Newspaper of True American, April 11, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated April 11, 1839 Page 4
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d.*aovel bhere theo Tunic Mix. * , t thbe ordinary mdeor tresting be. In te first place eg Vega . l eots itm he taklien with the utmr!l otre b a the teter,.llt, or aged ivalid. It pie S..el diesreona lausenatly the ceontilO. - ·lts wonwte too., aied aOtivoiv. It iestab ve a relish o teenjyments ofaists S 8~i p I aRi paý teKlgaNve qrsality, it rnelan om el io erase thies .distorer, or to ernate tha h bu :lhponr ghly o~ crnes the several or e1 aove esi s, and thus bendefit the yse er ar.,Io r oIt ner visetioosit moay be'oppresed, trri, after th use ofrth Torie Mititrre, hove Sc tin atn l lc. tle musal caners of the droelace, ecpyh Sny sII. tr r tmrlotrs of retron; wheurea b ':re sftlhemrcanuo reoerdiee, there ib always ern y....n cren edliability to r urrence. The dncree '.r rselpleas of tle Agied, is very avidsl o, for ie lwilIl e tm loencol he tarnuci proetrate wto cthwo t h ediirnelae, aiin sIreedily fll a vic l tsrui. iemenat 'violen.e l'he Tolie Mlixture is lt n011 reasonabl price, cc toi paice it iniir, er ho~ ecrjyy oe!-so tbal his pclre alnd tnle t. a Itrl fishedo w ths isetlice, wiihl rtolicili it 'alen'dtlolllIa nee wiich is fr ltl illicd to m ub mlitte nd ic re.p ror,, r i .d oagicat thi .par o.ler iot lttivo si tin medi.ei, litt are daily ofered fdi te, o • , , r m n _tjteped only by Dr. Johat R. Rowand, at his ..b.lthwt-, tliifket tr~eel'hiladelidi The" itimo rlubns re thie ohsrirel sertes for tioe . t We,.T e SWiltale.te, and will sell by tie errar, at adllpilinia ptrises. '1'.r be had at rer il alno,d mreitrthe Apotbecaries in Ill crity. " JAlVI.S & ANDREWS, Mn. • W holesale Drggeists, ·h~_n b ro| Cntnl'.mmti s Trllnoitnll.w s N*lclasippi and Louisiana Hotel, -.torV.acT. L, RSiu. MARY KIIRKLAND reepeetfully an. Lv'tomtneoeens to her friends and the public geane. ally thathe is prepared to aeeommodate them at he above estalrishmerct, and hopes frron liher taertions to render visitors confortrabl, to receive a ontlnuance of oirmer favors, She feels confi. dent that persons visiting Covi-lgtrn diring tih mmra months, eatnot find bettrr accommoldatirns than shie can -afford therq, on more liberal ternrs. Her hoeam it Ideasantly itruard, and well arpplicd ,with erery cnvenience; the bar in furnished wilth the maet cloloe liquner, &ca. itl ashort, site promises -"'taIl. . J!ic' t wanting on her part to ive . nd L,uisieiona wHoite' t " • -PU~BLC.=hb- un 1e3 Sladled d.,Dr. ll rsogned. taving araloa undr DIr. cL'htlr of Charleston, "e r.t!Oln antI f aor r s his n aseltant in "h i erctic rtn an' if,"gery, has the I.on.or . offefr his profesniorol services in this city. He assures tile ladies and geitlemen that the most prompt attention will he paid to the call. whichl may he made; and also offers his services to tie holders of ,ave, being well acqueinted with the dissca common to them, haoving attended them in Ier sugar lhouse in Charleston. The fanmtou anti.bilious pills alter the compoition al Profeeor Steolletto, with directions, can he iead ci the undersigned. Thie effect which they hiave produed in this and other cities, has been attended with the greatest ouccess, to which the best of eeferenccc calr be given. Apply at No. 166 Meg.. rine street. JNO. M'LORING. HOLL-WP WAtE~ i- OD) CREWSs, SAD Sh IRONS, &e. S'FE IIOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. Sb 238 Water, near Beckman street, New York, have rcenived the past season, and are corstantly Sh receiving large and extensive additions to the stock of the haove goods, which now consists of tihe *llowing assortien(, suitable for tihe soutllern and 'h western markets. ll Hollow ware of superior quality, consisting of il about 1500 tons, viz, Pots ofi'2 difiorent sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, fit Kettles, 15 sizes, froum 3:8 to 30 gallons, pld Kettles, 15sizes, fromr 3:8 to 18 gallons, At Bakep;ne or Ovens, 7 diffrent sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do sat Skillets, . 5 do tic Flat Spiders . 6 do the Covered Spiders, 2 du Oriddlos, . . 4 do Fire Doges, 6 de ten Wagon boxes frome, 1 1.4 to 4 3-4 inches. vi Cart do. 5 to 7 inchess. Wood Screws, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from 1 elP :9 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 indh, No, 24 of a superior , quality and finish, and less than Jame's imnported blo prices. pill Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for be retailing. agf Tailor's and hattor's Irone, assorted. Sash weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to 310th. Uells for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &c. I I made to order, Also steambeats and other machinery made to rder. The above assortment of goods is particularly recommended to the attention of Southern and Western merchants, and are offered for sale at low ex prices, and upon the mlost liberal terms; it is be. to lievsd to be the largest and best assortment ever sit offered for sale by any one establishment in tihe l United States. th Merchants, by forwarding a request by mail, cans v have a printed circular, with description of goods, pricesand terms, from whsch no deviation is ever made, furnished by return of mail. All orders will receive immediate attention. New York, 1838. .1n3 & NO MEROU.T NOR AILO4.VA (7 I New irlcans, Ncw. 14, 18:17. A BORT six inonths ago I had the misfortune to gat S a scren diease, fIr t itlici I have alpplied toe ral doctors for a cure, antd tller dio toot coure n e. ot 0ow Its en the above dlate l pult imyself nei r the care of I)ctto, p Huet,and I expec:t himn to cure tote. Since that time a thediseaeo got worse, so as to break out in large ulcers i to the nlmber of six or eight on ea in leg, oad all over co my face, and sore thront, Slnd not able to work at Ie o present tinn, oao account of thle disease; large tolcer oo til right side of the tlroat. I an soav pattieg niyselif cofmldenotly under the care of Dr. I aet, rf Paria, toehe perfectly cured JOHN DEAN. feb 14 lv I DO CERTIFVY that the above mentioned disease is quite well cured to my own satisluctiol, for which I co ihank Dr. Iues; and moreover I assure that the inedi- of tine I have taklen nIake lote folt, sndid eotl injure o llay aealth at all; therefore I odvise mto f Ilow sutfererCs tc Iese no time e apply to ler A. Illht, 121 Canal ot srese, betweeno Dauphne and Bourboll streets. Dr. vit Huet is lat home fronn e o'clock, A 31, ttil 4 ' 9ll. They will find a true doctor Ifr this coli ,platr. si JOHN DEAN, 40 travier street. th If any one wants to see tme, call at No. 411 Gravil be JOIIN DEAN. New Orleans. Feb I, 1838. tfl, 14 l Iv F's E fiumite Indian Balsam of Livtvwr t aol lioc a: 1 L touul, is pot up in bottles at tiIa low price of 50ia cents eachl, containing the ntrelnglt of three eunces ofto Liverwort, emi les l te t irtuea cot nany otihr roots nd at herbs known among tle Indtlihs as eficacious in curing h pulmonary comtlaints. The uurivalled success which has attended the use of n, this inesttmable Balsam whlerever it has been intro duced, has oetained the eonlidence and recommenda. tions of respeetale plhysioian, for the cure of coug Js, colds, pain n tine aide, want of rest, spitting of blood, to liver eomplaint,&'c. To whom it may concern. Thil is to certify tlat we have in our practice frcluently prescribed Mnrs (iardnl mer's Indian Ilalsta fi ol. erwort a 4d tio"rlciooo, wii , a decided cod eflect: we can ltereorr, frot tlhe knlow Sedge of the materials it is made ftn, and cihervoatnon a ads prienee, reeoonmenld it as Oa ,oer prearation i oral those affections of tie Ito nag fir wlic it is re I e mm.sode i. AnBRT W ,II ,1 , M. D. CALVIN ELLIS IM.D. c Members of the Boston Medical Association. a' Bosten, October 25. saleby JAIRVIS & ANl)REWS, a Ill, 19 C an n to n I Tehasitoulas ate o TOLBEAR'S Sience of Penmanship received,and f Sfor sale at their permaneont Writing Acadenmics p Mo. S Chatres street, New Orleans, 189 tBroadway E Nsw)w sophioc ant, 'obila. t' ydesignld fr private learners, and S culated r perns of all aged. S d gemtemen . . .;..a .,,call and examine i a systenl fr themslvears. esoe are given an soell houe oa as may slnit tle of the city. t 080 omd tnt00 j Ladies who prefer it Call rec oit m% " -r .. . Perals py ing e o ntroe olf lteons rs Ielrired a att ' """ "'.',"p' "ae t esll asthey wish. u , 40kegs, I00 a . 201- do 25 e 1011-1YaL1 Brusces, wadi us sizes; I ea.e Vermillion; 5 bhls Copsl Varnish; l Japan 20 paikla~Oeold Leaf; S0- do silver do; • WINDOW" GL.+ASS, American, F r.lish aed PlFneh ! : boaeW varous sizes and quali ros. rr tooeaomwn do.-500 boxseseosigenmeht, will be h uhwsIaa anpl assortment of artiste' cololrs endol .' +s"lBrio Y A WV SCA'I El, Sp;. r: A a n a No 40 Cartel street.' b . A n ones oI~ aen at pr end Misi;ssippi wijl dodas 10per poerst doeount for goods, - . deis. . jo lcw I- jM.u NEYu PIRCE Waacuouas,' 21w wml W ri treeW oppsite th pnstffoitee ". The a nrOWarrC now receivind from their fee (ope"..b dew York, and will keep constantly on heeds gneral uort'Wt.fMarble Mntale Picesf ieaperior wuvn$r rwehip. sod of the laent patens, wads of tlh bhet gyptin. Italian, Irish and *0*41ri410k3 n Al,, Moonaaats, Tombs and Grave 8toji, Jaoulded and plain sills and lintels, }. a WW ikaethgseeths and boueasndly stone, tlster of Paris, HwydraolieCeent and Plaser. w'ieaglsir ·teg~ls with a splendid sssoassent of kr a~ uaRaidpapan and ca eatee sd masis Iron semi the newest sad e s·t approved petterns. LeNtr doie in the nftest stuseer and at tihe tae. ; They hLSave fist ate workmaen t l4 4J. KIAiN a STROUD aE Tork di 3atiitjmwIackets PACKETS FOR NEW yORK-New Line. S-To sail punctually evory second Monday during the season, full or not full. Plip Orleans, 599 tons Capt. S. Sears, Ship Alhabama, 474 do C. C. Berry Ship Arkansas, 697 do E S Dennis Ship S r.toga, 542 do IV Hathaway, Ship Nashville, 540 do 1) Jackson, Ship Kentucky, 629 do J Buiker The above ships are of the first class, coppero and copper fastened, and having blen built in New York expressly for this trade, they are of light draftll of waer and almost invariably croas the bar without any detention. The commanders are men of great experience, and the ships will always be towed up and down the Mississippi by ste mnbhoat They have handsome furnished accommodations, and stores of the best description will always be furnished. The cabin passage is $90 without wine or liquor, and there is no liquor furnished to the onfaers or crew. For freight or passage upp'y on board, or to II C AMES, 48 Camp at. The slips are not accountable for breakage of 0 glass, hollow ware, marble or granite, cooperage of tin, or rust of iron or steel, nor responsible fir any package or parcel, unless a regular bill of lading is executed therefor at the office of the el;ts. nov27 NEW ORLEANS Ao. BALTIMORE LINE UOF PACKETS. This line will consist of the following vessels, which have been built or purclased exlressly fobr tire trade, via: Ship Seaman, Capt. Miner, Bark Mary, " Nickerson, Irad Ferry, new ,, Stevens, S N"olomon Saltus, " Latham, I rig Architect, 6 Gray. These vessels are of the first class, have hand. i some furnished nccommodations, and are of a lighmt draft of water, so as to adrmit of their receiving and discharging their cargoes in Baltimore, at the city. Freight will be taken for ports on the Chesapeake or James' River, and forwarded by the agents, Messrs. CLARKE & KELLOIGG, at Baltimore; expenses on goods shipped will be advamnced w D-CFlgy, cd. _Tile ttico @t?".' d.lied at $gO, ample stores of the b st qualihty will be provided. Steamm up and down the Mississippi will be taken oil all occasions. For freight or passage, apply to GEO. BEDFORD, nov27 22 Bienvil!e st. FOR NEW YORK. [Louisiana and New York Line of Packets ] T'IlE; Ships composing this line will sail frnm New Orleans and New York on every other Moan day--commencing on the 2011th November-and to insure the punctuality in tihe time of sailing, time line will hereer r consist offive ships, viz: r Ship Yuzoo, Captain Trask, to leave on tih 20th November. Ship Louisville, Captain Palmer, to leave eon the 4th Decelmber. Ship IHunltville, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the Ship Vicksburg, Caplain Woodhouse, to leave on the 1st January. Ship Mississippi, Captain Davis, to leave on theim 15th of January. The above are all new, of the first class, copper id and coprper fimstened, amnd upwards of 500 tons burthen, are of light draught of water, being built in New York expressly hir the trade. The price of passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabins are fitted iup in te meost iruproved and convenient plan, and litirimed in a neat and elegant style - Ample stores of the first quality will be provided, anld every regmmard paid to time cmfort and entire satisfaction of passengers, who will please take no. tice tIhat no Irrth can be secured until paid for at the ofece of the consignees. Tihese vessels are commanded by captains well experienced in tihe trade, who will give every at tentioln anid exert themselves to acommodate. Tihey will at all titmes be towed up and down the Missis I sippi by steamboats, and time strictest punctualhty Iobserved in the time of sailing. I The owners of these ships will not be responsi. ble for any letter, parcel or package, sent by or put on board of them, unless a regular bill of lading be signed therelor, at the counting house of time agent or owners. For further particulars apply to J D BEIN & A COHEN, nv27 90 Common st ,. OILLEANS & CI A ltLES'fU l PICKETS lThis lile consstsaof Iour vessel s, all of e thmfmirtr clasn, coipered and copper last. ened, and of about 200 tons bIurthen, with handsome accommodations for pnssengers. 'iheseo vessels are elnmmanded by cnplnins eel experienced in the trade, who will give every at tremtiol,,and exert themselves to secvcmmt,ndarm thme mshippers. Thbev will be towed up and down the iMississippi, andi leave New Orleans ln or before the O1Ih and 15th of every month. The followinmv vessels compolOre ih emline, viz : Bri Arabian, Charles G,,rdon, master. Brig C.mpman,J.lB. Thompsonm, master. Brig Allenar, J. Deane, mauster. Bark linger Willianms, J. Allibers, maser. Flr fIright ir pamiage, Iple tr J. A. BARIIA LI & C,l 61 Cmnmon st. New Orleans, or iI. C lM,,rdeni. Cllnrlestn. arl I I U.MBARtD & CO'S Boseton and Now Orleans U Liye of Packet Ships.-This new line of ships has been expressly built to run between the above (o ports, and will be found of suitable draft of water: i accommodations for passengers, and every effort will be tade to give general satislfaction, 'The line is eomnposed of tll fo'lowing ships: Cherokee, 415 tons Capt. J Harding, Carolina, 400 do S Lendse, Charleston, 374 do D Eldridge, Columlbians, 625 de U Barker, Seaman, 240 do J owes, Biombay, 625 do D Inumphrey. The above ships are all new, of the first lass, q copper fastened and coppered, commanded by mren of great experience, have largo accommodations, e with a separate ladies cabin; every attention will be I paid nto pasougors, and the very best of stores pro g vided for theom. The packets will be towed up and down the Mis iossippr, and the strictest punetuality o!,served in j, the time of sailing, and should the regular vessels be detained in arriving, other ships equally as good ti will in all eases be substituted. A share of patron. age is solicited, and tile agents pledge themnselves to a accommodate as much as practicable, to receive and forward goods by said line at the most moder. - ate charges, and to advance all expenses on goods shipped, if required. Tihe ships will leave the ist and 16th of every me rth. For freight or passage, apply to the agents. J A MERRITT, 82 Common st. B N. B. Advancements made on consignments to Messrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. nov27 S itlttais' HARI"I' &E CO, or nrow receivg Inroll on beoard ship Orleans. Eagle, Iighlander, 'okerb leery Andrew, French and German ply nords; Back gammon Boards; Cbessmen, 2 1-4 and 23-8 inch bIil ard Balls; 8,9, 10 and 12 inch blade Bowie Knives; L.eatrlher nod orler travelling Dressing Coases; Belt, Pocket, Ilorneoan's, and D)uellblg Pisilols; doul and sinrgle barrelled Guns; Game IBagse; Shot Belts; Powder and Pistol Flaks; Doam Bottles tand Drinking Cups; Perermeion Cape and Cap Holders; Cloth, Hair, Tooth; end Nail Blruhase Orris r.d Chlorine Toohr Wash: Tooth Powder; Toiet and Shaving Soaps, in great va. rietyI ng Ilair Braids, Rirglets and Frinettes; Pearl and Poiles Powder; Emery Bags; Ivory Tulr Cushions; Patent Sdes or Garters; Gum Elastice Suspenders; Powder Puffs and Boxes; Gilt Chains, Seals and Keys; Ear-drops; Waist Boukles; Brcelets; Bead Necklaces and Clhaine; Gilt and Silvered Bends; Indian Beads, Bells and Plnme; SBhell Twist; Side and Dressing Corbe; wthlrin addition to their former stock nb hand, makes their asnsortment very complete, and will ie oldl ow and on liberal nle, ath tie rim of shle Golden Comb. 0i5-ltf 70 Chartres street. eceived a very exteneire set of nn' emr, consisting of Talde and Dessert Knives ItN .... de.criplionr, Pen, Pocket, c)il, nsnd Spear pein Is ; taiee; Razors, Seis ersiEdgre l'oolse, ce. Ac. el. whih they are prepored l o exribit to the trade tor or ers. Terms and condieions will be made klown at the tielr. mnl6 J. l). BEIN & A COIEN.9 O Comnnnn st. water Rowimls ma ReasTer oil ta.-Airen do; antique {cdn shiptllornivile, Eagle, Mlercy Andllai, 11gbh e, Frelportable dek andlGemono d drl re helnvg lais: pat blacking; statiad toilet gistlse; plconain,ex ril rod olt cnmsieonalps; cap holdldr; rEiae-isss, azors, Ire,,. eal; (gilloscvimmerws ial ads, heollr stael phines;Vir eren; Viwlin teioe dwintoilet and scavlng aosn ; toilet k, blrrdand le ther urstesr; hair blnir, tnoel' a h scebringlrrtsrrrgo iroffsr Germanunwl Frenchrcolognle owdter, Iowlsetis wrash ha oil, ieniteatin lshionati andrrsl arsnil; portable rleabsarrll rlresslng eases: lur1r b hlebirrr; atsta errd toilet glounes; coriex mioron; op. crI eaglasseasrrldviewsr; lndiairrnarls,lrellssael lplrrrrrr enl emrleorl; whtitetwini; toilet and slhaingsnrats; toileter na orlder, rosrmetie mal rhatls; eerriml satin chrlionren pool staens; screw nisldiols; filoy bhead chains and necklaes; billiard tall; lcreket books amln walletts; GeCtrmla hones; razor stlap.; fine and colnonll gum e olastie suspeallers, garters do; Bells lucifer ilmatches; sil. ver pencilas Creyons, &c:. &ie. I Te shove in addlition to our former stock of fancy Slrticles, makesouwr assortcmelt vclv c npirlete. kor sale wholesale or retail; as tie si gn of the iGolden Caolm, 7 ChaLtro.en stsee - mtNS.. Id )EAF'IEiid d NEW srticle fore ersons trublled with dearness, / called the Ear 'rmnke,) hes just Itewet receivred, hI the ane of rr hrieh, tie sglihtest artiulation ofr tie Ilu ir mun voice is distanctiv conveed to tie nar. Anl one .who hlines ever ween abliges ro overee witll a veri dsl I isroin, natl he fully ser ,tisr f tire dliifllltr nlrid err, a isllrrllrell experrenred botbylrv tiernelves arl lw illt diriduals ro ulrrlrrtuirallvnatliicld. Ily the iuse fi tihe Ear Trumpet. this objer.tion is entirely obviated. Tile mint sceptical have aleays a. ndoled tlheir dobtr slier Shaving used tl Trumpet. Fur sale at T F GIltION', Farey store.enrner oflCf as mind St CiLur.i ntreete ud.rrl the IEa.lllea Iltm. li. 13 BOOK lilNINERY. Under the P.eeyune Ollie, 72 Ctntp st. BRONSE.1A '& HOWSON beg leave tn infirm their cuetomers and Ihe public generally, t'i o triey have removed iheer etabhlshotent to No. 72 (rntnp street, i nnledintely under tile ofliee of the Picayune-wlhere they are prepared to execute all ordlrse in treir line. II ving received from the North a sutpply of p. per and materials of a euperiir quality, for the mnufactunre of Bllank Books, they offer their ert vices in rirerrhanta and other', who may wish work of that kind : and hovine the advairage of several yoars's experience in that lie, thlley are colfidecnt of living satisfaction to those who may favorr tlremn with theireustom. For notarie, arelhiteets and others, rhaps and plans will be posted on linen. varnished and mounted int he neatost nanner, & at the shortest nice. Plain and fancy hini'invr. in all its varietire el. CHI.vA tI.A & F'. RI'IIHEN WAKE STURE 36 Chnrres street, New Orleans. W M. SERGEANT & Co. importers of French and EKnlesh China und Earthen ware. are now opening new and rich patterns of breakfast, dining nndo tea services, leilel sets, pitchers, tena and coffee cups, teapots, sungrs, creanls, bowles, plates, dishes, tureens, wash basins and ewers, foot baths, etc. etc. Rich cut and plain French and American glass. ware.-enhlets, cllampaigoee, lemonades, jellies, clares, n inte, cordial,, centre howles, dcatnters, tumblers, preserve dshees, celeries, pitchers, lamps, lanip shade and glasses, candle shados, salt cel lers, et. Silver plated, mrnned and britania wares-cayt torP, lilquor stands, cake baskets, candltalicks, biralchesrr, spoons, Iadles, cofie and tlepots, sugars, crealms. lamps, japanned trays, astral sandls, and hirotine lamps, line cutlery, German silver spoins and forks, Iogetller with a great variety of article, hr ifartly use. Merchants, pilntere, hotl is, andi steanlrinta, 'lrnished wilt goods at thie most rea sontable prices, and parked so as to be conveyed with safety t any port of the coon ry. Alten. nrenthreernrice' l"lnl.0r. nnl 2 ''IIE F.LORIDA LINR S. l From Mobile to Augusta, Gea. leaves Mobile every day at three fr I o'clokd o e t-e. i 9S..t tnil tis t. for tlali's I.ndin, above Blakely,-thence four poet coaches to Pensseolo-thlene arnatmboats to I Lagr inoe, where the land ltoni isresumed-thence I via Marianna and lrwnsville, Flan. Hlainblidge, Pindertno n, II awkinsville. Saundereville & Lomie. villert Augusta, (n, conneeting regularly with the rail road ears to Chlarleston, anil the steam pickeis to Now York, Norloilk, Piilondelphia, etc. 'Tie teanrtniae are tile beat for the service, and the nrvi.ation presents mrire advattages than can lie found upon any tealmboal routte in tihe asouth. era re.ior,. iThe great improvements in the route have been produced by tile cnestruction oi ifty miles of new road, by the ,rllprietors, via : from LaGrane oni InFanllce Ravyu, an arm of Santa Rosa Bay, to lyaynnl's Ferry, oan the Clhatiahouclhe river, ten n ih a above ithe Crwlrd. or 14 above Cedar Bluff, i whereby the navigarotn ot the river, and the con I aquenl detentions, and more rcently the incon venient crassine at thie Cowfrd, are entirely avoided, and a tine road from Marialnna direct to Bainbridge., inatrcad o the reundabout roh,d via * Chottaboochell lessening the distance about flrty miles, and increasing the facilities 'mtore than once a day. Alvo, a branch line of two lhnre ta;gea every I aolh r day firon II mwkinavile, via P Try in Maoen, SGa. coneerng witi the line to Savannah and D)rien, Geo. 2 A rmall atlnmhonar eliea regularly he wren Bainbridge and Apnlahricola. 'I'ravvell rs wishi p to reach any point on Chattahrinohee for AirlaIrh.,. cola, can take nteotola oat Brorwnevidle. Mobile to Pensacola-Loand Roi e-D-uring the time occupied iby rhe i repairs o. f l s, the proprie. .rs of rtihe li.rirda line will tun a line of t oull r horse posI cochIes every other day between Mu Ihl and Pensnola. Passengers will leave Mobile at 3 o'clock, p m, in the U S mail boal, and proceed to hlll's Land. inu, where a four horse coach will Ia In waiting to convey tihem to thie exceilent house of Mr. Charles lnl,r I I 4 irtle distant, where they will find pleasant accolsnoidations for the night-leaving next morning, they will arrive in Pensacola early in the evening, thus avoiding the discomfort of night tr.avelling. Otlice at the Mansion Hlouse, Mobile, and Col. line' Floiel, l'ensaecol, where seats must be secu red. STOCKTON & Co. nov I Piano bFrte Jbstrutolrn. William Snith tenders his services to the citi, zens of New Orleans as a teacher of the piano Sorte. Mr S lhaving been employed several years ean teacher of music in private famlilies in Bioton, and also) at several of the female seminaries i i its vicinity, cannot but hope to meril their confidence. lit is permitted toi refer to Rev Dr Cl.rpp, Mcases Stetson & Avery, Henderson & Gaines. For terms, &e please apply at the bookstore of AlexanderTower,49Cim tnpst oct 2 Drugs and .tldieiner. J II Prevost has located himself in this city lor tile purpose ofl ransacting a general Wholesale I)rug business. tIu is now receiving a full supply of lresh and gcnui.e articles, which he will sell ion liberal terlms To city druggiste, and those of the Interior, it physicians, merchants and planterr, he will of.t r inducemenets such as have never be. fore been offlred in this city. His intention in to do a stricily legitimate business. Hiys stock will soon bp ecomplete, and in a few weeks will be ren. dy for business. All orders from the country, and from merchanlts of l ii city, receiving such orders will be promrptly altended to. oct 2 No39Campet '_ hIIt)OLSAIE AND RETAILCOMB AND VA • It'I'Y STORE-at thie sign of the golden comb, l,, Chartres stecet. Thloenalcribers have re ceived,ia i.lition to tleirprevious stock on hand,a full and :olnleteo assortment of articles in their line; viz: combs, perfaunor', Jewellrv, brushes, locking glasses, liacv nrlicles,,e.esonsistiag in part as follows: (OM ll--tortotioe shell, wrought and plain tuck,twist, gq;illed lark, long rlond, dressing, side puff, curland neck, lBrazilian colmbs of every description amnngst which arc soo Mlexican patters, Ivory eomls of every ascript~in l lorn, dressiog sad rocket, together wilth a geoeral assortmlelt ofFreoaldh u Amerircan. PEllFJUMElRY-Cologne, Lavender, Florido, honey, hay, rose, and orlanoe lower wafers of every size and des erptioln, esl omrated Cologne, extract of BIergusot, lancy soas of:all kida, shaeling do in cakes and pots, cream snp di, o\Van's vegetable hair oil, bears anl na tiq.ledo. I'reslon's smelling salts, plain and pefunmed odetpowdler,pearl onwder, pow lerpuos and boaes po lateu ia pots a cd rolls,orrs andl chlorine toothl wash and Iodleos, with a general assolartmentof JIlWELLIYV-solme ofthe latest snd most fashiona ble netts, consisting of white and red cornelias, toper & let eardrops, roset in filagree, breast pins of a great -nte. ty of patterns, watch trimminsgs, gilt and silver ackles, silver thioshle, silver and gold pa wile and guard chains IBIUSHES-Cloth, hair, dusti nlg,erumb,lnrthrfloor lhat, lesh, tooth, plate, comb, Nail, shaving, shoe an0 whitewash lorosehs. LOOKING GLASSES-German statia and toilet gloass, magnifying and French dressing glasses, Issue o, with a vari of ofther kinls not enumerated. (FANCY ANI) VARIETY ARTICLES-French nod American portable desks and dressing cases, some nery rich aoda finely finislhead ladies work boxes and dres sing eases with and without nsusic, musical boxes, Ae cordiaos a Ivarius kinds, violins and guitars, silver and plated pencils and leods,wood pencils for carpenters and crayons, mantle clocka,guns and pistols with and without eases, percussion cap, percussion cap char ers, nipple screw drivers, shot belts, game bags, paste llacking, toy tea sells, Indian beads of every kiad, bells and platons, fineand cnunon knives, razors and scissors, thimbles, needlea, pins, silver plated, steel and common w specta cles, pocket books and wallets of various kinds, viliting curds and card ases. playing cards of French, Goerman and Anmerican manufacture, dolls, imoitation fruis, ssu boxes, prints of various kinds, Saunders' Pomery's, E ollesor ll's, Hilloman's and llawki's razor strapeanr d metallie lotaes,dirks, fancy bead tnecklace, do with oar drpes, toy watchec, pearl ttonsl, powder flasks, cut and la seed bads, g ill , d silver do, gUl elasntic aspen donold caroeS, pllinl anl soed onllo, backgal l onan boords, die, nloptical rienes,jeownlo rps, lIcofoea mlatclh es and dlrinking cups, with a great variety of other arti SeleP, alloofalooolt will sIeaold for calsh or city ancelstpst noefsa. l2osooaLtlnllstgnsitj --f Si-:M i)ASrtlli:, s/: da 70 Chassrtressl. a mi OUO jlie a h iusoko-l oqia s no Phohialo; do. n A loullohlle ttig, ie ate solply. recd ILy laN!. I'r OWAlt, 40 Cam IERMll Oll.--15CH n glilos pre awinter d ySpnea Oil, is casks sud bolls, for Tale by JAIVIS0 & ANDItREWS, g Wholes-la I)rugg eta, corner V ssuooU auod 'l'Chap Ins streets, n"1- 1:t rolOgl0 IVatltr. Perleulery, &lc.-A seleolldd article of colinnge, put up expresely for the retail tnade; also tile puree F eneh Perfalmerv, embra c ing every varety lor the olle,for sole by s oo 2 REES & D'LANC.. S 'o' Cutr..o.. Netclaors ando P lantere. . Negro cloths, h lahnkets, If ttoele, lllseys, lowell elhirli.e, checks, linens. eslicoer, hlanldkerchiefs, &c &ecorceld sod far sale low by the suberi. he a. ROT'TA & Cn. off. tcornaer Canal and Chnltres st S I. cP 0(;)I'Il. No 54 Conde sareet, btwosen nDumain oatd Si Philp, keelse conslantly on haud alne ' xteaive senersmo, of honts slod Ihrngane, nnd lhoe-, ,il New YVerk nontfnctlore, fer aorea. women oy ol chillren of nil neer, which he will dispose of t at vry nlloderate prio, . Faaldies of lis hq iooinoanee n erndlinonn OnrdIer , wi!l I.vr hleir wa shes atltended to L S SEGOlUR - eases sonre of shlis s.noliore Colohge water, justa receded lnd far sale by the douzea or siagle bottll. Also Amerieana nd o "l leehtoilet p ownlsro, onwder r uils addlnoxar,;haviog stal loilet osla ,rooueslbe woll ballo, nolk bf rso-es, 'som'eclie ohll errota, exte as o moosk, kb phahal, Ward's vegetable hoicr nil, pooatuh, rarente le pere, Florida. lvrelldlar, roe asln ay waler", 0Prestaon' salto, Marseilles perfumery its tresnlO*. vceset ls r ul liqald innu. e. Chlorite anti Orris troth wahp, cloth, oeir, toots, nol 0nd flesh brushels together wilsh an addlitinonal nooloi v of folshionable tmre and sloell s ams alnd jt.selrc,lir saleo hew tit woInlesale or i tail by S"IMMl ONS, IIARTI &CO, juayv 6 70 l iCnrtre street. I'HE INIiAN'ii PANACEA. W,.ilhecure ofrhmatenismI*rofutaorkirngsevilegmt, I cia" atica ri hp .ut, tli;.iente . ancers alt rheum, alphilitle awl ntemrio l diseases, partiicularly ulcers awl pIaiflaffl'eoions of the bones, uleratenltshrot ae, rons trila, ulcers of every tlecription, fever sores, aml internal ablasess, fsinlas, piles, scald heal, escurvy, bilen, hiro ni soeeyeu, erysipellis,bhlthesr, sad every varietyofen tanelets affection, chroiie (:ulutir, heat ache prIeed ing from any acrid huntemor, pain in the ntomanl aoml tys pei. proceeling from vairiation, affection of the liver, chronie inflammatineof the kidneys, and general dehili y coasetl by atorpid action of the vessel of the skin. II is singularlyefllencious in reonvating those coantitutions which have been hrokenll own by iouldicinus treatment, juvenile irreglarities. In general terms, it is reoon menleil In all those dliseases whiclhris from impurities of the blood, or initiation of the humaor, of whatever name or kind. Some ofthe ahove eomplnintsmay require some tri. fling asistant applinations, which thecircumnaimes of the ease will dictat.;bit for a general remedy or Prifieator to removethecause, the INDIAN'S PANACEA will generally be found sufllicient. TO THE PUBLIC. Slow trtait is, that modern Physicians, in their am bition t exel in their ttrfesaon; explore the vat fields of cience by the aid ofchemiatry, and seek wit new re medial agentl; in short, to arrive at perfection in the practice by means of art alone,--entirely overlook and neglect, as beneath their no rich and bounteous stores of medlicie, which the Almightly has eaused to aloing it of the earth it every clime And horw man more tre isitthat whilethe American Physician looks to foreign coutries for many of hia most common and necesiare retiles, perpetually chagitg a they are at the dictates offashion orfolly, he is suemrned in his own eountry with an endles prfusion of medical plants, sumfleilt to answer any indicaioa in disease or to cure any curble disorler an d yet he is igeorant of their vIr. ues, san trhey are iuffere to 'waste eir healing on the desert air.' The etetas ofvegerable medicines upoa the system re I temlarary-thone of minerallls latisg. The former en enthenir effects rad paef-the later, mer eory in par tioulrr, net elhemicany upon the solids, tleomnlsing the tones aml unlermtiing the eelstilutis l by a slow antid sre destroetion. The congeniallity, elfitianey aid SAFETY of vegeta ble remediesever nmile.ral, ma ht estinatled byeootrast ingthe ascietit praetieo with the mlmoern; o', to bit'lg i ore immediately u:der our twl ohservaotiol, th- hbi an practiee with that of the whites. Who, i Ameria, not iio known mrheard of rem m ater Inatanees wherein some dleereiid, inlrretending female lndiao, byi meansf iher simple remedies alone, has affectedl the most rapit inl nite iushiog erin.. slter the. m leV lu ..,:e m a oa 'iib eammon plraile, dlireeted it the most sklfiill maner, has foiled! Anti who hls not been he rprised l t the comn iamativeese nd faility witl wbich thle Ilisaln frees him. I lelf from lany diseaese, and at the aloost tots abstinence ofehronie diaseseamong them! Who hat evel heard I f an Ihanlin with a eoastitution broken aml rained by illtreatmeit! A:ed cm a ilooubtesiat that this happy ex emptinl of the sevoge from most of the ills which the Ilesh ofmsnan ieirto, is chiely owing to more gelia odil safe remedies whie li e elploys. 't'his astonish ing dilf'ereoee in success, is a fair exemplifieation of tie infinite superiority of the simple ane safe meatis of core which cod has ernatri for the benefit of his eclhldre, over those which tle priile orl the art of mao have in ventmel. From a long residenee among a portion oftheaborigin ale ihlhitatitsof thiseonloty, ndtit Itlitate m luain. I tanee with the, nethmls of cure of sola e of their mos. sucesasfi l plietidotiers, the prolirietor ol 'Tiw Ildiaon' Psucieam,' aeillurid kiiowledge of smine of the most powerfil and favorite rerlldies. Ftel thesehe leted linh as were most effieaeious ini alllprolriates, anid lfUer vriels ealeriments to teo toheir Iwineiollea anld stetgth, he hal eonbiced them in tihe fero, hea it nresensel, a the most periftet Ined eleiseficit:ll Io the pmIrpose fe which it The pro olietor oflteris ti preparatim to the public, wilth the eionsinesis that ble is itaciig withilheir sea, i .remely calible of reliervig manuiy of llis aflieteil fel low boings, wilreo a stoll'riint idlaer the varions chronio id ohlrtiaecon lahisll to wielh it is allplicablie. 'To soeh it will nl ve of' iticalelylahlle evlie, as thie means, asid in toma cases, ltie only iean oft elievii their suolf terilgsl I tetirst llof l eniolnce more to health d h illp liaess. 'Thliis ilNot oll.tll as a icolllolll remedly, lthal lean per clile be eihrilly gooei wil ethtly oliers now it tlits bll as inii wiliisl iscalpable of te ilg life tilloenny etremi ecases al li ti1 aol liao rSua i'etoediesnfail. This il lhas illle reiailtelllyt aniii tilia is the replthticie ithasob taietlwhercver it llhas been introdoued. it Ia only about three years sline this preparation was prsreted to the publli: hut ill that shovlt siace of toite, some lendrertl of per(ons migit ie toondl, whoi woald iolemvly delare that they believel that their lives were saved hy it, al ill eiost assaafter they lhad tried snusy nd ierhalps all the iommoni remredie l in vain., Wher ever it i kcllow it isralmdly rolieg into rse, and this afforllthenoast iubstantil and coiveincing proof of it merits. The vale ofthe Panaea i most conspiiCnos in those lon standiitig and iIs philitie aonti sroilulous atiections which lhave defied all other re,onodies, anil partinularly in tlhose caeswhee oercllry has been so lovid!y ured as t ecalsedistress ing pans in tihe boeas, toes, mnereu rial ulcers, delangellet of the dligestive organs, dc. These it eomldetely relCOves, allt in all clnes it entire ly eraliates thte diseases oll eflc, ts of iereoly, reno votestlle iclaislintoii, anil Iraerae tlie tieillst siul.and well. I rtleunmaisl udnlli in lctled sore tlulemt, its happy effects are not les aliliret, givieg almost ioihae diatetelilef. 'Taken ili prolper doel, theil iti 'lla |ltnicea operates - an altelntative no! iddergent; a aliilitliitie, diletic, ald laxoatives, an aiti-s iasotatlici a id hnodyne; atnl i prolercises, asaiiutionwicicitd einellagorue. (hlaer I lly ellressell, it ilcreases all the seetletalonts noil e ielienla, gives ioie to tlie t itlsih, caio exciers action in the glaaoles itn a pttalce ar lllaler Freo thesue prinei. pies itsoperatlons mu y lie tilerstloll. 'lmtisoeallleli e liia lre lit Ilntdl liihle y ioifm!t in citany aliblt ollliseaseo riot iere specifiel, alld it has i eell uled with wondetlful soacess as a Spiilng ao l tFall l'o rifier, by Ilose o ho nit siheci to olmllllilts of tll tchesr, Sand ohose onllllitutiomsielluiilw ilew igor. Such Ier sons will do well to let h too or thlre holles it, lisill i se. Wltheller a diet dioihk is consideledl neaeson ry, this tallacea, takren il a small duse; will allswer all its SerIoses ill nllleh lress time, at less exopens, ond in n I ar imore agreeable mnalner than the common diet drllob. I'The flollwing certllicates, out of lhuldrels similar, w ohilh might be lroeuredl, are given to sl iw the elfeet ei the Indica's Iarcaeal, ill the varionl compaiidst ntereo ilentionel;ani lsoto exhibit in the most latisflotory manner itsauperiority over tihe sy.itis in common use. CASES tIF IIHEIUMA'LI'SM. iCHAnLorson , Nov. 15, 10.2. S Doing thie iatsl wilter avid spring, was aftlieted with Ij t very severe land distressinl rhtomatism, occasioned by exlposore in ball weather. I now tike great pleasuro in : statlg, ithat six bottles of lie Indiao's I oenem, restored ,me to ierlfct health, andr I oonfidnelily reoommend it to all simiorly afilicted.. JOHN FERGUSON, King st. CHIIIALESTON, IMarclh 27,1832. I was seized shout three years since, with adistreasing rheumatism, caused bly takinga severe cold, while undel theinfluenceef mercury, and which has disabled pw from business nearly ever since. I)olilg this Iperiod hlave be, a pitient it the Marine Holspital, in this nlt upwardsot faeu months, and nearly the same lengthi time it thie Uallinmre Hospital, and tried almost ever remedy, withll little benefit. OIl the 16th of Febrata last, at that time scately ableto move ablout upon crutch es, I commenced the use of Indittn's Panacea. In ont month I found myself emtirely freed from pain, and an now happy to state tht I consdeen myself perfctly well. WM. TUCKEIR, 13 Market at. CAFES OF SCROFULOUS ULCERS NEw YRKa, Sept. lt, 1830. This may certify that in the fall of 18'5, 1 was seine with a swelling in my neck aud lane, which afterwared ulcerated and Gecame large ghastly ulcers in my nech. Aflertrying several plhysieiats tono advantag0, I wen' to Philadelphia, ad pldaced myself under the caret Drs. Physic and Beach, when, after repeated salivatao l to no effect I was pronounced utterly insurable. After. wards Itook twenty bottlesofSwaim's Panscea and eight bottles of Potter's Cntholicon, with no material beeie Despairingof lite, which had now become a burthen rt me, I returned to my 1arelts in New York, in 1829, ano Igavemyselfpto a lingering death. Hearing of sis Sgreat succs of The Indlao'a Ptlnacea, however, in eas similar to my own, I was perstatled to try it, as a last A. sort. To my great surprise, as well as Mtisfaction,n Ssoonfould Inyself rapidly recovering, tnd upsot takin seen bottles, the ulcershealed and ! became Imerfeetl well hi the course oftwo months, and have remained so ever since. I make this sfatemen and wash it published feorthe benefitofthose who are suffering under similar saerfuloutsor sypiliitic affeetimls, that they may know what cularedm oe who has ufferled every tlhing but death, sand who onsiders his life saved by the above ay WM.p. IIINIIA' CaHttst:roLE . July 12, t I31. I was afllietet', four years with anl ulcer in tle leg, oc casioiudly accomlpanied with crjsiltelatous illlamatlon and excessive taill it tie leg al aclre joint. Several eminent phlysicia.ns exerted theirakill tutal it, but wilsth f prulferhmoaittcllrM-*tlis tetnaiifcvel2iiile Idcdi n's Ia'ateeana ade Ia plerft Iore. MAIIGAIRI'T A \W.SIT, 121 Market SFore sale by HENRY O.ONNARIEL, druggist, ape. tfo the proprietors, l'choupitoulsstreet 16 NOTICE--The perterhip of Kelley, MYsent &Co 1 of New Orlent ; ,aon, Harrise &CmO., of Nnatchez; nd Harris, Kelltv &Co., af Roduey, was disuesled on heo21sts of t I l;tte, by tile death of Salnoel A Masoa, 'me of the partnern ol the firms. The undersigned, surviving partners, will he chsrged with the iettling and closing saidl blusines as follows: ii LeviC Harris will attend to tle settlitt of the IitinCess of anson, Harrin& Co., t Natchezlr; aod Hnrria, Kel er & Co.,at Itolne; ntd IHenrv Kellesy will attend to iefettling of the bIlsinees of Kelley, Marsn &. Co., at New Orleans. Tile innoes of the several firms will he uced ia liqeidatio, oly. T'hnse iedrhted to said firms are etrnestly requested atmne forward iotd hke early settlements' annd those having claiuits will please pelrsel them wilhtou delay. - LEVI C IIARRIS, HENRY KELLEY. New Orleans, June 27,1837. -FRESH (;ARDEN SEED.-The subscriber d I bgas to rxpress his grateful thanks to the pube hle, for the libernl support he has aeceived since he , commenced businesa to ttis city. Bling sole pro prieter of the seed store, 17 Com on streetl, he i not and never was agent for any northern seed ' vender; neither is he connected with any honse in Sthis country-but he assurre the public that his ft connecrions il every department of lse seed bual, ness, in the difleceot aountries of Europe are equ1al - to that of ally house in the United States. Hle im. 'r parts seeld, plants, &e. froe, the most extensive II and respectblle nurserses alld see ltleun ill Fralnee, Ilolland, England, Scolandl, andtl the ino tlitre e* state-and it wail at all titmers le his inrerrca, as it is his study, to eraiv.', in addi'l tn tit ha pr, sellt stork, large arnivals of every description, really the y growth I 1113U; aleo, enlgrafted fruit tre s, of all I kinds. Thle Itubslte . y rely sI tiding a full aus i srlltment of every article it siae tred hIr, ol genu ine quality, nitd impasIted mmser by a inWm. DINN. Royal College of Physiaenn, London. THlE original Ve(table lygeian Universal Medi omne, prelred by W Miskin, Esq. Memmr of he Royal e ollege of Surgeonsa, Licentiate of Apothe c 'sLoomlmay, Fellow nf Bolt Court Society, Surgeon to tie Royal Union Pension Asociation, Lmatasor Place, Waterloo Bridge, and Perp(etal Pupil of u'iy' and St. Th'mlas's Ilositals, Lomldoln. This vanllole medlicne, the result of twenty years' experience aml unparalleled success in the extensive aml highly respectable i letice of the propriety, pmtro miredm by the localty aimm nobillty, anti is now imntrodum ed totihe notice of the American public, at tile earnlest so licitation mf a number olf gentlemen of oIng and high standing in tihe profession. It is Ihoped, as a pIelim;i ary Itelt, to check ime evils and fatal enmsequencec arising from the ase of the numerous and deleteriousm mostlreas loisted upon the public by the aid of fabricated ilools of miramulous cures, and other fraudsa hy a set of mereenary, nnprincipled pireteler. nso totally ignoramt ol med cal scienee, that it impossiblo tihe monstroun delusion can any iongergo down witl the intelligent pMId,: ofthis country. Thele iills, mhlnd tllagroe alde in their nature, dlould be kept in every family in cases ofsualden illness, for, by their prompt administration, cholera, cramps, spasms, ferea and other alarming complaint, whieh too often irova fatal, may be sectdi. ly cured or prevented. In fact, all thoem whmo vaie gmod iealth, shomtdd never be without them. Tlhey are so ' in pmcekts at 5 cents, $l aml $2 each, by every respee table lruggiam, bmcksellel, anti vemlorof nmlelicme ia tic United States, r1 b'e Canalda, with copious directions, together with: estunanials of professinmul ability frana timhe folling eminent gentlemen: Sir Attley Ceoler, J Abernetlhy, James Bhlmdell, M. D., W. Hack, M. D., J. Aston Key, A. Frampton, M. D., and numerous mIher. The origilals may he seesn Io lsessioml of the General Agent, by whom the mdllcine is imlmorteml into this countly, andl to whom all applicemtioM Iforagencies mullt e madle. JNO. IIOLiJEIN, 12. Waverly- Place, N. York, Sole Gelnerl Agent for the United States, Gc. For ale hy appointment of tlhe original pm rowitor. bSw San BIN nmca, l. m l ggits, Noa I Cona street, Utener Agent ltfor Stamthee of Louisiana. jal v8 . KNMLIY It LKE & co, No i3Liagmziae street, arc r.ow receiving from ships Nashville, Louisville, Kmrenmlmcky, Eagle, and other late arrivals ternm se S:tlhern cities, a large and nmlw eleted assornmellct .ir.os, Boots, shoes and Brogans, conslsting ofgentlemmen's fine calf andl Morocco boots dIo '.4 qmulity do buff'd, amt stout wax pegged hIooes I armesn qualities; men's fime calf tsealn anmi loeroe shit, ltmllps and brogaIl ms, ueckskin shoes, blIrgnns e.l imn.lmnels: men's flne calf aml kipltle.tuggemlonbes nal I rogan; do boot; mom smkt kip and wax pegged shloe a Iimm'mgimmm; gentlemen's best qanality call eseml shoes, vonans sam Jack I)owninmgs; do calf and Morocco a emle slmes anl brogmls; do call;f, seal and Mamn.rnc I ulian shoes aml sliptlms, dto calf, bullf as ta wagl Wgs, aew armicle; do fine calf. sem.l and moruoo qua.rtet mots; moys', misses'and children's pegged omt sowedmi bt ogans, and shoes o every quality and kmdl. Also a genenr assortment of mnen's stout wax and entl lbrogans and shoIe, together with Io,1.xl pairs iugro bmat quality, russett brogans, nailed in til Imanks madle expressly for plantation use; a good as. Srment of men's fime and stout kip russelt br'g:umns, a Sw article, and a urge quantity of an inferior quality ml asto amnd wax brogans. IalJies' finle calf seal, morocco and grain welts, and ipmp sole shoes; do fine Frenah Morocen and kid mnl o'.mlll slippers; do roan shoes, with anld wiltllmot heels; bi calf, seal and .mtou leather hootmmees; o Prumlla shlmoe Smidl kiands adml qualities; do lasting lbrogns; to gaiteir a'oand foIxed Imotees. Misses' lasting spring stloemsamn m eans. Chillren's colored Moreoo anc d lasting bro i usaond boots, ke. mientlemen's flnliasliionable blck silk hats; do black in irab heaver do eel a e nm rimn quality; do ilnitation ith ram do; bhroad mand narrow hr men's line drhb amind l; sk kLnesia lshort napped ats, a new article. 1'oilhs' lat ;e size hats oCf lillenui t qu:dities; oi children's. t 's anmd be)'s black adm drab wool mm lmam s of saurimm alh as, wilt general asso llllelnt f ba ' mldl lell no ites. 'I Ins assoltnent wi:ll be replenisld by thle arrival of la ils lamketsrlom tie amsllme l mnled cities, il of which willel sold onl m nlelrm niltiing term. amg I--i' I.,2l. 3f FOIt Til "11E 'IIT1. T B I1 Eeatublimhed repuatmionm oad emcnstn.iy IemCrm'lim;m demm md fimme tim diem fmnc rmmmemdy ml'poimm, omd m r servalive of tihe tcethl, has ilnducedl'tle subecrier offer it to tile Alnmriean plublic. Arramoemcllients hlily blern m nmde to sulplv agents in all the imecipal cimie 1nai towlls ill the Ullited States. sa ima to ilien, it itmi tile ra i ofl thloue uter arig and likely to suffer thiis mrma harasimelg of all incienm, 'rcmmothui-cihe. Wlhea appliemd amcording to dirnections give It Imttle, it imca ilever failed it) atlird immlllmllmimlem amd mlmmelllm rmielf. It alsia arrests mie decar in lefmcl v' teellm,ald relieveaIothn solrenes hichllieb'smimem'mntlv renders a lroag tommoth m i eles 'The mm i lelit'l e ll aii ;I remllledy are minplc, imllnooeent oal Iit mmmpimmUlmlmm. m nme the large nlnmimr of personm ilm dieimlemt m.l:lilalm imc ocl ecountry, that have nlready experienced such deliiuhlfui and salllary eofecls lroml thie lse ,of the i uli, are rcadm O er (Ior ie public c gmod) i heir testimnony to ims rivalledi iaimlimtem. is ai Indiam rmemi.mi obaimemm singuhlrly anmmine m u i ncom l bm remi r It im. I the ti' ilized world tis ithe Imemmst vmImlimmie mlisicmvrv redlmlnm ofm the woodn. Plice $1 er btutle. Siml by JAIRVIS & ANImltR .'S, fmr 5 Clr C.mllllnln 111111 Telb.nilnlns -I-. 5 Icmtafimrmale JOHN II tIAHIAM. IUeIilI'ON & AoIINALLm' CO I'OUNI) T'ONIC MIX'lIUIltI.-A . peedl and certain cure for time Fever and Ague, reemittent and intermilttent fevers; prepared from the origmn;ll recipe. ITslcd w:th emmtenot and unli versal success in 1832, by iersons of tho Imeihest respectability il this city, as staled in the annuexd certificteates. This medicine in highly reconmmemnded, and ihas been axtensivoly used in tile above dls,,oses with m such distimguinhed sucern, thiat the proprietor of tilo recipe has been ieendced to offer it to the pub.i lic in its present form in the hope that it may im I teo mneans of releving many of g those who are suffering under tile scourge of oar eouontry. It is Sa medicine possessing great virtue, and whlln used aecording to ilho directions has never failed of Yffecting a culre, even in the imost obstinate staage of the disorder. It is not at all disagreeable, and persons of the weakest stomach, oand children may itake it with impunity. It strengthens the digestive y organs, creates an appetite, and seldom requires amore than one, or in obstinate cases, two bottles SIto effect a cure. 'lThere is neither mlercury nor a arsenic in the medicine, nor any thling injurious to tihe human constitution. The proprietors are so well convinced of its efficacy,rt tt they agree to refund the price of every bottle which has been : taken in accordaneo with the directions anmd has 1 not effocted a a perfect cure of the fever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent for Now Orleans, at his wholesale and retail drug and medicine store, corner of Bienville and Chartree streets. For District Agencies apply to je5 T. W. SM'ITll, 48 Conti at. PENSACOLA MANSION HOUSE NEW CITY, PENSACOLA. ile sulbscriber having purchased tile laase and fur nitureof thlis well known natablishment, fron Alr Taylor, t e late proprietor, will be ready to rereive ii. tern by the tIt of April next. Numerous and costly imwprovements will be found in the arrungements of the Alansieitl Houase. New and more cotunodiotts bntolhin houses will he huilt,and watra baths will be provided at all lhoursn. A stable will be attached to the house, with good accommoda tions fur horses and carriages. fihil rate holrses and carnages will also be kept fiar hire at moderate prices, and sail and row hoots, with persns to manage them for the ue of aisaers. Ililliards and other amusements usually found at watering places, will also befurnisled, and so conducted as not to interfoere with the comfiwrt and quietol the Imarders. The wines and liquors will be of tile bet quality, and to ensure a "ull stpply of ice, a cargo has already been ordered, which will arrive about the Ist ul May. Mr Frederick IBsranrd, who formerly kept so popular a hotel at Washltegtn city, will eondlct tids ho el for tite proprietor, anho, witlh uci aid,eonlideotly assurec tile vialtera oflnst year, atd his irierJnia geerally, tIha they will receive avery pttssible alttelltio; and thcreby epaects to give alislaciun. The loct adraultages of ites Iaouse are too well known toC need a legt. enaed descriptill hre. 'I'tie facts tiat Penatscola is tle Inrlse t tIltll rtataio of hite (Govromel- Citle general rendezvous of the (iull qua.ut rn; tile sluriulaity eis ilnoriatrelrctshed tcIataistaly da. ling tile aalloner ttnotltr by the coltlesl I reea.ea llll, rite (;l1; lite Ilatutv ef thie bay and tite neighbotri. fishei ltntbehtlhe tcters ..bonid; a,,ld its ptxitity to Che best ioutaller nllarkhetm , nive l'ellnsaloa lie tre. f hreler over alt aoter plucets Ii tllee liltdnes, as I healthy and delighlytfl sttntllerretront. First rate boats will rtl , betweeo elateola nscd Mlo bile, and will at all tikes Ib abtle to a ake tie ptsIatgier front t he Nean Orleans bouats. Pernacola, lFe. 15ith, 1838. AO LD th Genrtltemel wishitg to engage reot s for their fntliea, can address the irtpri.tlrr, at Ilesacolta, r Air Sewell ' Taylor, lthe foner propritor, eit Nev Or: leans. References. T' Sautfir, r el, qMrC(aullun, It MeAllpin, Esq., it. Kibby, int Mob,le; S T' Taylor, P hP Re, eto, itl Net. It c -A letter tag, to receive eattmunca ntins flr pereo.s at the above hotel, is placed at iGee ~Vlittoat'o ,fimeen 51 St Charles Exchange. FLORIDA ROUTE FOR NEW YORK. 09' Treveller lesielts of taking the Florida ratte, via Penstacole,lo the North,are inf.rmed tlhnt ire, rat. boats will cenatatllv rtan freo. lMobile to PIeLnEctltal leavin: IMobile and Pensaeola evpr elther dv after thie Ist of May. (uoed stages will ulavivs bIe provided t tiel subscriberto he in rendiness to Iaitke h aengers frot Mobile, in case of the failure of lithe tote N II AtNOIIdD. Tihe teamlmnat Chantpion Itnves Mlobile flr I'Pete caln twice a week feb 2L Iv A NUREW SMITHl & CO., respectfully ilfarm A their friends and the public in reneral, that thely occupy the new brick lshop, 219 Tehoupitaulas street, whore they keep constantly on halnd Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron Ware, of every description, smclh as copper stills, kettles, aid pottpr, till batll. ing tu a.s, and oil catns, of alnil sorts and sines, and all other brass casting done at shortest notice. Orate hare of every description, a'tcth as steam. boat stirrups, hog clhaitns, screw bolts, an- otlher kind ofaatunboat work, such as ehtinnya, breach. os. stearm pipaa. Tl'hey will also do all kinds of oat door wark, uacht na "ita, copper and lii roofitg n alg ttering, &c. They .thaove and all other ktinds at work in tlteir line of business, they will exocute lat tlhe shortest notice. dec27 JUSTPUBLISHED FROM STEREOT PE PLJTES, 7loe Fith Mdilion of ROWLETT'S TABLES OF IN'i'EREST:.r T O which is now added an Average l'ime Caleuln tor, or easv methodsls foe ftding the average ime on storage, notes of hand or bills of goods, when nue chased at differnlt dates, n differeont credits, soud f"r variouo amounts; besides a usefull san complete liankig 'Time Ta'sle, the best Ihat can he contrived. or that fi gores can lr ouce within the same conldeend compass, and slize of type. An oadvertisement ill the hook is in nearly the follow ing wor'ds: Thekhigh distinetion this work has received through the ten legislative aets prefixed to the title jage, is a re commenlation in itself sno menommon,, and s eronlud sive, lh t nothing is necessary more than by way of ad Svertisement, to gives condensed view of some of its pe Seuliartiees: s fer instance, the Interest has been eomnpasb leid from,and compared with, what is equivalent to tour teen setsl'ealrenlatione, examietl in the press thirty five times, sld irirnted from atereotype plates tested thirltyl-ole times, from all hich it mnost be evident ten to the rskeptie (especially on the pe.sonal flthe de Stail lof oof in the mooaee) that the weerk must he arilh m, etrlely infallible, and in eonfirmation of thli belief prerniuul of two hllundred anl fifty dollars, is now offier' Ed for the detcetion of an error ofa cent in the lresent or fifth edition, as expressed in tie preface, making five I'large io'emimn atlftel for the same error since sle first hliclalien isll the yero 1102. Otne of the most conspicsuous features of the tables is inthe arrangement of tie Time atd Amomunts, whlich for exlleditions, rolferece oal perspieuity, with the ohelp I ofthesilde and inoto, aotot be excelled; and tlhe afty t and ease with which the interesl can be foundl,t tile extent of general msliness, wilhont doubling of sums is besides a convenience so esseltial, thlat in the estlma tion of some oi thle most competent and practical busi Smness men and pol ic osltiters who haver made great use of tle work, it lhasbeen distinguished by tho honolable appellation efofU "master oIoIee". And onsildering the inloltliitity of the method olriginalloy optolotrd in oomltsing thile work, and dle extraortilnry Uslner sntl vsariety of the cxaminations, and tests of every edition it hasl pssedlintlhe pt'es, otwilhstandillg the whole is it -stereotylte, omlsiderIg, in sflot., the positive accuracy seured byl the t .Leedeuled meauns enldoyml, the vo lote has been eldt tl n sod emplttically styled " the most wonderful hook ia tlhe weslk;" tmost eerlainly n)o mao stn name a figre work of tlle rme extent, w hilh ,since tlhe Ioogining ol entlionl, lhao Ito the me nutn be s and variety of tests in the smoe number of editors; no, nsor one loIf the number, as is clearly slh oan in tlt Itesides, as test alll standard, it kns been tried and preeed in nearly all the bank and public oRfiees in the Uited States, and by lle lpublic generally, during the long Ieriod of thiertofive iears, yet no error of ilte ral cttlations has ever I- en of:ndl inll In'it, altlhongh emtiou- it ally oholtogedol by the nofir of very Iarge pIremisuns. 'iThe in fact eoxpresdy adoptedl by all Itheeourts ofinw ci L'sevral ofthe Slates as the "i te of calculaltlo forl statute interest," as also hy law fiLr bank interest, aecordingots tile book is used, avld as may be seen in pIrt, by .se names of the asutherilberls, a a feIw of the sulseqaent purlchascs, iltlhe list at tile end olf he book, isill tseeas1ios efl very class of eitizens il ever) qlar te of tile Ulit eld Stales. It is morerover well known that, Iby its rearly chtek, it has so otllendtelected large errors, long fter they were p misile, even by tile most aereful uaed most eompletelnt aritlnuctici:leo, oaot its oseftloness, anlld the ablollte nte cessity loor its use, lohave been exlensiyelv insistled tlon, t so evillent, ineell, have been its allvalt:gels, oal its savings, thlalt, seel' l v rnasgo, tllilst tile first editionll wa sss.arce, andt outl of llprilt, a greal tnmllle' r of .tse"oll hand copies were sought ftor, slne to a go e t distance. astll prEr'used aIt variotls prlictOes, a to.y could l.cilll aily Ioa picked tup tI foutlo $tlto I $25 per cov, anll slllle persons hlavle .·r ll.y declaeldllI, anlld illstancllc conidl he quated that l) wvo'llIt poly $511, ' n, nlllld $30l0 for I eopyV, it uotloo be had lfor loss t, ood an indiidnlo i ti lalotter insnlce parlticvolrly, having at the saug n iIe rxlhibitoll .:salisliClltloy prol Ill rlral Ipell.s pr s:e t o l allh Ito llit it was reolly worth illtl nlllo leV dll morle tho~ogIh th0e s:ing of leis terv t.oablle tito, l eointgo v'rt t rich l moon ooooso ito puhlioo llle.o it is likewise wory of notice, nIlo indledll nlot lr tto ilnpre t , that slch is lle natuore of tigue work geCerally al a.llecialIly when of the extent and illpUllrlance ol these lt Ins, lthat had this hook or itn like I0 on prepar ed it lhe usull manner vlone, ls) the i simst coanl lell allllaor il thle world, anll alier"arls prind ost catlionly nderl l hisown correction of priof sheets, it woulll, ahloo to a certainly, have ltoen nsaio . for re f'cree,l: d dllear at ayll price, as thllle prfaoe lslUiieu larl explains. Blnt perfect and vauab s lehave tlle stetoelyte plates of this worklbeen ma'e, tlhat toocelre Sthem, witlllltheir umeillrcus anl extraordinary exanina tiots, against flre, for lite general benefit, they' are (lby advertisement) eonetantly ke!pt in a place of special :dielty, Ixept wlhile use I iln printing. Ampledliections to titol ootlh Latks and sltallle intotr eslt Iilh soliOall notes, flhlow the preluce, whicll, il this fith as in bhe wte olp'eredimg ditionls, ctinlain ltuch in l'ovi ation)l ol cootn loilg io twoo la. I ll el of t .c lplt igig ilter as, toe' d.y o aof gl aie, ke. It relll mlins only Ilto rolark thoal, nottitlts andling this ncollllloll lcosly work, whioch l al plo llilhelt belllre inlllerlst abil es wee\l intlotl llm . i n 1(Ilvli I snll cents be ylend allanllllanl , hl s m, selll lxtenslivh alai vet liberally I 0alroni.led, it ehs not ct stO much as paid witl in tlrlst. lee heat y loss of .iar"l l ' ur tlhous0a. l eo ollors l. siles "ix yell * or time fmal 1799 to I t03 lsustailt o1111e til't * ), 1dediting of 7fl0 anpies,'t orisi.g chilll lr00 o its public a lioll al thatllo e, ai loo t l llot1 Ip i llr,) to ao y n tlling oli I omlpen e si or pIrolil r nllmost a lil-tio.ti of l a'., til,l amt e11rilice. \\ herelbe llt'he author still r.lies on filhe _ dise..nlent ul and lrouil) of the plhlic gfr a conlill: a Lce of piltrvrle and o patlpono ee. e rsi1e tI Iy them ritrieo ol ionokorlls in It Lt 1l I( lat os. S .tl f:I.L', NEW \V11t0,l o.'.- -'lhe AIo rir a i I Ei la.i, by li auilorol "A (,lur i S i," i i Thu Yolun \'il" 1 k, ) manual b molo rloi-, on. isan'd dllnll tic dutis. JIM rreei..eI and thr-enol byI W1. ,M'KEAIN, canalllal tlee I J r Noootteleoosool, two doorrom Imilatioms ol 'he folhowing wooods Oand mlrbles,eo euoltl sllt i a mastel manner. 1' a .a ll .ao S StMahlogatoy, ,Egyptilm tlack atd gold, If Oak, Gialla and Antico, I Tollard do, Oriental or verd anltique, t(turled do, Jtsper, . Curled Maple, Illawl Stone, Itirds lye do, lorbly t.l:nile, oSatin Wood, l otomac, I lair \lot.ll, ove or Itordello, Yew Toree, OIalian White, r Coromandle or Ilsack iiinaa and Ilructe.lla, S Itose Woodet, Ameri an Greoy, r Ash White Oak, ke. k.., te. l (,,rled Elm, lS le' to be seen at the shop. Paints, eils, nglas, copal varnish, ke. on hand oitlo sale. u. ,.. la ,In is ...1o ltON..STEL' &. HEliAVY (iOIU)i-11ut, oquore ot l i u dl irln, w0ell oc Il' Ii. Hoop, le otllr and roi iron, ni os dpog AcItictlr nll stolcllle Castu, G;erman, shear, blistereud, spr~ing, sheret andl Cr,,owley steel Aollow tlare, out alnh wroughetmoIles nld spovlks Zlic,ock lint mll ohog grid d o trnnd ,io ut~ kettleo Challies cables, SbthOer, hothe Ox, ltg ani trlce sLhaIieg oPpli N sills Anvils, victlesl ctels n t boIellows 1Vire, slleet,pi1g andl bar lead; shlot Coal, andl cookinlg stoves AoAmll, Itoschel'eot ci othler tpadetlll shihel e i Hoto and plal tehinges, done ane i window looks Collins, Hunts, Sittitoo a ot other axes gcd r'o Iheje Maeilla cordoge, linte andli twilne Ilolt 00 it.,l ,eahngcoppier;eoetoe Naval stolre . 1 eints, lillneellnd splllelrl oil A full assortmenlt oli hardwavre anid shlip chandlery, always on handld andl which lare offered fo~r sale at whole sle otlretaile, oinhe tt st fatoleloabe termsll, b o m4 LAYT1ON kr Co. 5301.l1 Levee. NEW G001 Ol S-01 onilsllo Hartt &1 0o are now , re tll i 1ivi 0, froh tlll l hotalldl l ehip gu ool ll, l nd Saratogla snd brie Concllnli n, from New Yourk, it R1t variety o gleed in their lile, which1, togelt.e wih thleir ftold l Stock on hnllo Ioglkes their hc lluseur goo Ilore ioolete. 11111 hlleoi clmiolee e t poro, vizl: et ll toi000 ped ohaino, f 1nk 1111, 11in, Ellnoll' lltli do IllJlo s vlriplious, In dian rubbelrr, silk and worsted celastic cartesr, common &m line elastic lulpenders, loc110, 1ntoIe and l ucifer 'o tel' Seiollijtll powlers, pled' tnl uu g dllll .loxoes,,ii powder, p locketollioks ane wallet tol ieelllol ke, 1 hl,111, pacrl, IlvoIrlalt it llelore, plol·arase, b IeniIrgmentll, Illt 01111 're~klsees, cut gllisw a111 pltuin,secrd; ilr FI I1nd gilt beads,, lndliallllnblr Ildbetllinlle llplllel; pislol daitlogde powt .pistols; double and sinlgle blarrer c lled gns, owie knives, and dirksli. sei**orst shears, youketbtniveulCtguard chains, libgill o!is, e, islvcrrklio , cl ho, ouir,'e, -leooo h11111eot 0111 l holel plae01 Ill a d ibr eCIglnlllond du brush, Co le, Flllorida, llllld oler, rlsee and by water,ilttled llllesengooe sllol elxctlal otilluce, csslo ber,llcuetlllyltc, a ec.ds lies getble hair ouil, lelle dit toI, geiletsoalps of ll dee - crileo oeofeeeo acil, , ettleoeetllll 111' desks an11 11 1d in0 cNase, hair riSelolethietealof n ad badpll ain, fancy aieel musicial work lonnr, plain nail g ilt, figured, cant and vent halloos, p earl antd ivory shirt du, shillrt Studds, gold and silver penol catl , tIohpisklllllsilll ecd eezer1,0 plot-d and gllocIkets, eoi lllllotir d, slilverl Ibrl the Ilsllee thlgObes, bookIlslkl ulud e1es, Ilir pills, oilililn fruillt,llk anld rll dul~lkhotlblll;oelllck 11,0ilins ad 11110ilar11110l[eg alnll laile pec fioe Clllae, lieO, oi lie, etofll.I C a11 slec, golld ald silver 0a011 add f ringe, blottere Iell Stle lloelidin 011111, wa10 ig c01111,1 ll 111gca1. filos looli, ll null gilt ji-welll l 1e. The abollve, togetheru with a grealt variety of other anti. lea are offred at whelovle or reltalil l'elonllllfodutilll teens. N 11 Shellelle 01 0 repaired 13ARROWGATB SPRINGS ego Otteo All 1, 1r110110t1,101 S111111110·. THREE U).IYY JoURNELY FROM NEtV ORLEANIS. It'0l pr010 rie010r 11f lhi eIIabli hllelll the plea it ure og litll tirIg to his friendl andte public intll gelitclhlat lie willlilllletllll e d eOy Ille fn rt drof siono to rce ive nisi er0. He willl leils g list th01111 aclit of lhones at a di-lance, that thell~re haveY been largeR ilnproueuleness nodlce, and othlers now goill" on anld inl ral~J Id prgreaa for a oopnpletlo, whichL will ennhlle thee ahe tcrller to lotioullt, ll cdla oliuchl 1111 lbl lloce than pIlnertofui d at th0 e e1111. J ti Cle In Al better Fumllilie cell he aucooludalted -l· ith oo rooms,)UII* or Ihoe~e whit prefr coo hIave largen culliua ' racke~d froml the. luainsl bulilding.· rot the Ch nraeter of these~rr wipers, lie 1I it is gcur ·(ly 1fItuiclit Wo tiia eswill Ii' f11· md at dais. '1'lC· Imesetgneed.Rnd w rrill b illluoslzl ts ntteudtiuccua III-h Spriugu during thle whale season.~ll sullport givell hml IaI-t MFU* IIoi. Rod hopes by the rxer-Fr lions that have been IIIIIII in opnignallNrdu thle neroannunen~utillr, to merit a liberal IpllnouI.E the e pseso sasn. .` Ut. 1 MAIL ARIRANGIMIINT - l"ue Everv Day 8I1 21. M. Northern Mail, Cliese Every day st 1t A. M Due very Sunday, Wetholsday f Vn by W ' Closes every Monday, Wednesds ( ail, ,lind nlllrdsy, by 9, P. . helakeail e every Toiayv, Tllurslay, a ele Ma Satlrdl.., ly 5 P. if. via Closes every Monday, Wednesday EXIPRESS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVA I.,DEPARTURE DISTANCE EAc. of the Express Mail, betwen Moaile and New York-leaevlg Mobile daily at 3 P. MI. NIorlhwr New York daily at 5 P. M Southward. Arrives Arriv Nornhwlrd. Distance. Time. Retnm'g lontgomery,Ala. 2 pm. 198m's 23h 1Im. Columbus, sG . 11 81 3 . Milleolgeville. Os. 2 133 1 p.m" Cuiunls. S.C. 7 n,. 1 17 10 Raleigh, NC. 5 215 22 12 Wiarrelton, Vo. 12 m. 55 at i Persbrrg.Va. Il0 pn. 83 10 9. .m Itiehoamld, Va.. Isi. . 21 3 65 Frederieksburg, 8 67 7 l1p i. VWehington city, 2m pm. 6 6 t . 6, 38 64 05 PPhildelphlis, 65 am. 100 II i1 4New York, 2 pmr. 90 ;i I30 14n 3h. ar d 23 Norihward. Coming .Solultward, the tiian is lsa hoar lees; Itiaig5days and 17 tours. S TEN IDOl.I.AIS REWARII. SANAWAY 169 Carodetlet corner of Hevis s l streets, on the night of of Auigst, and wae seen the Ie, morning in Povdras street, a segr bhey named CiIARI.F.S, about 17 years of age, satd ike or Iltereabouts i beight, ver blnack, tnil bald ains ed linean is his speech, ona of his legs is anreroeesamties Sby a reeeit hUr; he ad os rrn bn he wenrt w y a whits Volson or linen shirt nsd white Cottln ,antaloms. M stcrs of vessels and stesm beint are enutilnld a i gainst receiving r ierboriag said jnegro, no well a k tther persois as the uttnss rigoar of thie law will h enfirced against theta. The above reward will be pail 7 ordlive-ing hi into toin ofi ef oils of etlKero nth Mtunieilplities, or ait 16l'Carondetr, carner of Ilerie, ete.or. _ 5p" I NO'I'IE-The COlmrterasldi hereistofre eaisting S inder tle firmon of Ilbeis & Goaretson, aes beer Sdissaolved. The lescriber will linaidnle tihie alyars* tog. Wit estion II GAIIREThON. CAIPTAIN IMARIRYATT'S NEW NOVELSI Ratein the Reefer, Iy thes anitor i Peter Silnmple, At in 2 vols. Caimins, or a Wtitter ot Srhloiss llcaifeld is I.eww tvnArs, by Caltaie Baslil Hll, IRoyal Navy, F. I Lord Rohllen, a romance, by Allan Canninibam, I vs rheppard Lee. written bIy Iitmself, inl . o.l . A Ctmpetdions Ilislor of Ital, translated from tle orillt Itallan, bhv Ntlhnniel Gireen, in 1 vol. foe mile. No. 79 of ltrper's Eamily ILibrarr. Vol.: i & 4 of the new ecopltete all lltrd tiorinl editil of tnasltiaglca Irein,'s 'orkeo. Roer'y Fre rh and English Dictionary. in I sol, leo nselit's arench antd Esuglish Dictionary. At..n--A few mtre colales of Caollie'.'Illrenology "Rlienzi." L.alrge Srvevir'tt ( {nltllitesr o el'sitrilor qua it, itilteltit, liard a't llsof2l ., acsd 1-2 iinches diltlott's imllproved ltetalic l'ee,jallinsld iopers, wseilghts &it. &r. &c. J lst received',s ia d for sol n I y :: IENJ. I.EVY. I'INNI)CK'Sl Il.{!lE, Ar. INNOCK'Is IMlr'IJOVEll EtITIwII n OF o rDI (ol littht'sr .lrdmert f the Iltir orrtef Roum IIc.;mI Itiat.rv, iand l gclat vthriltv ,of vtlltble ifor tt ill .adde Ihror l~iLeoa t i '" wrck, 'lt tile Mannoers Ilnl ilotio ll l.t ti litsi, n t iti' e , ItI ii lllllllN ; willh nuo .eris liog~raihliitldactl tod hIst*li-nl Notes; alcd ltes tion i "l lt, ,i >tttiin l I ) end ol t' anc secrtiosn. II. lurte, r lith thirlvellovillgs o, wotdl, by Ahesrlon PI'rtce.. li's eprof Editioicn of lier ldollsith'o Hlistory of linglond, from the Itvseioi of Jiilis Crear to thim idealhi' dieorgi dl, with it cmitinlniu toi thie yea 121:20. Wi'itl qlitliiei fir exa tillllatioll a t the nd il, each seltio i l. hsides a vnriet otif vilablla informi ltici adnld thlroghlat; tle worka. onsistling of table the Constivttio, &ci. , dhC. lastrledtty wmany eg i 1112a. sluos' EI.ErecT s or AiiriiosOV lsld all Aaridgmee oii Keiti's New 'Ireatitse II the Ulse ofl (hlibes. New Alnericaln edition, with additions and uixllrovealcei llll i all xlatilll oi f tlhe astlro llomical part of tile A ricall All llmctti. Jllt received and forsale by VaM MI'KEAN int t21 curletr ol Comp ratlur Coselon Is IIAtGPER'S CI.A.Sl(lAICA. IIItIAI Y. 'I 5llACEItraiuhlttd )i " l'lilip tF'rtnit's, II D, with 11 nn app )endix, cttailiuitg trantslattioia of various cilis,, S.l Iy tihc JitaIto, i(i tc let', Mlltli, Drvlon Ittit Atliiit Swft Chlatterton, Il WVkaliehl, pireso ir ,tin, ea. ,nd some ol th, mnureet iiat purl s at' th i'IllEl tll , JI ill; Ia h me ,lit dlix fI , .i hif s itransls led ty silt 1; leer g as rla , i,' s1r cilallt it,r v la eisl iandr| lt) f" '" urtler' 11, ; l.. ',dl I.i l rarv 'l511l Ii 'Onl of IIU.t i 'l l".l' CI.INtt F:IIe s " ' ltalt, 1 I, &. h it e.lIaem r ol th,' l b cl . I, ;irs ll S scihi are'lCtl lt se Wicas. jactrreiiesd TI) SllII'SN ; a Tt h " ,bihi 'the lctif,"tet "l..actIa J Mary voil ce ur''c'Sild "t.., nttW tdlne i'. valte s.altpl PAM %"1 LIF')R. by tI .... at "Ipul• j '%Udll~ ) S lil llllli ll r' k' l ii IIIII lltNn l e I,,., ittitialTl' & A A I' t fl 'lll: ni .ir.intI d haIli lltc llc ( 1hi :,ti 1rcellclrd b aeti e a sL a llta,.liailtii Aji th.cary, in Ih t lore h irclr niid 'f'rilel ll cii.r, ri ti tlhlll) iilIics nsii of the uhiihc citili'g rild a renewai ii cthe favors oIf Ills týre. .r c slt ,icrs. 'IiCe rnilirn ste lk oi I)ruus, mctliemesiai hlc v artiudis is Irah,ltiad carefully sehlcted. The lolluwig onllly tre p. I" P're Sodal, SrJictlz nld Powders. y, Roat Plawdler, Iblog a whllelrccte lrd elerrgant sii'siuiatu lor ycaslt iii rlislseg breud buckwheat llluilrli' E1''ccrvesetie .lanesia,, Aillerient- Ilraulnllt and tulgcite inrtlieitni dyslepirp i or ndi. Lrebllviio, Ilervlls deIlry, g;lddllie. heiadache. acdlly i Ihbe hia ancht, habituul csllvellecsr, cut. io ioics eutios, lc. ('nrlietlel'o Fhlild Etlriet of ssrsaparilla f Iriilln . the Illt' &e ido di anid cubeebls,Ae. to S'Waii's Pariarra lnd Vorlltl ge ; Iritirlh an IlHirlen, iile, Otodeldir, &c. eh lfilled Liqlcoriee, juijilbe and GrCnlauve paste' teoothl bruhais, N S Pretcllel.s carlionie denlrir l lice, clllrlisle toolth washei, awdter tllls and bete Pret 'aicl' t a illllil dll riet chtrlie rllate toothi wiah powder puts ancd bxnes, Preelic.ea's tented ld plain tlilet powder, platstounl errnie de Porses, ornge ltwrr, rst.e, Ivenct or and Florids watlers of Ihe best qalilies. Itnwland's Iasenator Oil, Old. rltlu's bain of Culunlhia, baet's oil, s vaetsiy of ociiler asd olier atlches, indelible marking ink; superilor llaek ink, &e. Sperla anud refilled whole oil. Ilay's Linimelt. A Irrolt assortlmenitl l'I'horlilra's(:frdee Seeds it G EOIRI(;F. J()NES. ROWAND'8 TONIC MIXTURE, FOR FEVER AND AGUUE. SEN years have not yet elapsed since it was first regularly submitted to the public; but it has attained the highest reputation; and has sup. planted every other mnodicine for the Ague, wherev. or it has been known and appreciated. Already has it been carried in every direction throughout the United Slates, and still realizes morn titan could have been antlicipoted by its most sanguine friends. Thousands of persons hove not only been relieved. but restored t. health and vigor through its agens cy; and they now cheerfully testify, at every op portunity, to its decidcd and supreme efficacy. It is composed of such medicinal prineiplos as are calculated to renew the healthy action ofthe satom aelh, liver, and otlher itmportant dligestive organs. the loss of which larmtony is the itmmediate cause of the disease. It is apparent also, that it produ. cos an entire change in the condition of the system. and certainly destroys the native liability to relap ses of tle affection. When the Ague is attended .wIth any other complaint, the employment ~a the Tonic Mixture will not interfere will55' l.reat. mlent of the other disease, but will even afford as. etotanee by furnisnhing strength and-vigor to the body during thes course of treatment. These who make use of this medicine may be assured that there is no Arsenic, Barks, Mercury, or any other article in its catposition unfriendly to time humlan constitution; being entirely a vegetable extract; and they may lare additional confidence in the es tIhereof, when they perceive that it has tie ef fect of a gentle laxative about tie time half a hbt. tie full hlas been taken-in cousaquoetce of which. there is no part of tie maedicineo lfll to linger in tle howala to .cmuse oblruetiuns, 'and other evils. arising frome the use of manmy of time remedies now offered for the core of this affection. It has been used also as a preventive, by many who were sub jeet to a periodical recurrence of tie Chills, and it lhas ineariably warded off tihe apprelhended attack. Obseree! The Proprietor, fully satislied with the unparallelod and universal success which has can. stantly attended a punctual and regular use of the To'nic Mixture, in all cases of Fever and Agte, etels warraeted in engagieg to refund lthe price to all touse who have tthke time medicine in strict asO. cordance with the prescribed directions, without having been perfectly and lastingly euered. 'leo subcriber are theo wiholesale agents for the South Western Staten, alnd ilave now on hand sic ty cases of this Rmieiine, whiel is warranted fresh and genuine. or sale at tie a nmnufctured plriee JAItVIS & ANII).laWs, \Vhelesale D)rt.gists, eItvi'7 eor ctillUOiUn e hl'eileupitoulu astreet. tOtTIlt--.t Itllbl le dig t'r . " stealner lelepend. - N', -in J I|aILSS . , 1f Nw Ir.evr .:tl,· r'.,',1 ,r, r sirtn- T'hree cs a of the l a'111 It,--,mi, ti-t i hale rep.s .lldtt. ; tt11 t tUlnr . , ,x. srri . d l br Lla"u a ropey S3 LOC.:ELItT & HA- T,"IOR.RN h, eea mc

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