Newspaper of True American, April 15, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated April 15, 1839 Page 4
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-> e ý . m oiatet. il qua e ritina t/meetT witlmutr er I.eisen. 4ullrautnt the nidtuo t1*dpieste the .pue Joh x'R. r ewn, hatvhi htta ale the. duafeae, alrtrll w thaereu, by titer is always cat 4isreecP. The danget h Seuse tu -*rv evllet, for bectrarrto uch pcectse to Cuilun lt ra nc. e rhie, auliece it r inhis dhai tlrm'p·e spel ,tetitttte 4 t lAsisiescewhitluam soliciting which q iequsslly detlied to `' 'ietrlhutlt htstewed. ;" i` ~ I caIr'stiuisAtl agulmuet the "pot s~hit .&dise, titit are dily efferd yDr. Juln 'R. uwatud, at his .,Philndolphiu. it.k the whuleaule agent for time rla, sqt will sell by the grose, at rbehaddt reluil lsl,at _.JARVIlltZ.ANDREWa, Wholesale llrttggiate, cor commonpe&Teheiitoulee v' ; fi.ig ~lyd. Lomlaijea hfotel, 1 14 KIiKLAND respectfully en. a to her fisends'eand the public gene. ,i. ^d to accommodate them at ishme ct, and hopoes frn her itor comfortable, to receive . aefavorer.l.She flea eoni. w.itng Covington during the esnot find better accommodations trd them, on more liberal terms. ametly situated, and well supplied e tine ,e the bar is furnished with eloelo o, &. in short, she promises he wanting on her part to give s .iall who may patronize the iA~ na Hotel. je3 lý* " Dr. cl0.midt of Charleston, ih for.ome years his assistant in medicine and surgery, has the honor hik professionil services in this city. lnv ledies sa d gentlemen that the most eýipo will be paid to the calls which SITsal"tile offera his services to the e-'baing- well acquainted with the anrs~ta othoen, having attended them in inCe I (harlcston. ntiJdlious pillsatter thepomposition S'rS lette, with. directions, can be had i. The effcot which they have 1iI this and other cities, has been attended g .a)eet aucdu, to wicih the beet of ane ea P given. Apply at NI. 166 Maga. ` . .e-- .JNO. M'LORING. W A D tiTSE1 , iSAD . IRONS, &e. I IO LL WORxKS COMPANY, No. SWater, gear Bookman street, New York, hayo eo e'd theo past season, cml are coratantly rptereing large and extensive additions totimhe stock d the fioe 'Rgattle, which now consists of the rlwing orne, suitable for the southern and w kn marets. ' r o:of superior quality, consisting of st ton, via, Pos different aleso, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kett ines, froth 3:8 to 31 gallons, Setl4 sites, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, c i Ovens7O , 7 differentsizea, TinKqtsiea, 6 do Flat Spder 6 do nCp Spidors, 2" do SIei. . 4 do  o . 6 do W 1m b.xes fromt 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches. Oart I 5 'to 7 inches. crews, 20,000 gross, iron and braes, from :dnch, Ne. 3,to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior Squality ind nlli, and lle- than Jame's imported ptices. ".Sad Irons,, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for "Tailor'ae andhatter's Irons, asorted. Bash weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to Iatl for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &e. S .rdleX der, =Alai w eanheate and ether machinery made to assortment of goods is particularly reoommeln jto the atteotion of Southern and S~uterunilclihants, and are offered for sale at low priss, id/lspon the most liberal terms; it is be. li` ed tobhe'the largest and best assortment ever offered for sale by any one establishment in the -United States. Mhllrohsut.,'b lforwarding a requeet by mail, can " have. prinsl ciircular, with description of goods, prioes' adterm, from which no deviatiop is ever madt furnished by return of mail. All orderswill receive immediate attention. jew o.i rkY1838. ..e3 s s tw Orle nsi t o eg, oc18 to7. SO'OCTi onthrlts ago I had tile mlisfortune to gt a s.rewl turditi, for whic I have applid to which e t:: Ltsa r ta a nore. and teV did Int curel me. so nowI ' :-- t·k wo e date I n!ut myself unde lr the care of I)octor Hu d tllxpcct him to eue ue. Since that tinme he worse, so ato brea out i larg ulers e h i. eeasix s oreig ht on ea h leg, asN all overa 'oi eta 'thrt, end not able to work at byl The..y w .uae dhnof the disease; large ilcer on Bdle thrust. I am now putting myselt' led th re onf Dr. H4es t,r Pirins, nto Mern.d . h trJOHrN DEAN. I e DO CE RTIFY tBiatthe above ment;oned disease is Its quite wall ourd;sb;ony iwn satisfacthn, for which tt* ~ics). Ile-,tande i ruee I m l'r Olirt'tle mdaci "ot E hkwe4ewa s tn.slkes me fat, aemdad' not injure rmy d hl at all,;'s tlifed the cntideoe my mf I reo rs toda N!met,hetwsn. Iiuphme and Bourbot, 511tne. Dr. Huet isat liome from a lfoek,.A e, muil 4 P A. p ey wilt o P a. idem tetans, for this cormplailt. d, n ts EAN, 40 Gravies street. If uiy one wmts to e !me cals ea o40 (rawvie - J- *OHN DEAN. New O freocn.lFeb r osiied; fell 14 1y uE G--nliine Indian Bala - of .ivNrw,r w lad Hore hound, is patt up in bottles at tie low price ofi ents eah, cntainiug the strangtril of:,thres ounce af 'Civenwert, et lela-4 it irtus te mat' other rmst a nd erbs knownjees tihe Indians ur efieacious ineouating ulmumary eompismts. :-iw uascivella sueees which leae attended the rue of this ' tsolmc l. Balsam wherever it llsa been intrn `died, h~ r dyui.dr the confidence Id rII eo.nnnda Noeetnaloe p.hysitianst for the curea of coughs, d n the side, want of rest, spitting of blood ti' t, n ccern. This is to s ertiy that we e fequently prsacr,,.d Ara Gard a ' esm oftverw rM t a"+d Hoarhonnd, with pfgoe can therefore, from tile know -Ca it ia muae onl, mud belevaeton eoIIStomiend it as a eaulnlerii pre rationa k4ar-soe ti at of teim Iunge lar wrhich at is re 1 e 1.. ALBERT WILI AMS, M. D. F, .CALVIN. EL-LIS Al. D. nllbets of tihe Boltou Medical Aesodeiatio. .. rl.i J.tItVIS& dtANDREWS, sas ii C n11a'n11 a I m'ha eitnnta otS BEAR'.iene of I'emnrnsdip received,and ..r-saee Iat tair:perm teaneet Wriang Academier g$4'-la tma'si f New.f)rlenae, ]UY Broadway wY., D. pbpn. nt"Mobil.. 'it iteiiag. y .r priRvate lesrners. and Oastss sel asi.. . hoe as may it the - f a"Its cla s formed io any part n ntreferit u, receivC e'esso,- at thl own ref w fy' v ' r rr" e of lron er desired -. '" P i. s " ell aeutbey wish,. 5f4 Ikegs,10 ita - ato 25 e :A WW SC~t , • 'Nol6,4B tssreei. N e lgit-aa. 'eCaisuei - ~ f4 ~'~thepentaske. YOtK.-eNw Wae. *i ever soeojyl Monday dtring th aeaa1 hall oclot l i. hPbimj Otdl, 5!91 tons Capt. 8. Seark, `r4hip Alahanta, 474 do C. C. Berry ShBlpArkansas, 627 do E S Dennis Ship S rutoga, 3540 ilo W Hathaway, Ship 1Ashville, 540 do 1) Jackson, Ship, Kentqnky, 629 do J Bunker Tha ebove hips are of the first class, coppero and copper fiatened. and having been built in New York expressly for this trade, they are of light draft of water and almost invariably cross the bar without any detention. The commanders are men of great experience, and the ships will al aya be towed up and down the Missinsippi by steamboate They have handsome furnished accommodations, and stores of the best description will always be furnished. Tile cabin paesago is $90 witinout wine or liquor, and there is no liquor furnished to the ofcers or crew. For freight or p.sauge apply on hoard, oW to H C AMES, 48 Camp st. The ships are not accountable for breakage of glases, hollow ware, marble or granite, Oooperage of tin, or rust of iron or steel, nor responsible for any package or parcel, unless a regular bill of lading is executed terefor at time office of the elts. nov27 NEW ORLEANS Ao BALTI'P ORE LINE OF PACKETS. This line will conaist of the following vessels, which have been built or purchased expressly for the trade, via: Ship Seaman, Capt. Miner, Bark Mary, ** Niekerson, Irad Ferry, new , Stevens, Solomon Saltu a, " Latham, Brig Archtect, a" Gray. These vessels are of the first clasr, have hand. some furnished secommodations, and are of a light draft of water, as asto admit of their receiving and Sdischarging their cargoes in Baltimore, ol the ciy. Freight will betaken for ports on the Clmesapeake or James' River, and forwarded by the agenta, Mesera. CLARKE & KELLOGG, at Baltimore: expenseson goods shipped will be advanr.ed when required. The price of passage is fixed at $60i, ample stoares of tie b at quality will be provided. Steamn up and downi the Mississippi will be taken Ion all occasions. For freight or passage, apply to GEO. BEDFORD, nov27 22 Bionville at. FOR NEW YORK. [Louisiana and Now York Iine of Packets] 'Il'lH Ships composing this line will sail from New Orleans and New York on every othler Mon. d lay--commencing on the 2th11 Novemrber-and to insurs the punctuality in the time ol'saililg, the line will herealter consist offive ships, via: f Ship Y-zoo, Captaui Trauk, to leave aon the 20th November. Ship Looieville, Captain Palmer, to leave on the 4th Decembellr. Ship Hnnlsvillo, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the 18th Deceiober. Ship Vicleksbrg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on tihe lot Jeauary. Ship Mississippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the l5lth of January. The above are all new, of'the first clase, copper di and coaper faotoned, and upwards of 5i11) tons hurthen, are of light draught of water, being built in New York expressly thier the trld. Tihe price of p aossge is fixed at 100 dollar.: their cabins are fitted lp in the most iinproved and convenient plan, and finished in a neat and elegant style - Ample stores of the first quality will be provided, and, every regard paid to the comfort and entire satislaction of passengers, who will please take no. lice that no berth eat bo secured until paid for at tirle owec of thIe consignees. These vessels are commanded by captains well eaperienced in the trade, who will give every 'at tention and exert themselves to acommondate. They will at all times be towed ip and down the Missis. sippi by steambonats, end the strictest punctuality observed in the tirme of sailing. The owners of these shil:a will not be responsi. blo for any letter, Iparcel or package, sent by or put on board of them unless a regular bill of lading be signed therefor, at tihe counting house of the agent or owners. For further particulars apply to J D BEIN & A CO[IEN, nov27 90 Common at NEW ORLEANS &CIIARL.ESTON PACKETS This line consists of Iourveessls, all i the first cluaps, Coppered sad copper fast. ned, andl of anbot 200 tons burthen. with handsome ascommodatitns for pa.sengers. Three vessels are colmml ndud by captains wel experienced in the trade, who will give every at tention, nid exert thenmselves to atn enla,odat . tht shippers. lThey will b,' towed up und dwon tle Mississippi, and lenve.New Orleans on or before the 10th and 15th of every mouth. Thu folluowitg vessels compot e the line, viz : Brig Arabian, Chnrle. G. rdon, master. Brig C sunprnn.J. Ii. Thompson, master. Brig Ahlena, J DL)ane, master. Bark Rlogr Willhtmra, J. Allibere, mtaser. Ftr Ireight otr tpasa sue, otplv to J. A. BAREI.I & C,, 61 Ciom on aI. Nuw Oileans, or M1. C MtrtPesi, Chonll.'lt,. net I Li. e of Packet Ships.-'This new lille of ships has been expressly built to run betweon the above ports, and will be found of suitable draft oowater: accommodations for passangors, and every effort will be mtade to give general satishaction, The lihe is composed of the ft lowing ships: Cherokeo, 415 tota Capt. J Harding, Carolina, 4011 do S Lemist, Charleston, 374 do D Eldridge, Columbsann, 625 de G Blrker, Seaman, 240 do J llowes, Bnnombay, 625 dIn D Humphlry. The above ships are all noew, of tihe first ,lass, copper fastened antd soppered, commanded by men of great experience, lave large accommodations, with a separate ladiescabin; every attention will be paid to passengers, and the very beat of stores pro vided for tsenm. The packets will be towed up and down the Mit esaippe, and the strictest punctualily observed in thes time of sailing, and should the o gular vessels be detainedt in arriving, other ships equally as good will in all cases be eubstituted. A share of patron age is solicited, and the agents pledge themselves to sncommodate as much as practicable, to receive aIl forward goods by said line at the most moder. ate charges, and to advance all expetnes on goods shipped, if required. Thie ships will leave the let and 16th of every month. For freight or passage, apply to the agents. J A MIFRRITT, 82 Commuon at. N. B. Advantcemesnt made on consignmeats; to )|essrs. A. G. Lombard &. Co. novl7 lq. nUtMuta HAl"t ' & CO, ae tnow receiving Itam s on bused' aTl Orleans. Eagle, ilighlatnder, Poker .letry Andrewrrenech and Gertmat play cardsl.Back gammon IBoardy Thesanmen, 21-4 and 2 3-8 ineh Iil ord Balls; 8,91 If antuf2 inch llade Bowie Knives; Leather ad otiiter trasellilg Droesing Cases; Belt, lPkebt, Hlornemtn's, ant l)uDlliag Piottols; tdouIle and single barrelled Guns; Game Bango Sholt lelta Powder and Pistol Flaks"; DrIai littles and Drinkinug Cups; Perecsion Caps and Cap ItIollt,; Cloth, Hoir, 'Wrol; and Nail i.rstnlts; Orris and Ch'loine Tmloth \W'asl 'olth IPowder; Toilet and .invitteg Swops, in creast vs. aietv t Ig Hair Ilnidd. RIti.lccts aid Eri.etne; Itear: n{ T oPilet Powder " F Interyv Ils .; Ivory T ub C nsl onle: Patent Slides or Garter .; ('.ten stan . .9s rend ere " Powder Pu; andl; Gilt Chains, Sele, arid Keys; Ear-drops; Waist Buckl:; Brtacelets; Beal Nethklahe and Clhains; (ilt and Siiteredl Bctie ; tLliian Ieada. Ilells and Plumes; Shill Trwist; Side and D)re.sing Comtbs; wbiec,in addition to theirfitrmer stotk on hasnd, akenis their nassortmntt very cnmplete, nnit will he eold ew and an liberal terms, iat tile ri.,l or tile (Golden ComiO. i2.i-f 70 Chartlre street. r i iti h.. ii r ilrer, A g eur+ f, r xth e e x te n siv e .lo e.'r f \V. & S. Butch'er. Sheffield, li;.l.bmd, have jest eceived a very extensive set of pna t.e, tenlietinvt of Table and Dessert Knives of '"- -" descripltion, Pen, Pocket, Dirk, Anl 'Spear point llnivem; Rraors, Stie .ors.,&e. &e. &e. neltih ltev are prettreed o exhibit to tite traul ifsrtrdele. Termos and condlitions will he imtad'h known at the time. .m16 J. D. EIN & A ClIIEN.90 Cnnrmon st. -t.llMONS, HIARTTrd CO.-Are now reeiving ster ship Huntwville, Y.agle, Merry Ambew, Iligh Fde rench aItd German douile lied ti ving earls: ster, hilt and pocket piMols; plnin, rilhed aul split curiaos caps; cap heltders seisrs, Itazors, iten. ves; Gtillots 'aommeroial amn oather steel iens; ,'ia es; Violin isrings; shell, ivoiy aal bnenl entrls; watirt; , btad san hihler piises; hair braibl, frmot nil sel rilnlaea aegro itt'i.. German amdl Frere congnte water, 5wlam5 e lsaslr oil, imitationl do; td, lUe -ald heeoiWll porele leaksl said dreltg casmes: last bhlaoeing; staiasl toilt glanses; convex mirelrs; op eaIglasses and views; Indian heads, bellslend phames; eeonieone whib twl i ue tiilet and shavillg slps; toilet owder, ensmtie waslh lasll seented sati edshions; pool Ial.sEIrew lo.llltInsi fancy bead chains sta naeeklaseet b)llial ball. mekaot bookL mal walletasi Gemnman blns rover sriapel; .it anl eonmmn gam si enle m llere grsetlo; Blells lusifr mntetet.rfya use este Creymia, dte. &e * 2 T-sbove i, idllioian to one form rsick of iAney auinl.J.4akehplur atslsnesit verry4tinlreta. For nle wbolealde or tailas lth tm ign o tte e Golde-Cemhb, 7 Grauslpus sgireT. m6q.o. A NgW artlele forpelqtn tromiel witi dean.ess, L(called the Ear Trmppei) bans Jun been received. by tlie baa iwbLieh. th slighe t at uhlstiorasi of the hu sns vislee:ilisietesian·e4yed ui the var. Any sim w-llitese n selahligea is eoesvis with a esyryena pas, athe fltly soevihblsof uri ,dilltlty and em. _rraaotlalexprieoeed llboh by Ihmeoleta eadI: the is |i. l li is ¶hUsllOrlaatsle geated. - lyshn' ass of Itb E, rTiofnf'hhi allesol oisenauellv abvned. The ,,prast haeshve sl ays 4a andasnolIril ir doubts ofs, 'ling uetdalTrusoprr. Far talat T F GUION'S, .sluy aMnr. eraer eff.tanost and S.t Charles street; sib,. tfhe tsalatae Hutel. • fib t Undier he. Picayune 9ore, 72 Camp st. RONSERWA'. HOWBON heo leave linform their customlers and the puhlicegenerally, tha tlhey have removed their establishment to No. 72 'amp street, immediately asder the cmice of the Pieayone-.where they are prepared to exccute all itders in theirline, R lving received from the North a npIply of pa. ndr and mnterinle of a tuperior nalitty, for the manufaeture ol BIlhnk Books, they offer their sera vires to merchants and other', who may wish work of that kind ; and having the advagnage of several "yearrs' experience in that line, they are confident of glving sulf.telion to those who may tvorr them with their custom. For notaries, architects and othlers, maps and plans a ill he pasted on linen. varnished and moainted it the neutost manner, & at the shortest notice. Plain and fancy binding, in ill its varieties ni. CHINA G:LAS;S & KiEAR 'll EN WAILtE h'oRE 360 Charre tareet, New Orleans. W . SERGEANT & Co. importers of French and English China and Earthen ware. are ni.v opening new and rich patterns of breakfast, dining and tea services, toilet sets, pitchers, tea rnd coffee cups, teapots, eaners, creams, howles, plates. diahes, tsreenis, wash tasins an. ewere, font lialhn. etc. etc. Rich aut and plain French and American glass ware-gobleta, champaignes, lemonades, jellies, clares, a ines, cordials, ceniro howler, docanters. tumblers, preserve dasltes, celeries, pitchers, lamps, lamp shade and glasses, candle shados, salt cel lets, etc. * Silver plated,. bronzed and britania warer-ear tore, liquor tlands, cake baskets, candlesticks, hranches, saopans, ladles, offre and teapots, augare, creamns. lanmps, japsaned trays, astral stnnds,and htnging lamps, fine cutlery, German silver spoons and forks, together with a great variety if articles for fa.itly use. Merchants, planters, hot, Is, and sroambhoat, furnished wih gmods at the nist rea sonable prices, and parked so as to be conveyed with safety to any part of the couonry. Alan, nnn hernrien' plni.ware. non 2 THE FLORIDA LINE _ Frain Mltiile to Auguasta, Ge. leaves Mobile every day at three - o'clock. p on per U S moil hoar for Hall's .Landing, above Blakely.--tence four past coaches to Pre:snrola-stencoa, rambals to LIgr ,nre, where the land ronllt is resumed-thene via Mattann nrt Ilrowneville, Flan. Balinlbtidlge, Pindertow it, I ,wkinsville. Sanlderaville & Louis. villeti Aogusan, G;a, crnnecting regularly with the roil rend care to Charleston, and the steam pockets to Now York, Norloik, PFiladelphia, etc. The stenat bots are Ihe beat for the service, and the navigation presents lmore advantages than can be found upon any stcamnboat route in the south. ern regio.. The great improvements in the roie have been prodoced by the cont.ruction of fifty miles of new road, by the pr'prietorr, viz : from LaGrange on lnF'ayvtle liayou, an arn of Santa Rose Illy, to Bryant's Ferry, oal hile ChartnhoocheIe river, ten miles above the C rwlnrd, or 14 above Cedar Bluff, whereby the navigation of rho river, and the con asquent detentions, and more recently the incon vetient crossing at the Cowford, are entirely avoided, atnd a fine road from Marianna direct to Bhinbridolr, illstead of the roundahlout ro,d via Chnthalrntocher, leseninlt thitdisiann e about forty miles, and increasing the facilities more than onee a tiay. Alto, a bronch line of two honre sttoea every nibth r day flenl, II ,wkinhvlle, via P rry io MacEon, Ga,. conei,cilg wit l'lthe line to Savannah and D trieir Gen. A imnil stenmnnn t lits regularlv be ween IiB ihbidge ond Apenlnehir,ln. Trnvell- rs wishi' f to reaIch any pont oil Chatlnhoncheo or Atalach. cola, can take steoal,oat at Birowneville. Mobile to Penancola-Land Rou e-During the time nccupied by the repairs if boars, the proprie. tors of the Florida line will run a line of four hlore prost corches every other day between iMu bile and Pensacola. Passengers will leave Molile at 3 n'clhcl, p m, in the U S mail boar, and proceed to Haull's Land ing, where a Iour horse coach will ie an waiting to convey them to the excellent houser of Mr. Charles Iall, I I 4 nmile distantt, niiere they will find pleasant ecommodationls for the night--lceaving next morning, they awill airive in Pensacola early in the eventng, thus avoiding the discomufort of night trrvelling. Olliee at the Mansion Hlouse, Mobile, and Col. line' Iliolel, 'ensaenlr, where seats milt be seou red. STOCKTON & in. nvy I Pianro- brte Instruction. William Smith tenders his services to the citi, zens of New Orleans as a teacher of the piano forte. Mr S having been employred seversl years as a leacher of mnusic in private fanlllies in Bston, and also at several of th ale seminaries in its vicinity, cannot but hope to merit their confidence. lie is permitted in refer to lev Dr Cl.npp., Mtesrs Slesoin & Avery, liendern n &, Gailes. F-,-r terms, ge Iplenge apply at tie bookstore of Alexiander 'Tnwer,49 Crilap se oct 2 D,.rge ald AMedicines. J I Prevost has lctenld himsell in this city I'or tihe iurpose of trnnsncting a general Wholesale )rug lbusiness. lie is now receiving a full supply of Irlsh and gnnuine nrricler, which ho will sell non liberal gerit. To city druggists, and thosa ol the interi-r, to physicians, merchants and planters, he will ,i' r inducen:ents such as have never be. fi;re been offered ito this city. HIlis intention is to dio a strictly legitimate business. Hlia stock will snon be tcrnlle, and inll a few weeks will be rea. tid for bilsricesn. All orders from the country, and fron mncrechnts of t1 i' city, receiving such orders will he iprom pily attended to. tet 2 No O3Canmp t W IAHOIISAIE ANM) RETAILCOM3II ANI) VA RI KIT'Y STORE-at the sign of the golden comb, Mo ') Chartres netert. The subscribers have re ceived, ill t i;ltion to their previons stock on hand, a full and caioplct.: assortmelot of articles in their lioe; vim: comnl,, pcrfot.ory, Joowellry, brushes, locking glasses, faocy rtricles,hetr.'. sisting in pnrt as follows: COMit S--lortise shell, wrougiht ,al Iplai tck,twint, quilled bck, lon; round, dressing, side pulf, curl and neck, ltrszilian omlbs of every lescription amongst which are some Mexican pntters, Ivory combnl of every dascription, Ino, dressing and locket, togctlter with a geleeral auseorr ent ofFreunh and American. PEIRFUMERYI-Cologne, I.aveoler, Florido, honey, b\v, rose, and orange flower wafers of every size and des ereption, cam honrted Cologne, extract of ltorgeatot, tansy sanps ofall kilds, shaving do in cakes and pote, cream soaoNpdo, Wrd's vegetable hair oil, bears atm a n tittsdo. I resto's sotelli(ng salts, plain and perftmted toildtpowder, ipearl onwder, paow Ierpauf andtbones po aoutNo in pots Alnd rolls,orrts anti Clorile tooth wash and ,owdeits, with a general assrtmesnt of JEi ELLRY-somta oflthe latest ind most fasltiona Ie etlls, coasisti .gofi white nd red slearnelia, ietoer a. jet eoardlto, ' ot in f.ilgree, breast pins ofa great - e. ty of patterns, watch triaeegs, giltl Ind Rilv n tickles, silver thimhles, silver aml guol pa neils atol goard chains BIIRUSIIS-Cloth, hair, last: le,crusmb,heartllifor, iat, fles ooth, ats, comb, Nail, shaviug, shoe and whitewash brushes. LOOKING GLASSES--German stati and toilet lasse(, maglifying tapl Frenh dressing glasuse, aome do, wih a vanely ofther kilnds not enumerated. FANCY ANDI) VARIETY ARTICLES-French and American portable desks and dressing cases, someas very rich and finely fiished aIndies work btxnesanddrnes siNg cases with and withoat lmusi, musical hoxes, Ac cordliaa o lvarioas kinds, vislina and guitars, silver and plated eneils and leads,wood pelnils for carpenters and eraysil,mantle eloeks,guns and pistolsa witlh and without eases, preretusiau caps, p Ceuas· il ca01 ehargers, sipple sceEw driveOe, slt belts,gNote biage, paste blekiag, toy tea setls, lidoesilends ofl' ery kidl, bells and ,luaes, fineld llnmon knives, razors nul scissors, thimelesn needles, p ina, silver plotedl, t,tel ni eolllmlo spelocta cles, p:Iket looks Iand walletn, ol varioas kils, visittg cnrds ilal card crl*, pniig curds of l'reaclh, tiselno Siod Amllerical alltlll tli.r e, llells,. illlitatio frlit, s a boxr., prol if varioasf kindsl ollalPrs' POI'lllalvy's, Elnaesrao's, hlillano's nLd Ilawkin' rzor straNs nod letallie btlaes,lirks, fuicy lead necklteea, do welh t,.r ldrlps,a tle wlthe l, pearll bttonl, powder lasks eut ae plasi seed beads git ald silver do, euu. elastic suspen-. Aers, dllso garters, plain a d wocile lones, bckgapmtoo buards, lice, optical tvie jt, wshal rps, lto, nfoca nltch esad ddrinking cps, iwith grealt variety t oLther orli oles, all ofwhi, Ih will lie sold lir cash olr city acceptau. cetos mtsmonthls credit. ii .,II 1IG1CNS, & on. d14 . 71 Charerestl. I Otll' )Iedlisol It .ks--lotia so I'hhiais; do. oil Sbloadletting, a sew supply, reo'd by e I A 'I'O\VAR, 49 Cam v PiEILM O011-GIll) gnliolls pure winter d .7 Spernl Oil, is casks bkd las, funr salt by JAItVIS & ANIDREWS, WVllllesols Drugg ste, curoer 'nluu nto and 'l'chap Ilit+ +sp~l+. 5r I "t Culonne Water. Prlulnery, &c.--A suleluld ortirle o" cologne, pat lp expressly lot the retail tllade; also the purest I cnlc Peftrlalterr rmbra cing every variety lot the soileo. for sle hby ree 2 REES & D'LA.NG. l'o Country Mererhans sat Planters. Negro elths, blankets, fl nnels, hnsevs, lowell shirtioos, cheeks, linens. ralioee, handkerchiefs, &.c &crecued and fur sale low hy the subecri. bens. ROTTA & Co. ant. eorner Canal and Chartres et I. S .EldtLUR, N, 54 Gonde strest, between Donmain and S. Philip, keeps canoalsloip on hoad an rxteneive nr.,rtmen, of haols asd brogalns, nod hollestsf New York manafacture. or men, women nd childrsn of-all apee, which he will dnspase of at very moderate priec. Ftln sies ofllis e. qsintasnce on rending an erder will have their wishes attended to L S SEIOUR J EAN 6MARIE FARINA'S COLOGNE WATER 2 eases nmre of tihia superioe Cologim water. just reerived and for isale Iy the dlein or single Is built. Also Almeriean ail, dtereh toilet p)wders, powder ruffs and brtxes, lharinl and toilet soap, eoMnlute wahI bill", milk of rode,, eosmetic eohl cream, eatrac o suak, kepkahltaWard's vegeahlelhijr oil pMnsatsm cermse d perae,Flor'lhs. taendar,.4sseawnj oy waters, Prostin'a alls, Mureeallte pertiaery l c trnnks, vetgeta ble s dliqid rou't-, (:Cblirie and Orris aooh wash, eloathair, tooth, nail mat flesh brrthes,; Ogetler with no all'ional supplyl of fanti,;able Iton and ahell oealal i aid ijewlyh.,l r sale low at whlqeaje or retail by - _ LII.ONS,, IIA WrI'°&4a, ju!y 4 t1al trsesaisvt. tTA i .IAiI A AoDU1ANB-Cour, doe ) a= rroisab or Is paroie.. ot tille sdi l Nouvellel O llas- 'tat de la Louisiae, ea eeo qus Oea presentes eonbernent, elunt : Attenda quo James Copeland Parker do cette villa .yat nathttd k lle vents falte per IHwlett at C4). nuo encadtestra public de oette vale.,l propri6dt ei.aprbs decrite, a'est adresod au Urelfo do sette cour, poun on avisa onfmrtjdnment a an note de la Legisltareo die Petat dela Iluisione, intituld Acts pour onfirmner os tltroes des acquereura aua veUtes judicialre I' approud toe 10 Mars 1834. Qa'il soil oonnu, et toutes personne intlreseesseont par cos presentes sommed au nol de PIetat do Ia Louisiano et de Isa ntr du Parisse, qul pourraient avoir droit a Is propridtd ei.apre derrite, on consequence d'un d6laut de ibrme dans Pordre, le doeret on is jugement de la cour, an vertu duquel la vents a did laite, on de toute irregularild ou illdgalitd danm I'estimation, 'Pavis on le temps at le mode de la vents, oms pour une.anire cause quelconqne, do faire voir, dons trente jour k dater de la publication do 1ette avis, pourquoi la retle ainmi taite no serait pas coufirmde ot homnlougndo. La dire propridlt fat vendoe par tea susdits on. ceaneur Is 2t8bme jour de Ddeembre, de l'Panoe 1838, on vertu d'un d8lent do celltt Court rendun 23 de Juillet de Panndo 1838, dans t'affaire de Wm. Vanne sea cranci, re et les crdanciers de Vance et M iller. No 10,961 do docket do cotte Ctour, a laquelle venta le di J. C. Parker a'eat rendu acqudreur pour le prix de H11,700 payable de la manibre sui. rants savoir : 1o. En on billet do J. C. Parker do Ia somme de $650 & I'ordr., et sndosed par John Mitchel, portant t date du 28 d6cemlb o 1838, e, payable t six mow. to. Em on billet do enedit J. C. Parker de la mnemnos 8ommo, it 'ordre de et endois6 parto usdit John Mitchell, do la lloe date. at payable A douse mole. 3o. En on billet do sundit J. C. Parker, de la m6Ane somme, I'ordre de at endonus par Io sundit John Mitchell, de la mioine date, et payable t dia. buit moioe. 4o. En on billet du sundit J. C. Parker, do Is somma de $650, . Pordre do at endoes6 par sle sus. c'it John Mitchell, de la mome date, at payable t six osil. 5o En un billet do soudit J. C. Parker, de la Smmo surmmoe, At Pordre de at eldomed par sle sudit Jr Jn Mitchell, do Ia memo date, et payable i douse moue. lie. En on billet du sundit J. C Parker, de Il memo somme, l P'ordr de, et endosed par Io susdit John Mitchlel, do la mn8mo date, at payable & dishuit 70. En on billet du ensdit J C. Parker, de Is somme do 8650, & I'ordre do, at ondoaed par to sus. diatJoln Mltchell, do la mnme date, et payable a six mois. So. En un billet do soudit J. C. Parker, de la m8ase, snmmte I'nordrde de at endoOsd par le susdit Joham Mitchell, do Io nmnme date, et payable a douzo moie. 9,. Eu uo billet do susdit J C Parker do la memo somme, t Iprdr do et endoesd par sle uedit Joham Miteloei,. do ta mtmn date, t1 payable i dixhuit 1Ou. Ea tr 'billet do suodit J. C. Parker do Ia somnm det $'S0, IPordrm de at endomae par le sue. dit Jan Mitclholl, do la memo date, et payable I six Inoic. lio. Eta un bil'et do onldit J. C. Parker, do Il meme seomme i 'urdre do at endoend par le sued.t Johu Mitlcell, deo la memo datle, t payayble a donue mois. 1.o. En un billet du naodit J. C. Parker de la mom : summe, t i'ordre de o eendoex par Ise susdit JoIhn Mitchelll, do lo st,oeo date, et payallie a dix. huit Inois. 13o. En an billet du sundit J. C. Parker, Ik la sonmen de $650, . I'ordre do et endoned par lu mus. dit John Matchell, de la momns date, at payable a six 14. En on billet do anadit J. C. Parker, de Ia memo sonme, AI Pordre de, at endosed par sle sudit John Mitcelll, de la memo date, et payable i doune tlois. 1m5. En un billetdu ansdit J. C. Parker, do Ia meme somme, It I'ordro do et endosed par to suadit John Mitchell, do Is nlamemo date, et payable I dix. huit mois. 16o. En un billet du anadit J. C. Parker do nl aomme deG~30, t l'ordre do, et endoe,. par lo sus dil John Mitchell, do la memo date, et payable a six mois. 17o. En un billet du esudit J. C. Parker, de In mimtunlesu le, t l'ordro at e eldosel par to suedit Julhn Mitchell, de Ia merme date, at payable a doune mlo. En on nnalet du susdit J. C. Parker de In memo sonnme, . I'ordre de et endosml par ledot Johnl Mitchell, de In menlo date, et payable a dixhuit Inois--.sant ensomble Is lasudito ouumme do oez: mille, sept cents piastres. Description do la propridt6 d'.prd lto transfer judnciaire, anvoir : nlo. Un certain lot do terre situ6e dan. le fnu. bour, SLun'ce, d6sigt6 par tole No. 8 do I'ilet bout par les rues St. 'l'hlmase, Benjamini:, 'Tchloupntolas et Suz LIo ieusuranlt 26 pieds 7 pouces do Iaeo a Ia rue St. 't',oiles, tur 10U pieds de profulndetlr, ent Ire le ignos parallbles, le out mesul e aglhii e : onsernbbl tooLes lea amn6lioratcuans uuli que Lous los droiL et privil6des qui y appartiennont. Po. Uu autro lot do tore situ6o dano I sus. dit faubour,, dsig nd par le No. 9, de I'ilet born6 par les sushtes rues,at nosurant 26 pieds 7 pnuces do face b la rue St. T'rmas, our 10U pieds do p o. fotleour entre les lignos paralleles, to tout ieluaure angluise; eseomble toutes leam alm liorattons et Itol leo droits et privilbges y appartenat. 3. Un autre lot do terre itlule dan le sud:t faubourg, d6rign6 par le No. 10, do I'ilet compris entre lee suadites rues, et lmesurant 26 pieds 7 pouces do face I In rue St.'l'iomas, sur 100 pieds do prolnndur entro des ligneo parallbles, to tout, mesurc unglaise; ensemble toutes lee amtnlior unions, at tous lesdroit., t privallges y apparton. 4u. Un autre lot de terre situdo dans le snedit : fsublurg, dbsignl par sle No. It do 'ilot born0 par o lotundeue ruols, ea mesurant 26 pieds 7 poucea do face a in rue St. Thomlas, str 10ll plods de prufon deur entro lIs hgnes p rallbles, is tout, insure an glaise; ensumble toutea los amdltriortions et tous lee droils et privileges y appartenant. 5.e Uu atltre lot do terro situe dons lo susdit faubourg, ddeignd par to go. 12, de l'ilot bord6 par los sis dites rues, 0t forment I'encoignure des rues St. Thomasoat Deij in, mesurant 27 pieds trois puuaco et 4 ligues do f(ic It In rue St. 'I homas sur cent pied, do profondeur et de face I Ia rue Ben. jlmin, le tout, mssure anglaio ; ensemble toutee lo amiliorurtions, et tona lea droita et privileges y apipurtenant. Go. Un lot de terre situde dane to memo ftu. bourg, d6signd par ie N. 13 de I lhot born6 par les mediisc rues, nloeurant 27 pieds, 10 ponceas 0 4 lignes de face a la rue Beljamin, sur 133 pieds 7 pouces et 4 lignes de profondour, entre des lignes parallblee, le tout, moeure anglaire; ensemble toltes lea amdliorations, at to0 s lea droits et privi

libges ye appartenant. Aini quo le tout appert du plandreas par F. Wilkinson, d6put0 arpauteur gdudrale de ct Ertat, daold le 16 Ddcombrh 1839, annez6 it un aelt au greffe of William Young Dawis, datl 2o6 6me jour de Janvior 1839, lea aumdita lots dtant des sub. divioions des lot- Nos, 3, 4, et uno partio du lot No., 5 ainsi quil appart d'un plan dremd par ClIs. F, Zimpel, ctputid voyer,dat0 I 4 fdvrier 1833, et annex6 x un ate, au grelfe do willinam Young Lewis, datd le 23 de Mare de Ita mme ann6de. Bureoau du Grefier, de Ia Nouvelle a rltOul,: 8 Avril, 1U;9. av10 J. OLLIE, Dc.p Grcflir. N kNOTI CE---The prarrhip of Kelley, Mason &Co of New Orlean - M &Ms. , H crris &Cnu., of Natchez; ad Iltrris, Kelley &Co., if lttey was diesalved ol Ihe 21t of Ma y lat the irentl ul oSamuel A lasouI, Joe of the partners ol the firls. The uldersigned, surviving partners, will he charged with the settlitg awl cloeing said Ihainessa as fillows: Levi C larria will antend to the setlling o" the business of Mason, Harris& Co.. at Notehez; and Harris, Kel er & Co.,at Rtodney; nd a lenry Kelley will atteld to he settling of the utisimness nOf Klley, Mast & Co., at New Orleans. Th'le names of the several firms will be teed iu liquidllationanly. I'hnoe idhbted to slid firmsla are earaetly requeated ocaole firward llalnd iake early ncttlemtents; al those Iaving claimas will plPea se ent lihea witout delay. I.YVI C HARRIS, HENRY KELLEY. New Orleans, June 27, 1837. F ESU GARDEN SEED.-The subseprher IF go to express his grateful thanks to the pub. he, for the liberal support he has aeceived since he commenced businesnns in this city. Being sole pro priectrof the seed store, 17 Common street, he ih not and never was agent llr any northern seed vender; neither is he connected with anv house in this country-but he assures the public that.his enatectionltin every department of tle seed buasi tess, in rhe diflrent countries of Eurtope are equal to that of any hlouse in elme Uaited States. laie it. ports seeds, plnnler&. IIfrom the mtist CXtenstive iand reepectoble nurseries and see JlnetE in Fratier, Hlollnds, Entgland,, and the no therm states-end it will at all times he hi inrerest, as it is his study, to receive, in adthliiew to he present stock. large arrivals of every deaeipeionareenlly the ruwtlh of 1838; also, engrafted fruts Ire ae,of all kinds. The ptublic may rely on finding a lull nls sorttoent of every article in toe seed limn,ol genue ins quality, and imported direct by n Wim.. DINN. VA RNISH ES-TIe Subscriber, laving e l. ly esln V hlished a vnrniih maanufactorw in 'ew I)rleans, is ready to su plll y thl ipaintern anti the public in general, bvy ahllenlae retail. His prices are ioderate, andl time ettlllly of his pdtduct superior Itllny ever brought to this place. 'lTh yentlemun etmploved to uperilntand the mnalafeltory has benall the lieda of an extealive nstnbliaseel sf thie Iinltill Eump. T'rhose dieposed to call at the e ree ol Natchltz and Tel eapitoulas etr, abIall hal pen4ed with a fair naapls ,f any tanilth tlhey nila wialh to try. Alllonlt t vrnihemills ae nhe oachl No. 1, warranted nor to elsangl even in hoiliua wa er. Tliblacklvramnih tr stores'muil Ieanm lte lilnanies. he tlanlp.reust varnish witlhol a nsl ,& &n. , a 1 UN.AJNYA.SL.. Roya college of Phynscaon, Loiden . ilIIE 'alrialVgcoblde HIgei "Universal Mcdi . ine, pmpnied by W Mikin, Esq. Manner of te oraltv llge o.f lo.eons, l.iietHte of Alnthe cry's tompny, Fellow on Bolt Court Society, Surgeon to the RoyIa Union Pension Amciatim, Lonastere llace, Wtrleoloo Bridge, anld Perptual Pupil of Guy' amnd St. Thomnn'a Hospials, laomon. This vnaluble medicine, the result of twenty yenar' expertnmce and luhnralleled sttecess ito the extensive and highly erspe able ptelitie of the rolpwiety, putro nised by the fsenlty aI m tbilitf, util is now introdUced tothe notice of ie Atmerteon ijblle, at the nearnest oi lieitation ofa numiber of gentlemen of long atl high stamlig in te profession. It is hoped, as n prelimi nary step, to cheek the evils and atall consequences arising from the use of the momerous ond deleterimou mnirums toisted upoln the public by the aid of fabianted preofsof miraeulous ures, and other frnads, bya set of nmerenary, unprincipled pretemlero. so totlly ignmnti ol eadical science, th*t it impamible the monolrous dlsultion on ny longer o down with the intelligent people ofthiscountry. These pills, mild and agroeable in their nature, olould be kept in every family in aenes ofsulnhenilleon, for, hy their prompt odmiaitiotlion, choaler, mumps, usmso, Cr'sr andl other alarming omldaintol, which ton often prow fatal, may be speedi ly nred or prevented. Its fot, allthose who n le good hesith, shomld never be witholt them. They are slh in polkets a t5 ceatt, $1 atl $2 ech. by every repee table droggist, bookseller, ml vemlorof medlifie in tin United States l Ie Canadas, with copious diections, with: estluaonils of professomal ability frot timhe following eminent gentlemln: Sir Astley Cooper J Abernethy, Jamel Blnlcll, M. ID., WV. Back, 1. I)., J. Aston Key, A: Frampton, M. D., and munerons other,. The originals ay be ec n olnes.iono'tlme Cmeral Agent, by whom the mdicine is importel into this ecmtry, and to whom all application, Iorlageloies must be mode. JNO. HOLBEIN, 129 Waverly Place, N. York, Sole General Agent for the United States, Uc. For ole by appointment of tie original proprietor. Inv Swi Z ,! BO"nl4Z. Lu0ts, No NI l ltul street, enmer* Agent sfor Slathee of Loniuana. jslv eIIY It LEE & so, No M agotlc Mreet, ore Sr.ow.reeievig from ships Nsbhv;lle, Louisville, ksek, Eagle, and other late arrivals rom :lhr " :tlrn chities, a lange nml new selested ansooment lStis, Boots, Ihoes and Brogans, asmihting olf geleliinuii's fI calf and Moreeno hoots lo Sdqnuality; do buRn'd and stolt wax pegged boots a esimos qualities; men's ie calf seal moi Moroes ,h,. lUanps oal brogans, buckskin ohoe;, brogss am atlppets: men'lsfie clf miand kippet peggel shoesol I rogon dho boot,; do lmlt hip anid wax pued lloes el bmni; gentlemen's hot qllutaity aill "ewed ohoes, Ioosans ald Jack Downilgllso lo cal and iMoroeco StIle lnes and brogans; tdo elf, seal and Mmswoe ldlion w.ooand slipps.y t do calf, buff mo, sean woqgs, oa.ew article; do fine itlonR seald merocco qlmrte ots; loys', misses'nol children's lrp edl and sowed Sogans, amn shoes of every quality and kinid. Also a general amortment on men's stat wax anod ont Irogan nel shoes, togetther with 1tO,M1) pain ogro blst quality, russett brogans, nailed in the lluks, mod exrseesly for lllltatism use a goml o a. Srtmell of met i' floe aml stout hip runsett hlogoc u Sw artile, astl a rge qualtity of a inlriior quality il sst llld was brogags. ladies' fine calf, eal, morocco oal grain weltls, an plmp sole isoes; do fine F'irch MIorocco and kid run ntlld slilppetsl do roan Iloes, witl and withola heelq I calf, seal minl tout lthller bootees; do ltlueolli shoer Sall kiinds mail qualities; do lating bogns; ais goiter s. mal ICoxnedl hotde. Misses' laotilgsprii slglolrlla n -gans. Children's colored Moreco and iatling ~bo is roslnd hoots, bo. iilentleume'slilneffshionble black silk hats; do black in ihhah.hl averls of a sumperior quaulity; do imitation 'Lt irmo; brsil and tlaros brim nien's ite drab dal I., ek HRssin short iltpeL l hats, a inew article. YolLhs' lo ;e size hats of ilterent lqualities; do children's. tl is'aall y's black nilld dalb wool libts of various il pes, with genieral anstnctait of boys' ad Umen' l rIaps. 'I his asaotment will be replelished hythe arriil of e.l Ileocketsirnl, tiheaome tamned ciies, all of owhioh o ili be msold Uo eceonmmodating terms. ou I--tt 11tLN TAGl U I'S . 'dLJI FOR THE TEETH; t E estlblished repoltaion and constaortly Ihereasi;n Sdemand for this etfeatut remerdy ol'fpain, asd pre servative of the Weeth;, has induced the aobvariber offer it to the Amersiots public. Arranoements hlov been made to oupplv agents i ail the principal citis and towns in the United States. so as to place it ithi tis reach of those suffecring ild likely to stiffer this mos hnruasing of aill achea, 'I'otl-oce.' Whero applied according to diltietios- iven on iottle, it has never foiled to efford iimedidte ndl sisoaelt relief. It also arrests tbhe decay i dcfretiv' teeth, and relleves that soretess hilchtso flrorlwtly roaders a itrong tooth ilseless. The application anll reledy are simple, innocent, an not unpleasnnt; and the large nnber oflpersons in different esecti oslf tl' conitlrye, thait lIve lnadly cxperisenced sclih dleligliiti'u and solstary elncts from the use of tile Italm, are ready to bear (fr fie poblic good)hl their teeiimoin to ils n rivlllled qialitles. It is an Indiian remeldv, obtoinel sihlglllrly sall luexpectedly, ad nlv be by tIe ei liazed sorld as thle allst valuable discuyeryv redilan of the woods. liie $1 ler bottle. Sold by JARVIS & ANItIRKWS, mir 5 Cv(rCeonlno ns d "Thanitoulns -ts. Wi ouTl IIA'.--, csse--lS Ilv-d s wllie t% ou Itatils,ffirsolo J)tin It ilttllA)l. sir Ic RUSHTi'ON & ANPINALL'S I OMPIOUND TONIC MIXTIRIIE.-- A .peedy andH celtiina cure for the Fever nod Aguile, remittent and intermilelot fevers; preltred Itrom tlie original reci.e. Used' with aenllent and uni versal success in 1832. by persons of the highest respectability in this city, as stated in the annexed certificates. This inedicino is highly rerommended, and has been extensively used in the above di.oases with such distinguished success, that the proprietor of the recipe has boon induced to offer it to the pub. lie in its present farms in. the hope that it may be the means of relieving many of those who are suffering under the scourge of our country. It is a medicine possessing great virtue, and when used according to the directions has never failed of fftecting a cure, even in the most obstinate stage of the disorder. It is not at all dilagreeablc, and persons of the weakest stomach, and children may take it with impunity. Itstrengthens the digestive organs, creates an appetite, and seldom requires more than one, or in obstinate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. There is neither mercury nor arsenic in the medicine, nor any thing injurious to the human constitution. The proprietors are so well convinced of its effieacy, tlhat they agree to refund the price of every bottle which has been taken in accordance with the directions and has .not effoeted a a perfect cure of the fever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent for Now Orleans, at hIis wholesale and retail dreg and medicine store, corner of Bienvdlo anid Chartres streets. For District Agencies apply to je5 T. W. SMITH, 48 Conti st. PENSACOLA MANSION HOUSE NEW CITY, PENSACOLA. T HEE subscriber hsving puriheaed tie ease end fur Snituresof thlis well known establishment, fromn Mr Taylor, the late proprietor, will be ready to rereive viL ore by tile Ist of April next. Numerous and costly inlprovelemets will be found in tie arrangrleutns of the Mtasion Hose. New anet more cmnt dlious bathing houares will te tuit, oarl warm baths will be provided at all holrs. A stable will be attaled to thie house, with good accomindo tions for horses and carriages. Fiilt rate horses and carnages will also be kept for hire at moderate prices, osatd sil and row bonts, with persons to manage them for the use of isslers. Billiards ani other amusements usually found at watering places, will also be furniseshd, anrid so cOllduleted an not to intertere witls tile omfort, asnd quietoftlhe boarders. Te wimnesand liquors will he.of tim best quality, and to ensure a ull sipply of eei, n cargo has airendy bees ordered, whict will arrive about tile ist ri ollay. tMr Freherick Ilrsarn, whos frinrerly kelt se popnlar a hotelat Waseiagtson city, will condoer this il, el for t Io iropielr, who, with sucll oilt,c n fidlleutshv st the viisiers of last year, ind his frieids generally, that they will receoive overy possible asttentios aid thereby expreets to give general satispaction. The lcal nadvatages of th se Iillee are too well knhowit to need n rungt. eeed deseriptilil hitre. 'he fiets Itat P'enisaeoh is tihe leargt naval station of tile Guv.nomem; tile general rendezvoris of thle Guilfsqudt. rn; tile s:alliblity ul'its chiillte reailedeid Cinstanitly dii tilglin e seilueir nmtllrha by tile coolesut I ree.ea froii rhe Gulf; tim beauty of sie bay and tie islenss and rivers; tihe alaundanne ond delicacy of the slh with wlich tlhe waters ..Iund; andil is pnrolinlty to the Ires daouthern silrkets, ive Penseocola Ies pire ferenee over all other places i threse latitudes, as a lletllv esid delightful sunillerretmret. Fisi rate boats will rn between lenssaosla and Mo bile, and will at all timnes be ale to take ishe tsoaengyrs front the New Orlesns boats. + N B ARNOLD. Petmocula, Feb. 15th, 183.8. ]0 (irGntlemlen wisling to engage roenis for their families, can aiddrecs tshe popriotur, at I'enaaeola, ir Mr Sewell ' Taylor, tile forlmer piroprietor, at liev Or, leans. References. T Saefitil, Eoq, Hr C Cnlliul, t McAldpin, e:sq., lt. Kibhy, its Mob.le; S T Taylor, P 1' Rea, Eaq, in Nrs, Orleans. I' S-A letter bag, to receive eomruniealisons fir persoans at tihe ihove hotel, is placed at Geo Whitlnan's elfiee, 51 St Charles Exehinge. FLORIDA) ROUTE FOR NEW YORK. l-' Travellers deeirous of taking tihe Florida route, via Peeosnula, tl tile Nnrll. are inifinred liint lies rate hoats will eonstanIlV ruin fron. Mnbhile to l'enaseel.a, leaving Mobile aint Pensacola every usher day afiser tire let of May. (Good staes will always lie praovideo u tile subser;ler to be in readiness to take pissengere fro; HMobile, in eane of the failure of the bonte N It AhNOl.D. The etenislmat Champion loavee Mobile fa r Pense eein twice a week fekb ni Iv A D tERW SMITHr & CO., reopectfulhy inform tI theI friends and the public in ,eneral, that thery necllupy the new brick shop, 219 Theupitoealas street, where they keep constantly on hand Copper, Tin and Sheat Iron Ware, of every description, such as copper stills, kettles, snid p.impo, tin bath ing tou' , and oil cans, of all sonrs and siaes, and all othlrbraes eating done at shortest notice. Giate bars of every de.eriptio.n, wah , steim, boat stlrrUp, hog ltahains. prew bolt",.an other kind ofstemlosIt werk~a b anu aeiCesoela5 hech. es, steam pi. . . Tlsay will nin n.l aci hinds o met drear week, i sor.s hsausincspar and tin roin.tsg and guttering, Ase. Th'y asieo s nd tll atlher kisda ot work in iurew line ot buiiuus, they will cxecute as the hotlsaernlies, rieo27 TIe HITt FAdilionnaf ROWLEVTW" TADtLESOF iWCPEftfT: which i ncw,ade an Avenge Time nClen tor,or easy h methods for findin the average time in tage, nteraofhead or bills of gooas, when tner .hased at dllfeet dates, an different crelits, and tiI wlanm l nmount; bhmlensausefnl anl camnplete tanking. Time TIatle, the blleat Ihat can he nrmtrivedl. 4s that i riteaesnan p luee within the anme condlesend epml bs, all size ot)pe. An wa:vertiement in the book is in nearly the follow. ing words: The higl distinction this wnrk hal reeived thrrugh the ten legislative acts prefiaed to the title Ipae, is a re nendatlom in itself, so uncommon,, aml so eaonl sive, th I nothing is necessary more ilan by way of ad vertiaement, to give a condmened view of some of itm pe enliarities:as frinnstnce, the Interest has been compnpm eal from,and conpared with, what is eqtivnlent to efar teen etseeslenulatinne, exaniued in the press hirty five times, and prined frm sereotamype plates tested thisryty-one times, from all which it mtst be evident even to the sketic (especially o the pc.oneal of the de tail f proo in the premaee) that time wa mostt he nrith etieally infallible, and in eonfirmation of this beliefa premium of two h.lred an fifty dollars, is now offer cd fbr .he aetection of an eerTr ofa cent in the preseat or fifth edition, s expressed in the plreface, nmakng five lrae preemixosl lfferetl for the ame error sinecthe first pnhlicati nnin the year 1802. One of the most conpiuons ftestnres of the titles in in the arrangement of the Tite and Anmontt , which far expelitia.ns, raference mtlp s erapieity, with the help of the ide aeml index, cannot be cellced; nr.d the ally ty and eane with which tim inaeretl con be faaid totler elentl of general bmsiness, wilhout doabling ot'aml is besida at convenience si essential, that in the estlnm tion of some oi thie most comlaetent atnl practical bued sawn men allsl itic af eels who have mal.sterl ntse of the work, it la bheen distinspilshe bV tir honstable aplellation efofr "master pltco'r. And onsidering tke infallibility of the meltaml originally adapteni in the work, amld the exlaoediusary number aind varliety ofthe exmisations, awltestsaofeveryedition it has psetlr inthe press, eoawimhatnading the whle is in stereotype, considering. ion mfier the positive accur.n scented bt the unlieeednted means etmplnoyd, the no lume has heen hel c tanml emiphatically styled "the most wonderfil hook in the wanik;' most eertinly rno macean mnmea fignre work of the same exteSn, which since the imginning oi creation, la iad the same tnm her atei sarety of tests in the same numher of edlitore no, aerone halftai nmther, as is clearly shown in the prefaee. mesiles, nstest antil istnd rd, it as .been tried anil .eed io nearly nil the baant ia ihtlio mfices in the nited Sttel ntid s lh ptI blh e p mtblro, ih, imnrig the Inag period ofthirtfive tears, yet noerror of the rcal mnlstioin ha ever ;ren fndi in p'itnt, ahthotgh ehntins ally" clllenged byin the after of very Ire re.omiunms ItIe in fact eepresaly adopted by all thea onrts ,flaw cl evnral ofithe Stales asi tlm "I.te OatOclatloan forstatutc interest," as also by law for bank interest, Eaccodinges the book is rnsd, indls a isy)- isee ani. part, by .,e names of he subscribers, and a few of Ihe subtsequent amrehnlaes, in the list at the sid of the book, isle ioseessni of every elons ofeitizenl in every qnears te of the Unit ed States. It insmoreovr well known that, by its rAnely cheek, it hans so ofalu detected lanrge errors, laong ifter tlhey were mltae, even by the most careful and tnost cmametnat ariBthmeticini, t-at its usefulness, andi the absolbte ne ceaitty for its s.; h.n been extensively insisted u pen, a evnent, itleeme, hatve been its nalv'ualgea, ocal its avintgs, that, rseeneI yearsngm, wlilat tile first edition was scarce, and Mlt of aiint, n great ,nmber of second hand enpies were sought for, some to a ge It and irtrasaed it vmaeiocn priest, as they couhl oceeasim ally bh picked ip at from $10 to *5 per enpy, nll some tetrsona have reen.,y doelsarem, and inatlena eonld e qontedl thct they would m ' n$5ti, $Ilt, and e551it for a eopy, tlntto be hid for less, nct n. iitividillt il the littel instalne hmotievimel, liharit. at mme mine rime Inibited cilistaetory prcir, to seertl ptrons pte. s.tll t to t'l' it nal really worth Ihalt Iloey alnd aore ttlough bhe saing ofhia vebi " c altable time, he being a very rlh minanad in pnblic f.ece. it is lihkwise womthm of at;ie, anl indleed proper to imlpema, that such is ihe tmitre of lgue work gnilernally noli aspecially when of the extent and imt.omtnnce ol tilese in' Ilm, tlflraid this hook or its like been I"reter mli i t le usnal mannler vltlt, by the most eonnmetent satculatr in the torld, and nflerowarne priutedt most maetiouly itdi'ti I isown eorrecnson of proof alees, it would, almost to a certainlty, have been nnafe for re ference, and dlan' at hvy price, as the ipreface dtnaiinl Inrlp explahit . mt' ei )perfct stid vaioalmle have tile ntereotylle pates of ithil worklltteen ma4e, that n seclire them, withiheir nimierias dhil' exvtraordinnnr examina. tions,against fire, for thIe gieneid belnclt, tlry arte (by a.dvertilement) eonntaitlv keptt' in a plice of stleeial al'ft), excelit w hile ue i in printittg. Ampletdirections to findl hbih ma.nks ac.l'sitinte ittnlt eat with miseftil totes follow tfie Itirmea, .eu'linl; ini tiis fihas in te two e)rtcedit g ttitio ets cont a i in rnmlmotion concei:rng twtmio Ima fi llmin)i eslo'ei |mtpmt ilg ilntemm sot. tee afg ate, Ikt. ft mem::ins only to reimark that, notwtnitioiiaittlli this nnomrlonly costly lwomk, whic wteas lltlhbhedi Imtl'are interest itables wcm:i itiodlue.d itn emIatIx a oIll odils e yend a1 idhnanne, hlas hlb so extcnsivchy add so liberal ly patrtitniidt, it his lnt yet so mIIch Its pi. :li with i=ltet.le . .e. heavy lome of earlv I'nin ttousand dlr% ei es sityeirsof time fnnom IT'9mto 1805, sslt:aiel oil t tefirSat lii b mn ofl 76(0 naiies ,arising froe mits toimi tio ai ttiattinme, at itittit ilien,) to Iml nn ia ofIm 1 com p.ensatio0 or prnfi ruli n ot alot ltire-tiime o cri r, til, and seeriliee. ther.lere te ith ieth still rCelis ot thie I disern~nlent anllllm genlTOsity ofl tie Iimlic i.nm a eOlllnU: ollce of preftrellen AI IdpIIIaItImomI . ln.rmIle my Ihe tmrimm/m al I/ianm/emifie in tie Uniitd Slate,. Nehlo nrcDleiof Wamee, in " xvls. lThe YOItmli \\'ile,'. Ileok, a IImImIIn o Iomora[ rcli: cOn lind dmnnesale d'hlt.. iost reeive'i aeni for ale Iy W\VI. Mi'Kit.\N, 01l1.. .N IAO, IlMota, S,-g, ,oo ttt,,, tv.t.a,, I Paillters, No 3 Caroadle stlet, two doors lron i C alt streeO. litatiolns of the following woo rs and marbles, e ecuted in a masterly manner. W'OOtiB. MARDLrES. .hdogany, Elgy tianl hlk not gold, Oak, Giulla and Antico, Pollard do, Oriental or verd ao ique, Curled do, Jasper, Curled Maple, Blootd .tone, Ilils Eye do, Darby Granite, Sattin Wood, IPolonac, Hair .Vood, I)otc on llordello, Yew Tree, Italian White, Coromandlle or Black Sinoata mdll Ilroctella, filose Wood, Annlei an (lreo, Ash t \'ilt Ok, kinc. i. i c. Curled Ealm, Specimens to be seen at the shop. Paints, eils, glass, copal varnish, ko. on katnd tdlor sle. nt 1ROtN,STEE& lIAVY GiOODS-Ilat, square . and .uhndle iron, well assorted. Iloopy scroll altI rod iron, nail rols and plough nlodhls Cast, German, shear, blistervd, spring, dleet and Crowley steel Hollow ware, cut anodwroulrhtnail anod spikes Zino, block tin, mill anad grundstones, salt kettles Chain cables, anchors, hoe, Ox, log ald trace chais, corn mill. Aovils, ires, Hammers aotl bellows Wire, slhet,pig old bar leod l shoo Coal, and cooking stoves -PAmes, Itowland's tand other spades and stovels - Hook aml plate hinges, door anl window looks Colllns, lHots, Sltp, andwl other axes I'ar'd atl Mnilla cordalge, lines anld twitn Bolt and sheathing lotpper; Naval stores Points, linseed saod sperm oil A full assortment of hardware aml ship etamndtry, always on hand, and which are offered fo le atwhole wsle or retail, on the most favorable terms, by m4 LAYTON & Co. 53 Olh Levee. N EW GOODS-Simmons Hartt & co are now re S i ceilving fron on heard ships Yaoo, and Saraloage ondhlrig Coneordia, fromt New York, a great variety ol goods it tlleir lie, whicho together tithl their ftrmet stock on olndt Imakes their assorti rot veryt: Ildete. The lollowing compose a part, vin: o ell twist, l .,r',aide, tit.k tnd dressitg, totls, holrn doofoll odn. e.prtoot, Itl tia rthher, silk all wSonted elnatic garter, coUno uoo & fie elastic sllasndl ers, lcre i f iand, Ilnlifer aIllthales, .eidtlit powlder, pow t lk ulf a ntd exes,tilti . noder, pocket ,ooks nod' n olleto, needlele boks shkll, penarl teo oy ottllootort cm o tttrt rov l rlert hlrerorl o t eird rlses, ICaliol, t tlhltS, phllltea n nendu,%.lacihtnegteigre an d heuinlheadi nectteet, rut gons nod plait,ooeedl,ilver no l gillt eadst ilnian tteald, hell told lumeln; isol thllt lure pow ler flsktshot h relt, hltd e, llelt. ppoket atttnd tiittlg tistols; dlort.o alnld.ingle Imrrellcl elus. lowi knives, sal toirk. sci.srtor, sller., pocket ktiveo, a, r ter chain, ndttrilo us, waist thckles, cloth, Ihir, titrh, nail,col. , ,nllnltt. shoe, ploate, flor ndl Iusting brlstesa, Cotog e, Plorioda, luveoder, rotoe atod bay wote.,ll.artled essellres, a..txoraoets, Maeeoasar, hear, lltiqlle, andt Ward's ve gethable hair oils, shavintg nult toilet soaps ofall dcs cripltionus, ladio' mn I gettotlettes' lekr aond dressint eases, rieogleto,freiotea t atd hrid, plailo fancy atd musical work boxeto, plain antd ilt, figured, otat al rest IuttoPs, npearl al 'ivory sltirt do, shirt staddl, gotl sodll silver peanil rases, tonttpltks and tweezers, plated tld gilt Ito.kats, oiltinott i dti, oilver, hrtss unal steel rI.iulufes, haoks und eyes, hair pile, ilcitation fruit, hlk and retdink,slhoe l hblakinlg, violits ant gttl.tre,ribled and lalill permssiou capll, lilltO twillte, Prnsed lshl lens,gold ano d alltsier lace and rtge, latter paper, gaotl hagsot ridig w'ipso walkitg cueot, pto luttgealdo, fote guold, Iplutod tod gilt jewellrv &'. The alove, tlogether wilh a great variety of otler arli lea are offered lt wlholesale or rettil oo oceotntodatinlg lerluh. N B Shell eombt o.airedl HARROWGATU SPRINGS .lhlttlg ert eo tlllllltv Alal.altlla. TIIR'EE DAYS JOURVE Y FP10,11 NE IV ORLEANS. TlHE proprietor of this estatlshmenlo t has the plea I foomr.,lasttotttiog to Itli trietloos td tie phUbliC in general,tl..t lie will he ill readittsby tlea first day of M.v tt receive vi-itero. He will also state fr tile be aei-t oftholse at a dtitawr, tlhaot tlirer o Ira bhn large improvements mnade, sadothers now goino ot and o l rapid pnogreso fur romlttetion, whilh wiell etlh thi subscrber to aleottallllol te Ia lluch larger nntber than ln Ieretofore, and at the sllile title tomueh better. Joaedilio call Ihe oteatlct lated 'ith goal roomn. or those who prlor catt have large habits detltched frol the main bullilnllg. It is doeeled t lnocesonry to snay anytlhig in partico. lar of the lcharater et tIeseo wlers for it it generally belioved that they are not iUferior to any in the Soutih ern lStaea. All the oatsetnetas thna ae geneallv ound at Watering Places, will be found on tltis. 'I' . 'best eanois that thin prt of tho country aofols. . been engaged, ant will te ioeonstnl atle.lanoe altao -prina.-twinl tbe-whoe seasuoa. " Im sattoetils will aail himself of this appnneunity ineotumssag his nnafrigne-thlsak fr the very litoera - tUPlere given hibo la1 t eason. atnl I.Lro Iv bth eaer tiotlt dun have heet tlst in ilmproving r and etletiag , Ithe a0ttrntmnttitnse, a t0sit0 a hberat patroonato e the sdag lMAIL ARRANGMIIENT No.lher. Mail, n G Every Day t I M. lwose .. Evry tny al 104 A.l .Western Mal, t ne t reery nlnday, ernesady m ao snlan,. 'by 9m P. M. Teake Man i Girnlsa. am e 1i~i Tliutau W Clsms every Iely, Wednsell EXPRESS MAIL. "' TIMES OF ARRIVAiL,DEPARTUIEI l1St i Jg &e. of the E.reepi Mail, between Moollea *ilNew York-leavig Mobile dail" at 3 P. M. Northwar New York daily t 5 P. 1M nouthward. Arrives Arrie Northward. Distanee. Time. Htstalng' Montgomery, Ala. 2 A. 198 m's 23 h 1 in. Columbus, Gt. oII 81 94 !r .m Milled~eville. Ga. 2li 133 141 lpp.. Coiualeia S. re . 7 am. o 163laj 1 Raleign,N C. 54 215 22 12 WarrNton. Va. 12 im. 55 Oi eI IPtersbur. Va. 10 pm. 83 10 9a. m ltichmondl, Va. 1 am. 21 3 64 Freterivckeburn, 8 6? 7 1 pm. I Washington cty, 21pm. 61 61 Btalimore, 64 32 4 114 I'hllielpia, 6 am. 100 Ii. 0. New York, 2 pm. 90 1o 1305 1493h. or 5 23 Northwnrd. Comineg Southward, the titne Is six hour leas; heig5 diys am 17 hours. - EN Y ih1,h-LAjs REWAlRD. R ANAWAY from 169 Crondrler corner of levri treete,on the night of 30th of Auguast, adl la seen ;le neat moroing in Poydroa street, a negro hy amed CHARIL.ES, abot i17 ears of age, sae i ie·o ortherenoltelsin Ililrvre blak, and halsn isled iment in his slreeh, one of his lags is sore, ucasisatd by a recent htlrt; Ie aind on wlien he went sway a whit rotton or lien shirt. and white eotton lpantloons. Masters of vessetls and steam hoots are eautloied a gainst receiving or harbolring Mid negro, at well aa al, other persons, as the mttnssl rigour of the law will is enforced against them. The above reward will he pali fordlelive-ing him iist, any of tIhe jails of either oathi munieipalities, or at 169 Carondelet, coreer of Hatri steget. ipt ti.'lIJ--'l'he calmatnenlhilt heretofore eniating Nllder Ih firm of I)noil & hOareeon, hall.5 dissolved. 'h'le saubsrilber wilt liquidlate the a nilh thle conlcenl n this city, and require all persons hilnb. ell to make payment to him onlyv, and all lthosaehaul elainm, to, ,seeat them Ia'orottle.s l.o". atg 8---t H (IARRETSON. CAPTAIN MIARDYAT1"'IS NEW NOVELS )lallin the Reefer, by the autihor ol Peater Simple, &O in 2 vols. Csmwinoq', or a Winier st tElaess Haiftllhl in t.tmw .Styriea, by Captain Basil IHall, Royal Navy, F.L Lord Roldcn, a romance, by Allan Cunningham, 1 vo 6hreparl Lee. wrrittlaea bIy himself, in 2 vale. d Compe/onlian o I a ioryof;lly, translated ,om o thl origiml Italian, by Nathaniel Greene, in I vol. for ting No. 719 ,f Harper's Eailty Library. Vole. 3 &. 4 of the new complete and .nilbeis edilion. of l'nshington l rcains' Works. Roagir'o French and EItylieh Dielionry. in I vol, 3ro Nemenl's Frernch adl EnLlish Dietineary. Also--A few more lopie ,of Ctanhe'a Phrennlogy "Rienzi." SI.rvevier'e Cnns.tesee of sperior qua liv, with, hoai., Billinld Itidtedlof21.4 snd 21.2 linhee (ilhnlt', improved itetulio Iense,jepaned ipapers, weights &e. &c. &e. Just received, a Id for sale by i31 IBIENJ. .lEVY. l'INNOCK 'S IOIE, &c. &e p INNOCK'S IIMPROVEI) EDITION OF DRL SGohldlniih' Abrilgmentc of I .i listory of Romne to whil, is preixed' ani Iintletion to the StI.dy o Ratosn Ilistorv, nit o great variety of valtnlale Infor million adlltidl thrOlmIlIooI tit work, oi t ile Malnner• IIlitntinnas nuil Aintilotie. of tilhe omune; with nOil lcritne liit ollvrnjhltil tlll hIli'ticnl Notes; nml qeeaa lit co fitr O tt(l oltloa at til. eilrl ittealch stetitir, iI. hIutruelld with th~irty eenlvinhl oil Wooall, y Atherton l'.innlcn's Inclltlvel" Edlitiotl o I)r tolds nith'a History of Englntl, fium thi, Illivason of Jllins Caaar to the leatl, ot eirurge dit with a cetination to the yea 1113t. Whith tleellltilnll Icr exacnatlioa at Ilhe end i ech lleretin. llsides at voriety of vnltuae itforma t)ll edild tlrooughoI thie work. Consisting of table of iatnltnlprtos Sovrreign Atill emninent perslla Copioust expliintlory mites. IRemarks on the poll tie,, lnnltoers 'til literottrl of the aoge. A outlitirs lie Constitutii, , &le.&c. illustratedby tnaly ang.l lulf Guts' EtsI.,atiFr OFte AeTRtOroa, natil an Aoridgnen of Keitli'ts New 'treattiSe oI tire Use of Olobes." Net Aul'rirnn elitittl, with addlitihu and imtlrovelnntl itllt all rxp)tutioii oifthe a.tlrlomical prt of tlhe Am rnietl Allllnllte. Jt receivrled adl for stle lv WVl MI'KEAN TIniv i| earlter Clllplt ull id Uolnltiol ate II.lil'..ll'S CIASSICAL. l.IIBI.AIIY. t itOlt (' ittlulriated lb Iiilllilt Irtan:il I) 1), with nIll alllnp ',ix , ix, illlln lll rll t llll e of vi rioita Olhlim . I.iii ni iiia, J UtI'hlaa ' 5 Miltnlll, Iyrvtoli IPapa AdifllM I,.+vift t ~lm lerut, (; 1Vilkel d, Iiilrall I .'"ll & ..l... iV a.. . T ,,l... . ilf t e r l nit r . i w. . o aite Iltllt.IIgtlJi with the, pniltttx of ;tuii si traish la tel by Chri.tol-e, Smaht,iilebl -I v" vii •ll,,. iist vrrtise luld 19 ftd'"llur la's C llil LihlWa l A'lilInxN 0ditle' o" IIUI.eoI'It:a tCtIN i etit tby S lillmllcmr, h- It nSilh a llull ll ll . \ii r .e tl .5 uh r, IIT us* I m,..m", Jtm,,.IH: w et ! citiO, willh illastratmoau' byv G C-riiiknlilllilu 'I'11iE ;1P.T~; s Titlr,y y Illr nlllhin or U)f iclt.l a Mary oill UrItmily' &VI c. nLt·c I' w elhlhli t FUInMIp 1'.114' 1.' A ILLI" ].+)I)lie I thu author o "Pall l. , Slil;ll'l" f 101:-S`"t ll.k ken, cinl'ti mai" ., I ti unIleersigned Idtnnr rrent rutenc nd Itanlense InS a D'nrgei. and ApnihctCy, il lhe Illi ,Jtrd by MIr. J cite (ilt, at le canror f1 Tivnli circle andl ''ritln Walk, rteppetlully enlicitan shtare of tlie ipotlie pntrudge and a rrnewal oe i te favors of his former customers. The entire netek wo [)ruff% medieihe and loncv articlee ie fresah n. carefully edllcted. The fulluwiug only are pjaar iicularizlld, viz : Pro ,adn, S"eidli z and Snrantga Powders. Yelnst Powders, being a wholesome and elegant subantitte far yeast, in raising bread, buckwhealn Icultsc% &r. Butl 'a Elff. rvescent lirrneian Apperient-e Ileasani and gellnt purgatlliv in dyspjepsia or indi elstina, ilrvuta debitlry, giddlne-s, headache. nelily I ite illnachne, habit nid cestivellnes, cola neous crupillns, &c. Carpeater's Fluid Extract of sersaparilla f puril InS tIhe billolt, &c lie do and cubeha, &c. SSwailnls'a Panacea anld Vermtfuge; British an llarlern nil=, Opodeldce, &e. SRefined Illrjnrice, jojibo and Guanlauve peal. Tuoth br.hus, N S Prentice'a carbnnic denleir Sfire, clorintlnath wash, lowder puT.s and bexes, Preltiee's carbonle dentrifire, chlorine tooth wash powdter puffs and Laoer, Prentice' tscented and plain tollet powder, I om tuim cree de PerIs,. oranle fl 'wer, rear, laven or and Fioride waters of the test qulities, Rowland'a Macessar Oil, Old. ridge's Ialni of Colulmbia, bear's oil, a variety of luciler and other mareheu, indelible marking ink: superior black ink, &e. Sperm and refined whale oil. Ha.'s Lininent, A fresh aseurulneirof Thorbirn'sGarden Seeds oct G _GEOROG JONES. ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, FOR FEVER AND AGUE. STEN years have not yet elapsed.aince it was first regularly submnitted to the publio; but it has attained the highest reputation; and has sup, planted every other medicine for the Ague, whllre. er it has been known and appreciated. Already has it boon carried in every direetion throughout the United States, and still realizes more thlan could. have been anticipated by its most sanguine friendas Thousands of persons lave not only been relieved. but retarned ta hIealth and vigor through its ages. cy; and they now cheerfully testify, at every op portunity, to its dercided and supreme efficacy. It is comnposed or such medicinal principloes as are calculated to renew the healthy action ofthe stiom anI, liver, and other important digestive organs, the loss oil1 wliinh harmony is the irmmediate cause of tlihe disease. It is apparent also, that it produ. r e s an untire change in tlh condition of the system. t, and certainly destroys tile native liability to relap Sses of the atdfetion. Whlle the Ague is attended wltlh any othler colnplaint, the employment of the Tonic MIxtua- will not interfere with tihe treat. meiat of the other disease, but wiI even afford as. sstilnce by furnisling strength and vigor to the body during the course of treatmlent. These who make use of thisa redicine tay be assured that dthere is no Arseric, learks, Mereury, or any othri I article in its colmposition unfriendv to the human constitution; beillg entirely a eeercable extresl; aid they may hlave additional confidence in the use tlercof, whlen they perceive thait it has the eor ofa go Clle laxative about tlhe tie, halts bet. tie full han been tnken--in nolaseqleonce Of which. I there e Ino part of the medicine left to linger Ie the bowole to cause obstructions, and other evils, arising from tiheae of many of the remedies now offered for tlhe cure of this affection. It has besen used also as a preventive, by i:many wlo were sub jeert to a priodical recurrence of the Chills, and it Ihas nvaritably warded olffthle apprehended attack. Obeeree! The Proprietor, fully satisfied with the snpar dioled and universal success which lha oun. stantly attended a punctual and regular uose of tl Tmnio Mixture, in all cases of Fever and Agee, feels warranted in engaging to refund the price to all those who have takenr the meedicine in strict a-. cordlance willh the prescribed directions, withoet having been perfectly and lastingly cured. The subscribers are the wlolesale agents for the South Western States, and have now on hand six ty cases of this meedielre, which is warranted fresh and genuine. For sale at the ImanufaelTred pri~es JAItIS &, ANitREWVS, Wholetlale t)ertgitr,, nov27 cao Couta, & anl'cartmnpitolan street. -.ILOUR--300tu nineg fe Ia aceaer Independ. uera, -In i ltltSFaY, mot 41 lNw Iad .in . 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