Newspaper of True American, April 15, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated April 15, 1839 Page 1
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··• •-· 'i m. " --R---I . ~-- i.+o:.-r v oil11·~~~ t~n ... ... ........- - .----- - - -~i ......-- ·...~. ..... .. ....... . ..... "-- .~_; __ _ __ _ __ _ __--,- ~c --- --'----. .... ... . ,- -- ·-------T-- .. . .. . -. + T- ... .. 1- "" m, -= -- " ' I':. ". '.__LY~i;.~ PRICE 12y CINTS. NiEW ORLEANS MONDAY MORNING, APRIL 15, I839{, Vor.--1o 1 ro¢¢tstuIp oaf counct. SECOND MUNICIPALITY. TUESDAY, 5th February, 1839. Resolved, That the Council do persist, not. withstanding the objections of the Mayor, in its reselation of the 99th January last, authorising the emission of a note for $3,434 90, to Robert Aiken. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Feb. 6. Resolved, That it shall be and it is hereby ldo. elared to be the duty of the Deputy Wharfinger, to attend to and perform all such duties as pertained to and were performed by the Comnmissary of the luatture, or Lies. and that his compensation be fixed at the rate of one hundred and twenty dollars per month. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Feb. 6. Reeolved, That the sm of eighty dollars per annum, payable semi.annually, be paid to the Gas L ght and ,Banking Company, for each private limp within this iMunieipality ; which price shall includie Un lighting and extinguishing of the senilre, andrtha Ieeping of them in good ardor and repair, agreeably to the terms contained in a letter from the Seretary of said eomtpany, dated 31st Diecm. I her 1838. Be it further resolved, That by the term "private lamps" is understood only such as are lighted all night in the markets and other public buildings, by ,eaolution of this Council. 'Be'it further resolved, That the fixtures and al terations of all private lamps, as above designated, bhe paid foi by this Mun:cipalhty; and that all lamps burning by meter be paid for at tihe rate paid by private consumers. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Feb. 6. Resolved. That any hatcher or other person vending sa, the St Mary Market who shall be absmt therefrom three days, leaving his stall or table ur. orcupied, shall be 'deemed to have abandoned time same, and tie firmer may hire it to another. Resolved, That the farmer be and is hereby au- 1 thorised to charge for eaclh, tand for timhe sale of groceries within said market time sum of seventy fine cents per day. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to tl.e Mayor, Feb 6. Resolved, that the Commissioners of tire Sinking Fund of tiis Muoic pa!ity and thle Treasurer bu and they are Iereoy aulhorised tr. have any notes receivebl, belongirng to ad Fund unior Treasury, dijcounted by the General Sinking Fund of tire City of New Orleans. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder., Sent to the Mayor, Feb. 6. Resolved, that notes payable in six months, irn sems m,' ýxceeding five thousand dollare each, be s.suod " .ahn Minturn, for the amount due him t for paving done tinder tire ordinance of 12th July, I 1836, say thousand six hundred and I twenty.two dollars and eight cents, (127,622 08,) upon his surrender of the'certificates of the Surveyor that tile work Ihas been done. JOSIHUA BA.I)WIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Feb. 6(. Resolved, that the Comptroller be authorized to sell at public auctinn, to tire highest bidder, after tea days notice, in French and Engiash, in Tlhe 'Trure American, and lTime Bulletin, all tire fire wood ueat and corded within the prolongation of the streets hereafter described, viz: 1st, Canal street from Clailiorne strept to the principal branclh o the layou St Jualr. 2m1, Jackson street from Claiborne to Galvees t. 3i .Co'rrlimon streetfrom do do. 4th, talvez street front Canal to Common street. i)(tr:lved, that the Surveyor or Irms I1ieputly fur riimi to the Comrptroller a detailed rtatelment of tlhe number of cl of Credof wood which hI may find in ,acmh of the said streets, and that ihe shall menltito tire nalmes of tile rcepecivo owners of proplerly upon which said wood shall rhave Ieerl cut, and ial-o tihe num! er of cords cut upon each lot of ground. Resolved, that the wood shall be delivered to pulchasers at the place where It has been cord,'J, and that the price ol adjudication shall ibe paid im. msediately after delivery. JOSHUA BAL)WIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Fel. 6. Whtearnto, Mr John RIgas, principal proprie. tor of the lands through which passes Galves street Itas tire direct continuation of said street to the canal of the Canal Bank, Resolved, That tihe sUrveyor or his deputy be authorised to give to the sand street the direction above mentioned, and to extend tire preoont canal to tire middle of said street. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Feb. 6. Resolved, That a comimittee of three members of Lhis Councnd be appointed by tire Recorder to examline into the manner of the level for footways, streets &c in the third ward ana to report as sron as practicable, whether the same should proceed as at present or not. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder Sent to the Mayor, Feb. 6. TUESDAY, February 12, 1839. Reolved, That the Comnmiasioners of the Sink lug Fund be and are hereby authorised to renew, for one year, the notes which became due on the firet instant for property purchased from Freret, Brothers, and others, on tile let February ,1837 ; ProviPro, that the original notes be retained as collateral security, that the notes taken in renewal have the same endorsers, and that nothing in this resolution shall be so construed as to impair the rights of this Municipality, on time property for which the notes were given. Resolved, That notes at three, six, nine and twelve months, be received for the interest at ithe rate ofeiglht per cent per annumn ; it being under. stood that the interest up to tihe first instant be paid in eash. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to tihe Mayor, Feb. 13. Risnlvcd, That the memorial of J. Laland, J. Lord & Co. al.d others, on the subject of the de. posito of Sugar and Molasses on the Levee, be ro-e. lirredl to the Whurfinger, who is herehy instruc. ted to enlforce the 10th and 11th sectiors of the Or. dlinance defirining his duties, approved 14th May, 1836. Be it further Resolved, That it shall not be law. fil for any person or perseos to transpiort or cae to be transported to thie Levees or Wharves in frorunt f this Municipality, other tihan that lamnd neg from i)oats in tront thereof, any Sugar, MeolnEos or aney Lther articles of Produco for thie purpose of sale or barter; and any person conrvicted of viola. ting this resolution shall be liable to a lire of $50, recoverable before any Court of comrptenr, t jurra dietion, fir the benfclit of this Muaicipallily. I JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Feb. 13. Resolved, That the Surveyor be and he is here by uthorised to cause to be placed in Lafayette Square, a Flag Staff. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Feb. 13. Resolved, TLatthe Surveyor shall cause bridges and wooden crossings to be placed wherever they omay be wantiog at the intvrseclion of streets, within the taxable limits ol this Muolcipality. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Feb. 13. Resolved, That the streets on the north.west and south sides of the Market Square of Faubourg Annunciation, shall be 44 9 in width, including the eide.walks, and that the side-walks in the said streets shall have a width of 8 feet. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Feb. 13. Resonlved, That on having the said streets pa. red, the Surveyor shall give them the aforesaid width, and that any portion of the side walks alrea dy made exceeding 8 feet is width, saall be redu cod to the said width of 8 foot. JOSHUA BALI)DWIN, Recorder. Scot to the Mayor, Feb. 13. Resolved, That the resolution parsed by the ('ouncil at their sitting of the 29thL January last, the Comptroller to pay Thomas Reilly tihe sum of Four Hundred Dollars, be and it is hereby repealed. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Feb. 13. Resolved, That tihe Treasurer pay to Thomas Really. on the warrant of the Ma.yor, the sum of Four Hundred Dollars, for extra labor in widening and deepeniing the Melpomene Canal. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Feb. 13. Roesolved, That 200 feet of hore be procured for the use of Fire Company No. 2.-Also, tlhat tihe requisite articles be procured to complete tIe appa. ratus of Fire Company No. 13; provided, the cost of the same do not exceed $1,100. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Feb. 13. 1'U E DAY, Feb. 10th, 1839; Resolved, That the Comptrollor be and lie is hereby authorised,--afer giving ton dlays a lice in Iwo newspapers, to re.adjudicatr the repairing, for one yea., ofall tI.m pivol streete and si le walks, bordering on the same within the limits of thi. municipality, to ihe lowest bidder. lie in further Resolved, Tenat it shall be the duty of the Comptroller at the time,,, to demand Irom the lowest bidder the name if hi securities, when they are not satisfaltory he shall imm, diate. ly proceed to recadjudie te the contract, and so on until satisfactory securities be obtained. JOSHUA BALD WIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Feb. 20. R solved, That tile Treasu er in his woekly statements hereafter, discriminnte between the amoue.t expended-the redemption of Municipal notese-and payment of b lis inyaleo. JOSHUA BAL)DWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Febl. 20. Whereas, a hond was executed to this mumnicip ality on Ithe 14th Sep embler last, ly Mr. John M nlurn as prncep il, and James W. Breedlleve as security, by virtue ol'f wichl the said John Mil.turn w S bound to retain in his possession until the first I) coin er, 1838, 96 bonds issued :i, him for paving, or in the event of a sale of thie onds to ac counit for nsd pay over to the Treasurer of this Mlen c'pali m.any surin raliza d by their sal ,exceed. ing eightyv d lltars, fr sac Iand every hundred dol lars; and who isn the l id JiohnII Mmnti.nil informs t'1, Coum ii in a c Ilnulnniceatioi, daed 12 Feb ruary 1839, tha t the bonds have boeen eol at timhe minimum pirit e. II., it lie oied, 'lTh t the Mayor he and hr is hereby authorized tio c.lnel the bI mil f J Minturn adll Jnane IV. Ilrvedloveu i Iheroi o(f this .iunieip ality, d ted 14tl S eptemiLr, 1838, thLe cnmditiues of ,id bond hiaviain been lullilled .IOSIIITA IBALI)WIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Feb. 20. Resolve, lthat in eonsideranion if thie ixtr diuty perlorinoJ hy J. E I n, the p,,rer of ill Mu ni cpalitt, in re e.vt g andu delivering lamp oil &.f. Ilea n.hily poy be, sn. d is heri y incr easo.l i flifty d lars lr emnth!, c ,uti.oeneing on the first JOSHUA IBALDWIN, Recorder. Sentit ti tie Mayor Feb. 20. It sllved, that tihe mui i Iltrme hr e lhtmd & twenty it o dollars 40.I0(i, be pauel o tile ti araent lf ihe Mlnyor tolIullt, liI itnt a d lM gmI , ir aloe.itm1 o thit r almo lln. .1 US] I 'A BiA l l)\VI N, l ecoIrdler. Sent to tie M.ayor Fell. 20. Reso'ved thalit for ti, liprpteo Of f mitt i tg thme s rveyor in tie errecunmtn f lithe duli s, itn tipoed uin himim, he. in hereby ; it h. rived t .elti. pl y dumtrg t e lte,, he nilt y deem tin pier, an, a bntt nit, I i a h,ic, and .., i. imimncim , i 11 iit , ,11 be i.der his tnmm ditu dv r c int t d roipon-i. lie cliv d that thte p y of 'da sni tant shall, for the present bln fixed at 1i0 p r itentt. .IOl)llA IIALI)\VIN, Recordler. Scmit to the Mayr,l IFb. 2O. Resolved, T that the Treasurer I, and he is here by tor'ized ei llay no the warr ault (l" thie Mayor, to Thoman Rule or his ageni, ithe slUr ll" twenty- i live cents peinr day, (im ttundays excepted) eommltlitmi ring tionhe let day ort Au. m.t, u , to 6ith otin lebhruiary, 1b39, time smnm bmng for ervices run dctiered thia Municipality by his lve .Jak. JUSIili'A IAi.1)W\VIN, Recorder. Sent to tileh Mayor, Felb. 20. Resolved, that tlie resolu ion dated the 19th of January, 1839, giving fiiiy dullars per onlth for t, swt'eeping and cleainsing iof the I'oydras street Markltet, bem so contrued as to dalte from tihe first day f June Ilast, and thime amtie it a fuill and competent compnensation for the chimist of Mr. O'Grady. JOSIII'A IIALI)D\VIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Feb. 20. Resolved, That ithe petition of Henry Rennie, for a reitiseeion of a line for a conlrevantioi lof the Ordinances of this Municipaliity-rendered against him in the City Court, Judge Morgan presiding, cannot be granted. JOSHUA BAILDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Feb. 20. 4. Resowved, that the ,peition of Mr. R. T D wning be rt.lo r d to the Rceorder Ir his deci sion he h ing nvers lilt witl the ameno. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Seut to the Mayor. Feb. 20. An Ordinance appropri ting, annually, a certain sunl of money, to the uniformlorlpanies attached to the Fourth Regiment of Louisiana Militia. 1. Be it ordained, Thatthe sum nt One Thous and Dollars, be, and is hereby annually appropria. ted to the use of the Unis,rml Companies attach ed to the Fourth EIegiment of Louisiana Militia; which sum shall be paid quarterly, to the Colonel commanding said lRegilment, to be employed as follows I Flnst.-To be distributed by said Colonel among tlt differ, nt Companies aforesaid, according to the number of men actually present at t each inspection review, in the mu the of February, Mav, Ang,,st and November of each y or, pieceding the dislri IhutioIli or at any other insllpectin review the Le gislt Ire may thlik proper to designate; the same to be paid to said Comllanies in the mnonths of IMarcil, Junee epteltb r and DeceIlmor, succeed ing the monthly reviowi above mentioned. Set.oN.--lThe sum tlme dastributed, shall be cm. ployed to defray the expiiene of mlusiec and for equipping those desirous of joining said C(ompa. nies-whose cireninstanees thay not permnit the no. cessary expense, as required by the rules and regu. ,lations of the Comtipanies. 2. IIe it tirther resolved, that the utl allolt ed annually toI the Louisiana Logion, bly the ordi. nance of 2d Nov. 183(i, be and the satime is utechy fixed at one t usanltd ldtllrs per alannull. JOSHIUA IIALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Maytor Feb. 20. Resolved, That the New Orleans and Nashville Railroad Comlllpalny ie, and they aie hereby author, ized to crrct a depot iI t a es etr of Canal street. from Vilierd to Robertson streets, no per plan of a contemiplated d-pot, drawn by lakin a; Dkin, un. der date of tIl dl0th December, 1838. Provided, that this Council shall at all titms !nave power to order the remotval of said depot whenever in their opinion, the interest of tle public shall require it, upon giving six months notie to said Company. JOSIIUA BALI)WIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Felb. 20. TUESDAY, 26th Feb. 1839. Resolved, Tlh:t this Council do persist, notwith standing the oulljections of the M yor, ill ts ordin. ance, passed at the sitting of the 19th instant, ap propriating a ceitain anlu of miolney to the uniforml companies atcalched to the 4th Regiment. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder, Senlt to the Mayor, Fell. 27, Renslved, That the New Orleans and Carrollton Rail Road aiid fankineg Company be, and they arq herchy permitted to use during the pleasure of this Council, as a blacksmith shop, the building now erected for that purpose, on the corner of Nayades and Felicity streets. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Feb. 27. Rt snlve ', Thtn the ordinance adopted 10, Janu ary 1837 authoriilinyi IhPe errlt litiroll tr I adjlhca'e to the lowesn tiddr the ri p.litiled o the Streees, and te saideswalks along side olf pve I at e.e-be nso amended that the followin sianll be an addi lionalsectinl Io said ordinance, immediately fol. lowing the firsl section. Be it further ordained that beside the .ide walks above mentioned, the contractor asall keep in good repair all tle aide walks in bricks birder. ed wihl curb etones, altertones slind pi. vid sup. Iort wherever any such side walk nmay exis with. in Ihe ineorp,orated Inimis of tllinsm unicipalit. The mnid repairs shall consi.t in bringinge i their former line and level any part II saill streets and aide walks which may be found out of order, and shall he executed in asuch nanner as to afnord at all tmes an eacy and convenient cllinanulliia.v tiun. JOSHUA BALDWIN, lecorder. Sent to thb Mayor, Feb. 27. TUESDAY, 5th March, 1839. Resolved, That the 'reasurer pay to R. T. Downey, upon the warrant ofthe Mayor, seventy. five dollars, in full conmpetsatiot for a cart said to be lost, after being seized by thle Police. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, March 6. Resolved, That a note due this Municipality on the 9.heof March, inst, by R.H. McNair, lir $785 85.100, be renewed; lhie paying one half or tle mim, and provided that he iurnlals the sanme o . dorsers and securities as on the original note, and provided lie pay on the mama 10 per cent. interest per annum. JOSHU'A BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Marchl 6. Resolved, that the Mayor be and he is hereby authoriz.d to give public notice, accordtlig to law, oftlhe election for Aldermen f t ltis Municipality, to take place on tbe first Munday of Apiril next, at the following inamel places, under thle aaperin. tI dance of Insa cetera and Clerks hereina ter ina let Ward, at thie E.xlhange lintel, Inspectors-Juhn Ilewlett and Win. McKean. Clark, John Bramnard. 2d Ward, at tihe Municipality Hall. Inspectors--Tihos. Toby and Win. I'reret. Clerk, Itonj. Kendig. 3 1 Ward, at Dan'I. McCtuiey's. Inspectura-- N m. T. llapp and J.m.. W. BIlhan. Clerk, Geo . W. Harley. And in case any of the above namled persons sihall relaml or neglet to act. the Mlior bi, iand li is herebly fully authorized to appoin-t much othier persons as lie may deemn proper to replace thelm. JOSHIJA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to tite Mayor, March 6. Rteno'red, That thie R sonuliinn of this Concil, passed at the sit ing of the 25th Septeimber, 1138, proeiding that no A Iderman or other O().icer of this Municipality, ,hmall be, directly or indirectly, inter. ested In contracts for works to bl doun, or for Iup. pli a to be furnished to this Municipality, &c., be, and the a me is hereby repealed. JOSHUA BAJLDWIN, Recorder, Settt to the Mayor, March 6. Resolved, That a special Committee of three lie appointed to carry into effect the resolution of (ith Novenmber last, ordering lti, ipblic spfice betweenCi Catmp, Pitanee Clio and Callijope streets to be enclosed with a railing anid banqueting. JOSHUA BALD WI N, Recorder. Sent to the Ma;yor, MahIih G. 'TUI'ESDI)AY, 12th Manrch, 1839. re.iilvicd, That a line of twenlty.lie dollars, fir ipeddling in this aMunicipalily without a licence, lie and the sltre is Ii rehy r, n11 it.d. JOSH)IUA IBALI)DW\'IN, Recorder. Sent to tIle Mayor, h March 13I Rensolved, That thirt of thie Bonds for one thou. stand dollars each, autlihorized to be issued to time City It nk of New Orleans, by the ordinance of 4th D)tcuniber last, tel issued in fI:vor oF, and Inadec pnyable to Thomas Mlllon, coinf rTbli ly with the request , .c.idl i titution ll ail s per ltter oI f this date.. .JUSiIllA .ADIj\VIN, Recorder. Sint to the Magyol', March 13. I snolved, Thai the 'l'ri'stirr pay on the war rant lo th Mayo, r tI. a . C. I'refd. rt Ifor poI.I-I in l', ,iwe IR, prI s, lte ll u iI I utie luldred and fily dular.s .J()SIIUA BALDWI N, Recorder. Scut to the Mayor, March 13. Resolved, Thlat the 'T'reasurer pay to R,,bert SAiken, )in the warrant of tlnc .flayor,the sun ofl sixle in ihui ltrd andll thir - l1111 ily-lice huni-. dredlths dullirs. for curb, guutter and hlidge stlule, de, r under hies olltrlta't nagreiuihly t a r, e - 1utine of itistlanueci. latedut7hi fMuirch, 1831. JOSHIUA AII)\V\'IN, Recorder, Sent to the Mayor, Mlarch 13. R.tnslvedl, That in order io fat i!itate the coller tion Ioi debts due to this iimunctuulity, the ITreas urer be, ani lie is hereby nllthor;zl to receive promissory notes satisfactorlly endg;sed, at lour, eight aid twelve Inmnths, in p)ayienlllU f all debts exscept grolund rents and taxes tIl rest tcate and slaves; interest being added to said notes ;t tihe rnae of eight per cenl. per allnllnm; Provldet d that whfen notes are taken under this authorizaltion, no security or lien possessed by this corporntion On the proeperty el tile deblor, shall be deemed to be iected or uiminishlled until tiie paylnmullt of suash nite,. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, March 13. Resolved, That the salary of II. Deni,, clerk ol the survey'n's delarlinteni, be increased to one hundred illars per mlonth, to I e computled fron Ilhe It Januiry lInst. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, March 1 3. Resolved, That the Treesurer be, and he is hereby authorized to employ such persons ushe may deerm proper to collect Ihe onxes on real es taoe and slaves, sums due for paving and bou. qu.ties, ground rents, and all llmoneys and notes due to this corp)ilration from any source, the crl lection of whiclh Is not provided fior by existing ordinanci s: it ! eing Ulierstlod that tie Treasurer m ty demanld such severtieCS gom s idl persons as lie Imay consider nserssary, and I ha hlie shall be re sp,,ndi le for the faithful perlorioanlcer lf tile dutie 1f all persons so employed b) hinm The colni ,. sation frr the collection of taxes on realestar e anl slaves is hereby lixed irt two and one hall plr eent., and on reimnlrurrem.nti of pnvingi and till other collections not priovided flr by rxI.eting o, dioances tone per cent.,. .e.cpt on .tI ars due for the oprening of strnt t, Ihe cormpensaieon fr tI hiei rball be tixed by the cmimisoioners of estimate aeRd aessvsitnenl, and shall be charg,,d to irei slreet or otlher public plnee olIPnedll lr llnproveCd. JOSIIUA BlALI) VIN, Recrorder. Sent to the Mayor, March 13, Resolved, That the Mayor he and Ire is hereby nutllurisod to issue to Samlluel Arnold fourteen bonds of .1.000 each, hearing an annual interest of six per cent, ipayable semin. anually at the Un ion Hank, Now York, being on account of the contract with said Arnodi, made in confiormrity with an ordinance of this Council of 17 April 1838. Said bonds to be made in tihe usual form with interest warrants annexed. JOSHUA BAI DWIN, Recorder. Sclt ti:t e Mayor, Mlartch 13 Resolved, That the Treaseurer ay to John IR. Batter, on the warrn.stf the Mayor; the suri of' forty three 22.100 dt,,,'tr for expeonses icurred no rein.oving froul thew l, ko, tile rek of the steam boat Michigan. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recordtler. Sent to the Mayor, bla:ch 13. Resolved, That the sum of two hundred dollars h be paid to Alexander Pickard, the Commissary of the first ward, as extra comnpensation for serving as Commissary of tile Poydras Market during six monthls JOSHUA BALU WIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, March 13, Resolved, That the Finance Committee be an. v thIoised to apply to any bank or banks for an open a credit for such amlnolllt as tray Ibe necessary to meet the current payments of the Treasury, peid ing the collections of the sums tidue the Munici poality, for paving, taxes, &c; all notes isauehuce such credits to be signed by the Treaurer opt Comptroller and countersigned by tile Chlairrt of tile Collnmlttee of Finance, and to be r xnrcr to the Council by the Cotlptroller : providedabidtuo amounts so burro wed sball at no one tinynn tra one hundred thousand dollars. Any suon sixtng ed under this resolution tuobo paid to the bank or banks lending on sixty days notice to the Counci!. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, March 13. Resolved, That the Surveyor be anl hie is here. by required without delay to cau.s to be made at tih interseetions of all tile .treets crossing Tchap itoulda street Irmn I)elord street to Common street, bridgings and crossings in the samle ianner as is made at tie intersection o: Inlvia and Carondolot streets. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, March 13. Resolved, that the Recorder be and he is here. by aulthorized to purchase suelh a boat as to him may appear suitable fir the Police on the River ; tihe saltle to be paid for by tile warrant of the Mayor oni t a Treasurer. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, March 13. TUESDAY, 19th March, 1839. Resolved, That this Council do persist notwith stanttdng tile olljeetions t of the Mayor in its resulu. lion or tile 1Ln lmnst, authorising the Treasurer and Comlptroller to sign and the llhairmlnal of the Flnanece Commnllittee to countersin notes given to banks for tile loan of money ke. JOSHUA1 ALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to tile Mayor, March 20. IResol, d, That it be and is hereby permitted James Armour to allow to renlain the trees in front of the residence at the cortner of Magazilno and Or ange str els, provided he Ilavo a stoane curb placed around, eaci tree at Ilisa own expelnse, so ti.. they prove not i juriuus to the side walks. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Marcih 20. Resolved that the sunt of two hundred and filny dollars bhe and is hlereby appropriated to the cnOl tngenat funld, Slableet tthe ordners of tlih Il:corder. JOSHUA BALDI)WIN, Ilecorder. Sent to tile Mayor, March 20. Resolved, Tllat thle Treasurer p y to L Rodgers onl tile warrant ol tile Mayer, tile Snalln oL tainry doliare, for ri galng tile aiarm hell during tile six montlhs endingon tihe 13: insat. JOSHUA IALD) WIN, Recorder. Sent to tile Mayor, March :20. Resolved, That tile Trearnrer pay to P P R.ea oni Ihe warrant of tIh Mayor, til sumoo of two hundred dollars for his hill of printing. JOSII UA BAILDW) \Vi N, Recorder. Sent to tile layor, March 20. Resolved, That the sum of two hundred and 72 dollars and 50 cents be paid to Varnnrn Shel don on the warrant of the Mayor, being tie a. mount of his bill of lumbar for whllarves. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder, Sent to tile Mayor, March 20. Resolved, That tile spaces at the landings in the third ward opposite Nuns, Celeste, and St. James -treats, as we I as the spaces opposite to or at the rand of two whars a situated between Celeste and Nulls streets, be and tie samino are herebly xeclu. ieively applropriated for the unloading of boats ar. rlvinlg from tile western c untry. Resolved, That allny ordinances or resolutions contrary to tile provns ons of this resolution be and th same ale lhereby repcealed. JOSIHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Scnt to the Mayor, March 20. Resolve d, 'llnt the Committee of streets anlid landingns be and they are hereby inlstructedl to ro.. port to this Couneel as ear y as practicable, on the propriety of extending the ship landing along theo front aof the third ward as far as tlhe City of La. fayette, anl that suitaible wharves be constructed lfr the aeccolnmodation of sllippinlg above La. sou rsu .tre-. JOSHUA BALI)WIN, Recorder. Seut to tihe Mayor n arch 20. TUISSDAY, t6 I M rch, 1839. Resolved, That this Council persists in its deter, lina ion t, open said asreet eoniormnably with said law of 31 April, l,.3, anld hereby directs tihe At. tornley of tins Munlciplality to carry into effect tihe existtlg resoliutions and ordinanceos providing for tile opening of said street. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, March 27. Resolved, That the sumn of three hundred dol" lire be paid to John Gibson, for extra printing, anld publications made In the T'rue Anmerican Inewpaper. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder, Sent to the Mayor, Marchi 27. Resolved, that a Committee of three be appointed to confer with Committees of the first and third Municipaiitnes, and to devise the best lmeans Of car. rying out thel obj et of tne foregoing preamb!e. JOSHUA BALD)WIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, March 27. Resolved, that tile Coanmi'tee on sn'eets and landlings, are hereby instructed to report to tile SCuncil alit their next nmeetins, on the expediency annd propriety of paving the streets round Tivoli Circle, also tihe western part or lhalf of Triton walk fromn Tivoli Circle to the Canal of the N. O. Canal and Banking Company. JOSHUA BALDIVIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, March 27. Resolved that the Surveyor cause to be made, as p soon as possible, all the si e walks on Camp, Col- B liseum, Nayade, and Apollo shreets, up to tile limits i of this Municipality. c JOSHUA BALDWIN, IRecordere , Sent to thile Mayor, March 27: II TUESDAY, 2d April, 1839. An OrdinanCe, authorlising the issue of 200,000 I dollars--onds of this Municipality to the State it of Louisiana, in exchange for an equal amount t of bonds of the State . 1. lie it Ordained, That the Mayor be and he is hereby ;uthorized to ijooe, conformably with t law, luieds of this Municipality to the State of Loursiana, to, the amount ol'ttwo hundred thousand dollars ; which Londs shall be delivered to the 'Treasurer of the State in exchan :e for thie same amount of Btonds of the State, as is also provided by law. 2. Be it further Ordained, That in order to pro, vide tir thile puacotual paymenot of the Rontd author, t zeed to be emittedl by tihis Ordinance, a sinkin_ oued shall be established, and kept inl the Union Hlank of Louisiana, in whichll shall be annutlly de posited by tie Treasurer four thousand eight blund. red dollarse said deposit to he made in tile month of l)ecemcbcr of each year, uutil thie paymlent of said Uneds i and il trder to insure said annual payment to said sinking fund, thle reven:ue arising fromt the wharthge tax is leruby specially pledged, to the aUtoutllt of said sum of foutr thLousanld eight hundred dollars per annum, during twenty-five years. JOSHUA tALDWIN, Pecorder. Sent to the Mayor, April 3, Resolved. That the sume of one hundred and forty dollars be paid to Dove and Cochanet, oni tile warrant of the Mayor, for lining an oil cistern with copper. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sett to the Mayor, April 3. Rosoved, That A".d Canphbel be accepted as security for Jmune Flood, Ine the osut of tihee thousand dollars on his contraet for repairilng pav ed streets for the present year, instead of Duncon Campbell. JOSHUA BALD WIN, Recoerder. Sent to the Mayor, April 3. Resolved, That the Treasurer pay to C. Lemai tre, on the warrant of the Mayor, we hundred dol. luar, lier collecting tax bills fur the years 1836 and 1837, amountingt to $.4-,0I. 40; said bill hav ingo b en returneed by tile attorney employed to collect them,. JOSHUA BAL DWVIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, April 3, An Ordinance store fully delning the duties of t(' Attorney of the Municipality, and linitg hIee compensation fIr collecting. 1. Be itordained, that the Attormney of this Me. nitlpality shllall hereafter keep his office in some convenient place within this Municipallhy. J. lHe shall keep a Register of ill suits brought in behalf of the Municipality, and shall keep mi nutes of themr progress duly recorded in said ie. gistbt, Whlich Register shall be open at all times to the inspection of the Mayer. the Recorder, any of tihe Aldermen of this Municipality, and to the Comptroller and Treasurer. 3. He shall nlake a monthly report to the Comp. troller, of tihe condition of tie business entrusted to his care. 4. No suit shall hereafter be inlstitued by any officer of the Municipality; (except for fines) with out such suit shall be first satctidnLed by tile At torney, ., 5. The compensation to the Attorney for reco. vering and collecting moneys asid notes, secured to the satisfaction of tle Council, shall be two and a. half ps; cent. commission on all sume so collect ad, provided that in no case shall the compensntmor for any one suit exceed one hundred dollars, with. out the previous conent of the Council. 6. The salary of the Attorney remains fixed at one thousand dollars per annumll. 7. All resolutions and ordinances contrary to this, are hereby repealed. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, April 3. Resolved, That notes be issued to John Minlter having not less than ninety days to run, for thiirty - three thousand and eeventy-six dollars, 96.1011, i .ueh auras as he may require, msa;ag. itm saoutna due hin for paring, conformably weth tie eestif. cats of the Surveyor. JOSHUA BIALD)WIN, Recoret'e.m Sent to the Mayor, April 3. Resolved, that the Attorney of the Munici alit. be, and he is hereby authorised and required t.. take immediate steps to procure a dissIou ion qm l the injunctions obtained by Messrs Dwyer, Morem. son, RKeynolds and Bowdltch Saunton, against l t opening of the new street between P'ydras aml Gtir d streets. Resolved, tih t this Council reject the prayer of tie Memorial signed by L. C. Duncan, agent and others, against tihe opening of said street, said Me. meorial being unsustained by any good rea on, and at variance with the truthm-is in opplsiton to theI wishes of the pub ic, and a majority of the c ;.sl. ofpr party on said street; and lirthermore, ,i'tI not be granted without aviolation ofthse law tne rights of a m;jority ofsaid owners. JOSHUA JBALDWIN, RecCml,. Sent to the Maymor, April J. 1 Resolved That permission is hereby gram.',! to J. B. Blamlme, Allctiotteer, to cxttose for sa, ;lrldem sell by auction on the vacant ground with:: tihe limeits of thims Municipality, formeing part ,t tle centre of Canal street between M.lgazimu a wd I.,.. vee streets, Groceries and otlher heav- goa!. ind merchandise, provided that this permmissioe , .may be rescinded at any timme by the Council, am,,! that said J. B. Blehle shall conf'orm to the poleie me.. gulations requiring the side walks and streets riot to be encumbered to the inconvenience of timhe pb. lie. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent tc the Mayor, April 3. Resolved, That Arthur Thomson he and he is hereby authorised to erect a small firmeace and forge for the purpose of working brass and noth ing else, in Girod street N:s. 55 aundt 56, procided that satid Thomslon or whoever may mie Im theLec eupancy of said premises shall demolish and re matoe such forge, furnace and other works caomIect. ed therewith wlhenever the Council shlla ordee the same, or when the same may be complained o by ltho neighborhood. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, April 3. Resolved, That timhe Srveyor he authorised to deliver to Fire Co. No. 12, either tite enginet lately used by Fire Co No 5, or that purchased of Fire Co No 2, as said Co No 12 may pItIer, with the I use of the hose belonging to lire engl;. No 5. Resolved, ''That the Treasurer pay on time war. rant of the Mayor to fire co. No 12 two hundred do'lars, to enable theI m to erect a building to con tain said apparatus. JOSIIUA BALDWIN, Recoltler. Sent to the IMayor, April 3. MONDAY, April 8, 1i". Resolved, That all matters referred to ing Ctommittees of tile fnrmer Council av<s F e leave not mbeen reported on, be referred to i. sa e, standing Commtllttees of this Council;--, , i that all matters reterred eo special Comemitters I, i mmt reported on, be referred to new Coenmtitte a :o be appointed by tihe President ofthe Chomumn JOSHUA BALDWIN, Pm mIrler. Sent to tile lavyor, April 9. I If. IIiI, I . 'II jlll ýli l BALDNESS. SHE1TTIIFUI, head of hair ih the 1ramnclat orn Sment blongine e t, the Iumalin game. Ilowistmlnls ly the lost Of it clntetlTltl th nnt conttee,and pro; l IoRc' brings on i he ltp earance of olo age. wlll c d Be. ln." tot recoil at hett illltl.rert . o nl tad lletilont even to shl socieCty to avoitd tlhe tests fin eoars )t their nacquaitn.tan: the remainder of iltir lives are cot trquontly .pnnt in retirement. In short, not neen tie Ions of topertn fills tie t enerous thltkinlg ttit'.lh wih tlhat neavv . kig elo.m as donp the loons of :i hr. To avort all thete tpleanvnnt eirttnntttantee,( )ll'i, dit Ralhn of ('olnmoalin stpa the hnif from falllng of on lttp first applientiha, and a few bottles retonres it a ain. It likewtas prodlacrs evellroooo and alwhkrra; IprIts tte I' tair froot ttllinr gra, n atet tt enrl ltoollv, ott) frets it from teurt. Ntlnmernos certiricates 'ti te 6.t rospeerrtaility in stport of the virtues of lldridgy' Balm, are shlown hy the proprietors. " "' Read the following: - Rotwi't W Vhnrton, Finq. late Mnvnor i I'' I , has certifiei too inny hit* seen ltow, to th tea of ,he fitdolloaino entleen. 'i'lht nodrtogtieti do hereby certify t , ,<'l { the Brtn of t"i'.tihi . l."overed hv t have ftmtd it Itolti octritenttnltn' , ., against the falling ttifof hair, but also l . . ,r life. Methodist FMinister in ISt (l*,re 'an'.' . No iii NolIF ifth t. JO.iN P iNGtIS,"t.b Ailt, t JO)N i TH'IltMAAS. M it ID, 1 ;t J()liN S FI'RItf', I prt Si ln.onot. IIt n Ill McCllfIl)cY...ISmool I . JOtIN GARI),Jr, 1tl3 Arch o ,o,. It is known thatIll three of thevellove siwnrr ?n. than 50 ye..s of n., and Ithe tll' I not hl s ill ;Frm the 1,' . , Cou lnlounweaIl I) "" ' I ialessrs JP tolis~..t Iint ' I. tlttitert W trro. Ms .a' ' whosemanettts ar'lteined to. are olthtl'llttt"i (to l traottlr a '1.. a slac fnll crnolit oihoutl Ihe 11.'oe t Sit Witlles whit rloft Itlne her and Ioused thelt lnl of the city . , til fith dta of DtJcemtber, t e. I(.. . T ARTON %I ORSEIR\' thltIn each hottleo Ith utnin. sh. sendlid enur toed wrapper, on whjhich i rep; ." the Fill o. tiniera, 40e d SolI' .hoeisle nil retail hb the olea nents fir AIt ' rice. . F'liecbe, stl et, Ir r lnilten Lane, tie lotl Shbet .y Penral Pticernd+i Iby lllt trugll.iSlma lallll plfillsers tIough e11 lcnt'try.tttlrl itt t p J: tItVS & ANItliEt S, m9 W iholesoln Agents, New (Orlans. SORRIS \. ('o. N .311 Cha-Ilrans street, e no .1 rpeei~ing and opening the nleas *'lndid, s, staniial rnd Inehional le stock of ( t!ofhinn hl have ever exhihtltd in this marketr consisting i'. part of the folit, ingi atricles: bltoe 1lin bIcrk, el black, london brown. citton, ohl,e loundon amok. and golden alive rn ek and dress coats: heater, stable ano harrinlton frock coets, elegantly firni'ah edt fancy and pltin hlnck asrnimere and cloth tpantalunoe. enelish and french fancy and plin silk and pnain vests; real new matrketf comfnrts: english nld frrtllch ft.ncy and pnln s:asrfs and hdkfsl chltnn, , silks.wch and gnt elnsaidc srs pender: clthaotis, merinno, 1llmbs' wol, we ah flan. -nItl, silk anl cotton nt shellts nnd drawers; linot liotin andi cotton shorts, with liman hlasste, plain anl roffled; ivory parol and plain handla silk us. hrels ; l ' (roai'n" premium (lonver-also, hl.autiful artice of white kid, for weddlinos balls. ce.; Sprittleficld silk and tandana hdklsn: plain fiured anld embridtered Caotbre do; silk, Ilth a 0 wo0oll, mtrino, gernmantown, nltd brow an d while s olton hall hose; all 0of which they ,offer .ow ut. cash,ot Ito putuatl coustomettrs as stual. No.. %PECIFIC PIG ULI'lI'Iv: I., wtn? r *"lt'ril fZrom I11t1:Iel, h I. 11:,lSI:S aue i .r+ ,,'1,1IHIILIItJ.:A, ll.l,:l,:,,< ., F't <' 1'L'K Ii+. I1141, CA'I'ItF+ l~l 'l'111: K +I".¥YS, BLA/ilDDERt, IJIt:TII ItA p itt I L'.iIi U ItANII, .A I l iiI.,A4 E of thII U t 11Iti L I'1= .;I: , P+lAINS. IN T1l 111- I . LO N IItA VKI. SI"'+lLIAIlO A 11"I II.Al l . iierl ii.klll All tl\AIIt i iAIlI' l tll.hiIl lt" r ..... ttllt tl llt AtiiliIl lttll.,till: It fllttltttl +"I rl 44] (. r t 1' tt"~m -I A h 4Iu¥ 1 t ll tl t . llA I , .p,14 . +allA d I'th (..,i-r , ,., ,,1' helylrl e, t ilel t:, I, t( 11. ,: r II+ Ui. CIA y 44' ~A titit l,~ roit enn4t1ru i" . ll rI-'lttt ,,'4,'`" to lr , 1r to1 . ,n lu.r, ilAllt 1a 11ff l tAe u t r O1I 1 , I . .. I" , I prloIlltrlt titt m ,t Il t, I LL ot, i t l ltl.i' ll e " ' tlI'"!"" ' It, 11wt 111t A Ittyly . rlt'Itl i t t : lti, - 'l ' ulh :: "ll afItel r edl 4lhrr l itn ur 1 r"l, l u'"s fu4] J,] Iulll. ttl ItI'islte~ .t I dl "rlly " Ih g ,l4l.lll " uli1' o tII) tH"ll F-lt ,r tI' l + l,.,.uuu to dic m , - ol I va 11 fpr IEI " I lll 4"l s, l liI t tllttt l0. In ltlll u the .Yuel .,l. l 1 "l mt . ArrI:A It A II , m 4ll4 'l " rt- till. xnorl 1~4ld i ullll l ":444 h l 44lllt 4ll u·H* IIPA .... i Yr I '·" , + lll IIu ldrlr.l nl .I+ I ll.h llu llP+[ .t. II l , l~l r,-. ' At Ii I'i A. Ifi ,l, e'll n :l l r ll . l4l, l 414 lll4 llof Ir '. t 1 IN I4. t "ii PI th I i .ru ,ý ,I, I 14 y to s ,4v c I t ,r_ succ,"," : ftr ,,ll,"lln l l . rewur I4. -" 1 1144~ r:i i ,litt;l. , erP+,A tun-, S t· ptI l ,1eI ttt til t rl r ,p ttAAlv d I 'I -. . Ilitl 1. Illll+ ,,tlt' i.ll~ ilt a r ,7 A,,hl r I4g. ~l l, 'IfII" I Ali t '' ' unr Il i i. A "I lx x. presxrhed Yoh, n,l , S. ),fic .SluI ,I'l t,, .ever~d lp. tn . 1, to.+ ~ I+ . ... tr tr Di-.ltr1 , l.,A ,,Ad llly1 A tAnl, "441. ,, It, w"., alll4 l4 4rl4d iiim r., i hhft 1113nll lll 141 « lla v r l++.l+rI " 4i i,'r ., lilL( no l lrI r lg i lr J hlllh t snro. l lltl+: im r Yiv. "d, II . IIi t Y1 +I) ,'A"I r tA i ,+ I. i At t t 'llw llfy ill tlh tllla 'ItAAw Ilh,.pltx.' S II, I+J:t'r 1", h pmine=4++rille Vollll '++'-Ill,re+i+. I~lo t , 101111 ,,,'11.% ,+i- 1,' 1 .Irl l." Ur I r Url thrll ~h 1 rel- dlr) e, ; ,v' 'll . hs , i ,n ~! i 11. w r1.4 Curve i n flll,' Ira, im I htlll Ittl lladp rt. , '' 'Il ,.I r gII A , 'II ' W ilIlIIllr. AIrt lOt l ll' 1A Illt a ui II s ',+l ro44dI ... . ulmA'lll U lt I t)lAli All ,ltm,. 1 4 I ' llAd t I i t ld fl r l,t " itrihlt fur ellt hl lt tllllllti Il .4xt 4 ,4 II rrnl i+Pr i, 1:',. tt ittttjtý tittt I ttt1) cr fs1't.4 ' prti uuini 1 It i." , t l l t ' l II.+ a llA' li o I lou t r lrlrlca U 11Io I i, i A N 1 A'> llh. tw illt it , " , l i ,tl rtt ~ ,1t . ,Nt , Oaie.tI i ;" m ,ll ''|'+.·r:~ , + lf 1:1I~· II ~ lil) Illllll · .1 II uIL" 1,4411'r lO lltCITY pl II)· ý· l' a.l . !~i~l lI~~i ;.Ij)l I)IPI I 'I I' i~re . '1 III a.llII 1111(. 01 "l'1 t, .11(1 l~ l l~ll + I ,'f1 11pr111: a ll 11A. i '1'' Y I AI I.I·II'I1 Ie;Ir I, c St IT" till A11"·_ 1' l'l .VI' ~I$ I 1;~ +. I [.+.44"'4r11 Go, r: 4,·r-l \.i , tr 1 + lI p 1 uIII ,I ,,, I _ r ` l lli u4I11 + ,i,1+ tltl Illil, llll 1t, ,~' .I. .....l l (II·rolnelll+ tn *rly xhtsue+, x. that .ll pcr·n4IA ea. (iIt. • .i r ,'· ,, 1 ' Trl I ,' I l l hl Lt tIlltsIl.i flll] Vlr illl itio 1 .' - IH'PP tiT' .r OVlr · t()t .. l lllll l l I P I'a , If te114rl~n 1e e1 i" "' . rl.:,+ l,,,.p, ul e dhat rdeu4]l .1' ,4 }li, ruin ltl,, ~It·1 ll +,,,J i ,rL t ulll lel ;tltilll itn411 i trh ol." il lil114x llu , laclel 4 lillli hIt - IIII ghll lllx4 Il'l Igh I oi l 1A .44 44llll , d r1,1 a+%ull. nlr4 tI r:ll , lucL, umle4t , + III Al iu hnnr,, lllldp1p 151 :t.Orhj i ii .ril II l~llitv lll l '4 ,,,11 lp ufl d'c ile ll .+t'tfll: lltthl c i ixn , 8 i i( hlllcholIJ ,latl l l) Ipu ,n ,rri,, llto 114.r tlred|il sl ll| ri s ,i +lcl i l { +y'+ I ,l'l) ClilII+'Tl~ I.. I II"II"I*I ('E I'I I 1IUI.I+, r tll'lr ERll.l~ll"IY+.l llltl fiia III' IlF , I',IFIII1. ;tll.C h111 . l. lll, h A l-r -' 4,, cIeal mod l il Ir oo t s ,(II LII" y rIIIe ed : ,ll.. r l=. l"l1:A uiP+ ,r ig + ll lll,, llr' tlr , l rlir t ll" , th. I ir,'_', 1 ll ,,Il4 ltl+ I xi noI' "+ ll+'ll kt if' s, 1444 v+UP )i'I,,h u + lu~ ++',+* r+ , ' ,'% i+ m 'I " f .............. fl orul, -thl "n ..........Y4 u l llr · . ., Ill ....... . 1u 11'., t'" 1, 1(·). t l y t p+ l 'illll pU4i, llllt rurnth hlU'. tI(I .J ' x4'4 ",of Yrrn1 lssL1' milp411,4 n,,,' 411, 4441 v ,4 ,u, llyl -'l1htl.+r, c,', 1.014)'~ 4441 tw ree ll~ld inI cu - +,i ,N + ut+ rogl. :es lli- w II-h )II,·II, Bai .. Th , , ,,l I ml t:~ ,i " +I hlllu llt l '+hln urllltl i " r o I' II ) . lilllrlv ll4 ll4 Ull ll Ir 111,1 ,r11 .....II (hP P II+'I~IIII+1 ll~llll+l~ihtf+ t)i",lll~le bult wii ll..( llld nll d l tlutP . (1, ll the 1 lhlo heJ P op 4.J o " ,. .n h u lh jt ld~lil u lhllg urSueli Cull!r' I, i ar ]i rt.c+lrptld ;iVri OII ftH" .i pll+;J~l I. 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Il|l~ol:'(IIIIr Itl·ll 1'I. u rcll- ll llr by141 iillroll l till,- i1114 cumpitnl l ,iit \VI" th I'l-l 1'4! i ei turg r l..ill co 11· ltti· ll relsll tud ;ld lir' lu lll. r., .> . wll llI.Il).rvl~l~r~l~ll. 1lili >lllIilllil \t+.iikr~ll JI-ilJJ. t li bul..l, ,I,. 1 III ltlq 1 I. , l iif l thl . illltl i ll fhot nod l·E i. I~r u~lv.Ol., .im e toly ic l ·l~lell il. il h'll:* l i 0 .4 1)1· lii"P tli.+1 I" . Iollh l '.f'lll , !1141 1 rlly Ipir ll x1t'0ll 1 not "lyli melr l tr , ,d " r llt'" .liII[r : alln u., . l,,+t ll ll~ l lJ fi'rrn4!m ll [ i si I ,II tli.lli lh iIlr 4 l hl ilv 4 . i lat o Li l I i, - t t 1 3 I t, ', S u,·hlh y ,lltlI t l lllflC l, l l. fIleP ,Il, lll:a lls IIPIP it o ' hll.ll; - tgll mmblt i men, l orl , l x Illllkl llio r mlns. auidth, dr ll io4 fh r 4h l lri o. I t). , le ll. Jhe id I I of 41 ,4 own il .l , hs e d dr .,puirl, J i lll~~llltI~l1Cll I ll~lll"r.1t,~tll' t~i 1111tllll IIItd +'lldril ile+lh.IC1~il I.I- 44, ,, tlh l,.iltl), lil t, thltt tI elmT- fe illvl',,s lil ilt e a tir o' t14,r w +I l sit , 4 m-+t++ l. 114 th,, litv.',lil.+ m. ,,I llht4..rl,411,l ,1 so , il n Ih~s dllt ,olt l ye o l lu r ,tll v ,t ItllnlhtlhlP -,l , 4u <i; e I: lllllJ w l+,ll.i1,4r4.l,1', lllt +%+ll, n llk'.lig, nlrl- n .... ·Iil ,: l~i,'l~lll'll ;''l iy I +' tI)l~ l ]''i 'PII II lll%-.ihlililil+1~ h1 llll CI( r iu culrt Ir 1441 te sd I wtl+ +llllrlel ,,It a44,er tihe rt illl| 4', i4 , il lt I t ii ",Is, -rr t i -or lthr ilul* lll£1ti i lo e a lll 414 lt ; i .l... a" th c tll . I'rr 111141', m,4l( 01 14 pmm9 it, the hlltllfn i P44 - 4; h,, de.~ll o) [ 4ll .l . " l flilll ( 1 h Id ll Jr, ng. tlf r m 4= . 1 l , r hlllll ore vol? ,iti 4:ll t ir ll illa l Ilh l( ,' lilll illl4 Lto mnrl? wall d e 11" Ilotll ll lt ,*lt ll W tl It i I hil rl kurp l iitillii ,I,=?1IH.I Ite(J f(Jllhe.t*IO t~ledhyL..V ii L.lll drl·CII.I) ii U11 dm+ -T-lte .-14] o .,>. ,. I I.tlsl us lm wlhoseiltsr t ii . New1. . l , ",+, C" l I'"" I..r acelqipr~t + tIll.'l tlllld W l+. I 1. l~,..ilrll~y n· '+ral~rr .ali, itt'i onlcr lI* T lll rile I+,t.,h Ihll)l lhlll. roui , lillt ,.vr ,leor I . I h,44 r cld4t 1i teyti Ion fal rellv 'pe 4 e i ..r.h, ! , rll'r l |'llll to llle f ll llli+ loth lJ, - l ,Ilr utrhle rh ,i , mlm Illo d, ri lt l, nt'pli,1 1 th-r ,.= ,-h,.. uv .sing ['ru , 1toill "- tonfr 44 .y . it l or,l,lulh t 14, 11.41r ,_£!1" f 414~i , .htr l illd' iitsl 1, Ii!Lot IIi~ill, II i e ]i helt l. o t 1 Ix41 th.>tr hlmrn'at1 ee ~414 l41l4 l, hilolda r I ~il'.ct t Jmli~llttr (:trl; with 1u'h I,11) an rilr to ti le *+tihrr 41 ,14 luus ,lnrit le ~ t 1.uu fillliltnh~l+, --- - t4. illU~ kmg+,or it"' ll .i+ a w et tl. , xL i Nls.,l l tof,'h m 4l1l4t4,1l lrest ii. l'ran he to vmo l i nod u r ~ hatllh. ]m tl ,,, ,llll , holII 4.lqm r ,t~, iht lthou'; kl flte tlll|rill litl I ii dl~ the~ r em i v )il t o p I~tul I " t' ldi IIIe".) Th,,o ,Ii tr,ho rbl m )r*lir, fir/t -ol ill+ : ll ,,, t ey 111rr 4,r , r nll~lr,4y i um tlllr ill 1'm,qyn ',.m,r" 44, 1 4414",, the glrht" I.-+, T. Sthalt u d... ruu.mler . 1 w ~e.j L' ite ll.' ulltlmi trol . II' I :rw n [~ut n TliH pil. illillld by ill . l+ t~ IIPttc v - fI 11111 ttl 'lup ne u d l 1,t h +e oi tll hil , hl+ all ~l dtIev r to,, lp lu llit. elI,%'r 4]!.d a t l.+ill iii l.r ,I tuJl ocat u r e, ,I l . , dlil . Arl I hr cuIlll.% or t~.x14 1 tll,rv uutlO tl r,tt ''ll c I i tilil uttl sill,. 4141 h vw l o tn ul ~ 1hl -d ,a0 9i IgUar~l hut e Il t ok , Ine Orlall 1[+. h! l TIlE MIOSI' JIMPORT'ANT hIUMAN DISCO i" VEIY. t AICli.l N lurl ieCnlrl~. Ilir~t ~rL ia~ lcvr l d1Ilt ll lcr lFIIII(l f \·YI I )ll 1IIIFA tlTII ANDl, BEAUTYsllr* XRI Ilb· gb..l Ib'u' bl,,bp ,bi, Ia blubA.rlblb'beuer. IULr; a pi l , i. hw e~.I P.bibbb A \l'l Uo IRL LJ~ Cut I'III·F OF, lI r T O R,~la.i 111,1,T I GD I IL.\T H CT~a.~ CI 111.1*--~n ·1'1111111Ill pbCll llr brmsk L~1·1.;ll1 cllr l~llr i·I 111 b11 d1.'.bbb1III l'~lb.%.)Illbb( (0 ntUlll~o II ~~r llly Ile I~ln~ l~l, llll b..b,,l i l l ,,"' Pbll',, I'r lr l 1· 111 111·1 'di1· 11· 1111 Elb blb~lbTII 1 b,,bl, II.) l *~lr~i lil~ f,·11I\ ,ll h.h~: it. (li Ih.....o jl~n ,,l ,.I.i'.IJO)P1· L gd I P.,ti l~ jP.,d.,elllll*tl, ll~~.. l p. 11. t' o,, l m lell1111 l( 11 1I: i ' .11: 111 eg lll1.. 111 IllrI ll 1 I· lil l 10 11C ( hIp ...g..1. I yI1 ilell.rLL*I .eeellriteg· I~r~l f h. eg(e,,d. t '.qdu.t*It pM, .tth.'y Iii',.,,,,i9i.,Lfr lbt,,,,pe·lll o .,, .6 N.~. .na'llll~ o. tIILII i~ iCI 1b IIIFIdIT.., oldily p·OIepUi. he-p .BIhIt.I,,oI oII hi ibpl~u iii-.t-.ii,.thk oiiliei(te h1 ke-i.. p..*Illlfltlll i*1e-I 11. I SeW'' Nelltieeir lie.,., Pico Oil..,.:'''" `"" `" SA --I i It tot l- r AU.Ia * Uis Jserd - CINE. T "1ORN'S Clomnpnuse Eltrsct offopattaand Sar s 4i Intrilla -A certtin, sae, Iand Iosllt eletuall sImeII " uy ever diiiloeoreid fir tile curt of (Juoltothlem Geeets " Strietllut-s, Wilies, Ptiilln it tlli teiook •ilt aII.11sfll.i': weakness, affections kidnies, gravel, stiorbd. erulttirlns, c. In thell intrtlouewion o.f a medicini, postleiltingtle sth anil active virtuel of the one now offered to th lMOiliiSr tie proprlietor ls but to refer to the iumartialls reh. Ineth atiol reeiveiol roa m ll tot tost emilmet of the m ime' l.HIt faculty i IEnllllltr, blievir-lg thlt it will be dif Oltrelatied wheieh a i iirIith e airech e rfully koon. 1m Ioloiamof Cupeiiba, ni eleirniely ate d,pte lostmun l ,tf its croedit troi tlie tdistike wiliel patietsn iorllmerl~ exireioll Ir.euldlll i s dimogtreea.he tir e, t.elmrtlf itd erplrei or hc I h, tooli, iodI cing of the Itellrctinl, oeetI ILge thI lhel IIte tHtI etllmiliel tMlId Itledy le muai 4 e ro(llluriet.inI atl In os.tuell tllnlliltliered iin the It.'eet slate. The tou icel cil elite aOmltliitaq gl'icnlltls whiclh ae in the iigtheet reprute nmo.tiue iost slientific ai lelraried , lheir ptlfe.rion. All-, d sr. ien ti el nn 1~sioel t" this lltlrloittio InnHremes tti.d erliotey o the otler, ie odeing i, operatlo tru tly 0ewl. Uishio., and ill siitiic mOst stguitKl. er cnllatimI pioauesing it the sme e e i te dist vamite of it b aeigi. lodite t . ,ri ll.. I, rT n exetrit . m ii ocegec Teugapueiib yaie ,e pil ier giottu ofeait' ioi-ioo-tl tdin, tiii ItSetim y tot pl'In I',lyl IIL ooi, t )i Ahatetl ill li ui:tal i.dlctii.i oi HI l iii olistitute ultrttl(t GnsmlIIian ..iil Iii roi t . do roi t,-'til siiat oiithe ltigetl tfulll tia$ii tit, I g been 1.,u c . ,1 el tranrdemiry ouEftEtic in everal rv sr,o,: .i.. .i ýc,;r, Ie," ido Hlllg it boht in thei 1),he ptl rle lrit . 1ipratice. riicr l etmeC liotlll will .i " lsel ell I.e.[dter-. I're lcl-ed Iy t ii T ell, Chlmist Lotllloi. I'ric 2 50 per tlo t. TF.''I tl)i IAtl. From i\ II Slmoaij , isq, It ys, it.tGlnh tot dtl:. St h'l|llnas 1los it:l , od Iv"_' -i .r nit A tton.e ,'. 1lTe Lriai whcti I liae IHta:e ofgyouor mrepieItion in -' vau.ivm i o tillen, ultll m il e oii feutiei ia itreolms IIard so hi.hiy luourabule, thit I uo not hesitate in mpronoucilgl iu one of thoe nostl v:uitllle .id el iout remei~or e\te u fitred to Itoa tiulbio ni ote i wlbich Irolll eprilEl.te I lrtn caretr ilo relane, whilst it nrtpnllcliCD tile splnlr lllnplrnslt tf etti ucttnllj" ex-. ieelri f ioni ttit oos alllmiia. lreo nlu II IIywoll i 1,I II IUS, Pihyiaia. o o Loue -t I Ikte gl c:t lesllorl iul llillt mi te-timnoy tlo the - sieerts uo fllt tIl:elo. ill ll HSif e reooltId lor thei Lote l l IcI l |{ .;. L rlllll tt . t.Il il. in l st ih .o.reld tIe in ite alittso Iuou Prom 111' O ".oprr, 1' It9, SIuigton to Gutta lini T'hse sfiot nestyonhs, t hrl h hpiesor ld heie urPl ttils anelo y llti oltootll ile put i a 11 en - atlor s wil tuot beu nl to trult t iri e at MsteaIieacitr e Ur seell at wle h \ai, nls fueent p) et rilel rl Iew you eio Ouer rutuoble tcu-at--ionhc. FroSiir i A Cooper, It S 111 ' iIs S, do. its. ~irung benstney ulitir it- oui Exit-ctio in secetis cae ou violenit friim uines o liietiravllhithert espeeiatl ole ri- llo riclllu Oit tO initult erit iy , toesllng fo nil sitetade hiet) cutrsnt o nteete yo it, to ot- tew as I Teeltomialt ititot thould Insoe tiusit iioeoitai meypren lice bo tihepdic alrd tariate recommend niih slt ut 0n Firom G W ltair, M I ), Physician lo Guey's I The strict I test whiteo I lticl your medicine nnIotI II Iyp tie tOltS, c ities uillaltesulllsless thus fir, will ,oite IIef tto l-rseere- i- its use, olloc ii ilem it but an act ofj.liCsice nd of htil) to still tai feeblel esi tiO littl ineomuni.IeiiltiIiiii of i s ttirtI.S. FrIoum L (C Thomipsonl , .l ]1) 1F It S i.. SUlrceill yll ii-y -i-..rttk thaollri t e roIlito le pre Selrs tilltu- Elitut If rilte c lre of GrllOrtele, utua. t feel yr.leld than yeela hate at taol biocg i mlicicei colt use P hice wlitt iroe tl esielitrum oMg soughtftor ill e riliecim worllu -ai I ctrlltl, s eetle oi eltectul oIurs in eoesclf the tll tltu, lauic. it otitir-ic megllalt pleasl.l WVere it nuecossary, ite proprietor ceutlI here furnit-h malel elmlor, elstlnotiias nittll. ..ticolllleillntoilcI i5h tbot'; hot ti-cthl tol ilagreeot Stlocest1ilhetlo the ears &ecpentste a which it hsboo tlciit tpiriedi, ill i.-oteits geruteirrt-. leolociitiitl uitto1g u dise-recitg. pIoblic. Oute I-etniiitiiteuiato this preprtiolution rojoys above oil others is it neat, pitletal o utorm-jlt fll iin toiti-Il in cto lich it moc he ttke, hei o botu eahsys au Sile.i :m-itis 1t-stel nturer with io eticsltliont in diet tiihl find this medicine highlt tiseul, c1 oulght stve vantage i ick tl.U loiiii treseeonog c li.wi a Acclolt tuvittg the ll i. lioit is to ptirta .|let exlssll tn.' o tie iflet-.rt stligee if the lisetse, without a.y extla cihrge, coitainiug rlilt anI iitl diieliens. lotrle hv SIUi(l.I5S & (CO car t'l" i-[; Cancl street. • ,i'ti -t . i Ut IlIt:r e t i F t.IEi I T ." ' IE KNOW tht heailii and the ability to ' labor, constitutes the wealth of the great mass of the peop'e in this, as in m at other coaun tries. 'I'o presoere, therefore, tllht health by nitun rn' mean' is a gr ind, moral and palitical soheme, to fulfili which, requires nou ttmost attention. The unprecedente . popularity and universal ap. apprbatlian ashich this medicine has achieved throughout the United States, the Canadas, Texas, .Mexico, and the West Indies, fully justify Dr. Peters' in warmly and conae entiously recommens ding them to the special notice of the afil.,ted, Peters' Vegetable lPi.l arre t c saflest moat effee. tual and ecnemical remedy for disease,* ,: 'IS human constltut ah -'atl .. e, a .. I Dr. Peters, the inventor ofa' ..ilita' " ..+ si. cine, from his knowledlv of t., derived from a long ant .,~.~t, prsrti. u, arrived to t in conclu .sn, tii':t the great and pfi. iary causes of most diseanes is a derangement In the functions of the liver, or Lin other words an in. croeaed or diminished secretion of the bile, So well is thits understood, that it is ermmon for persona to say when they reel unwell, that they are hiliou', meaning that they have too much bile on the stlmannlc On the other hand, when the flow of bile is diminisihed, tih procses of digestion is imperfihctly performl di the patient becamesaweak and emaciated, becausse oatirielinient contained in the food taken into the st,.macht is not properly ex. tractel, and the food is ejected in a crude stats. Dr. Peters is confident that the famous Hygenn 'Theory, ro called, that, "i impurity of the blood is the cause of all diseases," is a great allasrdity0 Every one w' . reflects on the subject a moment, will erceirve lhat imullril.' ofthe blood is eaneon. da y not a primary eotuFaint-the nfllat and not the causo of lsseons. When the funatienoefthC liver are dlrnergcd. anl the flow of bile imreaosed it iu ofictn tlakenll up by the aboua ent vresels and carried intn the eirl:ul:tllis, and becomecl minage4 wi Is the blohod, as ItI j iludice, when ite patient shouns it in h;is ciun enanee. Now this ilnpuoity al blood ia caused by ass increased Sew of bile, antd to re:le y it, you Illnut correct the seceetlee1 of the live , aild restore t toa Iealthly state, Dr. Peler* has spet'l tilllth ,ime in experimentl ing withs vigtalb e umeds.lnes, for diseases of the lmvea ; and olwl ufarse his Vegetables ill-e nis the best, m llt I lenls.nve nt, and sheiapet used,. coanl tha;t cani h preparerd tin pglterall use. Dir. l'oters II ,ttrs hiuselfwtst his long capea. meIlll.nlig woIs vegetable medicines ha enabled hins to discover the truae and nlly substitie answeri.g ali the puriu.e a eal at mcre.i a withloet any eof their Sattl diat evils. One great quality of hli vegetahf plla is thai they hav cte altnrative prinoiple man. haud with their est.artic, or operative qnultiies, so tll.t they not only cleanoe the stomach aind i bowels by p;srgosg, but they regulate te liver, Schll;nlg tIle sourbhd s'creltionst, strenkthens the dlcsliver ourans, psuridy the blood, invigorate the reuletlaon, an:s give toie and energy eUtthe1 vous sysites. . T'iny ae mild alnl pleasant in Iheir opor'.le all oIvey lneLst itsnmscdiale etmrviien 0d ', . milily Ifrom sthe tfirst dol.e. They can bt' s.' wllh stliti.t by Iersults of any age ; and the feebl. the infirme, theu ervcus, and the delicate, are at slrnglthenil by their operation, beien. they ele.s itse sy.s.te of' an d huoiusrsi , qusiet neplrus irrlta.. hbilvy, aid invari lbly produceat mand healitl. The VTgeli hl P'lu uare a sure resn.e. ie j ca! .s dice, sick and not lcs headchl, dy .lihsTceoticd. anes, bisiers oft, e stomnlael, hlserthuliit, y bhlts eoipli.ists, fevers of all ksdsi, e.nd if tallnp at te comnu eneceumnt .alll invariably chealk ,nt pro. 7 {gross, ad savae the pattunt Ircum a pretrPoaed n dangesous sackness. They are invalatlnjn R s n, nousad hypncondrical aflyertiae, -los. 'pi .P site, and a I couplaists to whkic frlsnalet s.ncklC sutljeel. They operate as a mild and asp ul/erei, and are a sae cnId curti.ns rm udy for w.,Fm ,t chi dren. Sintce 1 have introdneed my Vegetable Fill to' the putsIse I have nreieved lniotrwca eartit.Ael. of thir ruperior effcacy i,- curnr dalPsas, L" 4 manoy letters' ret sell pre.|lyiens to duh)s.s c + have uneed them in their practise ud asucess. i might publish a enepll vusiq' r but coenid, r it tisdelnaryceau s i reio u,,ts ,nd intsat t who wi 1 'ir TIne arapye pils, are ins bu s., bum5 no pill each. S Price, 2S &.- s4o is pht Sat Drugge.-t and eouutty Itmhalpeiso 't pled, is tta lans e , or retail, at Mr paI' 65 P.-ydalhoeret, bet amii tl. 4a )1;l as

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