the Illlic .oo) ) their estlillllmll IIo iiiio , rivalled qi litles. It ill ln Illllallln rlledi , o tIl li I 10 orllllllll t lut lhe wlols PIt lice $1 lter Ilh. Sold blt is. JAIt.t'I & ANI)tlI"I\'1, ie r 5 (ilt l'or tee not l nd T nlno t "l-. tt i . I -',.. it s . moo-.. , ee 1 n. l.... .1 . 0 ' Il ite ode JOHN II IitAIIAM. S slO ItU II'I'OUN & AoflNALL'h (10. MIOI UNIt T'ONIC MII XTU REi.-A speedy S o and cotaill cure for tile Fever llnd Age, roemittent and intermittenllt tvers; IprptireId Irenlll thi. origical recile. iUsed w'th eoitmeet and uni versnl ulccess In 1832, by poersnco of the hicghest relopctabihty il this city, as stated in tihe aninexed certifieates, This miedicinei is highly reromnoendid, and Ii. been extenslively uled coi toll. abovie d lhlasls with I such distinguishied succ,0os, that thc iproprietor of tihe recipe ills bhcon induced to ohlr itc to the ilibii. lic in its ,resent forim. in the holpe hat it imay Ibe tihe means lo relieving mallly of iOth e ho aire sulcering undeIII the seourgeo o our country. It is a necdicine possessing great virtue, and wheln used according to thei directions has never filled of effecting a cure, even ill the most obstilate stag;e of the disorder. It is not at all disagreeable, and persons of the weakest stomalchl, and childrenl Illily take it with impunity. It strengthens the digestive organs, creates an appetite, and seldoml requires miore than one, or in obstinate cases, two bottlesi to effect a cure. There is noither mercury Inor c arsenic in the medicine, nor any thing injurious to the humani constitution. The proprietors are so well convinced of its efficacy, thr.t I hey agree to refund time price of every bottle which has been I taken in accordanc~ with the direct;ons and has not effected a a perfect cure of the fever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent for New O)rleans, at his wholesale and retail drug and medicine store, corner of Bienville and Clartres streets. For District Agencies app!y to je5 T. W. SMITHII, 48 Conti st. PENSACOILA MANSION HOUSE NEW CITY, PENSACOIA. TI. IE sub:rilrbnhavig pourchased the hiise and fcr . aitureof this well knlwn natablishmciloi, froinlMr Taylor, thie late roprielur, will be leady to receive o ii ters by tile lot el' April next. Numelrous oand costly ihUprovements will be fincnd in ithe arrangements of the 1icuicsilon House. New tndi mrn cooioiMliiis bathing houses will Ie built. au Swanr bathsi will be proveled at ill hours. A stable . will ie attached to tihe house, with good accomliiod t lions for horses and carriages. First ratu Iiorses Iand Secarringes will also be kept for hire at ccoderate prices, ii seii aiul Unl row Iltas, with perslls tiio UiaUicge he nfor chtios oofoistllers. Ilillilrds anl other o mni senes i usually founde at watering places,will alhube thrnished, e and so conducted as not to interlfere with thle comfortl and qlrieto'tlle borders. 'The winesoandi liquors will be eh tihe best quility and to ensure a uil sPioy ,iel ic, cnargo as lready beeu ordered, which l i) about thle let eol May. r Frederick Ilaraardn who forlecrly kept stc pnptlnr oeal ahtciat WashilngIIl city, will eoillllbct oeis hl) el for h lthe prollrleor, i be, with sulllh nlil,eon uidellltlv lss rrt i the cioitrrs of lnst ycar, ii ia hifrcnd s gcnerotly, thot t they will roeive iuery maisiitle ;otcnic tioll; Se ii'ricc oy to r ie gel.cral stliflnrtlioll. S Tie lcdl illVlnlllse lr tt housel are tlo we ll nfct clit Pmscoll ic the loarcsi cial ciatclll of lhe (Iovrlellllo " itilc geillrll rlendellls oiecie tIultstoiuloq . "reni thle eo.icitiUl oC ill iii e refrei nnllaiMllllll i nlinill' tie sllllllllu r molthsl by lhe coolest I rcew.e.'..lin h rthi Gule tic, Ilincltv of ttic beoy and the icigthbonric e in ioIn nld rivers; ihie altundonl.e rncm delircacy ei Ir fihll with which tie waters .beoincdt andc is poxim.itc, to ble. beet Southllern llarke, give I'elolcoih the r; [lTnce over all olier plreos in thiese tlllllciIder a i ihelthy and delghltful heUlu erc reiIet. icrsl rule bkls wiUll ru betweiel 'Ceso.ola ailld 3o bile, and will cit all times be able to take ite tp.oercgnrcl - frot thle New Orlenslbouts. l N It ARNOLD. to rPensaccla, Fel . 15li, 18t8. S' ntlele wishing to C.ngage roeou for theirm ino falilteir ,cn address the prtprietor, it 'Pesacol, .0r Mir Sewell T Taylor, the formei r proptritor, t ei.v Or, SReferences. T Scalfiorl, Fosq, tMr C Cilllle , n MeApin I, :q. I.t. el- Kinhv, in Mobile; S c Tsylor, P 1' Ran, Esqi, in Nil to Orleanh. cb i' So-A letter bag, Io receiv ecllcloiniletioills for persons at tlh chobe Iotel, is placed at lieu Whllilnla's rnd ce, 51 G t Cthares Excr;lllbge. 00 FI.ORII)A ROUTI': IOtR NEW cYORK. S cl Trivellers desirous of takinog Ile Ilor ida rol re, via Peuch coln,t te, he North, are infirneel nd t firsi rate, boats will Chllstlenlv rmo fron. Mobile to. Peieuaola, leavinc Mobile and Pcsancola every o ther dan v eaie teo i - Il of lMay, (GM sntiges will al'ays be priviiced it or tile subtner;r to be ik rendilnss to lake bpassnengersrl k h Mobile, in case of ihe failure of che bonte he bN It AKNOr.dc The Tceslalonoe Cllanpion leaves Mlobiles Ior Peous co inl wice n week ito QRI ed A NI)REW SMITH & ClO., respectfully infoirmn leA their friends and the public in .encracl, tllc , they occupy the new brick shiop, 219 Tclloutitoules , street, wllcre they keep constaitly on heicd Copper, tel Tin and Slieet Iroc Ware, of every description, so. sich as copper stills, kettles, and p.n'pr, tih bath. la ingtu n, and cil cans, of all sorts and sizes, and all c other brass casting done at shortest notice. G (Grate liars of every description, ecclh ins sealon. ii boat stirrups, hog chains, screw koltt, acot other cit kind ofstconmboat work, such nas lhicneys, be.vioo i ie eC, steam nPipee. TI 'Fhey .will sle do all kinds of out door woek, oo su oh a zinc, copper and till rofing and guttericng, r &I.c. They hloe aond alt othor klodll ol work ie thsir lino of business, threy will exccule at the sIorltes notnt. dec27 JUST PULISHEDFR OM ST EREOT PE PLATES, The FVt, Kdiliono f ROWLETT'S TABLES OF INTEEsT:C o f10 ahicll is nse de otd on Avemgoe 1Time Caleala tor, or easy methodsll fo fiodlhtg the average ine We on storage, notes of haad or bills of goods, when or-r. t chased at different dates, on different credlits, and for vaious motoatlsc bdeseslsefol anl .otapleteohankitig Th lime Ta'le, the beelhat can be contrived, or that B gores can pr itntee within the amee eondoselid compaso, and size ol t( pe. At adverisement in the book is in nearly the follow logoordes: TI Tiheigh istlinetion this work hasl reeeived through the ten legislative acts prefixed to the title e, is a re commebsiotion in itself, so uncommon,, ld so onecluo sive, th t nothing is neoessary more than by way of ad vertisemet, togivea condensed view of some of its pe cliarities: as lor instance, the lnterest has bees Cc ed from,and compnfed with, what is equivalent to tr- - teen setsa enfealottiote, examined in the press thirty five tinies, and printed trom stereotype plates tested i thirtyty-ene times, from all which it mtst be evident w even ito the entic (eeilly on t rnl of the tie t pil of proof in the prelbee) that the eork mst ite arilh- li meticalty ilfullible, and in eonfirmation of lthis beliefl'n FI ptremiltm tf two titootrett mn' 4O. dollar,, is now offer- 1H cll for the deteetion of elt-r ,s ot ill the reseet It or fifth editlioa, as exaroisedI in al'oefo e, mokbng frive Pl lare-e piemions uffered for the s.meror sioteethefirst N pnollention in the year 1805. One .l the most cotspiecetns features of the tables is ilthe arraongemenot of the Time and Amomnts, wich N frt' expdititst, rfoisrence undl persdicety, with lthe help of the side andl index, cannot he eracelled; and the asfty ty anl ease with whiih thle in:ernal can be founl to the exlett of general bilsites, wilhont tdoubling of aims is besideos l eonvenienee so esalentiall, that ill the estima tionof somse oi tbe most competent and practical busi ness men atd poblic ohtiiers wh hare made great use of the work, it has been distiniguished by the honotable appellation l eff "master pinee". AM onosidllerig b the intilliility of the iiimhod origislly adopted ill n composing tile work, and tile extraorituiry outlmer anil variety oftlthe cxaminatioons, andl tests ofeveryedition it Iosiasseclihl the p.ress eotwithlantdingthe whole is in stelreelype, esosiierleig. in shfirt, tlie positive aeluracy setniy Ity tite onwrL eedeoted means employml, the no Im ibshens Ichlitlls and eiptiatteally styletd "tiLe most wonterlttii book Ie tilte waslk;" most certaintly oi mancao rnmes figure work of the samne extent, which siice ts beigiiitiiigol creation, ias had thie maoe num- d bI. and variety of eots in tile scme onmber of editors; i ino, nzrmone halfthe niumber, as is clearly sow ill tt e ti prelihe.c Ieoils-,st. atest and stiandard, it kas tien tried and treced itearly nil ithe laik ai i pibliclfices in the - nitildl Stetes, sod hv the pdblic genernlly, diiing the tang Itliod of ttirtv:fie resr,vr yet io errer of ille al. - cdatiois ie s evstr bit i Iinmi ii ptriit, althnegh coetiiui ally clt:dlengedl by the ofnir of very large ipremintms. Ihie booki.ib iit ilet expressly adipted iby all theouts oflaw el mv-ral of thle Slaties as tle " rate of caleolasllonl Ifosetallnte ilteellct," ealalso hy law for bank interest, Iecorditsllkc thie lIeek is iut,0 a ssII ay he seel ine ila't, II) e ,,.nlees ofl the stbscribers, and a few of lse sllbsellensntc! hllsers ilsthe list at the enl o teie book, Isiln )cssvRiaS efevery dots oe CitizCos- ill everey qlae - te of Ite Ulit etl Stales. It is mnreovevr well iknown that, hy its rearly heck, I it ihas so elell leteted large errls long after tiey were Hadl - vesi byv tile meost e:tieul ald miot eotllt.silet in'itmestlici:l-s-i , fat its usntliLnes·ts andII tile absolllle lc cessity Ilor its nst, lavo Iseeitn aitnsiysly inslstie s ion, ii so evidents irctcdi, lave iiren its l hatailtgei, aiol its atilgs, ithat ,sei rrl- v--srsuigsl, ohilst tile first ledilioen A twassintece, nd (iiit of Illilit, grltal .lllnl)er of r setold ii:id ioIIies were Sais5hl ilr, some to a gre t distlnlee. an ld pIIu at iiuis riiilo - rll i.s, iv they could iocensiEn atlly le ;ickieL s at frola '.l to *25 per cojy, and nlllse ipsOlls have i'receo.,y hclarell, nl instances e 1osllllle q sItliiiedlt tllitstsi wU(I1 I )$5l, 1liX), aiind ~S5I t;ir I ri e , Iintlto bi had hel iss, slltll aIt illdividiii ill tie tItlT ilistanll-(i liritvrly, buin : ll the 1 5lll iilnc rxhihile *1 1nhtcary iprd, t;"Io u'e,.'ld inrsonls pr- sentl thal w( hian it wats Ire:tly worlthl Ihat mtonlty andI inortlisn g thl lilt i tiiii- vl him til.l v i:alhe tiitte, lie e-eisg - s risetih eio l and U ss'.s blsc seiiea IIIt is lisawis: wisthv of illtice, li indeed lreper to imllpt " , thia|t ~sis si t eisle illl s e tille work glnelrally and al wcintly whenl of tile extellt andll imporlalne of thiies e it Ilas, I, lll t ha h thi Ilsllo k 1. itls like oio Ii plllllpm el inl Ihe osual tmallner. .Ionet by thle moeSt cmeonltent ct lcnlalsorsii i tile wirlsni , i ll aiscrwts rdIs priit-d ntosttI enltisly in lloller his owll correction of In)of sheets, it woel, allost to a elitailty, h alV. i i. i slllefe fir re frcenre,and dlealr at aey )rice, as the preaHee dartieu h;rll explainls. Ilutsopleriftct and vainalde hare the sterieoty pe piates of lhis worktLeen made, that to scenre tIlenl, withtheir ollmercus alnd extl~l(t'rnina"ry exalllilla tionlls, agnillst tie fr thih geslleral bessitl, I hey ase (by adverlieselnt) eolstantly klt t in a plce of spessal saidyeiliia whisissc its prisiilin. Aisptll~t, ~csi.sstsssisi ' io hissillsslilsslbs.iisis.iisi Alllr,'e di;etins fin llll t1 h ianllks tand sll ..tatlt( intoi' t'st Wi h ust'lill noltes, fiblhw ithe rl·lell:lc'e, whcllh, ill Ilis ilh -as ill IIs tws pr'csllih. .dhitis, ti mllllllilUIeC ill II lliii lla l ll the tw(i ) l-fllsll {m del of o)ilIo p t ing ielnt- ,t 2 ,w It. (Itss : ia S: act, e. Itwro. nts. th toY. resuI : kthjtlkI~ , netw ilhstanldingtIisi si-is-lywok, shiihwapbs-i delr 15 ti. llll tilll s wieIsI- ii.n s his c : in i t hihlii lld i eitsll e I i s i.i d :: ·:' ll.,i, h s usrsi, s v~ l.lls ivelI :t(I sllibsisllly ilui'llllie i li it si-sI -lt i t-1 % I mltch ns pi I tll iitel,(st. ix itr li Ily l L rsss I tuisi v i'.I)is Ilt It s., ssWsnsisll isIIs hside I estiisiet irscs-siiscsief ani7tIOsgeuis-aiy essisise~ ei diton. if', .o ,a, eslisii g eiiald tlis·n is ishlin- I ia t l ulhl I ir; l \li sll srs, s : liills h l..e ) tl $il h isll li llt I" t :I~I ' C ltl tll~itljU·· \ (I(l·L' lf.. '{'ill.( I tI il 't:-I~l ill PI".i"· i r~lr, ',Ii di sel'lrnmlt·lll alnd generll rsi t ofilllC t he lic *h' tinr)lllilll1: :Illeet ill' I't.L'ult'l.t'Pr all) I):lt1l~tlll'.t%~: 1·"-r %:tIt. h)1 ihl, sic i /iss + ul Is-ksie lt ,s ii tser l sisl' NSll .. ll t.LI.i -i.lV WiliiK,&s-.--Thei.Isria-l i I I . ll r , l ehs itll i rlr' A bi slsr S1 sp , " at Nohh. I)e'edl( Womentl, ill 2 Vfnl. ed lihe Yoe ,. 1ills1s Ia lok, a IIsisiiiiil aI a latsel rvli (l l isal l . ls 111t MlilP ty I .l, h. \I.\1, III- '0v, 11eg', o'; l) olooatuvnia SI',lll0ta'l,. N g l , 11,.1 Iwo dok 's i'tmo I w:nal ster,'. Imitations of e thilhfowllming wo(HIs 11 nt rble9sex in a malltl:erLy mnwllVr. , 0 wno ns n .*,1 .:a.. nl Mahlgany, Fig ,ti.n black and gold, ()ok, (;i )l and AtiEco, /1 e'l0 Maple, l1 3lln Stnole, IIrds I I). . 1o, Dtr tly iroUite, smtin Wood, Potlomac, liair Wood, love or Ilurdlellon, Yew Tree, Inllian White, c {Coronldlle or Miachk tianeI lt li ctella, os1e Woodll, AiOeri 1eli (il y, I Ash White O. k, kc. k . k.. lcillll.wns to bI. seen at the lull. Pintsl, oils, :ls, colal uiraish, ...... o hand iloi oI sale. -[ION,,''TFlll. & IIlAVV' (ilOlIS--Ill, sqnare S 11111ii d I i l iro , i lI nL Iloop, roll ana d rod iron, tail rods and ploughi ,nouhls (ost, ;erman, shear, blisterel, spring, shleet lan CloleI) steel Ilollw ,, wa, cult Iland rolllht uils alnl spikes Zil,, block fin, mill and grind stones, stilt kettles Chain caibles, ncllhlllrs, hoes ix, IIog al trace t hainls, colrn mills Anvils, rices, Itiammersanlld bellows Wilre, sheet, pigand bar leadli shot Codl, d ellnkinll Sto1les WAlnoes, ltowliln's and other slpades nld hovels 14 Hook anl lill Ilillenges, door amlt window hookl Collins, Ilunt, Shlipl , and other axes 1ar'd adlI Manillla corldge, llies and twine Ioli lald sheatlhig tepperl' Naval saeace Paints, linsaeed ul slperm oil A full asltrtment of hardwtre and ship chandleIy, alway011 ll md, ian whlich arel oleyed for sale at whole sale or retail, on the ilmost favoable lers, by m4 LAYTON h co. 51) hl Levee. NEW GO ls:--Sillalmonl Ilarlt & co are now 're rioingl frolm tin1br nrd ships Yzono, a0d Saoentogo 41da1ri ('00;flo411, tleao NewI York, It greIl variety el goods in thlleir li,', which t1.1lt'er wtlh their flrmn1el lsock on Itd.l, Iakes theRia IrseortCentl vey I le e. llrk 4od 4 ell .1101S04l I 1, lllre ll Illll of l l lta l'le rillill11, Ien dlia rtblber, silk llllland worsted enstic garters, colllllln & Sllne tlnltic suspende ,llllrs, li'0, lof o l and llul'iltr llmatch0le. iocket b ooks alid wnllhet, Ileellh. Ihooks,, shell, PeLrl, Iorv alll i1llorIco Iar11 ae, Ilcud orna ents PI ll, ,plain rill bends, ncklaces anli n,;liges, IheaLd CvaliIns, read nikinllhceos, cl oelllsa anld plain,seed,iloverndlll gill heIds, lrue b.,M,.t belt, ,'hor.11, beti. pocket Slal dolling Il- ll II o e, l hdie s' a n d g e n tlum e s' p es ko s autnd d in us.lindtoirs riefllll lel l bnr'ellet l riens, lowi, kn aes, and1 liks,. sw.ioers, silro, pu-ket knives, guard chllains unil Tillrns, wllailt bnkes, toll1ck, hair, t eoolh, IaillrOlbt -rUlib, shoe, ]at, floor and d0111 illing Irllshls, Cellgne, S 'llriltll, e l rl'uk seIr, 0riie 1d1 1y Sololr,OllOllId essllloes IaId I'llneilr1s,lcl.loear, el, neltille, cntlled I' ve ll halr o1i , sils, l 'A innII la t.nrl0tstps o'.aIllIe el1'il1till, hllli.?e,' 0'1111 gLe011011en0 ' 1101s1 1d 4 dr1 essing e.os , hair rie'letsfr'iztlls 11in1 Ilneid s,pilain, filey anil 1llll osivl work'etIoxl , alin anl gir t rilte 1ol otolrt sar3 vret Mnll re 1 ea1 'lll an ivory slirtio, hil stnlldd 1gohld aud 1111ilr elil cluess, rohiolhlcks na 1 w1 eezers, ll0otedl Iiullles, e oIlokg l0'd111 el hair l intsg imlititioln fruit, bIla will ledink slioe hlockigll, violins anti g itarslinreld i1n plinl pllreusrion ella, in ulain twlan, scenlted r lush. els,gohl uhr acisiher lce lnd frinage, Ilrer pllper, gtlle lo.rilling w'ile, wnalknll cuincs,pluia!ngcaldr , fine g4lhl, il1t1d e.ild gilt jcwelory &o. lThe ove, toger Wg it a great erri ollt e tler aerll r Ires oflhreed at wlesale er retail on acolnllode illgR N It Shell e.llr . .panired HARRUOWGATS SPINGs MOl llgloey coontly. A InloeIls. TIREE ILA 1'S JOURNRY FROM NEIW ORLEANS. T|1i E prllrietolr of this establellhment has the pl1e sure 10ll lailnoulcgllf to his friends 4and 1ile public in gelelal, that Ilt will Ie ill readilleastby Ilthe first day of loev to receive viito0rs. He will also slal n for the he nprel t o hseas t n litale tI that tICre hI lv n been large il n ro1vr111e0 mlnde, and otllllers tow goling" OIn and in Ciulid prollress fi)r elell4letOlilI which will ellale tlen Ill .ecrler to aelllonnnllmlre a mulell Irger nlleber than Itrretafoe, ,lid et ll0he nllttm time tmuech Ioler. aYtelltl0 enl011o110Oeuullollaed 411han i gd ll onlm, or 1lhlt e who prfl.r I'll 1ha11 large lcablli i elallllt f'111 tlie tlii l uili lling. It it Ile4 ed iinelllacOmry to slav anytliig in pal1411. hir.o1 Ihe 1 hlr.1 ell' l thee waiers f ilt0 is I01er0illy I,;tlo tll Al t d Itlhey lier1m 0 ili 10rior t ue in th1e outllh erll a1te.II All h 1111n nse ni lal nth P to0geerltilly lillllld at W. lII l I:ilares, w iill b l tlioeL d 'I his. 'I' ,' becneliigafd, ullnl will be in i.sb1 1 ' tl'.oltlallll. 0 he pe liooe durilg the lole lleoa.on. '1 ' lH ull. ,'1lialil will tloll lll efEll' of Ils li p ,;nrnmih" sal3po girvel him i t eo'. 1 a1e , d ho.ll. I-v t1110 rice. tiont tInt h.le hrell h nd'l-, i lll pron1131 exl l0 il(o dIgl ll nl'rlluleodatlionl o mclnt a lllal ItrllD,.p lh. p]telt 4eason. JNQCIII.A fMAIL ARlRANOEME£NT' ' Duo Every Day at 1 M. NomerM Meail, Close ir ay da at l' A. M •(Due erery ,undn, W,.doasdny Westerl Mail, Fridy, y 5, P. M.y, nday hpI tnap ofk Mlones very Monday, Wedonadfl c;",·' 8,s aturdlay, by 9, P. II. lI)e every Farueiany Thmrnday, a TIheL.e.Mai Saluardn, l;y 5 P..T r eia Closes every Monday, Wednesday EXiPRESS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL DEPARTURE DISTANCE &e. ofhe Expres Maill betwon Monil Nand Now York--lenvioi. Mobile dailt at 3 P. M, Nostltwar New York daily at 5 P. M botalthwatdl, Arrlven Arlve Nnrdltwnrd. llstanre, 'lime, Rreturn's MolMgbmnery.Ala., pm. 118 mtos 23 h lm. Columbuh ,G. 114 81 94 34a.m Dlilledgtitile. On. 331 24 pt.m Coiuamll)tS.C. 7 alan. 1 [nleiga,NC. Al 213 22 12 Warranton, Va. 12m. 55 Po,.rmhur. ,, ,o mpm. 03 10 an.t,, llchom,. Inat. 21 3 Frederickshbtrg, 8 67 7 II p m. Wnnbingtoan ctvl ipm. 61 5 taitione, - 1 38 4 Phidblphlir, 204am. 100 II i New Voeb, 2 m· 00 84 138.05 14 .th. or l 3 Nortllhwnrd. Cnming Sitllhwaed,.the sino is six 1out less; boing5 dnys a0'l 17 Insore. TENI )O~T1i.AHSREWl~j~ll; --. DANAWAY f6om 169 Carondelet cornor of Aleel 1Z streets, on the night of 30th of Angusf, end ws cealen r xtne mring iti Povdra ate etr, et . eg jbon. nnanoed (:IIARI.ES, sobut 17 yeors of see, sad 5 fhid tr tlareobontstin heighlt, vurv blaik, annd lban itaped iment in his sb~cnpeeehlt of hltalees is asre, oeoasi eltel by a reentt hurt; le lhal owlnen whe went away n white lts at lioroon bhiret atd white elitts snelfoaen. Masters of vewsels anl steam bmats ase cautioent.d a Sgaitter recrvin or bvrhorig'a sahd negrto • aa wefo{ a' not otler pereons, Is thte Iatnnlo rigowe of 56 Imw wl3l Ie· enForred against tbemn. '"1a' ntie' rewardl will 60100 f frdeliveriag him int ay oid .tails of either ol th mnieipalitics,or ae i.'Cafondelet, corner of Ileviw steeet. sept - -I - aal'll tere eoiltlil'llp Il toreea exitaing dinlln r ,l e f.rm oa I)naoaie & Oatrtsnn, line bee, dissolved. ''lm aubcriber will liquidate tbe natirs a the conelrn Jin this city, and reqtirns all petsons indeb'. rr to mokb Iaymenot t him only, aral ltonenlaiai elin,to erpretit Ileit forsettle,0nRt. o og 8-tI( H tiARRI(TSOnN CAPTI'AIN MARI.YATT'SI NEW NOVELS. SRnalli theI Reefer, by tih atllhor at Peter Simnple, &a in 1,ard R ,ea e n 'nnghmIv t.oNt1..itay, oe a Willter at Sllrarts liai*Oelll in L.oan Styrea, by ('nptin Ilnoil Ilall, Royal Nary, F.I H.,il to¥ol. Lard Rohlnss, a eamante, hy Allan Cnnaingluam,l ic hepnrpd lee. writtett I'y Ihitnoelf, in 2oslw. A CLotpediona Illory of yetlt, traanlnted from Ihe olrigillnl Nlthani|l ireene, ittl col. olr oaltt No, ot of Ilarper'n Etitnily Iihrnry. - VIls. : & of tile nemw coll 1slete salnd nltiforln oditiom of II'nshing.ton Iraine'u s orks. IRoger's Irecrh and English I vol , 3,'s Ftrech ond Eoglish D)ictionary,. liw more ctpliee of (tombole'l Phrenology "llieaini." I.trang, tllrvtevylr'e Con, plotl. ii .flperior qna ity, wit t.hloialt Iilli.;rd Itollso L)I-ol4 ant I-2 itachlo o t illolt's i lorvetd ineatlie I'nPs,japaned papers, weigbtls Just received, aod for ol by NJ. VY. II:1l IIENJ. L.EVY. 'PINN5CK'M ROME, &c. P INNO( K' IMl'll('LOVEDl EDITION OF DR n Gldsmnhh's Abridgmnent of the Ilistory of IRomn u to whic.h is pretixed an Ilntroductfion to the Olmlldy o hIuI..,, Ilihotr,,', nol a grPIet vnrietv tf ovnhblle il.f)r i ,lllililll l II e.,,, oh'lhr ''IEI+ t i(• wlark, il tIht l loaoll ear Illlillltit llr a Anall llillo ,f the Iitomoao; will ni l .I ..III ;a Ili.lrjlhi°ol III,,lljt(wilteriol Notes; nonll tIIP i ttits I.r exllollllla on, tit ,,t at lld of toell. aretiun. II1 Illmttnl t, tIlltiryagraviyse I IIOI WOt w I, by Athwrton LaI 'OI..I.0Koph rovatI Edition of ltr tloldoloitl,'t llieotvy ly ,ll glaIIml, I Il th, e intV'Li,,IV,(toi of Ju lil Canmar to tt d to r tit",l( o e Ull, witth a t(nlltinallltiO to tite yea .. \Villi *nt lt'itonl fibr exmltilnatioin at the eid o. t lltthaO. lleaihleno ri t v trLi o" ,tlloattlu inolfnra tiIa llhh~d lhnu~ hont the work. (+oalniotiog of tabIo it of Ieolltetllperlalo ovlerigl and einntlllt pereonl ('opitlo ea 1n;aloory notci. IRlemnrks on the poli Sits, anllldlll Ier lihteratn,, of tIhe age. An outliner the ,o(:nstitutionl &c.&. Illulstraed by IIlly engra i "'Cg. GUY.0,' EI.H .mra IoF AItTrOaOn anti an Auridgmec tf tuK ith1' New 'l'reatiio, on the Usr of tillthoo. Now 10 t A ritan r llition, with atdition alliId ipro VelOrent •anld a X htxti if it.. altr.. on.ointl paro O'the Am ri.'{l Aii •llllllll·. J ,eJllt.r.,e1 ir t l for hy WlM MI'KEAN s nov 2,i cornerot/C(aamp ald ('olmmon ste t- IIAltI'IL'S ClI.AHI(lAI. I.1IIlAIl"Y. L-IVltranshdI hy IPhillip IFramni., 19, with • na :IlelltllXIX I·I)I1tlti)lin. ITIrlIUIIPltl)j of VlIr/olll I. pe A ' d+-n, Swi. ft Cat ' lltertonl, t. Wakelihlc, P;r~l·o Br,,IIyrn, .e. olld .ate af tllllte IIIrelill, iia llrt itots f o h I( ,,tI(tIiat II ,rroilatlIirr m~ ()1I? (1 idllrt Slln l 1;1' vr IANKEl 1 VII, hv1C. " n llt iIIiO , w .ith o l . "a.a r f I 0 ,,,,, I, II . t a am T e , l, i.,lt, new elld ill'ln l.wa i~llust la l.ons by e I|, .111 oLI 1,+%IX· )·S(· wH' +.lfl~iiir41 t'11 l~l•llllh·I Ollr, I). I'hiii ('ruiks .ttllk TillE t'HY; a Tah.le,le liteo thor ,"f "KLi,.aedt,. SMary IP urgllutdy," tt Ly ., ,t.w . r/lion, t I 2 vot e u.c npita laty l I.lll'r)l;l , v i ol e at. . . Po.ii ... n 'TIl I)'lit- i,," &.c, ll'ei~l vO,,lnl.,u IV itlttta tioo od I, l'lof l:l itur's Co lllll~ll? W N)Tkl. Jllilr l r..-i\ l *, iar sue0}W 'llt. ) litd;l-:KT r' & iiAW r UII: undersIened havin. recann ienced husinearn nai a Irtpiglt anid brprhcary, in f he store ,,, nd by Mr. J cob h ;r, at it r sorrer of Tvoh circle and Trioin Walk, respctlully solicins i share of the pultie patroldge and a renewal of the favors of hls Iorlner cu.tllol ers. 'lThe enllllre sr k ol I)ru.:, medieincsanid onney articles is fresl and cnrelully selected. The lullowig onuly are per tecnlahrizet viz : I'r olll, Seidlirz and S.ratogal; Poliders. Yeasl Pwder, binlllg a wholleomel and elegant suastilinr for yeasi, in raising bread, buckwheat cake',&rli hiller's Effervresent Mignesian Apperient-a pleasi.oi and gnl.le urgat iven in dyspealls or indi geslion, Iervllua debiliry, giddinr-e, headache. sedily if the llmach, habiitual CostivellEne outs. neous eruptionr, &e. Careaier's Fluid Extract of ssrsaparilla f putlllying the blood, he on do and eubebhs o c. Swanl' Panaeea slid Verinirfuge; Lirliish an llnrilenii oil, Opodeldic, &e. Hlelirlcd Liqulrice, jujube and Gulllnauve paise Tooth brushus, N S Prentice's ncarbonic dentrir lice, chlorine tooth Iwash, powder puffs and rbeaor, Prentlie', earllnle denrirfice, chlorinle tooth wash powder pulls anrd b+sxe., Prentice's scenled and plain itolltl powder. polnltuml crenle de Pcrse, ornnge flower, rose, lnvenrer and Ilorids waters, of Ia libest qulitie,, Itowland's Macaesar Oil, Old. rlide's balll of Collumbisia, bear's oil,a variey of ncifer nand olher niaches, indelible marking ink, upi rior Ilack ink, &c. .lperm and relined whale oil. [lay's Liniment. A Iresh assortment of Thorblurn'sGarden Seeds ct ' 2 GEORGE JONES. ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, FOr FEVER AND AGUE, T EN years have not yet elapsed Iince it was first regularly submitted to the public; but it has attained the highest reputation; and has eup. planted every other medicine for the Ague, wherry. er it has been known and appreciated. Already has it been carried in eve'y direction tlhroughouL the United States, and still realizes more than could havn boon anticipated by its most sanguise friends. Thousands of persons have not only been reloieved bat restored t,, health and vigor through its agon, a cy; andi they now cheerfully testify, at every op Sportinity, to its decided and supreme efficacy. It is composed of such medicinal principles as are caleulated to renew the healthy action of the stom acl, liver, and other important digestive organs, the loss of which harmony is the immediate caeus of the disease. It is apparent also, that it proder. g ees an oliuire chang in the condition of the tm, e, and certainly destroys tire native liabilitr L.tbo~. sea of the affection. Wllen the e A e atteaanib" wath any other comaplaint, the employtmeaot the Tonic Mixture will not intfore: with tihe treat. nemlrt of the other disease, but will even afford as, Sasstance biy furnishiing strength and vigor to the g body during the course of treatment. Tlese wheo u make usa of this medicine may be assured that there is no Arsenic, Barks, Mercury, or any other article in its composition unfriendly to the human Sconstitution; being entirely a. vegetable exrraelr k and they may hlar additional confidence in tie 1 use thereof, when they pereoive that it has tlre e-_ feet of a gentle laxative about the tirme half a hot. Stie full has been taken-in consequence of whicha a there is no part of the medicine left to linger ir thie bowels to cause obstructions, and other evils arising front the use of many of the remedies now a offered fhr the cure o f ui.s nobption. It has been used also as a preventive, by many who were sub joct to a periodical recurrenic oafl1 chlills, and it has invariably warlded oll' tire apprehended attack. Observe! The Proprietor, lfillyr satiaied with tim unparalleled anld universal success which Isap con stantly attended a punctual and reqglar use of the Tonic Mixture, in all cases of Fever anti Ague feels warranted in engiging to raeund tie price to all tlnso who have taken the majeiiue in strict ao cordanco with tile prescaeribed directionp, withirqt h Iaving been perfectly and lastingly oured. The subscribers are thir wholesale agents for the n South Western iLtates, and have uniw qq Iland sin ty case ths ui tisliine, which is warranted freshl rnd gernuine, Fqe rlto at tis mariiTfaootred prices JARVIS & ANDREWS, Whu01044le lrhur, sts, nov27 ac coinriiOO k ellUila. _ treet IT,.lL- ilim a ming i nrtar. ..l. a delend, SNre Il.uevr. l :,nro. 'a Rl- ,r Sir,+as-'l'hree nas a of the gnminumnmi rr In. jo I rreeiv, ii by c 21. Ii E ; : & i)'l.A 1i;. Ill Can p st .11 ama. ti...-Ai "i C i )a" sn.,I l. rbl p), lde Iall i, he, rp, n rtei . al a d il f iu l - h r 3 LiOGERT & H4ayATIORiN, 6, t ipr,. ..

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