Newspaper of True American, April 16, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated April 16, 1839 Page 1
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RCE 12ý CENTS. NEW ORLEANS TUESDAY MORNING, APRIL 16, 1839. Vo ..VIlo 1 98 dTerW p of the .conpn nuer Preus of New Orlenr UdtqlhBltunsol agreed to at an adjourned meeting of s tt Proprietnors hold on the 13th of March, 1837. Sebail4PttOos.-Tw'Wo ve DnllIrs fur Ithedaily p a hr autt n, payable emi-atounally in advance: tenll dollars i" thle ri-weekly coulntry paper, payable oneu year in aldvnteel, where no citvy reference is given. No _ tbw;rlptlon will be dibeontinaed until arrenrages are ettled. In case of dl continancll, one week's notice ine w..$g- must oe invarbiaby given, previous to thi pir4 of aubscription. A'.slun oe.-One dellar per square for tile first netlt, and half that price for each Oteequent ne0: an material alteraiion froui the original advertieament wihll e charged as a new one. YlaatLc AtvanrTlacn.-MareLthats nod "ra'ers, arty dollire fil Engrih alone, and sixty for botllh lan g tg lanks, Insuranle Olhrces, aoll oiler aiminor publc letiltutios, fifty ddtlars in English onlyt, nld tighty for both tlanguages; tilil and Stealeboat i ae urs, or Co:nlstaino t lerchants slaty dollars ini Englislh tie, and'eighty for both tlatnguaes. MonaRnaOS, Onirtlae NOTICSn, and artieles oall- l ing, tlia attention of tle pablin to sales el property, ords olf poassengers, benefits, &1. &.c will Ie elmrgoted aee dollar per sqoare for tite hrst ionsrtiln in eact Ian C iogtloC+TtlovS, or Advertisemlanlt, of any person al nature, when admisible, shall he clarged doauble, ang in advance. jt dedtltien of twentyfivre per ent. will le mNde to Auctoltnetre, Sberhl, Rngiltern of Wills, and Marehale I ol aaketof real estate, putnlieto il thti laonguagaes, and a0 i ent. in Eaghsth alone: 1I per cent. on sales nts othite d eiemrty. An witcerut s nut of the direct lthine of busines of tie idertisoer, st c as legaal, ation, at ploontal ion I t nwny slaves, stray animals, &e. &c. will bel for sepaately, nd lat the ordinary rates. At ~wlins Redn.u inal teoe.lnan totime, will beh A !eirhed one lmoontt, ad charged acc ordinggty noaedvertieomentt of Inkruptcies will be publisetd a nay Ca., unless paid far previlus to insertlon, or paynMttenrmtranteed by a respnsile pterson in towtn. Troeatetr and other places o alnlenonmlt uielvrtcinil daily or the seasonn to ie chlrged btl for f Loglisb a- P lta,i and $150 itt both langnaiena. All announcements olf cundidnten flr politicnl ion meea will be charged double the price of other advertise- a owing tio the timmol:. , loss eiu.tained lty',vweap..r. prtpietoru, ttr-v iave co lie to tte clnhlmne i lth11111 ttle naneasof persons wll ose a celnt.o Ilhvo not been maill within aea month after resenonltion, shall e hoante hInow(no far a prcticable) to ehti other- ltey tblti tlling tlmsltslves tin to Anlvertisner plrint for stult duliu vllnn, uinios ill case of adeanene payyciol·. bignedr) J. C. t rn It.OIE a J. IIAYOON, P. P. REA, J. C. IILENI)ERGAST, JOIIN GIBSON, LUMSI)EN. WIVel Ptrck.--We, th undersigned, agree to abidevr by the anbve n.:nditiuns, 0s lur as they are taplicabb+ to I weoclo tapers. (% igtu)nm| A. B.I.AWiRENCE, Jo N sh scriptins are tllrkel fr leatn Ith ni6 ltoths. l ttors tiet. it i ell cae.e, It ist ntail. e IIE, N -RLtlIOIU . B AY'S LINlMiN'T.-No Flictin.--'lThis ex [ trAortIIary cilteaictl colUpi.,liio, ithe resnllI of Icienas, and the inveltitn of s celtebrated ltedii col tlttI teto introduot in of which to the thubhic was invested with tile oletolatllty o a deathlMlod bequst, has since gained a reputattin unparalleled,h.i fully sustaining the correctlnessn of the laimlentedld I)r (t.idley'a last onlisaeion, thlat " ie dared not die without giving to posterity tilie beucfit of his knowlodge on tis sulbjeot," and he therefore I: btqueathed to his ftiond anti atLtndant, Salotuon a Iltys, tto secret of hlis discovry. It ie now used in theo princill hospitals, and tile private practice in our country, first and Inolt certainly fur the euro of the Pilco, and so extot i eively and effectually ae to baule credulity, unoles wthere ito effoets are witonessed ELxturnally in Lkoe hllowing eomnplainti: For Droapy-Creating extraordinary absorption I at oenae. All 8wellinga--Reduing them in a few houre Rheumatism--Acuto or Chronic, giving quick i S use. i Sore Throat--BOy'Cancers, Ulcers or Coles. Croup and Wlooplllig Couugh--Extern.aly, and over the Chest. All Bruises, Sproils, and Burns-Curing in a I few Ihours. Sore and Ulcners-Whetheo r freah or long standiig, and flvlr soreos. Its operationns Ulpo adultn and chlildroe in reduec leg rlhea lnsal ehtllillng, and loosening cought ald I id tighlOtese of tile chest oy telhtxatiun ol the partle, has boan sarIrsintg ibeyond collctiltion. Tln onlntoni rtnlatk of Lhosa w.lo have used it ill the "ile., is It acts lio a clittor ." ''IIE 'lL P 'ES-Teo price, $1 is rclulnidud to anlly I person wiho will uni a bittlo of Hly's tllliiaentt li tr t oi Plln, and returo thie OlUity bottle withootl blneig cured. 'lhiua are lite paitlivn orders of hia n tprotlitor to Ott. Agornt; anid out of many tlhou. aoltlt nIld, nout Olln lohs boan uiltcscnful. i Wi ,iiight insOrt cnrttlhcatnsi lit ony lengtl, but I refor titot thosa who sell Lih article, elhiuld on Ithbit the eriginal to pnrclhaora. CAUTLION-Noon can be genuine without a splendid engraved wraplper, uo which is lly nale,;: aid aulto that of tihe Agollt. .OLOtMON HlAYS. Sudd wlolesal aond retail, by COMS'I'OCK & Co, Now York, and by none Druggist in every town in the Union. For sle by te Wholeaolesl Agonto, corner of Com nr n 0 t.'l'cioulpitoulua 0tre0t, and by the Alolthoacries generolly. jo30 NO CUrdE RO I'A IR. JOhINSON, Ol1ic lIII lienlille street, con finet his practice to th tte tIreatliet of Venreul Sirease, in ll iti dl or,,nnt frula. I)r. Jehneoui from it residence if I nay yearsl Ill, c riltlsi @;nrollp davotedtO t threlllllllli of Venllreal ei-easell and front his ptresll)t axtelaivu pl'aCtiCe ili tbat pirtcIIlar urtl outI i the irofesioc., guaraltees a afFe, slumdy sad ol.lactal care ta such IHl olls asl are soluloed witi nity uflthe following disedaes, vit,- uOrtlleo Vrrlloda , ale t.esulle, rtll aucrer, ubingi,, eleamial Vreakacrs, Alihetiaen oflthe Ilalder, Kidneys, s I.ail s, Urtaira, Prostrate t:inate, aweliltd Tesicler liV Ini tlilons rimi the ki, Sor. Ilruiatr, 'ain llhe Jfuiit; r Auid thu n ero a tssyIptOais which generally fullIo mw hlia dilaire. tcent cases elel ill two trte thleldys withull)lt thie tsit nt oaf Merelry, illtrrlTptiunk Iro, nusiloeut, or aheri - an Linn in the mode olf iving. A itodinine to prevent Venereal I)isease can lie .olh tailted of Dr.Johnsln. It is Iailn the recipe of the Ite alaOU Laery, a celebrated l.reneh Srgeo,t and wea ill used ry 'hilt deurig the'reveral caupaieia in which lie Gt nerredias Surgeou (iu.eiril i tih FLencll Army. - aold by Dr. Jhislon, at ris ollice. 'lhute peresons baling anly Gaiot'.ion of Venareal ierea se, an l eholt lakinig ea voylges% or reulovicig l the coultl y o al, l do well byiv iavig Dr.Jchaeol a cell, an prolper medi cinoe ior helir cure in the shortest tila can be Lpuet i with written directions fe tlheir aue. OtlceaOeln fruln in thre inorniog ulil tO o'clock at cc ight. eli S ABlIlNTIY'l - DYSPPrl I. IR . de Dr. brlltetlly, thi ire ttostiI ifllr l ,lli aas trgeotl w pltaicia that nei-tenths of .the aieascs (ie ht affee smeebkil erlgilnte isiiiI let ItIe.h Ihis ElixJir tease nad Iy ie with iliia e ictt iiuilreedelltuId Suie:eas ill las prnvatt eId pli)ulie Ircttieo ftr apwards'ITder tfuy ai t tears, flr th rn e [ fllwiig ti es:ete lme dlaplletitc, Flauthlicy, llDteniiti ofII thie Sle- at ach,Pahillo thi aide, Ilenvillest f thle Ilead and incli neian t leel, Irreglularity ofl thile Bvel, ndll ini atill eaClMs whmre luligrile ori a eLaStive halit ic feIeud toI eaiat. I'hi medlicie uistt lle ti numheled laUttllOlig IIthe host efquuek lnsltruulle ilow Ihfiore tle publie, a it ii tle etile inventiiio l'tilt allet ulll mosuit ecietllilic surgeella EIlrnlt eve pridaucell, liallth ecret of plreplrillrilg it ,o aurehnaedi by the agent Ifr velyy large sui Lt is .agreeIile andl Iluuilit to tlhe tn-ie, etslila a lild ticer ielt.alwu.a keepsa the boegls free, iatiUtal vigor aind ireeligt to thi nie Ile, atllld lehe-laltila to the tililld, anditL ficw bteI remIllletlsn tile m1rt etil.riteii cases i a Ilvailepshl or Indigcstion, and plreveatsa return at ally fItrew Yonlt,17th Aiugust, 1038. 35 Mcdiaeus.streel. SiL:-In eUnequinceIflealiugC iI sedentary lLfe, I f l have been tnrelled, mnure or less, with ldiesetian far In y"ears; lia tihe last threc years ily siiS4riogs have lleettsu.ianetrlllite. i have Ih'ed vil Irai Illy.itinisu , aind allhaeroflmuack iledieiles, wvithlt derivitig ally I benaei. i tdeseiiied of ever obtainiing t lly llerirllelil I relief, nlld reigned ityself tlillieto t iullelleeih dss iirn I was tIersuaileI l bi inailly frields to try Aiberletlllys Ilvyel'tc elixir. I have now fiishced Iteoie futii blit ie . lla kuuw liit iow to exllres llyi ) alirultill of iis it Wiieierflvirlunrna tlutt Iel0iiiircie it iill ierfrareiill d wretloring eih ti tat health whitlhl ei llhii I -ig t flit ir teven. Snd te half a dle!II Ihttles el it ailld exctpt I iv i t bhan fillr t.e blesinies yeou have : a cried by re. I elhrieg ilti to lelltt health. yCOi I MONILOE. hie aneit iane in hlia plasiieun eevre itladrtld tea liueieill iiilar ll thie ablrtve of the axulaordiiallry vir illc af th lla ilellditine. Sold by ajniiiIutiIeii lit at Dr. lonhasii. 1411 Iliievillie street. Ilev. 5 IFIL; PNSe-i-Fe'l' NoIa r 4 Daniel Welter Ipn Felt's h.rge.barrlpen C ingrr a lrg,, d, Perry's fAal.liregl, iln sell do d , 3ai sit d i Windel' lasli d deo rIoltloble patelntI t ilpelrial luliuBle patelt do CGill'ot barrel do do Neatiunaui do . And itail llt' Couten:ien, Slr tile Ilt DAVID FIL'T' & Co, 21 Chaertres ll, N lY alioalarue lull 461111 iEit)THEIROM gTERS, lIlttiiR.N lI COiPES &l.-Jast received snal fur ale iby Win. McKean, rlier of Callp and l o ulllln sretnrl gtlerl alattotulnt oi Surveyor' Colllla'tuaes, Malhelaticul Iiilltlaealtn I, rnwineg Psian. p Spiig L)ivideandl, tpring Dltrv ioan, Ivory Pre Irtsithnle, Ivory Scale, (illlner'e S .les, Glass Triangles, l'arsllel Rulers, Yicru ooit., Theionmetolsl C.;lllv i Oht,,nras, Slurvey Chain,. , Mer"ur' B "'ape, Jac: irflt(l.ld & CO, Noi. 3dI Ghartres st.eets are re. eeivillg daily frunom their house in Philadelphia, an elegant and conlplele assortment ofl substunntial and fashlnable clothing. They invite the atten rion of the public, os they are warranted in saying that strangers and citizens cennot furnish themt- p selves ouze advantageously in any city in the Union. N. B. A few d teen elegant ivory handle um brellas, from 3- 1t 36 inches. Also, a large lot whitc!pe lekila.e bones, vclrious sizes veary low PJJ TlII I.Al~tIS-Atkill-lknin Il|epillttitry, rur rto movieng uperlh.ll air fruo l tle face, ileck nad t area, with elualnl.lFety aed ce rsilty, learing thle hkin liner anti wihier tltuih etore tle lapptliutioni. A res ci suplly ju .l r.ecived at lthe Ihaonlr. ntl tIJ~tLl &Al.I.,EN, I, EIxcnenge lotel, ear St Charles & Cmmotint st E .El;ANT IRot I)tl>-- Williaet Bell, lb-inhar Iree at., lio tlis dly receivedI a siiomall is*erUsnti aii ol large ellllnellel did iaII(iiueic hroutllillp set ip in lthe gI erl style. ANCY MAITCIKS-iS--lilth leentitl pointlneg, I Ndi ATOfrm hip Alexander from Bremen, f(r suit by A TitI ti, .le 34 t ne a ls . .UAO8 IsP.Itl',l9NI, j F Gets 1 flish Rnkinog Ceaep'#YoJnt.ctt-p ti, 1139, T Il tS k of Stikh n IChleg eInEnln reitcelvd tins Coin L I rony w ill f( u aria h P itls hu rg C o al, in .malla q i a r - Or1ers received at thte Ga Olice. Ittnk Alley. jai|l E \V W I.I.I,'., .,.r"y, B IIRNIIAM'S DlOSl.--This niledieine was c diacovcred by the proprietor andil has beert sub eeti-d to his careful olservaiitoll fr many years ' illn every variety of ppantiee, and all tie dieneo-, iv of the liversified Am erican elimatet; and it is not ne jiven to lthe ltlblic with thle nicot totnl idtenteend believe that it is, as ionst clearly aset flrtli ill le at pamphlet acconpanying lthe saol , tle Ile, mevi. cine ever thrown witlee tihe reac. CL all closies of seeciety. It is with tile preatesl prlcritly niven i a l all sIte meladies which ollUict lie humati re-re, fromet the estlablished fact, that, whell tak n into tltue siet Inaecl it ats acCooudinog to lthe state of hie sinto- t acl andel thle Illtule ol thie dlseas., ither as an rI tomIicle, diureetic, auderdfic, epecteoraelit, or rleerlet lieledilcei. iThat t is renally whalt it purports tI ie, eli-e(cil tll) a -iill tI, sentety lce eic st ilcrdleotl. Th'hle lace isdlly onlllil-ng i the kniwll.d-ge of the prcpr i re ul its betnelicial and sanvicg e-llees in caset i tilhe ngetr antl fcver, billin, hIeyphus, ier. vlulls alld sl t-r i Lvtrn , iellllllelllt'- lel tE i Ellllll dysllllrerry or flux, dyescep,-ia r itie.loie, trnlllvy k Ihnem thai lily are nloe uoly wnarreced Ill Warmly l reclmnellnedloeiiht th-a--P dt, u te aIjee( aen frlltl a I rene oIl dut) wllcit hey tei e teet Ie hlllual fllllly to aiy It ll., 'ry itI, acll )yiu wnill hie cr cai C leital- i i ce oll we havle s i ti tile etc -jtee. Tlle' e rn llir a ntscll - lthe w,,rs, sll lrse wllich hle ev, r vlslte( our clolnhlr)", hae bell enece lllseli:m.llly Ellc n lnurd line e reiireit, lii thirctci n se wieieethi ie ei l lla lllllled lie leye , c ithlc llhs l l c- es le i' ol a l eeleIU plli i Clt. "Ic' ll.nnld ( ii i cI ce ell ee] e i t- -IlC to s 151 HN IIll1,\ k DAI).\', S,. L++ uis Mlss ,uri; an(] is tI'at ul I. . phloill ..C.. . .c. llo ,,,ni,.d W IIh aplain ld aIlle C dllrectIOnl and I ' llllcllunllll g t bic llll i- tyt lee's c,c Ibe h1ac d fcc r ec'clc'lly 11v e i nt lc whly i tviake s it mfu ch the c~h.ape,.t iiiedlliue evert l+ ffered tln IN I Ibhe )ubllhc. c IThe iabove ineli.ill e e i c sld whec lesale and ret:lil Iey I-ur AIenh it, Iceny nlelnaleyl, i)runlolit illdi Apcilhecry ce 'ohclielhcoyt ened etr-e. c New -orleads. liceW lico to--, Nclive Musicl; Tle codvrnt el hy I' o Allla ottllcnirillecelilcld Ievlir D,!+lair a t Lo J ilillllc neli reln te ileer tlhe lo+,ililiil glm l l i IItet lI 11 lmtaece;iTu' he White llrse ll Ie PI t lt er; The)n co-ee aiei] ia)l.oetlhoei crt netlor toe-, oteng by tMie.e e r- i cI i t hee ghac l ith iini ic itii a Ao lic i h ld ; (i Nig I 'lit, metieeiig icel eiititieg; eet-. hi~t i-r e. eicg cit e - lii:khte wicie..hV II Kalmr·ltl;oItle.( e:IeICu Ih art iii iiocen c row; .' lichel he ilietllee wavnie, I- i It·tnell; II he wellhe, for hii VoI Iloht full otIear;t Coc tini at mercir l; 'er t teethe- itccier- tic eIueitlnlight; 'hIcre' - i h e lihie tic iewnte cerz-aeegiI liri le i c Irp Icc T I b rr. IteycIli'Velihi-,, ho- A Iu'lec.he; l(ic,c~ \letetir o'n. e I.litr Qluailrille., Ju~ tr...toved( andJ Mir nllll bi n .l19 II5 IcEY, 19 Cniinal 11 THROU H IN FIVE A*n A 1A.gL 1AY5, From Mlabile ( . Itlaist) to Aaguc.ta (dces SKAV\'ES Mlllliltteelli ull cic r l , imlnmlt..iatelv re1i !ieill teireil c f tte mail feom Nc w cuclte nu eeIr tioi cutnlllllll t:Mi;.l~l; r I. Itl hikly. , oatclies lt|ol't-ntm al s rlanllleluts(p lr e % ikl, tli i eie citeommiud llIeto i leliluheilellti' er allell t city) to (u.luir lhllh coeisces tlhllete sia 3lcieheanicelot iche1nclher t(liisiteiilt Mtoeunt Vet. i ioe,) li]icetllgc, l'eetPleritlon; Ieaekillanld tliii ville, (iAogstlIIc.A A -iianitetl h l Ii. - bile i e i t o dangeer of icigtlg ehonol e ihieeling lh1 lil lel-l c by I tg ither conltlic till itlelrest s, nlhe 1.Ol -. iSA 1.1NK is luit Oie c -Icelii unisher.e iintcc Sthritghot, eIl may rCely red IIwe IlleticI-a-L e imhIlt celit-cilt Alegtit in tiie spcect'ilied, trllr cl gl :ICIl l11i1.tIi - el a l nlll a ll asol, u nll ss s om mol t I refolrevl e rhflll't-.t'l:nl la , tiooh teshalh occer. Th,: ie-tim No-w )itle-celin N~i is carrhid ely ltit riatte. "li1 A..-eils Icc- loueieoia t tioc,. "lc.:ti (clt-ndesaiellriieri acct oc .siicased the e.-ithrtc-' uei li . Tlihe siceoeetl, cIared, neturc-l rcutel, the nli and iter Sestingl. water ilvigaltioll, tlhe linene Iil acceeiolal odtio, Sallill'd the traveeler seeel.i. t etctillc-loeulforlct, d a lees illg vauieety; clnllllecleld as ii lUnE-- w iE i lthe lail l(inadll ;Chlihston, S. C. cncl the sl:Ic pokets to ew YSi reck tircu rlers cs re r]e Nenw Vierk tlee Ntw N Orleaes mLs.l Toan It lon-WnhCliingtitL city i Il-) Fy Illlr Clittd(olochee, Florid, we hle a Iralle .I I~iliv via Qllilney alld Ta·llaassee, toSt Mar.ks, 4, eI r I post oachles, alo twa Ilbiiian flutrn IlMhkinsville Sel one to Milleelgesillc, aai ne to Maccni, light two iers oell ST"!OSCK )ON LS o no. Aenurres, ith Jan. 1835. 1)ficnet Macsion Ilouna Mobile I Distaulc, New Orleanl to .iouile, 151) mils Mobile toAlgsllta, 54t 1i An1gosta t CIi.hlueseel, tnI S Clharletn sll o New loek, 990- 180 "hime, Nuw Orlecan to Mobile, 28 linurs a Mlobile to Augsllta, 3 S Algnstla to (eChaleston, '1 Charlestoc to New Yo-rk, I- 258 Makie Il8 miS ileaper diy. or 7 miles IIcr hour inelu nice itellt nltlolll~lrai. lior It0 N. . l to g tve Io hlferm the public t~ii he he t.idges over thle CtnlhoullhloepuswliIel aili] tlierl LIebh ciack hao.ejasl beeln cliilctedl iy Ihe Legeoe--Iol govcrnl melt, (Ihc.eily obstacles oplertillg ilnlst tlhis safe aln Ssiecel) roiutse, ire lues Ihp ily remuiveId; arld L ac F Ito l . Ileosie onler ay llli eon trInvellels thlat the ncoachesnlur. stes, driversatu] o'.l s are of thle first ordelr; allmi as dIu Ihl watecr ioulte tlt Imu ensiaclnceolt, Cetiir Illlft; it is almit in ted ey all who have i asied setl-t h hi to ibe ausurilasei Silunvehtiltinl. lotity anel saelty. Tie luhibtlyl It-hruagli Ge Geolrla hl.ive alsot brelepeiired. J .1 C IC(AKER ALLIGATOR LINE. Mobile to Augusta, via Florida. . l Leaves Mobile Tuesdays, Thurs. * days, and Saturdays, per the .-- esplendid steamer Champion, (ex. cept in case of ast rm,) to P saoeela; thence per stearner Lo Roy to La Grange, and theclc four horse post coaches via Mariana, Ilinbridge, Pin. derton, Burrien, Outlaw's, a.d Perry, to Macon, Ga ; thencaeo via Milledgville, and Sparta, to War. renton, thelnea per rail road cars to Augusta. The Champion is in splendid order, with new olpper boil ra, c.tpperod and c pper fastened. iThe to Roy lhas been thoroughly repaired, her ac lnulodations are as halldsoa e as any bo ". Thle benau ifid Santa Rosa Sound, and Cllnet~. watchie fi ly PLresent the most interesting steam no. vigatiun i. 1ioa Soutll-:raing at the saliuet mlte perfectly land locked. ''Th 'l'oams are not surpass d on any route in the country ; the drivers, to a lman, careful and atten tive. 'I'he bridges heretofore dangerous have b en newly built, so that high waters do iot inter ere 'lThe rating houses have been i oatly changed, and are now as good as on any ro y d in the South. y It is generally known that til excellence arid hardness of the roads enable tie teamns ut all sea sons to make great speed. Their amoothl as seo.I cures the from the Urdinary fatigue of sr stage travelling. ' The Lire is now c rrying its passengers from SAugusta to Mobile in four days a .d twelve y lourn, or to N, w Orleans in four days and twenty it hours. Going to Augusta, the line is six days and seven hours. 'lTh. tieno actually employed in travelling is the same as i tIhe other direction, but the difference of time on the rroute, is caused by a It day being lost in Pensacola, weich, however, is r- nell repaid by the op ortuoity it gives ofsecing t the Navy Yard, tle old Spanish Forta, atec. 'ie travel or also sleeps at Macon, and again at wVar. tenton. T'lis arrangement will e,,ntinue tIll the travel turns northward, when the line will be tihe es. mo froml Mobile to Augusta, as it is ntw in tihe r other direction. r. This Advertisement contains a plain stat ment of facts, t accuracy of which tina proprietors gaurantee to each passenger in tha penalty of his stage fare. Maps of the L:ne may be seen at the Exehange Hotel, N.w Orleaua, anid at the Mansion Hloue, Mobil,,. Fare tlrough from Mohile to Augusta, $47 ,50 The line extends, by a branch to Tallahasseeo. ILt Chattahoellhe, the line connects with the tl steamboat carryimg the mail to .tpa achicola and S t. Joseph's. y Off'e at the Mlasinn Irousn, Mob lIn ' nml7 O UOS'I'WICK, Agent, Mobile. UGAIt & MOtl. tSSIS--150 bhhds Sug.,, ro l.0U0 galls Molassese - a, ilnatio l , ve ite fr de by ADAMS. & WIIITraLL, I feu--,w 67 Gravier so G L18S-100 lerno in slore f II Cal' bv fell SIlALI, B .I IRIWN,thi Magazine st TRHUTH I MIGHTY AND WILL PREVAIL. I is a tact thut Lr000i of Saetptel· Itaod Pilla have 1 heetn old during the ptat tia nloatbl. It ita fat-that they ace takhe iaiaaCaehI l tnteletnFtaee toC tcvirteant edrreet the mile hlhteUc andthat I fctatctltuaek 0 pilll tnd other quach rnediaillet, lay whichle eay livea are aelld algerd. It ie a ct--Thet all quack me lictnes aotate miceaal· or erceury,which qumaka thick "tamustki or care," and truct to their effect to lcite or eitit." lica lncte--'|hat ilulearoac quaaht nlld aoreitn imitators I etllthectmelvts d.cer.,,ca,tlcnt thect ay eaocrcei elaalin y clI)oa a thler cil t cllallcgeroU tccepaciat.ul oil aa the cltlie, aciarIu althioi f.r thle ce~l.tcellcea , atltat they eaa aely Icteket theircuuajataii.c . Itiac tile quackh tad toceign imlcscort ehoke now illceal c.r eeulltry knoc n.thing f(llc cinature oa cedi einect, cuck teat aubuadieeasea aituhe hualcaaa cYct"eel. 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RECO.IMENI)ATOILV FACTS a It it a ect--Thte oly proprieb.r etld ceattetaUrec cC the Serapaerillt Itcl tilt, is it regulacr tlilyteiell a.e wall an peth eatey, lttetted I'y the costaelehtcrteutd Iltyaielalc ertihe Ullted Jllltl*l IltcacraPhyclhk, Chapan, Ja.clsen, Gilsoe, baceet, IcaI, I Jemet, Jloner. etze, &e. It i a act--Titat the Ollrtpccnrila bhh-, titles are ecatttcoyed .teedlled iy cattyUl attrlaYLJaItI .... th) Latec. (Sec dilclecti .... teeatlleptyillg eachl bhe uttille.) hiala alct-Tkey are el)cteida edirateety tip cegetahbe., aede they are actlluted toaclltiataco mercury or uccimac prtc It ia filct--They ney hIe taheeh blr tie mot delicltetane d nd aftaal acithout reetruillt eotaculatriaa oc bueiuacta; eithoat CLarofctaiuKiaehlat; withtut chaenea c ditec r reatreiat treoe tnl~lllrnte cllnllK Itair l.ct--''hey willIlot by ttceir opcatoltl, welicl teay hallllcidertllelcv , uatecethell Latie qlceelity auklcl wheke tthesyttellttaamcha.cimactcttfatthe l.rgatiaeaUtedlecl~ctgealer. aile dio. It le e fact--That they are Itle etaet eteattalul I+UttIkttXS 0jat TI'E BtiicfD. IL"NOYAT'OlL OV 'Ilk: 9TST['15 1 Ever diaccaered Alo. ocalleiatlolltl dltltitett, ttrctctce.t hy nerofry. ccr ttle acllllerata, ar th Oltllelllaelae ot rychilliec tact, alus, riul, I i: tact.,-The: c...e. a ria. a.,glcilacce ...t.. ,.ey ,cec, hace lloia lceed, tlhal lthey lid c.t prclute .ca ;.a l efct- acteogt tlaacanlld, ltllllcUy af teitactru belire eclllltlarccd il-ace I of tIle (+'llll~lltllld Byru )o f~arml. ),rllln, in ulllaumll~tllllt |o ubru I cally tcltltIt) i ll*ell.e l. II ie a lcictl--getauhleel N.octetred, thultialteculy clace taey c.a I ". I)(tailae Kl.J CIIUJIt Iii ... Urllll,) i. Yl CUItU.,lI(IUI 1 .Itrel t. i BLOOD! ILOSIOD! I BLOOD! talt. The Vaced cercteilde tl~ci.,) a+ eccltetlled atic. bthc dud hi. acetry tillytLtcg Ina b.I it deciact floe h dtht. All eutctatctuiotnc eie radlccllty tIcf,. Seth. All clhlctecc, c rltcucllecttc llY l'h Idood, tr in eay t ccr eerdt, t rlllc ucc lrc llcllcc c a lIluIIec+c Icat t ceth e Iti ll·dy, i ; lii. 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It UI ueele I thIereforeI Iottlllllllelltel It+ 11 ta +.;II Ilhey ere kllo)WIU oelYCI -lie.·r rrvery .ewe m mllr in filled withI Itverli~aelnllle ofp'r+|' I nratllll.r oi' .Jltrl erl mllla ctrultct, nyrulla, &e. a I)r ea a ee tictlciiaecvarell aIru:ea., kllAc.lldy {o hililelf vlllrrel,y It ir L+llllll illedl wIllh l thrwell kuollU I relllltdiu] AfIICIll .vihu eIlyl+ttclacaitheue aafhl tlraecrilt, Uelldccctnlg ,S+trseaaarlal cr Ilded Pltt,. cVltll tie aitelea1)£rilRt It Cona - t tcldllatd t cclliattcI celltl tle tite.aiv , citch ty ita ecet Iradcaat ly .idt tllhllltlealtilltrtecllbl y accrrlt olta Lhe gerea aud cerlcid fitlttte11. telr)accte frccu the hclaod Icy lice ae.rtattrclta. 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IllllliY(,+ll tl+ ,l c.cllllL el eC, ,clcc erllccltllllllcdt c c llccc llhlccelc lle y lld l,+rou 1.ore+ llct lh.,c ,.hr Ieheceatci l t.aIyta sly c1 .r)1 ll Fact .lethe ccir+l n ud bolyletter U·ld rcllhc t Ilerlt.e t e lea Llel Iccct o ra cck ellg c lthe gll.alcc fc lllcciacek, cab,, lhe He41t l, LI+C .cclllctcl l cclcgi.+ tclitter cccllcit lllt, a c) rrt-cicc , .t hd c ll . icittic ath.ccec cctri lc-ea-t.teaalrtllccce tcrqcc l r.Cc c t.ctelt tiltce tc.,l.. cccccccctcc.t+tlcdlcaccectcccccccd byallclctllcy eeutbicl acel AchL ~ aceeccectclthh Idtylyeccclanth. ,lueati~cc. cha!isth tlic, e it toc tea chell tfall ichycii ccc l( lllll t+ i • vet~illy, Ullat Inl ter (·I~vLd:e~ll~I^1 WC JIttVe ut" It+ JIYeIUuldeJ praaeacar e ertciwcaec Ihtve hecn receicell udac rerelwe fall ill: R~e l|hnrea l)li~ldsf inlnllclt~ile e~f the iiiorl rclrlrkuble I curaeecr pore rlllet e Iy Iclledlclla, accld wlalla slida rtlcc l act u e Cuedlll IlautN sarill C Neca Ojtlccaut. + Thcce aic.tict a blth eatunlttiamc -rceuctt, erlaioll o; ahcc skillcceet t.Lc "ilt h lcaedq iercarial dllttceaa, Acinuy t ajtt.cre IaaIIay aYadeentaglta sida a Led iacOtcatclc hy aIlyit.doact t h Tae utlcntin hiai.iaiau may ea retl ucted tfom B t 10 1 A M, eiicaulcfrlu at ho ee d Iila allet IU ill htItb vceill, NEW ORLEANS Stream and Patent Biscuit Bakery-Waters and Jlillnma. No. 8. Moreau (near the o. therlrain Rail Road.) Pilot and Navy Bread, Soda anti Wine Riscuit, Sugar, Butter, Midlbord and Water Crackers. All the above articles are warranted to be of thle first quality, and to keep in any climate, being comlpletely kiln dried. a Also,-Kian dried corn meal. a Ordere left at G. W. Prilchard and Tagart, Jr. corner Magazine and Poydras etreots, will receive prompt attention. Slnall kegs put up expresely for I ntily_ use. 15nov To TIlE AIRTIST' AND FANCY PAINTER. Us'' nreceived by tl lalest oaritals fIuotllavre, a splenodidcollelsen of Artst's Blruslhes, paints. pl eta; JIlet knives, tcryons and pastets; water colors and water colors prepared with loney and varnish for do; tumpopa of every description, slenedid nahogany nid walul eatsele, for portrait ainters; pastel crayolls ofe every color, plleils ofevery aiZs; varnish brushs, flat and rond, very large size canvass. already prcpared hndia illk, asulerfie ;lare boxes, fully muulete:d wits colara, blrushes, eleganly fitted lip, &ce dcc. Sple'dlid Atbmat, sul. bly bound and gilt; colours, of every descriptiotl, by cake; sign and ornandlat tltllotd tlttetils; anlld It groeat uintily of articlesa of taste wlhich are Itn millltasmeatl to Thie principals ol'f ad-mies,, 'eaehers of Drawing anlll fIIlltlg, will do well to call at tLb store oi tle +iribcr a pi c will accoumodlate tile ao itears a Id artle isiavorabl v. 0INDI)EI.I.I, No 5i Camlp streut IDealer itn aints, Oil, Varnishlles and Ftlcy Articles for paitrs, wholes tle and lItetail. nser 7 Inl )O"'i!R--Invoeices ol Ink Powder, out received Salllnl fr sale by JSALL & BIlROWN, llar 9 9u l Walls ille 1t i 1-INE API'.II iCHEESE tlld Goshiln lltt'er in, l tre aelld fitr oals Ity StEl,' AlS & IIA tTtiW, Imiiar 110 I7l{anPlaeo I'ERM CANDILESJ.-l1 Ilexee justt seesivd and fi tal!e by SAAIUEL K i.AtNCt'll Iti,. mar 18 33 ,;lavier N OAtL-2-76 tons of the loseI English coal, well suited Ster tloill boartoeessoltrd sbeqURe Abueo, lfront New Castllc, itr tile by ItiILtIES & MILL.s ja DBank Place bl\V tiC)l)S)--BIlus& At/co have Joeu recelved i a splendid assurltenlt il tie Fancy Gial.ds, anite hle fIor Parsears, colllltrisit. ladies' rnrtingg deet1a, dreillg canew. t work tlses. salllial boxes, portfdlios, needle blnoks lf pearl, sbellellid ivory, eard coses omlt soni.eiirs inlatid wilth pearl and goll; Ilocket books, pur acs, c1pc gl Iee , cold slad ailver pneitei, pefalllery fi ell ottndo, ostlcry, ',e, at T'H1E BAZAAR, d29 cur St :llarles & C.oillmn st., IExl'!nge '1,TO T'IIE LADI)ES. AI'KINSON'S IEI'II.AT'OIiY, Ikr removing ln t t erhflous Ilir ctrol tihec, scr, nlad a rld rs,s wills quallTl afety sild certainty, leaving tl sakinl tiner land whiter tllan beore tse apnpllication. A freal staply jist receivedl at UUIIN'S, Ni 1 Exchatge Ihotel, eornet St Catrles and Coallno sire "I,. al1 li INE-15.0 ltoxeas Claret and uatielrne Wise, ill store and Itlr sale. by jaolll CIIAII'tIN & COOPER,8 J"tli_ ;PALK Itt)lt-E-150 ceil Bale Rope, of superio • a~litv, litr eale by felt 1AAC IltlDG'Ii & Co, 1314 lagazine CORN-700 bsels corlt, in stare, for stile by t t CIIAMILIN & CtO ,Il lE, 5 79 i& flI Julia lot T S EEIN. l'EYt-Jusl reeve iel acfw gross Cillusa, SEagleanlld Perry'a dousle tat flt ale "I pen, fat saleby I).%llD FELNT & C., i915 N Y stailoners hall 4 Clhartres at IKAYS & CARTS-5 I'Philadelphlia drays, 4 d carie, 4 i rs o wlihels, I0 trucas, 118 dirt and wood rlfalws,il slare, for sale by i nl 6 I : I A3 1 ' LIN e C IW OP R . .7 , ,il fl UNNY BWGS--1Iatlesr gulnnybage, landing per h bits Senator, for sale b stS9 S & J P W III'I'NEY ,73 Cnp t_ \WEEl'F I' tALAGA WINE,fornaleby . tiar27 lREAD & IIARSLTOW,7 Bank Placv i Isndin" irom ship Colstiltution, olld for nale-v. 16.000f ft of glass, IlIat quality, frull EX Ir t .LSX2z 3 keglls whiate leud, pure; 350 do green iraint, in 2.a libr. kegs; 24 don lajltedulle litrsig us;tllOOtbhj lithrage; 2 rors e pletdid i0000ll ground brsocter, also ofatillt and 000 do;2 tueen crolne green in powder, superior artirle undo i rteattS; a ilrgae alollellt of sash ols t of every size and quality-: lbile pllel:ilt or artisrt; tlat mlllkitng brushes for merl,altto; arlist's euolors itn oil rlal lrc psred,i It lne, litted :'p itlli all seesNe.ry brolleans artist's taols, &c. FIlalke an I'tllllilY whirt; oG iracksl gold l; whitet anl yellorw mWllnx; gat nrair; nali large and, choice a swrietonnt f irrts, o r als, Ic. et lr rnth, varnrlisr0 , &c.,t for .1lswuloW aile ad retdil, alltle hlwest t irics, byst Milt i r r, OR UEs. .-I4oo EIVE ) f1 OR- . JONES' 1A 7'E'I1 ' E TOT'T'0.' G IN, Ily the lldt.rlce, Ne. 53 Nlsgazilne 'tittl NIw I )rlensn 1'O IE .lIANI,F'AtI'UIItI IN1 NiEW\' YI)IK It ROitItiT 110ilE & Co). S NTAE OF' PRLG INS--Dorsile Grts. For a dilnle (ill of Sa saws or more oil rt.h cyliil.dr, narkirg I filn aws in the stood, with fcdcrlhr , halds, dn. at e$6 elrcwr, er t $940 ao/ Fo iat lIoubl i(,irt of 60 wi s l rl a c ti 0 der, r' 1)tt swus int tri tasd, teedl'rs,&C a t pt. slaw, or 72000 F'ordo. of. lsawsol itno .or I sure ioii stunllI, at $.r iler ite, or 500 00 For do. of 20 sawsll ito. or i saWs is t a stOat, wLa$6.50 per suw, or Ori il For single inr of taewl or one, with lte set ol'atedurs, bldsi, &. at $6 per Ftar it,. of 60 sies, with leeders, &r rt $ p6 50 ce esaw, en390 00 For do. of 4(m saws,. witlh eders, tec.6 75 e r r saw, 300 o s or do. oftrOsaws, withl I.edra sce at eT7 50 lcr saw, 15(1 (; Exll tllenh were desirell, for fetderis, su pitenld i lts tecalts thle h IeIi ia lUr l'teet h i teirri aottlln tillal no tle Iumtcr of 'as. Onet et of ti'eder.A it ilsi iderd hllowever, will wlear alll twe o iltrei seits l sows. Extrl saws spnlli iid at 8 cetsll eerach. The Gills solelrell , will lie lelivcred ltethe itgelts or idmwos in any d"rtic sa rt lornrn ithe cotton litk ting SiairEs,a tlie hen rites, 1itlre'orgerts )iIG ikc or ..Ohl o tI sllle irom News C York, and bICecOIng re willhe ullt with Ite (ihns to Frll tllutll ti i ltre dtl silre ll he r elitIr wlie rnelllics ill be cexlrr, bto roll iulnlnc resara : sche is orlerCd wheri e desiled, oil inrellll tob'leter buth will charild r ticirl . IloaIr lIV uofha) descriptiwnt, a rel e iutnrihed sh o like ter ltm. ot t nll. seortersgitelul s be cortlduetl if de sirtoi. It isdesillhl, wthenl ipunters ice ortders for Gins, tOr tislrul Woe tt nyt IIIIet cith their ietws i Itregard to lorer an:ngemtant saws, bremLSth, bIrushest, &b. r i is ford thiele itli r t i ortiltio. Sro . desitre staws of itgrr dulatrec;i trhu othet. The mt ile commao; size is 9 or ItS itthes; i- t_ stme wiShl tht tI1 incies. tome wish 5 or fa I'roWs, I Ibrusies oiu an axle, while othersl do rLrtcctlh to tihe ilhit, whilt oluterl wnttltt or II. oIV iillidill.whllcc wep reler Ilr.) shlrttllrl, at the lintr of givlnlg ltter's" rilhltsih a statnement of theit wisdle, ral thie ritllleatutrrs anr fealll hlem irn eVely pairalirei llr. Wl'e itt is lito ouridinreioll, wr shall mrike them, on lie most modern ar l anpproved pltn. As ouli'r call ie rerxected, fronl tile tim it is rtia ved, ill tihe sln.e ofigight or niite weeks, artl tire (;int in itho tilue lrlanerlil thie Ilnllhll of o0 b in rlln ior tile next erllnr onrders otghltIo lie irll tle Irtls of lirnt intlUtlrarttrcrll biy thie filrst or nidlltt eof' May; xelept orlhlllttions whire tley aru late in contenallling to pick or gi ocotton. N. 1i . 'The tactelnt Ilightl for any ane olf the ettOcull 1 '2 illg StaisI i will be sold o reaololnible telrsl. """ 3 iS LUCINA CORDIAL. v h II hre teat 'E COttIAI. I: LeUt I1E li) I.'EI.I li1)IE -J I.'.MOUI.--Te U Id Ette Aet Ir lihe Lcinl (t ordi l or Flrxir of ',,ve, r'turlo I1i0 gatt ll 1i li I h Illi tk e 1 merl t t re lr o r Sitl haitlrll llre .i'ci, trll' ld illlni oGr y Iii l t o ll t ta I nlllolllti t ti w lh iTav bee SI r I Ole,' int flr e thie l 1 lo Il llrit l.el av tl "tivlgtlll a d Il tilt t h . a llIIle.h - iost in lllti s erellh ncI of thit ihs trwnablle u ldict ie. The, w11 llfnded Igi;ul'tRon of ii ely. ein Cornli t usd llleheq or r a ones yet e tlr tlll ilte at1 it of clle ll e sIVl l m .X l r c ,itlyh aylet heix iunt e f its. at l the rwuld explclliyed l i+terJ , , a whicl h ls created nellc it sllult tille ill Illrnoe.--Tf a! it e- peedily restores tile, vire illwerel where they Ilhlav I beell e.hlyilnld tby Ilislsze or ollilthlrwiae aid eil befll ! tll . rPllovates thle pnlirelt fllltinlg 1t1ha1 it is ill or S alealltl hare in lor tie llr albos; antd ir t ve l at it Slergreaiee, stlrl cteed, lillcult or ilel'lll ndoiinstlrlr., t olinl lltloll t.l ce ol'lhaeurinl urlilln h lr y dlire lllar te othetreolf, rlin erubtl.oes of the ki, dl'ul ica i lnq e ptiuns of he agedt n.c. In order th it aIll eniset of society mav rerlive tile benoelitlof r. illo's din hclery tllrllle Slteriltltlle pro itretour roS elete i tllt ile Cldil lle sat sold in i itlllesoix eoll unes een, lt Ilhe rtllcell nricel o1to1 I wltil is less than olle lal' Ie pricy chargel for it ill Fraullcse. JOIIN WINTERS HOI.I)ERW . L LI., N. U. UI I tie. tatlle Prop n t ietorc. Inn Th'e oveii ii fir0 e rll adt wultoiiyltnCill at ad retail it at rNI r. I .-lllr) Pii r O tlt it, ltwe enll itgazitl aid tlalle 111 eta, New Ornae nnlle. 116 I R1AKRIAGE PIt YSIOI.OGICAILY DISCUS- se S l JED. Translated firot o the cFrch of o Jeaf Du- ev bole, . I). by William e tIinel. lhd e Pr it i)ller, thln tie ansitv of' aterr ine s o Purltatd. Ii t iructioas l cltti rtillg srit nll nle for l ll are ' c rre t t i it d tl r I Part :I. 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To m'.te groat celelbrity nftllis itrivalled Callmn. positeion, eapcially in t Nortlllrn S4J alor, leatN. 19the propriutr blet tile need to any ally tiltng in its bIvor ; fur it har boeen t.neratly conceded to it, dfor eoxternl cmpai t thar t n has ever beIn i Vet d. I ndeed ab speed aby certainty i its pMr. rati 'It have tile aN learaneo of miracles ; na iI c re, w und,. corls, r llvr srs,t cra bll ilt n wrllhite ewel. lingM , biler, piwhs, spider ad snake biates &ce. inh. d dilately yield to its a ladrently alerhu -n i, fla. Selnce tlhus if properly applild it wil relsmove anr inveterate corn, or break alnt Ileal a I,l'e in five d.dys, will allay end perfectly uira an ulcer is two Sthweeks; part tile most d eorato cases of whit Ua aellieg tllat etll bie 1110 tt.le aIhv ll destllrotyed a' by it in less than two months, lI itie bites of psi al serous reptiles its htic;lay i: truly surprisintg, all r. even in thle bite ,ofa rabid ,rg, ;,)r if applied in ry tie, its powers of auratctio, a wonldtrli'l that they will at ouc arrest the ison, and tua th proe. e vent it fo peIrvatdig ther su-nila. c is likewise greatly superior to any imt,:leileme heretofaru disco. vered for tlhechafed backs end himbas ol'orses, tier I IIftctters, ri- g worims, ehaplpr? lips, and in hllort Iar t I'd every exterlta~l bodly evil that mnry faIll to Ile let fyof nan or beast. v Tlro propri tor has received at least a hollusand e cortiticulot and uth r ducmnen'uts, in ite r ol'lhis - S,,eeific Ointntunt." np...rda of a hundred of which wore written by res pect,.bbl members ctlith Medical Fac e ity, all breathhl g 1be lnla ll eulogy - andll aatisfaetion. Pro ared at 1119 Liberty sleet, New York, attd for eale at 65 i'uydraa otroat, Now Orleanls. mar26 If EDUCAT'I I.,N--FRI"NCII and ENGLISIl.- Ia 1r JMe t-, recerhy arllvcd in Ithis city. begs leave ipe ai aaademlly nil Mlondlay, I1. J lla +l;r. " at N o. t lt b lll bSr x e s , in F r e n c h u n it lt ll ' , i i ll l ie ,,it ill be ably assisted by tirs. J l ees n end M rs. Melther, who speak bilht thnse leeulages willh retul flueney alld purity, slld elhn wi'| I;I 0le carg." elr ohe departl, 11t of thle vuue. ladies. Mr.J lents w l glve lies |lsle Htlrllloih II tlllhP - Chet he will gl\e entire 11ll I li I'ttn It t mane Wit t| nIny bol oulI llt with I rll tlollli htllC.: nosv I W AGNER S LIQUID ODENTI A.--lcs beel ILng uised. hlth hlero tuld ill tlle nortl with uniftorm cuta.ces. tolr Cuu.lilllil d lnd whitcnin I thle tleth, and prevellttn thtolhetool tatle; preservillg t i l e e L mL u s , . |) l lr i | .in g tIh , b r l 1- '1 1 aI n e r e l nv l n g im o s I dlisc'lla!hlt which tlte h oatohti Ii llable I eilthler lhlt adult r inrl'lll --lOie ite .pOUltult mixedl in a wlne Llaslul oiI pure Wtllert. ltd t, otlpdlltl to tlhCe tt.tlh il tnsual il.lnll whlt a r., wi llth r , wiffctuailly pre- I vllt sclurvy, ald wurd off tlhto ex.ruttatlig piot, hP tootUhI itllte. IPreparctld Illy bly T. F. Witnger, Surgeon D1n. tisa tt Jtcllrsalu Cllhuc., and suld whlstlt tlnd retnil by CAIRLETION & Co. 31 CoInal s. l d1 tnot .il flr W.nulr' .)dinlicaio S ADDI.EIIY WAl lX.-- The sluscrtlbser. tontt. lacturtrs aotd wottlele:iu duolhrs it stddl.r) Lotids, are toa, receiviug iy lte arrivals Irtonl tIe nort, 111in aid lith tl to their Iurlllm r tock· nll exltn sive asslrllllelt i aurlicl s Il illr lr t iltIr aiitatt o oIuch are the Ihllowlu , viz: Lidles aid llmiase ploitt uttlll quilhtd tlddl, tlem tl' do Snpallasl do d, do tl-xttn do do do Creolu do C do do A n'tr. do do, do EIgIli.ii do Yuulh'l do 00 0narh do i do , do ECraole do Aliler. and Ellg. hrlnr anr d lnidle tiountlng., do dtt Ilmatitnill e e Platled, br.s, and jpillntllled oach harollts, du do doi g' - .lauitalik do do do do lt.lroo ..4!a .- i Dray, eart nnd wagon do Soddle bluag, dIual a nu lltdo'lltlh t; villlcet; it d iilt A suddle bags Bruss, s elcr pet buLrs; best uitul Irnlllte l tlller loio Illlksl , llr nitos iild; lleotl r bouto tilt drt, asourlte.d s o lu varttious alyle.; Iltlls cr aindJ pitol lellt; coualch, gig, tulket-, twig nlld plant-rs u r n p w hlip s : w ou l, w iors i h l. l. 'tel~n a td le a th e r glrlhs ond s r intrJt .ti ; 81afltt leol her t; trnl I t lrals allad wltalted rl in wtilt; ilain oand lithoLI lIntila ; blitld bridles and lileS; S iclf ctllars,' lld b.rre lld Inule ct r oullot t all qualiti a-; il. racemlibuck, bear. sheepandl~ bulllllsksusll; idlaned brlas ald fleel bridl· bLtS oII evry" deScrllptloll , llt*d, luuluss inld tleltt ul ur oul vr) dsl- crlptilUlli illued, biwas Und 1tCel suriups uL Cvery drscrTII, lion 'I'ToietCr with a tcoiIlete sstlrllllenl d llt v- ry. trticl.eI Itht rlioc t n t ioi otnu ,tne a- tll ydt th tchtitet 'lohgr lor alle uu iccoll ntlltlnte rtlerllls . r 'lThey will litso cutlinutu It r cive ullrouglh ithu aL ytr, PI) Iilkulut froull N.ew Y¥rth, Irtsa ollpltllo to Le~p tlaI asUtoc nnllpl lllod co,,:lllee. KUL'ES, DAVIDSON & c, , tO15 Ct,tlr. t. NEW MlED)I(:INI.. Dr. G. R. PItt-jsa Cuoljoutnd TO.1LI TO I'ILLS, :: IEnttirely Vegetable.t , neo anud inlua,[ble ,lhdicit /ou all Diseases, " at sutbstitute fur Cat/lmudJ, atn a ratth/t. ic in. F"cters t ttud orl eoilliu cliuo.. J I tI,: E lllllllr llll hl'lll I'llllllllll I Ill" flnwly o Nil r. A)II nItlt i Alkoine r )tlJl) edo.d Itool th . u tIll . R i llo the r L tgltitcltlo .o.l ilrtet t , ItLel llitli l r l athcl allld t'athIIrll. MCdl,'nleU ever dllCU IErEd. (I: Th )"~ V hii hot-u louuloultly 1ut Cana-oaully tteid, Uldliolt- rt-oolat.t nu trll tI illlhl for tluio, . iJ1tito.itlo, Jattllhlioo , liltull.. d lt' e, Ci·IIJlll i11 |t II llltihlllI (Jllill( CIbII*u I .1II U ll..IIER oti clrlll, Nelovtur dlTtutla, Acitl d rttolWllal, tilllkular earl-i. iu of ll kltlltlCoaivi llo-i C-la . ltoA c,iadaodua l . I Aall Attidoo to Cuoalait oud K:phileluic dloto..cs I to are i t ute I aloitullu ttt t bliuit anttt hlvtr a llillrtt.t, F, er a llt Id Aueo, &a.i.I tlloae wlua lcide Itt Ilout hut lllutw, unt tlw e aid illaro lly olttliatrtt, utud tile ttlot cltlltiic tha t Ii be ll for t -oa It ahleoi. t ellllu ll will lind tllolll t 1u ialtltd io e i elllty ld Ibr tile Scurvy: u llhollT ra ur tile lct midil.u Illey cillt tie o l :u n t tile tltllla l 'er T FExllu n i n lllnUII ill t b Unh ulth {2 utliale.. Fururdlhtary FollllltIt 'hyltiiol ililorey uiottiollut u lt Itrovd as tile htttt t c\a r ulired. 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Ill· towUJ IW I l i Pu'r a full alol~lOit c~l til iliterclthll· dilO ovey· Le~timltlli-I fil'hTlo " ileatIollil t.BE· u e Kllll htleod tleltt Ifi1 bA bIatl .rll ,Aluwiti-: o el ttlttao t .oii tis. it I [.1 erl'a nr elllrilllu Wl holt lu g~ tib llar tel "G It. I' IILI' 8'! Fo*Frl ;,-.,,l; riII·~Y .¥, !I~m~nP·E.~ I." AI," lllli il :. rGl'u, lllr(l A I)')LJt, StUi l I~ l 1.hl Ulp le, Ji narI J. Il.lker b t',,, Nu i7 NeLw (loc\ee. ltr. A ..lllarllttll, I.Jrll..P YI J~klnleJ alld TIchalllttlhi+a $15. 1. Ro.,I Lalhyctte City.· G; Joliet, e~,rllel~lr ll'o Cilclll uilhl 'Plitlill \Vallk. j.-''L'llo.. tll~iI vHi.h I)llil~t ild A~e l.t.,I ·tllrerr I. A IFO<L AN.III', wli~,hlfethl: ,tg..Ilr 4 r y C Irietg to RAT,DNE'.o. 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It te o io el" to c i eveohI r llt. wh1 ru.c nretelt t ac s S ree it froti l 'o fit llNit, oite eettil i lto stee ofat teitr tilit in .ao the.rt. of tlie irtoho oirf Olttide tio' loanl s of po r u the p oretrs .hikig th wit lta v e ad the low tire T rtw te e aolte olo air gt n i ee Ro hert Wh arton . t laorte Maiar iro flilae p hile hia certiltn' h ace ti taeeat hli be', to the ulagh d ithr frer it frolm I ea e .irstm h d la. h lg.,i Re OIhl FluttonEsq. laeh Mranr of1h 1 ( ndelp lnn , ha , Sas er ielr a ,iet t la r eII icor n hc.i totieh i cnrt r ntnt ser heb' .h o il by te l olenten. Ao A ln | F. Ihe r IIIIa. n .aedeb Ito hree l. l " t hr t lifd .n, ae a o useId the Itdl n tof l'eohie lla i ro lla ill Ir i.I.ld rial'er. ta d ltle b.f llt it hilily a.rieeal le lant mill' is n prevei tive i ,a nt the fitllin .tTif hair, b ou alc stiio rester S V' r ..1 I "'n Ti \'in r IT ER, Sl. enii, i" tl ethodist ini e ith is C r e ll s , i o Ir . - lNo lt Narlth Fifth t. t. I S ,OIlN Pn INtNlt.ltc,:l.l id, 'hict Itiat JttlIN I) 'l'llt)MAAS, 311 11 Ilia Kar r t ""' JaH n l N S, I'n r l l liii Spruen ntreiet. c JttliN AlttttlJr, I.13 Ares h .ls ret. e SIt ia knwn that three of the above.ienter anl mar, le - ethan a 5l1i co of age, al tile aoliers lintl f ea than 3 i t Cali a itin nt ealiih of I',ae. t "aio, r i . tt Sic f If ilad,,i , Plnoert W\;harton . nvl of'id eito of I'hwilade.ii th to tet , ,oil ah, r!,lv cortiiit~i h wr el aitl It i tll raIl C wtih ll In elria J P a Ind i so .holrm Fort, w ,, t l ,.n h 1 Ctrlvi, a , ,,t hose n ,llle : ore Psi edafI l ' hnve p el'in elnlh itk r. Sare g ttlta e" i eohtrnlt er n ml rr i rt ii V, ani no tL oiihlfitll 'reeliol oII iitiii I to thile coil ctlifeaict rll' ll ll waite: wblteeift I hove hlereutoii'elttta l lllle ho iiti I n n i| u eit l the seani of the cite ti he w lixend. thiasI lit i v of ticehier, &r. l" 'ItViS týI t thalt ra. l lot tl l"e ,lthe i' l"Iiihr lttt hIo a tl tiilii i, l.iinveit wrappler, in whIiclt is raJ rceinoitt ute toI e F ll ,itio l o ri, , Ie, Io r l' .hole~.h ,e a nd retail by the ole nele flitoP Arne il, l. rih tth, t. letcli oretl , ,I ri t hi t Inie ma.e, lt e .Tres ,.. I ,l Pears,', ll. y .iot driitgii . .a ti L 'lte . .firc iall " II t lt:hl l lll J % II . ANll IIt I RS, ti m9 Wholehsale Ageiit, New Orlee ane , it OItltl&lll Co. N . 311il Chlrals streett onllld W 'o of I recetiviei.. d t . ihoe most splendida si to ataalial ant foalii.ttoi'4o attock itf Cloltih a "rhey y have ever ea illottrl toin thi aiarket, entsiotinia a. iart of Ile al- fo lloait nrtitlea: liae, ],lite Iall hk ct had et, Iltltillrltttt browlt, to , ol ive, l. oilll I tdll lllIs a and otilden olive Ir,,cit An1 dress eootae teavr, t ,tableand lhartitto Irock to.tls, eleenottly figie.n to, et lofnte atled linl hlochk etolotiire and cloth n aa tlial iot lrlllrn lish lli I'l ltfe n i fancy an id it i i sil ilk ald sato i vc n ;cl real lewsit aal k elr alom flrats; eve il lis l Ifrlih I' eyaln d le l'a'nll ii,.llnrfsP ald pt'ltl rner n; theml hl Irt inh,, .mb'a ,w ., we hll tl t.n tnl, silkl atI aitii lllt bltt'llt ilnd dial ers; tile 1, lin, . antl c lloil shirt., with | I ,jte .ItiL Po, Il Ita. nIo ruill 'l: iEi t' i rl aild l tllilit i atllre ailk itat. Ii Itrellos i . i I.nll'a"' Ilaita iloi I;'i-\ - I,', a ii hi. atifal artitle oif wa ile kid, for aiii in ta, halli, , .;I St lrittlie lil s oil ' it itllll a lida ir; tliah I the ti iar,,d andI eohrotad t itc:a l rai i ; oIlk, latct | a ,t, hd b il l,"'s.'; II oll w itI 'rh ItIhe ,ti-r I."w hoI I .·dh. o Ito lunl. 'ua! cuetullltl as Itsllunl. N ov -. I SPECIFIC IOLU'I'IC. /. I, whoare suflerilg rem~ UtluI'll 'III DI.EA.4OES -- ill nll I. NOI ILi ROEA I:III" S, I'KIIUl ES, IKIRtlT~tliiN OF TIII11 KIII+.It',;' III.111UIl"it, IIIIF1rlI RA, I 'l ii'LA'I'It jIiANIIa. sl 11 i IIISEAl:lll E f t. U, El 'INA"ILY I.iS.Ali-iI-. rAINS I ' T1ilt1.; 14i15, (tAVIL.. 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TI OIIN'S Comp|mlll Ixtlaet ofColaaiha and l 8 +l Il.arilla -A ertatin, sale, and most elfeotl sol dy ever disrove.dnl tnhe le cure of Gonorrea, ' Strietutes, Whiles, Painls in tile back and oins " weaktLets, allections kiduies, geravel, . is eruptimls €c. lt tlle itrducletionof a medicine possesslingthe'uSef anlI active villue of the ione now offered to the pIhlie, the iprprictor as but to irefer to tihe numermuis scom Iaii:dIh: : ICiV rom'It thle Illost eminait Of.iotruch rlllal Iaculhyi i IEulope bhelieving let it wil li e'mk atllptirclite wls:ll i R IIIietatl' are tisre illi)y kltowis .Ll - lolllllU Ofl Ililaia. ltoextcall riul el) bI(Itu istl Ulllit of its ciredlit from the dislike which patients tnitdetlyy ex ll'ts 1ail I.rlc.lll. its lilisgreeabe twasW"hllestutlPonlle' l'll (,t1I 1~ll the h~Ilans ai t tlisH~hIotrte Ir(, arid Its heletolti'e inedihienes slhn uosd in the ih.lntnitot" sitage. lThe llolrietor ,llrl, all aalysis of tihe IIltms(a, oonmeiv til that the IItt rir alcin U tld u;liies wtmi therLetby t le Imthhin hlll)lr c IrIit.llllt(l ltll ht tl o usttfullyl) mhniiiL.ULto thlten ii the pre' l slte. 'Ihe aborue nwel tine cmlbioerin getdlients which mal in thle hii..l repulte aon tihe most scientific an, hlred in the l~ltrtlfetsiot. t.lch ilrut ill the emltslltiinl of hiis I)lr.ultiont in.'rases thet elliclLy of tie itler, producing all op elrtion truly aato tishllilg, nlld rassing th e mosnt sreiugit e.?oitatiollei possessitllogt the same illle the advantage or its being alllilistlere with ellteret success ill the dit.trit stages lttle above dirseaser. The mutt etlliltent Iphriliuiloind ,etrrrgnu o tife ptesrtnt ity exprers their l tiiied _olp Ilto'tiol itt ilnu lurtll Slttaitttlle, niilst its Uie in Uli princii l' hosphals And 1ltli, metlicals ittlitiiioita ha Ibe i, lod still cotiniCes, very extellsie. It was a iav orlte remedy with tlle t olltbrted Dr Alrllethy in all vell.l·u l arlllttilt s atll ittl obstitllhe ettVrltlqrlferirtteolf ella. iavi[ heen hmitt a t to te tiest ad texperience of the lmost clthirated among the elllllly, they hlave explessed their satislalctio of its exttmordiary .ilicacy in every case aubr their liharge, IvY adoptiing it holh in their .tlullic ual privalh plractiie. T "hl'llir otlt L'.vatlions will Ie inaer eld hereftier. Ilrptltrid , J II Thoru, Chemist London. Pricel b1i0 tcai lit. 'I'ES''I \lJNSI\iLS. From A II Salmon, Coq. It :, Strgeon to tlhe St Tlulasen llosltital, mdl Ies" -.nul Attatonly. The trial whlic+h 1 bi irrui: ofl our irepalt tion in t varl'tlty clfcles,, both lentttloml lf.nitle, i i toresutl luave IprotutI so highly tlltourlble, that I do not hesitate in IrolOueiln it onle of the mest valubhle rtull effic.iouse tI'tlllestever olierelI to the public, adl one in which, Iriom experience, I tcan prlme every relince,I whilst it ilc.s lnot lprolllc te stale unpltllalst ett.ets usually ex p ttieotl t'lrm copaihba. Irnn G II Ilaywitl, M It C CS, Physician to the St .iut lelmtoe his etteri. I take gl e:al p1lurtlle in adldilngh t ' testimotnyn the vabhle prop L'rie's olfyour preprnt niat.. , wishing yi the sluccess vlou so fitdli dtserve, i a pll lllt rewairtd fr the hl'allbr ! exprltes ineurleuld ill ritgiig it to sudl sonl Frmeo t O Cuopr, F I S, SurgeIon to Guy's Ilos The .. if.. su.ce.s which has a . ilth ad.ulinis teLillnir rourilllfiilte Nmtlnll"i oattpiin s aflhitted with tle a! ,ie dlisellsnCs ls fully satlisiled tle tlhat it haull ony to be knowto to le trulyl :lrllnted. lMay the success you inm well deser ve, amply and lspedily replay you for ),ortttlutihle arelatualrtier. yourom SirA Cuuopr, F It SP it C S, &e. ke. lHavintg beeI iltlmced to try your tExtrotc inu sevenal .csesof violent lonorraha, whilh had hitherto haffed everry ltr.sriitiotn tllttiliistrrvl by til hovinlt foIoit nule and speedy cures elloeted by it, in a few daysl I Irel lma slf il dluty bould to state that I now inll iy It ; tice both lublic alnd pirivate recommelttrttid ul auil other. From G W Blair, M D, Plysielian to Guy's Ho The strict test which I have given your medicine anttag my) patients, Al i its iviurintle success thuso far, will inducee tte to lel.sevelr in its use, andl I deem it but an act of justice Ianil tll diut to add any feeble teti nminal in conteoldation of it. virtues. F'ro.lII C Thompston, II D F It l L. Ieiullrl you iy m i.iele ihanks fIm 1 t e valouablo pe selt or oour EXt.iact for Ihe CUore of (iltorhenlll tne. IL ieel gottflil that )ou have at Ilst brought a seslieine into use which will pr:,,e a desidltumlont Ilr sgiht Ifor in the medlical world-I Irr-, speedy anti elcetual cure rl e aes.ltu habove cl as. It atrords me gret pleasro ill tuiblisbilig to tlhe wu Id tlre valuable qualitielseof our Wereit necessary, the proprietor could here furnish mal) morel testimonials elqullly as oonmellrdairy as tha ahoue; but trusts that its great success hitherto the eore & exltlle at which it has been pt ellrel, will proveils Sgreatest recommn dation amtong a Illserning Iublic. Onle recommendatlionl tllis eplllration enjoys above all otherl is its neat, torta e i torm-put lip in pots-th mode in which it may be taken, beile both easy no4 )p-lllant-its t:astel nature, with no restriction in diet or coltinemenlrit iron Ibusinless. lTrvellers esuecially wouhlllill find thlis medicine highly uleul, and oughtl eve vaotlles which thr e present onelr oeollllil Aecollolyillnyig Lht Medlicitne isa Ipmphllet eixplana tnmt of the liferelnt stages f the disease, wilhout ony exrl nhage, contaiiilln full and amillre iilrtimos. tor salt hy SICKLES t k t CO. oi lI4itSwhn 4u Canal street. "ttI~ TrUE RICH-tts O LIt.Et IS HEALTU.!'' 1.'E KNOW that health and the ability to labor, constitutes the wealth of tile great mass of the peop'e in this, as i n m at other coun. tries. To preserve, therefore, that health by natu. ra! mean. is a grand, moral and politieal scheme. to fulfil which, requires ou utmost attention. The uoprecedento I popularity and universal ap. lpprobati.on which this medicine has achieved throughout the United States, the Canadas, Texas. Mexico, and the West Indies, fully justify Dr. Peters' in warmly alld coase e.tiously recommen. dtng them to the special notice of the afflicted. Peters' Vegetable Pi Is are t'-e safest, most effee. tual and ecoomicai l remedy Ior diseases of the lhuman eonstitut on, that Ih a ever been discovered. Dr. Peters, the inventor of this invaluable medi. cine, from.lis knowledge of the human system. derived from a long and extensive practice, has arrived to t is concluoion, that the groat and pri. mary causes of most diseases is a derangement in the Ihunctions ot the liver, or in other words an in. creased or dimtnished secretion of the bile. So well is tins understood, that it is common for persons to say when they feel unewell, that they are biliou, meaning that, they Ilve too much bile on the stomach. On the other Iand, when the flow of bile is dimlinislhed, the process of dieesion is imperfecctly performl d, the patient becomes weak and emaciated, becausoe ourishment contained in the food taken into the st-znolach is not properly ex. tracted, and the food is ejected in a crude state. Dr. Peters is confident that the famuous llygean Theory, so callzd, that, "' izmpurity of tile blood is the cause of all diseases," is a great absurdity. Every one w a reflects on the subject a moment, will perceive that ztipurity oflthe blood is a secon. day not mt prilmary complaint-tlhe fflect and not the caous of ist'l;,.e. %\,,en the functiuns of the liver are dzraingedi, anI the flow of Imile increased. it is ofnte taken up, y the albsur ent vessels and carried into thie circulalltev, and becomes nling ed wi b the bloodl as tit jat undmcz, when the patient llshows it In !is counteltnae. No this impurity oa blood is ca~t.ed Iby an lecrnased flow of bile, antd to reme y it, you Iltzm t clrreet the secretionu of the live , and restore it to a I calthy state. Dr. Pctern has spent mmleit 'im*ue in experiment ing t'ilth dlierent vegetab e medi, mneo, for diseases tofl the livur; and lzuw offlrs his Vegetable Pit., as the best, ttst convenient, and chioalest medi. clne thnt can ie prepared for gt.enral use. Dr. Peters HlttIer liansell'that his long experi. meting with vegetable medicines has enabled himn to discover the true and only substitlte answering all thme ipurpones et imercuria s without any of their atte danlt evils. One great quality oflhio vegetable pills in that they have tme alteraove principle cont. hmend with their cathartie, or operative qualities, so lth.t thiey not only cleaote the stomach and owels by pIrging, but they regulate .he iiner. change the morbid sacretiuns, ntrnn,,thens the dinesltie organs, purify the blood, invigorate the crculation, ,;anu bive Luon anttt unergy to the ner.. vous system. They acl mllil, and pleasant in their operation. antd t mvey alhmost tmunuo'diate convictias of their utility from tlthe ti:at duso. They can Ite taken with saiatty by persona, of'any hge; and the feedle. the imzfirmt, the rervous, azzd tihe deliceate., ae strellgthelno'l ly their oplrt,.ttlun, because thel glar the systenl of tad holumers, quiet nerw us. triti.n.i bihty, and invari, blyt product sound lhealthi ", ' SI'lthe Vegetable Pai are a sue reeamedy 1tI5rIi dice, sick a,.l nervous Iendauche, dya upaia, a.'. i Hsie, aickroano t at stonmach, beartlrnz, all bliath - nomupplainte, Isaers of all kinds, amd if taken it t ,i0 " coteneencetmnt will invariably check their-po. gress, and save tio iatient Iroan a trotrartea sanL dangestos sickness. 'IThey areillvallndle in ne. 5. vous sad lhypleolndrical fth, ittiz W, losst apl ..' titn, slad a I contl.aintato wlic;, fe.males al..oe ae subject. 'l'hy ,operate a a tmildand apoed lt . ge and are sale and eertant Iuoetty fuor wormtns tni'. SI ave introduced my Vl egIetabtli J lhave aeceived munnerte co - - l iccn y in snrini i .l". Ill SSt t bilt consid. r it . ..; rzemnmend itsel't. t r Itmmn eoizstd r hth. ae nristatd Ist nk etptl mmthee. ti*L 6i t*.uk1et dbdsouatz t- C p'ho abhotr o p rl ao 4ee essaia O & iznmmCnoo .t/ p \"Vil . na

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