Newspaper of True American, April 13, 1839, Page 4

April 13, 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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bi ni ia$y Ja e mhIfm 4 f*. Faeen atdArlee, il hvoryd oheml~ah Tmoi Mix-. r a rl v~ini id.fc treating e 9:-hasf'ntT he'nn'eVege. C eit Diigorrdinalid. It pbc ý° tftmo O ntily tithe conntite ioatritortiog ltitttenaioo Oe Iootrtto create iho 'ceterro or h'it-rh O;'ppreaerd. 6t ttr Mixture, hone 1oar."n of the dreoaso, o nI-of return;: hletrea bh 'nmndi, ther in athtaye cret= ja o rrotnrretawr. T~hedangorr vthe Ague, in veranvidlent, for Itte itne tno munh prunxato to ; it +6le1i, tte, and eyrdily tall It ic violence T ,hee isx Mit txii p le rice, an to plnea it nnirhia ---n thal t taenatr and tnettitute otjt tiOhtlane,wittdoget Felicithe ... I I is frequantl drniecl to .*" ,-Mrtrlgctntly toed. ngatnatthft IFI tiardine, that ate dttilv ntlhred bYthi Dr. telutn R. Ruwanvd, atlin tjofrln., thithladphia. a. theinahntreote ocette for tie intte, attlVili tllby liae qare, at h7 rcen. a be hod ai retail alsoat Oi atIe fh, city. JARVIs & ANDRESS, Wlholesale ltrugpisne, rtmO i ntlCn nntnbet& ln 'tnltnirjnntire t, . ,co. lnna on & 'tehoinitnela a .i pand Louisiana Hotel, te0tNGTON t,5 MARY KIIIRKLAND repectfully an. Pt h.e r friends and the public gene. 4_I ot llikspxepored to accommodate their at *c'eible d.elt Jysitucat, and hope s rim her ith t ..6 rnenp itors comfort hble, to receive Iadtint1ee ot formter favors. She feels coli. d i~2,th p .viViling Coviigton during the 9 inot find hotter accommodations ah l niil lrfd ntherm on more liberal terms. Ullet 0lcr a plooanantlyshuioted, and well supplied writh gcj convensence; the bar is fulrnished with tlb.r os;b-hoies liquorso, &e, in short, she promiseso ,"'ti ntjUls g shall ba wanting on her part to give . it ln. fs.atipn to ll w lo lmay patroUize tie ioi'ii spi snd Lltisirins Hotel. je3 rUaU1llTPsid HP ttBL tib.o ur`d`iidersigner;hain oi(.. studied under Dr. Scl.tidt of (lharleston, s outh Carolina, and for some years his assistant in i.teprajtieo of medicine and surgery, has tire honor to nffor hit protessional services in tis city. 'He sseureaote ladies and gentlemen that the most protmpt a4)ntieo Will be paid to the calls which lifay be made; and also offers his services to the bholdeiofeloavos, being well acquainted with the diseasees common to them, having attended them in i Se-sgar-lhtuse in Charleston. Thel'amous anti.bilious pills alter the composition SProfn.essor Smollette, with directions, can be had at the undersigned. The effect which they have p .rodussed in this and other cities, has been attended willththe greatest success, to which the best of sefsrences can be given. Apply at No. Ifi Matsa. inte street. JNO. M'LORING. II3LLO W WAR h VOiD IinWs, sAD IRONS, &o. 'AIiE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. i 238 Water, near Beekman streect, New York, have received the past season, and are colsntantiy receiving large and oextensive addtions to the stock ol tie sbove goods, whlich now consists of the allowing assortment, suitable I'or the southern land westernl markets. ,Hollow ware of superior quality, consisting of shout 1500 tons. viz, Pots ofl' diSffrent sizes. frrom 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallooe, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to IS gallons, Bakepans or Ovens, 7 ditffrent sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Ortddlces . . 4 do § jit e D ,,gs , 6 rol : ' agon boxes fro;n 1 1 4 to 4 3-4 inches. tbrt do. 5 to 7 inrches. WVood Screws, 21i.000 gross, iron andl brass, ilrol 1R inch, Nr. 3 to 3:9 inch, N., "t of a .opertlr gq'lity aend finish, and less titan J,.se's importrd .. ices. i . Sad.Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 hbs for retailing. Tatilor's and hattor's Irons, assorted. Sash weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4-4 to SQIbe .LBells for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &c. iadts eto order, Also steambeats and other machinery made to order. Thealieve assortment of goods is particularly emcoiimnended to thq attention olf Southern rand Western merchants, and are offered for sale at low prices, a aupon thie most liberal terms ; it is be. ieved to 6a- the largest and best assortment ever offelered for sale by any onre establishment in the Unsted States. Merchantts, by forwarding a request by mail, can have a prin'ed circular, with doscriptton of goods, prices stll terms, f-orn which nto deviation is ever made, fornished by return of mail. Ali~vders will receive immediate attention. New York, 1838. Je3 NO nIMROURY NOR COPaiVA New Orle.lns, +Nov. 1I, I18 . A BOT six lontalhs ago I had tile nisllrllllle Ito got a eatcet dase, for fr hih I have nl.plied to eve. ral deetors for a cure, and tlhey did not cure m, tto now til the above date I lut myself undler the t:ae of I)ocrtolt Huer, and Lexleaot Ihm to cure Ito. Since lost time thedlseaae got worse, so as to brteak out i aInrge lcer to thenumber of six or eight onea h leg, nut ll eover my face, anti sre throat, and nor able to work at I. present limes oil ouoot of thie disease; Ina':e ;lmer o the right side of tile throat. I o III oV tFlltlingt tlltbya eonfiddeatle uder the tare of Dr. i uet, ., l'ur:.-. Io be p1tfeetly.cured J.t1i1;. DEAAN. fen 14 ly 1 DO1 CIERTIPFI that the ahlor ule.rtoaed disisoe is I- quitewell uro:d to me' own sati.;leattit,, litr wc thaun 1r. Ilnet; and molreover I asrare that thc merli aoil have taken nit|ulttale ftattt, ttll did not injtre mV aolti at all; tltemfrire I advise f- a ire Ilo lttrrs t lose otitne lltd apply to ir A. I-lttt, 154 UaOll stlre.l, between I)euphm. and Iourbla s1reetsl. Ir. le.t it at hlUe friomn J no'clhl, A t, ltltil 4 P tl. They will fiud a trot doctor or this t eoi raist. JOHN IDEAN. It Gravier street. If aity one wants to see mIe, call at No. 411 Gravie. JOHN I)EaN. New Orlceans. Fel I, 1838. i, 14 Iv iTHiE Gi'"enui; e nd-iadn- l ll , - ul iveoCI.u., l, hotltd, is putt tp in bottils at tlte low prieel o 511 ceats soeal, COlltaillilg atle tretglth of three t nueee Ltvelort,tht i t e rotltl tit l()t t mtlallt Oltrle retlle ,n herb aknown lamong the Intlitns as eliicauciousL ill curng oitldmonary etotlalints. The u ivalled sttccess whlith as attended the l'e tof , dis.intstttbahle BaI nla I wheretver it as Ip n itrl . dlced, has ttohinaed the cnrltiltllce tdlll red ,-,nllltl tlns of reper.tahle plhyicians, for the rure oh t nle ..r , eolds, pto. it tle sidc, want lf ret; piti ng oa tloodi liter Ieomiyyl, a . To wa Iolunay concern. This is to mreli that we ner'e I[diha Balsam of Liverwort a d iloarh ench, wiat ,. decidedsogodo affect: we cant Itlrefore,lttrle te knollw .odgg Igoftlle materis it is made from and c h1e 'vahon "11iaoporineae, recomend it o a lerists ilrepMtis 1 ;tolo rwoerka.altion d of the lungs t r wi is re mlei.d. AI.BERI' Wl..ltAMS, I. D. S CALVIN ELI.IS I. 1. : Mebe,s of lt Boitston Medical Association. r^ . ;Ale October 25. tabhby JI. RVIs & AND)REl s, -odtxrndar stne plaster~ i l I 9l ( 0.1 Ct, t i I t a. t tlas tr, t'OLBEAR'S Sioence of Pe .a..l.hip rereived-.nd , U for I at .leir pernmlnet \nVrhmg Acte tuies NMo. 8 C alt'ats lret, New Orleans, 1l. Bllo:ldwoyo SNow York, Dauohine t.,Mtobil te or SIt ispartculalarlydesiged ftr rivate learners, oond " ' -heools, and is calculated for perons of al Iln.s. i+ " Ladies and are inited tocall andexulaine l" ie systeam for themselvei Lesioas are given at sieh houaee as may stitte t so ii"Deeo.eae ofl, end to classes fermed ile tly prt ; rdes .eos prefer itcan reeive lessons a their own re Pra, paying • a tree ofhlessons are dzsired mtarw '5a .c- . so tlla.ther n.ah. .33. I.. il C( T III.R. 7"' "IblmtlrriL rD--ih lls . ....... 91 .ldo 1,l,5 a oe:'Stt ld.125 14 +bin. l,0m . :I car .Vaanilijt t.O. ..itJapitn PJ Coai eh ',,. te J etal. I N a5;,y Ameri:sa, Erglish aotd 'reettlt a-. . ....eo,.o.iot ..t.ett, till le S-Oj0....n..t of artists' cdltrs ... .t eoa . . A VW dOA' Ea, Stam t petarot diaml lht for iaiOdgi Jo Its' tosmlatisoatesl, oplosite the polet-oi,, e v no receviniel fron their fae " te, rk.nml will keep cooalanI o 4)osnirltaeomortent ,fMarble Mtntles Piatee fiPleinr woakntnrtarip, and of the latest Iptelrns, t' t is h' .yllttian, Italin, Irirll nd 4 ![nes et~llIr. Also, Mtentnlent, Ttalm andI airssad, m eld Sal plait isla and liralel, tLW 4s Iydraul surte tnr antd Plaster. S + rie Whiltir plhdid aenrtmetl ot and p ,I +nteo a eru niu Iron r nx + pve , .app tpr, , r.. i -Pt(lel, rt....eand at Ih. hc oart rate workmen to TA ES I. C KIN &S'PROUD '.K York aLtimore~ Ackheti 4)A1(E;ri 1o0t Ni YOOig -New Lire. L --1'o s:ail pIncrially: every secondd Munday dbring the season, full or meat full. Ship Orleans, 99 tons Capt. S. Sears, -Ship Alahama. 474 do C. C. Berr' Ship Arkansas, 627 do T 8 Delnni Slhip Si r Ioga, 542- o V lleeathawn y, Ship Nashville, 540 do D Jackono, Ship Kentucky, 629 do . J Blnker The abova ships are of the fireet clnss, coppero and copper fastened, and having been built in New York expressly for this trade, they are of light draft of water and almost invariably crons the bar without any detenltion. The columnleaors are men of great experience, and the shiips wilh aln ay be towed lrp and deown tile Mineissippi by stt.enuo;Its SThey hove I and Ilsomen forenished accornmmodanl ons, and stores of tile best descrption will always be furnislhed. Thie cabin pasare is $901 without wire or liquor, and there is no liquor furnihlwd to the oflficeor crew. For freight or passage app'y on hoard, or to iI C AMES, 48 iCamp st. Tihe shiRps are not accountablo for brneal.tlae of glass, hollow ware, mar!ble or lranite, coopelrage of tin, or rust of iron or steel, nor reoenrsile tlr ally package or parcel, unlelse a regular bill of lading is exceted therelor at the ofli'ce of tie ctlla. nov27 NEW ORLEANS uNn BAIIc1MOlRE LINE OF PA;CKE'T'S. Tifs line will coansst of' tie findlowing vessels, which have been built or p)urCliasl:d expressly tier the trade, vi: ohip ?roman, Capt. Mhner, Bark Mary, " Nikebrson, t Irad Ferry, ne nCe Stvens, S Sollnei Saltus, " latln, hBrig Architect, (;ry. 'l'Teee ver.slc are of thoe firset c'ass, i ee hand. Isome lrnish d neconr o odation, anl d e artec 11e litghti draft of water, Sni ats o uldtlo it of ltheir eerl iving and dlschargingr their I.argors hin Illirlnlme, rof tie city. Freigit tlc bu taultle fur corlr oir tito tlc 'he'tie;t.e or JAteor' River, tand irrwrdei by the agents, lMoasrs. CLARKEI & KELLiatti(t, at HIallimnrte: expenses oil goods ehilllped will be advan i ld when required. 'Thoe Irie of passage Is lisx at t hit, aneple nstres o'tlto b Ht iqliLty will lie providh. Steam ulrp oand down the Mississippi will be tlaken on all oa ueions. For freight or passauge', apply to GEIDO. 1':lil'(ltl D, norv7 ' Iienvil1. tFOR NEWV YiiRK. [Ienuisiano and New eYork Line of Pactkefts 'l'llt: Shipes oatmpinte cg this line 1 a1 l cat ll t r lt Neow Orleanlls and New York oll every other .1lo d tny-comenllcingti ll oll 211e 1 e le NIovemer-lllllla-Ol to insure the punctuaelity in tle limet ol'sailing, the linre will hereeller consist o live ships, viz: Ship Yazoe, teepttit I'rastk to leave onue tith it November. - Ship I.ouinvetle, Cap tan I'ntlmer, to leave on the '4th Deceember. Ship Ituntrsvillo, Caieptain Elhlridge, to leave ae the 18111 ].lecembnlr. S, ip ll lm .i ik sb ulrg , ( a p lla in \Vo o d h o se , o lca v o (111 c ine ;st ell teuaryi SShip I lisiippi, C;aittain Davis, to leave ol the S 15111t I .f allilntry. Theelbovu are all new, of the first claes, copplr d t a it copper t'tened, ,act i wards of 590 Lons Ioburhen, are of light drniai,'t it' wter, bring built in New York lexpressly (r the troaide. 't';e price i nI i, aget is fixed at 1ii iidolll.!rs: their Calinelr are fil ed tip in 111 most e it proe'rd andI convete nie t pllan, nnd linitet d in a e ral ad l etur le style Atp\it tcllre: e el of thLe tiral Ietlietlly will be piovildi, and ll ve y er ard paid to il IIII eCI f L in llt t liri i Salisl actiwn o1 as.,r g.r-s, who will please lake, no. tie that nil be orCtre d until paid flr at te ofll'ee ofi tile Con l'eie'es. T'Ihe.n veselsarse elllnai:dled bly C:apllilnls wellI Iexpl rilc d i tole Ilne u,. who will give , v(-i-y I l' lioIn and e eti llterterI v s toll IIe ruoIII Ie . 'lL tw ill a t a ll f lltl,, h r 1 t e 1 .11 Ill, a I d o w n t h e t i;, nilli by sl 05;,I n, r t the rtrictei punctu blhiy The oI'eri' of th'ese silla r will not be respcllni. ble for ay e llter, Iparcel or Ipciil.Ii, sent Iy Ir put on t onerd of thir, uinless auregutlr hill of ladi n, be rigeelld therreor, Iat tile coCuntintl hoIlese of Ihi ' aguent or olwners. For further palrticullars apply to JD IILIN & A CO)llN, nov27 90 Common st & \: ORIIEAS 1 iiAlrl.,:s'I'lN r' PACKETSe -i Thifs linb coneoss. f Ia nr vc.eol , all oI the ti rs class, co pperd n rn coppI r fast. I e le , anld of abmoult 21)1 siltls , hUrll with h1llld lll e nl e Inna atio Rns for r t o r II lll1111 T'lhere vecssie ire te1lneidld by cpteis t ,el experienced in the trade, wuio will ive evrrv ate te llon, and exert the srlve s to nlcel t omr U lal: 1h, shippere. They will bt tw1e1 Ilp i1ea dilC w ive Ihte l crs esn i pi1, a l le0 v1 New Ie, 11 lon ir. l ,tr the li e olt ac i 1511 i f te cee)"1c ilt. 'licte l elliutwne vessel.s co impo Ie II' , h vz : Ilrig ArabianClel (, r hl, maser lhi C ,apll an,.I. 1i . T o L . r I .iite leper IA h ,eli, l tilee r. lr in. ghI r opassne,appl th, J. A. IhRI.;ARl i OlAliRAi ) & CO'S Ilost/ unaid few Oricas S i .e of Packelt hills.-Ti now linLe lof ll ps has been iexpressly i hi to run lletllcle lce. soeer puris, and will b flllld Ie 1 suitable dral t t i dl" ill: Iaccon lllodations. for pasnenlgers, and every elibrl will ice tei to iv end e~alrel aattise itealn'. iTe h is ll ome o ,sed ~l'the w lt l c ering si pu Cherokee, 415 tons Capt. . Harding, Carolina, (401 do S Lrniis, (hlearic:ten, :174 do I) lehiridge, (eolumbiana, It5 o (t . Iahrker, Ni ea'ilan, 2I.1 dt J u llow,:, at lilo nly, 625 do 1) 1111 hr i v. Tihe eove ships are all naw, of tie first o . o , <, copper ufpcnpd 1 nal oppred, eonneuainded by e nen l' of great .xperience, have large neconmm.a ti ith a separate eidsciUb ev.eery attention r wll be i o aeIr t ae very e cet of stre; pro vi rod (ar thet. ' athe pockets will hca lowed up aend down the is lisseiplp, aned thet relclst pnetl li o' nerved i the I lee oftsailing, aid should the r tetar vessel. be delaind ii alrrvigit! htltr hif' rb'tnelyee ooe d age in s ,icitcd, anl tro ang ut pled dgo tmriuealves to tellcornincle As tiitet as practicable, ti roeeive air charge,, and to a, vance1 all eaparel. oft gaooi '['lie ships will leave the lt and 16ithi (if" every monih. For freight or p5s1ene, apply to the 11gmit. J A MHlliIITT, 82 ('Commlion lst. P >.t or. hoard r hip Orhe.n. lngle, Ili lhhuier, l.r I hrary Ali irew, ll r rpc h ,i ',;ll 1 Ill5k Itlt-ion It t-i ; u !I , I mt i . ii 1-1 n lI-i il , S anl lI1Il.; !!, 1( 0 d 1' iml h bhII . Iflo i It K i.e: I. illr l er ioa l l heP r plil 1 I)le ,ll; . (' ll ,t ; hilr t , Ear-ker,t [l,,'W int' oli. k r )IIll)il t i1 llHd. 1,+Hlbt oralu sind C innell e. d G(milI:t (a i l,, + Ii : I :It , l I ,h-' I'.,h.. ' H i lll ui. I l P htl( lank.; Drhllr e TiJt ; :lli ,' d 1,. t -: Perck wti. iu p at d iti o n hleoh r ('Ith, lir ''d ,: and NaiPl l .Bru+h,,s; ( r i, tml C l'h nhlori ' I'ot( \Vo'i l TI'ooi]) 'wl')li ilt ilP l ler T viet l " ii +p IH) roa ,ii Zrrr l vit iety; t hle ti llr irt ,e, Riueir ol et , and f I"r u ii t f r: alTil ,i i owdtud ni er"t i srit Ite v-mai lv tou ('n hic ni : . 111T O. I).ill.l- ;. r Al·r 111 e w i .i 'a e ci a ,n Gi i tllli. i - i ,t- lCtr d l !,; It i . I ir - I elo d l'u Cl iI el tt'll l cm tialt heII o g tf t tle C,,n s L i 7 a)' ( b i '_t ; 11111 , su,1 . .. ,h i h . watee, IC ul s mo're s or lrIlio ; theeeautk :tt tt .abll I rani, kle ertab i e h,, ,nlm. , ,i as i licke eIne t tia (-t Ilet t l se s i iln · n it c ll gIvleses l-ln iews; Inhll n i l. 's-v d, h ellsm u t : I 'h.: , rornico, ;t;is w il' liet. ,ill'i. a .n ih !~aillg s oupll! illO il dlel, atmel ytcti e ta fill i sited lI t .e ea .f .it nte:cklacels I ;lliard -hall.; lroCk t bioloks aniidl w1 lll .llt s: rmlitllll hrmlse; l-azor simlpl; fille lll a lllc llollo gtLIl.. olaic I sl, p:llrit'l i E: lls luir matctles; sil ver iencils:C (:l'nlllp( ke. &cF. The ubehin dtiditio to lott- orl'mer stock 1,f" l+y, · i meetilcl, alilku l. itrssr. mnrt (c ) lll 'lln. t. ,or itI wl "lcsale os r trilsi thlle sigln olthe (;ohlcli Co ilm, 7,.e sitr eet. it , m , i; c NE.W artit;cle fprrl Iruuhl- d with d.a, n .sI (c ': l lotld ' Ecm Tr imdn l or hor.l'.i Iteel pre-:ivel, , i olie il n uf i t lll Ihr sinle , .v t n rv t Nolia lcon 1",; -.:tie ii nuanoice h i s·tiiincdiv coiver e.! to tie ha ar. Ald y olln I - ne ," inn1 t h .ll# mg u iigp .o II, tam ! prl l .'n 'n · io' , i - Ear "l'r in. ldis objecsu n1 iti !ni ,re, inlltli tdl. °Trih tu amI nl sceiwC Iv alway ns 1 1 incrt hed ell ir ou bI dit neellkla u ,bl i l'n~lal,,;.. pockr i a.1 e:il (. ern ,luu r ll++.. e;rzr l llr l finel at cLomml on- - ut..+-l Tihe btllo additt~lio t l ate'l, f hme t lOOK IIN1 ERY. U!lder hlie Penuntre On'le, 72 C0,,,p st. BRONSE\IA '& IIOWSON hn-, leave ion il.rmte 'eytheir eitiomrre n I lthe eni-n etnleneraltbn , Irmn, l ey t la v e r e vldllV t . I l lrer e s t . b he h m e n i t o N , ). 7i 2 imn Iree', itintedlntelh under Ithe olien olhe Iienvunne--whri they, are preparned ttu nxecute atl orders in their inte. HAting received from Ihie Nerth in erllly of pin. -,r and nlnlerineil u an superier q ainit'y. fler Ithe n o n u lfa c t u r P o f B la n k IB o e ,ks, t l e ) " o ft e r " t h e ir .e t . vires 1o mler,'hants and other, who nlny wish wonrk of tllht kinlld ; nIld hl vin the ntdvllr int if ,,nernl ya:lrs'sl Flxerienlt e i ttti lil.eed Inhey are eltillnid-ntof n ivinn si-t:saetio' n to tI iose hUe nllily I'v"r theii'n with their elttnis m.i For nnneries, nrehilects inld itller, mnnps nndi "plahs will ie iiniid on hlen. vaini.hen inie >llnr! ted ill Ihe l ello st illnnlner, & a tln e li h rle-t P nlin nn i lincy binidinn, in nil i.s vnrietnin nl. chtifN h l e'- . III ETllhii'N nAlthi elitilO 36 I.h nrres sreiet, New Orleans. WV 11. 'nI;G1iGAtN' & Co. imilriers of French tnd Inlish CIl hinn C nd ei lartlh en wn ire. are init n lt iin nlIw and ric.h pintirrs nf hrerkllnt,, ning nul it mit sr envl ne li inil el cs, nP ie¢tcheni l .lh nd( coflie rue e ). ! , lhls uptrts, re a~llm, ho)wles, I'nlilei, dihe,-, ilurct.i.s wtie, basins aniI o tiers, leh r ha, hs, 'h'. (' Ititli cur and patin Frenh nni Amnrienn lI se. wnrr- go letstt i l, thnch m aine , I lmonadet j'ti lliesn lares, tineu c rdials, ctid te hill Imwlesi c tillnri s. turntbier t npre -elve ndis-e eleries, i iti ersn Ini nps, Irn p shadu an. d glas es, cunltt·e shados, sln t cel lersHe liv r lated, bronzed nnd brh~in wnr i' ie - -n, hM r - , l i q u. ,r s tailn d s , e n k l te hul s k e t s , c e llr lai c ki . s , hrantches~s ,poun,n.l Indlescot col;.~ n t, npnits, Sl r'rlr cler lis, lllnnlip, jalp nllrled truv., s ltl' slmld )ind bn./u ih) h1 il l Isinll 'u htir1 \ i' (lirrtn it invr sp atld intit l. i ter wlith e niI'' variety tt n r ehs Al'r nihtll use. i \leri nts, inueriih,)l, ind ·tonlnaboa , lurli el wt h .o+l-I i t I le It t Ist tn (nbll ,le t ric l·R, an n <l ked s, , as it be c, vely.V , d %lb, i i s \Itel isl) l" le t lihP tlnllll Tm ry, ] TItill: Fe- lti l).i iLIni 11.+% 1 II+'JI.+t+ r,,m Mobil'h tie h) AnanarnG . Ililll.I nin- ni : Ij. lt' nnv.r. i-any i t Irei e o.+'cl:oc..!.g.. ,),Ik. p to per IT 8 mail b,,vt h'r iI'll's 'l'itnlng, a tve n li -ily,-- 'ite four I - ,iti lletI·ti ttn ['i t ettit(enin-i nllllle, t ltt llln s h II1 r n yll , % h e re tl h e h a ld inl( 1 1 ·1 in r eslll ti m e r -- I h + ,l e v i -I'lattitn' d - il r in--tm- i llt , It h,. IthI l idn i e SiIdertI I i, I I l v kli wlll. s \il e. r +nll der-tllN,, & is inlllis. ivel cI \ t I ii, l tl t 111 (iii .n''lt r-t n!:isrt w iITh lit ' i al . 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IIs .)orck+ will soon)I ibP c.,m llette, ,)ii, iii a fi,'\ w\'eks wal~l b~e rea. ,ly I,,r busin-ie.,. A~l) !odrs train Ihe Ir~ me,'lH~.. ,, ti- 'lv, rec(,iving such order. I il h-io3,9tl tipesedto J Ill Ill'i1.:1A EII.'01:AD1: ICII·::I'\ 1 ''I')I:I:- it l cthr Uii: 11 ". 1111 . gI2 n 1 1 i 1 :l llll, 1ll. I IU 1111ii:11'l, 1111 lll" II , 'UI I11 1·I, l\ ful .old I. Uu1pil/· li-lll wof of attii Ir , T. I~ rill filch liar; lliL' t Ul~ll'';l ,ll, p,"rl l 1 rv ,Ir llr Irv I ,ru llll' l ch1111' I IIu" I, II. InrticiIc,,.' ." . -U 1 il erlII,, 11,22l 11111 1'f 111 l ir,;iil - Iol·lll( r ,It'll, w enli l·* II\ r l~i· ri turklll i(·;i ':lIlll l rll, (22212 122 1111,111 ill,! bull; ll n k. I11·? ~ ili.,u I ...b, of I-11l. Il l m ~beb 1-"" ,Ulu- lll x cau pant,- , Iv115 llll,'11111 11S o 1,11111 1r b 1 '2'llsllulll'llI II ,-,'il wIith SIcu l r 2ll 2111(1; 12 IIlI'B I,;I.2ll.2 II . 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I I ilki, cp;,,i lra ,c1 111·rilln of \. · rlr l-rs c c , r ~ rim 1 ! a l ib i lr l [ it . 11 1 1 , 1 % 1 '1 t :' .ý , S c o j i 1 7 1 (· ). l r u s ..l . (· 01 I..r~ ~ l~· 11II 1t . k; --I .""i. ,Illlli ~ ll I ýýý I'ils l 1111.--, UII.1 cohorts pI FI.u , II1I( `r _ - d , '1iril,. 1,,,·,, ,,l,,l~"''' ~ rllti. r~\l 1 C11 112 :14! %%allli \\ , 1'.rI II"· atr), .\.c"- '% ,i) III1 IeI1 III1 t ., I ;I, U ~l PIII.. p (Ilbst I' cosh P. rtu l nllrl , FII i l &r ,Q rrx ved clad or s lt, o v it' Il. = 'U l- ' lie . R!1"II".l & Co l. .TA'r DE *LA LOUISIANE-Cour do Pa L'iromine pour to paroiuao et villa de at Nouvelle iOr:llans-L'otat do In Louisiana, I toou caux qua ces praOnoc s'concernont, sllnt: Attondu quo James Copoland Parker de oet'e villa ;yant achtld6 t lo veanto faoli par Hewlett' ot Co. neas, encatoursa public de catta vollloa propri6td ci.oprtoi docrito, a'est adrCoid no Groffo de oette cour, pour un avis conformomont at utn aete de nla Legisilaure do I'etat do la I.ouisinne, intitld *' Acte Iour confirmcr los titres des acquorcurs aoux vates judiciuiro ;" approuvd to 10 Mara 1834. Qu'il suit conun, et toutes personnos intdreosds rsoot par cos presentos sommds nuit nor de Petat do to Louisiane et doe la clur du Paroisso, qui pourraiont avoir droitl Ia It propridtd ci-upres deorlte, on consequence d'un dd'liut do lirme dana I'ordre, le docret on to jugement do lao cour, co vor u duqunl nla vente a tdid aite, ou do touto irrogularlid onu ill6gali6 doane I'estimation, I'ais ou to temps et to modo do tola vonto, o pour uno autre cause quelconqno, de faire voir, dons trcnto jour it datr d lato publication do cetle avis, pourqlioi in vcute insi thite no seritl pas confirm6o ot iolinlogouo. La dite propridtd rut vendue por let susdits on. centurs toe 286oie jour de Ddcenlbro, de I'an:bo 18:18, on vertu d'un dderet do collo Cour, rendu le 23 do Juillet to l'anndo 1838, dltis 'uall'iro do Wm. Vneou soe crbouci rs ut lto cr6anciers do Vance et Miller. No 10,961 du docket ie cotte Cour, it laquello vento to di, J. C. Parker s'cat rendu acquOreur pour leo prix de $11,700 payable do tola manire sui. vnto savoir : lo. Eli un billet do J. C. Parker do tl somme i do $650 t P'ordr., ot oudoas par John Mitchel, urtat tola date du 28 ddicomb o 1838, o, , payable Po. En tin billot du susdit J. C. Parker de la nmiemos somme, at Pordro do et ondoesd par to susdit John Mitchell, do la iellda date, oe payable a douzc idois. 30. IS on Iilleot du susdit J. C. Parker, de la I nme Imooii, t Pordro de ut endosed par le ausdit John lll1 leliltl, do tla n.ulo date, et payabtle A dix. 'bloir main. t, 41. En on billet du susdit J. C. Porker, do la sonlllo do $~i50, It I'ordro do et endoesd par to sus. (it Jollhn Mtchell, de ln meialo datle, at payable It six mlls. 50 En un billet du susdit J. C. Parker, de to neise soooime, a I'ordro de et oldosed par lo soodit SJohn Mitchell, deo a icneou date, ot payable iaduuzo So. En un billet du susdit J. C Parker, do Ina iloalre so1ine, i I'ordro do, at ellossd par lt susdit John litchel, do la midnic date, et payable a dishuit o: :En n Illet du susdit J C. Parker, doe lato smimni di $il ii 1, it I'ordre do, et endused par it sus. lit Jltohi Ittnlell, dO la IllUildo date, it payable a six llltoos. On. En uin billet du rsudit J. C. Park:r, do la ieore, sominoet Il'ordrde dle t Undosd liar t sleudit Jolin Mitchell, do la mIaeio date, ct lilpoyablo t doeo Imuis. Dio. Eu on billet dou slelit.l C Parker do la ilne iiinioi, i !, lrlre dco et eldoscd par Il susdit Juhil ltitelicil, de la miuiii date, oL payailte It dixhuit 101o. En lln billet du eusdii J. C. Parker do la soiue oi oit$630, a t'ordre do et endodUn per le sus. dit Joi Mitchell, do In l mamo date, et ptyable a saix 11o. Eit ull bilict itdo susdit J. C. Parker, do to lolei sounle I I'olrdrei do ilt ldossi par l sousdit Jol Jltleeill, dea t uilluase date, t payaytblo it a douzo n0101 1:o. Ei un billet do susdit J. C. Parker de II a010iO10 slilnlle, it Iordre de et elldosod par to susdit Jlion .ttcholl, d! la o.iioe diate, t pyantoe 4 dix 1i mo I ii,, ii. 130. 11n11 on billet du suodit J. C. Parker, do lit Sounle I dii Jo50, a I'oldre doe i t endllsle par toIc ss. dit John Mithell, do la 'oniue dote, eat payable it six 11i. 1"1 uo billet da ooodil J. C. Parker, de la mialoa Saol, ia 1II:dIl de, ct celdonied par toe susdt JIli \lclehi!, tdo llto iUalIe date, et piayable a douzo ntoisa 1 ,. En on hillet do uoodit J. C. Parker, do la tll'loe somi,i I t'ordro dol et enodusol par lo 0usdit Johli ,lli lchell, e do I neIao dlte, et palyaule it dix. buit uIloi . h10. I unl billet du sosdit J. C. Parker do to sounne d to..ll, aI'ordre de, ot eudold(: puar to sull dit Johi Mlitclioll, e de ito ei datl , et ipatyable i 17o. Eln tn billet dii susdit J. C Pa'rker, do la olllsoanllle, i I'ordre t ellduosad par to susdlt John iitchell, do la iiieai date, it payabloe doule 1]o. Eil in Jtil e]t du audit .. C. I'Palrker de la IlMeal soumme, it i'ordre do at endolus par ledit John Mltchllti, de tila loe date, at payable to dlxhust amois-lesallt eiieialtble Ila sudilttoe soltiim do u1.Z 11lleo, sept enCts piastres.

Description d la prolpridid d'. prs Ito transfer judiciareo, savoir : lo. Ul certain lot tido terre siluio dls l fau. bouro Siaulct, Cedig palir IC No. 8 de tlilet burls. par loa rues at. '1hinoi., lenjaminll, 'OCIllupii lOUll at Suz:tt Co llesurlt fi in ldll 7 IpiceVs diu lco a la orue St. tI'Olllis, ur IO U plds. du proolbld'ur, ulltr s I l s ligilo partl'les, I Olle iiit alt e ia gll se : leoaiUiiille L1o u1t1 lues 11 ,oratlis ulllsi quI Lous Ies drit et cprivald,0 1 t y appiarteanlent. 2 . Un lutri e I ti le I, a r oll:, itii le lsuoS. dit iio eb ilour., ed .e it par le No. 9l , de Pilt bornio Par II su.uhtes rues, tit m e.urant 'ii piods 7 pea.e do lace t la rue St. 'ilillas, il r l1ul piedo dtio pi .I lndoliilir entr les Iglinos plrallecs, to lousl maour anglis i ; asolldule1 tou0 lo a u lt liocraoioi i et touu {les druois et privileges y tplrtenutl. 3. Uni aulre lot do lcrre entulo dan le sud.l iuboulrg, ddisign par le No, ll, du l'ilet compiris eutre lno sued,tes rues, ot mesurant 211 pled, 7 Ipous do le t. ll rue St. Thomas, ul sr tle piods do pruolondr entro des ligoes parallbele, to tout, i lonurre aiglaise; acsoobeld toutlcs les aoiloer, alsons, et lour ls droit, ct privil!geo y app rteno. 4o. Ue 0utre lot do terro situdo dans to susdit ofaubourg, di:siga6 par le No. 11 d I'ilet borl6 liar lo. sl.chtes runs, et iiesurlt 6 pielods 7 pouces de le .t i' n rue St. 'The llasi, e ur 011 pids do prioroi - do'ur elt u l tolIgnes p rallrtl iatIs, le ou, ll ure ae glaiso ; cisuiblo toutes leos amiiioratiols at tous ias droils at privileges y apparteoant. 50o Ui attro lot do t'rie ritule dans to susdit laubourg, d6siguld par to No. 12; do ieot rboln d par lous ss Bites rues, at formanlt eileniglure des rues St. Tollu s eat ILenj Olin, mesuranu t27 pieds troit parceds at - ligns dte dola iita rue St. 'lI ioeas ur Scoot pieds de prolfouer et do ace It lto rue lBen. , jalslli, l toou Lt, ie, iro anglaise ; eleloble toutes lo anl( iorlitiolans, aot lous le droats at pavae eges y ap1partenaant. bo. e n lot do terra situdo dans la ruemc f u. bourg, dasignii par in N. 13 de I lat born par les moiiies ruesi, uiitsurant 27 pieds, 10 poues et 1 nlaes do aice It lao rue liajmin, sur 133 plieds 7 pouscets t ligns do profouideur, ontr0 d(e lignes paralle0o=, to tout, muuere aoglaio; iosemible Stootes leo andliorataons, at tous lee droits at privi. lieges ye appartenant. SAmi.i qu1 Ic lout aple'rt du ptiiidresod par F, \IXl oiliisoni Iiputld arpeu r gdudrale doe ceLa .ol, dato l i 6it ])i4iemnbr, 1tl39, anooexd ot uni asol au grelis, of illiam Younug DIwis, datd le .9tmcoi j'our de JLivior 18311, les susdits lots dtant des sub. divisions dos hots Nos, 3, 4, et uno partio du lot No., 5ii oii qla appoert d'ou ptli dresi1 oar Cas. F,t wope. i.pudvoyer,dutodl 4 ltcrier 1831, t iolooxt ci 00e acte, to grofel do williaiu Youog Lwis, no atd In t3 di Mara do lo iaiiuoe uuaido. 0urlall di Grellier, dio la Nouuvollo OrboliaS, 8 Avril, 18:19. avl0 J.OLLIE, l)op. GCrefioer. ( l 111.Tn l.-l'--he rnet rship of Kelley, M.arn &o'n n" ew ; rl;An-t 1asrtnr Itrris &(o. ofNtt lie ulie ,f 111~ pll t"rh rs of "ti firmns. I'|he Iriidrn nedt, srrvtinr lartineri , will Ie 'hl ryrn i w ith the -RII Ii n t ll 'lsing nil n h o: s ne.s us [llowVs: \o (tlhrnn. "l' II. of .he several i]rils will be us,, in ' 14idhtioo only. 'lh ile hll'tet ;o sid f illwl I re clarlleyl rel tiueted ocnna: lt ncr ·ll aInllldl Inm . h llr sitl eIme Itll and tl os. hating chrima will lItse i;neinlt th llem without t dl y. ' i EVI C IIAIIRIS, I I ENI':N l\" KEL IEIY. Ne'w Orleans, June '7, 18117. F 1Iil1 GARIDEN SE''-The e bsenbter I- t, gs io e xpress his grateful thlanks to thie pubi Inc, for the liberIal support lie line s ecc ivied since he o n enellllllll d bu fines, Io ths city. tinr ll sole pro l atret nrlf t rle seed store, 7 C.nan ionllT nr, rlh I nut nrd nlever nars e.Iit for antly lno'irn lseed venllder; ll h r lie coelll , lt'd iralll n house i hs notry-htt he aisstres the public that his enTIII nnI's' l a ery del Irtiment lof tihe seed blust Ill isi, l the dP lltent Ioun nes of iir . pe iree 'nrta l to h t If ; ni y house ini irlUnitre.i Sillates. lt imt. prts sed~,~lll I IntIs, & . rl"m the 1oi t i exteI ive "nd retpe, ble nirseries'.' nd see , in lrn Ill nn era ,e IoIllal i, s :oIgll nd, Iohlld, and111 tll e no therel -it ,'- liid it willi ti Ill tt i heis in r ti n irllrtr s',i as I is sni d t , itn receive, in ,ddiil'r tol its prl sent .t k, lart n'rivals of eavery dtaeription, really the ''roi i o tIt 1 38l: i also, entgtall ed fruit tie ,, If all Idl ii. The ipulic rrVnty rely oil finding ua iull as. . Orl ll of every riel rin tllle seed lItan', a gaenusr iroe qtII.i iy,anld imported direct by Wnm. DINN. V ItRIN I I'l '-l he Sit se riber, having nt Ily esia V tlit i d ia t rnt r r h L atntllt tif r. in .l ew i tralenl , is read supply the' ipainterns naI he pubilie iin general, to n; n pinei'. '''e ientl.e tlrl enttpiintled to sil'aperinted.l ithi I i 'I'ml intl, hleen ri n hr t Ih r n of na rt e .-ve ,-tabli emn tie t t:'i'atiP hid in tI.rtop l. 'has' h , it call e 't,'ilha tit tne ner of Natcz d T ne y vatna ist eaarmh a N . I,, tntniirei tor in 'tvan i evet it ie ilina rliter. l+, it. hllinni nitnitil livIi.e w iai' arid -lteii ho thinin titia, n i l tititnttnertn lat wilatut in l t t lltit r it t &c. at! II fU[NNAEIL. ' -, -.--!= ~ Rotabl 'College of Physicans, London. .ti1E original Vegetable Hlteian Universld Medi I nine, prepelh by W Miskin, Etsq. Aleitor il" lle Ianval College of uSso0na, Licentiate of Apotlhe. ery'sUt Lompany, Fellow of Bolt Coun Society, Surgeon tothe Royal Union Pension Asooiation, Loncanser Place, Waterloo Bridge, and Perpetual Poupil of Gy' aoti St. 'lhomnass HloI itals, London. 1This valuable meticine, the result of twenty years' esperienee and unparrlleled nnccess in the extensive mil highly respetable practice of the propriety, patro nisled by the fannlty alnd noility, anil in now introduced to the notice of the Amerinan 'lublio, at the earnest so licitation of a number ol'gentlemen of long and high standing in the profession. It is hoped, as a priclinu nsry step, to check the evils otnl Lftal consequences arising from the use of the numerous and deleterious nostr~ns toisted upon the pulklic by the aid of filbricated proisof of miraculous cores, aid other frauds, by i set of oercenory, Utllirincipled pretenttlla so totally ignorant ol medical bientce, tlat it impossible the Imansit-oas delusion can any longer go down witl the intelligent people ofthiscounty. 'These pills, mill andI greanble in their nature, should he kept in every Ihmily in cases of suddlen illness, for, by their promplt admitistmation, cholera, elallmpss,sasimo;, and olther tlartnilg complaints, which too often prove ftnal, may lie sanedi Iv cured or prevented. In fIaetl, all those who value good licalth, shoubd never be without them. They are soil' in packets at 5, cents, $1 ll qit$2 eanh,o bty every reee table dlruggist, bookselle, aellr, nl ndorof meditcine iu till United States t iI Ie Canadas, with colpions ihretionls, together with: etulnnials of professional ability from tilhe folluaill enlinenti genltlemen: Sir Astlcy Cisýper, .1 Abernethy,, mes Illdll, M. I)., . ack, M. ., 1. Aston Key, A. Frmipton, MI. II., and numerous others. Thi'e origiatls may be seen n possession onrthe General Agent, by whom the medicine is imllported into this eaontry, and to whom all applications loriagcncis. must be msdne. JNO. HOLIIEIN, 199 Waverly Place, N. York, Sole General Agent fr tlie United States, file. For sale bhv ipmintment of the original proh i ietor. FIr SwAIlN niiortnl-o, lhb'ggicts, Nio IIt Cnlia slet, Line.r Agent i'for Stllllee of Looisiiall. jot tv IdlditY It Li* & co, No llogailuce street.t,re - r.ow rnceivig from ships Nalshvlle. .Lonisvill., Ienattinck, Ekgle, antl other I:lte arrivals ln :Ilhe t:lhern cities, . large aoll nIew selevtll ias, rltenllltl nOllii llttig l'tgollellei l's lilno e af cl on .ia.lito l llo ls do '2d lntliti'; l Iibutti, and stout walx pegged hools o svlrioulls ciihties; inan's finllo :f seii l minl . lollacie Shir.* plsilliIps and bltrog s, bIuckskin shoes, :iO L lplles: ntien'asline calf and kippheltlegged shloes:nn I rogans; to Ibots; dIo sltoll kipl oul wax pegg.edl shoes a el brogans; genltlemeno's best nlllity dcallsew d shoes. I ogans alnd Jack I)ownings; do call' and ilaroccai' i. ickle shm~ eaot hriognms; do clI; seal and Muocc, I ldiall sho slll slipp "Ls, Ito calf, buil :tnti sat whi. , . a .ew article; to lne call, soi. and tmoirocco yu:rI.te its; ihons', ltistses' ll childrelln's peggedL al i lll l b gans, antid shoams of nevcrt iualtit ad t kind. Also a genrentl asslorli t of lmen's stoutl wa a:lllll rt brIIIoIlI.s Inl sllhoes, Igeher wilh I(1,1001 piri. lgro hIcst quality, rlssett sn'alltlns, ntied int i ltllks, llalde xplressly for IianlaliOll a IITi ; g{.ill ;iS. Cr sset i:llno wall higtllns. Iatices' ihne calf; sei, n.ual ilrtio.nll and ill ainellt, iani Ipnmp sole shoes; dio line I'renh Mli"lrocn aInd kid run rlnl slip per's; ito lroani shoes, wilth ;nid wiahi, heeit h calf, seal ltin sto;t hathoer clleis; tin ic'rlila shoet nt -glas. Cihltr'tits nolrcd . oracoa:Ill ho b5 ao iliI hboots, hc. ientletncitii'lte lishion.ble hlck silk hilts- ,i hhicl. in ticl, beaver do of a scperior nlalily; do iltiaton itll fn.1 doi; broad si 'llwllruow brinl elln.II'S Iine drl :andI 4I; k Rlussia dsort lapped htats, a itiwi, arlicle. Y b oth s I.I ;I site i ls ol dllilderenl llllitiesll ; dlh childllre ,. sili l, wlh it general as lllsort t iol bo t s' alll iin' I lls lassllllment will Ie repll ish,". Ib, the arrival fl r a h Ircketalcem the ar nanlued clities, all II which w il ihe sold ol acl.olulllllttlit I terns. aI g I-t usA.1ll I-cO l T-Il: T" I-; I'II. 1 ot ito ' o.:o lhlishf d I'-pIt ll- ll t In td ' f li ll lt i'ul 1 o Sirl lll l ll' frlhi.s rillaa dill vll lllllll Ivo p tn, II selllllll ' l i-ive if Ih, whel , ha F. ll thI ll.lit I' I to tFi ilr l ,canll phli. Arlr'olna io.ll Ii v l tllll IIu. i t -I ru i .i a II t le a e I Ii. n p iil tilti" the tench o, Ihves tulli'ring nnd likhly to',r Ihi are . arcll ti far i l, n n l'l t ulll - o il( h t . \\hen lied lml no(d1 'l Il dlrevront _-iren o, lo I ( ttl II. itt ti I rlc d In lll Itllll l . t oi lllte i Ilarvtll ; llll r f. It also stIIIIo teI r l ee tlilt I of-vII (rl llll·llv' rtitlla d rilt es, -FF i t oF b, h n o hIcrlh, a 'r'r I ntg lllhn [ al l Till' lFiehap,- I .l rinllllIdv lre , :llle: iln onl T I 111 nued Isalo; ooII the il r. ' ii t llll ,.r 'rllllo ill dill;ll- lll l I)II+ I l nu('n llhllay l lli hale alrelady ex 1pei rllt ll . * l II1 rdplln llllt l ' eIllvis tromlll it l, of the llallll n vit d, IU I rian olle lnlhlll . It is l Ihllr u.e n rend l l, lili, llnIi si ngullC"I:". I sh n success1vt1 1., u hit ,. ho le pro r 11 lihe ia itlize' nl th rI to the trho ll Iit.c ,t ay b ren lllol f lll t e e t1 l ti-io.&dth hie'e pit sI I ",). h vit.. S d. h hv t tJ.ll\! t h r io a N ntv - & N IT , o lllr Ch (drrI misll ull n ,l TN 'hIt r I i ll . 11,1. 11 1 tI A- ca il In' Alt.. " p lhllrf slw liea Jtio-N II clilr- itAt. 'Oakitl'OUNithitl t NIy ,IIXt''UI.t -.- . ,e ei 1 oriiitll n ll, o l it i l 't' il. " r - a2 - l Awo- 1 I· atom l it gt o a il cn.n i tl tiott. h ras,. l tllp Ir, owtitecailli i ctoice oatts ilt ii. yittdl ootII :ta'- lXagr' utol ili,:at ene ra"cnt at c 'l-'is tak dirleiii is hithly riitf tl. It l'tftttt lt-tti olngto l, oxtini.ll iV y llt.,lt : . atl t a-;,.e FI, mll l I tionll:a l d lin i ttr d no ce il t ,l i th (: i c:ll ell r rtii a a ttl r i ith rclipa n ho t iln ri ducc a or oll; t ver i lilll ol ha A. oIiiilio, natntylrNwOgtino o li itl ill alre.lnt i. lil ia u the h po F all il st;.. b r i aof ill' dl R I ell'r. mIi y of olhilly willtillllll· t lt. i art, ulicornel thne .hile ao Corcllc . ilo lltrc. li i n. llllnnll lllllle l paessi lg graltvitue, anld wllen uselld of the, diTordor. It is not illT diI.48Cotaleiiio nrtoons of lhe lweakt t toatchlan tu n iidll o n nlaa I l bke it ntehi l liy. It t ltll titt itlo lic Ihe dti.t l ,i, o .li;.r, creat esii Ilappelite,, andI s, 'hlonu teo,,llnl, more l han one, or ill slhllnato caIse, tWO .tLtlh' ar.enic illn· nhemdichin, nornayl n thing ilj .lin, no well 'i ttil· c f .ly, tll.t I b'y jay5 T.V. 1,11TI1, ,18 Conti Nt. I'I SACM I ,1 IMANSION IiOULSE NE CI.l'Y, PEN,.Cihlt. I 'I Iccc s scrihcr h c i ' , 'n. c t io n1 . in r Si lorcoll e llf iili.+ w-,l 0 i t nllahl·hlllcP t plnll 31, T y r tlo l t, t l rat poprileorr cwaill le cadv oi, ricccc. il. ter by a ltet -i' April lext. th llrle erorll S hll( tlwll , wi ac , lt cl.ll ccln . N c-l c cI tlhe r us ttlrl l ll ih ' vll ill ti y r, n h ie llslher-. it:y Itllat morlllc o itllllllion.lll. baa Illlll, hl will he bolshll , andll twptr ti Ibl will lbe prvidtel alfu l a I r. A .. h1 Swil -i 'ccl c It ah I cc-llc-c, wt. h ar tn e i 1 llc. I - tc al cfir hon eir.s ai l - ea gs ot r e l " u l It ld Fail lwall talw llh lt, will eI )ll II ll I nll' i lllt fcr e i, l l i , .ie . t ilh i, r ci. N r c RcLiei l e icmll 1' Ild l:t hrii plae s, +ill as,'I c . i rc cii Wli cat ll co a : t iitllln re with lle (llllill na ingc llol'li 'tlea hlllilrel c. lhe rilc'- b Iclcc I rI wr a ill I f i" tbhei, e I ndrt I anlitd. t.l e11 . : re nil , tai .t ithe 'ccupy t l ng nw bi. cl . oro rd, w irll. T e ll ;t r~i ti T ln n Sie. ct ' .h r . ry c ,c r F,'rdt rilk Illsn:nl, wile 'l rln ked p tl col in b hllblr I hotel c t \i- tt.ic'' ' c c ity' will 'l l.l(' 'c l thi ll o vI l)T in: tues arnd~tlr+ n l ilbc s o ll soic- ai d lizll' andlll ithe roitr, caiinon iat shortesnotice. tile vi hiptrs ofll. ,vee.llry d oI lli f'riet nlln gsch llla , htam . he t will rciv- cviericc i cpcs-ih cc -er an , I k xiects .to give -ll.:l rkl guuc-hlt io n bi.ic j IThe ll oil l l vst. le o a"lh k ts lm+ tidor. Ina wo " I knowl to ained , hr. e ,,d tin ro t lit In t'tre. 'r i. lc c tlcl i ll .( IfIcl .I te Inr'. s lllVall mli1 ofl Ici' 1h1 (lr lrlclclllll; l h I ylle tI Ibrl lll 1e IllCs (;lf w i.rl I rlell; hlle salllll'ilt% il tsli llill,' rlj.un i +h',l (viHll - hllls t dhi li ll ISc htilc e r mll ll, n Me 1 b 11 sh cc P I<, 1 ch % .t I :r;.+. l i l lac (i ll; tllec b ,ll i esl; , thei I it , IaI ll E l. ict ,hc c Ilihoalit n .d CivtrrCi; Il ltilc t t .. thdid +.,- 1 ,l l ft Illih ll tlch IAlr w+.ers Io d 'Iinll illl p ,illlx, INiW i llll l ' r'c clil t't- lll c Ic rkc cc iv 'iniicc l fIC i ,r, erence over 11 .nlI-r pllace: ni tc ee latuelt ,ic s healthy ec t ni db lictt llcc ci ln rretr, t. le .rt r.oe h oo. s l illrciccatevcci ia.lcec ,lcc a nd bci - cile., an) will nt ll tites bit t lqle ti tiec ticc ccctc . g' r= I N I AILtN..ll . Penseios:. b, Feb. l.'+hb, It:13. 1p (inlltlelllt'l A. li );g to e rgage crcneI.c lfr ct 'r f'a ilits , ra n S lt deet I hr Iret rihl' r e ie l'tlesell'it, t-r nr Sewell T ''ayll , ca llcel f'llrr a rIt(pIlr,,ur ( it , ct (trd leanlls. 'P ca'ord'l , togMrC (en i lott , Ps rw .\llact I1 el. It., lcblty, its eccb.lei T 'w'r cylor, as clttctoeyE, bh iletlt. Os. . lette ln ,t o recei t lflee.l llUi, ll i .i f perl win nt l sh cbte Ilchtel, is-v olfe tct diene whitek, ,llice, ,1 t Cllarles l:xch mr e ,. FI.Oca lll.t IlOU''e e Fcc l NEW VIsoc e-c'" ''ravelers deeeirsctcl "akitn tteic iatcrJc roite Ibl tllls will eo)lltal nlv rllll trot,. I\lodhih, t,, I'es',llflll ltl leaving Ilobih+ llll Ia llrllelcol 'rvey ioih r tlhov aalli thle Mobile, in s te. of tile failulre o"tile oot:: The seai bonatia Champion IUle.'es +hlbile for 1lenll cIIIsI lsicPr a week i+Pb 5:; h" ANDRCEW SMI'I'I& nt C)., rslp. e ui ly intat! . lthir riends aLnd the pllblic In _-'nr.l, tllht they occupy tile taew brick hl~op, BI9 'Tclluenlolttlaa slreet, whlore they keep constantly on hand Co:pper, Tin and Sheet Iron Ware., of every descril,ptin, eech as copper stills, kettles, and P",opsL. till bath. ing to a, and oil cans, of all .orls atll sizes, and all ulher Ibralsa c.tsting dlone al rhortest n1otice. Grat. hars of every dsooription, ae·eh sa steanm. bIoat stirrups, htog chains, screw bools, u olthl te kinld ot'.tenmhaut work. auch s chllimneys brosnvh. I or. rlte.m pipes. 'rhey will alno do all kinds, o4 .ut die work, cIat a. zilne, eopper and tin rn-++11.]t rn + gutteri0ng, &r. Thley ,nve a ll]t all olher IMaund.'+ o k wurk ll !lheir Jlre el' businlless, thy wall e.tcnle at Lhe shorest tollllce. d*:=27 1 JUlSTPUBLISIIDFhON,STEREOT /?'B PLATES, 77le, Ffnk Eidi/im.on IOWLET'"S 4A1LES OF INTElFiT; IT whi/lt is new tiled atl Average 'nlme Calenla tor, or easy methodlis ioori tlmting lite average lime on storagr, notes of haln o' bills of goods, whelan t o chased at different dates, on dilfferent credits, alld f'or varioltusanolitsl hesidesaus lid and complete Tanlkiing Time 'I'a' le, thil best Ihlti en he contrived. or that fi gres caneal prduce wilthin the same eonalesend comnpass, ald size olt pe. An a:verltisement in the book is in nearly the follow ing wools: The high dlistinction this work has received through the ten Ilegintitlve acnets prefixed to the title nage, is a Ie commendt;ilon initsel itsl, so n lcommll n, an so eontlu sirve, tIl t nothing is necesary molre lhnn b)y waf f ad vertinemenl, to given econdtnsed view o annlme o its pe cllntlineriis: aR felinistance, the Inlltleslt Ilis been comps ied from,lnid companred with, what is equivailen to four teen selsrf'eticllhititine, exailieted ill the pLress thiirty fi:e tiniet, nld 01itIed rcrom I tt-'en'llV e llniles testiedi ithir tl tyttone times, li'oln all which it 'nst Ii evident Seve I to the skeptic (e' reiall/y oni th e sottl no'the te ntail llec pltroin tile prel'te') llit tile w'ek mtnst he nrith mietically iifallible, anti itn C eonfirmation ol'this blitel'a ipremiumw1l of two hIunmred and Ilfty dollars, is now ofelr ed llr trile detectionl ' Iof error of cetnt in tle llPrsenlt o" fifth ediion, as exprvssedl int tihe prtiec, makinbg fiie ' r Inie rers itisn in rell for lie saoni clror sinceth/lilerst Inhlicalilu in lthe te l' Ili'2. One of' tlo most conslielous feltllres of hbe tlllers is inthe Irnimgen ent of Ite Time mid AmIItns,i wlieC for exleitihois, rol efernl oral perspiciliyi , with lie ell of the side an:ld illllx, enllllt l' excel d r lnll tllhe sally ) lunll a tase with which the in:itlresl call el foitndtoit s eltlit enel'lnchal blsiness, ilhont doublin orf slms is besidlts a ernivenicllce sol essential, that in the esimna Otionorsomnle oi thile Iln enmplellntil 1anI pctiecal busi nlas mei tiid plthll/ oifllelS wi lln ile Initlde gl'tll tilse lof thle work, it hits teci Ieihlintigiahldl ivt Ilot honollclble oltelln/lionl effa Iinllll/ce lioec". Atd cnniadering the iolsdibilli/ii Io 1 n/n lttlt l ori ginall'y a tel ini eomposiitlhrworkand oh. l.xttonalihAy number'aod a variely Ifltil e i'x:0niltionls, andl tests ofevery e iitio it IlAla sseli lnhel prl ss i eolwithstalldilngthe whloileisiln msIe'lull rl, e nshhiI g, in IRk I. 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' I 'It~ ti 'nl'i' -. ll.Il~llitnicit 110· 1"1,li " b 1 1i.,t i , 1llk , l 'lii :aid ('p e e'i:,l ll 'n +,I . I!.1 '1;1' 1 lt ; 'ill brll :lll llI'," .I L t Lh . . 1 I II h b k h: s 1h 111' it I101. 1, ,,1, 1101:1l. 1'd llllt/ It 1I l hit " oI 1 1 lli , I~ lot t 11 It 0 c:oll, 1,111 ll 11, h !.. \ .I h , 1 11 \ A t.....m, n I s 11 If I,ý t l I 1111,1, d. 1,1o'. to :1 li *)l'1 1 ,iI !_11hllll. 1,'li 11 Ilil0ll',' I'F It fe !lc t rlloll dealt' l II Ih I 1;t1110lht~qi, a llt l i :l. it. lllll 1. i1 I tlli/ i / i ltpt n i llrt i hl.:i l i 1/t i1 i0( 1 11t t Itilt l Itt 't 1' h l/ e i h I at ti.o. lt i/t i titu i iii 'i/h l h t. Ahtl lli1 'll h i t, . I(J llhk w :10 ii. ir 11nt. r ll llilh ·' Th oprl) , we"ve1 1 )IIll . 111" itina, n l 1.l;,. l TI / ,'e' Itt .ti/.Il lo th'"e t 1 ''.1 1 1 '.. 111 I /II- 0 I .uip I *, ,i, 0 vrI o,) " 11 I \ brliekrl , h h .in', il i ,1,,1'i 0 n/Iti/l/' u N0,11 l h r. . t m1 a1, •l ,.I .'. I,' llit l ill+ i .l k loll· I ,!I h'll, hi l , ll , lh-1 1t it in :J :.a 1rs , 11 , c I. w hVi c1 e . il wlh,, r It' t i' , h. le :il',o 1 lp: I, 11 10 ;tii. p 0; Ih r, ,, . i /e " t Ik l ' , c ti L '., 'i,,I, ..i~ , i', . ! "h , \ '.h i li~ '.l.l.'o 1t:11 \' + x. . . It, \1. I 1 ,'.'1 i · il/t % 4il I IIt .t IIitt/ i I ri//i/i/i,. i O u '/:I t,,iiea,:I 1ý 11 i .1 . : i 1 1 , Ih 1, , , , ,11 . 1 1, 1:,ii, .. ( 1 1111 ., 1t./it. 1111.1111k, ( . 1 'I. ' 'i1, 1,,il ,, I+,il : ,II ,ruh l , lil d ii Itio, c it/i//t ' 1;' I 1I' 'tt ci o ti/ i//li ini/t1 11,/ i lll't '11 .11-, ( ,1111, I iN & /a /i / 1111 11 tcll1,o , Irl, I h·I1 ' .llh. I lh.I (111 1l ,ll il, Molir \1'111'1, lil\11;" 1, Itn ,l h**110 7 ( . ,r 1: , ,II l.Illl. or l IIat'k .,1 . ,11..: . .1! Ito, l,'lhl 1":1t' lil tl ll)ý-Vlllllll~li ; liant L\ rn n rr nna 'rr111 IN-I' in '''''r; rlAi, -.nrnrl$.rtý "ntd I. ri!" ('nnrnrl~lil Ita, 1' 1 \".. York, a u ,iril·I P of E""lle inl Ihllil liltl.. whirls it1"CIII1I. wait 1(eilr m TIitI t j 6111.1 .,it snakes ill, tl r tl 11. I-cl l eI ll 1 1((·I. ; , leleIC 'l'ilr Ilollnai ll:: rindat+."tt /( iill~l.)i : (Iell ii tl. r ,r:,·;;lle· dnv lt int] die-. :n11· nttt i- until t ll of :ill do'clipliottI, I Il dia ribberrl~l , ,ilk and 11 \1 1·- .+" 6! ri.: ...l . vat l tllll il &llL\ Illliil 111ll Z. pn. ,1 ·11- 111 .,t!. t 111 ) f 111 I-, loP l t In I(1. It,:r ·l·; I, ., t"1 .-H - t h,11 pr11.1 - trmt ". ;"I t ~li-·n.....o e n. I . r.I i, mc, _,Id..inen-.Il ~ lliill' r Itl tl~ il l., n,"i liilln ý 4. .,nl n .-_1ili, I.,- I 1,,,: il I I., 1,,Illl l .,vck!;,,"," ,t ttl _"IIo- II IlIlitl,·lll l. -til rail _ll I ".ý1i + indian I\llll ItIt - Iji l 1 I l j-;Iil l .' nII l.lil p III Ier It IIII.ý ( (I~n bt!ill-, In1I -,", Illil !,~ . i i nl do "ill i L.ttg ti-i I'; ,f(·t Il ," i;nl .-tit i." b~n i i, !It",I ^ nn+, I ll tt ie kn Ilit e-I nnl li t 1 .-. ,"i.-;.r-,~ I h,":tr<, p,ý, IIIe( !.n(.l . ýI etnt ill ) hll·(. SI t llll I tl;l i nr kP r I . mil t, Ilill . *'.t*It, -i --I,..i,, ""rnnt I. -lw ,, In~l nv, t nl tr ;"Ctrl d tt-titt" : IIIn lt-_, I :nllnl ll"l 1ela le1 I ils, ba, In,1II IttIIrl - alt. I ;111 tll= vas- 1I1,I, hai ~ 11~r t i' -t Il I'ir. l 1 111"1 ran]-, lain. rue l ;ni ..tnR ieni wt' rk I~n p." IIII F II· UfBLR~OWGATE Sh'RING-S I,-1 billow, heir! ;nl il h or'. A ilirl l d.., Intl ,[lirds, told 71111' I1) I . 1$ /01 l..NE tntlI I r f ]) l lNEl and tilt Inrkvi,.:, nII: niil I l' il It., tlilll'SI r , lin~t nntI steel rnitl,lt"'. , Rink., and r".rs, Itttir pill-, ttt tiluIIiu frail, llt mid rrcr IlrlkII we Ildllllnl it, la i la1II I1 li l gui larI1,,ri lII111 rend ],hill Ir,"t lt ,i nn ri api il' III - mv, i -eiiiii i hIaeas, t uldand ili .rl andlI 1}, i ,iIbll-"l p Dante bags, lrrlls_ Illll+, wablT' I. a l?· IlntlnlllC Il, "nrl fine SIiiet diirT .i i and r otlej.....I l t '1"be nbn I,, ,I' ' i- r wIt t i tIti iilllI niI l ter ali N Itf liri u 1Itlt re pairlleld IS i AZR WGiAT SPRING allllrrtn rll Il/ I,.1 1'rtjhn ,:.ii V 1"l i a.11 NE (I·Pi~T It ure t uunuunrtng toII~)(J·I Isisl i Iricmd: t nel h. public1)1 in c nrtn, I ..the wll r it reu ines lvIllylit t d y o .1 n ote ievir's l ilaso n. frtelr I MAIL A ItIIAfil.JI; EN,'' N rtherni. De Every Dav at 12 M.1l rnr Closes Every day at 104 A. M Weaera aleC, fDue ecrr Ottiip, Yrdaacaday Westerl fail Fri dayJ . ,1'. . by a, f eles Cloies every Ml dacly Wednaeda Lae, end Sntlnrdayt , by, P. fI Thire LukerltI lt D wovbrv 1t',iilb,t Thursday, a h 8avenrdný, 6y 0i P. M. Via Closes every Monday, Wednedayp XFIPREESr IAlI.. TIMES OF ARRIVAL, DEPAIRTIUR DISTANCE &e. ofthe Express Mail, halwa Mooule and New York-leaving lMobile daily at 3 P. M. Nortliwa New York daily at 5 P. Al Nouthward. Arrives ' ArrIve Northward. .imtane. T'ime. Iteurna'I Montgomery, Al. , pm. 911 i's 23h 1 ,. Colunbus, Gaie. 11 81I 9 h.m Mitledgleville. GO. 2 133 144 2 p.,a Clmamiioi C. 7' aet. 163 17 1 itanlrigil,iNC. .54 215 22 1' \Varrnimo, Va. 1' . 55 6 I''trlhyur., Ve. I0 plc. 83 10 9a, t li¢.ll oni vVa. at. 21 3 61 I Fredericksbeulrg, 8 67 7 11 p pI - W.ahington city, ljplna. G61 i4 0 4 v'l ,llc I, . 1(111 II t New llli, 2 pat. 90 c 1305 143 If. or d 123 Nmorlhward. Cominge Sonthwrd,lit lia hi is six houe less; dtenya alnd 17 hours. TEN In)I,Il.Alm ItiEWAti{. aI ANAWAY frt. 1019 I ('rodrlet corner of Ilevri Ia sttrees, anllthe nighl of 3il0h of August, sad was ienll te next oelra.g ing I'ovll nstr.t, a negro bay hnarad CIIAIII.EiS, ahaunt 17 years of age, ail 5 fee r therelnaio int ihti.l very black, reild Ilaan iepedl ilnvet in his sp)et'l, one Of hlia lag in, aeerooleC. by a recen hrt;lie haild ll whvn lia went arwnay a wliit ntlon or alto dshirt iad wnhie c.ti n letilmleHes. Ill(str el' vearrle ndnl tr bnle anlde lo enntined a' gviint rei.eiviivvo I. rihrbiig sevidl negro ns well n alk iothelr pvrioll, sItle uitms rigur lof tee laew will Ihr FIeitonrcrd vin.tit IIIat. '[I clime aro erl e wrd ill ibe pal crdti'liviv l him it t ilt y f tlir jails of aitlier of Ihe mIll (',7liahtq, tt I Ilf Cerndedlett corner of Ilevi NJtit -the lie' iiiaiiv tliip hcer tore aci stint e g Ii i'r veWin l a,'qiiitav citcl psficvs islsh. dissohCd. 'Thin shsucriber will liqullidnte.l y I,"irse . . ..e . e r(, ( i l isi l 'cit , 7u e q a ll p.romn n in'e b . o iIi.tehi'r rc i to hi antc, cnd all tlvotltvia. rg - 1-7 i "1 (Iir ETSON. t('A PTAIN Iwt 6.II1lA'I"l'n NImEW NOVII.S )llh ith velii'iji'ri bcy lto itliior oi Peter Sitmple, s S('airceigs, r a r Wintr ait Slhless Ifnllifiell in a.ow h PlvK, Iv itcl in Basil Ilnll, Ilyal Naey, P.1h enlord RCohlk It rllnrepb hy Alli Cunnillltl aml I teeli'; I I.'1, wrile, by Iii iiiia l v ie c vals. iv ('uhpedlirns llihloiyof lcly, trinteld ftroam thle 'ihml MieaI, biIy Nithanievl iGreenu, in 1 vol. fur vliag No !I 7If lhap'r ''lli emily l.ihrar. el l i . l i- I lfIh s' in o Illlrhtl' nind uttifrlit edilion tf II t.slinatte Iri' u Ie' n/orks. Rei,,cr'r I.'i'i/ iiinl / lii /l Dictivonary. in I wsal, ale Ai\'', .it .'ri.iIl noEc Il:vnlit Dictiioinary. .\.o-A i:w mIor n'ilpiea of C(Iilm's Plhcotenolgy "lliellzi." I.4ri' SIIIarvr or' (r'tllitslsec Oflvlvr qus It', wl o, BIM lilliald tillsoil'21-4 cnd c 1-2 inches (lllll1' impl)redtI) l li( IC isj Ipa a I Iipapers, wei&b l I.`. &,". Sr. ,i l l t ccitit, 11 Id fl.e r Fi ll) by llII:t liENJ. I.EVY. It n'NI l,'K'R.l ttlt, . . I)hIN()'lfI'S 151l'lit\lSli I:I)l'rlON OF DR 1 (;Ihl-lllll liilie'ctl of the story oIll f Roe n lII IiI'll is irelixid 'vill tit' vit!e, tie Is leeSttdy v I,+lll l litl.,,r :moll rl n ar r of'PIt g rl" V nbl n finfo 11:11i' ell "IIlll ol]Ohgllltl flel. wrrll- n lhe Mantlere ll]Mrllut111 llld + . .\ ii l`ll l'(b 0 the R I lll .lI s ith on lI'ceio li-'-1ilhiel el l lia hl rienl Nateii ; nd qaso lilitl,ll , ; l- llm.III itI{)ll :i, l Ih 111r 1 1( of su:h seet'ltn. 11. [l'ii trl ilk Hll') ii 'itligraigoil wod, ee ItyAtleatr \,I1- n'. ." I t+,rl" ti. th e mtio i'e lous iory SI:II :.I ill, h1 f111," I h :l-iillll I0 .hIllillt s .lirsee o the id .nlh l' i ; i ', o T, .. ,'I :iih II IlnvlillaItli In the yea ;, - ll ,iilii tel.. l (filr i a l t't nit tin at t I e e nd IIlr scI I (lIll. 4lctilc' I it alie t1 oel t vaithlla illfurtnt lil ca.dhd lhr 'l.i i. fllI WOrk. t'eO n jtll i1g Of table f ,+,l tl.% ý.wiceiiige iani iineint a perisons t'ophl. c'vxpli:tIotlit amle2. cieImaks on cctll peol ihi, t i'-itul iAi :1. Ac. illtlta nediby elany eng,' Iti I,' (tticvrn.rv tcrcioveic(eYv d nnctn Anrirtgtew l i,,ith'c N.,y , 'illiiye i, U ci iii t of c G obe." New A rlerl(.htl AddllolJ and . Vi r l ig ; Bll r s ve snent rald 7111 ,x lduh ,ll ! ,ill r llll lll tl I p rt Or'the A nd rllut.t illv Aicaiive, vJtlil nrleve iied iiitl. .Ir sale li i il 31'KIEAN n I14t" corner o( Camp llr a (olllltnun set o e,1 d r. by Il'o .llrJ++H (l'biin ' ,n il ~lor w)rvator I'" r \ ].-, , i, 415 Iiv i'iit ' h i p, le \Vnkiliel , e rv I aenI I n , lli. i cciii '11n G iil illii l li1.' R' va ESl,.t i IE., I'I '.111:1 hltt I, wild II.. oppm.lix if ;.nllirtx Iransla tel h , ' It'lo -IIr,,,du'l ,.,II+I{, ill ' ebs , li,, "+ l, v(,, IV .U t11oI 1- ' "' Ilf-ll: irrl- I' h .. I ' I II iv , i ; lII it II It, lulu11 1 1( . 's I]Iit \I't salle' , t i'eplel s o- It,,-,,, I.I: ., + , , .. ],I·I+ ,i, , IIJ( ;II i hit l~l++++ by lie 'ill: .i "1'°\ ,l i . , i i'iiir, II"o ' /+ \ ,." ,l i ti , hl , 'o+· f ,ir ~ I.";v t+lu('Ill l W, . llk Ulp lv' . II l I": 111 h, it, l 'C1 :, I)I "rutt " :' ' i . " !t1 , u'Ir , \'c ,, I,"i n , ;! o i ,+ . .. .. . . .. Ar , . i "I J" 1, ', ,, 1,+ c·t, ,: ii .F. J ria111 -; .dll. i "I iciiii,.iuucl 1-1lui'"ituvaimef or sitseh C IIcgv I'', ld '.. l - " 1· ri} I.I+'4[ : l+hl lll 'l 11( Il ll li l: * l ll"l l . (I r t Ix) 1 lice:. i) , n or .> n t ),u , ýr"I , , i .. h lr. t.l , , in tllI e s t r l,, l ii li , I 'c . I ,. i, . al il' '. . -, pr ,i irs ol It's h I, 0 l,,•r c.,:, Itll - Is The Il r .c atetk at ,r:.r taLi, +ti, 'I t C Thu l ihh llg only are par" 1- ", ,..1-,o , r)od es..lh rioi£h i rvl ,'i,, buckwheat t II. l ie i ts+, ,1 r +i i. c'i,, e.fll e headanella e ,,' V "I 1- er , 1.' 'i, hivl u ail c lVt ltllis , cuts. S ("tieiii '.i ' I , I','' i :xl r` if sarapnrills f ' II I IIt,',e - , i'.titi cll iv :eoh , de. I II'il•. I'a .i 1-1icd I vll l e"' c B erntih ee, I I, 1, ' 1-ii Ii 1-l' rici', ,l'uhcl all i (' anclleve psaed pllll htuit tpiw cir. omlvuli h rt'.e de Perams, ,,rnnL,, l ,, r-,,,, I.'+ L 11- aliil Ileoril, we ters, ,f tic I,,01 c li, ei , I. , ltatd' e U ()tl, Old. it ' bilh'l I, (ii.,II rlii,ns becu'v ',it a vac ies y os I',llt, r :, ''t r caicllua, tdclible mauluing ink ,, ,,.r iL., .i.c'. • iicrm and celiid w.lhale oila . lay's Liniment. A Inr vii arcilltlcl a! 'l'lhrl,re's(;arl en Seeds 'EaRt)il;lE JONES. (IOWAN )'SI T'ONI(C 3MIXTURE, Iv; tl VI:: AND AGUE. I.i EN years hlave not yet olnapsed since it was lirst rcgllarly RaubtittJe to the public; but it has attained the highest reputation; and has sup planted overry other medicine for tihe Ague, wherev. or it has beeI known and appreciated. Already S/has it been carried in every direction throughout I he Ulited States, anl still realizes more thian could htav' been antmcipated by its mount sanguine friends. 'l'jotlsaln of Iersons have not only-- v en rlievecd, but rertored t he ,lli aron vigor through its ogeP. ryi; and thy now cheerri.ily testify, at every op Sirrrtmtalrtr, Ia itl dohild amia i r rIrt olllnrit:y. It . i -" o:0i](fI,~ suL c + mti( .ivclllu l mial priniples a as Ire e mi.ited it renew\t InI. h!oaltly nction of the stom. ao ', I e, Ir and aotllc niaportant dligestive organs, the los ofi whlich harnoy is theo inmoudiate cause .f tho It is loppalmrt also, that it produ. s anr entir cha:lngto t the colndition of the system. .ll trtalltmly deistrorys the native liability to relap ses, o the .itl: ction. \t'en the Ague is attended SIthi any other iemrpltait, tie employment of the 'Imic A.,xt-t will not interfere with the treat. tent of the other dli-eua, but wil even afford as. *,t.nlle :lt to turllihing setrength and vigmor to the bodrIy Idring thil veore eir troatment. Thimse who I takuisae tl tit llterieinom may be ascmred that there is no Arsenic, Brrks, lerrury. or any other Sart.le in its compllusition unfriend y to the human itnsittiton; bcilg entriraely a i egemable etret; iand thiy mLyrhavu addi(tonal coIItfidnCOe time IeI ther tao whenr the perceive that it has the of test of a ge.riinotiveai ratmt th tim e imno ifa bot tie til Irts Ieet tobemtin a moeasruqoqmeuce or which. tieror is ro p-ret of aht meini tm louft to inger in alto I enls t, llrstmr ous tr crisne, and other evilo. o i t(: r lir rt cur ona this itlfction It has been ed aloe it, a lrtvt:llvo, by m.lly who were sub • jrct to a perlodiet rrecurrerco of tie Ciills, and it has Iv~trbl f w tarde m mll'tim aprehended attack. )/rnaervl ! 'lihe i'rrrimtmi r, folly satied a ith the nlpL r'lll 1 nord Ualiersaci ruccess a/ieall mug con. slttatttedc tyotnl rirtItttil aild rPrgattr use ofthiO 'i'raiet ,lixitrtr, iu all cnmsce of F'evor and Ague. tsIay warrra..tcd itl etogri g into refund te price to all irs,, acto mlavn ttrin thro lamedicie in strict n. n -inr uo a ti ahlte percribed dir.clioos. without !rav : hi m bUetll rerlctly ant lastingly cured. 'Irma ruaiocrlthrs oro time wrhlolesala ageots ror the Srolltll IVeaterll itates, olmd aae no no hoantd six ty cass ofl thIis eldicmm, whichI is Warranted fresh aoRd genuiue. For soilO at the otalrfaltured prices J.ItlfI. & ANtemElvS, \Wholsaleo Druggiss , nove7 cc,. Cotuano ka 'f'cheupialnins street. SU--Iti llUi: tirg n 1 I talnert IImdepeld. a o t . ..a tra ... 41 mi ,,n sc er . Ig.r.... r- 'a It..... ,rjmn.s-'l'hlem casytsof the ,geni.,o, n., r, l+. jt..i r,..¢- in:d by I! ;,: L)'I,AN(i , 18n Camp st - 11 ..... it,..... , - s,, ..~.i t ,ii l,,;,t l ,,sl rope. it 3 1'.:; . t. t, Ri N, 613 11 'se r

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