Newspaper of True American, April 12, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated April 12, 1839 Page 4
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Per wil theFeve andAffnrr. wihereln the Tnom0 lix-. 10 to ordinary mode of treanlig E= the first plaee, beh g a Vege hae fromn any deleterious and poison gcen b tare j':, i le taken with the utmost sanfe. _ar I. by the t liMfou or ge invalid. It pre .etr orui(npof laeaee, .onsnequently the conetitu j.J gaeotg is te wontei tone aud netivitv. It etslab. li·r a popmanment appetite, by invigorating So c ,a ea a relish to theenjoyments of t.nte. rtloving a ptlrw.atorqltelity,il remains 'UsibtI, it)ttylltn inorense thin disorder, orto cnrete utheediseaeeo but thoroughly cleanses the several or II ddiO atioo, and thus benefits the system other aetionl it noy be oppressed. N/g use of the Totsi Mixlure, have eipoared lU( the usual ecauoe of the diseaee, h e p n eyml'tnms ofretllrn; whlerer by hema emec remedlies, there in alweya cre liblyto rccnurre ier €h~R.r ae re " Iktfityftn'reeurl • The danger - Antqnli t relnpi hf ~ thie Aglte, is very evilder, tor vleotel will soon bcomae too mcli; prortlnte to ble t reet wri!t medicine, and sletily fll a vic. fdonlrceb h mat violtee Tlelt oni' lixturer, is the lesch a Iessonabio price, as to plnaco it a ithin t , ta fern one!--no hot thi p,t., and teetiutre t'he rb fnished with "sls ince, ithllolult oooleicilill Ith. -'nd Iattendance which i frequentiy denied to thsat~o 4,, very reluctantly bestowed. 1 pllic am re.+peeth, trutiloned agahllltthel rpII rtgýt tiuns of thei mediciue, th~t are daily offered It* Prepared onle by hDr. John ItR. Rowan, at his Laboretory, Mnrkhestree, Pbilodellitia. T i a s ribero are the wholesale sc.or ta for ti e olthl Western .rtote, and will sell by the errnr, at the Philadelphia prices. ', be had at retmi sal, at Ot .'fthsoApotlecaries in tit city. ' JARVIS & ANDREWt, j nte'nO cur Caoanl &lll 'tcho rcillall s s M- tliaessippjni and Loumnsiana litel. Messissippi and Lomisianln hotel, RS. MARY KIIIKLAND respeetfuily an. ounOeee to her friends end the public gene. lly that she is prepared to accommodate thorn at he above establishment, and hopes fran ther teertions to render visitors comfortable, to receive a continuance of former favors. Sihe feels confi. i dent that persons visiting Covinrgton during the ulmmer months, cannot find better aecommoodations than she can afford them, on more liberal terms. Her house as pleasantly situated, and well supplied with every convenience; the bar is furnished with the most choice liquors, &c. in shortl,eh promises ' rat notini ghaAll be wanting on hier part to give S tir eatisfactlon to all whoa may patrolizc tio .idssisppi and Lo'uisiana Hotel. je3 a iI3'PIrtEPUBLC -T'ira,. unidreiignd. raving " studied under Dr. Scl.rmidt of Charleston, SBoth Carolina, and for sonme years his assistant in . the practice of medicine end surgery, has the ihror to offer his professional services in this vity. He assures tile ladies and gentl.inen that the most prompt attention will be paid to the calls which Smay be made; and also offers his services to tire holders oflaves, being well acquainted with the dia ses common to them, having attended them in time agar house in Charleston. The fanous anti.bilious pills f ter the composition of Professar Smollette, with directions, can be had io the undersigned. The nikeft which they have produced in this and othlr cities, has been attended with the greatest success, to aBich thie best of Sneferences ca be given. Apply at No. 166 Maga. sine street. JNO. M'LORING. iOLV----WA iRG ,\rW oDsd0 CIEWS, SAD IRONS, &c. THE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. S38 Water, near Bellklman street, New York, i have received the past eausoan, and are conrstantly receiving large andl extensive additions to the stock I f tihe above goods, which now consists of thiii ollowing asseortment, suitable for the southern and western markets. SHollow ware .of superior quality, consisting of about 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 20 different sizoe, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallous, t Kettles, 15 sizes, fro'm 3:8 to 18 gallons, B.skepann orrOvers, 7 dillrrenttzes, Tea Kettles, 6 do lkillet, .. 5 do FlatSpiders . 6 do Covered Spider., 2 do Oriddles, . . 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 do Wagon boxes from 1 1 4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 ilehes. Wood Screws, 20,000 gross, ironr and brass, fromn :9 inch, Ne. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior , quality and finish, and less than Jame's imported prices. sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 Ibs for retailing. Tailor's and rhattor's Irons, assorted. bash weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 til lolbs. Bells for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &e. made to order, Also steambeats anld other machinery made to order. The above assortment of goods is particularly recommended to the attention of Southern and Western merchants, and are offered for sale at low prices, and upon the mlost liberal terms ; it is be. lieved to be the largest and best assortment ever aolered for sale by any one establilhlienD i in tihe United States. Merchants, by erwvarding a request by mail, can have a prianed circular, witll description of goods, prioeeand torms, f-oln whllch rno deviation is ever made, furnished by return oit' il. All orders will receive irmmnediate attention. New York, 1838. .I,3 NO IMRiiCURi - NOR COPAjeV - ' ew Orle , Nv. , 1147. . BOl T asix mionths ago I had the uistlarlune to get a sacrel disease, fir wl hich I have aIplied to se*e naldoctrtor r a care, lid thler did not cIn"e ,il.. now on tle aboae date It1n1te11 It the cntlt o[' 1),tOtn Huet,amd lexpclt io to cullre lm. Since hat tilll the disease got worse, si as to break out ill large ttlegr to the nun.ber of six or eight on ea h leg, and all over any face, nld tllrolt, Ind Iot ble to work eat h presmgelt t alllm o aCrountl of the direase; itarge ilcer m+ the right sidle of the tIhrol. I m i t,), patlin, ItVuelf soelidenaly unlder the elln of I)rl . Ilnet, it'i Pari, to be perfectly cured JOHIN DEAN. fet 14 I1, IDo CERRIFY tlnt tile bas Itelletotl.ed diooise is Sqite well ctred to tIy two totii l Bt tili, foi wlhich 1 tlaite I)r. It ltl; atd mnoreover I aSs Ire tlia tihe lldi mite I have oaken aIltlate Ili Itt. aod dhd not iljure lly oeaIth at all; Ithrretire I advise in, o Illow acltorer tc Iose nn tiler and lapply to I)r A. linel, tI. Canal lll, betweenll D)auplit tad lIotrblrotll treeit. Ir. SHuet is st tnit Irent i J no'eock, A M, ultil 4 P il. They will find a true doetor tor this colplnint. JOHN I)IEAN, -II (0rovier slreer. If anlly one wants to see me, call at No. 40 (lravie, New Orleans. Feb I, 1838. J lHN IIA. SPeIIE nuie I. lo dln dia.s.I oleloo,;f It t.erw ,It Hie-I .i. hund, is put nup in botiler at the low piritce of 51 inelett etll, hcontilling tile ltrellgltil uf tIhree 10uuee1 o Livelwort, beeli le t the , llte t Oo m llohr rohter a r ts tl1 hLrbh ktown alonig Id Itinsll as ficacious il curing pulemt arv comlaients. The u ,rivalled success whicIh hns attended tle lae of this inestloeable llt.lant wherever it has been intro ,ded hlis oltained ttle ctntltt ne dild reenaldllllllolllo StieS ofre s olleaetble Illdymiciiltn. fr lthe anre of Ill(.0l], colds, pin ill tlt.e side, wane t Ii rest, opittiag o' bldood, liver compltlnt, ac. To whom it may concern. This is to certlif that we .haie ill our practice freqlurently pirescrlbed .Irs Gadr, 'ler'l lndialt Baltm el' I.iverw'rl a d Ililhll anu, au Ill, 1a decided good effect: .we can te refore, tront, tIh kllnow. Stedale of the materials it is nmade fro, Hand olfervalonll ora.l thOe nflections o thle hlngs fgr ,ehih it si, re noleodedI. Ah,BI:ILI' WIL. IAMS, M. ID. CALVIN EtI.IS ,I. tI• Memibes of tlie Boston Medical Association. Boston. October 25. sale b. JAIRVIS & ANDIREWS, a , 19 C1, st i an I ''tcitenit nlll lis a. S;lOLBEAR'SScience ofPcemanship rceived,and7 DU for Iale at their perlellat WVritll. Acadetnca i , 1o. 8 Chatres aolrot, New Orleans, 18lt' Broadway ,illnw York, Dauphine st., Mobile., S I iaparticularly designed hnl private lIearners, and t.choolo, and i calcculated for Ipersons ofal g aoes I S Ladie and gentlelen are invited tocall tand examine =. ·t'e system for thelnslves. Lesaume are given at leit hees ais May snlitl ttlh 'tumveniellee ofall, and toe c.te. forulled in 'll plart I the city. Ldleswho prefer itcan receive lessonsat their own ref '.ldenes. Pernlo opayig n I tee eof esrnnn t ardesiredr .o Ilon'h-* '' "' w ' -ell ratllev Wlmll. - S HIE LEA boi, lit bse ach dVV O4(kegs 100 " , 21111 tdo 215 ' English do--05 1-4 bils. 4110 . i00 Paint Brushes, varr tn sizes, I ea.e Vertnilliitt; . sll Copal Varnish; I " Coach 20 packs Gold Leaf; ia do Silver do; S1100 do Dutch Metl., WINDOW GLASS, Anlteriren Erglielt nd Frencah 11t10 hears, varnots sires and qualitiesn Boston t.rown do.-500 boes, cnnisignmet, will be 6olhl low Al a general aMortlnent of artists' cnlours aild aelr, for i nal by A W SCA' ES, NO 46 b , Canal risvt. t N B. Alabama n ltes tlken Mt pI r. aed Mibssisippi will be received at 10 Ier cple discint for goods, ia payment of debts. je I I :'Y ARBLE CHIMNEY PIECE WVaenouee, Cttaomhoua tremt, oppopaite the Poa-t.fiee. e-ubriborhn amre now receiving from their fae in .ew aYork, and will keep contanntly on a eneral tgeortmont .if Mrble Mantle Piteeea l perlor workmanship. and of the lateat patterns, of the beot Egyption. Italian, Irish anti Wneat marble. Alto, Monument.s, Tomba end' e Stonas, mouldod and plain siltls and lintele, lacingl, hearthe and boundary stonen, plaster ill, Ronmaa & Hytdrtulie 'Cetonl and Plaster. Hair, together with a splendid ntsortment oa mountetd and pliin Grates and Russia Iron i tees of the aeweat and moat approved pattorns. .e.l'ht done in the neatest mallner attd at the rdl ia.d . Tloshey hlar first rate workmen to • AE, K~,Ie work.-RO ilAMEd RAIN & STROUDr -1 "R tork dr Baltimore Packets PACKET2 FOR NEW YORK.--New ilani. L--T'o sail punctually every secou Mlcnay i during the slescn, oll or not full. Ship Orleans, 599 tons Capt. S. Sears, Ship Alahamea. 474 do C. C. Berry I Ship Arkansas, 61127 do E S Deelari Ship S ,rtuga, 542 do WX ciliatwy, lhip Ncshville, 5410 do D Jackskaii Ship Kentucky, 629 do J Buttker The above ships are of tihe first class, coipere and copper fa.teoed, acd ha.ving len built in New York expressly fir tins trade, Ithey are of light draft of water anil almost invariably cross the bar without any detentioo. T'he commanders are men of great experience, and the shipfs will ala ays be towed up and downl the Mississippi by stefa boats Thely have ihandsome lirnislhed acconllodations, and stores of tie best ldescriptioat will always be furnished. Tie eabii passage is $91 w'itloti wine or liquor, and thecre is cno liquor furialhed to the officer orcrew. For freight or paRIssage a pp y on board, or to ii C AMES, S8 amp st. The ehips are not accourtaaclel for Ibreacka ,) glass, hollow ware, imarble or granitle, cooperlcage of tin, or rust of ironor steel, llor resl otsiha ticr any package or p:rcc!l, unler a regular bill lf lading is executed therefor at ithe olith of lthe eits. nov27 ece0y NEW ORLEANS aNu BAI'PlIMORE LINE OF PACKETS. This line will consist of the follrwing vessels, which bave been built or purchasead lexpressly flior the traide, riot Shilp Seaman, . Capt. Maner, Bark Mary, ea Nickerson, " lrad lerry, new Steveos, " Solomon Saltua, " litham, Brig Arelutet, '" Gray. These vessela are of the first clanss, Iavo and. siome furaiicd :accommdamtionis, aid are ort'a light draft of water, so as to iadiit oftiicr receivih andl discharging their cargoies ini lal~iiiolei , it thecity. Freiglht wII be takec Ior ioris oni t lic'hesaaiake or James' RIiver, ail Ihrwarded bly the agtlls, Messrs. CLARKE & KELLi(;oGU, at ifaltiior: expenses on goods sbipped w 'ill be adlv·nalud when I requiredl. 'IThe pric of peassage is tixed :iat $60, i ample stores oftle b st quality will e pravidied. Steam up and down thie Mississiippi will a tah i oil all occasiols. eFor freight or pascage, allpply to a(E). It, l "EliOID, nov7 fi'v c. FO)R NE.W YtIl?. [Louisiana and New York Line or Packets ] T'li: Ships comtpositg this line wcc l sail / ;eov Orleans and New York oil evrEIy other 310)I1 . day- lc-tancing in thle 2tt y Novemlcr-ianli to insurc tlh punctuality in tilc time olacligai theli d lice will hiereafter consist ifllve ships, viz: SShilp Yazoo, Captaii Tralsk, to leave oni thie 2th N ovember. Ship laouisville, tatptaia l'atiicr, to lc'vi on the I4th Deceou~r.h Shi1p Iiuntscilla lata Iit hidgell , tlg, hre olt i thei 18th I)ecilier. Shllip Vicksltury, Caplai Wa\'oolilollse, to leave on ' I tic lst JI iciary. .S hip l issis silui, Cailaiit avisil , to l.avie oi the 15th 'if Jfaiiaryy. The albova aire all nrwa, .f tile lirnt cla's, clloper dd and copper fuaaie , and ailt ards ti 5. tons iiritieni, ari of light draught of waahr, hcing huilh Sin New York lxpreasly tir th irti. I e :ii passage is ixeal at 11111 dhlr lilttud up in ihe Iiiost inll r,)ved alll(I CIIIInvenlilhII litc, i d thiihti d in a ni at Ira' d tal 1t + A.llple stores of thie tfielt (l llilly will i)1 pI vlll ) iiil every c''gurd paid to itl.e ,tliht c d elti satishaetiin el liatti elgrs, thI will hut la hike o ticat iat o iilrthi cllan i. l'ctld ulil t aid br atll ) ilie olFee ,f" tIhe consitnets. These vt,.selsure c n ntlllllell lll d by c:alpl;lills well e'xeri'cerd incs ia tictr . i o will give eve y at teollio ll slid ,.xert tbeltltrIuves to w IrnIH iandate. .Tlel, will at all ines ie towed up tatd dowi a lI 10 st i - I aippli by steamiltoats, nid thLIie strictest pulictually Iolserved i tIhe liCme of sailing. 'The owners of these sheit s will nat bel re.slonsii Sblalir all), letter, ilrcclor packae , scat Is y oc Sputl on board el' iiitIc' cc'l.I s It ct(utrtll oa fsittit he signed thlerelor, at ti couting hoe t Sagcint or owcer. or irthel" b s ic ptilart c lacaltply it I J1D )11 IN & A (ifllN, I nov27 .')0 ('o n ...... .t t'iEak'ORLI.:A N .i CHlAl IT fN IhiK ETll I Th'ltis line couisltst Ih r-. a l w ha idaatsacthicata c l:it,t ila it's i lesle l, d d ca 11 i Ii ' i ) ItS lsllrlil w ith hilr ldsol t te Ictilllmln l ioll s llr il·ttl tlrt. ' 'ltese v csscls nre lll lllllla d d bi y caell ' illl ( I explrlen.ed in hth fred,' wi wrilati ve evtri IL lentio rand exert I th i 1 h s lv s t ll llli l I s hlipper . IT heY wt Ill h , t · iii b h Mhssisslapi, Clt itave New trlia isll a r a tforI te 10th cnd of th Pa cliri b iii.llh, Tilo, tic wi a vessls colpo a lit it " i'l i acoi alrl iui fitsa liiaac,( th ish , a;r tt/l. iii'i'Iii'tclic a Is ri C be laLtic iat.r c i. ft,'alr atli ct 'talii, lll 'I. fa'r Ilrig Ahlieoll, J I)..islllP( lili81..l Barc , i ,gt r \Villian ,.1. Alli c ,r Fir trc igh l oir pnassi, il cll' i ' . i A. Ii AlIl' ,I C g r I (cI tl iicl Sa . Ni\\ (Ml aiscat r 1a . Ci M. . Iifaclivs~iail tt cr rata.' alicaaIc ciilcilr~ Ic i OIUBAI(l) & C(o' Ihston anti New O)rlieatni tils c of Packet Sliips,-T'rhis uew hne of .qbit)L Shas been txirtssly builfr t cIn letwit (! t th I t ilie l'h iorts, and will be aOilld i'a sitttalie drafit o) wa' : aceomlnodatiollS f ltir ,pascllers, anlll avtra colrt will be alsoka t c ive lltiecil sacishat'tiC a citti hIne is composod ofte the th Ilwifit sllips: atif Erokee, 41i 5 toils iapt..i ct arita ii icarolina, a 11!a1 do Lcapac isa, Cif rcqchin, 3. IIIrer ChlaalrllOn 34i do J Ih dgle, C:Olumbll.nuln, 62~5 dle Rrer Seamnin, O40 d JHoer Domlbay, fid5 th) 1) h iuphrey. 'lhe above ships bare all no, of thi lihlrt a lflss, coepplr Fitslened alcg optlcrclpa, cllllllllllldlgl Iy iIItI Sgreat ex3periencl, Ahe larI u I I cclIr lodatiia ,l with a se arae tuaaes cabit,; evry attnti,, will le aid sito Ir )ellser.r, anld the very te.t of stores pro v dedl lor then/l. .]hte iackets w'ill I,, ,)weI up nnd ,lown tll Mis sissippc , And t &le stricehst pnctuaCi y (' Orved in the time ofsaa iliigS a7 d slloul tile r:eulhr vvsulh be deai ed in arVing, other .liips equally na do lr t wdlI iol all calses lie ubsltitahlBd. A share l(ffpll runt1(1 age is solicited, alll~ tile agmts lell!hdge themelll.1vte to aconUllllodaellL as miuuci s pcl'tl cahle, to receive and Iorward goods by sa id line at the most tiiode'r. ate charges, and to advauce all ulixp . s oi goods shiipl ed, if required. Tlhe slhipI will leave the slt and lGhh of e~vry ! monah. For freight or pasrageO, apply to the agents. J A M FRI ITT, 8I 2om t m olnon st. N. B. Advanlcemenliltts uade on colsignllln.ts to Messrs. A. C. Lombard & , Co. -.ov27 A7 on board nhip Orletat.', |ithhlntl r, ftakr lelrv Arlrew, French ad (;,.ir play . ar(i; airk. fatlmnntt IBrtsi; ('heistm", 2 1-I ioid ':t-: inh Itl nrd Balls; 3,9,1, and 1_ inch hihde t Hi.' i Knives: Leather and other travi llin_ I)r' -sine ('l ss; i llt. It Poker, Horsemaln's, and I)tl line I'ilals:dlile ind rinele barreilld Ga.il4l; (aill llgs- Shot Ilt<; aPwder and Pistol Flalks; I)rllt lIl,llh4 and I)Drinking Cups;) Persl+uasioCa an d ('p Hlohr'; ('loth, I (air, Toh, sad Nail ,rt'ha,,s Or:l.i.ndi ('hta.ion 'l','tlth \'asn i Tooth Powder; Toilet an ?tiial lit- ;lpl , ill great v tieat ; hit g t air t ra idet , tt il h.a llt d t It , i.tad ttt [elri ; aneiadToniiwatait tow -r tnt l it "'aanrv Tuh t 'ashion': Patent Sidles or (:rersf; G 'o in:!usi. ..a.lpnd ra i Powder I'ull' 11111ii Boxes; (illlli Hnsi, ISeIsan l Iie.l . anid Chains; Gilt and Mlivere Ilfeni; Indint lietds. Ilells and Plhimes Shell 'n'wist; Shide odi Ii)rni sit Combs; whith,in additio n i ieir ilarlr rlck n 11 hand lakes their nasiortl, nt very I plet , and lltill br .hi ow and on libernl .r. II, liat tl ss of" the i1 h !dn I H S ubic rib r ~~, N , ;.Rents l i.r the e lx i i , o \V. & S. lliither, lihlli'hl, & nC ad hate t t t'aln a'd i lltIh. .rt I iii.t nil , r, . t ht -, rillir, 1 , Pocket, Dilk, and Spealr .poio Knives . rllrn , t 'i aorsn,E;e Tl;.-,&r. &e. &v. twhihi they sre prpelrl.l n exhibit to the tratul Inr ride,+. 'Iet s llaill lo lllililoll will ee lailt e llolw tha lt t inn lllinl. Iml|6 J. I). 11I:l I N ( !'t 1I ·: .!Pi (If "Oi\l .a t.__ 111MONS, IIA l'lpl" ) C r.-- inow receivin;g lre s.i1p I iunltsvilla , ERngih, i Mle ev A h, t wt , I lith dbteki.Fench un.ti\d dti ll- htaltt pls in ': : stler, i.t anl ipoike listlls; phltinl, rihhed a.d split cuasitla ealls; cali hotdil r; t cistk tis ist: I l n' nien, Ien.; Gll olllll's commelrcial a other steI ll+E s; :1 in Gee Vialin Sttli'ng;rn thell, iaao1'nd hint an.d ttl; aolttat i, o a lttn.aier prit.silthir mit aid, fttn k il h eack ringlets; negrt ptattas, an ail Frrnch cologne eater, Iowlalo s l neltcra ssrl oil, it iltati n Illi; . lllat d 4 d bearsoil; portable deske tireIs!og casesitt: post bllclkillog; statli llUd toilel gInses; cotl.l ll s illilliis; op c al gl'sses andI views; Iidia IbIiai., aallsttl. -lnIoys; coordeon; whte it witl; toilet antd sating ilap; 'tails owder, ctsmetie wash Iallo; seem;etl dti llt hindtat 'ael stanids; tscrew ieishiis; ftct y heat) clalotn s and necklaces; billiard balls; poketl Ibooks B ly wa:lltets; German lollesp razor slattt; fine and1 Olllllalln gn olastic suspenders, gartIrsal o; e.lls lucifer n IIatchlts; sil ter pe.mils; (.:r)'Ims, &c. &cL. Tile e in dio L to illllil rll U forlner stock of tI:lcv n ricles, nlmakes our asollllttlll ve ly c. IIplt. Fain. aln awholealle or retail; as the signll of the Gohlt, CmIIII, 7 FiChar e street 'an. mti .It dl NEW article for persons trllld with dlllaPrts, dA (called the Enr TrumPet,) has Ins( bero received, by thseu ofi whir.h, the lig!ht r' articulaltionll of Ithe hli Ir ln voice; is tiisunctllv c,;;veyed to tlie -ur. A\11 orl who hias ever uel bll ilgl t' cnverse w ih : errrv dlea dlpercson, mult Ie fulily nell le iof Illthe dilficult' nl;d em1 Ilarreaaenltlll expelieletl bath Iov Inrlnlele. andl thr ill dlividuals to nlltrluiiladl Inlflill'. Uv t1. s ile of tili Ear Truloper Ihi' oleJPoll lli elirely nolliutrel. The mostaceptical Iave ala nr. a nnliunetrl lir doubt llt tlll w having usedan fow Irunper. For ,o Ga ON 9, Falnev tore.lnrne 1ll f a',mll.l anld $t ('L.tihe -orl". whii lthe E%, I \\ I IHotel, I, h II BOOK UINI lERY. UInder thse Pesytune OlGil,ls 72 C (.'p .ts. B Nt A2'& [lOWSON is'e leavensi'a r, Iheir calaO9ePIrs nnd the pasitle gsnersllhx, I't they have remlved Ihetr esthbllrhamentt ia No. 72 Cainp street, i'msttedintely uaider tsh ('toi.Ce O lthe I'sen'sun--'lshere Ithey are prepared to sxeaute all orders hi their line. Hl\ing received from lte North a stpplvly ofps' Ier and maserinls of a Fuperitr quaItty, fi.r tile aentacture of Blr nk Books, ely off'er thellir s er vices tt menriants nld olther, awho may wishal work o Ithlnt kidtnd: Rtd hvin"g the ndvnetape of ieverl ya'ris's exlerience ill that line, Ishey are s'onltlentsllf ivinta srtlsl'ctleton to those wile I.t y flver them wilh their custom. For nolartsr, architects atnd ,the.lrs, tlass and plansnaill be pealed on lnen. varnished antd rnnltttted iln Ihe Italtutst tanner, & at tle shorlestl Plnin and fnney binilin, i alil its vnrieties ni. GlliNb\li It-tn& [PRhil'lEN WAR aICTtitE It (Ihtlrrets street, New Ortleans. WTAh mllONF'.]ANT & C. Importers of French / nd eiur hsh China and L'nrlthen warn. tire llt a lnttttattl. netsw arid rich ptnltertls of bIretlkfls', lhlnInL and tean servicen, iles setsl, pilcPelsr, te a ti· con -l, ctps, teiapai s su, lS creallls Ih .les platle, dllles, lureenls, was-Ih btsina anl owets, lootl bhals, elt,. etc. lch cur and plain French ' atnd Amtricnn glass. wart-gotlets, champaignes, Iplmntades, jellies, elare' s, \ iles, erllrl ials, cntre+ bowhles docaluters, tI In blers, preserve dislhes,celeries, pitchers,lanlllps, lamstt shadet and glasses, candlet shads, sualit cel lers, etc. Stlr plated, Irnnssd and britania wsarFrs-cs Staor, liquir stands, cake Ihuskets, cnnd!'sticks, Iranchesr sio ons, ladles, cotalen sd teapots, sugars, creIns, lanps, japanned trays, astral stntd', andl hlnfinl., lams s, fine u etlery, German silver spraoons ntd (orkrs, tiutiether wilth a gretll variety flrtiic les Iitr fltnm ly use. ilererhanls't ,l ersl tee Itta, nlind steallboats, frlltllished w: th gtotd at lhe Istrt tea- I sllable prilrs, nnd pratcked so as to be ctlnveytd tith saiety t, atni pnrt a t the cllls n ry. AIsnlet., n 11h ,wks a H nmlh &.I-.s TI n aI.ilt li' s siiRIt1 LI h 'w Itrs Ill ) .h lbile I 11 IAot slln o. easves ,lobl e i very l, ay at (lret "'tl'ck. pt tIs 'er US mail tte l lr it+llts I i rtlstrt, lo Ile l 'elt tethe nerisit iltl ''ist'"s orisers ttt Ientatoi it- t nencsalmbt - Iittstitit"llle t ilrelt ellndl et eo isres'lll ll-lltlllc vl \i lla ll~ 11rrn I 1I and Brow ISville, Fini. I:II(/Lsinbl id e thoderton1~1 n,~ II swklinSVi· llle. noersville' &~ ~louiF -''l can~isnin, Gconetn eus be lnt d un ln,, l atny sta'lt'teloat route ill tle r iutll |,I i ii,.~ ~ I ·IrC III 1IIII '91 I 'eIlti arit inlmrvementls in the rOltle have beP n t predthuce! by lith etolltructeltl of tiftV Tliles o e l'w tnh hy tie " prttpiihet's, Viz : fretite L trthe oll iLtayvtei lpli tnii arti ofetnnta Itsi lILy, ho, a Br ' silll. Feairy, oni lhle Clhatthl chlr ehl e river, ten ihllSuh bs theV llt. Cowl,+rd, or I,1 a lov e CreJr UhlufI, Ivhereby the al'.iatits oe t e river, n t e ctna se,+tlertt detem inlhlIs arid in ,re+ rt~e t' h lt r v eli It c a s at' a ts i ti he 'ow ta rrt a e [t en t tir oy a tV lt l t ll't ra' d ti rolt t .tl ,l rari I ectell t lte c In Ik:i riLrllI.., I,/elr ad or Ithe rmllllldl bhllll l rO-i via C1 lia ittl . ltt, es tdeninLr h I isltan tce s dis frir Smilch:, an(I ilcrttsing [!hu fumlhtles mtore than. o'ce a c day. a Ah~lm a brnltuh linle ,of twol hree stouce9 every ,a r iday fatte't It ' kIit i.s llP , via I' rr'y it t ltt 'ts Isc ilt e c cing sithe lat to avatlciah and a ) II r Im tmsS i1 steambour tltes realctrlc he wIen II Illlhlidae1 aln I Allil tlaChi'lll ln. Tra t, I, rs n ishiJ at iiIi.ha ally ) ll l i allllatlllt) he i It A'tchlltlll - 1 a oln, rilll 1take, tll'Oo .l thll ur at t lle. \lh-bile it I' .tPatcls --I tad IR[itt e--I)t rin Ithe ~Illll iuI Ip'1I bI ISIh+" rep l'.+ *, ,asilll + 1I1U -)II pr tril,. I ''5is I i Il i l l'l i ll lit lil t .i l Ill lls tit i ts I ' hlt' r Ih i , . e at !l ,s tn'ly oIhcr dI'y bintwets I31 -u hi [tfl a t' I t i.. lt'l . I alsse'l . rP a I ll ave M1 ,lelt n I 3 o'clck, p ml I t!" It ' m Iltltil a ri, d trUceed to Hlla l's- atld Ie whellre a lIur tore cotIach will toe I watiting to that excelltttthon seof lt Ctarles Ha;ll, I 1 4 m ile t/istalnt, w'hi're they V,'ll finid p lealsan+t aiccLoJlllrniedtO++ Ioh1 for rite IIeght-- l'aving I r(hl IIIIItlllg, [hey.l' will alrrive ttl Pes:aC o e alt ia liheu VC'titni', thuts avoidlllg Lse dItUscofU rt Ut r11211! t r.,veilin'.. tlhlice ait thie lansion hliose, Moilile, stid Co! lais' I tel c a, -tel , ntwhttre setssl Imsti I t bte sectu r'z. . IO'TN & 12. tnv 1 fl'sss I-erl I \Villiam Sm tI Le ic, ets his rrcs to the citi, zens lo New OIrleanss as teacher OI Ithe panO' Ii (orte. Mr S nving btesn employed several years 1 s a Ri icacher of music (it privatle lants es itl B s li nl inlld also t sever :rlal O e thlee IfalC C.rIItar s i i t icilney t cannot butl hopU to merit their scontlidlsnce. Ilt is permitted to refer toRlcv Dr CIl.,p, .Msass S eisn & Avery, ,Heldersn. . aUeIas. I I'lrtr. s, .e please apply at llas bookstore of e I Alex anderTv,'wesr, s49 Cs imp lt ct * - Druas and .lhl diinns,. J II Preast ha , l lcased hi eCllc i1 this cile lor Ih l Il urpoi . of trsn sactIl ait .I 'al I'WhlesI l I )run bui ,nes, ;ie is now rctevint n lull supply Ire , t nd -,lls ine n ttl-ss, which he t.I ll sell e nl liberal rent m, To city druggiats, and diuose o rte 1 1 1", tll lphysicians, mPrthalns anllld pllanter, hi wll l ,iiT, r illducenll e tlss such as have never be. ore lheen ll 1 ,l',lrd ll this city. His nlnlltlltlo is Ito doa stelittly le_,iimalte bunlsessaS. His Lstck will soonll I complete, Ind inll I Vew weeks will be rea d I ,r businsse. All Oirders Irtn the countryand. Io11 merchalnts of t i- city, receiving such orders will b l prompily alit nlded to. ouct Not 39Camp at IlrlI, E .1\l, k.1.NI) I ,ll'AII.C(.)31H ANI) VA SRIETY l ,'STORE,--at the sign of the golden comh, M11 t ' ('hl'a st-reo.'t, Tih sil bst rihbrs have re.l :i(rl n, i .l to herli h previolls stlrk mn h nlldtilall , full all otlll o hp t. , t1nll' llll t of lrili ss in their lino; viz: m bii , rllltllls, Iot rn', Jw",',lry, brll hesP , llllkilen glasses, I "IIB') :o ltlil'h Pllt lr ,}sllishl ill in pa t ;,lllr il llows: S't]I I IS--~ Ir: ,i' sheell, W lot,"t'ht i :d plain t uek,twi- t,I 11Jilled bhurk, h5 ' roi und, ldr sssingI , sid sll, ctll and tIo k, Itrzilin i combs of r'rr'V descriptionil IIInIltSg, t ilsh ll s ll l~l,- \ t( P ae Itters, Ivory onslll of Ivery Id ti itlln, horn, dre.,ig ".lnd packelt, tegiler with aI I'I::FIti--I ' tI l it-- 'isgtns , ls,,-,t,-r, F'[orids ,hoe ley, hIts rls.ts d rani r ll owl'r waI rs of 'everysizend des riptin, r phorL t Clllllll olgull , P extral of l Is rei amot, lial sI suplii o. lll kinds, shl ini g do in I ilcakes lnd l ts, cre'mnu -oupd,, Ward's v-.geble hair oil, hears tunl n todI I owder, npearl powder, pr pler p.I llnlld loxles po Itni in pots an11d111 rolls,orrs llallnd chlorine tooth wash ill tiIcas, witrh u generalswla' snOt o .I I'.\lls.llY-.some ofithes latest lld llmot fa hiona ble slts, consisting lof white nld re l cornelsi;tu, toipre S sardrops, set in Ielsgr'ee, hrust pinsl of a great - Site Is-s BeillleIratlrl, wc`neli hiilte lsa, tilt anti silvc, eakles, II. .IlE:S-Cloth, hair, duslt ,crsstliibhlsth,ie.loor, tut, lesh, tooth, plate', comb, Nail, shaving, shoe and whitl ash brushes. LOOK )INIG il\.ASiA lES-Germasn satia andia toilet fANCY ANti VARIUETY ARTI'CI.ES-FFrench ind :issssrithl t'm-lle desks alis drstssing ,tscsls, ssoe vai, nls rulases with miudh withoutt Inllsh', inusicall lloxes, Ac t:orhlialln II -Ul'i~t£a kiln,, vil~lillnsnd gullitlrs, silver antd platld penclls t, d Il-lI Klcud-,wood penlcils Iorli rpn) r andit itllrt crilyOns,m ntii ellh I| itrs,g nsilllsud pistols with iaid withl out lases, liPrusiotn ps, llllle- ion IIIenp chargers,l pplll e sslill slsll smlison klnive, rla .lors in l s Risscors, thimbles, nisllelless, lilln , s'sils'sr l,'atd, stees l nIss i sO s dllllss(s .i plstl - cls , tl csket llllok ts til, waile, os l 'riosllr kilds vistin culn::: Pd r CUSi, t aplnaying cialrd of urmelich, Gerani l- alnl i ll atesll Il lnnllesf d s l, dllss, imit atio frisaullsan bllrx s, irllln, oft l variious kiinl., aulindrp s ' Polliluno' s, Ie:lllse on'ss illllshn'ka lmltd Ihslls cass r lssl ssiiras tnd i iue ie - lioie.-dickse, 'Lny bsead elaces, io wlth c rs, dih|s,rln.v wathiar, searl ksilos,w seder lhssks, ea t lld i Pled eieitdsr Fill ind isiler Ia, kilssn elarsic ss1,iisr.i itsrllsd l ' sisek ·l l asls. lnld wcosd canes, sisskgsslma-O bloilrds die ol pilalsls' vsll, 'ise ues, , jws sr'sI lnlc l:-ao s'stiansi i.sldl rilklnls cusss , with u iresls vlariety ,o other al'ri ese, all Oi wei- Ici will be isold ilar acsh or slcy s ,yleetan c oii Islslsleks credit. B li1 S1,IHn.tI:5, &t co. Sd 701 (sartriases. O )'s1 ' \ledtis Iioeka-Osuis as- |lsliis; do. on I s hls.dlettiug, a nlew aa Id, cnrec'd by fro A TIEt\VAit, 49 Cam S..n !xt' 1:iveI 1 gI i fillons are wintern d di r emi (Oil, ill n riks ai d llls, fr ill de t ly JAiIVIM & AN\I)CL\';4, Vhilleshsal tirsg ises, carlisar stiO als 'eiUchap (.ls , el \\i , a ' l rhlllllet sy, c.-- s, ll elld nrlsts les rc ols- ,t pssi,- l ue p ti-t the si e s , o iss tail islde ; all i thc spure-s ( clinci ilrf 'r's , s slbra I c 'lll avr vayrlct lor slie Itoiit, I ar s i, l by ItEFS & D'LA'(G. '1",1 C'Ollllllrv ,\lelchanl'l s Iand(1 ]Planters. 'Negro II ItheltaHllkeI-s I.sslll islslllner lowelr -As- &c recesacad and tor es,,,lowby lase a, stsc ris h's. IoITTA & Cs'. eet. sorna r Csset n s dli C'aisrtrps st IS -... i, rI. Na 5-I C-,,stssreist, betlwenl -)ulnaln nd Sa Ph-les , keel-l-a s caanstanly e hIanllad In c ·nl,.l'cniv eri nssIassf Lacs n-ats]ssrogi. nn sIstcss, ii S-ew Yssrk s ssitee, sisrls-slr sIsPs wmleal anlld ellltdrNtl o rill agrF whlICl ie will dlSPose of ialess tsssfthits ."q'nn-tnassc '. stenlinL. no Ordrdr will hsa !'eir s isthes asIteidsed In 1 S SE ;11!R -Fi5- nARi-lil -i'Ai..IA.'S.Oi"iOit WA.TE'R I sssais nitlre of Ithiis slne-ritr seoitls si.e. jsti. ....irved mid or ... llv the dlozlel or iillc heal,rtl:.- Al,io Americ:an snd Ftsslh toils t llswslers, Iowverst iaS u n lsassd ..xc., sh eei ...I Islil siee p, e.sss-..e s Ialls, milk of rntcs .e-ses-sise ll cres-s-s -a xr xc ta asiiuka,isiiais Ws rd's vegees tble hair iil, pjmatses, --rtlla-t del.srri , I-lsrilss . I-vsss l-sslr, rorse Ullls s i wlata rs. i'rest-:,'- ss-ts, Msrssilhe, i erhlld rrt in 555- ka v 'ec - clutlb,lllir, tn lb,t I:1o ] .lll flesh IIlll. |e,, tl. llier wl111i an iotlll suolU| p s pol s of fa-lllts ilsle blsors ts ils ,el i sy I.s e ONt , IIAI{TsTet1'. , , ,y~n'4 7!)'hatrrsbeI ETA I' F1 LA LOUISIAN E-Cour du Pa -isseo pe"r nl piroisso et villa de la Nouvele Orltans--L'etat do la Louisian, it tous coux qu coe Ipreoaenes concernent, sliut : Attoendu quo James Copeland Parker do catio ville nyiantoctl6 tt uno vento fuito per Hewlett ot Co. a nas, encanteurs publie tide cette vlle,la propridt6 p ci.nprot docrite, as'et adroses au Grefft de cotte a cour, pour un avis conolrmdonent I un acte de Ina Legislature de I'etal do la l,ouisaine, intituld '' Acto e pour confirmer les titres des nequereurs aux vonesto judiciauiro;" pprouvd tl 10 Mars 1834. Qu'il oilt connu, oe Loutes personnes intdreseso sent par cos presentoe sommds au noLi de I'etat do la Louisiano t de nla cour du Paroissc, qui pourraient avoir droit a I proplriid ei.caprbs decrate, en consequenoe d'un ddtfaut d forme dans I'ordre, lo docrot ou o jugomento doe la cour, en vorlu duquel la vento a d.d aiteo, on de toute irrogularitd o. illdgalil6 dans iPcstimatiion, t'avis ou le temps ct ho mode de la vento, ou pour a ono antre cause quelconque, do lairo voir, dane trento jour a dater do la publication do cltto avis, pourquoi la vente ainsi liteo ni scrait pas colfirmldo ot ho nologllno. Ia a dito propri6t8 fut vondue par le susdlite on. canteurs le 28ibme jour do tacomtbre, do It'anno 18:18, on vertu d'un dderet do cetto Cour, redin le I 23 de Juilet do 'anaBde 1838, dans I'ffairo de Wm. i V oance se crbanci, ris et is croanciers do Vaneoo t t Miller. No 10,961 du docket do cotto Cour, it laquelle vento lodit J. C. Parker s'ast rendu acqudreur I pour It prix do $11,700 payable doe t manibre sui vanto savoir : lo. En bu illet do J. C. Parker do nl sonlmm do $s650 a l'ordr., et Undosed par John Mitchel,tj portant la date du 28 ddoccmb o 1838, o, payable at 2o. En un billet du susdit J. C. Parker do la memos somme, a I'ordre de et ondoesi6 par to susdit Jouln Mitchell, d lato mime date, ct payable a duone 31. En oun billet du susdit J. C. Parker, de la i miuse nonoo, it l'ordre tI et OUndOS8 par le onodit Jolh Mitchell, do la micln date, et payable aI dix. huit inois. t4. E oun lbillet du suldit J. C. Parker, do la so0lme de .$650, a I'ordre do et endoss6 par oe sus. it Johln litclhell, de ol memo date, et payable a six mois. 50. Eon n billet do susdit J. C. Parker, de la orme soun0e, Il'ordre de ct endosd par le cusdit SJohaun Mitchell, do la memo date, at payable A douza o L. r de. i0,. En u1 billot du susdlit J. C Patror, do In milella somnmU, a I'ordre de, et endosed par lo suadit Johnlc Mitlchel, do la lcumoc daote, ct ipayable Itdishuit 70. lEn uon billet du susdit J C. Parker, do la 'lcime do $c3c0, I't turdre do, et eudosoe par I0 0 us. dit John Mctchell, do la cucace date, et payable ia six S8. En on billet du susdit I. C. Parlier, dte Io notic, soUeIoa I'orlrdre du et endeao , par ld e o usdit .luJin Mitchell, do la inccUO date, Ct payable I douzo liois. J o. Eu un billet du susdit J C Parker do la meIIcn i sOImiIc, i dlo t eldos d par le susdit Jcoihn M hitcheil, de la ncaun:n date, et payable I dixhuLti otltis, i 10. En oin billet du susdii J. C. Parker do Is soamie oe $650, i I'erdre do et end)Soed par Io suE. y cdit Jon Mitchell, do la IcemoIU date, et payable a six lit. Eon un bil'et du susdit J. C. Pariker, do IA SICe sOltllllme It I'erlcdre: t doiec r:llond par le susdlt SJohin .Mltciell, ciea Ia mccume date, at pa.yayble it douze Imois. Yi 12o. En un I i!let du susdit J. C. Parker dI la ' 1mem slulne, itl'erdl'e do et eildosat par le susdct d John .lCtichull, do la eccino date, Ct payable It dix S auilt rnois. Iao. :n 1(n billet du susdit .1. C. Parker, do la Ssoumine do (65j1), it I'lorre de et clduaio i pc r Icle sl. dit Johni Mitchell, do la mueu' date, et paytbhie a SIx 111018. 14. En on billet du sudist J. C. Parker, id la lUmemo sonle, it I'l:tIe de, ct cnlldo6 par le sutsdt Jr lohn cucteul, doh Itc memue date, et payable a douzo mois. 130. En un billet du snedit J. C. Parker, do la iowlli soIlc e, it I'ordro di o ot ellclossd par le susdit J John Mitchell, de laIn mue date, et payable a dix. buit maoi. 16o. Eo un billet du susait J. C. Parker do la somme doe6-li, at I'ordre de, et redoec plar li sus dit Johcn Mitchell, do la Imemo date, et payable I 17o. ]n un billet du susdit J. C PIarkr, dci la lelme son un, it l'ordre et ellndJoe par 1i susdit John liltc!ecll, de la cLcntc date, Ut payabIle t dcuuIa 18o. En un elllet du esusit J. C(. l'akerde lo lnle sulmie, Ia I'ordre det et unlduln par adit John Mitchell, de lIa t;lene date, et payable a dlsxucti Iumois-lcsa;lit enscolcble la sucditoe alcolllle do onyz: Sluille, sept cenllts plastres. D lecritioun do la propri6ti d'.prc s le trco nslia r Sjudcialre, s voir : io, iJu certaiti lotde terre situc denR ic lu. te oon;r Siaulet, :htcig rd palr lt Nau, e de nllt brin parlee rues St. 'hnoas, Ilenjatn, 'cithoup:lttolas I et Suz.tlte luuenraIt )26 Iplrds 7 poucen i tIhe ae la rue St. ''omas,e or 1iT plceds td pr ulbndeur, Ientre e ligucs parcilrlhes, Ic tout er.nuet angluise : ensedbbl toeut es t . ,0., ic ' ateons t unei qur tuat les droit et prlvic I ,e q- e y 'apiprtlcluiL te , t. 2o. n alret 1 , de t sre er et f a tattn t sits. dit f tubour a, d1,rnr par le No. 9, dc 'ilot' borei par lesI lndltes rtlu s, t llleu trantil t piede 7 lleu,: t du lace a la rue St. '' Lonant.I ,Lr 1U11) pli ds do p tlnduur entre Ice Itgnesll raIele5, 1, t: out lnut te angi.idi r ; ensuellblt toutes ls anllltiIlorato s t tous i I lee droits et privlleges y apupartclat. 3. Un autru lut de itrre asull.n dan n uund t felubourg, ddigt. par to No. 10, do l'ilet comllpr unite lt.e edltes roes, at tesurant 2, pdleds 7 pouecs do face ta ae rtle St. 'lThomas, sur 101 pleds de prOftudur entre des lignes parIdlleles, lo tout, ltenure atglaie ; ensemblue tuts cs tel atolller. atilons, et tu0 les droit, ct privtlgen y apparletn. |to. U rnttcre lot de terre sitnude dlls le susdit Ifaubourg, dislgned pr le No. 11 de 'let etbord par los tsdlten rues, ett resurent 6 pieds 7 ipouces de Iface a in rue St. '', sr 1011 poieds de prelien deur entre ls 1IIlg s I, rallercs, Io toul, Illte re atl glaire; ensemnble toutes losa ni6lioration et tonus s drolrt; et privileges y app1lrtetlntit. i.o 'II arlieu lot do terreo itude dlls s eIusdil faubourg, ddsignd par Ic No. 12, de 'ilet bornd par les .ls dites rues, et formant I'enlcignure des ruen St. Thomas et elenj Iain, mreuraut 21 pieds trois pontees ot 4 lignes de fane a la rue St. I lolres siur cent pieds de Iproltdetur at dte tiec a la rue lenll jnilln, te tout, llnesure anglaise ; enceablete touter eIce amirliorations, et tauntens droits et ptllileges y appartenant. 6o. Un lot de terre situ6d dees In memt f.u. bourg, dtignd par in N. 13 de I ilaet bornd par les mltes rues, mllesurant 27 pieds, 10 pouices et 4 lignes de face a la rue BInjanlin, rur 133 pieds 7 pocers et 4 ligues do profoudcur, entre des lgnecs praullele, oI tout, me-ore anglaire; ensemble tolltes Its ula liortlolns, et tons leC druits et privi leges ye appartrenant. Aitnsi qur ]e tout apprt dul plan drersd par F. Wilkinson, drrput6 arpeuteur gdudrale de cet Etdt, dat. In 26 )Odcembre 1839, annerxd , uen acto an gretf of Whlitalr Young Dewis, datI6 t tI6tnee jour de Janvinr 1839, les susndits lote tnnt des sub. divisions des lots Nos, 3, , et uno partic du lot No., 5 ainsi qu,il appert d'un plan dress, par Ch. i F, /, erpult voyer,dahe , led 4 1Inicr 18313, et unex6 t un acte, anu gretrf do willian Young Lewis, dat6 le d3 do Marse edla t ndme arnto. Bureau du Grcllier, do la Nouvelle Orldean, 8 Avril, 11139. avl0 J. OLLIE, Dep. Grefflir. OTl)'IC---T'Ihe partnerrhip of Kielley, Masnn . I 11 of New (trlern-; Marnel, rrii &CI,. if Nithele; ed i lrris, Kelley &Co., of Itodnev, w is disc dyed tn hlI lst of Mayl last, hy thie dea1 of dSunmel .1 Mlne s(n, reIlr ft the l princ rs il the firns. iThe undersigned, ouraving partners, will be lh"redl witllit.tetirllinn eld eloring raid Iltsiress as li".n ow i.eviC llarris will atlee it tore rietling of the busines Iof Mason, Hearris& C)., nt Natchez; and HIrris, Kel ey & tCo.,at Rodney; and Ienry Kelley will t ttend I ire rertling iof til beiness lklte'lley, Mlatton & Cr,., at New Or leans. IThe lUnes ofl t he several firms willbe iser) in li teidation onl y. The indebted on said firms are earnestly reqentedlr ocolme forward alad makeearly settlement. and those haning claimrs will please present them wit oent delay. I I ENIY KELILEY. New Orleans, June. 27, 1837. L RESII GARDEN SIEEl).- he subscriber Iegs to express Iis grateful thanks to the pub he, for the liberal support he hasreceivied since he enollnenced business in this city. ilin- side Iro priet-r of thle seed store, 17 Common n street, he is not and iever was agret lr allny northern seed vender; neither is he enlnected with any house in this country--but he assures the public that his conneclioll i evory depairtrment r if he seed bIusl I tiess, in tile dicrent cultlrltes of Euirope aire equal o tlll of ally house ill tile United Stats. lie inr. p.rts seeds, plants, &c. fromn tile ollst extensive and respectable nurseries arnd seedsrlen in France, Illnand, England, Scntland, and thiet no therml .tartes-and it will at all times be his inresel, as it is Ills studiv, t receive, in additn ti hs prtsete t sltck. large arivals of every dearripiton, really the growe h tI 1183l; also, earnflled fruit ire s, iu all kind'. The publi~ may rely on finding a lull ab sorltrent ol every article ii Iliae seed hineu.l genuU ine qually, and imported drecel by n %\Ve. I)INN. ARNISHES-The Snuhbsreler, having laen ly esia V blilhed a varih manulllcorrtne It \cew 1 rilemar, is ready to supply tlhe painters nrl tile public in general, by wholeeale or retlili. Ili, prices are mdertln, ind the quality of 1his prldute:s superior totilny eve! Irounht to thas plIce. llie enetleta emIrtloedIi t snteietrrL ihe mnnlnfttorr hals been it the head of nrll txteraive t, call al nhe corner of Narhet, and TelrntitnU inlas sIs, shall he ptrenrlelld with a fair smplllle lf arly varnish they (ii wilh to lry. A nlfist the varlilneb are the cimch c.i9, , w.lrltrelltd net to t IIItig PIen itl hor hie tenitr. "h, htint k v'ric h er , stI ret ad lea, n le n Sri tune l. T1'h trlarplarent vtarrith . unhout Ismell, I 14+s . - "J.,at,.l&Yl I Hlovl College of Physicans, Lotludon. !t VI iE otriginal Vegetable Ilygein Utnivtcrs-l Mlt-di cine, prep:ared by W Miski, Esq'. Mcmleor oit 'he Roveal College of SirgtteCos, Litctltiacl oif Ap1thoII cary'stompany, Fellow of o(Blt Caort SocietyI, Surge(l o to the Royali Union IPension Asociation, l,c:atlr Place, Waterloo Bridge, ar d l'erletutl Pupil of (oy' and St. Thomas's Hlosplitals, Ioo1oi. Ieo This valuablle medicine, the result of twenlr veas' experillence and unplaralleled success in the extensi\ve and highly Irespectable practice of the propriet), lll.patro nitsed y llhe faculty and obility, and is now itllroldc i to tle Iotice of tle Americanl inhlic, t Io tll. earie:sL so licitation of a tnumbler o l'genticmn oll Ilot anld hi-gh I standling in the profoesslon. It is hoped, as i preliti nary step, to elheck tie evils altdl to:tl consequences l arisillg lom th ouse of tile lnmeros o el detlrot rius't iotsrttmtt' S ooisted upon the public bi the tlaid of tbrieoted, prooftsol mia' n culous ctares, tootho olo ilo , s fliV t t set of Imer'cenllr'y, utnpritnctipl'd Ipr'teldtut's, so totaluh igno it olf edical seirtce, that it imnpossible lthe trOlls delusion call any Ieogrc go downl illt the iLnt lligErn o people ofthiscoutlry'. `t'hee pills, mitld ad igro:die i tlheir nlillll e, should he kept ill }'t e's I'lnils in c3:4s ofsuddellc illness, Ifor, Iby their pro si'tl :bnl taIlrlli;l l ti(t. I cholerat, trtmt , stinits, le. ors ald other alarmi complaints, which ion il'lt l pot he s ata t m l. lv curled or pr.eve llnteld. lia l t hl J IIn hI plellgelll health, should netwr he without then:. 'l'iha. ;l'.' tlt' in pookets at 5t centts, $1 :at dI $Sech, h'*" (",euy Ioltlolo"t tahble dclliggi st, Ilksclert, cod vtrmht Ioolo olldicillc o IhIo United Stltes its It (;amUtl sot iloh c .pious thro" tihos, ttgetler with cslotn onit s of' Ipro i illll tbilil l)lll tite folloo ing eltilt lt goot'lllellll : Sitt t 'otot : (ot to ICr- , ,1 Abelnelhy .lmes llhmdll, ",. I)., \ . i a:clk, M. I., . Aston Key, A. I ramlton, M. 1)., . dI t Ith . . ts t others. TIle origilll s nil:lt b ste enll t tlols'Pi oI of ilt, General Agent, by wllol thll: mutl.tit is n )lloe illt kis elouottr, amd to ,,whom atll ttpplications lo:lge~cies j ltotlc be m ttde. JNO. IIHOLlINI, 129 W 'averly Place, N. York, Sole (GeCral Agent fInt. lit' U enhd Ss'ett's, uic. ]jFor slle by :pplll)int nll t of the triginldl prol l'itor . by SWAINo tcU 1 olll nrnlll, Itggis, No, It (C;atl sltt, (enervP Agent stor Statohe of Louitsotto , ut \!i L MIi|'rY IC I +tl: & c , N. o .d ,+ i, e,, .. . ."t, ve , I ow receiing 'from ships Nhi l eo, l.otoish., Eagle, alo ] tothe tat :,ttittlt It 'I, :thern cities. :. intge tatl ltew 0 ot,.. ., tt S .l:, Ivlools,, Shot.i t nd t lilt :llou cotlsittlig to'geot. letloo 's line at llo L- 1) Iroo bIool II l .t l t quality;1 do hutI. l, ati bllolll \I: Ilt p l iboots trlll s slm ities; llmen's ti llm al ll st:and , ll .I cl ha ph mpl s llhllrs lil og:l ns, ul . ckaI nl.hl s.ini IT ,o,"llls :oi t lt;p s st lltcl'sti. n .allf aI kitppl h t1t i,.l- l , o; r .ug ltlols bt os i It Cmll ,i ll s IoI tIoot ho tsla t Ot a :i iltn st s J- i. dl t l si : ll l t otl l lltrI ci t t Ititle o etcs tool tlt'.o:ottsdo tootl toal t ml t \.Inr:,c n ,iew alrticle; do lile c:ll; , :.l a nd1 ll!, t r,1 q .u 1 , . lilts; It)ys', n isses' cldl t ilI l'reo's p,' '"I.. ' : , 11.1 ~- i Sh opi s, anld sto sl trls I : II :':OO kc il Also .i general tassot t onn':, to IIo sI et[ brogans lt slltt i s- ; 0 l0 Iot tool. l ) "Ottto It ,tltl oi l io I tol ke, of ment,'s ict stcl loow t l: ilplll ," :i-to to O articlto e, and oait o lu . u0 i0i0 r00 llt sst:l w t Ii%:a brg*f slllll I Sil sd i 'ltir alit, seal, ' ,n ' t a ld i d t ' pt tp solesloes; do t ` 0 It \,,h 0 r 0 a o - lOm lp eirs; dot on m s -[llh .i1 h 1 illl 1 11 1 ilh t It,- I, I calf slo : a ,m- htI:c h r 00t0 , Itt t oo li ,.ltloo t Iall kindsouolt o lo ties; ot o It hl ,t i rin "'0 ,,, ,t 'a d ll ed hool ert',,. is ,' I:tt, l, ., i,, o, , o alool boots, ..I i.0'0ll o otl oo lin e - fshi- onat l , hl: rk oik hat ,, , ii Idra, ll l b en r do( 't a $II ,I'ii , l lI +t ,bI, i t , I II ni e d ; buoad ",ll l ,l ', i :l ,arru , brll ,:ll , lll t 1 ,I* ,1,, -* l i h .0 to lo..k I tI s lt ao llr l ull li.t I io:t s : l , ," b,. .i l .> -i Ot ,i si e : ,t- ill l l, ., , , ' t ph: Ots, w oitl g 0.000r., .n o ot Ito'o 'l Ils tssoolto t I:l il 00 Ottt, I t- I 11 Co. o tacket lllt~ ih~e to o, l t iO:to- ot. .0,-t . io l o- It-,t 0 0.iiI I0 so ldlohoto 0 o It 1 ill ot. t i i I -- t i .1, 1 .1 1 . 'I I t ( I ; 11 . 1 / ' / ' / . o Ir it t I. bcrl m dr o upp, . vw, itII Ill pI i.;I, d ,n nu~ ll l u~ u. is, Ilu i " lu,,.,,I `, :, ..I, _,, - t.. II.,ý.,~, ,, ills Ills r,"aell o tllur ,ul}; riu": an"I Iii, I~, 10 ý'. d. Ii~,, m.,_,. It o Too111T1T Il l'l. I I LIII II ltttltlI hnltLrIII L h:.. novel I) i;.ýll I 1111 :1 / II` IIIe ' i 111 l 'ltsr. s."1: ll iL LN, A tl. 1 ' .·. I . IN II I .: to te th I .u 1 11C 11 1c1- Iha I55 ' -s ,"I !,'l C Is II, Ilr~lL (I I/I 1lItI tl~l . Il~t((l lIt II(· sOn er. III -1 oI n, " I I I I ,"-- ii. 1 .; ',..I1 ,...1 * ,11l,'cI i tI' II n., 1 1I 'IL. II , \ l, ..I . I. .Ilt * ol 11111 dLIlIrIl or .ll I lil l ilt III- i 'l l i/ II · 11 1 ,l lI-ll' 1 11: , h 1111) II .III II. ,I It I "LIt I . gL.. l.1101,"1 1,11 i lllY,· Ihr II ... II I Ilt. il I 1 ..1 , I. 1 ..1 t L. Il.I IIIJLr 11111-1. 1 11 (1 ..II I I I SI,':Illl llt. I LI 111.1In1, 1111 t !s I . ll .1= 11 . . . l I t 1 111 · 1111 )t111. ~ 111.11' I /1,.l ..1 ot II,' . . 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Res ilis sl tike I''q 1,l tI oitIa L lh, Im d tdl I:I.,t lakec it with1 impumly.llr It strung :hint.. the IILI·* 11)~1 o rgasls, createu s an u ppelitell·· :Ind "Mail 1 I IlLo th aIn I olII "1 11i , riss ' I...sti I. oN,*, . I No I Il'ILL I II I. t hoe s II!l : :' ile o 1110111 I rNc mbL Y in th I 101.11ne ..r laly Lis ills.l:;tl LIyLII L )1 1rwltr the 111 r ItrolIIIjI· I I Ii 'AIL OLIVd R solLL 11111 t LI r IL % LII s'o, lI 0 OtiLIL f IIi LILIIII an111 I 'hLlter 1111 1111 hoCd 11l1.. 1 01111. 111* .l" loInllti .II 011111111lllolll~ (illl' 111-. \II Il llilil l ,ir l JItl)i L~iIIIIILIIILIIlIIIllLLIII111*·_ Li~ll i 1111 111111 "Il -"1IL LIII 411111 1.11,00' ' A tt&II' Jubsv. i l lcr h 1 vns_ pls. hsle.1 Ihr 1,4&UfhIpMIn, 'I':tylor, Is. lute pr Ol 11·li ml, ~ ill I,,. - i d., it, r. 'Ito ,I -11 tars by the 1st et .·( :l· 11 1 11 1 i ·111 . )1 1111( I1IIllI _ N I "I" 1'11.1. and wellnllly' i· I oI (ll ·I"IsI:I- ll he Ii.) ssI it, the n irrtir · en iir l I· ir 1he Ah. )li- . III iII V". I·lil w s ealI m ore 1 uI'?'\\iII titi i I.; III-1, h , II-e I tIII· I.," I iill,;, .,l warm brll llt* It e pn. ts:i I· d -,-ms. .1 10,1, will hr utlarhel Io 111, I1I r, w nil ,-'i it, ru 11.1 11&I tins.I 1 I) I~III 11.. ..1 e · Io I . .I . I~ll/l1"1."1 1. h...._ I11 emrmges wi Irl-illll d n e ril ir IIIII I·l " i l~~l I:.o 111111 1 s 1111· In (;l s vrl mdll l; IId ,, ~lii1 Ia I .t /·".I ~nil the es,... lolliiil null ,p1I·~i'lllies of the hoard II- 'l'ike ,. -111 :1 I'll it s u.:) 111 hr ofn Isis I1IIII( .}s llills,, I II. n, en-sirs ' it i i (ll .'s ly o nx", a cares I as al m; ds Lees ord, s,' 1 , "hi , 1 , vi sit a.....ll; ' It hotel at~r 11'+ 1.1, 1.1· Illi e v, ill rand:,e1 IIis I"I· , el lit, t (tc propricYlsr, t, !,,I, ,\1.1t. 11111·1)1 do.1 ll1 the otos I slll sfll t uud h.- 1.1. silI··II, ll.:.. , ;I~:~-.II,. 11. , expect: Io ""o _"":: ýýI -' :. , .,.. ,. (ll- ;1 (111 knswn lu sued I I,9"ss,1 rI. 111 Ir i it~l~l~l. e ill~i I-"1.". 'f'n..ll '1'hrt'r"' 11( E* l) (l(r111;111· 1 11.,' e lat " d , 1.·1( I Ih ;I; I Ion; the.:.I IIobllai y of ii. lellm lis Se o Ir .l . ,",:1 )l1I 5, du line like l(·m I.".. mum -hs h, 5!, ,.. ,.01. -1 l ee., lt- I. sil r I"" 1:', ltr Its !.,'sil t, of the I , . i 1II.I.I I hr Heir -llll,.o..,i- I !i_!t wilh "I nu ll Ili' \\n ll .. .dl ll i: "'1 i _ ..t l n fe Ilo uls -,r all other ill:,, ejlll. itIII, -," lasts, "-· II. I ht I lly told dlil r 11t (I1)·hil (111·1 .[Inn ..- n, . .1. .I 111· c Lst late boats w ill rs . bel\. e.. T ll-,:.u . m .1111 .-1/·1 I bile, It I ~ill at 1.1 lime. Il~ e at l." It, tuk, the p;,.-,.n,.",_I- I f'ensaro t, Ful. I "alt, 13:1 _ Qm' ir frirs lll 5i i~lsII t ll 111111s11 ... n,_ 1;., . III11 famlies, i nn adde" Ihse .'tolse l. .".m. 1 r AiIIIr Ilraw e oli Tay lor, t I'TIV IL ll 'si , I i bo.~ L l~lrlips, men ill lilx. r le Io : , it[ u11 LI 11.. 'I' $unfi Il r I , Ilol q, M r I' i I 'sdl nm, II 11."11(·)· , I " 1.1. m11) 1 ; ni )I IT ['III: NEW, T 11III cl \l~~i II l[ teWll ler, ·m..l of .'.so III, 1'!n id:.. str JUiiJLII it Fi, /Cdihi,,, F n ' )Uafl:7 1AIL:I1 N'1Kks',1 ii h tll, or easy . 111 1, for finding Ilse 11,11IIRC lime 11 tin slolr Blge, ones of hnIJSIl l or (ti lls fg os,~ e ll- ' Time 'lrlt. .1·1 I"Ie, the eel an cm. be iri~ or , tha. I fi gures can pric"llle withinl thle tonnle condecelll lll ie 1I1 1" compass,", An Ialveriirenlcllt inl thle bookt is in neaerly the follow iing iirIs:n Hie high d iiisrtincin this wonrk has reercll ed th11Blg i Ie lo ll lirts tiv, ats prefxe tothe title Iage, it. inne colotmlllfol-tii1) 1 it. itself, so mllnmll oull and so -11011-l cu i\(· IInI. ir Intlcc, IPiI' IlO!. l has y1eu eemp1( e~L(l·IIIIlll fom cd enpael wllwht s llivllnttofot ifi..(. tine~lIs, and prined Irmo 4t1r I I.... I (lilrl!.!.-llll limes, fromll :,,I whichPI it most h *· I d\·j t I , ' ,'yen n Ilse ku pti Il (,'illnri 111: mil I·lia Ipli 11111 1 11 I(.-~ll "I (lbllllilll the pri'ma'') that 1 1 1 , " work most It,, iII(IW (lrilh " ntrtirl·:lll l l I1I(llil ) In'l in e frm lol f lis h ldf '' ln(lc116· of I wo hn1,i ell fl it ~ l lars, i s :III·CSII( I(: : lIIn"-Y e 'lI~A'l'll for the el ce ·tiCof ao errr of a','il it, fle p (IsllI m1- tint ell lili on,114 e\ c'ecced it , toe Pt· Lpre·llile,, making fie)1·11 large 1111 ·:191 Y i.d~iliP e t for lie same cant 'It titllll file fir t I)illlelnin Iin n.r , ear I vo",+.. I Im t,, I Innnn nt, m 1,inninnietoeso h lh si for :.aped i nil~ls ,.li'v n ie nod berl Iemity , Ish the help of ile' fide tool index, cannot be rxcclled ;and I.~CI! .lllie sally ty :1111 ease ui1It n h/1i5' .11 ~ll,' in: crest ru Irle ulllll~·j lie I5(1( 11 11. .. ll~li i~lp In III l(IICJI~ li( I··II:I! III. 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