Newspaper of True American, April 15, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated April 15, 1839 Page 3
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o e N-U R C whbie es., V' oilm l d n !-sow landing il.m hips Gonlo "4 llsos,l klee· o Unlon Cempnny white lead . eO I.r. muo 6100 keg. Lewis' PtiilIdelphik whlint S r. nllsn Liateed oDil of.'cfperiur quality, it W EA&U DE L. 1 COMPAGN1C D'INSU. *RANCK DE8 POMPIERS. . De la.Nouvelle Orl8ons, B Preoientatt Diraelars de Ottte I(titution, enitdeclasedu e jour, un dividendo do dix ear eoald capital ddjh susuacit. Payable aux Sous. auerptsura ou lear Reprouentans, our on aprea 1s heit courant. Avril 1, 1839. 1 Ii __. , I[. TRACY, Seerdtaire,. TT' .,for mae by ti. .) JIl8EY, "i" 41 New Levee NR gMAGS-4o0 bales in sto far sale by . .se . )G 11oRtSE, 40 New Levee FURNITURE! FURNITUREII "TUOT received at the Louiieina Furniture Ware ' J house, a large supply fonm New York and Bloe a.T Pedosp in thr wan of furniture woutd do cell -a 8Stl,. selectaheir articles irmn one ,, thfe and aeg stocks now in tie city. V IR CA RNES, S153 Bienville s N B -Particulr sttention paid to packing and ship ,-l·Psiere,beesporefpene. d,-.-2w TO' COUN1'RY MEIWUIIAN f8. 4 HIOOD auwatoent of' sehlol and miscselanenua 'losoks. Also aosppls ot Bluhnk ooks, writing dltleor Palser, Quills, Ink, & te constatll., on Iand sAfre. len o guSiudiure,, by ALEX I OWA It, ait A 49 Comp at Ti6BIE .NCHI & BAR OF ENGI.AND--By the a udmr of Random recollections of the Lords and ,Cm .msl dthe reat Metrolpolic, inl2 vols. Ma ulose and other tales of Ireland hy W H C.altnl , uthor of traits and stories of the Irish pea vtilltvols. Justraceived nd fr sale by A IA T'OWAll, 419 Camp at S t- 0 O.A'rTE-0 half boxes receiving fro u Boos . u per ship C.lumbhiana :, d for sate by SHALL & BROWN. 91 Magsazine st ! DAIH.RES1- 50 bhoxeas permeandle.s just recei ed slsipOrlesno. hirsute I,y SHALL & RIUWN.96 Magazine st Td IhMiTEa'y spetling hooka, copy books and , 1l4 D FELT & Co, 24 Chartres at ERM OIL-30 casks winter and summr m -rained l. p - maOil, for ale by I BILDGE(iE&Co, +peil3 134 Macaio-ea at .peii2 2 134 Magazine at ACON-15 casks hams ain sides, for sale by Ld q20 1 I ItRl)tE, i:4 Magazine at A 8CON DES-150 ocsko Ciritaoti cured in atemro, for mle Iy (i DlSYEv. peil t 44 New Levee , l'm aes Ih rtler bot laming ra, .ship Uia J~1 ufor saleby SIIALI. &L BROWN, S0 96 Mgaasine street byT, D HIiALL& DitrOWN, ael , 96 Magazine el " AUMIII-.-to0 bales No I. Iussia, landing ti2om s hip Galon, nd flw sale by ioli 8IH 4'ILL & It1 OWN, 91F Mugnzine ot CITY DANK. New Orleans, 15 March 139 "18 aLnk wi t purchael es.ho ... n lstolan.. A .i ItJIFAI.FKI+Y, (:Cshliim CIT'IY IANK." - New Olrtelens. IS Marclh 11139. ( Slls Institutson will purchase bills of exclhnge . an tte norur ml t R J PALF.rY, Caslhier ¶ YALLOW CAND.IKES--ltel) boes moulol tallow i Csadisl, firqie by I BIDl), & Co, mar I2 134 Magazine tt ( LA -Jos- t loding Ftdmllom Pittloburo, an asortlllnt -af Jarst, Vials. ud Windo.w (Glses, at wholesl e ataedI-.s .I It)ONNAIIEI., mesi Cor of Natchez and 'TI'lnlit.olas ota ARKIELS-300 Molasses barrels in store asnd tor silh by L. H AL n, N_ i s.s in totre, fur sale to .sp sl O AIIAIIAM lTIEIKI, 3i (iravier 0t OAP-Boston No 1,-2.111 boxes in store, for sole If ABRAIIAM lRIEIR, apirily 34 Gravier st o INE.E ItAN IKEKCIIIEl'S-l dto o bea n. atJ f wlorkasahip, sent An a trial to tis market, I. spiby AILA t II ' rltIIIt, spril 2 34 raier cat OPE-415" coils ior sale by I aolri2 A TRIER.Gc (enviert oRTh .*. T .KLLIt'N OWN IlOliK 1 Comly's Grammar-Lesle's cokety Ilohnur's key to Telemanque Ponrnc's French spellirz luook Eglishl Ieaders, half end full houndl Wanoatrocht'o French Gramuar W'ule'. Wsnhinhttocct a 9lMrice WF.wll'e medlcal et ctclli lll IaDll's arnthleet ic--l tl the nerves Lady're Ileldan pockel Iuock U|lletalllh t |u.die:l p.,ket ho,,k Mason's farrier--'rockelnt', tong book iHnle'n Inited Nttes. A new and Iorge snppy of the above works just re- N invetl and oene l lir sale on gpodl tryro n by tqdn9 A ''owat, 49 Cccl tj ct .OFFICE OF THE FIREMAN'S INS. Co. or NEW onI.EAS. A TT. moing of the nt.ekhohlers of this inlntlttionI on the fir.t instant, the fotllwing gentleen were duly elected Directotrs oftltin instittion : Georlge Iledlrd, RH Irunet, Anthony Parker, L Spnagenberbg, Jcens F Ili.coe, I Knettla. y I;itlinghnm, yen. A W Hianc., H L Bennett CF honey, J N Hlawthornt D yeiesic, SaNlmel Stewart. Audit a itnctitng of the Directors held on the Eve ulingg obthe 24d instant, eogeo Bedford was elected Presideqt. D 8 Woodruff, Insectot of House. Jtmes Stocktoo, Inspector of Veseels, Bolnt, &c. aml jd E iracy, Secretary. april 4 BIIEt Dli E lA ctUMPAGINE D)'INSURANCE I DES POMPIERS, le la Nouvelle Orleans. A LAn.,mbet.edesSouutcripteurs de cete Instilu sin, ten i s premier curellct, lee eoususconect, temat e. DUnecteurs de cette Co!npaguie :- C George Bedford, R H Brunet, Anthony Parker. L .uetMarbeg, J F Bisnee J KiesTee. i Wc.;tingham, sen A W Haines, H i. Itmcntt d C Hoey, J N Iltinwthorn I S Dec, S Stewarrt. A L'4wasmblm e des Directeura tonue le sair du . se ode counment, George lBedford etait nommb. President D S Woodruff, Inspecetur des tnainus I Stcktors, Inspecteur den vaisseaux, etc. Ameil 3,I4i8 ELh TIACY, t ecrblaire BW jS. L4R1D)aFtd PORK--150hhda Cinetinati - oa and ."l. Shuderb 9SW keg irst quality Lard lHtbrs Meas Pork. for suls by apt . STETSON & AVERV, 8ot nravier st AVANA 4VGAR--7 boxes HaIvan whitesugar ,40do do brown do lanniug, for ale Icy ' M S t JP WHITNEY, 7 Camp st - SPLENDID LONDON BOOKS. Will S.rc b Seel Ekrraeange. 'LTON'8 Paradise Lost, ilustranted by John Vsm of she Hinmalaya Mountaits. in India. Rhnt illtatuted Topography of London. SIniuO casete library, in 5:t vols. olar dutasure-PFlora's OGems The k of tRotatly-1-re daome de Byron Atrewe t'eanesn in lower painting. linsa Ualsy--Ths Indem by Mnis Shoridnn. S d "o"pler Hnng, bjkaofTn diea or'rcle ol uoeful arts. tk4 epety ofsplendid annuals, alb nd works literatle. E JO)INS' r C,. n rS € i Charles and Connon eta IISI8KKY-.6-I barrels hbiskey, landing from st ollmar.Fsoiler, ftc sale by LP STrTSIa N & AVIRY,88 Gravier st i I.EEDOIL-43 eahk r ceivitg fron New York Ldm iarpissauppi and for sale by S"SHALL* BROWN,9 Magazine ni J-t landing from Homer,fur sale by i[4 ABRAHAM TRIE, 34 Girvier st MISO AMS-2 boxes, ding fr E ateamer V " oasertI.orale by ABRAHAM TRIER, apt 34 Graier s LItAtil BRANDY-IO harnels old peach brandy, .. ' "READ & BARSTOW,7 Rtnk place iCOIOLAS NICKLEBY--Nos. 7, h and 9: alti ithliestsiniot in one part: wih n variety of eeylaletwting boomks,just reeivned fRr .ale by ml . A TONSAR, 49 Camp et .IgANa' ci.iTHOUItAPHICU P'atlTIU.i ilto .V VICE, 53 Minazine sireet, opposit iBanoks' Ar IGEEE.NE taken pleasure in announcing to his rtsr. me.hadbiociti.l of New Orleans, that lhe has at ,fa bh Linhogrnph) on n par aith copper plate . .sad frm tIh failities the art has over copper egt uhtin .. can emaante all ordere entrused to t h e elpene of engraving and nearly as a. type printing. . wishitngt ieulars sent out in thdir own helsedtrihg,ean hore say quantity at a few hcurs ltiplea they t will enoeeutnd fr them in a heontiiul tIe%,nokeu bas heetai. ore given eneral satisfaction eJqbrnmQs mopsula c spusememassn houses in this n . . ttme bramof hrinvmg Viititag or tus-i ie CalidS obs ijheest mnonir, will do well he tlulig at hontbe onap s pecimena. P 1{-*-h I e ly executed, and circulars, peiam5 at pns hue' .w 1 TLLUSSTi ATD ndilion of Jame on the Passion, 16 Mmonitu e Mthow, Ceomsrdian, by Mrs. saltewe, In # vol. jot received and tore nb by mar23 ALEX TOWAR,49Csmpo: 4IIUN M -IMl thes 20 bushel gunny bags, UG J IcwA E 4 o. .Pd . rsta "' 11 J TIIAl'E i no, 74Poydn street it.' I DEPOT OF CELEBRATED WINES. ONI'TAN'TLY an hand and regularly supplied with tie mol cel]ebrate Wines, wearrlnted pure 'mported, Cordials, L,ondon Beer, &c. S RHENISH WINES. Oldest L.eietenond .min Wine; tkilhlurgerr Our L.anIy'e Milk; Jlhaormio.lergCr, Ittdnheimcr Mpnrkling Hick; )lom Ilock,'of 18.25 Hiokheigner, 1827; ManreoloriltnerI tiraefenberser Nrerenateita; Rhenilsh wine gltlomes II)RDEAAUX WINES. Chlatenu Morgaoai lt Chntleatl Laftte; I.arose L.eovilte; Palmer Margaux Sunarior 91 Julile and Sr lF.oilien Sr Eoleiplh and St Ju nstt, e atceleal table claret A few ilalflungheoans ol.S Jtlien Medoc WIITE -WINES. Hermnitage, Senterae, Barena anid Graves i)EbErLo WINES. Genuine I.unel rand l'roignan Muscat CIIAMIPAI]NE WINEd. White and Red, Sillk'rv antd til do Perdrin tIIUKIOUNDY WINES. Romannee, Chanmberlin, Clu de Voogeot Nuils, Sparkling Ilurgundy ler 18 E GG --4 bbls landing from steambloat St Louis, for sale by ABIIAHAM TRIER, ar I8 :3t tr-vier Pt T'HE sulocarllalS t olelr llo w eulune tle follhwing goode. HA'Pr--lo0 eass mleskF silks, as sorned aie.- anoi brimns. IlOl do beat No, I d Io 100 do d, Noe do do 100 clsea last No 3, assorted ireo anld brimr. 2' do Ileaver, a sapariur artiele; 50) do Fine Nutria; 51) do Elxra do 200 do Black anol Whi:m Russar; 5.10 ldo Extr Blacek 1101 do Muskrat & Coney Isrbroad and narrow bnrtoi for Loen nld l:aonlltry tnrde; " da All ranks ofrilitnry & nanll Clhapeans; I nI CIhildreno silk saId rallni lInt, all slzes. Cape--Fnr, MUer, fja Rene, Xsae, aaLanr rl, and nar Seal, oirw debren eaear. Cloth Clnp--Pickwick, Pulish Avril's hat toope, one1 'tO u F,.eret,IForage, Military unldris, In, Ieathler lkltaging. hillmrn's Fancy 'I nlrklas, Plaid and VoIvet Caps, Freell pnlterin. Stoks--Snnln, ilk and Bombasine, of the nearest eIvlrs. Umlnbelllas-silk and rottol . Military Plnehieas, oiled silk. Silk Iluldlkerchie--lIonlgeer nl SpletwlJlll. Blltndil)el for hlatters, we l cres, douhle flr dry gonls. 'Phio. allllvn oel s a Ina lpriae e a mos enck, ond all of lle nltfellstItlnno , andl will lie a not ie a sell ad vnlll, with col anlld charies on New York prices. The lll,:ritlers will lake erdera for luollhern, western slid Teirlan nrketls, fIn hr lhoane ofA II lniesip & Co., Hot Manufacturers, New YVork, atd at th ashortest iossible notice. (erman and French lusahes IIunoglht. (GnSIPlrl & CO., Naval, lMilitary, and Fashionable Hlaiters, Exchlange Hotel, novl4 St Charl. ss -'I'AIliCtI-1Ill loit borxe, lalnding lfron ship Char t lernlgnenaud for eall Iy roar t0 S l4tI.1.& IIL Rr N, 96 MIllag.inret I O(AF SNUG.R--vcrinoa tuali iUen, e,lolllnolv itn L Itore and flr saleby SIIALL 4 IIILItWNE, mar 29 911 Mfgazine at IATCIIE.S-A large inxodoI j o receiveao and for iT,1 eah bIy ,SIAI.I. & iIUIW N, u Or :0 96 Magnzane at .UIIMEIR CIOTIIIHING 9 Iraen, copnlriilng a clm phriee anarnaorlltet, landing fron shipt Columniana too riae Iy I Blt6lltE.1 & (o mair 23 _ 134 Malnazine .t f) I:IArIltoINI'er Neow Englilo Iclionlnary, eon. I dhate ill flilr nioln, tie nale at sltboariploln pnrice by WtM ae IcK AN, Innar 2:t rnlnr el (amp naln d oIn sisce SIME' JIJlIC'l:-' .is lnd 31 demijohknof this anti' Socle, 1iure nod onl'entralte , havl e blnlle Inlc o it, irted niy ll enloollbocrilwr, whio will oliIplio ofn it l ao( IIIditing lneros. H ItINNAIIIl., mar `. cur Nather. and 'I'ehnpiloutull tsa E - XCIlANF ON I1o'1tIN--lie rle toy illur2: I lIRIi)(E, 131 Mngazinee t I'ERIIM CANIII.KLn--t. Ihnoe 2td ilnnlity sperm SCoanldlee, larlding tuom nllip I:olutololno, for enle by I BRIDGE 's Co, lUar 23 13:4 Mlnarzine. at ATI'c'IT NnlVe:I.r n-Me- irn e ol'Ciarlee Mat. I theows, the onlllnlnell, liv 9lho ilahews ill Irotels. T'le looIok oi tlo Pthne ilonnio, Ibn Jaono,o wilth sphnodlid Captain Kyd, thle izadnl of the ea. hy professor In. grptlinl. Anld othel r nooveoli'o, I Jt IHN &. Co, mtn e, Sc t Chan lee and Commainon tan I INY--5 ranks plurinr delll banhy, landing from. Cu., Ins, flar whlelnaeiio rolll rotaly no'7 IH Il)NNAlt I., Thbnuphtooontla Il1 JUlIL -in eanks, Incdinao iA .i7 II ItItNNA I.t, Inehlnianlltols 0 it i11tN ellI t-k1.a ip.nrinro ('Cineinnal nl Ir*d, ill store a d r l' hny ts. t-o IR Y', mar 7 .. New Levee O\Int)IN (itrwe oout and Porter, of dir ct import. • liAi(il, fotr voille· by Innr 27 IEA It & ILARSTOW,''(' 7 linak Place NIEVW ORLEANS AND NAS'ItVII.I.It. Rl1. ROeA) CJnoMIt'.NY. NEW AlIRANtIKMENT. I rl ll I. onnltooiive will leave le llieot it tle flool tl I)lilnnt Iletlrn II .4. IM I.2 . ." " 41 " .P' A (nr oir private lnrliC., IWrlvihd Ite nllolher aIltlilllln, a ill be i doWlln the rua dll n one day ' evloll' tic A.we. j1 2, 1.19 J.\S I1 CAI+I)WEI.I,, I'rcaidellr. 101.OlT'S PA'INT FiIE ARMS-Just receivpd -' per shitl Misisoiop i, fhoat ,ew York, a iarge as a,trth.:nt f I'atent Ititla .and Ilt liatula, for s.le at uer 28 (i)SSP & Co. St 'Charles Ilotel itUG(.-Just lading tru.a Messinr, a suppi t of almond, Inller and sweat liqluorice root, lime 1 jtritt,e nlle lt I Ilrrlllrg llt es ner l ,lle o lelll juice, hemllp andlcanary setls, mllanll flIke, mud slllH, CllialrideJC, ii brilnatone, orallge tllowlel water &c, for wholesale and V rtlail in store ol II HONNABEI,, n."J 9r Na', hez & Tl'ehonplhouilan at - SEW I.AW ittKS-Edae's Clmucery repoCs, . Y viclutesw ia onlt al, l ae.ddii,.tI suppy v tof Chlittv'e crimtinal law-Ste.ln'a oi pleadi.g Br;k. elllolughl'a replorts-Jtst received ald Ia r tale tby .li9 A TOWAIt, 49 Ct'alllp t w E l)ICINEi -A full land larte stpply .haeditinea nt Silltoete. by the subscriber frllt turpe and tile t Northl, eatarlthtl"ta loand,and for sale to oun.ry 01 dealers arid laastera utllte lowet otrllls. JAIlVIS & ANI)REWS, mt129 car Canomnn & 'Tehllloulito.latst I ICE--90c aske prile Cuardina rice, latding from Sschooner Blaclk HIawk and ter saley -h mY7 I'I'HAI. R, & Co, UNNY I1.G+;--`25,x1+0 (Gunny Bags, '22l-2 and 3 bushel sizes, in ilsa aai btundlca, for ale by miar9'2 I ItID tlE & Co, 131 Magazine a a itEACII iPlaying Curds-Jusl raceard iram New Yrrk, a Iuli grnoe ol very au prriur double head (Cardsa, fur sa. by dozen or craee by DAVII) I ELT & Co, N V Stationers' Hall, april3 24 Ctarttes at fTALIAN S.i" g'iik--One meait bale re.I hiii ' U aaewingSilk, furale by PEI'IEIL LAII)LAW, a altil I g6 Calmp at U Lt-iT 0 Eris superfirea ,ttttt i lte, it st-rea F f.r sale by (i It)irSEY, april 3 44 New Levee I UTTEt-1i0-kegs auperiar Western Reserve ia st rtat, fie sale by G. Dli tRSEY, april 3 44 New Levee G UNNY - AGS.-35 blae in tore fb r sale Iv' .prl 3 G I)ORKEY, 41 New L.evee S lIIIirNG--l5 bairts f Jackson or India Ilead ilbiriags,lor sale by TKETSON & AVER:ILY, tprdl 3 88 travier tot SIu ald lavatna COFFEE -3tb bags Rio Coffee, I afpriame uatlitv. Also 6l) I bags Havana tau ir sale oa iavurabla erae ill lots t, suit buyers. Apply to STE'T'SON & AVEAY, april 3I1 88 ;ravier at W IOHISKE'-0 bilPis, leading frolm seai boat V laranron,ftr sale by i tnil4 A TRIEIR,34 Glier a t JI OULI) t;ANIIA.EX--1t5 oala asawrted sizes re Scived truaIn l tall la pr aili Collebinallua and or sale by SHALL & BROWN, at25S 96 Magazine at V A I ArE IEANS-7 brlt hliag trao .t Vatsdalia, tar acle bty ABILAIIAM TRIEil, aprl I 34 Gravier st WI'SDOlttM AND GtNIUS OF ."IIAK"i,. -EA-tE 4tOMPIISINti Moral l'ltdsuphb, eliaeuatia., of - Character. Paintings fNalare old tihm IPassions- with notes, &a. Tih wallle aking a Tea B,,ook for the Pialosophert, Moralialt, Stalelatnn, Pt asld tlhe SPaintter. S The apirit of tile .IEast, ll.aslratd in a Jturnal tot Travels biog ila ttli, daritg an eve aulf period by D Urilata, Eeq. J usta received ah, ir at,. by april - ALEX. TOWAIL, 49 Cama ta, t] Lit MAitEiA-1l-d,,aauItl'enbblll ..,aMadleira I, ,r b ale by LEVI II (ALE, aprl I 9:1 (:ttllntt at t1 AVANA SUtARS-27 taa attilt wiel ad4t do S1brown augars, latlitg frot schooner Warwaak, forartaltby S & J P WiIITNEY, a9 73 Camp at OFFEE--I15I bags Manilla alld Rib caeffe, for sale by SHALL & BIROWN, _ ______ .96 .t VAIUABtIE ENGLISH WtORKS. EW'I'ON'S Princapia, il two vlliattta I" ,Wrigit'nColllleta tary oa NewtoIt's Principia , in Viatt'a Practical and Saentifc Treati a oat Caleartoua Mortars and Cementla, in I wt. a, Smih's Paararm aoft cienea and Art; eranheing tbhe prtineipaalaciwnces atdan Iah mathmuda ol qb r ting an watal al wttl ; and a mitrai.aioa s tet.c 6 tion l useflIt and interttatg priealeas and sapori menlt, ill 2 .aole, ith illnttrtivte aigraiiek. a Hutton'a Mathematical 'l'iblel; aa.anlniot Ith .a. mna, hyperbolic, .ad Lapi ttia inltailltma, Alas Sitate, angent', Secats and Vcated Siaet, batd nantiett l and bltarithmie, and thea comttpt dacrip. tita. and ue aof tit tables. 1Sinpam'a Docttrie and Applicatioa of Flu iiotu, it 2 t -vots. Faurmla by . WM MaEtIAN, april I cor Caatp ad at SbHIPPING. For Europe. FOfi LIVIlERPOOL, The ship ROIIKRlT IIRUCE, CIpt lark nesto hvineg tart ,f li.r cirgo eacl ulgd. will" n et. wit h leapa i. For Iau'lutce ol eight cr mnacxge atply ao inli I|, G (IoE, %. : C....ncn .P: FOIL MAReEII.I.FS. The well knwna anl very fas t Niling clhip EILEANOI, Calpt Ielea heoll hIlaving the grenter orel lfhr eari inmear t ella, will meet wilh dimputch. For uf fI'rtighl r r p.lntage apply on board, or to L II (ALlA, miiar 19 !loi C3 iu . atc O F(IL HAVIRK. S Thle A I nd eIcat csiling chlip NE'roll, Capt MFces, will r-neiee itlennetichtedecnlpach. Fur bIllallce of Neighll'r epasge, apply to alril2 I. II c IAI.m ,91 (Claiicunc( n at FOIL IVAVRLE. T 'e A I and fet nailing Phil) ALLIANCE, Captain tlale., will receive itntntediate dlea lt tch. For freight of 2110 balee of rcoton, of ipaanae, apply to L A GAI.E, alpil 3 93 Common at FOUl Iul K. 'Paoage only. The(. ahip CREIS.ENT, Caltain nallr, will lare iltnnediate delcpntei. For pawage, l.ving god alcolnodatio, apllv to P. _ I. I (iGAl.E, A ilEctoanman at FOI .ilEItI'(UIL. 'Tile A I ilew ccrstt nciin Phll CIA RI.EPS, Capt. Coltit, will Inerl t neat attictttJiite ie.. po-latill. Far freight of l0 11bales cctlilt, or pasaae, c pply to i. II (ALE, _ _prl 3 _ 93 Commo0.n at FOR IIAVRE. The A I snd ifat ailing slhip CitRIO I.aNU, C( cpaiat 'ennet, will wlle ille diinte le.tll, having the gr'earter larl of her eargee.iagedn. For freightll ti ilsles icotolltr ira. eage, apply I) L. II (;ALEc apri I 9 i t'ctccncton at lOR IIItFAVKEUX. The brig VEILNtIN, Calptain Perkinr, want2 IIl Ib ,lea cotcll to till Uli. For freiaght oi whlichi, aor plasage, aipic toa a.pr4 I. III iA1.E, 93 Common at FOI .ITVEIIPctONI.. S 'rle superior A I Tlil ZOTOFF, Capt. Hmrrill, Iavilg llte gralter part if her I argot e nge,l, will Iave it lediate L.epath. F"or rreii.t i'3(0 bales cotton, rin passrae, anlply tot .plril I I. II liAlI', t FOll (Il.ASIIOOW. Pcanaee olly. S The A I and verv fast railintg liacqne IEDINIIIR iH, Capt 'hrletoialc, will b. c.!a pate . Fcor Ilat age only. Nviuclg acnt.ttute ancommodtioin I, applyto " L II (AI, a1rll 5 9 t'nn FOR IIAVIRE. The ine Atbip CI.UIAI)IU, Copt StceLie, haviang all Ier eargo cngeager, will tail in tell das. tor (cpaene onlv, upplly oal Ioar n taace pct'7, 3d1 Muliciitalit or ill a9 'lI'FTIt)N Pc AVEIR(', ill (ic;rvir at FOIR I1AII.E.'l'tt)o. e.'Ph fiae schotcear 'EI'TI:MrIISItl Cae t. )onste, lViiiileg tllhe tca part of hcir rurguc ""t- engngd. will cmeet wccllib idltllell. For ceigt.-r cc arnage, nlcppy to ie C'upaltaoi ai board, optcoitre Triangular bhidiigs or to tI9 S'I'E'I ':SN & AVElIIY.i (l rviler.t Fc)OR IIAVILIE T 'ice eilegnct salhip REI'UII.I'(AN, E'captcin (3 G FIlletcc, will Pail on ccr Ilcrc' the iirc s prcc xilllll. Iler aeeculnn lldlltllltoo htr I apt,'l germ -re cltte fsret orlder, ant pyery llletlllitl will I, IIa Ild . tiir c:llcrttic. Ficcr or pcscag.e ipply to Caltlain' %'nilccie, olplositc llt! Mi,.t,llr to 1E'I'ER .LAIILAW, I up E (iCaml siietal,. T'(TbeA I cov fcca cacliicg harqa LrAU. RENe, Cpt int 9Merrili. will ihve i . idiatl despatch ci r tlce Iccvee icrl tivc'ng the eratlrer ilrt of helr cucrgo eltgaged. Filcr Itolntlce of freight cr Ilasusage, allIly to I. II (lAIt, ill 9'l C ellllllllln at Ooastwise. FOR Il)ciTOiN. . I''he gcocd rsclooaer WAIIWICK, Captnin Ctlris, want is Ieulk i :l91m iiHcrreln Ito comn pleteC lcer crg. For friglht of whicih oir icLt.a all 73 Cccp at FcRll NEW YORK. New York andi New ()releas line. T__ Tl' w el ShiIp TAROI.IN'I'A, Calptin Siinith, will ail il rCfew diciyn, iavinte pialrt fl her eareng a bolrl. For friellilt iof ite re' mnicdeer (r IaSace upply to Ccltliill mlith, Iloli)Oite till Vegetable Mlrkei,ar lcru l.' I.Al tI.tliV, FcRh IJALTIMORl.EASKA ap llawka, will iave ildejllctcll. IF"or frti, i ' cr l cnav a'e, lhavintg i'irehaitela .lrliclccccccllinct iute, ItcItly to 5 . J Pt WIIIINI.Y, 1t Cccccp' Pt . T I E A-*lil I Ishp I.LR'l II(FWN hlnviniO ,' tile cluit ofhr t'icr tenIge' , (WN goitng.ol h r.dicc li , will Hirert withi ilecttatchi. (cccr ifrcightc t'r Itu.cac. e, clt ly ot Iblartl clclcicelli ' thie Ocl 'ccc..': i' ctc ) prtIr o IIF..t1} & IIAIIS'I'ItI Flll ? Itilk1lieN. . . .. I ,llct l )ciclig c tee ' , 1;1 1.1I ER let i llll. Illl I.. , ic . hci ll i . . II, ei.'gElll , an'dt pctitcill 10Ve, de.' lc , iiFi' or i, g iaulc, ' ul freight ' ,r P uIee l c. t . c t tv ( it , . . . .ci ci c1 ,'.c.,..'.c7_cc ti.,c>it F'It NEW N V ttLK. ]'ter n t..v mdl very fI t sailing Lrig IllS I'1'ORi.1N, C'it 'l'inker, at take tih balk ou :1ll barrels, having tle creater p art of er" cargoron board. Fo'ur terllu, or paoss .p, aIply to au t .3t ... I. Il (;Ai.Ft 93 t'otrt.ot ap.t FOR NEW YORK. Illlmo, Line of Packets. T'u ail on Maonday the 15th inst. A N.a. iew, elegalt aNd 'rv f'm.t asiling I packet sllilt I'ANI'HiA. Ai leCv., ihbviog It w Iltirds o.f hercargo engraged andl St(ug .1 I Ward will evil onl Honnay the i51h a ius.I, For Ireigal or passage, htaving tllltrior a caen ilt Ii tilea, nppl to the catllain on buard two tiers beluw the Vegeptbl tuMarket or to . 41pli3 A COHEN, 91) Comma n at F014, NEW tOiI{K. - Louiiana and New, York Line of Packets. I'llTe fa-t salling packet sLip, IIiSSIS ~ II,pi Capthit Btette, lutaintg the greater art of ler cargo engaged and geoie, fe botard will leave on enllext te i1th inst. For fIeiglht or ipaeage, hnvitg elegant aeommotlaltions, apply to the captain on boardl a ppostt thie Vegettale mlarket, or to JAMES B IIULIE N,. ell 64 Ctapil st The st perior pocket ship Loiaosvll e, Craptt. Allen. will fodllwr the blstasaiippi wilt eraly det.attlrB1 '1.ihe rate of pasage by tilia linet, has been re daed to $u811. FI)ft LIVEIIt(OI(.. Tile A I antl fat sailing llhi ISAAC HICKS. Ctjpt. Ieters, will ieet with i - tlediate despnatc. For freighlt olOll01 ales u for tssattge, apply to L H tealF, a1 __ 9i43CoaIIItmt st ftOR FREIGIIT ta1 CIIAIt'1ER. S T'le sultrior first e class hip CI.AUDIUS, Ca6pt Scobie, pfthle burden of 2000 bales cot tn, is now ready to rerive cerang, either fir Lierpl or Ilavre. Apply to Cnlt SrO is ea n atbord at Pont 7, 53 Mnniei~hltny, or to. apl 3 SkITE;SON & AVERY, 88 Gravier nt JARVIS & ANIORTEW lS, W HIOLEALE DRUGGI:STS, crner Cmmona and I'chlpitoultos i renr t, ofle or snale t5 bbl nualber I elstor oil 14)0 auncee Frencll aulpitat qr tini e 11 aelsks olarltllsa; r 0 boxes Enlglisll muntard 1I Itlis alcohol,; 1501 bbla whiling Htlcaces alaotclraurie elaats waree 311 bills cpts lurpetline; 5 ,11il tatnntrs oall 20 casks au rltenCrl oil ; I caks Ihutch hIlteed ail 50 carlvs oil vilrilll, awichll tiev otf r n. nale oil lie stoat r,;uaauble terta. tllar I.l ilt AJAftSa)lS.S-32 eaaaes, alotaciog a gearol a.asrt. Ilat of t Parasul, landitg f.aa l, t p l'anhea, ire sale by ISAAC BIIli(iK l. Ct. t+ar 13 Ii__ 131 Alagazine at S-COL.T'SFV I'EN'I' REItEATIN(I FIRE ARMhS. rE3H E Pulic are respectlfully itthrnltd tat tlte ibove k nErtiele cat be see aml atle lir sale at Gt)OSIP P Co. Exchange Ilintel, S. (:Churires at Illar If I BANKS, &.- 150 reatlc, Atis'a Dcvn tmill letter paper, fine 2150 do do atperfite 15(4 do blur aomttelcial post 50 de white do 150 tht green plst 75 ttt water lioed paat do I0 1 t so lperiite .p a liting 4100 do finet. cp do 94 do fite royal do 20 tla Itedlutt do 401 Ie bank Bfioi post All afwriclhrtm ef a verty soperitn q aulty, and will be cold law, to close a conttigltnttet; ba iniaA TIAIa, 49 C'n1 cat y N E\V MllItltby Iattaacrritr HliieIlar,,toe, LlI. aa," I,Iartrotll--w, rds bIv Mitt Ftellt, Iledi cated to Ilenrv tlurrel, E lq co;,dleld by G. P la nouvrier of New I ), receivea with ltle gileteal op pleansu at the ew York cUneerts.I f .OHNS 4. Ct, mil earnem r St CIarle. & CotmmotalO St TMBP.ELLAS-.2neaes MAantunaandGitghama Ut I hrellac.cttpeiniting acttoltleotn atlsnrttit, laldiltt frombrigJ Palner, tor tale Iy ISAAC BRlIDIiK Ic Ctt. tInrt ___ _ 134 MaIncait:e at. COT P:ANY. ARRANGEIMETS FOR TIIK WL:EK IDAYSo arom C.rrollton. F lant New Orlenl. HlorCenCarlato'cltk, A. M Hor. arlat 5 ' alck, A. Loronlotive 4 l.aeomolive 7 " . .. . Ia . I 1 " P. " " 3 Afler 10 o'lot.k a Carsn be obtained by payil 10t do THE JACKSON AND LACOUR -E 8TIRIETCARS I.eavxrLCn. l taprt lI oiajeter, A. M. and ran hmtlrly. At Saltpila7o'clk .hil ea.n OUI nmateene rntitlll ivert hatl SbiLa, slad eoaitnue tkralhoa lb. day amil ar' la P M. fIt m tkhe kead LfJack.a sletn. r- Paioaoeial by thi La..eteetmm t pmvlde hemmrlvea with TiLLb.e u Itt oulio mill 4Imlake. by tilea 2 flOee ew Orlotao nn4 Catlltt Rail oanld Contrac, Ps'ydrrn atrai. JOHN IIAMPtON, At enll Chief Eng. N.0 4 C K. R FOR NEW YORK. .rw Iorl a e OAlrians ine. A INWL E of piikets his bein etbrlitbed to run bltween New I)*rhnna iNd Neh York, to ciustoItffive first rile ships, vie: Ahsip St. ,lurv, I W FVPurte, master, " Ie(rll,uhlicuq, J l uaasell " Aul. rn, £ II P Durfey, S- new, building, Tll.aenhi1a wets lillh in New a nekxnapne.llY fire thi trade; or, ol a liglrt lughlit 'i hnaer and will nit be ubnnjitr todelteiilin at the liur. T'iir lin.oolnnlJatiIs f iiraiseingervLO,,prise all dthat ay be requireid fir etoJJ.,rt and tsnlllelnl:e; IIn Illsrd eion~tnnndnrs are len, of eip nienoe. inl fiiie s1ij,.n now luildiig are co:npleted, tio lirst dclas rhipa will asupply tniir 1lie. grente.t pnntuidity wille ol,,eroed in the inti ,f Bailing, asd every reasonable at:Oillnodoltion ex In ded to shipper.s and plRRu~IgPers ir furtle'r psarticular allv Io I-sIrt,. Johnson i J I.,tldeni, N.. Uli Wall atreei, Ne Yirk, or to jail P'II'.E IL I.Al)a W, fiti Comnp t FOR NEW YORK. [Louisiana and New York Line of Packets.] To sail regulrrly as adverlised from each Port. r llE line is at this rr.omntr emnposed of the follow. inlse lips, l1t 6 more niew easele will Ie pntol at aa early day. Inakiog iIn. tunliiPr twelve, in all, whili will oallow ,f onei, Imiisg dimanpllated frnm lins portli every week durine thl year, thla, ,nfirding prompnt fcilities lir Iransportation and at the lowest rates offreiglt. Ship Yazon, Captain 'TrInk. N Mississippi, I" leebe. l" ouiovi.le, " Allen. " Sranoga, ' llntlluawy. SIunioi ille, I hlrildgo SSnhakespearl, I'olaler 'Thle aove shipa are all if tihe fit,l clan, eniplered ind rlpper lfstehed, tl, a lilhit droiult of water, lnl bIi, in N w York exire.sly fir tilhe trali.,with elegallu aecommaolllions for puaiengers anul clllllnulnded by uauls and eXllPli,.heaed matIers. Tihe rice if passage is fixed at $9)I, without wine. fr liquors, iamll toi e ninh every othr Ipatirulatr aill be utelvidedl, nill everc luttlltilt; gillel ol llllte tlio comfort of thilne .ao.+ilag to and nfro in Ilse li e. The sliis will ot ill mimes Ibe owed ili malnd tdown tihe river, and the greatest punillcluiiy observed as to their day of Bailing . Nei lher the ownirs or canlnins of these vessels will be retmsoible Cir jewelry, I;ullian, piecils sloulne, i il. vetr Irlated wre, lbreakage of gline, lill,low ware, marbl, .lrgranllie, colperage on tin, rust of iron or ltesl, or fi any letters, parcel ir paincage -eat by or pat in .nmrd of Iheum, unlesa regular bills on lidiug are tiken for the talue, anill the vaisue lthereufexpreraaed. For feight or passage, asply to sar 21 JA lME S 1 IIUI.I.I N,74 Canp t FOR NEW YORK. IIOLMES' LINK OF PACKETS. 910tailr p....allyu erv Mol:dlur f.rom.. a.h pt. 'I 'l.iaii 'il ,'munIPkets'lave teem i.., reasi e .. l e i v en first aelas lShips, ilaSistilng of Sill Nashville, Captain Wood. Arkansas, Captain E r3 Ihmtnia , Alrhabhma. Calitai I CC Ilkrry, Orleansia, Cuptin S Sear., Vicksburg, Captain J Iaunker, Ianute., Ucipioaims A nld yv. s shrnilee, Ca wll \1 n;od. lattiir ., Co ptin ti Iat o til. Oenaae,, I.yona. Oeni/rgee ctaplain tent ilt. New Ship - Cnain Wludliupe. ANit ship - Captain Nichls. T'e nhove ships are all of te first nlss, coppred, anil ctpler aistenedl, and were built in New York ex presslvy fr this Iral--lthey are oiifeht ltrntpht of Was It.r, and anlnst invariablv cross thle bar without delte lion l'hei pnekets are coimInn led ly Camitains wall ex p.etmeried in Ihe tride,amnd will lwavsa exert lthemsnelves to aeenmn,,uile. Tlhev will alaays be towemd ul annd down tie river. and will piionplly sail as adveraiad. 'rhey mhave hlnldaomely flrniashedl .icimlnidtiionsnd storesafillle finrtqgalihy will always lh filrnlshe, ad, evr ery slnitn plaid llln te cilomfort and satisfaetion of pissengers he rient of tie canit in fixed at $80, without wine or liquor. Fur further porticulaers aliplly to A COIIEN, r' 90 Coulllition n street l} 'hrh shlips are not aneeountn tile foir ireakhge of glans, lhillhw ware, noirble or gralile, colopertie. ilftin otr rust if iron or steel: nor realmonslile Ifor anyo pckage or plr.el ,lt nn board, unles s aregularhbill o.flading be sig.dl tlerefor,nn thle fficrofltheaagents. Fror the Interior. FOR IBAYOIU S"1RA Iegu/ar I'ickrLt. Th Y'b r llT i spilendi iasengr steahoati [ - lIto .ILIAN', Jcene Ilort master, will I,;ur. New Orleans everv Wed resdn fat 11ll nlhk A. Ml.for IayonuSara &every natIIrdiv alt ll I'elc/k A. M taKillg Ina eiistI dowin on SiiiilIy. Fir Irighit or pisiagn apliy to Capt. Hart on biird ir to f,.".5 AIDAMIS & WIIITrAlI. Fill FUI.'l'ON'ANI) JONESBOItO.

(water peritiing.) , Tilhe .ew. staunch and sleondid k- l slunloer CAIMPTF, W B (irroil ; _. v-_ nmu sP~te r, w ill e ai l ye lli i tna b o v e o u t illltlr ll u lial, huldl~ll.-s '.I 'I'alesdisy 1h111 installt,, t 4 m'ciloiCk, P. At. For fteioht or palnige apply illb ord oir I, 'I'IIMAS It La, de . s , ll oI 21& L.&i New leI.e Il.l+A I.L CEEN MAI IC I',fS TIirkiah Dye, hlr(lullii lllggry.. r ri d hit ir on the l el. r Sblickers, ir eC I Miii , it siniigle Ippliicalion, to a lelunnnt britiW, varving ii a Ciillrete hlliek, with out smainimg ilther flit handsl or lintn just received at lthe Baaar, corner ',. Clharles & Colalmon slreets. BUSII & ALLAN, fn8 Ealihange Hotel - . PAlttII.Y , Dentist, respetfully givens. in jl tiler 1 itoa may be consulted anally in New )rlen.s, during the .ntlr. of Iebruary, Marcl and C April. lios asso.itn in the practice, Dr Lyon, whose Iprofhlssionol skill and experience, hosh in lite s.rgicnl and neechlanlic deparlmelnts, is unsurpassed in this country, will releie imrmunehdlv . NICn lIASi NI IIKLnti -Nos 7,o l ,ned 9, also the lirst six tountlrs i one Irat. with a variety ol very ilterestig books, jst relceived atal for ele by 11112 A TOWA.A 49 Camp as CARD '10 TIlE LADIES. W CILLIAM HBll., No. 10 Chartres street. ctin. ties t. pu'lenset old broken Jewelry, old gold or silver in atony brl wrlltever, sad pay the higherst price in Orlealns. I.lies ws hoinay lave s old fashioned gold jewelry, iz: eat orntenlts, chlains, necklueaes, buekles, filger rings, or in tort any artinles of the line, wliell is lying. die and of no use itl Ihemn, can laxchog theans meu good ndvanln.ngt , bh calling as above. N 1--Watches, Jewnelry and Spectacles repaired in ile enrt a rlltrer- .rhrges inoder. a to. r Jp0B, 1829 BAZAAR. Corner of St. Charles . Cemaon slreet, EXCIIANGE HOTEL. USR I L' & ALIAN woulI renspetfully ail the at Bl toolie of eitzent eod stratgers to llrireo aplole alsnrtlllnu ot (erleuer's linea -birtse Wt, b xlbric, with hIem Iralts. fashionable linen frosltls: liteo cl lare: silk, tas t me and n terin,,uer lshir. and drawers: Searebrie and ilk hanldkerlliefs: black and tfancy cta vats in great variety: strks of every ded riplioll: gains elslio and r caton esuzstenders: silk, cotton and thiread gloves: gomts hoakin gloves: umbrellas antd eanes gold m1aoiunted. Almo,-Spleediid assortment ofladines and gents wri. tlg desks, drtsine eases, pour olios, perfunolery, cut lery, and rich f onty goiods. .. T)TIlE LADIES. ItI IIII.L'S IJTERO ABDOMINAL SUIPPORT'ER T itS new iutstrulnenr.t for the cure of Pro. Ilapusn Uteri, or Falling of tIe Wnomb, by e. tcrtl lapplication, superseding the nue of the oh. jentionsbile pracorry, in confiteently relotn.tetlded to tthe ilieted as the means of a perfect resltr lion to healtll, it never having failed of perftrming a - cure, evee under tlhea ost aggravated clrcanustanl. r c. It oas received the decided approbation of ttSir Astley Cooper of London ; Sir IBenjalnin C rodie ; Sir Jamesr Clark, Physician to the Quaueen; Dr Ashiwell. Lrectuor en mlidwlfery to guy's linl. ApitsI ; Dr Rigby, letltrer to St Barthllolotnewrs; Dr (Driffith, Icrorerr I V V eostmin-ter Hospital; DrI rI , athnbothant lecturer to Lonldon hIpital ; Robert Ferguson, lef.urer to Westminster lying-itt hospit. all ; Dr Sweatntun, lecturer to Middlesex lhospital, end senior accouehleur to Queoen Colarlotte'e lying. in.hoopital ; also by Hoary Davies, Conqitet ; lundell, Lee, Merrnian, asurgeon Keates, &o. by Dr Moresiau, president ol the Academic Reoayle de Medicine, Paris, aid AecouclNer to the DuJheso D'Orleans; professors Velpoau, Marjolin, Poal Dubois, So ean anid others-and in New York by profesuorJ W Francis, G S Bedford, M D Iprofus. I sot of nidwifery in the university of the city of SNew York, prol. DelafialT. end Francis, U Johna ston, president County Mad Society, Laurens Hlull presidlent eed society State of N York, poos Jas SMeNaughton of Albany, pros March, Cyrus Per. sik ns, Doane--Drs Thto Boyd, Gilbert Smithll, Husaek, Stearn. Ludilow, Kissaat, Vclhe, Power, Grayaon, Vanl Rellsealer, and lnany other distin guished plhysiolans in the U States. A G ilull, Ofiice 4 Veasey st, Astor iluasl .N York. S(e ' A constant snpply of the above instrusients, t with Dr Hull's improved Tresees for HIernia, will be h kept by SICKLES & Co, N Orleatns, DA GI Carpenter, Natchez; Stone & Marslh, Wood. sill; Iooulth and Mallory, Memphis; W D Wilkin. son, Somerville; haII and Wasllingtone Nashville; Meaniray iad I lEilton d,;g R I. Bliss, Flinreet Ale; J -C Spotaswoundl, Atlhens; Irby altd Mastin, luatsville ; Du Boane and Rof1; Mobile. apl I Im, . 1 -- i.iALI ,IN 6 IN I EK IUHi5, IN.. J P. FRILEEMAN & (CO., Pt. 3, Magazine street, Sare rrcriiltg ltheir supplie of Fal anod Winter Clathingill stl ill toitinu.e to r+ccive sitipltetts regu larly ih.ooglonlt the.eeasuo. Their aoae'ttoeot bling large will enable Ihem to supply m. rehanlts fron the country. at itle shoart'st notice; Ifor isale wh0osale At & retail, otl aecoottttnating terms. C. 'Hlh lE; 'It'lkNKS---Juit resivd atr esrs,; ttt) meet lt the abhove artile, pevenslltire agalisa. mnotlhs, with peculiar brass licks, well ,,dapted ifor I d, es deirec. 5,r fsr halding paper. &.e, hitoie exremely glt a. 1tl bhe.lmre tar sets st. IISSIP & tLo, tledhe Entl,igr IhItettl St tlludrs st BUSINESS CARDS. JOB PRINTING. IO EVERY DESCRIPTION, Sp.EIDfD.Y, HAND.IMELY AND CHEAPLY EXEC(:TED AT THE OPFFIC OF THE True aIimerican, 'l1'. CHARLES NTREET, NEAR POYDRAS. m23 CHAMPLIN & COOPER, GROCERS ANDI DEALERS IN PROVISIONS ANtD FEEI', No. 79 and 82 Julia street, New Orleans. EiShip and Fa.,ily stores put up. nar 5 LOUISIANA PURNITURE WAREROOKS No,. 53, Bienvlle slreet. SILI.IAM R. CAIINES, woul.d repeetfully in fr,rm Inns friudu anud tile puiblic titt he is con stantly receiving from New York and Iosrton a goul auorltmenlt f Furniturle, such us ..iahougn.y cluir,. erutas, ted-teaut watple .ml ainhted chairs, ample an( cherry bedstera-, mahogrny and cherry tables Ifall descriptinhm, Iureau,, nilets, secretarve, writin; deuks, wrl.r, ens of rahgtianu y slid Cherry, wn.l t,allds, Ilokil.g glaues., feather., lbedding, &c. ac. NIt. Iurnuture packed for translportation with great cnre. 1,-vl3 FRED WILKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENcPAL t;r LOUISIANA, ) FIIL.t his services to the publiE in the depart mn.ts of turve inug and Civil Engineering, both in ltwn sand counery. FMrots uniderable experience ill his prlfesi4n.. ancl ,y puroUnpnesu end fidelhi il l re ereutllln of i buriners entrnated lto Ilin, hre Ilpes to mnert anld celive a sharemof public patroluue. IIeril' also merusure and calculate the tmtents of wali. ants escavations. Otice No a tClhartres street, seconl t tu BA ZAAR. SUIS dk ALEI.ZN, No. 1, EXCHANGE IITITEL, aorner ofu 8. Cth rles an.l Commonu ts,. NEW Oiti.EANS. IMPORTERS nod Dealers in French al,d Eng'li.h SPerflu.rrv; I)rersiug C.-e. nsnl IPurmule I bks, Cultterv, Hei..y, Glovesa Slirt, tocks, Uutmbrerlhs,I Cales;u,d Fa.ncy Article. d5 McCOLLU+W & DOSSY, Factors & General Commission Mrchiants, MOBII.E. Referse ea in New, Abernathy & Hanna, 3 Crtldsrell A Ilirky, Pope, Powers & Co. ) d11--h JOHN STEWART, ..N. 5, Platt Street. Nrw e ork, COMMISSION MERCIIANT, IMPOIt'ER and dealer n IHIaters Plurlhes .am trimmings. Ample storage inoy be had on llud erate terms, and every atteton paid to gauds furward rel to his care. Re'erences: Messrs. Larne & Provost, N O. nov22 1130- ly _oeip _ _ Co. A CARD. CHRISTIE & SINVNOTT, WIholesule Grorers and Commissron ierriants, No. 27 (Cmlnmn Street. Sl , Orleans. ["PPnrticularattentin paid to tIt I.:11ng up ol Stunre tnt uand Slhip stores. BANK NOTE ENGRIAVIN. RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON U AVE opened ult otffice i New Orlieas. pe,., 1 equal adeuntnges wuith their Iluser iu New Yok, ttr the purpoew lf erngrnving ual priuling Bank Not-, lutndu, Billus of, Certiuficaes of I)Deposite, Checks and other impnortat painrs, reqtring security aguinst luforgerie s and have. moe a mplle teo.vsiun tur the safe keeping of all plates and iCmpressin, : entrurt ed to their cre; their opeci,rno elnhrucelthe notes of over fite undred bankintu institutions, and all elders will be executed withl pr.mptitude, and on the usuul termn. Otfice, corner of Royal & Canal stree;. ju --If SAMUEL 'IOBY, 'Merchandise Broker 4. Commission Mlerchant, d13 o(ficte, 36, Camp st.-For the present. O). I. BLISS. SNIP BROKER & COMMISSION MERCHANT, No. 63, Po)dras Street, NEW-n-Oa.ANC. J. P. FREEMAN & CO., WI olesle CI Aki I.Igs IitskmNe;I No. 3, Magazine street, li AVE onstantly on hand a largeo upply of Cluth ing, calculatuu d for the country trade. Their us. rortluent being large, merchlnts ufrom the country can be supplied at the shortest notice. octd PASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADDEN, No. 14 Chartre Mlrieet HAVE aoeutantsauply t f ever cle p nin togerullelllt..n's dress, uf tile latest rtyle, at New York priers deie 20 J. B. Rem SURGEON DENTIST I No. 33, loyal treert. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING ESTABLISi MENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Banks' Arcade. IVILLI.A.n GREENE, PROPRIETOR nr I I . PAREER Commission and Forwarding MIerchant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, UP STAIRS. New Oleans,Feb. 2, JARVIS & ANDREWS, WHIIOL.eALE AND RETAIl. I)DAI.ERS IN G MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DYE STUFFS JAND WINDOW GI.I SS, Corner of Conunon and Tehoupitoulas streets, NEW ORLEANS l NATHAN JARVIS. F JOHN W. ANIDREWS. A large apply o Garden Seeds, warranted the growth h' of 1837. IUO4,10'.K & MlAY, a IDEAI.ERS IN AMERICAN & ENGLISH CROWN GLASS, No. 3 CARON.DLET STREET. of FIR I EN'S INSURAN¶CE COMPAINY OF NEW ORLEANS. This Companv are now preplared to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. OFFICE, No.24 Musson's Building, Canal stPert. E L TRACY, New Orleans, Mav 15.183R. Secretary. ROBERT'I CLANNON. HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. I: Camlp street. Wholesale Dealer in Paints, Oil, Varanishes, Brushes, nm:ll Window and Pielure Gless &.. Ac. . FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. ROBI.NSO.N " GEOODI PI., IN.. 60, Chalnrea lreee, One. Doer below Bienville. AlVE constantly oil hand everry article alopeitlli ig t" genllelen's dress, made in tie best le an. I eral nmost fnashionable style, whliclh thley offer Ir eush, at red aced prices. deco4--lR ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC OPFICE No. 53 MIagazine 4 tn et, oppositel Ianks' Arcide EI. TARLISHED far tihe execution of I , all ans Eand drawings, lmrechlnts' eirelllars, busintess 111and addtesns cards of every description, funeral circulars on deep Inoumig IS rl, apothecary: and druggith'l bels; rbask chlcks, drav receipts, &e. Trintel cd dexeut* ld ill Sacheapasde ''editions style, hy tie proprietor. WII.IIAM1 Ult EENE NB Ban Notes .,atlv executed tn24 A Card. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC E PrA BLISI, ME T, 53 MAGAIZINE STAIET, OP1POSITE BANK'S ARC, EI W O, GREtEN I retrlns his siereOtIohanks to his r i ie tds and the pllhlio of New Orla,,s. lit tile patronaee bestowed on il I or thle last two years. and Sbegs leave to assure thnII that all orders colmIimted to Shis charge shall be punctually attended to; he will as IUsual, keep tile olice open duri'nt tile nnllner, and0 shall it alowas radi to strike o6' ilerctac t's ein.u II lars, buianess and address cards funeral notices, maps, plans, anld drawings, u every description, at the lhortest notice, and on the most reasonable terms. Being assisted Iyv artists superior to any other establish Itlll ina the lity, 0and frill lone expetlietlce il the lithorpi line, he teals confident of giving entire ratstacetion. N B Apotheearies and druglists' labels executed in as good style as copperplate engraving, nld at one third of ti_ expense. jv'24 GEORGE C. CHILDS, ATToanyn AT LAW, I, WILL attend the Supreme Colrt, and the District S Courts, of Harrisburg.and some of the adjacent ,outities-Mtf-ie at theCity of Houston. Claims on the government, either for Bounty I.and or nancy, will be underlaken an l pruolptly attended to eithoer foUr non esidents or residents of'l Texas. 1Addreos from the United Statetns--City of Uteruto. t1 to the care of S. Ricker, jr. (Texas Post Otliee Agelnlt New Orleans. 3m Imar 2 EI EANS--li bbls landing from salnllmt St llouis o saltoe by ABRKAHAI TRItER. nmar 18 134 M ata.ine -t L t ,E .F CAKDINAL CIIEVEKUS, nArl-bi hop nelrBdleau, by the Rev. J Hun Dtllbonrc , ea proesasur of theolngy; tronsltetd front titm French by RnbertcM Walsh. Just rnCeivedll anlt for sanle by nd6 A TOWAR,49 ('atp t a ý ANILLA "t'ORDAG.-A oenmplete amnnaTIlut S!of Manillth Cordage and Hawers, flr a tie by - Iy mtar & J P WHIT'NEy, 73 Camp at SATS-t c.h sil plu+ORataN, flatnilh v lt mar 9 0IAL6 & IiROWN, '1 lIngazils t I .. i! I-- I |. i-- I [_; 1 A ls-a kege laadinrn wmn" al ip a Sals flur ralaby HA.LL&' BROWN, mar 20 916 lieamye rt R UI.SSIA SH EETI NGS--20 bales,of tuperior uaal mar 18 ISdAAC IIKiDGE & en, 134 Magazirie rat I, ea'af BaIHes at ea!iSy kira Ier egarlead b tiau kipatnd alt yigo , uartilarta, l all sllp Fra i r Pai.' ll y mra I I. ltttla ; & Cr, 134 Magazine s I )AN1A'TD "clAS PlOlTr and lrdilr Naviga I rtr, alta Blunt's Nauticalr Arl+aar fr rale by a8t I1 FE:'N1' & (C, 21: Chatrea et LOI lT-1-50ydli car t , Iaca, re, in, arera o sale by I 8 & J I' WIrI'rNEV, 73 Camp at C IFF ll---lMI Lg. llxrna I fftirr. f;,r-al Iy . S & J PI' HIT'NEY.7:l.'mtp at AII.p--:{r ! krg-n -I.teIa ils andar ed az s, lan, ills fr lll -- hill a ell. aii, tI r a ,lle Ha, _il' S" & J I' WITNICyt. Dl ('ri rrat N o rc r o rs " b ra n d . niar sa le. by "r " .8 I IrRIr IGa & (a, 134 Mrgaa.atin I-ANUFAOLTUREI 'rI'AiNArCi-aid I hall.xra 8 r , and 3.ra urole a ilt bralrds an; 'hli, fir saletr h I l t f lt I i; I t.l V 114 1:3r R_ D iiber ra ar.LOR -15U barrels, i fine shippin rl r, fir - sale by 1. Ih OlI l , aid 4 41 TNw I.,L,','. c B_ a sre, f ar al a bY (: I Ii t loh , adril4 44 new Iv,.e it .R 'T a,,,r tit ;+ra VTurk prirsa it lrakr Ly caenister, apply t It It INNAI EI.'P ilore. aprl 4 rorPr h.lNrle.tRs al Tchalirila,,et sat I.1 IlS-A 'r- toN palnrdhi . ,a for .le byV alp1 4 M H II'.VEB.I'UX,_Ii'1l'nTpihtldlhst S()Oll-- 'ily lr{ ushelrs, landi, g fra,,, ylraamr H- eryy . trulb iABi.ttIIADI' 'tIIEI, iXl ltA ". rim l\, fia q ra r api , I BiIrIIrr): & C.o, 1:34 .lagazine at a) --l, brla roill htilPg trI al|ip urler Til raaar 1rd aair lay 'pll bairt ms mrze anend for sale by minr 19 ;E1, .r. & BROWN, 96 C amazine U.rNS Y BAGS l heI and r dlel fi&rl le : y apl 4 I RI lDGE & C,, I1 A.larzine it NIEOV OILIEANS A.\ NA6irlrIIi,I.E I-A. tRUAl) CO.lPAN Y. APerl. 3, 18139. Elarart from tire Dlirruar4 rfrirl irerrt.dina. of Ihir Balrd, I Ihehl this day. Resolved, That the .ames of all the S ckholdeur, Rawning alove oin hIldred shari s, rl lie rwease to Sistia uts Ihesir trou k, lnlsaaul I aa reatllartlln lrr date alt tle 2l8th ly of March last, lansl'1 a tuhe anllle all t!lase who aln.seil 10 to diltrihellP their L.stck, he pub liLwd. JAMES II. CA.IJWEI.I., apt 4-3t Ir Pesient L1AVAN\ S,.iAILS-4";l tri, nd r sart r Ir bya e y AIRAHAII'i 'It'1(I',I aprl I 34 Gr(vier l \3( IIISK Y-15) bbls RrclilIVhiakr,, i0 - Y fCr sale bty l. I)t r I.'y rpl4 ___ _ .ll \ew l.rvrr N thi 1'I; ,II':1 1'11JNS-'1 be waa~en at' IarrnlarI Ittis, allthra f II I'a le rrv of l. li , I'iri.rcr uf Ii vul hfIr, Prreln .i,. a & ,. ir '. alw . Jack Adams., tile lmllaileer, by C.ulai Ciarier, It. N. allrthalr aftle Ife of a sailoar blay, Belt lira. &c ia 2 vors. Thle lubblia nafCaasda, bv tl aballhr of S.Irn $ll:k, rite rerr.krrabke', &c .,c also No. I0 of Nichulua Ni, kleiv. mast reraCeivn and fa r sale tvy am29 WV McKiEAN, cr of CCamp & Clllaaon ss oBRSTN RIU l-rII1i barrels Ralaer Rura, ailding fin Rl)lr aip CroUlltlbiana, aln fr adri, IbV ma "-'2 S & J P WIl'I'NE't',73 Camrll a D ,.J3S'I'ICCs-:I Ilrales 4-4 Mirlltrrx arat Nolrhi lllbny brlwlll sheeting , ilag flall alir S.rialrur far sale by ISAAC ltltill)(;I & Cu, _____ 134 luagazire yt 3)A.I.AST Ct 11 'BEl-l n vaesel mnariag Si SI)or70 t1aa ofclaal as 'itallus tflo aboe ort, ftrr whclh a fair freighti will be girven, Iapy ro aox nIfice St ('hlales. 31 iraL. I(1 Olt V M1itt.S-tll o Sharer',, aarnl tinied ,t l sel SI ra n ald grinders rslitahle .lr Ilarnllilrl uar, ill arre.forasle ly r CHAMPLIN & C()OII.:I, ml;i _79 & 2 .uliat Pit S)Al'--51 I lboxesa uap, Jarreas I;·lh, ,h.rk-u.a 17 l'rwblirdge,a ldJ A Mllrton'r , lrsay e tny apt I I tllt)(;t : t ('o, 131 11arazine ta l t. ,l -A1' F - a I, tl: r n- i t r a aa-a; L ;a,; . -.Iri n t t yi i , assnrted lrallandt,r saae Iy apt D1 I ItIllI)Gi & (' 134 llagariale st I1 .1tE :ultcrr:l afer tor sale i5 bIhlsa Fta r; 1511 I s bid hiakluy ; 5i1 casks bllcaa,, d t50 caska lBa'aaeshuaders Illa ach anvaraar d 1Hna.. alII 'PHUJ It HUI.IFN,74 ('amp r ELVIItA," the Nabob's \Vile r by 31rs Mklabad, Jackh Saelpail, No I. by W II Aiuswial ri , to bL' collll ete in 8 parts : with cuts. CoaVel.y (illan Nataury ad Art: t ,,r Or feleatll anlld vlltabl auluian wlt IthnueroaIr eata . Jlla-t l'eiY ed by AL EX lt {, alrii 2 I! ('l mp stt IISHi IIU'[Er311 firkidl, jIaLL J IOraaVr , [n t t'r ule b3 SIIALL &trtlltIW., Pan'lb 96lagazi;rr yr G TT VI'El3TAIIIAS, AN INFLLIBLE,I REMEDY FO~IL DE.AF'YEO.--Thle glrout .urere wblch ".a~llt. -.w e-d tile lip lcatiun ol" this valuable ..nttll ied, il inle tinred i caw.l. an the \V.esnlinster Dol~leliwry (lb.or, dilese+ of tihe eye ..ild tar) Ior which i..ttit. Pttellt bi La i.etu nl dtl by M.SI ITaylor, ti 1), from the Eagl.ti iioverlnieni, knd the aiuiion i iLax ritcelro 'inu he Roy Aadem eu f • od'ior in Pon hlig, AuiI.y i. liand tither t rii~i adiI.itilSli .liilhitinr mr io uAie i.i medical .afin.t, who hbur- uied nid riecinended ,i .:i Titi fude iftbi GotyI Vegetubilis, lltrout lloh t h riuce a itd Germany, ciused its speilt y iutrtducilou ntot anii tuti diety i eountry iu Europe, siid addresses wern )re~et,ied to IDr T..y. Iot Irom all ports, cungralulalory to Ihe eircu nt At co. The I *ertainly wiiuhswhich Ibie Guttyiiii ttgullls oar ca n ytiit appliddan tatl i atested by m y ilfuiutt .l.,ellll revu iuoooof Iiii 9, tbeir t ujetii li oy i.lPillippet Kinigof thii Freuch, and Leopuld K ii ti of ih u atelttatii, e ,al'ed on Dr "| ay or the tail. le ufbonrury Aurl"lIl m heir Illje~lles, as. u roc-1" ululoie ior thii liuany reatured Io he.l uiti rwl? ...tlied by thile ppcatiute, i' thiiluili lied Gltt Vegehdihil 't.. 'ifo.11 pro of .IRyal favor wil he hopetan b ullh iii iti hvounllr.ti a1l wlo are affhcled with deafnle.S, uranglll. I'luo ally cause 1o11 apply Illl rmmuldy. , hluLotion, Plritbiiilto Brussels the nitslubr cured bi. hi l Slit,.ii....,iwl ,i . the pr,,,hitlch.h ta ..i ytihitpriiei,,. seitas. ialilauauia~stty~iugititt In thedciiitof Dublin 400 more or tiilt deaf wure restored tio earping by Lontone ti t i th bad e llrtbleu r:it} yeas Ltt Ti tihe city oftldyult, (France) .iiii6 were resored Ii , Ihurltu ip one of whom wa Jtu yearhlts of and ono l1.tiisitt e lat yeaailrh ldfid, abacusi i peifirmed ii tie ,titlaidU.e uutll of FIIl. wee isuynifintl fo their ni.uber and tiie lellgth a tlane Ithey were afflicted. For proof of its efficacy, we will submit uth following eaei --Tble Rev Johlu Klug, curate of Johllt s ('Llurchl, Malldlt*.ter, Aad become to dealAK fromcold, that he could ni t bear i , att Ii OfUlmtic filfeenlyardadistenu. Tbllai.ectlollbad barn Wid U. ally growill£ UlOU him for a nmnber of years, durinl" whieh i time he apidi to manty celellraien Auris and payin. . I who operated and applied every tbug their taintled spll couint iuggestd witout heleastsidwogl'relyef. Dr Slatk repm- Ai .Afi.tdd , pid cppi Taytor'.c ..... VegIi.n.Ol lb . . .. n ., mo tel lye had Iout uled a rt bilell until hie couud ha sw well as ev er liedid. For paricutla~lrs ol" thll. a cseI:e" lhoudouu - Ap itittida Iif(ta cI 60 ay, ciiti ike Me!JunlfrltIr1.Dr Andrew# of Edinburg. lay.. o1" the ("'dtilVegomthilis--iu1 my practice, as well as iln tile husitails- fild It IO be a I moat vPPuable remedy I7 U ckse ofadejmiini aminuet frfioml Nervout debdlly lnod reloaxaton ot the ear, uOdaleed bly :,1dd, d.l~l watglg clultd odi t ciill gold, lld bierel ,re rditi Cli.l, tit [.e llrsl usol.b lllg, oulideat.ll n env ii o iiiill well i1s tb.,l of others,.. lie w..t be, . ( tsplwtuOllldm la hu liy bave lighae.tlol at u te LIca 1hl' dDA.oLeEy.a Dit Jllne i AntbillIledlf rd~hile, atin Sdtier I u Dr uTaylol a eOnllde.~p by sa.viln every chlas ofl ipeople w11l f~i~d mn Ihe Gottal \'rgelmblll+ A lPt i an .d tuhlnnbb rPenody lilt I~llellut. , anfgfo letaycue aegurly101 to two botleh's produl.ea perifectcure--old f,. slue ,.ibllle a gentlelaal who came under .ni catre, laborinIg unlder denfliess lfor innfy .i.*ars, attended wih "a runhiu." froum the ears "Wild a pec~ullar .*,mald reeln illllg dl~sialt tlbuuder ae¢Ollpaluel withbI it,. rillglllnU tit ells; ell thee. ylnlltlm were remloved noid tite1 lUlliV~duatl restored to bl,.irllll !ey tile use of tbhe e hurt.'.. A. judlciuiis iiratllOlle~r of P~lan. .pealthlg myof Dr "]',l ior". G~lutty V,'et.,lall says-1- hLare emlplolyed 11 lil sill 1ud tal setls Iti find out a u~el'ul pie~parallon for the reple tint cure1 of D soots,. and 1 UlUal ,dlemlyll tifll.I tha~t I Ihave .overP"]i f~ound say Ihlg .o golod, -o bal'e llld +aoeffieaciou,. as Dr "ilay- I Ior'. (3Ultta Vleg,.tlallii. You may de peul uponll it,ay. h e, fur I bare often experlveud it, loot art Ils ease. evry t irlu tbati Cal justly lie axl ibold Il liay Ulndl.lle e for thai di~lrela.lg ,Il. ffletiOll. 11lare then you have a tlaedimelu of .upurlatlw :.10-. i! car and fitut fill. ill.a ' Missll S A NortOll ill Slate En~d Road, war Ill.lily vaed. alf tars with deuialieS-, after trying .lery thillg .lie k...ul . h ,ar i her phvslciull coluld prescribe, oree Ilttlel of Df "1'x Ili. ". l: Utta \'egelab~lll rehLeved bhr cun.tolerably, old Iwlbure, she un~d thll thirdboattle she was perlfeetly re~t.,led to the .o,... of ber h euringl. 'T'hus 11oreby, 48 Fatlringtoll street, whol waie ii iieu'enslll ill Ibe 4".d Regien~~tlwad rt 1 ,ruch deal" iiifil phb e obluf Wl"Iaterlool I.iid hr. reluailled Ito eyer s ire. A fer i i1: use ill"uue botlel .1' Glatt ll'.gelablli. hie War perleclly cured. Mr, (Gt een Iol'Camberweli. wo bud I1b lel, 14 ye.,lr deprive d ob 1 he Ill, uo ofl hearillg wasltf ite tcured byv usogI [.i1 bllet.. TIu thle 1gid W hlllll moIst c IIIullllly ilflieted wtlt ideafll.., flats prepurutltll wall Inideed |)l'll'l a ble,.illl, ad it bhal so fre. ynenlly cured the wornL o f caes, when iio botelrme o rctl ry hlad beenl sm olcpated or dellved frolm .ottar meansl. To thuae afflicted with dofe.,1e arlinl. from cohld whie prep aralltln Insst prove lt~a auable sud will restore thew tu Ilear illg oUiiie, eased out mften. a the Goitta Vemetubih . is prepared in strict .eromdanee with .ceiitlilli plncipie., apart frOn l I emlplfleisll sld it willtba rewind Oll trlal it, rarry Its own recuelUdlltldlln with itt in the hipp yeffect. it pso"luedw by remlorilll tliu.e to hear i1g who boar. Leer we, unforllltunte aid to b deplrived of that .ianll. for many Sold wholesale and rteail on ageucy att No 96 Coutina If -use street, Now Orlean+. aprll4 it1ANN t'LAKE, lerge alilr.;mall, lInt':ng;i l be r sohldby-Jhe caee,it Naw York priers. " 1 1 B|t)NNABEI,, apl 4 eornsB %lag'.iu.eaud nte ti PRLOR ORNAMENTS --Rare anti beautiful tCullluOlies, for Isle onlly by. Rees & D'Ianlte, Lxand ..I Ph~ugh'a Museum., All lhese,*rnamenta condisl iof the mont splen. did llpr'cionens ofI .rllhiillogy II0111 IEu. ,pe :bars,~ Africa, and .cur nu n eountry, p -Approved noewe at 11 days will be takenl uI !'Ole'EIZ-72 bag; Munilla lugs received----t Nw C Yllrl, per alnp Orleans., for a~le by " 1l4 :SHALl, & Rltll.W.N,.d Ahrtltair. to (IL &. KF.RSEYS--80 bhlls Taimt~r,' Oil 1 30 .:alikaS pilr Oil ; .5bldeatNedtr~iIluloh, liiiblllh for the II!ll-ll., LF.VI" H GALE, ltll mar 13 3 93.lCllllulu a TH ICs. AN'tS PANACA. - r F e ,iL knnl'rl,.rmnm lm;utFnbli. .ii, yllwip t tnt, tietoor itt doutti, toc y aros0t U tq mtt i ,plitiecust m merfnrdildisese, ll(hlli.ri.. l i i llai lful f a nlions .Olthe h lne , al n ltlhll) itri Id t|l.; ulcer.f sev..h deiurvpinn, tevte' atinislt "I sillll iahsesea, litulos, tilre, otilh held, mauteo, hl" t. - ulenms affestidit, ehlronn (:I :,irrh, howl a ife ing from any ihrid Immor, pain ini oftb . d mr dyn sIllie procredig filoni vglriatinn, tIlft6t1yn tit• lle, .hraio it i,.mnmtion nof'the'f1 4efillli. ty ugsed h dv a Itonpid Mtion o tthversehl s sing 'dlly i etilcionis in rntormtinig thime Y sll W whillh haie been brIokeol, Itlou o I tdijhtlahii i trutonlt juvanile itregrtltiitieS. Io gellrot ter'm b i1t t lo nati menrded iI all thtsedlisetrot whichfari.r ilin Isimtrti ofthe blood, oh ilitiation uf'to e IltaUwl, ot , ioitesrc.l name or kitd.r Some of the nhnve eiom ,laots a reitnooier *s.nae tr flitlngsotint aliltlicatiotso hiet tcii oltlie oase will iliit.-t; hut foe a lleoa gtteoteltlltzo!rne.l isifat to remnre the oaon.., tie INDiAN'S. P NAIýir% U1 genermlly Inlbumtol snllfIcient. iTO THE PUBLIC. Ilow eteP it is, Illtt oerh l PhysicianS atn lteir arim Itiol to exerl i their Iprlceslian explore the mi'st fields of'scirence hv the aid of e'.tIisttrv, and teekl ont new J. atetliil tgo.itls: ill shlolt to arrl.ive at Iajon n ireftti n ahd tllitetiet by iltl-lot it art ototte,--illttirrltftoictrak ia icnglelt, as Iienenthlrllnotie, the rih tllt.oad.ioteou stlores ofnmelicitlt, o iich the Altmghlly h.i enlsed to nilrilig .ol tf tlhec.ltrl i inln i" clime t AnthownO mn. rloll e inl is iltlhlt while the Aillrricun Phttllitieis km t lithreign cltontries tir non, of his nit conimon anird owil ctollnllry withlan tedleslirofllioni if niliesl plkdlas, nlfitcit'attt ai:lllFW.i t iltltdittina itoirate ior to lrei ltly uatbllo lin.lkt.: .yet vi he is iga.rnot o.tkeir lIth.. tos, ail tit) are aetititi to watste ht oliing gi the le elioeis if tertitlaer meti rnooatonn the tisrao art rtemlnyu--tllolIe ol nineralmls'lasti atlg. 'I'he trnt.'ean thrir ellicets anllll iass nf-lthe latter, nereafl- inlrh - ier, aecei .lteiinllv nlotn thi soliids. lea nt, lmillg tie tones otilel tliltllrmiiig the "ittinitiotii h yI slow and ln'!t nlo rollc te llier. heo t egrnlltity, c linairy sit SATFi' ofvegeta-" tle remedies over miteral, iMleit tcill etI bytlltmt igtlie anienit liotce witlll tetn giarrlt or, ia I rtin il ,lore imallleliatclv hllcr oat lawn obslrotaline, iah. - Otl lractice witth taliat if e tl Witt: Vfh'lo,iI Amer.ic, aiol not knownoltirhett r of iti.trit(.l itsiilltti neltrei onaue d-,rte ,I,,in trtt.ttitIi, ftale lttmalial Iti meUofr Ier simtile rnichditeiallr e ia:ns ffetred thle lonl ntitph aollattoiit g cii e lls, at, the tthe* ttrtritr ot ira of the aonmmll iuiatiet. ilii.ttetl itl iltoe onl okilf all tatler, hs uihilerl AnId who has notl beea st'prlwn at hey cam, toativetse lotlliichilty i tlw ulich ih lIt|litfi f'esillim olft'iimany dimraLe, i:tott the ins ilea lot nI llllnene ofelbrlo iisese. m alg tlhrtt Who hen rie l haedl ot ant littlian wlth i a otasttil irb thtihit ale rehined by il trelmelten A:tdl ca a titlllt exist :hal his Iapy e emItioll of tl sn.r o firotm ot retf ltle ills tlich the icth otlloflisl ilirein is nhielttt oionlto itintegrlp le a remed i .l a sll a rliei n he r.nlysf i lits lonnihl ilcg tliferrit lli t sltess, is a fb'ietxellltlihelstim of iea ininiie sunriorilty of the siniple oanil salt mens of ort e whichr (oatd tlilas citIn for the ienefi .of thi ildlhrenl over thoe which ttie lriie ard thie arn oft am hale itl veltued.- . From. a ItItg re.tlele :nmmoa a porthon o.rtfleimnigis. it.Iatiittiltatait tito try, atttnil tlltiotoeale M tahus lanc will the aIlltlhitis iof llort of some of their muo , ticctsiS l t nilutitl, , ihte t of "ttl'h Ilham's Vnlitocu,'a'a llttirlt a kltrldger o o' iofl lit tll 'inut liotOullil all fo.riitii telliet. I nlt thes ranel e tetl alcll lcu e l ier most lmeaCE t at. ilttlll oriap,m , afer aries cmprinlety l treos, t heir ,incil aes t etirettgllh tie ttesothiottll timin the i lilt helr frermerti, as tile tltlt " Itltf' toid .i..lnctiiil tor the tIureose Iurt' ts coha m l t atmeihtin mad. 'I Ie hrproirietor lffelrslhis repn'atmtl to All, l ptblis, ' will| the rconsitaasilimn h i elllclingat lirithiotil" ei Sclyll ellsable otoft le vig Onlllty if hli all stieil fel low beri;gs, oiao al sulleoillig illter lthe trions oellloio ndill r titosl t"i omillS ia whieh it il aottlcamle. To uh ith will rove i it' ncalciniltle atte, a n es still itniny eases, tie ollty lomtlc ianIotIelrcigitl siruf.. eriigs andil rcslorillg itm nle Iite Iro iea th anI ltrai piitess. eThis il itl lte'd as a eelnulllreo m dly, till iay ser ¢chaoer lie qoullty gol( wnih mnlly othersl ino in ltr bill as one whicsi istopllblo of sa gtitllt llh lit ellille eases . Mie all hIl ulesotu a leariielfa L. Thll i titile relhthotedly atnd this is thie relutltotlai ilthatob aited whcrevera itltc been i ll'iodllcerd. It Is olnt a luthtlrelk t ) siaii 0si ll usrertion all iresellll it thIe I hllu: lt ill in ti sihort ntaoe "f limet monme hnirtats of leritout ight beli tllon, who wonld Doleumnly ttecltre Ihat lntet belieell itat hetll. iiten wetr stti l , ti) it t tillo ticlseoalier Ihev talm triedl, iat idl Ietiths all the olnn ol rnietldieil in iain. Wh.tL veot it is kllnwl it itseiidlJ ' uotniig ion USe, Slad this ntlfolllientllost subltattliliall Lualili ilg lrnoof uarit 'rhe valuea('tlt Paaocem i most contplieuoustn tlto toig sitlilinIg atiIt syphilili uini 0 terifulotoa afiiatlfion l 0ch have dlefi.l all oither i.cnelites, aid aitalstdarly ii tlhose cases whelr nlecctty lIons leeoin aO vislt!y used as mo uiset distresstlig p1iii in lie boloeh ; nmles, maerit ritl Icero, t olle golelenlt Ufthe digestive o.rgall, .is. I'lt'ese it coilnltlely, rea lltt aill i tilal tases it entire ly eioiilte.ra tie lilseises otlnertltay, tneoa the cOlltitllttiiI, oil letlil liatlae tirlit ooid ani well. Ill I-ihlunlalisn allll ill ucelltell 'sore tliiatl its illny tffellts ar iaot leiss a otettilli ta ivig almost imm flati'elieto . 'Tahke, in I0r1t doses, tthe ttliotl'a PoIteaet opealtes as a alllerlllivt ti ll iletlgenll; a lihpI elie dhlhl 'el e, anllltlxaltiveo, ai Hilli-s naitliao 11ao uloliyneei til in iltollerl.iom, amo amol)olcoliand eiemltllagotie. (Geneo. all) rxlpiesctl, ih irtluat s all tile seletalnltttS and ex cl'etlioll, gives lons to ilhe latOltllh, a111 excites lititm i5 tli. gtlanlds i a Itlttiihlllliti ellel.,r Fa o t iolea I~imi A'les ilso )eletiolus may be ulndlelrsltOod. l'his celi ies belll foiuitt 1 ll hii ighl)y ltscful in may ttlltti.gllltl.. listet"a 11o1 leith pecifietr, lll it ham beer uiiol withi wolilcilttla suc cls us a Slt"liII iltactrm IPl rifle'l, by Ihuse wlio inae sllhleot to conIIplllills o1't IQ1 chenIt alid lthise colltlitlilillltttljluiie itemw vigor. tuch tie stlls will ilo well to IlSl l in o1' tl ii ell'lelltlea i lil ilMll o o seto. lWhetever a diet liihlk is oaIsidttrtedt Iaellttlt, this llallatt, taikcll ill a SIoll lonle;1 will aiswer all ti iUrIloses ill llllch less lillle, at lesi extlenllr, anl in s lar itrore aglreeable it111tlrc lholl Ihal te 111o1 die iltillhk. The followilhg oelti¢tctte, out of htillullls aitiluar wlioti inight be la'ouutell, arle gitct ltu siow hr efttt oU the hltdhunl'P Ioltectas, inll l aI ioiniis cOnluilllathelrtt i ientionedl;lind tlsaotoexhlilit in tihe nlot sallifoitoray imnltel itcistillll rily ollr tile syrull in nntoaott usi CASES OF tIItEUMAT'LISM. .iaiiL.rron, Naov. IS, 113$5. D)urillg lie last iilner alItI stltlltg, I l otc u tliLteJ with t vcry severe tiilllitrestlI rih uInilinati , oclnsiotn lay. expos"e ill bahi wcthetl. 1 now lakegeat tllelutro it tlalillg, lillt six bolllc of ti Ihlian's l'atllem, rmlteed tle Ilo lierfct lalth; tli I l oltefiIitly reoimmhnI d itto all inoilarly afllicted. JOtIIN FEtIRUS(IN, KhIteua. CentArLSrTO, .laich 27, 183,2. I was seized ablout hllee e i ale sinc, wit a disteesrilg chemuntilsm, cauacd bh takinhg a seve r- loolh, while unde thetinenielo ef merey, ,.an which Ias dl~obledt . ifrom usiness nearly ever since. I)ulrig this period have ben auptit " tli tilhe M\Larine I ospital, ill this ch llpwardslo flI milllths, tand nearly the same length. licu ill thie Ialittimore Iiospital, :iil triedi almost ever Iemllvy, will little beollCi. Oil the 18th of Pebhtae., last, til tht ti me suc.wely ailite tb move shout upon elutel.l es, leIominellecd the ulse of Inoital.s Panalestl. In ot. llOlnlh I lnl ,Inystiil'ys llucuiirel fied lioitom patln, slad m Ilue Iappiy to Mata t satI cinlriht ivsnel lefrli.acly sell. WM. IUCKI"I( , 13 Jlorket-st. CASES t)F SCIlOI)UI.tOUS ULCERS. N\ew Yoae, Septl. 10,1130. This may certify that ill tlie ball ol 1825, 1 was seize withn a sweling in ty neck iito ld e, which nlherwerd ulcerated nl becam large l'ghastly ulcers in my neck. Alerll yigsvelt idtvsiitanls too mivtntiags, I wens to Philudcllpita, eiIId ilced mn self uitder tlhei eLs Irs. Ph Is s ii ld .einc t, when, alter repeated alevatlonl to iloeecl, i was n ilurouileeIl utterly ineurable. Ahmo. artls I toik twelty buottles elf Switi'a Pat.teandnl eignL bottles il Pcttelt's C:llillinio, with lo material beshoid l)esnplriigollilenuhicuh hail lnw become a Iur'hea t nie, I relurlell io IIy platrents ill New York, in 1829, ant gave milla"fup t, a llugiitig tIeht. Heatitg of dits Seat soleEt. ofeusn elIlI ltiiiim's LgiiehR, howeaerig, ion afs similari to iy own.ii %l tsulr'SUailed Itrty it, aslast we sort. lo mi greCt stauprlr, as well as satlslitton,. stHllte1idtllll II lf (lrapl t IdElIYl:erui, mli upti tutkin ieve i bottles, the iletahr:lcl atitl I become petlietlj well in the course ufltwo oatllths, td have remainedll so ever .niie. I make this ncttentlei atd wish iit published lier dti heiefitulthlilloca aliiare . nu erting tlder sinilar s.erftlimtoar sisphilitie.aleetions thit they may knom wlhat he etiretllle whl Illas suffievd eeryn thiig butl death, .nd who considetles his life saed by ll e above sy. tup. WIM. 11NI IA.' CnanLSeTo. July I12, It31. Sws affilietert, foar yeaCr witlh all ulnte l the leg, na casiiiallv .naeiompatieie witll er)yipeltolus ldl intaua asul excessive tlin in the leg ntlI allule johit. SenepS tlinlelt physicians exearted Iheir skill upon it, but with oLit i manatiet lenefit. Ishlis case tae buttln -hadliit's l'aulteea made a piulrett cure. MARGAIRET A W'ETI, 121 Market Fur Sale by SICKLES & CO. Druggists, Aguats for the Proprietole, 4J Canal Street. Ap. 12-2 mn Lady .Jhalague'e Compdund Chinese Sonp re l imeniled by the ladines t Madrid ahd Charles run, indeed rialitity, not ility, the preet and the uigantic balanoe tif all thinge,publie opinion has eulogised it asid placed the eficiency of Lady L, Monutagule's compound Chinese soap beyond osul piciun for letter or rite wormi; pimples on bth fbee% sun burn, tan, eruplion, prickly elt,i . aeffen II *ni of the skill, the hetalng quslilIttv.f p will soot eradicate. II is recomtiisti.l. .. emollient shaving soap or pco etosmyi 't gentle. men, for hebetilyineg the eumpleitit, rempoving fr.cklee, and imparling freshness and delicsey to the complexion. The aristocraill distinclton of a snft and while hand, is with many an oljeet of considerable inler'esei. EPn:pa tn llw nt t.lionte the erikh faae and hands brcomentsj4gbd, or bird toned, and the inveanionsof nmodernehomistry:have bitee rendered suhser vieti not mietlly to the neeo . - eory every day arisul lif., but even to ilt lzariie and elegancies. Sold wholesale and retail at No.' 96 Ounlt"... houssat. Price $1. " o F. J1R-lflrk . loll. ,.ng t .-i a r er emphin f pair yr , Sr ureutul ,r saI -s S- , SdIIALL & lBIOW N 1 m e at ci...r

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