Newspaper of True American, April 11, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated April 11, 1839 Page 1
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PRICE 12: CrENTS. ,- NEW ORLEANS THURSDAY MORNING, APRIL II, 18.9. S. . I I .. o VI No 1925 Terms of the fl liehaper Press of Nero Orlesn nuahtn lr v agnreed to at a .lioaIIrntel mieeti.nq at Ihe IPropriletnrethld on the 131th of March, 8t3. Sutnsoatnrtoeos.-1'w.ieh Dollars hr thedolily pa per anm. I, payynhle seni-ntnually in advance t tet dtlulihltri fIle tie wi-weekly conatry pnaper, paryalle one eare In advlutce, where aIe city teferenee is gives. Ni s tbehri1lthtc will be disaontinlledtl until rrearallges ere settled. I1 nase of di coantinllanle, itle week' IlOnticl in wr.ltrng nust to inlvarial!y given, prcviluc to ti aniration of tlbseriptiln. uclv;narlestan,--lne dllar r seonare for tie first lneerlinn nnd half that price for eaelt ahseqnert olne: ni) materill alteration frotl the original advertielneilu ill he cllarged as a new one. bAante. AUVs.nIrsatta.-Merel.atsn nald Treron, arty dhllars fit English alne, and sixty for otllh Inln . aiks, Insurance Offices, and other ecnier ,tubie insittilots, fifty dollars in Englilsh only, atl, ligty fir both languages; Ship and Steamnboa Fitc ors, or Commission mterchants sixty dollars in English ae, and eighty Ior slth Ilanguages. ulIasAOnrn, OnITIaRY NOTICE's, anil nrlieles call ing thile attention of the pihlic to sales at property, ards of passengers, be)nefits, &e. &v. will In ehlrge.l one dollar per square for the brat insertinn in eacll lan gua e. inOnatc.4iclosse, nor Aldvertibsemllts, lf any peerein a natureir when adi.insible, shall be chalrged dlie n, nd ill aldvanee. A dednutioat of twenty-Sve percent. will ble made w o Auctioneers, f erife, Itagitersofe Wille, anId Mlelrhalsn a sieas of real estatse, pin lil shedi I iti langnges, alid t per cellnt. in English alone: 10 pner ente. oa snlvs ao tliher protprty. A.VERTIesnnaTs Ols ol thelt dire:t linle of businlle o Ithe andvertiser, snuch as legal, alin, andl plnnia int ntosy, rlna.ay slaves, .lray aninlllS.c,&. &e. will he ohsrged for septn.tely, and at the snrliltlry rats. AltteaVRTIsENTs n t cspeiicdu.ts to time, will be pu rliaehedl on mounmt, and clargeit nceordelinly Nalo nivertise eiti ohf hnnkreslpliei will le pdlishedlt Iall ay crte, nnless paid for previoutn Illicnrelione nr pa.qt leit ginreeatel Iv a rep matilale Irantl in town. I'uatee anil other ilanee iIr ninnr.l.olt, aldverlisilge daily lor tm eason. to lie clhargel $llll lire I.englisa a Ionl, andl$150 in both langnuaes. All nnnenceelnents of ea llidat:v fir pylit:acl offices will be ellnaged donlle the pricei f oilliyr alvertise teIIr r ilr lte i eatitenee loss o r taiutrl hl nre i apnlntr cttieittore thee liner re tic the reavlienidi tIexlt ie nai es ofra iesnn whst e actonleahtvs hent un pid wihtl i ine inotl after presrsiltiol, shaI ll hei mtd kntw.i (tw far as prartienble to eichl olher-they ohli gsiahl themsnlvee not tnallvrertiie Ilr prinl for saue dolinlll. itell eal insll le li theann)e payaiehnr haigned) J.. CI r: S. IttLIIMI J. IIAYON, P. 1'. tEA,r J. C1. pItENIIEILt(AShT, JIrllN (;Iii B N, ia IU 31M5lEN. IV ewty Prine.-W-e. tlhe iitri.iieidlI r. In ridn by tile hltvs etniliitie ., acv tllr ac itiiy re t i li rnle ; It (SigSi, d A. Iii. I. tottAN. h{j At n" lisn ripltitns a re tal, e ln Iir , l ean l i it lies. Letter ill tose o h d es uid ....... .. . IIEMOit RlIIOIs. [IAY¥,S I.INIMENT.-No Fiction.--This ex E tra.irdinnry chemical comp1iriltle, tie result of science, and the inveentiottl a celbrlnted Lnii cal intn, tile ilntrodulnt:n of which t to te puhli was itnesrted wiltl tile snhlemnlty of a deathlmd hequest, has since gained a reputation unparalleled, fitlly tstalning the correctness of the ialtnitt,ed I)Dr G;ridley's lat collfession, tllat " lie dared nott die without gioving to posterity ite beunlfit of his knowledge On thlia subjact," an. lie leth bufrei hvqnealhed tO Ilia friend an dlat t C.nlnlOn tl ai flays, thie ecret of hIs discovery. It is noew sed in the priseipal hospitatl, andil tile private practice in our conlitry, lirat anlout mll certainly for the Acre of tile lilLeO, ailld io e sively aid oefectually an to hatil creduility, nnleai where its eRflets are witnessed ESxterntally ili the ollowinLg comnplaints: Fur lropay--Crteating extraordlitary absorptlnnin at once. All Swcilings-lRedueing them in a f-w houlrs Rheumnatism--Acute or Chtronie, giving gllek Sore Throat--ly Caners, Ulcers or Colns. Croup and Whoopitg Cougli-ELxterllally, and over thu Chest. All Bruises, Sprnits, and lBurns--Curig il, a i few hours. I Sores and Ulceers--Whethr fresh or l;l g standing, anid Iever eIlrc. Its opernaitl iolls l atpitdlte anti childrenl ill edue, ing rhellnltllie a swellitgc, a diii llill e enin lgiough lls I tgigtllress of the cheet ty Iel.ta iitlo of the partsl. has licell snrpir inrlg liyclld conception. '[lluin eiltwlnin riietirk f lthose wile lave umset it iii thel Pi, in It acts like a charIIim." T'I'E I'II.ES--Tlie Iprice, $1 i rerunddl io any rsonl w iho will nus a bottle ol Il.y's LItn.viut1 ,r thel I'tis,i andl return tihe cmpty Ibottlel withouti Ieing enrud. 'I'losee are tlie 1itive Oirdlers of thei propiIetorLt the Ageldl; and Oi tii1' i aillly Lhiii. ,allde old not nno hdln e I en ilnlsnceessful. W '* ' ig lt inse cerreritlc lela t sI any l ellv tlh, ut prefer that thllos who sell thu artincl, sholv d eC- It hibit the sritminal ta parchasers. CAUTION-Nona can be gintline withint a ] splndid iengraved wrapper, nnoil wich ii I.nlly nalie, and alao that of tile Agents. Si)LIIMON SlAYS. i Sold wlletlenla atnd retail, by C)IMSTCIOCI & I Co, New York, and by one DIruggiast in every town in thI Uliion. For sal by the! Wholesnale Agents earnecr of Com:nn s & l'ciloupitoulals street, sand by ilhe Aplothecaries genortlie. jerll NO hti E Nil PA IL.JOIINSON, Oilice III Sient ill.l" sutr', can iell Iiaa afracnlice at lhe ItrreLatl i t" a 'L 'eni.nll aiSefei l rall a its dlletTtrtll firar . I)r. iJoh 8111 fr(lll II rrsidelct ollf iS'," VeIrSrll 11o8e - 1 iil ill kllrllln l, duvoted h e tlc lrcllllllto ll l1 t Velll't ll Ili-e..t.sllllll Ffllll n lud n lrest lll Ppetelln ve |IL+p l'i ic e it n I ln ilpartillular 1 rtlllnh o" allr fessiunl, gualralltJee a tllllbaled witlh any rf ltia filhlwing disiaeass, vi: lIirtrrean. tilrelts, allrllrlPar, (:llllcnrt talha, Merriranl Werakra aest, Ai.f+.tiiamr arthe Illtidder, Kidne+.y s, Lainl, UJrcthrarr, Prarestart (hlatl Swelhled 'I estielehs, ElrtliOtllr ra tille Skin, Slaure TIhrlnt, lains ill tie And tilb numeroussympmlaln which geaerally ftllow a hila bisr le. n A aedicine to prevent Venereal Diiaseae cann Iaa olt talhled a tl)r.Jlnima,a. It is Ihrln tilr recipe af tile Iumatah Larry, a celebrated Lrela:h Surgeoln, and Wasil alled1 by lim drill thesnvaneral ca lpnir ll in whicih ai iservedn Surg r Geeiraln itll hel Firenlh cl Arl y. Snld by DIr. Jhlason, at his ulieC. Tlhon persons haning alny afle,.taiull of Venereal I)iscase, nllll(d Pso taking sea voyagea, or renaovillg to rlle cunItrv, would Io weil by giving Dr. Joehaant u call, al pero er n eali .i our their cuae in the nllrtest tirler canl re pat lIp wial writtell directionas fie tloir ae. dteice pael fron 7 in the morniang until L0 u'ruck at ighl. Is AIIIFINT':IY' I)VSPPI'I( I.iXIIt. ISr. b laen trobv ,r laIa: gre tlalt a igeas ta r pinint. It lll-alearlldh of thie dibteases that fLfere t lsntlkind araginte itii the stanta cha 'thi+ Iixir was asi nhl Im wi thieIha stat ii rtctttat tecd actnear iln SIltptr t lland pui la I praaeline flir ulnarlnl of faurlty ti yetlrn, ntr tre re bluN l aof heI fallaWlg diseonaes: Laoss falatetate, FltleatUlanc, )iatturianf' ta lah mtoan- a ac,Palo in tlasile J levi the eIt Iand inCli iaaiaan ip,lrrt!gulurity of tIle Itaawala, arnd in all taase where hlldigtlation or a casetia lvlit itslnd to I exist. 'Ioials medici lar tll athe be , n thee te hotrao tlelart ' OtIqaack ao trU fllls lw lorte tllha Intllie, a ait is tlhe iolo irvtie othe naldest nlld aat r scriealtifre rLargelaa I Cllnla ever praolceP1dnd the aecret atf n arillg it w.ias nl edalls y tlae aet I)r votly ItLrge S el. In t ia iSgreca:le tal leraIalan t tile talte ets io a tarlli llr ieAtt.alwtayaeepas lthe bowels ree, ianrts viCigr anal rlreaagtaa tat tite system, anid cheerrlanhss to thie aaaiarlt, anll n few bet:le ralllras tile tllOSt 'tllirlllUed eases , Ilyalara apSinr ildigestion, aod arcventa rretUra at atlly future peri ld, new YORea,17th Agllatst, 1838. :L5 N atliSoalltreet. Str:-tat eon.relqetleaf leading a srnelelltllrv life, I (tOve Paeen trnlhledl, Tlllre or .es, twith tEiageaSrtiaOll flr letl enrsa; or the last thlree yelrs lly slfferilgs e ve laeai intsurrartnble. I have tried aeveral playricitnes, a. n Mnlerofannek ,edicinaes, witlaom Sderiving ally a ellefit. I dteslaired of ever obtiaa nit ialy perl llrllalll reliel; aal reaaigUted Inysel ter tle alrt Il.ela s rjalelair Swana perandend bh tnarv frienlldc try hernllelhy'e 4isalyrtie Elixiir I have now finirled tle lfattl tia nat tll. Il klrtw nutt htw to enxressra lly, liralilan ori its wandarlrul virtues and thae maracle itt'aS Iaarlrarned ikt retorlh. le Ill t nha health wllichll I. alaglll ot liar ever. Selld eb half a denlbntltlen i a e. and a tlexcept tc tln.n't ilar tlhe blresril.a you ilave a It erred ly rc slarinlg m: to perect Ilealthl. I relllaill vtllrar 1JtOs; MONIROE. rthe agentlih.n ill hia prssestian rcve Ilnlldred tes ti Ol lll|l Rilllilalr ho the ahl) ve, o rf Ilh e ex tl ardi ary vi r tlel of'tihls nledieine. Stoll by ajitiatllllleUt, at Dler. J.ahllsaaae, 1411 Itienville street. Ianv. 5 S 'EEI' PIEN--Flnt's Non. I,. 3 $¢ 4 peas Daniel Welnter ten, Felr's harge harrel pean COngress large dt Perry'a flit spr a'g dat ao asarll dn dat 3 slit do Vildel's laldiesa do It aIloulle patent air iemperial Iaatile patetlt do Gillnt's barrel do dal Narinnll do Ana Glllht'S Cr.rnmercial, far sale at tDAVID FEI. & Co, 21 Chartresn st, fe6 N atliationers lll / 0O311'ASSES, TrHEI.NlS1IIIrEfgn, 9IIg(,li I (:OPES, &:.-Just receivead anl for sole ly Win. Mellean, aaonerrCfllt C mp and Coltlnlll atreelts, a geneeal Inallll lat nafSIIrVel Ore' n:nllltianra tlllllnaentiell ilnsrnallntas, Ilrwinel PSle. Spltlg Dividlltdan rlnaprrg lta [len;s Ivory Pm Ivnrv .alem, i;ilarar's t Scales, Blesa TrjangiaS, Parallel Rulers. 3licroeaoprs. TharmoenrrC, ealer a r)hernraaIts, Sllrve Cllahle, Mahur" g T'per, &e NkiltItLS & Cot, No. 31 Cbarnret seleet, are roc ceiviog daily from their house in IPhiladclphio, as elotne annid coanpliet assortment of sobhtanntial ond fosltonablo clothing. They invite the atten lion of the public, ao they are warranted in saying ihol tralngers and cillenls cannot flurnish then,. selves more advantageously in any city in the Unioc. N. II. A few d teon elegant ivory handle atm hrllhes, from 3A to 36 inches. Also. a large lot wllie pinie paocking boxes, varionu sizes, very low hi 'IlE I.AIlIlES-Atkisoon'. i-epilltrty, for re ovi t llgloorfloiiooos Lair froc thle fol:e,c '.k nld IIIotIIo1 welh etdeilt| nolety oo ltlrtlillavr io aviAo tile skio inller utl wolter tilno belre the olplisiottun. A Iresh lipply jII rceived at be |azta.11 & ALIEN, I'JI IfVUSIIL & I.I.I'N, I Ixcnange Hotelee*r St Clhrles & .o3mmom tr JT~I.:tiAN VitROl EN-Wlbifminol~el, 16(hor _A tree st., Iloa tlls dy rcceivel a small assurttnIll ol ir e ellltllollE l and nltOtic iltreastli n,i set tip ill tile ertll style·. |..xRCY --MA'I'i:IIE--'.ilib I...,ilul Imi,,tin. ,. Illethoilv freoto elijh Alendetlr from o ret .,lrto Foo odle to A TRIELR, - 1; A .'. I iiFA, Mtfn. Igo cTi to (iAN ItEPII' AI 3 aN'I, 0.r, ight nrItkiog f;,stp'y:sJanncrrr :tit IlI33. It 'tch:k lit Cdl'ke Irill t iiylll edt rl'thlel Ijll+o ,I0 . l llilnt will Atliltoill Pittiltoerg oItl, ill .Itty Ull - tie%, toIbtelr cilt lmtr. Orilers receiletd at tile Gifd Ofime, fnlk Alley. ja31 E WI W E he'r , B IRLNIIAI'hS DIOPS.--'liis medicine nwas disovered by tile proprietor and lna been llb .jeceld to his careful obhervntion foIr many yeirrs in every vnreiy iof piaciice, nid all the diseaso, lof thle diversified Anlerictn climote; lnd it is llt iven ill the public willt the utlttnt o.olidlnere alnd believe thu it is asm iott clearly set thrih in the pllum l lhit accompalnying tilesea+, lhe bestl medi. ille ever ithrolllw withlll tilet realch i alclins es of * ctlety. It i t thi e ereentfe, )rnlriely eivan ii Sli lto. ttaIodies celticlI ofllcit tie hotoo rec let,f.m Ilthe rstollshel d lfart, tlhat, whe taken into thre to mell it nac teeootdiel to It e State of Ihe stom lcl Il.nd tie n:tutre of tihe diseoe, ,ithur as an irl,llllt', diuretulic,sudorlfic ,e o ptcllrtlntn r rrperiel mllledinelll. T|hllOL It is really wltll II pullrllorts to 111b, nI ld r onlno tt riy l tI ill st ly tle llost illcredtdnllls. The aIet is dully ralilc yto the knowledgo of the Aropri ,re al ite benfiotnl ond socvit tflects it cFe t ot the a tue nlnd lever,billiusn, tyilthus, ier. vIo se anlld +sta srl t |+ev rr ilflluel llz viltent colds, dyotieetrry ,r flux, ileyliltot tl r iteaslelt, raityl Ih oim l tat th.y are iu t oldy witrreitt e ill warliily rtlcolnllllrlldlll.r it, b thII y , alcled icitI l O romll ne .llo, t tI duty WilC h t Y e th t het t l i hut tllt 'mlily ittol y ti t clry itt, 'itltt t will ar antpla teottI ,,v li nil w Iive ilid on thie sutbject. Tile elitlere itelf, thie worst ecouroge wlhich he ,vTr villted outr couhlltliya beehon uccess un v con lquerled Ite Itry r etor i. thiirieet ccser wilt Ihe tie o tills llPdlellele lonly, t lltlol tilt IAos l a single Inlietll. "tye Ioditdcie il preplired only by docors INLilUAI1II& DAVIS, SI. LouieMis s.ouri; nandi is IPut uip In phIule eachl accontllotied witll pn1ii i onld dislnct diretlon, and conlallllilg abllut sixty ils, to be Iltld or sevenly live cents, whichl iatk o a iI iech hle chelpeel Ite dicine ever osirred 'Ahei'l above Ierlicine is sthl wholoiecle and retail !iy oir Aoellte, lenry Ultlnabel, Druilcet eld SAp ,ill ,cory T'ehliu iplt ulInc oIr.el. New (Jrleias. NEVW MIIsIC--, Natiove lcitsi,; TI'le toonlV I tAl J-• l'liltl rlliuliu+,rl vhl TVL llhdld,, evsr lie+ +uir eL. (htllt yl+llll lelllel l +'l.· I le b ii llli Ill g~llldel inllle11 IlrTlll[1 tIlnI.cloyilteh; The \Woile nrse nf the AI 1 pters; 'Tu iite ni S lltlllll lovellotu art I le t r ittt , t iit A LIg l iit s i e i tI ill the c.rlnl llioantic ta()lplal Aliilleo (ccIII i I A Th,.I Illueelq I III Iiiid llilig; I ear'+ II I~~Tln J .)r ," ,II e 1 +k itill lltt. II Ilui.llot callly., by i A h i .t ill t i lto rIlo . Iite(11 ill+, (Jelle i. wCtI Il I l13rtIt11( Hsell Sb;1 Wt illhei i; or Intlt tI mio il let fall t i to,:r;omti, o iln i ariinilil O)'er the waters by nnioli '!lht;T re's noII lia e I like·s iz~lv ll llrrltl. .\ 'lc'lll· I (IIr tile l -larp'~ ll.·I T + b rre (ll;,lvlrlit'll lze. by- n.% l'+b'l ii' (tll +, II'I tII. i t + C ir lli lI c:A~ l.h Y." 1 mtnlllt at 'it lio h til Iho 8'v Aith. .A i Lit Mre . Prom hiln bilaj (Alltlllnma) to Augllsta (Gel-n 4 h iht, llllll lith htet m i iet'rt, icctIrh.lyoisat ite otcl I I tolllolot tll.eEtLIts, to Ilokoely, eoahelie to Ien..colte Ssttamlltt llott( ier 'etllnatcola Iay,St tll sa st lllll lotl ill t . Isihltline lItaer and, Ili.+) to ICedlll 14liit, enchiecis the ge ; via .1nl:ll· aIIIII, tI.Ihallaholl hebeIr ( rille.rusrll allouIIn \'Fe. II..u,) lAilhihldlge, Iallertll ;i awltkin lllend Io,1 i. vill, t A hll stllo. iA t eim s tell tt klt h is seat o all io it. bile is ill lill ilwhir e - "l h Inl 'l i 1111 col Il).init e: i h.ele l t lt bs"ooth er h ollaiti ll t eli.Gs, -thes L. teIrI. I n\ Itt iis clete Ati n ll tl tcil ttt, lli tht he r I'It t thl.rl~ilt~ lil llt. 11I lililiV rl·I.l W 17I~t ti '~.ill iltllT I ll.()I Hi'li.;i il) D ?lllglIllli ill titllC'Sl~e~il trll I Il~ll-lllil .11 welIllI- I "I I :Ill11 il tll) lritst11l, I1IBl lllh.. iom.15 i.)Slllill'UL...ll C.I:Lh Ilo ,le sli~lllll .lectl. Tb,. ·(;I+'e;tt New ()l'le;illlt +isi ts carl'i~*l·) Ill tis i'{)|le. Thell .#lge~1litflit. litlC.I)Illl fllM. "t<ill, 'l'e:llnr., S ca ; leil )l tel ia s t l i 1( JAll-l s tultt msll lll IIlt i * t1.. thtmccgitttti ciioctee ttlcttotidawtroiaocran 'l'le iloloo Itc mull'l l, tlls i rlli, ill ll iost cahetit als tl woetie Irncti Agottn osilllge u ltcr . ilgetillotlllii, an on t acc l licllll ltw orI ollitb t, tih t tll'liCr a esell. cetcoioll, Ctoifort nal .I ple Irn ittg ca.ttel)t; colnlllca I ithC.t yniiltC Itil Iltatti thtico S ote~tahe.cTOCKatnmNeo& ce (Aeover1'hb(in, Sct (Jan.e lsstue botlI Ne w "i'loIl, ti'ae:IL·s· ielll rill | New Yl'llk 11.(llll rt~W ()l'Il~l~llsl LLSS TIIn II l0ltl --\iH isllot city in Ad. Iltittl Chltl atlltetoleh, tleriic, we Iv ato nIl a e r t tiil tii)' iiilio TilltIatlilnertt t(l St k;OI + oi o. ioiL Oti oiten nins two Illctt ffl..ltt Ion kihltnills Act %Aot.lliegenAll, alot ite Otto A. Slocit, lighl twot Ahtte o ncher. ST1t.IthI'() S Lhoc tIO. Athul'rlrst, tBoiil Nwlor. 18031. (ilitle :tA hlinttaottt IIltttine- Mtobile S TI)iattic.r Nsew OIrlaentiI to .loile, 15 1i nli Mhobile to Acgoin, S3t I Aoli"ist toChoiUttrlsto, 1AO Chlarllstoli to Yew Ytllrk, 01- I258 TIimer, Nl~wOrl.eill lIo Mobile, 'L8 lil0iil.i Moie to AIlls~llli I.'+'€ Miakihg 18Af inle r day. or 7 nilel er• A or itt chi sive ttf aHl stonllages. oov Il N. It. Ltetg lne to itfttrm the plubtliciaht tht I clle i tver the Cllitalorke aIti lar I (lbol celfk bave jusnt been lolltleted y thie general govern me (tit e ielty itbscinlerea crertittg ttgtiiaitit this aife onl alstmel irolte ate llulsillilloy ieiiovedl; tt tI I hltve tbt Ilealrre ole ofittg frotn trnvelhrl rbatb Ithe eorlhen,hbur. asn, iriverlalt and olaI are io thie fitst order; aII ast tI it water otite fiom Penlacola to Cellrt Illiif, it is aldmitn tlid ity whil io hIvt iuasedt tl.rotlgb it tA be Ilnlstiltat se illtlioretiea b.Aelly and oieti). iTe bhi(tge ttrouI. Geolrgia tloveelsoibecnrpoiced. J t C B)ARKIIt ALLIGAIT'UJ LINE. Mobile to Augusta, via Florida. Leaves Mobile Tuesdays, Thurs. days, and Saturdays, per the rsplecdid steamer Champion, (ex. cept in c se of st .rm.,) to Po sacola ; thence per I steamor Le Iloy to La Grange, and thence four horse post coaches via Mariana, Bainbridge, Pin. dertoe, lerriln, Outlaw's, a. d Perry, to Macon, Ga; theonco via lMilledgeville, and Sparta, to War. renton, therce per rail road cars to Augusta. Tile Champaon a is splendid order, with new e pper boil re, coppared and a pper fastened. The tl Roy Isa been thoroughly repaired, her accommlodations are a handsome as airy boae. iThe beoau ifll Santa Rosa Sound, and Chocta. watchie Icay present the most interesting steamc na. vigatioc in tice South-being at the sametime perfectly land locked. 'I'h, T'lealm are not surpass, d on any route in the country ; the drivers, to a man, carotii and atten tive. The bridges heretofore dangerous have b en newly built, so that high waters cdo not iLter ere. 'I'Thoeating houses have been cmostly changted, and are now as good as ,n any road in the South. It is generally known that tie excellence and lhardnless of thi roads enable the teams ut all sea sons to make great speed. Their sinoothnerss eo. cures the trarci:er from tlhe ordinary fatigue of stI age travelling. r The Line is now c rrying its passengers from Augusta to Mobile in four days ulad twelve hour,, or to Nc w Orleans in four days and twenty Snd seven houears. The time actually employed in I travelling is tLie same as ic tile other direction, but tbie difference of time on the route, is caused by a day being lost in Pensacola, w.iech, however, is cell repaid by the op,'ortunity it gives ofsoeiog , the Navy Yard, tle old Sparnish Forts, etc. Tice j. traveller also sleeps at Macon, and again at War. tenton. This arrangement will continuao ilI tllhe travel turns northward, when the line will be the a me fromt Mobile to Augausta, as it is n,)w in the other direction. o'IThis Advertisement contains a plain stat ment of facts, the accuracy of which thle proprietors Sgaurantee to each passenger in the penalty of his stage fare. Maps ofthe Line may be seen at the Exchange Ilotel, New Orleans, and at the Mansion House, Mobile. Fare through fronm Mobile to Augusta, $47 5l The line extends, by abranch toTallalassee. at Chattaljoocho, the line connects with the steamboat carrycmg the mail to Apa achicola and St. Joseplh's. Office at the Marsion House, Mobleo. m17 n BOSTWICK, Agent, Mobile. UGAII & 0O10.tSSoRS-I50 hbds Sngan, S10.000 galls Mlolakbes- platatria slnave Ile fr rele by ADAMIS & WIIITALL, 'J fet--w 67 Graviera art 4L LS..-100 l bune in store for saal by " 'r6 6il \L.1, & BROWN, 96 Magazine ot R4l DNESS. A IEAIUTIFUI. Ihed of hair is th"' ernadest ornl nlelt to thle Ilmllan -lanme. lhlw strange tnriely Irinh on thn nlpeenrierre ef Hid irg, wllhli c iI seere lan to rteel ..nJ ine noenrl. .rrl, n solertinn even to illhe society to avoid thie ii.ta and msnetr of their rcquitr.mance: the remlnider oi their Ives are con eeqiently s(pnt in retirtlent. In short, not even the olr if propertY fille tile eenerel Illhnkilg Y lluth with IthaIt neavy sikini egloe a.s dllor, thle ins of Ioie hair. To overt all these ltlullen-nnrl ircllnlslnne l% llth'iler' Rallel nof (:llhlll .no o tplll the n hair from ellll inle WIoirn thel firsernpplication, anell nfew ibottleRs rlrLorsn it c nltin. It likewise prhmlPees eYehrow nhll| whsllkers; prevent Vrllthe aillr Iron tlrning g'rav, make it curl Ite[I utfifllnlt Y ned Sfree' it fromll arf. Ntllerllm certificates 'ol the firsl ,s se.tntailitv in athppert of the virtuer of Oldridge(: IHellm, re lhlwn hby Ihe rprpnrietors. 073 Rendl the fidlnwing: Riolert Wharton, Esq. Inte Mavor oif hiil:retlpl bna eeretifi i..r th intlv ire eelli elcl ', to tnll ugh charl trr Of tlre fIllitwientie unteernic. The rind|ersigllnrd da Iterebye ertifv thnt nebllnve nerl tire lrlr itr f (:lelllllmii ' di i'{or ered'i Iii J. Olirridie. alnd have fidnd it highlh sprvieabhle lint o i is a prevetllive agtinst iet fIlling i;RTof i ir, in nrsonicertn reitor live. WILLIAM.'I TlA'l'cli:RI, Senilor, Metholr ist Mlinioter in St (:tere Penrce, No Ni North Fifth st. .JOIN P INGl.lI,3i1 Airh lsreet. JOIIN I) 'ilt1A3AM., 3 1), I:} IRneest JOlIN S FI'IP:Ir, it .$ ieee treet. JOH)ll:N ARI),Jr,l i3 Arri striet. It s klhrrn thknlt three of tiie 'IIa r iniLer Iare enire lhull . 'lr yllr if .i', llii tlre it!lIr int less ni l iiei 31I. (From the Malor.] C.UiininwIle.'eth of IcenllvlRlnn, Ciev if I'irilarietrd.iie . IlRoberlt 11h.rton. leavror ift.eaid rily of 'lilrde. SLiin, Ido hei reI certify h.rtI I kil w.ellni m n.l m'ed wilh ,t'.esre J I' lrrlie.hoiro ,.i 'ore.e awll tielit M Cerio I. ni.e cnamoer are ciltedi to thie ah'ove rre till+r eItrie the r y eRoir foil rcl'reiloi;ld l ell gell .I l rI tilre iil cricrtifiaete. InI witllres whIreof I IIIhve herelunto seil mly iIand m o e dsuei tillhe el of the city tI Ire Alzed, this tith dity of Deier er' &r. n setndlid rllraved wrapler, il which is represented tlte tllr ifNnleitrrr. &e, Soe' .holsa.le and retail Ih tIlhe sole nelltts for Anle rile. e.2 Fletcher street, neir Mltilrell I.nnee, oln eol t' lglh ie co tlllllry. JAIIVIS &. ANDIIrWS, nm9 \Wholaiem Angets, New Orleans. N ORiTIRIS & Ci. No. 3l8 Charnras street, ate now •receiving nold opens ng ihe tent splendlid, sU Stantial nnd fashionable stoik of Clothing they Iiave evP r e ohIhtri in tis Illmirket, coItnisling it. part of Ihe Froilwtig arTicilrs: Ilue, Hll11lr MarPk, jet blaecl, londnn brown, 'it llllo , il, loindlon sne ok. and golden oii ve Irc ck and iress const: benver, stablend llharriotr ltn Iro k Inats, eleg antlv firnisel ed: fancy al p iain Iblrk tn..inire and cloth pn etanlnr ea. n lisch n drl freniih trany anil plainl slIlt and Lalill Vets; real Inew tarket colllfort; english anl frln:ch flny and plain slarfs ann hIdknl: chnlnalen silk.-weh nil .and Lim-lasic ses- pelders; cllronlris, mrino, Illllib's rwool, we"lsh IFln I I nIoe, ilk and lllll cotton nt s ls and drawers; fine I in and corlloln sholrt, lll Il lirnin holrl rsomle, l in and rntllied; Iver p earl and pin in hi ndle t lk i t n. brela : ( rnail's" i pre llilllllo (nI loves-ill o I Ilatllifll rtille oif iite ki l, for . t wei. ht n sr c ialll. &c.; ,'i riticllihil silk a, I l ranhan.o hdkls; plainI li ulr,.(d andlf e.Clllroidlorid Calllllrlr, i silk, lllll, I wiooII. Illlllilloi, l lerlllntlnlllnlt , ad sr. ni and white gc t m half11 hose; .11 oI f ,whel h oey-v lf r Iow for i,.sh-, iIto i In lllLt custo Iller's an : no l. Novr. It i TXAI;NIS"IR LIQII) )I)FNTI A.--lan Ie i ii n ii_ Iutse . both he .re andi in ihn north' with nil tor ' sIt r cs. her e ui, ,l ' o whiteni r the I ulr, aiiI prev tit tn the , iilu.uch. ; preserving h'disce Iei t il , . Ini nr llI ur inh n o r, / i lt r inflllanllt - 1 , ten Ii nollh , Ilcline I inr a W ne .lnel .ehll of pure w ' e rd . aic', l c r , rir rcl to the tIriit S lusual iiianne with bru i., w.llt Ii r, tually pre vent clrvy, c! ad nwilr tl e Ihll that tllutll tll )ig pain, lhepared only by T. F. \"ager, Sur -in Den. tlstto J. eltlrson C'llrse, and sold wh,,hsnle and by CAIRLH'TON &I. (;.31 Caals,. t; .h~sole sit, fits for \\nnl erts'5 thl nt ica RY WARItE-I ho r ero , trt-, 0ac tures antLd whlesle dUeters in soddlery pr gt'tdt , are nitit rtceivilt by lale arrivals Ioron tt e I c I ; to, , i. tddit.. i to tt . . ir . i.t.. . .. . t lc. , . x. . n i ca lve usanrTmnt t ,II ariclr s in ;hieir htIIn among I NI wtitch areo tl l thllotiutot, viz: N fi-dlr atnd nliiasc l p111n1111t t ttlietl ao.Vlhs, j ti tttitm it' s tot t iill sll a tI tin do dto stolesa n ulb do, do CrTlIe do do Io Aniir. do do ldo Iit.glish do - Youthl's do S atnitllc do do do Crn Ile do S A nlr.nod i .g. brdlres anld bridle tlloultillgs, do ith o ll atir lu s, i IPlaled. brlldse, oild Jt1.lllllltttLc harnessto 1 do do do g. 00l rtI nlltett do do to, tot oroUan Ito dot Dray, enrl and wonnn do ft Stcddl a dubleiut, i o antlslntler; vatices; teodcl cat sadlel blgs, liruss Is arupler bags; best Irotn Iraoine leatheir oto trucks, brass naiiled ; Italhtr boot otop do, lssurled sizes arid vurltlis styles; htolsters anld 0 pistol belts; coaeht, gig, stukey,' twig antd ;tiitnlers pi crl Whitps: rsl, w.oratst cottitl and ltatther to gtrltis atlt srsiiglos; stllrrup leallters; Irnulk straps anld wtorsate ril t web; I tttn antd otttak liaie; blind bridles uand litnes; S olch colars, J anrd Iturse and amle collarst;t i ulln qtluhitis; m,-.o rucno, buck, ber.lrlsheep alnd ullalut skitnls; plalIted brtss aid ocel ttridle titlla it evs r d iaistcrlptilli on plated, rttrt aind st'It spurs St evirt dlau'otttpt-o4 1 Itl rd o dlnod stutel sairrupsr ul cery dusotriltp e ilititlltor with a roiUpllct uaaSstrttt et it" i ivt'ry i 'articill n thllr|CInenot bi.tItCsa-tll 1i ihioth tIIy cI olher for male ot aceomll uniinltlt coimis. "lthey tatll lso crtatiti.e to r teorivt intrough tit; yitar, blv t Lckerts trol NiW Yolrk, Itresl suppllita to kLl' lhttir stouck allltlle altui UIltlletio e. KhUIUS, DAl\)IIottN & cot, at I1I tI U till c att. NEW MEDICINE. a Dr. (d. R. ilipoj Ctotmndt "T)L4MA TO PILLS, Entitirely u .I srr antol iarmalal/eI Mcdtciiec Jor nall Diaeseo, .'s a s.blstitnefor Calootel, 0 oa vc.ltnrsio an eerrs srit ral l i/nitls AtJhi'otsin. Prlt.E pulltlar tllt. Ing . nu noalTlllnlapd dil- ,'asrtllt Atktulain ub la llr,, cxlroastei c it lll P ile O 't o llltt t'ltll t;i ntl l Iutlllt r ier, trtor i rubirla lltis ill ttlll Itt itullo futllt 1 III lllodily L dIII'Ue its etl'.ctr, a B believed It) tli tllu llctIt Iter tara tutalll a'ltlronlt dll.Nll C e itre red. Thry hrves Ile~n u~llbl, ii y . la +tlI:I.I.+.lU ... irl, naltl hllvl, r, c+ sed nll~r ttl tintitniauttooatlu a~l'4rfl, Osytot.irtitt, J:intlditto Bi Itl di..Jo s, BoruriTave i hC ar (Jee,tct ,onut i Cult I llk tl: Caotrlll, .Oalnus itil dajs tSlnatt. rA jalldular swel lillus oa tll klllds.i. oliv tllo s Coullc Iltadollctet . All Alltldotc to uda llla C lnt u llst tdlellcntic duralae.; toapr- j vetit tile ltirlsllollt t f biuut ti lh tina r nls lllhla, I"+er atIdt gilp. Ar. ill nllaor llt rcosotin nt Iltl h tlltltle+t llld tOW t ta sd ItihrsIly r IttIttritia. sltI tile It c)l tro till tIc I ll IE used lbr'lmClll~le$. rsllllcllmill 91 IIIlld tll nl'l lfllllbllP relllelY fP atinae touttyiors.l Setorrl+l~tilaei ~ IictuIiutittlhinttutthey uCatt ale to ellulllt~rueI tile dallier+ li lluxlllte ill unllllnlllliy cht K letr1. I,.ourlld iihr y tFil lU l y l ilt+t'. L, dllll~ylr e ii iiverJ llly u II1 Itoald u s snileelta srtorol l. - a., sIaott i rrulil stir nltl o of rtle T o tlllt P tltll ha te urolnyt 1g aill a itttrl ttled rire lt too to d.'ile nIadl o sinll elnll tile "lbilci nl~ld er ullt hlllt++E1I II h It. b! 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Ily. *atltl r tllitth lde uallllry tllbsaidr-n--ll Pillt Itl olivor foo iorutouty tPttLrou d it11 tat. o tltyitcia t .. o Lat .., tie frrCt jti-tilipr it,..ip ......g itlta For nfll act.oul t s Tr tbnia ittsintrstin.tturutrclyi timoni nls.taio nr aoportlirn. &tt oee nstroouttt)ota) wlntal ily cat bout grnaistuntll who reli tiho. pills. NaOlt e t I lUille WillOlll iI1. altrlttllne ufti. Isa tIIrotPr 3I. sIa sr.uloprrpoalre. Blartidlll Bruit. FOR BALE 5Y, IS A Foltdrbt. (eerosut Agent. N.o. Itd Ecartngt Place. uon Iho PulttOif,. At~o, Ity A A Isoettla. Notll . tt Itano Ito aIc J. UOak', & Co, Nao 7 Naw Levee. Dr. A Martralt, Carner Sajases oan TohItaptItttntaa a. J. Roa., Iattycite Citi. 0 tNMottdrrisln.NsoI. C.ilal atreet. as I.Jonsr, corrturtolvutt Crt aol TritonrWalk -fltob titss f Nit crta ia soArsats. adlrpn, S ,IFOL ' t, st. sht.,l,.ols Al mar I ty TRUTII IS MIGIHTY AND WILL PREVAIL. ;T is a Iact that I:0,tIl of Sar saparill a Blo;d Pills have J n veld durong the Dull eix sunt s ml. lt i i lea d --tt it tllhey iar tikefn i lllndlterb r ilstancen to ohlvilte and correct tile mlnehiovou, sdhand I,,fects 0£ qusCk pills and ulther quack ediciee:, by whihl many live. are endangerrdl. It is a fet--'lhnt all qusek me lie.cis contain mieral. or mercury, which Aack. thinik "must kill or cure," and lru-t to their effct.-it or i. q . fai ipn. noteing for tie aouequen ce,.a that they canl oly ocknet th-ir nHjust gain. It is a flct--l'hat the quacks and foreign impelltrs who now intest onreolntry know n,.lhlbg of tie nature of medi ciu:r., Inuck le. about d isensel te lll rac kyr 1./:lers. II is fiat-'lley are iieicularly erficacioun in the follow inrg diene., all onlfWll .re Iore or less caused uy impurities olthl lmeyd andlial fluid., nameIly Ilheumntic lMections; Ulcerous soresnfthe nose,throat er erflla; ErysipWlas; and balldy; Jalundlee; Heartburn; Scaly erptions nnld blotches ol buanes.a: gland.; Dry andl water pimpl,, aI d Pail ofthele., along the pnt.le. of thll fle and of back and spine over the tiee bodey; stonmarch; Swellin.g nd hr..deung or tlhe tile inniti, fiAnd hrealth; groin.s breull, As Fltdul:nce: Iaid:gention; StomaclLn e gh.; IITECOI ENIMI A'I'OR Y FACTS: It is a fIet--The only prpriet r nui manufacturer of tke Snrsaparilla hlood pills. is a rellar idlyaleian ns well as, apoth* JUney, lt.evted by the moat eelebraled lhysieiuuatf lre United 8:,tes. I)otna, Pllysick, Cllpmanll, Jaekoll, (Giibsoll,I DEwee, liars, Jameis, oluiru, tCone, rl. I tls;. falet- at the Sarsapila Illoobld pdills are emlo yed in tile prarliees Ifl muyphyl ciann, an:l very rongly retortI tulndell by many thro nulgist ibr.U JlStes. (See dilehtiond arlomlunlfyilS eall borx of pill..) irt ,i factl-They are eollller d entirely of vegelables, nll they are waralltd to eurbnl O Inelcury or aglilllal pre It is i fact-They man he tlken by Ihen most delicate, ad at il ages; without retrailll aofoccupC a ct: e or buisiuss; willlth

earoflakiing o ll; withuut ehllge of diet or restraint frunl teml raoe h el ll. ta lti e.le i-'nl'hy will iot i by iheir uperulillll, whic Irilly be fild or ctive, .wcordllll 1o the qllnlltily token, wekln till. ystml so Iluoh as moot of the purgaltive mlltdielll. Keller. dlly do. It In fel--Thalt hey ire Ihe ll:l: eriblual PURIFIEIRS OF T"E 11BO01. ILENOVATOIt OF TIlE SlYSTEM Ever, Al, ondlltlitutlon alllas, ldei pruduce. Iny llerclrv, er I. is fet--Tllldt never iu s sillgle Installce hive they been knowll to I unsed, thatl Ithey did oul produce s good elfect- cunr Ilsg thouandll: llly of holn were .hfors considered l.+u ruble. It is a fact--thnt one kox~nf Sarsaparilla pills and one bottle ,f tile CotInpound Syrup of sarsparlfla, is all sumficient to cure aly oftllo abuve dlne•+es. I aI Iac tl-ShIould Ie oberred,l thatl te only place they ca :ohlill.ed genuiln in N. Orleaus, is at Cutolllllaouse reit. b.iprl 1 9$ No. 9i. BLOOD! BLOOD!! BLOOD!!! 1st. The vital prnleiple (Life) isn contuilled li the blood. 2. J bllo d Illt . hld. 3d. ivery thin:g ill tile bldy is derived fromn blood. 41t. All olllllUtlio lls ro r;liecally hel e sale. itll. All dsealsles urine froml inlpurty oflte bloodl, or in ulll or wordIslroln acrimonious hIUtnors hoded i, thle body. Wllh. All three hlllllner lre carried irl tilhe bllnd puriied nld ,lllldb nalthful by Ithe sarsnpallla that asailatea with the blood. ttl. Vegetable purgative. alone assiailate withl the blood. F IPUILITY ibfthe blol is well kllnOll to be olne ofthe great caI : t.: ofla:ll': e. SAIISAPAIII.I.A i: well klnown to ble tile 1iin.l t~1:".l /l purifier oflle b od Iaid fluidsoflhe hll2nl1ll ystElllilleXisltlne. It ii the prlleipal relyediul ngent lli Ii I'lnnan;eCu.ll . IIco.,d aP/Il. Wr :prep1.rat ol:. h is uIele: llerldre nldo:lllUlewl. ll it..liull.s; Illtey are nuown toecvely ollne aslI levery lelspaper is flled with IIdertin lulllgc e ofllrel.d .ratlo is, dIIf,:I ra lllpa : dbexlru:ts,:syrup:s, &c. I. W S II Ilhas discovered It ilrol'el,, kllnOn only to hinlself, ellerely it isbcolnllte il wihter well knllown ,elndl.l agellts without dlelstroy ig Ithe virtues ofulhe sarsaparlla, aud 8lrloltng .rrapor/ll . r bh. d Ppils. W.V dy d i arsapa,:lrlllal coal lned a lnnldaulln, llle rgiatilve, which by its eff ectgilra ua ly annd u dh.t Imlereeptlbly curries of thle gross and llnlrld ollnllr spl.parated fronm the b)llood hy the sarsapl)arllla. These ail. 9e Ilot pUrge., violently as ,ost ill i. io whtldch pIs Irate a iii reduce thN ylelll, rllderlllg it nord lial.le Ito ill elle Wallklklllla h syIrteI, and: Illnkillnn dsesC take stroller haolJ, ild ILiliag or ies nryllll tholla Illd ; ill hllart Il rous beevllalelf tl ll lurgills . viulellal ans tle pills do h;eI arle nlhlalalfcrd Iy adlla:. rllal flrlrels wllllll are ara IIlnhlncvuus ill hlher ollaeqelllcll es as nlur.lty utd other min Froml Ihe e:ireumslance, ol tall slrsnparllh bPillg inltlrducedl iP-.entlNilr itnlllnll ; lllan1n1 Iie1.1,e to Iepllrule. lay I.e thhe I -tutly i un ellllll rac, ithee b nreiilrlll& Ihry 'rI rIITl AIi. IAt F J u UhllTIe flrg:ling have elicitd sllnerolln te::til::ieall brolll phynicaalllr lnlldl ther., which ii-eunllplllly lhe dlrreCllllls .lid alrc Ulllidenllya re.lengd ledf ill rhelllUllle iflleA.:. ., :rlllll/, .llll:./ n nal d l. pape,:ils o.l dea uluug tile Ibck eroa ll Ihl.lle: ' 1 1: f ltlll il 1111 l Ills a ith l e ib.leY, ih.di c/lie i uf teros o(es oF thi In.I , tehroat si lll brlllwy,.caly uruption. slk:il e ina olni::e .i,(Ill, Vr ed ialery pnples:t:al : p: Alal.. I 'll ldc. l , e :Oll /l. I le r .: 1 l i /I n I, W .l l llr r nh etnd a ll ti h e Slllc Iruiln in 'dls'-c r.-ultllll· 1r' ln i111 purity of thle hIbloI :etn.lutiv;ld d e..... pinccd hVy .ercu.r, or otl ......... Ask lny rlrls·cwtalh plly~ician tllhe qestin,, what is the II-t-leffniunsillJ prilier uof tile blood ? ili. nlltwer will hbsar Suffice it to ra-y lhen ifall physicians recollmellld it so uti vertuIly, what better svdcllur. cane . awve of its invaluable Nulmerou I.... I...... received seli reference. can be glven to Ihnllurnd of instances of lse miiost renltltknlle cares ever perflalrld by Inledia.ell SolIT whouleule alll retail as Nn !k Castolll Ilonse street, New Orienlns. r Those .ficted rllll thell alisnlt , eIruflla, erUlltiOll of the skin, swelllng of the glllnds, Illnerrlul dlnlelle,, A- inay secure II.Unnsst Iadv, y t.. cd t fl d inrpotrtu l t p+ n, lby alppl" cg a 0t' The attending Physician Ill.ty he ronsulted ftore a to 10 A II, anlld froml 2 to I' M nlld frout 7 to 10 ill file evelillg. NEW ORIEANS Steam and Patent Bi.cutt Ba/+'ery--Waters and tlillman. No. 89, Moreau (llear the 1 ontehartrainn Rail Rond.) Pilot and Navy Bread, Suda and Wine Riscuit, Sugar, Butter, Medfbrd and Watter Crackers. All thie above articles are warranted to be of the firs, quality, and to keep in any climate, being completely kiln dried. Alto,-Kilu dried corn meal. Orders left at G. W. Pri chard aud Tagait, Jr. corner Magazino and Poydras streeti, will receive prompt attuntion. Small kegs put up expressly for ifamily use. 15nov Tl ' IIE ARTI'iI' AND FANCY I'PINT1'EIi. US'T" received by the luesl tirlos l. frOnl Halavr, a splendid collel.lltn ot+rlinl' I' r Brush, r aints. pll - : si.; ipa kllietk1 i.r ll ,m nl ors ualsls ; Will.r ,collld soonin Hitle~r co or1 Ilpreparedwiull, h u. ui arnishl liuer dill iwa -lllilt easels, for portrai loilllnlter; pastll .mnl lll ll I evlry tlhro l, encil.:ll..' tvery size; varlni il rlusher, Ilt I iiiii rlllllld, v er? ' Iirg tie,, cu.' alllv . ih'elldy Ilrepha rted colors, brIlrushesJ, Fgallylh fited ii I Ac .ke. splendid Alilns, seulllrhlv bounI sod ndil; etlclours, ! Ioolwllhd Iollcils; and i gr-it cIlltllllily of ar'icles ul tII1se wicilhh alrtl IJIIr ii) Iu lefOl III d til . The iiri ptle of ?aeI-.muies,'l'eachers of Drawing aLnd IIItlllng, w\illd well to cull It fle .loe tail thle sUbclihtr whieall will accullllll'dlte ile h iiii .eelrs alltd artists litvorsblv. MONIII'I.I N Io 3'1 (:11 ip stlrect i)euler i, I'faint, Oil, Varnishes nail Facv Articles for puinters, who.le.. lead Rtetil. Iioar 7 Itil p OW)E-nvice, of In, Powder, lust receivd (ifllfr sale by SIiAI.L & N _mar 19 9611tgnraue t ntnr'0 7 Bunllk 'linen 1'ILEIU CANIIES-uI holnex jei iteceirrd nsad S l flat s? I y SA11UEI, F. I1t.ASCllA~tI1, matenI8 Il3 1 n;vier Ol AL-S1ii taty rflle Ibeat Ei ngiin .ini, x iii inked C fr teieani bout. .,u1uuinun v ,oIrdk 1nieAlu.n, irom New i'aicui, tar sale Iby I I I IL9I 'a & Ali. . . (t lunk Plne. LW ,:)(R)I1s-hush& Illen hine. jn cai ed N n splendid assortment of titllril e Fancy Goods)*( ClitaU life for Pnmnmenrn, ..jrtainiii ide' Mnriung iu.kx, dres'cgnrkILnnene, munnicnl boxes, ini ttfdias, needile Iooks eUarl, rishell Bad ivoury, eard canses..ill *Ies, oper'a glal~es, gnlIIl and aLliver iCIIild· pe- nllnery ill kind, c ((er,4 *".ua 'i1IE AZA.R, & 'I IN"u()S N' IIE:i'PILLA'i)It', ir remouing int 'ui ullurns hir luint the fae,iinek auid urns, with Saulnsa. trnd duertainiy, leaving tii. .kin liner and i11.0 furl. iliii Iiy jult eeied.n~ It (UI(IN'ei. No I Exicnege HIIitel, crnnei StiCunrtn naad ('atnnor 1,, ..\E:- ul nentIe Caetuinud Onnilerue 11line. ii. st o.reud fllur sale. bd jn'3 CIIAOI'lrlS; & C('OP.rl,82 Julia AlM I till -Ni l ciiil in ItiRep, nr nuperin re In btAAt IIlDt1D & Cn, 1:11 'i,,jsie ORN-7110 bulshle rurn., ill nutrr, fhr 31111 b CIIA.IPLIN & Ci)' 'PIt, 11115 7 i llac rELE PENS-Justur received a Ier ;rune ;lllu . En~gleJand Perry's doubleu patent life " pmtsr, fill Milhe Iby DAV11 FELI' & Co. uiu' N Y niniiti n irS hlI 14 Cliirtiaisa ') RAYS & CA(lt'-N- Plhiladelphii dnays, 4 In cans, r.4 lre n whn eh ls ll, 1 .m,., 18 dirt und woodu harr'ws, inintore, for suieby in,16 CII.0M'I'.IN & CiiOI'It:.;*'t :` G UNNY B kGS-iii bairnu,.nnnytinag, tending pe s.Aniip Sennstr, for ra!e hb n:9 S&i P WIIITN.EY7. C(nep at `WEE I' )l\l.:(iA 'IIAE, orStOee -a ln mar .7 11...0 & )tAHSTOW~, Blink rlarn· *)AIN'1'S,UiL A, (il.AclS, IB U Lsoftac.-, Slnding Iroln shilp C.slhltiolrm fllo ir rdle--vlz 1.000 .et ingl e, inest p tmlit, ro nec 1 yIX rIllt3she 3011 kegs alile lead, .imre; 3,01 d. g0.r. l lailll ill h libr. kegs; ; I: Jdo . ; elPcdtin. Ibresigir;l.;iIll) Ill Iith. r. 21i doz plentlitd (d)0101 ground Ibrashl., also .11)01l1 .ul l tO0l di; YL .lses erOlle grell in pwellowt slptrioliurtr.: , .ize f On g ir I . l, e iellCil li "g nrtlist;.; fl lllt kill lra.Ihes for ne-chnktc; arctist's ,,l) il oil ready prIe i ere:l,a boxes, litted ..p witl all necese.ry hre eý; artietl's Initml, ,c. FluIke ea,,, iltnlnite wite; 60 ,ars k otdIt eel" wite and yellow wax;Gum onr ,,ic; and w hurge and cluoire au & de . f lr s a l sw h o let le a d re t , il , a t tl e lo w e s t p r i e r., ,, by BlSOU.)E1FI, n8 58 (Callp st. OIDEILRS IRECI'IVEI) FOR JO.NES' P4 TE.7' CO TT'O,Y GIN; Hythe Paetette, No. 53 Ma. rzine street, New hlrleaes 'O BE IANI 'FACTI'UII IEI) N NEW\\' YoIRK lt ' ROIIEILRT IIUE & CO. SCALE OF PRI·.CES-Doble Gnts. For a double Gilln of Nt) saws o more oil each cyliindler, manlking 160 as in the stalnd, withll eder, ImHnds, &c. at $i Ipers:aw, or $90)) 1i For a ioubll (Gin olf (ti sa vs , . cylinder, or I'0 sawas in the ll tied, fetelers, LC. I $0 per saw, or 720 00 Fotdo,. of 40 sawsol dllloi I saw ill ltaint, at $6 25 ~i r saw, ior 511 (Ho For cdo. of ) saws onl do. or 40i saws ini a :tand, r. $6.5i0 per saw, ioi - P2)i o PIN 11. IG (L NS. For n singl hin o.f S3l saws or more, with one set ofleeders, lmdsl, &c. ait $ per bow, $000 00) Foird. of 60 saws, with lecderls,&r at $6 90 Ipe, sawta 390 Foee I. ef fl swVs, with feelers, &e. $;i 75 tee $awc, Sto1l 00 Fr iIh. .. 2iL saws, with Iell.e..s, e&. at $7 51) ipe saw, 1510 (11 Exit-aeet.h a hertdesir.ed, for fe.trndts, supplied at 0 centls eal; tile llnumber ofl'teeth leinlg out eqlll o tlle IIumer of sws. lie set of liedlrs, it is cf n sdleled however, will wear olll two or thLee soets of sows. IF·xtla s('w saltllllli at ) ec(t1 s ci tell. The (fiis rdered, will bte delivered to tihe agets of plalters ill aiy o l'the sea port towns oi thie etto. phl:o - tie7 Staltes, i, Ille aile p.rfles, the igels ia 1111111 t r Ci'Ij "1It oil tile s: ame"oNeIll lNec Yorker, i laile ' I': sp..mible tlar the amounit of the (ill. A Gin wrht willlbe sent wi tthe I;ius to put them up where de sire the chllarges for whose services will be extral, list modsenre. Ioll rullin ing gea.enl also he ordleredl where desilrl, onl lrucsltable trtll., but will be cintged extra. Ilcrse power, of.lly description, can ie Ifurnishe:d o) like I terms. Small steiam engines eau also be ordered if de tired. It is desirsble, when planters give orders fie Gins, """' should accompallny them with their views ill rega:lrd oto eareangemeontof saws, breasts, brushes, &c. It is ft und hey differi opinion. Some desire saws of arger diaetlller thuai others. The most common sizs is 9 or 10 illches; b, . some wish Ithenl I'1 inches. Solme wish 5 or fi rows i I.brushes oil ail lsxle while otlhers lto lot want more than 4t imost. Somei wish saws with 8 or."teeth to tile inch, while others want l0orl II. ,V iclh disceielulocy, we prefer they shlold, :d ; the time of giving oders, furnish a satemut of( thel wislles, cld the llnulllleturers can lllllil thlen ill eey I flarlicular. Where it is left to or. ldis.eetiol, we shall Iake them onl thle most modern and approved plan. An orler can beex anttid, fC l ithe time it is received, n the speiceteirht orniiewri k,and the lii ia thatk i lime placedlin the lhals of the factor. To be i, n ton for the nlext crop, all orders ought to ie in tlt hallllls o tIe nailu.ctllrershyl the first or mihlle of 3lay; exfept or plantations where they are late in comllencing to tick or gin eotton. N. If. The Paltet IRight, fonr any one of the cello.. g Iw2ing States, willbe sold on reastouable teras. -~5'is tic L IA nA CORDIAL. t eI 'AIoUDIAL --Te I 'fINE 4441 Ir IiE 'ill I- Ckll4dlW4.4. lllt nt f, r lle .lI .trl l I p trolll e hi he j 'A O Ulrli 1' a 1triv eld l llll l t1i4e AIgI" 1 4ell4lllV l1 l- 1 Illl llwiU l: w haivhItI e bI een Pral t hill, llltlllillh tilln t tie lll Illost liracul, u+ efl:leVc of this ies titnab le Illedicine. "t'he(. well founded rel;utatllin of 11e Luciln C(ordial wa4rrant t allI e 1 I nel t inll wI th1llrliW4 llg his 4 o4;lg 1tte1ltive Illels; but flr Ihe Inn.ueit of those" persotns mwho tl ay '4 yet be 4un'wlre of its nal .re, hle would ,explici ly state that it ls Dr. 1 guini' s relebted di,,o4v'ry, ah ich Illlnscleatedtl nrln 1 nlls'nlion ill FranllCe.-'hat i stleedilh restores the virile pow.ers, where they Ilave nl ellen el4halustl.d v disclIse olr llierwie, and suhllsRlnll 4inllr rPlollatl' Ibe lo r. ,reanl, fulletl( l.r ; tht11 it i till rl el4,1t tltl el4 a filr t Ilhe flralbioi 4 d 4 uVP. 111ll thatl it 4t f iv the only remedy everdiscovered tfr the renoval of T ViulsOtenlv in Malin laind rrenness in females.1 iwding f I to ItS vasllv invigornting qi alities, it is Illso Ihiebly ii.t- u l 0 I'll g1 4ei, olstrul ted, dillicnlt or painfdul nu1wstrulola ,r ll, i i liotn. bl ltin 4,elnce 4,lbe tr4 ne, r involutlli4g1 l di ha 4 t4 reltI thereof, 'ric erupl tions of the skit., drollsial allc- P tit~ias of lfie aged &y. dl Illorder that all cle4sera fI soeiety may r1ecive thI Ibeneli ll4' Dr. IIl~1 nili4 4 discovery1, tlh A1 1e 5 ri4t4l p4ro- t4 rietr hl s eonsent_ (d tblt tte C"""i'''hall h, sold in h a sles ofsix nlllL(eseach, at the redulced price lf $I1 which i than one 4all'the price charged for it f4 4 5 ,l4 4itCP. e SJOIIN WINTERS HOI)VE:tWEI.I., . I. dr. SThle above medlicillne is Ior salle at h olles+ttle and retail n at No,. 651i .Ton.sstreetwI .....een Magazie a ...n. 1 tdC p it e N AlItRIAGE PIIYSIOLOGICALLY' IIISCIUS E 1J SED. Toranklaed from the French of Jeia 19u- P r hois, i1. 1D. by William Greeilehl. Part Isr. n thenlI, et'eoihv of Marriag. ! P. t l d. I t ull l ctl;4. o le i( ll'O4 tr t i g , , it4l a e u1e 4I ,Tr4 n Part lil.1 * * " Part AiRl S' * * I I T a 'M5rl..e 'hshd4u1t cnl Ilv l),,ssed is the imt I uselfl, lutd dt.':idetdly the moist nhcer-s ii, work that .te t ever rotnd. It will bieak ui mll ow rtke. alnd )inster4, 4 I u llllld make l l re more lllll tlll ied etr all n won lll Iean yill I llllielltion that h lsllever el n salctin led v b h lse IIna od" Ilytmen.--/L .llotateure. 1 I ol'is is a great book, n"t will he p,,e +tive of gt o14i'the enau1n' ity, I, t is tnre it contain,' , macy . strn ge llal ll 'l hII h a then thel ut le j el itld i tts 'xti lS u , if treated it more delicately. W e espe tialie rel'e n .I li its" lv strd. ctio dt in C..onrtilg," to th4e tttie t ilt all t i g young hldiaes mtb mltIen'll that mnay be. ill 41-t 4) lpartners.-Le petit, Cotrier ats Daktesi. 44 l For sallle at tltI 1. rydlr.s at between hlatzilnelC aid a (':amp street. Price 1. $. HARRISON'S SPECIFIC OINTMENT S T..o great celebrity of this unrivalled 4 G.44 . position, especially in tle Nortlher St tt·ls. leave.s at the proprietor but httle need to sayy ay tiing in l -its favor; for it Ihas been .enerally conceded to it, in that it is beyond ill1 comparison the b,'st r lemdy for exlernal complaints that has ever heien disco. . vered. Inldeed t:.e speed unJ certainty of its ope. .l rati I4s hlave t1he appeari;, .e of Iraeles ; as t1 c rs,. w unds, corns, fever sores, childblains, white sw''. lings, biles, piles, spider a id snake bites &c. immloe. d diately yield to its apparently superaum .n influ Sence Thus if properly applied it will remov an inveterate corn, or break and heal a bile in five ro days, will allay and perfectly cure all ulcer ill two 4 weeks ; and the most desperalo ca1e' s of white 4 a. swelling tlhat can be imagined, have b.eenu destroyed r 1, by it in less than two months. 0 4 the ithes of p1 . s sonous reptiles its flicacy is Itruty surprising, an even in the bite .f a rabid dog, for if applied in r- time, its power of attraction aro so wonderril that ry they will at once arrest tile poison, and thus pre. I e vent it f um pervading thIIe systOem. It is Ihkewire greatly superior to any imedtlcin herethfaore dlscol vered for tie chad bcks llllbs orses, r th etters, rit g worms, clhapped lips, rnd in short for t Severy external bodily evil that umay frll to the lot I of mate or beast. 'The proprl, tor lhas received at least a thousanld or certificates ad oth r documellnts, in fayv r olfhi* "' S;ecific Ointment," upwards of a hl draed of which were written by respectable m.oembers of th Medical Facnlty, all breathling the saue eulogy and satisfaction. Pro nred at 129 Liberty street, Now York, and for sale at 65 Poydras .treet, New Orleans. mtar 6 If EDIUCATI4tN--FIE;NCII atl I ENGLISI. Mr Jim. s, recenlty o rtrlv d I4I Ini 4 city,'belts !cave I, to informi the ci tzens io New Ohleans th.t hee .ll m open an acadelny On lMonday, 14, J.nllar, na N. 19 ToulloUse slr.,et, for file intriuectiln olf 4~lh ol both srxes, in F'rntIb 4l 4nd l Enllsh, ill lhll Ichhe to will he ably asisated by Mrs. J44.ies snd Mrs. n4 Mlel414r, who speak b1th those tnlnlages w4ih great Iuency eand purity, and wlho wi I take chart of the departluent of t,.e youn1 i lai4es. an Mr. Jmes will tler bl. w .e asllren'tto,, In i', various branohus 4tf eJuuaLnIH, anld f Iittre hlnuto Ih t that h will give en' re teIe:,l"i i I , . ,nay lhoior h4 n wtl- .ir 41ntl 1'n . no. I It"'' U 'I't1j'4t) I44 14E 'AULt'1 OP 0114 ) T 11115I N'S Cotootl Extrat of Co>44iha :..~: Ir'Uilto -A 4,,tiot, Ioie, Hall most , t oo4 al rrc i/ leeIrr dtscmvlrre ld folr th creof ilrb" Ilt', 0e4k.ne41, atl44t4ons kid41ier, 11' !,ioie er'pti444440 '4t 4104 i'llnlch tenol 4 t 4ot :komt444e po1.ts " 4the "444" the proprietor hot hill to reten Ilu I to t he nun . , elan' ' -c euen Winos received from the Wawa em Itntl, 1"t'lllla llc decal f111:ec lll in Enope, beII DLi)II:(Cg that ill 11 I:' haltr / ilI~anf A r opai lll , I s xllill silr il xrl d, has l ust mo el, oflb its et tlli Irnm the dis\II~~llike Wxhlll I patents ill.ll)(lel prwwIed it, the bowels laid nl nl·lls p\achl,:iol its hetls e tale, lag that the non e lll Ilel.(i~ l lluEs would 'lelxd, · hr inch in the present state~lr. Thle that,, ...,lclt tine alo'ul ·*e s ·Illsl ls Iie lifi pl wa ll( Ienr vx in th e prol 'eston. F ·li) Iru 444 4140 eco t'o'04tm.t of thi 0144444 i44.1 444 th4 elllluIcav o lbe..the, prducig n, fcraion rulyo·tu ,f th e '4± 00 a , . ' e m is. e',, ) a , ,. e ts ' th e p4± n I V ,h -too4! e nt,4±4 o4440 I4 , },.t p Ills a im, in lla, nlor ,l S lu w lc lllv. ~ lc, ls\· . ", To it'. p ri ci al u p il l s H od p ~ li c - , e ^ - - 6 -:h , n , H u st ll C m lill· "(1( I e r y lL'Ailll l' I t( 1 I i l I I I 0444 Ietghoo' 4h0it(4 4404444'' A . 4± . vewlil lIIra alli:Iuiuns, and m ulwi, .n" et ', tsiOY .illl arising C:(sE) 1, 1 a 111i :o111 Ioe lil , tale u. '. 1. .:(~ I ±. tt-4 btu r 1n s itt4d I4 tlhl tept t4ld exp14t ri 44ctt44. muss ee(Iilte hral ll ll e fatallt, 4tt4y4tav t'x presse cae ..4,4t 41eir 0444444 , 444 \0 a otit g . th4 ,t I, II·III 1 rX() I pre ·E('· I C.I el :(Er e irI· 1·Cl atilCC wll he i Ilrlil",lell blt"Lohe. PepredbyJ I Tbur, henis 444444444u4. fe'et',4'4404A44 '1 51 He pat doFl toI tott I.1 S 4p. 44 F,-in A 11 Salami, Earl, _ It `I, Surgeon~i l to tllV S 'I to' it l whic I havalle ntl Rle III' mm slrrplnlliot n a ron.. a,6,q , it rue of the must valuable awFn~l elirl· Ille lvllede es r, ot" ~ ( d'el'l~al totep biH llo e ixhe, From G 11 I Cj CIOLwn It to S, Physicia to the St Marftn~ DispenarL. su lfl~lsccess yon sofoliod serv, in ,, ampe rexmd d fr thelltls '"to 'f expenst e I nI itooto bIionging igto to sok eee trIoI 1t.4' Cuop4.t", F It S(,0 S Su geonttI o oy 1. tI~o 4444 344ow 40 to li ruyoopeoatd t441 ay044 otl'oosooto.Il Ilat"''4 pIee II,40o'd to It, C or EPttoi t itotoverSt j aseslclf Biolen( G 444'4, w 40hh'll hitI4erto baffted every preieviption iu adnnlllilnisttrell by mel, hatinlg foundl 04044404440l s bl b 41-00 an 44s 44' 4441 b 41 it, i 4n ;,4few d 41ys I eel m seaull' Into hounlIt4 tos4te 4hat I not4t i41 44rae Fr ont hoi~ W 444'ir te Dttl setuo City's0t4t.4 .5 f4i44 34h44 0 trict too4t whi444h I hatlve 044en4441our m044 i4)4 o w~ill ;Illllec tale it , elrs:tur e in its use, andl I deemo it s No ItSll tit I'f il LS, &oues. S IretonI~l t tooo 0y4i44' thanks Kotor 1 e otluable ooe sc0utt444o1;144440(144444'fol,0 044·th tOrel ilt nrhollaot1o e. I 04043list: ~b4'0±4. ll piI1to 4 4t4t40t4t44 40 040, slo~44 ghtfo14 in cast's ill' 1be abov(I e chats.s It L)(lordlji tI· great pleasurert il pblshn tjo dhe w'oeful t114404 vouby [4, 144 440444 4I4r 400144444444B 1 I414ttt~ 144444441 t4444404144t140444444444044 Stioob4mn'4lestiuioJ,,4 c 4±440t4ll 444tt404'lm 44'! 404404 abulllc; LoIt ho~lsts tha~t its great snlaeessllilllu~tt, the care~ geat'4ot r(11 IV 111444, 11 ri4 gPhyulit4 to Coy'o pblic' 1144e teeoic t44t 0t44I I 144is 4040044 4,44444l toO't4444bov oil cal". 1-s is its 4 t o i4t4po tal, a Inr t4. t l-4 i 14 p ts-44 444414444n44-i 40 t 44tely m tore, 40 itho 44044, 444'4! In t0 tt I. waft woflnt 440444.04444t b4144tiess. 44 ratller4t4 spttially to be unpll m it It'lll with itB Ill'elliulljlll possessing the ail vantage~Rs biclel tbv present on " cotellllllil Accnnpanyiog pay Medicine ism pamphII~lllldlet (:xplllllll tor) ..fate dij L1l1,llt R singe s of the dislulllI, \(vitblIul Hill Itt Is by SICKI.It4S 4 4 CF). 44I4'4'4'4144444I40I44'to414441 stooe '.VI 1-NOWtihat health and the ability to labor, conustitutes the wealth of the great I mlas of tle peop'e in this, as illn m t other conn. trires. To preserve, therefoire, that health by natu. ral meanr is a gr lnd, mioral nnd p ,litical scheme, to fulril which, reruires oun oultost attention. The unprecedente I popularity and universal up. apprulation whi:ch this medicine has achieved gllroughlut the United States, the C Ianadai, Texas, Mexico, and the Werst tidie., fully justify I)r. Peters' in warmly and conae entiously recommen. ding them to the special notice of the aflliP.ted. Puters' Vigetal'e Pi Is are to' salet, mist efece. tual and economical remedy ftir dicases of tile hutman eonuttut ion, thalIt hs ever been discovered. Dr. Petors, the inventor of this invaluable nmedi. cine, fromt o hiknowledge of the human system, derived fromn a long and extensive practice, Ilhs arrived to t:,is concluiono that the great and pri. mary causes olfmost diseases is a derangement in the tifetions of the liver, or inl other words an iln. cre:sied ir dlllintrhel secretirn of the hile. Si, well is llhis ounlelrstllnl, that it is clrntln fuor personlio ail' when they freI unweill, thlt the.y iare bilaon , mIanin,, lh I' they Il:ave too much 'll ~n le s: lllllonPl. O the olther halld, when 11he flow of l + i is dlitl. the,:l process et'o lil_ ialll is illerlel ly prrlrlrtrr , the I a tlellnt iielle Uls eal I ad emacilated, bI'eciIause nnrshent containr' ed tile Ild takenl in ll' t rL lirll i niot proper y ex. Ir.acrlel , n td tt ete l s t j .etedl in a crade state. )r. Peters is rconlilent that thlie fm1ous hrc.lran lTheory, on calledlh, It, r 'ill rll t r he rlet df in the cause of aill dIsases,"is a great a rsurdiliy. l:vrv orei a o rR llets II thie llliject a momtllr i t, will p.reircielhat tilirity i IIthe b:on is a seci'.)t da y mot it primary corlalainut-the etfet aend not lthe c;auso ()lt'lr ie. 1.' .ien t;lo tillltinl s of the iliver are dlralcrnged, nrl the ltow hrlf lle increasedrr. it is ltterl tiakel till by thiI atlsor cut vessels a.d crrli, into 11h r+irrultitt,, aod eioimes m g enni d i t ther bloodl, as in ju indee,. whlen the ptient hos iI in his cluntlltenalme. Nol this io plri y of blood is ciuaed by an increased flow of bile, andl to rentl y it, you must correct the ererOtionsl of the live , and recore it to a t enithy state. )r. Petersr has sjpent mrUch ii'ire in exlrinient- I ing with hatirellt vegitar b g i edh ties, tL dllleases of the hliver; lid nw otT'rs hist Viget lable P I , as the best, most conetirent,ui andi cheapest inedi. ntll that crn he prepared flr t eoral tuse. Itr. Pute t, rs t rhnrtl tmlirnrt Its long en ern. ellltll eg with vegetable r'lie s la enllth!ced hbrim :to daclover thertlm 'd onlt t hy ublstitute anrwering all tirhe i'urpoer s et Illlmlerricl s without any of their cttendlat r evils. Oli great quality oetl'his egetabl, I ills is that teny lIave tire alteriatrve prirncit coln. bleal with their .ata.rtic, ior operative qlatl tis., so th't thlay rrt only cIhnllreh the smnclllil anld bowels liy pirgingl, but lhre regulate tlce I bter chanllge r ithe ltUrbtl oieretinillIU, streltheul lthe dlscatve orgtans, purify the irloI, invigorate the etreilation, ant a kive tune andt eergy to the tier.. rolls systeml. They ae mild ann d plearnlt in their operation, Iand olery aiUlut inmedniateonnvictiUon of their utility from tihe tint dose. They can t.e tatken with saftiy by persons or'any bre ; ;rad tile feeble, the intfir,, the nervous, and the delicate, are i strengtihenel by their operlrr.on, because the(y clear the systemr of tad humours, quiet nterv ns irrita billvy, and nllvari.bly p)rontce oulld health. "l'he Veguttll e 'll are ati ure remedy for jaun. dice, serk and nervous headacher., s epsia, costive. ntless,tseklnellso t co sletmaecl, hurttburt, all ball.u n ci 'l'laintsl , lvers of all kinds, anl f taken at the comnmen.lrent will invariably check their pro. gross, and sav, the patient from a protracted au.I dangeoens sickness. They are invaoluable in ner. vous and hlpcondrtical affectins., loss ul ap oe. tite, and a I complaints to whlich females alnale are oujject. They operate as a mild and speedv purge, and are a sat aend certlln lltoedy for worms an cill dren. Sia.le I have intlroleed tmy Vegetable Palls to the puIlie, I have received nUntetrous Certificates of their euerir eliecacy ill uring diseasones, a s imiany letters Irort respectablte Iphyscians, who have uscd them in tlheir praot:ee with the boat I might publish a smalnl volum of certificatert( buit conlsidtr it lnnecessary, aso the lmedieine till recommend itself to all who wi I nakee trial of t. 'tihe aubve pills are mi boxes, coutaing,2a d& 41 pill, o hll. Prier, 2e & 50 cets p r box, Druggtlc, and counttry mnrrehants ean be Ptp. pi- d..,r whol .rn or retal, at Dr Peters' pnstIt p I 0 . in i I t or it I s etroet, between .NTna;ua." dl IAllx · `. .DDIU4, iiitri 11.44 3 1 )D, 4114'l.4)414 131.,4.llI7J -rrl*B 4113 ) 41)4l VMa'.. 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AIcnll to No i ccl.' ccY llct c 'lll.' c t, Ncc Oileuc, IIEAulTh AND BEAUTY, ` ' "IL I1II ' ll)ell.91.1.8 --Anl lli mll ll leCir", llwrill lIes remark. l rill.c sdii cxperlellcc e hc i lcroved tle fc c . t'illat tillco whic r.. pnrl' rve hertlh,, lI i , nt di-il,cl-. llill iicc rui clly it clln icbc . cllhrrlrll eld hcallhly old age; lir lh:ll .Il-ll'.blc l.npII IIIlbeI . 6II are al.fll'lleld<. illn I'r"I"l''.'4 "~n tl[. I rulpba| f qUiluitrII exIlt rL . .f "LIllllIllfllo w I er ,, ,, rlllll . . .. .l,. rl Ellllei.iet l allI, 0~ l all)(·iPllt r dll IJI, ag t citelilllr. cL cl ccdic c. 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